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1880 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Cadoo, W., book binder, 38 Moore's Place
Caffrey, Thomas, brewer, 60 McAuley Terrace
Cahoon, John, fruit dealer, 67 Hercules Street
Cahoon Bros., watch makers, jewellers, opticians, steel engravers, 16 Castle PL.
Cahoon, John (of Cahoon Bros.), Ardeen, Fortwilliam
Cahoon, J., preparing master, 25 Upper Townsend Street
Cahoon, Miss, milliner & dress maker, 14 Sussex Place
Cahoon, Robert, pawn broker, 65 Prince Arthur Terrace
Cahoon, Samuel, car owner, 156 Sandy Row
Cahoon, Wm., car driver, 33 Combermere Street
Cairnduff, James, boot & shoe maker, 10 Lower Church Lane
Cairnduff, Eliza, grocer, 150 Cromac Street
Cairns, Henry, coach builder, 18 & 20 Durham Street
Cairns, Henry, Yorkshire Hotel, 72 Corporation Street
Cairns, John, grocer, 43 Wilton Street
Cairns, John, salesman, 32 Denmark Street
Cairns, J. D., foreman, 6 Twickenham Street
Cairns, Joseph, painter, 10 Emily Place
Cairns, Michael, commercial traveller, 10 Dunville's Buildings
Cairns, Patrick, Son & Co., coal merchants, commission agents, 2 Donegall PL.
Cairns, Thomas, grocer, 122 Sandy Row
Cairns, Thomas, saddler, 15 Cavour Street
Cairns, William, law clerk, Strandtown
Cairns, W., hackle & gill maker, 119 Crumlin Road
Cairns, W., mechanic, Hutchinson Street
Calcutt, A. W., deputy town clerk, office, Municipal Buildings, Rosetta Avenue, Ballynafeigh Road
Calder, J. M. (of Calder & Co.), Windsor Avenue
Calder, J. M., & Co., linen manufacturers, 19 Bedford Street
Caldwell, Alexander McDonnell, 4 College Square North
Caldwell, D., railway officer, 243 Wesley Terrace
Caldwell, James, telegraph clerk, 9 Crossley Street
Caldwell, James, linen lapper, 3 Brunel Street
Caldwell, James, railway official, 22 Granville Street
Caldwell, Robert, builder & contractor, Glenravel Street
Caldwell, Sarah, spinster, 32 Eglinton Street
Caldwell, William, clerk, 44 Riga Street
Caldwell, William, iron turner, 67 Beresford Street
Callan, Alexander, printer, 3 Abbot Street
Callan, L., grocer, 17 Hamill Street
Calley, R., spirit dealer, 32 & 34 Chichester Street
Calvert, John Parker, 38 Madrid Street
Calvert, Mrs., Eglinton Terrace, Crumlin Road
Calwell, George, Lismoyle, Dunmurry
Calwell, Robert, builder, 18 Bedeque Street
Calwell, Thos., car owner, 28 Distillery Street Little
Camlin, David, commission agent, 61 Church Lane
Camlin, James, commission agent, 61 Church Lane
Camlon, George, clerk, 10 Glenalpin Street
Cambridge, Wm., sec. Belfast Equitable Building Society, 9 Rosemary Street, res., 33 Queen Street
Cameron, Alexander, clerk, 1 Cluan Place
Cameron, Alexander, coach builder, 74 & 76 York Street
Cameron, Archibald, carpenter, 30 Upton Street
Cameron, A., commission agent, 41 Lonsdale Street
Cameron, H., pawn broker, 72 Cullingtree Road
Cameron, H. J., sub-inspector of Factories
Cameron, James, spinning master, 8 Eastland Street
Cameron, James, spinning master, 117 Argyle Street
Camlin, T. W., gentleman, Marguarette Terrace, Ballynafeigh Road
Cammic, (Cammie) Adam, carpenter, 5 Cavour Street
Cammock, Thomas, clerk, 36 Madrid Street
Campbell, A., shipwright, 44 Derry Street
Campbell, A., farmer, Castlereagh
Campbell, Alexander, manager, 56 Castlereagh Street
Campbell, Alexander, farmer, Malone Road
Campbell, Alexander, 27 Great George's Street, res., 16 Newington Avenue
Campbell, Ann J., 11 Dock Street
Campbell, B., store keeper, 1 Cullingtree Road
Campbell, B., iron monger & watch maker, Smithfield, res., 153 Donegall Street (See advertisement)
Campbell, Bernard, baker, 4 & 6 Townsend Street Lower
Campbell, Charles, provision dealer, 20 Boundary Street
Campbell, Christopher, clerk, 15 Meadow Bank Street
Campbell, D., leather merchant, 103 North Street
Campbell, D., marine engineer, 27 Victoria Terrace
Campbell, D., draper, 36 Albert Bridge Road
Campbell, David, draper, 36 Albert Bridge Road
Campbell, E. B., cabinet maker, 12 Baltic Street
Campbell, Edward, traveller, 23 Lonsdale Street
Campbell, F., manager, 31 Victoria Terrace
Campbell, F., R.I.C., 66 Short Strand
Campbell, Francis, stone cutter, 61 Carrickhill
Campbell, G., book keeper, 49 McClure Street
Campbell, G. & Son, grocers, 7 Woodstock Road
Campbell, George, brick layer, 4 Combermere Street
Campbell, Henry (of Gunning & Campbell), 1 College Square North
Campbell, Henry, mechanic, 18 Pernau Street
Campbell, Henry, publican, Malone Road Upper
Campbell, Henry, car owner, 117 Kathleen Terrace
Campbell, Henry, & Co., flax spinners, Mossley Mills, office, 2 The Castle
Campbell, Hugh, clerk of works, 42 Castlereagh Street
Campbell, Hugh, flesher, 57 Hercules Avenue
Campbell, Hugh, builder, 16 Newington Avenue
Campbell, Hugh, Cloughfern, Whiteabbey
Campbell, Isaac, car owner, 201 Greenhill Terrace
Campbell, J., station master, 12 Alfred Terrace
Campbell, J., handkerchief printer, 102 Joy Street
Campbell, J. A., stationery & artist warehouse & material depot, 55 Donegall Place, res., Strathearn, Strandtown
Campbell, J. & J., grocers & druggists, 2 Tamworth Place
Campbell, James, book keeper, 94 Dunlop's Terrace
Campbell, James, solicitor, 71 High Street, res., Strandtown
Campbell, James J., cabinet maker, 27 Elm Street
Campbell, James, clerk, 33 Clonard Street
Campbell, James, 27 Brougham Street
Campbell, James, bonded store, 17 Corporation Street, res., Holywood
Campbell, James, carpenter, 67 Theodore Street
Campbell, James, school master, 16 Gosford Street
Campbell, James, carrier, 18 Murphy Street
Campbell, Jas., smith's forge, Parkview, Antrim Road
Campbell, Jas., blacksmith, 86 North Boundary Street
Campbell, John, mechanic, 62 Cavour Street
Campbell, John, clerk, 67 Meadow Street
Campbell, John, engine driver, 29 Bow Street
Campbell, John, Copeland View House, Whiteabbey
Campbell, John C., traveller, 19 Claremont Street
Campbell, John, 22 Cranburn Street
Campbell, John, boot & shoe maker, 45 Cromac Street
Campbell, John, druggist & grocer, 148 Ventnor Terrace, Divis Street
Campbell, John, Lennox Vale, Malone Road
Campbell, John, carpenter, 25 Matilda Street
Campbell, Jos. & Co., wholesale ale & porter bottlers, 31 & 33 Victoria Street
Campbell, Joseph, commercial traveller, 235 Belvoir Terrace
Campbell, Joseph, stationer, 54 Divis Street
Campbell, Joseph, agent, 3 Pacific Avenue
Campbell, Joseph, 7 Annadale Street
Campbell, Margaret, grocer, 28 Short Strand
Campbell, Martha, grocer, 131 Cromac Street
Campbell, Miss, 13 Howard Street
Campbell, Miss, Altoona, Windsor Avenue
Campbell, Mrs., grocer, 14 Lake Street
Campbell, Mrs., 11 Hudson Street
Campbell, Mrs., 3 Ulster Terrace
Campbell, Mrs., delf & china dealer, 51 Peter's Hill
Campbell, Mrs., 30 Meadow Street
Campbell, O., spirit dealer, 135 & 137 Leeson Street
Campbell, P., book keeper, 42 Hutchinson Street
Campbell, P., wood turner, 20 Carntall Street
Campbell, P., looking glass maker, 24 William Street
Campbell, R., copper & tinsmith, 41 Cavour Street
Campbell, R., clerk of works, 48 Dover Street
Campbell, Richard, car owner, 29 Combermere Street
Campbell, Richard, agent, 99 Warwick Terrace
Campbell, Richard, agent, 99 Great Victoria Street
Campbell, Robert, merchant, Mount Prospect
Campbell, Robert, sub-manager Ligoniel Mill, Ligoniel
Campbell, Robert, Old Soho Foundry, Millfield, engineer & iron founder, res., 25 College Square North
Campbell, Robert, grocer, 104 Beresford Street
Campbell, Rose A., grocer, 2 Edward Street
Campbell, S. W., wholesale & retail grocer, 90 Ann Street, res., Woodlawn, Knock
Campbell, Samuel, Corporation Gar Works, 10 Coyle Street
Campbell, Samuel, solicitor, 21 Brougham Street
Campbell, Samuel, clerk, 45 Christopher Street
Campbell, T., master mariner, 12 Meadow Street
Campbell, The Misses, 162 Albert Bridge Road
Campbell, Thomas, carpenter, 238 Shankhill Road
Campbell, Thomas, ship carpenter, 47 Short Strand
Campbell, Thos., grocer, 14 Memel Street
Campbell, Thomson & Dixon, boot & shoe warehouse, 61 North Street
Campbell, W. J., contractor & builder, 6 Trinity Street, res., 30 Bedeque Street
Campbell, W. J., foreman smith, 76 Bentinck Street
Campbell, W. S., commission merchant, 19 Linenhall Street
Campbell, W. & J., 11 Great George's Street
Campbell, William H., Lauretta Cottage
Campbell, Wm., rent agent, 45 Turin Street
Campbell, Wm., chandler, 60 Mustard Street
Campbell, Wm., printer, 57 Riga Street
Campbell, Wm., stone cutter, 37 Denmark Street
Campbell, Wm., agent for Waterhead & Co., Manchester, 4 Donegall Place, res., 28 Madrid Street
Campbell, Wm., leather merchant, 103 North Street, res., 35 University Road
Campbell, Wm., upholsterer, 23 Cavour Street
Campbell, Wm., traveller, 28 Madrid Street
Campbell, Wm., litho. printer, 33 Theodore Street
Campbell, Wm. H., stone yard, 25 Middlepath Street
Campbell, Wm., 50 & 52 Bismarck Street
Campbell & Co. Ltd., cabinet makers, upholsterers, carpet, curtain, roompapers, bedstead & bedding warehousemen, 35, 37 & 39 Donegall Place & Fountain St.
Campbell, N. A. (of Campbell & Co.), Mount Prospect, Lisburn Road
Campton, James, litho. printer, 10 Sidney Street
Canavan, James, clothes dealer, Berry Street
Canavan, Mary A., grocer, 39 Hanna Street
Candy, Phelim, carpenter, 12 Fleet Street
Canmer, W. H., publican, 44 Victoria Square
Canmer, C., spirit dealer, 183 Albert Bridge Road
Canning, A., engine driver, 51 Albert Bridge Road
Canning, A. B., jun., Stormount View, Knock
Canning Bros., merchant tailors, 18 High Street
Canning, H. R., Belgrave Villa, Knock
Canning, R. J., Knock Cottage, Knock
Canning, Thomas, stock keeper, 5 Walnut Street
Canning, William, cooper, 42 & 44 Earl Street
Cantrell & Cochrane, Ginger Ale Manufacturers, by Royal Letters Patent, Cromac Buildings, Victoria Square (See Advertisement)
Capper, A. C., linen & cotton yarn merchants, 4 Donegall Square West, res., 2 University Street
Capper, May & Co., linen & cotton yarn merchants, 24 Linenhall Street
Capper, A. C., linen merchant, 14 Beaconsfield Terrace
Capper, B. (of Capper, May & Co.), 16 Milton Terrace, The Plains
Cappo, Joseph, philosophical & chemical instrument maker, 5 Portland Place
Caranagh, J., butcher & cattle dealer, 21 Hercules Street
Carberry, Patrick, flesher, 60 Peter's Hill
Cardwell, Simon, dairyman, Richview
Carey, Mrs., 11 Claremont Street
Carleton, E., dress maker, 47 Upper Townsend Street
Carleton, James, leather cutter, 34 Denmark Street
Carleton, John A., head clerk Mountain Mill, Ligoniel House, Ligoniel
Carleton, P. M., Dorchester, M.D., Ch., L.M., 4 Ardmoulin Place, Divis Street
Carleton, T., linen lapper, 112b Albert Street
Carlin, John, coach maker, 2 Crawford Street
Carlin, Joseph, hair dresser, 35 Cromac Street
Carlisle, Ann Jane, lodgings, 20 Gloucester Street
Carlisle, David, sail maker, 30 Spencer Street
Carlisle, David, house painter & decorator, 26 & 28 Corporation Street, res., 20 Lincoln Avenue  (See Advertisement)
Carlisle, Henry, ship carpenter, 71 Lawrence Buildings, Short Strand
Carlisle, Hugh, marble mason, 47 Welsh Street
Carlisle, James, grocer, 15 Malt Street
Carlisle, James, general dealer, Townhall Street
Carlisle, James, J.P., managing director Brookfield Linen Co., Enfield House, Crumlin Road
Carlisle, John, M.A., head master, English Department, Royal Academical Institution
Carlisle, John, builder, 12 Marlborough Street
Carlisle, John, farmer, Brooklands
Carlisle, Joseph, farmer, Cregagh Road
Carlisle, R., farmer, Cregagh Road
Carlisle, Rev. John, 50 Cliftonville Terrace, Clifton Park Avenue
Carlisle, Richard, clerk, 180 Grosvenor Street
Carlisle, Robert, Llandaff Villas, Strandtown
Carlisle, Thomas E., pay master, Mourne Villa, Shankhill Road
Carlisle, William & Co., plumbers, gas fitters & brass founders, 38 Donegall St.
Carlisle, William (of William Carlisle & Co.), Edenvale Cottage, Castlereagh Rd.
Carmichael, Alex, hat manufacturer, North Street Place, res., 44 Summer St.
Carmichael, Alexander, jewellery & fancy goods warehouse, 84 & 86 North St.
Carmichael, James, teacher, 41 Barrow Street
Carmichael, Robert, builder, 7 Grattan Street
Carmichael, Samuel, publican, 4 Calendar Street
Carmichael, Samuel, carpenter, Malone Road Upper
Carmady, J., Custom House Officer, 48 Fleet Street
Caraduff, J., boot & shoe maker, 10 Church Lane
Carney, N., hair dresser, 4 Short Strand
Carpenter, Philip, provision merchant, 25 Church Lane
Carpenter, Richard, Milltown, Andersontown
Carr, B., clerk, 3 Artillery Street
Carr, James, director Ulster Bank, Rathowen, Windsor Avenue
Carr, James, manager, Milltown, Andersontown
Carr, John, farmer, Lisburn Road
Carr, John, Custom House Officer, 7 Fairview Street
Carrick, James, dentist, 32 College Street
Carrigan, M. A., grocer, 16 Woodstock Terrace
Carroll, A., lamp & oil dealer, 82 Peter's Hill
Carroll, B. H., professor of music, 7 West Elmwood, Lisburn Road
Carroll, James, engraver, 191 Napier Place
Carroll, James, cooper, 22 Beersbridge Road
Carroll, J. H., professor of music, 57 Balmoral Terrace
Carroll, Mrs., 6 Fitzwilliam Street
Carroll, Mrs. & Miss, baby linen makers, 4 Castle Lane
Carroll, Patrick, butcher, 14 Frederick Street
Carroll, Robert, coach builder, 48 Barrack Street
Carroll & Donnelly, butchers & poulterers, 27 York Street
Carruthers, Hugh, 44 Botanic Avenue
Carruthers, John, 33 Charlotte Street
Carruthers, M., surveyor, 22 Distillery Street
Carruthers, Mary, 32 Distillery Street
Carruthers, Miss, 9 Claremont Street
Carruthers, Thomas, car inspector, 34 Magdala Street
Carruthers, W. D., foreman carpenter, 32 Upton Street
Carse, John, machine master, 112 Lilliput Place
Carse, Miss, 8 Fitzwilliam Street
Carse, Mrs., Home Villas, Knock
Carson, Adam, grocer, 28 Snugville Street
Carson, Alexander, plumber, 32 York Street
Carson, Catherine, spirit dealer, 11 Annette Street
Carson, David, carpenter, 5 Kensington Street
Carson, Henry, grocer, 39 Talbot Street
Carson, Hugh, overseer, 21 Cavour Street
Carson, Isabella, grocer, 15 Gamble Street
Carson, James, tailor, 26 Israel Street
Carson, James, carpenter, 43 Christopher Street
Carson, John, tenter, 127 Agnes Street
Carson, Joseph, 4 Stormont Street
Carson, Mrs., Clink Hill, Malone Road
Carson, Mrs., 18 Meadow Street
Carson, Mrs. Robert M., Belgravia, Lisburn Road
Carson, R. J., mahogany & hardwood scantling, etc., 30, 32 & 34 Talbot Street
Carson, R. & J., wholesale grocers & general merchants, Corn Market
(See Advertisement)
Carson, Robert, builder, 93 McMillan's Buildings, Albert Bridge Road
Carson, Robert, 31 Albion Street
Carson, Samuel, flesher, 5 & 7 Wesley Place
Carson, Samuel, cloth presser, 29 Christopher Street
Carson, Samuel, builder, 68 Alfred Terrace, Mountpottinger Road
Carson, Sarah, grocer, 52 Westmoreland Street
Carson, Thomas John, grocer & spirit dealer, 4 Carson's Ville, Lisburn Road
Carson, Wm. G., flesher, 109 & 111 Dublin Road
Carson, Wm., solicitor, Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Buildings, res., Princess Gardens, The Plains
Carson, Wm., tailor, 38 Apsley Street
Carson & Bradbury, jacquard, card & paper manufacturers, 4 Wellington Place
Carson & English, dress makers, 155 Caduke's Place, York Street
Carswell, Henry, printer, 15 Stanley Street
Carswell, Robert, printer, stationer & lithographer, Donegall Place, res., Cooke Terrace, Ormeau Road  (See Advertisement)
Carswell, Allan (of Robt. Carswell), The Villa, Bangor
Carter, Edward, linen merchant, 3 Hampden Terrace, Rugby Road
Carter, James, manager, 3 Havelock Street
Carter, William, flax spinner, 22 Old Park Crescent, Old Park Road
Carter & Fiddis, linen merchants, 4 Bedford Street
Carton, J. H., carrier, 33 College Street South
Carty, James, R.I.C., 227 New Ballynafeigh Road
Caruth, Benjamin, grocer, 115 Old Lodge Road
Caruth, J., jun., bakery, 60 & 62 Shankhill Road
Caruth, John, grocer, baker & flour merchant, 109 & 111 North Street, res., 46 Williams Place, University Road
Carvill, John, sexton, 36 Regent Street
Carvill, Thomas, clerk, 15 White Street
Carvill, William, rectifying distiller, wine & spirit merchant, 15 & 17 Gloucester Street, res., 1 Carvill Terrace, Ormeau Road
Casey, Hugh, publican, 40 Carrick Hill
Casey, Francis, oilskin manufacturer, 63 Corporation Street
Cash, Wm., mechanic, 2 Hartley Street
Cassidy, Alexander, fruiterer, 66 Divis Street
Cassidy, Eliza, green grocer, 49 Milford Street
Cassidy, Isabella, grocer, 161 Albert Street
Cassidy, James, pensioner, 9 Grace Street
Cassidy, John, R.I.C., pensioner, 3 Shannon Street
Cassidy, John, upholsterer, 55 Joy Street
Cassidy, John, printer, 16 Quadrant Street
Cassidy, Michael, confectioner, 9 Falls Road
Cassidy, Thomas, tailor, 12 Russell Street
Cassidy, W. J., reeling master, 31 Beersbridge Road
Cassidy, William, R.I.C., 10 McCleery Street
Castles, James, printer, 104 Utility Street
Castle Restaurant & Luncheon Bar, 31 Castle Lane, George Fisher, proprietor
Castleisland Linen Company, Linenhall
Cathcart, John S., 17 Great Victoria Street
Cathcart, Hugh, carpenter, 16 Greenland Street
Cathcart, John, 73 Woodstock Road
Caughey, A., grocer, 298 & 300 Newtownards Road Upper
Caughey, J. & R. B., room paper merchants, 77 Victoria Street
Caughey, William (of J. & R. B. Caughey), 9 St. James' Street & Francis Street, Newtownards
Cauley, Patrick, pawn broker, 26 Ardmoulin Street
Cavan, John, R.I.C., 5 Harland Street
Cave, W. J., grocer & publican, 32 Walnut Street
Cavalry Barracks, North Queen Street
Cawley, Thomas, manager, 67 Joy Street
Chamber of Commerce, 1 Waring Street, secretary, Samuel Vance
Chambers, Alexander, 8 Lawrence Street
Chalmers, J., foreman mechanic, Abercorn Basin
Chambers, J. W., shop keeper, 13 Pisa Street
Chambers, James, fitter, 166 Old Lodge Road
Chambers, John, grocer, 126 Peter's Hill
Chambers, Robert, carpenter, 255 Shankhill Road
Chambers, Thomas, baker, 7 Arnon Street
Chambers, W., veterinary surgeon, & Government Postal Inspector, 15 Chichester Street
Chambers, William, carpenter, 123 Nelson Street
Chambers, William, R.I.C., 19 Newtownards Road
Chancellor, John, linen lapper, 32 Lindsay Street
Chancellor, Rev. J. A., 8 Milton Terrace, Wolsely Street
Chancellor, Wm., Solitude, Dundonald
Chapman, Green, farmer, Upper Malone Road
Chapman, James, carpenter, 41 South Howard Street
Chapman, Jos., pharmaceutical chemist, Coomassie Terrace, Stranmillis Road
Chapman, Margaret, 130 Pembroke Terrace
Chapman, Simon & Co., druggists, 97 York Street
Chapman, Simon, (of Chapman & Co.), Eden Terrace, Shankhill Road
Chapman, William, grocer, 3 Lisbon Street
Chapman, Wm., book keeper, 10 Cavour Street
Chapman, Wm., grocer, 20 Albert Bridge Road
Chapman, Wm. E., sec. Life Association of Scotland, 3 Carvills Terrace
Charles, Samuel, wholesale watch & clock merchant, 59 York Street, res., 31 Fleetwood Street
Charles Trelford & Co., linen merchants & bleachers, 14 Howard Street
Charleson, R., book keeper, 67 Castlereagh Street
Charley, F. W., solicitor, 33 Tomb Street & Lisburn
Charley, H. M., coal & commission merchant, Albert Square, res., Windsor Ave.
Charley, J. W. & Co., linen manufacturers, merchants & bleachers, bleach works at Seymour Hill, Dunmurry, weaving branches at Banbridge, Co. Down & Kells, near Ballymena, office, 22 Wellington Place, res., Seymour Hill, Dunmurry
Charley, Wm., J.P. (of J. W. Charley & Co.), Seymour Hill, Dunmurry
Charley, John, jun., coal merchant, 33 Tomb Street  (See Advertisement)
Charley, John Stouppe, J.P. (of Charles Trelford & Co.), res., Sligo
Charley, Mrs., Huntley, Dunmurry
Charnock, Mrs., 6 Lower Crescent
Charley, Mrs. E., Conway House, Dunmurry
Charley, P. H., Royal Insurance Co., 33 Tomb Street, res., Wellington Park
Charnock, Bros., oil & grease manufacturers & general merchants, 19 Scrabo Street, Ballymacarrett
Charlton, J., book keeper, 19 Athol Street
Charlton, Wm., brass finisher, 10 Christopher Street
Charters, Miss, Craigavad
Chase, St. George, clerk, 17 Bruce Street
Checkley, J. M., Vine Hotel, 3 Corproation Street
Cheevers, Charles V., C.E., 22 Donegall Place, res., 9 Belgrave Terrace
Chemico-Agricultural Society's Office, 63 Upper Arthur Street, Professor Hodges, chemical director, F. Hodges, assistant chemist
Cheney, Joseph, gardener, 34 Hanna Street
Cherry, Eliza, 33 Hopeton Street
Cherry, John, agent for the Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society, 180 Old Lodge Road
Cherry, Mrs., 40 Lonsdale Street
Cherry, Thomas, pensioner, 2 Windsor Terrace Lower
Chesnutt, R. J., draper, 279 & 281 Shankhill Road
Cheator, Samuel, grocer, 12 Robina Street
Chevalier, Captain, J. F., marine superintendent for Lloyds, 2 Roundhill Cottages, Albert Bridge Road
Cheyne, Bros., collar, cuff, sewed muslin & handkerchief manufacturers, 33, 35, 37 & 39 Gloucester Street
Cheyne, H. (of Cheyne Bros,), 49 Atlantic Avenue
Cheyne, Mrs. Neeson, 14 Eblana Street
Cheyne, Thomas, 11 Crown Terrace
Child, James, overseer, 11 Whitla Street
Child, Mrs., 35 Botanic Avenue
Chism, Angus, Waterproof Clothing Manufacturer, Outfitter etc., 140 Corporation Street
Chittenden, J. (of Belfast Brewing Co.), 71 Sandy Row
Chittenden, Miss, dress maker, 50 Clandeboye Street, Mountpottinger
Chittenden, Stephen, engineer, 50 Clandeboye Street, Mountpottinger
Chotzner, Josef, Rabbi, Jewish Synagogue, 71 Great Victoria Street
Christ Church, Rev. W. S. Ross, Incumbent
Christ Church Sunday & Day Schools, Durham Street
Christian Brothers School, Crumlin Road, J. P. Slattery, superintendent
Christian, J. R. & Co., linen manufacturers & bleachers, 12 Donegall Square South
Christian, Jas. R. (of Jas. R. Christian & Co.), Balmoral
Christian, John, ship carpenter, 5 Ship Street
Christian, Richard, shoe maker, 10 Kenmare Street
Christie, Alex., cattle dealer, 21 Unity Street
Christie, D., iron moulder, 2 Meadow Street
Christie, James, general dealer, Townhall Street
Christie, James, potato dealer, 7 Station Street
Christie, Mrs., The Manse, Malone Park
Christie, Robert, mechanic, 34 Devonshire Street
Christie, William, tobacconist, 17 Victoria Street
Christie, William, tobacconist, 91 Corporation Street
Christie, Wm., Washington Hotel, 3 Howard Street
Christy, George, 36 King Street
Christy, James, carpenter, 35 Langford Street
Christy, Jane, spirit grocer, 159 Durhan, (Durham) Street
Christy, John, hat & bonnet box manufacturer, 34 King Street
Christy, Mrs., Blenheim Terrace, Cromwell Road
Christy, Robt., coach builder, 50 Upper Townsend Street
Christy, Samuel (of Rainey & Christy), 12 Chambers Street
Christy, Samuel, carpenter, 38 Bank Street
Church, J., telegraph clerk, 4 Apsley Street
Church, E. T., photographer & artist, 55 Donegall Place
Church Education Society's Office, 6 Clarence Place
Church of Ireland Collegiate School, Culfeightrin House, Botanic Avenue, Rev. W. J. Butler, principal
Church of Ireland Young Men's Society, 6 Clarence Place
Church, William, photographic artist, 25 Castle Place, res., Strandtown
Churchill, Wm. (of Hart & Churchill), Inverary, Strandtown
Cinnamond, Park & Co., manufacturers, 26 Linenhall Street
Cinnamond, A. (of Cinnamond, Park & Co.), Milton Terrace
Cinnamond, Arthur (of Cinnamond, Park & Co.), Marlboro' Park
Cinnamond & Moore, wholesale wine merchants, 60 Ann Street
Cinnamond, Arthur Moore (of Cinnamond & Moore), 28 Botanic Avenue
Cinnamond, M. E., artist & photographer, 45 Donegall Place, res., 48 Elmville Terrace
Cinnamond, Robert, engineer, 1 Argyle Street
Cinnamond, Thomas, solicitor, 85 Donegall Street, res., Strandtown
Cinnamond, William R., commission agent, 121 Victoria Buildings
City Loan Office, 2 Joy Street
Civil Service & Military Academy, Carlisle Terrace, Crumlin Road, Fredk. H. Houston, principal
Clarke, Alex., basket maker, 8 Charles Street South
Clarke, Allan, jun., & Co., yarn & commission merchants & agents, 2b Donegall Street Place
Clarke, Allan (of Allan Clarke, jun., & Co.), 90 Donegall Street Place
Clarke, B., com. traveller, 98 Dunlop Terrace
Clarke, Dr. Ashley, Dunmurry
Clarke, David, agent, 17 Skipper Street
Clarke, Edward H., director Belfast Bank, Elmwood House, Elmwood Avenue
Clarke, Edward, salesman, 98 Fortingale Street
Clarke, Elizabeth, teacher, 16 Pine Street
Clarke, George, 26 Brookvale Avenue
Clarke, H., coffee stand keeper, 13 Prospect Street
Clarke, Hugh C., & Son, auctioneers, valuators, general brokers, 5 Rosemary Street   (See Advertisement)
Clarke, Sampson (of H. C. Clarke & Son), Chichester Park, Antrim Road
Clarke, Isaac, general turner, 40 Meadow Street
Clarke, James, hosier & draper, 69 North Street
Clarke, James, Parkville, Antrim Road
Clarke, James, coal merchant, 13 Claremont Lane
Clarke, James, tailor, 47 Blackstaff Road
Clarke, James, fruiterer, 21 & 23 Old Lodge Road
Clarke, James, clerk, 225 Ballynafeigh Road
Clarke, James, Custom House Officer, 132 Upper Earl Street
Clarke, James, gardener, Ballynafeigh Road
Clarke, Jane, 29 Lagan Village Road
Clarke & McMullan, wholesale druggists, drysalters, oil & colour merchants, 40 to 44 Victoria Street and 80 & 82 Ann Street, stores, 74 & 76 Little Patrick Street
Clarke, John (of Clarke & McMullan), Wellington Park
Clarke, J., gas meter inspector, 101 Howard Street South
Clarke, John C., F.R.C.S., dental surgeon, 32 Arthur Street, res., Dunedin, Antrim Road
Clarke, John, 14 Lower Mount Street
Clarke, John, mechanic, 12 Frank Street
Clarke, John, spirit dealer, 109 Durham Street
Clarke, John, surgeon, 29 Donegall Street
Clarke, John, basket maker, 13 Rotterdam Street
Clarke, Joseph, grain & flour merchant, 23 Church Lane, res., 18 Elmwood Avenue
Clarke, Matthew, grocer, 17 & 19 Charlotte Street
Clarke, M. A., 43 Albion Street
Clarke, Mrs., grocer, 17 Hemsworth Street
Clarke, Patrick, publican, 10 Montgomery Street
Clarke, Richard, Protestant Servants' Registry Office, 12 Gloucester Street
Clarke, Samuel, publican, 45 Albion Street
Clarke, S., 1 & 3 Grosvenor Street
Clarke, S., spirit dealer, 191 & 193 Durham Street
Clarke, William, basket maker, 2 Rotterdam Street
Clarke, William, grocer, 219 Ballynafeigh Road
Clarke, William, sergeant, 20 Nore Street
Clarke, William, ship carpenter, 27 Kenilworth Street
Clarke, William, spirit dealer, 65 Lagan Street
Clarke, W. E., solicitor, 111 Joy Street
Clarke, W. W., salesman, 22 Napier Street
Clarke, Wm., compositor, 10 Springmount Street
Clarke, Wm., foreman printer, 19 Wesley Place
Clarke, Wm., lithographic printer, 47 Hurst Street
Clarke, Wm., spirit dealer, 65 Lagan Street
Clarke, Wm., mechanic, 65 Lagan Street
Clarke, Wm., superintendent Bank Buildings
Clarke, W. J. 3 Castleton Terrace
Clarke, Wm. Y., compositor, 51 McClure Street
Clapperton, W., book keeper, 92 Dover Street
Clarendon, Rev. Thos. W., A.B., T.C.D. Westburne, Windsor Avenue
Clawson, Hugh, dairyman, 68 & 70 Joy Street
Clawson, William, grocer, 20 Albert Crescent
Clayton, J. G., insurance agent, 15 Shandon Street
Clay, Ann, 12 Ballynafeigh Road
Cleaver, J. (of Robinson & Cleaver), linen merchant, 29 Ashley Avenue
Cleeland, Henry, boot maker, 65 Howard Street South
Cleeland, Jas., book seller & stationer, Registrar of Marriages for the District of Belfast, depository of the Sunday School Society in Ireland, 26 Arthur Street, res., The Knock
Clegg, Thomas, clog pattern & spring clog manufacturer, 8 Anne Street & 11 Conway Square, Newtownards. (See Advertisement)
Clegg, Wm., clog manufacturer, 41 Divis Street
Cleland, Elizabeth, 28 Trelford Street
Cleland, John, J.P., D.L., Stormount Castle, Dundonald
Cleland, Robt., baker, 217 & 219 York Street
Cleland, Wm., tailor, 43 Stanfield Street
Cleland, William, school master, Upper Malone Road
Cleland, Wm., manufacturing & wholesale stationer, printer, lithographer & book binder, 10 Great Victoria Street, res., 20 Breadalbane Place
Clelland, David, agent, 15 Donegall Place
Clelland, Henry, painter, 11 Baltic Street East
Clelland, Robt., private tutor, 35 Great George's Street
Clelland, Robert, painter, 32 Foyle Street
Clelland, Thomas, 1 Pakenham Street
Clements & Acheson, plumbers, gas fitters, brass finishers & lead merchants, 111 Victoria Street  (See Advertisement)
Clements, Andrew, road contractor, Ligoniel
Clements, John, 318 Newtownards Road
Clements, John, carpenter, 60 Israel Street
Clements, John, furniture dealer, 32 Berry Street
Clements, John (of Clements & Acheson), 32 Madrid Street
Clements, Martha, spirit dealer, 234 Wilton Place
Clements, Robert, publican, 7 Church Street
Clements, R., M.D., 161 York Street
Clements, Samuel, plumber, 41 Malvern Street
Clendenning, F. W., agent, 8 Donegall Street
Clendenning, T. W., 2 Richmond Crescent
Clibborn, Wm., 10 Windsor Terrace, Lisburn Road
Clifford, James, painter, 16 Venice Street
Clifford, Samuel, linen lapper, 55 Dover Street (5?)
Clifton, James, constable, pensioner, 8 Barrow Street
Clifton Park Congregational Church, Clifton Park, Rev. R. Partner, minister
Clifton Street Presbyterian Church, Rev. J. Macready, minister
Cloakey, Hugh, spirit dealer, 51 & 53 Lawrence Buildings, Short Strand
Clokey, Miss M., spirit dealer, 55 Ann Street
Clokey, Thomas, missionary, Landscape Terrace
Clonard Foundry, Geo. Horner, proprietor, 138 & 140 Falls Road, res., The Lodge, Cliftonville
Clonard Print Works, Joseph Fulton, proprietor, 37 & 39 Falls Road
Close, Anthony, grocer, 79 & 81 Durham Street
Close, James, flesher, poulterer & game dealer, Corn Market & 2 Castle Arcade Street
Close, John, grocer & provision dealer, 38 Pound Street
Close, Mrs., 12 Amelia Street
Close, Saml. P., M.R.I.A.I., architect, 53 Waring Street, res., Joymount Bank, Carrickfergus
Close, William, 1a University Square
Close, William, linen lapper, 21 Auburn Terrace
Clotworthy, Alexander, store, 83 Ann Street, res., 40 & 42 Ann Street
Clotworthy, Alex., grocer, 40 & 42 Princess Street
Clotworthy, Frederick, designer, 2 Emily Place
Clotworthy, Samuel, dealer, 3 Mount Street
Clotworthy, S., & Co., chemists & druggists, 15 Bridge Street
Clotworthy, George (of Clotworthy & Co.), Tarbert Villa, Strandtown
Clotworthy, S. (of Clotworthy & Co.), Woodlawn Villas, Knock
Clotworthy, S., coal merchant, 72 Bridge End
Clotworthy, Samuel, druggist & oil store, 36 Academy Street
Clotworthy & Co., provision, herring, dry fish & commission merchants, 36 to 40 Tomb Street
Clugston, William, manager, 33 University Street
Clyde, Alex., plumber & gas fitter, 21 Blythe Street
Clyde, George, salesman, 89 Albert Bridge Road
Coade, George, cutter, 6 Albion Street
Coakley, Thomas, Turkish Baths, 110 & 112 Donegall Street
Coates, Foster, secretary Great Northern Railway Co., Huntley Villas, Derryvolgie Avenue
Coates, F., painter, 51 Castle Street
Coates, Francis, Irish & American provision merchant, 1b Corporation Street, res., 13 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road
Coates, J., Dunville, solicitor, 41 Chichester Street
Coates, Jas., income tax collector, 17 Lonsdale Street
Coates, John, solicitor & master extraordinary for the High Court of Justice, 41 Chichester Street
Coates, John, Vulcan Terrace, Strandtown
Coates, John, secretary to the Co. Antrim Grand Jury, office, County Court House, res., Seacliffe, Bangor
Coates, M., farmer, Prospect, Andersontown
Coates, Maurice (of Springfield Spinning Mill), Springfield Road
Coates, Mrs., 46 Belvidere Place, Great Victoria Street
Coates, Mrs. M., dress maker, 10 Boundary Street
Coates, Mrs., house, sign & ornament painter & stained glass warehouse, 51 Castle Street
Coates, Richard, Ballynafeigh Road
Coates, St. John, Mossvale, Dunmurry
Coates, Victor & David, engineers, millwrights, iron & brass founders, boiler makers, & iron ship builders, Lagan Foundry, 1, 3 & 5 Lagan Village Road, & Prince's Dock Foundry, Prince's Dock
Coates, David L. (of Victor & David Coates), Clonallon, Strandtown
Coates, Victor (of Victor & David Coates), Rathmore, Dunmurry
Coates, William, farmer, Strandmillis Road
Coates, William, engraver, 7 Fountain Street, res., 27 Shipbuoy Street
Coates, Wm. M., commission agent & grocer, 103 Grosvenor Street
Coates, William T., brass founder, gas fitter & plumber, 11 & 13 Fountain Street, res., 100 Richmond Terrace, Great Victoria Street
Coates, Wm. (of the Ulster Spinning Co. Ltd.), Newforge House, Upper Malone
Coates, W., & Son, copper smiths, gas fitters, metal merchants, plumbers, 26 & 28 Castle Street
Cobain, Emily, stationer, 207 York Street
Cobain, Mrs., 6 Limestone Road
Cobain, Robert, builder, 120 York Street
Cobain, T., provision dealer, 104 Old Lodge Road
Cobain, William, mechanic, 12 Michael Street
Cobbe, George W., compositor, 37 Bedeque Street
Coburn, Francis J., grocer, 115 Shankhill Road
Coburn, Robert, clerk, 58 Christopher Street

Coburn, Robert, tenter, 129 Agnes Street
Coburn, William, Milltown, Andersontown
Coburn, William, clerk, 97b Shankhill Road
Coburn, W. J., salesman, 14 Elm Street
Cochrane, E., C.E., Donegall Place
Cochrane, Frederick, linen lapper, 25 Albion Street
Cochrane, Hugh, commission agent, 8 Commercial Chambers, Telfair Street, res., 1 Wellesley Avenue
Cochrane, James, green grocer, 25 Cromac Street
Cochrane, James, ship owner, 3 Queen's Quay
Cochrane, J. A., secretary Belfast Mining Co., 5 Corn Exchange Buildings, Victoria Street, res., 75 Fitzwilliam Place
Cochrane, James, & Co., shipwright, Dock Yard, Corporation Street
Cochrane, James, carpenter, 6 Arundel Street
Cochrane, John, manager, 5 Kearney's Buildings
Cochrane, John (of Wm. Corry & Co.), Churchhill Terrace, Holywood
Cochrane, Rose Ann, Ballynafeigh
Cochrane, Saml., Customs Officer, 70 Bentinck Street
Cochrane, Samuel, commercial traveller, 6 Crecy Terrace, Rugby Road
Cochrane, Sarah Jane, wholesale & retail tinware shop, 24 & 25 Smithfield Square
Cochrane, T., warehouseman, 9 Cabul Street
Cochrane, Thomas, tailor, 32 Shannon Street
Cockburn, James, book binder, 2 Independent Street
Cockburn, John, rent agent, 5 Cabul Street
Coe, L. & G., ladies' underclothing warehouse, 27 Bridge Street
Coe, Lucy, agent for Unitarian depository, 5 Dunluce Street
Coey, James, engineer, 7 Limestone Road
Coey, Sir Edward, J.P., D.L., Mervue, Whitehouse, private office, 4 Waring St.
Coey & Co. Ltd., provision merchants, 21 to 29 Gamble Street
Coffee, George, ship carpenter, 14 North Ann Street
Coffey, Jane, 104 Crumlin Place, Crumlin Road
Cogie, James, grocer, 224 Crumlin Road
Cohen, Henry, professor of music, 7 Upper Crescent
Cohen & Sapira, picture frame makers & dealers, 29 Albert Crescent
Colburn, E. F., grocer, 115 Shankhill Road
Colclough, Robert, jeweller, 22 Hamilton Street
Coleman, John, clerk, 24 Norwood Street
Coleman, John, spirit dealer, 42 Barrack Street
Coleman, J., mechanic, 111 Northumberland Street
Coleman, Joseph, provision merchant, 13 York Street
Coleman, Mrs., Derryvolgie Avenue
Coleman, Thomas, 4 Antrim Terrace, Duncairn Street
Colgan, John (of Gordon & Colgan), Springhill, Ballygomartin
Colhoun, James, traveller, 42 Helmsdale Street
Colhoun, Robert, jeweller, 41 Hamilton Street
Collard, David, shoe maker, 45 Boyd Street
Collier, Rev. R., Methodist Minister, 17 Dunluce Street
Collier, Samuel, grocer, 91 Durham Street
Colligan, James, spirit merchant, (City View Hotel), 91 Falls Road
Collins, Alex., shoe maker, 43 Bradford Street
Collins, Charles, watch maker, 64 Auburn Terrace
Collins, E., boot & shoe warehouse, 27 North Street
Collins, Edward, grocer & spirit dealer, 2 Mill Street
Collins, E., general smith, 10 & 12 Alfred Terrace
Collins, Henry, railway guard, 173 Durham Street
Collins, John, linen merchant & insurance broker, district agent in Ulster for the Mutual Fire Insurance Corporation Ltd., etc., 47 Queen Street, res., 4 Salisbury Terrace, Lisburn Road  (See Advertisement)
Collins, John, jun., Upper Malone Road
Collins, John, sexton Linenhall Street Presbyterian Church, 2 South James St.
Collins, John, clerk, 81 Craigmore Street
Collins, John, sample maker, 17 McClure Street
Collins, Joseph, linen lapper, 53 Howard Street South
Collins, J. C., agent for manufacturers, 9 College Street, res., 7 Osborne Terrace
Collins, Michael, miller, 2 Andrew Street
Collins, Patrick, publican, 202 Argyle Street
Collins, Robert, car owner, 9 Whitla Street
Collins, Robert, cabinet maker, 13 Hartley Street
Collins, Robt., C.E., Fortwilliam Terrace, Antrim Road
Collins, Saml., carpenter, 55 Howard Street South
Collins, Wm. M., solicitor, 20 Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin & 49 Queen Street
Collins, William (Victoria Drug Hall), wholesale chemist & druggist, 60 Victoria Street, res., Chlorine Place, Malone Road
Collins, William (of Ewing & Son), Dunmurry
Collins, William, Musgrave Street
Colosseum Music Hall, Lindon Travers, proprietor, 16 Victoria Square
Colpoys, Mrs., tobacconist, 55 & 57 John Street
Colville, John, builder, 18 Elm Street
Colville, Mrs., 17 Beech Street
Colvin, Richard, draper, Castle Street
Colvin, Ruth, grocer, 122 Argyle Street
Colquhoun, Robert, pawn broker, 9 Marquis Street
Combe, Barbour & Combe, Falls Foundry, machine makers, iron & brass founders, engineers, screw makers, spindle & flyer manufacturers, etc., 1 to 7 North Howard Street, Town Office, 6 Waring Street
Combe, Abraham (of Combe, Barbour & Combe), Malone Park House, Malone Park
Combe, James O., organ builder, 22 James Street South
Comerford, Patrick, carpenter, 18 Milford Street
Comerton, James, grocer & spirit dealer, 138 Pembroke Terrace
Comiston, James, grocer, 135 Leeson Street
Compton, W. J., R.I.C., 20 Upton Street
Commercial News Room, Waring Street, Samuel Vance, secretary
Commick, Samuel, carpenter, 6 Arnon Street
Conalty, J., spirit grocer, 45 & 47 Grosvenor Place
Condy, John, clerk, 33 Granville Street
Conland, J. & Sons, linen & commission merchants, 7 Alfred Street
Conland, Joseph (of J. Conlan & Sons), Martello Terrace, Holywood
Conland, Patrick (of J. Conland & Sons), Martello Terrace, Holywood
Conlon, John, grocer & dealer, 12 Newtownards Road
Conlon, Mary, spirit dealer, 49 North Queen Street
Conn, John, pawn broker, 1 Lackagh Street
Conn, John, newsagent, 49 Sir Henry's Buildings, Albert Bridge Road
Conn, William, book keeper, 41 Lindsay Street
Connell, James, clerk, 76 McAuley Terrace
Connell, Mrs., tobacconist, 11 Donegall Quay
Connery, James, grocer, 23, 25 & 27 Lagan Street
Connery, Mrs., 2 Mountcharles, University Road
Connolly, Alex., publican, 103 Millfield
Connolly, Bernard, car owner, English Street
Connolly, Charles, spirit dealer & grocer, 23 Cullingtree Road
Connolly, Edwd., spirit dealer, 72 & 74 George's Street Great
Connolly, E., publican, 14 Albert Bridge Road
Connoly, E., spirit grocer, 2 Murphy Street
Connolly, H., flax & tow waste merchant, 4 Eliza Place
Connelly, Henry, flax waste merchant, McDonnell Street
Connolly, Henry, spirit dealer, 33 Albert Crescent
Connolly, Hugh, iron founder, 6 Wesley Place
Connolly, Hugh, carpenter, 145 Leeson Street
Connolly, Jas., spirit dealer, 16, 18 North Howard Street
Connolly, James, 5 Antrim Terrace
Connolly, Jas., spirit dealer (Gin Palace), 87 North Street
Connolly, James, grocer etc., 1 Derby Street
Connolly, James, painter, 26 Rotterdam Street
Connolly, James, publican, 45 Springfield
Connolly, John, builder & grocer, 54 Albert Street
Connolly, John, publican, Albert Street
Connolly, John, baker, 15 George's Street Little
Connolly, Matthew, clerk, 12 St. Pancras Street
Connolly, Mrs., 6 Scotchmount
Connolly, M., grocer, 7 & 9 Servia Street
Connolly, Patrick, tailor, 7 Seymour Street
Connolly, Peter, chandler, 13 Baker Street
Connolly, Robert, spirit dealer, 145 Cromac Street
Connolly, Samuel, mechanic, 17 Cumberland Street
Connolly, Samuel, Victoria Saw Mills, 207 Durham Street
Connolly, Susan, spirit dealer, 255 York Street
Connolly Thomas, butcher, 54 Durham Street
Connolly, William, publican, Distillery Street
Connolly, William, painter, 88 Sandy Row
Connolly, William John, grocer, 36 Memel Street
Connor, C. F. W. (of Hogg & Connor), 30 York Street
Connor, C. C. (of Fenton, Connor & Co.), consul for Peru, Linen Hall, res., Hope House, College Park East
Connor, Daniel, traveller, 228 Leeson Street
Connor, D., hay dealer, 14 & 16 Roden Street
Connor, E., clerk, 138 Woodstock Road
Connor, Foster & Sons, linen manufacturers & bleachers, Linen Hall, res., Bangor, works, Cullingtree Street
Connor, Isaac, Connsbrook Terrace, Strandtown
Connor, J., mechanic, 28 Ward Street
Connor, J., architect, 45 Avoca Street
Connor, James, gardener, 14 Boundary Street North
Connor, John, builder & contractor, 17 Adelaide Street
Connor, John, lodging house, 28 Garmoyle Street
Connor, John, surveyor, 200 Argyle Street
Connor, John, grocer, 86 & 88 Old Lodge Road
Connor, Leslie, assistant surveyor, 41 Cyprus Terrace
Connor, Martin, brass founder, etc., 40 Dagmar Street
Connor, Mrs., 11 Wesley Place
Connor, Mrs., 56 Fitzroy Avenue
Connor, Mrs., 28 Henry Street
Connor, Mrs., 23 University Street
Connor, Rose (Kitchen Bar), 24 Victoria Square
Connor, W., publican, 60 Earl Street
Connor, W., gas fitter & tinsmith, 35 Hartley Street
Connor, W. H., handkerchief finisher, 28 Apsley Street
Conroy, John, carpenter, 19 Leady Street
Conroy, Thomas, civil bill officer, 18 Percy Street
Convery, James, Fanny's Cottages, Ballynafeigh
Convery, Rev. P., Adm., St. Joseph's R.C. Church, York Street
Conway, B., grocer & provision dealer, 13 Quadrant Street
Conway, James, railway guard, 50 Wolff Street
Conway, John, publican, Shankhill Road
Conway, John, carpenter, 69 Wall Street
Conway, Mary, dress maker, 50 Denmark Street
Conway, Rev. G., P.P., Hannahstown
Conway, Thos., Customs Officer, 60 Eglinton Street
Cooke, A. (of John Preston & Co.), Rosebank, Windsor Avenue
Cook, E., R.I.C., 195 North Queen Street
Cook, John, family grocer, 41 Rosewood Street
Cook, Samuel, carpenter, 19 Lyle Street
Cook, William, carpenter, 40 Cosgrove Street
Cooke, Daniel, carpenter, 2 Pitt Place
Cooke, James, fruiterer, 1 & 3 Annette Street
Cooke, James, plumber, 10 Clifton Street
Cooke, James, merchant tailor, 104 Bridge End
Cooke, James, cattle dealer, 72 Albert Street
Cooke, James, painter, 53 & 55 Denmark Street
Cooke, John, stationer, 2 Ivanhoe Street
Cooke, John, family grocer, 32 Auburn Terrace
Cooke, John, clerk, 9 Schomberg Terrace
Cooke, Joseph, draper, 46 Fairview Street
Cooke, P., book keeper, 3 Agincourt Terrace
Cooke, Samuel, carpenter, 121 Crumlin Road
Cooney, Edmund, tanner, currier, etc., 100 to 104 Carrick Hill
Cooney, James, butcher, 7 Hercules Place
Cooney, James, carriage maker, 3 Cultra Street
Cooper, Alexander, upholsterer, 2 Lisbon Street
Cooper, Ann, grocer, 52 & 54 Mount Street
Cooper, A., milliner & dress maker, 137 Donegall Street
Cooper, D., Customs Officer, 22 Meadow Street
Cooper, H., boarding house, 43 Prince's Street
Cooper, H., Customs Officer, 320 Newtownards Road
Cooper, Isabella, grocer, 20 Arundel Street
Cooper, James, plumber & gas fitter, 38 Henry Street
Cooper, James, book binder, 79 McClure Street
Cooper, John, salesman, Chelsea Cottage, Lisburn Road
Cooper, J., jeweller, 25 Linenhall Street
Cooper, J. B., Central Railway Office, Oxford Street
Cooper, Miss Mary, 27 Lonsdale Street
Cooper, P., grocer, 162 Kearney's Terrace
Cooper, Rev. J., Unitarian Minister, 7 Downshire Place
Cooper, Samuel, Customs Officer, 40 Mount Street
Cooper, Thomas, hatter, London Hat Emporium, 25 High Street, res., 30 Melrose Terrace, Wolseley Street
Cooper, W., grocer, etc., 50 & 52 Hill Street
Copeland, Geo., & Co., American Light Co., 74 North Street, res., 25 Divis St.
Copeland, E., foreman Lapper, 56 Lindsay Street
Copeland, Henry, draper, 95 Sandy Row
Copeland, Hugh S., compositor, 57 Ormeau Terrace
Copeland, J., boot & shoe warehouse, 13 Mill Street
Copeland, John, grocer & publican, 196 & 198 Woodstock Road
Copeland, J., photographic artist, 7 Donegall Street
Copeland, Samuel, foreman, 9 Railway Street
Copeland, William, grocer & publican, 36 & 38 Peter's Hill
Corbett, A., pawn broker, 5 Snugville Street
Corbett, D. (of Brown, Corbett & Co.), Coolavin
Corbett, D., railway guard, 8 Abbott Street
Corbett, E. & A., millinery & mantle warehouse, 10 High Street, res., 134 Aughton Terrace
Corbett, Henry, clerk, 15 Israel Street
Corbett, James, flesher, 5 Hercules Place
Corbett, John, car owner, 45 Apsley Street
Corbett, Mrs., 20 Meadow Street
Corbett, Simpson, tenter, 56 Bank Street
Corbett, T., travelling clerk, 37 Virginia Street
Corbett, Thomas, tenter, 2 Combermere Street
Corcoran, M., painter, 39 Alton Street
Cord, William, 35 Joy Street
Cordner, C. K., estate agent, Victoria Chambers, res., Holywood
Cordner, T., sec., P. Johnston & Sons, Ltd.
Cordner, W., cabinet maker, 10 Cullingtree Place
Core, W. S., M.D., surgeon, 261 York Street
Corken, M., manager, 161 Albert Bridge Road
Corken, Samuel, 38 Ballynafeigh Road
Cormican, J., boot & shoe maker, 5 Milford Street
Cornhill Cloth Company, merchant tailors & clothiers, Bridge Street & Castle PL.
Cornwall, James, butler, 14 New Bond Street
Corr, Bernard, green grocer, 34 Hercules Street
Corr, James, clerk, Beechmount Terrace
Corr, John, grocer, 110 Bridge End
Corrigan, H., stationer, 95 Shankhill Road
Corrigan, John, 198 Falls Road
Corrigan, Robert, general dealer, 51 Dock Street
Corrigan, W., publican, 25 & 26 Cherrymount, Crumlin Road
Corry, D. & W., book sellers, 6 Castle Lane
Corry, Hugh, carpenter, 38 Spencer Street
Corry, J. P., & Co., timber, slate & tile merchants, office, 5 Great George's Street, saw mills, Prince's Dock and 33 & 35 Garmoyle Street
Corry, J. P., M.P. (of J. P Corry & Co.), Dunraven
Corry, Robert W. (of J. P. Corry & Co.), Benvue, Windsor Park
Corry, John, jun., merchant, 33 Botanic Avenue
Corry. J., cabinet maker, 6 Court Street
Corry. Joseph, grocer, 78 & 88 York Street, res., 10 Vicinage Park
Corry, Mary, 70 Albert Bridge Road
Corry, M. J., laundress, 15 Wesley Place
Corry, Mrs., 10 Upper Crescent
Corry, Mrs., 18b Hope Street
Corry, Robert, builder & steam joinery works, 109 Donegall Pass, res., 6 Connaught Terrace
Corry, Samuel, linen lapper, 44 Elizabeth Street
Corry, Thomas, book keeper, 12 Auburn Street
Corry, Thos. C. S., M.D., and surgeon, L.R.C.P., Edin., 146 Donegall Pass
Corry, William, & Co., Aerated Water Manufacturers, 116, 118 & 120 Cromac Street  (See Advertisement)
Corry, W. F. C. S. (of W. Corry & Co.), Chatsworth, University Road
Cosbie, John, stationer, 4 Havelock View
Cosgrave, Henry, 25 India Street
Cosgrave, J., boarding house, 71 Carrick Hill
Cosgrave & Co., wholesale druggists, 67 Donegall Street
Cosgrave, W. (of Cosgrave & Co.), Greenmount, North Queen Street
Costello, Ann, grocer, 21 Bond Street
Costello, Robert, box maker, 15 Sydney Street
Costello, W., horse dealer, 18, 20 & 22 McAuley Street
Cottam, C., cigar, snuff & tobacco establishment, 32 Castle Place
Cotter, Alex., clerk, 5 Trinity Street
Cotter, John, mechanic, 77 Cupar Street
Cotter, Rev. Wm., D.D., incumbent of St. Luke's Church, Avonmore Terrace, Lisburn Road
Cotter, Robert, book keeper, 18 Auburn Street
Cotton, Benjamin, teacher, 151 Cupar Street
Cotton, E. J., manager Belfast and Northern Counties Railway, res., Elsinore, Jordanstown
Cotton, S. & Co. (Brookfield Foundry), iron & brass founders, Sydney St. West
Cotton, Stephen (of Brookfield Foundry), Brookfield Cottage
Coulson, C., book keeper, 27 College Square North
Coulson, W. H., clerk of markets
Coltart, James, sergeant-major, 13 Beechpark Street
Coulter, Alex., cloth passer, 77 Sir Henry's Buildings, Albert Bridge Road
Coulter, Alex., painter, 22 Catherine Street
Coulter, Andrew, grocer, 61 Beech Street
Coulter, E., grocer, 105 New Lodge Road
Coulter, G., Decorative Painter, 2 Alfred Street
Coulter, H., commercial traveller, 11 Fleetwood Street
Coulter, H., spindle maker, Northumberland Street
Coulter, H., cattle dealer, 73 Stanfield Street
Coulter, James, 8 Walnut Street
Coulter, James, grocer, 122 Henry Street
Coulter, John, painter, 16 Mornington Street
Coulter, John, solicitor, 17 Chichester Street, res., 84 Pakenham Place
Coulter, John (of Leathem, Coulter & Howard), 5 Hampden Terrace
Coulter, John, clerk, 3 Coyle's Place
Coulter, Joseph, 10 Auburn Terrace
Coulter, Mrs., 52 Fitzroy Avenue
Coulter, R., provision merchant, 51 Cromac Street
Coulter, R., dress maker, 38 Frederick Terrace
Coulter, S., tailor, 29 Blackstaff Road
Coulter, Samuel, painter, 14 King Street
County Fire Office, 10 Victoria Street, J. C. Pinkerton, local manager, (See Adv.)
County Down Constitutional Association, 35 Victoria Street, E. S. Finnegan, sec.
Courtenay, E. R., surgeon dentist, 57 Castle Street, res., 10 Broadway
Courtney, H., traveller, 8 Mount Street
Courtney, J., builder, 47 Norwood Street
Courtney, J., spirit dealer, 108 Kearney Terrace
Courtney, T., pensioner, 76 Albert Bridge Road
Courtney, W., brick layer, 8 Denmark Street
Courtney, Wm., C.E., 65 Belvoir Place, Ballynafeigh Road
Cousins, H., spirit dealer, 22 Princes Dock
Cousins, R., tobacconist, 72 Ann Street
Cowan, Catherine, 2 Chambers Street
Cowan, Edward P., J.P., Nottinghill, Malone Road
Cowan, Isabella, spirit dealer, 57 Shankhill Road
Cowan, James, engineer, 182 Kearney's Terrace
Cowan, J. G., commission agent, 44 Rosemary Street, res., 61 Castlereagh St.
Cowan, J., grocer, 2 Blackwater Street
Cowan, John, grocer, 178 Grosvenor Street
Cowan, John, carpenter, 37 Blackstaff Road
Cowan, Mary Jane, grocer, 28 & 30 Bell's Lane
Cowan, Mrs., 21 Henry Street
Cowan, William, baker, 8 Boundary Street
Cowan, William, grocer, 40 Wesley Street
Cowan, William, plumber, 11 Malt Street
Cowan, William, wholesale wine & spirit merchant, 67 Church Lane
Cowan & Co., carriers, 3 Custom House Square
Cowden, John, grocer, 30 Hill Street
Cowden, Samuel, druggist, 84 & 86 Great Patrick Street
Cowden, Samuel, lithographic printer, 39 Wall Street
Cowden, Samuel, traveller, 11 Byron Street
Cowden, William, grocer, 101 Sussex Street
Cowper, David, draper, 23 Rugby Road
Cox, William, pensioner, 14 Devonshire Street
Coyle, Daniel, grocer, tea, wine & spirit merchant, 25 Ormeau Road
Coyle, Daniel, law clerk, 11 Kearney's Buildings
Coyle, John, cabinet maker, 54 Smithfield
Craig, Adam, tobacconist, 84 North Street
Craig, David, linen lapper, 26 Athol Street
Craig, E., bleacher, 29 Elm Street
Craig, George, mechanic, 3 Dickson Street
Craig, Hugh, boot maker, 44 Woodstock Road
Craig, James, grocer, 52 Elizabeth Street
Craig, James, insurance agent, 4 Corporation Square
Craig, James, insurance agent, 12 Malvern Street
Craig, James, iron monger, 119 Albert Bridge Road
Craig, James, J.P. (of Dunville & Co. Ltd.), Craigavon, Strandtown
Craig, James, spirit dealer, 43 Westmoreland Street
Craig, John, book keeper, 67 Great George's Street
Craig, John, carpenter, 163 Durham Street
Craig, John, clerk, 105 Albert Bridge Road
Craig, John, engineer, 17 Cliftonville Avenue
Craig, John, engineer, 34 Hopeton Street
Craig, John, grocer, 78 Old Lodge Road
Craig, J. W., master mariner, 25 Castlereagh Street
Craig, Martha, 2 Brookvale Terrace, Duncairn Street
Craig, Mrs., 212 Churchville
Craig, Mrs., 4 Connaught Terrace
Craig, Mrs., 121 & 123 Cromac Street
Craig, Mrs., 18 James Street South
Craig, N. J., spirit dealer, 1 & 3 Napier Street
Craig, R. A., grocer, 113 Bridge End
Craig, R., carpenter, 213 Grosvenor Street
Craig, R., linen lapper, 62 North Boundary Street
Craig, R., mechanic, 172 Argyle Street
Craig, R. S., Bank of Ireland, Donegall Place
Craig, Robert, clerk, 11 Mount Street
Craig, Robert, miller, 47 Percy Street
Craig, Robert, missionary, 32 King Street
Craig, S., warehouseman, 12 Hemsdale Street (Helmsdale)
Craig, T., brass finisher, 49 Hudson Street
Craig, T., teacher, 26 Auburn Street
Craig, W., guard, 9 Renfrew Street
Craig, W. J., clerk, 67 Dock Street
Craig, W. J., tobacconist, 223 York Street
Cramer & Co., pianoforte, harmonium & music warehouse, 17 & 19 Castle Place
Cramsie, John, Auctioneer, valuator, estate agent & commission merchant, 10 Waring Street, res., Carrig-gorm House, Clandeboye, Co. Down  (See Adv.)
Cramsie, John, jun., auctioneer, valuator, estate agent & commission merchant, 10 Waring Street, res., Carrig-gorm House, Clandeboye, Co. Down
Cranmer, Cath., spirit store, 5 Empress Buildings
Cranshaw, G., mechanic, 12 Stewart Street
Cramond, G. W., book seller, 49 Cyprus Terrace
Crawford, Alexander, iron, metal & hardware merchant, 128 & 130 North Street, res., 5 Fitzwilliam Street
Crawford, A., house & land agent, property broker, valuator etc., 13 Arthur Street, res., 9 Ponsonby Avenue, Antrim Road
Crawford, A., & Son, starch works, 16 Wilson Street
Crawford, A., over looker, 131 Crumlin Road
Crawford, A., & Son, chemists, starch & soap manufacturers, drysalters, etc., 20 & 22 Mill Street
Crawford, J. W. (of A. Crawford & Son), Chlorine Place
Crawford, D., Ulster Lime Works, 14 Carrick Hill
Crawford, H., posting establishment, 112 Lodge Road New
Crawford, E., & Son, boot & shoe manufacturers, 107 North Street
Crawford & Elliott, milliners, 45 York Street
Crawford, E., flour merchant & baker, 163 & 165 North Street, res., Fortwilliam Park
Crawford, Henry, 15 Springfield Road
Crawford, Henry (of Crawford & Lockhart), 36 Donegall Place
Crawford, Hugh, engraver, 75 Stamford Terrace
Crawford, Hugh, spirit grocer, 95, 97 Sandy Row
Crawford, H., clerk, 47 Eglinton Street
Crawford, H. & M., drapers, 38 Nelson Street
Crawford, J., butter & egg merchant, 54 & 56 Edward Street
Crawford, James, M.D., 87 Denmark Street
Crawford, Jas., wine & spirit merchant, 44, 46 New Lodge Road
Crawford, J., sexton, 31 College Square North
Crawford, Jas., grocer & provision store, 37 & 39 Patrick Street Great
Crawford, James, clerk, 20 Naples Street
Crawford, Jas., general provision dealer, 23 to 31 Corporation Street, res., Strandtown
Crawford, James, & Sons, wine & spirit merchants, 1 Calendar Street
Crawford, James, stone mason, Upper Malone Road
Crawford, J., boot & shoe manufacturer, 32 & 34 Church Street
Crawford, John, confectioner, 15 Shankhill Road
Crawford, John, sea captain, 21 Lincoln Avenue
Crawford, John, brush maker, 24 Belgrave Street
Crawford, Matt., cabinet maker, 23 Lorton Street
Crawford, Mrs. E., 36 Donegall Place
Crawford, Miss, 37 Victoria Place
Crawford, Rev. R. (of Sinclair Seamen's Church), The Manse, Cliftonville
Crawford, R., handkerchief manufacturer, 42 Little May Street, res., 7 Cromac Terrace
Crawford, R., cabinet maker, 24 Belgrave Street
Crawford, R., wine & spirit merchant, 110 Lilliput Place
Crawford, R. J., accountant, 24 Essex Street
Crawford, S., ship carpenter, 29 New Andrew Square
Crawford, S., traveller, 33 Shipbuoy Street
Crawford, T., hatter, 57 Leadbetter Street
Crawford, T., stationer, 107 McClure Street
Crawford, Thos. D. (of Jas. Crawford & Sons), Fort Breda House, Ballynafeigh
Crawford, T., proprietor brickworks, Bloomfield
Crawford, William, letter carrier, 26 Swift Street
Crawford, William S., saddler, 36 Ann Street, res., Plevna Villas, Bloomfield
Crawford, Wm., preparing master, 2 Railway Street
Crawford, W. J., 45 Westmoreland Street
Crawford, W. jun., & Co., stock brokers, general insurance agents, Rosemary St.
Crawford, W. (of W. Crawford, jun. & Co.), Viewmount, Windsor Avenue
Crawford & Co., fleshers, 213 Shankhill Road
Crawley, W., sea captain, 187 Nelson Street
Craydon, J., R.I.C., pensioner, 4 Ardmoulin Street
Creane, John, poultry merchant, 161 Cromac Street
Creane, M. & Co., coal merchants, 103 Divis Street
Creane, W., marble polisher, 36 Institution Place
Creaney, W. J., boiler maker, 5 Carntall Street
Creely, Catherine, dress maker, 3 McDonnell Street
Creeth, James, & Co., Agricultural & general commission merchants, 29, 31 & 33 Victoria Square
Cregan, J. & R., grocers, 6 & 8 Scotchmount
Cregan, Lawrence, 5 Rosemount Street
Creggan, Mrs., 34 Parkview Terrace
Creighton, F., bedding manufacturer, 29 Dublin Road
Creighton, M., clerk, 130 Albert Street
Creighton, S., clerk, 149 Argyle Street
Criglington, S., ward agent, 78 Northumberland Street
Crisp, J. W., tea agent, 20 Waring Street, res., 3 Fitzroy Terrace
Crimley, Patrick, bell hanger, 28 Charlemont Street
Criterion Wine Co. Ltd., wine & spirit merchants, Crown Entry, J. H. Robinson, manager
Croft, H., overseer, 13 St. Pancras Street
Croft, Joseph, grocer, 13 Melbourne Street
Croft, Joseph, builder, 27 & 29 Memel Street, res., 24 Woodstock Road
Croker, George, M.D., 115 Pottinger Terrace, Albert Bridge Road
Cromie, E., draper, 28 Raglan Street
Cromie, J., warehouseman, 58 McClure Street
Cromie, J., pawn broker, 37 Upper Townsend Street
Cromie, M., dress maker, 40 Mill Street
Cromie, Robert, bank clerk, 30 Gloucester Street
Crommellin Iron Ore Company, 1 Corporation Street
Cromwell, James, draper, 32 Arnon Street
Cron, Rev. G. (of Evangelical Union Church), 11 College Gardens Avenue
Crone, E., clerk, 1 Dublin Road
Crone, Henry, manager, 93 McClure Street
Crone, J., manager, 34 Frederick Street
Crone J., grocer etc., spirit dealer, 11 Dublin Road
Cronhelm, Son, & Tobias, solicitors, agents for provident clerks & General Guarantee Association Ltd., 22 Lombard Street
Cronhelm, Henry C. (of Cronhelm, Son, & Tobias), solicitor, Lombard Street, res., Lillington House, Osborne Park
Crooks, B., engine driver, 40 Clyde Street
Crooks, George, engine driver, 63 Woodstock Road
Crooks, Henry, book keeper, 6 Empress Buildings
Crooks, John, foreman cutter, 16 McClure Street
Crookshanks, J., publican, 103 Millfield
Crookshanks, R. A., manager, 57 Fitzroy Avenue
Crosby, W., turner, 50 Lavinia Street
Cross & Donaldson, seed merchants, 8 Queen Street
Crossett, A., tobacconist, 81 Donegall Street
Crossett, Mrs. S., ladies' outfitting & underclothing establishment, 66 Donegall Street
Crossley, A. C., linen merchant, 1 Ulster Terrace
Crossley, D., land steward, 20 Devonshire Street
Crossley, Hastings, professor of Greek, Queen's College, 15 Wellington Park
Crossley, Wm., oyster rooms, 7 Pottinger Entry
Crothers, H., linen merchant, Lagan Cottage, Strandmillis Road
Crothers, J., & Co., engineers & machine makers, 12 York Lane
Crothers, J., grocer, 1 Eureka Street
Crothers, J., carpenter, 22 Bentinck Street
Crothers, John, shop keeper, 57 Agnes Street
Crothers, J., baker, 104 McTier Street
Crothers, Rosina, boarding house, 44 Princes Street
Crothers, Samuel, fitter, 140 Kearney Terrace
Crothers, Samuel, shoe maker, 5 Belvoir Street
Crothers, Thomas, carpenter, 7 Norman Street
Crothers, William, clerk, 10 Victoria Street
Crothers, W., commission agent, 27 Virginia Street
Crothers, W. E., 28 Botanic Avenue
Crouch, Hugh, clerk, 28 Rainey Street
Crouch, J., book seller & stationer, 54 York Street
Crowe, Benjamin, spirit dealer, 25, 27 & 29 Little Patrick Street
Crowe, Samuel, spirit dealer, 21 & 23 Little Patrick Street
Crowe, Thomas, linen lapper, 18 Prospect Street
Crowe, William, carpenter, 53 Divis Street
Crown Dining Company, Crown Entry
Crowther, Joshua, engineer, 5 Warkworth Street
Crozier, James, law clerk, 7 Israel Street
Crozier, James A., commission & insurance agent & broker, 14 Lavinia Street
Crozier, Joseph, painter, 51 Agnes Street
Crozier, Mary, refreshment rooms, 37 Tomb Street
Crozier, Mrs., 30 James Street
Crozier, Mrs., upholstress, 6 Nore Street
Crozier, Rev. J. B., M.A., 13 Randolph Terrace
Crozier, T., glass, oil & colour merchant, 3 Church Street, res., 30 Vicinage Park
Crozier, Wm., builder, 9 Byron Street
Crudden, R., coal merchant, 28, 30 & 32 Cullingtree Road
Cruice, Mrs., Springfield Road
Crumlin Road News Room, 7 Everton Terrace
Crumlin Road Presbyterian Church, Rev. D. K. Mitchell, minister
Cruthers, David, constable, 45 Bradford Street
Crymble, George, Auburn Villa, New Ballynafeigh Road
Crymble, Matthew, pianoforte & music warehouse, 28 Wellington Place
Crymble, Mrs., 35 Donegall Pass
Cuddy, Henry, coal merchant, 20 Lancaster Street
Cuddy, J., pawn broker, 37 Westmoreland Street
Cuddy, Thomas, R.I.C., 150 Leeson Street
Culbert, Margaret, 3 Blondin Street
Culbert, Mrs., grocer, 22 Berry Street
Culbert, R., clerk, 29 Distillery Street
Culbert, William, carpenter, 11 Cavour Street
Cullen, Allen, & Co., shipping agents etc., 13 & 15 Corporation Street
Cullen, B., paper stainer, 51 Massereene Street
Cullen, John, broker, 4 Berry Street
Cullen, John, mechanic, 44 Sandy Row
Cullen, Joseph, book keeper, 16 Dunville Street
Cullen, J., umbrella maker, 25 Millfield
Cullen, Thomas, horse shoer, 11 Seymour Street
Cullen, W., teacher, 27 Lavinia Street
Cully, Mrs., 8 Beech Street
Cumine, J. A., photographic instrument maker, 48 Upper Arthur Street
Cumine, James, jun., photographic artist, 48 Upper Arthur Street
Cuming, Alex. (of Cuming Bros.), 3 Royal Terrace, Lisburn Road
Cuming Bros., tea, wine & spirit merchants, 32 Donegall Place
Cuming, Hamilton (of Cuming Bros.), Home Villas, The Knock
Cuming, James, M.D., professor Queen's College, 33 Wellington Place
Cumming, James, painter, 39 Malvern Street
Cumming, J., block printer, 52 Northumberland Street
Cumming, John, cutter, 61 Castlereagh Street
Cumming, J., spirit dealer, 3 Great Patrick Street
Cumming, Mrs., 20 Elm Street
Cumming, Richard, sub-manager, 47 Lonsdale Street
Cummings, Mrs., 215 Ballynafeigh Road
Cummings, William, pensioner, 81 Ardilea Street
Cummins, Thomas, tailor, 2 Sheridan Street
Cunney, Francis, clerk, 28 Eliza Street
Cunningham, Alex., shoe maker, 25 Sackville Street
Cunningham, David, 36 Ballynafeigh Road
Cunningham, D., wine & spirit merchant, 3 Queen Street
Cunningham, Henry, tenter, 14 Byron Street
Cunningham, James, sea captain, 17 Ship Street
Cunningham, James, draper, 222b Sandy Row
Cunningham, James, posting establishment, Malone Road
Cunningham, James, saddler, 32 Cavour Street
Cunningham, James, Clarendon Hotel, 11 Victoria Street
Cunningham, James, Customs, 2 Florence Place
Cunningham, James, saddler, 75 Church Lane, res., 15 Spruce Street
Cunningham, John, pipe manufacturer, 142 North Street
Cunningham, J., grocer, 14 Raglan Street
Cunningham, J., cattle dealer, 46 Cooke Street
Cunningham, Josias, & Co.,  stock & share brokers, Exchange Buildings, Waring Street
Cunningham, Josias (of Josias Cunningham & Co.), Glencairn
Cunningham, Miss M., 66 Eglinton Street
Cunningham, Mrs., Fortwilliam Park
Cunningham, P., grocer, 59 & 61 Massereene Street
Cunningham, Saml., wine & spirit merchant, Mill Street
Cunningham, Samuel, Glenwood House, Shankhill Road
Cunningham, Thos., book keeper, 74 Denmark Street
Cunningham, Thomas, clerk, 26 Walnut Street
Cunningham, Thomas, solicitor & commissioner for taking affidavits, 31 Donegall Street, res., Clonsilla, Antrim Road
Cunningham, W., tailor, 2 Exchange Place
Cunningham, Wm., clerk, 83 Cyprus Terrace
Cunningham, Wm., coach builder, 18 Robert Street
Cunningham & Dickey, solicitors, agent for the London Assurance Corporation, 31 Donegall Street
Cuppage, Mrs., 2 Lower Crescent
Curlett, Samuel, traveller, 27 Grosvenor Street
Curlett, R., shoe maker, 63 Boundary Street North
Curley, Francis, woollen draper & outfitter, 63 High Street, res., Laburnum Terrace, Duncairn Street
Curley, Jas., pawn broker,41 & 43 Foreman Street
Curran, Alex., clock maker, 128 Great George's Street
Curran, James, draper, 21 Newtownards Road
Curran, Mrs., grocer, 154 Henry Street
Curran, Thomas, tailor, 65 Donegall Street, res., 22 Twickenham Street
Curran, W. J., tile & slate merchant, 56 Victoria Street
Curran, Wm., book keeper, 14 Bedeque Street
Curran, Wm., linen merchant, 29 Joy Street
Curran, W. J., foreman, 2 Cranburn Street
Currell, D., jun., & Co., linen manufacturers & merchants, 30 & 32 Linenhall Street
Currell, D. (of D. Currell, jun., & Co.), Cultra
Currell, Mrs., 3 Caledonia Street
Currie, David, H.M. Customs, Annavale, Windsor Avenue
Currie, D., watch maker, 3 Havelock View
Currie, George, draper, 172 Grosvenor Street
Currie, John, & Co., iron mongers & hardware merchants, 54 High Street
Currie, Hugh (of Jno. Currie & Co.), Greenisland
Currie, John (of Jno. Currie & Co.), Ormeau Terrace
Currie, Miss, dress maker, 8 Bruce Street
Currie, Samuel, plumber, 14 Apsley Street
Currie, Samuel, linen lapper, 41 Ward Street
Currie, Wm., linen measurer, 11 Elm Street
Currie, Wm., linen lapper, 19 Rosemount Street
Currie, William, grocer, 15 Ormeau Road
Curry, E., boot maker, 281 York Street
Curry, F., hair dresser, 27 Ann Street, res., 35 Abbot Street
Curry, James, grocer, 244 Albert Bridge Road
Cuthbert, D., stock keeper, 45 Boundary Street
Cuthbertson, Robert, traveller, 210 Grosvenor Street

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