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1880 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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MacAdam , Bros., & Co., engineers, machinists, miilwrights, iron & brass founders, Soho Foundry, 28 & 30 Townsend Street
MacAdam, Robert, (of McAdam, Bros. & Co.), res., 18 College Square East
MacAdam, S., ship carpenter, 14 Upper Earl Street
MacAnespie, C., boarding house, 62 John Street
Macanulty, A., boot and shoe maker, 60 John Street
Macarthur, & Co., stationers, cardboard and fancy paper makers, paper colorers (colourers), and rulers, binders, etc., 3 Wellington Place
Macartney, David, carpenter, 4 Denmark Street
Macartney, H., clerk of works, 143 Grosvenor Street
Macartney, James, tailor, 21 Lindsay Street
Macassey, Luke L., F.C.E., architect and engineer, 5 Lombard Street, res., Slate House, Carrickfergus
Macaulay, A. T., director Belfast Bank, 14 University Square
Macaulay, Charles, farmer, Strandmillis Road
Macaulay, George, assistant, 5 St. Andrew Square
Macaulay, John, builder, 234 Courthouse Terrace
Macaulay, J., pattern maker, 4 Carntall Street
Macaulay, John, & Co., Belfast Steam Flour Mills, 45 Donegall  Quay
Macaulay, Robert, & Son, millers and flour merchants, Inver Mills, Larne, office, 46 Donegall Quay
Macaulay, James, (of John Macaulay & Co. and R. Macaulay & Son), res., Glenville, Dunmurry
Macaulay, James, (of J. Macaulay & Co. and R. Macaulay & Son), res., Redhall, Ballycarry
Macaulay, Peter, solicitor, 44 Donegall Street, res., Holyrood House, Malone Rd.
Macaulay, W. H., merchant, 6 Fleetwood Street
Macaulay & Co., grocers and provision merchants, 74 & 76 Mill Street
Macauley, A., builder, 11 Atlantic Avenue
Macauley, H., pawn broker, 17 Albert Crescent
Macauley, John, insurance agent, Mackay Street
Macauley, Margaret, 34 Beaconsfield Terrace
Macauley, Mrs., Northern Commercial Servants' Registry Office, 26 Gloucester Street
Macauley, W. J., clerk, 37 Nettlefield View, My Lady's Road
Macauley & Co., insurance, financial, shipping and property agents, etc., 26 Gloucester Street
MacCormac, Henry, M.D., 7 Fisherwick Place
MacDonald, Sarah, grocer, 92 Bridge End
MacDougall, Charles, professor, Queen's College, 1 Lower Crescent
MacDowell, Patrick, baker and general grocer, 168, 170 & 172 Shankhill Road
MacFarlane, T., superintendent & surveyor, Lancashire Insurance Co., 45 Donegall Street
MacGeagh, John, 18 Claremont Street
MacGeagh & MacLaine, (successers to John Martin & Co.), linen, flax, tow, yarn merchants, 29 Ann Street, agents for Thos. MacGeagh & Co., Lille & Courtrai
MacGeagh, Robert, (of MacGeagh & MacLaine), 2 College Park East
MacIlwaine & Lewis, boiler makers, engineers and iron ship builders, Abercorn Basin
MacIlwaine, John H., (of MacIlwaine & Lewis), Sydenham Park, Strandtown
MacIlwaine, Rev. W., D.D., Incumbent of St. George's Church, res., Ulsterville Terrace, Lisburn Road
MacIntosh, Rev. John S., M.A., minister of May Street Church, Windsor Avenue
Mack, Miss, 7 College Street South
Mack, Miss, 13 College Street South
Mackay, James, manager, 38 Fitzroy Avenue
Mackay, J., fancy bird dealer & foreign importer, 40 Hercules Street
Mackay, The Misses, Fortwilliam Park
Mackay, Wm., water commissioners' officer, 64 John Street
MacKeowin, G. F., solicitor, 65 Donegall Street, res., Newtownbreda
MacKenzie, Kenneth, Major, Thorndale Terrace, Duncairn Street
MacKenzie, ?, (of Young & Mackenzie), Balmoral
MacKenzie, R., (of Beattie & MacKenzie), plumber, 2 Lower Mount Street
MacKenzie, Wm., manager for Thomas McKenzie & Son Ltd., 38 Fitzroy Avenue
MacKenzie & McMullen, (Scotch House), drapers, silk mercers and haberdashers, 24 High Street
Mackey, Mrs., 9 Crown Terrace
Mackey, Mrs., 35 Posnett Street
Mackey, Wm., seed merchant, 5 Fleetwood Street
Mackie, J. A., Customs Officer, 181 Greenhill Terrace
Mackie, Thomas, pensioner, 93 Blackstaff Road
Mackin, John, clerk, 40 Twickenham Street
Mackinn, J. F., architect, 27 Chichester Street
Mackintosh, Robert, 40 Roden Terrace
Macklin, Hugh, R.I.C., 34 Sherbrooke Street
Mackrell, M., boarding house, 17 Gamble Street
MacLaine, Alex, Son & Co., ship builders, Dufferin Dock
MacLaine, Alex., (of Alex. MacLaine, Son & Co.), Altmore, Antrim Road
MacLaine, George L., (of Andrews & MacLaine), Clerk of the Crown and Peace for County Down, Wandsworth House, Strandtown
MacLaine, Lachlan, (of MacGeagh & MacLaine), Shrigley, Killyleagh
Maclatchie, Hugh, clerk, 53 Roden Terrace
MacMillen, Thomas, carriage spring and horse nail manufacturer, coach builder, iron monger and commission agent, 15 Church Street
MacNaught, Andrew, pharmaceutical chemist, 32 Bridge End
MacNaughtan, Wm., (of Bedford Street Weaving Co.), Derra Lodge, Strandtown
MacNaughtan, Norman, cement merchant, 20 Waring Street, res., 249 York St.
MacNaughtan, Rev. J., Easton Lodge, Cliftonville
Macoun, J. R., & Co., linen manufacturers, 33 Linenhall Street
Macoun, J. R., (of J. R. Macoun & Co.), Woodbourne, Holywood
Macoun, John, (of J. R. Macoun & Co.), Moyraverty, Lurgan
Macoun, Mrs., 2 Cranbrook Terrace
Macoun, Mrs., servants' registry office, 11 May Street
MacPherson, D., saw mills, Whitla Street
MacPherson, Major-General, St. Oran's
Macrory, Adam J., Duncairn
Madden, Michael, spirit dealer, 17 Tomb Street
Macrory, Robert A., solicitor, Ulster Chambers, res., Eia, Duncairn Street
Madden, M., spirit dealer, 24 Smithfield
Madden, M., spirit dealer, 20 Gamble Street
Madden, Owen, R.I.C., 36 Welsh Street
Madine, G., undertaker, 50 & 52 Millfield
Maganan, Robert, ship carpenter, 34 Spencer Street
Magazine of Fashions Drapery Warehouse, 41 High Street
Magee, Archibald, 59 Eglinton Street
Magdalene Asylum, Donegall Pass, Mrs. Gordon, matron
Magdalene Church, Donegall Pass, Rev. E. J. Hartrick, M.A., incumbent
Magee, Andrew, draper, 112 Lagan Village Road
Magee, Arthur, car owner, 20 College Street South
Magee, C. A., 73 Grosvenor Street
Magee, Charles, carpenter, 16 Sydney Street
Magee, D., merchant tailor, 17 Townsend Street Upper
Magee, Daniel, grocer, 51 Carrick Hill
Magee, Edward, horse shoing establishment, 82 & 84 Union Street
Magee, Elizabeth, 8 St. James' Street
Magee, Henry, 19 Eglantine Avenue
Magee, Hugh, spirit dealer, 16 Shankhill Road
Magee, James, grocery, etc., 1 Barrack Street
Magee, James, caretaker, 7 Arundel Street
Magee, James R., & Co., linen merchants, 4 Bedford Street
Magee, James R., (of James R. Magee & Co.), 2 Somerset Terrace
Magee, James, clerk, 33 Kenilworth Street
Magee, James, plasterer, 35 Talbot Street
Magee, James, printer, 45 Grosvenor Street
Magee, James, publican and flesher, 151, 153 & 155 Grosvenor Street
Magee, James, dairyman, 83 Old Lodge Road
Magee, James, grocer, 72 Old Lodge Road
Magee, James, tobacconist, 95 Millfield
Magee, J., publican, 161 & 163 Leeson Street
Magee, J., provision dealer, 4 Shankhill Road
Magee, John, T.R.I.C., 9 Grosvenor Street
Magee, John, book seller, 21 Fleetwood Street
Magee, Joseph, superintendent of harbour police, 35 Bentinck Street
Magee, M. McC., letter carrier, 8 Hopeton Street
Magee, Miss, spirit merchant, 45 May Street
Magee, Mary Ann, 46 King Street
Magee, Mrs., 3 Raglan Street
Magee, Mrs., 3 Ulsterville Avenue
Magee, Mrs., grocer, 28 Hercules Street
Magee, Mrs., 1 Wesley Street
Magee, Mrs. B., confectioner, Duncairn Street
Magee, Patrick, reeling master, 8 Pound Street
Magee, Robert, shoe maker, 23 Victoria Square
Magee, Thomas, constable, R.I.C., 3b Scotland Street
Magee, Thomas, gardener, 72 River Terrace
Magee, Thomas, car owner, 7 Agnes Street
Magee, Wm., draper, 81 Shankhill Road
Magee, W., spirit dealer, 117 & 119 Leeson Street
Magee, Wm., merchant, Malone Park
Magee, William, builder, 56 Lavinia Street
Mageean, James, 4 College Park East
Magennis, Alex., letter carrier, 25 Lorton Street
Magennis, Charles, spirit dealer, 9 Albert Crescent
Magennis, Francis, bleacher, 24 Arundel Street
Magennis, Hugh, painter, 40 Corporation Street
Magennis, John, hide merchant, 29 Hercules Street
Magennis, Margaret, spinner, 3 Amelia Street
Magennis, Miss, Richmond Cottage
Magennis, P., boot warehouse, 55 Castle Street
Magennis, Thomas, hide and skin merchant, 16 Great Edward Street
Magher, Matthew, book keeper, 8 St. Paul Street
Magiffin, James, (of Wilson, Carswell & Co.), 3 Donegall Terrace, Duncairn St.
Magill, Alexander, sea captain, Greencastle
Magill, Arthur, 38 Parkview Terrace
Magill, C., spirit grocer, 25 & 27 Hamilton Street
Magill, David, grocer, 179 & 181 Argyle Street and 11 Ashmore Street
Magill, Henry, brass finisher, 28 Grattan Street
Magill, James, captain, 10 Catherine Street North
Magill, James, photographer, print seller, and picture frame manufacturer, book seller, stationer and artists' colourman, also sub-distributor of Stamps for Belfast, 2 Donegall Place, res., Clonvara, Jordanstown   (See Advertisement)
Magill, J., iron merchant, 79 & 81 Great George's Street
Magill, John, grocer, 56 Utility Street
Magill, John, sugar boiler, 15 William Street
Magill, John, grocer, 71 Hanover Street
Magill, John, compositor, 64 River Terrace
Magill, Miss, 9 Curtis Street
Magill, Miss, newsagent, 28 John Street
Magill, Mrs., 4 Montgomery Street
Magill, Robert, Dunedin, Antrim Road
Magill, Samuel, 34 Prospect Street
Magill, Samuel, mechanic, 17 Sandy Row
Magill, William, clerk of works, 21 Bentinck Street
Magill, William J., glazier, 63 Israel Street
Magill, William, saddler, 30 Sandy Row
Maginn, William J., painter, 33 Malcolmson Street
Maginness, James, foreman, 4 Downshire Place
Maginnis, Daniel, carpenter, 18 Thompson Street
Maginnis, James, manager, 25 Sandy Row
Maginniss, James K., spirit dealer, 3 Peter's Hill
Maginnis, Miss, 53 Ormeau Road
Maginnis, Mrs., 11 Perth Street
Maginnis, R., silver polisher, 61 Mountpottinger Road
Maginnis, Wm., grocer, 22 Ross Street
Maginniss, Andrew, clerk, G.P.O., 29 Earl Street
Maglone, Mrs., grocer, 75 Talbot Street
Magovern, John, flesher, 97 Hercules Street
Magowan, B., R.I.C., 37 Sherbrooke Street
Magowan, George, contractor, 2 Beechfield Street
Magowan, M., spirit dealer, 12 Little Patrick Street
Magowan, Mrs., 42 Granville Terrace
Magowan, Samuel I., bank inspector, 6 Sandhurst Road
Magowan, W., potato merchant, 69 May Street
Magowan, William, carpenter, 12 California Street
Magowan, William, cloth passer, 170 Agnes Street
Magrath, Edward, watch maker, 36 North Street
Maguire, Andrew, draper, North Street, res., 2 Vicinage Park
Maguire, Edward, compositor, 48 Lagan Street
Maguire, George, spirit dealer, 1 & 3 Whitla Street
Maguire, Henry, jeweller, 5 Pottinger Court
Maguire, James, 6 Havelock Street
Maguire, Jas., publican, 6, 8 & 10 Castle Arcade
Maguire, James, policeman, 10 Quadrant Street
Maguire, John, dyer and cleaner, 14 Mill Street
Maguire, M., letter carrier, 185 North Queen Street
Maguire, Martha, Cyprus Villas
Maguire, Patrick, hair dresser, 48 Peter's Hill
Maguire, Thomas, 4 St. James Street
Maguire, Thos., dairyman, 2 Abercorn Street North
Maguire, W., spirit merchant, 23 & 25 Corporation Square
Maguire, William, salesman, 8 James Street
Maguire & Edwards, upholsterers and wholesale bedding manufacturers and commission agents, 60 Upper Arthur Street
Maguire, Hugh, (of Maguire & Edwards), Wandsworth Villas, Belmont Park
Magurlan, James, stabling yard, 4 May Street Little
Mahaffy, Robert, boot maker, 90 North Street
Mahair, David, letter carrier, 54 Sandy Row
Mahair, James, 57 Carlisle Street
Mahood, David, spirit dealer, 133 Agnes Street
Mahood, Samuel, publican, 4 Donegall Quay
Mahood, Samuel, street inspector, 38 James Street
Mahood, Wm. Jas., clerk, 34 Grosvenor Street Little
Mahon, E., wine and spirit dealer, 96 Donegall Street
Mahon, James, missionary, 7 Perth Street
Mahon, Thomas, figure maker and moulder, 24 Gordon Street
Mairs, A. T., grocer, 14 & 16 Peter's Hill
Mairs, J., grocer and flour merchant, 124 North Street
Mairs, Samuel, jeweller, 2 Frederick Terrace
Maitland, F. E., librarian, 365 Shankhill Road
Major, G. P., (of Hughes & Major), 21 Lonsdale Street
Malaghan, Henry, grocer, 107 Lodge Road New
Malcolm, Duncan, room paper warehouse, 18 Victoria Street, res., Ventnor, Greenisland
Malcolm, James, engineer, 22 Dock Street
Malcolm, John, house, land and insurance agent, 54 Waring Street, res., 5 Llandaff Villas
Malcolm, John, stone cutter, 23 Vernon Street
Malcolm, Robert, insurance agent, 73 Shankhill Road
Malcolm, William, engineer, 57 Clifton Park Avenue
Malcolm, W. H., coal merchant, 39 Queen's Square
Malcolm, W., & Co., millwrights, engineers, etc., 12 Hastings Street
Malcolm, William, engineer, (of Wm. Malcolm & Co.), 48 Lonsdale Street
Malcolm & Pentland, power loom linen cambric manufacturers and bleachers, 8 Bedford Street
Malcolm, James P., (of Malcolm & Pentland), Lurgan
Malcolmson, Bros., (London Tea House), family grocers, wine merchants and importers of foreign fruit, 24 & 26 Castle Place
Malcolmson, James, (of Malcolmson, Bros.), 13 Mountpottinger
Malcolmson, Freer, (of Malcolmson, Bros.), Shamrock Lodge, Lagan Village
Malcolmson, David, baker, confectioner and flour merchant, 68 Cromac Street
Malcolmson, John, carpenter, 88 Northumberland Street
Malcomson, Mrs., 1 Mountcharles (Malcolmson)
Malcolmson, Mrs., 4 Prospect Street
Malcolmson, Saml., book keeper, 17 Cromwell Road
Malcolmson, T., book binder, 23 California Street
Malcolmson & Wilson, linen manufacturers & bleachers, 3 Donegall Square West
Malet, Martha, 1 St. James' Street
Malone Church, (St. John's), Rev. W. Riddall, A.M., incumbent
Malone, John, publican, 135 North Queen Street
Malone, John, manager, Braemar Terrace
Malone, L., clothes dealer, 9 Durham Street
Malone Presbyterian Church, Rev. J. McKenzie, minister
Malone Protestant Reformatory, David Barclay, governor
Mallon, Patrick, over looker, 30 Cairns Street
Mallon, Susannah, spirit dealer, 207 Shankhill Road
Manderson, John, salesman, 24 Washington Street
Maniece, W. G., relieving officer, 29 Bentinck Street
Manley, Hugh C., solicitor, 21 Calendar Street, res., Wellington Park House
Manly, Waring, 15 University Square (Manley in Street Lists)
Mann, James, cashier, 21 Spencer Street
Mann, Robert, sea captain, 38 Roden Terrace
Mann, Robert, tailor, 1 Kildare Street
Mann, W., pawn broker, 1 & 3 William Street South
Manning, Ann, teacher, 5 Annesley Street
Mantell, John, Eglinton and Winton Hotel, 83 High Street
Mantell, Louis, merchant, 4 Donegall Square East
Margrave, John, agent, 2 Telfair Street
Mariner's Church, Rev. John Spence, minister
Markin, J., carpenter, 184 York Street
Mark, David, 48 Gloucester Street
Mark, J., linen lapper, 22 Apsley Street
Marks, John, smith, 38 Hutchinson Street
Marks, Morris, traveller, 23b Laganview Street
Marks, Simon, traveller, 22 Townsend Street Upper
Marks, Thomas, 20 Lavinia Street
Marks, Wm., house painter, decorator, etc., 145 Donegall Street
Marks, M., painter, 6 Westmoreland Street
Markland, James, engineer, 10 Dickson Street
Marley, Stephen, fish dealer, 15b Hercules Street
Marr, John, tailor, 30 Arundel Street
Marr, William, compositor, 75 Joy Street
Marrs, John, mechanic, 24 Spruce Street
Marrs, William, engineer, 19 Singleton Street
Marsh, John, & Co., biscuit manufacturers, bakers & confectioners, 73 York Street and 14 & 16 York Lane
Marsh, John, (of John Marsh & Co.), Richmond, Antrim Road
Marsh, Joseph C., architect, 103 Donegall Street, res., 62 Clifton Park Avenue
Marsh, William, commercial traveller, 79 Carlisle Street
Marshall, A., pawn broker, 35 Curtis Street
Marshall, Alex., pawn broker, 38 Academy Street
Marshall, Andrew, book binder, 10 Pendrith Street
Marshall, Hugh, Knock Lodge, Greenisland
Marshall, James, tailor, 4 Dock Street
Marshall, John, tea merchant, 1 & 3 Donegall Street Place, res., 21 Great Victoria Street
Marshall, John, & Co., hosiers, glovers, clothiers, shirt and collar manufacturers and out fitters, Paris boot and shoe warehouse, 2 & 4 Castle Place
Marshall, John, (of John Marshall & Co.), 2 Granville Villas, Sandhurst Road
Marshall, John, copper smith, 23 Benwell Street
Marshall, John, draper, 8 Vicinage Park
Marshall, J. O., chief clerk, R. E. Department, 10 Hopefield Avenue
Marshall, Rev. James, St. Mark's Parsonage, Ballysillan
Marshall, Robert, tailor, 9 Weir Street
Marshall, Robert, ship broker, 73 Corporation Street
Marshall, Thomas, grocer, Whiteabbey
Marshall, William, coach builder, 30 Chichester Street, res., 83 Dalriada Terrace
Marshall & McKeag, wholesale and retail grocers, 51 Church Lane
Mart, Joseph B., 66 Lawther Street
Martin, Agnes, refreshment rooms, 12 Cromac Street
Martin, Alex., decorator, 47 Talbot Street
Martin, Alex T., rent agent and property broker, 42 Rosemary Street, res., Old Ballynafeigh Road
Martin, Alexander, painter, 10 Rotterdam Street
Martin, Allen, traveller, 37 Sunnyside
Martin, A., grocer, 28 Moore Street
Martin, Andrew, mechanic, 74 Riga Street
Martin, Andrew, grocer, 145 Old Lodge Road
Martin, Charles E., 16 Fleetwood Street
Martin, David, (of R. & D. Martin), Killroney, Rostrevor
Martin, Daniel, store keeper, 1 Conway Street
Martin, Donnell, carpenter, 4 Independent Street
Martin, Edward, 2 Hutchinson Street
Martin, Elizabeth, flesher, 85 Hercules Street
Martin, H. & J., builders and contractors, Ormeau Road
Martin, Henry, (of H. & J. Martin), 70 Belvidere Place
Martin, Henry, 54 Roden Terrace
Martin, Henry, salesman, 9 Cumberland Place
Martin, Hans, car owner, 36 & 38 Moore Street
Martin, Isabella, tobacconist and confectioner, 68 Bridge End
Martin, James, builder, 11 Eblana Street
Martin, James, plumber, 48 Hartley Street
Martin, James, lodging house, 19 Seymour Street
Martin, James, carpenter, 6 Thomas Street
Martin, Rev. Jas., minister of Eglinton Street Presbyterian Church, Eglintoun, Antrim Road
Martin, John, (of H. & J. Martin), 1 Marlborough Terrace, University Street
Martin, John, poulterer and fruiterer, 120 Dublin Road
Martin, John, 5 Beechpark Street
Martin, John, M.D., surgeon, 9 Clarence Place
Martin, John, book keeper, 4 Hemsdale Street
Martin, John, plumber, 8 Swift Street
Martin, John, grocer, Purdysburn
Martin, John, hay and straw merchant, 43, 45 & 47 Victoria Square
Martin, John McC., clerk, 39 Spencer Street
Martin, Joseph, mechanic, 64 Riga Street
Martin, J., potato dealer, 21 Eliza Street
Martin, L. A., commercial traveller, 18 Spencer Street
Martin, Lorenzo, 205 & 207 Ballynafeigh Road
Martin, Miss, Boys' Preparatory School, 11 Fitzwilliam Street
Martin, Miss, 49 Victoria Terrace
Martin, Miss M., 53 Eglinton Street
Martin, Miss, refreshment rooms, 67 May Street
Martin, Mrs., 63 Lavinia Street
Martin, Mrs., 15 Lindsay Street
Martin, Mrs., 18 Beaconsfield Terrace
Martin, Mrs. M., hair dresser & tobacconist, 5 Castle Arcade, res., 45b Apsley St.
Martin, Patrick, shoe maker, 7 Plevna Street
Martin, Robert, carpenter, 67 Bentinck Street
Martin, R. & D., linen merchants and bleachers, 2b Linehall Street
Martin, Robert, grocer, 132 Sandy Row
Martin, Robert, carpenter, 77 Utility Street
Martin, Robert, carpenter, 30 Dagmar Street
Martin, Samuel Turner, 1 Independent Street
Martin, S. A., provision dealer, 125 Grosvenor Street
Martin, Samuel, commission agent, 9 College Street
Martin, Samuel, linen merchant, 2 Salisbury Terrace
Martin, Samuel, carpenter, 90 Lodge Road New
Martin, Samuel, manufacturer, 20 James Street South
Martin, Samuel, commission agent, 9 College Street, res., Jordanstown
Martin, Thomas John, 152 Ashley Place, Albert Bridge Road
Martin, Thomas, Cyrene Villas
Martin, T., Custom House Officer, 43 Greenmount, (Road)
Martin, Thomas, foreman, 4 Sheridan Street
Martin, Thomas, clerk, 217 Grosvenor Street
Martin, W. J., iron moulder, 56 North Boundary Street
Martin, William, clerk, 13 Montgomery Street
Martin, Wm. John, 13 Powerscourt Street
Martin, William, dyer, 15 Walnut Street
Masonic Hall, Arthur Square, J. Wilson, steward
Masterson, Wm., commission agent and tea broker, 63 Victoria Street, res., Ballymisert, Strandtown
Mason, Col. G., staff paymaster, 56 Great Victoria Street
Mason, George, mechanic, 3 Gibson Street
Mason, Mrs. Sarah, 2 Westmoreland Street
Massey, Mrs., 3 Wellington Park Terrace
Massey, Robert, carpenter, 5 Pine Street
Masterson, Robert, book seller, 42 Summer Street (Wrong place up6places)
Matchett, R., plumber, etc., 24 Grosvenor Street
Mateer, Miss, grocer, 30 Falls Road
Mateer, Rev. J., mercantile and classical school, 39 Joy Street
Mathers, H. A., student, 30 Magdala Street
Mathers, James, grocer, 309 Shankhill Road
Mathews, Abraham, grocer and spirit dealer, 2 Peveril Street
Mathews, Benjamin, (of Silo & Mathews), 65 Great George's Street
Mathews, Bros., wholesale and family grocers, 20 High Street and 137 North St.
Mathews, Samuel, (of Mathews, Bros.), Mountpleasant
Mathews, Hugh K., (of Mathews, Bros.), Mountpleasant
Mathews, James M., 2 Wellwood Place
Mathews, James, shoe maker, 41 Grosvenor Place
Mathews, J., linen warehouseman, 19 Dunluce Street
Mathews, John, mechanic, 19 Berry Street
Mathews, John, clerk, 12 Tilly Street
Mathews, M., (of Millar, Boyd & Reid), Wellington Place
Mathews, Mrs., proprietress Richmond Nurseries, Richmond
Mathews, R., plasterer, 32 & 34 Victoria Street Little
Mathews, Saml., tea merchant, 9 Mountpleasant
Mathews, Thomas, wholesale warehouseman, 1 Wellington Park Terrace
Mathews, William, flax buyer, 37 Walnut Street
Matthews, David, baker, 46 Peter's Hill
Matthews, J., fowl dealer, 12 Curtis Street
Matthews, John, 30 Gamble Street
Matthews, John, 21 Richmond Place
Matthews, R. B., (Golden Plough Seed Warehouse), nurseryman and seed merchant, 65 & 67 Victoria Street, store, 6, 8, 10 & 12 William Street, nurseries, Richmond, Cavehill Road  (See Advertisement)
Matthews, William, hair dresser, 106 North Street
Matthews, William, general dealer, 63 John Street
Matthews, William J., hatter, 27 Edward Street
Mathewson, R. K., 47 Mountview Terrace
Mathewson, Wm., mechanic, 24 Snugville Street
Matier, Henry & Co., cambric handkerchief and linen manufacturers, bleachers and merchants, 1 Clarence Place
Matier, Henry, (of Henry Matier & Co.), Dunlambert House, Fortwilliam Park
Matier, John, coach builder, 14 Henrietta Street
Matier, John, 125 Hertford Place, Dublin Road
Matier, Mrs., ladies' school, 94 Great Victoria Street
Matier, R., & Co., carpet warehousemen, 28 High Street, res., Holywood
Matier, W. T., C.E., architect, 44 Upper Arthur Street, res., 94 Richmond Terrace, Great Victoria Street
Mauchlan, Robert, druggist, 27 Prospect Street
Maud, W. S., Major, R.E., 3 College Gardens Avenue
Maude, Mrs., 26 Beechpark Street
Maudale, Isaac, 57 Beaconsfield Terrace
Maunsell, Charles, builder, 9 Walnut Place
Maunsell, M., builder and contractor, 24 Parkview Terrace
Mawhinney, James, fancy bird and pigeon dealer, 71 Academy Street
Mawhinney, James, over looker, 3 Theodore Street
Mawhinney, John, manager, 30 Lincoln Avenue
Maxwell, D. A., packing case maker, 24 Great Victoria Street, res., 11 Ulsterville Avenue
Maxwell, Eliza, grocer, 28 Welwynne Street
Maxwell, Henry, manager, 5 Meadowbank Street
Maxwell, James, tailor, 44b Ann Street, res., 37 Church Street East
Maxwell, James, accountant, 3 Ardilea Terrace
Maxwell, J., grocer and spirit dealer, Whiteabbey
Maxwell, John, grocer, 9 Thompson Street
Maxwell, Margaret, teacher, 95 Albert Bridge Road
Maxwell, Mrs., 32 Utility Street
Maxwell, Mrs., Shelbourne Dining Rooms, 7b High Street
Maxwell, Mrs., 11 Townsend Street Upper
Maxwell, Mrs., 80 Lodge Road New
Maxwell, Richd., railway guard, 45 Elizabeth Street
Maxwell, Robert, shoe maker, 17 Swift Street
Maxwell, Wm., missionary, 159 Grosvenor Street
Maxwell, William, dealer, 52 Smithfield Square
Max Veitel, (of Geo. Belzoed & Co.), 48 Ulsterville Avenue (Betzold)
May, Elizabeth, stationer, 23 Mill Street
May, George, (of Capper, May & Co.), Prospect House, Dunmurry
May, John, hay dealer, 120 & 122 Peter's Hill
May Street or Cooke Memorial Church, Minister, Rev. J. S. MacIntosh
May Street Male National School, J. Boomar, principal
Mayben, William, pawn broker, 35 Dock Street
Mays, Andrew, clerk, Chelsea Cottage
Mays, Mrs., 27 Baggot Street
Mayes, Wm., (of H. J. Wright & Co.), Knock
Mayers, James C., cabinet maker and general house furnisher, 16 Castle Street, res., 62 Adela Terrace, Duncairn Street
Mayne, A., printer and publisher, 46 Gordon Street, res., 100 Donegall Street
Mayne, Mrs., 90 Agnes Street
Mayne, Matthew, engineer, 47 California Street
Mayne, Thomas, machine maker, 29 Dunluce Street
Mayne, Thomas, poulterer, 4 Castle Arcade
Mayne, Thomas, mechanic, 160 Nelson Street
Mayne, Wm. E., book seller, 1 Donegall Square East & 11 College Square East
Meadley, Thomas, flax merchant, 8 Corporation Street, res., 3 Landsdowne Terr.
Meares, Robert, clerk, 4 Cluan Place
Meehan, James, car owner, 24 California Street
Meehan, Patrick, publican, 93 Millfield
Meek, Charles, pawn broker, 37 Little Patrick Street
Meek, David, grocer, 66 Regent Street
Meek, M., wholesale grocer, 50 & 52 Great Edward Street, res., 3 Ormeau Park Terrace
Meek, Richard, carpenter, 52 Agnes Street
Meek, Robert, baker, 55 Israel Street
Meek, W., book keeper, 14 Atlantic Avenue
Meekan, John, mechanic, 41 Snugville Street
Meenan, Alexander, fish monger, 7 Castle Arcade
Megahey, Robert, house painter, 27 Little Grosvenor Street
Megarry, A., spirit dealer, 28 Lawrence Street
Megarry, John, clerk, 92 Short Strand
Megarry, R., car owner, 32 Fairview Street
Megarry, William, flesher, 35 Hercules Street
Megaw, J., packing case manufacturer, 23 College Street South
Megaw, Robert, (of Hamilton, Megaw & Thomson), The Prairie, Holywood
Mehaffey, Geo., & Co., boot and shoe warehouse, 29 North Street
Mehaffey, Mrs., confectioner, 119 North Street
Mehaffy, T., boot and shoe maker, 91 Grosvenor Street
Meharg, James, hackle setter, 19 Abercorn Street
Meharg, James, 35 Queen Street
Meharry, Dr. Hugh, surgeon, 8 Springfield Terrace
Meharry, R. & J., grocers, 11 & 13 Queen's Square
Mehary, Hugh, book keeper, 208 Grosvenor Street
Meighim, Thomas, horse shoer, 11 May Street Little
Meikle, John T., grocer, 34 Berlin Street
Meikle, William, tailor, 13 Lindsay Street
Meissner, Dr. A. L., professor Queen's College, 7 Hampden Terrace, Rugby St.
Mellet, Michael, clerk, 23 Colligan Street
Mellan, Arthur, carpenter, 47 Dagmar Street
Mellon, F., boot and shoe maker, 12 Hercules Street
Melville, A., under taker, 89 & 91 Townsend Street
Melvine, James, mechanic, 36 Denmark Street
Menagh, James, 17 University Street
Menagh, Thomas, manager, 30 Walnut Street
Menary, J., rail inspector, 5 Arundel Street
Menarey, William, pensioner, 71 Lancaster Street
Menaul, Charles, plumber, 11 Wesley Street
Menaul, R. M., spirit dealer, 114 Newtownards Road
Meneely, Rev. John, D.D., minister of Ballymacarrett Presbyterian Church, res., The Manse, Albert Bridge Road
Meneely, Wm., carpenter, 40 Arkwright Street
Meniar, James, clerk, 4 Dickson Street
Menzies, James R., draper, 11 India Street
Mercer, George, stationer, 123 Grosvenor Street
Mercer, Hugh, linen merchant, 5 Donegall Square South, res., Marmora Lodge, Holywood
Mercer, James, gilder, 50 Hartley Street
Mercer, John, 16 Arundel Street
Mercer, Rice, & Co., collar and cuff manufacturers, 29 King Street
Mercer, Richard, fruiterer, 3 Anderson Street
Mercer, S., relieving officer, 14 Carlisle Street
Mercer, S., engine driver, 131 Durham Street
Mercer, Wm., manufacturer, 21 Victoria Street Little
Mercer, William S., (of Malcolm & Pentland's, Lurgan & Belfast), 5 Abercorn Terr.
Mercer, William, warehouseman, 32 Albion Street
Merrick, J. L. B., accountant, 160 Parkview, Albert Bridge Road
Metcalf, J., spirit merchant, 2 Ashley Avenue
Metcalf, J., & Co., 97 & 79 (99) Stamford Terrace
Metcalfe, Thos., spirit merchant, 35 Shankhill Road
Metge, Rev. William, 23 Victoria Terrace
Mewha, A., accountant, 28 Auburn Street
Meyer, Rev. R. J., Methodist minister, 23 Dunluce Street
Michaelson, T. J., Inland Revenue Officer, Beaconsfield Terrace
Middlemore, Mrs., 11 Vernon Street
Middleton, Charles, 17 Regent Street
Middleton, Jas., horse dealer, 19 & 21 William Street
Milburn, John, sea captain, 68 Nelson Street
Milford, Henry, solicitor, 54 Donegall Street, res., 45 Prospect Terrace
Milfort National School, Mr. McManus, teacher (Milford)
Milford, Samuel, carpenter, 20 Washington Street
Millan, Alexander, joiner, 33 Anderson Street
Millar, Alexander, baker, 4 Second Street
Millar, Andrew, mechanic, 8 Bann Street
Millar, Andrew, jams, jellies and marmalade manufacturer, 18, 20 & 22 Clifton Street, res., Fortwilliam Terrace, Antrim Road
Millar, David, lithographer, 31 Belmore Street
Millar, Daniel, grocer, 2 Boundary Street
Millar, Edward, winding master, 66 Riga Street
Millar, H., cabinet maker, 116 Welwood Place (Wellwood)
Millar, Jas., painter and decorator, 39 Ormeau Road
Millar, James, traveller, 31 Elm Street
Millar, James, 2 Barrow Street
Millar, James, saddler, 142 Cromac Street
Millar, James, book keeper, 8 Magdala Street
Millar, John, builder, 195 Nelson Street
Millar, John, commission merchant, 7 Queen's Square
Millar, John, clerk, 22 Unity Street
Millar, Matthew, draper, 16 Elm Street
Millar, Mrs., 14 Auburn Terrace
Millar, Robert, agent, Caledonian Railway Co., 15 Donegall Place, res., 2 Wesley Terrace, Knock
Millar, Robert, compositor, 13 Forsythe Street
Millar, Susan, provision store, 232 Crumlin Road
Millar, Thomas, Fortview Terrace, Duncairn Street
Millar, Thomas, spirit dealer, 46 Eliza Street
Millar, Wm., spinning master, 19 Berlin Street
Millar, Wm., cabinet maker, 8 College Place North
Millar, W. H., power loom manager, 10 Claremont Street
Millar & Co., block and pump manufacturers, 30 Garmoyle Street
Millard, C. J., (of Purdy & Millard), 31 College Street
Millen, Adam, grocer, 27 & 29 Prince's Street
Millen, J., commercial traveller, 47 Atlantic Avenue
Millen, William, 1 Landsdowne Terrace
Millen, William, joiner, 11 Auburn Street
Millen & Rankin, Soda Water manufacturers and bottling stores, McAuley Street
Miller, Alexander, upholsterer, 43 Broadbent Street
Miller, Boyd & Reid, wholesale woollen, Manchester warehouse, 11 Calendar St.
Miller, David, first chief clerk, H. M. Customs, 130 Pottinger Place, Albert Bridge Road
Miller, George, foreman, 34 Madrid Street
Miller, James, engineer, 18 Rotterdam Street
Miller, James, carpenter, 11 St. Andrew Square
Miller, James, surveyor, 41 Coomassie Terrace, Strandmillis Road
Miller, John, tobacco manufacturer, 10b Ann Street, res., Cliftonville Avenue
Miller, Joseph, painter, 19 Lyons Street
Miller, Joseph, commission and life assurance agent, Ann Street, res., Beaconsfield House, Knock
Miller, Mrs., 1 Lonsdale Street
Miller, Mrs. E., 8 Trinity Street
Miller, Peter, commission agent, 16 Ann Street, res., Florenceville Avenue, Ballynafeigh
Miller, Stewart, & Co., tea merchants & wholesale grocers, 47 & 49 Church Lane
Miller, Wm. J., cabinet maker, 21 Academy Street
Miller, William, book keeper, 18 Thorndale Avenue
Miller, William, builder, 366 Shankhill Road
Miller, William H., law clerk, 16 Unity Street
Miller, William, engineer, 20 Cavour Street
Milligan, Francis, dealer, 11 Millfield
Milligan, John, agent, Gauchallard Coal Co., Troon, Ulster Street
Milligan, Peter, hemp and wire rope manufacturer and ship chandler, 37 Queen's Square, res., Ravenhill Terrace, Ballynafeigh Road
Milligan, Thomas, spout dealer, 34 Garmoyle Street
Milligan, Thomas, sea captain, 6 Cavehill Road
Milligan, Thomas, car owner, 14 Warkworth Street
Milligan, Thos., commission agent, 6 Waring Street, res., 4 Donegall Terrace
Milligan, W. H., & Co., tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 37 Ann Street
Milligan, Wm. J., commercial traveller, 6 Waring Street, res., 4 Donegall Terrace
Milliken, William, grocer, 133 Durham Street
Millikin, J. B. W., teacher, 23 Fairview Street
Milliken, James, linen lapper, 81 Grosvenor Street

Milliken, Miss, grocer and spirit dealer, Whiteabbey
Millikin, Martha, grocer, 79 Seaview Place
Millikin, N., hay dealer, 4 Kendal Street
Millikin, S. C., 8 Richmond Square
Millikin, Wm. J., teacher, 12 Richmond Square
Milling, Andrew, grocer, 92 Old Lodge Road
Milling, James, builder, 2b Ventry Street, res., Malone Park
Milling, R., baker and grocer, 10 King Street
Mills, Alex., tinsmith, 23 Smithfield Square
Mills, E., boarding house, 7 & 9 Carrick Hill
Mills, George, flesher, 133 Cromac Street
Mills, John, cabinet maker, 15 Concord Street
Mills, John, engineer, 7 Sussex Street
Mills, John, salesman, 16 Cullingtree Street
Mills, John, dairyman, 1 Essex Street
Mills, Mrs. Jane, laundry, 30 Hamilton Street
Mills, Richd., merchant, Ardeen Villa, Antrim Road
Mills, Robert, cabinet maker, 13 Perth Street
Mills, William, compositor, 17 Silvia Street
Milltown Cemetery, J. Taggart, superintendent
Milne, John, Roslin Villas
Milne, William, gardener, 6 Franklin Street
Minchell, W. H., draughtsman, 1 Bristol Street
Minford, R., harness maker, 40 Hopewell Street
Minnis, David, builder, 13 Harmony Place, Dublin Road
Minnis, John W., corn agent, 24 Peveril Street
Minnis, William, grocer, 71 Shankhill Road
Minnis, W., ward secretary, 54 Boundary Street North
Miskelly, John, (of Morrow, Miskelly & Co.), San Stefano House, Woodstock Rd.
Miskelly, J., boot and shoe maker, 378 Newtownards Road
Miskelly, J. K., grocer and druggist, Sunnyside
Miskimmins, James, clerk, Alloa Street
Miskimmons, R., carpenter, 66 Agnes Street
Miskimmon, Samuel, carpenter, 135 Cupar Street
Miskimmon, William, carpenter, Pebble Cottage, Duncairn Street
Mitchell, Alex., carpenter, 30 Bedeque Street
Mitchell, Alexander B., goods manager, Great Northern Rail Co. (Ireland), 48 Grosvenor Street
Mitchell, Andrew, salesman, 42 Frederick Terrace
Mitchell, D., hardware merchant, 12 Castle Street
Mitchell, G., surveyor of ships' hatches, 15 Dock Street
Mitchell, George, carpenter, 55 Cavour Street
Mitchell, Isaac, draper, 92 Shankhill Road
Mitchell, James, (of Mitchell & Hogg), draper, 5 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road
Mitchell, John C., clerk, 28 Victoria Terrace
Mitchell, John, compositor, 123 Aburn Terrace (Auburn)
Mitchell, J. K., hosier and merchant clothier, 9 & 11 High Street
Mitchell, Mrs., fish monger, 1 & 2 Castle Market
Mitchell, Mrs., 2 Connaught Terrace
Mitchell, Rec. D. K., Presbyterian minister, 5 Cliftonville Avenue
Mitchell, Robert, spirit store, 50 Townsend Street
Mitchell, W. G., house painter, 2 Orrington 
Mitchell, Wm., draper, 6 North Queen Street
Mitchell & Co., wholesale wine and spirit merchants, 84 & 86 Tomb Street
Mitchell, Wm. C., (of Mitchell & Co.), Arden Terrace, Old Ballynafeigh Road
Moat, Bros., steam printers, stationers and India rubber stamp makers, 11 & 13 Rosemary Street  (See Advertisement)
Moat, James, (of Moat Bros.), Oceanic Avenue
Moat, John, (of Moat Bros.), Oceanic Avenue
Moat, Joseph, (of Moat Bros.), Carrickfergus
Moat, John, printer, 5 Pacific Avenue
Model School, Falls Road, George L. Moore, Head Master
Moffat, John, manufacturer's agent, 15 Donegall Place, res., 184 Russell Place
Moffat, Geo., boot and shoe maker, 33 Arthur Street
Moffat, George, traveller, 90 Short Strand
Moffatt, Geo., grain and flour merchant, 19 & 21 Corporation Street
Moffatt, Hugh R., salesman, 15 University Street
Moffett, John, soap and candle manufacturer, 37 Ann Street, res., The Knock
Moffett, Wm. James, clerk, 184 Old Lodge Road
Mogey, James, Farmdale
Mogey, John P., stationer, 25 Spencer Street
Mogey, Alfred, (of McCracken & Mogey), 12 Brougham Street
Mohan, John, flesher, 58 North Queen Street
Mollan, David, linen merchant, 1 Fitzroy Avenue
Mollan, William S., 8 Mountpleasant, Strandmillis Road
Mollan, Wm. P., & Co., linen merchant, 10 Brunswick Street
Moles, John, law clerk, 1 Concord Street
Molloy, Rev. W., Methodist minister, 124 Hughes's Buildings
Molloy, George, clerk, 11 Pinkerton Street
Molloy, John, timber dealer, 17 Carntall Street
Molloy, Joseph H., Hazelfield Cottage
Molloy, Oister F., M.D., 13 Cromwell Road
Molloy, William, grocer, 65 Stanfield Street
Molson, Mrs., 45 Auburn Terrace
Molyneux, Miss, 3 Fitzwilliam Street
Molyneux, Mrs., 9 Eglinton Street
Molyneux, Samuel, clerk, 236 Courthouse Terrace
Molyneux, W. R., managing partner, Ulster brush Co., 6 Florence Place
Molyneux & Ferguson, starch manufacturers, 18 & 20 Unity Street
Monaghan, John, carpenter, 26 Smithfield
Monaghan, M., coachman, 99 Market Street
Monaghan, Patrick, broker, 55 to 59 Smithfield
Monahan, Patrick, coal merchant, 2 Queen's Quay, res., 18 Boundary Street
Monahan, Patrick, furniture dealer, 39 Smithfield Square
Moncrieff, C. E., insurance agent and broker, 7 Atlas Chambers, Skipper Street
Moncrieff, J. W., & Co., commission agents, St. Anne's Buildings
Moncrieff, James W., (of J. W. Moncrieff & Co.), Dunedin, Antrim Road
Moncrieff, Mrs., 18 Dunluce Street
Monroe, Samuel, compositor, 11 Thomas Street
Monteith, D., grocer, 42 & 44 Central Buildings, Newtownards Road
Monteith, Mrs., 56 Fitzwilliam Street
Monteith, Sarah, grocer, 2 Newtownards Road
Montgomerie, Wm., solicitor, 22 Lombard Street and Ballymena and 6 Upper Sackville Street, Dublin
Montgomery, C., & Co., linen merchants, Linen Hall, res., Holywood
Montgomery, C. & J., pharmaceutical chemists, Donegall Street, res.,60 Prince Arthur Terrace
Montgomery, Eliza Jane, 42 Kendal Street
Montgomery, F., publican, 31 and 33 Park Street
Montgomery, Henry, tailor, 26 Thompson Street
Montgomery, Henry, B.A., 27 India Street
Montgomery, H., book keeper, 60 Hanover Street
Montgomery, H., traveller, 5 Conlon Street
Montgomery, H., mechanic, 43 Unity Street
Montgomery, Hugh, miller, 37 Dock Street
Montgomery, James, book keeper, 13 Walnut Place
Montgomery, James, painter, 46 Linfield Road
Montgomery, J., spirit dealer, 311 Shankhill Road
Montgomery, J., mill manager, 93 Springfield Terrace
Montgomery, J., 2 Parkview Terrace
Montgomery, J., confectioner, 52 Glengall Street
Montgomery, John, grocer, 6 Fleetwood Street
Montgomery, John, tobacconist, 46 North Street
Montgomery, John, mechanic, 197 Springfield
Montgomery, Joseph, guard, 14 Theodore Street
Montgomery, Launcelot F., (of Pratt & Montgomery), 60 Prince Arthur Terrace
Montgomery, Miss Mary, 11 Fleet Street
Montgomery, Miss, dress maker, 7 Bedeque Street
Mongomery, Miss J., 37 Earl Street (Montgomery)
Montgomery, Mrs., 9 Murray's Terrace
Montgomery, Mrs., 25 Posnett Street
Montgomery, Mrs., 36 James Street
Montgomery, Rev. Robert, 3 Wilmont Place
Montgomery, Rev. Robert, minister of Great Victoria Street Presbyterian Church, The Manse, 189 Great Victoria Street
Montgomery, R., marble mason, 63 Clanbrassil Terrace
Montgomery, R., mechanic, 94 Upper Earl Street
Montgomery, R. J., Wolfhill House, Ligoniel
Montgomery, S., book keeper, 28 Linview Street
Montgomery, W., carpenter, 129 Kathleen Terrace
Montgomery, William, warehouse manager, 67 Hanover Street
Montgomery, Wm., carpenter, 20 Blaynen Street (Blayney)
Montgomery, Wm., auctioneer, valuer, surveyor of risks, and general broker, and agent for Imperial Fire Insurance Co., 100 Donegall Street, res., 1 Hampden Terrace, Rugby Street
Montgomery, W. J., baker, 47 Carlow Street
Montgomery & Watson, linen merchants, 10 James Street South
Moody, John, horse shoer, 2 & 4 Thomas Street
Moody, Matthew, engineer, 72 Townsend Street
Moon, Henry, printer, 8 Belmore Street
Moon, John, cashier, 172 Alexandria Terrace
Moon, John, clerk, 3 Pisa Street
Moon, Mrs., 11 Chambers Street
Moon, Robt., carpenter, 19 Bedeque Street
Moon, Thomas, cutler, 19 California Street
Moon, Wm., 62 Riga Street
Mooney, B., pump maker, 1 & 3 Bradford Square
Mooney, Margaret, flesher, 3 Hercules Street
Mooney, Mary Ann, flesher, 7 Hercules Street
Mooney, Michael, builder, 4 Dawson Street
Mooney, P., car owner, 40 & 42 Keegan Street
Mooney, Patrick, clerk, 106 Hughes' Buildings
Moore, Alexander, soap boiler, 58 Hanover Street
Moore, Alexander, brass founder, 2 Radcliffe Street
Moore, Alex., decorator and painter, 29 Arthur Street, res., 33 Prospect Terrace, University Road,  (See Advertisement)
Moore, Andrew, carpenter, 15 Swift Street
Moore, Andrew, commission agent, 63 Apsley Terrace
Moore, Andrew, Wellwood Place
Moore, Arthur, hair dresser, 47 Shankhill Road
Moore, A. B., (of Cinnamond & Moore), 28 Botanic Avenue
Moore, A., commission agent, 2 Brook Crescent
Moore, A. & A., brokers and commission agents, 6 Ulster Chambers, Waring St.
Moore, Catherine, furniture dealer, 58 & 60 Hercules Street, and butcher, 63 & 65 Hercules Street, 49 & 51 Divis Street, res., 118 Albert Bridge Road
Moore, C., tobacconist, 59 & 61 Hercules Street
Moore, Daniel Owen, telegraph manufacturer, 3 & 5 James Place
Moore, David, grocer, 20 Belmore Street
Moore, David, assistant secretary harbour office, 53 Fitzroy Avenue
Moore, D. W., provision merchant, 7 & 9 Bridge Street, res., 33 Cromwell Road
Moore, Eliza, widow, 20 Dock Street
Moore, Francis, wine and spirit merchant, 28 Great Edward Street
Moore, Francis M., chronometer and practical watch maker, nautical instrument maker, optician, etc., 102 High Street, Belfast, and 23 Eden Quay, Dublin, res., 11 Fitzroy Crescent
Moore, Francis, 29 Walnut Street
Moore, F., & Co., Monkstown Mill Ltd.
Moore, George, book keeper, 39 Albert Crescent
Moore, Hugh, draper, etc., 108 Durham Street
Moore, Hugh, flesher, 21 Hercules Place
Moore, Henry, sexton Independent Church, Donegall Street, res., 37 Tyrone St.
Moore, Henry, plumber, 40 Madrid Street
Moore, James, mechanic, 3 Grosvenor Street Little
Moore, James, clerk of works, Corunna House, Old Ballynafeigh Road
Moore, James, 37 Grosvenor Street
Moore, James, printer, 11 Sussex Street
Moore, James, mercantile stationer, account book manufacturer, engraver, lithographer and letter press printer, etc., 17 & 19 Donegall Place, res., 1 West Elmwood
Moore, Jas., (of Moore & Weinberg), Dalchoolin, Craigavad
Moore, James, foreman, 52 Duncairn Street
Moore, James, linen lapper, 1 Scotchmount
Moore, James, iron founder, 48 Lonsdale Street
Moore, James, publican, 1 & 3 Sylvian Terrace
Moore, James, clerk, 46 Roden Terrace
Moore, James, Lawrence Street, 2 Ball's Buildings
Moore, John, constable, R.I.C., 3 Derg Street
Moore, John, (of Moore, Robinson, & Co.), 5 Ulster Terrace, Lisburn Road
Moore, John, 18 Thorndyke Street
Moore, John, (of Moore, & Co.), 3 College Street
Moore, John J., pensioner, 18 Athol Street
Moore, John, foreman, 194 Agnes Street
Moore, John, ship broker and commission agent, 18 Donegall Quay, res., Bellavista, Antrim Road
Moore, John, M.D., 2 Eglinton Terrace
Moore, John, grocer, 44 & 46 Auburn Terrace
Moore, John, overseer, 44 Upton Street
Moore, John, merchant, 5 Ulster Terrace, Lisburn Road
Moore, John, plumber, 25 Rainey Street
Moore, John, painter, 10 Snugville Street
Moore, John, clerk, 148 Old Lodge Road
Moore, Mrs. J., 30 Beaconsfield Terrace
Moore, Rev. J. H., Presbyterian minister, Elmwood Manse
Moore, J., M.D., and surgeon, 7 Chichester Street
Moore, J., carpenter, 103 McClure Street
Moore, Malcolm, boot maker, 11 Donegall Street, res., 12 Adela Street
Moore, McKee, & Co., rectifying distillers, wine & spirit merchants, 20 Waring St.
Moore, Mrs., 60 Great Victoria Street
Moore, Mrs., 63 Ormeau Road
Moore, Mrs., 29 North Queen Street
Moore, Mrs., grocer, 27 Stanley Street
Moore, Mrs., 161 Grosvenor Street
Moore, Rev. Henry, Everley Villas
Moore, Robert, carpenter, 4 Barrow Street
Moore, Robert, clerk, 26 Upper Cargill Street
Moore, Robert, 10 Fleetwood Street
Moore, Robert, grocer, 120 Old Lodge Road
Moore, Robert, baker, 8 Killarney Street
Moore, Robinson, & Co., wholesale woollen and Manchester warehousemen, 11 Waring Street
Moore, R. S., publican and posting establishment, Whitewell
Moore, R. C., & Co., commission agents, 7 Donegall Square North
Moore, R., rent and land agent, 32 Gloucester Street
Moore, Samuel, family grocer and provision merchant, 5, 7b & 9 Anne Street, res., 4 Glenfield Place
Moore, Samuel, haberdasher, 48 North Street
Moore, Samuel, boot and shoe manufacturer, 19 North Street
Moore, Saml., cork manufacturer, 76 Hercules Street
Moore, S., car owner, 26 & 28 Ivanhoe Street
Moore, T., spirit dealer, 88 Abyssinia Street
Moore, Thomas, spirit dealer, 215 Grosvenor Street
Moore, Thomas, printer, 42 Matilda Street
Moore, T., shipwright, 185 Nelson Street
Moore, W., boot and shoe maker, 111 Grosvenor Street
Moore, Wm., chandler, 18 Townsend Street Upper
Moore, William, broker, 77 Smithfield
Moore, Wm., machine printer, 218 Shankhill Road
Moore, Wm., furniture dealer, 8 & 9 Smithfield Square
Moore, William, railway guard, 82 Cosgrave Street
Moore, William, ship and insurance broker and commission merchant, 15 Victoria Street, res., 49 Atlantic Avenue
Moore & Co., aerated water manufacturers and bottlers, 28 Fountain Street
Moore & Company, stationers, 36 High Street
Moore & Weinberg, bleachers, linen manufacturers and linen yarn merchants, 12 Linenhall Street
Moore & Watterson, spirit dealers, 219 Agnes Street
Moore, Patrick, overseer, 47 Spencer Street
Moore & Watterson, spirit dealers, 159 & 161 Shankhill Road
Moore & Co., aerated water manufacturers, 28 Fountain Street
Moorcroft, Mary A., ladies' school, 50 Nelson Street
Moorecroft, Samuel, grocer, 1 Blenheim Street
Moorehead, A., butcher, 28 Durham Street
Moorehead, G., soap manufacturer, 218 Newtownards Road
Moorehead, John C., deputy superintendent fire brigade, 9 Victoria Square
Moorehead, J., cooper, 44 & 46 Pilot Street
Moorehead, James, cooper, 18 & 19 Prince's Dock
Moorehead, John, clerk, 32 River Terrace
Moorehead, Mrs., 34 Alfred Terrace
Moorehead, R., book keeper, 86 Hanover Street
Moorehead, Robert, & Co., tea merchants, 22 & 24 Skipper Street
Moorehead, Robt., (of Moorehead, Robt., & Co.), 65 Benwell Terrace
Moorhead, Wm., draper, 62 Central Buildings, Newtownards Road (Moorehead)
Moran, Edward, accountant, house, land and insurance agent, Arthur Place, res., 94 Dalriada Terrace
Moran, James, sea captain, 96 Alfred Terrace
Moran, Patrick, lithog. printer, 7 Kildare Street
Moran, Samuel, tobacconist, 114 Millfield
Moran, Thomas, tailor, 27 Pound Street
Moran, Thomas, overseer, 22 Kildare Street
Moran, Thos., tailor, Joy's Entry, res., 3 Eliza Street
Moreland, H., foreman rivetter, 77 Seaview Place
Moreland, J., coal merchant, agent and importer, 11 & 19 Henry Street (17 & 19)
Moreland, William, cabinet maker, 5 Tyrone Street
Moreland, Wm. H., Bloomfield House
Moreland & Legg, coal merchants, Whiteabbey
Morell, James, flesher, 39 Rosemary Street
Morrell, Jas., head inspector of National Schools, Cnoc Allum, Malone Road
Morrell, John, flesher, 75 Hercules Street
Morgan, C. J. G., law clerk, 46 Twickenham Street
Morgan, Francis, 3 Belmore Street
Morgan, Hiram, flesher, 130 Cromac Street
Morgan, James, carpenter, 5 Little Grosvenor Street
Morgan, John, traveller, 41 Twickenham Street
Morgan, J., spirit dealer, 2 & 4 Malone Street
Morgan, J., fruit and fish dealer, 14 Falls Road
Morgan, J. & P., publican, 2 & 3 Donegall Quay
Morgan, Mrs., confectioner, 167 Grosvenor Street
Morgan, M. A., refreshment rooms, 21 Union Street
Morgan, Robert, publican, 173 Sandy Row
Morgan, Thomas, Water Commissioner's Inspector, 72 Cosgrove Street (Cosgrave)
Morgan, William, insurance agent, 35 Canning Street
Morning News Office, Read, R. & D., printers, publishers, etc., 6 & 8 Crown Entry
Morris, A., Roslin Villas
Morris, Jas., hardware dealer, 47 Lodge Road New
Morris, Mrs., spirit dealer, 13b Joy Street
Morris, Robert, artist, 46 Lavinia Street
Morris, Thomas A., traveller, 29 Sunnyside
Morris, Wm., linen lapper, 11 Plevna Street
Morris, Wm. Henry, soap and candle manufacturer, 42 & 44 North Street, res., 12 Elmwood Avenue
Morrison, Alex., (Dublin Bridge Hotel), 3 Dublin Road and 1 & 3 Bruce Street
Morrison, Alexander, mechanic, 5 Huss Street
Morrison, Alexander, agent, 16 Lincoln Avenue
Morrison, Archibald, tailor, 31 Grosvenor Place
Morrison, Catherine, 9 Fleetwood Street
Morrison, Edward, mechanic, 17 Percy Street
Morrison, E., registry office, 21 College Street
Morrison, F., 56 Hanover Street
Morrison, George, poulterer, 19 Great Edward Street
Morrison, Hugh, mechanic, 27 Dundee Street
Morrison, Hugh, tailor, 22 Academy Street
Morrison, H., manager, Ligoniel Mill, Ligoniel
Morrison, James, compositor, 98 Cromac Street
Morrison, James, carpenter, 29 Cavour Street
Morrison, James, horse dealer, 22 Russell Street
Morrison, James, book keeper, Elmgrove House
Morrison, James, publican, 40 Garmoyle Street
Morrison, John, carpenter, 21 Dagmar Street
Morrison, John, engineer, 68 Denmark Street
Morrison, Mary, 19 Kildare Street
Morrison, Matthew, pawn broker, 69 Shankhill Road
Morrison, Miss, 29 Turin Street
Morrison, Miss, 8 Ross Street
Morrison, Miss, dress maker, 29 Grosvenor Street
Morrison, Moore, caretaker, Victoria Hall
Morrison, Mrs., 23 Kildare Street
Morrison, Mrs., 5 Vernon Street
Morrison, Mrs. A., 39 Laburnum Terrace, Duncairn Street
Morrison, Rev. A.M., Independent minister, director of the Educational Institution, res., 6 Albert Bridge Road
Morrison, Robert, tailor, 36 Shankhill Road
Morrison, R., portmanteau manufacturer, 7 Church Lane
Morrison, R., builder, Grove Cottage, Shore Road
Morrison, Robert, trunk maker, 60 North Street, res., 54 Brookvale Avenue
Morrison, Samuel B., clothier, 136 & 138 Corporation Street
Morrison, Samuel, clerk, 20 Dunluce Terrace
Morrison, Samuel, grocer, 12 Welsh Street
Morrison, Samuel, school teacher, 7 Regent Street
Morrison, Thomas, shoe maker, 27 Linen Street
Morrison, Thomas, printer, 84 York Street
Morrison, T., brass finisher, 18 Cumberland Street
Morrison, Thomas, Ulster General Advertiser, and general printing establishment, 2a Donegall Street, res., 84 Great George's Street
Morrison, William, commercial traveller, 1 Donegall Place Buildings
Morrison, Wm., sea captain, 130 Ellenborough Terrace
Morrison, William, painter, 45 Hudson Street
Morrison, William, commercial temperance hotel and dining rooms, 10 & 12 Gamble Street
Morrison, William J., clerk, 50 Grove Street
Morrison, Wm. John, (of Morrison & Gough), 3 Castle Street, Carrickfergus
Morrison, William, car owner, 26 East Street
Morrison, Wm., sea captain, 39 Bentinck Street
Morrison & Gough, ship brokers & general commission agents, 32 Garmoyle St.
Morrow, Alexander, chief, harbour police, 113 North Queen Street
Morrow, Andrew, guard, 26 Glenalpin Street
Morrow, C., spinning master, 250 Shankhill Road
Morrow, David, secretary to the Church of Ireland Diocesan Council, 6 Colin View Terrace
Morrow, David, dresser, 5 Westmoreland Street
Morrow, David, (of Morrow, Miskelly, & Co.), Jocelyn Cottage, Woodstock Road
Morrow, G., painter and glazier, 18 North Queen Street
Morrow, Isabella, 17 Landscape Terrace
Morrow, James, book keeper, 12 Essex Street
Morrow, James, sergeant-at-mace, 2 Ventry Street
Morrow, Jas., commercial traveller, 37 Magdala Street
Morrow, Jane, pawn broker, 18 College Square North
Morrow, Jane, pawn broker, 50 & 52 Carrick Hill
Morrow, J., book keeper, 94 Grosvenor Street
Morrow, Martin, grocer, 14 Garmoyle Street
Morrow, Miss E., dress maker, 8 Fairview Street
Morrow, Miss Catherine, 76 Denmark Street
Morrow, Miskelly, & Co., rope manufacturers, 61 Ann Street and 7 Corporation Square and Short Strand
Morrow, Mrs., Braemar Terrace
Morrow, Richard, shoe maker, 4 Carlow Street
Morrow, Robert, grocer and provision merchant, 9 Old Park Road
Morrow, Robert, book keeper, 14 Burke Street
Morrow, Robinson, & Co., manufacturers of confectionery, jams, jellies & marmalade, 20 to 24 Peter's Hill
Morrow, R., boarding house, 59 John Street
Morrow, Samuel, builder, 5 Twickenham Street
Morrow, Wm., brick layer, 7 Dawson Street
Morrow, William, painter, 10 Irwin Street
Morrow, Wm., tramcar driver, 10 Albion Street
Morrow, Wm. J., bottler, 55 Riga Street
Morrow, William, book keeper, 30 Frederick Terrace
Morrow, Wm. J., book finisher, 13 Spencer Street
Mortimer, Bros., boot and shoe manufacturers, 8 Church Lane
Mortimer, Charles, engineer, 77 Grosvenor Street
Mortimer, J., boot and shoe maker, 5 College Street South
Mortimer, Robert, umbrella and walking stick manufacturer, 16 North Street, res., 3 Lonsdale Street  (See Advertisement)
Morton, A., carpenter, 12 Unity Street
Morton, David, auctioneer, etc., 42, 46 & 48 Berry Street and 70 Smithfield (44)
Morton, James, auctioneer, (Ulster salesroom), 9 Queen's Square, res., 3 Granville Terrace
Morton, John, book keeper, 1 Regent Street
Morton, John, flax buyer, 21 Landscape Terrace
Morton, John, solicitor, 33 Ulster Buildings, Waring Street, res., 213 Rosemount Terrace, Albert Bridge Road
Morton, John, wholesale bottler, 62 Great Patrick Street, res., Islandgreen, Newtownbreda
Morton, John, accountant, 1 Donegall Terrace, Duncairn Street
Morton, J., tramcar driver, 13 Ivanhoe Street
Morton, Mrs., 39 Essex Street
Morton, Robert, grocer, 86 Derby Cottages
Morton, Robert, designer, 3 Ventry Street
Morton, Samuel, auctioneer, 14 Smithfield
Morton, Thomas, publican, Ligoniel
Morton, W. B., 27 Brookhill Terrace
Morton, W. John, fitter, 3 Agnes Street
Morton & Adeley, stock brokers and insurance agents, 53 Waring Street
Morton, A., (of Morton & Adeley), stock brokers, 3 Clifton Terrace, Duncairn St.
Moss, John, brick layer, 69 Apsley Street
Moss, Wm., professor of music, 13 Canning Street
Mouland, Samuel, grocer, 55 Peter's Hill
Mouland, R. & W., flour & provision merchants, 14 Little Patrick Street
Mountpottinger Presbyterian Church, Rev. D. Hunter, minister
Moutray, Alexander, 4 Murray's Terrace
Moutray, Alexander, foreman, 37 Railway Street
Moy, John, grocer, 61 Shannon Street
Moynes, Edward, constable, 13 Concord Street
Muir, W. S., library, 12 Townsend Street Upper
Muirhead, George, book keeper, 16 Sussex Place
Muldoon, Francis, paper dealer, 22 Chapel Lane
Muldoon, James, grocer, 54 Carrick Hill
Muldoon, Michael, car owner, 22 Milford Street
Mulcahy, Rev. Mr., C.C., Lys-Marie, Ballynafeigh Road
Mulgrave, J., linen lapper, 177 Grosvenor tt (Street Terrace)
Mulgrave, Samuel, grocer, 14 Welsh Street
Mulgrew, A., managing miller, 87 Bridge End
Mulgrew, James, commission agent, 1 College Street South, res., Albert Street
Mulholland, David, wagon inspector, 55 Laurence Buildings, Short Strand
Mulholland, Charles, mechanic, 45 Conlon Street
Mulholland, Cunningham, M.D., surgeon and apothecary, 41 Prospect Terrace
Mulholland, Hugh, 8 Byrne Street
Mulholland, J. R. T., mill manager, 125 Northumberland Street
Mulholland, J., spirit grocer, 57 Hanover Street
Mulholland, Patrick, engineer, 5 Rowan Street
Mulholland, Joseph, rope maker, 31 Ton Street
Mulholland, J., spirit dealer, 39 & 41 Gilford Street
Mulholland, J. H., & Co., commission, rent and insurance agent, 8 Telfair Street, res., Meadowbank Street
Mulholland, L., dress maker, 24 Eliza Street
Mulholland, Mrs., 5 Fitzwilliam Street
Mulholland, Sarah, 90 Milford Street
Mulholland, W., captain, 28 & 30 Prince's Street
Mullan, C., cattle dealer, 37 & 39 Canning Street
Mullan, Francis, baker, 161 North Queen Street
Mullan, Henry, mechanic, 27 Cultra Street
Mullan, James, reeling master, 15 Crossley Street
Mullan, James, book seller, 71 Divis Street
Mullan, James, 41 Hopeton Street
Mullan, John, 87 Springfield Terrace
Mullan, Mrs., 31 Townsend Street Upper
Mullan, P., hair cutter and wig maker, 49 High Street
Mullan, Patrick, grocer, 10b Raglan Street
Mullan, Patrick, fruit dealer, 14 Earl Street
Mullan, Thomas, grocer, 21 & 23 Earl Street
Mullan, Wm., & Son, wholesale and retail book sellers and publishers, 4 Donegall Place, res., Lismullan, Strandtown
Mullan, William, wholesale grocer and general merchant, 81 Victoria Street, res., Willowfield, Woodstock Road
Mullan, William, collar cutter, 40 Warkworth Street
Mullen, John, carpenter, 49 Dagmar Street
Mullen, John, mechanic, 11 Balaclava Terrace (Balaklava)
Mullen, Robert, cork cutter, 22 Hercules Street
Mullen, Wm., hair dresser, 70 Donegall Street, res., 7 California Street
Mulligan, A. J., Ulster Bank, 3 Mountcharles
Mulligan, Edward, provision dealer, 7 Mill Street
Mulligan, John, cook, 33 Joy Street
Mulligan, J., cook, 2 Empress Buildings, Lagan Village Road
Mulligan, J., accountant, 26 Furlong Terrace
Mulligan, J. F., solicitor, 27 Victoria Street, res., 15 Blenheim Terrace
Mulligan, J., publican, 53 & 55 Dock Street
Mulligan, Mrs., 32 Great Victoria Street
Mulligan, Wm., butler, 42 Auburn Terrace
Mulligan, W. J., bleacher, (Springfield Bleaching Co.), 151 Springfield Road
Mulryne, Michael, coach builder, 34 Milford Street
Mulryne, Patrick, coach builder, 11 Great Edward Street
Mulryne, Patrick, coach maker, 12 Seymour Street
Mulvey, Michael, linen lapper, 7 Pinkerton Street
Mulville, Henry, clerk, 84 Short Strand
Munce, Alexander, flesher, 129 Grosvenor Street
Munce, Andrew, flesher, 145 Shankhill Road and 1 Donegall Pass
Munce, A., butcher, 244 & 246 Newtownards Road
Munce, David, jun., clerk, 37 Bentinck Street
Munce, J., provision merchant, 64 & 66 New Lodge Road
Munce, James, flesher, 23 Ormeau Road
Munce, Mrs., 2 Dunedin Terrace
Munce, Robert, flesher, 180 Shankhill Road
Munce, Robert, linen lapper, 63 Apsley Street
Munce, Robert, flesher, 29 University Road
Munce, R., flesher, 32 & 34 Falls Road
Munce, William, car owner, 3 Boyd's Buildings
Mundell, John, overseer, 113 Nelson Street
Munro, R., brick manufacturer, Kathleen Terrace
Munro, John, gardener, 28 Beechpark Street
Munro, Mrs., 7 Randolph Terrace
Munster, Alfred M., commission merchant, Royal Swedish and Norwegian Consulate, 1 Corn Exchange Buildings, Victoria Street, res., Holywood
Munster, E. F., Danish Consul for Ireland, 6 Corporation Street
Munster, & Son, P. L., ship brokers, commission merchants and insurance agents, 6 Corporation Street
Murdoch, Robert, confectioner, 14 Greenland Street
Murdoch, S., boarding house, 31 Prince's Street
Murdoch, T. R., publican, 146 Agnes Street
Murdoch, William, compositor, 19 White Street
Murdock, A., carpenter and builder, 151 Cullingtree Road
Murdock, Alex., carpenter, 57 Devonshire Street
Murdock, Ellen, 19 Dublin Road
Murdock, G., engineering works, 45 Mill Street
Murdock, George, engineer, 4 River Terrace
Murdock, Hugh, foreman, 70 Denmark Street
Murdock, Isaac, linen lapper, 14 Wesley Place
Murdock, John, cork manufacturer, 15 Hercules Street
Murdock, Patrick, overseer, 95 Carrick Hill
Murdock, R. H., insurance agent, 41 Ship Street
Murdock, T., linen lapper, 80 Beresford Street
Murdock, R. H., insurance agent, 102 Nelson Street
Murland, Jas., flax spinner and bleacher, Castlewellan, town office, 41 Donegall Place
Murney, H., J.P., surgeon, 8 Donegall Square East
Murney, Henry, & Son, tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 8 High Street
Murphy, Alexander, tenter, 70 Brown Street
Murphy, Charles, reporter, 11 St. James' Street
Murphy, Charles, gasfitter, 27 Ton Street
Murphy, Chas., boarding house, 9 & 11 Prince's Street
Murphy, Ferris, & Co., shipwrights, Station Street
Murphy, George, pensioner, 12 College Street West
Murphy, Hugh, compositor, 9 Silvia Street
Murphy, Hugh, linen merchant, Derryvolgie Avenue (Derrievolgie)
Murphy, Isabella, 62 Apsley Place
Murphy, I. J., flax spinner, 7 Donegall Square North
Murphy, James, flesher, 69 Hercules Street
Murphy, J., building surveyor, 2b Joy Street
Murphy, J. A., ship captain, 53 Meadow Street
Murphy, J., spinning master, 3 Norman Street
Murphy, J., spirit dealer, 56 & 58 Massereene Street
Murphy, John, policeman, 1 Theodore Street
Murphy, Joseph, & Son, linen and damask manufacturers and yarn merchants, 14 Linenhall Street
Murphy, Louisa, spirit dealer, 49 & 51 Brown Street
Murphy, Miss, grocer, 22 Smithfield
Murphy, Mrs., 14 Prospect Street
Murphy, Mrs., 58 Fitzroy Avenue
Murphy, Patrick, grocer, 103 Stamford Terrace
Murphy, Patrick, R.I.C., 4 Upton Street
Murphy, P., carpenter, 3 Campbell's Row
Murphy, Rev. H. David, 19 India Street
Murphy, Robert, mechanic, 141 Cupar Street
Murphy, R., shipwright, 179 Nelson Street
Murphy, Samuel, Woodville House
Murphy, Thomas, clerk, 14 Milford Street
Murphy, William, Strandmillis House
Murphy, Wm., publican, 128 & 130 Upper Earl Street
Murphy & Reynolds, 7 Donegall Square North and Armagh
Murphy & Sons, grain, flour, bran and seed merchants, 6, 8 & 10 Corporation Square, res., Antrim Road
Murphy & Orr, wholesale and retail family linen warehouse, 18 Donegall Street  (See Advertisement)
Murphy, Hugh, (of Murphy & Orr), Derryvolgie Avenue, Windsor (Derrirvolgie)
Murphy & Turtle, auctioneers, property brokers, rent agents, etc., 123 Donegall St
Murphy, Samuel, (of Murphy & Turtle), 32 Summer Street
Murray, Andrew, cigarette maker, 89 McClure Street
Murray, A., waste paper dealer, 5 Queen Street
Murray, Arthur, bank clerk, 2 River Terrace
Murray, Daniel, builder, 2 Stormount Street, res., 8 Castlereagh Avenue
Murray, Daniel, cabinet maker, 12 Lytle Street
Murray, Daniel, draper, 40 Lagan Street
Murray, Goodlate, M.D., 3 College Square East
Murray, Henry, M.D., 3 College Square East
Murray, H., spirit dealer, 74 Cullingtree Road
Murray, Hugh, spirit dealer, 24 Quadrant Street
Murray, H., spirit dealer, 22 Great George's Street
Murray, H., linen merchant, 51 Great Victoria Street
Murray, James, ship owner, 35 Bridge End
Murray, James, painter, 27 Lady Street
Murray, J., school teacher, 37 Albert Crescent
Murray, John, carrier, 42 California Street
Murray, John, butcher, Little Patrick Street
Murray, John, gentleman, 223 Grosvenor Street
Murray, John, dealer, 12 Prince's Street
Murray, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 89 Hanover Street
Murray, Mrs., Fortwilliam, Shore Road
Murray, Mrs. Catherine, 27 Linenhall Street
Murtagh, Patrick, spirit dealer, 9 Garmoyle Street
Murray, P., & Co., clothiers, 4 Chapel Lane
Murray, Robert, silk and woollen dyer and cleaner, 9 Arthur Square
Murray, Robert, & Co., binders and packing case makers, 37 College Street
Murray, Robert, (of R. Murray & Co.), 134 Albion Place
Murray, Robert, ship carpenter, 2 Tramway Street
Murray, Samuel, mechanic, 43 Short Strand
Murray, Samuel H., book keeper, 6 St. James' Street
Murray, Sons & Co., tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 23 Arthur Street
Murray, Thomas, grocer, 98 Lodge Road New
Murray, William, mechanic, 23 Anderson Street
Murray, William, flax buyer, 34 Eglinton Street
Murray, William, engineer, 118 Falls Road
Murray, Wm., foreman, 8 Dagmar Street
Murray, Wm. G., cashier, 35 Westmoreland Street
Murtagh, G., publican, 99 & 101 Hercules Street
Murtagh, G., spirit dealer, 102 North Street
Murtagh, J., spirit dealer, 119 & 121 Peter's Hill
Murtagh, P., spirit merchant, 1 & 3 Pilot Street
Murtagh, Patrick, spirit dealer, 72 Mill Street
Murtagh, Thomas, spirit dealer, 12 Castle Lane and Calendar Street, res., Botanic View Cottage, Malone Road
Murty, Peter, carpenter, 35 California Street
Museum (W. Darragh, curator), 7 College Square North
Music Hall, Adam Duffin, proprietor, John Clelland, caretaker
Musgrave, H. & E., wholesale tea and sugar merchants, 69 Ann Street
Musgrave & Co. Ltd., Musgrave Street
Musgrave & Co. Ltd., Ann Street Iron Works, (65 Ann Street) and Cromac Foundry, directors, John R. Musgrave, J.P., Drumglass House, James Musgrave, J.P., Drumglass House, John R. Hanna, Marietta, Belmont, John F. Shillington, 2 Upper Crescent
Musgrave, James, (of Musgrave & Co.), Drumglass House
Musgrave, John R., (of Musgrave & Co.), Drumglass House
Mussen, Henry, mechanic, 38 Norwood Street
Mussen, Henry, spirit dealer, Dunmurry
Mussen, William, spirit dealer, 54 & 56 Hill Street

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