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1880 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Napier, James, tailor, 9 Montgomery Street
Napier, James, tailor, 43 Dagmar Street
Napier, Joseph, sea captain, 20 Earl Street
Nash, C. F., income tax collector, Globe Chambers, Joy's Entry
Nash, Mrs., 50 Fitzroy Avenue
National Schools, 79 Kent Street
National Bank, High Street
Nawn, P., & Co., spirit dealers, 23 John Street
Navigation School, Sailors' Institute, Dock Street, Wm. Larmour, jun., principal
Neeson, Bernard, grocer, Springfield Road
Neeson, Bernard, cement stores, 69 Academy Street
Neeson, Bernard, flesher, 73 Hercules Street
Neary, Denis, flesher, 37 Hercules Street
Neeson, Daniel, (of Neeson & Kerr), 10 Albert Street
Neeson, James, assistant Union clerk, Belmont Park Terrace, Strandtown
Neeson & Kerr, butchers, 71 Ann Street
Neill, Alex., grocer, 60 Henry Street
Neill, Grace, 8 Thorndale Avenue
Neill, Henry J., telegraph clerk, 58 Silvergrove Street
Neill, Hugh, boot maker, 49 Auburn Terrace
Neill, H. J., wine and spirit merchant, 9 & 11 Corporation Street, bonded stores, 22 Donegall Quay, res., Rockport, Craigavad
Neill, James, (of King Street Flour Mills), Cromac Park, Ormeau Road
Neill, James, & Co., goldsmiths, jewellers, watch makers, silversmiths and opticians, manufacturers of bog oak jewellery, 14 Donegall Place
Neill, James, (of J. Neill & Co.), Oranmore House, Craigavad, Holywood
Neill, James, grocer, 11 Brownlow Street
Neill, J. H., & Co., Military and Merchant Clothiers, Army, Navy and Clerical Outfitters, 45 & 47 High Street
Neill, Jas., (of Jas. Neill & Co.), 7 Fitzwilliam Street
Neill, J., iron moulder, 18 Wilson Street
Neill, J., insurance agent, 32 Derry Street
Neill, John, gentleman, 39 Sunnyside
Neill, John, biscuit manufacturer, 109 York Street
Neill, John, Belfast Foundry, 47 Balmoral Terrace
Neill, John, gun maker & fishing tackle warehouse, 62 High Street, res., Belmont
Neill, John, ship owner and coal merchant, 4 Queen's Quay, res., Kensington Villa, Bangor
Neill, John R., watch, chronometer and clock maker, jeweller, silversmith and optician, agent for the United Kingdom Temperance Institution, 21 High Street, res., Windsor
Neill, Robert, 43 Bentinck Street
Neill, Robert, insurance agent, 79 Lodge Road Old
Neill, Robt. H., & Sons, coach builders, Antrim Terrace
Neill, Robert, painter, 15 Sarah Street
Neill, Thomas, manager, 61 Beaconsfield Terrace
Neill, Wm., flax buyer, 219 Crumlin Road
Neill, Wm., mechanic, 139 Cupar Street
Neill, W. J., & Co., 6 Little York Street
Neilus, J., dyer and cleaner, 42 Upper Arthur Street
Nelson, Alex., manager, 7 Fleetwood Street
Nelson, Andrew, (Ulster Shirt Co.), shirt maker, hosier and general outfitter, 65 North Street, res., 27 Fleetwood Street
Nelson, Arthur, pensioner, 15 Unity Street
Nelson, George, tailor, 12 Fountain Street
Nelson, George, 46 Academy Street
Nelson, Horace J., clerk, 46 Fitzwilliam Street
Nelson, James, book keeper, 7 Concord Street
Nelson, Margt. A., confectionery, 1 & 3 Wilson Street
Nelson, Miss, dress maker, 49 Joy Street
Nelson, Omar C., (of Andrews & MacLaine), solicitor, Holywood
Nelson, Patrick, 18 Elm Street
Nelson, Rev. D., Presbyterian minister, 40 Bedeque Street
Nelson, Rev. Isaac, Sugarfield
Nelson, Samuel, tobacconist, 235 Rutland Terrace, Shankhill Road
Nelson, S., manufacturer of non conducting cement, 1 Midland Street
Nelson, S., cabinet maker, 34 Kearney's Buildings
Nelson, Wm. Robt., linen and cambric handkerchief manufacturer and bleacher, 25 Bedford Street, res., Sydenham Avenue, Strandtown
Nepveu, Lucien, prof. of French and German, foreign correspondent, 9 Fitzwilliam Street
Nesbitt, Bros., (Hyde Park Machine Works), machinists and millwrights, 24 & 26 Townsend Street
Nesbitt, Thos. H., (of Nesbitt Bros.), 14 Eglinton Terrace, Crumlin Road
Nesbitt, James H., (of Nesbitt, Bros.), 50 Camelli Terrace, Newington
Nesbitt, David, 39 Howard Street South
Nesbitt, James, clerk, 28 Ashley Avenue
Nesbitt, Jane, 20 Allworthy Avenue
Nesbitt, Mrs., teacher of music, 14 Eglinton Street
Nesbitt, Nathaniel, car owner, 3 Springmount Street
Nesbitt, Robert, draper, 46 Lonsdale Street
Nesbitt, Samuel, grocer, 83 Joy Street
Nesbitt, Thomas, painter, 13 Great Patrick Street
Nesbitt, T., painter and decorator, 114b Donegall Street
Nesbitt, Wm., brass finisher, 106 Fortingale Street
Nesbitt, Wm., brass founder, 50 Elm Street
Nesbitt, Wm., professor of Latin, Queen's College, 24 Mountcharles
Nevill, Robert, grocer, 192 Lodge Road Old
Nevin, David, horse dealer and contractor for mails, 39 & 41 Lagan Street
Nevin & Co., wholesale tea merchants, etc., 47 Queen's Square
Nevin, Thos. C., (of Nevin & Co.), Linfield House
Nevin, Wm., (of Nevin & Co.), Linfield House
New Public Bakery, Newtownards Road, Mr. Hardy, manager
Newell, Henry, 37 Atlantic Avenue
Newell, Henry, engineer, 1 Hertford Street
Newell, John, builder, 60 River Terrace
Newell, Miss, dress maker, 31 Alexander Street West
Newell, Robert, grocer, 69 Malvern Street
Newett, Bereton J., (of W. A. Robinson and Newett), Richmond, Antrim Road
Newett, Mrs., 16 Dunluce Terrace
Newman, S., Customs Officer, 10 Blayney Street
Newnham, George, pensioner, 36 Frank Street
Newsome, J. C., teacher, 17 Zetland Street
Newton, Ellis, auctioneer and jeweller, 82 High Street, res., Harrystrand Villa, Sydenham
Niblock, Wm., ship carpenter, 12 Shipbuoy Street
Nichol, Henry, insurance broker and commission merchant, 3 Customhouse Square, res., Bohomer, St. Dolonglis, Co. Dublin
Nicholl, David, mechanic, 11 Willow Street
Nicholl, Jas., provision curer, 42 Hamilton Street
Nicholl, John, engineer, 60 Bellavale
Nicholl, Miss, bonnet maker, 23 Walnut Street
Nicholl, Mrs., 5 Southview Cottages
Nicholl, R., moulder, 6 Bedeque Street
Nicholl, Samuel, manager, 114 Ellenboro' Terrace
Nicholl, William, 10 Kinnaird Street
Nicholl, Wm., manufacturer of laces, handkerchiefs, embroidered linens, etc., 98 Donegall Street, res., 10 Kinnaird Street
Nicholl, William, gilder and picture frame maker, 68 Donegall Street, res., 11 Adela Street  (See Advertisement)
Nicholl, Wm. J., J.P., (of Nicholl & Co.), Rathmore House, Greenisland
Nicholl & Co., 34 Hill Street
Nicholl & Co., flax, tow and yarn merchants, 32 and 34 Donegall Street
Nicholson, Charles, shoe maker, 6 Short Strand
Nicholson, Edward, picture frame maker, 15 Pottinger's Entry
Nicholson, Henry J., (of Greenmount Spinning Co. and L. H. Guynet & Co. Ltd.), Ardsallagh, Derryvolgie Avenue (Derrievolgie)
Nicholson, Jane, dress maker, 56 McClure Street
Nicholson, J., manufacturer, 6b Elm Street
Nicholson, John, spirit dealer, Whiteabbey
Nicholson, John, agent, 104 Ellenboro' Terrace
Nicholson, Mark, mechanic, 82 Henry Street
Nicholson, Mrs., 77 Stamford Terrace
Nicholson, Templeton & Co., linen merchants, 2 Linenhall Street
Nicholson, ?, (of Nicholson, Templeton & Co.), Manchester
Nixon, E., poulterer, 30 Newtownards Road
Nixon, James, grocer, 112 Cambria Street (Cambrai)
Nixon, Thomas H., (Agent for M. Bottomley, jun., & Co.), Commercial Hotel, Belfast, res., 16 Milton Terrace, The Plains
Nixon, William, spirit dealer, 2 Pottinger Court
Nixon, Wm., lard and oil manufacturer, 45 & 47 Mustard Street
Noer, Henry, watch maker, 62 Eglinton Street
Nolan, Lewis, confectioner, 7 Mustard Street
Nolan, Patrick, spirit dealer, 29 Joy Street
Nolan, Walter, confectioner, 66 & 68 High Street, res., 4 Richmond Place
Nolan, W., boot and shoe maker, 83 Seaview Place
Norris, Ralph, fruit dealer, 37 & 39 Shankhill Road
North British Railway Co., R. J. Brown, agent, 3 Customhouse Square
Northern Banking Company, Head Office, 19 Victoria Street
Northern Perforated Brisk Co., 117 Victoria Street
Northern Permanent Building Society, 42 Rosemary Street, E. Poole, secretary (See Advertisement)
Northern Machine and Smith Works, Proprietor, J. McLean, 12 Grosvenor Terr.
Norton, John, carpenter, 129 North Queen Street
Norton, Val., book keeper, 142 Donegall Pass
Norton & Co., posting establishment, 5 Queen's Square
Norwood, Hugh, 45 Charlotte Street
Norwood, James, mason, 60 Clandeboye Street
Nugent, Edward, painter and paper hanger, 62 York Street and 26 & 28 Portland Street
Nugent, Jas., (of J. & J. McConnell), 98 York Street
Nugent, James, car owner, 85 Lancaster Street
Nugent, J., letter carrier, 105 Howard Street South
Nugent, Patrick, street inspector, 13 Hamill Square
Nugent, Robert, grocer, 3 Frederick Street
Nutt, Thomas, grocer, 23 Berlin Street

O     top

Oakman, Nicholas, 37 Prospect Terrace
Obre, J., carver and gilder, 14 Catherine Street
Oddfellows Hall, 65 Academy Street, Wm. Meharg, caretaker
Office of Corps of Commissioners, 14 College Street, J. Coltart, sergeant-major
Office for Marriage Licenses, Clarence Place
Officer, Mrs., 36 Virginia Street
Officers Mess, 63rd Brigade Depot, Bedeque House
Ogilvie, Gilbert M., reporter, 33 Laburnum Terrace, Antrim Road
Ogilvie, Miss, 15 Claremont Street
Ogle, James, millwright, 35 Eliza Street
Oinley, Joseph, horn merchant, 21 Middlepath Street, res., 18 Great George's St
Oldham, Edward, compositor, 74 Stanhope Street
Oldham, John, house painter and decorator, 27 Dublin Road
Oldham, Mrs. A., 67 Botanic View
Oliver, T. S., book keeper, 5 Eglantine Avenue
Olley, Mrs., 24 Claremont Street
Olley, William, clerk of works, 6 Genoa Street
Ophthalmic Hospital, 88 Richmond Terrace
Orange Hall, 17 College Street, Joseph C. Allen, caretaker
Orr, Alexander, painter, 118 Wellwood Place
Orr, Andrew, carpenter, 66 Norwood Place
Orr, Edward, accountant, agent for British and Irish Trade Protection Society, 81 High Street, res., 19 College Street South
Orr, Gamble, horse dealer, 28 Hamilton Street
Orr, Gamble, printer, 4 Woburn Street
Orr, Henderson, book keeper, 65 Meadow Street
Orr, Hugh, grocer, 95 Cromac Street
Orr, Hugh, clerk, 39 Nettlefield View
Orr, James, mechanic, 3 Cambria Street (Cambrai)
Orr, James, watch maker, 9 Derg Street
Orr, James, weigh master, 3 Garston Street
Orr, James, farrier, 43 Turin Street
Orr, James S., secretary, 19 Lincoln Avenue
Orr, James R., (of McCaw, Stevenson & Orr), 40 Melrose Terrace, The Plains
Orr, John, engineer, 19 Regent Street
Orr, J., provision dealer, 176 & 178 North Street
Orr, J., steam biscuit manufacturer, 22 Robert Street
Orr, Jos., & Son, seedsmen, etc., 12 & 14 Ann Street
Orr, Joseph, (of j. Orr & Son), 24 Ball's Buildings, St. Lawrence Street
Orr, Joseph, engineer, 5 Essex Street
Orr, Margaret, draper, 3 Crumlin Road
Orr, Mr., 2 Upper Malvern Street
Orr, Mrs. Malcolm, 4 Ponsonby Avenue
Orr, Mrs., grocer, 30 Auburn Terrace
Orr, Robert, sergeant, 11 Central Street
Orr, Robert, carpenter, 59 Hopeton Street
Orr, Robert H., solicitor, 1 Lombard Street, res., 2 Brookvale Terrace, Antrim Rd.
Orr, Thomas, clerk, 22 Swift Street
Orr, Thomas, publican, 41 & 43 Clink Hill
Orr, Wm. H., linen merchant, Fortwilliam Terrace
Orr, Wm., painter, 13 Byron Street
Orr, W. H., (of Murphy & Orr), 5 Fortwilliam Terrace
Orr, William, car owner, 19 Mount Street
Orr, Wm. G., commercial traveller, 11 Richmond Square
Orr, William, manager, Wolfhill Mill, Ligoniel
Orson, Mrs. M., 30 Eglinton Street
Osborne, Christopher T., (of McIntyre & Osborne), Strandtown
Osborne, James, traveller, 12 Israel Street
Osborne, Joseph, book keeper, 17 Cambridge Street
Osborne, R., shoe maker, 6 Cargill Street
Osborne, Samuel, 111 & 113 Millfield
Osborne, Samuel, manager, 68 Macaulay Terrace
Osborne, Thomas, teacher, 17 Springfield Road
Osborne, William, upholsterer, 64 Spruce Street
Oswald, Andrew, 136 Aughton Terrace
Oswald, Rogers, Customs Officer, 247 Wesley Terrace
Otway, John H., Q.C., County Court Judge, and Recorder for the Borough of Belfast, Greenview, Dunmurry
Oulton, John, & Co., flax and tow merchants, Donegall Street
Oulton, Jno., (of J. Oulton & Co.), 4 University Square
Overend, John, office for preparing legacy & succession duty, accounts & insurance agent, 1 Lombard Street, res., 106 Richmond Terrace, Great Victoria Street
Owens, Ellen, 79 Benwell Terrace
Owens, F., spirit dealer, 106 & 108 McTier Street
Owens, James B., auctioneer, 3 Summer Street
Owens, Mrs., 12 Eblana Street
Owens, Patrick, painter, 31 Durham Street
Owens, Robert, engineer, 75 Seaview Place
Owens, Thomas, publican, 255 York Street
Owens, Thomas, grocer, 69 & 98 Nelson Street (96)
Owens, Wm., superintendent Gas Works, 6 Lavinia Street
Owens, W. J., ship broker, 55 Beaconsfield Terrace
Oyston, Thomas, 1 Abercorn Street

O'     top

O'Brien, A., car owner, 9 & 11 Scrabo Street
O'Brien, D., telegraph clerk, 29 Alexander Street West
O'Brien, Edward, coal dealer, 13 & 15 Lower Castlereagh Street
O'Brien, George, & Co., machine stitchers by Steam Power, and Insurance agents, 3 Franklin Street, res., 39 Botanic Avenue
O'Brien, J., boot and shoe maker, 17 Ardmoulin Street
O'Brien, John, mechanic, 160 Ross Street
O'Brien, John, R.I.C., 3 Dundee Street
O'Brien, Mrs., publican and grocery, 7 Falls Road
O'Brien, Terence, tobacco merchant, 26 North Street
O'Brien, T., tobacconist, 4 North Queen Street
O'Callaghan, J., salesman, 10 Joy Street
O'Callaghan, Wm. O., 217 New Ballynafeigh Road
O'Connor, Charles, grocer and spirit dealer, 23 Cullingtree Road
O'Connor, Francis, reporter, 9 Roden Street
O'Connor, Isabella, 11 Brougham Street
O'Connor, J., civil bill officer, 7 Amelia Street
O'Connell, J., confectioner, 8 Jude Street
O'Connor, J., spirit store, 65 & 67 North Queen Street
O'Connor, John, surveyor, 2 Argyle Street
O'Connell, Mary, 143 Albert Street
O'Connor, Michael, clerk, 21 Gibson Street
O'Connor, Rev. Aylward, 39 Cromwell Road
O'Connor, W. H., 58 Apsley Place
O'Creagh, Ralph, manager, 1 Richmond Square
O'Donnell, J. C., R.M., 1 Alexandraville, Crumlin Road
O'Donnell, Margaret, baby linen warehouse, 70 Cromac Road
O'Donnell, William, secretary, Belfast Licensed Vintners, 81 High Street, res., 10 Eglinton Street
O'Dougherty, Henry, tobacconist, 27 Castle Street
O'Driscoll, J., law clerk, 28 Granville Terrace
O'Dwyer, P. M., 11 Camberwell Street
O'Flagherty, Neill, clerk, 43 Lonsdale Street
O'Flagherty, D., traveller, 21 Eglinton Street
O'Flagherty, P., spirit grocer, 7b Crumlin Road
O'Flagherty, T. H., (of W. R. McCall & Co.), 20 Fitzroy Avenue
O'Grady, Samuel, painter, 21 Albert Crescent
O'Hagan, Bernard, tailor, 37 Gilford Street
O'Hagan, Eliza, 3 Albert Crescent
O'Hagan, Henry, broker, 4b Berry Street
O'Hagan, John, salesman, 49 Smithfield
O'Hagan, Mrs., 14 Spencer Street
O'Hagan, Mrs., spirit dealer and bottling store, 23 & 25 Springfield Road
O'Hagan, Owen, fruiterer, 26 John Street
O'Hagan, P., timber dealer, 12 Lower Mount Street
O'Hagan & Doherty, wholesale tea dealers, 47 Victoria Street
O'Hagan, Felix, (of O'Hagan & Doherty), 18 Eglinton Terrace
O'Hagarty, P., old clothes dealer, 12 Durham Street
O'Hanlon, A., carpenter, 3 & 5 James Street South
O'Hanlon, B., car owner, 18 Grace Street
O'Hanlon, P., spirit grocer, 32 Milford Street
O'Hanlon, Terence, 13 Amelia Street
O'Hara, Charles, carpenter, 15 Grosvenor Place
O'Hara, J. R., watch maker, 17 Albion Street
O'Hara, Mrs., 65 Donegall Pass
O'Hara, Owen, grocer, 70 Hercules Street
O'Hara, Wm., dealer, 50 Abbey Street
O'Hare, Ann, dress maker, 42 Bedeque Street
O'Hare, James, publican, Ligoniel
O'Hare, James, hay dealer, 39 & 41 Market Street
O'Hare, James J., publican, 197 Crumlin Road
O'Hare, J., fruiterer, 138 & 140 Lodge Road Old
O'Hare, Mary, spirit dealer, 192 Wilton Terrace
O'Hare, Thomas, dairyman, Falls Road
O'Hare, William, draper, 44 Bedeque Street
O'Hare, William, draper, 175 Lodge Road Old
O'Hayer, Francis, saddle and harness maker, 15 Arthur Square, res., Hibernia Place, Holywood
O'Hearn, T., Customs Officer, 24 Thompson Street
O'Kane, B., spinning master, 8 Clonard Terrace
O'Kane, Edward, undertaker, 116 Donegall Street, 16 & 18 Little Donegall St.
O'Kane, Elizabeth, grocer, 74 Albert Crescent
O'Kane, Henry, carpenter, 41 Dock Street
O'Kane, James, coal merchant, 50 Barrack Street
O'Kane, J., spirit dealer, 9, 11 & 13 Frederick Street
O'Kane, J., wine merchant, 58 Prince Arthur Terrace
O'Kane, J. & R., wine merchants, 1 Church Street
O'Kane, Mrs., 52 Lavinia Street
O'Kane, Patrick, grocer, 38 Hercules Street
O'Kane, R., tailor, 15 Bentinck Street
O'Leary, Arthur, confectioner, 16 Hercules Street
O'Leary, M., linen manager, 20 Ormeau Street
O'Lenney, James, broker, 38 Divis Street
O'Loan, H., spirit dealer, 102 & 104 Cromac Street
O'Loan, James C., artist & photographer, 29 High Street, res., 117 Agnes Street
O'Loughlin, Michael, tailor, 35 Hamilton Street
O'Malley, Michael R., M.D., Mch., L.M., 11 Clarence Place
O'Neill, A., dock master, Corporation Graving Dock
O'Neill, C., commercial traveller, 55 Lancaster Street
O'Neill, Charles, store keeper, 50 Lilliput Street
O'Neill, Constantine, grocer and publican, 31 & 33 Falls Road, 2 Peel Street, 1 & 3 Theresa Street and 2 & 4 Falls Road
O'Neill, Daniel, dealer, 45 & 46 Smithfield Square
O'Neill, Edward, compositor, 12 Hamilton Street
O'Neill, E. E., merchant, 13 Fitzroy Avenue
O'Neill, Henry, M.D., 5 College Square East
O'Neill, Hugh, hair dresser, 164 Divis Street
O'Neill, Hugh, comm. agent, 27 Cambridge Street
O'Neill, Hugh, shoe maker, 43 Boundary Street
O'Neill, James, shoe maker, 31 Bradford Street
O'Neill, James, butcher, 31 Divis Street
O'Neill, James, foreman bleacher, 92 Dover Street
O'Neill, James, miller, 64 & 66 Milford Street
O'Neill, J., harbour constable, 33 Lady Street
O'Neill, J. T., hair dresser, 76 Great George's Street
O'Neill, John, stone mason, 28 Carrick Hill
O'Neill, John, upholsterer, 42 New Bond Street
O'Neill, John, spirit grocer, 36 McAuley Street
O'Neill, John, shoe maker, 8 Michael Street
O'Neill, Matthew, cashier, 204 Falls Road
O'Neill, Mrs., spirit dealer, 31 Smithfield
O'Neill, Mrs., grocer, 33 Green Street
O'Neill, Mrs. E., spirit dealer, 68 Ann Street
O'Neill, Patrick, grocer, 39 John Street
O'Neill, Richard, grocer, 11 David Street
O'Neill, Robert, carpenter, 4 Shandon Street
O'Neill, Samuel, spirit dealer, 12 Divis Street
O'Neill, T., linen merchant, 3 Antrim Place
O'Neill, Thomas, tinsmith, 26 & 27 Smithfield
O'Neill, Thomas, tinsmith, 29 & 30 Smithfield Square
O'Neill, W., boot and shoe maker, 36 North Queen Street
O'Neill & Byrne, architects, 65 Arthur Street
O'Neill, John, (of O'Neill & Byrne), Glenfield Place, Belfast
O'Pray, James, flesher, 5 Abercorn Street North
O'Rafferty, John, printer, 6 Derby Street
O'Reilly, James, compositor, 1 Wellington Court
O'Reilly, James, tobacconist, 10 Falls Road
O'Reilly, R., refreshment rooms, 31 Great Edward Street
O'Reilly, Thomas, publican, 13 Skipper Street
O'Reilly-Blackwood, John, 5 West Elmwood
O'Rorke, Alex., & Sons, solicitors, 117 Donegall Street
O'Rorke, Alex., sen., (of A. O'Rorke & Sons), Manor House, Duncairn Street
O'Rorke, A., jun., (of A. O'Rorke & Sons), Manor House, Duncairn Street
O'Rorke, Ambrose E., (of Alex. O'Rorke & Sons), Manor House, Duncairn Street
O'Rorke, Daniel, & Son, solicitors, agents for the City of London Life Assurance Society, 14 Donegall Street, res., Tinnamara, Greenisland
O'Rorke, Ambrose Howard, (of D. O'Rorke & Son), Tinnamara
O'Shea, Denis, grocer, 69 Stanfield Street
O'Toole, D., Custom House Officer, 7 Fairview Street
O'Toole, Patrick, R.I.C., 169 Durham Street


Page, Henry, gilder, 35 Grosvenor Street
Page, John, book keeper, 141 Cullingtree Road
Painters' Hall, (John McCavey, president), 2 Curtis Street
Pakenham, R. J., manager, 2b Pakenham Street
Palmer, B., flour miller, 24 & 26 Great George's Street
Palmer, Henry, butler, 82 McClure Street
Palmer, James, printer, 37 Louisa Street
Palmer, James, clerk, 53 Mackay Street
Palmer, Robert, printer, 37 Boyne Square
Palmer, Thos., (of Thos. Palmer & Co.), Church Avenue, Holywood
Palmer, Thomas, & Co., damask, linen & cambric merchants, 30 Queen Street
Park, Francis, brass finisher, 56 Israel Street
Park, John, professor of logic and metaphysics, Q.C.B., 17 Mountcharles
Park, Miss, dress maker, 48 Luther Terrace
Park, R. B., linen merchant, 3 Cavehill Road
Park, Rev. Wm., 8 Fitzroy Avenue
Park, Richd. B., (of Cinnamond, Park, & Co.), 3 Richmond Place, Cavehill Rd.
Park, Robert, mechanic, 19 Cultra Road
Park, William, 3 Osborne Terrace, Lisburn Road
Park, William, manager, 51 Magdala Street
Parker, Alexander, coal factor, 46 Garmoyle Street
Parker, Alex., printer, 4 Little Sackville Place
Parker, Edwin, mechanic, 22 Cullingtree Street
Parker, James, manager, 34 May Street
Parker, John, clerk, 22 Hopeton Street
Parker, John, dealer, 8 Smithfield Square
Parker, Mrs., flesher, 22 York Street
Parker, Mrs. John, 82 Pakenham Place
Parker, Mrs., 10 New Ballynafeigh Road
Parker, Thomas, linen lapper, 19 Radcliffe Street
Parkhill, A., engineer, 63 Carlisle Street
Parkhill, James, joiner, 3 Canning Street
Parkhill, James, foreman printer, 26 Venice Street
Parkhill, Jane, milliner, 65 Shankhill Road
Parkinson, J., pawn broker, 6 & 8 Ashmore Street
Parkinson, John, grocer, 31 Distillery Street
Parks, James, painter, 8 Lower California Street
Parsons, John, painter, 2 Spamount, North Queen Street
Parsons, Mrs., 50 Botanic Avenue
Partington, Mark, locomotive inspector, 34 Hutchinson Street
Partner, Rev. Richard, 7 Clifton Park Avenue
Patrick, Catherine, 40 Spencer Street
Patrick, D. S., grocer, 199 Springfield Road
Patrick, George, clerk, 54 River Terrace, Cooke Street
Patrick, Joseph, 34 Victoria Street
Patrick, M. J., slipper warehouse, 81 North Street
Patterson, A. & W., boot and shoe warehouse, 7 Divis Street
Patterson, A., litho. printer, 35 Leadbetter Street
Patterson, Alex., boarding house, 15 Princess Street
Patterson, Bros., linen yarn merchants, 22 Corporation Street
Patterson, R. L., (of Patterson Bros.), Croft House, Holywood
Patterson, David C., (of William Hartley & Co.), Ardmore Terrace, Holywood
Patterson, Frederick, grocer, 136 Cambria Street (Cambrai)
Patterson, H., blacking and match manufacturer, 33 McAuley Street
Patterson, J., pawn broker, 158 Falls Road
Patterson, J., spirit dealer, 1 & 3 King Street
Patterson, Jane, Chelsea Cottage
Patterson, John, pawn broker, 37 Percy Street
Patterson, John, printer, 8 Thompson's Place
Patterson, John, grocer, 56 Old Lodge Road
Patterson, John, clerk, 134 Nelson Street
Patterson, John, book keeper, 123 York Street
Patterson, John, mate, 125 York Street
Patterson, M., dress maker, 13 California Street
Patterson, Mary Jane, 116 Divis Street
Patterson, Mrs., 99 Falls Road
Patterson, Mrs., 104 Great Victoria Street
Patterson, Mrs. Ann, 51 Percy Street
Patterson, P., constable, 28 Norwood Street
Patterson, Rev. R., minister of Spamount Evangelical Union Church, 5 Regent St
Patterson, Richard, & Co., wholesale and retail manufacturing and general iron mongers, gas fitters, plumbers, brass founders, bell hangers and Venetian blind manufacturers, 57 & 59 High Street, res., works in Hamilton's Court, stores, Ann Street, res., Kilmore, Holywood
Patterson, Robert, & Sons, iron mongers, (established 1786), hardware and mill furnishing warehouse, 26 High Street
Patterson, Robert, grocer, 218 York Street
Patterson, R. Lloyd, & Co., flax merchants, 22 Corporation Street
Patterson, R. & A., stores, 15 Ann Street
Patterson, R., & Co., muslin manufacturers, 9 Donegall Square East
Patterson, Samuel, grocer, 26 Hope Street
Patterson, Thomas, tailor, 17 Pottinger's Entry
Patterson, Wm., teacher, H.M.S. Gibraltar, 24 Victoria Terrace
Patterson, W., spirit dealer, 100 & 102 Central Buildings, Newtownards Road
Patterson, W. H., (of Robert Patterson & Sons), Garasard, Strandtown
Patterson, W. J., book keeper, 100 Alfred Terrace
Patterson, W. R., managing director, Brookfield Linen Co. Ltd., 11 Lower Crescent
Patterson, Mrs., 6 College Park East
Patton, F. A., boarding house, 13 Gamble Street
Patton, F., painter, 148 Corporation Street
Patton, H. A., linen lapper, 65 Chichester Terrace
Patton, James, rent collector, 16 Elizabeth Street
Patton, James, flesher, 8 Falls Road
Patton, James, foreman, 40 Boyne Square
Patton, Miss, 6 Castlereagh Avenue
Patton, Thomas, 10 Regent Street
Patton, Thomas, car owner, 7 Utility Street
Patton, T. J., book finisher, 11 Lorton Street
Paul, Charles, 26 Vicinage Park
Paul, John, stereotyper, 15 Apsley Street
Paul, John, block printer, 1 Eastland Street
Paul, Norris, 1 Osborne Terrace
Paul, Thos., india rubber merchant, 6 Erin Terrace
Pauley, John, & Co., linen merchants, and agents for Scottish Imperial Assurance Co., 10 James Street North
Paulin, William, carpenter, 100 Howard Street South
Paxton, Robert, spirit dealer, 49 Shankhill Road
Paxton, S., yarn dresser, 22 Little Brunswick Street
Payton, Margaret, green grocer, 10 Lagan Street
Payne, John Chas., medical hall, 1b Donegall Pass
Payne, Reuben, merchant clothier and tailor, 22 Arthur Street
Peacock, H., grocer, 59 Peter's Hill
Peacock, S. & A. F., millinery and dress making warerooms, 16 Chichester Street, res., 2 Sussex Place
Peake, M., soap and candle manufacturer, 10 Ardmoulin Street
Pearl Life Insurance Co. Ltd., J. Roberts, superintendent, 31 Grosvenor Street
Pearson, Richard, teacher, 26 Springmount Street
Pearson, William, manager, 141 Crumlin Road
Pearson, William, grocer, 49 McTier Street
Pedlaw, William, 1 Coates Row
Pedlow, H., tenter, 20 Trinity Street
Pedlow, James, grocer, 22 Old Lodge Road
Peebles, John, mechanic, 17 Selina Street
Peel, Alex. Thomas, clerk, 5 Stormount Street
Peel, John, publican, 27 Glenalpin Street
Peel, John, boot and shoe maker, 12 & 13 Mary's Market
Peel, Robert, grocer and baker, 148 Shankhill Road
Peers, W. H., commercial traveller, 7 Antrim Place
Pelan, Francis, gentleman, 1 Thorndale Terrace
Pelan, George, & Co., public accountants and auditors, agents for Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co. and Northern Assurance Co., stock, share and produce brokers, etc., 46 Donegall Street  (See Advertisement)
Pelan, George, (of George Pelan & Co.), res., 15 Kinnaird Terrace
Pelan, J., painter and decorator, 86 Great George's Street
Pelan, Richard, printer, 2 Coates Place
Pelan, Robert, litho. printer, 26 Russell Street
Pelan, Samuel, painter, 3 Catherine Street North
Pelan, Thomas, printer, 14 Charlotte Street
Pelan & Co., druggists, 204 North Street
Pelling, A., provision merchant, 98 North Street
Pensing, Mrs., 196 Leeson Street
Penter, John, grocer, 1 Wellwood Place
Pentland, T., (of Belfast Bank), 25 Great Victoria Street
Pentland, Wm., horse dealer, 10 & 12 Oxford Street
Peoples, Samuel, grocer, 2 & 4 Eastland Street
Pepard, Patrick, draper, 49 Lavinia Street
Peppard, Gerald, clerk, 26 Linview Street
Perpolo, O., figure maker, 55 Mill Street
Perioli, Paul, ship broker, 61 Ship Street
Perrin, J., assurance agent, 40 Dover Street
Perrott, W. J., traveller, 74 Townsend Street
Perry, George, harbour constable, 30 Hanna Street
Perry, George, baker, 47 Westmoreland Street
Perry, J., grocer and baker, 90 Shankhill Road
Perry, Samuel, glazier and draper, 5 Falls Road
Perry, Thomas, draper, 132 Crumlin Road
Perry, Wm. James, 12 Schomberg Terrace
Peters, James, 33 Twickenham Street
Peters, Joseph, clerk, 3 My Lady's Road
Peterson, White, & Co., land and house agents, valuators, accountants and auditors, 2 Rosemary Street
Peterson, N. G., (of Peterson, White, & Co.), 1 Foster Place, Dublin
Petticrew, John, New Ballynafeigh Road
Petticrew, Mrs. J., 23 Eglinton Street
Petticrew, Wm. J., working jeweller, 16 Ann Street, res., 10 Bloomfield Cottages, Bloomfield
Pettigrew, Daniel, engineer, 15 Percy Street
Pettigrew, J., family grocer, 64 & 66 Cromac Street
Peyton, John, compositor, 45 Alton Street
Phenix, Jonathan, (of Gregg, Sons & Phenix), Clifton House, Cliftonville
Phillip, Henry, brush manufacturer, 108 Donegall Street, res., 29 Brookhill Terr.
Phillips, E. M., milliner, 55 May Street
Phillips, Edward, druggists, 42 Cromac Street
Phillips, Edward, 14 Pine Street
Phillips, James, coal merchant, ship and insurance broker, 9 Queen's Quay, res., 118 Ellenboro' Terrace
Phillips, James, draughtsman, 40 Granville Terrace
Phillips, James, newsagents, 10 Peter's Hill
Phillips, John, photographer, 15 Ambrose Street
Phillips, Miss, 7 University Square
Phillips, Thomas, manager, 85 Hanover Street
Phoenix, Thomas, clerk, 191 Warwick Terrace
Phillips, William W., clerk, 2 Richmond Square
Phillips, W., bellows maker, 92 Great George's Street
Phillips, & Co., linen manufacturers, 33 Linenhall Street, res., Bangor
Phoenix Fire Insurance Co., Jas. Alex. Henderson, J.P., and Wm. R. Rea., joint agents, 55 Donegall Street
Piccioni, F., artist & photographer, 13 Donegall Place, res., 71 Corporation St.
Piccoli, C., linen merchant, Holywood
Picton, Thomas, organist, 29 Lavinia Street
Pierce, E., H.M. Customs, 76 Alfred Terrace
Pierce, Robert, painter, 23 Beersbridge Road
Pike, Frederick, clerk, 5 Clifton Park Avenue
Pike, Jane, spirit dealer, 120 Great George's Street
Pim, Brothers, poplin manufacturers, 42 & 44 Upper Queen Street
Pim, E. & W., tea dealers, wine importers, family grocers, and insurance agents, 25 & 27 High Street
Pim, E. Wakefield, (of E. & W. Pim), 2 Elmwood Terrace, Lisburn Road
Pim, John, & Co., flour and bran merchants, and insurance agents, 18 Tomb St.
Pim, John, (of John Pim & Son), Bonaven, Antrim Road
Pim, Robt. B., (of John Pim & Son), 4 Granville Villas, Sandhurst Road, The Plains
Pim, Mrs. Sarah, 1 Crumlin Terrace
Pim & Co., G. C., shipping and commission agents, and agents for State Line Steamship Co., 22 Corporation Street
Pim, Geo. C., (of Geo. C. Pim & Co.), Moyallen, Gilford
Pim, T. W., (of Geo. C. Pim & Co.), Sydenham
Pimlott, Thos., flesher, 101 & 103 Cromac Street
Pinder, Mrs., 11 Walnut Street
Pinion, James, clerk, 60 Apsley Place
Pink, S. J., pattern maker, 7 Prim Street
Pinkerton, David, millwright, 20 Norwood Street
Pinkerton, David, clerk, 18 Regent Street
Pinkerton, Geo., book keeper, 43 Sherbrooke Street
Pinkerton, J., carpenter, Newforge, Malone Road
Pinkerton, J. C., Italian Consul, steamship and insurance agent, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Bordeaux, Cadiz, Rouen, Charente, Oporto, London and Cork steam packet office, also, agent for the Clyde Shipping Company's steamers, Life Assurance Buildings, 10 Victoria Street, res., Dunsona. (See Advertisement)
Pinkerton, Mrs., seamstress, 55 Upper Townsend Street
Pinkerton, Samuel, gas fitter, 23 Glentilt Street
Pirrie, Miss, 5 Fisherwick Place
Pirrie, W. J., (of Harland & Wolff), res., 12 Schomberg Terrace and Comber
Playfair, Mrs., 12 Radcliffe Street
Plimmer, T., (Ulster Photographic Institute), 21 High Street, res., Broomsgrove Villa, Strandtown
Plunkett, F., & Son, commission merchants, and insurance agents, 8 Corporation Street, res., Alexandraville, Crumlin Road
Police Office, Chichester Street
Polland, Edward, watch maker, 108 Dover Street
Pollard, Miss, 20 Granville Terrace
Pollard, Matthew, 61 Fitzroy Avenue
Pollard, Rev. Joseph, 49 Stanhope Street
Pollins, J. C., 7 Osborne Terrace
Pollock, George, baker, 49 Foyle Street
Pollock, John, tailor, 28 Castle Street
Pollock, John, clerk, 61 Lavinia Street
Pollock, Miss, 69 Botanic View
Pollock, Miss, 45 Combermere Street
Pollock, Mrs., haberdasher, 25 Upper Newtownards Road
Pollock, Mrs., grocer, 118 Sandy Row
Pollock, Samuel, whip thong maker, 51 & 53 John Street
Pollock, William, contractor, 43 Upton Street
Pollock, William, tailor, 4 Swift Street
Polly, J. L., medical student, 39 College Street South
Polly, Mrs. A., 8 Regent Street
Poole, Edward, clerk, 4 Frederick Terrace
Porter, Alexander, merchant, 51 Mountview Terrace
Porter, Alex., grocer, 93 & 95 Divis Street
Porter, Alex., family grocer, 2 Ardmoulin Place
Porter, Hugh, (of J. & T. Sinclair & Co. Ltd.), Alexandraville, Crumlin Road
Porter, John, French Polisher, 9 Elizabeth Street
Porter, John, boiler maker, 12 Trafalgar Street
Porter, James S., clerk, 21 Foyle Street
Porter, James, car owner, 6 Raphael Street
Porter, M. C., book keeper, 47 Denmark Street
Porter, Mrs., Lismore, Windsor Avenue
Porter, Rev. J. S., Unitarian minister, Lennoxvale
Porter, Robert, director York Street Spinning Co., Fortwilliam Park
Porter, R., mechanic, 120 Shankhill Road
Porter, Rev. J. L., D.D., President Queen's College
Porter, R. J., solicitor and insurance agent, 85 Donegall Street and High Street, Carrickfergus, res., Bayview, Greenisland
Porter, Samuel, draper's assistant, 5 Alloa Street
Porter, William, baker, 36 California Street
Porter, Wm., linen salesman, 42 Great Edward Street
Porter, William, pensioner, 14 Joy Street
Portheim, Moritz, (of Lipman & Co.), Carlton House, Malone Road
Pophin, Wm. J., engineer, 34 Upper Townsend Street
Popkiss, R., contractor's agent, 21 Claremont Street
Postlethwaite, W. H., & Co., iron & coal merchants, 2 Waring Street (2nd Floor)
Potts, Henry, grocer, 33 Linfield Road
Power, John, baker, 169 Warwick Terrace
Potts, John, Carlisle Street Bakery, 123 & 125 Old Lodge Road
Potts, John & Robert, iron ad tinplate merchants, 31 North Street
Potts, Joseph, poulterer, 3 Cultra Street
Potts, Robert, (of J. & R. Potts), Rosemount, Antrim Road
Praeger, William E., (of Preston, Smyth & Co.), Woodburn, Holywood
Pratt, William N., (of Pratt & Montgomery), 32 Lincoln Avenue
Pratt & Montgomery, wholesale and retail tea and sugar merchants, 57 York St.
Prenter, George, foreman, 69 Meadow Street
Prenter, John, grocer, 15 Norwood Street
Prenter, Mr., 30 Killarney Street
Prenter, Robert J., book keeper, 34 Shannon Street
Prenter, William Emerson, commission agent, 6 Telfair Street, res., Templemore Avenue
Presbyterian Orphan Society, 6 Assembly's Buildings, May Street, Rev. Wm. Johnston, D.D., hon. sec.
Presdue, J. W., agent for the Royal Liver Insurance Co., 17 James Street
Presho, C., wholesale leather merchant and boot top manufacturer, 38 & 40 North Street, res., 10 Lincoln Avenue
Press, John, com. agent, 239 Melville's Buildings
Press, William, merchant, 5 Windsor Terrace
Preston, John, & Co., linen yarn merchants, 20 Calender Street, flax stores, 24a, 24b, 23c Chichester Street
Preston, Sir John, J.P., (of John Preston & Co., & Preston, Smyth & Co.), Dunmore, Antrim Road
Preston, Thomas, Customs, 17 My Lady's Road
Price, Henry, spirit dealer, 18 Percy Street
Price, John, merchant, Castleton Park
Price, John, commission agent, 3 Eglantine Street
Price, William, flesher, 83 Peter's Hill
Priestly, Drennan & Co., rectifying distillers and wine merchants, 19 Great George's Street
Priestly, E., wine merchant, 1 Landscape Terrace
Priestley, John, student, 32 Essex Street
Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Church, 12 Donegall Place
Prince, James, mechanic, 13 Upper Townsend Street
Prince of Wales Masonic Club, Masonic Hall, Arthur Street, caretaker, Abraham Campbell
Prince of Wales Hotel, 28 Victoria Street, E. J. Rice, proprietor
Pring, Arthur H., (of Grattan & Co.), Woodland Avenue
Pring, Richd. W., (of Grattan & Co.), Firmount, Fortwilliam Park
Printer, Thomas, clerk, 174 Alexandra Terrace
Prisongate Mission, Tudor Lodge, Tudor Place, Miss Kildare, matron
Pritchie, S., machine stitcher, 128 Aughton Terrace
Proctor, Jane, laundress, 31 Gloucester Street
Prott, William, phar. chemist, 2 Murray's Terrace
Prudential Assurance Company, Queen Street, R. P. Ledgard, superintendent
Public Baths and Wash Houses, Peter's Hill, Alex. Hatton, superintendent
Pugh, James E., 2 Creecy Terrace, Rugby Road
Pullar & Sons, dyers and cleaners, 22 Victoria Street and branches
Pullman, Thomas, (of T. Pullman & Co.), Glenbrook, Cregagh, Belfast
Pullman, T. & Co., linen and cotton handkerchief manufacturers, 179 & 181 Albert Bridge Road
Purdon, Alex., commission agent, 91a Victoria Street
Purdon, Bros., seedsmen and florists, Donegall Street
Purdon, Charles D., M.B., F.R.C.S.I., certifying surgeon under the Factory Act, 14 Wellington Place
Purdon, Henry S., M.D., L.R.C.P.E., and C.S.I., physician of Hospital for Skin Diseases, 60 Pakenham Place
Purdon, James, (of Purdon Bros.), Clifton Park Avenue
Purdon, Jos., hat manufacturer, 64b Donegall Street, res., Cliftonville Avenue
Purdon, Miss, 47 Queen Street
Purdon, Thos. H., M.B., F.R.C.S.I., 5 Wellington Place
Purdy, Gabriel F., (of Purdy & Millard), 31 College Street
Purdy, Jos., grocer, 110 & 112 Falls Road
Purdy, Miss, dress maker, 32 Glenalpin Street
Purdy & Millard, architectural sculptors, 29 Wellington Place
Purse, A., plumber & gas fitter, 7 Great Patrick Street
Purse, Jane, dress maker, 145 Warwick Terrace, Woodstock Road
Purse, John, hair dresser, 83 Killymoon Buildings
Purse, William, shoe maker, 22 Hartley Street
Purvis, David, traveller, Kathleen Terrace
Pybus, John, sea captain, 93 Leeson Street
Pyke, J., (of J. B. Teuton & Co.), 5 Clifton Park Avenue
Pyper, Hugh, grocer, 65 York Street
Pyper, H., grocer and provision dealer, 153 North Street
Pyper, James, M.A., principal Belfast Mercantile Academy, Glenravel Street, res., 26 Regent Street
Pyper, John, watch maker and jeweller, 89 North Street, res., 117 High Street, Holywood
Pyper, John, editor Irish Good Templar, 60 Myrtle Terrace
Pyper, John, watch maker, 86 North Street
Pyper, John, watch maker, 25 Bridge Street
Pyper, Rachael, spirit dealer, 16 Castlereagh View

Q   top

Quail, Alexander, finisher, 17 Windsor Street
Quail, Eliza, 6 Annadale Street
Quee, John, flesher, 146 & 148 Peter's Hill
Quee, William, butcher, 49 Durham Street
Queen's College, University Road, Rev. J. Leslie Porter, D.D., president
Queen's College Literary and Scientific Society, rooms, Queen's College, University Road
Queen's Hotel, (corner of York Street and Donegall Street), R. & J. Shorthouse and D. Cole, proprietors
Quigley, John, spirit dealer, 18 Peter's Hill
Quigley, Mrs., 49 Ormeau Terrace
Quigley, Patrick, spirit store, 26 Verner Street
Quigley, William, coach builder, 40 Riga Street
Quinn, Alexander, designer, Whitewell
Quinn, Brothers, wholesale grocers, tea, wine and spirit merchants, 53 & 55 Donegall Place and 152 North Street (See Advertisement)
Quinn, Edward, car owner, 19 Townsend Street
Quinn, Hugh, teacher, 62 Osborne Street
Quinn, Hugh, carpenter, 51 Lagan Street
Quinn, James, grocer, 33 Union Street
Quinn, John, flesher, 23 Great Edward Street
Quinn, J. C., M.D., 142 Falls Road
Quinn, Mrs., 22 Gordon Street
Quinn, Patrick, auctioneer, 4 Bread Street
Quinn, Peter, stone dresser, 13 Bread Street
Quinn, Peter, coal merchant, 14 Queen's Quay, res., 6 Richmond Crescent, Antrim Road
Quinn, Sarah, 126 Hughes' Buildings
Quinn, T. J., lard refiner, 61 Great Patrick Street
Quinn, Thomas, clerk, 46 Cullingtree Road
Quinn, Thomas, spinning master, 18 Cosgrave Street
Quinn, Thomas, & Co., rectifying distillers, wine and spirit merchants, 23, 25 & 27 Hill Street
Quinn, Thomas, (of T. Quinn & Co.), 31 Alma Terrace, Crumlin Road
Quinn, Thomas, provision dealer and cheese factor, 53 & 55 Church Lane, res., Kinnegar, Holywood
Quinn, Wm., grocer, 62 Beersbridge Road
Quinn, W. H., shooting gallery, 1 John Street
Quinn, W., telegraph clerk, 15 Walnut Place
Quirey, J., accountant, 4 Auburn Terrace, Vernon Street
Quirey, Mrs., grocer, 41 Spencer Street
Quirey, Robert, provision store, 82 North Street, res, 2 Thorndale Terrace, Duncairn Street

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