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1880 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Taggart, James, clerk, 18 James Street
Taggart, Jas., Dolphin Bar, 103 Victoria Street
Taggart, John, & Co., stock brokers and insurance agents, 19 Waring Street
Taggart, J., (of John Taggart & Co.), Craigavad
Taggart, John, draper, 24 Lonsdale Terrace
Taggart, John, draper, 54 Old Lodge Road
Taggart, Thomas, agent, 17 McAdam Street
Taggart, William, spirit dealer, 184 York Street
Taggart, Wm., publican, 2 Bentinck Street
Taggart, W. H., wine merchant, 56 Apsley Place
Taggart, W. H., spirit dealer, 49 & 51 May Street
Taggart, William, draper, 11 Florence Place
Tait, A. F., book seller, 27 Bridge Street, res., 13 Landscape Terrace
Tait, Miss Eliza, 19 Upper Townsend Street
Tanish, George, draper, 50 & 52 North Street
Tannahill, J., sergeant-at-mace, 27 Apsley Street
Tannahill, Mrs., 12 Eglinton Terrace
Tanner, Andrew, stone cutter, 19 Adelaide Street
Tarvitt, W. H., leather case maker, 10 Telfair Street
Tate, Alex., Co., surveyor, civil engineer and architect, 28 Queen Street, res., Longwood, Whitehouse
Tate, Charles, 7 St. Sebastian Street
Tate, Elizabeth, 20 Wesley Place
Tate, Elizabeth, 37 Laburnum Terrace
Tate, George, grocer, 130 Sandy Row
Tate, George, house & land agent, 100 Donegall Street, res., Laburnum Terrace
Tate, James, carpenter, 39 Westmoreland Street
Tate, John, grocer and provision dealer, 34 Willow Street
Tate, J., hosier and glover, 16 Bridge Street
Tate, Mrs., Wellington Park House
Tate, Robert, 21 Wellington Park
Tate, Robert, chandler, 88 Hercules Street
Tate, T., & Co., grocers, etc., 24 Albion Street
Tate, William Erwin, 24 Albion Street
Tate, William, harbour master, 5 Duncairn Terrace
Taylor, A. O'D., stock broker, commission and insurance agent, Ulster Buildings, Waring Street, res., 3 Upper Crescent  (See Advertisement)
Taylor, Alexander, linen lapper, 21 Grosvenor Street
Taylor, Alex., boot maker, 113 McClure Street
Taylor, A., spirit dealer, 16 Kendal Street
Taylor, Arthur, grocer, 32 Malvern Street
Taylor, Benjamin, clerk, 1 Arundel Street
Taylor, Charles, foreman, 25 Kenmare Street
Taylor, David, J.P., (of J. Arnott & Co. Ltd.), Bertha House, Malone Road
Taylor, David, carpenter, 56 Agnes Street
Taylor, David, linen lapper, 21 Barrow Street
Taylor, E., (of J. & E. Taylor), 12 Kinnaird Street
Taylor, Edm., linen merchant, 12 Kinnaird Street
Taylor, Edward W., clerk, 6 Frederick Terrace
Taylor, George, baker, 18 Hercules Place
Taylor, Henry, hackle maker and gill manufacturer and mill furnisher, 26 & 28 Dover Street
Taylor, Henry, hackle and gill manufacturer, 21 Percy Street
Taylor, Henry, carpenter, 45 Lake Street
Taylor, James A., linen lapper, 28 Naples Street
Taylor, James, H.M.C., 44 Christopher Street
Taylor, Jas., linen merchant (of Castleisland Linen Company), 13 Kinnaird Terr.
Taylor, J. & E., linen trade agents and commission merchants, 1 Donegall Square West
Taylor, Joseph, (of J. & E. Taylor), Ullswater Terrace
Taylor, J., draper & spirit dealer, 85 Bradbury Place and 2 Wesley Place, res., 66 Apsley Terrace
Taylor, John, grocer, 49 Fortingale Street
Taylor, John, butcher, 29 Peter's Hill
Taylor, John, cabinet maker, 77 Ormeau Road
Taylor, John A., (of John Arnott & Co. Ltd.), Westburne, Windsor
Taylor, Jonathan, 30 Ballynafeigh Road New
Taylor, Jos., linen merchant, 28 Ullswater Terrace
Taylor, Joseph, draper, 66 Apsley Place
Taylor, Mrs., 44 Carlisle Place
Taylor, Mrs., Throne Villas
Taylor, Mrs., spirit dealer, 44 Townsend Street
Taylor, Peter, mechanic, 5 Berlin Street
Taylor, R., marble polisher, 6 Hudson Street
Taylor, R., druggist and chemist, 32 Auburn Street
Taylor, Rev. John, Methodist minister, 26 Pine Street
Taylor, Richard, clerk, 17 Posnett Street
Taylor, Robert, stationer, 4 Parkview Terrace
Taylor, Robert, mechanic, 42 Aberdeen Street
Taylor, Robert, provision dealer, 12 Mill Street
Taylor, Robert, 20 Virginia Street
Taylor, Thomas, collar cutter, 43 Percy Street
Taylor, Thomas, painter, 6 Boundary Street North
Taylor, Thos., book maker, 13 Malone Place
Taylor, Victor C., machinist and mill wright, Atlas Foundry, 81 & 83 Townsend Street, res., Fortwilliam Terrace
Taylor, W., brass finisher, 31 Hudson Street
Taylor, W., town missionary, 6 Haldane Street
Taylor, Wm., town missionary, 79 Hanover Street
Taylor, Wm., book keeper, 13 Madrid Street
Taylor, Wm., upholsterer, 8 Turin Street
Taylor, Wm., teacher of chemistry, 21 Wesley Place
Taylor, Wm., auctioneer, 52 Hopeton Street
Taylor, Wm., clerk, 127 North Queen Street
Tedford, James, ship chandler and nail maker, 5 Donegall Quay, res., The Mount, Mountpottinger
Teer, Daniel, ship carpenter, 48 Memel Street
Teenan, Wm., horse dealer, 98 & 100 Eliza Street
Telford, John M., linen lapper, 18 Zetland Street
Telford, Samuel, pavior, 15 Sandy Row
Telford & Walkington, linen manufacturers, 12 Linenhall Street
Temple, John, 217 Rosemount Terrace
Temple, Robert, manager, 108 Aughton Terrace
Templeton, D., (of Nicholson, Templeton & Co.), linen merchant, University St.
Templeton, Elizabeth, grocer, 28 Comber Place
Templeton, James, grocer, 52 Lawther Street
Templeton, J., provision merchant, 109 Peter's Hill
Templeton, John, compositor, 27 Wall Street
Templeton, R., M.D., Orange Grove, Malone Road
Templeton, Robert, tenter, 17 Berlin Street
Templeton, Wm., master mariner, 36 Spencer Street
Tener, John, grocer, 65 Mustard Street
Tennent, Charles, & Co., chemical manufacturers and dry salters, 25 Donegall Street, stores, 25 John Street and Kent Street, works, St. Rollox, Glasgow and Heburn-on-Tyne
Tennent Street National School, Hunter, Robert, principal, 35 Tennent Street
Teuton, J. B., & Co., merchants and agents, 2 Hill Street
Teuton, J. B., (of J. B. Teuton & Co.), Holywood
Thackray & Davis, dentists, 50 Upper Arthur Street   (See Advertisement)
The Belfast Portland Cement Co., Greencastle
The Dunmurry Dye Works, Thomas Crawford, proprietor
The Educational Bookselling and Publishing Company, 23 Skipper Street
The Franklin Steam Laundry, 3 Franklin Street
The Greenmount Spinning Company, 40 & 42 Queen Street Upper
The India Rubber, Gutta Percha and Telegraph Works Co. Ltd., 5 High Street
The Irish Linen and Damask Co., manufacturers and merchants, 30 Queen St.
The Suffolk Finishing Co. Ltd., Glenville
The Ulster Unitarian Christian Association's Book and Tract Depot, Mrs. McNinch, agent, 29 Rosemary Street
Thistle, Robert, coach trimmer, 49 Short Strand
Thorn, James, clerk, 6 Ship Street
Thorn, Miss, 18 Lavinia Street
Thomas, Edward, hotel manager, 9 Train View
Thomas, George, clerk, 19 Denmark Street
Thomas, Henry, hair dresser, 196 Woburn Place
Thomas, H. F., (of Campbell & Co. Ltd.), 7 Lower Crescent
Thomas, J. C., manufacturer, 9 Aberdeen Street
Thomas, John C., sewed muslin manufacturer, 27 James Street South
Thomas, John W., draper, 10 Cromac Street
Thomas, Joseph, flesher, 53 Hercules Street
Thomas, P. W., com. agent, 6 Masonic Buildings
Thompson, Agnes, 102 Bridge End
Thompson, Alexander, yacht and boat builder, Station Street and 15 Newtownards Road
Thompson, Alex., teacher, 36 Northumberland Street
Thompson, Alexander, tinsmith, 53 Percy Street
Thompson, Alexander, house painter and decorator, 33 Botanic Terrace
Thompson, Ann, 16 College Square North
Thompson, Charles, pawn broker, 23 Cromwell Road
Thompson, Charles, (of Hamilton, Megaw and Thompson), 1 College Gardens
Thompson, Chas., pawn broker, 63 Sandy Row
Thompson, David, grocer, 59 Percy Street
Thompson, Eliza, grocer, 63 Durham Street
Thompson, F., manager, Mountain Mill, Ligoniel
Thompson, George, (of Thompson & Fulton), 2 Newington Terrace, Limestone Road
Thompson, George, engineer, 85 Denmark Street
Thompson, George, mill manager, 196 Falls Road
Thompson, H. M., pawn office, 27 Eliza Street and 2 New Bond Street
Thompson, Henry, carpenter, 3 Kelso Street
Thompson, Henry, (of W. J. Johnston & Thompson), Crosshill, Windsor
Thompson, Hugh, student, 4 Camden Terrace
Thompson, Hugh, carpenter, 42 Little Corporation Street
Thompson, James, tailor, 22 Bismarck Street
Thompson, James, linen lapper, 70 Dover Street
Thompson, James, potato dealer, 10 Stanfield Street
Thompson, James N., Northern Bakery, 11 & 13 Old Park Road
Thompson, James, & Sons, linen manufacturers, 10 Havelock Street
Thomson, James M., managing director General Finance Co. Ltd., Atlas Chambers, Skipper Street, res., 23 University Square (See Advertisement)
Thompson, J., cabinet maker, 128 Nelson Street
Thompson, J., grocer and provision dealer, 185, 187 & 189 Shankhill Road
Thompson, J., land steward, Springfield Cottages
Thompson, J., news agent, 12 Apsley Street
Thompson, J., land surveyor, 23 Gloucester Street
Thompson, J., linen merchant, 2 Alberta Terrace, Malone Road
Thompson, J., grocer, 103 & 105 Old Lodge Road
Thompson, J., com. traveller, 27 Claremont Street
Thompson, J. C., carpenter, 40 Israel Street
Thompson, J. S., grocer, 162 & 164 Old Lodge Road
Thompson, John, clerk, 9 Abbott Street
Thompson, John, clerk, 266 Conway Street
Thompson, John, flax buyer, 12 Brennan Street
Thompson, John, grocer, 150 Peter's Hill
Thompson, John, manager, 375 Rutland Terrace, Shankhill Road
Thompson, John, manager, 41 University Street
Thompson, John, 108 Crumlin Place
Thompson, John, shirt manufacturer, 26 Little Victoria Street, res., 8 University Square
Thompson, John, clerk, 10 Virginia Street
Thompson, John, painter, 1 Wellington Street
Thompson, John, grocer, 6 Thomas Street North
Thompson, John, pottery works, Mountcollyer
Thompson, Joseph, store keeper, 9 Malvern Street
Thompson, Joseph, carpenter, 39 Annette Street
Thompson, M. B., manager, 44 Lonsdale Street
Thompson, M. O., 64 Eglinton Street
Thompson, Maria, refreshment rooms, 5 & 7 Whitla Street
Thompson, Mary, 2 Fleetwood Street
Thompson, Martin, inspector G.N. Railway, 65 Grosvenor Street
Thompson, Matilda, book seller, 11 King Street
Thompson, Miss, 37 Greenmount Road
Thompson, Miss, dress maker and milliner, 231 York Street
Thompson, Mrs. T. H., cabinet maker, upholsterer and house furnisher, 51 Donegall Street, res., 25 Laburnum Terrace
Thompson, Mrs. C., Hopefield Avenue
Thompson, Mrs. Margaret, 48 Mount Street
Thompson, Mrs., linen manufacturer, 83 Ormeau Road
Thomson, Mrs., Low-Wood
Thompson, Mrs., 21 University Road
Thompson, Mrs., 17 Court Street
Thompson, Mrs., grocer, 4 Albion Street
Thompson, Rev. David, 36 Salisbury Terrace
Thompson, R., spirit dealer, 67 Brougham Street
Thompson, R., manufacturer, 1 Alexandra Terrace
Thompson, R., cloth examiner, 35 Hartley Street
Thompson, R., jun., linen merchant, 14 Dunluce Terrace, Lisburn Road
Thompson, R. C., J.P., Castleton
Thompson, R. J., com. traveller, 3 Thorndale Street
Thompson, R. J., house and land agent, 1 Gardenhill, North Queen Street
Thompson, Robert, shoe maker, 149 York Street
Thompson, Robert, Son & Co., linen merchants, 11 Donegall Square South, res., 2 Alberta Terrace
Thompson, Robert, clerk, 37 Brougham Street
Thompson, Robert, carpenter, 25 Arundel Street
Thompson, Robert, wine and spirit dealer, 92 Malvern Street
Thompson, Robert, clerk, 34 Glenalpin Street
Thomson, Robt., J.P., Walton, Fortwilliam Park
Thomson, Rollins, fruit merchant, Oxford Street
Thompson, S., green grocer, 89 Devonshire Street
Thompson, S. A., inspector, 149 Ormeau Road
Thompson, Samuel, car owner, 9 Stanley Place
Thompson, Samuel, haberdasher, 220 Wilton Terrace, Shankhill Road
Thompson, Samuel, builder, 174 Grosvenor Street
Thompson, Samuel, clerk, 40 Lavinia Street
Thompson, Sarah, 67 Albert Bridge Road
Thompson, Susan, 12 Perth Street
Thompson, T., linen merchant, 13 College Gardens Avenue
Thompson, T., ship joiner, 183 Nelson Street
Thompson, T. J., draper, 123 North Street
Thompson, Thomas, carpenter, 6 Comber Place
Thompson, Thomas, chandler, 2 Cliftonville
Thompson, Thomas, mechanic, 93 Aberdeen Street
Thompson, Thomas, carpenter, 16 Scott Street
Thompson, Thomas, (of McClinton & Thompson), Cliftonville
Thompson, Thos., carpenter, 29 Halliday's Road
Thompson, Thos., 28 Vicinage Park
Thompson, Thos., druggist's assistant, 76 Bann Street
Thompson, W., carpenter, 17 Hudson Street
Thompson, W., spirit dealer, 20 Spruce Street
Thompson, W., merchant, 199 & 201 Grosvenor Street
Thompson, W., Custom House Officer, 38 Frank Street
Thompson, W., green grocer, 27 Cromac Street
Thompson, W., linen merchant, 86 Pakenham Place
Thompson, William, traveller, 90 Grosvenor Street
Thompson, William, car owner, 123 Colin View
Thompson, William, sexton, 27 Eglinton Street
Thompson, William, stock broker notary public, 4 Skipper Street, res., Holywood
Thompson, Wm., collector, 27 Belmore Street
Thompson, Wm. John, 78 Meadow Street
Thompson & Fulton, manufacturers and warehousemen, 15 Donegall Street
Thompson & Sons, cooks and confectioners, 6 & 8 Donegall Place
(See Advertisement)
Thornberry, Edward, grocer, 5 Little George's Street
Thornton, A. H., litho. printer, 33 Little May Street
Thornton, Geo., lithographer, 10 Lonsdale Street
Thornton, John, litho. printer, 45 California Street
Thornton, John H., clerk, 52 Hutchinson Street
Thornton & Co., water proofers and India rubber manufacturers, 12 High Street
Thorpe, James, brush maker, 72 Shankhill Road
Thorpe, James, brush maker, 31 Malvern Street
Thorpe, Maria, 1 Athol Street
Threlkeld, Alex., nurseryman, Fernleigh, Malone Road
Thronsen, Theodore, ship broker, etc., 132 Corporation Street, res., 38 Brougham Street
Thurgood, Edwd., 52 Camellia Terrace, Limestone Road
Tighe, James, clerk, 14 Short Strand
Tierney, James, commission agent, 22 Lombard Street, res., 18 Vicinage Park
Tilley, James, 57 Botanic View
Tilly, John, boat man, 42 Pilot Street
Timbey, John, compositor, 13 Elizabeth Street
Timbey, R. J., lithog. printer, 12 Harmony Street
Tinsley, Mrs., Virginia Street
Tinsley, Thomas, grocer, 231 Shankhill Road
Tinsley, Thomas, grocer, 241 Newtownards Road
Tipping, Sarah, haberdasher, 123 Peter's Hill
Toal, Francis, linen lapper, 185 Nelson Street
Todd, Andrew P., insurance agent, 7 Castle Lane, res., 8 Lavinia Street
Todd, Charles, fancy bazaar, 98 Short Strand
Todd, Catherine, grocer, 41 Peter's Hill
Todd, Charles H., teacher, 69 Clanbrassil Terrace
Todd, C., grocer, 59 Apsley Street
Todd, David, book keeper, 60 Adela Terrace
Todd, George, manager, 7 Fitzroy Avenue
Todd, H., pawn broker, 40 & 42 Peter's Hill, res., 5 Lincoln Avenue
Todd, James, foreman cutter, 45 Whitfield Terrace
Todd, J. S., spirit dealer, 2 & 4 Melbourne Street
Todd, Mrs., grocer, 115 & 117 Cupar Street
Todd, Samuel, book binder, 18 Skipper Street, res., 32 Upper Townsend Street
Todd, Susan, draper, 28 College Street
Todd, Thomas, commission agent, 10 Garden Street
Todd, Thomas, carpenter, 14 Hanover Street
Todd, Walter, publican, 8 & 10 Hope Street
Todd, William B., oyster rooms, Arthur Street
Todd, Wm. A., room paper warehouse, 24 Victoria Street, res., 111 Elgin Terrace  (See Advertisement)
Toghill, Geo., butcher, 285 York Street
Toland, James, saddler, 57 May Street
Tolen, Agnes, 5 Grosvenor Street
Tomb, J., commercial traveller, 22 Auburn Street
Toner, George, grocer, 2 Antigua Street
Toner, Henry, publican, 13 Corporation Square
Toner, John, cabinet maker, 67 Talbot Street
Toole, Fras. H., upholsterer, 85 Little Patrick Street
Toole, J., constable R.I.C., 19 Posnett Street
Toovey, Ernest S., tea and commission merchant, 1 Skipper Street, res., Auburn Villa, Ballynafeigh
Topley, James, letter carrier, 14 Israel Street
Topping, James, missionary, 29 Osborne Street
Topping, John, coach builder, 10 Bruce Street
Topping, John, (of Jameson & Topping), 5 Bruce Street
Topping, T. B., provision merchant, 26 to 30 Tomb Street, res., Ellerslie House, Windsor Park
Torbitt, James, tea, wine, spirit and general merchant, 58 North Street, res., Strandtown
Torney, H., grocer and spirit dealer, 66 Dover Street
Torney, J., fruit dealer, 25 & 33 Old Lodge Road
Torrens, H. R., M.D., surgeon, 56 Prince Arthur Terrace, Crumlin Road
Torrens, John, B.L., Chichester Park
Torrens, J., & Son, solicitors, 9 Wellington Place
Totten, Jackson, clerk, 9 Dunluce Street
Totton, Mrs. J., baby linen warehouse, 53 High Street
Totton, W. S., tramway manager, office, Hamilton Court, off High Street, res., Clanchattan
Tougher, A., pawn broker, 4 & 6 Falls Road and 13 Percy Street
Towley, J., music instructor, 6 Hamill Square
Townley, W., salesman, 22 Hamilton Place
Townsend, N. L., S.I., R.I.C., 26 Landscape Terrace
Townsley, Alex., grocer, 83 Hanover Street
Townsley, Thos., (of Joyce, Townsley & Co.), 25 Ulsterville Avenue
Tracey, John, salesman, 91 Grovefield Terrace
Tracey, William, 4 Raby Street
Traill, Mrs. Ellen, 73 Eagleson Place
Trainor, Edward, baker, 8 Alexander Street West
Trainor, Francis, compositor, 32 Alexander Street West
Trainor, James, compositor, 13 New Lodge Place
Trainor, John, teacher, 17 Lavinia Street
Trainor, John, grocer, 97 Old Lodge Road
Trainor, John, French polisher, 101 McDonnell Street
Trainor, Michael, grocer, 51 Leeson Street
Trainor, P., spirit dealer, 52 Hughes' Buildings
Trainor, Peter, polisher, 9 Irwin Street
Trainor, L., boot and shoe maker, 126 Durham Street
Trelford, Charley, & Co., linen merchants and bleachers, 14 Howard Street, res., Fruit Hill, Falls Road
Trelford, W., book keeper, 120 Hughes' Buildings
Trimble, J., cabinet maker, 7 Dover Street
Trimble, J., reeling master, 187 Warwick Terrace
Trimble, Samuel, pawn broker, 1 Balaklava Street
Trimble, William, captain, 83 Benwell Terrace
Trimble, William, 33 Oldpark Road
Trimble, William, boot and shoe manufacturer, 7 Oldpark Road
Tripp, Miss, 142 Albion Place
Tripp, Thomas M., resident manager Savings Bank, 35 King Street
Trodden, Edward, carpenter, 11 Ormond Street
Truesdale, Jane, 4 Frank Street
Truesdale, Wm. James, cutler, 13 Hurst Street
Truswell, George, moulder, 16 Antigua Street
Tucker, Mrs., grocer, 13 Sandy Row
Tully, Edward, butcher, 9 Boyd Street
Tully, Stephen, brush manufacturer, 39 Townsend Street
Tumath, Robert, grocer, 76 Malvern Street
Tuneath, Christopher, 7 My Lady's Road
Turnbull, Alex., cashier, 36 Botanic Avenue
Turner, Adam, spirit merchant, 298 Crumlin Road
Turner, A., auctioneer and valuator, 2 Clifton Street
Turner, D., engraver, 12 Bentinck Street
Turner, James, manager, Cavehill Lime Works, Mountain Bush
Turner, Mrs., 75 Prince Arthur Terrace
Turner, Mrs., Marguerite Terrace
Turner, Samuel, mechanic, 22 Howard Street North
Turner, Sarah, 3 Cameron Street
Turner, Thomas, architect and civil engineer, The Castle
Turnley, James, clothier, 34 Smithfield Square
Turnley, Miss, 9 Willow Street
Turtle, David, manager, 100 Bellavale
Turtle, Jas. G., (of Wilkinson & Turtle), 1 Cambridge Terrace, Ormeau Road
Turtle, John, dining rooms, 11 Bridge Street
Turtle, Samuel, tea merchant, 143 North Street
Turtle, Saml., (of Murphy & Turtle), 10 Canning Street
Turtle, Wm., book keeper, 26 North Queen Street
Turpin, Mrs., 13 Claremont Street
Tuton, William, carpenter, 9 Limestone Road
Twyford, Hans, flesher, 53 Shankhill Road
Twyford, John, flesher, 156 Shankhill Road

U   top

Ulster Arms Hotel, 15 Henry Street, E. Hopkinson, proprietor
Ulster Bakery Co., 149 & 151 Millfield, John Irwin, manager
Ulster Banking Company, Waring Street, James Taylor Blackwood, secretary
Ulster Brush Co., W. R. Molyneaux, managing partner, 42 Ann Street
Ulster Club, James M. Beazley, manager
Ulster Damask and Linen Company, William H. Ward, agent, res., Holywood
Ulster Examiner Office, Hercules Place
Ulster, Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital, Clifton Street, Occulist, Wm. McKeown, M.D., Matron, Mrs. Cargo
Ulster Hall Co. Ltd., Bedford Street, Frederick W. Smith, secretary, W. Murphy, caretaker
Ulster Hospital for Sick Children, Miss Park, superintendent
Ulster Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb and Blind, Lisburn Road, Rev. John Kinghan, principal, Mrs. Turner, matron
Ulster Iron Works, Abercorn Basin, Queen's Quay
Ulster Liberal Society, 4 Waring Street, M. Wylie, LL.D., solicitor, secretary
Ulster Loan and Discount Co. Ltd., D. Holywood, secretary, 2 & 4 Athol Street
Ulster Magdalene Asylum, Mrs. Gordon, matron
Ulster Marine Insurance Company, Donegall Quay, Sinclair & Boyd, managers
Ulster Permanent Building Society, J. H. Beattie, secretary, 25 Rosemary St.
Ulster Ship Stores Company, manager, James Stephens, 93 & 95 Corporation Street
Ulster Spinning Co. Ltd., 15 Falls Road and Linfield Road, offices, 1a Bedford Street, Finlay McCance, J.P., and Thomas Gaffikin, jun., managing directors, William Coates & James Baxter, secs.
Union Club, John Knott, steward, 6 Donegall Place
Union Workhouse, Lisburn Road, W. F. Boyce, clerk, Captain J. B. Whitla, master
Ure, Mrs., stationer, 56 North Queen Street
Ussher, Bros., druggists, 57 Castle Street, res., 34 Queen Street
Ussher, Edward, manager, 42 Auburn Street
Ussher, Miss, dress maker, 8 Lower Windsor
Ussher, Miss, governess agent, 34 Queen Street

V     top

Vahey, Mrs., 21 Beechpark Street
Valentine, Messrs., Collin Bleachworks
Valentine, Thomas, managing director Northern Spinning and Weaving Co. Ltd., res., The Moat, Strandtown
Valentine, Wm., mill manager, 95 Falls Road
Valentine, W., water inspector, 64 Hanover Street
Vallely, J. L., linen merchant, 4 Glengall Place, res., Marine, Holywood
Valli, B. H., Royal Engineer Department, Barracks, 9 Florence Place
Vance, David, hackle setter, 153 Argyle Street
Vance, Gilbert, linen manufacturer, 121 Donegall Street, weaving factory, York Lane, res., Edenview House, Strandtown
Vance, John, gardener, 363 Newtownards Road
Vance, John, carpenter, 83 Little Patrick Street
Vance, John, tailor, 56 Townsend Street Upper
Vance, Martin, insurance agent, 62 McClure Street
Vance, Miss, 9 Lower Crescent
Vance, Robert, notary public and proprietor of the Belfast Mercantile Journal, district agent for the Star Life Assurance Society, the Commercial Guarantee Society Ltd., general commission agent, etc., 3 Victoria Street, res., Ashville, Sydenham
Vance, R. H., Commercial Buildings
Vance, Samuel, salesman, 9 Morpeth Street
Vance, Samuel, secretary to Belfast Chamber of Commerce, res., 18 Mountcharles
Vance, William, mechanic, 49 Morpeth Street
Vance, William J., designer, 15 Schomberg Street
Vancini, Oscar, professor of music, 130 Donegall Pass
Vannan, Mrs., Botanic Registry Office, 34 University Road
Veitch, J., superintendent railway works, 33 Russell Street
Veitch, Thos. Cooper, 21 Distillery Street
Veitel, Max., linen merchant, 48 Ulsterville Avenue
Verner, Robert, shopman, 61 McClure Street
Vernon, Hugh, marine store, 122 Millfield
Vernon, T., foundry manager, 47 Ship Street
Victoria Nursery, Balmoral Villas, Lisburn Road, John Boyle, proprietor, town office, 4 Great Victoria Street   (See Advertisement)
Vincent, Charles, boiler maker, 9 Canning Street
Vincent, James, piano tuner, Brompton Cottage, Lisburn Road
Vint, George A. S., commercial traveller, 38 Regent Street
Vint, Jonathan, wholesale wine merchant, 100 & 102 Great Patrick Street, res., 32 Lonsdale Terrace
Vint, Wm., & Sons, wholesale grocers and provision merchants, 96 & 98 Great Patrick Street
Vint & Co., spirit dealers, 1 Little Patrick Street
Vinycombe, J., art manager, 28 Melrose Terrace
Virtue & Co., publishers, book sellers and book binders, 2b Corporation Street, J. Nicholson, agent
Vivash, Wm., manager, 80 Dalriada Terrace
Vogan, John, managing director, 7 Royal Terrace

W    top

Wade, Mrs., 63 Ormeau Terrace
Waddell, Jemima, 18 Fleetwood Street
Waddell, M. J., milliner, 158 Shankhill Road
Waddell, Rev. J., Presbyterian minister, Cliftonville
Waddell, William, grocer, 14 Hopeton Street
Waddell, Wm., book keeper, 24 Lagan Village Road
Waddle, Wm. J., linen lapper, 21 Posnett Street
Wadsworth, Charles, M.D., surgeon, 60 Old Lodge Road
Wadsworth, R. M., manager, Ballynafeigh
Wagner, R., teacher of music, 74 Cumberland Place
Wagner, William, accountant, 68 Earl Street
Wakefield, J., C.E., and assistant borough surveyor, 19 Wellington Park Terrace
Wakelin, Jas., commission agent, 154 Ashley Place
Wales, George Fred., M.D., surgeon, 85 York Street & Landscape, Greenisland
Wales, J., manager Belfast Bank, 26 Ullswater Terrace
Walker, Charles, pavior, 14 Wilson Street
Walker, George, linen merchant, 22 Waring Street, res., Osborne Park
Walker, George, insurance agent, 15 Linview Street
Walker, George, upholsterer, Ravenhill
Walker, James, manager, 143 Vernon Street
Walker, James, builder, 59 Laburnum Place
Walker, James, agent, 60 Dover Street
Walker, James, book binder, 8 Dover Street
Walker, J., spinning master, 7 Granville Street
Walker, J., engineer, 368 Eden Terrace, Shankhill Road
Walker, Jane, 13 Albert Bridge Road
Walker, John, confectioner, 75 Donegall Street
Walker, John, spirit dealer and oyster house, Winecellar Entry
Walker, John, grocer, 101 Old Lodge Road
Walker, John, farmer, 41 Combermere Street
Walker, Joseph, cloth passer, 43 Cosgrave Street
Walker, Margaret, 58 Henry Street
Walker, Mrs., 1 Scotchmount, Lisburn Road
Walker, Mrs., Everley Villas
Walker, R., carrier, 10 & 12 Dover Street
Walker, Robert, & Sons, dyers, Whitehouse
Walker, Samuel, carpenter, 17 Malone Place
Walker, Samuel, book binder, 5 McTier Street
Walker, S., china merchant, 111 Cromac Street
Walker, Thomas, traveller, 15 Malvern Place
Walker, Thomas, grocer, 73 Old Lodge Road
Walker, Thos. R., cashier, 4 Cromac Park Terrace
Walker, William, insurance agent, 93 Vernon Street
Walker, William, draper, 68 Stanhope Street
Walker, William, clerk, 96 Great Victoria Street
Walker, Wm., haberdasher, 9 & 11 Shankhill Road
Walker, Wm. J., cook & confectioner, 87 Bradbury Place
Walker, Wm. J., missionary, 1 Pine Street
Walker, Wm. R., painter, 133 Newtownards Road
Walker & Co., 5 Donegall Square South
Walkington, Dalway Bell, gentleman, Thornhill, Malone Road
Walkington & Son, oil merchants, dry salters and lard refiners, 32 Waring Street, works, Middlepath Street
Walkington, E., (of Walkington & Son), Strandtown
Walkington, Thos. R., (of Walkington & Sons), Laurel Lodge, Strandtown
Wall, Daniel, salesman, 85 Joy Street
Wallace, A., linen merchant, 2 University Street
Wallace, A., grocer, 1 Stanley Street
Wallace, Andrew, engineer, 16 Schomberg Terrace
Wallace, Archibald, linen lapper, 24 River Terrace
Wallace, D., letter carrier, 20 Pendrith Street
Wallace, David, carpenter, 114 Lilliput Place
Wallace, E., publican, 112 & 114 Corporation Street
Wallace, Ed., dining rooms, 120 Corporation Street
Wallace, George R., Irish Temperance League, 29 Landscape Terrace
Wallace, H., hair dresser, 173 & 175 Shankhill Road
Wallace, H., & Co., solicitors, 45 Victoria Street and Downpatrick
Wallace, Jackson, painter, 5 Blondin Street
Wallace, James, boarding house, 45 Prince's Street
Wallace, James, brick and tile manufacturer, 82 Cliftonpark Avenue, works, Ardilea Street and Oldpark Road
Wallace, J. M., timber merchant, 47 Brougham Street
Wallace, J. S., timber merchant, 63 Benwell Terrace
Wallace, John, grocer, 33 Naples Street
Wallace, John, plumber, 9 Norman Street
Wallace, John, 1 Woodland Avenue
Wallace, M., brick manufacturer, 1 Albertville
Wallace, Martin, house painter & decorator, 148 Albion Place (See Advert)
Wallace, Miss, 41 Eglinton Street
Wallace, N. ship carpenter, 149 Nelson Street
Wallace, Nathaniel, 6 College Street South
Wallace, Percy H., merchant, Edenbank, Windsor Avenue
Wallace, R., linen merchant, 13 Eglinton Street
Wallace, Rev. Henry, Professor of Christian Ethics Presbyterian College, Edenbank, Windsor Avenue
Wallace, Robt. G., 11 Annadale Street
Wallace, Robert, 55 Lonsdale Street
Wallace, Thos., commission agent, 1 Percy Street
Wallace, Thos., stone cutter, 27 Peveril Street
Wallace, Thomas, clerk, 22 Magdala Street
Wallace, W., station master, Osborne Cottages, Lisburn Road
Wallace, W. J., grocer, 70 Hopeton Street
Wallace, William, grocer, 262 Shankhill Road
Wallace, William, carpenter, 27 & 29 Frank Street
Wallace, William Nevin, (of H. Wallace & Co., solicitors, 45 Victoria Street(, Downpatrick
Wallace, Wm., letter carrier, 12 Norwood Street
Wallace, Wm., spirit dealer, 52 Little George Street
Wallace, Wm., tailor, 3 Dagmar Street
Wallace & Co., corn brokers, 2 Skipper Street, res., 1 West Clifton
Wallace & Gardener, linen manufacturers and merchants, 2 Clarence Street
Wallace, Richard, (of Wallace & Gardner), 13 Belgrave Terrace
Walls, Michael, traveller, 2 Thomas Street North
Walsh, Ann, grocer, 9 Joy Street
Walsh, James, painter, 40 Hopeton Street
Walsh, James, tailor, 56 Broadbent Street
Walsh, John, draper, 84 Joy Street
Walsh, John, painter, 21 Townsend Street Upper
Walsh, John, master mariner, 5 Wellington Park Terrace
Walsh, Joseph, tailor, 36 Townsend Street Upper
Walsh, Mrs., 1 Posnett Street
Walsh, R., book keeper, 52 Great Victoria Street
Walsh, R. J., 48 Eglinton Street
Walsh, Robert, carpenter, 4 Bilton Court
Walsh, Robt., (of Johnston & Walsh), Botanic Avenue
Walsh, Robt., Prudential Assurance agent, 164 Agnes Street
Walsh, Thomas, mail guard, 9 Bridge End
Walsh, Thos., clerk, 4 Willow Street
Walsh, William, clerk, 14 Venice Street
Walsh, William, cook, 23 Grosvenor Street
Walsh, William, traveller, 17 College Square North
Wann, Mrs., 8 Wilmont Terrace
Warburton, G. T., jeweller, 149 Strasburg Terrace
Ward, Alex., spirit dealer, 9 & 11 Sandy Row
Ward, Arthur, clerk, 60 Townsend Street
Ward, B., marine dealer, 42 & 44 Millfield
Ward, Bros., grocers and publicans, 25 Union Street
Ward, Bros., grocers and spirit dealers, 25 Cullingtree Road
Ward, Chas. H., solicitor, 4 Donegall Square East, res., Marino, Holywood
Ward, Daniel, tobacconist and boot and shoe manufacturer, 79 Sandy Row and Boyne Square
Ward, Edward, inspector, 11 St. Sebastian Street
Ward, E., clerk, 17 Wesley Place
Ward, H., engraver, 8 Little Grosvenor Street
Ward, H. M., manager, 1 Frank Street Upper
Ward, H. P., school teacher, Cyprus Villas
Ward, Hugh, spirit dealer, 6 & 8 Peter's Hill
Ward, Isaac W., accountant, 13 University Street
Ward, James, millwright, 57 Percy Street
Ward, James, painter, 14 Dover Street
Ward, James, flax buyer, 157 St. Helen's
Ward, J. P., linen merchant, Cherryhill, Malone Road
Ward, John, tailor, 27 Francis Street
Ward, John, gentleman, Lennoxvale, Malone Road
Ward, John, spirit dealer, 43 & 45 Queen's Square
Ward, John, spirit dealer, 35 Queen's Square
Ward, John, property broker, 2 Donegall Square West, res., Bellevue House, Strandmillis Road
Ward, John, publican, 112 Ann Street, res., 35 Queen's Square
Ward, John, victualler, 83 Donegall Street, res., 128 Hughes' Buildings
Ward, John, publican, 1 Donegall Quay
Ward, Joseph, 1 Bread Street
Ward, Marcus, & Co., stationers, printers and publishers, etc., Royal Ulster Works, Dublin Road and Chandos Street, London and Philadelphia, U.S.
(See Advertisement)
Ward, Fras. D., (Marcus Ward & Co.), Fernleigh, Malone Road
Ward, Miss, drapers, 53 Castle Street
Ward, Mrs., hosier, 57 Berry Street
Ward, Mrs., grocer, 51 Millfield
Ward, Mrs., 34 Coomassie Terrace
Ward, Philip, school teacher, 12 Eglinton Street
Ward, Philip, 3 Paxton Street
Ward, R., spirit store, 45 & 47 McAuley Street
Ward, Sarah, grocer and spirit dealer, 63 Grosvenor Street
Ward, Stephen, basket maker, 29 Lorton Street
Ward, Thomas, grocer, 39 North Queen Street
Ward, William, builder, 91 Joy Street
Ward, Wm. H., Ulster Damask and Linen Co., Linen Hall
Ward & Courtney, builders and contractors, 45 Donegall Pass
Warden, J., clerk, 13 Whitla Street
Warden, J. F., Theatre Royal, 1 & 3 Arthur Street, res., Annavale, Windsor Ave.

Warden, Ross Wm., sack, bag and hessian manufacturer, leather and boot merchant and commission agent, 65 Church Lane, res., Pottinger Terrace, Mountpottinger
Wardlow, Hugh, builder, 1 Cranbrook Terrace, Lisburn Road
Wardlow, R., machine printer, 3 Thompson Street
Wardlow, William, tailor, 23 Talbot Street
Ware, Mrs. M., haberdasher, 9 Old Lodge Road
Waring, Holt, biscuit maker, 9 Hudson Street
Waring, John, engineer, 5 Norman Street
Waring, Mary, fruit dealer, retail fruit market, Oxford Street
Waring, Robert, coach builder, 32 Willow Street
Waring, William, carrier, 27 Albert Bridge Road
Warmouth, R. Morgan, Oberon Villas, Ballynafeigh
Warnock, Ann Jane, pawn broker, 267 & 269 Shankhill Road
Warnock, J. H., carpenter, 6 Victoria Street Little
Warnock, John, (of H. Wallace & Co., solicitors), Downpatrick
Warren, Mrs. E., grocer, 21 & 23 Melbourne Street
Warren, Thomas, upholsterer, 40 River Terrace
Warwick, R., publican, 169 York Street
Warwick, William, M.D., & surgeon, 94 York Street
Washington Hotel, 3 Howard Street, Wm. Christie, proprietor
Water Commissioners' Office, 21 Rosemary Street, J. N. McNeile, secretary
Water Works, Wm. Smith, caretaker
Waters, Alfred, 3 Orrington, Lisburn Road
Waters, F., summons server, 17 Catherine Street North
Waters, Isabella, ladies' and children's out fitter, 17 High Street, res., Castleigh, Strandtown
Waters, John J., law clerk, 10 Prospect Street
Waters, W. R., surveyor and valuator, Victoria Street, res., The Knock
Waters, William, broker, 5 Brown's Square
Waterson, James, chandler, 11 Little George's Street
Waterworth, W. J., Royal Antrim Rifles, 1 Tilly Street
Watkins, James, 14 College Green
Watson, Annie, grocer, 98 & 100 Argyll Street (Argyle)
Watson, Armstrong & Co., linen merchants, 7 Donegall Square West
Watson, \bros., & Co., shirt and collar manufacturers, 5 Franklin Street, res., Beaconsfield Street
Watson, C., packer, Banna Cottage, Lisburn Road
Watson, E. h., tea agent, Victoria Street, res., Ardmore, Windsor Park
Watson, George, salesman, 6 Castlereagh View
Watson, Henderson & Co., drapers and boot warehousemen, 31 High Street
Watson, Henderson & Co., (The Globe), drapers, etc., 31 & 33 High Street
Watson, David C., (of The Globe), 66 Adela Terrace
Watson, John, clerk, 17 Shandon Street
Watson, John, gentleman, Mount Ovid
Watson, John, over looker, 18 Pakenham Street
Watson, John, 14 Ormeau Street
Watson, John, carpenter, 27 Lindsay Street
Watson, John, carpenter, 43 Kendal Street
Watson, Margaret, 18 Castlereagh View
Watson, Matthew, carpenter, 35 Charles Street South
Watson, Pierce, bleacher, 9 Brookfield Place
Watson, R., toll collector, 29 Upton Street
Watson, R., linen merchant, 8 College Park East
Watson, Robert, merchant, Geneve House
Watson, Robert, bed and bedding manufacturer, upholsterer, furnishing warehouses, feather merchant and purifier, 92 & 94 Donegall Street, res., Glencoe, Antrim Road  (See Advertisement)
Watson, Samuel, draper, 45 Auburn Street
Watson, Samuel, bleacher, 18 Everton Street
Watson, T., painter and decorator, 81 Newtownards Road
Watson, Thomas, clerk, 162 Sandy Row
Watson, Wesley, (of McCrum, Watson & Co.), Hannahville, Greenisland
Watson, W., collar manufacturer, 196 Grosvenor Street
Watson, W. H., grocer, 273 & 275 Shankhill Road
Watson, William, plumber, 6 Castleton Street
Watson, William, baker, 12 Thomas Street North
Watson, Wm., carpenter, 41 Short Strand
Watson, Wm. J., plumber and gas fitter, 6 & 8 Church Street
Watt, A. A., shipping agent, 22 Donegall Place, res., Ashley Avenue
Watt, David, constable R.I.C., 1 Silvergrove Street
Watt, David, grocer, 50 Matilda Street
Watts, Dr. Robert, Professor of Theology, College Park
Watt, G., general merchant, 70 & 72 Earl Street
Watt, George, grocer, 215 York Street
Watt, J., clothier, 79 Donegall Street
Watt, J. & N., family grocers, 62 & 64 Old Lodge Road
Watt, Joseph N., grocer, 2 Furlong Terrace
Watt, Robert, architect and C.E., 22 Donegall Place, res., Seaview Terrace, Holywood
Watt, Samuel, com. agent, 1 Castle Chambers
Watt, Thomas, grocer, 93 North Street
Watt, W., family grocer and provision dealer, 1 & 3 Wesley Place, res., 21 Donegall Pass
Watt, w., late surveyor H.M.C., 35 Ashley Avenue
Watt, Wm., (of Watt & Co.), Belmont Lodge, The Knock
Watt, Wm., grocer and provision merchant, 117 Donegall Pass
Watt & Co., grocers and provision merchants, 86 Ann Street
Watters, A., 'bus proprietor, 41 & 43 Frank Street
Watters, Allen, baker, 5 Corporation Square
Watters, David, stone mason, 49 Carlow Street
Watters, J. M., linen salesman, 25 Rugby Road
Watters, Mary, grocer, 100 Corporation Street
Watters, Thomas, traveller, 1 Stanley Terrace
Watters, Thomas, 96 Dunlop Terrace, Limestone Road
Watterson, John, picture frame maker, 11 Academy Street
Watterson, John, chandler, 13 Meenan Street
Watterson, Joseph, 4 Wolff Street
Waugh, Isaac, designer, 105 Everton Terrace
Waugh, J. E., leather merchant, 15 North Queen Street
Waugh, Mary, 165 St. Helen's
Waugh, William, coal merchant, 7 Scrabo Street
Waugh, Joseph, coach builder, 20 & 22 Chichester Street
Waverley Hotel, 10 Queen Street, proprietor, F. McLennon
Weames, George, tinsmith, 12 Brown's Square
Weatherup, J. & S., grocers & spirit dealers, 42 to 46 Great George's Street
Webb, A., art metal worker, 265 Newtownards Road
Webb, Francis, cook, 69 Lagan Street
Webb, Geo. A., phar. chemist, 141 York Street
Webb, John, letter carrier, 19 Grosvenor Place
Weir, Alex., bronzing and lacquering works, 19 & 21 Divis Street
Weir, Daniel, flax buyer, 45 Denmark Street
Weir, Hugh, gardener, 13 Boyd's Buildings
Weir, John, machine master, 8 Castlereagh View
Weir, Johnston, agent, 101 Argyll Street (Argyle)
Weir, Messrs., & Co., spinning factory, Dunmurry
Weir, Miss, 101 Great Victoria Street
Weir, Mrs., under clothing bazaar, 147 York Street
Weir, Mrs., 53 Laburnum Place
Weir, Samuel, town mission, 6 Baltic Avenue
Weir, Samuel, com. traveller, 55 University Street
Weir, Thomas, grocer, 55a Falls Road
Weir, William, manager, Springfield House
Weinberg, Julius J., (of Moore & Weinberg), Dundee
Weldon, E., warehouseman, 13 Rugby Road
Weldon, Mrs., 214 Grosvenor Street
Welsh, David, grocer, 22 William's Place
Welsh, R., foreman carpenter, 32 Frank Street
Welsh, Robert, carpenter, 5 Smithfield Square
Welsh, Mrs., Rose Cottages
Welsh, Mrs., photograph publisher, 49 Lonsdale Street
Welsh, Wm., tailor, 33 Denmark Street
Wellington Arms Hotel, 19 Castle Lane, Andrew Majury, proprietor
Wells, John, teacher, 63 Aberdeen Street
Wells, Rev. Hugh., minister Ballywilliam Church, Portrush, 26 Essex Street
Wellwood, Joseph, manager for H. Wallace & Co., solicitors, 45 Victoria Street, res., Sandbrook, Strandtown
Wellwood, William, (agent to W. N. Wallace, Esq., 45 Victoria Street), res., Garvock, Knock
Wentworth, William, tailor, 92 Joy Street
West, Andrew, insurance agent, 16 James Street
West End Loan and Discount Office, 15 Grosvenor Street, R. Humphrey, jun., secretary
West, Henry, law clerk, 7 Pine Street
West, John, general grocer, 97 Corporation Street
West, Rev. S. M., Derryvolgie Avenue (Derrievolgie)
West, Wm., shoe maker, 57 Peter's Hill
Westhead, J. P., & Co., William Campbell, agent, 4 Donegall Place Buildings
Wethered, Edward, wine and spirit merchant, 21 Cromac Street
Wetherhead, George, carpenter, 12 Hopeton Street
Wetton & Co., magnetic apparatus manufacturers, 49 Waring Street
Whaley, William, hackle setter, 7 Hopeton Street
Whalley, David, clerk, 42 Hope Street
Whalley, Mrs., Belvoir Place
Wharton, H., toy warehouse, 33 Donegall Place
Wharton, H., manufacturer of bog oak and importer of foreign fancy goods, 17 & 19 Bridge Street and 33 Donegall Place, res., 27 Ulsterville Avenue
Wheatley, T., music teacher, 27 Auburn Terrace, Vernon Street
Whelan, Eliza, 7 St. James Street
Whelan, J. P., sub-agent, Bank of Ireland, 9 Ulsterville Avenue
Whelan, Margaret, fancy warehouse, 59 & 61 Cromac Street
Wherry, James, tobacconist, 47 Peter's Hill
Wheeler, Charles, slate and tile merchant, Oxford Street
Wheeler, Owen, publican, 204 Leeson Street
Wheeler & Co., aerated mineral water manufacturers, 8 to 20 Eliza Street
(See Advertisement)
Wheeler, Walter James, (of Wheeler & Co.), Lennoxvale
Wheeler, T. K., M.D., surgeon, 3 May Street
Wheeler & Whitaker, Apothecaries and chemists (Belfast Apothecaries Hall), 33 High Street
Wheeler & Wilson, sewing machine depot, 63 High Street
Wheelhouse, Albert, stationer, 51 Whitfield Terrace
Whigham, Joseph, traveller, 4 Lancaster Street
Whittaker, H., M.D., (of Wheeler & Whitaker), Fortwilliam
White, Alex., plumber & gas fitter, 86b Donegall Street, res., 2 Allworthy Avenue
White, Alex., band master, 81 Benwell Terrace
White, Alex., plumber & gas fitter, 86b Donegall Street, res., 2 Allworthy Avenue
White, David, mechanic, 76 Artillery Street
White, Diana, boarding house, 21 Prince's Street
White, George, cellar man, 6 Eglinton Street
White, H., (of White & Co.), Rosaville, Fortwilliam Park
White, H., pawn broker, 29 & 31 Cullingtree Road and 73 Divis Street
White, Henry, clerk, 63 Theodore Street
White, Hugh, baker, 7 Mill Street
White, Hugh & Co., wine and spirit merchants, Winecellar Entry, bonded stores, Gordon Street   (See Advertisement)
White, Hugh, & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 33 Hill Street
White, James, tailor, 30 Irwin Street
White, James, carpenter, 98 Mountpottinger Road
White, James, ex-harbour master, 168 York Street
White, J., spinning master, 57 North Queen Street
White, John C., solicitor, Lombard Street, res., Inverary, Strandtown
White, John, manager, 151 Strasburg Terrace
White, John, confectioner, 17 Edward Street
White, Joseph, confectioner, 43 Donegall Street, res., 42 Carlisle Street
White, Joseph, boarding house, 17 Prince's Street
White, Miss, dress maker, 8 Virginia Street
White, Miss, 7 Botanic Avenue
White, Miss, servants' registry office, 2 Havelock View
White, Mrs., grocer, 59 & 61 Beresford Street
White, Mrs., 8 Carlisle Place
White, Mrs., 39 Brougham Street
White, Mrs. Elizabeth, 17 Antrim Place
White, Mrs. M., Willowfield Place, Woodstock Road
White, Rev. B. N., A.M., 2 Hampton Terrace, Lisburn Road
White, Rev. John, 21 Cliftonville Avenue
White, R., spirit dealer, 1 & 3 Outram Street
White, Robert, Post Office, 1 Malvern Place
White, Robt. M., coal merchant, 13 Queen's Quay
White Samuel, builder, 57 Bridge End
White, Samuel, carpenter, 51 Malcolm Street
White, S. B., (of Peterson, White & Co.), The Manse, Carrickfergus
White, W., block manufacturer, 16 & 17 Prince's Dock
White, W. J., grocer, 51 Fairview Street
White, William, pawn broker, 9 Newtownards Road
White, William, publican, Ligoniel
White, William, grocer, 3 & 5 Linfield Road
White, William, grain merchant, 24 Waring Street res., Strandtown
White, Wm., sanitary inspector, 6 Lower Windsor Terrace
White, Wm., loan office, 32 Furlong Terrace, Albert Bridge Road
White, Wm., pawn broker, 93 Castlereagh Street
White, Wm., wood turner, 19 Beverley Street
White, Wm. Jas., merchant, 31 Gibson Street
Whitfield, Henry, manager, 71 Carlisle Street
Whitehead, John, tea mixer, 26 Norwood Street
Whitford, Mrs., 18 Magdala Street
Whitehouse Spinning Co., John Johnston, manager
Whiteside, Andrew, pensioner, 116 Joy Street
Whiteside, Maria, 11 Beechpark Street
Whiteside, S., spinning master, 52 Boyne Square
Whiteside, Sarah J., grocer, 55 Foyle Street
Whiteside, Thomas, grocer and haberdasher, Whitehouse
Whiteside, Thomas, miller, 11 Boyd's Buildings
Whiteside, William, shoe maker, 49 Academy Street
Whitewell Omnibus Co., Thos. Skillen, manager
Whitewell Print Works Company, bleachers, printers and finishers
Whitla, Captain J. B., master of Union Workhouse, 1 Wilmont Terrace
Whitla,. Miss, Ben Eden
Whitla, Mrs., 118 Central Buildings, Newtownards Road
Whitla, Wm., M.D., surgeon, 41 Great Victoria Street
Whitley, Richard, fruiterer, 107 Victoria Street
Whittem, John, tea merchant, Woodbine Cottage
Whittem, John H., (of Whittem & Louden), Woodbine Cottage, Duncairn Street
Whittem, Mrs., 15 Townsend Street Upper
Whittem & Louden, wholesale and family tea dealers and grocers, 1 & 3 & 151 North Street
Wiggins, Robert, & Co., boot manufacturers, 179 and 181 Old Lodge Road
Wiggins, William, salesman, 98 Fortingale Street
Wightman, David, jeweller, 8 Castle Street, res., 28 Carlisle Street
Wightman, Miss, 7 Essex Street
Wildridge, John, painter, 4 Victoria Street Little
Wiley, John, dairyman, 33 & 35 Brown Street
Wilgar, John, clerk, 159 University Street
Wilgar, Robert, carpenter, 213 Ballynafeigh Road
Wilkinson, H. J., Colonel, District Commissary General, 6 College Gardens Ave
Wilkinson, Isaac, case maker, 3 Grosvenor Place
Wilkinson, John, tailor, 12 Boomer Street
Wilkinson, Thomas, traveller, 13 Kendal Street
Wilkinson, William, upholsterer, 28 River Terrace
Wilkinson & Turtle, linen collar and cuff manufacturers, 1 Alfred Street
Wilkinson & Turtle, linen collar, cuff and front manufacturers, 1 Alfred Street
Williams, Albert, 13 Carlisle Street
Williams, C., surgeon, homoepathic dispensary, 1 College Square East
Williams, C. D., & Co., sack and bag merchants, and importer of picture frame moulding, 50 Upper Church Lane, res., 34 Fitzroy Avenue
Williams, Fred. H., clerk, 12 Powerscourt Street
Williams, G., pensioner, 132 Woodstock Road
Williams, James H., clerk, 48 Marine Street
Williams, J., warehouseman, 21 Ashley Avenue
Williams, John, salesman, 22 Schomberg Terrace
Williams, Mrs., 9 Lonsdale Street
Williams, Rev. J. W., 37 Great George's Street
Williams, T., & Co., photographers, 25 Castle Place
Williams, Thomas, draper, 37 Botanic Terrace
Williams, W. J., linen lapper, 30 Belmore Street
Williams, William, 98 Fitzroy Avenue
Williams, Wm., flesher, 1 Oldpark Road
Williams, W., flesher, 77 Hercules Street
Williamson, Alexander, mechanic, 56 Boyd Street
Williamson, Bros., tanners and curriers, 84 Hercules Street
Williamson, E., pattern maker, 13 Springfield Road
Williamson, H. W., & Co., provision merchants, 8 Trafalgar Street
Williamson, H., leather merchant, 51 Laburnum Place
Williamson, J., C.H. Officer, 98 Derby Cottages
Williamson, J., Customs Officer, 29 Paxton Street
Williamson, J., flax merchant, 18 & 20 Grattan Street, res., 38 Oldpark Road
Williamson, J., mechanic, 48 Hanover Street
Williamson, John, letter press machinist, 5 Sherbrooke Street
Williamson, M., painter, 46 Spruce Street
Williamson, Miss, dress maker, 47 Ormeau Terrace
Williamson, Mrs., 184 Grosvenor Street
Williamson, R., spirit dealer, 291 Newtownards Road
Williamson, Rev. H. M., 3 College Park East
Williamson, T., coach builder, 62 Durham Street
Williamson, Thomas, engineer, 39 Roden Terrace, Limestone Road
Williamson, Thomas, over looker, 55 Stanhope Street
Williamson, Thomas, carpenter, 80 Hopeton Street
Williamson, William, spirit dealer, Greencastle
Williamson, Wm. J., hatter, 27 Shankhill Road
Williamson, W. R., printer, 145 Vernon Street
Williamson, W. J., book binder, 75 Wall Street
Williamson, W., salesman, 4 Westmoreland Street
Willis, David, book keeper, 33 Townsend Street Upper
Willis, Isaac, tobacconist, 38 Corporation Street
Willis, J., tobacconist, 25 Skipper Street
Willis, John, builder, 36 Eglinton Street
Willis, John, carver and gilder, 51 York Street, res., 36 Eglinton Street
Willis, Robert, compositor, 26 Telford Street
Willis, Robert, rent agent, 299 Shankhill Road
Willis, R., iron monger, 57 Lake Street
Willis, Thos., mechanic, 8 Haldane Street
Willis, W. A., aerated water manufacturer, 70 McClure Street
Willis, Wm., ship carpenter, 42 Bentinck Street
Willis, Samuel, brass founder, 44 Joy Street
Wilson, Alexander, carpenter, 34 Cosgrave Street
Wilson, Alexander, clerk, 38 Hutchinson Street
Wilson, Alex., tailor, 7 Hanna Street
Wilson, Alex., sec. Conservative Association, 15 Fairview Street
Wilson, A. B., (of John Rowan & Sons Ltd.)
Wilson Brothers, wholesale tea merchants, 9 Donegall Street Place, res., Belvoir Terrace, University Street
Wilson, Carswell & Co., (The Ulster Carpet and Roompaper Warehouse), 24 & 26 Donegall Place
Wilson, William, (of Wilson, Carswell & Co.), 22 University Street
Wilson, C., car owner, 90 & 92 Artillery Street
Wilson, Charles, plumber, 167 Shankhill Road
Wilson, David, ship carpenter, 25 Dock Street
Wilson, D., spirit dealer, 71 Apsley Street
Wilson, E., 44 Regent Street
Wilson, Frederick, 29 Oldpark Road
Wilton, Geo., statue manufacturer, 28 Gordon Street
Wilson, George, clerk, 197 Shankhill Road
Wilson, George, grocer, etc., 6 Regent Street
Wilson, George, salesman, 131 McClure Street
Wilson, Geo., printer, 34 Wesley Street
Wilson, Hugh, sea captain, 49 Camellia Terrace, Limestone Road
Wilson, Israel, traveller, 19 University Street
Wilson, James B., flax and tow merchant, 6 Commercial Court
Wilson, Jas., linen manufacturer, 9 Cromwell Road
Wilson, James, Ballynafeigh Road
Wilson, Jas., stone cutter, 22 Boundary Street North
Wilson, James, painter, 55 Albert Bridge Road
Wilson, James, jun., wine and spirit merchant, 128 Albion Place
Wilson, James, confectionery, 128 Sandy Row
Wilson, James, pawn broker, 171, 124 & 126 Sandy Row
Wilson, James, shorthand writer, 84 McClure Street
Wilson, James, 32 University Street
Wilson, James, grocer, 1 Utility Street
Wilson, Jas., linen manufacturer, 131 McClure Street
Wilson, Jas., & Son, rectifying distillers, wholesale wine and spirit merchants, 20 Skipper Street, bonded warehouse, 20 to 24 Tomb Street
Wilson, James, sen., (of James Wilson & Son), Abercorn House, Strandtown
Wilson, James, jun., (of James Wilson & Son), 128 Albion Place, Dublin Road
Wilson, J., car owner, 5 & 7 Coyle's Place
Wilson, J., com. traveller, 16 Thorndyke Street
Wilson, J., clerk, 6 Unity Street
Wilson, J. K., & Co., wholesale woollen and Manchester warehousemen, 6b Donegall Street
Wilson, John K., (of John K. Wilson & Co.), 6 Windsor Avenue
Wilson, J., (of Cross & Donaldson), Newington Street
Wilson, J. Forsythe, manager, 4 Ventry Street
Wilson, John, carpenter, 91 Blackstaff Road
Wilson, John, tailor, 21 Boundary Street North
Wilson, John, painter, 12 Erin Street
Wilson, John, clerk, 35 Moore Street
Wilson, John, car owner, 29 Powerscourt Street
Wilson, John, clerk, 1 St. Paul Street
Wilson, John, grocer, 42 Lindsay Street
Wilson, John, merchant, 18 Newington Street
Wilson, John, Skeigoneil Cottage
Wilson, John, house painter, 47 Hudson Street
Wilson, John, grocer, 35 Little Grosvenor Street
Wilson, John, pawn broker, 48 & 50 Hanna Street
Wilson, John, clerk, 4 Auburn Street
Wilson, Johnston, grocer, 235 Shankhill Road
Wilson, Joseph, secretary Albert Club, 6 Unity Street
Wilson, Joseph, compositor, 42 Regent Street
Wilson, Joseph, tenter, 138 Cambria Street (Cambrai)
Wilson, Mary, 113 Crumlin Road
Wilson, Matthew, grocer, 16 Mannsfield Street
Wilson, Miss, dress maker, 1a Virginia Terrace, Vernon Street
Wilson, Miss, dress maker, 152 Old Lodge Road
Wilson, Miss A., stationer, 94 Old Lodge Road
Wilson, Miss, milliner, 127 Grosvenor Street
Wilson, Miss, 8 Cameron Street
Wilson, Miss, 57 Ormeau Terrace
Wilson, Mrs., 40 Great Patrick Street
Wilson, Mrs., 16 Little Patrick Street
Wilson, Mrs., 5 Mountpleasant
Wilson, Mrs., Prince Arthur Terrace, Great Victoria Street
Wilson, Mrs., 2 Connaught Terrace, Lawrence Street
Wilson, Mrs., 22 Dunluce Terrace, Lisburn Road
Wilson, Mrs., 12 Trinity Street
Wilson, Mrs., 219 Grosvenor Street
Wilson, Mrs. Jane, 33 Halliday's Road
Wilson, Patrick, cutter, 6 Maud's Terrace, Perth Street
Wilson, Peter, plasterer, 8 Bradford Street
Wilson, Rev. John, Wesleyan minister, 3 Kinnaird Street
Wilson, R., builder and contractor, 1 Analea Terrace
Wilson, R., letter press printer, 99 McClure Street
Wilson, Robert, mechanic, 6 Clonard Terrace
Wilson, Robert, 85 Dunlop Terrace, Limestone Road
Wilson, Robert, plumber, 23 Denmark Street
Wilson, Robert, tailor, 51 Cavour Street
Wilson, Robt., brick manufacturer, 11 Antigua Street
Wilson, Robert, clerk, 22 Earl Lane
Wilson, Robert, sea captain, 26 Fleet Street
Wilson, Robert, butcher, 82 & 84 Norwood Place
Wilson, Robert, baker and flour merchant, 88, 90 & 92 Cromac Street
Wilson, S., linen lapper, 33 Ormeau Road
Wilson, S., (of S. Wilson & Co.), 3 Chlorine Place, Malone Road
Wilson, Saml. & Co., grain and flour merchants, 11 Skipper Street
Wilson, S., & Co., Glenwood Four Mill, Shankhill Road
Wilson, S., & Co., rope and sail manufacturers, ship chandlers and riggers, 19 Corporation Square  (See Advertisement)
Wilson, Samuel, (of Wilson & Co.), Knock
Wilson, Samuel, grocer, 73 & 75 Little York Street
Wilson, Samuel, compositor, 25 Westmoreland Street
Wilson, Samuel, 3 Chlorine Place
Wilson, Samuel, hatter, 8 Foreman Street
Wilson, Smith, pawn broker, 24 Robert Street
Wilson, The Misses, corset makers, 46 Upper Queen Street
Wilson, T. H., linen and damask handkerchief manufacturer and insurance agent, 1 Donegall Square West, res., Marion, Holywood
Wilson, Thomas, collector, Training Ship, 53 Waring Street, res., 41 Springfield Road
Wilson, Thomas, machine ruler, 38 Vernon Street
Wilson, Thomas, engineer, 3 Tudor Place
Wilson, Thomas, collar cutter, 43 Tyrone Street
Wilson, Thomas, carpenter, 28 Park Street
Wilson, Walter H., (of Harland & Wolff), 1 Botanic Avenue
Wilson, William, grocer, 9 Memel Street
Wilson, William, tailor, 85 Wall Street
Wilson, William, bleacher, 28 Mountjoy Street
Wilson, Wm. J., tailor, 58 Boundary Street North
Wilson, Wm., lithographer, 4 Analea Street
Wilson, Wm., carpenter, 6 Carlow Street
Wilson, Wm., smith, 4 Canning Street
Wilson, Wm., brass founder, 11 Denmark Street
Wilson, Wm., warehouseman, 22 University Street
Wilson, W., master baker, 140 Donegall Pass
Wilson, W. W., commission agent, 2 Castle Chambers, res., Holywood
Wilson, W., preparing master, 10 Clonard Terrace
Wilson & Strain, bakers, confectioners and flour merchants, 1 & 3 Cromac Street, res., 140 Donegall Pass
Windrum, A., master plasterer
Windsor, John, tailor, 41 Annette Street
Winning, R. W., hardware merchant, 2 Central Buildings, Newtownards Road
Winning, R., hardware shop, 97 McMillen's Buildings
Winnington, E., brass founder, 8 Fountainville Avenue
Winnington, Edwd., (of John Winnington & Co.), 8 Fountainville Avenue
Winnington, G., brass finisher, 6 Emily Place
Winnington, J., brass founder, 13 St. Andrew's Square
Winnington, John & Co., brass founders, engineers, gas fitters, copper smiths, etc., 7 & 9 Wilson Street  (See Advertisement)
Winnington, John, (of John Winnington & Co.), 22 King Street
Winters, H., boot maker, 4 King Street
Winters, S., pastry baker, 33 Mackay Street
Wisdom, Bernard, carpenter, 50 Boyd Street
Withnal, Samuel, hair dresser and jeweller, 36 Arthur Street
Withers, James, 6 Radcliffe Street
Withers, John, shoe maker, 6 Dock Street
Wolff, Gustavus W., (of Harland & Wolff), The Den, Strandtown
Wolffe, Wm., salesman, 10 Fountainville Avenue
Wolfhill Spinning Co., Ligoniel
Wolloughan, J., master mariner, 24 Brougham Street
Wood, G., foreman blacksmith, 24 Bentinck Street
Wood, James, traveller, 36 Mount Street
Wood, John, draper, 5 Landscape Terrace
Wood, Wm., (of Lipsey & Co.), Braemar Villa, Balmoral
Woods, A., foreman blacksmith, 8 Burke Street
Woods, Alfred, music seller, 51 Hanover Street
Woods, Andrew, publican and posting establishment, Whitewell
Woods, B., letter carrier, 88 Milford Street
Woods, David, 123 Hertford Place
Woods, David, manager, 10 Trinity Street
Woods, E. M. W., millinery warehouse, 36 Castle Street
Woods, George D., grocer, 31 Barrow Street
Woods, H. McC., borough accountant, Balmoral Cottage, Lisburn Road
Woods, James, cooper, 32 John Street
Woods, James, cabinet maker, 3 Park Street
Woods, James, stationer, 46 Castle Street
Woods, James, & Co., clothiers and out fitters, 48 High Street
Woods, James, (of James Woods & Co.), Beechwood, Marlborough Park
Woods, J., waggon maker, 47 Westmoreland Street
Woods, J., warehouseman, 20 Wellesley Avenue
Woods, J., spirit dealer, 114 & 116 Falls Road
Woods, John, publican, 1 Panton Street
Woods, John, & Co., wholesale grocers, 33 Ann Street
Woods, John, (of John Woods & Co.), 48 Upper Queen Street
Woods, John, 48 Upper Queen Street
Woods, John, 1 Wesley Terrace
Woods, John, timber merchant, 70 & 71 Smithfield Yard and 2 & 4 Francis Street, res., 1 Magdala Street
Woods, Martin, draper, 7 Crown Terrace
Woods, M., jeweller, 283 York Street
Woods, Mrs. Catherine, 32 Shankhill Road
Woods, Mrs. L., 132 Aughton Terrace
Woods, Mrs., ladies' school, 19 Cherrymount
Woods, Mrs. N., dress maker, 12 College Square East
Woods, Mrs., 15 Ormeau Street
Woods, Nicholas, clerk, 4 Tramway Street
Woods, Rev. Hans, minister of Sandy Row Presbyterian Church, res., Parkview Terrace, Cooke Street
Woods, Richard, manager, 18 Wellesley Avenue
Woods, Samuel, draper, 21 Elm Street
Wood, Thomas, gentleman, 189 Lorne Terrace
Woods, William, flax buyer, 32 Fleet Street
Woods, William, cart and waggon builder, 4 Allworthy Avenue
Woods, William, & Co., wholesale druggists & merchants, 15 & 17 Waring St.
Woods, Wm., (of W. Woods & Co.), 1 Moffett's Terrace, Holywood
Woods, Wm., spirit merchant, Braemar Terrace, Lisburn Road
Woods, Wm., grocer, 21 Oldpark Road
Woods, W. H., telegraph clerk, 5 Walnut Place
Woodman, Mrs., 2 Richmond
Woodrow, John, grocer and provision dealer, 103 Grosvenor Street
Woodside, Alex., shipwright, 125 Nelson Street
Woodside, Robert, 18 College Gardens Avenue
Woodside, William, hay dealer, 34 Thompson Street
Woodside, Wm., tailor, 39 Christopher Street
Woodside, W. J., ship broker, 11 Corporation Square
Woodward, George, grocer, 4 Annadale Street
Working Men's Institute, 2 & 4 Queen Street, R. Barklie, hon. sec., John Thompson, manager
Workman, Charles, M.D., 3 Glengall Place
Workman, J. & R., manufacturers, 3 Bedford Street
Workman, John, merchant, Windsor
Workman, Mrs., Ceara, Windsor Avenue
Workman, Rev. Robert, minister of Newtownbreda Presbyterian Church, The Manse, New Ballynafeigh Road
Workman, Robert, muslin manufacturer, 8 Corporation Street, res., Nottinghill, Malone Road
Workman, Robert, linen and linen drill merchants, 3 Bedford Street
Workman, T. & G. A., linen and muslin manufacturers, 3 Bedford Street
Workman, Thomas, (of T. & G. A. Workman), Westburne, Windsor Avenue
Workman, W. S., & Co., yarn and corn merchants, 3 Bedford Street
Worth, Joseph, general merchant, 76 & 78 Corporation Street, res., Anchor Lodge, Holywood
Worthington, James, (of Erin Mineral Water co.), 11 The Mount, Mountpottinger
Wright, Andrew, Belfast Loan Office, 49 & 51 Ann Street, res., 3 Cranston Place, Duncairn Street  (See Advertisement)
Wright, David, grocer, 45 Glenalpin Street
Wright, George, broker, 53 Smithfield
Wright, Henry, musician, 19 Court Street
Wright, H. J., & Co., public accountants and estate agents, 101 Donegall Street
(See Advertisement)
Wright, James, store keeper, 3 Spruce Street
Wright, James, accountant, 11 Abercorn Street
Wright, James, publican, 17 & 19 Walnut Street
Wright, James, farmer, Pisa Street
Wright, J. S., & Co., ship brokers and steam ship agents, 130 & 132 Corporation Street
Wright, J. S., (of J. S. Wright & Co.), 30 Dock Street
Wright, John, pensioner, 19 Boundary Street North
Wright, John, insurance agent, 121 Victoria Street
Wright, John, publican, 4 Oak Street
Wright, Joseph, grocer, 1 Donegall Street
Wright, Joseph, horse dealer, 12 Reilly's Place
Wright, Joseph, & Co., tea merchants, (Overland Tea House), 1 Donegall Street
Wright, Jos., (of Joseph Wright & Co.), Albertville, Crumlin Road
Wright, Joseph, painter, 86 Elizabeth Street
Wright, Mrs., 45 Great Patrick Street
Wright, Mrs., grocer, 40 & 42 McTier Street
Wright, Philip F., ship broker and commission agent, Victoria Chambers, 54 Waring Street, res., Whitehead
Wright, Philip, coal merchant, 19 Queen's Quay, res., 4 Newington Terrace
Wright, Rev. Chas. H. H., 4 Hopefield Terrace
Wright, Rev. J. J., Unitarian minister, 74 Mountpottinger Road
Wright, R., provision merchant, 86 Cromac Street
Wright, Robert, overseer, 51 Stanhope Street
Wright, S. M., manager, 17 Beechpark Street
Wright, T., coach trimmer, 5 Joy Street
Wright, Thomas, shoe maker, 6 Tramway Street
Wright, Thos., linen merchant, 51 Carlisle Street
Wright, William, gas fitter, 118 Joy Street
Wright, William, book keeper, 42 Fleet Street
Wright, Wm., painter, 17 Gilford Street
Wright, Wm., pensioner, 87 Hanover Street
Wright & Co., flour merchants, 2 Hill Street
Wright, J. B., (of Wright & Co.), Bangor
Wyley, Robert, clerk, 111 McClure Street
Wylie, Alex., agent Bible and Colportage Society, Wildown Villa, Antrim Road
Wylie, Jas., grocer and provision merchant, 245 and 247 York Street
Wylie, James, confectioner, 85 Old Lodge Road
Wylie, James, confectioner, 10 Israel Street
Wylie, J., provision merchant, 61 Mountcollyer Terrace, Limestone Road
Wylie, John, engineer, 39 Hanover Street
Wylie, John, & Co., grocers, etc., 5 Old Lodge Road
Wylie, Margaret, confectioner, 22 & 24 King Street
Wylie, M., LL.D., solicitor, 4 Waring Street, res., Mosaphir, Cavehill Road
Wylie, Rev. J. B., Presbyterian minister, Mosaphir, Cavehill Road
Wylie, Samuel, decorator, 8 College Square North
Wylie, Wm., cabinet maker, 72 Dover Street
Wylie & Dickey's Foundry, Stormount Street, res., Albert Bridge Road
Wynne, Mrs., Braemar Terrace, Lisburn Road
Wynne, N., tailor, 48 King Street
Wynne, W. C., linen merchant, 3 Clarence Street, res., 2 Braemar Terrace, Balmoral

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Yeates, Alexander, foreman, 30 Malcolm Street
Yeates, Andrew, linen lapper, 133 Vernon Street
Yeates, John, 36 Fitzroy Avenue
Yeates, Sarah, 31 Lincoln Avenue
Yeates, Wm., (of Marcus Ward & Co.), 6 University Square
Young, Alex., mechanic, 51 Townsend Street Upper
Young, Charles, shoe maker, 50 Cromac Street
Young, David, painter, 23 Thomas Street North
Young, James & Robert, linen and linen yarn commission merchants, Wellington Place
Young, Wm. A., (of J. & R. Young), Ballymena
Young, W., J.P., (of J. & R. Young), Ballymena
Young, James, (of Lemon & Co.), Laurel Cottage, Sydenham
Young, James, spirit dealer, Greencastle
Young, James, grocer, 58 Old Lodge Road
Young, James, painter, 45 Short Strand
Young, Jane, confectioner, 34 Tyne Cottages
Young, John W., druggist, 21 Radcliffe Street
Young, John, watch maker, 167 Sandy Row
Young, John, carrier, 42 Essex Street
Young, John, J.P., D.L., (of J. & R. Young), Galgorm Castle
Young, John, watch maker, 29 High Street, res., 167 Sandy Row
Young, John, French polisher, 104 Howard Street South
Young, King & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 7 & 9 Calender Street
Young, M., (of Young, King & Co.), Balmoral
Young, Matthew, clerk, 27 Canning Street
Young Men's Christian Association Rooms, 12 Lombard Street, Alfred H. Pettit, secretary
Young, Miss, dress maker, 91 Leeson Street
Young, Miss, draper, 173 York Street
Young, Mrs., leather merchant, 108 North Street
Young, Mrs., 3 Virginia Street
Young, Mrs. Mary, Rose Lodge
Young, Rev. James, 40 Botanic Avenue
Young, Samuel, 59 Mountpottinger Road
Young, Samuel, pattern maker, 24 Sandy Row
Young's Paraffin Light and Mineral Oil Co. Ltd., 34 Waring Street, R. M. Wadsworth, manager
Young, Wm., & Co., commission and insurance agents, 37 Fountain Street
Young, Wm., (of W. Young & Co.), 5 Pakenham Street
Young, Wm., painter, 19 Dagmar Street
Young, William E., Antrimville
Young, William Pearson, house decorator and ornamental painter and glazier, 99 & 101 Bradbury Place, Dublin Road
Young, W., lead pipe manufacturer, 28 & 30 York Street
Young & Anderson, wholesale woollen drapers, 5 & 7 Waring Street
Young & Anderson, Dunmurry Flour Mills, Dunmurry, Belfast
Young & Mackenzie, architects, 7 Donegall Square East
Young, Robert, (of Young & Mackenzie), Rathvarna, Antrim Road
Yorkshire Temperance Hotel, 25 Arthur Street, Jane Jackson, proprietor
York Street Flax Spinning Company Limited, York Street, W. Moffett, secretary
York Street Presbyterian Church, Rev. Thomas Hamilton, minister
York, Wm., iron founder, 253 Newtownards Road
Yoxall, Henry, (manager for Grattan & Co.), 5 Corn Market
Yule, Jas. L., auditor, 35 Auburn Terrace, Vernon Street

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Zachary, Geo., inspector of paviors, 40 Willow Street

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