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1910 Belfast Street Directory

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Names Alphabetically

Containing the names of the

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Cable, Jas., foreman, 149 Vernon Street
Cable Shoe Company, The, 48 North Street
Cadden, B., blacksmith, 120 Balfour Avenue
Cadden, B., blacksmith, Lagan Lane
Cafferty, Joseph, carpenter, 30 Cairo Street
Caffin, G. D., eyesight and spectacle specialist, 137 Royal Avenue
Caffrey, E. & J., publicans, 17, 19 Walnut Place
Caffrey, N. J., Airfield House, Glen Road
Caffrey, T. R., New Mountain Brewery, Andersonstown; town office, 75 Falls Road; res., Glenville, Dunmurry
Cahen, Wm. J., bread server, 39 Iris Street
Cahill, Elizabeth, 13 Cliftonville Street
Cahill, Jas., tenter, 14 Burnaby Street
Cahill, Joseph, compositor, 2 Glenalina Terrace, Falls Road
Cahill, Jos., window cleaner, 33 Ivanhoe Street
Cahill, M. F., M.B., F.R.C.S., 93 Shankill Road; res., 3 University Square
Cahoon, Alfred, house agent, 24 Clifton Crescent
Cahoon, A., hair dresser, 4 Blythe Street
Cahoon Brothers, Jewellers, watch and clock manufacturers, goldsmiths, silversmiths, opticians, 33 Donegall Place; Workshops, 27a Donegall Place
Cahoon, D., gardener, Moss Cottage, Lisburn Road
Cahoon, James, cooper, 11 Derg Street
Cahoon, J., jeweller, Rosedale, Earlswood Road
Cahoon, Miss, 11 Adelaide Avenue
Cahoon, Mrs., 67 Beersbridge Road
Cahoon, Mrs. M., 109 Lisburn Road
Cahoon, M. J., pawn broker, 12 King Street
Cahoon, S., publican and confectioner, Erin Villa, Lisburn Road
Cahoon, W. G., fruiterer, 2 Blythe Street
Cahoon, W. C., linen merchant, Killeens, Osborne Park
Cain, Robt., 34 Alexandrapark Avenue
Caira, S., ice cream shop, 147 York Street
Cairnduff, Agnes, 187 Beersbridge Road
Cairnduff, Fras., provision dealer, 30, 34b Albert Street
Cairnduff, F., grocer, 118 Grosvenor Road
Cairnduff, J., ship carpenter, 25 Harrybrook Street
Cairnduff, J., boot maker,. 8 Distillery Street Little
Cairnduff, Mrs., confectioner, 8 Lawnmount Street
Cairnduff, Samuel, clerk, 93 Howard Street South
Cairns, D., inspector of meters, 74 Bray Street
Cairns, Edward, L.R.C.P. & S.I., Stonehurst, Cliftonville Road; branch, 1 Hillside Terrace, Ligoniel Road
Cairns, Elizabeth, 46 Lonsdale Street
Cairns, Fred, mechanic, 2 Skegoniel Cottages, Shore Road
Cairns, Geo. R., manager, 147 Dunluce Avenue
Cairns, James, 55 Agincourt Avenue
Cairns, James, carpenter, 16 Delhi Street
Cairns, James. boiler maker, 5 Colvil Street
Cairns, Jas., cooper, 34 Wall Street
Cairns, Jas., boot maker, 15 Great Northern Street
Cairns, Jas., linen lapper, 2 Ivanhoe Street
Cairns, John C., Eastwood, Maryville Park
Cairns, John, stationer, 157 Rosebery Road
Cairns, John, railway inspector, 18 Clifton Street
Cairns, John, waiter, 52 Willowfield Street
Cairns, John, stationer, 255 Ravenhill Avenue
Cairns, Joseph, grocer and druggist, 112 Nelson Street
Cairns, J., carpenter, 16 Delhi Street
Cairns, J., painter and decorator, 37 Dublin Road
Cairns, Mrs., caretaker, 2a Donegall Place
Cairns, Richd., flax dresser, 4 Bisley Street
Cairns, Robert, mechanic, 3 Greenmount Street
Cairns, Robt. Jas., fluting master, 47 Cambrai Street
Cairns, Robt., carpenter, 27 Jerusalem Street
Cairns, R. J., foreman linen lapper, 9 Meadow Street Upper
Cairns, R., hair dresser, 313 Donegall Road
Cairns, Samuel, chemist, 19 Grampian Street
Cairns, Samuel, joiner, 2 Tasmania Street
Cairns, Saml., fitter, 205 Cambrai Street
Cairns, Thos., fitter, 93 Brookmount Street
Cairns, Thos., 31 Derwent Street
Cairns, Thos., manager, 3 Earlscourt Street
Cairns, Thos. H., solicitor, 59 Chichester Street; res., 135 University Avenue
Cairns, William, of Allen & Turtle, 11 Jubilee Avenue
Cairns, Wm., tailor, 3 Woodlee Street
Cairns, Wm., foreman, 21 Albion Street
Cairns, Wm., joiner, 41 Halliday's Road
Cairns, Wm., Clearstream Cottage, Ballysillan Road
Cairns, Wm., iron turner, 34 Howard Street North
Cairns, Wm., preparing master, 287 Oldpark Road
Cairns, W. H., clerk, 65 Imperial Street
Cairns & Co. Ltd., manufacturing chemists and aerated water manufacturers, 26 to 32 Landseer Street
Caithness, Wm., mill manager, 2 Easton Avenue
Calcutt, The Misses, 57 South Parade
Calder, David, shipwright, 9 Ambrose Street
Calder, James M., managing director New Northern Spinning & Weaving Co. Ltd.; res., Dalkeith, Hawthornden Road
Calder, John, rigger, 23 Trafalgar Street
Calderwood, Henry S., shipping repr., 2 Hollandmount, King's Road
Calderwood, James, sawyer, 43 Wigton Street
Calderwood, John, joiner, 58 Gainsborough Drive
Calderwood, Jos., compositor, 35 Majestic Street
Calderwood, J. A., grocer, 248 Newtownards Road
Calderwood, Miss Maggie, 47 Salisbury Street
Calderwood, Wm., printer, 51 Lindsay Street
Calderwood & Co., merchant tailors, 4 Church Street
Caldwell, Agnes, 3 Duncairn Gardens
Caldwell, Alex., clerk, 6 Lothair Avenue
Caldwell, Alex., blacksmith, 151 Alexandrapark Avenue
Caldwell, Annie, 9 Adela Street
Caldwell, A., H.M. Customs, 55 Glenbrook Avenue
Caldwell, Chas., cooper, 19 Ton Street
Caldwell, Colin, cabinet maker, Monzie, Salisbury Drive
Caldwell, David, motor man, 71 Coolderry Street
Caldwell, Donald G., paper merchant, Netherwood, Knock Road
Caldwell, D., carpenter, 22 Summer Street
Caldwell, Elizabeth, 84 Upper Newtownards Road
Caldwell, Ellen, draper, 286 Crumlin Road
Caldwell, E., newsagent, 276 Crumlin Road
Caldwell, Geo., plumber, 116 Malvern Street Upper
Caldwell, Geo., clerk, 12 Canterbury Street
Caldwell, G. D., teacher of cookery and confectionery, 29 Claremont Street
Caldwell, H. B., wholesale warehouseman, 8, 9 Windsor Buildings, North Street
Caldwell, James, linen lapper, 90 Rugby Avenue
Caldwell, James, carpenter, 206 Oldpark Road
Caldwell, Jas., carpenter, 29 Bray Street
Caldwell, Jas., 103 Upper Newtownards Road
Caldwell, Jas., carpenter, 13 Jersey Street
Caldwell, John, linen lapper, 58 Oregon Street
Caldwell, Miss Sarah, 17 Hugenden Avenue (Hughenden)
Caldwell, Mrs. A., milliner, 3 Duncairn Gardens
Caldwell, M., joiner, 20 Daisyfield Street
Caldwell, Robert, moulder, 91 Enfield Street
Caldwell, Robt., carpenter and builder, 196, 198 Oldpark Road
Caldwell, Robt., teacher, 227 Holywood Road
Caldwell, R., linen lapper, 33 Vernon Street
Caldwell, Samuel, grocer, 10 Gotha Street
Caldwell, Samuel, D.D.S., dentist, 126 Great Victoria Street
Caldwell, Sarah Jane, 25 Calvin Street
Caldwell, Thos., linen warehouseman, 14 University Street
Caldwell, Wm., traveller, 1 Landscape Terrace
Caldwell, Wm., caretaker, 31 May Street
Caldwell, Wm., fitter, 64 Glenfarne Street Upper
Caldwell, Wm., traveller, 23 Lomond Avenue
Caldwell, W. G., painter, 59 Eureka Street
Caldwell, W. J., postman, 18 Reid Street
Caldwell, W. J., storeman, 6 Ettrick Street
Caledonian Insurance Co., Fire and Life - A. C. Montgomery, inspector - 6 Royal Avenue
Caledonian Railway Company - General Carriers (Peter Galloway, agent), 15a Donegall Place, 1st floor. Telephone No. 1293
Callaghan, D., spirit grocer, 12, 14 Templemore Street
Callaghan, H., grocer, 208 Grosvenor Road
Callaghan, Joseph, pastry baker, 51 Britannic Street
Callaghan, Jos., cloth finisher, 71 Canmore Street
Callaghan, J., dealer, 4 Staunton Street
Callaghan, J., butler, Belmont Road
Callaghan, John, grocer, 1 Wansbeck Street
Callaghan, Thos., hair dresser, 17 Dee Street
Callan, Alex., boiler maker, 14 Sussex Street
Callan, Catherine, spirit grocer, 88 Roslyn Street
Callan, Patrick, school teacher, 71 Joy Street
Callan, P., publican, 53, 55 Millfield
Callan, W. Geo., builder, 34 Twickenham Street
Callen, D., joiner, 24 Ardmoulin Avenue
Callen, Frank, joiner, 32 Medway Street
Callen, George, mechanic, 12 Mayo Street
Callen & Co., contractors, 14 Library Street Upper
Callen, Mrs., dress maker, 2 Rutherglen Street
Callen, Robt., tenter, 248 Cambrai Street
Callen, W. J., carpenter, 19 Barrington Street
Callender, Chas., linen lapper, 9 Dromara Street
Callender, Fras., joiner, 1 Walnut Street
Callender, Jas., butcher, 57 Canning Street Upper
Callender, Wm., plumber, 495 Donegall Road
Callily, Jas., R.I.C., 30 London Street
Calow, C., wholesale watch manufacturer, 21 Albertbridge Road; res., Kensington House, Knockbreda Road
Calvert, D., clerk, 25 Landseer Street
Calvert, D., com. agent, 2 Hill Street
Calvert, Fred., carpenter, 80 Northbrook Street
Calvert, Geo., plumber, 88 Carmel Street
Calvert, Hugh, sawyer, 23 Majestic Street
Calvert, Jas., com. agent, 2 Lonsdale Street
Calvert, Joseph, attendant Queen's University, 75 Kimberley Street
Calvert, John, blacksmith, 1 Wauchope Street
Calvert, J. M., spirit grocer, 1a Charleville, Marlborough Park
Calvert, Leonard, com. traveller, Louieville, Marlborough Park
Calvert, Mary, 78 Balfour Avenue
Calvert, Mrs., Polnoon, Holywood Road
Calvert, Mrs., spirit grocer, 595 Lisburn Road
Calvert, Robt. Jas., retired banker, 3 Brenthamville, Knock Road
Calvert, Robt., engineer, 13 Stonyford Street
Calvert, R., R.I.C., 40 Jameson Street
Calvert, R., & Sons, printers, 3a Frederick Street
Calvert, S., street inspector, 52 Edinburgh Street
Calvert, S., iron moulder, 28 Stoneyford Street
Calvert, Wm., foreman, 26 Toronto Street
Calvert, W., clerk, 16 Landscape Terrace
Calvert, W. H., stock and share broker, 6 Royal Avenue; res., Banchory House, Helen's Bay
Calvert, W. H., draper, 9 Cliftonville Street
Calvin, Miss, costumier, 34 Gainsborough Drive
Calvin, Miss M., fruiterer and confectioner, 294 Newtownards Road Upper
Calvin, Thos., painter, 24 Chamberlain Street
Calvin & Co., drapers, 288 Upper Newtownards Road
Calvin, Rev. W. J., 18 Woodvale Avenue
Calwell, David, 11 Newport Street
Calwell, Jas., jeweller, 17 Colenzo Parade
Calwell, Mrs., Woodlawn, Belmont Church Road
Calwell, Jos., baker, 9 Gaffikin Street
Calwell, Mrs., boarding house, 14 Frederick Street
Calwell, M., sugar boiler, 1 Leeson Street
Calwell, Robt. B., M.D., surgeon, 166 Crumlin Road
Calwell, Robert I., B.E., M.Inst.C.E.I., civil engineer and architect, Scottish Temperance Assurance Buildings (3rd floor), Donegall Square South; res., Carninard, Annadale Avenue
Calwell, Thos., 13 Landseer Street
Calwell, Wm., M.D., surgeon, 100 York Street and 71 Duncairn Gardens
Calwell, Wm., joiner, 51 Danube Street
Calwell, Wm., traveller, 10 Woodvale Avenue
Calwell, Wm., manager, 33 Snugville Street
Calwell, W., M.D., 6 College Gardens
Camac, Thos., engineer, 27 Lime Street
Cameron, Alex., master mariner, 2 Brookhill Avenue
Cameron, Alex., carpenter, 1 Lena Street
Cameron, Angus, 2 Hampden Villas, Cyprus Park
Cameron, Archd., steward, 178 Roden Street
Cameron, A., coach builder, 74, 76 York Street
Cameron, A., dentist, 15 St. Ive's Gardens
Cameron, D., painter, 26 Gawn Street
Cameron, Jas., driller, 57 Cambrai Street
Cameron, John, packer, 21 Artana Street
Cameron, J., smith, 38 Baskin Street
Cameron, J., engineer, 16 Queen Victoria Street
Cameron, J., tenter, 89 Duncairn Gardens
Cameron, J., gardener, Martlet Towers, Antrim Road
Cameron, Jos., brick layer, 279 Connsbrook Avenue
Cameron, Lizzie, draper, 148 Crumlin Road
Cameron, Miss, 13 Agnes Street
Cameron, Mrs., Woodcote Avenue
Cameron, Mrs. M., 24 Brookvale Avenue
Cameron, Mrs., Coolgreaney, Cyprus Park
Cameron, Neil, electrical engineer and contractor, Tate's Chambers, Lower Garfield Street
Cameron, N., retired sea captain, 8 Willowfield Gardens
Cameron, Peter, joiner, 14 Abbott Street
Cameron, Wm., engineer, 5 Lisnavon Street
Cameron, Wm., traveller, 27 Printwork Terrace
Camlin, David, nurseryman, Abercorn House, Larkfield Road
Camlin, E., nurseryman, 59 Victoria Road
Camlin, G. W., pharmaceutical chemist, 18 Salisbury Street
Camlin, G., pawn broker, 81 and 112 Donegall Pass
Camlin, James, 75 Windsor Road
Camlin, Jas., bookkeeper, 16 Jaffa Street
Camlin, Miss F., 39 Manor Street
Camlin, Mrs. A. J., 19 Balfour Avenue
Camlin, Robt., bookkeeper, 58 Newington Avenue
Camlin, Wesley, cutter, 9 London Street
Camm, Mrs. Sarah, 72 Ardenlee Avenue
Campbell, Abraham, coal merchant, 36 Hopefield Avenue
Campbell, Alfred, joiner, 4 Dromara Street
Campbell, Alfred J., hardware merchant, 28 University Avenue
Campbell, Albert J., clerk, 74 Redcar Street
Campbell, Alfred, wood carver, 73 Fortwilliam Parade
Campbell, Alf., bread server, 2 Whiteville Terrace, Ballygomartin Road
Campbell, Alf., clerk, 75 Ogilvie Street
Campbell, Alf., joiner, 78 Ogilvie Street
Campbell, Alex., pawn broker, 27 Jocelyn Avenue
Campbell, Alex., carpenter, 45 Ogilvie Street
Campbell, Alex., manager, Montano Vista Martinez Avenue
Campbell, A., bread server, 1a Rosebank Street
Campbell, A., baker, 5 White Street
Campbell, A., shipwright, 163 Crimea Street
Campbell, A., fruiterer, 2 Cranmore Buildings, Lisburn Road
Campbell, A., Oxford refreshment rooms, 6, 7 Oxford Street
Campbell, A. Albert, solicitor, 4 Waring Street; res., 4 Wellington Crescent, Ravenhill Road
Campbell, A. J., clerk, 74 Redcar Street
Campbell, A. G., warehouseman, Kilcreggan, Myrtlefield Park
Campbell Bros., Colour Merchants, Glass Bevellers, Silverers and Stained Glass Artists, 19, 21, 23 Franklin Street. Telephone No. 646. Telegrams, Vanguard
Campbell, B. W., M.B.A., M.C.E., tutor, 6 Legann Street
Campbell, B., grocer, 38, 40 Joy Street
Campbell, B., & Co., watch makers and jewellers, 18, 20 Smithfield
Campbell, B., solicitor, 41 Chichester Street
Campbell, Catherine, 177 Beersbridge Road
Campbell, Charlotte, tobacconist and confectioner, 3 Crumlin Road, and 50 Great Edward Street
Campbell, Chas., butcher, 23 Howard Street North
Campbell, C., upholsterer, 30 Lecale Street
Campbell, C., & Co., boot and shoe warehouse, 115 Newtownards Road
Campbell, David R., insurance agent, 11 Kimberley Street
Campbell, David, tenter, 92 My Lady's Road
Campbell, David, artist, 3 Surrey Street
Campbell, Donald, dairyman, 71, 73 Holywood Road
Campbell, Duncan, boiler maker, 38 Susan Street
Campbell, D., cabinet maker, 9 Epworth Street
Campbell, D., com. agent, 3 College Street
Campbell, D., grocer, 499 Donegall Road
Campbell, D., joiner, 33 Tralee Street
Campbell, S., boiler maker, 71 Montrose Street
Campbell, D., litho. printer, 86 Roden Street
Campbell, D. B., accountant, 17 Cliftonpark Avenue
Campbell, D. J. & Co., brokers, merchants and manufacturers' agents,79 Royal Avenue
Campbell, D. R., insurance agent, 11 Kimberley Street
Campbell, Edwin, com. agent, 49 Annalee Street
Campbell, Ellen, spirit grocer, 102 Richardson Street
Campbell, Eliza, 199 Beersbridge Road
Campbell, Eliza Jane, 38 Templemore Avenue
Campbell, E., dress and mantle maker, 41 Grosvenor Road
Campbell, E., cattle agent, 7 Upton Street
Campbell, E., shipwright, 163 Crimea Street
Campbell, E., publican, 41 Albert Street and 98, 100 Cullingtree Road
Campbell, Flavel, manager, 45 Fairview Street
Campbell, Fred., tobacconist, 17 Arthur Square and 313, 315 Antrim Road
Campbell, Fred., linen manufacturer, 1 Laureldene, Cliftonville Circus
Campbell, Fred., Lorne Doone, Stockman's Lane
Campbell, Fred., box maker, 21 Brunswick Street Little
Campbell, Geo., brass moulder, 242 Conway Street
Campbell, Geo., iron turner, 9 Emerald Street
Campbell, Geo., steward, 4 Loftus Street
Campbell, Geo., painter, 85 Cheviot Avenue
Campbell, Geo., painter, 19 Pansy Street
Campbell, Geo., grocer, 403, 405 Newtownards Road
Campbell, Geo., baker, 100 Ogilvie Street
Campbell, Geo., fitter, 41 Hudson Street
Campbell, G., engine driver, 129 Canning Street Upper
Campbell, Hammersley, dentist, 104 Great Victoria Street
Campbell, Henry, & Co., flax and tow spinners and linen thread manufacturers, 41 Royal Avenue; works at Mossley; res., R. Garrett Campbell, Coolgreany, Fortwilliam Park; and Lloyd Campbell, Fairbourne, Fortwilliam Park; F. H. Shaw, Bedford Street; Wm. Larmour, secretary
Campbell, Henry, caretaker, Ligoniel Orange Hall, Ligoniel Road
Campbell, Henry, boot maker, 81, 81a Ormeau Road
Campbell, Hy., boot maker, 77 Maryville Street
Campbell, cabinet maker, 9 Epworth Street
Campbell, Hugh, com. agent, 20 Waring Street
Campbell, Hugh, cutter, 6 Ilchester Street
Campbell, Hugh, farmer, City View, Knockbreda Road
Campbell, Hugh, 2 Spencer Villas, Marlborough Park
Campbell, Hugh, mechanic, 5 Buckingham Street
Campbell, Hugh, galvaniser, 31 Sheriff Street
Campbell, Hugh, 18 Baltic Avenue
Campbell, Hugh, joiner, 233 Spamount Street
Campbel, Hugh, blacksmith, 76 Aberdeen Street (Campbell)
Campbell, Howard, Rathfern, Whiteabbey
Campbell, Hry., caretaker, 22 Victoria Gardens
Campbell, H., preparing mater. 30 Silvio Street
Campbell, James, draper, 87 Ravenhill Road
Campbell, James, butcher, 9 Howe Street
Campbell, James, sawyer, 91 Mervue Street
Campbell, James, managing director Jennymount Mill, Oakley, Strandtown
Campbell, James, grocer, 68 Oldpark Road
Campbell, James, storeman, 101 Broom Street
Campbell, James, moulder, 83 Emerson Street
Campbell, Jas., dyer, 9 Ballynure Street
Campbell, Jas., commercial salesman, 1 University Street
Campbell, Jas., publican, 68 North Queen Street
Campbell, Jas., machine man, 16 Colligan Street
Campbell, Jas., agent, 47 Waring Street
Campbell, Jas., hackle setter, 3 Ingram's Buildings, Ballysillan
Campbell, Jas., fitter, 8 Coburg Street
Campbell, Jas., assurance agent, 65 Harrybrook Street
Campbell, Jas., mechanic, 13 Drew Street
Campbell, Jas., boiler maker, 9, 11 Thompson Street
Campbell, Jas., french polisher, 11 Innis Place
Campbell, Jas., motorman, 12 Abingdon Street
Campbell, Jas., insurance agent, 50 Leitrim Street
Campbell, Jas., grocer's assistant, 108 Melrose Street
Campbell, Jas., clerk, 17 Ulsterdale Street
Campbell, Jas., carpenter, 3 Almeida Terrace, Falls Road
Campbell, Jas., joiner, 4 Moyola Street
Campbell, Jas., manager, 33 Roseleigh Street
Campbell, Jas., carpenter, 23 Lee Street
Campbell, Jas., checker, 15 Violet Street
Campbell, Jas., glass merchant, 9 Cromwell Road
Campbell, James, packing case maker, 24 Teutonic Street
Campbell, Jas., hair dresser, 237 New Lodge Road
Campbell, Jas., manager, 13 Hopefield Avenue
Campbell, Jas., dealer, 25 Andrew Street New
Campbell, Jas. A., 92 Cromwell Road
Campbell, John, handkerchief printer and finisher, 22 Wolseley Street
Campbell, John, Willowdene, King's Road
Campbell, John, M.D., F.R.C.S., Eng., Crescent House, Upper Crescent
Campbell, John, tailor, 50 Fernwood Street
Campbell, Jas., boiler maker,. 9, 11 Thompson Street
Campbell, John, sexton Carlisle Memorial Church, 94 Hanover Street
Campbell, John, warehouseman, Mountpleasant, Ballymagarry
Campbell, John, clerk, 8 Forth Glen, Ballymagarry
Campbell, John, joiner, 51 Gainsborough Drive
Campbell, John, foreman mechanic, 99 Duncairn Gardens
Campbell, John, fitter, 56 Ravensdale Street
Campbell, John, ex-R.I.C., 15 Rosebery Road
Campbell, John, engine driver, 43 Albion Street
Campbell, John, teacher, 94 Cliftonpark Avenue
Campbell, John, tailor, 50 Fernwood Street
Campbell, John, care maker, 7 Tenth Street
Campbell, John, traveller, 4 Roseleigh Street
Campbell, John, draper, 47 Peter's Hill
Campbell, John, pensioner, 19 Surrey Street
Campbell, John, fitter, 110 Brookmount Street
Campbell, John, clerk, Inishowen, Downview Avenue
Campbell, John, grocer's assistant, 39 Woodvale Street
Campbell, John, designer, 24 Ilchester Street
Campbell, John, salesman, 23 Enfield Street
Campbell, John, com. traveller, 59 Kansas Avenue
Campbell, John, iron turner, 44 Wilton Street
Campbell, John C., manager, Workman & Clark's, Cairn-Lynn, Donegall Park Avenue
Campbell, John O., contractor and builder, Lahore, Annadale Avenue
Campbell, John, & Sons, handkerchief printers and finishers, 2 Beit Street
Campbell, Jno., sexton, 94 Hanover Street
Campbell, Joseph, com. traveller, 1 Malone Avenue
Campbell, Jos., solicitor, Glenavon, Barnett's Road, Knock
Campbell, Jos., 74 Cromwell Road
Campbell, Jos., dresser, 27 Arundel Street
Campbell, Jos., butcher, 4 Ballymoney Street
Campbell, Jos., engineer, 57 Susan Street
Campbell, Jos., winding master, 18 Dunmoyle Street
Campbell, J., foreman, 99 Duncairn Gardens
Campbell, J., winding master, 18 Dunmoyle Street
Campbell, J., dealer, 52 East Street
Campbell, J., boiler maker, 18 Penrose Street
Campbell, J., engine driver, 113 Euston Street
Campbell, J., bottler, 44 Gordon Street
Campbell, J., grocer, 2 Grace Avenue
Campbell, J., tailor, 20 Oldpark Avenue
Campbell, J., spirit grocer, 367 Woodstock Road
Campbell, J., carpenter, 22 Tower Street
Campbell, J., blacksmith, 38 Townsend Street
Campbell, J., blacksmith, 1 and 5 Gaffikin Street
Campbell, J. A., dairyman, 50 Haypark Avenue
Campbell, J. A., & Son, Manufacturers of Tin Showcards, Enamelled Iron Plates, Advertising Novelties and Insurance Agents, 64 Royal Avenue; res., J. A. Campbell and D. E. Campbell, Beechwood, Park Avenue
Campbell, J. L., com. agent, Queen's Arcade Chambers, Donegall Place (3rd floor)
Campbell, J. M., blacksmith, 66 Bray Street
Campbell, J. P., rent agent, 43 Chichester Street
Campbell, J. W., & Co., Glasgow (T. Aston, agent), 8 Skipper Street
Campbell, Lloyd, flax spinner (of Henry Campbell & Co. Ltd., 41 Royal Avenue); res., Fairbourne, Fortwilliam Park
Campbell, L., Mariner's Temperance Hotel, 51, 53 Corporation Street
Campbell, Mrs. Mary, 34 Eglantine Avenue
Campbell, Mary, 17 Malone Place
Campbell, Matthew, steward Union Club; res., 52 Shaftesbury Avenue
Campbell, Matt., painter, 3 Coolbeg Street
Campbell, Miss, dress maker, 32 Balfour Avenue
Campbell, Miss, draper, 222 Crumlin Road
Campbell, Miss, 1 Loughview Place, Ballysillan
Campbell, Miss, 625 Lisburn Road
Campbell, Miss, 16 Mount Charles
Campbell, Miss, 14 Oceanic Avenue
Campbell, Miss, 2 St. James Street
Campbell, Miss Annie, 2a Pakenham Street
Campbell, Miss Elizabeth, 34 Rugby Road
Campbell, The Misses, 85 Malone Avenue
Campbell, Mrs., dress maker, 23 Rowan Street
Campbell, Mrs., 3 Maryville Avenue
Campbell, Mrs., 133 Park Avenue
Campbell, Mrs., 41 Beaumont Terrace, Eglantine Avenue
Campbell, Mrs., 42 Lonsdale Street
Campbell, Mrs., 21 Woodcot Avenue
Campbell, Mrs., 10 Kansas Avenue
Campbell, Mrs., 9 Magdala Street
Campbell, Mrs., Lynwood, 34 Eglantine Avenue
Campbell, Mrs., Brantwood, 125 North Road
Campbell, Mrs., Skegoniel House, Shore Road
Campbell, Mrs., 40 Pacific Avenue
Campbell, Mrs., Oakley Terrace, 4 Cliftonville Street
Campbell, Mrs., 145 Rugby Avenue
Campbell, Mrs. B., 52 Bankmore Street
Campbell, Mrs. Catherine A., Lorne Villa, South Parade
Campbell, Miss E., dress maker, 41 Grosvenor Road
Campbell, Mrs. E., dress maker, 24 Stranmillis Street
Campbell, Mrs. E., 2 Castlereagh Place
Campbell, Mrs. Isabella, 60 Kansas Avenue
Campbell, Mrs. Jane, 52 Agincourt Avenue
Campbell, Mrs. Jane, 22 Newington Avenue
Campbell, Mrs. Jane, fish merchant, 213 Woodstock Road
Campbell, Mrs. Jane, Glenfarlough, Kerr's Road, Strandtown
Campbell, Mrs. Mary, 116 Templemore Avenue
Campbell, Mrs. Rachael, 17 Virginia Street
Campbell, Mrs. Sarah, 33 Belmont Road
Campbell, Mrs., 41 Eglantine Avenue
Campbell, M., baker, 102 Agnes Street
Campbell, M., com. traveller, Greenmount, Cavehill Road
Campbell, M., carpenter, 6 Cinnamon Street
Campbell, M., driller, 3 Ninth Street
Campbel, M. A., confectioner, 151 Duncairn Gardens (Campbell)
Campbell, M. A., 52 Corporation Street
Campbell, M. B., 52 Bankmore Street
Campbell, M. E., 151 Duncairn Gardens
Campbell, M. J., confectioner, 178 Sandy Row
Campbell, M. J., spirit grocer, 78, 80 Clyde Street
Campbell, Neil, carpenter, 54 Vicarage Street
Campbell, Patk., fitter, 8 Dysart Street
Campbell, Peter, boiler maker, 70 Ogilvie Street
Campbell, Peter, hair dresser, 7 Carlton Street
Campbell, Philip, cashier Belfast Harbour Commissioners, Ardgillan, 348 Newtownards Road Upper
Campbell, P., bottle maker, 33 Tower Street
Campbell, Rev. J. W. R., M.A., President, Methodist College
Campbell, Richard, pensioner, 57 My Lady's Road
Campbell, Robert, gas fitter, 19 Cumberland Street
Campbell, Robert, oil stores, 128 Durham Street
Campbell, Robert, 31 Benwell Street
Campbell, Robt., warehouseman, 14 Grampian Street
Campbell, Robt. L., clerk, 38 Lomond Avenue
Campbell, Robt., grocer, 24 Antrim Road
Campbell, Robt., grocer, 33 Armitage Street
Campbell, Robt., damask weaver, 82 Cosgrave Street
Campbell, Robt., stock keeper, 1 Glenallen Street
Campbell, Robt., fitter, 70 Richardson Street
Campbell, Robt., compositor, 20 Dromara Street
Campbell, Robt., M.B., F.R.C.S., 63 Great Victoria Street
Campbell, Robt., joiner, 56 Canning Street
Campbell, Robt., bread server, 5 Glanworth Street
Campbell, Robt., druggist and mill furnisher, 35 North Street; res., 7 Deramore Drive
Campbell, Robt., engine driver, 27 McMaster Street
Campbell, R., shirt cutter, 178 Ravenhill Road
Campbell, R., fish monger, 28 Apsley Street
Campbell, R., store keeper, 119 Agnes Street
Campbell, R., car owner, 29 Combermere Street
Campbell, R. G., surgeon, 114 Newtownards Road Upper
Campbell, R. D., store keeper, 119 Agnes Street
Campbell, R. Garrett, Coolgreany, Fortwilliam Park
Campbell, R. I., whip maker, 35 Hartley Street
Campbell, T. J., tailor, 73 Bloomfield Avenue
Campbell, Samuel, foreman, 14 Kilronan Street
Campbell, Samuel, salesman, 15 London Road
Campbell, Samuel R., school master, Wolfhill Lodge, Wolfhill Avenue
Campbell, Samuel, traveller, 3 Maryville Park
Campbell, Samuel, engine driver, 33 Major Street
Campbell, Samuel D., mechanic, 34 Belmont Avenue West
Campbell, Samuel, solicitor, commissioner for taking affidavits, 7 Waring Street; res., 4 Surrey Street
Campbell, Saml., coal merchant, 30 Lawyer Street
Campbell, Saml., smith, 27 Christopher Street
Campbell, Saml., warehouseman, 109 Rugby Avenue
Campbell, Sam., carpenter, 4 Summerhill Street
Campbell, Sidney W., watch maker and jeweller, 35 York Street
Campbell, Sidney, grocer, 88 Snugville Street
Campbell, Susan, dress maker, 43 Dargle Street
Campbell, S., proprietor Railway Temperance Hotel, 173 York Street
Campbell, S., accountant, 54 Silvergrove Street
Campbell, S., manager, 203 Springfield Road
Campbell, S., R.I.C., 75 Hatton Drive
Campbell, S., whip maker, 26 Church Street
Campbell, S. M., watch maker and jeweller, 9 Duncairn Gardens
Campbell, S. W., printer and finisher, 53 University Street
Campbell, Thomas, joiner, 30 Baltic Avenue
Campbell, Thomas S., cashier, 4 Glenview Terrace, Ballysillan, Crumlin Road
Campbell, Thos., driller, 33 Eastland Street
Campbell, Thos., brush manufacturer, 65 Lisburn Road
Campbell, Thos., clerk, 11 Deacon Street
Campbell, Thos., tenter, 123 Glenwood Street
Campbell, Thos., fitter, 10 Ardmoulin Street
Campbell, Thos., insurance agent, 2 Ingram's Buildings, Crumlin Road
Campbell, Thos., clerk, 85 Deramore Avenue
Campbell, Thos., linen lapper, 3 Adelaide Avenue
Campbell, Thos., bookkeeper, 9 Indiana Avenue
Campbell, Thos., plumber and gas fitter, 215 Templemore Avenue
Campbell, Thos., joiner, 148 Woodstock Road
Campbell, Thos., druggist, Shamrock Bank, Knockbreda Road
Campbell, Thos., gardener, 56 Chief Street
Campbell, T., cabinet maker, 229 Roden Street
Campbell, T., linen lapper, 36 Lisburn Avenue
Campbell, T., linen merchant, Laureldene, Cliftonville Road
Campbell, T., plumber and gas fitter, 214 Woodstock Road
Campbell, T., compositor, 19 My Lady's Road
Campbell, T., joiner, 19 Rusholme Street
Campbell, T., butcher, 138, 140 Grosvenor Road
Campbell, R., linen merchant, Granford, Oldpark Road
Campbell, T., check clerk, 36 Hopewell Street
Campbell, T. A., fitter, 9 Cumberland Street
Campbell, T. J., M.A., LL.B., Barrister-at-Law, 142 Royal Avenue
Campbell, T., & Co., brush makers, 33 North Street
Campbell, Walter, cashier, 2 Greenmount, Ballymagarry
Campbell, Wm., foundry owner, Island Vale, King's Road
Campbell, Wm., tailor, 15 Ridgeway Street
Campbell, Wm., painter, 88 Carmel Street
Campbell, Wm., 55 Delhi Street
Campbell, Wm., tenter, 7 Linview Street
Campbell, Wm., wood carrier, 4 Frederick Street
Campbell, Wm., joiner, 3 Barton Street
Campbell, Wm., grocer, 35, 37 Granville Street
Campbell, Wm., piano and organ merchant, 69 Dublin Road
Campbell, Wm., blacksmith, 6 Bryson Street
Campbell, Wm., grocer, 25 Howard Street North
Campbell, Wm., insurance agent, 20 Rosapenna Street
Campbell, Wm., iron dresser, 287 Beersbridge Road
Campbell, Wm., book maker, 45 Barrow Street
Campbell, Wm., 27 India Street
Campbell, Wm., linen lapper, 26 Florida Street
Campbell, Wm., draper, 222 Albertbridge Road
Campbell, Wm., carpenter, 33 Ballycastle Street
Campbell, Wm., grocer, 128, 130 Ravenhill Road
Campbell, Wm., foreman, 47 Glandore Avenue
Campbell, Wm., baker, 325 Donegall Road
Campbell, Wm., blacksmith, 6 Bryson Street
Campbell, Wm., foreman, 39 Rushfield Avenue
Campbell, Wm., bread server, 11 Hartington Street
Campbell, Wm., rent agent, Carn, Springfield Road
Campbell, Wm., & Co., brass founders and finishers, 6 and 8 Talbot Street
Campbell, W. H., engineering contractor, 43 Chichester Street; res., Loretto Cottage, Castlereagh Road
Campbell, Wm. J., stone mason, 8 Arundel Street
Campbell, Wm. J., painter, 24 Hatton Drive
Campbell, Wm. J., meter inspector, 33 Old Park Avenue
Campbell, W., bread server, 11 Hartington Street
Campbell, W., bread server, 104 Deramore Avenue
Campbell, W., civil engineer, 123 Vernon Street
Campbell, W., upholsterer, 15 Groomsport Street
Campbell, W. F., fitter, 13 Seventh Street
Campbell, W. J., range setter, 3 Woodvale Street
Campbell, W. J., fitter, 15 Brookmount Street
Campbell, W. J., 45 Carmel Street
Campbell, W. J., linen lapper, 26 Florida Street
Campbell, W. J., cashier, Wolfhill Cottage, Wolfhill Avenue
Campbell, W. J., director of Annadale Brickworks Co. Ltd.; res., Carleton House, Carolan Road
Campbell, W. J., whip maker, 14 Queensland Street
Campbell, W. J., carpenter, 10 Rathcoole Street
Campbell, W. J., & Sons, builders and contractors, 1b Ravenhill Road
Campbell, W. P., cashier, 148 Ainsworth Avenue
Campbell, W. W., com. traveller, 39 Kansas Avenue
Campbell & Browne, house furnishing ironmongers, 3 McClenaghan's Court
Campbellian Club, 27a Donegall Place
Campbell & Co., wholesale provision merchant, 30 Corporation Street
Campbell & Co., druggists, 52 Great Edward Street
Campbell & Harden, solicitors, Imperial Buildings, 82 High Street; res., Chas. S. Harden, Clovelly, Myrtlefield Park; Geo. Lepper, Elsinore, Crawfordsburn
Campbell & Son, grocers, 7 Woodstock Road
Campfield, John, billiard marker, 5 Whitworth Street
Campion, P., newsagent, 9 Union Street and 129 Donegall Street
Campion, Jas., sergt.-major R.I.R., 22 Harcourt Street
Camrass, S., & Sons, clothing manufacturers, Leeds (J. Stanley, manager), 10 Donegall Square North
Canadian Government, 17, 19 Victoria Street - Official Agent, John Webster
Canadian Pacific Railway - Wm. McCalla, agent, 41 Victoria Street
Canavan, Alicia, 38 Clonard Gardens
Canavan, David, hackle setter, 57 Kashmir Road
Canavan, M. A., grocer, 39 Hanna Street
Canavan, Patk., shoe maker, 42 Sultan Street
Canavan, Patk., dealer, 98 Albert Street
Canavan, Thos., machine man, 7 Irwin Street
Canavan, W., 98 Ardilea Street
Canning, Agnes, grocer, 18 Moira Street
Canning, Edward, salesman, 2 Eglantine Gardens
Canning, G., carrier, 20 Gardiner Street
Canning, G., pensioner, 108 Woodvale Avenue
Canning, J., saw maker and ironmonger, 70 York Street
Canning, John, clerk, 205 Donegall Avenue
Canning, P., contractor, 37 Institution Street
Canning, Sarah, 37 Beersbridge Road
Canning, Sarah, 39 Maryville Avenue
Canning, Wm., steward, 31 Newport Street
Canter, Henry, pensioner, 102 Ardenlee Avenue
Cantrell & Cochrane, Aerated Water Manufacturers, 1, 3, 5 Victoria Square; specialities, Ginger Ale, Club Ale, Club Soda; Bottling Stores, 38 Chichester Street
Capper, A. C., linen and cotton yarn merchants, 5 Brunswick Street; res., Fairfield, Lansdowne Road
Capper Bros., linen and cotton yarn merchants, 14 Linenhall Street; res., John Capper, 9 Lower Crescent
Capper, B. & Co., linen and cotton yarn merchants, 20 Linenhall Street; res., Bass Capper, 22 College Gardens
Capper, G. M., & Co., fancy linen manufacturer, 14 Linenhall Street
Capper, Joseph H., handkerchief manufacturer, 48 Upper Queen Street
Capper, John, coach painter, 78 Leeson Street
Capper, Joseph, commission agent, 8 Stranmillis Park
Capper, J. Malcolm, 69 Dunluce Avenue
Capper, J. M., 38 College Park Avenue
Capper, Mrs. H. M., 114 Eglantine Avenue
Capper, Mrs. S. J., 34 St. Ive's Gardens
Capper, J., window and sign letter manufacturer and brass shop window fitter, 102 Royal Avenue
Capper, S. Jane, grocer, 58 Craigmore Street
Capital Loan Bank, The, 19 Bridge Street
Capolla, A., ice cream saloon, 24 Waring Street
Car Inspector's Office, Townhall Street - W. J. Adgey, inspector
Carabine, J., bread server, 9 Iris Street
Caraher, Patk., sergt. R.I.C., 13 Yew Street
Carbery, F., pig dealer, 19 English Street
Carbery, H., yarn bleacher, 34 Chatham Street
Carbery, John, mechanic, 49 Abyssinia Street
Carbery, Jas., engine driver, 12 Leoville Street
Carbery, Margaret, 112 Agnes Street
Carberry, John, saddler, 54 Theodore Street
Cardwell, Agnes, 19 Elswick Street
Cardwell, Alen, examiner, 27 Tavanagh Street
Cardwell, David, dairyman, 37 Burmah Street
Cardwell, D., moulder, 144 Utility Street
Cardwell, Jos., tailor, 42 Forth Street
Cardwell, Jos., furniture dealer, 173, 175 Shankill Road
Cardwell, Mary, 43 Sandymount Street
Cardwell, Mrs., 65 Cedar Avenue
Cardwell, Samuel, clerk, 76 Ogilvie Street
Cardwell, T., file setter, 15 Charlotte Street Little
Cardwell, W. J., painter, 37 Sixth Street
Cardwell, W. J., checker N.C.C. Railway, 23 Copperfield Street
Carey, E., insurance agent, 36 Rathlin Street
Carey, John, figure artist and designer, 142 Royal Avenue; res., Ardlui, Cyprus Park
Carey, Joseph W. (of Carey & Thomson, Rea's Buildings, 142 Royal Avenue), artist, 1 Brugh, Knockdene Park
Carey, Miss Marion, 14 Malone Avenue
Carey, M., Anchor Restaurant, 43 Corporation Street
Carey, P., tailor, 22 Seymour Street
Carey, P., R.I.C., pensioner, 40 May Lady's Road (My)
Carey, Rev. J. A., M.A., curate Belfast Cathedral; res., 6 Ulsterville Avenue
Carey, Wm., tailor, 251 Albertbridge Road
Carey & Thomson, designers and illuminators, Rea's Buildings, 142 Royal Avenue
Cargill & Co. Ltd., bleachers, spinners and merchants, 20 Bedford Street
Cargin, Robt., book binder, 216 Roden Street
Carinduff, F., provision dealer, 34b Albert Street
Carinduff, F., grocer, 118 Grosvenor Road
Cargo, Mrs. H., 50 Hopefield Avenue
Cargo, Mrs. H. P., 25 College Street
Carley, John, box maker, 70 Melrose Street
Carley, Wm., driller, 73 Downing Street
Carleton, A. E. M., M.A., assistant master of Methodist College, 17 Lawrence Street
Carleton, H. C., accountant, 201 Albertbridge Road
Carleton, Jas., traveller, 236 Woodstock Road
Carleton, Jas., gardener, Garnerville Lodge, Holywood Road
Carleton, Rev. Edward, Fife, Knockbreda Park
Carleton, Wm., pawn broker, 37 Clonard Street
Carleton, Wm., pawn broker, 98, 106 Divis Street
Carleton, W., pawn broker, 22 to 28 Odessa Street
Carlile, F. & Co., warehousemen, 13 Howard Street
Carlile, Jas., butcher, 34 Donegall Avenue
Carlile, Mrs. E., 126 Newtownards Road Upper
Carlile, R., provision merchant, 319 Newtownards Road
Carlile, S. M., 30 Eglinton Street
Carlile, S. M., publican, 92 Ann Street
Carlile, Robert, provision merchant, 245 North Queen Street
Carlin, Hugh, sail maker, 39 Annette Street
Carlin, Jas., clerk, 30 Great George's Street
Carlin, J., hair dresser, 14 Cromac Street
Carlin, Joseph, hair dresser, 14 Cromac Street and 8 Cromac Square
Carlin, Mrs. A. E., 5 Brookhill Avenue
Carlin, M., joiner, 9 Cluan Place
Carlin, Robt., plumber, 57 Mountcollyer Avenue
Carlin, Wm., van man, 56 Lisburn Avenue
Carling, Frank, dental mechanic, 129 Wellesley Avenue
Carling, M., joiner, 60 Thistle Street
Carlisle, Alex., carpenter, 19 Portallo Street
Carlisle, Annie, 6 Baltic Avenue
Carlisle, Andrew, manager, 52 Bentinck Street
Carlisle, A., baker, 2 Greenville Terrace, Beersbridge Road
Carlisle, C., sail maker, 3 Spencer Street
Carlisle, David, sail maker, 13 Meadow Street
Carlisle, David, moulder, 11 Hartley Street
Carlisle, David, director, 11 The Glen
Carlisle, Fred., plumber and gas fitter, 5 Church Street
Carlisle, H., painter, 4 Limestone Road
Carlisle, Georgina, dairy keeper, Ardenlee Cottage, Ravenhill Road
Carlisle, Hugh, carpenter, Loughview Cottages, Knockbreda Road
Carlisle, H., carpenter, 76 Short Strand
Carlisle, James, butcher, 34 Donegall Avenue
Carlisle, James, printer, 73 Harrybrook Street
Carlisle, Jas., printer, 4 Jaffa Street
Carlisle, Jas., engineer, 44 Silvergrove Street
Carlisle, John, teacher, 3 Central Avenue, Marlborough Park
Carlisle, John, carrier, 97, 99 Tate's Avenue
Carlisle, John, caretaker, Avoniel Gatehouse, Avoniel Road
Carlow, Joseph, carpenter, 18 Urney Street Lower (or Carlisle?)
Carlisle, Jos., mechanic, 64 Coolfin Street
Carlisle, J., grocer, 94 Cosgrave Street
Carlisle, J., engineer, 110 Crimea Street
Carlisle, J. H., horse shoer, 69 Bristol Street
Carlisle, Lewis, dairyman, 179, 181 Beersbridge Road
Carlisle, L., smith, 6 Windermere Gardens
Carlisle, Mary, grocer, 29 Ravenhill Road
Carlisle, Miss, Barrosa Terrace, 6 The Mount
Carlisle, Mrs., 37 Eglantine Avenue
Carlisle, Mrs. Sarah, Arden, Ardenlee Avenue
Carlisle, Mrs. A. J., 26 Gloucester Street
Carlisle, Right Hon. A. M., (Harland & Wolff Ltd.), Elmwood House, Elmwood Avenue
Carlisle, Rachel, 87 Castlereagh Street
Carlisle, Robert, clerk, 8 Hanna Street
Carlisle, Robt., joiner, 22 Mountcollyer Street
Carlisle, Robt., plumber, 39 Montrose Street
Carlisle, Robt., traveller, 35 Sandymount Street
Carlisle, Sam., dairyman, 101 Tate's Avenue
Carlisle, Sam., 35 Avonbeg Street
Carlisle, S., warehouseman, 32 Orient Gardens
Carlisle, S., carrier, 6 Shaftesbury Avenue
Carlisle, S. M., spirit grocer, 22, 24 Charles Street South
Carlisle, Thomas, clerk, 43 Rosebery Road
Carlisle, Thomas, storeman, 19 The Mount
Carlisle, Thos., teacher, 72 Woodvale Avenue
Carlisle, Thos., joiner, 111 Snugville Street
Carlisle, Thos., spirit grocer, 1 Southport Street
Carlisle, Thos. E., property broker and insurance agents, 5, 6 Marsh's Buildings, 124 Donegall Street; res., 437 Glandore Park, Antrim Road
Carlisle, Walter, plumber and gas fitter, 46 Belmont Road
Carlisle, Wm., manager, Ashglen, Cliftonville Circus
Carlisle, W. G., shipwright, 59 Meadow Street Upper
Carlisle, W., M.D., 169 Duncairn Gardens
Carlisle, W. J., cattle dealer, 3 Bendigo Street
Carlisle, W. J., carpenter, 78 Donegall Pass
Carlton, Chas., horse shoer, 20 Crosby Street
Carlton, Fras., R.I.C., 6 Hugo Street
Carlton, Wm., pawn broker, 98 Divis Street
Carlton, W. H., station master, B. & C.D. Railway, Knock
Carmichael, D. J., N.S. teacher, 47 Tate's Avenue
Carmichael, Ellen, fruiterer and confectioner, 31 Ormeau Road
Carmichael, Hall, fitter, 19 Glenvale Street
Carmichael, James, grocer, 33 Killarney Street
Carmichael, Jas., joiner, 46 Roe Street
Carmichael, Jas., joiner, 7 Elswick Street
Carmichael, Jas, E., fitter, 8 Whitehall Gardens
Carmichael, John, milliner and hat manufacturer, 17 to 23 and 42a North Street
Carmichael, Joseph, hat manufacturer, 96 Bridge End and 29 North Street
Carmichael, Matt., baker, 79 Greenore Street
Carmichael, Miss, 17 Auburn Street
Carmichael, Miss, Homesleigh, Maryville Park
Carmichael, Mrs., 45 Windsor Avenue
Carmichael, Mrs., 197 Holywood Road
Carmichael, N., carpenter, 26 Magdala Street
Carmichael, Robt., plater, 106 North Road
Carmichael, Robt., 106 North Road
Carmichael, Robt., packing case maker, 18 Willow Street
Carmichael, S., carpenter and builder, 1 Rosemount Villas, Lisburn Road
Carmichael, T., store keeper, 84 Excise Street
Carmichael, Wm., machinist, 11 Mayfair Street
Carmody, Rev. Wm. P., Knockbreda Rectory, Knockbreda Park
Carmount, Mrs., 372 Shankill Road
Carnaghan, J., painter, 225 Crumlin Road
Carnaghan, Mrs., 37 Lothair Avenue
Carnaghan, Mrs., dress maker, 45 Hatfield Street
Carnduff, Wm., 58 Beersbridge Road
Carnegie, T., engineer, 6 Alameda Terrace, Falls Street
Carney, Mrs. Ellen, Mayfield, Ravenhill Park
Carney, Richard, hair dresser, 10 Antrim Road
Carney, Sarah, 2 Carlisle Circus
Carney, Thos., hair dresser, 16a Ormeau Road
Carolan, Jas., joiner, 46 Dee Street
Carolan, John, clerk, 41 Avonbeg Street
Carolland, M., traveller, 80 Chief Street
Carothers, Annie, 145 Stranmillis Road
Carpenter, David, A.R.C.Sc.L., Belfast Academy, Cliftonville
Carr, Andw., watch maker and jeweller, optician, 23 Corn Market
Carr, A. H. R. & Co., stock and share brokers and notary public, 22a Donegall Place; residence, Rosyth, Deramore Park
Carr, Fras., electrical engineer, 19 Bank Street
Carr, Fras., elect. engineer, 9 Myrtle Terrace, Lisburn Road
Carr, Jas., sen. director Ulster Bank Ltd.; res., Rathowen, 35 Windsor Avenue
Carr, John, bank official, 23 Wellington Park
Carr, J., bookkeeper, 13 Bedeque Street
Carr, J., coastguard pensioner, 42 Fleet Street
Carr, J., bookkeeper, 46 Dover Street
Carr, Mary, 62 King Street
Carr, Michl., pawn broker, 77 Peter's Hill
Carr, Miss, 161 Springfield Road
Carr, Miss J. E., 87 Queen's Elms, University Road
Carr, M., Maryville, Cliftonville Road
Carr, M., clerk, 82 Spamount Street
Carr, M., clerk, 31 Ponsonby Avenue
Carr, T. J., stock broker, Blythswood, 14 Deramore Drive
Carr, Wm., plasterer, 13 College Place North
Carr, W. J., storeman, 16 Hartwell Street
Carr, W. J., bookkeeper, 10 Woodcote Avenue (Woodcot)
Carr & Maguire, solicitors, 15 College Square East
Carragh, Thos., compositor, 8 Woodvale Road
Carren, T. W., chemist, 89 Deramore Avenue
Carrick House, model lodging, Regent Street Lower
Carrick, John, blacksmith, 25 Madras Street
Carrick, J., dentist, 59 Lisburn Road
Carrick, Mrs. M., 2 Victoria Gardens
Carrickfergus Salt Works Co., 21 Waring Street
Carrol, Alex., iron turner, 9 Conniston Street (Coniston)
Carroll, Annie, 487 Falls Road
Carroll, Cris., brick layer, 22 Palmer Street
Carroll, C., spirit grocer, 14, 16 Bombay Street and 50 Kashmir Road
Carroll, Henry, warder, 3 Mountview Street
Carroll, Jas., hair dresser, 40 Divis Street
Carroll, John, salesman, 36 Glentoran Street
Carroll, J., recruiting sergeant, 19 Carlisle Street
Carroll, J., publican, 156, 158 Nelson Street
Carroll, J. J., publican, 184 York Street
Carroll, Miss, dress maker, 134 Great Victoria Street
Carroll, Mrs. A., confectioner and tobacconist, 175 Sandy Row
Carroll, Mrs. D., 82 Woodstock Road
Carroll, Mrs. Mary, 7 Ashley Avenue
Carroll, M., spirit grocer, 71, 73 Crumlin Street
Carroll, M., 23 Fitzroy Avenue
Carroll, M., spirit grocer, 2 Ardyone Avenue (Ardoyne)
Carroll, Patrick, shoe maker, 6 Quinn Street
Carroll, Sergeant Thomas, R.I.C., 5 Ardmoulin Avenue
Carroll, Thos., iron turner, 148 Cupar Street
Carroll, Thos., driller, 12 Ballyclare Street
Carroll, Thos., R.I.C., 18 Roosevelt Street
Carroll, Thos., tailor, 60 Artillery Street
Carroll, Wm., foreman, 21 Queen Victoria Street
Carroll, Wm., master mariner, 14 Campbell Park Avenue
Carron, Patrick, spirit grocer, 47 Raglan Street
Carrothers, Elizabeth, 16 Bedeque Street
Carrothers, W. M., bookkeeper, 66 Deramore Avenue
Carrothers & Andrews, wholesale tea, sugar and flour merchants, 22 Waring Street; res., H. Carrothers, Oberon Villas, 284 Ormeau Road
Carrothers, W. D., joiner, 48 Fairview Street
Carruthers, D., joiner, 3 Skegoniel Avenue
Carruthers, F., surveyor Board of Trade, 1 Customhouse
Carruthers, Mrs. A., 5 Cromwell Road
Carruthers, Wm., printer, 87 Dundee Street
Carruthers, W. D., joiner, 48 Fairview Street
Carse, H., joiner, 39 Parker Street
Carse, John, overlooker, 13 Canning Street
Carse, J., hair dresser, 263 North Queen Street
Carse, J. D., druggist, 233 Woodstock Road
Carse, Mrs., Wynard, Kensington Road
Carse, Mrs. Margaret, 46 College Park Avenue
Carser, Henry, carrier, 11, 13 Lovett Street
Carson, Adam, painter, 142 Snugville Street
Carson, Alex., manager, 161 Alexandrapark Avenue
Carson, A., iron turner, 228 Ravenhill Avenue
Carson, A., plumber and gas fitter, 136 Albertbridge Road; res., Maryville, Knockbreda Road
Carson, A., plumber, 110 Mountpottinger Road
Carson, A., baker, 26 Maralin Street
Carson, A., boiler maker, 65 Tower Street
Carson, C., tailor & confectioner, 120 Divis Street
Carson, David, carpenter, 61 Norwood Street
Carson, David, 35 Avondale Street
Carson, David, tailor, 87 Enfield Street
Carson, D., tobacconist, 212 Sandy Row
Carson, E., carpenter, 10 Euterpe Street
Carson, F. W., property broker and estate agent, 42 Upper Arthur Street; res., 70 Wellington Park
Carson, Geo., traveller, 39 Burmah Street
Carson, G. H., school teacher, 28 Bread Street East
Carson, Hugh, blacksmith, 21 Beechwood Street
Carson, Hugh, iron moulder, 151 Cavendish Street
Carson, H., painter, 72 Elizabeth Street
Carson, H. M., grocer, 236, 238 Beersbridge Road
Carson, James, carpenter, 17 Mulhouse Street
Carson, James, joiner, 3 Groomsport Street
Carson, James C., optician, Craigallan, Malone Road
Carson, Jas., plumber, 33 Derby Street
Carson, Jas., head-constable, 453 Ormeau Road
Carson, Jas., joiner, 143 Rugby Avenue
Carson, Jas., iron moulder, 24 Kane Street
Carson, John, trades hotel and dining rooms, Frederick Street
Carson, John, fitter, 24 Ravensdale Street
Carson, John, bread server, 55 Kashmir Road
Carson, John, overseer, 165 Spamount Street
Carson, John, engine driver, 80 Sugarfield Street
Carson, John, school teacher, 43 Castlereagh Street
Carson, John, Walmer Terrace, Holywood
Carson, John, confectioner, 294 Crumlin Road
Carson, John, 50 Lavinia Street
Carson, John, provision merchant, 145 Oldpark Road
Carson, John, traveller, 19 Penrose Street
Carson, Joseph, tailor, 2 Leoville Street
Carson, J., dealer, McDowell's Row, Greencastle
Carson, J., joiner, 3 Groomsport Street
Carson, J., cattle dealer, Greencastle
Carson, J., provision merchant, 1 Limestone Street
Carson, J. M., butcher, 9 Ashley Avenue
Carrson, Lizzie, 72 Agincourt Avenue (Carson)
Carson, Matthew, boot maker, 36 Northumberland Street
Carson, Matt., seaman, 306 Albertbridge Road
Carson, Miss, 6 Campbell Park Avenue
Carson, Miss, 50 Newtownards Road Upper
Carson, Miss, Lisnacrieve, Myrtlefield Park
Carson, M., confectioner, 399 Lisburn Road
Carson, M., print seller, gilder, stationer and fancy goods, artists' outfitter, 142 Dublin Road
Carson, M. & M., London and Paris Bakery, 8 Donegall Square North, 6 Shaftesbury Square, 2 McAuley Street
Carson, M. & Co., artistic wallpapers and decorative materials, 65 High Street
Carson, Oliver, prison warder, 33 Rosewood Street
Carson, P., shipwright, 98 Alexandrapark Avenue
Carson, P., carpenter, 8 Parkview Street
Carson, Rachel, confectioner, 149 Shankill Road
Carson, Richard, painter, 12 Woodstock Road
Carson, Robert, painter, 11 Riga Street
Carson, Robt., sergeant R.I.C., 79 Richardson Street
Carson, R., bleacher, 2 Merkland Street
Carson, Samuel, joiner, 16 Euterpe Street
Carson, Samuel, chemist, Culmena, Everton Drive
Carson, Samuel, bank porter, Belfast Bank, Donegall Street
Carson, Samuel J., building surveyor's assistant, 215 Dunluce Avenue
Carson, Samuel, 92 Dunluce Street
Carson, Saml., butcher, 46 Willowfield Street
Carson, Saml., druggist, 41 Albertbridge Road
Carson, S., butcher, 12 Shaftesbury Square
Carson, S. J., builder, 177 Templemore Avenue
Carson, Thos., spirit grocer, 170 Spamount Street
Carson, Thos., blacksmith, 21 Clovelly Street
Carson, Thos., brick layer, 17 Westbourne Street
Carson, Uriah, carpenter, 10 Euterpe Street
Carson, Walsh, & Co., rectifying distillers, 43a High Street (2nd floor front)
Carson, William, iron moulder, 28 Victoria Avenue
Carson, William, over looker, 60 Woodvale Road
Carson, Wm., joiner, 24 Oceanic Avenue
Carson, Wm., carpenter, 38 Pine Street
Carson, Wm., iron moulder, 38 Meadow Street Upper
Carson, W., fitter, 9 Derby Street
Carson, Wm., checker, 176 Grosvenor Road
Carson, Wm. H., solicitor, 41 Royal Avenue; res., Carnalea House, Bangor
Carson, W., joiner, 24 Oceanic Avenue
Carson, W. G., butcher, 109 Dublin Road; res., 196 Lisburn Road
Carson, W. J., linen lapper, 28 Redcar Street
Carson, Wm. M., & Co., auctioneers, brokers and property salesmen, 37 Rosemary Street; res., W. M. Carson, Donnybrook, Ormeau Road
Carson & Co., merchant tailors, 19 Corn Market
Carson & McDowell, solicitors, 51 Royal Avenue; Alex. McDowell, Clerk of the Peace for Belfast; residence, Ventnor, Greenisland
Carswell, Alan, jun. (of Carswell & Sons), Alandale, Cranmore Gardens
Carswell, R., & Sons, book binders, printers, lithographers & stationers; agents for Crossley's "Otto" Gas and Oil Engines. 27 to 35 College Street and 37, 39 Queen Street; res., Alan Carswell, J.P., Elsinore, Jordanstown
Carter, A. L., glass, china and fancy goods, 56 Royal Avenue
Carter, C., hair dresser, 180 Crumlin Road
Carter, Henry, naval pensioner, 102 Ardenlee Avenue
Carter, H. E., 10 Fitzroy Avenue
Carter, H. E., B.A., principal Ormeau Road N.S.
Carter, H. R., textile engineer, 30 Mountcharles
Carter, Jane, grocer, 262 Newtownards Road
Carter, J., linen merchant, 49, 51 Glengall Street
Carter, J. L., & Co., linen merchants, 26 Queen Street
Carter, Mrs. E., 15 Eglantine Avenue
Carter, S., store keeper, 26 Calvin Street
Carter, Wm., sergt. R.I.C., 56 Farnham Street
Carter, Wm., agent, 28 Waring Street
Cartmill, Miss, dress maker, 9 McCandliss Street
Carton, J. H., contractor, 24 Halliday's Road
Caruth, Alex., carrier, 72 Rutland Street
Caruth, H. F., boot maker, 12, 59 Woodvale Road
Caruth, John, grocer, 47 Antrim Road
Caruth, John, grocer, 120, 122 Peter's Hill
Caruth, Jas., plasterer, 130 Ainsworth Avenue
Caruth, John, clerk, 84 Euston Street
Caruth, Joseph, dealer, 156 Silvio Street
Caruth, Rev. Hubert, Holy Cross, Ardoyne
Caruth, Leah, grocer, 197 Shankill Road
Caruth, Wm., clerk, 7 Roe Street
Carty, Geo., butcher, 36 Crocus Street
Carty, Mrs., 3 Dublin Street
Carty, Thos., R.I.C., 7 Toronto Street
Carvill, Henry, spirit grocer, 1, 3 Dewey Street
Carvill, Jas., fitter, 76 Percy Street
Carvill, Mrs., 15 Clanchattan Street
Carvill, James, Carvill's terrace, 107 Ormeau Road
Carvill, J., Roman Catholic Repository, 143 Donegall Street
Carvill, Murty, publican, 1 Cambridge Street and 47 Meadow Street (No. 2)
Carville, James, tenter, 11 Cyprus Street
Carville, John T., postal clerk, 37 Havana Street
Carville, Patrick, baker, 78 Milford Street
Carville, Robt., fitter, 27 Cyprus Street
Cary, Wm., tailor, 251 Albertbridge Road
Casement, A., dress maker, 136 My Lady's Road
Casement, Geo. W., joiner, 221, 223 Holywood Road
Casement, James, joiner, 25 Cheviot Street
Casement, Joseph, tailor, 3 Felt Street
Casement, Miss, ladies' and children's, outfitters, 13 Lower Garfield Street
Casement, Wm., paper cutter, 76 Excise Street
Casey, E., baker, 11 Elizabeth Street
Casey, Francis, oilskin clothier and tarpaulin cover manufacturer, 63 Corporation Street
Casey, H., N.S. teacher, 4 Hillside, Glen Road
Casey, Jas., R.I.C., 7 Earlscourt Street
Casey, John, pensioner, 25 Abercorn Street
Casey, Mrs., Floraville, Marlborough Park
Cash, Jas., fitter, 49 Bentham Street
Cash, James, joiner, 39 Grace Avenue
Cash, John, farmer, The Low Bog, Newtownards Road Upper
Caskey, D., french polisher, 24 Shaw Street
Caskey, John, joiner, 74 St. John's Terrace, Duncairn Gardens
Cass, Saml., Q.M.-sergt., 85 Roseleigh Street
Cassell, G. E., time keeper, 82 Ardenvohr Street
Cassells, James, telephone inspector, 30 Surrey Street
Cassells, Wm., grocer, 58 City Street
Cassells, Mrs., grocer, 12 Christopher Street
Cassidy, Chas., Ulster Arms Hotel, 15 Henry Street
Cassidy, Ellen, 34 Eglinton Street
Cassidy, James, R.I.C., 109 Stratheden Street
Cassidy, John T., draper, 146, 148 Sandy Row
Cassidy, John, baker, 16 Soudan Street
Cassidy, John, over looker, 1 Ivydene, Ballymagarry
Cassidy, Jos., linen lapper, 34 Glendower Street
Cassidy, J., fitter, 10 Leeson Street
Cassidy, Margaret, spirit grocer, 103 Dee Street
Cassidy, Margt., milliner, 151 Crimea Street
Cassidy, Mrs., 21 Lothair Avenue
Cassidy, Mrs., 76 Springfield Road
Cassidy, Mrs., furniture dealer, 108 and 109 Smithfield Market
Cassidy, Mrs., clothier, 70, 71 Smithfield Market
Cassidy, M., confectioner, 188 York Street
Cassidy, M., confectioner, 8 Bentinck Street
Cassidy, M., confectioner, 18a Mill Street
Cassidy, Patrick, moulder, 34 Oranmore Street
Cassidy, Peter, shoe maker, 8 Slate Street
Cassidy, P., publican, 5 Corporation Street
Cassidy, Robt., 86 Cullingtree Road
Cassidy, Sarah F., dealer, 34 Barrack Street
Cassidy, Thos. E., clerk, 1 Hillside Terrace, Ligoniel Road
Cassidy, T., tailor, 44 Joy Street
Cassidy, Wm. (of "Evening Telegraph"), Diamond Gardens, Balmoral
Cassidy, W. J., iron turner, 247 Springfield Road
Casson, D., saddler, 79, 81 Chichester Street
Casson, H., joiner, 74 Havana Street
Casson, James, saddler, 218 Spamount Street
Castlebellingham Brewery Stores, Oxford Street
Castlereagh Laundry, Woodstock Road - Proprietors, A. Bell & Sons Ltd,; Offices, 12 Arthur Street
Castlereagh, Viscount, 21 Cumberland Terrace, Regent's Park, London
Castles, Alex., boot and shoe merchant, 155 Sandy Row
Castles, David, draper and outfitter, 116 & 118 Crumlin Road
Castles, D., pawn broker, Wesley Place and 1, 2, 3 Bodel's Row, Ligoniel
Castles, Elizabeth, confectioner, 167 Donegall Road
Castles, John, plumber, 13 St. Aubyn Street
Castles, Joseph, grocer, 171 Donegall Road
Castles, Wm., butcher, 161, 163 Crumlin Road
Castleisland Linen Co. Ltd., 7 Brunswick Street
Caswell, John, com. agent, 1 College Street
Caswell, J., clerk, 20 Oceanic Avenue
Cathcart, Ernest, cutter, 3 Pandora Street
Cathcart, H., steeplejack, 67 Melrose Street
Cathcart, H., Alverton, Cliftonville Road
Cathcart, James, clerk, 4 Sylvan Street
Cathcart, Jas., storeman, 52 Gainsborough Drive
Cathcart, John, cloth passer, 272 Cambrai Street
Cathcart, Mansergh, boot maker, 161 Grosvenor Road
Cathcart, M., engine driver, 6 Deacon Street
Cathcart, N., brass finisher, 9 Ratcliffe Street
Cathcart, Pierce, commercial traveller, 1 Glanworth Terrace, Skegoniel Avenue
Cathcart, Robt., carpenter, 106 Woodvale Avenue
Cathcart, Robt., baker, 35 Elgin Street
Cathcart, Robert, carpenter, 106 Woodvale Avenue
Cathcart, Thos., linen lapper, 10 McAdam Street
Cathcart, T. C. D., surgeon, 297 Newtownards Road
Cathcart, Wm., frame maker, 11 College Place North
Cathcart, Wm., hardware dealer, 282 Crumlin Road
Cathcart, W. A., mechanic, 3 Frederick Terrace, Malone Road
Cathers, Robert, 20 Derg Street
Cather, Wm., R.I.C., 21 Groomsport Street
Cather, Stanley, buyer, Inglehurst, Bawnmore Road
Catherson, R., car owner, 15 Springfield Road
Catherwood, David, fitter, 11 Chambers Street
Catherwood, Jas., grocer, 28 Berlin Street
Catherwood, Roney, hardware merchant, 283 Shankill Road
Catherwood, R., dress maker, 84 Duncairn Gardens
Catholic Book Company, 6 Berry Street
Catholic Seamen's Institute, 49 Dock Street
Catney, J. W., coal merchant, 59 Madrid Street
Cattle, Wm., butler, 16 Glentoran Street
Caughey, F. W., & Co., general debt. recoverers and inquiry agents, 79 Royal Avenue
Caughey, Fred. W., traveller, 230 Beersbridge Road
Caughey, Jas., boot maker, 45 Albertbridge Road
Caughey, J., boot and shoe warehouse, 225 Woodstock Road
Caughey, M. J., distiller, 34 Warkworth Street
Caughey, Mrs., 102 Woodstock Road
Caughey, Robt., carpenter, 114 Brookmount Street
Caughey, Samuel, warehouseman, 46 South Parade
Caughey, Thomas, 26 Crystal Street
Caughey, T. A., manager, 11 Sunbury Avenue
Caughey, William, gardener, 2 Fortwilliam View Terrace, Skegoniel Avenue
Caughey, Wm., mechanic, 56 Esmond Street
Caughey, W. J., caretaker, 137 Hillman Street
Caughey, W. S., bookkeeper, 27 Bloomfield Road
Caughley, Jas., cabinet maker, 32 Hill Street
Caughley, J., cabinet maker, 51 Limestone Road
Caul, P., stone cutter, 32 Magdala Street
Caulderbank, Wm., joiner, 2 Leitrim Street
Caulfield, Joseph, 9 Balfour Avenue
Caulfield, J., overlooker, 8 Ainsworth Street
Caulfield, Miss M., 14 Willowbank Street
Caulfield, T., carpenter, 37 Oregon Street
Cavan, J., pattern maker, 65 Willowfield Street
Cavan, Jos., engineer, 33 Willowfield Street
Cavan, R., com. agent, 3 Belfast Bank Chambers, North Street
Cavan, Robert, com. traveller, 39 Delhi Street
Cavan, Thos., litho printer, 83 Blythe Street
Cavan, Wm., boot maker, 12 Prospect Street
Cavanagh, Catherine, laundry, 3 Spinner Street
Cavanagh, J., shipwright, 6 Killen Street
Cavanagh, Wm., compositor, 180 Hillman Street
Cavehill and Whitewell Tramway Co. - W. Rodden, secretary - 7 Adelaide Street
Caves, Mrs. Mary, 47 Avonbeg Street
Caves, Wm., engine driver, 12 Distillery Street
Caves, W. J., grocer, 45 Woodvale Street
Cavilier, Moses, tailor, 2 Alloa Street
Cawley, T., wholesale bedding manufacturer, 29 to 33 Victoria Square
Cawley, Miss Margaret, Sesame, Cregagh Road
Cearns, Thos. John, artist, 44 Eglinton Street
Central Catholic Club, 123 Royal Avenue
Central Commercial Academy and School of Shorthand - principals, R. M. Forsythe and M. Caruth - 35 High Street
Central Dining Rooms - proprietor, Elizabeth Leeson - 25 Mill Street
Central Furnishing Co., cabinet makers, upholsterers and house furnishers - L. Berwitz, proprietor - 31, 33 York Street
Central Hotel - J. J. Lyons, proprietor - 33 Great Edward Street
Central Insurance Company Ltd. - Resident Inspector, Henry T. Carey - 57, 58 Scottish Provident Buildings, Donegall Square West
Central Nurses' Home - 124 Victoria Street Great - Miss Rowan, lady superintendent
Central Presbyterian Association, Assembly's Buildings, Howard Street
Century Assurance Co. Ltd., The - Jas. Rodgers, district manager - Deveney Chambers, 2 & 3 North Street
Cesar, James, litho. printer, 16 Agnes Street
Cesar, Jos., joiner, 29 Springmount Street
Cesar, Robert, printer, 95 Tildarg Street
Chadburn Ship Telegraph Company Ltd., 39 Donegall Quay - Manager, Thos. E. Machray; res., Redgarth, Knutsford drive, Cliftonville
Chaine, Wm., J.P., Cairncastle Lodge, Larne
Chalke, Hannah, 6 Wyndham Street
Chalmers, Geo., foreman, 56 Jocelyn Street
Chalmers, Jas., insurance surveyor, 190 Earlswood Road
Chalmers, Miss, 65 Victoria Road
Chalmers, Mrs., 19 Fleetwood Street
Chalmers, W., boiler maker, 52 Earl Street
Chambers, A. J., commercial traveller, Bournville, Ashley Gardens
Chambers, Hugh, joiner, 17 Crystal Street
Chambers, Jas., manufacturers' agent, 16 Rosemary Street
Chambers, James, K.C., 64 Northumberland Road, Dublin
Chambers, John, insurance superintendent, 60 Shaftesbury Avenue
Chambers, John, shirt cutter, 131 Rugby Avenue
Chambers, John, joiner, 81 Bright Street
Chambers, John, foreman, 22 Roden Street
Chambers, John, iron moulder, 13 Ashmore Street
Chambers, John R., moulder, 123 Mayo Street
Chambers, Joshua, clerk, 40 Bloomfield Avenue
Chambers, J., clerk, 31 George's Street Great
Chambers, J., cashier, 105 Cliftonpark Avenue
Chambers, J. E., bookkeeper, 1 Willowholme Street
Chambers, J. H. (of Chambers & Co., Cuba Street), 20 Cyprus Gardens
Chambers, J., & Co., drapers, 1 & 4 Newtownards Road; res., 15 Sunbury Avenue
Chambers, Mary, 101 University Street
Chambers, Mary A., 447 Ormeau Road
Chambers, Michael, head-constable R.I.C., 32 Springfield Road Barracks
Chambers, Mrs., Balmoral House, Lisburn Road
Chambers, Mrs., 89 Belmont Church Road
Chambers, Mrs., 41 Lisburn Avenue
Chambers, Mrs., 35 Carlisle Street
Chambers, Mrs., 81 Dunluce Avenue
Chamber, Mrs., Laurelville, Lisburn Road (Chambers)
Chambers, Mrs., 369 Woodstock Road
Chambers, Mrs. Mary, 21 Malone Place
Chambers, Robt., builder, 123 Antrim Road
Chambers, Robt., iron turner, 41 Nevis Avenue
Chambers, R., carpenter and builder, 24a Lancaster Street
Chambers, R. M. (of Chambers & Co., Cuba Street), 40 Cyprus Gardens
Chambers, Sam., ex-R.I.C., 55 Castlereagh Street
Chambers, Samuel, clerk, 505 Falls Road
Chambers, T., box cutter, 58 Deramore Avenue
Chambers, Walter, consulting engineer, 3 Customhouse Square; res., 9 Fitzwilliam Street
Chambers, Wm., shop assistant, 41 Ogilvie Street
Chambers, Wm., clerk, 49 Cavehill Road
Chambers, Wm., dealer, 5 Edith Street
Chambers, Wm., brick layer, 57 Boyne Square
Chambers, W., coal vendor, 19 Nevis Avenue
Chambers, W., brick layer, 6 Sturgeon Street
Chambers, W., tobacconist, 125 Shankill Road
Chambers, W. J., iron turner, 109 Beechfield Street
Chambers, W. J., brick layer, 17 Coolderry Street
Chambers, W. J., iron turner, 80 Tower Street
Chambers, W. J., cycle maker, 101 Donegall Pass
Chambers Motors Ltd., motor car manufacturers, 11 Cuba Street
Chancellor, Mrs. A., Westville, Wandsworth Road
Chandler, Thos., joiner, 107 Tildarg Street
Chantler, W. H., Board of Trade surveyor, 1 Oakmount, Antrim Road
Chapell, Capt. C. H., 27 Rosemount Gardens
Chiplin, Wm., National Telephone Co., 7 Ulsterville Place
Chapman, A., Star Manufacturing Company, Daylesford, Malone Park
Chapman, A., spinning master, 28 Yarrow Street
Chapman, C., hair dresser, 58 Newtownards Road
Chapman, Geo., newsagent, 8 York Road
Chapman, Isaac, car owner, 63 Paris Street
Chapman, Jas., N.S. teacher, Greeba, Lancefield Road
Chapman, Jas., N.S. teacher, 370 Beersbridge Road
Chapman, Jos., hair dresser, 3 Albion Street
Chapman, Jos., pawn broker's assistant, 31 Colvil Street
Chapman, Jos., moulder, 48 Trillick Street
Chapman, Jos., druggist, 48 Newington Avenue
Chapman, J., brass finisher, 35 Hopewell Street
Chapman, Mrs., Whitehall, 78 North Road
Chapman, M., confectioner, 145 Newtownards Road
Chapman, Robt., painter, 154 Tate's Avenue
Chapman, Samuel, 3 Wolff Street
Chapman, Simon, & Co., drug and oil warehouse, 37 Ann Street
Chapman, Thos., boot maker, 25 Saunders Street
Chapman, T., provision merchant, 182, 184 Sandy Row
Chapman, Wm., sawyer, 5 Fox's Row
Chapman, W. H., telegraphist, 26 Florenceville Avenue
Chapman, W. J., grocer, 64 Castlereagh Road
Chapple, R., hair dresser, 75 Edinburgh Street
Chard, Claude, surveyor, 4 Central Avenue, Marlborough Park
Charing Cross Bank - Manager, C. M. M. Harper - 75 Royal Avenue
Charles, H., grocer, 42 Lindsay Street
Charles, J. S., upholsterer, 455 Ormeau Road
Charles, Mrs., 3 Nevis Avenue
Charles, Mrs., 3 Abercorn Street
Charles, Saml. S., cashier, 17 Landseer Street
Charles, S., & Co., furniture and general house furnishing warehouse, 42 to 48 Castle Street
Charles, W. J., & Co., wholesale hardware and fancy goods merchants, 18 Gresham Street; res., 16 Hopefield Avenue
Charles & Russell, photographers, 10 Royal Avenue
Charlemont Handkerchief Co., 3 Adelaide Street
Chaleston, John, painter, 67 Hawthorn Street (Charleston)
Charlesson, John F., journalist, Ardanoir, Lansdowne Road
Charlesson, Richard Wm., bookkeeper, 165 Templemore Avenue
Charleston, Daniel, publican, 117 Lodge Road Old
Charleton, Danl., spirit grocer, 234, 236 Leopold Street
Charleton, Geo., newsagent, 35 Clonard Street
Charleton, John, painter, 67 Hawthorne Street
Charleton, Mrs. L., 32 Stranmillis Gardens
Charleton, Robt., gardener, 163 Park Avenue
Charleton, R., pattern maker, 59 Westbourne Street
Charleton, Wm., 2 Arranmore, Cliftonpark Avenue
Charlton, G. W., spirit merchant, 13, 15 Berlin Street
Charlton, Miss, 7 Adelaide Avenue
Charlton, Saml., superintendent, 32 Madison Avenue
Charley, Arthur F., Seymour Hill, Dunmurry
Charley, E. J., J.P., Seymour Hill, Dunmurry
Charley, H. M., coal merchant, 6 Elmwood Avenue
Charley, J. & W., & Co., linen merchants, manufacturers and bleachers (works at Dunmurry), 19a Bedford Street
Charley, P. H. (of Howden & Charley, coal merchants), insurance agent, 20 Queen's Arcade
Charlwood, A. D., compositor, 83 Roseleigh Street
Charnock Brothers & Co., oil distillers and grease manufacturers, 19 and 21 Scrabo Street
Charters, W. J., reporter, 4 Bellevue Terrace, Shore Road
Charters, W. J., painter, 10 Bradford Street
Chartres, Mrs. Alfred, embroidery agent, 315 Albertbridge Road
Chase, Albert, Belfast Bank, 28 Ashley Avenue
Chase, George, compositor, 29 Palestine Street
Chase, Mrs. Ellen, 44 Melrose Street
Chase, Wm., litho. printer, 68 Chadwick Street
Chaundey, E. M., Mus.Bac., M.A., 214 Newtownards Road Upper
Chatfield, Joseph, builder, Corcreevey, Innisfayle Road
Chawner, Wm., postal clerk, 31 Ulsterville Gardens
Cheaters, Isaac, fitter, 25 McMaster Street
Cheater, Wm., blacksmith, 6 Pansy Street
Checkfield, R., brick layer, 63 Farnham Street
Cheetham, A., insurance inspector, 83 Royal Avenue; res., Belfayre, Lisburn Road
Cheetham, Mrs., 16 Stanley Terrace, Lisburn Road
Chemists' and Druggists' Society, 11 Waring Street
Cherry, Charlotte, 10 Orient Gardens
Cherry, G., brick layer, Ardoyne Village
Cherry, Henry, gardener, Malone Gardens, Malone Road
Cherry, Kath., newsagent, 33 Lodge Road Old
Cherry, James, M.A., university and pharmaceutical classes, 35 Wellington Place
Cherry, John, time keeper, 106 My Lady's Road
Cherry, John, clerk, 33 McClure Street
Cherry, John, dairyman, 2 Glantrasna Street
Cherry, J., engineer, 12 Harleston Street
Cherry, Robert, gardener, Malone House Lodge, Malone Road
Cherry, W. J., plater, 14 Holycroft Avenue
Cheshire, Mrs., 13 Victoria Terrace, Castlereagh Street
Chesney, Jas., bread server, 42 Glentoran Street
Chesney, Wm., confectioner, 60 Crimea Street
Chester Bar - Wm. Bickerstaff, manager - 13 Chichester Street
Chestnut, J. A., sub-agent, Bank of Ireland, York Street; res., Elendale, Parkmount Road
Chesnut, Samuel, spinning master, 259 Tennant Street
Chestnutt, Jos., spinning master, 100 Ainsworth Avenue
Cheves, W., drapery buyer, 33 Victoria Gardens
Chew, Joseph A., 3 Stranmillis Road
Chew, W., joiner, 73 Blythe Street
Cheyne, Hugh, baker, 47 Combermere Street
Cheyne, ladies' tailor, milliner and Court dress maker, Grosvenor House, 5 Wellington Place
Cheyne, Miss M., 138 Ormeau Road
Cheyne Bros., linen, cotton and embroidered handkerchief manufacturers, 2 Queen Street; res., J. T. Kamacke, 73 Fitzwilliam Place, University Road
Cheyne, Miss C., Typewriting Office, 47, 48 Scottish Provident Buildings, 2 Wellington Place
Cheyne, R., carpenter, 43 Combermere Street
Cheyne, Samuel, bookkeeper, 43 Cavendish Street
Cheyne, S. Donald, ladies' tailor, 45 Malone Avenue
Cheyne, Thos., plumber, 25 Surrey Street
Chichester, Lieut.-Col. R. P. D. S., Moyola Park, Castledawson, Co. Derry
Chichester Restaurant - P. Murray, proprietor - 51 to 55 Chichester Street
Child, A. W., customs warehouse, 3 Albert Square
Child, Walter. painter, 15 Jersey Street
Childe, R. P., agent, 28 Waring Street; res., Ormiston, Rosetta Park
Childs, Edw., postman, 62 Ohio Street
Childs, Henry, shipwright, 36 Ninth Street
Childs, Wm., fitter, 6 Cheater Street
Chillingworth, C., fitter, 4 Pittsburg Street
Chiplin, Wm., R.I.C., 7 Ulsterville Place
Chippendale, John, fitter, 61 Hatfield Street
Chippindale, Robt., foreman, 12 Rutland Street
Chipp, Mrs., Beaumont, Malone Road
Chisholm, John - Pro. Hemstitching Co., Hastings Street - 88 Antrim Road
Chisholm, John, solicitor, 82 Royal Avenue
Chisholm, John, boiler maker, 97 Newcastle Street
Chisholm, R., draughtsman, 6 Sandford Avenue
Chisholm & Douey, hemstitchers and embroiderers, 1 Hastings Street
Chism, Donald, iron moulder, 23 Tudor Place
Chism, John A., engineer, 12 Lonsdale Street
Chittenden, A., joiner, 119 Island Street
Chittick, Geo., storeman, 6 Drew Street
Chittick, John, iron turner, 599 Donegall Road
Chrimes, Jos., engineer, 63 Disraeli Street
"Christian Advocate" Office, 42 Donegall Street - Manager, James E. Robinson
Christian Brothers - Rev. Bro. Craven, superior - 29 Crumlin Road
Christian, Hugh, ship carpenter, 56 Nevis Avenue
Christian, Jas., engineer, 16 Lepper Street Upper
Christian, Jas., saddler, 9 Trainfield Street
Christian, John, engineer, 39 Spencer Street
Christian, J., metal worker, 3 Glenbrook Avenue
Christian, Miss M., teacher of violin and piano, 27 Ship Street
Christian, Miss Lucy, 27 Ship Street
Christian, Mrs., Titania Villas, 278 Ormeau Road
Christian, Mrs., Balmoral Cottage, Lisburn Road
Christian, Robt., joiner, 121 Hillman Street
Christian, Susan, dress maker, 17 Lavinia Street
Christian, Wm., fitter, 19 Lewis Street
Christie, Alex., engineer, 1 Windsor Avenue Lower
Christie, Alex., loom mounter, 89 Ulsterville Gardens
Christie, A., gardener, 53 Tate's Avenue
Christie, Captain H. S., Royal Engineers, Cave Cottage, Cavehill Road
Christie, David, shirt cutter, 43 Rutland Street
Christie, Fred., bookkeeper, 83 Castlereagh Street
Christie, Geo., fitter, 88 Mountcollyer Avenue
Christie, Jas., grocer, 31 London Street
Christie, Jas., plater, 24 Landscape Terrace
Christie, Jas., hair dresser, 6 Mayfair Street
Christie, John, clerk, 229 Ravenhill Avenue
Christie, John, joiner, 24 Ballymoney Street
Christie, John, clerk, 13 Boundary Street
Christie, John, warehouseman, 56 Melrose Street
Christie, John, rigger, 66 Kingswood Street
Christie, Mary, dress maker, 174 Roden Street
Christie, Miss K., 25 Cromwell Road
Christie, Mrs., Beaumont Lodge, Malone Road
Christie, Mrs., 6 Manor Street
Christie, Margaretta, dress maker, 12 Hatfield Street
Christie, Margaret, confectioner, 65 Montrose Street
Christie, Mrs., 68 Washington Terrace, North Parade
Christie, Mary, 82 Corporation Street
Christie, Richd., painter, 4 Blaney Street
Christie, Robt., painter, 6 Quinton Street
Christie, Robt. S., linesman, 46 Meadow Street Upper
Christie, Saml., bank official, 20 Glandore Gardens
Christie, Saml., gas inspector, 15 Emerson Street
Christie, S., & Co., laundry machinery agents, 65 Donegall Street
Christie, Thos., plumber, 132 Agnes Street
Christie, T., tobacconist, 155a York Street
Christie, Wm., butcher, 8 Hogarth Street
Christie, Wm., warehouseman, 5 Albert Terrace, Malone Road
Christie, W. R., linen lapper, 87 Mervue Street
Christie, W. T., draper, 161, 163 Duncairn Gardens
Christie-Miller, Sidney R., Kircassock, Lurgan
Christopher, C., photographer, 112 Royal Avenue; res., 43 Cavehill Road
Christy, Henry, & Co., tent makers, Exchange Street
Christy, Henry, foreman sail maker, 48 Belmont Avenue
Christy, Robert J., clerk, 67 Atlantic Avenue
Christy, R. & Co., ship chandlers and tent makers, 104 Corporation Street
Christy, Wm., grocer, 35 Charlotte Street
Christy, Wm., paper cutter, 81 Enfield Street
Chubb, Herbert, pattern maker, 52 Montrose Street
Church Army Home, Oldpark Crescent, Oldpark Road
Church, Geo., gas fitter, 38 Carlow Street
Church, John, mechanic, 24 Everton Street
Church, John, engineer, 72 Battenberg Street
Church, Joseph, Civil Service pensioner, 65 Damascus Street
Church of Ireland's Young Men's Society (J. W. Storey, B.A., general secretary; Henry King, caretaker, 10 Donegall Square East
Church of Ireland Women Workers' Settlement - Miss Oger - 61 Crumlin Road
Church of Ireland Young Men's Society - Memorial Hall, gymnasium, 2 Clarence Place and 10 Donegall Square East - J. W. Storey, B.A., secretary; ex-sergt. Gilbert, instructor
Church Missionary Society (Rev. T. B. Brown, M.A.), 62 Arthur Street Upper
Church, W., sawyer, 76 Coolbeg Street
Churchill, Mrs., 4 Inverary, Holywood Road
Cinnamond, A. M., auctioneer and valuer (of Clarke & Sons, auctioneers, Rosemary Street), Glenisheen, Cliftonville Road
Cinnamond, Fredk. W., representative Bass & Co., 54 North Parade
Cinnamond, H., linen finisher, 5 Disraeli Street
Cinnamond, Jas., 89 Connsbrook Avenue
Cinnamond, Jane, 31 Manor Street
Cinnamond, Jos., cloth finisher, 14 Trelford Street
Cinnamond, Mrs., St. Helen's, Malone Road
Cinnamond, Park & Co. Ltd., linen merchants, 26 Linenhall Street
Cinnamond, R. J., brick layer, 40 Calvin Street
Cinnamond, Thos., damask weaver, 3 Everton Street
Cinnamond, W., compositor, 8 Violet Street
Cinnamond, Capt. H., Clifton Park House, Clifton Park Avenue
City Abattoir - Jas. Jordan, veterinary surgeon; D. Adgey, manager; and John Cooke, collector - 61 McAuley Street
City Brush Co., 5 Mill Street - J. A. Loughlin, Proprietor; res., Chievely, King's Road, Knock
City of Belfast Gymnasium - Ex-Sergt. Gilbert, instructor; Memorial Hall, May Street
City of Belfast Y.M.C.A. - D. A. Black, J.P., secretary - 12 Wellington Place
City of Belfast Perfect Thrift Building Society - secretary, E. M. Stewart - 14 Donegall Street
City Commissioner's Office - Thos. J. Smith, J.P., City Commissioner - Chichester Street
City Electroplating Works, 31 Queen Street
City Hemstitching Company - Alex. Millveigh, proprietor - Hope Court
City Live Stock Store, 59 Ann Street
City of Liverpool and District Hide, Skin and Fat Co. Ltd., McAuley Street. Telegraphic Address, "Hides, Belfast." Telephone No. 2541
City Loan and Discount Company Ltd. - J. McClune, secretary - 2 Joy Street
City Night Mission - H. Miller, 312 Newtownards Road
City Window Cleaning Co. - Samuel Lewis - 11 Rosemary Street
Claffy, Thos., 12 Candahar Street
Clair, Stafford, grocer, 371, 373 Ormeau Road; res., 1 Rushfield Avenue
Clancey, E., upholsterer, 160 Albert Street
Clancey, Thos., cook, 2 Tralee Street
Claney, R., blocker, 90 Hatton Drive
Clanmorris, Lord, Bangor Castle, Co. Down
Clapham, T. A., Dunblane, King's Road
Clare, Ed. Arthur, billiard table fitter, 18 Canterbury Street
Clare, Jas., iron turner, 32 Coniston Street
Clarence Factory Ltd., finishing department, 209 Durham Street
Clark, Alex., linen lapper, 17 Pottinger Street
Clark, Alex., baker, 31 Moneyrea Street
Clark, Annie, tobacconist and newsagent, 13 Albertbridge Road
Clark, Ann, grocer, 37 Urney Street
Clark, Andw., painter, 42 Parker Street
Clark, A., carpenter, 68 Island Street
Clark, Chas., checker, 45 Osborne Street
Clark, Danl., brass finisher, 72 Stratheden Street
Clark, D., car owner, 15 Crane Court
Clark, George S., D.L., ship builder, Dunlambert House, Fortwilliam Park
Clark, Hamilton, & Co., wholesale and retail drapers, 55, 57 Cromac Street
Clark, Jas., clerk, 33 Lavinia Street
Clark, Jas., fitter, 47 Kingscourt Street
Clark, Jas., french polisher, 39 Irwin Street
Clark, Jas., foreman, 27 Spamount Street
Clark, Jas., carpenter, 21 Conduit Street
Clark, Jas., hosier and draper, 69 North Street
Clark, John, 17 Kashmir Road
Clark, John, confectioner, 160 Divis Street
Clark, John, brick layer, 4 Blondin Street
Clark, John, compositor, 2 Curzon Street
Clark, John, driller, 118 Dee Street
Clark, John, draper, 71 Woodvale Road
Clark, John, foreman, 63 Southport Street
Clark, J., blacksmith, 1 George's Street Little
Clark, L., & Sons, linen, cotton and jute manufacturers, 40 Bedford Street
Clark, Mrs. C., 75 Antrim Road
Clark, Mrs., 61 Belmont Road
Clark, N. W., & Co., linen merchants' agents, 34 Queen Street
Clark, Peter, clerk, 10 Kashmir Road
Clark, Peter, clerk, 3 Kashmir Road
Clark, Richard, stone cutter, 128 Templemore Street
Clark, Robt., builder and contractor, 144 Belmont Church Road
Clark, Robt., tailor, 330 Ravenhill Road
Clark, R., grocer, 44 Henry Street
Clark, R., litho. artist, 156 Grosvenor Road
Clark, R., grocer, 44 Henry Street (2?)
Clark, R. S., merchant tailor, 12, 14 Chichester Street
Clark, Samuel, 9 Carmel Street
Clark, S., R.I.C., 2 Hillmount, Greencastle
Clark, S., bread server, 23 Jocelyn Street
Clark, Thos., manufacturer, 17 Newington Street
Clark, Thos., millwright, 2 Ardmoulin Cottage
Clark, Wm., draper, 26 Rugby Road
Clark, Wm., blacksmith, 40 Kathleen Street
Clark, Wm., carpenter, 8 Groomsport Street
Clark, Wm., printer, 54 Balfour Avenue
Clark, Wm., gardener, 40 Gaffikin Street
Clark, Wm., card cutter, 16 Grampian Street
Clark, Wm., cabinet maker, 18 Castlereagh Place
Clark, Wm., saddler, 48 James's Street
Clark, Wm., traveller, 49 Newcastle Street
Clark, W. S., 121 Cavehill Road
Clark, Wm., & Sons, linen manufacturers - A. McCarrison, manager - 18 Bedford Street; works at Upperlands
Clark, outfitter, 36 Bridge End
Clarke, Alex., proprietor Coolmore Works, Duncrue Street; res., Endeley, Chichester Park
Clarke, Annie, confectioner, 218 Shankill Road
Clarke, Anne, grocer, 37 Urney Street
Clarke, A., bank porter, Ulster Bank Ltd., Waring Street
Clarke, A., 21 Avondale Street
Clarke, A., joiner, 28 Crystal Street
Clarke, A. & Co., provision merchants, 50 Upper Newtownards Road
Clarke Bros., grocers, provision merchants, 119 Woodstock Road
Clarke, Benjamin & Son, Wholesale Chemists, Druggists and Surgical Appliance Dealers, 35 Donegall Street; res., B. Clarke, 20 Brookvale Avenue
Clarke, Chas., mechanic, 94 Donegall Avenue
Clarke, Chas., cabinet maker, 11 Craigmore Street
Clarke, Chas. H., P.H.D., modern language master, Campbell College, Grotenberg, Kensington Park
Clarke, Chevalier, stationer, 56 Mill Street
Clarke, C., R.I.C., 6 Forth River Gardens
Clarke, C., boot maker, 25 Euston Street
Clarke, David, damask mounter, 12 Beechwood Street
Clarke, David, gas inspector, 21 Carrington Street
Clarke, David, tenter, 29 Donegall Avenue
Clarke, David, 1 Sunbeam Villa, Cherryvalley, Knock
Clarke, D., 131 Springfield Road
Clarke, Eccles, R.I.C., 9 Bethany Street
Clarke, Edward, fitter, 24 Santiago Street
Clarke, Edwin, machinist, 50 Rainey Street
Clarke, Elliott, storeman, 98 Battenberg Street
Clarke, E., bookkeeper, 27 Irwin Street
Clarke, E. H., Notting Hill, Malone Road
Clarke, Fred., clerk, 67 Rugby Avenue
Clarke, Fred., newsagent, 167 New Lodge Road
Clarke, F. C., tailor and general outfitter, 171 Cromac Street and 217 Woodstock Road
Clark, F. J., spirit grocer, 10 Thompson Street
Clarke, F., painter, 109 Lodge Road New
Clarke, George H., Roseville, Lisburn
Clarke, Geo., rivetter, 29 Alloa Street
Clarke, George D., clerk, 16 Gainsborough Drive
Clarke, Geo., Lynton, Somerton Road
Clarke, Hannah, 26 Twickenham Street
Clarke, Henry, assurance agent, 8 Ravenhill Street
Clarke, Hugh, fitter, 1 Sixth Street
Clarke, Hugh A., tea and provision dealer, 26 Albertbridge Road
Clarke, Hugh A., grain and flour merchant, 19 Eglantine Avenue
Clarke, Isaac, 27, 29 Glenalpin Street
Clarke, Isaac, publican, 1, 3 Dublin Road
Clarke, Isaac, publican, The Waterloo, 291 York Street
Clarke, James, school master, 12 Newington Street
Clarke, James, coal merchant, 58 Ravensdale Street
Clarke, James, dairyman, Laburnum Lane
Clarke, James, wood turner, 24 Limestone Road
Clarke, James, storeman, 4 Dunn Street
Clarke, James, 58 Denmark Street
Clarke, James, electrician, 127 Alexandrapark Avenue
Clarke, James, baker, 11 Tavanagh Street
Clarke, James, basket maker, 2 Rotterdam Street
Clarke, James, iron moulder, 29 Hanover Street
Clarke, Jas., newsagent, 28 Church Lane
Clarke, Jas., joiner, 25 Belmont Avenue West
Clarke, Jas., gardener, 69 Rosevale Street
Clarke, Jas., commissioner for taking affidavits, 7 William Street South; res., 441 Ormeau Road
Clarke, Jas., iron turner, 181 Woodstock Road
Clarke, John, saddler, 22 Raleigh Street
Clarke, John, box maker, 113 Melrose Street
Clarke, John, joiner, 76 Ardenvohr Street
Clarke, John, clerk, 98 Omeath Street
Clarke, John, compositor, 88 Halliday's Road
Clarke, John, shipwright, 49 Richardson Street
Clarke, John, plasterer, 68 Castlereagh Road
Clarke, John, foreman, 63 Southport Street
Clarke, John, rent collector, 29 Churchill Street
Clarke, John, carpenter, 10 Milner Street
Clarke, John, 45 Park Avenue
Clarke, John, & Co. Ltd., Wholesale Druggists, Drysalters and General Merchants, 12, 14 Corporation Street and 68 Victoria Street; Pharmacy, 8 Donegall Square West; Steam Laboratories, Mills and Stores, Laganview Street; Res., John Clarke, 15 Upper Crescent
Clarke, Joseph, & Son, grain and flour merchants, 23 Church Lane; res., H. A. Clarke, 19 Eglantine Avenue
Clarke, Joseph, clerk, 20 Beersbridge Road
Clarke, Joseph, tenter, 70 Woodvale Avenue
Clarke, Jos., engine driver, 44 Roundhill Street
Clarke, Jos., gardener, 3 Pearl Street
Clarke, Jos., tenter, 63 Brookmount Street
Clarke, Jos., & Co., drapers, 187, 189 Shankill Road
Clarke, J., iron moulder, 29 Hanover Street
Clarke, J., hair dresser, 44 Mountpottinger Road
Clarke, J., foreman bottler, 27 Spamount Street
Clarke, J., C.H. officer, 9 Mountcollyer Street
Clarke, J., com. agent, 24 Hastings Street
Clarke, Luke, spirit grocer, 155 Rosebery Road
Clarke, L., & Sons, linen manufacturers, 40 Bedford Street
Clarke, Margaret, 29 Grace Avenue
Clarke, Mary, dress maker, 21 Eliza Street
Clarke, Miss, dress maker, 139 Agnes Street
Clarke, Miss, dress maker, 268 Old Lodge Road
Clarke, Miss, 3 Myrtle Terrace, Lisburn Road
Clarke, Miss Ethel, 2 Florenceville Avenue
Clarke, Miss Elizabeth, 26 Brookvale Avenue
Clarke, Miss Florence F., 13 Kinnaird Terrace
Clarke, Mrs., Kinvara, Osborne Park
Clarke, Mrs. Margt., 84 Bridge End
Clarke, Mrs., 64 Eglantine Avenue
Clarke, Mrs., 104 Eglantine Avenue
Clarke, Mrs., 31 Lawrence Street
Clarke, Mrs., 13 Wellington Park
Clarke, Mrs. Charlotte, 43 Avonbeg Street
Clarke, Mrs. Anna L. S., 14 Chichester Avenue
Clarke, Mrs. Jane, 58 Hardcastle Street
Clarke, Mrs. Susan, 29 Dawson Street
Clarke, Mrs. A., Lindisfarne, Annadale Avenue
Clarke, Mrs. E., 42 Avonbeg Street
Clarke, M., grocer, 17, 19 Charlotte Street
Clarke, M., ladies' and children's outfitter, 126 Donegall Street
Clarke, M., grocer, 17, 19 Charlotte Street (2?)
Clarke, Owen, publican, 65 Lodge Road New
Clarke, Patk. & Sons, contractors, 2 Bread Street
Clarke, Patk., fruiterer, 86 Bridge End
Clarke, Patk., painter, 16 Lucknow Street
Clarke, Philip, clerk, 30 Queensland Street
Clarke, Rev. G. M., The Lodge, Sydenham Avenue
Clarke, Robt., yarn dresser, 26 Bromley Street
Clarke, Robt., card cutter, 87 Portallo Street
Clarke, Robt., grocer, 69, 71 Glenalpin Street
Clarke, Robt., Northview, Galwally Park
Clarke, Robt., contractor, 3 Lawther Street
Clarke, Robt., clerk, 9 McMaster Street
Clarke, Robt., bread server, 85 Portallo Street
Clarke, R., litho. artist, 156 Grosvenor Road
Clarke, R., newsagent, 431 Lisburn Road
Clarke, R. J., joiner, 95 Edinburgh Street
Clarke, R. T., grocer, 11 Delaware Street
Clarke, R. M., M.B., B.C.H., 103 Lisburn Road
Clarke, Samuel, 9 Carmel Street
Clarke, Samuel J., tile setter, 10 Liffey Street
Clarke, S., stationer, 56 Mill Street
Clarke, S. W., traveller, 41 Rugby Road
Clarke, Thomas, joiner, 286 Crimea Street
Clarke, Thos., millwright, 2 Ardmoulin Cottages, Percy Street
Clarke, Thos., bread server, 21 Ethel Street
Clarke, Thos., mechanic, 94 Cavendish Street
Clarke, T., machine man, 23 Ravenscroft Street
Clarke, William, & Son, The (Branch of the Imperial Tobacco Company of Great Britain and Ireland Ltd.), 46, 48 Berry Street
Clarke, Wm., teller, Belfast Banking Company Ltd.; res., Tara, Deramore drive
Clarke, Wm., C.E., The Poplars, Cyprus Park
Clarke, Wm., plasterer, 89 Killowen Street
Clarke, Wm., fire brigade man, 3 Beechwood Street
Clarke, Wm., shoe maker, 27 Ainsworth Avenue
Clarke, Wm., printer, 54 Balfour Avenue
Clarke, Wm., painter, 21 Lake Street
Clarke, Wm., of J. Clarke & Co. Ltd., 1 Rosetta Villas, Ormeau Road
Clarke, Wm., machinist, 8 Dunn Street
Clarke, Wm., civil engineer, 1 The Poplars, Cyprus Park
Clarke, Wm., painter, 21 Lake Street
Clarke, Wm., 18 Castlereagh Place
Clarke, Wm., basket maker, 13 Rotterdam Street
Clarke, Wm., boot maker, 165 Agnes Street
Clarke, Wm., joiner, 47 Moyola Street
Clarke, Wm., engineer, 14 Mountcollyer Street
Clarke, Wm., driller, 35 London Road
Clarke, Wm., grocer, 221 Tennent Street
Clarke, Wm. G., clerk, 116 Bloomfield Avenue
Clarke, Wm. G., plumber, 56 Elizabeth Street
Clarke, W., joiner, Connsbrook Cottage, Parkgate Avenue
Clarke, W., blacksmith, 34 Thistle Street
Clarke, W. J., salesman, 30 Woodvale Avenue
Clarke, W. J., plasterer, 23 Upper Meenan Street
Clarke, W. J., fruiterer, 129 Sandy Row
Clarke & Co., drapers, 204 North Queen Street; res., 84 Mountcollyer Avenue
Clarke & Son, M. A. McCormick and A. M. Cinnamond, auctioneers and valuers, 21 Rosemary Street
Clarke's Servants' Registry Office, 32 Gloucester Street
Clarkson, Jas., 25 Gawn Street
Clawson, Evelyn, dairy, 75 Grosvenor Road
Clawson, Hugh, oil merchant and drysalter, 44, 100 Patrick Street Great
Clawson, H., packer, 38 Jameson Street
Clawson, Samuel, clerk, 51 Sunnyside Street
Clawson, Thos., tea merchant, Rynaville, Downshire Road (Ryanville?)
Clawson & Wilson Co., Buffalo, U.S.A., 17 Grosvenor House, Wellington Place
Clayton, E. M., district inspector R.I.C., 223 Belmont Road
Clayton, E., technical teacher, Hazeldene, Deerpark Road
Clayton, Robert, electrician, 28 Rosebery Street
Clear, John, police pensioner, 57 Agincourt Avenue
Clear, John, com. agent, 5 Deveney Chambers, North Street
Cleary, Hugh, gardener, 23 Gipsy Street
Cleary, John, ship inspector, 25 Moyola Street
Cleaver, Jas. F. (of Robinson & Cleaver Ltd.), Dunraven, Malone Road
Cleaver, John, (of Robinson & Cleaver Ltd.), Dunraven, Malone Road
Cleaver & Fulton, solicitors, Balmoral Buildings, 44 Wellington Place; res., Wm. Fulton, Arlington, 18 Windsor Avenue
Cleeland, Jas., book seller, stationer and registrar of marriages, 26 Arthur Street
Cleeland, John A., Alandale, 47 Newtownards Road Upper
Cleeland, J. D., clerk, 14 Divis Drive
Cleeland, Miss, 10 Dunluce Avenue
Cleeland, S. D., butcher, 100 Divis Street
Cleeland, W. J., time keeper, 65 Parkmount Street
Cleery, J., Excise Officer, Coniston, Belmont Road
Clegg, Geo., blacksmith, 31 Roundhill Street
Clegg, H., water inspector, 72 Roden Street
Clegg, John, carpenter, 29 City Street
Clegg, John, blacksmith, 5b Glenallen Street
Clegg, Joseph, teacher, 57 Belmont Avenue
Clegg, Richard, 6 Woodcot Avenue
Clegg, Robt. H., posting establishment, Newmarket Lodge, Knock Road
Clegg, Thos., plumber, 33 Essex Street
Clegg, Wm., joiner, Maymount, Newtownards Road Upper
Clegg, Wm., painter, 197 Crimea Street
Clegg, W. H., engineer, 38 Bloomfield Avenue
Cleghorn, David, printer, 41 Bendigo Street
Cleghorn, R. S., reader, 17 Rathdrum Street
Clein, Florence, 59 Lodge Road Old
Cleland, Jas., joiner, 11 Albion Street
Cleland, Jas., bookkeeper, 26 Third Avenue
Cleland, John, & Son Ltd., Fancy Box Makers, Mercantile Stationers, Account Book Makers, Letterpress Printers, Lithographers, Engravers, Book Binders and Embossers, 68, 70 Great Victoria Street, and 35 Bridge Street; Res., John Cleland, 36 Larchmount, Eglantine Avenue; Tel. 2517; G. Arthur Cleland, Glenavon, Cranmore Park
Cleland, Margt., spirit grocer, 182 Upper Meadow Street
Cleland, Miss, dress maker, 15 College Square North
Cleland, Miss Sarah, 2 Salisbury Street
Cleland, Mrs., under clothing maker, 71 Old Lodge Road
Cleland, S. F., pharmaceutical chemist, 8 Duncairn Buildings; res., 247 Duncairn Gardens
Cleland, Thos., hosier, glover and outfitter, 88 Limestone Road
Cleland, Thornburn, & Co., Ulster Copper Works, Abercorn Road
Cleland, Wm., 123 Grosvenor Road
Cleland, W., joiner, 7 Parkmount Street
Cleland, W., joiner, 5 Seaview Terrace, Greencastle
Cleland, W. W., Ltd., Letter Press Printers and Lithographers, 56 Great Victoria Street and Cullingtree Factory; telephones Nos. 90 and 1601; telegraph address, "Falcon, Belfast"; res., W. W. Cleland, 56 Wellington Park; and J. A. Cleland, Bernagh West, Malone Park
Clelland, A., Macedon, Green Road
Clelland, Henry, clerk, 97 Ardenvohr Street
Clelland, H., tailor, 5 Winchester Street
Clelland, Jas., compositor, 38 Calvin Street
Clelland, John, rivetter, 36 Baltic Street
Clelland, Jos., bread server, 4 Dann's Row
Clelland, J., joiner, 11 Albion Street
Clelland, J. D., clerk, 14 Divis Drive
Clelland, Robt., painter, 30 Maralin Street
Clelland, S. D., butcher, 100 Divis Street
Clelland, S. L., chemist, Hazeldene, Kingsmere Avenue
Clelland, Mrs., 71 Cheviot Avenue
Clement, G., of Paris, Teacher of French, 38 Wellington Place
Clements, A., fruiterer,343 Woodstock Road
Clements, David J., Customs Officer, 10 The Mount
Clements, Henry, coachman, Norwood Tower, Strandtown
Clements, H., painter, 10 Mount Street
Clements, Jas., painter, 9 St. Vincent Street
Clements, John, clerk, 16 Marsden Gardens
Clements, J., plumber and sanitary engineer, 47, 49 Church Lane Upper; res., 84 University Street
Clements, Mrs., 1 Ulsterville Gardens
Clements, Mrs., grocer, 43 Rowland Street
Clements, Robt., painter, 32 Gainsborough Drive
Clements, R., master mariner, 4 Rathgar Street
Clements, E., machine man, 19 Beechpark Street
Clements, R. A., plumber, 29 Sidney Street West
Clements, R. G., M.D., 5 College Gardens
Clements, Samuel, registered plumber and brass founder, 54 Divis Street
Clements, Saml., traveller, 7 Ulsterville Gardens
Clements, T. J., foreman, 27 Imperial Street
Clements, Wm., cabinet maker, 41 Brown Street
Clements, W., chemical works, Duncrue Street
Clements, W. G., draper's buyer, 17 Inver Avenue
Clements, W. J., engine driver, 53 Percy Street
Clements, W. J., joiner, 203 Hillman Street
Clemitson, Geo. H., time keeper, 50 Nevis Avenue
Clenaghan, G., painter, 21 Grosvenor Road
Clenaghan, Rev. James, B.D., St. Malachy's College
Clendinning, A., & Co., linen manufacturers, 8 Franklin Street
Clendinning, Miss M., 22 Fairview Street
Clendinning, R., & Co., cabinet makers, 5 St. Enoch's Buildings, Clifton Street
Clendinning, W., Innisfallen, Malone Road
Clendinning & Gotto, fancy and embroidery linen manufacturers, 9 Brunswick Street
Clerk, Peter, boiler maker, 196 Connsbrook Avenue (No. 2)
Clerk, Robt. R., 7 Ferguson Drive
Clerk, Robt., tailor, 330 Ravenhill Road
Clewlo, William, posting establishment, 144 Hibernia Terrace, Lisburn Road
Clibborn, C. J., M.B., medical inspector, L.G.B.; res., Kilcreenagh, Old Cavehill Road
Clifford, John, author, 33 Deramore Avenue
Clifton, A. C., manager, 50 Cliftonville Road
Cliftonville Recreation Grounds, Cliftonville Street
Clink, Stewart, clerk, 15 Deramore Street
Clinton, D., linen lapper, 41 Oldpark Road
Clinton, Jas., law clerk, 29 Magnetic Street
Clinton, R., engine driver, 14 Athol Street
Clinton, T., engine driver, 79 Canning Street Upper
Clokey, E., dress maker, 4 Ratcliffe Street
Clokey, J. G., M.B., surgeon, Albertville, 119 Crumlin Road
Clokey, Thos., missionary, Crumlin Terrace, 53 Crumlin Road
Clokey, W. F., & Co., embossing and leaded light manufacturers, glass, paint, oil and colour merchants and glaziers, 7, 9 King Street; res., Beechmount, Fortwilliam Park
Clonard Brick and Estate Company Ltd. - Manager, Jas. Mackle - Ballymurphy
Clonard Hemstitching Company Ltd., 37 to 41 Falls Road
Clonard Mineral Water Company, 138a Falls Road
Close, Arthur, traveller, 9 Violet Street
Close, Arthur, hatter, 2 Kashmir Road
Close, C., butcher, 98a York Street
Close, Eliza, 63 Carlisle Street
Close, Francis, school attendance officer, 12 Dawson Street
Close, Hugh, draper, 23 Rosebank Street
Close, Hugh, tailor, 269 Hillman Street
Close, James, linen lapper, 222 Cupar Street
Close, James, packer, 59 Castlereagh Road
Close, Jas., 52 Woodvale Road
Close, John, embosser, 57 Downing Street
Close, Margaret, grocer, 34 Millfield
Close, Miss, 1 Clinen, Barnett's Road
Close, M., blacksmith, 157 Springfield Road
Close, M. J., horse shoeing forge, 7 Cupar Street
Close, Rachael, grocer, 74 Broadway
Close, R., smith, 74 Newcastle Street
Close, Samuel P., A.R.H.A., architect, Donegall Square Buildings, 13 Donegall Square North; res., Fodeen, Carrickfergus
Close, Samuel, clerk, 23 Broadway
Close, The Misses, Ellesmere, Chlorine Gardens, Malone Road
Close, Thos., butcher, 237 York Street
Close, Wm., plumber, 35 Westbourne Street
Close, W. B., Coolgardie, Helen's Bay
Close, Wm., milkman, 56 Mayo Street
Close, W. J., slater, 123 Edinburgh Street
Close, W. J., joiner, 85 Crimea Street
Close, W. J., machinist, 82 Snugville Street
Clotworthy, James, traveller, 27 Castlereagh Place
Clotworthy, J., spirit grocer, 82 and 84 Mountjoy Street
Clotworthy, Mrs. M., 26 Ashley Avenue
Clotworthy, W., joiner, 47 Mervue Street Upper
Cloughley, J., R.I.C., 92 Omeath Street
Cloughley, Robt., com. traveller, 5 Camberwell Street
Cloughley, Saml., agent, 21 Delhi Street
Clow, James, & Sons, Flour, Corn and Provision Merchants, Great Edward Street and Lennon's Place
Clow, Mrs. Peter, 16 Ardenlee Avenue
Clugston, Arthur, clerk, 12 Albany Street
Clugston, David, clerk, 27 Virginia Street
Clugston, H., manager, 18 Bawnmore Street
Clugston, John M., grocer, 100 Templemore Avenue
Clugston, John, linen business, 47 Fitzroy Avenue
Clugston, Jno., engine driver, 19 Damascus Street
Clugston, Miss, 1 Kerrsland Drive
Clugston, Mrs., dress maker, 1 Thorndyke Street
Clugston, R., hackle setter, 131 Bellevue Street
Clugston, R., grocer, 93, 95 Connsbrook Avenue
Clugston, Saml., church officer Reformed Presbyterian Church, Botanic Avenue, 2 Cameron Street
Clugston, Thos., moulder, 66 Brownlow Street
Clugston, Thos., linen lapper, 49 Omeath Street
Clugston, Walter, joiner, 14 Roslyn Street
Clugston, Wm. Alex., traveller, Carnathan, Green Road
Clugston, W. S., linen lapper, 41 Donnybrook Street
Cluzean, Mdlle., milliner, 4 Arthur Chambers, 6 Arthur Street
Clyde, Isaac, Hamilton Road, Bangor
Clyde, Mrs. Elizabeth, 25 Bryson Street
Clyde Shipping Company Limited - P. G. McLean, Agent), 12 Victoria Street Telephone No. 357, and Donegall Quay Telephone No. 587
Clyde, Samuel, clerk, 100 Dunluce Avenue
Clyde, W., moulder, 113 Glenwood Street
Clydesdale, Edward, carter, 13 Vistula Street
Clydesdale, James, picture frame maker, 53 Howard Street South
Clydesdale, Stewart, cork cutter, 19 Emerson Street
Clydesdale, S., paper ruler, 13 Ridgway Street
Clydesdale, W. J., cooper, 11 Turin Street
Coakley, J. T., clerk, 1 Aston Villas, Deerpark Street
Coard, David, grocer, 64 Canmore Street
Coard, Elizabeth, 58 Ainsworth Avenue
Coard, James, gardener, 11 Walnut Street
Coard, John, grocer, 86 Bellevue Street
Coard, Thos., fitter, 126 Disraeli Street
Coard, Thos., shoe maker, 48 Eighth Street
Coates, Adam, brass finisher, 66 Elizabeth Street
Coates, Arthur Hill, secretary Antrim County Council, the Courthouse, Crumlin Road; res., Seacliff, Bangor, County Down
Coates, C., linen lapper, 46 Perth Street
Coates, Edwin, linen business, Cranfield, Bawnmore Road
Coates, Foster, B.A., M.B., B.Ch., D.P.H., 5 Shaftesbury Square
Coates, Foster, director Great Northern Railway, Huntly, 17 Derryvolgie Avenue
Coates, Gerald A., Rathmore, Dunmurry
Coates, George D., Fruithill, Andersonstown
Coates, George, Earlsleigh Villa, Kincora Avenue
Coates, George D. - manager, Northern Bank Branch - 109 Royal Avenue
Coates, Hamilton, joiner, 75 Tower Street
Coates, Harold V., Clonallon, Strandtown
Coates, John, linen lapper, 16 Beechmount Avenue
Coates, John, joiner, 16 Baskin Street
Coates, J. D., solicitor, 7 Mayfair, Arthur Square; res., Eagle Hall, Hampton Park
Coates, J. D., jun., solicitor, 5 Shaftesbury Square
Coates, Matthew, gardener, 16 Benwell Street
Coates, Miss Mary, 22 Wellesley Avenue
Coates, Miss, 3 Wellesley Avenue
Coates, Miss Mary, 12 Rosemount Gardens
Coates, Mrs., 30 University Square
Coates, Mrs., 23 Manor Street
Coates, Mrs. D. L., Clonallon, Belmont Road
Coates, Mrs. W. M., 70 Malone Avenue
Coates, Rev. Brice, M.A., 51 Eglantine Avenue
Coates, R., bleacher, 37 Manor Street
Coates, Saml., boot maker, 221 Newtownards Road
Coates, S. B., M.D., D.P.H., surgeon, 5 Shaftesbury Square
Coates, Victor, J.P., Rathmore, Dunmurry
Coates, Wm., Rathmore, Dunmurry
Coates, Wm., engraver, 29 Fountain Street
Coates, Wm., director Ulster Spinning Co., Sunnyside, Osborne Park
Coates, Wm., Mossvale Cottage, Dunmurry
Coates, Wm., engraver, 32 Earl Street
Coates, Wm. H., 110 Stranmillis Road
Coates, Wm. M., Wenvoe, Newtownards Road Upper
Coates, W. J., machine man, 5 Moorfield Street
Coates, Wm., & Son, Ltd., plumbers, gas, electric fitters and electro-platers, 5, 7, 9 Fountain Street and 28 to 32 Castle Street
Coates, W. F., & Co., stock and share brokers and insurance agents, 3 Lombard Street; res., W. F. Coates, Glynn Park, Carrickfergus
Cobain, David, agent Liver Assurance Co., 138 Meadow Street Upper
Cobain, Edwd., joiner, 23 Colville Street
Cobain, Jas., iron turner, 40 Henderson Avenue
Cobain, Jas., 5 Annalee Street
Cobain, Jas., carpenter, 5 Annalee Street
Cobain, Mrs., grocer, 42 Henderson Avenue
Cobain, Patk., preparing master, 16 Limestone Road
Cobain, Robt., builder, 3 Evelyn Gardens
Cobain, St. Laurance, 318 Beersbridge Road
Cobain, T., linen lapper, 218 Meadow Street Upper
Cobain, Wm., iron turner, 44 Lawther Street
Cobain & Laird, builders and contractors, 14b Woodland Avenue
Cobb, Mrs., 113 Castlereagh Road
Coburn, D., restaurant, 138 Royal Avenue
Coburn, John, grocer, 53 Rosebank Street
Coburn, John, car owner, 11 St. Andrew's Square North
Coburn, John, grocer, 101 Bray Street
Coburn, Robt., linen lapper, 220 Roden Street
Coburn, Robt., clerk, Probate Court, Customhouse; res., Springvale, Holland Park
Coburn, R., spirit grocer, 57 City Street
Coburn, Thomas, manager, 7 Edenderry Gardens, Tennent Street
Coburn, Wm., colour sergeant R.I.R., 71 Oldpark Road
Coburn, Wm., car owner, 5 Hatfield Street
Coburn, Wm., sergt. R.I.R., 3 Adela Street
Coburn, W., french polisher, 46 Nelson Street
Coburn & Bell Ltd., merchant tailors and outfitters, 36 Royal Avenue
Cochran & Co., mineral water manufacturers, 78 Bankmore Street; res., John Cochran, Grindenwald, Cherryvalley
Cochrane, Alex., electrical engineer, 1 Jerusalem Street
Cochrane, David, fitter, 82 Bellevue Street
Cochrane, Geo. (of Bank Buildings), 139 Rugby Avenue
Cochrane, Geo., sample maker, 78 London Street
Cochrane, Henry, baker, 14 Paris Street
Cochrane, Hugh, tea agent, 43a High Street; res., Rosemount, Adelaide Park
Cochrane, Hugh, clerk, 8 Kilronam Street (Kilronan)
Cochrane, Jas., carpenter, 24 Hartington Street
Cochrane, Jos., moulder, 3 Baltic Street East
Cochrane, John, iron moulder, 1 Forth River Gardens
Cochrane, J., sea captain, 249 Albertbridge Road
Cochrane, J., litho. printer, 42 Roden Street
Cochrane, J., packer, 29 Riverview Street
Cochrane, Matt., 56 Madrid Street
Cochrane, Miss Margt. E., 97 Limestone Road
Cochrane, Mrs. A., 60 York Street
Cochrane, Mrs. Catherine, 90 Agincourt Avenue
Cochrane, Mrs. Rose, 85 University Street
Cochrane, Rev. Samuel, B.A., The Manse, Cliftonville Road
Cochrane, M. A., 2 Sandymount Street
Cochrane, Robt., shoe maker, 101 Silvio Street
Cochrane, Robt., plumber, 30 Springmount Street
Cochrane, R., hair dresser, 414 Newtownards Road
Cochrane, Samuel, printer, 12 Lepper Street Upper
Cochrane, Samuel, butcher, 8 Duke Street
Cochrane, Sam., cycle agent, 283 Newtownards Road
Cochrane, Sam., cabinet maker, 38 Stratheden Street
Cochrane, S., & Co., cycle agents, 132 North Street; res., Rosslyn Villa, St. James' Park
Cochrane, Thomas, 2 Lisalore, Cliftonpark Avenue
Cochrane, Thomas L., brass finisher, 32 Rutland Street
Cochrane, Thos., tailor, 53 Balkan Street
Cochrane, T. L. S., fitter, 40 Cooke Street
Cochrane, Thos., manager, 248 Springfield Road
Cochrane, Wm., carpenter and builder, University Square Mews
Cochrane, Wm., dairyman, Jocelyn Cottage, Jocelyn Gardens
Cochrane, Wm., Builder and Contractor, 85 Botanic Avenue, Telephone No. 421Y
Cochrane, Wm., grocer, 37 Ardenvohr Street
Cock, John, marine engineer, 33 Rossmore Avenue
Cochbain, Thos., Customs officer, 29 South Parade
Cochburn, Jas., newsagent, 26 Raby Street
Cockroft, James, baker, 39 Groomsport Street
Cockcroft, Henry, joiner, 30 Newry Street
Cockcroft, Robert, postal clerk, 2 Warren Terrace, Oldpark Road
Coey, Edward, J.P., Merville, Shore Road
Coey, Geo., blacksmith, 74 East Bread Street
Coey, James, 5 The Glen
Coey, Ltd., provision merchants, 13 Tomb Street
Coey, Samuel, clerk, 67 Redcar Street
Coey, Thos., foreman, 14 Nevis Avenue
Coey, Wm., boot maker, 1 Keswick Street
Coffey, Jas., cabinet maker, 27 Cheviot Avenue
Coffey, Wm., engine fitter, 25 York Road
Coffin, Philip, painter, 176 Ravenhill Road
Cogle, Henry George, art school teacher, 31 Bloomfield Road
Cogie, James, grocer, 199 Oldpark Road
Coghlan, Richd. J., clerk, 22 Vicinage Park
Coghlan, Thos., boiler maker, 25 Sheriff Street
Coglin, J., 6 Rosetta Parade
Cogry Flax Spinning Co. - Town Office, 3 Bedford Street
Cohen, Geo. H., manager, 34 Ardenlee Avenue
Cohen, Geo., Son & Co., scrap metal merchants, Sydenham Road
Cohen, Joseph T., draper, 2 Fairview Street
Cohen, J., clothier, 109 Donegall Street
Cohen, L., cap maker, 8 Singleton Street
Cohen, L., tailor, 28 Bedeque Street
Cohen, L., machinist, 43 Bristol Street
Cohen, Mannel, traveller, 13 Tilley Street
Cohen, Morriss, boot maker, 62 Groomsport Street
Cohen, M., 40 Carlisle Street
Coid, A., engineer, 103 Northbrook Street
Colbart, Michael, clerk, 21 Hutchinson Street
Colbeck, Jas., Glandore Avenue
Colburn, M., spirit grocer, 57 City Street
Cole, Alex., foreman, 28 Parkside Street
Cole, E. A., baker and confectioner, 139 Albertbridge Road
Cole, D., watch maker, 7 Springfield Road
Cole, John, tailor, 13 Courtrai Street
Cole, John, gardener, 76 Agincourt Avenue
Cole, Joseph, watch maker and jeweller, 126 Peter's Hill
Cole, Jos., watch maker, 29 Crimea Street
Cole, J., joiner, 16 Tamar Street
Cole, J., 1 Curzon Street
Cole, J. W., band master, 24 Fleetwood Street
Cole, Patk., confectioner, 2 Concord Street
Cole, Rev. R., 2 Kimberley Villas, Whitehead
Cole, Robt., mate, 86 Greenore Street
Cole, R. J., family grocer, 270 Ormeau Road
Cole, T. J., french polisher, 10 Park Street
Cole, Wm., merchant, 31 Stranmillis Road
Cole, W. S., pattern maker, 139 Albertbridge Road
Coleman, Ben., clerk, 43 Palmerston Street
Coleman, H. M., grocer, 57 Candahar Street
Coleman, Jas., clerk, 12 Jubilee Avenue
Coleman, John, gas overseer, 143 Rugby Avenue
Coleman, John, R.I.C., 2 Edinburgh Street
Coleman, Joseph, stone cutter, Killowen, Falls Road
Coleman, J., assistant, 7 Southport Street
Coleman, Miss, 71 Atlantic Avenue
Coleman, Mrs., 3 Donnybrook Street
Coleman, Mrs., 153 Albertbridge Road
Coleman, Mrs., grocer, 3 Donnybrook Street
Coleman, M., R.I.C., 22 Cavendish Street
Coleman, Robt., cook, 62 Gainsborough Drive
Coleman, R., linen lapper, 110 Maryville Street
Coleman, R., R.I.C., 15 Glenvale Street
Coleman, Samuel, provision dealer, 3 Ormeau Road
Coleman, Sarah, 45 Hamill Street
Coleman, Thos. John, machine man, 24 Parkmount Street
Coleman, Wm., plumber, 493 Donegall Road
Coleman, Wm. J., foreman, 36 Earlscourt Street
Coleshill, Peter, fitter, 17 Derwent Street
Colgan, Isaac, brass moulder, 20 Matchett Street
Colgan, John, & Son, cattle agents and auctioneers, Oxford Street; res., 243 Antrim Road
Colgan, Jos., posting master, 25 Brougham Street
Colgan, Joseph, carrier and posting master, 7 Canning Place
Colgan, Mrs. E., 206a Antrim Road
Colhoun, Charlotte, laundry, 32 College Street
Colhoun, Geo. J., secretary, 49 Lisburn Road
Colhoun, Jas., baker, 21 St. Kilda Street
Colhoun, Miss, 75 Connsbrook Avenue
Coulhoun, Susan, 1 Albert Villas, Lisburn Road
Coll, Thos., traveller, 20 Jocelyn Avenue
Collen, Robt., brick layer, 20 Denmark Street
Collett, Geo., hotel attendant, 38 Queensland Street
Collier, A., builder, 58 Sugarfield Street
Collier, H. T., grocer & provision merchant, 73 Old Lodge Road and 1, 3 Hartley Street
Collier, James, draper, 15 Ava Avenue
Collier, Rev. H. G., 48 Cliftonpark Avenue
Collier, S., grocer, 112 Cambrai Street
Collier, S., grocer, 58 Southport Street
Collier, T. R., M.A., principal of Belfast Royal Academy; res., 5 Brookhill Avenue, Cliftonville Road
Colligan, D., carpenter, 70 Imperial Street
Collighan, M., 34 Dunlewey Street
Collim, John, baker, 54 Portallo Street
Collim, W. H., baker, 13 Portallo Street
Collins, Albert, glazier, 135 Cairo Street
Collins, Albert, 146 University Street
Collins, Alex., chimney sweep, 123 Millfield
Collins, Alex. J., Hillcrest House, Cavehill Road
Collins, Arthur, blacksmith, Martinville, Malone Road
Collins, Arthur, metal polisher, 43 Armoy Street
Collins, D. M., linen and commission agent, 62 Queen Street Upper
Collins, E., engineer, 6 Dunville Street
Collins, Fredk., carpenter, 27 Disraeli Street
Collins, F., joiner, 60 Rockview Street
Collins, E., boot maker, 3 Ventry Street
Collins, Geo., collar cutter, 10 Fortuna Street
Collins, Geo., carpenter, 126 Donegall Road
Collins, Geo., shoe maker, 73 Seaforde Street
Collins, Geo., 5 Earl's Court Street
Collins, G., brick layer, 24 Balkan Street
Collins, G., blacksmith, 364 Woodstock Road
Collins, H., blacksmith, 76 Brookmount Street
Collins, H., railway guard, 173 Durham Street
Collins, H. T., grocer, 8 Clifton Drive
Collins, James, 1 Dunluce Avenue
Collins, Jas., gardener, 38 Irvine Street
Collins, Jas., brass finisher, 64 Glenvarlock Street
Collins, Jas., cabinet maker, 29 Beechfield Street
Collins, Jas., tenter, 77 Cullingtree Road
Collins, Jas., stone cutter, 28 Kashmir Road
Collins, Jas., & Co., manufacturers' agents, 13 College Street
Collins, John, rivetter, 16 Alexandrapark Avenue
Collins, John, dealer, 10 Queen Street North
Collins, John H., inspector Harbour Police, 115 Madrid Street
Collins, John, cattle dealer, Whiterock
Collins, Jos., foreman, 20 Westminster Street
Collins, J., merchant tailor, 122 Dover Street
Collins, J., commissionaire, 97 Abingdon Street
Collins, J., blacksmith, 5 Thompson Street
Collins, J., manager Milltown R. C. Industrial School, Falls Road
Collins, J., pattern maker, 8 Nansen Street
Collins, J. C., com. agent, 9 College Street; res., 38 Elmwood Avenue
Collins, Lizzie, 38 Ballycarry Street
Collins, Miss, spirit grocer, 1a Elm Street
Collins, Mrs., 18 Napier Street
Collins, Mrs., 175 Springfield Road
Collins, Mrs. C., 28 Auburn Street
Collins, Mrs. E., publican, 139, 141 University Road
Collins, M., refreshment rooms, 16 Gamble Street
Collins, Peter, traveller, 11 Cavendish Square
Collins, P., boiler maker, 48 Bryson Street
Collins, Robert, cabinet maker, 46 Southport Street
Collins, Robt., clerk, 39 Vernon Street
Collins, Robt., salesman, 1 Damascus Street
Collins, R., cattle dealer (Maryburn), Falls Road
Collins, R., engineer, 54 The Mount
Collins, R. H., Customs superintendent, Rathverde, Cherryvalley Park
Collins, Samuel, painter, 12 Radnor Street
Collins, Sam., linen lapper, 22 Blaney Street
Collins, Sam., cutter, 54 Deramore Avenue
Collins, S., joiner, 43 Vernon Street
Collins, Thos., engine driver, 51 Crumlin Street
Collins, Thos., carpenter, 43 Sandhurst Gardens
Collins, Thos., carpenter, 213 Ainsworth Avenue
Collins, Thos., caretaker, Medical Institute, College Square North
Collins, Thos., fruit merchant, 3 Frederick Street
Collins, Wm., painter, 26 Cullingtree Street
Collins, Wm., blacksmith, Andersonstown
Collins, Wm., fitter, 21 Kimberley Street
Collins, W., french polisher, 3 Mountcashel Street
Collins, Wm., store keeper, 48 Agincourt Avenue
Collins, Wm., cattle dealer, Olivegrove, Cregagh Road
Collins, W., fitter, 53 Joy Street
Collins, Wm. H., factory manager, 28 Malone Avenue
Collins, W. H., missionary, 40 Woodvale Road
Collins, W. H., watch maker, 5 Symons Street
Collins & Son, cycle agents, 119 Ormeau Road
Collins & Co., advertising agents (and window cleaning), 87 King Street
Collins & Co., merchant tailors, 20 Wellington Place
Collinson, C., ord. survey, 275 Skegoniel Avenue
Collinson, Mrs., 23 Meadowbank Street
Colligan, Bernard, carpenter, 70 Imperial Street
Colligan, Mrs., 449 Falls Road
Colligan, C. H., 16 Oakland Avenue
Colohin, Thos., R.I.C., 102 My Lady's Road
Colquhoun, George J., secretary Glendinning & McLeish, 49 Lisburn Road
Colquhoun, Andw., sheet metal worker, 15 Chatsworth Street
Colquhoun, J., watch maker, 10 Broadbent Street
Colquhoun, Rev. W., minister Fitzroy Avenue Presbyterian Church, 29 Wellington Park
Colter, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 24 Belmont Avenue West
Colton, John M., house furnisher, 4 Hopefield Avenue
Coltman, John Thos., telephone, 7 Willowfield Street
Colville, Alex., secretary Irish Flax Spinning Co. Ltd., Wynd Cliff, Donegall Park Avenue
Colville, A., grocer, 49 Dundela Street
Colville, C., shop assistant, 15 Camden Street
Colville, James, M.D., 7 University Square
Colville, James, builder, 66 Castlereagh Road
Colville, Jas., foreman carpenter, 38 Newington Street
Colville, J., architect, 77 Donegall Pass
Colville, J. C., baker, 25 Fairview Street
Colville, Robt., tenter, 201 Grosvenor Road
Colville, Robert, umbrella manufacturer, 32 Church Lane and 425 Woodstock Road
Colville, W. M. O., fitter, 73 Alexandrapark Avenue
Colvin, Jennie, draper, 34 Castle Street
Colvin, The Misses, 37 Botanic Avenue
Colvin, T. A., grocer, 87 Falls Road
Comb, F., draughtsman, 23 Ulsterville Gardens
Combe, Barbour, Branch of Fairbairn, Lawson, Combe, Barbour, Ltd., Machinists, Engineers, and Millwrights, Falls Foundry, 5 to 15 and 6 to 20 North Howard Street; res., Thos. Barbour, director, Holywood; Robert Ardill, director; res., Comber
Combe, Abram, Donacloney House, Donacloney
Comber, F. P. - manager, Cavehill and Whitewell Tramway Company - Sunnyside, Antrim Road
Combe, Geo., Bryn Mawr, Deramore Park
Combes, Sidney, navy pensioner, 115 Canning Street Upper
Commercial Hotel, 5 Waring Street
Commercial Union Assurance Company Ltd. - A. S. Fraser, District Manager - 15 Donegall Square North
Comerton, Edw., B.A., secretary Licensed Vintners' Association, 81 High Street; res., Ashglen, Cliftonville Circus
Comiskey, David, clerk, 54 Donard Street
Commissionaires, Corps of - Chief officer, Sergt.-Major Arthur Cree, 7 Marsh's Buildings, Donegall Street; officer commanding district, Captain T. W. Reynolds
Compston, W., baker, 17 Blackwood Street
Compton, A., reeling master, 135 Cupar Street
Compton, Geo., smith, 23 Denmark Street
Compton, Geo., Lime Villa, Knockdene Park
Compton, Henry, tailor, 11 Baden-Powell Street
Compton, Henry, grocer, 44 Kendall Street
Compton, John, tailor, 49 Greenore Street
Compton, W. J., bookkeeper, 49 Townsend Street Upper
Compton, W. J., blacksmith, 63 Tyrone Street and 7, 9 Thomas Street
Components, Ltd., cycle manufacturers, 51 Donegall Street
Conalty, Rev. Francis Joseph, St. Peter's, 53a Milford Street
Cone, Saml., 4 Orient Gardens
Condell, Geo., saleroom, 241 Shankill Road
Condell, Robt., Laurelsville, Old park Road
Condell, Wm., machinist, 25 Canning Street Upper
Condlin, G. A., & Co., 193 Crumlin Road
Condlon, Jno., draper, 75 Springfield Road
Condon, Thos., tailor, 22 Durham Street
Condon, Wm., warder, 9 Avonbeg Street
Condy, Archibald (director Arnott & Co., Ltd., Bridge Street); res., Ardmore, Malone Park
Condy, James, shipwright, 14 Balfour Avenue
Condy, John, accountant, 3 Hopefield Avenue
Conkey, F., shirt collar cutter, 8 Ardgowan Street
Conkey, Joseph, cutter, 60 Sandymount Street
Conlan, Annie, confectioner, 2a Rockville Street
Conlan, Annie, confectioner, 479 Falls Road
Conlan, Daniel, hair dresser, 5 Butler Street
Conlan, Elizabeth, 30 Rochester Street
Conlan, Jas., iron turner, 25 Lucknow Street
Conlan, John, coal merchant, 22 Milford Street
Conlan, M., publican, 16 Victoria Square
Conlan, Thomas, publican, 105 Victoria Street, 37 to 41 and 49, 51 Victoria Square
Conlan, R., blacksmith, 61 Brookmount Street
Conlan, W. J., store keeper, 12 Kerrera Street
Conland, Annie, 26 Cyprus Gardens
Conland, John & Sons, packers, 4 Clarence Street
Conliffe, Christopher, pensioner R.I.C., 291 Grosvenor Road
Conlon, Henry, core maker, 23 Devonshire Street
Conlon, Joseph, plumber, 10 Cupar Street
Conlon, J., coal merchant, 37 Balaclava Street
Conlon, Miss L. H., 72 Burnaby Street
Conlon, M., R.I.C., 19 Southport Street
Conlon, Thos., spirit merchant, 26, 28 Skipper Street
Conlon, T., draper, 101, 103 May Street
Conn, Albert, salesman, 15 Sandhurst Gardens
Conn, Felix, butcher, 5 Park Parade
Conn, Henry, brick layer, 20 Steen's Row
Conn, H., brick layer, 20 Steen's Row
Conn, Jas., shoe maker, 4 Northland Street
Conn, J., newsagent, 49 Albertbridge Road
Conn, Lizzie, 66 University Avenue
Conn, Robert, saddler, 62 Dee Street
Conn, Robt. J., mechanic, 17 Madras Street
Conn, Robt., army and navy stores, 6 Corporation Fruit Market, Oxford Street
Conn, Thos., plumber, 198 Snugville Street
Conn, Thos., traveller, 14 Agincourt Avenue
Conn, Wm., paper ruler, 72 Percy Street
Connal, John, painter, 56 Dunvegan Street
Connell, Alex., ship carpenter, 43 Canning Street
Connell, Alex., shipwright, 61, 63 Dock Street
Connell, A., ship carpenter, 10 Ulverston Street
Connell, Chas., R.I.C., 29 Fallswater Street
Connell, D. F., postman, 5a Herbert Street
Connell, F. T., Civil service Tutor, 10 Clifton Crescent, and Civil Service classes, 5 Royal Avenue; res., Barletta, Fortwilliam Park
Connell, G., grocer, 47 Apsley Street
Connell, Jas., 3 Kinnaird Terrace
Connell, John, naval architect, Sonoma, Belmont Road
Connell, John, painter, 56 Dunvegan Street
Connell, J., & Co., boot and shoe warehouse, 148 Antrim Road
Connell, Mrs. Margt., 10 Wellesley Avenue
Connell, Mrs. E., 64 Cedar Avenue
Connell, Mrs., 21 Dunluce Avenue
Connell, White, & Co., auctioneers and valuers, 45 Rosemary Street
Connell, Wm., Connella, Cregagh Road
Connell, Wm., joiner, 14 Holywood Terrace
Connell, W., overseer, 24 Bloomfield Avenue
Connell & Co., glass, china and hardware merchant, 59, 61 Cromac Street
Connelly, Bridget, confectionery, 41 Whitla Street
Connelly Bros., spirit grocers, 100 Duncairn Gardens
Connelly, Chas., painter, 29 Northbrook Street
Connelly, C., wood turner, 93 Harding Street
Connelly, John, brick layer, 51 Ross Street
Connelly, Joseph, tailor, 7 Leoville Street
Connelly, Patk., wine merchant, 9 Brookville Drive
Connelly, W., moulder, 26 Sixth Street
Conner, Chas., tailor, 10 Aberdeen Street
Conner, Chas., tailor, 63 Bray Street
Conner, E. B., resident secretary London Guarantee and Accident Co. Ltd., 7 Donegall Square West; res., 30 Burmah Street
Conner, Mrs., 24 Chichester Avenue
Connery, James, publican, 1, 3, 5 Mountpottinger Road; 7 Church Street; and 84 Dee Street; res., 9 The Mount
Connery, Martha, 47 Lisburn Avenue
Connery, M., refreshment rooms, 50 Princes Street
Connery, R., fitter, 21 Julia Street
Connelly, David, clerk, 33 Harrybrook Street
Connolly, Alex., builder, Hillview House, Crumlin Road
Connolly, Alex., contractor, 125 Bristol Street
Connolly, Alex., builder and contractor, Agnes Street
Connolly, Annie, 21 Carlisle Street
Connolly, A., publican, 72 and 74 Great George's Street
Connolly, A., publican, 269, 271 North Queen Street and 45 Canning Street
Connolly, Catherine, 56 Eglinton Street
Connolly, Chas. J., electrician, 77 McClure Street
Connolly, C., wood turner, 93 Hardinge Street
Connolly, David, painter, 63 Ballarat Street
Connolly, David, clerk, 33 Harrybrook Street
Connolly, D., linen finisher, 17 Century Street
Connolly, Hugh, rent agent, 6 Donegall Road
Connolly, H., tailor, 20 Leoville Street
Connolly, H., drug store, 154 Manor Street
Connolly, H., painter, 67 Cambrai Street
Conunolly, James, hair dresser, 36 Albion Street (Connolly)
Connolly, James, dealer, 15 Beech Street
Connolly, James, iron turner, 108 Hillman Street
Connolly, James, carrier, 4, 6 Hardinge Street
Connelly, Jas., confectioner, 17 Albert Street (Connolly)
Connolly, Jas., carpenter, 31 Paxton Street
Connolly, Jas., hackle setter, 94 Raglan Street
Connolly, Jas., bookkeeper, 94 Ravenhill Avenue
Connolly, Jas., printer, 6 Unity Street
Connolly, John, driller, 52 Belvoir Street
Connolly, John, joiner, 6 Moneyrea Street
Connolly, John, spirit grocer, 46 Plevna Street
Connolly, John, engineer, 32 Joy Street
Connolly, John, caretaker, 17 College Street
Connolly, John, R.I.C., 10 Buckingham Street
Connolly, John,  signal man, 37 Magnetic Street
Connolly, John, builder, Arnoldella, Rosetta Park
Connolly, John, grocer, 56 Selby Street
Connolly, J., livery stables and posting establishment, 18 York Street
Connolly, J., publican, 4 Rosemary Street
Connolly, J., bank clerk, 122 Limestone Road
Connolly, J. P., furniture salesman, 2 Alexandra Terrace, Falls Road
Connolly, J. P., iron moulder, 10 Woodstock Street
Connolly, Mary Ann, spirit grocer, 175 Old Lodge Road
Connolly, Michael, fish and fruit dealer, 22 Divis Street
Connolly, Mrs., 43 Duncairn Gardens
Connolly, Mrs., 2 Cavendish Square
Connolly, Mrs. Isabella, 84 Rugby Avenue
Connolly, Patk., merchant, 176 My Lady's Road
Connolly, Peter, coal merchant, 56 Norfolk Street
Connolly, P., posting establishment, 149 Spamount Street
Connolly, P., carpenter, 9 Locan Street
Connolly, P., publican, 98 Spamount Street and White cross Inn, 80 North Street
Connolly, P., publican, 24 Trainfield Street
Connolly, Rev. J., C.C., St. Bridget's Presbytery, Derryvolgie Avenue
Connolly, Robert, fitter, 56 Moorfield Street
Connolly, Robert E., Inland Revenue, Ingleside, King's Road
Connolly, Robt., invoice clerk, 94 Belmont Avenue
Connolly, Robt., spirit grocer, 44 Bedeque Street
Connolly, R., plainer, 19 Derwent Street
Connolly, Silas, confectioner, 2 Rathlin Street
Connolly, S., rigger, 49 Whitla Street
Connolly, Thos., bookkeeper, 82 Victoria Street Great
Connolly, Thos., shoe maker, 6 Theresa Street
Connolly, Thos., hair dresser, 57 Albert Street
Connolly, Thos. J., clerk, 14 Bandon Street
Connolly, Wm., 230 Grosvenor Road
Connolly, Wm., engineer, 13 Rathmore Street
Connolly & Co. Ltd., wholesale wine and spirit merchants, 8 York Lane
Connolly & Co. Ltd., publicans, 16, 18, 65, 67, 81 Peter's Hill; 18 Garmoyle Street; 52 Little George's Street; 145 Lodge Road Old, 242 Shankill Road
Connor, Chas. C., J.P., 10 College Gardens
Connor, C. C., teacher, St. Stephen's N.S., Millfield
Connor, Fras., bottle blower, 41 Eureka Street
Connor, Frederick, cloth passer, 8 Lecale Street
Connor, Geo., 40 Bracken Street
Connor, Geo., sawyer, 26 Canning Street
Connor, G. L., grocer, 1, 3 Cranmore Terrace, Lisburn Road
Connor, H., stone cutter, 95 Mountcollyer Avenue
Connor, James, shipwright, 207 Mountpottinger Road
Connor, Jas., 2 Mountview Place, Ligoniel Road
Connor, Jas., linen lapper, 171 Vernon Street
Connor, John, brick layer, 12 Pisa Street
Connor, John, shoe maker, 108 Conway Street
Connor, J., pipe manufacturer, 11, 13 Raphael Street and 136 Cromac Street
Connor, J. Forbes, dentist, 17 Eia Street
Connor, Leonard, N.S. teacher, 10 Richmond Square
Connor, Mary, 9 Stranmillis Road
Connor, Matthew, plumber, 13 Ambleside Street
Connor, Mrs., cork dealer, 5 Wilson Street
Connor, M., railway guard, 45 Magnetic Street
Connor, M., pipe maker, 28 Trinity Street
Connor, M., com. traveller, 3 Clondara Terrace, Falls Road
Connor, P. J., sergt. R.I.C., 7 Locan Street
Connor, R., moulder, 13 Leeson Street
Connor, Sam., plumber, 5 Copperfield Street
Connor, Sinclair, plumber, 64 Ruth Street
Connor, Thos., linen lapper, 35 Rutland Street
Connor, T., publican and grocer, 37, 39 Cullingtree Road and 2 Bow Street
Connor, Wm., brick layer, 83 Slivio Street (Silvio)
Connor, Wm., brick layer, 120 Dover Street
Connor, Wm., brick layer, 20 City Street
Connor, Wm., cork dealer, 5 Wilson Street
Connor, Wm., plumber, 3 Landscape Terrace
Connor, W. J., hair dresser, 35 Donegall Pass
Connor, W. J., wire worker, 52 Imperial Street
Connorton, James, R.I.C., 32 St. Alban's Gardens
Conroy, David, mate, 16 Bandon Street
Conroy, Fredk., 6 Elmgrove Terrace, Cliftonville Road
Conroy, Sarah, district nurse, 32 Alexander Street West
Conroy, T., rate collector, 82 Antrim Road
Connsbrook Laundry - A. McKinty, manager - 59 Pim's Avenue
Considine, Saml., C.E., 85 Manor Street
Considine, Timothy, H.M. customs, 16 Whitehall Gardens
Convery, Alice, dress maker, 15 Kashmir Road
Convery, A., asylum attendant, 4 Hugo Street
Convery, B., traveller, 41 Parkview Street
Convery, C., spirit grocer, 5 Ballarat Street and 1 St. Kilda Street
Convery, D. L., postman, 73 Rosewood Street
Convery, Fras., publican, 158 Cromac Street and 31 Church Lane
Convery, L., coal merchant, 116 Lodge Road New
Convery, Mrs., 54 Cullingtree Road
Convery, Miss, 1 Bridge Street East
Convery, Patk., R.I.C., 12 Glenvale Street
Convery, Peter, publican, 27 Crumlin Road
Convery, P., Fountain Tavern, 24 Fountain Street
Convery, P., publican, 113 Cromac Street
Convery, Rev. P., St. Paul's Presbytery, Falls Road
Convery, T. H., licensed trade auctioneer, house, land and insurance agent, 4a Fountain Lane; res., 5 Havelock Place
Convery, T. H., publican and wine and spirit merchant, 1, 3 Outram Street
Conway, Alex., fitter, 54 Thistle Street
Conway, Alex., chip potato shop, 121 Newtownards Road
Conway, E., R.I.C., 30 Seaview Street
Conway, Etta, spirit grocer, 104 Chief Street
Conway, H. S., electrician, 79 Dunluce Avenue
Conway, Jas., blacksmith, 16 Glenwherry Street
Conway, John, iron turner, 18 College Street West
Conway, John, slater, 77 Durham Street
Conway, J., postal official, 78 Woodvale Avenue
Conway, J. J., tailor, 19 Bantry Street
Conway, M., confectioner, 7 Joy Street
Conway, M., iron turner, 57 Thistle Street
Conway, Pat., watchman, 44 Earlscourt Street
Conway, Thos., block printer, 22 Island Street
Conway, Wm., painter and decorator, 38 King Street
Conway, Wm., spirit grocer, 129, 131 Riga Street and 23 Berlin Street
Coogan, Frank, bread server, 9 Earlscourt Street
Coogan, John, baker, 61 Joy Street
Cook, David, R.I.C., 52 Rosemount Gardens
Cook, Hugh, postman, 56 Palmerston Road
Cook, James, 29 Ardmore Avenue
Cook, Robt., blacksmith, 73 Parkmount Street
Cook, Thomas, & Son, tourist, forwarding and shipping agents, foreign bank and exchange office, 27 Royal Avenue
Cook, Wm., joiner, 29 Blackwood Street
Cook & Kane, tea dealer, 50 Victoria Street
Cooke, Alex., litho printer, 55 Greenville Road
Cooke, Alex., linen lapper, 109 Dunluce Avenue
Cooke, A., flax & yarn merchant (John Preston & Co., Calender Street), Nottinghill House, Malone Road
Cooke, cigar and tobacco stores, 11 College Square East
Cooke, Daniel, carpenter, 2 Shaw Street
Cooke, Edw., foreman, 15 Broadway
Cooke, Edward, school teacher, Mount Avon, Glandore Gardens
Cooke, Henry, boot maker, 11 Vicarage Street
Cooke, James, Fancy Box Maker, 8 Raphael Street
Cooke, Jas., insurance agent, 35 Tudor Place
Cooke, Jas., plumber, 20 Clifton Street
Cooke, Jas., manufacturer, 13 Ponsonby Avenue
Cooke, Jas., carpenter, 50 Sunnyside Street
Cooke, James, & Son, Fruit and Vegetable Salesmen, New fruit Market, Oxford Street
Cooke, John, fruit dealer, 2, 4 Eliza Street
Cooke, John, plater, 7 Kerrsland Crescent
Cooke, John, grocer, 100, 104 Ormeau Road
Cooke, John, 12 Forth River Gardens
Cooke, John, brass finisher, 14 Frank Street Upper
Cooke, John, blacksmith, 36 Shamrock Street
Cooke, Jos., polisher, 67 Parkmount Street
Cooke, J., joiner, 18 Banbury Street
Cooke, J., gardener, Newforge Cottage, Malone Road
Cooke, J. H., R.I.C., 70 Tate's Avenue
Cooke, J. S., bookkeeper, 68 Rugby Avenue
Cooke, Miss Mary, 98 Melrose Street
Cooke, Mrs., 21 Ivan Street
Cooke, Mrs., Randel Villa, Cliftonville Circus
Cooke, Rev. R. B., M.A., rector All Saints' Church, 9 Caledonia Terrace
Cooke, Wm., insurance agent, 48 Essex Street
Cooke, Wm., joiner, 29 Blackwood Street
Cooke, Wm., foreman mechanic, 58 Woodvale Avenue
Cooke, W. H., Accountant and Auditor, 4 Linenhall Street; res., Glenleigh, Myrtlefield Park
Cooke, Wm., chef, 24 Canterbury Street
Cooke & Co., general drapers, 80 Dalriada Terrace, Donegall Pass
Cooksey, Edward, solicitor, 59 Royal Avenue; res., 3 Ulster Terrace, Lisburn Road
Cooksey, Mrs., 401 Lisburn Road
Cooley, Saml., mechanic, 43 Finvoy Street
Coombe, Geo., Brynmawr, Deramore Park
Coolmore, Durable and Asphalte Roofing Company, Duncrue Street
Coombs, Sydney, outdoor officer Mercantile Marine, Customhouse
Cooney, Francis, confectioner, 279 York Street
Cooney, Rev. S. E., M.A. - St. John's Church - 66 North Parade
Coope, E., sexton Friends' Institute, Frederick Street
Cooper, Alex., tailor, 27 Derry Street
Cooper, Charlotte, 1 Annesley Street
Cooper, Charles W., coal merchant, Sunnyside, Stockman's Lane
Cooper, Eliza B., 2 Jocelyn Terrace, Woodstock Road
Cooper, Florence, bakery, 277 Newtownards Road
Cooper, Henry, grocer, 1 Hunt Street
Cooper, Hugh, jeweller, 32 Rugby Road
Cooper, Hugh, water inspector, 16 Pakenham Street
Cooper, Hugh, book binder, 23 Jocelyn Avenue
Cooper, Hugh, clerk, 3 Ceylon Street
Cooper, Hugh, clerk, 59 Omeath Street
Cooper, Jas., grocer, 67, 69 Antrim Road
Cooper, Jas., blacksmith, 1 Oakland Villas, 150 Newtownards Road Upper
Cooper, John, cabinet maker, 97 Agincourt Avenue
Cooper, John, confectioner, 396 Newtownards Road
Cooper, John, cabinet maker, Dudley Street
Cooper, John, com. agent, 20 Rosemary Street
Cooper, John, sea captain, St. Helen's Lansdowne Road
Cooper, John, steam tug owner, 158 Corporation Street
Cooper, Jos., joiner, 56 Tobergill Street
Cooper, Joseph, store keeper, 81 Newcastle Street
Cooper, Jno., postman, 225 Meadow Street Upper
Cooper, J., clerk, 127 Cavehill Road
Cooper, J., iron moulder, 24 Mount Street (No. 2)
Cooper, J. B., agent, 93 Ann Street
Cooper, J. D., draper, 18 Printwork's Terrace, Old Park Road
Cooper, J. R., Limited, fancy box manufacturers, 35, 37 Bedford Street (2nd floor);
Cooper, J. R., agent, 5 Grosvenor House, Wellington Place
Cooper, Margaret, bakery, 164 Woodstock Road
Cooper, Mary E., grocer, 3, 5 Templemore Avenue
Cooper, Miss, ladies' outfitter, 38 Wellington Place
Cooper, Mrs., 38 Stranmillis Gardens
Cooper, Mrs. Annie, 28 My Lady's Road
Cooper, Mrs. E., Lisadell, Knock Road
Cooper, Mrs. Susan, 58a Broughan Street (Brougham)
Cooper, Mrs. E. B., 51 Manor Street
Cooper, Mrs., 23 Jocelyn Avenue
Cooper, Rev. R. H. S., M.A., The Rectory, Whitehouse
Cooper, Robt., foreman, 3 George's Terrace, Ballysillan
Cooper, Robt., saddler, 48 Dagmar Street
Cooper, Robt., ship carpenter, 16 Roslyn Street
Cooper, S., grocer, 166 Newtownards Road
Cooper, Thomas, Hatter to His Majesty the King, 8 Donegall Place
Cooper, Wm., compositor, 13 Hartington Street
Cooper, Wm., upholsterer and cabinet maker, 419, 421 Newtownards Road
Cooper, Wm. Boyd, teacher M.T.I., Tosmer, Wandsworth Road
Cooper, Wm., carpenter, 42 Eliza Street
Cooper, Wm., fitter, 50 Solway Street
Cooper, Wm., pattern maker, 20 Glenallen ?
Cooper, W., assistant manager, 9 Kerrsland Crescent
Cooper, W. H., musician, 4 Sandhurst Drive
Cooper, Wm. H., boiler maker, 25 Arundel Street
Cooper & Co., grocers, 339 Newtownards Road
Coote, Chas., com. traveller, 7 Stranmillis Park
Coote, David, joiner, 6 Lewis Street
Coote, John, bookkeeper, 245 Roden Street
Coote, Maria, 3 Hartington Street
Coote, Miss Elizabeth, 11 Hatfield Street
Coote, Miss, 1 Myrtle Terrace, Lisburn Road
Coote, Mrs. A., 5 Madrid Street
Coote, Mrs. Mary, 95 Antrim Road
Coote, W. J., J.P., Canada insurance agent, 192 Earlswood Road
Co-operative Trading Company, auctioneers and valuers, 22, 24 Skipper Street
Copeland, A., shipwright, 89 Newcastle Street
Copeland, Elizabeth, 18 Albertville Drive
Copeland, Ellen, 6 Albertville Drive
Copeland, Isaac, builder and contractor, 31 Newington Street
Copeland, Jas., boot maker, 22 Ireton Street
Copeland, Jas., foreman, 15 Iverna Street
Copeland, Jas., provision buyer, Glenorah, Alliance Avenue
Copeland, J., brick layer, 87 Bristol Street
Copeland, J., boot maker, 13 Mill Street
Copeland, Miss Agnes, 48 Canning Street
Copeland, R., stone cutter, 131 Rosebery Road
Copeland, R., brick layer, 65 Woodstock Road
Copeland, Thos. J., painter, 71 Bristol Street
Copeland, William, postman, 3 Columbia Street
Copeland, W. J., steam saw mills, Whitla Street; res., 27 Newington Street
Coppel, Abraham, draper, 7 Glenravel Street
Corbett, David, Dunollie, Deramore Park
Corbett, David, printer, 4 Lawrence Street
Corbett, David, collar cutter, 15 Cregagh Road
Corbett, D., proprietor of Stack A Customs Bonding Warehouse, 14 Donegall Quay
Corbett, Fras., rivetter, 4 Bloomfield Avenue
Corbett, Henry & Co., Inkerman Terrace, 79 Dublin Road
Corbett, James, hair dresser, 8 Allworthy Avenue
Corbett, Jas., butcher, 11 Queen Street North
Corbett, Jas., R.I.C., 8 Ardmoulin Avenue
Corbett, Jas., hackle setter, 25 Enfield Street
Corbett, John (of brown, Corbett & Co.), Ardsallagh, Derryvolgie Avenue
Corbett, John, blacksmith, 21 Craigmore Street
Corbett, John, R.I.C., 42 Hillman Street
Corbett, J., hair dresser, 14a Ann Street
Corbett, Martha, 27 Cuba Street
Corbett, Miss, 76 Carlisle Street
Corbett, Mrs. E., 41 Mountcollyer Avenue
Corbett, Mrs., grocer, 92, 94 Louisa Street
Corbett, Mrs. E., 69 Cedar Avenue
Corbett, Robt., driller, 14 Abingdon Street
Corbett, R. S. (of Brown, Corbett & Co.), Cromlyn Lodge, Hillsborough
Corbett, Thompson, clerk, 25 Derwent Street
Corbett, Thos., gas inspector, 67 Weir Street
Corbett, Wm., brick layer, 1 Cromwell Street
Corbett, Wm., Enfield Drug Hall, 113 Crumlin Road
Corbett, Wm., fitter, 8 Outram Street
Corbett, Wm., caretaker, 5 Arthur Place, off Arthur Street
Corbett, W. J., 18 Whitehall Parade
Corbett & Co., grocers, 69 Langford Street
Corbin, P., R.I.C., 13 Hawthorn Street
Cord, Jas., stone cutter, 118 Ravenhill Avenue
Cordner, Charles, preparing master, 312 Springfield Road
Cordner, Chas., assurance agent, 26 Pim Street
Cordner, C., dealer, 2 Stanley Street
Cordner, James, clerk, 57 Howard Street South
Cordner, John, checker, 209 Mountpottinger Road
Cordner, J., caretaker, 37 Garmoyle Street
Cordner, Mrs., 37 Lisburn Avenue
Cordner, R., shop assistant, 2 Mountview Street
Cordner, Wm., chair maker, 229 Conway Street
Cordner, W., warehouseman, 19 Ava Avenue
Core, Mrs., 5 Clifton Drive
Cork Spinning and Weaving Co. Ltd. - T. McFerran, agent - 8 Linenhall Street
Corken, D., engineer, 29 Yarrow Street
Corken, Michael, clerk, 68 Willowbank Street
Corken, Saml., machinist, 91 Howard Street South
Corken, Wm., tailor, 74 Mervue Street
Corkey, Rev. Wm., M.A., minister Townsend Street Presbyterian Church; res., 1 Easton Terrace, Cliftonville Parade
Corlett, R. C., moulder, 9 Finvoy Street
Corley, H. H., Barrister-at-Law and District Probate Register, Customhouse; res., 54 Elmwood Avenue
Cormack, Alex., manager, Gleniron, Kelvin Parade
Cormican, J., shoe maker, 126 Library Street Upper
Cormican, Robt., traveller, 17 Ilchester Street
Cormick, Alex., manager, 10 Rossmore Avenue
Corneille, David, & Co., agents, 56 Waring Street
Corner, J., caretaker, 37 Garmoyle Street
Cornhill Tailoring Company, 107 North Street
Cornwall, Jas., stationer, 8 Evelyn Avenue
Cornwall, John, manufacturers' agent, 3 May Street; res., 301 Ormeau Road
Corr, Alice, milliner & dress maker, 55 Mill Street
Corr, E., harness maker, 16 Alma Street
Corr, Francis, painter, 89 Walmer Street
Corr, Fras., carrier, 59, 61 Patrick Street Little
Corr, George, linen lapper, 120 Falls Road
Corr, Henry, traveller, 11 Distillery Street
Corr, Jas., licensed broker, 22 Woodstock Street
Corr, Jas., commissionaire, 53 Mount Street
Corr, John, plasterer, 52 Richardson Street
Corr, James, house and land agent, auctioneer and valuator, 19 Chichester Street; res., 23 Lavinia Street
Corr, Jas., Prudential Insurance Agent, 53 Mount Street No. 2
Corr, Jas., grocer, 25 Gresham Street
Corr, Joseph, grocer, 13 Oldpark Avenue
Corr, Jos. H., spirit grocer, 161 Tennent Street
Corr, J., coal dealer, 33 Lowry Street
Corr, J., furniture dealer, 16 Albertbridge Road
Corr, Mrs., 72 Duncairn Gardens
Corr, Patk., blacksmith, 145 Lodge Road New
Corr, R., & Co., glass, paint and colour merchants, 26, 28 Corporation Street; res., 24 Cyprus Gardens
Corr, Thos., dining rooms, 14, 16 Amelia Street
Corr, T. G., grocer, Glen Road
Corr, T. J., spirit grocer, 8 Ashmore Street
Corr, Wm., gardener, 10 Skegoniel Street
Corrigan, Chas., auditor and accountant, 5 May Street
Corrigan, Edwd., plasterer, 40 Heather Street
Corrigan, Eliza Jane, 19 Lonsdale Street
Corrigan, E. J., clerk, 67 Dunluce Avenue
Corrigan, F., painter, 46 Chadwick Street
Corrigan, Jas., draughtsman, 28 Grace Avenue
Corrigan, John, confectioner and tobacconist, 149 Divis Street
Corrigan, John, clerk, 69 Kashmir Road
Corrigan, Rev. Wm., Duncairn Gardens Methodist Church, 3 Brookvale Drive
Corrigan, Wm., furniture dealer, 20 Donegall Road
Corrigan, Wm., clerk, 27 St. Ives Gardens
Corrigan, W. J., machine fitter, 26 Iris Street
Corry, Adelia, dress maker, 47 Joy Street
Corry, Alex., grocer, 1 Kimberley Street
Corry, Alex., ship engineer, 30 Castleton Street
Corry, Andrew, tenter, 26 Broadway
Corry, B., & Co., packers, 18a McAuley Street
Corry, David, auctioneer, 67 Malone Avenue
Corry, David, clerk, 7 Balfour Avenue
Corry, David W., wholesale boot, shoe and saddlers' ironmongery, 38 Queen Street
Corry, D., traveller, 25 Snugville Street
Corry, D., caretaker, 58 Waring Street
Corry, D. W., gold and silver smith, 11 Royal Avenue
Corry, D. W., watchmaker, 5 Castle Chambers
Corry, Elizabeth, 1 Legmurn Street
Corry, George, warehouse manager, 115 University Street
Corry, Henry, agent Singer Sewing Machine Co., 23 Springfield Road
Corry, Hugh, grocer, 24, 26 Sidney Street West
Corry, Hugh, clerk, 68 Deramore Avenue
Corry, Hugh, builder, 18 Dunluce Avenue
Corry, John, confectioner, 305 Shankill Road
Corry, John, fitter, 151 Albert Street
Corry, John, D., commercial traveller, Keel House, Kelvin Parade
Corry, John F., linen business, 7 Jameson Street
Corry, Joseph, wholesale confectioner, 56, 58 Divis Street; res., St. Ive's, Inverary Drive
Corry, Joseph, confectioner, 50 Castle Street
Corry, J., hackle setter, 4 Hillview Place, Ligoniel Road
Corry, J., storeman, 24, 26 Hill Street
Corry, J., engineer, 42 Queensland Street
Corry, J. A. & Sons, drapers, 249, 251 Grosvenor Road
Corry, J. H., sanitary officer, 13 Distillery Street
Corry, J. P., & Co. Ltd., ship owners, timber merchants and sawmill proprietors, 5 Great George's Street, 33, 54 Garmoyle Street, 28, 30 Talbot Street and 7, 11 Henry Street. telephone No. 151 or 88. Telegraphic Address "Corry, Belfast."
Corry, J. P., builder, St. Andrew's Villa, Holland Park
Corry, J. S., manager, 2 Lawnbank, Ligoniel Road
Corry, J. W. (of Messrs. J. P. Corry & Co., Ltd.), "Redroofs," Galwally Park
Corry, Miss, girls' school, The Laurels, North Road
Corry, Miss, sub-postmistress, Bradbury Place P.O., 105 Dublin Road
Corry, Mrs. Catherine, 21 Eia Street
Corry, Mrs. E., 103 Agincourt Avenue
Corry, Mrs. Margaret, 236 Grosvenor Road
Corry, Mrs. C., 21 India Street
Corry, Richd., shunter, 293 Donegall Road
Corry, Robt., cloth passer, Low Bog, Newtownards Road Upper
Corry, Robert, Ltd., contractors, 106 University Street
Corry, Robert, motorman, 14 Oswald Street
Corry, R. B., stone cutter, 21 McClure Street
Corry, R. J., com. agent, 18a McAuley Street
Corry, Robt. P., linen manufacturer (of Fiddes, Todd and Corry Ltd.), 25 Sandymount, Deramore Drive
Corry, R. W., J.P., of Messrs. J. P. Corry & Co. Ltd., Benvue, University Road
Corry, Samuel, ship carpenter, 99 York Street Little
Corry, Stanley B., motor cycle works, 49 to 53 Donegall Street; res., 2 Richmond Park, Stranmillis Road
Corry, S., carpenter, 3 Mount No. 1, Greencastle Street
Corry, S. S., preparing master, 168 Ainsworth Avenue
Corry, Thos., joiner, 11 Daiseyfield Street (Daisyfield)
Corry, Thos., baker, 5 Wilton Street
Corry, T. H., & Co., handkerchief manufacturers and linen merchants, 8 College Street
Corry, T. J., joiner, 87 Carmel Street
Corry, Wm., grocer, 196 My lady's Road
Corry, Wm., hay and straw merchant, Albion Lane
Corry, Wm., railway guard, 93 Charles Street South
Corry, Wm., evangelist, 107 Donegall Avenue
Corry, Wm., clerk, 41 Brookhill Avenue
Corry, Wm., machine man, 34 Chadwick Street
Corry, W. F., manager Springfield Bleachworks, The Cottage, Ballymagarry
Corry, W., & Co. Ltd., Aerated Water Manufacturers, 114, 126 Cromac Street. Telephone No. 465. Telegraphic Address, "Cromac, Belfast." Res., Ernest S. Corry, Fairfield, Bangor, Co. Down
Corscadden, Jas., tailor, 25 Osborne Street
Cort, W. W., musician, 15 Ballynure Street
Corvin, Peter, R.I.C., 13 Hawthorn Street
Cosbie, Mrs., 19 Wolseley Street
Cosbie, Thos., mechanic, 99 Grove Street East
Cosby, James, carpenter, 107 Kilburn Street
Cosby, Miss S., 4 University Terrace, University Road
Cosby, Robt., printer, 77 Eureka Street
Cosgrave, Agnes, 71 Agincourt Avenue
Cosgrave, G., engine driver, 8 Elizabeth Terrace, Donegall Pass
Cosgrave, Henry, bookkeeper, 35 Rugby Road
Cosgrave, Mrs. J. L., 140 Agincourt Avenue
Cosgrove, A., spindle maker, 98 Leeson Street
Cosgrove, B., hackle maker, 9 Conway Street
Cosgrove, James, joiner, 90 Earl Street
Cosgrove, Jas., fish salesman, 112 Lindsay Street
Cosgrove, John, R.I.C., 2 Iris Street
Cosgrove, John, chef, 105 Killowen Street
Cosgrove, John, pensioner, 7 Kimberley Street
Cosgrove, Joseph, butcher, 13 Alton Street
Cosgrove, Joseph, publican, 183 York Street
Cosgrove, Jos., spirit grocer, 35 George Street Great
Cosgrove, J., accountant, 124 Donegall Street
Cosgrove, Lewis, painter, 48 Nelson Street
Cosgrove, Mary Ann, 13 Clarendon Avenue
Cosgrove, Mary Ann, 376 Ravenhill Road
Cosgrove, Mrs. Sarah, 34 Virginia Street
Cosgrove, Sergeant, R.I.C., Knockbreda Road
Cosgrove, S., hair dresser, 59 Matchett Street
Cosgrove, Wm., plumber, 11 Concord Street
Cosgrove, W., plumber, 34 Newtownards Road
Coskery, Mrs., 81 Willowbank Street
Coskery, Thos., student, 56 Tate's Avenue
Costello, Robt., box maker, 12 Lady Street
Costello, Wm., tweed finisher, 149 Durham Street
Costigan, W., & Co., monumental sculptors, 22 to 28 Great Victoria Street; res., 17 Mountcharles
Costley, Sam., gardener, Ravenhill Avenue
Cotman, B., R.I.C., 99 Melrose Street
Cottar, David, clerk, 10 Curzon Street
Cotter, Jas., hackle maker, 145 Durham Street
Cotter, Jas., teacher, 25 South Parade
Cotter, John, merchant, 35 Oakland Avenue
Cotter, John, supt. Inland Revenue, 14 Woodland Villas, Belmont Church Road
Cotter, J., foreman moulder, 229 Albertbridge Road
Cotter, Robt., paint merchant, Runnymead, Everton Drive
Cotter, R., chemical agent, 5 Clarence Street
Cotter, R., watch maker, 55 Townsend Street Upper
Cotter, Samuel, Ferncroft, Newtownards Road Upper
Cotter, Wm., compositor, 1 Clondara Terrace, Falls Road
Cotter & Co., oil and chemical merchants, mill furnishers, 5 Clarence Street
Cotton, A. T., agent, Fleetwood Steamers; res., Dunsinane, Jordanstown
Cotton, Dawson, law clerk, 4 Yarrow Street
Cotton, Joseph, iron founder and machine maker, 2 Cyrene Villas, Cliftonpark Avenue
Cotton, R. J., salesman, 33 Rosebery Road
Cotton, Stephen, & Co., machine makers, iron and brass founders, 30 Sydney Street West; res., Stephen Cotton, Brookfield Cottage, Tennent Street
Cough, Jas., baker, 57 Forfar Street
Couler, R., blacksmith, 47 Mountcollyer Road
Coulson, Arthur, iron turner, 9 Austin Street
Coulson, W., & Sons, damask table linen manufacturers, Norwich Chambers, 13 Wellington Place
Coulson, Miss, 83 Wellesley Avenue
Coulson, Mrs., 8 Lawrence Street
Coulson, M. G., 39 Ulsterville Gardens
Coulson, S., librarian, Linden, Norfolk Drive
Coulter, Alex., baker, 45 Coolbeg Street
Coulter, David, tenter, 33 Howe Street
Coulter, David, union official, 160 Dunluce Avenue
Coulter, D. W., bread server, 25 Deramore Street
Coulter, E. J., compositor, 35 Rosebery Street
Coulter, Fras., Crieve, Dundela Avenue
Coulter, F. W., warehouseman, 4 Tokio Gardens
Coulter, F. W., bookkeeper, 3 Manor Street
Coulter, George, Painter and Decorator, 51 Arthur Street Upper, Sole Agent for Brilliant Sign Company Ltd., London; Sole Agents in Ireland for Endeca Metal Decoration; Res., 18 Wellington Park
Coulter, Geo., cabinet maker, 11 Willowfield Drive
Coulter, Hamilton, butcher, 361 Newtownards Road
Coulter, H., boiler maker, 10 Newcastle Street
Coulter, H., agent, 21 Hunt Street
Coulter, H., cattle dealer, Rosevale, Knock Road
Coulter, H., tea merchant, 27 Rugby Road
Coulter, I. J., publican, 42 and 46 George's Street Great
Coulter, James, plater, 24 Kensington Avenue
Coulter, James, store keeper, 86 Henry Street
Coulter, James, granite, marble and stone merchant and monumental sculptor, 18 York Street
Coulter, James, clerk, 3 Wesley Terrace, Cooke Street
Coulter, Jas., grocer, 55 Fallswater Street
Coulter, Jas. H., chef, 26 Evelyn Avenue
Coulter, Jas., caterer, 17 Fitzroy Avenue
Coulter, John, china and hardware merchant, 111 Woodstock Road
Coulter, John, rigger, 75 Cheviot Street
Coulter, John, painter, 26 Penrose Street
Coulter, John, baker, 50 Dunville Street
Coulter, John, advertising agent, 30 Cooke Street
Coulter, Jos., tenter, 41 Newry Street
Coulter, Jos., foreman, 214 Grosvenor Road
Coulter, J., clerk, 3 Lowood Terrace, Shore Road
Coulter, J. V., 55 Glengall Street
Coulter, Marshall, caretaker Y.M.C.A., 60 Queen Street Upper
Coulter, Matt., fitter, 47 Lawnbrook Avenue
Coulter, Mrs., hardware merchant, 66 York Road
Coulter, Mrs. Mary, 12 Eblana Street
Coulter, Mrs., 19 Mountcharles
Coulter, Mrs. Jane, 38 May Street
Coulter, Rev. D. S. K., Gilnahirk Manse, Gilnahirk Road
Coulter, Richard, caretaker, 27 Moorgate Street
Coulter, Robt., iron turner, 151 Matilda Street
Coulter, Robt., dealer, 23 Arran Street
Coulter, Robt., paper cutter, 8 Mayne Street
Coulter, R., shipwright, 80 Montrose Street
Coulter, Saml. T., tailor, 43 Donegall Road
Coulter, S., tailor., 161 Sandy Row
Coulter, Thos., horse shoer, 54 Hutchinson Street
Coulter, Wm., hair dresser, 7 Donegall Street
Coulter, Wm., 17 Evelyn Avenue
Coulter, Wm., shipwright, 13 Connsbrook Street
Coulter, Wm., traveller, 205 Tennent Street
Coulter & Son, tea merchants, 5 Skipper Street
County Antrim Football Association, 18 Wellington Place
County Down Weaving Co. Ltd., 35 Adelaide Street
County Fire Office Ltd., and Provident Life Office, 10 Victoria Street
Courtenay, J. W., tramway advertising contractor, 14 Crane's Buildings, Wellington Place
Courtenay, Miss, shirt maker, 80 Madrid Street
Courtney, Alex., 32 Lincoln Avenue
Courtney, Alex., carpenter, 17 Florenceville Avenue
Courtney, C., engine driver, 90 McDonnell Street
Courtney, C., sample maker, 41 Lisburn Road
Courtney, Edwd., driller, 22 Glenwood Street
Courtney, Geo., & Co., law stationers, printers, etc., 27, 28 Crane's Buildings, 1 Wellington Place
Courtney, George, grocer, 9 Derg Street
Courtney, Geo., traveller, 208 Ravenhill Road
Courtney, Henry, printer, 24 Evelyn Avenue
Courtney, Henry, draper, 72 Oldpark Road
Courtney, Hugh, joiner, 68 Ardenlee Avenue
Courtney, Jas., joiner, 120 Canmore Street
Courtney, Joseph, tailor, 69 Silvio Street
Courtney, John, crane man, 175 Avoniel Road
Courtney, John, packer, 55 Canton Street
Courtney, John, 46 Woodcot Avenue
Courtney, John, & Co., accountants and auditors, 61 Royal Avenue
Courtney, Jos., draper, 98 Wellesley Avenue
Courtney, Joseph, tailor, 51 Teutonic Street
Courtney, Jos., bread server, 60 Madrid Street
Courtney, J., pawn broker, 12 Manor Drive
Courtney, Mary, grocer, 8, 10 Foyle Street
Courtney, Margt., school teacher, 24 Cranburn Street
Courtney, Miss, 24 Cranburn Street
Courtney, Miss, shirt maker, 80 Madrid Street
Courtney, Mrs., 5 Beechwood Street
Courtney, M. S., painter, 3 Henley Terrace, Windsor Avenue Lower
Courtney, Mrs., 73 Deramore Avenue
Courtney, M., iron turner, 2 Beechwood Street
Courtney, Patrick, spirit grocer, 16 Holywood Road
Courtney, R. W., hackle setter, 24, 26 Lanark Street
Courtney, Samuel, Ltd., Manufacturers Bitumen Products, Rustproof Coatings for Iron and Steel Products, etc., 9 Dalton Street. Telephone No. 69
Courtney, Samuel, painter, 104 Bellevue Street
Courtney, Saml., Bizerta, Knockdene Park
Courtney, Thomas, plumber, Greencastle
Courtney, Wm., plumber, 39 Roe Street
Courtney, Wm., builder, 8 Rosetta Avenue
Courtney, Wm., clerk, 4 Harper Street
Courtney, W. H., clerk, 31 Auburn Street
Courtney & Co., builders and contractors, Ormeau Buildings Works, 95, 97 Balfour Avenue; res., John Courtney, Upton, 624 Ravenhill Road
Couser, A., fitter, 50 Ambleside Street
Couser, E. S., outfitter, 108 Ormeau Road
Couser, Geo., beetler, 179 Cupar Street
Couser, Wm., traveller, 23 Cooke Street
Couser, Wm., linen lapper, 234 Mayo Street
Couser, Wm., dealer, 40 Parkview Street
Cousins, Alfred, dealer, 8 Albert Place
Cousins, David A., jeweller, 4 Frederick Terrace, Malone Road
Cousins, Henry, clerk, 20 McMaster Street
Cousins, Henry, fitter, 174 Spamount Street
Cousins, James, 11 The Mount
Cousins, Mrs., 19 India Street
Cousins, Mrs., 137 Falls Road
Cousins, Thos., gardener, 8 Walbeck Street
Cousins, T., spirit grocer, 67, 69 City Street
Cowan, Alex., & Sons, Ltd., paper merchants, 54 Victoria Street Great
Cowan, Andrew, clerk, 93 Woodstock Road
Cowan Bros., grocers, 26 Stanley Terrace, Lisburn Road
Cowan, Chas., engineer, 95 Spamount Street
Cowan, David, photographic enlarger, 21 Cranburn Street
Cowan, David, engineer, 48 Glenallen Street
Cowan, Ella, 24 Beechwood Street
Cowan, Fras. E. P., Wilmer Terrace, Birr, King's County
Cowan, Gerald, publican, 73 Fraser Street
Cowan, G., tailor, 131 Manor Street
Cowan, Henry, cashier, 187 Lisburn Road
Cowan, James, cab and car owner, 2 University Square Mews
Cowan, James, joiner, 64 Nelson Street
Cowan, James, marine engineer, Ashley Villa, Upper Beersbridge Road
Cowan, John, linen lapper, 167 Albert Street
Cowan, John, bookkeeper, 2 Manor Street
Cowan, John, boot maker, 1 Euston Street
Cowan, John, boot maker, 150 Templemore Avenue
Cowan, John, carpenter, 48 City Street
Cowan, John, sexton St. Luke's Church, 52 Northumberland Street
Cowan, Miss L. E., stationer, 33 Castlereagh Road
Cowan, Mrs. Grace, 136 Rugby Avenue
Cowan, Robt., linen lapper, 40 Hutchinson Street
Cowan, E., posting establishment, 51 University Street
Cowan, Samuel, painter, 10 Wesley Street
Cowan, Saml., engineer, 17 Carew Street
Cowan, Saml., grocer, 31, 33 Cherryville Street
Cowan, Thos., pattern maker, 8 Berlin Street
Cowan, Thomas, rope maker, 73 Silvio Street
Cowan, William, Ltd., distillers and wholesale spirit merchants, 57, 59 Church Lane; bonded stores, 34 Ann Street and 21, 23 Great Patrick Street
Cowan, Wm., harbour con., 8 Lismore Street
Cowan, Wm., gardener, Craiggrove Lodge, Holywood Road
Cowan, Wm., publican, 89, 141, 265 Shankill Road
Cowan, Wm., butler, 45 Hatton Drive
Cowan, Wm., cutter, 6 Sylvan Street
Cowan, Wm., painter, 6 Wesley Street
Cowan & Co., carriers and contractors, 3 Customhouse Square; stables, Queen's Road; stores, 3 Station Street
Cowden, A., plumber, 4 Lawther Street
Cowden, James, plasterer, 2 Lawther Street
Cowden, J., baker, 226 Salisbury Avenue
Cowden, J., linen lapper, 4 Oldpark farmyard
Cowden, Saml., law messenger, 29 Everton Street
Cowden, Thomas, clerk, 34 Rosewood Street
Cowden, Wm., butcher, 21 Walbeck Street
Cowdy, Jas., linen lapper, 25 Ravensdale Street
Cowie, David, core maker, 167 Cambrai Street
Cowie, Jas.,. engineer, 77 Belmont Road
Cowie, J., manufacturers' agent, Lauriston, King's Road
Cowley, Geo., com. agent, 107 Fortwilliam Parade
Cowper, A., bread server, 44 Fairview Street
Cowper, Wm., director of John Arnott & Co., of Belfast, Ltd., 142 Agincourt Avenue
Cowser, B., grocer, 122 Euston Street
Cowzer, John, supt. and caretaker, City Hall, Donegall Square
Cowzer, Richard, clerk, 1 Ferguson Drive
Cowzer, Thos., draughtsman, 254 Ravenhill Avenue
Cowzier, Alfred E., postal telegraphs, 4 Florenceville Avenue
Cox, Edward, machinist, 2 Barton Street
Cox, George, storeman, 11 Glenfarne Street
Cox, G. T., engraver, 27a Donegall Place
Cox, James, confectioner, 35 Little George Street
Cox, Mrs. M., 274 Antrim Road
Cox, Mrs., 55 Eglinton Street
Cox, Mrs., 7 Cranmore Terrace, Lisburn Road
Cox, P., & Co., outfitters and drapers, 173 York Street
Cox, Wm. F., glass and china repairer, 2a Hartington Street
Cox, W. F., china shop, 38 Pretoria Street
Coyle, E., L.F.P.S.G., 128 Duncairn Terrace, Antrim Road
Coyle, Henry, carpenter, 22 Ardgowan Street
Coyle, James, painter, 97 Carmel Street
Coyle, Jas., tailor, 25 Dagmar Street
Coyle, John, joiner, 37 Solway Street
Coyle, John, tailor, 24 Sherbrook Street
Coyle, J., fruiterer, 87 Albertbridge Road
Coyle, Wm., tailor, 89 Cosgrove Street
Coyle & Co., Limited, insurance brokers, 1 Howard Street
Coyne, E., driller, 25 Grace Avenue
Coyne, R., rent agent, 9 Townsend Street
Crabbe, James, engineer, 14 Sandford Avenue
Crabbe, Robt., pressman, 36 Ormeau Street
Craden, Mary, broker, 53 Albertbridge Road
Craig, Alex., tea merchant, 10 Corporation Street
Craig, Alex., linen lapper, 5 Leitrim Street
Craig, Alex., engineer, 86 Portallo Street
Craig, Alex., clerk, 385 Woodstock Road
Craig, Allen, carpenter, 9 Park Parade
Craig, Andrew, shoe maker, 14 Prim Street
Craig, Andrew, ship broker, 58 Waring Street; res., Rosario, Rosetta Park
Craig, Archd., beetler, 61 Charleville Street Upper
Craig, A. H., dentist, Benvista, 235 Antrim Road
Craig, Capt. Jas., J.P., M.P., Craigavon, Holywood Road. Telephone No. 14, Knock Exchange
Craig, Captain S., Benvista, 235 Antrim Road
Craig, Clarence, Tyrella, Co. Down
Craig, C. C., M.P., South Antrim, 55 Great Cumberland Place, London West, & Lisburn
Craig, C. M., L.D.S., R.C.S. Eng., 5 Thorndale Avenue
Craig, David, boiler maker, Belgrave Cottages, 234 Newtownards Road Upper
Craig, D., cycle manufacturer and motor works, 110 York Street
Craig, D., engraver, 35 Royal Avenue
Craig, D., brush maker, 37 Donnybrook Street
Craig, D., fitter, 34 Roundhill Street
Craig, D., cycle agent, 1 Loughview Villas, Shore Road
Craig, D., linen lapper, 21 Melrose Street
Craig, Edward, linen lapper, 31 Denmark Street
Craig, Edwin E., electrical engineer, Dunratho, Craigavad
Craig, Ed., com. agent, 20 Florenceville Avenue
Craig, E., engineer, 9 Lomond Avenue
Craig, Francis, painter, 21 Hamill Avenue
Craig, Fras., Tobernault, 27 Windsor Avenue
Craig, F., carpenter, 2 Manor Terrace, Cregagh Road
Craig, Gardner, & Co., Auditors and Accountants (Belfast Branch), 53 Donegall Place
Craig, Gawn, baker, 129 Glenwood Street
Craig, George, 71 Willowbank Street
Craig, Geo., joiner, 245 Cregagh Street
Craig, Granville, Ardavon, Craigavad
Craig, G., confectioner, 155 Lisburn Road
Craig, Henry, engineer, 47 Duncairn Gardens
Craig, Henry, grocer, 28 Avonbeg Street
Craig, Henry C., director of Dunville & Co. Ltd., Lorne, Craigavad
Craig, Hugh, & Co., coal merchants and steam ship owners, 6 Royal Avenue and 5 Queen's Quay; coal depot, 25 Queen's Quay; stores, 5, 7 Middlepath Street; res., Hugh Craig, Glenmount, Whiteabbey
Craig, Hugh, shipwright, 20 Cheviot Avenue
Craig, Hunter R., & Co. Ltd., 43 Waring Street
Craig, H., fruiterer, 70 Castlereagh Road
Craig, H. C., engineer, 29 Glandore Avenue
Craig, James, cashier, 32 Rochester Street
Craig, James, car owner, 3 Cargill Street Upper
Craig, Jas., shoe maker, 46 Woodvale Avenue
Craig, James, painter, 41 Sydney Street West
Craig, Jas., iron dresser, 31 Boundary Street
Craig, Jas., engineer, 18 Ranfurley Drive
Craig, Jas., grain merchant, 63, 65 May Street; res., 42 Rugby Road
Craig, James, builder & contractor's yard, Kinnaird Place; res., 5 Thorndale Avenue
Craig, Jas., clerk, 53 Glenwherry Street
Craig, Jas., joiner, 1 Mountcollyer Avenue
Craig, Jas., boiler maker, 67 Bloomfield Avenue
Craig, James A., M.B., F.R.C.S., surgeon, 11 University Square
Craig, Jas. H., shoe maker, 46 Thorndyke Street
Craig, Jas. T., coach builder, 12 Pottinger Street
Craig, James W., auctioneer, 26 Stranmillis Garden
Craig, John, hair dresser, 138 Peter's Hill
Craig, John, gardener, 49 Windsor Road
Craig, John, engineer, 204 Antrim Road
Craig, John, 7 Cavehill Road
Craig, John, sawyer, 90 Glenwood Street
Craig, John, clerk, 65 William Street
Craig, John, builder, 49 Thorndale Avenue
Craig, John, engineer, 22 Redcar Street
Craig, John, driller, 53 Osborne Street
Craig, John, packing case maker, Granville House, Sandhurst Road
Craig, John, 7 Cavehill Road
Craig, John, confectioner, 51 Old Lodge Road
Craig, Jno., bookkeeper, 14 Atlantic Avenue
Craig, Joseph, joiner, 218 Albertbridge Road
Craig, Joseph, engraver, 12 Malone Avenue
Craig, Jos., warehouseman, 235 Ravenhill Avenue
Craig, J., plumber, 34 Boundary Street North
Craig, J., insurance agent, 31 Crane's Buildings, 1 Wellington Place
Craig, J., painter, 41 Sidney Street West
Craig, J., & Sons, packing case makers, 2, 4 Killen Street
Craig, Kenneth, sea captain, 39 Moyola Street
Craig, Martin, grocer, 56 Old Lodge Road
Craig, Matt., foreman, 32 Susan Street
Craig, Miss, 48 University Avenue
Craig, Miss, Mountavon, 4 Glandore Gardens
Craig, Miss, Ivy Grove, Stockman Lane
Craig, Miss Elizabeth, San-Remo, 47 Hopefield Avenue
Craig, Miss Elizabeth, 33 Brookhill Avenue
Craig, Miss L. Jane, 30 Salisbury Avenue
Craig, Miss M., 17 Wolseley Street
Craig, Mrs., 7 Nevis Avenue
Craig, Mrs. M., governess agency, 6 Belgravia Avenue
Craig, Mrs. C., 5 Meadowbank Street
Craig, Mrs. E., 6 Delhi Street
Craig, Mrs. Martha, 17 Brougham Street
Craig, Mrs., 115 Wellesley Avenue
Craig, Mrs., newsagent, 21 Holywood Road
Craig, Mrs. R., 62 Ardenlee Avenue
Craig, Mrs. M. B., 80 South Parade
Craig, M., publican, 63, 65 Queen Street North
Craig, N. J., Crescent Hotel, 189 Sandy Row
Craig, Patk., slater, 10 Lady Street
Craig, Peter, butcher, 37 Eia Street
Craig, Ricd., engineer, 108 Alexandra Park Avenue
Craig, Robert, sailor, 14 Quadrant Street
Craig, Robt., linen lapper, 287 Hillman Street
Craig, Robt., tenter, 4 Woodvale Street
Craig, Robt., tailor, 45 Ardgowan Street
Craig, Robt., gardener, 18 Marlborough Gardens
Craig, Robt., boiler maker, 30 Moorfield Street
Craig, Robt., boiler maker, 42 Comber Street
Craig, Robt., engineer, 24 Duncairn Gardens
Craig, R., 44 Woodstock Road
Craig, R., head shunter, N.C.C.M.R., 14 Skegoniel Avenue
Craig, R., agent for Wm. Roberts & Son, colliery agents and coke factors, 61 Waring Street
Craig, R., & Sons, millwright and engineering works, 120 York Street, and 13 Great George's Street
Craig, Saml., brass fitter, 21 Palestine Street
Craig, S., furniture dealer, 11 Woodvale Road
Craig, Thomas, carpenter, 73 Beechfield Street
Craig, Thos., N.S. teacher, 188 Albertbridge Road
Craig, Thos., cooper, 66 Donnybrook Street
Craig, Thos., warrant officer, 23 Baltic Avenue
Craig, Thos., linen lapper, 19 Willowbank Street
Craig, Thos., bookkeeper, 3 Mornington Crescent, 113 Newtownards Road Upper
Craig, Thos., clerk, 3 Ashley Avenue
Craig, Thos., bookkeeper, 113 Newtownards Road Upper
Craig, Thompson, 40 Glantane Villas, Glantane Street
Craig, Vincent, F.R.I.B.A., architect, 22a Donegall Place; res., Eldon Green, Helene's Bay, Co. Down
Craig, William, agent, 10a Waring Street
Craig, Wm., master mariner, Hillcrest House, Antrim Road
Craig, Wm., grocer and provision merchant, 133 Stranmillis Road
Craig, Wm., plumber, 237 Cregagh Street
Craig, Wm., bookkeeper, 13 Brookland Street
Craig, Wm., clerk, 32 Redcar Street
Craig, Wm., grocer, 1 Maralin Street
Craig, Wm., commercial traveller, 419 Woodstock Road
Craig, Wm., managing director, 367 Antrim Road
Craig, Wm., yarn dresser, 11 Elswick Street
Craig, Wm., 89 Newtownards Road Upper
Craig, W., brass moulder, 35 Parker Street
Craig, W., fitter, 43 Lomond Avenue
Craig, Wm., stone cutter, 41 Ballymoney Street
Craig, W., machine man, 15 Kerrsland Crescent
Craig, W. J., brick layer, 20 Glenwood Street
Craig, W. J., blacksmith, 6 Donegal Avenue
Craig, W. J., sail maker, 19 Mashona Street
Craig, W. J., manufacturers' agent, 11 College Street
Craig, W. J., driller, 84 Omeath Street
Craig, W. J., brick layer, 35 Mayo Street
Craig, W. J., cabinet maker, 7 Springfield Parade
Craig, W. J., draper, Lochisle, Knutsford Drive
Craig, W. J., agent, 32 Malone Avenue
Craig, W. J., buyer, Newpark, Deerpark Road
Craig, W. J., cabinet maker, 14 Springfield Parade
Craig, W. J., manager, Lochisle, Knutsford Drive
Craig, W. P., grocer, 1 Maralin Street
Craig, W. T., tailor and clothier, Chatsworth, Chichester Park
Craig & Co., tailors, 99, 101 North Street
Craig & Paton, sewing machine, laundry and domestic machinery agents, 2, 4 Great Victoria Street
Craigan, Miss, 205 Springfield Road
Craigan, Ellen, 76 Joy Street
Craigmill, H., tea tester, 14 Ormeau Street
Crail, Hugh, pharmaceutical chemist, Sinclair's Buildings, 281 Newtownards Road Upper; res., Eastleigh Drive
Crain, Wm. J., 33 Balfour Avenue
Craine, Robt., carpenter, 31 Grace Avenue
Craley, James, iron dresser, 58 Malcolm Lane
Cramer, Wood & Co., pianoforte and music warehouse, 17, 19 Castle Place; J. Laird, J.P., proprietor; res., Gobrana, Crumlin
Crampton, Rev. H. F. - St. Stephen's Church - 125 Cliftonpark Avenue
Cramsie, John, auctioneer, 33 Donegall Street; res., 6 Bellevue Gardens, Stranmillis Road
Cramsie, James, grocer, 1 Sultan Street
Cranage, T. W. P., linen business; res., 32 Botanic Avenue
Crane, Patrick, fowl dealer, 143 Cromac Street
Crane & Sons Ltd., piano and organ warehouse, Crane's Buildings, 1 Wellington Place
Crane, Wm., overseer, 46 Langford Street
Craney, Thos., fish butcher, 14 Cullingtree Road
Crangle, John, confectioner and fruiterer, 289 Shankill Road
Crangle, Miss, costumier, 2 Adela Place
Crangle, Mrs., 41 Atlantic Avenue
Crangle, R., shipwright, 20 Mountcollyer Street
Crangle, R., iron dresser, 267 Conway Street
Crangle, Samuel, painter, 2 Glentilt Place
Crangle, Wm., mechanic, 134 Cavendish Street
Cranshaw, Jas., pensioner, 89 Cavendish Street
Cranston, Chas., machine man, 9 Westbourne Street
Cranston, Jacob, joiner, 51 Palestine Street
Cranston, John, plumber, 19 Comber Street
Cranston, H., joiner, 41 Comber Street
Cranston, Wm., warehouseman, 9 Marlborough Gardens
Cranston, W. J., Camlin, Ashgrove Park
Craven, J. C., principal St. Malachy's Christian Brothers' School, Oxford Street
Craven, Rev. Bro., 29 Crumlin Road
Crawford, Agnes, 34 Clifton Crescent
Crawford, Alex., carpenter, 24 Melrose Street
Crawford, Alex., preparing master, 46 Sixth Street
Crawford, Alex., & Son, house and land agents, auctioneers, 23 Chichester Street; res., Alex. Crawford, J.P., Foxvale House, Cregagh Road
Crawford, Alex., & Sons, starch manufacturers and nurserymen, 20, 22 Mill Street, 14, 16, 18 Wilson Street, and nursery, University Road. Tel. No. 511
Crawford, Alfred, draughtsman, 127 Stranmillis Road
Crawford, Alfred D. (of Crawford & Lockhart), solicitor, 32 Wellington Park
Crawford, Andw., glass and china merchant, Clongreena, Lansdowne Road
Crawford, Arthur H., Ulster Club, Castle Place
Crawford, A., commissioner for taking affidavits, 23 Chichester Street
Crawford, A., boiler maker, 124 Dee Street
Crawford, A., china merchant, 107, 109 York Street
Crawford, Benjamin, blacksmith, 38 Danube Street
Crawford Bros., bakers and confectioners, bakery, 25 Thomas Street North
Crawford Bros. Ltd., 16 Bedford Street
Crawford, Chas., grocer, 78 Silvio Street
Crawford, Chas., grocer, 10 Edenderry Terrace, Tennent Street
Crawford, Chas., baker, 155 York Street
Crawford, Colonel R. G. Sharman, J.P., D.L., Crawfordsburn House, Crawfordsburn
Crawford, Daniel, dealer, 85 Market Street
Crawford, Daniel, dealer, 4 Eliza Court
Crawford, Major Fred., St. Claire, Marlborough Park
Crawford, George, block printer, 58 Charleville Street Upper
Crawford, Geo., & Co., engineers and machinists, 67 to 73 Charlee Street S. (Charles?)
Crawford, G., block printer, 7 Lee Street
Crawford, Harper (of A. Crawford & Son), insurance agent, 23 Chichester Street; res., Aurora Villas, Ballyholme, Bangor
Crawford, Henry, Ulster Club, Castle Place
Crawford, Henry, stone cutter, 13 Rosebank Street
Crawford, Henry, posting establishment, 175 Antrim Road
Crawford, Henry, stone cutter, 9 Hunt Street
Crawford, Henry M., secretary Belfast Wholesale merchants' and Manufacturers' Association Ltd., 1 Ormadale, Hopefield Avenue
Crawford, Hugh, accountant, Kinvarra, Chichester Park
Crawford, Hugh, insurance agent, 25 Tasmania Street
Crawford, Hugh, delph and hardware, 17 Ormeau Road
Crawford, Hugh, linen lapper, 239 Donegall Road
Crawford, Hugh, delph and china, 144 Grosvenor Road
Crawford, H., painter, 32 Carnalea Street
Crawford, H. E., Arigna, 27 Windsor Park
Crawford, H. M., insurance agent, 10 Arthur Street
Crawford, James, farmer, Taughmanna, Malone Road
Crawford, James, joiner, 25 St. Aubyn's Street
Crawford, James, electrician, 137 Dunluce Avenue
Crawford, James, draper, 79 Willowbank Street
Crawford, James, fitter, 90 Canning Street  Upper
Crawford, James A., director York Street Spinning Co. Ltd., Glenard, Marlborough Park
Crawford, Jas., boiler maker, 49 Ribble Street
Crawford, Jas., draper, 12 Stranmillis Street
Crawford, Jas., brush maker, 43 Carlow Street
Crawford, Jas., traveller, 42a Cawnpore Street
Crawford, Jas., iron dresser, 8 Institution Place
Crawford, Jas. M., publican, 2 Shankill Road
Crawford, James W., 32 Wellington Park
Crawford, James & Son, wholesale and retail wine and spirit merchants, 1 Calender Street
Crawford, John, dyer, 56 Havanna Street (Havana)
Crawford, John, baker, 51 Blackwood Street
Crawford, John, pawn broker, 252 Crumlin Road
Crawford, John, printer, 80 Boundary Street North
Crawford, John, traveller, 31 Delhi Street
Crawford, John, hackle maker, 32 McTeir Street (McTier)
Crawford, John, foreman, 78 Rosevale Street
Crawford, John, saleroom, 228a Shankill Road
Crawford, John, pawn broker, 201, 203, 205 Canmore Street and 159 Cupar Street
Crawford, Jno., cabinet maker, 22 Crocus Street
Crawford, John, chimney sweep, 6 Artillery Street
Crawford, John, clerk, Ivybourne, Lansdowne Road
Crawford, John, baker, 7 Townsend Street Upper
Crawford, John, grocer, 37, 39 Glenview Street
Crawford, John, prov. mer.,  21 Woodvale Road and 3 Passadena, Kensington Road
Crawford, John, pawnbroker, 230 York Street
Crawford, John, joiner,  26  Adam Street
Crawford, John, Brunswick House, Cavehill Road
Crawford, John P., engineering manager, Dunstaffnage, King's Road
Crawford, Joseph, grocer and fruiterer, 124 Albertbridge Road
Crawford, Jos., con. R.I.C.,  24 Hugo Street.
Crawford, J., General Provision Merchant, 23, 25 Corporation Street; res., Knock
Crawford, J., bricklayer, 22 Cullingtree Road
Crawford, J., brush maker, 85 Mountcollyer Road
Crawford, J., salerooms, 230 York Street
Crawford, J., gardener, 105 Edinburgh Street
Crawford, J., pawnbroker, 252 Crumlin Road and 159a Cupar Street
Crawford, J., brush maker, 43 Carlow Street
Crawford, J., commercial traveller, 51 Brookvale Street
Crawford, J., pawn broker, 84 Oldpark Road
Crawford, J. & J., pawn brokers, 197 to 205 Canmore Street
Crawford's Limited, 59 to 65 Scottish Provident Buildings
Crawford, Margaret, 81 Beechfield Street
Crawford, Miss C., 83 Grosvenor Road
Crawford, Miss, 32 College Gardens
Crawford, Miss, Balmoral Avenue
Crawford, Miss A., 30 Stranmillis Gardens
Crawford, Miss E., 4 Lowwood Terrace, Shore Road
Crawford, Mrs. Elizabeth, 33 Prospect Street
Crawford, Mrs. Marion, 11 Cliftonville Avenue
Crawford, Mrs. A., 28 Ardenlee Avenue
Crawford, Mrs., 39 Victoria Gardens
Crawford, Mrs., Chlorine, University Road
Crawford, Mrs., 9 Crescent Upper
Crawford, Mrs., nurse, 24 Ava Street
Crawford, Mrs. Ballycloughan House, Newtownards Road Upper
Crawford, Mrs., 235 Albertbridge Road
Crawford, Mrs., Lynford,  Osborne Park
Crawford, Mrs. Eliza, 224 Grosvenor Road
Crawford, Mrs. H., 30 Fitzroy Avenue
Crawford, M. J., brush maker, 62 Downing Street
Crawford, P., clerk, 5 Sintonville Avenue
Crawford, Robert, plasterer, 21 Ambleside Street
Crawford, Robert, grocer, 28 Shankill Road
Crawford, Robert, brush maker, 37 Craigavad Street
Crawford, Robt., engineer, 213 Ravenhill Avenue
Crawford, Robt., fruiterer, 117 Cromac Street
Crawford, Robt., bookkeeper,  44 Candahar Street
Crawford, Robert James, Ardnalee, Craigavad, Co. Down
Crawford, R., 22 Castleton Avenue
Crawford, R., carpenter,  28 Naples Street
Crawford, R. A., joiner, 116 Ravenhill Avenue
Crawford's Salerooms, 99 Castlereagh Street
Crawford, Samuel, sawyer, 14 Fortingale Street
Crawford, Samuel, fitter, 14 Winchester Street
Crawford, Samuel, bricklayer, 5 Beechlawn Terrace, Crumlin Road
Crawford, Saml., plumber, 4 Forsythe Street
Crawford, Saml., preparing master, 46 Jennymount Street
Crawford, Sarah, 193 Agnes Street
Crawford,  Sir Wm., J.P., director, York St. Flaxspinning Co. Ltd., Mount Randal, Cranmore Park, Lisburn Road
Crawford, Thos., saleroom, 152 Templemore Avenue
Crawford, Thos. D., J.P., 32 Wellington Park
Crawford, Thomas, & Co., china warehouse, 10 Gresham Street, 29, 31 Garfield Street and 177 North Street; res., 36 Lawrence Street
Crawford, Thos.  Scott., builder and contractor, Mount Hebron House, Cavehill Road
Crawford, Thos. & Sons, Ltd., printers of silk, linen, cotton, &c., Dunmurry
Crawford, T., brass finisher, 11 Hutchenson Street
Crawford, T. A., traveller, 8 Rossmore Avenue
Crawford, T. J., electrician, 8 Carnalea Street
Crawford, Wm., publican, 48, 50 Foundry Street
Crawford, Wm., grocer, 410 Shankill Road
Crawford, Wm., china  warehouse, 40 Gresham  Street
Crawford, Wm., coppersmith, 94 Ogilvie Street.
Crawford, Wm., compositor, Elizabeth Terrace, 285 Crumlin Road
Crawford, Wm., hardware merchant, 3 Florence Terrace, Ballygomartin Road
Crawford, Wm., engineer, 17 Ballycastle Street
Crawford, Wm., traveller, 6 Glenallen Street
Crawford, Wm., teacher of engineering, 12 Brookvale Terrace, Park Avenue
Crawford, W. B., plater, 170 Madrid Street
Crawford, W. J., carpenter, 52 Hornby Street
Crawford, W. J., box maker, 49 City Street
Crawford, W., shipwright, 42 Grosvenor Street Little
Crawford, W., manager, 154 Ainsworth Avenue
Crawford, W., grocer,  182  Silvio Street
Crawford, W. G., director (Belfast Bank Ltd.), Beechlawn, Dunmurry
Crawford, W., & Son,  wholesale and retail glass and china merchants, 96, 98 High Street
Crawford  & Lockhart, solicitors, (A. A. Lockhart and Alfred D. Crawford), 4 Queen's Square
Crawley, Annie, confectioner, 35 Swift Street
Crawley, M., school teacher, 266 Old Lodge Road
Crawley, Thomas, R.I.C.,  26  Rochester Street
Crawshaw, Miss, 198 Ormeau Road
Craythorne, F., commission agent, 11 Alton Street
Cray, Miss, 1 Richmond Square
Creagh, Miss A. H., 1 Richmond Square
Crealy, John,  publican, 44 Donegall Quay and 54 Pilot Street
Crealey, J. & M., publicans, 43, 45 Queen's Square
Crealey, P., publican, 116 Corporation Street
Crealey, P., American Hotel, 65 Dock Street
Crean, John, cabinet maker, 4 Singleton Street
Crean, Margaret, grocer and dressmaker, 1 Elizabeth Terrace, Donegall Pass
Crean, M., tobacconist, 122 Mountpottinger Road
Crean, Patk., traveller, 54 Chief Street
Crean, Wm., postman, 8 Sheridan Street
Creaney, M., R.I.C., 68 Belmont Avenue
Creaney,  John,  tailor,  8 Woodstock Street
Creaney,  Wm., overlooker, 34 Bowness Street
Creaney, W., boilermaker, 143 North Queen Street
Creary, Jas., mill overlooker, 159 Mayo Street
Cree,  Arthur, 116 Limestone Road
Cree, E. R., 57 Victoria Road
Cree, Geo., clerk, 25 Glencairn Street
Cree, Wm., cloth passer, 46 Bellevue Street
Cree, Wm., baker, 13 Byron Street
Cree, Wm. Alex., merchant tailor, St. Enoch's Buildings, 7 Clifton Street; res., 8 Clanchattan Street
Creed, Thos., pattern maker, 54 Madrid Street
Creeg, George, clerk, 25 Glencairn Street
Creelman, D., sexton Cliftonville Presbyterian Church
Creelman, Wm., baker, 11 Merkland Street
Creeleman, W., coach builder, 160 Meadow Street Upper
Creen, Jno., cabinetmaker, 4 Singleton Street
Creen, W. J., dining rooms, 45, 47 Pilot Street
Creen, Wm. J., shoe maker, 32 Fairfax Street
Creeney, Joseph, jeweller, 34 Cyprus gardens
Creeney, Jos., jun., accountant, 19 Cyprus Gardens
Creeney, Mary, 11 Ardmoulin Street
Creevey, Sarah,  dealer,  41  Berry Street
Cregan, Fras., upholsterer, 11 Harper Street
Cregan, Geo., hairdresser, 266 Crumlin Road
Cregan, Hugh, tailor,  3 Derby Street
Cregan, John, grocer, 33 Garnett Street
Creighton, Arthur, bird fancier, 11 Gresham Street
Creighton, David, collector and cashier, Gas Department of the Belfast Corporation, City Hall, Donegall Square
Creighton, David, printer, 41 Hogarth Street
Creighton, D., litho. printer, 26 Greenmount Street
Creighton, D., upholsterer, 264 Hillman Street
Creighton, F., 4 Claremont Street
Creighton, G., tenter, Mount Vernon Cottages, Shore Road
Creighton, James, butler, 9 Walmer Street
Creighton, James, carpenter, 94b Tennent Street
Creighton, John, cabinetmaker, 30 McMaster Street
Creighton, Jos., joiner, 16 Avonbeg Street
Creighton, J., barman, 9 Coyle Street
Creighton, J., barber, 94b Tennent Street
Creighton, Peter, compositor, 4 Mileriver Street
Creighton, S., carpenter, 37 Fox Street
Creighton, Thos., mechanic, 16 Brussels Street
Creighton, Thos., joiner, 18 Ship Street
Creighton, Wm. A., confectionery, 40 York Road
Creighton, Wm., clerk, 15 Islandbawn Street
Creighton, Wm., carpenter, 7 Meadow Street Upper
Creighton, W. J., wood turner, 62 Mervue Street
Creighton, W. J., carrier, 103, 105 Crimea Street
Creith, A., ladies' tailor, 104 Crumlin Road
Crellin, Edward, joiner, 61 Tower Street
Cresswell, Jos., 218 Holywood Road
Cresswell, J., clerk, 20 Oceanic Avenue
Creswell, Ellen, confectioner, 29 Arundel Street
Creswell, Miss,  322 Beersbridge Road
Creswell, W. R., dairyman, Stag Hall, Greencastle, and 5 Duncairn Buildings, Atlantic Avenue
Crewe, Jas., brass finisher, 22 Holycroft Avenue
Crichton, J., 25 Rosemount Gardens*
Crichton, R. H., accountant, 201 Crumlin Road
Crickard, Rev. R., P.P., Holy Rosary Presbytery, 292 Ormeau Road
Crickard, T., 5, Royal Avenue
Crilly, Annie, grocer,  115 Cyprus Street
Crilly, Fras., stationer, 2 Omar Street
Crilly, James, moulder  61 Earlscourt Street
Crilly, Mrs., stationer, 86 Falls Road
Crilly, Patk., builder and contractor, 46, 48 Moore Street
Crilly, S., grocer, 137 Millfield
Crilly, Thos., machine man, 26 Ardgowan Street
Crilly, Wm., 47 Park Avenue
Crilly, W., furniture remover, 22 Avoniel Road
Crimmin, Mrs., draper, 34, 36 Holywood Road
Crimmins, P. J., pensioner, R.I.C., 268 Oldpark Road
Cripps & Co., opticians, 85 Royal Avenue
Croasdaile, J. E., M.A., B.A., T.C.D., M.I.C.E., engineer,  83 Royal Avenue; res., Edgley, Taunton Avenue
Crockard, Hugh, joiner,  27 Grampian Avenue
Crockard, Hugh, painter, 62 Lecale Street
Crockard, Jas., copper and tinsmith, 8 Maryville Street
Crocker, Robt., joiner, 21 Kashmir Road
Crocker, Wm., accountant, Redcot House, Chichester Road
Crockett, R., grocer, 75 Coolderry Street
Croft, Bertie, electrical engineer, Ingledene, Belmont Church Road
Croft, Geo., gymnasium instructor, 6 Craigmore Street
Croft, Jas., checker, 13 Coolderry Street
Croft, James, coachman, 54 Haypark Avenue
Croft, Jos., carpenter, 30, Hopeton Street
Croft, Mrs., 14 India Street
Croft, Mrs., 151 Crumlin Road
Croft, Mrs., Croften Villas, Newtownards Road Upper
Croft, S., temperance hotel, 164 York Street
Croft, Wm., carpenter, 24 Woodstock Road
Crogs, John, conductor, 49 Edinburgh Street
Croker, Miss Alice, 115  Albertbridge Road
Croll, J. A., warehouseman, 41 Lanseer Street
Croll, Mrs. Sarah, 17 Ireton Street
Crolly,  Geo., fitter, 143 Blythe Street
Cromac Linen Co., 5, 7 Cromac Street
Cromac Linen Warehouse, 28 Hamilton Street
Crombie, Mrs., 10 Stranmillis Gardens
Cromi, Mary A., newsagent, 151 Divis Street
Cromie, Andrew Gilbert, branch manager Ulster Bank Ltd., 1, 3 Antrim Road
Cromie, Jos., motorman, 13 Stranview Street
Cromie, Sam., caretaker, 102 Donegall Street
Cromie, Susan, 14 Allworthy Avenue
Cromie, Thos., store keeper, 127 Nelson Street
Cromie, Wm., com. traveller, 9, Stranmillis Park
Cromien, Joseph, engineer, 22 Edlingham Street
Crommie, A., tailor, 211 Mountpottinger Road
Cron, D. L., salesman, 3 Penrose Street
Cron, Miss, confectioner, 18 Dublin Road
Crone, Alex., fitter, 15 Gainsborough Drive
Crone, Henry, clerk, 1 Keylands Place
Crone, H., hairdresser, 174 Grosvenor Road
Crone, Jas., clerk, 19 Distillery Street
Crone, James, baker, 14 Pandora Street
Crone, John, dairyman, Beech House, Finaghy Lane
Crone, Joseph, postman, 33 Brookmount Street
Crone, Mrs. Annie, confectioner, 9 Bridge End
Crone, Mrs., laundry, 26 to 32 Hugh Street
Crone, Mrs., 28 Rochester Street
Crone, Mrs. Agnes, 8 Hartington Street
Crone, Richard, tailor, 45 London Street
Crone, Robert, iron moulder, 39 Glenwood Street
Crone, Robert,  draper, 145 Ormeau Road and 33 Fitzroy Avenue
Crone, Scott, carpenter, 10 Beit Street
Crone, Thomas,  dealer, 18 Devonshire Street
Crone, Thos., hairdresser, 136 Grosvenor Road
Crone, Wm., confectioner, 107 Grosvenor Road
Crone, W. A., draper and outfitter, 2 Inerslaid, Cliftonville Circus
Crone, W. J., butcher, 17 Bridge End
Cronne, Miss Sophia, 50 Cromwell Road
Cronne, S. I., milliner, 12 Queen's Arcade
Cronne, J., warehouseman, 6 Burmah Street
Crook, J. H., & Co., 19 Mayfair, Arthur Square
Crook, J., engine driver, 22 Tenth Street
Crook, W., mattress maker, 4 Hanover Street
Crooks, Alex.,  com. traveller (Lissan), Hampton Park
Crooke, Andrew, bread server, 17 Eccles Street
Crooks, Clarke, linen lapper, 37 Lavinia Street
Crooks, David, driller, 19 Hogarth Street
Crooks, E., confectioner and stationer, 6 Dock Street
Crooke, E. W., machinist, 17 Meadow Street
Crooks, Geo., lamp lighter, 19 Mervue Street
Crooks, Hugh, cutter, 11 Haypark Avenue
Crooks, H., tailor, 38 Ravenhill Road
Crooks, Jas., hair dresser, 14 Cheviot Avenue
Crooks, James, reed maker, 27 Bruce Street
Crooks, James, plasterer, 63 Imperial Street
Crooks, John, tailor, 14 Apsley Street
Crooks, Jos., engineer, 226 Beersbridge Road
Crooks, J., clerk, 114 Donegall Avenue
Crooks, J., engine driver, 22 Tenth Street
Crooks, Mrs., 2 Roden Terrace, Woodstock Road
Crooks, M., tailoress, 8 Benwell Street
Crooks, Rev. Louis Wm., curate of All Saints' Church, 2 Roden Terrace, Woodstock Road
Crooks, Robert, com. traveller, 100 Oldpark Avenue
Crooks, W. A., mechanic, 35 Auburn Street
Crookshank, Rev. C. H., M.A., Methodist minister,  85 Belmont Church Road
Crookshank, Wm., clerk, 4 Jerusalem Street
Crookshanks, Mrs., 8 Jerusalem Street
Crorkin, J., R.I.C. pensioner, 170 Lodge Road New
Crory, Robert, foreman, 23 Wescott Street
Crory, Wm. C., traveller, 43 Roseleigh Street
Crosbie, J., grocer, 344 Springfield Road
Crosbie, Wm., millwright, 6 Beechlawn Terrace, Ballysillan
Crosby, Jas., fitter, 3 Maurice Street
Crosby, Thos., wood turner, 77 Grove Street East
Crosby, T., iron turner, 278 Old Lodge Road
Crosby, W., clerk, 257 Conway Street
Crosby, Wm. G., hackle maker,  338 Springfield Road
Crosby, Wm. S.,  piano tuner,  5 Fleetwood Street
Croskery, Mrs., 13 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Croskery, Mrs. James, 105 Fitzroy Avenue
Croskery, T. J., baker, 6, Larkstone Street
Cross, Alex., & Sons Ltd., manure stores, 88 Tomb Street
Cross, James, 132 Woodstock Road
Cross, Jas., & Co., produce merchants, 86 Royal Avenue
Cross, J. G., manager, 23 Cavehill Road
Cross, Miss, 18 Ridgeway Street
Cross, Mrs., 90 Stranmillis Road
Cross, Robert, grocer, 93 Peter's Hill
Cross, Wm., shipwright,  139 Parkgate Avenue
Cross, Wm., insurance agent, 26 Lawnview Street
Cross, Wm. N.. linen lapper, 3 Stranview Street
Crossan, Eleanor, sub-Post Office, 8 Bridge End
Crossan, D., publican, 20 Prince's Street
Crossan, George, plumber, 88 Chief Street
Crossan, Jas., storeman, 158 Blythe Street
Crossan, Margaret, grocer, 13 Bosnia Street
Crossan, Susan, draper, 30 Albertbridge Road
Crossan, Wm., baker, 25 Bombay Street
Crossan, Wm., accountant, 8 Bridge End
Crossen, Wm., maltster, 49 Burnaby Street
Crossen, W., lamplighter, 19 Bromley Street
Crossey, James, flax dresser, 9 Ardmoulin Street
Crossey,  James,  caretaker, St. Peter's R.C. Club, Gilford Street
Crossey, Neal, sergt. R.I.C., 1 Henry Place
Crossey, Wm., coal merchant, 3 Glenpark Street
Crossey, W. E., grocer, 114 Ormeau Road
Crossin, J., coal dealer, 20 Westminster Avenue
Crossley, Arthur, cashier, Rosneath, Lisburn Road
Crossley, De Vere, damask and linen merchant, 20 Bedford Street; res., 3 Wellington Park Terrace
Crossley, John, cooper, 9 Baltic Street East
Crossley, Robt., cooper, 41 Donegore Street
Crossley, Thos.,  carpenter, 15 Bendigo Street
Crossley, Thos., carpenter, 2 Roslyn Street
Crossley, T.,  carpenter, 11 Reid Street
Crossley, Wm., printer, 16 Lismain Street
Crother, John, fitter, 5 Derg Street
Crothers, Annie, 31 Orient Gardens
Crothers, A., horse dealer & trainer, Park Lane
Crothers, A., rivetter, 135 Madrid Street
Crothers, Chas., joiner, 32 Copperfield Street
Crothers, Chas., brass finisher, 7 Tavanagh Street
Crothers, C., shipwright, 4 Ribble Street
Crothers, David, 5 Ulsterville Place
Crothers, D., joiner, 35 Windsor Road
Crothers, E., Clorane Bar, 23 Gresham Street
Crothers, George, joiner, 45 Leopold Street
Crothers, George, clerk, 403 Woodstock Road
Crothers, Hry., bread server, 54 Roseleigh Street
Crothers, H., hairdresser, 3 Geoffrey Street
Crothers, James, tea mer., 56 Bloomfield Avenue
Crothers, Jas., boot and shoe maker, 29 My Lady's Road
Crothers, Jas., pensioner, 64 Brownlow Street
Crothers  Jas., postman, 62, Avoniel Road
Crothers, John, carpenter, 4 Crosby Street
Crothers, John, grocer, 1, 3 Eureka Street
Crothers, John, traveller, 19 Roseleigh Street
Crothers, John, confectioner, 297 Shankill Road
Crothers, John, electrician, 8 Riverview Street
Crothers, John, joiner, 160 Hillman Street
Crothers, Joshua, engineer, 30 Medway Street
Crothers, Jos., bread server, 6 Beechnut Street
Crothers, J., foreman carpenter, 61 Meadow Street
Crothers, J., iron moulder, 50 Pittsburg Street
Crothers, Martha, confectioner, 15 McCandliss
Crothers, Mary, 120 Oldpark Avenue
Crothers, Mrs. E., 48 Beechfield Street
Crothers, Mrs., 1 Santon Villas, Larkfield Road
Crothers, M., grocer, 58 Stranmillis Road
Crothers, Pat., clerk, 183 Crimea Street
Crothers, Richd., mechanic, 11 Bellevue Terrace, Ligoniel Road
Crothers, Robt., photographer, 37 Ardgowan Street
Crothers, Robt., horse shoer, 89 Howard Street South
Crothers, Robt., boot and shoe maker, 88 Beresford Street
Crothers, Robt., shoe maker, 23 Agra Street
Crothers, Rose Ann, 28 Athol Street
Crothers, Saml., brass moulder, 2 Arnon Street
Crothers, Saml., iron turner, 44 Danube Street
Crothers, Saml., insurance agent, 68 Israel Street
Crothers, S., provision merchant, 140 Sandy Row
Crothers, S., foreman, 5 McCandliss Street
Crothers, Thos., flax dresser, 18 Agnes Street
Crothers, Thos. R., engraver, 27 Donegall Place
Crothers, Thos., window cleaner, 25 Longford Street
Crothers, T. J., iron turner, 173 Tennent Street
Crothers, Wm.,  grocer, 50 Seaford Street
Crothers, Wm., fitter, 17 Woodlee Street
Crothers, Wm., boiler maker, 8 Holycroft Avenue
Crothers, Wm., shoe maker, 14 North Boundary Street
Crothers, Wm., spinning master, 25 Landscape Terrace
Crothers, Wm., confectioner, 86 Lawnbrook Avenue
Crotty, Henry, pensioner R.I.C., 26 Swift Street
Crotty, Jane, 18 Ava Street
Crotty, Thomas, fitter, 4 Chamberlain Street
CROTTY & AIKIN, Estate Agents, Auctioneers and Property  Brokers, 8  Bridge Street; res., Fras. R. Crotty, J.P., Barbaville, 350 Ormeau Road
Crouch, W. R., bookkeeper, 42 College Park Avenue
Crow, Andrew, dining rooms, 67 King Street
Crow, A., linen finisher, 4 Shield Street
Crow, D., fitter, 7 Forsythe Street
Crow, Wm., guard, 42 Moorgate Street
Crowe, Albert, brick layer, 57 Matchett Street
Crowe, Alex., commission agent, Old Lodge, Cliftonville Road
Crowe, Caroline, 24 College Square North
Crowe, David,, R.I.C., 228 Donegall Avenue
Crowe, Edwd., lamp lighter, 222 Mayo Street
Crowe, E., draper, 2 Castlereagh Street
Crowe, E. linen lapper, 67 Hillman Street
Crowe, George, plater, 141 Parkgate Avenue
Crowe, Geo., 26 Woodvale Road
Crowe, Hugh, painter, 134 Conway Street
Crowe, Hugh, painter, 52 Weir Street 
Crowe, Jas. E.,  merchant  tailor, 35 Rosebery Road
Crowe, John, engineer, 79 Nevis Avenue
Crowe, John, commercial traveller, Bettwsville, Cherryvalley Park (Bettesville?)
Crowe, John, plumber, 61 Meadow Street Upper
Crowe, John, engineer, 79 Nevis Avenue
Crowe, John, 2 Shannonville Terrace, Ballymagarry
Crowe, John, grocer, 49 Danube Street
Crowe, John, plasterer, 33 Malvern Street
Crowe, Jos. A., baker, 12 Eccles Street
Crowe, J., clerk, 69 Hogarth Street
Crowe, Mrs., fruiterer, 46 Basil Buildings, Newtownards Road Upper
Crowe, Robert, clerk, 85 Fortwilliam Parade
Crowe, Thomas, engineer, 63 Norwood Street
Crowe, Thos., plumber, 56 Meadow Street Upper
Crowe, T., com. trav., 28 South Parade
Crowe, T.  H., professor of music, 23 Eglantine Gardens
Crowe, W. J., fitter, 52 Keswick Street
Crowley, Eleanor, 5 University Terrace, University Road
Crowley Patrick, Customs officer, 18 Willowfield Street
Crown Hotel, Jas. Stall, 263, 265a York Street
Crowne, S. L., milliner,  12 Queen's Arcade
Crowther, J. & W., engineers and mill furnishers and motor engineers, la Frederick Street; res., John Crowther, 47 Avoca Street
Crowthers, Joshua, fitter, 30 Medway Street
Crowthers, Joshua, engineer, 2 Havelock Street
Crozier, Albert, jeweller, 7 Powerscourt Street
Crozier, Elizabeth, 8 Castleton Avenue
Crozier, Francis, 20 Dover Street
Crozier, Francis, tailor, 103 Woodstock Road
Crozier, George, foreman, 77 Delhi Street
Crozier, James, grocer, 114 Battenberg Street
Crozier, Jas., hairdresser, 48a Henry Street
Crozier, John, postman, 37 Keswick Street
Crozier, Matilda, 13 Landscape Terrace
Crozier, Minnie, 52 Ophir Gardens
Crozier, Miss C., 10 Grampian Avenue
Crozier, Mrs., 72 Farnham Street
Crozier, Mrs., Annsville, Glenburn Park
Crozier, Mrs. Elizabeth, 13 Sandhurst Gardens
Crozier, Mrs. E. M., Stramore, Sans Souci
Crozier, Mrs. Fanny, 79 Madrid Street
Crozier, Rev. T. F., rector of St. Matthias Church, Glen Road
Crozier, Right Rev. John Baptist, Lord Bishop of Down and Connor and Dromore, Culloden, Craigavad
Crozier, Robert, jun., traveller, Annsville, Glenburn Park
Crozier, R., insurance agent, 107 Greenore Street
Crozier,  Samuel,  draper, 178 Cliftonpark Avenue
Crozier, Samuel, cabinetmaker, Hillcrest Lodge, Somerton Road
Crozier, Thomas, 35 Wellington Place
Crozier, T., draper, 149 Duncairn Gardens
Crozier, T., builder, 184 Ravenhill Road
Crozier, T. E. S., painter, 130 Donegall Pass
Crozier, Walter, 18 Lisburn Avenue
Crozier, Wm., shoe maker, 35 Eighth Street
Crozier, Wm., reeling master, 5 Salisbury Terrace, Ligoniel Road
Crozier, W., bookseller, 18 Lisburn Avenue
Crozier & Co., silk merchants, costumiers, dress and mantle makers, milliners and ladies' outfitters, 10 Donegall Place
Cruden, R. L., bookkeeper, 296 Springfield Road
Crudden, Richard, spirit-grocer, Whiterock
Cruiks, Henry C., traffic supt. Belfast Steamship Co., 7 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Cruikshanks, Jas., carpenter, 23 Hatton Drive
Cruikshanks, John, Excise officer, 66 Mountpottinger Road
Cruikshanks, Wm., clerk, 4 Jerusalem Street
Crumley, James, 21 Oakland Avenue
Crummey, J., boilermaker, 109 Albert Street
Crummy, John, engineer, 39 Kenilworth Street
Crummy, Michael, motorman, 29 Ballarat Street
Crump, Captain James Cyril, 26 Evelyn Gardens
Cryan, P., pensioner, 30 Forest Street
Crymble, Chas., checker, Midland Railway Company (N.C.C.), 40 Lewis Street
Crymble, Chas., engine driver, 36 Sydney Street West
Crymble, Jane, dress maker, 60 Eglinton Street
Crymble, Miss Margaret, 5 Florence Place
Crymble, Mrs., Duneane, 276 Ormeau Road
Crymble, M., Ltd., piano & music ware-house, 40 Wellington Place; showrooms and warehouse, 13 College Square East; res., John A. Crymble, 282 Ormeau Road; Henry Crymble, Beechmount House, North Parade
Crymble, S.& R., solicitors, Arthur Chambers, 6 Arthur Street;  res., S. G. Crymble, LL.B., 12 College Green
Crymble, T. H., dairyman, 18 Benwell Street
Crymble, Wm., mechanic, 81 Rosebery Road
Cuddy, Geo., printer, 150 Agnes Street
Cuddy, Henry, coal dealer, 78 Parkmount Street
Cuddy, Henry, warehouseman, 5 Glenview Terrace, Crumlin Road
Cuddy, Saml., insurance agent, 31 Jocelyn Street
Cuddy, Thos., cloth passer, 77 Glenmachan Street
Culbert, Arthur, bookkeeper, 43 Lonsdale Street
Culbert,  C., pharmaceutical chemist, 112 North Road
Culbert, C., store keeper, 44 Tate's Avenue
Culbert, Jacob, mechanic, 25a Sydney Street West
Culbert, James, joiner, 25 Hogarth Street
Culbert, James, painter, 58 Jerusalem Street
Culbert, Jas. A., solicitor and commissioner for oaths, 22a Donegall Place
Culbert, John, compositor, 32 Sherwood Street
Culbert, John, machine driver, 44 Brown Street
Culbert, John, & Co., linen manufacturers and finishers, 31 Franklin Street; res., John Culbert, 2 Windsor Park
Culbert, J. C., Connswater Medical Hall, 456 Newtownards Road; res., Sunnybank, Dundela Avenue
Culbert, M. A., bookkeeper, 7 Turin Street
Culbert, P., brass finisher, 9 Dunmore Street
Culbert, Robt., manager, 242 Grosvenor Road
Culbert, Thomas, gardener, Moat Cottages, Holywood Road Old
Culbert, Thos., porter, 27 Buckingham Street
Culbert, Thos., gardener, 14 Daisyfield Street
Culbert, Walter, printer, 68 Roden Street
Culbert & Co., grocers, 57 Sandy Row
Cull, Andrew, publican, 100 Ann Street
Cull, James, carpenter, 158 Beersbridge Road
Cull, Stewart, compositor, 6 Ardgowan Street
Cullen, Allen, & Co. Ltd., general produce merchants, agents and carriers, 48 Corporation Street; stables, 28, 30 Townsend Street. Telegraphic Address, "Export." Tel. No. 243 and 2358
Cullen, Ambrose, litho artist, 75 Roseleigh Street
Cullen, B., glazier, oil and colour merchant, 94, 96 Divis Street
Cullen, Catherine, dealer, 36 Berry Street
Cullen, H., rivetter, 7 Clonard Street
Cullen, James, cattle canvasser, B.S.S.Co. 42 Duncairn Gardens
Cullen, John, clerk, 27 Coolderry Street
Cullen, John, glazier, 18 Inkerman Street
Cullen, John, grocer, 38 Ross Street
Cullen, John, 14 Curzon Street
Cullen, John, painter, 37 Forts Street
Cullen, J., warehouseman, 42 Harcourt Street
Cullen, Miss K., 1 Arundel Street
Cullen, Mrs., 3 Lawrence Street
Cullen, Miss A. J., tobacconist, 114 Donegall Pass
Cullen, P., dealer, 40, 42 Keegan Street
Cullen, P., grocer, 64 Divis Street
Cullen, P., publican, 52 Garmoyle Street
Cullen, Rev. E. B., Agnes Street Methodist Church; res., 78 Cliftonpark Avenue
Cullen, Robt., carpenter, 159 Springfield Road
Cullen, Thos., spirit dealer, 24 Annadale Street
Cullen, Thos., spirit grocer, 24 Arlington Street
Cullen, Thos., spirit grocer, 7 Cumberland Street
Cullen, W. H., R.I.C., 12 Hillman Street
Cullen, W. J., clerk, 65 Willowbank Street
Cullerton, J., butcher, 34 Oldpark Road
Culley, Jos., boiler maker, 14 Derwent Street
Culley,  R. P., & Co. Ltd., wholesale bottlers, consignees for Worthington & Co. Ltd., 172 University Avenue
Cully, Cyril, architect, Leevinney, 14 Clonlee Drive
Cully, Dunlop, & Co., coal merchants, 17 Bridge Street
Cully, Finlay, moulder, 12 Belair Street
Cully, George, manager, 4 Sandymount Street
Cully, John, rivetter, 37 Colville Street
Cully, Robert, painter, 40 Dunraven Avenue
Cully, Saml., bookkeeper, 2 Frederick Terrace, Malone Road
Cully, Wm., painter, 14  Epworth Street
Culton, Saml., coal merchant, 15 Eccles Street
Culverwell, George P., engineer Belfast and County Down Railway; res., Comber, County Down
Cuming, Mary, 61 Antrim Road
Cuming, Wm., clerk, 52 Burmah Street
Cumins, J. M., butcher, 5, 7 Ferndale Terrace, Lisburn & 202, 204 Albertbridge Road
Cumings, Robt., teacher, 77 Agincourt Avenue
Cumings, R., principal St. Colman's N.S., Eliza Street
Cumiskey, Owen, R.I.C., 6 Moyola Street
Cumming, D., tailor, 235, 237 Newtownards Road; res., Rathkeltar, Ormiston Gardens
Cummings, James, waiter, 40 Imperial Street
Cumming, J., carding master, 1 Leigh Cottages, Springfield Road
Cumming, Mrs., 77 Rosevale Street
Cummins, Mrs., 1 Collingwood Avenue
Cumming, Saml., builder, 46a Henry Street.; res., 77 Antrim Road
Cumming, Sam., coach builder, Mount Street (2)
Cumming, Sam., stone cutter, 84 Agincourt Avenue
Cumming, Thos. J., insurance agent, 6 Jersey Street
Cumming, T., bookbinder, 5 Glendower Street
Cumming, Wm., clerk, Burmah Street
Cummings, A., painter, 46 Dunraven Street
Cummings, D., tailor, 34 Heather Street
Cummings,  John, R.I.C., 11 Essex Street
Cummings, Joseph, confectioner and baker, 100 Albertbridge Road
Cummings, J., painter, 24 Sylvan Street
Cummings, J., dairy proprietor, 134 Ormeau Road
Cummings, J., grocer, 127 Leeson Street
Cummings, J., storekeeper, 14 Ardmoulin Avenue
Cummings, Geo., Rialto, Kensington Road
Cummings, Mrs. M., milliner, 153b York Street
Cummings, Mrs. Catherine, 34 Buckingham Terrace, North Parade
Cummings, Robt., dining rooms, 183 Shankill Road
Cummings, Robt., traveller, 86 Oldpark Avenue
Cummings, Robt., carpenter, 123 Manor Street
Cummings, R., carpenter, Electric Street
Cummings, R., fitter, 31 Balfour Avenue
Cummings, Samuel, brass moulder, 3 Mulhouse Street
Cummings,  Wm., shipwright, 17 Hartley Street
Cummings, Wm., grocer, 90 Newcastle Street
Cummings, Wm., carpenter, 3 Bristol Street
Cummings, Wm., wood turner, 290 Cupar Street
Cummins, J. W., checker, 11 Ilchester Street
Cummins, Robt., draper, 244 Crumlin Road
Cummins, R., carpenter, 123 Manor Street
Cummins, Wm., painter, 24 Ravenscroft Street
Cunniffe  James, electrician, 16 Prospect Street
Cunliffe, Wm., glass bottle maker, 15 St. Alban's Gardens
Cunning, John, carter, 19 Derby Street North
Cunning, Miss, draper, 265 Queen Street North
Cunningham, Adam, engineer, 25 Spencer Street
Cunningham, Adam, foreman, 23 New North Queen Street
Cunningham, Alex., boot maker, 5 Bilton Place
Cunningham, Alex., brass finisher, 81 Westmoreland Street
Cunningham, Andrew, draper, 95 Duncairn Gardens
Cunningham, Andrew, fitter, 149 Mervue Street
Cunningham, Andrew, engineer, 175 Madrid Street
Cunningham, A., boot maker, 155 Upper Meadow Street
Cunningham, A., draper, 117 New Lodge Road
Cunningham, A. & W., boot makers, 29 Wilson's Street
Cunningham, Charles, carpenter, 54 Craigmore Street
Cunningham, C., publican, 11, 13 Trafalgar Street
Cunningham, C. M., D.D.S., L.D.S., dentist, Rostellan, University Road
Cunningham, D., insurance agent, 17 Curzon Street
Cunningham, Ellen,  grocer,  17 Violet Street
Cunningham, E., draper, 65, 67 Sandy Row
Cunningham, E., pipe maker, 12 Garfield Street
Cunningham, Fras., hairdresser, 22 Lower California Street, and 173 North Street
Cunningham, Fred. A., B.A., T.C.D., J.P., solicitor and agent, 29 Donegall Street
Cunningham, F., cashier, 368 Ravenhill Avenue
Cunningham, Captain F. A.,  J.P., solicitor and agent, 29 Donegall Street; res., Somerset, Fortwilliam Park
Cunningham, George, clerk, 12 Ranfurly Drive
Cunningham, G., bundler, 104 Woodvale Avenue
Cunningham, Henry, saddler, 24 Chichester Street
Cunningham, H., brass moulder, 55 Ardenvohr Street
Cunningham, H., linen lapper, 17 Farnham Street
Cunningham, H.,  publican, 1 Patrick Street Little and 21 Nile Street
Cunningham, H. H.  B., M.D., F.R.C.S., 69 University Road; res., Firenze, Malone Park
Cunningham, James, posting establishment, Malone Cottage, 20 Malone Avenue
Cunningham, James, tailor, 3 Unity Street
Cunningham, James, carpenter, 61 Balkan Street
Cunningham, James, Glencairn
Cunningham, Jane, druggist, 201 Newtownards Road
Cunningham, Jas., bread server, 17 Walmer Street
Cunningham, Jas., draper, 71 Ormeau Road
Cunningham, Jas., joiner, 18 Everton Street
Cunningham, John, manager, 31 Sandhurst Gardens
Cunningham, John, saddler, 28 Glenwood Street
Cunningham, John, plasterer, 4 Linwood Street
Cunningham, Jos., fitter, 218 York Street
Cunningham, Joseph, boot maker, 30 Iris Street
Cunningham, Josias, & Co., stockbrokers and insurance agents, 3 Donegall Square East; res., James Cunningham, Glencairn ; Saml. Cunningham, Fernhill, Ballygomartin
Cunningham, Josias, director Marsh &, Co., Ltd., Donegall Street; res., Glencairn, Ballygomartin
Cunningham, Josias, clerk, 14 Dromara Street
Cunningham, Jos., joiner, 18 Everton Street
Cunningham, Jos., shoe maker, 46 Ballyclare Street
Cunningham, J., iron turner, 48 Brookmount Street
Cunningham, J.,  shoemaker, 43 Benares Street
Cunningham, J., agent, 43a High Street
Cunningham, J., painter, 19 Waterford Street
Cunningham, J. F., 46 Brookvale Avenue
Cunningham, J. J., clerk, 65 Donard Street
Cunningham, J. S., manager Vulcanite Ltd., Gladene, Osborne Park
Cunningham, Mary, lodgings, 125 to 133 Millfield
Cunningham, Matthew, 186 Ormeau Road
Cunningham, Michael, R.I.C., pensioner, 198 My Lady's Road
Cunningham, Miss Margt., 27 Gloucester Street
Cunningham, Mrs. Mary, 180, Ormeau Road
Cunningham, Mrs., 113 Dunluce Avenue
Cunningham, Mrs., 59 Silvergrove Street
Cunningham, M. A., tobacconist, 275 York Street
Cunningham, Mrs. C., 68 Donegall Road
Cunningham, N., 39a Pacific Avenue
Cunningham, Percy, waiter, 190 Crumlin Road
Cunningham, Robt., fitter, 10 Glenbrook Avenue
Cunningham, Robert, 42 Warkworth Street
Cunningham, Robt., bricklayer, 9 Suir Street
Cunningham, R., joiner, Haldane Street
Cunningham, R., boot and  shoe maker, 330 Shankill Road
Cunningham, R., brass moulder, 32 Bellevue Street
Cunningham, R., iron moulder, 7 Denmark Street
Cunningham, R., carpenter, 43 Crumlin Road
Cunningham, R. J., tailor, 15 Morpeth Street
Cunningham, R. J., painter, 10 Kendal Street
Cunningham, Saml., assistant superintendent insurance company, 6 Cranmore Gardens
Cunningham, Thomas, salesman, 24 Unity Street
Cunningham, Thos., carpenter, 40 Drew Street
Cunningham, T., iron moulder, 52 Thompson Street
Cunningham, T., grocer, 9 Barton Street
Cunningham, T., coppersmith. 146 Hynford Street Upper
Cunningham, T., machine man, 24 Foxglove Street
Cunningham, Wm., gardener, 419 Donegall Road
Cunningham, Wm., stationer, 3 Ravenscroft Avenue
Cunningham, Win., newsagent, 446 Newtownards Road
Cunningham, Wm., merchant tailor, 27 Donegall Street; entrance by 2 Exchange Place
Cunningham, Wm., car owner, 47 Ashdale Street
Cunningham, Wm., insurance agent, 17 Curzon Street
Cunningham, Wm., com. agent, 20 Lecale Street
Cunningham, W., carpenter, 419 Donegall Road
Cunningham, W. H., draper, 153, 155 Rugby Avenue
Cunningham, W. J., stationer and confectioner, 407, 409 Newtownards Road
Cunningham & Dickey, solicitors, 29 Donegall Street; res., Edward O'Rorke Dickey, Breifne, Fortwilliam Park
Cunningham & Rooney, oyster rooms, 15 Winecellar Entry
Cuppaidge, Mrs. J., 42 Brookvale Avenue
Cupples, Alex., pawn broker, Everton House, Lisburn Road
Cupples, David, pawnbroker, 350 Newtownards Road; res., 60 Earlswood Road
Cupples, John W., draper, 8 Surrey Street
Cupples, Miss, draper, 254 Grosvenor Road
Cupples, Miss E., 7 Stranmillis Gardens
Cupples, Mrs. Mary, 22 Claremont Street
Cupples, Mrs., draper, 230 Springfield Road
Cupples, Wm., pawnbroker, 46 Hope Street and 37 to 41 Sandy Row; res., 85 Wellesley Avenue
Cupples, Wm. M., traveller, Rathelsie, Cranmore Avenue
Curlett, Alex., joiner, 41 Woodcot Avenue
Curlett, B., grocer, 27 George's Street
Curlett, Robert, shoemaker, 36 Charleville Street Upper
Curley, Alex., com. traveller, 5 Mentmore, Lisburn Road
Curley, C., dealer,  36 West Street
CURLEY, FRANCIS, Ltd., Ladies' Clerical and Merchant Tailor, Washington House, High Street; res., Dunedin, Antrim Road. Business Telephone No. Belfast 1200. Residence Telephone No. 12 Fortwilliam
Curley, P., bread server, 149, 151 Queen Street North
Curley, R., pawnbroker, 19 Cromac Street
Curlis, Rowland, plumber, 59 Palestine Street
Curliss, John, warehouseman, 70 Rugby Avenue
Curliss, J., plumber and gasfitter, 37 Walnut Street
Curliss, Thomas, joiner, 583 Ormeau Road
Curragh, Hugh, principal Nettlefield N.S., 13 My Lady's Road
Curragh, W. H., principal Stranmillis N.S., Rosslyn, Stranmillis
Curran Brothers, electrical engineers and contractors, 97 Donegall Street and 2 Kent Street
Curran, Fenner, stone mason, 1 Byron Street
Curran, Geo. E., warehouseman, 5 Crystal Street
Curran, Geo., linen draper, 64 Albertbridge Road
Curran, H., boot maker, 12 Belgrade Street
Curran, H., carpenter, 5 Hillman Street
Curran, James, traveller, 10 Newry Street
Curran, Jas., joiner, 27 Fallswater Street
Curran, John, milkman, 11 Woodstock Road.
Curran, John, driller, 11 Austin Street
Curran, John, french polisher, 1 Reid Street
Curran, John, blacksmith, 17 Rosebery Street
Curran, John, brick layer, 42 Clonard Gardens
Curran, John, provision merchant, 69 Ruth Street
Curran, J., engine driver, 60 Middlepath Street
Curran, J., blacksmith, 49 Ewart's Row
Curran, J. E., warehouseman, 5 Crystal Street
Curran, Margaret, laundress, 16 Belmont Avenue
Curran, Michael, electrical engineer, 8 Kinaff Street
Curran, Miles, cashier, 64 Washington terrace, North Parade
Curran, Mrs., 25 Lothair Avenue
Curran, Patk., spirit grocer, 2a Parkmore Street
Curran, Patrick, grocer, 206 Ormeau Road
Curran, Richard, traveller, 67 Hogarth Street
Curran, Robt., linen lapper, 4 Cullingtree Street
Curran, Sylvester, school teacher, 16 Dunville Street
Curran, Thos., mechanic, 35 Essex Street
Curran, Thos., carpenter, 35 Crystal Street
Curran, T., tailor, 106 Antrim Road
Curran, T., merchant tailor, 110 Donegall Street; res., Inniskeen, Downview Avenue
Curran, Wm., agent, 6 William Street
Curran, Wm., plumber and sanitary engineer, 110a Donegall Street; res., Grafton, Kensington Avenue, Knock
Currell, D., Son, & Co. Ltd., linen manufacturers, Linenhall Street factory, 31 Linenhall Street
Currell, John, sailor, 31 Limestone Road
Curren, James, head constable Ballynafeigh R.I.C., 453 Ormeau Road
Currie, A., smith, 3, Glenbrook Avenue
Currie, Ann Jane, dress maker, 8 Vernon Street
Currie, David,  joiner, 18 Sintonville Avenue
Currie, Donald, shipwright, 95 Mersey Street
Currie, Jas., clerk, 7 Moorfield Street
Currie, John, confectioner, 305 Shankill Road
Currie, John, secretary, 113 Park Road
Currie, John, & Co., house furnishing ironmongers, and hardware merchants. 48 and 50 High Street; stores and stables, 1 Washington Street
Currie, Jos., mate, 55 Gainsborough Drive
Currie, J., mineral water manufacturer, 2 Pembroke Street, off Donegall Avenue
Currie, M., dress maker, 35 Lecale Street
Currie, Richard, linen lapper, 6 Dickson Street
Currie, Rev. W. J., 104 University Street
Currie, R., grocer, 15 Finvoy Street
Currie, S. J., lamplighter, 89 Carmel Street
Currie, Thos., linen lapper, 76 Coolderry Street
Currie, Thos., coppersmith, 47 Emerald Street
Currie, Thos. H., cloth passer, 32 St. Ives Gardens
Currie, Wm., coal dealer, 54 Ashmore Street
Currie, Wm., fitter, 41 Sugarfield Street
Currie, W., head constable R.I.C., 17 Roden Street
Currie, W. A., sec. Belfast Harbour Commissioners ; res., Woodburn, Croft Road, Holywood
Currie, W. H., linen business, 52 Posnett Street
Currie, W. R. B., machine man, 21 Willow Street
Currie, W. T., tobacconist, 204 Sandy Row
Curry, Andrew, boilermaker,  72 Nevis Avenue
Curry, Charles, joiner, 4 Chambers Street
Curry, Dan, carpenter, 27 Danube Street
Curry, D., clerk, 2 Gordon Terrace, Agincourt Avenue
Curry, Ed., coal merchant, 34 Lawnbrook Avenue
Curry, Hugh, grocer, 24, 26 Sydney Street West
Curry, Hugh, foreman sawyer, 227 Duncairn Gardens
Curry, H., baker, 43 Percy Street
Curry, James, grocer, 272 Albertbridge Road
Curry, James, furniture remover, 140 Upper Meadow Street
Curry, James, linen finisher, 24 McAdam Street
Curry, Jas., foreman, 35 Howard Street South
Curry, Jas., sergeant, 23 Avonbeg Street
Curry, John, confectioner, 305 Shankill Road
Curry, John, manager, Ardoyne, Crumlin Road
Curry, John, carrier, 23b Laganview Street
Curry, John, cabinetmaker, 33 Newington Avenue
Curry, J., iron moulder, 13 Coyle's Place
Curry, Margaret, 17 Dunn Street
Curry, Mary, lodgings, 44 Library Street Upper
Curry, Mrs., 156 Newtownards Road Upper
Curry, Mrs. Annie, 132 Ravenhill Avenue
Curry, Richard, 4 Ambleside Street
Curry, Robt., farmer, Malone Road
Curry, Robt., tailor, 51 Geoffrey Street
Curry, Thos., engineer, 274 Albertbridge Road
Curry, Thos., baker, 14 Berlin Street
Curry, Thos., engine driver, 67 Sidney Street West
Curry, T., bricklayer, 12 Malcolm Street
Curry, Wm., linen lapper, Woodvale Road
Curry, Wm., tailor, 248 Crumlin Road
Curry, Wm., guard, 93 Charles Street South
Curry, Wm., traveller, 5 Oakland Avenue
Curry, Wm., house repairer, 37 Dickson Street
Curry, Wm., boilermaker, 24 Lisnavon Street
Curry, Wm. M., house repairer, 66 Brittania Street (Britannia)
Curry, W. B., musician, 47 Castlereagh Street
Curry, W. J., dealer, 288 Albertbridge Road
Curry, W. S., packer, 9 Keswick Street
CURRY & DODD, Carriers, 9 Corporation Square; stables, 69a Newtownards Road; warehouse, Sydenham Road
Curtis, John, dealer, 30 West Street
Curtis, Mrs., servants' registry office and apartments' agency, 70 King Street
Curtis, M., R.I.C., 33 Bendigo Street
Curzon, J. H., offal contractor, McAuley Street
Cusack, Jas., warehouseman, 28 Lawrence Street
Cusack, Patrick, R.I.C., 99 Spamount Street
Cush, Edward, carpenter, 32 Eliza Street
Cush, George, traveller, 34 Clonard Gardens
Cush, P., draper and boot maker, 19 Divis Street
Cushin, John, 7 Annsley Street
Cushley, Fras., spirit grocer, 110 Albert Street
Cushley, John, pork cutter, 46, Hartley Street
Cushley, Robt., grocer, 66 Byron Street
Cussen, Michael, collector Inland Revenue, 60 North Road
Cussick, John, grocer, 1 Kathleen Street
Cussick, Thos., .sergeant R.I.C., 133 Falls Road
Custy, John, army pensioner, 153 Woodstock Road
Cuthbert, A., & Son, 55 and 56 Scottish Provident Buildings, 7 Donegal Square West
Cuthbert, A., coppersmith, 50 Lichfield Avenue
Cuthbert. David, clerk, 17 Dover Street
Cuthbert, Joseph, J.P., Mount Donard, Windsor Park
Cuthbert, Jas., joiner, 25 Hogarth Street
Cuthbert, Mrs. Sarah, 11 Spencer Street
Cuthbert, Miss, 10 Cromwell Road
Cuthbert, Saml., manufacturers' agent, 26 Fountain Street
Cuthbert, W. M., & Co., Ltd., South African Merchants - 55 and 56 Scottish Provident Buildings
Cuthbert, W. P.,  coach and lorry builders, 19, 21 Great George's Street and 1a Ravenhill Road; res, 32 Ardenlee Avenue
Cuthbertson, Hugh, com. traveller, 12 Tokio Gardens
Cuthbertson, J., tenter, 103 Broadway Lower
Cuthbertson, J., sawyer, 188 Conway Street
Cuthbertson, R., traveller, 246 Beersbridge Road
Cuthbertson, Wm., joiner, 46 Craigmore Street
Cutler, H. A., city surveyor to Belfast Corporation, City Hall ; res., Shandon Park