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1918  Belfast Street Directory

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Dabbs, Wm., commissionaire, 140 Manor Street
Dalls, John, coppersmith, 4 Westbourne Street
"Daily Mail" and "Weekly Despatch" Office, 149 Smithfield Market
Daily, Thos., 27 Mount Street (No. 2)
Dairy Supply Co. Ltd., 42 Chichester Street
Daish, Mrs., 12 Woodland Avenue
Daish, W. A., 12 Woodland Avenue
Dale, Edward, postman, 226 Manor Street
Dale, Edward, cabinet maker, 80 Ava Street
Dale, H. B., accountant, 2 Eglantine Place
Dale, Miss A., 15 Magdala Street
Dale, Saml., warehouseman, 10 Adela Street
Dale, Thos., baker, 96 Hatton Drive
Dale, Wm., joiner, 64 Euston Street
Dale, W. A., cycle agent, 168 Woodstock Road
Dales, Samuel, clerk, 8 Linden Gardens
Daley, James, waiter, 67 Agincourt Avenue
Daley, John, postman, 33 Cavendish Street
Daley, John, saddler, 73 Richardson Street
Daley, Kate, 63 Springfield Road
Daley, M., publican, 63, 65, 67 Peter's Hill
Daley, Thos., upholsterer, 24 Erin Street
Daley, Thos., merchant tailor, 46 Elaine Street
Daley, Wm., 2 Orangefield Terrace, Knock Road
Daley, W. J., sawmill owner, 21 Colenso Parade
Dalglish, M. A., draper, 259 Queen Street North
Dall, John, boiler maker, 7 Kensington Avenue
Dallas, J., gardener, 61 Fortwilliam Parade
Dallas, Mary E., 17 Duncairn Gardens
Dalrymple, John, plater, 16 Chelsea Street
Dalrymple, Wm. J., sheet metal worker, 8 Cargill Street
Dalton, Alf., R.I.C., 215 Templemore Avenue
Dalton, E., shipwright, 4 Albany Street
Dalton, J., plumber, 27 Eliza Street
Dalton, Mrs. M., tobacconist, 12 Antrim Road
Dalton, Patk., cabinet maker, 76 Plevna Street
Dalton, Saml., shipwright, 30 Killarney Street
Dalton, W., shipwright, 128 Bristol Street
Dalwood, Wm., dairyman, 7 Lowwood Terrace, Shore Road
Daly, Captain Bernard, Braefoot, Waterloo Gardens
Daly, Colonel J. H., R.A.M.C., 2 The Gables, Cliftonville Road
Daly, C., coachman, 122 Cullingtree Road
Daly, Danl., mechanic, 4 Burnaby Street
Daly, James, R.I.C., 19 Toronto Street
Daly, Jas., joiner, 17 Clondarra Street
Daly, Jas., plumber, 6 Agra Street
Daly, John, dealer, 45 Derby Street
Daly, John, postman, 33 Cavendish Street
Daly, Mary, grocer, 15 Durham Street
Daly, Maurice, R.I.C., 72 Ruth Street
Daly, Mrs., 17 Eglantine Gardens
Daly, Patk., car owner, 21 Milford Street
Daly, P. J., photographer, 6 Cromac Square
Daly, Robt., insurance agent, 2 Napier Street
Daly, Samuel, printer, 19 Renfrew Street
Daly, Thos., merchant tailor, 100 Donegall Street
Daly, Thos., moulder, 3 Dunmore Street
Dalzell, Alfred, linen business, 27 Colenso Parade
Dalzell, A. P., hatter, 15 Royal Avenue; res., Hatfield, Kensington Road
Dalzell, A., book binder, 33 Bristol Street
Dalzell, D., overlooker, 55 Lawnbrook Avenue
Dalzell, E. V., fitter, 55 Abbott Street
Dalzell, Frederick, cutter, 45 Blackwood Street
Dalzell, James, 4 Tokio Gardens
Dalzell, James, 75 Reid Street
Dalzell, James, preparing master, 43 Ambleside Street
Dalzell, John, handkerchief finisher, 7 Rossmore Avenue
Dalzell, John, warehouseman, 7 Wellington Park Avenue
Dalzell, John S., civil engineer, Brynmor, Castle Avenue
Dalzell, Jos. R., mineral salesman, 5 Derlett Street
Dalzell, Miss Agnes, 7 India Street
Dalzell, Miss Ellen, 222 Tennent Street
Dalzell, Mrs., 5 Bellevue Terrace, Lisburn Road
Dalzell, P., butcher, 161 North Queen Street
Dalzell, S., litho. printer, 219 Ravenhill Avenue
Dalzell, S., gardener, Glen Road
Dalzell, Thos., joiner, 2 Irwin Avenue
Dalzell, Wm., wood turner, 31 Harrison Street
Dalzell, Wm., grinder, 131 Glenwood Street
Dalzell, Wm., insurance agent, 136 University Street
Dalzell, W., plumber, 51 Greenore Street
Dalzell, W. J., warehouseman, Bellavon, Ardenlee Parade
Dalzell, J. H., & Co., handkerchief finishers, 56 King Street
Dalziel, John, manager J. & G. Burns Ltd., 19 Chlorine Gardens
Dalziel, Peter, naval architect, 22 Grampian Avenue
Dancey, Richd., head-constable R.I.C., 28 Jocelyn Street
Danklefren, R., butcher, 68 Stranmillis Road
Dancklefsen, George, butcher, 9 Harper Street
Dancklefsen, J., butcher, 28 Batley Street
Danklenson, Mrs., 48 Cheviot Avenue
Daniels, T. H., & Co., Anilines, Drysalters, Chemicals for all Industrial Purposes, 33 Franklin Street. 'Phone, 1615. Tel. address, "Diamine"
Daniels, Thos. H., agent, 62 Oakland Avenue
Dann, Edwd., insurance inspector, 26 Rathgar Street
Dann, Jas., F.R.C.O., professor of music, 29 Stranmillis Road
Dann, S. B., musician, 4 Landseer Street
Darbishire, Herbert, & Co., stock and share brokers and insurance agents, 10 Royal Avenue
Darby, Patrick, publican, 149 Springfield Road
Darby, Peter, spirit grocer, 29 Broadway and 67 Roden Street
Darby, Wm. J., druggist, Glenradhaire, Haddington Gardens
D'Arcy, Rt. Rev. C. F., Lord Bishop of Down and Connor and Dromore, Culloden, Craigavad
D'Arcy Bros., wardrobe dealer, 97 York Street
Darcy, John, fish monger, 198 Ormeau Road
Darcy, Mrs., Bladon Drive Cottage, Bladon Drive
Darcy, W. H., steward, 16 Alfred Street
Darcus, C., journalist, 30 Delhi Street
Darcus, The Misses, 13 Dock Street
Darcus, Wm., compositor, 70 Donard Street
Darey, John, fish merchant, 61 Haypark Avenue
Dargan, James, dealer, 45 Edward Street
Dargan, T., book seller and dealer in surgical instruments, 13, 17 Castle Lane; res., 52 Carlisle Street
Darling, Dr. Georgina, L.M., D.P.H., Victoria Terrace, Cregagh Road
Darling, Fannie, confectioner, 146 Donegall Road
Darling, John, newsagent, 268 Newtownards Road
Darling, Mrs., 19 Stranview Street
Darling, Robt., car owner, 72 Servia Street
Darlow, A., plumber, 7 Kilmood Street
Darlow, W. D., litho printer, 20 Paxton Street
Darragh, A.,  painter, 64 Anderson Street
Darragh, F., butcher, 22 Grosvenor Place
Darragh, James, engineer, 5 Lewis Street
Darragh, Jas., moulder, 13 Legann Street
Darragh, Jane K., ostrich feather dresser, 22 Queen Street
Darragh, John, journalist, 38 Ravenscroft Avenue
Darragh, M., iron moulder, 40 Mount Street (N o. 2)
Darragh, Robt., coach maker, 153 Donegall Road
Darragh, Robt., traffic manager, Midland Railway (N.C.C.), 3 Easton Gardens, Cliftonville Road
Darragh, Robt., fitter, 91 Nevis Avenue
Darragh, S. C., bank official, Northern Bank, 2 Queen's Square
Darragh, Wm., manager of "Northern Whig," Ltd., 11 Hopefield Avenue
Darragh, W., flour importer, 18 Garfield Chambers, 44 Royal Avenue
Darragh, W. W., overseer G.P.O., 38 Ravenscroft Avenue
Darroch, D., accountant, 27 Cromwell Road
Darroch, D., blacksmith, 38 Bentinck Street
Darroch, Edward, joiner, 94 Hillman Street
Darroch, John, smith, 78 University Street
Darroch & Dixon, milliners, 6 Bedford Street
Darrock, Miss, 15 Cameron Street
Dartis, Mrs., furniture dealer, 20a Albertbridge Road
Dartry Dye Works, 33 High Street
Daunt, Miss, 17 Indiana Avenue
Daunt, Miss Alice M., 72 Cliftonpark Avenue
Dashwood, Eustace S., electrical engineer, 1 Laurelbank, Windsor Avenue North
Davey, Bernard, carpenter, 88 Short Strand
Davey, Bernard, butcher, Cavehill View Cottage, Greencastle
Davey, B., butcher, 1 Boomer Street
Davey, Cecil, butcher, 78 Queen Street North
Davey, Ed., despatch clerk, 82 Joy Street
Davey, Ezekiel, 58 Limestone Road
Davey, E., carrier, 32 Garmoyle Street
Davey, Hugh, publican, 100, 102 Hillview Street & 82 Walton Street
Davey, Humphrey, 3 Madison Avenue
Davey, John, butcher, 19 Earlscourt Street
Davey, James,  packing case maker, 15 Herbert Street
Davey, J., box maker, 106 Butler Street
Davey, Malachy, dealer, 17 Eliza Street
Davey, Mrs. C., 13 Allworthy Avenue
Davey, Patk., traveller, Cregagh Road
Davey, Rev. Chas., B.A., D.D., Fisherwick Presbyterian Church, 17 Wellington Park
Davey, Rev. Professor J. Ernest, M.A., B.D., Assembly's College, and 17 Wellington Park
Davey, Rev. Robt., B.A., Presbyterian minister, Homestead, Dunmurry
Davey, Rev. W. J., minister Spamount Congregational Church, 87 Limestone Road
Davey, Rose, grocer, 1 Library Street Upper
Davey, Samuel, carrier, 51 Brougham Street
Davey, Samuel H., engineer, 40 Duncairn Gardens
Davey, Sarah, 32 Bedeque Street
Davey, T., butcher,  52 Cromac Street
Davey, Wm., coach builder, 88 My Lady's Road
Davey, Wm. H., 46 Bawnmore Road
Davidson, Alexr., time keeper, 19 Victoria Road
Davidson, Albert, fitter, 258 Hillman Street
Davidson, Albert, shipwright, 20 Pittsburg Street
Davidson, Andrew,  checker, 69 Bentinck Street
Davidson, Andrew, shipwright, Argo, Ardenlee Parade
Davidson, Andw., machine man, 30 Riga Street
Davidson, Arthur, fitter, 32 Parkmount Street
Davidson, Arthur S., coal importer, 11 Mayfair, Arthur Square and 9b York Road; res., Sorrento, Craigavad
Davidson, A., moulder, 25 Moneyrea Street
Davidson, Captain A., Hollymount, 196 Antrim Road
Davidson, A. E., carpenter, 16 Blackwood Street
Davidson, Chas., insurance agent, 191 Spamount Street
Davidson, David, rivetter, 14 Lisavon Street
Davidson, Edith, 50 Carrington Street
Davidson, Edward, rivetter, 4 Charlotte Street
Davidson, Edwin, checker, 5 Mulhouse Street
Davidson, Elizabeth, 38 Dunraven Avenue
Davidson, E., ship's outfitter, 4 Cameron Street
Davidson, Geo., clerk, 243 Ravenhill Avenue
Davidson, George, grocer, 21 Kendal Street and 19 Carlow Street
Davidson, Geo., blacksmith, 30 Steen's Row
Davidson, G., ship carpenter, 18 Court Street
Davidson, Helen, 86 Woodstock Road
Davidson, H., linesman, 5 Spamount Street
Davidson, H. J., linen merchant, 5 Bedford Street; res., 425 Antrim Road
Davidson, Isaac A., B.A., M.D., 190 Antrim Road
Davidson, James, joiner, 21 Harper Street
Davidson, James, fitter, 111 Hillman Street
Davidson, Jas., Linwood, Warren Road, Donaghadee
Davidson, Jas., stationer, 76 South Parade
Davidson, Jas., plumber, 16 Belair Street
Davidson, Jas., baker, 26 Dunraven Avenue
Davidson, Jas., joiner, 32 Dromore Street
Davidson, Jas., The Cottage, Wandsworth Road
Davidson,  Jas., stationer, 43 & 48 Mill Street
Davidson, John, clerk, 34 Riga Street
Davidson, John, master mariner, 111 Alexandrapark Avenue
Davidson, John, store keeper, 147 Rosebery Road
Davidson, John, engineer, Elwyn, Cherryvalley Park
Davidson, John, fitter, 41 Spamount Street
Davidson, John, plater, 36 Hanna Street
Davidson, John, joiner, 15 Parkmount Street
Davidson, John W., commercial traveller, Lauraville, Haddington Gardens
Davidson, John, Balvenie, Cherryvalley Park
Davidson, Joshua, cabinet maker, 5 Lismain Street
Davidson, Jos., boot maker, 12 Bowness Street
Davidson, J., collector, 50 Rathlin Street
Davidson, J., coach maker, 45 Welsh Street
Davidson, J. G.,  clerk, 36 Carrington Street
Davidson, J. W., manufacturers' agent, 10 Royal Avenue
Davidson, J. W., commercial traveller, Luraville, Haddington  Gardens
Davidson, Louisa, draper, 13 Ormeau Road
Davidson, Maggie, 2 Florence Place
Davidson, Matilda, school teacher, 23 Cedar Avenue
Davidson, Matt., grocer, 65, 67 University Avenue
Davidson, Mrs. M., 37 Camden Street
Davidson, Miss O. B., Frevent, Kingsmere Avenue
Davidson, Miss, Marybrook, Knock Road
Davidson, Miss, 59 Crumlin Road
Davidson, Mrs., 4 Alexandra Terrace, Ashley Avenue
Davidson, Mrs., 74 Castlereagh Street
Davidson, Mrs., Dunmore, Taunton Avenue
Davidson, Mrs. M., 2 Pakenham Street
Davidson, Mrs. M. E., 8 Southview Street
Davidson, M., shoe maker, 25 Bloomfield Avenue
Davidson, Robert, joiner, 77 Bombay Street
Davidson, Robt., iron moulder, 46 Glenalpin Street
Davidson, Robt., painter, 19 Maymount Street
Davidson, Robt., iron turner, 19 Crossley Street
Davidson, R., ship carpenter, 96 Alexandrapark Avenue
Davidson, Saml., clerk, 53 Candahar Street
Davidson, Stewart, book binder, 87 Devonshire Street
Davidson, Susan, 18 Woodvale Road
Davidson, S., school teacher, Gleneden, Kelvin Parade
Davidson, S. C. (of Davidson & Co. Ltd., Sirocco Works), Seacourt, Bangor
Davidson, Thos., clerk, 4 Baltic Avenue
Davidson, Thos., joiner, 3 Southview Cottage
Davidson, Thos., shipwright, 183 Spamount Street
Davidson, Thos., fitter, 137 Tennent Street
Davidson, Thos., tailor, 10 Donard Street
Davidson, Thos., yarn dresser, 59 Carlow Street
Davidson, Thos., cinema operator, 19 Oldpark Place
Davidson, Thos. W., cattle dealer, 94 Old Lodge Road
Davidson, T. A., M.D., surgeon, 13 Clifton Street
Davidson, T. J., accountant, 114 Ravenhill Avenue
Davidson, Wm., brass finisher, 86 Canning Street Upper
Davidson, Wm., confectioner, 37 Albertbridge Road
Davidson, Wm., hair dresser, 51 Boundary Street
Davidson, Wm., joiner, 45 Balfour Avenue
Davidson, Wm. C., music teacher, 21 Crane's Buildings, Wellington Place; res., Ardbeg, Knutsford Drive
Davidson, Wm. D., Kylemore, Ormiston Drive
Davidson, Wm. M., printer, Walmer, Andersonstown
Davidson, W., iron moulder, 94 Howard Street North
Davidson, W., cashier, 199 Crumlin Road
Davidson, W. A., sailcloth and canvas maker, 49 Victoria Street
Davidson, W. H., accountant, 99 Malone Avenue
Davidson, John, master mariner, 111 Alexandrapark Avenue
Davidson, W. J., foreman, 60 Mountpottinger Road
Davidson, W. S., sail maker, 22 Cedar Avenue
Davidson & Co. Ltd., Sirocco Engineering Works, 81, 83 Bridge End, and 36, 38 Mountpottinger Road
Davidson & Hardy, pharmaceutical chemists, 20, 22 Castle Place
Davidson & Murray, Pharmaceutical chemists, The Mount, 131 Albertbridge Road
Davidson & McCormack Ltd., general printers, book binders, publishers, and commercial stationers, 170 North Street
Davies, Edward, bookkeeper, 64 Newport Street
Davies, Geo., 48 University Avenue
Davies, James, general superintendent of Parks, Botanic Gardens Park, University Road
Davies, Jas. E., gas official, 13 Delhi Street
Davies, John W., traveller, 143 Alexandrapark Avenue
Davies, Mrs. E., 5 Easton Crescent
Davies, Thos., pressman, 30 Victoria Gardens
Davis, Alex., engineer, 266 Donegall Road
Davis, A., french polisher, 10 Crossley Street
Davis, Abraham, weighbridge maker, 37 Turin Street
Davis, Alex., fitter, 50 Pitt Street
Davis, A. E. A., druggist, 30 Donegall Road
Davis, Benj., caretaker Fortwilliam Golf Club, Downview Avenue
Davis, Cecil, fitter, 16 Fingal Street
Davis, Frank, butcher, 22 Austin Street
Davis, Francis, butcher, 39 Castlereagh Road
Davis, Fredk., of Franklin Street Shirt and Collar Co., 39 Adelaide Park
Davis, F., clerk, 16 Santiago Street
Davis, F. C., picture framer and gilder, 75 & 77 Victoria Street
Davis, F. S., 223 Meadow Street Upper
Davis, Geo., engineer, 39 Hatfield Street
Davis, Henry, iron turner, 24 Newport Street
Davis, Isaac, dealer, 126 Smithfield Market
Davis, Isaac, canvasser, 7 Adela Street
Davis, James, gardener, 5 Hazelbank Cottage, King's Road
Davis, Jas., R.I.C., 183 Tennent Street
Davis, James, gardener, Finaghy Cottage, Finaghy Lane
Davis, James, moulder, 5 Gertrude Street
Davis, John, motorman, 52 Donegall Pass
Davis, John, 13 Sunbury Avenue
Davis, John, gardener, Sonoma Lodge, Belmont Road
Davis, John, yarn dresser, 22 Battenberg Street
Davis, John, rivetter, 33 Hill's Avenue
Davis, John W., traveller, 124 Rugby Avenue
Davis, Joseph, cork cutter, 18 Kenmare Street
Davis, J., linen lapper, 31 Cambrai Street
Davis, J., 19 Charleville Avenue
Davis, J., agent, 102 Royal Avenue
Davis, Margt., costumier, 3 Percy Street
Davis, Miss Ada Fanny, 29 Wellesley Avenue
Davis, Mrs., Lauraville, Lisburn Road
Davis, Mrs., 39 Balfour Avenue
Davis, Mrs., 116 Fitzroy Avenue
Davis, Mrs., servants' registry office, 2 University Street
Davis, Mrs., 35 Woodvale Road
Davis, Mrs. A., 56 Brookvale Gardens
Davis, Mrs. E., 46 Sandhurst Gardens
Davis, Mrs. M. J., 28 Riverview Street
Davis, Mrs. L., 104 Fitzroy Avenue
Davis, Mrs., 67 Roseleigh Street
Davis, Mrs. Rachel, 70 Donnybrook Street
Davis, M. A., fruiterer, 209 Lisburn Road
Davis, Rachel, dealer, 95 Smithfield Market
Davis, Robert, grocer, 16 Antrim Road
Davis, Robt., J.P., Killaney Lodge, Boardmills, Lisburn
Davis, Robt., confectioner, 157 Lisburn Road
Davis, Robt. F., M.A., teacher, Rodven, Wandsworth Road
Davis, Samuel, secretary, 3 Whittingham Villas, Knock Road
Davis, Samuel, foreman, 145 Durham Street
Davis, Samuel, engineer, 11 Bagot Street
Davis, Rev. Thomas, Methodist minister, 31 Dunluce Avenue
Davis, Thos., commercial traveller, 50 Brookvale Street
Davis, Thos., grocer, 1 Bellevue Terrace, Lisburn Road
Davis, Thos., compositor, 20 Hazelnut Street
Davis, Thos., traveller, 5 Distillery Street Little
Davis, Wm., clerk, 18 Stranmillis Street
Davis, Wm., dealer, 119, 121 Lodge Road Old
Davis, Wm., sack and bag manufacturer,  Inverary Drive, Sydenham
Davis, Wm. John, nail maker and hardware merchant, 9 Mill Street
Davis, Wm. Thos., tailor, 13 Clifford Street
Davis, W. J., clerk, 107 Northumberland Street
Davis, H., Ltd., apron and pinafore manufacturers, 84 Percy Street
Davis, R., & Son Ltd., bag manufacturers, 52 York Street
Davis, Thos., & Co., provision merchants, 1a Maryville Avenue
Davis, W., & Sons, insurance agents, 32 Great Victoria Street
Davison, Alex., boot manufacturers' agent, 9 College Street
Davison, Alex., traveller, 222 Duncairn Gardens
Davison, Alexr., postman, 87 McClure Street
Davison, Alex., tobacconist and sub-postmaster, 171 Oldpark Road
Davison, E., butcher, 212 & 263 Crumlin Road
Davison, E., traveller, Larchmount, Belmont Church Road
Davison, F. J., compositor, 30 My lady's Road
Davison, George, carpenter, 21 Keswick Street
Davison, Jas., merchant tailor, 235 Newtownards Road
Davison, Joseph, shoe maker, 127 Bowness Street
Davison, John, fitter, 31 Donnybrook Street
Davison, Jas., traveller, 60 Roseleigh Street
Davison, Jos., pawn broker, 51 & 117 Shankill Road; 198 Crumlin Road; and 2, 4 Craven Street; res., Thelma, Cavehill Road Old
Davison, J., brass finisher, 41 Parker Street
Davison, J. Robinson, B.Sc., A.M.I.E.E., Duneim, Ormiston Drive
Davison, J. R., M.D., Romanov House, Ormeau Road
Davison, J. W., assistant secretary, 4 Alliance Avenue
Davison, Mary Stuart, pawn broker, 103 to 107 Snugville Street
Davison, Miss Mary, 9 Hughenden Avenue
Davison, Mrs., Ricart House, Greencastle
Davison, Mrs., Dryeholm, Malone Park
Davison, Mrs. J., Anglo-Parisian System of Dresscutting, 32 Wellington Place; res., Dundela, Jordanstown
Davison, Mrs. M. R., Lisbawn, Parkmount Road
Davison, Robt., iron moulder, 8 Emerson Street
Davison, Samuel, traveller, 7 Glenvale Street
Davison, Saml., carpenter, 88 Mountcollyer Street
Davison, Saml., linen examiner, 39 Gainsborough Drive
Davison, S. H., M.D., surgeon, 58 Dublin Road
Davison, Thos., clerk, Lake Glen, Falls Road
Davison, Thos., pattern maker, 19 Mountcollyer Avenue
Davison, Thos. R., commission agent, 16 Ballycarry Street
Davison, William, 183 Alexandrapark Avenue
Davison, Wm., chef, 27 Westland Gardens
Davison, Wm., hair dresser, 43 Peter's Hill
Davison, W., carpenter, 16 Burmah Street
Davison, W., shipwright, Belleville, Ardenlee Parade
Davison, W. J., sanitary inspector, 94 Old Park Avenue
Davison, W. V., solicitor, 49 Malone Avenue
Davison, W., & Co., printers and stationers, wholesale paper and paper bag merchants, Gawn Street Works
Dawe, Miss I., school teacher, 63 Raglan Street
Dawson, Abraham, embroiderer, 84 Donegall Avenue
Dawson, A., hair dresser, 17 Dee Street
Dawson, Charles, Ivy Lodge, Knockbreda Park
Dawson, D., mechanic, 17 Lindsay Street
Dawson, E., carpenter, 27 North Thomas Street
Dawson, Geo., clerk, 90 Woodvale Road
Dawson, Geo., bread server, 190 Donegall Road
Dawson, Geo., clerk, 6 Harcourt Street
Dawson, Henry, plumber, 356 Donegall Road
Dawson, Henry, carpenter, 30 Belmont Road
Dawson, Henry, painter, 19 Dorchester Street
Dawson, James, 117 Duncairn Gardens
Dawson, James, joiner, 130 Templemore Avenue
Dawson, Jas. C. M., missionary, 6 Ulsterville Avenue
Dawson, Jas., joiner, 2 Lecumpher Street
Dawson, John, tenter, 30 Bandon Street
Dawson, John, engineer, 6 Chatsworth Street
Dawson, John, 17 Chadwick Street
Dawson, Joseph, bread server, 9 Oakland Avenue
Dawson, Jos., plater, 9 Harvey Street
Dawson, J., grocer, 136 Donegall Road
Dawson, J., dairyman, 63 Newtownards Road Upper
Dawson, Miss, 16 Wellesley Avenue
Dawson, Mrs., 52 Nevis Avenue
Dawson, Mrs., 20 Ashdale Street
Dawson, Richard, draughtsman, 23 Inverary Drive
Dawson, Robt., printer, 21 Frank Street Upper
Dawson, Robt., bread server, 49 Gainsborough Drive
Dawson, Robt. W., builder, 35 Ulsterville Avenue
Dawson, R., pensioner, 41 Fairview Street
Dawson, R., rivetter, 41 Glendower Street
Dawson, R. A., headmaster, School of Art, Belfast Technical Institute, Inniskeen, High Holywood
Dawson, R. J., traveller, 16 Stranmillis Park
Dawson, S. A., 3 Rushfield Avenue
Dawson, Thos., clerk, 1 Leitrim Street
Dawson, Thos., recruiting sergeant, 12 Adelaide Avenue
Dawson, Wm., cabinet maker, 110 Turin Street
Dawson, Wm., lithographer, 21 Lewis Street
Dawson, Wm., caulker, 24 Castlereagh Place
Dawson, Wm., house furnisher, 120, 123, 150, 153 Smithfield Market
Dawson, W., railway guard, 55 Hogarth Street
Dawson, W. J., grocer, Winton, Lancefield Road
Dawson, W. J., gasfitter, 6 Meadowbank Place
Dawson, W. J., R.I.C. pensioner, Dargeeha House, Henderson Avenue
Dawson & Wilson, carpenters and builders, Fulton Street
Day, Fredk., merchant, 133 Duncairn Gardens
Day, Mrs., 7 Chapel Lane
Deacon, A., confectioner, 74 Templemore Street
Deacon, Miss Elizabeth, 5 Rosemount Gardens
Deacon, Miss Ella, Mossville, 349 Antrim Road
Deacon, Miss M. J., dress maker, 169 Shankill Road
Deacon, Miss Norah, 5 Surrey Street
Deacon, Mrs. Jane, 103 University Avenue
Deacon, Walter, boot manufacturer, 249 Shankill Road
Deaconess House, 7 Botanic Avenue
Deagnan, Robert, publican, 139 North Queen Street
Deakin, Wm., R.I.C., 30 Ardmoulin Avenue
Dealy, Joseph, insurance clerk, 13 Jersey Street
Dean, Chas., waiter, 37 Rushfield Avenue
Dean, Chas., joiner, 17 Penrith Street
Dean, David, joiner, 73 Pernau Street
Dean, David, joiner, 2 James Street
Dean, E., bread server,  32 Dunmore Street
Dean, Hugh, joiner, 47 Brussels Street
Dean, Hugh, lodging house, 10, 12 George's Street Great
Dean, Hugh, joiner, 59 Pernau Street
Dean, H., machinery dealer, 29, 31 Tomb Street
Dean, James, plasterer, 172 Spamount Street
Dean, Malcolm, cabinet maker, 166 Duncairn Gardens
Dean, Mrs., 16 Belmont Avenue West
Dean, Mrs., 19 Clonard Street
Dean, Samuel, electrician, 21 Hamburg Street
Dean, S. R., clerk, 17 Elaine Street
Dean, Thos., iron turner, 95 Madrid Street
Dean, Wm., fitter, 16 London Street
Deane, Arthur, curator of the Museum and Art Gallery, 372 Ravenhill Road
Deane, Lieut.-Col. Andrew, superintendent Royal Victoria Hospital, Grosvenor Road
Deane, F. J., linen warehouseman, Sunnymeade, King's Road
Deane, James, joiner, 37 Surrey Street
Deanes, Jas., plater, 31 Raby Street
Deans, James, butcher, 114 Albert Street
Deans, Jas., chemist, Moringa, Marlborough Park, South Avenue
Deans, Jos., shipwright, 70 Tower Street
Deans, Samuel, clerk, 30 Essex Street
Deans, Samuel, shirt cutter, 170 Blythe Street
Deans, S., joiner, 49 Glenfarne Street Upper
Deans, S. A., L.D.S., F.P.S.G., 141 Ormeau Road
Deans, T. M., LL.D., Academy House, Knockbreda Road
Deans, Logan, & Co. Ltd., wine merchants, 16, 18, 20 Commercial Court and 22, 24, 28 Hill Street
Dearden, Alex., fitter, 38 Derwent Street
Deardon, John, moulder, 118 Templemore Avenue
Dearden, Mrs., 63 Burmah Street
Deas, James, draper, 138 My Lady's Road
Deeble, C. H., traveller, 2 Glandore Avenue
Deegan, Martha, 102 Duncairn Gardens
De Bear Schools Ltd., The (for modern business training), 22 Wellington Place
De Courcey, Edward J., bookkeeper, 70 Deramore Avenue
De Courcey, O. H., manager, 3 Glanworth Terrace, Skegoniel Avenue
De Lucio, P., confectioner, 15 Arthur Square
Deeney, H., post office official, 4 Cavendish Square
Deeney, T., yarn dresser, 10 Bloomfield Street
Deering, Herbert Jos., clerk, 143 Belmont Road
Deering, Richard, mechanic, 28 Ohio Street
Deevers, Georgina, 57 Glenbrook Avenue
Deighan, M., fruiterer, 119 North Street and 52 castle Street
Deighan, Robt., publican, 184 York Street
Deitch, M., grocer and confectioner, 148 Lodge Road Old
Delaney, Frank, tailor, 38 Newport Street
Delaney, F., postman, 22 Clowney Street
Delaney, James, cinema operator, 205 Hillman Street
Delaney, Jas., R.I.C., 4 Edlingham Street
Delaney, Jos., painter, 34 Marchioness Street
Delaney, J., iron turner, 23 Locan Street
Delaney, Louis, postman, 46 Avonbeg Street
Delaney, Miss, Glenfin, Norbury Street
Delaney, Miss Annie, Norbury Street
Delaney, Mrs. M. J., 54 Farnham Street
Delaney, Mrs., hair dresser, 218a Sandy Row
Delaney, T., mechanic, 12 Iris Street
Delaney, Wm., fitter, 7 Penrith Street
Delaney, Wm., iron dresser, 10 Riley's Place
Delargey, Robt., joiner, 89 Cavendish Street
Delargy, Danl., proprietor lodging houses, 9, 11 Station Street; 22 to 26 Henry Street; and 22 to 30 Prince's Street; res., Rossnaree, Cregagh Road
Delicate, B., iced cream saloon, 16, 18 Great Victoria Street
Delicouri, Mrs., 2 Landscape Terrace
Delitt, Patk., fitter, 20 McQuillan Street
Delucca, F., grocer, 63 to 67 Patrick Street Little
De Meulemeester, A., professor of music, 9 Mountcharles
Dempsey, Sir Alexander, M.D., J.P., 36 Clifton Street and Coldagh, Somerton Road
Dempsey, Alex. J., M.B., surgeon, 170 Antrim Road
Dempsey, D., postal official, Norfolk Drive
Dempsey, Eliza, shop keeper, 10 Leopold Street
Dempsey, F. J., Barrister-at-Law, 142 Royal Avenue
Dempsey, James, foreman, 34 Eia Street
Dempsey, James, butcher, 12 Catherine Street
Dempsey, John, secretary Bernard Hughes Ltd., 6 Cavendish Square
Dempsey, Jos., designer, illuminator, and lithographer, 133 Donegall Street
Dempsey, Maria, 2 Empress Buildings, Ravenhill Road
Dempsey, Mrs., 54 Thorndale Avenue
Dempsey, Mrs., servants' registry, 53a York Street
Dempsey, Patrick, J.P., Brookvale House, Cliftonville Avenue
Dempsey, Patk., assurance agent, 7 Cavendish Square
Dempsey, Saml., 154 Connsbrook Avenue
Dempsey, W., 24 Rutherglen Street
Dempster, Chas., rigger, 26 Dock Street New
Dempster, Edwin, agent for Underwood Typewriter Co.  Ltd., 33 Wellington Place; res., Cuilin, Cherryvalley Park
Dempster, James, joiner, 130 Madrid Street
Dempster, James, 43 Upper Newtownards Road
Dempster, John, clerk, 69 Redcar Street
Dempster, J., carpenter, 6a Murray's Place
Dempster, Miss, 15 Delhi Street
Dempster, Miss Sarah, 38 Hartington Street
Dempster, Sarah, grocer, 4 Ava Avenue
Dempster, Wm., fruiterer, 223 York Street
Denby, Hugh, central waggon and van works, 60, 62, 64 Tomb Street
Denby, Miss A. M., Evetide, 3 Westland Gardens
Denby, Wm., & Sons, Cliftonville Carriage and Motor Works, Cliftonville Road and 160 and 164 Antrim Road
Denby, W. H., coach builder, 20 Evelyn Gardens
Denby, W. H., coach builder, 36 Woodvale Road
Denham, Mrs. M., 4 College Park East
Denham, R., grocer, 37 Byron Street
Denholme, W. W., shipyard manager, Rosendale, Lansdowne Road
Denholme, A., clock maker, 35 Hatfield Street
Denning, Eliz., bakery, 188 Crumlin Road
Denning, Robt., gardener, The Cottages, Cregagh Road
Dennis, John, checker, 101 Rosebery Road
Dennis, John, cotton spinner, 1 Elswick Street
Dennison, F., dairyman, 72 Hydepark Avenue
Dennison, Hugh, fitter, 57 Thomas Street
Dennison, John, grocer, 43 Old Lodge Road
Dennison, Miss, 117 Cliftonpark Avenue
Dennison, Miss, Ashley Cottage, 43 Ashley Avenue
Dennison, P. J., hair dresser, 47 Chatham Street
Dennison, Robt., joiner, 50 Carmel Street
Dennison, S., dairyman, 32 Posnett Street
Dennison, S., sanitary inspector, 6 Baden-Powell Street
Dennison, Thos., hardware merchant, 57 Park Road
Dennison, Wm., joiner, 27 Martin Street
Dennison Bros., ironmongers, china & glass merchants, 113 Donegall Pass
Dennison, R. J., & Co. Ltd., Ironmongers, China and Glass Merchants, 140 Dublin Road and 16 & 20 Ann Street; res., 136 Antrim Road
Denny, J., auctioneer, 11 Havelock Street
Denny, Wm., publican, 30, 31 Smithfield
Denny, Wm., bookkeeper, 17 Ardenlee Drive
Dental Clinic for School Children, 122 Great Victoria Street
Denver, Mrs., 6 Ventry Street
Denver, Robt., 38 Arizona Drive
Denvir, Wm., foreman, 49 Spring Street
Deramore, Lord, Heslington Park, York
Department of the Deputy Controller of Auxiliary Shipbuilding - Capt. D. H. Young, R.E., 3 Wellington Place
Depot Nurses for Sick Poor, Fitzroy House, Botanic Avenue - Miss Higginson, matron
Derby, John, packer, 44 Beech Street
Derby, John, N.S. teacher, 29 Fallswater Street
Derby, Patrick, teacher, 4 Donard Street
Derby, Robert, carpenter, 140 Glenwood Street
Derby, S. G., salesman, 88 Stranmillis Road
Derby, Thos., printer, 45 Raglan Street
Derrick-Large, W. H., music teacher, 19 Crane's Buildings, 1 Wellington Place; res., 76 Wellington Park
Derry, Thomas, boiler maker, 32 McAuley Street
Desmond Bros., linen merchants, 16 Sussex Place
Despard, Geo., traveller, 26 Frank Street Upper
Despard, Mrs. J. A., 12 Evelyn Gardens
Deuchars, Jas., box cutter, 48 Channing Street
Devaney, F., green grocer, 64 King Street
Devaney, Jas., pensioner, 62 King Street
Devanny, Mrs. Mary, 140 Grosvenor Road
Deveney, F., green grocer, 27 Albert Street
Devenney, J., butcher, 31a Brookhill Avenue
Deveto, Patk., hair dresser, 4 Willowfield Street
Devine, A., wood turner, 24 McMillan's Place
Devine, Bernard, 352 Ormeau Road
Devine, Charles P., spirit grocer, 1 Cairns Street
Devine, Chas., cabinet maker, 74 Seaforde Street
Devine, D., wholesale fruiterer, Annaville, Alliance Avenue
Devine, David, moulder, 8 Palmerston Street
Devine, E. D., Edenville, 88 Springfield Road
Devine, Florence, 133 Springfield Road
Devine, Jas., poulterer, 14 Burlington Street
Devine, Mrs. Mary, grocer, 54, 55 Joy Street
Devine, M., florist, 165 Antrim Road
Devine, Patrick, R.I.C.,  15 Dublin Street
Devine, P. T., fruiterer, 271 Antrim Road
Devine, Daniel, & Sons, fruit salesmen and auctioneers, St. George's fruit market, Oxford Street
Devinney, A., carpenter, 78 Meadow Street
Devinney, Miss, 8 Duncairn Gardens
Deviney, Thos., shipwright, 24 Spencer Street
Devito, Peter, confectioner, 81 Albertbridge Road
Devito, Peter, hair dresser, 19 Brougham Street
Devito Bros., confectioners, 22 Church Lane
Devitt, P., sorting clerk, 1 Marsden Gardens
Devlin, Alexr., shoe maker, 16 Rainey Street
Devlin, Alice, spirit grocer, 56 Montrose Street
Devlin, A., engine driver, 42 Earlscourt Street
Devlin, Chas., winding master, 88 Battenberg Street
Devlin, David, boiler maker, 28 Walmer Street
Devlin, Fras., clerk, 102 Meadow Street Upper
Devlin, Fred., clerk, 89 Limestone Road
Devlin, F., broker, 3 Newtownards Road
Devlin, H., grocer, 90, 92 Donegall Road
Devlin, John, baker, 165 Cavendish Street
Devlin, John, machine man, 13 Cawnpore Street
Devlin, Joseph, turner,  1 Broadway
Devlin, Joseph, slater, 19 Roumania Street
Devlin, Joseph, M.P., 3 College Square North
Devlin, Jos., carpenter, 63 Lepper Street
Devlin, J., stone cutter, 90 Hanover Street
Devlin, Mary, lodging house,  38 Princes Street
Devlin, Miss, milliner, 61 Lodge Road Old
Devlin, Miss Ellen, principal St. Macanisius Girls' School, 430 Oldpark Road
Devlin, Mrs., 57 Patrick Street Little
Devlin, Mrs. L., 203a Antrim Road
Devlin, M., painter, 18 Albany Street
Devlin, M., bar man, 51 Albert Street
Devlin, Patrick, slater, 39 Alexander Street West
Devlin, Patk., dealer, 144 Oldpark Road
Devlin, Peter, packer, 7 Spinner Street
Devlin, P., joiner, 13 Rockdale Street
Devlin, P., spirit grocer, 165 Silvio Street
Devlin, Richard, R.I.C., 9 Glenrosa Street
Devlin, Robinson, chief engineer, Fire Brigade, Albertbridge Road
Devlin, Sarah, draper, 1a Broadway
Devlin, The Misses, professors of dancing, Central Arcade, 79 Royal Avenue
Devlin, Thomas, carpenter, 15 Antrim Street
Devlin, T., shoe maker, 14 Falls Road
Devlin, Wm., baker, 13 Quadrant Street
Devlin, Wm., mechanic, 98, 100 Eliza Street
Devlin, Wm., fitter, 18 Broadway
Devlin, W., clerk, 35 Adelaide Avenue
Devlin, W. J., pawnbroker's assistant, 19 Avoca Street
Devlin, Wm., grocer, 82 Westbourne Street
Devon, Alex., rent agent, Glenleigh, Myrtlefield Park
Devon, Alex., & Sons Ltd., house, land and insurance agents, mill furnishers, 128 Peter's Hill
Devon, Alex., Derwent House, Myrtlefield Park
Devon, Geo., Underwood, Malone Park
Devon, W., Glenleigh, Myrtlefield Park
Devonport, Jos., boot maker, 110 Utility Street
Devonshire Hemstitching and Finishing Co., 4 Devonshire Street
Devonshire Laundry Ltd., 91, 93 Balfour Avenue; receiving office, 252 Ormeau Road
Devoto, David, Chattenden, Chichester Park
Devoto, John B., publisher, 10 The Glen
Devoto, Peter, hair dresser, 19 Brougham Street
Devoto, Vincent, flour merchant, Kilmorna, Glastonbury Avenue
Devoto, V. & A., representatives of Pillman, Philips, & Fowler Bros., 28 Waring Street
Devoto & Hassan, coal importers, 12 High Street
Dewar, Elliott P., chief inspector of National Schools, 109 University Street
Dewar, James, 2 College Green
Dewar, John, joiner, 45 Glenallen Street
Dewar, Rev. James, M.A. (of Donegall Pass Presbyterian Church), The Manse, 100 University Street
De Winter, Wm., & Son, Merchant and ladies' Tailors, 75 Donegall Street; Res., 1 Kinnaird Terrace, Antrim Road
De Winter, W., St. Abbs, Oldpark Road
Deyermond, W. J., joiner, 46 Victor Street
Diamond, Charles, chef, 4 Eglantine Gardens
Diamond, Hamilton, confectioner, 834 Crumlin Road
Diamond, J. W., solicitor, 105 Royal Avenue
Diamond, Miss, 59 Crumlin Road
Diamond, Mrs., Upper Ballysillan, Crumlin Road
Diamond, M. F., spirit grocer, 45, 47 Solway Street
Diamond, P., boot maker, 33 Springfield Road
Diamond, P. and J., publicans, 29, 31 Old  Lodge Road
Diamond, Robt., solicitor, 58b Donegall Street; res., 200 Antrim Road
Diamond, S. J., LL.D., solicitor, 60 Donegall Street; res., Holmhurst, Richmond Park
Diamond, T., spirit grocer, 31, 33 Peveril Street
Diamond, T., publican, 60 Lavinia Street
Diamond & Ross, auctioneers, 35 Oxford Street
Dick, Alexander, R.I.C., 46 Lisburn Avenue
Dick, Chas., sheet metal worker, 71 Greenore Street
Dick, Galway, timber merchant, Ormonde, Chichester Park
Dick, Geo., Post Office official, 48 Glantane Street
Dick, John, horse shoer, 55 Lavinia Street
Dick, Jennie, butcher,  60 Bloomfield Avenue
Dick, Miss A. F., 9 Wellington Park Terrace
Dick, Mrs., 11 Pine Street
Dick, Mrs., Easton Lodge, Cliftonville Road
Dick, Mrs., 9 Ventry Street
Dick, Mrs. C., Roseneath, Lansdowne Road
Dick, Mrs. Elizabeth, 2 Ambrose Villa, Victoria Road
Dick, Mrs. E., 83 Rugby Avenue
Dick, Miss M. E., M.A., ladies' school, Wynnstay, Rosetta Park
Dick, R., master mariner, 31 Brougham Street
Dick, Samuel, joiner,  50 Derwent Street
Dick, Thos., foreman, 41 Mountcollyer Avenue
Dick, Wm., carpenter,  27 Newington Avenue
Dick, Wm., representative of F. Braby & Co. Ltd., 59 Victoria Street
Dick, R. & J., Ltd., Manufacturers of Guttapercha, Boots and Shoes, and Canvas and Balata Driving Belts, 16, 22, 24 North Street; 160, 162 Newtownards Road, and 107 Royal Avenue
Dicken, Joseph, boiler maker, 52 Church Street East
Dickerson, Thos., Board of Trade surveyor, Rubislaw, Somerton Road
Dickey, Edwd., butcher, 1 Elizabeth Terrace, Donegall Pass
Dickey, E., butcher, 29 Sandhurst Drive
Dickey, Geo., school teacher, 53 Chadwick Street
Dickey, James, coach builder, 91 Lord Street
Dickey, James, teacher, 26 Ponsonby Avenue
Dickey, John, cattle dealer, 401 Ormeau Road
Dickey, John, grocer, 2 Mill Avenue
Dickey, Jos., coal dealer, 20 Glenview Street
Dickey, Mrs., 6 Atlantic Avenue
Dickey, Mrs. Martha J., 48 College Park Avenue
Dickey, Mrs. M., grocer, 31 Bruce Street
Dickey, Nathaniel, blacksmith, 242 Connsbrook Avenue
Dickey, Robt., moulder, 11 Richardson Street
Dickey, The Misses, dress makers, 39 Donegall Pass
Dickey, Wm., Maryville, 71 Malone Avenue
Dickey, Wm., spinning master, 22 Seaview Street
Dickey, W., M.B., surgeon, 86 Antrim Road
Dickey Bros., grocers, 127 Snugville Street
Dickey & Co., butchers, 39 Donegall Pass
Dickie, John, coal merchant, 80 Fraser Street
Dickie, Miss, private nursing home, 15, 17 Claremont Street
Dickie, Samuel, engineer, 23 Ferguson Drive
Dickinson, E., engineer, 23 Bloomfield Road
Dickinson, J., brass finisher, 53 Castlereagh Road
Dickinson, N., fitter, 41 Lendrick Street
Dickinson, Wm. H., engine driver, 90 Rosebery Road
Dickinson, John, & Co. Ltd., fancy box makers & wholesale stationers, 36 Queen Street
Dickson, Alex., baker, 76 Howard Street South
Dickson, Alex., carpenter, 7 Cadogan Street
Dickson, Alexr., Alderfield House, Park Avenue
Dickson, Alex., 12 Madison Avenue
Dickson, Alexr. R., bank official, 48 Ava Street
Dickson, Andrew, chauffeur, Kiln Lodge, Glencairn Road
Dickson, Andw., painter,  28 Queensland Street
Dickson, Archd., insurance agent, 128 Tennent Street
Dickson, A., agent, 12 Great Patrick Street
Dickson, Campbell, joiner, 15 Sheridan Street
Dickson, Edward, linen business,  71 Burmah Street
Dickson, Edwd., gardener,  64 Fortwilliam Parade
Dickson, Eliza, furniture dealer, 44 Bridge End
Dickson, Francis, tea blender,  111 Canning Street Upper
Dickson, Francis, carpenter, 8 Craigmore Street
Dickson, George, warehouseman, 12 Dublin Street
Dickson, Geo., iron turner, 61 Portallo Street
Dickson, G. D., solicitor, Redburna, Adelaide Park
Dickson, Jas., druggist and grocer, 355, 359 Newtownards Road
Dickson, Jas., clerk, 112 Deramore Avenue
Dickson, Jas. W., joiner, 1 Jocelyn Avenue
Dickson, Jas., preparing master, 40 Percy Street
Dickson, Jas., brass finisher, 6 Stroud Street
Dickson, Jeannie, 39 Alloa Street
Dickson, John, tinsmith, 54 Brussels Street
Dickson, John, joiner, 8 St. Aubyn Street
Dickson, John, gardener, 70 Fortwilliam Parade
Dickson, John M., 28 Wellington Park
Dickson, Jos., joiner, 14 Burke Street
Dickson, J., hackle setter, 16 St. Mary's Street
Dickson, J., water inspector, 10 Walnut Place
Dickson, J. H., accountant, Chester, Cavehill Road Old
Dickson, J. K., salesman, 58 Sandhurst Gardens
Dickson, J. W., joiner, 1 Jocelyn Avenue
Dickson, Miss, 52 Dublin Road
Dickson, Miss, nurse, 83 Hatfield Street
Dickson, Miss, 9 Lomond Avenue
Dickson, Mrs., 31 Sandown Road
Dickson, Mrs., curtain cleaner, 14 Fernwood Street
Dickson, Mrs., 12 Myrtle Terrace, Lisburn Road
Dickson, Mrs. J., Eirene, Shandon Park
Dickson, Mrs. Mary, 34 Jerusalem Street
Dickson, M. J. S., draper, 165 Lisburn Road
Dickson, Robert, furniture remover and funeral undertaker, 92, 94 Sandy Row
Dickson, Robert, 12 Chief Street
Dickson, Robt., wool buyer, Roslyn, 37 Westland Road
Dickson, Robt., publican, 173 Sandy Row
Dickson, Robt., 37, 39 Donegall Road
Dickson, Robt., inspector, 39 Adelaide Avenue
Dickson, Robt. J., pensioner, 35 Farnham Street
Dickson, Robt.  M., plasterer, 5 Parkmore Street
Dickson, Samuel, Leawood, Hawthornden Road
Dickson, Saml., hair dresser, 64 Grosvenor Road
Dickson, Saml., boiler maker, 180 Nelson Street
Dickson, Samuel, manager, 15 Fitzwilliam Street
Dickson, Saml. (of Hughes, Dickson, & Co. Ltd., millers and merchants), Leawood, Hawthornden Road
Dickson, S. E., Optician, 9 Donegall Square West
Dickson, Theo., cork merchant, 64 South Parade
Dickson, Thomas,  linen manufacturer, Bellfield, Laurencetown
Dickson, Thos., rivetter, 278 Crimea Street
Dickson, Walker J., Harryville, Cregagh Road
Dickson, William, 45 Duncairn Gardens
Dickson, Wm., fitter, 128 Ainsworth Avenue
Dickson, Wm., machine man, 40 Glenbrook Avenue
Dickson, Wm., boiler maker, 44 Craigavad Street
Dickson, Wm., foreman pattern maker, Fernlea, Ardenlee Avenue
Dickson, Wm. J., dealer, 173 Grosvenor Road
Dickson, W., butcher, 37 Ribble Street
Dickson, W. C., manufacturers' agent, 4 Donegall Square East; res., Tieve-Tara, Knockdene Park
Dickson, Wm. John, brick layer, 3 Fallswater Street
Dickson, W. J., cork cutter, 100 Short Strand
Dickson, Wm. J., butcher, 173 Grosvenor Road
Dickson, Alex., & Sons Ltd., Royal Seedsmen, Nurserymen, and Florists, 16, 18, 20 Garfield Street, and 61 Dawson Street, Dublin; Nurseries at Newtownards, Co. Down, and Blackrock, Dublin
Dickson Bros., packing case makers, 15 Adelaide Street
Dickson, Hugh, Ltd., Royal Nurseries (by Royal Appointment to His Majesty), Belmont Road. Tel. No. Knock 165
Dickson, Wm., & Co., manufacturers of umbrellas and parasols, 4 Arthur Street
Diffey, E. J., warehouseman, 30 Harcourt Street
Diffin, Jas., joiner, 30 Alexander Street West
Diffin, John, secretary of Belfast Spirit Grocers' Association, 110 Divis Street
Diffin, Thos., carrier, 88a Tamar Street
Digney, Edwd., cutter, 4 Linview Street
Dill, Miss, Santa Cruz, Sandown Road
Dill, Sir Samuel, M.A., D.Litt., LL.D., Professor of Greek, Queen's University, Mountpelier, Malone Road
Dillon, Daniel, shoe maker, 21 Parkview Street
Dillon, Edwd., clothier, 87 Castlereagh Road
Dillon, Henry, posting establishment, 88 Cromwell Road
Dillon, John, posting, 2 Mayville, Shore Road
Dillon, John, baker, 11 Annalee Street
Dillon, John, tenter, 19 Eccles Street
Dillon, Joseph, postman, 26 Clonard Street Lower
Dillon, Miss C., Charletta, Knutsford Drive
Dillon, Mrs., 60 Hardcastle Street
Dillon, Patk., baker, 169 Albert Street
Dillon, Patk., hair dresser, 41 Short Strand
Dillon, T., traveller, 12 Wellington Park Avenue
Dilworth, A., sawyer, 56 Thistle Street
Dilworth, Geo., postman, 1 Baden Powell Street
Dimsdale, H. J. D., bandsman, 100 Hyndford Street Upper
Dineen, Jeremiah, clerk, 77 Reid Street
Dineley, Andw., painter, 59 Dundela Street
Dinley, Alfred, iron turner, 33 Stonyford Street
Dinley, Andw., engineer, 144 Parkgate Avenue
Dineley, Josiah, brass finisher, 2 Hanwood Street
Dinnen, Hamilton, shipwright, 3 Fortwilliam Place, Shore Road
Dinnen, Jas., shipwright,  57 Ivan Street
Dinnen, Sinclair, shipwright, 24 Duncairn Gardens
Dinsmore, H., weigh master, 41 Camden Street
Dinsmore, Mrs. E. L., 17 Eia Street
Dinsmore, Rev. H., B.A., Presbyterian minister, Ekenhead Church, 7 Brookhill Avenue
Dinsmore, Robt., R.I.C., 133 University Avenue
Dinsmore, Saml., watch maker, 17 Windsor Street
Dinsmore, Wm., painter, 42 Everton Street
Dinsmore, J., & Sons, manufacturing confectioners and general merchants, 30 Castle Place, 113a Albertbridge Road, 25 Ann Street, 29a North Street
Diplock, Mrs., 1 Salisbury Street
Diplock, W. J., bookkeeper, 36 Cairo Street
Disc Linen Company - D. N. Macauley, 11 Wellington Place; res., Maida Vale, Princetown Road, Bangor
Diskin, Kathleen, dress maker, 50 York Street
Distillery Football and Athletic Club, Distillery Street - Sec., Walter Scott, 35 Marsden Gardens, Cavehill Road
Distributing Company, advertising contractors, 1 Hill Street
Ditty, Nathaniel, coal dealer, 14 Greenville Street
Ditty, Robt., yarn bundler, 44 Mountcollyer Road
Ditty, Thomas, joiner, 68 Carlow Street
Ditty, W. J., engine driver, 42 Denmark Street
Ditty, W. S., accountant, 180 Ravenhill Road
Diver, J.,  ex-R.I.C., 45 Halcombe Street
Divito, M., confectioner, 52 Ann Street
Divitt, Robt., smith, 293 Skegoniel Avenue
Dixon, Alex., J.P., Kincora, Antrim Road
Dixon, Major Daniel, J.P., Moygaddy, Maynooth
Dixon, David, tenter, 145 Dee Street
Dixon, Dowager Lady, Killeen, Fortwilliam Park
Dixon, D. W., R.I.C., 34 Bandon Street
Dixon Estates Ltd. - Sec., Jas. S. Irwin, Milewater Road
Dixon, Capt. H., Wilmont, Dunmurry
Dixon, G., shop assistant, 13 Dunvegan Street
Dixon, H.,  merchant tailor, 2 India Street
Dixon, Isaac, moulder, 16 Canmore Street
Dixon, Jas., evangelist, 22 Cromwell Road
Dixon, Jas.,  brass finisher, 6 Stroud Street
Dixon, John, tinsmith, 54 Brussels Street
Dixon, John, grocer, 49 Kendal Street
Dixon, John, boiler maker, 10 St. Paul's Street
Dixon, John, shop assistant, 11 Victoria Street Little
Dixon, John, grocer, 167 Ormeau Road
Dixon, Jos., joiner, 38 Dee Street
Dixon, Joseph,  watch maker and jeweller, 51 Ormeau Road
Dixon, Miss, Craigowen, Somerton Road
Dixon, Miss Margaret, 31 Eglantine Avenue
Dixon, Mrs., 3 Fisherwick Place
Dixon, M. S., 14 Indiana Avenue
Dixon, Prof. A. C., M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S., Queen's University, Hurstwood, Malone Park
Dixon, Robert, cork manufacturer and importer, 49 Howard Street South
Dixon, Robt., joiner, 15 Zetland Street
Dixon, Robt. R., mechanical dentist, 75 Ormeau Road
Dixon, Sir Thomas J., Bart., J.P., Luttrellstown, Clonsilla, Co. Down
Dixon, Thos., joiner, 38 Dee Street
Dixon, Thos., & Sons Ltd., timber, slate, & cement merchants, managers Irish Shipowners' Co. Ltd., Milewater Road; mahogany and hardwood yard, 5 King Street; Ulster Steam Saw Mills, and 42b Bridge End
Dixon, T. S., & Co. Ltd., Fireclay Goods and Cement Merchants, 86 to 92 York Street, and 59 Great George's Street. 'Phone Nos., 3040 and 580. Telegraphic Address, "Concrete, Belfast"
Doagh Flax Spinning Co. Ltd., Ballysillan Mill, Ligoniel Road, and Mayo Street factory - S. J. Skelton, secy.
Doagh,  J. G., rivetter, 4 Garston Street
Doak, Alex., sexton Newington Presbyterian Church, 139 Cosgrave Street
Doak, James, plumber, 3 Emerson Street
Doak, Mrs., 6 Dunluce Terrace, Lisburn Road
Doak, Robt., chauffeur, 92 Donnybrook Street
Doak, Robt., soldier, 102 Halliday's Road
Doak, Thomas, mechanic, 17 Turin Street
Doak, Samuel, plumber, 55 Lomond Avenue
Doak, Wm., carpenter, 19 Balmoral Street
Doak, Wm., draper, 32 Ophir Gardens
Dobbie, John, coach painter, 49 Fernwood Street
Dobbin, Ann, grocer, 13 Woodstock Road
Dobbin, Geo., glazier, 5 Cherryville Street
Dobbin, Henry, traveller, 21 Clonard Gardens
Dobbin, H., traveller, 457 Falls Road
Dobbin, John, rent collector, 94 Clonard Gardens
Dobbin, John, 120 Woodvale Avenue
Dobbin, Jos., iron turner, 136 Manor Street
Dobbin, J., pawn broker, 18 Rosewood Street
Dobbin, J. G., insurance broker and agent, 34 Station Road
Dobbin, Leonard T., director of Wm. Dobbin & Co. Ltd., The Grange, Annadale Avenue
Dobbin, Miss Catherine M., 2 Devonshire Villas, North Parade
Dobbin,  Mrs., Freyne, Ravenhill Park
Dobbin,  Mrs. Rachel, 32 Bryson Street
Dobbin, R. R., linen merchant, Glenanagh,  Holywood Road Old
Dobbin, Samuel, linen lapper, 27 Derg Street
Dobbin, S., linen measurer, 34 Hartington Street
Dobbin, Thos., fitter, 32 Iris Street
Dobbin, Thos. R., bursar Campbell College, Culbann, Earlswood Road
Dobbin, Wm. C., director of Wm. Dobbin & Co. Ltd., The Grange, Annadale Avenue
Dobbin, Wm. J., R.I.C., 40 Greenmount Street
Dobbin, W. T., journalist, Rathmore, Ravenhill Park
Dobbin, Field, & Co. Ltd., linen manufacturers, 31 Franklin Street
Dobbin, Wm., & Co. Ltd., Drug and Household Stores, Chemists, Opticians and Photographic Dealers, Confectioners, Stationers, etc., 45, 47 North Street
Dobbs, Arthur F., Castle Dobbs, Carrickfergus
Dobbs, St. Clair M., J.P., Glenariff Lodge, Parkmore
Dobler, George, assistant manager Royal Hippodrome, 59 Upper Arthur Street
Dobson, Captain John J., 122 Castlereagh Street
Dobson, Edwd. J., commercial traveller, 58 Castlereagh Street
Dobson, G. H., upholsterer, 42 Clifton Street
Dobson, G. H., clerk, 104 Killowen Street
Dobson, Isaac, consulting engineer, 1 Ardroe, Cyprus Park
Dobson, Mrs., 2 Cliffe Villas, Glenburn Park
Dobson, Norman, draughtsman, 13 Madison Avenue
Dobson, Thomas, grocer, 72 Templemore Avenue
Dobson, William J., draper, 52, 53 Castlereagh Street
Dobson, W. H., 1 Roden Terrace, Woodstock Road
Dobson, W. J., traveller, 41 Castlereagh Street
Dobson, Molle, & Co. Ltd., Paper & Paper-Bag Makers, Wholesale Stationers, Engravers, Lithographers, and Printers, 22, 24, 26 Barrack Street
Dobson & Sons, consulting engineers, Balmoral Buildings, 44 Wellington Place
Docherty, F. W., bank official, 8 Tokio Gardens
Docherty, Jas., publican, 1, 3 Hemsworth Street
Docker, Geo., plumber, 90 Donegall Avenue
Dodd, David, carrier, 23 Thorndale Avenue
Dodd, Geo., bookkeeper, 29 Florenceville Avenue
Dodd, J., insurance agent, 71 Haypark Avenue
Dodd, Rev. T. W., 66 Cliftonpark Avenue
Dodds, Alfred, cycle manufacturer, 7 Lisburn Road
Dodds, Andrew, boiler maker, 43 Gainsborough Drive
Dodds, A., milliner and dress maker, 194 Woodstock Road
Dodds, Eliza, confectioner, 230 Albertbridge Road
Dodds, Hugh, 18 Skegoniel Avenue
Dodds, Jas., fireman, 120 Melrose Street
Dodds, Jos., ticket collector G.N.R., 91 Grosvenor Road
Dodds, John C., ranger, Botanic Gardens Park
Dodds, Lily, 58 Farnham Street
Dodds, Mrs. Ellen, 46 Cliftonpark Avenue
Dodds, Percy H., manager, Beau Lieu, Ardenlee Avenue
Dodds, Rev. Robert W., C.T.D., chaplain to the Adult Deaf and Dumb, 30 Botanic Avenue
Dodds, Thos., boot maker, 43 Matchett Street
Dodds, Wm., cabinet maker, 12 Cherryville Street
Dodds, Wm., confectioner, 114 York Road
Dodds, Wm., fruiterer, 90 York Road
Dodds, W., foreman, 14 Ormeau Street
Dodson, T. W., 6 Landseer Street
Docherty, Jas., publican, 1, 3 Hemsworth Street
Docker, Geo., plumber, 90 Donegall Avenue
Doe, Miss, ladies' outfitter, 57 Donegall Place
Doey, John, painter, 26 Argyle Street
Doey, Mrs., 72 Kansas Avenue
Doey, Thos., joiner, 168 Hillman Street
Doggart, David, designer, 241 Albertbridge Road
Doggart, Mrs. A., 24 Canterbury Street
Doggart, Jas., joiner, 22 Belvoir Street
Doggart, Jas., joiner, 10 Ina Street
Doggart, Saml., stock keeper, 124 Canning Street Upper
Doherty, Chas., tea merchant, Ulidia, Skegoniel Avenue
Doherty, Con, manager, 126 Agincourt Avenue
Dogherty, James, 1 Harrow Street
Dogherty, Jas., shirt and collar manufacturer, 25 Blackwood Street
Dogherty, Jas., dairyman, 77 Walmer Street
Dogherty, Jas., draper, 24 Hawthorn Street
Dogherty, John, foreman, 66 Southport Street
Dogherty, J., mechanic, 52 Trillick Street
Dogherty, J. A., iron turner, 87 Montrose Street
Dogherty, J. G., boot maker, 40 Lisburn Avenue
Dogherty, Patrick, carpenter, 47 Damascus Street
Dogherty, R., carpenter, 74 Meadow Street
Dogherty, Wm., linen lapper, 158a Antrim Road
Dogherty, Wm., driller, 150 Cupar Street
Dogherty,  W., clerk, 62 Unity Street
Dogherty, W. J., billiard marker, 74 Hanover Street
Dogs' and Cats' Home, Lisburn Road - Wm. Heron, caretaker; Miss Christian, secy.
Doherty, Alex., secretary, 115 Cliftonpark Avenue
Doherty, A., boiler maker, 23 Kimona Street
Doherty, A., carpenter, 2 Toronto Street
Doherty, B., engine driver, 16 Naples Street
Doherty, Chas., nail maker, 23 Getty Street
Doherty, C., wire worker, 36 Boundary Street
Doherty, Denis, dental mechanic, 9 Derlett Street
Doherty, Edwd., cork cutter, 29 Fox Row
Doherty, Edwd., joiner, 10 Summerhill Street
Doherty, E., mechanic, 38 Hamilton Street
Doherty, E. F., engineer, 77 Nevis Avenue
Doherty, E. M., confectioner, 53 Cromac Street
Doherty, Fras., hair dresser, 50 Cavendish Street
Doherty, F., hair dresser, 25 College Square East
Doherty, Geo. M., engineer, Killeens, Deerpark Road
Doherty, Hugh, joiner, 6 Arlington Street
Doherty, Hugh, manager, 23 Clifton Crescent
Doherty, James, boot maker, 28 Beechfield Street
Doherty, James, Rosleigh, Rosetta Park
Doherty, Jas., carpenter, 12 Upton Cottages, Glen Road
Doherty, Jas., toy and fancy bazaar, 56 Ann Street & 39 Donegall Place
Doherty, Jas., joiner, 43 Newcastle Street
Doherty, Jas., rope maker, 87 Bloomfield Avenue
Doherty, Jas., plumber and gas fitter, 34 Corporation Street
Doherty, Jas., boot maker, 28 Beechfield Street
Doherty, John, tailor, 1 Dunvegan Street
Doherty, Joseph, tailor, 27 Cooke Street
Doherty, Joseph, stone cutter, 14 Alexander Street West
Doherty, J., grocer, 33 Candahar Street
Doherty, J., hair dresser, 157 Millfield
Doherty, J., dining rooms, 15 Gamble Street
Doherty, J. H., publican, 9, 11 Frederick Street
Doherty, Matt., compositor, 43 Jerusalem Street
Doherty, Miss, dress maker, 2 Dunluce Terrace, Lisburn Road
Doherty, Miss, tobacconist, stationer and confectioner, 119 Ormeau Road
Doherty, Miss Mary, 36 Wellington Park
Doherty, M., spirit grocer, 208, 210 Manor Street
Doherty, M. G., shipwright, 62 Excise Street
Doherty, Patk., painter, 73 Albert Street
Doherty, Philip, tobacconist, 52 Divis Street
Doherty, Richard, painter, 28 Gainsborough Drive
Doherty, R. H., fitter, 52 McMaster Street
Doherty, R. J., marine engineer, Moreen, Cregagh Road
Doherty, Saml., R.I.C., 16 Marsden Gardens
Doherty, Saml., plumber, 40 Baker Street
Doherty, T., overlooker, 68 Rosevale Street
Doherty, T., clerk, 9 Cavehill View, Greencastle
Doherty, Wm., joiner, 36 Thompson Street
Doherty, Wm., missioner, 133 Cliftonpark Avenue
Doherty, Wm., checker, 26 Cherryville Street
Doherty, Wm., dining rooms, 16 Gamble Street
Doherty, Wm. T., baker, 19 Penrose Street
Doherty, C., Sons, & Co., tea merchants, 41 Waring Street
Doherty, D. T., & Son, printers, lithographers, book binders, and stationers, 58 Ann Street
Doidge, A., harbour constable, 39 Groomsport Street
Doig, Wm., merchant, The Cottage, Chlorine Gardens
Doig, Wm., & Co., wholesale druggists, shellac and colour merchants, 39, 45 Mill Street and 104 Dover Street; res., W. Doig, Kingower, Myrtlefield Park
Dolaghan, John, tailor, 10 Whitehall Parade
Dolaghan, J., & Co., clothing manufacturers, 1 College Street
Dolaghan, Mrs., grocer, 16 Mansfield Street
Dolaghan, Patk., grocer and publican, 4, 6 Hill Street North and 37, 41 Valentine Street
Dolan, Jas., publican, 51, 53 55 Bridge End
Dolan, John, driller, 18 Durham Street
Dolan, Wm., journalist, Mayville, Knutsford Drive
Dolan, Francis J., Ltd., Wholesale Provision, Butter, and Egg Merchants, 40 Tomb Street
Doloughan, Annie, 216 Blythe Street
Dologhan, John, tailor, 18 Plevna Street
Dologhan, J., hair dresser, 26, 28 William Street South; res., 53 Upper Arthur Street
Dolway, J., tobacconist, 131 Divis Street
Dolway, M., tobacconist, 17 Mill Street
Doman, C., newsagent and tobacconist, 106a Corporation Street
Domato, F., hair dresser, 21 Skipper Street
Domegan, J., asylum attendant, 51 Theodore Street
Domican, Saml., linen finisher, 27 Bellevue Street
Donaghey, John, joiner, 13 Donore Street
Donaghey, Mrs. E., 113 Dunluce Avenue
Donaghey, F., dentist, 6 Fitzwilliam Street
Donaghy, Annie, box maker, 103 Albert Street
Donaghy, Ellen, dealer, 139 Cromac Street
Donaghy, Edward, insurance inspector, 425 Beersbridge Road Upper
Donaghy, E., boot and shoe maker, 14 North Street
Donaghy, F., spirit grocer, 125 Ligoniel Road
Donaghy, Henry, boot and leather merchant, 94 York Street
Donaghy, Hugh, publican, 12 castle Lane & 3 Bridge End; res., 24 Claremont Street
Donaghy, Joseph, 40 Chatsworth Street
Donaghy, Jos., joiner, 10 Venice Street
Donaghy, John, joiner, 13 Donore Street
Donaghy, J., spirit grocer, 13, 15 Seaforde Street
Donaghy, J. I., B.A., solicitor, 142 Royal Avenue; res., Tynagort, 181 Holywood Road
Donaghy, Margaret, spirit grocer, 63 Distillery Street
Donaghy, Matilda, grocer, 6 Derby Street
Donaghy, Michael, 58 Rugby Avenue
Donaghy, Miss, teacher of music and paintings, 425 Beersbridge Road Upper
Donaghy, M., clothes dealer, 112, 113 Smithfield Market
Donaghy, P., grocer, 1 Maralin Street
Donaghy, Warrington, tailor, 7 Jaffa Street
Donaghy, Wm., fitter, 231 Spamount Street
Donald, Agnes, 8 Queen Street Upper
Donald, Alex. R., bread server, 8 Rosapenna Street
Donald, A., B.A., university tutor, 57 Camden Street
Donald, Geo., carpenter, 19 Albertville Drive
Donald, Geo., window cleaner, 9 Great Northern Street
Donald, Geo., commission agent, 32 Ann Street; res., 443 Beersbridge Road Upper
Donald, John, sanitary inspector, 36 St. Ive's Gardens
Donald, Mrs., 13 Bilton Place
Donald, R. J. F., M.A., classical teacher, 57 Camden Street
Donald, Rev. C. S., Antrimville Manse, Antrim Road
Donald, Robt., bread server, 21 Baltic Avenue
Donald, Thomas, tailor, 33 Beechpark Street
Donald, Thos., berthing master, 20 Moyola Street
Donald, Thos., millwright, 25 Ottawa Street
Donald, Thos., pensioner, 20 Charles Street South
Donald, T., shipwright, 39 Adam Street
Donald, Wm., clerk, 21 Parkmount Street
Donald, Wm., fitter, 28 Elm Street
Donaldson, Agnes, 2 Dickson Street
Donaldson, Alex., carrier, 117 Grosvenor Road
Donaldson, Alex., salesman, Owen Varra, Donegall Road
Donaldson, A., telegraphist, 17 Ridgeway Street
Donaldson, David, watch maker, 15 Cooke Street
Donaldson, David, packing case maker, 15 Apsley Street
Donaldson, D., salesman, 8 Stranmillis Gardens
Donaldson, Eliza, 6 Hatfield Street
Donaldson, Francis, warehouseman, 27 Agincourt Avenue
Donaldson, F. P., thread finisher, 229 Oldpark Road
Donaldson, F. P., grocer, 47 Havana Street
Donaldson, George, weaver, 27 Ballyclare Street
Donaldson, Geo., engineer, 70 Stratheden Street
Donaldson, Geo., plumber, 37 Beit Street
Donaldson, James, book binder, 49 Parkmount Street
Donaldson, James, newsagent and tobacconist, 21 Gresham Street
Donaldson, Jas., inspector G.N.R., 7 Lisburn Avenue
Donaldson, Jas., moulder, 175 Avoniel Road
Donaldson, Jas., fruiterer, 335 Newtownards Road
Donaldson, Jas., 196 My Lady's Road
Donaldson, Jas., electrician, 26 Coningsby Street
Donaldson, John, joiner, 41 Ogilvie Street
Donaldson, John, South View Nursery, Earlswood Road
Donaldson, John, plater, 109 Church Street East
Donaldson, Jos., warehouseman, 112 Dunluce Avenue
Donaldson, J., gardener, 18 Belmont Avenue
Donaldson, J., jeweller, 46 Cooke Street
Donaldson, Michael, spirit grocer, 18, 20 Barginnis Street
Donaldson, Miss, 5 Newington Street
Donaldson, Miss, 12 Easton Crescent
Donaldson, Mrs. Sarah, 346 Beersbridge Road Upper
Donaldson, Mrs., 159 Park Avenue
Donaldson, Mrs., 1 Newington Street
Donaldson, Mrs., 20 Brookhill Avenue
Donaldson, Mrs. A., 1 Kinnaird Street
Donaldson, M., confectioner, 20 Limestone Road
Donaldson, Robt., baker, 8 Olive Street
Donaldson, Robt., fitter, 48 Disraeli Street
Donaldson, R., joiner, 24 Buckingham Street
Donaldson, S. G., court crier, 95 Oldpark Road
Donaldson, Thos., joiner, 10 Cluan Place
Donaldson, Thos., blacksmith, 4 Thistle Street
Donaldson, Thos., grocer, 50 Ohio Street
Donaldson, Wm., guard, 57 Devonshire Street
Donaldson, Wm., linen lapper, 101 Canning Street Upper
Donaldson, Wm., 31 Ravensdale Street
Donaldson, Wm., grocer, 13 Kingscourt Street
Donaldson, Wm., grocer, 38, 40 Butler Street
Donaldson, Wm., plater, 49 Island Street
Donaldson, Wm., boiler maker, 52 Avon Street
Donaldson, W., brass founder, 59 Shankill Road, and 8, 10 Clements Street; res., Hillcrest, Woodvale Road
Donaldson, W. H., postal telegraph clerk, 18 Newington Street
Donaldson, W. J., gardener, 16 Ardenvohr Street
Donaldson & Bell, rent and insurance agents, 9 Garfield Chambers, Royal Avenue
Donegal, Charles, painter, 27 Harrison Street
Donegal Finishing Co., 91 Donegall Pass
Donegal Shirt Co., 10 Berry Street
Donegal Tweed Co. Ltd., 84 Royal Avenue and 28 Ann Street - J. English, manager
Donegal Dairy Co., 78 Newtownards Road
Donegall Masonic Club, 19 Arthur Square
Donegall Road Weaving Factory - W. Adams & Co.
Donegall Pharmacy and Drug Co. Ltd. (registered offices), 137a Royal Avenue
Donegan, Jas., confectioner, 49 Distillery Street
Donegan, Jas., checker, 17 Blackwater Street
Donegan, Thomas, spirit grocer, 47 and 49 Springfield Road
Donegan, Thos., cooper, 68 Hanover Street
Donegan, W., caretaker, 5 Garfield Street Lower
Donelan, Agnes, servants' registry office, 21 Antrim Road
Donnan, Elizabeth, bakery, 53 Moore Street
Donnan, Jas. C., Marmion, Knockbreda Park
Donnan, Mrs. Rachel A., Marsden, Knockdene Park
Donnan, R., shipwright, 9 Trinity Street
Donnan, The Misses, 133 Limestone Road
Donnan, Thos., joiner, 78 Montrose Street
Donnan, Wm., baker, 69 Tennant Street
Donnan, W. J., basket maker, 20 Athol Street
Donnan & Co., boot merchants, 454 Newtownards Road
Donnegan, Robt., cooper, 10 Dawson Street
Donnelly, Arthur, publican, 202, 204 York Street and 135 Antrim Road
Donnelly, Annie, 23 College Square North
Donnelly, Andrew, director Holywood & Donnelly Ltd., Banquet Buildings, Victoria Square; res., Holywood
Donnelly, A., grocer, 30 Waterford Street
Donnelly, A., core maker, 75 Sultan Street
Donnelly, Capt., Remount Dept., Balmoral; res., Oakley House, Windsor Park
Donnelly, Capt. Frank, 17 Inver Avenue
Donnelly, Chas., mechanic, 16 Benares Street
Donnelly, Chas., tailor, 28 Bellevue Street
Donnelly, C., storeman, 267 Hillman Street
Donnelly, David, 19 Carlisle Street
Donnelly, D., farmer, Whiterock Road, Ballygomartin
Donnelly, D., mechanical dentist, 63 Roden Street
Donnelly, Ellen, grocer, 55 Queen Street North
Donnelly, Frank, painter, 11 Ina Street
Donnelly, F. J., tailor, 24 Cavendish Street
Donnelly, Hugh, confectioner, 109 Ravenhill Road
Donnelly, Hugh, coal merchant and furniture remover, 117, 119 Beersbridge Road
Donnelly, Hugh, caretaker, Gilnahirk Road
Donnelly, Hugh, tailor, 24 Benares Street
Donnelly, Hugh, clothing manufacturer, 82 Royal Avenue
Donnelly, James, draper, 115 Peter's Hill
Donnelly, James, confectioner, 277 Albertbridge Road
Donnelly, Jas., hair dresser, 22 Broadway
Donnelly, Jas., fitter, 66 Broadway
Donnelly, John, manager, 340 Woodstock Road
Donnelly, John, coachman, 1 Kinedar Cottages, Sydenham Avenue
Donnelly, John, weaver, 22 Cairns Street
Donnelly, John, dentist, 259 York Street
Donnelly, John A., supt. telegraph dept. G.P.O., Glastonbury, Glastonbury Avenue
Donnelly, Joseph, dealer, 16, 18 Gardiner Street
Donnelly, Joseph, 235 Mountpottinger Road
Donnelly, Jos., publican, 189 Old Lodge Road
Donnelly, Jos., city missionary, 142 Ainsworth Avenue
Donnelly, J., hair dresser, 139 Divis Street
Donnelly, J., polisher, 8 Derby Street
Donnelly, J. J., J.P., contractor & funeral undertaker, 124, 126 Cullingtree Road
Donnelly, J. T., R.I.C., 54 Southport Street
Donnelly, Mary, grocer, 66 Divis Street
Donnelly, Miss, 25 Cliftonville Avenue
Donnelly, Miss Jane, dress maker, 2 Eliza Place
Donnelly, Mrs. Ellen, publican, 31, 33 Everton Street
Donnelly, Mrs. Jane, 18 Glenravel Street
Donnelly, Murdock, shoe maker, 26 Majorca Street
Donnelly, N., draper, 481 Falls Road
Donnelly, Patk., grocer, 2 Burnaby Street
Donnelly, Patk., fruiterer, 98 North Queen Street
Donnelly, Peter, cabinet maker, 1 Derby Street
Donnelly, Peter, painter, 11 Cawnpore Street
Donnelly, Philip, grocer, 25 Cullingtree Road
Donnelly, P., butter and egg merchant, 96 Divis Street
Donnelly, Robt., box maker, 120 Blythe Street
Donnelly, Richd., dealer, 59a Townsend Street
Donnelly, Thos., checker, 76 Lincoln Street
Donnelly, Thos., 77 Alexandrapark Avenue
Donnelly, T., grocer, 24 Albertbridge Road
Donnelly, Wm., clerk, 24 Evolina Street
Donnelly, Wm., saddler, 5 Hamill Square
Donnelly, Wm., spirit grocer, 52 Templemore Avenue
Donnelly, Wm., carpenter, 12 Getty Street
Donnelly, Wm., overseer, Donnelli, Ardenlee Parade
Donnelly, Wm., linen business, 139 Falls Road
Donnelly, Wm., driller, 13 Burlington Street
Donnelly, Wm. C., bookkeeper, 9 Glendower Street
Donnelly, W., joiner, 23 Durham Street
Donnelly, W. P., dental surgeon, 93 Falls Road
Donnelly, Jos., & Co., solicitors, 2 Mayfair, Arthur Square
Donning, Alex., fitter, 25 Roden Street
Donning, H., coach builder, 53 Reid Street
Donning, James, bookkeeper, 34 Jocelyn Street
Donning, Mrs. Susan, Donore, Green Road
Donohoe, A., ex-head constable R.I.C., 319 Crumlin Road
Donohoe, Gerald, mattress maker, 17 Abbott Street
Donohoe, Miss, 10 Pim Street
Donohue, Thos., R.I.C., 33 Melrose Street
Donovan, Danl., bonded warehouse manager, 2a Lonsdale Street
Donovan, Eliza, 5 Lonsdale Street
Donovan, Fred, wood turner, 5 Diamond Street
Donovan, Jas., clerk, 18 Lyle Street
Donovan, Jas., assurance agent, 6 Cupar Street
Donovan, The Misses, 11 Kinnaird Terrace
Donovan, Thomas, 53 Dublin Road
Doohan, T., head constable, R.I.C., Doreen, Cliftonville Road
Dool, W. J., engine driver, 33 Valentine Street
Doolan, Jas., french polisher, 23 Cape Street
Doolan, Wm., cabinet maker, 234 Hillman Street
Dooley, Thos., confectioner, 69 My Lady's Road
Doonan, Albert, watch maker, 14 Bryon Street (Byron)
Doonan, Elizabeth, confectioner, 11 Albertbridge Road
Doonan, Geo., R.I.C., 6 Meadowbank Street
Doonan, M., R.I.C., 54 Edinburgh Street
Doran, Christopher, foreman, 26 Mountpottinger Road
Doran, C. F. G., B.A., Barrister-at-Law, Mountpelier, Malone Road
Doran, Edward, linen lapper, 6 Glenalpin Street
Doran, E., linen lapper, 55 Westmoreland Street
Doran, George Augustus, J.P., distiller, Dunottar, Malone Road
Doran, Hy., spirit grocer, 84 Bryson Street
Doran, Isaac, bookkeeper, 4 Thorndale Avenue
Doran, James A., J.P., Ardavan, 248 Antrim Road
Doran, John, engine driver, 4 Leoville Street
Doran, Jos., commercial traveller, 6 Wolseley Street
Doran, Jos., hackle setter, 21 Garnet Street
Doran, Michael, store keeper, 1 Albert Place
Doran, Mrs., 25 Dunluce Avenue
Doran, Mrs., restaurant, 5 York Street
Doran, Mrs., 30 Ponsonby Avenue
Doran, Mrs. E., Inveresk, Connsbrook Avenue
Doran, Thos., boot maker, 44 Silvergrove Street
Doran, Trevor St. V., Knocklayd, King's Road
Doran, Wm., store keeper, 53 Columbia Street
Doran, Wm. Jas., meter inspector, 22 Toronto Street
Doran, W. T., J.P., distiller, Roselawn, Adelaide Park
Doran & Co., Distillers, 37, 38 Donegall Quay; Bonded Warehouses, 7, 11 Steam Mill Lane and 92 Tomb Street
Dormady, Thos., boiler maker, 14 Cheviot Street
Dorman, David, timber broker, Fredheim, Lansdowne Road
Dorman, D., & Co., shipbrokers and commission agents, 58 Waring Street
Dorman, Edwd., clerk, 27 Rosemount Gardens
Dorman, Eliza, maternity nurse, 11 Eliza Street
Dorman, John, 205 Duncairn Gardens
Dorman, John, 17 Cregagh Road
Dorman, J., bird dealer, 17 Gresham Street
Dorman, Robt., insurance supt., 32 Perth Street
Dorman, Robt., Claremont, Knock Road
Dorman, R., carpenter, 16 Halliday's Road
Dorman, R. F., dairyman, Clondarra House, Falls Road
Dorman, Wm., winding master, 27 Ambleside Street
Dorman, Wm., car owner, 1 Sunnyside Street
Dorman, Wm., plumber, 90 Sandy Row
Dorman, W., baker, 69 Tennent Street
Dorman, W. J., baker, 134 Beersbridge Road
Dorman & Co., fancy drapers, 40 Castle Street
Dornan, Alfred, traveller, 22 Orient Gardens
Dornan, Chas., ladies' and gents' tailors, 339 Ormeau Road
Dornan, Edward, coach builder, 15 Colvil Street
Dornan, Hugh, cooper, Laganvale, Haddington Gardens
Dornan, James, 30 Madrid Street
Dornan, Jas., hackle maker, 4 Isoline Street
Dornan, Jas., brick layer, 31 Harland Street
Dornan, Jane, 13 Chestnut Gardens
Dornan, John, publican, 16 Castlereagh Road
Dornan, John W., blacksmith, 77b Meadow Street Upper
Dornan, John, hardware dealer, 50 Kashmir Road
Dornan, Kate, 263 Ravenhill Avenue
Dornan, Mrs., 1 Farnham Street
Dornan, Mrs., 139 Belmont Road
Dornan, Robert, linen merchant, 44 College Park Avenue
Dornan, R., Claremont, Knock Road
Dornan, Saml., grocer, 33 Calvin Street
Dornan, Saml., clerk, 4 Kensington Avenue
Dornan, Saml., grocer, 62 Beersbridge Road
Dornan, Saml., postman, 30 Riga Street Upper
Dornan, S., pensioner, 74 Templemore Avenue
Dornan, Thos., relieving officer, 21 Rathdrum Street
Dornan, Wm., tram inspector, 71 Ulsterville Gardens
Dornan, W., fancy baker, 5 Moorfield Street
Dornan, W. J., blacksmith, 5 Roy Street
Dornan, E. H. T., & Co., grocers and provision merchants, 155 Antrim Road
Dorrans, Samuel, engineer, 192 Agnes Street
Dorrian, B., publican, 43 Albert Street
Dorrian, Hanley, blacksmith, 12 Murphy Street
Dorrian, Margt., draper, 135 Divis Street
Dorrian, Mary, 30 Cranburn Street
Dorrian, Mrs. M., confectioner, 18 Crocus Street
Dorrian, Patk., tailor, 28 Mayfair Street
Dorris, Patrick, fitter, 14 Kashmir Road
Dorrity, Chas., carpenter, 117 Melrose Street
Dorrity, Wm., carpenter, 29 Elaine Street
Dorward, D. R., die sinker and engraver, 46 Queen Street Upper; res., 21 Ulsterville Gardens
Dorward, Edward, fitter, 47 Glendower Street
Douey, Jas. R., mechanic, 59 Richardson Street
Douey, Jos., red leader, 8 Bisley Street
Douey, Thos., painter, 54 Penrith Street
Douey, W. A., warehouseman, 1 Lisburn Avenue
Dougal, Andrew, contractor, 39 Maddison Avenue
Dougal, Andw., car owner, 90 Albert Street
Dougal, Hugh, carrier, 13 The Mount
Dougal, John, proprietor Garfield Taxi Co., 18, 20 Garfield Street
Dougal, Saml., 25 Fitzroy Avenue
Dougal, Wm., iron turner, 403 Donegall Road
Dougal, A., & Son, Shipping and General Forwarding Agents, Carting and Warehousemen, Carriers, 20, 22 May Street, 3 Customhouse Square, and 40 to 48 Gloucester Street
Dougall, W. J., bookkeeper, Staunton, Taunton Avenue
Dougall, Wm., plasterer, 6 Virginia Street
Dougall, Wm., school teacher, 2 Iveagh Street
Dougan, A., linen lapper, 17 Cambrai Street
Dougan, A. M., chemist, 117 and 149 Oldpark Road
Dougan, Edwd., painter, 10 Adam Street
Dougan, F., summons server, 349 Crumlin Road
Dougan, Geo., dealer, 23 Ribble Street
Dougan, James, store keeper, 200 Blythe Street
Dougan, Jas., brick layer, 48 Kashmir Road
Dougan, Jas., linen business, 21 Lancefield Road
Dougan, John, bread server, 91 Tate's Avenue
Dougan, John, clerk, 85 Cupar Street
Dougan, John, yarn salesman, 37 Ethel Street
Dougan, John, hair dresser, 4a Disraeli Street
Dougan, J., designer, 5 Somerville Gardens, Falls Road
Dougan, Miss, 30 Cromwell Road
Dougan, Miss Ellen, dress maker, 86 Ardenvohr Street
Dougan, P., clerk, 68 Elizabeth Street
Dougan, Robt., brass finisher, 6 Lelia Street
Dougan, Robt., rivetter, 3 Ina Street
Dougan, Thos., grocer, 82 Dee Street
Dougan, Thos., storeman, 78 Eliza Street
Dougan, Wm., tenter, 88 Roden Street
Dougan, Wm., market inspector, Astonville, Ardenlee Avenue
Dougan, Wm., joiner, 52 Enfield Street
Dougan, W. J., tenter, 241 Crumlin Road
Dougherty, George, R.I.C., 231 Hillman Street
Dougherty, Hugh, plater, 6 Irwin Avenue
Dougherty, Jas., newsagent, 52 Queen Street North
Dougherty, Jas., engine man, 6 Chater Street
Dougherty, J. H., shoe maker, 106b Corporation Street
Dougherty, Mrs. M., 14 Brookhill Avenue
Dougherty, P., paper ruler, 10 Falls Road
Dougherty, R., carpenter, 77 Cumberland Street
Dougherty, W., iron turner, 23 Heatherbell Street
Dougherty, W. J., clerk, 90 Britannic Street
Douglan, Wm., time keeper, 36 Chadwick Street
Douglas, Alex., ship carpenter, 8 McCleery Street
Douglas, Archibald, blacksmith, 73 Connsbrook Avenue
Douglas, Archibald, grocer, 70 Riga Street
Douglas, Arthur, gardener, 71 Jerusalem Street
Douglas, A. W., linen business, 29 St. Ives Gardens
Douglas, Danl., shipwright,9 Queen Victoria Street
Douglas, David, coach painter, 48 Victor Street
Douglas, Eliza, dress maker, 110 Old Lodge Road
Douglas, Elizabeth, 69 Cavehill Road
Douglas, Fredk., winding master, 5 Chamberlain Street
Douglas, Geo., mechanic, 44 Windsor Road
Douglas, Geo., road inspector, 194 Ravenhill Avenue
Douglas, G., accountant, 77 Willowbank Street
Douglas, Henry, engineer, 17 Crosby Street
Douglas, Henry, caulker, 5 Brandon Terrace
Douglas, Hugh, millwright, 27 Legane Street
Douglas, H., 2 Weirville Terrace, Crumlin Road
Douglas, H. R., portrait painter, 35 Royal Avenue
Douglas, Jas., joiner, 75 Thistle Street
Douglas, Jas., rigger, 52 Mountcollyer Street
Douglas, Jas., electrician, 4 Ulsterville Gardens
Douglas, Jas. F., 168 Upper Newtownards Road
Douglas, John, house painter, 24 Malone Avenue
Douglas, John, plater, 40 Fernwood Street
Douglas, John, joiner, 61 Greenville Road
Douglas, John, tailor, 42 Theodore Street
Douglas, John, engine driver, 106 Rosebery Road
Douglas, John, soldier, 34 Baskin Street
Douglas, John, dyer, 35 Danube Street
Douglas, Josias W., 121 Antrim Road
Douglas, J., mechanic, 198, 200 Meadow Street Upper
Douglas, J., agent, 31a Linenhall Street
Douglas, J., fitter, 127 Glenwood Street
Douglas, J. F., Elim, 170 Newtownards Road Upper
Douglas, J. G., draughtsman, 21 Inverary Drive
Douglas, J. H., plater, 17 Blackwood Street
Douglas, J. S., butcher, 44 Dromore Street
Douglas, Mary, Norbrae, Linden Gardens
Douglas, Mary, draper,44 Woodvale Road
Douglas, Mary, 34 Madrid Street
Douglas, Mary, dress maker, 102 Mountpottinger Road
Douglas, Miss, artist, 24 Garfield Chambers, 44 Royal Avenue
Douglas, Moses, fitter, 61 Enfield Street
Douglas, Mrs. Bessie, 31 Elgin Street
Douglas, Mrs., Holmwood, Kincora Avenue
Douglas, Mrs., 20 Elmwood Avenue
Douglas, Mrs., 411 Lisburn Road
Douglas, Mrs. M. E., 26 Kansas Avenue
Douglas, Neill, boiler maker, 44 Leitrim Street
Douglas, Richard, linen merchant, 38 Hopefield Avenue
Douglas, Robert, brick layer, 13 Belmont Avenue West
Douglas, Robert, salesman, 9 Chestnut Gardens
Douglas, Robt., clerk, 30 Castleton Gardens
Douglas, Robt., berthing master, 91 Templemore Street
Douglas, Robt., 8, 10 Dunbar Street
Douglas, Robt., brick layer, 13 Belmont Avenue West
Douglas, Robt., fitter, 40 Ogilvie Street
Douglas, R., 3 Glendouglas Terrace, Glen Road
Douglas, R., butcher, 292 Shankill Road and 22 Lawnbrook Avenue
Douglas, R., 23 Ravenhill Road
Douglas, Samuel, butcher, 222 Ravenhill Avenue
Douglas, Saml., machinist, 8 Gawn Street
Douglas, Saml., driller, 15 Kyle Street
Douglas, S., butcher, 397 Ormeau Road
Douglas, Thos., fitter, 97 Euston Street
Douglas, Thos., butcher, 15 York Street
Douglas, Thos. E., clerk, 15 Florenceville Avenue
Douglas, Wm., fitter, 88 Donegall Avenue
Douglas, Wm., tailor, 2 Oldpark Place
Douglas, Wm. A., clerk, 11 Legann Street
Douglas, Wm. J, carpenter, 65 Dunvegan Street
Douglas, W. C., commercial traveller, 501 Oldpark Road
Douglas, W. J., stained glass artist, 29 India Street
Douglas, W. O., store keeper, 25 Sandhurst Gardens
Douglas & Co., linen merchants, 47 Queen Street
Douglas & Green Ltd., manufacturers of linen and cambric handkerchiefs and embroidery, 22, 24 Donegall Street
Douie, Miss Elizabeth, principal Magdalene Infant School, 18 Fitzroy Avenue
Douie, Saml., linen lapper, 18 Rubicon, Fitzroy Avenue
Douie, S. J., agent, 44 Wellington Place
Douie, Wm. A., & Co., linen merchants, 9 Fisherwick Place
Douthart, Wm., boot and shoe maker, 197 Oldpark Road
Doulton Co. Ltd., potter manufacturers, Scottish Temperance Buildings, Donegall Square South
Doan, W. B., clerk, 2 Perry Street
Dove, Geo. T., china and glass merchant, 24 Newington Avenue
Dove, J. S., manager, 1 Sandhurst Drive
Dowdall, Agnes, confectioner, 22 Castlereagh Road
Dowdall, E. J., secretary Belfast Phi8lharmonic Society, 2 May Street
Dowdall, Henry, chemist, 38 Rosevale Street
Dowdall, Jas., insurance agent, 131 Manor Street
Dowdall, E. J., & Shaw, auditors and accountants, 2 May Street
Dowds, Ann, 32 Oakland Avenue
Dowds, Fred., stove inspector, Salem Cottage, Lisburn Road
Dowds, F., carpenter, 13 Malone Place
Dowds, John W., pattern maker, 3 Glenallen Street
Dowds, Mrs., 344 Berrsbridge Road Upper (Beersbridge)
Dowds, Mrs. Bridget, nurse, 46 Mount Street No.2
Dowds, M., electrician, 47 Derby Street
Dowds, Wm., Corporation official, 69 Great Northern Street
Dowds, Wm., polisher, 30 Ship Street
Dowds, W., carpenter, 95 Ulsterville Gardens
Dowey, Oliver, saddler, 133 McClure Street
Dowey, Robt., manager, 61 Brookvale Street
Dowey, R., mechanic, 59 Richardson Street
Dowey, Thos. H., sample maker, 118 Balfour Avenue
Dowey, Wm., joiner, 17 Adam Street
Dowie, David, rivetter, 43 Newcastle Street
Dowie, Edward, painter, 42 Esmond Street
Dowie, Jas., mechanic, 10 Carmel Street
Dowie, John, 64 Deramore Avenue
Dowie, Mrs., 8 Farnham Street
Dowie, Mrs., 11 Ratcliffe Street
Dowie, Mrs., 56 South Parade
Dowie, Saml. J., agent, 122 Dunluce Avenue
Dowie, Wm., painter, 163 Bellevue Street
Dowie, Wm. J., mechanic, 58 Carmel Street
Dowler, George, 15 Bloomfield Road
Dowling, Alex., engine driver, 7 Legann Street
Dowling, A., plumber, 81 Agincourt Avenue
Dowling, A., carpenter, 140 Cavendish Street
Dowling, David, lamp lighter, 127 Hunter Street
Dowling, Jas., carter, 80 Cheviot Avenue
Dowling, Jas., wood turner, Ashfield, Park Road
Dowling, John, foreman builder, 90 Cromwell Road
Dowling, John (of John Dowling & Son Ltd.), 25 College Gardens
Dowling, John, jun. (of John Dowling & Son Ltd.), 61 Eglantine Avenue
Dowling, J. H., House, Land & Insurance Agent, 82 Royal Avenue
Dowling, J., wood turner and sawmills, 33, 35 Raphael Street; res., 115 South Parade
Dowling, S., hackle setter, 14 Mountcashel Street
Dowling, Thomas, plumber, 51 Candahar Street
Dowling, Thos., 12 Wellington Park
Dowling, T., hackle maker, 33 Donnybrook Street
Dowling, William, Builder and Contractor, 106, 108 Cromwell Road; res., Rea-Anna, South Avenue, Marlborough Park
Dowling, Wm., 37 Fitzroy Avenue
Dowling, Wm. J., pawn broker, 2 St. Aubyn Terrace, Shore Road
Dowling, W., brass founder, 144 Roden Street
Dowling, W., Stramore, Osborne Park
Dowling & Co., clerical and ladies' tailors, 68 Royal Avenue
Dowling, John, & Sons Ltd., plumbers and gasfitters, 5 Queen Street Upper
Down and Connor Catholic Benefit Society, 12, 14 Crumlin Road and 39 Queen Street North - Secretary, P. J. Grant
Downer & Co., Agents and Representatives, 102 Donegall Street. Telephone No. Belfast 2430. Telegraphic Address, "Downer, Belfast." Res., W. H. N. Downer, Arlington House, Cavehill Road
Downes, Mrs. M., dress maker, 13 Rosemount Gardens
Downes, Miss N., 110 Antrim Road
Downes, Patrick, painter, 42 Merrion Street
Downes, P., 11 Cliftonville Avenue
Downes, Wm., baker, 59 Jaffa Street
Downey, Andrew, blacksmith, 107 McClure Street
Downey, Edmund, traveller, 51 Reid Street
Downey, Edward, railway guard, 42 Bankmore Street
Downey, F. W., 14 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Downey, Geo., insurance agent, 35 Avonbeg Street
Downey, Harriet, sub-postmistress, 210 Falls Road
Downey, John, clerk, 110 Rosebery Road
Downey, John, stone cutter, 51 Bentham Street
Downey, Jos., hair dresser, 57 Falls Road
Downey, J., Yenwood, Ravenhill Park
Downey, J., soldier, 7 Grace Street
Downey, J. H. W., clerk, 19 Dunluce Avenue
Downey, Margaret, 94 Bryson Street
Downey, Michael, shoe maker, 12 Ormond Street
Downey, Mrs., 100 Deramore Avenue
Downey, Mrs., 20 South Parade
Downey, Mrs. Marion L., 7 Rugby Street
Downey, P. J., clerk, 41 Euston Street
Downey, Richard, cabinet maker, 14, 16 Great Patrick Street; res., 4 Lincoln Avenue
Downey, Rose, provision store, 30 Falls Road
Downey, Wm., pawn broker, 30 Rockville Street
Downey, Wm., store keeper, 49 Duncairn Gardens
Downey, W. J., 46 Denmark Street
Downey & Co., boot and shoe manufacturers, 161 Victoria Street
Downey's House Furnishers, 78 York Street
Downham, A. F., piano and organ showrooms, 110, 112 North Street; res., 65 Lisburn Road
Downie, Alex., moulder, 57 Glenbrook Avenue
Downie, A., anglesmith, 8 Ebrington Gardens
Downing, Alex., moulder, 48 Kensington Avenue
Downing, Edward, hardware merchant and newsagent, 369 Ormeau Road
Downing, John, plater, 4 Victoria Avenue
Downing, Mrs., 46 South Parade
Downing, Mrs., teacher, 6 Whitehall Gardens
Downing, Saml., boot and shoe merchant, 347 Ormeau Road; res., 5 Ava Avenue
Downs, H. T., manager Royal Hippodrome, 10 Maryville Park
Downs, Mrs., 22 Atlantic Avenue
Dowse, Very Rev. W., M.A., Dean of Connor, incumbent St. Thomas' Parish Church; res., The Parsonage, Eglantine Avenue
Downshire, Marquis of, 24 Belgrave Square, London, S.W.
Dowswell, Chas. A., surveyor of Customs and Excise, 1 Kensington Villas, Bristol Avenue
Dowzard, Mrs. Susan, 132 Rugby Avenue
Doyle, Arthur, blacksmith, 58 Redcar Street
Doyle, Chas. J., green grocer, 126 Leeson Street
Doyle, James, 133 University Street
Doyle, Jas., painter, 58 Walmer Street
Doyle, Jas., confectioner, 144 Donegall Road
Doyle, Jas., baker, 38 Falls Road
Doyle, Jas., baker, 73 Abyssinia Street
Doyle, Jas., light keeper, 29 Charlotte Street
Doyle, John, grocer, 150 Ross Street
Doyle, John, confectioner, 10 Mill Avenue
Doyle, John, painter, 204 Nelson Street
Doyle, John, rent collector, 8 Byron Street
Doyle, Jos., compositor, 40 Churchill Street
Doyle, J., spirit grocer, 2 Milfort Street
Doyle, Mary, publican, 76, 78 Pound Street
Doyle, Matthew, R.I.C., 15 Eglinton Street
Doyle, Michael, 1 Glenalena Terrace, Falls Road
Doyle, Mrs., dress maker, 33 Queen Street North
Doyle, Mrs. E., 27 Templemore Avenue
Doyle, Miss Mary, 312 Ravenhill Road
Doyle, Patk., pensioner, 16 Rosevale Street
Doyle, P. W., traveller, 67 Lanark Street
Doyle, Richard, custodian Safe Deposit Ocean Buildings, 25 Inverary Drive
Doyle, Wm., hair dresser, 131 Durham Street
Doyle, W., traveller, 3 Pacific Avenue
Doyle, W. H., polisher, 6 Hurst Street
Draffin, Thos., iron turner, 9 Glenvale Street
Drage, Major G. T., chief recruiting officer, Belfast area, Beechdale, Parkmount Road
Drake, Francis, 41 Adelaide Avenue
Drain, F., tailor, 53 Nail Street
Drain, Henry, blacksmith, 27 Cluan Place
Drain, John, baker, 67 Craigmore Street
Drain, Mrs., confectioner, 344 Lisburn Road
Drain, Wm., french polisher, 120 Elm Street
Drean, Charles, yarn salesman, Graylawn, Kensington Road
Drean, Richard A., actuary, Belfast Savings Bank, 7 Rosetta Gardens, Rosetta Avenue
Dredge, Wm., manager, 34 Botanic Avenue
Dreebin, Louis, cargo supt., 27 Cliftonville Avenue
Dreen, Thos., pensioner, South Parade
Drennan, Chas., mechanic, 12 Battenberg Street
Drennan, Hugh, linen lapper, 73 Carmel Street
Drennan, H., mechanic, 300 Cupar Street
Drennan, Jas., salesman, 22 Madison Avenue
Drennan, John, assistant secretary, 6 Tate's Avenue
Drennan, John, engineer, 16 Artana Street
Drennan, Joseph H., traveller, 2 Ashleigh Villas, Charnwood Avenue
Drennan, J., book binder, 66 Oldpark Avenue
Drennan, J., house repairer, 43 Lepper Street
Drennan, Matilda, grocer, 327 Shankill Road
Drennan, Robt., 2 Ashville, Inver Avenue
Drennan, Saml., shoe maker, 138 Old Lodge Road
Drennan, Samuel, grocer, 233 York Street
Drennan, Wm., mechanic, 16 Artana Street
Drennan, Wm., Givenville, Rushfield Avenue
Dressler, S., house repairer, 35 Mountjoy Street
Drimmie, David, & Sons, Secretaries for English and Scottish Law Life Office, and National Guarantee and Suretyship Association Ltd.; District Agents for Phoenix Fire Office & Provident Clerks' Accident Co., 5 Lombard Street, and at 24 Nassau Street, Dublin - J. H. Percival, Resident Inspector
Dron, Wm., upholsterer, 8 Donegall Avenue
Drum, John, 36 Hawthorn Street
Drumgoole, John, clerk, 36 Seaforde Street
Drummond, C., cabinet maker, 42 Nevis Avenue
Drummond, John, rivetter, 55 Dee Street
Drummond, J., iron turner, 37 Mossvale Street
Drummond, Saml., blacksmith, 15 May Street Little
Drummond, Thos., traveller, 33 Tennent Street
Drummond, T. H., 7 Chichester Street
Drummond, Wm., sawyer, 2 Glencar Villas, Henderson Avenue
Drummond, W., engine driver, 58 Disraeli Street
Drury, Geo W., clerk, 17 Manor Street
Drury, Thos., joiner, 156 Larkfield Road
Drynan, Mrs., 1 Stanley Villas, Cliftonpark Avenue
Drysdale, David, 1a Beersbridge Road
Drysdale, Jas., fitter, 78 Ardenvohr Street
Drysdale, Rev. James (of Apostolic Church, Cromwell Road), 9 Ulsterville Avenue
Drysdale, Robert, secretary, Belfast Charity Organisation Society, also Belfast War Pensions Committee, 29 Wellington Place; res., 3 Wellington Park Avenue
Drysdale, Wm., manager, 106 Upper Newtownards Road
Drysdale, H., & Co., drapers, 126 Newtownards Road; res., 153 Templemore Avenue
Dsyon (Dyson), A., machinist, 90 Hyndford Street
Dub Tea Gardens, Malone Road (Irish Temperance League)
Dublin Advance Co. Ltd., 99 Donegall Street
Dublin & Cork Trade Protection Association, 160 North Street, and at 10 Lower Abbey Street, Dublin
Dubois, Hugh, brick layer, 127 My Lady's Road
Dubois, John, foreman, 62 Perth Street
Dubourdieu, Jas., foreman joiner, Board of Works, 86 University Avenue
Duddy, Jas. P., publican, 74 Cullingtree Road
Duddy, Mary A., spirit grocer, 50 York Road
Duddy, Mrs., Elgin Villas, 129 Limestone Road
Dudgen, Andrew, guard, 239 Donegall Road
Dudgeon, Allan H., St. John's Park, Knockbreda Road
Dudgeon, J. H., chemist and druggist, 83 Falls Road
Dudgeon, Mary Eliza, 5 Glantane Street
Dudgeon, Miss Susan, 13 Malone Avenue
Dudgeon, Mrs., Hesseville, Stranmillis Road
Dudgeon, S., commercial traveller, Glenada, Cranmore Park
Dudgeon, Wm., engineer, 60 Tate's Avenue
Dudley, J. S., wholesale porter, ale, wine and spirit merchant, 28 Great George's Street; res., Laurel Lodge, Victoria Road
Dudley, Mrs. Frances, 36 Deramore Avenue
Duff, A., clerk, 5 California Street Lower
Duff, Ernest, draper, 98 Deramore Avenue
Duff, George, iron turner, 10 Dunmoyle Street
Duff, Hugh, tailor, 13 Hillview Street
Duff, James, joiner, 70 Dee Street
Duff, James, confectioner, 99 Bright Street
Duff, Jas. A., The orchard, Knock Road
Duff, John, grocer, 164 Beersbridge Road
Duff, J. A., electric factor and merchant, 2 to 12 Tamar Street
Duff, Kennedy, 5 Holywood View Terrace, Shore Road
Duff, Mrs., 1 St. John's Avenue
Duff, Mrs., 32 Malone Avenue
Duff, Mrs. Mary A., 98 St. George's Street
Duff, Rev. Robert, of Mountpottinger Presbyterian Church, Belgravia, Kirkliston Drive
Duff, R. J., painter, 4 Norwood Street
Duff, S., provision merchant, 126 Ormeau Road
Duff, Thos., iron moulder, 16 Raleigh Street
Duff, Thos., grocer, 39 Glentoran Street
Duff, Wm., confectioner, 17 Hart Street
Duff, Wm., fitter, 18 Dover Street
Duff, Wm., painter, 14 Lisavon Street
Duff, Wm., fitter, 15 Percy Street
Duff, Wm., cloth passer, 15 Everton Street
Duff, Wm., painter, 3 Kyle Street
Duff, W. R., buyer, Dergna, Finaghy Park
Duff Bros., bakers and flour merchants, 32 to 42 Beresford Street
Duff, J., & Co., decorators, 177 Albertbridge Road
Duffell, F., teacher of music, 12 Cyprus Avenue
Duffey, Joseph, clerk, 39, 41 Frank Street
Duffield, Albert W., 73 Deramore Avenue
Duffield, Geo., Forthbrook Cottage, Ballygomartin Road
Duffield, Jas., bread server, Lynwood, Ardenlee Avenue
Duffield, Lavinia, 19 Castlereagh Place
Duffield, Major Jas., R.I.R., Alverton, Cliftonville Road
Duffield, Misses, Sunbeam, Windsor Park
Duffield, Thos., bread server, 145 Euston Street
Dufferin and Ava, The Dowager Marchioness of, Clandeboye, Helen's Bay, Co. Down
Dufferin and Ava, Marquis of, Clandeboye, Helen's Bay, Co. Down, and 75 Cadogan Square, London, S.W.
Duffin, Adam, J.P., Dunowen, Cliftonville Road
Duffin, Charles E., Dunowen, Cliftonville Road
Duffin, Capt. S. B., Danesfort, Malone Road
Duffin, C. H., managing director Ulster Spinning Co., Roseland House, Andersonstown
Duffin, E., body maker, 25 Donard Street
Duffin, Frank, Ltd., gentlemen's outfitters & shirt makers, 65 and 153 North Street, 144 Royal Avenue, 35 Ann Street, and 172 Newtownards Road; res., Rokeby, Deramore Park
Duffin, Henry, engineer, 91 Thistle Street
Duffin, H., caretaker, 17 Wellington Place
Duffin, Jas., confectioner, 84 Albertbridge Road
Duffin, John, stone cutter, 133 Walmer Street
Duffin, Mrs. Elizabeth, 1 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Duffin, M., Erin Villa, Norfolk Drive
Duffin, Patrick, draper, 151 Divis Street
Duffin, Patk., boot and clog maker, 141 Victoria Street; res., Beech Hill, Downshire Road
Duffin, Saml., builder and contractor, Manderson Street; res., 1 Cyprus Gardens
Duffin, Wm., gardener, 12 Belmont Avenue
Duffin, A., & Co., stock and share brokers, 9 Waring Street
Duffin & Acheson, result agents, 24 Kent Street Upper
Duffin, The Misses, Strandtown Lodge, Holywood Road
Duffy, Fras., boot maker, 76 Divis Street
Duffy, Francis, R.I.C., 14 Arlington Street
Duffy, Henry, publican, 13, 15 Arlington Street
Duffy, Henry, warehouseman, 9 Reid Street
Duffy, John, fish monger and poulterer, 93 and 119 Dublin Road
Duffy, John, traveller, 120 Cavendish Street
Duffy, Joseph, salesman, 71 Carlisle Street
Duffy, Josias, butcher, 42 Killowen Street
Duffy, Jos., merchant tailor, 79b Divis Street
Duffy, Mrs., Connsbrook, 125 Parkgate Avenue
Duffy, Mrs., 284 Newtownards Road Upper
Duffy, Mrs. E., 14 Sandhurst Gardens
Duffy, Patk., mechanic, 42 Distillery Street
Duffy, Patk., motorman, 154 Bray Street
Duffy, Peter, traveller, 3 Newington Avenue
Duffy, Robt., clerk, 14 Stranmillis Park
Duffy, Thos., engine driver, 410 Oldpark Road
Duffy, Valentine, electrician, 41 Elizabeth Street
Duffy, Wm., flax dresser, 63 Chatham Street
Duffy, W. J., hair dresser, 33 Great Victoria Street
Dugald, Archd., school teacher, 57 Rugby Road
Dugan, Hugh, gardener, 72 Hatfield Street
Dugan, Jos., plasterer, 27 Henrietta Street
Dugan, Robt., traveller, 19 Kerrsland Drive
Duggan, Chas., cabinet maker, 9 Glentilt Street
Duggan, John, plumber, 68 Rockview Street
Duggan, J., grocer, 62 Middlepath Street
Duggan, J. W., painter, 27 Fort Street
Duggan, Mrs., Sunnybank, Earlswood Road
Duggan, Mrs., 5 Cliftonville Avenue
Duggan, Mrs. M., draper, 152 Divis Street
Duggan, Patk., spirit grocer, 65, 67 Mackay Street
Duggan, Sarah, 33 Cooke Street
Duggan, Thos., engineer, 98 Mountcollyer Avenue
Duggan, W., fitter, 27 Mountcollyer Street
Duignan, M. J., bank official, 54 Ophir Gardens
Duke, D., clerk, 15 Arizona Street
Duke, F. J., cabinet maker, 44 Ardenvohr Street
Duke, John, boiler maker, 26 Derg Street
Duke, Rev. J. A., B.A., 75 South Parade
Duke, W. J., inspector, Mayview, Newtownards Road Upper
Duke of York Bar, 11, 13 Commercial Court - Mrs. Duggan, proprietor
Dumican, H., trunk maker, Beaumont, Salisbury Drive
Dumican, S., linen finisher, 27 Bellevue Street
Dumigan, Robt., boiler maker, 35 Medway Street
Dumphay, Patrick, 2 Tamery Street
Dunbar-Buller, C. W., D.L., Woburn, Donaghadee
Dunbar, Chas., foreman tenter, 57 Bray Street
Dunbar, Frank, dealer, 72 Denmark Street
Dunbar, Fras., wholesale dealer, 161 - 169 Smithfield Market
Dunbar, Hugh, clerk, 116 Blythe Street
Dunbar, James, grocer, 2 Rathmore Street
Dunbar, Jas., carpenter, 256 Donegall Road
Dunbar, Jas., tenter, Ballysillan Road
Dunbar, Jas., engineer, 45 Braemar Street
Dunbar, Joseph, mechanic, 4 Bisley Street
Dunbar, Jos., boiler maker, 59 Braemar Street
Dunbar, Mrs. Jane, 5 Rosemount Gardens
Dunbar, R., coach builder, 67 Donard Street
Dunbar, R., packer, 10 Distillery Street Little
Dunbar, Saml., baker, 110, 112 Louisa Street
Dunbar, S., shop assistant, 24 Emerald Street
Dunbar, William, joiner, 295 Albertbridge Road
Dunbar, Wm., bread server, Bethel Cottages, Victoria Avenue
Dunbar, Wm., engineer, 63 Harrybrook Street
Dunbar, W. J., R.I.C., 43 Roseleigh Street
Dunbar, McMaster & Co. Ltd., flax spinners, linen thread manufacturers and bleachers, 16 Bedford Street; works at Gilford
Duncairn Harrier Club, 2 Cavehill Bridge Houses, Cavehill Road
Duncairn Picture Theatre Ltd., Duncairn Gardens
Duncan, Alfred, cutter, 32 Jameson Street
Duncan, Arthur, moulder, 53 Glenwood Street
Duncan, A., sawyer, 36 Saunders Street
Duncan, A. F., french polisher, 18 Templemore Avenue
Duncan, Alex., brick layer, 40 Rathlin Street
Duncan, A., iron turner, 139 Beersbridge Road
Duncan, A., pattern maker, 23 Susan Street
Duncan, A. J., brass moulder, 15 Battenberg Street
Duncan, David, engineer, 24 Bathgate Drive
Duncan, E., rivetter, 21 Connsbrook Street
Duncan, Geo., shirt cutter, 57 Bendigo Street
Duncan, Geo., plater, 155 Alexandrapark Avenue
Duncan, G. A., agent, 2 College Street; res., 54 Lisburn Road
Duncan, James, tramway inspector, 275 Donegall Road
Duncan, James, bundler, 45 Lorton Street
Duncan, James, driller, 15 Bowness Street
Duncan, James, wholesale leather, boot and boot-top warehouseman, 80 King Street
Duncan, Jas., joiner, 14 Oldpark Back Row
Duncan, Jas., wholesale leather merchant, Lisnaweary, Malone Road
Duncan, John, manager, Rardagh, Somerton Road
Duncan, John, joiner, 5 Harrison Street
Duncan, John, Cecil Lodge, North Parade
Duncan, John, clerk, 4 Dromore Street
Duncan, Joseph, J.P., miller and flour merchant, 147 Cliftonpark Avenue
Duncan, J. & W. H., millers, 19 Garfield Street
Duncan, Miss L. D., Lerona Villa, Alliance Avenue
Duncan, Mrs., Princess Gardens School, 69, 71 University Street
Duncan, Mrs., 18 Stranmillis Park
Duncan, Mrs., Glencairn, Earlswood Road
Duncan, Nurse, 34 The Mount
Duncan, Patrick, clerk, 12 Cyprus Street
Duncan, Robt., flax dresser, 82 Canmore Street
Duncan, Robt., buyer, 42 Hatfield Street
Duncan, R., draper, 244 Springfield Road
Duncan, Samuel (of the Old Bushmills Distillery Co. Ltd.), Newry
Duncan, Thos., R.I.C., 17 Dover Street
Duncan, Thos., 593 Ormeau Road
Duncan, Travers K., Caledonia House, Caledonia Street
Duncan, Wm. John, motor inspector, 13 Willowfield Drive
Duncan, Wm., plumber, 238 Snugville Street
Duncan, Wm., coach painter, 13 Walbeck Street
Duncan, Wm., meal and flour merchant, 87 Malone Avenue
Duncan, Wm., engine fitter, 10 Glendower Street
Duncan, W., restaurant, 102 Peter's Hill
Duncan, W., embroidery designer, St. Ives, Cedar Avenue
Duncan, W., compositor, 38 Esmond Street
Duncan, Norman, & Co., apron & pinafore manufacturers, 124 Donegall Pass, 1 to 15 Mornington Street
Duncan, R. & D. A., Ltd., coal importers, 47 Queen's Square
Duncan & Co., manufacturers, 5 Bankmore Street
Dundas, Mrs. Sarah, 120 Castlereagh Street
Dundee, James, pharmaceutical chemist, 95 University Road; res., 6 Rugby Terrace, Rugby Road
Dundee, Mrs., Hillmount, Carnmoney
Dundee, Mrs., 2 Evelyn Villas, Somerton Road
Dungan, J. H., Customs officer, 24 Ireton Street
Dunham, J., doctor of osteopathy, 7 Shaftesbury Square
Dunleavey, W. J., yarn bundler, 94 Glenwood Street
Dunleath, Lord, Ballywalter Park
Dunlop, Alex., engineer, 82 Gainsborough Drive
Dunlop, A., engineer, 240 Grosvenor Road
Dunlop, Chas., fitter, 25 Glenallen Street
Dunlop, David, tailor, 96 Leopold Street
Dunlop, Rev. D. (of St. Luke's Church), Brookfield House, Bootle Street
Dunlop, Frank, postman, 13 Rockville Street
Dunlop, Harry, joiner, 6 Gotha Street
Dunlop, Henry H., Registrar Municipal Technical Institute, 54 Oakland Avenue
Dunlop, Hugh, bakery, 42 Albertbridge Road
Dunlop, H., joiner, 4 Pembroke Street
Dunlop, H. M., 105 Wellesley Avenue
Dunlop, H. M., fleshers' and bakers' specialties, 159 Victoria Street
Dunlop, James, merchant tailor and clothier, 115 Royal Avenue; res., Glenpark Villa, Knockbreda Road
Dunlop, James, farmer, Eno Villas, Falls Road
Dunlop, James, baker, 77 Greenore Street
Dunlop, Jas., plasterer, 53 Frankfort Street
Dunlop, Jas., tailor, 24 Kent Street Upper
Dunlop, Jas., joiner, 58 Mountcollyer Avenue
Dunlop, John, bleacher, 17 Havana Street
Dunlop, John, con. R.I.C., 20 Rochester Street
Dunlop, John, chemist, 30 Delaware Street
Dunlop, Jos., plasterer, 5 Sherwood Street
Dunlop, J. C., insurance agent, 20 Oakland Avenue
Dunlop, Lizzie, 110, 112 Sandy Row
Dunlop, Mrs., 8 Vicinage Park
Dunlop, Mrs. Annie, tea merchant, 160 Shankill Road, 106 Albertbridge Road, 32, 213 Antrim Road, 272 Crumlin Road, & 82 Falls Road; res., Ingleside, Cavehill Road
Dunlop, Mrs. Susan, 142 University Street
Dunlop, Mrs. E., Sunnymount, Malone Park
Dunlop, Mrs., Inveresk, Cregagh Park
Dunlop, Robert, assistant manager, 117 The Mount
Dunlop, Robert, salesman, 21 Canning Street
Dunlop, Robt., Chichester Park House, Chichester Park
Dunlop, Robert, basket maker, 40 Weir Street
Dunlop, Robt., District Inspector R.I.C., Agathona Villas, 76 North Road
Dunlop, R. A., builder, 14 Cyprus Gardens
Dunlop, Samuel, postman, 187 Dunluce Avenue
Dunlop, S., bookkeeper, 157 Templemore Avenue
Dunlop, S., clerk, 127 Rosebery Road
Dunlop, Thos., salesman, 7 Glenravel Street
Dunlop, Thos., dairy, 94 Falls Road
Dunlop, T., grocer, Forthbrook Villas, Ballygomartin Road
Dunlop, T. H. A., grain merchant, 1 Chichester Gardens, Antrim Road
Dunlop, Wm., iron turner, 175 Madrid Street
Dunlop, Wm., solicitor, 26 Bathgate Drive
Dunlop, Wm., Enid, Sandown Road
Dunlop, Wm. A., engineer, Verona, Shandon Park
Dunlop, W. E., salesman, Hillview, Deerpark Road
Dunlop, Wm. H., warehouseman, St. Clair, Oldpark Road
Dunlop, Wm. Jas., builder, 16 Ardgreenan Drive
Dunlop, Wm. R., solicitor, 4 Waring Street
Dunlop, Rev. W. J., B.A., rector of St. Stephen's Church, 13 Hughenden Avenue
Dunlop, W., leather cutter, 194 Manor Street
Dunlop, W. J., butcher, 79 Paris Street
Dunlop, W. J., 292 Springfield Road
Dunlop, W. S., foreman joiner, 89 Dunraven Avenue
Dunlop, Robert, & Sons, wholesale grocers, 33, 35 Edward Street; 186, 188 Nelson Street; and 10, 12 Exchange Street
Dunlop Rubber Co. Ltd., 58, 60 Arthur Street Upper
Dunlop & Co., cycle stores, 34 Gresham Street
Dunlop & Ross, Veterinary Surgeons, 14 and 16 May Street - Hospital for Sick Horses, 61 May Street
Dunmurry Linen Co., 5 College Street
Dun, R. G., & Co., Mercantile Agency, Kingscourt, Wellington Place
Dunn, Albert, supt., 39 Brookland Street
Dunn, Annie, dress maker, 56 Dover Street
Dunn, A., jeweller, 127 Rugby Avenue
Dunn, David, cooper, 92 Dee Street
Dunn, Elizabeth, draper, 14 Shankill Road
Dunn, F., grocer, 70 Divis Street
Dunn, George, rivetter, 2 Rookby Villas, Shore Road
Dunn, Geo., joiner, 26 Shamrock Street
Dunn, Geo., 3 Gainsborough Drive
Dunn, James, manager, 501 Falls Road
Dunn, James, painter, 46 Cawnpore Street
Dunn, Jas., coppersmith, 35 Finvoy Street
Dunn, Jas., moulder, 43 Medway Street
Dunn, Jas., agent, 15a Donegall Place
Dunn, John, agent and factor, 13 Park Avenue
Dunn, John, engineer, 21 McMaster Street
Dunn, John, cutter, 51 Cavendish Street
Dunn, John, linen lapper, 65 Donegall Avenue
Dunn, John, shoe maker, 19 Canton Street
Dunn, Joseph, R.I.C., 15 Yarrow Street
Dunn, J., 677 Lisburn Road
Dunn, J. D., traveller, 116 Newtownards Road Upper
Dunn, J. H., clerk, 33 Wellesley Avenue
Dunn, J. H., tailor and habit maker, 36 Wellington Place; res., 124 Newtownards Road Upper
Dunn, J. J., agent and factor, 22 Fountain Street
Dunn, Michael, ex-sergt. R.I.C., 40 Madrid Street
Dunn, Miss, 30 Lomond Avenue
Dunn, Miss A., 151 University Road
Dunn, Mrs., 25 Damascus Street
Dunn, Mrs., 2 Earl Street
Dunn, Mrs., 9 Charlotte Street
Dunn, Mrs. Elizabeth, Avonbloem, Ravenhill Park
Dunn, N., iron turner, 12 Kells Street
Dunn, Patrick, engineer, 165 Manor Street
Dunn, Robert, clerk, 366 Beersbridge Road Upper
Dunn, Robt., miller, 17 Gainsborough Drive
Dunn, Robt., The Hollies, North Road
Dunn, R., commission agent, 8 College Street
Dunn, R. J., linen lapper, 30 Colchester Street
Dunn, Saml., tenter, 16 Ship Street
Dunn, Thos., french polisher, 22 Pansy Street
Dunn, Thomas, boarding house, 32 to 38 Princes Street
Dunn, T., labourer, 13 Artigua Street (Antigua)
Dunn, Wm., commercial traveller, 28 Alexandrapark Avenue
Dunn, Wm., steward, 51 Stratheden Street
Dunn, Wm., mechanic, 25 Elswick Street
Dunn, Wm., warder, 14 Bedeque Street
Dunn, Wm. (of Millar, Boyd, & Reid), Kinnegar, Holywood
Dunn, W. A., M.D., 83 Ormeau Road
Dunn, E. S., & Co., Typewriting, Office and Typewriters' Supplies and School of Shorthand and Typewriting, 10 and 12 Ocean Buildings, Donegall Square East
Dunn, Johnston, & Co., wholesale warehousemen, 48 Fountain Street
Dunn, Robt., & Co., bedding manufacturers, 33a Academy Street
Dunn & Co., agents and property brokers, 133 Royal Avenue
Dunne, Duncan, 38 Woodvale Avenue
Dunne, Francis J., clerk, 42 Lothair Avenue
Dunne, Miss Mary, 47 Farnham Street
Dunne, Mrs., 109 Agincourt Avenue
Dunne, Patrick, brick layer, 21 Bosnia Street
Dunne, Peter, prison warder, 36 Summer Street
Dunseath, John, coach painter, 16 Mourne Street
Dunseath, J., bookkeeper, 18 Yarrow Street
Dunseath, Mrs., 26 Bisley Street
Dunseath, Mrs., Brooklands, Ashley Gardens
Dunseath, Samuel, fitter, 45 Charlotte Street
Dunseath & Sons, linen merchants, 19 James Street South
Dunseith, Henry, bookkeeper, 22 Bloomdale Street
Dunseith, Robt., tailor, 41 Ardoyne Street
Dunseith & Flack, merchant tailors, 38 Royal Avenue
Dunsire, Andrew, mill manager, 29 Bloomfield Road
Dunville, John, D.L., Redburn, Holywood, and 46 Portland Place, London
Dunville, Wm., tenter, 6 Charles Street South
Dunville & Co. Ltd., Distillers, Wine & Spirit Merchants, 25 to 39 Arthur Street; 16, 18 Calender Street; Royal Irish Distilleries, Distillery Street; Bonded and Duty-free Warehouses, Alfred Street, Adelaide Street and Franklin Street
Dunwoody, Fred., bread server, 95 Euston Street
Dunwoody, Hugh, bread server, 29 Glenallen Street
Dunwoody, John E., designer, Springville, Everton Drive
Dunwoody, Jonathan, 108 Utility Street
Dunwoody, J., painter, 180 Ormeau Road
Dunwoody, Martha, grocer, 301 Shankill Road
Dunwoody, Mrs., 13 Lincoln Avenue
Dunwoody, Robert, 92 Holywood Road
Dunwoody, Robt., linen lapper, 2 Clowney Street
Dunwoody, Robt., plumber, Glenwood Street
Dunwoody, R., auditor, 5 Halstein Drive
Dunwoody, Wm., stone cutter, 7 Thistle Street
Dunwoody, Wm. J., painter, 84 Lepper Street
Dunwoody, W. J., joiner, 13 Hatfield Street
Durand, A., Clareen, St. James' Park
Durham Street Weaving Co. Ltd., 7 Albert Street
Durkin, Jas., french polisher, 60 Tyrone Street
Durkin, Peter, R.I.C., 9 Bray Street
Durnan, Jas., baker, 3 Rockview Street Lower
Durnan, J. W., clothier, 4 Coronilla, Cavehill Road
Durling, E., manager, Sesame, Cregagh Road
Durward, David, manufacturer, 23 Stranmillis Gardens
Durwood, Wm., postman, 23 Rathcool Street
Duthie, David, cashier, 33 Oakland Avenue
Dwyer, Geo., hair dresser, 56 Meadowbank Place
Dwyer, Mary J., dealer, 78 Albert Street
Dwyer, Mrs., Belvedere, Ballylesson, Lisburn
Dwyer, Mrs., 27 Belmont Avenue West
Dwyer, Thos., mechanic, 23 Summer Street
Dwerryhouse, Arthur R., D.Sc., F.G.S. (Professor, Queen's University), St. Michans, Deramore Park South
Dyar, H., butcher, 50 Fitzwilliam Parade
Dyas, Mrs. J., 15 Ulsterville Gardens
Dyer, Geo., commission agent, 67 Grosvenor Road
Dyer, H., french polisher, 80 Roden Street
Dyer, Miss, 22 Alexandra Avenue
Dyer, Mrs. Maria, 99 Rugby Avenue
Dyer, Wm., linen finisher, 4 Grosvenor Street Little
Dyer, Wm., boiler maker, 33 McCandless Street
Dyermond, Geo., joiner, 25 Donegall Avenue
Dykes, Gavin, boiler maker, 114 Mountcollyer Avenue
Dysart, John, shoe maker, 12 Lawnmount Street
Dysart, Wm., rivetter, 91 McTier Street
Dysart, W. & P., auctioneers, 79 Smithfield
Dyson, A., machinist, 67 Greenville Road


Eacott, Geo., 152 Duncairn Gardens
Eagar, King & King, architects, 14 Royal Avenue
Eagar, W., chauffeur, 68 Carmel Street
Eager, John J., lithographer, Somerton, Ravenhill Park
Eager, Thos., H.M. Customs, 96 North Road
Eagle Mutual Building Society, 100 Royal Avenue - T. Patton, secretary
Eagle and British Dominions Insurance Co. Ltd., Kingscourt, Wellington Place - E. & H. Reid & Co., managers
Eagleson, A., cabinet maker, 58 Bendigo Street
Eagleson, Mrs., 24 Evelyn Gardens
Eagleson, Thos., grocer, 70 Northumberland Street
Eagleson, V., Eden Lodge, Carolan Road
Eakin, James, missionary, 138 Woodstock Road
Eakin, Mrs., 35 Crumlin Road
Eakins, W., 119 Alexandrapark Avenue
Eakins, W. H., R.I.C., 4 Larkstone Street
Eames, Wm., grocer, Anworth, Cliftonville Circus
Eames, Wm. Geo., grocer, 1, 3 Jennymount Terrace, York Road
Eardley, W. J., fruiterer, 210 Crumlin Road and 144 Sandy Row
Earl, John, bookkeeper, 5 Ballymoney Street
Earle, David, plasterer, 5 Pernau Street
Earle, Geo., painter, 15 Cheviot Avenue
Earls, John, mathematical teacher, Technical Institute, Earlsdale, Ravenhill Park
Early, Andrew, confectioner, 40 Snugville Street
Early, Henry, grocer, 122 Leeson Street
Early, John, joiner, 32 Alexandra Park Avenue
Early, John, flax dresser, 167 Springfield Road
Earwicker, Fred, assistant Admiralty overseer, 4 Ailsa Terrace, Holywood Road
Easdale, Alex., brick layer, 88 Madrid Street
Easdale, James, joiner, 36 Harcourt Street
Easdale, Wm., jun., agent, 3 Willowbank House, Falls Road
Easdale, Wm., Willowbank, Falls Road
Easiwash Collar Depot, 81 Donegall Street
Eason, J., signal manager Midland Railway (N.C.C.), 6 Mountcollyer Avenue
Eason, J., plumber, 21 Rosebery Street
Eason & Son, Ltd., Booksellers, Stationers, Newsagents, Wholesale and Retail, and Railway Advertising Agents and Subscription Library, 17 Donegall Street. Telephone No. 2136, Belfast
East Belfast Y.M.C.A., 183 Albertbridge Road - D. Black, hon. sec.; J. Mercer, caretaker
East End Wallpaper Co., 179 Albertbridge Road
Easton, John, joiner, 61 Glendower Street
Easton, P., plasterer, 107 St. Leonard's Street
Easton, R., bread server, 23 Yarrow Street
Easton, R. J., grocer, 134 Queen Street North
Easton, Saml., electrician, 38 Redcar Street
Easton, Wm., foreman, Fortwilliam back lodge, Fortwilliam Park
Easton, Wm. Jas., preparing master, 75 Bellevue Street
Eastwood, H., clerk, 12 Mayfair Street
Eastwood, John, dealer, 37 Bank Street
Eastwood, W. S., cabinet maker, 48 Woodcot Avenue
Eaton, H. E., manufacturers' agent, 133 Royal Avenue; res., 17 Jubilee Avenue, Antrim Road
Eaton, H. N., manufacturers' agent, 28 Queen Street
Eaton, Jas., draughtsman, 2 Ardgreenan Drive
Eaton, Saml., insurance agent, 179 Manor Street
Eaton, T., & Co. Ltd., 16 Donegall Square South
Eban, Philip, traveller, 92 Cliftonpark Avenue
Ebbitt, Wm., fruiterer, 143 Grosvenor Road
Eccentric Club, 32 Ann Street - A. McAleenan, secretary
Eccles, John, joiner, 147 Agnes Street
Eccles, Jas., miller, 24 Lisbon Street
Eccles, J. J., bank official, 21 University Avenue
Eccles, W. J., fitter, 74 Portallo Street
Eccleston, Henry, clerk, 46 Cherryville Street
Eccovilla, G., confectioner, 86a Donegall Street
Eckford, John, spinning master, 283 Ligoniel Road
Eckford, J., 22 Cyprus Gardens
Eclipse Tailoring Co., 128 Donegall Street
Economic Linen Store, 9 Globe Buildings, Donegall Square South
Eddy, J. D., pawn broker, 9 University Road
Edenderry Spinning Co. Ltd., flax and tow spinners, Crumlin Road - R. W. McDowell, manager
Edgar, Agnes, 15 Hatfield Street
Edgar, A. L., commission agent, 39 Castlereagh Place
Edgar, David, plumber, 94 Maryville Street
Edgar, Francis A., bread server, 92 Ravenhill Avenue
Edgar Home Laundry, Sunnyside Street - Miss Williams, matron
Edgar, Jacob, gardener, 2 Dunluce Avenue
Edgar, James, insurance agent, 26 Ethel Street
Edgar, Jas., blacksmith, 212 Donegall Avenue
Edgar, John, 7 College Park East
Edgar, John, plumber, 48 Braemar Street
Edgar, J., gardener, 71 Donnybrook Street
Edgar, J., harbour constable, 14 Thomas Street
Edgar, Maria, grocer, 317 Beersbridge Road
Edgar, Miss, 19 Malone Avenue
Edgar, Miss, 73 Newtownards Road Upper
Edgar, Miss, 2 Lincoln Avenue
Edgar, Mrs., 15 Cliftonville Avenue
Edgar, Mrs., 15 Castlereagh Street
Edgar, Mrs. E., 7 Lower Crescent
Edgar, Mrs. H., 9 Albion street
Edgar, R., joiner, 58 Brookmount Street
Edgar, R., fitter, 8 Wayland Street
Edgar, Samuel, engineer, 17 Cliftonville Street
Edgar, Saml., grocer, 175, 177 Crimea Street
Edgar, S., butcher, 89 Woodstock Road
Edgar, Thos., cabinet maker, 5 Concord Street
Edgar, Wm., joiner, 145 Argyle Street
Edgar, Wm., printer and stationer, 26 Shankill Road
Edgar, Wm., salesman, 43 Haypark Avenue
Edgar, W. H., boot store, 38, 40 Holywood Road
Edgar, Robert, & Co. Ltd., seed merchants, 16 to 26 Exchange Street
Edgey, Samuel, plumber, 31 Glenfarne Street Upper
Edinburgh Life Assurance Co., 16 High Street - A. D. Campbell, inspector; D. G. Dickson, agent
Edison Swan Electric Co. Ltd. - John Evans, District Superintendent - 3 Fountain Street. Telephone No. 649
Edmond, John, iron turner, 13 Bloomfield Road
Edmonds, John, 9 Greenville Road
Edmonds, S. Cyril, plater, 5 Brantwood Street
Edmonds, Wm., carpenter, 214 Roden Street
Edmondston, Dobson, jeweller, 9 Rutland Street
Edmondson, Frank, traveller, 3 Richmond Villas, Lisburn Road
Edmondson, W. J., caretaker Probate Court, Customhouse
Edmundson, Mrs. Charlotte, 20 Fitzroy Avenue
Edmundson, R., warehouseman, 13 Artana Street
Edmundson, Wm., Myrtle Terrace, Lisburn Road
Edmundson, W., picture framer, 25 Bridge Street
Educational Company of Ireland Ltd., school publishers, 54 Fountain Street - Manager, J. M. Thompson
Edward, H. H., Helenville, Bawnmore Road
Edwards, Alfred, The Laurels, 221 Belmont Road
Edwards, Andrew, clerk, 9 Rosebery Street
Edwards, Benjamin, engineer, Innismore, Lansdowne Road
Edwards, E., engineer commander, Shague, Balmoral Avenue
Edwards, Herbert, surveyor of tages, 54 Ulsterville Avenue
Edwards, James, 90 Divis Street
Edwards, Jas., machine man, 33 Lewis Street
Edwards, John, shoe maker, 181 Leopold Street
Edwards, John, pattern maker, 26 Rosevale Street
Edwards, Jos., R.I.C., 113 Madrid street
Edwards, Kendrick, civil engineer and architect and engineers' representative, Scottish Temperance Buildings, 16 Donegall Square South; res., The Leete, Hampton Park, Ormeau Road
Edwards, Capt. G. W., 1st R.I.R., 6 Rosemount Gardens
Edwards, Mrs., 29 Donore Street
Edwards, M., retired bank manager, 278 Antrim Road
Edwards, Richard, electrician, 27 Evelyn Avenue
Edwards, Robt., clerk, 46 Shaftesbury Avenue
Edwards, R. I., L.P.S.I., chemist, 13 Shaftesbury Square
Edwards, R. J., blacksmith, 15 Linfield Road
Edwards, Stewart, joiner, 11 Cavour Street
Edwards, Wesley, clerk, 2 Moorgate Street
Egan, John, cooper, 134, 135 Smithfield Market
Egan, Thos., grocer, 20 Beechmount Avenue
Egan, Thos., electrical engineer, 73 Plevna Street
Egan, Wm., cooper, 70 Durham Street
Egan, Wm., cooper, 162, 163 Smithfield Market
Eglantine Inn & Grocery Store, University Road
Eglinton and Winton Hotel, 83 High Street - Meade Brown, proprietor
Eiken, Owen, commission agent, 11 Rosemary Street
Ekin, John, commission agent, Clarnico, Ashley Gardens
Ekin, Thomas Y., cashier, 24 Cedar Avenue
Ekin & Prenter, agents, 26 Waring Street
Ekin, Robertson, & Peacock, seed merchants, 5, 7 Corporation Square
Ekins, John, grocer, 42 Lindsay Street
Ekins, D. J., time keeper, 28 Elswick Street
Elder, Jas., R.I.C., Lower Carr's Glen, Ballysillan Road
Elder, John, coppersmith, 15 Clonallon Street
Elder, Richard, moulder, 20 Sandy Row
Eldridge, F. A., traveller, 362 Ravenhill Road
Electric Construction Co. Ltd., Scottish Temperance Buildings, Donegall Square South - A. R. Munday, agent
Electric Contractors' Association, Incorporated (Ulster branch), 72 High Street
Electric Hemstitching Co., 23 Linenhall Street
Electric Public Saw Mills, 47 Lancaster Street
Electricians' Trades Union, 5 Rosemary Street
Elesmere, James, 9 Glenrosa Street
Elise, Madam, milliner, 31b Wellington Place
Elkes, Joseph H., & Co., The Swiss House (Wholesale and Retail), Importers of Swiss Embroideries, 169, 171 North Street
Elkin, Sarah, draper, 14 Albion Street
Ellams Duplicator Co. Ltd., 3 Bridge Street
Elliot, John, sample maker, 67 Surrey Street
Elliot, John, grocer, 53, 55 Donegall Road
Elliot, Robt., boot buyer, Rockvale, Henderson Avenue
Elliot, Wm., plasterer, 23 Ravensdale Street
Elliott, Alex., commercial traveller, Englewood, Marlborough Park, South Avenue
Elliott, Andw., storeman, 79 Portallo Street
Elliott, Archibald, confectioner, 28 Charleville Avenue
Elliott, A., brick layer, 16 Boyne Square
Elliott, B. G., checker, 36 Portallo Street
Elliott, Chris J., cashier, Leamore, Ravenhill Park
Elliott, Daniel, iron moulder, 43 Bray Street
Elliott, D., B.A., Ardroe, Cyprus Park
Elliott, D., box maker, 59 Lindsay Street
Elliott, D. W., medical hall, 4 Shaftesbury Square; res., 2 Fitzwilliam Street
Elliott, E. J., linen manufacturer, The Towers, Donegall Park Avenue
Elliott, Geo. L., L.D.S., 78 Dublin Road
Elliott, Geo., tailor, 64 Ann Street
Elliott, Geo., traveller, 41 Hopeton Street
Elliott, Geo., M.I.M.E., 255 Antrim Road
Elliott, Henry, moulder, 126 Henry Street
Elliott, Henry, tenter, 173 Ainsworth Avenue
Elliott, Henry, manufacturer, Everton Drive
Elliott, Hugh, clerk, 19 Mount Street (No. 1)
Elliott, Isabella, 9 Clonlee Drive
Elliott, James, R.I.C., 274 Cambrai Street
Elliott, James, hair dresser, 6 Bridge End; res., 288 Ormeau Road
Elliott, James J., school master, Ashley Cottage, Greencastle
Elliott, Jas., postman, 36 Locan Street
Elliott, Jas., cutter, 33 Windsor Road
Elliott, Jas., fitter, 1 Mount Street (No. 1)
Elliott, Jas., & Co. (New York), Coates' Buildings, Castle Street
Elliott, John, tailor, 64 Ann Street
Elliott, John, manager, Fernville, Ardenlee Parade
Elliott, John, gardener, 4 Dundela View
Elliott, John, builder, 249 Ravenhill Avenue
Elliott, John, boiler maker, 69 Cosgrave Street
Elliott, John, draper, 193 Grosvenor Road
Elliott, Joshua, draper, 185 Agnes Street
Elliott, Jos., warehouseman, 5 Maryville Terrace, Ballygomartin Road
Elliott, Miss E., 241 Cregagh Street
Elliott, Miss I., manageress of Belfast Shorthand Institute, 64 Royal Avenue
Elliott, Miss M., 15 Camberwell Terrace
Elliott, Mrs., 29 Ilchester Street
Elliott, Mrs., confectioner and tobacconist, 255 Antrim Road
Elliott, Mrs., wardrobe dealer, 192, 194 Crumlin Road
Elliott, Mrs., 11 Dargle Street
Elliott, Mrs., 15 Ashley Avenue
Elliott, Mrs., St. Amant Villas, Belmont Church Road
Elliott, Mrs. Mary, 159 University Road
Elliott, Rev. John, 37 Hillside Terrace, Ligoniel Road
Elliott, Richard, preparing master, 57 Beit Street
Elliott, Robt., fitter, 90 Rosevale Street
Elliott, R., stationer, 229 Newtownards Road
Elliott, R., draper, 105 Oldpark Road
Elliott, R., plasterer, 86 Woodvale Avenue
Elliott, Samuel, draper, 24 Vicinage Park
Elliott, Samuel, engine driver, 34 Pansy Street
Elliott, Saml., engineer, 64 Carmel Street
Elliott, Thos., flax dresser, 82 Cambrai Street
Elliott, Thos., baker, 32 Jerusalem Street
Elliott, Thos., manager, 23 Ethel Street
Eliott, Thos., secretary, Tremona, Knockdene Park
Elliott, Thos., seaman, 41 Cable Street
Elliott, Thos., manager, 76 Cliftonpark Avenue
Elliott, Thos., joiner, 35 Lendrick Street
Elliott, Thos., painter, 60 Lisburn Avenue
Elliott, T. F., draper, 44 Deramore Avenue
Elliott, T. J. (of Johns, Elliott, & Johns, solicitors), 41 Cedar Avenue
Elliott, T. R., commercial traveller, 3 Mount Easton, Cliftonville Road
Elliott, Wm., joiner, 4 Upper Meadow Street
Elliott, Wm., sergt. R.I.C., 20 Lisburn Road
Elliott, Wm., flax dresser, 8 Dargle Street
Elliott, Wm., park foreman, Alexandra Park Lodge
Elliott, Wm., plumber, 48 Glencollyer Street
Elliott, Wm. J., ex-R.I.C., 10 Hatton Drive
Elliott, E. J., & Co., Linen and Handkerchief Manufacturers, 29 Bedford Street
Elliott, E. & M., milliners, 41 Donegall Place
Elliott, Thompson, & Blair, wholesale druggists, drysalters, and general merchants, 12, 14 Corporation Street
Elliott & Co. (Edinburgh), Ltd., Dental Depot, 2 Dublin Road. Telephone No. 3252. Telegraphic Address, "Molar, Belfast"
Ellis, Alex., clerk, 178 Duncairn Gardens
Ellis, B., baker, 18 Collingwood Avenue
Ellis, David, mechanic, 65 Portallo Street
Ellis, Daniel, flax merchant, Clementine, Rosetta Park
Ellis, Fred., manager, 94 Malone Avenue
Ellis, F. J., Excise officer, 465 Falls Road
Ellis, Henry, harbour constable, 5 Willowfield Drive
Ellis, H., printer, 68 Greenore Street
Ellis, Isaac, fitter, 47 Southport Street
Ellis, James, baker, 69 Jerusalem Street
Ellis, James, tailor, 42 Southport Street
Ellis, James, manufacturer, 10 Sussex Place
Ellis, James, publican, 198 & 202 Conway Street
Ellis, Jas., traveller, 122 Stranmillis Road
Ellis, John, clerk, 15 Edenderry Terrace, Tennent Street
Ellis, John, clerk, Verdun, Crumlin Road
Ellis, Jos., traveller, 6 Stranmillis Park
Ellis, Matthew, watch maker, 7 Havelock Street
Ellis, Miss, school teacher, 70 Henry Street
Ellis, Miss, 14 Marsden Gardens
Ellis, Miss F., 69 Fitzroy Avenue
Ellis, Miss Mary, 120 Madrid Street
Ellis, Mrs. C. B., 8 India Street
Ellis, O., brush maker, 7 Richmond Street
Ellis, Robt., compositor, 123 University Avenue
Ellis, Saml., packer, 23 Majorca Street
Ellis, T., bread server, 43 Cumberland Street
Ellis, Walter, engineer, 100 Madrid Street
Ellis, Walter, publican, 43 to 47 Annette Street
Ellis, Walter, dairyman, Ashville, Connsbrook Avenue
Ellis, Wm. Jas., linen lapper, 54 Israel Street
Ellis, Wm., plumber, 35 Grace Avenue
Ellis, Wm., clerk, 29 Bread Street East
Ellis, W., hardware assistant, Glenimaal, Everton Drive (Glenimal)
Ellis & Co., wholesale fancy goods and earthenware merchants, 165a North Street
Ellison, Annie, 2 Beechfield Street
Ellison, James, saddler, 202 Ravenhill Road
Ellison, James I., poor-rate collector, Mount Oriel, Newtownbreda
Ellison, John, grocer, 3 Toronto Street
Ellison, J., foreman painter, Creevyville, Wingrove Gardens
Ellison, Mrs., 216 Duncairn Gardens
Ellison, Robert, grocer, 48 McClure Street
Ellison, Robert, farmer, 112 Tildarg Street
Ellison, Rev. J. H., minister Moravian Church (Oldpark), Carnathan, Kelvin Parade
Ellison, R., grocer, 65 McClure Street
Ellison, R. J., electric wireman, 24 Leitrim Street
Ellison, Thos., hair dresser, 118a Albertbridge Road and 247 Albertbridge Road
Ellison, Wm., winding master, 34 Willowfield Gardens
Ellison, Wm., painter, 38 Warkworth Street
Ellison, Wm., boiler maker, 14 Ainsworth Street
Ellison Bros., manufacturers, 8 Maxwell Street
Ellison, Jas., & Son, saddle and harness makers, 141 Victoria Street and 428 Newtownards Road
Elmott, Frank, gardener, 94 Blythe Street
Elm, Thos., agent for W. & H. M. Goulding Ltd., 231 Belmont Road
Elmore, James, fish merchant, 11 Bloomfield Avenue
Elnor, Fred, piano tuner, 18 Bradford Street
Elphick, Robt., sergt.-major, 143 Dunluce Avenue
Elsmere, Margaret, 3 Glenrosa Street
Elston, H. G. (of Gibson & Co. Ltd.), Maitlands, Waterloo Gardens
Elwood, Alexr., iron moulder, 13 Balmoral Street
Elwood, Arthur, bread server, 224 Ravenhill Avenue
Elwood, Barnes F., F.R.C.S., Edin., 13 University Square
Elwood, Fred. W., 235 Springfield Road
Elwood, Herbt., surgeon dentist, 62 Dublin Road
Elwood, James, brick layer, 22 Elimgrove Street
Elwood, Jas., driller, 14 Hart Street
Elwood, John, publican, 233, 235 Newtownards Road Upper
Elwood, Miss, Ferguson's Glen Dairy, Crumlin Road
Elwood, Mrs. Sarah, costumier and milliner, 50 Dublin Road
Elwood, Richard, cutter, 17 Thorndyke Street
Elwood, Robt., shipping clerk, 10 Elimgrove Terrace, Cliftonville Road
Elwood, Robt., joiner, 25 Hopeton Street
Elwood, Robt., butcher, 43 Lindsay Street
Elwood, Thos., joiner, 1 Larkstone Street
Elwood, Walter, L.D.S., dentist, 64 Dublin Road and Ardtara, 32 Adelaide Park
Elwood, Wm., grocer, 338 Beersbridge Road Upper
Elwood, W. H., L.D.S., dentist, 64 Dublin Road
Elwood, W. H., jun., L.D.S., dentist, 64 Dublin Road
Emberson, John, carrier's manager, Glenavon, Connsbrook Avenue
Emerson, A., yarn dresser, 4 Egeria Street
Emerson, Edwd., J.P., Enderley, Knock Road
Emerson, Jas., painter, 45 Paxton Street
Emerson, John, foreman, 2 Egeria Street
Emerson, Joseph, carpenter, 109 Chadolly Street
Emerson, J., tailor, 11 Diamond Street
Emerson, J., gardener, 19 Willowfield Street
Emerson, Marshall, 59 Cedar Avenue
Emerson, Miss, 27 Ulsterville Avenue
Emerson, Mrs., 86 Stranmillis Road
Emerson, Saml., R.I.C., 10 Landseer Street
Emerson, Thos., clerk, 33 Balfour Avenue
Emerson, T. Geo., dairyman, 3, 5 Lovett Street
Emerson, W. J., moulder, 16 Redcar Street
Emerson, W. G., joiner, 3 Brassey Street
Emerson, E., & Co., commission merchants & agents for Bryant & May Ltd., 22 Victoria Street
Emery, F. W., F.R.C.V.S., Kileenan, Waterloo Gardens
Emmett, Herbert, ticket checker, 7 Dunlewey Street
Emmings, Mrs. Rose, 11 Stranview Street
Emmott, Chas., dentist, 239 Mountpottinger Road
Empire Furnishing Co., cabinet makers, upholsterers, and bedding manufacturers, 83, 87, 89 York Street
Empire Hotel, 164 York Street
Empire Loan Co. Ltd., 79a Victoria Street
Empire Manufacturing Co. (blouses and overalls), 16 Linenhall Street
Empire Typewriter Co. Ltd., 92 Scottish Provident Buildings, Donegall Square West. 'Phone No. 1914
Encell, James, painter, 61 Battenberg Street
Encell, W., painter, 240 Old Lodge Road
Enfield Dairy Co., 1 Oldpark Road, 173a York Street, 6 Ann Street, and 2 Cliftonpark Avenue
England, Mrs. Mary, 16 Penrose Street
England, Mrs., 27 Hatfield Street
Englander, Henry, hardware merchant, 196 Old Lodge Road
Englander, J., traveller, 15 Carlisle Street
English, Allen, rivetter, 22 Castleton Avenue
English, A., insurance inspector, 83 Deramore Avenue
English, Caruth, clerk, 32 Elaine Street
English, Geo. Jas., 36 Susan Street
English, Ernest, clerk, 16 Wyndham Street
English, Isabella, 18 Glandore Gardens
English, Jos., commercial traveller, 63 Tate's Avenue
English, Margaret, 57 Adam Street
English, Miss E., 11 Atlantic Avenue
English, Mrs. Annie, 303 Ormeau Road
English, M., publican, 40 Great George's Street
English, R., overseer G.P.O., 28 Rugby Road
English, Thomas, car inspector's office, Townhall Street
English, Thos., dairyman, 343 Antrim Road and 187, 189a North Queen Street
English, Wm. John, manager, 92 Oldpark Road
English, W. J., pawn broker, 198 Shankill Road
Enlander, Borah, traveller, 18 Bedeque Street
Ennis, Neill, sawyer, 2 Copperfield Street
Eno, J., 22 Avonbeg Street
Enright, Wm., Monagea, Ravenhill Park
Enterprise Mutual Collecting Society, Ulster Chambers, Waring Street - J. Drennan, secretary
Entrican, Mrs., 33 Botanic Avenue
Entrican, Robt. A., commercial traveller, Eileen Gardens, 4 Windsor Park
Entwistle, Jas., clerk, 15 Atlantic Avenue
Entwistle, John, hackle setter, 83 Riga Street
Entwistle, Maggie, grocer, 143 Leopold Street
Entwistle, Thos., painter, 11 Singleton Street
Enwright, J., carpenter, 44 Arizona Street
Enwright, W. F., & Co., Wholesale Spirit, Provision Merchants, and Cork Importers, 7 Skipper Street. 'Phone 3849
Eogan, Thos., fitter, 73 Plevna Street
Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U.S.A., 6 Castle Place - W. R. C. Johnson, manager for North of Ireland
Eraut, Sydney, H.M. district inspector of factories, 11, 13 Marsh's Buildings, Donegall Street
Erickson, Henry, 45 Botanic Avenue
Erickson, Mrs., & Miss Bill, nurses' home, 118, 120 Antrim Road
Erickson, Mrs., 75 University Avenue
Erskine, Alex. (of Brookhill Academy), 3 Chichester Terrace, Antrim Road
Erskine, C., grocer, 31, 33 Lawther Street
Erskine, David, fitter, 8 Harrisburg Street
Erskine, F., cutter, 78 Donegall Avenue
Erskine, Garrett, Beechville, Knockbreda Park
Erskine, Hugh, rivetter, 149 Castlereagh Road
Erskine, James, bread server, 7 Derg Street
Erskine, Jas., iron turner, 5 Venice Street
Erskine, Jas., gardener, 84 Dundela Street
Erskine, Jos. R., 54 Atlantic Avenue
Erskine, John, agent, 45 Waring Street
Erskine, J., J.P. (of Northern Counties Asphalte Co.), Longwood, Whitehouse
Erskine, Miss, 42 Botanic Avenue
Erskine, Mrs., 33 Haypark Avenue
Erskine, Mrs. E. J., 111 Cavehill Road
Erskine, Mrs. Jane, Clifton Lodge, Cliftonville Road
Erskine, Pakenham, Brookville, Whiteabbey
Erskine, R. J., M.D., 2 Templemore Avenue
Erskine, R. M., Donnybrook, Holywood
Erskine, S. C. B., Mossaphir, Holywood
Erskine, Thos., 8a Cedar Avenue
Erskine, William, carpenter, 26 Canning Street Upper
Erskine, W., joiner, 13 Glenmore Street
Erskine & Sons Limited, brush, basket, and portmanteau manufacturers, 33 Ann Street and 32, 34 North Street
Ervin, W. K., traveller, The Cedars, Ravenhill Park
Ervine, David, clerk, 26 Grampian Avenue
Ervine, James, traveller, Glynfern, Cregagh Road
Ervine, Joseph, commercial traveller, 127 University Avenue
Ervine, Margaret, 77 Oldpark Road
Ervine, Robt., musical instrument repairer, Fairfield, Ardenlee Parade
Ervine, Robt., commission agent, Moylena, Cregagh Road
Ervine, S. J., butcher, 337 Shankill Road
Ervine, Thos., grocer, 82 Shankill Road
Ervine, T., linesman, 12 Blackwood Street
Ervine, Wm. J., gymnastic instructor, 2 Magdala Street
Ervine, Wm., groom, 19 Ainsworth Street
Ervine, Wm., joiner, 9 Cuba Street
Erwin, Hugh, carpenter, 11 Syringa Street
Erwin, John, gardener, 8 Beechpark Street
Erwin, Jno., checker, 100 Donegall Pass
Erwin, Margaret, 61 Ormeau Road
Erwin, Miss M. E., 43 Kansas Avenue
Esdale, Albert, provision merchant, 23 Delaware Street
Esdale, David, bread server, 27 Delhi Street
Esdale, Hugh, brick layer, 13 Pilot Street
Esdale, Mrs., 37 Sandhurst Gardens
Esler, Annie, 30 Klondyke Street
Esler, A., grocer, 28 Ravenhill Road
Esler, A., Laurelbank, 16 Westland Gardens
Esler, Jas., quay inspector, 167 Meadow Street Upper
Esler, Mary, dress maker, 5 Cregagh Road
Esler, Mary Ann, 120 My lady's Road
Esler, Miss, draper, 11 Agnes Street
Esler, Mrs., 20 Florida Street
Esler, Mrs. M., 12 Harcourt Street
Esler, Patrick, insurance agent, 44 Earlscourt Street
Esler, Robt., bread server, Flushville, Ardenlee Avenue
Esler, Thos., missionary, Erin, Ardenlee Avenue
Esler Bros., tobacconists and hairdressers, 25 Antrim Road
Espie, Mrs., 421 Lisburn Road
Esplin, Jas., fitter, 33 Grace Avenue
Essex & Suffolk Equitable Insurance Society Ltd., 13 Ocean Buildings, Donegall Square East - J. M. Peate, branch manager
Esson, Robt., paper maker, 29 Clifton Crescent
Eston, Robt., teacher, 219 Belmont Road
Eston, Samuel, gardener, 1 Ranfurly Drive
Evans, Chas., traveller, Roseneath, Lisburn Road
Evans, Chas., Osborne Terrace, Lisburn Road
Evans, David, clerk, 16 Arizona Drive
Evans, E. H., dentist, 75 Lisburn Road
Evans, Geo., R.I.C., 60 Harrybrook Street
Evans, Herbert, clerk, 56 Hardcastle Street
Evans, Hugh, cabinet maker, 61 Ogilvie Street
Evans, Isaac, blacksmith, 17, 19 Keyland's Place
Evans, James, carpenter, 92 Redcar Street
Evans, Jane, 119 Manor Street
Evans, Jas., linen lapper, 28 Egeria Street
Evans, Jas. W., boiler maker, 45 Euston Street
Evans, John, manager, Lisara, Cliftonville Circus
Evans, John, 19 Evelyn Avenue
Evans, John J., traveller, Southville, Hawthornden Road
Evans, J., builder, 2 Laxton Villas, Windermere Gardens
Evans, J. C., music teacher, 8 Cameron Street
Evans, L., grocer and baker, 47 Court Street
Evans, Mrs., 11 Castlereagh Place
Evans, Mrs., principal St. John's Parochial School, Cromac Street
Evans, Mrs. Agnes, confectioner, 2 Lismore Street
Evans, Mrs. J., Fruithill Park, Andersonstown
Evans, Patrick, butcher, 38 Newtownards Road
Evans, Patk., carpenter, 16 Coates Street
Evans, Thos. E., 35 Cedar Avenue
Evans, Wm., wholesale confectioner, 61 Belmont Church Road
Evans, Wm., glass cutter, 13 McClure Street
Evans, Wm., 50 Argyle Street
Evans. W. E., draughtsman, Dinorwig, Martinez Avenue
Evans, W. G., time keeper, 74 Cheviot Avenue
Evans, W., & Co., confectioners, 216 Newtownards Road
Evans & Barr Ltd., City Organ Works, 6, 8 Coolmore Street
Evans & Rogers, Shipowners and Colliery Proprietors, 19 Queen's Quay and 69 Victoria Street
Evans & Son, Aerated Water Manufacturers, 14, 16 and 22 Great George's Street
Everest, Mrs., manageress Avenue Hotel, Royal Avenue
Everett, T., hair dresser, 118 York Street
Eves, Chas. W. (of Munster, Simms, & Co.), Innisfallen, Holywood
Eves, J. V., Thalassa, Bangor
Eves, W. J., draughtsman, Alexandra Villas, Lisburn Road
Evett, Wm., fruiterer, 143 Grosvenor Road
Ewart, A. T., merchant tailor, 15a Donegall Place
Ewart, Cecil F. K. (of Wm. Ewart & Son, Ltd.), Derryvolgie, Lisburn
Ewart, C. Gordon, Schomberg, Belmont Road
Ewart, Fred. W. (of Wm. Ewart & Son, Ltd.), Derryvolgie, Lisburn
Ewart, Herbert G., J.P., of Wm. Ewart & Son, Ltd., Firmount, Antrim Road
Ewart, John, warder, 234 Old Lodge Road
Ewart, John, butcher, 81 Beersbridge Road and 161 Bloomfield Avenue
Ewart, John, motor trimmer, 19 Dromara Street
Ewart, Mrs., grocer, 159 Ligoniel Road
Ewart, Mrs., 2 Sandford Avenue
Ewart, Robt. H., Glenmachan, Strandtown
Ewart, Saml., iron moulder, 12 Frank Street
Ewart, Sam, butcher, 4 Crystal Street
Ewart, Thomas, gardener, 10 Cassidy Terrace
Ewart, Sir W. Q., Bart, D.L., J.P., Glenmachan House, Strandtown
Ewart, William, & Son, Ltd., flax and hemp spinners, linen manufacturers, and bleachers. Spinning Mils - The Crumlin Road Mills, Belfast; the Mountain Mill, Ligoniel. Weaving factories - The Crumlin Road Weaving Factories; Linen and yarn, bleaching and dye works- Glenbank, Ballysillan. Head offices - 7 to 17 Bedford Street
Ewing, Alfred, fitter, 40 Willowfield Gardens
Ewing, F. A., foreman, 1 Slieve Donard, Ballygomartin Road
Ewing, Geo., provision merchant, 73 Manor Street
Ewing, Geo., shipwright, 25 Charles Street South
Ewing, James, farmer, Fernvale House, Knockbreda Road
Ewing, James Peters, Carrickgorm, Helen's Bay
Ewing, James, iron moulder, 259 Donegall Road
Ewing, John, M.D., surgeon, 102 Holywood Road
Ewing, J., tea merchant, 23 Eblana Street
Ewing, Mrs., 227 Mountpottinger Road
Ewing, Mrs. R., 105 Madrid Street
Ewing, Peter, engineer, 244 Ravenhill Avenue
Ewing, Robt., grain merchant, Hampton Villa, Kincora Avenue
Ewing, R., shop assistant, 58 Perth Street
Ewing, R. W., Stratharran, Ashgrove Park
Ewing, Saml., builder, Lisoen, Kingsmere Avenue
Ewing, Thos., fitter, 15 Hatton Drive
Ewing, Thos., farmer, Glenvale, Knockbreda Road
Ewing, Thos., fireman, 28 Beverley Street
Ewing, Thos., boiler maker, 11 Greenville Road
Ewing, T. W., brass founder, 53 Stratheden Street
Ewing, Wm., Highfernly, Holywood
Ewing, Wm., baker, 47 Percy Street
Ewing, W., sexton, 2 Beverley Street
Ewing, W. A., fish monger, 126 Shankill Road
Ewing, Wm. H., clerk, 34 Templemore Avenue
Ewing, W. J., builder, Maycroft, Kelvin Parade
Ewing, W. T., insurance agent, 38 Brookhill Avenue
Ewing, R., Ltd., grain and flour merchants, 12 Castle Arcade, and 14, 16 Castle Market; stores at Rathbone Street
Ewing, Samuel, & Sons, builders, 1 Mountview Buildings, Oldpark Road
Ewing, The Misses, dress & mantle makers, Rowellan, Manor Drive
Ewing, Son, & Co. Ltd., Linen Merchants, 15 Donegall Square South, Bleaching, Dyeing, and Finishing Works, Lisnafillan, Ballymena
Ewings, Geo., moulder, 57 Beechfield Street
Ewins, Joseph, postman, 53 Fallswater Street
Express Dairy (Adam Armstrong Ltd.), 192 Newtownards Road, 265 Antrim Road, 133 Sandy Row, and 160 Manor Street
Express Motor Co., Charabanc Proprietors, Carriers, and Automobile Engineers, 49 May Street
Eyles, F. W., draughtsman, 31 Glenbrook Avenue
Eyre, R., milliner, 224 Crumlin Road
Eyre, Miss, stationer and sub-postmistress, 185 Shankill Road
Eyre, Miss, 48 Kansas Avenue