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1861 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Borough of Belfast
Part 1

Part 2

Parliamentary Representatives

Sir Hugh McCalmont Cairns, Q.C., 79 Eaton Place, London, S W.
Samuel Gibson Getty, Esq., Belfast

The Municipal Act came into operation on the 1st of November 1842

Mayors from 1842 to 1860

George Dunbar, Esq.,                                                    1842/3
John Clarke, Esq.,                                                           1844
Andrew Mulholland, Esq.,                                               1845
John Kane, Esq. (deceased)                                         1846
John Harrison, Esq. (deceased)                                    1847
Geo. Suffern, Esq. (deceased)                                      1848
Sir Wm. G. Johnson, Kt.                                                  1849
Jas. Stirling, Esq. (deceased)   ....................................................1850/1
S. G. Fenton, Esq.,    ......................................................................1852
Wm. McGee, Esq., MD.,   ..............................................................1853
Frederick Harry Lewis, Esq.,    ......................................................1854
Captain Thomas Verner    ..............................................................1855
Samuel Gibson Getty, Esq.,   ...................................................1856-7-8
Wm. Ewart, jun., Esq.,    .............................................................1859-60

Mayor for 1861 - Edward Coey, Esq.

Aldermen and Town Councillors for 1861

Dock Ward

James Carlisle, Donegall Street.
George Coates, York Street.


Wm. John Johnston, Ann Street.
Wm. Cowan Heron, Albert Square.
William Bell, York Street.
James Baxter Ferguson, Unity Street.
Alexander McLaine, Corporation Street.
Wm. H. Malcolm, Donegall Quay.

Smithfield Ward

John Lytle, North Street.
John Preston, Donegall Square West.


John Workman, Bedford Street.
James Cochran, Castle Place.
Samuel Gibson Getty, MP., JP., Donegall Square South.
Alexander Dickson, Castle Place.
John Charters, Falls Road.
Robert Patterson, High Street.

St. Anne's Ward

William Mullan, Victoria Street.
William Ewart, jun., Donegall Place.


Robert Thomas McGeagh, Castle Place.
John Hamill, Trench House, Falls.
David Taylor, Bridge Street.
Theobald Bushell, JP., Rosemary Street.
Samuel Boyd, Donegall Street.
Robert Roddy, Donegall Street.

St. George's Ward

Edward Coey, JP., Gamble Street.
Thomas Sinclair, JP., Tomb Street.


John Getty McGee, High Street.
Isaac James Murphy, Glengall Place.
Robert Boag, High Street.
Samuel Black, Castle Place.
Henry Jones McCance, Donegall Square North.
William Bottomley, Calender Street.

Cromac Ward

Charles Lanyon, Wellington Place.                                                             William Dunville, Calender Street.


Archibald Kirker, Cromac Street.                                                                Conway B. Grimshaw, Waring Street.
Adam Duffin, Windsor.                                                                                  Robert Lindsay, Victoria Street.
Victor Coates, Lagan and Prince's Dock Foundries.                                Robert Atkinson, Hill Street.

Corporate Officers

Town Clerk - James Guthrie; offices, Town Hall; Deputy do., Alexander McMaster.
Town Solicitor - Samuel Bruce; offices, Donegall Place.
Treasurer - John Thomson (Belfast Bank).
Surveyor of Works - William Hastings; offices, Town Hall; Assistant Surveyor, William Brown.
Assessors for the Borough - John Workman and George Phillips.
Auditors - John R. Musgrave, 59 High Street; John Coleman, 53 York Street.
Ward Assessors - Dock Ward - Richard Nicholl, 9 Albert Square, merchant; James Bradford, 41 Dock Street, merchant. St. Anne's Ward - Daniel R. Brannigan, 43 North Street, merchant; Samuel Tierney, 9 Elliott's Court, merchant. Smithfield Ward - David Brown, 35 Castle Place, merchant; Patk. Griffith, 35 Smithfield, merchant. St. George's Ward - Hugh Hamilton, 37 Ann Street, merchant; James Shaw, 31 Ann Street, merchant. Cromac Ward - Thomas H. Brown, Chichester Street, merchant; George Clotworthy, 38 Tomb Street, merchant.
Superintendent of Police and Fire Brigade - Captain E. M. Shaw.
Accountant and Cashier - James Rea; Assistant do., John Kerr.
Clerk of the Markets - James Spratt; office, Castle Lane.
Chief Constables - Thomas Green and James McKittrick.
Sergeants-at-mace - J. Crawford and William Arbuckle.

The Committees of Town Council of Belfast for the year 1861

Committee on Police Affairs - David Taylor, chairman; James Carlisle, John Hamill, Theobald Bushell, Robert Atkinson, James Cochrane, Robert T. McGeagh, Robert Boag, William Bell, William Bottomley, David Taylor, William John Johnston, Samuel Black, William C. Heron.
 - This committee meets every Thursday at Twelve o'clock in the Town Hall, Police Buildings.
Town Improvement Committee - William Mullan, chairman; Wm. Dunville, James Carlisle, John Preston, William Mullan, Robt. Patterson, Alexander Mclaine, William Ewart, jun., Robert Lindsay, William Bell, Charles Lanyon, John Hamill, William Bottomley, Robert Boag, John Lytle, Victor Coates - This Committee meets only when specially summoned.
Market Committee - James B. Ferguson, chairman; Robert Lindsay, Archibald Kirker, John Charters, John G. McGee, W. H. Malcolm, Geo. Coates, Alex. Dickson, Samuel Boyd, James Cochran, Robert Patterson, James B. Ferguson, John Hamill, Henry J. McCance - This Committee meets every Saturday as Eleven o'clock at the Town Hall.
Finance Committee - Robert Lindsay, chairman; William Ewart, jun., John Lytle, R. T. McGeagh, John Charters, William Mullan, Robert Roddy, William Bottomley, William Dunville, David Taylor, Isaac J. Murphy, R. Atkinson, C. B. Grimshaw, Victor Coates - Thos Committee meets in the Town Hall every alternate Monday at Twelve o'clock.
Audit Committee - John Preston, chairman; Wm. Dunville, J. G. McGee, W. C. Heron, James Cochran, W. J. Johnston, Samuel Black, Robert Roddy, Henry J. McCance, John Workman, Alexander Dickson, Samuel Boyd - This Committee meets in the Town Hall every Monday at Eleven o'clock.
In addition to these Committees are the following:- The Appeal; The Bye-Law; The General Purposes; Law and Grand Jury; and Revision.

Public Officers etc.

Coroner - J. K. Jackson, 21 Donegall Place.
High Constable for Upper Half Barony of Belfast - Robert T. Goddard; office, Queen Street.
Church Wardens - Adam Dickey, 91 Donegall Street; and Robert Taylor, 3 Castle Lane.
Public Weigh Houses - Smithfield, Great George's Street and May's Market.



Incorporated in 1785, by the Act 25th George lll., cap. 64, for the improvement of the port and harbour; meet at the Harbour Office, Corporation Square every first and third Tuesday at 12 o'clock.

Honorary Members

The Marquis of Donegall, President; the Rev. Lord Edward Chichester; the Mayor of Belfast.


Vacate the first Thursday in February 1862 - Messrs. Robert Patterson, Robert Henderson, John Workman, James Hamilton and Robt. Corry.
Vacate the first Thursday in February 1863 - Messrs. John Clarke (chairman), E. Coey, J. Carlisle, J. Macaulay and W. J. Young.
Vacate in February 1864 - Messrs. Samuel G. Getty, MP., Thomas Sinclair, Jonathan Cordukes, Samuel McCausland and Robert Boyd.


William Thompson, secretary; Wm. E. Young, cashier; Henry McCord, O'Connell Shaw, Henry Fleming, Henry J. Hill, Edward Cobain and A. Cochran, clerks; Wm. Hartley, examining accountant; Captain White, pilot and harbour master; Alexander Craig, Alexander O'Neill, George Montgomery and Hugh Rankin, deputy harbour master; Samuel Irvine, John McCutcheon and Henry McClean, pilot masters; Samuel Shaw, clerk of delivery; John Campbell and Samuel D. Barrett, clerks of Prince's Dock; George Smith, engineer; Richard Allen, clerk to engineer; James Thompson, general foreman; Walker and Burgess, consulting engineers, London; James Torrens, solicitor; Edward H. Clarke, treasurer.

Agents for Lloyd's, Sinclair & Boyd, Donegall Quay.


Office, 36 Waring Street

First established in 1783 and remodelled in 1848 for the advancement of commerce and manufacturers in Belfast and it's neighbourhood, the protection of the trading interests of the community and the arbitration of commercial matters in dispute.

President - John Hind
Vice-Presidents - Thomas Sinclair and Wm. Ewart, jun.

Retire in 1862

John Preston
Thomas Sinclair
George Ash
* Philip Johnston
Thomas McClure

Retire in 1863

James Hamilton
Wm. Ewart, jun.
James Macaulay
Robert Boyd
John Hunter, jun.
* John Herdman

Retire in 1864

Charles Duffin
James Heron
Edwd. H. Clarke
J. Richardson
R. S. Lepper
* James Bristow

Retire in 1865

John Mulholland
Wm. Dunville
William Coates
J. Isaac Weinberg
Robt. Henderson

Treasurer, Edward Coey. + Secretary, Samuel Vance.
* Ex-officio members of Council, being Presidents 1858-59-60.
+ Ex-officio member of Council, from being Treasurer.
Office, 19 Rosemary Street

Established by Act of Parliament, in the year 1840, to supply the Town of Belfast with water. The new water works are situated near the Antrim Road; the old, a short way Southward of the Botanic Road. The Commissioners sit every Thursday, for the dispatch of business, at 10 o'clock, at the Board Room.

Thomas Gaffikin.
George Phillips
Thomas Gray
Robert Greer

R. F. Dill, MD.
R. T. McGeagh
John Lindsay
R. M. Carson
William Addison
James Cameron

James Thompson, Engineer; William Stewart, Secretary and Clerk; Hugh Andrews, Inspector; Edward Henderson, Assistant Inspector; J. Henderson and James Coates, Collectors.

Head Office, Donegall Street - Capital, 500,000

Formed in 1827 by the merging of two private banks, It's capital is 500,000, in 5,000 shares of 100 each, all of which have been issued. 125,00 was paid in three calls, making 25 per share paid up. There was a bonus of 10,000 declared in 1830, 10,000 in 1834, 5,000 in 1847, 5,000 in 1850, 5,000 in 1851, 2,500 in 1852, 5,000 in 1853, 10,000 in 1854, 10,000 in 1856 and 10,000 in 1857. The fixed issue of the bank is 281,611. The notes are payable at the place of issue. Interest is allowed on deposits for a term of three months. The rates of annual dividend to the shareholders have been - Five per cent, from 1st August 1827, till 1st  February 1835. Six per cent from 1st February 1835, till 1st February 1836. Seven percent from 1st February 1836, till 1st February 1846. Eight per cent from 1st February 1846, till 1st August 1854. Twelve per cent from 1st August 1854, till 1st February 1861.

John Thompson, Esq.                    Thomas G. Batt, Esq.                  E. H. Clarke, Esq.
Robert Trotter, Esq., General Manager.
Thomas Wann, Esq., Assistant Manager.


Robert Batt                              James Carlisle       
Andrew Mulholland                  W. S. Mitchell         
James G. Bell.                         Andrew Kirk            


Thomas Kidd
R. G. Wallace
J. Hardy
Andrew McMath
James McFarland
Thomas A. Vesey
W. C. Joyce
R. O. Blackader
H. M. Pentland
Massy H. Morphy
Alexander Williams
Thomas Patterson
William Haslett
W. J. Mines
J. Walker & Sons
William Reid
Charles McCausland
James McFarland, jun.
W. Parr
Thomas Moody
George Kinkead
William Smith
William L. Victor


Dublin, Bank of Ireland
London, H. & J. Johnston & Co., and Glyn & Co.
Liverpool, Bank of Liverpool
Manchester, Manchester and Liverpool District Bank
Birmingham, Birmingham Banking Company
Leeds, W. Williams, Brown & Co.
Sheffield, Sheffield Banking Co.
Edinburgh, Glasgow &c., Commercial Bank of Scotland & Branches
Bristol, Sir W. Miles, Bart & Co.,
Whitehaven, Whitehaven Joint Stock Bank
Preston, Pedder, Fleetwood & Co.,
Workington, Cockermouth, Maryport, Wigton, Carlisle, Penrith, The Cumberland Union Bank
Newcastle-on-Tyne, Woods & Co.

Head Office, Waring Street.
Capital, 1,000,000 in 100,000 Shares of 10 each; 25 per cent. paid up.

Commenced business in July 1836. It's capital is 100,000, in 100,000 shares of 10 each, on which 184,000 has been paid up. The fixed issue is 311,079. Interest is paid on deposits. The dividend to the shareholders is 9 per cent. per annum. The new Head Office on Waring Street, which was completes and opened for business in 1860, is a model of architectural taste and elegance. It is after a competitive design by an eminent Glasgow architect. The contractors for the work were Messrs. D. & J. Fulton, of Belfast, and the stone carving, which is at once elaborate and beautiful, was executed by Messrs. T. & W., Fitzpatrick, of Wellington Place. The front elevation, which is of commanding height, is of the composite style, and nobly classic in it's effect. The leading features are two series of graceful columns, in pairs, the lower forming the portico, which is approached by a flight of steps - the exquisite dressings of the windows, the keystones to the architraves being heads from the antique - the entablatures, friezes and a massive cornice, surmounted by a group of three symbolic figures, that in the center in an upright attitude and the supporters recumbent, the whole having the form and appearance of a pediment - and the finely chiselled vases, or amphorae, which are disposed along the top range of the building. The material used in the facade is Scotch freestone, of the most approved quality and colour. The cash and discount office, and the other arrangements of the interior of the Bank, are magnificent in design, and in execution are not surpassed by those of any similar edifice in Ireland.

Robert Grimshaw, James Heron and J. W. S. McCance, Esqs.

W. J. C. Allen, Faunoran (Chairman)
Joseph Bigger, Belfast
Robert Roddy, Belfast
Alexander Dickey, Belfast
William Gellis, Markethill
Robert S. Lepper, Belfast
George Stuart, Carrickfergus.

Thomas Ringland, General Manager; William Thompson, Secretary; James Wallace, Cashier.


S. F. Black
A. J. Mulligan
Thomas Montgomery
William Hogg
Wm. Carrothers
R. P. McKee
James Wann
Robert Stark
William Jamieson
Wm. Dugan
William Davis
Samuel Clarke
John Jackson
Thomas Pentland
William Brown
Robert G. Warren
James Meeke
James D. Mitchell


Dublin, Royal Bank of Ireland
London, Prescott, Grote & Co., and London & Westminster Bank & National Provincial Bank of England & Branches.
Liverpool, Bank of Liverpool, Barried & Co., North & South Wales Bank & Branches.
Bolton, Hardcastle, Cross & Co.
Bradford, Bradford Banking Co.
Whitehaven and Wigton, Bank of Whitehaven.
Halifax, Joint stock Banking co.
Huddersfield and Dewsbury, Huddersfield Banking Company.
Hull, Hull Banking Company & Branches.
Nottingham, Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Banking Company & Branches.
Leicester, Pare's Leicestershire Banking Co. & Branches.
Birmingham, Lloyd's & Co.
Manchester and Knutsford, Union Bank of Manchester, Manchester and Liverpool District Bank & Branches.
Newcastle-on-Tyne, W. H. Lambton & Co., & Branches.
Leeds, Leeds Banking Company.
Sheffield and Rotherham, Sheffield Banking Company.
Rochdale, Blackburn, Stockport &c., Manchester and Liverpool District Bank.
Bristol, Baillie, Baillie & Co.
Glasgow, Clydesdale Banking Co. & Branches, and City of Glasgow Bank & Branches
Edinburgh, National Bank of Scotland & Branches.
Carlisle, Carlisle and Cumberland Bank & Branches.
Preston, Roskell, Arrowsmith & Co.

22 Donegall Place
Agent, Edward Geoghegan, Esq. Sub-agent, R. S. Craig, Esq. Cashier, Henry K. Reid. Notary, G. W. Braddell.

Originally established in 1783, with a capital of 600,000, enlarged at various times, and on the renewal of the charter in1821, was increased to 3,000,000, of which 1,615,384 was lent to Government at 4 per cent. and 1,015,384 at 5 per cent. - total 2,630,769. The yearly dividends of the bank have been at no less than 5 1/2 per cent., except in 1983-4 (huh?), when they were 5, and in 1792-3, 2 5/8. From 1800 to 1814, they were 7, 7 1/4, and 7 1/2; and from 1814 to 1829, 10 per cent., excepting two years; and since 1829 the rates have been 9, 8 1/2 and 8 per cent. Besides these dividends, the proprietors at different times since 1793, have received bonuses amounting to 665,000 Irish. The increasing business of this Bank in Belfast, having rendered additional accommodation necessary, a new suit of offices, on an enlarged scale, and in a handsome though not ornate style of architecture was erected in 1860, from a design by the architect for the Bank of Ireland. The site does not admit of the building occupying a detached position; but the front, which is of polished granite, and highly appropriate in conception, forms a very attractive feature in one of the most improving localities in Belfast.


Thomas Dobbin, agent
Michael E. Murphy
T. C. Hone
John Craig
Oliver N. Birnie
J. T. Macky
Robert Roberts
Wm. Edmundson
J. C. McDowell
William Fraser
William Wolseley
Richard Culley
W. F. Kennedy
New Ross
Francis Horner, agent
John McConkey
R. Williamson
William Allen
James Duncan
Edward T. Gardener
Chas. K. Magrath
Frederick B. Dearing
Richard Hore
Robert McIlree
H. D'Olier Grant
Isaac Barnes


The Bank of Ireland & Branches
The Bank of England & Branches
The Royal Bank of Scotland & Branches
The British Linen Company & Branches
The Bank of Scotland & Branches
National Provincial Bank of England
Manchester and Liverpool District Bank
Preston Banking Company
The West of England & South Wales District Bank
Whitehaven Joint Stock Bank
Williams & Co., Bankers
Bangor, Carnarvon & Chester

LONDON AGENTS - Bank of England and Coutts & Co. Also draws on the English, Scottish and Australian Bank, Sydney and Melbourne; and the Union Bank of Australia, and it's several Branches in Australia and New Zealand.

42 Old Broad Street, London - Capital Two Million.
Belfast Branch, 36 Donegall Street.

Established in 1825, and is managed by a board in London, assisted in the transactions at the branches by a local manager, and one or more directors of ten shares or upwards. The paid-up capital of the Bank is 540,000, and it's fixed issue is 927,667.

Local Director - Samuel Thompson, Esq. Manager - William Davis, Esq. Accountant - Charles Griffith. Notary - A. Hill.



James Bowman
William Hay
St. John Purcell
John H. Lawlor
T. T. Stubbs
James Johnston
H. O'Callaghan
M. Mitchell
Jas. M. Melville
Wm. Anderson
Wm. Sibbald
Wm. N. Rowan
William Leslie
Richard Purcell
Wm. Emerson
John Patchell
Edward Day Rae
B. Flynn
George Stewart
James Menzies


James McCleery
William Freeman
Andrew McKean
George Hickson
William Franklin
David Webster
Frederick Abrahall
Philip O'Donnell
James Morton
Wm. McCullough
J. F. Alexander
John Quain
John Wm. Clerke
Richard Gordon
James Crosbie
Chas. C. Fitzgerald
Thomas Stewart
Richard Harris
Samuel Johnston
Chas. Ross Munro

Dublin Branch - Robert Murray, Chief Officer; Alexander Thomson Macfarlane, Sub-Agent
Correspondents on whom the Bank draws - Spooner, Attwoods & Co., London; and all the leading towns in England and Scotland.


Instituted January 1816, for the receipt and accumulation of the savings of the industrious classes. Deposits are taken so low as 1s.(one shilling) at a time, and not more than 30 in one year from any depositor; nor can any account be allowed to exceed 150 in all, exclusive of interest.    Thomas M. Tripp, Resident Manager; James Neill, clerk.
Abstract of Balance, as per annual statement, furnished to the Commissioners for the Reduction of the National Debt., Nov 20 1860:-

Dr.     Balances due to 6,491 Depositors   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   159,871    2    7
          Reserved Fund towards payment of Expenses ...   ...             248  10    7
                                                                                                      160,119   11   2
Cr.     Lodged with the Commissioners for Reduction of
          National Debt, as per their acknowledgement in
          the hands of the Treasurer, Jas. Bristow Esq.,
          Northern Bank   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ... 158,900     9    1
      Balance of Cash in Treasurer's hands   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...        1,419     4    1
                                                                                                      160,119   13    2

Edmund Creeth and Michael S. Andrews, Esqs., Managers.
James Bristow, Esq., Treasurer; John Borthwick, Esq., J.P., Sec.
I have extracted the 6,491 balances, as above, from the ledgers of this Bank, and hereby certify the same to be correct in every respect.
William Hartley, Auditor.
The account with the Commissioners for the Reduction of the National Debt, from which the above statement is made, may be seen by any depositor, and any further information obtained, by applying at the Savings' Bank, King Street, on any Tuesday or Friday, between the hours of Ten and Three o'clock.

Capital, 1,000,000

The railway runs from Belfast to Portadown, Armagh and Monaghan. The original Act of Incorporation was passed on the 19th May 1836; a further Act was obtained on the 21st July 1845, for the extension from Portadown to Armagh; and on the 15th June 1855, a further Act was obtained for the extension of the railway from Armagh to Monaghan. The share capital consists of 12,000 shares of 50 each, paid-up, and 6,000 shares of 25 each, on which 20 are paid-up. The amount authorised to be raised on shares is 750,000, and on loan the sum of 250,000.    Total length of the railway at present open, 52 miles.  The Company also work the Portadown and Dungannon line of railway, which runs between those two towns, the distance being 13 1/2 miles. They subscribed a sum of 20,000 to that undertaking, under the authority of an Act of Parliament, passed in 1856.     By the 22nd and 23rd Vic., cap. 41 (1st August 1859), the Company obtained power to extend their line to Clones, 12 1/2 miles, and to raise further capital, consisting of 225,000, in ordinary shares (of which 40,000 may be subscribed to the Portadown, Dungannon and Omagh line), and loans 50,000.     By the 22nd and 23rd Vic., cap. 51 (1st August 1859), the Ulster Company is authorised to subscribe 30,000 to the joint undertaking of the Clones and Cavan Extension; the Dublin and Drogheda and the Dublin and Belfast Junction each, subscribing 20,000, and the Dundalk and Enniskillen Company, the remainder.    By the 23rd Vic., cap. 6 (3rd April 1860), the Company are empowered to subscribe 25,000 towards the completion of the Banbridge, Lisburn and Belfast line, at the guaranteed rate of 4 per cent. interest; and are empowered to take a lease of that line for 21 years.

Chairman - Wm. Coates, Esq., Glentoran, Belfast.
Deputy Chairman - W. J. C. Allen, Esq., Faunoran, Belfast.

R. H. Dolling, Esq., The Manor House, Kilrea.
Jas. Gray, Esq., Woodbank, Belfast.
J. W. Greer, Esq., Woodville, Lurgan.
Wm. Gregg, Esq., Derryvolgie, Lisburn.
S. K. Mulholland, Esq., Eglantine, Hillsborough.
Samuel Murland, Esq., Woodlawn, Castlewellan.
G. Pim, Esq., Cabinteely, Dublin.
Robert Riddell, Esq., Armagh.
Wm. Thompson, Esq., M.D., Lisburn.
Francis Watson, Esq., Lakeview, Lurgan.

Opened 11th April 1851
Capital, in Shares and Loans, 513,333

Act of incorporation passed 21st July 1845. Share capital authorised 385,000, and loans 128,333 - together, 513,333.  The length of the line authorised by the Act is 37 3/4 miles, of which 33 form the main line from Belfast to Ballymena, in the County of Antrim, 2 3/4 miles the Carrickfergus, and 2 miles the Randalstown branch; the entire being opened for traffic with a single line of rails on the 11th April 1848.  Extension Act passed in  1853 to make a line (27 3/4 miles) from Randalstown to Cookstown. Opened for traffic on 10th November 1856.   Capital authorised 200,000 in shares; 40,000 loans. Total 240,000. Power also given to raise 25,000 for the purpose of the original undertaking from Belfast to Ballymena. Total capital of the Company is now 778,333.  165,333 borrowed on debentures.  Belfast and Ballymena Railway Act, 1860, authorising a change of name to Belfast and Northern Counties Railway Company, and empowering the Company to raise an additional amount of capital to the extent of 70,000 and for other purposes.   The Company having been empowered by Act of Parliament to purchase the Ballymena and Portrush line, and the junction with the Londonderry and Coleraine line, the purchase has been completed, and the line is now worked by them. The Company are authorised to subscribe a sum not exceeding 20,000 towards the formation of the Carrickfergus and Larne Railway, now in progress.

Chairman - Hon. George Esq., Handcock.
Deputy Chairman - Robert Grimshaw, Esq., Longwood.

Lord Massereene, Antrim.
T. Gregg, Esq., Ballymenoch, Holywood.
John Young, Esq., Galgorm Castle, Ballymena.
John Herdman, Esq., Belfast.
G. J. Clarke, Esq., Steeple, Antrim.
Edmund McNeill, Esq., Ballycastle.
John Thomson, Esq., Longwood.
George Gray, Esq., Graymount.
Thomas Verner, Esq., Lilliput.
Benjamin Clements Adair, Esq., Leighinmohr.
William Valentine, Esq., Belfast.
Godfrey Lyle, Esq., Cookstown.
Richardson Brady, Esq., Oaklands, Cookstown.

Solicitors - Messrs. Davison & Torrens, Belfast.   Engineer - Charles Lanyon, C.E.    Secretary - Charles Stewart.    Traffic Manager - Edward J. Cotton.      Bankers - Bank of Ireland.     Office - York Road, York Street.

Office, Queen's Quay, at the Station.

Act of incorporation passed 26th June 1846. Capital authorised - shares (10,000 of 50 each, the whole of which has been called), 500,000; loans 166,666 - Total 666,666.    The branch form Belfast to Holywood, 4 miles and 35 chains, was opened on the 2nd August 1848; and the main line to Newtownards, 12 1/2 miles, on the 6th May 1850, to Downpatrick (18 3/4 miles), with a branch to Ballynahinch ( 3 1/2 miles), opened 28th March 1859, and from Newtownards to Donaghadee, now nearly completed.

Chairman - W. R. Anketell, Esq., Ballynahinch.
Deputy Chairman - Guy Stone, Esq., Barnhill, Comber.

Jas. Cleland, Esq., Downpatrick.
Robert Gray, Esq., Belfast.
James Ireland, Esq., Clifden.
Wm. Sharman Crawford, jun., Esq., Crawfordsburn.
Wm. Valentine, Esq., Northern Bank, Belfast.
Wm. Nevin Wallace, Esq., Downpatrick.

Secretary - Thomas Ward, Belfast.   Consulting Engineer - Sir John MacNeill, Mount Pleasant, Dundalk.   Resident Engineer - W. H. Coddington.   Traffic Manager - Thomas Carlisle, Belfast.   Bankers - The Northern Banking Company, Belfast; The Bank of Ireland, Dublin; Glyn & Co., London.


Attendance every day, Sunday and the following holidays excepted:- The birth-day of the King and Queen, for the time being; Christmas Day; Good Friday and any general fast.  The gross produce of the Customs duties in 1838 was 315,774; in 1843 332,980; for the year ending October 1848 335,074 9s. 10d.; for the year ending 10th October 1849 345,532 4s. 1d.; for the year ending 10th October 1850 348,033 16s.; for the year ending 10th October 1851 368,922 19s. 3d.; for the year ending 10th October 1853 401,924 19s. 9d.; for the year ending 31st March 1856 379,433; for the year ending 31st March 1857 353,831; for the year ending 31st March 1858 364,447; for the year ending 31st March 1859 383,041; for the year ending 31st December 1860 373,409.

John Shelly, Collector.
H. J. McCracken, 1st Clerk
D. Currie   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
James Moore   ...   ...  ...   ...   ...   ...
D. Miller   ...  ...   ...   ...   ...   ...  ...   ..
A. Jennings   ...  ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   .
James Campbell   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
W. Dawson   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...  .
David Hamilton   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   
James Campbell   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
George Hazard   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...  
Wm. Watt, Landing Surveyor

*    }   Clerks
Edward Browne, Registrar.
Wm. T. Tripp   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   .
Adam Hill   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   
Henry Briggs   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...
Wm. Donaldson, Superintendent of Lockers &c.
Robert Joynt   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ..
R. Campbell   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ..
Robert Welsh   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...  
Danl. Sheriff, Principal Coast Officer &c., at Larne Creek

*    } Landing Waiters

*    } Tide Surveyors

Commander W. H. Jones, R.N., Inspecting Commander, Carrickfergus.
Commander S. G. Douglas, R.N., Inspecting Commander, Donaghadee.

Collector, Samuel Cathcart;   1st Clerk (vacant);   Thomas Rhodes, 2nd Clerk;   Wm. E. Shearman, 3rd Clerk.

John Farquharson, supervisor, Belfast, 1st District.
Supervisor, Belfast 2nd District, (vacant).
Robt. Braithwaite, supervisor, Comber District.
W. R. Calvert, supervisor, Ballyclare District.
J. Crowe,         1st warehouse keeper.
R. Hamilton,    2nd      do.
(vacant)           3rd       do.
Joshua Fox,    4th       do. 
Thos. Jacobs, export and packing officer.
Charles Belas,                    do.
Michael McCann, officer, Belfast, 1st Division.
John McKibbin,        do.        do.    2nd   do.

James H. Nash, officer,  Belfast,   3rd Division
Wm. Gillan,              do.   Comber  1st
Wm. Lewis,             do.       do.                  do.
Chas. McCann,       do.       do.       2nd    do.
Thos. L. Watters,     do.       do.                 do.
______________Lisburn Ride
Edmund Lovell, Hillsborough Ride.
James Gibson, Ballyclare Ride.
Thos. Cockburn, Larne Ride.
John Lilburn, Antrim, 1st Ride
Geo. H. Harris,  do.   2nd   do.

Wm. J. Saunderson, John Burrows, Oliver Sproule, David Hastings and John Fisher.

Samuel Cathcart, Receiver.             Francis Tarleston, Inspector         J. Savage, Surveyor.


The Belfast Union is partly in the County of Antrim and partly in the County of Down; it contains as area of 47,702 statute acres, and a population of about 175,000.   There are 12 Electoral Divisions, represented by 22 elected and 22 ex-officio Guardians.   The Workhouse, which fronts the Dublin Road. and is, like the other edifices of the same description, in the Elizabethan style, was built for the accommodation of 1,000 paupers; since which time an extensive Fever Hospital has been erected, capable of containing 600 patients. In connexion with the establishment are schools to accommodate 1,300 children. The house was opened on the 11th May 1841. The Board of Guardians meet at the Workhouse, Malone, every Tuesday, at eleven o'clock. Attendance at the office from ten till four each day.

Poor-Law Inspector - Henry Robinson, Esq.


Robert Thomson, Castleton.
John F. Ferguson, Donegall Place.
William Coates, Glentoran.
Robert J. Tennent, Rushpark.
Thomas Greg, Ballymenoch.
Samuel G. Fenton, Sydenham.
John Thomson, Lowwood.
John Clarke, College Square East.
Samuel G. Getty, M.P., Donegall Square North.
Robert Thompson, Clonard.
John Mulholland, Craigavad.
John S. Charley, Woodburn House.
Henry Harrison, Holywood House.
Hill Hamilton, Mount Vernon.
George Gray, Graymount.
William McGee, M.D., Donegall Square East (Chairman).
Thomas McClure, Belmont.
William T. B. Lyons, Oldpark.
William Stevenson, Ballysillan House.
Henry Hugh McNeile, Parkmount.
Joseph Magill, Martlet Tower.
Henry Murney, M.D., Wellington Place.


Belfast Electoral Division

Smithfield Ward - Thomas Gaffikin & David Walker.
St. George's Ward - John Hamill & David Taylor (Vice-Chairman)
St. Anne's Ward - Robert Greer (Deputy Vice-Chairman) & S. Browne, R.N.
Cromac Ward - Archibald Kirker & James Moore, M.D.
Dock Ward - Robert Corry & Jas. Adams

Electoral Division of:-

Ballyhackamore - George Jackson.
Castlereagh - Samuel Teirney.
Greencastle - Robert Walker.
Ballysillan - William Johnston.
Ballymurphy - Arthur Hamill.
Whitehouse - Richard Bell.
Carnmoney - James Harper.
Ballygomartin - Adam Brown.
Holywood - James McCutcheon.
Dundonald - Wm. Trotter.
Ballymacarrett - Robt. Carlisle & Frederick H. Lewis.


Protestant Chaplain, Rev. H. Teape.
Presbyterian   do., Rev. J. McKenzie.
Roman Catholic Chaplain, Rev. J. O'Laverty.
Clerk, William Boyce.
Assistant Clerk, Wm. F. Boyce.
Master, D. McElheran.
Assistant Master, James Ewing.
Matron, Margaret Galway.
Schoolmaster, Thomas Hanna.
Schoolmistress, M. McNea.
Agricultural Overseer, S. Anderson.
Infant Schoolmistress, A. M. Richardson.
Resident Apothecary, Hugh P. Rea.
Medical Officer, Jas. S. Reid, M.D.
Assistant Medical Officer, Cunningham Mulholland, Surgeon &c.
Head Nurse, Hospital, Mary J. Gauley.
Valuators - W. Rodgers, W. Nelson.
Auditor. Reuben Simms.

Relieving Officers

Belfast District, William Vance.
County Antrim, Echlin Gordon.
County Down, J. Wilson.

Rate Collector

Adam Dickey, 91 Donegall Street.
The Dispensary Officers are required to perform Vaccination gratis.

Opened in 1817 and supported by Voluntary Contributions
President, The Most Noble The Marquis of Donegall

Lord Visct. Massereene, D.L., J.P.
Sir Robert Bateson, Bart, D.L., J.P.
The Mayor for the time being.
The M.P.'s for the time being.
Lord Bishop of Down and Connor.
The Roman Catholic Bishop.
Richard Davison, Esq.
Andrew Mulholland, Esq., J.P.
T. H. Purdon, Esq., M.D.
S. K. Mulholland, Esq., J.P.
Samuel G. Fenton, Esq., J.P.
John Clarke, Esq., J.P.
J. G. Richardson, Esq., J.P.
John Cunningham, Esq.
Miss Catherine Hayes.
Mr. John Henry Anderson.
Colonel Charles Ashmore.
Lady Johnson.


St. Anne's Ward

John Bell, jun.
Samuel Vance.
John G. McGee.
Charles W. Shaw.
Thomas Coleman
John Pim
William Clibborn.
Dr. Stevelly.
Rev. Dr. Miller.
John Emerson.
Wm. Emerson.
Robert Roddy.

Dock Ward

John McConnell.
George Murray.
Rev. J. B. Gilman.
James Hamilton.
William Bell.
J. P. Corry.
William Campbell.
Alfred Munster.

Wm. John Johnston.
William Mullan.
William Johnston.
T. H. Gelston.

St. George's Ward

Samuel Edgar.
George Murney.
Rev. John Porter.
William Bottomley.
W. C. Cunningham.
Charles Gaussen.
A. J. Macrory.
John Hamill.
Samuel Andrews.
Samuel Martin.
William Girdwood.
W. T. B. Lyons.

Smithfield Ward

H. H. Hannay.
G. A. Thompson.
R. Nicholl.

Rev. Wm. Johnston.
R. Gordon.
George A. Carruthers.
Rev. J. Young.
Rev. Dr. Morgan.
Dr. Dickson.
Bernard Hughes.
Elias H. Thompson.
John Douglas.

Cromac Ward

T. B. Johnson.
Dr. Wheeler.
Ross Saulter.
Thomas Sinclair, jun.
Thomas Hanlon.
Robert Boag.
Dr. Andrews.
Dr. Wm. McCormac.
Baldwin Mulligan.
Thomas Gaussen.
Dr. Patterson.
Edward Kingan.

The first four in each Ward retire annually by rotation, but are eligible for re-election.


St. Anne's Ward         St. George's Ward          Dock Ward              Smithfield Ward          Cromac Ward
Rev. D. Miller              Rev. John Porter         W. T. B. Lyons         Dr. J. S. Dickson        Dr. Andrews
A. J. Macrory                 John Pim               Thomas Gaussen      Rev. James Young        Robert Boag
Together with the Trustees, Auditors, Treasurer and Hon. Secretaries.


William Bell               Dr. Dickson             James Girdwood
Robert Boag             Rev. Jas. Young        Rev. Dr. Miller   
Secretary and House Steward - Mr. James B. Black.


Consulting Physicians - Drs. Stephenson, McCormac, Thompson, Andrews and Professor James Seaton Reid.     Consulting Surgeon - Dr. T. H. Purdon.     Attending Physicians - Drs. Pirrie, Professor Ferguson, M.B., Dill and Drennan.     Attending Surgeons - Dr. Moore, Mr. Browne, R.N., Dr. Murney and Professor Gordon.     Resident Surgeon and Superintendent - Dr. David Moore.


Trustees - R. Davison, Esq., and G. Heyn, Esq.    Treasurer - James Girdwood, Esq., 44 High Street, Belfast.    Bankers - Belfast Banking Company.    Auditors - Samuel Boyd and Henry Murney, Esqrs.    Honorary Secretaries - James McCalla Thompson, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Wellington Park, Belfast; and Plato Oulton, Esq., Donegall Quay, Belfast.


Patients affected with wounds are dressed at all times; cutaneous disease and the maladies of children are treated under the superintendence of one of the attending medical staff.  Daily attendance at ten o'clock forenoon.    Committee meet every Saturday, at eleven o'clock, for admission of patients and transaction of business.   Accidents and urgent cases admitted into the Hospital at all times.

Falls Road.

Established in 1829, for the relief of the insane poor, pursuant to Act of Parliament.  The district comprehends the Counties of Antrim and Down, and the County of the Town of Carrickfergus.  The Board of Governors meet the first Monday of every month, at one o'clock, PM.  No patient can be received without a medical certificate of insanity, and an affidavit of inability to meet the expenses of a private asylum.  Printed forms may be had at the Hospital, to which all communications are to be addressed (post-paid) to the resident physician.


Marquis of Donegall.
Mayor of Belfast for the time being.
Rev. Thomas Hincks, A.M.
Sir Robert Bateson, Bart., J.P., D.L.
William McCance, J.P.
Robert J. Tennent, J.P., D.L.
Right Rev. Dr, Denvir.
Rev. John Edgar, D.D.
Rev. H. Montgomery, LL.D.
Very Rev. the Dean of Ross.
Rev. H. Cooke, D.D., LL.D.
Rev. J. S. B. Monsell, A.M., England.
Conway B. Grimshaw, Esq.
John Clarke, Esq., J.P.
Marquis of Downshire.
Robert Gordon, Esq., J.P., D.L.
Robert Batt, Esq., J.P., D.L.
Major John Sharman Crawford, J.P.
Lord Bishop of Down and Connor & Dromore for the time being.
William Dunville, Esq., J.P.
Rev. T. F. Miller, D.D.
Inspectors of Hospitals for the Insane for the time being.
Adam J. Macrory, Esq.
Lord Dufferin and Clandeboye.
Thomas McClure, Esq., J.P.

The two Government Commissioners of Asylums, Drs. Nugent and Hatchell, are ex-officio members of the Board.
Resident Physician - Robert Stewart, M.D.
Visiting Physician - Henry McCormac, M.D.
Visiting Surgeon - James Moore, M.D.
Number of Patients in Hospital, 1st April 1859   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   357
Admitted since   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ..  120 - 477
Discharged &c., in same period   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...             123
Remaining under treatment, 31st March 1860   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...  354
"Dangerous Lunatics" admitted during the year   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ...   ..   27
Average annual expense of each patient for the year   ...   ...   ...   ...   17  15s.  4d.

Office, Castle Chambers, Belfast
First Show held in Belfast, August 1855

The operations of this Association are confined to the Counties of Down, Armagh, Antrim, including the County of the Town of Carrickfergus and Monaghan. Funds are raised by donations and annual subscriptions. The Association consists of two classes of members - amateurs and farmers.

Marquis of Downshire

DOWN - Viscount Bangor, Lord Dufferin and Clandeboye, Lord Bishop of Down and Connor and Dromore.
ANTRIM - Marquis of Hertford, Viscount Massereene and Ferrard, Viscount Templetown, Rev. Wm. Chichester O'Neill.
ARMAGH - Duke of Manchester, Lord Lurgan, Lord Clermont, Colonel Close, D.L.
MONAGHAN - Capt. Lloyd, trustee of late Lord Rossmore; Chas. P. Leslie, M.P., Right Hon. Edward Lucas, D.L., Henry T. Hope, D.L.
Trustees - Fitzherbert Filgate, J.P., J. Richardson, J. Hancock, J.P.
Treasurer - James T. Bristow.    Secretary - George Gerald Bingham.


DOWN - Lord E. A. Hill, M.P.;  Lieut.-Colonel W. B. Forde, M.P.;  Sir Robert Bateson, Bart.;  David S. Ker, M.P.;  John Waring Maxwell, D.L.
W. Shaman Crawford, D.L.;  Arthur H. Montgomery, D.L.;  H. Montgomery, D.L. Rosemount;  Charles Douglass, D.L.;  John H. B. Houston, J.P.;  Wm.Keown, J.P.;  John Andrews, J.P.; Fitzherbert Filgate, J.P.;  William Parson, J.P.;  Henry Harrison, J.P.;  Godfrey Lyle, J.P.; Rev. Joseph Bradshaw, J.P.; Robert Morrow; Alexander Dickson; Hugh Hughes; Samuel Morrow; George Martin: Joseph Perry;  Robert Carlile. ANTRIM - Major-General Henry G. F. Upton, M.P.;  Lieut-Colonel Pakenham, M.P.;  Sir Edmund W. Macnaughton, Bart.;  Colonel R. A. Shafto Adair, D.L.;  Very Rev. the Dean of Ross;  John McGildowney, D.L.;  J. Richardson, Glenmore;  W. Charley, J.P.;  Rev. Dr. Montgomery;  Major H. Stanley McClintock, J.P.;  John Young, J.P.;  G. T. Brooke, J.P.;  John F. Hodges, M.D.;  John Borthwick, J.P.; John Hamill, Jas. Wilson, Adam Brown, John Phillips, Samuel Smyth, John Hanson, Wm. McAfee, John Ireland, A. J. Macrory, William Langtry. ARMAGH - Maxwell C. Close, M.P.; Lieut-Colonel Caulfield; Sir James Stronge, Bart.; Peter Quinn, M.P.; Wm. Kirk, J.P.; Robt. Quinn Alexander, J.P.; Joseph Atkinson, J.P.; Wm. Verner, J.P.; Thomas Dobbin, J.P.; Hugh Boyle, J.P.; John Hancock, J.P.; Henry L. Prentice. J.P.;  John W. Greer, J.P.;  James B. Boyd, J.P.;  John G. Winder, J.P.;  Francis Fforde,  Francis Watson,  Thomas Carleton,  Alexander Kinmouth,  John Moody,  John w. Richmond,  David Ruddell,  George Henry.
MONAGHAN - Wm. Foster, D.L.;  John Lentaigne, J.P.;  A. A. Murray Ker, J.P.;  Joseph Crowe Wright, J.P.;  Richard Mayne, J.P.;  Robert H. Dolling, J.P.;  B. G. Brooker, J.P.;  John Cunningham, J.P.;  Henry G. Johnston,  David Patton,  Lieut-Colonel McClintock, J.P.;  William Patton,  David Hamilton,  Andrew Hunter,  John Primrose,  Oliver Pringle,  E. K. Evans,  Bernard McNally.


Instituted in 1845 for the dissemination of practical knowledge, on the connection of chemistry with agriculture, and for the analyses of soils and manures &c.    Meets the first Friday of every month, in the rooms of the Society, 63 Upper Arthur Street, Belfast.
PATRON - His Excellency the Earl of Carlisle, Lord Lieut. of Ireland.
PRESIDENT - The Most Noble the Marquis of Downshire.

Marquis of Hertford.
Marquis of Londonderry.
Marquis of Donegall.
Earl of Erne.
Earl of Antrim.
Baron Dufferin and Clandeboye.
Viscount Massereene and Ferrard.
Viscount Templeton.
Viscount Dungannon.
Lord Clermont.
Lord Lurgan.
Lord George Hill.
Sir Robert Bateson, Bart., Belvoir Park.
Lord Bishop of Down .
Right Rev. Dr. Denvir.
Sir James Emerson Tennent.
The Very Rev. the Dean of Ross.
Right Hon. Edward Lucas.
David S. Ker, Esq., J.P.
William S. Crawford, Esq., J.P.
H. Montgomery, Esq., J.P., Greyabbey.
James Agnew, Esq., J.P.
Thomas Greg, Esq., J.P.
A. Mulholland, Esq., J.P.
Professor Andrews, M.D., F.R.S.
Thomas Kirkpatrick, Esq., M.D.

Honorary Members - Baron Von Liebig, Munich;  M. Boussingault and M. Payen, Paris.


John Andrews, J.P., Comber.
Rev. William Bruce, Belfast.
John Borthwick, Kilroot.
J. Brown, Portavogie.
John C. Boyd, Holywood.
George J. Clarke, J.P., Antrim.
William Charley, J.P., Seymour Hill.
George S. Kirkpatrick.
Paul McHenry, C.E., Belfast.
A. Dickson, Belfast.
B. Hughes, Belfast.
Fitzherbert Filgate, J.P., Hillsborough.
R. F. Gibson, J.P., Downpatrick.
Wm. M. Kirk, J.P., Keady.
Jas. MacAdam, sen., F.G.S., Belfast.
John Millar, Lisburn.
George Posnett, J.P., Belfast.
Thomas Montgomery, J.P., Antrim.
Richard Nevin, jun., Chrome Hill, Lisburn.
J. Richardson, J.P., Glenmore, Lisburn.
Rev. Geo. Smyth, Carnmoney.
J. E. Scriven.
Professor James Thomson, C.E., Belfast.
Joseph G. Thompson, Belfast.
James Walker, Carrickfergus.
H. Miller, Ballyhalbert.
W. McLeish, Randalstown.
John McMeekin, Ballybranagh.

TREASURERS - Guy Stone, J.P., Comber;  and wm. Simms, Linenhall, Belfast.
HON. SECRETARY - W. B. Ritchie; ASSISTANT-SECRETARY - Edward J. Hodges; Professor of Chemistry, John F. Hodges, M.D., F.C.S.

Hall, Waring Street

It's objects are to dispense relief in sickness and burial of their dead.  Ulster Lodge meets every alternate Wednesday;  John Clarke, M.D., Donegall Street, Medical Attendant; James Taylor, Permanent Secretary.  Marquis of Donegall Lodge meets every alternate Tuesday; Henry M. Johnston, Surgeon, Donegall Street, Medical Attendant; Thomas Gibson, Permanent Secretary.  Belfast Lodge meets every alternate Wednesday; John Woods Beck, M.D., North Street, Medical Attendant; J. Downing, Permanent Secretary.   City of Carrick Lodge, Carrickfergus, meets every alternate Saturday; Dr. Patrick, Medical Attendant; Wm. Blackburn, Permanent Secretary. Tyrone Lodge, Strabane, meets every alternate Wednesday. Dr. Beck, Treasurer; John Downing, Corresponding Secretary for the district.


This Society was formed in 1821 for the cultivation of Natural History, and the investigation of the topography, statistics and antiquities of Ireland.  Subsequently, the range of subjects became more extensive, it being agreed to receive communications on all branches of physical science and their applications.  The meeting (private and public) for the reading of papers are held on alternate Wednesday evenings, during the winter months, at the Museum, College Square North.  The Museum was founded in 1830, and is open daily (Sunday excepted) from twelve till four o'clock.  The internal arrangements are under the care of the Council for the time being.


President - Jas. MacAdam, F.G.S.
Vice-Presidents - Prof. Andrews, M.D., F.R.S.; Robert Patterson, F.R.S.; Professor Dickie, M.D.; Wyville Thompson, M.D., LL.D.
Treasurer -  Joseph John Murphy
Secretaries - A. O'D. Taylor and J. Grainger.
Corresponding Secretary - R. S. MacAdam.
Librarian - Rev. Isaiah Steen.
Curator - Wm. Darragh.


This Society was instituted in 1788, and meets in the centre building of the Linehall, Donegall Square, under the direction of a President, Vice-President, and Committee, annually elected.  It now possesses upwards of 14,000 volumes on history, biography, voyages, travels, political economy, encyclopaedias, French & English; with books on natural philosophy, chemistry &c.; dictionaries, maps, charts, reviews, magazines, philosophical journals &c.  The Library contains an almost complete file of the Belfast News Letter from 1737 to the present date.  Terms, one guinea entrance, and one guineas per annum.  A register of the weather is kept by the Librarian, viz, barometer, thermometer, and quantity of rain.  The Committee meets the first and third Thursday of every month, at twelve o'clock, A.M.; the Society at half-past twelve.   There are three classes of subscribers.  Proprietors - Those pay two guineas entrance and one guinea per annum.  Members - Those pay one guinea entrance, and one guinea per annum.  Annual Subscribers, who pay no entrance, but merely one guinea per annum subscription.
PRESIDENT - Rev. Wm. Bruce.    VICE-PRESIDENT - Dr. McGee.   SECRETARY - Robert Gray.  TREASURER - William Bottomley.   LIBRARIAN - Jas. Stewart.
COMMITTEE - Rev. Dr. Bryce, James MacAdam, Wm. Browne, Dr. Drennan, Dr. Hodges, Joseph J. Murphy, Wm. Simms, A. C. Weir, Rev. James Young and Wm. McIlwrath.

University Road - Opened October 1849
President, Rev. P. Shuldham Henry, D.D.
Vice-President, Thomas Andrews, M.D., F.R.S., M.R.I.A.

Faculty of Arts - Literary Division

The Greek Language, C. Macdouall, LL.D.; the Latin Language, Rev. C. P. Reichel, D.D.; History and English Literature, G. L. Craik, LL.D.; Modern Languages, M.J. Frings, Ph. D.; the Celtic Languages, John O'Donovan, LL.D., M.R.I.A.
Scientific Division

Mathematics, George M. Slesser, B.A.; Natural Philosophy, John Stevelly, LL.D; Chemistry, T. Andrews, M.D., F.R.S., M.R.I.A.; Logic and Metaphysics, Rev. James McCosh, LL.D.; Natural History, George Dickie, M.D.; Mineralogy and Geology, Wyville Thomson, LL.D.; Civil Engineering, John Godwin, C.E.; Agriculture, John F. Hodges, M.D.
Faculty of Medicine

Anatomy and Physiology, Peter Redfern; Practice of Medicine, John C. Ferguson, A.M., M.B.; Practice of Surgery, Alexander Gordon, M.D.; Midwifery, Wm. Burden, M.D.; Materia Medica, J. Seaton Reid, M.D.; Medical Jurisprudence, John F. Hodges, M.D.
Faculty of Law

English Law, E. Molyneaux, A.M., Q.C.; Jurisprudence and Political Economy, E. P. F. Leslie, LL.B.


Church of England, Rev. H. Murphy; Presbyterian Church, Rev. Henry Cooke, D.D., LL.D.; Association of Non-Subscribing Presbyterians, Rev. John Porter; Wesleyan Methodists, Rev. Daniel MacAfee.


Registrar, Rev. R. Oulton, A.B.; Librarian, Rev. G. Hill: Bursar, A. Dickey.
The subjects of the matriculation or entrance examination for students in the Faculties of Arts, Medicine and Law are English Grammar and Composition; the Greek and Latin Languages; Arithmetic, Fractions, vulgar and decimal; Practice, Proportion, Interest, Discount and the Square Root; Algebra, to the end of Simple Equations; Euclid's Elements, the first two books; Outlines of English History; Outlines of Roman History to the death of Nero; Outlines of Ancient and Modern Geography.  The entrance course for Engineering and Agricultural students is the same as the preceding, with the exclusion of the Greek and Latin Languages.
Forty-five junior scholarships and ten senior scholarships have been founded in the College.  Of the junior scholarships, thirty of the value of 24 each appropriated to students for the degree of A.B.; six of the value of 20 each to students for the degree of M.D.; three of the value of 20 each to law students for the degree LL.B.; two of the value of 20 each to students for the diploma of Civil Engineering; four of the value of 15 each to students for the diploma of Agriculture.  These scholarships are awarded annually by examination, and are tenable for one year only; but the scholars of each year are not disqualified from being candidates for scholarships the succeeding year.  The examinations for junior scholarships of the first year takes place immediately after the matriculation or entrance examination.  The subjects for examination for the junior scholarships are published annually in the Belfast Queen's College Calendar. Of the thirty junior scholarships to students for the degree of A.B., fifteen are awarded for proficiency in literature, viz.:- Five to students commencing the first year of their course; five each to those commencing the second and third years; fifteen for proficiency in science, viz., five scholarships each to students of the first, second and third years respectively.  Ten senior scholarships, of 40 each, are to be awarded to students in the free faculties, in the following proportions, viz.:- Seven to the most distinguished students who have proceeded to the degree of Bachelor of Arts - one for proficiency in each of the following departments:- in Greek, Latin and Ancient History; in Modern Languages and History; in Mathematics; in Natural Philosophy; Metaphysics and Economical Science; in Chemistry; and in Natural History;- two to students who have completed the three years' course prescribed for candidates for the degree of Doctor of Medicine, viz., one for Anatomy and Physiology, and one for Therapeutics and Pathology;- one to the pupils who have proceeded to the degree of Bachelor of Arts, and have completed the course of legal studies prescribed for candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Law.  The student first on the list of candidates, both in the Literacy and Science divisions, at the examination for junior scholarships in Arts, shall be entitled to a scholarship in each division; but in no other case are two scholarships to be held by the same student.


The College Session commences on the third Tuesday in October and ends on the second Saturday in June.  It is divided into three terms.  The first term commences on Tuesday 20th October, and ends on Saturday the 19th December.  The second term commences on the 5th January, and ends on Thursday 1st April.  The third term commences on Tuesday 13th April and ends on Saturday 12th June.

University Road. Opened 5th December 1853

    President of Faculty - Rev. H. Cooke, D.D., LL.D.
    Secretary of Faculty - Rev. Wm. Gibson.


    Systematic Divinity - Rev. John Edgar, D.D.
    Sacred Criticism and Interpretation - Rev. Josias L. Porter.
    Ecclesiastical History and Pastoral Theology - Rev. W. D. Killen, D. D.
    Oriental Languages - Rev. James W. G. Murphy, LL.D.
    Moral Philosophy - Rev. William Gibson.
    Sacred Rhetoric - Rev. H. Cooke, D.D., LL.D.
    The classes in this College open on the 1st November and close the last week in April.


Incorporated by Act of Parliament, 1810
President - The Marquis of Donegall

Thomas Blain, LL.D., English.
Robert Steen, Ph.D., Classics.
Rev. Isaiah Steen, Mathematical and Mercantile School.
Mr. Patrick Johnston, Writing.
Mr. Joseph Molloy, Drawing.
Mons. Auguste Charles Badier, French.
Herr Victor Rylski, German.

Instituted 25th January 1786

The Academy is under the superintendence of a Principal; and it's general affairs are managed by a committee of the subscribers, co jointly with the Principal and Masters.  Trustee for subscribers, J. Cunningham; trustee for the Masters, the Principal.
Principal, Rev. R. J. Bryce, LL.D.
Classical School, the Principal; Mathematical and Mercantile School, Thomas A. Bryce, M.A.; Writing School, G. H. Watson; Drawing School, Joseph Molloy; English School, J. T. McGaw; French, Jules Festu.   There are also classes for Belles Lettres, Natural Philosophy and Natural History; and for the German, Italian, Spanish and Oriental Languages.

Frederick Street - Established 1849

Under the management of a committee of 50.  There are at present 80 children fed, clothed and educated in the building, designated as the "Lancasterian School House"  These children have been selected, after careful scrutiny, from the most destitute of our population; they are taught reading, writing, arithmetic, geography, plain sewing, mending, darning, knitting, washing and ironing and housemaids' work.
Patroness, Mrs. Knox, The Palace, Holywood; President, Mrs. Thomson,  Vice-President, Mrs. Thomson, Lowwood;  Treasurer, Miss Stewart;  Disbursing Treasurer, Mrs. McCormac, Wellington Place;  Secretaries, Miss Smith, Glengall Place;  Miss Euphemia Orr, The Crescent;  Corresponding Secretary, Miss Ireland, Royal Academical Institution;  Teacher, Miss White;  Matron, Mrs. Todd.
In another apartment of the same building, an Infant School is conducted, the arrangements of which are entirely different.  The average attendance of pupils in this apartment is from 100 to 150.  Teacher, Miss White;  Assistant Teacher, Miss Ferguson;  Managing Committee, the same as that of the Industrial School.  A Lace School has been established in the same building.


Established in 1829

The weekly average number in actual attendance is 600.  Teachers - John Lalor and James Clarke in the male; Miss Mary Wallace and Miss Hessy McGrath in the female and infantile departments.


Donegall Street
Under the patronage and superintendence of Right Rev. Dr. Denvir.

Dean, Rev. James O'Laverty;  Professor of Classics, Belles Lettres and Mathematics, Rev. Edward Kelly;  Superintendent of English and Mercantile Department, Rev. James O'Laverty;  Head Master of ditto, S. Fitzpatrick;  Professor of French, Auguste Charles Badier.
The Course comprises the Greek, Latin and French languages, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, plain and spherical; conic sections, mensuration, navigation, use of the globes, book-keeping, together with all the various branches of an English and Mercantile education.
Music, drawing, dancing &c., are also taught by competent Professors.  The boarding-house, Vicinage, is situated on the Antrim Road.  Terms for the academical year - Board, washing and medical attendance, 14 5s.   Tuition in the classical and mathematical departments, 4 per annum. English, stationery included, from 31 to 12s. 9d. per quarter, in proportion to the subjects taught and the length of the time daily devoted to them.  French, which is taught by a native of Paris, sex shillings per quarter; music, drawing, dancing &c., as per agreement with the Professors.  During extra hours, and free of expense to the pupils, lectures on natural philosophy are delivered and experimentally illustrated, the Diocesan Seminary being for this purpose provided with perfect chemical and philosophical apparatus.


Established May 1839, for the purpose of supplying Sunday Schools with Bibles, Testaments and other books and requisites.  The Committee meets at their depository, in Arthur Street, on the first Wednesday of every month, at six PM.  
Committee - Revs. J. Scott Porter, John Porter, David Maginnis, Hugh Moor, Henry Eachus, John Jellie; Messrs. Lenox Drennan, Robert McCalmont, Joshua McMaster, Alexander Greenfield.  Secretary, Rev. C. J. McAlester;  Treasurer, Wm. Hartley, Esq., The Castle.

Academy Street - Established in 1830

Upwards of 200 children are taught in the Sunday schools; and in the daily school departments, upwards of 200 receive instruction in spelling, reading, writing, arithmetic, grammar, book-keeping, geography &c. The females are also taught needlework.  Mr. and Mrs. Morrison, teachers.

Opened January, 1834

On the books of male school, 155; female school, 50. The children are taught spelling, reading, writing, English grammar, geography and the Scriptures. Teacher of male school, Mr. S. Orr; of female school, Miss Rogers.  Sunday school, held in the school-rooms at ten o'clock morning, numerously attended by male and female children.

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