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934 Claire McGibbon

Location: Halifax West Yorkshire
Date: 15.03.2013
Time: 17:30:27
I've signed your book before but want to reiterate what a fantastic site. I'm/we are tracing my Irish roots n find your Belfast street directories really helpful. It's a remarkable site and thanks to all who keep it updated. Big thanks from Claire McGibbon from Halifax.

933 Bill Harmer

Location: Moorfield Street, Belfast
Date: 10.03.2013
Time: 21:17:51
In the 1918 directory you have #15 Moorfield Street as Armour, foreman.
That should be Harmer. My dad lived in that house from around 1903 until he died in 1968. We were all born there.
Love the site.

932 Watson David Robinson

Location: Dublin Ireland
Date: 04.03.2013
Time: 08:53:01
Great site. I'm looking for any connections to James (jas) Robinson weaver b. abt 1799 married to Hannah surname unknown b. abt 1805. 2 Known children Watson b.1830 Lylo, Parish of Seagoe, Co Armagh and Margaret b.1834 Lylo, Parish of Seagoe, Co Armagh.
Any help appreciated.

931 Wendy Keys

Location: France
Date: 25.02.2013
Time: 11:21:53
Your site has been of great help to me so I wanted to say a big thank you. smile Although I live in France now, I come from Cullybackey, Co Antrim originally and then lived in Belfast from 1973-2005.

Best regards
Wendy Keys

930 Terry Mc Kinley

Location: Clonark Athlone Roscommon
Date: 19.02.2013
Time: 19:02:08
My Grandfather served as a pte with the Royal Irish Rifles during WW1 in France. Army number 18/1604, his medal card showing the Mons star and the SWB. He survived the war of all wars, suffering shellshock for the remainder of his life. Any information would greatly be appreciated.

929 thomas culshaw

Location: hindley nr wigan
Date: 16.02.2013
Time: 17:31:45

just a line to see if there is anyone who remembers mi dad gnr tommy culshaw,he was daft as a brush but would never talk about his time in burma.

Reply: Tommy, email me, I replied to you but you haven't answered, I assume my email didn't get to you


928 john patterson

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 15.02.2013
Time: 17:52:56
great site ,can see my grandfather from when he was born right through till he moved to england through various streets when will you be doing the 1920,s 30,s

927 Anna mcCloskey

Location: Derry City
Date: 08.02.2013
Time: 22:02:02

I have just come into possesion of a photograph of my Grandfather who was a Royal Inniskilling Fuesilier, can you tell me how to include it in your amazing website, please.

Reply: Anna, email me, I replied to you but you haven't answered, I assume my email didn't get to you


926 Joe Fields

Location: Emyvale Co. Monaghan
Date: 05.02.2013
Time: 19:00:12
grateful if you could INSERT WW1 Regards Joe

John William Fields
1st Bal. Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Died preparing for the 3rd battle of Ypres 19th July 1917 22years
Son of Patrick and Teresa Fields of Mullagloughan, Monaghan
remains interred in Mendinghem militray cememtery,Proven, Belguim

925 Martin Dunwoody

Location: Belfast N.Ireland
Date: 02.02.2013
Time: 02:21:02
Any info on my Great Uncle John Dunwoody
Broither of William Dunwoody John I'm told served with the Inisskilling Fusiliers John killed in 1917.

My fathers sis married into the Adaire family in this area.
my extened family.

Any help would be appreciated.

924 Rhonda Johnston

Location: Coleraine/N.I.
Date: 31.01.2013
Time: 22:18:44
Have just come across the name of my Great Uncle Andy McNeil who died in action at the Battle of the Somme. My own father is now 86 years of age, although Andy had died before he was born he often says about how deeply it affected my great grandmother.

923 Ray Spence

Location: Northern Ireland
Date: 23.01.2013
Time: 18:41:57
I am looking for any info on a Lt Robert Thomas Moore DSC RN who was from Lisnaskea As far as I know he served with 1834 Sqn which flew Corsairs. If you have anything on him please let me know

922 Jude Monaghan

Location: Waterford/Tyrone
Date: 20.01.2013
Time: 13:06:24
20/1/'13 Just heard about this site looks brilliant. I am researching family tree with names Monaghan, Evans, McNally Gormley, McCracken, Mulvenna all included. Cant wait to try it out.

921 Mary Kinsella-Rossi

Location: Seaforde St., Belfast
Date: 15.01.2013
Time: 22:11:12
I just learned about this site from a cousin in Australia. I'm in New York, USA now. Great information. I never knew it existed. Thanks!

920 Yolande

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 14.01.2013
Time: 17:16:39
Amazing. I might have found my Maternal Great, Great Grandmother!

919 Clare Meyers nee Williams/gardner

Location: Australia
Date: 11.01.2013
Time: 00:16:19
Researching Gardner family, Patterson, Mooney and Hart, all from Belfast. Francis Mooney (1844 - 1900) married Sarah Patterson 1865 and they had 8 children. It is my objective to find a living relative in belfast or beyond. Any advice or ideas welcome
Clare Meyers in Australia

918 Margaret Mulvihill

Location: Ireland
Date: 03.01.2013
Time: 19:46:00
Terrific website, great idea. My Mulvihill's lived in Pottinger, Belfast, on Madrid, Glenmore, Mount Pottinger Road and Strand Road. My great grandmother was Boal from Dromore. Anyone with any info, please contact me. smile

917 Jim Kane

Location: Belfast
Date: 30.12.2012
Time: 16:16:29
Found my Great Grandfather as coastguard in Whiteabbey and confirmed in the nationalarchives.ie search. This is a great cross reference. More digging required now as I note that earlier children were born in Derry. Thanks for a really useful service.

916 Terry Clayton

Location: Meadow Lane, Portadown (Living in Salisbury, Wiltshire.)
Date: 29.12.2012
Time: 16:55:00
We have just confirmed who wrote the hundred year old letter, from Belfast, referring to my great granddad, left to me by my Grandmother. Thank you! smile

915 Henry Marshall

Location: Birkenhead Merseyside
Date: 27.12.2012
Time: 21:20:46
Ihave been on and of this site for about 18 months now, but now you have got more street directories it is better than ever ,Keep up the good work. Thanks thumbup thumbup thumbup thumbup thumbup thumbup

914 Jim Crawford

Location: Limavady
Date: 27.12.2012
Time: 21:04:57
I was on your site looking for records of my Great uncle Thomas Neill, killed at the Somme 1916 who lived at 85 Donegal Road thumbup .
Thanks for a great site

913 Juergen Reich

Location: Germany
Date: 14.12.2012
Time: 17:17:55
At the age of 3 I travelled to Canada (Halifax) on the Franconia in December 1951. I certainly do not remember much - but my parents took quite a number of photos of the passage.

912 Joan Gibson

Location: Canada
Date: 14.12.2012
Time: 05:48:07
Thank you so much for all your hard work. I have managed to locate the street address where my Great Grandfather lived in Belfast in 1877. He must have moved to the UK between 1878 - 1880. He shows up in the UK Census for 1881. I was born in Manchester,England. smile Amazing.

911 William D Watt

Location: Coleraine
Date: 12.12.2012
Time: 03:35:53
Interesting site.

910 Patricia Bothwell Snowden

Location: Chicago ( Parents Belfast )
Date: 11.12.2012
Time: 01:07:58
The site is amazing . Thanks you!

909 Elaine Young

Location: Belfast
Date: 10.12.2012
Time: 21:51:25
This is fascinating stuff and I am thrilled to find it. However, I am confused. I have the 1901 and 1911 census returns but the street numbers don't seem to correspond with the street records here and some names simply aren't there.
Has anyone else experienced this?

908 peter dennis shields

Location: belfast n.ireland
Date: 06.12.2012
Time: 11:22:02
thumbup looking forward to trying this site

907 H. Bruhl

Location: Germany
Date: 06.12.2012
Time: 08:21:26
You have provided very valuable historic information. thumbup Thank you.

In my historic collection I have a Colt New Service .455 Ely pistol with the inscription 'T.M.B. Newton, Berkshire Regiment'. The Colt was manufactured in 1915.

Do you have any information concerning this item?

H. Bruhl

906 John W (Sean) Kennedy

Location: Derby, UK - originally from Burt, Co Donegal.
Date: 05.12.2012
Time: 23:30:22
Just saw your site for the first time tonight on the Burt Residents site. Very interesting historically and wish to obtain the Inishowen book.

905 Angie Hilton (nee WATT) Mothers maiden name was Rose Haughey

Location: Irish descent....Living in Greece
Date: 05.12.2012
Time: 21:57:43
This site is amazing......such alot of hard work has gone into it. Very helpful & useful info to help find our ancestors.....I am currently trying to find my ancestors from my fathers side. I shall be using this site to help me in my search. So addictive, I will be on here for weeks!! lol

904 Ray

Location: Newcastle
Date: 25.11.2012
Time: 15:48:35
Excellent work - keep at it.

903 damagedcomedian

Date: 23.11.2012
Time: 13:34:21
this site rocks !

902 Stephen Cosgrove

Location: Belfast
Date: 28.06.2012
Time: 02:36:24
My grandfather fought in Burma with the 8th HAA, you have him in a picture as Jimmy Strachin on an AA gun but he was John Stranaghan from 57 Joseph St. He didn't talk much about the war and had only two photographs, one of the gun he named after my mother (Myrtle) and the other of group photo of the 22nd battery.

I've learned a lot from this site about the achievements of the 8th HAA and have something to pass on to my grandchildren.

Keep up this good work.


Location: Galveston, Texas
Date: 26.06.2012
Time: 01:49:57
My Dad was born on June 19,1906 in Belfast Ireland. His Name was Hugh William Moore. His dad was Hugh Moore. They came to the USA in 1912. His Grandfather William Moore. Looking for more Information on them


Location: Galveston, Texas
Date: 21.06.2012
Time: 03:12:09
I am trying to find my Fathers Family In Belfast. He was born on June 19,1906. His name is Hugh Willam Moore. His Father was Hugh Moore and is Father Was Willam Moore.Willam was Married to Mary Murphy, My dad's family left Belfast in 1912, and came to Galvston, Texas. My Grandmother was Georgina. Would greately thank you for any information

899 Bill Kean

Location: Australia
Date: 19.06.2012
Time: 02:57:11
Great site, keep up the good work...will be checking in regularly.

898 Tom McCaffrey

Location: Co. Louth
Date: 18.06.2012
Time: 23:42:47
I would like to know how to find out about my grandfather, who was in the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. I heard him talking about the Boer war, Alexandria, the Khyber Pass, when I was young. I have a photo of him in a sergeant's uniform with my Granny and my Mother as a young girl. I have a notion that he might have enlisted twice. He also would seem to have had some connection with the 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers, as I have a Christmas Card from 'somewhere in France' from Major Ivan Dullaghan (I am not sure of the writing) to Lt. Col. Madden & officers 4th Royal Irish ????. On the other page is a photo of George R. I (Capital letter I not figure 1) Colonel-in-chief of the 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers.

897 Austin Fulton

Location: Ardscourt Milford Co. Donegal
Date: 18.06.2012
Time: 16:48:08

896 ROBERT moore

Location: Galveston, Texas
Date: 18.06.2012
Time: 08:07:54
Looking for my Dad's family in Ireland

895 Bob Gibson

Location: Belfast
Date: 14.06.2012
Time: 12:26:47
Thank you for allowing access to street directories thumbup ,

I am researching gracey relatives, if any of your guests ask for help, I do not mind sharing what I have.

894 Frank Baillie

Location: Scotland
Date: 31.05.2012
Time: 16:00:43
In looking at your site my grandfather married Alice Law from aghadowey. Great site

893 Ruth Postorino

Location: U.S.A. - Mom was from Lurgan
Date: 30.05.2012
Time: 16:43:10
What a WONDERFUL site. I found photos of my mother and aunt when they worked in box making. Jim Ogle was a great friend of the family. I still have a few relatives and wonderful friends in Ireland. My grandfather was William Donaldson from Union Street where he had the bike shop at #92.
Thank you so much. I will certainly donate to your work. I do have some old photos too if you would be interested.
Ruth Postorino thumbup
New York

892 Robert Wilson

Location: Toronto Canada
Date: 28.05.2012
Time: 02:10:29
Thanks and congratulations, you have worked very hard compiling the information for this site

I found my Great Grandfather's name in Aberdeen Street

891 Patricia Duncan Larsen

Location: born Brussels Street, Shankill Rd, Belfast
Date: 26.05.2012
Time: 05:00:11
I live in the USA. Been doing genealogy for the past year and your site has helped me greatly. Thank you for your great work.

890 Tommy Roy

Date: 24.05.2012
Time: 21:24:35

889 paul

Location: belfast
Date: 10.05.2012
Time: 15:14:53
looking good

888 Sarah Jane Bailie

Location: Belfast
Date: 10.05.2012
Time: 15:02:22
Loved reading my granda D J Bailie's diary - my daddy is "wee curly top." He looks a lot like my daddy. I can see where the writers in our family come from, such a descriptive account of war from a man desperately missing the family he loved. He died the year after I was born, I'm glad we got to meet. x

887 Kathleen

Location: England
Date: 08.05.2012
Time: 15:04:50
W thumbup ow Just came across your site, looks very interesting.

886 Rhona Wicklow Adams

Location: Belfst
Date: 05.05.2012
Time: 12:49:15
This site is just great.. What would cause an entire family such as Weekly on the 1901 census to change their name to Wicklow on the 1911 census. I am having a tough time tracking my family tree.

885 Tony White

Location: Kenilworth, 4574, Australia
Date: 30.04.2012
Time: 08:40:41
Thanks for the chance to leave a message.
I had ancestors thumbup MOAN and CULLEN from Elm Park, Killylea, Co Armagh.

I wonder if there are any of those families still there. thumbup

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