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584 David JW Patterson

Location: Roseville California USA
Date: 16.07.2010
Time: 05:55:49

I am looking for family in Ireland. My parents were 1st generation and have be deceased for many years. I have a letter
written to my father from G E Maginnis 12 Montgomery Dr
Lisburn Co Antrim Nr Ireland. Can you help me find this place.My
brother and I are only family in US. Looking to find family in Ireland and England.
Can you help?

Reply: Sorry David, comcast.net has blocked my ip for some reason and I don't have time to chase them, can you email me using a different email account please.


583 Jane

Location: N. Ireland
Date: 09.07.2010
Time: 19:45:03
Super site! Love it!!

582 Marion Mc Larnon

Location: Newtownabbey
Date: 09.07.2010
Time: 04:02:58
One of the best sites for beginners like me.
Thanks M.

581 Trevor Hall

Location: Belfast
Date: 06.07.2010
Time: 15:49:48
Great site my friend, who I think you know, has 1917 directory this would add greatly to a wonderful local resource as we have relatively little in comparison with the mainland.

Keep up the good work.


580 Pauline

Location: N Ireland
Date: 04.07.2010
Time: 18:17:12
I found your site today and it has been very interesting, I have emailed you details of my great uncle Thomas Moore who was K.I.A 8/9/1918 I forgot to mention there is a stained glass window in his memory at St Aidan's in Belfast. Keep up the good work thumbup

579 Charmaine Rea

Location: Born in Belfast live in US
Date: 01.07.2010
Time: 00:31:55
great site I found a lot of information regarding my family and where they lived. I will forward to others looking up the family tree.

578 Geoffrey TREANOR

Location: Australia
Date: 30.06.2010
Time: 06:23:07
Great stuff.

577 Caroline Rankin

Location: New Zealand
Date: 29.06.2010
Time: 23:51:26
My mother-in-law gave me some jewellery purchased from Rankin Bros in Belfast (case included the name and address) so your site has let me date when the business operated from the said premises. I can now try and work out the family connection.

Thank you for all of your efforts. It must have been a tremendous amount of work.

576 Robin John BELL

Date: 28.06.2010
Time: 00:31:56
I appreciate the tremendous effort you have made in bringing all the directory, links and history information to people like me, especially those of us so far away.

Thanks to Jack on Jean McCarthy's website I now know that my great great grandfather William BELL of Templepatrick married Eve HILL in St Anne's in 1830. Their son Robert (my GGF) was also baptised in the same ch in 1833. I have no knowledge of where Wm and Eve were born or are buried.

I have found your site search facility of great help in allowing me to find what you do have on your site and recommend it's use to other viewers.

Cheers and Thanks again from the other side of the world.

575 Ali

Date: 27.06.2010
Time: 13:42:10
I'm researching my Gt Gt Grandfather and found his name on your site via a telegram sent from South Africa. An exciting voyage of discovery! Many thanks

574 cheryl abihanna

Location: sydney australia
Date: 20.06.2010
Time: 13:51:27
i found your site while looking for information on ballycastle, in particular the ramoan church, i am looking for the parish register, if you can help me in any way with ancestry tips for the area i would appreciate it, my great grandfather was born in ballycastle
thanks cheryl

573 pauaffernline davies nee d

Location: pembrokeshire
Date: 16.06.2010
Time: 22:33:58
am so happy found my dads details on your website he was in the 8th belfast rhq, been searching for a long time.. would anyone or yourself have anything on the admin box burma, he was there his name was douglas daffern

572 Joe McGrath

Location: Jordanstown
Date: 13.06.2010
Time: 16:01:47
This is a great site which has helped me follow my relatives movements using the street directories. Through Eddies extracts I discovered an uncle who died of the flu in 1918. I am looking for information on Coopers who may have come from Rostrevor and a Father Peter McPolin who was my father's cousin.

571 sean mc cauley

Location: western australia
Date: 11.06.2010
Time: 13:11:01
Always good for a check. Especially now we have both census
Lots of info to be got from your pages [
Regards Sean

570 john farbrother

Location: blackpool
Date: 10.06.2010
Time: 21:15:18
My grandfather was a gunner in the 23rd Battery.
Sadly he passed away a long time ago but the memories of the stories he told me have come flooding back since finding this fantastic site.
His name was Leonard C Cain & he lived in Hertfordshire after returning from Burma. He lived there with his wife Ellen who was originally from Oldham, Lancashire.
He would often mention his best friend Brownie (GNR A Brown) who I believe was from the Essex area. If anyone reading this knows of any relatives of 'Brownie', I would love to hear from them.
Thanks for creating such a fab website!!

569 marie mills

Location: dublin
Date: 10.06.2010
Time: 13:12:29
I can see many happy hours of getting lost on this site.

568 Dianne Heath

Location: Belfast
Date: 05.06.2010
Time: 09:07:32
I have dipped into your site today and know I'll be back. it's a real treasure trove,

567 lily handy

Location: portrush co.antrim
Date: 30.05.2010
Time: 13:24:36
great site my grandfather was william james bacon a his daughter marha married edward [eddy] pollock from bushmills and my husband is ronald handy his grandmother was matilda mccullagh she lived in ramore street portrush, and his great grandfather was william mcneill who lost his life in the lifeboat disaster in 1889 when the robert and agnus blair capsized at blackrock beach

566 bernadette cook nee cunningham

Location: manchester
Date: 29.05.2010
Time: 21:50:23
trying to put family history together jg cunningham my dad not sure if its the right one born 1892 smile dont know alot about him apart from he was in the army and then went into catering ?

565 Theresa Angel

Location: Belfast Northern ireland
Date: 23.05.2010
Time: 17:01:44
Was interested to note in Islandmagee entries for Robert Houston and Samuel Houston, farmers, Cloughfin. These are my forefathers. Am trying to make some sort of order in geanology, as there are so many Roberts, Williams, Samuels, James and Thomas Houstons. Was delighted to see their names. I have the feeling This Robert Houston may have been my grandfather's grandfather. Well I will keep trying. What year was this list of names in Islandmagee for?? Thanks. Theresa Angel (nee Houston)

564 lynn ward

Location: northern ireland
Date: 17.05.2010
Time: 20:07:49
i am trying to find information on my uncles thomas albert mcgrath harry mcgrath and david irvine mcgrath all formerly of 56 tobergill street belfast

563 Liz

Location: Born England
Date: 16.05.2010
Time: 06:12:23
Wonderful site. My grandfather was John Purcell, my grandparents James Charles Welch(Webb) and Ada had my Aunty Neva in Ireland which I've just discovered. Have read most entries with great interest. Thanks Liz

562 patricia Armstrong

Location: Belfast
Date: 15.05.2010
Time: 20:29:59
I have returned ofter to your site and have found it most helpful

561 Robert (Rab) Rice-McAllister

Location: Belfast (live in Plymouth,Devon).
Date: 14.05.2010
Time: 19:32:23
Great site. Thankyou very much. Will be back. Rab.

560 Archie (Harry) Neill

Location: Belfast N.I.
Date: 12.05.2010
Time: 16:17:10
Mary,Mary my lord,you are some girl! Nothing contrary about you. What a great web-site, the content is just brilliant. So helpful you would not believe. Keep bringin it on thumbup girl. wink At present tracing my family Neill / Lewis from Shankill district of Belfast.

559 Diana Holland

Location: New Zealand
Date: 09.05.2010
Time: 00:00:38
What a wonderful site. Looking for William Green and found some to consider. many thanks

558 Kevin Haughton

Location: Bournemouth
Date: 06.05.2010
Time: 22:29:26
Fabulous page, thank you for sharing this with everyone!


Location: dorset england
Date: 06.05.2010
Time: 12:28:52
Wow, so many Haughtons! I wonder if they are my ancestors. I will pass on to my brother and sister who have been looking at the family tree. smile smile

556 james Lyness

Location: Gosport England
Date: 03.05.2010
Time: 17:01:12
My late Dad was from Belfast and my grandad was born in Lisburn. Am searching for Lyness and French lost family members. A great site Lennon.

555 niamh casey

Location: cork
Date: 02.05.2010
Time: 22:30:23
Excellent site, very easy to navigate through and great detail. I didn't find my ancestors in the street directories which tells me that they arrived in lisburn after 1880 and had left by 1901 -Patrick J McGinn & Alice McGinn nee McGann. Thanks thou.

554 Shirley Walton

Location: Central Victoria, Australia
Date: 01.05.2010
Time: 03:01:19
Not sure what to put in 'where I come from' field! I was born in England, of Belfast born parents and have lived in Australia for past 37 yrs so Australia wins as being the place I've lived the longest! This is a lovely site and will pass the link onto my parents, I'm sure they will find it interesting. I can't find my Granda's name listed here - Christopher Russell - he fought in Battle of the Somme and suffered mustard gas poisoning but lived till approx 73/74. also my Uncle [his son] who was a Dunkirk veteran and served with Royal Enniskillen Fusiliers - he passed away on 4th June 2006 - have a copy of his obit for anyone interested plus fotos.
The Russell family used to live in Wesley Street, off the Donegall Road near Sandy Row.

553 JonJos

Location: Sunderland
Date: 29.04.2010
Time: 14:25:00
I served in the Faughs (Royal Irish Fusiliers )in the 1950s. It was good to see those old photos of the Regiment. I have some good pictures Pro. and ordinary taken in Berlin in 1953. I can have them scanned and send them if you wish.

552 Dave Gallagher

Location: St.Louis USA
Date: 22.04.2010
Time: 04:13:36
Thanks for posting the contents of that issue of the Faugh a Ballagh. I collect photos of Fusilier pipers playing the old two droned warpipe.

551 Bill Wallace

Location: Port St Lucie Fl USA
Date: 16.04.2010
Time: 02:54:42
B een looking for a site like this for a year,ran out of time,will be back if you`ll have me.Thanks for caring

550 Roberta Smith

Location: Belfast now Wiltshire
Date: 15.04.2010
Time: 14:35:28
I have just found the site and having hit a brick wall with other sites I have at last located my grandfather Thomas Russell, of Portland St, Belfast. I am interested in any info that can be gleaned about the family- he married a Nora Flynn from a long line of them her father was Patrick and she had a twin called Michael.

Grandfather Thomas Russell worked on the building of the City Hall- the dome in particular, as family lore has it and his son Robert, my father, worked as a steel erector- no fear of heights he was nicknamed 'Digger'.
As previously said any info would be gratefully received.

549 Dr John Cordwell

Location: Gloucestershire
Date: 14.04.2010
Time: 17:18:00
I have found out a little bit more about my uncle Frederick Cordwell who was born in Bristol, who was living in Ireland in 1911. Later he enlisted in the North Irish Horse Regiment at Holborn. At the time his home address was given as Leckhampton. He died during WW1.

548 Albert Carmichael

Location: Belfast
Date: 11.04.2010
Time: 19:04:42
Thank for your help. I have just found out that my Grandfather Gnr Carmichael 1468866 had been in the Army for four years. I am trying to find out where he served. Do you have any idea where I can find this out. Now I know more of my family history, so far I am the third generation to serve in the Army and I am proud it and my family history.

Thanks again

547 Brigid Casey

Location: Parksville Bc Canada
Date: 10.04.2010
Time: 03:51:48
I am looking for the death record of my paternal grandmother Agnes Canavan Macaulay. 1941 - 1943 b 12 Apr 1867 Belfast Last address for my grandfather Robert Macaulay in 1927 was 65 Paris Street Belfast. He worked for the post office in Belfast.
Any information would be helpful!
Thank you

546 alexandrea lockhart

Location: US
Date: 10.04.2010
Time: 01:30:21
james and margaret Lockhart, maiden name was mcallister northern ireland question

matha (Lockhart)married william john crozier 1906
jane L married crozier 1913
samuel L
John L
son born 1891 named alexander lockhart
married 1922 jeannie mcallister born 1903
lived frenchpark street

545 Bill Crozier

Location: Florida
Date: 09.04.2010
Time: 13:31:46
l smile ookin for any information on Crozier's from Co Down or any northern Ireland came to USA late 1800 to NY area

Bill Crozier

544 Bill Crozier

Location: West palm beach Fl
Date: 09.04.2010
Time: 13:26:56
thumbup i have information this home was or is the crozier family my grandpa came here from Ireland ealy 1901 or a few years before to NY Brooklyn trying to find some history
thank so much
great site

543 maurice black

Location: Belfast
Date: 06.04.2010
Time: 21:27:11
Have found your site to be very interesting and appreciate the time and effort you must put in to help us.

542 Sherrianne Wylie Graf

Location: TEXAS
Date: 29.03.2010
Time: 17:09:00
Your name caught my eye. My ancestor was John Wylie, born in 1712 in Ballymena, Antrim, Ireland. He came to America, probably with a group of Presbyterians led by Rev. Martin, around 1767. Just wondered if we were kin.

541 agnes peden

Location: belfast/carrickfergus
Date: 25.03.2010
Time: 16:29:06
lamp great site;; im looking for info on my granda caldwell think he came from shankil rd but not sure he was married to an agnes douther/stracken not sure my father was henry frances stracken
he did some boxing when younger under name of tate

540 Victor Graham

Location: Perth Western Australia
Date: 22.03.2010
Time: 03:41:25
Hello and Thank you for the Website, I am searching for John Shanks and his wife RoseAnn, He had a Boot & shoe Makers shop Little York St wink , My G,M, Anne and other children were born in Sussex St near Sailortown, names Martha, James, John, William, & ???.

539 Mike Bryant

Location: Cheltenham, England
Date: 18.03.2010
Time: 22:14:01
Does anyone know if the "Colin Nye" shown in the photo of the 1958 Gang Show joined the RAF as an Aircraft Apprentice in January 1959? Colin Nye, a Belfast boy, was one of the 91st Entry and we are trying to contact "lost" colleagues.

538 thomas mcclean

Location: belfast
Date: 18.03.2010
Time: 12:20:56
i had a look about the sight very good am doing family tree if anyone can help with stuff from the oldpark and manner street area would help cheers

537 David Magraith

Location: Australia
Date: 18.03.2010
Time: 07:10:42
Greetings from Australia. I am searching for connection of Robert Lovell Magrath of Ireland who was involved in the Burmese war in 1823. He married Anna Balfour Macloghlin of Kilcarn Co Meath, lived in Liverpool in the 1840's. Robert emigrated to Australia in 1850.

536 S.H. Pollock

Location: Canada (Ex Belfast)
Date: 17.03.2010
Time: 04:58:01
Excellent site but a little complex and frustrating for me.

QUESTION I hope somebody can give me some help.

How do I find the name of the family who lived in 19 Wellington Park Belfast in 1945/46./47.48. The older gentleman was I believe the Dean of Methodist College at that time, There were 2 daughters or, grand daughters Jane and Rosemary (Ages 18 & 15 ) around that time. Is anyone from that area at that time who might have the answer????

Many thanks

535 Vanessa Wells

Location: Canada
Date: 16.03.2010
Time: 19:13:46
Terrific site with lots of information. I was disappointed that I couldn't find the Aug 5, 1927 Belfast Telegraph article outlining Clyde Kirkwood Weldon's life and his death. It has a pic with it. The only thing I have is a very poor photocopy that was taken from an equally poor copy of the article.

Also in "January 1887 - Jane McTier and Clyde Kirkwood Weldon were charged with firing a loaded revolver at the dwelling house of Bridget Fearon of Saunderson St. They were both returned to trial at the Assizes."

What was the outcome of this trial?

I am researching the Weldon's and would be very interested in whatever else you have.

I see I will be spending a lot of time trawling your site.
Thank you for such great work!


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