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1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970

Lost Photos - Sports 1

Lost Photos - Sports 2

RIR Football  -  Cricket 1944  -  BB OBU - J. H. Keilty  -  Cricket Dublin 1937  -  Braddell Shield Winners

Ulster Junior Hockey Team Shield  -  Royal Irish Rifles football team - Foyle College 1st XV 1939-40

Leahy Kelly and Leahy  -  Belfast Schools' League 1950-1951 - Britannia Football Club Season 1907-08

Foyle College Medallion XV. 1938-39  Shield Finalists - no names, came with 3 football photos

Willowfield Temperance Harriers 1925-26 - Belfast Cricket - Football Team - Clandeboye Golf Club 1958

original photographs are not my property and are not available

"b" Co., 2nd Royal Irish Rifles
Winners, Detachment League, Fort Burgoyne, 1909 - 10

Rfm. R. Gamble            Rfm. G. Laird           Rfm. W. J. Shiedls           Rfm. T. Hynes          Bug. E. Fitzgerald
Rfm. M. Bennett        Lce.-Cpl. R. Callaghan        2nd Lieut. W. J. How        Lce.-Cpl. C. McWilliams        Rfm. J. Halfpenny        Rfm. J. McDowell
Rfm. J. Bradshaw                                                                                                                   Rfm. W. Marshall


ANNUAL CRICKET FIXTURE 1944 - Bird & Co. Vs Imperial Tobacco Co. Ltd.

Standing - S. L. Sibal, K. R. Nayyar, F. S. Thakur, A. W. Khan, G. Qadir, T. N. Kochhar, R. L. Kapur, R. L. Chhattry, K. L. Suri, G. D. Khurana, S. D. Khanna, R. S. Dass, B. K. Mehra
Sitting - H. L. Soni, N. P. Sen, D. B. Nagarkar, S. A. Masood, J. C. F. Davidson, C. H. L. Kindersley, S. E. Masood, I. Habibullah, D. H. Peel Yates, G. W. Hunter, P. N. Singh, G. B. Sahgal
Photo by - G. Dass & Co., Lahore
Association Football - The Boy's Brigade O.B.U. Selected Team Officials - 1928

F. Ludlow (Ladlow)  S. Pullen   W. Ruboathan   A. Kells   T. Barnwell   C. Hepourn   J. Hogan   C. Reynolds

Linfield Football & Athletic Club - Reserved Seat 1937 to 1962
Belonging to J. H. Keilty, 15 Breda Gardens, Belfast  Row N Seat 147
now there's dedication to your footie
the first ticket cost 1 1s in 1937 and the last one cost 2 10s in 1962 that's not bad for inflation over a 25 year period


Kielty1931ASW.JPG (54832 bytes)


The Amalgamated Society of Woodworkers Cards belonging to James Keilty for the years 1931 to 1959

James P. Corry & Co. Ltd.
Received from Mr. James H. Kielty, 15 Breda Gardens


 Inter-Pro Dublin 1937 

 on back : John Williamson     Balmer (Holywood)   Tom Lewis (Drumaness)   Millar (CPA?)   Norman Entwistle (Muckamore)   Rawlings (Bangor) 
 ?   Boyd (Nice?)   Elliott (Laurelvale)   Tee (Ewarts - Capt.)   Shields (Laurelvale)   Jimmy ? (Muckamore)


football team, 1900 to 1901 no further information


The Shield says Ulster Hockey Junior ? Shield, I can't make out the name of the sponsor which is on the small shield at the bottom, it says ? & Son, the photo was taken by Francis M. Neill, Belfast and it says Ralph on the back
see image below (Braddell Shield)

UlsterJuniorHockeyTeamshield.jpg (148863 bytes)
CLICK to enlarge


Winners of the Bradell (Braddell) Shield  dates unclear, could be 1925? Junior League (See photo above this one)
on back - Mr. McCleave, Holywood
names on front - J. McCleave                   J. Ballagh                      F. Downey
              Rev. Wilkinson    ? Henderson     F. Ferguson     J. Howard     R? Curley     H. C. M. Dunwoody     E or F. M. ????
                  T. McCleave                 N. Ferguson

 Fermoy, Co. Cork December 1917  -  D company 8th (East Belfast) Royal Irish Rifles football team 
 C.Q.M.Sgt. Roland Croft -
front row, 3rd from right 
 photos of team and medal sent by Steven C., Roland Croft is his grandfather 

D Company 8th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles

Winners of Cole Hamilton Cup & Medals 

No. 8/ 12707 (service number)

C.Q.M.Sgt. R. Croft (Company Quartermaster Sergeant Roland Croft)

1916 - 1917 


Leahy, Kelly & Leahy Junior Shield Challenge

Thank you to Carol Moore for sending me this photo of her grandfather Robert John Benson (extreme right)
whose gymnastics club from Dungannon was awarded the Leahy, Kelly & Leahy Challenge Shield in 1898-1899
other names on the photo are :-
G. Nelson, G. Little, J. H. Fitzsimmons, J. Lewis, R. Benson, C. Newell and J. Hamilton
photo taken by Abernethy, Belfast

 Senior League - Joint Holders - 1950 - 1951
 Mr. J. Lutton - R. Kennedy - D. McMurtry - Mr. R. McIvor (Principal) - R. Chestnutt (Ireland) - C. Kernohan - J. Auld - Mr. G. T. McVicar
 R. McDonald - R. Rosbottom - J. Warnock - R. Braithwaite (Capt.) (Ireland) - E. Henderson - R. Faulkener - J. Johnston

 says D. McCloy on back

 came with 2 photos sports above, no info

Britannia Football Club Season 1907-08  (Dublin)
W. Ellison (Hon. Sec.)  D. Buchanan  M. C. McClelland, Esq., LL.B.  J. Warnock, Esq., B.A. (President)  H. Brown (Hon. Treas.)  M. Reilly, Esq. (Vice-President)
P. J. Kilmartin    R. Maguire    J. Christie    J. E. Lynch (Captain)    J. Pentland (Vice-Captain)    P. Casey    B. Leith
W. McConnell    T. Taylor    W. H. Shiels    J. B. Wilson    E. R. Dallas    C. Garner

Foyle College 1st XV 1939-40
J. S. Connolly, Esq., M.A.  G. A. Dinsmore  W. A. Aiken  W. A. McKinley*  J. C. Donaldson  R. M. Boyd  O. C. Cocrane  W. A. C. McConnell, Esq., M.A.
W. L. Wilkinson*  A. Colhoun*  W. C. Harris**  J. L. McC. Craig*  R. N. Crawford**  D. W. Milligan*  J. E. Wilson*
J. Russell    R. Miller*    E. B. Young
*Denotes Colourmen

Foyle College Medallion XV. 1938-39  Shield Finalists
G. C. Gillanders, Esq., B.A.  D. A. E. Roberts  C. Gourley  K. U. Vickers  S. E. Browne*  H. R. McDermott  W. A. C. McConnell, Esq., M.A.
G. S. Lapsley*    T. F. McGarvey*    M. Kerr*    G. A. Dinsmore,* Captain    J. Russell*    S. A. White    J. Piggot*
J. S. Stevenson                          S. W. McVicker*
R. T. H. Marshall *(Inset)                                      J. M. Hunter (Inset)

no names, came with above 3 football photos

Willowfield Temperance Harriers, 1925 - 26
Winners of Irish National Junior, Ulster Junior and Ulster Senior cross-country Championships
J. White, J. Briggs, W. Cooke, J. Morrow, F. Laverty, J. Kennedy, W. Graham, W. Hutchinson, V. West, T. McCormick, W. Wilson, S. Smyth, R. Bradley, J. Arnott, T. McNeill, H. Hull

D. Ferguson (Hon. Trainer), D. Donaldson, J. Blakley, J. Penney, J. Newberry, S. Penney, T. Brown, J. Greer, T. Clydesdale, W. Valentine (Vice-President), J. Gibson (Vice-President), W. Mol, Sen. (Hon. Sec.), J. Cully (Vice-Chairman), J. Smith, J. Hayes, J. McClelland, H. Stewart, J. Gray, W. McDermott, R. Fletcher, W. McMahon (Hon. Treas.)

W. Carvill, G. H. Thompson, jun., W. Robinson, G. B. McMahon (Vice-Captain), R. Roy, G. H. Thompson, sen. (Vice-President), J. Gildea, sen. (Vice-President), T. McKeag (President), Dr. T. C. D. Cathcart, M.D. (Vice-President), J. McC. Lesley (Chairman), D. McKeag (Vice-President), P. Lambe (Vice-President), W. McFerran, J. Andrews, J. Worrall, S. Crothers, R. Boyd, F. Lawther, J. Mol, D. Gildea, F. Gildea, W. Mol, jun., R. Worrall, J. Gildea, jun., P. Gildea

on back Belfast Cricket

on back 'Mr. Murray'

Clandeboye Golf Club
Winners Belfast & District Cup 1958
F. A. McCorry    J. Carlisle    D. F. Smith    S. A. G. Cooley    J. H. Pyper
V. McAuley    F. Wilson (Club Captain)    M. E. Quiery (Team Captain)    S. Young