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"When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say,
For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today"

8th Belfast H.A.A. Regt.

aka   'The Twelve Mile Snipers'
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A short History of The 8th (Belfast) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery (Supplementary Reserve)
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Cpl. William F. Davison

Belfast Telegraph Tuesday June, 6, 1944 Invasion


More Photographs 2      Photos 3     Photos 4      Photos 5     Archie Stevenson

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8th belfast 22nd.jpg (4605147 bytes)


22nd Battery of the 8th (Belfast) Hy. A. A. Regiment R. A. (S. R.)
India - Burma 1942 - 45

Click on thumbnail, wait for picture to load, then click on expand (bottom right hand corner) for a real close look, my father Jim Lennon is front row, left of the drums with the bag pipes and no bannerette.


{  A few weeks ago we published a reader's photograph of the 8th Belfast H.A.A. Regimental
football team in India during the war years. This week I publish a photograph of the regimental
rugby team which also distinguished itself in sport in India. The sender, Mr. W. Gibson,
11 Morpeth Street (Shankill Road), is curious to know where the "Fighting Rugbymen" are now.  }

back row, from left
Gnr. Lennon (22) - S/Sgt. Humphries (REME) - Gnr. Darbyshire (23) - Capt. Tiddly Reade (21) - Lt. Francis (21) - Capt. Norman Brann (22) - Capt. White (22) - Captain Harry McKibben (21) (Irish Rugby International)

middle row from left
Gnr. Ashton (21) - Sgt. Lynn (22) - Gnr. Jones (23) - Gnr. Langford (23)

front row from left
Gnr. Benson (22) - L/S Taylor (22) - Lt. Laidgate (21) - Gnr. Wilson (22)
no names for any of the middle or front row I would love to hear from anyone who can identify the rest of these men

Thank you to Robin Lynn, son of Sgt./BQMS Lynn, who was able to supply the rest of the names


8th Belfast H.A.A.'s Soccer Team
The 8th Belfast H.A.A. Regiment, R.A. (S.R.) football team, winners of the 15th India Corps R.A. League, 1944, and winners of the Madras Services League, 1945.
Standing - L.Bdr. J. Smith - Gnr. H. P. Hindley - L.Bdr. O. Dunkley - Gnr. J. L. Murphy - Sgt. W. S. McKeen - Gnr. J. E. Oldfield - Bdr. W. Hunter - Gnr. R. McQuiston and Gnr. A. Berry.
Seated - Cpl. K. IL. Dagger - Sgt. J. J. Holmes - Sgt. J. Crossan - Lt-Col. J. G. Cunningham, O.B.E., R.A. - Lt. (Q.M.) A. H. Busby, R.A. - Cpl. B. E. Lutterloch (capt.) - Lt. G. E. M. Hardy, R.A. and Gnr E. Russell.
Since arrival in India in 1942 the team has lost only one match.

see above photo for names

Football Postwar
Ireland's Saturday Night, February 28, 1948

Amateur League
Division II (A)
Lyle and Kinahan v. Technical O.B. - At Ballyclare Junction. Lennon opened the score for Kinahan's and S. McCausland equalised. Davey restored Kinahan's lead. In the second half Coard put Kinahan's further ahead and Andrews replied for Technical. McCotter scored for Kinahan's and Robinson replied for Technical J. Clarke scored a fifth goal for Kinahan's.  Result :- Lyle and Kinahan 5 Technical O.B. 3.


22 Battery (8th Belfast)
back row - ?   ?   ?   ?   ?
middle row - ?   ?   Gnr. Jimmy McKittrick  Col. J. Cunningham   Maj. Joe Mitchell   ?   Sgt. Jimmy Crymble
front row - Gnr. Bobby McQuiston   ?

       Dunmore?                                       Eric Bartley - owner of photograph
5th 6th and 7th from left are the Irvine Brothers

                                                                                                        Top Photograph                 Eric Bartley - owner of photograph             
top left - Jas. Cisons (Killed)   *    back middle - ? Niell (Neill)   *   back right - Harry Smith
middle row left -
Billy Irvine *  middle row 2nd from left - Jimmy Wright  *  middle row 3rd from left - Murray  *  middle row 4th from right - J. Tweedie
 middle row extreme right - Ernie Boden (x over head)
front row sitting left - Wilson Quitan   *   front row sitting right - Malachi O'Niell (O'Neill)   *   front row with back to camera -Big Joe Parker
Bottom Photograph
Gnl. Lionel Currie took this by flash bulb. The boy's all round the fire in the North Pole.
Address:- Dorman R. 5250220
BHQ 'J'Sec., 23/8th HAA RA (SR)
Villa Maritine
Le Havre
December 1939
note to left :- J Sect. and B.H.Q. including all 23rd Bty Officers were billeted here. A very large villa.
This villa belonged to a Coffee Planter and was requ? ored for the BEF troops.


R.H.Q. 8th Belfast Hy. A.A. Regt. R.A.
Blackdown Camp, Frimley, Nr. Camberley
December 1939

4 at back - Gnr. B. C. Munn   Gnr. R. McMillan   Gnr. W. Scott   Gnr. T. Reynolds
4th row - L/Bdr. W. A. Godfrey   Gnr. H. R. Hanley   Gnr. W. J. Woodside   L/Bdr. W. Twist   L/Bdr. T. H. Powell   L/Bdr. T. Rafferty   L/Bdr. J. Robinson   L/Bdr. D. Glencross   Gnr. W. J. Major
3rd row - Gnr. E. G. Devine   Gnr. H. Adair   L/Bdr. J. C. Kerr   Gnr. E. J. B. Seymour   Gnr. A. Morrow   Gnr. H. V. Hawkins   Gnr. A. L. Deane   Gnr. J. Allen   Gnr. R. Purvis   Gnr. W. Sloan
2nd row - Gnr. D. G. Laverty Gnr. J. McDowell Gnr. H. Mitchell Gnr. A. Myers Gnr. D. Anderson Gnr. R. Stranex Gnr. E. Gouldie Gnr. J. Hayes Gnr. J. Clelland Gnr. D. McQueston Gnr. J. E. Mearns
1st row - R-Q-M-S J. Fisher (M.M.)   2/Lt J. M. Gray, R.A.   Maj. G. F. Barrett, R.A.   Lt.-Col. J. Patrick, M.C., R.A.   Maj. (Q.M.) G. Norman, M.C., R.A.   R-S-M. A. E. D. Simmonds, R.A.
L/Sgt. J. Cleland   Bdr. M. B. Garrett


back row - Bobby Marks     ?     Tweedie     Stansfield     ?
  W. S. Palmer L/Sgt. (1468653      Coid        Bertie Skelton        ?


back row - ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?
front row - ?   Cpt. Harry McKibbin   ?   Cpt. Robin Reade   ?
email me with more names for the above gents


8th Belfast HAA Regt.
SEAC 1945
Lts. West, Prosser, Young, Bates, Wynn, McGillivray, Sayce, Francis, Brouse, Patterson, Stevens, Landon

RSN Simmonds, Lts Dinwoode, Has????, Hales, Rev. Caley, Captns. Beldam, Porter, Burrows, White Doc. Gantley, Lidgate, Lts. Hardy, Brock, Austin, ?Lt Busy

Capts. Brann, Garrett, Cook, Major Gabbey, Major Bates, Lt/Col. Cunningham, OBE., Major Mitchell, Major Holden, Capts. Kinahan, McKibbin, Reade, MC.


Back Row Captain Louis White, 2nd from left Major Robin Reade M.C.
Front Row 2nd from left Herbert Coulter   -   ?


The Twelve Mile Snipers
3rd from left (hand in air) Sgt. Stanfield - (standing on gun) Jimmy Stranaghan


Chow time ? and with music (accordion)
must be early in 1939 as my Dad, back row, 6th from right still looks baby-faced :)
[ the man standing 4th from right holding white cup is John Blair thank you to his great-granddaughter Amy Gibson for contacting me]


Orangefield House 1939


    ^                                                        ^
we have names for
Darkie Brown         and             John Jameson    and possibly Logan on the end
 23rd battery

Archie Stevenson

the following 9 photos were sent to me by Archie's daughter Jean Fox

Archy Stevenson (Jeans father) - George Groves (his pal) - Alex Restorick - W Reid and Tommy Bryce

back row - Leonard Larkin  Joe Tweedie  ?  Jimmy Porter  ?
middle row - ?  Sammy Watson (black trunks)  ?  Jackie Gair
front row (3) Bertie Goodwin  Jim Lennon   Harry Mawhinney
that's my dad (Jim Lennon) at the front, poor man was constantly sick travelling by sea he lost so much weight,
he looked like a rescued POW, they're all a bit thin, I guess army food wasn't that great - Mary

back row - ?   ?   ?   ?   Jimmy Russell   ?   Roland Sinton
?   ?
middle row -  ?   ?   ?   Geordie Knowles   ?   Jimmy Porter   Tommy Dickson   ?
front row -   ?   Bertie Goodwin   ?   ?  Billy McCord  Harry Mawhinney
no information - photo supplied by Bertie Goodwin

back row -   ?   Jimmy Brennan?   ?   Harry Mawhinney   Gordon Heaney   ?
middle row -  ?   ?   ?   Bertie Goodwin
supplied by Bertie Goodwin

21st Battery  - Albert 'Alf' Wooden (front row left)

21st Battery - Albert 'Alf'
Wooden, (back row 2nd from right) both photos sent to me by Terry Wooden, Alf's son