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"When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say,
For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today"

8th Belfast H.A.A. Regt.

aka   'The Twelve Mile Snipers'
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Sergeant William Adrain - Diary and Biography

D. J. Bailie - War Diary and Photographs

Colonel Wm. N. Brann

Sgt. Thomas Herbert Coulter (Herbie)

Jimmy Cunningham's Private Army Comes Home

L/Sgt. Bertie Goodwin

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2/Lt. William George Hales

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Ken Heath

Bdr. William (Buttons) Hunter

Irvine Brothers 23rd Battery

Bdr. J. C. Irvine 23rd Battery

Bdr. Thomas Henderson Kane

Tommy and Albert Kinnon 21st and 23rd Bty.

 Gnr. Jim Lennon's War Records - Photos

Sgt. Joseph Harold Lynn (aka Harry-Joe)

Matchett Brothers 23rd Battery

L/Bdr. Harry Joseph Mawhinney 22nd Battery

Gunner Thomas Mercer 21st Battery

 Jimmy McKittrick

Bdr. Thomas McLaughlin

Colonel Harry Porter

Sgt. Billy Wilson 23rd Battery

Sidney Ernest Wright - Diary & Photographs


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List of names, no addresses 23rd Bty.

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Nominal Roll 21st Bty. all ranks

Nominal Roll 22nd Bty. all ranks

Nominal Roll 23rd Bty. all ranks

8th Belfast HAA Nominal Roll 21st Battery

8th Belfast HAA Nominal Roll 22nd Battery

8th Belfast HAA Nominal Roll 23rd Battery

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Burma Star Luncheon 2009

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8th Belfast HAA History
by Colonel Murray Barnes, OBE , TD.

A short History of The 8th (Belfast) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery (Supplementary Reserve)
by Harry Porter


Dean Houston McKelvey's Sermon
3rd October 2010

Extract from Coralie Kinahan's book
'Behind Every Great Man'
"Robin's War"


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Harry Porters film of the Twelve Mile Snipers
(in 3 parts)

Burma Star Luncheon

The Last Parade

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Cpl. William F. Davison

Belfast Telegraph Tuesday June, 6, 1944 Invasion


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Nominal Roll 21st HY. A.A. Battery, R.A. (all ranks)

(total 386 all ranks)

? means its not very clear

No. Rank Name Next of Kin & Home Address Nearest Railway Station
87357? T/Major Gabbey, H. M. Mrs. H. M. Gabbey, "Loughry", Helen's Bay, Co. Down  
87068 T/Capt. McKibbin, H. R. Mr. McKibbin, "Sliema"? 38 North Circular Road, Belfast York Street (LMS)
89712 T/Capt. Reade, R. H. Mr. Reade, "Carncairn", Broughshane, Co. Antrim  
1476466 A/BSM. Abernethy, T. W. Mr. Abernethy, "Dermoy", Ballylesson  
1465647? Gnr. Adams, S. B. Mrs. S. B. Adams, 7 Augarine Street, Belfast York Street (LMS)
1465680 Gnr. Anderson, T. Mrs. Anderson, 56 Hanna Street, Belfast York Street (KMG?)
1485572 Gnr. Andrews, J. Mrs. W. J. Andrews, Main Road, Drumbeg, Dunmurry, N.I.  
1475150 W/Sgt. Armstrong, W. C, Miss A. Armstrong, 184 North Queen Street, Belfast      -do-
1466621 L/Sgt. Arhtur, W. G. G. (Arthur) Mrs. W. G. G. Arthur, 56/8 Canmore Street, Belfast      -do-
1468649 Gnr. Arthur, A. C. 16 Lemberg Street, Belfast      -do-
1475146 Gnr. Arthur, T. E. Mrs. T. E. Arthur, 7 Vara Drive, Belfast      -do-
1469240? Gnr. Barber, A. Mrs. A. Barber, 49 Upper Mervue Street, Belfast      -do-
1456562 L/Bdr. Bothwell, J. Mrs. J. Bothwell, 39 Dover Street, Belfast      -do-
1457036 Gnr. Briggs, T. H. Mrs. T. H. Briggs, 93 Upper Canning Street, Belfast      -do-
1469551 Pte. Brown, J. W. A. G. Mrs. J. W. A. G. Brown, c/o Ballee P.O., Downpatrick, Co. Down, N.I.  
1473917 L/Sgt. Brown, R. Mr. Brown, 17 Lawnbrook Square, Belfast York Street (LMS)
1465670 W/Bdr. Brown, S. Mrs. Brown, 4 Fort William Crescent, Belfast      -do-
1473919 Gnr. Buchanan, S. Mrs. S. Buchanan, 91 Battenburg Street, Belfast York Street (LMS)
1461922 S/Sgt. Cassells, R. Mrs. R. Cassells, 22 Vandyke Gardens, Whitewell Road, Greencastle, Belfast      -do-
1465873 Gnr. Cherry, T. Mrs. T. Cherry, 43 Portallo Street, Belfast      -do-
1469537 A/Bdr. Christie, T. Mrs. T. Christie, 109 Leopold Street, Belfast      -do-
1473926 Gnr. Clarke, F. Mr. Clarke, 127 Kings Road, Knock, Belfast      -do-
1468637 Gnr. Clifford, A. Mrs. A. Clifford, 8 Wellwynne Street, Belfast      -do-
1465688 W/Sgt.  Clyde, J. 120 Tennent Street, Belfast      -do-
1456338 Pte. Crainey, E. Mrs. E. Crainey, 25 Torrance Road, Belfast      -do-
1455078 L/Sgt. Devlin, E. Mrs. E. Devlin, 40 Sancroft Street, Belfast (46?)      -do-
1467319 Gnr. Dickey, J. (Dicky) Mrs. J. Dickey, 7 Cross Street, Belfast      -do-
1472237 A/Bdr. Donnelly, S. Mrs. Donnelly, 2 Little Ship Street, Belfast      -do-
1468860 Gnr. Eva, H. Mrs. H. Eva, Rockummon, Carryduff, Co. Down (Rockirmmon)      -do-
1484775 Gnr. Farr, J. H. Mrs. J. H. Farr, Blaires Road, Lisburn (Blanes) Lisburn (GNR)
1467301 Gnr. Gibson, W. J. Mr. Gibson, 96 Twaddle Avenue, Belfast York Street (LMS)
Gnr. Girvin, G. Mrs. G. Girvin, 47 Mourne Street, Belfast      -do-
1457037 Gnr. Girvin, S. K. Mrs. S. K. Girvin, 36 Mountview Street, Belfast      -do-
1456564 Gnr. Glass, W. J. Mr. Glass, 66 Penrith Street, Belfast      -do-
1456565 Gnr. Gould, A. H. Mr. Gould, 261 Conway Street, Belfast      -do-
1468878 Gnr. Graham, W. Mr. Graham, 68 Malvern Street, Belfast      -do-
1459263 Gnr. Hamilton, A. Mr. Hamilton, 50 Farnham Street, Belfast      -do-
1465678 Gnr. Harris, H. A. Mrs. Harris, 6 Deerark Avenue, Belfast (Deerpark)      -do-
1468884 Gnr. Hazel, S. Mr. Hazel, 66 Belgrave Street, Belfast      -do-
1456329 A/Sgt. Herdman, R. Mrs. R. Herdman, 249 Joanmount Gardens, Belfast      -do-
1476384 A/Cpl. Heaney, R. Mr. Heaney, 28 Weaver Street, Belfast      -do-
1465674 Gnr. Irvine, S. Mr. Irvine, 31 Mayfield Street, Belfast      -do-
1471049 Gnr. Kernaghan, J. Mrs. Kernaghan, 62 Ainsworth Street, Belfast      -do-
1456427 L/Sgt. King, R. Mrs. King, 24 Claremount Street, Belfast      -do-
1465682 Pte. Lyttle, H. Mrs. H. Lyttle, 190 Urney Street, Belfast      -do-
1465633 Gnr. Lyttle, J. Mrs. J. Lyttle, 5 Palmer Street, Belfast      -do-
1465642 Gnr. Mackintosh, H. Mrs. H. Mackintosh, 39 Howe Street, Belfast      -do-
1476374 Gnr. Mateer, J. Mrs. J. Mateer, 8 Gypsy Street, Belfast (4?)      -do-
1456622 W/Sgt. Millar, A. Mrs. A. Millar, "Windmoor", Walkers Lane, Millisle, Co. Down  
1463055 Gnr. Millin, H. Mrs. Millin, 9 Apsley Street, Belfast York Street (LMS)
1468648 W/Bdr. Mills, H. (MM) Mrs. H. Mills, 21 Matlock Street, Belfast      -do-
1468873 A.Bdr. Miskelly, F. B. Miss Miskelly, 31 Crimea Street, Belfast      -do-
1471047 Gnr. Montgomery, N. Mr. Montgomery, 41 Vernon Street, Belfast      -do-
1460270 Gnr. McBurney, J. H. Mrs. J. H. McBurney, 56 Egmont Street, Belfast      -do-
1463108 W/Bdr. McCrory, T. H. Mrs. T. H. McCrory, 18 Enfield Street, Belfast      -do-
1474581 Gnr. McCullough, J. Mr. McCullough, 1 Fairmount Terrace, Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim (Fairymount)  
1465711 Gnr. McCutcheon, R. G. Mr. McCutcheon, 23 Orpen Road, Finaghy, N.I.  
1467321 Pte. McGarry, W. J. Mrs. W. J. McGarry, 62 Crumlin Street, Belfast York Street (LMS)
1465641 L/Bdr. McKenna, J. G. Mr. McKenna, 3 Radburn Square, Hollywood, N.I. (Redburn, Holywood)  
1484107 Gnr. McKibbin, A. Mrs. A. McKibbin, 82 Mayo Street, Belfast York Street (LMS)
1459102 A/Sgt. McLaughlin, T. Mrs. T. McLaughlin, 10 Eia Street, Belfast      -do-
1468853 L/Bdr. McMullan, J. Mrs. J. McMullan, 27 Alloa Street, Belfast      -do-
1463063 Gnr. Nicholl, J. H. Mrs. J. H. Nicholl, 4 Harwood Street, Belfast      -do-
1467306 Gnr. Pratt, V. Mr. Pratt (Brother) 10 Wanchape Street, Belfast (Wauchope) York Street (LMS)
1440744 Gnr. Rainey, D. W. T. Mrs. Rainey, "Roebraye", Whitehead, Belfast      -do-
1458597 Gnr. Robb, A. E. K. Mrs. Robb, 78 Hillview Street, Belfast      -do-
1463051 W/Sgt. Robinson, J. Mr. Robinson, "Bloomfield" Greenisland, Co. Antrim  
1477347 L/Bdr. Rodgers, W. Mrs. Rodgers, 25 Copeland Street, Belfast York Street (LMS)
1471626 Gnr. Smith, W. J. Mrs. W. J. Smith, 18 Eaton Street, Belfast      -do-
1465651 Gnr. Smyth, A. V. Mr. Smyth, 9 Brussells Street, Belfast      -do-
1458596 A/BQMS Thompson, F. Mr. Thompson, 236 Cliftonville Road, Belfast      -do-
1468883 Gnr. Thompson, J. K. Mrs. Thompson, 69 Belgrave Street, Belfast      -do-
1468872 Gnr. Thompson, J. Mrs. J. Thompson, 118 Silvio Street, Belfast      -do-
1471627 L/Bdr. Tosh, R. Mrs. R. Tosh, 55 Mineral Street, Belfast      -do-
1471044 W/Bdr. Turkington, T. E. Mrs. T. E. Turkington, 20 Greymount Crescent, Whitehouse, Belfast      -do-
1473863 Gnr. Vance, C. K. Mrs. C. K. Vance, 44 Clanmorris Street, Belfast      -do-
1473861 L/Sgt. Wallace, J. Mrs. J. Wallace, 34 Fife Street, Belfast      -do-
1465498 L/Sgt. Wallace, W. Mrs. Wallace, "Silverton", 5 Alliance Avenue, Belfast Leave Address: Killock Hotel, Dublin, Eire
1456430 Gnr. Welsh, H. Mr. Welsh, 62 Edlingham Street, Belfast York Street (LMS)
1456328 Gnr. Wilkinson, T. J. Mrs. T. J. Wilkinson, 15 James Street, Belfast      -do-
1465637 Gnr. Wilson, W. Mrs. W. Wilson, 22 Hazelfield Street, Belfast      -do-
1469535 Gnr. Wilton, J. Mrs. Wilton, 20 Jennymount Street, Belfast      -do-
1473871 W/Bdr. Wylie, J. Miss Wylie (Sister) 9 McCandless Street, Belfast      -do-
1683095 W/Bdr. McAtamney, A. Mrs. A. McAtamney, The Mill, Clare Island, Co. Mayo, Eire  
1683108 Gnr. Patterson, J. J. Mrs. J. J. Patterson, The Rock, Mount Charles, Donegal, Eire  
1820181 Gnr. Aiton, A. Mrs. Aiton, 28 Lambhill Street, Glasgow, S. 1 Glasgow Central
1536735 Gnr. Cannan, D. Mrs. Cannan, West Logan, Castle Douglas, Dumfries  
1820112 Gnr. Christie, A. H. Mrs. A. H. Christie, 10 Campbell Street, Dundee Dundee
1683029 Gnr. Colvin, F. Mr. Colvin, 61 Academy Road, Fraserburgh, Nr. Aberdeen Fraserburgh
1610718 Gnr. Cooper, J. H. Mrs. J. H. Cooper, 23 New Sneddon Street, Paisley Paisley
1773114 Gnr. Crawford, G. Mrs. G. Crawford, 71 Main Street, Forth, Lanarkshire  
1784459 Gnr. Dempster, W. Mr. Dempster, 51 Brown Street, Newmilnes, Ayreshire  
1807980 Gnr. Drummond, G. Mrs. G. Drummond, 78 Langlands Road, Glasgow, S. 7 Glasgow Central
1820056 Gnr. Ewart, T. Mr. Ewart, 32 Swinton Road, Baillieston, Lanarkshire  
1820731 Gnr. Gibson, J. Mr. Gibson, 8 Leslie Place, Edinburgh Edinburgh
1807942 Gnr. Graham, J. Mr. Graham, 5 Duncan Street, Greenock, Renfrewshire Greenock
1537176 Gnr. Laing, J. M. Mr. Laing, 101 Carronshore Road, Falkirk Falkirk
1794987 Gnr. Morrison, J. M. Mrs. J. M. Morrison, 509 Dumbarton Road, Delmuir, Scotland Delmuir
1694640 Gnr. Murphy, J. L. Mrs. Murphy, Kingson's Knowe, Lanarkshire  
1822364 Gnr. Proud, J. Mrs. J. Proud, 4 Blantyre Street, Bishop Mill, Elgin Elgin
1698794 Gnr. Shaw, G. Mr. Shaw, 204 Colbourn Road, Coalburn, Lanarkshire  
1698795 Gnr. Sinnett, S. Mrs. S. Sinnett, 77 Barn Road, Calderbank, Airdrie  
1820288 Gnr. Smyth, A. M. Mr. Smyth, 15 Elvan Street, Shettlestone, Glasgow, E. 2 Glasgow Central
217184 W/Lt. Davies, D. A. Mr. Davies, "Bronalth", Alan Road, Llandilo, Camarthenshire, S. Wales  
1710128 Gnr. Jones, E. Mrs. E. Jones, 4 Ty-Isa Road, Llandudno, North Wales LLandudno
909850 Gnr. Murray, L. J. 13 Carolyne Street, Newport, Monmouthshire Newport, Mon.
1722103 Gnr. Parry, W. Mrs. Jones (Sister), Pengarred, Pentraeth, Anglesey  
229884 W/Lt. Prosser, D. L. Mr. Prosser, "Byrn Derwen", Llangrennos, Camarthen, S. Wales Carmarthen
1806830 Gnr. Roberts, J. R. Mr. Roberts, 2 Penbrynllnyd, Glanpwll, Festiniog  
1602581 Gnr. Stone, D. J. Mr. Stone, Pontyilyn, Trinsaran Road, Llanelly Llanelly
1777639 Gnr. Whiles, I. J. Mrs. I. J. Whiles, 1 Oakfield Bungalow, Hawthorne, Rhydfelen, Nr. Pontyprydd, S. Wales Pontyprydd
1618356 Gnr. Callin, R. G. Mrs. R. G. Callin, Post Office, Mawdsley, Nr. Ormskirk, Lancs. Preston
1770819 Gnr. Coleman, F. T. Mrs. F. T. Coleman, 20 Chaucer Street, Gateshead Gateshead
1674941 Gnr. Dewhurst, J. Mr. Dewhurst, 83 Mersey Street, Longridge, Preston Preston
1819006 Gnr. Donohoe, W. P. 24 Barrow Street, Hebburn-on-Tyne, Durham Hebburn-on-Tyne
1515454 W/Sgt. Flaherty, J. Mr. Flaherty, 4 Blenkinsop Grove, Primrose, Jarrow-on-Tyne Jarrow-on-Tyne
1516933 Gnr. Hymas, W. Mrs. Hymas, The Willows, Bishop Monkton, Harrowgate Harrowgate
1683074 L/Bdr. Issott, L. H. Mrs. L. H. Issott, 48 Edge Lane, Thornhill, Dewsbury, Yorks Dewsbury
1809254 Gnr. Lloyd, D. Mr. Lloyd, 9 Hall Gardens, West Bolden, Durham West Bolden
1792563 Gnr. Lloyd, H. Mrs. Lloyd, 9 Hall Gardens, West Bolden, Durham West Bolden
1459100 L/Sgt. Marno, H. Mrs. H. Marno, 22 Lime Road, Redcar, Yorks Redcar Halt
1657988 Gnr. North, E. 34 Queens Drive, Barnsley, Yorks Barnsley
904901 Gnr. Naisby, T. W.? Mr. Naisby, 27 Marine Crescent, Carlisle Carlisle
1780061 Gnr. Parsley, F. Mrs. F. Parsley, 13 Moore Street, Wheatley Hill, Durham  
1683110 W/Bdr. Portman, J. T. c/o Mrs. Geddies, 19 Napier Street, Middlesbrough, Yorks Middlesbrough
4800307 Gnr. Roberts, J. Mrs. J. Roberts, 21 Lord Street, Grimsby Grimsby
1659466 Gnr. Robinson, R. Mrs. R. Robinson, 11 Park Gate, Darlington, Yorks Darlington
777113 Gnr. Robson, R. Mrs. R. Robson, 43 Woodbine Street, Sunderland, Co. Durham Sunderland
1473860 W/Sgt. Scott, W. Mrs. W. Scott, 23 Quarrymount Terrace, Leeds, 6, Yorks Leeds
11262538 Gnr. Smart, F. R. Mrs. Smart, 113 Windermere Road, Kendal, Westmoreland Kendal
1773470 Gnr. Stephenson, M. Mrs. M. Stephenson, 18 Blackwell Avenue, Walker, Newcastle-on-Tyne Newcastle-on-Tyne
266879 W/Lt. West, A. D. H. Mrs. A. D. H. West, 172 Westbourne Avenue, Hull, East Yorks Hull
13033298 L/Bdr. Baxter, W. E. Mrs. Baxter, 98 Norwich Road, Dereham, Norfolk  
1747032 Gnr. Chilvers, L. E. Mrs. L. E. Chilvers, 18 Cross Road, Gorleston, Great Yarmouth Great Yarmouth
972739 Gnr. Valentine, C. J. Mrs. C. J. Valentine, c/o Mr. G. Briggs, Poplar Farm, Newark, Peterborough Peterborough
1536461 Gnr. Allan, G. Mr. Allan, 71 Leadenhall Street, Everton, Liverpool  
837270 Gnr. Arden, T. H. Mrs. T. H. Arden, 84b Birkett Street, Liverpool 3  
7664515 L/Bdr. Aston, E. J. Mrs. E. J. Aston, 13 Newhall Gardens, Shrewsbury Crewkerne, Som.
1808929 Gnr. Atherton, J. Mr. Atherton, 11 New Earth Street, Oldham, Lancs Oldham
1822643 Gnr. Bickerton, F. Mrs. F. Bickerton, 26 Francis Road, Irlam, Manchester  
11058358 Gnr. Billingham, A. Mrs. A. Billingham, 18 Bugbrook Road, Kislingbury, Northants  
1683004 Gnr. Bladen, J. Mrs. J. Bladen, 25 Rose Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent  
11058362 Gnr. Bradshaw, A. G. Mrs. A. G. Bradshaw, 88 Purser Road, Northants  
1778057 Gnr. Brown, A. Mrs. A. Brown, 61 Sherborne Road, Aspley, Nottingham  
2088701 Gnr. Burford, J. W. Mrs. J. W. Burford, 363 Gospel Lane, Acocks Green, Birmingham Birmingham (New Street)
1683008 Gnr. Buxton, L. Mrs. L. Buxton, 35 King William Street, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent  
881314 Gnr. Burke, P. Mr. Burke, 194 Balden Road, Harborne, Birmingham Birmingham (New Street)
1683023 A/Sgt. Casson, F. H. Mrs. F. H. Casson, 70 Oakwood Road, Wylde Green, Sutton Coldfield, Nr. Birmingham Birmingham (New Street)
1683027 Gnr. Cousins, A. L.? Mr. Cousins, 89 Mostyn Street, Leicester Leicester
1704063 Gnr. Cunliffe, J. Mrs. J. Cunliffe, 9 Crosby Street, Atherton, Lancs. Atherton, Lancs.
1694126 Gnr. Culshaw, T. Mrs. T. Culshaw, 6 Karefoot Row, Hindley, Wigan, Lancs.  
1683038 Gnr. Dolman, F. S. Mrs. F. S. Dolman, 129 Burnham Lane, Whitley, Coventry Coventry
859885 Gnr. Edwards, J. Mrs. Edwards, 9 Dinglemount, Liverpool, 8  
1491752 Gnr. Edwards, T. E. Mrs. Edwards, 61 Belde Street, Liverpool, 8  
11057922 Gnr. Foster, R. Mrs. R. Foster, East Avenue, Ashall, Bucknall, Stoke-on-Trent Bucknall
1778640 Gnr. Franey, T. Mrs. Franey, 51 Grove Street, Redditch, Worcs. Redditch
1683059 Gnr. Gould, G. F. J. Mrs. G. F. J. Gould, 12 Devon Grove, Stoke Heath, Coventry Coventry
1683062 Gnr. Harris, T. Mrs. T. Harris, 11 Down Avenue, High Lane, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent Tunstall
1778715 Gnr. Harris, R. G. Mrs. Harris, 23 Manilla Road, Selly Park, Birmingham Birmingham (New Street)
1456700 Gnr. Harrison, P. Mrs. Harrison, 173 Newton Road, Parr, St. Helens, Lancs St. Helens
1683071 L/Bdr. Haslegrave, E. Mrs. E. Haslegrave, c/o 22 Devana Avenue, Coalville, Leicester Coalville
1683065 Gnr. Haynes, C. B. Mrs. C. B. Haynes, 2 Bromley Drive, Stoke, Coventry Coventry
1536568 Gnr. Hindley, H. P. Mr. Hindley, 174 Manchester Road, Clifton, Manchester  
1794174 Gnr. Ingham, L. Mr. Ingham, 19 Greaves Street, Middleton Junction, Manchester Middleton
1536476 Gnr. Jarman, J. B. Mrs. J. B. Jarman, 1 Ogden Street, Castleton, Rochdale Rochdale
1536475 Gnr. Jones, J. Mrs. Jones, 3 Park Street, Middleton, Manchester Middleton
1683076 Gnr. Johnson, F. J. Mrs. F. J. Johnson, 583 London Road, Oakhill, Stoke-on-Trent Stoke-on-Trent
1683080 Gnr. Knight, A. Mrs. A. Knight, 21 Warden Road, Radford, Coventry Coventry
1657473 Gnr. Kelly, E. Mrs. E. Kelly, 0 Moss Lane, Sandbach, Cheshire Sandbach
1541249 Gnr. Lynch, J. D. Mrs. J. D. Lynch, 15 Garnett, Wolsly Street, Pendleton, Manchester Pendleton
1683084 Gnr. Mathews, L. Mrs. L. Mathews, 5 St. Vincent Place, Knutton, Stoke-on-Trent Stoke-on-Trent
1683085 Gnr. Morris, W. A. Mrs. W. A. Morris, 4 Harpers Yard, Market Drayton, Salop Market Drayton
879325 Gnr. Mawdsley, W. Mrs. W. Mawdsley, 24 Fairey Street, Everton, Liverpool, 5 Everton
1491915 Gnr. Machin, A. Mr. Machin, 38 Fisher Street, Great Bridge, West Bromwich West Bromwich
1683100 W/Cpl. Naughton, J. Mrs. J. Naughton, 15 Hamilton Road, Stoke, Coventry Coventry
11262746 Gnr. Page, L. E. Mrs. L. E. Page, 70 Brae Street, Kensington, Liverpool, 7 Liverpool
1683111 W/Sgt. Pain, B. Mrs. B. Pain, 65 Vernon Avenue, Rugby, Warwickshire Rugby
1683103 Gnr. Parker, P. T. Mrs. P. T. Parker, 53 Longport Street, Longport, Stoke-on-Trent Longport
1683104 W/Bdr. Parton, A. Mrs. A. Parton, 46 Whitehill Road, Kidsgrove, Stoke-on-Trent Kidsgrove
855676 Gnr. Pugh, A. J. Mr. Pugh, 23 Hartington Road, Wavertree, Liverpool Liverpool
855288 Gnr. Pugh, W. Mr. Pugh, 23 Hartington Road, Wavertree, Liverpool      -do-
1536555 W/Bdr. Redford Mrs. Redford, 27 Denbigh Street, Manchester, 15 Manchester
1683115 L/Bdr. Robbins, A. Mrs. A. Robbins, "Verona", Hathaway Lane, Stratford-on-Avon Stratford-on-Avon
1683122 Gnr. Sheffield, L. Mrs. L. Sheffield, 12 Overslade Crescent, Coundon, Coventry Coventry
1492070 Gnr. Smith, L. Mr. Smith, 3 Douglas Road, Langley, Nr. Birmingham  
1683126 Gnr. Snoxall, S. Mrs. S. Snoxall, 69 Collis Road, Atherstone, Coventry Coventry
5117629 Gnr. State, W. H. Mrs. State, 16 Carlisle Street, Birmingham, 18 Birmingham
1492090 L/Bdr. Stevens, G. R. Mrs. G. R. Stevens, Cropwell Bishop, Nottingham  
1773400 Gnr. Stirling, B. Mrs. Stirling, 27 Station Road, Kettering, Wellington, Salop Wellington
1683127 Gnr. Thornton, G. E. Mrs. G. E. Thornton, "Thanet", 52 Clinton Road, Shirley, B'ham. Birmingham
1683128 L/Bdr. Tilstone, V. Mrs. V. Tilstone, 10 Albert Street, Golden Hill, Stoke-on-Trent Stoke-on-Trent
1632230 Gnr. Tunstall, P. Mrs. P. Tunstall, c/o Mr. Edge, 1 Abram Street, off Langley Road, Pendlebury, Salford, 6 Salford
1683131 L/Bdr. Twigger, A. Mrs. A. Twigger, Lynden House, Newland Lane, Exhall, Coventry (Linden House?) Coventry
1683147 Gnr. Wallis, H. R. Mrs. H. R. Wallis, c/o 126 Whoberley Avenue, Coventry Coventry
1683144 L/Bdr. Walton, F. W. Mrs. F. W. Walton, 20 Perkins Street, Coventry      -do-
1683136 W/Bdr. Wearing, H. W. Mr. Wearing, 24 Chester Street, Coventry      -do-
11057998 Pte. Willis, S. W. Mrs. S. W. Willis, 29 New Road, Kidderminster, Worcestershire Kidderminster
1808954 Gnr. Wilson, J. Mr. Wilson, 40 Bridge Street, Hindley, Nr. Wigan, Lancs. Wigan
1683146 Gnr. Wiltshaw, T. Mrs?. T. Wiltshaw, "Bri-Lea"Oakland Avenue, Porthill, Stoke-on-Trent Longport
879310 L/Bdr. Winckle, A. H. Mrs. A. H. Winckle, 10 Paulton Street, Liverpool, 8 Liverpool
1683138 Gnr. Wood, J. Mrs. J. Wood, 85 Werrington Road, Bucknall, Stoke-on-Trent Bucknall
1493423 Gnr. Worthington, J. Mrs. Worthington, 3 Brook Street, Ince, Nr. Wigan, Lancs. Wigan
210063? W/Lt. Wynn, J. C. W. Mr. Wynn, Heather House, Milford, Staffordshire  
1683050 Gnr. Firth, R. E. Mrs. R. E. Firth, 77 Leadale Avenue, Chingford, London, E. 4  
11058196 Gnr. Austin, A. G. Mrs. A. G. Austin, Smug Oak Lane, Bricket Wood, St. Albans, Herts. St. Albans
177074 W/Lt. Bing, H. G. (M.C.) Mr. A. L. Bing, 208 Nelson House, Dolphin Square, London, S.W. 1  
1780464 Gnr. Braybrook, C. E. Mrs. C. E. Braybrook, 14 Klondyke Cottages, Bury-St.-Edmonds, Suffolk Bury-St.-Edmonds
1777618 Gnr. Brown, H. Mrs. H. Brown, 54 Tollington Road, London, N. 7  
1501961 Gnr. Bryant, R. F. Mrs. R. F. Bryant, Fore Street, Bakery, Ivybridge, Nr. Plymouth  
1501989 L/Bdr. Chubb, W. H. School Road, Landrak, Cornwall  
1698123 Gnr. Collett, A. F. Mrs. A. F. Collett, 40 Huddersfield House, Sumner Road, London, S.E. 17  
11057778 Pte. Cooper, F. S. Mrs. F. S. Cooper, 278 High Street, Clapham, Beds. Clapham, Beds
1757086 Gnr. Cootes, A. W. Mrs. A. W. Cootes, 3 Elia Street, Islington, London, N. 1  
1757853 Gnr. Cope, W. Mrs. W. Cope, 8  Sandover Road, Albany Road, Camberwell, S.E. 5 Islington (LPTB)
1618787 Gnr. Daltrey, W. H. c/o Mr. Ingham, 172 St. Augustine Road, Southsea, Essex Southsea
1804881 Gnr. Denchfield, H. L. Mrs. H. L. Denchfield, 24 Lulot Street, Highgate, London Highgate (LPTB)
1703596 Gnr. Dorrington, J. B. Mr. Dorrington (Brother) 95 Arlington Drive, Carshalton, Surrey Carshalton
1575654 L/Bdr. Dunton, V. G. Mrs. Dunton, Bank Green, Billington, Chesham  
1652659 Gnr. Ellis, C. E. Mrs. C. E. Ellis, 21 Dorchester Close, Dunstable, Beds. Dunstable
5956779 W/Cpl. Freeman, R. J. Mrs. R. J. Freeman, 242 Beechwood Road, Luton, Beds. Luton
11058406 Gnr. Gilbert, A. L. Mr. Gilbert, 8 Station Road, Whiteleaf, Surrey  
1783215 Gnr. Grist, H. Mrs. H. Grist, 19 Chapel Street, Warminster, Wilts. Warminster
1804900 Gnr. Grizzell, R. W. Mrs. R. W. Grizzell, 42 Manor Avenue, Brockley, London, S.E. 4 Brockley (LPTB)
1777552 Gnr. Groom, S. J. Mrs. S. J. Groom, 32 Second Avenue, Daganham, Essex Dagenham
888020 Gnr. Harris, L. J. Mr. Harris, 57 Ennersdale Road, Lewisham, London Lewisham (LPTB)
1804420 Gnr. Hart, J. J. Mrs. J. J. Hart, "Fairholme", Salisbury Road, Langton, Kent.  
1804912 Gnr. Hatter, A. M. Mrs. A. M. Hatter, 78 St. Evans Road, North Kensington, London, W. 10 North Kensington (LPTB)
1514198 Gnr. Haycock, T. O. Mrs. Haycock, 26 Sunnydale House, Stanley Park Road, Staple Hill, Bristol Bristol
1777681 Gnr. Herod, E. Mrs. E. Herod, 195 Danes Road, Forest Gate, London, E. 7 Forest Gate (LPTB)
1804922 W/Bdr. Hockley, G. H. Mrs. Hockley, 180a Colne Road, Twickenham, Middlesex Twickenham
1639599 Gnr. Hutton, C. J. 82 Bryant Wood Road, Drayton Park, London, N. Drayton Park (LPTB)
1783217 Gnr. Hyndman, J. Mrs. J. Hyndman, 4 Causeway Road, Cinderford, Gloucester  
1530516 Gnr. Jacques, G. J. Mrs. Jacques, 171 Arnolds Estate, Bermondsey, London, S.E. 7 Bermondsey (LPTB)
1804803 A/Bdr. Jup, A. E. Mrs. A. E. Jupp, 8 Leefview Road, Rowffey, Horsham, Essex Horsham
1107549? Gnr. Kearney, E. A. Mrs. E. A. Kearney, 36 Ellersley Road, Shepherds Bush, London, W. 12 Shepherdds Bush (LPTB)
1793643 Gnr. Leach, R. A. Mr. Leach, Burnside Bungalow, Worlington, Suffolk Worlington
172691 A/Capt. Lidgate, H. N. Mrs. H. N. Lidgate, 65 Birmingham Road, Wylde Green, Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire New Street, Birmingham
1777705 Gnr. Lock, A. 16 Old Road, Lewisham, London, S.E. 13 Lewisham (LPTB)
1804836 A/Bdr. Macrow, R. W. Mr. A. Macrow, 29 Salisbury Road, Lower Edmonton, London, N. 9 Lower Edmonton (LPTB)
1477449 Gnr. Marmion, S. Mrs. S. Marmion, 88 Burns Way, Houndslow, Middlesex Houndslow (LPTB)
1603555 Gnr. Marshall, C. H. Mr. Marshall, "The Ferns", Old Cleve, Washford, Somerset (Cleeve)  
1467302 Gnr. Mercer, T. Mrs. T. Mercer, 115 Melrose Avenue, London, N.W. 2  
1517808 L/Bdr. McGivern, J. C. Mr. McGivern, Kingston Villa, Crutchfield Lane, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey Walton-on-Thames
2085723 Gnr. McKenzie, D. Mr. McKenzie, 15 Vanbrugh Park Road, Blackheath, London S.E. 3 Blackheath (LPTB)
1804443 Gnr. McPhail, V. D. 37 Penton Street, London, N. 1  
1719172 Gnr. Nash, J. Mrs. J. Nash, 34 Edward Road, Bedford, Beds. Bedford
1075793 Gnr. Pitt, V. A. Mr. Pitt, 16 Oakhurst Road, Forest Gate, London, E. 7 Forest Gate (LPTB)
1718666? Gnr. Pointer, O. E. Mrs. O. E. Pointer, Glenwood, Leybourne Avenue, Ensbury Park, Bournemouth Bournemouth
1780461 Gnr. Rogers, S. S. Mrs. S. S. Rogers, 94 Tarter Road, Cobham, Surrey Cobham
1805152 Gnr. Searle, G. W. T. Mrs. G. W. T. Searle, 16 Leyton Lane, Sunbury, Middlesex Sunbury
1595565 L/Sgt. Shoffren, A. Mrs. A. Shoffren, 205 Manchester Drive, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex  
2052679 Gnr. Sinfield, T. W. Mr. Sinfield, 26 Eustace Road, Chadwell Heath, Essex Chadwell Heath
1677847 Gnr. Smith, E. A. Mrs. E. A. Smith, 87 Wingfield Way, South Ruislip, Middlesex  
1745173 Gnr. Starling, N. V. Mrs. N. V. Starling, 179 Stames Road, Ilford, Essex Ilford
2081701 L/Bdr. Taylor, C. A. Mrs. Taylor, 9 Chase Lane, Barkingside, Essex Barkingside
3971121 W/Bdr. Thomas, F. W. Mrs. F. W. Thomas, 193 Laventer Hill, Battersea, London, S.W. 11 Battersea (LPTB)
2045554 Gnr. Titchen, A. E. Mrs. Titchen, 2 Park View Gardens, Woodford, Ilford, Essex Ilford
1773829 Gnr. Townsend, S. G. Mrs. S. G. Townsend, 51 Swinderly Road, Wembley, Middlesex Wembley (LPTB)
1645718 Gnr. Trethewey, R. J. Mr. Trethewey, Endra Corner, St. Dennis, Cornwall  
1433743 L/Bdr. Wakefield, R. C. Mr. Wakefield, 55 Wellands, Overton, Hants. Overton
1683135 Gnr. Walding, S. J. Mrs. Walding, Mores Lane, Nr. Drybrook, Gloucester  
11250223 Gnr. Waldron, H. W. 52 Cranbrook Street, Bethnal Green, London Bethnal Green (LPTB)
1716916 Gnr. Waldron, W. A. Mr. Waldron, Cold Ash, Newbury, Berks. Newbury
873449 Gnr. Wilson, R. A. Mrs. Wilson, 16 Barrow Hill Cottages, Ashford, Kent Ashford
1771739 A/Sgt. Woodcock, F. R. Mrs. F. R. Woodcock, 18 Victoria Court, Wembley, Middlesex Wembley (LPTB)
2064843 L/Sgt. Wooden, A. C. Mrs. A. C. Wooden, 1 Lime Close, Carshalton, Surrey Carshalton
1436507 Gnr. Worrell, E. Mrs. Worrell, 37 Barnes Lane, Hatfield, Herts. Hatfield
1743288 Gnr Wright, G. Mrs. G. Wright, 48 Aurill Street, Fulham, London S.W. 6 Fulham (LPTB)