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The Regimental Gazette of
The Royal Irish Fusiliers

87th   89th
Vol. XLII        March 1957      No. 190

RIF Sergeants' Mess Album

Field-Marshal Sir Gerald Templer, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., K.B.E., D.S.O., Chief of the Imperial General Staff, taking the Sovereign's Parade at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, on December 20, 1956

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1st Battalion Notes

Preparation for the Administrative Inspection

Part of a Guard of Honour mounted by a detachment from 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Fusiliers at Moenchen Gladbach for the visit of Admiral Denny who is inspecting them

Luxembourg  -  "H.Q." Company

The Guard of Honour marches past H.R.H. The Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg

The memorial at Wiltz, erected in memory of those killed during the Luxembourg General Strike in 1942

The Guard of Honour during the unveiling ceremony of the memorial at Wiltz



C/Sgt. McCutcheon


1. Sixty miles behind us   2. Cpl. Gordon half-way   3. One pair of feet for exchange   4. Lunchtime during second day   5. "C" Company after the 75-mile hog

Warrant Officers' and Sergeants' Mess, 1st Battalion Wuppertal, Germany, September 1956
Fourth Row: Sgts. Ward, Kerr, Ruck, McCullough (13), Milligan, Evans (A.C.C.), Malham (R.A.E.C.), Wimbles (R.A.E.C.), Dietrich (R.E.M.E.), Lount (R.E.M.E.), Mongan (R.A.P.C.), Allen, Brown, Vignoles Taylor, Horton and Prentice
Third Row: Sgts. Cromie, Forde, Carlyle, Porter, McClory, King, Veale, Dolan, McCullough (21), Craig, Buckley, B.E.M. and McGowan
Second Row: Sgts. Wilkins, Irvine, Ellis, Cash, Mullen, S/Sgt. Chambers (R.A.P.C.), C/Sgts. Collins, McIlroy, Smith, Grigor, M.M., Sgts. McHugh (15), McHugh, Cooke, and C/Sgt. McCutcheon
Front Row: C.S.M.s Bell, Worthington, Cheetham, O.R.Q.M.S. Thompson, B/M. L. Marks, Major D. L. Ormerod, M.B.E., Lt.-Col. H. Rogers, R.S.M. S. McIvor, Major J. P. F. Beamish, M.C., Lt. J. Keenan, R.Q.M.S. Robinson, D.C.M., C.S.M.s Turkington, McMillen and Redpath

Sergeants' Mess Christmas Draw

Another happy group at the Christmas Draw

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A nice win at the Christmas Draw

The Regimental Depot

A general view of the dinner held in the T.A. Centre at Armagh, on January 25, 1957

#1 The Colonel of the Regiment inspecting Termoli Squad on the Passing-out Parade at Armagh, January 25, 1957
#2 Field-Marshal Sir Gerald Templer awarding the Champion Recruit's medal to L/Cpl. McGinty, Armagh, January 25, 1957

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The North Irish Brigade Team
Left to right: Col. M. L. Cummins, Capt. G. D. Archer, Capt. R. H. Lucas, Clements

Regimental Association, Armagh, Banbridge, London, Portadown  -  Regimental Museum and Library
An Echo of Leros

St. Eloi  -  Correspondence