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The Regimental Gazette of
The Royal Irish Fusiliers

87th                        89th
Vol. XLIII                          Autumn                         No. 196

RIF Sergeants' Mess Album

Queen's Birthday Parade, Tripoli
                                                          No. 1 Company marching past in slow time                 Photo: Army Public Relations


Editorial - Births, Dicks, Lucas-Clements, Mullett, Dennehy, Meade, Martin, Teer, McDonnell, McBrian, Deane, Tiernan, Flynn, Scott, Creggan, Miller, O'Callaghan, Roy, Flood, Devlin, Kerr, Lloyd, Semple, Hemmings, Connolly, Gorton, Matchett, Burnett, Ormerod, Delaney, Thompson, Campbell, McVeigh, Kavanagh, Kavanagh, Curley, Moore, O'Sullivan, Gilligan, Gilchrist, Alexander, Gun Cuninghame - Marriages, O'Donovan-Templer, Beggs-Bedford, Chavasse-Crozier, French-Maitland-Dougall, Mullin-Garrett, McKenna-Ormerod, Martin-Goodwin, Teer-Rafferty, Farrell-Coles, O'Rourke-Taylor, Bolger-Hegarty, Dwyer-Gallagher, McGrath-Comerford, Reid-Bishop (continued here) - Retirements, J. P. F. Beamish, P. Mulcahy-Morgan - Obituaries, A. J. Vernon, J. A. Meneice, T. King, J. L. Willis, W. Sullivan, Mrs. I. L. Cronyn - Bandmasters of the Regiment

1st Battalion Notes - "H.Q." Company - Sp. Platoon - Sport - Signals Platoon - M.T. Platoon - Orderly Room

The Right Reverend Stanley Betts, M.A., Bishop to Her Majesty's Forces, talking to men of the Battalion in Tripoli
Photo: Army Public Relations

1st Battalion A Mixed bag 1. Sgt. Kerr training his section aboard "Empire Skua" ("S" Platoon)  2. Some members of "B" Company in the Roman Theatre at Leptis Magna  3. St. Patrick's Day, 1959, entering the Roman Catholic Cathedral, Tripoli - Left to right: Sgt. Watson, Sgt. McLoughlin, R.S.M. Cantley, Sgt. Kilgallon  4. Company group around Piper Campbell before sailing to Cyprus  5. Major C. J. Major and Major P. J. C. Trousdell going up to the start of the donkey race won by the latter  6. No. 1 Section, 10 Platoon, marching down the hill from Troodos Camp. Another eight miles to go  7. Barrosa Day, 1959. Officers v. Sergeants football match

Quartermaster's Department - Regimental Band - "A" Company - Ten Little Irishmen - Drums and Pipes - "B" Company

The Regimental Band marching into Azzizia Barracks, Headquarters Tripolitania District

Advertisements - Cyprus - Sport - "C" Company - Cyprus Journey - Irishmen Enjoy Training Swap - "D" Company
Impressions of "D" Company's Two Weeks' Training at Homs

Lt.-Col. R. C. P. Jefferies presenting the cup for the winners of the S.M.G. match to L/Cpl. W. Snoddy, "D" Company, at the District Rifle Meeting, 1959

Warrant Officers' and Sergeants' Mess - Corporals' Mess - Sport - Weapon Training

First Instruction in the latest model of the F.N. self-loading rifle at Medenine Barracks, Tripoli
Left to right on firing point: Fus. A. Martin, Fus. A. Dempsey, C.S.M. A. McGowan, Fus. T. Gates, Fus. E. Cleary

The Minstrel Boy (2/Lt. P. Wallace) singing the praises of the new S.L.R. rifle to his platoon. Cyprus, July 1959
Tripolitania District Rifle Meeting - American team with members of "H.Q." Company team

Battalion Statistics - An Ode to the Quartermaster - Queen's Birthday Parade 1959 - An Account of an Outward-Bound Course - Talking of Doctors - Marriages, Woolhead-Needs, Meredith-Hart, McDonnell-Robertson, Darby-Jones, Smyth-Hughes, Buckle-Ritchie, Tooms-Johnson - Editor's Notes

Lt.-Gen. Sir Gerald Lathbury presenting to C/Sgt. J. Semple the Battalion Rifle Shield; winners, "H.Q." 2

The Regimental Depot - Departures - The Royal Irish Fusiliers List of Depot Commanders Since Foundation - Sergeants' Mess - Corporals' Mess

                                                Investiture at Buckingham Palace        Photo: M. Haighton, 81 Elm Park Gardens, Chelsea, S.W.10
Left to right: Major H. J. P. Baxter, G.M., his father, Lt.-Col. H. G. Baxter, Capt. John Gorman, M.B.E., M.C. (District Inspector R.U.C., Co. Armagh), his father, Major J. K. Gorman, M.C. (formerly County Inspector R.U.C., Co. Fermanagh), and Capt. H. K. P. Chavasse, M.B.E.

Warrant Officers' and Sergeants' Mess, Regimental Depot, May 1959

Sport - Regimental Museum and Library - 5th Battalion, The Royal Irish Fusiliers (T.A.) Editorial - Sergeants' Mess

Depot Shooting Team for N.I.D. Rifle Meeting 1959
Sitting (left to right): Fus. Mannix, Sgt. McCullough, Lt. Kilroy, Capt. Gun Cuninghame, Sgt. Brown, Fus. Murphy
Standing (left to right): Fus. Nolan, Morley, Kellegher, Kelly (71), Smith, Kelly (15), Cpl. Fann
Fus. Hobson and Major are not included in photographs

C.S.M. S. Lamrock, winner of the N.I.D. Rifle Meeting open championship    Photo: S. J. Allen, Pembroke Dock
Pipe-Major McCabe and Drum-Major Goddard at annual camp at Castlemartin

Sergeants' Mess continued - The Nijmegen Marches, 1959 - "S" Company Team - Drums and Pipes - "A" and "H.Q." Companies - "B" Company - "C" Company - "D" Company - "S" Company - M.M.G. Platoon - 3-in. Mortar Platoon - North Irish Brigade - The Faugh-a-Ballagh Dinner Club - Regimental Association

                                                  R.Q.M.S. A. Moore, M.B.E.    Photo: S. J. Allen, Pembroke Dock

"S" Company team during the march

Regimental Association continued - Branch Notes - The Colour of the 70th Demi-Brigade - New Zealand and Australia 1959

The Colonel of the Regiment addressing the Old Comrades

A Surgeon on the Frontier - Correspondences - Editorial Notices