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Royal Irish Fusiliers

Sergeants Mess Album
also - Silver Presentation Teapot

a selection of photographs taken from a large album found at auction in Northern Ireland

Faugh-a-Ballagh Regimental Gazette RIF 1943  -  1951  -  1957  -  1958  -  1959


Members of the Sergeants Mess - The Royal Irish Fusiliers - Agra - India - 1929

Colours of the Regiment and Sergeants Mess Plate - The Royal Irish Fusiliers (Princess Victorias') - Agra - India - 1930

Members of the Late 5th Battalion, serving with the Royal Irish Fusiliers - February 1928? - Agra - India

H.Q. Wing  Kasr-el-Nil Cairo 1927

The Band of The Royal Irish Fusiliers - Agra - India 1928

"Empress of Britain" signed W. E. Rigden Sports secretary

it maybe says Bali just in front of the middle 2 gents feet, the number 35 on the window and Overhauled 1901 on the wall above their heads

Corporals' Mess, The Royal Irish Fusiliers (Princess Victoria's)
Moascar Camp, Egypt 1925


BACK ROW - Cpl W. Gracey, L-Cpl J. McKenna, Cpl W. Shephard, L-Cpl C. Gantert, L-Cpl R. Quigley, L-Cpl E. Gilmore, L-Cpl G. Friar, L-Cpl D. Hernberg, L-Cpl J. Anderson, Cpl T. Burns, Cpl L. Pilton, L-Cpl D. Archer, Cpl P. Higgins, L-Cpl J. Kelly, L-Cpl P. O'Neill, L-Cpl R. Jacob, L-Cpl E. Mann

4TH ROW - L-Cpl J. Somerville, L-Cpl J. Sharkey, L-Cpl J. Haddon, Cpl J. Mansfield, L-Cpl P. Rogers, L-Cpl R. Knight, Cpl P. Hylands, L-Cpl R. Fitzsimmons, L-Cpl M. Letchford, L-Cpl P. Henning, L-Cpl G. McCarthy, L-Cpl F. McDonnell, L-Cpl P. Woodcock, L-Cpl J. Mullan, L-Cpl C. Pascoe, L-Cpl T. Tosh, Cpl W. Cozens, L-Cpl B. Mosley, Cpl H. Busby

3RD ROW - Cpl F. McCaffery, Cpl P. Mangan, L-Cpl D. Everleigh, Cpl H. McFerran, Cpl G. Mahoney, Cpl W. Halliday, L-Cpl D. Bowe, L-Cpl R. Crawford, L-Cpl M. Lee, L-Cpl J. Joyce, L-Cpl C. Preston, Gpl J. Lawlor, L-Cpl J. McGregor, L-Cpl J. Donaghy, Cpl H. Knight, L-Cpl A. O'Connor, L-Cpl H. Overton, L-Cpl J. Dynes, L-Cpl J. Doyle, L-Cpl W. Gilmour

2ND ROW - L-Cpl P. McCann, L-Cpl J. Shanks, Cpl R. Thompson, Cpl T. Clarke, Cpl H. Campbell, Cpl T. Hayes, Capt. G. W. N. Barefoot, M.C., Lieut-Col F. W. E. Johnson, D.S.O., 2nd-Lieut T. P. D. Scott, R.S.M. R. Neville, D.C.M., Cpl J. Brady, Cpl G. Howard, Cpl J. McManus, L-Cpl A. Dick, Cpl R. Dodds, L-Cpl W. Wainwright, L-Cpl P. Stapleton

FRONT ROW - L-Cpl F. Abbey, L-Cpl WS. Stanfield, L-Cpl F. Willmore, L-Cpl J. Craig, L-Cpl P. McGuirk, L-Cpl R. Buchanan, L-Cpl J. Baxter, L-Cpl M. Hughes, Piper L-Cpl J. McCann, Cpl H. Edwards, L-Cpl R. Trotter, L-Cpl L. Stacey, L-Cpl J. Killen, L-Cpl E. McGuinness, L-Cpl H. Taylor

Egyptian Command Rifle Meeting 1925 - Moascar


"Who's next for a haircut?"  An off-duty snapshot of men of the Royal Irish Fusiliers in France.


Bren gunners of the Royal Irish Fusiliers fixing their gun in a Bren carrier.

on the ball it says Landour 1929 and below that Tapsell Cup runners-up

Somewhere in France - January to May 1940 'Mudbathing'    Somewhere in France - January to May 1940 'Digging in a cable
                                                                                                         6 feet deep'

Somewhere in France - January to May 1940 '2/Lieutenant Sir Anthony Twysden and working party'

The Londonderry Sentinel, Thursday
The officer and N.C.O.'s who conducted the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers recruiting campaign in Londonderry, photographed at the City War Memorial in the Diamond.
Left to Right - Pipe Major Fisher (Royal Inniskillings), ?.P.R. Jock Davidson, Captain T. Maguire, M.C., L.P.R. Doyle, and Piper McClelland (Irish Fusiliers)

Erected by Annie Connelly In Loving Memory of her husband Patrick McGowan who died 26th February 1902 aged 42 years
The above Annie Connelly who died 25th November 1923 Aged 61

Presented to Sergeant Hammerton Royal Irish Fusiliers by Sir Bindon Blood

The Team which defeated The Royal Ulster Rifles at Belfast, 13th November 1945
C.S.M. Keenan, Sergeant Crawford, Fusilier Cooper, Mr. Power, L. Corporal Oldham, Corporal Evandon?lier Pemberton, Fusilier Macartney, Fusilier Squance, Fusilier Gourley, Fusilier O'Boyle, Fusilier Fullerton

Get Dressed!

Major G. L. Weeks (right), Zone Recruiting Officer of Belfast, shaking hands with Major T. Maguire, M.C., of the
Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers and Recruiting Officer of the Omagh zone, who retired last evening after forty-three years' service.