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1880 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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McAdam, Bros., & Co., Soho Foundry, 28 & 30 Townsend Street
McAdam, D., confectioner, 60 Alexander Street West
McAdam, Hugh, smith, 61 Sandy Row
McAdam, James, linen merchant, 37 Fountain Street, res., Mount Nebo, Old Park Road
McAdam, John, glazier, 14 Cargill Street
McAdam, Richard, grocer, 43 Linfield Road
McAdam, Robert, 18 College Square East
McAdam, Thomas, painter, 1 Nore Street
McAdams, John, missionary, 27 Carlisle Street
McAdorey, B., dairy keeper, 3 & 5 Little Ship Street
McAdorey, William, clerk, 2 Bristol Street
McAdvo, Wm., traveller, 23 Barrow Street
McAfee, Ann, publican, 137 Old Lodge Road
McAfee, David, insurance and commission agent, 2 Victoria Chambers, Waring Street, res., Holywood
McAfee, Francis, carpenter, 48 Charles Street South
McAfee, George, boot manufacturer, 26 Corn Market and 61 Victoria Street, res., High Street, Holywood
McAfee, John, boot and shoe manufacturer, 14 Corn Market, res., Rosebank, Holywood
McAlea, Patrick, grocer, 194 Shankhill Road
McAleenan, Mrs., servants' registry office, 14 Alfred Street
McAllen, Andrew, painter, 41 Arkwright Street
McAllen, Alexander, clerk, Kensington Cottage
McAllen, George, carpenter, 3 Lord Street
McAlery, John, (of McAlery & Lowry), Allworthy Avenue
McAlery & Lowry, clothiers, etc., 6 Donegall Street
McAlester, J., baker, 4 Raglan Street
McAlevey, Ellen, grocer, 72 Pound Street
McAlinden, J. H., draper, 11 Divis Street
McAlinden, J., cattle dealer, 55 Durham Street
McAlister, ?, clerk, 13 Wellesley Avenue
McAllister, Alexander, architect, 6 Alfred Street
McAllister, D., stationer, 94 York Street
McAllister, Isaac, 15 Virginia Street
McAllister, James, manufacturer, 15 Wellesley Avenue
McAlister, James, 15 Mill Street (McAllister)
McAllister, James, painter, 48 Sandy Row
McAllister, James, 36 Elm Street
McAllister, P., carrier, 44 & 46 Barrack Street
McAllister, Robert, Eno House
McAlpin, David, Springfield
McAlpin, J., engineer, 79 Stanfield Street
McAlpin, J., cotton spinner, Springfield Village
McAnally, James, packer, 8 Raglan Street
McAnulty, Bernard, saw repairer, 31 May Street
McAnulty, Bernard, saw repairer, 38 Hamilton Street
McAnulty, J., marine store, 138 Millfield
McAnulty, Mrs. S., Furlong Terrace
McAnulty, Mrs., flesher, 29 Falls Road
McAravey, James, flesher, 49 Hercules Street
McArdle, Arthur, manager, 165 Grosvenor Street
McArdle, James, publican, 1 Colligan Street
McArdle, J., com. traveller, 62 Mountcollier Terrace
McArdle, James, publican, 20 Waterford Street
McArdle, Thos., store keeper, 10 College Street West
McAreavy, Peter, grocer, 10 & 12 Raphael Street
McArthur, Daniel, mechanic, 10 Linview Street
McArthur, D., grocer, 214 & 216 Wilton Terrace
McArthur, J., com. traveller, 8 Connaught Terrace
McAtamney, J., civil bill officer, 48 Abyssinia Street
McAtamney, Miss, grocer, Raglan Street
McAteer, Jos., packing case maker, 16 Alfred Street
McAteer, L., spirit merchant, 114 & 116 Milford Street
McAteer, Mrs., Castleton Park
McAteer, Robert, brick maker, 89 Joy Street
McAughren, R., foreman carpenter, 42 Dagmar Street
McAughtery, Mary Ann, boarding house, 47 & 49 John Street
McAulay, Wm., 11 University Street
McAuley, Alex., carpenter, 1 Denmark Street
McAuley, Henry, druggist, 71 Wall Street
McAuley, Hugh, pawn broker, 171 & 173 Grosvenor Street
McAuley, John B., (of Anderson & McAuley), College Green, University Street
McAuley, Joseph, solicitor, 3 Cambridge Terrace
McAuley, Mrs., 23 Lavinia Street
McAuley, Patrick, grocer, 22 & 24 Silvergrove Street
McAuley, Peter, builder, 1 & 3 Arthur Street
McAuley, Robert, carpenter, 1 Florence Place
McAuley, W., linen merchant, 4 Mountpleasant, Strandmillis Road
McAuley, Wm., tailor, 63 Albert Bridge Road
McAuliffe, Geo., J.P., house and land agent, 22 Calender Street, res., Greenisland (Calendar)
McAvoy, James, lithographer, 4 Albert Place
McBain, A., granite and marble works, 115 Divis Street
McBirney, Francis, manager, 205 Ballynafeigh Road
McBirnie, George, cashier, 52 Beaconsfield Terrace
McBlain, John & Co., leather merchants, tanners and boot top manufacturers, 40 Donegall Street, tan yard and leather store, 98 Carrickhill
McBlain, Miss S., (of John McBlain & Co.), 1 Kinnaird Terrace
McBratney, A. H., weigh master, 68 Eliza Street
McBratney, Alexander, 176 Woodstock Road
McBratney, John, grocer, 38 North Boundary Street
McBratney, Samuel, captain, 11 Cluan Place
McBratney, W. A., book keeper, 63 Spruce Street
McBriars, John, tailor, 41 Malcolm Street
McBride, Alexander, printer, 69 McClure Street
McBride, Alexander, cart maker, 11 Rotterdam Street
McBride, David, rope maker, 22 Barrack Street
McBride, David, glass and china merchant, 10, 12 & 23 Skipper Street, res., Coningsby House, Newtownards Road (23?)
McBride, George & Thomas, muslin manufacturers, 11, 13 & 15 Bruce Street
McBride, Henry, painter, 66 Alfred Terrace
McBride, Henry, printer, etc., 10 Victoria Square, res., 66 Alfred Terrace, Mountpottinger
McBride, James, tailor, 22 Sherbrooke Street
McBride, James, coach builder, 12 Grosvenor Street
McBride, James, coach builder, 28 Devonshire Street
McBride, James, pawn broker, 144 Cromac Street
McBride, John, hair dresser, 148 Cromac Street
McBride, John, agent, 201 Lorne Terrace
McBride, John, cloth finisher, 17 Aberdeen Street
McBride, John, salesman, 35 Silvergrove Street
McBride, John, reporter, 92 Dalriada Terrace, Donegall Pass
McBride, Miss, 1 University Street
McBride, Mrs., 55 Auburn Terrace
McBride, Samuel, spirit dealer, 63 May Street
McBride, R., linen manufacturer, 5 Queen's Elms
McBride, Robert, chandler, 162 North Street
McBride, Robert, shoe maker, 300 Conway Street
McBride, Robert J., (Glenalina Bleaching Co.), Beechmount
McBride, Robert, & Co., linen and cotton manufacturers, 4 Bedford Street, works, Bruce Street, Weaving Factory
McBride, Robert, (of Robert McBride & Co.), 5 Queen's Elma, University Road
McBride, Samuel, (of Robert McBride & Co.), 20 Wellington Park
McBride, Thomas, (of Robert McBride & Co.), 5 Queen's Elms, University Road
McBride, W. J., toll collector, 6 Stewart Street
McBride, William, carpenter, 10 Cambridge Street
McBroom, John, ship smith, 18 Bentinck Street
McBroom, Thomas, dairyman, 1 Maria Place
McBurney, Jas., furniture dealer, 18 Smithfield Square
McBurnie, John, grocer, 213 & 215 Durham Street
McCabe, Bernard, bugler, Antrim Rifles, 21 Court Street
McCabe, B., china warehouse, 27 Smithfield Square
McCabe, James, cabinet maker, 12 Smithfield Square
McCabe, John, pensioner, 38 California Street
McCabe, Mary A., dress maker, 55 Leeson Street
McCabe, Mrs., general dealer, 15 Berry Street
McCabe, Mrs., dealer, 67 Academy Street
McCabe, Patk., compounder, 38 Albert Crescent
McCabe, Patrick, tinsmith, 24 & 25 Smithfield Square
McCabe, Patrick, publican, 2 & 4 Peter's Hill
McCabe, Patrick, wine and spirit merchant, 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9 Millfield
McCabe, Patrick, wine merchant, 34 Lancaster Street
McCabe, Robert, tailor, 28 Russell Street
McCabe, Thomas, printer, 8 Liffey Street
McCafferty, Daniel, grocer, 121 New Lodge Road
McCafferty, James, salesman, 30 Scotland Street
McCafferty, Henry, 4 Scotchmount
McCafferty, Henry, draper, 60 Falls Road
McCaldin, Jas., 10 The Mount, Mountpottinger
McCaldin, Miss Martha, 17 Pakenham Street
McCalmont, J., linen merchant, 17 Mill Street
McCalmont, R., F.C.S., (of Fras. Ritchie & Son), 5 The Mount, Albert Bridge Rd.
McCalmont, T., grocer, Dundela Street, Strandtown
McCall, John, carpenter, 128 Woodstock Road
McCall, John, grocer, 33 Killarney Street
McCall, J., provision merchant, 51 Cromac Street
McCall, Robert, builder, 1 Auburn Street
McCall, Susanna, confectioner, 87 Donegall Street, res., 243 Shankhill Road
McCall, W. R., & Co., linen manufacturers, 14 Linenhall Street
McCall, W. R., (of W. R. McCall & Co.), 79 Kensington Terrace
McCalla, Robert, carpenter, 109 Clarence Place
McCallen, Mrs., 7 Lyons Street
McCallen, Robert, plumber, 3 Unity Street
McCallister, A., cloth passer, 37 Hopeton Street
McCallum, J., dairy keeper, 117 & 119 Westmoreland Street
McCallum, John, shoe maker, 19 Artillery Street
McCallum, John, inspector of National Schools, Botanic Avenue
McCallum, Robert, shoe maker, 32 Scotland Street
McCallum, Robert, draper, 362 Shankhill Road
McCallum, S., & Co., drapers, 171 York Street
McCambridge, Wm., grocer, 40 Trafalgar Street
McCammond, James A., contractor, 45 Atlantic Avenue
McCammond, Wm., contractor, 1 Brookvale Terrace, Duncairn Street
McCammond, Wm., mechanic, 74 Durham Street
McCance, H., managing director, 26 Wellington Park
McCance, Joseph, mechanic, 38 Brownlow Street
McCance, Miss, 7 Windsor Street
McCance, R., spirit store, 186 & 188 Woodstock Road
McCance, Rev. William, 8 Lower Crescent
McCance, William, engineer, 6 Spencer Street
McCandless, Thomas, traveller, 146 Old Lodge Road
McCandless, T., clerk of works, 3 Ormeau Road
McCandless, W., surveyor, 3 Fitzroy Avenue
McCann, Alex., publican, 3 & 4 Great Edward Street
McCann, Charles, broker, 36 Smithfield
McCann, C., auctioneer and clothier, 43 Mill Street
McCann, D., grocer, 68 Smithfield
McCann, Daniel, poulterer, 10 Castle Market
McCann, Daniel, car owner, 74 Carrick Hill
McCann, George, carpenter, 16 Little Brunswick Street
McCann, Hugh chandler, 11 Ross Street
McCann, Hugh, flesher, 55 & 57 Old Lodge Road
McCann, James, litho. printer, 11 Blythe Street
McCann, Jas., auctioneer, Imperial Sale Rooms, 119 Donegall Street
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McCann, James, traveller, 44 Arkwright Street
McCann, James, carpenter, 60 Broadbent Street
McCann, James, auctioneer, 40 Hanover Street
McCann, J., grocer, 80 North Queen Street
McCann, J., Income Tax Office, 39 Lavinia Street
McCann, J., provision merchant, 68 & 70 North Queen Street
McCann, James, 46 Alton Street
McCann, Jane, dress maker, 26 Trinity Street
McCann, John, commission agent, 4 Victoria Street
McCann, John, tailor, 16 Raglan Street
McCann, Luke, spirit dealer, 194 & 196 Forth Street
McCann, Mary E., grocer, 15 Winetavern Street
McCann, Michael, excise officer, 90 Rushfield Terrace
McCann, Mrs., 10 Belmore Street
McCann, Mrs., 39 May Street
McCann, Patrick, car owner, 68 Mill Street
McCann, Patrick, traveller, 7 Broadbent Street
McCann, Robert, hackle maker, 7 Lyle Street
McCann, Thompson, clerk, 48 Willow Street
McCann, Thomas, sewed muslin manufacturer, 6 Donegall Square East, res., 36 Donegall Pass
McCann, Thomas, broker, 37 Smithfield
McCann, Thomas, iron monger, 71 Smithfield Square
McCann, Wm., customs, 13 Aloa Street
McCanney, Patrick, spirit dealer, 20 Lagan Street
McCanny, P., spirit store, 41 & 43 Verner Street
McCappin, James, clerk, Raglan Street
McCappin, James, smith, 6 Broadbent Street
McCappin, James, 1 Scotchmount
McCappin, Henry, furniture remover, 28 & 30 Brown Street
McCappin, Robert, carpenter, 2 Ship Street
McCardle, Patrick, clerk, 9 Cooke Street
McCarnon, Thomas, clerk, 7 Geoffrey Street
McCarron, J., bellows maker, 25 Pound Street
McCarry, Isaac, builder, 12 Catherine Street North
McCarry, Thomas John, 25 Twickenham Street
McCary, Thomas, painter, 7 Moore Street
McCart, Andrew, spirit dealer, 35 Sandy Row and 1 Hurst Street
McCartan, Joseph, cabinet maker, 8 Great Patrick Street
McCartan, Thomas, grocer, 39 Springfield Road
McCarten, Hugh, publican, Ballyhackamore
McCarter, Sarah, 56 Regent Street
McCarter, Wm., baker, 13 Hopeton Street
McCartin, S., iron monger, 66, 67 & 69 Smithfield Square
McCartin, Daniel, grocer, 45 Shankhill Road
McCarthy, Charles, tailor, 32 California Street
McCarthy, Charles, tobacconist, 135 Shankhill Road
McCarthy, Francis, teacher, 26 Auburn Street
McCarthy, George, grocer, 142 Old Lodge Road
McCarthy, James, builder, Whitewell
McCarthy, J., timber dealer, 58 Hardinge Street
McCarthy, John, timber yard, Townhall Street, res., 7 Brougham Street
McCarthy, John, baker, 76 Carrick Hill
McCarthy, Joseph, fruiterer, 114 Crumlin Road
Macartney, A., Leeds Clothing Co., Winecellar Entry
McCartney, E., flag maker, 86 Corporation Street
McCartney, James, draper, 1 Albert Bridge Terrace
McCartney, James, dyer, 7 Argyle Street
McCartney, Mrs., dress maker, 9 Israel Street
McCartney, Mrs., 20 Ross Street
McCartney, Neil, butler, 1 Amelia Street
McCartney, Robert, engineer, 372 Shankhill Road
McCartney, Robert, carpenter, 4 Argyle Street
McCartney, Robt., grocer, 65 Durham Street
McCartney, Thomas, grocer, etc., 23 Michael Street
McCartney, T., grocer and spirit dealer, 6 Great George's Street
McCartney, Thomas, engineer, 8 Grove Street
McCartney, Wm., marine store, 94 & 96 Tomb Street
McCartney, W., brick maker, Ballynafeigh Road
McCartney, W. J., shoe maker, 67 Millfield
McCashin, Davis, publican, 2 Albert Place (Denis)
McCashin, D., publican and grocer, 147 Albert Street and 1 & 3 Servia Street
McCashin, H., wine and spirit store, 18 & 20 Gordon Street
McCaskey, John, mechanic, 9 Merrion Street
McCasker, John, clerk, 38 Lime Street
McCaulfield, R., grocer, 28 & 30 Pound Street
McCaughen, Joseph, manager, 26 Lindsay Avenue
McCaughen, W., clerk, 55 & 57 North Boundary Street
McCaughey, James, tailor, 34 Beech Street
McCaughey, Leonard, clothier and merchant tailor, 120 Victoria Street, res., 30 Botanic Avenue
McCaughey, Mrs., 26 Lawrence Street
McCaughey & Bonnar, grocers, 104 Short Strand
McCaulay, John, carpenter, 61 Sussex Place
McCauley, James, farmer, 50 Calvin Street
McCauley, John, builder, 2 Dale Street
McCauley, H., ship carpenter, 11 Cross Street
McCauley, Joseph, solicitor, 21 Arthur Street, res., 3 Cambridge Terrace, Ormeau Road
McCauley, P., builder, res., Hillbrook, Holywood
McCauley, Samuel, measurer, 13 Chambers Street
McCauley, William, carpenter, 9 Bow Street
McCausland, A. J., laundress, 33 Brookfield Street
McCausland, J., lithographic printer, 37 Wall Street
McCausland, J., cooper and general dealer, 30 Mustard Street and 28, 30 & 32 Little Donegall Street
McCausland, John, cooper, 18 Talbot Street
McCausland, Jane, dress maker, 3 Chambers Street
McCausland, Samuel, J.P., wholesale grocer and seed merchant, 36 & 38 Victoria Street, res., Cherryvale
McCausland, John K., (of Samuel McCausland), Lennoxvale
McCausland, Mrs. S., 2 University Terrace
McCausland, W. J., merchant, 133 Haypark Terrace
McCavana, Daniel, carpenter, 3 College Court
McCavana, Hugh, car owner, 5 Townsend Street
McCavana, John, timber merchant, 7 Townsend Street
McCavanagh, Hugh, round timber merchant, 124 Cullingtree Road
McCavanagh, H., flax dealer, 147 Cullingtree Road
McCavanagh, James, spirit dealer, Greencastle
McCavanagh, Mrs., shirt maker, 168 Old Lodge Road
McCavanagh, P., marine dealer, 35 & 37 Old Lodge Road
McCavart, R., wood carver, 19 Gilford Street
McCaw, Alex., (of McCaw, Stevenson, & Orr), 88 Livingstone Terrace
McCaw, James F., 2 College Square North
McCaw, Stevenson, & Orr, printers, publishers and wholesale stationers, etc., 8 Linenhall Street
McCaw, John, manager, 97 St. Mary's Terrace
McCaw, Mary, 28 Thorndale Avenue
McCaw, Robert, linen and yarn commission merchant, 4 Wellington Place
McCay, Catherine, milliner, 83 College Street
McCay, Joseph, spirit dealer, 1 Ashmore Street
McCay, John, ship carpenter, 90 Upper Earl Street
McChesney, Jos., watch maker, 62 North Street
McChisney, Miss, dress maker, 95 Grosvenor Street (McChesney)
McChesney, Samuel, clerk, 92 Lilliput Place
McChesney, Samuel, grocer, 18 Snugville Street
McClarnon, Hugh, carpenter, 48 Institution Place
McClarnon, James, litho. printer, 35 Willow Street
McClarnon, John, car owner, 9 Townsend Street
McClarnon, Miss, 10 Meadow Street
McClarry, George, draper, 28 Lavinia Street
McClatchey, Samuel, cloth passer, 28 Ward Street
McClaverty, Charles, tenter, 139 Cambria Street (Cambrai)
McClaverty, James, grocer, 19 Benwell Street
McClean, Ann, 70 Carlisle Place
McClean, Bernard, wine merchant, 15 Atlantic Avenue
McClean, B., wine merchant, 2 Castleton Terrace
McClean, F. P., (of Little & McClean), Huntley Villas, Derrievolgie Avenue
McClean, James, flesher, 27 Hercules Place
McClean, Mrs., haberdasher, 23 Berry Street
McClean, Samuel, traveller, 14 Stewart Street
McClean, S. T., linen merchant, 7 Linenhall Street
McClean, Wm., evangelist, 39 Atlantic Avenue
McClean, Wm., carpenter, 185 Durham Street
McCleave, Geo., saddler, 2 The Mount, Mountpottinger
McCleave, James, Braemar Terrace
McCleave & Sons, harness makers, 6 Castle Place
McCleery, Alexander, draper, 10 Albany Street
McCleery, Bros., wholesale drapers, 181 Rutland Terrace, Shankhill Road
McCleery, Henry, house and land agent, 2 Hill Street, res., Botanic Avenue
McCleery, Isabella, pawn broker, 108 & 110 Nelson Street
McCleery, J. C., M.D., surgeon, 7 May Street
McCleery, James, clerk, 105 Cosgrave Street
McCleery, James, pattern maker, 13 Ambrose Street
McCleery, Mary, ladies' nurse, 3 New Bond Street
McCleery, Mrs. H., 95 St. Mary's Terrace
McCleery, Mrs., 221 Grosvenor Street
McCleery, Mrs., 31 India Street
McCleery, R., accountant, 7 Queen's Square
McCleery, Henry, 114 Park Place
McClelland, A., linen merchant, 33 Edenmore Terrace
McClelland, H., (of F. B. Leckey & Co.), 71 Inkerman Terrace, Dublin Road
McClelland, J., dining house, 8 Winetavern Street
McClelland, J., grocer and publican, 64 & 66 Denmark Street
McClelland, Mrs., Prospect Lodge
McClelland, Mrs., 12 Cooke Street
McClelland, Miss, fancy bazaar, 85 Cromac Street
McClelland, R., horse shoer, 41 Thorndyke Street
McClelland, R., horse shoer, 6 & 8 Union Street
McClelland, S., painter, 48 North Boundary Street
McClelland, Thomas, solicitor, 25 Victoria Street, res., Ashfield, Antrim Road
McClelland, Thomas, 5 Cooke Street
McClelland, Thomas, secretary, Britania Loan & Discount Co., 6 Little Brunswick Street
McClelland, Thomas, solicitor, 25 Victoria Street
McClelland, Thomas, clerk, 14 Mount Street
McClelland, William, polisher, 1 Albion Street
McClelland, Wm., mechanic, 9 Granville Street
McClelland, W. J., publican, 38 North Thomas Street
McClements, H., engineer, 165 North Queen Street
McClenaghan, James, 82 York Street
McClenaghan, James, mechanic, 45 Agnes Street
McClenaghan, James, dresser, 130 Cambria Street (Cambrai)
McClenaghan, James, teacher, 82 Tennent Street
McClenaghan, J., grocer, 1 Apsley Street
McClenaghan, J., stabling yard, 19 Russell Street
McClenaghan, T., spirit grocer, 19 Grace Street
McClenaghan, W. J., bleacher, 141 Argyle Street
McClenaghan, Wm., grocer, 21 Boyd Street
McClenaghan, W., cambric finisher, 161 Argyle Street
McClintock, James, painter, 26 Baltic Street
McClintock, John, mechanic, 7 Meenan Street
McClintock, W., agent Prudential Insurance Co.
McClinton, James, farmer, Milltown
McClinton, John, (of McClinton & Thompson), 72 Newington Terrace
McClinton, Joseph, mechanic, 19 Upper Cargill Street
McClinton & Thompson, chandlers, 55, 57, 59 & 61 Academy Street
McCloskey, Charles, cashier, 31 Hopeton Street
McCloskey, D., spirit dealer, 74 & 76 Talbot Street and 54 Grattan Street
McCloskey, David, agent, 61b York Street
McCloskey, G., publican, 74 North Queen Street Place
McCloskey, G., wine and spirit merchant, 1 New Lodge Road
McCloskey, J., spirit dealer, 64 Great George's Street
McCloskey, John, mechanic, 47 Dock Street
McCloskey, J., wine and spirit merchant, 75 York Street
McCloskey, Jas., spirit store, 4 & 6 Great Patrick Street
McCloskey, P., statue maker, 16 Smithfield Street
McCloskey, Wm., grocer, 72 Union Street
McCloskie, Charles, cashier, 31 Hopeton Street
McClosky, David, spirit dealer, 22 Henry Street
McCloud, John, green grocer, 16 Lagan Street
McCloy, Charles, shoe maker, 1 Portland Place
McCloy, David, builder, 10 Brougham Street
McCloy, Harrison, plumber, gas fitter and lead merchant, 53 Donegall Street, res., 32 Vicinage Park
McCloy, Hugh, butcher, 19 Little York Street
McCloy, J., butcher and victualler, 139 York Street
McCloy, John, surveyor of steam vessels, 279 York Street
McCloy, James, mechanic, 40 Baltic Street
McCloy, Samuel, artist, 11 Magdala Street
McCloy, W., shipwright, 142 Corporation Street
McCluen, Miss, dress maker, 10 Auburn Street
McClune, Thomas, grocer, 47 & 49 Utility Street
McClung, John, linen merchant, 22 Eglinton Street
McClure, Charles, carpenter, 39 Russell Street
McClure, David, book keeper, 201 Crumlin Road
McClure, Jacob, 15 Weir Street
McClure, John, farmer, Milltown
McClure, John B., clerk, 17 Westmoreland Street
McClure, Robert, compositor, 6 Rosewood Street
McClure, Robert, engraver, 75 Academy Street
McClure, R., commission agent, 20 Lombard Street, res., 50 Luther Terrace
McClure, Robert, teacher, 75 Hanover Street
McClure, Samuel, linen merchant, 60 Charles Place
McClure, S., pawn broker's assistant, 9 Concord Street
McClure, Samuel, cutler, 7 Trinity Street
McClure, Sir Thos., Bart., J.P., M.P., V.L., 16 Corporation Street, res., Belmont
McClure, Thos., tobacconist, 31 Ormeau Road
McClure, William, saddler, 40 Hanover Street
McClure, William, shoe maker, 36 Broadbent Street
McClure, Wm. James, 30 Powerscourt Street
McClure, M., sea captain, 7 Havelock Street
McClurg, A., plasterer, 20 & 22 York Street
McClurg, A., fancy box maker, 59 North Boundary Street
McClurg, John, butler, 27 Arkwright Street
McClurg, Wm., 11 Ivanhoe Street
McCluskey, Ellen, 48 Albert Crescent
McCluskey, H., boarding house, 40 & 42 John Street
McCluskey, James, boot and shoe manufacturer, 49 North Street
McClusky, Mrs., 9 Bruce Street (McCluskey)
McCluskey, P., manufacturing chemist, perfumer and rectifying distiller, 17 & 19 Little May Street, res., 59 Joy Street
McCluskey, Robert, carpenter, 10 Hutchinson Street
McCoey, John, glazier, 22 Henrietta Street
McCollum, K., carpenter, 64 Agnes Street
McComb, Margaret, nurse, 53 Carlisle Street
McComb, A., grocer and spirit dealer, 15 Huss Street
McComb, David, butcher, 73 Durham Place
McComb, George, flax merchant, 7 Lonsdale Street
McComb, George, assistant, 168 Renwick Place
McComb, James, provision merchant, (Butter Market), 8 Great Patrick Street, res., 24 Eglinton Street
McComb, James, tailor, 7 Ormeau Road
McComb, J., medical student, 364 Shankhill Road
McComb, Mrs., Colinview Terrace
McComb, John, plater, 121 Westmoreland Street
McComb, P., agent for Castlebellingham Brewery, 18 & 20 William Street, res., 7 Joy Street
McComb, Rev. S., Woodville House, Shankhill Road
McComb, S. A., leather merchant, 32 Mill Street
McComb, William, confectioner, 93 Shankhill Road
McComb, Wm., carpenter, 193 Napier Place
McComb, Wm., carpenter, 226 Courthouse Terrace
McComb, Wm., baker and grocer, 223 to 229 Shankhill Road
McComish, Joseph, painter, 40 Stanhope Street
McConaghy, Peter, boot and shoe maker, 131 Albert Street
McConkey, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 59 & 61 Leadbetter Street
McConkey, Samuel, butler, 206 Old Lodge Road
McConkey, T., timber merchant, 34 to 40 York Street
McConkey, Thos. J., timber merchant, 45 Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
McConkey, William, clothier & out fitter, 22 Donegall Place, res., 13 Unity Street
McConnell, Agnes, dress maker, 24 College Square North
McConnell, Alexander, lapper, 17 Aloa Street
McConnell, Ann, grocer, 27 May Street
McConnell, Alex., ship carpenter, 43 Canning Street
McConnell, A., M.D., surgeon, 27 Great Victoria Street
McConnell, Crawford, clerk, 59 Atlantic Avenue
McConnell, D., J.P., Castlereagh House, Castlereagh
McConnell, Eliza, grocer, 44 Kendal Street
McConnell, Ellen, 15 Bell's Lane
McConnell, George R., clerk, 11 Shannon Street
McConnell, H., inn keeper, 36 Ivanhoe Street
McConnell, H., dairy man, 316 & 318 Shankhill Road
McConnell, James, iron monger, 76 Smithfield
McConnell, James, merchant, (of W. D. Hyndman & Sons), 1 Caledonia Terrace, Rugby Road, The Plains
McConnell, James, 2 Walnut Street
McConnell, J. & J., wine and spirit merchants, 42 to 46 Tomb Street
McConnell, John, (of J. & J. McConnell), Comber
McConnell, J., spinning master, 8 Berlin Street
McConnell, J., confectionery, 32 Church Lane
McConnell, J., civil bill officer, 89 Lindsay Street
McConnell, J., book keeper, 1 Castlereagh Place
McConnell, John, publican, 148 Albert Street
McConnell, John, painter, 36 Arkwright Street
McConnell, John, jeweller, 265 York Street
McConnell, John, watch maker, 70 North Street
McConnell, John, director, Dunville & Co. Ltd., 42 Botanic Avenue
McConnell, John, book keeper, 6 Coates Street
McConnell, John, carpenter, 25 Tyne Street
McConnell, John, litho. printer, 3 Zetland Street
McConnell, Margaret, grocer, 31 Spruce Street
McConnell, Miss, dress maker, 3 Raglan Street
McConnell, M., linen dresser, 171 Agnes Street
McConnell, Mrs., pawn broker, 144 Old Lodge Road
McConnell, Mrs., 45 Beech Park
McConnell, Mrs., 22 Arundel Street
McConnell, R. J., house & land agent, property broker, auctioneer and commission agent, 21 Lombard Street, res., Derryvolgie Avenue (Derrievolgie)
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McConnell, S., tailor and clothier, 25 Church Street and 67 North Street
McConnell, Samuel, & Co., provision merchants, 153 York Street, res., 100 York Street
McConnell, Thomas, auctioneer, 24 Marquis Street
McConnell, Wm., clerk, 2 Distillery Street
McConnell, W. J., flesher, 31 John Street
McConnell, W. J., engineer, 9 Portland Place
McConnell, William, tea merchant, 14 Skipper Street, res., 35 Victoria Place
McConnell, William, com. agent, Waring Street, res., 10 Bedeque Street
McConey, Thomas, figure maker, 28 Talbot Street
McConvey, W., spirit dealer, 40 Academy Street
McConvery, Neil, grocer, 51 Divis Street
McConville, Edward, spirit dealer, 65 Peter's Hill
McConville, James, grocer, 81 Smithfield
McConville, J., dealer, 33, 34 & 35 Smithfield
McConway, Thomas, ex-constable, 54 Unity Street
McCoo, James, baker, 54 Servia Street
McCool, Hugh, manager in linen warehouse, 62 Cromwell Terrace
McCool, Mrs., Holyrood, Malone Road
McCoon, Thomas, carpenter, 58 Leeson Street
McCord, A., French Polisher, 12 Talbot Street
McCord, Archibald, polisher, 18 Glenalpin Street
McCord, T., preparing master, 32 Athol Street
McCord, Mary, 12 Prince's Street
McCord, Mrs., 5 Auburn Street
McCorkell, J., commercial traveller, 112 Ellenborough Terrace
McCormack, W., cork manufacturer, 13 Ship Street
McCormick, Alex., draper, 64 Mill Street
McCormick, Bernard, writer, 21 Coyle's Place
McCormick, Edward, painter, 18 Ambrose Street
McCormick, Edward, draper, 44b Donegall Street, res., Francis Street, Newtownards
McCormick, R., wholesale and retail glass and china warehouse, and Belleek Pottery Depot, 43 York Street
McCormick, E., book keeper, Collinwood
McCormick, Eliza, 15 Malcolm Place
McCormick, Hugh, grocer, 33 New Bond Street
McCormick, Hugh, West End Millinery Warehouse, 29 Donegall Place, res., Blenheim Terrace
McCormick, Hugh, draper, 27 Cromac Street
McCormick, James, baker, 28 Scotland Street
McCormick, James, carpenter, 139 Albert Street
McCormick, James, engineer, 142 Kearney's Terrace
McCormick, James, clerk, 1 Hemsdale Street
McCormick, James, professor, 17 St. James Street
McCormick, Jane, grocer, Upper Newtownards Road
McCormick, J., spirit dealer, 33 Henry Street
McCormick, J., linen merchant, 34 Albert Place
McCormick, J., commission agent, 50 Lonsdale Street
McCormick, J., coach painter, 11 Russell Street
McCormick, J., spirit grocer, 44 North Howard Street
McCormick, J., publican, 52 & 54 Rosewood Street
McCormick, John, carpenter, 10 Milford Street
McCormick, John, carpenter & builder, Greencastle
McCormick, John, stone cutter, 10 Denmark Street
McCormick, John, commission agent, Commercial Chambers, Telfair Street, res., 39 Castlereagh Street
McCormick, John, stationer, etc., 189 & 191 York Street
McCormick, John, stone works, Cranston Place, Duncairn Street
McCormick, John, commission agent, 6 Telfair Street
McCormick, John, clerk, 101 Cosgrave Street
McCormick, John, printer, 16 Bruce Street
McCormick, Jos., grocer, 14 McClure Street
McCormick, Joseph, grocer, 39 Cromac Street
McCormick, Mary, 41 Botanic Terrace
McCormick, Miss E. A., dress maker, 21 Linenhall Street
McCormick, Mrs., 11 Lavinia Street
McCormick, Patrick, grocer, 57 Divis Street
McCormick, P., publican, 42 & 44 Milford Street
McCormick, Robert, tailor, 46 Swift Street
McCormick, Robert, traveller, 25 Thompson Street
McCormick, Sarah, stationer, 90 Falls Road
McCormick, Thomas, stamper, 6 Kensington Street
McCormick, Thomas, London Dining Rooms, 56 York Street
McCormick, Thomas, bread server, 9 Radcliff Street
McCormick, Thomas, smith, 22 Bruce Street
McCormick, T., stone yard, 71 Brown Square
McCormick, T., mill manager, 71 Grosvenor Street
McCormick, William, glass and bottle manufacturer, 21 & 23 Hamilton's Place, Lagan Village
McCormick, W., cork cutter, 5 Academy Street
McCormick, William, carpenter, 15 Bradford Street
McCormick, Wm., salesman, 27 Norwood Street
McCormick, Wm., rent agent, 21 Chichester Street
McCorriston, J., refreshment rooms, 12 Great Edward Street
McCorrough, R., ship carpenter, 13 Henry Square
McCorry, Edward, grocer, 32 Smithfield
McCorry, Francis, bread server, 15 Queen Street
McCorry, H., linen lapper, 58 Alexander Street West
McCorry, James, merchant, 83 Inkerman Terrace, Dublin Road
McCorry, James, & Co., linen and cambric manufacturers, 4 Linenhall Street
McCorry, J., (of J. McCorry & Co.), Holyrood, Malone Road
McCorry, Joseph, grocer, 13 York Lane
McCorry, Richard, commission agent, 9 Queen's Square, res., Albion Street
McCorry, Mrs., confectionery and toys, 5 & 6 Smithfield
McCottan, Patrick, carpenter, 21 Cosgrave Street
McCoubray, John, clerk, 48 Calvin Street
McCoubrey, Arthur, carpenter, 6 Schomberg Terrace
McCoubrey, Samuel, grocer, 31 Hurst Street
McCoubrey, William, grocer, 85 Grosvenor Street
McCoubrey, W., grocer and hardware merchant, 113 Donegall Pass
McCourt, Andrew, painter, 57 Broadbent Street
McCourt, James, R.I.C., 31 Athol Street
McCourt, Mrs., dealer, 58 Talbot Street
McCourt, Mrs., 47 Smithfield
McCourtney, H., stationer, 17 John Street
McCoy, James, engine fitter, 9 White Street
McCoy, Thomas, clothier, 35 Smithfield Square
McCoy, Mrs., 49 Upper Townsend Street
McCoy, W. J., spirit dealer, 5 & 7 Wilson's Court, off High Street
McCoy, Wm. John, furniture dealer, 10 Smithfield Square
McCracken, David, wine and spirit merchant, 10 & 12 Carrick Hill
McCracken, George, carpenter, 22 Thompson Street
McCracken, Henry J., 1 & 3 Train View
McCracken, James, painter, 2 Osborne Terrace
McCracken, James, (Gridiron Hotel), 25 Chichester Street
McCracken, J., cloth buyer, 98 Great George's Street
McCracken, John, 8 Parkview Terrace
McCracken, John, 191 Grosvenor Street
McCracken, John, boot maker, 18 Bridge Street
McCracken, Joseph, clerk, 9 Tyrone Street
McCracken, Joseph, grocer, 78 Stanhope Street
McCracken, Malcolm, Maryvale
McCracken, Miss, 37 Roden Terrace
McCracken, M. J., & Co., cuff and collar manufacturers, 97 York Street
McCracken, Mrs., spirit dealer, 25 to 29 Station Street
McCracken, Robert, carpenter, 14 Wesley Street
McCracken, S., brass founder, 8 Baltic Street
McCracken, Thomas, engraver, 35 Prospect Street
McCracken, T., contractor, 47 Lavinia Street
McCracken, William, car owner, 78 Cromac Street
McCracken, William J., 7 Eglantine Street
McCracken, Wm., bank clerk, 22 Lonsdale Terrace
McCracken & Mogey, stationers, Ann Street
McCraig, Duncan, engineer, 4 St. Paul Street
McCrea, Andrew, 25 Sheridan Street
McCrea, Basil, (of McCrea & McFarland), 4 Upper Crescent
McCrea, Archibald, carpenter, 47 Upton Street
McCrea, Charles, coal merchant, 266 Shankhill Road
McCrea, Headley, customs, 19 Beechpark Street
McCrea, John, 15 Fleetwood Street
McCrea, John, plasterer, 5 Sunnyside Street
McCrea, Mrs. Dr., Strandmillis Road
McCrea, Richard, gas fitter, 12 Albert Crescent
McCrea & McFarland, agents for Great Northern, Northern Counties and County Down Railway Companies, 8b Donegall Street
McCready, Alexander, 80 River Terrace
McCreagh, John, carpenter, 8 Gosford Street
McCreary, Thomas, clerk, 101 Everton Terrace
McCreedy, D., tobacco spinner, 36 Ardmoulin Street
McCreedy, James, Ballynafeigh Road
McCreedy, John, plumber, 71 Stanfield Street
McCreeny, Joseph, salesman, 27 Thompson Street
McCreery, J., pattern maker, 12 Memel Street
McCreery, Mrs., 15 Eblana Street
McCreight, John, 11 Zetland Street
McCreight, Robert, & Co., linen and linen yarn merchants, 3 Bedford Street
McCreight, Robert, (of Robert McCreight & Co.), 6 Wellesley Avenue
McCreight, Thos., cabinet maker, 25 Little May Street, res., 3 White Street
McCreight, Thomas, cabinet maker, 3 White Street
McCrookin, R., 25 Belmore Street
McCrory, Bernd., spirit dealer, 4 Pottinger's Entry
McCrory, J., plumber and gas fitter, 13 Grosvenor Street
McCrory, Michael, iron monger, 56 Smithfield Square
McCrory, Mrs. Sarah, grocer, 14 New Lodge Road
McCrory, Thomas, grocer, 47 & 49 Princes Street
McCrudden, James, smith, 9 Bread Street
McCrudden, J., nurse tender, 7 Bolton Street
McCrum, Robert, manufacturer, 64 Howie Terrace
McCrum, Robert, J.P., (of McCrum, Watson, & Co.), Milford, Armagh
McCrum, Watson, & Co., linen manufacturers, 31 Bedford Street
McCrum & Watters, shirt and collar manufacturers, 9 Howard Street
McCrystal, John, 38 Unity Street
McCulla, Samuel, builder, 1 Orrington, Lisburn Road
McCullagh, H., book binder, 74 Agnes Street
McCullen, Joseph, clerk, 11 Cameron Street
McCulloch, A. G. S., & Son, shipping agents, Glasgow Royal Mail Steamers, 24 & 26 Donegall Quay
McCulloch, A. G. S., (of A. G. S. McCulloch & Son), 8 Murray's Terrace
McCullough, Alex., plumber, 85 Killymoon Buildings
McCullough, A., posting establishment, 63 North Queen Street
McCullough, A., ship carpenter, 74 Vere Street
McCullough, A., flax buyer, 44 Agnes Street
McCullough, Alex., mechanic, 28 Glenalpin Street
McCullough, Andrew, 14 Ballynafeigh Road
McCullough, Andrew, mechanic, 177 Durham Street
McCullough, David, flax buyer, 6 Hope Street
McCullough, Danl., spirit dealer, 162 Shankhill Road
McCullough, Ellen, grocer and spirit dealer, 57 & 59 Cullingtree Road
McCullough, Henry, (of Aiken & McCullough), 74 Agnes Street
McCullough, Henry J., agent, 4 Thorndale Avenue
McCullough, H., merchant tailor, 22 Rosemary Street
McCullough, Hugh, painter and decorator, 79 Corporation Street
McCullough, Hugh, tailor, 31 Wall Street
McCullough, Hugh, clerk, 56 Craigmore Street
McCullough, Jas., lithographer, 69 Townsend Street
McCullough, James, mechanic, 7 Hurst Street
McCullough, James, grocer, 22 Hutchinson Street
McCullough, James, nail manufacturer, 42, 44 & 46 Hercules Street
McCullough, James, carpenter, 141 Durham Street
McCullough, Jas., spirit dealer, 237 Shankhill Road
McCullough, Jane, spirit dealer, 87 Peter's Hill
McCullough, J., merchant tailor, woollen draper and hatter, 70 & 72 High Street, res., Laurel Lodge, Strandtown
McCullough, J., gas fitter, 25 Frank Street
McCullough, J., car owner, 16 Northumberland Street
McCullough, J., house painter, 39 Mustard Street
McCullough, John, auditor, accountant, 3 North Street, res., Glenside, Holywood
McCullough, John, painter, 8 Lower Mount Street
McCullough, John, mechanic, 32 Weir Street
McCullough, Joseph, book keeper, 2 McClure Terrace
McCullough, Joseph, dealer, 5 Smithfield Square
McCullough, ?, sea captain, 249 Wesley Terrace
McCullough, Mary, grocer, 20 Verner Street
McCullough, Mary, confectioner, 96 Ann Street
McCullough, Miss, 1b Charlotte Street
McCullough, Miss, 244 Ann's Place
McCullough, Robert, foreman, 38 Glenalpin Street
McCullough, Sarah, 24 Baltic Avenue
McCullough, S., linen lapper, 17 Elm Street
McCullough, Wm., builder, 37 Elm Street
McCullough, Wm., merchant tailor and hatter, 79 High Street, res., 24 Prince of Wales Terrace
McCullough, William, builder, 14 Fairview Street
McCullough, Wm., upholsterer, 17 California Street
McCullough, William, baker, 36 Great George's Street
McCullough, Wm., contractor, 43 Springfield Road
McCullough, Wm., confectioner, 85 Peter's Hill
McCullough, Wm., shoe maker, 32 Alfred Terrace
McCullough, W., ship carpenter, 94 Corporation Street
McCullough, William, builder, 25 Lavinia Street
McCullough & Co., plumbers, brass founders, gas and steam fitters, workers in zinc, sheet iron, etc., 111 Durham Street
McCully, John, ship owner, 6b Queen's Quay
McCully, Joseph, coal merchant, 7 Queen's Quay, res., Mount Eden, Shankhill Rd
McCully, R., jun., & Co., Limeburners, Shankhill Road
McCully, R., lime merchant, Shankhill Road
McCully, Robert, Edenderry House
McCully, Miss, dress maker, 24 Pine Street
McCune, Alex., shipwright, 23 Dock Street
McCune, Hugh, engineer, 1 Stanhope Street
McCune, John, dealer, 4 Smithfield Square
McCune, John, clerk, 41 John Street
McCune, J., furniture dealer, 17 Smithfield Square
McCune, Patrick, dealer, 15 Smithfield
McCune, William, clerk, 13 Beverley Street
McCurdy, Jas., commission agent, 11 Lincoln Avenue
McCurdy, John, carpenter, 19 Broadbent Street
McCurley, W. R., carpenter, 1 Lee Street
McCurry, Isaac, builder, 9 May Street
McCurry, James, carpenter, 8 Hartley Street
McCusker, H., boarding house, 31 John Street
McCuskerd, Patrick, mechanic, 4 Institution Place
McCutcheon, H., brick layer, 14 Arkwright Street
McCutcheon, John, builder, 66 Old Lodge Road
McCutcheon, J., leather merchant, 74 Ann Street, res., 28 Gloucester Street
McCutcheon, J., master mariner, 59 Brougham Street
McCutcheon, J., ship carpenter, 99 Blondhill Terrace
McCutcheon, S., cabinet maker, 41 Queen Street
McDade, Charles, upholsterer, cabinet maker and bedding manufacturer, 33 Donegall Pass
McDade, Charles, upholsterer, 11 Powerscourt Street
McDade, Robert, book keeper, 35 Essex Street
McDade, William, draper, 53 & 55 York Street, res., 7 Kinnaird Street
McDaniel, John, grocer, 96 York Street
McDarrell, Jas., carpenter, 3 Baggot Street
McDavid, James, overseer, 19 Earl Street
McDermott, E., canvasser, 5 Malone Park
McDermott, Hugh, printer, 7 Copeland Street
McDermott, J., litho' printer, 17 Kildare Street
McDermott, Matthew, musician, 34 Hamilton Street
McDermott, Mrs., dress maker, 34 Hamilton Street
McDermott, Mrs., grocer, 2 Victoria Square
McDermott, Mrs., grocer, 2 Staunton Street
McDermott, William, grocer, 57 & 59 North Queen Street
McDevitt, John, machinist, 23 McMillan's Place
McDonald, A., hair dresser, 71 Albert Bridge Road
McDonald, D., spirit dealer, 57 Pilot Street
McDonald, David, barber, 3 & 5 Prince's Street
McDonald, J. T., (of John Taggart & Co.), Clifton Park Avenue
McDonald, Jas., book keeper, 122 York Street
McDonald, J., flax and tow merchant, 4 York Lane
McDonald, J., flax buyer, 57 Linden Place
McDonald, Mrs., grocer, 15 Chapel Lane
McDonald, Mrs., 1 Downshire Place
McDonald, Mrs., 19 Eglinton Street
McDonald, Robert, fowl dealer, 23 Market Street
McDonald, Robert, spirit dealer, 21 Great Patrick Street
McDonald, Thomas, stoker, 22 Powerscourt Street
McDonald, W. J., foreman, 3 Frank Street
McDonald, William, draper, 36 Auburn Street
McDonald, Wm., painter, 44 Shankhill Road
McDonnell, Charles, hair dresser, 22 Durham Street
McDonnell, Edward, baker, 63 Wall Street
McDonnell, E., dairyman, 47 & 49 Green Street
McDonnell, Francis, flax and waste merchant, 110 & 112 Cullingtree Road
McDonnell, F., pawn broker, 50 & 52 Albert Crescent
McDonnell, George, school master, 18 Crimea Street
McDonnell, J., cattle dealer, 46 & 48 Institution Place
McDonnell, J., spirit dealer, 136 Leeson Street
McDonnell, J., publican, 8 & 10 Cyprus Street
McDonnell, Mrs., 17 Walnut Street
McDonnell, Mrs., Eglantine
McDonnell, Mrs., 7 Fountainville Avenue
McDornan & Barrett, linen merchants, 7 College Street
McDougall, Mrs., 1 Virginia Street
McDowell, Alexander, clerk, 24 Napier Street
McDowell, Benjamin Nevin, Custom House Officer, 58 Fairview Street
McDowell, Charles, pensioner, 1 Little Grosvenor Street
McDowell, C., millwright, 108 Wellwood Place
McDowell, David, tailor, 47 Gibson Street
McDowell, F., pawn broker, 102 Cullingtree Road
McDowell, F., & Co., collar manufacturers, 8 The Crescent
McDowell, Hugh, carpenter, 32 Carlow Street
McDowell, Hugh, commission agent, 6 Victoria Street, res., 21 Virginia Street
McDowell, James, saddler, 168 North Street
McDowell, James, clerk, 65 Brougham Street
McDowell, Jane, 4 Lincoln Avenue
McDowell, J., spirit dealer, 88 & 90 Lagan Village Road
McDowell, J., grocer, 28 Newtownards Road
McDowell, J., & Co., grocers, 244 Crumlin Road
McDowell, John, 24 Shankhill Road
McDowell, John, millwright, 6 Tudor Place
McDowell, John, sergeant, 68 Riga Street
McDowell, John, flax buyer, 24 Landscape Terrace
McDowell, John, chandler, 73 Bentinck Street
McDowell, Miss, 18 Sussex Place
McDowell, Miss, 41 & 43 Hill Street
McDowell, Mrs., 2 Naples Street
McDowell, Mrs., 57 Lancaster Street
McDowell, P., baker and grocer, 168 to 172 Shankhill Road
McDowell, R., chief engineer, 193 North Queen Street
McDowell, R., store keeper, 27 Conway Street
McDowell, Robert, pensioner, 28 Israel Street
McDowell, Robt. W., manager, 91 St. Mary's Terrace
McDowell, Samuel, 132 Cambria Street (Cambrai)
McDowell, Stephen, book keeper, 134 Crumlin Road
McDowell, Stewart, clerk, 20 Gibson Street
McDowell, Thomas, pensioner, 19 St. Andrew Square
McDowell, Thomas, grocer, 10 Berlin Street
McDowell, Timothy, mechanic, 62 Cambria Street
McDowell, Thomas, chemist, 50 Norwood Place, Albert Bridge Road
McDowell, Wm., shoe maker, 170 Renwick Place
McDowell, Wm. J., editor of Morning News, 43 Roden Terrace, Limestone Road
McDowell, William, carpenter, 12 Arkwright Street
McDowell, William, carpenter, 199 Warwick Terrace
McDowell, Wm., ship carpenter, 12 Shipboy Street
McDuff, James B., manager, Hope Cottage, Newtownards Road
McDuff, John, seedsman, 73 Victoria Street, res., Hope Cottage, Newtownards Road
McElhenny, Thomas, publican, 197 Old Lodge Road
McEnespy, M., general grocer, 12 Garmoyle Street
McEntee, Edward, book seller, 4 Mill Street
McEntee, J., Customs Officer, 18 Alexander Street West
McEntee, James, 97 Blondhill Terrace
McErlean, Andrew, solicitor, Donegall Street, res., 34 Vicinage Park
McErlean, Francis, spirit merchant, 48 Great Patrick Street
McErlean, Joseph, grocer, 55 New Lodge Road
McErlean, Mrs., 9 John Street
McErvel, T. & J., seed, implement and manure merchants, 36, 38, 40 & 42 Victoria Square
McErvel, Thomas, (of J. & T. McErvel), Cliftonville Avenue
McErvel, James, (of J. & T. McErvel), Belmont
McEwing, John, proprietor, Springfield Thread Works
McEwen, John, Springfield Bleachgreen, Cliftonville Avenue
McFadden, Daniel, carpenter, 36 Alexander Street West
McFadden, Samuel, carpenter, 28 Elizabeth Street
McFadden, James, clerk, 24 Pisa Street
McFadden William George Fyffe, law clerk, 52 Gloucester Street
McFall, John, clerk, 64 Frederick Street
McFall, Rose Anna, confectioner, 33 Millfield
McFall, R., builder and contractor, 11 Cliftonpark Avenue
McFall, William, grocer, Whiteabbey
McFall, Wm. John, overseer, 59 Unity Street
McFarland, B., mechanic, 108 Lilliput Place
McFarland, F., linen lapper, 13 Christopher Street
McFarland, E. F., surgeon-major, 45 Mountview Terrace
McFarland, Hugh, pressman, 12 Roden Street
McFarland, J., spirit dealer, 12 Frederick Street
McFarland, J., linen measurer, 62 Hanover Street
McFarland, John, carpenter, 104 Argyle Street
McFarland, John, (of McCrea & McFarland), 15 Brougham Street
McFarland, M., dress maker, 9 Eliza Street
McFarland, Mrs., Black's Cottages, Ballynafeigh Road
McFarland, Wm., grocer, 19 Powerscourt Street

McFarlane, John, (of Belfast Flax Spinning & Weaving Company), 4 Rugby Terr.
McFarlane, Mrs., 36 Beaconsfield Terrace
McFarlane, Mrs., 16 Lonsdale Street
McFarlane, Peter, commission agent, 2 Donegall Place Buildings, res., 10 Thorndale Avenue
McFee, J., grocer and spirit dealer, 5 Hemsworth Street
McFee, Mrs., grocer & spirit dealer, Whiteabbey
McFeeley, M., watch maker, 9 Spencer Street
McFerran, James, book binder, 125 Sandy Row
McFerran, John, merchant, Fortwilliam Park
McFerran, Joseph, & Co., linen merchants, 8 Donegall Square West
McFerran, J. H., linen merchant, 6 Elmwood Terrace
McFerran, J., ship carpenter, 48 Ship Street
McFerran, J., linen lapper, 161 Warwick Terrace
McFerran, Mrs., 6 Claremont Terrace
McFetridge, John, brass founder, 124 Woodstock Road
McFillen, James, dealer, 16 Chapel Lane
McGaffin, Alexander, public accountant, 7 Donegall Square North
McGaffin, A., linen merchant, 3 Hopefield Terrace
McGahan, Patrick, mechanic, 13 Alma Street
McGahan, James, fruit and vegetable merchant, Oxford Street and 9 Castle
Market, res., 159 Cromac Street
McGahey, D., professor of music, Botanic Avenue
McGahey, James, carpenter, 15 Lawther Street
McGahey, Margaret, grocer, 9 Lawther Street
McGahey, W. H., plumber, 28 Dagmar Street
McGanty, James, traveller, 9 Springfield Road
McGarrigle, John, wholesale woollen merchant, 18 Rosemary Street
McGarry, Charles, builder, 51 Meadow Street
McGarry, Henry, cattle dealer, 12 Andrew Street
McGarry, Mrs., publican, Shore Road
McGarry, Mrs., spirit dealer, Greencastle
McGarry, Patrick, butcher, 57 Albert Crescent
McGarry & Kerr, grocers and spirit dealers, 17 Cullingtree Road
McGaughey, Samuel, flesher, 52 Shankhill Road
McGaughey, S., linen manager, 28 Spruce Street
McGavock, Samuel, 117 Parkview Terrace
McGeagh, R. T., ship owner, 3 Camden Street
McGeagh, R., (of McGeagh & MacLaine), 2 College Park East
McGee, D., & Co., merchant tailors, 38 Arthur Street
McGee, Henry, tea agent, 20 Victoria Chambers
McGee, James, (of J. G. McGee & Co.), res., Spafield, Holywood
McGee, John G., & Co., (Pantechnetheca), merchant tailors, clothiers and general out fitters, hatters, robe and gown makers, masonic jewellers, etc., 30, 32 & 34 High Street, Ulster Coat and India Rubber warehouse, 26b High Street
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McGee, John G., (of J. G. McGee & Co.), res., Spafield, Holywood
McGee, John, compositor, 12 Albert Place
McGee, John, family grocer, 5 Virginia Street
McGee, J., Royal Antrim Rifles Staff, 23 Court Street
McGee, Michael, M.D., L.R.C.P.E., 60 York Street
McGee, Robert, carpenter, 44 East Street
McGee, Samuel, clothier, 3 Cliftonpark Avenue
McGee, W., shoe maker, 34 Apsley Street
McGeehan, H., publican, 22 & 24 Waterford Street
McGeown, J., commercial traveller, 13 Antrim Place
McGervon, Thomas, book keeper, 47 Fairview Street
McGiffin, Bros., tea merchant and grocers, 28 & 30 North Street
McGiffin, John, grocer, 1 Caledonia Street
McGiffin, J., (of McGiffin Bros.), 1 Caledonia Street
McGiffin, T., fruiterer, 11 & 13 Castle Market
McGiffin, W., ship carpenter, 3 Earl Place
McGifford, James, draper, 12 Athol Street
McGifford, J., sanitary inspector, 14 Windsor Street
McGifford, Miss, dress maker, 8 Wellwood Place
McGill, Charles, spirit merchant, 16 Vicinage Park
McGill, James, woollen draper, 14 North Street, res., 10 College Place North
McGill, James, book keeper, 46 Thorndyke Street
McGinity, Alex., coal dealer, 29 Castlereagh Street
McGinley, H., tobacconist, 195 Crumlin Road
McGinley, Hugh, tobacconist, 41 York Street
McGinley, J., publican, 46 Falls Road
McGinn, William, baker, 4 Hartwell Street
McGinnis, P., boot manufacturer, 34 Berry Street
McGinnis, James, iron monger, 62 Smithfield Square
McGinness, Patrick, gutta percha and leather boot and shoe warehouses, 5 & 9 North Street and 55 Castle Street and Dublin, Newry and Bradford, England, res., Seaview Terrace, Strandtown
McGivern, O., power loom dresser, 22 Quadrant Street
McGivern, Patrick, dealer, 30 Smithfield
McGivern, John, clerk, 77 Albert Crescent
McGlade, Bernard, wholesale grocer, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 34 to 40 Edward Street
McGlade, D., tailor, 21 Kildare Street
McGlade, Francis, wine and spirit merchant, 56 Alexander Street West, 200 North Street, 63 Mill Street, 54 & 56 Cromac Street and 50 & 52 Mill Street
McGlade, James, publican, 1 & 3 Milford Street
McGlade, Jas., & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 20 & 22 Cromac Street, 2 & 4 Madrid Street, 45 Smithfield and 1 Chapel Lane
McGlade, Patrick, publican, 2 & 4 West Street
McGladery, Robert, mechanic, 25 Cavour Street
McGladdery, Samuel, bank manager, Eden Terrace
McGladrigan, D., boot maker, 137 Auburn Terrace
McGlashan, Duncan, (of McGlashan & Stirling), 26 George's Street, Glasgow
McGlashan & Stirling, sewing machine manufacturers, 9 Queen Street
McGlone, Alex., painter, 18 Quadrant Street
McGlone, Thomas, baker, 122 Dover Street
McGlynn, John, auctioneer and spirit merchant, 39 & 41 Victoria Square
McGonagle, E., telegraph clerk, 33 Greenmount Road
McGonigal, David, solicitor, 3 Donegall Street
McGonigal, J., house painter, 44 Alexander Street West
McGonigal, John, cooperage, 25 Tomb Street
McGonigal, Michael, (of McGonigal & Mack), Parkview Villas, Strandtown
McGonigal & Mack, wholesale woollen drapers, 44 Castle Street
McGookin, Andrew, carpenter, 244 Shankhill Road
McGookin, John, paper cutter, 3 Roden Street
McGourley, John, excise officer, 21 Springfield Road
McGough, Patrick, miller, 2 Alton Street
McGovern, J., flesher, 89 & 91 Hercules Street
McGowan, Anthony, 142 Grosvenor Street
McGowan, Alexander, clerk, 2 Eblana Street
McGowan, E., sexton, 61 Denmark Street
McGowan, F., store keeper, 114 Albert Street
McGowan, Henry, provision dealer, 67 Durham Street
McGowan, H., 228 Grosvenor Street
McGowan, Jackson, (of J Elliott & Co.), linen manufacturer, 38 Botanic Avenue
McGowan, James, carpenter, 77 Woodstock Road
McGowan, James, carpenter, 2 Upton Street
McGowan, James, R.I.C., 23 Sheridan Street
McGowan, James, carpenter, 15 Regent Street
McGowan, John, 35 Virginia Street
McGowan, J., ship carpenter, 57 Earl Street
McGowan, J. L., clerk, 11 Regent Street
McGowan, Michael, pensioner, 5 Balaklava Street
McGowan, Robert, painter, 52 Dagmar Street
McGran, James, insurance agent, Raglan Street
McGrady, Charles, furniture remover, 5 Wellington Street
McGrady, Edward, clerk, 33 Ship Street
McGrady, James, book agent, )for Collins & Sons, publishers, Glasgow), 32 &34 Dover Street
McGrady, John, broker, 56 Rosemary Street
McGrady, J., furniture remover, 8 & 10 College Court
McGrady, John, fruiterer, 31 Hercules Place
McGrady, Mary, confectioner, 61 York Street
McGrath, Edward, watch maker, jeweller, etc., 36 North Street, res., 33 Carlisle Street
McGrath, James, mortar and plaster yard, 32 & 34 Little May Street
McGrath, James, draper, 41 Westmoreland Street
McGrath, John, cattle dealer, 78 Raglan Street
McGrath, J., boarding house, 24 Gamble Street
McGrath, J. J., poulterer, 16 & 17 Castle Market
McGrath, Robt., Scripture Reader, 1 Shannon Street
McGreavy, William, grocer, 84 Smithfield
McGreevy, Hugh, car owner, 7 Stanfield Street
McGreevy, James, 63 Smithfield
McGreevy, J., grain merchant, 14 Cromac Street
McGreevy, Richard, sea captain, 44 Ship Street
McGreery, William, clothier, 12 Smithfield Square
McGregor, Andw., builder, 133 Greenhill Cottage
McGregor, Hugh A., (2nd Floor), 107 Donegall Street
McGregor, James G., clerk, 2 Lackagh Street
McGregor, J., timber merchant, 210 Churchville, Newtownards Road
McGregor, Mrs., 27 Walnut Street
McGregor, Maria, 114 College Square North
McGriffin, James, com. traveller, 17 Jasmine Place
McGrillen, Anna, dress maker, 26 Cromac Street
McGrillen, Charles, spirit dealer, 33 Church Lane
McGrillen, C., spirit dealer, 38 Marquis Street
McGrillen, C., spirit dealer, 132 Albert Terrace and 1 Gilford Street
McGrillen, Hugh, spirit dealer, 52 Lagan Street
McGrillen, John, car owner, 21 North Howard Street
McGrory, Patrick R., publican, 54 Pilot Street
McGuigan, A., grocer, 84 Spamount
McGuigan, Andrew, engraver, 7 Durham Street
McGuigan, Daniel, car owner, 34 Verner Street
McGuigan, John, butcher, 59 Mill Street
McGuigan, John, spirit dealer, 69 Smithfield and 1 & 3 Francis Street
McGuigan, John, butcher, 16 Abercorn Street North
McGuigan, Thomas, butcher, 6 Barrack Street
McGurk, Hugh, 31 Rosewood Street
McGurk, Joseph, book keeper, 13 Ormeau Road
McGurk, W., spirit dealer, 163 & 165 Argyle Street
McHarry, Dr. Hugh, Grosvenor Lodge
McHatton, John, coal dealer, 24 Carrick Hill
McHenry, Henry, manager, 202 Beaconsfield Terrace
McHenry, H., shoe maker, 9 Melbourne Street
McHenry, J., book keeper, 23 Arkwright Street
McHenry, Nicholas, plumber, 71 Albert Crescent
McHenry, Robert, school master, 6 McClure Terrace
McHenry, Robert, grocer, 9 Duncairn Street
McHenry, Robert, chief clerk, Belfast Petty Sessions Court, 6 McClure Terrace
McHenry, Saul, contractor, Dunmurry
McHenry, T., shop keeper, 8 Albert Place
McHenry, Thomas, book keeper, 53 Lavinia Street
McHinch, Mrs. Maria, 14 Ashley Avenue
McHinch, Robert, sec., Sabbath School Society, 32 Melrose Terrace
McHugh, B. & E., general drapers and silk mercers, etc., 8, 10 & 12 Rosemary Street and 3 Bridge Street, young men's boarding establishment, 82 Nelson St.
McHugh, Edward, (of B. & E. McHugh & Co.), Millbank House, Holywood
McHugh, E., jun., (of B. & E. McHugh & Co.), Martella Terrace, Holywood
McHugh, Patrick, (of B. & E. McHugh & Co.), Dunedin terrace, Antrim Road
McHughes, Wm., saddler, 43 Albert Crescent
McHutchinson, John, tea agent, 63 Ann Street, res., 12 Wesley Terrace, Cooke Street
McIldowie, Geo., (of H. & W. Seeds), Hopeview Cottage, Strandtown
McIldown, James, mechanic, 14 Cluan Place
McIlhagga & Co., dry salters and mill furnishers, 5 & 6 Albert Square
McIlhagga, N. O., (of McIlhagga & Co.), Loughview, Antrim Road
McIlhaggo, Samuel, car owner, 27 Abbey Street
McIlhago, W., mill furnisher, 38 Lavinia Street
McIlheron, D. C., postal and telegraph office, 23 Crumlin Road
McIlheron, W. F., branch inspector of Belfast Bank, 46 Botanic Avenue
McIlroy, A., grocer, 105 & 107 Sandy Row
McIlroy, D., post master, Strandtown
McIlroy, David, grocer, 49 Kendal Street
McIlroy, Francis, marble mason, 11 Sherbrooke Street
McIlroy, George, painter, 46 Arkwright Street
McIlroy, Hugh & Co., house, land and com. agent, 22 Linenhall Street, res., 28 Pine Street
McIlroy, Hugh, rent agent, Whitehouse
McIlroy, James, grocer, 85 New Lodge Road
McIlroy, John E., grocer, 228 Wilton Terrace
McIlroy, John, grocer, 49 Shannon Street
McIlroy, John, shoe maker, 37 Aberdeen Street
McIlroy, J., Custom House Officer, 52 Newtownards Road
McIlroy, John, car owner, 11 Scotchmount
McIIlroy, John, grocer, 18 North Thomas Street
McIlroy, Mrs., 15 Great George's Street
McIlroy, O., French Polisher, 16 Irvin Street (Irwin)
McIlroy, Owen, wood turner, 36 Milford Street
McIlroy, Robert, linen lapper, 35 Athol Street
McIlroy, Wm., painter, 17 Sherbrooke Street
McIlroy, William J., clerk, 28 Pine Street
McIlroy, William, millwright, 33 Lorton Street
McIlroy, William, linen lapper, 57 Grosvenor Street
McIlroy & Pollock, millers and flour merchants, Townhall Street
McIlvaney, John, spirit dealer, 66 Auburn Terrace
McIlveen, Arthur, & Co., linen manufacturers, 17 Linenhall Street, res., 4 Castlereagh Place, Mountpottinger
McIlveen, Hugh, (of John T. McIlveen), Brenthen Villa, Knock
McIlveen, James, carpenter, 40 New Bond Street
McIlveen, John, painter, 27 Lincoln Place
McIlveen, J. T., linen manufacturer and bleacher, 6 Donegall Square North
McIlveen, J., & Son, printers, 69 Percy Street
McIlveen, John, (of John T. McIlveen), Connsbrook Terrace, Strandtown
McIlveen, R., newsagent, 3 Lindsay Street
McIlveen, Robert, iron turner, 17 White Street
McIlvenny, Francis, grocer and spirit dealer, 88 Falls Road
McIlvenny, H., brick maker, 14 Ardilea Street
McIlvenny, John, compositor, 28 Joy Street
McIlvenny, J., spirit grocer, 1 Havelock View
McIlvenny, John, 199 Ballynafeigh Road
McIlvenny, Richard, mechanic, 121 Albert Street
McIlvenny, W., grocer and spirit dealer, 164 Falls Road and 2 Lower Clonard Street
McIlwaine, A., watch maker, 9 King Street
McIlwaine, Daniel, tailor, 44 Old Lodge Road
McIlwaine, John, mechanic, 24 Foreman Street
McIlwee, John, compositor, 149 Warwick Terrace, Woodstock Road
McIlwrath, Hugh, hosier, glover, shirt maker and general out fitter, 9 Donegall Street, res., 8 Essex Street
McIlwrath, John, traveller, 6 Earl Place
McIlwrath, Mrs., 1 Dunluce Street
McIlwrath, S., spirit grocer, 34 Albert Buildings
McIlwrath, Wm., over looker, 7 Inkermann Terrace
McIndoe, Mrs., 30 Albert Place
McIntosh, James, carpenter, 52 Craigmore Street
McIntosh, Robert, compositor, 13 Frank Street
McIntyre, Alex., compositor, 117 Auburn Terrace
McIntyre, H. M., 38 Cliftonville Terrace
McIntyre, Wm., lithographer, 25 Glenalpin Street
McIntyre, Miss, 43 Magdala Street
McIntyre & Co., James G., wholesale tea merchants, 7 & 9 Commercial Court
McIntyre, James G., ( of McIntyre & Co.), 56 Pakenham Street
McIntyre & Osborne, wholesale tea merchants and grocers, 7 Queen's Square
McIver, John, gardener, Osborne Cottages, Lisburn Road
McIvor, J., marine dealer, 65 Millfield
McIvor, Thomas, carpenter, 13 Lawther Street
McJervy, Charles, wood turner, 22 Raglan Street
McKaig, Alexander, clerk, Florence Villa
McKane, William, linen merchant, 3 Rugby Street
McKavanagh, Wm., box maker, 2 Servia Street
McKay, Angus, cooper, 12 Thomas Street
McKay, B. A., ladies' school, 3 Cliftonville Avenue
McKay, George, stone and marble worker, 19 Grosvenor Street
McKay, James, carpenter, 8 Old Lodge Road
McKay, James, grocer, 30 Waterford Street
McKay, J., car owner, 8 Warkworth Street
McKay, Neil, saddle maker, 21 King Street
McKay, Rev. Joseph Wm., Methodist minister, (University Road Church), College Gardens Avenue
McKay, William, 39 Rosewood Street
McKeag, Samuel, grocer, 67 Apsley Street
McKeag, Michael, compositor, 11 Naples Street
McKeague, Hugh, hotel manager, 70 Elm Street
McKean, Agnes, 20 Athol Street
McKeating, Edward, saddler, 10 Nelson Street
McKee, A., stone carver, 51 Joy Street
McKee, A., Custon House Officer, 23 Durham Street
McKee, Alexander, manager, 367 Shankhill Road
McKee, Andrew, clerk, 30 Baltic Avenue
McKee, C., dress maker, 22 Corn Market
McKee, Daniel, school teacher, 1 Adela Place
McKee, David, clerk, 10 Atlantic Avenue
McKee, Edward, chain maker, 11 Melbourne Street
McKee, H., dining rooms, 24 & 26 Garmoyle Street
McKee, James, 11 Hercules Place
McKee, James Henry, butcher, 14 Agnes Street
McKee, James, manager, 101 Albert Street
McKee, James, celler man, 185 Warwick Terrace
McKee, J., news paper reporter, 40 Castlereagh Street
McKee, Jas., car owner, 21 & 23 Westmoreland Street
McKee, J., tobacconist, 212 & 214 York Street
McKee, J. R., merchant tailor, 52 Brougham Street
McKee, John, & Co., stock and share brokers agents for Hand-in-Hand and Scottish Amicable Fire and Life Insurance Companies, 100 High Street
McKee, John, (of John McKee & Co.), Mountpellier, Malone Road
McKee, Robert, (of John McKee & Co.), stock brokers, 45 Balmoral Terrace, Great Victoria Street
McKee, John, green grocer, 103 Shankhill Road
McKee, John, paper ruler, 3 Turin Street
McKee, John A., grocer, 17 Shankhill Road
McKee, John, shipwright, 2 Silvio Street
McKee, John, (of Moore, McKee & Co.), res., Killoughy, Donaghadee
McKee, Mary, 66 Macaulay Terrace
McKee, Mrs. M. A., milliner, 4 Charlotte Street
McKee, Mrs., 16 Frederick Terrace
McKee, Mrs., 66 Clifton Park Avenue
McKee, Mrs., 48 Carlisle Place
McKee, Patrick, painter, 8 Staunton Street
McKee, Peter, draper, 25 Walnut Street
McKee, Rev. David, 25 Aloa Street
McKee, Robert, carpenter, 58 Lindsay Street
McKee, Robert, carpenter, 1 Mount Street
McKee, Samuel, M.D., surgeon, 44 Mill Street
McKee, Samuel, salesman, 26 Baltic Avenue
McKee, Samuel, engine driver, 41 Craigmore Street
McKee, Thomas S., tobacconist, 70 Ann Street
McKee, Thomas, winding master, 61 Cavour Street
McKee, Wm., sexton of Berry Street Presbyterian Church, 21 Chapel Lane
McKee, William, carpenter, 86 Grosvenor Terrace
McKee, Wm., grocer, 35 & 37 South Howard Street
McKee, William, clerk, 19 Fleetwood Street
McKee, Wilson, tailor, 17 Fairview Street
McKee & Dunwoody, tea merchants, brokers and commission agents, 59 Victoria Street
McKeen, Eliza, grocer, 21 & 23 North Queen Street
McKerr, John, linen manufacturer, 1 Adelaide Place, res., 81 McClure Street
McKeever, E., dress maker, 57 Alexander Street West
McKeever, John, soap boiler, 12 Prince's Street
McKeever, Mrs., 53 Auburn Terrace
McKeight, J., shoe maker, 18 Cargill Street
McKelvey, John, painter, 195 Shankhill Road
McKelvey, J., traveller, Hollymount, Duncairn Street
McKelvey, Mrs., 5 Richmond Crescent
McKelvey, T., boot and shoe maker, 81 Donegall Street, res., 13 Great George's Street
McKendry, John, draper, 28 Auburn Street
McKendry, Mrs., servants' registry office, 37 Joy Street
McKenna, Edward, overseer, 49 Ship Street
McKenna, Eliza, 1 Corporation Square
McKenna, James, hair dresser, 64 North Street
McKenna, J., litho. printer, 55 Alexander Street West
McKenna, John, & Sons, (Queen's Café), wine and spirit merchants, Italian warehousemen, etc., 1, 3, 8b & 11b York Street and 93 Donegall Street, spirit stores, 8b York Street  (See Advertisement)
McKenna, J., (of J. McKenna & Sons), 1 York Street
McKenna, M., boarding house, 52 John Street
McKenna, Miss, 8 Meadow Street
McKenna, Mrs., grocer, 59 Irwin Street
McKenna, Mrs., 67 Inkerman Terrace, Dublin Road
McKenna, Mrs., pawn broker, 14 & 16 Great Patrick Street
McKenna, P., confectioner, 88 North Street
McKenna, Stephen, wine and spirit dealer, 1 Great Patrick Street
McKenna, S., spirit merchant, 107 & 109 Old Lodge Road
McKenna, T., spirit dealer, 119 & 121 Old Lodge Road and 2 Denmark Street
McKenna & Magill, wine and spirit merchants, 85 & 87 Academy Street
McKenny, James, grocer, 1 Malcolmson Street
McKenny, Joseph, dealer, 6 Annette Street
McKenny, Mary, 16 Athol Street
McKenzie, Alex., carpenter, 54 Craigmore Street
McKenzie, Bros., metal refiners, 1 Hamilton Place West
McKenzie, Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, 101 York Street
McKenzie, Miss, newsagent, 5 & 7 William Street South
McKenzie, Mrs., 5 Beech Street
McKenzie, R., brass founder, 2 Lower Mount Street
McKenzie, Sarah, 38 Meadow Street
McKenzie, Thomas, & Sons, Ltd., seed and agricultural merchants, 93 & 95 Victoria Street, J. Mackie, manager
McKenzie, W. G., surgeon, 92 Great Victoria Street
McKenzie, William, publisher, book seller and book binder, 12 & 13 Ulster Chambers, Waring Street, Thomas A. Hanna, agent
McKenzie, William F., clerk, Northern Bank, 5 Osborne Terrace
McKenzie, William, 124 Central Buildings
McKenzie & Sons, Ltd., manure stores, 33 & 35 May Street
Mackenzie & McMullan, (Scotch House), woollen drapers, silk mercers and haberdashers, 22 & 24 High Street
McKeown, Alex., mechanic, 125 Westmoreland Street
McKeown, Andrew, spirit dealer, 76 Pound Street
McKeown, Andrew, publican, 2 Milford Street
McKeown, Charles, clerk, 42 Servia Street
McKeown, Crawford, grocer and publican, 158 Old Lodge Road
McKeown, Edward, flyer and spindle maker, 24 Carlow Street
McKeown, Hugh, clerk, 10 Stanley Place
McKeown, Isabella, 5 Albany Street
McKeown,. Isaac, bread server, 12 Albany Street
McKeown, James, printer, 20 Thompson Street
McKeown, James, green grocer, 74 Pound Street
McKeown, James, pawn broker, 5 Great Patrick Street
McKeown, James, flesher, 261 Shankhill Road
McKeown, James, pawn broker, 34 John Street
McKeown, James, compositor, 45 Albert Crescent
McKeown, James, shopman, 58 Albert Crescent
McKeown, James, grocer and provision dealer, 168 Divis Street
McKeown, James, carpenter, 29 Broadbent Street
McKeown, J., spirit merchant, 35 & 37 Lawther Street
McKeown, J. & J., engineers and millwrights, saw mills, 102 Grosvenor Street
McKeown, James, (of J. & J. McKeown), 133 Grosvenor Street
McKeown, John, (of J. & J. McKeown), 139 Grosvenor Street
McKeown, J., sub-constable, R.I.C., 5 Scotland Street
McKeown, J., agent for J. & N. Phillips, 33 Waring Street
McKeown, John, insurance agent, 16 Ward Street
McKeown, John, inn keeper and farmer, Milltown
McKeown, John, dealer, 4 Bath Place
McKeown, John, traveller, 3 Bedeque Street
McKeown, John, painter, 101 Cupar Street
McKeown, Joseph, grocer, 82 Sandy Row
McKeown, Mary, fruiterer, 58 Mill Street
McKeown, Mary, 5 King Street
McKeown, M., saw repairer, 14 Hercules Street
McKeown, Michael, horse shoer, 52, 54 & 56 Eliza Street
McKeown, Mrs., 17 Cameron Street
McKeown, Mrs., 18 Lower Windsor
McKeown, Mrs., 2 Eglinton Street
McKeown, Mrs., 52 Auburn Terrace
McKeown, R., embroiderer, 15 Baltic Street
McKeown, Richard, tobacconist, 38 Cromac Street
McKeown, Robert, tailor, 73 Aberdeen Street
McKeown, Robert, tailor, 10 Powerscourt Street
McKeown, Robert, linen packer, 12 Radcliffe Street
McKeown, Samuel, & Sons, provision merchants, 7 & 9 Gamble Street
McKeown, Thomas, & Co., Ulster boot and shoe factory, 76 Grosvenor Street
McKeown, Thomas, flesher, 169 Sandy Row
McKeown, T., spirit dealer, 59 Newtownards Road
McKeown, tea merchant, 43 Victoria Street, res., Brookland House, The Knock
McKeown, W., carpenter, 16 Little Corporation Street
McKeown, William, wholesale leather merchant, boot-top and boot and shoe factor, 139 & 141 North Street, res., 16 College Gardens
McKeown, William, 118 Park Place
McKeown, William, 33 Auburn Terrace
McKeown, William, sail maker, 58 Nelson Street
McKeown, William, pawn broker, 30 Smithfield, res., 8 Tamworth Place
McKeown, William A., M.D., consulting rooms, 1 Glengall Place, res., Nottinghill
McKeown, W. J., boarding house, 60 Carrick Hill
McKernan, Edward, carpenter, 4 Belgrade Street
McKibbin, Alex., grocer, 135 Nelson Street
McKibbin, Eliza, 7 Radcliffe Street
McKibbin, Hugh, commercial traveller, 22 Canning Street
McKibbin, Jas., grocer, 378 Shankhill Road
McKibben, J. J., grocer and publican, 27 Falls Road and 55 & 57 Linden Place, Falls Road and 2 Upper Clonard Street
McKibbin, John, wine, spirit and general commission merchant, 54 North Street, res., 55 Balmoral Terrace
McKibbin, John, tailor, 123 Sandy Row
McKibbin, John, reeling master, 245 Shankhill Road
McKibbin, Joseph, merchant, 217 Agnes Street
McKibbin, Joseph, grocer, 1 Northumberland Street
McKibbin, Joseph, grocer and spirit dealer, 150 Shankhill Road
McKibben, W., umbrella manufacturer, 46 Shankhill Road
McKibbin, W., assistant druggist, 187 Agnes Street
McKibbin, Wm., tailor, 26 Shipboy Street
McKillen, Henry, grocer, 13 Garmoyle Street
McKimmisk, T., carpenter, 114 Wellwood Place
McKinley, A. J., book keeper, 16 Spencer Street
McKinley, B., shoe warehouse, 41 Rosemary Street
McKinley, D., billiard rooms, 23 Bridge Street
McKinley, George, grocer, 205 Durham Street
McKinley, James, proof reader, 41 Nettlefield View
McKinley, J., cigar merchant, 3 Arthur Square
McKinley, Mrs., mantle and dress maker, 130 Albion Place
McKinley, Rev. Archibald, 6 Cranbrook Terrace
McKinley, Robert, gas fitter, 15 Skipper Street
McKinley, Sarah, 156 Divis Street
McKinley, Wm., grocer, 26 Short Strand
McKinney, Daniel, Ulster Saw Mills, 26 Bedford Street, res., Hillview, Antrim Rd.
McKinney, George, grocer, 33 Brown Square
McKinney, George, cashier, 52 Beaconsfield Terrace
McKinney, H., publican, 13 to 17 Scrabo Street
McKinney, James, clerk, 1 Turin Street
McKinney, Mrs., 193 Parkview Terrace
McKinney, R., tailor and clothier, 8 Eglinton Street
McKinnin, Mrs., 80 Pakenham Place, Dublin Road
McKinstry, Henry, cooper, 6 Ambrose Street
McKinstry, Samuel, engineer, 2 Byron Street
McKinstry, W., saddler, 12 Chichester Street
McKinty, Alexander, publican, 76 Sandy Row
McKirn, Patrick, mechanic, 12 Raglan Street
McKissock, Mrs., 31 Ponsonby Avenue
McKittrick, J., commission agent, 38a Castle Street
McKittrick, J., street inspector, 19 Albion Street
McKittrick, John, book keeper, 4 Kinnaird Street
McKittrick, William, 9 Virginia Street
McKnight, Charles, manager, 35 Percy Street
McKnight, D., pastry baker, 25 Boyd Street
McKnight, David, book keeper, 35 Carlisle Street
McKnight, Dickson, & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 19 Church Lane
McKnight, Matthew, (of McKnight, Dickson & Co.), wine and spirit merchant, 74 Avoca Terrace, University Street
McKnight, Hugh, cabinet maker, 12 Palmyra Terrace
McKnight, Hugh, painter, 108 Reid's Buildings
McKnight, J., (of Keys & McKnight), 12 Fleetwood Street
McKnight, J., fruiterer, 1 Israel Street
McKnight, J., spinning master, 46 Aberdeen Street
McKnight, John, fruiterer, 99 Peter's Hill
McKnight, Margaret, winder, 141 Cambria Street (Cambrai)
McKnight, Mrs., 10 Lower Crescent
McKnight, Mrs., 308 Conway Street
McKnight, M., spirit merchant, 74 Livingstone Terrace
McKnight, Thomas, Editor of Northern Whig, 12 Wellington Park
McKnight, T., cabinet maker, 50 Regent Street
McKnight & Sons, cabinet makers, Academy Street
McLachlin (McLachlan) & Ross, copper smiths, plumbers and brass founders, Abercorn Basin
(See Advertisement)
McLachlan, A., (of McLachlan & Ross), copper smith & plumber, 21 Pottinger Terrace
McLarnan, W. J., mechanic, 16 Grosvenor Street
McLarnon, D., timber merchant, 19 Hanover Street
McLarnon, H., 1 Pelan's Buildings, Limestone Road
McLarnon, F., book keeper, 59 Cosgrave Street
McLarnon, Robert, grocer, Whitehouse
McLarnon, Wm., confectioner, 192 North Street
McLaughlin, Bernard, wine and spirit merchant, 21 Great Patrick Street
McLaughlin, C., spirit store, 35 Mount Street
McLaughlin, C., dress maker, 44 Gloucester Street
McLaughlin, C., cartwright, 128 Agnes Street
McLaughlin, F., refreshment rooms, 37 Gamble Street
McLaughlin, J., cart maker, 28 Great George's Street
McLaughlin, J., traveller, 91 Old Lodge Road
McLaughlin, J., cartwright, 28 Great George's Street
McLaughlin, John, mechanic, 54 Riga Street
McLaughlin, John, musician, 17 Singleton Street
McLaughlin, Mrs., 9 Vernon Street
McLaughlin, Matthew, printer, 48 Byron Street
McLaughlin, Mrs., 22 Ormeau Road
McLaughlin, Mrs., 156 Corporation Street
McLaughlin, Patrick, butcher, 18 Staunton Street
McLaughlin, R., millwright, 189 Agnes Street
McLaughlin, Wm., carpenter, 36 Albion Street
McLaughlin, Wm., carpenter, 18 Robina Street
McLaughlin & Harvey, builders and contractors, 128 & 130 York Street
McLaughlin, H. M., (of McLaughlin & Harvey), 7 Thorndale Terrace, Antrim Road
McLaverty, Charles, boot maker, 22 Shannon Street
McLaverty, M. A., spirit dealer, 63 Peter's Hill
McLaverty, Mary A., wine & spirit store, 155 North Queen Street
McLean, Alex., merchant, 121 Corporation Street
McLean, Boyle & McLean, solicitors, 45 Arthur Street
McLean, James, (of McLean, Boyle & McLean), Sessional Crown Solicitor County Antrim, 45 Arthur Street, res., Plasmerdyn, Holywood
McLean, James, jun., (of McLean, Boyle & McLean), 45 Arthur Street, res., Plasmerdyn, Holywood
McLean, Charles, draper, 86 Shankhill Road
McLean, James, shoe maker, 165 Bower's Hill
McLean, George, collector, 9 Regent Street
McLean, John, (The Northern Machine and Smith Works), 12 Grosvenor Street, res., 28 Donegall Pass
McLean, Margaret, teacher, 58 Regent Street
McLean, Mrs., 3 Lonsdale Street
McLean, R., pork merchant, 28 Old Lodge Road
McLean, Samuel, coach maker, 19 Chambers Street
McLean, William, traveller, 25 Eglinton Street
McLean, W. S., 6 Cliftonville
McLeary, Wm., book keeper, 11 Virginia Street
McLease, Simon, grinder, 5 Plevna Street
McLeeny, James, carpenter, Raglan Street
McLeish, Bertha, 48 Newtownards Road
McLeish, Francis, mechanic, 25 Balaklava Street
McLeish, James, 1 Parkview Terrace
McLeish, James, publican, 102 Beersbridge Road
McLeish, James, confectioner, 6 Little May Street
McLeish, Wm., & Co., chemical manufacturers, 40 Middlepath Street
McLeish, J., (of W. McLeish & Co.), Maple Villas, Knock
McLeish, Robert, 48 Bridge End
McLenaghan, P., printer, 62 Alexander Street West
McLeod, Robert, book keeper, 217 Crumlin Road
McLester, James, 38 Upper Townsend Street
McLinster, Robert, 2 Colinview Terrace
McLorey, Hugh, carpenter, 20 Carnmoney Street
McLorie, Jas., commercial traveller, 11 College Street Place, res., 75 Carlisle St.
McLorinan, Chas., glass and china warehouse, 96 High Street, res., 8 Richmond Crescent
McLoughlin, Francis, shoe maker, 26 Baker Street
McLoughlin, J. B., agent for the sale of the Scottish Distillery Sediment, Townhall Street
McLoughlin, Thomas, mechanic, 84 Stanhope Street
McLoughlin, Wm. H., builder, 7 Thorndale Terrace, Duncairn Street
McMahon, Rev. G., minister, 9 Botanic Avenue
McMahon, James, spirit store, 60 Old Park Road
McMahon, James, painter, 55 Lagan Street
McMahon, James, flax buyer, 23 Fleetwood Street
McMahon, James, spirit store, 230 Crumlin Road
McMahon, J., refreshment rooms, Great Edward Street
McMahon, John, traveller, 35 Waterford Street
McMahon, Joseph, tailor, 18 Welwynne Street
McMahon, Mrs., flesher, 19 Hercules Place
McMahon, R. J., watch maker, 26 Twickenham Street
McMahon, Thomas, staff-sergeant, 17 Shannon Street
McMahon, T., provision inspector, 24 English Street
McMahon, Thomas J., commercial traveller, 8 Pakenham Street
McMahon, Thomas, butcher, 80b Peter's Hill
McManus, Anne, flesher, 51 Hercules Street
McManus, Catherine, grocer, 5 Park Street
McManus, Charles, spirit dealer, Oxford Street
McManus, Hugh, painter, 14 Russell Street
McManus, Hugh, compositor, 34 Arkwright Street
McManus, Jno., basket maker, 2 & 3 Smithfield Square, res., 38 Lagan Street
McManus, John, teacher, 7 Springfield Road
McManus, John, carpenter, 10 New Bond Street
McManus, Patrick, shoe maker, 12 Henry Square
McManus, Patrick, wine and spirit merchant, 15 Great Edward Street
McManus, R., spirit dealer, 53 & 55 Millfield
McManus, Samuel, civil bill officer, 7 Beverly Street
McManus, Susan, grocer, 61 Lagan Street
McManus, W., painter, 19 Whitla Street
McMaster, Agnes, publican, 41 Corporation Square
McMaster, Alexander, 126 Central Buildings
McMaster, Charles, tailor, 20 Peveril Street
McMaster, David, manager, 54 Eliza Street
McMaster, H., & Co., tea and wine merchants, druggists and family grocers, 5 Donegall Pass and 2 Botanic Avenue
McMaster, Isaac J., carpenter, 5 Shandon Street
McMaster, Jas., commercial traveller, 20 Cromwell Terrace
McMaster, Robert, carpenter, 4 Wesley Street
McMaster, W. B., builder, Cosgrave Street, res., 21 Mountcollyer Park
McMaster, Wm., grocer, 130 Vine Cottages
McMaster, Wm., draper, 14 Chambers Street
McMaster, W. J., commission agent, 62 Howie Terrace
McMaster, W. B., builder, Cosgrave Street
McMaster & Templeton, painters, 110 York Street
McMea, James, 2 Ulster Villas
McMechan, James, 131 Haypark Terrace
McMeekin, C., linen lapper, 148 Agnes Street
McMeekin, David, 73 Beersbridge Road
McMeekin, Jas., M.D., physician, surgeon and accoucheur, Ashley House, medical hall, 56 Norwood Place, Albert Bridge Road
McMeekin, John, draper, 9 Essex Street
McMeekin, John, publican, 32 Alton Street
McMeekin, J., weigh master, Ballynafeigh Road
McMeekin, J., marble mason, 36 Hopeton Street
McMeekin, Robert, carpenter, 37 Sancroft Street
McMeekin, Robert, grocer, 59 Dundee Street
McMeekin, Robert, builder and contractor, 3, 5, 7 & 9 Denmark Street
McMeekin, William, deputy harbour master, Abercorn Basin
McMenimy, A., recruiting sergeant, 6 Lee Street
McMillan, A. W., foreman engineer, 96 Grosvenor Terrace
McMillan, D., master mariner, 31 Meadow Street
McMillan, G., instructor H.M.S. Gibraltar, 45 Spencer Street
McMillan, Jane, grocer, 62 Cosgrave Street
McMillan, John, grocer, 85 Old Lodge Road
McMillan, Mary, 62 Bentinck Street
McMillan, D., accountant, 94 Rushfield Terrace
McMillan, Martin, publican, 246 Old Lodge Road
McMillan, Mrs., nurse tender, 116 Sandy Row
McMillan, Wm., insurance agent, 24 Venice Street
McMillen, Charles, carpenter, 34 Broadbent Street
McMillen, Isabella, 12 Thorndale Avenue
McMillen, J., builder and contractor, 63 Brougham Street
McMillen, J., ship carpenter, 33 New Dock Street
McMillen, Mary, 11 Landscape Terrace
McMillen, Mrs., 45 Nettlefield View
McMillin, (McMillen) Miss, pawn broker, 67 & 69 Old Lodge Road
McMillen, Mrs., grocer, Whitehouse
McMillen, S., painter, 91 & 93 Cromac Street
McMillen, Thomas, draper, 130 Crumlin Road
McMillen, Thomas, carriage spring & horse nail manufacturer, etc., 15 Church St.
McMillen, Wm., water inspector, 12 Regent Street
McMillen, W., provision merchant, 23 Upper Newtownards Road
McMillen, Wm. H., grocer, 25 Lagan Village Road
McMillen, W. R., draper and shirt maker, 23 Cromac Street
McMillen, William, tailor, 33 Cromac Street
McMillin, D., tobacconist, 99 Albert Bridge Road
McMinn, J., coach painter, 16 Apsley Street
McMinn, Jas., carpenter, 28 Little Corporation Street
McMinn, James, boiler maker, 32 Devonshire Street
McMinn, John, (of Anderson & McMinn), 3 Reilly's Place
McMinn, Mrs., 4 Lawrence Street
McMoran, J., sea captain, 122 Central Buildings
McMordie, H. & R. J., solicitors, 13 Lombard Street
McMordie, Hans, (of H. & R. J. McMordie), 11 University Square
McMordie, R. J., (of H. & R. J. McMordie), 11 University Square
McMordie, John, factory manager, 85 Springfield Terrace, Falls Road
McMordie, James, 10 Magdala Street
McMordie, Wm. K., M.D., 14 College Square East
McMullan, E., family grocer, wine & spirit dealer, 1 Ormeau Road
McMullan, Edward, fruiterer, 5 Crumlin Road
McMullan, George, Scripture Reader, 12 Burke Street
McMullan, Hugh, agent, 10 Lower Windsor
McMullan, Jas., assistant superintendent Postal Telegraphs, 13 Ponsonby Ave.
McMullan, J., Customs Officer, 87 McClure Street
McMullan, J., spirit dealer, 133 Leeson Street
McMullan, John, captain, 11 Thompson Street
McMullan, John, carpenter, 147 Cupar Street
McMullan, Matthew, soap and candle manufacturer, glass, oil and colour merchant, 20 Corn Market, res., Churchfield, Holywood
McMullan, Michael, car owner, 8 Keegan Street
McMullan, Miss, dress maker, 226 Leeson Street
McMullan, Mrs. A., 10 Mill Street
McMullan, Oliver, traveller, 122 Woodstock Road
McMullan, Richard, car owner, 4 Huss Street
McMullan, Robt., (of Shaw & McMullan), Knock
McMullan, Robt., tea merchant, 70 Woodstock Road
McMullan, Saml., hackle maker, 18 Woodstock Terrace
McMullan, Samuel, 10 North Queen Street
McMullan, Susan, music teacher, 51 University Street
McMullan, Thos., (of Clarke & McMullan), Cultra
McMullan, William A., cashier, 41 Atlantic Avenue
McMullen, A., preparing master, 16 Mill Street
McMullen, Ann, 4 Tudor Place
McMullen, Ellen, grocer, 63 Hanna Street
McMullen, Geo., car owner, 8 & 10 Warkworth Street
McMullen, Miss, 9 Wellington Street
McMullen, James, ship carpenter, 12 Tyne Street
McMullen, Robert, (of McKenzie & McMullen), Lauriston House, Derryvolgie Avenue (Derrirvolgie)
McMullen, Robert, car owner, 5 Utility Street
McMullan, Wm., ship carpenter, 2 Shipboy Street
McMullin, John, painter, 11 Brennan Street
McMullin, Mrs., 3 Pottinger Court
McMunn, Dr., surgeon, 110 Newtownards Road
McMurray, George, clerk, 18 College Street
McMurray, Hugh, tailor, 45 Dagmar Street
McMurray, James, plumber, 9 Albion Street
McMurray, James, 58 River Terrace
McMurray, John T., traveller, 26 Auburn Terrace
McMurray, Robert, clerk, 6 Lincoln Avenue
McMurray, S., spinning master, 145 Cullingtree Road
McMurray, Thomas, sail maker, 66 Henry Street
McMurray, W. R., manager, 5 Fitzroy Avenue
McMurray, Wm., commission agent, 22 Donegall Place Buildings, res., 8 Cumber Place
McMurtry, A. H. H., M.D., M.Ch.L.M., 11 Crumlin Road
McMurtry, Hugh, captain, 39 Riga Street
McMurtry, Jas., preparing master, 17 Aberdeen Street
McMurtry, Miss, ladies' nurse, 29 Rosewood Street
McMurtry, R., clerk, 6 Lincoln Avenue
McMurtry, Robert, umbrella manufacturer, 47 Donegall Street, res., 73 Newington Terrace
McMurtry, Thomas, bakery, 110 Ann Street
McMurtry, W., school teacher, 6 St. Paul Street
McMurtry, William, 106 Crumlin Place
McMurtry, ?, master mariner, 56 Bentinck Street
McNabb, James, sea captain, 68 Carlisle  Place
McNabb, James, sea captain, 28 Old Park Road
McNally, George, butler, 3 Brookfield Place
McNally, James, tobacconist, 93 Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
McNally, John St. Vincent, teacher of navigation, 22 Garmoyle Street
McNally, J., mantle works, 62 Donegall Street
McNally, Mrs., 17 Wellington Street
McNally, N., sea captain, 74 Tomb Street
McNally, Patrick, dealer, 14 Prince's Street
McNally, Samuel, mechanic, 256 Old Lodge Road
McNamara, Daniel, clerk, 6 Adela Street
McNamara, John, spirit dealer, 31 Gilford Street
McNamara, Thomas, sexton, St. Anne's Church
McNamara, Thos. H., compositor, 56 Denmark Street
McNamee, Mrs., clothier, 9 Hercules Street
McNamee, Mrs., book seller, 3 Derby Street
McNamee, Mrs., 12 Lonsdale Street
McNamee, Peter, letter carrier, 120 Cullingtree Road
McNamee, Samuel, carpenter, 182 Shankhill Road
McNaught, Jas., mechanic, 23 Cosgrave Street
McNaught, W., block printer, 43 Joy Street
McNaught, Wm., brass finisher, 23 Rosemary Street
McNaughton, R., clerk, 243 York Street
McNeany, John, grocer, 7 Brownlow Street
McNeile, H. H., J.P., Parkmount, Shore Road
McNeill, Hugh, grocer, 35 New Lodge Road
McNeill, J. B., book keeper, 47 Tyrone Street
McNeill, J., foreman, carpenter, 6 Denmark Street
McNeill, James N., secretary Water Commissioners, 72 Woodstock Road
McNeill, Robert, clerk, 3 Hartland Street
McNeill, S., telegraph clerk, 72 Lawther Street
McNeill, Wm., iron monger and iron merchant, (temporary premises), Telfair Street, res., Beechleigh, Windsor Park
McNeilly, Miss, teacher, 15 Dublin Road
McNeilly, Thomas, refreshment rooms, 3 Shankhill Road
McNeilly, Thomas, book keeper, 45 Eglinton Street
McNeilly, Wm., spirit dealer, 117 Old Lodge Road
McNeilly, Wm., mechanic, 3 Israel Street
McNerney, Mary Ann, 11 Arundel Street
McNicholl, Fras., railway guard, 17 Whitla Street
McNiece, Mrs., 14 Weir Street
McNiece, William, clerk, 37 Vernon Street
McNulty, John, carpenter, 58 Rowan Street
McNulty, James, traveller, 65 Hopeton Street
McParlan, John, grocer and publican, 24 John Street
McParland, P., grocer, 40, 42 & 44 Pound Street
McPartlan, Con., grocer, 47 Lincoln Street
McPeake, Robert, grocer and spirit merchant, 100 New Lodge Road
McPeak, Thomas, grocer, 46 & 48 Matilda Street
McPeake, William, com. traveller, 41 Roden Terrace
McPherson, J., insurance agent, 46 Lawther Street
McQuade, Bernard, baker, 34 Ardmoulin Street
McQuade, Henry, carpenter, 8 Quadrant Street
McQuade, James, confectioner, 25 Old Park Road
McQuaid, Joseph, book keeper, 42 Memel Street
McQuaid, Michael, R.I.C., 6 Stanley Place
McQuiggan, P., telegraphist, 36 Albert Crescent
McQuillan, Arthur, draper, 10 Smithfield
McQuillan, Charles, spirit dealer, 73 Smithfield
McQuillan, Edward, 1 Carrick Hill
McQuillan, E., spirit dealer, 18 Gamble Street
McQuillan, E., spirit dealer, 52 & 54 Gamble Street
McQuillan, Hugh, barber, 54 Rosemary Street
McQuillan, Hugh, spirit dealer, 16 Chapel Lane
McQuillan, John, bank clerk, 16 Eglinton Street
McQuillan, Margaret, 5 Aberdeen Street
McQuillan, R., cattle dealer, 38 & 40 Ship Street
McQuilty, William, 230 Courthouse Terrace
McQuistin, Matt., publican, 57 Malcolmson Street
McQuiston, John, painter, 10 William Street South
McQuirk, John, telegraph clerk, 5 Woodstock Road
McQuiston, M., spirit grocer, Springfield Road
McQuiston National School, Donegall Pass
McQuiston, Thos., painter, 66 Joy Street
McQuoid, Robert, butcher, 6 Staunton Street
McRoberts, Hugh, hackle maker, 38 Canning Street
McRoberts, Hugh, 26 Dock Street
McRoberts, Hugh, hackle maker, 38 Canning Street
McRoberts, John, carpenter, 65 Agnes Street
McRoberts, J., hackle maker, 147 Crumlin Road
McRoberts, John, engineer, 55 Meadow Street
McRoberts, Sergeant, Royal Antrim Rifles, 11 Court Street
McRory, James, compositor, 12 Cyprus Street
McRoberts, S. A., stationer, 211 Shankhill Road
McShannon, H. & D., spirit dealers, 1 Earl Street
McShane, John J., builder, 67 Eagleson Place, Duncairn Street
McShane, Thomas, coach maker, 10 Charlotte Street
McShane, Patrick, auctioneer, 7 Smithfield
McShane, Patrick, dealer, 20 Smithfield Square
McShane, Patrick, auctioneer and furniture director, 17 Smithfield
McShannon, H. & D., wine and spirit merchants, 65 New Lodge Road
McShannon, H. D., spirit merchant, 2 & 4 Garmoyle Street
McSherry, Andrew, mechanic, 23 Alma Street
McSherry, E., sea captain, 165 Nelson Street
McSherry, Mrs., 15 Balaklava Street
McSherry, P., butter and egg merchant, 78 North Queen Street
McSherry, R., publican, 15 Corporation Square
McSherry, Thomas, foreman, 12 Thompson Street
McSorley, Robert, mechanic, 11 Apsley Street
McSorley, Mrs., 18 Hercules Street
McSorley, William, grocer, 27 Arkwright Street
McSourley, John, flesher, 46 Hercules Street
McStay, Edward, grocer, 10 Chapel Lane
McStay, Mrs., grocer, 85 Smithfield
McStay, William, dentist, 20 College Street
McStravick, T., grocer, 49 & 51 Newtownards Road
McTaggart, C., agent, (for London Publishing Co. Ltd.), 145 York Street
McTear, Charles H., provision merchant, 119 & 121 Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
McTear, Charles, traveller, 29 Fleetwood Street
McTear, Donald, clerk, 8 Lake Street
McTear & Co. Ltd., joiners, cabinet makers, felt manufacturers and steam saw mills, 117 & 119 Corporation Street, and London and Manchester  (See Advert.)
McTear, Geo., (of McTear & Co. Ltd.), Cultra
McTear, David, (of George McTear & Co.), 5 Mountcharles
McTear, John S., (of McTear & Co.), Richmond Terrace, Antrim Road
McTear, George, & Son, forwarding & coasting agents, 27 & 28 Donegall Quay
McTear, John, spirit dealer, 1 Gamble Street
McTear, Jos., packing case maker, 25 Adelaide Street
McTear, William, box maker, 4 Kensington Street
McTear, Mrs., laundry, 27 King Street
McTear, William, agent, 27 King Street
McTier, James, 1 Hopefield Terrace
McTrusty, Sarah, grocer, 146 Corporation Street
McVeigh, D., green grocer, 29 Cromac Street
McVeigh, W., coffee house, 124 Corporation Street
McVea, James, clerk, 125 Auburn Terrace
McVea, John, com. traveller, 63 Mountcollier Terrace
McVea, Robert, manager, 37 Shannon Street
McVeagh, Mary A., feather purifier, 31 Church Lane
McVeagh, M., ship smith, 31 & 32 Pilot Street
McVeigh, Daniel, shopman, 40 Milford Street
McVeigh, Thomas, ship owner, 126 York Street
McVey, John, broker, 51 Berry Street
McVernon, Ann, grocer, 5 Nelson Street
McVernon, H., clerk, 2 Twickenham Street
McVernon, P., coal merchant, 18 Little May Street
McVicker, Alex., boot and shoe manufacturer, 20 Donegall Place, res., 91 Great Victoria Street
McVicker, James, R.I.C., 10 Harmony Street
McVicker, James, cooper, 21 Rainey Street
McVicker, John, store keeper, 41 Morpeth Street
McVicker, John, cooper, 41 Charlotte Street
McVicker, John, leather merchant, 47 Ann Street, res., 102 Richmond Terrace, Great Victoria Street
McVicker, Mrs., 3 Madrid Street
McVicker, Neal, boot maker, 53 Byron Street
McVicker, Samuel, clothier, 11 Donegall Place, res., 96 Fitzroy Street
McWatson, Morgan J., clerk, Haypark Avenue
McWha, Mrs., 52 Fitzwilliam Street
McWhirk, James, carpenter, 18 Cambridge Street
McWhirter, Robert, guard, 10 Schomberg Terrace
McWhirter, W. J., grocer, 68 & 70 Hanna Street
McWilliams, Henry, (Brownlow Arms Hotel), 13 Donegall Quay
McWilliams, Henry, spirit dealer, 33 Wesley Place
McWilliams, G., (of T. Bushell & Co.), Landscape House, Belmont, Strandtown
McWilliams, James, hatter, 33 Berry Street
McWilliams, J., agent, 2 Castlereagh Place
McWilliams, John, grocer, 250 Old Lodge Road
McWilliams, John, book seller, 38 Smithfield Square, res., 36 Berry Street
McWilliams, Robert, 21 Seymour Street
McWilliams, Samuel, architect and engineer, 130 Great George's Street
McWilliam, Thomas, gas fitter, 93 Skelly's Row, Beersbridge Road

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