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1901 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Taberners Ltd., agent for F. A. Robber's sewing cottons, 6 Donegall Square South
Taggart, Andrew, builder, 1 Albert Terrace, Ballysillan
Taggart Bros., builders, Delhi Terrace, 29 Glenbank Place
Taggart, D., supt. British Legal Assurance Company, 76 Willowbank Street
Taggart, James, store keeper, 56 Roslyn Street
Taggart, James, plumber, 39 Hutchinson Street
Taggart, Jas., engineer, 79 Woodvale Road Little
Taggart, Jas., carpenter, 6 Como Terrace, Oldpark Road
Taggart, John, draper, 98 Limestone Road
Taggart, John, fish monger, 7 Mountpottinger Road
Taggart, Joseph, brick layer, 1 Springvale Terrace, Ballysillan
Taggart, J., pawn broker, 228 Crumlin Road
Taggart, J., woollen draper, 54 Old Lodge Road
Taggart, J., pawn broker, 32 Avonbeg Street
Taggart, Mrs., confectioner, 285 York Street
Taggart, Mrs., The Mount
Taggart, R., draper, 10 Chamberlain Street
Taggart, R., boot maker, 65 Ambleside Street
Taggart, T., Prudential agent, 95 Tildarg Street
Taggart, Wilson, carpenter, 4 Larch Street
Taggart, Wm., carpenter, 1 Arch Villas, Holywood Road
Taggart, Wm., iron moulder, 72 Durham Street
Taggart, W. D. R., architect, surveyor, C.E., 118 Albertbridge Road
Taggart, W. J., mechanic, 19 Fifth Street
Tainsh, Francis, collector, 238 Old Lodge Road
Tainsh, Sarah, draper, 132 Shankill Road
Tait, James, foreman, 33 Halcombe Street
Tait, James, clothier, 24 Ponsonby Avenue
Tait, Wm., engineer, 12 Wellington Park Avenue
Tait & McCullough, merchant tailors, 101 Dublin Road
Talbot, R., engineer, 6 Groomsport Street
Tanish, George, 38 Orient Gardens
Tannahill, A., 33 Glenbrook Avenue
Tanner, Isaac, painter, 270 Conway Street
Tanner, Samuel, engine driver, 95 Beechfield Street
Tanner, Wm., R.I.C., 21 Ballarat Street
Tate, A., C.E., Rantalard, Whitehouse
Tate Bros., merchant tailors, 31 Bridge Street
Tate, David, Air Lawn, Malone Park
Tate, Geo., house and land agent and contractor, 68 Royal Avenue; res., Fortview, Antrim Road
Tate, James, N.S. teacher, Belgrave Villa, Knock Road
Tate, James, cattle dealer, 297 Elswick Street
Tate, James, builder, Brookvale House, Bootle Street
Tate, James, boiler maker, 9 Lyon Street
Tate, James, confectioner, 1 Azamor Street
Tate, Jas., carpenter, 187 Tennent Street
Tate, Jas., pharmaceutical chemist, 9 Royal Avenue' res., 32 Cliftonville Avenue
Tate, John, plumber, 14 Penrose Street
Tate, Jonathan, clerk, 95 Oldpark Road
Tate, Jos., engine driver, 101 Agnes Street
Tate, J., boot and shoe maker, 97 Madrid Street
Tate, Miss E., 27 Cavehill Road
Tate, Mrs. E. J., provision merchant, 1 Beersbridge Road
Tate, M. A., dairy, 4 Panton Street
Tate, Robt., merchant clothier, Esterville, 72 Cedar Avenue
Tate, Robt. J., carpenter, 5 Keswick Street
Tate, Robt., soap works, 18 Garfield Street Lower
Tate, R., flax dresser, 21 Egmont Street
Tate, R., chandler, 42 Castleton Street
Tate, S., manager, 72 Sandymount Street
Tate, Thos., 1 Caledonia Terrace, Caledonia Street
Tate, Thos.,  com. agent, 27 Fountain Street
Tate, Wm., mechanic, 57 Beverley Street
Tate, Wm. E., venetian blind maker, 102 Rugby Avenue
Tate, W. J., grocer, 1 Skipton Street
Tattersall, F. W., sec. Cowan & Co. Ltd., 11 Richmond Crescent, Antrim Road
Taylor, Adam, engineer, 58 Redcar Street
Taylor, Agnes, 47 Brookvale Street
Taylor, Alex., miller, 226 Conway Street
Taylor, Alex., managing director, Owen O'Cork Mill; res., Sunnybank, Earlswood Road, Strandtown
Taylor, Alex., publican, 1, 3 Methuen Street
Taylor, Andrew, draper, 45 Percy Street
Taylor, A., signal fitter, 6 Cambridge Street
Taylor, A., joiner, 192 Manor Street
Taylor, A., polisher, 14 Genoa Street
Taylor, Bertram, linen lapper, 95 Dover Street
Taylor, Calvert, & Co. (successors to Lowson & Co., stock brokers, 6 Royal Avenue)
Taylor, Charles, clerk, 28 Clara Street
Taylor, Charles, mason, 36 Welsh Street
Taylor, C., linen lapper, 228 Meadow Street Upper
Taylor, Clarke, engine driver, 6 Greenville Avenue
Taylor, David, carpenter, 56 Agnes Street
Taylor, David, rivetter, 10 Elswick Street
Taylor, Duncan, plater, 56 Beersbridge Road
Taylor, Duncan, plater, 64 Epworth Street
Taylor, D., linen lapper, 60 Osborne Street
Taylor, David, joiner, 22 Hanover Street
Taylor, Edward, baker, 35 Battenberg Street (No. 2)
Taylor, Ernest E., artist, Garfield Chambers, Royal Avenue; res., Glenburn, Clara Park
Taylor, Francis, clerk, The Mount
Taylor, Frank, manager, 36 Delhi Street
Taylor, F. G., engraver, 45 Magdala Street
Taylor, F., bookkeeper, 3 Hartington Street
Taylor, F. W., engine driver, 45 Frank Street
Taylor, George, coach painter, 7 Morpeth Street
Taylor, Geo., 70 Kansas Avenue
Taylor, G., clothier, 18, 20 Berry Street
Taylor, Henry, manufacturer of hackles, gills and wood card clothing, leather belting, pickers, etc., 26, 28 Brown Square; res., Enid, Sandown Road
Taylor, Henry, assurance agent, 10 Oldpark Avenue
Taylor, Henry, carpenter, 46 Balfour Avenue
Taylor, H., dress maker, 86 Divis Street
Taylor, H. G., book seller and publisher, 9 Rosemary Street
Taylor, James, M.B., 101 Ormeau Road
Taylor, James, linen merchant, Glenfurlough, Circular Road, Strandtown
Taylor, James, hackle setter, 47 Bellevue Street
Taylor, James, brick layer, 1 Charleville Street Upper
Taylor, James, carpenter, 168 Manor Street
Taylor, James, fitter, 77 Bloomfield Terrace
Taylor, James, shoe maker, 18 Grove Street
Taylor, James, mechanic, 56 Hogarth Street
Taylor, James, pawn broker, 83 Lancaster Street
Taylor, Jane, 31 Rushfield Avenue
Taylor, Jas., brick layer, 32 Lavinia Street
Taylor, John, brick layer, 8 McClure Street
Taylor, John, Rostellan, Newtownards Road Upper
Taylor, John, firm of Taylor & Co., Brown Square, 7, 9 Rosemount Gardens
Taylor, John, shopman, 19 Mount Florida, Eia Street
Taylor, John, storeman, 114 Canning Street Upper
Taylor, John, gardener, 30 Brookland Street
Taylor, John, carpenter, 12 Seaforde Street
Taylor, Jos., sailor, 13 Loughview Street (No. 1)
Taylor, Jos., shoe maker, 16 Hurst Street
Taylor, J., pawn broker, 158 Falls Road
Taylor, J., linen merchant, Derryvale, Rosetta Park
Taylor, J., iron turner, 18 Roslyn Street
Taylor, J., warehouseman, 1 Dunvegan Street
Taylor, J., blacksmith, 75 Beechfield Street
Taylor, J. A., warehouseman, 33 Fairview Street
Taylor, J. H., pawn broker, 49 North Queen Street
Taylor, J. W., agent Prudential Assurance Society, 2 Buller Street
Taylor, J. W., M.D., surgeon, Medical Hall, 54 Upper Church Lane; res., Liscard Terrace, 141 Ormeau Road
Taylor, J. & E., art and fancy linen manufacturers, 2 Bedford Street
Taylor, Margaret, 7 Glanworth Street
Taylor, Miss, 79 South Parade
Taylor, Mrs. Margaret Jane, 111 Cliftonpark Avenue
Taylor, Mrs., 117 Tate's Avenue
Taylor, Mrs., 38 Melrose Terrace, Wolseley Street
Taylor, Mrs., 12 Kinnaird Street
Taylor, Mrs. S. M., 18 Wellington Park Avenue
Taylor, M., spirit grocer, 34 Springfield Street
Taylor, M., grocer, 47 Castlereagh Road
Taylor, M., grocer, 4 Clondara Terrace, Falls Road
Taylor, N. K., buyer, 3 Cyrene Villas, Cliftonpark Avenue
Taylor, Paul H., store keeper, 4 Ardgowan Street
Taylor, Rev. D. A., A.M., Presbyterian minister, honorary secretary Presbyterian Orphan Society, Bertha House, Malone Road
Taylor, Richard, traveller, Kunkerry Villas, 222 Duncairn Gardens
Taylor, Robert, Stationer and Newsagent, 1a Botanic Avenue
Taylor, Robert, plumber, 49 Ardgowan Street
Taylor, Robt., joiner, 141 Manor Street
Taylor, Robt., 96 Wellesley Avenue
Taylor, Robt., caulker, 23 California Street
Taylor, Robt., mechanic, 12 Hooker Street
Taylor, R., warehouseman, 17 Rosevale Street
Taylor, R., rivetter, 2 Baskin Street
Taylor, R., engineer, 14 Court Street
Taylor, Samuel, millwright, 288 Cupar Street
Taylor, Sarah, publican, 16 Kendal Street
Taylor, S., spinning master, 95 Portallo Street
Taylor, S., clerk, 57 McClure Street
Taylor, S. G., H.M.C., 4 Oakland Avenue
Taylor, S. G., com. agent, 87 Donegall Street
Taylor, Thos., grocer, 41 Westmoreland Street
Taylor, T., carpenter, 37 Grace Avenue
Taylor, T. J., draper, 53 Woodvale Street
Taylor, T. J., litho. printer, 24 Shipbuoy Street
Taylor, Victor C., iron founder, 81, 83 Townsend Street; res., Ardeen, Antrim Road
Taylor, Wesley, brass finisher, 18 Beverley Street
Taylor, Wm., bread server, 13 Fairview Street
Taylor, Wm., grocer, 173 Springfield Road
Taylor, Wm., 1 Tewkesbury Terrace, Skegoniel Avenue
Taylor, Wm., horse dealer, 87 Egmont Street
Taylor, Wm., moulder, 162 Conway Street
Taylor, W., meter inspector, 69 Agnes Street
Taylor, W. H., blacksmith, 63 Glenrosa Street
Taylor, W. J., publican, 119, 121 Peter's Hill
Taylor, W. J., rivetter, 5 Perth Street
Taylor, W. R., hosiery manufacturer, 8 Clifton Street
Taylor & Morrow, linen merchants, 1st floor, 19 Bedford Street
Tedford, Jas., & Co., ship chandlers and sail makers, 5 Donegall Quay
Tedford, Mrs., 7 Wellington Park
Tedford, Samuel, foreman, 3 Ravensdale Street
Tedford, Sarah, dress maker, Belmont Road
Tedford, S., builder, Vulcan Terrace, Bloomfield
Tedford, Wm., livery stables, Dundela Avenue
Teeney, W. H., brick layer, 4 Bristol Street
Teer, George, clothier, 50 King Street
Teer, Thomas, builder, Clara Park
Tees, David, chemist, 12 Shaftesbury Avenue
Teggart, Jas., brick layer, 13 Kilronan Street
Teggart, J., brick layer, 32 Fingal Street
Teggart, Mrs., 46 Botanic Avenue
Teggart, Wm., draper, 20 Beechnut Street
Teggart, Wm., inspector of Waterworks, 147 Durham Street
Teggart, Wm. H., Limited, Wholesale Wine & Spirit Merchants, 32 to 36 Great Patrick Street; Bonded Warehouse, Stack O, 8 Tomb Street; Wm. Donnan, Managing Director
Telegraph Buildings - Proprietor, W. & C. Baird Ltd., Letterpress and Lithographic Printers, Bookbinders, Account Book Manufacturers and Wholesale Stationers; "Belfast Evening Telegraph," "Belfast Weekly Telegraph," "Ireland's Saturday Night," Larne Times, Ballymena Weekly Telegraph; Baird's Monthly Irish Railway and Steamboat Guide, Royal Avenue; Telephone 173; Despatch Offices, 1 to 11 Donegall Street Little; res., R. H. H. Baird, J.P., 2 Liscard Terrace, Ormeau Road. Telephone No. 1623
Telford, Edward, boot maker, 10 Perth Street
Telford, Jane, 33 Delhi Street
Telford, John, tailor, 55 Hartley Street
Telford, J., smith, 58 Fraser Street
Telford, J., linen business, 70 North Parade
Telford, J., pig dealer, 81 Avon Street
Telford, Samuel, sawyer, 12 Dunvegan Street
Telford, S., builder and contractor, Newtownards Road Upper
Telford, Wm., carpenter, 40 Arkwright Street
Telford & Co., linen merchants and manufacturers, 9 Linenhall Street; res., J. Telford, 119 Fitzroy Avenue
Temby, Jos., organizer and inspector Royal Liver Friendly Society, 18 Easton Crescent
Templeton, E., painter, 35 Hanover Street
Templeton, Geo., tailor and clothier, 92 Denmark Street; res., Cliff Villas, Glenburn Park
Templeton, Geo., moulder, 8 Springmount Street
Templeton, G., painter and decorator, 48 Percy Street
Templeton, G. & J., clothiers, 14 Fairfax Street
Templeton, H. J., grocer, 37 Ardenvohr Street
Templeton, Jas., clothier, 5 Lonsdale Street
Templeton, Jas., draper's assistant, 45 Sandymount Street
Templeton, John, grocer, 134 North Queen Street
Templeton, J., bread server, 33 Halliday's Road
Templeton, J., whip maker, 25 Carlisle Street
Templeton, J., rivetter, 44 Chadolly Street
Templeton, J., boiler maker, 20 Oldpark Avenue
Templeton, J., dairy keeper, 1 Oldpark back row
Templeton, J., shoe maker, 24 Christopher Street
Templeton, J., compositor, 32 Bray Street
Templeton, J., carpenter, 13 Beresford Street
Templeton, Miss, milliner, 62 Balfour Avenue
Templeton, Mrs. Henrietta, 58 Botanic Avenue
Templeton, Robert, draper, 44 Brougham Street
Templeton, Robert, tailor, 24 McTier Street
Templeton, Robt., tenter, 10 Eccles Street
Templeton, Robt., builder, Glendavagh, Upper Beersbridge Road
Templeton, R., postman, 11 Sheridan Street
Templeton, R., car owner, 6 Tyne Street
Templeton, R., builder, 10 Elim Terrace, Wandsworth Road
Templeton, T., cabinet maker, 57 Jaffa Street
Templeton, T., cabinet maker, 57 Jaffa Street
Templeton, William, house painter, 51 Beverley Street
Templeton, Wm., mariner, 43 Ormond Avenue
Templeton, Wm. (manager, G. Heyn & Sons), 13 Holywood View Terrace, Shore Road
Templeton, W., brass finisher, G.N.R., 37 Roden Street
Tener, Samuel, confectioner, 5 Glenburn Street
Tennant, Charles, & Co., manufacturing chemists, 4 Kent Street and 142 Royal Avenue
Tennant, Hugh, boot and shoe warehouse, 111 Albertbridge Road
Tennant, John, M.A., M.K., and C.M., 2 Claremont Street
Tennant, Robt., J.P., Rushpark, Whitehouse
Tennant, R., H.M. Customs, Glentilt, 139 Cavehill Road
Tennent, Anna N., confectioner, 65 Ormeau Road
Tenner, John, grocer, 2, 4 Antigua Street
Tenney, Edward, poulterer, 71 Hawthorn Street
Terrins, William, butcher, 32 Ardmoulin Street
Terry, J., painter, 42 Mackey Street
Teuton, Fred., teacher, 32 Houston Street
Teuton, Wm., carpenter and packing case maker, 115, 117 Joy Street
Teuton, John, spinning master, 3 Ulsterdale Street
The Athletic Stores - Edward C. Blakely, 6a Bedford Street
The Belfast Day Nurseries, 188 Crumlin Road and 337 Beersbridge Road; secretary, Mrs. McCallum
The Yost Typewriter Co. Ltd. - Typewriter agents, shorthand and typewriter instructors and copying offices, 13 Rosemary Street; S. Thompson, manager
Thom, John, boiler maker, Connsbrook, Parkgate Avenue
Thom, J., time keeper, 58 Duncairn Gardens
Thomas, C., boiler maker, 6 Peter's Place
Thomas, Edward, 30 Glantane Street
Thomas, Henry, printer, 6 Ardenlee Avenue
Thomas, Hugh, shipwright, 32 Craigavad Street
Thomas, H. L., hair dresser, perfumer and wig maker, 9 Lombard Street; res., 16 Agnes Street
Thomas, John, fireman, 28 Matchett Street
Thomas, Joseph, engine driver, 5 Ruth Street
Thomas, Jos., butcher, 45 Old Lodge Road
Thomas, J. L., traveller, 2 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Thomas, Miss, 11 Rushfield Avenue
Thomas, Mrs., 105 Duncairn Street
Thomas, R., hackle setter, 3 St. Paul Street
Thomas, T. M., accountant and auditor, 4 Linenhall Street
Thomas, Wm., publican, 81 Peter's Hill and 2, 4 & 6 Sherbrook Street
Thomas, Wm. Henry, manager of Leahy, Kelly & Leahy, 28 Atlantic Avenue
Thomas, Wm., clerk, 15 Wellington Park Avenue
Thomas, W., boiler maker, 42 Third Avenue
Thomas, W. J., manager, 23 Greenville Terrace, Bloomfield
Thompson, Adam, cabinet maker, 8 Dagmar Street
Thompson, Adam, postman, 38 Glenalpin Street
Thompson, Alex., salesman, 9 Ballynure Street
Thompson, Alex., joiner, 23 Clanchattan Street
Thomson, Alex., Customs officer, 77 Deramore Avenue (Thompson?)
Thompson, Alex., rivetter, 82 Malvern Street
Thompson, Alex. J., manager, 138 Manor Street
Thompson, Alfred, linen, cotton, yarn and Continental sheeting, 7 Donegall Square East; res., Holyrood, Malone Road
Thompson, Andrew, pork cutter, 5 Isabella Street
Thompson, Andrew, foreman, 35 Frank Street Upper
Thompson, Arthur, 1 Daisyvale Terrace, Newtownards Road Upper
Thompson, Arthur William, hem stitcher and finisher, Beechfield House, Edgar Street
Thompson, A., Painter and Decorator, 44, 46 Dublin Road
Thompson, A., card cutter, 15 Mersey Street
Thompson, A., saddler, 8 Walnut Street
Thompson, A., carpenter, 3 Lawnview Street
Thompson, A., mechanic, 7 Battenberg Street No. 2
Thompson, A., shoe maker, 61 Shankill Road
Thompson, A., Ormeau Cycle Works, 92 Donegall Pass
Thompson, A., confectioner, 104 Eglantine Avenue
Thompson, A. M., handkerchief works, 156 Madrid Street
Thompson, A. H., store keeper, 42 Bloomfield Avenue
Thompson, A. H., upholsterer, 27 Melrose Street
Thompson, A. M., grocer, 58 Newtownards Road
Thompson Bros., Dyers and Cleaners, 13a Arthur Square
Thompson, Catherine, Innishowen, Rosetta Park
Thompson, Chas., painter, 15 Roxburgh Street
Thompson, C., carpenter, 16 Dufferin Street
Thompson, C. S., pawn broker, 63 Sandy Row; res., 3 Claremont Street
Thompson, David, hay and straw dealer, 144 Agnes Street
Thompson, David J., manufacturers' agent, 105 Royal Avenue
Thompson, D., cook, 13 Hogarth Street
Thompson, D., caulker, 34 Kendal Street
Thompson, D., shoe maker, 6 Kenilworth Street
Thompson, D., joiner, 14 Donegore Street
Thompson, D., supt. prudential assurance co., 37 Landscape Terrace
Thompson, D., gardener, Gate Lodge, Bertha House
Thompson, D., engine driver, 23 Gertrude Street
Thompson, D., grocer, 1, 3 Ulverston Street
Thompson, D. J., Midlothian, Cyprus Avenue
Thompson, D., carpenter, 21 Townsend Street Upper
Thompson, D., blacksmith, 2 Church Street East
Thompson, D. T., telegraph clerk, 22 Rosevale Street
Thompson, Eliza, grocer, 112, 114 Hemsworth Street
Thompson, Eliza, grocer, 57 Bray Street
Thompson, Eliza, 71 University Avenue
Thompson, Ellen, grocer, 309 Shankill Road
Thompson, E., warp winding master, 18 Bann Street
Thompson, E., draper, 3 Elizabeth Terrace, Donegall Pass
Thompson, E., hair dresser, 4 Montrose Street
Thompson, E., publican (Joy's Arms), 50, 52 Joy Street and 29, 31 Henrietta Street
Thompson, E. McC., 53 Waring Street; agent for Bell's Asbestos Co. Ltd., and insurance agent; res., Tillisle, Marino
Thompson, George, butcher, 77 Castlereagh Road
Thompson, George, blacksmith, 136 Earl Street Upper
Thompson, George, clerk, 13 York Road
Thompson, Geo., traveller, 60 Donnybrook Street
Thompson, Geo., hair dresser, 73 North Queen Street
Thompson, Geo., foreman, 7 Spamount Street
Thompson, G., brick layer, 26 Killarney Street
Thompson, G., rivetter, 4 Carnalea Street
Thompson, G., traveller, 57 Willowfield Street
Thompson, G., tailor, 4 Burnaby Street
Thompson, G., wood turner, 100 Clonard Gardens
Thompson, G., engineer, 93 Wellesley Avenue
Thompson, G., accountant, 6 Glenallen Street
Thompson, Henry, clerk, 12 Edlingham Street
Thompson, Hill, sexton St. Enoch's Church, 7 Pim Street
Thompson, Hugh, clerk, 1 Marsden Gardens
Thompson, Hugh, linen merchant, The Limes, Malone Park
Thompson, Hugh, painter, 67 Aberdeen Street
Thompson, Hugh, joiner, 6 Toronto Street
Thompson, H., plater, 49 Great Northern Street
Thompson, H., carpenter, 8 Townsend Street Upper
Thompson, H., hackle setter, 5 Downing Street
Thompson, H., hardware assistant, 44 Perth Street
Thompson, H., rent agent, 105 Grosvenor Street
Thompson, H., jeweller, 28 Florenceville Avenue
Thompson, I., R.I.C.., 85 Cullingtree Road
Thompson, Jacob, damask designer, 5 City Street
Thompson, James, cabinet maker, 16 Madrid Street
Thompson, James, apron cutter, 30 Sherwood Street
Thompson, James, photographer, 68 Stranmillis Gardens
Thompson, James, carding master, 11 Whitworth Street
Thompson, James, farmer, Fern Glen, Ballygomartin
Thompson, James, traveller, 15 India Street
Thompson, James, carpenter, 21 Beverley Street
Thompson, James, harbour official, 39 Alexandrapark Avenue
Thompson, James, plasterer, 18 Ambleside Street
Thompson, James, tailor, 78 Clementine Street
Thompson, James, rivetter, 121 York Street Little
Thompson, James, painter, 46 Beverley Street
Thompson, James, insurance agent, 14 Bootle Street
Thompson, James, machine man, 31 Dewey Street
Thompson, James, excise officer, 469 Falls Road
Thompson, James, brass finisher, 6 Finmore Street
Thompson, James, seaman, 11 Spamount Street
Thompson, James A. & Co., fancy linen and cotton handkerchiefs, 71 Sandy Row
Thompson, James B., warehouseman, 34 Cromwell Road
Thompson, Jas., china and hardware, 123 Cromac Street
Thompson, Jas., draper, 77 Shankill Road
Thompson, Jas., pressman, 50 Carlisle Street
Thompson, Jas., joiner, 56 Denmark Street
Thompson, Jas., cook, 19 Empress Street
Thompson, James, & Co., Newsagent, Bookseller, etc., 99 Donegall Street; res., 13 Manor Street
Thompson, James, & Sons, Linen and Cambric Handkerchief Manufacturers, 1 Havelock Street; res., Addisbrae, Palmerston Road
Thompson, Jas., grocer, 34 Auburn Street
Thompson, Jas., painter, 34 Carlow Street
Thompson, Jas. A., plumber, 69 Canning Street Upper
Thompson, Jas., traveller, 4 Moorgate Street
Thompson, Jas., linen lapper, 29 Beverley Street
Thompson, Jas., inspector Harbour Police, 61 Brougham Street
Thompson, Jas., photographer, 35 High Street
Thompson, John, painter, 55 Brownlow Street
Thompson, John, tailor, 97 Rosebery Road
Thompson, John, painter, 17 Crosby Street
Thompson, John, shirt and collar factory, Victoria Factory, 29, 33 and 26, 28 Little Victoria Street; res., Ellerslie, Windsor Park
Thompson, John, Belfast Pottery, Brick and Tile Works, Limestone Road; res., Mountcollyer, Alexandra Avenue
Thompson, John, agent, Heathcote, North Parade
Thompson, John, grocer, 6 Thomas Street North
Thompson, John, miller, Woodvale House, Whiterock Road
Thompson, John, watchman, 130 Ardilea Street
Thompson, John, car man, 4 Pinkerton Street
Thompson, John, buyer, 32 Belmont Avenue
Thompson, John, joiner, 8 Dale Street
Thompson, John, jun., clerk, 28 Eglinton Street
Thompson, John, land steward, 15 Elgin Street
Thompson, John, painter, 140 Hillman Street
Thompson, John, shipwright, 50 Kingswood Street
Thompson, John, traveller, 6 Southport Street
Thompson, John, distiller's agent, 71, 73 Victoria Street
Thompson, John, cabinet maker, 56 Cavour Street
Thompson, Joseph, grocer, 69 Lancaster Street
Thompson, Joseph, clerk, 26 Agincourt Street
Thompson, Josias, manager, 6 Ashley Avenue
Thompson, Jos., carpenter, 53 Harrisburg Street
Thompson, Jos., grocer, 187, 189 Shankill Road; res., 3 Glen Eden Villas, Whiterock Road
Thompson, Jos., carrier, Andersonstown
Thompson, Jos., 26 Bloomfield Avenue
Thompson, J., plumber, 10 Ribble Street
Thompson, J., caulker, 14 Skegoniel Avenue
Thompson, J., proprietor North End Roller Corn Mills, Beresford Street
Thompson, J., H.M.C., 19 Cliftonpark Avenue
Thompson, J., smith, 99 Euston Street
Thompson, J. H., bookkeeper, 99 University Avenue
Thompson, J., grocer, 246b Newtownards Road
Thompson, J. (of R. Thompson, Son & Co.), Knockdara, Knockbreda Road
Thompson, J., M.P.S.I., medical hall, 100 Peter's Hill
Thompson, J., ship carpenter, 27 Glenallon Street
Thompson, J., brass founder, 21 Syringa Street
Thompson, J., store keeper, 9 Malvern Street
Thompson, J., bookkeeper, 53 Richardson Street
Thompson, J., car owner, 9 Earl Lane
Thompson, J., chemist, 28 Crumlin Road
Thompson, J., weight adjuster, 7 Bootle Street
Thompson, J., wool cap maker, 52 Boundary Street North
Thompson, J., iron moulder, 58 Clementine Street
Thompson, J., warehouseman, 6 Sandhurst Street
Thompson, J. A., traveller, 190 Woodstock Road
Thompson, J. H., spirit merchant, 19 Oldpark Road
Thompson, J. H., engineer, 2 Skegoniel Street
Thompson, J. H., bookkeeper, 99 University Avenue
Thompson, Maude, dress maker, 70 Sandy Row
Thompson, J. M., & Co., clothing manufacturers, 56 Waring Street
Thompson, J. Pim, stock broker, Ardagh, Strandtown
Thompson, J. T., joiner, 8 Spamount Street
Thompson, J. & R., builders and contractors, 1 Thompson Place
Thompson, J. M., teacher, 138 Rugby Street
Thompson, J. S., baker, 9, 11 Wynford Street
Thompson Ltd., Dyers and Cleaners "Works at Perth), 9 Arthur Square
Thompson, Maria, 84 Eglantine Avenue
Thompson, Miss, 3 Golconda Terrace, Woodstock Road
Thompson, Miss, private hospital, 11 Wellington Park
Thompson, Miss, 172 Agnes Street
Thompson, Miss, 7 Ashgrove Crescent, Newtownards Road Upper
Thompson, Miss, 54 University Street
Thompson, Mrs. A., 121 Duncairn Street
Thompson, Mrs. Henry, 14 Upper Crescent
Thompson, Mrs., 48 Mountcharles
Thompson, Mrs., 112 Fitzroy Avenue
Thompson, Mrs., grocer, 43 Beechpark Street
Thompson, Mrs., Alma Cottage, Agincourt Avenue
Thompson, Mrs., Seaforth, Dundela Avenue
Thompson, Mrs., dress maker, 16 Castleton Avenue
Thompson, Mrs., 545 Ormeau Road
Thompson, Mrs., 2 Wellington Crescent, Ravenhill Road
Thompson, Mrs., 137 Duncairn Gardens
Thompson, Mrs., 18 Lincoln Avenue
Thompson, Mrs., 16 Lawrence Street
Thompson, Mrs., Scripture reader, 16 Wilton Street Lower
Thompson, Mrs., 220 Haymount, Duncairn Gardens
Thompson, Mrs., refreshment rooms, 9, 11 Princes Street
Thompson, Mrs., 2 Bladon Park
Thompson, Mrs. E., 68 Haypark Avenue
Thompson, M., grocer, 63 Fraser Street
Thompson, M., vest maker, 31 Spamount Street
Thompson, M., dress maker, 19 Snugville Street
Thompson, M., 8 Cliftonpark Avenue
Thompson, M., inspector Great Northern Railway, 85 Grosvenor Street
Thompson, M., blacksmith, 29 Clandeboye Street
Thompson, M., traveller, 34 Duncairn Gardens
Thompson, M. B., manager Old Public Bakery, 21 Newington Avenue
Thompson, McVea, & Bannister, warehousemen, 15 Donegall Street
Thompson, Neil, plumber, 32 Convention Street
Thompson, P., rivetter, 61 Glasgow Street
Thompson, Rev. John (assistant minister Albert Street Presbyterian Church), 17 Eblana Street
Thompson, Richard, dealer, 3 Brown Square
Thompson, Robert, builder and contractor, Dundela Villa, Holywood Road
Thompson, Robert, 587 Ormeau Road
Thompson, Robt., baker, 34 Sherwood Street
Thompson, Robt., rivetter, 3 Arkwright Street
Thompson, Robt., manager, Mulhouse Works, 1 Eglantine Place
Thompson, Robt., tenter, 13 Everton Street
Thompson, Robt., joiner, Brunswick Villas, Henderson Avenue
Thompson, Robt., harbour constable, 96 Hillman Street
Thompson, Robt., pig dealer, 9 Westmoreland Street
Thompson, Robt., cloth passer, 20 Tavanagh Street
Thompson, Robt., property owner, 43 Erin Street
Thompson, Robt., carpenter, 37 Eglinton Street
Thompson, Robt., grocer, 38, 40 Ambleside Street
Thompson, Robt., J.P., Drum House, Dunmurry
Thompson, Rogers, & Co. Ltd., Victoria Weaving Factory, Severn Street
Thompson, Rowan, chartered accountant, Rubislaw, Ashley Park
Thompson, R., bar man, 3 Tennent Street
Thompson, R., joiner, 33 St. Alban's Gardens
Thompson, R., linen finisher, 23 Byron Place
Thompson, R., publican, 100 Ann Street
Thompson, R., bank official, 3 Deramore Avenue
Thompson, R., boiler maker, 111 Spamount Street
Thompson, R., coachman, 102 Ravenhill Road
Thompson, R., plumber, 20 Downing Street
Thompson, R., joiner, 273 Beersbridge Road
Thompson, R., potato merchant, 10 Potato Market, Oxford Street
Thompson, R., M.D., surgeon, 150 Donegall Pass
Thompson, R. J., grocer, 18 Ship Street Little
Thompson, R. J., machine man, 31 Glenfarne Street Upper
Thompson, R. J., com. traveller, 7 Waring Street; res., Clonkeen, Osborne Road
Thompson, R. M., merchant tailor, 120 Royal Avenue; res., 61 Duncairn Street
Thompson, R. R., 2 Montrose Villas, Knockbreda Road
Thompson, R., Son, & Co., linen merchants, 11 Donegall Square South
Thompson, R. T., coachman, 54 Windsor Road
Thompson, Samuel, tailor, 48 Stratheden Street
Thompson, Saml., baker, 106 Blythe Street
Thompson, Saml., clerk, 41 Mount Street No. 2
Thompson, Saml., clerk, 10 Baskin Street
Thompson, Saml., manager, 50 Brookvale Street
Thompson, Saml., merchant tailor, 5, 7 Edlingham Street
Thompson, Saml., tailor, 3 Collyer Street
Thompson, Saml., assistant superintendent G.P.O., Glenvara, Maryville Park
Thompson, Saml., linen manufacturer, 97 Eglantine Avenue
Thompson, Saml., mechanic, 12 Harcourt Street
Thompson, S., moulder, 19 Harvey Street
Thompson, S., coachman, 55 Mervue Street Upper
Thompson, S., carpenter, 6 Diamond Street
Thompson, S., joiner, 41 Woodstock Road
Thompson, S., engineer, 57 Manor Street
Thompson, S., moulder, 23 Chatsworth Street
Thompson, S., fitter, 50 Woodvale Street
Thompson, S. A., director Northern Banking Co. Ltd., 113 Lisburn Road
Thompson, S. H., postman, 5 Havana Street
Thompson, S. R., M.R.C.V.S., 56, 58 Chichester Street
Thompson, S. S., publican, 95, 97 Argyle Street, 2 Warwick Street, 3 Eden Terrace, Woodvale Road; res., 7 Hemsworth Street
Thompson, The Misses, dress and mantle makers, 15 Cherrymount Terrace, Crumlin Road
Thompson, The Misses, Ladies' School, Penrith Villa, Belmont Park, Strandtown
Thompson, Thos., surveyor of taxes, 4 College Gardens
Thompson, Thos., painter, 27 Halcombe Street
Thompson, Thos., carpenter, 19 Cooke Street
Thompson, Thos., stone cutter, 26 Hillview Street
Thompson, Thos., tenter, 29 Lewis Street
Thompson, Thos., joiner, 45 Keswick Street
Thompson, Thos., clerk, 48 Sandymount Street
Thompson, Thos., grocer, 4 Salisbury Street
Thompson, Thos., engineer, 62 Brookmount Street
Thompson, Thos., draper, 27 Gresham Street
Thompson, Thos., gasfitter, 17 Brook Street No. 1
Thompson, Thos. H., salesman, 6 Mount Street
Thompson, T., machinist, 36 Howe Street
Thompson, T., dairyman, Lagan Cottage, Stranmillis Gardens
Thompson, T., hair dresser, 45 Sandy Row
Thompson, T., salesman, 5 Cross Street South
Thompson, T., salesman, 56 Boyne Square
Thompson, T., engineer, 45 Teutonic Street
Thompson, T. W., boot maker, 125 Vernon Street
Thompson, V., shirt maker, 55 Woodstock Road
Thompson, Wm., clerk, 139 Manor Street
Thompson, Wm., telephone linesman, 41 York Road
Thompson, Wm., grocer, 19 Mornington Street
Thompson, Wm., print cutter, 11 Hillview Street
Thompson, Wm., carpenter, 22 Kilronan Street
Thompson, Wm., joiner, 24 Belvoir Street
Thompson, Wm., linen lapper, 76 Killowen Street
Thompson, Wm., driller, 57 Glasgow Street
Thompson, Wm., secretary Rosebank Weaving Co., 6 May Crescent, Oldpark Road
Thompson, Wm., plumber and gasfitter, 106 Crumlin Road
Thompson, Wm., dealer, 54 Brown Street
Thompson, Wm., engineer, 24 Carnalea Street
Thompson, Wm., carpenter, 9 Bandon Street
Thompson, Wm., baker, 46 Jerusalem Street
Thompson, Wm., gardener, 18 Alloa Street
Thompson, Wm., rivetter, 59 St. Leonard's Street
Thompson, Wm., sailor, 46 Roxburgh Street
Thompson, Wm., gardener, 18 Alloa Street
Thompson, Wm., Oakhill, Dunmurry
Thompson, Wm., boiler maker, 15 Pomona Avenue
Thompson, Wm., farmer, Glenview, Ballymagarry
Thompson, Wm., fitter, 31 Copperfield Street
Thompson, Wm., engineer, 32 Frankfort Street
Thompson, Wm., rivetter, 11 Keland's Place
Thompson, W., rivetter, 41 Hopewell Street
Thompson, W., clerk, 12 Sintonville Avenue
Thompson, W., carpenter, 18 Oregon Street
Thompson, W., spinning master, 165 Conway Street
Thompson, W., blacksmith, 42 Institution Place
Thompson, W., grocer, Belmont Road, Strandtown
Thompson, W., spirit grocer, 175 Spamount Street
Thompson, W. A., carpenter, 83 McClure Street
Thompson, W. J., stereotyper, 69 Springfield Row
Thompson, W. E., & Co., carpenters and builders, 8a Wilson Street
Thompson, W. H., Dunville, professor of physiology, Queen's College; res., Rathlyn, Deramore Park, Malone Road
Thompson, W. J., clerk, 19 Annadale Street
Thompson, W. J., grocer, Ballymurphy
Thompson, W. J., smith, 5 Ulverston Street
Thompson, W. R., salerooms, 13 Shankill Road
Thompson & Son, carpenters and builders, 16, 18 Brown Square
Thompson & Son, Confectioners and Restaurateurs, 14 Donegall Place; Luncheon Bar, 31 Castle Lane; res., Alexander Thompson, 104 Eglantine Avenue
Thompson & McCammon, stock and share brokers and insurance agents, 45 Donegall Place
Thomson, Alfred, yarn merchant, 7 Donegall Square South; res., Holywood
Thomson, D., blacksmith, 38 Templemore Avenue
Thomson, D., yarn salesman, Ardeen, 52 Eglantine Avenue
Thomson, Geo., plater, 91 St. Leonard's Street
Thomson, Joseph H., manager, 11 Garfield Terrace, My Lady's Road
Thomson, J. G., com. agent, 28 Waring Street
Thomson, Kelly, & Co., linen manufacturers and merchants, 37 Linenhall Street
Thomson, Mrs. A., 11 St. James' Street
Thomson, Richard, of Carey & Thomson, Reas Buildings, Royal Avenue; res., Kincora, Earlswood Road, Belmont
Thomson, Robt. S., traveller, 1 Balfour Avenue
Thomson, S., tailor, 59 Crosby Street
Thomson, S. A., agent, 7 Waring Street
Thomson, Wm., piano and organ warehouse, 119 Cromac Street; Wm. Campbell, manager
Thomson, R., M.D., 150 Donegall Pass
Thomson & Co., Agents for Pacific, Allan, Warren, National, North German, Lloyd, Gulf, Shaw Saville, New Zealand Shipping Co., Carron Zealand line of steamers, 25 Victoria Street; res., A. Thomson, Altamont, Bangor
Thomson Limited, dyers and cleaners, 36 Rosemary Street; work at Perth
Thornberry, Jas., tailor, 39 Ambleside Street
Thornton, F. W. (secretary of Anderson & McAuley Ltd.), 266 Woodstock Road
Thornton, Jas., mechanic, 30 Donnybrook Street
Thornton, John, lithographer, 28 Edlingham Street
Thornton, J. H., clerk, 19 Richardson Street
Thornton, Thos., printer, 15 Boyne Street
Thornton, Wm., carpenter, 9 Thorn Street
Thornton, W., hackle setter, 65 Charleville Street Upper
Thornton & Co. Ltd., Indiarubber and Waterproof Manufacturers, 24, 26 Donegall Place
Thorpe, Mrs., 27 Courtney Terrace, Lisburn Road
Thronsen, Mrs., 6 Atlantic Avenue
Throup, David, horse dealer, 47 Foundry Street
Thursbay, Thos., stone cutter, 56 Jerusalem Street
Tiernan, J., publican, 4, 6 Princes Street
Tierney, John, manager, 50 Regent Street
Tierney, John, warehouseman, 170 Ormeau Road
Tierney, J., wholesale boot and shoe manufacturer, 3, 5 Commercial Court; res., Castle Cooke, Ormeau Road
Tierney, J., boiler maker, 40 Seaview Street
Tiley, Wm. M., warrant officer Army Service Corps, 30 Eia Street
Tilley, Edward, rent agent, 93 Oldpark Road
Tilley, James, 5 Ashley Avenue
Tilley, John, plasterer, 113 Bellevue Street
Tilley, T. W. E., architect, 28 Royal Avenue
Tillie, Alex., & Co., linen manufacturers, 23 Bedford Street; manager, Wm. Clugston; res., 54 Wellington Park
Tilsley, J. H., commercial traveller, Bourneville, Ashley Gardens
Tilsley, J. H., representative Cadbury Bros., 8 North Street; res., 23 Alexandra Avenue
Timbey, J., compositor, 46 Elizabeth Street
Timbey, Robt. J., printer, 60 Springfield Road
Timbey, R., compositor, 45 City Street
Timbey & Co., lithographers, general printers and linen ornament manufacturers, 3, 5 Franklin Street
Timoney, Jas., head constable R.I.C., 46 Lonsdale Street
Tinkler, David, teacher, 46 Malone Gardens, Malone Avenue
Tinkler, D. H., professor Methodist College, 107 Malone Avenue
Tinney, John, plumber, 5 Burke Street
Tinnie, W., brass finisher, 39 Glenbrook Avenue
Tinsdale, G., compositor, 145 Agnes Street
Tinsley, F. W., bookkeeper, 51 Tate's Avenue
Tinsley, John, bookkeeper, 147 Albert Street
Tinsley, John, carpenter, 127 Albert Street
Tintal, James, sawyer, 66 Bentham Street
Tipping, John, baker, 48 Danube Street
Tipping, Robt., tailor, 3 Brennan Street
Tirney, J., paper ruler, 113 McClure Street
Titterington, H., postman, 34 Melrose Street
Titterington, James, engineer, 63 Omeath Street
Titterington, J., engineer, 16 Craigmore Street
Titterington, J., grocer, 27 George's Street
Titterington, J., rivetter, 51 Isoline Street
Toal, James, car owner, 33 Balaclava Street
Toal, P., plasterer, 14 Woodford Street
Toal, Robert, carpenter, 47 Stratheden Street
Toal, T., Inland Revenue officer, 6 Victoria Crescent, Ravenhill Road
Toal, Wm., boiler maker, 99 Short Strand
Tobias, H., clerk, 30 Craigmore Street
Tod, David, agent, 8 Hopefield Avenue
Tod, James, & Co., linen manufacturers and finishers, 2, 4, 6 Fox's Row; stores, 1, 9 Trelford Street
Todd, Andrew, hatter, 32 Epworth Street
Todd, Andrew, baker, 23 Damascus Street
Todd, A., grocer, 36 Willowfield Street
Todd, A., dairyman, Cavehill Bridge Houses, Cavehill Road
Todd, C. H., teacher, Wolsley Villas, Upper Newtownards Road
Todd, Chas., hair dresser, 195 Grosvenor Street
Todd, Francis, flax dresser, 34 Butler Street
Todd, Francis, 25 University Street
Todd, Frank, butcher, 104 and 274 Shankill Road; res., 16 Woodvale Avenue
Todd, George & Co., linen manufacturers and merchants, 13 Wellington Street
Todd, Geo., painter, 12 Steen's Row
Todd, Henry, house agent, 107 Donegall Street; res., 105 Malone Avenue
Todd, H., bookkeeper, 62 Brookvale Street
Todd, James, slater and builder, Lake Glen, Falls Road
Todd, James, mechanic, 13 Eccles Street
Todd, James, boot maker, 62 Montrose Street
Todd, James, mechanic, 30 Third Avenue
Todd, Jas., flax dresser, 7 Blakely Street
Todd, Jas., blacksmith, 118 Lord Street
Todd, Jas., master slater, 71a Percy Street
Todd, Jas., gas fitter, 50 Cumberland Street
Todd, Jas., joiner, 105 Cosgrove Street
Todd, John, rate collector, 25 Ulsterville Gardens
Todd, John (director of Gibson & Co., Donegall Place), Clarinda, Fortwilliam Park
Todd, John, grocer, 5 Woodstock Road
Todd, John, baker, 92 Mount Street No. 2
Todd, J., hackle maker, ?1 Charleville Street Upper
Todd, J. P., foreman cutter, 7 Cliftonville Street
Todd, J. W., sailor, 67 Bentinck Street
Todd, Miss Mabel, music teacher, Ethelville, Earlswood Road
Todd, Mrs., 12 Baltic Avenue
Todd, Mrs., Yorkshire Temperance Hotel, 48 Queen Street Upper
Todd, P., boiler maker, 103 Euston Street
Todd, Robert, caretaker, 21 Calender Street
Todd, R., boiler maker, 66 Canning Street Upper
Todd, R., farrier, 18 Avoca Street
Todd, R. J., plasterer, 41 Charleville Street Upper
Todd, Samuel, coach wheeler, 13 Cosgrove Street
Todd, Saml., book binder, 40 Eia Street
Todd, Saml., book binder, 20a Waring Street
Todd, S., plater, 55 Berlin Street
Todd, S., ship carpenter, 114 Leopold Street
Todd, Thos., traveller, 1 Cumberland Street
Todd, Thomas, postman, 56 Rutland Street
Todd, Thos., commission agent, Milverton House, Knock Church Road
Todd, Thos., carpenter, 64 Hanover Street
Todd, Thos. H., clerk, 121 Alexandrapark Avenue
Todd, T., iron moulder, 15 Brookmount Street
Todd, Walter, The Crescent Tea House, 29 University Road
Todd, Walter, pub., 8, 10 Hope Street
Todd, Washington, engineer, 4 Emerald Street
Todd, William, engineer, 45 Bentinck Street
Todd, Wm., rivetter, ? Perth Street
Todd, Wm., joiner, 61 Rosevale Street
Todd, Wm. Ross, 16 Sunbury Avenue
Todd, Wm., wood turner, 303 Hillman Street
Todd, Wm., overseer, 58 Chief Street
Todd, Wm., shoe maker, 21 Liffey Street
Todd, Wm., engineer, 89 Derwent Street
Todd, Wm. A., paper hanger and wall decorator, cabinet maker, upholsterer, carpet importer and artistic house furnisher, 20 to 26 Victoria Street; workshops, 16 Hill Street; res., Dundela Villas, Dundela Avenue, Strandtown
Todd, W. B., oyster rooms, 14 Arthur Street
Tohill, G., boiler maker, 36 Spamount Street
Tohill, Wm., boiler maker, 12 Spamount Street
Token, Andrew, saddler, 6 Earlscourt Street
Toland, Francis, tailor, 10 Bray Street
Toland, E., car driver, 68 Balkan Street
Toland, Hugh, grocer, 1 Ohio Street
Toland, H., grocer and provision merchant, 123 Peter's Hill
Toland, James, flax dresser, 43 Ross Street
Toland, Jas., dealer, 33 Gardiner Street
Toland, John, foreman, 3 Comber Street
Toland, John, printer, 14 St. Mary Street
Toland, J., missionary, 127 Manor Street
Toland, S., boot and shoe maker, 5 Jones' Buildings, Ballysillan
Toland, Wm., saddler and harness maker, Oxford Street and 6 Catherine Street North
Tolland, Hugh, plater, 123 Cliftonpark Avenue
Toman, Francis, cabinet maker, 19 Kashmir Road
Toman, John, mechanic, 63 Cavendish Street
Tomb, James, M.D., 1 Alexandraville, Crumlin Road
Tomelty, John, brick layer, 38 Lodge Road New
Tomlinson, David, iron planer, 7 Bentinck Street
Tomlinson, James, 14 Frank Street
Tomlinson, John, joiner, 26 Templemore Avenue
Tomlinson, Wm., driller, 13 Greenmount Street
Tomlinson, W. J. C., 17 Glandore Gardens
Tomlinson, W. J., seaman, 41 Glenwherry Street
Toner Bros., provision merchants, 270 Crumlin Road
Toner, Edward, dairyman, 101 Tate's Avenue
Toner, E., plumber, 7 Barrington Street
Toner, Francis, stone mason, 72 Chatham Street
Toner, Francis, spirit grocer, 68 Heather Street
Toner, Frank, assistant, 2 Broadway
Toner, Frank, plasterer, 61 Stanfield Street
Toner, Henry, wholesale wine and spirit merchant, 18 Dunbar Street, 113, 125 Ormeau Road and 42 Gordon Street
Toner, J., spirit grocer, 142 Disraeli Street
Toner, James, grocer, 96 Brookfield Street
Toner, James, butcher, 68 Plevna Street
Toner, J., bread server, 82 Leeson Street
Toner, J., publican, Oldpark Terrace, 42 Oldpark Road
Toner, J. & P., spirit merchants, 23 Percy Street
Toner, Kate, machinist, 6 Riley's Place
Toner, M., publican, York Road
Toner, Mrs., boarding house, 208 York Street
Toner, Patk., plasterer, 26 Alexander Street West
Toner, Thos., painter, 19 Cranmore Street
Toner, T., fowl dealer, 20 Market Street
Toney, James, insurance agent, 65 Spamount Street
Toogood, C., stone cutter, 26 Edlingham Street
Toole, Wm., cabinet maker, 20 Richardson Street
Toomath, R., stevedore, 21 Evelyn Avenue
Toomey, Danl., polisher, 7 Albert Place
Tootal, Broadhurst, Lee, & Co. Ltd., cotton spinners, manufacturers, calico printers and merchants (Alf. Lowe, manager), 3 Linenhall Street
Toovey, A. E., grocer, 3 Concord Street
Topping, C. R., & Co., lard refiners, 3 Corporation Street
Topping, John, moulder, 42 Dagmar Street
Topping, John, coach builder, 1 Ava Avenue
Topping, J., confectioner, 61 Sandy Row
Topping, Thos., rope maker, 3 Dan's Row
Topping, Wm., agent, 132 Oldpark Avenue
Topping, W. H., linen lapper, 41 Melrose Street
Topping, W. W., manager, 51 Woodvale Road
Torbett, Mrs., 7 Stranmillis Gardens
Torbett, Wm., carpenter, 3 Orient Gardens
Tork, Wm., confectioner, 54 Ambleside Street
Torney, A., teacher, 49 Sydney Terrace, South Parade
Torney Bros., Fruiterers, 93 Dublin Road
Torney, H., spirit grocer, 29, 31 Boundary Street North
Torney, Mrs., fruiterer, 35, 37 Old Lodge Road
Torney, P., shoe maker, 128 Albert Street
Torney, J., fruiterer, 223 York Street
Torney, S., pawn broker, 16 Glandore Gardens
Torpy, M., police pensioner, 3 Arlington Street
Torrans, R., linen lapper, 30 Beechfield Street
Torrens, Dr., office for registration of births and deaths, 34 College Street
Torrens, D., joiner, 68 Lawther Street
Torrens, H. R., M.D., surgeon, 1 College Square East
Torrens, John, J.P., Rostulla, Jordanstown
Torrens, Miss, dress maker, 92 Stratheden Street
Torrens, R., carpenter, 17 Lawther Street
Torrens, Saml., fitter, 60 Britannic Street
Torrens, Sons, & Bristow, solicitors, 9 Wellington Place
Torrens, Thos. H., J.P., Edenmore, Jordanstown
Totton, David, chandler, 15 Donegall Avenue
Tosh, Henry, sawyer, 24 Welland Street
Tosh, John, druggist, 106 Old Lodge Road
Tosh, Mrs., 54 Lonsdale Street
Tosh, R., cooper, 57 Springfield Row
Tosh, Wm., fireman, 15 Austin Street
Totten, E., tailor, 195 Donegall Road
Tottenham, Charlotte, 6 Paxton Street
Totton, A., porter, 17 McAdam Street
Totton, A., pavior, 4 Baltic Street
Totton, Isabella, Tezuca Terrace, 124 Fitzroy Avenue
Totton, Jackson, accountant, 1 Lombard Street; res., Tarbert Villa, Victoria Road
Totton, Jessie, grocer, 1 Bentham Street
Totton, John, caulker, 66 Ogilvie Street
Totton, Mrs., baby linen and ladies' underclothing, 53, 55 High Street
Totton, Thomas, traveller, 9 Primitive Street
Totty, Wm., land steward, Market Towers, Antrim Road
Tougher, Alex., pawn broker, 4, 6 Falls Road; 205, 207 Grosvenor Street; 115, 117 Agnes Street; res., Brookvale Avenue
Tougher, Robt., draper, Roseville Terrace, 37 Rosemount Gardens
Tougher, R., assistant, 18 Charleville Street
Tougher, Wm., auctioneer, 26 Smithfield; res., Maryville House, Cliftonville Road
Tougher, Wm., pawn broker, 67, 69 Old Lodge Road and 72 Short Strand
Towe, Hugh, porter, 54 Richardson Street
Towell, David, merchant tailor, 136 Royal Avenue and 9 Bridge End; res., 21 Brookvale Avenue
Towell, Samuel, 50 Bloomfield Avenue
Townley, J., tailor, 102 Woodvale Avenue
Townley, J., shoe maker, 24 Derg Street
Townley, Wm., draper's assistant, 2 Brunswick Cottages, Cavehill Road
Townsley, D., tram conductor, 46 Roe Street
Townsley, E., telegraphist, 24 Burmah Street
Townsley, J., tinsmith, Smithfield Market
Townsley, Mrs., 19 Courtney Terrace, Lisburn Road
Townsley, R., carpenter, 33 Welsh Street
Townsley, R., clerk, 15 Lawnview Street
Townsley, R., spouter, 59 Brown Square
Townsley, Wm., Alexandra Villas, Victoria Road
Townsley, Wm., potato merchant, 2 Potato Market, Oxford Street
Townsend, Col., R.A.M.C., Eastnor, Fortwilliam Park
Townsend, Mark, collector of inland revenue, Dumbarton, Derryvolgie Avenue
Townsend, P., caulker, 13 Fortwilliam Parade; res., Altderg, Adelaide Park
Touvelle, Wm. W., American consul, Scottish Provident Buildings, 2 Wellington Place; res., Altderg, Adelaide Park
Traaland, D., engineer, 5 Montreal Street
Tracey, C., litho. printer, 3 Mullhouse Street (Mulhouse)
Tracey, Jas., boiler maker, 29 Dunmore Street
Tracey, W., dairyman, 216 Leeson Street
Trail, Jas., bookkeeper, 21 Greenville Terrace, Bloomfield
Trail, W. J., wire worker, 34 Spruce Street
Trainer, John, builder, 32 Burmah Street
Trainor, Ann, publican, Belmont Road, Strandtown
Trainor, Bernard, engine driver, 55 Irwin Street
Trainor, Boyd, spirit grocer, 156 Broadway Lower
Trainor, B., contractor, 94 Spamount Street
Trainor, Catherine, grocer, 63 Hanna Street
Trainor, Daniel, stone cutter, 48 Klondyke Street
Trainor, D., bottler, 7 Catherine Street
Trainor, D., shipwright, 3 Bloomdale Street
Trainor, F., spirit grocer, 19 Butler Street
Trainor, Henry, clerk, 144 Raglan Street
Trainor, James, draper, 44 Cavendish Street
Trainor, John, french polisher, 119 Falls Road
Trainor, John, publican, 28 Beersbridge Road and 8 Mersey Street
Trainor, Joseph, stone cutter, 38 Klondyke Street
Trainor, J., cabinet maker, 44 Eliza Street
Trainor, J., car owner, 26 Peel Street
Trainor, J., flax dresser, 36 Plevna Street
Trainor, J. H., publican, 29 Falls Road
Trainor, J. J., com. agent, 20 Garfield Street
Trainor, J. & O., spirit grocers, 57 Beersbridge Road
Trainor, Miss A., dress maker, 224 Spamount Street
Trainor, M. K., spirit grocer, 247 Crumlin Road
Trainor, Patrick, fish and fruit dealer, 228 Leeson Street
Trainor, P., shoe maker, 8 Hamill Street
Trainor, P., slummage and grain merchant, 12 Townhall Street
Trainor, T., grocer, 72 Albert Street
Travers & Co., Engineers, Millwrights and Machine Makers, Britannia Works, Springfield Road
Traynor, Bernard, grocer, 26 Waterford Street
Trelford, James, 177 Trevelyan Terrace, Duncairn Gardens
Trew, Arthur, lecturer, 52 Enfield Street
Trew, John, clerk, 36 Willowbank Street
Trew, J. T., grocer, 245 Beersbridge Road
Trew, Robt., bookkeeper, 25 Bracken Street
Trimble, A., railway inspector, 19 York Road
Trimble, A., M.D., 2 Violet Terrace, Crumlin Road
Trimble, A. N., clerk, 18 Lisburn Avenue
Trimble, Henry, carter, 174 Nelson Street
Trimble, H. A., chef, 4 Hardcastle Street
Trimble, Isaac, fireman, 85 Rosebery Street
Trimble, John, cabinet maker, 13 Ambrose Street
Trimble, John, University Street
Trimble, J., cabinet maker, 134 Peter's Hill
Trimble, J., dairyman, 240 Donegall Road
Trimble, J., carding master, 38 Kensington Avenue
Trimble, J., clerk, 208 Sandy Row
Trimble, Robt., shoe maker, 150 Cambrai Street
Trimble, Robt., butcher, 48 Chadwick Street
Trimble, R., agent, 11 Waring Street
Trimble, Wm., grocer, 40 Wesley Street
Trimble, W., grocer, 9 Stroud Street
Trobridge, George, head master Government School of Art, 2 Mountpleasant, Stranmillis Road
Trodden, Chas., carpenter, 33 Donegore Street
Trodden, Edw., hair dresser, 54 Falls Road
Trodden, E., carpenter, 70 Falls Road
Trodden, E., barber, 55 Balkan Street
Trotter, Francis, joiner, 87 Ardenvohr Street
Trotter, James, brick layer, 52 Tennent Street
Trotter, Thos., posting establishment, 15 University Street
Trouden, J., dealer, 27 Brussels Street
Troughton, S., mechanic, 24 Derwent Street
Trouten, W., carpenter, 31 Brookmount Street
Troupe, A., restaurant proprietor, Ethelmaud, Beersbridge Road Upper
Troy, Thos., tailor, 72 Cawnpore Street
Truesdale, Alex., tea merchant, 23 Manor Street
Truick, W., machine man, 1a Malvern Street
Tudor, Wm., surveyor, 48 Brookvale Avenue
Tuen, Arthur, seaman, 56 Pitt Street
Tughan, N., solicitor, 55 Donegall Street and 12 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin
Tugwell, A., litho. artist, 8 Castleton Street
Tuhen, Joseph R., Sandymount, Holywood Road
Tuiton, Thos., engineer, 73 Omeath Street
Tulley, Jas., baker, 97 Westmoreland Street
Tully, D. P., clerk, 17 Deramore Street
Tully, Jas., H.M.C., 176 Ravenhill Road
Tully, Robt., brass moulder, 384 Shankill Road
Tully, S., brush manufacturer, 39 Townsend Street
Tulloch, F. H., architect, Woodvale, 51 Adelaide Park
Tullock, Robt., plater, 90 Derwent Street
Tully, Chas., moulder, 137 Hilland Street
Tully, Jas., brass finisher, 29 Hopeton Street
Tully, Michl., rent agent, 28 Twickenham Street
Tully, Robt., brass moulder, 12 Castleton Street
Tully, Stephen, foreman brush maker, 274 Springfield Road
Tumath, C., manager, 135 University Avenue
Tumbletoo, J., tea blender, 25 Seaforde Street
Tumelty, Robt., linen lapper, 32 Winburn Street
Tumilty, John, rivetter, 49 Fleet Street
Tumilty, R., linen lapper, Printwork Terrace, Oldpark Road
Tumilty, S., iron turner, 56 Fleet Street
Turk, J., engine driver, 28 Sidney Street
Turkington, J., inspector, 56 Melrose Street
Turkington, P., tenter, 231 Conway Street
Turkington, S., iron turner, 136 Glenwood Street
Turkington, W. James, 167 Dunluce Avenue
Turkington & Co., fancy linen manufacturers, 9 Albert Street
Turley, Daniel, compositor, 21 Pine Street
Turley, John, blacksmith, 55 Lavinia Street
Turley, J., teacher, 16 Halliday's Road
Turley, Michael, publican, 67 Chichester Street, 46 Eliza Street and 1, 3 Great Edward Street
Turley, M., horse repository, 65 Chichester Street
Turley, M., dealer, 48 King Street
Turley, R., flax dresser, 4 Finniston Terrace, Oldpark Road
Turley, R., printer, 58 Glenalpin Street
Turley, Thos., slater, 27 Essex Street
Turnbull, Alex., cashier Borough County Council - Gas Pay Dept., Queen Street; res., 13 Viewmount, Windsor Avenue
Turnbull, John, master coppersmith, 6 Alexandrapark Avenue
Turnbull, J. M., tea agent, 51 Ann Street
Turnbull, Martin H., solicitor, 7 Chichester Street; res., Bangor, County Down
Turnbull, Mrs., 63 Donegall Pass
Turnbull, Mrs., 12 Lawrence Street
Turnbull, Thomas, blacksmith, 76 Mountpottinger Road
Turnbull, T., boiler maker, 48 Euston Street
Turnbull & Sons, photographers, 9 Garfield Street
Turner, Adam, funeral undertaking and posting establishment, 12 and 22 Clifton Street
Turner, A., ship draughtsman, Fernbank, Beersbridge Road Upper
Turner, A. J., telephone linesman, 41 Earl Street
Turner, David, banker, Alma House, Holywood Road
Turner, D., engineer, 12 Bentinck Street
Turner, D., shoeing forge, 16 to 20 California Street Lower
Turner, E., milliner, 66 Duncairn Gardens
Turner, F. L., watch case maker, Iveagh Chambers, 8 North Street; res., 49a Donegall Pass
Turner, George, collector, 26 Fairview Street
Turner, Geo., brick layer, 13 Dagmar Street
Turner, H., shoeing forge, 236 Hillman Street
Turner, H., horse shoer, 231 Lodge Road New
Turner, Jas., tenter, 2 Balmoral Street
Turner, John, lead merchant, Belgrave Villas, Newtownards Road Upper
Turner, J. G., Clonkirk, Knockbreda Park
Turner, L., milliner, 118 Shankill Road
Turner, Mrs., 1 Willowbank Villas, Cavehill Road
Turner, Mrs. Jane, draper, 243 North Queen Street
Turner, Robert, publican, 237 Shankill Road, 117 Lodge Road Old, 4 Carlisle Circus and 62 Regent Street
Turner, R., joiner, 62 Moyola Street
Turner, R., coppersmith, 1 Jersey Street
Turner, Saml., shoe maker, 2 Springfield Row
Turner, Saml., plater, 59 Halliday's Road
Turner, S., flour agent, 28 Waring Street; res., Ravencliff, Donegall Park
Turner, the Misses, dress maker, 20 Lisburn Avenue
Turner, Wm., iron moulder, 58 Howard Street North
Turner, W. G., grocer, 2 Glenwood Street and 328 Shankill Road
Turner, W. S., flour broker, 16 to 20 Ann Street
Turney, Saml., pawn broker, 60 North Queen Street
Turnley, John, cutler, 25 Institution Place
Turnley, Wm., compositor, 42 Auburn Street
Turpley, Patk., plumber, 51 Kashmir Road (Turnley?)
Tushingham, W., dealer, 32 Cinnamond Street
Turpin, James, surveyor to Lloyd's, St. George's Villa, Holywood Road
Turtle, Augustus, manufacturers' agent, 79 Royal Avenue
Turtle, Hugh (of McLaughlin & Harvey), Glanworth House, Skegoniel Avenue
Turtle, H. M., manager, 4 Hopefield Avenue
Turtle, Jas. G. (of Wilkinson & Turtle, 1 Alfred Street), Claremont, Holywood Road
Turtle, John, 1 Lonsdale Street
Turtle, John, 223 Albertbridge Road
Turtle, Mrs., Glanworth House, 14 Glanworth Street
Turtle, Samuel, tea merchant, 143 North Street; res., 36 Cliftonville Avenue
Turtle, Samuel, grocer, 14 Ravenscroft Avenue
Turtle, Wm. J., linen and handkerchief manufacturer, 12 James Street South
Turtle, W. H., linen merchant, Holyrood
Turtle & Aird, oil merchants and mill furnishers, 10 King Street
Turtle & Co., apron and pinafore manufacturers, 3 Frederick Street
Turtle & Co., manufacturers, 48d York Street
Tuthill, Miss, dress maker, 38 Carlisle Street
Twaddle, Wm., R.I.C., 58 Hillman Street
Twamley, Wm., R.I.C., 24 Sandhurst
Tweddell, Henry G., manager, 5 Glandore Street
Tweed, Jas., grocer, 119 Ormeau Road
Tweedie, Andrew, Hyde Park stores, 9 Hopefield Avenue
Tweedie, D. H., M.D., surgeon, 65 Duncairn Street
Tweedie, Wm., stone cutter, 92 Dunluce Street
Tweedie, W., tram inspector, 55 Donnybrook Street
Tweedie, W., engineer, 27 Great Northern Street
Tweedie, W. G., box maker, 4 Stalheim, Marlborough Park
Twinem, R. H., & Co., 28 Waring Street; res., 16 Thorndale Avenue
Twyford, Wm., butcher, ?2 Seventh Street
Twynam, Jas., compositor, 38 Aberdeen Street
Tyler, John, & Son, boot and shoe warehouse, 29 Royal Avenue, 37 North Street, 21 Arthur Square, 39, 41 Great Edward Street, 79, 81 York Street, 136 Newtownards Road and 1 Peter's Hill
Tyney & Ledgerwood, Underclothing Manufacturers, Albert Factory, 7 Albert Street; res., J. Tyney, Bangor; N. J. Ledgerwood, J.P., Whitehead
Tyrell, Wm., spinning master, 90 Chief Street
Tyrie, J., pattern maker, 13 California Street
Tyrie, J. M., pattern maker, 46 Lodge Road Old
Tyrrell, John, wholesale grocer and army contractor, 34, 36 Fairview Buildings, Crumlin Road
Tyrell, W. J., builder, 33a Mountjoy Street; res., 9 Chichester Avenue


Ulster Bank Limited (Robert Patton, Chief Cashier), Head Office, 37, 39 Waring Street; Branches, 37 Donegall Place, 1, 3 Duncairn Street, 137 Shankill Road, 150 Albertbridge Road and 157 York Street
Ulster Brush Co. (John Morrow, Manager), 24 Ann Street and 95 Victoria Street
Ulster Certificated Nurses Home (Miss Stubbs, superintendent), 66 Donegall Pass
Ulster Club (Hon. Sec., B. W. D. Montgomery), 23 Castle Place
Ulster Spinning Co. Ltd., Flax Spinners; Factory and Head Office, Falls Road; also Linfield Mill, Linfield Road - Managing Directors, Wm. Coates and C. H. Duffin; secretary, T. H. Ham
Ulster Weaving Co. Ltd., Linen Merchants and Manufacturers, Linfield Road. (Managing Directors, John S. Larmour and John Hogg)
United States Express Co., 1 Queen's Square
Unsdale, James, grocer, 38 Hopewell Street
Unsworth, J., clerk, 87 Snugville Street
Unsworth, W. J., 2 Wellesley Villas, Knock Church Road
Uprichard, Hugh, tenter, 17 Brussels Street
Uprichard, James, traveller, 42 Ponsonby Avenue
Uprichard, Jas., 16 College Street South
Uprichard, Joseph, draper, 121 Shankill Road
Uprichard, Jos., pawn broker, 79 Shankill Road
Uprichard, J., pawn broker, 157 Grosvenor Street
Uprichard, J., gas inspector, 27 Queen Street
Uprichard, J., clerk, 245 Roden Street
Uprichard, Moses, 47 Balfour Avenue
Uprichard, Mrs. M. A., 4 Rossmore Avenue
Uprichard, S., book binder, 19 Clifford Street
Uprichard, W. G., foreman, 328 Snugville Street
Upton, Jas., buyer, 14 Easton Crescent
Urchin, Chas., mechanic, 18 Walnut Street
Urchin, Fred., machinist, 138 Snugville Street
Urchin, Jos., spinning master, 212 Blythe Street
Urquhart, Robert, joiner, 24 Canning Street
Urquhart, Jas., jeweller, 163 York Street
Usher, E., warehouseman, 13 Lavinia Street
Usher, John, tenter, 3 Ashley Street
Usher, Mrs., 49 Limestone Road


Vagadar, M., traveller, 24 Fortingale Street
Valentine, J. W., & Co., ship owners, marine, fire and life insurance agents and general commission agents, 21 Corporation Street; res., J. W. Valentine, Firlea, Jordanstown
Valentine, Mrs., Ashleyville, 45 Ashley Avenue
Vallely, J., preparing master, 81 Albert Street
Valliday, B., fowl dealer, 70 Market Street
Vance, Alfred, plater's helper, 28 Dagmar Street
Vance, A. W., Bangor, County Down
Vance, Eaton, gardener, Creery Lodge, Holywood Road
Vance, Edward, dairyman, 44 Lanark Street
Vance, G., M.D., M.Ch., B.A.O., 153 Donegall Street
Vance, John, mechanic, 21 Groomsport Street
Vance, John, car owner, 20 Newtownards Road Upper
Vance, John, clerk, 27 Willowfield Street
Vance, J. G. Irving, manager Central Branch of Belfast Bank; res., Helen's Bay
Vance, J. H., clerk, 53 Southport Street
Vance, Martin, insurance agent, 66 Cromwell Road
Vance, Miss, 9 Lower Crescent
Vance, Robert, carpenter, Sinclair's Row
Vance, R. H., accountant and insurance agent, 1 Waring Street; res., 72 University Street
Vance, Samuel, preparing master, 30 Heather Street
Vance, S., dairyman, 52 Lanark Street
Vance, S., salesman, 28 Northumberland Street
Vance, S., & Sons, accountants and insurance agents, 1 Waring Street
Vance, Thomas, dairyman, 48, 50 Cosgrave Street
Vance, T., chair maker, 6 Craigmore Street
Vance, T., car owner, 30 Beersbridge Road
Vance, T. S., Smallwood, Cregagh Road
Vance, William, coach builder, 21 Catherine Street North; res., 15 Catherine Street North
Vance, Wm., postman, 59 Jaffa Street
Vance, W., boot maker, 11 Stormount Street
Vance, W. J., designer, 5 Roseland Place
Vance, W. J., compositor, 28 Westland Street
Vance, W. R., coppersmith, 14 Westmoreland Street
Vanderhof, Mrs., 5 College Park East
Vaughan, H., overlooker, 246 Cambrai Street
Vaughey, H., surveyor H.M.C., Cooleen, Sydenham Avenue
Vaughan, H. R., manager of Laganbank Brickworks; res., Ashgrove, Stranmillis Road
Vaughan, J. A., & Co., rent agents, 27 Chichester Street
Vaughan, Mrs., 144 Agincourt Avenue
Vaughan, Robt., bread server, 65 Kashmir Road
Vauls, John, coach painter, 5 Glenalpin Street
Vaux, Chas. W., shipwright, 10 Albert Terrace, Victoria Road
Vaux, Ed. C., Customs officer, 16 Beechfield Street
Veigo, M., traveller, 47 Groomsport Street
Veitch, James, fitter, 52 Argyle Street
Veitch, R., stationer, 37 Rossleigh Street
Vernard, James, plasterer, 30 Westland Street
Verner, Andrew, linen lapper, 20 Edinburgh Street
Verner, F., fitter, 73 Lincoln Street
Verner, Hugh, coal merchant, 47 Ashdale Street
Verner, Henry, family grocer and tea merchant, 52 Castle Street; res., 65 Malone Avenue
Verner, James, salesman, 47 Candahar Street
Verner, Jas., laundry man, 166 Manor Street
Verner, Joseph, gardener, 222 Matilda Street
Verner, Robert, seedsman, Lisderry, Marlborough Park
Vernon, E., Clyde Hotel, 18 Gamble Street
Vernon, M., dining rooms, 106c Corporation Street
Vernon , P., coal merchant, 77 Joy Street
Vernon & Co. (Liverpool), Wm. Irvine, agent, 9 Skipper Street
Verran, John G., joiner, 131 Dunluce Avenue
Victor, Mrs., 6 Fountainville Avenue
Victoria College (Mrs. Byers, principal), 2, 4 University Road; pupils' entrance, 1, 1a Lower Crescent
Villiers, John, insurance agent, 52 Fitzwilliam Street
Villiers, Martha, milliner and draper, 73 Sandy Row
Vincent, Charles, boiler maker, 48 Duncairn Gardens
Vincent, James H., Mus.Bac., teacher of music, 40 Victoria Street Great
Vincent, James, pianoforte warehouse, 40 Great Victoria Street; res., 1 Cameron Street
Vincer, E., confectioner, 28 Trelford Street
Viner, A., agent for Burroughs & Watts Ltd., 16 Ireton Street
Viner, B., watch maker, 45 Alloa Street
Viney, S., painter, 14 Vistula Street
Vint, A., painter, decorator, paper hanger, glazier and room paper warehouse, 62 Cromac Street
Vint, Chas., solicitor, 19 Chichester Street; res., Fairview, Osborne Park
Vint, G. A. S., contractor, 70 Carlisle Street
Vint, J. H., bank manager, Benmore, Marlborough Park
Vint, Mrs., 8 Brookhill Avenue
Vint, Jonathan & Sons Ltd., Rectifying Distillers & Whisky Merchants, 100, 102 Great Patrick Street; Stores, 87 Little Patrick Street; Bonded Warehouse, Stack P, 18 Pilot Street
Vint, Wm., & Sons, preserve manufacturers, 40 Unity Street
Vivash, Wm., photographer, 24 Fitzroy Avenue
Vize, C., clerk, 2 Fedora Terrace, Skegoniel Avenue
Vogan, John, managing director of Falls Flax Spinning Co., 40 Royal Terrace, Lisburn Road
Vogan, J., tram conductor, 10 Colchester Street
Vokes, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 18 Edlingham Street
Vokes, Wm., bill poster, 20 Arnon Street
Vornberger & Co. Ltd., musical string, gut & skin manufacturers, 5 Dalton Street
Vulcan Boiler and General Insurance Co. Ltd. - W. H. Lawlor, district agent, 11 Chichester Street; res., The Ivies, Craigavad
Vyse, Joseph, com. traveller, 20 Farnham Street