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1901 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Waddell, Hamilton, tenter, 83 Donegall Road
Waddell, James, tailor, 51 Oldpark Road
Waddell, John, tenter, 40 Avonbeg Street
Waddell, Jos., com. traveller, 3 Richmond vlilas (Villas), Lisburn Road
Waddell, L., insurance agent, 23 Orient Gardens
Waddell, Mrs., 75 Great Victoria Street
Waddell, Mrs., 13 Rosemount Gardens
Waddell, Rev. John, B.A., of  Newington Presbyterian Church, Antrim Lodge, Antrim Road
Waddell, Rev. J. W., Methodist minister, 71 Woodvale Road
Waddell, Robt., clerk, 93 Willowfield Street
Waddell, R. D., sausage manufacturer (R. C. Muir, agent), Marcus Ward Street, 33 Duncairn Street and 12 Dublin Road
Waddell, R., shoe maker, 7 Ligoniel Road
Waddell, R., draper's assistant, 15 Meadowbank Street
Waddell, R. J., tailor, 299 Shankill Road
Waddell, R. J., tailor, 62 James Street
Waddell, Saml., sawyer, 2 Dunmore Terrace, Oldpark Road
Waddell, Wm., accountant, 3 George's Terrace, Castlereagh Street
Waddell, Wm., shoe maker, 6 Ratcliffe Street
Waddell, W. J., linen lapper, 59 Rushfield Avenue
Wadsworth, A., clerk, 535 Ormeau Road
Wadsworth, A. R., com. traveller, 10 St. Jude's Avenue
Wadsworth, Miss S. S., 132 Duncairn Street
Wadsworth, Miss Alice, 10 Rossmore Avenue
Wadsworth, Wm. A., M.D., surgeon, Elsinore, 100 Duncairn Street
Wadsworth, W. H., 14 India Street
Wagland, Chas., block printer, 8 London Street
Wagner, Jas., grocer, 36, 38 Castlereagh Street
Wagner, Wm., accountant, 2 Jocelyn Avenue
Waid, Wm., & Co., grocers, 77, 79 Albertbridge Road; res., Wm. Waid, Coningsby House, Cregagh Road
Wainwright, J., carpenter, 19 Waterville Street
Waide, Jos., carpenter, 16 Ballarat Street
Waite, Bernard, street inspector, 21 Hutchinson Street
Waite, David, postman, 41 Columbia Street
Wakefield, G. H., salesman, 13 Inver Avenue
Wakeman, Wm., civil engineer, 117 Cavehill Road
Walby, Alfred J., dentist, 132 Dublin Road
Walby, Jas., superintending engineer G.P.O., 132 Dublin Road
Wales, G. F., M.D., surgeon, 4 Murray's Terrace
Wales, John, chairman of directors, Belfast Banking Company Limited; res., Cambria, Malone Road
Wales, Wm., stone sawyer, 72 York Street Little
Walker, Agnes, grocer, 6 Pitt Street
Walker, Alex., painter, 14 Sherwood Street
Walker, Alex., gardner (gardener), Martinville, Malone Road
Walker, Alex., joiner, 51 Tower Street
Walker, Andrew. clerk, 10 Ann Street
Walker, A., plumber, 78 Frome Street
Walker, A., bleacher, 10 Majorca Street
Walker, A., cart maker, 30 Ninth Street
Walker, A., cabinet maker, 17 Thompson Street
Walker, A., carpenter, 28 Coolfin Street
Walker, Chas., boiler maker, 22 Banbury Street
Walker, David, pastry baker, Deramore Villas, Newtownards Road Upper
Walker, David, linen lapper, 16 Brougham Street
Walker, D., confectioner and pastry baker, 4 Castlereagh Street
Walker, D., barber, 17 Baltic Street
Walker, D. P., com. traveller, 6 St. Jude's Avenue
Walker, Edmund, blacksmith, 18 Coolfin Street
Walker, Ed. G., grocer, 11 Fleet Street
Walker, Francis, hackler, 273 Conway Street
Walker, Francis, warehouseman, 18 Lindsay Street
Walk, Fred., meter inspector, 1 Castleview Terrace
Walker, F., newsagent, Ligoniel Road
Walker, F., grocer, 189 Crimea Street
Walker, George, carrier, 2, 4 Diamond Street
Walker, George, joiner, 87 Thistle Street
Walker, Geo., foreman, 2 Forth River Gardens
Walker, Geo., J.P. (of Newtownards), flax spinner, Fernbank, Knock
Walker, Geo., shoe maker, 3 Park View, Oldpark Road
Walker, G., caretaker, 43 Roslyn Street
Walker, G., french polisher, 40 Donard Street
Walker, G., brass finisher, 38 Tower Street
Walker, G. E., designer, 180 Ravenhill Road
Walker, G. W., chemist, 15 Lisburn Road
Walker, Henry, saddler, 6 Tasmania Street
Walker, Henry, coach painter, 28 Canmore Street
Walker, Hugh, painter, 3 Crystal Street
Walker, H. C., com. agent, 1 Donegall Street; res., 22 Atlantic Avenue
Walker, H. C., com. agent, 102 Royal Avenue; res., 22 Atlantic Avenue
Walker, Isaac, insurance agent, 4 Willis Street
Walker, James, ship owner, 13 Adam Street
Walker, James, pattern maker, 3 Yarrow Street
Walker, James, pig dealer, 48 Gardiner Street
Walker, James, carpenter, 20 Pardova Street (Pandora)
Walker, James, book binder, 206 Old Lodge Road
Walker, James, cork merchant, 2 York Villas, Earlswood Road
Walker, James, agent, Iveagh Chambers, 8 North Street
Walker, James, traveller, 81 City Street
Walker, James, linen handkerchief manufacturer, 11 Delhi Street
Walker, Jas., 45 Haypark Avenue
Walker, Jas., french polisher, 149 Agnes Street
Walker, John, beetler, 64 Tennent Street
Walker, John, grocer, 58 City Street
Walker, John, tea importer, family grocer & provision curer, 38 Old Lodge Road
Walker, John, boot maker, 26 Boundary Street North
Walker, John, rivetter, 41 Memel Street
Walker, John, pork cutter, 8 Carlow Street
Walker, John, mechanic, 1 Seventh Street
Walker, Johnston, butcher, 74 Donegall Pass
Walker, Joseph, dairyman, 34 Penrith Street
Walker, Joseph & Co., linen merchants, 10 College Square East
Walker, Jos., carpenter, 115 Edinburgh Street
Walker, J., engine driver, 40 Burnaby Street
Walker, J., builder and contractor, 123 Limestone Road
Walker, J., pattern maker, 29 Yarrow Street
Walker, J., bookkeeper, 563 Ormeau Road
Walker, J., gas fitter, 1 Edgar Street
Walker, J., hair dresser, 47 Shankill Road
Walker, J., salesman, 1 Stanley Villas, Cliftonpark Avenue
Walker, J., general draper, 89, 91 Dublin Road
Walker, J., foreman dresser, 48 Burnaby Street
Walker, J., fitter, 18 Bryson Street
Walker, J., carrier, 133 Cosgrave Street
Walker, J., warehouseman, 130 Tennent Street
Walker, J., iron turner, 10 Madras Street
Walker, K. G., builder, 14 Jonesborough Street
Walker, L., B.A., T.C.D., Mus.Doc., Cantab, 2 Easton Gardens, Cliftonville Road
Walker, Mary J., milk purveyor, 33, 35 Scott Street
Walker, Mary, draper, 44 Dover Street
Walker, Mary, 7 Fitzroy Avenue
Walker, Miss, studio, 3rd floor, Garfield Chambers, Royal Avenue
Walker, Mrs., Avonmore Lodge, Lisburn Road
Walker, Mrs., confectioner, 219 Shankill Road
Walker, Mrs., draper, 11 Shankill Road
Walker, Mrs. I., 52 Cliftonpark Avenue
Walker, M., fitter, 68 Madrid Street
Walker, Peter, rivetter, 59 Hillman Street
Walker, Robert, sawyer, 35 Kensington Avenue
Walker, Robert, linen lapper, 26 Osborne Street
Walker, Robert, linen lapper, 90 York Road
Walker, Robt., collar cutter, 13 Mashona Street
Walker, Robt., boiler maker, 77 Newcastle Street
Walker, Robt., cabinet maker, 74 Bentinck Street
Walker, Robt., 135 Tate's Avenue
Walker, R., 79 Great Victoria Street
Walker, R., dentist, 52 Tate's Avenue
Walker, R., plasterer, 26 Kensington Street
Walker, R., shoe maker, 7 London Road
Walker, R. G., builder, Barley Hill House, Newtownards Road Upper
Walker, R. H., draper and outfitter, post office, 15 Bridge End
Walker, Samuel, pig dealer, 50 Gardener Street
Walker, Saml., 19 Pakenham Street
Walker, S., grocer, 174, 176 Cupar Street
Walker, S., iron turner, 2 Beverley Street
Walker, S., despatch clerk, 24 Ormeau Street
Walker, S., pig dealer, 50 Gardener Street
Walker, Rev. Thomas, M.A., professor of Hebrew, Assembly's College, 1 College Park
Walker, Thomas, artist, 39 Kimberley Street
Walker, Thomas, grocer, Park Avenue
Walker, Thomas, yarn dresser, 55 Adelaide Avenue
Walker, Thos., R.I.C., 25 Buckingham Street
Walker, Thos., caulker, 28 Armitage Street
Walker, Thos. R., cashier, 39 Rugby Road
Walker, T., iron turner, 37 Roslyn Street
Walker, T., wire worker, 28 Ballycastle Street
Walker, T., traveller, 37 Beechpark Street
Walker, T. B., artist, 54 Queen Street Upper
Walker, Wm., clerk, 30 Woodvale Street
Walker, Wm., traveller, 4 Ardmoulin Avenue
Walker, Wm., linen lapper, 81 Howard Street South
Walker, Wm., boiler maker, 62 Hillman Street
Walker, Wm., clerk, 127 Spamount Street
Walker, Wm., pig dealer, 52 Gardiner Street
Walker, Wm., joiner, 83 Stratheden Street
Walker, Wm., hair dresser, 28 St. Ives Gardens
Walker, Wm., clerk, 6 Kingscourt Street
Walker, Wm., carpenter, 20 Lendrick Street
Walker, Wm., pawn broker, Greenmount Villa, Henderson Avenue
Walker, Wm., ship steward, 3 Seaview Terrace, Greencastle
Walker, Wm., tailor, 31 Barrow Street
Walker, Wm., shoe maker, 21 Beechnut Street
Walker, Wm., tailor, 11 Blenheim Street
Walker, Wm., shipwright, 13 Glenrosa Street
Walker, Wm., time keeper, 15 Newry Street
Walker, W., boiler maker, 20 Hillman Street
Walker, W., coppersmith, 16 Redcar Street
Walker, W. J., bookkeeper, 10 Eblana Street
Walker, W. R., painter, 151 Woodstock Road
Walker, W. H., wine and spirit agent, 51 Waring Street
Walker, W. H., com. traveller, 6 St. Jude's Avenue
Walker, W. J., city missionary, 29 Camden Street
Walker, W. J., B.A., Belfast Royal Academy, 15 Aylesbury Villas, Cedar Avenue
Walker & Hall, electroplate manufacturers, electroplaters, gilders, silversmiths, etc., cutlery manufacturers; manager, D. Steele, Queen's Buildings, 8 Royal Avenue; res., 141 Cavehill Road
Walker & Irwin, linen merchants and agents, 54 Queen Street Upper
Walkington, D. B., solicitor, 61 Royal Avenue; res., Chorlton, 15 Adelaide Park
Walkington, George, solicitor, Malone Park
Walkington, Mrs., Thornhill, Malone Road
Walkington, R. B., & Co., shirt and collar manufacturers, 18 Linenhall Street; res., R. B. Walkington, Helen's Bay, Co. Down
Walkington, Saml., fitter, 13 Concord Street
Walkington & Son, oil merchants, drysalters and lard refiners, 30, 32 Waring Street; res., T. R. Walkington, Edenvale, Belmont Road; Edward Walkington, Bangor
Wall, John, mechanic, 6 Pearl Street
Wall, Wm., electrician, 13 Roe Street
Wallace, Andrew, joiner, 1 Roundhill Street
Wallace, A., linen merchant, 83 University Street
Wallace, A., brick layer, 86 Belmont Avenue
Wallace, C., district supt. Great Northern Railway, Novara, Upper Beersbridge Road
Wallace, David, publican, 111 Durham Street
Wallace, David, hackler, 14 Wesley Place
Wallace, David, assistant inspector, 10 Cumberland Street
Wallace, D., plater, 27 Copperfield Street
Wallace, D., rivetter, 83 Seaview Street
Wallace, Ed., machine master, 5 Wolfhill Terrace, Ligoniel
Wallace, E., sec. Wolfhill reading room, Ligoniel
Wallace, F., refreshment rooms, 120 Corporation Street
Wallace, F. M., 9 Fountainville Avenue
Wallace, G., rivetter, 8 Kingswood Street
Wallace, Henry, tailor, 29 Charleville Street Upper
Wallace, Hugh, 47 Ravenscroft Avenue
Wallace, Hugh, joiner, 27 Thorndyke Street
Wallace, H., assurance agent, 82 Montrose Street
Wallace, H., hair dresser, 173, 175 Shankill Road
Wallace, H., engineer, 16 Bridge End
Wallace, H., tobacconist, 378 Newtownards Road
Wallace, H. & Co., solicitors, 45 Victoria Street; res., R. H. Wallace, Downpatrick
Wallace, James, carpenter, 92 Sugarfield Street
Wallace, James, tailor, 17 Radnor Street
Wallace, James, bank official, Buncrana, 301 Ormeau Road
Wallace, James, hardware merchant, 17 Avonbeg Street
Wallace, Jas., joiner, 26 Bandon Street
Wallace, Jas., boot maker, Hillmount, Greencastle
Wallace, Jas., chemist, 5 Atlantic Avenue
Wallace, John, carpenter, 27 Athol Street
Wallace, John, mechanic, 10 Como Terrace, Oldpark Road
Wallace, John, plumber, 50 Twickenham Street
Wallace, John, stock taker, 12 Snugville Street
Wallace, John, pork butcher, 120 Balfour Avenue
Wallace, John, block cutter, 141 Lawnbrook Avenue
Wallace, John S., sorting clerk, 12 Diamond Street
Wallace, Jos., tailor, 88 Brookmount Street
Wallace, J., grocer, 12 Melrose Street
Wallace, J., painter and decorator, 333 Ormeau Road
Wallace, J., carpenter, 39 Lawther Street
Wallace, J., sergt. R.I.C., 110 Maryville Street
Wallace, J., winding master, 70 Britannic Street
Wallace, J., R.I.C., 18 Brookmount Street
Wallace, J., block cutter, 143 Lawnbrook Avenue
Wallace, James, & Sons, Oldpark Brickworks, Ardilea Street; res., J. B. Wallace, 2 The Gables, Cliftonville Road
Wallace, J. O., brick contractor, 10 Myrtlefield Avenue
Wallace, J. J., cabinet maker, 166 Hillman Street
Wallace, J. M., insurance agent and stock broker, 59 Royal Avenue
Wallace, Mrs., Bergendal, Rosetta Park
Wallace, J. & C. A., & Co., auditors, accountants, rent and insurance agents, 128 Royal Avenue
Wallace, Miss, dress maker, 1 Fitzroy Villas
Wallace, Miss, 15 Cromwell Road
Wallace, Mrs., 465 Lisburn Road
Wallace, Mrs., 4 Cromwell Road
Wallace, Mrs., 288 Ormeau Road
Wallace, Mrs., grocer, 1 Stanley Street
Wallace, Mrs., 80 Limestone Road
Wallace, Mrs. J., Lansdowne, Malone Road
Wallace, Mrs., 73 Joy Street
Wallace, M., coal dealer, 5 Tierney Street
Wallace, M., tobacconist and stationer, 207 Newtownards Road
Wallace, M., painter and decorator, 128, 148 and 150 Dublin Road
Wallace, M., brick manufacturer, 1 Albertville, Crumlin Road
Wallace, M., carpenter, 203 Spamount Street
Wallace, P. H., & Co., dyers, 13 Donegall Square North; res., P. H. Wallace, The Drift, Antrim Road
Wallace, Robert, blacksmith, 26 Ballycarry Street
Wallace, Robert, baker, 49 Kendal Street
Wallace, Richd., Red House, Crawfordsburn
Wallace, Robert, 27 Lonsdale Street
Wallace, Robt., R.I.C., 7 Rockmore Road
Wallace, R., foreman engineer, 356 Newtownards Road
Wallace, R., merchant, 41 Cromwell Road
Wallace, R. G., linen manufacturer, Windsor Gardens, 159 Malone Road
Wallace, Samuel, plater, 41 Mountcollyer Road
Wallace, Samuel, mechanic, 31 Annadale Street
Wallace, Saml., baker, 51 Carmel Street
Wallace, S., dining rooms, 45 Prince's Street
Wallace, Thos., com. agent, 53 Cavehill Road
Wallace, Thos., printer, 68 King Street
Wallace, Thos., R.I.C., 26 Buckingham Street
Wallace, Thos., clerk, 90 Crimea Street
Wallace, T., grocer, 14 Albert Street
Wallace, Wm., fitter, 67 Portallo Street
Wallace, Wm., tailor, 17 Shandon Street
Wallace, Wm. H., 22 Camden Street
Wallace, Wm., grocer, 270 Shankill Road
Wallace, Wm. (manager Cantrell & Cochrane), Dorrington, Newtownbreda
Wallace, Wm., joiner, 10 Agincourt Street
Wallace, Wm., stereotyper, 87 Dover Street
Wallace, Wm., foreman, 57 Mayola Street (Moyola)
Wallace, Wm., poulterer, 50 Dundee Street
Wallace, Wm., coach painter, 35 Hanna Street
Wallace, Wm., butcher, 28 Malcom Street
Wallace, Wm., boiler maker, 105 St. Leonard's Street
Wallace, W., coach painter, 9 Orchard Street
Wallace, W., station master Northern Counties, Belfast, Greencastle
Wallace, W., watch maker, 24 Mountview Street
Wallace, W. J., manager of grocery business, 28 Ponsonby Avenue
Wallace, W. J., sexton, 2 Albion Street
Waller, Wm., & Co., sewing cotton manufacturers, 7 College Street
Walmsley, Rev. Douglas, B.A., minister First Presbyterian Church, Redburn, 9 Adelaide Park
Walls, Ed., boot maker, 29 Carrick Hill
Walls, M., clerk, 44 Thomas Street North
Walpole Bros. Ltd., Linen Damask and Cambric Handkerchief manufacturers, 16 Bedford Street
Walsh, David, clerk, 33 Willowbank Street
Walsh, D., yarn dresser, 45 Rosebank Street
Walsh, A., traveller, 10 Sarah Street
Walsh, A., hackle setter, 15 Clonard Street Lower
Walsh, A. L., grocer, 104 Templemore Avenue
Walsh, Danl., spirit grocer, 84, 86 Newtownards Road & 102 Chadolly Street
Walsh, Edward, linen lapper, 23 Wellwood Street
Walsh, Geo., clerk, Sandymount, Holywood Road
Walsh, G., collar and cuff cutter, 23 Rowland Street
Walsh, Halliday, caretaker, 102 Donegall Street
Walsh, Henry, chef, 82 Melrose Street
Walsh, Henry, dyer, 4 Flax Street
Walsh, Henry, rivetter, 104 Foundry Street
Walsh, H., shoe maker, 66 Abyssinia Street
Walsh, H. E., traveller, 69 Salisbury Street
Walsh, Isaac, picture frame maker, 96, 98 Sandy Row
Walsh, Jacob, chemist, Florenceville, Lansdowne Road
Walsh, James, shoe maker, 16 Norfolk Street
Walsh, Jas., carpenter, 30 Dover Street
Walsh, Jas., brick layer, 28 Canton Street
Walsh, Jas., engine driver, 40 Altcar Street
Walsh, Jas., bread server, 23 Iris Street
Walsh, John, slater, 4 Christian Place
Walsh, John, pork cutter, 10 Trelford Street
Walsh, John, tailor, 23 Dewey Street
Walsh, John J., iron turner, 52 Elmfield Street
Walsh, John, clerk, 16 Cambridge Street
Walsh, John, butcher, 89 Fortingale Street
Walsh, Jos., moulder, 52 Pound Street
Walsh, J., telegraphist, 21 Glenbrook Avenue
Walsh, J., compositor, 11 Burke Street
Walsh, J., blacksmith, 39 Dundee Street
Walsh, J., carpenter, 40 Devonshire Street
Walsh, J., baker, 63 Rushfield Avenue
Walsh, J., examining officer H.M.C., 8 Atlantic Avenue
Walsh, Michael, clerk, 88 Cavendish Street
Walsh, M., iron turner, 34 Abercorn Street North
Walsh, Patrick, traveller, 18 Avonbeg Street
Walsh, Rev. Robert, 216 Woodstock Road
Walsh, Robert, & Son, chartered accountants, 71 High Street; res., Ashestiel, Malone Road
Walsh, Samuel, engine driver, 23 Balmoral Street
Walsh, Thos., grocer, 145 Albert Street
Walsh, Thos., clerk, 9 Cooke Street
Walsh, T., traveller, 33 Salisbury Street
Walsh, Wm., posting establishment, 149 Duncairn Street
Walsh, Wm., bookkeeper, 22 Bruce Street
Walsh, Wm., stone cutter, 21 Agra Street
Walsh, Wm., flax dresser, 26 Dunmore Street
Walsh, W., Donlure, Newtownards Road Upper
Walsh, W. J., publican, 170 Spamount Street
Walsh, W. J., clerk, 101 Leeson Street
Walsh, W. W., bookkeeper, 9 Ardmoulin Avenue
Walshe, A., dress maker, 25 Ardmoulin Avenue
Walshe, W. J., C.E. and architect, 50 St. Alban's Gardens
Walter, J., clerk, 22 Dock Street
Walters, J., dentist, 8 Ambleside Street
Walters, J., M.D., 4 Sandhurst Road
Walters, P., hair dresser, 29 Spring Street
Wanklin/Wankkin, Wm., engineer, 42 Coburg Street (see bottom page)
Wann, Miss E., Wilmont Terrace, 95 Lisburn Road
Wann, Mrs. J., 33 Stranmillis Road
Warburton, S., electrician, 92 Melrose Street
Ward, Annie, 8 Glandore Avenue
Ward, A., warehouseman, 7 Indian Avenue
Ward, A., tobacconist and newsagent, 50 Great Edward Street
Ward, Bernard, shoe maker, 32 Raglan Street
Ward, Charles, clerk, 48 Kashmir Road
Ward, C., cloth cutter, 71 Wall Street
Ward, C. R., grocer, 467 Ormeau Road
Ward, Dan., butcher, 124 Lodge Road New
Ward, Ellen, hosier, 53 Castle Street
Ward, Francis, R.I.C., 56 Burnaby Street
Ward, F., grocer, 58 Lavinia Street
Ward, Geo., engineer, 144 University Street
Ward, John, shoe maker, 31 Baker Street
Ward, J. D., J.P., F.S.A., Elsinore, Lennoxvale, Malone Road
Ward, F. E., architect, 77 Lisburn Road
Ward, Geo. Goold, merchant, Redlands, 20 Adelaide Park
Ward. Griffin, boot and shoe manufacturer, 60 North Street, 99 York Street, 101 Shankill Road and 152 Newtownards Road
Ward, Hugh, car owner, 70 Artillery Street
Ward, Isaac W., 24 Camden Street
Ward, James, plater, 30 Pittsburg Street
Ward, James, engineer, 45 Avoca Street
Ward, John, J.P., F.S.A., Lennoxvale
Ward, John, publican, 79 Cromac Street
Ward, John, foreman book binder, 7 Napier Street
Ward, John, auctioneer, valuer and property broker, 39 Chichester Street; res., 3 Rosetta Avenue
Ward, John, baker, 50 Leeson Street
Ward, John, cooper, 69 Lagan Street
Ward, John, engineer, 22 Cherryville Street
Ward, John, mechanic, 4 Crumlin Road
Ward, Joseph, painter, 40 Alexander Street West
Ward, J., linen lapper, 56 Penrith Street
Ward, J., fitter, 77 Howard Street South
Ward, J. T., damask and table linen manufacturer, district manager Norwich Union Fire Insurance and Mutual Life Insurance Co., 10 Linenhall Street; res., Cherryhill, Malone Road
Ward, Michael, tailor, 19 Durham Street
Ward, Miss Isabella, 157 Albertbridge Road
Ward, Mrs., 6 Ashburne Street (Ashbourne)
Ward, Mrs. M., spirit grocer, 72 Beersbridge Road
Ward, Mrs., 9 Crescent Upper
Ward, M., checker, 54 Donard Street
Ward, M., hackle maker, 135 Lodge Road New
Ward, Patrick, grocer, 71 Verner Street
Ward, Peter, barber, 10 Sidney Street
Ward, Philip, draper, 33 Roe Street
Ward, Philip, school master, 12 St. Paul's Terrace, Cavendish Square
Ward, P., commercial traveller, 2 Sterling Villas, Sandford Avenue
Ward, Robt., telegraph clerk, Ard-na-grene, Skegoniel Avenue
Ward, Robt., spirit grocer, 162 Donegall Road
Ward, Robt., stone cutter, 75 McDonald Street
Ward, Stephen, basket maker, 86 Cambrai Street
Ward, S. S., manufacturers' agent, 11 Waring Street; res., 3 Rosemount Gardens
Ward, Thos., tailor, 41 Cultra Street
Ward, Timothy, customs officer, 6 Orient Gardens
Ward, Wm., cork merchant, 20, 22 King Street
Ward, W. H., & Son, agent Sun, Fire and Life office, 2 Wellington Place
Ward, W. T. C., agent Railway Passengers' Association Co., 20 Linenhall Street
Ward & Co., drapers and hosiers & shirt manufacturers, 68, 70 Old Lodge Road
Ward & Partners, stained glass artists, chimney piece manufacturers and painters, 12 Queen Street
Warde, T. Allen, loan bank, 8 North Street; res., Fountainbleaw, 493 Ormeau Road
Wardell, Miss, 63 University Road
Wardell, Fred. W. (manager Theatre Royal and Grand Opera House), Sheridan Villa, 268 Lisburn Road
Warden, Mrs., Shakespeare House, 2 Adelaide Park
Warden, Wm., gardener, 51 Damascus Street
Warden, W. R., seed merchant, 12 Malone Avenue
Warden & Stewart, sack, bag, hessian and grain, potato and hay merchants, 35 May Street
Wardlow, Andrew, plumber, 8 Hilland Street
Wardlow, Robert. printer, 24 Ravenhill Road
Wardlow, R., plasterer, 121 Canning Street Upper
Waring, Henry, steward, 49 Adam Street
Waring, Jas., confectioner, 79 Lodge Road Old
Waring, John, plasterer, 4 Ariel Street
Waring, John S., engineer, 8 Edlingham Street
Waring, J., carpenter, 9 Laganvale Street
Waring, Lucas, 48 Shaftesbury Avenue
Waring, Rd., cloth passer, 119 Hillman Street
Waring, Robt., carpenter, 37 Byron Street
Waring, Saml., preparing master, 21 Arlington Street
Waring, S., brick layer, 21 Glenfarne Street Upper
Waring, the Misses, 117 Lisburn Road
Waring, Wm., chair maker, 73 Hatfield Street
Waring, Wm., tailor, 4 Ballymoney Street
Waring, W. J., carpenter, 11 Tate's Avenue
Wark, Samuel, linen lapper, 18 Ardgowan Street
Warning, J. S., engineer, 8 Edlingham Street
Warmington, H., baker, 34 McCandless Street
Warner, Miss, 10 Crescent Lower
Warnock, Geo., 2 Ashville, Inver Avenue
Warnock, James, sail maker, 19 Mersey Street
Warnock, H., carpenter and builder, 31 College Street South
Warnock, H., gardener, 6 Greenville Street
Warnock, John, clothier, 72 Royal Avenue
Warnock, John, clerk, 46 Agra Street
Warnock, John, hair dresser, 202 Agnes Street
Warnock, J., branch, 117 Bridge End
Warnock, Miss, pawn broker, 269 Shankill Road
Warnock, Mrs., Dunarno, Annadale
Warnock, T. F., artist, 24 Silvergrove Street
Warren, Holt, foreman baker, 165 Crimea Street
Warren, Robt., rivetter, 21 Greenmount Street
Warren, T., thread spinner, 20 Leopold Street
Warren, Wm., plater, 12 Kathleen Street
Warring, C., brick layer, 97 Lilliput Street
Warwick, H., dairyman, 83 Hopeton Street
Warwick, Jas., cashier, 77 Melrose Street
Warwick, John, bakery, Felt Street; res., 55 Lisburn Road
Warwick, John, moulder, 1a Olive Terrace, Oldpark Road
Warwick, John, sail maker, 38 Roxburgh Street
Warwick, J., pawn broker, 19 Burke Street
Warwick, Samuel, tailor, 30 Ligoniel Road
Warwick, S., traveller, 38 Mileriver Street
Warwick, Wm., grocer, 25 Arnon Street
Warwick, Wm., M.D., surgeon, 94 York Street
Washington, Geo., sail maker, 34 Swift Street
Wasson, Andrew, draper, 42 Turin Street
Wasson, George, joiner, 46 London Road
Wasson, John, coach builder, 45 Millar Street
Wasson, Parker, butcher, 422, 424 Shankill Road and 7 Donegall Pass
Wasson, Saml., foreman, 42 London Road
Wasson, W. J., clerk, 30 London Road
Waterforth, John, tenter, 248 Cambrai Street
Water, Thos., com. traveller, 105 University Street
Waters, Geo., artist, 35 Eia Street
Waters, John, civil engineer, 23 Donegall Place
Waters, John, clerk, 17 Blackwood Street
Waters, J., horse dealer, 22 Wilson Street
Waters, Mrs., 79 Lisburn Road
Waters, Rev. R. E., St. Columba Church, Knock Church Road
Waters, Thomas, joiner, 1 Keatley Street
Waters, T., summons server, 37 Russell Street
Waters, T., painter, 50 Christopher Street
Waters, T., & Co., shirt & collar manufacturers, 12 Howard Street; res., T. Waters, 120 Limestone Road
Waters, Wm., mariner, 5 Stonyford Street
Waters, J., tenter, 16 Bromley Street
Waters, Wm., master mariner, 18 Glenallen Street
Waterson, James, painter, 10 Dunvegan Street
Waterson, T., boiler maker, 30 Parkmount Street
Watkinson, John Wm., cashier, 80 Castlereagh Road
Watkinson, R., bookkeeper, 93 Madrid Street
Watson, Alex., gardener, 81 Halliday's Road
Watson, Alex., cooper, 12 Kingscourt Street
Watson, Alex., foreman painter, 24 London Street
Watson, Andrew, marble mason, 88 Bristol Street
Watson, Arthur, box maker, 53 Coolfin Street
Watson, Arthur, photographer, 39 Sandhurst, Stranmillis Road
Watson, Armstrong, & Co., linen and damask manufacturers and bleachers, 7 Donegall Square West
Watson, A., bookkeeper, 290 Springfield Road
Watson, A., coach builder, 10 Slate Street
Watson Bros. (Maypole Dairy), 105 Shankill Road
Watson, Charles, chandler, 35 Bedeque Street
Watson, Chas., painter, 61 Beersbridge Road
Watson, Chas., R.I.C., 64 Excise Street
Watson, C., cab proprietor, 5 Dee Street
Watson, C. H., embroiderer, 32 Lawnbrook Avenue
Watson, David, moulder, 88 Eliza Street
Watson, David, baker, 31 Waterford Street
Watson, David, rivetter, 7 Norman Street
Watson, D., cabinet maker, 93 Queen Street North
Watson, D., com. agent, 27a Donegall Place
Watson, D., brick layer, 64 Enfield Street
Watson, D., engineer, 78 Canmore Street
Watson, Edward, painter, 49 Boyne Square
Watson, Ed., jeweller, 102 Malone Avenue
Watson, E., brass finisher, 67 York Street Little
Watson, Geo., tailor, 56 Perth Street
Watson, Geo., carpenter, 243 Leopold Street
Watson, Hugh, grocer, 93 Lodge Road Old
Watson, Hugh L., water inspector, 47 Glenbrook Avenue
Watson, H. McE., bookkeeper, 2 Mornington Crescent, Newtownards Road Upper
Watson, James, grocer, 43 Surrey Street
Watson, James, driller, 18 Moorgate Street
Watson, James, bread server, 40 Frank Street
Watson, James, linen manufacturer, 38 Eglantine Avenue
Watson, James, mariner, 125 Canning Street Upper
Watson, Jas., Mount Ovid, Ravenhill Road
Watson, Jas., grocer, 59 Blythe Street
Watson, Jas., shipwright, 75 Madrid Street
Watson, Jas., carpenter, 34 Woodstock Road
Watson, Jas., mason, 10 Beechland Street
Watson, John, clerk, Helen's Villas, Glenburn Park
Watson, John, plumber, 23 Denmark Street
Watson, John, grocer, 14 Cullingtree Street
Watson, John, salesman, 71 Castlereagh Street
Watson, John, & Co., wholesale druggists and oil merchants, 52, 56 Donegall Street; res., Rosemount, Knock Road
Watson, John, 3 Victoria Crescent, Ravenhill Road
Watson, John, tailor, 8 Athol Street
Watson, John, builder, 100 Woodvale Road
Watson, John, painter, Andersonstown
Watson, John, grocer, 26 My Lady's Road
Watson, John, joiner, 2 Cadogan Street
Watson, John, grocer, 66 Roseleigh Street
Watson, John, tailor, 11 Berlin Street
Watson, John, carpenter, 72 Enfield Street
Watson, John, N.S. teacher, 57 Glenbrook Avenue
Watson, John, mason, 13 Shankill Road
Watson, J., ship carpenter, 23 Cheviot Avenue
Watson, J., engineer, 24 Roseleigh Street
Watson, J. W., compositor, 171 Mountpottinger Road
Watson, J., rivetter, 9 Baywood Street
Watson, J., clerk, 8 Elswick Street
Watson, J. A., pastry baker, 168 Sugarfield Street
Watson, J. R. B., 11 Lisburn Road
Watson, J. T., engineer, 18 Ranfurly Street
Watson, Malcolmson, & Co., manufacturers, 171a Templemore Avenue
Watson, Margaret, 108 Queen Street North
Watson, Matthew, joiner, 30 Hardcastle Street
Watson, Miss, Servants' Registry, 81 High Street
Watson, Miss, dress maker, 41 Carlisle Street
Watson, Miss, Ballycloughan House, Newtownards Road Upper
Watson, Miss, 122 Ormeau Road
Watson, Miss, 125 Dublin Road
Watson, Miss, 24 Glandore Gardens
Watson, Moses, clerk, 141 Vernon Street
Watson, Mrs., 4 Castlereagh Avenue
Watson, Mrs., hardware shop, 56 Edlingham Street
Watson, Mrs., Kintow Villas, Earlswood Road
Watson, Mrs. E. H., 94 Malone Avenue
Watson, Mrs. W., 82 Dublin Road
Watson, Mrs., grocer, Bayview Terrace, Belmont Road
Watson, Mrs., 186 Hampton Terrace, Lisburn Road
Watson, Mrs., Tilecote, Malone Park
Watson, Mrs., Woodvale, Knockbreda Road
Watson, Mrs., 38 Palestine Street
Watson, Mrs., grocer, 131 Canning Street Upper
Watson, Mrs., 83 Rugby Avenue
Watson, M. J., milliner and dress maker, 57 Dublin Road
Watson, Robert & Co. Ltd., of Belfast, Cabinet Makers, Upholsterers, Bedding Manufacturers & General House Furnishers, 90 to 94 Donegall Street and Library House, Library Street; Works, Library Street
Watson, Richard, boot and shoe maker, 55, 57 Altcar Street
Watson, Robert, R.I.C., Greencastle
Watson, Robt., mechanic, 35 Carlow Street
Watson, Robt., flax dresser, 56 Carmel Street
Watson, Robt., M.D., 27 Beersbridge Road Upper
Watson, R., boot and shoe maker, 1a Portallo Street
Watson, R., insurance agent, 189 Duncairn Gardens
Watson, R. J., joiner, 9 Donnybrook Street
Watson, R. & Sons, handkerchief manufacturers, bleachers and printers (works at Lurgan), 6 Donegall Square North
Watson, Samuel, 64 Fitzwilliam Street
Watson, Saml., engineer, 98 Templemore Street
Watson, S., grocer, 265 Tennent Street
Watson, S., painter, 85 Mervue Street
Watson, Thos., dealer, 18 Rowland Street
Watson, Thos., grocer, 31 Carnan Street
Watson, Thos., engineer, 220 Springfield Road
Watson, Thos., rivetter, 1 Bristol Street
Watson, Thos., builder, 12 Glanworth Street
Watson, T., R.I.C., 19 Beverley Street
Watson, T., draughtsman, 38 Adelaide Avenue, Bloomfield
Watson, T. G., Wilmont Terrace, 63 Lisburn Road
Watson, T. M., manufacturers' agent, 20 Waring Street
Watson, T. W., architect, 308 Springfield Road
Watson, Valentine, & Co. Ltd., weaving factory, Bain's Place
Watson, Wm., seed merchant, Roslyn, Church Road
Watson, Wm., & Co., merchant tailors and clothiers, 60 Donegall Street
Watson, Wm., carpenter, 21 Jerusalem Street
Watson, Wm., cabinet maker, 8 Stratheden Street
Watson, Wm., joiner, 8 Rotterdam Street
Watson, Wm., coach builder, 98 Cosgrave Street
Watson, Wm., flyer maker, 53 Iris Street
Watson, Wm., lamp lighter, 51 Majestic Street
Watson, W., com. traveller, 1 Shandon Villas, Knock Church Road
Watson, W., iron smith, 4 Hanover Street
Watson, W. G., builder, 38 Lord Street
Watson, W. H., grocer, 3 Newtownards Road Upper
Watson, W. G., com. agent, 27a Donegall Place
Watson, W. H., draper, 87 Rugby Avenue
Watson, W. H., general merchant, Kimberley Terrace, Newtownards Road Upper
Watson, W. J., grocer, 14 Broadway
Watson, W. J., plumber, 15 Pim Street
Watson, W. J., over looker, 280 Cupar Street
Watson, W. J., plumber and gas fitter, 5 Union Street; res., 128 Limestone Road
Watson, W. J., rent agent, 17 Evelyn Avenue
Watson, W. J., house and land agent, 25 Woodstock Road
Watson, W. K., & Co., shirt and collar manufacturers, 128, 130 Joy Street
Watson & Son, clothiers and drapers, 100 Donegall Street
Watkins, T., boot maker, 249 Mountpottinger Road
Watt, Alex., com. agent, 40 Stranmillis Road
Watt, Annie, grocer, 50 Matilda Street
Watt, A., carpenter, 53 Beersbridge Street
Watt, A., galvaniser, 32 Newcastle Street
Watt, George, fruiterer, 178 York Street
Watt, G., grocer, 97 Snugville Street
Watt, John, grocer, 49 Springfield Road
Watt, Joseph, provision merchant, 46 Royal Avenue
Watt, J., com. agent, 36 Waring Street
Watt, J., joiner, 12 Connsbrook Avenue
Watt, L., grocer, 46 Memel Street
Watt, Miss, 55 Botanic Avenue
Watt, Robert, 16 Rutland Street
Watt, Robert Graeme, architect, Ellerslie, Fortwilliam Park
Watt, Robt., plater, 4 Daisyville Terrace, Newtownards Road Upper
Watt, Robt., shop manager, 145 Tennent Street
Watt, R., M.D., 71 Agnes Street
Watt, R. Graeme, & Tulloch, architects and civil engineers, 77a Victoria Street
Watt, Saml., joiner, 141 Meadow Street Upper
Watt, Thos., & Co., flour and bran merchants, 18, 20 Library Street; res., Thos. Watt, 16 Cliftonville Road
Watt, Thos., boot and shoe merchant, Sandymount, Holywood Road
Watt, Thos., com. traveller, 10 Blythe Street
Watt, Wm., saddler, 42 Arkwright Street
Watt, Wm., grocer, 1, 3 Donegall Road
Watt, Wm., 172 Ravenhill Road
Watt, W., manager of dyeworks, Pollard Street
Watts, Fred., stone cutter, 26 Bray Street
Watters, A., horse dealer, 41, 43 Frank Street
Watters, C. & J., drapers, 134, 136 Divis Street and 82 Cromac Street
Watters, Francis, clerk, 125 Cosgrave Street
Watters, Geo., dairyman, 13 Danube Street
Watters, John, C.E., Knock Cottage, Knock Road
Watters, John, compositor, 30 Charleville Street Upper
Watters, J., brick layer, 5 Violet Street
Watters, J., linen lapper, 10 Hart Street
Watters, P., checker, 212 Leeson Street
Watters, R., dairyman, Andersonstown
Watters, Samuel, yarn drawer, 21 Enfield Street
Watters, Thos. M., linen manager, 9 Mountpleasant
Watters, T., shirt and collar manufacturer, 120 Dunlop Terrace, Limestone Road
Watters, Wm., brush maker, 32 Fraser Street
Watters, Wm., plater, 28 Templemore Avenue
Watterson, D., grocer and provision merchant, 1 Park View, Oldpark Road
Watterson, E. J., 50 Farnham Street
Watterson, F., iron turner, 57 Halliday's Road
Watterson, Jas., driller, 24 Aberdeen Street
Watterson, Jas., ship chandler's assistant, 105 Castlereagh Road
Watterson, John, insurance agent, 155 Blythe Street
Watterson, John, cabinet maker, 21 Kenbaan Street
Watterson, John, picture framer, 18 Washington Street
Watterson, J., publican, 50, 52 Newtownards Road
Watterson, J., consulting engineer, 28 Canning Street
Watterson, Wm., joiner, 34 Osborne Street
Watton, Alex., steward, 22 Jocelyn Street
Watton, Charles, joiner, 124 Brookmount Street
Watton, Chas., joiner, 31 Lawnbrook Avenue
Watts, John, stone cutter, 40 Jaffa Street
Waugh, David, manager, 37 Alexandrapark Avenue
Waugh, G. H., chemist, 104, 106 Grosvenor Street
Waugh, Jos., driller, 69 Bright Street
Waugh, James, baker, 330 Woodstock Road
Waugh, James, Church View, Malone Road
Waugh, Joseph, baker, 1 Rowan Street
Waugh, Joseph, baker, 67 Glenwood Street
Waugh, Patk., joiner, 120 Mountcollyer Avenue
Waugh, Patk., joiner, 193 Spamount Street
Waugh, Robt., baker, 133 My Lady's Road
Waugh, Robt., joiner, 116 Mountcollyer Road
Waugh, R. J., clerk, 247 Albertbridge Road
Waugh, Walsh, & Co., wholesale tea merchants, 44, 46 Waring Street; res., Wm. Waugh, 1 Galwally Park, off Newtownbreda Road
Weatherall, A., shoe maker, 3 Forster Street
Weatherall, Thos., linen warehouseman, 6 Centre Avenue, Marlborough Park
Weatherall, Wm., brick layer, 6 Broom Street
Weatherall, Wm., shoe maker, 10 broom Street
Webb, Alfred H., watch maker, 24 Campbell Park Avenue
Webb, A. H., watch maker, 125 Newtownards Road
Webb, Byron, of the Ulster Metal Works, The Myrtles, North Road
Webb, B., house, land, estate agent and property broker, 75 High Street
Webb, George, art metal worker, 8 Worcester Terrace, Chamberlain Street
Webb, G. A., pharmaceutical chemist, 141 York Street; res., 15 Brookvale Avenue
Webb, James, traveller, 101 University Avenue
Webb, James, commissionaire, 9 Annesley Street
Webb, John, painter, 76 Balkan Street
Webb, John, postman, 4 King Street
Webb, John, flax buyer, 85 Omeath Street
Webb, J., cloth passer, 15 Posnett Street
Webb, J., R.I.C., 37 Nevis Avenue
Webb, J., Royal Temperance Hotel, 19 Gamble Street
Webb, Miss A., 16 Chamberlain Street
Webb, Richard, dealer, 68 Nelson Street
Webb, R. T., linen manufacturer, Kensington Villa, Knock Avenue Road
Webb, S., venetian blind maker, 28 Catherine Street
Webb, W., spinning master, Lisburn Road
Webb, W. H., hair dresser, 6 King Street
Webb & Holmes, Ulster metal works, 257 Newtownards Road
Webster, David, joiner, 27 Cheviot Avenue
Webster, G. J., newsagent and stationery, 97 Grosvenor Street
Webster, James, plumber, 235 Conway Street
Webster, Jas., fruiterer, 90 Bridge End
Webster, John, warehouseman, 11 India Avenue
Webster, Thos., engineer, 32 Virginia Street
Webster, William, prison warder, 21 Jaffa Street
Webster, W., customs officer, 116 University Street
Wegg, G. R., clerk, 12 Castleton Avenue
Weeks, Charles, engineer, 82 Mountcollyer Avenue
Weightman, Wm. H., litho. printer, 9 Beverley Street
Weir, Allan, packer, 18 Combermere Street
Weir, A., stone cutter, 34 Maria Place
Weir, A. C., spirit grocer, 27, 29 Barton Street
Weir, Charles, collar and cuff cutter, 6 Glenvale Street
Weir, Chas. F., chemist, 100 Cromwell Road
Weir, Eliza Jane, 13 Shaftesbury Square
Weir, F., mineral water manufacturer, 71 University Road
Weir, Hugh, gardener, 97 Edinburgh Street
Weir, H., draper, 189 Snugville Street
Weir, H., carpenter, 128 Euston Street
Weir, I., french polisher, 3 Oswald Street
Weir, James, iron moulder, 32 Silvio Street
Weir, James, fitter, 54 Battenberg Street
Weir, James, mechanic, 11 Lawnbrook Avenue
Weir, James, book binder, 45 Morpeth Street
Weir, James, boiler maker, 10 Woodstock Place
Weir, James, card cutter, Shaws Bridge Cottages, Malone Road
Weir, John, traveller, 9 Ventry Street
Weir, John, foreman, 6 Westbourne Street
Weir, John, carpenter, 103 Grosvenor Street
Weir, John, grocer, 6 Victoria Terrace, Park Avenue
Weir, John, yarn dresser, 362 Oldpark Road
Weir, John, joiner, 27 Roxburgh Street
Weir, John, joiner, 16 Ravenscroft Avenue
Weir, John, joiner, 32 Armitage Street
Weir, J., carpenter, 81 McCandless Street
Weir, Miss, 55 University Street
Weir, Mrs., 129 Duncairn Street
Weir, Mrs., 14 Glenravel Street
Weir, M. W., dress maker, 280 Shankill Road
Weir, Richard, boiler maker, 2 Gotha Street
Weir, Robert, R.I.C., Ventry Lane
Weir, Robert, miller, 50 Richardson Street
Weir, Robt., carpenter, 12 Fingal Street
Weir, Robt., rivetter, 123 Church Street East
Weir, Robt., carpenter, Trew Court
Weir, Robt., publican, 104 Newtownards Road
Weir, R., clerk, 238 Snugville Street
Weir, R., draper, 3 Odessa Place, Raby Street
Weir, R. J., joiner, 52 Analee Street
Weir, Samuel, stone cutter, 51 M'Tier Street
Weir, Saml., iron moulder, 1 Woodvale Street
Weir, Saml., carpenter, 5 Newtownards Road Upper
Weir, Thos., engine driver, 49 Howe Street
Weir, Thos., linen lapper, 172 Grosvenor Street
Weir, Thos., horse shoer, 16 Aughrim Street
Weir, Thos., master slater, 51 Farnham Street
Weir, T. H., draper, 268 Crumlin Road
Weir, Wm., professor of music, 55 Wellesley Avenue
Weir, Wm., foreman tenter, 10 Woodvale Street
Weir, Wm., postal clerk, 41 Lothair Avenue
Weir, Wm., of Springfield Spinning Mill, Edenderry House, Springfield Road
Weir, Wm., mechanic, 43 Sixth Street
Weir, Wm., traveller, 2 Columbia Street
Weir, Wm., grocer's assistant, 122 Maryville Street
Weir, Wm., plumber, 1 Park Avenue
Weir, W., linen lapper, 161 Snugville Street
Weir, W., com. traveller, Glenfarg, Cranmore Park
Weir, W. C., plater, 45 Woodlawn Avenue
Welch, Chas., carpenter, 96 Howard Street South
Welch, Jas., knacker, 2 Antrim Street
Welch, John, joiner, 78 Euston Street
Welch, Mrs., 13 Newington Street
Welch, Robt., joiner, 34 Frank Street
Welch, Robt., Irish View publisher, 49 Lonsdale Street
Weldon, Edward, com. agent, 3 Bedford Street; residence, 13 Rugby Road
Weldon, J., linen lapper, 14 California Street
Wellent, Louie, musician, 64 Patrick Street Little
Wellington, Wm., spinning master, 9 Sugarfield Street
Wells, James, carpenter, 258 Conway Street
Wells, John, tenter, 35 Seventh Street
Wells, Mrs., 25 Haypark Avenue
Wells, Mrs., 26 Stranmillis Gardens
Wells, Rev. Hugh, Presbyterian minister, 26 Essex Street
Wells, Thos., clerk, 102 Maryville Street
Wells, W. J., lamp lighter, 47 Glenwherry Street
Wells & Forde, grocers, 370 Donegall Road
Wellwood, J. E., flour merchant, Bronhurst, Green Road, Knock
Wellwood, Mrs., Sandbank Villas, Wellwood Avenue
Wellwood, Robt., iron monger, 38 Stranmillis Gardens
Wellwood, William, estate agent, Garvoch, Green Road, Knock
Welsbach Incandescent Gas Light Co. Ltd., Thomas Mageean, Manager, 75 Royal Avenue
Welsh, A., house repairer, 8 Springfield Row
Welsh, Edw., joiner, 35 Willow Street
Welsh, Jas., gardener, 5 Madison Avenue
Welsh, John, clerk, 211 Meadow Street Upper
Welsh, John, slater, 20 Bow Street
Welsh, John, carpenter, 11 Woodlee Street
Welsh, Joseph, barman, 6 Springfield Row
Welsh, J., mechanic, 57 Balkan Street
Welsh, J., anglesmith, 61 Cheviot Avenue
Welsh, Patk., patent still worker, 8 Thompson Place
Welsh, P. J., confectioner, 5 Ligoniel Road
Welsh, S., grocer, 124 Grosvenor Street and 1 Naples Street
Welsh, Wm., fitter, 41 My Lady's Road
Welsh, Wm., collector, 66 Woodvale Avenue
Welshman, John, steward, 73 Hogarth Street
Welshman, Robt., clerk, 26 Lincoln Avenue
Welshman, R., storeman, 26 Regent Street
Welshman, S., R.I.C., 10 Glenvale Street
Wensley, Miss, 102 Duncairn Street
Werner, Herr Louis, professor of music, 120 Duncairn Street
West, Andrew, traveller, 19 Bowness Street
West, G. & J., provision merchants, 150 York Street
West, James, shoe maker, 37 Shannon Street
West, J., clerk, 6 Jones' Buildings, Ballysillan
West, J., grocer, 58 Limestone Road
West, Miss, Dunedin, Antrim Road
Weston, Geo., engineer, 125 Cavehill Road
Wetherall, Thomas, waiter, 6 Conduit Street
Wetherington, R., shoe maker, 41 Hudson Street
Whale, George, stationer, 21 Eblana Street
Whaley, Ed., tea merchant and grocer, 3 Queen's Square
Whaley, J. G., H.M. Customs, 5 Frank Street
Whaley, Ross, plater, 14 Linfield Road
Whalley, Fred., joiner, 23 Brougham Street
Whalley, Geo., glazier, 127 Fortingale Street
Whalley, R., portmanteau maker, 6 Ballarat Street
Wham, David, tailor, 66 Lawther Street
Wharry, W., dairyman, Ballymurphy
Wharton, H., fancy goods importer, 17, 19 Bridge Street; res., 27 Ulsterville Avenue
Wheatley, T., mounted R.I.C., 105 Madrid Street
Wheeler, C. F., civil engineer, 13 Sandymount Street
Wheeler, George H., solicitor, 22 Calender Street; res., Thornhill Gardens, Marlborough Park
Wheeler, Mrs. W. J., Lennoxvale
Wheeler, T. Kennedy, M.D., surgeon, Abbotsford, Malone Road
Wheeler, Wm., hatter, 191 Conway Street
Wheeler, W. L., solicitor, Penrhyn, 41 Adelaide Park
Wheeler & Co. Ltd., export aerated water manufacturers and general bottlers, 8, 16 Eliza Street
Wheeler & McCutcheon, solicitors, 2 Wellington Place and 19 Ormond Quay Upper, Dublin; res., W. L. Wheeler, commissioner for taking affidavits, Penrhyn, 41 Adelaide Park; J. B. McCutcheon, Laurelbank, Osborne Park
Wheeler & Wilson, Manufacturing Company, lockstitch sewing machines and laundry machinery (Ferguson & Macrae, agents), 46 Victoria Street
Wheelhouse, G., warehouse manager, 3 Lewkesry Terrace, Ligoniel Avenue
Wheelhouse, John, 166 Crumlin Road
Wheelhouse, John E., 129 Glandore Park, Antrim Road
Wheelhouse, J. A., fancy box maker, 20 York Street; res., Rose Lodge, Balmoral Avenue
Whelan, Chas., sergeant R.I.C., 10 Nelson Square
Whelan, John, dealer, 103 Mountpottinger Road
Whelan, Joseph, manager Bank of Ireland, Donegall Place; residence, Lynwood, Malone Park
Whelan, J. E., storeman, 23 Emerald Street
Whelan, S., brass finisher, 57 Isoline Street
Whelan, Thos., caretaker tramway stables, Andersonstown
Whelan, W. J., musician, 18 Grace Street
Whelehan, J., inspector S.P.C.C., 43 Avoca Street
Wherrie, Wm., 56 Brookvale Avenue
Wherry, Rev. James, Holmeville, Marlborough Park
Whilesmith, John Thos., banker, Rokely, Wandsworth Road
Whilesmyth, J. T., clerk, 42 Mount Royal, Antrim Road
Whisker, J., cabinet maker, 23 Beechpark Street
Whitaker, Henry, M.D., medical superintendent of Health to Borough County Council of Belfast, Antrim House, Cliftonville
Whitaker, H. T., LL.B., solicitor, 29 Rosemary Street; res., Antrim House, Cliftonville
Whitaker, J., traveller, 32 Mossvale Street
Whitaker, J. M., LL.B., Barrister-at-Law, 142 Royal Avenue
White, Adam, merchant tailor, 108 Deramore Avenue
White, Alex., plumber, gas and steam fitter, 7 Union Street; res., 2 St. James Crescent, Allworthy Avenue
White, Andrew, R.I.C., 22 Cheviot Street
White, A., band master, 11 Regent Street
White, A., merchant and ladies' tailor, 31 Queen's Arcade
White, A. C., caretaker, 135 Donegall Street
White, B., artist, 14 Howard Street
White, B., overlooker, 4 Hogarth Street
White, Cotter, & Co., wholesale confectioners, 1 Independent Street
White, Cotter, & Co., confectioners, 222 Albertbridge Road
White, David, tailor, 12 Glentoran Street
White, D., boot maker, 103 Dublin Road
White, D., traveller, 16 Matchett Street
White, Dr., surgeon, 125 Duncairn Gardens
White, E. W., solicitor, 6 Salisbury Avenue
White, Frederick W. E., manager, 25 Botanic Avenue
White, George, plumber, 6 Unity Street
White, George, boot finisher, 7 Lorton Street
White, George, plumber, 6 Curzon Street
White, George, plumber, 16 Rosebery Street
White, Geo., cloth passer, 35 Howe Street
White, G., cloth passer, 53 Danube Street
White, G. W., linen business, Prospect Villa, Lisburn Road
White, Henry, painter, 25 Eccles Street
White, Henry, pawn broker, 110, 112 Cromac Street, 110, 112 Falls Road, 71, 73 Divis Street and 1 McAuley Street
White, Henry, work master, Balmoral Industrial School, 41 Surrey Street
White, Henry, tailor, 55 Cavendish Street
White, Henry, plumber, 22 Peveril Street
White, Hugh, & Co., Wine and Spirit Merchants, 2, 4 Winecellar Entry
White, H., grocer, 55, 57 Dover Street and 1 Cumberland Street
White, H., linen lapper, 5 Woodvale Street
White, H., rivetter, 49 Severn Street
White, H., pawn broker, 110, 112 Falls Road
White, H., grocer, 119, 121 Cupar Street
White, H., paper ruler, 112 Glenwood Street
White, James, machinist, 40 Wolff Street
White, James, sawyer, 81 Joy Street
White, James, joiner, 38 Greenmount Street
White, James, 20 Spruce Street
White, James, harbour constable, 61 Copperfield Street
White, James, brick layer, 29 Ballymena Street
White, James, carpenter, 65 James' Street
White, James, clerk, 254 Springfield Road
White, Jas., baker, 12 Argyle Street
White, Jas., clerk, 17 St. Alban's Gardens
White, John, confectioner, 56 Maryville Street
White, John, bottler, Ambrose Street
White, John, tailor, 19, 21 Little York Street
White, John, clerk, 10 Virginia Street
White, John, tinsmith, 310 Newtownards Road
White, John, tailor, 7, 9 Little Patrick Street
White, John, confectioner, 20 Kilronan Street
White, John, boiler maker, 235 Cregagh Street
White, John, baker, 103 Cupar Street
White, John, litho. artist, 5 Glenbrook Avenue
White, John, carpenter, 94 Northumberland Street
White, John, stevedore, 30 Queen Street North
White, Joseph, confectioner, 43 Donegall Street; res., 73 Carlisle Street
White, Joseph, printer, 28 Copperfield Street
White, J., insurance agent, 86 Roden Street
White, J., carpenter, 98 Mountpottinger Road
White, J., builder, 13 Parkend Street
White, J., carpenter, 42 Memel Street
White, J. B., traveller, 8 Ethel Street
White, J. C., solicitor, 13 Lombard Street; res., Redlands, Helen's Bay
White, Mary B., 39 Duncairn Gardens
White, Mercer John, agent, Chatsworth, Balmoral Avenue
White, Miss, 15 Jubilee Avenue
White, Miss, sick nurse superintendent, 3 College Square North
White, Mrs., grocer, 1 Malvern Place
White, Mrs., 7 Hopefield Avenue
White, Mrs., 133 Princess May Terrace, Duncairn Gardens
White, Mrs., Mountview House, Ballysillan
White, Mrs., confectioner, 275 Queen Street North
White, Patk., joiner, 161 Cavendish Street
White, Robert, bread server, 13 Collingwood Avenue
White, Robert, clerk, 45 Rutland Street
White, Robt., grocer, 2 Charleville Street Upper
White, Robt., grocer, 21 Boyd Street
White, Robt., baker, 22 Jerusalem Street
White, Robt., insurance agent, 175 Meadow Street Upper
White, R., boiler maker, 20 Clanmorris Street
White, R., shipwright, 2 Hogarth Street
White, R., stone cutter, 26 Maymount Street
White, R., shoeing forge, 42, 44 Donegall Road
White, R., blacksmith, 6 Primitive Street
White, R. A., postman, 34 Nevis Avenue
White, Samuel, joiner, 11 Armitage Street
White, Samuel, fitter, 59 Adelaide Avenue
White, Samuel, joiner, 30 Island Street
White, Sara E., M.D., 92 Great Victoria Street
White-Spunner, Mrs., Willow Lodge, Greenisland
White, S., store keeper, 75 Charles Street South
White, Thomas, preparing master, Ligoniel Villa, Wolfhill
White, Thos., store man, 53 Eglinton Street
White, Tomkins, & Courage Ltd., oatmeal and oatflour manufacturers, Clarendon Mills, Henry Street; res., T. H. White, Donore Lodge, Donegall Park, Antrim Road
White, V. C., com. agent, 41 Victoria Street; res., 113 Wellesley Avenue
White, William, block manufacturer, 16, 18 Prince's Dock
White, Wm., J.P., grain merchant, 24 Waring Street; res., The Tower, Bangor
White, Wm., pawn broker, 92 Bridge End
White, Wm., rivetter, 31 Christopher Street
White, Wm., shoe maker, 49 Meadow Street No. 2
White, Wm., joiner, 95 Tower Street
White, Wm., storeman, 61 York Street Little
White, Wm., gardener, Walton Lodge, Fortwilliam Park
White, Wm., boot maker, 1 Orchard Street
White, Wm., printer, 13 Symons Street
White, W. J., joiner, 59 Coolfin Street
White, W. J., traveller, 5 Jubilee Avenue
White, W. B. H., R.N.R., Deputy Superintendent Board of Trade, 2 Maryville Terrace, Whiterock Road
White, R.I.C., 64 Stratheden Street
White & Co., 48 Arthur Street Upper
White & Stewart, drapers, 235 Woodstock Road
Whitfield, John, Archdene, Earlswood Road
Whitfield, R., foreign correspondent, 13 Kenbella Avenue
Whitfield, Wm., engineer, 34 Adelaide Avenue
Whiteford, W. J., clerk, 39 Avoca Street
Whiteford, J. W., B.E., civil engineer, 28 Waring Street
Whitford, Jas., C.E., 25 Antrim Road
Whitford, John, cloth passer, 109 Cavendish Street
Whitehall Tailoring Co., 9 Bridge Street
Whitehead, Henry, Beech Lodge, Cregagh Road
Whiteman, T., stone cutter, 24 Meenan Street Upper
Whiterock Finishing Co., Ballymurphy - manager, Robert Apsley
Whiteside, Alex., draper, 71 Ormeau Road
Whiteside, Alex., 31 Northumberland Street
Whiteside, Alex., plasterer, 31 Northumberland Street
Whiteside, A., dairyman, 41, 43 Beresford Street
Whiteside, B., R.I.C., 17 Prospect Street
Whiteside, David, iron turner, 3 Douglas Street
Whiteside, H., tailor, 143 Beersbridge Road
Whiteside, Jas., plumber, 142 North Queen Street
Whiteside, Jas., hair dresser, 28 York Road
Whiteside, Jas., baker, 50 Kensington Avenue
Whiteside, John, dealer, 25 Gardener Street
Whiteside, J., iron turner, 185 Durham Street
Whiteside, J., carpenter, 17 Roxburgh Street
Whiteside, Mary, spirit grocer, 22, 24 Kenmare Street
Whiteside, Mrs., 2 Alexandra Terrace
Whiteside, Robt., draper, 9 Danube Street
Whiteside, R., engineer, 239 Newtownards Road
Whiteside, R., brush maker, 101 Conlig Street
Whiteside, Samuel, builder, 24 Kansas Avenue
Whiteside, Saml., grocer, 35 Albertbridge Road
Whiteside, S., publican, 105, 107 Sandy Row and 41 Rowland Street
Whiteside, S., builder and contractor, 52 Rosapenna Street
Whiteside, Thomas, grocer, 3 Olney Terrace, Whiterock Road
Whiteside, Thos. John, blacksmith, 62 Ravenhill Road
Whiteside, T., iron turner, 27 Keswick Street
Whiteside, T., grocer, 62 Great George's Street
Whitla, George, electrician, 11 Titania Street
Whitla, George, gardener, Greencastle
Whitla, J., flax dresser, 35 Ruth Street
Whitla, R. J., caulker, 84 Bryson Street
Whitla, R. J., joiner, 29 Finvoy Street
Whitla, Wilson, foreman, 29 Pandora Street
Whitla, W., M.D., J.P. for Co. Antrim, Prof. of Materia Medica Q.C.B., 8 College Square North
Whitley, F., engineer, 193 Cambrai Street
Whitley, Geo., rivetter, 34 Church Street East
Whitley, Henry, compositor, 3 Cumberland Street
Whitley, H., joiner, 13 Donard Street
Whitley, James, clerk, 15 New Street, off Roden Street
Whitley, Jas., grocer, 30 Mountview Street
Whitley, J., spirit grocer, 307 Donegall Road
Whitley, Samuel, book binder, 16 Blackwood Street
Whitley, Saml., wholesale draper, 2 Donegall Street Place
Whitley, Saml., warehouseman, 1 Sandymount, Stranmillis Road
Whittley, Thos., foreman, 22 Ribble Street
Whitley, Wm. J., joiner, 57 Battenberg Street No. 2
Whittam, Albert, mechanical and ventilating Engineer, 30 Sintonville Avenue
Whitten, George, mason, 61 Stanley Street
Whitter, George, brick layer, 194 Blythe Street
Whittle, Ed., engine driver, 103 Roden Street
Whittle, James, mechanic, 108 Turin Street
Whittle, W. J., compositor, 20 Copperfield Street
Whyte, J. R., solicitor, 21 Calender Street
Whyte, Mrs., Whyteville, Inverary Avenue
Whyte, Mrs., Eastleigh, Newtownards Road Upper
Whyte, Mrs., Tower Villas, Park Avenue
Whyte, Saml., teacher of music, 217 Trevelyan Terrace, Duncairn Gardens
Whyte, Saml., student, 124 Agincourt Avenue
Wicklow, Jane, fowl dealer, 47 Lagan Street
Wicklow, John, plumber, 13 Rowland Street
Wicklow, Joseph, moulder, 78 Balkan Street
Wicklow, J., brass moulder, 29 Park Avenue
Widdess, D., ship steward, 142 Mountcollyer Street
Wiener, Saml., draper, 2 Fairview Street
Wietuns, Jos., plater, 20 Chelsea Street
Wigby, E., tailor, 24 Leitrim Street
Wigley, Edwin, tailor's cutter, 80 Ogilvie Street
Wiggons, R., blacksmith, 19 Humber Street
Wiggins, W., printer, 147 Argyle Street
Wightman Bros., cabinet makers, 2 Rathbone Street
Wightman, David, joiner, 2 Drew Street
Wightman, D., jeweller, 188 North Street; res., 128 Fitzroy Avenue
Wightman, H., builder, 30 Ribble Street
Wightman, H., shoe maker, 27 Falls Road
Wightman, Jas., saddler, 110 Mountpottinger Road
Wightman, J., cabinet maker, 67 Hillman Street
Wightman, Robert, baker, 39 London Road
Wilcox & Bell, lithographic artists, 5 College Street
Wilde, B., com. agent, 17 Isoline Street
Willdridge, J., painter and decorator, 4 Little Victoria Street
Wildridge, W. H., painter, 18 Dorchester Street
Wildy, Anthony, clock maker, 7 Catherine Street North
Wiley, Alex., dairyman, 2 Lower Lodge Avenue
Wiley, J., N.S. teacher, 40 Caerleon, Castlereagh Avenue
Wiley, Wm., dairyman, 2 Lower Lodge Avenue
Wilgar, John, mechanic, 44 Mervue Street
Wilgar, Wm., joiner, 52 Beechfield Street
Wilkie, E., sawyer, 103 Thorndyke Street
Wilkin, Jas., manager, 59 Hanover Street
Wilkins, R. J., com. agent, 17 Rushfield Avenue
Wilkinson, Alex., fitter, 10 Kenbaan Street
Wilkinson, Andrew, foreman, 33 Fleming Street
Wilkinson, B., lamp lighter, 16 Loftus Street
Wilkinson, Chas., traveller, 7 Sandhurst Street
Wilkinson, Chas., com. traveller, 64 Cedar Avenue
Wilkinson, C., plumber, 34 Ormeau Street
Wilkinson, Ernest, bath attendant, 34 Ardenvohr Street
Wilkinson, Fras., engineer, Park Avenue
Wilkinson, Henry, joiner, 108 St. Leonard's Street
Wilkinson, Hugh, painter, 8 Hanover Street
Wilkinson, Isaac, packing case maker, 16 Grosvenor Place
Wilkinson, Jas., boot top cutter, 29 Marchioness Street
Wilkinson, John, handkerchief manufacturer, Greenoge, Holywood Road
Wilkinson, John, photographer, 30 Dunraven Avenue
Wilkinson, J., engine driver, 34 Selby Street
Wilkinson, J., lamp lighter, 118 Crimea Street
Wilkinson, J., joiner, 288 Old Lodge Road
Wilkinson, Mrs., grocer, 98 Church Street East
Wilkinson, M., foreman turner, 13 Madrid Street
Wilkinson, S., traveller, 469 Lisburn Road
Wilkinson, T., clog maker, 30 Cullingtree Street
Wilkinson, T. G., chemist, 44 Maryville Street
Wilkinson, William, secretary Irish Temperance League, Lombard Street; res., Bangor, Co. Down
Wilkinson, Wm., fitter, 52 Hudson Street
Wilkinson, W., carpenter, 39 Rosewood Street
Wilkinson & Turtle, collar and cuff manufacturers, 1 Alfred Street; res., J. Wilkinson, Greenoge, Strandtown; J. G. Turtle, Claremont, Strandtown
Wilks, H. V., inspector, 145 Duncairn Street
Wilks, W., engineer, 61 Florentine, South Parade
Willesy, Mrs., grocer, 23 Hudson Street
Williams, Anna, grocer, 57 Peter's Hill
Williams, C. D., & Co., gun, fishing tackle, gun powder and general merchants, 86 Ann Street
Williams, Edgar C., dentist, 160 Duncairn Gardens
Williams, Elizabeth, 95 University Street
Williams, Emily, Sandymount, Holywood Road
Williams, F. J., bank clerk, 111 Ullswater Terrace, Cavehill Road
Williams, F. M., journalist, 7 Willowbank Street
Williams, G., retired coastguard officer, 10 Mount Street No. 2
Williams, John, book seller, 74, 75, 76 Smithfield Market
Williams, John, shoe maker, 54 Leeson Street
Williams, John, clerk, 227 Conway Street
Williams, J. F., B.A., 99 Malone Avenue
Williams, J., sea captain, 36 Mileriver Street
Williams, J. T., & Co., 18 Howard Street
Williams, Mrs., 16b Wellesley Avenue
Williams, Mrs., 19 Glandore Gardens
Williams, Richard, H.M. Customs, 43 Churchill Street
Williams, R., fancy box maker, 106 Donegall Pass
Williams, R., agent, 44 Delhi Street
Williams, Thos., draper, 178 Duncairn Gardens
Williams, Wm., butcher, 3 Oldpark Road
Williams, Wm., tailor, 53 St. Leonard Street
Williams, Wm., band master, 19 Nevis Avenue
Williames, W. E., coal merchant and shipping agent, 17 Donegall Quay; res., Holywood
Williams, W. J., boiler maker, 60 Montrose Street
Williamson, Alex., boot maker, Sandymount, Holywood Road
Williamson, Arthur, M.A., school master, 2 Iveagh Street
Williamson, A., fitter, 18 Sherbrook Street
Williamson, A., engineer, 26 Kilronan Street
Williamson, Chas., carpenter, 28 New Street
Williamson, D., dairyman, 39 Beresford Street
Williamson, D., block printer, 40 Little May Street
Williamson, F., grocer, 8 Carmel Street
Williamson, Geo., plater, 68 Duncairn Gardens
Williamson, H., tenter, 15 Valentine Street
Williamson, Hugh, clerk, 15 Cambrai Street
Williamson, H., boot maker, Wolfhill Place, Ligoniel
Williamson, H., barman, 121 Canmore Street
Williamson, H., iron turner, 49 Mervue Street Upper
Williamson, H., shoe maker, 10 Glenview Place
Williamson, Jas., clerk, 63 Burmah Street
Williamson, Jas., clerk, 47 Kimberley Street
Williamson, James, insurance broker, Ashurst, Maryville Park
Williamson, James, iron turner, 4 Glenrosa Street
Williamson, John, machinery dealer and flax merchant, 38 Oldpark Road
Williamson, John, rivetter, 31 Pomona Street
Williamson, John, smith, 66 Spamount Street
Williamson, John A., brass finisher, 36 Brussels Street
Williamson, Jos., druggist, 17 Agincourt Avenue
Williamson, J., moulder, 4 Kilmood Street
Williamson, J., painter, 45 Stanley Street
Williamson, J., builder, 4 Princess Terrace, Cregagh Road
Williamson, J., grocer, 8 Carmel Street
Williamson, J., grocer, 58 Bloomfield Avenue
Williamson, J., carpenter, 96 Clonard Gardens
Williamson, J., damask merchant, 58 Glenwood Street
Williamson, J., engineer, 32 Solway Street
Williamson, J., butcher, 16 Peveril Street
Williamson, J., shoe maker, 118 Nelson Street
Williamson, J. D., M.D., surgeon, 189 Albertbridge Road
Williamson, J., foreman  plater, 12 Madrid Street
Williamson, J., time keeper, 86 Coolbeg Street
Williamson, J., dealer, 13 Kildare Street
Williamson, J., butcher, 211 Lisburn Road
Williamson, J., butcher, 67 Sidney Street West
Williamson, Robt., brick layer, 5 Moneyrea Street
Williamson, R., harbour constable, 48 Rutland Street
Williamson, R., hackle setter, 159 Urney Street
Williamson, Saml., foreman, 89 Euston Street
Williamson, S., linen lapper, 50 Excise Street
Williamson, S., C.B.O., 27 Sackville Street Little
Williamson, S., iron turner, 64 Mervue Street
Williamson, S., builder's foreman, 69 Manor Street
Williamson, Thos., carter, 65 Nelson Street
Williamson, Thos., engineer, 63 Limestone Road
Williamson, Thos., fitter, 24 Mayo Street
Williamson, J., shopman, 15 Concord Street (or T.?)
Williamson, T., warehouseman, 12 Lisburn Road
Williamson, T. K., engineer, 64 Limestone Road
Williamson, Wm., painter, 3 Agra Street
Williamson, Wm., brass finisher, Anglesea Street
Williamson, Wm., saddler, 3 Pisa Street
Williamson, W. C., iron turner, 28 Kilronan Street
Williamson, W. J., shoe maker, 53 Crosby Street
Williamson, W. J., hair dresser, 13 St. Andrew Square East
Williamson, W. J., Brooklands, Annadale
Williamson, W. J., tinsmith, 72 Hopeton Street
Williamson, W. J., hair dresser, 32 Hope Street
Williamson, W. J., postman, 15 Blayney Street
Williamson, W. J., plasterer, 5 Connsbrook Street
Williamson, W. J., moulder, 56 Havana Street
Williamson Brothers Limited, Tanners and Curriers, Leather Merchants and Boot and Shoe Manufacturers, 46 Royal Avenue and 73a King Street; res., W. J. Williamson, Annadale; Hugh Williamson, 15 Richmond Crescent, Antrim Road; John Williamson, 47 Ulsterville Avenue
Willis, Geo., time keeper, 16 Chatsworth Street
Willis, Jas., traveller, 17 Cavehill Road
Willis, Jas., carpenter, 39 Kilronan Street
Willis, J., bookkeeper, 173 Dunluce Avenue
Willis, J., linen lapper, 28 Ilchester Street
Willis, J. H., hair dresser, 1 Central Street
Willis, Mary, tobacconist, 23 Great Edward Street
Willis, Mary, grocer, 1 Blenheim Street
Willis, Miss A., dress maker, 25 Roseleigh Street
Willis, Wm., plumber and steam fitter, 33 Dublin Road; res., 111 Malone Avenue
Willis, Paul, carpenter, 20 Empress Street
Willis, Robt., rent agent, Garfield Chambers; res., Newington, Limestone Road
Willis, Robt., mechanic, 38 Wigton Street
Willis, R. G., brass finisher, 16 Derwent Street
Willis, Thomas, dairyman, 35 Dublin Road
Willis, William, plumber and steam fitter, 33 Dublin Road; res., 3 Eglantine Place
Willis, William, Hardware Merchant, 25, 27 Great Edward Street and 1, 3 Gloucester Street; res., Chester Cottage, Lisburn Road
Willis, Wm., hardware merchant, 2 Franklin Street
Willis, W. A., plumber, 20 William Street South; res., 50 Botanic Avenue
Willis, W. David, spinning master, 11 Ligoniel Road
Willix, Jas., coach wheeler, 23 Henrietta Street
Willix, D., boiler maker, 19 Moneyrea Street
Willock, J., com. traveller, 7 Eglinton Street
Willock, Robert, chartered accountant, 105 or 103 Royal Avenue
Willox, F., blacksmith, 57 Turin Street
Wilcox & Gibbs, Sewing Machine Makers, 2 Dublin Road; Warehouse, 5 Bankmore Street
Wilcock, R., insurance agent, 45 Manor Street
Willmersdorf, Miss, teacher of French and German, 126 Eglantine Avenue
Willoughby, Rev. T. J., Church of Ireland, Gortin, Co. Tyrone, 1 Marsdene, Cyprus Park
Wilson, Adam, joiner, 15 Parkmount Street
Wilson, Agnes, hardware dealer, 82 Newtownards Road
Wilson, Alex., paint and colour merchant, 561 Ormeau Road
Wilson, Alex., linen business, 52 Rutland Street
Wilson, Alfred, cashier, 60 South Parade
Wilson, Alfred, com. agent, 117a Victoria Street
Wilson, Amelia, drapery, 27 Sandy Row
Wilson, Andrew, manager, 13 Duncairn Gardens
Wilson, A., shopman, 13 Yarrow Street
Wilson, A., grocer, 63, 65 York Street Little
Wilson, A., car owner, 13 Earl Place
Wilson, A., compositor, 39 Bradford Street
Wilson, A., engineer, 23 Moyola Street
Wilson, A., plater, 27 Third Avenue
Wilson, A., clerk, 59 Killowen Street
Wilson, A., watch maker, 253 Matilda Street
Wilson, A., engineer, 241 Cambrai Street
Wilson, A. B., M.I.C.E., consulting engineer, Maryville, Malone Road
Wilson, A. E., & Co., house, land and estate agents and property brokers and valuers, 22 Waring Street
Wilson Bros. & Co., electrical engineers and contractors, 19 Victoria Street
Wilson Bros., drapers, 30 Ann Street
Wilson, Capt. Frederick, 2 Belgravia Avenue
Wilson, Charles, wholesale tea merchant, 85 Victoria Street; res., Magdala House, Holywood Road, Strandtown
Wilson, Clarke, coachsmith, 33 Spring Street
Wilson, C., cloth finisher, 7 Sturgeon Street
Wilson, C., car owner, 47 Carnalea Street
Wilson, C., painter, 10 Jaffa Street
Wilson, C. D., mechanic, 40 Percy Street
Wilson, C. H., pawn broker, 34 Unity Street
Wilson, David, merchant, 20 Eia Street
Wilson, David, bobbin turner, 2 Rowan Street
Wilson, David, grocer, 9, 11 Somerville Gardens, Falls Road
Wilson, David, seedsman, 62 King Street
Wilson, David, & Co. (successors to E. G. Duffin & Co.), jute manufacturers, bag merchants and commission agents, 30 Linenhall Street
Wilson, David, draper, 268 Woodstock Road
Wilson, David, grocer, 169 Lodge Road Old
Wilson, David, postman, 31 Palestine Street
Wilson, D., flax dresser, 27 Ronan Street
Wilson, D., milkman, 3, 5 Monkeystown Cottage, Oldpark Road
Wilson, D., brass finisher, 5 Queen Victoria Street
Wilson, D., M.R.C.S.E., L.R.C.P.E., Notting Hill, Whiteabbey
Wilson, D., litho. printer, 63 Roslyn Street
Wilson, D., grocer, 57 Twickenham Street
Wilson, D., grocer, 32 Ilchester Street
Wilson, D., fitter, 99 Beechfield Street
Wilson, D. J., engine driver, 42 My Lady's Road
Wilson, D., plater, 81 Island Street
Wilson, D., joiner, 1 Humber Street
Wilson, E., newsagent and tobacconist, 52 King Street
Wilson, E., engine driver, 42 Mervue Street
Wilson, E., ship carpenter, 4 Loughview Villas, Shore Road
Wilson, E., rivetter, 22 Carnalea Street
Wilson, E., traveller, 12 Belgravia Avenue
Wilson, E., & Son, glovers and hosiers, 139 Royal Avenue
Wilson, E. H., collar cutter, 84 Tate's Avenue
Wilson, Francis, foreman, 6 Gaffikin Street
Wilson, Fred. H. G., solicitor (3rd floor), Garfield Chambers, Royal Avenue
Wilson, F., carrier, 51 Waring Street
Wilson, F., miller, 1 Mount Eden, Woodvale Road
Wilson, George, rent agent, 17 Smithfield
Wilson, George, clerk, 181 Woodstock Road
Wilson, Geo., carpenter, 1 St. Paul Street
Wilson, G., accountant, Inskem, Marlborough Park
Wilson, George. spirit grocer, Ashbourne, Lisburn Road
Wilson, Geo., traveller, 4 Balfour Avenue
Wilson, Geo., spirit grocer, 1a Charleyville Avenue
Wilson, Geo., joiner, 27 Kilronan Street
Wilson, G., inspector G.N.R., 23 Renfrew Street
Wilson, G., store keeper, 29 Woodvale Road
Wilson, G., com. traveller, 43 Hopefield Avenue
Wilson, Hugh, dairyman, 21, 23 Ballymoney Street
Wilson, Hugh, rivetter, 33 Martin Street
Wilson, H., tinsmith, 17 Sackville Street
Wilson, H., preparing master, 285 Falls Road
Wilson, H., master mariner, 80 Antrim Road
Wilson, H. G., watch maker, 74 King Street
Wilson, James, pawn broker, 124, 126 Sandy Row
Wilson, James, traveller, 32 Damascus Street
Wilson, James, rivetter, 72 Seaview Street
Wilson, James, designer, 89 Melrose Street
Wilson, James, joiner, 21 Dock Street
Wilson, James, rivetter, 7 Wolff Street
Wilson, James, boot maker, 7 Ormiston Buildings, Holywood Road
Wilson, James, foreman, 32 Beechfield Street
Wilson, James, linen lapper, 17 Canning Street
Wilson, James, boiler maker, 1 Ravenscroft Street
Wilson, James, builder, 28 Mossvale Street
Wilson, James, checker, 50 Clara Street
Wilson, James, finisher, 305 Oldpark Road
Wilson, Jane, 4 Ormeau Avenue
Wilson, Jas., & Sons Ltd., wholesale spirit merchants, 18 to 32 Tomb Street
Wilson, Jas., clerk, 37 Townsend Street Upper
Wilson, Jas., secretary of Shrigley Mills, Killyleagh, Co. Down; Frankland Terrace, 39 The Mount
Wilson, Jas., gas fitter, 10 Brookmount Street
Wilson, Jas., designer, 34 Delhi Street
Wilson, Jas., fish monger, 23 Mount Street No. 2
Wilson, Jas., J.P., Old Forge, Dunmurry
Wilson, John, grocer, 42 York Road
Wilson, John, school master, 3 Hillside Terrace, Ballysillan, Ligoniel Road
Wilson, John, pawn broker, 11 Edlingham Street & 168 Spamount Street
Wilson, John, grocer, 191, 193 Shankill Road
Wilson, John, iron moulder, 28 Ashton Street
Wilson, John, hackle maker, 32 Ardmoulin Avenue
Wilson, John, sea captain, Alexandra Avenue
Wilson, John, boiler maker, 8 Baltic Street East
Wilson, John, printer, 50 Bristol Street
Wilson, John, boiler maker, 44 Fife Street
Wilson, John, fitter, 93 Fortingale Street
Wilson, John, grocer, 14 Woodstock Road
Wilson, John, solicitor, 52 Brookvale Avenue
Wilson, John, engineer, 44 Greenmount Street
Wilson, John, moulder, 13 Hampden Street
Wilson, John, caulker, 32 Lendrick Street
Wilson, John, rivetter, 93 Mountcollyer Avenue
Wilson, John, sawyer, 44 Mountcollyer Avenue
Wilson, John J., traveller, 54 Melrose Street
Wilson, John, rent agent, 13 Ilchester Street
Wilson, John, plasterer, 43 Apsley Street
Wilson, John, shipwright, 64 Hillman Street
Wilson, John, baker, Dundela Park
Wilson, John, sea captain, 5 Eden Crescent, Alexandra Avenue
Wilson, John, engineer, 38 Rutland Street
Wilson, John, painter, 7 Killarney Street
Wilson, John, engineer, 13 Derlett Street
Wilson, John, grocer and dairyman, 7, 11 Leadbetter Street
Wilson, John, grocer, Ballysillan, Crumlin Road
Wilson, John, clerk, 12 Bootle Street
Wilson, John, grocer, 113 Disraeli Street
Wilson, John, pork dealer, 7 Beersbridge Road
Wilson, John, builder, 33 Ulsterville Avenue
Wilson, John, boiler maker, 26 Armitage Street
Wilson, John, plumber, 11 Como Terrace, Oldpark Road
Wilson, John, blacksmith, Skegoniel Avenue
Wilson, John, Seaview, Greencastle
Wilson, John, & Son, Ltd. (of Ballymena), Downshire House, linen, damask and cambric handkerchiefs, shirts and ladies' underclothing manufacturers, 17 Corn Market; res., Faunoran, Greenisland
Wilson, John G. H., B.A., solicitor, 60 Donegall Street
Wilson, Johnston, grocer, 235 Shankill Road
Wilson, Joseph, solicitor, Whitehall Buildings, Ann Street; res., 21 Orien Gardens (Orient?), Cliftonville
Wilson, Joseph, tenter, 72 Roden Street
Wilson, Joseph, dyer, 17 Ghent Street
Wilson, Joseph, time keeper, 31 Agra Street
Wilson, Joseph, mechanic, 17 Buckingham Street
Wilson, Jos., plater, 17 Townsend Street Upper
Wilson, Jos., embroiderer, 19 Brassey Street
Wilson, Jos., boot maker, 24 Broadway
Wilson, J., baker, 151 Duncairn Street
Wilson, J., coppersmith, 41 Hartley Street
Wilson, J., linen lapper, 59 Excise Street
Wilson, J., harbour constable, 5 Seaforde Street
Wilson, J., blacksmith, 75 Mervue Street
Wilson, J., grocer, 2 Florence Terrace, Whiterock Road
Wilson, J., warehouseman, 2 Rutland Street
Wilson, J., refreshment rooms, 94 Ann Street
Wilson, J. (of Mitchell & Co. Ltd.), Woodside, Ravenhill Road
Wilson, J., fish monger, 76 Albertbridge Road
Wilson, J., rivetter, 24 Ayr Street
Wilson, J., boot and shoe maker, 4 Connswater Street
Wilson, J., dairyman, 7 & 11 Leadbetter Street
Wilson, J., preparing master, 70 Silvio Street
Wilson, J., upholsterer, 5 Abbey Street West
Wilson, J. B., com. traveller, 21 Richmond Crescent
Wilson, J. H., linen merchant, 49 Queen Street
Wilson, J. K. & Co. Ltd., wholesale merchants and manufacturers, 6, 8 Donegall Street
Wilson, J. T., tele. clerk, 16 Stranmillis Gardens
Wilson, J. T., grain dealer, 5 May Street
Wilson, J. T., draper, 57, 59 Donegall Road
Wilson, J. T., potato merchant, 8 Oxford Street
Wilson, Margaret, green grocer, 15 Agnes Street
Wilson, Miss, 37 Agnes Street
Wilson, Miss J., 19 Rossmore Avenue
Wilson, Miss E., 11 Newington Avenue
Wilson, Miss, 66 Great Victoria Street
Wilson, Miss, dress maker, 9 Lonsdale Street
Wilson, Mrs., teacher of pianoforte and singing, 30 Atlantic Avenue
Wilson, Mrs., 7 Woodland Avenue
Wilson, Mrs., 47 Atlantic Avenue
Wilson, Mrs., 28 Camden Street
Wilson, Mrs., 10 Glenravel Street
Wilson, Mrs., 7 Mountcharles
Wilson, Mrs., 4 Avonmore Terrace, Lisburn Road
Wilson, Mrs. E. W., 200 Lisburn Road
Wilson, Mrs., 1 Hampden Villas, Cyprus Park
Wilson, Mrs., Newtownards Road Upper
Wilson, Mrs., 104, 106 Cromwell Road
Wilson, Mrs., 1 Fountainville Avenue
Wilson, Mrs. Jane, Robina Terrace, Allworthy Avenue
Wilson, Mrs., dress maker, 397 Donegall Road
Wilson, Mrs., 111 Northbrook Street
Wilson, Mrs., 7 Jocelyn Gardens, Woodstock Road
Wilson, M., confectioner, 124 Divis Street
Wilson, M., J.P., secretary of Belfast Banking Company Ltd., 24 Windsor Park
Wilson, M. H., clothier, 3 Shankill Road
Wilson, M. H., boot merchant, 76 Shankill Road & 147 York Street
Wilson, M. & M., milliners, 6 Ann Street & 22 Queen's Arcade
Wilson, Nelson, tailor, 25 Moorefield Street
Wilson, Peter, saddler, 63 Balkan Street
Wilson, P., merchant tailor, 52 High Street; res., Lansdowne, Lansdowne Road
Wilson, Rev. A. J., B.A., The Manse, Malone Park
Wilson, Rev. James, minister Argyle Place Presbyterian Church, 60 Cliftonpark Avenue
Wilson, Rev. S. L., M.A., D.D., minister York Street Presbyterian Church, 51 Laurelview Terrace, Cliftonville Road
Wilson, Robert, manager, 4 Canning Street
Wilson, Robert, butcher, 248 Albertbridge Road
Wilson, Robert, Ormeau Bakery and family grocer, Ormeau Road; res., Ava House, Ormeau Road
Wilson, Robert, saddler, 25 Clandeboye Street
Wilson, Robert, foreman, 48 Glentoran Street
Wilson, Robert, spinning master, 31 Hillman Street
Wilson, Robt., linen lapper, 38 Barrington Street
Wilson, Robt., plumber, 125 New Lodge Road
Wilson, Robt., dresser, 8 Ainsworth Street
Wilson, Robt., builder and contractor, 207 Duncairn Street; res., Mount Delphi, Antrim Road
Wilson, Robert, tailor, 13 Conduit Street
Wilson, Robt., butcher, 46 Mountpottinger Road
Wilson, Robt., com. traveller, 26 Castleton Street
Wilson, Robt., cattle dealer, Glenbanna House, Cregagh Road
Wilson, Robt., electrical engineer and contractor, 40 Donegall Quay
Wilson, Robt., com. traveller, 148 Lisburn Road
Wilson, Robt., boiler maker, 127 Lodge Road New
Wilson, Robt., electrical engineer, 1 Lothair Street
Wilson, R., foreman, 48 Glentoran Street
Wilson, R., yarn dresser, 37 Woodvale Street
Wilson, R., insurance agent, 82 Joy Street
Wilson, R., baker and flour merchant, 90, 92 Cromac Street
Wilson, R., M.D., surgeon, 262 York Street
Wilson, R., The Beeches, Hampton Park
Wilson, R., provision merchant, 72 Lodge Road Old
Wilson, R., gardener, 26 Cissick Street (?)
Wilson, R., mill manager, 27 Evolina Street
Wilson, R. C., & Co., wholesale bedding and furniture manufacturers, 17, 19 Talbot Street; res., 174 Ormeau Road
Wilson, R. G., reeling master, 294 Cupar Street
Wilson, R. H., master Union Workhouse, Lisburn Road
Wilson, R. J., sergeant R.I.C., 58 Jocelyn Avenue
Wilson, R. J., milkman, 2, 4 Dock Street New
Wilson, R. L., hardware business, 12 Kimberley Street
Wilson, Samuel, postal telegraphs, 36 Vicinage Park
Wilson, Samuel, warder, 232 Old Lodge Road
Wilson, Samuel, hatter, 8 Foreman Street
Wilson, Samuel, car owner, 21 Clanmorris Street
Wilson, Samuel, plumber, 18 Copperfield Street
Wilson, Samuel, driller, 37 Montrose Street
Wilson, Saml., shop keeper, 57 Glenwood Street
Wilson, Saml., boiler maker, 45 Mountcollyer Road
Wilson, Saml., mechanic, 132 Wilton Street
Wilson, Sarah A., grocer, 102 Westmoreland Street
Wilson, S., mineral water manufacturers, 6 Rathcool Street
Wilson, S., joiner, 27 Welland Street
Wilson, S., builder, 1 Delhi Street
Wilson, S., merchant, 48 Elmwood Avenue
Wilson, S., confectioner, 91 Peter's Hill
Wilson, S., & Co., tent and marquee manufacturers to the Queen, sail and lifebelt manufacturers, 19 Corporation Square; res., S. Wilson, sen., 48 Elmwood Avenue
Wilson, Thomas, commercial traveller, Somerville Gardens, Falls Road
Wilson, Thomas, linen overseer, 38 Vicinage Park
Wilson, Thomas, fitter, 15 Linfield Street
Wilson, Thomas, plumber, 26 Lisburn Avenue
Wilson, Thomas, car owner, 44 Carnalea Street
Wilson, Thos., rivetter, 18 Pitt Street
Wilson, Thos., painter, 45 Ashdale Street
Wilson, Thos., butcher, 42 Albertbridge Road
Wilson, Thos., poor rate collector, 143 Royal Avenue; res., Cregagh House, Knockbreda Road
Wilson, Thos., foreman, 25 Sixth Street
Wilson, Thos., brick layer, 6 Ballycarry Street
Wilson, Thos., joiner, 227 Cambrai Street
Wilson, Thos., clerk, 14 Edinburgh Street
Wilson, Thos., mechanic, 77 Hatfield Street
Wilson, Thos., rivetter, 65 Mountcollyer Avenue
Wilson, T., porter, 45 Memel Street
Wilson, T., tobacconist, 58 Mountpottinger Road
Wilson, T. H., linen merchant and insurance agent, 12 Howard Street
Wilson, T., hair dresser, 65 Geoffrey Street
Wilson, T. W., principal teacher Queen Victoria National Schools, 1 Ulsterville Place
Wilson, Walter H., Belvoir Park, Newtownbreda
Wilson, William, iron merchant, 17 Victoria Street
Wilson, William, water inspector, 26 Upper Townsend Street
Wilson, William, potato merchant, 73 Great Patrick Street
Wilson, Wm., plumber and gas fitter, 5 Tower Street
Wilson, Wm., plumber, 5 Medway Street
Wilson, Wm., foreman, 25 Virginia Street
Wilson, Wm., iron merchant, 17 Victoria Street
Wilson, Wm., blacksmith, 14 Emerald Street
Wilson, Wm., head spinning master, 8 Wolfhill Road
Wilson, Wm., fireman, 39 Apsley Street
Wilson, Wm., sail maker, 30 Dock Street New
Wilson, Wm., shoe maker, 29, 1 King Street
Wilson, Wm., grocer, 101, 103 Donegall Road
Wilson, Wm., baker, 34 Alexandrapark Avenue
Wilson, Wm., boot maker, 42 Howe Street
Wilson, Wm., carrier, 147 Mervue Street
Wilson, Wm., linen trade, Denehurst, Cranmore Park
Wilson, Wm., iron turner, 6 Ventry Street
Wilson, Wm., engineer, 79 Carlisle Street
Wilson, Wm., joiner, 12 Balmoral Street
Wilson, Wm., boiler maker, 53 Bryson Street
Wilson, Wm., grocer and provision merchant, 24 College Square North
Wilson, Wm., boiler maker, 43 Hanna Street
Wilson, Wm., tenter, 16 Irwell Street
Wilson, Wm., boot maker, 33 Rainey Street
Wilson, Wm., butcher, 6 Russell Street
Wilson, Wm., mechanic, 45 Shannon Street
Wilson, Wm., union officer, 22 Virginia Street
Wilson, Wm. H., traveller, 11 Ambleside Street
Wilson, Wm. J., painter, 134 Donegall Avenue
Wilson, W., store keeper, 7 My Lady's Road
Wilson, W., boiler maker, 49 Belvoir Street
Wilson, W., ship carpenter, 41 Mountpottinger Road
Wilson, W., tobacconist, 178 Newtownards Road
Wilson, W., engine driver, 7 Brassey Street
Wilson, W., pork cutter, 178 Leeson Street
Wilson, W., ship joiner, 54 Limestone Road
Wilson, W. C., artist, 10 Wellesley Avenue
Wilson, W. D., 82 Hopefield Terrace, Antrim Road
Wilson, W. G., solicitor's apprentice, 378 Woodstock Road
Wilson, W. H., traveller, 48 Mossvale Street
Wilson, W. J., outfitter, 128, 134 Sandy Row
Wilson, W. J., clerk, 49 Hatfield Street
Wilson, W. J. B., flour and provision merchant, 22, 24, 26 Great Patrick Street
Wilson, W. J., engine driver, 42 My Lady's Road
Wilson, W. J., wood turner, 27 Danube Street
Wilson, W. J., com. traveller, 55 Spamount Street
Wilson, W. J., manager, 111 University Avenue
Wilson, W. J., clerk, 19 Buckingham Street
Wilson, W. J., music teacher, 5 Rosewood Street
Wilson, W. J., shopman, 13 Abingdon Street
Wilson, W. M., Rowallen, Hampton Park
Wilson, W. W., com. agent, 4 Castle Chambers
Wilson & Boyd, cycle agents, 28 Church Street
Wilson & Co., Glenwood flour mills, Shankill Road
Wilson & Co., provision merchants, 76 Mill Street
Wilson & Co., grocers, 36, 38 Meadow Street Upper No. 2
Wilson & Finlay, bakery, 2 Foyle Street
Wilson & Reid, ship chandlers, sail makers and riggers, 11 & 12 Donegall Quay
Wilson & Strain Ltd., bakers and confectioners and wholesale flour merchants, 1 & 3 Cromac Street and 45 to 51 May Street
Wiltshire, Thos., confectioner, 45 Rosevale Street
Wilton, D., coach trimmer, 4 Canning Street Place
Wilton, James, compositor, 10 Dawson Street
Wilton, Wm., cloth finisher, 37 Heatherbell Street
Wilton, Wm., coachsmith, 48 Donegall Avenue
Wilton, W. G., painter, 3 Beresford Street
Windrim, H., boiler maker, 33 Glenmore Street
Windrim, H., caretaker Working Men's Institute, Queen Street
Windrim, J., plasterer, 3 Kimberley Street
Windrim, Robt., plasterer, 11 Fitzroy Avenue
Windrim, W., copper and tin smith, 43 Delhi Street
Windrim, W. J., plasterer, 4 South Parade
Windrim, A. & Sons, plasterers, 30 Bankmore Street and 1a Charlotte Street
Windsor, John, tailor, 41 Annette Street
Winnington, Geo., window dresser, 92 Bray Street
Winnington, Jas., traveller, 98 Cromwell Road
Winnington & Co., Brass founders and machinists, 5 to 15 Wilson Street; res., Edward Winnington, 1 Beechmount, Ravenhill Road; John Winnington, 7 Ventry Street
Winnington, J., brass founder, 15 Cadogan Street
Winnington, Thos., hair dresser, 237 Mayo Street
Winter, Chas. A., agent, 3 Rushfield Avenue
Winter, Jas., gardener, Upper Newtownards Road
Winter, J. E., wood carver, 45 South Parade
Winter, J. E., wood and stone carver, modeller, 27 Waring Street
Winter, Robert, painter, 5b Glenallen Street
Winter, R., shipwright, 104 Newcastle Street
Winter, Wm., 3 Fitzroy Avenue
Winter, Wm., gardener, Stranmillis Road
Winterhalter, A., watch maker, 42 Harper Street
Winters, John, painter, Connsbrook, Parkgate Avenue
Winters, S., coal merchant, 9 Lawther Place
Winters, S., car owner, 13 Burke Street
Winters, Thos., painter, 64 Newcastle Street
Wisdom, John, beamer, 58 Cawnpore Street
Wise, B. D., engineer B.N.C.R., Silverstream House, Greenisland
Wiseman, Miss, 19 Cedar Avenue
Wiseman, W., boot maker, 15 Oldpark Road
Wiseman, W. H., shoe maker, 7 Lee Street
Wishart, G., warehouseman, 24 Farnham Street
Wishart, J., joiner, 1 Empress Street
Wishart, Robt., rivetter, 14 Epworth Street
Wisley, James, spirit grocer, 138 Ravenhill Road
Wisley, James, publican, 2 Bagot Street
Wisley, Mrs., 98 Great Victoria Street
Wisnom, Hugh, superintendent engineer, Dunesk, Knockbreda Road
Witherhead, G., carpenter, 23 Jerusalem Street
Witherow, Rev. Wm., minister of Westbourne Presbyterian Church; res., Kohinoor, Kirkliston Drive
Withers, E., compositor, 81 Parkmount Street
Withers, James, 13 Lawrence Street
Withers, Jas., plumber, gasfitter and bell hanger, 33, 35 Church Lane
Withers, Jos., sawyer, 11 Stoneyford Street
Withers, J., tailor, 35 Mervue Street Upper
Withers, Robert, clerk, 30 Lawnview Street
Witherspoon, J., engineer, 23 Toronto Street
Witherspoon, W., cabinet maker, 3 Bendigo Street
Withkowski, W., quartermaster-sergt., 6 Edlingham Street
Wolfe, Louis, traveller, 94 Bristol Street
Wolff, G. W., M.P., East Belfast, The Den, Station Road, Strandtown
Wolff, Hermann, merchant, 30 Bedeque Street
Wolfenden, W., brick layer, 21 Hopeton Street
Wolfhill Spinning Co. Ltd., town office, 1a Bedford Street
Wolfson, A., draper, 2 Alloa Street
Wolfson, Saml., draper, 109 Fortingale Street
Wonnacott, F. J., manager, 52 Shaftesbury Avenue
Wood, G., engineer, 15 Camberwell Street
Wood, James, 3 Barossa Terrace, The Mount
Wood, James, artist, 163 Albertbridge Road
Wood, J., general draper, 83 Bridge End
Wood, J., shipwright, 101 Tower Street
Wood, J. W., fancy lace manufacturer, 10 Howard Street
Wood, Miss, 73 Benwell Terrace, Oldpark Road
Wood, Mrs., 17 Cromwell Road
Wood, R. G., draughtsman, 5 Willowgrove, Newtownards Road Upper
Wood, Wm., blacksmith, 14 Glenallen Street
Wood, W. H., post office official, 261 Duncairn Street
Woodburn, Geo., Banna Cottage, Lisburn Road
Woodburn, Henry, joiner, 27 Armitage Street
Woodburn, Miss, 7 Rugby Road
Woodcroffe, A., watch maker, 52 Maryville Street
Woodhouse, Elizabeth, confectioner and tobacconist, 15 Newtownards Road
Woodhouse, Mrs., 12 Stranmillis Gardens
Woodhouse, Wm., traveller, 40 Balfour Avenue
Woodroe, R., blacksmith, 51 Thorndyke Street
Woods, Alex., tram conductor, 12 Palestine Street
Woods, A., shooting saloon, 16 York Street
Woods, A., shoe maker, 7 Garmoyle Street
Woods, A., dairyman, Hollymount, Finaghy Lane
Woods, A., publican, 63, 65 North Queen Street
Woods, A., shoe maker, 7 Garmoyle Street
Woods, Charles, pattern maker, Lisnavon Street
Woods, Cornelius, sawyer, 52 Lady Street
Woods, Fred. W., foreign correspondent, 44 Candahar Street
Woods, George, foreman, Springfield Terrace, 12 Ravenscroft Avenue
Woods, George, grocer, 98 Millfield
Woods, Henry, tenter, 24 Oldpark Avenue
Woods, H., flax dresser, 53, 55 New Lodge Road
Woods, H., fruiterer, 5 York Street
Woods, H., house painter, 39 Grosvenor Place
Woods, H. S. (secretary Robertson, Ledlie, Ferguson & Co. Ltd.), Richmond Villa, Marlborough Park
Woods, James, solicitor (of Moorehead & Woods, Rosemary Street), Laurel Bank, Barnett's Road, Knock
Woods, James, cooper, 11 Great Patrick Street
Woods, James, flax dresser, 74 Chatham Street
Woods, James, cooper, 54 Alexander Street
Woods, James, cabinet maker, 49 Dover Street
Woods, James, blacksmith, 1 Wynford Street
Woods, Jane, dairy keeper, 6 Beechfield Street
Woods, Jas., dairyman, 28 Mountview Street, Marlborough Park
Woods, Jas., cooper, 77, 79, 81 Corporation Street
Woods, Jas., merchant, Odense, Upper Newtownards Road
Woods, Jas., linen merchant, West Elmwood, 92 Lisburn Road
Woods, John, draper, Newtownards Road Upper
Woods, John, draper, 93, 95 Albertbridge Road
Woods, John, advertising agents, 7, 9 Telfair Street
Woods, John, draper, Deramore Villa, Newtownards Road Upper
Woods, John, compositor, 61 Wigton Street
Woods, John, clerk, 8 Chichester Avenue
Woods, John, Stormount View Cottages, Upper Newtownards Road
Woods, John, draper, 8 Beechpark Street
Woods, John, tea agent, Hollybank, Ravenhill Road
Woods, John, & Co., tea and sugar merchants, 78 Ann Street
Woods, Jos., boiler maker, 22 Harper Street
Woods, J., painter and glazier, 204 Sandy Row
Woods, J., draper, Glenarie, North Road
Woods, J., clerk, 29 St. Alban's Gardens
Woods, J., fitter, 20 Alma Street
Woods, J. W., time keeper, 3 Glenarm Terrace, Shore Road
Woods, Mrs., Servants' Registry Office, 1 Crown Terrace, Castlereagh Street
Woods, Mrs. C., 20 St. Ives Gardens
Woods, Mrs., 43 Woodvale Street
Woods, M., manufacturer, 132 Fitzroy Avenue
Woods, Peter, painter, 25 Irwin Street
Woods, Rev. H., M.A., minister Fountainville Presbyterian Church, The Manse, 14 Lisburn Road
Woods, R., painter, 62 Glenalpin Street
Woods, R. S., draper, 9 Ulsterville Gardens
Woods, Saml., 14 Belgrave Terrace, Eglantine Avenue
Woods, Saml., mechanic, 37 Hopewell Street
Woods, S., tailor, 39 Ruth Street
Woods, S., manager, 146 Crumlin Road
Woods, S., warehouseman, 37 Malone Avenue
Woods, Thos., chemist, 31 Antrim Road
Woods, Wm., insurance agent, 12 Southport Street
Woods, Wm., engine driver, Milewater Road
Woods, Wm., dairyman, 1, 3 Coningsby Street
Woods, Wm., brick layer, 87 Bloomfield Avenue
Woods, Wm., & Co., wholesale chemists and druggists, 15, 17 Waring Street
Woods, Wm., weigh master, Greencastle
Woods, Wm. John, clerk, 16 Collingwood Avenue
Woods, W. H., banker, 3 Galwally Park
Woods, W. J., painter, 69 Leeson Street
Woods, W. J., driller, 53 Disraeli Street
Woods & Co., coal merchants, 7 Waring Street
Woodside, C. J. M., slater, 61 Denmark Street
Woodside, Hugh, tailor, 25 Woodvale Street
Woodside, H., bookkeeper, 61 Springfield Road
Woodside, John, tailor, 34 Enfield Street
Woodside, Mrs., 4 University Square
Woodside, R., Brookland Villas, Balmoral
Woodside, Wm., house furnisher, 16 Indiana Avenue
Woodside, W. J., & Sons, tailors, 312 Shankill Road
Woodward, George, 5 Greenview Terrace, Ballysillan, Crumlin Road
Woodward, Rev. A. Sadlier, M.A., St. Mark's Church, Ballysillan; res., The Parsonage
Wooliscroft, Geo. & Co. Ltd., 16 Rosemary Street
Wooloughan, P., nautical teacher, 148 Nelson Street
Woolsey, Wm., carpenter, 115 Mervue Street
Woolsey, S., joiner, 45 Ruth Street
Wordie & Co., contractors, carriers and general forwarding agents, 16 Corporation Street' stores and stables, 33, 35 Divis Street
Workman, Clark, & Co. Ltd., ship builders, engineers and boiler makers, Spencer Basin, South Yard, Queen's Road; residences, Frank Workman, Drummena, Bladon Park; George Clark, Dunlambert, Fortwilliam Park; Charles Allan, Stormount Castle, Dundonald
Workman, John, J.P., Lismore, 47 Windsor Avenue
Workman, J. & R., 6 Bedford Street
Workman Ltd., contractors, 26 Townsend Street
Workman, Robert E., ship owner, steamship and insurance broker, 19 Bedford Street and at London; res., 78 Eglantine Avenue
Workman, R., & Co., stock and share brokers and insurance agents, 8 Corporation Street; res., W. Workman, Notting Hill, Malone Road
Workman, T., & G. A., Ltd., linen and muslin manufacturers, bleachers, 19 Bedford Street
Worrall, A., pro. footballer, 18 Brassey Street
Worrall, Mrs., 21 Malone Avenue
Worth, Arthur, waiter, 20 Ormeau Street
Worth, Joseph, Walden, Cyprus Avenue
Worth, Jos., waste, flax, tow and yarn merchant and glazing agent for Manchester Corporation Concentrated Manures, 17 to 21 Henry Street
Wotherspoon, Wm., draper, 103 Duncairn Gardens
Worthington, R., dairyman, 1 Fortwilliam Place, Shore Road
Worthington, S., machine man, 1 Shaftesbury Street
Wortley, J., weigh master, 26 Meadow Street
Wortley, Mrs., confectioner, 152 Queen Street North
Wray, Margaret, dress and mantle maker, 20 Conduit Street
Wray, S., engine driver, 79 Spamount Street
Wortley, S., butcher, 78 Oldpark Road
Wortley, Thos., sailor, 25 Spencer Street
Wren, Alex., painter, 21 Rosevale Street
Wren, Fred., boiler maker, 26 Roundhill Street
Wright, Andrew, tailor, 20 Southport Street
Wright, Arthur, artist, 36 Gordon Street No. 1
Wright, A., clerk, 2 First Avenue, Strandtown Park
Wright, A., boiler maker, 242 Albertbridge Road
Wright, B., grocer, 1 Crocus Street
Wright B. J., grocer, 42 Springfield Road
Wright, C., iron dresser, 77 Dundee Street
Wright, C., brass finisher, 103 Alexandrapark Avenue
Wright, David, warehouseman, 12 Moyola Street
Wright, David, rivetter, 27 Austin Street
Wright, David, draper, 274 Ormeau Road
Wright, David, Dunesk, Stranmillis Road
Wright, D., joiner, 16 Groomsport Street
Wright, D., tenter, 108 Tate's Avenue
Wright, D. M., agent Bradbury's Sewing Machine, 13 Manderson Street
Wright, D. M., coffee stand, Rockburn Terrace, Newtownards Road Upper
Wright, E., shoe maker, 32 Killarney Street
Wright, E., mounted R.I.C., 59 Thompson Street
Wright, E. J., publican, 129 North Street
Wright, Fitzsimmons, & Mayes, chartered accountants, 101 Donegall Street
Wright, Geo., house and ship plumber, 37 Donegall Quay
Wright, Geo., coach trimmer, 27 Little May Street
Wright, Geo., engineer, 18 Nevis Avenue
Wright, Geo., driller, 75 Bray Street
Wright, Geo., plumber, 39 Wigton Street
Wright, Geo., plumber, 57 Cavehill Road
Wright, Henry, musician, 25 Lyle Street
Wright, Henry, boiler maker, 48 Hogarth Street
Wright, James, boot maker, 17 Hope Street
Wright, James, gardener, Cairnburn Cottages, Holywood Road
Wright, James J., I.R., 14 Cyprus Gardens
Wright, Jas., draper, 368 Newtownards Road
Wright, Jas., carpenter, 10 Glentoran Street
Wright, Jas., butcher, 117 Ormeau Road
Wright, Jas., smith, 48 Laganview
Wright, John, clerk, 27 Shamrock Street
Wright, John, bookkeeper, 80 Deramore Avenue
Wright, John, compositor, 119 Roden Street
Wright, John, clerk, 34 Seaview Street
Wright, John, postman, 67 Ewart's Row
Wright, John, tailor, 65 Emerson Street
Wright, John, shipwright, 30 Crystal Street
Wright, John, the Mercantile Mutual Building Society, 11 Garfield Chambers
Wright, Joseph F. G. S., 4 Alfred Street
Wright, Joseph, printer, 62 Shaftesbury Avenue
Wright, Jos., horse dealer, 53 Cooke Street
Wright, Jos., rivetter, Lisnavon Street
Wright, Jos. S., Borough County Council of Belfast rate collector, 38 Hopefield Avenue
Wright, Jos., clerk, 15 Eastland Street
Wright, Jos., foreman, 1 Knocknagoney Cottages, Holywood Road
Wright, J., school teacher, 27 Eia Street
Wright, J., commission agent, 10 Farnham Street
Wright, J., pork cutter, 80 Christopher Street
Wright, J., joiner, 68 Seaforde Street
Wright, J., com. traveller, 18 Stranmillis Road
Wright, J., provision merchant, Lauriston, 15 Derryvolgie Avenue
Wright, J., blacksmith, 30 Drew Street
Wright, J., confectioner, 121 Grosvenor Street
Wright, J., draper, 123 Grosvenor Street
Wright, J., boot and shoe maker, 98 Albertbridge Road
Wright, J., steward, 38 Solway Street
Wright, J., naval pensioner, 7 Moyola Street
Wright, J. B., painter, 210, 212 Albertbridge Road
Wright, J. L., coal merchant, 2 Newington Street
Wright, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 4 Pakenham Street
Wright, Miss, 35 College Street South
Wright, Miss, 38 Newington Street
Wright, Mrs., 45 Ulsterville Avenue
Wright, P., & Sons, coal merchants and ship owners, 20 Queen's Quay
Wright, Richard, clerk, 34 Athol Street
Wright, Robt., car owner, 25 Lawnbrook Avenue
Wright, Robert, dairyman, 131, 133 Beersbridge Road
Wright, Robert, draper, 46 Agnes Street
Wright, Robert, tailor, Greencastle
Wright, Robert, engineer, 10 Beechfield Street
Wright, Robt., steward, 24 Lake Street
Wright, Robt., carpenter, 19 Derg Street
Wright, Robt., tailor, 80 Balfour Avenue
Wright, Robt., hosiery buyer, Fairview Villa, Cavehill Road
Wright, R., mechanic, 7 Eccles Street
Wright, R., painter, 174 My Lady's Road
Wright, R., brick layer, 1 Mountjoy Street
Wright, R. J., painter, 19 Edinburgh Street
Wright, R. W., linen measurer, 8 Walnut Street
Wright, Samuel, overseer, 21 Ilchester Street
Wright, Saml., shipwright, 65 Seaview Street
Wright, Stanley (of Wright & Hunter), 497 Ormeau Road
Wright, S., hair dresser, 79 Ann Street and 66 Castlereagh Road
Wright, Thomas, coach trimmer, 25 Littler May Street and 4 Joy Street
Wright, Thos., insurance agent, 60 Rugby Avenue
Wright, Thos., lapper, 31 Violet Terrace, Violet Street
Wright, Thos., baker, 35 Kingscourt Street
Wright, Thos., rivetter, 27 Fortingale Street
Wright, T., fruiterer, 1 Ormiston Buildings, Holywood Road
Wright, Wm., bookkeeper, Queen's Road
Wright, Wm., merchant tailor, 27 Glenbrook Avenue
Wright, Wm., 12 Greenville Avenue
Wright, Wm., merchant tailor, 9 Elim Terrace, Wandsworth Road
Wright, Wm., gas inspector, 226 Grosvenor Street
Wright, Wm., painter, 60 Carlow Street
Wright, Wm., & Co., tea merchants, of Glasgow and London - Agents, Jas. Megahy and J. W. W. Maxwell, 27 Donegall Place
Wright, W. C. (Ulster Curing Co.), Charlevoix, Marlborough Park
Wright, W. F., com. traveller, 13 Eia Street
Wright, W. J., grocer, 122 Crumlin Road
Wright, W. J., lamp lighter, 10 Enfield Street
Wright, W. J., painter, 4 Derg Street
Wright, W. J., traveller, 1a Cliftonpark Avenue
Wright, W. J., butcher, 91 Lodge Road Old
Wright, W., & Co., merchant tailors, 18 College Street
Wright & Hunter, Cabinet makers and Upholsterers, Carpet Warehousemen, Bedding and Bed Manufacturers and General Furnishers, 20, 22 Arthur Street and 3, 5, 7 Arthur Square; res., Stanley Wright, 497 Ormeau Road; Wm. Hunter, 1 Salisbury Avenue, Chichester Park
Wyber, David, linen lapper, 10 Selby Street
Wybrants, W., bookkeeper, 34 Cosgrove Street
Wykes, Miss, 21a Shaftesbury Square
Wyler, H., cabinet maker, 18 Vicinage Park
Wylie, Alex., engine driver, 43 Burnaby Street
Wylie, A., dairyman, 51 Brussels Street
Wylie, Daniel, tailor, 1a Foyle Street
Wylie, David, grocer, 4 Cavendish Street
Wylie, Elizabeth, confectioner, 59 Constance Street
Wylie, Fred., clerk, 23 Landscape Terrace
Wylie, Hugh, flax dresser, 3 Eighth Street
Wylie, Hugh, tailor, 200 Crumlin Road
Wylie, Hugh, grocer, 23 Bloomfield Avenue
Wylie, James, moulder, 199 Cupar Street
Wylie, James, bread server, 20 Windsor Road
Wylie, James, shoe maker, 27 Huss Street
Wylie, Jas., Mobray, Cyprus Park
Wylie, Jas., draper, 25, 27 Bridge Street
Wylie, Jas., litho. artist, 138 Oldpark Avenue
Wylie, Jas., & Sons Ltd., grocers, 245, 247 York Street
Wylie, Jas., shoe maker, 28 Benwell Street
Wylie, Jas., stone cutter, 20 Legale Street
Wylie, John, foreman, 146 My Lady's Road
Wylie, John, painter, 22 Foreman Street
Wylie, John, demonstrator in physics, Queen's College, 52 Stranmillis Road
Wylie, John, cooper, 19 Stonyford Street
Wylie, John, cutter, 76 Northbrook Street
Wylie, James, 7 Myrtle Terrace, Lisburn Road
Wylie, J., cooper, 77 Elizabeth Street
Wylie, J., confectioner, 65 Old Lodge Road
Wylie, J., french polisher, 25 Bradford Street
Wylie, J. D., school teacher, Glencar Villas, Henderson Avenue
Wylie, Matthew, LL.D., solicitor, 128 Royal Avenue; res., 3 Windsor Gardens
Wylie, Miss, 9 Shaftesbury Square
Wylie, Mrs., confectioner, 65 Old Lodge Road
Wylie, Mrs., grocer, 78 Old Lodge Road
Wylie, Mrs., 49 Wellesley Avenue
Wylie, Rev. James, minister Donegall Street Independent Church; res., 42 Hopefield Avenue
Wylie, Rev. J. B., Presbyterian minister of Macrory Memorial Church; res., 32 Royal Terrace, Lisburn Road
Wylie, Richard, currier and belt manufacturer, 7 Riversdale Street and 38 Boundary Street North
Wylie, Robt., foreman, 49 McClure Street
Wylie, Samuel, traveller, 256 Conway Street
Wylie, Sam., engineer, 152 My Lady's Road
Wylie, S., confectioner, 76 Stratheden Street
Wylie, Thos., assistant foreman, 25 Harper Street
Wylie, W., cabinet maker, 72 Dover Street
Wylie, Wm., upholsterer, 63 Howard Street South
Wylie, Wm., iron moulder, 6 Stockman's Lane
Wylie & Co., drapers, 267 Newtownards Road
Wynne, A., draughtsman, 143 Alexandrapark Avenue
Wynne, B., traveller, 234 Spamount Street
Wynne, John, R.I.C., 12 Earlscourt Street
Wynne, John, smith, 72 Cumberland Street
Wynne, J. G., tailor and clothier, 53 Carlisle Street
Wynne, Mrs., 47 Tate's Avenue
Wynne, N., grocer, 134 Oldpark Road
Wynne, R. J., tailor, 87 Manor Street
Wynne, Wm., boot and shoe maker, 294 Old Lodge Road
Wynne, W., tailor, 9 Bradford Street
Wyper, Joseph, spirit grocer, 150 Falls Road


X.L. Vegetarian Restaurant - L. Macaughey, managing director - 27 Corn Market
X.L. Clothing Co., 131 Donegall Street


Ye Old Castle Restaurant (F. W. Henry, Proprietor), 26 Castle Place; Residence, Bisley, Chichester Park
Yarr, Jas., grocer, 41, 43 Springfield Road
Yarr, Joseph, grocer, 51 Rutland Street
Yarr, Wm., confectioner, 126 Crumlin Road
Yarr, W. R., butcher, 86 Cromac Street; res., 4 Havelock Street
Yates, Wm., 11 Upper Crescent
Yaugh, John, compositor, 64 McDonnell Street
Yaw, Chas., gardener, Edenview Place, Newtownards Road Upper
Yaw, L. A., despatch clerk, 9 Foxglove Street
Yeates, Fred., pattern maker, 12 Belmont Avenue
Yeates, G., engine driver, 13 Paxton Street
Yeates, John, painter, 14 Garden Street
Yeates, John, coppersmith, 8 Kells Street
Yeates, Mary Jane, draper, 138 Cromac Street
Yeates, Mrs., 123 Wellesley Avenue
Yeates, Mrs., 10 Ireton Street
Yeates, M., fruiterer, Rockburren Terrace, Newtownards Road Upper
Yeates, Robert, joiner, 75 Euston Street
Yeates, S., engine driver, 3 Paxton Street
York, Emma, 52 Lonsdale Street
York, Robt., brick layer, 239 Spamount Street
York, Wm., carpenter, 119 Riga Street
Yorke, E., road inspector, 22 Denmark Street
Young, Adam, grocer, 28 Upper Newtownards Road
Young, Alexander, blacksmith, 53 Beverley Street
Young, Alex., flax dresser, 6 Mayne Street
Young, Alex., dairy keeper, 8 Beersbridge Road
Young, Alex., blacksmith, 5 Bathurst Court
Young, Alex., mechanic, 30 Palestine Street
Young, Alex., saw maker, 119 Brookmount Street
Young, Alex., tailor, 11 Malt Street
Young, A., carpenter, 17 Martin Street
Young, Charles, joiner, 83 Deramore Avenue
Young, Charles, distiller, 26 Warkworth Street
Young, C., coachman, 39 Hopewell Street
Young, David, traveller, Brookvale Terrace, Park Avenue
Young, D., com. traveller, 66 Jocelyn Avenue
Young, D., caulker, 33 New North Queen Street
Young, Ellen, spirit grocer, 1 Stratheden Street
Young, Ernest (of Young, King & Co., distillers), Kilmaurs, Marlborough Park
Young, F. W., draper, 1 Victoria Gardens, Inver Avenue
Young, Geo., school teacher, 21 Indiana Avenue
Young, Henry, confectioner, 65 Montrose Street
Young, Hugh, iron monger, 201 Duncairn Street
Young, Hugh, painter, 1 Saunders Street
Young, Hugh, engineer, 247 Springfield Road
Young, H., tram inspector, 89 Tate's Avenue
Young, Isaac, dairy, 1 Oakland Villas, Upper Beersbridge Road
Young, James, Glenarna, Cranmore Park
Young, James, carpenter, 2 Pine Street
Young, James, baker, 144 Ravenhill Road
Young, James, plater, 35 Crosscollyer Street
Young, James, mason, Gretna, Greencastle
Young, James, fitter, 67 Westbourne Street
Young, Jas., publican, 2, 4 Woodstock Road and 43 Albertbridge Road
Young, Jas., butler, 14 Gloucester Street
Young, Jas., painter, 7 Newtownards Road
Young, Jas., manufacturer, 11 Eglantine Gardens
Young, Jas., iron turner, 132 Canmore Street
Young, Jas., plasterer, 65 Woodvale Road
Young, Jane, 135 Rugby Avenue
Young, Jno., cooper, 46 Howard Street South
Young, James, gardener, Gatehouse, Finaghy Lane
Young, Jas. & Co., General Carriers and Furniture Removers, 7 Queen's Square and University Street; res., The Cottage, Powerscourt Street
Young, John, compositor, 32 Bandon Street
Young, John, dairyman, 155 Donegall Road
Young, John, grocer, 67 Enfield Street
Young, John, steward, 10 Epworth Street
Young, John, 26 Moyola Street
Young, John, surgical instrument maker, 97 McClure Street
Young, John, brick layer, 6 Blythe Street
Young, John, salesman, 201 Dunluce Avenue
Young, Joseph, compositor, 9 New Street, off Cregagh Street
Young, J., insurance agent, 180 Hillman Street
Young, J., rivetter, 157 Beersbridge Road
Young, J., french polisher, 62 Brougham Street
Young, J., photographer, 94 Thistle Street
Young, J. & R., flax, yarn and linen merchants, 25, 27 Wellington Place
Young, J. & Son, ship stores, 1, 3 Princes Dock
Young, King, & Co. Ltd., distillers, 32 to 76 Talbot Street
Young, L., confectioner, 1 Basil Buildings, Newtownards Road Upper
Young, Margaret, grocer, 6 Roumania Street
Young, Miss, teacher, 17 Tate's Avenue
Young, Miss M. E., 7 Lincoln Avenue
Young, Miss Sarah, dress maker, 39 Claremont Street
Young, Mrs. R., leather merchant, 127 North Street
Young, Mrs., 11 Dunluce Avenue
Young, Mrs., 4 Fitzroy Avenue
Young, N., stone cutter, 26 Austin Street
Young, Miss, 87 Victoria Street
Young, M., dress maker, 114 Woodstock Road
Young, Paul, grocer, 53 Kilronan Street
Young, Quinton, agent for Glasgow and South Western Railway, 47 Queen's Square
Young, Rebecca, 293 Ormeau Road
Young, Rev. C. M., Bloomfield Presbyterian Church, Eglantine, Cyprus Park
Young, Richard, grocer, 45 Merrion Street
Young, Right Honourable John, D.L., chairman Belfast and Northern Counties Railway; res., Galgorm Castle, Ballymena
Young, Robert, builder, 93 Vernon Street
Young, Robert (of Young, King & Co. Ltd.), res., Holywood
Young, Robt., joiner, 62 Mountcollyer Avenue
Young, Robt., hardware merchant, 83a Duncairn Gardens
Young, Robt., boot closer, 54 Boundary Street North
Young, Robt., traveller, 15 Wellington Park Terrace
Young, Robt., painter, 131 Mayo Street
Young, R. H., car inspector, 29 Newry Street
Young, R. M., B.A., J.P., Rathvarna, Chichester Park
Young, R., & Co., agents for pianofortes, American organs, etc., 20 Rosemary Street
Young, Samuel, J.P., M.P. (of Young, King & Co., distillers, Talbot Street); res., Avonmore, 13 Derryvolgie Avenue
Young, S., ship carpenter, 23 Shipbuoy Street
Young, S., shop assistant, 45 Hartington Street
Young, S., foreman, 173 Mountpottinger Road
Young, Thos., gardener, 123 Mayo Street
Young, Thos., brick layer, 52 Alexandrapark Avenue
Young, Thos., blacksmith, 88 Lord Street
Young, Thos., engineer, 37 Newington Avenue
Young, Thos., grocer, 163a Snugville Street
Young, T., blacksmith, 1 Ebenezer Terrace, Newtownards Road Upper
Young, Wellington, solicitor, 25 Chichester Street; res., Whiteabbey House
Young, Wm., mechanic, 20 Warkworth Street
Young, Wm., sawyer, 3 Westbourne Street
Young, Wm., rivetter, 48 Parkmount Street
Young, Wm., rivetter, 149 Nelson Street
Young, Wm., clerk, 89 Leopold Street
Young, Wm., managing director Irish Flax Spinning Co. Ltd., 249 Duncairn Street
Young, Wm., R.I.C., 9 Beechfield Street
Young, Wm., smith, 69 Coolderry Street
Young, Wm., school teacher, 9 Clanchattan Street
Young, Wm., brass finisher, 46 Parker Street
Young, Wm., tram driver, 55 Isoline Street
Young, Wm., clerk, 170 Hillman Street
Young, Wm., smith, 32 Bristol Street
Young, Wm., constable R.I.C., 9 Beechfield Street
Young, Wm., postal clerk, 29 Newington Avenue
Young, Wm. R. (of J. & R. Young), Galgorm Castle, Ballymena
Young, W. A., boiler maker, 48 Fleet Street
Young, W. H., grocer, 6, 8 Danube Street
Young, W. H., dairyman, 18 Battenberg Street No. 2
Young, W. J., mechanic, 21 Tobergill Street
Young, W. J., builder, 11 Canada Street
Young & Anderson, wholesale woollen and Manchester warehouse, 23 Donegall Street
Young & Co., shoe makers, 23 Newtownards Street Upper
Young & Hyde, linen merchants, 62 Upper Queen Street
Young & Mackenzie, architects and civil engineers, 2 Wellington Place
Younger, D., book binder, 3 Merkland Street
Younger, James, smith, 46 Third Avenue
Younger, John, engineer, Brunswick Street Little
Younger, John, fitter, 35 Hurst Street
Younger & Younger, Debt Recovery and Inquiry Agents, 48 Donegall Street
Younger, Mrs., draper, 197 Grosvenor Street
Yoxall, Henry, manager Grattan & Co., 5 Corn Market
Yuile, H. S., bookkeeper, 4 Windsor Street
Yuill, Robt. D., shipping clerk, 46 Hopefield Avenue
Yuill, R., clerk, 170 Duncairn Gardens
Yule, Jas. S. auditor, 92 Cromwell Road


Zachary, Jas. G., clerk, 44 Ethel Street
Zachary, Geo., engineer, 54 Cliftonpark Avenue
Zwicher, T., hair dresser, 14 Rosevale Street