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1912 Belfast Street Directory

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Names Alphabetically

Containing the names of the

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Rabbiotti Bros., ice cream vendors, 7 Nelson Street
Rabbitt, John, ex-sergt. R.I.C., 65 Connsbrook Avenue (No. 2)
Radcliffe, David, boot maker, 245 Mayo Street
Radcliffe, E., litho. printer, 5 Sunnyside Street
Radcliffe, Hugh, blacksmith, 63 Jocelyn Avenue
Radcliffe, Jas., 72 Donegall Avenue
Radcliffe, J., brick layer, 116 Agnes Street
Radcliffe, Wm., mechanic, 85 Bray Street
Radiant Metal Polish & Soap Co., 30 Norton Street
Radican, John, bookkeeper, 92 Stratheden Street
Radigan, John, bookkeeper, 34 Edlingham Street
Rae, Wm., fitter, 8 Glasgow Street
Raein, Chas., boiler maker, 37 Willowfield Street
Rafferty, Elizabeth, 28 Gloucester Street
Rafferty, Jas., frame maker, 29 Ward Street
Rafferty, J., spindle setter, 45 Waterville Street
Rafferty, J., rope maker, 4 John Street
Rafferty, Malcolm, 234 Duncairn Gardens
Rafferty, Mrs., butcher, 111 York Street
Rafferty, Owen, agent for Macardle, Moore, & Co. Ltd., brewers, Laganbank Road; res., Drinn Lodge, 76 Salisbury Avenue
Rafferty, Owen, publican, 59, 61 Leadbetter Street, and 81 M'Tier Street
Rafferty, Patk., linen lapper, 63 Earlscourt Street
Rafferty, S. J., postman, 31 Bedeque Street
Rafferty, Thos., moulder, 69 Springfield Road
Rafferty, Thos., spirit grocer, 31, 33 Raglan Street
Rafferty, Thos., shop assistant, 55 Sultan Street
Rafferty, Thos., newsagent and confectioner, 127 Woodstock Road
Rafferty, Wm., whip maker, 23 Lettuce Hill
Rafferty, W. J., blacksmith, 114 Cullingtree Road
Raffo, J., fried fish shop, 41 York Street
Rafter, Richd., time keeper, 1 Burke Street
Rainey, Agnes, grocer, 6 Geoffrey Street
Rainey, Alex., fitter, 119 McClure Street
Rainey, A., confectioner, 15 Ormeau Road
Rainey, Benjamin, timekeeper, 235 Newtownards Road Upper
Rainey, B., fitter, 12 Snugville Street
Rainey, Chas., clerk, 104 Dunluce Avenue
Rainey, David, joiner, 247 Mayo Street
Rainey, David, horse dealer, 19 Christopher Street
Rainey, D., H.M. Customs, 44 Hopefield Avenue
Rainey, David, hay and straw dealer, 6 Foreman Street
Rainey, D., linen lapper, 13 Cooke Street
Rainey, D. S., tailor, 83 My Lady's Road
Rainey, D. & J., carters, 47 Charlotte Street
Rainey, Fras., fitter, 128 Agnes Street
Rainey, Fred., clerk, 69 Shamrock Street
Rainey, Geo., R.I.C., 46 Burnaby Street
Rainey, Geo., watch maker, 18 Rutland Street
Rainey, Geo., caretaker, 137a Royal Avenue
Rainey, Geo., car owner, 86 Tamar Street
Rainey, Geo. S., gas inspector, Waverley Villas, Falls Road
Rainey, Henry. carpenter, 133 Meadow Street Upper
Rainey, James, builder, Fruit Hill, Andersonstown
Rainey, James, paper cutter, 42 Peveril Street
Rainey, James, dealer, 41 Charlotte Street Little
Rainey, Jas., dresser, 202 Donegall Road
Rainey, Jas., builder, 215 Cambrai Street
Rainey, Jas., tenter, 115 McClure Street
Rainey, Jas., grocer, 64 Canmore Street
Rainey, John, builder, Salisbury Drive
Rainey, John, joiner, 81 Glasgow Street
Rainey, Joseph, clothier, 36 Albertbridge Road
Rainey, J., joiner, 21 Mersey Street
Rainey, J., 439 Beersbridge Road Upper
Rainey, Malcolm, clerk, 37 Magdala Street
Rainey, Mrs. Letitia, 123 Wellesley Avenue
Rainey, Mrs., 72 Moreland's Row
Rainey, Robert, caretaker, Belfast Water Works lodge, Glenburn Park
Rainey, Robt., iron turner, 12 Lucknow Street
Rainey, Robert, tailor, 21 Peveril Street
Rainey, Robert, secretary, 7 Candahar Street
Rainey, Robt., carpenter, 28 Lewis Street
Rainey, Robt., engineer, 36 Ashmore Street
Rainey, Robt., moulder, 28 Carlow Street
Rainey, R., grocer and provision merchant, 55a and 26, 28 Falls Road
Rainey, R., boiler maker, 72 Limestone Road
Rainey, Samuel, checker, 36 Ward Street
Rainey, Samuel, painter, 12 Broadbent Street
Rainey, Saml., carpenter, 59 Carmel Street
Rainey, Saml., painter, 79 Unity Street
Rainey, Saml., engineer, 12 Lawrence Street
Rainey, Saml., engine driver, 96 Tennent Street
Rainey, Saml., engraver, 33 Queen Street; res., 24 Hardcastle Street
Rainey, Saml., carpenter, 26 Lavinia Street
Rainey, Thomas, watch maker and jeweller, 58 North Street; res., 103 Malone Avenue
Rainey, Thos., joiner, 10 Essex Street
Rainey, Thos., store keeper, 8 Ballynure Street
Rainey, T., cabinet maker, 49 Halcombe Street
Rainey, Wm., jeweller, 8 Palestine Street
Rainey, Wm., firework maker, 10 Ballycastle Street
Rainey, Wm., Cliftonville Firewood Co., 17 Printworks Terrace, Oldpark Road
Rainey, W., iron turner, 3 Alma Street
Rainey, W. J., heraldic engraver, 19 High Street; res., Ellesmere, Ormeau Road
Rainey, W. J., engraver and die sinker, 60 King Street
Raleigh Cycle Co. Ltd., T. J. Gibson, manager, 104 Ann Street
Ralph, Edward, brush maker, 32 Locan Street
Ralph, James, clerk, 12 Oakland Avenue
Ralph, Robert, painter, 17 Delhi Street
Ralph, Robert, painter, 11 Derlett Street
Ralph, Wm., shipwright, 27 Ribble Street
Ramage, Wm., belt maker, 18 Nansen Street
Ramsay, Andrew, grocer, Throne Terrace, Whitewell Road
Ramsay, A., foreman, 30 Florenceville Avenue
Ramsay, Jane, 35 Claremont Street
Ramsay, John, tenter, 40 Canning Street Upper
Ramsay, Jas., joiner, 20 Banbury Street
Ramsay, J. W., toll clerk, 1 Belmont Road
Ramsay, Mrs., 22 Belgravia Avenue
Ramsay, R. H. C., manager the Indiarubber Guttapercha and Telegraph Works Co. Ltd., 75 Ann Street; res., Ramsdene, North Road
Ramsay, Thomas, The Ulster Safe & Cycle Depot, Bicycles, Tricycles, Bassinettes, Hammocks, Woodenettes and Mail Carts, Rocking-Horses, Tricycle Horses, Mangles, etc., 105 Donegall Street; res., Luss Villa, Castle Avenue
Ramsden, R. A., moulder, 73 Springfield Road
Ramsy, Annie, grocer, 33 Naples Street
Ramsey, David, joiner, 27 Woodcot Avenue
Ramsey, Jas., fitter, 135 McDonnell Street
Ramsey, Jas., pavior, 323 Donegall Road
Ramsey, Jas., clerk, 84 Holywood Road
Ramsey, Jas., painter, 19 Rosebank Street
Ramsey, John, moulder, 11 Harper Street
Ramsey, Jos., engine driver, 31 Rathcool Street
Ramsey, Mrs., 152 Newtownards Road Upper
Ramsey, Mrs., 33 Lonsdale Street
Ramsey, P., prov. merchant, 273 York Street; res., 84 Alexandrapark Avenue
Ramsey, P., hackle setter, 70 Disraeli Street
Ramsey, R., bleacher, 3 Murray's Terrace, Crumlin Road
Ramsey, Sam., engine driver, 114 Canning Street Upper
Ramsey, Samuel, 7 Maryville Terrace, Ballygomartin Road
Ramsey, Thomas, iron turner, 143 McDonnell Street
Ramsey, Thos., carpenter, 9 Hillside Place, Ligoniel Road
Ramsey, Thos., rivetter, 13 Dee Street
Ramsey, T., engineer, 44 Jameson Street
Ramsey, T. H., cashier, Kilmorna, Salisbury Street
Ranagan, B., ladies' and gentlemen's hair dresser and wig maker and ladies' head-dress manufacturer, 15 Castle Lane
Rangecroft Bros., Fishmongers and Game Dealers, 21 Corn Market;. Telephone 1260. Res., 30 College Park Avenue
Rankin Bros., Watchmakers, Jewellers and Opticians, 17 Royal Avenue; res., Hugh Rankin, Nigerville, Cliftonville Circus
Rankin, David, postman, 2 Edenderry Terrace, Tennent Street
Rankin, Dr. J. C., 38 University Road
Rankin, D., waiter, 21a Shaftesbury Square
Rankin, D. S., L.D.S., Eng., 67 Victoria Street Great
Rankin, Eva, dress maker, 2 Antrim Road
Rankin, George, & Co., timber merchants, 54, 56 George's Street Great, 22, 24 Patrick Street Little
Rankin, Fras., tobacconist, 127, 129 York Street
Rankin, Hugh, pattern maker, 27 Toronto Street
Rankin, Hugh, spindle turner, 143 Tennent Street
Rankin, H., tailor, 40 Rosapenna Street
Rankin, James, R.I.C., 27 Posnett Street
Rankin, James A. P., F.I.O., optician, 4 Linden Gardens
Rankin, Jas., plasterer. 3 Keswick Street
Rankin, John, boiler maker, 56 Solway Street
Rankin, J. A., salesman, Meadowlands, Stockman's Lane
Rankin, Mrs. Isabella, 19 Wellington Park Avenue
Rankin, Mrs., 9 Lisburn Avenue
Rankin, Mrs. Sarah, 31 Ponsonby Avenue
Rankin, Robert, 15 Spencer Street
Rankin, Robt., Taughmana, Malone Road
Rankin, Thos., distillery manager, 55 Oakland Avenue
Rankin, William (of R. P. Culley & Co. Ltd., University Avenue), Gordonall, Myrtlefield Park
Rankin, Wm., grocer and butcher, 239, 241 Conway Street
Rankin, Wm., winding master, 46 Harrybrooke Street
Rankin, Wm., joiner, 6 Jocelyn Street
Rankin, W. H., glass stainer, 33 Rushfield Avenue
Rankin, W. J., traveller, 82 Limestone Road
Rankin, W. J., foreman mechanic, Grasmere, Springfield Road
Rankin, W. J., agent, 11 Waring Street
Ranson, Andrew, lamp lighter, 53 Ravenhill Road
Ranson, Edmund, com. traveller, Alfreston, Belmont Church Road
Ranson, W. J., compositor, 40 Euston Street
Rapaport, N., draper, 22, 24 Old Lodge Road; residence, Whitehead
Rape, Chas., brush maker, 7 Benares Street
Raphael Fine Art Co., 7 Queen's Square
Rapple, Mrs. Catherine, 11 Lancefield Road
Ratcliff, Eliza, draper, 39 Northumberland Street
Ratcliff, Geo., cashier, 246 Crumlin Road
Ratcliffe, C., commissionaire, 29 Unity Street
Ratcliffe, Hugh, blacksmith, 63 Jocelyn Avenue
Ratcliffe, James, plasterer, 39 Cuba Street
Ratcliffe, Mrs., Ardoyne Cottage, Ardoyne
Ratcliff, Mrs. Jane, 171 Woodstock Road
Ratcliffe, Thos., harbour constable, 61 Jocelyn Avenue
Ratcliffe, Wm., tenter, 5 Kirk Street
Rath, John, spirit grocer, 29 University Road and 5 Virginia Street
Rattie, F. G., manager Model Teeth Company, 262 Shankill Road
Ravey, David, painter, 133 Parkgate Avenue
Ravenhill Preserve Works, A. Millar & Co. Ltd., Ravenhill Avenue
Raw, Mrs., 17 Academy Street
Rawcliffe, Wm. A., manager, Hay Close, Belmont Road
Rawlinson, Walter R., chartered accountant; res., Ribblesdale, Aston Gardens
Rawstrone, Mrs., dress maker, 85 Holywood Road
Rawson, Robt., traveller, 72 University Street
Raybold, John, boiler maker, 10 Mountcollyer Avenue
Rayburn, John, engineer, 66 Jocelyn Avenue
Raymond, Geo., 66 Kansas Avenue
Raymond, James, clerk, 10 Frank Street
Raymond, John, railway official, 2 Altcar Street
Raynor, John, clerk, 23 Ainsworth Avenue
Rea, Agnes, 9 Kensington Avenue
Rea, Andw., cabinet maker, 14 Moneyrea Street
Rea, A., hair dresser, 24, 26 Great Edward Street
Rea, David, printer, 27 Portallo Street
Rea, David, cutter, 47 Redcar Street
Rea, David, tobacconist, 2 Bridge Street; res., Reaville, Knutsford Drive
Rea, David, bread server, 7 Rockville Street
Rea, David J., dairyman, 60 Portallo Street
Rea, D., miller, 15 Hopeton Street
Rea, D., evangelist, Parkview Villas, 32 Victoria Road
Rea, Edw. & Co., drapers, 73, 75 Peter's Hill
Rea, Esther, stationer, 158 Manor Street
Rea, Frank, foreman, 254 Donegall Road
Rea, F. W., postman, 24 Rosevale Street
Rea, Geo., plumber, 1 St. Vincent Street
Rea, G., park ranger, Ormeau Park Lodge, Ravenhill Road
Rea, G., hair dresser, 218, 220 Leeson Street
Rea, Herbert G., bank clerk, 48 University Road
Rea, Hugh, iron planer, 24 Ann Street North
Rea, Hugh, baker, 40 Sunnyside Street
Rea, Henry Tighe, Associate of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries, Public Accountant, Ship and Insurance Broker, Vice-Consul of the Argentine Republic, Secretary Lagan Navigation Co., 80 High Street; Res., Rathowen, Ward Avenue, Bangor
Rea, James, bread server, 14 Yarrow Street
Rea, James, engineer, 5 Haypark Avenue
Rea, James, cooper, 3 Providence Cottages, Gilnahirk Road
Rea, James, ship steward, 19 Ship Street
Rea, Jas., iron moulder, 270 Cambrai Street
Rea, Jas., shoe maker, 77 Silvio Street
Rea, Jas., fitter, 35 Waterville Street
Rea, Jas., painter, 89 Lindsay Street
Rea, Jas., engineer, 13 Titania Street
Rea, Jas., jobber, 20, 22 Leadbetter Street
Rea, Jas., cabinet maker, 25 Glenariff Street
Rea, Jas., joiner, 8 Greenmount Street
Rea, John, butcher, 27 Shaftesbury Square and 120 Sandy Row
Rea, John, R.I.C., 44 Mayo Street
Rea, John, R.I.C., 40 Melrose Street
Rea, John, joiner, 55 Sandown Street
Rea, John, engineer, 77 Rosebery Road
Rea, John, fitter, 7 Oswald Street
Rea, John, blacksmith, 7 Parkmount Street
Rea, John, confectioner, 4 Ravenhill Road
Rea, John A., bookkeeper, 9 Fitzroy Avenue
Rea, John D., bookkeeper, 16 Camberwell Street
Rea, John, Ltd., Tea Merchants and Provision Curers, 34 Ann Street. Wholesale Stores, 11 Telfair Street - John Rea, Managing Director; Res., Dalzien, Annadale Avenue
Rea, Joseph, carpenter, 10 Prospect Street
Rea, Joseph, hackle setter, 54 Ohio Street
Rea, Joseph, hairdresser, 12a Chichester Street
Rea, Jos., hair dresser, 91 Donegall Street
Rea, Jos., engineer, 17 Hopefield Avenue
Rea, Jos., collector, Royal Victoria Hospital, 76 University Street
Rea, Jos., watch maker and jeweller, 200 Crumlin Road
Rea, Joseph, & Co., Artesian Well Water Supply Engineers, 38, 40 Chichester Street
Rea, J., tailor, 40 Ruth Street
Rea, J., hairdresser, 37 Pacific Avenue
Rea, MacFarlane W., tailor, 5 Bradbury Court
Rea, Miss, dress maker, 5 Tasmania Street
Rea, Miss, Moonsacre, Marlborough Park, South Avenue
Rea, Mrs., 35 Maryville Avenue
Rea, Mrs., school teacher, 5 Myrtle Terrace, Lisburn Road
Rea, Mrs., 39 Melrose Street
Rea, Mrs. Hilda, 6 Frank Street
Rea, Mrs. Margt., 32 Hardcastle Street
Rea, Mrs., 12 Jocelyn Gardens
Rea, Mrs., King's Road
Rea, Nat., salesman, 126 University Avenue
Rea, Ovasio, ice cream, 185 Grosvenor Road
Rea, Philip H., clerk, Springbank, Newtownards Road Upper
Rea, Robert, traveller, 12 Clanchattan Street
Rea, Robert, grocer, Salem House, Wellwood Avenue
Rea, Robert, joiner, 92 Balfour Avenue
Rea, Samuel, store man, 61 Rutland Street
Rea, Samuel, carpenter, 119 Melrose Street
Rea, Samuel, engine driver, 18 Pittsburg Street
Rea, Samuel, grocer, 138 Duncairn Gardens and 341 Antrim Road
Rea, Saml., clerk, 231 or 281 Hillman Street
Rea, Saml., J.P., 341a Antrim Road
Rea, Saml., gardener, Villa-de-russe Cottage, Kensington Road
Rea, Sam., engineer, 17 Kilronan Street
Rea, Sam., fitter, 20 Rockview Street Lower
Rea, Mulholland, & Co., linen manufacturers, 7 Linenhall Street
Rea, Samuel, 7 Mervue Street Upper
Rea, Samuel, Altona, Cardigan Drive
Rea, Saml., boiler maker, 50 Theodore Street
Rea, Samuel, fitter, 20 Rockview Street Lower
Rea, Thomas, plumber, 5 City Street
Rea, Thos., joiner, 80 Hillman Street
Rea, Thos., caretaker, 103 McClure Street
Rea, Thos., bread server, 47 Carmel Street
Rea, Thos., plumber, 58 Moyola Street
Rea, Thos., boot merchant, 17 Donegall Pass
Rea, Thos., inspector of Secondary N.S., Kilbirnie, Central Avenue, Marlborough Park
Rea, T. H., builder, Deramore Tower, 308 Ravenhill Road
Rea, T. J., dentist, 83 Queen's Elms, University Road
Rea, Walter, com. traveller, 31 Dunluce Avenue
Rea, Wm., painter, 67 Osborne Street
Rea, Wm., foreman, 74 Upper Meadow Street
Rea, Wm., traveller, 224 Ravenhill Avenue
Rea, Wm., joiner, 1 Elmdale Street
Rea, Wm., grocer, 11 Cairn Buildings, Crumlin Road
Rea, Wm., watch maker and jeweller, 256 Shankill Road
Rea, Wm., engineer (Dunhevid), Cherryvalley Park
Rea, Wm., joiner, 9 Ratcliffe Street
Rea, Wm., 7 Willowfield Drive
Rea, Wm., linen lapper, 12 Gosford Street
Rea, Wm., engineer, 27 Forfar Street
Rea, Wm. S., clerk, 7 St. Aubyn Street
Rea, W., R.I.C., 21 Cherryville Street
Rea, W. F., tailor, 5 Bradbury Court
Rea, W. J., gardener, 12 Ballymoney Street
Rea, William R., steamship owner, 80 High Street; res., 8 College Green
Rea, W. R., agent, 43a High Street
Reade, Harold E., Adavoyle, Salisbury Avenue
Reade, J. S., Clonmore, Lisburn
Reade, J. T., & Sons, flax and yarn merchants and insurance agents and managers, 4 Donegall Square North; res., T. J. Reade, Ardara, Antrim Road
Reade, Rev. Jas., M.A., Jordanstown
Reade, R. H., D.L., J.P., director and chairman York Street Flax Spinning Co. Ltd.; res., Wilmont, Dunmurry
Real Estate Co., 8 Kingscourt, 17 Wellington Place
Reardon, Danl., 28 Ballymena Street
Reason, Chas., baker, 40 Hawthorn Street
Reath, Jas., postman, 17 Oranmore Street
Reavey, Daniel, 50 Ophir Gardens
Reay, Henry Jos., engineer, 164 Duncairn Gardens
Reay, Mrs. J., 24 Easton Crescent
Rebbeck, Fred. E., engineer, Lydiard, Cherryvalley Park
Rechsteiner, U., designer, 41 Haypark Avenue
Record Office, No. 11 District, Commander, Colonel F. F. Hill, D.S.O.; staff captain, Capt. C. S. H. Waymouth; assistant capt. J. C. Crump, 187 Antrim Road
Reddick, Arthur, range setter, 165 Vernon Street
Reddick, John, range setter, 165 Vernon Street
Reddick, Margt., dress maker, 24 Silvio Street
Redding, Mrs., 16 Brassey Street
Reddy, John, clerk, 92 Melrose Street
Reddy, Jonathan, insurance agent, Riverdale, King's Road
Reddy, P., general dealer, 59 Millfield
Reddy, Wm., 27 Joy Street
Redfern, Jas., 94 Hyndford Street Upper
Redfern, P., M.D., 4 Lower Crescent and Templepatrick House, Donaghadee, Co. Down
Redford Linen Co., 3 Linenhall Street
Redmond, Alex., bread server, 6 Nevis Avenue
Redmond, Henry, moulder, 141 Canmore Street
Redmond, Jas., shoe maker, 83 Beechfield Street
Redmond, John, pen. R.I.C., 186 Connsbrook Avenue
Redmond, L., shipwright, 4 Cheviot Street
Redmond, R., pawn broker, 70 Brookmount Street
Redmond, Wm., machine man, 25 Legane Street
Redmond, W. C. F., D.I., R.I.C., F. Division, The Nook, Malone Road
Redmond, Sons, & Co., timber merchants and packing case manufacturers, 65 Great Victoria Street
Redpath, Alex., turner, 59 Bellevue Street
Redpath, A., caretaker, 58 Rockview Street
Redpath, Chas., boot maker, 22 Bruce Street
Redpath, Jas., boot maker, 43 Donegall Pass
Redpath, John, cooper, 56 City Street
Redpath, John, shoe maker, 111 Blythe Street
Redpath, Mary, dress maker, 67 Ross Street
Redpath, Robt., caulker, 160 Connsbrook Avenue
Redpath, Thos., winding master, 8 Agnes Street
Redpath, Wm., registration agent, 11 Dunmoyle Street
Redpath, Wm., linen finisher, 89 Roden Street
Reece, Richd., jun., confectioner, 207 York Street
Reehill, Mrs. A., Avondale Terrace, Greencastle
Reekie, Miss, 24 Madrid Street
Rees, George, paper hanger, 30 Redcar Street
Reeve, F. J., grocer's assistant, 73 Jerusalem Street
Reeves, A. T., stock broker, 81 Victoria Gardens
Reeves, Ben., coppersmith, 378 Shankill Road
Reeves, Jas., fitter, 44 Canning Street Upper
Reeves, Mrs., 8 Kansas Avenue
Reeves, Walter, compositor, 8 Fleetwood Street
Reevy, Sarah J., 14 Bankmore Street
Refausse, Wm., engineer, Ashleigh, Ardenlee Avenue
Refuge Assurance Co. Ltd. - R. Houldsworth, supt., 2 Ulster Street
Regan, Chas., lodgings, 56 Tomb Street
Regan, James, baker, 17 Getty Street
Regan, J. E., billiard marker, 16 Agra Street
Regan, Mrs., Bidilia, 85 Eglantine Avenue
Reid, Adam, painter, 19 St. Ive's Gardens
Reid, Albert, bank official, 83 Victoria Road
Reid, Alfred, plater, 15 Naples Street
Reid, Alex., baker, 182 Agnes Street
Reid, Alex., joiner, 39 Kingscourt Street
Reid, Alex., brass finisher, 11 Penrose Street
Reid, Alex., linen lapper, 77 Carlisle Street
Reid, Andrew, plumber, 36 Linfield Road
Reid, Annie, dress maker, 132 Donegall Road
Reid, Archibald, 35 Thorndale Avenue
Reid, Armstrong, tailor, 58 Ardenvohr Street
Reid, A., sign writer, 6 Derwent Street
Reid, A., boot maker, 11 Alaska Street
Reid, A., Wilmington, Marlborough Park
Reid, A., fitter, 7 Leitrim Street
Reid, A. M., com. traveller, 18 Riverview Street
Reid, Bernard, 24, 26 Eglinton Street
Reid Bros., photographers. 81 High Street and 114 Royal Avenue; res., Alex. Reid, Parkville, Inverary Drive
Reid, Charles, compositor, 9 Columbia Street
Reid, Chas., salesman, 18 Belgravia Avenue
Reid, C., 130 University Avenue
Reid, Daniel, stone cutter, 40 Klondyke Street
Reid, David, brass finisher, 137 Hyndford Street
Reid, David, 9 Greenville Avenue
Reid, Ebenezer, manager, Caledon, Kelvin Parade
Reid, Edward, M.D., Jordanstown
Reid, Elias, draper, 32, 34 Albertbridge Road
Reid, Elizabeth, dress maker, 76 Imperial Street
Reid, Ellen, grocer, 58 Woodvale Road
Reid, Ellen, 249 Crumlin Road
Reid, E. C., warehouseman, 126 University Street
Reid, Francis, butcher, 273 Springfield Road
Reid, Fred., joiner, 58 Beech Street
Reid, Frank, 1 Dunkell Terrace, Skegoneil Avenue
Reid, G. R., solicitor, 1 Lombard Street (2nd floor)
Reid, Geo. A., 59 South Parade
Reid, Halliday, & Sons, manufacturers of aniline colours, 6 Linenhall Street
Reid, Harry, cabinet maker, 37 Donegall Pass
Reid, Henry, painter, 59 Rosebery Road
Reid, Hugh, carpenter, 29 Oberon Street
Reid, Hugh, tailor, 96 Mount Street
Reid, Hugh, baker, 46 Coolderry Street
Reid, Hugh, assurance agent, 4 Jones' Buildings, Crumlin Road
Reid, Hugh N., furnishing ironmonger, 26 Royal Avenue; res., 75 Kansas Avenue
Reid, Hy. N., warehouseman, 5 Jocelyn Street
Reid, H., hair dresser, 173 Newtownards Road
Reid, Isaac, fitter, 12 Hertford Street
Reid, James, joiner, 26 Cheviot Street
Reid, James, grocer, 170 Shankill Road
Reid, James, gas inspector, 11 Brassey Street
Reid, James, shoe maker, 84 Utility Street
Reid, James, linen lapper, 37 Bryson Street
Reid, James, painter, 12 Shaftesbury Street
Reid, James, printer, 3 Boundary Street
Reid, Jas., shipwright, 7 Tower Street
Reid, Jas., insurance agent, 18 Jaffa Street
Reid, Jas., linen lapper, 22 Dover Street
Reid, Jas., inspector, Moyard Lodges, Glen Road
Reid, Jas., french polisher, 26 Roslyn Street
Reid, Jas., linen lapper, 73 St. Kilda Street
Reid, Jas. S., Netherleigh, Belmont Road
Reid, John, grocer and provision merchant, 1, 3 Donegall Road
Reid, John, carpenter, 4 Dock Street
Reid, John, 146 Newtownards Road Upper
Reid, John, insurance agent, 40 Havana Street
Reid, John, damask weaver, 3 Butler Street
Reid, John, upholsterer, 34 Coburg Street
Reid, John, time keeper, 45 Madrid street
Reid, John, engineer, 185 Cambria Street
Reid, John, boiler maker, 22 Moorgate Street
Reid, J. A., fitter, 21 Surrey Street
Reid, John, bicycle maker, 62 Meadow Street Upper
Reid, John, plumber, 50 Posnett Street
Reid, John, packing case maker, 44 Hamilton Street
Reid, John, telegraphist, 22 Vicinage Park
Reid, John, grocer, 63 Lisburn Road and 1, 3 Donegall Road
Reid, John, mechanic, 84 Mountcollyer Avenue
Reid, John, Corporation official, 83 Fortwilliam Parade
Reid, John, machine man, 209 Oldpark Road
Reid, John, plumber, 4 Harrow Street
Reid, John, musician, 30 Rathgar Street
Reid, John, case maker, 4 Walnut Place
Reid, John, spinning master, 75 Willowbank Street
Reid, John, engineer, 11 Park Parade
Reid, John, preparing master, 117 Sugarfield Street
Reid, John, clerk Belfast Corporation, 144 Newtownards Road Upper
Reid, John C., shipwright, 19 Hillman Street
Reid, John E., clerk Belfast Corporation, 54 South Parade
Reid, Joseph, J.P., managing director Forster Green & Co. Ltd.; res., 40 Elmwood Avenue
Reid, Joseph, grave digger, 571 Donegall Road
Reid, Jos., 115 Castlereagh Road
Reid, Jos., meter inspector, 1 Dundela Drive
Reid, Jos. G., estate agent, Homevilla, Marlborough Park, South Avenue
Reid, J., painter and decorator, 2 Kensington Villas, Lisburn Road
Reid, J., machine man, 27 Brussells Street
Reid, J., dairy keeper, 68 Castlereagh Street
Reid, J., mechanic, 12 Downpatrick Street
Reid, J. C., shipwright, 19 Hillman Street
Reid, L., dress maker, 28 Fitzroy Avenue
Reid, Margt., draper, 299 Newtownards Road
Reid, Maria, 42 Madrid Street
Reid, Maurice, packing case maker, 15 Charlotte Street Little
Reid, Miss, Brookleigh, Kincora Avenue
Reid, Miss, 16 Oceanic Avenue
Reid, Miss Eliza, teacher, 4 Jocelyn Terrace, Woodstock Road
Reid, Miss Maggie, 26 Hardcastle Street
Reid, Mrs. Margaret, 89 Beechfield Street
Reid, Mrs., Wellington Crescent, 346 Ravenhill Road
Reid, Mrs., Earlscroft, Donegall Park Avenue
Reid, Mrs., 1 Rachelville, Ashley Gardens
Reid, Mrs., 615 Lisburn Road
Reid, Mrs., 188 Agnes Street
Reid, Mrs., confectioner, 2 Glenbank Terrace, Crumlin Road
Reid, Mrs., caretaker, 71 Meadow Street
Reid, Mrs., Netherleigh, Belmont Road
Reid, Mrs., costumier, 31 Willowfield Street
Reid, Mrs., 73 Fitzroy Avenue
Reid, Mrs., 26 Avoca Street
Reid, Mrs. Eliza Jane, 89 Castlereagh Road
Reid, Mrs. Ellen, 192 Ravenhill Avenue
Reid, Mrs. Jane, 23 Brookhill Avenue
Reid, Mrs. Mary, 17 Posnett Street
Reid, Mrs. Rose, 168 Ravenhill Avenue
Reid, Mrs., 32 Ardmoulin Avenue
Reid, Mrs. J., 2 Kinnaird Street
Reid, Mrs. J., 179 Dunluce Avenue
Reid, Oliver, 8 Lothair Avenue
Reid, Peter, engineer, 121 Alexandrapark Avenue
Reid, Robert, pensioner, 92 Turin Street
Reid, Robert, 58 Burmah Street
Reid, Robert, fitter, 35 Pandora Street
Reid, Robert, blacksmith, 16 Arundel Street
Reid, Robert, seaman, 16 Bankmore Street
Reid, Robt., blacksmith, 23 Kingscourt Street
Reid, Robt., hair dresser, 141 Cromac Street
Reid, Robt., linen business, Jesmond, Ardenlee Parade
Reid, Robt., blacksmith, 48 Summer Street
Reid, Robt., fruiterer, 149 Cromac Street
Reid, Robt., packer, 17 Wauchope Street
Reid, Robt., clerk, 8 Jocelyn Gardens
Reid, Robt., finisher, 18 Madras Street
Reid, Robt., moulder, 9 Kenbaan Street
Reid, Robt., clerk, 227 Mountpottinger Road
Reid, Robt., grocer's assistant, 93 Richardson Street
Reid, Robt., boot maker, 75 Pine Street
Reid, R., fitter, 41 Shamrock Street
Reid, R., linen business, 71 Eglantine Avenue
Reid, R., provision curer, 45, 47 Newtownards Road and 11 Keenan Street
Reid, R., store man, 13 Loftus Street
Reid, R., L.R.C.P., S.E., Thornfield, Whiteabbey
Reid, Rev. S. J., minister Shankill Baptist Church, Iona, Kingsmere Avenue
Reid, Samuel, grocer, 6 Albertbridge Road
Reid, Samuel, joiner, 20 Roxburgh Street
Reid, Samuel, chemist, Lamberton, The Mount
Reid, Samuel, harbour constable, 3 Ballymoney Street
Reid, Samuel, temperance bar, 66 Shankill Road
Reid, Samuel, range setter, 20 Imperial Street
Reid, Saml., grocer, 43 Perry Street
Reid, Saml., french polisher, 13 Clifton Drive
Reid, Saml., fitter, 29 Hooker Street
Reid, Sarah, green grocer, 30 Hill Street
Reid, S., clerk, 17 Clanchattan Street
Reid, S., grocer, 225 Mountpottinger Road
Reid, S. E., R.I.C., 25 St. Aubyn Street
Reid, S. M., chemist, Lamberton, The Mount
Reid, Thomas, coal merchant, 330 Newtownards Road Upper
Reid, Thos., grocer and provision merchant, 61 Agnes Street
Reid, Thos., shoe maker, 128 Silvio Street
Reid, Thos., Ordnance Survey, 3 Fedora Terrace, Skegoniel Avenue
Reid, Thos., painter, 184 Ormeau Road
Reid, Thos., manager, 59 Agincourt Avenue
Reid, Thos., shipwright, 40 Mountpottinger Road
Reid, Thos., stove fitter, 44 Raleigh Street
Reid, Thos. G., private tutor, 7 Scottish Provident Buildings, 2 Wellington Place
Reid, Thos. J., gardener, 21 Hugh Street
Reid, Thos. J., tailor, 31 Kerrsland Crescent
Reid, T., house painter, 26 Charles Street South
Reid, T., land and insurance agent, 20 Wellington Place; res., Sans Souci House, Sans Souci Park
Reid, T. D., 56 Oakland Avenue
Reid, T. H., fitter, 36 Oranmore Street
Reid, Washington Perry, bank official, Clovelly, Marlborough Park Central
Reid, Captain Wm., 20 Chichester Street
Reid, Wm., engineer, 6 Ambrose Street
Reid, Wm., school teacher, 3 Clonard Gardens
Reid, Wm., carpenter, 21 Leitrim Street
Reid, Wm., joiner, 19 Crystal Street
Reid, Wm., warehouseman, 5 Distillery Street
Reid, Wm., bread server, 65 Hatton Drive
Reid, Wm., bread server, 7 Pomona Avenue
Reid, Wm., blacksmith, 41 Columbia Street
Reid, Wm., cabinet maker, 5 Hatton Drive
Reid, Wm., checker, 74 London Street
Reid, Wm., mechanic, 38 Locan Street
Reid, Wm., engine driver, 51 Richardson Street
Reid, Wm., painter, 4 Matchett Street
Reid, Wm., painter, 34 McMaster Street
Reid, Wm., machine man, 36 Riga Street
Reid, Wm., moulder, 20 Sherwood Street
Reid, Wm. Tullagh, 15 Cyprus Gardens
Reid, Wm., clerk, 3 Slieve View Villas, Ballymurphy
Reid, Wm., plumber, 1 Virginia Street
Reid, Wm., pavior, 22 Windsor Street
Reid, Wm. J., collector, 6 New North Queen Street
Reid, Wm. J., engineer, 7 Carrington Street
Reid, Wm. T., G.N.R., 5 Joseph's Terrace, North Avenue, Marlborough Park
Reid, W. A., pavior, 22 Windsor Street
Reid, W. G., engineer, 31 Ravenscroft Avenue
Reid, W. G., engineer, 7 Carrington Street
Reid, W. H. G., traveller, 26 Ardenlee Avenue
Reid, W., supt. engineer, 4 Ashville, Skegoniel Avenue
Reid, W. J., Paragon House, gentlemen's outfitting establishment, 2 Ann Street and 10 Royal Avenue; res., Ingledene, 19 Myrtlefield Park
Reid, W. J., ship carpenter, 32 Fleet Street
Reid, W. J., packer, 41 St. Kilda Street
Reid, W. J., sanitary engineer, 31 Ravenscroft Avenue
Reid, W. W., com. traveller, Rowans, Cranmore Avenue
Reid & Co., painters and decorators, 78 King Street
Reid, R., & Son, linen handkerchief and lawn manufacturers, 3 Bedford Street
Reid & Walker, tailors, 162 Woodstock Road
Reiley, Richard, fitter, 30 Lothair Avenue
Reilly, Alfred, foreman, 64 University Avenue
Reilly Bros., family grocers, 9 Lisburn Road and 14, 16 Garmoyle Street
Reilly, Catherine, 11 Granville Street
Reilly, E., spirit grocer, 191, 193 Cupar Street
Reilly, Geo., mechanic, 74 Oldpark Road
Reilly, Jane, 28 Oceanic Avenue
Reilly, Jas., caretaker, 11 Granville Street
Reilly, Jas., sergt. R.I.C., 60 Cooke Street
Reilly, John, hackle setter, 46 Linden Street
Reilly, John, machinist, 51 Harrybrook Street
Reilly, John, smithworks, 40 Brown Street
Reilly, John, retired D.I., Auburn, Ravenhill Road
Reilly, John J., provision merchant, 39 Ravenhill Road
Reilly, John, & Co., auditors and accountants, 16 High Street
Reilly, Jos., coach builder, 54 Vernon Street
Reilly, J., french polisher, 131 Fortingale Street
Reilly, J., plumber, 11 Dublin Road
Reilly, J., pensioner, 14 Ava Street
Reilly, J., slater, 2 Waterproof Street
Reilly, J. A., & Co., ladies' shirts & blouses, 25 Franklin Street
Reilly, J. A., warehouseman, 46 Wolseley Street
Reilly, Mary, dealer, 94a Millfield
Reilly, Matthew, poulterer, 23 Gloucester Street
Reilly, Michl., R.I.C., 34 Ardmoulin Avenue
Reilly, Mrs., tobacconist, 171 Divis Street
Reilly, Mrs., confectioner, 34 Castlereagh Street
Reilly, Nicholas, clothier, 71 Cupar Street
Reilly, Patk., moulder, 5 Arnon Street
Reilly, P., hair dresser, 115 Newtownards Road
Reilly, Robert, R.I.C., 38 Lomond Avenue
Reilly, Robt., dealer, 18 Donegall Street Little
Reilly, R. J., mechanic, 2 Parkend Street
Reilly, Thos., carpenter, 66 Brussels Street
Reilly, Thos., cloth passer, 116 Mountcollyer Road
Reilly, Wm., manager, 51 Ulsterville Gardens
Reilly, Wm., iron turner, 94 Fortingale Street
Reinhardt, John & Son, Ltd., natural rock asphalt and general paving contractors, Cooke Place, Ormeau Road
Reis, Chas. L., & Co., watch and clock importers, jewellery and fancy goods, 51 Donegall Place and 28 Castle Place
Reliance Marine Insurance Company Ltd. - John Atkinson & Co., Imperial Buildings, 72 High Street
Remington Typewriter Co., 19 Rosemary Street
Renard, The, Dental Institute, 3 Fisherwick Place
Rennick, Mrs., 147a Ormeau Road
Rennie, Alex., joiner, 1 Armoy Street
Rennie, James, 121 Madrid Street
Rennie, James, joiner, 32 Hillman Street
Rennie, Mrs., milliner and dress maker, 21 Donegall Pass
Rennie, Netta, 44 Elaine Street
Rennie, Samuel, & Co., saddlers, 24 Beechfield Street
Rennix, Mrs., 146a Ormeau Road
Renton, H. & C., Ltd., auctioneers, accountants and valuers, 10 Waring Street; res., H. Renton, 463 Ormeau Road
Renton, Wm., bleacher, 6 Kerrera Street
Renton, Wm., fitter, 248 Snugville Street
Renshaw, John, overlooker, 8 Rosewood Street
Renshaw, John W., B.A., LL.B., Shaftesbury House Tutorial College, 3 Botanic Avenue; res., 97 University Street
Rentoul, Miss, ladies' school, The Lodge, Fortwilliam Park
Renshaw, Miss, 661 Lisburn Road
Renwick, R., coal merchant, 93 Seaview Street
Rescue and Maternity Home, Miss Blackburn, matron, 25 to 31 Malone Place
Revels, W., mechanic, 17 Tennyson Street
Revie, G., saw maker, 15 Union Street; res., Invercoe, Kingsmere Avenue
Revill, Geo., postman, 37 Barrington Street
Rew, F. W., agent, 59 Atlantic Avenue
Rew, Miss P., 29 Hopefield Avenue
Rex Roofing Company, The, 44 Greenville Street
Rexter, J., game keeper, Belfast Castle Lodge, Antrim Road
Reyburn, John, engineer, 66 Jocelyn Avenue
Reynolds, Arch., manager, 3 Royal Villas, Newtownards Road Upper
Reynolds, A., carrier, Whitla Street; res., 39 Canning Street
Reynolds, Chas., commission merchant, 5 Ocean Buildings (1st floor), 1, 2 Donegall Square East; res., Cliffe Ash, 17 Adelaide Park
Reynolds, Daniel, dresser, 76 Woodvale Avenue
Reynolds, F., sawyer, 48 Rowland Street
Reynolds, Henry L., food and drug inspector, 16 Bathgate Drive
Reynolds, Howard, shoe maker, 83 Tennent Street
Reynolds, Jas., compositor, 86 Coolbeg Street
Reynolds, Jas., bookkeeper, 70 Townsend Street
Reynolds, Jas., painter, 5 Grampian Street
Reynolds, Jas., & Co. Ltd., Linfield Foundry, Genoa Street; res., Jas. Reynolds, 69 Cliftonpark Avenue
Reynolds, Jas., bread server, 60 Oakland Avenue
Reynolds, J., boot maker, 86, 88 Millfield
Reynolds, J. D., clerk, 7 Wyndham Street
Reynolds, Mary, R.I.C., 18 Cheviot Street
Reynolds, Mrs. Jessie, 25 Malone Avenue
Reynolds, Miss, 22 Cyprus Gardens
Reynolds, Miss Annie, costumier, 13 Cameron Street
Reynolds, Miss, 61 Cliftonpark Avenue
Reynolds, Mrs. Elizabeth, 302 Beersbridge Road Upper
Reynolds, P., rope spinner, 99 Mountpottinger Road
Reynolds, Robt., 15 Eglantine Gardens
Reynolds, Robt., checker, 3 Linview Street
Reynolds, Robt., clerk, 49 My Lady's Road
Reynolds, Thos., carrier, 37, 39 Canning Street
Reynolds, Thos., brass moulder, 19 Stanley Street
Reynolds, Thos., spindle maker, 16 Tralee Street
Reynolds, T., pensioner, 80 Alexandrapark Avenue
Reynolds, T. W., merchant, 101 Eglantine Avenue
Reynolds, Wm., boiler maker, 135 Dee Street
Reynolds, W. B., journalist, 32 Victoria Gardens
Reynolds, W. F., engineering manager, Moyrein House, Andersonstown
Reynolds, W. J., hair dresser, 120 Cupar Street
Rhodes, R., joiner, 103 Island Street
Ricardo, Capt. A. St. Quentin, D.S.O., The Brae, Sion Mills, Co. Tyrone
Rice, Agnes, 142 Woodstock Road
Rice, D., carpenter, 67 Lagan Street
Rice, Edward, pavior, 31 Donegall Avenue
Rice, Edward, meal, flour and bran merchant, 29 Castle Lane and Castle Market
Rice, Elizabeth, 31 Frank Street Upper
Rice, Ellen, 88 Corporation Street
Rice, F., shoe maker, 14 Athens Street
Rice, Geo., joiner, 24 Summer Street
Rice, Geo., grocer, 47, 49 Auburn Street
Rice, Horatio, plasterer, 22 Donegall Avenue
Rice, Hugh, cook, 20 Joy Street
Rice, James, stager, 53 Fairview Street
Rice, James, flax merchant, 8 Hill Street
Rice, Jas., painter, 19 Ton Street
Rice, Jas., salesman, 39 Hamilton Street
Rice, Jas., commercial traveller, 338 Woodstock Road
Rice, Jas., linen lapper, 21 Sorella Street
Rice, John, clerk, 13 Seymour Street
Rice, John, clerk, 40 Jocelyn Street
Rice, John (of E. & W. Pim, Ltd.), Clonmain, Osborne Park
Rice, Jos., dealer, 13 Osman Street
Rice, J., boot maker, 21, 23 Geoffrey Street
Rice, J., boot repairer, 3 Cromac Square
Rice, Laurence, baker, 107 Ogilvie Street
Rice, Lewis, shipwright, 50 Rathmore Street
Rice, Mary, music teacher, 5 Clonard Gardens
Rice, Mercer & Co., collar and cuff manufacturers, 20 Mountpottinger Road; res., Mercer Rice, The Loop, Castlereagh Road
Rice, Mrs., 142 Woodstock Road
Rice, Patrick, shoe maker, 47 Cavour Street
Rice, Patrick, painter, 145 Albert Street
Rice, Patk., fruit salesman, 7 Sunnyside Street
Rice, P., hotel boots, 95 McDonnell Street
Rice, Richard, tenter, 52 Everton Street
Rice, R. J., head postman, Beulah, Everton Drive
Rice, Robt., publican, Duke of York bar, 2, 4 Malcolm Street
Rice, Saml., hair dresser and wig maker, 47a Donegall Place; res., 40 Twickenham Street
Rice, Stevens, dealer, 19 Pound Street
Rice, Thomas M., tobacco manufacturer, 28 Cliftonville Avenue
Rice, Wm., butcher, 16 Sandy Row
Rice, Wm., boot cutter, 82 Holywood Road
Richards, C., hair dresser, 3 Belmont Avenue West
Richards, Geo. E., coal merchant, Southland, Kelvin Parade
Richards, Jas., machine man, 15 Tralee Street
Richards, John C., Ltd., coal and coke importers and colliery agents, 32 Wellington Place and 31 Queen's Quay
Richards, J. H., master mariner, Holmhurst, Kingsmere Avenue
Richards, Mrs., 24 Cyprus Avenue
Richards, W. L., musical director, 4 Franklin Street
Richards, William, & Son, Average Adjusters, 28 Waring Street and at London, Glasgow and Newcastle-on-Tyne
Richards & Co., wholesale tobacconists, 11 Waring Street
Richardson, Alex., coach builder, 265 Oldpark Road
Richardson, A., traveller, 2 Wimbledon Street
Richardson Bros. & Co., yarn and linen commission merchants and general merchants, 30 Donegall Place; yarn stores, 15 Calender Street and 3 Commercial Court; stores, Dufferin Road and 102 Corporation Street
Richardson, Charles H., J.P., Cedarhurst, Newtownbreda
Richardson Company, The, chemists and druggists, 51 Donegall Pass
Richardson, Duncan, blacksmith, 6 Holywoodview Terrace, Shore Road
Richardson, Edward T. H., Schomberg, Strandtown
Richardson, Elizabeth (Ben Vista), Bawnmore Road
Richardson, Geo. F., Glenburn, Dunmurry
Richardson, G. A., manager, 10 Tokio Gardens
Richardson, Hans, iron turner, 55 Meadow Street
Richardson, Henry, 60 Wellington Park
Richardson, H., sec., 42 Newtownards Road Upper
Richardson, H., picture frame maker, 24 Victor Street
Richardson, H. E., Springfield, Lisburn
Richardson, James Theodore, D.L., J.P., Schomberg, Belmont Road
Richardson, John, joiner, 7 Hatton Drive
Richardson, John, fitter, 3 Beech Street
Richardson, John, joiner, 5 Titania Street
Richardson, J., litho. artist, Linstock, Windermere Gardens
Richardson, J., Ord. surveyor, 23 Glantane Street
Richardson, J., traveller, 127 Ormeau Road
Richardson, J., engine driver, 103 Northbrook Street
Richardson, J., shoe maker, 218 Leopold Street
Richardson, J., painter, 11 Verner Street
Richardson, J., druggist, 17 Cromac Street
Richardson, J. H., Schomberg, Strandtown
Richardson, J. N., Sons, & Owden, Ltd., Linen Manufacturers, Merchants and Bleachers, Donegall Square North; Store and Packing Case Making Shop, 15 Brunswick Street; Directors - J. N. Richardson, T. W. Richardson, C. H. Richardson (Chairman), Walter L. Wheeler, T. Macgregor Greer, Joshua Pim; Managing Directors, R. T. Scott and T. W. P. Cranage
Richardson, J. T., Shipping Federation, 131 Belmont Road
Richardson, J. Robert, Springfield, Lisburn
Richardson, Leander R., clerk, 53 Chatsworth Street
Richardson, Margt., sub-postmistress Willowfield P.O., 210 Woodstock Road
Richardson, Miss E. M., 2 Castlereagh Place
Richardson, Mrs., 101 Malone Avenue
Richardson, Mrs., 31 Camden Street
Richardson, Percy A., Mayfield, Dunmurry
Richardson, Richard, sergt. R.I.C., 45 Lisburn Avenue
Richardson, R. W., manufacturers' agent, 11 Grosvenor House, 5 Wellington Place
Richardson, S., preparing master, 27 Dewey Street
Richardson, Thomas, Wakefield, Moyallon, County Down
Richardson, Thos., guard, 92 Ormeau Road
Richardson, Thos., plater, 22 Symons Street
Richardson, Thos., joiner, 36 Chatsworth Street
Richardson, Wm., iron dresser, 21 Cumberland Street
Richardson, Wm., gardener, Kinedar Cottage, Sydenham Avenue
Richardson, W. B., piano tuner and harmonium repairer, 39 Magdala Street
Richardson, W. J., stock & share broker, 47 Rosemary Street; res., Walter J. Richardson, Pembroke Lodge, Dunmurry
Richardson & Craig, solicitors, 47 Rosemary Street; res., Thos. Richardson, Springfield, Lisburn
Richardson's Chemical Manure Company, 89, 103, 111 Bridge End and Short Strand
Richers, Edwin, clerk, 61 Rosemount Gardens
Richmond, E., linen lapper, 3 St. Vincent Street
Richmond, John, foreman, 31 Rochester Street
Richmond, John, draper, 194 My Lady's Road
Richmond, John, com. traveller, 23 Ashley Avenue
Richmond, Miss M., 21 Adam Street
Richmond, Miss, dress maker, 10 Oceanic Avenue
Richmond Nursing Home, Miss Mahaffy, Lady Superintendent, 65, 67 Botanic Avenue
Richmond, Miss, Altavilla, Downview Avenue
Richmond, V., shoe maker, 22 Hemsworth Street
Richmond, Wm., & Sons, builders and contractors, 29 Dock Street
Rickaby, Wm., 83 Dunraven Avenue
Rickards, Rev. Mother J., Nazareth House, Ormeau Road
Rickerby, Mrs. Sarah, 34 Vicinage Park
Ridell, Mrs., 364 Antrim Road
Riddel, The Misses, Beechmount House, Falls Road
Riddell, Alex., water official, 91 Blythe Street
Riddell, Annie, grocer, 15 Woodvale Street
Riddell, A., manager, 37 Duncairn Gardens
Riddell, A., & Son Limited, reed and heddle manufacturers, 64 Great Victoria Street; res., H. Riddell, Maryville House, Maryville Park
Riddell, David, insurance agent, 80 Woodvale Avenue
Riddell, Frederick, Plumber, Gasfitter and Bellhanger, 177 Antrim Road, 14 Halliday's Road; 19 Brookvale Avenue
Riddell, G., plumber, 15 Riverview Street
Riddell, Herbert, grocer's assistant, 83 Melrose Street
Riddell, H., & Co., bobbin, reed and heddle makers, 14 Hasting Street; res., Maryville House, Maryville Park
Riddell, John, traveller, 259 Grosvenor Road
Riddell, John, & Son, Ltd., iron, steel, tinplate, range, metal and cement merchants, 87, 89, 91 Ann Street
Riddell, Mrs., Kiora, Sandown Road
Riddell, Mrs., Larach, Donegall Park Avenue
Riddell, Samuel, weigh master, 41 Duncairn Gardens
Riddell, Wm., Masonic Hall, Ligoniel
Riddell, Wm., assurance agent, 122 Ainsworth Avenue
Riddell, Wm., hairdresser, 103 Manor Street
Riddels Limited, Hardware Merchants, House Furnishing and Manufacturing Ironmongers, 49 Donegall Place; Goods Entrance, 40 to 46 Fountain Street
Ridings, Richd., 327 Crumlin Road
Ridings & Fergis, milliners and dress makers, 82 Royal Avenue
Ridge, Edward, hall porter, 15 Derlett Street
Ridges & Robinson, milliners, 20 Dublin Road
Ridgways Ltd. (Chaloner & Co.), tea merchants, 15 Ann Street
Ridley, Chas., photographer, 11 Broadway
Ridley, Robt., cabinet maker, 17 Austin Street
Riecken, Wm., waiter, 207 Hillman Street
Rigby, J. W., shipping agent and carrier, 11 Lower Garfield Street; res., 155 University Street
Rigby & Milner, confectioners and bakers, 3 University Terrace and 91 University Road
Rigg, Wm., gardener, 15 Marlborough Gardens
Riley, A., insurance agent, 55 Glenrosa Street
Riley, Hugh, plumber, 18 Seymour Street
Riley, Jas., rigger, 45 Ballycarry Street
Riley, Michael, waiter, 119 Hillman Street
Riley, Michael, barber, 44 Carrington Street
Riley, Mrs., dealer, 29 Market Street
Riley, Thos., carpenter, 66 Brussels Street
Rimmer, Wm., compositor, 29 Twickenham Street
Rimmer, Wm. S., J.P., supt. Prudential Assurance Co., Craigmore, Kirkliston Drive
Ring, Mrs. J., 27 Cliftonville Road
Ringland, Alfred, fitter, 14 Dickson Street
Ringland, Andrew, boiler maker, 18 Cluan Street
Ringland, Arthur, machine man, 37 Stoneyford Street
Ringland, David, caretaker, Porter's Lodge, College Gardens
Ringland, F. L., Marsdene, 1 Cyprus Park
Ringland, John, iron turner, 9 Colinview Street
Ringland, John, clerk, 77 Bloomfield Avenue
Ringland, John, boot maker, 67 Woodstock Road
Ringland, Jos., boot maker, 22 Bridge End
Ringland, Mrs. Jane, Arnhein, Downshire Road
Ringland, Robt., engineer, 81 Park Avenue
Ringland, R., brass finisher, 49 Kensington Avenue
Ringland, Wm., grocer, 178 Snugville Street
Ringland, W. R., bread server, Riversdale House, Flora Street
Riordan, Bernard, shoe maker, 36 Dunlewey Street
Riordan, C., 38 Oakland Avenue
Riordan, Danl., brick layer, 8 Ribble Street
Riordan, John, warder, 11 Bandon Street
Riordan, Joseph, agent for National Cash Register Co., 94 Stranmillis Road
Ripley, Miss, 148 Belmont Church Road
Rippard, John, seal cutter, 158 Hillman Street
Rippard, Wm., store man, 35 Frank Street Upper
Rippett, Jas., ship carpenter, 15 Kensington Street
Rippin, Wm., hotel porter, 10 Ravenhill Street
Risk, Jas., joiner, 12 St. Leonard Street
Risk, Jas., builder, Bel-Vale, Kingsmere Avenue
Risk, Jas., fitter, 37 Cheviot Avenue
Risk, John, builder, 20 Wyndham Street
Risk, J., & Co., builders, Willowbank Huts, Falls Road
Risk, Mrs., telephone exchange, Pinedale, Innisfail Road
Ristorsky, Ben., traveller, 46 Groomsport Street
Ritch, E., tailors' cutter, 38 Wolseley Street
Ritchie, Alex., printer, 497 Donegall Road
Ritchie, Annie, 15 Ballycastle Street
Ritchie, A. S., & Co. Ltd., seed and agricultural merchants, 89 Victoria Street and 51 and 53 High Street
Ritchie, Bella, stationer, 211 Newtownards Road
Ritchie, David, joiner, 13 Crystal Street
Ritchie, D., engineer, 186 Ravenhill Avenue
Ritchie, Francis, & Sons Limited, Felt Manufacturers, Makers of Flat and Garden Roofs, Waterproof and Patent Packing, Paper Manufacturers, Structural Iron Workers, Wire Workers and Weavers, 36, 38 Mountpottinger Road
Ritchie, Geo., cabinet maker, 91 St. Leonard's Street
Ritchie, Geo., water official, 31 Cultra Street
Ritchie, G., shoe maker, 60 Hooker Street
Ritchie, Hart, & Co. Ltd., engineers, brass founders and iron founders, 16, 18 Mountpottinger Road
Ritchie, H. J., M.B., 257 Shankill Road & 219 Springfield Road
Ritchie, James, tailor, 8 Pandora Street
Ritchie, James, brick layer, 42 Spring Street
Ritchie, Jas., boot maker, 6 Tobergill Street
Ritchie, Jas., boiler maker, 38 Distillery Street
Ritchie, Jas., cooperage, 6 Malcolm Lane
Ritchie, Jas., com. agent, 1 Castle Chambers
Ritchie, Jas., book binder, 14 Richardson Street
Ritchie, Jas., cabinet maker, 1 Acton Street
Ritchie, Jas., cooper, 31 Woodstock Road
Ritchie, Jas., brick layer, 49 Rathmore Street
Ritchie, Jas., collar cutter, 64 Balfour Avenue
Ritchie, Jas., electrician, 119 Queen Street North
Ritchie, Jas., bookkeeper, 13 South Parade
Ritchie, Jas., & Son, boot and shoe makers, 147 Templemore Avenue
Ritchie, John, grocer, 15 George's Street Little & 27, 29 Southwell Street
Ritchie, John, brick layer, 105 Ogilvie Street
Ritchie, John, butcher, 116 University Avenue
Ritchie, John, maltster, 84 Woodvale Avenue
Ritchie, John, grocer, 7 Salisbury Terrace, Ligoniel
Ritchie, John, fitter, 60 Castlereagh Road
Ritchie, John, fitter, 6 Dewey Street
Ritchie, Joseph, jun., M.P.S.I., Ligoniel Villas, Ligoniel Road
Ritchie, Jos., millwright, 3 Glenbank Place, Ballysillan
Ritchie, Jos., brick layer, 18 Bentinck Street
Ritchie, Jos., foreman, 14 Dunraven Avenue
Ritchie, Jos., Ligoniel Villas, Ligoniel Road
Ritchie, J., builder, 89, 91 North Queen Street
Ritchie, J., compounder, Dispensary, Rumford Street
Ritchie, J. A., student, 19 University Street
Ritchie, J. K., & Co., shirt manufacturers, 1 College Street; res., J. K. Ritchie, 28 Eglantine Avenue
Ritchie, J. W., M.B., surgeon, 125 Crumlin Road
Ritchie, L., fancy box maker, 145 University Road
Ritchie, Martha, 22 Derg Street
Ritchie, Miss, lady principal of McArthur Hall, College Gardens
Ritchie, Miss Margaret, hospital lady superintendent, 14 Claremont Street
Ritchie, Mrs., Ulsterville Cottage, Lisburn Road
Ritchie, Mrs., 40 Summer Street
Ritchie, Mrs., 34 Royal Terrace, Lisburn Road
Ritchie, N., moulder, 65 Beverley Street
Ritchie, Patk., builder, 14 Duncairn Gardens
Ritchie, Robt., compositor, 21 Ballycastle Street
Ritchie, Robt., machine man, 18 Westcott Street
Ritchie, Robt., joiner, 74 Woodvale Avenue
Ritchie, R., customs watcher, 2 Manor Drive
Ritchie, R. J., grocer and provision dealer, 193 York Street
Ritchie, Saml., engine fitter, 25 Distillery Street
Ritchie, Saml., manager Bloomfield Bakery Dining Rooms, Musgrave Road
Ritchie, Saml., manager, 120 Duncairn Gardens
Ritchie, Susan, 2 Ben Eden Terrace, Greencastle
Ritchie, Thos., fitter, 47 Isoline Street
Ritchie, Thos., bonded warehouse, Stack P, 14 to 18 Pilot Street and Short Strand
Ritchie, Thos., shoe maker, 5 Welland Street
Ritchie, Wm., 209 Dunluce Avenue
Ritchie, Wm., painter, 30 St. Leonard's Street
Ritchie, Wm., brick layer, 86 Ravenhill Road
Ritchie, Wm., painter, 20 St. Mary's Street
Ritchie, Wm. H., clerk, 41 Killowen Street
Ritchie & Co., grocers, 435, 437 Newtownards Road
Rittman, J. S., R.I.C., 103 Dunluce Avenue
River Plate Meat Co. Ltd., 11 Castlereagh Road, 89 Albertbridge Road, 31 Donegall Road, 116 Sandy Row, 146 to 227 Newtownards Road, 27 Bloomfield Avenue, 3 Donegall Pass, 99 Shankill Road, 274 Shankill Road, 105 York Street, and St. George's Market, A. Blackburn, manager
R.I.C. Bandroom, 109 Donegall Street
Rivers, Mrs., 6 Century Street
Robb, Alex., plumber, 64 Earl Street
Robb, Alex., draper, 160 Crumlin Road
Robb, Alex., stone cutter, 49 Carmel Street
Robb, Alex., 21 Rugby Road
Robb, Andrew, carpenter, 128 Tennent Street
Robb Bros., timber, slate and tile merchants, 68, 70 Great George's Street, The City Saw Mills, Duncrue Street and 109 Corporation Street; residence, Wm. Robb, J.P., Silverstream, Greenisland; T. M. Robb, Ballysillan
Robb, David, coppersmith, 35 Glentoran Street
Robb, David, R.I.C., 3 Harrow Street
Robb, D. & J., boot manufacturers, 214, 216 Albertbridge Road
Robb, D., shoe maker, 59 Hatton Drive
Robb, Felix, tailor, 20 Mayo Street
Robb, F. G., Barrister-at-Law, 13 Royal Avenue
Robb, Gardner, M.D., 15 University Square
Robb, G., cloth finisher, 7 Oldpark Back Row
Robb, Hugh, plumber, 32 Moorfield Street
Robb, H., plumber, 15 Crystal Street
Robb, H. M., & Co. Ltd., Handkerchief Manufacturers, 8, 10 James Street South; res., H. M. Robb, 44 Ulsterville Avenue
Robb, Isaac, boot maker, 205 York Street
Robb, Jas., linesman, G.P.O., 13 Castleton Street
Robb, John H., barrister-at-law, Rea's Buildings, 142 Royal Avenue; res., 21 Ashley Avenue
Robb, J., accountant, Woodbine, Skegoniel Avenue
Robb, J., bamboo worker, 9 Boomer Street
Robb, J. G., R.I.C., 19 Burke Street
Robb, J., & Co. Ltd., wholesale and retail silk mercers, woollen drapers, outfitters, etc., 1, 11, 15 Castle Place & 2 to 8 Lombard Street; res., John Robb, Charleville House, Castlereagh; Chas. H. Robb, Ballyhackamore House, Dundela Avenue, and F. G. Robb, barrister-at-law, Lisnabreeny House, Castlereagh
Robb, J., & Co., assistants' boarding house, 4 Telfair Street
Robb, Kennedy, timber and coal merchant, 50, 52 Millfield; res., 1 Mount Eden, Woodvale Road
Robb, Kirker E., timber merchant, Ravensdale, Bristol Avenue
Robb, Kirker, & Co., timber, slate and tile importers, Whitla Street; res., Kirker Robb, Kirk-Bruighean, Fortwilliam Park
Robb, Miss Mary, Rosedene, Ormiston Gardens
Robb, Mrs., 38 Eglantine Avenue
Robb, Robt., bookkeeper, 45 Brookvale Street
Robb, Rosina, fruiterer, 236 Newtownards Road
Robb, R. J., clerk, 65 Oldpark Road
Robb, Saml., Roeburn, Lisburn Road
Robb, Thos., Ballysillan House, Ligoniel
Robb, Thos. J., printer, 51 Fairview Street
Robb, Victor H., & Co., Automobile Engineers and Agents, 44 to 48 Chichester Street
Robb, Wm., plumber, 68 Redcar Street
Robb, Wm., painter, 43 Shore Street
Robb, Wm., bread server, 13 Willowfield Gardens
Robb, W. J., carpenter, 4 Whitehall Parade
Robb, W. J., moulder, 10 Dundee Street
Robert, John, boiler maker, 61 Thistle Street
Roberts, Albert, fitter, 96 Montrose Street
Roberts, A., 56 Canning Street Upper
Roberts, Constantine, 199 Alexandrapark Avenue
Roberts, D., carpenter, 63 Surrey Street
Roberts, Edward, chemist and druggist, 28 Orient Gardens
Roberts, Edward W., school master, 35 Melrose Street
Roberts, E. & D., tailors and clothiers, 103 York Street
Roberts, E. J., chemist and druggist, 250 Shankill Road; res., 28 Orient Gardens
Roberts, E. W., school teacher, 2 Adelaide Avenue
Roberts, F., boiler maker, 37 Finvoy Street
Roberts, George, smith, 51 Tennent Street
Roberts, Geo., wood carver, 35 Royal Avenue
Roberts, G., caretaker, 35 Royal Avenue
Roberts, G. V., bookkeeper, 70 Sandhurst Gardens
Roberts, Hugh, clerk, 75 Rugby Road
Roberts, Isaac, boiler maker, 23 Clandeboye Street
Roberts, Jas., painter, 150 Hillman Street
Roberts, John, boiler maker, 61 Thistle Street
Roberts, John, traveller, 7 Jerusalem Street
Roberts, John, draughtsman, 9 Sandhurst Drive
Roberts, Jos., traveller, 46 Electric Street
Roberts, J., tailor's cutter, 20 Damascus Street
Roberts, J., sea captain, 41 Glenrosa Street
Roberts, Mary, 90 Great Victoria Street
Roberts, Miss Margt., supt. Industrial School, Lancaster Street
Roberts, Mrs. Jane, 14 Bentinck Street
Roberts, Robert, painter, 11 Curzon Street
Roberts, R., traveller, 44 St. Ives Gardens
Roberts, R., tailor, 27 Carmel Street
Roberts, Saml., postman, 21 Belmont Road
Roberts, S. Thomas, Stormount House, Knockbreda Road
Roberts, Thomas, 190 Manor Street
Roberts, Wm., foreman, 234 Grosvenor Road
Roberts, Wm., paper maker, 27 Blackwood Street
Roberts, W. H., carpet buyer, 1 Florenceville Avenue, Ormeau Road
Robertshaw, Robt., insurance agent, 25 Deramore Street
Robertson, Alex., engineer, 184 My Lady's Road
Robertson, Andrew S., damask designer, 107 Malone Avenue
Robertson, Chas. G., insurance manager, Mountview, Knockbreda Road
Robertson, George, tailor, 16 Albany Street
Robertson, Geo., brass moulder, 30 Fernvale Street
Robertson, Geo., painter, 65 Alexandrapark Avenue
Robertson, Geo., engineer, 11 Cliftonpark Avenue
Robertson, Jas., plater, 33 Austin Street
Robertson, John, bookkeeper, 4 Grampian Avenue
Robertson, John, plumber and gasfitter, 15 Mill Street
Robertson, John, cabinet maker, 72 Frome Street
Robertson, John, litho. printer, 6 Pakenham Street
Robertson, John, joiner, 35 Bloomfield Avenue
Robertson, John B. W., mechanical engineer, 86 Turin Street
Robertson, John J., engineer, 5 Canada Street
Robertson, J., fitter, 13 Pernau Street
Robertson, Ledlie, Ferguson, & Co. Limited, wholesale and retail linen merchants, the Bank Buildings, Castle Place and 1 to 45 Castle Street; res., A. H. Ledlie, J.P., (chairman), Endsleigh, Cork; Seaton F. Milligan, J.P., managing director; res., Ward Villas, Bangor
Robertson, Mrs., 15 Dunluce Avenue
Robertson, Rev. J. C., B.D., tutor Methodist College
Robertson, The Misses, dress makers, 35 Newington Avenue
Robertson, Thos., upholsterer, 147 Madrid Street
Robertson, Wm., fitter, 54 Omeath Street
Robertson, Wm., linen lapper, 5 Essex Street
Robertson, W., plumber and gasfitter, 6 Cliftonville Street
Robie, Drummond, fitter, Robie's Cottage, 398 Ravenhill Road
Robin, David, pattern maker, 4 Jersey Street
Robin, Jas., taxidermist, 10, 12 Church Street
Robin, Wm., pattern maker, 1 Meadow Street Upper
Robbin, Arthur, clerk, 26 Beechmount Avenue
Robins, Mrs. Jane, 29 Balfour Avenue
Robins, T. B., bookkeeper, 48 Rosemount Gardens
Robins, Vivian, clerk, 18 Ferguson Drive
Robinson, Adam, tenter, 5 Parker's Place, Crumlin Road
Robinson, Alex., brick layer, 7 Bombay Street
Robinson, Alex., dentist, 4 Florence Place
Robinson, Anthony, grocer, 114 Newcastle Street
Robinson, Annie, hardware merchant, 345 Woodstock Road
Robinson, Arthur, joiner, 83 Bright Street
Robinson, Arthur, brick layer, 8 Wimbledon Street
Robinson, A., brass finisher, 17 Major Street
Robinson, A., brass finisher, 31 Twickenham Street
Robinson, A. J., dentist, 190 Albertbridge Road
Robinson, A. T., dress maker, 173 Lodge Road Old
Robinson, A. T., provision merchant, 37 Great Edward Street and 10 Rumford Street
Robinson, A. T., mineral water factory, 9, 11 Downing Street
Robinson, J., Barrett, & Barcroft, architects and civil engineers, 1 Lombard Street
Robinson, Ben., tailor, 70 Farnham Street
Robinson Bros., stationers, book binders and lithographers, 25 Donegall Street; res., Saml. Robinson, Rokeby, Bawnmore Road
Robinson, Chas., secretary, 5 Sandford Avenue
Robinson, Danl., furniture remover, 7 Malcolm Lane
Robinson, Danl., dealer, 3 Wall Street
Robinson, David, painter, 88 Urney Street
Robinson, D., coal dealer, 20 Woodstock Road
Robinson, Edwd., carpenter, 6 Salisbury Terrace, Ligoniel Road
Robinson, Eleanor, draper, 335 Shankill Road
Robinson, E., tinsmith, 80 Cambria Street
Robinson, E., steward, 5 Cairn's Buildings, Crumlin Road
Robinson, E. A., (of Robinson & Cleaver, Ltd.), Terrace Hill, Shaw's Bridge
Robinson, E. G., journalist, 1 Ashville, Inver Avenue
Robinson, Fred., provision merchant, 3 Belmont Church Road
Robinson, F. C., provision merchants, 153, 153a York Street
Robinson, Geo., millwright, 1 Cullingtree Street
Robinson, Geo., steward, 43 Devonshire Street
Robinson, Geo., time keeper, 108 Crumlin Road
Robinson, Geo., 51 Rugby Road
Robinson, G., brass moulder, 108 Glenwood Street
Robinson, G., bookkeeper, 40 Clifton Crescent
Robinson, Harold (of Robinson & Cleaver), Lismara, Whitehouse
Robinson, Henry, Lairton, Annadale Avenue
Robinson, Henry, painter, 121 Utility Street
Robinson, Henry, bookkeeper, 19 Alloa Street
Robinson, Henry, coal merchant, 7 Ballymoney Street
Robinson, Hugh, cabinet maker, 63 Stratheden Street
Robinson, Hugh, 84 Corporation Street
Robinson, Hugh, butcher, 24 Dewey Street
Robinson, Hugh, compositor, 30 Shaftesbury Avenue
Robinson, Hugh, bread server, 67 Greenore Street
Robinson, H., brick layer, 8 Stroud Street
Robinson, H., warehouseman, Andersonstown
Robinson, H., moulder, 61 Fortwilliam Parade
Robinson, H., compositor, 36 Shaftesbury Avenue
Robinson, H., temperance hotel, 82 Donegall Street
Robinson, H., engineer, 80 Corporation Street
Robinson, H. C., linen merchant, Bawnmore, Whitewell Road
Robinson, H. H., blacksmith, 56 London Street
Robinson, H. M., Elsinore Lennoxvale
Robinson, Isaiah, 31 Rossmore Avenue
Robinson, Isaac, tinsmith, 80 Cambrai Street
Robinson, James, smith, 5 Laganview Street
Robinson, James, tailor, 1 Willowfield Gardens
Robinson, James, 13 Ashmore Street
Robinson, James, plater, 35 Austin Street
Robinson, Jane, Castledona, Knockbreda Road
Robinson, Jas., engraver, 32 Stranmillis Street
Robinson, Jas., hackle maker, 29 Lee Street
Robinson, Jas., cooper, 16 London Street
Robinson, Jas., fitter, 104 Killowen Street
Robinson, Jas., sail maker, 9 Fleet Street
Robinson, Jas., R.I.C., 55 Ulsterville Gardens
Robinson, Jas., cloth finisher, 495 Donegall Road
Robinson, Jas., Corporation official, 7 Albertville Drive
Robinson, Jas., coal merchant, 21, 23 Ballymoney Street
Robinson, Jas., insurance agent, 6 Lime Street
Robinson, Jas., joiner, 52 Hogarth Street
Robinson, Jas., linen finisher, 29 Donegall Avenue
Robinson, Jas., painter, 88 North Parade
Robinson, Jas., sail maker, 9 Fleet Street
Robinson, Jas., clerk, 54 Heather Street
Robinson, Jas., moulder, 5 Wigton Street
Robinson, Jas., bross moulder, 13 Ashmore Street (brass)
Robinson, John, foreman, 47 Moneyrea Street
Robinson, John, traveller, 21 Deramore Avenue
Robinson, John, butcher, 105 Fortwilliam Parade
Robinson, John, gilder, 13 Great Northern Street
Robinson, John, clerk, 25 St. Ives Gardens
Robinson, John, joiner, 65 Berlin Street
Robinson, John, bread server, 13 Elaine Street
Robinson, John, sea captain, 14 Rossmore Avenue
Robinson, John, clerk, 7 Salisbury Street
Robinson, John, joiner, 35 Bloomfield Avenue
Robinson, John, brick layer, 106 Clementine Street
Robinson, John, traveller, 220 Conway Street
Robinson, John, gas inspector, 49 Palestine Street
Robinson, John, tailor, 9 Fisherwick Place
Robinson, John, coachsmith, 77 City Street
Robinson, John, painter, 220 Conway Street
Robinson, J., cloth finisher, 45 Meadow Street Upper
Robinson, John J., 47 Cliftonville Road; sec., York Street Flax Spinning Co. Ltd.
Robinson, Joseph, cycle mechanic, 58 Hartley Street
Robinson, Jos., insurance agent, 45 Denmark Street
Robinson, Jos., traveller, 22 Wescott Street (Westcott)
Robinson, Jos., iron turner, 202a Crumlin Road
Robinson, Jos., fitter, 17 Maymount Street
Robinson, Jos., tenter, 26 Matchett Street
Robinson, J., Glenside Park, Knockbreda Road
Robinson, J., bread server, 13 Elaine Street
Robinson, J., gardener, 33 St. Alban's Gardens
Robinson, J., brass moulder, 4 Boyne Street
Robinson, J., 6 Osborne Terrace, Lisburn Road
Robinson, J., hair dresser, 16 York Street
Robinson, J., grocer, 286 Newtownards Road Upper
Robinson, J., inspector G.N.R., 49 Lisburn Road
Robinson, J., moulder, 20 Cumberland Street
Robinson, J. B., dispensing chemist, 137 Antrim Road; res., 2 Duncairn Avenue
Robinson, J. C. G., Myrobella, Charnwood Avenue
Robinson, J., & Co., brass founders, electrical, heating and general engineers, 18, 20 Library Street
Robinson, J. E., bookkeeper, 102 Durham Street
Robinson, J. J., linen lapper, Harryville House, Kelvin Parade
Robinson, J. R., school master, 10 Jocelyn Street
Robinson, J., & Sons, granite, marble and stone merchants and monumental sculptors, 46 York Street
Robinson, K., fitter, 32 Roe Street
Robinson, L. H., dental surgeon, 23 Donegall Place
Robinson, Mary, dealer, 12 John Street
Robinson, Mary Ann, Fernlea, Kingsmere Avenue
Robinson, Mary E., 144 Madrid Street
Robinson, Matilda, 191 Ainsworth Avenue
Robinson, Miss, artist, 26 Garfield Chambers
Robinson, Miss, dress maker, 240 Duncairn Gardens
Robinson, Miss, dress maker, 36 Coolderry Street
Robinson, Moore, blacksmith, 47 Sandy Row
Robinson, Mrs., Ratheane, Windsor Park
Robinson, Mrs., Servant's Registry, Tate's Chambers, Lower Garfield Street
Robinson, Mrs., 2 Hatfield Street
Robinson, Mrs., 2 Marlborough Park Terrace, Lisburn Road
Robinson, Mrs., principal of Island National School, Island Street
Robinson, Mrs., 98 Mountpottinger Road
Robinson, Mrs., 40 Irwin Avenue
Robinson, Mrs., 175 Manor Street
Robinson, Mrs., 135 Alexandrapark Avenue
Robinson, Mrs. Martha, 48 St. Ive's Gardens
Robinson, Mrs., Mulderg, Osborne Park
Robinson, Mrs. Sarah, Donard, 1 Cedar Avenue
Robinson, Mrs. S., 28 Templemore Avenue
Robinson, Mrs. W. E., 36 Cyprus Avenue
Robinson, M., wire worker, 8 Roosevelt Street
Robinson, Richard, fitter, 18 Roosevelt Street
Robinson, Richard, clerk, 77 Victoria Gardens
Robinson, Richard, foreman, 38 Leitrim Street
Robinson, Rennick, & Co., fancy linen manufacturers, 19 Bedford Street
Robinson, Robt., brass finisher, 23 Ambleside Street
Robinson, Robt., coal merchant, Eva Cottage, Shankill Road
Robinson, Robt., driller, 259 Ravenhill Avenue
Robinson, Robt., tailor, 27 Magnetic Street
Robinson, Robt., 140 Madrid Street
Robinson, Robt., railway guard, 1 Symons Street
Robinson, Robt., tailor, 61 Theodore Street
Robinson, Robt., brick layer, 23 Jaffa Street
Robinson, Robt., cabinet maker, 42 Melrose Street
Robinson, Robt., moulder, 54 Tenth Street
Robinson, Robt., cabinet maker, 109 Agnes Street
Robinson, Robt., bookkeeper, 9 Crescent Upper
Robinson, Robt., draughtsman, 16 Pollard Street
Robinson, R., engine driver, 26 Ardenvohr Street
Robinson, R., butcher, 110 Nelson Street
Robinson, R., brass finisher, 31 Twickenham Street
Robinson, R., spinning master, 26 Eastland Street
Robinson, R. J., dairyman, 21, 23 Mountjoy Street
Robinson, Samuel, wood turner, 172 Cupar Street
Robinson, Samuel, printer and stationer, 26 Bawnmore Road
Robinson, Saml., iron merchant, 3 Mayo Street
Robinson, Saml., N.S. teacher, 18 Camberwell Street
Robinson, Saml., engineer, 98 Hatton Drive
Robinson, Saml. G., traveller, 25 Adelaide Avenue
Robinson, Saml. Jas., preparing master, 5 Dewey Street
Robinson, Sarah Jane, 122 Duncairn Gardens
Robinson, Sarah, 349 Newtownards Road
Robinson, Sarah, 146 Earl Street
Robinson, S., electrician, 49 Fallswater Street
Robinson, S., gardener, 32 Banbury Street
Robinson, S., damask mounter, 21 Raleigh Street
Robinson, S. A. (of Belfast Banking Co. ), Brazeel, Barnett's Road
Robinson, S. J., grocer, 231 Shankill Road
Robinson, S. J., grocer, 1 Fort Eden, Ballygomartin Road
Robinson, Thos., plasterer, 32 Sandown Road
Robinson, Thos., moulder, 88 Selby Street
Robinson, Thos., saddler, 36 Perth Street
Robinson, Thos., iron moulder, 4 Kenbaan Street
Robinson, Thos., driller, 98 Mountcollyer Street
Robinson, Thos., cabinet maker, 54 Southport Street
Robinson, T., painter, 9 Canning Street
Robinson, T., machine man, Elmgrove Lodge
Robinson, T. H., newsagent, 135 Sandy Row
Robinson, T. R., principal St. George's N.S., Victoria Street
Robinson, Walter, joiner, 80 Palestine Street
Robinson, W., cloth passer, 101 Bristol Street
Robinson, Wm., overlooker, 104 Palmer Street
Robinson, Wm., joiner, 39 Jersey Street
Robinson, Wm., joiner, 164 Queen Street North
Robinson, Wm., china merchant, 16 Donegall Road
Robinson, Wm., boot maker, 89 Burnaby Street
Robinson, Wm., designer and embroiderer
Robinson, Wm., upholsterer, 28 Kendal Street
Robinson, Wm., publican, 38, 40 Great Victoria Street
Robinson, Wm., guard, 18 Brunswick Street Little
Robinson, Wm., coachman, 46 Raby Street
Robinson, Wm., tailor, 114 Durham Street
Robinson, Wm., textile designer and embroiderer, 19 Bedford Street
Robinson, Wm., driller, 19 Wauchope Street
Robinson, Wm., tramway depot, Shore Road
Robinson, Wm., engineer, 74 Church Street East
Robinson, Wm., carpenter, 179 Snugville Street
Robinson, Wm., 1q26 Woodstock Road
Robinson, William E., school teacher, Ashville, Glastonbury Avenue
Robinson, Wm. H., fitter, 49 Hatton Drive
Robinson, Wm. J., dealer, 1 Forester Street
Robinson, Wm. J., hairdresser, 1 Raglan Street
Robinson, W., tailor, 114 Durham Street
Robinson, W., tram conductor, 1 Rockville Street
Robinson, W., newsagent, 167 York Street
Robinson, W., carpenter, 32 Athens Street
Robinson, W., turner, 49 Everton Street
Robinson, W. H., fitter, 49 Hillman Street
Robinson, W. J., mechanic, 45 Hurst Street
Robinson, W. J., dealer, 32 Kent Street Upper
Robinson, W. J., draper's assistant, 54 Cromwell Road
Robinson, W. R., customs officer, Beltrees, Green Road
Robinson, W. T., grocer, 188 Roden Street
Robinson & Cleaver Ltd., Royal Irish Linen Warehouse, 36 to 42 Donegall Place and 22 Adelaide Street
Robinson & Jeffrey, plumbers, 63a Ormeau Road
Robinson & Newett, stock and share brokers, 61 Royal Avenue
Robson, A. D., 9 Stranmillis Road
Robson, Chas. A., 329 Antrim Road
Robson, Jas., plasterer, 231 Newtownards Road Upper
Robson, John, Ltd., Cattle Auction Mart, Stewart Street
Robson, John, fireman, 7 Derlett Street
Robson, John, Ltd., Royal Victoria Horse and Carriage Bazaar, Live Stock, Sale and Commission Agents, Saddles and Harness Stocked, Real Estate and Chattel Auctioneers and Valuers, 31 to 35 Chichester Street - Thomas E. McConnell, Director; Res., 81 University Street
Robson, R., spirit grocer, Greencastle
Robson, Thos., sawyer, 20 Austin Street
Robson, Wm. Thos., joiner, 33 Kerrsland Crescent, Beersbridge Road Upper
Roche, J. T., cashier, 300 Greenville Terrace, Beersbridge Road Upper
Roche, Mary, 30 Gloucester Street
Roche, W. J., manufacturer of linen and cambric handkerchiefs, 5 Donegall Square South; res., 346 Fortwilliam Terrace, Antrim Road
Rochester, Geo., iron turner, 34 Reid Street
Rochester, Jas., foreman turner, 184 Ravenhill Avenue
Rock, Fras., com. traveller, 27 Deramore Street
Rock, Fras., clerk, 48 Calvin Street
Rock, Geo., Scripture reader, 27 Salisbury Street
Rock, John, fancy goods merchant, 2 The Laurels, Cliftonville Circus
Rock, John, & Son, music and fancy goods store, 106 North Street
Rock, Mrs., 55 Carlisle Street
Rocke, S. D., shop assistant, 102 Templemore Avenue
Rocks, Jas., coal dealer, 85 Hooker Street
Rocks, Mary, 177 Springfield Road
Rocks, Patk., joiner, 22 St. Kilda Street
Rocks, Patk., coal dealer, 99 Gracehill Street
Roden Bros., flax, tow and waste merchants, 9 George's Street Great
Roden, J., flax, tow and waste merchant, 7 Wilton Square South
Rodden, Wm., general secretary National Society Prevention of Cruelty to Children and secretary of Whitewell Tramways, 7 Adelaide Street; res., 107 Lisburn Road
Roddick, Arthur, sawyer, 6 Conduit Street
Roddie, Mrs., 4 Stranmillis Park
Roddie, Robt., clerk, 155 Dunluce Avenue
Roddy, A., boiler maker, 39 Finvoy Street
Roddy, John, stone cutter, 22 Dagmar Street
Rodger, Miss Eliza, 124 Duncairn Street
Rodger, M., foreman joiner, 68 Mountpottinger Road
Rodger, Wm., engineer, 108 Tate's Avenue
Rodger, Wm. J., checker, 39 Agra Street
Rodger, Wm. J., shipwright, 58 Ruth Street
Rodgers, Agnes, 9 George's Terrace,  Castlereagh Street
Rodgers, A. S., designer, Ardmara, Cardigan Drive
Rodgers, Andw., shunter, 36 Ashburne Street
Rodgers, Chas., sail maker, 176 Upper Meadow Street
Rodgers, David, horse shoer, 53 Jaffa Street
Rodgers, David, res. sec. National Provincial Assurance Co. Ltd., 1 Deveney Chambers, 7 North Street
Rodgers, D., boiler maker, 65 Avon Street
Rodgers, Edgar, director of Murray, Sons & Co. Ltd., Earlswood, Earlswood Road
Rodgers, Edward, inspector of telegraph messengers, Glenmount, Glen Road
Rodgers, Edwd., coalman, 2 Barrow Street
Rodgers, Eliza, confectioner, 79 Beersbridge Road
Rodgers, Elizabeth, milliner, 122 and 124 Shankill Road
Rodgers, F., 17 Oakland Avenue
Rodgers, George, manager, 16 Kansas Avenue
Rodgers, Geo., victualler, 1a Mill Street
Rodgers, Geo., boiler maker, 66 Mersey Street
Rodgers, Geo., joiner, 40 Carmel Street
Rodgers, Geo., manager, 3 Stranmillis Gardens
Rodgers, Gordon, grocer, 103 Beechfield Street
Rodgers, Hood, linen manufacturer, Earlswood, Earlswood Road
Rodgers, Hugh, book binder, 139 Meadow Street Upper
Rodgers, Hugh, fitter, 107 Canning Street Upper
Rodgers, Hugh, engineer, 20 Roundhill Street
Rodgers, James (of Skegoniel Brick Co.), 24 Skegoniel Avenue
Rodgers, James, spring mattress maker, 46 Enfield Street
Rodgers, James, engineer, 4 Ravenhill Street
Rodgers, James, spirit grocer, 25 Syringa Street
Rodgers, James G., branch insurance manager, Rose Lodge, Cregagh Road
Rodgers, James, J.P., & Co., tea merchants, 267 Antrim Road
Rodgers, Jas., shipwright, 18 Evelyn Avenue
Rodgers, Jas., district manager the Century Insurance Co. Ltd., 2, 3 Deveney Chambers, North Street
Rodgers, Jas., coal merchant, 6 Hamilton Place
Rodgers, Jas., carpenter, 76 Meadow Street
Rodgers, Jas., baker, 45 Coolderry Street
Rodgers, James, & Son, accountants and auditors, 2, 3 Deveney Chambers, North Street
Rodgers, John, 1 Baltic Avenue
Rodgers, John, boiler maker, 7 Saunders Street
Rodgers, John, clerk, 21 Lisburn Avenue
Rodgers, John, carpenter, 32 Ship Street
Rodgers, John, warehouseman, 6 Elm Street
Rodgers, John, traveller, 91 Vernon Street
Rodgers, John, clerk, 8 Scott Street
Rodgers, John, comp., 220 Donegall Avenue
Rodgers, John, commercial traveller, 6 Meadowbank Street
Rodgers, Joseph, shoe maker, 47 Beersbridge Road
Rodgers, Jos., carpenter, 57 London Street
Rodgers, Jos., boiler maker, 11 Penrith Street
Rodgers, J., master mariner, 16 Annalee Street
Rodgers, J., shipwright, 18 Evelyn Avenue
Rodgers, J., signalman, 232 Upper Meadow Street
Rodgers, J., boot maker, 42 Hawthorne Street
Rodgers, J., sail maker, 170 Nelson Street
Rodgers, J., carpenter, 4 Beit Street
Rodgers, J. J., violinist, 7 Halliday's Road
Rodgers, Martin, R.I.C., 69 Crosscollyer Street
Rodgers, Miss Anna, 127 Fitzroy Avenue
Rodgers, Miss E., draper, 154 Sandy Row
Rodgers, Mary, 22 Sandhurst Gardens
Rodgers, Mrs., grocer, 45 Townsend Street
Rodgers, Mrs., 146 Hyndford Street Upper
Rodgers, Mrs., caretaker, 61 Royal Avenue
Rodgers, Mrs. E. J., 15 Frank Street Upper
Rodgers, Mrs. Jane, 64 Maryville Street
Rodgers, Mrs. Margaret 9 College Gardens
Rodgers, M., publican, 106 Donegall Street
Rodgers, M., foreman, 68 Mountpottinger Road
Rodgers, Nathaniel G., toll collector, 70 Bentinck Street
Rodgers, Peter, painter, 20 Clonard Street Lower
Rodgers, Rev. Thos., minister Ulsterville Presbyterian Church, 111 Malone Avenue
Rodgers, Robt., boiler maker, 129 Parkgate Avenue
Rodgers, Robt., chief inspector Belfast City Tramways, 28 Virginia Street
Rodgers, Robt., insurance agent, 76 Belmont Avenue
Rodgers, Robert, draughtsman, 49 Ponsonby Avenue
Rodgers, R., tailor, 27 Ulsterdale Street
Rodgers, R., manager, 7 Lowwood Terrace, Shore Road
Rodgers, R. D., toll collector, 7 Bentinck Street
Rodgers, Sam, salesman, 21 Silvio Street
Rodgers, Saml., tenter, 41 My Lady's Road
Rodgers, Thos., musical instrument maker and dealer, 9 Divis Street
Rodgers, Thos., carpenter, 11 Essex Street
Rodgers, Thos., fitter, 50 Sidney Street West
Rodgers, Thos. Henry, fruiterer, 60 Albertbridge Road
Rodgers, T. J., postman, 48 Oldpark Avenue
Rodgers, Wm., bread server, 33 Pomona Avenue
Rodgers, Wm., engineer, 6 Dublin Street
Rodgers, Wm., boiler maker, 33 Baskin Street
Rodgers, Wm., sexton, 2 Albion Street
Rodgers, W. K., clerk, 18 St. Ive's Gardens
Rodgerson, Geo., cooper, 188 Ormeau Road
Rodman, William & Co. Limited, Heraldic and General Stationers, Fancy Goods Warehouse, Print sellers, Gilders, Picture Frame Makers and Photographic Materials Depot, 41 Donegall Place; Works, 26 Fountain Street; residence, William Rodman, Riverside, Holywood
Roe, Fras., draughtsman, 86 Mountcollyer Street
Roe, George, brick layer, 24 Springfield Parade
Roe, Mary, 30 Avonbeg Street
Roe, Wm., shoe maker, 94 Emerson Street
Rogan, A., clerk, 388 Oldpark Road
Rogan Bros., boot and shoe warehouse, 39, 41, 43 Antrim Road, 169, 171 Crumlin Road, 116 and 144 Dublin Road, 93 and 95 Ormeau Road, and 91 Shankill Road
Rogan, Hugh, 290 Beersbridge Road
Rogan, James, publican, 34, 36 King Street and 40a Mill Street
Rogan, Jos., baker, 82 Blythe Street
Rogan, Miss, temperance hotel, 42, 44 Great Victoria Street
Rogan, Michael, assurance agent, 24 Springfield Road
Rogan, Mrs., Fort Cottage, Ballygomartin Road
Rogan, Mrs. C., 29 University Street
Rogan, Patk., shop assistant, 31 Damascus Street
Rogan, Patk., ship carpenter, 184 Nelson Street
Rogan, Patrick, stone mason, 53 St. Kilda Street
Rogan, Robt., baker, 158 Utility Street
Rogan, Thos., spirit grocer, 33 Swift Street
Rogan, Thos., hairdresser, 3 Abyssinia Street
Rogan, W. T., boot merchant, Air-Lawn, Malone Park
Rogers, Alfred, merchant, Tubberkyle, Upper Newtownards Road, Knock
Rogers, Edward, pawn broker, 103 Ormeau Road
Rogers, Edward, pawn brokers, 81, 83 Union Street
Rogers, Francis, silk mercer, Princethorpe, Cliftonville Road
Rogers, Fred. H. (of S. T. Maclean Ltd.), 22 Derryvolgie Avenue
Rogers, George H., stock broker, 12 Linden Gardens
Rogers, Geo., merchant, Malvern, Shandon Park
Rogers, Geo., restaurant keeper, 7 South Parade
Rogers, James, B.A., tutorial institute, 10 Royal Avenue; res., Halcombe, Rosetta Park
Rogers, Jas., carpenter, 35 Ballymoney Street
Rogers, John, 22 Derryvolgie Avenue
Rogers, John, tenter, 5 Sunwich Street
Rogers, John, J.P., Felt, Wire, Soap and Grease Manufacturer, 19, 21 Queen's Square & Belfast Felt Mills, 20 Middlepath Street; res., Eden-a-Grena, Cranmore Park
Rogers, Joseph, R.I.C., 44 Willowfield Gardens
Rogers, Jos., boiler maker, 30 Grampian Avenue
Rogers, M., publican, 106 Donegall Street
Rogers, M. M., Silk Mercer and Milliner, 118 Royal Avenue
Rogers, Paul, joiner, 15 Kilronan Street
Rogers, Richard, linen and cotton yarns, 20 Bedford Street
Rogers, Rev. J., Benmore, North Avenue, Marlborough Park
Rogers, Thos., iron turner, 42 Northumberland Street
Rogers, Wm., draper, 44 Ophir Gardens
Rogers, Wm., joiner, 32 Mountcollyer Street
Rogers, Wm., bread server, 33 Pomona Avenue
Roland, J. J., clerk, 94 Cavendish Street
Rolfe, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 49 Copperfield Street
Rolleston, Jas., sawyer, 23 Shannon Street
Rolleston, Joseph, hair dresser, 175 Queen Street North
Rolleston, M., butcher, 102 Mount Street (2)
Rolleston, M., pork cutter, 46 Lodge Road New
Rolleston, Wm., butcher, 31 Summerhill Street
Rolley, Jas., joiner, 7 Ritchie Street
Rolley, Owen, engine driver, 5 Bodel's Row. Ligoniel
Rolley, Wm., plater, 5 Canning Street
Rollins, Chas., linen business, 106 Melrose Street
Rollins, Fred., clerk, 82 Carmel Street
Rollins, H. J., tailor, 96 Dunluce Avenue
Rollins, Jane, grocer, 30 Posnett Street
Rollins, John C., commission agent, 204 Duncairn Gardens
Rollins, Mrs. Esther, 81 Agincourt Avenue
Rollins, Robt., soap maker, 32 Altcar Street
Rollins, Thompson, printer, 97 Howard Street South
Rollins, Wm., machinist, 32 Tyrone Street
Rollins, Wm., Water Office official, 116 Moltke Street
Rollins & Co., merchant tailors, 5 Windsor Buildings, North Street
Rollo, David, plater, 2 Castleton Avenue
Rolston, David, carpenter, 3 Hornby Street
Rolston, John, iron turner, 17 Connsbrook Street
Rolston, Joseph, iron turner, 6 Shaw Street
Rolston, Mrs., governess and servants' registry office, 55 Upper Arthur Street
Rolston, Robert, grocer, 31 Duncairn Gardens
Rolston, Wm., clerk, 44 Leitrim Street
Rolston, Wm., fitter, 155 Park Avenue
Ronaldson, Jas., cashier, 4 Duncairn Avenue
Roney, Chas., blacksmith, 40 Clara Street
Roney, Jas., hardware merchant, 283 Shankill Road
Rooke, Mrs. Maggie, 32 Bankmore Street
Rooke, Wm., confectioner, 260 Crumlin Road
Room, Edw. C., manager, 425 Woodstock Road
Roome, W. J. W., architect and surveyor, 27 Kingscourt, 17 Wellington Place; res., Meroc, Greenisland
Rooney, A., dealer, 2 Fleming Street
Rooney, A., boot maker, 224 Leopold Street
Rooney, A., spirit grocer, 174 Duncairn Gardens
Rooney, Bernard, joiner, 3 Singleton Street
Rooney Bros., spirit grocers and publicans, 273 Hillman Street, 75 Hogarth Street, 89 Manor Street, 2 Groomsport Street, 123 Roden Street, 3 Baltic Avenue and 1, 3 Beatrice Street
Rooney, Cormick, carpenter, 180 Leeson Street
Rooney, Denis, R.I.C., 254 Hillman Street
Rooney, Henry, joiner, 31 Foyle Street
Rooney, Henry, joiner, 16 Foyle Street
Rooney, Hugh, tailor, 59 Medway Street
Rooney, H., coach trimmer, 129 University Avenue
Rooney, James, butcher, 55 Divis Street
Rooney, Jas., clerk, 62 Servia Street
Rooney, John, dealer, 19 Riley's Place
Rooney, John, clerk, 93 Cavendish Street
Rooney, John, waiter, 55 Annadale Street
Rooney, J. P., 1 Fortwilliam View Terrace, Skegoniel Avenue
Rooney, Miss, 37 Claremount Street
Rooney, Grace, 35 Wellesley Avenue
Rooney, Mrs., 18 Willowbank Street
Rooney, Mrs., oyster rooms, 15 Winecellar Entry
Rooney, Mrs., 18 Willowbank Street
Rooney, Mrs. J., 17 Melrose Street
Rooney, Patk., spirit grocer, 65, 67 Cavendish Street
Rooney, Patk., R.I.C., 80 Excise Street
Rooney, P., spirit grocer, 2 Buckingham Street
Rooney, R., plumber, 46 Westmoreland Street
Rooney, Saml., grocer, 125 Leeson Street
Rooney, Wm., joiner, 9 Syringa Street
Rooney, Wm., car owner, 15 Catherine Street
Rooney, Wm., tailor, 11 Riley's Place
Roper, Alfred D., clerk, 232 Manor Street
Roper, Henry W., warehouseman, Lynstead, Knockdene Park
Roper, Walter, spinning master, 40 Aberdeen Street
Rorke, Chas., 15 Woodcote Avenue
Rosatio, G., refreshments, 209 Lisburn Road
Rosboro, Wm., clerk, 28 Surrey Street
Rosborough, W., pensioner, 10 Wilcar Street
Rosbotham, J., coachman, 10 Marlborough Gardens
Rosbotham, John, Avis Dene, Lansdowne Road
Rosbotham, T., butcher, 14, 16 Mabel Street
Rosbotham, T., tailor, 80 Northumberland Street
Rosbotham, Jas., shipwright, 3 Derby Street North
Rosbotham, Mary, delph and china, 167 Sandy Row
Rosbottom, A., blacksmith, 312 Cupar Street
Rosbottom, John, shoe maker, 25 Waterford Street
Rosbottom, J., car owner, 161 Lisburn Road
Rosbottom, J., ship carpenter, 3 Derby Street North
Rosbottom, J., iron turner, 109 Kilburn Street
Rosbottom, J., compositor, 17 Keswick Street
Rosbottom, John, confectioner, 135 Royal Avenue
Rosbottom, S., dairyman, 31, 33 Mayo Street
Roscoe Acetylene Gas Co., 128 and 130 York Street
Rose, A., agent, 44 Wellington Place
Rose, Rev. Arthur, M.A., 17 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Rosebank Weaving Co. Ltd., Flax Street
Roseman, Ben., painter, 38 McMaster Street
Roseman, J., plasterer, 71 Nevis Avenue
Rosemill Co., Manchester, R. Rowan, representative, 46 Arthur Street
Rosemond, Ben., brick layer, 88 Lord Street
Rosemond, David, engine driver, 181 Madrid Street
Rosenbloom, H., incandescent burners, 59 Mill Street
Rosenfield, L., draper, 104 Cliftonpark Avenue
Rosenfield, M., draper, 101 Cliftonpark Avenue
Rosenfield, Solomon, draper, 53 Atlantic Avenue
Rosenshine, John, cabinet maker, 10 Conlig Street
Rosin and Turpentine Co. Ltd., The, Sole agents for Ireland, Thos. McMullan & Co., 40 to 44 Victoria Street
Rosenwig, R., cabinet maker, 18 Conlon Street
Rosenwig, Solomon, cabinet maker, 1 Avoca Street
Rosenzweig, Rev. J., Rabbi of Jewish Synagogue, Annesley Street; res., 8 Brookhill Avenue
Ross, Alex., tailor, 2 Dunn Street
Ross, Alex., brick layer, 78 Walmer Street
Ross, Alex., carpenter, 98 Portallo Street
Ross, Alex., 8 Grampian Street
Ross, Andrew, dealer, 114 Lindsay Street
Ross, Andrew, butcher, 98a York Street
Ross, Arthur J., Old Court, Strangford
Ross Bros., Ltd., damask manufacturers, 18 Linenhall Street; factory, Bloomfield Street
Ross, Chas., dairyman, 25 Elgin Street
Ross, Danl., tailor, 32 Lady Street
Ross, David, linen manufacturer, Dundela House, Strandtown
Ross, David R. (of Durham Street Mill), Stand Lodge, Malone Road
Ross, D, M., baker, 93 Walmer Street
Ross, D., & Sons, bakers and confectioners, 159 York Street, 88 Newtownards Road, 150 Crumlin Road and 15 Albertbridge Road
Ross, Fras., dairy keeper, 44 Delhi Street
Ross, George, copper merchant, The Poplars, Barnett's Road
Ross, Henry, painter, 52 Delhi Street
Ross, Henry, law clerk, 130 Agincourt Avenue
Ross, Hugh, miller, 117a Cromac Street
Ross, Hugh (of Durham Street Factory), Northdene, 23 Adelaide Park
Ross, Hugh, boot maker, 34 Tavanagh Street
Ross, Inglis, draughtsman, 44 Irwin Avenue
Ross, Jackson, linen lapper, 21 Venice Street
Ross, James, linen finisher, 5 Ceylon Street
Ross, Jas., gardener, 13 Capstone Street
Ross, Jas., woollen merchant, Cathedral Buildings, Donegall Street
Ross, Jas., draughtsman, 13 Orient Gardens
Ross, Jas., sea captain, 4 Castleton Avenue
Ross, Jas., grocer, 156 Divis Street
Ross, Jas., engineer, 178 Queen Street North
Ross, Jas., & Son, builders and contractors, 2a Brookhill Avenue
Ross, John, coachman, 214 Salisbury Avenue
Ross, John, 70 Limestone Road
Ross, John, watch maker, 4 Donegall Road
Ross, John (Ross Bros. Ltd.), Highbury, Cadogan Park
Ross, John, ornamenter, 318 Springfield Road
Ross, John, D.I., R.I.C., 147 Cliftonpark Avenue
Ross, John, joiner, 17 Hazelnut Street
Ross, John, boiler maker, 5 Mourne Street
Ross, John, builder and contractor, 14 Cliftonville Avenue
Ross, John, blacksmith, 33 Queen Victoria Gardens
Ross, John, traveller, 70 Donegall Pass
Ross, John, engineer, 57 Oakland Avenue
Ross, Jos., provision dealer, 74 Mill Street
Ross, J. J., veterinary surgeon, 50 Gloucester Street
Ross, J. T., damask tenter, 19 Eia Street
Ross, Margaret, laundry, 2 Mourne Street
Ross, Miss, 18 Fitzwilliam Street
Ross, Miss, 164 Duncairn Gardens
Ross, Mrs., 5 Newington Avenue
Ross, Mrs., 135 Limestone Road
Ross, Mrs., 9 Spencer Street
Ross, Mrs., Donore, Cranmore Avenue
Ross, Mrs., 28 Clanchattan Street
Ross, Mrs., 4 Court Street
Ross, Mrs., 98 Dunluce Avenue
Ross, Mrs. Eliza B., 35 Brougham Street
Ross, Mrs. E., 21 Cliftonville Road
Ross, Paul, plumber, 6 Central Avenue, Marlborough Park
Ross, Peter, foreman rivetter, 8 Alexandrapark Avenue
Ross, P., boiler maker, 48 Ribble Street
Ross, Rev. John (minister Ravenhill Presbyterian Church), 234 Ravenhill Terrace, Ravenhill Road
Ross, Richard, joiner, 118 Riga Street
Ross, Robert, butcher, 43 Island Street
Ross, Robert, pawnbroker, 4 Ranfurly Drive
Ross, Robert, butcher, 61 St. Leonard Street
Ross, R., cutter, 38 Penrith Street
Ross, R. J., N.S.T., 24 Cromwell Road
Ross, Samuel, carpenter, 62 Tennent Street
Ross, Samuel, solicitor, 5 Arthur Chambers, 10 Arthur Street; res., Helen's Bay
Ross, Samuel, contractor, Seymour Lane; grains and slummage, 104a Cromac Street; res., Cherryvale, Maryville Park
Ross, S., plasterer, 5 Ayr Street
Ross, S., clerk, Edgeley, Taunton Avenue
Ross, Thos., confectioner, 144 Lodge Road Old
Ross, Thos. H., driller, 82 Tennent Street
Ross, Wm., brick layer, 79 Rosevale Street
Ross, Wm., carpenter, 134 Mervue Street
Ross, Wm., foreman, 21 Park Parade
Ross, Wm., draper, 23 Twickenham Street
Ross, Wm., joiner, 68 James Street
Ross, Wm., bookkeeper, 665 Lisburn Road
Ross, Wm., joiner, 35 Belvoir Street
Ross, Wm., carpenter, 27 Rosebery Street
Ross, Wm. A., barrister-at-law, 22 Rossmore Avenue
Ross, Wm. A., & Sons Ltd., Ginger Ale, Aerated and Mineral Water Manufacturers, 13 to 19 William Street South; Factory, Montgomery Street
Ross, Wm. J., account collector, 427 Woodstock Road
Ross, W., fruiterer, 76 Cromac Street
Ross, W. J., grocer, Finaghy, Lisburn Road
Ross, Wm., & Co. Ltd., Clonard Mill, flax and tow spinners, Odessa Street
Ross & Co., agents for typewriting supplies, 33 Bridge Street
Ross & Co., brass founders, plumbers, electricians, etc., 67 King Street
Ross & Irwin, yarn merchants, 4 Howard Street
Rossi, F., ice cream vendor, 45, 47 Donegall Road
Rossi, F., refreshments, 29 North Street
Rossie, P., hotel boots, 37 Pretoria Street
Rossington, Rev. W. J., Ardeevin, Cadogan Park
Rossmore, Lord, Rossmore Park, Monaghan
Rotary Club, Belfast; secretary's office, 15a Donegall Place
Rothwell, A., R.I.C., 49 Castlereagh Place
Rothwell, Wm., R.I.C., 1 Merkland Street
Rottger, E., hairdresser, 8 Bedford Street
Roulston, Stewart, 117 Fitzroy Avenue
Rountree, Alex., grocer and provision merchant, 154 York Street
Rountree, Francis, upholsterer, 25 Beechfield Street
Rountree, Thos., clerk, 58 Roseleigh Street
Rourke, Alex., brush maker, 278 Crimea Street
Rourke, Mrs. Ellen, 264 Grosvenor Road
Row, Jas., R.I.C., 23 Belmont Avenue West
Rowan, Jas., manager, 236 Hillman Street
Rowan, John, baker, 42 York Street Little
Rowan, Jos., manager, 221 Templemore Avenue
Rowan, Peter, chartered accountant, Scottish Temperance Assurance Buildings, 16 Donegall Square South; res., Rivene, Kensington Road
Rowan, Robt., painter, 271 Newtownards Road Upper
Rowan, Robt., representative Rosevale Mill Co., Manchester, 46 Arthur Street
Rowan, Saml., linen merchant, Lindsay Villa, Marlborough Park, Cross Avenue
Rowan, S., provision merchant, 14 Battenberg Street
Rowan, Thos., wireman, 21, 23 Library Street Upper
Rowan, Wm., prov. merchant, 201 Shankill Road, and 98 Woodvale Road
Rowan, Wm., 26 Victoria Road
Rowan, Wm., moulder, 27 Madras Street
Rowan, Wm., librarian, 28 Hardcastle street
Rowand, John, ribbon buyer, 55 Haypark Avenue
Rowantree, Arthur W., auctioneer, 22 Smithfield
Rowantree, Richd., clerk, 22 Kingscourt Street
Rowantree, Thos., confectioner, 95 Crumlin Road
Rowberry, M., spirit grocer, 48, 50 Westmoreland Street
Rowe, Jas., R.I.C., 23 Belmont Avenue West
Rowe, Jas., R.I.C., 22 Ferguson's Drive
Rowe, John, manager, 118 Rugby Avenue
Rowe, John, dining rooms, 22, 24 Gamble Street
Rowland, J., ex-R.I.C., 18 Bread Street East
Rowlett, John, clerk, 15 St. Alban's Gardens
Rowley, Owen, engine driver, 5 Bodel's Row, Ligoniel Road
Rowley, Wm., blacksmith, 27 Carlisle Street
Rowley, Wm. M., Ticket Writer, 22 Rosemary Street
Rowley, W., general smith, 23 Corporation Square
Rowlinson, R., accountant, 37 Sandymount Street
Rowney, James, baker, 60 Glenwood Street
Rowney, John, joiner, 14 Kimberley Street
Rowney, R., plumber, 46 Westmoreland Street
Rowney, Thos., iron turner, 51 Glenwood Street
Rowse, R., boiler maker, 22 Moffett Street
Roy, Albert, joiner, 5 Alexandrapark Avenue
Roy, Alex., clerk, 21 Trainfield Street
Roy, Alex., boiler maker, 6 Thorn Street
Roy, Chas., yarn agent, 31 Franklin Street
Roy, Chas. T., salesman, 2 Rossmore Avenue
Roy, D., brass finisher, 16 Tower Street
Roy, George, bookkeeper, 11 Pacific Avenue
Roy, James, foreman, 97 Crimea Street
Roy, Jas., engine driver, 116 Duncairn Gardens
Roy, John, 5, 7 Evelyn Avenue
Roy, Mrs. Sarah, 19 Baltic Street
Roy, Mrs. Annie, 22 Canning Street
Roy, Mrs., 47 Fitzwilliam Street
Roy, Mrs. Annie, dress maker, 17 Eia Street
Roy, Mrs. Mary, 42 Castlereagh Street
Roy, Robert, fitter, 37 Oakland Avenue
Roy, Samuel, gardener, 42 Rathcool Street
Roy, Simpson, joiner, 7 Listowel Street
Roy, T., dealer, 104 Madrid Street
Roy, Wesley, paper merchant, 37 Bedford Street
Roy, Wm., iron moulder, 14 Carrington Street
Roy, Wm., foreman boiler maker, 72 Castlereagh Street
Roy, Wm., warehouseman, 20 Stranmillis Gardens
Royal Belfast Academical Institution, R. M. Jones, principal, College Square East
Royal Co-operative Collecting Society, 133 Royal Avenue
Royal Finance Co., 138 North Street
Royal Hippodrome, Victoria Street Great
Royal Hotel, 11 Wellington Place
Royal Insurance Co. Ltd., Fire Life and Accidents, 63 Royal Avenue
Royal Liver Friendly Society, James McCoubrey, district manager, 103 Donegall Street; branch, 33 Bridge End, Wm. Morgan, manager
Royal Loan Bank, The, J. Goldring, manager, 2 Hill Street
Royal Permanent Building Society - R. Seeds & Son, secretaries, 114 Royal Avenue
Royal Studio, photographers, 79 Royal Avenue
Royal Ulster Agricultural Society, Balmoral, Lisburn Road - Kenneth MacRae, secretary; office, Balmoral
Royal Ulster Dairy, 214, 216 Shankill Road
Royal Victoria Hospital, Grosvenor Road - Dr. H. Black, extern surgeon; Dr. P. Gaffikin, extern physician; Dr. R. W. Vint and Dr. W. Stevenson, house physicians; Dr. W. Anderson and Dr. Haydock, house surgeons; James McM. Cole, pharmaceutical chemist; Lieut.-Col. A. Deane, superintendent; James Davidson, chairman; R. M. Young, J.P., Rathvarna, hon. secretary; John Tate, Rantalard, Whitehouse, hon. treasurer
Royle, Saml., iron turner, 47 Witham Street
Ruben, Maurice, furniture dealer, 54 Crumlin Road
Ruckman, Wm. M., postman, 18 Bethany Street
Rudge, A. C., plater, 17 Grace Avenue
Rudge Whitworth Ltd., George M. Gladstone, Ulster manager, 111 Donegall Street
Rudd, Arthur, moulder, 57 Richardson Street
Rudd, R. H., insurance official, 32 Evelyn Gardens
Rudd, T. H., manager, 11 Dundela Park
Ruddell, James, builder, 139, 141 Manor Street
Ruddell, Jas., upholsterer, 41 Upper Townsend Street
Ruddell, Joseph, dealer, 86 Donegall Avenue
Ruddell, Jos., dairyman, 166 Utility Street
Ruddell, J., pattern maker, 7 Pansy Street
Ruddell, Nelson, 9 Park Avenue
Ruddell, Wm., fitter, 153 Madrid Street
Ruddell, Harvey, & Co., timber, slate, and tile merchants, 58 to 64 Corporation Street
Ruddick, David, Refuge agent, 17 Ridgeway Street
Ruddick, Dinah, 25 Charles Street South
Ruddick, Jas., fitter, 39 Surrey Street
Ruddick, John, spinning master, 155 Leopold Street
Ruddick, John, collector, 17 Ridgeway Street
Ruddick, John, draper, 218 Newtownards Road
Ruddick, Sam., fitter, 29 Colvil Street
Ruddick & Fleming, butchers, 269 Newtownards Road
Ruddock, D., confectioner, 30 Woodstock Road
Ruddock, Henry, shipwright, 30 Holycroft Avenue
Ruddock, Mrs. Elizabeth, 19 Spencer Street
Ruddy, Mrs., 58 Rugby Avenue
Ruddy, R., checker, 11 Balfour Avenue
Rugby Road Lawn Tennis Club, Rugby Road
Rules, Robt., sweep, 1 Conlig Street
Rumley, J. D., tea agent, 27 Victoria Street
Rumley, W. H., Oakfield House, Jocelyn Gardens
Rundle, Harris, optician, 4 Maryville Park
Running, W., harbour constable, 63 Gainsborough Drive
Rush, Dennis, car owner, 2 and 4 Ross Street
Rush, Fred., cork cutter, 283 Grosvenor Road
Rush, Hugh, painter, 69 Eureka Street
Rush, Hugh, game keeper, 60 London Street
Rush, James, engine driver, 41 Rathmore Street
Rush, Jas., brick layer, 33 Granville Street
Rush, John, pastry baker, 6 Rosebery Street
Rush, John, Dalhia Lodge, Andersonstown
Rush, John, tailor, 2 Russell Street
Rusk, A., mechanic tailor, 69 Donegall Street
Rusk, James, linen merchant, 3 Coromilla, Cavehill Road
Rusk, John, B.A., M.B., 188 Antrim Road
Rusk, Samuel, caretaker Forth River, Ballygomartin Road
Rusk, Walter, clothier, 264 Antrim Road
Rusk, Wm., farmer, Martinville, Malone Road
Russel, Joseph, sexton Elmwood Avenue
Russell, Alex., millwright, 15 Loftus Street
Russell, Alex., joiner, 74 Bryson Street
Russell, Alex., millwright, 15 Loftus Street
Russell, Alfred, draper, 344 Woodstock Road
Russell, Arthur, 75 Gainsborough Drive
Russell, A., linen lapper, 8 Gordon Terrace, Agincourt Avenue
Russell, A., merchant tailor, 83 Dublin Road
Russell, A., tailor, 33 Sandhurst Drive
Russell, Ben., R.I.C., 31 Fallswater Street
Russell, Captain Geo., 37 Tate's Avenue
Russell, Chas., gardener, 10 Lindsay Street
Russell, C. W., manager, 192 Earlswood Road
Russell, David, core maker, 157 Silvio Street
Russell, Edward, engineer, 37 Greenville Road
Russell, Edwd., fitter, 374 Beersbridge Road
Russell, Eliza, 25 Agincourt Street
Russell, E., master mariner, Brooke Villa, Upper Beersbridge Road
Russell, Fredk., steward, 3 Alloa Street
Russell, Geo., engine driver, 39 Glenrosa Street
Russell, Henry, engineer, 15 Bathgate Drive
Russell, Henry, publican, 106, 108 M'Tier Street
Russell, Henry, commercial traveller, Villette, King's Road
Russell, Henry, wine and spirit merchant, 198, 200 Conway Street
Russell, Hugh, baker, 79 Walmer Street
Russell, H., grocer, 1 & 3 Buckingham Street
Russell, Jas., linen lapper, 37 Auburn Street
Russell, Jas., butcher, 14 Madrid Street
Russell, Jas., tobacconist, 203 York Street
Russell, Jas., coach trimmer, 15 Farnham Street
Russell, Jas., engineer, 9 Beechwood Street
Russell, Jas., 131 Park Avenue
Russell, John, carpenter, 5 Urney Street
Russell, John, cloth passer, 29 Dover Street
Russell, John, 30 Frank Street
Russell, John, cabinet maker, 34 Dunraven Avenue
Russell, John, confectioner, 1 Glenrosa Street South
Russell, John, clerk, 37 Cooke Street
Russell, John, shoe maker, 12 Springview Street
Russell, J., hairdresser, 3 Cuba Street
Russell, J., spirit grocer, 64 to 68 Mayo Street
Russell, J., detective, 24 Delhi Street
Russell, J. H. L., civil engineer, Board of Public Works, Clifton, Holywood Road
Russell, J. R., traveller, St. Margaret's, 34 Windsor Park
Russell, J. S., & Co., wholesale confectioners, 7 Divis Street
Russell, J. W., 9 University Square
Russell, Margaret, 235 Crumlin Road
Russell, Margaret, 15 Alloa Street
Russell, Margaret, 67 Madrid Street
Russell, Matthew, salesman, 43 Castlereagh Place
Russell, Miss, fruiterer, 185 Ormeau Road
Russell, Mrs., draper, 133, 135 Agnes Street
Russell, Mrs., 17 Walnut Street
Russell, Mrs., furniture dealer, 103 Smithfield Market
Russell, Mrs., 37 Wyndham Street
Russell, Mrs., 151 Agnes Street
Russell, Mrs., 8 Agra Street
Russell, Mrs. C., 140 My Lady's Road
Russell, Mrs. E., 31 Brookhill Avenue
Russell, Mrs. L., 1 Glendore, Glenburn Park
Russell, Mrs. M. L., 21 College Gardens
Russell, M., salesman, 43 Castlereagh Place
Russell, Nelson, estate agent and property broker, agent for the Norwich Union Fire and Life Insurance Co., plate-glass, accident, employers' liability and burglary insurance, 64 Royal Avenue; res., Strathmore, Clonevin, Lisburn
Russell, Norwood, tenter, 96 Clonard Gardens
Russell, Patk., shoe maker, 18 Odessa Street
Russell, Patk., slater, 27 Plevna Street
Russell, Rev. G. F., B.A., 74 Station Road
Russell, Robert, butcher, 57 Connsbrook Avenue No. 2
Russell, Robert, The Majestic Boot House, 53 Victoria Street
Russell, Robt., bread server, 37 Cherryville Street
Russell, Robt., Ulster Bank, 80 Eglantine Avenue
Russell, Robt., brush maker, 15 Braemar Street
Russell, Robt., gardener, 36 Ballycastle Street
Russell, Rowley, traveller, 79 Myrtlefield Park
Russell, R., tailor, 33 Sandhurst Drive
Russell, R. A., rate collector, City Hall
Russell, R., carpenter, 244 Lodge Road Old
Russell, R., & Co., linen manufacturers and merchants, 29 Bedford Street
Russell, Saml., station master Midland Railway, Northern Counties Committee, The Terminus; res., 232 Duncairn Gardens
Russell, Saml., cabinet maker, 54 Downing Street
Russell, Saml., insurance agent, 294 Springfield Road
Russell, Samuel, 58 Earl Street
Russell, Samuel, carpenter, 17 Mourne Street
Russell, Sarah, draper, 367 Beersbridge Road Upper
Russell, S., dairyman, 20, 22 Ohio Street
Russell, Thos., dairy man, Prospect House, Haypark Avenue
Russell, Thomas J., tailor, 23 Ohio Street
Russell, Thomas, moulder, 25 Glencairn Street
Russell, Thos., clerk, 32 Daisyfield Street
Russell, Thos., draper, 12 Matchett Street
Russell, Thos., machine man, 86 Clementine Street
Russell, T. J., importer, 80 High Street
Russell, T. J., flour agent, 3 Eblana Street
Russell, T. J., flour merchant, 1 Manilla Villas, Downview Avenue
Russell, Wm., director A. & S. Henry, Ltd., 16 University Square
Russell, Wm., traveller, 3 Arkwright Street
Russell, Wm., car owner, 33, 35 Scott Street
Russell, Wm., butcher, 110 Newtownards Road
Russell, Wm., painter, 10 Ballyclare Street
Russell, Wm., iron planer, 20 Loftus Street
Russell, Wm., traveller, 3 Arkwright Street
Russell, Wm. A., linen lapper, 19 Auburn Street
Russell, Wm., traveller, 25 Indiana Avenue
Russell, Wm., director of Forster Green & Co. Ltd., 4 University Square
Russell, Wm., cabinet maker, 16 Bryson Street
Russell, Wm. B., bookkeeper, Wellwood Avenue
Russell, W. J., clerk, 137 Sidney Street West
Russell, W. J., clerk,137 Conway Street
Russell, W. J., rigger, 29 Mersey Street
Rutenberg, Jos., traveller, 82 Hanover Street
Rutenberg, L., draper, 24 Vicinage Park
Rutherdale, John, com. traveller, 11 Raby Street
Rutherford, David, confectioner, 93 and 220 Crumlin Road
Rutherford, F. R., draughtsman, 19 Oakland Avenue
Rutherford, Isaac, glazier, 206 Matilda Street
Rutherford, James, commercial traveller, 5 Pomona Avenue
Rutherford, Jas., cashier, 14 Oakland Avenue
Rutherford, John, car owner, St. Joseph's Terrace, 239 Newtownards Road Upper
Rutherford, J., smith, 52 Oakland Avenue
Rutherford, J., 85 Dover Street
Rutherford, J., joiner, 95 Melrose Street
Rutherford, J. S., joiner, 39 Cumberland Street
Rutherford, Mrs., 2 Avonmore Terrace, Lisburn Road
Rutherford, Mrs., 108 Castlereagh Road
Rutherford, Rev. J., 9 South Parade
Rutherford, Rev. Thos., Methodist minister, 77 Victoria Street
Rutherford, Robt., railway guard, 21 Watson Street
Rutherford, Robt., plater, 13 Baywood Street
Rutherford, Samuel, Dunalla, 6 Whiteville Terrace, Ballygomartin Road
Rutherford, Wm., clerk, 38 Rugby Road
Rutherford, Wm., spinning master, Ligoniel Road
Rutherford, W. A., joiner, 6 Lendrick Street
Rutledge, Miss Marion, 15 Wolseley Street
Rutledge, Miss H., 12 Wolseley Street
Rutledge, P., R.I.C., 88 Donegall Avenue
Rutledge, Rev. A. M., Methodist minister, 81 Botanic Avenue
Rutter, Wm., pensioner, R.N., 133 Dunluce Avenue
Ruttenberg, L., draper, 24 Vicinage Park
Ruttinberg, Max, traveller, 14 Perth Street
Ruttle, Rev. R. N., 1 Roslyn Villas, Rosetta Avenue
Ruxton, Miss, dress maker, 33 Claremont Street
Ryall, James, pensioner, 4 Genoa Street
Ryall, Mrs. Frances, Leghinmohr, Chichester Park
Ryall, Wm., miniature rifle specialist, 64 Donegall Street
Ryan, Chas. F., ophthalmic optician, 63 Dublin Road
Ryan, C., Window Cleaning Charing Co., 133 Royal Avenue
Ryan, Geo., guard, 102 Lindsay Street
Ryan, John, 182 Lindsay Street
Ryan, John, accountant, 32 Oceanic Avenue
Ryan, J. F., civil engineer, 1 Cavehill Road
Ryan, J., postman, 26 Jerusalem Street
Ryan, J., upholsterer, 32 Russell Street
Ryan, Mary, ladies' nurse, 5 Cavendish Square
Ryan, Miss Annie, 25 Belmont Street
Ryan, M., postman, 34 Cavendish Street
Ryan, M., checker, 309 Queen Street North
Ryan, M. E., dining rooms, 14 Gamble Street
Ryan, Patk. J., assistant station master Belfast and County Down Railway, 27 Kensington Avenue
Ryan, Patk., pensioner, 58 Agincourt Avenue
Ryan, Robt., whitesmith, 13 Ashburne Street
Ryan, R. H., R.I.C., 48 Dunraven Avenue
Ryan, Thos., customs officer, 19 Madison Avenue
Ryan, Wm., ticket collector, 29 Venice Street
Ryans, George, guard, 102 Lindsay Street
Ryle, John, R.I.C., 2 George's Terrace, Crumlin Road
Rylski, Chas. V. B., manager Northern Bank branch, 2 Shaftesbury Square