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1912 Belfast Street Directory

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Sabbath School Society for Ireland, John Lynn, manager, Church House, Fisherwick Place
Saddlers' Society, W. Thompson, secretary, 64 Royal Avenue
Sadlier, T. P., & Co., manufacturer of ladies' blouses and aprons, 8 James Street South
Sacred Heart Working Boys' Club, 23 Glenview Street; Men's Club, 40 Glenview Street
Safe Deposit, Ocean Buildings, 1 Donegall Square East
Sailmakers' Society, Fred. Burrows, secretary, 64 Royal Avenue
Sailor's Home - Superintendent, G. H. Mawhiney - 103 Corporation Street
Sailor's Institute, Queen's Quay and 18 Dock Street
Sailes, Mrs., 200 Earlswood Road
Salamandre Stove Warehouse - Agents, Wm. M. Downing & Co., 11 Garfield Street
Sallwood, Geo., mechanic, 24 Enfield Street
Salmond, T., librarian, Queen's University
Salmond, T. R., civil engineer, Park House, Antrim Road
Salt, Joseph, com. traveller, 5 Sandhurst Drive
Salt Union Ltd., 46 Patrick Street Great
Salters, Elizabeth, dairy keeper, Whiterock
Salters, J., 1 Glen Eden Villas, Ballygomartin Road
Salters, Walter, agent, 8a William Street; res., 19 Brookhill Avenue
Salters, William, dairyman, Forth River House, Ballygomartin Road
Salters & Anderson, linen merchants, 14 James Street South
Salvation Army Central Citadel, J. J. Ferguson, adjutant, 30 Dublin Road; res., 34 Magdala Street
Salvation Army Hotel, 54a Waring Street - Major L. J. Devoto
Salvation Army Industrial Home, Wellington Park House, University Road
Salvation Army Life Assurance Society Ltd. - Staff-Capt. W. T. Adams, 59 Royal Avenue
Salvation Army Provincial Headquarters for Ireland, Brigadier Geo. King, commander, 59 Royal Avenue
Salvation Army Social Work, 19 Corporation Square
Samaritan Hospital for Women, Surgeons, John Campbell, F.R.C.S.; Dr. G. A. Hicks, and Dr. St. Clair Boyd; dispenser, Adam Gibson; matron, Miss Allen, Lisburn Road
Sampson, C., printer, 21 Larkfield Road
Sampson, Jas., fitter, 47 Charleville Street Upper
Sampson, Jas., carpenter, 245 Ravenhill Avenue
Sampson, Jas., plasterer, 25 Mooregate Street
Sampson, John, pensioner, 21 Clifton Crescent
Sampson Patent Skid Co. Ltd., engineers, 13 Rathbone Street
Sampson, R., baker, 174 Snugville Street
Sampson, Wm., foreman, 69 Euston Street
Sancto, Alex., watch maker, 34 Agincourt Avenue
Sanderson, Alex., tenter, 4 Woodvale Street
Sanderson, Jas., fitter, 68 Jocelyn Avenue
Sanderson, John, preparing master, 4 Ligoniel Road
Sanderson, Mrs. William, servants' registry office, 163 Albertbridge Road
Sanderson, R. H., linen merchant, Winterdene, Cavehill Road
Sanderson, Saml., tailor, 23 Fortingale Street
Sandes, Matt., foreman, 36 Castlereagh Place
Sandes, R., house and land agent, 7 Chichester Street; res., Chorlton, Adelaide Park
Sandford, P. Purefoy, A.M.I.E.E., A.M.I.C.E.I., consulting engineer and turbine expert, 44 Wellington Place
Sandford, M., litho artist, 30 Cavendish Street
Sandiford, A. Carlton, rep. of Mather & Platt, Ltd., Manchester, 119 Scottish Provident Buildings, Donegall Square West; res., Ratherne, Ashley Gardens
Sands, Edwd., joiner, 63 Aberdeen Street
Sands, Edwd., tenter, 66 Louisa Street
Sands, H., moulder, 35 Avon Street
Sands, James, insurance agent, 27a Donegall Place
Sands, James, engineer, 6 Kirk Street
Sands, Jas., agent, 47 Brookland Street
Sands, John, basket maker, 19 Oregon Street
Sands, John, spirit grocer, 2 Legann Street
Sands, Jos. G., grain broker, 43 Waring Street
Sands, J., spirit grocer, Hillview, Ligoniel Road
Sands, Mathew, foreman, 36 Castlereagh Place
Sands, Miss, costumier, 13 Claremont Street
Sands, Mrs., 17 Sandhurst Drive
Sands, N., damask weaver, 5 Bromley Street
Sands, Saml., collar cutter, 65 Percy Street
Sands, Wm., bread server, 150 Ravenhill Avenue
Sands, Wm., machine man, 61 Montrose Street
Sands, Wm., beetler, 38 Ballyclare Street
Sands, Wm., confectioner, 2 Bentham Street
Sands, Wm., saw repairer, 76 Victoria Street; res., 5 Egeria Street
Sands, Wm. G., electrician, 13 Kendal Street
Sang, John A., engineer, 22 Stranmillis Gardens
Sangster, Andrew, hackle setter, 12 Bromley Street
Sangster, Robt., carpenter, 36 Brookmount Street
Sargent, Wm., provision merchant, 167 Lisburn Road
Saul, Mrs., 22 Allworthy Avenue
Saulter, Jas., joiner, 36 Keatley Street
Saulters, R., iron turner, 55 Glasgow Street
Saunders, Alex., 39 Fairview Street
Saunders, Alex., hardware merchant, 284, 286 Lodge Road Old
Saunders, Ellen J., fish merchant, 94 Oldpark Road
Saunders, F. A., printing engineer, 31 Fitzwilliam Street
Saunders, Geo., dairyman, 63 Newtownards Road Upper
Saunders, Geo., basket maker, 33 Moorfield Street
Saunders, Hill & Co., tinplate and copper works, 32 Ann Street
Saunders, Jas., ship carpenter, 115 Templemore Street
Saunders, Jas. W., gasfitter, 107 Ravenhill Road
Saunders, John, carpenter, 127 Oldpark Road
Saunders, Joseph, basket maker, 17 Well Street
Saunders, Joseph, agent, 8 Clondara Buildings, Falls Road
Saunders, J., dairyman, Falls Road
Saunders, J. W., butcher, 130 Shankill Road
Saunders, Mrs., grocer, 73 Wilton Street
Saunders, Mrs. Jane, 3 Crescent Buildings, Dublin Road
Saunders, Robt., plumber, 118 Canning Street Upper
Saunders, R., butcher, 45, 47 Belmont Road
Saunders, R., dairyman, 1, 3 Evelyn Avenue
Saunders, W., hardware, 188 Old Lodge Road
Saunders, W. J., compositor, Rose Cottage, Kingsmere Road
Saunders & Co., grocers, 134 Manor Street
Saunders & Shaw, manufacturers, 15 & 17 James' Street South
Saunderson, Hannah, spirit grocer, 1, 3 Linfield Road
Saunderson, Jas., R.I.C., 12 Groomsport Street
Saunderson, Miss, 4 India Street
Saunderson, Robt. J., iron turner, 22 Reid Street
Saunderson & McNeill, grocers, 21 Donegall Road
Savage, Agnes, 64 Carlisle Street
Savage, Alice, N.S. teacher, 107 Falls Road
Savage, Arthur, 322 Ravenhill Road
Savage, A. E., & Co., house and land agents, property brokers and valuators, 5 Donegall Street; res., John H, Savage and Arthur Savage, 29 Rosemount Gardens
Savage, A. & H., publican, 2 Sussex Place and 29 Joy Street
Savage, Charles, commercial traveller, Alberta, Green Road
Savage, C. J., manufacturers' agent, 13 Queen's Square; res., 34 Cromwell Road
Savage, D. H., cabinet maker, 13 Fairview Street
Savage, E., cooper, 107 Hillman Street
Savage, Geo., clerk, 111 Manor Street
Savage, Geo., brick layer, 23 Wimbledon Street
Savage, Gordon, tenter, 6 Brighton Street
Savage, Henry, joiner, 30 Churchill Street
Savage, Henry, cloth passer, 90 Riga Street
Savage, H., publican, 52, 54 Chichester Street
Savage, H., linen merchant, 55 Bellevue Terrace, Upper Newtownards Road
Savage, H., boot maker, 90 Millfield
Savage, H., cloth passer, 40 Riga Street
Savage, H. L., clerk, 9 Carlisle Street
Savage, James (Murray, Sons, & Co., tobacconists), Iveagh, 3 Adelaide Park
Savage, James, chandler, 37 Barrack Street
Savage, James, cooper, Glenalina, off Falls Road
Savage, Jas., cooper, 99 Lodge Road New
Savage, Jas., painter, 28 Rosevale Street
Savage, Jas., brick layer, 153 Hillman Street
Savage, Jas., postman, 2 Burke Street
Savage, Jane, publican, 57 Shankill Road
Savage, John, carpenter, 121 Vernon Street
Savage, John, painter, 37 Hartley Street
Savage, John, grocer, 9 Clanchattan Street
Savage, John, grocer, 23 Derby Street
Savage, John, joiner, 59 Glenrosa Street
Savage, John, linen lapper, 102 Hatton Drive
Savage, Joseph, cooper, 13 Glenallen Street
Savage, Joseph, fitter, 7 Pandora Street
Savage, Joseph, cooperage, 36 Montrose Street
Savage, J., tailor, 1 Harvey Street
Savage, J. C., merchant tailor, 119 Donegall Street; workroom, 135 Donegall Street; res., 3 Indiana Avenue
Savage, J. H., Corporation official, 92 Lisburn Road
Savage, Mary Jane, 14 Maryville Street
Savage, Miss, 283 Crumlin Road
Savage, Miss M., 35 Botanic Avenue
Savage, Miss M., 100 Woodstock Road
Savage, Miss Teresa, 11 Dawson Street
Savage, Mrs., 266 Lodge Road Old
Savage, Mrs., grocer, 49, 51 Lancaster Street
Savage, Mrs., 31 Joy Street
Savage, M. A., publican, 36, 38 Peter's Hill
Savage, Patrick George, publican, 176, 178 Nelson Street
Savage, Patk., cooper, 21 & 23 North Queen Street
Savage, Patk., brick layer, 52 Eliza Street
Savage, Patk., saw doctor, 22 Garnet Street
Savage, Robert, spinning master, 37 Ainsworth Avenue
Savage, Robt., spinning master, 213 Oldpark Road
Savage, Robt., weigh master, Corporation toll office, Crumlin Road; res., Orwell Villa, Salisbury Drive
Savage, R., plasterer, 32 Parker Street
Savage, Roland, joiner, 4 Clonallon Street
Savage, Susan, 16 Century Street
Savage, Thomas, manager, 8 Willowbank Street
Savage, Thos., insurance agent, 31 Harrybrook Street
Savage, Thos., hair dresser, 24 Pim Street
Savage, Thos., moulder, 5 Blaney Street
Savage, T., hair dresser, 20 Garfield Street Lower
Savage, T. A., & Co., wine and spirit agents, 85 Academy Street
Savage, Wm., assistant secretary, 212 Newtownards Road Upper
Savage, Wm., tailor, 89 North Street; res., 29 Rosemount Gardens
Savage, Wm., joiner, 8 Lincoln Avenue
Saville, A. E., buyer, 114 Malone Avenue
Sawers Limited, Fish, Ice, Game and Poultry Merchants; 4 to 12 High Street; Res., Thomas Sawers, The Ivys, Craigavad
Sawery, J., joiner, 49 Oldpark Avenue
Sawyer, F. H., F.R.C.O., L.R.A.M., professor of music, 84 West Elmwood, Lisburn Road
Saxone & Sorosis Shoe Co., 9 Donegall Place
Saxton, Donald D., artist, 36 Eglinton Street
Saxton, Thos., polisher, 211 Hillman Street
Saye, A., engineer, 43 Glenbrook Avenue
Saye, Edward, engineer and millwright, 1 Pine Street and 62 Donegall Pass
Sayers, A., building inspector, Maryville Cottage, Malone Road
Sayers, G. J., compositor, 27 Lincoln Avenue
Sayers, John, farmer, Bladon Drive, Malone Road
Sayers, John, 16 Cyprus Avenue
Sayers, Jno., clerk, 376 Shankill Road
Sayers, Mrs., Bartra, Hawthornden Road
Sayers, Mrs. Margt., 18 Farnham Street
Sayers, Robert, grocer, 86 Albertbridge Road; res., 87 The Mount
Sayers, Wm., caretaker, Ballynafeigh Orange Hall, Ormeau Road
Sayles, S. J., salesman, 101 Edithville, The Mount
Scally, Alex., publican, 195, 197 Durham Street and 54, 56 Grosvenor Road
Scally, Rev. P., Adm., St. Mary's Presbytery, 8 King Street
Scalon, Wm., moulder, 16 Haddow Street
Scammell, Sarah, 70 Bankmore Street
Scandrett, Mrs., 24 Westminster Street
Scandrett, R. A., telegraphist, 17 Woodcot Avenue
Scanlin, T. H., painter, 37 Mountcashel Street
Scanlon, Patk., compositor, 12 Burnaby Street
Scanlon, Rev. Thomas R., 53 Wellesley Avenue
Scanlon, T., blacksmith, 7 Milligan Street
Scantlebury, John W., Phymaisim, Haddington Gardens
Scarr, Chas., iron turner, 179 Leopold Street
Scarr, Jos., caulker, 22 Campbell Park Avenue
Scarborough, Fred., painter, 31 Mashona Street
Scarborough, Mrs. Margt., 4 Baltic Avenue
Scarlet, John, engine driver, 12 Barton Street
Scarlett, Jas., conf., 117 Sandy Row
Scarlett, Miss, spirit grocer, 40 Albertbridge Road; res., 396 Woodstock Road
Scarlett, Richd., iron turner, 24 Willow Street
Scarlett, Robt., insurance agent, 53 Rosemount Gardens
Scarlett, Wm., shoe maker, 150 Nelson Street
Scarlett, Wm., plumber, 48 Glencollyer Street
Scarlett, W. J., publican, 172, 174 Sandy Row
Scattergood, G. F., cabinet maker, 53 Castlereagh Street
Schess, Otto, chef, 1 Fitzroy Avenue
Schimmelpfeng, W. Institute, Manager, James Frankland, Scottish Temperance Buildings, 16 Donegall Square South
Schneider, Mrs., 291 Ormeau Road
Schofield, Mrs. Sarah, 14 Meadowbank Street
Schoefield, John, engineer, 3 Dundela Drive
Scholes & Co., linen handkerchief manufacturers, 9 Linenhall Street
School of Commerce, University and Civil Service Institute - G. L. Naillie, 18 Howard Street
Schoop, C., waiter, 37 Raby Street
Scilly, Robt., jeweller and outfitter, 344 Newtownards Road
Scollin, Jas., joiner, 71 Cullingtree Road
Scotch Wool and Hosiery Stores, 18b Donegall Place
Scotland, Alex. S., traveller, 15 Lincoln Place
Scott, Alan, cabinet maker, 6 London Road
Scott, Albert, machinist, 32 Harcourt Street
Scott, Alex., watch maker, 61 Glenwood Street
Scott, Alex., tenter, 70 Bentham Street
Scott, Alex., traveller, 2 Ratcliffe Street
Scott, Alex., iron turner, 94 Brookmount Street
Scott, Andrew, fitter, 38 Sixth Street
Scott, Andrew, engineer, Wolfhill Lodge, Wolfhill Avenue
Scott, Arch., brick layer, 75 Hatfield Street
Scott, A., joiner, 99 Chadolly Street
Scott, A., linen finisher, 7 Springvale Street
Scott, A., manager, 2 Hillside, Glen Road
Scott, A., boot and shoe maker, 38, 40 Holywood Road
Scott, A., baker, 12 Farnham Street
Scott, A., painter, 77 Chadolly Street
Scott, Brown, & Co. linen manufacturers, 12 Howard Street
Scott, B., hair dresser, 76 Eliza Street
Scott, Charles, iron moulder, 14 Venice Street
Scott, Charles, baker, 15 Jocelyn Avenue
Scott, Chas., iron turner, 20 Carlton Street
Scott, Chas., clerk, 12 Eglinton Street
Scott, Cunningham, newsagent inspector, 32 Rusholme Street
Scott, C. M. C., postman, Knockan, Alliance Avenue
Scott, David, meter inspector, 10 Kensington Avenue
Scott, David, moulder, 122 Oldpark Road
Scott, David M., grocer, 3 Prim Street
Scott, David, baker, 36 Damascus Street
Scott, David, & Son, Engineers, Millwrights and Boiler Makers, 126, 128 Corporation Street. Tel. No. 1612; Tel. Address, "Repairs." Res., George Scott, 29 Tomb Street; Joseph Scott, 76 Limestone Road
Scott, D., engineer, 9 Gainsborough Drive
Scott, D., grocer and provision merchant, 53, 55 Donegall Road
Scott, Elizabeth, 12 Landseer Street
Scott, E., grocer, 13 Bellevue Terrace, Ligoniel Road
Scott, Frank, 2 Dundela View
Scott, Fras., joiner, 46 Leitrim Street
Scott, Geo., moulder, 82 Excise Street
Scott, Geo., fitter, 24 Euston Street
Scott, Geo., hackle setter, 2 Pollard Street
Scott, Geo., wood turner, 38 Ritchie Street
Scott, Geo., engineer, 14 Southport Street
Scott, Georgina, 155 Stranmillis Road
Scott, Gordon, painter, 4 Trainfield Street
Scott, G., wood turner, 43 Lorton Street
Scott, Henry, grocer, 4 Annadale Street
Scott, Henry, 12 Cranmore Gardens
Scott, Henry, brass moulder, 115 Snugville Street
Scott, Henry, 31 Hartington Street
Scott, Henry, iron turner, 23 Ainsworth Avenue
Scott, Henry, mechanic, 98 Ainsworth Avenue
Scott, Henry, grocer, 23 Woodstock Road
Scott, Hugh, pawn broker, 173 Cromac Street, res., Craigtara, Annadale Avenue
Scott, Hugh, linen lapper, 9 Fallswater Street
Scott, Hugh, cook, 149 Rugby Avenue
Scott, Hugh, 25 Maryville Street
Scott, Hugh, linen finisher, 5 Springvale Street
Scott, Hugh W., clerk, 47 Burnaby Street
Scott, H. A., Inspector of Factories, Dunrymond, Knock Road
Scott, H. J., & Co., Volt Works, Ravenhill Avenue
Scott, Isaac, bookkeeper, 59 Brookvale Street
Scott, James, umbrella manufacturer, 24 Lindsay Street
Scott, James, provision dealer, 33 Manor Street
Scott, James, H.M. Customs, 1 Easton Avenue
Scott, James, iron turner, 48 Seventh Street
Scott, James F., teacher, 186 Old Lodge Road
Scott, Jas., mechanic, 56 Glenfarne Street Upper
Scott, Jas., sett maker, 77 Thistle Street
Scott, Jas., provision merchant, 155e York Street
Scott, Jas., ship carpenter, 11 Trinity Street
Scott, Jas., grocer, 17, 19 Agnes Street
Scott, Jas., bread server, 72 Enfield Street
Scott, Jas., linen lapper, 88 My Lady's Road
Scott, Jas., shoe maker, 52 Lawnbrook Avenue
Scott, Jas., blacksmith, 14 Canning Street Upper
Scott, Jas., brick layer, 112 Bellevue Street
Scott, Jas., brick layer, 3 Mossdale Street
Scott, Jas., 4 Hillside Terrace, Ligoniel Road
Scott, Jas., joiner, 24 Parker Street
Scott, Jas., moulder, 25 Avoca Street
Scott, Jas., butcher, 157 Tennent Street
Scott, Jas., caretaker, Northern Bank, 109. 111 Royal Avenue
Scott, Jas., B.E., civil engineer and architect, 31 Ocean Buildings, Donegall Square East
Scott, Jas., rent and insurance agent, 8 Silvio Street
Scott, Jas., architect and civil engineer, 557 Ormeau Road
Scott, Jas. H., mill furnisher (Moorah), Aston Gardens
Scott, Jane, 4 University Terrace, University Road
Scott, John, grocer, 20 Peveril Street
Scott, John, grocer, 54 Fitzroy Avenue
Scott, John, draper's assistant, 22 Lawrence Street
Scott, John, engine driver, 3 Seaforde Street
Scott, John, tailor, 30 St. Kilda Street
Scott, John, carpenter, 192 Hillman Street
Scott, John, postman, 12 Elimgrove Street
Scott, John, cutter, 21 Stranmillis Gardens
Scott, John, clerk, 23 Bathgate Drive
Scott, John, brass moulder, 12 Riversdale Street
Scott, John, teacher, 62 Kansas Avenue
Scott, John, paper ruler, 16 Harrybrook Street
Scott, John, tenter, 30 Harrybrook Street
Scott, John, 1 Manor Street
Scott, John, 70 Agincourt Avenue
Scott, John, baker, 212 Hillman Street
Scott, John, checker, 104 Mountcollyer Street
Scott, John K., Oil Merchant, Mill Furnisher and Hardware Merchant, 9, 11 Church Street, 2, 4 William Street and 33, 35 Boyd Street; res., Eisleben, Stranmillis Road
Scott, John T., carrier, 83 The Mount, Mountpottinger
Scott, Joseph, butcher, 59 King Street
Scott, Joseph, clerk, 20 Holstein Drive
Scott, Joseph, publican, 156 Conway Street
Scott, Joseph, boiler maker, 72 Hatton Drive
Scott, Joseph, baker, 51 Kimberley Street
Scott, Jos., tailor, 98 Bright Street
Scott, Jos., engineer, 76 Limestone Road
Scott, Joshua, butler, 21 Charleville Avenue
Scott, J., rent agent, 52 Belmont Avenue
Scott, J., machine man, 43 Frome Street
Scott, J., iron moulder, 71 Brussells Street
Scott, J., ordnance surveyor, 4 Glanworth Street
Scott, J. E., manufacturers' agent, 11a Chichester Street; res., 410 Ravenhill Road
Scott, J. H., accountant, 1 Clifton Crescent
Scott, J. P., foreman, 36 Denmark Street
Scott, J. & S., brass founders, plumbers and lead merchants, 51 Upper Church Lane
Scott, J. & S., milliner, mantles, and costume makers, and fur warehouse, 31a Wellington Place
Scott, Mabel, 91 Fitzroy Avenue
Scott, Margaret, 21 Baltic Avenue
Scott, Margt., shirt maker, 36 Glenalpin Street
Scott, Margaret, grocer, 37 Collyer Street
Scott, Martha, 117 Madrid Street
Scott, Miss, Ashfield House, Ravenhill Road
Scott, Miss, 32 Florenceville Avenue
Scott, Miss Agnes, 2 Henley Terrace, Windsor Avenue Lower
Scott, Miss H. E., 33 Hopefield Avenue
Scott, Miss Jane, 6 Eia Street
Scott, Miss Mary, 171 University Street
Scott, Mrs., 3 Ardlee Terrace, Lisburn Avenue
Scott, Mrs., 35 Cromwell Road
Scott, Mrs., 60 Lisburn Road
Scott, Mrs., 3 Lisburn Road
Scott, Mrs., 24 Sandymount Street
Scott, Mrs., 46 Eia Street
Scott, Mrs., 20 Gainsborough Drive
Scott, Mrs., Elmgrove House, Beersbridge Road
Scott, Mrs. H., 23 Edinburgh Street
Scott, Mrs. J., caretaker, 25 Chichester Street
Scott, Mrs. Margt., 23 Brookvale Avenue
Scott, Mrs. M., grocer, 104 Donegall Road
Scott, Mrs. Sarah, 404 Ravenhill Road
Scott, M., dress maker, 13 New North Queen Street
Scott, M., stone cutter, 151 Madrid Street
Scott, M. E., draper and milliner, 364 Newtownards Road
Scott, Robert, blacksmith, 49 Emerald Street
Scott, Robert, boot maker, 58 Madrid Street
Scott, Robert, engine driver, 104 Cambrai Street
Scott, Robert, butler, 87 Burnaby Street
Scott, Robt., iron turner, 235 Conway Street
Scott, Robt., boot maker, 16 Riversdale Street
Scott, Robt., brass finisher, 45 Spencer Street
Scott, Robt., fitter, 44 Eighth Street
Scott, Robt., grocer, 16, 18 Tilley Street
Scott, Robt., merchant, 15 Hughenden Avenue
Scott, Robt. J., brick layer, 8 Oban Street
Scott, R. T., managing director J. N. Richardson, Sons & Owden Ltd., Richmond Villa, Lennoxvale
Scott, Samuel, mechanic, 19 Cheviot Avenue
Scott, Samuel, insurance agent, 1 Perth Street
Scott, Saml., mechanic, 11 Cheviot Avenue
Scott, Saml., commission agent, 10 Wellington Park Avenue
Scott, Saml. H., clerk, 10 Ranfurly Drive
Scott, Saml. J., stationery assistant, 71 Dover Street
Scott, Sarah, 2 Gainsborough Drive
Scott, Sidney, painter, 17 Euston Street
Scott, Stewart, brick layer, 67 Aberdeen Street
Scott, Susan, 7 Limestone Road
Scott, S., manufacturers' agent, 8 Queen Street
Scott, S., plasterer, 165 Dunluce Avenue
Scott, S. H., publican, 29, 30 Alton Street
Scott, S. H., 7 Mountainview Terrace, Crumlin Road
Scott, Thomas, Hannaville, Greenisland
Scott, Thos., horticultural instructor, Avoca, Dundela Park
Scott, Thos., manager, 142 Crumlin Road
Scott, Thos., sawyer, 44 Rosebank Street
Scott, Thos., dairy, 5 Ferguson Drive
Scott, Thos., tiler, 15 Chobham Street
Scott, Thos., station master, Station Road
Scott, Thos., fitter, 2 David Street
Scott, Thos., joiner, 39, 41 Downing Street
Scott, Thos., brick layer, 66 Leopold Street
Scott, Thos., moulder, 20 Thames Street
Scott, Thos., gardener, 2 Ormiston Cottages, Wandsworth Road
Scott, Thos. B., clerk, 86 Gainsborough Drive
Scott, Thos. Warren, secretary Belfast Banking Co. Ltd., Ceylon, Knockdene Park
Scott, Walter, clerk, 35 Marsden Gardens
Scott, Wm., butcher, 77 Castlereagh Road
Scott, Wm., carpenter, 42 Cheviot Avenue
Scott, Wm., stone cutter, 258 Woodstock Road
Scott, Wm., bookkeeper, 17 Clara Crescent Upper
Scott, Wm., packer, 67 Imperial Street
Scott, Wm., bread server, 70 Enfield Street
Scott, Wm., stock keeper, 205 Grosvenor Street
Scott, Wm., shoe maker, 30 Harland Street
Scott, Wm., grocer, 78 Henry Street
Scott, Wm., engineer, 76 Agnes Street
Scott, Wm., moulder, 88 Ainsworth Avenue
Scott, Wm., clerk, 4 Kingscourt Street
Scott, Wm., draper, 33 Clifton Crescent
Scott, Wm., finisher, 10 Diamond Street
Scott, Wm., finisher, 12 Rockmore Road
Scott, Wm., painter, 7 Avon Street
Scott, Wm., Central Woodturning Works, 21 Donegore Street
Scott, Wm., plasterer, 2 Loughview Villas, Shore Road
Scott, Wm., manager, Ashurst, Osborne Park
Scott, Wm., N.S. teacher, 21 Chadwick Street
Scott, Wm., dealer, 33 Donegall Avenue
Scott, Wm., brass finisher, 66 Queensland Street
Scott, Wm., wood turner, 3 Dalton Street
Scott, Wm., finisher, 55 Tobergill Street
Scott, Wm., wood turner, 58 Richardson Street
Scott, Wm., grocer, 336 Woodstock Road
Scott, W., butcher, 151 Albertbridge Road
Scott, Wm. H., commission agent, 69 York Villas, Victoria Road
Scott, Wm. J., brick layer, 66 Agnes Street
Scott, Wm. J., dining rooms, 183 Shankill Road
Scott, W. J., brick layer, 5 Bootle Street
Scott, W. H., grocer, 11 Oldpark Road
Scott, W. H., & Co., engineers' and boiler makers' representatives, mill and railway furnishers, and brass founders, 93 Ann Street
Scott, W. J., finisher, 96 Sandy Row
Scott, W. J., produce broker, Ardlui, Kincora Avenue
Scott, W. J., boiler maker, Branty Cottage, Wandsworth Road
Scott, W. J., printer, 108 University Avenue
Scott, W. J., brick layer, 5 Bootle Street
Scott & Evans, musical instruments warehouse, 8 Arthur Street
Scott, Walter & Middleton Ltd., contractors, Queen's Road
Scott & Webb, dress makers, 68 Royal Avenue
Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society, 9 Donegall Square North, Fras. K. Fenton, F.F.A., Resident Secretary
Scottish Boiler Insurance Co., 23 Donegall Place; District Agent, T. H. Keown
Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Society - J. Hope Johnston, District Secretary, Linenhall Chambers, Donegall Square North
Scottish Insurance Corporation Ltd. - R. H. Macaulay, resident secretary, 16, 17 Kingscourt - 15 Wellington Place
Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society - W. B. Lowe, District Manager - 158 North Street
Scottish Life Assurance Co. Ltd. - J. S. Hogg, Secretary, 12 High Street
Scottish Live Stock Insurance Company, Ltd., T. Reid, resident secretary for Ireland, 20 Wellington Place
Scottish Metropolitan Life Assurance Co. Ltd. - James Williamson, Resident Secretary for Ireland - 79 Royal Avenue
Scottish National Key Registry and Assurance Association, Ltd. - T. Thompson, agent, 42 Arthur Street Upper
Scottish Provident Institution for Mutual Life Assurance - Harold B. Letcher, Local Secretary; Campbell Gardner, Assistant Secretary; Funds, 15,000,000 - 1 Donegall Square West
Scottish Temperance Life (and accident) Assurance Company Ltd. - J. T. McDonald, Resident Secretary - Scottish Temperance Buildings, 16 Donegall Square South
Scottish Union and National Insurance Co., E. H. Hewitt, local secretary, 10 Scottish Provident Buildings, 2 Wellington Place
Scottish Widows' Fund Life Assurance Society, 2 High Street - W. M. Potterton, Resident Secretary; res., Florenceville, Bangor
Scribbons, Agnes, confectioner, 2 Courtrai Street
Scullion, D., hay and straw dealer, Victoria Yard
Scullion, Edwd., newsagent, 44 Spamount Street
Scullion, H., publican, 112, 114 York Street
Scullion, Jas., traveller, 36 Ava Street
Scullion, Jas., traveller, 51 Magnetic Street
Scullion, John, engine driver, Springfield Avenue
Scullion, J., school teacher, 32 Southport Street
Scullion, Louis, hairdresser, 79 Hooker Street
Scullion, Thos., blacksmith, 12 Barbour Street
Scully, Andrew, fitter, 59 Donnybrook Street
Scully, Henry, baker, 15 Surrey Street
Scully, Miss M., milliner, 118 Divis Street
Seabrook, J., pensioner R.I.C., 37 Donegall Avenue
Seabrooke, A., R.I.C., 37 Donegall Avenue
Seales, Robt., finisher, 18 March Street
Sealoe, Henry, bookkeeper, 69 Hawthorn Street
Searson, Miss Annie, 24 Wolseley Street
Seaton, Donald, store man, 12 Ravenhill Street
Seaton, Robt., blacksmith, 6 Hugh Street
Seaton, Thos., gardener, Gate Lodge, Reformatory Avenue
Seaver, Henry, B.E., M.R.I.A.I, architect and civil engineer, Scottish Temperance Buildings, Donegall Square South; res., Lisroyan, Malone Road
Seaver, Rev. Richard W., B.D., rector St. John's, Malone and Donnellan Lecturer, T.C.D., The Rectory, Malone Road
Seavers, Thos., porter, G.P.O., 81 Ulsterville Gardens
Seawright, Jno., shoe maker, 33 Carlisle Street
Seawright, J., clerk, 23 Eblana Street
Seawright, W. H., grocer, 58 Albert Street, and 73, 75 Cullingtree Road
Seawright, W. H., model cafe, 60 Donegall Street
Secker, C. J., cooperage, 85 The Mount
Secker, Duncan, cooper, 71 Ardgowan Street
Secker & Co., coopers and cask merchants, 77 Ardgowan Street, and 18a Woodstock Place
Seddon, Noah, clerk, 30 Reid Street
Seddon, W., shipwright, 331 Beersbridge Road Upper
Sedgwick, Miss Lizzie, dress maker, 69 Vernon Street
Sedgwick, R., bundler, 18 Colinward Street
Seeds, A., confectioners and fancy goods, 109 Albertbridge Road
Seeds, John, architect, 127 Scottish Provident Buildings, Donegall Square West
Seeds, Josephine, dress maker, 57 Alexander Street West
Seeds, Mrs., milliner, 111 Duncairn Gardens
Seeds, R. W., designer, 18 Woodcot Avenue and 12 Howard Street
Seeds, R., & Son, house, land and insurance agents, 114 Royal Avenue; res., Glentilt, 137 Cavehill Road
Seeds, W. J., tailor, 147 Lodge Road New
Seeds, Wm. J., rent agent, Moorlands, Oldpark Road
Seeton, A., traveller, 140 University Street
Sefton, Burton, 20 Bedford Street; res., St. Aubyn's, Deramore Drive
Sefton, George, clerk, 12 Manor Drive
Sefton, John, Inland Revenue, 1 Croydon Villas, Rosetta Avenue
Sefton, J., draper, branch Melville & Co. Ltd., 180 Newtownards Road
Sefton, J. R., & Co. Ltd., handkerchief manufacturers and merchants, 2 Amelia Street
Sefton, Mrs. Mary, Rose Lodge, Balmoral Avenue
Sefton, Robt., gardener, Summerhill Lodge, Stranmillis Road
Sefton, Wm., iron moulder, 34 Paxton Street
Sefton, W. J., sanitary inspector, 56 Haypark Avenue
Seix, Owen, carpenter, 5 Frederick Street
Selfridge, Robt., house painter, 21 New North Queen Street
Sellars, Alex., joiner, 33 Glentoran Street
Sellars, T., caretaker, 10 Royal Avenue
Semple, Adam, slater, 32 Santiago Street
Semple, George, waiter, 62 Rugby Avenue
Semple, James, clerk, 212 Ravenhill Road
Semple, James, joiner, 44 Adam Street
Semple, Jane, 151 Beersbridge Road
Semple, John, foreman, 52 Bryson Street
Semple, John, N.S. Inspector, 2 Mentmore, Lisburn Road
Semple, John, plasterer, 14 Wilton Square South
Semple, McLean, & Reid, Ltd., wholesale tea and sugar merchants, 66 Victoria Street
Semple, Mary, 11 Connsbrook Street
Semple, Mrs., 9 Auburn Street
Semple, Miss, 13 Willowbank Street
Semple, Robert, 50 Eia Street
Semple, Robt., ship carpenter, 72 Alexandrapark Avenue
Semple, S. G., caretaker, 27 Victoria Street
Semple, Wm. John, harbour constable, 89 Fortwilliam Parade
Sendilends, J. E., upholsterer, 61 Delhi Street
Senington, R., linen lapper, 247 Cupar Street
Sergai, Harris, dealer, 11 Ormeau Road and 35 Lonsdale Street
Sergeson, Joseph, engineer, 9 Hertford Street
Sergison, James, linen lapper, 52 Wigton Street
Sergie, B., & Co., drapers and house furnishers, 137 Donegall Street
Serridge, Ambrose, draughtsman, 25 Lewis Street
Service, Alex., fitter, 36 Lecumpher Street
Service, David, grocer, 34, 36 New Lodge Road and 144 Antrim Road
Service, Jas., gardener, 7 Boyle Street
Service, John, manager, 18 Evolina Street
Service, Miss Annie, Fernvale, Cardigan Drive
Service, Saml., stone mason, 11 Hampden Street
Service, Thos., carpenter, 135 Bellevue Street
Settle, P., ladies' tailor, 52 and 54 Carlisle Street
Sewell, Alex., machine master, 24 Battenberg Street
Sewell, F., confectioner, 10 Berlin Street
Sewell, Jas., veterinary surgeon, 24 Newington Avenue
Sewell, Wm. A., musician, 16 Frederick Street
Sexton, John, harbour constable, 73 Walmer Street
Sexton, M., N.S. teacher, 5 Carlisle Street
Seymour, A., chiropodist, electrolysis, 105 Great Victoria Street
Seymour, Francis, engineer, 2 Vicinage Park
Seymour, H. R., farrier, 16 Great Edward Street; res., 24 Kimberley Street
Seymour, Jas., painter, 34 Bendigo Street
Seymour, John, painter, 3 Blackwood Street
Seymour, John, painter, 61 Cosgrave Street
Seymour, J. S., cashier, Belfast Savings Bank, Mountpottinger Branch; residence, Hartington Villas, 7 Earlswood Road
Seymour, Miss, teacher of English & music, 121 Victoria Street
Seymour, Mrs., facial masseuse, electrolysis, 105 Victoria Street Great
Seymour, Robt., tea and provision merchant, 186 Sandy Row
Seymour, Robt., grocer, 86 Tate's Avenue
Seymour, Robt., grocer, 269 Grosvenor Road
Seymour, S., provision merchant, 202 Crumlin Road
Seymour, Thos., iron turner, 111 Glenwood Street
Seymour, Wm., painter, 50 Walmer Street
Seymour, Wm., ex-R.I.C., 15 Stranmillis Park
Seymour, Wm., 12 Harrisburg Street
Seymour, W. D., painter, 41 Donegall Avenue
Seznic, Elizabeth, grocer, 18 McClure Street
Shaftesbury, Earl of, H.M.L., K.C.V.O., K.P., Belfast Castle, Antrim Road
Shaftesbury Stores Ltd., 25 Shaftesbury Square
Shakespear, C., overseer, 21 Inverary Drive
Shakeshaft, C. R., com. traveller, Rosslyn, Donegall Road
Shallway, David, traveller, 17 Annadale Street
Shamrock Aluminium Co., 25 to 29 Pilot Street
Shamrock Linen Co., 204 Newtownards Road Upper
Shanahan, David, pensioner, 24 Portallo Street
Shand, Robert, joiner, 11 Listowel Street
Shane, F. N., baker and confectioner, 40, 42 Shankill Road
Shane, J. W. P., baker, 74 Battenberg Street
Shane, Mrs. Annie, 55 Burmah Street
Shane, R., grocer, 25 Mountjoy Street
Shane, W. A., baker, 30 Sandy Row
Shankey, J., R.I.C., 243 Spamount Street
Shankey, Wm., painter, 7 Portallo Street
Shanks, Adam, 95 Agincourt Avenue
Shanks, C., carpenter, 70 Donnybrook Street
Shanks, George R., brick layer, 42 Ethel Street
Shanks, Geo. F., public accountant and insurance agent, 3 Bedford Street
Shanks, Henry, fitter, 87 Westmoreland Street
Shanks, Hugh, clerk, 3 Albert Terrace, Malone Road
Shanks, Hugh, agent, 77 Beersbridge Road
Shanks, H., hair dresser, 433 Ormeau Road
Shanks, James, seaman, Glenfern, Ardenlee Road
Shanks, Jas., postal official, 169 Stranmillis Road
Shanks, Jas., grocer, 221 Hillman Street
Shanks, John, cabinet works, 64b Ravenhill Road
Shanks, John, engineer, 9 Ravenscroft Avenue
Shanks, John, cabinet maker, 129 My Lady's Road
Shanks, J., confectioner, 199, 201 York Street
Shanks, Mrs., 155 Madrid Street
Shanks, Mrs., 3 Dufferin Terrace, Crumlin Road
Shanks, Richard, dairyman, 26 Lecale Street
Shanks, Robt., carpenter, 61 Palestine Street
Shanks, Samuel, carpenter, 15 Malone Place
Shanks, Samuel, clerk, 44 Wyndham Street
Shanks, Saml., joiner, 42 Surrey Street
Shanks, Sarah, 4 Maryville Terrace, Ballygomartin Road
Shanks, Thos., clerk, 7 Mayville, Inver Avenue
Shanks, Thos., postal clerk, 15 Willowholme Street
Shanks, Thos., brick layer, 54 Lecale Street
Shanks, Thos., merchant tailor, 74 Myrtlefield Park
Shanks, Thos., brick layer, 3 Colinview Cottages, Stockman's Lane
Shanks, Thos. H., clerk, 105 Tate's Avenue
Shanks, Thos. H., clerk, 46 Glenwherry Street
Shanks, T. J., photographer, 150 Spamount Street
Shanks, T., & Son, merchant tailors, 7 Wellington Place
Shanks, Wm., warehouseman, 154 Lisburn Road
Shanks, Wm., painter, 48 Douglas Street
Shanks, Wm. D., tram conductor, 13 Carmel Street
Shannaghan, J., carpenter, 28 Dundee Street
Shannagher, Denis, pensioner, 4 Ameda Terrace, Falls Road
Shanney, S. J., 9 Pakenham Street
Shannon, Alex., commercial traveller, 12 Elmgrove Terrace, Cliftonville Road
Shannon, Alex., harbour constable, 39 Chatsworth Street
Shannon, Andrew, carpenter, 12 Kingswood Street
Shannon, David, confectioner, 45 Manor Street
Shannon, D., posting master, 24 Avon Street
Shannon, Francis, R.I.C., 30 Oceanic Avenue
Shannon, Hugh, ship carpenter, 26 Dagmar Street
Shannon, James, pavior, 54 Percy Street
Shannon, James, packer, 50 Agra Street
Shannon, Jas., car owner, 123 Leeson Street
Shannon, John, tailor, 21 Alma Street
Shannon, John, street inspector, 15 Adelaide Avenue
Shannon, John, tailor, 43 Oakley Street
Shannon, Joseph, fruiterer, 122 Ravenhill Road
Shannon, J. S., watch maker, 256 Old Lodge Road
Shannon, Miss Jane, 2 Craigfernie Terrace, Lisburn Road
Shannon, Miss Maria, 15 Rosemount Gardens
Shannon, Mrs., 35 Cavehill Road
Shannon, Mrs. Margt., 23 Elaine Street
Shannon, Mrs. Mary, Ardilea, Chichester Park
Shannon, Patk., customs officer, 289 Crumlin Road
Shannon, Richd., Thornleigh, Newtownards Road Upper
Shannon, Richard, time keeper, 23 Moorefield Street
Shannon, Robt., grocer, 214a Mayo Street
Shannon, Robt., builder and contractor, 40, 42 Newington Avenue; residence, Washington Villas, 12 Kansas Avenue
Shannon, Robt., overlooker, 8 Jaffa Street
Shannon, R., clothier and draper, 109, 113 and 115 Victoria Street
Shannon, R., winding master, 23 Barton Street
Shannon, Thos., confectioner, 77 Crumlin Road
Shannon, Thos., jeweller, 16 Lyle Street
Shannon, Thos., pensioner, 21 Calvin Street
Shannon, Thos., sanitary inspector, 103 Omeath Street
Shannon, Thos., joiner, 3 Tower Street
Shannon, Wm., engraver, 23 Arundel Street
Shannon, Wm., pavior, 8 Foxglove Street
Shannon, Wm., tailor, 7 Conduit Street
Shannon, Wm., engineer, 60 Jocelyn Avenue
Shannon, Wm., tailor, 8 Rockville Street
Shannon, Wm., fitter, 26 Trillick Street
Shannon, White, & Co., general drapers, 86, 88 Shankill Road and 218 Woodstock Road
Shannon, W., postman, 30 Sintonville Avenue
Shannon, W. A., traveller, 2 Benmadigan Villas, Cavehill Road
Shannon & Co., wholesale and retail drapers, 8 to 14 Peter's Hill
Sharkey, B., boarding house, 53, 55 Great Patrick Street
Sharkey, John, boot maker, 2 Posnett Street
Sharkey, Patk., hair dresser, 19 Bombay Street
Sharkey, Saml., waiter, 70 Devonshire Street
Sharkey, S., clerk, 39 Third Street
Sharp, John, joiner, 83 Castlereagh Road
Sharp, John, 58 Lisburn Avenue
Sharp, Jos., R.I.C., 2 Hatton Drive
Sharp, Jas., Salvation Army, 20 Ava Street
Sharp, J., plumber, 24 Pansy Street
Sharp, M., draper, 18 Mill Street
Sharp, Peter, iron moulder, 25 Tennyson Street
Sharp, Thos., engineer, 32 Epworth Street
Sharpe, E. S., 34 Castleton Gardens
Sharpe, Frederick, plumber, 20 Granville Street
Sharpe, Ferd., com. traveller, 1 Helensvale, Glenburn Park
Sharpe, F., designer, 17 Linenhall Street
Sharpe, H., com. traveller, Alton, Ashley Gardens
Sharpe, H. J., grocer, 37 Gawn Street
Sharpe, James, tailor, 44 London Street
Sharpe, John, boiler maker, 117 Rosebery Road
Sharpe, John, insurance agent, 8 Gotha Street
Sharpe, Jos., boiler maker, 47 Greenville Road
Sharpe, J. W., R.I.C., 52 London Street
Sharpe, Mrs., 356 Newtownards Road Upper
Sharpe, M., fancy draper, 130 Donegall Street
Sharpe, M., Swiss bazaar, 36, 38 Shankill Road
Sharpe, R., draper, 53 Newtownards Road
Sharpe, Wm., fitter, 131 Glenwood Street
Sharpe, W. J., butcher, 109 Northbrook Street
Sharpe & Co., automobile and general engineers, 31 Grosvenor Road
Shaw, Alex., stone cutter, 2 Nore Street
Shaw, Alan, 31 Pacific Avenue
Shaw, Alex. McKee, commercial traveller, 8 Madison Avenue
Shaw, Alex., brass finisher, 4 Hurst Street
Shaw, Alex., brass moulder, 36 Clementine Street
Shaw, Andrew, compositor, 112 Tennent Street
Shaw, A., french polisher, 46 Coolfin Street
Shaw, A. W., grocer, Windermere, Inverary Avenue, Strandtown
Shaw, Caroline, grocer, 75 Skipton Street
Shaw, Cecil, M.A., M.D., surgeon, 29 University Square
Shaw, Chas., linen finisher, 8 Rathlin Street
Shaw, Chas. C., sergt.-major R.A.M.C., 106 Limestone Road
Shaw, David, soap merchant (Shaw & Co. Ltd.), Sunnybank, 81 Earlswood Road
Shaw, David, linen merchant, Halcombe, Cardigan Drive
Shaw, D. S. K., commission agent, 60 Donegall Street
Shaw, Edward, & Co., linen yarn merchants, 28 Bedford Street
Shaw, E., sawyer, 67 Dover Street
Shaw, E., cycle agent, 2 Esmond Street
Shaw, Fred. H., Ailsa Lodge, Craigavad
Shaw, George, clerk, 11 Roseleigh Street
Shaw, Geo. M., linen manufacturer, Rosebank, Comber
Shaw, Geo., linen measurer, 100 Rugby Avenue
Shaw, Geo., fitter, 18 Ridgeway Street
Shaw, Geo. W., mechanic, 334 Springfield Road
Shaw, Henry, fitter, 91 Mountpottinger Avenue
Shaw, H., carpenter, 36 York Street Little
Shaw, H. & Co., fancy linen manufacturers, Bridge Street East
Shaw, Isaac, clerk, 114 Dover Street
Shaw, James, sawyer, 20 March Street
Shaw, James, tailor, 2 Uniondale Street
Shaw, James, bookkeeper, 27 Woodvale Road
Shaw, James, traveller, 3 Clonard Street Lower
Shaw, James, dairyman, 25 Ritchie Street
Shaw, James, R.I.C., 12 Agincourt Street
Shaw, Jane, The Cottage, Beersbridge Road
Shaw, Jas., shipwright, 68 Hatton Drive
Shaw, Jas., spinning master, 42 Geoffrey Street
Shaw, Jas., mechanic, 93 Disraeli Street
Shaw, Jas., B.A., vice-principal and head master of Classical School, Royal Academy, Ione, Parkmount Road
Shaw, Jas., grocer, 53 Kilronan Street
Shaw, Jas., pilot, 54 Bentinck Street
Shaw, Jas. C., harbour official, 237 Lisburn Road
Shaw, Jas. C., warehouseman, 3 Mountcashel Street
Shaw, Jas. G., engineer, 2 Parkview, Cyprus Park
Shaw, Jas., warehouseman, 3 Mountcashel Street
Shaw, James H., family grocer, 1 Crescent Buildings, Dublin Road; res., 66 Fitzwilliam Street
Shaw, John, druggist, Marlborough House, 213 Belmont Road
Shaw, John, 15 Hopefield Avenue
Shaw, John, journalist, Gratli, Windermere Gardens
Shaw, John, brick layer, 34 Bray Street
Shaw, John, warehouseman, Elmdale, Parkmount Road
Shaw, John, painter, 27 Clementine Street
Shaw, John, fitter, 39 Daisyfield Street
Shaw, John, dealer, 35 Frome Street
Shaw, John, brick layer, 96 Battenberg Street
Shaw, John, tenter, 25 Bromley Street
Shaw, John, checker, 110 Hyndford Street
Shaw, John, yarn dresser, 22 Ruskin Street
Shaw, John, sec. Murray, Sons & Co. Ltd., 5 Belgravia Avenue
Shaw, John A., traveller, 116 Madrid Street
Shaw, John S., J.P., Hatter by Special Appointment to H.M. the King; Agent for Lincoln Bennett & Co., and other First-Class Makers, 21, 23 High Street; Res., Claremont house, Knock Road
Shaw, John W., 80 Rugby Avenue
Shaw, Joseph, merchant, 1 Clonlee Drive
Shaw, Joseph, draper, 121 Woodstock Road
Shaw, Joseph, joiner, 16 Kilronan Street
Shaw, Jos., salesman, 2 Emerald Street
Shaw, Jos., commercial traveller, 12 Cedar Avenue
Shaw, Jos., com. agent, 72 Ann Street; res., Strathavon, Lisburn Road
Shaw, J., pensioner, 113 Edinburgh Street
Shaw, J., fitter, 1 Maymount Street
Shaw, J. B., bookkeeper, 114 University Street
Shaw, J. H., druggist, 124 Newtownards Road
Shaw, Kelvin, brass moulder, 25 Kenmare Street
Shaw, Leslie & Shaw (Martin), chartered accountants, 10 Wellington Place
Shaw, Lucy, 21 Landseer Street
Shaw, Martin, 13 Chlorine Gardens
Shaw, Martin, chartered accountant, 1 Congleton Villas, Eastleigh Drive
Shaw, Martin M., wholesale iron monger and manufacturers' agent, 38 Fountain Street; stores, College Lane East; res., Artana, Bangor
Shaw, Matthew, manager, 1 Anchor Villas, Lisburn Road
Shaw, Miss, 3 St. John's Park, Ormeau Road
Shaw, Miss J., 176 Antrim Road
Shaw, Miss M. H., 13 Lawrence Street
Shaw, Miss Lillie, 141 Agincourt Avenue
Shaw, Miss Susan, 98 Fitzroy Avenue
Shaw, Miss, 12 The Mount
Shaw, Mrs., 4 Westminster Street
Shaw, Mrs., 14 Sandhurst Drive
Shaw, Mrs., 20 Burmah Street
Shaw, Mrs., 97 Ulsterville Avenue
Shaw, Mrs., 1 Eisleben, Glenburn Park
Shaw, Mrs., 2 Alderville, Lisburn Road
Shaw, Mrs., Wilmont Terrace, 87 Lisburn Road
Shaw, Mrs., Shandrew, North Road
Shaw, Mrs., 15 Thorndale Avenue
Shaw, Mrs., milliner, 164 Crumlin Road
Shaw, Mrs., Garfield Villa, 168 Parkgate Avenue
Shaw, Mrs. Jane, Villas Speranza, Knockbreda Road
Shaw, Mrs. Mary, 20 Harcourt Street
Shaw, M., & Co., wallpaper merchants, 6 Garfield Street Lower
Shaw, O'Connell, Woodlee, Shandon Park
Shaw, Peter, draughtsman, 198 Woodvale Road
Shaw, Pollock & Co. Ltd., flour importers, Imperial Buildings, 72  High Street
Shaw, Richd., caretaker, Willowfield Gate Lodge, Woodstock Road
Shaw, Robert, tailor, 107 Northbrook Street
Shaw, Robt., carpenter, 23 Rushfield Avenue
Shaw, Robt. C., painter, 11 Rosebery Road
Shaw, Robert J., baker, 60 Theodore Street
Shaw, R., butcher, 32 Dunville Street
Shaw, R., joiner, 87 Palestine Street
Shaw, R., caretaker Belfast Bank Chambers, North Street
Shaw, R. J., farmer, 84 Palestine Street
Shaw, R. J., R.I.C., 101 Frenchpark Street
Shaw, R. J., grocer, 1, 3 Connswater Street and 392 Newtownards Road
Shaw, R. P., manufacturers' agent, 26 Queen Street; res., 15 Rosetta Avenue
Shaw, Samuel, 36 South Parade
Shaw, Samuel, moulder, 28 Hillman Street
Shaw, Samuel, joiner, 47 London Road
Shaw, Samuel B., The Beeches, Rosetta Park
Shaw, Saml., bookkeeper, 83 Rugby Avenue
Shaw, Sarah, 56 Balfour Avenue
Shaw, S. W., manager York Street Branch Ulster Bank Ltd.; res., Bank House, Earl Street
Shaw, Thomas, J.P., 8 Townhall Street; res., Pine Lodge, Belmont Road
Shaw, Thos., blacksmith, 52, 54 Emerson Street
Shaw, Thos., linen lapper, 26 Walbeck Street
Shaw, Thos., manager Ballymurphy Brickworks, Glen Villas, Ballymurphy
Shaw, T., cloth measurer, 7 Glencollyer Street
Shaw, T. H., seed merchant, 1 Cliftonville Avenue
Shaw, Wm., carpenter, 42 Charleville Street Upper
Shaw, Wm., chemist and druggist, 216 Grosvenor Road
Shaw, Wm., cashier, Ulster Bank, Shankill Road
Shaw, Wm., painter, 56 Fernwood Street
Shaw, Wm., iron moulder, 24 Pittsburg Street
Shaw, Wm., com. traveller, 31 Cedar Avenue
Shaw, Wm., clerk, 66 Deramore Avenue
Shaw, Wm., book canvasser, 41 Sandhurst Gardens
Shaw, Wm. McCausland, seed merchant, 97 Ulsterville Avenue
Shaw, Wm., engineer, 14 Spring Street
Shaw, Wm., clerk, 50 Tamar Street
Shaw, W., traveller, 15 Oakland Avenue
Shaw, W., traveller, 15 Dunvegan Street
Shaw, W., joiner, 262 Hillman Street
Shaw, W. A., shipwright, 37 Fortwilliam Parade
Shaw, W. D., linen business, 4 Sandhurst Gardens
Shaw, W. H., bookkeeper, 2 Woodland Avenue
Shaw, W. J., painter, 209 Donegall Road
Shaw, W. J., postman, 12 St. Aubyn Street
Shaw, W. J., commission agent, 23 Ulsterville Avenue
Shaw, W. J., com. traveller, 10 Sandford Avenue
Shaw, W. J., clerk, Crick-Maa, Castle Park
Shaw, W. J., tenter, 20 Laburnum Street
Shaw, W. J., confectioner, 382 Newtownards Road
Shaw, W. J., commission and insurance agent, 112 Scottish Provident Buildings, Donegall Square West
Shaw, W. J., linen lapper, 4 Rathlin Street
Shaw, W. J., & Sons, Ltd., Wholesale Confectioners, 142 Templemore Avenue; Alicia, Newtownards Road Upper
Shaw & Co. Ltd., soap & wax candle manufacturers, 14 Mountpottinger Road
Shaw & Jamison, wholesale chemists and druggists and general merchants, 8 Townhall Street; stores, Middlepath Street
Shaw & McMullan, wholesale tea and sugar merchants, 62 Victoria Street
Shawe, G., clerk, 41 Landseer Street
Shea, Joseph, carpenter, 28 Sandhurst Gardens
Shea, Newbay, plumber, 12 Palestine Street
Shealds, Mrs. M., 136 Antrim Road
Sheals, James, naturalist and taxidermist, 32 Corporation Street
Sheals, Michael, grocer, 257 Falls Road
Sheals, Mrs. Annie, Annaville, 228 Duncairn Gardens
Sheals & McLorinan, solicitors, 87 Donegall Street
Shean & Dickson, solicitors, 16 High Street
Shear, Jacob, draper, 11 Lincoln Avenue
Shearan, S., accountant, 1 Adela Place
Shearan, Holland, & Co., auditors and accountants, fire loss assessors and income tax experts, 137a Royal Avenue
Shearer, Adam, coal dealer, 16 Barbour Street
Shearer Brothers, dealers, 118 Smithfield Market
Shearer, E., hardware merchant, 120, 121 Smithfield Market
Shearer, Hugh, engineer, 12 Lothair Avenue
Shearer, Jas., iron turner, 63 Wigton Street
Shearer, John, engine driver, 36 Roe Street
Shearer, Mrs., 3 Ashmore Street
Shearer, Patk., butcher, 146 Antrim Road
Shearer, Robt., locomotive dept. G.N.R., 151 University Street
Shearer, W., photo material dealer, 57 Mill Street
Shearer, W. J., painter, 39 Linwood Street
Shearman, John N., assistant master Belfast Royal Academy, 20 Orient Gardens
Shearman, Rev. J. N., B.A., incumbent of St. Matthew's, Shankill Road; res., Rectory, Ballygomartin Road
Shearman, The Misses, Elmwood College School and Kindergarten, 45, 47 Grosvenor Place and 16, 18 Clonard Gardens
Sheehan, Timothy, spirit grocer, 45, 47 Grosvenor Place and 16, 18 Clonard Gardens
Sheehan, William, H.M. Customs, 1 Greenbank Villas, Cavehill Road
Sheeran, Mrs., grocer, 36 Earl Street
Shields, Henry, plumber, 5 Cawnpore Street
Sheils, Annie, dress maker, 68 Agnes Street
Sheils, A., painter, 48 Oregon Street
Sheils, Mary, publican, 30, 31 Smithfield
Sheils, James, slater, 13 Lemon Street
Sheills, John, customs officer, 20 Wellington Park Avenue
Shelbourne Hotel, E. A. Caldwell, proprietor, 39 Corporation Street
Sheldon, C. E., & Co., domestic machinery warehouse, 34 Dublin Road
Sheldon, Rev. J. E., curate of St. Nicholas
Sheldon, R., cabinet maker, 136 Ravenhill Avenue
Shemeld, John, electrician, 12 Ashley Avenue
Shemeld, J. Wardell, electric lighting engineers, 51, 53 Berry Street
Shepherd, Alfred, clerk, 163 Rosebery Road
Shepherd, Fred., clerk, 62 Alexandrapark Avenue
Shepherd, John, shop assistant, 90 Belmont Avenue
Shepherd, John, carpenter, 91 Northbrook Street
Shepherd, Mrs., 28 Baltic Avenue
Shepherd, R., millwright, 21 Percy Street
Shepherd, Thos., musician, 57 Donnybrook Street
Shepherd, T., 181 Dunluce Avenue
Shepherd, Wm., 34 Rathlin Street
Sheppard, Elizabeth, Mossvale, Beersbridge Road
Sheppard, E., carpenter, 229 Cambrai Street
Sheppard, Fred., linen business, 13 Melrose Street
Sheppard, James A., N.S. teacher, 16 Malone Avenue
Sheppard, J., fowl dealer, 28 Stanfield Street
Sheppard, Miss, 16 Upper Crescent
Sheppard, Mrs., 29 Castlereagh Place
Sheppard, Robt., shoe maker, 33 Parkview Street
Sheppard, Saml., brakes man, 4 Euston Street
Sheppard, Thos. J., clerk, 37 Gainsborough Drive
Shepperd, E. R., 2 Montrose Villas, Knockbreda Road
Shepperd, Mrs., 2 Montrose Villa, Knockbreda Road
Shepperd, R. H., 2 Montrose Villa, Knockbreda Road
Shepperd, Thos., musician, 57 Donnybrook Street
Shepperd & Co., oil importers and refiners, 22 Howard Street
Sheraton, J., cabinet maker, 35, 37 Matlock Street
Sheridan, C. E., boat builder, 97 Oldpark Road
Sheridan, G., wheelwright, 12 Townsend Street Upper
Sheridan, Matthew, 26, 28 Crosscollyer Street
Sheridan, M., spirit grocer, 193 Hillman Street
Sheridan, Patrick, postmaster and surveyor, of Belfast G.P.O., Roseleigh, Rosetta Park
Sheridan, R., street inspector, 9 Roe Street
Sheridan & Moore, butchers, 43 Ormeau Road
Sheriff, John, joiner, 14 Victoria Avenue
Sherlock, F., fitter, 5 Crossland Street
Sherlock, Jacob, draper, 5 Glenravel Street
Sherlock, Jas., compositor, 1 Ravenscroft Avenue
Sherlock, Jas., mechanic, 27 Crimea Street
Sherlock, John, litho. artist, 56 Cavendish Street
Sherlock, Martha, stationer, 98 Albertbridge Road
Sherlock, T., book binder, 49 Ardenvohr Street
Sherman, Geo., carpenter, 39 Seventh Street
Sherman, Geo., traveller, Berryville, Kingsmere Avenue
Sherman, Jas., fitter, 33 George's Street Great
Sherman, Mrs., 14 Sintonville Avenue
Sherman, Robt., painter, 58 Foyle Street
Sherman, Wm., cabinet maker, 103 Tennent Street
Sherman, Wm., workshop instructor, Hawthornden Road
Sherman, Wm., joiner, 22 Glenbank Place
Sherrard, A., caretaker, Glenbank House, Ligoniel Road
Sherrard, Edwd., water inspector, 27 Lawnbrook Avenue
Sherrard, John C., L.D.S., dental surgeon, 141 Ormeau Road
Sherrard, Mrs., 5 Bellevue Terrace, Ligoniel Road
Sherrard & Co., milliners and fancy warehouse, 1 Lisburn Road
Sherratt, T., R.I.C., 2 Ardgreenan Drive
Sherrie, E., chain maker, 55a Joy Street
Sherrie, James, caretaker, 68 Royal Avenue
Sherry, J. C., insurance agent, 64 Oldpark Avenue
Sherry, John W., coachman, 55 Nevis Avenue
Sherry, Lewis A., grocer, 176 Manor Street
Sherskie, Joseph, draper, 15 Fleetwood Street
Sherskie, L., draper, 11 Waring Street
Sherwood, E., clerk, 164 Mountcollyer Street
Sherwood, John, cook, 8 Mount Street (No. 1)
Shevlin, Arthur, box maker, 50 Alton Street
Shevlin, C., chimney sweep, 22 Hamilton Place
Shevlin, F., spirit grocer, 161 Euston Street
Shevlin, Jas., spirit grocer, 81 Anderson Street
Shevlin, Jas., spirit grocer, 22, 24 Charles Street South
Shevlin, John, spirit grocer, 2 and 4 Fox Street
Shevlin, J., spirit grocer, 267 Albertbridge Road
Shevlin, M., dealer, 52 Barrack Street
Shevlin, Owen, blacksmith, 4 Odessa Street
Shevlin, P., inspector S.P.C.A., 43 Omeath Street
Shevlin, Peter, spirit grocer, 289 Albertbridge Road and 1 Carnforth Street
Shevlin, Thos., spirit grocer, 49, 51 Bright Street
Shiarra, R., linen lapper, 55 Balfour Avenue
Shields, Alfred, sergeant-at-mace, Belfast Corporation, 30 Westmoreland Street
Shields, Alfred, collar cutter, 81 Balfour Avenue
Shields, A., tinsmith, 56 Heather Street
Shields, Charles, joiner, 16 Wescott Street
Shields, Daniel, shoe maker, 46 Theodore Street
Shields, David, blacksmith, 46 Clandeboye Street
Shields, David H., hair dresser, 90 Mount Street No. 2
Shields, F., provision merchant, 246 Springfield Road
Shields, F., fruiterer, 76 Falls Road
Shields, F., grocer, 240 Springfield Road
Shields, Geo., moulder, 30 Paris Street
Shields, Geo., teacher, 6 Donard Street
Shields, Henry, joiner, 5 Cawnpore Street
Shields, Henry, plumber, 33 Bowness Street
Shields, Hugh, linen lapper, 9 Morpeth Street
Shields, Hugh, tenter. 3 Clowney Street
Shields, H., hair dresser, 14 Albertbridge Road
Shields, James, sand merchant, Laganbank Road; res., 35 Kerrsland Crescent
Shields, James, joiner, 73 Dover Street
Shields, Jas., joiner, 10 Redcar Street
Shields, Jas., painter, 8 Lisbon Street
Shields, Jas., dealer, 43 Brown Street
Shields, John, stone mason, 21 Milton Street
Shields, John, beetler, 215 Ainsworth Avenue
Shields, John, tailor, 3 Gipsy Street
Shields, John, teacher of music, 139 Agincourt Avenue
Shields, John, tenter, 59 Willow Street
Shields, John, grocer, 2 Milton Street
Shields, J., cab owner, 36 North Queen Street
Shields, J., boot maker, 56 Pitt Street
Shields, J., sand merchant, The Elms, 5 Winston Gardens
Shields, J. A., moulder, 98 Westmoreland Street
Shields, Matthew & Co., drapers, 181 Shankill Road
Shields, Margt., 35 Duncairn Gardens
Shields, Mary, 8 Twickenham Street
Shields, Mrs. Mary, 96 Melrose Street
Shields, Mrs. Arabella, 130 Cliftonpark Avenue
Shields, M., engineer, 110 Melrose Street
Shields, Patk., baker, 11 Altcar Street
Shields, Rev. Jas., Baptist minister, 7 Claremont Street
Shields, Robt., carpenter, 7 Bloomfield Road
Shields, Robt., engineer, 20 Sylvan Street
Shields, Robt., hammer man, 16 Hertford Street
Shields, Robt., caretaker, 40a Ravenhill Road
Shields, Samuel, tailor, 26 Acton Street
Shields, Sarah, 56 Madrid Street
Shields, Thos., fitter, 38 Westland Street
Shields, Wm., linen business, 40 Deramore Avenue
Shields, Wm., rigger, 15 Garmoyle Street
Shields, Wm., fitter, 17 Dunmoyle Street
Shields, Wm., publican, 16, 18 Carlow Street
Shields, William, spirit grocer, 2, 4 Derby Street North
Shields, Wm., 20 Castleton Avenue
Shields, Wm., publican, 93 Westmoreland Street
Shields, W. J., surgeon dentist, 4 Carlisle Terrace, Crumlin Road
Shiels, Mary, publican, 30, 31 Smithfield
Shiels & Co., drapers, 149, 151 Grosvenor Road
Shilliday, Agnes, draper, 322 Crumlin Road
Shilliday, Jas., bath attendant, 196 Blythe Street
Shilliday, Jas., tailor, 107 Rugby Avenue
Shilliday, John, moulder, 45 Twickenham Street
Shilliday, Miss Jane, millinery and drapery warehouse, 41 Dublin Road
Shillington, John, 7 Brookvale Avenue
Shillington, Thos., linen merchant, Grenoge, Deramore Drive
Shillington, T. Courtenay, linen merchant, Broadway; res., Glenmachan Tower, Strandtown
Shillington, T. F. J.P. (of Musgrave & Co. Ltd.), Albertbridge Road; res., Dromart, Antrim Road
Shimmon, Edw., carpenter, 4 Connaught Street
Shimmon, Hugh A., plumber, 28 Barton Street
Shimmon, John R., builder, Coyle Street
Shimmon, J. R., brick layer, 111 Charles Street South
Shimmons, J. R., jeweller, 26 Damascus Street
Shimmon, John, carpenter, 21 Lisburn Road
Shimmon, Wm., brick layer, 32 Jerusalem Street
Shimmons, Wm., assistant secretary, 13 Ulsterville Gardens
Shipcott, W. B., manager Fredk. King & Co. Ltd., Stranmillis Mill, Lockview Road
Shipp, Alfred, clothier, 64 South Parade
Shipp, G. A., clothier, 24 St. Jude's Avenue
Shipping Federation Ltd., 3 Customhouse Square and Labour Bureau, 1a Queen's Quay
Shippobotham, F., pattern maker, 10 Prim Street
Shipwright Society - A branch, 5 Rosemary Street
Ship and Home Supply Co., 45 York Street
Shirlow, Sarah, 167 Dunluce Avenue
Shivers, Henry, linen lapper, 7 McCandless Street
Shivers, Mrs., 15 Haypark Avenue
Shore, J. L., Clanchattan House, Limestone Road
Short, Frank, publican, 34, 36 Bank Street and 49a Castle Street
Short, Fred, printer, 41 Newry Street
Short, John, brick layer, 6 Excise Street
Short, John, despatch clerk, 4 Curzon Street
Short, Jos., dealer, 4 Barrington Street
Short, M., spirit grocer, 292, 294, 431 Beersbridge Road Upper
Short, Peter, stone cutter, 54 Earlscourt Street
Short, Robt., mechanic, 19 St. Andrew's Square East
Short, T., traveller, 55 Thompson Street
Short, Wm., engineer, 20 Brassey Street
Short, Wm., postman, 26 Egeria Street
Shortsinger, Albert, clock and watch maker, 7 Amelia Street
Shortsinger, E., watch and clock maker and importer, 57 North Street; res., 62 Carlisle Street
Shortall, Matthew, detective, 83 Burnaby Street
Shorten, Elizabeth, 29 Magdala Street
Shorten, W., provision merchant, 26 Jerusalem Street
Shortt, J. A., pensioner, 26 College Square North
Shortt, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 18 Ratcliff Street
Shoulders, P., engineer, 30 Dock Street
Shoveller, W. De Rinzy, Knocknamona, Somerton Road
Showler, A. F., compositor, 43 Wyndham Street
Shufflebotham, J. J., insurance inspector, 20 Artana Street
Shute, Miss, pianist, 10 Cromac Street
Sibbett, Robt. M., journalist, 10 Clifton Crescent
Sibbins, Alex., newsagent, 187 Lodge Road Old
Sibbins, Joseph, clerk, 81 Roseleigh Street
Sibbins, Margaret, stationer and tobacconist, 292 Old Lodge Road
Silbey, J., spinning master, 259 Conway Street
Silcock, Kathleen, Marston House, Knockbreda Road
Silcock, Richd., electrician, 56 Mossvale Street
Silcock, R. F., dresser, 22 Barbour Street
Silo, George, confectioner, 143 Castlereagh Road
Silo, Henry, brick layer, 26 Bantry Street
Silo, M., boiler maker, 421 Ormeau Road
Silvertown Indiarubber and Gutta-Percha, Telegraph Co., 75 Ann Street
Sillars, John, tenter, 60 Dover Street
Silvey, Wm. J., commercial traveller, 91 Inverary Avenue
Simmons, B., watch maker, 15 Legann Street
Simmons, H., clerk, 36 University Street
Simmons, Jas., sawyer, 95 Silvio Street
Simmons, Wm. John, sawyer, 34 Broadbent Street
Simms, Agnes, grocer, 134 Upper Earl Street
Simms, Geo., blacksmith, 4 Clara Street
Simms, Geo., 10 Loughview Villas, Shore Road
Simms, John, butter and egg dealer, 62 George's Street Great
Simms, J., painter, 71 Lindsay Street
Simms, J., 19 Sandymount Street
Simms, J. H., cashier, 2 Rosemount Gardens
Simms, Margaret, 53 Castlereagh Place
Simms, Mrs. I., 125 Alexandrapark Avenue
Simms, Mrs., Lisnore, San Souci Park
Simms, Mrs., Dunelin, 117 University Road
Simms, Mrs., Rosebank, King's Road
Simms, Peter, boiler maker, 88 Ogilvie Street
Simms, Robert Jas., dealer, 58 Portallo Street
Simms, Rev. S., minister of Bethany Presbyterian Church; res., 22 Oldpark Crescent, Oldpark Road
Simms, R., tinsmith, 21 Dargle Street
Simms, Saml., dairyman, 46 Cosgrave Street
Simms, W. J., pilot, 24 Dock Street
Simon, Henry, traveller, Holmlea, Knutsford Drive
Simons, Mrs. M., 9 Clifton Drive
Simons, Thos. Henry, gardener, 253 Holywood Road
Simons & Co., publicans, 105, 107 Sandy Row
Simonton, H., designer, 283 Oldpark Road
Simonton, Mrs., Daisyfield Terrace, 83 Newtownards Road Upper
Simonton, Robt., Dynevor, Knock Road
Simonton, W. D. (successor to R. Murray & Co.), packing case and joinery works, 37 College Street; res., Sheelah, Malone Park
Simpitrol Lighting Co. (carried on by Wm. Geddis, Geo. Pickering, and Geo. Gordon), 7 Pottinger's Entry
Simpson, Adam, shop assistant, 54 Roseleigh Street
Simpson, Albert, carpenter, 40 Bracken Street
Simpson, Alex., joiner, 58 Pitt Street
Simpson, A., engine smith, 14 Cranburn Street
Simpson Bros., shirt makers, hosiers, and glovers, 3 High Street; res., Geo. Simpson, Ulster Villas, Lisburn Road
Simpson, Chas., cooper, 11 Unity Street
Simpson, Chas., teacher, Ferndale, Whiterock Road
Simpson, Chas. H., glass beveller, 85 Joy Street
Simpson, David, glass merchant, 71 Hatton Drive
Simpson, David, fitter, 119 Rosebery Road
Simpson, David, cutler, 5 Oldpark Avenue
Simpson, D., shipwright, 111 Dee Street
Simpson, D. B., solicitor, 60 Ann Street
Simpson, D. & F., iron dealers and contractors, 167 York Road
Simpson, Edwd., painter, 59 Vicarage Street
Simpson, Elizabeth, 85 Glenwood Street
Simpson, George, draughtsman, 1 Ferguson Drive
Simpson, Geo., tenter, 38 Howe Street
Simpson, Geo., grocer, 139, 141 Sidney Street West
Simpson, G., draper, 22 Emerson Street
Simpson, Hugh, traveller, 32 Rathlin Street
Simpson, Hugh, 128 Fitzroy Avenue
Simpson, Hugh, butcher, 15 Carnmoney Street
Simpson, James, blacksmith, 5 Unity Street
Simpson, James A., clerk, 44 Nevis Avenue
Simpson, James, sawyer, 38 Well Street
Simpson, James, 25 Ulsterville Gardens
Simpson, Jas., joiner, 20 Belmont Avenue
Simpson, Jas., joiner, 38 Leoville Street
Simpson, Jas., joiner, 22 Lismain Street
Simpson, Jas., agent, Ocean Buildings (5th floor), Donegall Square East
Simpson, Jas., iron and steel agent, 17 Willowbank Street
Simpson, Jno., polisher, 22 Westmoreland Street
Simpson, John, compositor, 47 Glentoran Street
Simpson, John, pilot, 54 Duncairn Gardens
Simpson, John, overseer, G.P.O., 125 Rugby Avenue
Simpson, John, iron turner, 262 Leopold Street
Simpson, John, electrician, 18 Collingwood Avenue
Simpson, John, boot maker, Fountainville Cottage, Gilnahirk Road
Simpson, John, machine man, 45 Parkmount Street
Simpson, John, shop assistant, 63 Ardgowan Street
Simpson, John, gas fitter, 134 Raglan Street
Simpson, John, engine driver, 23 Reid Street
Simpson, John, Oakdene Terrace, Park Avenue
Simpson, John B., music teacher, 19 Cherryville Street
Simpson, Joseph, glazier, 9 Jerusalem Street
Simpson, Jos., chandler, 40 Mountcollyer Road
Simpson, Jos., linen merchant, 423 Beechwood, Beersbridge Road Upper
Simpson, J., iron moulder, 42 Hopeton Street
Simpson, J. H., boiler maker, 57 Duncairn Gardens
Simpson, J., M.D., 76 Dublin Road
Simpson, J. & Co., linen manufacturers, 33 Queen Street
Simpson, Malcolm, plumber, 7 Castle Arcade
Simpson, Miss M., music teacher, 81 Woodvale Road
Simpson, Mrs., 5 Clifton Crescent
Simpson, Mrs., 2 Blackwood Street
Simpson, Mrs., dressmaker, 98 Solway Street
Simpson, Mrs. W. R., 19 Thorndale Avenue
Simpson, M., carpenter, 2 Renfrew Street
Simpson, Robert, grocer, 1, 3 Chatham Street
Simpson, Robert, pattern maker, 28 Buckingham Street
Simpson, Robt., fitter, 110 Silvio Street
Simpson, Robt., grocer, 178 My Lady's Road
Simpson, Roberts, & Co., Liverpool - canned goods and dried fruit importers - Wm. Nickson, representative - 15 Rosemary Street
Simpson, R., spirit grocer, 75 Mount Street No. 2
Simpson, R., constable R.I.C., 21 Belmont Avenue
Simpson, R., fitter, 28 Ulverston Street
Simpson, R., cabinet maker, 69 Richardson Street
Simpson, R., spirit grocer, 46 Shamrock Street
Simpson, Robt., plasterer, 10 Glenvarlock Street
Simpson, Samuel, joiner, 62 Belmont Avenue
Simpson, Samuel, carpenter, 13 Morpeth Street
Simpson, Thomas, foreman, 3 Ilchester Street
Simpson, Thos., assistant manager, 111 Limestone Road
Simpson, Thos., grocer, 47 Dundela Street
Simpson, Thos., despatch clerk, 387 Woodstock Road
Simpson, T., clerk, Alcove, Knutsford Drive
Simpson, T., caretaker Model School, Divis Street
Simpson, Walter, attendant, 25 Bruce Street
Simpson, Wm., upholsterer, 11 Whitworth Street
Simpson, Wm., R.I.C., 9 Pim Street
Simpson, Wm., clerk, 121 Walmer Street
Simpson, Wm., postman, 45 Donnybrook Street
Simpson, Wm., fitter, 32 Vistula Street
Simpson, Wm., joiner, 33 Kingscourt Street
Simpson, Wm., mechanic, 73 Chadwick Street
Simpson, Wm., confectioner, 144 Donegall Road
Simpson, Wm., manufacturers' agent, 12 Howard Street
Simpson, Wm., machinist, 34 Roslyn Street
Simpson, Wm. J., bookkeeper, 22 Irwin Avenue
Simpson, Wm. M., jun., yarn agent, 68 Scottish Provident Buildings, Donegall Square North
Simpson, W. G., provision merchant, 53 Agincourt Avenue
Simpson, W. J., traveller, 52 Mayo Street
Simpson, W. J., hackler, 43 Brussels Street
Simpson, W. S., bookkeeper, 91 Tildarg Street
Simpson & Blackburn, Ltd., 6 Union Street
Simpson & Mitchell, glass, oil, colour merchants and glaziers, 51 to 57 Smithfield
Simpson & Scott, Scale, Beam, and Weighing Machine Manufacturers, 20 Smithfield
Sims, G., french polisher, 20 Britannic Street
Sims, Miss Elizabeth, 229 Duncairn Gardens
Sinclair, Alex., joiner, 171 Madrid Street
Sinclair, Alex., baker, 99 Argyle Street
Sinclair's Antique Gallery - Thomas Sinclair & Co. - 18 Castle Lane. Telephone No. 443Y; res., Thomas Sinclair, Rosslyn, Lisburn
Sinclair, Collie, draper, 235 Duncairn Gardens
Sinclair, David, farmer and dairy man, Ballymurphy
Sinclair, David, carter, 4 Belmont Street
Sinclair, F. Howard, M.D., 18 College Gardens; res., Cooleen, Warrenpoint
Sinclair, Hill, teacher, 17 Sandymount Street
Sinclair, Hill, box maker, 5 Oswald Street
Sinclair, Jas., weaver, 18, 20 Ardoyne Vill. (Village)
Sinclair, Jas., joiner, 32 Canning Street Upper
Sinclair, Jasper, draughtsman, 305 Albertbridge Road
Sinclair, Jno., manufacturer, 8 College Gardens
Sinclair, Jno., spirit grocer, 44, 46 Lord Street
Sinclair, John, clerk, 9 The Glen
Sinclair, John, fitter, 117 Castlereagh Road
Sinclair, John, brick layer, 7 Braemar Street
Sinclair, Joseph, sawyer, 44 Hooker Street
Sinclair, Joseph, engine driver, 29 Ballycastle Street
Sinclair, J., merchant, 473 Falls Road
Sinclair, J., linen lapper, 34 Sandymount Street
Sinclair, J., draughtsman, 305 Albertbridge Road
Sinclair, J. K., joiner, 53 Litchfield Avenue
Sinclair, J. & T., Ltd., provision merchants, 7, 11 Tomb Street
Sinclair, Mary, 39 Castlereagh Street
Sinclair, Miss, 18 College Gardens
Sinclair, Mrs., 12 Jocelyn Street
Sinclair, Mrs. Grace, 23 Botanic Avenue
Sinclair, Mrs. M. M., 1 Wellingtonpark Terrace
Sinclair, Norman, joiner, 36 Fleet Street
Sinclair, Right Hon. Thomas, D.L., Hopefield House, Antrim Road
Sinclair, Robert, spirit merchant, 136 Newtownards Road Upper
Sinclair, Robert, grocer's assistant, 7 Seaview Terrace, Greencastle
Sinclair, Robert, moulder, 4 Convention Street
Sinclair, Robt., car owner, 12 Riga Street
Sinclair, Robt., case maker, 62 Charleville Street Upper
Sinclair, Robt., wine and spirit broker, 48 Waring Street
Sinclair, Robt., brass moulder, 3 Church Street East
Sinclair, Robt., fitter, 3 Kingscourt Street
Sinclair, Robt., clerk, Sunnyside, Stockman's Lane
Sinclair, Thos., M.D., F.R.C.S.E., professor of surgery Belfast University, 22 University Square
Sinclair, Thos., St. Clair, Stockman's Lane
Sinclair, Thos., coach fitter, 12 Larkstone Street
Sinclair Weaving Company, linen and damask manufacturers, Clarence Street West
Sinclair, T., boot warehouse, 90 Agnes Street
Sinclair, Wm., agent, 25 Tudor Place
Sinclair, Wm., clerk, 16 Adelaide Avenue
Sinclair, Wm., carpenter, 15 Harper Street
Sinclair, Wm., West End Toilet Club, 156 Shankill Road
Sinclair, Wm., plasterer, 21 Beech Street
Sinclair & Boyd, merchants and agents for Lloyd's, Bank of Ireland Chambers, 93 Ann Street
Sinclair & Co., Drapers, 93, 95, 97 Royal Avenue, 19 Shaftesbury Square, and 96 and 98 North Street
Sinclair, S., & Co., flax, hemp, tow, flaxseed, cotton, yarn, cloth merchants and insurance agents, 43 Franklin Street; res., J. Sinclair, 8 College Gardens; S. Sinclair, jun., Inglewood, Adelaide Park
Singer, Jas., insurance agent, 386 Woodstock Road
Singer, R. J., 72 Chadwick Street
Singer Sewing Machine Co. Ltd., Belfast central agency, 43 Queen Street. Branches:- 61 Donegall Place, 80 Albertbridge Road, 7 Antrim Road, 186 North Street, 46 Victoria Street - James Marshall, manager
Singleton, Annie, 437 Beersbridge Road Upper
Sinnerton, J., linen lapper, 209 Ainsworth Avenue
Sinnerton, J., linen lapper, 233 Mayo Street
Sinnerton, Robt., dairyman, 6a Ashmore Street
Sinnott, James, tobacconist and newsagent, 22 Antrim Road
Sinton, Alfred, Laurelvale, Tandragee
Sinton, Arthur, Stramore House, Gilford
Sinton, David, Works Department, Corporation, Cabra, Ravenhill Park
Sinton, Fredk. B., Bamford House, Gilford
Sinton, Isabella, Ulster Villas, Lisburn Road
Sinton, John, agent, 33 Indiana Avenue
Sinton, J. G., commercial traveller, Redhouse, Kensington Road
Sinton, Maynard, J.P., Ballyards, Armagh
Sinton, Richard, 76 Richardson Street
Sinton, Thos., J.P., Laurelvale, Tandragee
Sinton, Thomas, & Co., linen manufacturers, bleachers and merchants, 3 Linenhall Street
Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, Sister M. J. Graham, superioress, 24 Clonard Gardens
Sisters of Nazareth, Fox Lodge, Ravenhill Road
Sivewright, Robert, resident secretary Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society Ltd.; 20 Allworthy Avenue
Skates, Ernest, coach builder, 28 St. Aubyn Street
Skates, Robt., linen lapper, 15 Meadowbank Street
Skeats, Robt., linen lapper, 75 Tate's Avenue
Skeats, William, coach smith, 19 Ormeau Street
Skeffington, Fras., slater, 10 Bow Street
Skeffington, Isabella, newsagent and stationer, 21 Crumlin Road
Skeffington, John, solicitor, 64 Donegall Street
Skeffington, Wm., plasterer, 51 English Street
Skegoniel Brick Co. Ltd. - J. O. Campbell, secretary, Skegoniel Avenue
Skeighan, Wm., dairyman, 29, 31 Lawther Place
Skelly, Henry M., sample maker, 36 Woodvale Road
Skelly, Jas., draper, 102 Killowen Street
Skelly, Jas., grocer, 32 Willowfield Gardens
Skelly, John, Prudential Insurance Co. agent, 70 Bloomfield Avenue
Skelly, J. S., & Co., rent agents, 26 Chichester Street
Skelly, J. B., wholesale and retail draper, 44, 48 Great Edward Street; res., 320 Ravenhill Road
Skelly, Miss, teacher, 119 Limestone Road
Skelly, Mrs., 67 Glenrosa Street
Skelly, Robt., grocer, 76 Farnham Street
Skelly, Robt., baker, 51 Glenrosa Street
Skelly, Sam., North End Window Cleaning Co., 158a Antrim Road
Skelly, Samuel, 6 Wellingtonpark Avenue
Skelly, W., 14 Albertville Drive
Skelly, W. J., joiner, 10 Rusholme Street
Skelton, Chas., butcher, 29 Castlereagh Road
Skelton, Hugh, bottler, 133 Castlereagh Road
Skelton, James, fruiterer and florist, 156 Lisburn Road
Skelton, Jas., & Co., linen and handkerchief manufacturers, 11, 13 Gloucester Street; res., James Skelton, 1 Woolsey Villas, Malone Park
Skelton, John, clerk, 1 Avonbeg Street
Skelton, Robert, manager, 149 Castlereagh Road
Skelton, Robt., basket maker, 26 Beresford Street
Skelton, S., 4 Erinview, Greencastle
Skelton, S. J., secretary, 3 Glenview Terrace, Ballysillan
Skelton, Thos., clerk, 31 Mountcollyer Avenue
Skelton, T. J., florist and fruiterer, 679 Lisburn Road; also at Cranmore Nursery, Bawnmore Road
Skelton, Wm., cattle dealer, 89 Tate's Avenue
Skerry's College (Ireland) Limited, and General Business Office, 143 Royal Avenue
Skidmore, John F., linotype fitter, 7 Roe Street
Skillen, David, plumber, 60 Parker Street
Skillen, Hugh A., principal Belmont National School, Fernhurst, Belmont Road
Skillen, H. M., agent, 12 College Street
Skillen, John, carpenter, 6 Seaview Terrace, Greencastle
Skillen, Joseph, blacksmith, 4 Saunders Street
Skillen, Jos., baker, 8 Fairfield Street
Skillen, Mary, 9 Bryson Street
Skillen, Patk., butcher, 312 Crumlin Road
Skillen, R., clerk, 171 Alexandrapark Avenue
Skillen, Thos., conf. and grocer, 12 Flax Street
Skillen, Thos., fruiterer, 126, 128 Butler Street
Skillen, Wm., blacksmith, 51 Thorndyke Street
Skillen, Wm. Johnston, moulder, 9 Mountjoy Street
Skillen, W. W., postman, 54 Ballarat Street
Skillender, John, hair dresser, 1a Donegall Road
Skillender, Patk., car owner, 20 Pound Street
Skilleter, Mary, 19 Ponsonby Avenue
Skilliter, Fred., steward, 133 Rugby Road
Skilling, Adam, joiner, 14 Ava Avenue
Skilling, Wesley, draughtsman, 65 Cheviot Avenue
Skimin, H. E., agent, 27a Donegall Place
Skimin, H. E., 39 Roseleigh Street
Skimin, Saml., master mariner, 52 Jocelyn Street
Skimmins, Andrew, stone cutter, 26 Blaney Street
Skimmin, Mrs. Louisa, 118 Ravenhill Avenue
Skinner, J., piano manufacturer, 148 University Street
Skinner, Mary, 36 Donegall Pass
Skinner, Thos., Jun., manufacturing chemist, Fulton Street
Skinner, Wm., 15 Amelia Street
Skipp, G. A., clothier, 24 St. Jude's Avenue
Sky, Wm., 61 Academy Street
Slacke & Co. Ltd., Galvanised Hollowware Manufacturers, 16, 18, 18a Ashton Street
Slacke, Chas. Owen (of Slacke & Co. Ltd., Ashton Street), Wheatfield, Crumlin Road
Slack, H. G., R.I.C., 7 Haywood Avenue
Slade, Fred. T., porter, 72 Walmer Street
Slane, Bernard, tailor, 25 Crocus Street
Slane, Henry, fitter, 61 Iris Street
Slane, J., coach builder, 21 Balkan Street
Slater, Andrew, foreman painter, 2 Rokeby Villas, Shore Road
Slater, E. W., engineer, 290 Springfield Road
Slater, Geo., joiner, 18 Moneyrea Street
Slater, Robt., mechanic, 16 Victoria Avenue
Slater, W. J., architect, 2 Dundela Drive
Slattery, Jas. H., Corporation official, Ellenvale, Westland Road
Slattery, Mrs., caretaker, Castlereagh dispensary, Templemore Avenue
Slavin, Jas., draper's assistant, 52 Hillman Street
Slavin, Jos., spinning master, 9 Crocus Street
Slavin, P., insurance agent, 6 Ligoniel Road
Slavin, T., fruit dealer, 151 Durham Street
Sleath, Jas., machine man, 30 Rockview Street Lower
Sleator, Jas., pensioner, 33 Meadow Street
Sleeman, Capt. J. L., Carlindean, Windsor Avenue North
Sleeth, Jas., glass moulder, 80 Bristol Street
Sleeth, Jas., brass moulder, 23 Tasmania Street
Sleith, Chas., artist, 91 Ulsterville Gardens
Slevin, Joseph, shoe maker, 5 Glenview Street
Slinn, Thos., bottle blower, 27 Laganvale Street
Sloan, Alex, cabinet maker, 69 Wilton Street
Sloan, A., carter, 11 Coyle Place
Sloan, Ben., shoe maker, 9 Elswick Street
Sloan, Cameron, clerk, 14 Belmore Street
Sloan, Chas., bread server, 7 Oldpark Avenue
Sloan, Chas., shipwright, 58 St. Leonard's Street
Sloan, Chris., joiner, 49 Canning Street Upper
Sloan, C., hair dresser, 154 Leeson Street
Sloan, David, car owner, 31 Cavour Street
Sloan, David, clerk, 34 Frank Street
Sloan, David, linen merchant, 42 Oakland Avenue
Sloan, David, weigh master, 38 Aughrim Street
Sloan-Duployan Shorthand Institute, 14 Howard Street
Sloan, Ernest, clerk, 16 Jubilee Avenue
Sloan, Fred., bookkeeper, 11 Lonsdale Street
Sloan, Geo., plumber, 18 Ardilaun Street
Sloan, H., engine driver, 11 Morpeth Street
Sloan, James, 89 Malone Avenue
Sloan, Jas., 25 University Road
Sloan, Jas., fitter, 106 Omeath Street
Sloan, Jas., spinning master, 16 Columbia Street
Sloan, Jas., engineer, 24 Reid Street
Sloan, Jas., 89 Malone Avenue
Sloan, Jas., moulder, 2 Anderson Street
Sloan, Jas., insurance agent, 6 Clifton Drive
Sloan, Jas., driller, 31 Chadolly Street
Sloan, Jas., mechanic, 2 Charleville Street
Sloan, Jas., photo engraver, 13 Pine Street
Sloan, Jas., mechanic, 2 Charleville Street
Sloan, Jas., engineer, 24 Reid Street
Sloan, Jas., meter inspector, 98 Tate's Avenue
Sloan, John, boiler maker, 12 Avondale Street
Sloan, John, chief engineer, 110 North Road
Sloan, John, caretaker, Cullen Allen & Co. Ltd., 30 Towsend (Townsend)
Sloan, John, sanitary inspector, 3 Reid Street
Sloan, John, joiner, 44 Wilcar Street
Sloan, John, butcher, 1 Woodstock Road
Sloan, John, coal merchant, Lorna-Doone, Stockman's Lane
Sloan, John, joiner, 208 Donegall Road
Sloan, John, chief engineer, Anneville, Dundela Avenue
Sloan, Joshua, mechanic, 2 Orkney Street
Sloan, Jos., joiner, 61 Dee Street
Sloan, J., harbour constable, 36 Orkney Street
Sloan, J. B., clerk, 33 Moneyrea Street
Sloan, J. E., time keeper, 57 Newport Street
Sloan, Matt. H., bookkeeper, 6 Stranmillis Gardens
Sloan, Martha, 55 Castlereagh Road
Sloan, Mary, grocer, 19 Memel Street
Sloan, Miss, 137 Limestone Road
Sloan, Mrs., 74 Wellington Park
Sloan, Mrs., 21 Summer Street
Sloan, Mrs., 59 Kimberley Street
Sloan, Mrs., 3 Sunbury Avenue
Sloan, M., tobacconist and stationer, 81 Shankill Road
Sloan, Robert G., stationer, 2 Candahar Street
Sloan, Robert, driller, 32 Ardilaun Street
Sloan, Robt. Green, 15 Ardmore Avenue
Sloan, Robt., sawyer, 23 Perry Street
Sloan, Robt., traveller, 37 Riga Street
Sloan, R. W., mill furnisher, 15 Connsbrook Avenue
Sloan, Saml., grocer, 131 Woodstock Road
Sloan, Saml., engineer, 2 Titania Street
Sloan, Saml., fish and chip saloon, 42 Donegall Road
Sloan, Susannah, draper, 340 Beersbridge Road Upper
Sloan, Thos., tailor, 55 Joy Street
Sloan, Thos., painter, 21 Clonard Street Lower
Sloan, Thos. Henry, J.P., 17 Canning Street
Sloan, T., ship carpenter, 19 Cheviot Street
Sloan, T., linen lapper, 3 Crown Terrace, Castlereagh Street
Sloan, Wm., carrier, 30 Foreman Street
Sloan, Wm., compositor, 9 Forthriver Gardens
Sloan, Wm., tailor, 52 Jocelyn Avenue
Sloan, Wm., tailor, 99 Snugville Street
Sloan, Wm., painter, 44 Euston Street
Sloan, Wm., R.I.C., 1b Lomond Avenue
Sloan, Wm., Clifton Bakery, 27a Linwood Street
Sloan, Wm., fitter, 13 Chambers Street
Sloan, W., coach builder, 146 Grosvenor Road
Sloan, W. J., brush maker, 109 Conlig Street
Sloan, W. J., Wheatfield Dairy, 309 Ormeau Road
Sloan, W. J., draper, 148 Leeson Street
Sloan, W. J., commercial traveller, 3 Earlswood Road
Sloan, W. R., evangelist, 74 Haypark Avenue
Sloan & Co., mill furnishers and agents, 13, 15 Corporation Street
Sloan & Co., outfitters, 246 Newtownards Road
Sloane, Albert, bookkeeper, 17 Kashmir Road
Sloane, Henry, artist, 11 Jocelyn Street
Sloane, Miss, teacher, 47 Kansas Avenue
Sloane, Miss, 73 Belmont Road
Sloane, Mrs., 42 Garmoyle Street
Sloane, Thos., traveller, Edenmohr, Ballygomartin Road
Sloane, Wm., traveller, 81 Castlereagh Street
Sloane, W. C. N., agent, 39 Victoria Street
Sloane, W. H., french polisher, 105 Rosebery Road
Sloane, Wm. J., law clerk, 145 My Lady's Road
Sloine, Jas., customs officer, 27 Adam Street
Sloss, F. A., LL.B., solicitor, 13 Ann Street; res., Knockavon, Antrim Road
Sloss, Mrs., Knockavon, Antrim Road
Slowey, John, 32 Regent Street
Slowey, John, baker, 160 Grosvenor Road
Small, Chas., linen merchant, 163 Stranmillis Road
Small, James, joiner, 8 Ship Street
Small, James, shipwright, 7 Howe Street
Small, Jane, 29 Haypark Avenue
Small, Jas., boot and shoe maker, 95 Bridge End
Small, John, mechanic, 123 Glenwood Street
Small, John, boot maker, 181 Divis Street
Small, John, boiler maker, 40 Hatton Drive
Small, John, wood turner, 18 Crystal Street
Small, Mrs., 132 Agincourt Avenue
Small, Mrs. E., 35 Dunluce Avenue
Small, M., boot and shoe maker, 67, 69 Divis Street
Small, Robert, boiler maker, 108 Ogilvie Street
Small, Thos., journalist, 36 Raby Street
Small, T., joinery works, 99 Market Street
Small, Wm., fitter, 138 Donegall Road
Small, Wm., pawn broker, 130 Canning Street Upper
Small, W. J., grocer, 357, 359 Newtownards Road and 73 Holywood Road; res., Laurington, Upper Newtownards Road
Smallwood, Geo. W., director S. D. Neill Ltd., Donegall Place; res., Hughenden, 406 Ravenhill Road
Smart, Chas., plumber, 54 Tyrone Street
Smart, David, carpenter, 6 Tower Street
Smart, David G., clerk, 8 Windermere Gardens
Smart, James, builder, 6 Ferguson Drive
Smart, J. G., butcher, Sinclair's Buildings, 273, 275 Newtownards Road; res., Eastville, Hawthornden Road
Smart, Mrs. Jane, 26 Thorndale Avenue
Smart, Robt., manager, 25 Burmah Street
Smart, Robt., outdoor manager Inglis & Co. Ltd., Park Lane
Smeaton, Thos., fitter, 37 Grace Avenue
Smeeth, Jas., spindle turner, 7 Malvern Street
Smeltzer, Daniel, moulder, 74 Bryson Street
Smiles, Jas., boiler maker, 29 Hillfoot Street
Smiles, Mrs. W. H., Westbank, 1 Palmerston Road
Smiles, W. A., solicitor, 26 Ocean Buildings, 16 Donegall Square East
Smiley, A., gardener, University Road
Smiley, Captain S., 18 Chichester Avenue
Smiley, Dr., Knockavoe, Knock Road
Smiley, Jas., clerk, 180 Ainsworth Avenue
Smiley, Jas., joiner, 28 Sintonville Avenue
Smiley, John , plumber, 17 Groomsport Street
Smiley, Peter Kerr, M.P., North Antrim, Graymount, Whitewell Road; and 57 Upper Brook Street, Grosvenor Square, London, W.
Smiley, Miss Lily, 4 Myrtle Terrace, Lisburn Road
Smiley, Saml., blacksmith, 183 Ainsworth Avenue
Smiley, Sir John, Bart., Drumalis, Larne
Smiley, Wm., clerk, Cherryhill
Smillie & Robertson, coppersmiths & brass founders, Abercorn Road
Smith, Alexr., shoe maker, 42 Combermere Street
Smith, Alex., pensioner, 25 Oldpark Avenue
Smith, Alex., traveller, 46 Kansas Avenue
Smith, Alex., Lucerne, Lansdowne Road
Smith, Alex., warehouseman, 6 St. James's Street
Smith, Alex., shoe maker, 16 Primitive Street
Smith, Alex., boot maker, 192 Sandy Row
Smith, Alex. J., surveyor of Customs, 61 Malone Avenue
Smith, Alex., traveller, 29 Ashley Street
Smith, Alex., joiner, 57 Derwent Street
Smith, Alfred, shipwright, 28 Heather Street
Smith, Annie, 6 Adela Street
Smith, Andrew, engineer, 19 Lyle Street
Smith, Andrew, mechanic, 290 Conway Street
Smith, Andrew, watch maker, 81 Denmark Street
Smith, Andrew, stone cutter, 27 Glenrosa Street
Smith, Andrew, joiner, 29 Copperfield Street
Smith, A., engine driver, 45 Bellevue Street
Smith, A., carpenter, 52 Roden Street
Smith, A., & Sons, embroidery designers, 75 Donegall Pass
Smith, Bros., horse shoers and farming implement makers, 23a Divis Street
Smith, B., wood turner, 84 Cavendish Street
Smith, Chas., electrician, 54 Ribble Street
Smith, Chas., traveller, 2 Colinview Cottages, Stockman's Lane
Smith, Chas., post office official, 256 Ravenhill Avenue
Smith, Daniel, engine driver, 99 Roden Street
Smith, David, caretaker, 70 Roundhill Street
Smith, David, grocer, 153 Newtownards Road and 1 Tower Street
Smith, David, manager, 14 Diamond Street
Smith, David, machine man, 44 Clara Street
Smith, David, surveying engineer, 26 Allworthy Avenue
Smith, David, boiler maker, 13 Thompson Street
Smith, David E., paper bag and twine merchant, 37 Fountain Street
Smith, David W., sergt. R.I.C., 342 Newtownards Road
Smith, Denis, fowl dealer, 34 Bond Street
Smith, D., shoeing forge, 126 Dover Street
Smith, D., sawyer, 75 Fortwilliam Parade
Smith, Edward, publican, 87 Old Lodge Road
Smith, Edward, blacksmith, 5 Milford Street
Smith, Edward, prov. merchant, 97 Lawnbrook Avenue
Smith, Edward, tailor, 46 Grosvenor Street Little
Smith, Ed., 1 Chichester Terrace, Antrim Road
Smith, E., boiler maker, 39 Ardgowan Street
Smith, E., pensioner, 39 Ravenscroft Avenue
Smith, Francis, boot maker, 46 Lendrick Street
Smith, Frank, fitter, 63 Bray Street
Smith, Frank E., & Co., Art Florists, Seedsmen, Nurserymen and Fruiterers, 15, 17 High Street; Nurseries, Dundonald, Co. Down
Smith, Fredk., hairdresser, 20 Shiels Street
Smith, Fred. W., musician, 42 Rowland Street
Smith, F., bar man, 15 Ravenscroft Street
Smith, F. C., engineer, 248 Ravenhill Avenue
Smith, F. G., clerk, Mirieville, Knutsford Drive
Smith, George Hill, barrister-at-law, Glenmona House, Cregagh Road
Smith, Geo., horse dealer, 14 Hudson Street
Smith, Geo., traveller, 16 Glandore Street
Smith, Geo., window cleaner, 77 Charles Street South
Smith, Geo., com. agent, 104 Queen Street North
Smith, Geo., supt. Belfast Fire Brigade, Chichester Street
Smith, Gordon, pattern maker, 123 Park Avenue
Smith, G. Gregory, Professor of English Literature Queen's University of Belfast; res., 26 Windsor Park
Smith, G. K., & M'Tear, solicitors, 6 Arthur Chambers, Arthur Street
Smith, Hans, electrician, 44 Fortwilliam Parade
Smith, Henry C., Fort Eden, Ballygomartin Road
Smith, Henry, carpenter, 58 Dunville Street
Smith, Henry, clerk, 24 Grampian Avenue
Smith, Hugh, iron turner, 6 Cavendish Square
Smith, H., tinsmith, 39 Harvey Street
Smith, H., fitter, 18 Orkney Street
Smith, H. C., publisher, "Irish Textile Journal and Linen Market," and accountant, 7 Donegall Square East; res., Knockdene Park, Knock
Smith, H. E., commissionaire, 12 Crocus Street
Smith, Isaac, wholesale merchant, 1 Benmadigan Villas, Cavehill Road
Smith, I. A., wholesale and general merchant and confectioner, 102 Patrick Street Great
Smith, James Henry, D.Sc., engineering master Municipal Technical Institute; res., Holyrood, off University Road
Smith, James, brass moulder, 16 Northumberland Street
Smith, James, confectioner, 59 Castle Street and 29 Mill Street
Smith, James, gold and silver dealer, Cedar Terrace, 166 Connsbrook Avenue
Smith, James, traveller, 549 Donegall Road
Smith, James, ship broker, 10 Sunbury Avenue
Smith, James, hackle maker, 4 Erskine Street
Smith, James, moulder, 1 Dee Street
Smith, Jas., traveller, 5 Jocelyn Gardens
Smith, Jas., fitter, 11 Pollard Street
Smith, Jas., flax dresser, 5 Ashmore Street
Smith, Jas., N.S.P.C.C., 291 Donegall Road
Smith, Jas., rivetter, Alfreston, Belmont Church Road
Smith, Jas., cabinet maker, 107 Divis Street
Smith, Jas., mechanic, 12 Haypark Avenue
Smith, Jas., house furnisher, 242 Springfield Road
Smith, Jas., traveller, 549 Donegall Road
Smith, Jas., engine driver, 232 Lodge Road Old
Smith, Jas., carpenter, 17 St. Mary's Street
Smith, Jas., joiner, 38 Glencollyer Street
Smith, Jas., moulder, 26 Kane Street
Smith, Jas., stone polisher, 9 Azamor Street
Smith, Jas., fitter, 59 Bramcote Street
Smith, Jas., cooper, 28 Fox Street
Smith, James D., engineer and manager, Belfast Corporation Gasworks; res., Oakleigh, Ravenhill Road
Smith, John, engine driver, 35 Sandhurst Drive
Smith, John, joiner, 56 Agnes Street
Smith, John, tailor, 76 Enfield Street
Smith, John, boiler maker, 36 Beechfield Street
Smith, John, boiler maker, 18 Olive Street
Smith, John, plate layer, 7 Clifford Street
Smith, John, carpenter, 8 Derby Street
Smith, John, fitter, 206 Roden Street
Smith, John (Belfast & Glasgow Boot Co.), 1 Camberwell Street
Smith, John, mechanic, 59 Dublin Road
Smith, John, clerk, 45 Cavehill Road
Smith, John, grocer, 28 Argyle Street
Smith, John, painter, 102 Halliday's Road
Smith, John, cabinet maker, 83, 85 Snugville Street
Smith, John, grocer, 14 Hillview, Greencastle
Smith, John, traveller, 29 Ohio Street
Smith, John, insurance agent, 4 Leroy Street
Smith, John, french polisher, 149 Meadow Street Upper
Smith, John, moulder, 34 Westbourne Street
Smith, John, insurance official, 10 Elaine Street
Smith, John, plater, 181 Alexandrapark Avenue
Smith, John, boot maker and repairer, 20 Antrim Road
Smith, John, boot maker, 104 Cosgrave Street
Smith, John, stone cutter, 102 Disraeli Street
Smith, John, joiner, 73 Gainsborough Drive
Smith, John, boot maker, 39 Lonsdale Street
Smith, John, fitter, 14 Aughrim Street
Smith, John, bleacher, 3 Somerville Gardens, Falls Road
Smith, John, Palace Billiard Hall, 12 Garfield Street
Smith, John, blacksmith, 19 Britannic Street
Smith, John, provision merchant, 18 Indiana Avenue
Smith, John, joiner, 78 Westbourne Street
Smith, John, engineer, 25 York Road
Smith, John A., publican, Loughview Tavern, Ballysillan
Smith, John A., engineer, 77 Omeath Street
Smith, John J., traveller, 23 Sandhurst Drive
Smith, Joseph, draper, 86 Springfield Road
Smith, Joseph, linen measurer, 289 Oldpark Road
Smith, Joseph, file cutter, 8 Unity Street
Smith, Joseph, cashier, 62 South Parade
Smith, Jos., plasterer, 8 Hudson Street
Smith, Jos., iron turner, 58 Howard Street North
Smith, Jos., mechanic, 38 Linwood Street
Smith, Jos., carter, 41 Patrick Street Little
Smith, Jos., tailor, 30 Renfrew Street
Smith, Jos., school teacher, 38 Kashmir Road
Smith, J., mechanic, 3 Cyprus Street
Smith, J., boot and shoe maker, 29 Rowan Street
Smith, J., moulder, 14 Bromley Street
Smith, J., builder and contractor, 153 York Road; res., Castleton Terrace, 411 Antrim Road
Smith, J., joiner, 19 Adam Street
Smith, J., groundsman Glentoran F.C., 24 Downpatrick Street
Smith, J., green grocer, 102 Sandy Row
Smith, J. A., salesman (Shirley), Alliance Avenue
Smith, J. A., card cutter, 65 Roseleigh Street
Smith, J. J., postman, 390 Oldpark Road
Smith, J. H., mechanic, 434 Crumlin Road
Smith, J. H., foreman joiner (Ingledele), Belmont Church Road
Smith, J. H., & Co., shirt, collar and handkerchief manufacturers, 12 Howard Street
Smith, J. M., manager, 84 Lisburn Road
Smith, J. P., dentist, 141 Donegall Street
Smith, Madame Marie, Ltd., millinery salon, 14 Wellington Place
Smith, Margt., spirit grocer, 100 to 104 Chadolly Street
Smith, Mathew, iron turner, 3 Eighth Street
Smith, Mrs. C., 40 Brougham Street
Smith, Miss, newsagent, 114 Donegall Street
Smith, Miss, 213 Duncairn Gardens
Smith, Mrs., 107 South Parade
Smith, Mrs., milliner, 11 Queen's Arcade
Smith, Mrs., green grocer, 2, 4 Braemar Street
Smith, Mrs., 19 Court Street
Smith, Mrs. Annie (Greenview), Donegall Road
Smith, Mrs. F. W., 13 College Gardens
Smith, Mrs. H., 129 Fitzroy Avenue
Smith, Mrs. Mary, grocer, 13 Amelia Street
Smith, Mrs. Mary, 423 Antrim Road
Smith, Mrs., Mayfield, Sandown Road
Smith, Mrs. Robt. Seymour, Holmlea, 63 Botanic Avenue
Smith, Mrs., green grocer, 59 Townsend Street
Smith, Mrs. Maria, 12 Glanworth Street
Smith, M., R.I.C., 142 Ainsworth Avenue
Smith, M., boot maker, 58 Brown Street
Smith, Patrick, shoe maker, 31 Wall Street
Smith, Patrick, tailor, 45 Divis Street
Smith, Peter, joiner, 4 Kensington Avenue
Smith, Peter, coach builder, 39 Lavinia Street
Smith, Peter, blacksmith, 25 Quadrant Street
Smith, Philip, sergt. R.I.C., 41 Hartington Street
Smith Premier Typewriter Co. - W. A. Williams, manager, 16 Donegall Square South
Smith, P., pensioner, 135 Mervue Street
Smith, P., caretaker St. Mary's Hall, 17 Bank Street
Smith, P. G., principal St. Patrick's N.S., Donegall Street
Smith, Rev. N. E. (Drew Memorial), 57 Botanic Avenue
Smith, Robert, clerk, 84 Gainsborough Drive
Smith, Robert, plumber, 10 Wigton Street
Smith, Robt., caretaker, 317 Antrim Road
Smith, Robt., box maker, 34 Earl Street
Smith, Robt., plumber, 28 Glentoran Street
Smith, Robt., shop assistant, 29 Shamrock Street
Smith, Robt., foreman, 23 Grampian Avenue
Smith, Robt., linen lapper, 21 Pakenham Street
Smith, Robt., bleacher, 45 Dunluce Avenue
Smith, Robt., designer, 23 Ardmore Avenue
Smith, Robert, 95 South Parade
Smith, Robt., Eadygrove, Knockbreda Park
Smith, Richard, engineer, 47 Surrey Street
Smith, Ross, joiner, 66 Tower Street
Smith, R., plater, 63 Crosscollyer Street
Smith, R., engine driver, 5 Julia Street
Smith, R. J., joiner, 74 Stratheden Street
Smith, Samuel, foreman, 25 McAdam Street
Smith, Saml., draper, 39 Newington Avenue
Smith, Sam, boiler maker, 54 Queensland Street
Smith, Saml., french polisher, 27 Hudson Street
Smith, Sarah Ann, 1 Wolfhill Terrace, Ligoniel Road
Smith, Steven, drover, 13 and 15 Barrack Street
Smith, S., grocer, 110 Conway Street
Smith, S. S., & Co., wholesale paper merchants, 10 College Street
Smith, Thomas, fitter, 56 Dunraven Avenue
Smith, Thos., engineer, 3 Alexander Terrace, Ashley Avenue
Smith, Thos., linen lapper, 34 Posnett Street
Smith, Thos., boot maker, 157 Oldpark Road
Smith, Thos., spirit grocer, 1, 3 Knock Street
Smith, Thos., clerk, 142 Ravenhill Road
Smith, Thos., mechanic, 22 Fingall Street
Smith, Thos., joiner, 23 Titania Street
Smith, Thos., publican, 131, 133 North Street
Smith, Thos., draughtsman, 32 Castlereagh Place
Smith, Thos., billiard marker, 57 Joy Street
Smith, Thos., publican, 19 Leadbetter Street
Smith, Thos., saddler and harness maker, 11 Bridge End
Smith, Thos., collar cutter, 72 Turin Street
Smith, Thos., clerk, 42 Seaforde Street
Smith, Thos., mechanic, 111 Bray Street
Smith, Thos., clerk, 353 Donegall Road
Smith, Thos., livery and saleyard, 56 Elm Street
Smith, Thos., joiner, 311 Queen Street North
Smith, Thos., warder, 21 Rosewood Street
Smith, Thomas James, J.P., City Commissioner; Office, Chichester Street; res., 83 Earlswood Road
Smith, T., block printer, 26 Liffey Street
Smith, T., machine man, 12 Stoneyford Street
Smith, Thos. O., livery stables, 47 Chichester Street
Smith, Wm., pattern maker, 59 Greenville Road
Smith, Wm., packer, 7 Malt Street
Smith, Wm., coach builder, 111 Oldpark Avenue
Smith, Wm., blacksmith, 4 Lena Street
Smith, Wm., time keeper, 16 Rochester Street
Smith, Wm., boiler maker, 9 Willowfield Gardens
Smith, Wm., principal Crumlin Road N.S., Tennent Street
Smith, Wm., Heath Lodge, Cranmore Avenue
Smith, Wm., R.I.C., 22 Rochester Street
Smith, Wm., foreman, Alexandrapark Lodge, Castleton Gardens
Smith, Wm., clerk, 34 Albertville Drive
Smith, Wm., coal merchant, 111 Tate's Avenue
Smith, Wm., grocer, 76, 78 Montreal Street
Smith, Wm., boiler maker, 14 Lovett Street
Smith, Wm., station master, B.C.D.R., terminus; res., Ellesmere, 99 Newtownards Road Upper
Smith, Wm., blacksmith, 1 Blakely Street
Smith, Wm., painter, Crumlin Road
Smith, Wm., draughtsman, 16 Ferguson Drive
Smith, Wm., foreman, 1 Forthbrook Villas, Ballygomartin Road
Smith, Wm., joiner, 55 Parkmount Street
Smith, Wm. John, tenter, 6 Cromwell Street
Smith, W. H., spirit grocer, 67 Ballycarry Street
Smith, W. H., commercial traveller, 41 Malone Avenue
Smith, W. H., hair dresser, 45 Sandy Row
Smith, W. H., brass finisher (Fernlea), Ardenlee Avenue
Smith, Wm. J., checker, 10 Rutland Street
Smith, W. S., & Co., manufacturers, 10, 12 Cullingtree Street and 102 Grosvenor Road
Smith, W. T., compositor, 9 Blakely Street
Smith, W. T., accountant, 10 Irwin Avenue
Smith & Brown, packing case makers, 21 Pakenham Street
Smith & Co., ship brokers and colliery agents, 93 Ann Street
Smith & Thompson, Ltd., tailors, 96, 98 Royal Avenue
Smith, Wm., & Co., provision merchants, 74 to 80 Union Street; stores, 18, 20 Kent Street
Smithfield Unionist Club - President, Geo. Madden; chairman, Wm. Cunningham; hon. sec., Joseph Hall - Wilson Street
Smithfield Weaving Company Ltd., 44 Smithfield
Smylie, Alex., carpenter, 52 Chief Street
Smylie, David Charles, M.B., 195, 197 Albertbridge Road
Smylie, D., cooper, 53 Apsley Street
Smylie, Burns & Co., Chartered Accountants, 13 Donegall Square North; Res., Hugh Smylie, Castleavery, Adelaide Park; Thos. R. Burns, Dehra, Bryansburn Road, Bangor
Smylie, Hugh, stone cutter, 17 Maryville Street
Smylie, Jas., R.I.C., Temple House, Salisbury Drive
Smylie, Jas., coach man, 43 Fairview Street
Smylie, Jas., building inspector, 83 Craigmore Street
Smylie, Jas., joiner, 28 Sintonville Avenue
Smylie, Jas., grocer, 4 Florence Terrace, Ballygomartin Road
Smylie, Jas., plater, 36 Hogarth Street
Smylie, Jas., warehouseman, 25 Rushfield Avenue
Smylie, John, telegraphist, 22 Ferguson Drive
Smylie, John H., school board officer, 105 Greenore Street
Smylie, John, plumber, 17 Groomsport Street
Smylie, Joseph, tile fitter, 21 Fallswater Street
Smylie, Jos., cooper, 59 Burmah Street
Smylie, J., pork cutter, 29 Rainey Street
Smylie, Martha, 38 Woodvale Road
Smylie, Robt., tenter, 14 Riley's Place
Smylie, Robt., 110 Alexandrapark Avenue
Smylie, Samuel, carpenter, 12 Holycroft Avenue
Smylie, Thomas, carpenter, 27 Everton Street
Smylie, Thos., joiner, 50 Twickenham Street
Smylie, Wm., stone cutter, 3 Vernon Street
Smylie, Wm., butcher, 5 Combermere Street
Smylie, W. J., coal dealer, 1 Blythe Street
Smylie, W. R., weigher, 2 Dunraven Avenue
Smyrl, Robt., painter, 16 Townsend Street Upper
Smyrl & Co., clothiers, 240 Newtownards Road
Smyth, Albert, painter, 28 Jaffa Street
Smyth, Albert, 1 Willow Cottage, Barnett's Road
Smyth, Albert E., foreman, 13 Clanchattan Street
Smyth, Alexander, leather merchant, 11 Cromwell Road
Smyth, Alex., mechanic, 28 Sheridan Street
Smyth, Alex., draper, 2 Bedeque Street
Smyth, Andw., watch maker and jeweller, 55 North Street
Smyth, Andrew, iron turner, 91 Roden Street
Smyth, Andrew, engineer, 44 Meadow Street Upper
Smyth, Andrew R., fitter, 366 Shankill Road
Smyth, A., Willowbank House, Falls Road
Smyth, A., tobacconist, 76 North Street
Smyth, A., watch maker, 7 Thorndale Avenue
Smyth, A., carpenter, 33 Walnut Street
Smyth, Brice, B.A., M.B., 20 University Square
Smyth Bros., manufacturers of mineral water machines and acetylene gas generators, 49 Great Patrick Street
Smyth, Chas., costumier, Drumack, Kingsmere Avenue
Smyth, Commander A. W. Wolfe, R.N.R., Clanbrassil, Cultra
Smyth, Con, cooper, 19 Albert Street
Smyth, C. R., commission agent, 8 Queen Street
Smyth, Daniel, grocer, 29, 31 Woodford Street
Smyth, Danl., tobacconist and newsagent, 52b Falls Road
Smyth, David, grocer, 34 Templemore Avenue
Smyth, David, carpenter, 10 Balmoral Street
Smyth, David, pilot, 115 Duncairn Gardens
Smyth, David, butcher, 13 Thompson Street
Smyth, David, grocer, 54, 56 Ross Street
Smyth, David, carpenter, 168 Cupar Street
Smyth, David, & Co., grocers, 3 Ormeau Road
Smyth, D., carpenter, 32, 34 Victoria Street Little
Smyth, D., japanner, 22 Thompson Place
Smyth, D., cattle dealer, 64 Swift Street
Smyth, D. F., clerk, 28 Portallo Street
Smyth, Edwd., baker, 33 Abington Street
Smyth, Edw., St. Kilda, Alliance Avenue
Smyth, Edwd., 1 Ballycarry Street
Smyth, Edwd., blacksmith, 5 Milford Street
Smyth, Elizabeth, spirit grocer, 5 Ainsworth Street
Smyth, Elizabeth, grocer, 95, 97 Hillview Street
Smyth, E. W., cab and car owner, 14 Fitzwilliam Street
Smyth, Frank, brass finisher, 34 Mountcollyer Road
Smyth, Fras., tailor, 18 Balfour Avenue
Smyth, Fras., tailor, 125 Oldpark Road
Smyth, F. C., M.D., 52 Toronto Terrace, Lisburn Road
Smyth, F. L., cashier, 55 Atlantic Avenue
Smyth, Gavin, carpenter, 4 Henderson Avenue
Smyth, Geo., linen business, 24 Cairo Street
Smyth, Geo., spinning master, 2 Fernbank, Ballymagarry, Whiterock Road
Smyth, Geo., saddler's ironmonger, 40a Donegall Street
Smyth, Henry, tailor, 204 Leeson Street
Smyth, H., superintendent Templemore Avenue Baths
Smyth, Jackson, architect, 29 Clifton Crescent
Smyth, James, inspector Harbour Police, 245 Newtownards Road
Smyth, James, reed maker, 17 Brunswick Street
Smyth, James F., boot and shoe manufacturer, 1 St. Enoch's Buildings, Clifton Street
Smyth, James P., carpenter, 58 Lindsay Street
Smyth, Jas., linen business, 22 Deramore Avenue
Smyth, Jas., 72 Joy Street
Smyth, Jas., commission agent, 4 Castle Chambers
Smyth, Jas., mechanic, 58 Cromwell Road
Smyth, Jas., shoe maker, 16 Wauchope Street
Smyth, Jas., stores, 4 Craig Street
Smyth, Jas., head dyer, 311 Crumlin Road
Smyth, Jas., fitter, 10 Southview Street
Smyth, Jas., bleacher, 21 Dunmoyle Street
Smyth, Jas., painter, 3 Cawnpore Street
Smyth, Jas., commercial traveller, 17 Madison Avenue
Smyth, Jas., carpenter, 70 Cromwell Road
Smyth, Jas., agent, 95 Wellesley Avenue
Smyth, Jas., baker, 38 Susan Street
Smyth, Jas., engineer, 165 Madrid Street
Smyth, Jas., tailor, 49 Fourth Street
Smyth, Jas., fitter, 33 Cheviot Avenue
Smyth, Jas., engineer, 10 Bedeque Street
Smyth, Jas., bookkeeper, 2 Brighton Street
Smyth, Jas., cabinet maker, 2 Canterbury Street
Smyth, Jas., painter, 151 Hyndford Street Upper
Smyth, Jas., com. traveller, 266 Woodstock Road
Smyth, Jas., joiner, 4 Bristol Street
Smyth, Jas. E., dentist, 141 Crumlin Road
Smyth, Jas. F., shoe maker, 44 Carlisle Street
Smyth, Jas. R., mechanic, 302 Springfield Road
Smyth, John P., miller, 87 Craigmore Street
Smyth, John, coach builder, Ardmore, Osborne Park
Smyth, John, postman, 37 Leopold Street
Smyth, John, compositor, 35 Charleville Street Upper
Smyth, John, publican, 1, 3 Copeland Street
Smyth, John, moulder, 8 Dewey Street
Smyth, John, foreman, 35 Candahar Street
Smyth, John, hair dresser, 9 Eliza Street
Smyth, John, pensioner, 139 Falls Road
Smyth, John, 1 Home Villa, Kensington Road
Smyth, John, iron monger, 88 Ann Street
Smyth, John, clerk, 24 Ohio Street
Smyth, John, moulder, 64 Ainsworth Avenue
Smyth, John, upholsterer, 5 Colchester Street
Smyth, John, accountant, 6 Eglantine Gardens
Smyth, John, fitter, 23 Posnett Street
Smyth, John, manager, 2 Strathern, Glenburn Park
Smyth, John, sexton of Agnes Street Methodist Church, 42 Downing Street
Smyth, John, preparing master, 102 Emerson Street
Smyth, John, joiner, 64 Glenfarne Street Upper
Smyth, John, store keeper, 112 Mountcollyer Street
Smyth, John, gardener, 20 Charleville Avenue
Smyth, John, rope splicer, 111 Euston Street
Smyth, John, moulder, 108 Battenberg Street
Smyth, John, bread server, 8 Boundary Street
Smyth, John, brass finisher, 17 Brennan Street
Smyth, John, engine driver, 161 Dunluce Avenue
Smyth, John, boot maker, 46 Mackey Street
Smyth, John, boot maker, 77 Maryville Street
Smyth, John, iron turner, 6 Rosapenna Street
Smyth, Joseph, baker, 12 Carlow Street
Smyth, Joseph, baker, 36 Bristol Street
Smyth, Jos., publican, 1, 3 Albertbridge Road and 2 Ravenhill Road
Smyth, Jos., linen measurer, 289 Oldpark Road
Smyth, Jos., shipwright, 124 Glenwood Street
Smyth, J., boot and shoe maker, 173 Divis Street
Smyth, J., linen manufacturer, 63 Eglantine Avenue
Smyth, J. G., draper, Everton, Knockbreda Road
Smyth, J. H., army accountant office, 28 Bowness Street
Smyth, J. H., compositor, 35 Charleville Street Upper
Smyth, J. K., manager, 21 Burmah Street
Smyth, J. M., pawn broker, 34 Falls Road
Smyth, J. P., carpenter, 58 Lindsay Street
Smyth, Lizzie, dress maker, 168 Shankill Road
Smyth, Malcolm Brice, M.B., Ulsterville House, Lisburn Road
Smyth, Margaret, restaurant, 119 Oldpark Road
Smyth, Martha, 31 Templemore Avenue
Smyth, Mary, 39 Walnut Street
Smyth, Miss, 16 Dunluce Avenue
Smyth, Miss, 12 Pakenham Street
Smyth, Miss, 3 Rugby Street
Smyth, Miss Margt., 44 Thorndale Avenue
Smyth, Miss Sarah, 28 Eblana Street
Smyth, Miss J. D., 108 Eglantine Avenue
Smyth, Miss Margaret, 39 Botanic Avenue
Smyth, Mrs., 297 Albertbridge Road
Smyth, Mrs., 89 Wellesley Avenue
Smyth, Mrs., 58 Farnham Street
Smyth, Mrs., 25a Shaftesbury Square
Smyth, Mrs., draper, 325 Albertbridge Road
Smyth, Mrs., 79 Cullingtree Road
Smyth, Mrs., milliner, 177 Albertbridge Road
Smyth, Mrs. Agnes, 1 Harcourt Street
Smyth, Mrs. A., 27 Farnham Street
Smyth, Mrs. Isabel, 75 Cavehill Road
Smyth, Mrs. Isabella, 6 Stranmillis Street
Smyth, Mrs. Isabella, 9 Manor Street
Smyth, Mrs. Jane, 8 Frank Street
Smyth, Mrs. Margt., 36 North Parade
Smyth, Mrs. Margaret, 210 Grosvenor Road
Smyth, Mrs. Martha, 83 Lisburn Road
Smyth, Mrs. Mary, 30 Canning Street
Smyth, Mrs. Maxwell, 7 Hughenden Avenue
Smyth, Mrs. Sarah, 37 Brougham Street
Smyth, Mrs. M., 52 Toronto Terrace, Lisburn Road
Smyth, Mrs. M., 2 Mount Easton, Cliftonville Road
Smyth, Mrs. M. S., 27 Lawrence Street
Smyth, Noonan, clerk, 21 Bedeque Street
Smyth, Owen, cab owner, 21, 23 Meadow Street
Smyth, Owen, carpenter, 78 Servia Street
Smyth, Owen, hairdresser, 1 Meadow Street
Smyth, Patrick, sawyer, 61 Raby Street
Smyth, Patk., stone cutter, 70 Cullingtree Road
Smyth, Patk., tailor, 333 Queen Street North
Smyth, Patk., grocer, 181, 183 Old Lodge Road
Smyth, Patk., pensioner, 145 Falls Road
Smyth, Peter, fitter, 40 Erskine Street
Smyth, P. A., clerk, 64 Eliza Street
Smyth, P., 44 Newington Avenue
Smyth, Rev. T. A. (Great Victoria Street Presbyterian Church), 1 Shaftesbury Square
Smyth, Rev. David Gordon, of Ballygawley Presbyterian Church, 35 Wellington Park
Smyth, Rev. Edward P., adm., St. Columkille, Newtownards Road Upper; res., 36 Cyprus Gardens
Smyth, Richard, carpenter, 14, 16 Avoca Street
Smyth, Robert, M.I.S.E., 117 Limestone Road
Smyth, Robert, Gordonville, Hampton Park
Smyth, Robert, engine driver, 87 Egmont Street
Smyth, Robert, fitter, 8 Toronto Street
Smyth, Robert, builder, Villette, Cliftonville Road
Smyth, Robt., buyer, 5 The Mount
Smyth, Robt., wood turner, 283 Oldpark Road
Smyth, Robt., plumber, 70 Beresford Street
Smyth, Robt., boot maker, 36 Derg Street
Smyth, Robt., boot maker, 4 Emerald Street
Smyth, Robt., clerk, 48 Tower Street
Smyth, Robt., engineer, 7 Cooke Street
Smyth, Robt., shipwright, 130 Lord Street
Smyth, Robt., engineer, 69 Eastland Street
Smyth, Robt., clerk, 269 Hillman Street
Smyth, Robt., moulder, 6 Crocus Street
Smyth, Robert G., traveller, 88 Cliftonpark Avenue
Smyth, R., machine man, 30 Perry Street
Smyth, R., builder and contractor, Richmond Lane, off Antrim Road
Smyth, R., marine engineer, 116 Ravenhill Road
Smyth, R., dealer, 17 to 23 Brown Square
Smyth, R., carpenter, 9 Dee Street
Smyth, R., dealer, 60 Brown Street
Smyth, R., & Sons, apron and pinafore manufacturers, 69, 71 Sandy Row
Smyth, Saml., painter, 40 Broadbent Street
Smyth, Samuel, clerk, 99 Beechfield Street
Smyth, Samuel, 47 Emerald Street
Smyth, Samuel, 4 Carolan Road
Smyth, Saml., butcher, 24 Sandy Row
Smyth, Saml., moulder, 325 Cupar Street
Smyth, Saml., foreman, 88 Balfour Avenue
Smyth, Saml., druggist, 84 Castlereagh Road
Smyth, Saml., time keeper, 14 Landscape Terrace
Smyth, Saml., cutter, 142 Hillman Street
Smyth, Saml., & Co., chartered accountants, Scottish Temperance Buildings, Donegall Square South; res., Laurento, Chichester Park
Smyth, Sarah, Gleneden, Kelvin Parade
Smyth, Sarah, 16 Stranmillis Gardens
Smyth, Sgt. R.I.C., 81 Cheviot Avenue
Smyth, S., butcher, 12 Newtownards Road
Smyth, S., mechanic, 18 Heather Street
Smyth, Thomas, grocer and provision curer, 87 Ormeau Road
Smyth, Thos., grocer, 85, 87 Woodstock Road
Smyth, Thos., despatch clerk, 9 Ardmoulin Avenue
Smyth, Thos., sample maker, 30 Upper Townsend Street
Smyth, Thos., brick layer, 3 Distillery Street Little
Smyth, Thos., fitter, 56 Dunraven Avenue
Smyth, Thos., carpenter, 223 Crumlin Road
Smyth, Thos., 76 Lawnbrook Avenue
Smyth, Thos., shoe maker, 13 Burnaby Street
Smyth, Thos., mechanic, 78 Fitzroy Avenue
Smyth, Thos., foreman, 26 Kensington Avenue
Smyth, Thos., linen lapper, 38 Springfield Road
Smyth, Thos., engine driver, 22 Seaforde Street
Smyth, Thos., fruiterer, 74 Woodstock Road
Smyth, Thos., foreman, 9 Canning Street Upper
Smyth, Thos., school teacher, 31 Frere Street
Smyth, Thos., linen merchant, 6 Sandymount Street
Smyth, Thos., fitter, 157 Avoniel Road
Smyth, Thos., baker, 31 Blackwood Street
Smyth, Thos., carpenter, 45 Unity Street
Smyth, Thos., miller, 5 White Street
Smyth, T., fruiterer and confectioner, 10 Dublin Road
Smyth, Walter, solicitor, 2 Arthur Chambers; res., Faunmore, Holywood
Smyth, Wm., butcher, 415, 417 Newtownards Road
Smyth, Wm., teacher, 32 Ponsonby Avenue
Smyth, Wm., driller, 19 Argyle Street
Smyth, Wm., painter, 86 Halliday's Road
Smyth, Wm., blacksmith, 1 Blakely Street
Smyth, Wm., painter, 22 Neely Street
Smyth, Wm., prov. curer, 135 North Street
Smyth, Wm., lamp lighter, 19 Schomberg Street
Smyth, Wm., tobacconist, 166 Shankill Road
Smyth, Wm., confectioner, 68 Cosgrave Street
Smyth, Wm., joiner, 108 Moltke Street
Smyth, Wm., potato merchant, 154 My Lady's Road
Smyth, Wm., clerk, 36 Wesley Street
Smyth, Wm., 15 Kirkliston Drive
Smyth, Wm., tenter, 184 Roden Street
Smyth, Wm., com. agent, 13 Ann Street
Smyth, Wm., clerk, 12 Ravenscroft Street
Smyth, Wm., fitter, 27 Walbeck Street
Smyth, Wm. J., fitter, 68 Earl Street
Smyth, Wm., pensioner, 7 Glenallen Street
Smyth, Wm., & Co. Ltd., bleachers and finishers; town office, 8 and 10 James Street South; works at Lenaderg, Banbridge
Smyth, W., linen business, 38 Sandymount Street
Smyth, W., overseer G.P.O., tel. dept., 320 Greenville Terrace, Beersbridge Road Upper
Smyth, Wm. A., warehouseman, 59 Ulsterville Gardens
Smyth, W. J., draper, 35 Balfour Avenue
Smyth, W. J., range setter, 11 Fortwilliam Parade
Smyth, W. J., grocer, 70 Euston Street
Smyth, W. J., compositor, 28 Harcourt Street
Smyth, W. R., clerk, 80 University Avenue
Smyth & Co., machinists, 2 Havelock Place
Smyth & Co. (Belfast), Ltd., boot upper manufacturers and leather merchants. Mervue Works, Edlingham Street
Smyth & Co., ladies' costumier, 5 Donegall Square West
Smyth & Co., gramaphone and phonograph dealers, 89 Donegall Street
Smyth & Johnston, coach builders, 10 Montgomery Street; res., John Smyth, Ardmore, Osborne Park
Smythe, Sam., 87 Fortwilliam Parade
Snape, Wm., engineers' representative, 16 Donegall Square South
Snell, Henry, engineer, 78 Maryville Street
Snell, John, boot maker, 104 Templemore Avenue
Snell, Mrs., caretaker, 53 Waring Street
Snodden, Wm., joiner, 34 Woodvale Street
Snoddy, Fras., brick layer, 573 Donegall Pass
Snoddy, John, stock keeper, 13 Essex Street
Snoddy, W., manager, 66 Ardenlee Avenue
Snowden, Joseph, traveller, 178 Donegall Road
Snowden, Mrs. Annie, 152 Woodstock Road
Snowden, R., pavior, 95 Donegall Avenue
Snowden, Thos., foreman, 24 Havana Street
Snowden, T., confectioner, 4 York Road
Snowden, W. J., 154 Woodstock Road
Snugg, Mrs., milliner, 27, 29 Queen's Arcade
Soldier's Home, Hon. lady superintendent, Miss F. Wade, Clifton Street
Solomon, H., & Co., drapers, 3 Lonsdale Street
Solomon, Jacob, draper, 11 Fleetwood Street
Somers, Alex., joiner, 39 Roslyn Street
Somers, Mrs. M., 50 Lisburn Road
Somers, Wm., caretaker, 17 College Street
Somerset, Mrs. E. J., 65 Fitzwilliam Street
Somerset, J., boiler maker, 32 Kenilworth Street
Somerset, Thos., & Co., Linen Manufacturers and Merchants, 7 Hardcastle Street; res., Shangarry, Myrtlefield Park
Somerton, Thos., confectioner, 224 York Street
Somerville, Jas., iron turner, 53 Glenallen Street
Somerville, Jas. W., sergeant R.I.C., 272 Newtownards Road Upper
Somerville, Robt., painter, 155 Kitchener Street
Sommerville, E., 10 Castle View Drive
Sommerville, Jas., iron turner, 27 Humber Street
Sommerville, Jas., fruiterer and tobacconist, 31 Ormeau Road
Sommerville, J. Thos., jobbing smith, Balmer's Court
Sommerville, Margt., baker, 109 Sandy Row
Sommerville, Wm., moulder, 43 Killowen Street
Sommerville, Wm., baker, 3 Schomberg Street
Sommerville, Wm., joiner, 11 Pansy Street
Sorahan, John J., tobacconist, 10 Charleville Street
Sorahan, J. J., publican, 7 Bridge Street
Sorahan, J. & T., tobacconists, 6 North Street
Soutar, Jas., jeweller, 30 St. Ive's Gardens
South, Alex., baker, 54 Nansen Street
South Antrim Constitutional Association, (Chas, A. Mackenzie, sec.), 130 Albertbridge Road
South Belfast Parliamentary Association, 11a Chichester Street
South Belfast Total Abstinence Working Men's Club, 21 Linfield Road
Southern Loan Bank, 49 Victoria Street
Southwark Manufacturing Co., head office, London, 4 Skipper Street
Southwell, Jas., caretaker, 41 Chichester Street
Soutter, Walter, seaman, 10 Ayr Street
Spackman, Wm., tailor and clothier, 51 Victoria Street and 102 High Street
Spair, John, traveller, 32 Kashmir Road
Spallen, F., grocer, 32 Moffett Street
Spallen, F., marble works, 79 Queen Street North
Sparks, Wm., bread server, 12 Artana Street
Sparrow, Chas., pattern maker, 23 Rosewood Street
Sparrow, E., grocer, 4 Salisbury Street
Sparrow, Robt., game keeper, 33 Teutonic Street
Sparrow, Thos., R.I.C., 64 Donard Street
Spatt, Joseph, wood turner, 29 Rosebank Street
Spear, Wm., grocer, 94 Seaview Street
Speer, Wm., spirit grocer, 117, 119 Mountcollyer Road
Spears, Thos., mechanic, 82 Ainsworth Avenue
Speedie, Robert, fish merchant, 4 Fortview Terrace, Shore Road
Speer, D. H., grocer, 2 Killarney Street
Speers, Dr. G., Mountside, Ligoniel
Speers, James, moulder, 3 Woburn Street
Speers, Jas., cutter, 42 St. Alban's
Speers, John, grocer, 71 Castlereagh Road
Speers, John, carpenter, 156 Island Street
Speers, J., coffee stand attendant, 17 Emerald Street
Speers, Miss M., costumier, 13 Pakenham Street
Speers, Mrs., dress maker, 77 Duncairn Gardens
Speers, Mrs., 2 Spring Gardens, Newtownards Road Upper
Speers, Thomas, engine driver, 204 Roden Street
Speers, Wm., grocer, 103 Blythe Street and 187 Cupar Street
Speirs, Robt., pensioner, 19 Bracken Street
Speirs, Thomas, painter and decorator, 5, 7 Belmont Road
Spence, Alex., school teacher, 1 Ashley Villas, Cliftonville Road
Spence, Alex., 14 St. Jude's Avenue
Spence, Andw., paper cutter, 21 Hatfield Street
Spence, Annie, draper, Bee Hive Warehouse, 224 Shankill Road
Spence Bros., Wholesale Cabinet Makers and upholsterers. 11 and 13 Marshall Street
Spence, Bryson, & Co. Ltd., line handkerchief manufacturer, 2 Amelia Street
Spence, Charlotte, confectioner, 2 Primitive Street
Spence, Chas., joiner, 23 Julia Street
Spence, Chas., warehouseman, 144 Ormeau Road
Spence, David, cabinet maker, 100 Larkfield Road
Spence, David, shipwright, 16 Pansy Street
Spence, David, shipwright, 105 Glenwood Street
Spence, David, boot maker, 83 Lodge Road Old
Spence, Elizabeth, 36 Landscape Terrace
Spence, Edward, carriage trimmer, 45 Shamrock Street
Spence, Geo., foreman, 39 Greenville Road
Spence, G., engineer, 71 St. Kilda Street
Spence, Hugh, painter, 25 Austin Street
Spence, Hugh, baker, 101 Euston Street
Spence, Hugh, grocer, 136 Moyola Street
Spence, Hugh, cabinet maker, 12 Trillick Street
Spence, H., joiner, 12 Marlborough Gardens
Spence, H., cabinet maker, 42 Bendigo Street
Spence, H., & Co., grocers, 233a North Queen Street
Spence, James, mechanic, 15 Avon Street
Spence, James, publican, 287, 289 York Street
Spence, James G., bank clerk, 2 Bellevue Terrace, Shore Road
Spence, Jas., fitter, 20 Mersey Street
Spence, Jas., publican, 18 Copperfield Street
Spence, Jas., traveller, 32 Rathgar Street
Spence, Jas., store keeper, 19 Greenmount Street
Spence, John, motor engineer, 10 Sussex Place
Spence, John, boot closer, 2 Hartwell Street
Spence, John, driller, 5 Shannonville Terrace, Ballymaggery
Spence, John, sawyer, 83 Devonshire Street
Spence, Joseph, engineer, 13 Lothair Avenue
Spence, Joseph, fitter, 14 Jocelyn Street
Spence, J., spinning master, 149 Lodge Road New
Spence, J., shoe maker, 94 Newtownards Road
Spence, J., carpenter, 12 Paris Street
Spence, J. W., school master, 20 Cedar Avenue
Spence, Miss, ladies' blouse depot, 19 Queen's Arcade
Spence, Miss E., draper, 119 Antrim Road
Spence, Mrs., 2 Ponsonby Avenue
Spence, Mrs., 100 Alexandrapark Avenue
Spence, Mrs. A., 64 Cromwell Road
Spence, M., painter, 45 Craigmore Street
Spence, N., fitter, 8 Pollard Street
Spence, Rev. J. N., of Grosvenor Hall; res., 78 Malone Avenue
Spence, Rev. R. H., minister Woodvale Methodist Church, 91 Woodvale Road
Spence, Robert, butcher, 4 Havelock View
Spence, Robt., tobacconist and newsagent, 1 Station Street
Spence, Robt., mechanic, 89 Clementine Street
Spence, Robt. J., sergt. R.I.C., 2 Forth Glen, Ballymagarry
Spence, Samuel, missionary, 187 Alexandrapark Avenue
Spence, Saml., cashier, 5 Chichester Avenue
Spence, Saml., bookkeeper, 13 Roselea Street
Spence, Thos., gardener, 15 City Street
Spence, Thos., electrician, 5 Ravenhill Avenue
Spence, Thos., mechanic, 1 Bloomfield Road
Spence, Thos., fitter, 95 Tate's Avenue
Spence, Thos., gardener, 36 Teutonic Street
Spence, Thos., engineer, 65 Tate's Avenue
Spence, Thos., fitter, 35 Spring Street
Spence, Ven. John, D.D., Archdeacon of Connor, St. Mary's Vicarage, 115 Crumlin Road
Spence, Wm., boat builder, 70 Upper Meadow Street
Spence, Wm., fitter, 1 Julia Street
Spence, Wm., bread server, 382 Woodstock Road
Spence, Wm., evangelist, 11 Bellevue Street
Spence, Wm., principal Deacon Memorial National School, M'Tier Street
Spence, Wm., painter, 21 Dromara Street
Spence, Wm. J., principal Macrory Memorial National School, Hillman Street
Spence, W., harness mounter, 21 Harrison Street
Spence, W. A., traveller, 100 Crumlin Road
Spence, W. A., clerk, 1 Manilla Terrace, Skegoniel Avenue
Spence, W. J., carpenter, 2 Matchett Street
Spence, W. J., carpenter, 143 University Road
Spence & Johnston, automobile engineers, 28 Linenhall Street
Spencer, Arthur, Inland Revenue, Locksley, Everton Drive
Spencer, Charles J., military foreman of works, 57 Cavehill Road
Spencer, C. J., machinery agent, 16 Wellington Street
Spencer, Dudley, traveller, 1 Murray's Street
Spencer, Ernest, manager, 54 Sandhurst Gardens
Spencer, Geo., com. traveller, 91 Cavehill Road
Spencer, Jas., supt., Glenelg, Dundela Avenue
Spencer, Jos., carpenter, 25 Ardenvohr Street
Spencer, Jno., packer, 6 Buckingham Street
Spencer, Robt., tobacconist, 2 Bridge End
Spencer, Samuel, compositor, 15 Barton Street
Spencer, Saml., S.A., 13 Wolseley Street
Spicer Bros. Ltd., paper makers and wholesale stationers, 34 and 36 Fountain Street
Spiers, D. B., manager, 1 Springfield Parade
Spiers, J. B., clerk Probate Court, Custom House
Spiers, Nixon, 36 Indiana Avenue
Spiers, Thos., draper, 224 Newtownards Road
Spiller, D. Fred., solicitor and commissioner for oaths, 29 High Street; res., West Elmwood, 86 Lisburn Road
Spiller, Mrs., Laharna, 4 Wellington Park
Spiller, Miss Eirene, Fortwilliam Park
Spiller, Mrs. C. C., 15 Stranmillis Road
Spillers & Bakers Ltd., Cardiff, millers and grain merchants, 21 Waring Street - Andrew R. Scott, agent
Spinks, Jos., pensioner, Kinvarra, Cregagh Road
Spiro, Selina, 3 Eglinton Street
"Sporting Chronicle" office, 15 Gresham Street
Spotiswood, Thos., cloth passer, 17 Fingal Street
Sprang, W. R., confectioner, 15 Rosevale Street
Spratt, Andrew, coal merchant and furniture remover, 195, 197 Beersbridge Road
Spratt, Charles, butcher, 10 London Street
Spratt, Geo., yarn dresser, 284 Donegall Road
Spratt, Joseph, wood turner, 39 Yarrow Street
Spratt, R., waiter, 56 Carmel Street
Spratt, Thos. J., postal clerk, 41 Ardenlee Avenue
Spratt, Thos., registered druggist, 19 Jaffa Street
Spratt, T., blacksmith, 37 Damascus Street
Spratt, Wm. J., iron turner, 87 Gainsborough Drive
Spratt & Milligan, horse shoers, 11 Seymour Street
Spray, J. H., insurance agent, 13 Ballymoney Street
Spring, Geo., pensioner, 215 Mayo Street
Springfield Factory Ltd., linen and cambric manufacturers, 126 Springfield Road
Springfield Finishing Company, dyers and finishers, Springfield Road
Springfield Spinning Company, cotton spinners, Springfield Road
Sproat, D. J., & Co., sheet iron and galvanising works, 11 Middlepath Street
Sprott, Jas., Melfort, Adelaide Park
Sprott, Joseph H., clerk, 35 Adelaide Avenue
Sprott, J. R., school teacher, 55 Rugby Road
Sproule, John, blacksmith, 49 Woodcote Avenue
Sproules, Jas., boiler maker, 6 Pansy Street
Sprowart, G. B., electrical engineer, 5 Richardson Street
Squire, Edwin, merchant, 14a Hastings Street; res., 3 Easton Gardens, Cliftonville Road
Sreenan, E., bookkeeper, 28 Willowfield Street
Sreenan, J., dining rooms, 26 Gamble Street
Stack, John, cabinet maker, 15 Batley Street
Stafford, B., builder and contractor, 1a Dunluce Avenue; res., 56 Ulsterville Avenue
Stafford, Francis, harbour constable, 26 Fernwood Street
Stafford, Fred. S., St. Heliers, Deramore Park
Stafford, James, assistant supt. Belfast Fire Brigade, Chichester Street
Stafford, J. S., grocer, 385 Lisburn Road
Stafford, J. J., & Sons, wholesale boot and shoe factors, 12 and 14 Union Street
Stafford, Miss Jane, 3 Ireton Street
Stafford, M., dress maker, 27 Durham Street
Stafford, Richard M., Vadheim, Myrtlefield Park
Stafford, Robert, hardware business, 10 Agra Street
Stafford, Robt., moulder, 8 Grovefield Street
Stafford, Robt., painter, 61 Howard Street South
Stafford, Samuel, baker, 20 Lavinia Street
Stafford, T., motor man, 4 Castle View Drive
Stafford, Wm., time keeper, 32 Egeria Street
Stainer, Thos., caretaker, 13 Wellington Place
Stalford, Geo., joiner, 114 Blythe Street
Stalker, Alex., tobacconist and stationer, 87 Shankill Road
Stalker, Peter, yarn merchant, 2 Cargy Villas, Wandsworth Road
Stalker, Peter, dyer and finisher, Brewery Buildings, Sandy Row
Stamford, J., traveller, Mossbank, 11 Windsor Avenue
Stamford, Mrs. J. J., publican, 18 William Street South
Stamp, Robert, joiner, 33 Beechfield Street
Stamping Office for Weights and Measures, 19 Smithfield Market
Stanage, Frank, painter, 38 Stonyford Street
Stanage, F. M., painter, 23 Kenbaan Street
Stanage, Robt., R.I.C., 85 Melrose Street
Stanard, Mrs. Ann, 8 Glandore Street
Standard Governess and Scholastic Agency, 1 Murray's Street
Standard Life Assurance Co. - R. W. Stewart, Local Secretary. 22a Donegall Place
Standard Manufacturing Co., 25 Linenhall Street
Standard Trading Co., 39 Victoria Street
Stanfield, Geo., store man, 18 Coyle Street
Stanfield, John, tailor, 102 Tennent Street
Stanfield, John, warehouseman, 14 Dunluce Avenue
Stanfield, John A., 65 Wellesley Avenue
Stanfield, J., clerk, 97 Ulsterville Gardens
Stanfield, Martin, shoe maker, 16 Wolff Street
Stanfield, Saml., shirt manufacturer, 15 College Street; res., 61 Dunluce Avenue
Stanfield, Wm., tea and coffee stand, Ormeau Avenue
Stanfield, W., water inspector, 1 Woodstock Place
Stanfield, W. A., draper, 4 Rossmore Avenue
Stanfield, W. J., clerk, 51 Copperfield Street
Stanford, John, Owen O'Cork House, Beersbridge Road
Stanford, Rev. Bedell, M.A., rector of Trinity Church, 1 Brookhill Avenue
Stanford, Thos., sgt. R.I.C., 10 Riverview Street
Stanford, Wm., detective, 32 Sandhurst Gardens
Staniford, Wm., pensioner, 25 Mountview Street
Stanley, Fred, salesman, 28 Belmont Avenue
Stanley, Henry, grocer, 51 Woodcot Avenue
Stanley, John H., agent, 45 High Street (first floor)
Stanley, John H., traveller, Lochisle, Knutsford Drive
Stanley, Mrs., 74 Agincourt Avenue
Stanley, Richard, boot maker, 12 Ambleside Street
Stanley, Rupert, professor of physics and electrical engineering, Municipal Technical Institute; St. Michan's, Deramore Park South
Stanley, R. O., salesman, Hillview, Knockbreda Road
Stanley, Thos., meter inspector, 21 Riverview Street
Stanley, T. C., clerk, 112 Melrose Street
Stanley, Wm., commissionaire, 16 Rushfield Avenue
Stanley & Co., drapers, 136 Ravenhill Road
Stanton, Geo. R., commission agent, 20 Crane's Buildings, Wellington Place
Stanton, Geo. R., tobacconist and hairdresser, 7 Dublin Road
Stanton, Joseph, tailor, 52 Heather Street
Stanton, J., foreman, 8 Lowwood Terrace, Shore Road
Stanton, M., R.I.C., 19 St. Aubyn Street
Staples, R. P., artist, 1 Bonchester, Sandown Road
Star Bowkett Building Society, A. Hamilton, secretary, 109 Donegall Street
Star Manufacturing Company, 298 Donegall Road
Star Window Cleaning Co. - W. McWhirter, 3 Churchill Street
Stark, J., decorator, 10 Rutherglen Street
Stark, Robt., bookkeeper, 3 Glenbrook Terrace, Greencastle
Starkey, B., clerk, 17 Springfield Parade
Starr, J., traveller, 69 Solway Street
Starr, Thos., billiard marker, 4 Zetland Street
Starrett, George, mechanic, 4 London Road
Starrett, Henry, tailor, 19 Newry Street
Starrett, John, warehouseman, 16 Westminster Street
Starrett, J. & A., boot and shoe makers, 22 Ormeau Road
Starritt, Miss, 2 Ashley Villas, Cliftonville Road
Station Cab Company, Motor Car Agents, Hirers, Repairers & Produce Merchants, 109 Donegall Pass, 156, 158 Antrim Road, and 402 Newtownards Road - A. Stringer, Manager; res., 172 Antrim Road
Station Hotel, Midland Railway - Miss Partridge, manageress, York Street
Stead, Hugh, cloth passer, 1 Irwell Street
Stead, Thos., 9 Springfield Parade
Steadman, Thos., electrical engineer, 21 Ferguson Drive
Stears, Sam., 6 Rosetta Avenue
Stedford, Jas., foreman, 15 Steammill Lane
Steed, Alex., boiler maker, 5 Memel Street
Steed, Geo., 13 Wellington Park Terrace
Steed, Mary Jane, 35 Frank Street
Steed, R., hair dresser, 176 Albertbridge Road
Steed, R., compositor, 8 Gosford Place
Steed, Wm., stationer and printers' agent, 20a Waring Street
Steel, John, foreman, 1 Beechfield Street
Steel, Malcolm, harbour constable, 16 Evolina Street
Steel, Miss, 144 Hyndford Street Upper
Steel, Mrs. Agnes, 1b Vicinage Park
Steel, R., grocer and dairyman, 24 Upper Glenfarne Street
Steele, Albert, iron turner, 24 Elizabeth Street
Steele, Alex., carpenter, 17 Venice Street
Steele, Alex., clerk, 54 Lichfield Avenue
Steele, Arthur, fitter, 80 Artillery Street
Steele, Arthur, clerk, 21 Brougham Street
Steele, A., engineer, 34 Roseleigh Street
Steele, David, baker, 53 Lord Street
Steele, David, grocer, 45, 47 My Lady's Road
Steele, David, jeweller, Dunolly, 141 Cavehill Road
Steele, D., fitter, 1 Pansy Street
Steele, Fras., R.I.C., 50 My Lady's Road
Steele, F. M., Ulster Bank, 6a Cliftonville Avenue
Steele, Geo., insurance agent, 22 Maymount Street
Steele, Hugh, linen finisher, 23 Woodvale Street
Steele, James, 218 Newtownards Road Upper
Steele, Jas., traveller, 2 Northland Villas, Cliftonville Circus
Steele, Jas., draper, 177, 179 Newtownards Road
Steele, Jas. A., draper, 43 The Mount
Steele, Jeannie, tobacconist and confectioner, 91 Ormeau Road
Steele, John, driller, 20 Keswick Street
Steele, John, retired electrical engineer, Norine, Kingsmere Avenue
Steele, John, bread server, 90 Ravenscroft Avenue
Steele, John H., house and land agent, 11 Rosemary Street
Steele, J., draughtsman, 12 Lomond Avenue
Steele, Mary, 73 Mountcollyer Avenue
Steele, Misses, ladies' school, 6 Roden Terrace, Woodstock Road
Steele, Miss, Dooneen, Marlborough Park
Steele, Moses, fitter, 123 Donegall Avenue
Steele-Nicholson, Mrs., 45 Glandore Avenue
Steele, Mrs., 98 Oldpark Road
Steele, Mrs., grocer, 57 Lodge Road New
Steele, Mrs., Salem Cottage, Lisburn Road
Steele, Robert, grocer, 264 Crimea Street
Steele, Robt., seed, manure and agricultural implement merchant, 99, 101 Victoria Street; branch shop, 79, 81 Chichester Street
Steele, Robt., sexton St. Mary's Church, 5 Silvio Street
Steele, Robt., sign writer, 9 Beersbridge Road
Steele, Robert, traveller, 3 Shamrock Street
Steele, R. M., grocer, 3 Victoria Terrace, Castlereagh Road
Steele, R. M., grocer, 96 Albertbridge Road
Steele, S., pattern maker, 54 Jocelyn Street
Steele, Wm., grocer, 27 Mountview Street
Steele, Wm., bread server, 33 Rutherglen Street
Steele, Wm., turner, 94 Canning Street Upper
Steele, Wm., packer, 37 Kilronan Street
Steele, Wm., cabinet maker, 23 Daisyfield Street
Steele, W. J., brass finisher, 171 Avoniel Road
Steele, Wm. J., time keeper, 19 Sunnyside Street
Steele, Wm. Jas., baker, 44 Willow Street
Steele, Wm. John, preparing master, 3 Legmurn Street
Steele, Wm. J., cabinet maker, 40 Sandymount Street
Steele, W. J., baker, 11 Moorefield Street
Steele, Wm. R., insurance agent, 13 St. Mary's Street
Steele & Co., drapers, 18 Castlereagh Street
Steen, H., Dunelin, 111 University Road
Steen, Jas. Clark, linen business, 10 Eglantine Avenue
Steen, John, confectioner, 170a Oldpark Road
Steen, John, turner, 22 Devonshire Street
Steen J. Barnett, oil merchant and mill furnisher, 11, 13 Wellwood Street; res., 15 Myrtlefield Park
Steen, Miss, Woodvale, 51 Adelaide Park
Steen, Mrs. J. C., 30 College Gardens
Steen, Mrs. Margaret, 1 Chambers Street
Steen, R. J., mill furnisher, 15 Myrtlefield Park
Steen, Saml., mechanic, 14 Azamor Street
Steen, Thos., linen lapper, 4 Agra Street
Steen, Wm., secretary Northern Banking Co. Ltd., 34 Elmwood Avenue
Steen & Milliken, stock and share brokers, 53 Donegall Place; res., Wm. Milliken, Donaghadee
Steenson, Edward, joiner, 18 Whitehall Parade
Steenson, G., file grinder, 30 Tyne Street
Steenson, Jas., machine man, 133 Hyndford Street
Steenson, Jas., painter, 187 Vernon Street
Steenson, John, traveller, 78 Omeath Street
Steenson, John, joiner, 161 Madrid Street
Steenson, John, cutter, 21 Mountcollyer Street
Steiner, F., & Co. Ltd., turkey red dyers, calico printers and handkerchief manufacturers, 49 Queen Street; works, Sunnyside and Church, Lancashire
Steinson, John, bookkeeper, 26 Farnham Street
Steinson, Thos., R.I.C., 19 Toronto Street
Stelford, Wm., mechanic, 79 Ulsterville Gardens
Stelfox, A. W., A.R.I.B.A., architect and civil engineer, 16 Scottish Temperance Buildings; res., Kinrara, Chlorine Gardens
Stelges, Walter, telephone inspector, 17 Keegan Street
Stella, Madame, horoscope reader, 141 Donegall Street
Stephen, John, Surveyor of Taxes, 72 University Avenue
Stephens, Albert, cooper, 8 Lyons Street
Stephens. Arthur, fitter, 62 Malcolm Lane
Stephens, Geo., hall porter, 39 Eglinton Street
Stephens, Geo. W., checker, 8 Redcar Street
Stephens, Geo. W., traveller, 230 Donegall Avenue
Stephens, G., collar cutter, 11 Damascus Street
Stephens, John H., shipwright, 182 Ormeau Road
Stephens, Jos., compositor, 29 Harrybrook Street
Stephens, J. R., union official, 100 Wellesley Avenue
Stephens, J. R., clerk, 1 Cliftonpark Avenue
Stephens, J. W., traveller, 26 Eblana Street
Stephens, Maxwell, baker, 14 Lyons Street
Stephens, Richd., R.I.C., 27 Kimberley Street
Stephens, Robt., 30 Rosemary Street; res., Riverbank, Carrickfergus
Stephens, S. W., colliery agent, 28 Waring Street
Stephens, Wm., dairyman, 12 Whitehall Gardens
Stephens, W. H., & Sons, surveyors, 13 Donegall Square North
Stephens & Bourke (Late George McAfee), Military bootmakers and Court Shoemakers, 28 Corn Market
Stephens & Walkington, Shipping and General Commission Agents, and Timber Brokers (Agents for F.H.S. Lines Steamers to Australia and New Zealand and Greenmount Oil Co. Ltd., Dublin), 8 Victoria Street
Stephenson, A., well sinker, 28 Lawnbrook Avenue
Stephenson, Chas., mechanic, 17 Windsor Street
Stephenson, C., grocer, 10 Church Street East
Stephenson, E. H., grocer, Tower Buildings, Crumlin Road
Stephenson, George, 16 Ebrington Gardens
Stephenson, Jas., bookkeeper, 69 Burmah Street
Stephenson, J., commercial traveller, 54 Eglantine Avenue
Stephenson, J., grocer, 12 Finmore Street
Stephenson, Rev. G. A., LL.D., rector of St. Mary Magdalene Church, Iona, Adelaide Park
Stephenson, R., gate lodge, Falls Park
Stephenson, T. E., draper, 711 Lisburn Road
Stephenson, Wm., draper, 14 South Parade
Stephenson, Wm., joiner, 280 Shankill Road
Stephenson, Wm., & Sons, Commission Agents, Wholesale Butter and Egg Merchants, 77 Chichester Street
Stephenson, W. R., warehouseman, 26 Fitzwilliam Street
Sterling, Charles, clerk, 65 Surrey Street
Sterling, Hugh, waiter, 157 Spamount Street
Sterling, James, clerk, 65 Surrey Street
Sterling, James, clerk, 70 Cedar Avenue
Sterling, James, clerk, 10 Avonbeg Street
Sterling, John, plasterer, 38 Annalee Street
Sterling, J., linen measurer, 3 Palestine Street
Sterling, J., fitter, 217 Cambrai Street
Sterling, Mrs., 14 Rugby Road
Sterling, Patk., stamper, 24 Durham Street
Sterling, Robert, cabinet maker, 11 Columbia Street
Sterling, Sarah, 21 Thorndale Avenue
Sterling, Tom, wholesale and retail confectioner, 134, 136 Donegall Street, 20 Donegall Place, 191 Antrim Road, 87 Royal Avenue, 347 Woodstock Road, 1 Shankill Road, 40 Ann Street, and The Shaftesbury, 30, 32 Donegall Place; res., Tom Sterling, J.P., Dahlia Lodge, Andersonstown
Sterling, Thos., baker, 44 Ormeau Street
Sterling, Wm., traveller, 8 Mountview Street
Sterling, Wm., clerk, 3 Gleneden Villas
Sterling, Wm., plumber, 37 Oldpark Avenue
Sterling, Wm., dining room, 102 Peter's Hill
Sterling, W. J., commercial traveller, 54 Delhi Street
Sterrett, Chas., moulder, 57 Solway Street
Sterrett, J. & J., wholesale confectioners, 30 and 303 Newtownards Road
Sterrett, J., gardener, 126 Larkfield Road
Sterritt, Mrs., 3 Frank Street
Sterrett, Robt., traveller, 55 Devonshire Street
Sterrett, Thos., french polisher, 12 Bright Street
Sterrett, Wm., mechanic, 30 Richardson Street
Steven, Mrs. Rebecca, Aird-na-Coragh, Hughenden Avenue
Stevens, Albert, glass beveller, 43 Spruce Street
Stevens, Alex., dairyman, Cavehill Road Old
Stevens, Denis, baker, 3 Empress Buildings, Ravenhill Road
Stevens, Geo., plater, Homeland, Belmont Church Road
Stevens, G., Army Pay Corps, 87 Roselea Street
Stevens, Jas., fitter, 30 Mountcollyer Avenue
Stevens, John, tailor, 5 Donard Street
Stevens, Margt., 20 Templemore Avenue
Stevens, Miss E., 19 Rosemount Gardens
Stevens, Robt., R.I.C., 15 Olive Street
Stevens, Wm., dairyman, Ballysillan Road
Stevenson, Andrew, law clerk, 23 Glendower Street
Stevenson, Andrew, plumber, 20 Ridgeway Street
Stevenson, Andrew, seed buyer, 6 Indiana Avenue
Stevenson, Andw., plumber and sanitary engineer, 126 Dublin Road
Stevenson, Archd., draper, 236 Shankill Road
Stevenson, Arthur W., linen manufacturer, Ashton Bank, 24 Adelaide Park
Stevenson, A., boiler maker, 61 Methuen Street
Stevenson, A., draper, Kelvingrove, Kelvin Parade
Stevenson, A. L., insurance agent, 24 Havana Street
Stevenson, Chas., linen merchant, 59 Eglantine Avenue
Stevenson, C., sawyer, 134 Disraeli Street
Stevenson, David, baker, 83 Gainsborough Drive
Stevenson, Dr. Wm., house physician Royal Victoria Hospital, Grosvenor Road
Stevenson, E., agent Rosenborg, Cranmore Avenue
Stevenson, George, joiner, 125 Canning Street Upper
Stevenson, George, 286 Springfield Road
Stevenson, Geo., clerk, 7 Aughrim Street
Stevenson, Geo., joiner, 69 Donard Street
Stevenson, Geo., butcher, 27 Evolina Street
Stevenson, Herbert H. (of Millar & Stevenson, Lisburn), Derryloran, Cranmore Gardens
Stevenson, Howard, M.B., surgeon, 23 College Gardens
Stevenson, Hugh, upholsterer, 44 Newry Street
Stevenson, Hugh, upholsterer, 14 Hazelnut Street
Stevenson, Hugh, & Sons, Ltd., cardboard box manufacturers, 5 Bankmore Street
Stevenson, H., iron moulder, 6 Carnan Street
Stevenson, H., butcher, 50 York Road
Stevenson, H., carpenter, 24 Shaftesbury Avenue
Stevenson, Herbert G., secretary Citizens' Association, 531 Ormeau Road
Stevenson, H. R., traveller, 53 Brookvale Street
Stevenson, Isaac, checker, 165 Donegall Road
Stevenson, James, carpenter, 63 Madrid Street
Stevenson, James, 20 Willowbank Street
Stevenson, Jas., boot maker, 16 Ohio Street
Stevenson, Jas., 394 Beersbridge Road Upper
Stevenson, Jas., bleacher, 34 Mayo Street
Stevenson, Jas., butcher, 234 Crumlin Road
Stevenson, Jas., fitter, 5 Wyndham Street
Stevenson, Jas., engineer, 94 Portallo Street
Stevenson, Jas. F., mechanic, 4 Gretna, Greencastle
Stevenson, Jas. & Son, agents, 18 Ann Street
Stevenson, Jane. fruiterer, 144 Newtownards Road
Stevenson, Jno., tea merchant, 46 University Avenue
Stevenson, John, pensioner, 39 Lothair Avenue
Stevenson, John, dairyman, Rivervale, Andersonstown
Stevenson, John, brick layer, 7 Zetland Street
Stevenson, John, brick layer, 35 Harrybrook Street
Stevenson, John (of McCaw, Stevenson & Orr, Ltd.), Coolavin, University Road
Stevenson, John H., bookkeeper, 51 Bray Street
Stevenson, Joseph, iron turner, 31 Tennent Street
Stevenson, Joseph, R.I.C., 4 Iris Street
Stevenson, Jos., linen merchant, Lynwood, Malone Park
Stevenson, Jos., brick layer, 18 Mountview Street
Stevenson, J., 62 Stratheden Street
Stevenson, J., moulder, 140 Snugville Street
Stevenson, J., mattress maker, 277 Crumlin Road
Stevenson, J., tea merchant, 46 University Avenue
Stevenson, J., butcher, 234 Crumlin Road
Stevenson, J., carpenter, 43 Newtownards Road
Stevenson, J., 28 Woodvale Road
Stevenson, J. & Son, agents, 18 Ann Street
Stevenson, J. & Co., linen merchants and manufacturers, 8 May Street
Stevenson, Margt., confectioner, 36 Canning Street Upper
Stevenson, Miss, 18 Cromwell Road
Stevenson, Miss, 9 Malone Avenue
Stevenson, Miss, grocer, 64 Melrose Street
Stevenson, Miss M. C., 15 Jubilee Avenue
Stevenson, Mrs., 43 Alexandrapark Avenue
Stevenson, Mrs., 34 Bedeque Street
Stevenson, Mrs., 20 Lothair Avenue
Stevenson, Mrs. Catherine, 5 Candahar Street
Stevenson, M., plumber, 70 Sandymount Street
Stevenson, Richard, mechanic, 57 Balfour Avenue
Stevenson, Robt., painter, 41 Groomsport Street
Stevenson, Robt., iron turner, 46 Ruth Street
Stevenson, Robt., moulder, 5 Ravensdale Street
Stevenson, Robt., car owner, 4 Hamilton Place
Stevenson, Robt., comedian, 3 London Street
Stevenson, Robt., engineer, Wheatfield Gardens
Stevenson, R., 59 Gibson Street
Stevenson, R., dairyman, 47 Sunnyside Street
Stevenson, R. J., linen merchant, 15 Agincourt Avenue
Stevenson, Samuel, jobber, 19 Roe Street
Stevenson, Saml., moulder, 15 Locan Street
Stevenson, Saml., architect and civil engineer, 83 Royal Avenue; res., Jordanstown
Stevenson, Simon, linen lapper, 3 Hollywood View Terrace
Stevenson, The Misses, Fairburn, Kensington Road
Stevenson, Thomas, joiner, 62 Agnes Street
Stevenson, Thos., farmer, Andersonstown
Stevenson, Thos., moulder, 10 Clowney Street
Stevenson, T., traveller, 245 Tennent Street
Stevenson, T., boot maker, 3 Wescott Street
Stevenson, T. J., bookkeeper, 70 South Parade
Stevenson, Wm., commercial traveller, 2 Ravenhill Terrace, 236 Ravenhill Road
Stevenson, Wm., fruiterer, 211 Shankill Road
Stevenson, Wm., tenter, 96 Leopold Street
Stevenson, Wm., painter, Ballysillan, Crumlin Road
Stevenson, Wm., manufacturers' agent, 10 College Street; res., 14 South Parade
Stevenson, Wm., joiner, 28 Mersey Street
Stevenson, Wm., engineer, 31 Ethel Street
Stevenson, Wm., gardener, 3 Marlborough Gardens
Stevenson, Wm. Jas., grocer, 8 Westminster Street
Stevenson, Wm. J., linen lapper, 34 Rowan Street
Stevenson, Wm., moulder, 7 Kenbaan Street
Stevenson, Wm., engineer, 9 Larkstone Street
Stevenson, Wm., tenter, 6 Manor Drive
Stevenson, W., boot maker, 351 Newtownards Road
Stevenson, W., moulder, 27 Acton Street
Stevenson, Wm. J., traveller, 10 Glenwherry Street
Stevenson, W. J., shirt cutter, 84 Kimberley Street
Stevenson, W. J., iron turner, 25 Fraser Street
Stevenson, W. J., packer, 25 Jerusalem Street
Stevenson, W. J., hairdresser, 12 Erin Street
Stevenson & Co., grocers, 88 McClure Street
Stevenson & Co., tea merchants, 23 Oxford Street
Stevenson & Son, Linen Manufacturers, Bleachers, Dyers, and Finishers; Works, Moygashel Mills, Dungannon; 40 Bedford Street
Stevenson & Turner, lead and composition pipe manufacturers, and general plumbers' furnishers, metal merchants, 1 to 17 West Street
Stevinson, Andrew, commercial traveller, Afton, Cregagh Park
Stewart's Acetylene Works, 1 Clyde Street
Stewart, Adam, commercial traveller, 26 Wellesley Avenue
Stewart, Agnes, 17 Summer Street
Stewart, Alexr., brick layer, 21 Langford Street
Stewart, Alexr., foreman, 12 Manderson Street
Stewart, Alex., painter, 65 Copperfield Street
Stewart, Alex., engineer, 2 Convention Street
Stewart, Alex., joiner, 159 New Lodge Road
Stewart, Alex., clerk, 44 Gainsborough Drive
Stewart, Andrew, tailor, Greencastle
Stewart, Andrew, dyer, 26 Heather Street
Stewart, Andrew, superintendent People's Palace Lodgings, 53 to 83 Matilda Street
Stewart, Andrew, gardener, 93 Canning Street Upper
Stewart, Andrew, packer, 54 Oregon Street
Stewart, Andw., upholsterer, 6 Bond Street New
Stewart, Andw., finisher, 155 Mayo Street
Stewart, Andw., clerk, 6 Willowfield Gardens
Stewart, Andrew A., Brooklyn, Sans Souci Park
Stewart, Andrew, blacksmith, 48 Danube Street
Stewart, Annie, 22 Twickenham Street
Stewart, Archd., dairyman, Glen Cottage, Knockbreda Road
Stewart, A., iron turner, 131 Sidney Street West
Stewart, A., 94 Duncairn Gardens
Stewart, A. H., iron moulder, 60 Rathmore Street
Stewart, A., iron turner, 62 Rathmore Street
Stewart, A., waiter, 283 Skegoniel Avenue
Stewart, A. W., journalist, Seaforde, 115 Park Road
Stewart, Ben, french polisher, 22 Bagot Street
Stewart Bros., grocers, 61 Alexandrapark Avenue
Stewart, Catherine, 21 Prim Street
Stewart, Charles, joiner, 47 Adam Street
Stewart, Chas., stationer, 2 Melrose Street
Stewart, Chas., builder, 1 Carleton Villas, Greencastle
Stewart, Chas., school teacher, 1 Edinvara, Oldpark Road
Stewart, Chas., builder, 25 Regent Street
Stewart, Chas., carpenter, 27 Woodlee Street & 207a Lisburn Road
Stewart, Daniel, joiner, 45 St. Leonard's Street
Stewart, David, tailor, 16 Fleetwood Street
Stewart, David, blacksmith, 12 Ravenscroft Avenue
Stewart, David, manager, 30 Toronto Street
Stewart, D., druggist, 19 Roden Street
Stewart, D. J., butter ands egg merchant, 267 Skegoniel Avenue
Stewart, D. T., grocer, 199 Matilda Street
Stewart, Dr. H. L., lecturer Queen's University; res., 38 Elmwood Avenue
Stewart, Edith, 5 Clarendon Avenue
Stewart, Edward, 393 Oldpark Road
Stewart, Edward, upholsterer, 68 Perth Street
Stewart, Edward, joiner, 59 Penrith Street
Stewart, Eliza, 157 Manor Street
Stewart, E., boiler maker, 57 Cavour Street
Stewart, E. M., House and Land Agent; Valuer, Insurance Agent and Accountant, 50 Upper Arthur Street; Res., 8 Mountcharles
Stewart, Finlay, R.I.C., 100 My Lady's Road
Stewart, Frank, hay and straw merchant, 2b Thomas Street North
Stewart, Fred, block printer, 24 Derg Street
Stewart, F., block printer, 24 Ambleside Street
Stewart, Geo., iron turner, 11 Bendigo Street
Stewart, Geo., confectioner and tobacconist, 117 Peter's Hill
Stewart, Geo., baker, 64a Ravenhill Road
Stewart, Geo., clerk, Glendhu Cottages, Holywood Road
Stewart, Geo., shoe maker, 220 Manor Street
Stewart, Geo. H., manager, 48 Fairview Street
Stewart, Gordon, glass blower, 222 Matilda Street
Stewart, G., ship carpenter, 95 Mountcollyer Road
Stewart, Hamilton, weigh master, 23 Pearl Street
Stewart, Henry, baker, 28 Pretoria Street
Stewart, Henry, butcher, 245a York Street
Stewart, Henry, joiner, 92 Cosgrave Street
Stewart, Herbert, clerk, 164 Lawnbrook Avenue
Stewart, Hugh, carpenter, 53 Wigton Street
Stewart, Hugh, scale maker, 60 Elm Street
Stewart, Hugh, carpenter, 48 Teutonic Street
Stewart, H., stevedore, 32 Newington Street
Stewart, H., cooper, 1 Rockdale Street
Stewart, H., hair dresser, 199 Newtownards Road
Stewart, H., hairdresser, 82 St. Leonard's Street
Stewart, H., pipe fitter, 18 Epworth Street
Stewart, H., draper, 18 Waring Street
Stewart, H. H., bank official, 5 Salisbury Villas, Salisbury Avenue
Stewart, H. P., engineer, 5 Hughenden Avenue
Stewart, H. & J., oil and size works, 26 Donegall Street Little; res., John Stewart, Mountstewart, Glen Road
Stewart, James, moulder, 23 Spamount Street
Stewart, James. 25 Magdala Street
Stewart, James, baker, 27 Apsley Street
Stewart, James, tenter, 27 Thames Street
Stewart, James, solicitor, 79 Donegall Street; res., 43 Eglantine Avenue
Stewart, James (of Sandy Row Foundry), 12 Donegall Road and 9 Mabel Street
Stewart, James, cycle and motor agent, 14 Rosemary Street
Stewart, James, clerk, 29 Baskin Street
Stewart, James, bank official, 142 Newtownards Road Upper
Stewart, James, colour and oil merchant, 73 Great Patrick Street
Stewart, James, auctioneer, 60 Smithfield; res., 1 Rosemead, Cavehill Road
Stewart, Jas., grocer, 353 Beersbridge Road Upper
Stewart, Jas., grocer, 57 Donegall Avenue
Stewart, Jas., sexton, 43 May Street Little
Stewart, Jas., printer, 103 Queen Street North
Stewart, Jas., com. traveller, Ivy-dene, Waterloo Gardens
Stewart, Jas., clerk, 82 Bristol Street
Stewart, Jas., iron moulder, 35 Glenmore Street
Stewart, Jas., rent agent, 196 Ravenhill Avenue
Stewart, Jas., tailor, 29 Wimbledon Street
Stewart, Jas., joiner, 33 Parkmount Street
Stewart, Jas., joiner, 37 Wolff Street
Stewart, Jas., linen lapper, 11 Albert Street
Stewart, Jas., linen lapper, 6 Ballycastle Street
Stewart, Jas., litho printer, 3 Moneyrea Street
Stewart, Jas., carpenter, 174 North Queen Street
Stewart, Jas., carpenter, 19 James' Street
Stewart, Jas., provision merchant, 21 Bridge End
Stewart, Jas., pilot master, 4 Deacon Street
Stewart, Jas., engineer, 195 Lodge Road New
Stewart, Jas., baker, 27 Apsley Street
Stewart, Jas., shirt and collar cutter, 96 Stratheden Street
Stewart, Jas., linen business, St. Stephen's Villa, Holland Park
Stewart, Jas., brick layer, 21 Jonesboro Street
Stewart, Jas., plumber, 35 Chatsworth Street
Stewart, Jas., traveller, 9 Chadwick Street
Stewart, Jas., grocer, 2 Clara Avenue
Stewart, Jas., insurance agent, 67 Ballarat Street
Stewart, Jas., Beechmount, Downview Avenue
Stewart, Jas., joiner, 15 Duncairn Gardens
Stewart, Jas., upholsterer, 64 Hardcastle Street
Stewart, Jas. A., brick layer, 58 Glenwood Street
Stewart, Jas. A., manufacturers' agent, 46 Madison Avenue
Stewart, Jas. C., engineer and steam fitter, 1 Thompson Place
Stewart, Jas. C., law agent, 23 Mayfair, Arthur Square; res., Moneta, Cardigan Drive
Stewart, Jas. E., iron turner, 4 Southland Street
Stewart, James, & Sons, coal merchants, Station Street and 3, 4 Scrabo Street
Stewart, Jas., & Co., commission agents, 21 Waring Street
Stewart, James & Co., linen drill and duck manufacturers, 27, 29 Linenhall Street
Stewart, Jane, 51 Lonsdale Street
Stewart, John, iron turner, 34 Klondyke Street
Stewart, John, insurance agent, 10 Merkland Street
Stewart, John, time keeper, 27 Moorfield Street
Stewart, John, calico printer, 10 Ohio Street
Stewart, John, engineer, 4 Belmont Avenue
Stewart, John, 5 Princess Terrace, Cregagh Road
Stewart, John, fitter, 50 Bendigo Street
Stewart, John, tailor, 112 Ravenhill Road
Stewart, John, dyer, 51 Lilliput Street
Stewart, John, miller, 75 Montrose Street
Stewart, John, M.D., surgeon (medical officer to His Majesty's Prison, Belfast), 10 Crumlin Road
Stewart, John, cashier, 3 Ravenhill Avenue
Stewart, John, confectioner, 5 Agnes Street
Stewart, John, 60 Regent Street
Stewart, John, confectioner, 10 Beechmount Avenue
Stewart, John, coat builder, 5 Jersey Street
Stewart, John, caretaker, 23 Laganview Street
Stewart, John, cabinet maker, 27 Tasmania Street
Stewart, John, clerk, 55 Bentinck Street
Stewart, John, 37 Mount Street (No. 2)
Stewart, John, joiner, 209 Hillman Street
Stewart, John, damask tenter, 7 Roden Street
Stewart, John, bookkeeper, Manita, Westland Road
Stewart, John, boiler maker, 68 Solway Street
Stewart, John, cigarette manufacturer, 9 Jocelyn Gardens
Stewart, John, clerk, 27 Riga Street
Stewart, John, compositor, 3 Iverna Street
Stewart, John D. W., district manager National Telephone Co. Ltd., Braefoot, Waterloo Gardens
Stewart, Joseph, upholsterer, 25 Ridgeway Street
Stewart, Joseph, joiner, 142 Lord Street
Stewart, Jos., farmer, Glen Road
Stewart, Jos., bookkeeper, 11 Cameron Street
Stewart, J., blacksmith, 33 Clonard Street
Stewart, J., linen business, 22 Rutland Street
Stewart, J., carpenter, 47 Glenrosa Street
Stewart, J., wood turner, Ligoniel Road
Stewart, J., linen lapper, 46 Willow Street
Stewart, J., iron turner, 59 Harrybrook Street
Stewart, J., tea merchant, 12 Lisburn Road
Stewart, J., boiler maker, 59 Derwent Street
Stewart, J. A., caretaker Belfast Savings Bank, King Street Mews
Stewart, J. C., engineer, Foxvale House, Cregagh Road
Stewart, J. Hamilton, M.D., 168 Antrim Road
Stewart, J. H., hatter, 31 Cliftonpark Avenue
Stewart, J. H., grocer, 154 Old Lodge Road
Stewart, J. T., case maker, 18 Teutonic Street
Stewart, J. & W., building and engineering contractors, concrete specialists, etc., 9, 11 Elgin Street
Stewart, J. & W., coal merchants, 2 Kelvin Parade
Stewart, Kennedy, colliery agent, 80 High Street
Stewart, Lizzie, 61 Manor Street
Stewart, Margaret, 27 Annadale Street
Stewart, Martha, grocer, 26 Madrid Street
Stewart, Martha, refreshment rooms, 96a York Street
Stewart, Martha, 18 Pretoria Street
Stewart, Martha, baker, 232 Albertbridge Road
Stewart, Martha, 101 Agincourt Avenue
Stewart, Mary Ann, 128 Woodstock Road
Stewart, Matthew, clerk, 102 Melrose Street
Stewart, Minnie, 44 Woodvale Road
Stewart, Miss, Consuelo, Wandsworth Road
Stewart, Miss, 18 Holywoodview Terrace, Shore Road
Stewart, Miss, 1 Moss Villa, Lisburn Road
Stewart, Miss, 150 Ormeau Road
Stewart, Miss E., teacher, 11 Arthur Chambers, 10 Arthur Street
Stewart, Miss F., 8 Mountcharles
Stewart, Miss H., 13 Marsden Gardens
Stewart, Miss M., 40 Madison Avenue
Stewart, Mrs. M., 2 Avondale Terrace, Greencastle
Stewart, Mrs., 8 North Parade
Stewart, Mrs., Stewart Villa, Park Avenue
Stewart, Mrs., 34 My Lady's Road
Stewart, Mrs., 98 Ravenhill Avenue
Stewart, Mrs., 69 Atlantic Avenue
Stewart, Mrs., 15 College Place North
Stewart, Mrs. Jane, 121 Wellesley Avenue
Stewart, Mrs. Margaret, 19 Jubilee Avenue
Stewart, Mrs. Margt., 136 Rugby Avenue
Stewart, Mrs., 50 Lisburn Avenue
Stewart, Mrs., 23 Canning Street
Stewart, Mrs. M., 10 Auburn Street
Stewart, Mrs. Sarah, 8 Clifton Crescent
Stewart, Mrs. Sarah, 120 Maryville Street
Stewart, Mrs., 29 Elgin Street
Stewart, Mrs., nurse, 45 Beverley Street
Stewart, M., gardener, 153 Dunluce Avenue
Stewart, M., coachman, 45 Arkwright Street
Stewart, Paul, carpenter, 67 Glencollyer Street
Stewart, Rev. D., B.A. (of Cregagh Presbyterian Church), Lorne Villa, South Parade
Stewart, Rev. John, 47 Delhi Street
Stewart, Rev. Joseph A., A.M., hon. treasurer Down and Connor and Dromore Church Education Society, 6 Clarence Place, May Street
Stewart, Robert, spinning master, 14 Grampian Avenue
Stewart, Robert, grocer, 111 Solway Street
Stewart, Robert, 47 South Parade
Stewart, Robert, & Sons Ltd., linen thread manufacturers, 16 Bedford Street
Stewart, Robt., engineer, 30 Belmont Avenue
Stewart, Robt., tailor, 67 Berlin Street
Stewart, Robt., moulder, 26 Carlow Street
Stewart, Robt., painter, 16a Christopher Street
Stewart, Robt., jun., engineer, 43 Queen Street New North
Stewart, Robt., store keeper, 47 Fraser Street
Stewart, Robt., rivetter, 26 Ann Street North
Stewart, Robt., manager, 89 Killowen Street
Stewart, Robt. C., clerk, 87 Woodvale Street
Stewart, R. H., engineer, 8 Jubilee Avenue
Stewart, Robt. J., baker. 378 Beersbridge Road Upper
Stewart, Robt. T., clerk, 49 Haypark Avenue
Stewart, Robt. & Son, auctioneers and valuators, 9 Queen's Square; res., Robert Stewart and Robt. C. Stewart, Doonvarna, Knockbreda Road
Stewart, Rose, 13 Eglinton Street
Stewart, R., frame maker, 62 Brougham Street
Stewart, R., frame maker, 233b Queen Street North
Stewart, R., box maker, 53 Morpeth Street
Stewart, R., boiler maker, 63 Spamount Street
Stewart, R., hair dresser, 217 Donegall Road
Stewart, R., brass moulder, 20 Shandon Street
Stewart, R., flax overseer, 70 Oldpark Avenue
Stewart, R. J., printer, 16 Combermere Street
Stewart, R. M., accountant, Wynford, Ashgrove Park
Stewart, Samuel, tenter, 6 Drew Street
Stewart, Samuel, joiner, 15 Richardson Street
Stewart, Samuel, plater, 32 Bandon Street
Stewart, Samuel, seed merchant, Islandbawn, Cranmore Avenue
Stewart, Saml., confectioner, 11 Beit Street
Stewart, Saml., commission agent, 10 Royal Avenue; res., Doreen, Shandon Park
Stewart, Saml., teacher, Ivy Lodge, Malone Road
Stewart, Saml., cooper, 14 Hugo Street
Stewart, Saml., com. agent, 10 Royal Avenue
Stewart, Saml., carpenter, 8 Windsor Road
Stewart, Samuel, machinist, 16 Frank Street Upper
Stewart, Saml., moulder, 27 Lawnbrook Square
Stewart, Saml., grocer, 103, 105 Lodge Road Old
Stewart, Saml. J., postal official, 54 Eia Street
Stewart, Saml., mechanic, 12 Pisa Street
Stewart, Samuel, & Co., Steam and Sailing Ship Brokers, 43 Waring Street. Telephone Nos. 2345 and 2346. Res., 2 Manilla Villas, Downview Avenue
Stewart, Stanley, fitter, 10 Crossley Street
Stewart, S., store man, 108 Bray Street
Stewart, S., carpenter, 36 Glantane Street
Stewart, S., compositor, 10 Balfour Avenue
Stewart, S., grocer, 12 Charlotte Street
Stewart, S., laurel Villa, Windermere Gardens
Stewart, Teresa, 15 Carlisle Street
Stewart, Thomas, tailor, 6 Suir Street
Stewart, Thomas, mechanic, 121 Manor Street
Stewart, Thos. Andw., superintendent, 12 Benburb Street
Stewart, Thomas, hair dresser, 47 Oldpark Road
Stewart, Thos., accountant, 204 Ravenhill Road
Stewart, Thos., school teacher, Ruskey, Cranmore avenue
Stewart, Thos., plumber, 60 Mount Street No. 2
Stewart, Thos., waiter, 11 Baltic Avenue
Stewart, Thos., butter and egg stores, 18 Sandy Row
Stewart, Thos., shop assistant, 10 Jerusalem Street
Stewart, Thos., mechanic, 121 Manor Street
Stewart, Thos., engine driver, 21 Jameson Street
Stewart, Thos., pawn broker, 19 Rushfield Avenue
Stewart, Thos., coach builder, 28 Palmer Street
Stewart, Thos. J., driller, 165 Park Avenue
Stewart, Thos. L., 1 Thorndale Avenue
Stewart, Vance, joiner, 3 Dundela Park
Stewart, Wm., tailor, 169 Crimea Street
Stewart, Wm., cooper, 162 Earl Street
Stewart, Wm., iron turner, 37 Warkworth Street
Stewart, Wm., mill manager, 191 Alexandrapark Avenue
Stewart, Wm., mechanic, 16 Ardmoulin Avenue
Stewart, Wm., butcher, 102 Tildarg Street
Stewart, Wm., billiard marker, 25 Maralin Street
Stewart, Wm., packing case maker, 11 Wauchope Street
Stewart, Wm., horse dealer, 176, 178 Shankill Road
Stewart, Wm., mechanic, 216 Tennent Street
Stewart, Wm., R.I.C., 169 Madrid Street
Stewart, Wm., clerk, 99 Alexandrapark Avenue
Stewart, Wm., printer, 127 Cliftonpark Avenue
Stewart, Wm., gardener, 16 Jameson Street
Stewart, Wm., ship carpenter, 13 Carew Street
Stewart, Wm., cutter, 97 Stratheden Street
Stewart, Wm., blacksmith, 29 Danube Street
Stewart, Wm., carpenter, 82 Westmoreland Street
Stewart, Wm., spinning master, 21 Columbia Street
Stewart, Wm., boot maker, 13 Posnett Street
Stewart, Wm., joiner, 80 Mountcollyer Avenue
Stewart, Wm., fitter, 323 Newtownards Road
Stewart, Wm., grain and potato merchant, Cuan, Ravenhill Park
Stewart, Wm. A., compositor, 2 Dorchester Street
Stewart, Wm. H., wood turner, 4 Kingswood Street
Stewart, Wm. H., cashier, 228 Roden Street
Stewart, Wm. John, engineer, 197 Lodge Road New
Stewart, Wm. J., joiner, 29 Acton Street
Stewart, Wm. J., fitter, 50 Madrid Street
Stewart, William, & Sons, cambric handkerchief manufacturers, 27 Franklin Street
Stewart, W., bread server, Ben Vista, Salisbury Drive
Stewart, W., cooper, 317 Crumlin Road
Stewart, W., N.S. teacher, 45 Oakland Avenue
Stewart, W. G., grocer, 89 Ravenhill Road
Stewart, W. J., car owner, 34 River Terrace
Stewart, W. J., tenter, 39 Distillery Street
Stewart, W. J., caretaker, 59 Norwood Street
Stewart, W. J., carpenter, 7 Blaney Street
Stewart, W. J., teacher, 194 Ravenhill Road
Stewart, W. J., moulder, 16 Shandon Street
Stewart, W. J., engineer, 179 Madrid Street
Stewart, W. R., bread server, 54 Tennent Street
Stewart, W. S., grocer, 27 Ratcliff Street
Stewart, W. W., sea captain, Glenavon, Limestone Road
Stewart, Z., printer, 77 Hopeton Street
Stewart & McDonald Ltd., Glasgow, R. J. Armstrong & T. McGowan, agents, 16 Waring Street
Stewart-Wallace, Mrs. J. S., 2 Redhill Villas, Newtownards Road Upper
Still, John, engine fitter, 109 Castlereagh Road
Stilling, J. W., reed maker, 37 Athol Street
Stimpson, Wm., railway inspector, 41 Ponsonby Avenue
Stinson, J., 122 University Street
Stinson, Mary, 199 Mountpottinger Road
Stirling, Hugh, waiter, 157 Spamount Street
Stirling, Jas., gardener, Kerr's Road
Stirling, Jas., engineer, 63 Belmont Road
Stirling, James H., director York Street Flax Spinning Co. Ltd.; res., Ardanreagh, Windsor Avenue
Stirling, Robt., grocer, 211 York Road
Stirling, R., miller, 86 Dunraven Avenue
Stirling, Wm., clerk, 3 Gleneden Villas, Ballygomartin Road
Stirling, W. J., com. traveller, 54 Delhi Street
Stirrett, H., tailor, 1, 3 Arthur Place
Stitt, Blanche, confectioner, 347 Woodstock Road
Stitt, Jane Elizabeth, publican, 20 Great George's Street
Stitt, John, coppersmith, 81 Thorndyke Street
Stitt, John, manager, I.T.L. coffee stand, 34 Great Victoria Street
Stitt, John, fitter, 67 Tower Street
Stitt, Joseph, tailor, 39 May Street Little
Stitt, Paul, insurance agent, 67 Jocelyn Avenue
Stitt, Robert, shipwright, 52 Clandeboye Street
Stitt, R., fluting master, 16 Snugville Street
Stitt, Thos., blacksmith, 183 Madrid Street
Stitt, Wm., coal merchant, 88 Connsbrook Terrace, Holywood Road
Stitt, Wm. R., linen manufacturer, 31 Wellington Park
Stitt, W., photographer, 4 St. Ives Gardens
Stockart, Saml., blacksmith, 88 Leopold Street
Stockdale, J., carpenter, 71 Hatfield Street
Stockman, H., clerk, 10 Holywoodview Terrace, Shore Road
Stockman, J., tenter, 9 Bromley Street
Stockman, J., gardener, 48 Surrey Street
Stockman, S., 95 Howard Street South
Stockman, Thos., sawyer, 14 Paris Street
Stockman, Wm., tenter, 46 Sidney Street West
Stockman, W. H., clerk, 12 Glenbrook Avenue
Stoddart, Wm., sergt. R.I.C., 76 Rodden Street
Stokes, Alan B., civil engineer, 5 Elim Terrace, Wandsworth Road
Stokes, Jas., confectioner, 117 Newtownards Road
Stokes, James, 390 Newtownards Road
Stooks, Thos., guard, 103 Roden Street ??
Stokes, Miss, 5 Osborne Terrace, Lisburn Road
Stokes, Saml., carpenter, 3 Emerald Street
Stokes, W. J., & Co., linen manufacturers and merchants, 1 Bedford Street; res., Joseph W. Stokes, Creswick, Malone Park
Stokesberry, M., butcher, 292 Crumlin Road
Stokesberry, Saml., butcher, 16 Corn Market; res., 4 May Street
Stokesberry, Wm., butcher, 4 Hardcastle Street
Stoll, Jas., Crown Hotel, 263 York Street
Stolo, Thos., plumber, 23 Israel Street
Stone, Alfred, blacksmith, 65 Glasgow Street
Stone, Alfred, engineer, 71 Willowbank Street
Stone, Andrew, com. traveller, 86 Holywood Road
Stone, C., carpenter, 21 Ayr Street
Stone, Geo. R., bank official, 57 Cliftonville Road
Stone, John, manager, 14 Wellingtonpark Avenue
Stone, Mary, grocer, 69 Isoline Street
Stone, Mary, grocer, 34 Shamrock Street
Stone, Sarah Jane, 16 St. Aubyn Street
Stone, Wm. Thos., Pebble Villa, Hampton Park
Stone, W. G., sanitary and heating engineer, 59 Arthur Street
Stoopes, Geo., engineer, 1 Ruth Street
Stoops, Margaret, grocer, 258 Lodge Road Old
Stoops, Robt., guard, 11 Victoria Street Little
Storey, D., shipwright, 14 Roseberry Street
Storey, Elizabeth, 5 Ballycastle Street
Storey, Fred., Ltd., manufacturing chemists, wholesale druggists, surgical instruments, 14 Alfred Street
Storey, Geo., iron turner, 44 Jocelyn Street
Storey, John, pensioner, 13 Cliftonville Street
Storey, John, clerk, 36 Adam Street
Storey, John, shipwright, 26 Mayflower Street
Storey, John, Northcote Villa, King's Road
Storey, J. W., R.I.C., 16 Glenbrook Avenue
Storey, John W., B.A., secretary of Church of Ireland Young Men's Society, Clarence Place Hall; res., Kensington Hall, Kensington Road, Knock
Storey, Margt. Marion, Fenagh, Marlborough Park, South Avenue
Storey, Rev. L. P., rector of Christ Church, Royal Terrace, 30 Lisburn Road
Storey, Richard, clerk, 101 Broadway Lower
Storey, R., carrier, 74 North Queen Street
Storey, Thos. E., clerk, Rosenborg, Cliftonville Circus
Storey, Thos. H., R.I.C., 12 Elm Street
Storey, W. L., M.D., surgeon, 1 Harden Villas, Ormeau Road
Stormont Convalescent Home, Killeen Road
Stormont, H. Jas., grocer, 19 Cyprus Avenue
Stormont, Jas., joiner, 19 Imperial Street
Stormont, Leah, 79 Agnes Street
Stormont, Miss, dispensary midwife, 6 Mountview Place, Ligoniel Road
Stormont Stores, grocers and confectioners, 43 Ann Street and 121 North Street
Stott, A. C., 7 Malone Avenue
Stott, Samuel, cabinet maker, 61 St. Kilda Street
Stott, Samuel, Portmanteau Maker and Fancy Leather Goods Manufacturer, 19, 19a Donegall Pass
Stott, Samuel, musician, 17 Landseer Street
Stoyle, Wm. H., H.M. Customs and Excise, 37 Kansas Avenue
Strachan, F. P., engineer, Kingsford, Knutsford Drive
Strachan, Wm., sec., Broomhill, Knockdene Park
Strafford, F. R., 559 Ormeau Road
Strafford, Mrs., 30 Eblana Street
Straghan, Mrs., 14 Cromwell Street
Strahan, Dr. G. W., LL.D., Kensington House, Kensington Road
Strahan, John, com. traveller, Elim, Bawnmore Road
Straight, E., Merchant Tailor, 5 Clifton Street; res., 39 Rosemount Gardens
Straight, Joseph, printer, 51 Altcar Street
Straight, Robert, joiner, 14 New North Queen Street
Strain, Alfred, stationer, 108 Shankill Road
Strain, D., manager Donegall Place Branch Ulster Bank Ltd., 24 Elmwood Avenue
Strain, George, printer, 1 Rugby Parade
Strain, James, baker, 58 Springfield Road
Strain, James, merchant, 30 Kansas Avenue
Strain, James B., compositor, 11 Apsley Street
Strain, Mrs. Annie, Beechworth, Rosetta Park
Strain, Mrs. D. H., 7 Galwally Park
Strain, Mrs. Elizabeth, 10 Candahar Street
Strain, Robert, tailor, 38 Bowness Street
Strain, Wm., gardener, 20 Hugh Street
Strain, W. J., Linen Manufacturer, 20 Bedford Street; Res., 5 Galwally Park
Strain, Wm., & Sons, Ltd., Wholesale Manufacturing Stationers, Lithographers, Letterpress Printers, Gelatiners, Show Card Mounters and Framers, Book Binders and Fancy Box Makers, 21 and 60 Great Victoria Street; res., W. Strain, Ingleside, Windsor Park; Frederick J. Strain, 2 Eileen Gardens, Windsor Park; William Strain, jun., Dunolly, Cranmore Gardens
Stranaghan, David, hon. secretary West Belfast Orange Hall, Shankill Road
Stranaghan, David, pharmaceutical chemist, 141 York Street
Stranaghan, Jane, 11 Cooke Street
Stranaghan, John, carpenter, 56 Riga Street
Stranaghan, John, carpenter, 23 Southland Street
Stranaghan, J., boot maker, 78 Vernon Street
Stranaghan, Thos., 119 Rugby Road
Straney, James, rigger, 42 McCleery Street
Straney, Joseph, 38 McCleery Street
Strang, John, engine driver, 15 Ravensdale Street
Strange, Geo., draper, 25 Eia Street
Strange, James, draper, 5 Alexandra Avenue
Strange, Jas., sculptor, 98 Donnybrook Street
Strange, John, engine driver, 15 Ravensdale Street
Strange, John, linen lapper, 21 Grampian Street
Strange, Mrs., 8 St. Alban's Gardens
Strange, Wm., coal merchant, 52 Copperfield Street
Stranix, John, clerk, 56 Belvoir Street
Stranix, J., boiler maker, 58 Belvoir Street
Stranix, Sam., guard, 86 Donegall Avenue
Stranix, Samuel, fitter, 188 Templemore Street
Stranix, Wm., railway guard, 60 Sandymount Street
Stratford, T. R., machinist, 18 Imperial Street
Strathearn, Wm., joiner, 24 Titania Street
Stratton, Mrs. M., 13 Camberwell Street
Streeter, Harold, draughtsman, 2 Lucerne, Downshire Road
Streight, Mrs. Barbara C., Arsaig, Cliftonville Circus
Streight, Thos., shoe maker, 40 Hillview Street
Stringer, A., veterinary surgeon, Helen's View, 170 Antrim Road
Stringer Ltd., merchant tailors, 31 Wellington Place; res., E. Stringer, Moyard, Glen Road
Stringer, Miss Alice, 144 Balfour Avenue
Stringer, Mrs. Susan, 21 Pim Street
Stringer, Thos., stereotyper, 96 Maryville Street
Stringer, Wm., joiner, 21 Springmount Street
Stringer, W., slater, 37 Halliday's Road
Stringer & Stevenson, Clonard Brick & Estate Co. Ltd., Springfield Road
Strong, Archd., insurance agent, 43 Britannic Street
Strong, James, 25 Holywood Road
Strong, J. F., manager, Annadale Brick Co., Carleton House, Carolan Road
Strong, Mrs., 23 Dunluce Avenue
Strong, Robt., boot maker, 31 Oldpark Road; res., Enogh, Cliftonville Road
Stronge, Charles E., Lizard Manor, Aghadowey
Stronge, Jas., tug proprietor, 31 Ship Street
Stronge, John, 351 Beersbridge Road Upper
Stronge, Mrs. Charlotte, 17 Malone Avenue
Stronge, W. J., window dresser, 9 Inver Avenue
Stroud, James, fitter, 4 Church Street East
Strutt, W. J., checker, 52 Selby Street
Struver, Hermanne, The Cedars, King's Road
Stuart, Alice, confectioner, 403 Ormeau Road
Stuart, Archd., store keeper, 1 Albert Terrace, Victoria Road
Stuart, Chas. J., cashier Bank of Ireland, Donegall Place; res., 19 Wellington Park Terrace
Stuart, C., naval pensioner, 66 Nevis Avenue
Stuart, Hector, blacksmith, 33 Ship Street
Stuart, Jas. (secretary T. & J. McErvel, Ltd.), 19 Cliftonville Avenue
Stuart, John, tea and sugar merchant, 17 Queen's Square
Stuart, John, com. traveller, 3 Willowbank Street
Stuart, John, com. traveller, 41 Elaine Street
Stuart, J. A., timber merchant, 55 Pretoria Street
Stuart, J. & M. T., publicans, 11 Newtownards Road
Stuart, Malcolm, blacksmith, 27 Crystal Street
Stuart, Miss C., draper, 231 Woodstock Road
Stuart, Mrs. Margt., 23 Woodcot Avenue
Stuart, Mrs., 54 Brookvale Avenue
Stuart, Mrs. R. F., 25 Brookvale Avenue
Stuart, Robert J., baker, 113 Dunluce Avenue
Stuart, Robert, manager, 98 Deramore Avenue
Stuart, T. J., school master, Ardbrook Cottage, Andersonstown
Stubbs Limited - E. C. Room, manager - 10 Royal Avenue
Stubbs, Richard, tinsmith, 45 Killowen Street
Studart, Margt., 11 Carmel Street
Students' Chambers, University Avenue
Students' Union Society, W. Martin, president, University Square
Studdert, Colonel Richard M., Gorteen, Fortwilliam Park
Sturdie, Alex., painter, 22 Lendrick Street
Sturgeon, A., engine driver, 91 Donegall Avenue
Sturgeon, Geo., carpenter, 9 Sheridan Street
Sturgeon, James, compositor, 35 Dee Street
Sturgeon, Miss M. E., Kincora Villa, Kincora Avenue
Sturgeon, Nathaniel, 33 Ballyclare Street
Sturgeon, Thos., painter, 84 Mountcollyer Street
Sturrock, Wm., engineer, 12 Grampian Street
Stutridge, Ben., 50 Ballarat Street
Sudway, Joseph, tailor, 50 Bray Street
Suffern, Ann Jane, 9 Percy Street
Suffern, Captain Robt., Aislaby, Innisfayle Road
Suffern, Hugh, lithographer, Culmore, Glenburn Park
Suffern, Miss Minnie, 18 Allworthy Avenue
Suffern, Miss, 9 Eglantine Avenue
Suffern, Mrs., 109 Ormeau Road
Suffern, S., druggist, 302, 304 Shankill Road
Suffern, W. S., 142 Cliftonpark Avenue
Suffolk Estate Co. Ltd., 59 Scottish Provident Buildings, Donegall Square West
Sugars, Wm., shipping clerk, 61 Glasgow Street
Sugarman, Jacob, draper, 40 Perth Street
Sugarman, S., traveller, 114 Fortingale Street
Suidhe Club, 107 The Mount
Suitor, James, baker, 146 Balfour Avenue
Sullfridge, Saml., painter, 10 Fife Street
Sullivan Bros., educational publishers, 11 Donegall Street
Sullivan, Henry, dairyman, 61 Haypark Avenue
Sullivan, Jas., chimney sweep, 7 Killen's Place
Sullivan, Jas. C., bookkeeper, 192 Ravenhill Road
Sullivan, John, blacksmith, 20 Rainey Street
Sullivan, John, engineer, 26 Ruth Street
Sullivan, John, winding master, 29 Sevastopol Street
Sullivan, John, painter, 37 Fallswater Street
Sullivan, Joseph, joiner, 99 May Street
Sullivan, Matt., tailor, 72 Roden Street
Sullivan, Maurice, 36 Norfolk Street
Sullivan, M., pensioner, 12 Mountcollyer Street
Sullivan, M., painter, 33 Falls Road
Sullivan, Philip, railway constable, 21 Dock Street New
Sullivan, Robt., overseer, G.P.O., 5 Willowbank Street
Sullivan, Thos., linen business, 21 Wolseley Street
Sullivan, Thos. M., blacksmith, 6 Omar Street
Sullivan, Wm., 119 The Mount
Sullivan, Wm., painter, 3 Tralee Street
Sully, Francis, painter, 3 Eccles Street
Sully, Mrs., milliner, 174 Crumlin Road
Sumbel, R., sailor, 1 Florence Place
Summer, Mrs., 34 University Avenue
Summers, Edwd., coachsmith, 98 Howard Street South
Summers, Mann, & Co., paper merchants, 25 Franklin Street
Summers, W., blacksmith, 27 St. Aubyn Street
Summerville, John, blacksmith, 37 Roseberry Road
Summerville, J., cloth passer, 42 Redcar Street
Summerville, M. W., iron turner, 33 Greenville Road
Summerville, S., joiner, 39 Cheviot Avenue
Summerville, T., tobacconist and confectioner, 251 York Street
Sumner, Ellen Jane, 395 Oldpark Road
Sumner, J., boiler maker, 101 Madrid Street
Sumner, J. F., insurance broker, 1 Wellington Place; res., 29 Cyprus Gardens
Sun Laundry Ltd., 128, 130 York Street
Sun Insurance Office, W. J. Dunwoody, district secretary; R. Baxter, J.P., local director, 38 Rosemary Street
Sun Life Assurance Co. of Canada, 6 Ocean Buildings, Donegall Square east, Frank Apperson, manager for Ireland; res., 1 Circus Villas, Oldpark Road
Sunderland Forge and Engineering Co. Ltd., Queen's Road
Sunter, John, traveller, 150 My Lady's Road
Surgenor, Chas., painter, 19 Ottawa Street
Surgenor, John, joiner, 166 Upper Meadow Street
Surgenor, Jos., tailor, 69 Mervue Street Upper
Surgenor, Thos., carpenter, 83 Enfield Street
Surgenor, Wm., foreman flax dresser, 124 Bloomfield Avenue
Surgenor, Wm., sawyer, 45 Stratheden Street
Surgin, Wm., plumber, 77 Coolbeg Street
Surplice, Richard, pensioner, 25 Claremont Street
Surplus, Jas., electrician, 21 Turin Street
Surplus, Richd., printer, 46 Pine Street
Surplus, Wm., mechanic, 24 Wauchope Street
Sutcliffe, Thos., book seller, 207 Dunluce Avenue
Sutherland, A., coppersmith, 34 Martin Street
Sutherland, D., wood carver, 27 Battenberg Street
Sutherland, Miss A., 11 Dunluce Avenue
Sutherland, T., painter, 143 Sidney Street West
Sutherland, Wm., joiner, 28 Britannic Street
Sutters, Wm., spinning master, 32 Mileriver Street
Suttlehand, J., teacher, 341 Crumlin Road
Sutton, Frank, secretary, Ben Eden Park, Antrim Road
Sutton & Co., General Carriers and Forwarding Agents, 39 Queen's Square - Manager, R. Nolan, Ladysmith Villa, Cable Road, Whitehead
Sutton & Co., fruiterers, 285 Antrim Road
Swain, John, tobacconist, 120 Donegall Avenue
Swan, Geo. L., draughtsman, 58 Oakland Avenue
Swan, Geo., joiner, 161 Hillman Street
Swan, Geo., sawyer, 46 Rainey Street
Swan, Henry, engine driver, 24 Ballyclare Street
Swan, Hugh, joiner, 61 Glenrosa Street
Swan, James, dairyman, Crumlin Road
Swan, John, dining room, Sydenham Road
Swan, J. J., insurance agent, 26 Waring Street
Swan, Mrs., 25 Lawrence Street
Swan, Mrs., 93 Rugby Avenue
Swan, Mrs. J., 10 Brookhill Avenue
Swan, Robert, smith, 47 Ravenhill Road
Swan, T. L., manufacturer, Cranburn, Bawnmore Road
Swan, W., caretaker, 55 McAuley Street
Swan, W. M., L.D.S., Eng., 2 Claremont Street
Swanborough, Wm., 26 Salisbury Avenue
Swann, Henry, engine driver, 24 Ballyclare Street
Swann, Robt. D., clerk, 2 Ulsterville Gardens
Swann, Wm., sawyer, 49 Cultra Street
Swanton, John G., stage manager, 27 College Square North
Swanton, Mrs., Fairview House, Chichester Road
Swanston & Bones, collar & cuff manufacturers, Mountcollyer Factory, Limestone Street; res., Wm. Swanston, 4a Cliftonville Avenue
Swedenbank, Edwd., cutter, 109 Limestone Road
Swedish Match Co. Ltd., S. G. Taylor, agent, 4 Talbot Street
Sweeney, Annie, confectioner, 29 Cromac Street
Sweeney, David, insurance agent, 82 Mountcollyer Road
Sweeney, F., railway constable G.N.R., 148 Roden Street
Sweeney, Jas., moulder, 21 Varna Street
Sweeney, Jas., hair dresser, 21 Dawson Street
Sweeney, John, baker, 80 Wilton Street
Sweeney, Mrs., caretaker, Cathedral Buildings, Donegall Street
Sweeney, Mrs., nurse, 2 London Street
Sweeney, Richard, clerk, 8 Curzon Street
Sweeney, Wm., 7 Kinnaird Street
Sweeney, Wm., commercial traveller, Ratheane, Cliftonville Circus
Sweeney, W. J., clerk, 7 Rosewood Street
Sweet, George, grocer, 7, 9 Brownlow Street
Sweet, George, painter, 100 Sugarfield Street
Sweet, Harold, bookkeeper, 28 Roe Street
Sweet, Henry, engineer, 27 Grace Avenue
Sweet, Hugh, butcher, 104 Shankill Road
Sweet, James, naval architect, 51 Cedar Avenue
Sweet, John, Sweet Home Villa, 410 Upper Beersbridge Road
Sweet, Jos., caretaker, Milewater Road
Sweet, Richard, sawyer, 9 Ivan Street
Sweet, Richard, pensioner, 30 Banbury Street
Sweetlove, Robt., baker, 17 Kenbaan Street
Sweetman, Patk., insurance assistant supt., 45 Clonard Gardens
Sweetmeat Automatic Delivery Co. Ltd., C. Bell, district manager, 1 Donegall Lane
Swift Beef Co. Ltd., St. George's Market
Swift, W. J., clerk, 64 Rosevale Street
Swindell, Frank, french polisher, 3 Titania Street
Swindell, Thos., painter, 16 Bethany Street
Swindell, Wm., window cleaner, 21 Rathcoole Street
Swindle, Mrs., Providence Cottages, Gilnahirk Road
Swindle, T., hackle setter, 132 Crimea Street
Swiney, Ferguson & Croasdaile, architects and civil engineers, Avenue Chambers, 83 Royal Avenue
Swiney, John H. H., B.A., B.A.I., T.C.D., M.Inst., C.E., 83 Royal Avenue; res., Cloghaneely, Antrim Road
Swiney, Wm., 7 Kinnaird Street
Swinson, Edwd., 108 Newtownards Road Upper
Swinson, John, joiner, 35 Tower Street
Sye, Edward, brass finisher, 29 Toronto Street
Sye, Robt., iron moulder, 18 Brougham Street
Sykes, Chas., boiler maker, 20 Charleville Street Upper
Symington, Kirkwood, & Co., linen merchants and insurance agents, 47 Queen Street
Symington, Robert, linen merchant, 1 Albert Villas, King's Road
Symington, R., stevedore, 15 Newington Avenue
Symington, Professor W. St. Clair, Queen's University of Belfast, 23 Windsor Avenue
Syre, Saml., collector, 5 Whiteville Terrace, Ballygomartin Road
Sythes, Geo. W., hardware merchant, 206 & 239 Woodstock Road
Szigetrary, Edith, 18 Sandymount Street


St. Columbus Irish College, 7 Bank Street
St. George, E. H., & Co., trimming warehouse, 55a Donegall Place; res., 17 Park Parade
St. George's Hall Entertainment Ltd., Herbert Rogers, manager, 35 High Street
St. George, Miss, costumier, 55a Donegall Place
St. George's Studio, 35 High Street
St. John, Geo., grocer, 34 Glenbrook Avenue
St. John, John, box maker, 37 May Street Little
St. John, Jos., painter, 17 Coyle's Place
St. John, Thos., pensioner, 10 Derlett Street
St. Joseph's Catholic Club, 27 Dock Street
St. Mary's Hall (caretaker, P. Smyth), Bank Street
St. Mary's Training College, Mrs. M. F. Kennedy, superintendent, Falls Road
St. Peter's Roman Catholic Club, Gilford Street
St. Patrick's Orphanage, Crumlin Road
St. Patrick's Working Men's Club, Chadolly Street
St. Paul's Convent, Crumlin Road
St. Vincent's Girls' Home, Sister M. J. Graham, superioress, 6 Clonard Gardens
St. Vincent de Paul Home for Boys, J. Magee, supt., 17 Divis Street
St. Vincent de Paul Men's Home and Restaurant, 76 Mill Street