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Lost Photos - Sport 2
original photographs are not my property and are not available

Sport Page One

Boxing - Hardstaff - Clay Pigeon Shooting Knox - Linfield F.C. - Assorted Sports Photos
Belfast Royal Academy Rugby - Edwards Rugby -

also Sports Leaflets and Programmes

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1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970


1937 Irish Freddy Bustard v. Fred Barker
Jimmy Chinn v. Jimmy O'Connor
Joe Fletcher v. Michal Ford
Ted Skinner v. Steve Acton
Ronny Lobb v Joe Pittman - Ern Holman v Jake Moran - Harry Doel v Stoker Adams

Al Diamond v Johnny O'Keefe
Irish Freddy Bustard v Andre Sarilla
Blackie O'Keefe v Joe Barry

British Boxing Board of Control (1929) Boxer's Licence          1934                 
                                         1937               Tom Davey, 165 Ham Park Road, Forest Gate, London E7 1938

1                     2                    3                     4                     5                   6
Joey Greb, Freddie Bustard, Baby-Face Fisher, Wm. Henry Cheatum, Lou Capiabanco, Tony Orrico, Midget Doyle, Lenny Mazza, Eddie Irving, Nathan Bard
2) Roy Lazer, Louis Le Page, Mel Bettina, Izzy Singer, Steve Dudas, Joe Louis signature
3) My heart is like a cabbage etc.
4) Two Eights Top Benefit Program, Lancaster to Battle Fields, Bustard Meets Ashley - The other eight-rounder pairs, Irish Freddie Bustard, Paterson, welterweight, with Seaborn Ashley, Bayonne Negro who two years ago ruled the State amateur welterweight ranks. Ashley has been making rapid headway in the pro-ranks and may upset Bustard. The Paterson Irishman, fresh from a Newark triumph over Andy Molton and a Paterson win over Lope Berman, is at his peak right now. - In the companion eight-spot, Irish Freddie Bustard, of Paterson, battles Seaborn Ashley, Bayonne Negro who held the State amateur welterweight crown two years ago. Both boys have been boxing regularly, Bustard's two battles with Lope Berman in Paterson winning him a host of friends. Midget Doyle, of Garfield, hopes.... - Bustard A Winner, In the semi-final bout Freddie Bustard of this city, 140 pounds, got the decision over Seeborn Ashley of Bayonne, who also weighed 140 pounds. The Bayonne fighter was well in the lead in the early stages of the race, but Bustard finished strong and got the nod. Juliano Beats Ketchell.... - Freddy Bustard Gains revenge, Blasts Way ... Win over Benny Berman - McQuillan ... caster - Carlo Wins By Henry C. Schwartz, A much improved Roy Lazer - and a h.....
5) Memorandum of Agreement made this 26th day of August 1932 between Archie Kuntzman of 43 Lodurn? Avenue hereinafter referred to as Manager, party of the first party, and Freddie Bustard ring name Freddie Bustard of 218 E. 30th Street, hereinafter referred to as Athlete, party of the second part. 3 year contract, pay 66 2/3 per cent of all sums/ Witnesses George Ferraile, Sam Bustard, Paterson, N.J., Passoic signed Joseph Trovato, notary public.

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2 Portraits and 2 Photographs from Hardstaff, Stranmillis

Campbell College Cricket Team, 1923
Mr. Beaven - R. M. Byers - C. B. Mitchell - J. G. M. Erskine - I. C. V. Gibson - S. Ells (Pro.)
H. W. Bailie - M. V. Delap - H. C. M. Stone (Capt.) - J. Ritchie - J. H. McElney
I. J. G. Grainger                                   W. R. G. Loughery

Photo taken in Bangkok


Clay Pigeon Shooting Club 1905
Mrs. Knox, (Warrenpoint - scored out)
10 Ormonde Park, Belfast


                Linfield 1890  
D. W. Foy, D. Johnston, R. Gibson, J. Johnston, J. Gordon
J. Torrens, T. Gordon, J. McKeown, J. Bradbury, J. Torrans
W. Dalton, N. McKeown, S. Close, R. Milne, T. McErlean, R. Morrison, J. Pedan
G. Gaffiken                          R. Hill                              S. Torrens

                                                1                                                                                        2
1) 1906-07 (team not specified)

2) on hat 1906-07 on back Fit into stock ? frame with narrow bead per? as clip Monday Coll. for Mr. Thompson
J. Thompson, Photo Artist, Grosvenor House, Wellington Place, Belfast

on back 1912/13

from Supplement to "People's Journal" 11th January 1913 Linfield F.C.
Back Row - R. Adair, R. Clifford, W. Kelly, D. McNeill, D. Rollo, W. Bartlett
Front Row - R. Torrens (trainer), J. Brown, J. Houston, M. McEwan, R. Nixon, C. Stewart, and G. Willis

Greeves F.C. no year

1913/1914 Belfast Linfield Football Club
Winners of the Irish Football League 1913-14
R. Lyttle, 44 Dublin Road, Belfast Photographer
Back Row: E. McConnell, R. Nixon, D. Mehaffy (Goal), R. Torrans (Trainer), R. Clifford, J. darling, J. Foye
Front Row: D. Rollo, S. Young, M. McEwan (Captain), R. Lyner, D. McNeill

Linfield Swifts F.C. Winners of Steel & Sons' Cup, 1915-16
Back Row - S. Miller, F. Wright, N. Adams, W. McCandless, J. Adamson
Middle Row - T. McCluskey, W. Cahoon, R. Brown, F. McMordie (Captain), J. McCluskey, A. Scott
Front Row - J. Browne (Secretary), A. Milligen, S. Haveron, R. Morton, J. Robinson, J. Murray (Treasurer)
T. Ruth
Inset - J. Lee

(left to right) - Ferguson (Captain of Linfield Swifts), Sam Thompson (Referee), and Falloon (Captain of Broadway United) (Northern Whig Photograph)
no year but this newspaper clipping was stuck to the 1926 Calender

R. Clements Lyttle Studios, Belfast
Linfield Football Club Season 1938-39

Linfield Football Club 1949/50
Winners of Irish League, Gold Cup, City Cup and Ulster Cup
R. Clements Lyttle Studios, Belfast
H. Friel, H. Smyth, J. McCune, A. Russell, T. Hamill, T. Houston, H. Walsh, G. Morgan (Trainer)
T. Thompson, A. Currie, I. McDowell (Captain), W. Simpson, T. Dickson, J. O. Mackey (Hon. Secretary)

Collection of Sports Photos
and family photos
These may not be connected, they arrived to me as one lot but... I don't know!

Rugby 'P' 1957-1958
names on back - Brian Carson, J. E. Crawford, T. G. McNabb, W. N. ? Belfast photographer
there are names written on the front of the photo but they are illegible, any names legible are already written on the back and listed above here

Rugby 1958-59 'C'  Belfast photographer

Campbell College Speech Day  C. .C .F. Band 1959
R. Clements Lyttle                                                                                                                Belfast
back row: A. Lee     I. D. Dawson     T. R. Corry     D. H. Hanna
third row: A. G. Porter  M. L. W. Crooks  J. D. Boyd  A. Stewart  D. D. Monteith  R. C. Mollan  D. Nicholson  D. C. Neill
second row: J. R. L. Pink  P. W. S. Watts  P. Kennedy  R. E. Ingram  W. D. C. Grant  R. A. Rabbetts  M. H. Prichard  P. P. Montgomery  W. A. Moore  C. J. Thomson  F. H. Ekin
front row: A. M. G. Dalzell  W. M. D. Robinson  F. D. Tughan  P./M. J. M. W. Park  D./M. I. W. Y. Hanna  H. W. Curry  M. B. Dornan  W. J. S. Kerr

on shield: Dublin Foil League - on guys sleeve 1955
Names along bottom: Chris Rye, Malory McKower, Chris Wood, Ria(?) Lyon(?) Paddy, ? ? , ? Robinson, Brian Hamilton (Capt.?), ? ?  1960-1961

Northern Whig photo
names supplied by Dixie McKenzie, a past player and Joy Entwistle, a member of LennonWylie on Facebook, the above Rugby Team is Grosvenor High Schools 1st XV from around 1958. Location - Strangford Avenue in South Belfast, off Balmoral Avenue.
Scrum-half is Leslie Casement; 2nd from right is Ian Murray (captain); Scrum-cap is Edwin Poots; Wing-forward is Jimmy Reeves; the 'fair-hair-guy' is Archie Fraser.

John McElderry, Robin M. Wichester, Brian D. E. Mashall (Marshall), Jackie Smythe
Belfast photographer

1                                          2                                            3                                      4
1) Gran age 6 years
2) Me age 15 Gran
3) Rhyl photographer
4) a Mason

Mr. Wright, Wrights Farm (on back of both) little grave says 'Jacky'

Belfast Royal Academy 1st XV. Season 1939-40
W. Morgan        R. L. McCorry        A. T. Macauley
R. S. Calwell   M. P. Rusk   A. B. Blythe   A. V. Rodgers   W. J. T. Brown   H. Wilson   Mr. J. A. Stewart
N. B. Flockhart   J. K. Stewart   I. F. Porteous (Captain)   W. A. Robinson   W. T. Bolton
L. V. D. Calvert                                       J. Saperia

on cap - 1900-1901
on back - Mr. Edwards of Maguire & Edwards & Co., Upper Arthur Street