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1868 Belfast Street Directory

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You will see in red letters where the little people lived, those not listed because their rent was under a certain amount

Walker's Lane
Off Frederick Street
thirty eight small houses

Wall Street
Denmark Street to Carrick Hill

   1. Watt, Samuel, laborer
1. Russell, Robert
   3. McDowell, W., paper vendor
3. McWilliams, James, grocer
   5. Clarke, Arthur, carpenter
5. Beattie, James, carpenter
   7. Cooper, Wm., watcher
7. Brazier, John, carpenter
   9. Legg, Edward, laborer
9. Vacant
 11. Edmundson, Robert, cattle dealer
11. Fitzsimmons, Hugh M., grocer
 13. Carr, Henry, laborer
 15. Rodgers, James, shoe maker
 17. Young, Hugh, coach wheeler
 19. McCausland, James, litho. printer
 23. Wisnom, Alex., shoe maker
 25. Burns, James, iron moulder
 27. Anderson, James, laborer
 29. Cannon, William, carpenter
 31. McKee, Robert, carter
 33. Burns, John, brick layer
 35. Hall, John, iron moulder
 37. Press, James, pattern maker
 39. Donnelly, B., iron plainer (planer)
 41. Whiteside, George
 43. Neeson, James, carpenter
 45. McClure, Mrs. Agnes
 47. Bridge, Mrs. Maria
 49. Henry, William, weaver
 51. Armstrong, James, laborer
 53. Devlin, Mrs. Margaret
 55. McCann, Robert, carter
 57. Kirkpatrick, Hugh, coal merchant
 59. McGuinness, William, slater
 61. Lewis, James, pork cutter
 63. Mullan, Michael, pork cutter
 65. Girvan, James, grocer

 36. Vacant, two stories
 34. Vacant,           do
 32. Vacant,           do
 30. Vacant,           do
 28. Vacant,           do
 26. Vacant,           do
 24. Vacant,           do
 22. Vacant,           do
 20. Smyth, John, laborer
       Back entrance to Trinity Church
 18. Malcolm, John, clerk
 16. Ireland, Andw., store keeper
 14. Shanks, William, clerk
 12. Templeton, John, captain
 10. McCoy, Miss Sarah
   8. Shannon, Thomas, plumber
   6. Gillespie, Mrs. Sarah, shirt maker
   4. McCreight, John, painter
   2. Cairns, Mrs. Mary
       twelve houses building

Walpole Court
Off McTier Street
six small houses

Wardlow Row
See Lisburn Row (Road?)

Wardlow Street
off Hemsworth Street

   1. Wardlow Street Infant School
   3. Armstrong, Robert, laborer
   5. Patterson, John, laborer
   7. McKeown, A., carpenter
   9. Playfair, Alexander, engine driver
 11. Bickett, Joseph, stone cutter
 13. Connolly, John, bundler
 15. Russell, Andrew, porter
 17. Larmour, William, laborer
 19. Law, Henry, laborer
 21. Connolly, James, carpenter
 23. Mooney, Hugh, baker
 25. McCluskey, Mrs.
 27. Gilmore, Robert, carter

 30. Hope, William John, dealer
 28. Johnston, George, laborer
 26. Bell, James, laborer
 24. Minniece, John, laborer (Miniece, Mrs. in 1877)
 22. M'Tear, Hugh, laborer
 20. Kernaghan, Wm., laborer
 18. Ogle, Loftus, pensioner
 16. Campbell, J., law messenger
 14. Moorehead, James, fireman
 12. Smith, Thomas, laborer
 10. Fleming, Isobella
   8. Nelson, Margaret
   6. Thompson, Hans, canvasser
4 & 2. Mullan, Patrick, grocer (Mullen, Patk., grocer in 1877)

Warehouse Lane
see Waring Street

Waring Street
Commercial Buildings to Albert Square

   3. Browne, Reid, & Co., woollen and Manchester warehousemen
   5. Bushell, Theobald, stock and share broker, and wine merchant
7 & 9. Moore, Robinson, & Co., wholesale woollen & Manchester warehousemen
 11. Johnston, Stewart & Co., flax and tow commission merchants
   "   Johnston, James, & Co., linen manufacturers, and insurance agents
 13. Mayne Bros., commission and goods forwarding agents, and express parcels carriers
 15. Evans, Silas, stock and share broker; district agent for the Western Insurance Co. (Limited); and secretary to the North Foxdale Mining Co. (Limited)
 17. Hunter, W. & F., leather merchants
 19. Orr, John, stock and share broker and public accountant
   "   City of Glasgow Life Assurance Company - John Orr, agent
 21. Burgess, J. W., commission merchant
 23. Ulster Railway Company's Parcel Office - James Andrews, agent, general express carrier and goods forwarder
   "   Vacant offices
   "   Thompson, William, stock broker & accountant
   "   Graham, Hugh, commission agent
   "   Hamilton, Andrew, broker and commission agent
   "   Jamieson, Hugh H., general commission merchant (Jameson, H. H. in 1877)
   "   Faren, Joseph, linen, yarn and general merchant, and insurance agent
   "   Faren, Joseph & Co., flax spinners, Milewater Mill, Shore Road
 25. Vacant ground
 27. Vacant ground
29 to 33. Ulster Banking Co. - James Wallace, chief cashier, resident; caretakers - Graham Shannon and James Maxwell
 35. Yarn stores of A. O'D. Taylor
 37. Vacant, three stories
 39. Vacant, three stories
 41. Cunningham, Josias, & Co., stock and share brokers; foreign agents; general brokers, commission merchants, and life assurance agents
 43. Murphy, Joseph, linen and linen yarn merchant
 45. Reed, Jas., stationer, general letterpress printer, and book seller
       Insurance Buildings - (See Victoria Street)

 64. Lewis, Henry, spirit dealer
 62. Fallon, Patrick, spirit dealer
                          Ulster Chambers
   1. Heyn, Gustavus, Royal Belgian Consul, Royal Hanoverian Consul, Vice-Consul for Prussia, Russia, Holland, Hamburg, Bremen, Lubeck, Olderburg, Mecklenburg - Schwerin, Spain, Turkey and Greece; general merchant, ship & insurance agent, honorary agent of Sailors' Home and Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners' Royal Benevolent Society
2 & 3. Wann, Thomas, stock broker and insurance agent
                             Ground Floor
   4. Armor, Robert, general commission and fire, life, and marine insurance agent; district agent for Belfast and North of Ireland of the Scottish Union Life Insurance Co.
   4. Armor, R. & J., general agents for the North of Ireland of the London & Lancashire Fire Insurance Co.; agents for the Goole Steamship Co. Ltd.
   5. Vacant
                              Second Floor
   6. Vacant
   7. Dunne, J., jun., general merchant, ship owner, and secretary of Ulster Hall Co. Ltd.
   8. Macrory, Adam J., solicitor
9 & 10. Macrory & Co., solicitors
 11. Macrory & Co., rent office
                               Third Floor
 12. Coastguard Officer - W. Pinhorn, pay master
 13. Vacant
 14. Vacant
 15. Knox, Charles G., LL.D., Vicar - General of Down and Connor
 16. Higginson, H. T., A.M., J.P., Registrar of Down and Connor
 17. Higginson, J. M., J.P., Notary Public and Registrar of Down and Connor
                              fourth floor
 18. Magill, William, caretaker
 19. Vacant
 20. Vacant
 21. Vacant
 22. Vacant
 23. Vacant
         Victoria Chambers (see Victoria Street)
 48. Donnelly, Hugh, spirit dealer
 46. Hughes, Mrs. James, spirit dealer
 44. Warden, Robert H., hessian and oilcloth warehouse; sack and bag manufacturer; and general emigration agent for steam and sailing ships
                      Waring Street Place
   4. Lamb, Robert R., general commission agent and oil merchant
   5. McClelland, Thomas, general commission agent and merchant
   "   Masterson, John & Co., commission agent and general merchant
 42. Hunter, John, jun., linen yarn merchant
 40. Moreland, William & Co., wholesale drysalters, tea importers and general merchants
 38. Vacant
 36. Vacant
 34. Arnott, Isaac & Co. (W. G. Wilson) provision and herring curers and dry fish merchants
 32. Smith, John, boot and shoe warehouse
 30. Jardin, Robt. & Co., wholesale and retail grocers
 28. Duffin, Charles, & Co., flax spinners and mill owners
   "   Fisher & Duffin, agents for the West of England Fire and Life Insurance Co.
26 & 24. Vacant ground
 22.Mitchell, W., flour and grain merchant
 20. Jamison, John, mill and railway furnisher, and commission agent
   "   Thompson, James M., insurance agent
   "   Dalzell, A. & Co., linen merchants
 18. Rule, Henry G., district manager of Liverpool and London Globe Insurance Co.
   "   Hodgkinson, Henry, general agent
   "   Ward, Thos. & Son, agents for the Norwich Union Fire & Life Insurance Society
   "   Bryson, William, muslin, gingham, and fancy linen manufacturer
 18. Booker, W., agent for United Kingdom Provident Institution for Mutual Life Assurance
   "   Taggart, W. H., brewer's agent
   "   McCaldin, James & Co., hat and cap manufacturers
 16. Masterson, William & Co., commission merchants
 14. Vacant
 12. Victoria Hotel - J. Logue
                        Warehouse Lane
       Side entrance to Victoria Hotel
       Back entrance to R. Atkinson's ale stores
 10. Phillips, Geo., jun. & Co., wholesale and mercantile stationers, printers, lithographers, and book binders
   8. Cramsie, John, auctioneer, valuator and furniture broker
   6. Grimshaw, O'Donnell, oil and commission merchant; mill and railway furnisher, etc.
   "   Atlas Fire and Life Insurance Co. - O'Donnell Grimshaw, agent
   "   Hyndman, H., solicitor and Patent Office
4. Lendrum & Co., tobacco and snuff manufacturers and cigar importers
   4. House and shop, vacant
   2. Magnetic Telegraph Co.'s Head Office - Geo. Cooke, resident manager

Waring Street Place
see Waring Street

Warwick Street
off Hemsworth Street

   1. Scott, Margaret Ann
   2. Thompson, Jane, dealer
   3. Bigger, James, pork cutter
   4. McKelvey, William, laborer
   5. Bagen, Owen, laborer
   6. Kane, Thomas, laborer
   7. Marshall, H., in Post Office
   8. Fleming, Martha
   9. Gregor, John, laborer
 10. Lee, Thomas, laborer
 11. Bradburn, Richard, laborer
 12. Camlin, John, porter
 14. Bell, Andrew, laborer
 16. Donnegan, John, laborer
 18. Green, J., harbor constable (Harbour)
 20. Gillespie, William, tenter
 22. Drummond, Mrs.
 24. Orr, James, carter
 26. Kirkpatrick, Josh., bleacher
 28. Kane, William, dealer
 30. Dalzell, John, carpenter
 32. Craig, William, laborer
 34. Hawthorne, Robt., carpenter
 36. Armstrong, James, laborer
 38. Welsh, John, laborer
 40. Clew, George, porter
 42. Houston, Andrew, carpenter
 44. Martin, James, laborer
 46. Stewart, Henry, carter
 48. Haffern, James, lapper
 50. McMechan, J., cabinet maker
       Vacant, two stories
 54. Wilson, Sarah
 56. Quinn, Patrick, traveller

Washington Street
Frederick Street to York Lane

   4. Black, Grace, vest maker
   6. Niblock, Wm., pork cutter
   8. Agnew, Sarah, lodging house
 10. Hart, Robert, engineer
 12. Magee, James, compositor
 14. Purkis, Matthew
 16. Murphy, Alexander, clerk
 18. Mawhinney, Isaac, porter
 20. Magee, Margt., boarding house
 22. Barry, Mrs., dress maker
 24. Manderson, J., laborer
 26. McAllister, Sarah, lodging house
 28. Hunter, Mrs.
       Vacant, two stories

Waterford Street
Off Falls Road

       Heron, John, yarn dresser
       McMurray, J., grocer
       McCall, Michael, laborer
       Clark, William, tenter
       McGee, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer
       Shields, J., provision dealer
       Hughes, Mrs.
       Scholfield, Thomas, engineer
       Carson, John, bleacher
       Sherlock, John, mechanic
       Bedford, Fredk., mechanic
       Luney, Francis, engineer
       Beggs, John, mechanic
       Monteith, Robert, clerk
       Constabulary Barrack

Waterloo Street
Off Shore Road

   1. Greer, Henry, grocer
   2. Briggs, Wm. J., blacksmith
   3. Clark, Arthur, laborer
   4. Murphy, Thos., mill worker
   5. McCluskie, Mary
   6. Gilliland, David, lumper
   7. Robinson, James, laborer
   8. Norris, Mary
   9. Rodgers, Jane, mill worker
       Milewater Flaxspinning Mill - Joseph Faren & Co.; office, we Waring Street
 10. Ross, James, laborer
 11. Wilson, Matthew, laborer
 12. Quinn, Patrick, mill worker

Waterproof Street
Off Byron Street

   1. Conway, James, block printer
   3. McLaughlin, James, laborer
   5. Keyland, James, laborer

Watson Street
off Linfield Road

   1. Mills, Henry, laborer
   3. McKeown, Francis, dealer
   5. Ritchey, William, brick layer (Richie, William, brick layer in 1877)
   7. Johnston, James, laborer
   9. Crawford, Henry, laborer
 11. Campbell, James, laborer
 13. Corbett, Robert, gas fitter
 15. Whiteside, Samuel, tenter
 17. Davis, Isabella
 19. Corbett, George, carter

 22. Sally, Mary Anne (Sallie, Mrs. in 1877)
 20. Milligan, William, laborer
 18. Bridgett, William, laborer
 16. Hull, Joseph, tenter
 14. Cassidy, James, tenter
 12. McChesney, Wm., laborer
 10. Ellison, Thomas, laborer
   8. McBride, James, tenter
   6. Hanna, James, laborer
   4. Boyd, William, laborer
   2. Dyer, William, hackler

Waugh's Court
Off North Street
six small houses

Weaver Street
North Derby Street to Waterloo Street

   3. Rea, Robert, mill manager
   5. Tanner, Wm., engine driver
   7. McKeag, John, mill worker
   9. McKnight, James, watcher
 11. McAvoy, William, laborer
 13. Jackson, Thos., mill worker
 15. Mulhall, Sylvester, laborer
 17. Savage, Mary, mill worker
 19. Graham, Wm., mill worker
 21. Kadagan, Denis, laborer
 23. Colville, Miss, teacher
 25. Patterson, David, laborer
 27. Brannan, Mrs., mill worker
 29. Kells, William, fireman
 31. Baird, Mrs., mill worker
 33. Drean, Mrs., mill worker
 35. Quinn, Patrick, shoe maker

 46. McCaffery, R., stone mason
 44. Guinea, Robt., mill worker (Guiney, Robt., flax dresser in 1877)
 42. Keenan, Owen, mill worker
 40. Murray, John, laborer
 38. Taggart, Andrew, carter
 36. Quinn, Michael, mill worker
 34. Kerr, Denis, mill worker
 32. O'Neill, James, laborer
 30. Maguire, Mrs.
 28. McCaffery, John, laborer
 26. McGlave, Peter, mill worker
 24. Loo, Francis, mill worker
 22. Brannen, Wm., mill worker
 20. McMaster, S., mill worker
 18. Donaghan, James, laborer
 16. Brown, David, mill worker
 14. Campbell, Jas., mill worker
 12. Quail, William, stone mason
 10. Campbell, Jas., mill worker
   8. Gilmore, John, mill worker
   6. McKinney, W., mill worker
   4. Cairns, William, carpenter
   2. McFarland, J., pensioner

Wellington Court
Off Wellington Place

   3. Rodgers, George, laborer
   7. Duff, William, lapper
       Robinson, James, jobbing carpenter

   8. Wilson, Mrs. E.
   6. Shaw, Thomas, stone cutter
   4. White, John, carpenter

Wellington Park
Off Malone Road

                     Wellington Park House
       Tate, George

   4. Gamble, Robert, linen merchant
   6. Betzold, George, linen merchant
   8. Munce, Mrs.
 10. Moore, John, ship broker
 12. Wallace, Bruce, divinity student
 14. Killen, William, provision merchant
 16. Kinahan, Charles James (of Lyle & Kinahan)
 18. Blackwood, J. T., secretary Ulster Bank
 20. McBride, Samuel, linen merchant
 22. Armstrong, Mrs.
 24. Hewitt, B. T., solicitor
 26. Moore, D. W., provision merchant
 28. Salmond, Thomas, civil engineer
 30. Fraser, Thos., fire clay goods and pavement merchant
                                The Manse
 32. Shaw, Rev. George

 34. Atkinson, Wm., linen merchant
                         Wellington Park Cottage
       Jamison, John, mill furnisher
                         Wellington Park Terrace
   1. Brown, John O., secretary Scottish Provident Institution
   3. Wakeford, John, civil engineer
   5. Lowson, D., commission agent
   7. Kirk, Robert, clerk
   9. Davidson, Thomas, draper
 11. Parkinson, William, linen merchant
 13. Little, J. H., bookkeeper
 15. Dowdy, Wm., commission agent
 17. Hart, Jas., linen and cotton manufacturer
 19. Massey, Mrs.
 21. Matthews, Thos., bookkeeper

Wellington Place
off Malone Road

                     Wellington Park House
       Tate, George
   1. Hincks, Mrs.
   "   Thompson, Miss
   2. Vacant
   3. Knox, Rev. Dr. Robert
   4. Gaussen, Charles, merchant
   5. Graham, Robert, commission agent
   6. Greenhill, John, grain and coal merchant
       McKee, Rev. James
       Shaw, Rev. George
       Smyth, Geo., civil engineer
       Stevelly, Dr.
       Kirker, John
       Irvine, Rev. Richard
       Mann, Mrs.
       Porter, Hugh, assistant warehouse manager
       Mathews, Thos., bookkeeper
       Lowry, John, watch maker and jeweller
       Harvey, Wm. (of Harvey & McLaughlin, builders)
       Hewitt, Benj. T., solicitor
       Woods, J., factory manager
       Reid, David, linen merchant
       Fraser, Thomas, agent for Ferguslie Fireclay Works
                    Wellington Park Cottage
       Parker, John, flax and yarn buyer

Wellington Street
Fisherwick Place to Donegall Square West

   1. Arnold, James, manager of grocery establishment
   3. Clarke, Patrick, waiter
   5. O'Connor, Patrick, porter
   "   O'Connor, Patrick, porter
   7. Henry, Rev. Joseph
   9. Morrison, Hugh, clerk
 11. Ferris, J., cabinet maker
 13. Toner, Miss, dress maker
 15. Bamford, S., coach trimmer

 20. Stables
 18. Thompson, Mrs. Jane
 16. Herdman, Miss, white worker
 14. Elliott, John, shop assistant
 12. Campbell, Mrs.
       Workers' entrance of Archer & Sons, stationers
   2. McNanny, James, servant

Wellwood Place
Off Great Victoria Street
[right side]

       McComb, David, grocer and spirit dealer

   2. McConnell, William, grocer
   4. Patton, Anne
   6. Lowe, William (of Chichester Street)
   8. McGifford, James, draper
 10. McIlroy, Hugh, bookkeeper
 12. Moore, Andrew
 14. Williams, Miss Eliza

Welsh Street
Lagan Street to Eliza Street

   1. Graham, John, bottler
   3. Campbell, John, shoe maker
   5. Gray, John, carpenter
   7. Fulton, William, coachman
   9. Rea, Mrs.
 11. Cairns, Mrs.
 13. Burns, Hugh, car owner
 15. Smyth, Mrs.
 17. Ramsay, John, 'bus driver
 19. Andrews, Hugh, spirit dealer
 21. Dodds, John, grocer (Dobbs, John in 1877)
 23. Welsh Street National School
 25. Harbinson, David, laborer
 27. Warden, John, boat fireman
 29. Bradford, Mrs.
 31. Mulgrave, Samuel, dealer
 33. Blakeley, James, porter
 35. McSherry, Edward, seaman
 37. Pelan, Mrs.
 39. McKee, Mrs.
 41. McMahon, Mrs.

 42. Campbell, Alex., carpenter
 38. Grimes, Bernard, brick layer
 36. Patton, Robert. brick layer
 34. Blackstock, Wm., painter
 32. McGreevy, John, car owner
 30. Mulgrave, Samuel, grocer
 26. Hayes, William, grocer
 24. McNally, Elizabeth
 22. Burns, William, car owner
 18. Hunter, Thomas
 16. McBride, W. J., market constable
 14. Bailey, Alexander, tailor
 12. Hayes, James, carter
 10. McKeown, James, porter
   8. Kennedy, William, marble polisher
   6. McCartney, Richard, laborer
   4. Kenny, John, laborer
   2. Millar, Thomas

Welwynne Street
off Hemsworth Street

   1. Barker, Alexander, tailor
   3. Clarke, Malcolm, iron moulder
   5. McClurg, James, carter
   7. McKibbin, H., iron moulder
   9. Fenton, D., damask warper
 11. Adams, James, laborer
 31. (13) McGourey, Hamilton, laborer
 15. Boyd, John, laborer
 17. Savage, Zebulun, laborer
 19. Young, Joseph, laborer
 21. Vacant
 23. Wright, J.,. Antrim Rifles
 25. Hood, Mrs. Eliza
 27. Gilmore, Mrs. Jane
 29. McCormick, John, flax dresser

 28. Coulter, Nathaniel, grocer
 26. Fitzsimmons, R., car driver
 24. Gould, John, laborer
 22. Wills, Mrs. Agnes
 20. McDade, Thomas, mechanic
 18. Legg, Robert, flax dresser
 16. Mulholland, Mrs.
 14. Watson, Robert, shoe maker
 12. Campbell, John, hat dyer
 10. Neill, Samuel, laborer
   8. Brady, Joseph, bleacher
   6. McDonald, Jas., stone cutter
   4. Officer, John, laborer
   2. Prentice, John, weaver

Wesley Court
Off Wesley Place

Three small houses

Wesley Place
Dublin Road to Sandy Row

   1. Watt, William, grocery and provision store
   3. Gordon, Margaret, dress maker
   5. Beattie, Francis
   7. Herdman, George, assistant sanitary inspector
   9. Vacant, two stories
 11. Jordan, John, porter
 13. Surplus, Richard, designer
 15. Vacant
 17. Gilmore, Mrs.
 19. Brown, Henderson, cabinet maker
 21. McQuiggan, Arthur John, cashier
 23. Taylor, William, porter
 25. McCandie, Hugh C., commission agent
 27. Smith, Jane, boarding house
 29. Vacant
 31. Ferritt, William, tailor
 33. Woods, Mrs.
35 & 37. Bell, Alex., grocer and spirit dealer

 22. Chambers, Jas., cloth passer
 20. Tate, Moses
 18. Dogherty, Patrick, boot maker
 16. Davison, Mrs.
 14. Wightman, Mrs.
 12. Henderson, Eliza, grocer
       Wesley Place Wesleyan Church
 10. Wilson, Mrs., dress maker
   8. Cochrane, Mrs., boarding house
   6. Connelly, Hugh, clerk (Connolly, Hugh, iron founder in 1877)
   4. Gillespie, Geo., linen buyer
   2. Taylor, Joseph, spirit store

Wesley Street
Albion Street to Wesley Place

   1. Mercer, Wm., clerk
   3. Walker, Robert, plasterer
   5. Magee, Jos., assistant librarian
   7. Gardner, Thomas, heddle maker
   9. Holmes, Mrs.
 11. Rodgers, Hugh, grocer
 13. Rea, Mrs. Margaret
 15. Potts, John, carpenter
 17. Brown, Thos., stone mason
 19. Bittles, William, mechanic
 21. Wilson, Andrew, car owner
 23. Smart, Wm. John, lapper
 25. Hunt, Joseph, tenter
 27. Trayes, John, mechanic
 29. Tanner, Andw., stone cutter
 31. Hutchison, Jas., press man
 33. Curry, John, stone cutter
 35. Thomson, Alex., gardener
 37. Bailie, James, porter
.39. Evans, William, porter
 41. Quin, Robert, lapper
 43. Collins, Wm., blacksmith
 45. Callwell, William, servant
 47. McBride, David, porter
 49. Thomson, James, grocer

 48. Mayes, Hugh, porter
 46. Moore, James, porter
 44. McKeown, John, blacksmith
 42. Donaldson, Rebecca, grocer
 40. Lubinski, Joseph, mechanic
 38. Anderson, Mrs. Jane
 36. McKee, Mrs. Anne
 34. Norris, Alex., weigh master
 32. Heron, Mrs. Sarah
 30. McClardy, Angus, sample maker
 28. Curry, Jas. Henry, lapper
 26. Lindsay, James, printer
 24. Haddow, Thomas, designer
 22. Carson, William, gardener
 20. Millier, William, laborer
 18. McQuillan, James, laborer
 16. Smyth, Thomas, engineer
 14. Duffy, William, porter
 12. Stanfield, Mrs. Charlotte
 10. Ross, Daniel, porter
   8. Atkinson, Alex., smith's helper
   6. Graham, James, porter
   4. McClurg, Alex., lapper

West Street
Smithfield to Millfield

 13. Robb, Thomas, marine store
 15. McDough, H., marine store
17 & 19. McLaughlin, John, funeral undertaker, etc.
 25. Boyle, William, glass, delf, and earthenware dealer
 29. Drain, Peter, shoe maker
 31. Toland, James, painter
 33. Kelly, Francis, laborer
 35. Trainor, Ellen, eating house
 37. Branigan, Thomas, baker

 40. McCartney, Alex., laborer
36 & 34. Willis, Samuel, hay and straw dealer
 32. McWhirter, F., statuary designer and worker
 26. O'Neill, Peter, slater
 24. Greer, Michael, tailor (Green, Michael, tailor in 1877)
 22. McKnight, W., marine store
 20. Bourke, John, shoe maker (Burke, John, shoe maker in 1877)
 18. Smith, Patrick, laborer
 14. Neeson, James, laborer
 12. Russell, J., bellows maker
 10. Drain, Francis, shoe maker

Wheeler's Court
Off Carrick Hill
Two small houses

Whitehall Court
Off Pound Street

   1. McGran, Sarah
   3. McKenna, David
   5. Farrell, John, laborer
   7. Caravan, John, carter (Canavan)
   9. Reynolds, George, hatter
 11. Skeffington, Saml., shoe maker
 13. McCusker, Eliza
 15. McQuade, Robert, baker

 10. Doyle, Terence, laborer
   6. Ward, Joseph, baker

White's Entry
Off Shankhill Road

       Hagans, John, baker
       Crothers, John, weaver
       Four small houses

Whitla Street
off York Street

   2. Waters, Mary I., delf shop
   4. Harvey, Mrs. Jane, box maker
   6. Flannigan, Thomas, seaman
   8. Morland, Mrs. Sarah
 10. Campbell, Robert, ship carpenter
 12. Patterson, Joseph, carpenter
 14. Anderson, Wm., carpenter
 16. McComb, Mrs. E.
 18. Todd, Thos., ship carpenter
 20. Reid, James, tailor
 22. Clarke, Miss Ellen
 24. Hook, John, brass moulder
 26. Boyle, Thomas, mill worker
 28. Walker, Joseph, cloth passer
 30. Johnston, Robert, carpenter
 32. Thompson, David, mechanic
 34. Officer, Mrs. Margaret
 36. Childs, James, blacksmith
 38. McAdoony, Bernard, sawyer
 40. Spiers, George, laborer
 42. Clarke, Mrs. Margaret
 44. Houston, Jas., boiler maker
 46. McNichol, F., railway guard
 48. Cunningham, Geo., plasterer
 50. Ennis, James, spirit grocer
 52. McAnally, Henry, laborer
 54. Boyd, Arthur, ship carpenter
 56. Cring, Thomas, ship carpenter
 58. Toole, John, railway guard
 60. Deeny, J., servant
 62. Malcolm, Wm. H., engineer
 64. McKeown, John, laborer
 66. McGrother, Wm., car driver
 68. Dogherty, Hugh, carpenter

William's Lane
off Green Street
seventeen small houses

William's Place
Wellwood Place to Sandy Row

   9. Savage, Mrs. Elizabeth
 11. Ferguson, Samuel, dairy
 13. Harbinson, Thomas, wood turner
 15. Maxwell, S., factory worker
 17. Allen, Charles, laborer
 19. Atkinson, Joseph, grocer
 21. Taylor, John, spirit dealer

 32. Hughes, James, grocer and spirit dealer
 30. Miskimmon, John, carpenter
 28. Watson, Samuel, brick layer
 26. Devlin, John, clerk
 24. Atkinson, Henry, porter
 22. Bell, James, laborer
 20. Keith, Samuel, gardener

William's Place
See University Road

William Street
off Church Street

   1. Clements, Robert
   7. O'Neill, Francis, painter
 10. Stores
 11. Donaldson, James, nailer
 12. McMullin, James, laborer
 13. Byrne, Edward, shoe maker
       Seed stores of R. B. Mathews
       Stores of John K. Scott
 15. Carmichael, R., brick layer
 16. Parland, Mrs., grocery and spirit store
 17. Morrison, Patrick, laborer
 18. McCanghan, James, laborer (McCaughan)
 19. Martin, David
 20. Harrold, Robert, carpenter
 21. Jamison, James, servant
 22. Adams, Mrs., dealer
23 & 25. Cameron, Alexander, whitesmith
 24. Biggs, H., French polisher (. Beggs, H., French polisher in 1877)
 26. Vacant
 27. McCreight, Patrick, wool card maker
 29. Kelly, James, cooper
 31. Gibson, James, pressman
 33. Taylor, W. H., gutta percha shoe maker
       Stores of Harrold, Crossett & Pyper
 41. McFarland, James

William Street South
Arthur Square to Police Place

       Night Refuge (see Arthur Square)
1 & 3. Mann, Jos., pawn broker
   5. Back entrance
   7. McKenzie, E., stationer
   9. Gray, Mrs. Susan
 11. McVeigh, B., shoe maker
13 & 15. Morrison, Robt., spirit dealer
17 & 19. Cardwell, Thos., spirit dealer and car owner

 22. McQuiston, John, painter
 20. Blaney, William, tailor
 18. Entry
14 & 16. Allen, David, general job printer
 12. McMullan, John, tailor
 10. Bradley, James, oyster house
       Site of New Masonic Hall
       Hagan, James, oyster house

William's Row
off Little George Street

   3. Loughridge, Wm., seaman
   5. Duncan, James, laborer
   7. Bell, Robert, laborer
   9. Caves, Hugh, laborer
 11. Gillespie, Samuel, laborer
 13. Donnegan, Mrs.
 15. Armstrong, Mrs. Susan
 17. Thompson, Mrs.
 19. Robinson, John, laborer
 21. Shaw, Samuel, mill worker
 23. Byers, Robert, porter
 25. Thompson, Hill, laborer
 27. Allen, Thomas, laborer
 29. Murray, John, laborer
 31. Hall, John, smith

 40. Blevins, David, pork cutter
 38. Cobain, Joseph, laborer
 36. Monahan, Robert, laborer
 34. Smyth, William, brick layer
 32. Yeates, John, seaman
 30. Brunton, Joseph, laborer
 28. Ferris, Mary, mill worker
 26. Byers, Robert, flax dresser
 24. Fitzsimmons, J., store keeper
 22. Campbell, Mrs.
 20. McCormick, William, clerk
 18. Ross, William
 16. Gibson, William, car driver
 14. Adams, Mrs.
 12. Smyth, William, pensioner
 10. Donnelly, Bernard, seaman
   8. Kelly, John, laborer
   6. Adair, Mrs.
   4. Simpson, John, laborer
   2. Martin, Mrs.

Willis's Entry
see Bower's Hill
Four small houses

Willow Street
Grosvenor Street to Albert Street

   5. Forsythe, Jos., grocer and spirit dealer
   7. Dickson, Mrs. (Dixon, Annie in 1877)
   9. Scott, John, flax dresser
 11. McAlister, Robert, clerk
 13. Kennedy, Robert, carpenter
 15. Jamieson, John, carpenter
 17. Stewart, Marshall, spirit dealer
 19. Johnston, Jas., whitesmith
 21. McCullough, John, painter
 23. Montague, Thomas, servant
 25. Crawford, William, laborer
 27. Stewart, James, laborer
 29. Murphy, Thomas
 31. Laverty, Alexander, laborer
 33. Grainger, Richard, porter
 35. Veighey, James, laborer
 37. Holywood, William, smith
 39. Taylor, John, overseer
 41. Smith, Robert, carpenter
 43. Morrow, Wm., shoe maker
 45. McIlveen, John, yarn dresser
 47. McCullough, Joseph, laborer
 49. McKelvey, Samuel, porter
 51. Atkinson, John, laborer
 53. Gilroy, Wm., brass founder
 55. McCullough, James, hackle maker
 57. Menall, Robert, clerk
 59. Sheppard, Mrs.
61 & 63. Coyne, Robt., grocer

58 & 56. Dickson, Mrs.
 54. Loughead, R., coach maker
 52. Rankin, James, mechanic
 50. Herron, James, traveller
 48. Jenkins, William, clerk
 46. Anderson, John, mechanic
 44. McBriar, John, traveller
 42. Kernahan, J., bookkeeper
 40. Dunn, Jas., preparing master
 38. Donaldson, James, lapper
 36. Lyons, Stephen, flax dresser
 34. Gordon, John, grocer
 32. Warren, Henry (Waring, Robert, coach builder in 1877)
 30. McAuley, John, whitesmith
 28. Norris, John
 26. McKeagie, Hugh, waiter
 24. Hilda, Michael, laborer
 22. Campbell, Abraham, laborer
 20. Shannon, Thos., flax dresser
 18. Fleming, George, laborer
 16. McBride, Joseph, coachman
 14. Windrum, David, lapper
 12. Bradford, George, mechanic
 10. McDougal, Neal, butter
   8. Hill, Thomas, engine driver
   6. Armstrong, David, railway inspector
   4. Gordon, H., warehouseman
   2. Partington, Mark, engine driver

Wilmont Terrace
see Lisburn Road

Wilson's Court
off High Street

   6. Rainbow Hotel and Tavern - Samuel McBride
7 & 9. Bottling stores of Malcomson Brothers
 13. McIlvenny, James, carter
 15. McGeaghy, P., oyster rooms (McGahan, Peter in 1877)
 17. McGrath, James, laborer
 19. Nicholson, Edwd., picture frame maker
 21. Madine, John, butcher
 23. McGeagh, Mrs., huckster
 25. Crummey, Mrs.
 27. Ferguson, David, butcher

 20. Peake, Mrs., spirit dealer
 18. Devlin, Patrick, laborer
 16. Magee, Patrick, laborer
 14. Burns, Patrick, tailor
12, 10, 8, 6 & 4. Wine stores of E. & G. Pim

Wilson Street
off Millfield

1 & 3. Martin, Ann, grocer
   7. Robinson, Hugh, hackler
11, 13 & 15. Wilson Street Machine Works Co. - J. McKeown, manager
 15. Maude, Joseph, foreman in foundry
17 & 19. Vacant, two stories
 23. Coey, James, mechanic
 25. Coey, David, mechanic
 27. Brown, Alexander, baker
 29. Annett, Mary, factory worker
 31. McDowell, James, laborer
 33. Norwood, James, laborer
 35. Smyth, Thomas, grocer
 87. (37) Quinn, Thomas, rail worker
 39. Hughes, William, hay and straw dealer

 34. Ross, William, grocer and spirit dealer
 32. Edmonson, John, cabinet maker (Edmondson, Mrs. in 1877)
       Wilson Street Weaving Factory - E. G. Duffin & Co.
 30. Lemon, John, cabinet maker
 28. Smyth, William, carpenter
 26. Dover, Thomas, currier
 22. McGee, James, carpenter
 20. Taylor, John, fitter
       Grain and Starch Works - Alexander Crawford & Son; caretaker - David Marmion
 18. McKee, Thomas, cooper
 16. Hill, William, carver
 10. Downey, James, carpenter
   8. Stewart, Orr, clerk
   6. Weames, George, tinsmith
4 & 2. Scott, Mr.

Wilton Place
See Shankhill Road

Wilton Square North
off Canmore Street
[left side]

   Rainey, John, weigh master
   Hanna, Robert, weaver
   McConnell, John, brick layer
   Bills, William, hackler
   McLaughlin, Wm., laborer
   Dunn, Hiram, laborer
   McClenaghan, J., carpenter
   Carson, James, bleacher
   McNally, George, engineer
   Carruthers, J., brick layer

                                [right side]

   Murbey, William, laborer
   Johnston, Hugh, laborer
   Forster, William, laborer
   Gray, William, laborer
   Carruthers, Wm., laborer
   Neill, James, laborer
   Marno, Samuel, miller
   McMeekin, Wm., laborer
   McMeekin, Chas., laborer
   Busby, Archibald, weaver

Wilton Street
Shankhill Road to Cupar Street (Cooper in 1877)
[right side]

   Davis, Robert, flax dresser
   Sloan, Robert, carpenter
   Smith, James, laborer
   Walker, Henry, bleacher
   Larkin, Thomas, gas fitter
   Johnston, James, grocer
   Coburn, George, laborer
   Hodgins, John
   Crosby, William, brick layer
   Mathewson, Samuel, laborer
   Nesbitt, Mrs. Mary
   Fisher, John, car owner
   McAfee, John, laborer
   Mulligan, Henry, laborer
   Henry, Margaret, dealer
   McIlwaine, Samuel, tailor
   McCardle, Samuel, fireman
   McGowan, Robert, laborer
   Mitchell, Joseph, carter
   McMullan, John, laborer
   McKeown, Charles, laborer
   Watt, Thomas, laborer
   Brown, Thomas, fireman
   Brittain, Ann, factory worker
   Kearns, Mrs. Susannah
   Boyd, John, bleacher
   Ellis, W. J., weaver
   Taylor, William, laborer
   Frazer, John, laborer
   Carmins, E., factory worker
   Forsythe, James, laborer
   Graham, George, carpenter
   Squire, Hughes, mechanic
   Graham, Robert, carpenter
   Thornton, Jas., block printer
   Kirker, James, carpenter
   Kirker, Alex., mechanic
   Scott, Robert, block printer
   Palmer, Robert, carter
   Burke, Thomas, broker
   McArthur, Danl., mechanic
   Hamilton, William, laborer
   Ellis, John, shoe maker
   Stewart, William, hackler
   Webster, Benjn., mechanic
   Fletcher, George, laborer
   Scott, Robert, laborer
   Miller, Susan, grocer
   Rankin, Miss Jane, grocer
   Bell, James, laborer
   Gibson, Mary, washer
   Tolan, T. W., lamp lighter
   Tweed, James, mechanic
   Kennedy, Mrs.
   Carruthers, Thomas, grocer and carpenter
   Crozier, William, builder and contractor
   Rundel, Wm., color maker
   McLaren, Wm., overlooker
   Gamble, Jos., brush maker
   Carruthers, Wm., weaver
   Mullan, James, shoe maker
   Armor, Wm. J., overlooker
   Ingram, James, dealer
   McCartney, Danl., pensioner
   Pentland, Mrs. Eliza
   Prussia, James, hackler
   Mann, Thomas, tenter
   Huston, William, shoe maker
   Kearns, John, grocer and dealer
   Anderson, Wm. T., bleacher
   McCann, Jas., brick layer
   McMaster, John, laborer
   McIlwaine, James, laborer
   McMeekin, Robt., laborer
   Hill, Thomas, laborer
   Martin, Mrs. Elizabeth
   Brannagh, W. J., grocer
   Molyneux, William, laborer
   Stevenson, Francis, laborer
   Green, Francis, laborer
   Branagh, Mrs. Isabella
   Kennedy, James, laborer
   Steenson, Mrs. Margaret
   Tanner, David, flax dresser
   Sinclair, William, mechanic
   McKeown, Samuel, laborer
   Adams, Jane, provision dealer

                               [right side]

   Boomer, Michael, blacksmith
   Fletcher, John, laborer
   Nesbitt, William, laborer
   Boyd, William, grocer
   Webster, Mrs. Isabella
   Galway, John, laborer
   McAffy, Edwd., flax dresser
   Smith, John, dealer and beer retailer
   Smith, Ellen, factory worker
   Marshall, Margaret, dealer
   O'Donnell, Mrs. Mary Ann
   McKenna, Nicholas, sawyer
   McMaster, James, weaver
   McAffy, Jas., beer retailer
   McAffey, Robert, laborer
   Two vacant houses
   Moles, Oliver, yarn bundler
   Connor, John, clerk
   Johnston, James, laborer
   Laird, Robert, mechanic
   Adams, Robert, dealer
   McAreavy, S., stone mason
   McAreavy, H., stone mason
   Smith, John, laborer
   Brittain, John, laborer
   Rogers, Alexander, laborer
   Kingan, Thomas, laborer
   Orchin, William, servant
   Taggart, Mrs. Ellen
   Lindsay, John, laborer
   Seeds, Mrs. Jane

Wilton Square South

       Starch Works of Messrs. Molyneux & Ferguson; office, Unity Street

Wilton Street Lower
Off Cupar Street
Fourteen small houses

Wilton Terrace
See Shankhill Road

Winburne Street
off Hemsworth Street

   3. Scott, Richard, weaver
   5. Carson, Robert, laborer
   7. Middleton, Wm., mechanic
   9. Ellis, Mrs. Margaret
 11. Smyth, Russell, laborer
 13. Dunn. Patrick, block printer
15 & 17. McKeown, Robt., carter (Keown, Robert, carter in 1877)
 19. Walker, Andrew, laborer
 21. Lawson, Robt., block printer
 23. Palmer, Walter, mechanic
 25. McCracken, Wilson, laborer
 27. Dixon, Robert, laborer

 32. Harbinson, William, miller
 30. Palmer, Mrs. Mary
 28. Bell, Mrs. Ellen
 26. Hood, Edward, shoe maker
 24. Laverty, John, yarn bundler
 22. McBurney, Mrs. Rose
 20. Feeley, Miss Eliza
 18. Pritchard, Mrs. Catherine
 16. McQuade, B., carpenter
 14. Coote, Mrs. H.
 12. Hamilton, Wm., laborer
 10. Caldwell, James, laborer
   8. Alexander, John, laborer
   6. Irvine, Wm. John, laborer
   4. Moore, Samuel, laborer
   2. McCaughan, Jas., printer

Malone Road to Lisburn Road

       McIlwaine, Rev. William
                             Bertha House
       Taylor, David, J.P.

       Calder, J. M., linen merchant
       Thompson, Henry (of W. J. Johnston & Thompson, wholesale grocers)
       Wilson, Mrs.
       Jennings, John, linen merchant
       Bowles, Charles, linen merchant
       Workman, Robert
       Duffin, Adam, mill owner
       Suffern, John, solicitor
       Reynolds, Charles, mill manager
       Walker, Mrs.
       Johnstone, Mrs. Francis
       McBride, George, muslin manufacturer
       Halliday, Mrs.
       Finlay, William Laird (of Finlay Brothers & Co.)
       Campbell, William, provision merchant
       Charley, Henry Moore, coal merchant
       Suffern, William
       Ringland, Thomas, bank director
       Lindsay, Thomas G. (of Lindsay Bros., Donegall Place)
       McCosh, Dr., professor
       Mackay, William (of Leadbetter, Calder & Co.)
       Taylor, John Arnott (of Arnott & Co.)
       Workman, John, muslin manufacturer
       Porter, Rev. John
       Hamilton, Robert L. (firm of Richardson Bros., Donegall Place)

Windsor Street
Great Victoria Street to Charles Street South

   1. Howell, Richard, clerk
   3. Wilson, Charles, flax buyer
   5. Murray, Mrs., nurse tender
   7. Fletcher, Robert, traveller
   9. Kennedy, Arthur, meal and flour dealer
 11. Blythe, Ellen
 13. Gilmer, Mrs., boarding house
 15. Mullan, Jonathan, iron founder
 17. Hunter, Samuel, hackler
 19. Carters, William, porter
 21. Harbison, Margaret
 23. Carroll, William, lapper
 25. Bell, Mrs.
 27. Ferguson, Robert, grocer

 24. Eager, Michl., wire worker
 22. Walker, William, lapper
 20. Briggs, John, measurer
 18. McKeown, John, porter
 16. Dickson, James, brick layer
 14. McLaughlin, Samuel, carpenter
 12. White, William, assistant sanitary inspector
 10. Craig, Samuel, clerk
   8. Usher, Miss J., seamstress
   6. McKeown, John, measurer
   4. Vacant
   2. McClarnon, Samuel, draper

Windsor Terrace
see Lisburn Road

Winecellar Entry
High Street to Rosemary Street

   3. Walker, John, oyster rooms
   5. Duffy, James, spirit dealer
7 & 9. White, Hugh & Co., wholesale wine and spirit merchants

6. Tobacco factory of Henry Murney & Sons
   6. Zetland Reading Rooms
   2. Temperance Hotel & Dining Rooms - E. & A. Gilmore

Winetavern Street
North Street to Smithfield

1 & 3. Griffith, Patrick, spirit merchant
       Winetavern Street National School
5 & 7. Adams, James, baker and grocer
 11. Goulden, Philip, eating house (Golden, Mrs., cook shop in 1877)
 13. Smyth, Jane, eating house
 15. Leathem, James, cooper
 17. McAree, Michael, shoe maker
 19. Leathem, Robert G., cooper
 21. McFadden, James, lodging house
 23. Magee, Robert, nailer
 25. Lavery, Edward, eating house
 27. Gallagher, F., whitesmith
 29. Wall, Patrick, refreshment rooms
 31. Grant, Ann, huckster
 33. McCluskey, Patk., shoe shop
 35. Nelson, James, whitesmith
 37. Dyer, Daniel, spirit dealer
 39. Magee, Thomas, laborer
 41. Hamilton, Thomas, laborer
 43. Cunningham, John, pipe manufacturer
 45. Doherty, William, grocer
 49. Bottling stores of Quinn Brothers

 30. Gordon, Joseph, painter
 24. Campbell, George, dining and coffee rooms
 22. Brown, Mrs.
 20. Gibson, Margaret, rag store
 16. Sheridan, E., marine store
 12. Daly, Catherine, eating house and lodgings
 10. McClelland, Joseph, dining depot
8 & 6. Lewis, Mrs., provision dealer
   2. Side of Smithfield Flax Spinning Company's mill

Woburn Place
see Agnes Street

Woburn Street
off Agnes Street

   1. Gibson, Thomas, laborer
   3. Marshall, D., block printer
   5. Orr, John, shoe maker
   7. Bowman, Mrs.
   9. Purdon, Jas., block printer
 11. Fulton, James, laborer

Woodburn Street
Off Downing Street

 13. Graham, John, laborer
 15. Moore, John, mechanic
 17. Gault, Robert, laborer
 19. Saunders, John, scutcher
 21. Brown, Mrs. Sarah
 23. Sloan, William, wood turner

Woodford Street
Peter's Hill to Old Lodge Road

1 & 3. Gilmore, Owen, grocer and spirit dealer
   5. Vacant, two stories
   7. Coates, Arthur, gas fitter
   9. Hall, Hugh, tailor
 11. Bell, William, laborer
 13. Hunter, A., iron moulder
 15. McCann, James, carpenter
 17. Cairns, Wm., cloth marker
 19. Wilson, Cornelius, gas fitter
 21. McCalpin, Jas., whitesmith
 23. Freeland, Wm., tobacco spinner
 25. Walker, Mrs.
 27. Bell, Robert, baker
 29. Stevenson, John, grocer
       Old Lodge Road Infant School

 32. Mackenzie, James, painter
 30. McBride, Robert, seaman
 28. Lemon, James, stone cutter
 26. Cullen, Daniel, porter
 24. Beck, Wm., draper's assistant
 22. Peyton, John, printer
 20. Douglas, R., draper's assistant
 18. French, John, brick layer
 16. Murray, John, painter
 14. White, John, plasterer
 12. McLaughlin, Thos., painter
 10. Campbell, Mrs.
   8. McCormick, Jas., shoe maker
   6. Cairns, Hugh, waiter
   4. Sanderson, Henry, cabinet maker
   2. Canning, John

Woodville Place
see Shankhill Road

Wylie Place
off Albert Street
twenty seven small houses

Wylie Street
Willow Street to Stanley Street

   1. Moore, Mrs., huckster
   7. Gordon, Henry, laborer
   9. Bresby, David, brick layer
 11. O'Neill, Mrs.
 13. Gordon, Robert
 15. Gordon, John

York Lane
Off York Street

   1. Marsh, John & Co., side entrance to steam biscuit manufactory
   3. Edgar, Robert, seed merchant
   5. Watson, John, weaver
   7. McCarter, Wm., shoe maker
   9. McCauley, Alex., grocer and beer retailer
 11. Lytle & Brown, starch manufacturers
13 & 15. Hyslop, S., machinist
 17. Andrews, David, laborer
 19. Dawson, Edward, plasterer
 21. Boyd, Ellen, seamstress
 23. McCormick, Anne, washer
 25. Vacant
 27. Gardner, J. & C., starch manufacturers
 29. Doogan, Andrew, shoe maker
 31. Foster, James, laborer
 33. Rosbotham, John, car driver
 35. Yard of J. & C. Gardner

 22. Nicholl, William, porter
 20. Gray, Robert, mill worker
 16. Gibson, J., grinder in foundry
 14. McDennon, John, pensioner
 10. Gardner, J. & C., starch manufacturers
   8. York Lane Cotton Spinning Mill - Gilbert Vance & Son
   6. Thompson, James, bottling stores
   2. Malcomson, S., brewery agent

York Road
[In future to be called "Shore Road"]

see Village Department

York Street
Donegall Street to Shore Road

1 & 3. McKenna, John & Sons, family grocers; tea,  wine and spirit merchants, and foreign fruit and spice warehouse
   5. Franklin, Joseph, poulterer and butcher
   7. Laughlin, M., tobacconist
   9. Gordon, James, professor of music and dancing
 11. McKenna, John & Sons, spirit store
   "   Back entrance to B. Hughes' bakery
13 & 15. Flannigan, Hamilton, butcher
 17. Corbett, J. L., watch maker and jeweller
 19. McNeilly, James, saddler & harness maker
 21. Magouran, John, butcher
 23. Boyd, Miss, draper and haberdasher
 25. Howard, Charles, butcher
 27. Madine, George, funeral undertaker and posting establishment
29 & 31. Carroll & Donnelly, butchers
 33. Bradley, Edward, cabinet maker, upholsterer, window blind & bedding manufacturer, gilder and picture frame maker, floor cloth warehouse and general house furnisher
 35. McGrath, William, woollen draper
 37. Pelan & Rankin, basket manufacturers and toy warehouse
 39. Walker, William, mill furnisher and waterproof dealer
 41. Anderson & Robertson, dyers
 43. McCleery & Wylie, house, land and rent agents and property brokers
   "   Mack, The Misses, milliners and dress makers
 45. McCleery, Henry, rent agent and accountant
   "   Birnie, Mrs.
 47. Provincial Hotel - James Dempsey
 49. Dempsey, James, wholesale and retail wine and spirit stores
 51. Willis, J., gilder & picture frame maker, and agent for the Ulster Art Union
 53. Kells, Miss, millinery, mantle and dress warerooms
 55. McBride, Mrs., millinery warerooms
 57. Davis, Robert, provision dealer
 59. Woods, Michael, auctioneer and valuator, and new and second-hand furniture warerooms
 61. McCourt, J., veterinary surgeon
   "   Horse Shoeing Establishment - J. McCourt
 63. Armour, J., saddle and harness maker & horse clothier
65 & 67. Connor, John & Son, builders, contractors, and general carpenters
                    Remonstrant Church
 69. Vacant, four stories
 71. Loughran, Henry, family grocer, tea, wine and spirit merchant
73 & 75. Bell, Hugh, spirit dealer
 77. O'Hare Brothers, merchant tailors and woollen drapers
 79. Linden, James Wm., confectioner
 81. Loughran, Henry, grocer
 83. Wales, George F., M.D. surgeon
 85. Watt, Wm., wholesale and retail grocer and flour dealer
87 & 89. Bell, William, meal, flour and grain store
 91. Bell, Wm., grain merchant
93 & 95. Vint, George A. S., family grocer, tea, wine and spirit merchant
 97. McCann, John, family grocer, tea, wine and spirit merchant
 99. Fox, Thomas, woollen draper and haberdasher
101. Lindsay, M., Berlin wool and fancy woollen warehouse
103. Ross, D., baker and flour dealer
107. Vacant
109. Stokesberry, Chas., butcher
111. Savage, James, hay and straw yard
113. Black, Joseph, poulterer, egg dealer, and feather merchant
115. Kennedy, John, umbrella and walking stick manufacturer, and photographic gallery
117. Patterson, John, bookkeeper and fancy bazaar
119. Alderdice, Annie, milliner
123. McAlister, Alex., fruiterer and green grocer
125. Walsh, James, hair dresser
127. Crummey, Mrs., fruiterer, green grocer and chaff. dealer
129. Kennedy, Samuel, confectioner
131. McCloy, William, butcher
..........Great George's Street intersects
        Salem Chapel and National Schools
133. Lammerse, Paul, ship broker
135. Johnston, Alexander, house painter and decorator
137. Thompson, J., New Docks manager
139. Mayne, John Parnell, teacher of music
141. Duffield, Mrs.
143. Brown, Dr. H., surgeon and apothecary
145. McConnell & Co., butter and provision stores
147. McKibbin, Mrs. Jane
149. Coates, George & Co., provision stores
151. Waring, Richard, provision stores
153. Waring, Richard, provision merchant
155 & 157. Kirkpatrick, Margt., family grocer
159. McCormick, Edwd., china, flint-glass and delf warehouse
161. Shaw, Samuel, butcher
163. McCallum, James, hosier, draper, haberdasher, etc.
165. Young, Miss, dress maker
        United Presbyterian Church
167. Davey, Charles, butcher
169. Hamill, A., butcher
173. Fox, Thomas, spirit dealer
175. Spence, Geo., spirit dealer, carpenter and brick manufacturer
177. Armstrong, Hannah, grocer
179. McCormick, John, stationer, periodical and newsagent
181. Johnston, Miss
183. Maguire, M. & S., millinery warerooms
185. Knight, S. N., clerk
187. Sefton, Catherine, shirt and collar warehouse
189. Miskelly, James, druggist
191. Stephenson, Robert, stationer and newsagent
193. Rothwell, John, grocer and provision dealer
195. Evans, William, grocer
197. Arnott, James, millinery and fancy warehouse
199. Fryer, Thomas H., house furnishing, hardware and garden tool warehouse
201. Rodgers, Mrs.
205. Sterne, William, bank secretary
207. Holmes, Mrs.
209. Wilson, Rev. Christopher
211. Gowan, Saml., ship broker
213. Molyneux, Miss
215. Ure, James, flax merchant
217. McIntyre, Miss
219. Logan, David, butcher
221. Grant, William, pastry and family bread baker
223. Creeth, James, linen draper and haberdasher
225 & 227. Orr, E., family grocer
229. Wilson, Walter, iron ship builder and draughtsman
231. Vance, Robert, secretary of Corn Exchange Company
233. McCracken, The Misses, music and drawing school
235. Boyle, Joseph
237. Ferguson, J. M., correspondent
239. Cavehill View Tavern - Peter & Michael Connolly
                         Abbotsford Place
241. Peel, Alex., flour merchant
243. McDonnell, Mrs.
245. Douglas, John, muslin manufacturer
247. McKenzie, Robert (of McKenzie & McMullen)
249. Vacant
251. Fulton, David
253. Bushel, Eliza, lodging house
255. Hogg, Andrew, shirt and collar manufacturer
257. McClelland, F. W., clerk
259. Hall, John, brass founder
261. Wales, Mrs.
263. McCloy, John, foreman ship carpenter
265. Bell, Eliza, grocer
267. Ducius & Klapper, confectioners, etc.
269. Davidson, Matthew, tobacconist
296 (269) Strahan, John, carpenter and builder
271 & 273. Brown, Thos., grocer
275. Waterloo Hotel - Airey & Co.
       Belfast and Northern Counties and Larne Railway Terminus, and ticket and parcels offices - E. J. Cotton, manager

222. Vacant
220. Vacant
218. House and shop - vacant
        St. Paul's Church
214. McDonald, Duncan, ship carpenter
212. Burnett, George, clerk
210. Northern Counties Railway Hotel and spirit store - John Gilligan
206. Princesses' Hotel - Margaret Moffatt
204. Carse, Geo., timber merchant
202. Gallagher, Mrs.
200. Irvine, Eliza, grocer
198. Henry, J., general grocer
196.  Dunn, J. H., spirit dealer
194. McDowell, John, grocer
192. Dickey, Robert, butcher
192. McAllister, John, spirit dealer
190. Bailie, John, grocer
188. Glenfield, Samuel, soap manufacturer
186. Adams, Jams, baker and grocer
184. White, Capt. James, harbor master (harbour)
182. Simpson, Mrs. B. K.
180. Seed, Mrs. John
178. Pinkerton, J. C., insurance agent
176. Kirk, R. D., wine & spirit dealer and income tax collector
174. Garland, John, bookkeeper
172. Kent, James, contractor
170. Gunning, John, salt works
168. Steenson, Jas., commercial traveller
166. Allen, Rev. Charles
164. Johnston, John, ship carpenter
162. Campbell, J., commission merchant
160. Smyth, James
156. Rowan, Robert, stores
154. McAllister, John, clerk
152. York Street Foundry - John Rowan & Sons, engineers, millwrights, boiler makers, iron and brass founders, etc.
       York Street Presbyterian Church
148 & 142. Harvey & McLaughlin, builders and general contractors
140. Moffett, Wm., mill secretary
138. Curry, John, sen., merchant
136. McLaughlin, Henry, builder
132. Johnston, John, boot and shoe maker
130. Clifford, John, wine and spirit dealer
        Carriers' entrance to York Street Flax Spinning Co. Limited
106. McCrea, Archibald, carpenter and builder
104 & 102. Rankin, Geo., marble and stone yard
 98. Graham, William, sculptor and ornamental stone carver
 94. McCallen, Mrs.
 92. Coates, George, provision merchant
 90. McKee, John, steam packet agent
 88. Reid, James, pork merchant
 86. Carse, G. & R., timber, slate, tile merchants
 80. Leathem, George D., commercial traveller
   "   Leathem, William Smythe, bank clerk
 78. Standfield, Mrs.
 76. Totton, Wm. John, insurance agent
   "   Registry Office for Births, Deaths, and Marriages _ W. J. Totton, registrar
 72. Henderson, John, printer and stationer
 70. McCreery & Hull, builders
 68. Falloon, James, painter
 66. Chambers, James, carpenter
64. Henry, William & Co., brewers, Newry - Robert McClinton, agent
 64. Allworthy, E., house, land, commission & insurance agent
 62. Vacant
 60. Harper, James
 58. McGee, Michael, M.D., surgeon, etc.
 56. Mullen, N., wine & spirit dealer
 54. McCreavy, John, builder
 52. Vacant
 50. Roden, J., waste merchant
 48. Robinson, John, Marble and Sculpture Works
 46. Connolly, John, saw mills
 42. Kirker & Son, grain & flour merchants
40. Vacant
 40. Scott, Wm. John, plumber, gas fitter, brass founder, etc lead merchant
 38. Grant, D. & W., engineers and machine makers
 36. Lynn, Wm., whitesmith
 34. Nugent, Edward, painter
 32. The York Street Hat Manufacturing Company
 30. Vacant
28, 26, 24 & 22. Marsh, John & Co., confectioners, pastry bakers, and steam biscuit and ship bread manufacturers
20 & 18. King, James, veterinary surgeon
16 & 14. Horse bazaar & auction yard - J. King
 12. Horse Shoeing Establishment - J. King
 10. Cunningham, T., wine store
   8. Vacant
   6. Cunningham, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant and insurance agent
   "   Welsh Insurance Company - T. Cunningham, agent
   4. Clindinning, Wm. & Sons, wholesale woollen and Manchester warehouse
       Queen's Hotel - J. McKenna

York Street Little
Great Patrick Street to Earl Street

   1. Miller, Jas., railway porter
   " Carlin, William, pensioner
   3. Wilson, William, tailor
   "   Stables of Roger McGeary
   5. Stephenson, W., book binder
   7. Holden, Alexander, laborer
   9. McGauley, Wm., laborer
9. Yard of Mr. McCloy
   "   Kelly, Arthur, smith
 11. Crothers, Mrs., seamstress
 13. McCormick, Luke, laborer
 15. Henderson, Simon, tailor
 17. Smith, Thomas - side door
 21. Coyle, Mrs.
 23. Black, Mrs. Elizabeth
 25. Duffy, Patrick, laborer
 27. Quinn, Alex., shoe maker
 29. McSeenan, Michael, laborer
 31. Millar, Mrs. Anne
 33. Freebairn, Robert, laborer
 35. Hill, George, laborer
 37. McVicker, James, cooper
 39. Clarke, John, butter market
 41. Greer, Mrs.
   "   Croft, Mrs.
 43. Donaghy, John, engineer
 45. Shearman, Robert, laborer
   "   Dickson, James, laborer
 47. Tilly, William, laborer
   "   McMullan, Robert, laborer
 49. McDonnell, William, laborer
   "   Goodman, Mrs.
 51. Murdock, George, laborer
   "   McKeown, Charles, laborer
 53. McGinnis, William H.
 55. Craig, John, laborer
57 & 59. Campbell, T., laborer
 61. McDermott, Patk. - side door
 63. Ross, Mrs.
 65. Wilson, Samuel, carpenter and grocer
65. Glass, Archibald, seaman
 67. Hamilton, Thomas, laborer
 69. Allen, John, lapper
 71. Thompson, Wm. J., seaman
 73. Murphy, Patrick, grocer
77 & 79. Ritchie, William, dealer
 81. Gordon, Mrs., spirit dealer
 83. Shaw, Francis, sawyer
 85. Stewart, James, sawyer
   "   Gray, Miss
 87. McNeill, Deborah, dealer
   "   Burns, Peter, dealer
 89. Justin, Mrs. Eliza
 91. Liggett, G., railway porter
 93. Galway, James, laborer
 95. Kane, Wm. John, laborer
 97. Winters, Thos., stone cutter
 99. Stewart, Sarah, heddle maker
101. Craig, William, laborer
103. Harper, John, laborer
105. Yard of Mrs. Owen
107. McCormick, John, side door
109. Mawhinney, Mrs.
111. McIntosh, Hugh, seaman
113. Gordon, Henry, carter
115. Craig, Mrs.
117. Purvis, Eliza, dealer
119. Craig, Samuel, dealer
121. Martin, Robert, laborer
123. McMechan, James, laborer
125. Couples, Mrs. E., dealer
127. O'Neill, Patk., side door
129. Wright & Killen, provision stores
135. Daly, James, grocer and spirit dealer
        McAlister, Daniel, side door

 76. McClean, Richard, tailor
 74. Darragh, Thomas, fireman
 72. Coburn, John, laborer
 70. Snowden, John, cooper (Snodden, John, cooper in 1877)
 68. Elder, Moses, quay porter
       Davis, John, in pork store
       Brown, Mrs., spirit dealer
 66. Coulter, R., railway porter
 64. Torrens, John, carpenter
 62. Millen, Arthur, laborer
60 & 58. Banks, John, car owner
 56. Hutchinson, William, grocer
 54. Gillen, James, mechanic
 52. Haire, John, confectioner
 50. McAlester, Mrs.
 48. Miller, John, laborer
 46. Maguire, Ann, washer
 44. Kitchen, Patk., ship smith
 42. McMillen, Samuel, side door
       Back of R. Waring's store
       Back of George Coates's store
 40. Stokoe, Rev. John
 38. Smith, Michael, yard door
 30. Black, Joseph, fowl store
 28. Murphy, Joseph, tow store
26 & 24. Belfast Lead Works - William Young
 22. McLaughlin, Henry, laborer
 20. McCool, Edward, laborer
 18. Doyle, John, baker
 16. Reilly, John, laborer
 14. McGouan, M., spirit dealer
 12. Bell, William, side of store
 10. Gateway of Dr. Wales
   8. Russell, George, tenter
6 & 4. Gateway of H. Loughran
   2. Clarke, Alex., flour stores