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"When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say, 
For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today"

8th Belfast H.A.A. Regt.

aka   'The Twelve Mile Snipers'
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The Men

Sergeant William Adrain - Diary and Biography

D. J. Bailie - War Diary and Photographs

Colonel Wm. N. Brann

Sgt. Thomas Herbert Coulter (Herbie)

Jimmy Cunningham's Private Army Comes Home

L/Sgt. Bertie Goodwin

Gunner Harry Grist

2/Lt. William George Hales

Gunner Herbert Hanley

Ken Heath

Bdr. William (Buttons) Hunter

Irvine Brothers 23rd Battery

Bdr. J. C. Irvine 23rd Battery

Bdr. Thomas Henderson Kane

Tommy and Albert Kinnon 21st and 23rd Bty.

 Gnr. Jim Lennon's War Records - Photos

Sgt. Joseph Harold Lynn (aka Harry-Joe)

Matchett Brothers 23rd Battery

L/Bdr. Harry Joseph Mawhinney 22nd Battery

Gunner Thomas Mercer 21st Battery

 Jimmy McKittrick

Bdr. Thomas McLaughlin

Colonel Harry Porter

Sgt. Billy Wilson 23rd Battery

Sidney Ernest Wright - Diary & Photographs


N-O-K- Dec'd Personnel 21/22/23 Hy.A.A.

Posted/Repatriated from 23 Hy.A.A.

List of Additional Soldiers

List of names, no addresses 23rd Bty.

Memorial Service Book (list of names) B Troop

22nd Bty. Memorial Brochure  names, addresses

23rd Bty. Memorial Brochure  names, addresses

RHQ/REME Memorial Brochure, addresses

Nominal Roll 21st Bty. all ranks

Nominal Roll 22nd Bty. all ranks

Nominal Roll 23rd Bty. all ranks

8th Belfast HAA Nominal Roll 21st Battery

8th Belfast HAA Nominal Roll 22nd Battery

8th Belfast HAA Nominal Roll 23rd Battery

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Burma Star Luncheon 2009

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8th Belfast HAA History
by Colonel Murray Barnes, OBE , TD.

A short History of The 8th (Belfast) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery (Supplementary Reserve)
by Harry Porter


Dean Houston McKelvey's Sermon
3rd October 2010

Extract from Coralie Kinahan's book
'Behind Every Great Man'
"Robin's War"


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Harry Porters film of the Twelve Mile Snipers
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Burma Star Luncheon

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Cpl. William F. Davison

Belfast Telegraph Tuesday June, 6, 1944 Invasion


Soldiers attached to the 8th Belfast HAA
please send me details of any soldier not already named on the nominal rolls if he served with the 8th Belfast HAA Regt.

Soldiers attached to 8th Belfast HAA
but not in Nominal Rolls, usually English and only with the regiment for part of the war
Service No. Rank Name Address DOB & Dates served with 8th Details
1804780 Gunner Passfield, John Thomas 7 Gt. Cambridge Road, Tottenham, London N17 DOB 9.10.1909

26.8.41 - 11.5.43

22nd Battery 8th HAA Regiment 26. 8.41 - 11.5.43
British Base Reinforcement Camp 12.5.43 - 29.7.43
Reserve AA Regiment 30.7.43 - 17.10.43
69th Light AA Regiment HA 18.10.43 - 19.11.45
111 Transit Camp BAOR 28.11.45 - 18.3.46
Wright, Sydney Ernest 72 Pine Tree Avenue, Leicester DOB 25.8.1911

10.10.41 - 1.10.43

Enlisted  Northampton 17.5.1940 ; 41 Survey Training Regt Larkhill. 13.6.40 – 17.7.40 ; RA School of Survey Larkhill 18.7.40 – 11.10.40 ; T/Surveyor Class III 11.10.40 ; 9th Reserve AA Regiment RA 8.5.41 – 10.5.41 ; 124th OCTU (Llandrindod Wells) 10.5.41 – 27.9.41 ; Commissioned 2nd Lt 27.9.41 ; RHQ 8th (Belfast) HAA Regt RA 10.10.41 – 1.10.43; Promoted Captain 11.10.43 ; Adjutant 15th (Indian) HAA Regt 11.10.25 - June 45 ; Battery Commander 15th Indian LAA (IA) 26.6.45
Discharged as Major RA Depot Woolwich 16.1.46



This looks like a List of Soldiers who joined the Regiment at a later date

there is no indication of Battery, it only gives Name and Rank and sometimes number
if you find a relative here and have additional information please send it for inclusion on the site

No. Rank Name No. Rank Name
  L/Sgt. Jones   Sgt. Whitehead
  Bdr. Saville   Gr. Hall, J.
  L/Sgt. Ervine, S. 1463104 Gr. Bailie, M. G.
scored out Gr. Barnhill, D.   Gr. King, P.
  Gr. Price (Sailor)   Gr. Embleton, J.
  Gr. Pate   Gr. Fields, W. C.
  Gr. Bell, R.   Gr. Stewart, C. (483) (written in pencil)
  Gr. Burns, W. J. 1683075 Gr. Jones, L. J.
1477273 Gr. Cooke, W. 1463065 L/Sgt. Busby, R. S.
1465488 S/Sgt. Carse, G. T.   L/Sgt. Devine, D.
  Gnr. Forde, W. W. V.   Gnr. Geddis, J.
  Gnr. Herbert, J. H. M.   Gnr. Johnston, T.
1472622 Gnr. Steenson, P.   Gnr. Thompson, J. H.
  Gnr. Ashwood, W. J.   Gnr. Jordan, W. C.
  Gnr. Campbell, G. 1476085 L/B. Fleming, R. D.
  Gnr. White, J. 1502397 Gnr. Spencer, C. E.
  Gnr. Henderson, R. C.   Gnr. Bourne, J.
  Gnr. Smith, A. J. (799)   Gnr. Smith, W. H.
  Gnr. Griffin, C. W.   Gnr. McArthur
1467280 Bdr. Patterson, H.   Bdr. Parker, G.
  Gnr. Kelly, W.   Gnr. Kelly, J. H.
  Gnr. Campbell, W. R.   Gnr. Johnston (Driver)
  Gnr. Brown, T.   Gnr. Devlin
  Gnr. Saville   L/Bdr. Kirkley, R.
  Gnr. Moran, J.   Gnr. Moran, C.
  Sgt. Hart   Gnr. Lusty, W.
  L/Bdr. Massey, J.   Bdr. Ringland, J.
  Gnr. McGihon, H.   Sgt. McKelvey, H.
  Gnr. Martin, J. (additional information by email)   Gnr. McCullough, W.
  Gnr. Clements, H.   Gnr. Gray, C.
  L/Bdr. Cooper, R.   Bdr. Doherty
  L/Bdr. Macdonald, W.   Gnr. Pearce, G.
  Gnr. McIlhagga, S.   L/Bdr. Cleland, A. E.
  Gnr. Jess, R. J. (not clear)   Gnr. Ireland, T.
  Gnr. Moore, H.   Gnr. Hawthorne, ?
  Gnr. Moore   L/Bdr. Nesbitt, J.
  Gnr. Kirk, J.   L/Bdr. George, H. M.
  L/Bdr. Cross, W. (Whig)   Gnr. Tanham, J. J.
  Gnr. Johnston, J. M. 1458030 Gnr. Gill, E.
  Gnr. Steenson, H.   Gnr. Bonugli
  Gnr. Cavedasca   Gnr. Barker
  Gnr. Bardi   L/Bdr. Hayes, F. L.
  Gnr. Brysland, D. C/G.   Gunner Brysland (Ftr.)
  Gunner Burbridge, G. A.   Gunner Walton
  Sgt. Mitchell, J.   Gunner Davies (Le Havre)
1494044 L/Sgt. Evans, C. A.   Gunner Fenton
  Gunner Hoosen, E. W.   Gunner Garrett, E. S.
  Gunner Good, R. J.   Gunner Lawson, D. M.
1059107 Cpl. Hobbs, P. 1475086 Gunner Hoff, W.
  L/Bdr. Caygill, E. T.   L/Bdr. Reid, R. J.
  Sgt. Harvey, R. S.   Sgt. Fitzgerald, W.
  L/Sgt. Mills, F. H.   Sgt. Crieve, J. D.
  Sgt. Quinn, V.   L/Sgt. Doree, J. J.
  Bdr. Blackman, H. G.   Bdr. Archibold, R.
  Gunner Rowlands, J.   Gunner Baverstock, H. L.
  Bdr. Trotter, A.   Bdr. Wilson, W.
  L/Bdr. Wilson, J. F.   Gunner Severs, A.
  Gunner Gault, W.   Gunner Cowan, F. E.
  Bdr. Duneen, B. (or Duncan)   Gunner Green, R. J.
  L/Sgt. Graham, D.   L/Sgt. Stewart, ?
  Bdr. Stewart, T. C.   Gunner Stewart, T. C.
  TSM Shapcott, M.   Sgt. Truswell, H. M.
  TSM McCullough, J.   Sgt. Nesbitt, J.
  L/Bdr. Landon, H. N.   L/Bdr. Osborne
  L/Bdr. Layne   L/Bdr. Gregory, C. A.
  Bdr. Howcroft, A. J.   Bdr. Craythorne, F.
  Gunner Craythorne, H.   Gunner Bryans, J.
  Gunner Boyce, J.   Gunner McKenzie, W. C. R.
  L/Bdr. Nesbitt, C. or G.   Gunner McCreight, W.
  Gunner McBurney, S. R.   Gunner Brown, J.
  Gunner Fancutt, J. J.   Major Henry, R. F. (?)
  Gunner Hines, H.   Major McMullan, F. ?
  Lt. Lockhart   Lt. Carr
  Lt. Walker, E. A.   Capt. Uprichard, D. R. K. ?
  Lt. Wright, S. E.   Lt. McMeekin, ? M. or W.
  Capt. Deakin, F. W.   illegible illegible
  Gunner Brown, J. (Darkie)   Gunner Brown (Snowball)
  Bdr. Baxter, N.   Sgt. Chambers, D. A.
  Sgt. Cakes, C. G.   Gunner Batt, P. D.
  Gunner Ritchie, H. P.   Bdr. Louden, D.
  Bdr. Kalloway, F.   BQMS Turner, F. J.
  Gunner Gillett, W. F.   Gunner Harkinson, J.
  Gunner Mowat, J.   Gunner Maxton
  Gunner Hughes, V.   Gunner Stewart, J.
  Gunner Rowlands, E. 1475265 Pte. Rowley, R.
1174 Gunner Coppinger, E. W. (E. M.) on memorial 1820061 Gunner Knox, T. T.
  Gunner McKay, W.   L/Sgt. Drew, R.
1502415 Sergt. Vance, J. D.   Gunner Johnson, N. H.
1513168 Gunner Wilson, W. M. J.   Gunner Heritage, C.
  Gunner Howe, W.   Gunner Purdy, J.
  Gunner Potts, A. L.   Gunner Menet, C. H.
  Gunner Bird, E. A.   Gunner Sedgwick, R.
  Gunner Fleming, R.   Gunner Anderson (cook)
  Gunner McKee (Cook)   Sgt. Scriven, G. C.
  Gunner McTernaghan, J.   Gunner McNeill, J.
  Sgt. Bradley, C. A.   Gunner Gouldie, J.
  Gunner Adams, T.   L/Bdr. Foley, J.
  L/Sgt. Hudson, J.   Gunner Bryce, T.
  Sgt. Temple   L/Sgt. Bleakley, R. W.
  Gunner Wallwork, J. W.   Capt. Byers, R. H.
  Gunner Page - Nunn, B.   Bdr. Baxter, N. or V. ?
  Lt. Beers, J. H. ?     c/o McMullan, Thos.
  Bdr. Wilson, W.      
    c/o The Hill, Moss Road, Lambeg   L/Bdr. Wilson, J. F.
          c/o Maguire & Patterson
  Sgt. Mitchell, J.      
    c/o Douglas & Green, Donegall Street   Lt. Elliott
          c/o State Insurance Co.
  Bdr. Macdonald, W.      
    c/o Wm. Liddell & Co., Wellington Place   Gunner Sykes, W.
        Gunner Gendy, H.
1464509 L/Sgt. Graham, D.   Gunner Hilditch, W. J.
    26 Sandhill Gardens, Belfast   Bdr. Thames, G.
        Gunner Hall or Hull,  A.?
  Bdr. Kulloway, F. ?   Gunner Mateer, A. E.  } brothers
  L/Sgt. Stewart, L.   Gunner Mateer, J.        }    -do-
    c/o Headline?   Gunner Pickersgill, G.
  Bdr. Stewart, T. C.   Gunner Anderson, A.
    c/o Belfast Steam   Gunner Calder, L.
      Smith, C. E. Gunner Jones, T. L.
    Walker, H.   Gunner Young, A. E.
    illegible   Gunner Mather, P.
    Wilson, K.   Gunner Hartley, G.
    Stewart, R. C.   Gunner Richardson, T. H.
        Gunner Broom, R. S.