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Campbell College Register 1894 - 1954
being the Fourth Edition of The Campbell College Register
also includes the names from the 1894 - 1938 Version

The Campbell College War Record 1939-1945

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names are listed by year of entry into Campbell College, continued on additional pages



this page (1) - September 1894 to September 1903 (numbers in brackets (-) are from the 1894-1938 Register)
(also typing in this colour, green, is additional information from the 1894-1938 added to the listing from the 1894-1954)

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1. Adair, Thomas Louis Napoleon, b. 5th June, 1880, son of Hugh Adair, Glenavon, Cookstown. V., July, 1896. Linen Manufacturer. J.P. High Sheriff of Tyrone. Died. (M)
(1938 Address: Greenvale, Cookstown)

(2). Allison, James Barnett, b. 28th June, 1880, son of Rev. J. A. Allison, The Manse, Monaghan.  VI., July, 1899.  Scholar, School Prefect.  1st XV. 1895-1899; Capt. 1897-8; Cricket 1896-1899; Capt. 1899; Irish International Team (¾) 1899, 1900, 1901, 1902; Edin. Univ.; died March 31st, 1907. (1938)

3. Adeley, William Lawrence, b. 3rd April, 1882, son of W. J. Adeley, Alexandra Gardens, Fortwilliam Park, Belfast. Brother of 715. III, Feb., 1896. Great War: Attd. Deccan Horse, later R.A.F. and R.A.S.C.; Capt., France and Salonika; Capt. in Reserve of Officers. Stockbroker, 32 Rosemary Street, Belfast. Died 26th March 1951 (1938 Address: Ben Eden, Antrim Road)

(4) Agnew, Kenneth Malcolm, b. 29th Sept., 1881, son of Henry Agnew, 8 Windsor Gardens, Belfast, L.VI., Nov., 1898. Great War: Royal Irish Rifles; died as prisoner of war in Germany, 25th June, 1918.

5. Ainslie, Charles Marshall, b. 8th October, 1878, son of Capt. E. M. Ainslie, 60th King's Royal Rifles. Com. April, 1895. 13th Battn. Irish Yeo., Boer War; 2nd Battn. Connaught Rangers; Commanded 30th Div. Train whole of Great War; later Commanded Khyber Ropeway Coy., R.A.S.C.; D.S.O., Croix de Guerre (Belge.), mentioned in despatches; Lieut.-Col., retired. (M) (1938 Address: Rose Cottage, Methwold, Brandon, Suffolk. (M.q.))

(6). Alcorn, Benjamin, b. 14th Dec., 1876, son of Mrs. Emily Alcorn, 27 Eia Street, Belfast. Feb., 1895. Served with Imperial Yeomanry in South Africa.

(7). Alderdice, Walter, b. 1st. Jan., 1879, son of W. W. Alderdice, Rockville, Inverary Avenue, Sydenham, Belfast. Brother of 8. Com. July, 1895. Late of New Zealand Railways; died 9th Feb., 1926, at Hove, Sussex.

(8). Alderdice, Frederick Howard, b. 31st Mar., 1880, son of W. W. Alderdice, Rockville, Inverary Avenue, Sydenham, Belfast. Brother of 7. Com. July, 1895. Died 27th Nov., 1930.

(9). Alderdice, Norman, b. 20th Nov., 1878, son of Mrs. Alderdice, Alston, Balmoral, Belfast. Com. Feb., 1895.

10. Allen, James Wilson, b. 29th June, 1880, son of David Allen, Clonoriel, Strandtown, Belfast. Brother of 11. V., July, 1897. 1st XV. 1894-5-6; Construction Engineer, Maritime Telegraph and Telephone Co., Halifax, N.S., Canada. Died 25th August, 1938.

11. Allen, William Andrews, b. 15th Oct., 1878, son of David Allen, Clonoriel, Strandtown, Belfast. Brother of 10. Com. July, 1896. 1st XV., 1894-95. Canadian National Railways. Kicked the first goal scored for Campbell 1st XV. in a school match. Address:- 22 Cedar Avenue, Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada. (M) (1938 Address: Glenallen, Beaurepaire, Montreal, Canada. (M.q.))

(12). Anderson, John, b. 31st July, 1880, son of Martin Anderson, Knock, Belfast. V, Feb., 1896.

13. Andrews, Lennox, b. 14th Mar., 1878, son of John Andrews, J.P. Maxwell Court, Comber.  III., Feb., 1898. Architect with T. W. Henry, F.R.I.B.A., till 1932. Address: 111 University Street, Belfast (M). (1938 M.q.)

14. *Archer, John, b. 17th Feb., 1879, son of John Archer, Home Villa, Knock, Belfast.  VI., July, 1897. Scholar. Queen's University. Sch. (Lit.), 1897-1900. Senior Sch. Ancient Classics, 1900. B.A. (R.U.I.), 1900. Solicitors' Final, 1904. Town Solicitor, Belfast Corporation, 1926-35. Town Clerk and Town Solicitor, Belfast Corporation, 1935-41. President O.C. Society, 1936-37. Trustee of Campbell College, 1937. Address; Rockport Lodge, Cushendun. (M.q.) (1938 Address: 32 Knockdene Park, Belfast. (M.q.))

(15). Baird, William James, b. Sept., 1878, son of Francis Baird, Ballyclare. Com. Nov., 1895.

16. Barron, Robert, b. 16th March, 1878, son of Humphrey Barron, Fortwilliam Park, Belfast; brother of 812. III, Nov., 1895. House and Land Agent, Garfield Street, Belfast (1938 Address: 8 Chichester Avenue, Belfast)

(17). Beck, Frederick Charles, b. 29th June, 1881, son of F. C. Beck, F.R.C.P., Fitzroy House, Botanic Avenue, Belfast. III., July, 1896. Great War: Canadian Gordon Highlanders, Sergt.-Major.

(18). Beggs, John, b. 27th Nov., 1880, son of Jas. Beggs, Bridge Street, Lisburn. V., July, 1896. Solicitor. Died 12th Dec., 1935.

(19). Bell, Thomas Andrews, b. 11th Dec., 1879, son of Ross Bell, Donegall Pass, Belfast. V., Nov., 1895.

(20). Benson, Ernest Wallace, b. 6th April, 1883, son of Geo. Benson, 8 Windsor Gardens, Belfast. II., July, 1895.

(21). Bingham, John Warnock, b. 9th Oct., 1880, son of Henry Bingham, Mountpottinger, Belfast. V., July, 1896. Edinburgh University, M.B., B.Ch. Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C. Died on active service, 10th March, 1919.

22. Boas, Charles George, b. 21st Dec., 1878, son of Hermann Boas, Lennoxvale, Belfast. Com. July, 1896. Manufacturers' Agent in Belgium. (1938 Lenoxvale - Address: 208 Rue de la Soie, Brussels 2.)

23. *Boucher, Edwin Ross, b. 28th Feb., 1881, son of Joseph Boucher, Connsbrook Avenue, Belfast. IV., July, 1896. Great War; Lieut., Royal Irish Rifles. Commission Agent. Died 26th November, 1952. (M)

24. Bradley, Walter George, b. 13th October, 1879, son of John Bradley, Haypark House, Knock, Belfast. Com. July, 1895. Address; Craglea, Castlerock. (1938 Address: Helens Bay, Co. Down)

25. Bretland, Arthur White, b. 1882, son of J. C. Bretland, Craigavad, Co. Down. V, July, 1899. 1st Football XV, 1897-8; Civil Engineer; Deputy Chief Engineer, Great Southern Railways Coy. Address: Seapark, Malahide, Co. Dublin. (1938 Address: Kingsbridge Terminus, Dublin.)

26. Broadbent, Cyril Douglas, b. 26th Oct., 1880, ward of William McMeekin, Bedford Street, Belfast. III, July, 1896. Went to Canada to Messrs. Eaton's. Address: 174, Morley Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. (M.)

27. Brown, James Riddle, b. 16th Oct., 1881, son of Robert Brown, Wingfield Lodge, Bloomfield. V, July, 1896. To Methodist College. Died 1940.

28. *Brown, Thomas Watters, b. 17th March, 1879, son of James A. Brown, Newtownards. Schol. April, 1895. Father of 2245 and 2365. Queen's College, Belfast; B.A. (R.U.I.), 1904; Barrister-at-Law, Ireland, 1907; King's Counsel, 1918; English Bar, Gray's Inn, 1919; represented North Down in Imperial Parliament, 1918-22; Solicitor General for Ireland, 1921; Attorney General for Ireland, 1921; Privy Council for Ireland, 1921; for Northern Ireland, 1922; appointed Judge of the High Court in Northern Ireland, Feb., 1922. President O.C. Society, 1922-23-24. Died 7th October, 1944 (M) (1938 Address: Ben Ingan, Donaghadee. (M.q.))

29. Bruce, Alexander Masson, b. 24th June, 1879, son of Wm. Bruce, Mount Oriel, Bloomfield, Belfast. VI, Nov., 1895. Agent. Died 23rd February, 1940. (1938 Address: Cromer, Kirkliston Drive, Bloomfield, and 17 Brunswick Street, Belfast)

30. Bulloch, John Lytle, b. 22nd Sept., 1879, son of Alex. Bulloch, Malone Road, Belfast. Com. July, 1896. Manufacturer, retired. Address: Orchard Hill, Craigavad, Co. Down. (M.q) (1938 Address: Holywood, Co. Down. (M.))

31. *Caldwell, William, b. 11th Oct., 1875, son of James Caldwell, Mont Cecil, Bloomfield. Brother of 547. VI. Dec., 1897. (Senior Moderator), M.A., Sc.D. (T.C.D.), F.I.C., M.R.I.A., Fellow of the Chemical Society, London; Professor of Chemistry, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland; Prizeman in Chemistry; Andrews Student in Chemistry and Physics; 1851 Exhibition Research Scholar in Chemistry, Queen's College, Belfast; Wurzburg University, Bavaria; Senior Moderator and Gold Medallist in Experimental Science; Doctor of Science (stip. cond.), Trinity College, Dublin: late Senior Chemical Assistant, school of Physics, and late Lecturer in Chemistry to the Indian Civil Service school, Trinity College, Dublin.  Publications - Chemical Papers in the Transactions of the Royal Dublin Society; Journal of the Chemical Society, London; Biochemical Journal; Qualitative and Volumetric Analysis (J. & A. Churchill, London). Medical Doctor. Died 1st September, 1939. (M) (1938 Address: 14 Harcourt Street, Dublin. (M.q.)

32. *Carson, William Harold, b. 1st June, 1877, son of Wm. Carson, J.P., Craigavad, Co. Down. Brother of 33 and 34. Father of 2669. VI, July, 1895. 1st XV, 1894-5 (Capt.); Solicitor; Address: Carnalea House, Crawfordsburn, Co. Down. (M)

(33). Carson, Robert, b. 6th April, 1879, son of W. Carson, J.P., Craigavad, Co. Down. Brother of 32 and 34. VI, July, 1896.  1st XV, 1894-5, 1895-6; Cricket XI, 1895. Great War: Major, R.G.A.; killed in action, 25th Aug., 1916.

34. Carson, John, b. 14th July, 1881, son of Wm. Carson, J.P., Craigavad, Co. Down. Brother of 32 and 33. IV, July, 1896. Flax Merchant. Address: Ingledene, Cultra, Co. Down.

35. Chamberlain, George Ashton, b. 28th April, 1881, son of Rev. Geo. Chamberlain, The Rectory, Carrickfergus. Father of 2528.  VI, Dec., 1895. Scholar. Trinity College, Dublin, B.A., 1904; M.A., 1908; B.D.; Editor, Church of Ireland Gazette, 1914-24; Rector, Mariners' Parish, Kingstown; Canon of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, 1932. Address: The Rectory, Mariners' Church, Kingstown. (M.q)

36. Clegg, Henry, b. 11th Dec., 1882, son of R. H. Clegg, Newmarket Lodge, Knock, Belfast.  III, July, 1896. Great War: N.I. Horse. Died. (1938 Address: Newmarket Lodge, Knock Road)

37. Corry, Alexander, b. 24th April, 1880, son of Robert Corry, Sandown House, Knock, Belfast.  V, July, 1896. To Canada. Died 1940.

(38). Cowan, Arthur Ernest Alfonso, b. 29th June, 1882, son of Sir Edward P. Cowan, Craigavad, Co. Down. Brother of 39.  V, July, 1896.  Lirut., 2nd Dragoon Guards; served in Boer War; died of enteric at Alandsfontein, 11th April, 1902.

39. *Cowan, Francis Edward Patrick, b. 29th June, 1882, son of Sir Edward P. Cowan, Craigavad, Co. Down. Brother of 38.  V, July, 1896. Clifton College. Director Wm. Cowan, Ltd.; Chairman, 1930-35. Partner Somerville and Co., London Stock Exchange; Antrim R.G.A., 1904; Major on retirement, 1932. War Service, 1914-1917. Address: 3 Mornington Park, Bangor, Co. Down. (M) (1938 (M.q.)

(40). Craig, John Campbell, b. 4th Aug., 1879, son of Mrs. Craig, 23 Elbana Street, Belfast.  V, Nov., 1895.

(41). Crawford, Norman William, b. 23rd Dec., 1877, son of James Crawford, Strandtown, Belfast.  Feb., 1895.  Died.

(42). Crawley, Robert Jocelyn, b. 9th March, 1880, son of F. W. Crawley, Solicitor, Downpatrick.  IV, Nov. 1896.

43. *Crofts, Freeman Willis, b. 1st June, 1879, ward of Ven. J. Harding, Archdeacon of Dromore.  VI, July 1896.  Apprentice Civil Engineering, 1896; District Engineer B. & N.C. Railway, Coleraine, 1900; Chief Assistant Engineer, L.M.S. (N.C.C.), 1922-29. Author of short stories and detective novels, including "The Cask" and "Sir John Magill's Last Journey," and a religious book. "The Four Gospels in One Story"; writing detective novels, short stories, B.B.C. short plays, etc. Elected Fellow of Royal Society of Arts, 1939.  Address: Rose Cottage, Blackheath, Guildford, Surrey. (M.q.) (Died 11th April 1957- from internet) (1938 Wills - Address: Wildern, Blackheath, Guilford. (M.q.)

44. *Currie, Piers Alexander, b. 10th October, 1882, son of W. A. Currie, Woodburn, Holywood.  U.VI, July, 1901. School Prefect. 1st XI, 1900-01; 1st XV, 1898-99-00-01; Capt., 1901. St. John's College, Oxford. B.A. (Honours), Jurisprudence. College Football and tennis Colours. Barrister-at-Law (Honours in Final). Assistant Solicitor, Ministry of Health. O.B.E. (1931). Address: Woodside, Burdon Laen, Cheam, Surrey. (M) (Lane) (1938 (M.q.)

(45). Davidson, James Samuel, b. 9th March, 1877, son of S. C. Davidson, Seacourt, Bangor, Co. Down.  Brother of 46. Com. Dec., 1895.  Engineer: Director and General Manager, Davidson & Co., Ltd., Belfast.  Great War: Capt. 13th Batt. R. Irish Rifles; killed in action, 1st July, 1916.

(46). Davidson, Richard Frederick, b. 25th Aug., 1878, son of S. C. Davidson, Seacourt, Bangor, Co. Down.  Brother of 45.  V, Dec., 1895; died 24th Feb., 1897.

(47). Davidson, Alexander Sinclair, b. 19th Sept., 1877, son of James Davidson, Hawthornden, Knock, Belfast.  Com. March, 1896.

48. Davis, William Henry, b. 6th April, 1879, son of Rev. Canon W. H. Davis, St. Jude's Rectory, Belfast. Brother of 820 and 907.  V, Feb., 1896. 1st XV, 1894-5; Q.C.B. and R.U.I.; M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1904; M.D., 1908; Doctor of Medicine; Malcolm Exhibitioner, Royal Victoria Hospital; Clin. Asst. Nose, Throat and Ear Dept., W. London Hospital; Clin. Asst., Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street; author, "Notes on Rupture of Heart," "Lancet," 1909. Private practice. Address: Heathfield, 164 Regent's Park Road, Finchley, London, N.3. (M.q.) (1938 Hon. Physician Ossulston Convalescent Home, Hendon, N.W. - N. London Hospital)

(49). Davis, John, b. 31st Dec., 1878, son of Rev. John Davis, Ballynahinch.  Feb., 1895.  B.A.(R.U.I.), 1899; Edinburgh University; Minister, Parish of Buittle, 1905.  Great War: Army Chaplain's Dept.; died on Active Service in Mesopotamia, 22nd July, 1917

50. Dewar, Elliott Paxton, b. 13th Dec., 1881, son of Rev. James Dewar, University Street, Belfast.  IV, April, 1896. L.C.R.P., L.R.C.S. (Edin.), L.R.F.P.S. (Glasgow), 1921; Tuberculosis Institute, Belfast. Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C. Believed dead. (1938 Address: Forthill House, Boardmills, Co. Down)

51. *Dickson, William Cooper, b. 3rd October, 1878, son of Hugh Dickson, Belmont, Belfast. Father of 2547 and 2738. Brother of 269. Com. July, 1895. Commission Agent. Died, August, 1944. (M) (1938 Address: Tieve Tara, Knockdene Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

52. Dobbin, Samuel, b. 19th October, 1879, son of Rev. A. Dobbin, The Manse, Boardmills, Lisburn.  LV, Feb., 1897.  Scholar.  Ulster Bank, 1897-1912; Accountant and Office Manager, Western Grocers Ltd., Winnipeg. Address: McKenzie Island, Ontario. (M)

(53). Dobbs, John, b. 7th Feb., 1881, son of W. Dobbs, Belfast.  LV, Oct., 1895.  Great War: S. African Motor Corps.

54. *Doig, William, b. 2nd Nov., 1880, son of Wm. Doig, Ulsterville Avenue, Belfast.  Com. April, 1896.  Pharmaceutical Chemist.  M.P.S.  Retired.  Address: Kin-gower, Greenisland, Co. Antrim. (M.q) (1938 Address: Silverstream House, Greenisland. (M.q.))

55. *Dunwoody, Robert Brown, b. 19th April, 1879, son of Robert Dunwoody, Belfast.  VI, July, 1896.  1st XV, 1894-95-96.  1st XI, 1895-96.  A.M.I.C.E., F.C.I.S., F.R.G.S., O.B.E. (1920), C.B.E. (1924). Past President and Hon. Secy., Association of Secretaries of British Chambers of Commerce; Chief Secretary, Royal Commission on Canals and Waterways, 1910; Secretary to Government Canal Control Committee during Great War; Secy. to Industrial Advisers to U.K. Delegates to Imperial Economic Conference, 1932. Author of various economic and other papers. President Old Campbellian Society, 1935-36.  Address: Runnington, Tadworth, Surrey. (M)

(56). Edwards, Reginald Weston, b. 12th Jan., 1882, son of Alfred Edwards, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 354.  L.IV, July, 1896.  Died 19th Oct., 1913.

57. *Elliott, David Beggs, b. 10th Sept., 1876, son of David Elliott, Ardroe, Cyprus Park, Belfast. Brother of 58.  VI, Nov., 1898.  1st XI, 1895-1989. Queen's College, Belfast. Maths. Scholar, 1896-97; Eng. Scholar, 1902-03; Civil Engineer and Architect; Assistant Surveyor Antrim Co. Council.  Played Rugby Football for Queen's College, 1902-03 and Association for Cliftonville, 1901 and 1903-05, and cricket for various Ulster clubs. Author of "Association Football." Died. (M) (1938 Address: 10 Clonmohr Terrace, Ballymena, Co. Antrim. (M.q.))

58. Elliott, John McKean, b. 23rd Jan., 1880, son of David Elliott, Ardroe, Cyprus Park, Belfast. Brother of 57. U.VI, July, 1899. Scholar. 1st XI, 1898. Queen's College, Belfast. Scholar, 1899 and 1901. B.E. 1906. Civil Engineer. Died. (1938 Address: 10 Cherryvalley Gardens, Belfast. (q))

(59). Ellison, Alfred Holmes, b. 22nd Aug., 1881, son of Mrs. Ellison, Sydenham, Belfast.  Dec., 1894.  Died 25th Feb., 1895.

60. Erskine, Thomas Morley, b. 15th March, 1883, son of John Erskine, Whitehouse, Belfast.  Father of 2799.  IV, July, 1897.  Roofing Felt Manufacturer. Address: Prospect, Whitehouse, Co. Antrim. (1938 (M.q.)

(61). Fee, David Alfred, b. 25th Jan., 1881, son of T. Fee, Glenview, Castlereagh, Belfast.  Brother of 482.  IV, Nov., 1895.  Principal of D. A. Fee & Co.  Valuer to High Court of Justice.  J.P.  Died 17th Jan., 1934.  (M.)

62. *Ferguson, Hugh Reynolds MacKay, b. 3rd Nov., 1880, son of Rev. J. E. Ferguson, Silverstream, Randalstown.  U.VI, Oct., 1899. Scholar. School Prefect. 1st XV, 1896-7-8-9.  Q.C.B. Porter Scholar, 1901. 1st XV, 1899. B.A. (R.U.I.), 1902. Classical Scholar, T.C.D., 1904. Stewart Scholar in Science, 1905. Moderator in Classics and Natural Science, 1906. B.A., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1901. M.D. (Dublin), 1914. D.P.H., 1914. R.C.P.S.I. Retired from Colonial Service, 1931. F.R.I.P.H.H., 1930. S.M.O. and Specialist W.A.M.S., 1927. Author of Articles on Tropical Diseases.  Address: 116 Balmoral Avenue, Belfast. (M.q.) (1938 Senior Medical Officer W.A.M.S., 1927)

(63). Finlay, Ion Walter, b. 9th August, 1878, son of John Finlay, Glenmore, Cushendun.  Brother of 64.  Feb., 1895.

(64). Finlay, Maurice Macaulay Lepper, b. 4th May, 1881, son of John Finlay, Glenmore, Cushendun.  Brother of 63.  III, April, 1895.

65. *Fisher, Chalmers Dempster Corbett, b. 6th Sept., 1880, son of J. R. Fisher, Melvin, Windsor Park, Belfast.  U.VI, Oct., 1899. Scholar; School Prefect.  1st XI, 1895-6-7-8-9, Capt., 1898. 1st XV, 1895-96-97-98-99; Capt., 1898-99. Classical Scholar, St. John's College, Oxford; 2nd Class Hons. Moderations; 3rd Class Hons, Lit. Hum.; Rugby Blue, 1902-03. B.A. Assistant District Commissioner, East African Protectorate, 1906-09. Great War: Capt., R.A.S.C. Director, Messrs. Corbett & Newson. Died 23rd December, 1952. (M) (1938 Address: 8 Heathgate, London, N.W.11.  (M.q.))

(66). Foy, Joseph Henry Edward Ernest, b. 15th July, 1878, son of Rev. E. A. Foy, Armagh.  Brother of 67.  Nov., 1894.  To Canada.  Great War: North Irish Horse and Lieut., Royal Inniskilling Fus.  Died 25th Oct., 1923.

(67). Foy, William Nassau, b. 23rd March, 1881, son of Rev. E. A. Foy, Armagh.  Brother of 66.  Nov., 1894.  Scholar.  Great War: Sgt.-Major, Canadian Forces.

68. Fitchie, Robert George, b. 18th Jan., 1881, son of James Fitchie, Maryville, Bloomfield, Belfast.  V, July, 1896.  Queen's College, Belfast.  Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin. L.D.S. Univ. of Pennsylvania.  D.D.S. Surgeon Dentist. Died 20th July, 1939. (1938 Address: 12 King's Road, Belfast)

69. Gabbey, Herbert James, b. 17th Sept., 1879, son of Wm. Gabbey, Princess Gardens, Belfast. Brother of 70.  Com. July, 1896. 1st XV, 1894-95-96. City Surveyor's Office, City Hall, Belfast. Died June, 1941. (1938 Address: 23 Wolseley Street, Belfast)

70. Gabbey, Robert Alexander, b. 25th Feb., 1881, son of Wm. Gabbey, Princess Gardens, Belfast. Brother of 69. Nov., 1894. Farmer in Canada. Died February, 1952.

(71). *Gallaher, James Osborne, b. 26th Dec., 1880, son of James Gallaher, Malone Park House, Belfast.  Brother of 72.  III, Feb., 1898.  Grain Merchant.  Died 30th June, 1928.

(72). Gallaher, Thomas Emberson, b. 25th Jan., 1883, son of James Gallaher, Malone Park House, Belfast.  Brother of 71.  III, July, 1899.

73. *Garrett, Robert, b. 15th Jan., 1883, son of Edward Garrett, Lannevan, Knock, Belfast. Brother of 74. IV, July, 1898. Managing Director, Marsh & Co. (1928), Ltd., Belfast. Died 3rd July, 1948 (M)

(74). Garrett, Ernest, b. 26th June, 1884, son of Edward Garrett, Lannevan, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 73.  IV, May, 1900.  Banker in California.  Died 12th Sept., 1931. (M.)

75. Gething, Robert E., b. 7th May, 1880, son of Constantine Gething, Prince's Park, Liverpool. Brother of 321.  VI, July, 1896. 1st XV, 1895-6. 1st XI, 1895-6. College de Morbaix, France. Univ. College, Oxford. B.A. (Hon. School of Jurisprudence), 1901. B.C.L. (Honours), 1903. M.A., 1905. Solicitors' Final Honours. Bar Final Certificate of Honour; Barrister-at-Law. Great War: Captain, R.A. Died. (1938 Junior Carlton Club, Pall Mall, London, S.W. (q.))

76. Goldsmith, Arthur Stanley, b. 2nd July, 1881, son of Rev. Oliver Goldsmith, The Rectory, Greyabbey. Father of 2966.  LV, July, 1897. Scholar. Tea Planter in India. Address: Ardcarrick, Malahide. (M)

77. *Gotto, Robert Porter Corry, b. 20th Jan., 1881, son of Arthur C. Gotto, Rushmere, Belfast. Brother of 78.  V, July, 1896.  Cricket XI, 1895; 1st XV, 1894-5. 1895-6; Irish International Rugby XV. 1914-18 War: R.A.S.C., Capt., O.B.E. (Mil.); mentioned in despatches (2). Timber Importer: Managing Director, J. P. Corry & Co. Ltd., Belfast; Belfast Harbour Commissioners, 1927. C.B.E. D.L. Area Officer, Northern Ireland, Ministry of Supply Timber Control, 1939-1946. Address: The Laurels, Adelaide Park, Belfast. (M.x.q.)

78. Gotto, Louis Corry, b. 19th July, 1882, son of Arthur C. Gotto, Rushmere, Belfast. Brother of 77.  III, July, 1896. Director in J. P. Corry & Co. Ltd., Belfast. Address: The Corner, Myrtlefield Park, Belfast. (M.q.)

79. Graham, Samuel John, b. 14th August, 1879, son of Rev. T. S. Graham, LL.D., The Manse, Comber. Brother of 80, 81, 82 and 484. V, May, 1896. Queen's College, Belfast. L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S. Edin.; L.F.P.S., Glasgow; Resident Medical Superintendent, Belfast Mental Hospital. Died 13th September, 1951. (1938 Address: Belfast Mental Hospital, Purdysburn, Belfast. (q.))

80. Graham, William Shepherd, b. 15th March, 1881, son of Rev. T. S. Graham, LL.D., The Manse, Comber. Brother of 79, 81, 82 and 484.  VI, May, 1900. F.Sch. Queen's College, Belfast. M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., R.U.I., 1908. Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C. Late Medical Superintendent, Somerset and Bath Mental Hospital. Address: 98 Sydenham Avenue, Strandtown, Belfast. (q.) (1938 Address: Cotford House, Taunton, Somerset. (q.))

81. Graham, Thomas Saunders, b. 6th October, 1882, son of Rev. T. S. Graham, LL.D., The Manse, Comber. Brother of 79, 80, 82 and 484. Father of 2552 and 2689.  IV, July, 1899. Chartered Accountant, Johnstone & Graham.  Address: 11 Donegall Square South, Belfast. (M.q.)

82. *Graham, Norman Bell, b. 11th Sept., 1884, son of Rev. T. S. Graham, LL.D., The Manse, Comber. Brother of 79, 80, 81 and 484.  V, Nov., 1900. Queen's College, Belfast; B.A., R.U.I..1906; M.B., B.Ch. (Q.U.B.); D.P.M. (Camb.). Great War: R.A.M.C., 1915-1919, Capt., M.C. Late Resident Medical Superintendent, Purdysburn Hospital, Belfast. Address: Ardnagrena, Kilkeel, Co. Down. (M.q.) (1938 Address: Purdysburn Villa Colony, Belfast. (M.q.))

83. Grange, Rochfort, b. 31st Jan., 1882, ward of E. M. Lewis, Nettlefield, Belfast.  III, July, 1897.  Rubber Planting.  Great War: Australian Imperial Forces.  Ministry of Agriculture. (1938 Address: 4 Kinedar Crescent, Belfast)

84. *Grimshaw, Ramsey Newsom, b. 30th October, 1876, son of N. W. Grimshaw, Clifton House, Cliftonville.  Vth Up., July, 1895.  1st XV, 1894-95. Mechanical Engineer, Marine Engineer, Engineer Lieutenant, R.N.R., 1915-19. Tobacco Planter and Land Owner. Died 2nd May, 1950. (1938 Address: Mt. Wergong via Oberon, New South Wales, Australia. (q.))

(85). Harbinson, Hugh H. S., b. 16th June, 1880, son of Rev. W. Harbinson, 41 Rugby Road, Belfast.  Brother of 86.  V, Dec., 1895.  Scholar.  Mechanical Engineer.

(86). Harbinson, Stewart Clark, b. 19th Sept., 1881, son of Rev. W. Harbinson, 41 Rugby Road, Belfast.  Brother of 85.  L.V, Nov., 1895.  Scholar.  Queen's College, Belfast; Royal University, Ireland.  B.A., 1907; Princeton Theol. Seminary and Union Theol. Seminary, New York.  Minister of Religion.

87. *Haslett, James Ross, b. 4th June, 1880, son of Sir James H. Haslett, Princess Gardens, Belfast.  Brother of 416.  III, Dec., 1896.  Capt., R.A.S.C., 1914-19.  Divisional Manager, Imperial Chemical Industries, Ltd.  Member of Board of N.I.R. Transport Board.  Died 1st September 1941. (1938 Address: Killeague, Greenisland, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.))

88. Herriott, Thompson Parker, b. 23rd June, 1880, son of Thomson, Herriott, Ballymiscaw, Holywood.  L.VI, July, 1898.  In firm of Harland & Wolff, Ltd., Belfast since 1935.  Address: 34 Clonlee Drive, Belfast. (M.q.) (1938 In firm of Musgrave & Co. Ltd., Belfast.  Address: 60 Clonlee Drive, Belfast.)

(89). Hill, Edward, b. 12th Aug., 1876, son of Mrs. Hill, Oller View House, Ballyclare.  Matric. July, 1895.  Solicitor.  Died 13th Nov., 1929. (M.)

90. Hingston, John Herbert, b. 27th May, 1880, son of Wm. Hingston, Castlereagh Street, Belfast.  IV, July, 1895.  White Star Line.  Address: Trefern, Upper Road, Greenisland, Co. Antrim. (1938 Address: 29 Kincora Avenue, Belfast)

91. Hurley, Henry Hutchings, b. 15th Sept., 1881, son of Fredk. Hurley, Beaconsfield, Belfast.  L.VI., July, 1898.  Solicitor.  Third Place and Special Certificate Solicitors' Final Examination, 1903.  Died 8th March, 1941. (M) (1938 Address: 3 Marlborough Road, Glenageary, Co. Dublin. (M.))

92. Hutton, Henry, b. 1st June, 1878, son of Henry Hutton, Wellington Park, Belfast. V, July, 1896.  With Messrs. H. Hutton & Co., 101 Cromac Street, Belfast.

(93). Inwood, Charles William Norman, b. 2nd March, 1883, son of Rev. Charles Inwood, The Manse, Knock, Belfast.  I, July, 1895.

(94). Ireland, Robert Bernard, b. 3rd Sept., 1880, son of James Ireland, Newforge Lane, Belfast. III, July, 1896.  In U.S.A.

95. Irvine, Arthur Edward S., b. 11th April, 1880, son of Rev. Dr. Irvine, Hampton, Malone Road, Belfast.  Feb., 1895.  Trinity College, 1898-1900; Q.C.B., 1900-05; R.C.S.P., (1901-05)L.R.C.P.I., L.R.C.S.I., L.M.I., 1905; R.A.M.C., 1905; D.S.O., 1916. Ordre du Merite Agricole, R.F., 1917. Mentioned in despatches 4 times. Lt.-Col., 1929.  Col., 1934.  A.D.M.S. Lahore District, 1934-37. Ulster XV/ v. Leinster & Munster, 1904-05. Medical Superintendent, Dumfries & Galloway, R., Infirmary.  Retired.  Address: Canonbury, Fortrose, Ross-shire.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: Sunnyside, North Park, Eltham, London, S.E.9.)

96. Jackson, William Finlay, b. 31st March, 1882, son of Wm. Jackson, 15 Rugby Road, Belfast.  Brother of 97, 553.  V, July, 1897.  Cricket XI, 1897.  Managing Director, Henry Matier & Co. Ltd., New York. Died 7th June, 1939.  (M)

97. *Jackson, Robert John, b. 17th October, 1883, son of Wm. Jackson, 15 Rugby Road, Belfast.  Brother of 96, 553.  VI, July, 1902.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  School. XV, 1899-1900-1-2. (Capt., 1901-2). Queen's College, Oxford, 1902-07.  Open Class Sch., 1901 Capt., College XV, 1901-02. B.A. (Oxon.), 1921. Judicial Commissioner, 1931. Retired, 1934.  Gray's Inn, called to Bar, 1924. O.B.E., 1950. Chairman, N.I. Price Regulation Committee, 1945-51. Address: 21 Rosetta Park, Belfast. (q.) (1938 Indian Civil Service, District and Sessions Judge, 1921. Judicial Commissioner 1931.  Retired 1934.)

98. Jaffe, William, b. 22nd Dec., 1883, son of Sir Otto Jaffe, Strandtown, Belfast.  II, July, 1896.  Emmanuel College, Cambridge.  B.A., 1907.  Chairman of T. H. Prosser & Sons, Ltd., 202 Holloway Road, London, N.7. Address: 88 Elm Park Road, Chelsea, London, S.W.3.  (M.q.) (1938 548 Holloway Road)

(99). Johnston, Thomas Arnold, b. 18th Aug., 1880, son of Rev. Thomas Johnston, Helen's Bay, Co. Down.  VI, Oct., 1899.  Scholar.  Edin. Univ.  M.B., Ch.B., 1st Class Hons., 1907;  M.D., 1910; Member B.M.A.; late Senior House Physician, Leicester Infirmary. Died.

100. *Johnston, William Ernest George, b. 31st October, 1884, son of Sir James Johnston, Seaview, Shore Road, Belfast. Father of 2133.  VIth Up., June, 1903.  B.A. (R.U.I.), 1905. Director, James Johnston & Co. Ltd., Flax Merchants. President, O.C. Society, 1930-31-32.  Member of General Health Services Board.  High Sheriff, 1947; Deputy Lord Mayor the City of Belfast, 1948-49; Lord Mayor, 1949-51; Deputy Lieutenant, 1949; Knighted June, 1951. Died 26th October, 1951. (M) (1938 Address: 16 Wellington Park, Malone Road, Belfast. (M.q.))

(101). *Kelly, Samuel, b. 31st Jan., 1879, son of John Kelly, 94 Castlereagh Street, Belfast.  January, 1895.  C.B.E., 1921.  Knighted 1922.  D.L.  Shipowner and Coal Merchant.  Died 9th February, 1937. (M.)

(102). Kelly, Robert Potts, b. 28th August, 1883, son of Thomson Kelly, Rydal Mount, Knock, Belfast.  III, Dec., 1898.  In U.S.A.

103. *Kennedy, William Martin, b. 23rd Feb., 1880, son of Wm. Kennedy, Church Road, Knock, Belfast.  Father of 2486.  VIth L, March, 1896.  Flax Buyer for Messrs. The Linen Thread Co. Ltd.  Died 6th March, 1947.  (M) (1938 Address: Claremont, Hawthornden Road, Knock. (M.q.))

104. Kirk, Christopher Arthur, 31st Jan., 1880, son of Ernest Kirk, Clorinda Terrace, Cregagh Road, Belfast.  V, Jan., 1898.  B.A., R.U.I., 1900.  T.C.D.  Rector St. John's Girvan.  Retired., 1930.  Licensed Priest in Diocese of Carlisle from 1931.  Last known Address: Ellangowan, Dumfries.  (M)

105. Laughlin, John Kennedy, b. 15th October, 1880, son of James A. Laughlin, Falls Road, Belfast.  Com. Nov., 1896.  Managing Director of McCrum, Watson & Mercer, Belfast.  Died 10th March, 1953.  (M)

106. Laverty, John, b. 9th Jan., 1880, son of John Laverty, Cambridge Street, Belfast.  V, April, 1896.  Director, Henry Laverty & Sons, Ltd., Builders and Contractors, Cambridge Street, Belfast.  Address: 474 Antrim Road, Belfast (q.) (1938 Address: Loughview House, Old Cavehill Road, Belfast)

(107). Lawson, David, b. 28th Aug., 1880, son of David Lawson, Portaferry.  III, April, 1896.  Dentist.  Died 15th April, 1920.

(108). *Lepper, Alfred William, b. 12th June, 1882, son of Francis R. Lepper, Elsinore, Crawfordsburn, Co. Down.  Brother of 285.  V, July, 1899.  T.C.D., B.A., 1907.  Great War: Lieut., King's Shropshire Light Infantry, Clerk in Holy Orders.  Died 6th Nov., 1921. (M.)

(109). Lester, William, b. 21st June, 1879, son of Wm. Lester, Galgorm Road, Ballymena.  Com. July, 1895.  Belfast Bank Official

(110). Loudon, Charles Joseph John, b. 12th Jan., 1879, son of C. Loudon, Bank of Ireland, Belfast.  Brother of 111 and 112.  Com. July, 1895.  To New Zealand.

(111). Loudon, William Corbett, b. 14th May, 1880, son of C. Loudon, Bank of Ireland, Belfast.  Brother of 110 and 112.  III, July, 1895.  To New Zealand.

(112). Loudon, Ernest Hugh, b. 20th May, 1884, son of C. Loudon, Bank of Ireland, Belfast.  Brother of 110 and 111. L.IV., Dec., 1895.  Professor in Marine College, St. Petersburg.

113. *Lowry, Samuel Herbert, b. 1880, son of Mrs. Lowry, Woodland Villas, Strandtown, Belfast.  V, April, 1897.  Bank Manager, Ulster Bank.  Retired.  Address: 69 Galwally Avenue, Belfast.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: 23 Windsor Park, Belfast. (M.))

(114). Macafee, Thomas Maingay, b. 11th May, 1876, son of Rev. Thos. Macafee, The Manse, Ardglass. Com. July, 1895.  In Canada

115. *McDowell, Francis William, b. 4th Sept., 1881, son of Francis McDowell, Claremont, Windsor Park, Belfast.  L.IV, Dec., 1895.  Partner in Francis McDowell & Co., Manufacturers.  Address: Westlands, Malone Road, Belfast,  (M.q.) (1938 MacDowell)

116. *MacKenzie, William Rich, b. 17th August, 1882, son of W. G. MacKenzie, M.D., 6 University Square, Belfast,  Matric., July, 1899.  Football XV, 1897-8-9; M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1909; L.R.C.S. (Edin.)  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Surgeon.  Address: c/o Brooklyn, 35 Bourne End Road, Northwood, Middlesex. (M)

(117). MacKeown, William Joseph Ferguson, b. 6th March, 1878, ward of A. McDowell, Mornington, Derryvolgie Avenue, Belfast.  VI, July, 1896.  School Prefect.  Football XV, 1895-96.  Queen's College, Belfast, and Royal College of Surgeons, Edin.; L.D.S., R.D.S., Edin.; Dental Surgeon.  Great war: Captain, Rhodesian Government Forces.  Died on Service, 6th November, 1918.

(118). Maguire, Frederick John, b. 5th Nov., 1881, son of Hugh Maguire, Wandsworth Villa, Strandtown, Belfast.  L.IV, July, 1896.  Vocalist.

119. Malcolm, John Manson, b. 21st Sept., 1882, son of John Malcolm, Chalcots, Shandon Park, Belfast.  I, July, 1895.  To Dungannon R.S. Accountant. Died 27th July, 1948.

120. *Malone, John, b. March, 1879, son of John Malone, Ashley Park, Belfast.  Brother of 121.  V, July, 1896.  1st XV, 1895-96.  L.D.S. (Edin.), Dental Surgeon.  Address: 16 Elmwood Avenue, Belfast. (1938 Address: Entroya, Somerton Road, Belfast)

(121). Malone, Bristow Minnis, b. Oct., 1881, son of John Malone, Ashley Park, Belfast.  Brother of 120.  N, July, 1897.  Football XV, 1896-97.  Great War: 2nd Lieut., 9th Batt. R. Irish Fusiliers; killed in action, 16th Aug., 1917.

(122). Martin, George Albert, b. 27th Sept., 1880, son of John Martin, Galwally, Belfast.  Brother of 425, 461.  L.VI, July, 1898.  St. John's College, Cambridge;  B.A., 1901.  Director, H. & J. Martin, Dublin and Belfast.  Died 22nd Jan., 1933. (M.)

123. Mathews, Charles Howard, b. 28th Nov., 1880, son of Thomas Mathews, Elmwood Avenue, Belfast.  Nov., 1894.  Queen's College, Royal College of Surgeons (Edin.), L.D.S., 1903.  Dental Surgeon.  Address: 11 Stranmillis Road, Belfast.

(124). Masterson, Frederick, b. 19th Sept., 1878, son of Wm. Masterson, Ballymisert, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 125.  Com. Dec., 1895.  1st XV, 1894-95.

(125). Masterson, Albert Edward, b. 16th Nov., 1881, son of William Masterson, Ballymisert, Strandtown.  Brother of 124.  III, Dec., 1895.  Died.

(126). Meek, Maurice, b. 23rd July, 1879, son of Rev. J. B. Meek, Rothesay, N.B. Nov., 1894.

127. Milligan, Ernest Henry Marcus, b. 13th October, 1878, son of Seaton F. Milligan, Greenwood, Cavehill, Belfast.  VIth Up., April, 1895.  1st XV, 1894-95.  Methodist College, Queen's College, Belfast.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., R.U.I., 1906.  L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., Ireland, 1906.  Queen's College, M.D., 1910.  D.P.H., R.C.S.I. 1911.  Contributed to various Medical Journals and Author of several Radio Plays.  M.O.H. for Glossop, Derbyshire (1920) and Long Eaton.  Med. Officer, Min. of Health.  Author of various medical publications.  Died 21st March, 1954.  (M) (1938 Dinting Lodge)

(128). Miscampbell, James, b. 8th Aug., 1880, son of Alexander Miscampbell, Carrickfergus.  U.V., Dec., 1896.  Died 10th Dec., 1896.

129. Montgomery, John Howard, b. 21st June, 1878, son of Very Rev. Dr. Henry Montgomery, Lower Crescent, Belfast.  Brother of 130, 827 and 880.  Father of 1982 and 2268.  Matric., July, 1896.  R.U.I. and Edinburgh University, M.B., B.Ch. (Edin.), 1902.  Medical Superintendent, Matilda Hospital, Hong Kong, 1926-45. Hong Kong Defence Medal (1951).  Retired.  Address: 44 Bawnmore Road, Belfast.  (M.q.) (1938 Contributed several articles to Medical Journals. Address: Matilda Hospital, 187 The Peak, Hong Kong.)

130. *Montgomery, Walter Ernest, b. 25th March, 1882, son of Very Rev. Dr. Henry Montgomery, Lower Crescent, Belfast. Brother of 129, 827 and 880.  Father of 2493.  VI, October. 1900.  Scholar.  Queen's College, Belfast, and Princeton Theological Seminary; B.A. (R.U.I.) 2nd Class Honours, 1904; Senior Scholar (Classics), Q.C.B., 1905; B.D. (Princeton), 1909.  Great War: With Chinese Labour Corps in France, 1917-18; 2nd Lieut.  Presbyterian Minister; Missionary in Formosa, retiring in 1949.  Address: Qualicum Beach, B.C., Canada.  (M.q.) (1938 3rd Class Honours - Address: English Presbyterian Mission, Tainan, Formosa, Japan.)

131. Moore, William Arthur, b. 21st Dec., 1880, son of Rev. W. Moore, St. Patrick's Parsonage, Newry.  VI, July, 1900.  Sch. School Prefect.  St. John's College, Oxford; Open Classical Scholar, 1900; 2nd Class Classical Mods.  President, Oxford Union Soc., 1904. President, Russell, Shaftesbury, and St. Patrick's Clubs, Oxford. B.A., 1904. Secretary to the Balkan Committee, 1904-08. Travelled S. Europe and Russia, 1905-1909. Contributed articles to "Times" from Salonica, 1908.  First Western European to penetrate Central Albania, 1908. Special Correspondent in Persia. Besieged 100 days in Tabriz, and led the final sortie.  "Times" Correspondent, St. Petersburg, 1912-14.  Great War: Capt., Rifle Brigade; General Staff Officer, Third Grade; O.B.E.; Mentioned in despatches; Cavalier of the order of the Redeemer, 5th Class (Greece); Order  of the White Eagle (Serbia); Squadron-Leader, R.A.F., 1917; attached Military Missions, Roumania and Turkey, 1919; special Middle Eastern Correspondent, "The Times," 1919; Teheran, 1920-21; North-West Frontier, India, 1922. Editor "The New Age," 1922-23. Joined "The Statesman," Calcutta, as Assistant Editor, 1924. Elected Member of the Legislative Assembly, Delhi, 1926. Editor and Managing Director, "The Statesman," Calcutta, 1934-42.  1942-45 Public Relations Officer, H.Q., Supreme Allied Command, S.E. Asia. 1933-43, Chairman, Indian Branch British Empire Press Union and President, Indian and Eastern Newspaper Society.  Founded Bengal Flying Club and has been Chairman of Aero Club of India and Burma.  At Korean War. Publications (under pseudonym, "Antrim Oriel,"):  "The Miracle" (a Novel), 1908; "The Orient Express" (Travel), 1914: "This Our War," 1942.  Address: Savile Club, 69 Brook Street, London, W.1. (M.q.) (Saville) (1938 Address: Bengal Club, Calcutta.)

132. Moore, James Herbert, b. March, 1879, son of Dr. Samuel Moore, Ballyalton, Newtownards.  VI.L, July, 1896.  Cricket XI, 1895. Q.C.B., 1897-1903. M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., R.U.I., 1903. Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C., 1916-1920.  1931, Surgeon, Union Castle Line. Died September, 1945. (1938 Address: 5 Palace Road, London, S.W.2.)

133. Murdoch, John, b. 8th Nov., 1878, son of John Murdoch, Tannybrake, Kells, Ballymena.  VI Up., Nov, 1895. Trinity College, Dublin. B.A., 1900; Senior Moderator in Natural Science; M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. (1905); M.D., 1905. Died 22nd August, 1947, 1947. (M) (1938 Address: Parkhyrst, 58 Addiscombe Road, Croydon, Surrey - Parkhurst?)

134. Murray, Hugh Meharry, b. 17th May, 1880, son of W. A. Murray, Ponsonby Avenue, Belfast.  IV, July, 1896.  Private Tuition, 1896-98. Manager of York Street Flax Spinning & Weaving Co. Ltd., Henry Street, Belfast.  Retired.  Address: 3 Manselton Park, Bangor, Co. Down. (q.)

(135). McBride, Arthur King, b. 17th March, 1881, son of H. J. McBride, Glenalina House, Falls Road, Belfast.  III, July, 1897.  Director of H. J. McBride & Sons, Belfast.  Great War: Capt., R. Irish Rifles.  Killed in Action, 7th June, 1917.

136. *McCulloch, Thomas Price, b. 10th June, 1879, son of Henry McCulloch, Knock, Belfast.  III, Nov., 1895.  Accountant.  Died.  (M) (1938 Address: 13 Cyprus Gardens, Bloomfield, Belfast)

(137). McCullough, Charles Henderson Ward, b. 19th Jan., 1883, son of John McCullough, Martello Terrace, Hollywood.  III, July, 1897.  Died. (Holywood)

138. *McCutcheon, Walter Abbot, b. 15th July, 1878, son of Samuel McCutcheon, Ballyskeagh, Newtownards.  Com. April, 1896.  Father of 2273, 2707 and 30305. Managing Director, Linen Business. Address: 23 Ormiston Drive, Knock. (M.q.) (1938 Walter, A. W. - born 16th July 1878)

139. McGown, Jackson, b. 10th July, 1879, son of Jackson McGown, Windsor Park, Belfast. Brother of 140.  VI, Dec., 1895.  Great War: Major, R.A.O.C.; D.A.D.O.S., M.C., mentioned in despatches. O.B.E.  Died 15th January, 1952. (1938 Address: 8 Donegall Place, Belfast)

(140). McGown, Frank Warring, b. 11th April, 1883, son of Jackson McGown, Windsor Park, Belfast.  Brother of 139.  L.IV, July, 1896.  Textile Machine Maker.  Died 5th Sept., 1914.

141. *McDonald, John M., b. 8th March, 1880, son of James McDonald, St. James' Villas, Antrim Road, Belfast.  VIth Up., July 1898.  R.U.I. and Edinburgh University.  M.B., B.Ch., Edin., 1903. Address: 112 Antrim Road, Belfast. (M) (1938 (M.q.))

142. *McDonald, Charles Seaver, b. 27th April, 1881, son of James T. McDonald, Belfast; Brother of 143.  IV, Dec., 1895.  Branch Manager, Scottish Temperance Insurance Co.  Address: Hollycroft, The Downsway, Sutton, Surrey. (1938 Son of James T. McDonald, Cromwell Road, Belfast - Address: Meadowcroft, Cedar Road, Sutton, Surrey.)

(143). McDonald, Edward Lawson, b. 24th June, 1882, son of James T. McDonald, Cromwell Road, Velfast.  Brother of 142.  IV, Dec., 1895.  Great War: Lieut., R. Irish Rifles.  Killed in action, 23rd Nov., 1917.

144. McDowell, Frederick, b. 5th October, 1881, son of James McDowell, Sunnymount, Malone Park, Belfast.  L.IV, April, 1896. 1st XV, 1895-96. Died 15th October, 1940.

(145). McFadden, Robert Hugh, b. 15th Aug., 1881, son of James McFadden, Knock House, Belfast.  III, July, 1895.  Died 23rd May, 1902.

146. *McHutchinson, George Browne, b. 2nd August, 1881, son of John McHutchinson, Dundela Park, Strandtown.  IV, Dec., 1896. Private Tuition, Toulouse, France, 1898-1900.  T.C.D., B.A., 1904.  M.B., M.D., 1909.  D.T.M., Liverpool, 1921; D.T.H., Liverpool, 1930. Medical Officer, Singapore Hospital, Malayan Med. Service. Lect. Surgery, King Edward VII Coll. Med., 1910. District Surgeon, Pahang, F.M.S., 1911. Resigned, 1912. Private Practice, Taiping, 1912.  Retired, ill-health, 1932. President, B.M.A., Malaya, 1924. Capt. (Reserve), South African Med. Corps, 1941-45. Address: Chartered Bank of India, 38 Bishopsgate, London, E.C.2. (M.q.)

(147). McIldowie, Jack Mantell, b. 18th Sept., 1880, son of George McIldowie, Lindesferne, Strandtown.  Com. July, 1896.  Dentist.  Died.

148. McIlroy, James Rea, b. 12th July, 1879, son of Brice McIlroy, Clanroy, Bloomfield, Belfast.  V, July, 1896. To Glasgow. Died c. 1941. (M)

149. *McKean, Edward John, b. 28th March, 1880, son of Edward McKean, Rosaville, Fortwilliam Park, Belfast. Brother of 150. Father of 2930.  VI, July, 1899.  Scholar.  Football XV, 1896-7-8-9.  School Prefect.  St. John's, Oxford; Classical Ex., 1899; Cashberd School, 1903; Trinity College, Dublin. Honours in Constitutional, Civil and Criminal Law; Certificate of Honours at Benchers of King's Inns Exam., 1905. Barrister-at-Law, K.C. Died 6th June, 1942. (1938 Address: Garteen, Somerton Road, Belfast)

(150). McKean, Samuel Houston, b. 27th June, 1881, son of Edward McKean, Rosaville, Fortwilliam Park, Belfast.  Brother of 149.  L.VI, July, 1899.  1st XI, 1899; 1st XV 1897-8-9.  Solicitor.  Died 6th Sept., 1923.

151. *McKean, Alexander Whytock, b. 11th March, 1883, son of Rev. Wm. McKean, D.D., The Manse, Strandtown, Belfast. Brother of 575 and father of 2388.  III, July, 1901. Architectural Agent. Died 28th September, 1948. (M.) (1938 Address: Chalcots, Shandon Park, Knock, Belfast.)

(152). McKeag, Walter Hugh, b. 17th August, 1881, son of S. B. McKeag, The Square, Comber, Co. Down.  III, July, 1896.  Died 15th May, 1909.

(153). McKee, William Dickson, b. 28th Nov., 1880, son of Samuel McKee, South View, Strandtown, Belfast.  V, July, 1896.  Scholar.  Mentioned in London Gazette for services in Dublin Rebellion, 1916.  Great War: Served in Ulster Division; Lieut., 12th R. Irish Rifles; killed in action, 12th Aug., 1917.

(154). McKibbin, John S., b. 23rd July, 1881, son of Wm. McKibbin, Rosemount, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Brother of 357.  V, Nov., 1898.  In Canada.

155. McKitrick, George Evelyn, b. 2nd August, 1879, son of John McKitrick, Duncairn Terrace, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1895.  Retired from Belfast Banking Co. Ltd.  Address: Belfast Banking Co. Ltd., Waring Street, Belfast. (M.q.) (1938: Cameron Lodge, Saintfield Road, Belfast)

156. *Nelson, William Herbert Niall, b. 22nd March, 1883, son of Omar C. Nelson, Doon, Cultra, Co. Down.  IV, April, 1899.  Fettes College, 1899-1901.  Solicitor;  Admiralty Marshal, High Court of Justice, N.I.; Notary Public, Commissioner for Oaths; Governor of Campbell College.  Chairman, 1936-7-8.  Died 21st May, 1953. (M.) (1938 Address: 13 Lombard Street, Belfast)

157. Nettleton, Harold Redmayne, b. 16th April, 1884, son of J. A. Nettleton, Barrosa Terrace, The Mount, Belfast.  L.IV, April, 1896.  B.Sc., 1903.  M.Sc. Phys., 1916.  D.Sc. Physics, 1922, London University.  Lecturer in Physics in University of London. (M.) (1938 Address: 6 Southyn Road, Fortis Green, London, N.2)

158. Patton, Grahame, b. 28th July, 1879, son of Rev. Alex. Patton, D.D., Bangor, Co. Down.  Brother of 778 and 779.  L.VI, July, 1895.  1st XV, 1894-95.  Ulster Bank.  L.R.C.P.I. AND L.R.C.S.I. and L.M., 1908; D.P.H. (Belf.), 1921.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Late D.C.M.S.  Ministry of Pensions.  M.O.H. Hexham, Northumberland.  Died 3rd February, 1945. (1938 Address: Riding Mill, Northumberland)

159. Pinion, Charles Alexander, b. 29th Sept., 1878, son of James Pinion, 27 Wellington Park, Belfast.  VI, July, 1895.  Last known address: 6 Lower Crescent, Belfast.

(160). Prentice, Joseph Edgar, b. April, 1881, son of William Prentice, Carricknaveagh, The Temple, Lisburn.  VI, Jan., 1896.  Served in South African War, 6th Inniskilling Dragoons.  Killed at Vlakfontein, 27th July, 1901.

161. *Presho, Christopher John, b. 7th Nov., 1878, son of Christopher Presho, Belmont Lodge, Knock, Belfast.  VI, Jan., 1896.  Trinity College, Dublin.  B.A., 1905; B.E., 1905; Leather Merchant.  Director, C. Presho & Sons, Ltd., Belfast and C. Presho & Sons, (Dublin), Ltd., Dublin.  Address: 13 Talbot Street, Belfast. (q.)

(162). Purdon, Edward Sinclair, b. 25th April, 1880, son of E. S. Purdon, Martello Terrace, Holywood.  Brother of 325.  VI, Jan., 1896.  1st XV, 1894-95; to U.S.A.  Died 8th Oct., 1899.

(163). Rea, Thomas James, b. 2nd March, 1882, son of John Rea, Dalzien, Annadale, Belfast.  Com. July, 1896.  In U.S.A.

(164). Rea, John Davidson, b. 25th October, 1879, son of Robert Rea, Salem House, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 165.  V, July, 1895.  In U.S.A.

(165). Rea, James, b. 24th Jan., 1881, son of Robert Rea, Salem House, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 164.  III, July, 1896.  Served in South African War as Corporal in 60th Co., I.Y.; afterwards Ranchman in Wyoming, U.S.A.; went to F.M.S. in 1908 (Rubber Planting); Rubber Planter and Visiting Agent.  Director of several Rubber Companies.

(166). Ring, James Sinclair H., b. 4th Jan., 1884, son of Lt.-Col. J. Ring, 18 Cliftonville, Belfast.  III, July, 1897.  Indian Army, Maj. 46th Punjabis and 1/16 Punjab Regiment.  O.B.E., retired.

(167). Ritchie, Henry Douglas, b. 22nd March, 1881, son of J. W. Ritchie, High Street, Comber.  III, July, 1896.  Great War. Priv., South African Scottish.  Killed in action, 9th April, 1917.

168. Robb, Campbell Galway, b. 25th Feb., 1882, son of Mrs. Robb, Eglantine Avenue, Belfast.  VI, July, 1899.  F.Sch.  Cricket XI, 1897-8-9.  Football, 1896-7-8-9. Queen's College.  Irish XV, 1904-5-6.  M.B., B.Ch., R.U.I., 1905.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C., 1914.  Mentioned in despatches.  Retired 1919.  Egyptian Government Service, Public Health Dept., 1911-1919.  P.M.O. Egypt State Railways, 1919-23.  Retired.  Address: Seckford House, Market Hill, Woodbridge, Suffolk.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: Lodge Farm, Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk.)

(169). Robb, William Hercules, b. 29th April, 1880, son of David Robb, Cavendish Terrace, Belfast.  III, Nov., 1897.

170. Robb, Robert Campbell, b. 20th Feb., 1883, son of Kirker Robb, Kirk-Bringhean, Somerton Road, Belfast.  II, April, 1896.  Competed in Olympic Games, London, 1908.  Great War: Sub-Lieut., R.N.A.S.  Business - Real Estate.  Died 23rd October, 1941. (1938 Address: Ruxley Lodge, Claygate, Surrey)

(171). Rogers, Alan Leslie, b. 27th March, 1882, son of John Rogers, Ardanreagh, Windsor Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 253.  II, July, 1895.  Merchiston College and Clare College, Cambridge.  B.Sc. Great War: Armoured Cars and Major, R.F.A.; D.S.O., 1917.  Died 27th November, 1935.

(172). Robinson, John, b. 4th June, 1881, son of John C. G. Robinson, Mount Eden, Ardoyne.  III, July, 1896.

(173). Russell, John Lionel McClery, b. 24th Jan., 1878, son of John Russell, C.E., 3 Belgravia Avenue, Belfast.  IV, July, 1897.

(174). *Russell, James Rowley, b. 20th Feb., 1881, son of Wm. Russell, 23 University Square, Belfast.  V, Jan., 1898.  1st XV. 1896-7.  1st XI, 1895-97.  Linen Merchant.  Address: 180 Malone Road, Belfast. (M.q.)

(175). Saunders, Edward Samuel, b. 28th July, 1880, son of Samuel Saunders, Hope View Villa, Belmont, Belfast.  Sept., 1894.

176. *Seeds, James, b. 25th Nov., 1879, son of Robert Seeds, 4 Grasmere Terrace, Hopefield, Belfast.  Brother of 177, IV, April, 1896.  Great War: 1917-19, Gunner, R.G.A., France and Belgium.  Estate Agent.  Retired.  Died 27th February, 1954.  (M.) (1938 Address: 114 Royal Avenue, Belfast, and 141 Cavehill Road.)

177. Seeds, John, b. 8th June, 1881, son of Robert Seeds, 4 Grasmere Terrace, Hopefield, Belfast.  Brother of 176.  IV, July, 1896., F.R.I.B.A., Architect.  President of the Royal Society of Ulster Architects, 1926-27.  Member of Ancient Monuments Council, Art Advisory Council, Planning Advisory Board, and National Trust Committee for Northern Ireland.  Address: 24 Downview Avenue, Belfast.  (M.q.)

178. *Shaw, Thomas Brown, b. 19th May, 1879, son of Thomas Shaw, Kirkcubbin, Co. Down.  Brother of 303.  VI, July, 1896.  Scholar.  1st XV., 1894-95.  Capt., 1st XV, 1895-6.  Edinburgh University, M.B., Ch.B., with Honours.  Allen Fellowship in Clinical Surgery and Medicine, 1901.  First Place R.N. Medical, 1901.  Great War: M.O. in charge of H.M.S. Falmouth in Battle of Heligoland.  Surgeon Commander, 1915. Professor of Hygiene and Director of Medical Studies, R.N.C., Greenwich, 1923.  Surgeon Rear-Admiral, 1934.  Retired.  Many contributions in preventative Medicine in Medical Journals.  Author of text-book on Naval Hygiene, published, 1929.  Appointed J.P. for the County of Hampshire in 1943.  Served on Medical Recruiting Boards.  1943-45, M.O. in charge of Gosport First Aid Post.  Address: Tudor House, Lee-on-Solent, Hants. (1938 Address: 9 Cecil Mansions, Southsea, Portsmouth)

(179). Shaw, William Western, b. 18th May, 1880, son of William Shaw, Abbotsmead, Whiteabbey.  L.VI, July, 1895.  1st XI, 1895.

180. Shaw, William McCausland, b. 17th Nov., 1880, son of Martin Shaw, Ellerslie, Dundela Avenue, Belfast.  Father of 2302.  IV, Dec., 1896.  Seed Buyer, Samuel McCausland, Ltd.  Died 18th July, 1948.  (M.) (1938 Address: 10 Dundela Gardens, Bloomfield, Belfast)

181. Shepperd, Edward Randle, b. 19th May, 1881, son of H. J. Shepperd, Merton, Annadale Avenue, Belfast.  IV, July, 1895.  Linen Business.  Retired.  Air Raid Warden, 1939-45.  Address: 93 Dunbar Road, Birkdale, Southport, Lancs.  (M.q.) (1938 Rundle)

(182). Sinclair, John Hamilton, b. 26th July, 1879, son of William Sinclair, Rosslyn, Lisburn.  Brother of 437.  Matric. July, 1896. 1899, joined Lord Longford's Irish Hunt Contingent for service in Boer War. Commissioned, mentioned in despatches, and promoted Captain.  Retired from army owing to an accident, and went to Canada, Horse Ranching.  1914, Private in First Canadian Contingent to land in Ghent.  Commissioned to the Cameronians for home duty owing to disablement.  Resigned and enlisted in Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders.  Killed in action, 31st October, 1916.

(183). Smyth, William Haughton, b. 2nd June, 1879, son of John Smyth, Milltown, Banbridge.  Brother of 184 and 245.  V, July, 1896.  Great War: Capt., R.I. Rifles.  Killed in action, 15th July, 1916.

(184). Smyth, Pearson F. J., b. 30th Nov., 1880, son of John Smyth, M.A., Milltown, Banbridge.  Brother of 183 and 245.  V, July, 1896.  Royal Irish Rifles, Captain.  Died in 1913 at Kampte, India.

(185). Smyth, Frederick Charles, b. 5th May, 1879, son of S. T. Smyth, 9 Camden Street, Belfast.  III. July, 1896.  Queen's College, M.B. (R.U.I.), 1903.  M.D., 1908.  D.Ph., 1907.  Died 16th June, 1920.

186. Smythe, Fred Edwards (now Fred Edward Smythe-Edwards), b. 28th July, 1878, son of S. Edward Smythe, Fairview, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 187.  Jan, 1897.  J.P.  Apiarian and Poultry Farmer.  Address: Boveragh House, Dungiven, Co. Londonderry. (q.)

(187). Smythe, John Semple Edwards (now Smythe-Edwards, John Edward), b. 7th April, 1881, son of S. Edwards Smythe, Fairview, Strandtown.  Brother of 186.  III, Jan., 1897.  Solicitor.  Died 28th April, 1917.

188. Sparrow, Joseph James Knox, b. 11th October, 1881, son of Mrs. Sparrow, Marine View, Greenisland.  Brother of 189, 308.  VI, July, 1896.  Indian Engineering College, Coopers Hill, 1899.  P.W.D., 1903.  Great War: Mesopotamia, Royal Corps of Signals, Major, M.C.  Managing Director of Knutsford Motors Ltd., Knutsford.  Ulster Rugby Trial, 1902.  Address: 4 Tabley Road, Knutsford, Cheshire.  (M.x.q.) (1938 Address: Clonastin, Ollerton, Knutsford, Cheshire)

189. Sparrow, Henry Hope Knox, b. 23rd April, 1884, son of Mrs. Sparrow, Marine View, Greenisland.  Brother of 188 and 308.  II, Jan., 1896, Naval School, Gosport.  L.R.C.P.I. and L.M., L.R.C.S.I. and L.M., 1911.  Medical Officer, No. 5 District, Nottingham.  Address: 2 Dale Street, Sneiton Road, Nottingham.

190. Stelfox, Sydney Herbert, b. 27th June, 1878, son of James Stelfox, Oakleigh, Belfast.  Brother of 311.  VI, July, 1896.  School Prefect, Victoria University (Leeds), B.Sc. (Hon. in Engineering), 1903.  Engineer.  Lecturer in Engineering, Leeds University, 1913-19.  H.M. Inspector (Tech. Branch), Board of Education.  Retired, 1938.  Now mainly at out-by farms in Cagnetdale.  Address: P.O. Harbottle and 87 Holywell Avenue, Whitley Bay, Northumberland.

(191). Sterling, Charles, b. 17th October, 1877, son of John Sterling, Stranmillis Road, Belfast.  Nov., 1894.

192. *Stephens, Edward Rowley, b. 12th June, 1878, son of William Henry Stephens, Holywood.  Brother of 193, 194.  Up. VI, March, 1895.  Ship Broker and Timber Agent.  Address: Winshill, Holywood, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

193. *Stephens, John Kyle, b. 14th May, 1880, son of William Henry Stephens, Holywood, Co. Down.  Brother of 192 and 194, and father of 2715.  VI, Up., July, 1896.  J.P. for Co. Down.  F.R.I.C.S. Chartered Quantity Surveyor.  1914-18 War: Capt., R.E.; M.B.E. (Military). Mentioned in despatches.  Deputy Commissioner, War Damage Commission, since 1941.  Address: Stand Lodge, Malone Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

194. Stephens, Barton Theodore, b. 31st Oct., 1882, son of William Henry Stephens, Holywood, Co. Down.  Brother of 192 and 193.  V, July, 1898.  R.M.A., Woolwich, 1901.  Major, R.G.A.  Died 8th March, 1950. (1938 Retired. Address: Flat F, 41 Queen's Gardens, London, W.2.)

195. Taylor, Archibald Cotton, b. 23rd April, 1883, ward of E. J. Cotton, Elsinore, Whiteabbey.  II, April, 1895.  London Stock Exchange since 1900.  Great War: Joined Rifle Brigade, 1914; commissioned R.I. Rifles, 1915; mentioned in despatches.  Resigned with rank of Captain, 1919.  Stockbroker.  Died 1st October, 1938. (1938 Address: Essex House, Barnes, London, S.W. 13. (M.q.))

196. *Taylor, James Connolly, b. 11th Sept., 1882, son of Henry Taylor, Enid, Knock, Belfast.  Father of 2895, 2896 and 3143.  L.VI, July, 1899.  Scholar.  1st Place and Gold Medal, Solicitors' Prelim., 1899.  Solicitor.  President of the Incorporated Law Society of N.I., 1932-33.  Address: 53 Hawthornden Road, Knock, Belfast.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: Heathcote, San Souci Park, Malone Road, Belfast. (M.q.))

197. *Thompson, George Ritchie, b. 19th August, 1876, son of G. Thompson, Sunnyside, Marlborough Park, Belfast.  VI, July, 1897.  Prefect.  Cricket XI, Capt., 1895-6-7. Scholar of Sidney Sussex, Cambridge, 1896; 14th Wrangler, Math. Trip., 1900; R.U.I., M.A., Studentship, 1902; Junior Fellow, 1906.  Assistant Master at Campbell College, Harrow and Holt.  Housemaster at Holt, 1920-36.  Retired.  Died January, 1945.  (M.) (1938 Address: Four Oaks, Holt, Norfolk. (M.q.))

(198). Thompson, William Lyons, b. 12th July, 1880, son of Alexander Thompson, 46 Dublin Road, Belfast.  July, 1896.

(199). Thompson, Henry Percival, b. 24th April, 1880, son of Rev. Samuel Thompson, Dungiven, Co. Derry.  Brother of 313.  July, 1896.

(200). *Totton, Joseph Harold, b. 22nd Sept., 1880, ward of R. Meyer, Rokeby, Strandtown, Belfast.  V, July, 1896.  Queen's College, Andrews Studentship, 1901-02.  B.A. (R.U.I.), 1902.  B.Sc., 1904; F.I.C., Public Analyst; died 7th Sept., 1937.  (M.)

(201). Waller, Arthur, b. August, 1879.  V, July, 1896.  Died.

(202). Watson, John Nelson, b. 29th Jan., 1880, son of Mrs. Watson, Woodvale, Rosetta Park, Belfast.  V, July, 1896.  Died.

(203). *Watson, George Frederick, b. 7th June, 1880, son of William Watson, Rosslyn, Knock, Belfast.  IV, July, 1895.  Edinburgh Royal College of Surgeons and Dental Hospital.  L.D.S. (Edin.), 1905.  D.D.S. (Penn.), 1907.  Dental Surgeon.  Died 2nd August, 1935.  (M.)

204. Watson, Samuel Crawford, bb. 22nd Nov., 1879, son of John Watson, Rosemount, Knock, Belfast.  IV, April, 1895.  Irish Representative for C. Chancellor & Co., London.  Last known address: 14 Ravenhill Park, Belfast.

205. Weir, William, b. 27th August, 1879, son of Wm. Weir, Springfield House, Belfast.  Father of 2223.  Com. July, 1895.  1st XV.  Formerly Managing Director, Springfield Spinning Co. Ltd., and later Standard Finishing Co. Ltd.  Died 7th January, 1944.  (M.) (1938 Address: 45 Cranmore Gardens, Lisburn Road. (M.q.))

206. Webb, Richard Randall, b. 14th Nov., 1884, son of Richard T. Webb, Rath House, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 586, 634 and 961.  Nov., 1894.  Great War: Lieut., Motor Despatch Riders, R.E.  Linen Manufacturer.  J.P. for County Down.  Address: Culreagh, Warren Road, Donaghadee, Co. Down.

(207). *White, Frederick Sutton D. de Vere, b. 3rd Dec., 1880, son of Rev. H. W. White, D.D., Heathlands, Multyfarnham, Co. Westmeath.  Brother of 348, 379.  VI, July, 1897.  Scholar.  T.C.D. First Class Honours in History and Political Science; Senior Moderator and Gold Medal in History, Law and Political Science, 1900; LL.B., 1901; LL.D., 1902;  solicitor, 1904.  Chief Solicitor to Great Southern Railway; died 28th Oct., 1927. (M.)

208. White, James Edmund, b. 24th Sept., 1877, son of James White, 2 Tudor Gardens, Belfast.  Com. July, 1895.  1st XV.  In business of White, Tomkins, Courage & Co. Ltd.  Artists' Rifles, 1902-10.  (M.) (1938 Address: Little Chart, Oakhill Road, Sevenoaks, Kent. (M.q.))

(209). Wilkinson, John Hiram, b. 16th August, 1882, son of John Wilkinson, Greenoge, Strandtown.  Brother of 469, 362, 247, 210.  III, July, 1898.  Died Dec., 1898.

210. Wilkinson, Robert Sidney, b. 27th April, 1884, son of John Wilkinson, Greenoge, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 209, 247, 362 and 469.  II, July, 1898.  Queen's College, Belfast, 1910-17, Railway Construction, S. America, Siam and Australia;  1922-30, Arterial road construction in England; survey and construction of hydraulic works in Greece.  Address: c/o. H. Boot and Sons Ltd., Larissa, Thessaly, Greece, and Royal Empire Society, Northumberland Avenue, London, W.C. 2. (1938 (q.))

(211). Williamson, Arthur Christian, b. 12th May, 1882, son of Rev. H. M. Williamson, D.D., Belfast.  III, July, 1896.  Farming and Goldmining in W. Australia.  Died at Kalgoorlie, 1918.

(212). Wilson, John, son of Mrs. Wilson, Ballymacnamee, Portaferry.  IV, April, 1896.  Died.

213. Wise, James Berkeley, b. 5th Sept., 1881, son of Berkeley D. Wise, Silverstream House, Greenisland.  V, July, 1895.  Monkton Combe School, Bath, 1895-99.  A.M.I.C.E., F.R.G.S.  Great War: Capt., R.E. Croix de Guerre (Belge).  Railway Engineer.  Gold Coast Railway Surveys, Kumasi, W. Africa.  Royal Observer Corps, 1939-43.  Retired.  Address: Riverdene, Granary Lane, Budleigh, Salterton, Devon.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: 8 The Crescent, Bedford.)

214. *Young, Benjamin, b. 4th Nov., 1877, son of James Young, Abbotscroft, Whiteabbey.  Brother of 215.  VI Up., July, 1895.  Boer War: Natal Field Artillery and Imperial Light Horse.  Great War: Lieut.-Col. in Command of 10th Infantry, German South West Africa, France, 1915-18.  D.S.O., mentioned in despatches.  Farming.  Address: Glen Erin, Alexandria, Cape Province. (1938 (q.))

215. *Young, Charles Octavius Hedderwick, b. 20th Oct., 1879, son of James Young, Abbotscroft, Whiteabbey.  Brother of 214.  Com. July, 1895.  South African War, 1900.  Accountant, National Bank of South Africa, 1913, and then went to Buenos Aires.  Retired from business, 1927, owing to ill-health.  Great War: Lieut, R.E.  Died 27th May, 1939.  (M.) (1938 Address: Melian 1810, Buenos Aires, Argentine. (M.q.))


216. Browne, James Scott, (later James Scott Scott), b. 19th May 1879, son of Robert Browne, Ashfield House, Ravenhill Road, Belfast,  V, Jan., 1896.  Director, H. J. Scott & Co., Belfast.  Died 24th February, 1948.

217. Boyce, James, b. 15th Oct., 1879, son of Mrs. Boyce, 1 Skegoniell Avenue, Belfast. (Skegoneill) VI, January, 1896.  Tropical Agriculture and Rubber Planter, Malacca Rubber Plantations.  Retired. (1938 Address: Ballyfaris House, Ballywalter P.O., Co. Down. (q.))

(218). Carson, Henry, b. 2nd March, 1878, son of R. J. Carson, Ulster Reform Club, Belfast.  IV, April, 1896.

(219). Clarke, John Ardoyne, b. 13th Sept., 1879, son of Mrs. Clarke, Lindesferne, Annadale, Belfast.  Brother of 220.  Matric. Jan., 1896.

(220). James Cecil, b. 21st Sept., 1881, son of Mrs. Clarke, Lindesferne, Annadale, Belfast.  Brother of 219.  III, Jan., 1896.

221. Coates, William Höjel Charters, b. 2nd May, 1883, son of Wm. Coates, Osborne Park, Belfast.  Brother of 751.  IV, April, 1897.  De Aston School, Market Rasen.  C.M.I.E.E., 1920. Electrical Engineer.  Inventor with F. R. Hill and G. E. V. Thomas of process for curing rubber latex.  Retired.  1915-19, R.F.A.  Major, M.C., 1940-44.  R.A.F. Sqd.-Ldr.  Publications:- Trading Conditions in South Africa.  Address: 7 Essendine Road, London W. 9.  (M.q.) (1938 b. 1st May, 1883)

(222). Fryer, Robert Hyslop, b. 11th Sept., 1882, son of Charles Fryer, 83 King Street, Belfast.  L.V, Nov., 1896.  Electrical Engineer in New Zealand.  Great War: Joined the New Zealand E.F.  Died in Cairo, 9th Nov., 1918.

(223). Gage, Robert Marcus, b. 28th July, 1880, son of T. R. Baillie Gage, 14 Upper Sackville Street, Dublin.  Com. July, 1896.  1st XI, 1896.  2nd Lieut., R.F.A.  Died in India, 23rd. Dec., 1900.

224. *Glenny, Edmund, b. 13th March, 1878, son of Rev. R. E. Glenny, Clonallon Rectory, Warrenpoint.  Brother of 225, 226 and 452.  VI, Dec., 1895.  1st XV, 1894-5.  T.C.D.  Treble Gold Medallist and Prizeman.  Royal Coll. of Surgeons; L.R.C.P. and S.I. and L.M. (with Honours), 1901; F.R.C.S.I., 1904.  Late Colonial Surgeon in Govt. Service, F.M.S.  Retired to South Africa.  Address: c/o Barclays Bank, 359 West Street, Durban. (1938 Address: 11 Battery Road, Singapore, and Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, 9 Gracechurch Street, E.C.2. (q.))

225. Glenny, Bertram James, b. 19th Oct., 1879, son of Rev. R. E. Glenny, Clonallon Rectory, Warrenpoint.  Brother of 224, 226 and 452.  Father of 2253.  V, Dec., 1895.  A.M.I.M.E. Electrical Engineer.  Address: Russett Roof, Newcastle, Co. Down.  (M.x.) (1938 Address: Castle Villa, Newcastle, Co. Down.)

226. Glenny, Percy Augustus, b. 19th August, 1881, son of Rev. R. E. Glenny, Clonallon Rectory, Warrenpoint.  Brother of 224, 225 and 452.  III, July, 1895.  Electrical Engineer and Contractor.  Engineer to B.C.E.R. Co., Victoria, B.C.  Address: Ulster Bungalow, 434 Vincent Avenue, Victoria, Vancouver Is., B.C. (M.)

227. Jackson, James, b. 27th Feb., 1880, son of Samuel Jackson, 1 Mount Delphi, Antrim Road, Belfast. Brother of 228.  L.VI, July, 1898.  1st XV, 1897-8.  Linen Business.  Retired.  Address: 400 Ravenhill Road, Belfast.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: 22 Prospect Road, Bangor, Co. Down.)

228. Jackson, Samuel, b. 22nd Sept., 1882, son of Samuel Jackson, 1 Mount Delphi, Antrim Road, Belfast.  Brother of 227.  V, Nov., 1898. (1938 Address: 386 Ravenhill Road, Belfast)

(229). Mackenney, Edward Richard, b. 5th September, 1881, son of W. J. Mackenney, Bushmills, Co. Antrim.  Matric. July, 1899.  Great War: 2nd Lieut., R. Inniskilling Fusiliers.  Killed in action.

(230). Moorhead, Hercules Walter, b. 6th Feb., 1881, son of William Moorhead, Ballyrogan House, Dundonald.  III, Nov., 1896.

231. *Park, John Edgar, b. 7th March, 1879, son of Rev. Wm. Park, M.A., Belfast.  VI, Oct., 1897.  Scholar.  Science Scholar; First Prizeman in Logic, English and Metaphysics, Queen's College, Belfast; A.B. with Honours in Mod. Literature, Royal University, Ireland; studied also at Edinburgh University, Leipzig University and Princeton University; Author of 12 Volumes of Fiction, Essays, etc., Contributor to leading Reviews and Magazines; College Preacher and Lecturer at Harvard, Yale, Williams, Amherst, Wellesley Colleges, etc., D.D., LL.D., President, Emeritus, 1944, Wheaton College, Norton, Massachusetts.  Address: Osterville, Massachusetts.  (M.q.) (1938 Norton, Massachusetts.)

(232). Parker, Francis Lindsay, b. 12th May, 1879, son of F. Parker, Tudor Park, Holywood.  V, Nov., 1895.  1st XI, 1895.  Great War: Killed in action.

233. Rogers, James Shaw, b. 1st June, 1879, son of H. Rogers, The Hill, Monaghan.  VI, Dec., 1895.  Royal College of Science (Ireland); A.M.I.C.E.; 1914-18 War: Lieut., Royal Engineers in France.  Retired.  Address: 6 Brownlow Road, Ellesmere, Salop.  (M.q.)

(234). Todd, Hugh David, b. 18th Jan., 1882, son of David Todd, Comber.  L.V, Jan., 1898.  Died.

(235). Traill, Edmund Francis Tarleton, b. 9th May, 1878, son of Anthony Traill, Provost of Trinity College, Dublin.  V, Nov., 1895.  T.C.D.  Hockey XI, 1899.  Entered Army as University Candidate with R. Inniskilling Fusiliers in S. Africa, 1900;  transferred A.S.C., 1901.  Great War: Lt.-Col., A.S.C., D.S.O.; mentioned in despatches.  Died, 1926.

(236). *Wilson, Samuel Robinson, b. 12th Nov., 1882, son of Robert Wilson, Arva, Ormeau Road, Belfast.  Father of 2652.  III, July, 1897.  Died, 29th Oct., 1930.

(237). Wilson, Christopher John, b. 3rd Oct., 1880, son of John Wilson, Solicitor, Longford.  L.VI, July, 1898.  1st XI, 1898.  With Guinness's.  Address: Inglewood, Priory Road, Sale, Cheshire.


238. Anderson, James, b. 6th August, 1879, son of John Anderson, Greenwood, Belfast.  Brother of 239 and 666.  U.V., Dec., 1896.  Ulster Bank.  Stockbroker.  Retired.  Address: 52 Kinson Grove, Kinson, Bournemouth, Hants. (1938 Address: 12 Cheriton Gardens, Folkestone)

239. Anderson, Andrew Newton, b. 6th September, 1880, son of John Anderson, Greenwood, Belfast.  Brother of 238 and 666, and father of 2585.  U.V, Dec., 1896.  Solicitor, 1902.  Assistant Secretary, Ulster Unionist Council, 1906-14.  Private Secy. to Lt.-Col. James Craig, M.P.  A.A. and Q.M.G. 36th (Ulster Div.), 1914-15.  Great War: R. Irish Rifles, 1915-19.  Clerk of the Crown for N.I., 1923.  Under Treasurer of the Inn of Court of N. Ireland.  O.B.E.  Died 10th May, 1950.  (M.) (1938 Address: Gezina, Downshire Road, Cregagh, Belfast. (M.q.))

240. Bingham, Henry Herbert Shaen, b. 22nd February, 1881, ward of J. V. Stevenson, D.I., 4 Ravenhill Terrace, Belfast.  Brother of 241.  IV, Nov., 1898.  Served through the Boer War in Ulster Yeomanry.  South African Medal, 4 Bars.  Irish Swimming Championship (100 and 200 yards), 1901; holder of Ulster Records for 100 and 220 yards; appointed J.P. for Co. Mayo, 1905.  High Sheriff for Co. Mayo, 1919.  Landowner.  Address: The Croft, Pit Farm Road, Guildford, Surrey.  (M.q.)

(241). Bingham, John Little Shaen, b. 26th Jan., 1883, ward of J. V. Stevenson, D.I., 4 Ravenhill Terrace, Belfast.  Brother of 240.  II, Dec., 1898.  Motor and Electrical Engineer.

(242). Lindsay, Henry Fulton, b. 2nd Nov., 1878, son of John Lindsay, M.D., Parkview, Belfast.   III, Nov., 1895.

(243). McCloy, Harrison, b. 12th Dec., 1883, son of Harrison McCloy, Talbot Street, Belfast.  IV, July, 1898.  Great War: Quarter-Mr. Sergt., Tank Corps.  Killed in action, 21st Aug., 1917.

244. Roe, Hamilton Knutson Deane (now Deane, Hamilton), b. 2nd Dec., 1879., son of Henry J. D. Roe, Knock Mullin, New Ross.  V, Feb., 1896.  Theatrical Actor-Manager and Dramatist. (1938 Address: 1 Gunnersbury Drive, Ealing, London, W.5. (q.))

245. Smyth, James Douglas, b. 4th March, 1883, son of James D. Smyth, Milltown House, Banbridge.  Brother of 183 and 184.  II, July, 1896.  Director, Wm. Smyth & Co., Bleachers, Lenaderg.  Director, William Ewart & Sons Ltd., New York Branch.  Address: Wm. Ewart & Sons, Ltd., Bedford Street, Belfast, and Milltown House, Lenaderg, Co. Down.

(246). Thomson, Maurice Gordon, b. 7th may, 1884, son of Charles Thompson, Northumberland Road, Dublin.  III, Feb., 1897.  To Armagh, R.S.  2nd Lieut., R. Irish Regt., 1903.  Retired 1913.

247. Wilkinson, William Frederick, son of John Wilkinson, Greenoge, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 209, 210, 362 and 469.  VI, Feb., 1896.  To Australia, 1927.  Later to New Zealand.  Own soft goods factory.  Retired.  Address: 36 Poole Crescent, Wainui-o-mata, Wellington, N.Z.  (M.x.q.) (1938 Address: 1 Westminster Flats, Brooklyn, Wellington, New Zealand.)


248. Birch, Arthur Durham, b. 30th March, 1882, son of Mrs. Birch, Donaghta, Greencastle.  III, April, 1897.  Draughtsman. (1938 Address: Melville, Northam, N. Devon. (q.))

249. De Wind, Edmund, b. 11th December, 1883, son of H. De Wind, Castle Street, Comber.  V, Dec., 1900.  Bank of Ireland Official till 1911.  Bank of Commerce in Canada, 1911-14.  Private, 3rd Canadian Regt., 1914. Machine Gun Sec., 31st Canadians, 1915-17. 2nd Lieut., 15th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles, 1917. Killed in Action at St. Quentin, 21st March, 1918.  V.C.  "For most conspicuous bravery and self-sacrifice on the 21st March, 1918, at the Race Course Redoubt near Grougie.  For several hours he held this most important post, and though twice wounded and practically single-handed., he maintained his position until another section could be got to his help.  On two occasions, with two N.C.O.'s only, he got out on top under heavy machine and rifle fire, and cleared the enemy out of the trench, killing many.  He continued to repel attack after attack until he was mortally wounded and collapsed.  His valour, self-sacrifice, and example were of the highest order.' (Supplement to the "London Gazette," 15th May, 1919).

250. Ewart, Robert Heard, b. 5th Nov., 1879, son of Sir William Quartus Ewart, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 251.  V, July, 1896.  T.C.D., B.A. (1911).  Baronet.  Director, Wm. Ewart & Sons, Ltd.  Died 12th August, 1939. (1938 Address: Glenmachan, Strandtown, Belfast)

(251). Ewart, Charles Gordon, b. 21st June, 1885, son of Sir William Quartus Ewart, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 250.  I, April, 1896.  T.C.D, B.A., 1911.  M.A., 1915.  Died 4th Aug., 1936. (M.)

252. Hanna, John, b. 3rd June, 1879, son of John Hanna, Ballystockart, Dundonald.  III, July, 1897.  Timber business.  Died 30th January, 1944. (1938 Address: Ballystockart, Dundonald)

(see additional information)

253. Rogers, John Sydney, b. 8th Dec., 1879, son of John Rogers, Ardnareagh, Belfast.  Brother of 171.  VI, July, 1896.  1st XV, 1895-6.  1st XI, 1895-6. Member of Ulster Transport Authority, Chairman, 1951-53. Address: 16 Deramore Park, Malone Road, Belfast.  (M.q.) (1938 Director, Clarence Finishing Co. Ltd.)

(254). Scott, Henry Andrews, b. 20th Sept., 1883, son of Mrs. Scott, Strandtown, Belfast.  III, April, 1897.

255. Small, Alexander, b. 21st Oct., 1882, son of Robert Small, Markethill, Co. Armagh.  Father of 2317 and 2646.  III, April, 1899.  Great War: Lieut., R. Irish Fusiliers.  Mentioned in despatches.  Address: 31 Lansdowne Road, Belfast. (M.)


256. *Agnew, William Lawrence, b. 1st August, 1881, son of William Agnew, 37 Wellington Place, Belfast.  Brother of 476.  IV, July, 1896.  Great War: Lieut., 54th Batt. Australian Infantry. Died 24th August, 1946. (1938 Address: 23 Summer Street, Stanley Bay, Auckland, N.Z.)

(257). Allen, Robert Brown, b. 31st March, 1880, son of Thomas W. Allen, Connsbrook Terrace, Strandtown.  Brother of 258.  V, Feb., 1896.

(258). Allen, William Thomas, b. 25th April, 1881, son of Thomas W. Allen, Connsbrook Terrace, Strandtown.  Brother of 257.  II, Feb., 1896.

259. Atkinson, Charles Vincent McCarthy, b. 2nd Nov., 1879, son of J. H. Atkinson, Calcutta.  Matric., July, 1896.  First Campbellian to go to India - Indian Police.  District Superintendent (retired).  Died April, 1944. (1938 Address: c/o High Commissioner, India House, Aldwych, London, W.C.)

260. Bain, John Malcolm, b. 5th August, 1884, son of John Bain, Ardilea, Greenisland, Co. Antrim.  L.V., Dec., 1900.  Insurance Broker.  last known address: 10 Queen Street, London, E.C.4.

261. *Bennet, Edward, b. 26th October, 1880, son of E. M. Bennet, Kilrea.  VI, October, 1899.  Scholar.  Junior Ex., T.C.D., 1899.  Senior, 1903.  Senior Moderator B.A., Legal and Political Science.  LL.B. and LL.D., 1904.  Archbishop Whatley Prizeman, 1903.  Indian Civil Service, 1903.  B.L., Inner Temple, London, 1922.  Permanent Judge, High Court, Allahabad, 1932.  Author of "Idylls of the East" and "Shots and Snapshots in British East Africa."  Farming 1,807 acres in Kenya since retirement in 1940.  Address: Riverside Farm, P.O.  Rongai, Kenya Colony.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: Allahabad, India.)

262. *Blackhall, John Stanley, b. 9th Jan., 1883, son of A. M. Blackhall, Broomsgrove, Bloomfield, Belfast.  III, July, 1898.  Engineer, Belfast City Transport.  Address: The Knowes, Millisle, Co. Down. (1938 Antrim Road Depot - Address: Colville, Millisle, Co. Down. (M.q.))

(263). Bury, Raymond, b. 26th Feb., 1882, son of Rev. E. J. Bury, Clontibret, Co. Monaghan.  III, Dec., 1895.  Scholar.  F.R.C.S.I., L.R.C.P.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C., M.B.E. (1918).  Mentioned in despatches.  Deputy Director, Medical Services, Tanganyika.  Died, 1st October, 1933.

(264). Clarke, William, b. 20th June, 1879, son of Rev. James Clarke, 13 Moore Street, Mountmellick.  Brother of 398, 399.  V, July, 1896.  Scholar.  Died 8th Dec., 1896.

265. Clarendon, William Randall Slack, b. 20th Nov., 1882, son of Rev. T. W. Clarendon, B.D., The Rectory, Maralin.  Father of 3943.  III, Dec., 1895.  T.C.D., B.A., 1904.  Great War: Capt., R. Inniskilling Fusiliers.  Former Rector of Templepatrick.  Address: 4 Ebrington Gardens, Belfast.  (M.) (1938 Brother of 675 - Address: The Vicarage, Templepatrick, Co. Antrim)

266. Corry, Stanley Percival, b. 9th Sept., 1880, son of R. W. Corry, Benvue, Windsor Park, Belfast.  Father of 1866 and 1867.  Com. Dec., 1895.  1st XV, University College School.  Director of Ulster Motor Works, Ltd., and Ideal Planning, Ltd.  Winner of Men's Doubles, Ulster Tennis Championship and Irish Tennis Championship, 1922.  Died, Nov., 1944.  (M.) (1938 Address: Ardmore, Holywood, Co. Down)

(267). Crane, Lucius Francis, b. 15th July, 1882, son of Thomas Crane, 3 West Elmwood, Lisburn Road, Belfast.  L.V, Dec., 1896.

(268). Croft, James, b. 17th Dec., 1880, son of Mrs. Croft, Crofton Villa, Knock, Belfast.  II, Jan., 1896.  Died.

(269). Dickson, David Cooper, b. 15th Dec., 1880, son of Hugh Dickson, Belmont, Belfast.  Brother of 51.  II, July, 1897.  Wholesale Drapery business of Bank Buildings Ltd.  Died 30th Jan., 1921.

(270). Doran, William Ernest Trevor, b. 24th Dec., 1878, son of W. T. Doran, Rosebank, Windsor Avenue, Belfast.  II, July, 1896.

(271). Douglas, Richard Whitfield, b. 6th Nov., 1886, son of Richard Douglas, 20 College Green, Belfast.  I, July, 1896.

(272). Duncan, Robert Moore, b. 14th July, 1882, son of James Duncan, Priory Park, Holywood, Co. Down.  V, July, 1898.  Queen's College, Galway Science Sch., 1900, 1901, 1903 (1st place); Engineering Sch., 1902 (1st place); R.U.I. - B.E. (2nd place); 2nd Class Hons. and Exh.; Civil Engineer, Inspector Congested District Board for Ireland; Capt. Q.C.G., Rugby XV, 1902-03; ¼-mile Champion (Flat), Connaught, 1903.

(273). Edgar, John Hammond, b. 23rd October, 1879, son of Robert S. Edgar, Dromore, Co. Down.  VI, Dec., 1897.  Cricket XI, 1897; Queen's College, Belfast; Royal University, Ireland; Law Scholar, Q.C.B.;  B.A. (Hons. and Exh.), 1900;  M.A. (Hons. and Studentship); 3rd Place and Hons. English Bar Final, 1904; 2nd Place and Exh., Final Irish Bar, 1904.  Great War: Lieut., 9th Batt. Durham Light Infantry; killed in action, 25th Feb., 1916

274. Faris, John George, b. 9th Feb., 1880, son of Rev. Charles Faris, Cathedral Close, Armagh.  Brother of 275 and 1025.  VI, July, 1898.  Scholar; School Prefect; School Football XV, 1896-7-8; Cricket XI, 1897-8 (Capt.); Royal Military College; Sandhurst Football XV, 1898-9; Commission, Jan., 1900; O.B.E.; Croix-de-Guerre; p.s.c.; Lt.-Col., Indian Army (retired).  Died, 1952. (1938 Croix de Querre - Address: "Donard," Westward Ho., Devon.)

275. Faris, Romney Robinson, b. 18th July, 1881, son of Rev. Charles Faris, Cathedral Close, Armagh.  Brother of 274 and 1025.  VI, July, 1900.  Scholar.  School Prefect;  1st XI, 1899-1900; 1st XV, 1899-1900; T.C.D., B.A., 1903.  B.A.I., 1903; A.M.I.C.E., 1907.  Civil Engineer.  In Rostrevor, Co. Down (1951). (M.) (1938 Address: 12 Station Road, Portstewart, Co. Derry.)

(276). Frazer, Oswald Rydings, b. 24th Jan., 1883, son of W. J. Frazer, Killyleagh, Co. Down.  II, Dec., 1896.

277. Gilliland, Hans, b. 17th Jan., 1885, son of W. J. Gilliland, Gresham Chambers, Royal Avenue, Belfast.  I, Dec., 1895.  Edinburgh University, M.B., Ch.B., 1912.  Address: Mullaboden, Ballymore, Eustace, Co. Kildare. (1938 Address: 58 Beaconsfield Villas, Brighton 6.)

278. Gordon, Annesley De Rinzy, b. 11th Nov., 1882, son of Samuel Gordon, Mountkearney, Newry.  Brother of 279.  III, July, 1896.  Qualified M.R.C.V.S., Royal Dick Vet. College; College Bursary, Gold Medallist in Pathology and Bacteriology and Surgery; Egyptian Civil Service, 1905-1919.  Great War: Served with B.E.F. in the R.A.V.C.; mentioned in despatches (three times); D.S.O.; O.B.E.; Lieut.-Col.; now farmer.  Address: Mountkearney, Newry.

(279). Gordon, Percy Herbert, b. 10th Feb., 1884, son of Samuel Gordon, Mountkearney, Newry.  Brother of 278.  I, April, 1896.  Officer on "Head Line."  Died 29th July, 1903.

(280). Greer, George Beauchamp, b. 27th April, 1882, son of Rev. George S. Greer, The Rectory, Portaferry.  Foundation Scholar.  IV, July, 1897.  Scholar; 1st XV, 1897-98.  Lieut., R.G.A.  Died at Rurki, India.

281. *Hackett, Thomas Dalby Hutcheson, b. 19th September, 1881, son of Very Rev. Dr. T. A. P. Hackett, Dean of Limerick, The Deanery, Limerick.  Brother of 520.  VI, July, 1900.  Scholar.  School Prefect; 1st XV, 1898-9-1900.  Commission in Army direct from School.  R.H.A. and R.F.A., 1900-08; transferred to Indian Army, 32nd Lancers, 1908.  Appointed to Burma Commission, 1910.  Warden, Burma Oilfields, 1910. Assistant Commissioner, Thayetmyo, 1911-12; Warden, Burma Oilfields, 1913.  Rejoined 32nd Lancers, 1914.  Transferred to Burma Military Police on outbreak of rebellion on N.E. Frontier.  Commandant, Shewbo Battalion, Military Police, 1917-18.  Commanded Mobile Columns, Burma-Assam Frontier and appointed Political Officer this area, 1918.  Annexed SOMRA TRACT (700 sq. miles) and made 250 miles mule roads opening up communications to FORT KEARY -  a post built at a height of 8,000 ft., 1919.  "As for SOMRA TRACT no white man has ever traversed it" - Burma Government Report No. 5191 d. 2.7., 1918.  Reverted to Civil Employ and appointed Deputy Commissioner, District Magistrate and District Judge, Kyaukse, Upper Burma, 1921.  D.S.O., F.R.G.S., M.I.P.T., 1922.  Retired, 1923.  Black Rod and Deputy Sergeant at Arms, Parliament of Northern Ireland, 1921-54.  Address: c/o Barclay's Bank, 54 Lombard Street, E.C.3.  (M.q.) (1938 son of Rev. Canon T. A. P. Hackett, The Rectory, Kilmallock - Shwebol Battalion - Address: Dunavon, Craigavad, Co. Down.)

282. *Harrison, Alexander Lyle, b. 16th July, 1882, son of Rev. S. Lyle, Harrison, Castlebellingham, Co. Louth.  Father of 1760.  U.VIth, July, 1902.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1900-1-2.  Queen's College Library, Galway; College XV; B.A. (R.U.I.), 1905. Edinburgh University and Assembly's College.  Ordained, 1909, Rostrevor.  Minister of Fortwilliam Park Presbyterian Church, Belfast, 1914.  Address: The Willows, Rostrevor, Co. Down. (M.q.) (1938 Address: 7 Fortwilliam Terrace, Belfast)

283. Kingan, William Sinclair, b. 6th Dec., 1876, son of Samuel Kingan, Glenganagh, Bangor, Co. Down.  Brother of 284.  Matric., May, 1896.  Deputy Lieutenant for County Down.  Died 8th December. 1946.

284. Kingan, Thomas Davison, b. 7th Nov., 1879, son of Samuel Kingan, Glenganagh, Bangor, Co. Down.  Brother of 283.  VI, June, 1898.  1st XI, 1897.  Balliol College, Oxford; 2nd Class Final School of Jurisprudence, 1902; M.A., 1907; Brooke Scholar, King's Inn, Dublin, 1905.  Barrister-at-Law.  Great War: Lieut., R. Irish Rifles.  Address: Ulster Club, Belfast.

285. *Lepper, Reginald Mervyn, b. 5th March, 1880, son of F. R. Lepper, Elsinore, Crawfordsburn.  Brother of 108.  L.VI, April, 1897.  Great War: Royal Navy.  Address: c/o Westminster Bank, Ltd., Barnstaple, Devon, England. (q.)

286. Longmuir, Alexander, b. 20th May, 1882, son of James F. Longmuir, Irvine, N.B.  IV, Feb., 1898.  A.M.I.E.E.  Died January, 1938.  (M.) (1938 Address: 14 Park Row, Leeds)

287. Macarthur, James, b. 11th April, 1881, son of Peter Macarthur, M.D., Greyabbey, Co. Down.  U.V., Nov., 1896.  Queen's College, Belfast, and London Hospital.  L.R.C.S.E., L.R.C.P.E., L.R.F.P.S., 1902; M.B., Ch.B., B.A.O., R.U.I., 1905; F.R.C.P.E., 1922.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Gov. Medical Officer, Bombola. Hon. Surgeon, Bombola Hospital.  Last known address: Caveat Street, Bombola, N.C. Wales, Australia.  (M.)

(288). MacNaughten, Edmund Loftis, b. 14th dec., 1879, son of Stewart MacNaughten, Sandown Villa, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 289.  V, July, 1896.  1stXI, 1896.  Died.

(289). MacNaughten, Stewart Cecil, b. 4th October, 1881, son of Stewart MacNaughten, Sandown Villa, Knock.  Brother of 288.  III, July, 1896.  Great War: Capt., A.S.C.  Killed in action, 9th Nov., 1918.

(290). MacGeean, Frederick Alexander, b. 27th Sept., 1882, son of James Mageean.  II, April, 1896.  Served in So. African and Great War.  Died in S. Africa.

291. Mitchell, William, b. 18th May, 1880, son of Alexander B. Mitchell, Hillview, Knock, Belfast.  Vth. Com. July, 1896.  B.A., R.U.I., 1907; B.D., Presbyterian Theological Faculty, 1920; D.D., 1953; A.C.I.S., 1902.  Queen's University, 1901; Assembly's College, 1910; Scholarship and Prize each year.  Presbyterian Minister.  Ordained in Drumachose, Limavady, 1913.  Installed in High Street, Antrim, 1924.  Retired from active duty, 1952.  Address: "Benevenagh," Bushfoot Road, Portballintrae, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.) (1938 F.C.I.S., 1908; Queen's University, 1909; Findlater Scholarship and Getty, 1911. Coey Prize, 1912-13 - Address: The Manse, Antrim, Co. Antrim)

(292). Moore, Thomas Sinclair, b. 11th Dec., 1882, son of Rev. David R. Moore, - Eglantine Avenue, Belfast.  VI, Dec., 1898.  Scholar.  Schoolmaster in U.S.A. (M.)

293. *McClelland, Herbert Saunderson, b. 21st May, 1879, son of Andrew McClelland, Riversley, Banbridge.  VI, July, 1897.  Scholar.  School Prefect; 1st XV, 1895-6-7 (Capt.); 1st XI, 1896-7; 4th Place and Silver Medal in Solicitors' Final, 1902.  Solicitor, Member of the firm of Barrington & Son.  Died October, 1952. (M.) (1938 Address: 10 Ely Place, and 18 Palmerston Park, Dublin)

(294). McNiece, Frederick Sproulle, b. 21st. Nov., 1879, son of Mrs. McNiece, 116 Eglantine Avenue, Belfast.  Com. July, 1896.  Scholar

295. *Polland, Samuel, b. 11th Feb., 1882, son of Edward Polland, 3 Frankland Terrace, The Mount.  III, July, 1897.  1895, Hop, Step and Jump Record.  Quay Clerk, Electrical Dept., Harland & Wolff, Belfast.  Address: 23 Evolina Street, Duncairn Gardens, Belfast.  (M.x.q.)

296. Pringle, Alexander, b. 29th Nov., 1880, son of Alexander Pringle, Crilly, Aughnacloy.  III, July, 1896.  Managing Director of Pringle & Kirk Arm Co. Ltd.  Retired.  Address: Maymount, Crilly, Aughnacloy, Co. Tyrone.  (M.x.q.) (1938 Address: 12 Springdale Gardens, Belfast)

297. *Pringle, Seton Sidney, b. 6th July, 1879, son of John Pringle, Clones.  Brother of 298.  VIth, Oct., 1897.  School Prefect; 1st XV, 1896-7; T.C.D., B.A., 1901; M.B., B.C.H., B.A.O., 1902; F.R.C.S.I., 1905; M.Ch., 1936.  Great War: Lt.-Col., R.A.M.C.; O.B.E. (Mil.);  Consulting Surgeon to Rotunda, Mercers and Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospitals.  President, R.C.S.I., 1934-36.  Retired.  Address: Ringlestown House, Kilmessan, Co. Meath.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: 7 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin)

298. Pringle, John Conrad, b. 8th Nov., 1881, son of John Pringle, Clones.  Brother of 297.  VI, July, 1900.  School Prefect; 1st XV (Capt.), 1899-1900; 1st XI, 1898-99-1900; R.I.E.C., Cooper's Hill, 1900; Irish International XV, 1902.  Commission, R.E., 1903.  Commandant, Burma Sappers.  Major, Bt.-Lt.-Col.  Retired, 1927.  Died 8th May, 1952,  (M.) (1938 Address: The Grange, Buckland St. Mary's, Somerset)

(299). Pringle, Oliver Arthur, b. 31st May, 1880, son of Henry Pringle, Clonboy House, Clones.  L.VI, July, 1899.  1st XI, 1899;  T.C.D., B.A., LL.B., 1906; Solicitor.  Crown Solicitor of Co. Fermanagh, 1928.  Died, 11th Feb., 1929

(300). Pyper, Robert Burns, b. 13th Jan., 1882, son of William Pyper, Clonoe, Knock, Belfast.  VI, Oct., 1901.  Queen's College, B.E., 1905.  City Engineer, Medicine Hut, Alberta.  Died 1920.

(301). Ratcliffe, Harry Elgar, son of Henry Ratcliffe, 2 Connsbrook Terrace, Strandtown.  III, April, 1897.

(302). Shannon, John, b. 15th August, 1881, son of James Shannon, Kimberley Gardens, Bloomfield.  III, July, 1897.

303. Shaw, Maxwell, b. 14th June, 1881, son of Thomas Shaw, Kirkcubbin, Co. Down.  Brother of 178.  V, July, 1896.  Head Live Stock Buyer in U.S.A. for Kingan & Co.   Died 7th January, 1944. (1938 Address: 3555 Washington Blud, Indianopolis, U.S.A. (M.q.) [Indianapolis])

304. *Shillidy, John Armstrong, b. 6th June, 1882, son of Rev. J. Shillidy, M.A., D.D., Surat.  Brother of 501.  VIth, July, 1901.  Sch.; School Prefect; 1st XV, 1896-7-8-9-1900; 1st XI, 1896-01; Capt., 1901; T.C.D.  Football Colours, 1902; T.C.D.  Jun. Exh., 1900; Sen. Exh., 1902; B.A.; Supplemental Senior Mod. and Gold Medallist, 1905.  Indian Civil Service, 1905.  Secretary to the Government of India, Industries and Labour Dept.  Retired, 1936.  C.S.I. (1932).  Died 16th November, 1952.  (M.) (1938 Address: 47 Station Road, Sidcup, Kent. (M.q.))

305. Simpson, Robert, b. 23rd April, 1882, son of W. M. Simpson, 15 Hughenden Terrace, Belfast.  Brother of 306.  III, July, 1896.  Great War: Australian Expeditionary Force.  On a Cocoanut Plantation in New Britain, S. Pacific.  Address (1951): 22 Cavendish Road, North Oxford.

306. Simpson, George Arthur, b. 26th May, 1883, son of W. M. Simpson, 15 Hughenden Terrace, Belfast.  Brother of 305.  I, July, 1896.  R.B.A.I.  Address (1951): Pembroke House, Cheltenham, Glos.  (M.) (1938 Address: 9 Maxwell Road, Bangor, Co. Down. (M.q.))

(307). Simpson, Charles John, b. 28th Feb., 1886, son of John Simpson, Osborne Park, Belfast.  I, April, 1896.

308. Sparrow, William Warburton, b. 30th Dec., 1879, son of Mrs. Sparrow, Marine View, Greenisland.  Brother of 188 and 189.  III, Nov., 1895.  Railway Official on N.C. Railway and Cape Govt. Railways.  Vice-President, Chicago, Milwaukie, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad Co., U.S.A.  Died 7th November, 1939. (M.) (1938 Address: 1214 Forest Avenue, Evanstown, Ill., U.S.A., and 736 Union Station, Chicago.)

(309). Sprott, Rudolph Meyer, b. 17th August, 1880, son of Wm. Sprott, Holmside, Belmont, Belfast.  Brother of 310 and 340.  Com. April, 1896.

(310). Sprott, Ralph Meyer, b. 2nd June, 1885, son of Wm. Sprott, Holmside, Belmont, Belfast.  Brother of 309 and 340.  I, July, 1896.

(311). *Stelfox, Arthur Wilson, b. 15th Dec., 1883, son of James Stelfox, Oakleigh, Ormeau Park, Belfast.  Brother of 190.  V, July, 1900.  Assoc. Royal Inst. Brit. Architects.  M.R.I.A.  On Staff of Nat. Hist. Division, National Museum, Dublin.  Address: Mayfield, 14 Clareville Road, Rathgar, Dublin.  (M.q.)

312. *Stodart, James Carlyle, b. 18th Feb., 1880, son of Thomas A. Stodart, 15 Stamer Street, Dublin.  Father of 2026 and 2027.  VI, July, 1898.  Sch.; School Prefect; 1st XV, 1896-7; Brasenose College, Oxford; Junior Hulme Sch., 1897; Senior Hulme Sch., 1902; 2nd in Greats; B.A. (Oxon.) and T.C.D., I.C.S., 1904.  Judge of High Court of Judicature, Madras, 1935-40.  Retired 1940.  Address: 12 Fore Street, Hatfield, Hertfordshire.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: East India United Service Club, St. James' Square, London)

(313). Thomson, Lawrence Wentworth, b. 30th June, 1876, son of Rev. S. B. Thomson, Dungiven, Co. Derry.  Brother of 199.  III, April, 1896.  Died.

314. Watson, Harry Christian, b. 10th Jan., 1882, son of Robert Watson, Mount Oriel, Newtownbreda.  Brother of 315.  VI, July, 1899.  Queen's College, Belfast and R.U.I., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1905.  Medical Superintendent, Mental Hospital, Bloemfontein.  1939-45 War: Major, S.A.M.C.  Last known address: Irene Hotel, Jacob Mare Street, Pretoria, S. Africa.

315. *Watson, Ernest France, b. 29th Oct., 1883, son of Robert Watson, Mount Oriel, Newtownbreda.  Brother of 314.  Father of 2401 and 2508 and 2509.  IV, July, 1899.  Queen's College, 1st XV, 1903-06.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., R.U.I., 1906.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Address: P.O. Box 98, Witbank, Transvaal. (M.q.)

316. *Wilson, Thomas Arthur Atkinson, b. 17th June, 1882, son of John Wilson, Solicitor, Longford.  VI, July, 1900.  Sch.; 1st XI, 1900; 1st XV, 1899-1900; R.M.C., Sandhurst.  Passed out Senior of I.A. List.  Squadron Officer, 4th Cav., 1902; Adjutant, 1908-1912.  Great War: France, Belgium, Egypt and Irak; mentioned in despatches.  Commandant, 2nd Lancers (G.H.), 1927-30;  Commanded the 2nd Cav. Brigade, 1932-34.  Brigadier-General Staff, Southern Command, India, 1934.  Major General, 1937.  C.B. A.D.C. to H.M. The King.  Staff Employ in India, 1939-42.  Retired.  Address: 2 Stanford Court, Cornwall Gardens, London, S.W.7. (M.q.) (1938 Address: Headquarters, Southern Command, Poona, India)

(317). Wright, Archibald Robinson, b. 22nd Oct., 1881, son of Rev. Wm. Wright, M.A., D.D., Newtownards.  Brother of 318, 319, 846, 1241.  VI, July, 1899.  Scholar.  B.D., 1915.  Minister of various Presbyterian Churches in U.S.A.  Died 17th July, 1933.

318. Wright, Thomas, b. 28th Sept., 1882, son of Rev. Wm. Wright, M.A., D.D., Newtownards.  Brother of 317, 319, 846 and 1241.  Matric., July, 1899.  M.I.N.A.; M.I.Mar.-E.; Engineer Manager, Harland & Wolff, 1913-26.  Great War: M.B.E., 1916.  Engineer-in-Chief, Lever Bros., Ltd., 1926-37.  Address: Melwood, Plymyard Avenue, Bramborough, Wirral, England.  (M.) (1938 Address: Mount Allars, Bebington, Cheshire. (M.q.))

319. Wright, William Martin, b. 23rd. April, 1884, son of Rev. Wm. Wright, M.A., D.D., Newtownards.  Brother of 317, 318, 846 and 1241.  L.V., July, 1899.  Scholar.  Solicitors' Final, 1910.  Assistant Solicitor, Belfast Banking Co., 1910-14.  Great War: Capt., R. Irish Rifles.  Adj., 13th Bn.  Severely wounded.  Partner, McKinty & Wright, Solicitors, Belfast.  Hon. Solicitor, British Legion for 32 years.  Chairman, Newtownards Branch, British Legion for 30 years; President, 2 years.  Died 16th Nov., 1952.  (M.) (1938 Address: 36 Victoria Avenue, Newtownards, and 74 Royal Avenue, Belfast. (q.))


(320). Lowry, Alexander, b. 10th April, 1881, son of Mrs. A. Lowry, Killyleagh, Co. Down.  Brother of 639.  III, April, 1897.


(321). Gething, Burton, W. Eills, b. 20th Dec., 1881, son of Constantine Gething, 20 Devonshire Road, Prince's Park, Liverpool.  Brother of 75.  V, July, 1896.  Cricket XI, 1896.  Shrewsbury School.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1900.  Northumberland Fusiliers.  Lt.-Col., retired.  Died 1936

322. Jackson, Stanley, Barker, b. 3rd June, 1884, son of W. J. Jackson, Ingledene, Holywood, Co. Down.  III, Feb., 1899.  Uppingham, 1899-1901.  A.S.C., 1914-19.  Retired.  Address: Rathgorman, Killinchy, Co. Down.  (q.)

323. *Milne, John William, b. 10th September, 1881, son of Joseph Milne, Clondillure, Palmerston Park, Dublin.  Brother of 324.  Father of 2522.  U.VI, July, 1899.  1st XI, 1898.  A.C.I.S. (1906), F.C.I.S. (1915).  Company Director.  President of Old Campbellian Society, 1937-38.  Address: Clondillure, Highfield Road, Dublin.  (M.) (1938 (M.q.))

324. *Milne, James, b. 4th May, 1883, son of Joseph Milne, Clondillure, Palmerston Park, Dublin.  Brother of 323.  V, July, 1900.  Victoria University, Manchester.  B.Sc. (Engineering), 1904.  A.M.I.C.E., 1909.  Colonel Rly. Engineer and Staff Corps C.S.I. (1923).  Kt., 1931.  K.C.V.O., 1936.  General Manager, Great Western Railway, England, 1929-1947.  Director, 1947.  Attached to Geddes Committee on National Expenditure, 1921-2, and India Retrenchment Committee, 1922-23.  Deputy Chairman, Rly. Executive Committee, 1939-47.  Chairman, Ship Mortgage Finance Coy.; Director of Thos. Cook & Son; Coast Lines; and other Companies.  Address: Dildawn, Woldingham, Surrey. (M.q.) (1938 Queen's College XV, 1901-2-3-4. - Transport Advisory Council since 1934)

(325). Purdon, Eric St. Clair, b. 11th Feb., 1882, son of E. S. Purdon, Martello Terrace, Holywood.  Brother of 162.  L.V, April, 1898.  With G. Heyn & Sons.  Died in Manilla, 26th August, 1914.

326. *Shannon, Abraham Henry, b. 2nd April, 1880, Ward of J. H. Haslett, North Street, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1899.  1st XV, 1896-7-8-9; 1st XI, 1897-8-9.  Fruit Farming in W. Australia.  Capt., Albany Golf Club, West Australia, 1925-31.  Capt., Albany Tennis Club, 1927-35.  Died 1952.  (M.) (1938 Address: Middleton Beach, Albany, West Australia. (M.q.))

(327). Simpson, Ralph Shelton, b. 22nd Jan., 1880, son of Mrs. Simpson, Melbourne Terrace, Armagh.  Brother of 381.  III, Feb., 1897.


(328). Kernan, John Dubourdieu, b. 3rd Dec., 1885, son of Rev. Canon Kernan, B.D., Hillsborough, Co. Down.  U.VI, June, 1904.  Scholar.  1st XV, 1903-04.  T.C.D., B.A., 1908.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1909.  Medical Practitioner.  Died 11th Nov., 1908

(329). Malcolmson, George D., b. 12th August, 1882, son of Alexander Malcolmson, Fern Villa, Neill's Hill, Belfast.  Brother of 725.  II, Nov., 1897.

(330). Montgomery, William Arthur, b. 20th July, 1885, son of A. McD. Montgomery, Down House, Sidcup, Kent.  II, Dec., 1897.  Great War: Capt., S. Lancashire Regt.

331. Wallace, John Burleigh, b. 7th Sept., 1882, son of Rev. W. J. Wallace, Templecrone Rectory, Dungloe, Co. Donegal.  Brother of 332.  III, July, 1890.  Director, Thos. Somerset & Co. Ltd.  Address: Templecrone, 40 Alliance Avenue, Belfast.  (M.) (1938 (M.q.))

332. Wallace, James William, b. 28th August, 1884, son of Rev. W. J. Wallace, Templecrone Rectory, Dungloe, Co. Donegal.  Brother of 331.  Com., July, 1899.  Great War: 20th and 11th Batt. R.I. Rifles; mentioned in despatches.  Manufacturers' Agent.  Address: 2 Charles Street West, Toronto, Canada.  (M.) (1938 Address: 15 Hubbard Boulevard, Toronto, Canada. (M.q.))

333. Weber, William Edwin, b. 29th May, 1876, son of Rev. G. H. Weber, Rungsdorf, Germany.  April, 1896.  M.A.  (Cantab.); Private Tutor. (1938 Address: 23 Kaiserstrausse, Bonn-on-Rhine, Germany)


(334). Gibson, Samuel James, b. 15th July, 1881, Ward of Samuel Heron, 89 Victoria Street, Belfast.  II, Dec., 1896.

335. Gordon, William, b. 27th April, 1882, son of R. W. Gordon, Eden Terrace, Antrim Road, Belfast.  III, May, 1897.  Clifton House School, Eastbourne.  Director, Wm. Barbour & Sons, Ltd., Hilden, Lisburn.  Retired.  Address: Hilden Grove, Helen's Bay, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

(336). McLaughlin, John, b. 4th July, 1882, son of Thos. McLaughlin, 229 Albertbridge Road, Belfast.  II, Nov., 1896.

(337). Milliken, Hugh McCutcheon, b. 11th Dec., 1880, son of Mrs. J. Milliken, Newtownards.  II, Feb., 1897.

(338). *Morris, Abraham, b. 1st Nov., 1880, son of Abraham Morris, Clonee Villa, Rosetta Park, Belfast.  IV, July, 1898.  M.P.S.I., Pharmacist.  Died 19th Dec., 1927.

(339). Robinson, William A., b. 5th June, 1883, son of Rev. S. A. Robinson, 1 Kimberley Terrace, Strandtown.  II, July, 1898.

(340). Sprott, Robert Meyer, b. 18th Dec., 1886, son of William Sprott, Holmside, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 309, 310.  I, July, 1896.


(341). Armstrong, Frederick George, b. 1st Feb., 1883, son of James Armstrong, 16 College Square North, Belfast.  I, July, 1897.

342. Craig, Henry Ernest, b. 14th May, 1884, son of H. Craig, Knockvalley House, Bloomfield, Belfast.  V, July, 1900.  Great War: Commission in North Irish Horse, attached 3rd King's Own Hussars.  Harbour Office Official.  Died, 1945.  (M.) (1938 Address: 8 Sixth Avenue, Baylands, Bangor, Co. Down. (M.q.))

343. *Davidson, Sydney Herbert, b. 23rd Dec., 1882, son of Rev. John Davidson, D.D., Glennan, Glasslough.  VI.Up., July, 1902.  Sch.  1st XV, 1900-01;  School Prefect;  T.C.D., Junior Ex., 1901; Senior Ex., 1903; Marshall Porter Prize, 1903; 1st Classical Sch., 1904; Sen. Mod. in Classics and Jun. Mod. in Modern Literature, 1905.  Cambridge University.  Université of Bordeaux; Licencé en Droit with honourable mention.  Egyptian Civil Service, 1900.  Retired in July, 1924.  Died in Air Raid, 27th June, 1942.  (M.) (1938 Address: Lloyds Bank, 6 Pall Mall, London, S.W.1. (M.q.))

(344). Lowry, James, b. 20th August, 1882, son of Alexander Lowry, Alexandra Villa, Strandtown.  III, July, 1897.

(345). McLaughlin, James, son of James McLaughlin, Bess Villa, Earlswood Road, Belfast.  I, July, 1897.

(346). Phillips, Thomas McCann, b. 1st March, 1880, son of Rev. J. G. Phillips, Damascus, Syria.  Brother of 347, 840.  VI, July, 1898.  1st XV, 1897-98;  Queen's College, Belfast.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. (R.U.I.), 1905; 1st Place, R.A.M.C., 1907.  Capt., R.A.M.C.; mentioned in despatches.  Died of wounds 4th Nov., 1914.

347. Phillips, John Oswald, b. 20th July, 1881, son of Rev. J. G. Phillips, Damascus, Syria.  Brother of 346 and 840.  IV, July, 1898.  Engineer.  Last known address: 161 West 73rd Street, New York, U.S.A.

348. White, Hill Wilson de Vere, b. 6th Jan., 1884, son of Rev. H. W. White, D.D., LL.D., Heathlands, Multyfarnham.  Brother of 207 and 379.  IV, Dec., 1900.  T.C.D., B.A., 1906'  M.A., 1909.  Clerk in Holy Orders. (1938 Address: St. Luke's Hospital, Sydney Street, Chelsea, London, S.W.3.)

(349). Wilson, James, b. 6th July, 1881, son of Robert Wilson, Princess May Gardens, Antrim Road, Belfast.  V, July, 1897.

(350). Wilson, John, b. 5th July, 1882, son of Mrs. Wilson, Gilnahirk, Knock, Belfast.  III, July, 1897.

(351). Woodside, James, b. May, 1881, Ward of W. J. Woodside, Bawnmore, Whitehouse.  Brother of 352.  II, July, 1897.  1st XV, 1896-97.  To America.

(352). Woodside, William, b. Nov., 1882, Ward of W. J. Woodside, Whitehouse.  Brother of 351.  II, July, 1897.  To America.


353. Willoughby, Barrington Harcourt, b. 9th March, 1884, son of Rev. T. J. Willoughby, Gortin, Newtownstewart.  IV, July, 1900.  Died 9th May, 1906.


(354). Edwards, William Victor, b. 17th October, 1887, son of Alfred Edwards, The Laurels, Strandtown.  Brother of 56.  I, Dec., 1897.  Coleraine A.I.  Irish Rugby International XV, 1912.  Great War: Capt., R. Irish Fusiliers.  Killed in action, 29th Dec., 1917.

(355). Goudy, John, b. 26th Jan., 1881, son of John Goudy, High Street, Newtownards.  Matric.  July, 1899.  Died.

356. Long, Frederick Cecil, b. 8th Nov., 1883, son of J. H. Long, Bank of Ireland, Mullingar.  Brother of 693.  VI, Oct., 1902.  T.C.D., 1902;  Junior Ex., 1902; Sen. Ex., 1904;  Wray Prize, Logic and Ethics, 1905;  Gold Medal and 1st Sen. Mod. in Logics and Ethics, 1906;  M.A., T.C.D.  Rector of Donohill, Doon & Grean, Diocese of Cashel, 1951.  Chancellor of Cashel Cathedral, 1949.  Address: Donohill Rectory, Tipperary.  (M.q.) (1938 Rector of Newport, Diocese of Cashel, 1937 Address: St. John's Rectory, Newport, Co. Tipperary.)

357. McKibbin, William, b. 19th April, 1885, son of Wm. McKibbin, Rosemount, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Brother of 154.  III, July, 1900.  Great War: 24th Batt. Canadian Infantry,  Manufacturers' Agent.  Address: c/o 216 Board of Trade Buildings, Montreal, P.Q., Canada. (1938 Address: c/o William McKibbin, 529 Board of Trade Buildings, Montreal, Canada)


(358). Bennet, Victor Gordon, b. 16th March, 1888, son of James Bennet, Belavon, Belmont, Belfast.  Brother of 749.  IV, July, 1905.  Died.

359. English, Henry Cecil, b. 7th July, 1882, son of Major Wm. English, O.B.E., "D" Lines, Shorncliffe, Kent.  Brother of 406.  VI, Nov., 1899.  Chief Engineer, the Victoria Falls and Transvaal Power Co.  Died 1943.  (M.) (1938 Address: P.O. Box 3980, Johannesburg, S. Africa. (M.q.))

(360). Gilmer, Robert Reid, b. 1st June, 1882, son of Mrs. Gilmer, Beechcroft, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 569.  II, July, 1898.

361. Jeffrey, Leonard James, b. 20th July, 1882, son of Rev. R. Foster-Jeffrey, Ardlui, Cyprus Park, Belfast.  Brother of 419.  IV, Nov., 1898.  Great War: Eng.-Lieut., R.N.R.  Mentioned in despatches. (1938 Ardlin, Cyprus Park, Belfast)

362. *Wilkinson, Richard Walter, b. 4th Feb., 1886, son of John Wilkinson, Greenoge, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 209, 210, 247 and 469.  Father of 2221.  IV Up., Dec., 1902.  Thanet College; 2nd Lieut. Manchester Regiment, 1914-16.  Managing Director, Robert Kirk, Ltd.; Chairman, British Asphalt & Bitumen, Ltd.; Member, Royal County Down and Royal Belfast Golf Clubs; Member R.A.C. (London), Reform Club (Belfast), Royal Ulster Yacht Club.  Address: Creggan, 24 Downshire Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  (M.q.) (1938 Father of 2229)


363. Barker, Ernest Lindsay Bucknall, b. 20th August, 1887, son of L. B. Barker, Ardenza, Donegall Park Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 917.  Re-entered, Sept., 1901.  Army, April, 1902.  T.C.D., B.A., 1907.  M.A., 1913.  Clerk in Holy Orders.  Great War: Chaplain's Department.  Professor of Pastoral Theology, T.C.D., 1934-40 and 1944-48.  Canon of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, 1939, and Treasurer of the Cathedral, 1952.  Rector of Holy Trinity, Killiney.  Address: Holy Trinity Rectory, Killiney, Co. Dublin.  (q.) (1938 b. 20th Aug., 1887 - Re-entered April, 1902 - left, April, 1902. Army, 1897.  Capt., Chaplain's Department)

(364). Campbell, William, b. 28th July, 1879, son of J. Campbell, Minaduff, Gorton, Co. Tyrone.  VI, July, 1898.  1st XV, 1897-98.  Civil Servant Factories Dept., G.P.O.  Great War: Private, 3rd Dragoon Guards.

(365). Geaussent, Hugh Alvar, b. 8th Oct., 1880, son of G. F. Geaussent, Murray's Terrace, Belfast.  IV, April, 1898.

366. *Greeves, Thomas Jackson, b. 1st July, 1886, son of Joseph M. Greeves, Bernagh, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 519, 762 and 929.  U.V, April, 1904. 1st XI, 1902-3;  1st XV, 1902-3-4;  Ulster XV, 1906-10.  Irish Rugby International, 1907-8-9.  President, I.R.F.U., 1929-30.  Chairman of Council, O.C. Society, 1936-37.  Linen Merchant.  Address: Westlands, Bangor, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

(367). Irwin, David, b. 1st September, 1881, son of John Irwin, Bovally, Limavady.  VI, July, 1900.  Scholar; School Prefect; 1st XI, 1898-9-1900 (Capt., 1900); 1st XV, 1897-8-9; Math. School, R.U.I.; Scholar of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, 1900; 10th Wrangler, 1903.  Died 24th March, 1905.

368. Johnson, William Richard Grubb, b. 20th Feb., 1884, son of Abraham Johnson, Palermo, Knock, Belfast.  III, July, 1898.  Member of Belfast Stock Exchange.  Messrs. Abraham Johnson & Son, Belfast.  Address: 19 Malone Avenue, Belfast.  (M.x.q.) (1938 Address: Glenaun, Lisburn Road, Finaghy. (M.q.))

(369). *Leitch, Thomas Martin, b. 17th October, 1883, son of Rev. Andrew Leitch, Drumclamph Rectory, Castlederg.  Brother of 460.  L.VI, July, 1902.  Scholar.  1st XI, 1901-02; 1st XV, 1901-02.  Official in Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank.  Died 14th March, 1933.

(370). Montgomery, William Alexander, b. 22nd March, 1884, son of Harford H. Montgomery, Sunnybank, Strandtown.  Brother of 427.  L.VI, July, 1901.  1st XI, 1901; 1st XV, 1900-01.  Great War: Major, R. Irish Rifles.  D.S.O., O.B.E., mentioned in despatches.  Chartered Surveyor and Assessor.  Died 13th Aug., 1932. (M.)

(371). McNeill, Samuel Henry, b. 25th July, 1881, son of Rev. James McNeill, Drumbo Manse, Lisburn.  VI, July, 1900.  1st XV, 1899-1900.  Queen's College.  Lit. Sch., 1900.  B.A. (R.U.I.).  Died July, 1908.

(372). McQuoid, Norman Scott, b. 28th August, 1886, son of James McQuoid, The Mount, Belfast.  Brother of 834, 1011, 1012.  L.VI, July, 1904.  1st XV, 1903-04; Sen. Ex. & B.A., 1908.  Barrister-at-Law.  Assistant Deputy Commissioner, W. Africa.  Died, Oct., 1917.

(373). Nelson, Edwin Francis, b. 27th Feb., 1882, son of Rev. Robert Neilson, The Manse, Donegal.  VI, July, 1900.  1st XV, 1898-99.  Great War: Sgt.-Major, 27th Batt. Canadian Infantry.

374. Rentoul, Alfred Hamilton, b. 1st June, 1883, son of Rev. A. H. Rentoul, The Manse, Longford.  L.VI, July, 1902.  Scholar.  1st XI, 1902.  1st XV, 1899-1900-01-02.  Queen's University, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1911.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Address: North Woodland, Welsh Road, Lidsham, Cheshire. (1938 Address: 2 Sydney Mount, Douglas, Isle of Man)

375. *Seymour, Francis Robert, b. 23rd October, 1882, son of Rev. Robert Seymour, D.D., The Rectory, Mullingar.  VI, July, 1900.  Trinity College, Dublin; King's College, London.  T.C.D. Sch., 1903;  1st Sen. Moderator (Exp. Sc.), 1904.  B.A., 1904.  M.D., B.Ch. (Stipendio Condonato), B.A.O., 1907.  M.A., 1913; D.P.H. (Oxon,), 1911.  Great War: R.A.M.C., 1915-19, Major.  Medaille du Roi Albert (avec chevrons).  Deputy Senior Medical Officer, Ministry of Health, 1935.  Contributed to various Government Reports, mostly on Water Supplies.  Died 7th June, 1939.  (M.)

(376). Sargent, George Henry, b. 13th July, 1882, son of Alfred S. Sargent, 20 Genista, South Parade, Belfast.  Brother of 377.  II, Dec., 1897.

(377). Sergent, Crozier Grant, b. 22nd Jan., 1885, son of Alfred S. Sargent, 20 Genista, South Parade, Belfast.  Brother of 376.  I, Dec., 1897.

(378). Stevenson, Rupert Gordon, b. 17th Feb., 1885, son of Wm. Stevenson, 2 Ravenhill Terrace, Belfast.  III, Dec., 1900.

(379). White, Charles Aubrey de Vere, b. 12th April, 1885, son of rev. H. W. White, D.D., Heathlands, Multyfarnham.  Brother of 207, 348.  IV, July, 1899.  scholar.  T.C.D., Durham Univ.; St. Aidan's College, Birkenhead.  L.Th. Durham Univ., 1909.  Clerk in Holy Orders in Australia and Canada.  Died, 1916.

380. *Dunlop, Thomas Dacre, b. 8th August, 1883, son of Samuel Dunlop, Connsbrook Avenue, Belfast.  U.VI, May, 1902.  Scholar.  1st XV, 1900-1-2.  King's College, London.  R.U.I., 1905.  Entered H.M. Consular Service, 1907.  Inspector-General of Consular Establishments Foreign Office.  Retired 1943.  C.M.G., 1930;  K.C.M.G., 1938.  Address: Claverley Cottage, Lubbock Road, Chislehurst, Kent.  (M.) (1938 Address: c/o Foreign Office, London. (M.q.))

(381). Simpson, Percy, b. 16th Sept., 1888, son of Mrs. Simpson, Melbourne Terrace, Armagh.  Brother of 327.  July, 1899.  Great War: Canadian Forces.  Died.


382. Dunkerley, Henry Montgomery, b. 6th June, 1888, son of Rev. Thos. Dunkerley, The Manse, Comber.  U.V., April, 1905.  London University Central Technical College.  Allen Exhibitioner, 1908.  Civil Engineer. (1938 Address: Stamford, near Peterborough, England)

(383). Henderson, Edwin Mordaunt, b. 20th May, 1883, son of David Henderson, Elim, Crumlin Road, Belfast.  II, April, 1899.

(384). Wallace, Robert Cecil, b. 20th March, 1883, son of Mrs. Wallace, 26 Cromwell Road, Belfast.  Brother of 385.  L.V, July, 1901.  Great War: 2nd Lieut., S. African Infantry.  Killed in Action, May 1916.

385. Wallace, John Knox Leslie, b. 11th May, 1884, son of Mrs. Wallace, 26 Cromwell Road, Belfast.  Brother of 384.  III, July, 1901.  Great War: 19th Alberta Dragoons.  Farmer.  Last known address: Freedom P.O., Alberta, Canada.


(386). Allen, Reuben Watt, b. 16th April, 1882, son of S. Allen, Connor, Ballymena.  VI, Sept., 1899.  Edin, University, M.A., 1906.  R.F.A., presentation sword by Edin. University on obtaining Commission.  Major - retired.

387. *Anderson, Robert Noel, b. 10th July, 1883, son of Alex. Anderson, Osborne House, Balmoral.  IV, July, 1899.  Great War: Lieut., 9th Cavalry Reserve.  Retired.  Local U.D. Councillor since 1947.  Address: Rathlin, Cowle Road, Stroud.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: 8 Grange Court, Leeds 6)

388. *Arbuthnot, Clifford William Ernest, b. 13th Feb., 1885, son of W. H. Arbuthnot, 26 College Gardens, Belfast.  Brother of 389.  VI, July, 1902.  R.U.I. Queen's University, Belfast, B.A., 1906;  B.E., 1907.  Great War: Lieut., 53rd Sikhs (F.F.) Capt., 3rd Sappers and Miners; Major, Army in India Reserve of Officers.  Entered Indian Service Engineers, 1908.  C.I.E., 1930.  Member of the Bombay and Sind Public Service Commission, 1937-42; Rent Controller, Bombay, 1942-47.  Retired.  Address: East India and Sports Club, 16 St. James's Square, London, S.W.1. (M.q.) (1938 son of W. H. Arbuthnot, 15 Eglantine Avenue, Belfast - Address: Byculla Club, Bombay, India)

389. *Arbuthnot, Kenneth Charles Guthrie, b. 23rd Oct., 1887, son of W. H. Arbuthnot, 26 College Gardens, Belfast.  Brother of 388.  U.V, July, 1904.  Queen's University, B.A. (R.U.I.); B.Sc., (1st Class Honours); F.R.I.C.  Great War: Works Chemist in Munition Factory, since then Messrs. Blyth & Platt, Ltd., Watford.  Died 27th July, 1949.  (M.) (1938 son of W. H. Arbuthnot, 15 Eglantine Avenue, Belfast - Address: 36 Orchard Drive, Watford, Herts.)

390. *Armour, William Staveley, b. 28th Dec., 1883, son of Rev. J. B. Armour, The Manse, Ballymoney.  Brother of 566 and 1014.  VI, July, 1903.  Sch.; Dufferin Medal, 1st Class Exh.; 1st in Ireland; Matric., R.U.I.; Jesus College. Oxford, Open Class Sch., 1903.  M.A., B.Litt. (Oxon.)  President, Oxford Union, 1907, Indian Education Service, 1910-22.  Retired.  Barrister-in-Law (Inner Temple).  M.B.E.  Editor, "Northern Whig," Belfast, 1928-30.  Toc H. in Ireland, 1924-32.  Author of "Armour of Ballymoney" and "Mankind at the Watershed," and "Facing the Irish Question," and "Ulster, Ireland, Britain."  Died 31st December, 1940.  (M.) (1938 Address: 26 Finchley Avenue, Church End, London, N.3. (M.q.))

(391). *Berkley, Lowry Edmonds, b. 6th Nov., 1885, son of Rev. W. L. Berkley, The Manse, Clidtonville, Belfast.  Brother of 480.  III, July, 1901.  Great War: Capt., Connaught Rangers.  Died, 15th June, 1927.

392.*Bingham, St. John Eyre, b. 8th August, 1886, son of Rev. John Bingham, M.A., Hilltown Rectory, Newry.  Brother of 716.  U.V, July, 1903.  Great War: Staff Sgt.-Major, R.A.S.C., R.N.W.  Mounted Police, Alberta.  M.R.C.V.S. (1938 Bingham, Francis St. John Eyre - Address: Chapel Flats, Leyburn, Yorks.)

(393). Bradley, Frederick Hoysted, b. 22nd Nov., 1883, son of Rev. W. H. Bradley, The Rectory, Monaghan.  Brother of 394.  L.VI, July, 1900.  1st XV, 1899-1900; Edinburgh University, M.B., Ch.B., 1906.  Great War: Lieut.-Col., R.A.M.C.  Killed in action, 23rd Sept., 1918

(394). Bradley, Charles Edward, b. 4th March, 1881, son of Rev. W. H. Bradley, The Rectory, Monaghan.  Brother of 393.  L.VI, Nov, 1898.  Went to U.S.A.  Died 18th June, 1937.

395. *Brewster, David, b. 20th Oct., 1881, son of John Brewster, St. Murus, Fahan, Londonderry.  Brother of 545 and 674.  Matric. July, 1899.  1st XV, 1898-9.  University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A., D.D.S., 1907; L.D.S.L.C.S., Eng., 1905.  Now in business in U.S.A.  Address: 4915 Lindell Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.  (M.)

(396). Campbell, Walter Islay Hamilton, b. 14th Oct., 1886, son of Rev. S. D. Campbell, D.D., The Rectory, Athlone.  II, April, 1900.

397. Condell, Thomas Macartney, b. 5th July, 1882, son of T. Condell, Thorn Hill, Smithborough, Monaghan.  Matric., July, 1899.  Solicitor in Monaghan.  Went to Brisbane and served in France with Australian Forces in 1914-18 War.  Died in Australia in 1938.  (M.)

(398). Clarke, John Ernest, b. 26th July, 1883, son of Rev. James Clarke, 13 Moore Street, Mountmellick.  Brother of 264, 399.  V, July, 1899.

(399). Clarke, Donal, b. 9th Oct., 1884, son of Rev. James Clarke, 13 Moore Street, Mountmellick.  Brother of 264, 398.  III, July, 1899.

(400). Cushing, Basil Montague, b. 3rd July, 1882, son of Rev. J. P. Cushing, Gordon House, Seaforth.  Brother of 401.  IV, July, 1899.

(401). Cushing, Robert J. W., b. 10th Oct., 1885, son of Rev. J. P. Cushing, Gordon House, Seaforth.  Brother of 400.  II, July, 1899

(402). Davison, James Campbell Little, b. 29th August, 1882, son of R. Davison, Stewartstown.  VI, July, 1900.

(403). Dickey, John Smyth Porter, b. 11th Sept., 1888, son of Rev. Prof. R. H. Dickey, D.D., 7 College Avenue, Londonderry.  VI, July, 1902.  Math. Sch. (R.U.I.); Math. Schol., Brasenose College, Oxford; Goldsmith's Exhibition;  B.A.; Mathematical Honours, 1906.  Edinburgh University.  President, Students' Representative Council.  Lawn Tennis Blue.  M.B., Ch.B.  Died 1918.

404. Duke, Joseph Algernon Hare, b. 27th March, 1881, son of Rev. Canon D. Hare Duke, D.D., The Vicarage, Craigavad.  Brother of 405.  L.VI, Dec., 1898.  St. Catherine's College, Cambridge.  To India.  Died at Cawnpore, 12th August 1938. (1938 Address: The Technical College, Cawnpore, India)

405. Duke, Arthur Robert Aubrey Hare, b. 13th July, 1885, son of Rev. Canon J. H. Duke, D.D., The Vicarage, Craigavad.  Brother of 404.  U.V, Dec., 1901.  St. Catherine's Col., Cambridge.  M.A. Mech. Sc. Special.  Capt., Boat Club, 1908.  A.M.I.C.E. Deputy Controller of Stores to East Indian Railway. (1938 Address: United Services Club, Calcutta)

406. *English, William John, b. 27th Sept., 1880, son of Wm. English, "B" Lines, Shorncliffe, Kent.  Brother of 359.  Father of 1588, 2049 and 2739.  V, July, 1899.  Lieut., 2nd Scottish Horse, South African Field Force.  Capt., R.A.S.C., 1914.  Major, 1924.  Lt.-Col.  Retired.  President, Old Campbellian Society, 1921-22.  V.C.  On 3rd July, 1901 at Vlakfontein, he gallantly defended a position with only five men, of whom two were killed and two wounded.  Later on when ammunition failed, crossed fifteen yards of open space, under fierce fire, at twenty-five yards' range, and obtained a fresh supply.  (Supplement to the "London Gazette," 4th Oct., 1901).  Lt.-Col. R.U. Rifles.  Died on Active Service, 4th July, 1941.  (M.) (1938 Address: 10 King's Road, Knock)

(407). Garstin, Edward James Hamilton, b. 21st Nov., 1881, son of Rev. W. F. Garstin, Glendowan, Letterkenny.  Brother of 408, 409, 410, 483.  L.VI, March, 1899.  T.C.D.; University XV.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1910.  Surgeon, R.N.  Died 4th June, 1914.

408. Garstin, William Fitzroy Hamilton, b. 21st Nov., 1881, son of Rev. W. F. Garstin, Glendowan, Letterkenny.  Brother of 407, 409, 410 and 483.  IV, March, 1899.  T.C.D., B.A., 1904;  M.A.  Clerk in Holy Orders.  Rector of Maghera.  Canon, 1950.  Address: The Rectory, Maghera, Co. Derry. (M.)

409. Garstin, John Loftus, b. 23rd February, 1885, son of Rev. W. F. Garstin, Glendowan, Letterkenny.  Brother of 407, 408, 410 and 483.  III, Dec., 1901.  R.A.S.C., Capt., 1914.  Egyptian Order of the Nile; mentioned in despatches.  Major, 1925;  Lt.-Col.  Retired.

410. Garstin, Richard Hurt, b. 25th March, 1886, son of Rev. W. F. Garstin, Glendowan, Letterkenny.  Brother of 407, 408, 409 and 483.  III, Dec., 1901.  Great War: Major, R.E.  O.B.E.  Croix de Guerre (French).  Commander, Royal Indian Navy, 1925.  Retired 1935.  Commodore, R.I.N.  C.B.E.  Killed in action, 1943.  (M.) (1938 Address: Principal Port Officer, Busrah)

411. Graham, Hector R. Lushington, b. 12th May, 1888, son of Francis J. Graham, D.L., Drumgoon, Maguiresbridge, Co. Fermanagh.  I, July, 1900.  Last known address: Summer Hill, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny.

412. Graham, Charles Lloyd, b. 24th November, 1885, son of Rev. Canon Charles Graham, B.D., Kildrought Parsonage, Celbridge, Co. Kildare.  Brother of 485.  VI, July, 1904; 1st XV, 1902-3-4;  1st XI, 1903-4;  B.A., T.C.D.;  1st Hon. and Jun. Mod. Logics and Ethics, 1908; M.A., 1927.  Ordained for Holy Trinity, Brompton, 1910; Holy Innocents, Hammersmith, 912.  Great War: Capt., Army Chaplains Dept.; mentioned in despatches, 1916.  Hon. C.F. Vicar, St. Michael-at-Bowes, 1922.  Address: St. Michael's Vicarage, Palmerston Road, London, N.22.  (M.q.) (1938 Rev. Canon Charles T. Graham)

413. Graham, Charles, b. 5th June, 1887, son of William Graham, The Mount, Mountpottinger, Belfast.  IV, April, 1904.  Surveyor, Government Service, Department of Mines.  Address: 324 Metcalfe Street, Ottowa, Canada. (Ottawa)

414. Hamilton, Thomas Bones, b. 27th Oct., 1884, son of T. B. Hamilton, Ballymoney.  L.V, July, 1901.  1st XI, 1901.  1st XV, 1899-1900-1901.  Died in Dublin. (1938 son of Thomas B. Hamilton - Address: 5 Fortfield Terrace, Upper Rathmines Road, Dublin)

(415). Hanna, Charles Henry Weber, b. 15th Sept., 1883, son of Mrs. Hanna, 4 Allworthy Avenue, Antrim Road, Belfast.  III, July, 1900.  Great War: L/Cpl., Canadian Infantry.  Killed in action, 9th April, 1918.

416. *Haslett, Horace Reginald, b. 2nd August, 1884, son of Sir James Haslett, Princess Gardens, Belfast.  Brother of 87.  Matric., July, 1901.  1st XV, 1900-01.  1st XI, 1901.  Great War: Major, 9th Batt. R.I. Rifles.  Legion d'Honneur (Croix de Chevalier).  Director, J. & J. Haslett, Ltd., Belfast.  President, O.C. Society, 1933-34-35.  Governor, Campbell College.  C.B.E., 1953.  Deputy Lieutenant for County of City of Belfast.  Belfast Harbour Commissioner.  Member Central Advisory Committee, Ministry of Pensions.  Chairman, Northern Ireland War Pensions Committee.  Address: 54 Circular Road, Belfast.  (M.q.) (1938 son of late Sir James Haslett - Address: Moylena, Muckamore, Co. Antrim)

(417). Hull, Samuel Millar, b. 4th September, 1883, son of John M. Hull, 15 Trinity Street, Drogheda.  V, July, 1899.

(418). Jackson, Frank, b. 29th August, 1883, son of Rev. John Jackson, D.D., The Manse, Ballycastle.  Brother of 457, 647.  VI, July, 1902.  T.C.D., Junior Ex., 1902.  Royal Irish Constabulary, 1st Place.  Great War: Capt., R. Irish Fusiliers.  Died 21st Sept., 1924.

419. *Jeffrey, Douglas George, b. 23rd September, 1885, son of Pastor R. Foster Jeffrey, Ardlui, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Brother of 361.  II, Dec., 1899.  Service in Merchant Navy.  Six years in sail - "Sq. Rigged."  Master's Certificate - served in Passenger, General Cargo, and Tank Steamers.  Commanded the following merchant ships: S.S. "Strathearn,"  S.S. "Scottish Borderer,!  S.S. "Scottish Bard,"  M.S. "Pamir."  Marine Superintendent in Venezuela for Lago Petroleum Corpn.  (Standard Oil of Indiana).  Navigator and Magnetican with Shackleton-Rowett Antartic Expedition.  Served with Royal Navy through First World War.  Served through Second World War in Royal Canadian Navy.  Commanded following H.M. and H.M.C. Ships:  H.M. Torpedo Boat 050,  H.M.S. Thorn,  H.M.S. Chagford (Q Ship),  H.M.S. Arvenian (Q Ship),  H.M.S. Pangloss (Q Ship),  H.M.S. Gossamer,  H.M.S. Hollyhock,  H.M.S. Daffodil,  H.M.C.S. Renard,  H.M.C.S. Ville de Quebec,  H.M.C.S. Hamilton,  H.M.C.S. Tame,  H.M.C.S. Lauzon;  Staff Appointments - 1939 to 1947.  Chief Examination Officer, Halifax, N.S. Deputy Senior Officer, Assault Group "W.1."  Asst. to Staff Officer, Netherlands East Indies.  Canadian Naval Mission, London.  Places on Ret. List R.C.N. (R).  March, 1947.  D.S.O. and Reserve Decoration; Croix-de-Guerre;  White Eagle of Serbia;  St. George of Russia.  Service in Civil life between Wars, 1924-1939:- Served with New England Oil Corporation of Boston, Marine Superintendent in U.S.A., Venezuela, and West Indies. Lago Petroleum Corporation, Venezuela, Transportation Superintendent,  Pantepec Oil Company and Paraguana Maritime Company.  Hydrographic Survey of Paraguana Coast and Political Agent in Caracas.  On return from South America in March 1928, did newspaper work for New York Times and North American Newspaper Alliance.  Representative of Mohawk Aircraft Corporation for Mid-Western States.  Technical adviser (Navigation) and lecturer, to Aviation and Transportation, Inc., Chicago.  Contributed to American Magazines, "Aeronautics" and "Air Travel News."  Manager, Border Cities Aero Club and "Dominion" School of Aeronautics, Windsor, Ontario.  Field Engineer, Border Properties, Ltd., Toronto Representative, Border Properties, Ltd.; Editor, Canadian Air Review; Staff, Canadian Power Boating; Radio and Newspaper Freelance, Toronto; contributed to "Sports Weekly,"  "Toronto Saturday Night."  Radio Talks - on C.B.C. Network;  Dept. of Northern Development (Ontario) (Trans-Canada Highway);  Dept. of National Defence (Canada).  Supt.: Youth Labour Camps;  Halifax Chronicle, Columnist; Halifax Herald, Columnist and Asst. Editor.  Now Organising Secretary, Lanark Constituency Unionist Association.  Address: Damhill Lodge, Corehouse, Lanark. (q.)

420. Kellett, John Fitzgerald, b. 2nd May, 1885, son of Rev. Canon J. R. Kellett, Offerlane Vicarage, Mountrath.  U.V, April, 1904.  T.C.D., B.A., 1909.  Clerk in Holy Orders,  Great War: Army Chaplains' Department.  Address: Radlynch Vicarage, Salisbury, 1936-1946.

(421). King, William, b. 26th Feb., 1883, son of James King, 4 Bentinel Street, Belfast.  IV, July, 1899.  Great War: Killed in action.

422. *Lilburn, Henry Kent, b. 19th May, 1883, son of Mrs. Lilburn, Dunedin, Antrim Road, Belfast.  V, July, 1900.  1st XI, 1900.  Professional Associate, Chartered Surveyors' Institution.  Great War: Princess Patricia's Light Infantry.  Disabled.  Captain, Fortwilliam Rugby Club, 1908.  Quantity Surveyor, McCarthy & Lilburn.  Died 8th Sept., 1938.  (M.) (1938 Address: 3 Dunedin, Antrim Road, Belfast (M.q.))

(423). Lodge, Charles Robert, b. 10th November, 1884, son of Charles W. Lodge, 17 Fitzwilliam Avenue, Ballynafeigh.  III, July, 1899.

(424). Magee, John Honeyford, b. 1st May, 1883, son of John Magee, Donegal.  Brother of 531.  V, July, 1900.  Solicitor.  Died.

425. Martin, James, b. 14th October, 1888, son of John Martin, Galwally, Belfast.  Brother of 122 and 461.  Father of 2566.  U.V, Dec., 1905.  Handkerchief Business.  Address: 20 Windsor Avenue, Malone Road, Belfast. (Same person as 695).  (M.q.)

(426). Maxwell, John, b. 4th December, 1883, son of William Maxwell, Eden Cottage, Antrim Road, Lisburn.  IV, July, 1899.

427. *Montgomery, Harford Trevor, b. 18th March, 1889, son of Harford H. Montgomery, Sunnybank, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 370.  Father of 2870 and 2928.  Matric., July, 1904.  Institute of Chartered Accountants; Final, 1909.  Senior Partner, John McCullough & Sons, Chartered Accountants.  F.C.A.  President, O.C. Society, 1952; President, Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland, 1939-41; Chairman, Belfast City and District Water Commissioners, 1947-49; President, Ulster Reform Club, Belfast, 1953.  Address: 5 Shrewsbury Drive, Belfast.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: Glendevon, 7 Windsor Park, Belfast)

(428). McCrudden, James, b. 24th July, 1884, son of John McCrudden, 20 Bentinck Street, Belfast.  III, July, 1899.

(429). McRoberts, Alexander, b. 15th June, 1883, son of Mrs. McRoberts, Ballygoven House, Dundonald.  II, April, 1899.

430. *Nicol, James, b. 4th March, 1884, son of A. Nicol, 161 Albertbridge Road, Belfast.  III, July, 1899.  In East Africa.  Address: P.O. Box 49, Mapanga, Limbe, Nyasaland.

431. Nunns, Arthur Ernest de Lisle, b. 8th August, 1885, son of Rev. E. H. Nunns, The Rectory, Tamney, Letterkenny.  VI, July, 1904.  Head Prefect;  1st XV, 1901-2-3-4 (Capt.)  T.C.D., B.A., 1909.  Ordained 1909 as Curate of Christ Church, Derry.  Rector of Kilaghtee, Co. Donegal, 1919-24.  Rector of St. Mary's, Oak Bay, Victoria, B.C.  Archdeacon of Victoria, Diocese of British Columba. Address: St. Mary's Rectory, Oak Bay, Victoria, B.C.  (M.q.)

(432). Patman, Edward Hutchinson, b. 27th January, 1882, son of Rev. Edward Patman, The Rectory, Ahoghill.  V, May, 1899.  To Canada.  Great War: Imperial Forces.

(433). Patterson, James Christopher, b. 12th September, 1887, son of James Patterson, Hawthornden, Knock, Belfast.  I, March, 1899.

(434). *Porter, George Magill, b. 25th August, 1885, son of late R. J. Porter, Silverdale, Greenisland, Belfast.  Brother of 466, 1060, Father of 2451.  IV, Dec., 1900.  T.C.D., B.A., 1908.  Solicitors' Final, 1907.  Partner in Porter, Morris & Co., Clare Street, Dublin.  Address: Silverdale, Bray, Co. Wicklow. (M.q.)

(435). Porter, John, b. 1st August, 1883, son of Rev. Hugh Porter, The Manse, Conlig, Newtownards.  IV, Dec., 1900.

436. Shepherd, William Frederick, son of Rev. Wm. Shepherd, The Manse, Ballyroney, Rathfriland.  Father of  2212, 2280 and 2504.  Up.VI, July, 1903.  Scholar.  Queen's College, B.A., R.U.I., B.D. (Princetown, U.S.A.)  Presbyterian Minister.  Address: Lisnoble Manse, Raphoe, Co. Donegal.  (M.q.)

(437). *Sinclair, Robert Lindsay, b. 31st March, 1884, son of Mrs. Sinclair, Rosslyn, Lisburn.  Brother of 182.  VI, October, 1902.  1st XI, 1900-01-02 (Capt., 1902); 1st XV, 1901-02.  T.C.D., Class. Sch., 1905; Moderator, 1906;  B.A. Classical Master, King's College, Auckland, N.Z.  M.B.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Died 9th May, 1927.

438. *Steen, James Connolly, b. 18th March, 1882, son of Rev. James Steen, The Manse, Wexford.  Father of  1995, 1996 and 1997.  Matric., Dec., 1900.  1st XV, 1899-1900-1.  Three Chinese Government Orders.  Engineer in Chief, Canton-Hankow Rly.  (M.) (1938 Address: P.O. Box, 17 Hankow, China. (M.q.))

(439). Teer, Henry Thomas, b. 5th February, 1887, son of Thomas Teer, Clara Villa, Knock, Belfast.  II, July, 1901.  Great War: Australian Imperial Forces.

(440). Walsh, James McMillan, b. 19th March, 1885, son of William Walsh, Dunlure, Bloomfield, Belfast.  IV, July, 1901.  Died in N. Zealand, 14th Jan., 1927.

(441). White, William Charles, b. 15th June, 1883, son of Rev. Patrick White, Stonebridge Manse, Clones.  Brother of 711, 809.  IV, July, 1899.  Served in S. African War with Irish Horse.  Great War: Eng. Sub.-Lieut., R.N.R.  Killed in action, 15th June, 1918.

442. *Williams, John Williams, b. 28th May, 1885, son of John Williams, Dunmurry House, Belfast.  Brother of 443.  U.VI, July, 1903.  1st XI, 1902-3 (Capt., 1903); Scholar of Exeter College, Oxford, 1903.  B.A. (1st Class in School of Mod. Hist.), 1908; Fellow of Royal Historical Society, 1908;  B.Litt., 1910;  M.A., 1910.  Lecturer in St. Andrew's University.  Professor of History in St. Andrew's University, 1929.  Author of "History of England in 17th Century" (1923);  "Readings in Great Historians of 17th Century," (1925).  Address: The Roundels, St. Andrews, Fife. (M.)

443. *Williams, Ronald Douglas, b. 20th September, 1889, son of John Williams, Dunmurry House, Belfast.  Brother of 442.  Father of 2394 and 2886.  U.VI, July, 1906.  Sch.;  Dufferin Medal;  1st XI, 1906;  First Bursar, St. Andrews University, 1906;  B.A., T.C.D., 1911.  Great War: R. Irish Rifles, Major: M.C., 1918.  Governor of Campbell College, 1920;  O.C., Queen's University.  O.T.C., 1921.  Director of McBride and Williams (1933), Ltd.  President, O.C. Society, 1926-7-8.  Address: 3 Riverside, Holywood, Co. Down.  M.q.) (1938 Address: 46 Elmwood Avenue, Belfast)

(444). Wilson, George James, b. 26th March, 1885, son of Rev. William Wilson.  VI, July, 1903;  Mathematical Scholar, St. John's College, Cambridge, 1902;  1st Place and Gold Medal, Sen. Grade Intermediate; 1st Place Hon. Matric., R.U.I.  Died October, 1905.

445. Barcroft, Gilbert Evelyn, b. 14th January, 1883, son of Frederick Barcroft, Stangmore House, Dungannon.  L.C, July, 1902.  Great War: Captain, R.I. Fusiliers.  High Sheriff of Co. Armagh, 1932.  Col., 1st Cadet Bn., R.I.F., 1944-45.  Died 21st February, 1945.  (M.) (1938 Address: Ennismore, The Birches, Portadown. (M.q.))

446. Boag, Robert Steven, b. 5th March, 1887, son of Robert Boag, Kebroyd, Lennoxvale, Belfast.  L.VI, April, 1904.  Matriculated, May, 1905.  Chartered Architect,  F.R.I.B.A., 1932;  F.R.S.A., 1937;  M.I.Struct.E., M.S.E., 1931.  Address: Malone, Shottermill, Haslemere, Surrey.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: Lennoxvale, Kingsley Green, Haslemere, Surrey)

(447). *Boyd, Robert Victor, b. 17th March, 1885, son of S. W. Boyd, Claremont House, Ardenlee Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 448, 919, 1162, 1409.  U.V, Dec., 1902.  1st XI, 1901-02; 1st XV, 1901-02-03.  Died 27th October, 1933. (M.)

448. *Boyd, Samuel Wilson, b. 26th November, 1886, son of S. W. Boyd, Claremont, House, Ardenlee Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 447, 919, 1162 and 1409.  U.V, Dec., 1902.  Director, Old Bushmills Distillery, Co., Ltd., Hill Street.  Address: Tara, Marino, Co. Down.  (M.)

(449). Calwell, William Robertson, b. 6th November, 1888, son of John Young Calwell, Woodlawn, Strandtown.  Brother of 959.  L.VI, April, 1901.  Died in 1910.

(450). Cooke, Henry Frederick, b. 22nd August, 1885, son of Rev. Canon C. S. Cooke, The Rectory, Thurles.  Brother of 481.  U.V, Dec., 1902.  1st XI, 1901; 1st XV, 1901-02.  Great War: Lieut., Royal Sussex Regiment.  Killed in action, 24th Aug., 1916.

451. Ferguson, Samuel James Francis, b. 5th April, 1888, son of Rev. James Ferguson, Dunsford Rectory, Ardglass.  L.VI, July, 1905.  B.A., R.U.I.;  Tollington School, Muswell Hill;  Headmaster, Diocesan Boys' High School, Rangoon;  Prince of Wales College, Jammu, Kashmir;  King Edward VI School, Stratford-on-Avon.  Retired, 1950.  Address: 57 Curzon Avenue, Horsham, Sussex.  (M.q.) (1938 Royal University, Ireland, B.A. (Hon. Course Pol. Sc., 1909) Schoolmaster in England Address: Cherry Leys, Dale Avenue, Stratford-on-Avon) (q.))

452. Glenny, Sydney Trevor, b. 30th May, 1883, son of Rev. Edmund Glenny, D.D., Clonallon Rectory, Warrenpoint, Co. Down.  Brother of 224, 225 and 226.  V, April, 1901.  Solicitor.  Believed dead. (1938 Address: Needham Place, Newry)

453. Griffin, Robert Saunderson, b. 1st October, 1885, son of Rev. E. M. Griffin, B.D., 14 Charleville Road, Rathmines, Dublin.  Brother of 454 and 1366.  II, Dec., 1899.  T.C.D., M.A., 1912.  Clerk in Holy Orders.  Address: Hollywood Rectory, Ballymore Eustace, Co. Kildare. (1938 Address: Clonaslee Rectory, Queen's Co.)

454. Griffin, Edward Morgan, b. 5th April, 1887, son of Rev. E. M. Griffin, B.D., 14 Charleville Road, Rathmines, Dublin.  Brother of 453 and 1366.  II, Dec., 1899.  T.C.D., B.A., 1911.  Clerk in Holy Orders.  Great War: Capt., Army Chaplains' Dept.  Address: The Rectory, Belturbet, Co. Cavan. (1938 Address: Ballinderry Rectory, Moneymore, Co. Derry.)

(455). Harvey, William Boyd, b. 9th January, 1885, son of Rev. John Harvey, Rathfriland.  IV, March, 1901.

(456). Healy, Guy Rambant, b. 13th August, 1882, son of Rev. Canon Healy, Archdeacon of Meath, The Rectory, Kells.  V, July, 1899.  2nd Lieut., I.Y. in South African War.  Lieut. in Army, 1900-03.  Ranger in Government Game Reserves in Africa.  Great War: Lieut., King's African Rifles.  Killed in action, 11th March, 1916.

(457). *Jackson, John Luke, b. 27th February, 1886, son of Rev. John Jackson, The Manse, Ballycastle.  Brother of 418 and 647.  U.VI, July, 1904.  Queen's College, Scholar, 1904;  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1910.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C.; twice mentioned in despatches.  Hampshire County Golf Team.  Medical Superintendent, Knowle Mental Hospital, Fareham.  Died 5th April, 1937. (M.)

(458). King, William Ernest, b. 3rd May, 1885, son of Rev. W. G. King, Kilcolman Rectory, Milltown, Co. Kerry.  L.V, July, 1901.  Great War: Sgt., Australian Infantry.  Killed in action, 8th Aug., 1915.

(459). Langbridge, Frank, b. 29th November, 1884, son of Rev. R. Langbridge, Tubriel Rectory, Cahir, Co. Tipperary.  L.VI, April, 1902.  Schoolmaster in U.S.A.

(460). Leitch, Andrew Charles, b. 19th October, 1885, son of Rev. Andrew Leitch, Drumclamph Rectory, Castlederg.  Brother of 369.  U.VI, July, 1904.  Died.

461. *Martin, John, b. 14th October, 1888, son of John Martin, Galwally, Belfast.  Brother of 122 and 425,  U.V, Dec., 1905.  Great War: Lieut., M.G.C.  Director, Joseph Blair, Ltd.  Address: 43 Myrtlefield Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)  (Same person as 694) (1938 Address: 12 Deramore Park, Malone Road, Belfast)

(462). Moore, William, b. 7th May, 1882, son of Alexander Moore, Milecross, Newtownards.  II, July, 1900.

(463). McCheane, Herbert, b. 23rd April, 1880, son of Rev. J. B. McCheane, Wellbrooke, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny.  IV, July, 1899.

(464). McWilliam, Herbert, b. 15th June, 1882, son of Wm. McWilliam, Corlatt House, Monaghan.  Brother of 498.  L.VI, April, 1900.  1st XI, 1899.  Irish Hockey International, 1906.  Solicitor.  Died 30th Sept., 1936.

465. *Pollock, William, b. 28th August, 1886, son of John Pollock, Ardeen, Holywood, Co. Down.  Father of 2603.  L.V, Dec., 1901.  1st XI, 1900-01.  Played Cricket for Ulster and Gentlemen of Ireland.  Capt., Gentlemen of Ireland Cricket XI, 1924.  Chairman and Managing Director, Lytle & Pollock, Ltd., Belfast.  President, O.C. Society, 1928-29-30.  Address: 23 Malone Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

466. Porter, Harold William, b. 23rd April, 1887, son of R. J. Porter, Silverdale, Greenisland, Belfast.  Brother of 434 and 1060.  IV, Dec., 1900.  R.B.A.I., 1901-03; T.C.D., 1904-09;  B.A.I., 1909;  A.M.I.C.E.;  R.E. (S.R.), 1908.  Great War: Major, Royal Engineers.  Manager, Special Spring Dept., Thos. Firth & John Brown, Ltd., Atlas Works, Sheffield 11.  Retired.  Address: "Cherry-Ripe," Upper Greenisland, Belfast.  (M.x.q.) (1938 Address: 78 Ringinglow Road, Sheffield)

467. *Smith, Fleet Floyd Strother, b. 30th July, 1883, son of Rev. J. S. Smith, Oaklands, Boyle.  L.VI, July, 1902.  1st XI, 1901-02;  1st XV, 1899-1900-1-2;  Edinburgh University;  M.B., B.Ch., 1907;  M.D. (Edin.), 1913.  Indian Medical Service.  Brevet-Colonel, 1935.  O.C. Indian Military Hospital, Meerut, U.P.  Joint A.D.M.S., Peshawar District;  Viceroy's Honorary Surgeon, 1938-39;  Hon. Surgeon to King George VI, 1939-40;  Great War: Suez Canal, 1914-15, Suvla Bay, Gallipoli, 1915, Salonica, 1916-17, Bushire, Persia, 1918-19.  2nd War: A.D.M.S., Peshawar District, 1939-40; O.C., No. 5 General Hospital, Deolali, 1940-44.  With Ministry of Pensions, London.  Address: c/o Messrs. Grindlay's Bank Ltd., 54 Parliament Street, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

468. Tate, William S., b. 28th June, 1886, son of George Tate, Forthview, Antrim Road, Belfast.  III. July, 1902.  Ulster Bank, 1902-06.  Mercantile Marine, 1906-14. Great War: Lieut., R.N.V.R. on Mine-Sweeping Service; awarded King's Badge.  Taxing Clerk, (Inland Revenue).  Died. (1938 Address: 16 Knocklofty Park, Belfast)

(469). Wilkinson, D. Stanley, b. 20th July, 1888, son of John Wilkinson, Greenoge, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 209, 210, 247, 262.  L.V, Dec., 1904.  T.C.D.  Great War: Lieut., R.F.C.  Died of wounds, 26th Aug., 1917

470. *Young, James Reid, b. 26th December, 1884, son of Robert M. Young, Rathvarna, Chichester Park, Belfast.  U.V, July, 1903.  1st XI, 1903.  1st XV, 1902-03.  Messrs. Young & McKenzie, 1903-1907.  Assistant to Sir Aston Webb, R.A.C.B., London, 1908-09, and afterwards to McKim, Mead & White, New York.  Great War: Capt., R.A.S.C.  Second World War: Captain, 6th Batt. R.U.R., 1939-42.  President, Old Campbellian Society, 1954.  Partner, Messrs. Young & MacKenzie, Architect, F.R.I.B.A.  Address: 153 Scottish Provident Buildings, Belfast.  (M.q.) (1938 143 Scottish Provident Buildings)


(471). Honeyford, John, b. 5th July, 1884, son of Mrs. Honeyford, Strabane.  II, April, 1899.


472. Davidson, Victor James, b. 28th April, 1886, son of James Davidson, Oakley, Knock, Belfast.  III, July, 1902.  Manager of Rubber Plantation in Malay States. (1938 Address: Bukit-Rajah Estate, Klang, Selangore, F.M.S.)

(473). Kerr, Robert Goodman, b. 23rd November, 1889, son of Rev. R. S. Kerr, M.A., The Rectory, Howth.  Brother of 474.  Matric.  July, 1907.  1st XI, 1907;  1st XV, 1904-5-6-7; Hockey XI. T.C.D. Moderator, 1911.  Great War: Major, R. Irish Fusiliers.  M.C. Killed in action, 10th July, 1918.

(474). Kerr, James Shannon, b. 26th October, 1886, son of Rev. R. S. Kerr, M.A., The Rectory, Howth.  Brother of 473.  II, July, 1900.  Died, May, 1904.

(475). McConnell, Albert Edward Peel, b. 15th Nov., 1886, son of John H. McConnell, Lakeview, Strandtown, Belfast.  Matric.  July, 1904.  Edinburgh University, M.B., Ch.B.  Great War: Major, R.A.M.C.  M.C.  Twice mentioned in despatches.  Died 9th June, 1925.


476. Agnew, Arthur Maurice, b. 9th May, 1884, son of Wm. Agnew, 37 Wellington Park, Belfast.  Brother of 256.  L.V, July, 1901.  Great War: 2nd Lieut., R.G.A.  Supt., T. R. Goodlatte & Son, Passaic, U.S.A.  Chief Chemist in charge of production, Alligator Raincoat Coy.  Died 30th August, 1944, in St. Louis, Missouri.  (M.)

477. Allen, George, son of David Allen, Glenallen, Strandtown, Belfast.  I, Dec., 1899.  Senior Engineer in Charge, Harbour Power Station, Belfast Corporation.  Died 17th April, 1939.  (M.) (1938 Address: Ballygrot, Helen's Bay, Co. Down.)

478. *Anderson, Sydney Drummond, b.31st July, 1889, son of Rev. H. Anderson, Castlewellan.  II, July, 1901.  Liverpool University, Great War: Lieut., R.E.  Address: Dysart, Cambridge Road, South Farnborough, Hants. (1938 Address: The Vicarage, Old Buckenham, Attleborough, Norfolk.)

479. *Bailey, John, b. 23rd May, 1883, son of Edward Bailey, F.C.A., Carriaghdarragh, Windsor Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 541 and 1077.  Father of 2734 and 3577.  Army, April, 1902.  Fellow of Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales;  Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland;  member of Council and past president.  Great War: R.A.S.C., Capt., Russian Exped. Force.  Died 4th April, 1954.  (M.) (1938 Address: Chatwood, Windsor Avenue, Belfast)

(480). Berkeley, William Lowry, b. 9th August, 1889, son of Rev. W. L. Berkeley, Cliftonville, Belfast.  Brother of 391.  III, June, 1904.  3rd Bn. S. African Infantry.  Killed in action, 9th April, 1917.

481. Cooke, George Leonard, b. 1887, son of Rev. C. S. Cooke, The Rectory, Thurles.  Brother of 450.  VI, Dec., 1904.  1st XI, 1903-04.  Great War: 1914-19.  Engineer, G.S.R. (Ireland).  Died 1941. (M.) (1938 Address: G.S. Railways, Locomotive Dept., Cork. (M.q.))

(482). Fee, Thomas Walker, b. 7th June, 1885, son of Thomas Fee, Glenview House, Castlereagh, Belfast.  Brother of 61.  II, July, 1901.  Died 28th June, 1918.

483. Garstin, George Christophilus, b. 21st September, 1883, son of Rev. W. F. Garstin, 4 Crumlin Terrace, Belfast.  Brother of 407, 408, 409 and 410.  IV, Dec., 1901.  Great War: Capt., R. Inniskilling Fusiliers.  (M.)

484. Graham, Donald Saunders, b. 20th July, 1886, son of Rev. T. S. Graham, LL.D., The Manse, Comber, Co. Down.  Brother of 79, 80, 81 and 82.  III, July, 1901.  Queen's University.  L.R.C.P. (Edin.), 1916;  L.R.C.S. (Edin.), 1916;  L.R.F.P.S. (Glasgow).  Great War: Major, R.A.M.C.  Died 13th September 1950. (1938 Address: The Gables, West Street, Nassau, Bahamas. (q.))

(485). Graham, Richard Irvine, b. 22nd July, 1889, son of Rev. Canon Graham, B.D., Kildrought Parsonage, Cellridge, Co. Kildare.  Brother of 412.  Matric. Dec., 1906.  1st XV, 1905-06; 1st XI, 1905-06.  T.C.D.  1st XV, 1910-11.  Irish International XV, 1911.  Died 15th April, 1912.

486. Henry, James Maxwell, b. 4th January, 1887, son of Rev. James Henry, Stranooden P.O., Co. Monaghan.  VI, Nov., 1905.  Scholar;  Sch. Prefect;  T.C.D.;  First Math. Sizarship & Kidd Scholarship;  Mathematical Scholar, Townsend Prize, 1906;  Senior Moderator with Gold Medal in Maths.;  Senior Moderator in Logic and Ethics;  Studentship in Mathematics, 1909;  Fellowship Prize, 1911;  F.T.C.D.  Died 24th March, 1947.  (M.) (1938 Address: Trinity College, Dublin, and 6 Galtram Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow.)

487. Hogan, William Patrick Kyle, b. 10th July, 1888, son of Rev. F. W. Hogan, All Saints' Vicarage, Hillsborough, Co. Down.  L.VI, July, 1907.  T.C.D., Junior Mod. Hist. and Pol. Sc., 1911;  M.A., 1915;  Wells Theological College, Deacon, 1914;  Curate of Chingford, 1914-16.  Great War: C.F.  Senior History Master, Dean Close School, Cheltenham, 1920-23.  Vicar of Horsford, Norwich, 1928.  Died, 1948.  (M.) (1938 Address: Horsford Vicarage, Norwich, Norfolk. (M.q.))

(488). Huston, Ernest Aubrey, b. 5th September, 1889, son of Rev. T. C. Huston, Culdaff Rectory, Londonderry.  Brother of 489.  III, July, 1902.  In America.

(489). Huston, Lawrence Frederick, son of Rev. T. C. Huston, Culdaff Rectory, Londonderry.  Brother of 488.  VI, Jan., 1905.  History Exhibitor, Lincoln College, Oxford.  Died 16th Nov., 1906.

490. *Lea, Henry William, b. 28th August, 1883, son of Rev. Wm. Lea, Kilglass Rectory, Edgeworthstown.  Brother of 491.  Army, July, 1902.  British Civil Service, 1904.  Higher Executive Officer, Irish Lighthouse Dept., Dublin.  Pensioned, 1939.  Ministry of Home Affairs, R.U.C.  Auditor, 1941-48.  Address: 5 Hazeldene Park, Whitewell, Belfast.  (M.x.q.)  (1938 Address: Lalpuri, Silchester Road, Glengeary, Co. Dublin. (q.))

(491). Lea, Albert Victor, b. 26th July, 1886, son of Rev. William Lea, Kilglass Rectory, Edgeworthstown.  Brother of 490.  U.V, Dec., 1903.  Great War: 10th Bn. R. Dublin Fusiliers.  Killed in action, 13th Nov., 1916.

492. Lowe, William Henry, b. 3rd July, 1886, son of Rev. W. J. Lowe, D.D., 17 Myrtle Terrace, Londonderry.  Brother of 614 and 769 and 1091.  Father of 2380 and 2701.  U.VI, July, 1904.  Edinburgh University, M.B., Ch.B, 1909;  L.M. (Rotunda), 1910.  General Medical Practitioner.  Chairman, Dublin Branch O.C. Society, 1936-7-8.  Wanderers 1st XV and Club.  Died 26th November, 1944. (M.) (1938 Address: 118 St. Stephens Green, W. Dublin. (M.q.))

(493). Mitchell, William Thomas Henry, b. 7th January, 1882, Ward of James Roulston, Dervaghroy, Beragh, Co. Tyrone.  Matric.  July, 1901.  1stXV, 1899-1900-01.  Athletic Individual Championship, 1901)

494. McCullough, Barkley, b. 22nd November, 1882, son of James McCullough, Mossley, Belfast.  VI, Dec., 1901.  Queen's College, 1st, 2nd and 3rd year Scholarship (Science);  B.A. (R.U.I.), 1904;  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. (Q.U.B.), 1910.  Late Medical Officer, Freed Slaves' Home, Sudan United Mission, N. Nigeria.  Medical Officer, Dublin Medical Mission.  Address: 6 Chancery Place, Dublin. (M.q.) (1938 Address: 37 Kimmage Road, Harold's Cross, Dublin)

495. *McElderry, Samuel Burnside Boyd, b. 7th October, 1885, son of Thomas McElderry, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim.  VI, Oct., 1903.  T.C.D., Sizarship, 1905;  Scholar, 1906;  Sen. Moderator, Mathematics;  Sen. Moderator, Exp. Sc., 1907;  Eastern Cadetship, Hong-Kong, 1909.  Inns of Court, O.T.C. and Artillery Training School, 1918.  Deputy Chief Secretary, Tanganyika, 1929.  Chief Secretary, Zanzibar, 1933.  C.M.G., 1935.  Retired 1940.  Employed High Commissioner's Office, South Africa, 1940-45, and in Colonial Office, 1945-46.  Member of Executive Council, British Empire Society for the Blind.  Address: Downside, Chipstead Lane, Tadworth, Surrey.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: Secretariat, Zanzibar. (M.q.))

496. *McGowan, Cecil Reid, b. 30th July, 1885, son of Wm. McGowan, M.D., Maghera, Co. Derry.  Brother of 497.  L.V, Dec., 1901.  Central Technical College, London, 1902-05.  A.C.G.I., Post Office Engineering Dept., 1912-47.  Great War: Capt., H.A.C., Major, 1930.  Retired, 1931.  Irish Shooting Teams since 1911.  Hon. Secy., Irish Rifle Club, Bisley.  Capt., London Irish Football Club, 1914-22. (now Hon. Secy.)  Kent XV., 1919-20-21-22.  Address: East Lambrook Farm, East Lambrook, near South Petherton, Somerset.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: Streetors Rough, Chelwood Gate, Sussex)

497. McGowan, Casper James, b. 6th November, 1887, son of Wm. McGowan, M.D., Maghera, Co. Derry.  Brother of 496.  IV, July, 1902.  University College, Cork.  B.E.  Circle Engineer, Middle Circle of S. Africa.  Retired 1947.  Died 24th May, 1950. (1938 Address: Irrigation Dept., Cradock, C.P., S. Africa)

498. McWilliam, John Morell, b. 19th November, 1883, son of Wm. McWilliam, Corlatt House, Monaghan.  Brother of 464.  VI, July, 1901.  T.C.D.  B.A., 1905.  Edinburgh University.  Hockey Team, 1906-7-8.  Great War: Chaplain to the Forces; mentioned in despatches.  Minister of Craigmore, 1915-1927;  Minister of Dean Park, Glasgow, 1927-38;  Minister of Tynron, Dumfriesshire, 1938.  Author of Ornithological books and papers.  Address: The Manse of Tynron, Dumfriesshire.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: 62 Bellahouston Drive, Glasgow, S.W.2.)

499. Ringland, Thomas Bassett, b. 3rd December, 1884, son of Samuel B. Ringland, Ballytrim House, Crossgar, Co. Down.  L.V, July, 1902.  Football XV, 1901-02.  Great War: R.N.M.B.R.  Chairman, North London Engineering Co., Willesden.  Died 1939.  (M.) (1938 Address: Russetts, Latchmoor Avenue, Gerrards Cross, Bucks. (M.q.))

500. *Robinson, (now Wakely), Arthur Victor Trocke, b. 28th Nov., 1886, son of Rev. J. M. Robinson, The Rectory, Wooden Bridge, Co. Wicklow.  Brother of 1102.  VI, Dec., 1904.  1st XV, 1903-04 (Capt.).  R.M.A., Woolwich.  2nd Lieut., R.E., 1906.  D.S.O.; M.C., p.s.c.; Instructor, Senior Officers School;  Col., 1934;  Brigadier, 1938.  Major-General, 1940.  Staff College, Camberley (1922-24), C.B. (1924);  G.S.O. (2) A.H.Q. India (1929-31),  C.R.E., Peshawar (1931-34),  G.S.O. (1) S.O.S. Sheerness (1936-38);  B.G.S. East Cmd., India (1938-40);  Cmdr., 7 Ind. Div. (1940-42);  Cmdr., L. of C. Area, Burma and India (1942-43);  Director-General movements Bengal (1943-45);  1914-1919 (Despatches 2);  Mohmaud, 1933 (Despatches);  1939-45 (Despatches 2); retired 1945.  Assumed surname of Wakely by deed poll, 1919.  Founder and Hon. Sec., Masters of Foxhounds Association of India (1929-35-38-45); S.O.S., Beagles, 1937-38);  Teme Valley Foxhounds, 1946-47.  Address: Ashfort, Templemore, Co. Tipperary.  (M.q.) (1938 son of Rev. J. V. Robinson)

501. *Shilliday, George Alexander, son of Rev. J. Shilliday, D.D., Surat, India.  Brother of 304.  School Prefect.  U.VI, 1904.  Scholar, 1904.  1st XI, 1903-05.  1st XV, 1904-05 (Capt.)  Indian Police, Bombay Province, 1906;  Assist. I.G. of Police, 1926;  Dep. I.G. of Police, 1929;  I.G. of Police, Bombay Province, 1935-41.  King's Police Medal, 1922.  C.I.E., 1931.  Address: c/o National Bank of India, Ltd., 26 Bishopsgate, E.C.2.  (M.q.) (1938 Shillidy)

502. Simpson, Charles John, b. 27th February, 1886, son of John Simpson, Clermont, Holywood, Co. Down.  LV, July, 1901.  B.A. (Hon.);  R.U.I., 1909;  Queen's Univ., Belfast,  M.B.,  B.Ch.,  B.A.O., 1910;  Lieut., R.A.M.C. (Special Reserve), 1910-13. Great War: Australian A.M.C., 1915-19;  Egypt, Palestine and Syria;  Major.  Medical Practitioner in Australia since 1911.  Philatelist.  Address: 20 Howitt Road, Caulfield S.E. 7, Victoria, Australia.  (M.q.)  (1938 Address: Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

(503). Thompson, Robert Lloyd, b. 31st May, 1888, son of James A. Thompson, Penrhyn, Strandtown.  IV, Dec., 1904.  Linen Merchant.  Great War: Major, R.F.A.; M.C.; twice mentioned in despatches.  Killed in action, 1st Dec., 1917.

504. *Thompson, Robert Lancelot, b. 21st May, 1886, son of Robert Thompson, Dundela Villas, Strandtown, Belfast.  III, July, 1902.  Director and Chairman, J. & R. Thomson, Ltd., and other Companies.  Building Contractor.  Address: Heathcote, 42 Hawthornden Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

505. *Walker, William McNeill, b. 7th September, 1888, son of Rev. Samuel Walker, M.A., Donaghadee.  Brother of 740.  U.VI, July, 1907.  Sch. Prefect;  1st XV, 1905-6-7;  1st XI, 1906;  Queen's Univ. Entrance, 2nd and 3rd year Scholarships;  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1912.  Great War: Major, R.A.M.C.; M.C.  Former Chairman, Warwick & Leamington Divn., B.M.A.;  Assistant M.O.H., Warkwickshire, (Warwickshire) C.C.  Address: 33 Stratford Road, Warwick.  (M.x.q.) (1938 Address: Delamont, Stratford Road, Warwick)

506. *Watts, Robert, son of Rev. Robert Watts, Kilmacrenan, Co. Donegal.  Father of 2774 and 3144.  L.V, July, 1906.  Solicitors' Final, 1912.  Great War: Capt., Ulster Division;  M.C. and Bar;  French Croix de Guerre.  Partner in firm of C. & J. Black.  Governor and Trustee of Campbell College.  Address: Tiverton, Quarry Road, Strandtown, Belfast.  (M.q.)

507. Wilson, Guy Livingstone, b. 29th January, 1885, son of W.O. Wilson, Knowehead, Ballymena, Co. Antrim.  U.V, April, 1902.  M. Agr. (Hon. degree conferred by Q.U.B.);  Victoria Medal of Honour, conferred by the Royal Horticultural Society.  Bulb grower.  Address: The Knockan, Broughshane, Co. Antrim.  (q.)

508. Wylie, James McCleery, b. 10th August, 1886, son of John Wylie, Lalghar, Knock, Co. Down.  IV, July, 1902.  Motor Engineer.  Address: Lalghar, 6 Knock Road, Belfast.


509. Stack, Theodore Neville, b. 22nd April, 1888, son of Rev. T. F. L. Stack, B.D., Drumquin, Co. Tyrone.  IV, April, 1905.  1st XV, 1904-5.  Motor Engineer.  Believed dead.  (M.) (1938 Address: 2321 Hill Drive, Eagle Rock, California)


510. Ferguson, Robert, b. 4th February, 1884, son of Robert Ferguson, Greengraves, Newtownards, Co. Down.  Brother of 511.  III, April, 1900.  Farmer.  Died 12th February, 1952. (1938 Address: Kiaora, Newtownards, Co. Down)

511. Ferguson, Stewart Campbell, b. 28th June, 1886, son of Robert Ferguson, Greengraves, Newtownards, Co. Down.  Brother of 510.  III, July, 1902.  Ulster Bank, 1903-1912.  Assistant Banking Manager, American Trust Co., 1919-37.  Retired.  Address: 3312 Cowell Road, Concord, California.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: American Trust Co., Concord, California.)

(512). Galloway, Charles Frederick Cavendish, b. 25th March, 1883, son of Charles L. Galloway, Lismore, Co. Waterford.  U.VI, Oct., 1901.  Assessor to Hartford Insurance Co., New York

513. *Haire, Arthur Lindsay, b. 3rd November, 1884, son of Arthur Haire, Provincial Bank, Banbridge, Co. Down.  IV, July, 1901.  Great War: Capt., 3rd Batt. R.I. Fusiliers;  M.C.;  Capt., 1st Lincolnshire Regt.;  Sudan Defence Corps, 1927;  Retired 1929.  Stockbroker; Lindsay, Haire & Co., Belfast.  Address: Riverview, Banbridge, Co. Down. (q.)

514. *Legg, John, b. 5th June, 1886, nephew of Matthew Legg, Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim.  IV, July, 1902.  Apprentice, Harland & Wolff.  Engineer, Babcock, Wilcox & Co.  Address: 69 Avondale Road, South Croydon, Surrey.  (M.) (1938 Address: 59 Hythe Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey)

(515). Senior, William Alexander, b. 16th September, 1880, son of Rev. Canon B. Senior, Bamford Glebe, Kilkenny.  Brother of 538 and 539.  L.VI, July, 1900.  1st XI, 1900.  Commission in Army direct from School.


516. *Becher, John Hedges, b. 26th April, 1888, son of J. R. H.. Becher, Lorum Rectory, Bagenalstown.  Brother of 946.  L.VI, July, 1907.  1st XI, 1906-07; 1st XV, 1906-07;  B.A., B.A.I., T.C.D. (1911).  Great War: Capt., R.E.  Mentioned in despatches.  Barsi Light Railway, India.  Retired as Acting General Manager.  Address: Bagenalstown House, Co. Carlow, Eire.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: Kurduwadi, Sholapur District, Deccan, India)

517. *Elliott, Thomas John Erne Young, b. 14th February, 1885, son of David Elliott, Erne House, Belleek.  Brother of 518.  L.V, Dec., 1901.  J.P. for Co. Fermanagh.  Address: Erne House, Belleek, Co. Fermanagh.  (M.)

518. *Elliott, David William Matthew Albert, b. 14th February, 1885, son of David Elliott, Erne House, Belleek.  Brother of 517.  L.V, Dec., 1901.  T.C.D., M.A., 1909.  Clerk in Holy Orders.  Prebendary of St. Flannan, Killaloe.  Address: Milltown, Malbay, Co. Clare.  (M.q.)

519. *Greeves, William Edward, b. 4th February, 1890, son of Joseph M. Greeves, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 366, 762 and 929.  Father of 2597, 3028 and 3100.  IV, July, 1906.  1st XV, 1905-06.  Great War: B.E.F.  Croix de Guerre (avec étoile en bronze).  Hon. Lieut., F.A.U.  Linen Manufacturer.  High Sheriff, Co. Armagh, 1938.  Deputy Lieutenant for the County of Armagh, N.I.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: Ardeevin, Portadown, Co. Armagh)

520. Hackett, John A. Whiteside, b. 9th September, 1885, son of Rev. Canon Hackett, D.D., The Rectory, Kilmallock.  Brother of 281.  Matric., July, 1903.  Edinburgh University;  M.B., Ch.B., 1908.  Hockey Blue.  Scottish Hockey International.  Medical Practitioner.  Retired, 1946.  Address: Galtee Cottage, Overstrand, Norfolk.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: Ash Villa, Gainsborough, Lincs)

(521). Kelly, James Cecil, b. 5th January, 1888, son of Rev. J. Herbert Kelly, Clonmore Rectory, Dunleer, Co. Louth.  I, April, 1900.

(522). Morgan, James Rowland Trevegar, b. 30th April, 1885, son of Rev. T. S. Morgan, Kilnaglery, Carrigaline, Co. Cork.  III, April, 1901.

523. Odlum, Llewellyn Digby, b. 21st February, 1882, son of J. E. Odlum, New Park, Maryborough.  Brother of 524.  Matric., July, 1902.  Address: Mellick, Leix.  (M.)

(524). Odlum, Richard Edward, b. 10th Sept., 1883, son of J. E. Odlum, New Park, Maryborough.  Brother of 523, 801, 836.  Matric. July, 1902.  Died.

525. Riddall, Gervan Claude Victor, b. 4th May, 1887, son of Rev. Walter Riddall, D.D., Dean of Dromore, Crescent Gardens, Belfast.  III, April, 1901.  Edin. Univ. B.A. (London).  Head Master, Northwood Preparatory School, Middlesex.

526. *Seaver, Charles Douglas Kingsley, b. 25th May, 1887, son of Rev. R. W. Seaver, The Rectory, Malone, Belfast.  III, July, 1901.  Queen's University.  Univ. XV., 1907-8-9.  Univ. Cricket XI, 1907-8-9-10 (Capt.)  Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin.  L.R.C.P. & S.I., 1910.  R.A.M.C., Lt.-Col., 1934.  1914-18 War: France, India, Egypt.  Col., 1938.  1939-45 War: Brigadier; twice mentioned in despatches.  Retired 1946.  Address: c/o Messrs. Glyn Mills & Co. (Holts Branch), Kirkland House, Whitehall, London, S.W.1. (M.q.)

527. Waddell, William Rutherford, b. 15th Sept., 1885, son of Rev. Hugh Waddell, Missionary to China.  Brother of 528.  L.VI. July, 1903.  L.R.C.P. and L.R.C.S. (Edin.)  Died 1914 at sea on S. S. Derbyshire.

(528). Waddell, George Frederick, b. 17th July, 1887, son of Rev. Hugh Waddell, Missionary to China.  Brother of 527.  Matric.  July, 1904.  Queen's University, B.A.  Presbyterian Minister.  Died 15th June, 1915.


529. *Beck, John Wilson, b. 19th November, 1885, son of Mrs. R. B. Beck, Connsbrook Avenue, Strandtown, Belfast.  III, July, 1901.  London University, I.E.E., 1909.  A.M.I.E.E., 1913.  Supervising Engineer, Pritchett & Gold, Dagenham.  Writer on Technical and genealogical subjects.  Address: Tir-na-Nog, 11 Parkway, Seven Kings, Essex.  (M.q.)

(530). Christie, Charles Macgillicuddy, b. 2nd Feb., 1884, son of Rev. W. J. Christie, The Rectory, Newtownstewart.  L.V, April, 1902.  Great War: R.A.M.C.  Died of wounds, 18th Aug., 1917.

531. Magee, Edmund Sproule, b. February, 1886, son of John Magee, Donegal.  Brother of 424.  III, July, 1902.  Served in Great War: North Irish Horse, 1914-17, wounded.  Retired Newsagent.  Address: 18 Ormiston Crescent, Knock, Belfast.  (q.) (1938 Address: 231 Queen Street North, Belfast)

532. Young, William Pearse, b. 7th October, 1882, son of Rev. W. J. Young, The Manse, Milford, Co. Donegal.  Brother of 533.  Father of 2395, 2512, 2723 and 2776.  U.V, Dec., 1902.  Winner of Mile and High Jump, 1902.  Queen's University, Sports, 1903-4-5.  B.A., 1905.  Presbyterian Minister.  Ordained, 1910.  Moderator Synod of Dublin, 1923-24.  Moderator Synod of Armagh and Monaghan, 1928-29.  Retired from Active Service, 1-10-52.  D.D. (Honoris Causa), 1953.  Address: Greenlaw, Dhu Varren Park, Portrush.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: The Manse, Clones, Co. Monaghan)

533. Young, Charles H. Rafter, b. 21st January, 1884, son of Rev. W. J. Young, The Manse, Milford, Co. Donegal.  Brother of 532.  L.VI. April, 1902.  Assistant Secy. and Treas., Corning Glass Works, New York, U.S.A.  Interested in the large lens cast by this firm for the Mt. Palomar Observatory.  Died 25th March. 1950.  (M.) (1938 Address: 188 Wall Street, Corning, New York, U.S.A. (M.q.)


534. *McElwaine, Percy Alexander, b. 21st September, 1884, son of A. J. McElwaine, M.A., Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 535.  VI, July, 1903.  Trinity College, Dublin, B.A.  (Moderator in Legal and Political Science), LL.B., 1907.  LL.D. (Jure Dig.), 1939.  Dublin University Philosophical Society;  Registrar, 1906-07;  Treasurer, 1907-08.  Gold Medal for Oratory, 1909.  Treasurer, "T.C.D.," 1907-08.  Called to Irish Bar, 1908, North East Circuit.  King's Counsel (Northern Ireland), 1929.  Called to Bar of Alberta, 1913.  Great War: Inns of Court, O.T.C., 1915; Lieut., R. Irish Rifles (Ulster Division), B.E.F., 1916-19.  Stipendiary Magistrate and Coroner, St. Lucia, B.W.I., 1920-23.  Crown Counsel and Senior Crown Counsel, Kenya, 1923-27.  Attorney-General and Member of Executive and Legislative Councils, Fiji, 1927-30.  Deputy Public Prosecutor, Singapore, 1930-33.  Attorney-General and Member of Executive and Legislative Councils of the Straits Settlements, 1933-36.  Chief Justice of the Straits Settlements, 1936-46.  Publications: "The Laws of the Gold Coast,"  Revised Edition, 1953.  Interned by Japanese, 1942-45.  Knight Bachelor, 1939.  Commissioned to hold enquiry in Sierra Leone, 1948.  Retired.  Address: Moorlands, Sheldon, Teignmouth, Devon.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: Chief Justice's Chambers, Supreme Court, Singapore)

535. *McElwaine, Eric James Dalby, b. 13th April, 1887, son of A. J. McElwaine, M.A., Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 534.  VI, July, 1906.  1st XV, 1904-05.  T.C.D., B.A. (1st Class Honors French and German), 1909.  Philosophical Society's Medal for Composition.  Lansdowne 1st XV, 1908-9.  University Featherweight Championship, 1909; Lightweight Championship, 1910.  Commissioned, I.A., 1911 (76th Punjabis);  Army in India Officers Featherweight Championship, 1913.  Great War: 1914-18, Egypt and Mesopotamia (despatches), Afghanistan and N.W.F., 1919 (despatches).  O.B.E. Waziristan and North West Frontier, 1919-24.  Lt.-Col. and Commandant, 10-1st Punjab Regt., 1934-38.  Pension Estb., 1939.  Address: 17 Merlyn Park, Ballsbridge, Dublin.  (q.)


536. *Boyd, James, b. 7th Feb., 1888, son of Wm. C. Boyd, Hazelbank, Ravenscroft Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 610.  U.IV, July, 1907.  Scholar.  R.U.I.  1st Schol. Math. Sc., 1906.  B.A., 2nd Class Math. Sc., 1908.  M.A. (2nd Class Honours, Math. Sc.), 1910.  B.Sc., (1st Class Hons.), 1911.  Purser Student in Maths., 1911.  Univ. of Paris, 1911-12.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. (2nd Class Honours), Q.U.B. 1916.  D.P.H., 1919.  M.D., 1923.  President, S.R.C., Q.U.B., 1914-16.  Member of Senate, Q.U.B., 1914-16.  Medical Officer and Assistant Master, Bradfield College, Berks, 1919-21.  M.R.C.P.I., 1934, and F.R.C.P.I., 1936.  Hon. Phys., Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport, 1922-30.  Crown Nominee, General Medical Council (since 1946); Honorary Physician to King George VI, 1947-50; C.B.E., 1951. Chief Medical Officer, Ministry of Labour, N.I., 1930-44;  Chief Medical Officer, Ministry of Health and Local Government, N.I. (since 1944);  Governor, Campbell College since 1951.  Address: 18 Cadogan Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

(537). Gailey, Charles Frederick, b. 23rd April, 1884, son of Mrs. Gailey, Griffinstown, Grange Con., Co. Wicklow.  IV, April, 1901.

(538). Senior, Henry, b. 20th May, 1883, son of Rev. Canon Senior, Bamford Glebe, Kilkenny.  Brother of 515 and 539.  III, March, 1901.  1st XI, 1900.

(539). Senior, Benjamin Beresford, b. 9th September, 1889, son of Rev. Canon Senior, Bamford Glebe, Kilkenny.  Brother of 515 and 538.  III, April, 1904.


540. *Anderson, Thomas Norman, b. 20th February, 1886, son of James Anderson, Roselawn, Banbridge, Co. Down.  Brother of 598 and 665.  III, July, 1902.  Yarn Bleacher.  Died April, 1944. (1938 Address: Roselawn, Banbridge, Co. Down)

541. Bailey, Edward William, son of Edward Bailie, Carraghdarragh, Windsor Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 479 and 1077.  Matric., July, 1901.  Solicitor, 1910.  Address: Sunningdale, Westbourne Road, Weymouth, Dorset. (1938 Address: Crescent Hotel, Weymouth, Dorset)

542. *Boal, Jackson Grahame, b. 3rd May, 1886, son of Hugh Boal, Slatt, Ballymena.  Matric., July, 1903.  1st XV, 1902-03.  Edinburgh University.  M.B., Ch.B., 1910.  Surgeon, Royal Navy, 1912.  Surgeon Captain, 1935.  Served in 1st and 2nd World Wars.  Medical Officer, Eastbourne College.  Address: Crosby Lodge, Gandick Road, Eastbourne.  (M.q.) (1938 son of John Boal - Address: Shague, Calgorm Road, Ballymena (q.))

543. *Black, Arthur, son of Arthur Black, Lyndhurst, Bloomfield, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1907.  Scholar;  Dufferin Medal.  R.U.I.  Class. Sch., 1906.  Entr. Sch., Sidney Sussex Coll., Cambridge, 1906, Goldsmith's Exhibition in Classics, 1908.  1st Class (First Place) Law Tripos, Part II, 1911.  University (Whewell) Scholarship in International Law, 1911.  B.A., 1910;  LL.B., 1911;  M.A., 1913;  called to Irish Bar.  K.C. (N.I.), 1929.  Lecturer in Law, Q.U.B., 1929-31.  Bencher of Inns of Court of N.I.  M.P. (N.I., South Belfast, 1925-29;  Recorder of Belfast, 1941;  Judge of the High Court of Justice (Northern Ireland), 1943;  Lord Justice of Appeal, 1949;  Member of the Privy Council of Northern Ireland, 1949.  Address: 20 Castlehill Road, Belfast. (1938 Address: Lyndhurst, Bloomfield, Belfast)

(544). Boyle, William, b. 30th June, 1885, son of Robert Boyle, Kilbright, Carrowdore, Co. Down.  III, Dec., 1901

545. Brewster, Arthur, b. 17th September, 1885, son of John Brewster, St. Murus, Fahan, Londonderry.  Brother of 395 and 674.  VI, July, 1904.  1st XI, 1902-03.  1st XV, 1901-04.  Dentist.  Address: Springbank, Frances Street, Newtownards.  (M.) (1938 Sports Championship, 1902-03. Address: Springbank, Francis Street, Newtownards)

(546). Browne, Charles Edward Hill, b. 17th November, 1885, son of Mrs. Browne, Barnhill, Larne.  Matric.  July, 1904.  Individual Sports Championship, 1904.  Edinburgh University.  To Straits Settlements.

547. Caldwell, Matthew F., b. 15th April, 1883, son of James Caldwell, Mont Cecil, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Brother of 31.  VI, Oct., 1901.  1st XV, 1900-01.  R.U.I. and Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1907.  Surgeon, R.N., Lieut.-Cdr. Retired.  Asst. Medical Officer.  Address: (in 1950), 12 Queen Street, Newcastle, Staffs. (1938 Address: Cardiff City Mental Hospital)

(548). Card, James Sterling, b. March, 1885, Ward of Samuel Fryar, Primrose Villa, Banbridge, Co. Down.  L.V, July, 1902.  To Canada. Great War: Canadian Infantry

549. Davidson, Francis Arthur James, b. 4th November, 1884, son of Mrs. Davidson, Avoca, Knock, Belfast.  U.V, July, 1902.  Shipping Business.  Great War: Lieut., R. Irish Rifles.  Died 19th Sept., 1949.  (M.) (1938 Address: Ballaghley Cottage, Newcastle, Co. Down)

(550). *Gray, William Pentland, b. 3rd March, 1887, son of R. M. Gray, Earlston, Dundela Park, Strandtown.  II, July, 1901.  Auctioneer and Valuer.  Died 12th April, 1933

551. *Hamilton, Eben Stuart Burt, b. 30th March, 1886, son of Very Rev. R. W. Hamilton, Lisburn.  Brother of 763.  Father of 2100, 2309, 2621 and 3652.  L.VI, July, 1903.  Queen's, 1903.  Edinburgh University, 1904.  M.B., Ch.B., 1910.  F.R.C.S. (Edin.), 1919.  Great War: Major, R.A.M.C., Spec. Res. M.C.  Ear, nose and Throat Surgeon.  Various hospital appointments and District E.N. and T. Specialist, Ministry of Pensions.  Knight of Grace, Order of St. John of Jerusalem.  Address: Hertford, South Downs Road, Hale, Cheshire.  (M.q.)

(552). Hartness, George Ernest, b. 8th April, 1884, nephew of David J. Carson, Ballybay.  IV, July, 1901.  Died, Dec., 1913

553. Jackson, Sydney Herbert, b. 10th November, 1885, son of Wm. Jackson, 15 Rugby Road, Belfast.  Father of 2695.  L.VI, July, 1902.  Scholar.  1st XI, 1902.  Chartered Accountants' Final, 1909.  F.C.A.  Principal of Jackson, McCann & Co., Chartered Accountants.  Pres. Irish Cricket Union, 1946, N.C.U., 1938-45;  Chairman, N.C.U. Committee from 1929, and its Hon. Treasurer from 1922.  Died 17th May, 1948.  (M.) (1938 Address: Lancedean, Derryvolgie Avenue, Belfast)

554. Jamison, Thomas John, b. 17th November, 1886, son of Wm. Jamison, Market Street, Limavady, Co. Derry.  Brother of 689 and 690.  U.VI, July, 1904.  Scholar.  To America. (1938 Address: 105 Ferry Street, Pittsburgh, Pa.)

555. *Kelly, John William, b. 28th September, 1885, son of T. O'D. Kelly, Provincial Bank, Newry.  VI, Oct., 1904.  Scholar.  1st XV, 1901-2-3-4.  T.C.D., Junior Exhibition, 1904.  Senior Exhib., 1906.  B.A., with Junior Mod., 1908.  Finance Dept., Gov. of India, 1910.  Deputy Controller of Currency, Bombay, 1926.  Controller of the Currency, Calcutta, 1932.  C.I.E., 1934.  Retired.  R.A.P.C.  Lieut. and Paymaster, January, 1940.  Demobilised, June, 1945 with Hon. Rank Captain.  Address: Cooleen, Warrenpoint, Co. Down.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: c/o National Provincial Bank, Princes Street, London, E.C.2.)

556. *Moore, Henry Francis, b. 5th May, 1887, son of Wm. Moore, Normanville, The Mount, Belfast.  III, July, 1903.  Queen's Univ. Final Examination (Hons., 2nd Place).  Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland, 1911.  Member of Council of "The Guild of Queen's University, Belfast."  Pharmaceutical Chemist.  President, Pharm. Society (N.I.), 1942-1943.  Address: 134 Royal Avenue, Belfast.  (M.q.)

557. *Mulholland, Henry Holmes, b. 2nd June, 1887, son of James H. Mulholland, Strathclyde, Donaghadee, Co. Down.  Brother of 574, 696 and 1191.  L.VI, June, 1906.  Queen's University, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1912.  D.P.H. (Liverpool), 1913.  Great War: Capt., 1918-21, Waziristan Field Force.  Major.  Retired 1923.  Govt. Medical Officer, N. Rhodesia.  Recalled to R.A.M.C., 1939-45.  Lt.-Col., 1940.  Retired General Practitioner.  Address: Knowle Cross House, Whimple, Devon.  (M.q.)

558. McCammon, William Herbert, b. 31st January, 1885, son of Andrew McCammon, Drumgooland, Seaforde, Co. Down.  Brother of 559 and 800.  IV, Dec., 1903.  1st XV, 1902-03.  Great War: 10th Corps Cavalry Regt.  Landowner.  Address: Drumgooland House, Seaforde, Co. Down.

559. McCammon, John Andrew, b. 6th January, 1887, son of Andrew McCammon, Drumgooland, Seaforde, Co. Down.  Brother of 558 and 800.  IV, July, 1904.  Great War: Lieut., R.G.A. (Antrim S.R.).  Director, J. S. Brown & Sons, Belfast.  Address: 103 Osborne Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

560. *McElderry, Howard Campbell, b. 17th September, 1885, son of John McElderry, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim.  1st XV., 1902-03.  1st Arts, June, 1903.  Edinburgh Univ., B.Sc. (Agr.), 1906.  General Manager and Representative in Greece of the Lake Copais Company, Ltd., which drained and now farms what was formerly a 60,000 acre marsh in the Province of Boeotia.  Served in the Middle East Supply Centre (Cairo), 1943-44.  Awarded O.B.E. in 1946.  Address: Lake Copais Company, Ltd., Aliartos, Greece.  (q.)

561. McFerran, John, b. 10th December, 1886, son of Mrs. McFerran, Everton, Clontarf, Co. Dublin.  L.V, July, 1902.  Winnipeg Paint and Glass Co. (1938 Address: 885 Strathcona Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba)

562. *McKibbin, Alan John, b. 2nd February, 1890, son of John McKibbin, Knockdene Park, Knock, Belfast.  Father of 2776.  L.V, Dec., 1905.  Great War:  R.E.  Messrs. John McKibbin & Son.  O.B.E.  Member of Imperial Parliament.  Address: 22 Corporation Street, Belfast.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: The Corran, Raglan Road, Bangor, Co. Down)

563. *Oulton, John Ernest Leonard, b. 22nd March, 1886, son of Rev. R. C. Oulton, The Rectory, Glynn, Belfast.  VI, Dec., 1904.  Dufferin Medal. T.C.D., Junior Exhib.  Scholar, 1906.  First Vice-Chancellor's Latin Medal, 1907.  Sen. Mod. Classics;  Junior Mod. Modern Lit., 1908.  B.A. 2nd Berkeley Gold Medal, 1909.  B.D., 1919.  Rector of Chapelizod, 1927.  Monkstown, 1929.  Canon of St. Patrick's 1930,  Treasurer, 1949,  Chancellor, 1953.  Lecturer in Divinity School, T.C.D., 1924-30.  Archbishop King's Professor of Divinity, 1930-35.  D.D., 1934.  Regius Professor of Divinity, 1935.  Member of Royal Irish Academy.  Contributor to "History of Church of Ireland."  Editor of Eusebius VI-X"  (Loeb) and Joint Editor of "Eusebius Ecclesiastical History"  Author of "The Credit Statements of St. Patrick; Holy Communion and Holy Spirit";  Joint Editor of "Alexandrian Christianity" in the "Library of Christian Classics."  Address: Zion Lodge, Zion Road, Rathgar, Dublin.  (q.) (1938 Address: 35 Ailesbury Road, Dublin)

564. Sinclair, James, b. 5th Dec., 1889, son of John Sinclair, Bayview, Sligo.  Brother of 735 and 866.  Father of 2714.  L.V, Dec., 1904.  Own Business.  Great War: R.E., 1915-19.  Address: Cranleigh, Knocksinna, Stillorgan, Dublin.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: 4 Lansdowne Gardens, Dublin, S.E.4)

565. Thomson, William Willis Dalziel, b. 8th September, 1885, son of Wm. Thomson, M.D., Annahilt House, Hillsborough.  Father of 2343.  U.VI, July, 1904.  Q.U.B.  Med. Sch. and 1st Prizeman, 1905-8;  Sen. Sch. in Chemistry, 1907;  Dunville Student, 1907;  Hon. Demonstrator in Chemistry, 1907;  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. (First Place), with first Class Hons. and Special Scholarship, 1910.  R.U.I., First Place and First of First Hons. at First Medical (1905);  Second Medical (1906), and Third Medical (1908) respectively;  Henry Hutchinson Stewart Scholarship in Medicine, 1906;  B.A. with First Class Honours in Chemistry and Physiology, 1907.  Colour-Sergeant, Q.U.B., O.T.C.  President, Students' Representative Council, and Member of Senate, Queen's University, Belfast, 1908-9.  President, Belfast Medical Students' Society, 1910-11.  Resident Medical Officer of Purdysburn Fever Hospital, 1911.  B.Sc., First Class Honours;  D.P.H.;  M.D. (Gold Medal), 1916.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C., 1916-18.  M.R.C.P. (London), 1918.  Assistant Physician, Royal Victoria Hospital,  1919.  Professor of Medicine, Queen's University, 1923.  Consulting Physician.  F.R.C.P.  President, O.C. Society, 1924-25-26.  Contributor to B.M. and other Journals.  Deputy-Lieutenant for the City of Belfast.  President, N.I. Branch of the B.M.A., 1933; of the B.M.A. Section of Medicine, 1937, of the Irish Medical Schools and Graduates Association, 1936-37, of the Ulster Medical Society, 1937-38.  Lumleian Lecturer, Royal College of Physicians, 1939.  President of the Association of Physicians of Great Britain and Ireland, 1949.  Knighted, January, 1950.  Died 26th November, 1950.  (M.) (1938 Address: 25 University Square, Belfast)


566. *Armour, James Brown McMaster, b. 15th July, 1885, son of Rev. J. B. Armour, M.A., Ballymoney.  Brother of 390 and 1014.  Father of 3576.  Matric., July, 1903.  Queen's College, Galway.  Junior Scholar, 1905.  Senior Scholar, 1906.  R.U.I., B.A., 1906.  M.A., 1908.  New College, Edinburgh.  Assistant, Fitzroy Avenue Presbyterian Church, 1911.  Great War: Army Chaplain; mentioned in despatches.  Minister, St. John's Pres. Church, South Shields, 1913-28.  Gen. Secy., British and Foreign Bible Society in Canada and Newfoundland, 1928-47.  D.D.  (Honoris Causa), Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, 1944.  Died 25th October, 1947.  (M.) (1938 Address: 69 St. Leonard's Avenue, Toronto, Canada)

567. Bennet, Arthur Macaldin, b. 29th June, 1886, son of Mrs. Bennet, Richmond, Antrim Road, Belfast.  Brother of 601 and 602.  II, April, 1902.  Consulting Engineer.  Address: 16 Westbourne Gardens, London, W.2.

(568). Davis, Henry Ouseley, b. 15th Sept., 1884, son of Henry Davis, Abingdon, Holywood, Co. Down.  L.VI, Nov., 1903.  1st XI, 1903.  R.M.C., Sandhurst.  2nd Lieut., R. Dublin Fusiliers, 1906.  Capt., R. Irish Fusiliers.  Killed in action, 27th Oct., 1914.

(569). Gilmer, George Reid, son of Mrs. Gilmer, Beechcroft, Belmont, Belfast.  Brother of 360.  III, April, 1902.  Died Feb., 1935.

570. *Martin, Henry Lawrence, b. 5th May, 1889, son of H. L. Martin, Glendarragh, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 571.  V, April, 1905.  Great War: Lieut., R. Irish Rifles.  Director, Ulster Weaving Co., Belfast.  Export Manager, York Street Flax Spinning Co. Ltd., Belfast.  Address: 9 Broomhill Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

571. Martin, John Cecil, b. 5th May, 1889, son of H. L. Martin, Glendarragh, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 570.  VI, July, 1907; Engineering. (1938 Address: 39 Knockdene Park, Belfast)

(572). Moore, Alexander Victor, b. 5th June, 1887, son of Alexander Moore, 1 Brook Crescent, Belfast.  III, July, 1902.

573. *Moorhead, Edward Johnson, b. 6th December, 1888, son of S. J. Moorhead, 29 Mespil Road, Dublin.  Army, April, 1907.  Scholar, R.M.A., Woolwich.  R.F.A., 2nd Lieut., 1909.  Mentioned in despatches, 1919.  Major, 1927.  1939-45 War; Royal Artillery.  Retired.  Address: 10 Vanbrugh Park Road, West, Blackheath, London, S.E.3.  (M.q.) (1938 R.F.A., 2nd Lieut., 1915 - Address: Army & Navy Club, Pall Mall, London, S.W.1.)

574. *Mulholland, James Allan, b. 11th October, 1885, son of James H. Mulholland, J.P., Strathclyde, Donaghadee.  Brother of 557, 696 and 1191.  III, Dec., 1901.  For ten years with Henry Matier & Co., Belfast.  Great War: Lt.-Col., 1918.  Commanded 14th R. Irish Rifles, 1917, and 1st Bn. R.I.R., 1918.  Twice mentioned in despatches.  War Office Staff, 1918-21.  Commanded 18th London Regt. (London Irish Rifles), 1927-34.  Col., 1934.  M.C., 1917.  Legion of Honour, Croix de Guerre and Palm.  1940-47, Western Command Hqrs., Inspector of Salvage,  M.B.E. (Mil.)  Mayor of City of Westminster, 1949-50.  Alderman of City of Westminster, 1951.  Merchant and Agent.  Address: 86 Albion Gate, London, W.2.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: 4 Kensington Park Gardens, London, W.11)

575. *McKean, John Knox Leslie, b. 31st Jan., 1890, son of Rev. Wm. McKean, D.D., Belfast.  Brother of 151.  Matric., July, 1908.  Queen's University, B.A., 1911; M.A., 1912.  Presbyterian Minister, Ordained to 1st Comber, 1916.  D.D., 1952.  Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, 1952-53;  Governor of Campbell College, 1941;  Chairman, 1951-53.  Address: The Manse, Comber, Co. Down.

(576). McKibben, Dan Schiller, b. 29th April, 1892, son of John McKibben, Greenaway, Bloomfield, Belfast.  II, Dec., 1904.  Died 8th May, 1909.

577. McMillen, William Hugh, b. 23rd July, 1887, son of Hugh McMillen, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Brother of 578, 579 and 1580.  II, Sept., 1901.  Flour and Grain Broker.  Director, H. D. Hardie & Co., Glasgow.  Died 1st October, 1954.  (M.) (1938 Address: 37 Cyprus Park, Bloomfield.)

578. McMillen, Henry Joseph, b. 4th October, 1888, son of Hugh McMillen, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Brother of 577, 579 and 1580.  Father of 2574 and 3290.  II, Nov., 1901.  District Superintendent, Esso Petroleum Co. Ltd.  Address: The Beeches, Cultra, Co. Down.  (M.q.) (1938 Anglo-American Oil Co.  Address: The Beeches, Cultra. (M.))

579. *McMillen, Ernest, b. 28th February, 1890, son of Hugh McMillen, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Brother of 577, 578 and 1580.  Father of 2449 and 3128.  II, Nov., 1901.  Insurance Broker.  Died May, 1950.  (M.) (1985 Address: Rosepark East, Dundonald, Co. Down)

580. McMordie, John Andrew, b. 8th July, 1887, son of R. J. McMordie, Cabin Hill, Belfast.  U.V, April, 1904.  Queen's College, Belfast.  Address: 5 Overbury Road, Parkstone, Dorset.  (M.q.) (1938 b. 16th January, 1901 - Address: 8 Culverden Park Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent)

(581). Pettigrew, James Bell, b. 1886, son of Mrs. Pettigrew, Farnnogue House, Wexford.  IV, April, 1904)

(582). Turner, Thomas, b. 10th March, 1886, son of A. Turner, Belfast.  Brother of 583.  IV, Feb., 1902.  Great War: Lieut., Royal Anglesey R.E. (S.R.) Civil Engineer

(583). Turner, William, b. 10th March, 1886, son of A. Turner, Belfast.  Brother of 582.  III, Feb., 1902.  Queen's University.  L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S. (Edin.), 1915.  Great War: R.A.M.C.  M.C. Medical Practitioner.  Died 12th Feb., 1927.

(584). Venables, Victor John, son of W. J. Venables, Gortalowry House, Cookstown.  Brother of 632.  IV, July, 1906. Died

585. Voss, Robert George, b. 20th August, 1885, son of R. D. Voss, J.P., Campbell, Griqualand West, South Africa.  Brother of 785.  L.V,  Gold mining, diamond mining, collier proprietor.  Last known address: Forest Lodge, Jan Smuts Avenue, Saxonwold, Johannesburg.  (M.) (1938 July, 1903. 1st XV, 1901-2-3. Royal School of Mines. Associate)

586. Webb, Hermann Watson, b. 1888, son of Richard T. Webb, Rath House, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 206, 634 and 961.  Matric., July, 1907.  1st XV, 1904-05.  Edinburgh University.  M.B., Ch.B., 1911, F.R.C.S. (Edin.), 1913.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Subsequently in Shanghai and Malaya.  Address: c/o Webb & Co., Newtownards, Co. Down, and 112 King's Road, Belfast. (1938 Address: Ipoh, Federated Malay States)

(587). Wookey, Frederick Maurice, b. 1st July, 1887, son of Frederick Wookey, Weston Lodge, Leixlip, Co. Dublin.  L.VI, July, 1905.  Scholar.  Royal College of Science for Ireland.  Scholar, 1906.  A.R.C.S.I., 1909. Draughtsman to Sir Howard Grubb.  Great War: 2nd Lieut., R. Irish Fusiliers.  Died of wounds, 19th March, 1915.


588. Armstrong, Robert Angus Emerson, b. 3rd September, 1886, son of Wm. Armstrong, Chichester Gardens, Antrim Road, Belfast.  U.V, July, 1903.  T.C.D., M.A., 1910.  Linen Manufacturer.  (M.) (1938 Address: Thornemount, Belfast. (M.q.))

(589). Cooney, William Lennon, b. 7th October, 1886, son of rev. Charles R. Cooney, Killinbere Rectory, Virginia, Co. Cavan. U.III, April, 1904.  1st XV, 1903-4.  Died in Australia

590. Davidson, John William, b. 24th February, 1886, son of John Davidson, Jennyvale, Saintfield, Co. Down.  Brother of 641.  III, Dec., 1902.  Farmer in Ballygowan, Co. Down. (1938 Address: Ballyrush, Ballygowan)

591. Irwin, Melville Cathcart, b. 27th June, 1887, son of Rev. J. Melville Irwin, The Manse, Birr.  Matric., July, 1904.  Queen's Univ. M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 2nd Class Hons.  Schol. in Surgery, 1910.  Great War: R.A.M.C.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 604 Green Lanes, Hornsey, London, N.8.  (M.q.)

(592). Kirkpatrick, James Alexander. b. 21st September, 1887, son of E. Kirkpatrick, Orangefield, Belfast.  U.III. Dec., 1902. Great War: Eng. Cmdr., R.N.R.

(593). Mitchell, John James Harrison, b. 3rd August, 1887, son of Rev. James Mitchell, Anahilt, Hillsborough, Co. Down.  L.V, July, 1903.  Queen's University. Died, 17th Oct., 1914

594. Orr, Gladstone, b. 4th May, 1886, son of John Orr, The Cottage, Saintfield.  L.III, April, 1902.  J.P.  Died. (1938 Address: The Cottage, Saintfield)

(595). Trimble, Robert Maitland, b. 16th January, 1887, son of Rev. Robert Trimble, Meek's Hill, Anahilt, Hillsborough, Co. Down. II, April, 1902.

596. Witherow, T. Hastings, b. 7th September, 1890, son of Rev. Wm. Witherow, Kooh-i-noor, Bloomfield, Belfast.  I, July, 1902.  Queen's University, B.A.  World War I: Captain, R. Irish Rifles and Indian Army, 1915-20.  World War II: attached Royal Pioneer Corps, 1941-42.  Minister, Markethill Presbyterian Church.  Address: The Manse, Markethill, Co. Armagh.  (M.q.)


597. *Allison, William White, b. 9th February, 1887, son of Rev. Robert Allison, Kilbride Manse, Doagh, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 742.  Matric., July, 1904.  Queen's University.  M.B.,  B.Ch.,  B.A.O., 1914.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Medical Practitioner.  Died 17th November, 1953.  (M.) (1938 Allison, William Walter - Address: 190 Hasland Road, Chesterfield, Derby. (M.q.))

598. *Anderson, James Coburn, b. 6th November, 1887, son of James Anderson, Roselawn, Banbridge, Co. Down.  Brother of 540 and 665.  IV, July, 1904.  Edinburgh University.  M.B., Ch.B., 1915.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Address: Roselawn, Banbridge, Co. Down.

(599). Barrett, Ernest William, b. 16th Feb., 1890, son of J. H. Barrett, Riverside, Holywood, Co. Down.  Brother of 856.  IV, July, 1904.  To Armagh, R.S.  Rubber Planter in Malaya.  Great War: Capt., R.F.C.  Killed in action, 29th May, 1916.

600. Beck, Ralph Bullick, b. August, 1885, son of Mrs. Beck, Knockvalley House, North Road, Bloomfield, Belfast.  L.III, April, 1903.  P. & O. Co., 1909.  Great War: Lieut., R.N.R.  Extra Master Mariner, 1919.  Command in P. & O. Service, 1936.  1939-45 in Command of H.M. Transports.  Retired.  Address: "Pinecot," Mill Lane, Rustington, Sussex.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: c/o P. & O.S.N. Coy., 122 Leadenhall Street, London, E.C.3.)

601. Bennet, John Leslie, b. 21st October, 1888, son of Mrs. Bennet, Ardstratha, Richmond, Belfast.  Brother of 567 and 602.  III, Dec., 1904.  T.C.D., M.A., LL.B. (1920).  Great War: Capt., R. Irish Fusiliers.  Former Chairman, British Legion in N. Ireland.  O.B.E. (1943);  C.B.E. (1952).  National Vice-President British Legion. 1939-45; O.C. Motor Boat Patrol - Ulster Home Guard.  Proprietor, J. L. Bennet & Co., Belfast.  Address: Seafield's, Helen's Bay, Co. Down.

602. *Bennet, Edward Armstrong, son of W. B. Bennet, Poyntzpass, Co. Armagh.  Brother of 567 and 601.  III, Dec., 1904.  T.C.D.,  B.A. Junior Moderator Mental and Moral Science.  M.A., M.D., 1930, Sc.D., 1939;  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1925.  Stewart Scholarship Mental Disease, 1926;  1st Prize Mental Disease, Histology, Physiology, etc. Trinity College.  D.P.M. (Roy. Coll. Phys. and Surg., England), 1926.  Physician Royal Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital, London;  Psychiatrist, West End Hospital for Nervous Diseases, London;  Lecturer (and Recognised Teacher), Institute of Psychiatry, University of London; Lecturer in Psychological Medicine, School of Physic, Dublin University.  'Fellow (Vice-President Section of Psychiatry) Royal Society of Medicine, London.  Fellow, Royal Academy of Medicine, Dublin;  Fellow (Past Chairman, Medical Section)  British Psychological Society;  Member Royal Medico-Psychological Society.  Author of papers on Psychiatry in various medical journals.  Major, R.A.M.C., 1940, Brigadier, Army Medical Service and Consultant in Psychiatry, India Command, 1942-45.  M.C.  Address: 99 Harley Street, London, W.1.;  2 St. Katharine's Precinct, Regent's Park, London, N.W. 1.  (M.x.q.) (1938 b. 21st October, 1888, son of Mrs. Bennet, Ardstratha, Richmond, Belfast - Address: 97 Harley Street, London, W.1. (M.q.))

603. *Boyd, William Ryder, b. 1st December, 1887, son of Rev. Robt. Boyd, Anand, Bombay, India.  Brother of 867.  VI, Dec., 1906.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1902-3-4-5-6 (Capt.), 1903-04.  Dufferin Medal.  T.C.D., Junior Exhib., 1906.  Senior Exhib., 1908.  Scholar, 1910.  Senior Classical Mod., 1910.  B.A.  Malayan Civil Service (Retired).  Address: 54 Bryansford Road, Newcastle, Co. Down.  (q.) (1938 Address: Batu Gajah, Perah, F.M.S.)

604. Buchanan, John James, b. 5th April, 1887, son of William Buchanan, Northland Road, Londonderry.  L.V, July, 1903.  Managing Director, Buchanan Bros., Londonderry.  Member of Londonderry Port and Harbour Board.  Vice-President, Londonderry Chamber of Commerce.  President, Londonderry Rotary Club.  J.P. High Sheriff of Londonderry.  Address: Beechmount, Deanfield, Londonderry.  (M.)

605. Craig, Alexander Nelson, b. 16th May, 1887, son of James Craig, M.D., 2 Carlisle Terrace, Londonderry.  Brother of 718 and 897.  L.VI, July, 1905.  Edinburgh University.  M.B., Ch.B., 1914.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Medical Practitioner.  Died 15th March, 1941. (1938 Address: 15 Queen Street, Londonderry (q.))

606. *Dobbin, Leonard, b. 27th November, 1886, son of Leonard Dobbin, Knockrea, Blackrock Road, Cork.  Brother of 730.  VI, July, 1904.  Great War: Sgt. Despatch Rider, R.E. and W.O., R.E.  Director, Transit, Ltd., Margaret St., Cork.  Dean's Churchwarden and Hon. Treas. of St. Fin Barre's Cathedral, Cork, since 1934.  Address: Kinsale, Co. Cork.   (M.q.) (1938 Address: Knockrea, Douglas Road, Cork)

(607). Dawson, Robert John, b. 12th April, 1890, son of R. J. Dawson, Garnerville, Strandtown, Belfast.  I, July, 1902.

608. *Emerson, Edward Crawford Trench, b. 24th February, 1889, son of Edward Emerson, Enderley, Knock, Belfast.  VI, July, 1908.  1st XI, 1908.  Sports Champion, 1906, and Joint Champion, 1907.  Queen's University, Belfast.  Athletic Team, 1909.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. (Hons.), 1914.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  M.D.  D.P.H. (Psychiatry), 1926; and (Mental Deficiency), 1927.  Address: c/o Messrs. Glyn Mills & Co. (Holts Branch), Kirkland House, Whitehall, London, S.W.1. (q.)

609. Glendinning, William Gerald, b. 1st May, 1889, son of the Rt. Hon. R. G. Glendinning, P.C., D.L., J.P., Glengyle, Windsor Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 874.  VI, July, 1906.  Queen's University, Belfast, 1907-14.  B.A. (R.U.I.), B.Sc. (Q.U.B.), A.R.I.C., A.F.R.Ae.S.  Gordon Taylor Gold Medal, Royal Aeronautical Society, 1947.  Despatch Rider, R.E., 1914-17.  Research Chemist.  Address: Downlands, Seale, Surrey.  (M.x.q.)

610. *Boyd, William, b. 14th November, 1885, son of W. C. Boyd, Hazelbank Villa, Ravenscroft Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 536 and 1066.  Matric., July, 1903.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1911.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  S.M.O., Persia L. of C. Medical Officer, Tea Estates, Assam.  Medical Practitioner.  Died 12th March, 1950. (1938 Address: Lorneville, Albert Bridge Road, Belfast. (q.))

(611). Johnston, Charles Moore, b. 11th April, 1886, son of Charles Johnston, J.P., Beechcote, Portadown.  VI, July, 1903.  Royal School of Mines.  Flax Spinner.  Great War: Capt., R. Irish Fus.  Killed in action, 1st July, 1916.

(612). Johnston, John Gibson, b. 29th October, 1888, son of J. G. Johnston, Brooklands, Annadale, Belfast.  U.V, April, 1904.  Died.

(613). Leonard, Francis Patrick Mapletoft, b. 30th January, 1889, son of F. M. Leonard, 7 Carleton Terrace, Antrim Road, Belfast.  IV, Dec., 1903.  Great War: Lieut., R. Inniskilling Fusiliers.  Killed in action, 29th April, 1916.

614. *Lowe, John Alexander, b. 29th August, 1888, son of Rev. W. J. Lowe, D.D., 17 Myrtle Terrace, Londonderry.  Brother of 492, 769 and 1091.  IV, July, 1904.  Apprentice Engineer, Workman Clark, Belfast and Craig's, Londonderry, 1905-09.  'Engineer, U.S.A., 1909-30.  With American Punitive Expedition in Mexico, 1916-17.  American Expeditionary Force, 1917-1919.  Director, New Mexico Veteran's Service Commission.  U.S. Indian Service, 1930-42.  U.S. Army, 1942-47.  Lt.-Col. Retd., 1950.  Address: 343 Delgado St., Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A.  (M.q.)

(615). MacDermott, William, b. 1st Nov., 1887, son of Rev. J. MacDermott, D.D., Belmont Manse, Belfast.  Brother of 976 and 616.  Matric. July, 1907.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. Great War: Lieut., R.A.M.C.  Died 31st January, 1923.

(616). MacDermott, Robert Wilson (E), b. 16th April, 1890, son of Rev. J. MacDermott, The Manse, Belmont, Belfast.  Brother of 615 and 976.  L.VI, July, 1909.  Queen's University Scholar, 1909-10-11.  Great War: 2nd Lieut., R. Irish Rifles.  Killed in action, 8th Jan., 1916.

617. MacKellar, David Ian, b. 27th September, 1887, son of J. MacKellar, North Road, Bloomfield, Belfast.  III, April, 1903.  Chief Engineer's Certificate, Board of Trade.  Marine Engineer and Asst. Superintendent, Shaw, Savill & Albion Co.; General Manager (in Britain) for Messrs. McEwan & Black, Buenos Aires.  Died 19th April, 1952. (1938 Address: Merrick, Old Mearns Road, Newton Mearns, Glasgow. (q.))

618. *Mann, Edward Weller, b. 10th July, 1886, son of H. Alfred Mann, J.P., Cookstown, Co. Tyrone.  Matric., June, 1904.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1915.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C. (S.R.)  I.M.S., 1920-22.  Medical Practitioner.  M.O. to Dorchester Prison and Dorchester Grammar School.  Hon. Visiting Physician, Dorset County Hospital and Chairman of Committee.  Retired.  Address: Muckleford, nr. Dorchester, Dorset.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: Montrose, Prince of Wales Road, Dorchester, Dorset.)

619. McDonald, Harold, b. 11th May, 1887, son of J. McDonald, Ashville, Skegoniel Avenue, Belfast.  VI, July, 1905.  Queen's University, Belfast, 1906-10.  Canadian Pacific Railway Official.  (M.) (1938 Address: 301 Franklyn Street, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. (M.q.))

620. McClintock, Hugh Thomas Shaw, b. 18th April, 1886, son of W. J. McClintock, Rosebeg House, Westport, Co. Mayo.  Brother of 772.  U.VI, July, 1904.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. (R.U.I.), 1912.  D.P.H. (Dublin), 1914.  Great War: Surg.-Lieut., R.N.  Director, Messrs. Todd, Burns & Co., Dublin, 1920.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Dreghorn, Chesterfield Road, Eastbourne.  (M.)

621. McKee, Ernest James, b. 25th June, 1886, son of Rev. James McKee.  Father of 2210 and 2573.  Matric., July, 1903.  B.A. (R.U.I.), 1906.  LL.B., 1908.  Queen's Univ.  Junior Scholar in Law, 1906.  Sen. Sch. in Law, 1907.  Assembly's College, Coey, Getty and Herdman Scholar.  Presbyterian Minister; Ordained, 1911.  Edin. Univ. Honours in Divinity.  LL.D.  Great War: Chaplain to Ulster Division, 1916-1919.  Minister of Bray, 1923.  Died 14th April, 1934.  (M.)

622. *McKee, James, b. 23rd Sept., 1886, son of Samuel  McKee, Southview, Earlswood Road, Belfast.  IV, July, 1902.  Father of 3009 and 3124.  Linen Business till 1914.  Great War: Capt., R. Irish Rifles.  D.S.O.  Chevalier de l'Ordre Leopold.  Croix de Guerre (Belge).  Headmaster's Secy., Campbell College.  Died 14th July, 1934. (M.)

623. McRobert, John, b. 15th September, 1889, son of John McRobert, J.P., Rademon, Crossgar, Co. Down.  Brother of 776.  L.V, July, 1906.  Farmer and Mill Owner.  Address until 1952: Rademon, Crossgar, Co. Down.  (M.)

(624). Peddie, Cedric Arthur, son of J. Finlay Peddie, Shandon Park, Knock, Belfast. Brother of 624.  II, July, 1903.  Died 1910.

(625). Peddie, John Henry Allen, b. 24th August, 1890, son of J. Finlay Peddie, Shandon Park, Belfast.  Brother of 624.  II, July, 1903.  Died 1910.

626. Porter, Hugh Hanna, b. 10th March, 1888, son of Mrs. Porter, Belhaven, King's Road, Knock, Belfast.  III, July, 1903.  Belfast Corporation.  Address: Belhaven, 22 King's Road, Belfast.

(627). Reid, David John, b. 3rd May, 1888, son of William John Reid, 11 Ravenscroft Avenue, Belfast.  III, July, 1903.

628. *Robb, Alexander, b. 24th May, 1888, son of Alex. Robb, Ballybeen House, Dundonald.  Brother of 942.  V, Dec., 1904.  Farmer.  Member of District Council.  Address: Ballybeen House, Dundonald, Belfast. (1938 (q.))

629. Rogers, Beechey Louis, b. 21st July, 1885, son of Beechey Rogers, R.N., 15 St. Edward's Road, Southsea.  Brother of 630.  Army, Nov., 1902.  Paymaster Lieut.-Commander.  Retired, 1922.  Secretary of St. Peter's Hospital, Henrietta Street, London.  W.C.2. Commander (S), 1939-46. Store Officer and Cashier, R.N. Hospital, Newton Abbot.  Retired.  Address: Woodfield Cottage, Luston, Leominster.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: 22 Park Crescent, Chatham, Kent)

630. *Rogers, John Douglas Wales, b. 31st January, 1891, son of Beechey Rogers, R.N., 15 St. Edward's Road, Southsea.  Brother of 629. III, April, 1904. Portsmouth Grammar School.  Paymaster Commander, R.N., 1930.  Retired Captain (S), R.N.  Address: Applecross, Patten's Lane, Chatham.  (M.q.)

631. *Stoops, Samuel Donaldson, b. 13th May, 1884, son of W. Stoops, Intermediate School, Newry, Co. Down.  L.VI, July, 1902.  Scholar, Queen's College, Belfast.  B.A., 1906.  Senior English and Classical Master, Newry Interm. School, 1906-13.  Senior English and Class. Master, Boys' High School, Stellenboch, 1914-1919.  Senior Class. Master, Boys' High School, Kimberley, 1920.  Headmaster, 1928.  Died 23rd June, 1941.  (M.)

632. *Venables, Oswald Eric (D), b. 1st July, 1891, son of W. J. Venables, Gortalowry House, Cookstown, Co. Tyrone.  Brother of 584.  VI, July, 1909.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1907-8-9.  1st XI, 1908-9.  T.C.D., Jun. Ex., 1909.  Scholar, 1912.  Mod. B.A.  Great War: 2nd Lieut., R.F.A.  Malayan Civil Service.  Retired to South Africa, 1948.  Address: 11 Sandringham Road, Parkstone, Dorset.  (M.x.q.) (1938 Address: c/o Colonial Secretary's Office, Singapore)

(633). Watson, John Hyndman, b. 9th May, 1886, son of Rev. John Watson, The Manse, Boyle, Co. Roscommon.  Matric.  July, 1904.  1st XI, 1904.  1st XV, 1902-3-4.  Great War: Royal Scots.  Killed in action, 9th April, 1918.

(634). Webb, Gilbert Watson, b. 1st Mar., 1890, son of Richard I. Webb, Rath House, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 206, 586, 961.  Matric.  July, 1906.  Architect and Designer.  Great War: Capt., R. Irish Rifles and R.F.C.  Killed in action, 1st July, 1916.

635. Wiley, Joseph Barron, b. 14th May, 1886, son of J. B. Wiley, Ballycushan, Templepatrick.  IV, July, 1902.  Address: Ballycushan, Templepatrick, Co. Antrim.

(636). Wright, Samuel James, b. 14th July, 1887, son of Robert Wright, 131 Beersbridge Road, Belfast.  III, April, 1904.  Great War: R.A.S.C.  Died 19th April, 1931.


637. *Bartley, John, b. 2nd March, 1886, son of Chas. Bartley, Palace Street, Drogheda.  Brother of 638 and 963.  VI, July, 1904.  Scholar.  Dufferin Medal.  1st XV, 1903-04.  T.C.D., Classical Sizarship and Junior Exhibition, 1904.  Sen. Ex., 1906.  Class. Schol., 1907.  Vice-Chancellor's Prize (Greek Prose), and Vice-Chancellor's Medal (Latin), 1907.  Sen. Mod in Classics and in Mod. Lit., 1908.  Sanscrit Prize, 1910.  M.A., 1920;  LL.B., 1923;  2nd XV (Captain), 1st XV, 1908-9, 1909-10.  Barrister, Lincoln's Inn, 1923.  Served in I.C.S., 1910-45.  Joint Secretary and Legislative Draftsman, Govt. of India, 1931-45.  Legal Adviser to Indian Delegation to United Nations, San Francisco and London, 1945-46.  C.I.E., 1936.  C.S.I., 1941.  Kt., cr. 1945.  Died 9th July, 1954.  (M.) (1938 Address: Secretariat, New Delhi, India; and c/o Grindlay & Co., 54 Parliament Street, London, S.W.1 (M.q.))

638. *Bartley, Frederick Douglas (C), b. 1st June, 1889, son of Chas. Bartley, Palace Street, Drogheda.  Brother of 637 and 963.  VI, July, 1908.  Scholar.  Head Prefect, 1908.  1st XV, 1905-6-7.  Capt., 1908.  Indian Police, 1908.  Special Intelligence Officer, Presidency Brigade, 8th Lucknow Divn.  Liaison Officer to G.O.C., Calcutta, 1914-18.  Major, A.F.I.  Deputy-Commissioner of Police, H. Quarters, Calcutta, 1923-34.  Order of St. John.  King's Police Medal, 1923, and Bar, 1933.  C.B.E.  M.Inst.T.  J.P.  (Retired).  Examiner in Oriental Languages, Army Dept., Govy. of India, 1924-33.  Chief Press Censor in India, 1939-40.  Address: Looking West House, Crowborough, Sussex. (1938 Address: c/o Chartered Bank of India, Bishopsgate, London. (q.))

(639). Lowry, George, b. 20th August, 1886, son of Mrs. Lowry, Killyleagh, Co. Down.  Brother of 320.  I, April, 1902.


640. Boyd, Fredk. Arthur, b. 21st January, 1890, son of Robert Boyd, Huntley, Cliftonville Road, Belfast.  I, July, 1902.  Mercantile College.  Messrs. F. A. Boyd & Co., Belfast.  Handkerchief Manufacturer.  Member of Council, R. U. Agricultural Society.  Address: Oakdene, 16 Annadale Avenue, Belfast.  (M.q.) (1938 son of Robt. Boyd, 2 Gortahern, Huntley, Cliftonville Road, Belfast)

641. Davidson, David Alexander, b. 24th September, 1887, son of John Davidson, Jennyvale, Saintfield.  Brother of 590.  III, Dec., 1903.  Queen's University, Belfast, B.Sc. (Engineering).  M.I.C.E., M.I.M.E., F.R.S.I.  City Surveyor of Belfast.  1st World War: Served in R.E. in France and Belgium and was awarded Croix de Guerre.  Died 15th December, 1952. (1938 Address: Roundhay, Somerton Road, Belfast)

(642). Davison, Campbell Mitchell, son of H. C. Davison, Tareen, Chichester Park, Belfast.  II, Dec., 1903.

643. Forsyth, Alexander S., b. 23rd July, 1888, son of James Forsyth, Iveagh House, Holywood Road, Belfast.  Brother of 644 and 823.  U.V, April, 1908.  1st XI, 1906-07.  1st XV, 1907-08.  Great War: R.F.C.  1939-45, R. Pioneer Corps.  Address: 89 Bryansburn Road, Bangor. (1938 Address: 32 Ranfurly Avenue, Bangor)

644. Forsyth, Charles Stuart, (E), b. 22nd April, 1890, son of James Forsyth, Iveagh House, Holywood Road, Belfast.  Brother of 643 and 823.  VI, July, 1908.  1st XI, 1904-5-6-7-8;  (Capt.), 1908.  1st XV., 1907-08.,  Hockey XI, 1908.  Queen's University.  Hockey XI, 1909-10-11;  (Capt.), 1911.  Cricket XI, 1909-10-11;  (Capt.), 1911.  Died 5th December, 1950. (1938 Address: Castle Street, Ballymena)

645. Green, Arthur Edward Stuart, b. 5th June, 1888, son of Rev. J. S. Green, Woodlands, Killygordan, Co. Donegal.  U.V, Dec., 1905.  Trinity College, Dublin, 1906-10.  B.A. and B.A.I. degrees (conferred 1922).  Retired Civil Engineer.  Address: 3 Alexandra Terrace, Rathmullan, Co. Donegal.  (q.) (1938 son of Rev. J. T. Green, Woodlands, Killygordon)

646. Heron, John James, b. 25th February, 1888, son of F. H. Heron, The Nest, Cultra, Co. Down.  III, July, 1902.  Queen's University, 1911-12.  B.Sc., Engineering (Civil).  With Royal Engineers, 1914-1918.  Captain, M.C.  Address: Drumlough House, Marino, Holywood.  (M.q.)

647. *Jackson, Herbert Montgomery, b. 27th August, 1888, son of Rev. John Jackson, D.D., The Manse, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 418 and 457.  VI, June, 1907.  Scholar.  1st XV, 1906-07.  Queen's University Junior Literary Schol., 1907.  Junior Medical Schol., 1908.  B.A., 1910.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1913.  D.P.H., 1916.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C., Physician.  Address: Quay Road, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim.  (q.) (1938 Address: County Mental Hospital, Barnwood, Glos.)

648. *Kelly, Thomson, b. 8th June, 1889, son of Thomson Kelly, Rydal Mount, Knock, Co. Down.  V, April, 1905.  Died 3rd November, 1953.  (M.) (1938 Address: 10 Cherryvalley Park, Knock, Belfast)

649. McCurdy, William (E), b. 8th March, 1892, son of Robert McCurdy, Tieve Tara, Fortwilliam Park, Belfast.  III, Feb., 1902.  Re-entered 1906.  Great War: Capt., A.S.C. (See also 939).  Died 15th June, 1945. (1938 III, July, 1908)

650. *O'Neill, Henry Theodore (E), b. 9th October, 1888, son of Henry O'Neill, M.D., 6 College Square E., Belfast.  Brother of 1097.  Father of 2637.  U.V, July, 1908.  Queen's University.  B.Sc., 1913.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1918.  Great War: 229 Field Ambulance and 15th Suffolk Yeomanry.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Bryansford, Lindley, Huddersfield.  (M.) (1938 Address: Acre Villa, Lindley, Huddersfield (M.q.))

651. Ritchie, David Ogston, b. 21st August, 1887, son of W. O. Ritchie, Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast.  III, Dec., 1902.  Great War: R.A.M.C.  Died. (1938 Address: Ogstonville, Earlswood Road, Belfast)

(652). Sproule, Alexander Gordon, b. 8th September, 1887, son of R. H. S. Sproule, M.D., Killyleagh, Co. Down.  Brother of 653.  IV, April, 1904.  Ulster Bank Official.  Died 7th Dec., 1931.

653. Sproule, Charles Lyle, b. 8th September, 1887, son of R. H. S. Sproule, M.D., Killyleagh, Co. Down.  Brother of 652.  III, April, 1904.  1st XI, 1902-03.  Queen's University and College of Surgeons, Dublin.  L.R.C.P.I. and L.M., L.R.C.S.I. and L.M., 1913.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Queen's University XI and XV.  M.O.H., Killyleagh Dispensary District.  Address: Catherine Street, Killyleagh, Co. Down.  (M.q.)


(654). McBride, William Cecil, b. 4th Feb., 1889, son of Wm. McBride, Market Street, Downpatrick.  IV, Dec., 1904.  Official Northern Banking Co.  Died 19th Nov., 1907.

655. McGranahan, William Harold, b. 25th September, 1888, son of Rev. James McGranahan, Crawford Square, Londonderry.  VI, July, 1906.  Edinburgh University.  M.B., Ch.B., 1914.  Magistrate for three years in Western Australia.  Medical Practitioner.  (M.) (1938 Address: Anglican Mission, Samarai, Papau. (M.q.))


(656). Beatty, Ernest Thomas, b. 5th June, 1887, son of William Beatty, Irene Lodge, Kloof Road, Capetown.  Brother of 857.  L.VI, Dec., 1905.  1st XI, 1904-05.  1st XV, 1903-04.  Great War: South African Field Force Artillery.

(657). Campbell, James Maclachlan, b. 26th January, 1888, son of Rev. James A. Campbell, The Manse, Sandymount, Dublin.  IV, July, 1903.

658. Deane, Charles Herbert Stanley, b. 26th March, 1886, son of Lt.-Col. A. Deane, M.D., Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.  Brother of 797, 853 and 1021.  Army, July, 1903.  R.M.C., Sandhurst.  I.A., 1905.  Great War: Major, 44th Merwara Infantry.  Lt.-Col., I.A.  Deputy Director of Military Lands and Cantonments.  Retired.  Address: St. Andrew's Hotel, Umkomaas, Natal, S. Africa.  (M.x.q.) (1938 Address: Eastern Command Headquarters, India. (q.))

659. *Jameson, Samuel Douglas, b. 15th July, 1887, son of S. D. Jameson, 99 The Mount, Belfast.  IV, July, 1903.  Great War: Sub.-Lt., R.N.V.R. (M.L. Section).  Died February, 1950.  (M.) (1938 Address: 8 Glencairn, Circular Road, Strandtown, Belfast. (M.q.))

660. Phenix, Frederick Robert Joseph, b. 24th February, 1888, son of Mrs. Phenix, Bona Vista, Larne.  IV, July, 1903.  Canadian Bank of Commerce, now on pension.  Address: Main Office, Canadian Bank of Commerce, Winnipeg.

661. Whyte, John Harold, b. 30th March, 1889, son of John Whyte, J.P., Tivoli, Clontarf, Dublin.  II, July, 1904.  Managing Director of Whyte and Sons, 17 S. Great George Street, and Exchequer Street, Dublin.

662. Wilson, James Irvine, b. 18th July, 1889, son of Mrs. Wilson, Cregagh House, Belfast.  IV, July, 1904.  Director, Johnson Bros. & Wilson, Ltd.  Address: 36 Ardenlee Avenue, Belfast.  M.q.) (1938 Address: Cregagh House, Belfast)


(663). Barkley, William Harper, b. 12th May, 1888, son of James M. Barkley, Cooleen, Strandtown, Belfast.  II, July, 1903.  Vancouver, B.C.


664. Allison, George Frederick, b. 22nd April, 1888, son of Rev. James A. Allison, The Manse, Monaghan.  Brother of 2.  L.V, July, 1905.  1st XV, 1904-05.  1st XI, 1905.  L.R.C.P.I. and L.R.C.S.I. and L.M., 1910.  R.A.M.C., Lieut.-Col.  M.C.  2nd World War:  D.D.  M.S.  Middle East.  C.B.E.  Mentioned in despatches.  Brigadier.  Died 5th October, 1946. (1938 Address: Headquarters, Northern Command, Rawalpindi, Punjab. (q.))

(665). Anderson, John George, b. 31st Dec., 1889, son of James Anderson, Roselawn, Banbridge.  Brother of 540 and 598.  Matric.  July, 1906.  Edinburgh University.  M.B., B.Ch.  Hockey Blue.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  M.C.  Killed in action, 21st March, 1918.

666. Anderson, George Gore Mervyn, b. 1st May, 1892, son of John Anderson, Greenwood, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 238 and 239.  I, April, 1904.  Armagh R.S.  Portora R.S.  Belfast Mercantile College, Sept., 1907 - April, 1909.  Great War: 13th Bn. Royal Highlanders of Canada.  Retired official of the Bank of Montreal.  Address: c/o Bank of Montreal, Duncan, Vancouver Island, B.C.  (M.q.)

(667). Barclay, Wm. Abernethy, b. 15th June, 1886, son of Robert Barclay, Broclamont, Ballymena, Co. Antrim.  L.VI, July, 1905.  Average Adjuster in Canada.

668. Barry, William Walter, son of James Barry, Kirkliston Drive, Bloomfield, Belfast.  L.V, Dec., 1907.  Chartered Accountant, 1915.  Director of Higginson & Co., Belfast.  Address: 31 Cranmore Avenue, Belfast. (1938 (q.))

669. *Beattie, Henry Haslett, b. 20th October, 1889, son of Rev. H. H. Beattie, Upper Crescent, Belfast.  VI, Dec., 1907.  1st XI, 1905-6-7. (Capt.)  1st XV, 1906-7.  R.M.C., Sandhurst.  2nd Lieut., Northamptonshire Regt., 1909.  Major, 1925.  Col. Commanding Gold Coast, Regt., 1931-35.  Retired.  Sandhurst Hockey XI, 1908.  1914-18, Cameroons and France.  1939-45, I.T.C. Northamptonshire Regt., and Royal Observer Corps.  Address: Heath Lodge, Lexden, Colchester, Essex.  (M.q.) (1938 b. 30th October, 1889)

670. Black, Norman, b. 25th February, 1888, son of David Black, Ochta Road, Wyburg Side, St. Petersburg.  Brother of 671 and 672.  L.V, Dec., 1904.  To Cuba. (1938 Address: c/o Bank of Nova Scotia, Havana, Cuba)

(671). Black, Mervyn, b. 19th May, 1890, son of David Black, Ochta Road, Wyburg Side, St. Petersburg.  Brother of 670 and 672.  L.VI, Dec., 1906.

(672). Black, Alan, b. 7th Jan., 1893, son of David Black, Ochta Road, Wybury Side, St. Petersburg.  Brother of 670 and 671.  III, July, 1906.  Great War: Capt., R.E.  Killed in action, 27th May, 1918.

673. *Blackwood, Arthur Temple (E), b. 14th February, 1889, son of M. W. Blackwood, Saxonia, Strandtown.  Brother of 966.  IV, April, 1909.  Great War: Capt., R. Irish Rifles.  H.M. Consular Service, Baltimore, Maryland. 1941.  M.B.E.  Then farmed in Centreville, Maryland, U.S.A.  Died, 1953.  (M.) (1938 Address: Fairview Farm, Centreville, Maryland, U.S.A.)

674. *Brewster, Howard, b. 27th September, 1888, son of John Brewster, St. Murus, Fahan, Londonderry.  Brother of 395 and 545.  IV, July, 1904.  Royal Naval College, Keyham.  Antrim R.G.A., 1911.  Great War: Adj., R.A., China Command, and a/D.A.A. and Q.M.G., 1918.  Company Director.  Address: Roneragh, Fahan, Co. Donegal.  (M.q.)

675. Clarendon, William, b. 5th October, 1887, son of F. V. N. Clarendon.  III, Dec., 1903.  Great War: R.A.M.C.  1939-45 War: R.A.F., W.O.  Address: 121 Parkway, Regent's Park, London, N.W.1.  (M.) (1938 son of Rev. T. W. Clarendon, Rectory, Maralin, Co. Down. Brother of 265. Address: 26 Lawson Terrace, Kingstown, Co. Dublin)

676. *Devon, Alexander, b. 4th December, 1889, son of A. Devon, Underwood, Malone Park, Belfast.  Father of 2043 and 2304.  IV, April, 1906.  Chairman, Lowden & Partners, Ltd., and A. Devon & Son, Ltd., Belfast.  Estate Agent.  F.A.I.  Address: 26 Downshire Road, Bangor.  (M.q.) (1938 Chairman, N. of Ireland Builder Supply Co.)

677. Dickson, Norman Tulloch, b. 7th September, 1890, son of Thos. Dickson, Bellfield, Banbridge, Co. Down.  L.V, July, 1906.  Lausanne, 1906-7.  Linen Manufacturer.  Address: Bellfield, Banbridge, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

(678). Dunwoody, John Ernest, b. 2nd July, 1887, son of Robert Dunwoody, Penrhyn House, Belmont, Belfast.  III, July, 1905.  Dec., 1903.  Great War: Lieut., 6th Black Watch.  Motor Engineer.

(679). Dunwoody, Hugh Henderson, b. 26th Nov., 1889, son of Robert Dunwoody, Penrhyn House, Belmont, Belfast.  III, July, 1905.  Queen's University.  Great War: 2nd Lieut., R. Irish Fusiliers.  Killed in action, 31st July, 1916.

680. *Ferguson, Robert, b. 4th January, 1887, son of Acheson Ferguson, Bella Vista, Windsor Park, Belfast.  V, July, 1903.  Queen's University, B.A., 1906.  B.E., 1908.  M.I.C.E., 1933. Chartered Civil Engineer and Architect.  Partner in Messrs. R. Ferguson & S. McIlveen, Belfast.  Member of N.I. Planning Advisory Board and served on Committees.  Address: 6 University Square, Belfast, and Mulroy, The Green, Dunmurry.  (M.q.) (1938 Land Inspector, Congested Districts Board, 1909-18.  Engineering Inspector, Dept. of Agriculture, 1918-19.)

(681). Forde, Richard Herbert T., b. 14th April, 1891, son of Richard I. Forde, Shandon Park, Knock, Belfast.  IV, Dec., 1906.  Died 13th Sept., 1924.

(682). Gault, John, b. 10th July, 1887, son of James Gault, Cogry, Co. Antrim.  IV, July, 1903.  Great War: 2nd Lieut., R. Irish Rifles.  Killed in action, 20th October, 1916.

683. Harrison, William Norman, b. 13th August, 1888, son of Thos. Harrison, B.L., 4 Windsor Park, Belfast.  L.V, July, 1905.  Last known address: 56 Addison Avenue, Holland Park, London.

684. *Haydock, William Stanley, b. 12th December, 1886, son of Thos. Haydock, Lakeview, Bessbrook, Co. Down.  Matric., July, 1904.  1st XI, 1904.  Queen's University.  B.A. (R.U.I.), 1909.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1911.  D.P.H., 1914.  M.D., 1915.  Great War: Major, R.A.M.C.  Assistant M.O.H., Cumberland, 1923-26.  M.O.H., Borough of Radcliffe since 1926.  Address: Stoney Croft, New Road, Whitefield, near Manchester.  (M.q.)

685. Hamilton, Andrew Rowan (C), b. 23rd November, 1891, son of S. Hamilton, M.D., Ballynahinch, Co. Down.  Brother of 931.  VI, July, 1909.  1st XI, 1908-09.  Athletic Championship, 1909.  M.B., Ch.B. (Edin.), 1914.  D.P.H.  Great War: Lieut., R.A.M.C.  Address: Lisburn Street, Ballynahinch, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

686. *Houston, Thomas Hugh, b.; 28th September, 1885, son of Wm. Houston, The Muir, Killagan, Co. Antrim.  Father of 2481 and 2590.  L.VI, July, 1904.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1912.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Dispensary Medical Officer and M.O.H., Clough.  General practitioner.  Address: Cullybackey, Co. Antrim.  (M.)

687. *Howard, Alfred Walpole, b. 9th May, 1888, son of W. J. Howard, Mount Pleasant, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary.  L.VI, July, 1905.  1st XI, 1904-05 (Capt.) T.C.D.  2nd Lieut., 4th Essex Regt., 1907.  2nd Lieut., West Indian Regt., 1913.  Capt., R. Inniskilling Fus., 1916.  1914-18 War: Gallipoli, Macedonia, France, Belgium.  Major, 1920.  1939-45 War: France, Belgium, Holland.  M.C., Croix-de-Guerre (Fr.).  Retired 1942 as Ly.-Col., R. Pioneer Corps.  Managing Director, S. & W. Fine Food Products, London.  Address: Bathurst Lodge, St. George's Road, St. Margaret's-on-Thames, Middlesex.  (M.q.)

688. Innes, Robert Edward, b. 27th October, 1889, son of W. Innes, Lochlee, Knock, Co. Down.  I, July, 1903.  Aberdeen Grammar School.  North of Scotland Agricultural College.  Dairy Farming.  (M.) (1938 Address: Ythan Lodge, Newburgh, Aberdeenshire. (M.q.))

(689). Jamison, William Alexander, b. 30th November, 1888, son of Wm. Jamison, Market Street, Limavady.  Brother of 554 and 690.  IV, July, 1903.  To America

(690). Jamison, Thomas Ernest Percival, b. 14th November, 1889, son of Wm. Jamison, Hawthornden, Knock, Co. Down.  Brother of 554 and 689.  III, April, 1906.  Engineer.  To America.

691. Jones, Robert D., son of Thos. Jones, Erin Villa, King's Road, Belfast.  II, Dec., 1903.  Belfast Corporation Official.  Address: 148 King's Road, Knock.

(692). Kirkpatrick, William Sheers, b. 18th November, 1886, son of H. Kirkpatrick, Cloughfern, Whiteabbey, Co. Antrim.  L.VI, July, 1905.  Queen's University.  Classical Scholar, 1905-6-7.  B.A., R.U.I., 1908.  Ordained 1914.  Great War: Military Chaplain.  Minister of Greystones, 1919.  Died 25th April, 1927.

693. *Long, Bertram Raymond, b. 11th February, 1890, son of J. H. Long, Bank of Ireland, Dundalk.  Brother of 356.  Father of 3032.  U.V, Dec., 1904.  T.C.D.  Scholar, 1911.  B.A., 1911.  (Sen. Mod. Exp. Sc., Jun. Mod. Logic and Ethics), Athletic Union Committee, 1912 (the originator of Trinity Week); Capt., D. Univ. Swimming Club, 1912.  1914-1918 War: Lieut., R. Irish Regt., 1918, Fd. Survey, R.E.  H.M. Inspector of Factories.  Retired.  Raiser and Exhibitor of new Irises.  Publications, "Hybridizing Irises," J.R.H.S., 1934;  "Tall Bearded Irises of Yesterday and To-day," J.R.H.S., 1940; Veitch Medal, R.H.S., 1927.  1st Class Award, International Exhibition, Rome, 1939.  Address: The Firs, Stone Street, Boxford, Colchester, Essex.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: 550 Chester Road, Erdlington, Birmingham. (M.))

694. *Martin, John - same person as 461 - b. 14th October, 1888, son of John Martin, Galwhally, Belfast.  Brother of 122, 425 and 695.  U.V, Dec., 1905.

695. Martin, James - same person as 425 - b. 14th October, 1888, son of John Martin, Galwhally, Belfast.  Brother of 122, 425, 1694.  U.V, Dec., 1905.  Handkerchief Manufacturer. Address: 20 Windsor Avenue, Belfast (M.q.)

696. *Mulholland, Dennis Osmond, b. 19th September, 1902, son of James H. Mulholland, Strathclyde, Donaghadee, Co. Down.  Brother of 557, 574 and 1191.  VI, July, 1906.  Great War: R.A.F., awarded A.F.C.  Squadron-Leader, R.A.F.  Instructor at Cranwell College.  2nd World War: Group Captain, R.A.F.  C.B.E.  Mentioned in despatches.  Retired. 1947.  Died 12th April, 1949. (1938 Address: R.A.F. Club, 128 Piccadilly, London.)

697. McGonigal, Robert William, b. 5th Feb., 1891, son of David McGonigal, Redcliffe, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 698.  I, Feb., 1903.  Great War: Capt., R.G.A.  M.C. and Bar.  Deputy Registrar, Bankruptcy Court, Belfast.  Address: 36 Elmwood Avenue, Belfast.  (M.) (1938 Address: 17 Windsor Park, Belfast)

698. McGonigal, David West, b. 9th December, 1892, son of David McGonigal, Redcliffe, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 697.  I, Feb., 1903.  Royal Belfast Academical Institution, and Academical Institution, Coleraine.  Solicitor.  Died June 1942.  (M.)

699. *McLaughlin, Robert John, b. 2nd September, 1888, son of J. T. McLaughlin, The Terrace, Church Street, Downpatrick, Co. Down.  First Arts, July, 1907.  1st XV, 1906-07.  1st XI, 1905-6-7.  Queen's University.  1st, 2nd and 3rd Year Engin. Schol.  B.E. (1st Class Hons.), 1910.  P.A.S.I., 1913.  Hockey Interprovincial (Munster), 1912;  Cheshire County Hockey XI, 1923-24.  H. M. Principal Inspector of Taxes.  Address: 13 Fifth Avenue, Bangor, Co. Down.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: 81 Kineton Road, Olton, Birmingham.)

700. Oliver, John Dudgeon, b. 19th April, 1891, son of C. H. Oliver, H. M. Customs, Shanghai.  Brother of 701.  VI, Dec., 1907.  T.C.D., B.A.,  M.B.,  B.Ch., 1914.  L.M. (Rot.), 1913.  M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., 1915.  F.R.C.S. (Eng.), 1917.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Late Surgical Specialist and Aural Specialist, Horton War Hospital.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 69 Wish Road, Hove s, Sussex. (1938 Address: 1 Freston Gardens, Cockfosters, Herts. (q.))

701. Oliver, Helenus Charles, b. 13th October, 1893, son of C. H. Oliver, H.M. Customs, Shanghai.  Brother of 700.  IV, Dec., 1907.  Rydal Mount.  Jesus College, Cambridge.  Scholar Mathematics, 1912.  Math. Trip., Part 1., 1st Class, 1915.  B.A.  Great War: Sub.-Lieut., R.N.  House Master and in charge of Mathematics, Haberdashers' School, Hampstead.  Address: 47 Christchurch Avenue, N. Finchley, London.  N.12.  (M.)

(702). Palmer, Edward Armstrong, b. 23rd August, 1887, son of A. W. Palmer, Hibernian Bank, Rathfriland.  L.V, July, 1904.  Armagh R.S.  Official in Canadian Bank, 1910 to 1915.  Great War: with Canadian Forces in France.  M.M.  Died from war imjuries in Canada, 6th Dec., 1928.

703. *Payne, Reuban Woodland, (D) b. 2nd October, 1892, son of R. F. Payne, The Firs, Holywood, Co. Down.  V, July, 1910.  1st XV, 1909-10.  1st XI, 1910.  Charing Cross Hospital and Edinburgh University, M.R.C.S. (Eng.), L.R.C.P. (Lond.), 1917.  D.O.M.S., 1925.  F.R.C.S., 1926.  Great War: Surg.-Lieut., R.N.  Ophthalmic Surgeon.  Last known address: Duncans, Lamorna, Penzance, Cornwall.  (M.) (1938 Address: 1 The Crescent, Plymouth. (M.q.))

704. Preston, Thomas Arthur Campbell, b. 5th November, 1886, son of Wm. Preston, Dromore, Co. Down.  Brother of 985.  L.V, July, 1905.  Manchester School of Technology.  A.M.I.E. (Aust.), with British Westinghouse Co.; now Chief Electrical Engineer, Mount Lyell Railway and Copper Co.  1939-45 War: Chief Air Raid Warden, Western Tasmania.  Address: Mount Lyell Mining and Rly. Co., Queenstown, Tasmania.  (M.q.)

705. Quayle, P. Rudolph, b. 22nd March, 1890, son of Col. W. A. Quayle I.M.S.  III, July, 1905.  Felsted School, 1905-08.  R.M.C., Sandhurst.  Indian Army.  Lieut.-Col., 1934.  Retired. 1938.  Address: c/o Grindlay & Co., Parliament Street, London.  (q.) (1938 Lieut.-Col. W. A. Quayle, M.D., Nagpur, Central Provinces, India - Worcestershire Regt.)

(706). Sloan, James Finlay, b. 12th October, 1888, son of Robert Sloan, 19 High Street, Donaghadee.  II, April, 1904.  Drowned in New Zealand while rescuing cattle, 5th June, 1922.

(707). Taylor, William Alfred, b. 1st August, 1886, son of Rev. Thos. Taylor, Kilnasoolagh Rectory, Newmarket-on-Fergus.  Brother of 708, 739 and 1049.  V, July, 1904.  T.C.D., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1910.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C.; mentioned in despatches.  Medical Officer at Malacca.  Died 6th July, 1932.

708. *Taylor, Thomas Edgar Hugh, b. 6th July, 1888, son of Rev. Thos. Taylor, Kilmasoolagh Rectory, Newmarket-on-Fergus.  Brother of 707, 739 and 1049.  U.V, Dec., 1905.  1st XI, 1905.  1st XV, 1903-4-5-6.  Athletic Championship Cup, 1905.  Clare Artillery, Royal Irish Regt., 1908-22.  Comdg. 10th Bn. Hampshire Regt., 1918-19.  Transferred to R. Warwickshire Regt., 1922.  Chief Instructor, Small Arms School, 1927-31.  Lt.-Col., 1933, Comdg. 2nd Bn.  Retired 1937.  D.S.O., M.C.; mentioned in despatches four times.  French Military Cross, CI. II.  Author of "The Making of the Military Shot."  Shot for O.C. Veterans' Team, 1931-35. Ordained, Rector of Stourton, Warminster.  Died 26th August, 1944.  (M.) (1938 Kilnasoolagh Rectory Address: c/o Lloyds Bank Ltd., 6 Pall Mall, London, S.W.1; and Minson's Common, Charmouth, Bridport, Dorset (M.q.))

(709). Taylor, Alfred Squire, b. 6th July, 1889, son of Rev. D. A. Taylor, D.D., Bertha House, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1907.  1st XV, 1905-6-7.  1st XI, 1904-5-6. (Capt.) Athletic Championship (joint), 1907.  Queen's College XV, 1907-8-9.  Edinburgh University XV, 1909-10-11-12 (Capt.)  Irish Rugby International VX, 1910-12.  M.B., B.CH.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Killed in action, 31st July, 1917.

710. *Walsh, Harold Victor Stewart, b. 13th October, 1887, son of Robert Walsh, 71 High Street, Belfast.  IV, July, 1905.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1913.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Lieut.-Col., R.A.M.C. (T).  1939-45 War: Lt.-Col., R.A.M.C. Cmdg. 161 (East Anglian) Field Ambulance since 1932.  T.D.  Address: 150 Norwich Road, Ipswich, Suffolk.  (M.)

711. White, Patrick William, b. 31st March, 1887, son of Rev. P. W. White, Stonebridge Manse, Clones.  Brother of 441 and 809.  Matric., July 1905.  1st XV., 1904-05.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1915.  L.M. (Rot.), 1921.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Address: Airlie, 44 West Drive, Cheam, Surrey.

712. Weir, Henry Wood, b. 16th September, 1887, son of John Weir, Liscoom, Ballymena, Co. Antrim.  U.V, July, 1905.  Edinburgh University.  M.B., Ch.B., 1914.  Medical Practitioner. (1938 Address: Glencoe Junction, Natal, S. Africa)

713. Wilson, Henry Pringle Malcolmson, b. 20th August, 1888, son of Geo. Wilson, 58 South Parade, Belfast.  L.V, Dec., 1904.  Bank Official.  Great War: H.A.C., 2nd Lieut., 1918.  Manager, Northern Bank, Magherafelt;  Manager, Northern Bank, Ballynahinch, (1938-44);  Manager, Shaftesbury Square, Belfast, 1944-50.  Retired, 1950.  Address: 30 Kensington Park, Bangor, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

714. Workman, Franz, b. 15th May, 1886, son of Rev. Robt. Workman, D.D., Newtownbreda, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1904.  Queen's University, Packenham Schol., 1904.  London University, B.Sc. (Eng.), 1907.  Ph. D. (Lond.) D.I.C., 1923.  Great War: Lieut., R.I.R., and Tunnelling Co., R.E., 1915.  R.F.C., 1916.  O.C. Aldergrove Aerodrome, 1918-20.  M.C. Squadron-Leader, R.A.F.  Retired, 1934.  Civilian Mechanical Officer, Air Ministry.  Writer of various articles on Principles of Flight.  Last known address: Royal Air Force Club, 128 Piccadilly, London, W.1.  (M.)


715. Adeley, Gerald Graham, b. 22nd November, 1888, son of W. J. Adeley, Ben Eden, Cavehill, Belfast.  Brother of 3.  II, April, 1903.  Great War: Major, R.A.F.  Order of the Rising Sun, 1st Class. Capt., Royal Ulster Rifles.  Retired. (1938 Address: Pennfields, Penn Road, Beaconsfield)

716. Bingham, George Leslie, b. 5th October, 1888, son of Rev. J. Bingham, Hilltown Rectory, Newry, Co. Down.  Brother of 392.  U.V, July, 1903.  Great War: Australian Imperial Expeditionary Force. (1938 Address: c/o Commonwealth Bank off Australia; and Chapel Flats, Leyburn, Yorks.)

717. *Clarke, Harry Jessop St. John (A), b. 27th December, 1889. son of Rev. R. J. Clarke, Coole Glebe, Carnmoney.  Brother of 1078 and 1126.  L.VI, July, 1908.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1906-7-8.  (Capt.).  T.C.D.  Div. Test, 2nd Class, 1912.  Senior Moderator and Gold Medallist, History and Political Sc., 1913.  M.A., 1921.  Chaplain to the Forces, 1916-46.  3 times mentioned in despatches.  Deputy-Chaplain-General, 1943-45.  Chaplain Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. Address: 16 Linton Road, Oxford.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: Coole Glebe, Cornmoney, Co. Antrim (Carnmoney?))

718. Craig, Frederick William, b. 17th January, 1899, son of James Craig, M.D., 2 Carlisle Terrace, Londonderry.  Brother of 605 and 897.  Matric., July, 1906.  Edinburgh University.  M.B., Ch.B., 1912.  D.P.H. (Belf.), 1913.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C.; mentioned in despatches.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 19 Clarendon Street, Londonderry.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: 16 Friern Barnet Road, London, N.11.)

719. Crawford, John Scott, b. 6th February, 1889, son of John P. Crawford, Belgravia, Kirkliston Drive, Belfast.  Brother of 720.  III, April, 1905.  M.I.Mech.E., M.I. Mar. E.  Major-General, 1940.  D. of Mechanisation, 1939.  War: Deputy Director-General of Armoured Vehicle Production and D.D.G., Weapon Production, Ministry of Supply.  C.B.  C.B.E.  Vice-President, Liverpool College.  Director, Guy Motors Ltd.;  Sunbeam Trolley Bus Co. Ltd.; and F.N. (London), Ltd.  Address: 36 Denbigh Gardens, Richmond, Surrey.  (M.q.) (1938 Bt.-Lt.-Col., 1934. A.D. of Mechanisation, W.O. Address: Midland Bank, Farnborough, Hants; and 4 Burlington House, King's Road, Richmond, Surrey)

720. Crawford, Robert Noel, b. 24th Dec., 1890, son of John P. Crawford, Kirkliston Drive, Belfast.  Brother of 719.  III, July, 1905.  Representative of British Insulated Cables, Middlesborough.  Address: 42 Corporation Road, Redcar, Yorks.

721. De Caen, Frederick Harrold Balleine, b. 18th January, 1889, son of G. F. De Caen, Kircullan Park, Moycullen, Co. Galway.  Father of 3503.  IV, Dec., 1905.  Great War: 13th Brigade, R.F.A.  Address: Springfield, Delgany, Co. Wicklow.  (M.)

722. Dudgeon, John Elliott, b. 9th September, 1885, son of Wm. Dudgeon, Mullaghmore, Omagh, Co. Tyrone.  U.V, July, 1904.  Electrical Engineer.  Great War: Eng. Sub.-Lieut., Royal Fleet Auxiliary.  Manager, Premier Electric Welding Co., Belfast.  Last Address: Seafield, Lurgan Road, Portadown.

723. Duggan, Alexander Sydney, b. 11th April, 1887, son of Rev. A. S. Duggan, Kilgarban Vicarage, Co. Kerry.  L.VI, April, 1904.  1st XI, 1903.  1939-45 War: Lieut.-Col., R.A.S.C.  M.B.E. (1938 Kilgarvan Vicarage)

724. Kelly, Samuel O'Dowd Russell, b. 20th May, 1888, son of I. S. Kelly, Provincial Bank, Cork.  VI, July, 1906. (1938 Address: 101 Highbury New Park, London, N.5. (q.))

725. Malcolmson, James Henry, b. 24th March, 1889, son of Alex. Malcolmson, Fern Villa, Neill's Hill, Belfast.  Brother of 329.  I, July, 1903. (1938 725 & 726 seem mixed up in 1938 - Malcolmson, Thomas Alvin, b. 24th March, 1889, son of Alex. Malcolmson, Fern Villa, Neill's Hill, Belfast. Brother of 329. I, July, 1903.)

726. Silly, Thomas Alvin, b. 14th June, 1889, son of Geo. Silly, Brook Villa, Knock, Co. Down.  II, Dec., 1903.  In business in Barcelona. (1938 Address: c/o Wing Commander B. J. Silly, M.C., D.F.C., Berkhampstead, Herts, England. (M.q.))


(727). Clark, Locksley, b. 9th March, 1893, son of John S. Clarke, Redholme, Craigavad, Co. Down.  III, July, 1905.  Great War: Lieut., R.N.V.R.  Died 28th July, 1934.

(728). Crichton, George Alexander, son of Mrs. Crichton, Castle Ward, Downpatrick, Co. Down.  I, Dec., 1903.

729. *Davey, James Ernest (C), b. 24th June, 1890, son of Rev. Charles Davey, Malone Road, Belfast.  Brother of 819 and 968.  VI, July, 1909.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  R.U.I.;  First Classical Scholarship, 1908;  Cambridge Univ.;  King's College, Entrance Scholarship (Classics),  1908;  Foundation Scholar, 1911-16;  Elected Fellow, 1916;  Goldsmith Exhibition, 1910;  1st Class Classical Tripos, Part I, 1912;  1st Class Theol. Tripos, Part 2, 1913;  M.A. (Cantab.), B.D. (Edin.) D.D. (St. Andrew's); D.D. (Edin.);  D.D. (Q.U.B.).  Governor and Chairman of Governors, Campbell College.  Professor, Assembly's College, Belfast, from 1917.  Principal, 1942.  Moderator of General Assembly of Irish Presbyterian Church, 1953.  Hon. D.D., T.C.D., 1954.  Address: 3 College Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

730. *Dobbin, Henry Paul, b. 19th May, 1890, son of Leonard Dobbin, Knockrea, Blackrock Road, Cork.  Brother of 606.  IV, April, 1908.  Director of Dobbin, Ogilvie & Co., Cork till 1926.  Manager of Spekes Ltd., Nakuru, Kenya.  Address: South Pender Island, B.C., Canada.  (M.) (1938 Address: Box 74, Nakura, Kenya. (M.q.))

731. *Hanna, Robert William (B) son of John A. Hanna, J.P., Marietta, Knock, Belfast. Brother of 1005. V, July, 1910. Great War: Staff-Capt., Q.M.G.'s Dept., G.H.Q., France. Assist. Secy., Association of British Chambers of Commerce; Secy., Brit. Nat. Committee International Chamber of Commerce. Died 29th Oct., 1932. (M)

(732). Martin, Sidney Todd (D), b. 12th August, 1890, son of Rev. Prof. W. Todd Martin, D.Lit. D.D., College House, Belfast.  Brother of 1044.  VI, July, 1909.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  1st XI, 1901.  1st XV, 1907-8-9.  Class Exhibit.  (R.U.I.), 1908.  Entrance Scholarship, Classics, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, 1909.  2nd Class Classical Tripos, Part I., 1912.  Great War: Lieut., R. Inniskilling Fusiliers.  Killed in action.  1st July, 1916.

733. Murray, George Walton, (E), son of Mrs. Murray, Royal Villas, Knock, Belfast.  U.V, July, 1910.  T.C.D.  Dounes Theological Prize, 1913.  B.A., 1914.  M.A., 1915.  Clerk in Holy Orders.  Archdeacon of Waterford and Lismore.  Canon of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin.  Rector of Clonmel.  Address: The Rectory, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary.  (M.q.) (1938 Rector of Kilconnell.  Canon of Clonfert.  Address: The Rectory, Woodlawn, Co. Galway.)

734. *O'Donoghue, Richard John Langford (D), b. 22nd August, 1889, son of Cooper C. O'Donaghue, Edenmore, Limerick.  VI, July, 1908.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  McNeill Medal, T.C.D.  Junior Ex., 1908.  1st Class Hons. in Natural Science, 1909, and in Experimental Science, 1910.  1st Scholar in Science, 1911.  Senior Moderator (Exp. Sc.), 1913.  M.A., Pembroke College, Cambridge, 1913.  Great War: Major, R.A.S.C.  D.S.O.  Egyptian Civil Service, 1918-1924.  Order of the Nile, 1922.  Guy's Hospital, 1924-29.  M.R.C.S.,  L.R.C.P. (London), 1929.  M.B., B.S. (London), 1931.  M.R.C.P., 1932.  D.M.R.E. (Camb.), 1936.  Assist. Radiologist, Middlesex Hospital, 1935.  Joint Author of articles on Anaemia.  Address: 15 Prince Albert Road, Regents Park, London, N.W.1.  (q.) (1938 Address: 12 Upper Wimpole Street, London, W.1.)

735. *Sinclair, John Cadzow (D), b. 4th June, 1892, son of John Sinclair, Bayview, Sligo.  Brother of 564 and 866.  Matric., July, 1909.  Scholar.  Edinburgh University.  M.B., Ch.B., 1915.  Surgeon Commander, R.N.  Retired 1946.  Address: 15 St. Mary's Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: The Mall, Sligo, Ireland (q.))

(736). Smith, George Victor, b. 28th June, 1887, son of R. Middleton Smith, Mountmellick, Queen's County.  IV, April, 1904.

737. Smylie, Hugh, b. 16th May, 1891, son of Hugh Smylie, Castleavery, Adelaide Park, Belfast.  III, April, 1906.  Great War: R. Irish Rifles.  Builders' Agent, 13 Donegall Square N., Belfast.

738. Smyth, Matthew Richard Liddon Blood, b. 29th March, 1891, son of Rev. Canon Blood-Smyth, The Rectory, Kilkeel, Co. Clare.  II, Feb., 1906.  Financial Editor, "Rocky Mountain News."  Died 24th November, 1939.  (M.) (1938 Address: 345 Gilpin Street, Denver, Colo., U.S.A. (M.q.))

(739). Taylor, John Arthur Harold (B), b. 12th June, 1891, son of Rev. Thomas Taylor, Kilnasoolagh Rectory, Newmarket-on-Fergus.  Brother of 707, 708, 1049.  VI, July, 1909.  School Prefect.  1st XI, 1907-8-9.  1st XV, 1907-8-9.  Athletic Championship, 1908.  T.C.D. Great War: 2nd Lieut., R. Dublin Fusiliers. Killed in action, 24th Sept., 1915.

740. *Walker, Samuel Howard, b. 1st February, 1892, son of Rev. Samuel Walker, Ardlea Manse, Donaghadee, Co. Down.  Brother of 505.  VI, July, 1907.  Great War: Lieut., R. Irish Regt.; mentioned in despatches.  Warehouseman.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.A.O.C.  Address: Ridgeway, 18 Maxwell Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  (M.) (1938 Address: Cairn Dhu, Maxwell Park, Bangor, C. Down.)

(741). Watters, Francis, b. 29th May, 1888, son of Francis O. M. Watters, The Manse, Sligo.  IV, Nov., 1903.


742. Allison, Robert Arthur, b. 14th July, 1889, son of Rev. Robert Allison, Kilbride Manse, Doagh.  Brother of 597.  Matric., July, 1905.  1st XV, 1904-05.  1914-19: with Con. Engrs., England, France, etc.  Wounded 2nd battle of Ypres.  Civil Servant, B.C. Govt., Canada.  Address: Box 64, Kamloops, B.C., Canada.  (M.q.) (1938 Great War: Lieut., 4th Prov. Coy., Canadian Engineers.)

743. Andrew, William Blair Spence (D), b. 4th August, 1892, son of John J. Andrew, 23 University Square, Belfast.  IV, July, 1909.  Great War:  R.F.A.  L.D.S.,  R.C.S. (Eng.)  Died. (1938 Address: 3 Lampton Road, Hounslow, London)

(744). Barry, John, b. 22nd April, 1889, son of Mrs. Barry, Mont Ava, Bloomfield, Belfast.  IV, July, 1904.  Great War: Sub-Lieut., R.N.R.

745. *Beatty, William (C), b. 9th April, 1890, son of Rev. R. Allen Beatty, The Manse, Strangford, Co. Down.  Brother of 1120.  VI, July, 1909.  1st XV, 1908-09.  1st XI, 1908-09.  Indian Police, 1909.  Assistant Commissioner, i.e. Sikh Police, Shanghi.  Retired 1939.  P.O.W. with Japanese;  released 1945. (1938 Brother of 1129)

(746). Buckham, James Maxwell, b. 15th January, 1887, son of Robert Buckham, 14 Lower Sackville Street, Dublin.  L.VI, July, 1905.  1st XV, 1903-4-5.

747. *Burges, Irwin Carleton Temple, b. 25th May, 1888, son of Francis Lochyier Burges.  Brother of 748.  L.VI, July, 1906.  1st XV, 1905-06.  Represented Western Australia at Hockey and Polo, Centenary, 1929.  Great War: Capt., 16th Bn. Australian Imperial Forces.  Stock Breeder.  2nd World War: Lieut.-Col., Australian Forces.  Died in Perth, Australia, 15th November, 1945. (1938 Address: Irwin Park, Irwin, W. Australia. (M.q.))

(748). Burges, William Armstrong, b. 3rd June, 1889, son of Francis Lockyier Burges.  Brother of 747.  L.V, July, 1904.  Armagh, R.S. 2nd Lieut., R. Irish Rifles, 1910.  Lieut., 1913; mentioned in despatches.  Killed in action, 10th March, 1915.

(749). Bennet, James Cecil, b. 17th July, 1891, son of James Bennet, Belavon, Belmont, Belfast.  Brother of 358.  IV, April, 1905.  Great War: Public Schools Bn., Royal Fusiliers.

750. Clarke, Robert Edmund Lear, b. 27th September, 1889, son of S. G. B. Clarke, M.A., Solicitor, Dromore, Down.  III, July, 1905.  Queen's University.  B.A., 1910.  B.E., 1910.  A.M.I.C.E., 1915.  M.Inst.Mun. E., 1928.  M.Inst. W.E., 1931.  M.Inst.C.E. (I), 1931.  Surveyors Department, City Hall, Belfast, 1910-14, 1917-18, 1922-24.  Messrs. W. J. Campbell & Sons, Contractors, 1918-19; Kendrick Edwards, M.I.C.E., Architect and Civil Engineer, 1919-20.  Ministry of Labour, 1919-21.  Town Surveyor and Water Engineer to the Lisburn Urban District Council, 1924-50.  War Service: R.A.M.C.  Stretcher Bearer and Hospital Orderly with the 41st and 88th Field Ambulances 13th and 29th Divisions in Gallipoli, Egypt and France, 1914-17.  Invalided out in consequence of wounds.  Service with Royal Engineers.  Resident Engineer and Designs Officer, Lieut. and A-Capt., 1941-42.  District Representative and Past Chairman of the Institute of Municipal Engineers (N.I.D.) and Past Chairman of the Institution of Civil Engineers (N.I.D.).  Papers read on Town Planning, the Geology of Underground Water, A.R.P. and War Technology, and Civil Engineering subjects such as Roads, Water Supply, Sewage Disposal, etc.  Retired.  Address: 77 Higher West Cross Lane, Mumbles, Swansea, Glam.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: 42 Railway Street, Lisburn, Co. Antrim)

751. Coates, Henry Höjel Rodney, b. 22nd November, 1890, son of Wm. Coates, Sunnyside, Osborne Park, Belfast.  Brother of 221.  L.V, July, 1906.  Employed with Messrs. J. P. Coats, Ltd., Paisley.  Great War: Canadian Expeditionary Force.  Last known address: 119 Lansdowne Place, Hove, Sussex. (1938 Högel )

(752). Coey, Edward, b. 11th April, 1892, son of Edward Coey, Merville, Belfast.  Brother of 818.  III, July, 1905.  Great War: Capt., R. Irish Rifles.  Factory Owner.  Died 29th April, 1927.

753. Craig, Eric William (A), b. 12th August, 1889, son of Isaac Craig, Auburn House, Athlone.  Brother of 871.  VI, July, 1909.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1906-7-8-9.  T.C.D., M.B., B.Ch.  B.A.,  L.M. (Rot.), 1914.  Air Commodore, R.A.F.M.S.  Retired.  M.C.  Medical Superintendent, Ronkswood Hospital, Worcester.  Address: "Longmynd," Terrick, Aylesbury, Bucks.  (M.q.) (1938 Group Captain, R.A.F. Medical Service - Address: c/o Messrs. Glyn Mills & Co., Kirkland House, Whitehall)

754. Denroche, Charles Thursby, b. 18th September, 1903, son of C. H. Denroche, Geraldville, Dodder Road, Rathgar, Co. Dublin.  Brother of 755.  III, Dec., 1905.  Portora R.S.  T.C.D.  B.A., 1913.  Great War: Major, M.G.C.  Irish Champion Sculler, 1924.  Died 1952.  (M.) (1938 Address: Dalkey Lodge, Dalkey, Co. Dublin. (M.q.))

755. Denroche, Ivan George, b. 18th January, 1892, son of C. H. Denroche, Geraldville, Dodder Road, Rathgar, Co. Down.  Brother of 754.  III, Dec., 1905.  Great War: Capt., North Staffs.  Wounded.  Mentioned in despatches.  Address: Galiano, B.C. (q.) (1938  Great War: Capt., Labour Corps; mention in despatches. T.C.D. B.A. 1924. Now in Vancouver)

756. Eagleson, William Sloan, b. 20th July, 1888, son of Samuel Eagleson, Adair Arms, Ballymena, Co. Antrim.  U.V, July, 1905.  1st XV, 1904-05.  Glasgow Tech. College.  M.I.Mar.E.  1st Class Engineer, Board of Trade.  Great War: Engineer Lieut., R.N.  River Manager, R. H. Green & Silleyweir, Ltd., London, then moved to Cardiff.  (M.) (1938  Address: 110 Archery Road, Eltham, London, S.E.9. (M.q.))

757. English, William Larmour, b. 16th February, 1887, son of James English, Oakley, Lurgan, Co. Armagh.  L.VI, July, 1905.  T.C.D.  M.B.,  B.Ch.,  B.A.O., 1911.  F.Z.S.  Died 11th December, 1945. (1938  Address: High Street, Haslington, Crewe)

758. *Ferguson, William, b. 17th October, 1889, son of Henry Ferguson, Hoggstown House, Donaghadee, Co. Down.  L.VI, July, 1905.  O.B.E.  J.P.  Managing Director, W. Ferguson (Ulster), Ltd., 4-6 East Street, Newtownards.  Address: Moyarget, Belfast Road, Newtownards, Co. Down.  (M.q.) (1938  Partner in Freeland & Ferguson, Newtownards. Address: Hoggston House, Donaghadee, Co. Down)

(759). Fullerton, Marcus, b. 20th March, 1892, son of Mrs. S. Fullerton, Donaghadee, Co. Down.  II, July, 1907.  Great War: Lieut., King's African Rifles.  Died 12th Nov., 1932.

760. *Galbraith, Hugh, b. 9th March, 1887, son of Mrs. G. Galbraith, Queensborough, Drogheda.  Matric., July, 1905.  1st XV, 1904-05.  Great War: Lieut., R. Dublin Fusiliers.  Solicitor. (1938 Address: 52 Shaftesbury Road, Hammersmith, London, W.6)

(761). Gordon, Leonard McArthur Rangdale, b. 22nd June, 1888, son of James Gordon, M.D., Marathon, Newcastle, Co. Down.  L.V, July, 1904.  T.C.D.  Great War: Capt., H.L.I.

762. Greeves, John (E), b. 14th June, 1892, son of Joseph M. Greeves, Bernagh, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 366, 519 and 929.  IV, July, 1909.  British Red Cross, 1914-15.  R.N.V.R., Aux. Patrol, 1918.  With J. & T. M. Greeves, Belfast.  Address: 25 Malone Hill Park, Belfast.  (q.) (1938 Address: Bernagh, Strandtown, Belfast)

763. *Hamilton, Robert Victor, b. 12th November, 1888, son of Rev. R. W. Hamilton, Fort Manse, Lisburn.  Brother of 551.  U.VI, July, 1906.  Sch.  1st XI, 1905-06.  1st XV, 1905-06.  Queen's College Sc.  Scholar, 1906-08.  Sen. Sch., 1909.  B.A. (R.U.I.) Hons., 1909.  LL.B. (Q.U.B.),  Hons, 1912.  Solicitor, 1913.  Q.U.B. 1st XI, 1906-09.  Ulster Interprovincial Hockey, 1909-11.  President, Incorporated Law Society of N.I., 1936.  Address: 13 Lombard Street, Belfast.  (M.) (1938 Hockey 1919-11?  Address: 40 North Circular Road, Lisburn. (M.q.))

(764). Hobson, Henry Brewster, b. 11th August, 1888, son of Robert F. Hobson, Castletownroche, Co. Cork.  IV, July, 1906.  Great War: Lieut., Signal Corps, U.S. Army.

(765). Johnston, Thomas Bell (A), b. 11th July, 1892, son of Mrs. Johnston, 3 Garville Road, Rathgar, Dublin.  U.V, July, 1908.  Official, Bank of Ireland.  Went to China, and afterwards Consulting Engineer in Dublin.

(766). Johnston, Elliott, b. 12th May, 1888, son of Samuel Johnston, Ardenza, King's Road, Belfast.  Brother of 767.  U.VI, July, 1906.  Manager, Linen Manufacturer.  Great War; Capt., R. Irish Rifles. M.C.  Killed in action, 1st July, 1916.

767. *Johnston, Ernest Clifford, b. 18th April, 1890, son of Samuel Johnston, Ardenza, King's Road, Belfast.  Brother of 766.  L.V, Dec., 1906.  Address: 12 Sharman Road, Stranmillis, Belfast. (1938 Address: Lyncote, Helen's Bay, Co. Down.)

(768). Jones-Nowlan, Thomas Channery, b. 23rd June, 1890, son of Thomas Jones-Nowlan, Brookfield, Ballytore, Co. Kildare.  III, Dec., 1907.  Great War: Lieut., R. Dublin Fusiliers.  Killed in action, 27th May, 1917.

769. *Lowe, Alfred, b. 29th August, 1890, son of Rev. W. J. Lowe, D.D., 17 Myrtle Terrace, Londonderry.  Brother of 492, 614 and 1091.  L.V, April, 1906.  1914-18 War: Served with 5th Royal Irish Regiment in Greece, Palestine and France.  Won Irish (Open) Amateur Golf Championship, 1922.  Irish Gold Medallist, 1921-22.  Irish Golf International, 1924-29.  Represented Worcester County (Golf), 1931-39.  President, N. Branch, Irish Hockey Union, 1924.  Sales Manager, Murray Sons & Co., Ltd., Belfast.  Address: c/o 1a Linfield Road, Belfast. (M.q.) (1938 Great War: Commissariat Service in Greece, Palestine and France. Address: 37 Stirling Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham; and 3 Crescent Gardens, Belfast)

(770). *Mitchell, John Samuel, b. 27th July, 1890, son of Joseph Mitchell, Holywood Arches, Strandtown, Belfast.  L.V, July, 1907.  Great War: Capt., M.G.C.  Official, Ministry of Labour, N.I.  Died 11th June, 1937. (M.)

(771). Mulholland, Henry Cunningham, b. 30th Jan., 1888, son of Rev. C. H. Mulholland, Churchtown Manse, Kilrea, Co. Derry.  Matric.  July, 1904.  M.B., B.Ch., N.U.I., 1911.  D.P.H., 1914.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C.; mentioned in despatches.  Died 1935.

772. McClintock, William James, b. 6th November, 1892, son of W. J. McClintock, Rossbeg, Westport.  Brother of 620.  I, July, 1904.  St. Andrew's, Dublin.  T.C.D., B.A., M.B., B.Ch., 1915.  Great War: Surg.-Lieut., R.N.  Colonial Medical Service.  S.M.O., West African Medical Staff, 1929.  Assistant Director, Col. Med. Service, 1937.  Address: c/o Barclay's Bank, 29 Gracechurch St.; The Glade, Kingswood, Surrey; and c/o D.M.S., Accra, Gold Coast. (1938 Address: P.O. Box 32, Kumasi, Ashanti, Gold Coast. (q))

(773). McAlery, John Mecredy, b. 29th April, 1892.  II, July, 1905.  Great War: Capt., R. Irish Rifles.  Flight Commander, R.F.C.; mentioned in despatches and Italian decoration.  After war, Flight Lieut., R.A.F.  Killed in aeroplane accident in Iraq, 4th June, 1924

(774). McElney, Robert Gerald (B), b. 20th September, 1892, son of Rev. R. McElney, M.A., The Manse, Downpatrick.  Brother of 1193 and 1147.  V, July, 1910.  Queen's University, 1st Medical Schol., 1911.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  M.C. Killed in action, 21st March, 1918.

(775). McMinn, Philip Canning, b. 17th January, 1888, grandson of W. Swan, Monaghan.  IV, July, 1904

776. McRobert, James, b. 30th September, 1891, son of John McRobert, J.P., Rademon, Crossgar, Co. Down.  Brother of 623.  III, July, 1907.  Farmer in S. Africa.  Address: Dwarsklei Stud, Middleburg, Cape, South Africa.  (M.q.)

(777). Palmer, George Percy, b. 18th February, 1889, son of Joseph Palmer, 25 Belmont Terrace, Strandtown.  L.V, Dec., 1906

(778). Patton, Thomas Watters, b. 14th Feb., 1887, son of Rev. A. Patton, Cloughwater Manse, Ballymena, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 158 and 779.  U.VI, July, 1904.  B.A. (R.U.I.), 1st Class Honours. T.C.D., Moderator in Mathematics with Silver Medal, in Natural Science with large Gold Medal.  Demonstrator in Nat. Sc., T.C.D., 1909.  Colonial Civil Service Cadetship (Malaya).  Great War: Lieut., R. Irish Rifles.  Died 1923.

779. Patton, Noel William, b. 10th December, 1888, son of Rev. A. Patton, Cloughwater Manse, Ballymena, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 778.  U.V, July, 1904.  Queen's University.  Sch. Arts, 1st, 2nd and 3rd years Sch. Sc., 1907-8-9.  Great War: Lieut., R. Irish Rifles.  Accountant, Shell Mex Argentina, Ltd.  (M.) (1938 Brother of 158 and 778  Address: c/o Mrs. Patton, Ballymena; and Chalet 27, Ranelagh, F.C.S., R. Argentina. M.q.))

780. Quin, Joseph Archibald, b. 18th June, 1890, son of J. C. Quin, Ulster Bank, Sligo.  Brother of 1151.  U.V, July, 1907.  Scholar.  T.C.D., B.A., 1912.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1914.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C. mentioned in despatches.  Uganda, M.S., 1923.  R.A.F., 1923.  R.A.M.C., 1927.  General Practitioner, 1931.  Hon. Steward of several Greyhound Racing Tracks in Kent.  Died 1st September, 1947.  (M.) (1938 Address: Minster Road, St. Laurence, Isle of Thanet, Kent. (M.q.))

781. Russell, Robert Edwin, b. 21st April, 1890, son of Robert Russell, F.T.C.D., 36 Trinity College, Dublin.  Brother of 1155.  VI, July, 1907.  T.C.D.  Junior Ex., 1907.  Classical Scholar, 1908.  1st Class Honours in Classics and German, 1909.  1st Class Hons. Mod. Lit.  Stewart Mod. Lit. Scholarship, 1910.  M.A.  Indian Civil Service, 1912.  Great War: Lieut., 21st Lancers.  C.I.E., 1924.  Deputy Commissioner, Hazarabagh, Bihar and Orissa.  Adviser to Governor of Bihar.  Knight Bachelor, 1946.  Retired.  Address: 43 Grange Road, Edinburgh 9; and c/o Messrs. Grindlay & Co., London. (M.) (1938 Address: c/o Messrs. Grindlay & Co., London)

(782). Smyth, George Osbirt Stirling, b. 27th Jan., 1889, son of George Ferguson Smyth, Annesley Terrace, Newcastle, Co. Down.  IV, July 1904.  Killed in Dublin, 1920

783. *Stringer, John Arthur Kirk (B), b. 7th January, 1892, son of Arthur A. Stringer, 2 Helen's View, Duncairn Street, Belfast.  Brother of 843.  IV, July, 1908.  Died 1st January, 1951. (1938 Address: c/o A. Stringer & Co., 156 Antrim Road, Belfast)

(784). Swan, Walter Norman, b. 13th August, 1890, grandson of W. Swan, Monaghan.  III, Jan., 1905.  Armagh R.S.  Great War: Capt., R. Irish Rifles; mentioned in despatches.  Croix de Guerre (French).  To America after the war

785. Voss, Fergus, b. 15th August, 1888, son of Robert D. Voss, J.P., 35 Roeland Street, Capetown.  Brother of 585.  L.V, Dec., 1906.  Great War: Lieut., R.E.  Mining Engineer in S. Africa, now Farmer.  Last known address: Box 51, Tavistock George, Cape Province, S. Africa.

(786). Walker, Jerome Lennie, b. 22nd July, 1888, son of F. M. Walker, Boulevard Vandenpeereboom, Courtrai, Belgium.  U.V, July, 1905.  Great War: Lieut. R. Irish Rifles.  Killed in action, 5th May, 1916

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I note as far as my grandfather is concerned, within the Campbell College Register, he is number 252, he is recorded as the son of John Hanna of Ballystockart – this is incorrect – he is the son of the late Charles James Hanna of Ballystockart.  His school fees were paid however, by his late father’s elder brother John Alexander Hanna, JP, of Marietta, Knock, father of Nos. 731 (no name) and 1005 John Riddle Musgrave Hanna. - Jayne McGarvey