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Campbell College Register 1894 - 1954
being the Fourth Edition of The Campbell College Register
also includes the names from the 1894 - 1938 Version

The Campbell College War Record 1939-1945

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names are listed by year of entry into Campbell College, continued on additional pages



this page (5) - January 1933  to  September 1942 (numbers in brackets (-) are from the 1894-1938 Register)
(also typing in this colour, green, is additional information from the 1894-1938 added to the listing from the 1894-1954)

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(the 1938 says January 1934 but its wrong)

2514. *Burns, Matthew (E), b. 24th November, 1919, son of M. Burns, Minterburn, King's Road, Knock, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1937.  Royal Dick Vet. College, Edinburgh.  Address: 26 Wandsworth Road, Belfast.

2515. *Donald, Ian Buchan (O/A), b. 13th December, 1919, son of R. B. Donald, Dartry, Somerton Road, Belfast.  III, 1933.  Sedbergh School, Yorkshire.  Cambridge University, M.A.  A.M.I.C.E.  Address: 73 Reynolds Street, Burnley, Lancs.  (M.)

2516. *Foster, Peter Alexander Henry McConnell (A), b. 20th Jan., 1920, son of S. R. Foster, M.D., 17 University Square, Belfast.  Brother of 2685.  U.VI, Dec., 1936. Medical Student, Q.U.B.:  1937-42, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1942.  M.D., 1947.  R.A.F. Medical Service, 1943-46.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 32 Mount Charles, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2517. *Good, James Herbert Rosmond (E), b. 8th October, 1919, son of H. Good, Beechmount House, North Parade, Belfast.  Remove, July, 1937. Undergraduate, T.C.D.: 1937-42. M.A.  Vicar Choral, St. Anne's Cathedral, Belfast.  Rector, Seaforde, 1953.  Address: The Rectory, Seaforde, Downpatrick.  (M.q.)

2518. *Heron, Niall Patrick (C), b. 19th October, 1919, son of R. S. Heron, Greenfield, Katesbridge, Co. Down.  U.VI, July, 1937.  1938-43: Q.U.B. (Applied Science and Technology) B.Sc., A.M.I.Mech.E.  Consultant Engineer in private practice. Shortt & Harland's Belfast. Address: Greenfield, Katesbridge, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2519. *Macourt, William Albany (C), b. 8th October, 1919, son of Rev. W. T. Macourt, M.A., The Rectory, Castlederg, Co. Tyrone.  Remove, July, 1936.  Magee College, Londonderry.  Jamison Bursary, 1936.  T.C.D.:  B.A. (1940);  M.A. (1946).  Clergyman.  Curate of Ballymena, 1942-46;  Curate in Charge, Belfast Cathedral Mission, 1946-48;  Rector of Duneane and Ballyscullion, 1948-50;  Rector of St. Mark's, 1951.  Address: St. Mark's Rectory, Ballysillan, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2520. Maitland, Walter Eric (D), b. 7th May, 1918, son of Rev. W. Maitland, 11 Rhoda Villas, Sutton, Co. Dublin.  Brother of 2725, 2730 and 2839. V, Dec., 1935. 1939-45 War: South Lancashire Regt.; now Major, R.A.O.C. (Regular). Apprentice to Messrs. Stevenson & Sons, Dungannon. Address: Ulster Bank, Carlisle Circus, Belfast. (M.q.) (1938 Address: The Rectory, Tynan, Co. Armagh)

2521. Meharey, Gerald Forsyth (D), b. 27th December, 1918, son of R. Meharey, Meadowbank, Whitehouse, Co. Antrim.  U.VI, March, 1936.  Shooting VIII, 1934-35.  Messrs. Albion Ltd.  1939-45 War: Major, R.A.

2522. *Milne, William Joseph Callcott (D), b. 11th October, 1918, son of J. W. Milne, Clondillure, Highfield Road, Dublin.  Son of 323.  L.VI, July, 1937.  School Prefect. With Messrs. W. & H. M. Goulding, Dublin.  Address: "Glencar," Zion Road, Dublin.  (M.q.)

2523. *MacDowell, Robert Burns (E), b. 5th December, 1919, son of J. E. MacDowell, 48 Osborne Park, Belfast.  U.IV, Dec., 1936.  H. E. Noble & Co. Ltd. Messrs. Shortt & Harland. Address: "Fairy Hill," Ballyaughlis, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2524. *Porter, Hugh Gwyn (C), b. 10th February, 1917, son of H. W. Porter, J.P., Elstree, Deanfield Park, Londonderry.  Brother of 2638.  V, July, 1934.  Managing Director.  Shirt and Collar Manufacturer, Castlefin, Co. Donegal. Strabane, Co. Tyrone.  Address: Cloonanne, Derry Road, Strabane, Co. Tyrone.  (M.q.)

2525. *Ross, Leslie Winslow (C), b. 25th November, 1919, son of H. W. Ross, Ulster Bank House, Castlederg, Co. Tyrone.  U.IV, July, 1937.  Hockey XI, 1937.  Apprentice, L.M.S., Belfast.  1939-45 War: R.E.  Mentioned in despatches.  Capt.  Last known address: 56 Upper Cavehill Road, Belfast.

2526. *Sills, Oliver Anthony (B), b. 19th January, 1920, son of Rev. A. Sills, Lifford House, 85 Kimmage Road, E., Terenure, Dublin.  Brother of 2166.  U.VI, July, 1937. Medical Student, St. Bartholomew's Hospital.  M.R.C.S. (Eng.),  L.R.C.P. (Lond.) Medical Practitioner.  Address: 90 Chesterton Road, Cambridge.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: Woodlands, Pepper Lane, Reading, Berks.)

2527. *Watson, James Derek (D), b. 27th November, 1919, son of Jas. Watson, Castlerock, Co. Derry.  Brother of 2087.  L.VI, July, 1937. Medical Student, Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1942.  R.N.V.R., 1943-46.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 30 Kelvin Parade, Belfast.  (M.q.)


2528. Chamberlain, George Harry Amyrald (N/B), b. 19th May, 1919, son of the Rev. Canon G. A. Chamberlain, B.D., The Mariners' Church Rectory, Kingstown, Co. Dublin.  Son of 35.  U.IV, July, 1934.  Bloxham School, 1934.  T.C.D., 1937.  M.D., 1941.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Address: c/o The Mariners' Church Rectory, Kingstown, Co. Dublin.

2529. Donovan, Dermot Edward (D), b. 26th June, 1919, son of Capt. R. B. Donovan, Corries House, Bagnalstown, Co. Carlow.  U.IV, July, 1936. 2nd Lieut., R.E.  Killed in Action, 1941. (1938 Address: Dunnamark House, Bantry, Co. Cork)

2530. *Erskine, Robert Gordon (B), b. 10th February, 1920, son of Very Rev. Gordon D. Erskine, "Rosemary," Harberton Avenue, Belfast. 448 Antrim Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2360.  U.VI, July, 1938.  Ballsbridge Veterinary College, Dublin.  M.R.C.V.S., 1945.  Veterinary Officer, H.M. Colonial Office, Nigeria.  Address: 448 Antrim Road, Belfast.  (q.)

2531. *Lytle, George Gerald (A), b. 31st March, 1919, son of J. H. Lytle, The Point, Groomsport, Co. Down.  Brother of 2426.  U.VI, July, 1936.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  Shooting VIII, 1935-36.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.U. Rif.  Mentioned in despatches.  Messrs. John Lytle & Sons Ltd., Belfast.  Address: Kasama, Church Road, Helens Bay, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2532. *Millar, Samuel Hampton (A), b. 6th June, 1919, son of S. D. Millar, Corona, Princetown Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  Brother of 2405, 2454 and 2630.  L.VI, July, 1936.  Scholar.  Pomfret School, Connecticut, U.S.A., 1936-37.  Apprentice, Messrs. Stevenson & Son, Dungannon.  1939-45 War: Capt. Royal Armoured Corps.  Company Director.  Address: 49 Kensington Court, London, W.S.  (M.q.)

2533. *Shaw, Cedrick Desmond George (C), b. 4th October, 1917, son of G. Reid Shaw, Shillong, Assam, India.  Remove, July, 1935.  B.A., B.A.I., 1938. Undergraduate, T.C.D.  Address: Chatsford, 171 Strand Road, Merrion, Dublin.  (M.) (1938 Address: Stratford, Silchester Road, Glenageary, Co. Dublin)

2534. Stringer, Edward Lester (B), b. 10th September, 1919, son of A. E. Stringer, c/o Chief Engineer, Bengal-Nagpur Railway, Kidderpore, Calcutta.  U.VI, July, 1937.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  Kidd Scholar and Sizarship (Maths.)  T.C.D.  Mod. Undergraduate, T.C.D.  Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries.  Address: c/o African Life Assurance Society, P.O. Box 1114, Johannesburg, S. Africa. (q.) (1938 Address: 23 Palmerston Road, Rathmines, Dublin)

2535. *Wynne, Wynn Alfred Charles Patrick (D), b. 1st February, 1919, son of John B. Wynne, Wynn The Cottage, Glendalough, Co. Wicklow.  Remove, July, 1936.  B.A., Undergraduate, T.C.D., 1942.  School of Metalliferous Mining, Cornwall, 1945-46.  A.M. Inst. of Mining an d Metallurgy.  Mining Engineer, Amalgamated Tin Mines of Nigeria Ltd., Jos., N. Nigeria (1947).  Previously with Minerals Exploration and Development Ltd., Avoca, Co. Wicklow, 1942-45.  Address: The Cottage, Glendalough, Co. Wicklow.  (M.q.)

2536. *Pyper, John Edwin (D), b. 14th October, 1920, son of Rev. Dr. J. S. Pyper, The Manse, Portrush.  U.VI, July, 1939.  Prefect.  1st XI (Hockey), 1938.  Capt., 1939.  Q.U.B.: 1939-45,  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1945.  D.O.M.S. (Eng.), 1948.  Represented Ulster at Hockey. Registrar in Ophthalmology, Northern Ireland Hospitals Authority.  To Canada, 1954.  Address: 113 William Street, Stratford, Ontario and c/o 6 Clarence Avenue, Londonderry.  (q.)


2537. *Alderdice, Norman Geoffrey (D), b. 28th July, 1919, son of G. Walter Alderdice, Aldergrove, Downshire Road, Newry.  U.VI, July, 1938.  Prefect.  1st XI (Cricket), 1937.;  1st XI (Hockey), 1938.  Q.U.B., 1938-40.  1940: R.A.F.  Served in Middle East, Malta, Iraq, Burma and India with fighter Squadrons, 1941-45; in Malaya, 1951-53.  D.F.C., 1945.  Mentioned in despatches, 1953.  Hockey for R.A.F. (Fighter Command), Rugby and Cricket, 33 Squadron.  Fl.-Lt., R.A.F. with No. 33 Squadron, Malaya, F.E.A.F.  Address: c/o G. W. Alderdice, Aldergrove, Belfast Road, Newry.  (M.q.)

2538. *Baker, Brian Niall Barrington (C), b. 19th October, 1920, son of W. Barrington Baker, Provincial Bank House, Omagh, Co. Tyrone.  Brother of 2362 and 3578.  U.IV, July, 1936.  T.C.D.:  B.A. Dungannon School. Teacher.  Address: 112 Earlswood Road, Belmont, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2539. *Black, Raymond Alexander, b. 3rd May, 1920, son of the Rev. A. P. Black, 12 Cliftonville Avenue, Belfast. 231 Merville Garden Village, Whitehouse, Belfast.  Brother of 2111, 2112 and 2414.  L.IV, July, 1936.  Dublin University, 1941-42.  1942-46:  R.A.F.  Clerk in British Railways.  Address: Flat 4  19-21 Basing Street, London, W.11.  (q.)

2540. *Boyd, Samuel Allen (C), b. 1st February, 1920, son of Hugh Boyd, Wynstay, Rosetta Park, Belfast.  Brother of 1951 and 1952.  Upper VI, July, 1938.  Scholar.  Prefect.  Pembroke College, Cambridge, 1938-39.  F.C.A.  Formerly Hon. Treas., O.C. Society.  Partner, Atkinson & Boyd, Chartered Accountants.  Address: 12 Knockdarragh Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2541. *Brown, Michael Godfrey (A), b. 2nd April, 1919, son of E. Godfrey Brown, O.B.E., Fernbank, Holywood, Co. Down.  L.VI, April, 1937.  Hockey XI, 1937. Undergraduate, Corpus Christi College, Oxford.  Ulster Schools Hockey XI v. Leinster, 1937.  Oxford Occasionals Hockey, 1938.  1940-46: R.U.R. and Rifle Brigade, Major.  Mentioned in despatches.  Address: 27 Gilnahirk Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2542. Cochrane, William Lindley Bloomer (A), b. 27th July, 1919, son of W. L. B. Cochrane, 16 South Frederick Street, Dublin.  Brother of 2322.  L.VI, July, 1936.  Apprentice, Messrs. W. Ewart & Son.  Pilot Officer (E), R.A.F., V.R.  Died on Active Service, 1940. (1938 Address: Greenoge, Woodbrook, Bray, Co. Wicklow)

2543. *Connor, George Haslett (D), b. 9th November, 1919, son of G. W. Connor, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., L.D.S., Sea View Cottage, Warrenpoint, Co. Down. and Mrs. Connor, 2 Adelaide Park, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1937.  Scholar. Medical Student, Q.U.B., 1937-42.  M.B.,  B.Ch., B.A.O., 1942.  R.A.M.C., 1943-46;  Capt.  Served in Normandy, Belgium and Germany.  General Practitioner.  Address: "Aubade," 76 Pebworth Road, Harrow, Middx.  (M.q.)

2544. *Cotter, John Beresford Dolmage Delmage (E), b. 26th July, 1920, son of Rev. J. B. Cotter, The Rectory, Dundonald, Belfast.  Brother of 2794.  I.VI, July, 1938.  T.C.D., Dec., 1942 - June, 1947.  B.A.  Toplady Memorial Prize and Sermon Prize.  R.U.C., 1939-42.  Invalided out of the Force in December, 1942.  Chaplain of the district of Northern Chile and Bolivia, 1949-53.  Address: c/o Ulster Bank, Head Office, Waring Street, Belfast.  (q.)

2545. Craig, Alexander Spence (E), b. 31st August, 1920, son of James Craig, Craig-Dhu, Green Road, Knock, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1938.  Capt., Inniskilling Fus. Killed in Action in Burma, 15th May, 1944.

2546. *Davis, Walter Samuel (E) and (A), b. 4th June, 1920, son of Norman S. Davis, Le Sars, Hillsborough, Co. Down.  Scholar.  U.VI, July, 1938.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1943.  D.A., R.C.P.S.I.., 1949.  1939-45 War: Lieut., R.A.M.C.  Regist. Anaesth, Liverpool Maternity Hospital.  Address: Le Sars, Hillsborough, Co. Down, and c/o Glyn, Mills & Co., Whitehall, London, S.W.1.

2547. *Dickson, William Cooper (E), b. 20th July, 1920, son of W. C. Dickson (51), Tieve Tara, Knockdene Park, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 2738.  I.VI, July, 1938.  Q.U.B.: 1947-50.  B.Sc., 1939-46:  R.A. and R. Norfolk Regt., Capt.  Physicist, with English Electric.  Address: 35 Warwick Road, St. Annes on Sea, Lancs.  (q.)

2548. *Duff, William George (B), b. 3rd July, 1920, son of Rev. A. Duff, Hillhall Manse, Lisburn.  Brother of 2796, 2849 and 3282.  L.VI, July, 1939.  Prefect.  1st XI (Hockey), 1938-39.  Athletics Team, 1939.  Magee Univ. College, Londonderry, 1939-40, 1946-48 and T.C.D., 1948-49.  B.A., H. Dip. Ed.  Hockey, M.U.C.L.  1st XI, 1939-40, 1946-47-48.  N.W. Junior Trials, 1947-48.  R.A.F., 1940-45, Pilot-Met.  Grammar Schoolmaster.  Address: "Silver Ley,"  The General's Walk, Donaghadee, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2549. Dunlop, Douglas Gordon Desmond (A), b. 27th December, 1919, son of Rev. Keith M. Dunlop, Athy Rectory, Co. Kildare.  Remove, July, 1937.  Hockey XI, 1937.  Apprentice to Messrs. Ewart & Son.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.A.  Address: 49a Park Lane, Staten Island, new York, and c/o Rev. K. M. Dunlop, 43 Kildare Street, Dublin.

2550. *Erskine, Edward McKean (B), b. 14th February, 1920, son of J. Erskine, Budore, Greenisland, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 2681 and 2852.  Army, July, 1938.  R.M.A., Woolwich, 1938-39.  Major, R.C. Signals.  Address: c/o Barclay's Bank Ltd., Park Row, Leeds, Yorks.  (M.q.)

2551. *Gibbon, Philip (C), b. 8th October, 1919, son of J. M. Gibbon, Box 226, St. Anne de Bellevue, P.O., Canada.  Remove, July, 1936.  1st XV, 1935-36. Undergraduate, McGill Magill University, Canada.  B.Eng. (Met.)  R.C.A.F., 1940-45.  Awarded A.F.C.  Engineer.  Address: 29a Perreault Ave., Ste. Anne de Bellvue, P.Q. (q.)

2552. *Graham, Thomas Saunders (B), b. 31st July, 1920, son of T. S. Graham (81), Craigmoyle, Craigavad, Belfast.  Brother of 2689.  L.IV, July, 1937.  Automobile Engineer.  Address: Green Banks, Belsize Road, Lisburn.  (M.q.)

2553. *Hall-Thompson, Robert Lloyd (C), b. 9th April, 1920, son of Major Col. the Rt. Hon. S. H. Hall-Thompson, P.C., D.L., J.P., M.P., Cairnburn, Belmont, Belfast.  Brother of 1872.  U.IV, July, 1937. Electrical Department, Belfast Corporation. 1939-45 War: Major, R.A.  E.R.D., 1953.  Company Director. Address: Bertha House, 71 Malone Road, Belfast. (M.q.)

2554. *Hanson, William Norman (B), b. 13th May, 1921, son of Rev. W. J. Hanson, High Kirk Manse, Ballymena, Co. Antrim.  Army, July, 1939.  R. Inniskilling Fus., Burma, 1942-43; Chindits, Burma, 1944.  Mentioned in despatches, 1944;  Royal Scots Fus., Germany, 1945-46;  Captain.  Rubber Planter, Malaya.  Address: c/o Some, Derby & Co. Ltd., Malacca, Malaya.  (M.q.)

2555. *Hawkesworth, Richard John (E), b. 24th April, 1919, son of R. W. Hawkesworth, 16 Shandon Park, Knock, Belfast. Army, July, 1936.  Royal Navy (Special Entry), 1936.  R.N.E. College, 1937-40. A.M.I. Mech. E.  Lieut.-Commander (E), R.N., 1948. Address: c/o Lloyds Bank Ltd., Plymouth. (M.q.)

2556. *Hill, Frederick Charles (B), b. 26th November, 1918, son of Charles V. Hill, 6 Hampton Park, Belfast.  Remove, July, 1936.  Flying Officer, R.A.F., V.R.  Killed in Action, 1943.

2557. *Hill, James Maurice (B), b. 25th September, 1920, son of Major J. R. Hill, R.A.M.C.  L.VI, July, 1938.  London University, 1938-39; St. Thomas's Hospital, London, 1939-44.  M.D. (Lond.);  M.R.C.P. (Lond.)  1939-45 War: R.A.M.C.  Assistant Chest Physician.  Address: c/o Glyn Mills & Co., Whitehall, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

2558. *Hollywood, Arthur James (B), b. 3rd May, 1920, son of D. Hollywood, Redgorton, Bangor, Co. Down.  Brother of 2747.  U.VI, July, 1937.  Scholar. Undergraduate, T.C.D., 1937-40.  F.A.I.  1939-45 War: Lieut. (A), R.N.V.R.  Chartered Auctioneer and Estate Agent.  Address: 7 Greenwood Park, Belfast. (M.q.) (1938 Address: 24 Ward Avenue, Bangor)

2559. *Hood, William Craig Wallace (B), b. 10th December, 1920, son of F. L. Hood (847), Pubble House, Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone.  Brother of 3058.  Remove, April, 1938.  Royal Ulster Rifles, Major, Regular Army Officer.  Address: Pubble House, Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone.  (M.q.)

2560. *Johnson, John Eric (E), b. 15th June, 1920, son of John Johnson, 1 Sandown Park, Knock, Belfast. 112 Harberton Park, Malone, Belfast.  Brother of 2425.  L.VI, July, 1938.  1939-46: Lieut., R.N.V.R.  Solicitor.  Address: "Sorrento," 44 Warren Road, Donaghadee, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2561. Kenny, Douglas Boal (E), b. 1st February, 1920, son of A. J. Kenny, 19 Ormiston Drive, Belfast.  Brother of 2625.  L.V, July, 1938.  Q.U.B.: 1938-44;  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O.  Medical Practitioner.  Died in accident, 13th February, 1954.  (M.)

2562. Kinghan, Samuel John Derek (E), b. 1st February, 1920, son of S. M. Kinghan, 2 Ailsa Terrace, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 1828.  L.IV, July, 1937.  1939-45 War: Irish Guards and R.A.S.C.  Refrigerating Engineer.  Address: c/o 177 Holywood Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2563. Lane, Benjamin William (B), b. 2nd January, 1920, son of W. A. Lane, Ardgarvan, Limavady, Co. Londonderry.  Brother of 2922.  Remove, July, 1938.  Lieutenant, Inniskilling Fus.  Died on Active Service, 1943.

2564. *Magill, Waller Brian Brendan (B), b. 22nd April, 1920, son of Rev. Waller Magill, Ballyrashane Rectory, Cloyfin, Co. Londonderry. Kildollagh, Killiney Road, Dublin.  Brother of 2811 and 2979.  L.VI, July, 1938.  T.C.D.: 1938-44:  Foundation Scholarship, 1st Class Moderatorship, Mental and Moral Science, 1st Theological Exhibition.  Gold Medallist.  Elrington and other Theological and Philosophical Prizes.  Ordained, March, 1944.  Curate Assistant, Knock, Belfast, 1944-47;  Holywood, 1947-50.  Vice-Principal of the Queen's College, Birmingham and Recognised Lecturer in Theology, Birmingham University.  Address: The Queen's College, Somerset Road, Birmingham 15, and Kildollagh, Killiney Road, Dublin.  (q.)

2565. *Martin, Joseph Barnett Hicks (A), b. 12th October, 1919, son of Dr. Joseph Martin, Marathon, Donaghadee, Co. Down.  U.VI, July, 1938.  Prefect.  Hockey 1st XI, 1938.  Q.U.B.:  1946-1952.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O.  1939-46:  R.A. (Field) Capt. Africa and Europe.  Mentioned in despatches.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 2 Deramore Park South, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2566. Martin, Stanley Blacker (D), b. 18th June, 1920, son of James Martin (425 and 695), Ardmore, Galwally, Belfast.  V, Dec., 1937.  Apprentice to Messrs. H. & J. Martin.  Died, August, 1942. (1938 Address: Dunallan, Windsor Avenue, Belfast)

2567. *Moore, Brian Patrick Lee (A), b. 18th November, 1919, son of Dr. R. L. Moore, Redcliffe, Bangor, Co. Down.  U.VI, July, 1947 1937. Medical Student, Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1942. Provincial Medical Director, Canadian Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service, B.C. Depot. Author of several medical papers. Address: 4006 West 33rd Avenue, Vancouver 13, B.C. (M.q.) (1938 Address: 10 Seacliffe Road, Bangor)

2568. *Myles, Frederick Peter (B), b. 1st July, 1919, son of H. F. Myles, Uplands, Dalkey, Co. Dublin.  Remove, July, 1937. Medical Student, T.C.D.:  M.B.,  B.Ch.,  B.A.O.;  B.A.  General Practitioner and Anaesthetist.  Address: 27 Old Market, Wisbech, Cambs.  (q.)

2569. *McCaldin, Desmond Kerr (C), b. 1st August, 1920, son of Mrs. McCaldin, Aughnamallagh, Monaghan.  Army, Dec., 1939.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1938-40.  Cadet Pair, 1937.  Shooting VIII, 1938-40.  Imperial Cadet Team, Canada, 1937.  Athletics Team, 1939.  Swimming Team, 1937-39.  1939-45 War: Capt., Inniskilling Fus.  M.C.  In own business.  Address: c/o Mrs. Law, Beech Hill, Monaghan.  (M.)

2570. *McCormick, Cecil Samuel (E), b. 13th October, 1920, son of Samuel McCormick, Circular Road, Belmont, Belfast.  Brother of 2067.  V, Dec., 1937.  Sergeant Wireless Operator, R.A.F.  Killed in Action, 10th November, 1942.

2571. *McCready, William Edward Wiclif Wicliff (D), b. 16th May, 1919, son of Dr. Wiclif Wicliff McCready, 20 College Gardens, Belfast.  V, Dec., 1936.  1939-45 War: Sgt.  I.C.  Address: Drenagh House, 13 Lower Crescent, Belfast.  (M.) (1938 Address: Circular Road, Belmont, Belfast)

2572. *McDonald, William Ivan Orr (A), b. 23rd December, 1919, son of Rev. Ven. J. R. McDonald, The Shankill Rectory, Templepatrick Belfast.  Brother of 2407.  U.VI, July, 1938.  T.C.D.; The Queen's College, Birmingham (Theological College).  B.A. (1948) and Divinity Testimonium (1949)  T.C.D.  1939-45 War: Service in N. W. Europe with R.A. (Field), 1940-44, Lieut. with R.U.R., 1945 (Capt.)  Clerk in Holy Orders. Senior Curate, Armagh.  Address: 36 Abbey Street, Armagh.  (q.)

2573. McKee, Ian Ernest Coote (C), b. 19th April, 1920, son of Rev. E. J. McKee, LL.D. (621), St. Andrew's Manse, Bray, Co. Wicklow.  Brother of 2210.  L.VI, July, 1938.  Lieutenant, Inniskilling Fus.  Killed in Action, 1942.

2574. *McMillen, Frederick Hugh (D), b. 21st September, 1919, son of H. J. McMillen (578), The Beeches, Cultra, Co. Down.  Brother of 3290.  L.VI, July, 1937. Undergraduate, Edinburgh University, 1937-38,  Royal (Dick) Veterinary College, 1938-43.  M.R.C.V.S. 1st XI Hockey, 1938-43;  Capt., 1941-42-43.  Awarded Green and Blue.  Royal Army Veterinary Corps., Capt., 1943-46.  Veterinary Inspector, Ministry of Agriculture, Stormont, Belfast.  Address: 20 Norwood Drive, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2575. *Pringle, George Morgan (B), b. 11th April, 1918, son of G. A. Pringle, M.D., Aughnacloy, Co. Tyrone.  Brother of 2712.  L.VI, July, 1935. Medical Student, Q.U.B.:  1936-41.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O.  Fl.-Lt., R.A.F.  (Medical Branch), 1942-45.  General Practitioner.  Address: The Granary, Aughnacloy, Co. Tyrone.  (M.q.)

2576. *Robson, John Edward (E), b. 9th September, 1920, son of E. G. Robson, 13 Kensington Park, Knock, Belfast.  U.IV, July, 1936. Cadet, Royal Mail Lines. Master Mariner. 1939-46 with Royal Navy.  Manufactures' Representative. Commander, R.N.V.R.  (Executive Officer, H.M.S. "Caroline," Ulster Division, R.N.V.R.)  Address: "Beribanbang,"  Gilnahirk Road, Belfast.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: Royal Mail House, Leadenhall Street, London, E.C.3.)

2577. *Sayers, Robert Drysdale (E), b. 23rd August, 1920, son of R. M. Sayers, Duniris, Holland Park, Knock, Belfast.  U.IV, July, 1937.  Apprentice, L.M.S. Rly., Belfast.  1939-45 War: Engineer Officer, M.N.  Address: 6 Clinton Road, Penarth, Glam.  (M.)

2578. *Stewart, Walter Gordon Hilland (D), b. 4th September, 1919, son of Kennedy Stewart, The Fort, Carnalea, Co. Down.  L.VI, July, 1937.  School Prefect. Hockey XI, 1936-37.  Boxing, 1936-37 (Capt., 1937).  C.Q.M.S., O.T.C. Messrs. John Kelly, Belfast. 1939-45 War: Lieut., 10th Gurkha Rifles.  Company Director.  Address: Lough House, Greyabbey, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2579. *Taggart, Campbell Millar (E), b. 11th October, 1920, son of Dr. W. J. Taggart, 411 Antrim Road, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1938.  Q.U.B.: 1938-43,  M.B.,  B.Ch., B.A.O.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 16 Darlingscote Road, Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire.  (M.q.)

2580. *Thompson, Arthur Frederick (A), b. 6th June, 1920, son of John Thompson, 6 Ranfurley Avenue, Bangor, Co. Down.  V, Dec., 1935.  Scholar.  Dulwich College, 1936.  Magdalene College, Oxford, 1939.  M.A.  1939-45 War: 6th Airborne Division and Intelligence Corps, Captain.  Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford.  Address: 12 Bevington Road, Oxford.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: Whiterock, Tootswood Road, Bromley, Kent.)

2581.  Watson, Ivan Vernon Waller Patrick Ivan Waller (E), b. 25th May March, 1920, son of C. S. W. Watson, 5 Sandown Park, Belfast. Stramore House, Gilford, Co. Down.  Brother of 2829.  Army, Dec., 1938.  Royal Agricultural College, Cirenchester, 1938-39 and 1946-47.  M.R.A.C. Diploma.  1940-43, N.I. Horse; 1943-46, I.A.C., 43rd Cavalry.  Asst. Sales Manager.  Address: Stramore House, Gilford, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2582. *Welch, Francis Westropp (B), b. 14th April, 1919, son of Mrs. Welch, Newpark, Coleraine.  III, July, 1935.  Address: Newpark, Coleraine, Co. Derry.

2583. *Wilson, Charles Brian (A), b. 30th January, 1920, son of C. Wilson, C.C.S. Federated Malay States.  U.VI, Dec., 1936.  1st XV, 1936-37. Medical Student, T.C.D.:  M.B., B.Ch.  Capt., Boxing, T.C.D., 1941.  1939-45 War: Surg.-Lieut., R.N.V.R.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Meyer Chambers, Raffles Place, Singapore.  (M.q.)

2584. Wilson, Ronald McElroy (C), b. 28th February, 1918, son of V. Wilson, Oakfield, Portadown, Co. Armagh. Brother of 2289. L.VI, July, 1935.  1st XV, 1934-35.  Solicitors' Apprentice.  LL.B.  (Hons.)  Q.U.B., 1939.  1939-46: The Royal Ulster Rifles.  Crown Solicitor, Co. Armagh.  Address: Ballyhannon, Portadown, Co. Armagh.  (M.q.)


2585. *Anderson, Paris Newton (D), b. 13th January, 1920, son of A. Newton Anderson (239), Gezina, Downshire Road, Cregagh, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1937.  Shaftesbury House Tutorial College, 1937-38;  Q.U.B.: 1947-54.  1940-47: Lieut. (S), R.N.V.R.  Assistant Secretary to the Queen's University of Belfast.  Address: 42 Bristow Park, Upper Malone, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2586. *Ball, Alfred Henry Wynne (A), b. 18th January, 1921, son of J. A. E. Ball, Bengal-Nagpur Railway, Garden Reach, Kidderpore, Calcutta.  Army, Dec., 1938.  Prefect.  1st XI (Cricket), 1937-38.  Boxing and Swimming Team, 1937.  Athletics Team, 1938.  Royal Air Force College, Cranwell, 1939.  1939-45 War: D.S.O., D.F.C., M.I.D. (2), Air Medal (U.S.A.), now Wing Commander, R.A.F.  Addresses: c/o Air Ministry, London and Officers' Mess, R.A.F., Wyton, Huntingdonshire.  (M.q.)

2587. *Burrowes, William Lewson (E), b. 30th October, 1920, son of W. L. Burrowes, 272 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1938.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1943;  M.D., 1948;  M.R.C.P.I., 1949.  R.A.F. V.R. (Medical Branch), S/Ldr., 1945-47.  Medical Practitioner.  Clinical Assistant in Medicine, Royal United Hospital, Bath.  Address:  The Warden's House, Corsham, Wilts.  (M.q.)

2588. *Elliott, Charles Kennedy (C), b. 14th May, 1919, son of C. H. Elliott, Church Market Square, Monaghan.  Brother of 2851.  L.VI, July, 1937. Medical Student, T.C.D.: 1937-42, M.B., B.Ch., 1942-45;  Capt., R.A.M.C.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Ingleboro Mill, West Walton, Wisbech, Cambs.  (M.q.)

2589. *Greer, Ian Hardy (D), b. 4th December, 1920, son of H. L. Hardy Greer, F.R.C.S., 8 College Gardens, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1938.  Q.U.B.:  1940-41 and 1945-49;  1951, Edinburgh University.  M.B., B.Ch.,  B.A.O. - Primary Exam of F.R.C.S. of Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh.  Q.U.B. Swimming Team, 1940-41.  R.A.F., 1941-46;  P.O.W., 1944-45.  Senior House Officer (Surgical), R.V.H.  Hon. Demonst. in Anatomy, Q.U.B., 1951.  Demonstrator in Anatomy St. Andrew's University.  Address: 8 College Gardens, Belfast, and c/o Northern Bank, Royal Avenue, Belfast.  (q.)

2590. *Houston, Desmond Hugh (C), b. 9th January, 1921, son of Dr. T. H. Houston (686), Cullybackey, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 2481.  U.VI, Feb., 1940.  1939-45 War:  M.C. 2/5 R. Gurkha Rifles and 2/6 R. Gurkha Rifles;  Burma and India Campaigns.  Now Major, 2/6 R. Gurkha Rifles, serving in Malaya.  Address: Cullybackey, Co. Antrim.  (q.)

2591. *Kelly, Robert George (A), b. 19th November, 1920, son of R. G. Kelly, Rantalard, Whitehouse, Belfast.  Remove, July, 1939.  1939-45 War:  Corporal, R. Ir. Fus.  Address: Dundela, Lenamore Avenue, Jordanstown.

2592. *Kirkpatrick, Ernest Clarke (D), b. 2nd December, 1920, son of J. A. Kirkpatrick, M.B.E., 2 Dundela Gardens, Strandtown, Belfast.  U.VI, April, 1938.  1st XV, 1936-37-38.  Boxing Team.  Athletics Team.  1939-45 War: Pilot Officer, R.A.F.  V.R.  Address: 51 Knockbreda Park, Belfast.

2593. *Malcomson, John Kennedy McCormick (C), b. 10th January, 1921, son of J. H. K. Malcomson, Atholville, Lurgan.  U.IV, July, 1937.  1939-45 War: N.I.H.  Address: Atholville, Windsor Avenue, Lurgan.

2594. *Marshall, Kenneth Harrod (B), b. 15th November, 1920, son of A. T. Marshall, "Casiana," Kensington Road, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 2141.  Army, Dec., 1938.  Lieut. (S), R.N.  H.M.S. "Terror," (1949).  Address: c/o G.P.O., London.

2595. Stone, Walter Edwin (D), b. 18th July, 1921, son of Rev. R. Stone, M.A., The Rectory, Killinchy, Co. Down.  Brother of 2216, 2784 and 2948.  Remove, April, 1939.  T.C.D.: June, 1939 to September 1940.  R.A.F. October 1940.  Permanent Commission, R.A.F. - Flight-Lieut. (Fighter Control).  Address: 24 Corhampton Road, Boscombe East, Bournemouth.  (M.q.)

2596. *Thompson, John Kenneth (E), b. 1st November, 1920, son of Mrs. J. Thompson, Carrowen House, Raphoe, Co. Donegal. 8 Holland Park, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 2828,  U.IV, July, 1938.  1940-46: Merchant Navy.  Chief Radio Officer.  Civil Servant.  Address: 8 Holland Park, Knock, Belfast.  (q.)

2597. *Greeves, John Edward Brian (A), b. 17th April, 1920, son of W. E. Greeves (19), Ardeevin, Portadown, Co. Armagh.  U.VI, July, 1938.  Jesus College, Cambridge, 1938-41.  M.A. (Mechanical Science Tripos).  Engineer-Officer, Royal Navy, 1941-46.  Chairman and Managing Director, Fry Cadbury Ltd., Montreal.  Address: 57 Oakland Avenue, Westmount, Montreal, Canada.  (M.q.)

2598. *Laird, Harry Douglas (D), b. 20th July, 1918, son of Dr. H. S. Laird, 5 Neville Road, Rathgar, Dublin.  U.VI, March, 1937.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1936-37.  1st XI, 1935-36.  Boxing, 1937.  Medical Student, T.C.D.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 10 Wesley Road, Rathmines, Dublin.  (M.)

2599. Law, Edward Ernest Cecil (A), b. 13th April, 1920, son of A. G. S. Law, 2 Elton Park, Kingstown.  L.VI, July, 1939.  Address: 2 Elton Park, Kingstown, Co. Dublin.

2600. Macan, Antony Vernon (C), b. 6th December, 1919, son of Mrs. Macan, Rath, Greystones, Co. Wicklow.  Army, July, 1938.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1937-38;  1st XI (Hockey), 1938;  Ulster Schools' Hockey, XI;  Swimming Team, 1937-38.  1940-41:  H.M.S. Barham;  1943-46, 3 Cdo. Bde.;  Royal Marines: rank, Captain.  Address: Rath, Greystones, Co. Wicklow.  (M.q.)

2601. *McIlwrath, Charles Alexander (E), b. 24th June, 1921, son of J. G. McIlwrath, 13 Cicero Gardens, Orangefield, Belfast.  Remove, July, 1939.  A.I.C.A.  1939-45 War: R.A.F.  Auditor - Ministry of Health and Local Government.  Address: 8 Roddens Park, Knock Road, Lower Castlereagh, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2602. *Nodder, Charles Drake (D), b. 19th February, 1921, son of C. R. Nodder, M.A., Lambeg, Lisburn, Co. Antrim.  U.VI, July, 1940.  1939-45 War: Major, R. Signals.  Seconded to Sudan Defence Force for several years after the War.  Address: 11th Armoured Division Signal Regiment, B.A.O.R. 15.

2603. *Pollock, John Stuart (C), b. 5th June, 1920, son of Wm. Pollock (465), Ardmore, 23 Malone Park, Belfast. U.VI, Dec., 1937.  School Prefect.  1st XI, 1935-36-37 (Capt., 1937).  1st XV, 1936-37-38.  Hockey XI, 1937.  Pipe-Major, O.T.C.  Inter-Provincial Cricket, 1939-52;  Hockey, 1939;  Rugby, 1946;  Squash, 1950-53;  International Cricket, 1939-52;  Several times Captain of Gentlemen of Ireland XI;  Squash, 1951-53.  Major, Royal Marines.  Mentioned in despatches.  Director.  Timber Importers.  Address: Laneside, Craigavad, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2604. *Shaw, George Frederick (D), b. 11th August, 1918, son of G. H. Shaw, 21 Charleston Avenue, Rathmines, Dublin.  Remove, July, 1936.  Boxing, 1936.  Medical Student, T.C.D.; 1936-42,  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O.  1939-45 War: Captain, R.A.M.C. attached, 6tgh Airborne Division.  Mentioned in despatches.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Hillcotewest, Raleigh, Bideford, N. Devon.  (M.q.)


2605. *Bannister, Charles Anthony (B), b. 8th September, 1921, son of F. C. Bannister, 12 Myrtlefield Park, Belfast.  Brother of 2411.  Remove, July, 1938.  A.C.A.  1940-46: Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers; Royal Signals.  Accountant.  Address: 12 Myrtlefield Park, Belfast.  (q.)

2606. Brookes, Standish (E), b. 18th July, 1921, son of Mrs. Brookes, 18 Belmont Place, Belfast.  Brother of 2364.  U.IV, April, 1938.  H.M.S. Conway.  1939-45 War: First Officer, M.N.  Address in 1951: 354 Antrim Road, Belfast.

2607. *Calvert, James (D), b. 1st May, 1921, son of J. E. Calvert, Glenart, Knockdene Park, Belfast. L.VI, July, 1938. Lieut., R.A.S.C. Eighth Army, 1939-45.  Mentioned in despatches.  Farmer.  Address: Kilcooley, Bangor, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2608. *Clifton, John Frederick (C), b. 17th December, 1919, son of J. A. Clifton, Serena, 112 Somerton Road, Belfast.  L.VI, Dec., 1937.  Hockey XI, 1937.  1939-45 War: R.A.F. Pilot, 146 Sqdn. Middle East and Burma.  On Board of Directors of Clifton Son & Co. Ltd., Belfast.  Director, The Glasgow Woollen Co. Ltd., 1945.  Address: The Hill, Malone Hill Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2609. Corkey, Peter Marshall (N/B). b. 30th April, 1922, son of Rev. V. M. Corkey, Culnady Manse, Upperlands, Co. Derry.  III, July, 1935.  To Foyle College.  1939-45 War:  Warrant Officer, R.A.F. V.R.  Address: c/o 57 Marlborough Park N., Belfast.

2610. *Crymble, Barry Templeton (B), b. 14th April, 1921, son of P. T. Crymble, F.R.C.S., 7 College Gardens, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1939.  Prefect.  1st XI (Hockey), 1939;  Fencing Team, 1938-39.  The Choate School, Wallingford, Conn., U.S.A., 1939-40.  Q.U.B.: 1940-45: M.B., 1945.  F.R.C.S. (Eng.), 1951.  Surgical Registrar. Address: 7 College Gardens, Belfast.  (q.)

2611. *Dickson, George Norton (E), b. 2nd September, 1921, son of R. W. Dickson, Youville, King's Road, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 2678.  U.IV, July, 1938.  T.C.D.: 1939-45;  2nd Class Moderatorship.  Mental and Moral Science.  Clergyman. Address: Rathcormac Rectory, Fermoy, Co. Cork.  (M.q.)

2612. *Dorman, Stephen Richard Chudleigh (D), b. 1st February, 1921, son of H. C. Dorman, Ridgeway Park, Portadown.  L.VI, July, 1939.  Q.U.B., 1940-42.   University College, Leicester, 1942.  1939-45 War: Capt., R. Signals.  Electrical Engineer.  Address: 170 Towcester Road, Northampton.  (M.q.)

2613. *Dougan, George (B), b. 12th July, 1920, son of Dr. G. Dougan, Millicent Terrace, Portadown.  Brother of 2250 and 2305.  U.VI, July, 1938.  T.C.D., 1938-40.  London Hospital Medical College, 1946-50.  M.R.C.S. (Eng.);  L.R.C.P. (Lond.) 1940-46;  Lieut., R.A.  General Medical Practitioner.  Address: 19 Church Street, Portadown.  (M.q.)

2614. *Egan, Dennis Howard (E), b. 5th July, 1921, son of A. H. Egan, B.A., C.C.S., Corrymeela, Castlehill Road, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1939.  Indian Army, 1941-46.  Author.  Address: c/o Ulster Bank Ltd., Blackrock, Co. Dublin.  (M.q.)

2615. *Ellison, William Greer (A), b. 24th July, 1920, son of W. R. Ellison, Dunraven, Downshire Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  Brother of 2841.  V, Dec., 1937.  1st XV, 1937.  1939-45 War: Lt., Special Service Brigade.  Address: 19 Ward Avenue, Bangor, Co. Down.  (M.) (1938 Address: 102 Princetown Road, Bangor)

2616. *Fraser, Samuel Heber Carroll Cosbey Crosby (A), b. 3rd May, 1921, son of Rev. Robert Fraser, Bright Rectory, Downpatrick.  Brother of 1886 and 2119.  L.VI, July, 1939.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1937-38-39;  1st XI (Cricket), 1937-38-39;  ist Xi (Hockey), 1939.  Athletics Team, 1939.  Staff: Messrs. W. D. & H. O. Wills, Belfast.  Address: 38 Balmoral Avenue, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2617. *Fulton, Thomas Terence (E), b. 14th February, 1921, son of Dr. T. F. S. Fulton, Pasadena, Kensington Road, Knock, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1938.  Prefect.  1st XI (Cricket), 1937-38.  Athletics Team, 1938.  Q.U.B.: 1938-44;  College of Medicine, University of Cincinnati, U.S.A., 1942-43;  The British Post-graduate Medical School, London, 1948-49.  Rockefeller Foundation Scholarship, 1942-44;  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 2nd Class Honours (Q.U.B.), 1944;  M.D. with Honours (University of Cincinnati), 1943;  M.D., with commendation (Q.U.B.), 1951;  M.R.C.P. (London), 1948.  R.A.F., 1945-47, Medical Specialist, Acting S/Ldr.  Consultant Physician, Banbridge, Dromore and South Armagh Hospital Groups.  Address: Banbridge Hospital, Banbridge, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2618. *Giles, Henry McCalmont (A), b. 13th June, 1921, son of W. H. P. F. Giles, Provincial Bank House, Warrenpoint, Londonderry.  Brother of 2965.  U.VI, July, 1939.  Scholar.  Head Prefect.  Shooting Team, 1938-39.  Cambridge University, 1939-41;  St. Bartholomew's Hospital, 1941-44.  B.A., M.B., M.R.C.P. (Lond.)  Senior Paediatric Registrar, St. Mary's Hospital, London, W.2.  Address: c/o Provincial Bank of Ireland, Londonderry, N. Ireland.  (M.q.)

2619. Graham, Edwin Hastings (C), b. 16th November, 1920, son of S. Graham, Dublin Street, Monaghan.  V, Dec., 1938.  Died, 11th June, 1949.

2620. *Graham, Marcus Adrian (A), b. 17th March, 1922, son of W. A. Graham, Lochaber, 13 Downview Avenue, Antrim Road, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1939.  Swimming Team, 1938-39.  Q.U.B.: September, 1939-June, 1940.  R.A.F., Sept., 1940-Novr., 1947.  Stockbroker.  Address: 8 College Green, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2621. *Hamilton, Peter Donaldson (D), b. 13th March, 1921, son of Dr. E. S. Burt Hamilton, 5 Birch Avenue, Old Trafford, Manchester.  Brother of 2100, 2309 and 3652.  Son of 551.  U.IV, April, 1937.  Manchester University, 1939-43.  L.D.S. (Manc.), 1943.  Emergency Medical Service, 1944-45.  Dental Practitioner.  Address: Walnut Tree House, 66 Margate Road, Herne Bay, Kent.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: Hartford, South Downs Road, Hale, Cheshire)

2622. Haslam, William Henry (B), b. 28th July, 1920, son of A. E. Haslam, Deerpark Lodge, Carrick-on-Suir, Tipperary.  Brother of 2834.  L.IV, July, 1938.  1939-45 war:  R.A.F.; Ship's Officer, Merchant Navy.  Address: 7 Auburn Villas, Rathgar, Dublin.  (q.)

2623.  *Huet, John Walter (C), b. 18th March, 1921, son of W. E. Huet, Rahara, Novara Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow.  U.VI, July, 1939.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1936-39 (Capt., 1938-39);  Inter-Provincial XV, 1938-39;  1st XI (Cricket), 1937-39 (Capt., 1939);  1st XI (Hockey), 1938-39.  Inter-provincial XI, 1939.  Address: 3 Hainault Park, Foxrock, Co. Dublin.

2624. *Johnstone, Jasper Brett Norman (E), b. 22nd June, 1921, son of J. B. Johnstone, 2 St. George's Villa, Castlehill Road, Belfast. 616 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2697 and 2863.  U.IV, July, 1937.  Motor Trade.  Address: 21 Holland Park, Knock, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2625. *Kenny, John Maxwell (E. and C.), b. 12th February, 1921, son of A. J. Kenny, 19 Ormiston Drive, Belfast.  Brother of 2561.  Remove, April, 1938.  F/O., R.A.F., 1942-46.  Linen Business.  Address: "Ardeevin," Bradshaws Brae, Newtownards, Co. Down.  (q.)

2626. Lidwell, Arthur Gabbett (A), b. 20th March, 1920, son of Col. R. A. Lidwell, Dromard, Templemore, Tipperary.  Army, Dec., 1938.  Fusilier, R. Ir. Fus. and R. S. Fus.  Killed in Action, 1944.

2627. *Lyle, Thomas Hoyte (B), b. 7th March, 1921, son of Rev. J. M. Lyle, M.A.,  D.D., Irish Presbyterian Mission, Broach, Bombay. Abu, India.  Brother of 2974.  U.VI, July, 1939.  Scholar.  Prefect.  1st XI (Cricket), 1939.  T.C.D.; Sizar and Junior Exhibitioner, 1939;  Scholarship in Classics, 1941;  B.A. (1st Class Hons. and Gold Medal in Mental and Moral Science), 1943;  M.A., 1949.  New College, Edinburgh, 1945-46.  Winchester College, Cambridge.  B.A., 1948.  1943-45:  Y.M.C.A., with H.M. Forces in England and Italy.  Ordained, 1949.  Since 1950, Missionary of Irish Presbyterian Mission in India.  Address: c/o Foreign Mission, Church House, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2628. *Macaulay Macaulay, Alastair (C), b. 7th May, 1921, son of the Very Rev. J. J. Macaulay, Macaulay D.D., Kinvara, Orwell Park, Rathgar, Dublin.  Brother of 2266.  L.VI, July, 1938.  Boxing Team, 1938.  University of Edinburgh, 1946-50.  M.B., Ch.B.  The Royal Scots, 1940-46.  Address: 11A Rothesay Place, Edinburgh, 3.  (q.)

2629. *Mann, Roland Barry (A), b. 17th April, 1921, son of J. G. Mann, 10 Pembroke Park, Dublin.  Brother of 2813.  L.IV, Dec., 1935.  Nautical College, Pangbourne.  1939-45 War: Lieut., R.N.R.  Address: 10 Pembroke Park, Dublin.

2630. *Millar, Kenneth Lindsay (A), b. 10th November, 1920, son of S. D. Millar, Hillhall, Princetown Road, Bangor.  Brother of 2405, 2454 and 2532.  U.IV, Dec., 1937.  Army, 1940-46.  Shell-Mex, Ltd.  Address: 240, Orrang Road, Toorak, Melbourne, Australia.  (M.q.)

2631. Monard, Donald Stanley Ashton (C), b. 18th August, 1921, son of S. H. Monard, The Warren, Donaghadee, Co. Down.  Brother of 2842.  L.VI, July, 1938.  Flying Officer, R.A.F.  Killed in action, 1944.

2632. *Muir, Donal Gilchrist (E), b. 6th December, 1920, son of Rev. R. R. Muir, Fisherwick House, Newcastle, Co. Down. former Vicar of Glenavy, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 2655 and 2893.  V, April, 1938. Apprentice, L.M.S.R.  A.M.I. Loco. E.  1943-47:  R.E.  Capt.  Assistant District Engineer, U.T.A.  Address: 54 Gilford Road, Portadown, Co. Armagh.  (M.q.) (1938 Address: Thornleigh, Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast)

2633. *McCaldin, Hugh David Cecil (E), b. 9th July, 1920, son of H. McCaldin, Glenbrook, Newbliss, Co. Monaghan.  V, July, 1937.  Q.U.B., 1939-44 and 1950-53.  M.B., B.Ch., 1944.  B.D.S., June, 1953.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 239 Lisburn Road, Belfast. (q.) (1938 Address: 9 Thornhill Crescent, Knock, Belfast.)

2634. *McCandless, Kenneth Andrews (E), b. 14th April, 1921, son of R. J. McCandless, 113 North Road, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Brother of 2208.  U.IV, July, 1937.  Wholesale Fruit Importer.  Address: 6 Harberton Avenue, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2635. *McIlroy, Malcolm Bryce (D), b. 10th March, 1921, son of C. McIlroy, The Brooms, Stone, Staffordshire, England.  Prefect.  Scholar.  U.VI, July, 1939.  Captain of Tennis, 1939;  Shooting VIII, 1939;  Imperial Canadian Cadet Shooting Team, 1939.  Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, 1939-41.  St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London, 1941-44.  B.A. (Cantab.);  M.D. (Cantab.);  M.R.C.P.  Casualty Physician, St. Bartholomew's Hospital.  Address: 59 Hampstead Way, London, N.W.11.  (M.q.)

2636. *McVicker, John Templeton (C), b. 7th February, 1921, son of W. R. McVicker, 2 Wheatfield Gardens, Belfast. 31 Adelaide Park, Belfast.  Brother of 2450.  L.VI, July, 1938.  Athletics Team, 1938.  F.A.I., 1939-46: Captain, 25th dragoons, R.A.C.  Chartered Auctioneer and Estate Agent.  Address: 23 Cadogan Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2637. *O'Neill, Henry David Dugan (A), b. 1st June, 1920, son of Dr. H. T. O'Neill (650), Acre Villa, Lindley, Huddersfield, Yorks.  Army, April, 1939.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1938-39.  1st XI (Hockey), 1938-39.  1939-45 War: Lt., R.U.R.  Address: Acre Villa, Lindley, Huddersfield, Yorks.

2638. Porter, James Muirhead (C), b. 14th May, 1921, son of H. W. Porter, J.P., Elstree, Deansfield Park, Londonderry.  Brother of 2524.  V, April, 1938.  Died: March, 1940.

2639. Purdon, Corran William Brooke (D), b. 4th May, 1921, son of Col. Major General W. Brooke Purdon, D.S.O., O.B.E., M.C., R.A.M.C., K.H.S.  Army, July, 1939.  Fencing Team, 1938-39;  Swimming Team, 1938-39.  R.M.C., Sandhurst.  M.C.  Order of St. John of Jerusalem.  Commandos, N.W. Europe.  6th Airborne Division, Palestine, 1945-46.  Now Major, R.U.R.  Address: Army and Navy Club, Pall Mall, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

2640. *Reid, Derrick Shawn (E), b. 26th March, 1921, son of A. H. Reid, Provincial Bank House, Stormont, Belfast.  V, July, 1939.  Address: The Haven, Lynda Park, Jordanstown, Co. Antrim.

2641. *Robinson, Robert Ormsby (D), b. 31st March, 1921, son of R. L. R. Robinson, Ulster Bank House, Banbridge.  Remove, July, 1938.  Dublin University, 1938-41, and 1946-49.  M.A., B.A.I., 9141-46:  Lieut., R.N.V.R.  Civil Engineer, Sudan Irrigation Dept., Wad Medani, Sudan.  Address: Melmore, 29 Shimna Road, Newcastle, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2642. *Roper, Dacre Alexander (D), b. 14th June, 1921, son of W. Trevor Roper, Ebeni, Glenageary Hill, Co. Dublin.  Brother of 2316.  Army, Dec., 1939.  Faraday House Engineering College, London.  Faraday House Diploma (Hons.) A.M.I.E.E.  1943-46:  R.N.V.R.  as Electrical Lieut. Chartered Electrical Engineer.  Address: 103 Hill Cross Avenue, Morden, Surrey.  (M.q.)

2643. *Russell, William Meade (C), b. 15th October, 1918, son of H. A. Russell, Ophaly, Dundrum, Co. Dublin.  Remove, April, 1936. Undergraduate, T.C.D.:  1936-40.  B.A. (Mod.) and D. Dip. E.  Golf Colours, T.C.D.  Master at Cabin Hill.  Address: Cabin Hill, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2644. Rutherford, William Harford (D), b. 15th July, 1921, son of  Rev. J. S. Rutherford, The Manse, York Road, Kingstown.  Brother of 2877 and 2983.  U.VI, July, 1939.  Scholar.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1938;  1st XI (Hockey), 1938-39; Ulster Schools' (Hockey) XI, 1939.  Swimming Team, 1938-39.  Captain, 1939.  T.C.D.: 1939-44.  M.B., B.Ch., 1944;  F.R.C.S.  (Ed.), 1951.  Medical Missionary.  Address: Irish Presbyterian Mission Hospital, Anand, District Kaira, Bombay State, India, and Church House, Fisherwick Place, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2645. *Simpson, Alan Patrick (D), b. 1st February, 1921, son of Rev. Canon W. C. Simpson, M.A., St. Bartholomew's Vicarage, Clyde Road, Dublin. (Retired).  V, Dec., 1936.  Dublin University, 1938-41.  B.A., B.A.I.  Captain, Corps. of Engineers, Irish Defence Forces;  1945-47; Stage Director, Dublin Gate Theatre Production.  Address: 38 York Road, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, Eire.  (M.q.)

2646. Small, John Gower Alan (D), b. 6th March, 1921, son of A. Small (255), 31 Lansdowne Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2317.  Army, Dec., 1938.  1939-45 war: Flight Lieut., R.A.F.  V.R.

2647. Stewart, James Geddes (E), b. 31st August, 1921, son of W. Stewart, Cuan, 22 Ravenhill Park, Belfast.  Brother of 1790, 2025 and 2237.  U.IV, July, 1937.  Corporal, R.A.F.  V.R.  Killed in Action, 1944. (1938 Address: 28 Rosetta Park, Belfast)

2648. Thomson, Colin Hugh (B), b. 3rd April, 1921, son of Major A. J. D. Thomson, 4 Carlisle Terrace, Malahide, Co. Dublin. Army, July, 1939. 1939-45 War: Middlesex Regt.

2649. Tweedie, Basil Victor Hennessy (B), b. 17th January, 1922, son of Dr. Tweedie, Redlands, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England.  Brother of 2884 and 3456.  L.VI, July, 1940.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1938-39-40;  Ulster Schools' XV, 1939-40;  1st XI (Cricket), 1938-39-40 (Capt., 1940);  Ulster Schools' XI, 1940 (Capt.);  Athletics Team, 1938-39-40 (Capt., 1940);  Boxing Team, 1939-40;  Swimming Team, 1937-38-39;  Fencing Team, 1938-39.  Pilot Officer, R.A.F. V.R.  Killed in Action, 1943.

2650. *Watson, Gerald Mortimer (A), b. 1st March, 1919, son of P. G. Watson, Fortlands, Tralee, Co. Kerry.  Son of 956.  Brother of 3256.  U.IV, July, 1936.  Apprentice to Motor Business. A.C.I.I. 1940-46: Flight Lieut., R.A.F.  Insurance Inspector. Address: 88 Stiles Road, Clontarf, Dublin. (M.q.)

2651. *Williamson, Cecil Peter (C), b. 13th April, 1921, son of R. C. Williamson, Lonsdale, Meath Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow.  L.VI, July, 1938.  T.C.D.: 1938-44.  B.A.,  M.B.,  B.Ch.,  B.A.O.  M.R.C.P. (London).  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 15 Sandford Road, Ranelagh, Dublin.  (q.)

2652. Wilson, Henry Alan (D), b. 8th July, 1921, son of S. R. Wilson (236), 19 Deramore Drive, Belfast.  L.VI, April, 1939.  Lieut., Inniskilling Fus.; Killed in Action, 1942.

2653. Young, John Percival (B), b. 18th August, 1921, son of H. C. Young, Aghanloo House, Bellarena, Co. Londonderry.  Brother of 2513 and 2654.  L.VI, April, 1938.  1939-45 War: Major, R.E. Mentioned in despatches.  Royal Pakistan Engineers.  Mountaineering: Climbed the Matterhorn.  Member of Himalayan Club.  Died, 27th December, 1948.

2654. *Young, George Vaughan Chichester (B), b. 18th August, 1921, son of H. C. Young, Aghanloo House, Bellarena, Co. Londonderry.  Brother of 2513 and 2653.  Army, Dec., 1939.  Q.U.B.: 1939.  Solicitors' Final exam (N. Ireland) (1st Place), October, 1946;  Bar Final Exam. (N. Ireland), June, 1949.  Admitted Solicitor (N. Ireland), Nov., 1946.  Called to Bar, N. Ireland, July, 1949.  R.N., 1941-42; R.N.V.R., 1942 (June-October);  R.I.N.V.R., 1942 (Oct.) - 1946 (May).  Crown Counsel, Colonial Legal Service, Gold Coast.  Address: c/o Ministry of Justice, Accra, Gold Coast, West Africa.  (M.q.)

2655. Muir, Alexander Joseph Lennox (E), b. 12th November, 1922, son of Rev. R. R. Muir, Fisherwick House, Newcastle, Co. Down.  Brother of 2632 and 2893.  L.VI, July, 1940.  Q.U.B.: 1940-43.  B.Sc. (Hons.).  Flt.Lt., R.A.F. V.R.  1943-47.  Radio Engineer.  Address: Taplow Court, Taplow, Bucks, England.  (M.q.)


2656. *Driscoll, John Campbell (E), b. 27th November, 1921, son of W. J. Driscoll, Rathlin, Ormiston Drive, Belfast.  Brother of 2467.  U.VI, July, 1940.  Prefect.  1st XI (Cricket), 1939-40;  1st XI (Hockey), 1940.  Dufferin Medal, 1939.  Sizarship in Classics.  T.C.D.: 1940-44, and 1945-46.  B.A. (Moderatorship in Classics), 1944 and H. Dip. E., 1946.  T.C.D. Golf Team, 1942-44 and 1946.  Assistant Master in Ballymena Academy, 1947.  Address: Springhill, Ballyhanwood Road, Gilnahirk, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2657. Erskine, Basil Pollock (A), b. 28th September, 1921, son of R. M. Erskine, Donnybrook, Holywood, Co. Down.  Brother of 1363 and 1625.  Army, July, 1939.  Pilot Officer, R.A.F.  Killed in Action, 1940.

2658. Fleming, John Laird (D), b. 11th November, 1921, son of Rev. S. R. Fleming, St. Katherine's, Killybegs, Co. Donegal.  Brother of 2369.  V, October, 1938.  1939-45 War:  R.N.

2659. *Foster, Andrew McMechan (E), b. 14th December, 1921, son of J. E. Foster, 32 Knocklofty Park, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1941.  Address: 18 Maple Avenue, Toronto, 5, Ontario.

2660. *Gilchrist, David Thomas (E), b. 8th December, 1921, son of John Gilchrist, Greystones, Holland Park, Belfast.  Brother of 2853.  L.VI, July, 1939.  Q.U.B.: 1939-44.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1944;  Diploma in Anaesthesia (D.A.), 1946;  M.D., 1952.  T.A.R.O., 1942-45.  Consultant Anaesthetist, Maxillo-Facial Unit, Basingstoke, Hants.  Address: 30 Cleaver Park, Malone Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2661. *Japp, Alan Francis (C), b. 25th November, 1921, son of R. A. Japp, 2 Laurel Villas, Limerick.  L.VI, July, 1939.  1940-43: Royal Naval Engineering College, Keyham, Devonport.  A.M.I. Mech. E. 1940-45:  R.N. Lieut. Cdr. (E(, Senior Engineer, H.M.S. "Vanguard."  Address: "Albany," Williamstown, Co. Dublin, Eire.  (q.)

2662. *Leggett, Melville Herbert Maryon (C), b. 27th 29th September, 1920, son of E. A. M. Leggett, Irish Lights Officer, Dublin.  Army, July, 1939.  Prefect.  Boxing Team, 1936-37-38-39 (Capt., 1939);  1st XI (Hockey), 1938-39;  Ulster Schools' Team, 1939;  1st XV, 1936-37-38-39 (Capt., 1939)  Ulster Schools' XV, 1938-39.  R.M.A. Woolwich, U.K.  1939-45, India, 1945.  Regular Army Officer.  Address: c/o Lloyds Bank Ltd., Cox's and King's Branch, 6 Pall Mall, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

2663. McMullan, Robert Charles Wallace (E), b. 22nd December, 1921, son of R. W. McMullan, 1 Cherryvalley Park, Knock, Belfast.  U.IV, April, 1938.  1939-45 War: Flight Lieut., R.A.F. V.R.  D.F.C., D.F.M.  Mentioned din despatches.

2664. Osborne, Reginald Macan Tarzan (B), b. 27th October, 1921, son of J. Alan Osborne, Milford, Co. Donegal.  Brother of 1903, 1904 and 2346.  Army, July, 1939.  1939-45 War: Lieut., R.N., afterwards transferred to Fleet Air Arm.  Died, 16th May, 1949.  (M.)

2665. *Parr, Anthony, Martin Edmeston (A), b. 21st September, 1921, son of G. H. E. Parr, Lauriston, Ballyholme Road, Bangor.  Brother of 3547.  Third, July, 1937.  To H.M.S. Conway.  2nd Mates' Certificate.  Merchant Navy, 1939-45.  Printing and Boxmaking.  Address: "Lauriston,"  Ballyholme Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  (q.)

2666. *Patton, Robert Greacen (C), b. 4th June, 1920, son of I. A. Patton, Kilnacloy, Monaghan. I.F.S. Remove, July, 1938.  1st XV, 1936-38.  Shooting VIII, 1935-38.  Imperial Cadet Team, Canada, 1937.  Own business.  Address: Kilnacloy, Monaghan.

2667. *Wolfenden, Gordon (E), b. 16th November, 1921, son of A. Wolfenden, "Ryburn," Cabin Hill Gardens, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 3233.  U.IV, July, 1939.  Q.U.B.:  1940-46,  M.B.,  B.Ch.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: "Rostholme," Lumley Street, Castleford, Yorks.  (M.q.)

2668. *Lund, Geoffrey Charles (C), b. 13th May, 1920, son of C. J. Lund, 62 Strand Road, Londonderry.  Army, Dec., 1938.  Q.U.B.:  B.Sc.,  A.M.I.E.E.  1943-47:  Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Major.  2nd Assistant Engineer (Transmission Construction) British Electricity Authority, North Eastern Division.  Address: "Bolarum", 6 Bruce Gardens, Fenham, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 5.  (M.q.)


2669. Carson, John Startin (O/A), b. 18th January, 1921, son of W. H. Carson (32), Carnalea House, Crawfordsburn, Co. Down.  III, Dec., 1935.  1939-45 War: R.A.  Address: Carnalea House, Crawfordsburn, Co. Down.

2670. *Lamont, Ian Nevin (C), b. 20th January, 1921, son of J. N. Lamont, "Edenagrena," Ballymena, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 2104 and 2446.  U.V, July, 1939.  Q.U.B.:  1939-43.  B.Sc, (Textile Technology)  1st Class Hons.  R.A.F. V.R. 1 year. Director, Weaving Factory.  Address: 9 Leighinmohr Avenue, Ballymena, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)


2671. Armstrong, Adrian John Christopher (B), b. 23rd May, 1922, son of Rev. J. T. Armstrong, The Rectory, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim.  Third, July, 1937.  Ballymoney High School.  Address: The Rectory, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim.

2672. *Blackwell-Smyth, Hubert Brian (B), b. 21st May, 1922, son of Rev. R. B. Blackwell-Smyth, The Rectory, Castlecaulfield, Co. Tyrone.  U.IV, July, 1939.  Private Tuition.  Entered T.C.D., May, 1940.  R.A.F., Sept., 1940 - May, 1946, Fighter Pilot.  Fighter - Reconnaissance Pilot (R.A.F.)  Address: Castlecaulfield Rectory, Co. Tyrone.  (M.q.)

2673. Bradshaw, Arthur Balfour (B), b. 4th April, 1923, son of Rev. J. B. Bradshaw, 25 Rugby Road, Belfast.  Army, July, 1941.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1940-41;  1st XI (Hockey), 1941;  Swimming Team, 1939-40-41.  2nd Lieut., R. Signals.  Died on Active Service, July, 1944.

2674. Burkitt, Raymond (E), b. 26th February, 1920, son of B. Grahame Burkitt, 258 Stranmillis Road, Belfast.  U.IV, December, 1937.  1939-45 War: Leading Aircraftman, R.A.F., 1950.  Address: 47 Knutsford Drive, Belfast.

2675. *Chambers, Norman Vivian Corry (A), b. 28th March, 1923, son of R. L. Chambers, 45 Market Square, Lisburn.  U.VI, July, 1941.  Q.U.B.:  1941-45.  1939-45: Civil Defence - Casualty Service.  Assistant Pharmacist.  Address: 45 Market Square, Lisburn, Co. Antrim.  (q.)

2676. *Cheyne, Donald St. Clair (A), b. 17th June, 1922, son of J. D. Cheyne, "San Rocco,"  Harberton Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 3637.  L.VI, July, 1940.  Regent Street Polytechnic School of Architecture, 1946-51.  Diploma in Architecture.  A.R.I.B.A.  R.A.F. V.R., 1942-46.  Architect.  Address: 6 Halifax Street, Sydenham, London, S.E.26.  (M.q.)

2677. *Curtis, Ronald George (A), b. 20th February, 1922, son of R. D. Curtis, "Inver," 18 Bushy Park Road, Rathgar, Dublin.  L.VI, July, 1939.  Cadet Pair, 1938.  Shooting VIII, 1939.  1939-45 War: Lieut., Recce Corps.  Address: 18 Bushy Park Road, Dublin.

2678. Dickson, Herbert Patterson (E), b. 19th August, 1922, son of R. W. Dickson, Bushy Park, Newtownards, Co. Down.  Brother of 2611.  Shell, April, 1936.  Regent House, Newtownards.

2679. *Downing, Desmond Mayes (E), b. 5th December, 1921, son of G. Downing, 30 Hawthornden Road, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1939.  Q.U.B.: 1939-41 and 1946-49.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. (1949).  D.R.C.O.G. (Lond.), 1951.  Royal Corps of Signals, 1941-46.  Capt., India, Burma and Malaya.  Anaesthetist.  Address: The Moat, Old Holywood Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2680. Eves, Derek William (E), b. 8th August, 1921, son of C. W. Eves, Crofton Lodge, Holywood, Co. Down.  L.VI, July, 1939.  Director of Munster, Simms & Co. Ltd., Belfast.  Address: Daleholme, Holywood, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2681. *Erskine, John Thomas Morley (B), b. 17th January, 1922, son of J. Erskine, "Budore," Greenisland, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 2550 and 2852.  U.VI, July, 1940.  Scholar.  Prefect.  Now Lieut.-Comdr. (S), R.N.  Address: c/o Westminster Bank, 11 Parade, Canterbury.  (M.q.)

2682. *Fetherston, John Ralph (C), b. 6th November, 1921, son of J. W. Fetherston, "Montono," Malone Park, Belfast.  Half brother of 1026.  Brother of 2091, 2329 and 2470.  L.VI, July, 1939.  1940-45: R.A.  Clothing Manufacturer.  Address: 22 Cairnburn Road, Belmont, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2683. Firth, Benjamin Ledger (E), b. 14th May, 1922, son of B. L. Firth, A.C.A., 3 Winston Gardens, Knock, Belfast.  U.IV, July, 1938.  Royal Ulster Constabulary.  Address: 92 Gilnahirk Road, Knock, Belfast.  (q.)

2684. *Flood, Denis Frederick Stuart (E), b. 30th August, 1920, son of Mrs. Flood, 54 Knocklofty Park, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 1870 and 2118.  V, July, 1937.  Shooting VIII, 1937. Medical Student, T.C.D.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1943.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 79 Shrewsbury Street, Manchester, 16. (1938 Address: 3 Warwick Terrace, Leeson Park, Dublin.)

2685. *Foster, John Watson (A), b. 1st August, 1922, son of Dr. S. R. Foster, 17 University Square, Belfast.  Brother of 2516.  L.VI, July, 1939.  Q.U.B.: 1939-41 (Medical).  1941-45: Sqd. Ldr., R.A.F., Staff College.  D.F.C.,  A.F.C.  Address: 16 Derryvolgie Avenue, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2686. Fry, Humphrey Francis Warren (B), b. 21st January, 1922, son of H. F. Dry, "Ardnagrena," Kilkeel, Co. Down.  Brother of 2910.  L.VI, July, 1939.  Q.U.B.: M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. (with First Class Honours).  Squadron-Leader, R.A.F.  Died, June, 1947.

2687. *Gillespie, Thomas Henry Frank (C), b. 14th July, 1922, son of Major F. S. Gillespie, Devonshire House, Strada Imrabat, Sliema, Malta.  L.VI, July, 1940.  T.C.D.  North Western University, Chicago, Ill.;  Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. (Resp.)  (T.C.D.);  F.R.C.S.I.;  D.T.M. & H.  Provincial Surgeon, Central Province Kenya.  Address: c/o Messrs. Glyn Mills & Co., Holts Branch, Whitehall, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

2688. *Good, Horace William (A), b. 21st May, 1922, son of Rev. W. H. Good, Christ Church Rectory, Lisburn.  Brother of 2802.  U.VI, July, 1939.  Scholar.  1st XI (Cricket), 1939.  1939-45 War: R.A.F. V.R.  Address: The Rectory, Bangor, Co. Down.

2689. *Graham, Ronald Teuton (B), b. 17th August, 1922, son of T. Saunders Graham (81), "Craigmoyle," Craigavad, Co. Down.  Brother of 2552.  Remove, April, 1940.  Chartered Accountant (May, 1950).  1942-47: Parachute Regt.  Assistant to Johnston Graham & Co.  Address: 76 Sydenham Avenue, Belmont, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2690. *Graham, William Hugh (B), b. 30th October, 1922, son of Dr. W. Graham, 318 Oldham Road, Royton, Lancs.  Army, Dec., 1940.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1940;  1st XI (Cricket), 1940;  1st XI (Hockey), and Inter-provincial Trial, 1940.  C.S.M., O.T.C.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.A.  Q.U.B.  Address: c/o Mrs. Graham, 9 New Row, Coleraine, Co. Derry.

2691. *Heron, James Theodore (E), b. 31st December, 1921 1931, son of W. Heron, "Braemar," Hawthornden Drive, Belmont, Belfast.  Brother of 3529.  L.VI, July, 1939.  Q.U.B.: 1939-45, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. (1945);  D.Obst. R.C.O.G. (1948). R.A.F. (Medical Branch), 1950-52.  Fly./Lt. Obstetric and Gynaecological Registrar, Lewisham Hospital, London, S.E.13.  Address: "Braemar," 5 Hawthornden Drive, Belmont, Belfast.  (q.)

2692. *Hewson, Lindsay John Massey (A), b. 27th February, 1922, son of Rev. L. M. Hewson, The Vicarage, Carbury, Co. Kildare.  Remove, July, 1940.  1st XV, 1939-40;  1st XI (Hockey), 1940;  Swimming Team, 1939.  1939-45 War: W.O., R.A.F. V.R.  In Canada.  Address: c/o Woodlawn, 100 Sydenham Avenue, Belfast.

2693. *Hurst, Charles Talbot (D), b. 8th April, 1922, son of C. B. Hurst, "Gayfield," Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 2484.  U.VI, July, 1940.  Prefect.  1st XI (Hockey), 1940;  Captain of Tennis, 1940.  Christ's College, Cambridge.  Captain of Hockey.  B.A.  1940-46: Capt., R.A.  Director, Charles Hurst, Ltd., Motor Engineers and Distributors.  Address: 4 Sydenham Avenue, Belfast.  (q.)

2694. Ireland, Derrick Alfred Alexander (A), b. 10th July, 1922, son of A. J. Ireland, "The Whins," Carnalea, Co. Down.  V, April, 1939.  Address: The Grange, Carrickmines, Co. Dublin.

2695. Jackson, George Balfour Sydney (C), b. 1st October, 1921, son of S. H. Jackson (553), 25 Derryvolgie Avenue, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1940.  Head Prefect.  1st XV, 1938-39-40 (Capt., 1939-40);  Ulster Schools' XV, 1939-40;  1st XI (Cricket), 1938-39-40;  Ulster Schools' XI, 1940;  1st XI (Hockey), 1939-40 (Capt., 1940);  Ulster Schools XI, 1940.  C.S.M., O.T.C.  Leading Airman, R.N.  Killed in Action, 1941.

2696. Johnston, Derek Greenfield (B), b. 6th April, 1922, son of Dr. J. G. Johnston, 46 Castle Street, Lisburn.  Brother of 3106.  L.VI, July, 1939.  Winner of Premier Award, Circuit of Ireland Motor Trials, 1952.  R.A.F., 1941-46.  Catering Manager.  Address: 9 Alexander Park, Finaghy, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2697. *Johnstone, John Brett (E), b. 22nd June, 1922, son of J. B. Johnstone, 2 St. George's Villas, Castlehill Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2624 and 2863.  Army, July, 1939.  1940-46:  3rd Q.A.O.  Gurkha Rifles (Major).  Director.  Address: Knowe-na-Mara, Glenarm, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

2698. *Lawson, Quintin Young (A), b. 13th December, 1921, son of Q. Y. Lawson, "Ardnafinn,"  Strabane, Co. Tyrone.  Brother of 2752.  L.VI, July, 1940.  Prefect.  Boxing Team, 1937-38-39-40 (Capt., 1940);  Shooting VIII, 1938-39-40 (Capt., 1940).  1941-46:  R.A.F. V.R., Pilot, Commissioned 1943.  Manager of Taylor-Woods Ltd., Enniskillen. Address: Ard-na-Finn, Strabane, Co. Tyrone.  (M.q.)

2699. *Lindsay, Charles Symes (C), b. 22nd March, 1922, son of A. G. Lindsay, "Seafield," Raglan Road, Bangor.  Scholar.  U.VI, July, 1939.  Q.U.B.:  1939-45,  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. (1945);  D.P.M. (1952).  Registrar Appointment, Shenley Hospital, near St. Albans, Herts.  Address: 96 Princetown Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  (q.)

2700. *Lowden, Norman Herbert (E), b. 19th May, 1922. Son of Mrs. Lowden, 98 King's Road, Knock, Belfast. Brother of 2809.  L.VI, July, 1939.  Q.U.B.:  1939-40.  Indian Army, 1940-46 (Gurkha Rifles) Captain.  Company Director.  Address: 37 Cabin Hill Gardens, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2701. Lowe, John Russell (C), b. 10th December, 1922, son of Dr. W. H. Lowe (492), 118 St. Stephen's Green, Dublin.  Brother of 2380.  L.VI, July, 1940.  T.C.D.:  M.B., B.Ch.  Died, December, 1950.

2702. Matchette, Raymond Robert Cotter (B), b. 3rd May, 1922, son of Rev. R. L. Matchette, Lisnacloon Rectory, Mournebeg, Strabane, Co. Tyrone.  V, July, 1939.  1939-45 War:  R.A.F.  Address: Banagher Rectory, Derrychrier, Co. Derry.

2703. Maxwell, Douglas William Tremlett (C), b. 4th March, 1921, son of Rev. G. Maxwell, Ballymac Elligott Rectory, Tralee, Co. Kerry.  Remove, July, 1939.  Lieutenant, Seaforth.  Killed in Action, 1943.

2704. *Maxwell, Henry (A), b. 8th August, 1922, son of A. H. Maxwell, Corduff House, Lusk, Dublin.  Brother of 1942, 2095 and 2204.  L.VI, July, 1940.  1942-46; 136 Fd. Regt., R.A.  Farmer.  Master & Huntsman of "Corduff Beagles."  Address: Corduff House, Lusk, Co. Dublin.  (M.q.)

2705. Miller, Harold Dickson (C), b. 10th February, 1922, son of J. T. E. Miller, "Clooney Villa,"  Londonderry.  Brother of 2398.  L.VI, July, 1940.  Ulster Tennis Team, 1940.  1st Bn. London Irish Rifles, 1941-46;  1st Bn. Royal Ulster Rifles, 1949-52.  Regular officer - Captain.  Address: c/o Lloyds Bank Ltd., Cox's & King's Branch, 6 Pall Mall, London, S.W.1  (M.q.)

2706. *McCaldin, Leslie Brian Clark (C), b. 21st May, 1922, son of Mrs. McCaldin, Knockroe, Co. Monaghan.  L.VI, Dec., 1940.  Address: Beira-mar, Greenisland, Co. Antrim.

2707. *McCutcheon, Charles Baillie (E), b. 10th December, 1921, son of W. A. McCutcheon (138), 23 Ormiston Drive, Knock.  Brother of 2273 and 3035.  L.IV, July, 1938.  Scholarship to Greenmount Agricultural College, 1938-39.  Farming.  Address: "White Thorn House,"  Ballyskeagh, Newtownards, Co. Down.  (q.)

2708. *McDowell, Stuart Wallace (E), b. 3rd May, 1922, son of S. W. McDowell, "Tremona," 27 Knockdene Park N.  Brother of 2158, 2836 and 2837.  U.VI, July, 1940.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1939-40;  Athletics Team, 1940.  Q.U.B.: 1940-43, and 1946-47.  B.A.; H. Dip. E.  1943-47: Sergeant in Army Education Corps.  Senior Executive Officer in N.I. Hospitals Authority.  Address: "Roselea," 53 Ashley Drive, Bangor, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2709. McKee, Charles James (D), b. 2nd December, 1922, son of Rev. P. McKee, Downshire Road Manse, Newry, Co. Down.  Brother of 2070 and 2338.  U.VI, July, 1940.  Lieut., Inniskilling Fus.  Killed in Action, 4th January, 1943.

2710. *McKee, Kenneth Macintosh (A), b. 4th August, 1921, son of Rev. J. S. McKee, The Manse, Newtowncrommelin, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 2765.  U.VI, July, 1939.  Q.U.B.:  Sept., 1939 - November, 1940;  November, 1946 - June, 1948.  B.Sc. (Electrical Engineering);  A.M.I.E.E. External Lecturer (in Electronics) Chulalongcorn University, Bangkok.  Captain, Royal Signals;  U.K.,  North West Europe, Middle East, November, 1940 - October, 1946.  Electrical Engineer in Bangkok, Thailand.  Address: Montalto Manse, Newtowncrommelin, Ballymena, Co. Antrim.  (q.)

2711. *Orr, Alexander James Barrington (E), b. 2nd May, 1922, son of P. Barrington Orr, "Sefton," Knockdene Park, Belfast.  Brother of 2819.  U.IV, July, 1938.  1939-45 War: Captain, I.A.O.C.  Director, McCaw, Stevenson & Orr Ltd.  Address: 29 Greenwood Park, Knock, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2712. *Pringle, Arthur (B), b. 1st June, 1923, son of Dr. G. A. Pringle, The Granary, Aughnacloy, Co. Tyrone.  Brother of 2575.  Army Form, July, 1941.  Royal Navy, September, 1941, now Lieut. (S).  Address: The Granary, Aughnacloy, Co. Tyrone.  (q.)

2713. *Quin, John Platt (B), b/ 17th January, 1922, son of E. Quin, Birch Villa, Werneth Hall Road, Oldham.  L.VI, July, 1940.  1939-45 War: Lieut., R.E.  Address: Oldham Road, Grasscroft, Lancs.

2714. *Sinclair, James (C), b. 18th February, 1922, son of J. Sinclair (564), 4 Landsdowne Gardens, Dublin.  U.VI, July, 1939.  T.C.D.: 1939-43.  B.A., B.Comm., A.C.A.  Chartered Accountant.  Address: "Amberley," Torca Hill, Dalkey, Co. Dublin.  (M.q.)

2715. Stephens, Henry Kyle (A), b. 22nd August, 1921, son of J. K. Stephens (193), Stand Lodge, Malone Road, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1940.  School Prefect.  1st XI (Hockey), 1940.  1939-45 War: Major, Royal Hampshire Regt.  Died, 1949.

2716. *Stuart, David Brown (B), b. 20th November, 1921, son of R. A. Stuart, Provincial Bank House, Cork.  Army, July, 1940.  Prefect.  1st XI (Hockey), 1940.;  Athletics Team, 1939-40;  Boxing Team, 1940.  Aberdeen University.  1940-46:  R.A.  Collector of Customs, Colonial Service.  Address: Mervyn, The Hill, Monkstown, Co. Dublin.  (q.)

2717. *Talbot, Thomas Cameron Boyle (B), b. 14th February, 1922, son of Rev. Canon Ven. Archdeacon T. Talbot, The Rectory, New Ross, Co. Wexford.  Brother of 2441.  U.VI, July, 1940.  T.C.D.:  Sept., 1940 - July, 1941;  Q.U.B.:  Sept., 1941 - July, 1942;  Leicester University:  August and September, 1942.  1942-47:  R.A.F. V.R.  Technical Branch, Fl. Lieut.  Senior Development Engineer (Electronics) Bush Radio Ltd.  (Plymouth Division).  Address: Lyttlecot, Downderry, Cornwall.  (M.q.)

2718. *Trow, Thomas Arbuthnot (A), b. 29th October, 1921, son of V. H. Trow, "Hepste," Thornhill Road, Llamishen, Glam.  Army, April, 1939.  1939-45 War: Royal Armoured Corps.  Wounded in Italy.  Manufacturers' Agent.  Address: Woodlyn, 19 Sturges Road, Wokingham, Berks.  (M.q.)

2719. *Walmsley, Ernest Basil (B), b. 3rd December, 1919, son of J. C. Walmsley, The Green, Kilkeel, Co. Down.  Brother of 2084.  U.VI, July, 1938.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1937-38.  T.C.D.:  1938-39.  1939-46:  R.A., Major.  Director, Eason & Son (Belfast) Ltd.  Address: "Leenane," 38 Dillon's Avenue, Whiteabbey, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

2720. Waters, Samuel Arthur Wentworth (D), b. 2nd July, 1921, son of Major A. Waters, Callary, Dundrum, Co. Dublin.  Brother of 3558.  Scholar.  U.VI, July, 1939.  Prefect.  Sub.-Lieut. (A), R.N.V.R.  Killed in Action, 1944.

2721. *White, Basil Rowan (E), b. 3rd November, 1922, son of W. R. White, M.C., 110 Fitzroy Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 2287.  L.VI, July, 1939.  1941-42:  R.U.R.;  1942-46:  Lieut., R.E. serving with Q.V.O. Madras S. and M. in S.E.A.C.  2nd i/c. and Adjt. of 591 (Antrim) Fd. Sqn., R.E. (T.A.) - Rank, Captain, 1947.  Director, Irish Roads (Belfast) Ltd., Civil Engineering Contractors.  Address: Forrach, Craigdarragh Road, Helens Bay, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2722. *Yates, John Francis (A), b. 2nd April, 1921, son of Mrs. Yates, Blackstoops House, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford.  Brother of 2444.  Remove, April, 1938.  Undergraduate, T.C.D.  Address: Blackstoops House, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford.

2723. Young, Cyril Kennedy (B), b. 11th July, 1919, son of Rev. W. P. Young, D.D. (532), The Manse, Clones, Co. Monaghan. 3 Dhu Varren Park, Portrush.  Brother of 2395, 2512 and 2776.  L.VI, July, 1937.  Magee College, Londonderry.  Fullerton Scholarship.  T.C.D., 1939-41;  New College, Edinburgh, 1942-43;  The Presbyterian College, Belfast, 1943-44.  Moderatorship in Mod. Lang. T.C.D.  Ordained Missionary to India of Irish Presbyterian Church in 1945,  Principal of the Gujarat United School of Theology, Baroda, Bombay State, 1951.  Missionary of Irish Presbyterian Church.  Address: c/o Foreign Mission Dept., Church House, Fisherwick Place, Belfast.  (M.q.)


2724. *Doyle, Terence Marcellus James (A), b. 29th January, 1921, son of J. Doyle, 9 Fitzwilliam Terrace, The Esplanade, Bray, Co. Wicklow.  Remove, July, 1938.  1942-48: Indian Army.  Shell Petroleum Co., Sarawak Oilfields, Br. Borneo.  Address: c/o Grindlays Bank, 54 Parliament Street, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

2725. Maitland, William Norman (D), b. 2nd march, 1922, son of Rev. W. Maitland, Rector of Tynan. The Rectory, Shillelagh, Co. Wicklow.  Brother of 2520, 2730 and 2839.  V, Dec., 1939.  1939-45 War: R.A.F.  Flying Training Command.  Departmental Manager - Stevenson & Son Ltd., Dungannon.  Textile Manufacturers.  Address: 19 Church Avenue, Bangor, Co. Down.  (q.)

2726. *McMorran, John Poots (C), b. 16th December, 1921, son of J. McMorran, Springbank, Newtownards, Co. Down.  V, Dec., 1938.  1939-45 War: Capt., 1st Bn. South Staffordshire Regt.  Burma and India 3 years.  Served under General Wingate in Burma.  Civil Servant.  Address: 4 Everton Drive, Cregagh, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2727. Swales, John Staveley James (A), b. 17th September, 1921, son of W. A. Swales, M.C., 1 Framlington Place, Newcastle-on-Tyne.  Brother of 3245.  L.VI, July, 1939.  1st XI, 1938-39.  1st XI, 1938-39.  Boxing, 1939.  1939-45 War: Lieut., P.R.  Address: Beech House, Front Street, Whickham, Newcastle-on-Tyne.

2728. *Wilson, James Andrew Kenneth Owen (B), b. 15th April, 1921, son of Dr. J. Wilson, Galgorm, Ballymena., Co. Antrim.  Brother of 2831.  Remove, July, 1939.  T.C.D.:  1939-45.  B.A.  Dublin University Boat Club Senior VIII, 1942-45.  Farmer.  Address: Galgorm, Ballymena, Co. Antrim.  (q.)


2729. *Davis, Terence George May (E), b. 13th October, 1922, son of H. P. Davis, 179 Strand Road, Merrion, Dublin.  Brother of 3646.  U.VI, Dec., 1940.  Scholar.  Head Prefect.  McNeill Medal, 1940.  1st XV, 1939-40 (Capt., 1940);  Ulster Schools' XV, 1940;  Boxing Team, 1936-40;  Athletics Team, 1940;  Swimming Team, 1940.  Scholar.  T.C.D.  B.A.I. Civil Engineering.  B.A. (Mod.) Mathematics, 1950.  Final Irish Rugby Trial.  Capt., D.U.F.C.  Irish Decathlon Champion 1941-46;  Capt., Royal Engineers.  Civil Engineer.  Address: Clonard, Lucan, Co. Dublin, Eire.  (q.)

2730. Maitland, Wilfred Ronald May (D), b. 19th May, 1920, son of Rev. W. Maitland, Rector of Tynan.  Brother of 2520, 2725 and 2839.  L.VI, February, 1938.  1st XV, 1937-38;  Hockey XI, 1937.  Apprentice, Springfield Dyeing and Finishing Co., Belfast.  Flight Lieutenant, R.A.F. V.R.  D.F.C.  Killed in action, 1942.

2731. *Patterson, William Tennant May (E), b. 7th April, 1922, son of William Patterson, Kilmore, Holywood, Co. Down.  U.VI, July, 1940.  Q.U.B., 1940-41.  Technical College, Belfast, 1947-49.  B.Sc.  1941-46: Royal Engineers.  Electrical Engineer.  Address: Kilmore, Holywood, Co. Down.  (M.q.)


2732. *Aiken, John Brazier (A), b. 5th Dec., 1922, son of W. Aiken, Coolavain, 37 Ballyholme Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  U.IV, Dec., 1938.  Address: 37 Ballyholme Road, Bangor, Co. Down.

2733. Anderson, John Richard (C), b. 4th July, 1923, son of A. Anderson, c/o. Rev. F. J. Wylie, The Manse, Drumahoe, Glendermot, Derry.  III, July, 1937.

2734. *Bailey, Edward William Cecil Warner (B), b. 21st April, 1922, son of John Bailey (479), 20 Chlorine Gardens, Belfast.  Brother of 3577.  Army, July, 1940.  Prefect.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.A.  M.C.  A.C.A. (England and Ireland).  Address: 31 Windsor Park, Belfast.

2735. *Beck, Ralph Gareth (A), b. 16th May, 1921, son of J. A. Beck, Glencar, 116 Marlborough Park C., Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1939.  Q.U.B.: 1939-45.  L.D.S.  House Surgeon (Dental), Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, 1945-46.  Civil Defence - First Aid Services, 1939-45.  Dental Surgeon.  Capt. (Reg.) Royal Army Dental Corps. (Retired), 1946-52.  Address: 432 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2736. Campion, Alan Hubert (B), b. 3rd October, 1922, son of Rev. W. A. Campion, The Rectory, Skerries, Dublin.  Army, July, 1941.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1939-40-41 (Capt., 1941);  1st XI (Hockey), 1940-41 (Capt., 1941).  C.S.M.  J.T.C.  Sub. Lieutenant (A), R.N.V.R.  Killed on Active Service, 1943.

2737. *Clark, Kenneth (E), b. 15th March, 1923, son of J. Clark, 3 Cabin Hill Park, Belfast.  U.IV, July, 1938.  To Royal Grammar School, Newcastle-on-Tyne.  Last known Address: 27 Wellbourn Park, Jesmond, Newcastle-on-Tyne.  (2)

2738. Dickson, David Laurence (E), b. 19th August, 1923, son of W. C. Dickson (51), Tieve Tara, Knockdene Park, Belfast.  Brother of 2547.  L.VI, July, 1940.  In Canada.  A.M.I.E.E.  Address: c/o Tara, Saul Road, Downpatrick, Co. Down.  (M.)

2739. *English, Patrick John (E), b. 16th November, 1922, son of Major W. J. English, V.C. (406), 10 King's Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1588 and 2049.  L.VI, Dec., 1940.  1939-45 War: India - Burma (XIV Army).  Mentioned in despatches.  Now Capt., Royal Signals.  Forwarding Address: 16 King's Road, Knock, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2740. *Flewett, Thomas Henry (E), b. 29th June, 1922, son of Mrs. Flewett, 5 Sandown Park, Belfast.  Brother of 2800.  Scholar.  U.VI, July, 1940.  Q.U.B.: 1940-45.  Entrance and various clinical scholarships;  M.B., 2nd Class Honours, 1945;  M.D. High Commendation, 1948.  Adjutant of First Aid Post, Q.U.B.  S.T.C.  Lecturer in Bacteriology, University of Leeds.  Late member Scientific Staff, National Institute for Medical Research.  Address: 144 Otley Road, Leeds, 6, Yorks.  (M.q.)

2741. Goodwin, Richard Thomas (E), b. 13th January, 1923, son of Mrs. Goodwin, 5 Knock Road, Belfast.  Army, July, 1941.  1939-45 War: Capt., R. Signals.  Corpus Christi, Oxford, 1950.  Address: 5 Knock Road, Belfast.

2742. *Goorwitch, Sydney (D), b. 14th July, 1923, son of N. Goorwitch, Broome, Malone Road, Belfast.  Brother of 3598.  U.IV, July, 1940.  Director, Goorwitch Ltd., Belfast.  Director, Glenbroome Mfg. Ltd., Belfast.  Address: "Little Broome," 31 Malone Hill Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2743. *Hamilton, James Henry (E), b. 24th January, 1924, son of Dr. J. D. Hamilton, 1 St. Helen's, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Brother of 2255.  L.VI, Dec., 1940.  1st XV, 1940.  Captain, North of Ireland F.C.  1st XV, 1949 - and 1952.  Manager, Messrs. Alex. M. Hamilton & Co. - Chartered Shipbrokers.  Address: 91 Clifton Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2744. *Hay, Joseph Norman Haughey (E), b. 16th January, 1923, son of E. N. Hay, Mus. Doc., Breenagh, Wandsworth Drive, Belfast.  Scholar.  Brother of 2913.  U.VI, Dec., 1940.  Prefect.  John Bartley Verse Prize, 1940.  Dufferin Medal, 1940.  Balliol College, Oxford, January, 1941 - December, 1942.  M.A., F.C.I.I.  Balliol College Lawn Tennis and Fencing Teams.  December, 1942 - July, 1946: Lieut. R.N.V.R.  Mentioned in despatches.  Royal Insurance Co. Ltd. - Financial Dept.  Address: Strand Head, Portstewart, Co. Derry and Penrhyn House, 3 Riverdale Road, Twickenham, Middx.  (M.q.)

2745. *Hayes, James Thompson (A), b. 26th May, 1921, son of T. Hayes, The Diamond, Clones, Co. Monaghan.  Remove, Dec., 1937.  Address: The Diamond, Clones, Co. Monaghan.

2746. *Hill, Alfred Alexander Whiteley (E), b. 25th July, 1923, son of A. E. Hill, Corrymeela, Castlehill Road, Belfast.  Scholar.  Army, October, 1941.  1942-48:  Royal Navy.  Architecture.  Address: Blue Gums, Kalamunda, W. Australia.  (q.)

2747. Hollywood, David Francis Apperson (B), b. 21st March, 1923, son of D. Hollywood, Redgorton, Bangor, Co. Down.  Brother of 2558.  L.VI, July, 1940.  1st XI (Hockey), 1940;  Shooting VIII, 1939.  Sub. Lieutenant (A), R.N.V.R.  Killed on Active Service, 1943.

2748. Holt, Alwyn Andrew Evelyn Stuart (B), b. 30th September, 1922, son of Rev. Felix Holt, The Manse, Ballymoney.  U.VI, July, 1940.  Flight Sergeant, R.A.F. V.R.  Killed in Action, 19th July, 1944.

2749. *Irwin, John (C), b. 11th August, 1923, son of J. Irwin, Woodleigh, Hollybank Avenue, Ranelagh, Dublin.  U.VI, April, 1941.  1939-45 War: Sub. Lieut (A), R.N.V.R.  Address: No. 7 Flat, Cogshall Hall, Comberbach, Cheshire.  (M.)

2750. *Jenkins, Charles Wilson (A), b. 25th January, 1923, son of C. Jenkins, Northern Bank House, Banbridge.  L.VI, July, 1941.  South Antrim Hockey Club:  1st XI, 1945-46-47-48-49;  Capt., 1950-51-52.  Mill Manager, Wm. Barbour & Sons, Ltd., Linen Thread Co., Hilden.  Address: 3 Shrewsbury Drive, Balmoral, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2751. Kennedy, Donald Wallace (A), b. 24th February, 1923, son of S. W. Kennedy, Killaloo, Londonderry.  U.VI, Dec., 1940.  Aircraftman, R.A.F.  Died on Active Service, March, 1946.

2752. *Lawson, John George (A), b. 12th August, 1923, son of Q. Y. Lawson,  Ardnafinn, Strabane, Co. Tyrone.  Brother of 2698.  Boxing Team, 1939-40-41 (Capt., 1941).  L.VI, July, 1941.  Q.U.B.:  1948-52.  Bachelor of Agriculture, June, 1952.  1941-46: Royal Navy.  Civil Servant, Ministry of Agriculture, Northern Ireland.  Address: c/o Ard-na-finn, Strabane, Co. Tyrone.  (q.)

2753. *Lyons, Robert Knox (D), b. 12th November, 1922, son of Dr. R. H. C. Lyons, 3 Howard Terrace, Dungannon.  Remove, July, 1940.  1939-45 War: Capt., 6th Rajput Rifles (I.A.)  Address: Northland Row, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone.

2754. *Martin, Noel van Oppen (D), b. 30th December, 1922, son of Dr. A. G. Martin, Manor House, Dungiven, Co. Derry.  Remove, July, 1940.  Address: Strangemore Farm, Dungiven, Co. Derry.

2755. *Mathews, Michael John Fraser (C), b. 2nd November, 1922, son of Mrs. Mathews, 35 Molesworth Street, Dublin.  Scholar.  U.VI, July, 1940.  University of Dublin, 1941-45.  Sizar and Junior Exhibitioner, Moderator.  Engineers' Agent.  Address: c/o Societe de Construction des Batignolles, Lee Scheme, Inniscarra, Cork.  (M.q.)

2756. Megaw, William Laurence (E), b. 11th May, 1923, son of Rev. W. R. Megaw, The Manse, Rosetta, Belfast.  Brother of 2205, 2428 and 3116.  Remove, Dec., 1940.  1st XV, 1939-40;  1sr XI (Hockey), 1940.  2/Lt., Innis. Fus.  Killed in Action, 1943.

2757. Merrifield, Sigeric Peter (C), b. 13th September, 1923, son of C. Merrifield, Tacuari, 119, Buenos Aires.  III, July, 1937.  St. George's College, Quilmes, F.C.S.  1939-45 War: Sub. Lieut., R.N.V.R.  Address: c/o King & Merrifield, Tacuari, 119, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2758. *Montgomery, Derek Harford (D), b. 30th April, 1922, son of C. V. Montgomery (953), 7 Rostrevor Road, Rathgar, Dublin.  L.VI, July, 1940.  Prefect.  Captain of Fencing, 1940.  Aberdeen University, A.S.A.A.  Lt.  R.A., 1940-46, N. Africa; Italy; Greece.  Incorporated Accountant.  Secretary, Messrs. R. W. Archer & Co. Ltd., Dublin.  Address: 17 Whitewell Road, Terenure, Dublin.  (M.q.)

2759. *Moore, William Ronald Morland (A), b. 21st June, 1922, son of G. B. Moore, Moorcroft, Old Holywood Road, Belfast.  Brother of 3118.  Scholar.  U.VI, July, 1940.  T.C.D.: 1947-50, B.A.  1940-47:  R.C. Signals.  Assistant Master.  Address: 21 Old Holywood Road, Belfast.  (q.)

2760. *Murray, James Desmond (C), b. 24th June, 1923, son of W. L. Murray, Ulster Bank House, Newtownards.  U.IV, July, 1939.  1942-46: Royal Navy.  Bank Official.  Address: 4 Hawthornden Gardens, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2761. *McCaughey, William Park (C), b. 7th January, 1924, son of J. McCaughey, Dumbarton, Somerton Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2065 and 3215.  Army, February, 1942.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1941-42.  Pembroke College, Camb., 1947-49;  2nd Class Honours Geog. Tripos, Pt. 1.  1939-45 War: Major, Royal Engineers (S.A. Asia Command).  Director, James McCaughey & Co. Ltd., Belfast.  Address: "Craiganoney," Viewfort Park, Upper Malone, Dunmurry, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2762. *McClinton (McLinton), John Fredric (E), b. 29th June, 1923, son of F. H. McClinton, St. Quentin, Hawthornden Road, Belfast.  Remove, Dec., 1940.  1st XV, 1940.  1939-45 War: Capt., Innis. Fus.  M.C.  and bar.  Mentioned in despatches.  Address: 2 Greenwood Park, Belfast.  (M.)

2763. *McComb, Thomas James Arthur (D), b. 23rd July, 1923, son of T. McComb, 150 Cliftonpark Avenue, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1940.  Q.U.B.: 1945-47.  Bachelor of Law, with Honours (Emergency Statutes).  D.F.C.  1942-45:  R.A.F.  Solicitor.  Address: Stalheim, 8 Balfour Avenue, Whitehead, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

2764. McConnell, John Mervyn (C), b. 12th July, 1922, son of J. T. McConnell, Rossinver, Magheraleave Road, Lisburn.  Scholar.  U.VI, December, 1929.  Q.U.B.; Legal Lectures at Royal Courts of Justice, Belfast.  Law Final (1st place), November, 1945.  Solicitor.  Address: 15 Cranmore Park, Belfast.  (q.)

2765. *McKee, Donald Strahan (A), b. 27th April, 1923, son of Rev. J. S. McKee, The Manse, Newtowncrommelin, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 2710.  V, July, 1940.  Q.U.B.: 1946-50, B. Agr. Sc.  The University of Reading (Research Assistant, 1950-51).  1939-45 War: Radio Officer, Merchant Navy.  Extension Fieldman, West Ontario, Canadian Canners Ltd.  Address: c/o Canadian Canners Ltd., Dresden, Ontario, Canada.  (M.q.)

2766. *McKibbin, John Doveton Brennan (C), b. 17th June, 1922, son of A. J. McKibbin (562), The Corran, Raglan Road, Bangor.  Scholar.  1st XV, 1938-39.  Army, Dec., 1940.  Prefect.  McMordie Medal, 1939.  1st XV, 1939-40.  Clare College, Cambridge, 1941-42.  B.A. (Cantab.)  Capt., Royal Ulster Rifles.  H.M. Foreign Service.  Address: c/o Midland Bank, 27 Haymarket, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

2767. Nevill, Alexander Colles (B), b. 29th November, 1922, son of Rev. A. C. Nevill, The Vicarage, Abbeyleix, I.F.S. Eire.  Brother of 2339.  L.VI, July, 1940.  1st XV, 1938-39-40.  T.C.D.  Sizarship in Science;  Louis Claude Purser Entrance Scholarship;  Scholar of the House, Edge Prize for Botany.  Died, 3rd March, 1944.

2768. Ramage, Alan Francis William (D), b. 2nd October, 1922, son of W. Ramage, Laputa, Ballyshannon, Donegal.  Army, Dec., 1940.  2nd Lieut., R.A.  Died on Active Service, 29th March, 1942.

2769. *Rogers, John (D), b. 29th May, 1922, son of Rev. J. Rogers (848), Mission House, Surat, India.  L.VI, July, 1940.  T.C.D.: 1949-52.  B.A., B.A.I. 1941-46;  R.I.A.S.C. Electrical Engineer.  Address: c/o Grindlays Bank Ltd., 54 Parliament Street, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

2770. *Rowan, William (D), b. 6th April, 1923, son of T. A. Rowan, Ballymacareny, Ballyward, Banbridge.  V, July, 1940.  Address: Ballymacareany, Banbridge, Co. Down.

2771. *Scott, Brian Lockhart (D), b. 7th October, 1922, son of W. F. Scott, Orama, 44 Malone Park, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1940.  Athletics Team, 1940; Swimming Team, 1939-40.  Q.U.B.:  1940 and 1944-46.  B.Sc.  1939-45 War: Sub. Lieut., R.N.V.R.  Electrical Engineer with George Ellison Ltd., Birmingham.  Address: 44 Malone Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2772. *Thompson, Ian Duncan (E), b. 15th July, 1924, son of J. D. Thompson, Northdene, 74 North Road, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1942.  Q.U.B.: 1942-47.  M.D. (with commendation).  Surgical Registrar, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.  Address: 74 North Road, Belfast.  (q.)

2773. *Thompson, William Desmond (D), b. 12th July, 1923, son of D. Thompson, St. Malo, Hampton Park, Belfast. 19 Bristow Park, Belfast.  U.IV, July, 1939.  T.C.D.:  B.A., 1946.  In J. & R. Thompson, Ltd., Building Contractors, Roden Street, Belfast.  Address: 19 Bristow Park, Belfast.  (q.)

2774. *Watts, Robert Newell Crawford (E), b. 30th April, 1923, son of R. Watts, M.C. (506), Tiverton, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 2144.  U.VI, July, 1940.  T.C.D.: 1940-43 and 1946-47;  St. John's College, Cambridge, 1947-48.  Moderator B.A. (T.C.D.);  LLB. (Cantab).  T.C.D. Golf Team, 1941-43;  Belfast Y.M.C.A. 1st XI (Hockey), 1948-54 and Council of Irish Hockey Union (Ulster Branch).  1943-46: Sub. Lieut., R.N.V.R.  Solicitor, admitted July, 1950.  Address: 366 Belmont Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2775. Wilson, Frederick Rainsford (C), b. 29th July, 1923, son of Rev. G. M. Wilson, D'Israeli School, Rathvilly, Co. Carlow.  Brother of 2897 and 3559.  Army, February, 1942.  Senior Scholar.  Bennett Memorial Prize, 1940.  Head Prefect.  1st XV, 1940-41-42;  1st XI (Hockey), 1941;  1st XI (Cricket), 1941.  C.S.M., J.T.C.  Lieutenant, R.E.  Killed in Action, July, 1944.

2776. Young, James Dickson (B), b. 17th November, 1921, son of Rev. W. P. Young, The Manse, Clones, Co. Monaghan.  Son of 532.  Brother of 2395, 2512 and 2723.  L.VI, July, 1939.  1st XI (Hockey), 1938-39;  Ulster Schools' XI, 1938;  1st XV, 1938-39;  Boxing Team, 1939.  Magee U.C., Londonderry, 1940, 1946-47-48;  New College, Edinburgh, 1948-49;  Assembly's College, Belfast, 1049-50.  B.A. (T.C.D., 1948).  Hockey Blue, Edinburgh University, 1948-49.  1941-45:  R.A.F.  Minister of Religion.  Address: Glascar Manse, Banbridge, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2777. *Zachary, Charles Stephenson Perry (E), b. 2nd May, 1923, son of C. S. Zachary, 32 Belmont Park, Belfast.  V, July, 1940.  1944-49: Lt., R.E.  Director, The Ulster Photographic Services Ltd., 93 Belmont Church Road, Belfast and Van Buren, 13 Donegall Place, Belfast.  Address: 32 Belmont Park, Belfast.  (q.)


2778. Callaghan, Bryan Noel (C), b. 13th December, 1922, son of Capt. R. W. H. Callaghan, 28 Beaconsfield Road, Blackheath, London, S.E.3.  V, Dec., 1939.  1939-45 War: Flight Sergeant, R.A.F. V.R.

2779. *Heaney, Ivan Hall (D), b. 26th October, 1923, son of Capt. S. P. W. Hall Heaney, The Curragh, Knocknacarry, Co. Antrim.  L.VI, July, 1941.  Q.U.B.:  B. Agr. (Belfast), 1947;  M. Agr. (Belfast), 1949.  Agricultural Research.  Address: The Curragh, Cushendun, Co. Antrim.  (q.)

2780. *Martin, William Mitford Lascelles (E), b. 6th October, 1923, son of C. M. Martin, 12 Kirkliston Drive, Belfast.  L.IV, July, 1938.  1939-45 War: Lieut., R. Ir. Fus.  Mentioned in despatches.  Address: 90 Eglantine Avenue, Belfast.  (M.)

2781. McCaughan, James Nehemiah (D), b. 26th April, 1923, son of J. W. McCaughan, Craigtara, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 2975 and 3061.  L.IV, Dec., 1937.  H.M.S. Conway, 1937-39.  1939-45 War: Officer, R.N.R.  Captain, Merchant Navy.  Address: c/o Straits Steamship Co. Ltd., Singapore.  (M.q.)

2782. Quin, Cyril Daniel Blacker (A), b. 17th October, 1922, son of H. Quin, Brookvale, 298 Lisburn Road, Belfast.  L.IV, July, 1938.  1939-45 War: Royal Navy.  To Australia, January, 1950.

2783. *Staley, Philip Henry (C), b. 10th November, 1923, son of H. S. Staley, Indian Educational Service, Nagpur, Jubbulpore, C.P., India.  U.VI, July, 1941.  Pembroke College, Cambridge, 1941-44.  2nd Class Honours. Modern Languages (French and Spanish).  Teacher's Certificate.  Scout Wood Badge.  Schoolmaster.  Address: "Squirrels," Collington Lane, Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex.  (q.)

2784. Stone, Henry (D), b. 27th January, 1924, son of Rev. R. Stone, The Rectory, Killinchy, Co. Down.  Brother of 2216, 2595 and 2948.  Remove, April, 1941.  1939-45 War: Four Years; Aircrew;  R.A.F.  Manager, Singer Sewing Machine Co. Ltd.  Address: 8 Greenmount Avenue, Bangor, Co. Down.  (q.)


2785. *Harvey, Dennis William (A), b. 13th April, 1923, son of Rev. Canon W. N. Harvey, D.D., The Rectory, Sandford Road, Dublin.  U.IV, July, 1939.  T.C.D.:  Hons., History and Hebrew, B.A., 1944;  M.A., 1948.  Divinity Testimonium (2nd Class).  1949-53: Chaplain, R.N.  Senior Curate of Seagoe Parish, Portadown.  Address: 94 Thomas Street, Portadown, Co. Armagh.  (q.)

2786. *Oswald, Desmond Henry (B), b. 2nd October, 1923, son of Rev. H. E. D. Oswald, Rathcore Rectory, Enfield, Co. Meath.  Army, Dec., 1941.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1940-41-42;  Athletics Team, 1941.  Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 1942 and 1947-49.  M.A. (Oxon.);  Ph.D. (Glasgow).  1941-47: Royal Corps of Signals.  Lecturer in Geology, T.C.D.  Address: Moyliscar Rectory, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.  (q.)

2787. *Smith, Donald Barry (D), b. 8th May, 1923, son of A. Smith, 45 Malone Park, Belfast.  Brother of 2341.  L.VI, July, 1941.  Prefect.  Address: 45 Malone Park, Belfast.  (q.)

2788. Williams, Kingsmill Brasy Charles (C), b. 30th June, 1921, son of K. B. Williams, Red House, Mallow, Co. Cork.  Brother of 2789.  Remove, July, 1939.  1st XI (Hockey), 1939;  Ulster Schools' XI, 1939;  Athletics Team, 1939;  Swimming Team, 1939.  Warrant Officer, R.A.F.  Killed in Action, 10th April, 1045.

2789. Williams, Thomas Kingsmill Barnes (C), b. 10th June, 1924, son of K. B. Williams, Red House, Mallow, Co. Cork.  Brother of 2788.  L.VI, April, 1941.  1939-45 War: R.A.F. V.R.  Address: Red House, Mallow, Co. Cork.


2790. *Angus, John (E), b. 1st March, 1924, son of J. Angus, B.Sc., 8 Stormont Park, Knock.  Scholar.  U.VI, July, 1941.  Prefect.  McNeill Medal.  Scholar.  Q.U.B. and the University of Glasgow, B.Sc. (Hons.);  M.Sc.;  Ph.D.  Consultant Technologist and Production Engineer.  Address: 5 Russell Place, Selkirk, Scotland.  (M.q.)

2791.  *Baillie, Thomas William Terence (C), b. 19th October, 1923, son of Mrs. Baillie, Garryowen, Stormont Park, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1941.  Scholar.  Prefect.  1st XI (Cricket), 1940-41;  Ulster Schools' Team, 1941;  1sy XI (Hockey), 1941.  Q.U.B.: Oct., 1941 - Sept., 1948.  Foundation Research Studentship, 1944;  M.Sc., Ph.D.  Q.U.B. Hockey "Blue";  Hertfordshire County Hockey Trial, 1950.  Research Chemist, Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd.  Address: 4 Easterside Road, Marton, Middlesbrough, Yorks.  (M.q.)

2792. *Bion, Peter Walter Drayner (E), b. 10th December, 1923, son of C. W. Bion, Homeleigh, Wandsworth Road, Belfast.  Army, April, 1942.  1st XV, 1940-41-42;  Swimming Team, 1940-41-42.  Q.U.B., 1942.  1939-45 War: R.A.F., Far east, now Fl./Lt. (Navigator), R.A.F.  Address: c/o C. W. Bion, Esq., 1 The Manor Way, Wallington, Surrey.  (M.q.)

2793. *Birch, Alewyn Richard Henry (B), b. 17th April, 1922, son of R. Birch, 11 Tennyson Avenue, Bangor, Co. Down.  U.IV, July, 1939.  M.B.E.  Capt., Royal Ulster Rifles, Italy, 1943-46.  Export Manager, Wm. Heinemann Ltd. (Publishing).  Address: 70 Aberdare Gardens, London, N.W.6.  (M.q.)

2794. Cotter, William Pierce Roderick (D/E), b. 23rd July, 1924, son of Rev. J. B. Cotter, The Rectory, Dundonald.  Brother of 2544.  L.VI, July, 1941.  1939-45 War: Capt., 1st King's Dragoon Guards.  Died, 19th December, 1949.

2795. *Davidson, William Iain (E), b. 11th January, 1924, son of W. S. Davidson, The Maples, King's Road, Belfast.  V, July, 1942.  Member of Royal Agricultural College.  1939-45 War:  R.A.F., Pilot/Flight Engineer.  Farmer.  Address: "Glenmoore,"  Killarn, Newtownards.  (M.q.)

2796. *Duff, Archibald (B), b. 1st December, 1923, son of Rev. A. Duff, Hill Hall Manse, Lisburn.  Brother of 2548, 2849 and 3283.  L.VI, July, 1942.  1st XV, 1940-41-42;  Shooting VIII, 1942.  Q.U.B.: 1946-48.  1942-46:  R.E.s.  Civil Engineer.  Address: 5 Annadale House, Hampton Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2797. *Edwards, Thomas Kendrick (B), b. 19th October, 1925, son of C. K. Edwards, The Forge, Newforge Lane, Belfast.  L.V, July, 1942.  Swimming Team, 1939-40-41.  1939-45 War: R.N.V.R.;  Mech. Engineer.  Address: 46 Hampton Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2798. *Ellis, Raymond Maxwell (E), b. 19th November, 1923, son of W. Ellis, Dunblane, King's Road, Belfast.  Brother of 3094.  L.VI, July, 1941.  Cadet Pair, 1939;  Swimming Team, 1941.  Q.U.B.: M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1950.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 77 Shaw Road, Coseley, Nr. Bilston, Staffordshire.  (M.q.)

2799. *Erskine, John Brice (B), b. 31st March, 1924, son of T. M. Erskine (60), Prospect, Whitehouse, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1942.  1939-45 War: R.E.  Roofing Felt Manufacturer.  Address: Prospect, Whitehouse, Belfast.  (q.)

2800. *Flewett, William Edward (E), b. 5th August, 1924, son of W. E. Flewett, 5 Sandown Park, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 2740.  U.VI, July, 1942.  Scholar.  Prefect.  Q.U.B.: 1932-47,  M.B., B.Ch., 1947.  Junior Eight, Q.U.B. Rowing Club.  M.O., 32 Assault Regt., R.E.  (Capt., R.A.M.C.).  Present Address: Officers' Mess, 32 Assault Regt., Perham Down, Wilts.  (M.q.)

2801. *Fuller, Chandler (D), b. 7th October, 1918, son of G. S. Fuller, 1 Federal Street, Boston, Mass., U.S.A.  English Speaking Union Scholar.  U.VI, July, 1938.  Hon. Prefect.  Athletic Team, 1938;  Swimming Team, 1938.  1939-45 War: Capt., American Army Air Force.  Address: 22 Shaw Street, West Newton, Boston, Mass., U.S.A.

2802. *Good, Robert Stanley (A), b. 22nd March, 1924, son of Canon W. H. Good, Christ Church Rectory, Lisburn. St. Comgall's Rectory, Bangor.  Brother of 2688.  Scholar.  V, July, 1939.  Bangor Grammar school, 1940-41;  T.C.D., 1941-47;  Ridley Hall, Cambridge, 1947.  Senior Moderator, Mental and Moral Science, T.C.D., 1945; Modan Prize in Hegelian Philosophy; Scholar of the House, 1946; 1st Theological Exhibition, 1947 (T.C.D.).  2nd Hockey XI, T.C.D., 1945-46;  1st Tennis VI, 1947, Ridley.  Principal, St. Paul's Divinity School, Limuru, Kenya.  Ordained Deacon, 1947;  Priest, 1949.  C.M.S. Missionary.  Diocese of Mombasa, July, 1950.  Address: c/o Church Missionary Society, 6 Salisbury Square, London, E.C.4.  (M.q.)

2803. Gotto, Robert Vivian (E), b. 13th September, 1921, son of C. C. Gotto, 20 Adelaide Park, Belfast.  Brother of 1888.  L.IV, July, 1938.  Q.U.B.: 1940-43.  B.Sc., 1943;  M.Sc., 1949.  Irish Davis Cup, Lawn Tennis Team, 1953.  Meteorologist (L.A.C.) in Royal Air Force, 1944-46.  Lecturer in Zoology, Q.U.B.  Address: 52 Malone Avenue, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2804. *Griffith, Thomas John Ferguson (D), b. 25th Sept., 1923, son of J. F. Griffith, Ulster Bank House, Lurgan.  Scholar.  L.VI, July, 1940.  Incorporated Accountant.  1939-45 War: Capt., R. Signals.  Mentioned in despatches.  Partner in Olver & Spence.  Address: 74 Seacliffe Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2805. *Haughton, John Norman (C), b. 26th November, 1923, son of F. W. Haughton, 4 Novara Terrace, Bray, Co. Wicklow.  U.IV, Dec., 1937.  Scholar.  To Australia.  1939-45 War: Corporal, R.A.A.F.  Address: c/o Mrs. Haughton, 7 Gibson Park, Mackay, N. Queensland, Australia.

2806. *Joynt, Geoffrey Henry (E/C), b. 5th May, 1921, son of C. H. A. Joynt, 41 Knock Road, Belfast.  Army, July, 1939.  Athletics Team, 1939;  Swimming Team, 1939.  T.C.D.: 1939-41 and 1946-50;  University of Aberdeen, 1950-51.  Moderatorship (B.A., 2nd Class Hons.);  H. Dip. Ed.;  Bachelor of Education, Aberdeen Univ. (2nd Class Hons.)  Represented Dublin Univ. (Swimming) and Aberdeen Univ. (Cross Country).  1941-46: Royal Navy (Combined Operations' Branch).  Teaching in Victoria College, Jersey, C.I.  Address: c/o Spade Oak Cottage, Bourne End, Bucks, England.  (q.)

2807. *Kerr, Sydney Walter Heron (E), b. 7th November, 1923, son of F. H. Kerr, 43 Knock Road, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1941.

2808. *Kilpatrick, Cecil Stephen (D), b. 14th April, 1921, son of A. Kilpatrick, Portballintrae, Bushmills.  Brother of 3060.  Army, Dec., 1939.  Q.U.B.: 1940, 1946-47.  Edinburgh University, 1947-49.  B.Sc. (Forestry) Edin., 1949.  1940-46: Major, Royal Engineers; attached Royal Indian Engineers, 1941-46.  Mentioned in despatches.  Forest Officer, Ministry of Agriculture (N.I.), Forestry Branch, S.E. District (Co. Down and Armagh).  Address: 9 Slievenamaddy Avenue, Newcastle, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2809. *Lowden, Edwin Hector (E), b. 15th May, 1924, son of Mrs. Lowden, 98 King's Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2700.  L.Vi, July, 1940.  Cadet Pair, 1939.  1939-45 War: Capt., Gurkha Rifles.  Address: Duniris, Station Road, Greenisland, Co. Antrim.  (M.)

2810. *Magee, Gerald Frederick (C), b. 8th September, 1924, son of W. M. Magee, 29 Downshire Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  Half-brother of 2491 and brother of 3063.  Scholar.  U.VI, April, 1942.  Prefect.  Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 1947-51.  B.A.  Army, 1943-36.  With Bensons Ltd. (Advertising), Kingsway, London.  Address: 62 Queen's Gate, London, S.W.7.  (q.)

2811. *Magill, Terence John Patrick Forde (B), b. 22nd May, 1924, son of Rev. W. Magill, Ballyrashane Rectory, Cloyfin, Coleraine.  Brother of 2564 and 2979.  L.VI, July, 1942.  1st XV, 1940-42.  T.C.D.: 1942-43 and 1946-50.  Honours Degree in Modern History; Higher Diploma in Education.  B.A., 1949;  M.A., 1954.  1943-46:  Royal Navy.  Schoolmaster, Endsleigh School, Colchester.  Address: 29 Sussex Road, Colchester, Essex.  (M.q.)

2812. *Malseed, John Richard (C), b. 26th February, 1924, son of Dr. A. Malseed, Elmhurst, Londonderry.  L.VI, July, 1942.  Q.U.B.: 1947-48;  The Royal Veterinary College, London University, 1948-52.  M.R.C.V.S.  1942-47:  R.A.C.  Veterinary Surgeon.  Address: Elmhurst, Clooney Road, Londonderry.  (q.)

2813. *Mann, Stephen Frederick (A), b. 25th June, 1923, son of J. G. Mann, 10 Pembroke Park, Dublin.  Brother of 2629.  Army, July, 1941.  Birmingham University.  Ordnance Survey Department, Assistant Divisional Officer.  Address: 10 Pembroke Park, Dublin.  (M.q.)

2814. *Molyneaux, Cecil (E), b. 12th January, 1924, son of G. Molyneaux, Dundela, Knock Road, Belfast.  U.IV, July, 1941.  Clothing Manufacturer.  Address: 17 Stormont Park, Knock, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2815. *Morton, Richard Grenfell (D), b. 16th June, 1924, son of Mrs. Morton, Heathlands, 12 Massey Avenue, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1941,  T.C.D.:  B.A., B.Litt.; Aberdeen: B.Ed.  Address: 12 Massey Avenue, Belfast.

2816. *McDowell, William James (E), b. 27th June, 1924, son of S. S. McDowell, 17 Hawthornden Road, Knock, Belfast.  Army, July, 1942.  Prefect.  Swimming Team, 1941-42.  1942-46:  Q.U.B.: B.Sc., A.M.I.C.E.  Rowing Blue.  Civil Engineer with J. Laing & Son Ltd.  Address: 28 Hawthornden Road, Knock, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2817. McGugan, Alan (A), b. 17th April, 1924, son of J. K. McGugan, Ulster Bank House, Dromore, Co. Down.  L.VI, July, 1941.  Coleraine Academical Institution, 1941-42.  Q.U.B.: 1942-44 and 1947-49.  B.Sc. Geology.  Radio Amateur Operator.  Radar Fitter and E.V.T. Instructor in R.A.F.;  U.K., India, Burma and Malaya, 1944-47.  Geologist with Anglo Iranian Oil Co., 1949-53 in Persia and Arabia.  Research - Cambridge University.  Address: 134 Ballycastle Road, Coleraine, Co. Derry.  (q.)

2818. *McKee, Frederick Kenneth (B), b. 30th Sept., 1922, son of F. McKee, Rhanbuoy, Carrickfergus.  Remove, July, 1940.  1st XI, 1940.  1939-45 War: P.O., R.N.  Address: Rhanbuoy, Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim.

2819. Orr, Ernest Herbert Ellis (E), b. 22nd November, 1923, son of P. B. Orr, Sefton, Knockdene Park, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 2711.  L.IV, Dec., 1939.  Fusilier, Inniskilling Fus.  Died on Active Service, 1942.

2820. Orton, William Taylor (E), b. 2nd August, 1924, son of R. Orton, 3 Ailsa Terrace, Strandtown, Belfast.  U.IV, July, 1940.  Q.U.B.: 1942-48,  M.B.,  B.Ch.,  B.A.O.;  D.P.H.  Assistant Medical officer of Health, Area 10, Middx., England.  Address: 179 Holywood Road, Belfast.  (q.)

2821. *Patterson, William Marcus (A), b. 24th April, 1924, son of W. Patterson, Ashmount, Castlehill Road, Knock.  U.VI, July, 1941.  Prefect.  1st XI (Cricket), 1941.  Q.U.B., 1941-46,  M.B.,  B.Ch.  Diploma of Obstetrics (London).  General Medical Practitioner.  Address: 16 Kingsway, Dundee, Angus, Scotland.  (M.q.)

2822. *Rennison, Cecil David (C), b. 18th March, 1924, son of Rev. C. T. Rennison, St. Catherine's Rectory, Tullamore, King's Co.  Army, Dec., 1941.  Prefect. 1st XV, 194042 (Capt., 1941-42);  Athletics Team, 1940-41 (Capt., 1941);  Swimming Team, 1940-41.  1939-45 War: Staff Sergeant, G.P.R.  Address: Crossways Cottage, Nerano Road, Dalkey, Co. Dublin.

2823. *Ronaldson, Phillip Noel (A/E), b. 25th December, 1923, son of R. G. Ronaldson, 6 Stormont Park, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1941.  1st XI (Cricket), 1941.  Q.U.B.:  1941-47;  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1947.  Lieut., R.A.M.C.  Canal Zone.  Address: 6 Stormont Park, Knock, Belfast,  (q.)

2824. Roulston, Alan Mitchell (D), b. 20th April, 1924, son of Rev. T. Roulston, Ballyblack Manse, Newtownards, Co. Down.  Brother of 2276, 2503 and 3294.  L.VI, July, 1941.  Geophysicist.  Address: c/o Lundberg Explorations Ltd., 80 Richmond Street West, Toronto 1, Ont., Canada.  (q.)

2825. Russell, Brian Bevan (E), b. 10th April, 1924, step-son of Capt. W. H. E. Welman, Innisfree, Cairnburn Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2876.  U.IV, July, 1941.  Swimming Team, 1940.  Lieutenant, Irish Guards.  Killed in Action, April, 1945.

2826. Scott, David Holmes Wilson (B), b. 18th May, 1924, son of Mrs. Scott, Brackendale, Cloughey, Co. Down.  Remove, July, 1941.  Swimming Team, 1939-41.  Address: Brackendale, Cloughey, Co. Down.

2827. Sweet, Robert Alfred Stanley (D), b. 30th September, 1923, son of Capt. A. H. Sweet, Ardlea, Shantallow, Londonderry.  L.VI, July, 1942.  School Prefect.  1st XI (Cricket), 1940-41;  1st XI (Hockey), 1941-42.  Died, July, 1942.

2828. *Thompson, William Stanley (E), b. 21st October, 1923, son of Mrs. Thompson, 8 Holland Park, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 2596.  U.IV, July, 1940.  Q.U.B.: 1944-50  L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S. (Edin.);  L.R.F.P.S. (Glas.).  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Strathfield, 8 Holland Park, Knock, Belfast.  (q.)

2829. Watson, Hendy de Landre (E), b. 29th January, 1924, son of C. S. Watson, Hulluch, Kensington Road, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 2581.  L.VI, July, 1941.  Flight Lieutenant, R.A.F. V.R.  Died on Active Service.

2830. Williams, Newton Hunter Middleton (D), b. 4th December, 1923, son of Mrs. Williams, Iva Craig Cottage, Craigavad, Co. Down.  Brother of 2942.  V, July, 1941.  Sergeant Pilot, R.A.F. V.R.  Killed on Active Service, 1943.

2831. *Wilson, Ian (B), b. 20th July, 1923, son of Dr. J. Wilson, Galgorm, Ballymena.  Brother of 2728.  U.VI, July, 1941.  Scholar.  Head Prefect.  Cadet Pair, 1939;  Captain of Shooting, 1941;  Boxing Team, 1940;  Athletics Team, 1940.  T.C.D.: 1941-47,  B.A., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. (T.C.D.);  F.R.C.S. (Edin.)  Captain, Dublin University Boat Club, 1945.  Surgical Registrar.  Address: Galgorm, Gracehill, Co. Antrim.  (q.)

2832. Young, Frederick William (D), b. 8th September, 1923, son of F. W. Young, Mount Sandel, Coleraine.  U.VI, July, 1941.  Director of the Mountsandel and Maddybenny Nurseries, Coleraine.  Died, 23rd June, 1950.

2833. Gilmore, William Robert (E), b. 10th June, 1922, son of G. Ross Gilmore, 35 Thornhill Park, Belfast.  Brother of 2891.  U.VI, July, 1940.  Scholar.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 19 Ormiston Drive, Belfast.  (M.)


2834. Haslam, Ralph Stewart (B), b. 14th December, 1924, son of A. E. Haslam, Deerpark Lodge, Carrick-on-Suir, Co. Tipperary.  Brother of 2622.  V, Dec., 1941.  T.C.D.: 1942-47.  B.A.I.  Civil Engineer.  Address: Hazeldene, 3 Easdale Grove, Teranure, Dublin.  (M.q.)

2835. *King, Robert Paul (A), b. 25th January, 1923, son of the Rev. H. E. King, 27 Molesworth Street, Dublin. Caston Rectory, Attleborough, Norfolk.  L.VI, July, 1940.  Prefect.  Swimming Team, 1938-39-40;  T. L. Scouts.  Q.U.B., 1940-41.  1941-46:  Flight Lieutenant, Pilot, R.A.F.  Assistant Manager, West Australian Branch of the British Metal Corporation.  Address: Doust Street, Queen's Park, Western Australia.  (M.q.)

2836. *McDowell, William Desmond (E), b. 20th October, 1924, son of S. W. McDowell, Tremona, 27 Knockdene Park, N., Belfast. Bangor.  Brother of 2158, 2708 and 2837.  U.IV, July, 1941.  Draughtsman.  Address: "Rathmore," 65 Ballyholme Esplanade, Bangor, Co. Down.  (q.)

2837. *McDowell, Martin Wallace (A-E), b. 20th October, 1924, son of S. W. McDowell, Tremona, 27 Knockdene Park, N., Belfast. "Rathmore," 65 Ballyholme Esplanade, Bangor.  Brother of 2158, 2708 and 2836.  U.VI, July, 1943.  Prefect.  Dufferin Medal, 1943.  Editor of "The Campbellian,"  A.A.I.  Chartered Auctioneer and Estate Agent.  Address: 74 Groomsport Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2838. McGahey, Leslie Orr (C), b. 10th February, 1924, son of Rev. R. J. & Mrs. McGahey, 55 Stratheden Street, Antrim Road, Belfast. Killanley Rectory, Castle Connor, Ballina, Co. Mayo.  U.IV, April, 1939.  1939-52:  Royal Navy.

2839. Maitland, John Mullin (D), b. 14th April, 1923, son of Rev. W. Maitland, The Rectory, Shillelagh, Co. Wicklow.  Brother of 2520, 2725 and 2730.  U.IV, July, 1940.  1st XV, 1939-40;  1st XI (Hockey), 1940.  Address: Victoria House, Barrack Hill, Armagh.  (M.q.)


2840. *Caithness, William John (A), b. 6th February, 1924, son of Dr. W. Caithness.  Brother of 2996.  L.VI, July, 1942.  1st XV, 1941-42;  Swimming Team, 1939-40-41-42.  Ulster (Junior) Rugby XV, 1949-52;  Capt., 1952.  1943-46:  Royal Navy.  Company Director, Coal Importer.  Address: 78 Coleraine Road, Portrush, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

2841. *Ellison, James Paul (A), b. 12th April, 1925, son of W. R. Ellison, 102 Princetown Road, Bangor.  Brother of 2615.  U.VI, July, 1942.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1941-42-43;  Athletics Team, 1941-42 (Capt., 1942);  Swimming Team, 1939-41-42;  Shooting VIII, 1942.  1939-45 War: Royal Engineers.  Company Director.  Address: 24 Osborne Drive, Bangor, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2842. *Monard, Patrick Terence (C), b. 20th November, 1924, son of S. H. Monard, The Warren, Donaghadee.  Brother of 2631.  U.VI, July, 1942.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1941-42;  1st XI (Cricket), 1941-42.  C.S.M., J.T.C.  1939-45 War:  P.O., R.N.V.R.  (F.A.A.)  Address: The warren, Donaghadee, Co. Down.

2843. *Marshall, Gilbert Ankrim (D), b. 20th September, 1921, son of Dr. G. Marshall, Pembroke House, Markethill, Co. Armagh. "Annarea," Beechkote Avenue, Killycomaine Road, Portadown, Co. Armagh.  L.VI, July, 1940.  1st XV, 1939-40;  1st XI (Cricket), 1939;  Athletics Team, 1939;  Swimming Team, 1939.  Rugger 4th Indian Airborne Div. Major, Baluch Regt.;  152 Para Bn., 50 Para Bde., 4th Indian Airborne Div.  Active Service, Burma.  Tea Planter, Assam.  Address: Sangsua T.E.,  Gatonga P.O. and T.O., Jorhat Dist., Assam, India.  (M.q.)


2844. *Baillie, John Brian (E&C), b. 4th March, 1925, son of Mrs. Baillie, Garryowen, Stormont Park, Belfast.  Brother of 2791.  V, July, 1941.  1st XI (Hockey), 1940-41.  Apprentice, Harland & Wolff.  Belfast College of Technology, 1941-46.  Higher National Cert., Mech. Eng. Chief Engineers' M.O.T.  Certificate (Steam), 1952.  Marine Engineer.  Address: "Garryowen," 37 Stormont Park, Knock, Belfast.  (q.)

2845. *Bond, Godfrey William (E), b. 24th July, 1925, son of W. N. Bond, 58 King's Road, Knock, Belfast.  Scholar.  V, July, 1940.  R.B.A.I., 1940-43;  T.C.D.: 1945-49;  St. John's College, Oxford, 1950.  Scholar of T.C.D., 1946.;  Berkeley Medal, 1948;  B.A., University Student, 1949;  M.A. (Oxon.), 1951.  1943-45:  War Office and Foreign Office.  Fellow of the Pembroke College, Oxford, and Univ. Lecturer in Greek and Latin Literature.  Address: Pembroke College, Oxford.  (q.)

2846. Burns, Noel Evans (A), b. 24th December, 1924, son of E. Burns, Bersham, Baylands, Bangor, Co. Down.  U.IV, July, 1942.  Address: 19 Third Avenue, Baylands, Bangor.

2847. Catherwood, Henry Irwin Sharpe (E&D), b. 30th August, 1925, son of H. E. Catherwood, Ardenza, Kings Road, Belfast.  Brother of 3018.  U.VI, July, 1944.  1st XI (Hockey), 1944.  Pembroke College, Cambridge, 1944-47.  B.. (Engineering), 1947.  M.A., 1950.  Capt., Pembroke College Hockey 1st XI, 1945; Half-blue, Cambridge Univ. Yacht Racing, 1945-47;  Winner, Irish Motor Racing Championship, 1950.  Resident Engineer, Allenwood Generating Station, Co. Kildare.  Address: Corkagh House, Clondalkin, Co. Dublin.  (q.)

2848. Draper, Richard Leslie (A), b. 30th March, 1925, son of Rev. A. O. Draper, The Rectory, Ards, Co. Down.  L.VI, July, 1942.  Swimming Team, 1941.  1939-45 War: Sergeant, R.A.F. V.R.

2849. Duff, John Gillespie (B), b.3rd December, 1925, son of Rev. A. Duff, Hillhall Manse, Lisburn.  Brother of 2548, 2796 and 3283.  VI, July, 1943.  Nurseryman.  Address: 6 Annandale House, Hampton Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2850. *Dunne, Edward Charles Lennox (E&C), b. 5th March, 1925, son of R. Dunne, 14 Ormiston Drive, Belfast.  Brother of 2962.  Army, July, 1943.  T.C.D.: 1948-53.  3rd Class Honours Degree, Oriental Languages, December, 1951;  1st Class Divinity Testimonium, June, 1952;  1st Theological Exhibition, March, 1953.  Royal Navy, Special Entry, 1943.  H.M.S. Nigeria, King George V, and Duke of York.  Resigned Naval Commission, August, 1948.  Ordained Deacon in Cork Cathedral, 22nd March, 1953.  Address: 14 Ormiston Drive, Knock, Belfast.  (q.)

2851. *Elliott, Robert Edwin (C), b. 29th November, 1925, son of C. H. Elliott, Market Street, Monaghan, Eire.  Brother of 2588.  U.IV, July, 1942.  Company Director.  Address: Church square, Monaghan, Eire.  (q.)

2852. *Erskine, Colin Jack (B), b. 29th may, 1925, son of J. Erskine, Budore, Greenisland, Belfast.  Brother of 2550 and 2681.  U.VI, March, 1944.  Head Prefect.  1939-45 war: Naval Airman, R.N.  Address: Cardross, Sandend, Ballywalter, Co. Down.

2853. *Gilchrist, John Munro (E), b. 30th may, 1925, son of J. Gilchrist, Greystones, Holland Park, Belfast.  Brother of 2660.  U.IV, July, 1940.  M.C.B.  1946-49, Q.U.B.:  B.Sc. (Hons.)  1939-45 War: R.A.F. V.R., Aircrew, Sgt. Navigator.  Research Chemist.  Address: 10 Holland Park, Knock, Belfast.  (q.)

2854. *Gordon, Ian William Eagleson (C), b. 8th September, 1925, son of Dr. J. S. Gordon, C.B.E., Stragullen, Strabane.  Brother of 1962 and 2122.  Army Form, July, 1943.  Prefect.  Indian Army - 8 K.G.V.O. Light Cavalry.  Farming.  Address: Mountain Farm, Box 15 Limuru, Kenya.  (q.)

2855. *Hanna, George Boyle (A), b. 14th August, 1925, son of Lt. Col. G. B. Hanna, O.B.E., I.M.S.  Brother of 2968.  U.VI, July, 1943.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1941-42-43;  Boxing Team, 1941-42;  Swimming Team, 1939-40-41.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1948.  General Practitioner.  Address: 65 Hatherley Road, Cheltenham, Glos.  (M.q.)

2856. *Harris, Miles John Porter (D), b. 16th August, 1924, son of Lt. Gen. Sir Frederick Harris, K.B.E.., C.B., M.C., Q.H.S.  V, December, 1942.  Lieut., Indian Army, 1942-47.  Tea Planter.  Address: c/o Miss Boyd, Tudor Park, Holywood, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2857. *Harrison, William John Ross (C), b. 13th may, 1925, son of Rev. W. J. Harrison, 87 Cliftonville Road, Belfast.  U.IV, July, 1941.  R.B.A.I.  T.C.D.  Manufacturers' Representative.  Address: "Hathor,"  11 Henley Park, Churchtown, Co. Dublin.  (M.q.)

2858. *Hill, Cecil Thomas Nelson (A), b. 30th July, 1925, son of S. J. Hill, Stanleyville, Cregagh, Belfast.  Brother of 3005.  U.IV, July, 1942.  1st XI (Cricket), 1942.  Royal Navy, 1943-46.  Clerical Officer.  Address: 60 Jackson's Road, Holywood, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2859. Hillock, Alan John (D&E), b. 30th April, 1925, son of S. J. Hillock, 151 Belmont Church Road, Belfast.  L.IV, July, 1940.  To R.B.A.I.  Address: 151 Belmont Church Road, Belfast.

2860. *Jamieson, George Gordon (D), b. 27th April, 1925, son of R. A. Jamieson, 144 Cathedral Street, Glasgow.  V, July, 1942.  Royal Navy, Feb., 1944 - Feb., 1947.  Motor Engineer.  Address: 1012 Great Western Road, Glasgow, W.2.  (q.)

2861. *Jemphrey, Denys Herbert Lough (E&D), b. 21st May, 1925, son of T. H. Jemphrey, 7 Hawthornden Drive, Belfast.  Brother of 3209.  U.VI, July, 1943.  Prefect.  Captain of Tennis, 1943.  Q.U.B., 1943-48,  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O.   Foreign Representative of Linen Firm.  Address: "Auburn," Warren Road, Donaghadee, Co. Down.  (q.)

2862. *Johnston, Walter Desmond McGready (A), b. 4th December, 1923, son of W. I. Johnston, Woodside Cottage, Portadown.  Brother of 2919.  U.VI, July, 1941.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1946.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: The "Grove," Moyallon, Portadown, Co. Armagh.  (q.)

2863. *Johnstone, Hugh Brett (E), b. 29th October, 1924, son of J. B. Johnstone, 616 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2624 and 2697.  U.IV, July, 1940.  To U.S.A.  1939-45 War: R.C.A.F.  Address: 616 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast.

2864. Lees, James Lowry (E&B), b. 18th May, 1923, son of Mrs. Lees, 1 Shandon Villas, Kensington Road, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1941.  Q.U.B.: 1944-49, B.Sc. (Civil Eng.).  To New Zealand in March, 1951.  Q.U.B. Bisley Team, 1949-50.  Assistant Engineer, Hydro-Electric Design Office, Wellington, New Zealand.  Address: 23 South Karori Road, Wellington, W.3., New Zealand.  (M.q.)

2865. *Lindop, David Dunham Wilkie (E&A), b. 22nd February, 1925, son of C. Lindop, A.R.C.M., Dun-Lin, Belmont Church Road, Belfast.  V, December, 1942.  Commercial Traveller.  Address: 74 Belmont Church Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2866. McAdam, William Nevin (C), b. 26th February, 1925, son of Rev. W. McAdam, 11 Downshire Place, Newry.  Scholar.  U.VI, July, 1942.  B.Sc. (Civil Engineering),  Q.U.B.  Civil Engineer, Colonial Engineering Service.  Address: Windsor Hill, Newry, Co. Down.  (q.)

2867. *McCue, James Fegan (D), b. 31st March, 1925, son of J. F. McCue, Chetwood, Nottinghill, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1942.  Manufacturer of Packing Cases, Joinery, Shop and Office Fittings.  Address: 25 Rosemary Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2868. *Marr, James Douglas (E), b. 10th April, 1925, son of D. B. Marr, 14 Belmont Park, Belfast.  V, July, 1940.  Coleraine Academical Institution, 1940-42.  Intermediate of B.Sc. (N.A.)  Degree.  Assistant Shipyard Manager, H. & W. Ltd., Govan.  Address: 14 Belmont Park, Belfast.  (q.)

2869. *Millar, Terry Halliday (E), b. 5th July, 1925, son of W. H. Millar, 10 Kirkliston Drive, Belfast.  U.IV, July, 1940.  Address: 2 Kumasi Flats, First Tower, Jersey, C.I.

2870. *Montgomery, David Harford (D), b. 21st June, 1924, son of H. T. Montgomery (427), 7 Windsor Park, Belfast.  Brother of 2928.  L.VI, December, 1941.  Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland.  Chartered Accountant; Partner, John McCullough & Sons, 49 Donegall Place, Belfast.  Address: 19 Grange Park, Dunmurry, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2871. *Nesbitt, Alfred Charles (E&B), b. 13th June, 1925, son of A. Nesbitt, Danehurst, Castlehill Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1717.  L.VI, July, 1943.  Queen's University.  Director: A. Nesbitt & Co., Ltd., Linen Manufacturers.  Address: 63 Landsdowne Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2872. (Oldham, Peter Derek (E&B), b. 31st July, 1925, son of T. H. Oldham, 11 Eglantine Avenue, Belfast.  V, July, 1942.  1939-45 War: Flight Lieut., R.A.F. V.R.

2873. Purdon, Bartholomew Philip (C), b. 19th January, 1925, son of B. W. Purdon, Quartertown Lodge, Mallow, Cork.  L.IV, July, 1940.  T.C.D., 1948-51;  Radio Telegraph College, Cork, 1952.  1943-47, R.A.F. Ground Telegraphist.  Marine Radio Officer, H.M.T. Empire Fowey.  Address: Quartertown Lodge, Mallow, Co. Cork.  (q.)

2874. *Rea, Robert Hanna Tate (E&D), b. 5th December, 1924, son of R. H. Rea, The Orme, Knock Road, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1943.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1940-43;  1st XI (Cricket), 1940-41-42-43 (Capt., 1943);  1st XI (Hockey), 1942-43.  Queen's University, 1950 - Economics.  Lieutenant, Royal Artillery (Field), Palestine, 1946-47.  Permanent Civil Servant, Northern Ireland.  Address: The Orme, Knock Road, Belfast.  (q.)

2875. *Rowbotham, John Loring (D), b. 7th November, 1920, son of V. G. Rowbotham, 54 Pleasant Street, Canton, Mass., U.S.A.  Army, July, 1939. (American Exchange Pupil).  Prefect.  A. B. Williams College, Williamstown, Mass, 1943.  M.D.  Harvard Medical School, 1946.  Interned Faulkner Hospital, Jamaica Plain, Mass.  Surgical House Officer Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Boston, Mass., 1948-49.  Jr. Asst. Resident Surgeon, 1949-51.  Sr. Asst. Res. Surgeon, 1951-52.  George Gorham Peters Fellowship - St. Mary's Hospital, London, 1950-51.  Sr. Res. Surgeon Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, 1951-52.  U.S. Army M.C., 1952.  Now serving in Korea, Surgeon-in-Chief of 45th Surgical Hospital (M.A.)  Address: 81 Strathurne Road, Brookline, Massachusetts.  (M.q.)

2876. Russell, John Anthony (E&B), b. 15th July, 1925, stepson of Capt. W. H. E. Welman, Innisfree, Cairnburn Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2825.  V, July, 1943.  1943-47, Germany and Palestine, Regular Army (R.A.S.C.)  Address: 96 Belper Road, Derby.  (M.q.)

2877. Rutherford, Andrew Adams (D), b. 8th January, 1925, son of Rev. J. S. Rutherford, The Manse, York Road, Kingstown, Co. Dublin.  Brother of 2644 and 2983.  V, July, 1942.  Swimming Team, 1940-41-42.  Q.U.B.: B.Agric., 1951.  1942-47:  Capt., Royal Engineers.  Civil Servant, Ministry of Agriculture.  Address: Tullyard House, Cookstown, Co. Tyrone.  (M.q.)

2878. *Scott, Maurice FitzGerald (B), b. 6th December, 1924, son of Lt. Col. G. C. Scott, O.B.E., Ramsey, I.O.M.  U.VI, March, 1943.  Head Prefect.  McNeill Medal.  Wadham College, Oxford, 1946-48.  Nuffield College, Oxford, 1948-49.  1st Class Hons. Modern Greats, Oxford, 1948, B. Litt., Oxon, 1952.  M.A. Oxon, 1952.  1943-46: Royal Engineers, Captain.  Civil Servant.  Address: Springhill, The Dhoor, Ramsey, Isle of Man.  (M.q.)

2879. *Shepperd, Harold Walter Henry (A), b. 24th May, 1924, son of R. H. Shepperd, 51 Myrtlefield Park, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1942.  Head Prefect.  1st XI (Cricket), 1940-41-42 (Capt., 1942);  1st XI (Hockey), 1942;  Boxing Team, 1940-41-42 (Capt., 1942);  Captain, Shooting, 1942.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch/.1947.  D.L.O., 1952.,  F.R.C.S. (Eng.), 1954.  Q.U.B. Hockey Blue, 1944-47 (Capt., 1947)  Athletics Blue, 1946.  Registrar E.N.T., Royal Victoria Hospital.  Address: 25 Annadale Avenue, Belfast.  (q.)

2880. *Sinclair, Charles Michael (E&A), b. 21st November, 1924, son of Capt. C. M. Sinclair, R.A.S.C., Wayside, Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast.  V, December, 1940.  To H.M.S. "Conway."  1939-45 War: Capt., R. Signals.  School of Combined Operations, Fremlington, N. Devon, 1950.

2881. *Smyth, David William (E), b. 30th December, 1924, son of W. H. Smyth, Annaville, Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1943.  Prefect.  To Queen's University - Medicine.  Address: 42 Ulsterville Avenue, Belfast.

2882. Solomon, Philip Raymond (A), b. 27th April, 1924, son of M. Solomon, 688 Antrim Road, Belfast.  U.IV, February, 1939.  To Dulwich College.  Address: 688 Antrim Road, Belfast.

2883. Stanford, Thomas Villers (C), b. 20th May, 1924, son of R. V. Stanford (587), Vergemount Hall, Clonskeagh, Co. Dublin.  V, April, 1942.  T.C.D. (Engineering).  Address: Riversdale House, Templeogue, Co. Dublin.

2884. *Tweedie, Ivan Cyril Lancelot (B), b. 8th January, 1925, son of Dr. N. L. Tweedie, Redlands, Mansfield, Notts.  Brother of 2649 and 3456.  Army, March, 1943.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1941-43.  1st XI (Cricket), 1941-43.  S.U.C., Oxford.  Address: 2 Cleveland Avenue, Chiswick, London, W.4.

2885. *Wiley, Alan Murray (C), b. 2nd July, 1925, son of A. C. Wiley, Redclyffe, Western Road, Cork.  L.VI, July, 1942.  T.C.D.: 1942-48.  Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford, 1949-51.  St. Thomas's Hospital, London, 1952.  B.A., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., F.R.C.S. (England).  Secretary Trinity Week.  Secretary and Vice-Captain, Dublin University Boat Club.  Secretary D.U. Central Athletic Committee.  Surgeon.  Address: "Bernadine,"  Temple Lawn, Ballintemple, Cork, Eire.  (q.)

2886. *Williams, John Rowley (D), b. 5th June, 1925, son of Major R. D. Williams, M.C. (443),  46 Elmwood Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 2394.  Army Form, July, 1943.  Head Prefect.  Swimming Team, 1940-41-42-43;  Shooting VIII, 1941-42-43.  Pilot, Fleet Air Arm, Royal Navy.  Accountant.  Address: 49 Lakewood Drive, Oakville, Ontario, Canada.  (M.q.)

2887. *Wilson, William Derek Kenmuir (C), b. 25th October, 1924, son of W. E. C. Wilson, 14 Downview Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 2943.  Army, April, 1943.  S.U.C.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1941-43 (Capt., 1943);  1st XI (Hockey), 1942-43.  1939-45 War: Lieut., R.E.  Ulster Hockey XI.  Messrs. Gallaher's, Bristol.  Address: Heather Lodge, Cultra, Co. Down.


2888. *Bennett, Denis Throne Masey (A), b. 4th January, 1926, son of J. T. N. Bennett, 4 Club Road, Lahore, India.  U.IV, July, 1940.  To India.  1939-45 War: R.A.F. V.R.

2889. *Collier, Frederick Sinclair (E&A), b. 3rd November, 1925, son of F. S. Collier, Greenville House, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Brother of 2960 and 3051.  U.VI, June, 1944.  1939-45 War: Royal Armoured Corps, Captain.  Company Director.  Address: Greenville House, Bloomfield, Belfast.  (q.)

2890. Erskine, Gerald Lee (E&A), b. 3rd December, 1925, son of John Erskine, 28 Stormont Park, Belfast.  L.VI, April, 1944.  1939-45 War: Aircraftman, R.A.F. V.R.  Died, 9th August, 1948.

2891. Gilmore, Ian Ross (E), b. 10th October, 1925, son of G. R. Gilmore, 35 Thornhill Park, Belfast.  Brother of 2833.  Scholar.  U.IV, July, 1940.  R.B.A.I.  Q.U.B.: 1943-48, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O.;  D.R.C.O.G.  Senior House Officer, Dudley Road Hospital, Birmingham.  Address: 19 Ormiston Drive, Belfast,  (q.)

2892. *Mills, Henry Cecil Meredith (C), b. 19th September, 1923, son of R. H. Mills, Hawthorn Lodge, Monaghan, Eire.  L.VI, December, 1941.  To T.C.D.  In business in Banbury.  Address: Hawthorn, Monaghan, Eire, and Keeper's Cottage, Great Worth, near Banbury.  (M.)

2893. Muir, Ranald Lewis (E), b. 28th October, 1925, son of Mrs. Muir, Thornleigh, Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2632 and 2655.  U.IV, July, 1941.  To R.B.A.I.  Representative.  Address: "Kiltonga," 9 Kingsland Drive, Cherryvalley, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2894. *Reilly, John Murray (E&B), b. 5th November, 1924, son of J. M. Reilly, Killeen House, Massey Avenue, Belfast.  V, April, 1943.  Address: Killeen House, Massey Avenue, Belfast.

2895. Taylor, Walter Archibald (E), b. 21st July, 1923, son of J. C. Taylor (196), 53 Hawthornden Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2896 and 3143.  U.IV, July, 1940.  To R.B.A.I. and then to T.C.D.  For some years member of the T.C.D. Golf Team of which he ultimately became Captain.  Died, 4th September, 1952.

2896. *Taylor, John (E&A), b. 9th March, 1926, son of J. C. Taylor (196), 53 Hawthornden Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2895 and 3143.  L.VI, July, 1944.  B.Sc. (Engineering).  Civil Engineer.  Address: 53 Hawthornden Road, Belfast.


2897. Wilson, Cecil Moffat (C), b. 4th May, 1926, son of Mrs. A. Wilson, Glen Ban, Abbeyleix, Eire.  Brother of 2775 and 3559.  L.VI, July, 1944.  Q.U.B.: 1944-47.  T.C.D.: 1947-52.  B.A., 1951;  Divinity Testimonial (T.C.D.), 1952.  Ordained Deacon, 29th June, 1952;  Priested, 7th June, 1953.  1939-45 War: Cpl., Ulster H.G.  Assistant Master, Drogheda Grammar School, 1948-50;  Vice-Principal, 1950.  Curate Assistant Cavan Union, Diocese of Kilmore.  Address: The Rectory, Derryheen, Cavan.  (M.q.)

2898. *Monk, Alexander John (A), b. 28th February, 1926, grandson of A. M. Lyons, Rathellen, Sligo.  L.VI, July, 1944.  Civil Service Interpreters' Exam. (Hungarian) - 2nd Class.  Cricket, British Army (N. Ireland), 1949;  Hockey, Singapore district, 1948;  Rugby 1st XV London Irish, 1950-51;  B.E.T. for XV, 1952-53.  Joined, Army, August, 1944, now Regular Army Officer;  Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers (Capt.)  Address: c/o Ulster Bank Ltd., Sligo, Eire.  (M.q.)

2899. Robb, Andrew Robert Gilmore (C), b. 24th October, 1922, son of Andrew Robb, The Elms, Culmore Road, Londonderry.  Remove, July, 1940, to T.C.D.  Address: 62 Marlborough Street, Londonderry.


2900. *Addy, David Cyril Baines (C&E), b. 22nd February, 1926, son of J. V. Addy, 2 Knock Road, Belfast.  L.IV, July, 1941.  R.B.A.I., 1941-43.  1943-45: Fleet Air Arm.  Company Director.  Address: "Rostellan," Cultra, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2901. *Bigger, Francis Edward Antony (A), b. 28th Match (March), 1926, son of Prof. J. W. Bigger, Ardrigh, Temple Road, Dublin.  V, July, 1943.  T.C.D.  Address: Carricall, Claremont Road, Carrickmines, Co. Dublin.

2902. *Boyd, Raymond Hugh Alexander (C), b. 28th August, 1926, son of D. A. Boyd, Dalim Lodge, Mahee Island, Comber, Co. Down.  U.VI, July, 1945.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1944-45;  Captain of Athletics, 1945;  C.S.M., J.T.C.  Accountant (A.C.A.)  Address: Dalim Lodge, Mahee Island, Comber, Co. Down.  (q.)

2903. *Capper, Adam Clarke (A), b. 14th September, 1926, son of T. H. Capper, 56 Malone Park, Belfast.  Brother of 3517 and 3635.  L.VI, March, 1944.  Swimming Team, 1943.  S.U.C. Liverpool, 1944.  1939-45 War: Fleet Air Arm.  Textile Warehouse.  Address: 70 Osborne Drive, Belfast.  (q.)

2904. *Carson, David Gamble Millar (E&B), b. 14th July, 1926, son of Rev. J. H. Carson, 15 Kirkliston Drive, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1944.  T.C.D.: 1944-48;  Queen's College, Cambridge, 1948-49;  London University, 1949.  (Mod.) B.A., T.C.D.  Colonial Administrative Service, Nigeria.  Address: 15 Kirkliston Drive, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2905. *Curran, Desmond Lancelot Edward (A), b. 27th August, 1926, son of the Hon. Mr. Justice Curran, 7 Deramore Drive, Belfast.  U.IV, July, 1940.  To R.B.A.I., then to King William's College, Isle of Man.  Open Scholarship in Classics, Trinity Hall, Cambridge.  B.A. (Cantab.);  LL.B. (Q.U.B.)  Barrister-at-Law.  Address: 7 Deramore Drive, Belfast.  (q.)

2906. *Deeves, William O'Donnell Henderson (E&A), b. 7th September, 1926, son of J. H. Deeves, Dunedin, Comber Road, Belfast.  Scholar.  U.VI, July, 1943.  1946, Cambridge Univ.;  1948-50, Oxford Univ., Grenoble and Bordeaux Univs.  B.A. (Hons.)  (Oxon) Mod. Lang. Graduate, Institute of Personnel Management.  1939-45 War: R.A.F. Interpreter (Russian).  Foreign Office.  Senior Executive Officer, Lotus Ltd.  Address: "Down Lodge,"  Clareville Road, Caterham, Surrey.  (M.q.)

2907. *Devlin, Hugh Alexander (A), b. 13th July, 1926, son of Rev. W. H. Devlin, St. Owens Rectory, Ballymore, Moate, Co. Westmeath, Eire.  V, July, 1942.  T.C.D.:  B.A., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O.  Cox Senior Eight.  General Practitioner.  Address: Manor House, Penryn, Cornwall.  (M.q.)

2908. *Forde, Robert Geoffrey William (D), b. 5th April, 1924, son of R. G. Forde (970), The Brewery House, Nenagh, Eire.  Army, February, 1942.  R.A., 1942; 2nd/Lt., 1943;  6th Airborne Division, 1944;  Wounded, 1945;  Demobilised as Captain, 1947.  Quantity Surveyor.  Messrs. E. R. Babbs & Sons, Manchester, 1953.  Address: West Wood, St. Margaret's Road, Bowdon, Cheshire.  (M.q.)

2909. Frost, James Bradshaw (B), b. 19th March, 1923, son of Dr. Henrietta Frost, 12 Walmer Villas, Bradford.  L.VI, July, 1940.  Cambridge University, 1941-43;  Middlesex Hospital, 1943-46.  M.A.:  M.B., B.Ch.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 12 Walmer Villas, Bradford, Yorks.  (q.)

2910. Fry, John Fisher (B), b. 25th May, 1926, son of H. H. Fry, Ardnagreena, Kilkeel, Co. Down.  Brother of 2686.  III, July, 1940.  (M.)

2911. *Gilmore, Brian (A), b. 7th February, 1926, son of Rev. S. Gilmore, The Manse, Islandmagee (now Omagh).  V, April, 1943.  To Australia.

2912. *Hamill, Brian George (E), b. 20th June, 1926, son of Major G. E. Hamill, 46 Hawthornden Road, Belfast.  L.IV, July, 1941.  To Sherborne.  Capt., Piolim Scouts.  Address: c/o. 24 Ormiston Park, Belfast.

2913. *Hay, Thomas Michael James (E), b. 23rd February, 1925, son of E. N. Hay, D.Mus., Breenagh, Wandsworth Drive, Belfast.  Brother of 2744.  U.VI, July, 1944.  1st XI (Cricket), 1943-44.  B.A., T.C.D.  Teaching.  Address: Strand Head, Portstewart, Co. Derry.

2914. *Henry, Samuel Norman Henderson (B), b. 14th December, 1925, son of Samuel Henry, 90 Sydenham Avenue, Belfast.  Scholar.  L.VI, July, 1942.  John Bartley Verse Prize, 1941-42.  B.A. Hons. (English) Lond. (Ext.)  Schoolmaster.  Address: 19 Knocklofty Park, Belfast.  (q.)

2915. *Hill, Jonathan John McLeavy (A), b. 30th May, 1924, son of J. H. Hill, Derryallen House, Tandragee, Co. Armagh.  Brother of 3150.  Army, October, 1942.  Prefect.  1st XI (Hockey), 1941-42.  M.B.  B.C. (London), 1952.  R.N.V.R. (Air Branch), 1942-46.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Kilwarlin, Kilkeel, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2916. *Hyman, Adrian Oscar (E&D), b. 18th October, 1925, son of Louis Hyman, 755 Antrim Road, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1943.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1948.  Business Executive, Lees, Hyman & Lees Ltd., Belfast.  Address: 745 Antrim Road, Belfast.  (q.)

2917. Irwin, Ivan Harry Seymour (C), b. 20th March, 1926, son of Major W. J. Irwin, 11 Waterloo Park, Antrim Road, Belfast.  Scholar.  U.IV, July, 1940.  To Sedburgh.

2918. Irwin, Michael Patrick Stuart (A), b. 1st July, 1925, grandson of Mrs. Berrington, Rocklyn, Donaghadee, Co. Down.  U.IV, July, 1942.  R.A.C., 1944-45;  R. Innis. Fus., 1945-48.  Overseer of Native Labour on Rhodesian Railways.  Address: c/o. Barclays Bank (Box 790), Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia.  (q.)

2919. *Johnston, Samuel Maurice (A), b. 7th May, 1926, son of W. I. Johnston, The Grove, Moyallon, Portadown.  Brother of 2862.  L.VI, July, 1944.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1942-44;  Shooting VIII, 1940-44.  C.M.S.,  J.T.C.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O.  1939-45 War: 2nd Lieut., Ulster Home Guard.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Katesbridge, Banbridge, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2920. Kelynack, William James Beresford (E), son of J. A. Kelynack, Green Trees, Sydenham Avenue, Belfast.  U.IV, July, 1941.  To R.B.A.I.  Address: 134 Sydenham Avenue, Belfast.

2921. *Knowles, John Sheridan (D), b. 10th May, 1925, son of Rev. J. Knowles, Laurencetown, Co. Down.  Brother of 2488.  L.VI, December, 1942.  1st XV, 1942-43.  Belfast Technical College, 1943-45.  1945-48: Lieut., R.A.S.C. (Italy, 1946-47).  Insurance Executive.  Address: P.O. Box 2163, Johannesburgh, Transvaal, S. Africa.  (M.q.)

2922. *Lane, Maxwell Alexander (B), b. 27th December, 1925, son of W. A. Lane, Limavady, Co. Derry.  Brother of 2563.  U.IV, July, 1942.  1944-47:  R. Irish Fus., Sgt.  Agricultural Engineer.  Address: 21 Main Street, Limavady, Co. Derry.  (M.q.)

2923. *Levis, Clive Denton (D), b. 9th July, 1926, son of Rev. J. Levis, Tyrrellspass Rectory, Co. Westmeath, Eire.  Brother of 2489.  Scholar.  U.VI, July, 1944.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1943-44;  1st XI (Hockey), 1944;  Captain of Athletics, 1943-44;  Shooting VIII, 1943-44.  T.C.D.:  B.A., M.B., B.Ch., 1950.  House Surgeon, Southend General Hospital.  Address: Drumcree Rectory, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, Eire.  (q.)

2924. *Mack, Desmond David (E&A), b. 23rd June, 1926, son of Major C. H. Mack, 38 Knocklofty Park, Belfast.  Brother of 3111.  V, March, 1944.  1st XI (Cricket), 1943-44.  R.A.F., 1944-46.  Wholesale Warehouseman.  Address: 38 Knocklofty Park, Belfast.  (q.)

2925. Mayes, Brian Burton (E&A), b. 30th August, 1926, son of T. H. Mayes, 2 Spokane Villas, Knock Road, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1943.  Q.U.B.: 1944-45;  Edinburgh University, 1945-48;  London University, 1950-53.  M.A. (Edin.);  B.Sc. (Estates Management).  London.  Land Agent.  Address: Belwood Cottage, Milton Bridge, Midlothian, Scotland.  (M.q.)

2926. *Mercer, Henry Bradshaw (B), b. 14th Match (March), 1927, son of H. V. A. Mercer, Ulster Bank House, Ballycastle.  L.VI, July, 1945.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1943-45;  1st XI (Hockey), 1941-45 (Capt., 1944-45);  Ulster Schools' XI, 1944-45.  Capt. of Tennis.  Ulster Senior Hockey XI.  Company Accountant.  (A.C.A.)  Address: 35 Ashley Park, Bangor, Co. Down.  (q.)

2927. *Moller, Roy Norman (C), b. 7th January, 1925, son of H. O. Moller, Ambleside, Magheralave Road, Lisburn.  Army, March, 1943.  To S.U.C.  T.C.D.  Last known Address: Trinity College, Dublin.

2928. *Montgomery, John Trevor (D), b. 25th September, 1925, son of H. T. Montgomery (427), 7 Windsor park, Belfast.  Brother of 2870.  L.VI, December, 1942.  A.C.A.  3rd Place, 1947.  Partner, John McCullough & Sons, 49 Donegall Place, Belfast.  Address: 5 Shrewsbury Drive, Belfast.  (q.)

2929. Mulligan, Terence Elphinstone (C), b. 5th June, 1926, son of Rev. W. G. Mulligan, I.P. Mission House, Ahmedabad City, India.  L.VI, July, 1943.  To T.C.D.  Address: 25 Victoria Street, S. Circular Road, Dublin.

2930. *McKean, Edward John Gustavos (B), b. 11th March, 1926, son of E. J. McKean (149), Gorteen, 57 Somerton Road, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1943.  1st XV, 1942-43.  Q.U.B.: M.B., 1948.  Medical Practitioner.  Lieut., R.A.M.C., 1953.  Address: c/o. Beribanbang, Gilnahirk Road, Belfast.  (q.)

2931. Neill, Guy Beresford Campbell (C), b. 19th November, 1925, son of W. C. Neill, Tyrella, Co. Down.  U.IV, December, 1939.  Haileybury College, 1940-44.  1939-45 War: Lieutenant, The Rifle Brigade.  A.C.A. in I.  Company Director.  Address: 18 Deramore Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2932. *Orr, Samuel Francis Desmond (C), b. 2nd December, 1926, son of Samuel Orr, Canberra, Holywood.  Scholar.  U.VI, July, 1944.  Prefect.  McNeill Medal, 1943.  Swimming Team, 1943-44 (Capt., 1944);  Shooting VIII, 1943-44.  St. John's College, Oxford, 1944.  Open Scholarship in Natural Science.  M.A., B.Sc.  O.U. Occasionals Hockey Club, 1946.  Research Chemist.  Address: Canberra, Belfast Road, Holywood, Co. Down.  (q.)

2933. Pendlebury, Michael Kenny (E), b. 21st January, 1926, son of Lt. Col. P. W. Pendlebury, Palace Barracks, Holywood.  L.IV, April, 1940.  2/Lt., E. Lan. R.  Killed in Action.

3934 (2934). *Pittaway, John Lionel Greville (A&E), b. 17th May, 1926, son of J. E. Pittaway, 93 Cherryvalley Park, Belfast.  Brother of 2913.  L.VI, Match (March), 1944.  Worcester College, Oxford, 1944;  Queens' College, Cambridge, 1945-48.  M.A.  Civil Engineer.  P.W.D., Malaya.  Address: c/o. Public Works Department, P.O. Box No. 1047, Kuala Lumpur, Malaya.  (q.)

2935. Potter, David Keith Furniss (E), b. 17th July, 1924, son of Lt. Col. C. F. Potter, C.M.G., D.S.O., Abingdon, Holywood.  Brother of 2936.  L.VI, December, 1939.  To Marlborough.  R.N.C.  Dartmouth, Special Entry.  Lt. Commander, Royal Navy.  Address: c/o. Lt. Colonel C. F. Potter, Abingdon, Holywood.  (M.q.)

2936. Potter, Henry John Furniss (E), b. 4th July, 1925, son of Lt. Col. C. F. Potter, C.M.G., D.S.O., Abingdon, Holywood.  Brother of 2935.  L.IV, December, 1939.  Marlborough College.  1939-43: Capt., R.A.  Address: "Abingdon, Holywood, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2937. *Stevenson, Robert Gerald (B), b. 22nd August, 1925, son of Howard Stevenson, M.B., F.R.C.S., 14 College Gardens, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1943.  Prefect.  1st XI (Hockey), 1941-42-43 (Capt., 1943):  C.S.M., J.T.C.  1943-47:  R.E.  Linen Manufacturing.  Address: c/o. William Liddell & Co. Ltd., 4 Berners Street, London, W.1.  (M.q.)

2938. *Taylor, William McCaughey (A), b. 10th May, 1926, son of W. Taylor, Ulster Bank House, Connswater, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1944.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1943-44.  S.U.C., 1944-45.  Trinity College, Oxford, 1948-50.  B.A. (2nd Cl. Hon. Modern History), 1950;  M.A. (Oxon) in 1951.  1944-47: Lieutenant, R. Inniskilling Fus.  Asst, to Works Manager, The British Tabulating Machine Co. Ltd., Castlereagh, Belfast.  Address: 55 Knocklofty Park, Belfast.  (q.)

2939. Tughan, Victor Denis (E), b. 11th March, 1926, son of S. V. Tughan, St. Luke's Vicarage, Weaste, Salford 5, Lancs.  Brother of 3358.  U.IV, July, 1941.  R.B.A.I., 1941-43.  Q.U.B.:  1943-44 and 1946-53.  M.Sc., A.R.I.C., Ph.D.  Queen's Univ. Air Squadron, 1943-44;  R.A.F. (Air Crew), 1944-46.  Assistant Lecturer, Dept. of Chemistry, Queen's Univ., Belfast.  Address: 23 Cumberland Park, Dundonald, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2940. *Watson, Douglas Dickson (E&C), b. 22nd June, 1926, son of H. A. D. Watson, 41 King's Road, Belfast.  V, July, 1944.  1944-48: R. Innis. Fus. Shipping Office - Managerial post.  Address: "Eskbank,"  41 King's Road, Knock, Belfast.  (q.)

2941. Watson, James Craig (D), b. 5th March, 1926, son of Thomas Watson, St. Kilda, Clooney Park West, Londonderry.  U.VI, Nov., 1944. Address: Fairholme, Castlerock, Co. Derry.

2942. *Williams, Brian Middleton (D), b. 18th October, 1925, son of Mrs. Williams, Iva Craig Cottage, Craigavad, Co. Down.  Brother of 2830.  U.IV, July, 1943.  Student Apprentice, Messrs. Leylands Motors, Lancs., 1948-49.  R.A.F., 1944-48.  Engineer, Club Terrace Orbost, Victoria, Australia.  Address: The Chimes, Moretonhampshire, Devon.  (q.)

2943. *Wilson, Cecil Trevor Marshall (C), b. 23rd June, 1926, son of W. E. C. Wilson, 14 Downview Avenue, Belfast.   Brother of 2887.  Scholar.  U.VI, July, 1945.  Head Prefect.  Bennett Prize and McNeill Medal.  1st XV, 1942-45; Ulster Schools' XV, 1945;  1st XI (Hockey), 1943-45;  Captain of Tennis, 1945.  C.S.M.,  J.T.C. University College, Oxford, 1945-49;  Guy's Hospital, 1949-52.  M.A., B.Ch.  Oxford Rugby Blue.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Heather Lodge, Cultra, Co. Down.  (q.)


2944. *Dickson, Alexander Patrick Cuming (B), b. 19th March, 1926, son of A. Dickson, Jr., Ballyrogan House, Newtownards.  Brother of 3021 and 3281.  V, July, 1944.  Prefect.  Army, 1944-46.  manager of Branch Rose Gardens, Alex. Dickson & Sons Ltd.  Address: Old Park Farm, Stoke Goldington, Newport Pagnell, Bucks.  (M.q.)

2945. *Hind, Richard David (C), b. 11th October, 1926, son of J. A. Hind, 150 Sandown Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2298.  L.VI, July, 1944.  Q.U.B.: 1948-52. Royal Engineers, 1944-48.  Engineer.  Address: 150 Sandown Road, Knock, Belfast. (q.)

2946. Pilling, Roger Samuel (A), b. 2nd January, 1924, son of A. B. Pilling, Knockmoyle, Larne.  V, July, 1940.  Address: Knockmoyle, Roddens, Larne, Co. Antrim.

2947. Stevenson, Donald Cuthbert (E), b. 19th January, 1926, son of E. Stevenson, Redholme, Craigavad, Co. Down.  U.IV, July, 1941.  R.A.F. V.R., 1943-45.  Edinburgh University, 1946-52.  L.R.C.P.E., .L.R.C.S.E., L.R.F.P. and S.G.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Inver, Spa, Co. Down.  (q.)

2948. Stone, Desmond Gordon (D), b. 27th December, 1926, son of Rev. R. Stone, The Rectory, Killinchy.  Brother of 2216, 2695 and 2784.  IV, July, 1943.  T.C.D.  Assistant Manager, The Ulster Weaving Co. Ltd., Belfast.  Address: 8 Greenmount Avenue, Bangor, Co. Down.  (q.)

2949. Warnock, Hugh Thomas Archibald (C), b. 6th September, 1926, son of Dr. A. Warnock, Trillick, Co. Tyrone.  Brother of 2989.  L.VI, July, 1944.  Address: 446 Antrim Road, Belfast.


2950. Archdale, Mervyn Talbot (W), b. 30th October, 1924, son of Mrs. W. P. Archdale, Mountfield, Omagh, Co. Tyrone.  V, July, 1942.

2951. *Campbell, James Alexander (B), b. 27th October, 1928, son of R. J. Campbell, The Mall, Ramelton, Co. Donegal.  Brother of 2952 and 3171.  I.VI, July, 1947.  Prefect.  Captain of Tennis.  T.C.D.  B.A. (Mod.) (Legal Science);  LL.B. (2nd Class), 1951.  Barrister-at-Law (King's Inns, Dublin).  Professional Assistant to N.I. Government.  Address: 4 Cardigan Drive, Belfast and The Mall, Ramelton, Co. Donegal.  (q.)

2952. Campbell, Robert John (B), b. 25th August, 1927, son of R. J. Campbell, The Mall, Ramelton, Co. Donegal.  Brother of 2951 and 3171.  V, July, 1944.  In Business.  Address.  The Mall, Ramelton, Co. Donegal.  (q.)

2953. *Campbell, Morris Edward Dickson (B), b. 21st May, 1925, son of Rev. T. Campbell, Derrynoose Rectory, Keady.  Army, April, 1943.  Shooting VIII.  1943-47: Capt., R.E.  T.C.D.: 1947-51.  B.A.  Agent of International Publishing Firm.  Address: Derrynoose Rectory, Keady, Co. Armagh.  (q.)

2954. *Clark, Aubrey Alexander Maxwell (B), b. 27th May, 1925, son of A. M. Clark, Ampertain, Upperlands, Co. Derry.  Brother of 2956.  U.IV, July, 1942.  School of Technology, Belfast, 1942-43.  1943-46: Lieut., Gordon Highlanders and R.A.O.C.  Linen Manufacturer.  Address: "Dunwillow," Upperlands, Co. Derry.  (M.q.)

2955. *Clark, David Campbell (C), b. 5th August, 1926, son of Capt. T. J. Clark, Upperlands, Co. Derry.  U.IV, April, 1942.  1st XV,, Shrewsbury School, 1944-52: Indian Army.  Linen Manufacturer.  Address: Upperlands House, Upperlands, Co. Derry.  (q.)

2956. *Clark, Robert Gordon (B), b. 10th June, 1927, son of A. M. Clark, Ampertain, Upperlands, Co. Derry.  Brother of 2954.  U.IV, July, 1942.  Oundle School, 1942-45.  Oundle 1st XV, 1944-45;  Rugger with N.I.F.C., 1945-50.  Linen Business.  Address: Cherryhill Lodge, Upperlands, Co. Derry.  (M.q.)

2957. Clark, Neil Blake (B), b. 6th October, 1926, son of W. M. Clark, Gorteade House, Upperlands, Co. Derry.  L.IV, December, 1940.  Shrewsbury School.  2nd Lieut., I. Guards.  Died on Active Service.

2958. *Clark, Richard Conynham (C and E), b. 13th November, 1924, son of Mrs. Norah P. Clark, Tolcarne, Ramore Avenue, Portrush.  V, July, 1942.  (To S.U.C., Queen's University - R.A.).  Address: Tolcarne, Portrush, Co. Antrim.  (M.)

2959. *Coey, William Edward (B), b. 15th September, 1927, son of G. H. Coey, Ashfield, Dromore, Co. Down.  U.VI, July, 1945.  Shooting VIII.  Pembroke College, Cambridge, 1945-49.  M.A.;  Dip. Agric. (Cantab.);  M. Agr. (Q.U.B.).  Research Officer in Ministry of Agriculture, N.I.  Address: Tynan, Sunmount Park, Dromore, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2960. *Collier, Vernon James Sinclair (A), b. 4th February, 1927, son of F. S. Collier, Greenville House, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Brother of 2889 and 3051.  V, April, 1944.  Address: The Chalet, 789 Antrim Road, Whitewell, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2961. *Colquhoun, John Hubert Carr (A), b. 14th March, 1937, son of Dr. W. Colquhoun, Green Gables, Dunmurry, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1945.  T.C.D.:  B.A.;  M.B., B.A.O.  Maiden, Junior and Senior Colours, D.U.B.C.  Address: Green Gables, Dunmurry, Belfast.  (q.)

2962. *Dunne, Arthur Gordon (C), b. 29th November, 1926, son of R. Dunne, 14 Ormiston Drive, Belfast.  Brother of 2950.  Scholar.  U.VI, April, 1944.  Special Entry, R.N.  H.M.S. Anson, H.M.S. Welcome, Pacific, 1945.  Lieutenant, R.N.  Served off Korea and Malaya during period March, 1951 - February, 1953.  Mentioned in despatches.  Address: Dolphin Cottage, Castle Street, Portchester, Hants.  (M.q.)

2963. *Ferguson, Norman Gerald Dickson (D), b. 1st August, 1926, son of T. D. Ferguson, Ballyvally House, Banbridge, Co. Down.  U.VI, July, 1944.  Prefect.  1st XI (Cricket), 1943-44.  1944-48: Lieut., R.A.  Linen Manufacturer.  Address: Ballyvally House, Banbridge, Co. Down.  (q.)

2964. Flint, Harry MacDermott Vere (D), b. 10th May, 1925, son of Rev. H. Vere Flint, The Rectory, Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare.  V, July, 1943.  In business.  Address: 9 Dunlis Street, Parkside, Adelaide, S. Australia.  (M.)

2965. *Giles, John William Fraser (A), b. 2nd December, 1926, son of W. H. P. F. Giles, Provincial Bank House, Omagh.  Brother of 2618.  U.VI, July, 1944.  Trinity College, Oxford, 1944-45 and 1948-50.  R.N.V.R., Sun. Lieut., 1945-48.  Junior Executive.  Address: Broome Cottage, Victoria Road, Mill Hill, London, N.W.7.  (M.q.)

2966. *Goldsmith, Edward Henry Anthony (D), b. 13th July, 1926, son of A. S. Goldsmith (76), Ardcarrick, Malahide, Co. Dublin.  L.VI, July, 1944.  Address: Ardcarrick, Malahide, Co. Dublin.

2967. *Hamilton, James Barry (A), b. 24th June, 1927, son of R. L. Hamilton (1139), Sunnyside, Whitehouse, Co. Antrim.  L.VI, July, 1945.  Old Campbellian Council from 1945.  Assistant Manager, Whitehouse Spinning Co. Ltd.  Address: Sunnyside, Whitehouse, Belfast.  (q.)

2968. *Hanna, Robert Houston (A), b. 3rd September, 1928, son of Lt. Col. G. B. Hanna, O.B.E., I.M.S.  Brother of 2855.  U.VI, December, 1946.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1944-46;  Swimming Team, 1942-46;  Shooting VIII.  Special Entry, Sandhurst.  2nd/Lt. R.A., 1948.  Served in Korea, January, 1951 - December, 1952.  M.C., 1953.  Address: c/o. Lloyds Bank Ltd., Cox's and King's Branch, 6 Pall Mall, London, S.W.1.  (q.)

2969. *Henderson, Andrew Victor (D), b. 3rd November, 1926, son of S. Henderson, The cairn, Greenisland.  U.VI, July, 1944.  Address: The Cairn, Greenisland, Co. Antrim.

2970. *Hervey-MacLeay, Donald (B), b. 10th July, 1924, son of Commander Hervery-MacLeay, R.N. Base, Custom House, Belfast.  Army, July, 1942.  Prefect.  1st XI (Hockey), 1941-42 (Capt., 1942);  1st XI (Cricket), 1941-42;  Ulster Schools' XI, 1941-42;  Shooting VIII.  Special Entry, R.N.  R.N. Engineering College, Plymouth, 1942-44.  Physical Training Officer at R.N. School of P.T., 1950.  R.N. and Devon County Cricket and Hockey XIs.  Final Irish Hockey Trial, 1954.  Now Lt. Cdr. (E).  Address: Wavecrest, Greenisland, Belfast and c/o. C. W. Branch, Admiralty, London.  (M.q.)

2971. Humphreys, Marshall Clarke (D), b. 11th December, 1923, son of Mrs. Knowles, Broomfield House, Middleton, Co. Cork.  remove, July, 1941.

2972. *Hunter, Thomas Alan (A), b. 22nd February, 1927, son of T. Hunter, 11 Malone Park, Belfast.  Brother of 1823.  L.VI, July, 1945.  Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 1945-48.  B.A., (Hons), 1948;  M.A., 1952.  Solicitor.  Address: 11 Malone Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

2973. *Jordan, William Henry (C), b. 27th May, 1927, son of Hercules Jordan, Drumbane, Moira, Lurgan.  Brother of 2261.  L.VI, July, 1944.  1st XV, 1943-44;  Swimming Team, 1942-44.  Landowner.  Address: Kilmore House, Lurgan, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2974. *Lyle, John Merrishaw (B), b. 6th December, 1926, son of Rev. J. M. Lyle, Palm View, Abu, Bombay State, India.  Brother of 2627.  Scholar.  U.VI, July, 1944.  T.C.D., 1944-48;  Institute of Education, London, 1949-50;  Trinity College, Dublin, Scholarship;  B.A., T.D. (Teacher's Diploma).  French Government Medal for writing and speaking French.  Studied as an exchange Student at Groningan University, Holland, 1947.  Missionary, teaching in a Bombay University College.  Address: 21 Scottish Mission Compound, Nana Chowk, Bombay 7 India.  (M.q.)

2975. *McCaughan, Harold Thompson (D), b. 19th September, 1925, son of J. W. McCaughan, Craigtara, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 2781 and 3061.  U.VI, July, 1944.  Prefect.  1st XI (Hockey), 1943-44.  Q.U.B.:  B.Sc. (Civil Engineering), 1949.  Civil Engineer.  Address: Craigtara, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

2976. *McCorkell, Michael William (D), b. 3rd May, 1925, son of Capt. Barry McCorkell, Wellington Villa, Clooney Road, Londonderry.  Brother of 3008.  Army, April, 1943.  To S.U.C., Glasgow Univ., R.A.  Address: 2 Wellington Villa, Clooney Road, Londonderry.

2977. *McMurray, George Ian (D), b. 9th February, 1927, son of T. McMurray, High Street, Ballynahinch, Co. Down.  Brother of 1715, 1716 and 2211.  L.VI, July, 1945.  Prefect.  1sr XV, 1943-45 (Vice-Capt., 1944-45);  1st XI (Hockey), 1945;  Drum Major, J.T.C.:  Capt. of Shooting VIII.  Linen Apprentice - Messrs. Philip Johnston & Sons Ltd., 1945-50.  Retail Drapery Business.  Address: Redhurst, Annadale Avenue, Belfast.  (q.)

2978. Mackie, Michael Frazer (B), b. 2nd June, 1926, son of T. Frazer Mackie, Greenage, Strandtown, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1944.  Address: Guincho, Helens Bay, Co. Down.

2979. *Magill, Michael Desmond (B), b. 30th June, 1927, son of Rev. Waller Magill, Ballyrashane Rectory, Coleraine.  Brother of 2564 and 2811.  V, April, 1945.  1st XV, 1944-45.  Represented Co. Tyrone at Tennis.  Bank Official, Northern Bank Ltd., O'Connell Street, Dublin.  Address: "Kildollagh," Killiney Road, Killiney, Co. Dublin.  (q.)

2980. *Morrison, John Frederick (D), b. 5th April, 1926, son of Albert Morrison, Rhanbuoy Park, Carrickfergus.  L.VI, July, 1943.  Belfast College of Technology.  In Canada.  Address: Rhanbuoy Park, Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim.

2981. *Pringle, James MacKenzie (B), b. 19th July, 1926, son of Kenneth Pringle, 67 Eglantine Avenue, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1944.  Address: 67 Eglantine Avenue, Belfast.

2982. *Ross, John Barry (A), b. 13th August, 1926, son of John Ross, Beechwood, Doagh, Co. Antrim.  L.VI, March, 1944.  Shooting VIII, 1943.  College of Estate Management, University of London, 1950-51.  R.A., 1944-48.  Auctioneer and Valuer.  Address: Linn, Ballymenoch Road, Holywood.  (M.q.)

2983. Rutherford, Peter Cargin (D), b. 19th January, 1928, son of Rev. P. S. Rutherford, The Manse, York Road, Dunlaoghaire, Dublin, Eire.  Brother of 2644 and 2877.  U.VI, July, 1946.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1945-46;  1st XI (Hockey), 1945-46;  Ulster Schools' XI, 1946;  Swimming Team, 1941-46 (Capt., 1946).  T.C.D.  In Timber Trade.  Address: 16 Victoria Road, Waterloo, Liverpool 22.  (q.)

2984. *Smiles, Roger Philip (C), b. 15th May, 1927, son of P. Smiles, 7 Deramore Drive, Belfast.  McMordie Medal.  U.VI, July, 1945.  With Messrs. J. Haslett, Ltd., Belfast, Wholesale Grocers.  Address: 11 Broomhill Park, Belfast.  (q.)

2985. *Stevenson, William Wright (C), b. 27th February, 1928, son of Rev. Samuel Stevenson, Glastry Manse, Co. Down.  Brother of 3554.  L.VI, July, 1945.  1st XV, 1944-45.  Assistant Manager, Irish Tapestry Co. Ltd.  Address: Glen Road, Comber, Co. Down.  (q.)

2986. *Stokes, Brian (C), b. 1st January, 1927, son of R. S. Stokes, Raheen, Greystones, Co. Wicklow.  L.VI, April, 1944.

2987. *Studdard, Derrell Shelley (B), b. 4th February, 1927, step-son of A. W. Ferguson, Newcastle, Co. Down.  Brother of 3052.  V, July, 1944.  R.U.R., 1944;  2nd/Lt., 1946.  Palestine, 1946-47.  Regular Army Officer.  Address: "Ardlussa," 89 Princetown Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

2988. *Montgomery, Robert Darragh (B), b. 10th August, 1927, son of Group Captain Montgomery, R.A.F.(M).  Brother of 3016.  Scholar.  John Bartley Verse Prize;  Niall Nelson prize.  U.VI, July, 1945.  Caius College, Cambridge, 1945-47;  Middlesex Hospital, 1947-50.  .M.A. (Camb.), 1951;  M.B., B.Chir., 1950.  Fl./Lt. (M), R.A.F.  Address: c/o. Glyn Mills & Co., Kirkland House, Whitehall, London, S.W.1.  (q.)

2989. *Warnock, Robert Frederick (C), b. 5th March, 1928, son of Dr. A. H. Warnock, Trillick, Co. Tyrone.  Brother of 2949.  U.VI, July, 1946.  Head Prefect. 1st XI (Hockey), 1945-46;  Ulster Schools, XI, 1946; 1st XV, 1943-46 (Capt., 1944-46);  1st XI (Cricket), 1944-46.  Pembroke College, Cambridge, 1946-49;  St. George's Hospital, 1949-52.  B.A., 1949;  M. B., B.Chir., 1952.  Resident Obstetric Assistant to St. George's Hospital.  Address: 49 High Street, Hailsham, Sussex.  (M.q.)

2990. Wilkins, Denis Alexander (D), b. 22nd December, 1925, ward of Dr. J. G. Johnston, 46 Castle Street, Lisburn.  V, July, 1943.  F.R.G.S.  Address: Mahee Island, Comber, Co. Down.

2991. Withrington, Benjamin Watson (C), b. 6th May, 1927, ward of Miss H. A. Watson, Richelle, Cork.  U.VI, July, 1945.

2992. Wann, Daniel Rene Richefeu (D), b. 17th January, 1927, son of Group Captain A. H. Wann, R.A.F.  L.IV, 1941.

2993. *Rhodes, Stanley Jackson (A), b. 21st August, 1923, son of S. J. Rhodes, The Warren, Donaghadee, Co. Down.  V, December, 1941.  at XV, 1941-42.  Swimming and Athletics Teams.  1939-45 War: Sub. Lieut., R.N.V.R.  Address: Croagh Patrick, Donaghadee, Co. Down.  (M.)


2994. *Russell, Gerald David John Robert (B), b. 3rd December, 1928, Ward of Group Captain C. H. Richardson, Mohonk, Warren Road, Donaghadee. U.VI, December, 1945.

2995. Bidlake, Christopher John Airth (A), b. 14th October, 1927, son of C. A. Bidlake, The Cottage, Moyallon, Co. Down.  U.IV, April, 1943.  To Blundells.  Address: Middle Bradley, Templeton, Tiverton, Devon.  (q.)

2996. *Caithness, James Murray (A), b. 28th December, 1926, son of Dr. W. Caithness, 6 George Street, Manchester Square, St. Marylebone, London.  Brother of 2840.  L.VI, July, 1944.  1st XV, 1943-44;  Swimming Team, 1942-44.  Manchester College of Art, 1948-52.  D.A. (Manc.), National Diploma of Design.  1939-45 War: Irish Guards and R.W.A.F.F. (Sgt.)  Artist.  Address: Strand Road, Portstewart, Co. Derry.  (q.)

2997. *Carlyle, William Johnstone (A), b. 5th November, 1927, son of G. Carlyle, Ministry of Health, Quay Street, Manchester.  U.VI, July, 1946.  Prefect.  Shooting VIII, 1945-46.  Q.U.B.:  B.Sc. (Civil Engineering), 1951.  Pupil of Messrs. Buirnie, Deacon & Gourley, Consulting Engineers, Victoria Street, London, S.W.1.  Address: 52 Chiltern Road, Sutton, Surrey.  (q.)

2998. *Carson, Hugh Dennis McFarlane (B), b. 17th May, 1927, son of H. Carson, Skerry Bhan, Portrush.  U.VI, July, 1945.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1944-45;  1st XI (Hockey), 1942-45;  Ulster Schools' XI, 1944-45;  Swimming Team, 1941-45 (Capt., 1945).  Senior Inter-Pro Hockey.  Hotel Proprietor.  Address: Skerry Bhan Hotel, Lansdowne Crescent, Portrush, Co. Antrim.  (q.)

2999. *Clark, Peter Aubrey (B), b. 19th June, 1927, son of Sir George Clark, Bart., D.L., Seapark, Greenisland, Co. Antrim.  L.VI, July, 1945.  Mechanical Engineer.  Address: The Grey House, Cultra, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

3000. Gilfillan, Evelyn Ewing (C), b. 27th June, 1927, son of E. Gilfillan, O.B.E., White Gables, Knockbracken, Saintfield Road, Belfast.  L.IV, July, 1941.  To Wellington.  Address: 2 Shrewsbury Park, Belfast.

3001. *Greer, Alexander Hugh Courtney (C), b. 7th January, 1926, son of H. O. B, Greer, Woodville, Lurgan, Co. Armagh.  L.VI, July, 1944.  Chartered Accountant.  Associate of Institutes of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, and in Ireland. 1939-45 War: S.Q.M.S., R.A.C.  Russian Interpreter, Control Commission for Germany - Berlin.  Address: "Woodville," Lurgan, Co. Armagh.  (M.q.)

3002. Gransden, Derek Robert Davison (C & E), b. 15th May, 1927, son of Sir R. Gransden, C.B.E., 4 Castlehill Road, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 3003 and 3004.  U.IV, July, 1942.  Haileybury College, 1942-45; Cambridge University, 1945;  Queen's University, 1948-51.  B.Sc. (Electrical Engineering).  2nd/Lieut., 1945-48.  Electronic Engineer.  Address: 72 Burton Road, Withington, Manchester 20.  (M.q.)

3003. Gransden, Godfrey McCance (C/E), b. 23rd February, 1929, son of Sir. R. Gransden, C.B.E., 4 Castlehill Road, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 3002 and 3004.  L.IV, July, 1942.  1942-47, Haileybury and Imperial Service College.  2nd Class Honours Part 1, Natural Sciences Tripos, Cantab., 1950;  M.B., B.Ch., Cantab., 1950.  St. Thomas's Hospital, London, 1950-53.  Address: 4 Castlehill Road, Knock, Belfast.  (q.)

3004. Gransden, Raymond St. Clair (C/E), b. 11th September, 1930, son of Sir. R. Gransden, C.B.E., 4 Castlehill Road, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 3002 and 3003.  III, July, 1942.  To C.C.P.S.  Address: c/o. 4 Castlehill Road, Knock, Belfast.  (M.)

3005. *Hill, Rowland Stanley Macnamara (A), b. 6th October, 1928, son of S. J. Hill, "Gortgowan," Millisle Road, Donaghadee.  Brother of 2858.  U.IV, July, 1943.  To Cabin Hill.  Assistant Passenger Representative, Canadian Pacific Railway Co.  Address: 194 Merville Garden Village, Whitehouse, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

3006. Jackson, James Croskery (D), b. 11th December, 1928, son of rev. C. Jackson, 26 Elmwood Avenue, Belfast.  U.IV, July, 1942.  Methodist College, Belfast, 1942 - 1946.  University of Durham, B.A. (Hons. in Town and Country Planning), June, 1951.  Associate Member of the Town Planning Institute (A.M.T.P.I.)  Planning Assistant, Devon County Council, S.W. County Planning Dept., Plympton, S. Devon, England.  Address: 26 Elmwood Avenue, Belfast.  (M.q.)

3007. *McCaughey, John Donald (A), b. 16th May, 1929, son of D. McCaughey (882), 32 Cadogan Park, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1948.  Scholar.  Head Prefect.  McNeill Medal.  Pembroke College, Cambridge; B.A., 1952 (Mechanical Sciences).  Assistant to Consultant Engineer.  Address: "Slievemoyne," Church Road, Helen's Bay, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

3008. *McCorkell, Patrick Evelyn (D), b. 7th April, 1927, son of Capt. Barry McCorkell, Wellington Villa, Clooney Road, Londonderry.  Brother of 2976.  L.VI, July, 1945.  Address: 2 Wellington Villa, Clooney Road, Londonderry.

3009. McKee, James Stanley Colton (E), b. 6th June, 1930, son of 622, and Mrs. McKee, 33 Stormont Park, Belfast.  Brother of 3124.  U.VI, July, 1948.  (To C.C.P.S., July, 1942 - Re-entered, February, 1946).  Scholar.  School Prefect.  1st XI (Hockey), 1947-48 (Capt.) Kitchener Scholar.  Hons. B.Sc. in Physics.  External Relations Secretary, Q.U.B., 1952-53.  Research Student.  Address: 33 Stormont Park, Knock, Belfast.  (q.)

3010. *Redmond, Herbert Johnston, Granville (D), b. 28th July, 1925, son of Rev. J. Redmond, Kilbride Rectory, Doagh, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 3011.  L.VI, July, 1942 - to R.B.A.I.  Address: Kilbride Rectory, Doagh, Co. Antrim.

3011. *Redmond, John (D), b. 3rd March, 1927, son of Rev. J. Redmond, Kilbride Rectory, Doagh, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 3010.  U.VI, July, 1944.  Address: Kilbride Rectory, Doagh, Co. Antrim.


3012. *Anderson, Colin Alexander John (C), b. 30th September, 1927, son of Dr. W. A. Anderson, Ballyowan House, Drumbeg, Dunmurry, Co. Antrim.  L.IV, July, 1942.  To Shrewsbury.  Director.  Address: 24 College Gardens, Belfast.  (M.q.)

3013. *Atkinson, John Robin (D), b. 22nd December, 1927, son of Colonel J. N. Atkinson, Dunedin, Cultra, Co. Down.  L.VI, July, 1945.  Pembroke College, Cambridge, 1945-46 and 1948-50.  Leicester College of Art, 1950-52.  M.A. (Cantab.) Hockey:  Cambridge University Wanderers, 1948-50; Leicestershire, 1950-52.  2nd Lieut., R.E., 1945-48.  Assistant Architect.  Address: Dunedin, Cultra, Co. Down.  (q.)

3014. *Buchanan, William David (C), b. 29th December, 1926, son of J. J. Buchanan (604), Beechmount, Deanfield, Londonderry.  L.VI, July, 1943.  Address: Beechmount, Deanfield, Londonderry.

3015. *Carr, James Arthur (B), b. 19th July, 1927, son of Captain J. R. Carr, Hollymount, Finaghy Road So., Belfast.  Brother of 3167.  U.VI, July, 1945.  Factory Representative in U.S.A. for Wm. Liddell & Co., Irish Linen Manufacturers.  Address: 51 White Street, New York 13, New York, U.S.A.  (M.q.)

3016. Montgomery, Matilda Anne, b. 26th June, 1925, sister of 2988.  Daughter of Group-Captain Montgomery, R.A.F.  U.VI, July, 1942.  Address: Kent House, Amesbury, Wilts.

3017. *Carton, David (D), b. 11th March, 1928, son of J. L. Carton, Provincial Bank House, Strabane.  U.VI, July, 1946.  T.C.D.  Mod. B.A., Modern History and Political Science.  Higher Diploma in Education.  Teacher.  Address: Provincial Bank House, Strabane, Co. Tyrone.  (q.)

3018. *Catherwood, Robert Frederick Ernest (D), b. 8th August, 1928, son of H. E. Catherwood, Ardenza, King's Road, Knock.  Brother of 2847.  Scholar.  U.VI, July, 1947.  St. John's College, Cambridge, 1947-50.  B.A. (Engineering).  College Hockey, 1st XI (1947).  Consultant Engineer.  Address: Ardenza, King's Road, Belfast.  (q.)

3019. *Clements, Samuel Craig (A), b. 20th June, 1929, son of S. A. Clements, Ulster Bank House, Donegal Town.  Brother of 2640.  U.VI, June, 1947.  Q.U.B.:  LL.B. (Honours),  Q.U. Law Society, President's Prize for Oratory and Debate, 1949-50.  Solicitor's Apprentice with McKinty & Wright, Solicitors, Belfast.  Address: 8 Ormiston Gardens, Knock, Belfast.  (q.)

3020. *Cowdy, John Robert (B), b. 26th August, 1927, son of J. J. Cowdy, Edenderry Lodge, Banbridge, Co. Down.  L.VI, July, 1945.  Tobacco Manufacture;  Export Sales Manager.  Address: 120 Marlborough Park Central, Belfast.  (M.q.)

3021. *Dickson, George Clarke (B), b. 20th March, 1928, son of Alex. Dickson, Jr., Ballyrogan House, Newtownards.  Brother of 2944 and 3281.  L.VI, July, 1946. Malone, Edinburgh Wanderers and London-Irish R.F.C., 1st XVs.  Horticulture.  Address: Ballyrogan House, Newtownards, Co. Down.  (q.)

3022. *Donaldson, Ian William (D), b. 21st March, 1928, son of J. S. Donaldson, Ulster Bank House, Newtownards.  U.VI, April, 1946.  Bank Official.  Address: "Drumbrochas," Fort Road, Helen's Bay, Co. Down.  (q.)

3023. *Drean, Brian William (A), b/ 20th July, 1927, son of W. C. Drean, 90 Kings Road, Knock, Belfast.  Scholar.  U.VI, July, 1945.  Q.U.B.: B.Sc. (Chemistry), 1948.  Sugar Refinery, Shift Manager.  Address: 61 Blackheath Park, London, S.E.3.  (q.)

3024. *Eaton, James Thompson (D), b. 11th August, 1927, son of J. C. Eaton, 14 Limavady Road, Londonderry.  Brother of 3590.  U.VI, April, 1945.  Merchant.  Commissioned in North Irish Horse (T.A.)  Address: "Everest," Clooney Road, Londonderry.  (q.)

3025. Foster, John Edwin (B), b. 17th September, 1927, son of J. E. Foster, Tuscanora, Knocklofty Park, Belfast.  Brother of 2659.  III, October, 1941.  To C.C.P.S.  Address: 32 Knocklofty Park, Belfast.

3026. *Gallagher, William Thomas (C), b. 3rd January, 1925, son of R. Gallagher, Springfield House, Londonderry.  V, December, 1942.  1939-45 War: R.A.F. V.R.  Address: Springfield, Londonderry.

3027. *Greeves, John Anthony de Maine (A), b. 20th December, 1927, son of Lt. Col. J. R. H. Greeves, T.C. (1183), Coolnashee, Crawfordsburn, Co. Down.  Scholar.  U.VI, July, 1946.  B.A. (Cantab.)  Civil Engineer.  Address: Coolnashee, Crawfordsburn, Co. Down.  (q.)

3028. *Greeves, George Malcomson (A), b. 17th January, 1928, son of W. E. Greeves (519), Ardeevin, Portadown.  Brother of 2597 and 3100.  L.VI, July, 1946.  Linen Manufacturer.  Address: 7 Kingsway Drive, Portadown.  (M.q.)

3029. *Harpur, John Stewart (D), b. 1st May, 1928, son of J. S. Harpur, Miltown House, Strabane.  Brother of 2125.  U.VI, July, 1946.  R.M.A.  Sandhurst, 1947-48. 2nd/Lieut., R.A., 1948.  Address: c/o. Lloyds Bank Ltd., Cox's and King's Branch, 6 Pall Mall, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

3030. Henderson, Trevor Alexander (C), b. 13th September, 1924, son of J. A. Henderson, Northern Bank House, Magherafelt.  L.VI, October, 1941.  Address: c/o. Pebble Cottage, Donaghadee, Co. Down.

3031. Jacob, Anthony Claude Bostock (C), b. 19th September, 1927, son of F. B. Jacob, Rathdowney House, Tagoat, Co. Wexford.  U.IV, April, 1943.  Shrewsbury, 1943-44.  School of Architecture in Dublin, then with Frank Lloyd Wright in Wisconsin & Arizona, U.S.A.  Sailed Atlantic in yacht.  Died, 28th February, 1953.

3032. *Long, Francis Desmond Maurice (D), b. 10th February, 1928, son of B. R. Long (693), The Firs, Stone Street, Boxford, Colchester, Essex.  U.VI, July, 1946.  T.C.D.:  B.A. (Honours), 1950.  Schoolmaster.  Address: Wells House, Malvern Wells, Worcestershire.  (M.q.)

3033. *McCaughey, William Thomas Elliott (D), b. 21st May, 1927, son of W. McCaughey, 1 Palermo Villas, Knock Road, Belfast.  Brother of 3423.  U.IV, July, 1942.  To C.C.P.S.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1950.  M.D., 1954.  Institute of Pathology, Belfast.  Address: 46 Knock Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

3034. *McClure, John Davidson (C), b. 8th June, 1928, son of Rev. W. McClure, The Manse, Lissara, Crossgar, Co. Down.  L.VI, July, 1946.  R.M.A., Sandhurst, 1947-48.  2nd/Lieut., R.A.S.C., 1948.  Address: 4 Ardara Avenue, Dundonald, Belfast and Lloyds Bank (Cox's and King's Branch), 6 Pall Mall, London, S.W.1. (q.)

3035. *McCutcheon, Malcolm (D/E), b. 29th October, 1929, son of W. A. McCutcheon (138), 23 Ormiston Drive, Belfast.  Brother of 2273 and 2707.  L.VI, July, 1948.  C.I.Y.M.S. 1st XV.  Assistant Estates Manager with Irish Roads (Belfast), Ltd.  Address: 23 Ormiston Drive, Belfast.  (q.)

3036. *MacDermott, John Clarke (A), b. 9th May, 1927, son of J. C. MacDermott (976), Glenburn, Cairnburn Road, Belfast.  Brother of 3218.  U.VI, July, 1945.  Senior Exhibitioner.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1943-45;  1st XI (Cricket), 1943-45;  (Hockey), 1945.  C.S.M.  J.T.C. Trinity Hall, Cambridge, 1945-48.  Q.U.B.:  1948-49.  B.A. (Cantab.)  Barrister-at-Law.  Address: Glenburn, Cairnburn Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

3037. McElderry, Victor Neville (B), b. 21st July, 1926, son of J. H. McElderry, 7 Kirkliston Gardens, Belfast.  Brother of 1900.  Scholar.  U.VI, July, 1944.  Q.U.B.:  B.Sc. (Hon.), 1947;  A.R.I.C.;  Lic. Inst. of Metallurgists.  Schoolmaster.  Address: 7 Kirkliston Gardens, Knock, Belfast.  (q.)

3038. *McKinney, William Peter (A), b. 24th July, 1927, son of W, McKinney, Gortlands, Castlehill Road, Belfast.  Scholar.  U.VI, July, 1945.  Christ Church, Oxford, 1945-50.  M.A. (Oxon.), 1952;  B.Sc. (Oxon), 1951;  A.R.I.C.  Industrial Chemist.  Address: Gortlands, Castlehill Road, Belfast.  (q.)

3039. *McMaster, Stanley Raymond (A/a), b. 23rd September, 1926, son of F. R. McMaster, 1 Glenmanus Road, Portrush.  L.VI, July, 1943.  T.C.D.:  B.A. (Mod.); B. Comm.;  B.L.  Rowing Pink.  Barrister-at-Law.  Address: 14 Nottinghill, Malone Road, Belfast.  (q.)

3040. Moorhead, Terence John (D/a), b. 15th October, 1925, son of Mrs. Moorhead, 18 Glenvale Avenue, Portrush.  U.IV, April, 1942.

3041. Ramsay, Robert Henry Cooke (A), b. 12th June, 1927, son of R. H. C. Ramsay, The Moat, Old Holywood Road, Belfast.  V, July, 1943.  To Fettes, afterwards to Engineering School, Glasgow University.  Address: 1 The Moat, Old Holywood Road, Belfast.

3042. *Rollins, David John (D), b. 18th January, 1930, son of J. Rollins, Lynwood, Edgecumbe Gardens, Belfast.  Brother of 3433.  L.VI, July, 1946.  A.C.A.  Wholesale Confectioner.  Address: 39 Edgcumbe Gardens, Belfast.  (q.)

3043. *Stevenson, Henry Frederick Dougan (C), b. 14th July, 1927, son of H. E. Stevenson, Rhone Hill, Dungannon.  U.VI, July, 1945.  Manchester and Leeds University.  Full Athletic Colours (Hockey).  Textile Chemist.  Address: Mullaghanagh, Dungannon.  (M.q.)

3044. *Vint, John Victor (A), b. 18th July, 1927, son of Col. R. W. Vint, R.A.M.C.  U.VI, July, 1945.  Pembroke College, Cambridge, 1945-48.  B.A. (Engineering).  Captain, Pembroke College, Chess Club, 1947-48.  Stress Office, Short Bros. & Harland Ltd.  Address: Peregrine, Greyabbey, Co. Down.  (q.)

3045. *Wilson, Robert Ian Elliott (B), b. 24th August, 1927, son of J. E. Wilson, 23 Deramore Drive, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1945.  Trinity Hall, Cambridge, 1945-49.  M.A.  Trinity Hall Boat Club, 1st Boat, 1948-49.  President, 1949.  Company Director.  Address: 23 Deramore Drive, Belfast.  (q.)

3046. Wright, Michael (C), b. 25th March, 1928, son of Mrs. D. M. Wright, Gilford Castle, Gilford, Co. Down.  V, July, 1943.  To Rugby.  Address: The Castle, Gilford, Co. Down.

3047. *Boyd, Samuel Austin (B), b. 22nd March, 1927, son of R. V. Boyd (447), V, July, 1945.  Address: Old Crawfordsburn Road, Crawfordsburn, Co. Down. (M.)

3048. *Lindsay, Desmond Bernard Johnston (B), b. 14th September, 1927, son of Rev. W. T. Lindsay, 175 Stranmillis Road, Belfast.  L.VI, July, 1945.  Address: British Bank of Iran and the Middle East, 51 Gracechurch Street, London, E.C.3.

3049. Kirkland, Anthony Lindsay (A/a), b. 29th December, 1926, son of F. A. Kirkland, Glenore, Portstewart.  L.VI, July, 1944.


3050. *Butler, James Charles (C), b. 5th May, 1928, son of Mrs. Butler, Waterville House, Waterville, Co. Kerry.  U.IV, July, 1943.  To Wellington.  1939-45 War: Military Cross.  Korea, 1950-52.  Farming.  Address: Waterville House, Waterville, Co. Kerry.  (q.)

3051. *Collier, Mervyn Siegfried Sinclair (A), b. 1st January, 1930, son of F. S. Collier, Greenville House, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Brother of 2889 and 2960.  L.VI, April, 1947.  1st XV, 1946-47;  Pipe-Major, J.T.C.  Address: Greenville House, Bloomfield, Belfast.

3052. *Stuttard (now Ferguson), Roderick Michael (B), b. 22nd February, 1929, son of Mrs. Ferguson, Rosemount House, Greyabbey.  Brother of 2987.  L.VI, April, 1947.  S/Lt. Ulster Div., R.N.V.R.  Export Sales Representative - Murray Sons & Co. Ltd.  Address: "Glenshellich," 9 Tullybrannigan Road, Newcastle, Co. Down.  (q.)


3053. *Hunter, John Acheson (C), b. 9th August, 1930, son of Dr. J. M. Hunter, Eglinton Terrace, Portrush.  U.VI, July, 1948.  Address: Ballintrae, New Avenue, Helen's Bay, Co. Down.

3054. *Whelan, Anthony Robert (C), b. 28th September, 1928, son of Rev. R. H. Whelan, Lislimnaghan Rectory, Omagh.  Brother of 3257.  U.VI, July, 1947.  Q.U.B.:  B.Sc. Chemist, employed by I. C. I., Billingham.  Address: c/o. Rev. R. H. Whelan, Lislimnaghan Rectory, Omagh, Co. Tyrone.  (q.)

3055. *Whitfield, Charles Richard (A), b. 21st October, 1927.  U.VI, July, 1945.  1st XV, 1944-45;  1st XI (Cricket), 1944-45;  "Country Life" Shooting VIII, 1945.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1950;  D.R.C.O.G.  R.A.M.C.  Address: c/o. Colonel C. A. Whitfield, 119 Maidstone Road, Chatham, Kent.  (q.)


3056. Allen, Noel Thompson (C), b. 27th December, 1920, son of Rev. G. Allen, The Manse, Kilmacrenan, Co. Donegal.  Brother of 3574.  U.IV, July, 1948.  Magee College, Derry, 1951.  Address: The Manse, Kilmacrenan, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.  (q.)

3057. *Crawford, William Sturgess (C), b. 2nd August, 1928.  Guardian - Miss A. C. Crawford, 38 Lindsay Road, Glasnevin, Dublin.  U.VI, July, 1947.  T.C.D.: 1948-54.  Medical Student.  Address: "The Oaks," Burleigh Park, Addlestone, Surrey.  (q.)

3058. *Hood, Francis Little (B), b. 25th June, 1926, son of F. L. Hood (847), Pubble House, Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone.  Brother of 2559.  V, July, 1944.  Address: Pubble House, Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone.

3059. *Howden, Roy Harry Graves (D), b. 22nd September, 1928, son of G. B. Howden, Proby Lodge, Dalkey, Co. Dublin.  U.VI, July, 1947.  Q.U.B.: 1947-48.  Dublin University and National University of Ireland, University College, Dublin, 1949-53.  Agriculturist.  Address: c/o. Royal Bank of Ireland, Foster Place, Dublin.  (q.)

3060. *Kilpatrick, Stanley James (A/a), b. 20th October, 1924, son of A. Kilpatrick, Fintra, Portballintrae, Bushmills, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 2808.  U.VI, July, 1943.  Q.U.B.:  B.Sc. (Mech. Eng.) Hons., 1946; B.Sc. (Elect. Eng.) Hons., 1947.  Northumberland County Hockey, 1948.  Assistant to Chief Engineer, Scottish Oils Ltd., Grangemouth, Scotland.  A.M.I.Mech. E.  Address: Portballintrae, Bushmills, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

3061. *McCaughan, William Alexander (D), b. 24th June, 1929, son of J. W. McCaughan, Craigtara, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim.  Brother of 2781 and 2975.  U.VI, July, 1947.  Company Director.  Address: "Craigtara," Ballycastle, Co. Antrim.  (q.)

3062. *McMullan, Malcolm Wilson (D), b. 5th May, 1929, son of Mrs. McMullan, Hill Lodge, Ballycarry, Co. Antrim.  U.VI, July, 1948.  Q.U.B.  Address: "Mornington," Newtownards, Co. Down.

3063. *Magee, Walter Mervyn (C), b. 4th April, 1928, son of W. M. Magee, 29 Downshire Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  Brother of 2810;  half-brother of 2491.  U.VI, July, 1946.  Jesus College, Oxford:  B.A., 1949.  Messrs. Stevenson & Son, Dungannon.  Address: 62 Queen's Gate, London, S.W.7.  (q.)

3064. *Mastin, Cedric Winter (C), b. 4th May, 1929, son of Dr. H. Mastin, 17 Stow Park Circle, Newport, Mon.  U.VI, July, 1947.  Manchester University, 1947-50.  B.Sc.  Graduate Apprentice. Address: 17 Stow Park Circle, Newport, Mon.  (M.q.)

3065. *Meares, Eric Ivor (B), b. 9th April, 1929, son of C. A. Meares, 5 Cyprus Park, Belfast.  U.VI, July, 1947.  Address: 46 Roxborough Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

3066. Metcalfe, John Brian Hawkridge (B), b. 26th March, 1929, son of Mrs. R. Metcalfe, 2 Cherryhill, Beechlands, Malone Road, Belfast.  Brother of 2482.  L.VI, July, 1946.  Address: Derrykeel House, Helen's Bay, Co. Down.

3067. *Patterson, Joseph Kenneth (A), b. 23rd November, 1931, son of Rev. S. J. Patterson, The Manse, Fintona, Co. Tyrone.  Brother of 3068.  U.VI, July, 1950.  Undergraduate, Q.U.B.  Address: The Manse, Fintona, Co. Tyrone.  (q.)

3068. Patterson, Samuel Joseph (A), b. 15th December, 1928, son of Rev. S. J. Patterson, The Manse, Fintona, Co. Tyrone.  Brother of 3067.  L.IV, April, 1944.  Address: The Manse, Fintona, Co. Tyrone.

3069. *Townley, Desmond Alan (C), b. 27th February, 1928, son of R. D. Townley, Belfast Bank House, Bangor.  Brother of 2393.  L.VI, April, 1945.  On staff of Zurich Insurance Corporation Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.  Address: c/o. Belfast Bank House, Bangor, Co. Down.  (q.)

3070. *Twigg, Robert Frederick (B), b. 12th May, 1928, son of R. H. Twigg, Bank of Ireland, Dundalk.  L.VI, July, 1946.  Address: "Shandon," Hillcrest Road, Sandyford, Co. Dublin.

3071. *Wallace, Ian Robert (A), b. 20th October, 1920, son of Major A. Wallace, R.U.R.  U.VI, 1948.  Q.U.B.:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1954.  Address: 18 Sans Souci Park, Belfast.  (q.)

3072. *Gardner, Michael Inglis (A/a), b. 29th June, 1931, son of N. J. Gardner, 53 Belmont Road, Belfast.  Brother of 3199.  III; to C.C.P.S., December, 1942.  Repton; Magdalen College, Oxon.  B.A. 2nd Class Hons.  Address: 7 Knockdene Park North, Belfast.  (q.)

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