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Campbell College Register 1894 - 1954
being the Fourth Edition of The Campbell College Register



this page (2) - January 1904  to September 1916


788. Fleck, James Douglas, (D), b. 26th February, 1890, son of Wm. Fleck, M.D., Tudor House, High Wycombe, Bucks.  brother of 787.  Matric., July, 1908.  1st XI, 1907-08.  Hockey XI, 1907-08.  1st XV, 1907-08.  1939-45 War:  Capt., R. Berks. R.

790. Hume, Walter Oakman, b. 8th September, 1890, son of Mrs. Hume, Rathowen, Windsor Avenue, Belfast.  III, July, 1905.  Uppingham School.  T.C.D.  Senior Moderator, Gold Medal and Moderatorship Prize, 1913.  LL.B. (Hons.), 1913.  Called to Irish Bar, 1914.  K.C., 1933.  In last eight in Irish Open Amateur Golf Championship, 1921.  Died 29th June, 1939.

791. Lewis, Richard, b. 11th September, 1890, son of Joseph Lewis, Sandycroft, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Brother of 1068.  L.V, April, 1908.  Great war: Sergt., Royal Fusiliers.  M.M. and Bar.  Engineer.  Address: 28 Shandon Park, Belfast.  (M.)

792. *McAdam, Leonard John Barrington (A), b. 8th November, 1890, son of Rev. John McAdam, Lawrence Hill, Londonderry.  Brother of 881.  VI, July, 1910.  Head Prefect.  C.S.O.T.C., 1910.  Great War: Lieut., N. Rhod. Police Service Bn. S. Rhodesian Civil Service, 1912.  Native Commissioner, 1936.  Address: Shellpet, Salisbury, S. Rhodesia.  (M.)

793. *Rogers, Ross Moore, b. 29th June, 1890, son of W. E. Rogers, Bank House, Portaferry, Co. Down.  Brother of 912.  L.V, July, 1906.  Retired Bank Manager, Belfast Bank.  Address: 125 Marlborough Park Central, Belfast.  (q.)

794. Vance, Robert Lancelot (C), b. 27th August, 1890, son of Rev. Canon Vance, Rathronan, Ardagh, Limerick.  Brother of 916.  Matric., July, 1908.  1st XV, 1907-08.  T.C.D.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1915.  L.M. (Rot.)  Great War: Capt., R. I. Fusiliers.  Lieut., Indian Medical Service, 1916.  Lieut.-Col., 1934.  Foreign and Political Dept.  Col., I.M.S. (Ret.)  Address: c/o Lloyds Bank, 6 Pall Mall, London. S.W.1. (M.)

795. *Slocock, Samuel Ernest Aubrey (C), b. 14th March, 1891, ward of Mrs. Slocock, Hanover House, Carlow.  III, July, 1909.  Great War: Lieut., R. Dublin Fusiliers.  Bank Manager in Australia.  J.P.


796. McAfee, Lewis Alexander, b. 10th September, 1888, son of Wm. McAfee, M.D., Cooleen, West Kirby, Cheshire.  III, April, 1904.  Killed in action in Great War, 1914-18.


797. *Deane, John Alfred Lyall (A), b. 21st September, 1892, son of Lieut.-Col. Deane, M.D., Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.  Brother of 658, 853 and 1021.  Army Class, Dec., 1910.  Scholar.  McNeill Medal.  R.M.A., Woolwich.  2nd Lieut., R.A., 1912.  Service chiefly with Mountain Artillery and Military Adviser to the Indian States Forces.  R. A. Institution Silver Medallist.  1914-18, Mesopotamia and N. Persia.  1939-44, A.A. Artillery, Home, Lt.-Col., 1941.  Fruit Farmer.  Address: c/o Lloyds Bank, 6 Pall Mall, London, S.W.1.:  and "Sandpit," Templecombe, Somerset.  (M.q.)

798. *Farrell, George Anderson, b. 3rd April, 1890, son of Arthur Thornton Farrell, Corcraine, Portadown, Co. Armagh.  Brother of 1182.  III, July, 1907.  Great War: M.T.,  A.S.C.  Address: Corcraine, 18 Haymarket, St. Anne's-on0Sea, Lancs.

803. Pratt, John Hopkins, b. 8th October, 1890, son of Y. Pratt, Ulster Bank House, Ardee, Co. Louth.  Brother of 864.  U.VI, Dec., 1907.  1st XV, 1907.  Great War: R. Inniskilling Fusiliers and Tank Corps.  Assistant Inspector, Bank of Ireland.  Died 1939.  (M.)

808. Telford, Edwin Arthur, b. 9th February, 1889, son of D. Telford, Ellerslie, Temple Road, Dublin.  II, Dec., 1904.  F.C.A., 1914.  Great War: Capt., R. Irish Rifles.  O.B.E.,  M.C.  Received permanent Commission.  Army Pay Corps, Capt.; Retired 1929.  Last known address: Northcote, Temple Gardens, Dublin; and 380 Watford Way, London, N.W.4.

809. White, George Ramsey, b. 1st May, 1889, son of Rev. Patrick White, Stonebridge Manse, Clones.  Brother of 441 and 711.  III, July, 1906.  Address: 5 Adelaide Terrace, Blackburn, Lancs.


812. Barron, Frederick, b. 15th August, 1890, son of Humphrey Barron, Walton, Fortwilliam Park, Belfast.  Brother of 16.  I, July, 1905.  Great War: 34th Fort Garry Horse, Canadian Ex. Force.  Address: 65 Somerton Road, Belfast.

813. *Bell, Samuel Robert (E), b. 22nd September, 1894, son of S. D. Bell, Wandsworth Villa, Knock.  Father of 3580.  IV, July, 1910.  Great War: Lieut., Inniskilling Fusiliers.  Director and Secretary, S. D. Bell & Co. Ltd., Belfast.  President, Belfast Chamber of Trade, 1937.  President, Rotary Club of Belfast, 1946.  Address: 7 Hawthornden Drive, Belfast.  (M.q.)

814. Boyers, Hedley, b. 3rd July, 1890, son of John Boyers, Longford.  Brother of 815.  Matric., July, 1907.  M.B., B.Ch., T.C.D., 1913.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  M.C.  Died 2nd March, 1953.

816. Bullen, Walter Alexander, b. 1st November, 1892, son of Col. J. W. Bullen, M.D., A.M.S., Mount Auburn, Mullingar.  III, April, 1908.  Great War: Lt., Royal Irish Fusiliers and Royal Army Service Corps.  L.R.C.P.I. and L.M.;  L.R.C.S.I. and L.M., 1920.  L.M. (Rot. Hosp., Dub.), 1920.  D.T.M., Liverpool, 1929.  D.T.H., 1930.  Retired from the Colonial Medical Service, Kenya Colony, 1946.  Medical Officer, Health Control Unit, London Airport.  Address: c/o The Westminster Bank Ltd., 191 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, London, E.17.  (M.q.)

818. Coey, James Arthur, b. 18th June, 1893, son of Edward Coey, J.P., Merville, Belfast.  Brother of 752.  IV, July, 1906.  Shrewsbury School.  Great War: Capt., North Irish Horse (att. R.I. Rifles).  II World War:  Lt.-Col., North Irish Horse (att. Movement Control).  Address: Chart Fields, South Carlton, Lincoln.  (M.q.)

820. Davis, James Carlisle (E), b. 14th June, 1893, son of Rev. W. H. Davis, St. Jude's Rectory, Ballynafeigh, Belfast.  Brother of 907 and 48.  VI, July, 1911.  Scholar, Dufferin Medal.  T.C.D.; Junior Ex., 1912.  Scholar, 1914.  Begley Student, 1916.  Sen. Mod. and Gold Medallist, 1916.  M.B.,  B.Ch., B.A.O., 1921.  Gold Medals, Oratory and Composition, 1919.  Editor, T.C.D., 1918.  L.M., Rotunda, 1921.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 78 Kingston Crescent, Portsmouth.  (M.)

821. *Deacon, Charles Henry (A), b. 21st November, 1891, son of Rev. J. J. Deacon, Rathmullan, Clough, Co. Down.  Brother of 898 and 1081.  Father of 2366.  U.VI, July, 1910.  School Prefect.  B.A. (T.C.D.) Great War: Lieut., R. Irish Rifles.  Assistant Master, Campbell College, 1920.  Address: 25 Stormont Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

822. Edwards, Rowland Alexander, b. 20th August, 1890, son of Philip H. Edwards.  V, July, 1907.  St. John's College, Oxford.  Scholar.  2nd Class Honours, History, 1912.  M.A. Assistant Master.  Deacon, 1913.  Priest, 1914.  Chaplain, Christ's Hospital.  R.A.M.C., Mesopotamia, 1916-19.  Curacies, 1921-25.  Vicar, St. Faith's, Stepney, 1925.  Wisborough Green, 1931.  Dartington, 1939.  Canon, Residentiary of Norwich Cathedral, 1948.  Book reviewer and author of various religious books.  Address: 52 The Close, Norwich.  (M.q.)

823. *Forsyth, James S. (E), b. 4th October, 1891, son of James Forsyth, Iveagh House, Holywood Road, Belfast.  Brother of 643 and 644.  U.V, July, 1908.  1st XI, 1908.  Hockey Team, 1908.  Queen's University Hockey XI, 1909.  Hockey International.  B.Sc. (E).  Great War: Major, R.E.  M.C.; mentioned in despatches three times.  Lt.-Col., 1922.  1939-45 War:  Lt.-Col., R.E. Address: 29A Kidderpore Avenue, London, N.W.3.  (M.)

824. Hewitt, Richard Claude Lifford, b. 10th August, 1889, son of James Hewitt, Dublin.  Matric., July, 1907.  T.C.D.;  B.A.,  B.A.I.,  1911.  Indian Service of Engineers,1912.  Retired, 1942, now living in New Zealand.  Address: c/o Lloyds Bank, 72 Lombard Street, London, E.C.3.  (M.q.)

825. *Hood, John Hamilton (A), b. 16th May, 1890, son of William Hood, Pubble House, Newtownstewart.  Brother of 847.  VI, July, 1908.  M.B., Ch.B. (Edin.), 1913.  Association Football Blue, 1911.  Athletic Team, 1912-13.  Great War: Major, R.A.M.C.  Gynaecologist, Royal Cornwall Infirmary.  Address: Pencarrick, Kenwyn Cross, Truro, Cornwall.  (M.q.)

826. *Jamison, Samuel Wallace (C), b. 20th March, 1892, son of Rev. W. J. Jamison, Bridge House, Kilrea.  Father of 3413.  VI, July, 1910.  Scholar.  1st XV, 1909-10.  Athletic Sports Championship, 1910.  T.C.D.  Classical Sizar and Junior Ex., 1910.  Scholar, 1912.  B.A. (Class Mod.), 1914.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1924.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Beechcroft, Aghadowey, Co. Londonderry.  (M.q.)

827. *Montgomery, William Noel (B), son of Very Rev. Henry Montgomery, M.A., D.D., Lower Crescent, Belfast.  Brother of 129, 130 and 880.  U.VI, July, 1909.  School Prefect. 1st XV, 1907-8-9.  1st XI, 1907-8-9 (Capt., 1909).  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1916.  University 1st XV, 1st XI, Hockey XI, Tennis Team.  Great War: Capt., R. I. Fusiliers, 1914.  Capt., R.A.M.C., 1916.  Twice mentioned in despatches.  Order of the Nile, 4th Class; Order of the Mahda, 4th Class.  P.M.O., Frontier Districts Administration, Egypt, 1919-21.  Consultant in Physical Medicine, M.O.P. Hospital, Mossley Hill, Liverpool.  Visiting Medical Officer, Liverpool Home for Invalid Women.  Medical Adviser, Mersey Docks and Harbour Board.  Medical Examiner, U.S.A. Consulate and Brazilian Consulate, Liverpool.  Medical Officer, British Railways Executive and Hotels Executive, Liverpool Area.  Wing-Cdr., Royal Aux. Air Force (M) 1939-44.  Air Efficiency Award (1950).  Address: 2 Croxteth Road, Liverpool 8.  (M.q.)

829. Mytton, Sydney Herbert, b. 5th May, 1889, son of O. J. Mytton, Holywood, Co. Down.  U.VI, July, 1907.  Scholar.  Queen's College, Belfast.  Mathematical Scholar, 1907.  R.U.I. Math. Sch., 1907.  B.A. (Hons.), R.U.I., 1909.  B.Sc. (Lond.), 1912.  Clerkship, L.C.C., 1909-19.  Fellow of the Institute of Company Accountants.  Accountant and Chief Clerk to The Hansard Society, 39 Millbank, London, S.W.1.  Died November, 1954.  (M.)

830. *McCartney, Walter St. John Fulton, b. 11th June, 1885, son of A. McCartney, Glenavon, Knock, Belfast.  VI, July, 1905.  1st XV, 1904-05.  Lieut., R.A.V.C., 1910.  Major, 1925.  Great War: Mentioned in despatches.  Egyptian Order of the Nile.  N.W. Frontier, 1935.  Mentioned in despatches.  M.R.C.V.S.,  F.R.G.S.  Address: c/o Glyn Mills & Co., Kirkland House, Whitehall, London; and Prospect House, Summer Hill, Gainsborough, Lincs.

831. McClure, William Denham, b. 19th October, 1887. son of Rev. Dr. McClure, Capetown.  Brother of 832.  L.V, July, 1905.  Great War: Trooper, 2nd Imperial Light Horse, S.A.F.F.  Died 10th May, 1949.

832. McClure, Samuel, b. 2nd April, 1890, son of Rev. Dr. McClure, Capetown.  Brother of 831.  III, July, 1905.  Great War: Major, R.A.F.  Managing Director, W. M. Cuthbert & Co., Johannesburg.  Address: c/o Messrs. Cuthbert & Co., Cape Town.  (M.)

835. Nesbitt, Allan Thomas Augustine, b. 25th August, 1893, son of Rev. Canon Nesbitt, Hollymount Rectory, Co. Mayo.  Brother of 863, 1070 and 1278.  L.V, July, 1911.  Trinity College, Dublin.  Great War: Lieut., 6th Batt. Connaught Rangers and R.F.C.  Died.

836. Odlum, Harold Victor, b. 26th September, 1888, son of R. E. Odlum, Newpark, Maryborough.  Brother of 801.  IV, July, 1906.  Address: P.O., Port Alberni, Vancouver Island, B.C.

837. Otway, Herbert Francis, b. 17th October, 1890, son of James Otway, 20 Northbrook Road, Dublin.  II, April, 1905.  T.C.D., B.A., 1911.  Great War: Capt., Army Cyclist Corps.  M.C.  Capt. in Lancashire Fusiliers, Oct. 1915; retired.  1939-45: Lt.-Col., Lancashire Fusiliers.  (q.)

838. Pettigrew, Keeble, b. 23rd February, 1890, son of Robert Pettigrew, Wine Street, Sligo.  IV, July, 1907.  1st XV, 1906-07.  Liverpool University, 1907-09.  Engineer.  Great War: B.E.F., 1915-18.  Mining Engineer in Chile, 1919-30.  Address: Knappagh Beg, Sligo.  (M.)

840. Phillips, Arthur Gordon, b. 20th October, 1885, son of Rev. J. G. Phillips, D.D., Damascus.  Brother of 346 and 347.  VI, April, 1906.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1904-5-6.  Indian Police, 1905.  Barrister-at-Law, 1928.  Inspector General, Indian Imperial Police.  C.I.E., 1938.  Dep. Commissioner, Indian Red Cross.  Address: Betsworth, 42 Warren Road, Donaghadee, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

843. Stringer, Herbert Stanley (B), b. 11th May, 1893, son of Arthur Stringer, 2 Helen's View, Antrim Road, Belfast.  Brother of 783.  Father of 3142.  V, Dec., 1909.  Grain Merchant.  Died 8th January, 1951.  (M.)

845. Wilson, Crawford Linham Law, b. 14th Dec., 1890, son of Rev. Prof. S. Law Wilson, D.D., College Park, Belfast.  III, April, 1908.  B.A. (T.C.D.) L.R.C.S.  Great War: Surgeon-Lieut., R.N. in destroyers and mine sweepers.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Milton House, Sittingbourne, Kent.

846.  Wright, Richard Ponsonby Maxwell, b. 9th July, 1890, son of Rev. Wm. Wright, Springfield Manse, Newtownards.  Brother of 317, 318, 319 and 1241.  IV, July, 1906.  Engineer, Harland & Wolff's.  Great War: Lieut., I.W.T., R.E.  Address: 34 Cleaver Park, Belfast.


847. Hood, Francis Little (A), b. 18th Feb., 1892, son of William Hood, Pubble House, Newtownstewart.  Brother of 825.  Father of 2559 and 3058.  IV, Dec., 1908.  Partner, Hood & Co., Newtownstewart.  Address: Pubble House, Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone.  (M.)

848. Rogers, James (D), son of Rev. John Rogers, Banmore, Marlborough Park, Belfast.  Father of 2769.  VI, July, 1909.  Queen's University.  B.A., 1912.  Missionary, Irish Presbyterian Mission, Gujarat.  Presbyterian Theological Faculty, D.D. (Honoris causa), 1948.  Died 4th June, 1952.  (M.)

849. *Roper, Blayney Trevor (E), b. 2nd November, 1894, son of H. W. Roper, 2 York Villas, Sandown Park, Knock, Belfast.  V, Dec., 1911.  1st XI, 1910-11.  Great War: 2nd Northumberland Fusiliers.  Farmer.  Address: Moss Meadow, Skinburness, Silloth, Cumberland.  (M.)

850. Staples, Robert George Alexander (E), b. 24th September, 1894, son of Sir R. Ponsonby Staples, Bt., Bonchester, Sandown Road, Knock, Belfast.  VI, Dec., 1911.  T.C.D.  Great War: Lieut., M.T., A.S.C.  13th Baronet.  Sales Manager, Kelvinator, Ltd., to 1943.  Address: Barkfield, Freshfield Road, Formby, Lancs.; and Lissan House, Co. Tyrone.  (M.)

851. Stevenson, George Claude, b. 26th August, 1888, son of Alex. Stevenson, Lisburn and Mrs. Stevenson, 2 College Square N., Belfast.  U.VI, Oct., 1907.  T.C.D.  Jun. Ex. and Sizar, 1907.  Sen. Ex., 1909.  Schol., 1910.  B.A., Sen. Mod, 1911.  B.D., 1916.  Curacies: Birr, 1915-17; St. Mark's, Wimbledon, 1925-26.  Missionary (Dublin University Mission to Chota Nagpur), 1917-24 and 1927.  Head of the Mission, 1935.  Died 10th March, 1946.

852. Forde, James Theophilus Elliott, b. 19th May, 1890, son of Rev. Robert Forde, Dundrum Rectory, Co. Down.  Brother of 970.  IV, July, 1906.  Great War: Lieut., N.I.H. and Machine Gun Corps.  Chairman, Northern Bank Ltd.  Address: 34 Wellington Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

853. Deane, William Plowden (A), b. 28th September, 1894, son of Lieut.-Col. Deane, M.D., Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.  Brother of 658, 797 and 1021.  Army, April, 1912.  1st XV, 1911-12.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1912.  Great War: Capt., Leicestershire Regt. 3rd Echelon, G.H.Q., mentioned in despatches.  Major, 1935.  Died on Active Service, 1944.


855. Bailie, Thomas Lindsay, b. 15th September, 1890, son of Samuel Bailie, M.R.C.V.S., Castle Street, Newtownards.  III, July, 1907.  Address: Derryboy House, Crossgar, Co. Down.

858. *English, Joseph Sandys, b. 3rd October, 1890, son of Thomas J. English, Invermead, Lisburn.  Matric., July, 1907.  T.C.D., B.A., 1911.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1913.  M.D., 1920.  F.R.C.O.G., 1930.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Assist. Master, Rotunda Hosp., Dublin, 1918-21.  Prof. of Mid. and Gyn., King Edward VII College of Medicine, Singapore.  Obstetrician and Gynaecologist to the Singapore Hospitals, 1922-1948.  Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, North Down Group of Hospitals.  Address: 5 Maxwell Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

859. Hanson, Robert Simpson, b. 17th March, 1893, son of Rev. D. Hanson, Gardenmore Manse, Larne.  II, Dec., 1906.  Cheltenham College.  Great War: Royal Irish Rifles, 1914-19.  Capt. M.C., 1917.  O.B.E., 1950.  County Commandant, Ulster Special Constabulary.  Address: Glenardagh, Ballymena, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

860. Herdman, Arthur Cochran, b.27th September, 1891, son of Arthur T. Herdman, Mornington Park, Bangor, Co. Down.  III, July, 1907.  Great War: Capt., 13th Battn. R. Irish Rifles, and Staff-Major, H.Q. Staff.  O.B.E.  Linen Merchant.  President of the Linen Guild.  High Sheriff for Co. Antrim.  Member of the Board of Governors of Campbell College.  Died 26th November, 1946.  (M.)

861. *Jamison, David (E), son of D. Jamison, M.D., Frances Street, Newtownards.  Matric., July, 1909.  Open 100 yards and Long Jump, 1908.  Queen's University, M.B., 1914.  M.D., 1920.  M.A.O., 1921.  D.P.H., 1922.  M.O.H., Newtownards, 1926.  Address: "Inishowen," Newtownards, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

862. *McKinstry, Joseph (C), b. 12th November, 1890, son of Rev. J. McKinstry, The Manse, Randalstown.  Matric., July, 1909.  Great War: Lieut., 3rd Battn. Wiltshire Regt.  Accountant and Director of Fox Films.  Address: 33 Champs Elysee (and 152 Avenue Victor Hugo), Paris.  (M.)

863. Nesbitt, Charles Eastwood (D), b. 22nd March, 1895, son of Rev. Canon Nesbitt, Hollymount Rectory, Co. Mayo.  Brother of 835, 1070 and 1278.  IV, April, 1911.  Farmed in Lashburn, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Died.

864. *Pratt, Francis Young (B), b. 17th September, 1893, son of Y. Pratt, Ulster Bank House, Ardee, Co. Louth.  Brother of 803.  VI, July, 1911.  1st XV, 1909-11.  T.C.D., M.D., 1923.  Great War: Lieut., A.S.C.  Officier d'Academie, 1932.  Address: 9 Bryngwyn Road, Newport, Mon.  (M.)

866. Sinclair, Hugh Reid (D), b. 12th April, 1894, son of John Sinclair, Bayview, Sligo.  Brother of 564 and 735.  IV, July, 1909.  Sligo Grammar School.  Great War: R.A.F.  Ulster Bank Official.  Died.  (M.)


867. *Boyd, Robert (B), b. 26th June, 1890, son of Rev. Robert Boyd, India.  Brother of 603.  U.VI, Dec., 1909.  1st XV, 1906-7-8-9 (Capt.)  1st XI, 1907-8-9.  Head Prefect, 1908.  R.U.I. Class. Exhib., 1908.  T.C.D., Junior Ex., 1909.  Classical Schol., 1912.  B.A., 1913.  President, Philosophical Society, 1913-14.  Great War: Capt., 10th Battn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers.  Malayan Civil Service.  Director of Co-operation Federated Malay States and Straits Settlements, 1933-47.  1939-45 War: Civilian P.O.W.  C.M.G., 1946.  Address: The Penang Club, Penang, Malaya.  (q.)

868. Brandon, William Harold (E), b. 8th October, 1895, son of H. B. Brandon, Rosemount House, Antrim Road, Belfast.  II, July, 1909.  Accountant.  Address: 7 Bellevue Drive, Lisburn, Co. Antrim.

869. *Blunden, Eric Overington (A), b. 15th October, 1892, son of Sir William Blunden, Bart., Castle Blunden, Kilkenny.  VI, July, 1911.  School Prefect.  T.C.D., B.A., B.A.I., 1915.  M.Inst.C.E. T.C.D.  Tennis Colours, 1913-14.  Great War: Capt. R.E., mentioned in despatches.  Retired from Civil Service.  Late Divisional Road Engineer, Ministry of Transport, North Midland Division.  Address: Willows, Collingham, Nr. Newark, Notts.  (M.q.)

872. Dickey, Robert Steen, (D), b. 19th June, 1890, son of Rev. C. C. M. Dickey, Draperstown, Co. Derry.  Brother of 922.  Matric., July, 1909.  1st XV, 1907-8-9.  Magee College and T.C.D.  Entrance Scholarship, Magee, 1909.  Carey Missionary Scholarship, 1911.  Sen. Mod. and B.A.,  T.C.D., 1913.  M.A., 1926.  1939-45, Hon. Chaplain to Forces.  Missionary of Irish Presbyterian Church.  Address: I. P. Mission, Rajkot, Saurashtra, India.  (M.q.)

873. Hartnell, Noel Crawford (A), b. 11th November, 1891, son of H. C. Hartnell, 24 Idrone Terrace, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.  III, July, 1909.  Publisher and Press Agent, Dublin.  Address: 21 Idrone Terrace, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.  (q.)

874. *Glendinning, John Hastings (B), b. 7th January, 1894, son of Rt. Hon. R. Glendinning, P.C., D.L., J.P., Glengyle, Windsor Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 609.  IV, July, 1910.  January-August, 1911, private studies in Germany.  Sept. 1911-July, 1912, Ecole de Commerce, Neuchatel, Switzerland.  Great War:  Lieut., R. Irish Rifles, M.C., 1918.  Queen's University, B.Sc., 1922.  A.M.I.C.E.  District Engineer, British Railways, Peterborough.  Address: British Railways, Peterborough, Northants.  (M.q.)

875. *Irvine, Hugh Alexander (C), b. 12th January, 1892, son of Rev. H. A. Irvine, Drumlee Manse, Rathfriland, Co. Down.  VI, July, 1910.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  Magee College, Fullerton Schol., 1910.  Irish Society's Schol, 1912.  T.C.D., Sen. Ex, 1912.  B.A. (Mod), 1915.  B.A. (Classical Tripos), Cantab.  B.D., T.C.D.  Late Classical Master, M.C.B.  Minister of Clougher, Co. Tyrone.  Professor of O.T. Language, Lit. and Theology, Assembly's College, Belfast, 1934.  Professor of Hebrew, N.T. Interpretation and Biblical Literature, Magee University College, Londonderry, 1939.  Address: 7 College Avenue, Magee University College, Londonderry.  (M.q.)

880. *Montgomery, Frank Percival (B), b. 10th June, 1892, son of Rev. Henry Montgomery, M.A., 4 Upper Crescent, Belfast.  Brother of 129, 130 and 827.  VI, July, 1910.  Scholar.  1st XV, 1908-9-10.  1st XI, 1909-10.  Queen's University, 1910.  Univ. XV., 1910-15.  (Capt., 1914-15)  1st XI, 1911-12.  Irish International XV, 1914.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1915.  Great War: Capt., R.A.M.C., 1915-19.  M.C., 1916.  Croix-de-Guerre, 1917;  bar, 1918.  Div. Inspector, Public Health Dept., Cairo., 1919-23.  D.M.R.E. (Cantab.), 1924.  Senior Radiologist, Royal Victoria and Belfast City Hospitals.  F.E.R., 1938.  Fellow, Ulster Medical Society.  President, O.C. Society, 1932-33.  Contributor to Ulster Medical Journal.  Part-time Lecturer in Diagnostic Radiology, Q.U.B.  Chairman, N.I. Hospitals Authority.  From 1948, Senator, Q.U.B.  Knight Bachelor, Jan., 1953.  Address: 56 Osborne Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

881. *McAdams, Frank George Barrington (A), b. 5th January, 1892, son of Rev. John McAdams, Lawrence Hill, Londonderry.  Brother of 792.  VI, July, 1910.  Railway Engineer.  To Canada.

882. *McCaughey, Donald S. (A), son of John McCaughey, J.P., Lancedean, Derryvolgie Avenue, Belfast.  Brother if 1093.  Father of 3007.  L.VI, July, 1909.  Scholar.  1st XV., 1908-09.  Great War: Lieut., Machine Gun Corps. F.A.I. Estate Agent.  Chairman, Belfast Branch Auctioneers and Estate Agents' Institute, 1937.  Address: 32 Cadogan Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

883. McGee, William Richard Arundel (A), son of Rev. S. R. McGee, Marraghmore Rectory, Ballytore, Co. Kildare.  V, April, 1910.  T.C.D.  Great War: Major, R.F.A.; M.C.  1939-45 War: Major, R.A.  Address: Claremont, Killincarry, Delgany, Co. Wicklow.

886. *Parke, David Thomas (C), b. 2nd January, 1891, son of Rev. David Parke, M.A.  U.V, July, 1908.  Went to U.S.A., 1910.  Traveller in Linen Business.  Address: 118 Hamilton Avenue, Staten Island, New York, N.Y.  (M.q.)

887. Pinkerton, Anthony Trevor Hull, b. 28th May, 1890, son of J. C. Pinkerton, Ballyhackamore House, Belfast.  II, Dec., 1906.  Great War: Lieut., S.R. 4th Bn. att. 1st Garrison Battn. R. Irish Fusiliers.  1939-45 War: Lt. 8th H.D. Bn. R. Berks. Regt.  Invalided, Dec., 1940.  Address: 59b Kensington Gardens Square, London, S.W.8.  (M.q.)

891. Ross, Douglas Nathaniel, b. 16th February, 1891, son of Nathaniel Ross, 4 Alexandra Terrace, Military Road, Cork.  V, July, 1907.  Address: Killora Lodge, Glounthaune, Co. Cork.  (M.q.)

892. Scott, William (B), b. 6th March, 1895, son of W. J. Scott, 21 Kincora Avenue, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 1281.  L.V, July, 1911.  Member of Campbell O.T.C. (original) and Queen's O.T.C. to 1914.  2nd Lieut., 3rd R. Irish Fus. (S.R.), Aug., 1914.  Capt., 1916.  Adjt., 1st Bn. Irish Fus., 1916.  M.C., 1917.  D.S.O., 1917.  Major, 1918.  Twice mentioned in despatches.  Lieut., Queen's University, O.T.C., 1920-24.  Capt., 1937.  Partner, Messrs. Beck & Scott, Belfast and Dublin.  Vice-President, Belfast Branch, British Legion.  Major, R.I.F.  Killed in Action, May, 1940.

895. Whiteside, Arthur Hewitt, b. 7th February, 1890, son of J. Whiteside, Bank of Ireland, Queen's Bridge, Belfast.  Comm., Dec., 1907.  Insurance Official.  Great War: Princess Pat's Canadian Light Infantry (Sgt.) Regtl. Sgt.-Major, 20th Div. Field Ambulance.  Engineer.  (M.)

896. *Wilson, Robert Dempster, b. 18th May, 1891, son of M. Wilson, J.P., Windsor Park, Belfast.  III, July, 1907.  Portora Royal School.  Great War: Capt., A.S.C.  Mentioned in despatches.  1939-45 War: Major, R.A.S.C.  District Commandant, Ulster Special Constabulary, Downpatrick District, 1949-53.  Director, Parkview Brickworks.  Address: The Glebe, Killinchy, Co. Down.  (M.q.)


897. Craig, Matthew Nelson, b. 19th January, 1891, son of James Craig, M.D., 2 Carlisle Terrace, Londonderry.  Brother of 605 and 718.  L.V, Dec., 1907.  Died April, 1950.

898. Deacon, John (B), b. 3rd February, 1893, son of Rev. John J. Deacon, Rathmullan Rectory, Clough, Co. Down.  Brother of 821 and 1081.  VI, April, 1912.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1910-12.  T.C.D.  Indo-European Telegraph Dept. Official in India and Persia.  Civil Servant, Ministry of Education, since April, 1939.  Address: Rathmullan Rectory, Minerstown, Downpatrick, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

899. Lewis, Henry Edward (A), b. 8th January, 1893, ward of Rev. T. F. Stewart, St. Paul's Vicarage, Worcestershire.  U.VI, Dec., 1910.  Sen. Schol., School Prefect.  Editor of "Campbellian."  6 Div. Signals (Reserve), R.C.C.S.  Statistician, The Canadian Bank of Commerce, Winnipeg, Man,  Address: c/o The Canadian Bank of Commerce, Winnipeg, Man.  (M.q.)

900. McBride, William (A), b. 6th March, 1894, son of Mrs. McBride, 7 Brookvale Drive, Antrim Road, Belfast.  U.III, July, 1910.  Victualler.  Address: 69 Salisbury Avenue, Belfast.  (M.)

902. Pierce, Philip Busted (C), b. 26th October, 1894, son of John Pierce, Park House, Wexford.  Remove, July, 1911.  Great War: Sportsmen's Battn., Royal Fusiliers.  Manufacturer of Agricultural Machinery.  Address: Philip Pierce & Co., Wexford.

903. Ritchie, James Alexander, b. 8th February, 1889, son of A. B. Ritchie, Annaclone, Rathfriland.  Matric., July, 1906.  Died.

904. Simms, Malcolm, b. 2nd January, 1895, son of Charles Simms, Plas Merdyn, Holywood, Co. Down.  Brother of 1201.  I, Dec., 1906.  R.A.I., Belfast and Ebor School, Bexhill.  Great War: 9th Battn., Leinster Regt.  Address: c/o Linwood, Jackson's Road, Holywood, Co. Down.  (M.)

905. Stewart, John Montgomery, b. 28th February, 1893, son of J. S. Stewart, Castlewellan, Co. Down.  II, July, 1908.  Drapery Merchant.

906. Tate, William Moresby, b. 6th November, 1887, son of A. C. Tate, Slieve-na-failthe, Whiteabbey.  Brother of 989.  Army, Dec., 1906.  1st XV, 1906.  Sandhurst Royal Mil. College,  Connaught Rangers.  55th Coke's Rifles (Frontier Force).  Great war: Service in Waziristan and E. Africa.  Lt.-Col. Indian Army Ordnance Corps, 1935.  Retired 1937.  1939-45 War: Lt.-Col., I.A.O.C.  Address: c/o Messrs. Grindlay & Co. Ltd., 54 Parliament Street, London, S.W. 1., and Barclay's Bank (D.C. and O.), Church Street, Maritzburg, Natal.  (M.)


907. Davis, George Hall (E), b. 10th May, 1895, son of Rev. W. H. Davis, St. Jude's Rectory, Belfast.  Brother of 820 and 48.  V, April, 1911.  T.C.D.  Great War: Capt., 7th Bn. R. Mun. Fus.;  mentioned in despatches.  M.B., 1918.  1939-45 War: Major, R.A.M.C.  Purser Medallist.  House Surg., Liverpool Northern Hospital.  Medical Practitioner.  Address:  "Westfield,"  The Oaks, Bolton, Lancs.  (M.)

908. Dunbar, Kenneth (B), b. 18th March, 1892, son of Rev. M. S. Dunbar, The Manse, Downpatrick.  VI, July, 1910.  Queen's Univ. and Manchester College, Oxford.  B.A.  (1st Class Hons. Philosophy), 1913.  M.A., 1914.  Minister of Church of Scotland, Lockhart Memorial Parish Ch., Edin.;  Broughton, Peeblesshire; and Colinton Mains, Edin.  Address: "The Pines," Rowledge, Surrey.  (M.q.)

911. Robson, Hugh Robert Denham, b. 1st August, 1892, son of Rev. Robert Robson, The Manse, Hillhall, Lisburn.  II, July, 1907.  To Canadian Bank of Commerce.

912. Rogers, Frederick William (B), b. 15th November, 1892, son of W. E. Rogers, Bank House, Portaferry.  Brother of 793.  V, July, 1910.  1st XV, 1908-10.  Queen's University.  Great War: Pub. Schools Bn., 1914-18.  Engineer.  L.M.S. Rly. (N.C.C.)  Address: 21 Glantane Street, Belfast.  (M.)

915. *Tabuteau, Thomas B. H. (A), b. 14th August, 1894, son of Mrs. Tabuteau, Ormond, Chichester Park, Belfast.  U.V, April, 1912.  T.C.D., M.B., B.Ch., 1917.  Major, R.A.M.C., 1929.  O.B.E.  Mentioned in despatches in Great War.  1939-45 War: North Africa and Italy.  Now Colonel.  D.D.M.S.  Malta Garrison.  Address: c/o Messrs. Glyn Mills & Co., Kirkland House, Whitehall, S.W.1.  (M.q.)


918. Barklie, Robert, b. 12th December, 1893, son of Robert Barklie, Faunmore, Strandtown.  Father of 3698.  II, Dec., 1907.  Great War: Lieut., King's Own (att. M.G.C.)  M.C.  2nd World War: Captain, R. Signals.  Died May, 1950.  (M.)

919. *Boyd, Clifford Russell (B), b. 11th July, 1893, son of S. W. Boyd, Claremont House, Ardenlee Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 447, 448, 1162 and 1409.  IV, Nov., 1910.  1st XV, 1909-10.  Great War in R.A.F.  Distiller.  Address: Cromlyn Lodge, Hillsborough, Co. Down.  (M.)

920. Brand, Andrew (E), b. 19th November, 1895, son of J. Andrew Brand, Helen's Lea, St. Andrew's Park, Gilnahirk.  Brother of 949 and 1122.  I.V, July, 1911.  Great War: Public Schools Battn. R.M.C., Sandhurst, and Commissioned to R. Berkshire Regt.  Retired, 1923.  1939-45 War: Commissioned to Canadian Scottish Regt. of Canadian Army.  Instructor (Capt.)  Can. Army Officers' T.C., Victoria, B.C.  Retired through injury.  1927-51 Insurance Underwriter at Vancouver and Victoria, B.C.  Canadian Govt. Civil Service.  Address: 2640 Queenswood Drive, R.R.5, Victoria, B.C., Canada.  (M.q.)

921. *Clendinning, Robert (B), b. 23rd January, 1891, son of John Clendinning, J.P., High Street, Lurgan.  Brother of 947.  L.VI, Dec., 1909.  1st XV, 1908-09.  Great War: In U.S.A. Army.  Address: 172 Alexander Avenue, Nutley, M.J., U.S.A.  (M.)

922. *Dickey, Alfred Charles (D), b. 25th September, 1893, son of Rev. C. C. M. Dickey, The Manse, Draperstown, Co. Derry.  Brother of 872.  VI, July, 1911.  1st XV, 1910-11.  Queen's University Schol. in Anatomy, 1912.  M.B., B.Ch., 1916.  R.A.M.C. (Capt.), 1916-19.  Physician and Surgeon.  Address: 71 Beeston Road, Leeds, Yorkshire.  (M.)

923. Dickson, James Edgar (C), b. 27th April, 1893, son of J. Hill Dickson, J.P., Ardmore, Ballygowan.  Brother of 1116, 1179 and 1315.  IV, April, 1910.  York Street Flax Spinning Co.  Great War: Lieut., 13th R. Irish Rifles, and 1st and 2nd Garrison Batt., R. Irish Fusiliers.  Staff-Officer and Cantonment Magistrate, Burma.  Executive Officer, Ministry of Labour (N.I.).  Died 4th February, 1940.  (M.)

924. *Dobbin, Leonard Taylor (C), b. 18th September, 1892, son of W. C. Dobbin, Brookvale Avenue, Antrim Road.  III, July, 1909.  Great War: Lieut., R.G.A.  Director of Messrs. W. Dobbin & Co., Belfast.  Address:  Aleen, Fortwilliam Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

925. *Ewart, Francis (B), b. 12th March, 1892, son of Wm. Ewart, Ganaway, Millisle, Donaghadee.  VI, July, 1910.  1st XV, 1908-10.  1st XI, 1910.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1916.  Surg.-Lieut., R.N.  O.B.E.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Croylands, Eversley Crescent, Isleworth, Middlesex.  (M.)

926. *Fuge, William Valentine Greatraks (D), b. 16th April, 1892, eldest son of Richard Purcell Fuge, J.P., of Templemary, Buttevant, Co. Cork. and Glencorran, Ardmore, Co. Waterford.  Brother of 927 and 1254.  VI, July, 1911.  1st XV, 1909-11.  R.M.A. Woolwich, 1911-12.  1st Place Concours Special, in French.  Commissioned  R.A., Dec., 1912.  A.M.I. Mech. E. M.I.E.E.  Great War: Capt., R.A., seconded A/Major, R.E. Signal Service.  Transferred to Royal Corps of Signals.  Major, 1928.  Retired, 1935.  1939-45 War: Re-employed Major, R. Signals, 1939-47.  Mentioned in despatches, 1917 and 1918.  M.B.E., June, 1918.  Consulting Engineer.  Fellow of: The Physical Society, Faraday Society, Royal Society of Arts.  Address: c/o Lloyd's Bank Ltd., Cox & King's Branch, 6 Pall Mall, London, S.W.1.  (q.)

927. *Fuge, Edward Kenneth Purcell (D), b. 11th July, 1894, son of Richard P. Fuge, Templemary, Buttevant, Co. Cork.  Brother of 926 and 1254.  VI, April, 1912.  1st XV, 1911-12.  Great War: Capt., King's Liverpool Regt.  Severely wounded.  Civil Servant.  Founder and First Chairman, York Rugby Football Club.  Address: 11A Avenue Terrace, Clifton, York.  (M.q.)

929. Greeves, Joseph Arthur (E), b. 27th August, 1895,  son of Joseph M. Greeves, Bernagh, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 366, 519 and 762.  IV, July, 1912.  To Linen Business, then to Slade School of Art.  Obtained Slade Certificate.  Studied Art abroad.  Exhibitor in Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin.  Address: Silver Hill, Crawfordsburn, Co. Down.  (q.)

931. Hamilton, Thomas Witherow (C), b. 3rd March, 1893, son of S. Hamilton, M.D., Ballynahinch, Co. Down.  Brother of 685.  Matric., July, 1908.  Great War: R. Irish Rifles.  Commercial Traveller.  Address: 32 Morley Avenue, Fallowfield, Manchester, 14.  (M.)

934. *Morton, David Hamill (A), b. 16th August, 1893, son of Rev. D. Morton, Newtownstewart.  VI, July, 1911.  Schol.  T.C.D., B.A., B.A.I., 1914.  Great War: Capt., Royal Innis. Fus.  Engineer.  Romney Marsh Catchment Board since 1925.  Address: Slieve Truim, Dymchurch, Kent.  (M.q.)

936. *McNinch, James Watt, b. 4th July, 1889, son of J. W. McNinch, J.P., Ranservyn, Larne.  L.VI, July, 1907.  1st XV, 1906-07.  T.C.D.  Admitted Solicitor, 1913.  B.A., T.C.D., 1914.  M.A., 1919.  Great War: Despatch Rider, R.E., 1915-19.  Address: Drumkeen, Larne, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

939. McCurdy, William (No. 649 re-entered); Left, July, 1908.  Died 15th June 1945.

940. McIldowie, John Durie (E), son of Geo. McIldowie, Elphinstone, Craigavad, Co. Down.  II, April, 1910.  Sedburgh School, 1910-14.  Great War: R. Innis. Fusiliers and 9th Batt. Worcestershire Regt. (Capt.)  Solicitor.  Died 20th May, 1940.  (M.)

941. Perry, Martin, b. 27th July, 1891, son of Rev. H. W. Perry, The Manse, Portadown.  I, April, 1907.  Dentist.

942. *Robb, John Charles (E), b. 1st February, 1892, son of Alex. Robb, Dundonald, Belfast.  Brother of 628.  U.V, July, 1909.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1915.  Great War: Major, R.A.M.C., 1914-19.  O.C., 110th Field Ambulance.  Croix de Guerre (Belge); mentioned in despatches.  M.D., M.Ch. (by Thesis), 1922.  Surgeon i-c., Down County Infirmary.  President, O.C. Society, 1949.  President, Ulster Medical Society.  Address: Infirmary House, Downpatrick, Co. Down.  (M.q.)


945. Ferguson, Frederick William, son of Samuel Ferguson, Church View, Holywood, Co. Down.  III, July, 1907.  Merchant.  Address: 21 Ardlee Avenue, Holywood, Co. Down.

947. Clendinning, James (B), b. 23rd November, 1892, son of John Clendinning, High Street, Lurgan.  Brother of 921.  L.V, July, 1910.  1st XI, 1910.  Great War: With Mosquito Fleet, U.S. Naval Reserve.  Management, J. P. Stevens & Co., Inc., 1460 Broadway, New York.  Address: 68 Lafayette Avenue, Passaic, New Jersey, U.S.A.  (q.)

948. *Boyd, James Alexander (E), b. 17th January, 1896, son of Mrs. Boyd, Mayview, Newtownards Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1066.  L.V, July, 1912.  Great War: Capt., 9th Batt. Essex Regt.  Administrative Service, Nigeria.  Resigned.  Address: 19 Alvin Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  (M.)

949. Brand, Robert Tweedie (E), b. 28th August, 1891, son of J. A. Brand, Helen's Lea, St. Andrew's Park, Gilnahirk, Belfast.  Brother of 920 and 1122,  Matric., April, 1909.  Chartered Accountant.  Address: Braehaven, Gilnahirk Road, Belfast.  (q.)

950. *Lamont, Joseph Stevenson, b. 20th June, 1890, son of Joseph Lamont, Cabra House, Ballymoney.  Brother of 951.  U.V, April, 1908.  1st XV, 1907-08.  Linen Manufacturer and Merchant.  Address: 65 Myrtlefield Park, Belfast.  (M.)

951. Lamont, John Clarke, b. 20th June, 1890, son of Joseph Lamont, Cabra House, Ballymoney.  Brother of 950.  IV, July, 1907.  Fruit Farmer.  Address: Old Cryals, Matfield, Kent.  (q.)

952. Merrin, Benjamin Damer (C), b. 25th March, 1893, son of Rev. R. J. Merrin, The Rectory, Ballivor, Co. Meath.  L.V, July, 1911.  To T.C.D.  Great War: Lieut., R. Irish Rifles, Irish Brigade.  Certificate for gallantry.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1918.  Capt., R.A.  M.C., 1918-19, and afterwards with Army of Occupation in Germany.  Certificate, London Sch. of Trop. Med. and Hygiene, 1926.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 2- Davenport Road, Hazel Grove, Stockport, Cheshire.  (M.)

953. Montgomery, Cecil Vincent (A), b. 28th January, 1892, son of W. Montgomery, 8 Pembroke Park, Clyde Road, Dublin.  Father of 2758.  Matric., July, 1909.  T.C.D.  To Assessors and Surveyors' Business.  Army Entrance Exam., 1916.  Served in France and Germany.  1939-45, Civil Defence, Dublin.  D.M.N.A.A.F.I., R.A.F., England and Belgium.  Professional Associate, Surveyors' Institute, London, 1921.  Address: 7 Rostrevor Road, Rathgar, Dublin.  (M.q.)

954. Sweetnam, Thomas William (A), b. 22nd March, 1893, son of Rev. G. Sweetnam, Killylagh Rectory, Maghera, Co. Derry.  Brother of 955.  V, July, 1910.  T.C.D.  B.A., 1914.  Monkstown 1st XV, 1911-14.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1915.  L.M., Rotunda, 1915.  Great war: Capt., R.A.M.C.  Hon. Physician, Wimbledon Hospital.  1939-45, Major, R.A.M.C. Medical Referee, Ministry of Health and Local Government, N.I.  Address: 35 Prospect Road, Portstewart, Co. Derry.  (M.q.)

955. Sweetnam, William (A), b. 5th May, 1895, son of Rev. G. Sweetnam, Killylagh Rectory, Maghera, Co. Derry.  Brother of 954.  IV, July, 1910.  T.C.D.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1918.  L.M.  Rotunda Hosp. House Phys., Wolverhampton Hospital, 1919.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: The Moorings, 28 Broadlands Avenue, Shepperton-on-Thames, Middlesex.  (M.)

956. Watson, Gerard Philip (C), b. 14th June, 1892, son of Gerald Watson, Fortlands, Tralee, Co. Kerry.  Father of 2650 and 3256.  IV, July, 1909.  Creamery Proprietor until 1928.  Address: Fortlands, Tralee, Co. Kerry.  (M.q.)


957. *Gregg, Arthur Leslie, b. 19th July, 1893, son of John Gregg, Chichester Gardens, Belfast.  U.V, July, 1912.  Head Prefect, 1911-12.  1st XV, 1909-12.  (Capt., 1911-12).  1st XI, 1910-12 (Capt., 1911).  Ulster Inter Pro. XV, 1913-14.  T.C.D., 1912-19.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1918.  M.A., M.D., 1919.  Great War: Lieut., 6th Batt. R. Irish Fus.; mentioned in despatches.  L.M., Rotunda Hospital, Dublin.  D.T.M. and Hy.;  R.C.P.S. (Eng.), 1921.  M.Ch., 1925. F.R.S. Trop. Med. and Hy.  Late Asst. Surgn., Irish Counties War Hospital.  Late Medical Supt., Hospital for Tropical Diseases, London.  Lecturer in Tropical Medicine, Westminster Hospital Medical school.  Cons. Phys. Colonial Office.  Author of "Tropical Nursing,"  1946.  Contributor to "British Journal of Surgery."  Address: 149 Harley Street, London, W.1.; and Oak Lodge, 40 Bramley Ave., Coulsdon, Surrey.  (M.)

959. *Caldwell, John Young (E), b. 15th March, 1894, son of John Y. Calwell, Woodlawn, Strandtown.  Brother of 449.  III, July, 1911.  Great War: R. Irish Rifles.  Major, R. Ulster Rifles, 1935.  M.V.O., A.P.M., Aldershot and Palestine and Transjordan Forces.  C.B.E.  Mentioned in despatches, four times.  Promoted Lt.-Col., 1940; Colonel, 1943; Brigadier, 1944.  Governor of Campbell College.  Black Rod, Parliament of Northern Ireland, 1954.  Address: The Cottage, Bridge Road, Helen's Bay, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

961. *Webb, Karl Watson, b. 11th December, 1892, son of Richard T. Webb, Rath House, Knock, Co. Down.  Brother of 206, 586 and 634.  IV, April, 1910.  Great War: R.G.A.  Salonica.  1939-45 War: Garryard, 112 King's Road, Belfast.  (q.)


962. Armstrong, Stanley Ignatius, b. 6th February, 1896, son of Mrs. F. A. Armstrong, c/o Thronemount, Belfast.  Jan., 1908.  Berhamstead School, Herts.  King's College School, London.  University of London, King's College.  Assoc.  I.E.E.  Electrical Engineer and Contractor.  (M.)

963. Bartley, Herbert Gwyther (C), b. 18th Feb., 1893, son of Charles Bartley, Palace Street, Drogheda.  Brother of 637 and 638.  VI, July, 1912.  Scholar.  Head Prefect.  McNeill Medal, 1911.  1st XV, 1908-12 (Capt., 1910-12).  Indian Police, 1912.  Great War: 1941-45, Civil Intelligence Officer, Assam.  Inspector General, Assam 1945.  Inspector-General, Assam Rifles, 1947.  Indian Police Medal, 1940.  C.I.E., 1947.  Retired, 1948.  Address: Holme House, South Drive, Wokingham, Berks.  (M.q.)

964. Bigger, William Finlay (B), b. 24th August, 1892, son of John Edgar Bigger, Lanowlee, Londonderry.  Brother of 965.  III, July, 1910.  To business.  Great War: Lieut., Gloucestershire Regt. and Army Pay Corps.  Managing Director, Bacon Curing Establishment.  Late Town Councillor, Londonderry.  J.P.  Died, 18th June, 1951.  (M.)

965. Bigger, Edgar Grimshaw (B), b. 27th January, 1895, son of John Edgar Bigger, Lanowlee, Londonderry.  Brother of 964.  III, July, 1913.  1st XV, 1912-13.  Great War: Inns of Court O.T.C. (Mounted).  Managing Director, Bacon Curing Establishment.  2nd World War: Sub-District Commandant, Home Guard.  Died 7th February, 1942.  (M.)

966. *Blackwood, Terence Alexander (E), b. 11th March, 1895, son of M. W. Blackwood, Saxonia, Strandtown.  Brother of 673.  Father of 3081 and 3159.  U.V, April, 1912.  Great War: Major, R. Irish Rifles.  Manager, Flax and Jute Spinning Mill 1939-45: Major, Royal Artillery.  Farmer.  Address: Rathgael House, Bangor, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

967. *Calder, John Moore (E), b. 27th January, 1894, son of J. M. Calder, Dalkeith, Knock.  L.V, July, 1912.  1912-13, Q.U.B.  To Spinning Business.  1st Prize, London City and Guilds Exam. for Flax Spinning, 1917.  1914-18: Manufactured aeroplane linen.  Mill Manager.  Radio Engineer.  Address: Carnside, Bushmills, Co. Antrim.  (q.)

970. *Forde, Robert Geoffrey Alexander (D), b. 16th November, 1893, son of Rev. R. Forde, Dundrum Rectory, Co. Down.  Brother of 852.  Father of 2908.  U.VI, July, 1912.  T.C.D., 1912-15.  Great War: Served in A.S.C. and R.F.A., 1916-19.  B.A., T.C.D.  Maltster.  Address: Brewery House, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary.  (M.q.)

972. Hayes, Charles Berry (C), b. 29th October, 1893, son of Hugh Hayes, Moorfield, Maralin, Co. Down.  V, July, 1912.  1st XV, 1909-10-11-12.  1st XI, 1911-12.  C.S., O.T.C., 1912.  To Queen's University.  1st XV, 1912-13.  1st XI, 1912-13.  Long Jump Champion of Ulster, 1913.  Great War: Gunner, R.G.A.  B.A.,  LL.B.,  Q.U.B., 1920.  Solicitor; admitted, 1920.  Town Solicitor of Lurgan; Solicitor to the Moira Rural District Council; the Lurgan Board of Guardians; and to the Governors of the Lurgan and Portadown District Hospital.  Died 23rd March, 1948.  (M.)

976. *MacDermott, John Clarke (E), b. 12th April, 1896, son of Rev. John MacDermott, D.D., Belmont Manse, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 615 and 606.  Father of 3036 and 3218.  U.VI, July, 1914.  Queen's University, Belfast.  Foundation Scholar, 1914-15.  Great War: Lieut., M.G. Corps (M.C., 1918).  LL.B. (Q.U.B.)  1st Class Hons. and Dunbar-Barton Prize, 1920.  King's Inns, Dublin, 1919-21.  Victoria Prizeman and Exhibitioner, 1921.  Called to Irish Bar, 1921.  Lecturer in Jurisprudence, Q.U.B., 1931-35.  K.C., 1936.  Trustee and Governor, Campbell College, LL.D. (Hon. Causa), Q.U.B., 1951.  Major, R.A., 1939-40; Minister of Public Security, 1940-41.  Attorney-General, N.I., 1941-44.  Judge Supreme Court, N.I., 1944-47.  Lord of Appeal in Ordinary, 1947-51.  Life Peerage, 1947.  Privy Counsellor, N.I. (1940) and U.K. (1947).  Lord Chief Justice, N.I.  Address: "Glenburn," Cairnburn Road, Strandtown, Belfast.  (M.q.)

977. Metcalfe, George Arthur (E), b. 16th March, 1897, son of Arthur W. Metcalfe, Hawthornden House, Knock.  Brother of 1230 and 1346.  III, July, 1910.  Merchiston Castle school, Edinburgh, 1910-14.  Queen's Univ., Belfast, 1914-15.  Exhibitioner, 1915.  Great War: with B.R.C.S. in Italy, 1915-17.  M.B.E. and Italian Bronze Medal.  2nd Lieut., R. Irish Rifles, 1918.  Scholarship, Jesus College, Cambridge, 1920.  1st Class Nat. Science Tripos, 1921.  M.A., M.B., B.Ch., 1926.  House Surgeon and Physician to various hospitals in London and Provinces.  Medical Practitioner and Assistant Physician, Bedford General Hospital, Bedford.  Address: 2 Goldington Road, Bedford.  (M.q.)

978. Moore, Archibald Main (E), b. 29th April, 1894, son of A. P. B. Moore, M.D., Ashley House, Albertbridge Road, Belfast.  Brother of 879.  L.V, April, 1910.  To Linen Business.  Great War: Capt., R. Irish Rifles.  Ulster Inter-Pro. Rugby XV, 1920.  In Canada and U.S.A. for 30 years.  Linen Business.  In Ireland since 1951.  Address: 4 Stormont Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

979. *McCrea, Thomas (C), b. 31st January, 1893, son of Rev. Thomas McCrea, Bellaghy, Co. Londonderry.  VI, July, 1910.  T.C.D., Sen. Mod., 1914.  Great War: Lieut., R. Innis. Fus., M.C.  Civil Servant.  Address: Sunnyside, Marlborough Park South, Belfast.  (q.)

980. McKinlay, Robert (B), b. 17th June, 1892, son of Robert McKinlay, Sessaghmore, Castlefin, Co. Donegal.  U.V, April, 1909.  1st XV, 1907-08.  Edinburgh University.  M.B., B.Ch., 1915.  Great War: R.A.M.C.  D.P.H. (Belfast), 1926.  Major, R.A.M.C., 1927.  Contributor to "R.A.M.C. Journal."  1939-45 War: R.A.M.C., Col. O.B.E. and thrice mentioned in despatches.  Address: c/o Glyn Mills & Co., Whitehall, S.W.1.  (M.)

981. McMullan, Alexander McDonald (E), b. 19th November, 1894, son of J. J. McMullan, Linden, Osborne Park, Belfast.  IV, April, 1910.  Queen's University.  M.B.,  B.Ch., B.A.O., 1917.  Great War: Neuroses Mil. Hosp.  M.D., B.Sc. (1st Class Hons.)  D.P.H., 1920.  F.R.S.M.  Late Med. Supt., Leicester Neurasthenic Hosp.  Address: The Paddock, School Lane, Birstall, nr. Leicester.

982. Napier, William (A), b. 22nd February, 1894, son of Alexander Napier, Ballybranagh House, Downpatrick.  Brother of 1329.  VI, July, 1911.  1st XV, 1910-11.  Queen's University.  Great War:  Capt., R.A.S.C., 1914-16.  Mentioned in despatches.  M.B., B.Ch. (Belf.), 1918.  R.A.M.C., 1918-19.  F.R.C.S.I., 1921.  Played for Ulster XV v. Leinster, 1914.  Leinster and Munster, 1921.  Medical Practitioner.  Major, R.A.M.C.  Killed in January, 1945.  (M.)

985. *Preston, William Moore Campbell (C), b. 8th June, 1893, son of Wm. Preston, Dromore, Co. Down.  Brother of 704.  V, April, 1910.  Metro-Vickers, 1910.  Great War: Trooper, 1st Life Guards.  Electrical Engineer.  Address: Strathmore, Hatton Heath, Chester.

986. Slade, Charles Gordon (E), b. 21st August, 1895, son of Charles J. Slade, C.E., 38 Eglantine Avenue, Belfast.  II, July, 1908.  To Armagh Royal School.  Motor Engineer.  Great War: Lieut., Bedfordshire Regt.  R.F.C. and R.A.F.  1939-45 War: Squadron-Leader, R.A.F.V.R.

987. *Stanford, Reginald Villiers (C), b. 2nd June, 1893, son of Thos. Stanford, Marietta, 23 St. Mary's Road S., Dublin.  Father of 2883.  L.V, July, 1911.  1st XV, 1910-11.  Orig. Member, O.T.C.  Great War: Capt., 10th Batt. Manchester Regt.  Chairman, Anderson Stanford (Removals), Ltd., Dublin.  Address: Riversdale House, Templeogue, Co. Dublin.  (M.q.)

989. Tate, James (B), b. 23rd September, 1892, son of A. C. Tate, Slieve-ma-Failthe, Whiteabbey.  Brother of 906.  VI, July, 1910.  Queen's University.  B.Sc. (Engineering), 1913.  P.W.D., India (Madras), 1914-23.  I.A.R.O. during War.  M.C. (Mesopotamia), 1917.  Capt., 1919.  Attached 2nd Q.V.O. Sappers and Miners, 1923-28.  Govt. of N.I. Asst. Tech. Inspector Factories and Asst., Works Dept., Min. of Finance.  Died 1948.

990. *Wallace, Thomas Herbert (A), b.8th May, 1892, son of Thomas B. Wallace, Dromore, Co. Down.  L.VI, July, 1910.  T.C.D., B.A., LL.B., 1915.  Great War: Capt., Royal Artillery.  M.C. Croix-de-Guerre (French).  Mentioned in despatches.  Admitted Solicitor, 1919.  Now Farmer.  J.P.  Sometime Vice-Chairman, Pig Marketing Board.  Address: Bishopscourt, Dromore, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

991. *Watson, Francis Wills (A), b. 9th June, 1895, son of Mrs. Watson, The Hamlet, Earlswood Road, Strandtown.  L.V, July, 1912.  Great War: Machine Gun Corps.  M.C.  1939-45: R.A. Major.  Manufacturer.  Address: Linden, Circular Road, Strandtown.  (M.q.)


993. Bowden, Ivan Heyer (E), b. 26th August, 1895, son of W. J. Bowden, L.D.S.,  D.D.S., Redhill, Knock.  Brother of 1121.  L.V, Dec., 1912.  To M.C.B., Jan.-June, 1913.  To Canadian Bank of Commerce.  Great War: Canadian Expeditionary Force.  M.M., 1918.  Banker.  Address: Sutton, Quebec, Canada.  (M.q.)

994. *Dunwoody, Forster William Couser (C), b. 27th April, 1893, son of J. F. Dunwoody, Blackwater Vale, Monaghan, later Heidelberg, Vic., Australia.  To Australia.  World War 1: Transport Driver, Australian Flying Corps.  Landowner.  Address: Belzoni, Marbethong, Victoria, Australia.  (q.)

996. Kirk, Thomas Morgan (B), b. 6th June, 1894, son of Robert Kirk, The Pines, Newtownbreda.  Brother of 974 and 975.  III, July, 1910.  Chairman of Messrs. Robert Kirk, Ltd., Alister Kirk & Co., Ltd. and British Asphalt and Bitumen, Ltd., Belfast.  Died 15th June, 1941.  (M.)

999. Silcock, Frederick Alexander Ethelbert (E), b. 14th March, 1891, son of Lt.-Col. Silcock, M.D., Marston House, Knockbreda Road, Belfast.  Matric., July, 1909.  Queen's University, M.B.,  B.Ch., B.A.O., 1915.  Great War: Surgeon, Norfolk War Hospital.  D.P.H., 1919.  m.d., 1925.  Honorary and Consulting Dermatologist to several Hospitals.  Contributor to Medical Press.  Member Advis. Comm. Dermat. Sheff. Regional Hospitals Board.  Address: Broughton House, Broughton Astley, Leicestershire; and 119 London Road, Leicester.  (M.)


1002. Calvert, Harold Edward (A), b. 16th Aug., 1895, son of James E. Calvert, Darkley House, Keady.  Brother of 1001.  L.V, July, 1912.  In Linen Trade.  Died.  (M.)

1004. Galway, William Greer (E), b. 2nd April, 1895, son of John M. Galway, Millmount, Dundonald, Belfast.  L.V, July, 1912.  Apprentice with firm of Engineers till 1914, then to Belfast Tech. Inst. till 1915.  Great War: on R.A.M.C. and later in R.F.C.  Queen's Univ., Belfast, 1919-20.  Now in Canada.  (M.)

1005. *Hanna, John Riddel Musgrave (B), b. 14th July, 1897, son of John A. Hanna, J.P., Marietta, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 731.  U.V, March, 1914.  1st XV, 1913-14.  Great War: Lieut., R. Innis. Fusiliers.  Transferred to Indian Army, 1918.  1st Punjab Regt., Capt., 1925.  Major, 1934.  1939-45 War: Lt.-Col., I.A.  O.B.E.  Address: c/o Messrs. Lloyds Bank, Ltd., 6 Pall Mall, London, S.W.1.

1007. Kinnaird, John Loewenthal (E), b. 19th April, 1896, son of George Y. Kinnaird, Sandown Park, Knock.  I, July, 1909.  Lieut., R. Irish Fusiliers, 1917.  Served with Iraq Levies.  Capt., R. Irish Fusiliers, 1926.  Interpretership, Arabic.  Brevet Major, posted for duty as Staff-Captain to British Mission Iraq Army, H.Q. Baghdad.  Retired.  Director, Foyle & Bann Fisheries.  Address: The Old Rectory, Culmore, Londonderry.  (M.q.)

1008. *Maxton, Leonard Graeme (C), b. 17th September, 1896, son of James Maxton, 6 Kirkliston Drive, Belfast.  Remove, July, 1912.  Apprentice, Messrs. Harland & Wolff.  Great War: With R.N.A.S. and R.A.F. Squadron-Leader, 1931. Awarded Air Force Cross, 1926.  1940, Norwegian Campaign, mentioned in despatches.  1940-42, Battle of Atlantic.  1943-45, Staff and Training.  Retired as Group Captain.  Yacht sailing and racing, fly fishing, salmon and trout, ski-ing.  Member of Wiltshire T. and A.F. Association.  President, Chitterne Branch, Wiltshire Conservative Association, from 1946.  Address: The Grange, Chitterne, Warminster, Wilts.  (M.q.)

1011. McQuoid, James (E), b. 17th September, 1895, son of James McQuoid, J.P., Bangor, Co. Down.  Brother of 372, 834 and 1012.  Remove, July, 1911.  Great War: Lieut., R. Irish Rifles.  Real Estate Agent in U.S.A.  Died.


1014. *Armour, John Kenneth Cameron (B), b. 27th June, 1895, son of Rev. J. B. Armour, M.A., The Manse, Ballymoney.  Brother of 390 and 566.  U.VI, July, 1914.  Sen. Schol., 1912-14.  Dufferin Medal, 1914.  To Cambridge University (Christ's College).  Great War: Lieut., R.G.A.  Cambridge Univ. Classical Tripos.  Pt. 1, 1920;  Pt. 2, 1921.  Assistant Master, Rose Hill School, Banstead, 1922-27.  Campbell College since 1927.  Convenor of General Assembly's Committee on Church Architecture since 1944.  Extern Examiner in Church Music to the Theological Faculty of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland since 1950.  Member of Ulster Branch Council Irish Hockey Union since 1945.  Address: Lisboy, 19 Old Holywood Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1015. *Atkinson, James Morgan (A), b. 19th March, 1895, son of Rev. H. C. Atkinson, Kilrush Rectory, Ferns, Co. Wexford.  U.V, July, 1914.  Great War: Royal Dublin Fusiliers.  R.A.S.C.  R.A.F.  Lieut. War Prisoner-of-War in Germany.  Fruit Farmer.  Address: Clonmore Glebe, Hacketstown, Co. Carlow.  (M.)

1017. Brown, James Bell Pettigrew (D), b. 21st February, 1895, son of Gilbert Brown, 30 Clincart Road, Mount Florida, Glasgow.  U.V, July, 1913.  1st XV, 1912-13.  Great War: Lieut., 1st Batt. Cameronians (Scottish Rifles).  To Glasgow University  M.B., Ch.B., 1924. Medical Practitioner. Died 19th October, 1952.  (M.)

1018. Colquhoun, John Workman Coates (A), b. 3rd March, 1895, son of Rev. Wm. Colquhoun, M.A., 29 Wellington Park, Belfast.  VI, July, 1912.  1st XI, 1912.  Queen's Univ., Belfast.  Great War: Lieut., R. Irish Fusiliers.  Machine Gun Corps and 24th Punjab Regt.  Capt., 1919.  2nd World War: Captain, R. Irish Fusiliers and I.A.  Died 21st May, 1951.

1021. *Deane, Reginald Neville (A), b. 11th April, 1897, son of Lieut.-Col. Deane, M.D., Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.  Brother of 658, 797 and 853.  IV, Dec., 1912.  Queen's Univ., Belfast.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1919 (1st Place Hon. Surg.)  Medical Practitioner.  Chairman, Croydon Local Medical Comm.  Address: 519 London Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey.

1022. *Dickson, George Clawson (A), b. 26th September, 1893, son of Geo. H. Dickson, Mall View, Tandragee.  IV, July, 1910.  Great War: 9th Batt. R. Irish Fusiliers.  Staff-Capt. Co. Armagh School Meals Organiser.  Address: 28 Ballyoran Hill, Portadown.  (M.q.)

1023. Dodds, Eric Robertson (B), b. 26th July, 1893, son of Robert Dodds, M.A., Headmaster, Banbridge Academy.  VI, April, 1912.  Scholar.  1st XV, 1911-12.  Classical Scholar.  Univ. College, Oxford.  Craven Scholar, 1913.  Ireland Schol., 1914.  1st Class Hons. Mods., 1914.  1st Class Lit. Hum., 1917.  Classical Master, High School, Dublin, 1918-19.  Lecturer in Classics, University College, Reading, 1919-24.  Prof. of Greek, Birmingham University, 1924-36.  Regius Professor of Greek, University of Oxford, 1936.  Hon. D. Litt. (Manchester); F.B.A., Hon. Litt. D.  T.C.D., 1954.  Author of Poems, Memoir of Stephen MacKenna, "The Greeks and the Irrational," and various works on Greek Scholarship.  Address: Christ Church, Oxford.  (M.q.)

1024. Edgar, Harold Adgey (D), b. 31st August, 1895, son of James A. Edgar, Newchang, N. China.  Shell, April, 1912.  Great War: with C.L.C. in France.  Capt.  Partner in business in China.  (M.)

1025. Faris, Arthur Percy (B), b. 31st July, 1893, son of Rev. Charles Faris, Cathedral Close, Armagh.  Brother of 274 and 275.  Army, July, 1911.  To R.M.C.  Sandhurst.  2nd Lieut., R. Irish Fusiliers, 1912.  Major, 1932.  Retired 1935.  1939-45 War: Major, R. Irish Fusiliers.  1951 Address: Hemingford, Fleet, Hants. (M.)

1027. *Gailey, Robert (E), b. 6th July, 1895, son of Andrew Gailey, 2 Royal Villas, Knock.  U.V, Dec., 1912.  Great War: Lieut., 9th Batt. E. Lancashire Regt.  Manufacturers' Agent.  Address: 1 Shrewsbury Drive, Belfast.  (M.)

1028. *Gibson, George McAlister (E), b. 3rd April, 1894, son of Wm. Gibson, M.D., Mountpottinger House, Belfast.  III, Dec., 1909.  Manufacturers' Agent.  Now Motor Engineer.  Address: c/o Stanley Motor Works, Great Victoria Street, Belfast.

1029. Gordon, John (E), b. 13th February, 1897, son of Hugh Gordon, Weirinang, Kensington Park, Knock, Belfast.  L.V, Dec., 1912.  Great War: Lieut., Machine Gun Corps.  Lieut., Reg. Army Res. of Officers.  Died 15th January, 1951.

1031. Greacen, Walter (C), b. 24th June, 1892, son of Robert Greacen, Aviemore House, Monaghan.  Brother of 1032 and 1033.  Father of 3885.  IV, July, 1909.  Auctioneer and Commission Agent.  Died August, 1946.  (M.)

1032. *Greacen, Thomas Earldrid (C), b. 17th September, 1893, son of Robert Greacen, Aviemore House, Monaghan.  Brother of 1031 and 1033.  U.V, July, 1912.  1st XV, 1910-12.  Ulster Schools XV, 1911 and 1912.  1st XI, 1911-12.  To Queen's University, Belfast, 1913.  Canadian Bank of Commerce, 1914.  Great War: Capt., Canadian Infantry.  M.C.  Sales Manager in Esso Petroleum Co., London, for 21 years.  1940-45, Seconded to British Govt. as Technical Adviser on Petrol Rationing.  Home Guard, Sussex Regt., 1946, Managing Director, Greacen and Co. Ltd., Wine and Spirit Merchants, Monaghan.  Address: Cortolvin House, Monaghan, Eire.  (M.x.q.)

1033. *Greacen, Robert (C), b. 28th September, 1894, son of Robert Greacen, Aviemore House, Monaghan.  Brother of 1031 and 1032.  VI, July, 1913.  Head Prefect, 1913.  C.S.,  O.T.C.,  1913.  1st XV, 1911-13.  (Capt., 1912-13).  1st XI, 1913.  Great War: Lieut., 6th Batt. R. Irish Rifles.  Address: Glenview, Monaghan.  (M.)

1034. *Gregg, William Robert (D), b. 3rd February, 1898, son of Stevenson Gregg, Redhurst, Annadale Avenue, Belfast.  Shell, July, 1912.  To Falsted School, 1912-13.  With Dunlop Rubber Co.  1939-45: King's Africa Rifles, Supply and Trans. Corps.  (Invalided out, 1940).  District Manager, Dunlop South Africa, Ltd.  Address: c/o Box 802, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  (M.x.q.)

1035. Herriot, Thomas Hunter (E), b. 23rd January, 1894, son of J. S. Herriot, Beaconsfield, Belmont Church Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1036.  U.V, Oct., 1911.  School Athletic Champion, 1911.  Queen's University.  B.Sc.  (Engin.)  A.M.I.A.E.  M.Inst. B.E.  1914-18 War: Flight Officer, R.N. (Heligoland and Zeebrugge).  Mercantile Marine Medal.  Croix de Guerre (Belge).  M.B.E.  On Ulster XV v. All Blacks, 1919.  Inspector, R.U.C. (P.S.V.) Dept.  1939-45: Squadron Leader, Pathfinder Force, R.A.F.  Inspector, Ministry of Commerce, Transport Divn.  Address: Victoria House, Armagh.  (M.q.)

1037. *Hill, Thomas Edward (D), b. 31st August, 1893, son of Samuel Hill, Stanleyville, Cregagh, Belfast.  VI, April, 1912.  T.C.D., B.A., 1915.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1917.  Great War: Capt., R.A., M.C., 1917-19.  House Surgeon in several Hospitals.  Dispensary Medical Officer and Medical Officer of Health, Belfast.  Ex-Chairman, Irish Football League.  Ex-Chairman, Irish Bowling Association.  Died 8th June, 1954.  (M.)

1040. *Johnston, Philip Moore (E) and (C), b. 29th January, 1897, son of Philip Johnston, Cooleen, Sydenham Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 1039 and 1273.  Father of 4028.  V, July, 1914.  1st XV, 1912-14.  Great War: Lieut., R.E. (Signals).  Stockbroker since 1918.  1939-45 War: Captain, Royal Ulster Rifles.  Address: 39 Castle Lane, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1041. *Larmor, John Graham (E), b. 3rd March, 1897, son of John S. Larmor, Parkmount, Lisburn.  Brother of 1042.  L.V, Dec., 1913.  With Ulster Weaving Co. Ltd.  Created Knight Bachelor, July, 1948.  1939-45, Liaison - Ministry of Supply and Irish Linen Industry, N.I.  Linen Manufacturer and Agriculturist.  Address: Ardnabannon, Annsborough, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1042. Larmor, James Frazer (E), b. 27th March, 1898, son of John S. Larmor, Parkmount, Lisburn.  Brother of 1041.  VI, July, 1915.  To Belfast Munic. Tech. Inst., Linen Weaving Dept.; thence to Ulster Weaving Co. Ltd., where now Managing Director.  Played cricket for 35 years.  Address: Fairy Hill, The Green, Dunmurry, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

1043. MacKeown, Robert Francis (A), b. 29th September, 1893, son of Wilson MacKeown, Pentagon House, Ballymena.  U.V, July, 1910.  Law Student.  Great War: Royal Irish Rifles, Capt. General List, Commanding 109th T.M.B., 1917;  M.C., 1918.  Northern Ireland Civil Service, 1921.  Barrister-at-Law, King's Inns, 1926.  Inn of Court, N.I., 1927.  Legal Department, Ministry of Finance, N.I.  Died 1947.

1044. *Martin, Norman Todd (D), b. 26th March, 1896, son of Rev. Prof. W.. Todd Martin, D.Litt., D.D., College House, College Green, Belfast.  Brother of 732.  Father of 3669, 3670 and 4089.  VI, July, 1914.  Gonville and Caius College, 1914-15.  R.M.A.,  Woolwich, 1916.  Great War: Lieut., R.F.A., 1916-22.  M.C.  Schoolmaster, 1923-29.  University College, London, 1930-31.  B.Sc., 1931.  Institute of Education, 1931-32.  Teacher's Diploma, 1932.  L.C.C. Elementary Service, 1932-36.  Seconded for Service as Education Officer, R.A.F., 1936.  Recalled to Artillery, May, 1940, Capt.  Released from Reserve, 1946.  Retired.  Address: Old Coastguards House, Cushendall, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

1045. Muckles, James Smith (E), b. 2nd September, 1895, son of Thos. Muckle, 11 New Street, Donaghadee.  Remove, July, 1911.  Great War: Inns of Court, O.T.C. Customs Official.  Address: The Conifers, Rathfriland Road, Newry, Co. Down.

1046. McKinley, Archibald Robert (B), b. 11th April, 1895, ward of Deputy Inspector-General A. McKinley, Convoy, Co. Donegal, son of Thos. McKinley, S. Rhodesia.  III, July, 1909.  To Roy. Sch., Dungannon, 1909-12.  To Rhodesia, and later to Belgian Congc.  Great War: Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and Seaforth Highlanders, 2nd Lieut.  Auctioneer and Estate Agent.  M.B.E.  J.P.  Address: Ingleside, Strabane, Co. Tyrone.  (M.q.)

1047. McKinstry, Robert Noel (C), b. 25th December, 1892, son of Robert McKinstry, Bessbrook, Armagh.  Matric., July, 1909.  Queen's Univ., Belfast.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1914.  Great War: Surg.-Lt., R.N., 1914-19.  D.P.H., 1919.  Deputy Commr., Public Health, Shanghai, until 1927.  M.C. (Belf.), 1926.  Med. Officer of Health, School Medical Officer, and Tuberculosis Officer, State of Jersey, O.B.E., 1945.  Address: Vine Villa, Stopford Road, St. Helier, Jersey, C.I.  (M.q.)

1049. Taylor, Noel Vivian (B), b. 20th September, 1894, son of Rev. Thos. Taylor, Kilansoolagh Rectory, Newmarket-on-Fergus.  Brother of 707, 708 and 739.  VI, July, 1909.  Canadian Bank of Commerce until 1914.  Great War: Private, Canadian Infantry.  2nd Lieut., "The Queen's" Regt., 1916.  Lieut., King's African Rifles, 1917-18.  Farmer.  Address: Massett, Graham Island, B.C., Canada.  (M.)

1051. Whiteside, Gerard Magee (C), b. 15th October, 1893, son of Rev. W. C. Whiteside, Ballyorgan Rectory, Kilmallock.  Brother of 1064.  VI, July, 1912.  1st XV, 1911-12.  Banker in Canada till 1916.  Great War: With N.Z. Forces, 1918.  Ship's Wireless Officer, 1919-27.  In Engineering Business.  Wireless Operator, Merchant Navy.  Killed in Action, March 1943.


1052. *Austin, Noel Allingham (A), b. 27th December, 1895, son of Rev. H. G. Austin, The Rectory, Ballymena.  V, April, 1913.  To Canadian Bank of Commerce, 1913-15.  Great War: with Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1915-19.  With Rubber Company since 1919.  Factory Manager.  Address: 142 Lyman Avenue, Granby, Que.  (M.x.q.)

1055. *Gordon, Hugh Nixon (E) and (C), b. 25th December, 1896, son of Rev. R. J. Gordon, M.D., Changchun, Manchuria, China.  Brother of 1056.  Father of 3933.  VI, July, 1915.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1912-15.  (Capt., 1914-15).  1st XI. 1913-15.  Dufferin Medal, 1915.  Great War: Capt., Northumberland Fusiliers and C. L. Corps.  For many years with Asiatic Petroleum Co. in China, 1934-38.  Confidential Secretary to Head Master, Campbell College.  1939-45, Linen Trade, etc.  District Manager for N.A.A.F.I. in N.I.D.  1945-51, Inland Revenue Department (England).  From 1952, Ministry of Labour and Nat. Insurance, Stormont.  Address: 7 Green Crescent, Green Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1056. *Gordon, Robert David Lyon (E) and (C), b. 9th May, 1899, son of Rev. R. J. Gordon, M.D., Changchun, Manchuria, China.  Brother of 1055.  VI, Dec., 1917.  1st XV, 1915-17.  P.S., O.T.C.  School Prefect.  McNeill Medal.  Entrance Schol/. Queen's Univ., Belfast.  Great War: Wellington Coll., Madras, and Pioneers.  1939-45 War: Capt., I.C.  30 years with I.C.I. in Far East.  Retired.  Address: Crowborough, Sussex.  (M.)

1058. Moore, William Michael (D), b. 14th April, 1894, son of Edward Moore, 54 Leeson Park, Dublin.  IV, July, 1912.  1st XV, 1911-12.  Great War: Lieut., R. Ir. Fusiliers.  Went to Australia.  1939-45 War: Australian Imperial Force.

1060. Porter, Stanley (C), b. 26th February, 1894, son of R. J. Porter, Silverdale, Greenisland.  Brother of 434 and 466.  II, Dec., 1909.  Great War: Lieut., R.G.A.  Went to U.S.A.  Address: 257 Fourth Avenue, New York.

1061. *Robb, George Cyril (C), b. 9th December, 1894, son of John Robb, Tivoli, Clontarf, Dublin.  U.V, July, 1912.  T.C.D. till 1914.  Great War: Captain, R. Ir. Rifles.  T.C.D., 1920.  M.A. and B. Dent. Sc., 1922.  Dental Surgeon.  Address: 22 Hoghton Street, Southport, Lancs.  (M.q.)

1062. Ross, George Harold (B), b. 17th May, 1894, son of Rev. R. W. Ross, Burt Manse, Londonderry.  Brother of 1154 and 1569.  V, July, 1910.  Canadian Bank of Commerce, 1911-15.  Great War: Lieut., Canadian E. Force, 1915-19.  Notary Public Auditor, Insurance Agent.  Address: Craigmyle, Alberta, Canada.

1063. Shaw, Charles Henry (E), b. 9th April, 1896, son of Andrew J. W. Shaw, Windermere, Inverary Avenue, Sydenham, Belfast.  IV, July, 1912.  Queen's University, 1913-15, and 1917-18.  B.A., 1918.  Assembly's College, Belfast, 1919-22.  Minister of Religion (Pres.) in Suffolk, Donegal, Lancashire and London congregations, and now in St. Columba's Presbyterian Church, Hunt's Cross, Liverpool.  Address: 8 Boundary Drive, Hunt's Cross, Woolton, Liverpool.  (M.q.)

1065. *Wilson, Eric McCrum (A), b. 16th June, 1894, son of Samuel Wilson, J.P., Medical Hall, Longford.  III, Dec., 1910.  Banker, c/o Imperial Bank of Canada, Toronto.


1066. *Boyd, William Ryder (E), b. 14th January, 1898, son of Rev. John Boyd, Knockdene Park, Belfast.  Brother of 948.  UV, July, 1914.  Queen's Univ. and Linen business.  Great War: R. Ir. Rifles and R. Inniskilling Fusiliers (Lieut.)  Civil Servant, Govt. of N.I., Ministry of Finance.  Address: 40 Cabin Hill Gardens, Belfast.  (q.)

1068. *Lewis, Joseph Tegart (E), b. 2nd September, 1897, son of Joseph Lewis, Sandycroft, Bloomfield.  Brother of 791.  U.VI, July, 1916.  Sen. Schol. McNeill Medal.  School Prefect.  Queen's University: Entrance and 1st and 2nd year Schols.  Adami Medal (Pathology) 3rd year.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1921.  Schol. 1st Class Hons.  B.Sc., 1923.  1st Class Hons.  M.D., 1924.  Gold Medal.  M.R.C.P. (Lon.), 1927.  F.R.C.P., Lon., 1936.  Bacteriologist, Belfast Infirmary.  Asst. Physician, R.V.H. (Belfast).  Lecturer in Therapeutics, Queen's Univ.  Contributor to Medical Press.  Consultant Physician.  1939-45 War: Lt.-Col., R.A.M.C.  Mentioned in despatches.  P.O.W.  Address: 25 College Gardens, Belfast.  (M.)

1071. Rhodes, Samuel Herbert (A), b. 30th November, 1894, son of Richard F. Rhodes, The Square, Roscrea.  Remove, Dec., 1911.

1072. Taylor, Edward (B), b. 13th October, 1898, son of Edward Taylor, M.D., Bessmount Park, Monaghan.  III, Dec., 1910.  Great War: Transport Service.  B.A.,  B.A.I.,  T.C.D.,  1921.  In Southern Rhodesia.  Address: c/o Standard Bank of South Africa, 10 Clement's Lane, London, E.C.4.  (M.q.)

1074. *Wellwood, William (E), b. 16th September, 1895, son of John E. Wellwood, Bronhurst, Knock, Belfast.  IV, Dec., 1912.  Great War: Capt., Royal Naval Division, B.E.F. M.C.  Civil Servant, Govt. of N.I.  Retired.  M.P. (Imperial).  Address: House of Commons, S.W.1.;  and 57 Knock Road, Belfast.  (M.)


1075. Abernathy, Victor Crozier (E), b. 26th September, 1896, son of Wm. Abernethy, Hillview, Bloomfield.  Brother of 810.  III, July, 1912.  Photographer.  Address: 183 Holywood Road; and 47 Donegall Place, Belfast.

1077. *Bailey, Cecil Maurice (E), b. 21st April, 1894, son of Edward Bailey, F.C.A., Carraghdarragh, Windsor Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 470 and 541.  V.U, July, 1912.  Accountant on staff of Messrs. Hill, Vellacot & Bailey, Belfast and London.  Address: Upway, Sans Souci Park, Belfast.  (M.)

1078. *Clarke, Brice Richard (D), b. 12th May, 1895, son of Rev. R. J. Clarke, Coole Glebe, Carnmoney.  Brother of 717 and 1126.  VI, Dec., 1911.  Scholar.  Queen's University, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1921 (Hons.)  M.D. (Commendation), 1926.  House Physician, City of London Chest Hospital, 1922-23.  Medical Supt., Forster Green Hospital, 1925.  Great War: Lieut., Tank Corps.  M.C.  Contributor to Medical Journals.  Address: Moat Park, Dunmurry, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1079. Collins, John Victor (D), b. 19th June, 1897, son of John L. Collins, Rossinver, Greystones.  VI, July, 1915.  Scholar.  P.S., O.T.C., R.M.A., Woolwich.  Lieut., R.F.A.  T.C.D., 1919.  Sen. Mod. and Gold Medal in Exp. Sc.  M.A., Sc.M., 1924.  F.I.C., 1929.  Govt. Analyst, Ceylon to 1945.  Colonel, Ceylon A.A. Regiment, O.B.E., E.D.  Market Gardener and Farmer.  Address: Listarkin, Unionhall, Co. Cork.  (Phone, Leap 10).  (M.q.)

1080. Collins, Frederick Charles (A), b. 15th April, 1895, son of Mrs. Collins, Rathverde, Cherryvalley.  IV, July, 1911.  Customs and Excise, 1915.  2nd Lieut., R.I. Fusiliers, 1916.  Lieut., 1-91 Punjabis, 1916-20.  Ministry of Finance, N. Ireland.  Died 1950.

1081. *Deacon, Samuel Murray (B), b. 16th November, 1896, son of Rev. J. J. Deacon, Rathmullan Rectory, Clough, Co. Down.  Brother of 821 and 898.  VI, March, 1915.  Scholar.  Head Prefect.  1st XV, 1914-15.  Great War: 2nd Lieut., R.I.R., 1915-17.  Lieut., King's Own (Royal Lancaster) Regt., 1917-19.  Civil Servant, N.I., 1922.  M.B.E., 1951.  Address: Stonethwaite, Newtownards, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1082. *Fitzgerald, George Francis (B), b. 11th September, 1894, son of G. F. FitzGerald, F.T.C.D., 27 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin.  VI, July, 1912.  1st XI, 1911.  T.C.D.  B.A., 1919.  Great War: Lieut., Welsh Regt.  M.C.  Address: 28 Surbiton Road, Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey.

1085. Gribbon, Charles Edward (E), b. 27th June, 1898, son of R. W. Gribbon, Ardvarna, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 1268, 1591 and 1592.  Father of 3101.  U.V, Dec., 1914.  Artist.  Pictures bought by the friends of the National Collection of Ireland, the Government of Rome, etc.  Died 14th April, 1939.  (M.)

1086. *Griffith, George Gibson (C), b. 20th October, 1895, son of George S. Griffith, J.P., Parc-na-silla, Shankill, Dublin.  Brother of 1087.  IV, July, 1912.  Company Director.  Address: La Reve, 39 Bushy Park Road, Terenure, Dublin.  (M.q.)

1087. *Griffith, Arthur King (C), b. 31st January, 1897, son of George S. Griffith, J.P., Parc-na-silla, Shankill, Dublin.  Brother of 1086.  IV, July, 1913.  Great War: Lieut., R.I. Fusiliers.  1939-45 War: Capt., I.C.  Mentioned in despatches.  Address: 15 Elm Road, New Maldon, Surrey.

1089. *Johnston, Arthur (A), b. 24th February, 1895, son of James Johnston, J.P., High Street, Lurgan.  Brother of 973.  U.VI, Dec., 1910.  Great War: R. Irish Fusiliers, 1914-19.  Director, Johnston, Allen, and Co. Ltd., Lurgan.  Gallaher and Johnston Allen, Ltd., London, and other companies.  Address: Annadale, Lurgan, Co. Armagh.  (M.)

1091. Lowe, Arthur Edward (C), b. 27th November, 1897, son of Rev. W. J. Lowe, M.A., D.D., LL.D., Assembly's Offices, Belfast.  Brother of 492, 614 and 769.  III, July, 1912.  Representative for R. Christy & Co. Ltd., Belfast.  Address: "Marlands," Upper Dunmurry Lane, Dunmurry, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1092. *Lytle, William James (D), b. 27th September, 1896, son of Thos. A. Lytle, Maghera, Co. Derry.  Brother of 1763.  U.V, July, 1913.  Queen's University, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. (1st Class Honours), 1918.  F.R.C.S. (England), 1922.  Great War: Surg. Probationer, R.N.V.R., 1915-16;  Surgeon, R.A.F., 1918-19.  Surgeon, Royal Infirm., Sheffield, 1929.  Surgeon, Children's Hospital, Sheffield, 1929.  Address: 10 Beech Hill Road, Sheffield, 10.  (M.q.)

1093. McCaughey, John (A), b. 25th April, 1898, son of John McCaughey, J.P., Lancedean, Derryvolgie Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 882.  IV, July, 1913.  Great War: Lieut.-Com., R.N.  Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge.  Manager with the T. Eaton Co., Toronto, 1920-29.  Insurance Inspector, Ottawa.  Foundation Member, English Rugby Football Club, Toronto, 1924.  1939-45, R.C.N.  Hotel Owner (President, Antrim Hotels, Ltd., Ottawa).  Address: 240 Harmer Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  (M.q.)

1094. *McFerran, William Robert (D), b. 17th September, 1895, son of Wm. McFerran, Pierview, Sandycove Avenue West, Kingstown.  Brother of 1148.  VI, July, 1913.  School Prefect.  T.C.D.  Solicitor.  Proprietor of Messrs. H. & W. Stanley, Dublin.  Great War: Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 1914-19.  Address: The Peak, Killiney, Co. Dublin.  (M.q.)

1095. *MacBride, Thompson Gamble (E), b. 17th May, 1895, son of J. MacBride, Beacon Field, Knock, Belfast.  III, July, 1911.  Great War: Lieut., R. Irish Fusiliers.  Queen's University and Inn of Court of N.I.  Barrister-at-Law, 1928.  Civil Servant.  Assistant, Under-Secretary's Office, Ireland, 1920-21.  Government of N. Ireland, 1922.  1939-45 War: Commissioned in R.U.R., seconded to 53rd Div. H.Q. and 59th Div. H.Q. Staffs as Legal Adviser.  Address: 77 Malone Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1096. *Newell, Frederick Arthur (D), b. 11th October, 1894, son of Rev. Chas. F. Newell, The Vicarage, Templepatrick.  Brother of 1644.  U.V, July, 1912.  1st XI, 1911-12.  T.C.D. and Queen's University, Belfast.  B.Sc. (Eng.)  Great War: Lieut., Machine Gun Corps.  Messrs. Eirco, Ltd.  Address: 7 Slievemoyne Park, Belfast. (M.)

1097. O'Neill, Thomas Malcolmson (E), b. 12th June, 1896, son of H. O'Neill, M.D., 5 Benthamville, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 650.  V, July, 1914.  Great War: R.F.C. and R.A.F., 1916-19.  Queen's University, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1925.  D.O.M.S. (London), 1928.  1930-34, Resident Officer at Eye Hospitals.  1936, Ophthalmic Surgeon, East Kent and Canterbury Hospital.  Now Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Canterbury and Thanet group of Hospitals.  Address: 14 New Dover Road, Canterbury, Kent.  (q.)

1100. *Pegg, Arthur Crosskill (D), b. 3rd June, 1898, son of H. V. Pegg. The Drift, Clonevin Park, Lisburn.  Brother of 984.  U.V, July, 1914.  1st XI, 1913-14.  Faraday House, Engineering College.  Diploma and A.M.I.C.E., M.I.E.E.  Engineering in Argentine since 1921.  Personal and Technical Assistant to the Electrification Superintendent, Central Argentine Railway.  Played cricket for Central Argentine Railway (Capt.) and for San Isidro 1st XI., 1928-33.  Represented Ireland in International Bowling matches in Argentine, 1935-6-7.  Great War: Queen's Westminster Rifles, 1917-19.  Address: Oficina de Electrification, Victoria, F.C.C.A., Buenos Aires, Argentine.  (M.)

1101. *Radcliff, Henry Garnett (C), b. 7th August, 1898, son of Rev. Stephen Radcliff, Drumconrath Rectory, Co. Meath.  Army, Dec., 1916.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  Dufferin Medal, 1916.  R.M.C. Sandhurst.  3-7 Gurka (Ghurka) Rifles, 1918.  2-56 Punjab Rifles, 1918-24.  R.A.F., 1925-26.  Now an Author, writing under name Garnett Radcliff and pseudonym Stephen Travers for detective thrillers.  Writer of short stories for British and American magazines.  1939-45 R.A.F.  Regiment and Aden Protectorate Levies.  Working in Ministry of Education.  Address: c/o Barclay's Bank, Ltd., 556 Oxford Street, London, W.  (M.q.)

1102. *Robinson, Guy St. John (D), b. 4th August, 1893, son of Rev. J. M. Robinson, Wooden Bridge Rectory, Vale of Avoca, Co. Wicklow.  Brother of 500.  U.VI, Dec., 1911.  Scholar.  C.S., O.T.C., 1910.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, Indian Army.  1913-23 Captain.  Retired.  With Prudential Life Assurance Co. of America.  Address: 62 Moreland Ave., Trenton 8, N.J., U.S.A.  (M.q.)

1103. Smith, James Melville (C), b. 1st June, 1895, son of Rev. J. S. Smith, Oaklands, Boyle.  Remove, Dec., 1910.  R.M.A., Woolwich, 1915.  2nd Lieut., R.F.A., 1915.  Captain, 1928.  Staff-Captain, M.G.O., 1933.  Major, 1937.  Instructor in Gunnery, British Troops in China.  1939-45: Hong Kong and N.W. Europe, R.A.  Retired as Brigadier.  C.B.E., 1945.  Address: Army and Navy Club, Pall Mall, London, S.W.1.  (q.)

1104. Strain, Eric Hamilton (D), b. 8th September, 1894, son of Wm. Strain, Ingleside, Windsor Park, Belfast.  Remove, Dec., 1910.  With Messrs. Strain & Sons (1934), Belfast.  Great War: Lieut., Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.  Died 28th March, 1954.  (M.)

1105. *Vint, Charles David (E), b. 23rd October, 1898, son of Chas. Vint, Tremona, Knockdene Park, Belfast.  Army, July, 1916.  1st XI, 1915.  1st XV, 1915-16.  Schools Inter-provincial XV, 1916.  R.M.C. Sandhurst.  2nd Lieut., Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders, 1917.  Lieut., 1919.  Seriously wounded in Great War and transferred to R. Army Pay Corps, 1920.  Capt., 1925.  Bt.-Major, 1936.  Major, 1937.  Lt.-Col., 1940.  Colonel, 1947.  Brigadier, 1951.  Deputy Paymaster-in-Chief, G.H.Q., FARELF until April, 1954.  Returning to Home Establishment C.B.E., Oct., 1953.  Address: c/o National Provincial Bank, Chester.  (M.q.)

1106. Wheeler, Walter Charles Gordon (C), b. 31st March, 1895, son of W. L. Wheeler, 41 Adelaide Park, Belfast.  Brother of 1209,  VI, July, 1912.  Queen's University, B.Sc., 1917.  Chemists' Dept.  (Admiralty) since 1922.  Address: 4 Taswell Road, Southsea, Hants.  (M.q.)


1108. *Foster, William Rigby (E), b. 20th September, 1897, son of W. Rigby Foster, Cricklewood, Cherryvalley Park, Belfast.  Brother of 1109.  Shell, July, 912.  Great War: Lieut., R. Irish Rifles.  Northern Ireland Civil Servant.  Address: 5 Waterloo Gardens, Antrim Road, Belfast.  (M.)

1109. *Foster, Robert Cowan (E), b. 20th September, 1897, son of W. Rigby Foster, Cricklewood, Cherryvalley Park, Belfast.  Brother of 1108.  Shell, July, 1912.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1925.  Great War: Lieut., Hampshire Regt.  R.N. Surgeon Commander.  Address: c/o Medical Dept., Admiralty, Whitehall, London, W.1.  (M.)

1111. *Hemphill, Alexander William (A), b. 18th May, 1896, son of Ven/ Archdeacon Samuel Hemphill, D.D., Litt.D., Archdeacon of Down and Canon of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin.  Brother of 1057.  U.VI, July, 1915.  Head Prefect.  R.M.A., Woolwich, 1915.  Lieut., R.F.A.  Retired.  1939-42: Lieut., R.A.  Coast Defence Mombasa.  Farming.  Address: Kamara, Mau Summit, Kenya.  (M.q.)

1113. *Shannon, Ellis Jones (D), b. 23rd December, 1896, son of Wm. Shannon, 136 St. Lawrence Road, Clontarf, Dublin.  III, Dec., 1913.  Great War: Lieut., R. Irish Rifles.  Automobile Engineer.  1939-45 War: Lieut., R.A.S.C., Last known address: 174 Clontarf Road, Dublin.

1115. *Woodside, Cecil John Alexander (B), b. 30th August, 1895, son of John A. Woodside, Roslea, Galgorm Road, Ballymena.  Brother of 1288.  VI, July, 1912.  Scholar.  Queen's University Medical Scholar, 1914.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. (1st Class Honours), 1917, F.R.C.S.I., 1925.  Captain, R.A.M.C., 1917-19.  Senior Visiting Surgeon at Royal Victoria Hospital.  Visiting Surgeon, Craigavon Hospital.  Member of the N.I.H.A. since 1948.  Past-President of the N.I. Branch of British Medical Association.  Address: 8 Elmwood Avenue, Belfast.  (M.q.)


1116. *Dickson, Alexander McCreary (C), b. 19th March, 1897, son of J. Hill Dickson, J.P., Ardmore, Ballygowan.  Brother of 923, 1179 and 1315.  IV, July, 1913.  Great War: Lieut., R. Irish Rifles.  M.C., 1916.  J.P. and County Councillor for Down.  Farmer.  Address: Ardmore, Ballygowan, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1117. MacManaway, James Godfrey (A), b. 22nd April, 1898, son of Rev. Canon J. MacManaway, The Rectory, Monaghan.  Brother of 1163.  L.V, Dec., 1913.  T.C.D.  Downes Prizeman (Oratory and Liturgy).  University Hockey XI.  Great War: R.A.F., 1917-19.  Clerk in Holy Orders.  Rector of Christ Church, Londonderry, 1930-47.  1939-45 War: Senior Chaplain to 1st Armoured Divisions and 10th Corps.  M.B.E., 1945.  Mentioned in despatches.  M.P. (N.I.) for Londonderry, 1947.  M.P. (Imperial) for West Belfast, 1950.  Died 3rd November, 1951.  (M.)


1119. Barker, Dawson Dewing (E), b. 30th September, 1897, son of J. E. Barker, 25 Cyprus Park, Bloomfield, Belfast.  IV, April, 1913.  Great War: Machine Gun Corps.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1925.  West African Medical Service, 1928-30.  Address: 25 Luton Road, Chatham, Kent.  (q.)

1121. Bowden, Victor William (E), b. 8th August, 1898, son of W. J. Bowden, L.D.S., D.D.S., Redhill, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 993.  IV, Dec., 1912.  Lt.-Commander, R.N.  Staff Officer (Reserves) to the Resident Naval Officer, Queensland.  Address: Naval Staff Office, Edward Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

1122. Brand, Norman (E), b. 31st October, 1897, son of J. A. Brand, Helen's Lea, St. Andrew's Park, Gilnahirk Road, Belfast.  Brother of 920 and 949.  III, July, 1911.  Ulster Bank Official.  1917-20, Q.U.B.  1939-45: Special Constable, R.U.C.  Civil Servant, N.I. Government.  Address: Highbury, 179 North Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1123. Bryson, George Herbert (C), b. 16th October, 1898, son of John B. Bryson, Almorah, Deramore Park South, Belfast.  II, July, 1911.  Methodist College.  Bootham School.  Linen Manufacturer, Spence, Bryson & Co., Belfast.  Address: Huntley, Dunmurry.  (M.)

1124. Calwell, Robert Anderson (B), b. 28th October, 1896, son of Wm. Calwell, M.D., 6 College Gardens, Belfast.  IV, April, 1912.  Great War: 3rd Batt. Middlesex Regt.  In Australia.

1127. Cooke, Ivan Chamney (B), b. 24th October, 1897, son of the Very Rev. Dean J. W. Cooke, B.D., Christ Church Rectory, Belfast.  Brother of 1217.  Father of 3779.  Army: July, 1914.  Lieut., R. Irish Rifles.  Retired 1922.  Commerce.  1939-49: Gun Specialist, Royal Naval Armament.  1949, Commerce.  Address: 7 Braemar Park, Bangor, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1128. *Crawford, Stuart Wright Knox (B), b. 8th March, 1898, son of Lt.-Colonel F. H. Crawford, C.B.E., Cloreen, Malone Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1699.  2nd Lieut., R.F.A., May 1915.  1st XV, 1914-15.  R.M.A., Woolwich.  Boxed for Rhine Army, 1919.  Played for Blackheath R.F.C., 1922-24.  Lansdowne, 1925-26.  Master of Nerbudda Vale Hunt, 1930-32, and R.A. Drag Hunt, 1933-35.  Lt.-Colonel.  (Invalided, 1944).  Farmer.  Address: Rooksey Green, Preston, Sudbury, Suffolk.  (M.q.)

1129. Crichton, Robert Young (A), b. 10th August, 1897, son of W. Y. Crichton, Dunlethglas, Downpatrick.  Brother of 1178.  VI, July, 1915.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1912-13-14-15.  1st XI, 1913-14.  T.C.D.  1st XV, 1920 to 1925.  Capt., 1924-25.  B.A.  Irish International Rugby XV, 1920-21-22-23-24-25.  Rugby Centenary Match.  Stockbroker, Messrs. A. McCaw & Co., Dublin.  Died 29th July, 1940.

1132. Dinsmore, John Francis (A), b. 18th August, 1898, son of John Dinsmore, Jun., The Limes, Ballymena.  Shell, April, 1912.  Uppingham School, 1914-16.  R.F.A., 1916-19.  St. John's Collage, Cambridge, 1919-21.  College XV.  Managing Director in John Dinsmore & Sons, Ltd., Kells.  Address: Ross Lodge, Kells, Ballymena.

1133. Drake, Thomas Norman (E), b. 28th June, 1898, son of Thos. Drake, Danecroft, Newtownards.  Remove, Dec., 1912.  Great War: Pilot Officer, R.A.F.  Cadet, R.I.C., 1921-22.  Inspector, Jamaica Police.  J.P.  Senior Superintendent of Police and Deputy Principal Immigration Officer, Trinidad, 1944-1949.  (Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police, 1948);  Principal Immigration Officer, Tanganyika, 1949-1952;  Assistant, East African Office, London, 1952 - King's Police Medal.  Address: No. 8 Flat, Eden Court, North Ealing, London, W.5.  (M.q.)

1134. *Emerson, Charles Ernest (A), b. 27th February, 1896, son of Mrs. R. Emerson, Tandragee, Co. Armagh.  Brother of 1292.  U.V, July, 1914.  Great War: Sub.-Lieut., R.N.A.S.  Queen's University, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1930.  Address: 117 Selly Park Road, Selly Hill, Birmingham, 29.  (M.)

1135. *Fleming, James Christie (B), b. 21st July, 1894, son of Richard M. Fleming, J.P., Carthage House, Culdaff, Co. Donegal.  Brother of 1136.  U.V, April, 1911.  Canadian Bank of Commerce, 1911-13.  Great war: Lieut., R.N.V.R., 1915-19.  In Canada.  Address: c/o 8 Rochester Road, Cregagh, Belfast.  (M.)

1136. *Fleming, Richard John (B), b. 18th January, 1896, son of Richard M. Fleming, J.P., Carthage House, Culdaff, Co. Donegal.  Brother of 1135.  U.V, April, 1913.  1st XV, 1911-12-13.  Athletic Championship, 1913.  Great War: Capt., Cameronians, att. Yorks and Lancs.  1939-45 War: Major, R. U. Rif.  T.D.  Civil Servant.  Address: 8 Rochester Road, Cregagh, Belfast.

1137. *Greer, Ussher McGregor (B), b. 8th June, 1899, son of Rev. R. Ussher Greer, The Parsonage, Lisburn.  Brother of 1267.  U.V, April, 1916.  Wellington College, Madras.  I.A.  Retired.  Sudan Plantation Syndicate, P.O., Barakat, Sudan.  Retired 1951.  Address: Killycoonagh, Newbliss, Co. Monaghan.

1138. *Greeves, Alfred William (E), b. 14th April, 1899, son of Alfred Greeves, Fernbank, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 971 and 1220.  Father of 3203 and 3406.  VI, July, 1917.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1914-15-16-17.  1st XI, 1915-16-17.  Capt., 1917.  With Messrs. J. and T. M. Greeves, Flax Spinners, Belfast.  Address: 58 Knocklofty Park, Belfast.  (M.)

1139. *Hamilton, Reginald Lamont (A), b. 30th April, 1898, son of James H. Hamilton, Sunnyside, Whitehouse.  Father of 2967.  IV, July, 1913.  Great War: M.T., A.S.C. and 7th Officer Cadet Batt. Irish International XV, 1925-26.  Address: Sunnyside, Whitehouse, Belfast.  (M.)

1140. *Jackson, Harry Noel (E), b. 24th December, 1899, son of Henry Jackson, Invermore, Cherryvalley, Knock, Belfast.  Father of 3563.  Brother of 1271 and 1392.  II, April, 1913.  Great War: Royal Irish Rifles and R.N.V.R., 1939-45.  R.A. Major.  Managing Director.  Address: 111 Osborne Park, Malone, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1141. Lewis, Clive Staples (B), b. 29th November, 1898, son of A. J. Lewis, Little Lea, Strandtown, Belfast.  III, Dec., 1910.  Malvern College.  War Service, 1917-18.  Oxford University, 1919.  1st Class Honour Moderations, 1922.  Chancellor's Prize, 1921.  English Final School.  1st Class Honours, 1923.  B.A., 1923.  M.A., 1925.  Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, 1925.  Author: "The Screwtape Letters," "Miracles," "The Great Divorce," "The Problem of Pain," "Christian Behaviour," "Beyond Personality," "Transposition," "The Abolition of Man," "Mere Christianity," "The Pilgrim's Regress," "The Allegory of Love."  Professor of Mediaeval and Renaissance English, Cambridge, 1954.

1142. *Madden, Oscar W. (E), b. 18th December, 1897, son of Wm. Madden, Ellaville, Belmont Park, Belfast.  Father of 3211 and 3902.  II, Dec., 1911.  Legal and General Assurance Society Ltd.  Address: 50 Shandon Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1143. *Morrow, John (E), b. 19th April, 1896, son of R. L. Morrow, Ardgowan, Downpatrick.  III, Dec., 1911.  Father of 3121.  Director, John Morrow & Co. Ltd.  Address: 9 Hampton Park, Ormeau Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1144. *Munn, Norman Barry (E), b. 21st November, 1896, son of R. Jackson Munn, M.D., Ingleside, Woodstock Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1145.  U.V, July, 1915.  School Prefect.  1st XI, 1913-14-15 (Capt., 1915).  1st XV, 1913-14-15.  Great War: Royal Irish Rifles.  M.C., 1918.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1924.  Schools Interprovincial Football and Cricket.  Lieut., R.A.M.C., 1942-43.  General Practitioner.  Address: 22 Purley Oaks Road, Sanderstead, Surrey.  (M.q.)

1145. *Munn, Sydney Jackson (E), b. 21st March, 1898, son of R. Jackson Munn, M.D., Ingleside, Woodstock Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1144.  L.V, July, 1915.  1st XI, 1915.  1st XV, 1914-15.  Services Engineering Works, 1915.  F.I.M.T.  Director, Allister Kirk & Co., Belfast.  Northern Ireland Representative of Leyland Motors Ltd.  Chairman of O.C. Council.  Died 23rd April, 1950.  (M.)

1148. McFerran, Thomas Malcolm (D), b. 30th September, 1897, son of Wm. McFerran, Sandycove Avenue, West Kingstown.  Brother of 1904.  L.V, July, 1913.  T.C.D., 1914-15.  Great War: 2nd Lieut., R.F.C.   Killed in Action, 21st June, 1917.

1149. *MacLaughlin, Francis Alexander (E),  b. 27th May,  1899, son of A. MacLaughlin, Belfast Bank, Great Edward Street, Belfast.  VI, June, 1916.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. (Hons.), 1921.  1921, R.M.O., Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.  1922, Assistant in Anatomy, Queen's University.  1925, Surgical Registrar, Royal Victoria Hospital.  1927, Clinical Assistant, Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital, etc.  Guy's Hospital, London.  F.R.C.S. (Eng.), 1927.  Ophthalmic Surgeon, Belfast Hospital for Sick Children, and other ophthalmic hospital appointments.  Consulting Surgeon.  Surgeon Lieut.-Commander, R.N.V.R.  V.R.D.  Address: 32 Wellington Park, Belfast  (M.)

1150. *Pinkerton, George Arthur (E), b. 7th January, 1900, son of George Pinkerton, Lisavon, Strandtown, Belfast.  L.V, July, 1915.  Great War: A.S.C., R.I.R. and Flight-Cadet, R.A.F.  1939-45 War: Sergeant, Canadian Infantry Corps.  Sales.  Address: 4195 East 147th Street, Cleveland, 28, Ohio, U.S.A.  (M.q.)

1151. *Quin, James Sinclair (A), b. 15th January, 1897, son of J. C. Quin, Ulster Bank, Sligo.  Brother of 780.  VI, Oct., 1914.  Sch.  1st XI, 1914.  T.C.D.  Great War: Surgeon-Probationer, R.N.V.R.  B.A., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1919.  M.D., 1925.  F.R.C.P., Ireland, 1926.  M.R.C.O.G. (Foundation).  F.R.C.O.G., 1950.  Gynaecological Surgeon Meath Hospital, Dublin.  Consultant Gynaecologist, Cork Street, Fever Hospital.  Address: 22 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin.  (M.q.)

1152. Ringland, Francis Lindsay (E), b. 23rd August, 1897, son of Frank Ringland, Marsdene, Cyprus Park, Belfast.  Remove, April, 1914.  Belfast Mercantile College.  March, 1930, Solicitor to Northern Bank Ltd., Belfast.  Address: 22 Waverley Drive, Bangor, Co. Down.  (M.)

1154. Ross, Leslie Norman (B), b. 16th May, 1896, son of Rev. E. W. Ross, Burt Manse, Londonderry.  Brother of 1062 and 1569.  U.VI, July, 1914.  Sch.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1912-13-14.  Great War: Lieut., R.I.R.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. (Hons.), 1924.  McQuitty Scholar, Royal Victoria Hospital, 1924.  1924, House Surgeon, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.  1925, Resident Medical Supt., U.V.F. Hospital, Belfast and Surgical Specialist to Ministry of Pensions.  1928, Senior Demonstrator in Anatomy, Queen's University.  1930, St. Bart's Hospital, London.  1931, House Surgeon, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London.  1932, Resident Surgeon, King Edward Memorial Hospital, London.  F.R.C.S.I. (1st Place) and F.R.C.S. (Eng.), 1932.  Died 31st January, 1951.

1155. *Russell, Samuel Wilfred (B), b. 25th October, 1895, son of Robert Russell, F.T.C.D., 36 Trinity College, Dublin.  Brother of 781.  VI, July, 1913.  Scholar.  1st XV, 1912-13.  Great War: Capt., 7th (Cyclist) Battl. Welsh Regiment.  T.C.D.  B.A., 1921.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1922.   Formerly Asst. Lecturer in Physiology.  T.C.D.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Bank House, Bromyard, Hereford.

1156. Salmond, James Readdie (A), b. 6th July, 1897, son of Rev. Wm. Salmond, Loanends Manse, Muckamore, Co. Antrim.  IV, Dec., 1912.  Queen's University, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1921.  1923, Senior Medical Officer, Ashby-de-la-Zouche Cottage Hospital.  1939-45, Major, R.A.M.C.  Medical Practitioner (Drs. Salmond and Hart).  Address:  Lindores, Appleby Magna, Burton-on-Trent Phone Measham, 221.  (M.q.)

1157. Smith, George Cuthbert (B), b. 5th September, 1895, son of H. C. Smith, Knockdene Park, Belfast.  U.V, Dec., 1912.  Canadian Bank of Commerce.  Died.

1158. Smith, Terence Nelson (B), b. 12th April, 1899, son of Lieut.-Col. J. B. Smith, I.M.S., Civil Surgeon, Poona, India.  Brother of 1208.  II, Dec., 1912.  St. Bees School, Cumberland, 1913-1917.  p.s.c.  Great War: Quetta, 1-6 Gurkha Rifles.  D.S.O. (1945).  O.B.E. (1941).  Mentioned in despatches, 1937-1942-44.  Wazistan, 1930.  Wazistan, 1937.  The Middle East and Italy, 1940-45.  Retired Brigadier - Chief Administrative Officer, Kuwait.  Regular Army Res. of Offrs.  Address: c/o Lloyds Bank Ltd., 39 Old Bond Street, London, W.1.  (M.q.)

1159. *Smith, William Harden (C), b. 16th October, 1899, son of Rev. Chas. Smith, The Rectory, Carndonagh, Co. Donegal.  Brother of 1238, 1720 and 1914.  Army, July, 1916.  Scholar.  1st XV, 1915-16.  T.C.D., 1916-22.  Great War: Surg. Sub.-Lieut., R.N.V.R.  B.A., 1921.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1922.  L.M. (Rotunda), 1922.  D.P.H., 1924.  D.T.M. (Calcutta), 1928.  Colonial Medical Service.  Address: c/o Director of Medical Services, P.O. Box 641, Nairobi.  (M.q.)

1160. *Smyth, John Trevor (E), b. 27th January, 1897, son of Walter Smyth, Fannmore, Holywood, Co. Down.  Brother of 1332 and 1915.  U.V, July, 1914.  1st XI, 1913-14.  Great War: Lieut. R. Irish Rifles.  Mentioned in despatches.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1924.  Irish Rugby International XV, 1920.  R.A.M.C., Lieut., 1925; Major, 1934.  Lt.-Col., 1945.  Retired 1952.  Address: Faunmore, Holywood, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1161. Thompson, Andrew George (C), b. 15th September, 1896, son of Mrs. M. E. Thompson, Drumlin Villas, Newry Road, Banbridge.  L.V, Dec., 1912.  Accountant.  Provincial Bank of Ireland Ltd.  Address: 98 Millbank Avenue, Portstewart.  (M.q.)

1163. MacManaway, Richard Thomas Ringwood (A), b. 27th April, 1895, son of Canon J. MacManaway, The Rectory, Monaghan.  Brother of 1117.  VI, July, 1913.  School Prefect.  1st XI, 1913.  1st XV, 1911-12-13.  Great war: Lieut., R.A.F. Mentioned in despatches.  R.A.S.C.,  Lt.-Col., O.B.E.  Died on Active Service 1945.  (M.)


1164. *Dickson, Cecil (C), b. 13th August, 1896, son of Samuel Dickson, Leawood, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 1180.  IV, Dec., 1912.   Great War: Lieut., Cheshire Regt., M.C.  Director of Humphries, Percival Ellis (1926), Ltd., Tanners.  Chairman, Messrs. Roy Wilson Dickson Ltd., Tanning Extract Manufacturers.  Address: Lethbridge, Coronation Road, Hoylake, Cheshire.  (M.q.)

1165. Warrington, Robert Cecil Ussher (C), b. 1st May, 1898, son of Rev. Robert Warrington, The Rectory, Fintona.  U.V, July, 1916.  Great War: R. Inniskilling Fusiliers and 36 M.G. Batt.  2nd Lieut.  T.C.D.  B.A., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1927.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Lethendry, 52 Glebe Street, Great Harwood, Near Blackburn, Lancs.  (M.q.)


1166. *Kennedy, Quintin Alexander (A), b. 9th August, 1897, son of Quintin W. Kennedy, 37 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin.  Brother of 1245 and 1426.  Army, Dec., 1915.  R.M.A., Woolwich.  Lieut., R.A.  Retired, 1926.  1939-45 War:  Capt., R.A.  Address: Lloyds Bank, Cambridge.  (M.)

1169. Sloan, Gerrard Andrew (A), b. 18th March, 1900, son of A. G. Sloan, Ballyworkan House, Portadown.  Brother of 1285.  U.V, July, 1918.  T.C.D.  University O.T.C., 1918.  B.A., 1922.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1924.  L.M. (Rotunda), 1924.  M.A., 1928.  D.T.M. and H. (Eng.), 1928.  F.R.S.T.M. and H.  D.M.O., Uganda.  Retired.  Medical Practitioner.  Died October, 1942.  (M.)

1170. *Wallace, William Orr (E), b. 6th July, 1898, son of Wm. Wallace, Dorrington, Newtownbreda, Belfast.  V, July, 1914.  With Messrs. Cantrell & Cochrane Ltd.  Address: Erin, 22 Abingdon Road, Bramhall, Cheshire.  (M.)


1171. Armstrong, Edward (D), b. 5th July, 1896, son of M. J. Armstrong, 5 Thorndale Avenue, Larne.  Father of 3183 and 3513.  VI, July, 1913.  Sch.  Great War: Lieut., Gen. List, Q.U.B., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1921.  M.D. (with commendation).  B.Sc. (1st Class Hons.), 1925.  D.P.H., 1937.  County Bacteriologist, Dumfries.  Now in Ministry of Health, N.I.  Address: 15 Deramore Drive, Belfast.  (M.)

1173. *Black, John Roberts (D), b. 6th November, 1899, son of G. R. Black.  Brother of 1174.  III, July, 1915.  1st XV, 1914-15.  Great War: Cadet, R.A.F.  Clothing Manufacturer.  Address: Derryhale, Clanbrassil Road, Cultra, Co. Down.  q.)

1174. Black, George Ruddell (D), b. 26th February, 1901, son of G. R. Black.  Brother of 1173.  III, July, 1916.  Civil Servant, Ministry of Health and Local Government.  Address: 10 Belmont Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1175. *Bolster, Cecil Richard (E), b. 20th April, 1900, son of Richard G. Bolster, Cremorne, Holywood Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1355.  IV, April, 1916.  Great War: Cadet, 7th O.C.B.  Address: 4 Demesne Park, Holywood, Co. Down.  (M.)

1176. Boyd, Clarence James (E), b. 12th April, 1898, son of Robert Boyd, M.D., Connsbrook House, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 1310.  U.V, July, 1915.  Great War: 2nd Lieut., Seaforth Highlanders.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1924.  D.P.H., 1929.  D.T.M. (Liverpool), 1930.  Malayan Medical Services, 1930.  Died at Durban, 1st March, 1950.

1177. *Bryson, Harold Stuart (A), b. 29th April, 1897, son of James Bryson, Ridgeway Park, Portadown.  U.V, July, 1914.  Great War: R.E.  Linen Importer.  President of Spence, Bryson, Incorporated, New York.  Address: c/o Messrs. Spence, Bryson, Incorporated, 10 West 33rd Street, New York, 1, U.S.A.  (M.q.)

1178. *Crichton, Malcolm Nicholl (A), b. 9th June, 1898, son of William Y. Crichton, Dunlethglas, Downpatrick.  Brother of 1129.  U.V, July, 1916.  1st XI, 1915-16.  1st XV, 1915-16.  Great War: R.F.A.  Queen's University.  Address: Dun-leth-glas, Downpatrick.  (M.)

1179. *Dickson, William Sydney (C), b. 1st May, 1898, son of J. Hill Dickson, J.P., Ardmore, Ballygowan.  Brother of 923, 1116 and 1315.  U.V, July, 1916.  Head Prefect.  P.S., O.T.C., T.C.D., B.A., 1921.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1922.  M.D., 1928.  M.A.O., 1931.  L.M.  Consultant in Obstetrics, Huddersfield Group Hospitals.  Address: Wentworth House, New North Road, Huddersfield.  (M.q.)

1180. *Dickson, Howard (C), b. 21st February, 1898, son of Samuel Dickson, Leawood, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 1164.  U.V, April, 1915.  1st XV, 1914-15.  Trinity College, Dublin and Southern Californian University.  Laundry Owner in Los Angeles.  Address: 628 Park Avenue, Southern Pasadena, California, U.S.A.  (M.q.)

1182. *Farrell, Arthur Acheson (C), b. 29th July, 1898, son of Arthur Thornton Farrell, Clarford, Portadown.  Brother of 798.  U.V, July, 1914.  Scholar.  Trinity College, Dublin.  1914-16.  Associate of Institute of Chartered Accountants (I), 1922.  R.A., 1917-1920.  Home Guard and C.D., 1940-45.  Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Commerce.  N.I. Address: 61 Lisburn Road, Belfast.  (M.x.q.)

1183. *Greeves, John Ronald Howard (E), b. 21st July, 1900, son of Arthur Greeves, Altona, Strandtown, Belfast.  Father of 3027 and 3284.  U.VI, July, 1918.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  McNeill Medal.  McMordie Medal.  Queen's University.  Entrance Scholar.  Senior Scholar.  B.Sc.  (Hon.), Electrical Engineering, 1921.  Antrim Fortress Coy., R.E. (T.A.), 1939-45 War:  U.K., Algeria, Greece, Middle East; Lt.-Col., 1945.  A.D.W. (E. & M.) to Engineer-in-Chief, Middle East.  A.M.I.E.E., 1942.  T.D., 1950.  Director J. and T. M. Greeves Ltd., Belfast.  Governor of Campbell College, 1950.  Address: Coolnashee, Crawfordsburn, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1185. *Hitchcock, Francis Clere (B), b. 15th March, 1896, son of Rev. F. R. Montgomery Hitchcock, D.D., Litt. D. (T.C.D.)  Army Class, April, 1913.  R.M.C., Sandhurst.  The Prince of Wales' Leinster Regt., 1914-22.  East Surrey Regr., (Regt.) 1922-29.  Capt., 1924.  Retired.  M.C., 1917.  F.R. Hist. S., Fellow of Institute of the Horse.  Member of the Mounted Special Constabulary, London, 1933-39.  Author of "Saddle Up,"  "Stand To"  (a diary of the trenches, 1915-18), "To Horse,"  Contributed to The Field, Army Quarterly, etc.  War Office Staff, July, 1939.  Mil. Sec. (Major) to G.O.C., N.I.D., 1943-45.  Mil. Sec. (Lt.-Col.) to G.O.C.-in-C.  Eastern Command, 1945-47.  Military Knight of Windsor, Jan., 1954.  Address: Naval and Military Club, 94 Piccadilly, Lononnn, (London), W.1.  (M.q.)

1187. *Hunter, William Adams (B), b. 6th April, 1897, son of William Hunter, Solicitor, Baymount, Sutton, Co. Dublin.  Brother of 1188 and 1224.  U.V, Dec., 1914.  T.C.D. - B.A., 1922;  M.A., 1950.  Golf Colours.  University O.T.C., 1918.  Uganda Defence Force, 1940-42.  Solicitor.  Partner, Messrs. Hunter & Greig.  Address: P.O. Box 26 Kampala, Uganda and 10 Newtownsmith, Sandycove, Co. Dublin.  (q.)

1190. *Milling, Robert Cranston (A), b. 29th October, 1898, son of John C. Milling, D.I., R.I.C., Kimberley Gardens, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Army, July, 1916.  R.M.C., Sandhurst.  I.A., Capt. Retired).  Address: 2629, 28th Avenue West, Seattle, U.S.A.  (M.)

1191. *Mulholland, George Philip (E), b. 4th January, 1898, son of James H. Mulholland, Strathclyde, Donaghadee.  Brother of 557, 574 and 696.  L.V, July, 1915.  Great War: Flying Officer, R.F.C. and R.A.F.  Director, Houghton Engineers Ltd., Durham.  Managing Director, Sagar (Developments) Ltd., Halifax.  Governor of Royal Halifax Infirmary.  Address: Fairlawn, Savile Park, Halifax.  (M.q.)

1192. McCullough, William Wallace (E), b. 2nd March, 1898, son of Mrs. McCullough, Brookmount, Donaghadee.  IV, July, 1913.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1928.  Died May, 1949.

1193. McElney, William Harper Campbell Davison (B), b. 2nd February 1900, son of Rev. R. McElney, The manse, Downpatrick.  Brother of 774 and 1447.  Army, Dec., 1917.  1st XI, 1916-17.  1st XV., 1915-16-17.  Great War.  Cadet, R.A.F.  Queen's University.  XV, 1919-20.  To South Africa in 1921.  Sugar Farming in Zululand.  Sergeant Air Gunner, S.A.A.F.  Killed on Active Service, 1942.

1194. Nelson, Samuel Banks (A), b. 13th July, 1896, son of Rev. S. Banks Nelson, D.D., 1902, Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minn., U.S.A.  Brother of 1195.  VI, July, 1913.  Queen's University, Belfast. 1913.  Queen's University, Kingston, Canada, 1914-15.  Great War: Lieut., R.A.F.  Public Account.  Died 20th June, 1942.  (M.)

1195. Nelson, Henry Freas (A), b. 18th March, 1898, son of Rev. S. Banks Nelson, D.D., 1902, Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minn., U.S.A.  Brother of 1194.  U.V, July, 1915.  School Prefect.  1sr XV, 1913-14-15.  Great War: Lieut., 97th American Legion.  Transferred to 38th Canadians with rank of Captain.  McGill University.  Present, Hamilton Pleating Co., Ontario.  Address: 49 Young Street, Hamilton, Ontario.

1196. *Parkinson, Richard Edward (C), b. 16th October, 1896, son of Edward Parkinson, Ardnageeha, Downpatrick.  VI, July, 1914.  Scholar.  Queen's University.  Entrance Scholar.  Engin. Scholar 1915.  B.Sc. (Eng.), 1917.  Great War: 2nd Lieut., R.E.  Down County Council Ass. County Surveyor, 1920.  Publications on Down and Down Cathedral and on Freemasonary.  (Freemasonry) Address: Ard-na-geeha, Downpatrick.  (M.)

1197. Peacocke, Gerald Ivan Crozier (E), b. 14th April, 1900, son of Rev. G. W. Peacocke, The Rectory, Strandtown, Belfast.  II, July, 1912.  Great War: Wellington, I.A.;  later to R.A.F.  Retired.  Re-employed, 1938.  1939-45 War: Group-Captain, R.A.F.V.R.  (M.)

1199. *Rudd, Frederick Thomas (E), b. 14th October, 1900, son of Thomas W. Rudd, Earlston, Dundela Park, Strandtown, Belfast.  VI, Dec., 1918.  Queen's University, Belfast, 1921-26.  B.Sc. (Mech. Eng.), 1926.  M.I.M.E. Director, Binny's Engineering Works, Ltd., Madras.  Died 8th April, 1954.  (M.)

1200. *Russell, Nelson (D), b. 7th July, 1897, son of Nelson Russell, Strathmore, Clonevin Park, Lisburn.  Brother of 1295.  U.V, July, 1914.  School Prefect.  1st XI, 1912-13-14.  (Capt., 1914).  Royal Irish Fusiliers, 2nd Lieut., 1915.  Capt., 1929.  Hockey: Irish International, 1923.  Army, 1924.  Cricket Inter-provincials (Ulster), 1922-24.  Gentlemen of Ireland, 1924.  C.B. (1949), D.S.O. (1943), M.C. (1916); 1939-45 War: North Africa, Sicily and Italy.  Sergeant-at-Arms, Northern Ireland Parliament.  Retired from Army as Brigadier, 1950.  Past-President, O.C. Society.  Address: Tollymore Manor House, Newcastle, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1201. Simms, Charles Manson (E), b. 9th December, 1899, son of Charles Simms, Plasmerdyn, Holywood, Belfast.  Brother of 904.  L.V, April, 1916.  Director, Munster, Simms & Co., Belfast. Address: Linwood, Jackson's Road, Holywood. (M.)


1202. *Archibald, Walter (A), b. 18th April, 1897, son of Walter Archibald, Glen-Alva, 25 Cliftonville Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1864.  L.V, Dec., 1913.  St. Andrew's School, Dublin.  Director, Springfield Dyeing and Finishing Co., and New Barnsley Bleach Works, Belfast.  Address: Carraigban, 25 Castlehill Road, Belfast.  (M.)

1203. *Bewglas, James Harper (D), b. 30th May, 1898, son of Rev. W. J. Bewglas, Carrigart, Co. Donegal.  VI, July, 1916.  School Prefect.  1st XV. 1914-15-16.  Capt., 1916.  Magee College.  T.C.D., B.A. (Sen. Mod.), 1920.  Assembly's College.  Presbyterian Minister.  Address: The Manse, Ballindrait, Co. Donegal.  (M.q.)

1207. *Robinson, James (B), b. 14th June, 1900, son of Rev. Edmund Robinson, The Vicarage, Glenageary, Co. Dublin.  Brother of 1118 and 1377.  VI, April, 1918.  Head Prefect.  1st XV, 1916-17-18.  P.S., O.T.C., Indian Army.  2-4 Indian Grenadiers.  Major, 1937.  Lt.-Col., 1942.  Retired.  Address: c/o Lloyds Bank Ltd., 6 Pall Mall, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

1208. Smith, Alan David Nelson (B), b. 5th January, 1902, son of Lieut.-Colonel J. B. Smith, I.M.S., Civil Surgeon, Poona, India.  Brother of 1158.  II, Dec., 1912.  St. Bees school, Cumberland, 1913-19, and University College, Cardiff, 1920-21.  Now with Boase Spinning Co., Ltd., Dundee.  Address: 5 Hyndford Street, Dundee.  (M.)

1209. *Wheeler, John Gordon (C), b. 9th April, 1900, son of W. L. Wheeler, 41 Adelaide Park, Belfast.  Brother of 1106.  L.V, July, 1915.  Solicitor, Trinity Sittings, 1921.  Registrar of the Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeal in Northern Ireland.  Address: Royal Courts of Justice, Belfast.  (M.q.)


1211. Leeper, James Cyril (D), b. 13th August, 1897, son of William Leeper, Wellbrook, Cookstown.  Brother of 1429.  Army, March, 1916.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1915-16.  P.S., O.T.C., 1915.  R.M.C., Sandhurst.  2nd Lieut., Royal Irish Rifles.  Belgian Croix de Guerre.  Mentioned in despatches.  Capt. and Adjutant.  Retired.  Capt., Queen's University O.T.C.  Director of John Gunning & Son, Cookstown and Belfast.  Died 22nd October, 1938.  (M.)

1213. *Milliken, Henry James Shaw (E), b. 30th August, 1897, son of Thomas Milliken, Lough Head, Islandmagee, Co. Antrim.  U.V, July, 1913.  Great War: R.A.S.C., 1915-17.  J.P.  Member of Larne R.D.C.  Farmer.  Address: Lough Head, Islandmagee, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)


1215. *Blackwood, Charles Vincent Ralph, b. 27th July, 1898, son of  J. K. Blackwood, Clanrye, Osborne Gardens, Belfast.  Brother of 1655.  Father of 4037.  VI, Dec., 1916.  1st XI, 1916.  1st XV, 1916-17.  Great War: 2nd Lieut., 7th Gurka Rifles.  Firestone Tyre Co.  Address: 108 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1217. *Cooke, Herbert Sutton Dundonald (B), b. 15th April, 1900, son of Rev. Canon J. W. Cooke, The Rectory, Dromore.  Brother of 1127.  VI, July, 1918.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1916-18.  Cadet, R.F.A. Q.U.B.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1923.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 30 University Road, Belfast.  (M.)

1218. *Graham, Ian Park (C), b. 29th July, 1898, son of Rev. R. H. C. Graham, 23 Hughenden Avenue, Belfast.  U.V, July, 1915.  Queen's University.  Indian Army (Wellington), 1917.  52 Sikhs.  F.F. and Tochi Scouts.  Retired with rank of Captain, 1922.  1943-46: Captain, R.A.S.C.  Secretary and Sales Director, Tetley Tea Co. Inc., New York.  Address: Snow Drive, Mahwah, N.J., U.S.A.  (M.q.)

1220. *Greeves, Edward Victor (E), b. 22nd January, 1901, son of Alfred Greeves, Fernbank, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 971 and 1138.  U.V, July, 1917.  1st XV, 1915-16-17.  Queen's University, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1922.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Park Lane, Congleton, Cheshire.

1221. Greeves, George Frederick (E), b. 8th May, 1899, son of George R. Greeves, Moravia, Earlswood Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1219 and 1321.  Father of 3525.  L.V, July, 1916.  Belfast Technical College, 1916-18.  Director, Munster, Simms & Co., Belfast and Dublin.  Address: "Hallam," 31 Maxwell Road, Bangor, N. Ireland.  (M.q.)

1224. Hunter, John Kenneth (B), b. 26th May, 1900, son of William Hunter, Solicitor, Baymount, Sutton, Co. Dublin.  Brother of 1187 and 1188.  Army, July, 1918.  Cadet, R.A.F.  Personnel Manager, Hoover, Ltd.  Died, 17th February, 1950.

1225. *Hutchinson, Robert William (A), b. 25th July, 1901, son of James Hutchinson, View Mount, Windsor Avenue, Belfast.  U.V, July, 1918.  P.S., O.T.C.  1st XI, 1918.  1st XV, 1917-18.  N.I.F.C., from 1918-28.  Director, B. Capper & Co., Belfast.  Company Officer, A.F.S.  Address: 17 Upper Malone Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1226. Laughlin, Henry (E), b. 16th May, 1898, son of Henry Laughlin, 2 Waverley Villas, Andersonstown, Belfast.  Brother of 1372.  V, Dec., 1914.  Director, City Brush Co., Belfast.  Director, Laughlin Bros., Ltd.  Address: "Glendun," Kensington Park, Bangor.  (M.q.)

1227. *Lee, Richard Morton (C), b. 19th July, 1897, son of Richard J. Lee, Rockmount, Limerick.  L.V, July, 1915.  Great War: Sub. Lieut., R.N.V.R.  Associate Member of Institute of Naval Architects.  Engineer, Admiralty.  Addresses: "Resthaven," North Road, Combe Down, Bath, Somerset and Redhouse Hill, Patricks Well, Co. Limerick.  (M.q.)

1228. *Lindsay, Frederick (C), b. 21st May, 1898, son of F. W. B. Lindsay, Roywood, Balmoral, Belfast.  II, July, 1914.  Methodist College.  Ulster Bank: Manager.  Addresses: c/o Ulster Bank, Mountpottinger, Belfast and 509 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast.

1229. Martin, Robert John McConnell (Ian) (E), b. 29th September, 1901, son of H. Herbert Martin, Haslar, Galwally Park, Belfast.  L.V, July, 1918.  Director, H. & J. Martin, Ltd., Belfast and Dublin.  Address: St. Wolstans, Celbridge, Co. Kildare.  (M.q.)

1230. Metcalfe, Norman Pringle (E), b. 6th October, 1902, son of A. W. Metcalfe, Hawthornden House, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 977 and 1346.  III, July, 1915.  Flax Spinner.  Died 5th October, 1939.  (M.)

1231. *Monson, James William (E), b. 4th April, 1898, son of Thomas Monson, Ratina, Kensington Road, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 1275.  VI, July, 1916.  Sch.  B.A., Queen's University, 1920;  F.C.A., Chartered Accountant, 1936.  Address: 15 Green Road, Knock, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1233. *McSpadden, George (C), b. 25th February, 1898, son of William G. McSpadden, Rathfriland, Co. Down.  Father of 3666.  U.V, July, 1915.  1st XV, 1914-15.  Queen's University, Belfast.  LL.B. (Hons.), Final Year Law School. and McKane Gold Medallist.  Four Courts, Dublin.  Gold Medallist, Solicitors' Final and Law Society's Gold Medal for Legal Debate.  1944-46: Capt., R.P.C., N.W. Europe.  Mentioned in despatches.  Solicitor.  Member of Down County Council and of Senate of Queen's University, Belfast.  Address: Rathfriland, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1234. *McWilliam, William Nicholson (D), b. 26th November, 1897, son of William N. McWilliam, M.D., Banbridge.  Brother of 1840.  Father of 3129.  VI, Oct., 1914.  Sch.  McNeill Medal.  Great War: Lieut., R.G.A.  T.C.D.: Sizarship and Junior Ex., 1914.  Sch., 1st Mathematical, 1919.  B.A., B.A.I., 1921.  Ministry of Labour, N.I., 1922.  Private Secretary to Minister of Labour, 1924-32.  Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet, N.I., and Deputy Clerk of the Privy Council, N.I., 1945.  Address: 8 Knocktern Gardens, Knock.  (M.q.)

1236. Prost, Arthur Grieveldinger (C), b. 5th July, 1900, son of Mathias G. Prost, 24 St. Stephen's Green, Dublin.  U.V, July, 1917.  Great War: Flight-Cadet, R.A.F.  T.C.D.  B.A., B.A.I., 1923.  Address: Suffolk Street, Dublin.

1237. *Robb, Frederick (D), b. 1st December, 1898, son of John Robb, Charleville, Castlereagh, Belfast.  Brother of 1451.  II, Dec., 1915.  1st XI, 1915.  1st XV, 1914-15-16.  Great War: Lieut., Royal Scots. Fusiliers.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.U.R.  Address: Charleville, Cultra, Co. Down.  (M.)

1238. *Smith, Benjamin Owen (C), b. 12th October, 1901, son of Rev. Charles Smith, The Rectory, Gleneely, Co. Donegal.  Brother of 1159, 1720 and 1914.  Army, July, 1918.  Sch.  R.M.C., Sandhurst.  2nd Lieut., R. Inniskilling Fusiliers, 1921. Lieut.  Retired, 1934.  1939-45 War: Major, S.A. Forces.  M.C., Secretary, Port Elizabeth Club.  Address: 3 Twickenham Road, Port Elizabeth, S. Africa.  (M.q.)

1240. *Woods, Cecil Puleston (C), b. 8th March, 1896, son of Robert J. Woods, Princetown Lodge, Bangor.  L.V, July, 1913.  1914-18 War: Lt., R.A.  1939-45 War: Major, R.A. and R.A.O.C.  Address: Princetown Lodge, Bangor, Co. Down.


1243. Ferguson, William James (C), b. 31st July, 1897, son of W. J. Ferguson, Rosemead, Newtownards,  Brother of 1603 and 1960.  III, Dec., 1913.  Great War: R.A.S.C.  Last known address: Rosemead, Newtownards.

1245. *Kennedy, Duncan Victor (A), b. 21st October, 1900, son of Quintin W. Kennedy, 37 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin.  Brother of 1166 and 1426.  VI, July, 1919.  School Prefect.  C.S.M., O.T.C.  R.M.C., Sandhurst.  2nd Lieut., K. O. Scottish Borderers, 1920.  Capt., 1936.  P.S.C., 1936.  G.S.O., 3, War Office, 1936.  Bde. Major, Canal.  Bde., Egypt, 1938-40.  G.S.O. II, Staff College, Haifa, 1940-41.  B.M.M., Cairo, 1941-42.  Dep. Director Science, War Office, 1942-45.  Brigadier, 1944.  Colonel, i/c Administration, Highland District, 1945-47.  Retired, June 1947, with rank of Brigadier.  1939-45: Egypt, Palestine, Western Desert, U.S.A., Canada.  Regional Officer, Ministry of Health.  Address: Lillies leaf, Bledington, Oxon.  (M.q.)

1246. *Moore, Henry Roberts Dalzell (C), b. 4th March, 1900, son of Rev. H. H. Moore, The Manse, Markethill, Co. Armagh.  Army, July, 1918.  Great War: Indian Army, 1918-23.  Waziristan Campaign, Tohb Valley, N.W. Frontier.  Graduated Otago University, Dunedin, N.Z.  Dental Surgeon.

1247. Morrow, Robert Moore (B), b. 10th January, 1900, son of Rev. R. Moore Morrow, Billy Rectory, Bushmills.  Army, Dec., 1917.  1st XV, 1916-17.  Great War: 2nd Lieut., R. Inniskilling Fusiliers.  Lieut., R. Inniskilling Fusiliers., September, 1939 to July, 1940 (in France with 2nd Bn.), R. Pioneer Corps, July 1940 to March 1943 (Western Desert with 601 Coy.)  Invalided out.  Civil Servant.  Address: Glenstaughey, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

1248. *Mussen, Robert Walsh (C), b. 13th May, 1900, son of H. H. Mussen, Princetown Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  L.V, July, 1915.  Queen's University, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1922.  M.D., 1935.  F.R.C.P. (Lond.), 1935.  Surgeon-Lieut., R.N., 1922.  Charing Cross Hospital.  Medical Specialist, R.N.  Hospital, Haslar, 1939-42.  British Naval Medical Liaison Officer with U.S. Navy, 1942-45.  Surgeon Rear Admiral, Command Medical Officer, The Nore.  C.B.E. (Mil.), 1949.  Hon. Physician to the Queen, 1952.  C.B., 1954.  Address: c/o Army and Navy Club, Pall Mall, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

1249. Palmer, Alfred Kingsmill (C), b. 13th October, 1899, son of Rev. M. J. Palmer, Newcastle Vicarage, Newtownmount-Kennedy.  III, April, 1913.  St. Columba's College.  T.C.D., B.A., B.A.I., M.A. (1927).  Clerk in Holy Orders.  Ordained Deacon, 1936.  Priest, 1937.  Rector of Carnalway and Kilcullen, Diocese of Kildare.  Address: Carnalway Rectory, Kilcullen, Co. Kildare.  (M.q.)

1251. *Proctor, Richard Louis Gibbon (A), b. 13th May, 1900, son of Rev. R. Gibbon Proctor, B.D., Rector of St. Jude's, Dublin.  U.V, July, 1917.  Great War: Quetta. T.C.D., B.A., 1923.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1924.  M.A., M.D., 1936.  M.R.C.P., Ireland, 1931.  F.R.C.P., Ireland, 1935.  Surgeon Lieut., R.N., 1924.  Surgeon Commander, 1936.  D.P.H., 1937.  R.N. Hospital, Haslar, Gosport, 1939-41.  N.M.O.H., Rosyth, 1941-44.  Alexandria, 1944-45.  Malta, 1945-46.  Surgeon Captain, 1946.  Officer of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, May, 1952.  Employed in Medical Dept. of Admiralty, London, S.W.1.  Address: Kentor, 208 City Way, Rochester, Kent.  (M.q.)

1252. *Stafford, Herbert Wilfred (A), b. 22nd January, 1902, son of Frederick Stafford, St. Helier's, Deramore Park, Belfast.  L.V, July, 1916.  Queen's University.  B.Com.Sc., 1921.  B.A., 1927.  Missionary, Hyderabad Methodist Mission, 1927.  Methodist Minister in Cork to 1953.  Now in Newtownards.  (Retired from India, 1950).  Address: 50 Regent Street, Newtownards, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1253. *Stitt, Richard (A), b. 3rd March, 1899, son of John D. Stitt, Ballee House, Downpatrick.  L.V, Dec., 1914.  Address: Ballee House, Downpatrick.  (M.)


1254. Fuge, Thomas Hugh Hare (C), b. 9th December, 1896, son of Richard P. Fuge, Templemary, Buttevant, Co. Cork.  Brother of 926 and 927.  Army: July, 1914.  Great War: Lieut., R. Irish Regt., R.F.C. and R.A.F. Sandhurst, R.M.C.  Served as District Inspector Royal Irish Constabulary from 1920 till disbandment of the Force. Intelligence Officer with R.C.A.F., 1940 to 1946.  Real Estate Investments.  Address: Box 777, Santa Monica, California, U.S.A. (M.q.)

1259. Seelenmeyer (now Seeley) Dudley Munster, b. 8th September, 1898, son of A. F. Seelenmeyer, M.D., Victoria, Australia.  IV, July, 1913.  Ebor School, Bexhill-on-Sea, England.  Melbourne, University, M.B., B.S.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: Mildura, Victoria, Australia.  (q.)


1260. *Baker, Hugh Cuthbert (E), b. 16th November, 1901, son of Alfred R. Baker, Trevena, Knock, Belfast.  VI, Dec., 1920.  Sch.  School Prefect.  Dufferin Medal.  McNeill Medal.  1st XV, 1918-19-20.  T.C.D., Sizar, 1920.  Sch.  Senior Moderator, B.A., 1924.  Indian Civil Service (Burma), 1926-47.  Principal, Colonial Office, 1948.  Address: Upperfold, Ditchling, Sussex.  (M.q.)

1264. Fulton, Joseph (A), b. 29th December, 1902, son of Dr. Joseph Fulton, 2 Windsor Crescent, Lisburn Road, Belfast.  II, Dec., 1913.  Queen's University.  1939-45 War: Lieut., R.N.V.R.

1265. *Gilchrist, Andrew Rae (B), b. 7th July, 1899, son of Rev. Andrew Gilchrist, 34 Blacket Place, Edinburgh.  VI, Dec., 1916.  Sch.  School Prefect.  Great War: R.F.A., 1917.  University of Edinburgh.  M.B., Ch.B., 1921.  McCunn Scholarship, 1924.  Lauder Brunton Medal, 1925.  Milner-Fothergill Medal, 1926.  M.R.C.P., Edin., 1925.  F.R.C.P., Edin., 1928.  M.D. (Gold Medal), 1933.  Res. Ass. Physician, Rockefeller Hospital, N.Y., 1926.  Lecturer in Therapeutics, Edinburgh Univ., 1928.  Asst. Physician, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, 1930.  Gibson Lecturer, Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh, 1944.  Physician, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh.  Reader in Clinical Cardiology, Edinburgh University.  Editor, Edinburgh Medical Journal and contributor to Medical publications.  Publications on the Heart and Circulation.  Addresses:  19 Eglinton Crescent, Edinburgh, 12 and Grovedale, Winton Terrace, Edinburgh, 10.  (M.)

1266. *Gillmon, John Hewat (D), b. 12th May, 1899, son of John C. Gillmon, Certifying Surgeon of Factories, Barrackpore, Bengal, India.  Brother of 1631.  Army, Dec., 1915.  Great War: Quetta.

1267. Greer, William Derrick Lindsay (B), b. 28th February, 1902, son of Rev. R. Ussher Greer, The Rectory, Banbridge.  Brother of 1137.  III, July, 1915.  St. Columba's College.  T.C.D.  Senior Mod. M.A., 1924.  Civil Servant, N.I., 1925-29.  Westcott Ho., Cambridge, 1929.  Clerk in Holy Orders, St. Luke's Church, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1929 to 1935.  1935-1944, Gen. Sec., S.C.M.  1944-1947 Principal, Westcott House, Cambridge.  D.D. (jure dign).  T.C.D., Hon. D.D. (Edinburgh).  1947 Bishop pf Manchester.  Address: Bishop's House, Singleton Road, Manchester, 7.  (M.q.)

1268. Gribbon, Herbert Alexander (E), b. 31st May, 1902, son of Robert W. Gribbon, Ardvarna, Circular Road, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 1085, 1591 and 1592.  VI, April, 1920.  1st XV, 1919-20.  With Messrs. Gribbon Bros., Belfast.  Address: Dunottar, 157 King's Road, Knock.  (M.q.)

1270. *Irwin, James Stuart (E), b. 20th June, 1901, son of J. S. Irwin, Redhill, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 1322.  VI, April, 1919.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1918-19.  Official, Belfast Banking Co. Ltd.  Address: Gracehill House, near Ballymoney, Co. Antrim.  (M.)

1271. *Jackson, William Harvey (E), b. 8th December, 1901, son of Henry Jackson, Darina, Earlswood Road, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 1140 and 1392.  U.V, April, 1920.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1918-19-20.  Capt., 1920.  Director, H. Jackson & Co. Ltd., Linen Manufacturers, Belfast.  Address: Churchill, Craigavad, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1273. *Johnston, Maurice Hope (E), b. 14th June, 1901, son of Philip Johnston.  Father of 3472.  Brother of 1039 and 1040.  U.V, April, 1918.  1st XV, 1917-18.  Messrs. Morell & Johnston, Belfast.  Stockbrokers.  Sec., O.C.S.  Chairman, O.C.S., 1938.  President, O.C.S., 1949-50.  Major, R.A., 1939-1945.  From 1948 Director, T. & J. McErvel (1948), Ltd., Belfast.  Address: Edenderry House, Benburb, Co. Tyrone.  (M.q.)

1274. *Mitchell, William Eric Marcus (A), b. 29th April, 1897, son of John F. Mitchell, M.D., Queen's Parade, Bangor, Co. Down.  Brother of 1302.  VI, July, 1914.  Great War: Lieut., R. Irish Rifles, M.C., 1916.  London University and St. Bart's Hospital.  M.B., B.S., 1923.  F.R.C.S. (Eng.), 1923.  M.R.C.P., London, 1931.  F.R.C.S., Canada, 1931.  D.P.H., Genito-Urinary Specialist.  Active Member, Alpine Club of Canada.  Lieut.-Col., R.A.M.C., 1939-45.  Malta and Egypt.  Consulting Surgeon.  Chief of Department of Surgery, Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria, B.C.  Address: 2171 Granite Street, Victoria, B.C., Canada.  (M.q.)

1276. *McCreight, Richard Thomas (C), b. 4th March, 1902, son of Rev. Canon Thomas McCreight, The Rectory, Ballynahinch, Co. Down.  Brother of 1666.  VI, July, 1920.  Head Prefect.  1st XV, 1918-19-20.  1st XI, 1918-19-20.  Captain, 1920.  Director and Secretary of Chartered Property Company.  Address: The Spinney, Adelaide Close, Stanmore Hill, Mdx.  (M.q.)

1278. *Nesbitt, Edward Rex Plewman (D), b. 5th August, 1902, son of Rev. Canon Nesbitt, Hollymount, Co. Mayo.  Brother of 835, 863 and 1070.  III, April, 1916.  University of Saskatchewan.  Financial Agent.  Address: c/o Crabb & Co., Ltd., 290 Garry Street, Winnipeg, Canada.  (q.)

1279. Nixon, Arthur Cecil (D), b. 3rd April, 1899, son of George A. Nixon, 7 Highfield Road, Rathgar, Dublin.  Army, July, 1916.  R.M.C., Sandhurst.  Lieut., R.F.A.  Canadian N.W.M.P., 1921-24.  Saskatchewan Provincial Police, 1924.

1280. *Rogers, Alfred Crawford Gordon (E and A), b. 12th October, 1899, son of Alfred Rogers, Tubberkyle, Knock, Co. Down.  Army, July, 1917.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1915-16-17.  1st XI, 1917.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 2nd Lieut., R. Inniskilling Fusiliers, 1918.  Lieut., 1920.  Assistant Intelligence Officer, 17th Brigade, 1923.  Governing Director, John Rogers, Ltd., Belfast, Felt and Wire Manufacturers. 1926.  1939-45: Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers and R.A.O.C. - Major, 1949, R.A.R.O.  Address: Sydenham Avenue, Belmont, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1281. *Scott, James Park (B) and (E),  b. 8th September, 1900, son of W. J. Scott, Ardlui, Kincora Avenue, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 892.  L.V, July, 1917.  Great War: Midshipman, R.N.V.R., 1917.  In Australia.  Address: c/o Ardlui, Kincora Avenue, Strandtown, Belfast.  (M.)

1282. *Segerdal, Alexander McMonagle Wylie (E), b. 30th Oct., 1897, son of Mrs. J. N. Segerdal, Greystones, Cyprus Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 1283 and 1284.  U.V, July, 1914.  Q.U.B.: M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1919.  D.P.H., 1920.  M.D., 1924.  M.O., Belfast Mental Hospital, 1920, and various other hospital appointments in England.  M.O.H., Shropshire U.D.C. Medical Practitioner.  Address: Belvoir Cottage, 54 Belvoir Road, Coalville, Leicester.  (M.)

1283. *Segerdal, Wilfred Wylie (E), b. 7th June, 1899, son of Mrs. J. N. Segerdal, Greystones, Cyprus Avenue, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Brother of 1282 and 1284.  L.V, Dec., 1915.  Address: c/o 48 Smithfield Market, Belfast.  (M.)

1284. *Segerdal, John Airian Wylie (E) and (B), b. 30th June, 1901, son of Mrs. J. N. Segerdal, Greystones, Cyprus Avenue, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Brother of 1282 and 1283.  VI, March, 1919.  1st XV, 1918-19.  Queen's University: M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1926.  Irish Inter-Varsity Light-Weight Boxing Champion, 1923.  Lieut., R.A.M.C. (T.A.).  Territorial Decoration.  1939-45 War: Lieut.-Col., R.A.M.C.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 358 Cranbrook Road, Ilford, Essex.  (M.q.)

1285. *Sloan, Wolsey Cornwall (A), b. 5th September, 1902, son of Andrew G. Sloan, Ballyworkan House, Portadown.  Brother of 1169.  U.V, July, 1920.  T.C.D.:  B.A., 1924.  M.B., B.Ch., 1926.  L.M. (Rotunda), 1926.  M.D.  Surgeon-Lieut., R.N., 1926.  House Surgeon, Kent and Canterbury Hospital, 1931.  Surgeon-Lieut. Commrd., R.N.V.R., 1940-45.  Medical Practitioner.  Address: 9 Alfred Road, Birchington, Kent.  (M.q.)

1286. *Warnock, James (C), b. 31st January, 1898, son of Robert H. Warnock, Rubane, Kircubbin.  IV, March, 1914.  Farmer.  Address: Rubane, Kircubbin, Co. Down.

1288. *Woodside, Leslie Johnson (B), b. 8th April, 1899, son of J. A. Woodside, Roslea, Ballymena.  Brother of 1115.  VI, July, 1916.  Sch.  1st XI, 1916.  R.A., 1939-42 (Capt.).  Retired.  Address: The Limes, Ballymena, Co. Antrim.  (q.)

1289. *Young, James Magill (E), b. 16th June, 1900, son of Rev. C. M. Young, B.A., Eglantine, Cyprus Park, Bloomfield, Belfast.  Brother of 1506 and 1507.  U.V., July, 1917.  Sch.  1st XV, 1916-17.  Queen's University:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1923.  Surgeon to Medical Institute, Northampton, 1934.  Fellow of Royal Society of Medicine, 1947.  Member of the Association of Industrial Medical Officers, 1942.  Group Medical Officer, Brush Aboe Group.  Address: 145 Park Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire.  (M.q.)

1290. Rice, George Harold (E), son of Mrs. Rice, Prince of Wales Hotel, Belfast.  III, July, 1916.  Clerk.  Address: 46 Magdala Street, off Rugby Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)


1291. Caswell, John Creighton (A), b. 19th August, 1898, son of John Caswell, Martello, Deramore Drive, Belfast.  IV, July, 1914.

1292. Emerson, Alfred John (A), b. 2nd August, 1900, son of Mrs. Emerson, Tandragee, Co. Armagh.  Brother of 1134.  L.V, April, 1917.  Garage Manager (W. H. Alexander Ltd., 123 Donegall Street, Belfast).  Address: 32 Diamond Gardens, Finaghy, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1294. Moore, Kenneth Hugh Turbitt Cunningham (D), b. 15th April, 1900, son of Rev. John Cunningham Moore, Kincarruthie Crescent, Perth.  L.V, July, 1918.  Great War: Shipbuilding in Victoria, B.C.  1939-45: Civilian Employee, Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  Died 20th November, 1953.  (M.)

1295. Russell, Harold Rodney (D), b. 19th April, 1900, son of Nelson Russell, Strathmore, Lisburn.  Brother of 1200.  VI, July, 1918.  Head Prefect.  1st XV, 1916-17-18.  Capt., 1917-18.  1st XI, 1918.  Great War: Midshipman, R.N.V.R., F.A.I., 1922.  Auctioneer and Estate Agent.  J.P.  1939-45 War: Capt., Innis. Fus.  Died 19th July, 1953.  (M.)

1296. *Craig, George Lyle (B), b. 13th February, 1899, son of David Craig, J.P., Oaks Lodge, Londonderry.  VI, July, 1917.  Head Prefect.  1st XV, 1915-16-17.  1st XI, 1915-16.  Capt., 1916.  R.M.C., Sandhurst.  2nd Lieut., 4th Dragoon Guards, 1918.  Army, XV, 1919-20.  Major, 4th Dragoon Guards, 1918.  Army, XV, 1919-20.  Major, 4th Dragoon Guards, 1937.  O.B.E., 1944.  Lt.-Col., 22nd Dragoons, 1940, Colonel, R.A.C., 1944.  Invalided out, 1948.  Retired.  Address: 11 Godyn Road, Folkestone, Kent.  (M.q.)

1297. *Hadden, Robert Evans (B), b. 4th July, 1902, son of W. E. Hadden, M.D., Magharee, Portadown.  Brother of 930.  Father of 3715 and 3959.  VI, July, 1920.  Sch.  School Prefect.  McMordie Medal.  O.T.C., Pl. Sgt., 1920.  T.C.D.  Junior Exhibition, 1920.  Scholarship in Exp. Science and Steward Medical Scholarship and Kingsmill Jones Memorial Prize, 1922.  Purser Medal (Physiology), 1923.  B.A. (Sen. Mod.), 1924.  Begley Student.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1926.  M.D., 1932.  House Physician, York Co. Hospital, 1926.  General Medical Practitioner since 1927.  R.A.M.C., 1939-43,  Capt.  Member N.I. General Health Services Board.  Address: "Rathowen," 66 Carrickblacker Road, Portadown.  (M.q.)

1299. *Hewitt, James (D), b. 29th July, 1899, son of Mrs. A. Hewitt, Lurgan.  Father of 3654.  V, July, 1915.  Ulster Bank Ltd., 1916.  Manager, 1941.  Address: Ulster Bank Ltd., Donaghadee, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1300. *Hopking, Henry Richard (D), b. 2nd August, 1900, son of R. Smith Hopking, Ellesmere, Ailesbury Park, Dublin.  III, July, 1914.  St. Columba's.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1918.  The Suffolk Regt.  Major, M.B.E. (1928).  S.O. to Local Forces and Adjutant, Trinidad Constabulary.  O.B.E.  1939-45 War: Lieut.-Col., Suffolk Regt.  (M.)

1301. *Mitchell, John Myles (A), b. 3rd December, 1902, son of A. B. Mitchell, M.D., 18 University Square, Belfast.  Brother of 1684.  Half-brother of 997.  VI, July, 1920.  Queen's University.  Golf Colours.  Vice-Captain, 1925-26.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1926.  Lieut., R.A.M.C., Sept., 1939 - June, 1940.  Invalided out.  General Practitioner.  Address: Kings Cote, Yeovil, Somerset.  (M.q.)

1302. Mitchell, Thomas Shaw (A), b. 2nd May, 1899, son of John F. Mitchell, M.D., Bangor, Co. Down.  Brother of 1274.  VI, Dec., 1916.  Stock Farming.  Last known address: Staverton Hall, Staverton, New Daventry, Northants.

1303. *McCaw, George Edwin (C), b. 8th May, 1903, son of R. J. McCaw, Cooldreena, Lurgan.  U.VI, July, 1920.  1st XV, 1920.  1939-45: 4th (Ulster) L.A.A. Regt. R.A. Capt.  Mentioned in despatches.  E.R.D., 1954.  Governing Director, McCaw, Allan & Co. Ltd., Lurgan.  Address: Taghnevan House, Lurgan, N.I.  (M.q.)

1304. *McMurray, Theodore (E), b. 8th January, 1904, son of W. J. McMurray, Ramore, Wandsworth Road, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 1305 and 2160.  V, April, 1920.  Belfast Bank Official, 1921-27.  R.N.V.R., 1942-45.  Tea Planter.  Address: c/o Uganda Co., Ltd., Kampula, Uganda.  (M.q.)

1305. *McMurray, Ivan Armstrong (E), b. 30th September, 1905, son of W. J. McMurry, Ramore, Wandsworth Road, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 1304 and 2160.  V, April, 1923.  Ulster Bank Official.  Address: 31 Old Holywood Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1306. *Russell, Richard (A), b. 21st April, 1898, son of J. R. Russell, Seafield, Bonmahon, Co. Waterford.  VI, Dec., 1916.  School Prefect.  P.S., O.T.C.  Great War: Inns of Court O.T.C.  2nd Lieut., 5th Reserve Regt. of Cavalry.  Master of Waterford Co. Hounds, 1927.  1939-45 War: Royal Corps of Signals (Home Service).  Farming.  Address: Seafield, Bonmahon, Co. Waterford.  (M.q.)

1307. *Wood, William Stuart (A), b. 30th January, 1901, son of John Wood, Ballinasloe.  U.V, July, 1919.  T.C.D.  B.A., B.Dent.  Sc., 1923.  Sept., 1939 - July, 1945 Army Dental Corps.  Dental Surgeon.  Address: 8 New Dover Road, Canterbury, Kent.  (M.q.)

1308. Richardson, Alexander Airth (D), b. 30th August, 1901, son of Rev. J. Oswald A. Richardson, Drumgooland Rectory, Ballyward, Banbridge.  L.V, July, 1919.  To New Zealand.


1309. *Anderson, Ian Cecil (E), b. 25th April, 1900, son of James Anderson, Lenaderg, Shandon Park, Knock, Belfast.  Father of 3937.  IV, July, 1916.  Inspector, Liverpool and London Globe Insurance Co.  Address: 13 Shandon Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1310. *Boyd, Robert Forsythe (E), b. 26th September, 1901, son of Robert Boyd, M.D., Connsbrook House, Holywood Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1176.  L.V, Dec., 1917.  Queen's University.  With Electricity Board of Northern Ireland.  Address: Ardavon, Dunmurry, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

1312. *Brown, Leslie Arthur (E), b. 13th November, 1904, son of Ernest F. Brown, Ardee, Holywood, Co. Down.  IV, Dec., 1918.  Methodist College.  Pupil, Harland & Wolff.  Valuation Office (Min. of Finance, N.I.)  Manager, Moorfield Laundry, Leeds.  Consulting Engineer - Associated Industrial Consultants Ltd., London.  Special Constabulary.  Company Director - Bowies Associated Services Ltd., Glasgow.  Address: 14 Colquhoun Drive, Bearsden, Glasgow.  (M.q.)

1313. *Carey, Bruce Thomson (E), b. 6th June, 1902, son of J. W. Carey, Brugh, Knockdene Park, Knock, Co. Down.  Brother of 1547.  U.V, July, 1918.  1939-45: Lt.-Cdr., R.N.V.R. in Command, Minesweepers.  Mentioned in despatches.  Manager, L. Sterne & Co. Ltd., Aberdeen,  Chairman, Aberdeen Flotilla, R.N.V.R.  Commodore, Aberdeen Sailing Club.  Address: 11 Don Terrace, Woodside, Aberdeen.  (M.q.)

1314. *Cather, James Trevor (E), b. 25th May, 1903, son of William Stanley Cather, Crawfordsburn.  Army, 1921.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1920-21.  Assistant Managing Director, O. H. Jamieson, Ltd., Dublin, Refrigerating Engineers.  The Buyer, Harland & Wolff, Ltd., Belfast.  Chairman, O.C. Council, 1954.  Address: Cush-na-Mara, Crawfordsburn, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1315. *Dickson, Robert Harper (C), b. 24th July, 1901, son of J. Hill Dickson, J.P., Ardmore, Ballygowan, Co. Down.  Brother of 923, 1116 and 1179.  U.V, April, 1920.  Ulster Bank Official till 1933.  Chairman, 1936-37, National Association of Round Tables.  Belfast Table, 53.  Past Captain, Clandeboye Golf Club.  Director of Companies.  Member of Ulster Reform Club, Belfast.  National Liberal Club, London.  Address: Marietta House, 46 Barnett's Road, Knock, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1316. *Duncan, William Linn (B), b. 16th July, 1900, son of Alexander Duncan, M.D., Harryville House, Ballymena.  Brother of 1317.  VI, July, 1918.  Scholar.  Q.U.B., T.C.D., and Vienna:  B.A. (Sen. Mod.), M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1923.  D.P.H., 1924.  1939-45 War: Major, R.A.M.C.  Resident M.O. Purdysburn Hospital.  Address: Purdysburn Mental Hospital, Belfast.

1317. *Duncan, George Alexander (B), b. 15th May, 1902, son of Alexander Duncan, M.D., Harryville House, Ballymena.  Brother of 1316.  VI, June, 1919.  Scholar.  T.C.D.  Junior Ex., 1919.  Scholar, 1920.  Mullin's Classical Ex., 1922.  Large Gold Medals in Classics and Law and Classical Studentship, 1923.  Fellow, 1930.  Professor of Political Economy, Dublin University, 1934.  Address: Trinity College, Dublin.

1318. *Ferris, Herbert Horatio Kitchener (C), b. 20th July, 1900, son of James Ferris, Rathmore, Larne.  Brother of 1319.  IV, Dec., 1916.

1319. Ferris, George McFerran (C), b. 5th May, 1903, son of James Ferris, Rathmore, Larne.  Brother of 1318.  II, Dec., 1915.  Address: Ballyloran Cottage, Larne, Co. Antrim.

1322. *Irwin, Dennis (E), b. 13th August, 1903, son of J. S. Irwin, Redhill, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 1270.  U.V, July, 1921.  1st XV, 1920-21.  Dunlop Rubber Plantations.  (M.)

1323. Legate, Robert Moorhead de Conlay (C), b. 25th October, 1900, son of Rev. R. Moorhead Legate, St. Paul's Church, Brisbane, Queensland.  U.V, June, 1918.  Electrical Engineer with Rio de Janeiro Light and Power Co., Rio de Janeiro.

1324. *Mills, John Victor Stratton (A), b. 13th March, 1898, son of William Mills, J.P., Ballybay, Co. Monaghan.  Father of 3483.  VI, July, 1916.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1915-16.  T.C.D., Solicitors Final, 1920.  Silver Medal and Overend Scholarship, 1920.  M.A., LL.D., 1922.  Resident Magistrate.  Address: Woodlawn, Circular Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1325. *Mitchell, Frederick Julian (D), b. 30th July, 1901, son of Rev. R. J. Mitchell, The Rectory, Trillick, Co. Tyrone.  Brother of 1009.  VI, July, 1919.  T.C.D.  Mod. Histy. and Political Sc.  B.A., 1923.  Rectory, St. Polycarp's, Finaghy, 1928-36.  Dean of Residence, Q.U.B., 1928-36.  Chaplain, Balmoral Industrial School, 1928-36.  Rector of Ballymena, 1936.  D.D. (jure dignitatis), T.C.D., 1953.  Consecrated Bishop, 1950.  Bishop of Kilmore and Elphin and Ardagh.  Address: The See House, Cavan.  (M.q.)

1326. *McCalla, William Trevor (D), b. 16th November, 1904, son of Wm. McCalla, Greenoge, Strandtown, Belfast.  V, July, 1922.  Director, W. McCalla and Co., Belfast, and Proprietor, Ulster Steam Tender Co.  Member, Belfast Local Marine Board.  Frequent Competitor in Ulster T.T. Races.  "E" Class Lap Record, 1935.  Winner of Co. Down Trophy Race, 1934.  Lieutenant, R.N.V.R.  Killed in Action, June, 1940.  (M.)

1327. McComiskey, Arthur Robert Greer (A), b. 12th September, 1901, son of Arthur McComiskey, M.D., Killough, Co. Down.  Brother of 1328.  IV, April, 1917.  Marine Engineer in P. & O. S.S. Service.  1939-45 War: Engineer Officer, M.N.

1328. McComiskey, William Johnston (A), b. 28th December, 1903, son of Arthur McComiskey, M.D., Killough, Co. Down.  Brother of 1327.  III, Dec., 1916.  Bank Official.  Address: c/o Northern Bank, Ltd., Head Office, Belfast.

1329. *Napier, Johnston Hughes (A), b. 31st October, 1900, son of Alexander Napier, Ballybranagh House, Downpatrick.  Brother of 982.  Father of 3379.  L.V, July, 1916.  1939-45 War: N. Irish Horse.  Address: 1 Beechlands, Malone Road, Belfast.  (M.)

1331. Rinskopf, Hermann (A), b. 17th November, 1897, son of Auguste Rinskopf, Belgium.  L.V, July, 1915.  Great War: 3rd Regt. of Carabiniers, Belgium Army; Croix de Guerre (Belg.), and four other decorations.  Merchant.  Died 1943.

1332. *Smyth, Walter Vernon (E), b. 22nd March, 1901, son of Walter Smyth, Faunmore, Holywood, Co. Down.  Brother of 1160 and 1915.  Father of 3831.  VI, July, 1919.  Prefect.  1st XV, 1918-19.  Queen's University.  B.Sc. (Civil Engin.), A.M.I.C.E.  Engineer, Ministry of Finance, Works & Public Buildings, Belfast.  Address: 26 Malone Hill Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1334. Manning, Arthur Barclay (E), b. 26th February, 1904, son of Ven. Archdeacon C. C. Manning, M.A.  Brother of 1212, 1446 and 2335.  L.V, Dec., 1918.  With Birch & Workman, 1919-1928.  Govt. Dept. of Bahamas (Elec. Dept.), 1928-31.  Electricity Board for Northern Ireland, 1931.  Died 17th March, 1949.

1336. Rice, George Albert, b. 31st July, 1903, son of George Rice, Ingleside, Orwell Park, Dublin.  III, Dec., 1916.  High School, Dublin.  Glasgow Bible College, 1924-26.  Toronto Bible College, 1928-30.  Diploma, Student Surveyors' Inst.  Missionary in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Address: Stanstead, Mt. Merrion Park, Blackrock, Co. Dublin and E. Correa 139, Temperley, F.C.G.R., Argentina.  (q.)


1338. *Bailey, Robert Taylor Scott (B), b. 25th December, 1899, son of Rev. R. T. Bailey, M.A. and Mrs. Bailey, Pembroke House, Carlow.  Father of 3303.  U.V, July, 1917.  Head Prefect.  1st XI, 1916-17.  1st XV, 1915-16-17.  Irish International Hockey XI, 1925-26.  Representative.  Address: 40 Marlborough Park North, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1340. Chapman, Aubrey Trevelyan (A), b. 1st March, 1901, son of Walter W. T. Chapman, Tullymore Cottage, Broughshane, Co. Antrim.  III, Dec., 1915.  To Armagh R.S. Engineer.  1939-45 War: Flight Lieutenant, R.A.F.V.R.

1341. Craig, Hugh (D), b. 11th April, 1900, son of Rev. David H. Craig, The Manse, Newmills, Templepatrick.  Brother of 1395.  IV, July, 1918.  1st XV, 1917-18.  1st XI, 1918.  Great War: O.C. Bn. and 2nd Lieut., R. I. Rifles.  Sales Agent, Hamilton Beach Co., Racine, Wisconsin, U.S.A.  Died 8th April, 1949.  (M.)

1342. *Davis, John Houston Alexander (D), b. 19th May, 1901, son of rev. J. A. Davis, The Rectory, Dromore, Co. Tyrone.  Brother of 1602.  VI, Dec., 1919.  Head Prefect.  1st XV, 1916-17-18-19.  R.M.C., Sandhurst.  I.A.  9th Gurkha Rifles.  Capt., Retired.  1939-45 War:  Major, I.A.  Farming.  Address: P.O. Molo, Sitoten, Kenya, E. Africa.

1343. Dixon, John Barry (C), b. 23rd August, 1901, son of Thomas R. Dixon, Thriplow Place, Near Royston, Herts.  Brother of 1552 and 1553.  III, July, 1916.  Liverpool College, 1916-17.  Private Tuition, 1917-19.  1940-45: Squadron-Ldr., R.A.F.  Director of Public and Private Companies.  Died 24th September, 1954.  (M.)

1344. Gray, Ian Bury (B), b. 11th September, 1900, son of John Gray, R.M., Hartfell, Fortwilliam Park, Belfast.  Army, Dec., 1918.  R.A.F.  Retired.  Address: Monduff, Ballyedmonduff, Sandyford, Co. Dublin.  (M.)

1345. *Irwin, Charles King (A), b. 17th April, 1902, son of the Bishop of Connor, 603 Antrim Road, Belfast.  Brother of 1681.  VI, July, 1920.  School Prefect.  University College, London.  Elec. Eng. Diploma, 1923.  A.M.I.E.E., 1937.  1940-45: R.A.S.C.  N. Africa, Sicily, Italy.  Major, District Engineer - Electricity Board for N. Ireland.  Address: 4 Tullybrannigan Road, Newcastle, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1346. Metcalfe, John Percival (E), b. 20th August, 1905, son of Arthur W. Metcalfe, Hawthornden House, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 977 and 1230.  III, April, 1917.  Merchiston Castle School, 1918-22.  Lieut., R.N.V.R., 1941-46.  Director, Whitehouse Spinning Co. Ltd., Belfast.  Address: Dunedin, Jordanstown, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

1347. *Northridge, Ronald Lovell Ward (C), b. 12th November, 1900.  U.V, July, 1917.  Director: Belfast Linen Co. Ltd., Belfast.  Address: 118 Malone Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1348. *Okell, Arthur Nigel (D), b. 1st July, 1898, son of George Okell, Over Lodge, Winsford, Cheshire.  Brother of 1349.  VI, Dec., 1916.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1916.  Great War: Cadet, R.F.A.  1939-45 War: Capt., R.A.  Address: 21 Compton Road, Wimbledon, London, S.W.9.  (M.)

1349. Okell, Robert (D), b. 8th March, 1900, son of George Okell, Over Lodge, Winsford, Cheshire.  Brother of 1348.  L.V, April, 1915.  M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., 1926.  Address: The Rosary, Grange Lane, Winsford, Cheshire.


1350. *Fleming, Theodore Slade Singleton (B), b. 28th April, 1902, son of J.. S. Fleming, M.B., c/o 18 Northumberland Road, Dublin.  Brother of 1351.  III, July, 1918.  R.M.C., Sandhurst.  2nd Lieut., K.S.L.I.  Retired.  Sec., Dominion Gramaphone Records Ltd.  1939-45 War: R.A.F.V.R.  (M.)

1351. Fleming, John Charles Thomson (B), son of J. S. Fleming, c/o 18 Northumberland Road, Dublin.  Brother of 1350.  L.V, July, 1918.  School master.  Lieut., Australian Military Forces.  Retired.  2nd World War: served in the Australian Forces, being demobilised with the rank of Lieutenant.  Headmaster of Tudor House School, Bowral, N.S.W.  Died in S. Africa., 1948.

1352. *Harte, William Claud Alexander (D), b. 10th September, 1902, son of Rev. Isaac Harte, M.A., Rathfriland, Co. Down.  U.V, July, 1921.  Ulster H.G. (Lieut.)  Farmer.  Address: The Firs, Florence Court, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh.  (q.)

1354. *MacNamara, Arthur Denis (C), b. 30th May, 1900, son of Rev. G. H. MacNamara, The Rectory, Doneraille, Co. Cork.  Brother of 1400 and 1498.  VI, July, 1918.  School Prefect.  1st XI, 1917.  1st XV, 1916-17.  Great War: Wellington College, Madras.  Capt., 2nd Lancers, I.A., 1927.  Major, 1938.  1939-45 War:  Lt.-Col., D.S.O., O.B.E.  Address: The Willows, Wickham, Creaux, near Canterbury.


1355. *Bolster, Sydney (E), b. 20th May, 1903, son of Mrs. Bolster, Cremorne, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 1175.  L.V, July, 1920.  Queen's University, 1921-23.  Visiting Agent for Companies owning Tea and Rubber Estates in Ceylon, and Tea Estates in South India and Uganda, Director of High Forest Estates Co. Ltd., Saffragam Tea and Rubber Co. (Ceylon), Ltd., The Glasgow Tea Estates (Ceylon), Co. Ltd., and Agra Ouvah Estates Co. Ltd.  Address: Ritnageria, Talawakelle, Ceylon and Brooksleigh, Manor Way, Aldwick Bay, Bognor Regis, England.  (M.q.)

1358. *Campbell, Thomas Greer (E), b. 1st February, 1901, son of T. Campbell, Mervue, Holywood.  Brother of 1475.  L.V, July, 1917.  In Australia.

1359. *Campbell, Philip Arthur (E), b. 3rd June, 1904, son of R. G. Campbell, M.D., The Limes, Knockdene Park, Belfast.  Brother of 1749.  U.V, July, 1921.  Queen's University.  B.Sc., 1932.  M.Sc., 1934.  Farmer.  Address: Killultagh House, Upper Ballinderry, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

1360. Connell, Arthur R (D), b. 6th March, 1901, son of Rev. John Connell, The Rectory, Clontarf, Dublin.  VI, July, 1918.  1st XI, 1918.  1st XV, 1916-17-18.  Dufferin Medal.  Lieut., 1/4 Gurkha Rifles.  Retired.  1939-45 War: Lt.-Col., M.B.E.  Mentioned in despatches.  Address: R.R.I. Sidney, Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada.

1361. Cooke, Edward Hewitt (C), b. 22nd August, 1900, son of Canon A. H. Cooke, M.A., The Rectory, Carrick-on-Suir.  Army Class, Oct., 1918.  1st XV, 1917-18.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1918.  2nd Lieut., Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 1921.  Capt., 20th Burma Rifles, 1929.  Interpreter (Cl. II) in Languages of Burma.  1941-42, 2nd in Command, 9th Burma Rifles.  1943, Comd.  Forward Interrogation Centres, IV Corps and 33 Corps in Manipur, etc.  1944, Commandant Security Corps., 14th Army and Eastern Command.  1944-45, Staff Officer (Grade I) in Civil Affairs Services, Burma (Chin Hills), 1946-47, Recruiting Officer, Burma.  Lt.-Col., retired 1948.  Resided mostly in Spain and Malta.  Died 8th February, 1954.

1362. *Elliott, George Gilbert (E), b. 4th Feb., 1902, son of George H. Elliott, Bryn Dhu, Holywood.  III, March, 1917.  Belfast Bank until 1925.  Imperial Bank of India, 1925-28.  Then Tea Planter.  Address: 13 Holland Park, London, W. 11.

1363. Erskine, Robert Colin (B), b. 25th June, 1903, son of Robert M. Erskine, Donnybrook, Holywood.  Brother of 1625 and 2657.  VI, July, 1921.  Scholar.  1st XI, 1919-20-21.  Died in accident, February, 1950.

1364. Ewing, Robert Duncan (E), b. 10th September, 1901, ward of Robert Ewing, Hampton Villa, Belmont Park, Belfast.  Brother of 1535.  V.L, July, 1918.  Queen's University.  B.A.  Schoolmaster in Montreal High School.  Address: c/o 31 Myrtlefield Park, Belfast.  (M.)

1365. *Gardner, George William Hoggan (E), b. 4th May, 1903, son of George P. Gardner, Ardnalea, Knock, Belfast.  V.U, July, 1919 (U.V)  Scholar.  Harland & Wolff, 1919-1925.  B.Sc. (Engineering) (Honours) Queen's University, 1925.  M.I.Mech.E., F.R.Ae.S.  C.B.E.  Principal Director, Ministry of Supply, 1953.  Director General Technical Development (Air).  Address: The Lawn, Pirbright Rd., Farnborough, Hants.  (M.q.)

1366. Griffin, Charles Whittaker (B), b. 2nd March, 1902, son of Rev. E. M. Griffin, B.D., Elmville, Harolds Cross, Dublin.  Brother of 453 and 454.  U.V, Dec., 1919.  T.C.D.  B.A., 1923.  Elrington Theological Prize, 1928.  M.A. (1941).  Deacon, 1925.  Priest, 1926.  Rector, Tralee, 1935.  Archdeacon of Ardfert, 1952.  Address: The Rectory, Tralee, County Kerry.  (M.q.)

1367. *Hartland, Arthur Thornton (C), b. 28th September, 1900, son of John Harland, Hillside, Bessbrook, Co. Armagh.  Army.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1917-18.  1st XI, 1917-18 (Capt., 1918).  Queen's University.  B.Sc.  With Messrs. Spillers, London.  Address: Hillside, Bessbrook, Co. Armagh.

1369. Houston, John Gould (C), b. 10th March, 1902, son of Alexander T. Houston, The Moyle, Newtowncunningham, Londonderry.  V, July, 1917.  Mining Engineer.  (M.)

1370. Hughes, William Dillon (A), b. 23rd December, 1900, son of Richard Hughes, High Street, Ardglass, Co. Down.  Brother of 1680.  VI, Nov., 1918.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1923.  Lieut., R.A.M.C., 1928.  Capt., 1932.  M.D.  C.B.E.  F.R.C.P.I.  Present Rank - Colonel.  1939-45 War: North African Campaign, B.L.A. and B.A.O.R.  Senior Specialist in Medicine, Cambridge Hospital, Aldershot, Hants.  Late Consulting Physician, Far East Land Forces.  Address: c/o Messrs. Glyn Mills & Co., Kirkland House, Whitehall, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

1371. *Jackson, Charles Ivor Arthur (B), b. 7th February, 1902, son of Charles A. Jackson, Bank of Ireland, Tork Street, Belfast.  Army, Dec., 1920.  School Prefect.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1921.  Lieut., R. Tank Corps, 1923.  Captain.  Retired.  1939-45 War: Major, R.T.R.

1372. *Laughlin, George (E), b. 3rd December, 1901, son of Henry Laughlin, Waverley Villas, Andersonstown.  Brother of 1226.  Father of 3663.  L.V, Dec., 1917.  Director, Laughlin Bros., Ltd.  Address: Hay-Tor, Blacksbridge, Ballycairn, Lisburn, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1373. *Malone, Ernest Evans (C), b. 20th October, 1903, son of Rev. A. E. Malone, Eglish Rectory, Benburb, Co. Tyrone.  U.V, Dec., 1919.  T.C.D.  B.A., 1924.  M.B., B.Ch., 1926.  Surg. Commander, R.N.  Address: c/o Lloyds Bank Ltd., Gosport, Hants.  (M.q.)

1374. *Moody, James Arthur (A), b. 12th September, 1899, son of Rev. James Moody, The Manse, Dundalk.  VI, July, 1917.  Queen's University.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1922.  Address: 22 The Drive, Ilford, Essex.  (M.)

1375. *Moore, John (A), b. 19th March, 1902, son of William H. Moore, The Grange, Bright, Downpatrick.  IV, July, 1918.  Address: The Grange, Killough, Co. Down.  (M.)

1376. *Purdy, Gordon (C), b. 26th July, 1900, son of Alexander Purdy, Kilhorn, Annalong, Co. Down.  VI, Nov., 1918.  School Prefect.  T.C.D.  1st Entrance Sizarship.  Scholar (Sc.), 1920.  Senior Moderator.  B.A., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O.  Hudson Scholarship.  F.R.C.S.  (Edin.), 1928.  Medical Officer, Oakham School.  Surgeon, Rutland Memorial Hospital, Oakham.  Address: Ashley House, Melton Road, Oakham, Rutland.  (M.)

1377. Robinson, George (B), b. 11th January, 1902, son of Rev. E. Robinson, St. Paul's Rectory, Glenageary, Co. Dublin.  Brother of 1118 and 1207.  VI, Dec., 1918.  T.C.D.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1924.  Dip. Bacteriology (London), 1931.  Senior Pathologist, W. African Medical Service.  Retired.  Gold Coast Fd. Amb., 1939-1940.  Specialist, Pathology, No. 3 (E.A.) Gen. Hosp., 1940-43.  Address: 15 Belgrave Square North, Monkstown, Co. Dublin, Eire.  (M.1.)

1378. *Ross, David Hampton (E), b. 21st July, 1898, son of Hugh R. Ross, Northdene, Adelaide Park, Belfast.  Army, Nov., 1916.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1917.  2nd Lieut., R. Dublin Fusiliers.  Lieut., retired, 1920.  Messrs. Ross Brothers, New York.  1939-45 Capt., R.A.S.C. later R.A.O.C.  Coy. Director, Durham Street Weaving Co., Ltd.  Address: Beech Cottage, Belmont Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1379. *Sharpe, Andrew (D), b. 13th May, 1901, son of Andrew Sharpe, Drumahitte, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim.  IV, July, 1918.  Darrara Agricultural school, Clonakilty, Co. Cork, 1919.  Farmer.  Address: Drumahitte, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim.  (M.q.)

1380. Somers, Reginald Arthur Jeffcott (C), b. 15th February, 1901, son of Rev. S. H. Somers, The Rectory, Mountshannon, Co. Clare.  Brother of 1239.  Army Class, July, 1919.  Head Prefect.  1st XI, 1918-19.  1st XV, 1916-17-18-19 (Capt., 1919).  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1919.  I.A., 1921.  2-7th Rajputs.  Capt., 1929.  Adjt., 1932-37.  Bn. Athletic and Hockey Teams, 1922-34.  Major, 1938.  Died on Active Service at Taunggyi, Upper Burma, Dec., 1941.  (M.)

1382. *Thompson, Arthur Courtenay (D), b. 28th July, 1899, son of George M. Thompson, M.D., D.L., J.P., The Castle, Bellaghy, Co. Derry.  L.V, July, 1917.  Great War: Cadet, 18th Batt. R. Irish Rifles.  Lieut., 1st Batt., R.I.R.  1939-45 Royal Ulster Rifles, Major.  Linen Manufacturer and Agent.  Address: Burnside, Portstewart, Co. Derry.  (M.q.)

1383. *Tottenham, Leonard Bolton (D), b. 28th July, 1901, son of Rev. Chas. F. B. Tottenham, The Rectory, Castletownroche, Co. Cork.  Army, July, 1919.  1st XI, 1919.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1919.  Hockey Colours.  2nd. Lieut., I.A., 1921.  Capt., 1929.  3rd Bn. 2nd Punjab Regt.  Mentioned in despatches.  Mohmand Operations, 1933.  Staff College, 1935-37.  Major, 1938.  Lt.-Col., 1941.  Commanded 1st Bn. 2nd Punjab Regt.  Middle East and Italy Operations, 1942-44.  D.S.O., Italy, 1944.  Colonel, i/c Administration 163 L. of C.  Sub Area India, 1945-47.  Retired 1947.  Farmer.  Address: Knockeven, Waterford, Eire.  (M.q.)

1384. Wallace, Robert George Victor (A), b. 22nd January, 1901, son of Mrs. Wallace, Annvale House, Keady, Co. Armagh.  L.V, April, 1917.  Harper Adams Agricultural College.  With Messrs. Ireland Bros., Belfast.  Died 1945.

1385. *Watson, James Patrick Hill (C), b. 31st March, 1900, son of T. J. Watson, Moor Fort, Ballymoney.  Army, July, 1918.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1918.  2nd Lieut., R. Ulster Rifles, 1920.  R.I.A.S.C., 1926.  Member Southern Command Team in Army Championship, Aldershot, 1922.  Capt., 1928.  1939-45 War: Major, R.I.A.S.C.  Address: c/o Messrs. Grindlay & Co., 54 Parliament Street, London.


1386. *Brett, Wills Hill (E), b. 3rd September, 1899, son of Alfred E. Brett, The Cottage, Craigavad.  Army, July, 1917.  School Prefect.  1st XL, 1917.  Quetta, 1917.  I.A.  8th K.G.O.  Light Cavalry.  Capt., 1923.  Retired, 1935.  Re-employed, Regular Indian Army, 1939-45.  Admin. Officer, St. John and Br. Red Cross Joint Committee, N.I.  Address: Ailsa Lodge, Craigavad, Co. Down.  (q.)

1388. *Cathcart, Thomas Charles Duffin (C), b. 19th February, 1902, son of James Cathcart, Kells, Ballymena.  IV, July, 1917.  1939-45 War: Sergeant, R.C.E.  Address: Kells, Ballymena.

1391. Hughes, Ambrose Cyril (E), b. 10th December, 1902, son of Vivian Ambrose Hughes, Glenhurst, 39 King's Road, Knock, Belfast.  IV, July, 1918.  Address: 39 King's Road, Knock, Belfast.  (q.)

1392. *Jackson, Arthur Wolsey (C), b. 22nd April, 1904, son of Henry Jackson, Darina, Strandtown, Belfast.  Brother of 1140 and 1271.  L.V, April, 1921.  Linen Merchant.  Lt., R.N.V.R., World War II.  Company Director.  Address: Pindar, 48 Hove Park Road, Hove, Sussex.  (M.q.)

1393. *McGregor, Gregor Stewart (E), b. 6th February, 1904, son of Gregor S. McGregor, Glenstrae, Ormiston Gardens, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 1860 and 1901.  IV, July, 1919.  Sales Manager, Newman Industries Ltd.  Address: 23 Firgrove Crescent, Yate, near Bristol.

1389. *Rainsford, Hume Frederick (A), b. 16th November, 1902, son of Rev. Canon F. J. Rainsford, B.D., Inch Rectory, Co. Wexford.  Brother of 1908.  Father of 3376.  VI, July,1921.  Scholar.  T.C.D.  Sizarship (Maths.), Jun. and Sen. Ex.  B.A., B.A.I., 1925.  Staff Surveyor, Tanganyika.  Articles in "Empire Survey Review.)  Uganda Defence Force, 1939-45.  Staff Surveyor, Tanganyika, 1927-37.  Computer, Uganda, 1937-47.  Senior Computer, Directorate of Colonial Surveys from 1948.  Address: 449 London Road, North Cheam, Surrey.  (M.q.)


1394. *Anderson, Frederick Percival Melville (B), b. 1st August, 1903, son of Rev. J. A. Anderson, Manse of West Calder, Midlothian, Scotland.  IV, July, 1918.  Royal High School, Edinburgh.  Edinburgh University.  M.B., Ch.B. (Edin.), 1926.  1st XV. Edin. Univ., 1925-26.  R.A.M.C., 1926-45.  Lieut., 1926.  Major, 1936.  Mentioned in despatches, 1945.  Medical Department, Ministry of Supply.  Address: c/o Glyn Mills & Co., Kirkland House, Whitehall, S.W.1.  (q.)

1395. Craig, David Edgar McGregor (D), b. 5th November, 1901, son of Rev. D. H. Craig, Newmill Manse, Templepatrick.  Brother of 1341.  IV, July, 1920.

1396. *Delap, Miles Villiers (B), b. 8th January, 1905, son of Rev. Canon A. H. Delap.  Brother of 1534.  Father of 3862.  U.VI, July, 1923.  Head Prefect.  1st XV, 1919-1920-1-2-3.  (Capt., 1921-22).  1st XI, 1921-2-3.  St. John's College, Oxford.  B.A. (Hons.), 1927.  Wing Commander, R.A.F.  Retired.  D.F.C., 1940.  Teaching.  Address: Clan Conal, Manor Way, Lee-on-Solent, Hants.  (M.q.)

1397. *Dunlop, Douglas Graham (A), b. 6th January, 1904, son of William A. Dunlop, Verona, Shandon Park, Knock, Belfast.  II, July, 1918.  To Royal School, Armagh.  Australia, 1922-29.  1939-45 War: R.A.F.  Lecturer under the wing of the Government of Northern Ireland.  Address: 82 Wickham Road, Brockley, London, S.E.4.  (q.)

1398. *Gardiner, John Burnett (B), b. 27th October, 1902, son of Mrs. A. W. Gardiner, Tudor Park, Holywood, Co. Down.  VI, July, 1919.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1917-18-19.  1st XI, 1918-19.  Irish Rugby International, 1923-24-25.  Represented Rhodesia, 1928.  Cattle Ranching in S. Rhodesia, 1938.  Address: 11 Caledon Street, George, Cape Province, S. Africa.  (M.)

1399. *Hanna, Denis O'Donoghue Dougan (E), b. 1st February, 1902, son of James A. Hanna, Cuillaire, Holywood.  Father of 3887.  U.V, July, 1919.  T.C.D.  B.A., 1926.  Metropolitan School of Art, Dublin.  Royal Institute of British Architects.  Associate Royal Society Ulster Architects, 1927.  Exhibitor, Royal Hibernian Academy, 1933-4-5.  Writer on Architectural History, Aesthetics and Design, Q.U.B.  Address: Cuillaire, Holywood, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1400. MacNamara, Gerald Burton (C), b. 19th May, 1901, son of Rev. G. H. MacNamara, The Rectory, Doneraile, Co. Cork.  Brother of 1354, and 1498.  Army, Dec., 1919.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1917-18-19.  1st XI, 1917-18-19 (Capt., 1919). Athletic Champion, 1919.  R.M.C., Sandhurst.  Capt. of Rugby XV, 1921.  Army XV, 1922-23.  2nd Lieut., Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 1921.  Indian Army.  Retired as Lt.-Col.  Address: Clunaveen, Carrigaloe, Cobh, Co. Cork.  (M.q.)

1402. *McQuitty, William Baird (D), b. 15th May, 1905, son of J. McQuitty, 89 Princetown Road, Bangor.  Brother of 2023.  VI, March, 1923.  Sub-Accountant, Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, 1927.  Punjab Light Horse, 1927-32.  F.R.G.S.  Lloyds Underwriter.  Film Producer.  Address: Mote Mount, Highwood Hill, Mill Hill, London, N.W.7.  (M.q.)

1403. Henshaw, John Cleworth (E), b. 7th October, 1906, son of Thomas Henshaw, Strathfoyle, Hawthornden Road, Knock.  III, July, 1919.  Buenos Aires and Pacific Railway, 1926.  Traffic Superintendent at Mendoza, retaining this position when Argentine Railway was nationalised.  Address: c/o Buenos Aires & Pacific Railway, Cable, Florida, 783 Buenos Aires.  (M.)


1404. Baird, William Roy (B), b. 11th October, 1903, son of Thomas Baird, Dalrada, Howth Road, Dublin.  Brother of 1405.  III, July, 1917.  Flight Lieut., R.A.F., 1934.  1939-45 War: Squadron Leader.  (M.)

1405. Baird, Robert Douglas (B), b. 15th July, 1905, son of Thomas Baird, Dalrada, Howth Road, Dublin.  Brother of 1404.  II, July, 1917.  H.M.S. Conway, Master Mariner.  Lieut., R.N.R.  Retired.  Civil Service (Colonial Marine).  Harbour Master, Georgetown, 1932.  1939-45 War: Lieut., R.N.R.  (M.)

1406. *Barnett, William Brian (D), b. 18th March, 1903, son of Mrs. Barnett, Ballagh, Clogher, Co. Tyrone.  Brother of 1407.  U.V, July, 1920.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1918-19-20.  Athletic Champion, 1920.  Knock Rugby Club, 1922-29.  Represented Southern California, U.S.A., against Vancouver, 1932.  Corinthian Cricket Club, 1933-1953.  President of C.C.C., 1948-52.  Lieut. with Aluminium Co. of America, Police Dept., Los Angeles.  Address: 2013 Maycrest Avenue, South Pasadena, California, U.S.A.  (M.q.)

1407. *Barnett, John Irvine (D), b. 17th August, 1904, son of Mrs. Barnett, Ballagh, Clogher, Co. Tyrone.  Brother of 1406.  L.V, July, 1920.  Belfast Technical, 1921-25.  1930-1933, played for Hollywood, Calif. Rugby Team.  Sales Manager for New England States, Carro Mills Inc., New York City.  Address: 8 Hampshire Road, Wellesley Hills, Mass., U.S.A.  (M.q.)

1409. *Boyd, Austen Trevor (A), b. 10th December, 1901, son of S. W. Boyd, Claremont House, Ardenlee Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 447, 448, 919 and 1162.  Father of 3633.  L.V, Dec., 1918.  M.B.E.  1939-45 War: Major, General List.  Company Director.  Address: "Skibbereen," Cultra, Holywood, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1410. *Boyle, Gerald Desmond (E), b. 1st August, 1905, son of James Boyle, Kenreagh, Kensington Park, Knock, Belfast.  Brother of 1619.  VI, July, 1922.  McMordie Medal.  Ulster Bank Ltd., Lisburn.  Address: 4 Parkmount, Lisburn.  (M.q.)

1411. Buchanan, Richard Moore (C), b. 26th December, 1901, son of Rev. C. H. L. Buchanan, Kilwaughter Rectory, Larne.  Brother of 1412.  VI, Dec., 1919.  Liverpool Art School.  Ship Surveyor, Mercantile Marine Dept., Board of Trade.  Member of Institute of Professional Civil Servants.  Publication: "Insulation and Fittings of Refrigerated Spaces on Shipboard."  1939-45 War: On staff of Director of Merchant Ship repairs (Adm.).  Senior Ship Surveyor - Marine Division - Ministry of Transport.  Address: The Firs, Northwood, Middx.  (M.q.)

1412. *Buchanan, George Henry Perrott (C), b. 9th Jan., 1904, son of Rev. C. H. L. Buchanan, Kilwaughter Rectory, Larne.  Brother of 1411.  VI, July, 1921.  Scholar.  School Prefect.  Q.U.B.: 1921-24.  Operations Officer, R.A.F., Coastal Command, 1940-45.  "Northern Whig," 1921-25;  "Daily Graphic, 1926.  Assistant editor, "The Outline,"  1928-29;  "The Times," 1930-35;  "News Chronicle," 1935-38, including Dramatic Critic, 1936-37.  Author of "Passage Through the Present," 1932;  "A London Story," 1935;  "Words for To-night," 1936;  "Entanglement," 1938;  "The Soldier and the Girl," 1940;  "Rose Forbes," 1950;  "A Place to Live," 1952.  Addresses: Roe Park, Limavady, Co. Derry and The Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall, London, S.W.1.  (M.q.)

1413. Butler, Beauchamp Henry (D), b. 7th January, 1902, son of Mrs. C. Butler, Mount Leinster, Borris, Co. Carlow.  Army, July, 1920.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1920.  2nd Lieut., R. Inniskilling Fus., 1922.  Capt., 1936.  Adjutant, 1938.  Lt.-Col., Inniskilling Fus. Mentioned in despatches.  D.S.O.  Killed in Action, November, 1943.  (M.)

1414. *Byers, John Stafford Reid (E), b. 7th October, 1903, son of Sir John Byers, M.D., Dreenagh House, Belfast.  Brother of 1415 and 1416.  U.VI, July, 1922.  Trinity College, Oxford.  M.A., 1929.  Bar (Inner Temple), 1928.  Address: Waterfoot House, Newcastle, Co. Down.  (M.)

1415. *Byers, Rowland Morrow (E), b. 18th June, 1905, son of Sir John Byers, M.D., Dreenagh House, Belfast.  Brother of 1414 and 1416.  XI, July, 1923.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1919-1920-1-2-3.  1st XI, 1922-23.  Sports Challenge Cup, 1923.  Trinity College, Oxford.  Rugby Blue, 1926.  Irish International XV, 1928-29.  1939-45 War: Lieut. Col. Royal Artillery.  Company Director.  Address: Clonsilla House, Clonsilla, Co. Dublin.  (M.q.)

1416. *Byers, Frank May Reid (E), b. 27th May, 1907, son of Sir John Byers, M.D., Dreenagh House, Belfast.  Brother of 1414 and 1415.  L.VI, April, 1925.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1924-25.  Trinity College, Oxford.  B.A., 1929.  M.A.  Solicitor (Johns, Elliot, Wallace & Co., Belfast).  Chairman: Royal Maternity Hospital, Belfast.  Address: Carnasure, Comber, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1417. *Crockett, John Sproule (C), b. 9th April, 1901, son of Mrs. Crockett, Moness, Burt, Londonderry.  L.V, June, 1918.  Farmer.  Address: Moness, Burt, Londonderry.

1418. *Davidson, Thomas Walker (D), b. 10th November, 1900, son of John A. Davidson, Ulster Bank, Omagh.  Father of 3861.  U.V, July, 1918.  Queen's University:  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1923.  L.M. (Dublin), 1931.  R.A.M.C., Lieut., 1923.  Major, 1934.  Retired, 1946.  Brigadier, R.A.R.O.  Senior Administrative Officer, Belfast Hospitals Management Committee.  Address: The Limes, 26 Malone Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1419. Dorman, Henry Hobart George (D), b. 19th January, 1906, son of Henry H. S. Dorman, M.D., Willowbank, Keady, Co. Armagh.  I, April, 1917.  T.C.D.  M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., Dublin, 1930.  Address: 5 Beresford Row, The Mall, Armagh.  (M.q.)

1420. Dunlop, Samuel (E), b. 20th March, 1902, son of Robert Dunlop, C.I., R.U.C., 76 North Road, Bloomfield, Belfast.  L.V, July, 1918.  R.B.A.I.  Mechanical Engineer, Messrs. Harland & Wolff.  Civil Engineer.  Retired.  Ministry of Finance (N.I.)  Address: 32 Kingsway Gardens, Gilnahirk Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1421. Gardner, Campbell Hemsworth (E), b. 29th April, 1904, son of Campbell Gardner, Plasmerdyn, Holywood, Co. Down.  Brother of 1422 and 1818.  II, Dec., 1916.  Portora Royal School, 1918-22.  Campbell Gardner & Co., Belfast.  Died May, 1944.

1422. *Gardner, George Mandeville (E), b. March 1907, son of Campbell Gardner, Plasmerdyn, Holywood.  Brother of 1421 and 1818.  Dec., 1916. (See 1817). R.B.A.I.  1917-18.  Portora Royal School, 1918.  1st XV, Knock R.F.C., 1924-29.  Auxiliary Air Force; Squadron Leader, 1939-45.  Mentioned in despatches.  Electrical Engineer and Wholesaler.  Address: "Ardville House,"  Marino, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1423. Hall, Robert Henry Reginald (A), b. 6th March, 1906, son of Rev. D. H. Hall, B.D., Herbert Lodge, Dalkey, Co. Dublin.  III, July, 1919.  Mountjoy School.  Merchant Service.  Chief Officer, British India Steam Navigation Co., 1936.  Author of "Short Waves for Amateurs."  1939-45 War: Chief Officer, M.N.  (M.)

1424. *Hamilton, John Borlase Warren (E), b. 15th June, 1905, son of  Augustus W. Hamilton, Canadian Villa, Knock, Belfast.  IV, April, 1921.  Apprentice Draughtsman, Messrs. Harland & Wolff.  Owner: A. W. Hamilton & Co., Ship Repairers and Engineers.  Address: "Garran," Craigavad, Co. Down.  (M.q.)

1425. *Hunter, Arthur Robertson (B), b. 12th August, 1900, son of Rev. Dr. A. Mitchell Hunter, 54 Morningside Drive, Edinburgh.  Brother of 1739.  VI, 1918.  Prefect.  Actuary.  Partner: Lopold, Goldsmith & Co., Stockbrokers, 55-61, Moorgate.  Member, London Stock Exchange.  1939-45 War: Lt.-Col., R.A.  Hon. Sec., London Branch, O.C.S.  Address: Warnford Court, Throgmorton Street, London, E.C.1.  (M.)

1426. Kennedy, Gilbert Tait (A), b. 9th October, 1904, son of Q. W. Kennedy, Frankfort, Merrion, Dublin.  Brother of 1166 and 1245.   III, Dec., 1919.  1920-21: Farm Pupil.  Harper Adams Agricultural College, Newport, Salop, 1922-24.  Certificate in Agriculture.  1939-45: Auxiliary Unit, Home Guard.  Agricultural Adviser, Imperial Chemical Industries, Ltd.  Address: Church Farm, Inglesham, Highworth, Wilts.  (M.q.)

1427. *Kidd, Walter Harland (E), b. 19th January, 1903, son of George Kidd, 34 Castle Street, Belfast.  L.V, April, 1919.  T.C.D.  Messrs. George Kidd, Dublin.  Address: 4 Adelaide Villas, Adelaide Road, Glenageary, Co. Dublin.  (M.)

1428. *Kimmitt, Gordon Robertson (E), b. 15th January, 1900, son of Lieut.-Col. R. R. Kimmitt, 33 Loveday Road, Ealing, London, W.  Brother of 1494.  Army, July, 1918.  R.M.A., Woolwich.  2nd Lieut., R.A., 1920.  King's African Rifles, 1925-28.  Adjutant, Hampshire Heavy Brigade, R.A.  (T.F.), 1933.  Capt., R.A., 1933.  Major, R.A., 1938.  Coast Artillery, Gibraltar and England.  Control Commission for Germany.  In Command of a Mauritian Unit in Egypt, 1948-50.  Retired as Lt.-Col.  Address: Kilshannig, Shankill, Co. Dublin.  (M.q.)

1429. *Leeper, William Cluff (D), b. 26th November, 1899, son of William Leeper, Wellbrook, Cookstown.  Brother of 1211.  Army, April, 1918.  Quetta, 1918.  2nd Lieut., I.A., 1919.  Capt., 4-12 Frontier Force Regt.  Major.  Indian Political Dept.  1939-45: Lt.-Col. O.B.E.  (M.)

1430. *Michael, Blackwood (E), b. 23rd September, 1901, son of Mrs. Michael, Rosedene, Belmont Road, Strandtown, Belfast.  Father in 3117.  L.V, Dec., 1918.  1940-46, R.A.S.C., Major.  M.B.E.  Proprietor, Knockdene Garage.  Address: 521 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1431. *MacBride, Henry Finlay (C), b. 2nd June, 1903, son of Rev. H. MacBride, The Manse, Ballywalter, Co. Down.  U.V, July, 1920.  Queen's University, Belfast.  Director: James Crawford (Electrical), Ltd., 38 Bedford Street, Belfast.  Address: 59 Bristow Park, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1432. *MacLaine, Alexander Henry (D). b. 5th November, 1901, son of Mrs. MacLaine, Derrylahan Park, Birr, King's Co.  Army, July, 1920.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1920.  2nd Lieut., King's Own Scottish Borderers, att. King's African Rifles, 1933 (temp. Capt.)  Capt., 1936.  1939-45 War:  Major, K.O.S.B.  Address: Naval and Military Club, 94 Piccadilly, London, W.1.

1433. McCammon, Archibald Francis Tisdall (B), b. 13th July, 1907, son of Major F. A. McCammon, R.A.M.C., Quay Road, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim.  Army, Dec., 1925.  Head Prefect.  1st XI, 1924.  C.S.M.  O.T.C.  R.M.C., Sandhurst, 1926.  2nd Lieut., I.A., 1928.  2/6 Gurkha Rifles.  Capt.  Retired.  1939-45 War: Major, R.A.  Retired, 1942.  Died 10th November, 1944.  (M.)

1434. *Price, James Alexander (E), b. 10th April, 1904, son of James Price, Glenwood, Cyprus Avenue, Belfast.  Brother of 1597 and 1648.  Father of 3738.  IV, 1922.  School Prefect.  Athletic Champion (joint), 1922.  Queen's University: M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 1928.  Irish Athletic Team, 1926.  Irish Champion Hurdles, 1926.  F.R.C.S. (Edin.), 1933.  Athletic Colours, Q.U.B.  Gynaecologist, Samaritan Hospital and Belfast City Hospital.  Address: 2 Lennoxvale, Belfast.  (M.q.)

1435. *Stanley, Joseph Trevor (A), b. 19th October, 1901, son of J. Stanley, Killowen, Bangor, Co. Down.  Brother of 1436.  Comm. July, 1918.  R.A.F., 1939-45.  West Africa, 1942-44.  Civil Servant (Established).  Address: 21 Groomsport Road, Bangor, Co. Down.  (q.)

1436. *Stanley, James Clifford (A), b. 19th December, 1906, son of J. Stanley, Killowen, Bangor, Co. Down.  Brother of 1435.  Father of 4109.  V, July, 1923.  With Messrs. Camrass & Sons, Belfast.  1939-45 War: Capt., Royal Marines.  Address: 17 Ragland (Raglan) Road, Bangor.  (M.q.)

1437. *Treanor, Victor Lyons (D), b. 27th March, 1902, son of Rev. W. V. K. Treanor, 19 Rosemount Gardens, Belfast.  U.V, July, 1919.  1st XI, 1918-19.  Tea Planter in Ceylon.  1939-45 War: R.A.Ch.D.  Mentioned in despatches.  Clerk in Holy Orders.  Address: St. James' Vicarage, 54 Littlemoor Lane, Doncaster, Yorkshire.  (M.q.)

1438. *Walker, William Robert Gordon (A), b. 3rd August, 1905, son of Rev. Robert Walker, LL.D., Shankill Rectory, Belfast.  Army, July, 1924.  School Prefect.  1st XV, 1923-24.  R.M.A., Woolwich, 1924.  2nd Lieut., R.E., 1926.  Magdalene College, Cambridge, 1926.  B.A., 1928.  Capt., 1937.  1939-45 War: Lt.-Col., D.S.O., twice mentioned in despatches.  Address: c/o R.E. Mess, Chatham.


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