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other bibles on the site that are part of collections
Gracey - James McAleenan - Ralph Herron - James Gourley -

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1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
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H & S. Crowe 1886

1)  Family Register
Henry Montgomery Crowe, Husband
Sarah Mays Crowe, Wife
William Crowe
James Crowe
Thomas Crowe
Annie Crowe
Eliza Jane Crowe
Henry Montgomery Crowe
Samuel Robert Crowe
Sarah Agnes Crowe

William Crowe Born 15th November 1867 (Died September 1891)
James Crowe Born 9th September 1869
Thomas Crowe Born 3rd June 1871
Annie Crowe Born 20th March 1873
Eliza Jane Crowe Born 23rd February 1875
Henry Montgomery Crowe Born 10th May 1877
Samuel Robert Crowe Born 2nd August 1879
Sarah Agnes Crowe Born 21st September 1882
Margaret Crowe Born 12th October 1894 (I assume this is the child of one of the above)
Martha Millar Born 2nd April 1853 (no idea)
3)  Deaths
Sarah Mays, Wife, Died June 1890
William Crowe, Died September 1891
Henry Montgomery Crowe, Died June 1895 (it doesn't say whether this is the father or the son)
Henry Montgomery Crowe, Died December 29th 1907 (as above)

also inside the bible

Family Register - Parents Names - Edward Lockhart, 21st February 1851 & Emma Cupples, 11th March 1854
Married 5th March 1875; Children Anna born 10th November 1876 - Robert Arthur born 30th May 1878
Edward born 21st November 1879 - Thomas Alfred born 19th April 1881 - Emma born 21st October 1882
James Ernest born 2nd November 1886 - Emma born 8th July 1888 - Minnie Louisa born 30th December 1889

Dear little Emma who departed this life on Thursday morning 9th October 1884 aged 2 years
Dearest Anna died November 30th 1908 aged 32 years With Christ which is far better.

Mr. John McCloughan from teachers Hyde Park Wesleyan Sunday School 1876
Isabella Lowry by her loving brother John McCloughan, Hyde Park, January 1st 1885

Eliza Cook                            contents of McCloughan Bible                            

Register of Births:
Samuel G. Rosborough born 24th October 1884
Elizabeth Rosborough born 15th October 1897
Henry Rosborough born 4th August 1915
Robert James Rosborough born 21st September 1916
Mary Ann Rosborough born 10th November 1917
Willie Rosborough born 2nd January 1920
Harold George Rosborough born 16th April 1945

Register of Marriages:
Henry Rosborough married 28th June 1939
Mary Ann married 26th December 1940
Robert James Rosborough married 23rd July 1952
Register of Deaths:
Willie Rosborough died 19th March 1927
Robert J. Rosborough died on Princess Victoria January 31st 1953 (see below)
Samuel G. Rosborough died 30th December 1965
Elizabeth Craigh Rosborough died 29th July 1989?

My son forget not thy law But let thy heart keep thy com?
Mr. Robert J. Rosborough, 36, of 97 Ogilvie Street, Woodstock Road, Belfast, who is among the missing in the Princess Victoria disaster.  He was married in July last.  31st January 1953

Family Register - Parents Names:
Husband Harrison McCloy born 18th October 1840 Wife Sarah Montgomery born 1846 Died 31st October 1875
Married February 1866 - Second Wife Anabella or Arabella Sheils born 31st January 1860 Married 12th December 1882
Children's Names: William McCloy born November 1866
Mary Jane Shaw born May 1868
Maggie born July 1870
Sarah born May 1872
Harrison McCloy born 12th December 1883
Clara Isobel born 4th August 1888

Marriages: Sarah McCloy August 13th (no year)
May Jane Shaw McCloy (or Mary) (no date)
Deaths: William December or Deceased 1866
Harrison McCloy June 7th 1905
Arabella McCloy February 17th 1908

1                                                                                              2
John Hope, Born 18th July 1852
Mary Young, Born 1st September 1851
Annie Hope, Born 11th February 1876
Agnes Hope, Born 13th March 1877
Euphemia Hope, Born 10th November 1878 Died 14th April 1921
John Hope, Born 17th July 1881
Adam Hope, Born 10th October 1882 4 a.m.
James Hope, Born 18th October 1885
Robert Hope, Born 22nd August 1888
Mary Hope, Born 15th January 1891
Margaret Hope, Born 21st February 1893
Wm. Andrew Ferrier Hope, Born 26th February 1897 Killed 12th July 1916 at Gallipoli
Annie Hope Born 11th February 1876
Agnes Hope born 13th March 1877
Euphemia Hope born 10th November 1878 (above three scored out)

This Family Bible of my dear Father, James Henderson, of Newry, was given to me for preservation as his first-born Son, I commend it to the tender care of all who may succeed me. Dated this Twelfth day of October, 1873, at Norwood Tower, Belfast. J. W. Henderson Mayor of Belfast

Telegraph Court, Newry? - Jas. Thanks? Henderson - Newry Jany. 1827 Jas. Henderson - J. Henderson, 1 ? ?, Newry
For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son . . . . .

1st April 1942 Postmark Belfast - Belfast Strandtown & High Holywood? Rly.? - N. H. Handforth, 17 Bedford Street scored out Colonel J. ? Forrest C.B. C.M.G., Glenmachan, Strandtown, Belfast
Sola - Virtus - Nobilitat
Armorial Bearings of Sir James Henderson Knight, Master of Arts, Trinity College, Dublin Barrister-at-Law; Justice of the Peace; Lord Mayor of the City of Belfast 1898; Deputy Lieutenant for the County of the City of Belfast and 1st High Sheriff of the same, 1900

James Henderson, born 8th June 1797 Died 4th March 1863
at past 4 o'clock a.m. at Belvidere Lodge, Newry
Anne Peacock, born 4th May 1799 & Married in Newry on
12th November 1822m by the Revd. Jno.? Kerr

. . . . .to whom were born:-
1st  James Alexander, 12th September 1823 5 o'C. a.m. Married in Belfast, Agnes Mackay 11th December 1845
2nd Anna born 31st March 1825 3 o'C. p.m. Married in Newry, R. O. Blackader? 14th November 1848
3rd William born 16th December 1826 8 o'C. a.m. Married in Dublin, Eliza Jane Hardy, 27th October 1857 Died 25th June 1868
4th David born 14th November 1828 7 o'C. a.m. Died at Melbourne 16th June 1853
5th Amelia born 13th September 1830 2 o'C. a.m. Died 17th November 1849
6th Elizabeth born 25th February 1833 past 12 Died 7th June 1866
7th Isabella born 18th May 1834 past 4 a.m.
8th Fanny born 22nd January 1836 past 1 o'C. a.m. Died 10th March 1841
9th Margaret born 25th December 1837 5 o'C. a.m. Died 19th October 1845
10th Maria born 26th December 1839 9 o'C. a.m. Married on 1?th September 1862 at Belmont? ? to H. ? Barker, ?? ??, London
11th Henry George 11th April 1843 o'C.? p.m.

My beloved Wife died 29th April, 1844, departing peacefully in the L????
Jas. Henderson, born 28th July 1813?

J. H. married, secondly, Jane? Eliza Magill (otherwise Knox) ceremony performed at Hillsborough Presbyterian Church, by his Brother? Revd. A, Henderson, of Lisburn, 17th May 1849. (only child of J. ???, Anna Sophia? born 16th Jany. 1831, 20 mins past 2 a.m. of whom issued - Married Henry Mc?lein, July 1853 (bit muddled)

12th Edith Jane? born 16th September 1850, at 20 ms. past 12 o'C. a.m. Died 13th July 1855
13th Alexander Knox born 19th September 1852 at 20 ms. past 4 o'C. Died 13th July 1855 (?)
14th Henrietta Cuppage, born 18th Feby.? 1854 at 8 a.m.
15th John Cecil Knox, born 12th May 1856 at 20 ms. past 12 afternoon. Died 7th May 1870

scored out at bottom - Newry 4th June 1826


Elizabeth Anderson Rodgers, was born at 21 Ashley Avenue, Belfast, on Tuesday 31st January 1905
James Alexander Rodgers, was born at 43 Malone Avenue, Belfast, on Sunday 22nd July 1906
Agnes Boyd Rodgers, was born at 43 Malone Avenue, Belfast, on Saturday 14th September 1907
John Stevenson Rodgers, was born at Ulsterville Manse, Malone Avenue, Belfast on Saturday 31st December 1910
Andrew Rutherford Rodgers was born at 13 Claremont Street, Belfast on Saturday 4th October 1930
February 1st 1927 at Ulsterville Manse, Malone Avenue, Belfast, Josephine, the dearly loved wife of Rev. Thos. Rodgers, Funeral to Carnmoney Cemetery on Thursday 3rd February at 2.30
Pelan in Brison Bible

Richard Brison Lisburn 1810

(Died 29th Oct. 1917) Agnes Pelan born Second Oct. 1820 morning 11 o'c Bapt. by Mr. Craig?
George & Jane Pelan = Eleanor Pelan born 11th June at one o'clock
Married 14 Octr. 1819
= also Hugh Pelan born ? May @ three o'c. after noon 1822 Bapt. by Mr. Craig
Hamilton = Hamilton Pelan born 25th July 1824 3 o'c morning Baptized by Rev. Jas. Morgan
Died on Sunday morning on 14th March 1829 from effects of Measles
Sarah - Sarah Pelan born Seventh June 1826 at Eleven o'c. p.m. Bapt. by Rev. J. Morgan
Died on the Evening of Wednesday 21st March 1827 at half past seven o'clock from a severe attack of Hooping Cough. Bless O' Lord this disposition of thy providence & cause? ? to ? to Humility?
= Sarah Pelan born January 1828 at nine o'c. p.m. Bapt. by Rev. J. Morgan
Hamilton = Hamilton Pelan born 19 July 1829 upon a Sabbath night Bapt. by Rvd. Hend??
Hamilton Died 16th March 1830 on Sunday Morning

(Died 16th Jan. 1898) Geo. Pelan, Jn. or Sn. Born 22nd Jany. 1831 @12 o'clock night. Bapt. Rev. A. Henderson
Hamilton Pelan Born 29 June 1832 @ 9 o'clock morning Bapt. R' A. Henderson
Brison Pelan Born 23rd March 1836 One o'c. p.m. Bapt. by Professor Edgar


This Bible belongs to Mrs. J. Adams, Deramore Drive & is lent to M. S. Adams
Psalm 121

1                                               2                                          3                                       4
Family Register -
William George Duncan Adams and Wilhelmina Stafford were united in Holy Matrimony on Wednesday the 27th day of April 1904 at Balmoral Methodist Church
Births - Arthur William Stafford Adams 4th April 1906
Margaret Kathleen Adams 10th April 1909
Kenneth Duncan Adams 2nd August 1910

  Marriage -
Margaret Kathleen Adams to William Randall Hutchinson on 17th June 1931 at Balmoral Methodist Church
Births - Patricia Maureen Hutchinson 1st December 1932 in London
Diana Elizabeth Hutchinson 1st February 1938 in Belfast
Jillian Kathleen Hutchinson 1st February 1941 in Belfast

 Marriage -
Arthur William Stafford Adams & Vera Elizabeth Bryer? 10th March 1936 in London
Birth - Sheila Adrienne Adams 14th December 1937

Marriage - Patricia Maureen Hutchinson & Frederick John Robb Storey 25th June 1953 in Holywood Parish Church
Birth - Frederick David Storey 4th May 1954
Marriage - Kenneth Duncan Adams & Patricia Harrison in Winchester on 7th January 1942
4)  Deaths - William George Adams on 3rd August 1940 at The Hill, Newforge, Belfast aged 61
Pilot Officer K. D. Adams (Kenneth Duncan only married on the 7th January 1942) killed in action 25th January 1942 aged 30

To Susan Atkinson, Beaumont, Belfast from M. February 24th 1875
(sorry that's all, Bible was empty)
Bailie 2

James & Jane Baillie  Moneynick 1879                                          1                                       2                       
1)  Family Register - Marriages - John and Minnie Bailie married 25th June 1918 Duneane Presbyterian Church
Family Register - Deaths -
Jane Bailie died ? 5 February 1887
James Bailie died 1st September 1916
John Bailie died 18th December 1964
Maria Bailie died 2nd February 1965
Bailie & Coates

                                             1                             2                            3
Family Register -
Parent's Names - Husband - William James Bailie Born 19 June 1931 Wife Myrtle Bailie Born 11 April 1933 Married in Bethany Presbyterian Church, Agnes Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland on Saturday 19 June 1954 at 10.00 hrs. by Rev. A. Crooks B.A.
 Children's Names -
William John Steele Bailie born 1 April 1955
Martin Baile born
15 August 1956
Catherine Bailie born
18 September 1957
 Marriages -
William married Helen Tarantino - Children: Pamela Myrtle 1976;  Sarah 1979;  Manton 1981;  Benjamin 1983;  Stephen 1965 (exact dates of birth with-held)
Martin married Chantal McKinnon 17 December 1993:  Children Alexandra Elizabeth 1995 (exact date with-held)
Catherine married David Osborne: 15 October 1983:  Children Dillon David William 1984;  Jonathan William 1987;  Emily Jean 1998 (exact dates of birth with-held)

William James Bailie March 1996

inside above bible  
  1                       2                          3                                 4                  5                           
Oct. 1930 or 36  E. O. Norris from ? W. Phillips  Yacht Sylvana?
Bill Bailie 1995  William J. Bailie, 3 Cloverhill Park, Newtownards; 1 Lawnbrook Drive, Newtownards
3)  -
4 & 5) 
To My Mampa Lots of 'Sweet as Honeys'  Joan xxx

This Holy Bible to Myrtle from Billy, in love, in hope, and in faith  3 December 1989  South Africa

Dear Dad, A Happy Birthday with all good wishes  March 1971  Son & Daughter Billy & Myrtle with all our love

Mrs. McIlveen, 30 Lawnview Street, Belfast
also with the above bibles:-

Moore Birthday Book - The Harbour Donaghadee

Mr. or Mrs. J. D. Coates - Author (hard to make out writing) Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler

CLICK to enlarge
Frances Ethne Gardner 6th January;  Annie Coates 12th January;  Lily Dickson 13th January;  Irene Vaughan Coates 6 years old on 16th January 1896;  Sheunvilla? Coates 21st January;  Aileen Gardner 2nd February;  Charlotte Coates 3rd February;  Lottie C. Black 5th February;  Minnie McVeigh 10th February;  Lizzie Curry 25th February

CLICK to enlarge
Charlotte Coates 8th March;  Franks Gardner 11th March;  Canon Carmoody 17th March;  Mina? ? Douglas 27th March;  Dolly Lindsay 28th March;  Stanley B. Coates 30th March;  Georgina Watson 31st March;  Josephine Watson 6th April;  Joyce Irene? Percival 17th April 1924;  Dermot Mahon Carmoody birthday 2? years on 20th April 1915

CLICK to open
Sarah Black 22nd April;  James D. Neill or O'Neill 5th May 1861;  Carrie Kennedy 7th May;  Ethel Heron 24th May;  Annie Coates & J. Dunville Coates married on 29th May 1883;  Eileen Lindsay 2nd June;  Sara Fry 4th June;  Lizzie Coates 5th June 1914;  Gordon? Coates 15th June;  Martha Gibson 16th June

Ethel Beatrice Coates born 23rd June 1895;  Elsie Coates 30th June;  John Dunville Coates (Junior) 6th July;  Annie Louisa Coates born 12th July 1893;  May Dickson 19th July;  Irene's son's birthday 2nd August Sunday 1925;  Jeannie Halliday McMullen 9th September 1863;  Helen Lecky 12th September;  Jennie Brown 30th September

CLICK to enlarge
Foster Coates 9th October;  Miss Kathleen & or F. Ethel Carmoodys birthday 53 years old 17th October 1912;  Stanley Coates 29th October;  Eveline Coates 31st October 1880;  (Jennie McMinn);  Sara Coates 24th November;  Emma McClung 29th November;  Vinnie McClung 30th November;  Sarah Nesbitt 4th December;  Annie Brown 6th December;  Evelyn M. Guy 8th December;  Ellie Dickson 17th December

CLICK to enlarge
Nol Gardner his birthday on Christmas Day 25th December;  Raymond Carmoody 31st December birthday

The Precious Present - Kate Osborne, Nellie Irwin
If you get this book please read and pass on to someone else in memory of Myrtle Bailie 11-4-33  10-6-16
Write your name in the back
Boyd - Blair
specific dates of birth after 1920 are not visible, just the year

Family Register of Births
Name                                       Date and Place of Birth

John Woods Boyd     -     of  Millisle Born 30th August 1843
Isabella Boyd     -     of Millisle Born 23rd July 1845
Robert Boyd     -     of Millisle Born 18th May 1847
Samuel Boyd     -     of Millisle Born 27th March 1849
Elizabeth Boyd     -     of Millisle Born 13th May 1851
Fergus Boyd     -     of Millisle Born 23rd May 1853
Thomas Boyd     -     of Millisle Born 7th June 1855
Francis Boyd     -     of Millisle Born 23rd September 1857
James Boyd     -     of Millisle Born 27th September 1859
Mary Jane Boyd     -     of Millisle Born 27th August 1862
James Birch     -     of Millisle Born 15th November 1882
James Birch     -     of Millisle Died 27th September 1883
Fergus Birch     -     of Millisle Born 9th July 1884
Alexander Birch     -     of Millisle Born 28th April 1886
Jane Woods Boyd     -     of Millisle Died 9th July 1901
Mary E. Birch     -     of Millisle Died 25th December 1901
Francis Boyd     -     of Millisle Died 19th September 1907
James Blair     -     of Millisle Born 26th February 1893
John Blair     -     of Millisle Born 26th December 1894
Annie Blair     -     of Millisle Born 14th August 1894 or 96
Henry Blair     -     of Belfast Born 23rd July 1899
William Blair     -     of Belfast Born 2nd January 1902
Francis Blair     -     of Belfast Born 15th April 1906
David Blair     -     of Belfast Born 15th September 1908
Thomas Blair     -     of Belfast Born 2nd August 1910
Sarah J. Blair     -     of Belfast Born 2nd March 1914

Blair Family Record - Five Generation Lineage

1                     2                     3                    4                      5                    6                    7
James Blair and Mary Anne (Kenny) Blair - Married: 17th December 1819; Homestead: Ganaway Bay, County Down, Northern Ireland
2) Blair Family Record in Northern Ireland Group I
3) The Blair Pedigree in Northern Ireland from: James Blair and Mary Ann (Kenny) Blair - date June 1981
4. Blair Family Record in Northern Ireland Group II ~ writing Death date: unknown 6 Dec. 1920 Age 80 yrs/8mths/13days
Sisters: Mary married Dave Askins; Jane married Robert Boyd son? James Boyd lives in Scotland   Father: Washington Adams of Ballyrawer, Co. Down.   Mother: Margaret Grey?
5) The Blair Pedigree in Northern Ireland from: John Blair and Ann (Adams) Blair - to date June 1981
6) Deaths of Blair Children; Grand Children and Their Parents
7) Grand Children of John and Ann Blair known to date - June 1981

1                   2                   3                  4                 5                 6                  7
Grand Children of John and Ann Blair known to date - June 1981 (cont.)
2) Blair Family Record in the United States of America Group I
3) The Blair Pedigree in U.S.A. from: James Blair and Rosa (Pederson) Blair - to date June 1981
4) Deaths of Blair Children:  Grand Children and Their Parents
5) Grand Children of James and Rosa Blair - Marriages of Grand Children - Deaths of Blair Grand Children
6) Great Grand Children and Their Parents
7) Great Grand Children of James and Rosa Blair

1                     2                    3                    4                     5                    6
Marriages of Great Grand Children - Great Great Grand Children and Their Parents
Blair Family Record in the United States of America Group II
3) The Blair Pedigree in U.S.A. from: Henry Blair and Catherine Blair - to date June 1981
4) Blair Family Record in Canada Group I
5) The Blair Pedigree in Canada from: Thomas Henry Blair and Verena Ann (Montgomery) Blair - to date June 1981
6) Grand Children and Their Parents


Emma Browne, with Mr. & Mrs. T. W. Dugan's Compliments, 36 Hillview Avenue, Belfast, Ballyhackamore,
October 4th, 1916
John Dugan & Mary Ann Dugan married in Seaforde? Church, May 26th 1876 by the Rev. John Price Brown
(1) Thos. William Born February 20th 1877
(2) Ann Jane Born 30th May 1879
(3) Elizabeth Stephenson Born 14th July 1881
(4) Ellen Stephenson Born 26th August 1883
(5) Irene Constance Born 20th February 1886
(6) Robert Yngr. Kennedy Born 26th July 1889
(7) Beatrice May Born 27th August 1892

The Late Rev. G. R. Montgomery - The Rev. Canon Marks, B.D., rector of Ballymore, paid a tribute to the late Rev. G. R. Montgomery, at a service yesterday in Mullavilly Parish Church.  "Mr. Montgomery he said, did not leave his name engraven in stone, nor would he be remembered by the material results of his ministry.  He was a faithful pastor, who devoted himself to the things that were not seen, and that were, in the language of St. Paul, eternal.  He would be remembered as a spiritual adviser, and in the homes of the people as a sympathetic friend.  He was a man of definite convictions, and was out against any profession of religion that was inconsistent with the true Christian life and character."  Canon Marks added that nothing impressed him more than the courage and patience with which Mr. Montgomery awaited the call. The long period of trial before the end was borne with a calmness and a resignation that were wonderful. The faith that sustained him, but enabled him to "endure as seeing Him who is invisible."  The Rev. G. H. Daunt conducted the service, and Mr. R. J. Wilson played the "Dead March."  The Lord Primate was present at the funeral of Mr. Montgomery on Saturday, when there was a large attendance of clergy.  The children of the day and Sunday schools marched in front of the hearse, and clergy of neighbouring parishes and members of the Mullavilly select vestry were pall bearers.  The service was conducted by the Rev. Canon Percy Marks, B.D., rector of Tandragee, and the Rev. G. H. Daunt read the lesson.  The chief mourners were Mr. Richard Montgomery (son), Messrs. John Montgomery (Seagoe) and James Montgomery (Cavan) (brothers), Rev. H. F. Egerton, M.A., son-in-law.
Islandmagee Farmers - Ulster Union's Prosperity Plan - Mr. John Ritchie (Comber), president of the Ulster Farmers' Union, addressing the annual meeting of the Islandmagee Branch at Kilcoan, said that much of the depression in agriculture was not simply the result of the Great War.  Many of their present difficulties would have confronted them had there been no war.  The introduction of improved machinery and competition in various directions had led to a great amount of unemployment.  The only cures, it seemed to him, were less labour-saving machinery and shorter hours of labour.  Times would improve when money was more plentiful among the workers of the country.  The Union was striving energetically to secure for the farmers better prices and better marketing conditions, working on the one hand for an increase in home production and on the other to curtail imports.  The Rev. J. Knox Elliott, B.A., minister of First Islandmagee Presbyterian Church, said that in the past the Ulster farmers had been too individualistic in their outlook and ideals, and modern times required more of the spirit of co-operation in a common cause.  Mr. Charles B. Smith, ex-president, Ulster Farmers' Union, also addressed the meeting.  Mr. Edward C. Smith, J.P. (Brown's Bay) was re-elected president of the Islandmagee Sub Branch, and Mr. H. J. Shaw Milliken, Loughhead, was appointed hon. secretary.

Thomas & Sarah Elizabeth Eakin

Molly Eakin 6th May 1945
Family Register
Thomas Eakin Senr. - Sarah Elizabeth Eakin - David Eakin - Thomas Eakin Junr. - David Eakin - Ellen Jane Elliott Eakin - Elizabeth Eakin - John Eakin - Samuel Eakin - Lavinia Eakin - Ernest Eakin
David Eakin born 19th July 1887
Thomas Eakin born 28th January 1890 or 91
David Eakin born 12th February 1892
Ellen J. E. Eakin born 15th April 1894
Elizabeth Eakin born 12th May 1896
John Eakin born 11th June 1898
Samuel Eakin born 5th August 1899
Lavinia Eakin 17th February 1902
Ernest Eakin born 6th March 1906
Thomas & Sarah Elizabeth Eakin married 4th October 1884
David Eakin died 9th March 1890
Lavinia Eakin died 18th April 1907
Ernest Eakin died 17th June 1909
Sarah Eliza Eakin died 1st May 1914
Ellen J. E. Eakin died 7th October 1920
Thomas Eakin Senr. died 25th August 1943