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1913 Tel. directory    1824 Pigots (Belfast)  &  (Bangor)   1894 Waterford Directory
1898 Newry Directory      Bangor Spectator Directory 1970


Presbyterian College, Belfast, Session 1947-48
Belfast     Chas. H. Halliday
(back row) F. Conkey, W. A. Finlay, J. C. M. Anderson, S. W. Anderson, J. B. Irvine, F. L. McConnell
(3rd row) S. G. Stevenson, C. R. J. Brown, R. W. W. Clarke, W. J. A. Bell, R. N. Caswell, D. Shaw, W. D. Bailie, S. G. Logue, J. W. P. Lowry
(2ns row) J. Glenfield, F. A. Pickering, A. L. McAlorey, R. W. Adams, G. Nagy, K. Schmidt Clausen, J. David, J. Garcia, V. H. Ryan, R. B. Crawford, R. S. Ferguson, Mr. H. Ireland (Janitor)
(front row) A. Porter, T. J. Simpson, Rev. E. McConnell, Prof. J. L. M. Haire, Prof. R. Corkey, Principal J. E. Davey, Prof. R. J. Wilson, Prof. A, F. Scott Pearson, Emeritus Prof. J. Haire, J. E. Barr, Mrs. Humphries (Matron)
Hill Finlay married January 10th 1850 or 56 (side of page)
1838 (top of page)
Agnes ?? (bottom sideways)
at Cunningburn                                                                                                                                                     
          Killed ^ on the 11th? September ?? Hill Finlay at the advanced age of 74 years, he was without any enemy, his memory will be long cherished by his family as an affectionate husband and kind father, for though he suffered long and previous to his departure he died with a cheerful continence seeming confident that he would shortly be borne with angel pinions round him   ??rld to another though brighter happy world.

At Cunningburn, on Thursday, 24th November, 1887 - Mina Finlay - The remains of my beloved Wife will be removed for interment in the Family Burying Ground, Ballyblack, on Sabbath, 27th inst., at Eleven o'clock a.m.  Hill Finlay.
At Cunningburn, on Saturday, 3rd December, 1887 - Hill Finlay - The remains of my beloved Father will be removed for interment in the Family Burying Ground, Ballyblack, on Tuesday, 6th inst., at Eleven o'clock a.m.  John Finlay.

1                                                  2                                                    3              
Prisoner of War Fund, Church Committee Section, Mountpottinger
Mr. R. J. Finlay, 27 The Rock, Strand Road, Londonderry, who was successful in obtaining 1st prize in the bass solo at Sligo Feis.
What to Read

The Late Rev. W. J. McCaughan & The Late Mrs. McCaughan
Miss Cooper is bearing her great grief as well as can be expected in the tragic circumstances.  Miss Ann Cooper, another sister of the deceased lady, will arrive in Belfast tomorrow morning from New York.  The melancholy news of the death of Mrs. McCaughan was cabled to her relatives in America by Mr. D. A. Black, J.P.  Miss Ann Cooper, another sister of the deceased lady, will arrive in Belfast tomorrow morning from New York.
Wheldon Wheeldon Harding

Name                            Date & where Buried
William John Wheeldon     January 4th 1855 at Claydon
Hannah Maria Wheeldon     May 11th 1864 at Claydon
Albina Wheeldon     May 13th 1864 at Claydon
Jessy Albina Wheeldon     August 17th 1868 at Kineton
William Martin Wheeldon     October 17th 1872 at Claydon
Mary Elizabeth Fox     November 28th 1876 at Claydon
Sibylla Buswell Hall     August 29th 1877 at Banbury
John Fox     June 9th 1883 qt Wrexham?
Emma Jane Argall     August 7th 1886 at U.S. America
Ellenor Francis Wheeldon     September 7th 1886 at U.S. America
Hannah Maria Wheeldon     May 31st 1889 at Annerly or Annesly S. W.
James Wheeldon     January 31st 1894 at Annerly or Annesly S. W.

H. Wheldon, Lieut. Adjutant Com????? Mauline??  July 28th 1868

23 July 1937, G. F. Morris Harding, Esq., R.H.A., St. Brigid's Studios, Holywood, Co. Down.
Ministry of Education, Northern Ireland
Mavis Harding
"The merciful man doeth good to his own soul," - Proverbs xi. 17.

James Joseph Fervant Iskender, born November 28th 1874, at London, Constantinople
Alfred John Tigrane Iskender, Born October 3rd 1876, at London
James Fervant Tigrane John Iskender, Born August 4th 1878, at Constantinople


Robert Hill, Born at Kellswater on 12th July 1869. Died at Dunmurry on 17th April 1915
Jane Anna Hill, Born at Dunmurry on 16th June 1867. Died at Dunmurry on 8th March 1924
at Fountainvale Presbyterian Church on 15th August 1891
George Hill, born at Dunmurry on 7th April 1893, married to Mary Clarke at Christ's Church, Belfast on 10th July 1915
Samuel Hill, born at Dunmurry on 24th July 1895, married to Maggie Cairns at Belfast on February 1926
Lizzie Hill (BC & DC) born at Dunmurry on 2nd November 1897, married to Dick Maxwell (BC & DC) at Balmoral P. Church on April 1922
John Hill, born at Dunmurry on 5th November 1900 or 1901
Anna Hill, born 13th May 1903, married to A. Carr at Belfast Cathedral on 16th March 1925
Betty Carr, born at Dunmurry on 19th September 1905
Elizabeth Hill
Elizabeth Hill Birth Certificate for the purpose of National Insurance, Registered in the District of Dunmurry; Superintendent Registrar's District of Lisburn; Counties of Antrim & Down; 1897, Second November, Dunmurry, Drumbeg, Co. Antrim; Elizabeth; Father - Robert Hill, Dunmurry, Drumbeg; Mother - Jane Ann Hill, formerly Wallace; Fathers profession - Linen Finisher; Informant - Mary J. Fullerton present at birth, Dunmurry, Drumbeg; When Registered - Seventeenth November 1897; Registrar - J. Ruddy

Elizabeth Maxwell, nee Hill Death Certificate, Registered in District of Lisburn, County of Antrim; 1961, Twenty third November, Lagan Valley Hospital; Elizabeth Maxwell, 13 Church Avenue, Dunmurry, Lisburn Road; Married - 64 years; Wife of Richard (Dick) Maxwell, Retired Publican; Myocardial Degeneration due to Old Coronary thrombosis Certified; Informant - R. Maxwell, Widower, 13 Church Avenue, Dunmurry; Registered - Thirtieth November 1961; Registrar - P. D. Allister, Deputy; Dated - 18th December 1961
Birth Certificate for Ronald Maxwell, 1930, Parents Richard and Elizabeth, Father Newsagent, 35 Grosvenor Road
Birth Certificate for Robert Stanley Maxwell, 1926, Parents Richard and Elizabeth, Father Newsagent, 35 Grosvenor Road
Birth Certificate for John Maxwell, 1935, Parents Richard and Elizabeth, Father Newsagent, 23 Sunningdale Park
Richard Maxwell
Certificate of Baptism
; Richard Maxwell; Father - Richard Maxwell; Mother's Maiden Name - Eliza Walsh; DOB 10th January 1893; Baptized - 1st March 1893; Rev. R. Montgomery; Record from Great Victoria Street Presbyterian Church made in 21st? May 1911
Death Certificate; Richard Maxwell; Fourteenth February, 1966, 13 Church Avenue, Dunmurry; Widower; 73 years; Retired Turf Accountant; I Coronary Thrombosis, II Influenza & Hypertension. Certified; Informant - R. S. Maxwell, Son, 13 Church Avenue, Dunmurry; Registrar - Alan S. Bell; Lisburn, Co. Antrim

William John Mills
Certificate of Registry of Baptism; Church of Tullylish, Parish of Tullylish, Diocese of Dromore, County Down; Baptised 15th February 1852; Born December 1st 1851, Parents William & Elizabeth Mills; Abode Clare; Trade - Weaver; Ceremony by J. Stewart
Birth Certificate for Doris Jean Ritchie, 1930, Parents Thomas & Margaret formerly Mills, 39 Tavanagh Street, Postman; Informant - C. McCluskey present at birth, 29 Malone Place; Registrar - A. Morrison, Assistant, District Belfast

inside bible

Dunmurry Male Voice Choir
We are the Dunmurry Male Choir, you can hear us for ten bob an hour,
Education? No scholars! We've plenty of dollars, we do not live in a mansion,
Each night as we stroll round the Park, you can hear the young ladies remark,
"They're the Nutts of Dun Station with a big reputation, like the laddies from Ballymacarrett"

(there was no photo, just this page)
Born in 1893 Richard Maxwell (second from the right, middle row) was a choir member in his early twenties. He sang this chorus all through his life. Only words uncertain are "Dun Station."

Dear Ronnie, Replying to Ben's request regarding his intended family tree.
Mum (Elizabeth Hill) was born on the 2nd November, 1897, at Dunmurry to Robert and Jane Anna Hill (nee Wallace). They were married at Fountainvale Presbyterian Church, Ballymena on 15th August, 1891.  Robert was a linen finisher, born 12th July 1869 at Kellswater, Co. Antrim and died at Dunmurry 17th April, 1915.  Jane Anna was born 16th June, 1867 at Dunmurry and died there on 8th March 1924.  Mum had two brothers Sam (born 24th July 1895) and John (5th November 1901) and a sister called Anna (born 13th May, 1903).  "I have come across an old record which reveals another brother of Mum's. He is called George Hill and would be the eldest of the family.  He was born on 7th, April 1893 and was married to Mary Clarke in Christ Church, Belfast on 10th July, 1915.  As you know there was never any mention of him during Mum's lifetime.  No doubt there is a story behind this.  There is probably some connection between him and the Robert Hill (Mum's cousin) who served with the Palestine police).  Sam Hill served in the British Army during the 1914-18 War, he married Maggie Cairns in Belfast in 1926 and afterwards emigrated to Canada.  He lived in Timmins, Ontario and worked in the gold mines until his death.  (I cannot remember the date although he was still alive when Rex when he was over training for the Royal Air Force during the last war).  A daughter called Kathleen was apparently well known throughout America as a professional ice skater.  I used to correspond with Maggie and Kathleen but have not heard from them many years.  I did think of looking them up during one of our many visits to Canada but never got round to it.  John (Johnny) Hill died quite young, during the 1939-45 war. He married Mary McDowell of Lambeg, Lisburn and they had two children Alma and Richard Hill.  Richard, married Marie McClelland and they had three children, he died a few years ago (you will know the date) The children were Richard, now a minister with two children (I think); Christopher, now a surgeon with one child and Cathrine, now married and presently living in Russia.  Marie is still living in Bangor. Alma married Cecil Caughey and is now widowed.  She has a son John (no doubt you will know his progeny - if any).  Anna Hill (Mum's only sister) married Albert Carr in Belfast Cathedral on 16th March, 1925. They had two daughters Elizabeth (Betty) and Arlene.  Betty is presently living in England and Arlene in Hilden, Lisburn. (I'm sure you have more idea of their offspring than I do.) A son Alan still lives in Belfast.  Dad (Richard Maxwell) was born on the 19th January, 1893 at Belfast to Richard and Eliza Maxwell (nee Walsh).  He married Elizabeth Hill in Balmoral Presbyterian Church in April, 1922.  (Unfortunately there seems to be few records on the Maxwell side of the family).

The Maxwells, Richard and Elizabeth are buried in Derriaghy at the Parish Church, also buried there are John and Mary Hill, Elizabeths brother and his wife.

In Loving Memory of Sarah Ann Foster, who departed this life on April 10th, 1902 aged 26 years

Shaws of Dunrammer
from the Johnston - Shaw Collection, includes a photo album

lovely bible but held together with black tape
two names inside the cover, John Shaw and R. J. Johnston, Duneane, Toomebridge, Co. Antrim
Parents Names
John Shaw, born 1st February 1843
- died 1924 (age 81)
Anne Eliza Shaw (Hudson), born 29th September 1843 - died 1924 (age 81)
Samuel Shaw, born 9th November 1867 - died 1942 (age75)
Eliza Shaw, born 24th December 1868
- died 1945 (age 77)
John Shaw, born 5th August 1870
Thomas Shaw, born 5th October 1871
Joseph Shaw, born 10th June 1873
- died 1880 (age 7)
Martha Shaw, born 19th January 1875
- died 1916 (age 41)
David H. Shaw, born 16th March 1876
Margret Ann Shaw, born 17th August 1878
Joseph Shaw, born 11th June 1880
William James Shaw, born 21st July 1882
Ellen Shaw, born 14th June 1884
Alexander Shaw, born 14th June 1886
- died 1897 (age 12)
Samuel Shaw, married November 28th 1899
Joseph Shaw married November 9th 1905
Joseph Shaw death the 27th April 1880
Alexander Shaw death the 8th September 1897
Martha Shaw died 10th December 1916
Anne Eliza Shaw died 3th? January 1924
John Shaw died 31st May 1924
Samuel Shaw died 18th October 1942
Eliza Shaw died 21st March 1945
Ellen Shaw (age 1) with Anne Eliza Shaw 1885                        Ellen (Shaw) Johnston                          
Joseph Shaw - Uncle Joe Shaw born Dunrammer (Ahoghill)     David Shaw Dunrammer                        

      Thomas Shaw           Samuel Shaw          Alexander Shaw          Margret & Ellen Shaw      
                                                                    youngest Shaw died age 12                                                   

full album coming soon
Patterson - Wright

Stewart Patterson 1896

Family Register of Stewart Patterson and Jane Patterson Married at St. Mark's Church, Armagh on 12th day of July 1884
William James Paterson born in Hillsborough October 19th 1887
Eliza Jane Patterson born in Hillsborough April 23rd 1890
William George Stewart Wright born 27th November 1910 in Portadown
Irene Wright 16th August 1913 Portadown
Margaret Wright
20th June 1942 in Belfast
Stuart Wright
17th May 1945 in Belfast
Eliza Jane Patterson 9th June 1910 in St. Mark's Church, Portadown to Ernest Wright
William George Stewart Wright to Sarah Adams McGimsey (McGimpsey?)  at Bloomfield Pres. Church on September 1941
William Patterson Killed in Action July 1st 1916 at the Battle of the Somme
Jemima Ireland died August 22nd 1921
Thomas Ireland died April 1923
Eliza Jane Wright December 24th 1946
Ernest Wright died 30th October 1960
Irene Wright - Lost at Sea in World War II

'The Better Land'

To Lucy from Hanna

Belfast Shorthand Institute Certificate of Proficiency in Shorthand Grade One Hundred Speed Test Awarded to Charlotte Dunlop at Examination held on 25th January 1921 Eighty-three% of marks obtained. Isabel Elliott, Principal

no info
also came with Carrickfergus Borough Council Copy of Letters Patent Granting Charter of Incorporation, 27th May 1941

Joseph Richard Sheil to Ellen Pollock 12th September 1921 at Malone Presbyterian Church Belfast
Yvonne Margaret Mitchell Sheil born 8th July 1922
Josephine Ellen Constance Sheil born 3rd July 1923
Hugh Sheil born 27th May 1926
Naomi Sheil born 1st November 1930
Thelma Patricia Sheil born 13th March 1934
Naomi Sheil 14th November 1930 -
(14 days old)
Margaret Jane Sheil 18th April 1935
- (age 72)

no names
G/Mother born 4/11/1863 died 18/4/1935
G/Father born 1865 died 14/3/1905 age 40 years
Son born 1/4/1897 died 7/10/1968
parents married 17/12/1895

Postmark Belfast 16th December 1918 to 57692 Pte. J. R. Sheil, Transport Section, 11th Batt. Essex B.E.F. France

Ormeau Road, Monday 16th December 1918 Belfast
My Dear Joe, Enclosed is a card, came for you Sat. evg. from 'All Saints' with a pair socks & a khaki muffler. I am not sending them out to you unless you want muffler, let me know, you must write Mr. Cooke & ask him to convey to the ladies of 'All Saints' your sincere thanks Joe, for their acceptable present & that it is very cheering amidst your work to feel you have been so kindly thought of at home.  I also enclose you a letter & photo 31st Oct. & on 13th Dec. Got it returned, with remark you will see on envelope, I do not understand how it could have happened, all the things you got since addressed in same way! I sent you a box of bread & cakes on 12th, 13th Dec. last day I could post to France till after xmas; & this is last day I can post a letter to France till after xmas; I do hope before this reaches you will have received box bread & a bit butter, do you not put Pte. on your letters now you are at Transport work; you should thank God from your heart for his care of you up to now, & you have grown a strong, healthy young man & you should dedicate your life to his service. He is worth it, I hope you will have a pleasant Christmas, it should be a joyful one, no more trenches or hand to hand fighting. God has delivered you from evil? I wish you Joy & Happiness, not only at Christmas, but all through your life, a sincere & faithful worshipper of ? adorable redeemer & with a heart full of love to you, I am your loving Mother

Thanks - Woods, Yvonne (maybe Yvonne Margaret Mitchell Sheil, above)
The family of the late Yvonne Woods wish to express their sincere appreciation to all the kind friends who sympathised with them in their recent bereavement. A special thank you to the carers and staff at the N.I. Hospice for the kind and caring way they looked after Yvonne during her illness. To the many kind friends who visited, telephoned and sent cards. To the Co-op Funeral Services for the caring and dignified manner in which they carried out the Funeral arrangements and La Mon House Hotel. To Mr. & Mrs. Campbell and the Members of Cooke Church for their support during Yvonne's prolonged illness.  There are too many to mention individually but our thoughts and prayers are with those who supported us. Trusting this acknowledgment will be accepted by all as a token of our sincere appreciation - A great lady sadly missed.
no real info

Alex. B. Stewart 1959
Sweet - Rippett - Marks

Sweet Home 1866

Family Register of John & Mary Sweet
John Sweet & Mary Rippett married at Bangor, Co. Down on 5th November 1866


John Sweet born at Dunny Cove, Co. Cork on 27th November 1838
Mary Sweet born at Crawfordsburn, Co. Down on 15th July 1848
Martha Sweet born at Carrickfergus on 30th October 1867
John Sweet born at Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim on 17th November 1869
Samuel Sweet born at Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim on 23rd October 1871
Mary Sweet born at Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim on 20th March 1874
James Sweet born at Bally Gally on 29th July 1876
Richard Sweet born at Bally Gally on 13th August 1878
Maggie Sweet born at Strangford on 20th January 1881
Henery Sweet born at Strangford on 4th February 1884
Maud born at Ballycastle on 20th May 1886
Frederick born at Annalong on 16th October 1889
Kathleen born at Bloomfield on 28th December 1896


John Sweet Died 13th August 1875
Maggie Sweet Died 28th September 1904
Richard Sweet Died 25th July 1905
James Sweet Died Chicago November
Mary Sweet (Mother) Died 1st August 1915 and was buried in Dundonald Cemetery, Belfast on the 3rd of August
Martha Sweet (Mrs. J.? Bruce or Cruse) Died 12th September 1921 (Dundonald Cemetery)
John Sweet (Father) Died 5th June 1931 (Dundonald Cemetery)

Family Register of Albert Marks & Kathleen Sweet
Married at St. Donard's Church, Bloomfield, Belfast 1st July 1919

Albert Marks born at Tanderagee, Co. Armagh on 8th September 1891
Kathleen Marks born at Bloomfield, Belfast on 28th December 1896
Alfred Edwin Marks born at 23 Ormiston Crescent, Knock, Belfast on 15th May 1924
Albert Denis Marks born as above on 12th June 1928
Terence Ian Marks born as above on 24th June 1930


Albert Marks Died age 55 on 9th March 1947 Buried in St. Elizabeth Churchyard, Dundonald on 11th March 1947


Haweis' Bible T. - Hyndman
Newspaper Clipping 1 Our Soldiers - Thursday at three o'clock a meeting was held in the Y.M.C.A. Hall, Wellington Place, for the purpose of taking into consideration the establishment of a Soldiers' Home in this town. Those present included - Revs Archdeacon ??aver, Wm. Park, George Shaw, John Spence, N. Green, J. Fordyce, Henry Montgomery, ? Hanna, Dr. Hannay, J. N. Smith; Sir James H. Haslett, Sir J. P. Corry, Bart, J.P.; Messrs. R. L. Hamilton, J.P.; James Crawford, W. Greenhill, Dr. Barnett F (Indian Army), Messrs John Young, jun., Galgorm Castle; ? Workman, and R. W. Corry. The Mayor  ? J. H. Haslett), on taking the chair, and that some time since he had been asked to think over the question of a home for soldiers in Belfast. Having heard Miss ? story he thought the people of Belfast could see it to be their duty to give effect to ? He hoped the movement would not be confined to the soldiers merely, but would include the police force. Rev. Dr. Hannay then introduced Miss Sands to the audience. Miss Sands, Cork, then proceeded to give an account of work amongst soldiers. From a very small beginning, which originated in a bible-class conducted by her mother, the work had grown until now Soldiers' Homes had been established in Dublin, Cork, and Limerick. Her object in coming to Belfast was for the purpose of establishing such a home, where soldiers could spend their evenings profitably and pleasantly. She did not see why Belfast should not have such a home. She believed it only required to be put before the Belfast public. She concluded by intimating that since coming into the hall she had got a promise of one hundred pounds, but it would require about two thousand five hundred pounds. Mr. J. P. Corry, M.P., moved the following resolution - "That this meeting hereby decides to establish a similar home in Belfast to those now in operation in Cork, Dublin, and elsewhere," which was seconded by R. L. Hamilton, J.P. Rev. H. Hanna, D.D., proposed, and ? Greenhill seconded - "That this meeting heartily commends the establishing of a soldiers' home in Belfast to the sympathy and support of the Christian public of Belfast." ? W. Park proposed - "That Miss Sands be elected to act as hon. sec/" Rev. Mr. Green seconded the resolution. On the motion of ? George Shaw, seconded by Rev. J. For?, Mr. W. Workman was appointed to act as .... sorry that's all
Newspaper Clipping 2 Original Poetry - A Plea for Sabbath Rest
The cry of earth's unrest, Of ceaseless toil's dull pain,
From north to south, from east to west, Like murmur of the sleepless main,
In growing volume seems to say, "Oh, for a restful Sabbath day!"
The steamboat's surging throb, Where mammon chafes the tide,
As if the very waves to rob, Of rest which Heaven had ratified,
Resounds as though it would inveigh, 'Gainst outrage on the hallowed day!
The railway whistle shrill, Piercing the peaceful air,
Where else the loudest sounds had still, Been chime of bells, and praise and prayer,
Screams down the thundering iron way, Demanding back the Sabbath day!
The clattering tramway cars, Bearing their goodly freight,
Of comfortable worshippers, To many a sanctuary gate,
Cry out, "Must Christians, too, betray the Sanctity of God's own day?"
The weary, toil-worn horse, Through seven days doomed to plod,
Would fain the mute appeal endorse, Uprising to a righteous God,
From hearts without one hour to pray, Through all the toilsome Sabbath day.
The cattle in the stall, Demand our kindly heed;
No ear be closed to mercy's call, Nor hand withheld from pressing need;
But woe to them who pleasure weight, Or gold against the poor man's day!
Attend, ye sons of toil, To history's lesson plain,
That seven-day-labour's cruel coil, Follows in "Sunday-pleasure's train:
Then prize your rest, God's law obey, And sanctify the Sabbath day.
Let pulpit, Christian Press, And life give certain sound,
While foes of truth and righteousness, Would raze their bulwark to the ground.
God guard that bulwark, come what may, And o'er the earth breathe Sabbath day!
Belfast                                  W. Maxwell
Family Register
John & Jane Hyndman
Married November 8th A.D. 1843
Robert Hyndman Born September 16th 1844
John Hyndman Born November 19th 1846
Thomas Hyndman Born February 13th 1849
Sam? Jas. Hyndman Born November 12th 1851
Hugh Morrison Hyndman Born June 12th 1854
Mary Jane Hyndman Born November 10th 1859
Lettitia & Margaret Hyndman Born December 14th 1862

Thomas & Lizzie Hyndman
Married 10th August A.D. 1882
Mary Hyndman Born 5th August 1883
John Hyndman Born 21st June 1885
Annie Heaney Hyndman Born 24th May 1887
Jane Marshall Hyndman Born 16th December 1889
Lizzie Hyndman Born 16th August 1892
Robert Hyndman Born 29th November 1894
Edith Hyndman Born 26th February 1897
William Hugh Hyndman Born 6th July 1898
Maud McGahie? Hyndman Born 18th January 1905 or 6
Baptized by Rev. Hugh McGahie Methodist

Warnock - Montgomery

Hugh & Ann Warnock 1876                                                 

Family Register - Marriages
Hugh Warnock Married to Ann Mahood July 15 1871
Samuel Warnock Born 29th May 1873 (1917) 44
Johney Warnock Born 24th June 1877 (1919) 54 & 19?
Marget Jane Warnock Born 23rd September 1879
Mother? Jane Coffey Born 26th August at 4 o'clock evening 1805
Lizzie Warnock Born 24th October 1901?
Hugh Warnock Born 5th April 1904
Annie Warnock Born 10th August 1906
Samuel Warnock Born 12th May 1908
Johnnie Warnock Born 5th November 1910
Jean Elloner Warnock Born 19th March 1913
Adam / Addie Montgomery Born 16th March 1928
Samuel Warnock Montgomery Born 21st June 1929
Alexander Montgomery Born 1st December 1931
Elizabeth Elsie Montgomery Born 13th April 1934
John Montgomery Born 21st October 1935
James Montgomery Born 14th January 1940
Father Samuel Mahood Died 29th June 1888 age 88 years?
Jane Mahood Died 23rd October 1895 age 90 years
William Coffey Died 22nd July 1936
Hugh Warnock Died 10th October 1903 aged 60 years
Samuel Warnock Died 23rd November 1912 age 39 years
Jane Warnock Died 26th August 1913 age 35 years
Ann Warnock Died 7th June 1920 age 80
John Kenneth Warnock Died 9th February 1944 age 5 years 3 months
John Warnock Died 1st April 1954 age 77
Addie Montgomery Died 26th August 1954 age 26 years
James Montgomery Drowned on 25th March 1964 age 24 years
Adam Montgomery Died 10th February 1971
Tilly Warnock Died 1969
Hugh Warnock Died 19th September 1982
Bessie Warnock Died 23rd September 1985
John Warnock Died 3rd May 1986
Sam Warnock Died 5th December 1987
hard to make out but written at bottom of page - Elizabeth Montgomery Died March 1991
Adam Montgomery Married to Elizabeth Warnock 11th May 1927
John Hughes Married to Elsie Montgomery 10th July 1951
Sammy Montgomery Married to Lyle Robinson 10th March 1955
John Montgomery Married to Edna Nelson or Neeson 22nd April 1957
Alex Montgomery Married to Gladys Palmer 27th June 1962
Adelaide Montgomery Married John Harper Twibill 28th September 1978
Jacqueline Montgomery Married David Clarke 5th December 1981
Bruce Montgomery Married Olive Ambrose 27th August 1982
(Wilmer) William Samuel Montgomery Married Carols Smith 1991 Isabel Elizabeth Barrie? 8th October 1983
(Jim) James Palmer Montgomery Married Susan Mary Newman, Glan-y-Llyn, Taffs, Wales 17th August 1984

Member's Card - Portavogie Temperance Society
This is to Certify that Hugh Warnock is a Member of the above Society having signed the following PLEDGE I promise by Divine Assistance to abstain from all Intoxicating Liquors as beverages and to ?? countenance all the causes and practices of Intemperance.  Signed 10th November 1892

below is a few letters which I honestly just can't be bothered to transcribe, the writing is not that easy to read

1                      2                       3                        4                      5
1) Green Point Long Island. May 11 1850; June 9 1850; June 18 1865; Julie (July) 1859 - William names one daughter born about 1865 Margaret Ellen Mahood
2) Letters wrote on dates Green Point Long Island 1859
New York June 1) 1865
daughter named Margret Ellen Mahood.
Saturday 14 August 1852
May 11 1850
June 9 1850
3) Andrew Beattie, 73 Frazer Street, Belfast & Essie McMeekin, 49 Frazer Street, Belfast
4) Newtownards, Co. Down. 7th April 1938 to Mr. Adam Montgomery (Mason?), The Shore, Portavogie, Co. Down
5) Postmarks

                     Margaret Wiles                7th September 1859

Brown's Bible                                      Hair found inside the bible

David Wiles Born November 12th 1755
North & South Wales Wales not recorded
Married to Ann Shaw of Newtownhamilton
who died in the year 1800. aged 50 years.
John Wiles. Born 1781? son of above David
Married to Margaret Wilson of Mullabau Glasslough, Co. Monaghan
on November 29th 1831. Had issue of Marriage
David Wiles Born September 12th 1832
he departed this life 13 October 1852 age 20 years
Mary Jane Wiles Born 28 February 1834
Married James Jenkins May 1854
Eliza Wiles Born May 10th 1835
Married Alexander Jenkins October 1860. A. Jenkin
departed this life March 1865. Said Eliza Married again
Alexander Donaldson March 1868 she died 8 June 1886
Margaret Wiles Born December 13th 183?. Married
John Gass. he died March 1874. leaving issue of said
Marriage one daughter Margaret Ann Wiles (short name?)
Meta. a daughter greatly beloved of all who knew her
she was called Home on 5 Feb 1903. Born 30 October 1870
Hannah Wiles Born June 2nd 1838. Married to
wm. ? Sinton December 24th 1863. she departed this life
on 15th April 1907: in the 69 year of her age.

not going to try and decipher this writing, life's too short, be my guest :)

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1) Obituary 6 May 1912 - Mr. Alexander Anderson - We regret to announce the death of Mr. Alexander Anderson, only brother of Sir Robert Anderson, Bart., which sad event took place at an early hour yesterday morning at his residence, The Park, Dunmurry. Although not in the enjoyment of as good health for some considerable time past as his friends would have wished, he was still able to visit the city almost every day, and to overlook the operations of his extensive business, and even as late as Friday last he was in Belfast for several hours without any unusual signs of indisposition. However, on returning to Dunmurry a severe attack of pneumonia quickly developed, and this, combined with his weakened general health, suddenly assumed a very grave aspect. Dr. McKisack, the family doctor, was at once summoned, and, together with Dr. Hunter, Dunmurry, and the deceased gentleman's own son, Dr. W. A. Anderson, did everything possible for his relief, but in vain.
Mr. Anderson, who was 75 years of age, was born in Ballybay, County Monaghan, in 1837. Having spent some time in the business of his father, Mr. James Anderson, who was an extensive linen merchant, he became desirous of further experience, and came to Belfast in the early fifties, and entered the firm of Day & Bottomley (now known as Millar, Boyd, & Reid), where he rapidly acquired those business accomplishments which in after life were to fit him for the successful development of business on his own account, a business which he managed up till the time of his death. In 1871 Mr. Anderson was married to Miss Mary McLaughlin, eldest daughter of the late Mr. W. H. McLaughlin, the well-known contractor, and sister of Mr. W. H. McLaughlin, J.P., Macedon. The family consists of five sons and five daughters. One of the sons is a director of the Milford Spinning Company; another is a most promising young surgeon; a third is Director in the firm of Messrs. Anderson & McAuley, a fourth is junior partner in the firm of Salters & Anderson; and the youngest is also on the staff of Messrs. Anderson & McAuley. One of the daughters is married to the Rev. Frank Harvey, B.A., minister of Sales Presbyterian Church, Manchester. For many years the late Mr. Anderson was an elder in Malone Presbyterian Church, but since removing to Dunmurry some seven years ago he joined the congregation at Dunmurry. As is well known, Sir Robert Anderson, Bart., deceased's brother, is at present on a visit to Australia, and the melancholy tidings have been cabled to Sir Robert and Lady Anderson by the family solicitor, Mr. Alexander McDowell. Unlike his more publicly known brother Sir Robert, Mr. Anderson took a little active part in public life, but he took the deepest interest in all that made for the betterment of the people in a quiet and effective way, and was especially deeply interested in work amongst the young in the Sunday schools, and for many years was a greatly esteemed member of the City Y.M.C.A. In politics he was a staunch Conservative and strong Unionist. The funeral, which will be private, will take place to-morrow.
2) To the Editor of the Northern Whig (same date as above clipping) - Sir, Your correspondent "W. D." is, I very much fear, advocating a mistaken policy for our City Council to adopt - viz., appointing inspectors! Surely it is time to cry stop ? this oft-recurring excuse for finding an incon? of considerable amount out of the public purse for otherwise unemployable friends or relations. Such we have seen very much in evidence over another recent Act, locally at least. No ? employer who values the respect of his fellow citizens, or his own self-respect, would endeavour to evade the Act, as your correspondent fears; and even if, from no higher motive, then the fear that some of his employes will act as inspector will keep the other class of employer to the letter of the Act. The spirit of the Act is surely much more evaded by philanthropic employers (?) extending the hours of employment on other days of the week, which was surely never intended. No more inspectors, but a truer spirit of real brotherhood between employer and employed. Yours, etc., Belfast, 7th May 1912. Benita
Small Gardens - To the Editor of the Northern Whig (date as above) - Sir, One of the disadvantages of residing in Belfast is in the danger of rheumatism, brought about principally by damp houses. It has occurred to me that many are anxious to get into a house with a small garden in front, and I would warn them against this course, All the water that falls into these gardens sinks into the ground, and I fear a great deal of it into the foundation, to rise as damp inside of the house, as there can be no evaporation through the paved front. If one wants a garden it would be better to cement the ground inside the railing, then put a few feet of really good soil, and allow the water to run into the footpath, this would keep the foundation perfectly dry. I would congratulate those who have no garden in front of their house as being safer in this respect than their more ambitious neighbours. Yours, etc., Thomas Gray, Crumlin Road, Belfast, 4th Mat 1912
3) Jesus, Refuge of My Soul 8.7s