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Henderson Ewart
just a bunch of bibles, no Family Register, a few inscriptions
1                                                   2                                                         3                                       4
1) Gundrede Ewart Glenmachan Strandtown Belfast October 1911
2) The Montgomery Manuscripts - ? Henderson
3) To Dear Oscar from Grandmother Pollock 7th October 1899
4) To Dear Oscar from his Grandmother for his Birthday 7th October 1900
1                                                        2                                                              3             
1) W. Q. Ewart Glenmachan XII.3.1903
2) To Dear Oscar from Grandmother Pollock 7th October 1901
3) To Our Dear Son, James Henderson, Junr., on the Thirteenth Anniversary of his Birthday ? Henderson & Agnes Henderson, Norwood Tower, Belfast, 26th April 1861 - Presented to David Henderson By his Father on his Sixteenth Birthday, Oakley House, Windsor Park, Belfast, 29th November 1896 - Presented to my eldest Nephew James Henderson with very earnest desires for his happiness, from his loving Aunt Minnie, Court? Barker? Dalkey, Ireland, 25th July 1880
1                                     2                                                   3                                                  4
1) The Constitutional Year Book 1938 D. Henderson
2) Cambridge Bible
3) O. W. J. Presented to Mr. O. W. J. Henderson from The Officers and Members of the Dee Street Branch of the Victoria Unionist Association. With best wishes 9th October 1953
4) P. Henderson If lost please return
1                                                2                                         3
1) Oscar Henderson With love from David. Junior School, Bradfield College, Berkshire
2) Oscar Henderson With love from David. Junior School, Bradfield College, Berks.
3) To Mrs. William Ewart from Edward Maguire with sincere prayers for her temporal and eternal happiness. July 17th 1857 (My Grandfathers second wife W. D. E.)

Confirmation Admission Card Parish of Annalong, 26th Day of June 1889. Name, Rachel Campbell, Aged 15 years. Examined and approved by me Joseph Quinn, Wm. Down & Connor & Dromore

Parents Names
Husband: James Campbell Born 17th September 1849
Wife: Florinda Campbell Born 1st June 1845
Married (In the Spring Vacation) 1871
Childrens Names
Margaret Campbell Born 1st April 1872
Rachel Campbell Born 6th September 1873
James Henry Campbell Born 9th January 1875
Florinda Campbell Born 27th April 1876
Willie Campbell Born 1st May 1877
Anna Campbell Born 13th July 1878
Robert Campbell Born 18th June 1882
Rachel Campbell & William McLenaghan
Robert Campbell married M. E. Boal 6th August 1906
Florinda Campbell Died 12th January 1904
William Campbell Died 28th February 1904
James Campbell Died 24th March 1930 aged 80 years 5 months
His wife Florinda (Flora) Died 28th April 1933 aged 87 years 10 months
Margaret Campbell Died 12th July 1941 aged 59 years 3 months
Rachel McClenaghan Died 9th November 1944 aged 71 years and 2 months

1                        2
1) Shamrock and Heather Bell
There's a leaf for Faith, and a leaf for Hope, And a leaf for Charity;
The three combines we sometimes find; Then hail Love's chivalry.
Light love may come, light love may go; Alack for Cupid's quiver,
That eyes, star bright of a summer's night, Gleam cold ere winter's shiver.
True love will last through stormy blast, Untouched as halcyon weather,
The pledge, dear maid, at your feet oft laid - 'Tis a bank of purple heather.
For heather, though found on poorest ground, Drew life when dark skies lowered,
Now smiles on the plaid of village maid, And now on her sister dowered.
The brown bee meets on her lip the sweets, That give to the honey flavour,
For heather bells drink from that font, I think, Which gives to life its savour.
Heath blooms in the croft, on mountain loft, As well as the sheltered valley,
Through life's short stride may true lovers bide, Where heather and shamrock dally.
R. W. Stewart, Colonel September 25th
2)  An extraordinary and possibly unprecedented event marked the last meeting of the Ballymahon (County Roscommon) Council.  One of the members, a Mr. Halligan, recently got possession of a piece of land in the locality, to which objection was taken by the local members of the United Irish League. At the time appointed for the council meeting Mr. Halligan attended, and shortly afterwards several other councillors entered the room, and seeing him there, left again. A vote was sent to the chairman, Mr. Geraghty, J.P., asking him to adjourn the meeting. The contents of the note were communicated to Mr. Halligan, who said he was tried to be forced to do what the law did not allow.  He could not dispense with the land he had now taken, without the sanction of the law.  The Chairman - I don't understand this business.  Mr. Halligan - The old woman died. I got attendance for the poor woman, and had to pay for funeral expenses, and paid the rent for a considerable time before she died. I then administered this place, and this row now is the result. Until they had a fair claim against him he would hold on, and the action of those who were now demonstrating had not, her was sure, the sympathy of the Central Executive.  Mr. Allard - Is there any proof of that?  Mr. Farrell, a member of the council, said that when Mr. Halligan and the League did not agree he would have to withdraw.  The Chairman said it was very unpleasant to ?? such a thing occurring in the Boardroom.   ... (would like to know how this turned out Mary :D)
Fetherston Hamilton

Christopher Webb Fetherston son of John W. Fetherston and Patience Barr
Married to Martha Hamilton daughter of Robert Hamilton and Martha Lloyd on the 17th day of July 1877
in the Longford Church by Revd. West - Ages and Issue next page

Christopher W. Fetherston Born 23rd February 1849 - Died 2nd February 1916
Martha Fetherston Born 3rd March 1855 - Died 27th December 1947 (married 17th July 1877)

Maria Hamilton Fetherston Born 22nd March 1878
Patience Isabella Fetherston Born 2nd July 1879
Robert Hamilton Fetherston Born 23rd July 1880 - Died 4th April 1927
Martha Mary Fetherston Born 1st May 1882
John Barr Fetherston Born 8th December 1883
Christopher Albert Victor Fetherston Born 6th March 1885
Emily Maud Fetherston Born 4th August 1889
Isabella Kathleen Fetherston Born 27th February 1891
---------------------------------------  24th April 1892

Maria Hamilton m. Alfred Abbot Herbert, 23rd July 1912. A. A. H. died 1922
Issue:- Christopher Alfred Frederick Born 15 June 1913 m. Eva Ross
Robert Lloyd   } Born 14 May 1915 m. Jermyn           
Sarah Mildred   } Born 14 May 1915 m. George Sillett
Charles Hamilton Born 29 April 1919
Robert Hamilton m. Emily Alice Cole, 28th October 1914
Issue :- Christopher Alexander Born 31st August 1915 m. Iris Brooks
Alicia Born 8th January 1919 m. John Penman, Major
John Barr m. Elizabeth Steiger, 3rd June 1911
   Issue :- Marguerite Isobel Born 10th April 1912
                                  Olive Mary Constance Born 18th February 1914 m. H. G. Scammell
Elinor Patience Born 5th February 1916            
John Christopher Born 14th August 1919            
Christopher Albert Victor m. Grace Haig Coe Potter, 2nd June 1915
Issue :- Alexander Haig Born 16 March 1917 m. Claire Jackson
Entered by J. B. F. 9.4.27?     Emily Maud m. Samuel James Platt, 16th September 1924
Issue :- George Fetherston Born 13th July 1928
do.     J. B. F. 14/8/36     Christopher James Born 24th August 1929                          

John Fetherston Born 15th April 1810 - Died 4 February 1885
Patience (Fetherston) Barr Born 13th May 1814 - Died October 18??
Married 1st December 1832
1  William John Fetherston Born 17 September 1833  Died
2  Susan Fetherston Born 26th August 1835  Died
3  James Fetherston Born 3rd October 1837  Died
4  Gerard Fetherston Born 30th April 1840  Died
5  Patience Fetherston Born 9th May 1842  Died Oct 1901?
6  Gertrude Fetherston Born 23rd October 1844  Died
7  Rosannah Fetherston Born 28th November 1846  Died
8  Christopher Webb Fetherston Born 23rd February 1849  Died February 2nd 1916
9  Amelia Fetherston Born 14th February 1851
10  Sarah Jane Fetherston Born 21st June 1853  Died
11  Mary Eliza Fetherston Born 14th July 1856  Died
Everything is a copy of entries made by John Fetherston - in a fly leaf between the Old and New Testament in a Family Bible - ? Fetherston

Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New To Jack From Sissie or Lissie or Lillie
The United Dioceses of Cork, Cloyne and Ross. John Barr Fetherston presented by Rev. J. A. Kennedy
from Kanturk? Parish was confirmed in Mallow Church by the
Bishop of Cork, Cloyne & Ross on 20th May 1897 - Wm. E. Cork


Edward Henry and Jessie Nesbitt
Married in Great Georges Street Presbyterian Church, Belfast
By Rev. J. B. Wylie on Friday 13th February 1885
Mary Elizabeth Henry Born Monday 9th November 1885
at 8 Annalee Street, Belfast, Baptized in Clifton Park Independent Church
By Rev. S. Griffiths 24th January 1886
Olivia Henry Born Sunday 17th July 1887
at 8 Annalee Street, Baptized Cliftonpark Independent Church
By Rev. S. Griffiths 28th August 1887
Catherine Henry Born Thursday 14th March 1889
at 7 Annalee Street, Baptized Cliftonpark Church
By Rev. S. Griffiths 21st April 1889
Jessie Henry Born  Thursday 30th June 1892
at 4 Irene Terrace, Bangor, Co. Down, Ireland
Baptized at 4 Irene Terrace on 25th August 1892
By Rev. Wm. Rosling, Cliftonpark Church
Thomas Nesbitt Henry Born Saturday 26th October 1895
at 3 Elsinore Terrace, Southwell Road, Bangor, Co. Down
Baptized in 1st Bangor Presbyterian Church
By Rev. John Macauley, Dundalk, February 1896
Peter Benjamin Moore and Mary Elizabeth Henry
Marries in Groomsport Episcopal Church
By Rev. Canon Frizell on 18th June 1913
Alexander Lowry and Jessie Henry
Married in Ballygilbert Presbyterian Church
By Rev. W. J. Currie on 19th August 1920
Thomas Nesbitt 15 September 1917
Edward Henry, 80 Southwell Road, Bangor, Died at Douglas I.O.M.
on Sunday the 18th of August 1935.
Interred in City Cemetery, Belfast on Tuesday 20th August 1935

Rathvilly or Rathkelly?
Edward Smyth m. Isabella                 Ann Moody  Isaac Ruddock
Alexander and Susan Smyth Married in Kinneagh Church on 20th June 1872
Died Alexander 5 April 1895   Susan November 1926
Edward Smyth Born April 10th 1873 Registered Rathvilly Died April 19th 1894
William Smyth Born August 19th 1874 Registered Rathvilly Died March 9th 1908
Isabella Smyth Born May 3rd or 31st 1876 Registered Rathvilly Married 1st Alfred Tyrrell  2nd Edward Vicaron? Died 23rd August 1951 or 1957
Anna Smyth Born November 23rd 1878 Registered Rathvilly Married Michael Tobin Died 30th March 1944
Jane Smyth Born March 5th 1880 Registered Rathvilly Marries James Little Died June 8th 1933
Edward Smyth Born July 31st 1882 Registered Rathvilly Married Ruth Stephens
Susan Smyth Born February 2nd 1884 Registered Rathvilly Married George Strong Died 19
James Tyrrell m. Letitia Hall
Isabella Smyth married Alfred Hall Tyrrell 31st May 1899
in Kinneagh Church by the Rev. Charles Ganly
Susan Jane Born 7th October 1901 Married Arthur Layton in Mariners Church
Letitia Ann Born 24th June 1903 Married R. G. Ambrose Knight in Mariners Church Kingstown
27th June 1928 by Canon G. Chamberlain

Susan Jane & Arthur Layton Issue :-
Alfred Arthur 10:26 - Norman Isabella 9:6:28 - Victor Edward 21:1:30 - Doreen Susan - Ann Dorothy - Lilian - Cora - Frank Alexander

Letitia Ann & R. G. Ambrose Knight Issue :-
Alan Hall Born 15 August 1930 Married June Dapha-Peare at Kill O'Grange Church on 7th August 1954 by Rev. Beresford Taylor

Alfred H. Tyrrell Married Isabella Smith (Smyth?) May 31st 1899 in Kinneagh Church by the Rev. Charles Ganly
Susan Jane Born October 7th 1901
Letitia Anna Born June 24th 1903
Alfred Tyrrell Died February 19th 1906 at Falmouth
Isabella Died at Arklow 23rd August 1951

Knight m. Moore
Andrew m. Lilian Farrell
Richard George Ambrose m. Letitia Ann Tyrrell
Alan Hall married June Dapha Peare
Roger 21.4.57 Died August 1958
there are more dates but they are from 60's to 90s too recent to publish online

Rostrevor among the doodles
Third Reading Book Lesson 37 - We Are Seven or, A Child's Notion of Death
-------- A simple child, That lightly draws its breath,
And feels its life in every limb, What should it know of death?
I met a little cottage girl, She was eight years old, she said:
Her hair was thick with many a curl, That clustered round her head.
She had a rustic, woodland air, And she was wildly clad:
Her eyes were fair, and very fair, Her beauty made me glad
"Sisters and brothers, little maid, How many may you be?"
"How many? Seven in all," she said, And, wondering, looked at me.
"And where are they? I pray you tell." She answered, "Seven are we;
And two of us at Conway dwell, And two are gone to sea.
"Two of us in the churchyard lie, My sister and my brother;
And in the churchyard cottage, I Dwell near them with my mother."
"You say that two at Conway dwell, And two are gone to sea;
Yet you are seven! - I pray you tell, Sweet maid, how this may be."
Then did the little maid reply, - "Seven boys and girls are we;
Two of us in the churchyard lie, Beneath the churchyard-tree."
"You run about, my little maid, Your limbs they are alive;
If two are in the churchyard laid, Then you are only five."
"Their graves are green, they may be seen," The little maid replied;
"Twelve steps or more from my mother's door, And they are side by side.
"My stockings there I often knit, My kerchief there I hem;
And there upon the ground I sit - I sit and sing to them.
And often after sunset, sir, When it is light and fair,
I take my little porringer, And eat my supper there.
"The first that died was little Jane; In bed she moaning lay,
Till God released her of her pain, And then she went away.
"So in the churchyard she was laid; And all the summer dry,
Together round her grave we played, My brother John and I.
"And when the ground was white with snow, And I could run and slide,
My brother John was forced to go, And he lies by her side."
"How many are you then," said I, "If they two are in heaven?"
The little maiden did reply, "O master! we are seven."
"But they are dead; those two are dead; Their spirits are in heaven!"
'Twas throwing words away; for still The little maid would have her will,
And said, "Nay, we are seven."


Found in an old wrecked barn on the Somme Front France 16th April 1916 by Sergt. David Vincent
Inniskilling Fusiliers  -  91 East Bread Street, Belfast Ireland
Given to Edwin Logan by Sgt. D. Vincent during 2nd World War 1939-45
in Welsh


what I could make out :- Hugh & Mary Williams; 1879; John Robert; 1881; Richard; 1884
1884; Mary Elizabeth; Morris; Bethlehem; 1890; Italy
Wilson Annesley

Hugh Wilson Clerk L.L.B.? Married to Sarah Annesley in the Parish Church of Drumbo?
by Rev. Thomas Drew Incumbent of Christ's Church, Belfast
on the seventh of February, Eighteen Hundred & Thirty Nine 1839
Born.  Hugh Annesley, October 28, 1839 - Died December 25th 1839
Henry ?, January 5th 1841
Lawson Annesley, April 4th 1842
Caroline April 27th 1843
Hugh Charles June 3rd 1844
John Andrew February 2nd 1846
Anne December 4th 1847 Died December 8th 1855
Emily Frances September 14th 1849
Margaret March 5th 1851  Died March 16th 1851
James Thomas June 8th 1853
Edward Carey January 30th 1856
Logan & McCullough
more McCullough came with these

The Wreck  of the S.S. Titanic
Sank off Cape Race on her maiden voyage to New York, 15th April 1912
The Titan's Daughter
Blithely, blithely she sailed from port, The great and gallant ship;
And we gave three cheers of the ringing sort to herald her maiden trip.
Gaily, gaily her streamers flew, Bravely her flags unfurled,
As our Titan's Daughter took the blue, Queen of the ships of the world.
Never her like had sailed the seas, Never for size or speed,
Never for luxury, splendour, ease, Queen of vessels indeed.
Proudly, proudly we watched her start,  Conqueress of the main;
And there lilted still in our swelling hearts, A song with this glib refrain:
We have brought nature our sway Beneath, Have bridled her to our beck;
We have set a bit in the tempest's teeth, and a yoke on the Ocean's neck;
We have harnessed the lightning's powers, And wind and fire and steam;
Lo! in yonder city of floating towers goes proof of our reign supreme.
Sadly, sadly her fate we read, Blank at the words we gazed,
With stony eyes and dizzy head, Stunned, bewildered, amazed.
And with the grief the tidings impart, The shock, the horror, the pain,
There echoed still in our stricken hearts, A dirge with this grim refrain:
We have brought Nature our sway beneath; And she laughs at the futile check,
When she's minded to take the bit in her teeth and fling the yoke from her neck.
Awhile she humours our vault of power, Our play at being supreme;
But a toss of the hand, in her chosen hour! - and where is that soothing dream?

Blithely, blithely she sailed from port, The great and gallant ship;
And the fathomless depths where the Nereids sport are the bourne of her maiden trip.

2) April 14th, 1912 The Loss of the Titanic
Let your flags go half-mast high for the loss of the Titanic,
The shocking news that she was lost in Belfast caused a panic,
For there are the men that built her; her praises we sang loud,
When we saw her sail from Belfast each citizen was proud.

But God had so ordained it her first trip was her last,
And there's many a sad aching heart in the city of Belfast.
What about the costly Ship? it is the precious lives?
May God in heaven comfort their children and their wives.

We knew she was a mighty ship; we saw her flags unfurled;
She was a floating palace - Yes, the largest in the world;
But yet upon the ocean she was just a tiny spot,
And her loss this old country will never be forgot.

We know her officers and crew like Britons acted, brave -
Saved women and the children first, then went to a watery grave -
Died at their post of duty, like manly British tars;
We mourn their loss in Britain great, and in the land of Stripes & Stars.

God comfort the relations of the men who've crossed the Bar,
To face the Admiral above - the crew of the White Star.
We say's God's holy will be done for he knows all things best;
Their voyage on earth is finished; in Heaven may they rest.

1                   2                   3                     4                    5                    6                    7                  8
Elizabeth McCullough  Born 24th December 1854
Andrew McCullough  Born 2nd May 1857
Robert McCullough  Born 16th January 1863
James McCullough  Born 2nd August 1852
Elizabeth, Andrew and Robert as above
James McQuillan 7th July 1854
Agnes McQuillan 28th October 1855
Robert McQuillan 11th January 1858
John Wilson Logan  Born 1819  Died 1870
Jane Coleman Logan  Born 1822  Died March 1906
Wm. John Logan  Born 14th December 1842
Mary Jane Logan  Born 12th January 1844
                                 Elizabeth Logan  Born 20th October 1845  Died 24th September 1846
                                Samuel James Logan  Born 7th February 1847  Died 9th July 1887
                            Robert Logan  Born 29th July 1848  Died 10th October 1855
Elizabeth Logan  Born 17th December 1850
Richard Logan  Born 25th April 1853
                                     Margaret Ann Logan  Born 3rd December 1854  Died 27th February 1924
Sarah Logan  Born 1st March 1857
Robert Logan  Born 31st March 1859
Rachel Logan  Born 18th June 1861
Richard A. W.  Born 25th April 1863
William John Logan born 14th December 1843  Married 25th December 1963
Mary Jane Logan born 12th January 1844  Married 27th October 1866
Elizabeth Logan born 20th October 1845  Died 24th September 1846
Samuel James Logan born 7th July 1847
Robert Logan born 29th July 1848  Died 10th October 1855
Elizabeth Logan born 17th December 1850
Richard Logan born 25th April 1853
Margaret Ann Logan born 3rd December 1854
Sarah Logan born 1st March 1857
Robert Logan born 31st March 1859
Rachel Logan born 18th June 1861
Richard Alex. Wilson Logan born 25th April 1863
as 1)
John Richard  Died 1st June 1893
James Robert  Died 11th June 1893
Mother   Margaret Anne  Died 27th February 1924
Rachel Logan  Died 5th February 1931
Father   James  Died 3rd March 1935
Sara Elizabeth  Died 5th November 1935
James McCullough  Born 2nd August 1852
Margaret Ann  Born 3rd December 1854  Married 3rd April 1874
Mary  Born 3rd July 1875
Jane   Born 18th August 1877
Sarah Elizabeth  17th March 1880
William  17th May 1882
Rachel Logan  19th January 1885
Annie Muriel  22nd July 1887
Mabel  11th May 1890
John Richard  23rd June 1892
James Robert  23rd June 1892
tips on growing and planting potatoes and onions

from inside a book
Samuel Anderson son to Patrick Anderson Ballywatticock, Born in the year of our Lord, one thousand Eight hundred forty eight May 10th
Jane Anderson Born 1850 1850 February 28th
Thomas Anderson Born 1851 August 10th
William Anderson Born 1854 October 20th
David Anderson Born September 1858 21st 18??
John Anderson Born April 21st 1864

Eliza Lewis

Saml. Lewis - 23rd June 1852 - Gilford - Married 11th April 1879
Margt. Jones - 6th July 1861 - Drumillan - Married 11th April 1879
Edith Jane Lewis - 10th Jany. 1880 - Banford - Christened, Tullylish
Saml. Geo. Lewis - 3rd August 1881 - Ligoniel - Christened, Ballysillan
Margt. Lewis - 9th June 1883 - Glenmore - Died next mong.
Winifred Lewis - 20th Sept. 1884 - Glenmore - Christened, Lambeg
Fredk. Wm. Lewis - 11th Jany. 1887 - Glenmore - Christened, Lambeg
Minnie Elizabeth Lewis - 26th July 1888 - Glenmore - Christened, Lambeg
Albert Ernest Lewis - 26th March 1892 - Lenaderg - Christened, Tullylish