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1868 Belfast Street Directory

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Names Alphabetically

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Aaron, Mrs., boarding house, 21 Verner Street
Abbott, George, mechanic, 9 Hanover Street
Abbott, John, grocer, Old Road, Ballymacarrett
Abbott, Thomas, reed maker, 8 Arnon Street
Aberdeen, Wm., mill manager, Botanic Avenue
Abernethy, David, farmer, 17 Howard Street South
Abernethy, James, draper, 45 Old Lodge Road
Abernethy, R., leather cutter, 11 Hemsworth Street
Abernethy, Samuel, colour-sergeant Antrim Rifles, 20 Hemsworth Street
Acheson, Mrs. Eliza, 9 Stanley Place
Acheson, George, mechanic, 37 Tyrone Street
Acheson, Jas., brace manufacturer, 114 Falls Road
Acheson, Robert, salesman in Charnock Bros., Corporation Square; res. 12 Thomas Street
Adair, Alexander, blacksmith, 52 Hobson's Row
Adair, Charles, stone cutter, 6 Lancaster Street
Adair, Hugh, steam printing office; lithographic printer, stationer, account book manufacturer; Bible and Prayer-book warehouse, 11 & 13 Arthur Street
Adair, Hugh, seaman, 41 Tomb Street
Adair, John, mill manager, Cambria Place, Crumlin Road
Adair, John, draper, 63 Shankhill Road
Adair, John, grocer, 55 & 57 Denmark Street
Adair, Robert, seaman, 4 Bradford Square
Adair, Samuel, mechanic, Tennent Street
Adair, Thomas, carter, 25 Cargill Street
Adair, Mrs., 12 Emily Place
Adair, Wm. Henry, tailor, 50 Vere Street
Adair, Wm., flax bundler, 8 Linen Street
Adams, Abraham, brick layer, 44 Broadbent Street
Adams, Agnes, dress maker, 65 Townsend Street
Adams, Alexander, whitesmith, 124 Sandy Row
Adams, Mrs. Ann Jane, 2 Wilton Place
Adams, Henry, gilder, 5 Academy Street
Adams, Hugh, seaman, 122 Cromac Street
Adams, James, baker and grocer, 5 & 7 Winetavern Street; res., 186 York Street
Adams, James, grain and flour merchant, 12 Patrick Street Great
Adams, James George, clerk, 17 Great George Street
Adams, James, commercial traveller, 79 Cromac Street
Adams, James, rivetter, 5 Norman Street
Adams, James, brick layer, 71 North Thomas Street
Adams, James, ship carpenter, 6 Nile Street
Adams, James, block printer, 8 Wilton Place, Shankhill Road
Adams, James, carter, Old Road, Ballymacarrett
Adams, Jane, provision dealer, Wilton Street
Adams, John, smith, 28 friendly Street
Adams, John, baker, 36 Shankhill Road
Adams, John, glass, paint, oil and colour merchant, 7 North Street; res., 66 Carlisle Street
Adams, Mrs., 17 Princes Street
Adams, Mrs., eating house, 22 William Street
Adams, Mrs., 10 M'Tier Street
Adams, Mrs., Fifth Street
Adams, Mrs., Osborne Cottage, Malone Road
Adams, R. J., linen, linen-yarn, and commission merchant, 12 Donegall Square South
Adams, Robert, carpenter, Orchard Place
Adams, Robert, baker, 4 George's Court
Adams, Robert, brick layer, 23 Finn Street
Adams, Robert, carpenter, 5 Canning Street
Adams, Samuel, mechanic, 22 Moscow Street
Adams, Thomas, cabinet maker, 5 Nail Street
Adams, Thomas, carpenter, 24 Francis Street
Adams, Thomas, fireman, 4 Stanley Street
Adams, William, carpenter, 68 Agnes Street
Adams, William, 96 Joy Street
Adams, William, hair dresser, 83 Union Street
Adams, William, bleacher, 96 Northumberland Street
Adams, William, (of Thomas Cousins & Co., 30 Academy Street); res., 2 Adela Terrace, Antrim Road
Adams, William, sexton of Berry Street Presbyterian Church, 23 Chapel Lane
Adamson, John, road contractor, Urney Street
Adamson, Joseph, 17 Earl Street
Adamson, Moses, teacher, 176 Agnes Street
Addey, John, linen merchant and finisher, 11 Donegal Square South; res., The Knock
Addis, William, brush maker, 22 Riversdale Street
Addison, Robert, wood carver, 65 Lettuce Hill
Addison, William, wholesale grocer and seed merchant, 15 North Street
Addy & Chapman, chemists and druggists, 16 Bridge Street and Bridge Street Place
Addy, Edward J. L., manager for Robert Henderson & Son; res., 4 Crumlin Terrace
Addy, John, (of Addy & Chapman), 4 Crumlin Terrace
Addy, Robert C., manager Millfort Spinning Co.; res., 4 Crumlin Terrace
Addy, William, 11 Adelaide Place
Adrain, James, clerk at Marcus Ward & Co.'s; res., 22 Queen Street
Adrain, Robert, boot and shoe manufacturer, 6 Arthur Street; res., 22 Queen Street
Agar, John, lithographer, 4 Scotchmount, Lisburn Road
Agle, Alexander, pork cutter, Sandy Row
Agnew, Alexander, boot maker, 7 Athol Street
Agnew, Arthur, painter, etc., 62 Upper Kent Street
Agnew, Alex., gardener, Church Street, Ballymacarrett
Agnew, F., sail maker, 11 Lemon's Row, Ballymacarrett
Agnew, Daniel, captain, 53 Brougham Street
Agnew, Daniel, clerk, 1 Bow Street
Agnew, Francis, sail maker, 47 Old Lodge Road
Agnew, G. & S., boot and shoe makers, 13 North Street; res., 62 Bentinck Street
Agnew, Henry, coal factor, 16 Queen's Quay; res., 41 Bentinck Street
Agnew, J. G., grocer and spirit dealer, 6 North Thomas Street
Agnew, James, carpenter, 21 Talbot Street
Agnew, James, 36 Chichester Street, timber, deal and slate yard; res., 57 Prospect Terrace, University Road
Agnew, James, carpenter, 19 Cavour Street
Agnew, John, grocer, 11 Park Street
Agnew, John, lapper's assistant, 1 Stewart Street
Agnew, Mary, postmistress, Andersonstown Post Office, Falls Road
Agnew, Miss, 57 Prospect Terrace, University Road
Agnew, Miss Jane, 24 Fairfax Street
Agnew, Mrs., 66 Denmark Street
Agnew, Mrs., 3 University Square
Agnew, Mrs. E., spirit dealer, 136 Corporation Street
Agnew, Mrs., Short Strand Street; Ballymacarrett
Agnew & Nightingale, wholesale and retail boot and shoe manufacturers, 13 North Street
Agnew, Thomas, printer, 19 Balaklava Street
Agnew, Thomas, carpenter, 9 Shipbuoy Street
Agnew, Thomas, tailor, 58 Donegall Street
Agnew, William, sawyer, 8 Norton Street
Agnew, Wm., (of Robinson & Agnew, St. Anne's Buildings); res. 3 Dunedin Terrace, Antrim Road
Agnew, William, clerk, Ballynafeigh Road, New
Agnew, William, carpenter, 4 Dayton Court
Agnew, William, bank clerk, 9 Windsor Terrace, Lisburn Road
Agnew, William, 13 Adelaide Place
Agnew, William J., engine worker, Bradford Street
Agnew, W. H., coal merchant, Queen's Quay
Aickin, David, carpenter, 71 Railway Street
Aicken, Samuel, manager for S. McCausland & Co., North Street; res. 84 Belvidere Place, Great Victoria Street
Aicken, Dr. William, M.D., 6 Murray's terrace
Aicken, Michael, pawn broker, 2 New Durham Street
Aiken, Ann, spirit dealer, Robinson's Place, Ballymacarrett
Aiken, Arthur, Richmond Hill, Malone Road
Aiken, Jas. W., commission merchant, 16 Castle Chambers
Aiken, William, book binder, 26 Upper Townsend Street
Aiken, William, tailor, 36 Broadbent Street
Aikin, Hugh, travelling agent, 43 Eagleson Place, Antrim Road
Aikin, John, painter, 21 Ghent Street
Aikin, Wm., book binder, 138 Shankhill Road
Ainsworth, Charles, brass founder, 36 Scott Street
Aird, James, rent collector, 13 Upper Townsend Street
Airey & Co., Waterloo Hotel, 275 York Street
Aitchison, Christopher, book seller, publisher, stationer and select library, 12 High Street; res., Botanic Avenue
Aitchison, William, clerk, Alfred Terrace, Ballymacarrett
Albion Cloth Company, (Robt. Boag), 22 High Street
Alcorn, James, carpenter, 32 Lincoln Place, Great Victoria Street
Alderdice, Ann, 23 Clements Street
Alderdice, Anne, milliner, 119 York Street
Alderdice, Hugh, sewing machine proprietor, 47 Cromac Street and 19 Eliza Street
Alderdice, James, Little American Lamp Shop Co., 55 Shankhill Road
Alderdice, John R., stock keeper in linen warehouse; res. 69 Dover Street
Alderdice, Mrs., 31 Bentinck Street
Alderdice, Wm., carpenter, 59 Israel Street
Alderdice, William, (of Fiddes, Alderdice & Co.), linen yarn merchant, 14 Wellington Place; res. 11 Abercorn Street; and secretary of the Church of England and Ireland Young Men's Christian Association
Alderdice, William, civil bill officer, Bradford Street
Aldred, William, brass founder, 114 Joy Street
Alexander, Arthur, coal merchant, Coal Exchange; res., Mountpleasant House, Strandmillis
Alexander, Captain, R.N., 23 Vicinage Park, Antrim Road
Alexander, James A., surgeon, 67 Corporation Street
Alexander, James (of John Alexander & Co.); res. St. Clair Lodge, Holywood
Alexander, Mrs. Margaret, grocer, 26 Edward Street
Alexander, Robert, carpenter, 14 Sixth Street
Alexander, Robert, eating house, 14 Gamble Street
Alexander, Robert, shoe maker, 7 Galway Street
Alexander, Mrs., 6 Great George's Street
Alexander & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 2 Curtis Street
Alexander, J. (of Alexander & Co., 2 Curtis Street), Sydenham
Alexander, John & Co., Belfast Flour Mills, Falls Road
Alister, J., weaving agent, 45 John Street
Alister, Wm. John, rivetter, 28 Grove Street
Allan, Mrs., Abercorn Street
Allen, Alexander, tailor, 62 Hartley Street
Allen, Alexander, clerk, 79 Hanover Street
Allen, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, coal merchant and ship owner, 74 Nelson Street
Allen, Andrew, mechanic, 3 Norwood Street
Allen, Mrs. Richard, nurse tender, 2 Johnston Street
Allen, Rev. Charles, incumbent of St. Paul's Church; res., 156 York Street
Allen, Daniel J., commission agent, 67 Carlisle Street
Allen, David, general steam job printer, 14 & 16 William Street South; res. 33 Fleetwood Street
Allen, Hugh, butcher, Shankhill Road
Allen, Hugh, family grocer, spirit dealer, and posting establishment, 36 University Road
Allen, Hugh, ship carpenter, 41 Earl Street
Allen, James, warehouseman, 82 Belvidere Place, Great Victoria Street
Allen, James, pawn broker, 13 Old Lodge Road
Allen, James, merchant tailor, 61 High Street (up-stairs)
Allen, James, grocer, 4 Hanover Street
Allen, James, salesman, 116 Joy Street
Allen, James, 51 Lemon's Row, Ballymacarrett
Allen, Mrs. Jane, 34 North Howard Street
Allen, Mrs. Jane, coffee rooms, 71 Corporation Street
Allen, John, traveller, 72 Christopher Street
Allen, John, lapper, 69 Little York Street
Allen, John, shoe maker, 138 Old Lodge Road
Allen, John, bookkeeper, 67 Joy Street
Allen, John, farmer, Upper Malone
Allen, Mrs. Margaret, 4 Meenan Street
Allen, Matilda, grocer, 52 Union Street
Allen, Miss Elizabeth, 33 Regent Street
Allen, The Misses, 48 Upper Arthur Street
Allen, Mrs., 8 Canning Street
Allen, Mrs., 28 Church Lane
Allen, Mrs., 56 Joy Street
Allen, Patrick, blacksmith, 16 Nile Street
Allen, Richard, auctioneer, 32 Marquis Street
Allen, Robert S., overseer News-Letter book and job printing department; res., 13 Dock Street
Allen, Robert, auctioneer and furniture broker, 63 Shed, Smithfield
Allen, Robert, carpenter, 19 Court Street
Allen, Robert, brick layer, 10 Police Square
Allen, William, at Messrs. Dickson & Ferguson's, 10 Joy Street
Allen, William, web beamer, Malcomson Street
Allen, William, shoe maker, 44 Stanfield Street
Allen, William, brick layer, 32 Richmond Street
Allen, William, grocer, 11 Garmoyle Street
Allen, William, mechanic, 38 Morpeth Street
Allen, William, mechanic, 38 Morpeth Street
Allen, William, brick layer, Malcolm Street, Ballymacarrett
Alley, Rev. G., minister of Agnes Street Wesleyan Church; res., Landscape Villas, Crumlin Road
Allison, James, upholsterer, 130 Peter's Hill
Allison, William, bookkeeper, 40 Bentinck Street
Allworthy, Edward, house and land agent, accountant, insurance and commission agent, 14 Donegall Street' res., 64 York Street
Allworthy, Miss, 67 Prospect Terrace, University Road
Allworthy, Miss, teacher, Beer's Bridge N. School
Anderson, Alex., horse dealer, 52 Beresford Street
Anderson, Andrew, mechanic, 97 Dover Street
Anderson, Arthur, tailor, 14 Church Lane
Anderson, Arthur, tailor, 11 Silvergrove Street
Anderson, David, & Son, Lagan Felt Works, Manufacturers of Patent Roofing Felt, Asphalte flagging, patent ship sheathing felt, etc., Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
Anderson, David, (of R. & D. Anderson, Upper Church Lane), 137 Ormeau Road
Anderson, David, 137 Ormeau Road
Anderson, David, inspector Ulster Railway, 6 Willow Street
Anderson, D., cloth sorter, 38 Victoria Street Little
Anderson, David, carpenter, 6 Ship Street Little
Anderson, Edward, 3 Napier Place, Sandy Row
Anderson, George, moulder, 21 Valentine Street
Anderson, George, (Ready Cash Co.), 47 Castle Street
Anderson, George, carter, Short Strand Street, Ballymacarrett
Anderson, Gilmore, carpenter, 7 Brownlow Street
Anderson, Hamilton, draper, 33 Brougham Street
Anderson, Hugh, sawyer, Ashmore Street
Anderson, J. & F. & Co., window blind makers, bell hangers and gasfitters, 41½ High Street
Anderson, James, (of J. & F. Anderson & Co.), 38 May Street
Anderson, J. & W., tinsmiths, 76 Ann Street; res.
Anderson, J. W., & Co., shirt manufacturers, Glasgow and London, 7 Bedford Street
Anderson, James, carpenter, 67 Cambrai Street
Anderson, James, grain store, 6 Seymour Lane
Anderson, James, superintendent and valuator of builder's work, 27 May Street
Anderson, James, 9 Gloucester Street
Anderson, James, bellhanger, gasfitter, and Venetian blind maker, 38 May Street
Anderson, James (Ready Cash Co., 47 Castle Street); res., 7 Lonsdale Street
Anderson, James, engine driver, Waterworks, Ulster Canal Road
Anderson, James (of D. Anderson & Son, felt works); res., Strandtown House, Sydenham
Anderson, James, blacksmith, Castlereagh Road, Ballymacarrett
Anderson, James, ship carpenter, 34 Trafalgar Street
Anderson, James, mechanic, 1 Leeson Street
Anderson, James, draper, 64 Bentinck Street
Anderson, James, blacksmith, 12 Beresford Street
Anderson, Jas., keeper in asylum, 1 Millview Place
Anderson, James & Thomas (of R. & D. Anderson), 59 Ormeau Terrace
Anderson, James, draper, 85 Meadow Street
Anderson, James, wood turner, 55 Leadbetter Street
Anderson, Mrs. Jane, 38 Wesley Street
Anderson, Mrs. Jane, 9 Cromwell Street
Anderson, John, mechanic, 46 Willow Street
Anderson, John, baker, 24 May Street Little
Anderson, John, house painter and decorator and cab owner, 99 Bradbury Place, Dublin Road
Anderson, John (of Young & Anderson), wholesale warehouseman and manufacturer, 19 Donegall Street; res., Hillbrook, Holywood
Anderson, John, builder, 34 Henry Street
Anderson, John, engineer, 16 Bentinck Street
Anderson, John, copper and tinsmith, 100 Ann Street
Anderson, John & Son, builders, Old Carrickfergus Road; res., 51 Spencer Street
Anderson, John, editor for an English newspaper
Anderson, John, gas fitter, etc., 1 Russell Street
Anderson, Joseph, family grocer, and wholesale and retail tea, coffee merchant, 75 North Street; res., Sydenham Park
Anderson, Letitia, dress maker, 88 Northumberland Street
Anderson & McAuley, silk mercers, shawl, mantle, dress and millinery warehouse, 4 Donegall Place Buildings; entrance to wholesale warerooms, 2 Donegall Place Buildings
Anderson, R. (of Anderson & McAuley), Lisburn
Anderson, Margaret, teacher, Belfast Charitable Institution, North Queen Street
Anderson, Margaret, grocer, 30 Christopher Street
Anderson, Margt. Jane, dress maker, 97 Dover Street
Anderson, Matthew, sawyer, 22 Little Patrick Street
Anderson, Martin, grocer, 105 Old Lodge Road
Anderson, Mrs., Ballynafeigh Road
Anderson, R. & D., grocers, blacking and match manufacturers, and general merchants, 3 & 5 Upper Church Lane; match factory, 23 & 25 Meadow Street
Anderson, Richard, sawyer, 73 Academy Street
Anderson, Robert (of R. & D. Anderson), 48 Chichester Street
Anderson, Robert, glazier, 56 Howard Street South
Anderson, Robert, 54 Lonsdale Street
Anderson, Robert, green grocer, 120 Nelson Street
Anderson, Samuel, baker, 123 Nile Street
Anderson, Samuel, architect, 6 Colin View Terrace, Lisburn Road
Anderson, Samuel, & Co., woollen drapers and haberdashers, 87 & 89 North Street; res. Strawberry Hill, Lisburn
Anderson, Samuel, glass, oil and colour merchant, 47 Ann Street; res. 7 Lagan Street
Anderson, Thomas, blacksmith, 19 Sturgeon Street
Anderson, Thomas, mechanic, 19 Hopewell Street
Anderson, Thomas, pawn broker, 8 North Queen Street; offices, 11 & 13 Carrick Hill, and 53 Lancaster Street
Anderson, Thomas, clerk, 1 Clyde Street Upper, Ballymacarrett
Anderson, Wm., in Gas Office, 112 Joy Street
Anderson, Wm., house, land and rent agent, 9 Police Square
Anderson, William, carpenter and builder; res. Vicinage Park, Antrim Road
Anderson, William, lapper. Sixth Street
Anderson, William, car owner, 6 Glasshouse Street
Anderson, William, clerk, 94 Nelson Street
Anderson, William, block printer, Finn Street
Anderson, William, teacher, 52 Agnes Street
Anderson, William, bleacher, Wilton Street
Anderson, William, writing clerk, 75 Academy Street
Anderson, Wm., iron ship builder, 18 Norman Street
Anderson, William, baker, 26 Little May Street
Anderson, William, carpenter, 14 Whitla Street
Anderson, William J., assistant sanitary inspector, 90 M'Tier Street
Anderson & Robertson, dyers, 41 York Street, Belfast, and 165 Buchanan Street, Glasgow
Andrews, Alfred, Colosseum Oyster Rooms, 24 Graham's Entry; res., 26 & 28 Graham's Entry
Andrews, Dr. Thomas, M.D., Vice-President of Queen's College; res., Queen's College
Andrews, H., Imperial and Royal Austrian Consular Agent; also Vice-Consul for Uruguay and Honduras, Victoria Chambers; res., H. Andrews, Scoutbush, Whiteabbey
Andrews, H., & Co., general brokers, ship insurance and commission agents, and timber merchants; and offices of the Belfast Steam Towing Co., and Whitehaven and Dundrum Steam-ship Co., Victoria Chambers
Andrews, Hugh, spirit dealer, 19 Welsh Street
Andrews, Hugh, spirit dealer, 33 & 35 Stanfield Street
Andrews, Isaac, Seaview, Shore Road
Andrews, J. D., teacher of dancing and gymnastics, Gymnasium, College Square North
Andrews, J., grocer, side door, 1 Hudson Street
Andrews, James, Ulster Railway Parcels Office; and general goods forwarding agent, 23 Waring Street; res. Botanic Avenue
Andrews, James, sawyer, 127 Nelson Street
Andrews, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer, 42 & 44 Earl Street
Andrews, James B., bookkeeper, 51 Victoria Terrace, Dublin Road
Andrews, John, school teacher, 11 Carnmoney Street
Andrews, John, boot and shoe warehouse, 55 North Street
Andrews, Michael, 63 Victoria Place, Great Victoria Street
Andrews, Michael, Royal damask manufactory, Ardoyne, Crumlin Road
Andrews, Mrs., 13 Lonsdale Street
Andrews, Peter, whitesmith, 31 Hopewell Street
Andrews, Peter, grocer, Shankhill Road
Andrews, Robert, sewing agent, 21 Fleetwood Street
Andrews, Samuel, wholesale grocer, 33 Victoria Street; res., 1 Chlorine Place, Malone Road
Andrews, Thomas, carpenter, 7 Arkwright Street
Andrews, Thomas, clerk in county jail, 5 Tudor Place
Andrews, William, sewed muslin agent, 57 Academy Street; res., 35 Carlisle Street
Andrews, William, shoe maker, 23 Townsend Street
Andrews & MacLaine, solicitors, 60 Donegall Street, Belfast; Dublin Office, 9 Eustace Street
Andrews, James (of Andrews & Maclaine), Inisglas Cottage, Greenisland
Anketell, W. R., 18½ High Street, agent for City of Glasgow Life Assurance Co.; res., Ardtula, Holywood
Annesley, William, Hammond's Court, greengrocer and fruiterer; res. 38 Gloucester Street
Annesley, Wm., seaman, White's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Anslie, Mrs., Thompson Street, Ballymacarrett
Appelby, Rev. Dr., LL.D., Wesleyan minister, Frederick Street
Arbuckle, William R., lapper, 12 Sherbrook Street
Arbuthnot, Samuel, seaman, 41 Everton Street
Archer, John, draper, 25 Albion Street
Archer, Thomas, comb maker, 53 Durham Street
Archer, William, brick layer, 40 Police Square
Archer & Sons, wholesale stationers, paper rulers, book sellers, printers, lithographers; res. The Milltown, Ballyclare
Ard, John, painter, 10 Nile Street
Ardas, John, carpenter, 74 McCleery Street
Ardis, James, grocer, 26 Smithfield
Arlow, Matthew, postmaster, grocer and haberdasher
Arlow, William, mechanic, 3 Sydney Street
Armor, Robert, 4 Ulster Chambers, general commission, and fire, life and marine insurance agent; district agent for Belfast and North of Ireland of the Scottish Union Life Insurance Co.; res., Hillbrook, Holywood
Armor, R. & J., 4 Ulster Chambers, general agents for the North of Ireland for the London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Co.; agents for the Goole Steamshipping Co. Ltd.
Armor, J. (of Armor, R. & J., 4 Ulster Chambers); res., 5 College Street South
Armor, Thomas, 5 College Square South
Armour, Edward, potato dealer, 3 Verner Street
Armour, Edward, foreman press printer, 110 Aughton Terrace, Donegall Pass
Armour, J., saddler, harness maker and horse clothier, 63 York Street
Armour, John, lapper, 10 Combermere Street
Armour, John, seaman, 6 Lemon's Row, Ballymacarrett
Armour, Robert, spirit dealer, 6 & 8 Fountain Street
Armour, Samuel, shoe maker, 71 Townsend Street
Armstrong, Andrew, blacksmith, 5 Nile Street
Armstrong, Andrew, coachman, 47 Unity Street
Armstrong, David, rivetter, 47 Vere Street
Armstrong, David, spirit dealer, 30 & 32 Gamble Street
Armstrong, Hanna, grocer, 77 York Street
Armstrong, James, hackle maker, 25 Hutchinson Street
Armstrong, James, pilot, 10 Earl Street
Armstrong, James, Humane Society's constable, 33 Hudson Street
Armstrong, James, grocer, 28 Gardiner Street
Armstrong, James, brick layer, 21 Upton Street
Armstrong, J., mechanic, 33 Hanna Street, Ballymacarrett
Armstrong, James, ship carpenter and herring dealer, 12 Skipper Street
Armstrong, John, brick layer, 73 Crimea Street
Armstrong, John, pilot, 16 Garmoyle Street
Armstrong, John, miller, 24 M'Tier Street
Armstrong, John, cabinet maker, 7 Dayton Court
Armstrong, John, draper, 81 Regent Street
Armstrong, John, painter, White's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Armstrong, Joseph, spirit dealer, 69 Union Street
Armstrong, Joseph, builder, 61 Grosvenor Street
Armstrong, Miss E., dress maker, Claremont Street, Ballymacarrett
Armstrong, Mrs. James, 58 Cumberland Place, Donegall Pass
Armstrong, Robert, shoe maker, 11 Peter's Hill
Armstrong, Robert, carpenter, 13 Maria Place
Armstrong, Robert, iron moulder, Woodstock Street, Ballymacarrett
Armstrong, R., blacksmith, 104 Great George Street
Armstrong, Thomas, shoe maker, 19 Joseph Street
Armstrong, W. E., solicitor, 9 Rosemary Street; res., 17 Canning Street
Armstrong, William, brick layer, 37 Crimea Street
Armstrong, William, saddler, 13 Agnes Street
Armstrong, William, mechanic, 52 Ewart's Row
Armstrong, William, mechanic, 43 Ewart's Row
Armstrong, William, engine driver, Morpeth Street
Armstrong, William, pensioner, Claremont Street, Ballymacarrett
Arnold, Edgar, linen merchant, 7 Brunswick Street
Arnold, J. & J. A., woollen drapers, clothiers, and hatters, 45 High Street
Arnold, John (of J. & J. A. Arnold), 10 Lower Crescent
Arnold, John Alexander (of J. & J. A. Arnold), 7 Glenfield Place, Ormeau Road
Arnold, James, check clerk, 9 Friendly Street
Arnold, James, manager for Forster Green & Co., High Street; res., 1 Wellington Street
Arnold, M., milliner & haberdasher, 168 North Street
Arnold, Mrs., 2 Laburnum Terrace, Antrim Road
Arnold, Dr. Wilberforce, M.D., surgeon, 19 Fountainville Terrace, University Road
Arnott, James, millinery and fancy warehouse, 197 York Street
Arnott, John, & Co., wholesale and retail woollen drapers, silk mercers and general warehousemen, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 & 17 Bridge Street
Arthur, Archibald, corn miller, 1 King Street Mews
Arthur, James, tailor, 11 Short Street
Arthurs, William, tailor, 150 Nelson Street
Arrott, Isaac & Co., herring curers, provision and dry fish merchants, 34 Waring Street
Arrott, Mrs., 40 University Road
Arundell, C. M., wine merchant, 21½ North Street; res., Laburnum Place, Antrim Road
Ash, Edward, carpenter, 4 King Street Place
Ash, James, block printer, 7 Blenheim Street
Ash, James, plasterer, 37 Stephen Street
Ash, John, rivetter, 78 Grove Street
Ash, William, bookkeeper (in Jennymount Mill); res., 1 North Derby Street
Ashbeary, Henry, cabinet case manufactory, 1 Bedford Terrace, Sandy Row
Askin, William, captain, 2 Adela Street
Aston, J. C., teacher of French; res.
Atchison, John, shoe maker, 98 Northumberland Street
Atkins, Alexander, draper, 29 Unity Street
Atkinson, Charles, Venetian blind maker, 36 Malvern Street
Atkinson, George, pattern maker, 46 Nelson Street
Atkinson, Joseph, grocer, 19 William's Place
Atkinson, Mary, spirit dealer and stabling yard, 2, 4 & 6 Cromac Street
Atkinson, Miss, teacher, Maryville School, Malone
Atkinson, Mrs., spirit dealer, 61 May Street
Atkinson, Robert, commission merchant, general agent and broker, 10 Hill Street; res, Beaumont, Malone Road
Atkinson, Samuel, law agent, Woodville Terrace, Shankhill Road
Atkinson, Wilson, mechanic, 39 Wilson Street
Atkinson & Campbell, flax merchants, 13 & 15 Church Lane Upper
Atkinson, Henry (of Atkinson & Campbell); res., 2 Cambridge Terrace, Ormeau Road
Atkinson & Johnston, commission merchants, agents for Caledonia Fore and Life Insurance Co., 104½ High Street
Atkinson, John H. (of Atkinson & Johnston); res., Camden Street, University Road
Audain, Colonel, Mountpleasant, Strandmillis
Aughey, Henry, (in Dunbar, McMaster & Co.'s), 3 Rainey Street
Aud, Mary, dress maker, 29 Norwood Street
Auld, Mrs., 19 Belgrave Street
Auld, Mrs. Jane, grocer, 75 Hanover Street
Auld, Robert, dairy, Limestone Road
Auld, Thos., baker, Old Road, Ballymacarrett
Auld, William, captain, 2 Steward Street
Austin, Captain, Antrim Rifles
Austin, Wm. John, blacksmith, 45 Brown Square
Ayre, Wm., linen merchant, 2 University Road
Babington, J., Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
Bailey, Alexander, tailor, 14 Welsh Street
Bailey, George, 7 Little George Street
Bailey, John, painter, 3 Upper Malvern Street
Bailey, Miss, 89 M'Tier Street
Bailie, Alexander, provision merchant, 7 Edward Street Little; res., 7 Eton Street
Bailie, James Luttrel, Police Commissioner and Chief Inspector of Royal Irish Constabulary; Town Office, Police Square; res., 10 Mountcharles, University Road
Bailie, Francis, collector in market, 4 Kearney's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Bailie, Isaac, shoe maker, 58 Ann Street
Bailie, James, carpenter, 38 Railway Street
Bailie, John, brick layer, 6 Townsend Street Upper
Bailie, John, managing clerk (in Alex. & John McLaine's shipyard); res., 49 Brougham Street
Bailie, John, shoe maker, Eliza Street
Bailie, John, grocer, 190 York Street
Bailie, John, seaman, Rotterdam Street, Ballymacarrett
Bailie, Jos., watch maker, Church Street, Ballymacarrett
Bailie, Walter, compositor, Norwood Place
Bailie, Robert, dairy, 6 Kenmare Street
Bailie, Wm., linen sample marker, 9 Hartley Street, Ballymacarrett
Baillie, Alexander, captain, 80 Tomb Street
Baillie, Joseph, pork dealer, 11 Gordon Street
Bain, Mrs., 47 Brougham Street
Bain, James, sexton of Argyle Street Presbyterian Church, Shankhill Road
Bains, John, Downshire Arms Hotel and Refreshment Rooms, 8 Victoria Street Great
Bain, Richard, foreman mechanic, 2 Leeson Street
Baird, George, (of W. & G. Baird, Arthur Street), 32 Upper Townsend Street
Baird, Gideon, hat and cap warehouse, 6 Castle Street
Baird, James, plasterer, 16 Isabella Street
Baird, Thomas, carpenter, 4 Moore's Place
Baird, William, captain, 4 Earl Place
Baird, W. & G., general steam book and job printers, and book binders,10 & 12 Lower Arthur Street
Baird, Wm. (of W. & G. Baird), 14 Hamilton Street
Baird, William, lapper, 24 Brunswick Street
Bairns, Eliza, confectioner, 5 North Queen Street
Ball, Miss Ann Grace, 8 Northumberland Street
Ball, Eliza Jane, matron of Barrack Street Ragged School
Ball, James, grocer, 25 Torrens Row
Ball & Co., Royal Medical Hall, apothecaries and chemists, 7 Donegall Place; res., Thomas Ball, 7 Donegall Place
Ball, William Hanley, superintendent of Barrack Street Ragged School
Ballance, J., dealer, Robinson's Place, Ballymacarrett
Ballard, J. I., professor of music and pianoforte tuner, 62 Earl Street
Ballard, Vincent, merchant tailor and clothier, 35 Castle Street; res., 5 Park Terrace, Oldpark Road
Ballantine, Francis, grocer, 17 Everton Street
Ballantine, John, spirit dealer, 13 Short Street
Balmer, James, store keeper, 4 Richmond Street
Balmer, John, bookkeeper, 48 Carlisle Street
Bamford Bleachworks Co.; works at Gilford; office, Jaffé Bros., 10 Donegall Square South
Bamford, Elias, coach trimmer, 15 Wellington Street
Bamford, Stewart, sergeant Antrim Rifles, 18 Richmond Street
Banks, John, trunk maker, 2 Ritchie's Place
Banks, John, car owner, 58 & 60 York Street Little
Banks, Edward Nevill (of Fetherston & Banks), 71 High Street; res.
Bannen, Jos., railway guard, 3 Upper Clyde Street, Ballymacarrett
Bannon, John, shoe maker, 33 Ardmoulin Street
Barber, James, engine driver, 7 Courtrai Street
Barber, John, engine driver, Brookfield Place
Barbour, James (firm of Combe & Co., Falls Road), res. Cliftonville
Barbour, John, flax spinner; works, Grove Mill; and res., Elm Grove House, Beers Bridge, Ballymacarrett
Barbour, Samuel, flax spinner and bleacher (works at Hilden, near Lisburn); res., Clanwilliam, Malone
Bardon, James, block printer, Foreman Street
Barker, Alexander, tailor, 1 Welwynne Street
Barker, Mrs., bandbox maker, 3 Elliott's Court
Barker, Owen, dairy, 8 Union Place
Barkley, David, manager of Malone Protestant Reformatory, Lisburn Road
Barkley, Mrs., seamstress, 5 Combermere Street
Barkley, W. M., commission agent, coal merchant, ship broker and ship owner, 15 Queen's Square, Donegall Quay
Barklie, Mrs., 119 Nelson Street
Barklie, Robert, teacher, 37 Ship Street
Barlow, Jas., rope manufacturer, Shankhill Road
Barlow, Thomas, carpenter, 8 Upton Street
Barman, James, corn dealer, 97 Market Street
Barnes, Jeremiah, basket manufacturer, 74 Hercules Street
Barnes, Thomas, shoe maker, 38 Birch Street
Barnett, Richard, M.D., surgeon and dentist, 1 Donegall Square South
Barnett, Mrs., Richmond, Antrim Road
Barr, Edward, brass founder, 2 Cavour Street
Barr, Hugh, carpenter, 9 Upton Street
Barr, Hugh, car owner and dairy, 1 Annette Street
Barr, James, grain stores, East Street
Barr, Jane, grocer, 32 Christopher Street
Barr, John, gasfitter, 40 Unity Street
Barr, Margaret, 11 Christopher Street
Barr, Robert, pork cutter, 5 Emily Place
Barr, William, stone cutter, 2 Stanley Lane
Barr, William, 1 Charlotte Street Little
Barr, W., shoe maker, Short Strand Street, Ballymacarrett
Barrett, W., fancy box maker, 5 Grosvenor Place
Barrington, John H., engineer, Linfield Mill; res. Linfield House, Linfield Road
Barrington, John, millwright, 25 Norwood Street
Barrow, Mrs., Meadowland, Balmoral, Lisburn Road
Berry, Captain, 3 Deesa Place, Ballynafeigh Road (Barry)
Barry, Charles, captain, 9 Michael Street
Barry, James & Co., grocers, wine and spirit dealers, 20 & 22 Princes Street
Barry, John B. (at Magill, Riddell & Co.'s), 40 Fountain Street, agent for Alliance Fore and Life Insurance Co.; res., 50 High Street, Holywood
Barry, John, spirit dealer and proprietor of Great Edward Street Horse Repository, 31 & 31½ Great Edward Street
Barry, John, printer, 19 California Street
Barry, Mark, haberdasher, 117 Peter's Hill
Barry, Mrs., 35 Cromac Street
Barry, Mrs., dress maker, 22 Washington Street
Barry, Mrs., grocer and provision dealer, 25 Ann Street
Barry, Mrs. Catherine, spirit dealer, 29 Old Lodge Road
Barry, Peter, dairy, Mount Street, Ballymacarrett
Barry, Robert, carpenter, 68 Christopher Street
Barrett, Richard, credit draper, 18 Earl Street
Barrett, Samuel, clerk, 30 Brougham Street
Barrett, William, blacksmith, 25 Cullingtree Street
Barter, Dr., Turkish Baths, 112 Donegall Street; res. Blarney, Cork
Bartley, Richd., conveyancer, 31 Brougham Street
Barton, Charles, spirit dealer, Hemsworth Street
Bashford, Charles, block printer, 27 Crimea Street
Bateman, Mrs., silk and fancy dyer, Mill Street
Bates, George, green grocer, 41 Peter's Hill
Bates, Mrs., 1 Glengall Place
Bates, Richard Dawson, solicitor, agent for the English and Scottish Law Life Assurance Association, 17 Rosemary Street; res. 1 Glengall Place
Bates, Robert, assistant stationer, 24 Stanhope Street
Bateson, James, carpenter, 50 Baker Street
Bateson, John, carpenter, 57 Divis Street
Bateson, Patrick, 41 Institution Place
Bathurst, Wm., Belfast Coach Factory, Police Place, and 28 Chichester Street; res., Consbrook House, Holywood Road
Bathurst, W., jun., coach builder, 9 George's Lane
Batt, William, jun., (of Boyd & Batt, 6 Donegall Square); res. 135 Ormeau Road
Battersby, James, clerk, 19 Garston Street
Battersby, Thomas, 16 Brougham Street
Batwell, William Edward, solicitor, 25½ Donegall Street, Belfast; Dublin office, 33 Lower Ormond Quay; agent for the European Life Assurance Co., and commissioner for taking affidavits in all the law and equity courts of England; res., 34 Albert Place, Donegall Pass
Baxter, Edward, seaman, 8 Spencer Street
Baxter, Hugh, clocksmith, 43 Brown Square
Baxter, Hugh, printer, 2 Boundary Street
Baxter, James, boot closer, 55 Millfield
Baxter, James, brass founder, plumber, gasfitter, brazier, copper, zinc, and tinplate worker, 43 Donegall Street
Baxter, John, mechanic, 5 Albany Street
Baxter, John, block printer, 74 Agnes Street
Baxter, John, clerk, Bradford Street
Baxter, Richard, Victoria Chambers, agent for the Sun Fire and Life Assurance; res. Sydenham
Baxter, R. & W., Victoria Chambers, commission and coal merchants, and ship brokers; res., Sydenham
Baxter, Robert, tinsmith, 103 Cromac Street
Baxter, Samuel, spirit grocer, Townsend Street
Baxter, William, tailor, Shankhill Road
Baxter, William, servant, 43 Charlotte Street
Baxter, William, linen dresser, 23 Kensington Street
Bayley, William, mechanic, 8 Nassau Street
Beacon, Sarah, white worker, 18 Sackville Street
Beacorn, Mrs., 4 Radcliffe Street
Bead, John, tailor, 10 Short Street
Bean, Henry, station master, Nor. Co. Railway, 2 Canning Street Place
Beare, John Henry, teacher, 97 Joy Street
Beath, Robert M., consulting engineer, 46 Donegall Street; res., 5 Kinnaird Terrace, Antrim Road
Beath, Mrs., educational school for young ladies, 6 & 7 Kinnaird Terrace, Antrim Road
Beaton, J., carpenter, Woodstock Street, Ballymacarrett
Beattie, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 47 Everton Street
Beattie, Francis, grocer and spirit dealer, 25 Everton Street
Beattie, Francis, 5 Wesley Place, Botanic Road
Beattie, Mrs. Harriett, 6 Bentinck Street
Beattie, Jacob, spirit dealer, 101 New Lodge Road
Beattie, James E., (of William Beattie & son); res. 5 Eglinton Street
Beattie, James, flax and seed merchant, Linen Hall; res. 79 Botanic View
Beattie, James, manager for John Addey, Donegall Square South; res. 25 Lonsdale Street
Beattie, James, grocer, 25 Arnon Street, and 16 & 18 Park Street
Beattie, James, carpenter, 5½ Wall Street
Beattie, James, rivetter, Church Street, Ballymacarrett
Beattie, John, shoe maker, 7 Letitia Street
Beattie, John, car owner, 5 Stanfield Street
Beattie, Margaret, Rose Cottage, Ballynafeigh Road
Beattie, Mrs. Mary Anne, 150 Old Lodge Road
Beattie, Martin, draper, 19 Great Patrick Street
Beattie, Robert, fancy box maker, 63 Unity Street
Beattie, Robert, iron turner, Springmount Street
Beattie, Robert, brick layer, 9 Railway Street
Beattie, Thomas, seedsman, 26 Trinity Street
Beattie, Thomas, reporter for News-Letter, 39 Byron Street
Beattie, William, clerk, 50 Albert Street
Beattie, Wm. John, tailor, 10 Campbell Street South
Beattie, William & Son, house, rent and land agents, 23 Rosemary Street
Beattie, William (of Wm. Beattie & Son); res., Holywood
Beatty, Alexander, Glenwood Tavern and Pleasure Gardens, Shankhill Road
Beatty, Alexander, boiler maker, 37 Scotch Street
Beatty, James, gas fitter, 18 Riversdale Street
Beatty, James, boiler maker, Valentine Street
Beatty, John, cart owner, 71 Hopeton Street
Beatty, Joseph, brass founder and gas fitter, 1? Athol Street
Beatty, Mrs., Seaview Place, Antrim Road
Beatty, Margery, grocer, 33 Linden Street
Beatty, William, lapper, 28 Elizabeth Street
Beauclerk, Rev. Charles, St. Mary's Church, Crumlin Road; res. 1 Park Terrace, Oldpark Road
Beaumont, Samuel, iron moulder, 22 Boundary Street North
Beck, Miss Ann Jane, manager (in J. McDowell & Co.'s grocers, Crumlin Road)
Beck, David, manager (in Smithfield Flax Spinning Co.'s Mill); res., Hastings Street
Beck, James A., drysalter, 6 Tomb Street; res., Everton Lodge, Ballysillan
Beck, J. H., spirit dealer and grocer, 102 & 104 M'Tier Street
Beck, John, manager (in Edenderry Spinning Mills); res., Cliftonville
Beck, John W., M.D., master in surgery and apothecary, 128 North Street; res., 11 Canning Street
Beck, Robert, shoe maker, Conway Street
Beck, Samuel, mechanic, 8 Campbell Street South
Beck, Wm., draper's assistant, 24 Woodford Street
Beggs, Alexander, carpenter, 36 Demark Street
Beggs, Hugh, carpenter, 36 Denmark Street
Beggs, John, pawn broker, 58 Cromac Street
Beggs, John, mechanic, Waterford Street
Beggs, John, carpenter, 48 Denmark Street
Beggs, Robert, 6 Joy Street
Beggs, Robert, sawyer, 57 Grove Street
Beggs, Samuel, grocer, 23 Linfield Road
Beggs, Thomas, 30 Leeson Street
Beggs, William, 44 Malvern Street
Begley, Mrs. Isabella, 9 Sydney Street
Bell, Abraham, cabinet maker, 59 Joy Street
Bell, Alexander, carpenter. 20 Kensington Street
Bell, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 35 & 37 Wesley Place
Bell, Andrew, shoe maker, 28 College Street West
Bell, Anne, grocer, 24 Renwick Place
Bell, Anne, 37 Boyne Square, Sandy Row
Bell, Archibald, dyer, 21 Arthur Street
Bell, Archibald, plumber, Downing Street
Bell, Miss A. S., grocer, 146 Corporation Street
Bell & Borthwick, linen, tarn and flax merchants, 35, 37 & 39 North Street
Bell, Eliza, boarding house, 19 King Street
Bell, Eliza, grocer, 265 York Street
Bell, E. H. (of Richard Bell & Co.); res. Whitehouse
Bell, George, hatter, Thompson Street, Ballymacarrett
Bell, H., wine and spirit dealer, 73 & 75 York Street
Bell, Henry H. (of Wm. L. & Hy. H. Bell & Co.); res. Castle Street, Lisburn
Bell, James, cutler (in T. Bell's, Corn Market), 47 Grosvenor Street
Bell, J., spirit dealer, 110 Crumlin Road
Bell, James, captain, 2 Ambrose Street
Bell, James, baker, 2 Hertford Street
Bell, John, jun. (of Bell & Borthwick); res., Seaview, Greenisland
Bell, John, foreman bleacher, 22 Bruce Street
Bell, John, carpenter, 16 Ambrose Street
Bell, John, linen bleacher, 140 Donegall Pass
Bell, John, millwright, Brookfield Place, Crumlin Road
Bell, John, spirit dealer, Crumlin Place, Crumlin Road
Bell, John, carpenter, 12 California Street
Bell, John, carpenter, 51 Lower Andrew Street
Bell, John, spirit grocer, 36 Hope Street
Bell, John, carpenter, 31 Durham Street
Bell, John, oyster house, 7 Elliott's Court
Bell, Joseph, grocer, 1 Everton Street
Bell, Joseph, shoe maker, 3 Malvern Street
Bell, Leslie, drayman, Short Strand Street, Ballymacarrett
Bell, Margaret, dress maker, 59 Joy Street
Bell, Maria, haberdasher, 57 Cromac Street
Bell, Miss, boarding house, 5 Adelaide Place
Bell, Mrs. Margaret, 57 Cavour Street
Bell, Mrs. Sarah, 123 York Street Little
Bell, Mrs., 71 Inkerman Terrace, Dublin Road
Bell, Mrs., 25 Windsor Street, Victoria Street Great
Bell & Marsh, architects, 33 High Street
Bell, Nelson, spirit dealer, 160 North Street
Bell, R. A., sewing machine maker, 6 Pottinger's Court
Bell, R. J. H., clerk (in A. J. Lutton's, Fountain Street), 70 Belvidere Place, Great Victoria Street
Bell, Richard, stone cutter, 53 Lagan Street
Bell, Richard, & Co., 13 Donegall Street, flax spinners, linen, and damask manufacturers; mills, Whitehouse and Whiteabbey
Bell, R. (of Richard Bell & Co.); res. Whitehouse
Bell, Robert, tailor, 3 Carnmoney Street
Bell, Robert, baker, 27 Woodford Street
Bell, Samuel, spirit dealer, 13 Victoria Street
Bell, Samuel, travelling clerk, 33 Keegan Street
Bell, Samuel, car owner, 66 M'Tier Street
Bell, Samuel, woollen draper, 21 Church Street; res. 86 Lodge Road Old
Bell, Samuel, teacher, 18 Bond Street New
Bell, Thomas, lapper, 26 Unity Street
Bell, Thomas, cutler and surgical instrument maker, 15 Corn Market
Bell, Timothy & Co., flax and tow merchants, 83 & 85 Academy Street
Bell, Timothy (of Timothy Bell & Co.); res., Knock, County Down
Bell, William, meal, flour, and grain stores, 87 & 89; res. 91 York Street and Greenisland
Bell, William, mercantile traveller and commission agent; res. Queen Street North
Bell, William, estate, insurance and commission agent, share broker, and accountant, Castle Chambers
Bell, William, traveller, 67 Langford Street
Bell, William, porter, 96 Market Street
Bell, William, druggist and grocer, 83 Peter's Hill
Bell, William, grocer, 106 Millfield
Bell, William, draughtsman, 120 Peter's Hill
Bell, William, compositor, 5 Clyde Street Upper, Ballymacarrett
Bell, William John, clerk, 36 Friendly Street
Bell, Wm. L. (of Wm. L. & Hy. H. Bell & Co.); res. Thornhill, Knock, County Down
Bell, William H., druggist, 58 Townsend Street
Bell, William L. & Hy. H. & Co., linen manufacturers and bleachers, Leonard Street Buildings, Bedford Street
Bell, William Sayers, stores (in Coey & Co.'s pork store), 46 Townsend Street
Bell & Wallace, stone cutters and monument designers, 9½ Russell Street
Bellas, Charles, 7 College Street South
Bellis, Rev. George, secretary of missions, General Assembly, 20 Arthur Street; res. 22 University Square
Belshaw, William, spinning master, 70 Eliza Street
Benn, The Misses, young ladies' boarding and day school, 4 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road
Bennett, George, clerk, 212 York Street
Bennett, John, carpenter, 29 Shipbuoy Street
Bennett, John, pawnbrokers' assistant, 49 Denmark Street
Bennett, R., commercial traveller, 10 Crimea Street
Bennett, Samuel, carpenter, 9 Cumber Place
Bennett, Thomas, brick layer, 60 Pound Street
Bennett, Thos., confectioner, 39 Great Edward Street
Benson, Mrs. Isabella, 65 Ormeau Place
Benson, John, tailor, 7 Chapel Lane
Benson, John, boot maker, 2 Glenalpin Street
Benson, Miss, 50 Victoria Street Great
Benson, Mrs. Sarah, 50 Cavour Street
Benson, Robert Stitt, bleacher and finisher, 69 Arthur Street
Benson, William, boot and shoe manufacturer, 173 North Street
Benson, William, carpenter, 7 Murphy Street
Beringer, Brothers, clock makers, 18 Church Lane
Berkley, Henry, builder, 6 Glentilt Place
Berkley, Thomas, shipsmith, 53 Earl Street
Berkley, William, clerk, 197 Agnes Street
Bernard & Koch, flax and tow merchants, and nail bagging manufacturers; works, Cregagh Mills; flax and tow stores, 49 Annette Street
Bernard, A. (of Bernard & Koch); res. 60 Upper Arthur Street
Berry, David, blacksmith, 28 Colligan Street
Berry, Edward, hat manufacturer, 102 High Street (1st floor); res.
Berry, Mary, grocer and spirit dealer, 11 Falls Road
Berry, Dr. Matthew W., surgeon and accoucheur, 125 Pennington Place
Berry, Michael, shoe maker, 9 Durham Street New
Berry, Miss, 12 Carlisle Street
Berry, Robert, coach wheeler, 35 Fleming Street
Berry, Miss Susanna, haberdasher, 129 Pennington Place, Peter's Hill
Berry, Thomas Wm., public accountant, 20 North Queen Street
Berryman, Thomas, cabinet and upholstery warehouse, 37 Mill Street; workshop, King Street Court
Bertram, Jacob, wood turner, 12 Mary's Market
Bertram, John, shoe maker, 1 Campbell's Row
Best, John, iron moulder, 21 Rutherford Street
Best, John, carpenter, 15 Ashmore Street
Betzold, George & Co., linen and yarn merchants, 24 & 26 Fountain Street
Betzold, G. (of George Betzold & Co.); res. 2 Murray's Terrace, Dublin Road
Bickerstaff, Isaac, shoe maker, 84 Hardinge Street
Bickerton, Mrs., milliner, 69 Earl Street
Bigger, James, pork cutter, 3 Warwick Street
Bigger, James, carpenter, 10 Eliza Street
Bigger, James, carpenter, 53 Crimea Street
Bigger, Joseph G., pork merchant, 9 & 11 Henry Street and 60 John  Street; res.
Bigger, Mrs. Margaret, 22 Fleet Street
Bigger, Robert John, carpenter, 23 Court Street
Bigger, Thomas, pork and butter merchant; stores, 10 Mustard Street; res., Mollusk, Carnmoney
Biggs, Hugh, furniture polisher, 24 William Street
Bill, Samuel, teacher, Beers Bridge National School, Ballymacarrett
Billingsley, Robert, store keeper, 39 Ghent Street
Bingham, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 63 Cromac Street
Bingham, Alexander, Scripture Reader, Short Strand Street, Ballymacarrett
Bingham, Geo. Gerald, Vice-Consul for brazil for the Port of Belfast and the Northern district; Secretary of the North-East Agricultural Association of Ireland; Secretary of the Association of Bleachers and Linen Merchants of Ireland; Secretary of the Fall owners of the River Lagan; Secretary of the Special Committee for the Promotion of the Growth of Irish Flax; commission agent for the sale of flax grown in the South and West of Ireland, etc.; res. 7 Windsor Terrace, Lisburn Road
Bingham, Hugh, cooper, 19 Catherine Street
Bingham, Hugh, dairy, 46 Lodge Road Old
Bingham, John, traveller, 116 M'Tier Street
Birch, Emily, boarding house, 16 Hughes' Buildings, Falls Road
Birch, George, factory manager, 1 Dover Street
Birch, Richard, mill manager, 16 Malone Terrace, Lisburn Road
Birch, Samuel, manager for Dickenson & Co.; res. Fitzroy Place, The Plains
Birney, John, Crown Prosecutor for County Antrim, Oakley Park, Downpatrick
Birnie, Edward, boot and shoe manufacturer, 71 North Street; res., 5 Vicinage Park
Birnie, Edward, spirit dealer, 19 Church Street
Birnie, Mrs., 45 York Street
Birrell, Thomas, photographer and dealer in photographic materials, 33 High Street
Bishop, James, bookkeeper in Lepper's Mill, 69 Lepper Street
Bittles, William, mechanic, 19 Wesley Street
Black, Archibald, hide and leather merchant, 3 Talbot Street; res., 45 Carlisle Street
Black, Alex., ship carpenter, 41 George Street Little
Black, Arthur, teacher, New Road National School, Ballymacarrett
Black, Alexander H., gardener, Tennent Street
Black, David, Richmond, Antrim Road
Black, Edward, smith, 75 Lepper Street
Black, Grace, vest maker, 4 Washington Street
Black, Henry, 5 University Terrace
Black, Hugh, grocer and spirit dealer, Ballynafeigh Road
Black, Hugh, grocer and spirit dealer, 53 Leeson Street
Black, James, boot and shoe warehouse, 96 High Street
Black, James, house painter, 42 Bow Street
Black, James, spirit dealer, 1 Skipper Street
Black, James, mill manager, 74 Cambrai Street
Black, James, ship rigger, 139 Nelson Street
Black, John, plumber, 138 M'Tier Street
Black, Mrs., nurse tender, Portview, Ballymacarrett
Black, Mrs., 32 Lemon's Row, Ballymacarrett
Black, Maitland, draper and haberdasher, 22 Rosemary Street
Black, Miss, ladies' school, 8 Sussex Place
Black, Rev. Moses, Presbyterian minister, Kilmore, County Down; res. 16 Albion Street
Black, Mrs., 16 Mountcharles, University Road
Black, Mrs., 27 University Square
Black, John, commercial traveller, 73 Meadow Street
Black, John, ship plater, 40 Marine Street
Black, John, clerk, 36 Fleet Street
Black, Joseph, poulterer, feather and provision dealer, 113 York Street
Black, Robert, brick layer, Grafton Street
Black, Robert, carpenter, 1 Maria Street
Black, Robert, wood turner, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Black, Rose, pipeworks, 18 Frederick Lane
Black, Samuel, solicitor, 4 Castle Buildings, Belfast, and 3 Upper Sackville Street, Dublin; res. Summerhill, Sydenham
Black, Samuel, cabinet maker, 8 California Street
Black, Thomas, seaman, 38 Moffet Street
Black, Thomas, grocer, 149 Shankhill Road
Black, Wm., manager of Brookfield Flour Mills; res. Cambrai Street, Crumlin Road
Black, William, carpenter, 19 M'Tier Street
Black, William, range setter, 18 Begg Street
Black, William, boot and shoe shop, 51 North Street
Blackadder, Thomas, block printer, 83 M'Tier Street
Blacke, Randall & Co., flax spinners, Hudson Street Mill, Shankhill Road
Blacke, David E. (of Blacke, Randall & Co.); res. Richmond, Antrim Road
Blackie & Son, publishers, 3 Chichester Street
Blackburn, James, wholesale and retail wine and spirit merchant, 25 & 27 Mill Street
Blackburn, John, Ulster bank, 18 Queen Street Upper
Blackburn, Robert, 44 College Street South
Blackhall, Alexander, draper, (Arnott & Co.'s); res. 27 University Street
Blackstaff Spinning and Weaving Co. Ltd., office, 189 Durham Street
Blackstock, Denis, spirit dealer, 42 Rosemary Street
Blackstock, William, painter, 34 Welsh Street
Blackwood, J. Taylor, chief accountant, Ulster Bank; res. 4 Windsor Terrace, Lisburn Road
Blackwood, Mrs., College Green, The Plains
Blades, John, coach maker, 80 Joy Street
Blain, John, damask manufacturer; office, 79 Shankhill Road
Blain, John, captain, Claremont Street, Ballymacarrett
Blain, Mary, 42 Hopewell Street
Blain, Thomas, mill manager, 39 Sherbrook Street
Blair, E., dress maker, 53 Joy Street
Blair, Mrs. E., stationer, 144 Corporation Street
Blair, Edward A., bookkeeper (in I. Arrott & Co.'s_; res. 3 Abercorn Terrace, Antrim Road
Blair, Francis, gardener, 3 Haldine Street
Blair, Hugh, brick layer, 41 Broadbent Street
Blair, James, brass founder, 56 Hartley Street
Blair, James, clerk, 42 McCleery Street
Blair, James, brick layer, 8 Columbus Street
Blair, James, clerk, 110 George's Street Great
Blair, James, tailor, 29 Valentine Street
Blair, James, blacksmith, Cargill Street Upper
Blair, John, coach painter, 3 Institution Place
Blair, John, blacksmith, 26 Park Street
Blair, John, engineer, 22 Ship Street
Blair, John, weaver, 49 Brown Square
Blair, John, boiler maker, 5 Fountain Street North
Blair, John, millwright, 114 Henry Street
Blair, Joseph, tailor, 25 Queen Street North
Blair, Mrs. Jane, 8 Cromwell Street
Blair, Malcolm, mechanic, 17 Mayne Street
Blair, Mrs. Mary Anne, 174 Lodge Road Old
Blair, Mrs. Martha, dress maker, 32 Arnon Street
Blair, McCrea, clerk, 26 Eliza Street
Blair, Robert, credit draper's traveller, 25 Dane Street
Blair, Robert, grocer & confectioner, 172 North Street
Blair, Robert, car owner, 20 Maria Street
Blair, Robert, spinning master, 43 Roy Street
Blair, Samuel, machine master, 33 Linfield Road
Blair, Thomas, cloth passer, 38 Glenalpin Street
Blair, William, seaman, 41 Vere Street
Blair, William John, mechanic, 2 Loftus Street
Blake, Charles, ship carpenter, 28 Ann Street North
Blake, Edward, confectioner, 27 Durham Street New
Blake, James, clerk in gasworks, 6 Ormeau Road
Blake, Mrs., 40 Eglinton Street
Blakely, Henry, grocer and spirit dealer, 13 Durham Street New
Blakely, James, stone cutter, 18 Shipbuoy Street
Blakely, Jos., ship carpenter, Ballynafeigh Road
Blakely, Joseph, hatter, 11 Glenalpin Street
Blaklie, Joseph, van driver, Woodstock Street, Ballymacarrett
Blanen, Mrs. Ellen, green grocer, 45 Dock Street
Blaney, Archd., grocer and spirit dealer, Castlereagh Road, Ballymacarrett
Blaney, John, grocer, 61 Cavour Street
Blaney, Neill, shoe maker, 29 Garmoyle Street
Blaney, Rev. William, minister of St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church; res. 1 Derby Place
Blaney, William, tailor, 20 William Street South
Blaney & Horner, stone cutters, 4 Trinity Street
Bleakley, Joseph, hat and cap manufacturer, 83 North Street
Blevins, David, pork cutter, 40 William's Row
Blocksom, Wm., overseer of brickworks, Ballynafeigh Road
Bloomer, John, blacksmith, 35 Birch Street
Bloomer, Robert, cooper, 33 Birch Street
Bloomfield. Edward, brazier and gas fitter, 33 John Street
Bloomfield, John, baker, 8 Gaffikin Street
Blow, Alexander, clerk, Regent Street
Blow, Wm. N., Son & Co., wholesale paper merchants and stationers, 14 Rosemary Street
Blow, Wm. N. (of Wm. N. Blow & Son); res. 26 Lonsdale Terrace
Blueford, John, seaman, 29 Columbus Street
Blundell, Mrs., grocer, 27 Sherbrook Street
Blythe, Ellen, 11 Windsor Street
Boag, Robert, (of Albion Cloth Co., 22 High Street); res., 6 Upper Crescent; hon. sec. of Society for prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Boal, James, brass founder, Sion Street, Ballymacarrett
Boal, John Millar, Malcolm Street, Ballymacarrett
Boal, John, teacher, 7 Havelock Street
Boal, Robert, carter, Church Street, Ballymacarrett
Boal, Robert, grocer, Woodstock Street, Ballymacarrett
Boal, Robert, engineer, Claremont Street, Ballymacarrett
Boal, Samuel, ship carpenter, 49 Meadow Street
Boardman, Washington, shoe maker, 1 Maria Place
Boas, S., & Co., fancy box and linen ornament manufacturers, 5 Donegall Square South
Boas, Hermann (of S. Boas & Co.); res., College Green, The Plains
Boas, Solomon (of S. Boas & Co.); res. Paris
Bodel, Harrison John (of Bodel & McFerran, 1 Bedford Street); res. 3 Glenfield Place
Bodel, James, ginger ale manufacturer, Townsend Street
Bodel, Robert, mechanic, 9 Boundary Street North
Bodel, William, mechanic, 14 Crimea Street
Bodel & McFerran, linen yarn and commission agents, 5 Bedford Street
Boden, James, baker, 12 Morpeth Street
Boden, William, linen dealer, 6 Linen Street
Bodkin, John, watch maker, 27 Israel Street
Bogan, James, spirit dealer, 60 Smithfield
Bogan, John, spirit dealer, 76 & 78 Patrick Street Little
Bogan, John, spirit dealer, 58 & 60 Corporation Street
Bogan & Brown, spirit dealers, Killymoon Buildings, Falls Road
Bogue, William, foreman in shirt wareroom, 60 Stanhope Street
Bole, Rev. John, minister of Reformed Presbyterian Church, Linenhall Street; res., Cameron Street, The Plains
Boles, Henry, brick layer, 17 Joseph Street
Boles, William, 46 Christopher Street
Bolton, James, assistant sanitary inspector, 31 Friendly Street
Bolton, Mrs., 20 Albion Street
Bolton, Samuel, foreman flax dresser, 91 Charles Street South
Bomb, Joseph, stone dresser, 47 Lennon's Row, Ballymacarrett
Bonar, Saml., mechanic, 109 Northumberland Street
Boner, Charles, car owner, 6 Rochford Place
Booker, J. J., commission and insurance agent, 33 Waring Street
Booker, Wm., agent Manchester Fire Insurance Company, 33 Waring Street
Booker, William, agent for United Kingdom Provident Institution for Mutual Life Assurance, 18 Waring Street
Booker, William, 71 Victoria Place, Victoria Street Great
Boomer, James, cotton spinner, 77 Lepper Street
Boomer, James, brick layer, 1 Stroud Street
Boomer, James, mechanic, Claremont Street, Ballymacarrett
Boomer, Margaret, grocer, 40 Conway Street
Boomer, Mrs., 72 Hanover Street
Boomer, Mrs., green grocer, Ballymacarrett
Boomer, Michael, blacksmith, 21 Hopeton Street
Booth, Edward, foreman of boot and shoe warehouse; res. 76 Hanover Street
Booth, John, 21 Harmony Place
Bordeaux, Ellen, machine stitcher, 18 Coates Street
Borthwick, J., secretary Belfast Savings Bank, 29 King Street
Borthwick, Mrs., 12 George Street Great
Borthwick, William (of Bell & Borthwick, North Street); res. Prospect, Carrickfergus
Borland, Francis, mechanic, White's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Boston, Jane, butcher's shop, 45 Hercules Street
Boston, Samuel, clerk, 50 Dundee Street
Bossey, Edward, sail maker, Clyde Street Lower
Bothwell, Eliza Jane, dress maker, 36 Lime Street
Bothwell, James, lapper, Dickson Street
Bothwell, James, coachman, 1 Hornby Street, Ballymacarrett
Bottomley, Henry H., solicitor, 16 Donegall Place, and 8 Inn's Quay, Dublin; res. 12 University Square
Bottomley, Henry H., under-sheriff for County Antrim; Sheriff's office, 16 Donegall Place; agent for Scottish National Insurance Co.; commissioner for taking acknowledgments of deeds by married women for County Antrim
Bottomley, Mrs. Mary, 4 Glenfield Place, Ormeau Road
Bottomley, Wm. (of Day & Bottomley, 16 Donegall Place, and Calender Street); res. 6 Queen's Elms, University Road
Boucher, James, haberdasher, 126 North Street
Boucher, Miss, milliner, 43 John Street
Boucher, Wm. James, tea and coffee importer and family grocer, 4 Castle Buildings; res. 5 Landscape Terrace, Crumlin Road
Bourdot, John, shoe maker, 19 Stanhope Street
Bourns, Miss, 5 Antrim Place, Antrim Road
Bowden, Alexander, carpenter, 1 Kells Street
Bowden, H. A., tailor, 10 King Street
Bowden, William, dentist, 8 Chichester Street
Bowell, Hugh, plasterer, 25 Caroline Street
Bowen, Matthew, proprietor of the Royal Hotel, 27 Donegall Place
Bower, James, keeper in Asylum, 31 Fourth Street
Bowers, S., stone cutter, 28 Lindsay Street
Bowes, David, grocer and spirit dealer, 13 Albion Street
Bowes, Thomas, grocer, Castlereagh View, Ballymacarrett
Bowles, Charles, linen merchant, Windsor
Bowles, John, tailor, 6 Institution Place
Bowman, Russell, County cess office, 7 Queen Street
Bowman, Thomas & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 8 Corporation Street; res.
Bowman, William, store keeper, 56 Cambrai Street
Bowman, William, Botanic Hall, 44½ Smithfield; res. 21 Francis Street
Bowring, Rev. Thomas, Domestic Mission Meeting House, 47 Stanhope Street
Bowron, E., tea merchant, 26 Skipper Street; res. 73 Botanic View, University Road
Boyes, John, fowl dealer, 21 Market Street
Boyce, Robert, watch-glass maker, Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
Boyce, W. F., returning officer, Belfast Union Workhouse, Lisburn Road; res. Richview House, Lisburn Road
Boyce, William, clerk of Poor Law Guardians, 80 Belvidere Place, Victoria Street Great
Boyce, William, coach painter, 18 Mary's Market
Boyce, William, grocer, 57 Lodge Road New
Boyd, Alex., brick layer, 25 Boundary Street North
Boyd, Miss Ann, 16 Leadbetter Street
Boyd, Arthur, ship carpenter, 54 Whitla Street
Boyd & Batt, architects, 6 Donegall Square West
Boyd, Bankhead, builder, 9 Amelia Street
Boyd, David, carpenter, 24 Garden Street
Boyd, David, wood turner, 12 Sir Henry's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Boyd, Edward, clerk, 96 Hanover Street
Boyd, Eliza, dress maker, 13 Shankhill Road
Boyd, Henry, overlooker in mill, 27 Falls Road
Boyd, Henry, painter, 31 Ormeau Road
Boyd, Hugh, painter, 90 George Street Great
Boyd, J., post office and grocery, Oldpark Road
Boyd, Jas., wine and spirit dealer, 114 North Street
Boyd, James S. (of Sinclair & Boyd), Cultra
Boyd, James, brick layer, 15 Copeland Street
Boyd, James, shoe maker, 16 Skipper Street
Boyd, James, traveller, 34 Upton Street
Boyd, James, store keeper, 21 Hopeton Street
Boyd, James, ship carpenter, 5 Ambrose Street
Boyd, James, lapper, 11 Unity Street
Boyd, James, tailor, 31 Green Street
Boyd, James, lapper, 52 Ross Street
Boyd, John, (of Boyd & Batt, architects), 8 Camden Terrace
Boyd, John, shoe maker, 30 Frederick Street
Boyd, John, grocer and dairy, 31 Alexander Street
Boyd, John, baker, 2 Johnston Street
Boyd, John K. (of Blackstaff Flax Spinning and Weaving Co. Ltd.); res. Brookland House, Lisburn Road
Boyd, John, carpenter, 35 Unity Street
Boyd, John, bleacher, Wilton Street
Boyd, John, draper, 20 M'Tier Street
Boyd, John, mechanic, Conway Street
Boyd, John, engine driver, 18 Bentinck Street
Boyd, John, iron moulder, 22 Upton Street
Boyd, John, lapper, 23 Glenalpine Street
Boyd, John Henry, manager in Tea Lane Mill; res. 18 Harmony Lane
Boyd, John James, umbrella and parasol manufactory, 21 North Street; res. Applevale, Ballynafeigh
Boyd, Martin, grocer, 5 Berry Street
Boyd, Misses M. & H., shirt and collar makers, 82 Stanhope Street
Boyd, Mrs., 10 Renwick Place, Sandy Row
Boyd, Mrs., straw bonnet maker, 25 Peter's Hill
Boyd, Nathaniel, pork merchant, 68 Hercules Street; res. 29 Fleetwood Street
Boyd, Robert, in linen warehouse, 1 Glenalpine Street
Boyd, Robert, pork cutter, Lodge Road New
Boyd, Robert, spirit dealer, Skeigoniel, Shore Road (Skegoniel)
Boyd, Robert, lapper, 9 Brownlow Street
Boyd, Robert John, smith, 22 Catherine Street
Boyd, Robert, grocer, 94½ Boundary Street
Boyd, Robert, mechanic, 33 Annette Street
Boyd, Robert, seaman, Short Strand Street, Ballymacarrett
Boyd, Samuel, & Co., Belfast iron and Brass Foundry, and Machine Shop, 114 Donegall Street
Boyd, Samuel, (of S. Boyd & Co.); res. Brooklyn, The Knock
Boyd, Samuel, grocer, 76 Peter's Hill
Boyd, Samuel, captain, 30 Carlisle Street
Boyd, Mrs. Sarah, 32 Albert Street
Boyd, Simon, blacksmith, 17 Valentine Street
Boyd, Thomas, bakery and flour store, 18 Queen Street North
Boyd, Thomas, beer retailer, 21 & 23 Queen Street North
Boyd, Thomas, shoe maker, Arkwright Street
Boyd, William, ship carpenter, 14 Grove Street
Boyd, William (of Blackstaff Flax Spinning and Weaving Co. Ltd.); Rose Lodge, Stockman's Lane, Malone
Boyd, William, carpenter, 17 Thomas Street
Boyd, William, baker, 22 Israel Street
Boyd, William, mechanic, Urney Street
Boyd, William, grocer, Wilton Street
Boyd, William, plasterer, Conway Street
Boyd, William John, car owner, 85 Crimea Street
Boyd, William Thomas, painter, 8 Crawford Street
Boylan, Francis, shoe maker, 29 Smithfield
Boylan, John, brick layer, 9 Smith Street
Boylan, Mrs. M., 4 Coyle Street, Ormeau Road
Boyle, Charles, flax dresser, 62 Alexander Street West
Boyle, George, teacher of modern languages; res; 45 Arthur Street
Boyle, G., wood carver, 45 John Street
Boyle, Hugh, gas fitter, hardware and grocery shop, 51 Davis Street
Boyle, James, grocer, 55 & 57 Lancaster Street
Boyle, James, carpenter, 27 Mustard Street
Boyle, James, cab owner, 29 Birch Street
Boyle, Jas., solicitor (of McLean & Boyle) Arthur Street; res. 124 Richmond Terrace, Victoria Street Great
Boyle, John, Ballynafeigh Road
Boyle, Catherine, green grocer, 11 Divis Street
Boyle, Mrs., 55 Victoria Place, Victoria Street Great
Boyle, Mrs., 27 Institution Place, Killen Street
Boyle, Owen, mechanic, 23 Gilford Street
Boyle, Patrick, green grocer, 6 Falls Road
Boyle, Robert, grocer, 55 Queen Street North
Boyle, Robert, 1 Brownlow Street
Boyle, Samuel, overlooker in mill, 11 Conway Street
Boyle, Samuel, reeling master, 12 College Street West
Boyle, Thomas, ship carpenter, 88 Corporation Street
Boyle, Toal, pork dealer, 24 Charles Street
Boyle, William, delf and glass dealer, 25 West Street
Boyle, William, clothes dealer, 14 & 16 Berry Street
Bracegirdle, James, clerk, Northern Counties Railway, 14 Derby Street North
Brackenridge, James, reeling master, 26 Hobson's Row
Brackenridge, John, stone cutter, 1 Sturgeon Street
Braddell, Charles, agent for Scottish Widows' Fund, 1 Arthur Place; res. 5 College Square North
Braddell, Joseph & Son, 21 Castle Place, gun makers to His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant; pistol and fishing tackle warehouse,. and pyrotechnic artists
Braddell, William Henry (of Joseph Braddell & Son, 5 Castle Place); res. 2 Alfred Street
Bradbury, James, Brickfield Cottage, Ballymacarrett
Bradford, David, potato dealer, 126 Carrick Hill
Bradford, George, grocer, 20 Hutchinson Street
Bradford, Henry, accountant, 45 Falls Road
Bradford, James, Scripture reader, 51 Charlotte Street
Bradford, James, ship owner, 26 Garmoyle Street; res. 3 Park Terrace, Oldpark Road
Bradford, Mr., 35 Meadow Street
Bradley, Edward, cabinet maker, upholsterer, window blind and bedding manufacturer; gilder and picture frame maker; floor cloth and general house furniture warehouse, 33 York Street
Bradley, Henry, foreman (in Town Council's paving and sewering department), 21 Ormeau Road
Bradley, Henry, spirit dealer, 12 Smithfield
Bradley, James, butler, 7 Railway Street
Bradley, James, 4 Graham's Entry
Bradley, James. mechanic, 36 Milton Street
Bradley, James, oyster house, 10 William Street South
Bradley, John, butcher, 7 Leadbetter Street
Bradley, Joseph, lodging house, 23 Millfield
Bradley, M., marine store, Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
Bradley, T., spinning master, 63 Ewart's Row
Bradshaw, Edward, bookkeeper, 2 Glentilt Place, Lodge Road Old
Bradshaw, G., carver, 53 Ship Street
Bradshaw, George, wood carver, 135 Millfield
Bradshaw, Thos., carpenter, 22 Charles Street South
Bradshaw, Wm., shoe maker, 29 Combermere Street
Bradshaw, William, mechanic, 14 Belgrave Street
Brady, Mrs. Anne, 4 Cullingtree Road
Brady, James, flax dresser, Malcomson Street
Brady, James, letter sorter, 48 bank Street
Brady, James, mechanic, 42 Christopher Street
Brady, James, butcher, 118 Dublin Road
Brady, James, seaman, Short Strand Street, Ballymacarrett
Brady, James, green grocer, Short Strand Street, Ballymacarrett
Brady, John, clerk, 21 Langford Street
Brady, John, carding master, 31 Fifth Street
Brady, John, surgeon, 7 Hope Street
Brady, Joseph, bleacher, 8 Welwynne Street
Brady, Mrs. Mary, 65 Crumlin Street
Brady, Mrs., 16 Alma Street
Brady, Mrs., 18 Cranbourne Street
Brady, Owen, commercial traveller, 7 Bread Street
Brady, Richard, flax dresser, 87 Ross Street
Brady, Robert, engine driver, 12 Boyne Square
Brady, Thomas, stone mason, 18 Rochelle Place
Brady, Thomas, horse shoer, 30 McAuley Street
Brady, William, flax dresser, 70 Lodge Road New
Bragg, Craig & Co., bleachers, dyers and finishers; works at Carrickfergus; office, 12 Donegall Square North; res. Sullatober, Carrickfergus
Bragg, George, R.E., Military Barracks, Queen Street North
Braithwaite, Daniel, grocer, 116 Dublin Road
Braithwaite, Eliza Jane, 74 Falls Road
Braithwaite, George, funeral undertaker and posting establishment, 99 & 101 Union Street
Braithwaite, Leonard, funeral undertaking and posting establishment, and spirit dealer, 6 Talbot Street
Braithwaite, John, plumber, gasfitter and brass founder, 48 Ann Street
Braithwaite, J. H., Boyne Tavern, 1 Moore's Place
Braithwaite, Samuel, watch maker, 22 Bentinck Street
Braithwaite, William, alabaster and cement dealer, 1 Church Lane Upper; res. 61 Joy Street
Branaf, Rose, 26 Keegan Street
Branagh, Archibald, lapper, 74 Northumberland Street
Branagh, David, butcher, 17 Hercules Street
Branagh, James, boat builder, 2 Ship Street
Branagh, Miss Isabella, Wilton Street
Branagh, Patrick, butcher, 23 Black Street
Branagh, William John, grocer, 11 Wilton Street
Branley, Cormac, green grocer, Mill Street
Brannen, James, grocer, 40 Alexander Street
Brannen, Joseph, grocer, 16 Alexander Street
Brannigan, John, captain, 9½ Smith Street
Brannigan, John, poulterer, 10 Castle Lane
Brannigan, John, coal merchant, Queen's Quay
Brannigan, Daniel R., wholesale tea, wine and spirit merchant, and bonded stores, 41 & 42 North Street; res. Marino, Holywood
Brannigan, Mrs. Elizabeth, 47 Shankhill Road
Brannigan, Francis, tailor, Hill Street North
Brannigan, James, stabling and yard, Milford Street
Brannigan, John, coal merchant, 1 Queen's Quay; res. 18 Milford Street, Ballymacarrett
Brannigan, Thomas, broker, 35 West Street
Brannigan, Thomas J., 17½ Church Street, wine and spirit merchant ands rectifying distiller; res., Bruce Street
Brannon, Thomas, clerk, 88 Hanover Street
Brazier, John, carpenter, 7½ Wall Street
Breadon, Thomas, shoe maker, 1 Glentilt Place
Bready, Mrs., dealer, 43 Vere Street
Breakey, James, 7 Hutchinson Street
Breakey, Mrs., 3 Joy Street
Breckenridge, Mrs. Eliza Jane, 50 Henry Street
Breckenridge, Samuel, tenter, 49 high Street
Breen, George, potato dealer, 2 Market Street
Breen, Mrs., 18 Friendly Street
Breene, Alfred, seaman, 76 Marine Street
Brennan, Eliza, grocer and spirit dealer, 42 & 44 Cullingtree Road
Brennan, Mrs. Agnes, 8 Ambrose Street
Brennan, Patrick, carpet shoe maker, 27 Birch Street
Brennan, Patrick, shoe maker, 4 Stanfield Street
Brennan, Patrick, servant, 45 Hamill Street
Brennan, Thomas, grocer, 114 Great George's Street
Brennan, Thomas, grocer, 61 & 114 Alexander Street
Brennan, William, smith, 12 McNamara's Court
Brennan, Wm., lapper, 6 Boyd's Place
Bresby, David, brick layer, 9 Wylie Street
Brett & L'Estrange, solicitors, Chichester Street
Brett, Charles H. (of Brett & L'Estrange); res. Dunedin Terrace, Antrim Road, hon. sec. Belfast Naturalists' Field Club
Brereton, J. Newett, clerk, 61 Victoria Terrace
Brian, William, 5 Ormond Street
Bricely, John, dealer in clothes, 39 California Street
Bridge, Mrs. Maria, 47 Wall Street
Bridgett, John, flax dresser, Malcolmson Street
Brierly, James, butcher, 8 Hammond's Court
Briggs, Addison, clerk (office of J. Torrrens, solicitor); res. 35 Gilford Street
Briggs, Alexander, clerk, 49 Massereene Street
Briggs, David, packer, 4 Eldon Street
Briggs, John, linen measurer, 20 Windsor Street
Briggs, John, butcher, 18 Little May Street
Briggs, Ralph, in markets, 23 Hamilton Street
Briggs, Ralph, clerk, 6 Carlisle Street
Briggs, Ralph, clerk, 16 Arnon Street
Briggs, William J., blacksmith, 2 Waterloo Street
Bright, John, seaman, 19 Grattan Street
Bristow, Valentine & Watson, linen and muslin manufacturers, Brunswick Street; entrance to Brunswick Street factory, 2 Amelia Street
Bristow, E. J. (of Bristow, Valentine & Watson); res. Wilmont, Dunmurry
Brittain, Edward, flax dresser, 15 Falls Road
Brittain, James, blacksmith, 211 Crimea Street
Brittain, Mrs. Margaret, grocer, 111 Bradbury Place, Dublin Road
Brittain, Thomas, baker, Bradford Street
Britton, J., shoe maker, 114 M'Tier Street
Britton, Eliza, spirit dealer, 81 Mustard Street
Broad, William, cabinet maker, 28 Joy Street
Broben, Miss, 27 Garmoyle Street
Brock, John, compositor, Hornby Street, Ballymacarrett
Brookfield Linen Co. Ltd; flax spinners, linen weavers and bleachers; office, 32 Donegall Street - James Quirey, jun., secretary
Brooks, John, omnibus driver, 38 Bank Street
Broom, Mrs. Elizabeth, 3 Tyrone Street
Brophey, James, butcher, 72 Hercules Street
Brophy, J., shoe maker, 8 Edward Street
Brown, Adam, clerk, 17 Bedeque Street
Brown, Agnes, grocer, 21 Melbourne Street
Brown, Alexander, clerk, 3 Regent Street
Brown, Alexander, upholsterer, Shankhill Road
Brown, Alexander, baker, 27 Wilson Street
Brown, Archibald, sawyer, 7 Norton Street
Brown, Arthur, 1 Upton Street
Brown, Charles, block printer, 5 Ashmore Street
Brown, Corbett, & Co., wholesale grocers, tea, wine and spirit merchants, 52 Victoria Street and 13 Marlborough Street
Brown, Daniel, agent for Belfast district for the Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly Society, 13 King Street
Brown, David, hardware merchant and ironmonger, 35 Castle Place; res. 1 Clarendon Place
Brown, David, bleacher, Hobson's Row
Brown, Ephraim, pawn broker, house and rent agent, 17 & 19 Albion Street; office, 65 Donegall Street
Brown, Francis, 7 Loftus Street
Brown, Francis, porter, 41 Hopewell Street
Brown, Francis, painting and glazing establishment, 34 Mill Street
Brown, George, calico printer, 1 Glentilt Street
Brown, H., M.D., surgeon, 143 York Street
Brown, Henderson, cabinet maker, 19 Wesley Place
Brown, Henry, seaman, 3 Cranston Place, Antrim Road
Brown, Henry, boat builder, 59 Earl Street
Brown, Hugh, seaman, 24 Ann Street North
Brown, Hugh, brass founder, 13 Barrack Street
Brown, James, (of Brown, Wilson & Co.); res. 22 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road
Brown, James, overlooker in mill, 59 Cambrai Street
Brown, James, flax buyer (in Linden & Co. 's. Waring Street), 2 Laburnum Place, Antrim Road
Brown, James, 62 Beresford Street
Brown, James, baker, 17 Mansfield Street
Brown, James, shoe maker, Fifth Street
Brown, James, miller, 34 Hudson Street
Brown, James, draper, 3 Belvoir Place, Ballynafeigh Road New
Brown, James, plumber, 76 Stanfield Street
Brown, James, captain, Lower Mount Street, Ballymacarrett
Brown, Jane, haberdasher, 105 North Street
Brown, John, mechanic, 64 Townsend Street
Brown, John, mechanic, 11 Glasshouse Street
Brown, John S., damask and linen manufacturer, 6 Bedford Street; res. Edenderry House, Shaw's Bridge
Brown, John, Cromac Steam Saw Mills, 27 Reilly's Place; res. Fernbank, Holywood
Brown, John, car owner, 62 Christopher Street
Brown, John, mechanic, 56 Broadbent Street
Brown, John H., law clerk, 6 Spamount, Queen Street North
Brown, John, lapper, 31 Alexander Street West
Brown, John, 18 Langford Street
Brown, John, shoe maker, 49 Fourth Street
Brown, John, ship carpenter, 55 grove Street
Brown, John, carter, Rotterdam Street, Ballymacarrett
Brown, John, jeweller, Wellwood Place, Ballymacarrett
Brown, John, Thompson Street, Ballymacarrett
Brown, John, smith, Ballyhackamore
Brown, Joseph, brick layer, Grafton Street
Brown, Joseph, spinning master, 20 Sidney Street
Brown, Joseph, accountant, 45 Albion Street
Brown, Joseph, baker, 97 M'Tier Street
Brown, Joseph, clerk, 2 Kearney's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Brown, J., bleacher, 36 Crimea Street
Brown, J., carpenter, 10 Finn Street
Brown, L. A. & T. H., timber and slate merchants, 41 Chichester Street; timber pond, Queen's Bridge
Brown, Lawson A. (of L. A. & T. H. Brown, Chichester Street); res. Mount Prospect, Lisburn Road
Brown, Malcolm, bookkeeper, 3 Abercorn Street
Brown, Matthew, clerk, 61 Shankhill Road
Brown, Matthew, bookkeeper, 59 Arthur Street
Brown, Mrs. Mary Ann, spirit dealer, 9 & 11 Trafalgar Street
Brown, Miss Isabella, matron of the Belfast Charitable Institution, Queen Street North
Brown, Miss Mary, 54 Stanhope Street
Brown, Miss, boarding and day school, 5 Alfred Street
Brown, Mrs., 32 Panton Street
Brown, Mrs., 30 Athol Street
Brown, Mrs., 6 Quadrant Street
Brown, Mrs., 56 Hopewell Street
Brown, Mrs., 75 Joy Street
Brown, Mrs., Melrose Terrace, The Plains
Brown, Mrs., Balmoral Villas, Lisburn Road
Brown, Mrs., 6 Hughes's Buildings, Falls Road
Brown, Mrs., 62 Joy Street
Brown, Mrs., 13 Ventry Street
Brown, Mrs., 9 Fleetwood Street
Brown, Mrs., silk and woollen dyeing establishment, 36 Arthur Street
Brown, Mrs., lodging house, 10 Upton Street
Brown, Mrs., millinery and dress making rooms, 59 Arthur Street Upper
Brown, Mrs. C., spirit dealer, Old Road, Ballymacarrett
Brown, Mrs. Sarah, spirit dealer, 28 Gamble Street
Brown, Mrs. Sarah, 21 Woodburn Street
Brown, Robert & Son, Ferguslie Fire Clay Works depot, 19 and 20 Queen's Quay; works, near Paisley
Brown, Robert, & Son, Ferguslie fireclay works, Paisley, office and depot, Queen's Quay, Belfast
Brown, Robert, professor of music and collector of borough rates, 38 Queen Street North
Brown, Robert, linen and muslin manufacturer, 41 Brougham Street
Brown, Robert, carpenter, 50 Agnes Street
Brown, Robert, ship carpenter, 40 Grove Street
Brown, Robert, mechanic, 33 Townsend Street Upper
Brown, Robert, porter, 33 Howard Street  South
Brown, Robert, wood turner, 27 Leeson Street
Brown, R., boot and shoe shop, 12 Church Lane
Brown, Saml., manager in mill, 44 Lonsdale Street
Brown, Samuel, travelling clerk, Urney Street
Brown, Samuel, clerk, 3 Clements Street
Brown, Sarah Ann, 17 Malone Terrace
Brown, Thos., family grocer, 271 & 273 York Street
Brown, Thomas, designer, Bradford Street
Brown, Thomas, grocer, 25 Green Street
Brown, Thomas, stone mason, 17 Wesley Street
Brown, Thomas, builder, 5 Gloucester Street
Brown, Thomas, gardener, 12 Leadbetter Street
Brown, Thomas, manufacturing jeweller and electro gilder, 35 Rosemary Street
Brown, Thomas H. (of L. A. & T. H. Brown), building yard and dwelling house, 2 Seymour Lane
Brown, William, general letterpress printer, 33½ Ann Street; res. 71 Grosvenor Street
Brown, William, seaman, 3 Garston Street
Brown, William, carpenter, 87 Barrack Street
Brown, William, carpenter, 18 Trelford Street
Brown, William, 20 Molyneaux Street
Brown, William, 4 Morpeth Street
Brown, William, lapper, 15 Ormeau Road
Brown, William, salesman (in Jacob Halliday's, Castle Street), 49 Grosvenor Street
Brown, William, grocer, 32 Smithfield
Brown, William, grocer, 41 Albert Street
Brown, William, engine driver, Cupar street
Brown, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 74 Falls Road
Brown, William James, brick manufacturer, 13 Divis Street
Brown, William, pavior, Constance Street, Ballymacarrett
Brown, William, draper, Alfred Terrace, Ballymacarrett
Brown, William, (of Brown & Keohler); res. Dalkey, Dublin
Brown, Wilson & Co., wholesale woollen and Manchester warehouse, 8 Donegall Street
Brown & Keohler, Brookfield Flour Mills, Brookfield, Crumlin Road
Brown & Son, horse shoers and farriers, 5 George's Lane
Browne, James C., tobacconist, 62 North Street
Browne, Miss, school, 34 Hamilton Street
Browne, Moses, grocer, 13 Henrietta Street
Browne, Reid & Co., woollen and Manchester warehousemen, 3 Waring Street
Browne, Samuel, teacher (in the Royal Academical Institution); res. 16 Gloucester Street
Browne, Samuel, M.D., Surgeon, 14 Howard Street
Browne, J. W., M.D., Surgeon, 14 Howard Street
Browne, Wm. (of Browne, Reid & Co.); res. Springfield House
Brownlee, James, hackler, Albert Street
Brownlee, Mrs., 26 Milton Street
Brownlee, Thomas, lapper, 23 Milton Street
Brownlee, William, reeling master, 11 Albert Street
Brownlee, William, 63 Irwin Street
Bruce, Andrew, mechanic, 114 Shankill Road
Bruce, Edward, mechanic, 24 Morpeth Street
Bruce, J., gasfitter, 7 Academy Street
Bruce, Isaac, brass founder, 6 Hertford Street
Bruce, James, cork cutter, 4 Glentilt Place
Bruce, Joseph, brass founder, 57 Grosvenor Street
Bruce, Mrs. Jane, 27 Hartley Street
Bruce, Mrs., 26 Hamilton Street
Bruce, Mrs., 76 Joy Street
Bruce, M. & D., baby linen and ladies' underclothing warehouse, 59 Donegall Street
Bruce, Robert, block printer, 8 Huss Street Lower
Bruce, Samuel, Town Solicitor, 19 Donegall Place; res. Thorndale, off Antrim Road
Bruce, Samuel, baker, 1 Rainey Street
Bruce, Thomas, carpenter, 63 Stephen Street
Bruce, Thomas, shoe maker, 35 Bank Street
Bruce, Rev. William, The Farm, Antrim Road
Bruce, William, blacksmith, 602 Ship Street
Bryans, James, haberdasher, 93 North Queen Street
Bryans, Margaret, boarding house, 42 Upper Townsend Street
Bryce, Henry, spinning master, 5 Inverness Place
Bryce, Rev. R. J., Principal of Belfast Academy, Donegall Street; res. 29 Dock Street
Bryce, Thomas, blacksmith, 11 Savage's Row
Bryden, George, 12 Bond Street New
Bryson, John, clerk, 59 Shankhill Road
Bryson, Margaret, toy shop, 180 North Street
Bryson, Mary, huckster, 15 Torrens Row
Bryson, Samuel, letter carrier, 20 Hartley Street
Bryson, Thomas, provision dealer, 182 North Street
Bryson, William, fancy linen manufacturer, 16 Waring Street; res., 1 Rugby Terrace, The Plains
Bryson, William, 31 University Street
Bryson, Wm., grocer, Lord Street, Ballymacarrett
Buchanan, Arthur, clerk, 45 Ship Street
Buchanan, James, teacher, 32 Eliza Street
Buchanan, John, bleacher, 60 Ross Street
Buchanan, Robert, brick layer, 12 Brown Street
Buchanan, Thomas, printer, 33 Balaklava Street
Buckle, Agnes, grocer, 19 Lancaster Street
Buckle, John T., china and glass warehouse, 112 High Street
Buckley & Smith, solicitors, Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society's Buildings, Victoria Street
Buckley, Hugh, seaman, 52 Earl Street
Buckley, Michael, (of Buckley & Smith, solicitors); res. Castle Street, Lisburn
Buckridge, Thomas, assistant (in Riddel & Co.'s, 19 Arnon Street
Budd, Colonel Field Officer and Commandant of Recruiting Depot, 4 Glengall Place
Bulger, Mrs. Anne, grocer, 29 Alton Street and 10 Park Street
Bugler, William, plasterer, 38 Lime Street
Bulla, Henry, salesman, 104 Crumlin Place, Crumlin Road
Bullick, Mrs., 23 Stanhope Street
Bullick, Mrs. B., phrenologist, 14 Harmony Lane
Bullick, S. W., woollen draper, 1 Vicinage Park, Antrim Road
Bulloch Bros., woollen and linen shirt manufacturers, Linenhall Street
Bulloch, Gabriel (of Bulloch Bros.), 11 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road
Bullock, Wm., book seller and stationer, Arthur Street, Belfast; res. Francis Street, Ballymacarrett
Bunting, S. & Co., provision merchants, 64 Tomb Street
Bunting, James, confectioner, 4 Millfield
Bunting, Mrs., 19 Elizabeth Street
Bunting, Thomas, gar fitter, 6 McIvor's Place
Bunting, William, market constable, 13 Bilton Court
Bunting, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 9 Albert Street
Burden, Dr. H., 10 Alfred Street
Burden, Dr. Wm., 16 Alfred Street
Burdoe, John, lapper, Woodstock Street, Ballymacarrett
Burdon, Benjamin, shipping clerk, 25 Townsend Street Upper
Burgess, J. W., commission merchant, 21 Waring Street
Burgess, Geo., boot and shoe maker, 18 Queen's Place North
Burgess, John, shoe maker, 33 Albert Street
Burgess, Mrs. M., straw bonnet maker, 17 Brookfield street
Burgess, Samuel, clerk, 9 Palmerston Street
Burgess, Wm., commission agent, 37 Athol Street
Burgess, William, foundry man, 5 Beggs Street
Burgess, Y. H., director of Killyleagh Flaxspinning Co. Ltd.; office, 7 Donegall Square West
Burke, James, butcher, 99 Victoria Street and Hercules Street
Burke, James, gas worker, 23 Keegan Street
Burke, John, shoe maker, 20 West Street
Burke, Malcolm, LL.D., 5 Abercorn Street
Burke, Mary, butcher's shop, 53 Hercules Street
Burke, Mrs. Anne, 53 Crumlin Street
Burke, Thomas, broker, Wilton Street
Burnaby, Jane, boarding house, Hastings Street
Burnes, T., manager (in Robertson, Brothers, hat and cap manufacturers, Corn Market); res. 8 Lonsdale Street
Burnett, W. S., music teacher, 20 Linenhall Street
Burns, Alexander, carpenter, Claremont Street, Ballymacarrett
Burns, Andrew, car owner, 29 Lagan Street
Burns, Ann, 26 Malvern Street
Burns, Bernard, flax buyer, 34 Gloucester Street
Burns, Catherine, grocer, 31 Verner Street
Burns, Daniel, spirit dealer, 48 Divis Street
Burns, Daniel, teacher, Bridge-End National School, Ballymacarrett
Burns, Edward, carpenter, 3 Addition Place
Burns, Edward, green grocer, 110 Falls Road
Burns, Eliza, Lincoln Street
Burns, Francis, grocer, Ardoyne
Burns, George., tailor, 12 Ardmoulin Buildings
Burns, Gerald, coach maker, 46 Joy Street
Burns, Hugh, sawyer, 44 Friendly Street
Burns, Hugh, car owner, 19 Welsh Street
Burns, James, printer, 30 Telfair's Entry
Burns, James, butcher, 11 Hercules Street
Burns, James, iron moulder, 25 Wall Street
Burns, James, weaver, 49 Brookfield Street
Burns, John, shoe maker, 5 King Street Place
Burns, John, hackle spinner, 18 Roy Street
Burns, John, porter, 11 Maria Street
Burns, John, boot and shoe maker, 17 Cullingtree Place
Burns, John, coach driver, 17 Seymour Lane
Burns, John, tailor, 29 Boyd Street
Burns, John, sawyer and dealer, 10 Lagan Street
Burns, John, brick layer, 33 Wall Street
Burns, John, brush finisher, 71 Ross Street
Burns, John, painter, 29 Bank Street
Burns, John, blacksmith, 120 Earl Street
Burns, Margaret, stationer, 24½ Castle Street
Burns, Matthew, ship steward, 57 Albert Street
Burns, Michael, sawyer, 6 Old Lodge Road
Burns, Mrs., 11 Ormeau Road
Burns, Patrick, tailor, 14 Wilson's Court
Burns, Patrick, carpenter, 34 Christopher Street
Burns, Patrick, blacksmith, short strand, Ballymacarrett
Burns, Richard, smith,. 20 Vere Street
Burns, Robert, pattern designer, 38 Raphael Street
Burns, Robert, carpenter, Cairns Street
Burns, Thomas, plasterer, 14 Pound Street
Burns, William, brass founder and gas fitter, 66 Hercules Street
Burns, William, marine store, 13 Millfield
Burns, William, chicken butcher, 24 Lettuce Hill
Burns, William, salesman, 18 Hopeton Street
Burns, William, carpenter, 7 Smith Street
Burns, William, car owner, 22 Welsh Street
Burnside, James, rope spinner, Belvoir Street, Ballymacarrett
Burnside, John, tinsmith, 28 Sidney Street
Burrows, Hugh, Thompson Street, Ballymacarrett
Burrows, Israel, brass founder, 25 King Street
Burrows, Miss, teacher, Fountain Street National School
Burrows, Mrs., 31 Carlisle Street
Burrows, Thomas, mechanic, 25 Hopewell Street
Burrows, Wm., bookkeeper, 26 Sherbrook Street
Burrows, Wm., ship carpenter, 50 Fleet Street
Burton, Benjamin, shipping clerk, 25 Townsend Street Upper
Burton, Edward, traveller and dealer, Malcomson Street
Burton, Robt., road contractor, Anderson Street, Ballymacarrett
Burton, W., road contractor, Anderson Street, Ballymacarrett
Burton, Wm., inspector of letter carriers, 93 Old Lodge Road
Busby, Gawn, draper, 47 Victoria Street; res., 132 Donegall Pass
Busby, Isaac, bleacher, Brookfield Place
Busby, J., woollen draper and hatter, 69 High Street
Busby, Mrs., 33 Brookfield Street
Busby, Wm. H., shoe maker, Urney Street
Bush, John, army purveyor, Richmond, Antrim Road
Bush, Thomas, farmer, 22 Holmes Street
Bushel, Eliza, boarding house, 253 York Street
Bushell, Theobald, stock broker and wine merchant, 5 Waring Street; bonded stores, Music Hall Lane; res. Strandtown Cottage, Sydenham
Bustard, John, machine master, 40 Everton Street
Busteed, Richard, 14 Stewart Street
Butler, Chas. T., captain, 16 Dock Street
Butler, Geo., sawyer, Crimea Street
Butler, John, foreman carpenter, 94 Earl Street
Butler, Malcolm, mechanic, 15 Glenalpin Street
Butler, Robert, grocer, 33 Smithfield
Butt, Fred. Wm., 23 Victoria Street; works, Garvaghy, Portadown
Byer, A. F. O., pianoforte tuner, 23 Joy Street
Byers, James, military driller, 44 Beresford Street
Byers, Jas., ship owner, Ashley Lodge, Ballymacarrett
Byers, Mrs. Margaret, ladies' boarding and day school, 74 Pakenham Place
Byers, Nathaniel (of Byers & Wallace); res. 79 Ormeau Place
Byers & Wallace, commission merchants and stock and share brokers, Bridge Street Place
Byrne, Caroline, spirit dealer, 3 Donegall Quay
Byrne, Charles, carpenter, 156 Agnes Street
Byrne, Charles, grocer, 42 New Lodge Road
Byrne, Edward, commercial traveller, 118 Donegall Pass
Byrne, Edward, shoe maker, 13 William Street
Byrne, James, shoe maker, 92 High Street
Byrne, John, clerk, 5 Albert Place
Byrne, John, Fox Tavern, 90 Queen Street North
Byrne, J. N., warehouseman, Mount Prospect, Lisburn Road
Byrne, Michael, nail maker, 72 Donegall Street Little
Byrne, The Misses, school, 44 Arthur Street Upper
Byrne, Patrick, coach painter, 45 Edward Street
Byrne, Thomas, builder and timber merchant, 126 & 130 Corporation Street
Byrne, William, wine merchant, Carlisle Terrace, Crumlin Road