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1868 Belfast Street Directory

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Napier, James, tailor, 3 Orr's Entry
Napier, James, tailor, 20 Arnon Street
Napier, John, stone cutter, 21 Dundee Street
Napier, Joseph, captain, 13 Ship Street
Napier, Martin, draper, 18 Trinity Street; res. 5 Annesley Street
Nash, Charles, 12 Trinity Street
Nash, James Henry, Inland Revenue officer, Fitzroy Place, The Plains
Naveny, Thomas, car driver, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Neakle, William, block printer, 5 Arkwright Street
Neal, Hugh, Ballynafeigh Road New
Nedlock, John, painter, 65 Birch Street
Neely, Richard, preparing master, 13 Leopold Street
Neeson, Bernard, carpenter, 73 Albert Street
Neeson, Charles, 22 Valentine Street
Neeson, James, carpenter, 43 Wall Street
Neeson, James, plasterer, 65 Academy Street
Neil, John, coal merchant, Queen's Quay; res. 4 Dock Street
Neill, Alexander, yarn dresser, 56 Henry Street
Neill, Grace, Ballynacoy Tavern, 6 Shankhill Road and Dover Street
Neill, Henry, Harbour constable, 14 Columbus Street
Neill, James, wire polisher, 22 Norwood Street
Neill, James, grocer, 35 Boundary Street
Neill, James, flour mills, College Place North, and manager for the Belfast Tanning Co., 21 King Street; res. 10 College Place North
Neill, James, baker, 55 Cavour Street
Neill, James, iron moulder, 19 Hartley Street
Neill, James & Co., goldsmiths, silversmiths, watch and chronometer makers, jewellers, and opticians, 8 Donegall Place
Neill, James (of James Neill & Co.); res. Holywood
Neill, James H., & Co., military and merchant tailors, clothiers and hatters, 39 High Street; and woollen drapers and gentlemen's outfitters, 53 Donegall Street
Neill, James H. (of J. H. Neill & Co.); res. Richmond, Antrim Road
Neill, John, baker, 2 Troon Street
Neill, John, salesman, 69 Prospect Terrace, University Road
Neill, John, 79 Balmoral Terrace, Victoria Street Great
Neill, John, gun and pistol manufacturer, bird preserver, and fishing tackle warehouse, 80 High Street
Neill, John, agent for General Provident Assurance Co. and Norwich Equitable Fire Co.; office, 75 High Street (1st floor); res. Richmond, Antrim Road
Neill, John R., watchmaker, jeweller, silversmith and optician, 23 High Street; res. Holywood
Neill, Joseph, lapper, 39 Denmark Street
Neill, Mary, grocer and spirit dealer, 31 Smithfield
Neill, Miss, boarding house, 71 Earl Street
Neill, Mrs., 82 Falls Road
Neill, Mrs., 1 Trafalgar Street
Neill, Robert, linen packer, 20 Melbourne Street
Neill, Robert, shop assistant, 13 Moffatt Street
Neill, Robert, provision dealer, 16 Canning Street
Neill, Thomas, power loom manager, 51 Linfield Road
Neill, Thomas, shoe maker, 37 Langford Street
Neill, William, credit draper's traveller, Springmount Street
Neilson, John, gasfitter, 23 Cavour Street
Nelson, Adam, spirit dealer, 35 Antrim Road
Nelson, Alexander, clerk, 37 Carlisle Street
Nelson, Andrew, clerk, 3 Craig Street
Nelson, George, spirit dealer, 106 & 108 George Street Great
Nelson, G., tailoring establishment, 12 Fountain Street
Nelson, Hugh, 2 Ross's Place
Nelson, Hugh, brick layer and fire brigade, 36 Police Square
Nelson, Rev. Isaac, minister of Donegall Street Presbyterian Church; res. Sugarfield, Shankhill Road
Nelson, James. bookkeeper, 38 Brougham Street
Nelson, James, blacksmith, 8 McCleery Street
Nelson, James, mechanic, Lincoln Street
Nelson, James, carpenter, 18 Sherbrook Street
Nelson, James, whitesmith, 35 Winetavern Street
Nelson, John, cooper, 66 Green Street; res. 82 Green Street
Nelson, John, 102 Henry Street
Nelson, John, sexton of New Burying Ground, 22 Henry Place, Clifton Street
Nelson, John, baker, Beresford Street
Nelson & Hasley, bonnet makers, milliners and cleaners, 18 Athol Street
Nelson, Margaret, 8 Wardlow Street
Nelson, Miss, assistant teacher Winetavern Street Mill National School
Nelson, Mrs., greengrocer, 31 Edward Street
Nelson, Mrs., 37 Hutchinson Street
Nelson, Mrs., ladies' school, 71 Bentinck Street
Nelson, Mrs., 19 Gloucester Street
Nelson, Mrs., 20 Sussex Street
Nelson, Mrs., 5 Adela Street
Nelson, Samuel, lapper, 154 Falls Road
Nesbitt, Brothers, machinists and millwrights, Hydepark Machine Works, 24 & 26 Townsend Street
Nesbitt, David, mechanic, 28 Hopeton Street
Nesbitt, David, 200 Agnes Street
Nesbitt, James, bookkeeper (in J. & R. Potts', North Street); res. 59 Queen Street North
Nesbitt, James, dairy, 48 Artillery Street
Nesbitt, James Henry (of Nesbitt Brothers, machinists, Townsend Street); res. 2 Fleetwood Street
Nesbitt, Letitia, 41 Israel Street
Nesbitt, Mrs. Mary, Wilton Street
Nesbitt, Mary N., haberdasher, 46 & 48 Queen Street North
Nesbitt, Nathaniel, grocery and spirit store, Foreman Street
Nesbitt, Robert, assistant draper, 46 Lonsdale Street
Nesbitt, Samuel, mechanic, Shaftesbury Street
Nesbitt, Thomas, house painter, 11 Patrick Street Great
Nesbitt, Thomas (of Nesbitt Brothers, machinists, Townsend Street); res. 180 Agnes Street
Nesbitt, William, mechanic, 31 Hutchinson Street
Nest, Alexander, rope spinner, 28 Lemon's Row, Ballymacarrett
Nettleton, Miss G., dress maker, 26 King Street
Nevin, Mrs. Mary, car owner, 35 & 37 Lagan Street
Newberry, John, baker, 12 Malvern Street Upper
Newburn, William, letter carrier, 22 College Street West
Newell, Isabella, 25 Dunraven Street
Newell, John, grocer, 246 Lodge Road Old
Newell, John, green grocer, 165 North Street
Newell, John, teacher, Ballynafeigh Road New
Newell, John, smith in Gas Works, 1 King's Place
Newell, Mrs., 65 Victoria Terrace, Dublin Road
Newell, Robert, car owner, 3 Keyland's Place
Newell, William, spirit dealer, 42 Townsend Street
Newell, William John, cart maker and jobber, 72 George Street Great
Newett, Brereton John, managing clerk, 61 Victoria Terrace
Newett, Mrs., 2 College Street South
Newett, Robert Hudson, physician and surgeon; house surgeon, General Hospital, Frederick Street
Newham, Matthew, lodging house, 7 Prince's Street
Newton & Hamilton, silk and woollen dyers, 2? Mill Street
Niblett, John, seaman, 37 Pilot Street
Niblock, David, carpenter, 29 McCleery Street
Niblock, Henry, gas fitter, 15 Boyd Street
Niblock, Hugh, eating house, 120 Millfield
Niblock, John, paper ruler, 32 Durham Street
Niblock, Patrick, letterpress printer, 10 Institution Place
Nichol, Andrew, compositor, 34 Malvern Street
Nichol, Francis, boiler maker, 2 Nelson Place
Nichol, Henry, general merchant and insurance broker; agent for National Assurance Co., 3 George Street Great; res. Francis Villa, Sydenham
Nichol, James, provision curer and dealer, 8 Hamilton Street
Nichol, John, smith, 13 Carlisle's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Nicholl, David, 5 Hope Street
Nicholl, George, store keeper, 23 Athol Street
Nicholl, James, manager of Soho Foundry; res. 45 Lonsdale Street
Nicholl, John, 14 Copeland Street
Nicholl, Mrs., 11 Norton Street
Nicholl, Mrs., 16 Downing Street
Nicholl, Patrick, commission agent, 65 Corporation Street; res. 87 Denmark Street
Nicholl, Patrick, musician, 7 Downshire Place
Nicholl, Robert, baker, 34 Hanover Street
Nicholl, Robert, moulder, 95 Dover Street
Nicholl, William, clerk, 9 Brougham Street
Nicholl, William John (of Forster Green & Co.'s); res. 5 College Square East
Nicholl, William, spirit dealer, 2 Shankhill Road
Nicholson, Charles, shoe maker, Woodstock Street, Ballymacarrett
Nicholson, Edward, picture frame maker, ?? Wilson's Court
Nicholson, Samuel, cooper, 45 Patrick Street Little
Nicholson, Mrs. Steele, 5 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road
Nicholson, Thomas, shoe maker, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Nickson, John, dresser, 11 Loftus Street
Nimack, James, caretaker of the Sailors' Home, Corporation Street
Nimack, Joseph, cabinet maker, 2 Hercules Place
Nimma, Andrew, mechanic, Urney Street
Nimmins, John, tobacconist and cigar diva???, 21 Corn Market and 24 Castle Street
Niven, Matthew, fire brigade, 36 Police Square
Nixen, James, fowl dealer, 1 McCrory's Row, Ballymacarrett
Nixon, James, provision shop, 51 Lodge Road Old
Nixon, John, tenter, 17 Arkwright Street
Nixon, Mrs. Mary, 18 Haldane Street
Nixon, William, brick layer and provision shop, 53 & 55 Mustard Street
Noble, Hugh, sawyer, 12 Fleet Street
Noble, James, sawyer, 7 Norman Street
Noble, Miss Jane, Shaftesbury Street
Noble, William, lapper, 26 Brennan Street
Nodwell, Fanny, 18 Malvern Street Upper
Nolan, Isaac, bailiff, 40 Donegall Street Little
Nolan, Margaret, 18 Lancaster Street
Nolan, Thomas Joseph, teacher, 10 Colligan Street
Nolan, William, wine and spirit merchant; agent for the Imperial Wine Company, 52 Hercules Street
Nolen, John, process server, 55 Lemon's Row, Ballymacarrett
Noon, Henry, dock overseer, 5 McCrory's Row, Ballymacarrett
Noon, Luke, trunk maker, 72 Green Street
Norris, Alexander, weigh master, 34 Wesley Street
Norris, Andrew, brick layer, 54 Beresford Street
Norris, John, 28 Willow Street
Norris, Mrs. Mary, 8 Waterloo Street
Norris, Robert, seaman, 19 Staunton Street
Norris, Robert, Constabulary pensioner, 85 Charles Street South
Norris, Thomas, ship joiner, 59 Ship Street
Northern Bleaching, Finishing and Packing Co. Ltd.; office, 22 Franklin Place
Northern Spinning Co. Ltd.; Mill, Falls Road; office, 6 Donegall Square West
Norton, John, carpenter, 83 & 85 Queen Street North
Norwood, Hugh, chief sanitary inspector; office, Town Hall, Police Place; res. 6 Charlotte Street
Norwood, James, brick layer, 98 Sandy Row
Norwood, James, moulder, 23 Boundary Street North
Norwood, John, cart owner, 31 Gardiner Street
Nougher, Hugh, baker, 30 English Street
Nugent, Elizabeth, grocer, 25 Frederick Street
Nugent, James, brick layer, 38 Institution Place
Nugent, James, cart maker and general jobbing carpenter, 73 Kent Street Upper; res. 16 Stanhope Street
Nugent, Mrs. Margaret, 9 Brookfield Street
Nugent, Mrs. Mary, boarding house, 9 Corporation Square
Nugent, William, tailor, 38 Unity Street
Nutt, Mrs. E., 24 Hartley Street


Oakman, Nicholas, 13 College Street South
Obre, Thomas, gilder, 12 Catherine Street
O'Brien, George & Co., ladies' outfitting rooms and baby linen warehouse, 19 Donegall Place; sewing factory, 20 Franklin Place
O'Brien, George (of George O'Brien & Co.); res. 5 Botanic Avenue, Donegall Pass
O'Brien, Hugh, cabinet maker, 68 Gardiner Street
O'Brien, John, mechanic, 18 Panton Street
O'Brien, Martin, car owner, 69 Hopeton Street
O'Brien, Patrick, spirit dealer, 80 Corporation Street
O'Brien, Terence, hide store, 4 Hercules Place; res. 39 Bentinck Street
O'Brien, Thomas, 20 Franklin Place, agent for London Fire and Life Assurance Co.; res. 8 High Street, Holywood
O'Connell, Charles, carpenter, 116 Earl Street
O'Conor, Aylward, 118 Richmond Terrace, Victoria Street Great
O'Connor, Charles, grocer and spirit dealer, 25 Cullingtree Road
O'Connor, Edmund G., assistant in linen warehouse, 94 Hanover Street
O'Connor, James, Sheriff's officer, 9 Kildare Street
O'Connor, John, grocer, 78 Barrack Street
O'Connor, John, linen dealer, Arkwright Street
O'Connor, Miss, dress maker, 5 Wellington Street
O'Connor, Patrick, lapper, 5 Wellington Street
O'Connor, Patrick, onion store, 65 Hercules Street
O'Connor, William, 151 Botanic Road, Victoria Street Great
O'Donnell, J. C., R.M., Police Court
O'Donnell, James, dealer, Cairns Street
O'Donnell, Michael, 10 Colin Street
O'Donnell, Mrs. Mary Ann, Wilton Street
O'Donnell, Mrs., Ballynafeigh Road New
O'Donnell, Thomas, coach maker, 17 Grace Street
O'Farrell, Eliza, 5 Killarney Street
O'Farrell, John, shoe maker, 132 Carrick Hill
O'Flynn, John, clerk, 55 Albert Street
Officer, Alexander, hairdresser, 26 Gamble Street
Officer, John, seaman, 9 Hill Street North
Officer, Mrs. Margaret, 34 Whitla Street
Officer, Miss, 41 Mountview, Crumlin Road
Officer, Mrs., green grocer, 30 Patrick Street Great
Officer, Samuel, spinning master, Conway Street
Ogle, Frederick & Co., tea and wine merchants, 16 Donegall Place
Ogle, Frederick (of Frederick Ogle & Co.); res. 51 Victoria Place, Victoria Street Great
Ogle, John, carpenter, Morpeth Street
Ogle, Samuel, mechanic, Rotterdam Street, Ballymacarrett
O'Grady, Samuel, painter, 21 Christopher Street
Ogston, Thomas, buyer (at Messrs. Lindsay, Brothers', Donegall Place); res. 161 Botanic Road, Victoria Street Great
O'Hagan, Arthur, slater, 65 Divis Street
O'Hagan, Charles, funeral undertaker, 77 Union Street
O'Hagan, James, tailor, 20 Sidney Street
O'Hagan, John, auctioneer and valuator, 13 Smithfield
O'Hagan, John, lapper, 23 Alexander Street West
O'Hagan, John, provision shop, 109 Lodge Road Old
O'Halloran, Miss Elizabeth, 1 Cumber Place, Lodge Road Old
O'Hara, Alexander, horse dealer, Beresford Street
O'Hara, Edward, mill owner, Hudson Street; res. 2 Everton Terrace, Crumlin Road
O'Hara, Henry, carter, 16 Beresford Street
O'Hara, Joseph, grocer, 103 Sandy Row
O'Hara, Mary, 5 Union Place
O'Hara, Mrs., 8 Cranbourne Street
O'Hara, Owen, shoe maker, 13 Millfield
O'Hara, Peter, rivetter, 122 Earl Street
O'Hara, Robert, gardener, 13 Glenarm Street
O'Hara, Mrs. Sarah, 55 Everton Street
O'Hara, William, 13 Market Street
O'Hara, William, bleacher, 15 Brookfield Street
O'Hare, Brothers, merchant tailors and woollen drapers, 77 York Street
O'Hare, Bernard, railway guard, 69 lemon's Row, Ballymacarrett
O'Hare, James, hay and straw dealer, 37 Market Street

O'Hare, James, grocer, 192 Shankhill Road
O'Hare, James, dairy, 200 Lodge Road Old
O'Hare, Owen, grocer, 10 Hercules Street
O'Hare, Patrick O., M.D., surgeon & licentiate apothecary, 38 Castle Street
O'Hare, Thomas, grocer, 23 Derby Street
O'Hanlon, Ardell, general carpenter, 22 James Street South
O'Hanlon, Patrick, tinsmith, 9 Charlemont Street
O'Hanlon, Terence, Ulster Railway Hotel and spirit store, 6 Victoria Street Great
O'Hayer, Francis, saddler and harness manufacturer, 1 Donegall Place Buildings; res. Holywood
O'Kane, Bernard, shoe maker, 17 Carrick Hill
O'Kane, Edward, spirit dealer, 133 North Street
O'Kane. J. & R., tea and wine merchants, 24 Donegall Street
O'Kane, Patrick, spirit dealer, 59 Carrick Hill
O'Kane, Patrick, clerk, 106 Donegall Street
O'Keeffe, Joseph, tailor, 1 George Street Little
Oldham, Edward, compositor, 74 Stanhope Street
Oldham, Mrs., 106 Crumlin Place, Crumlin Road
Oldham, William, foreman book binder, 140 Shankhill Road
Oldrin, The Misses, baby linen warehouse, 4 Arthur Street
Oliver, Rev. John, minister of Falls Road Wesleyan Church; res. 1 Ventnor Terrace, Falls Road
Olley, John, contractor, 14 George Street Great; res. Eglinton Terrace, Crumlin Road
Olley, William, grocer, 45 Thomas Street North
O'Malley, Thomas, tailor, 13 Israel Street
O'Neill, Bernard, brick layer, 53 Lepper Street
O'Neill, Bernard, painter, 7 George Court
O'Neill, Bernard, horse shoer, 79 Kent Street Upper
O'Neill, Charles, grocer, 63 Lancaster Street
O'Neill, Charles, spirit dealer, 48 Patrick Street Great
O'Neill, Constantine, grocer, wine and spirit store, 52 & 54 Falls Road Place
O'Neill, Daniel, 52 Conway Street
O'Neill, Edward, ship carpenter, 8 Thomas Street
O'Neill, Mrs. Eliza, 80 Boundary Street
O'Neill, Felix, miller, 72 Milford Street
O'Neill, Francis, painter and glazier, 7 William Street
O'Neill, Henry, shoe maker, 25 Ritchie's Place
O'Neill, Henry, boot maker, 8 Ross Street
O'Neill, Hugh, milk dealer, 8 Downing Street
O'Neill, Hugh, spinning master, 8 Artillery Street
O'Neill, James, car owner and spirit dealer, 11 Cromac Street
O'Neill, James, stone cutter, 15 Artillery Street
O'Neill, James, butcher, 35 Barrack Street
O'Neill, James, hairdresser, 33 Patrick Street Great
O'Neill, James, brick layer, 34 Institution Place
O'Neill, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 37 Falls Road
O'Neill, James, spirit store, 14 Barrack Street
O'Neill, James, baker, 8 Torrens' Market
O'Neill, James, sawyer, 11 Lemon Street
O'Neill, James, miller, 66 Alexander Street West
O'Neill, John, coach trimmer, 18 Seymour Street
O'Neill, John, architect and surveyor, 65 Arthur Street Upper
O'Neill, John, grocer, Theresa Street, Falls Road
O'Neill, John, deal and scantling Yard, 49 Mill Street
O'Neill, John, stone mason, 4 Brennan Street
O'Neill, John, corn dealer, 4 Lennon's Lane
O'Neill, John, cooper, 72 Tomb Street
O'Neill, John, spinning master, 42 Ross Street
O'Neill, John, dairy, 69 Barrack Street
O'Neill, John, rivetter, 27 Bow Street
O'Neill, Joseph, letter carrier, 10 Napier Street
O'Neill, Mrs., Francis Street, Ballymacarrett
O'Neill, Mrs., 40 Lemon's Row, Ballymacarrett
O'Neill, Mrs. Mary, 15 Leopold Street
O'Neill, Mrs., nurse tender, 9 Antrim Street
O'Neill, Patrick, clerk, 13 Trafalgar Street
O'Neill, Patrick, spirit dealer, 68 Millfield
O'Neill, Patrick, York Street Little
O'Neill, Peter, slater, 26 West Street
O'Neill, Robert, Greyhound Tavern, 68 Ann Street
O'Neill, Thomas, linen merchant, 33 Fountain Street; res. Roundhill Cottage, Mountpottinger, Ballymacarrett
O'Neill, William, coal dealer, 56 Baker Street
O'Neill, William, shoe shop, 91 Queen Street North
O'Neill, William, corn miller, 10 Townsend Place
O'Prey, Bernard, bobbin turner, 24 Bond Street
O'Prey, Henry, seaman, 53 Fleet Street
O'Prey, James, butcher, 50 Bow Street
O'Prey. N., spirit grocer, 50 Verner Street
Ophthalmic Hospital, Victoria Street Great
O'Reilly, John, boot and shoe maker, 54 Leeson Street
O'Reilly, Robert, stables, 3 Alfred Street
O'Rorke, Alexander, solicitor, 83 Donegall Street, Belfast; 18 Middle Gardiner Street, Dublin; 43 High Street, Ballymena; and Main Street, Antrim; also agent for the Etna Fire Insurance Co., and the Colonial Life Insurance Co.; res. Greenmount, Carrickfergus Road Old
O'Rorke, Daniel, solicitor, 14 Donegall Street, Belfast; Newtownards; and 72 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin; agent for the Eagle and City of London Life Assurance Society; res., Lignamara, Greenisland
O'Rorke, Mrs., Short Strand Street, Ballymacarrett
O'Rorke, Thomas, beer retailer, 61 Stanfield Street
Orde, David, millinery warerooms, 8 Castle Street; res. 170 Agnes Street
Orme, Edward, resident magistrate; res. Cliftonville, Antrim Road
Orr, Alexander, painter, 28 East Street
Orr, Charles (of Logan, Orr & Co., wire workers, 9 Pottinger's Entry); res. Richmond, Antrim Road
Orr, David, gas fitter, 20 Dundee Street
Orr, Edward, grocer, 75 Divis Street
Orr, Edward, family grocer, 22 York Street
Orr, Henderson, bookkeeper, 37 Spencer Street
Orr, Hugh, cooperage, 59 Ann Street; res. 29 Cromac Street
Orr, Hugh, clerk, Thorndyke Street, Ballymacarrett
Orr, Hugh, gentleman, 16 Queen Street
Orr, James, baker, 6 Meenan Street
Orr. James, lapper, 17 Lindsay Street
Orr, James, carpenter, 56 Ross Street
Orr, Miss Jane, straw bonnet maker, 85 Lodge Road Old
Orr, John, engineer, Hastings Street
Orr, John, stock and share broker and public accountant; agent for the City of Glasgow Life Assurance Co.; office, 19 Waring Street; res. Newington, Limestone Road
Orr, John, blacksmith and stabling yard, 31 & 33 May Street
Orr, John, shoe maker, 5 Woburn Street
Orr, John & Co., steam biscuit manufacturers, 22, 26 & 34 Robert Street
Orr, Joseph, seed merchant, 12 & 14 Ann Street
Orr, Joseph, hay dealer, 432 Cavour Street
Orr, Joseph, carpenter, 8 Norman Street
Orr, Matthew, ship carpenter, 44 Canning Street
Orr, Mrs., 38 Patrick Street Little
Orr, Mrs., 35 Harmony Place, Dublin Road
Orr, Robert, grocer, tea, wine and spirit dealer, 42 Ann Street
Orr, Robt., sergeant Antrim Rifles, 15 Glentilt Street
Orr, Samuel, sergeant, Antrim Rifles, 20 Haldane Street
Orr, William, manager Wolfhill Spinning Co.'s Mill; res. Ligoniel
Orson, Mrs., 21 Lonsdale Street
Osborne, Christie T. (of McIntyre, Moorehead & Osborne, Queen's Square); res. 2 Camberwell, Antrim Road
Osborne, James, leather cutter, 14 Dayton Street
Osborne, Richard, dairy, 17 Dayton Street
Osborne, Samuel, 74 & 76 Millfield, match, ball blue and vesuvian manufacturer, wholesale coffee and general merchant, agent for Peake, Frean & Co., London; res. 1 Amelia Street
Osborne, Mrs. Susanna, 42 Sandy Row
Osborne, Thomas, shoe maker, 6 Stanfield Street
Osborne, William, boarding house, Regent Street
O'Toole, Patrick, engineer, 14 Quadrant Street
Oulton, Charles (of Guthrie & Oulton), wine merchants, Thompson's Court; res. 4 University Square
Oulton, John, flax and yarn merchant, 31 Donegall Street; res. University Square
Oulton, Rev. Richard, registrar of Queen's College, chaplain to H. M.'s Forces, local secretary New Jail; res. High Street, Holywood
Ouston, Mrs., grocer, 62 Patrick Street Little
Overend, George, carpenter, 41 Stanley Street
Overend, John, lapper, 10 Elizabeth Street
Overend, J. W., sub-distributor of stamps, Stamp Office, Custom House; res. Richmond Terrace, Victoria Street Great
Overend Miss, Claremont terrace, Lisburn Road
Overend, Mrs., 49 Victoria Place, Victoria Street Great
Overn, Isaac, hatter, 17 Charles Street
Owden, John (of J. N. Richardson, Sons & Owden); res. Seapark, Greenisland
Owen, James B., pawn broker, 46 Barrack Street
Owen, Mrs. Anna, pawn broker, 42 Henry Street
Owen, Mrs. Mary, 18 Dane Street
Owen, William, linen ornamenter, 15 Russell Street
Owens, Mrs. Dorothea, grocer, 28 Donegall Street Little
Owens, Robert, mechanic, Seaview, Ballymacarrett
Owens, Samuel, grain merchant, 20 Patrick Street Great
Owens, Thomas, plasterer, 8 Morpeth Street
Owens, William, manager of brickworks, Ballynafeigh Road New


Page, Henry, picture frame maker, 10 Academy Street
Page, Patrick, plasterer, 40 Stanfield Street
Paisley, Alexander, clerk, 53 University Street
Paisley, James, classical, English and mercantile academy, 33 Queen Street
Palfryman, William, saw maker and repairer, 78 Hercules Street; works, Cargill Street Upper and Dover Street
Palmer, Benjamin (of Ireland & Palmer, 24 & 26 George Street Great and 86 Ann Street); res. 86 Ann Street
Palmer, Eliza, 12 Grove Street
Palmer, James, weaver, 108 M'Tier Street
Palmer, Jane, grocer and spirit dealer, 69 Peter's Hill
Palmer, John, assistant (in Insurance office); res. 69 Carlisle Street
Palmer, John, grocer, 2 Everton Street
Palmer, Mrs. Mary, 30 Winburne Street
Palmer, Robert, spinning master, 4 Omar Street
Palmer, Robert, oyster rooms, 16 Commercial Court
Palmer, Thomas, saddler, 7 Cromac Street
Palmer, Thomas, shoe maker, 6 Church Lane
Palmer, Thomas, dealer, 101 Shankhill Road
Palmer, Thomas, traveller, 16 M'Tier Street
Palmer, Thomas, grocer, 111 Shankhill Road
Palmer, Walter, mechanic, 23 Winburne Street
Palmer, William John, spirit dealer, 21 Patrick Street Little
Park, George, brass moulder, 17 Sherbrook Street
Park, Hugh, carpenter, 11 Howard Street South
Park, Hugh, coach painter, 20 Shipbuoy Street
Park, Mrs., 29 College Street
Park, Samuel, captain, 14 Thomas Street
Parke, William, plasterer, 19 Michael Street
Parker, Alexander, mechanic, Shaftesbury Street
Parker, George, Burns' Commercial Hotel, 27 Queen's Square
Parker, George, ship plater, 7 Inverness Place
Parker, James, mechanic, 26 Seymour Street
Parker, James, butcher, 17 Edward Street Great
Parker, James, rent agent, 15 Russell Street
Parker, Mrs. Jane, 29 Carlisle Street
Parker, John, flax and yarn buyer; res. Wellington Park Cottage, Wellington Park
Parker, John, compositor, 6 Boomer Street
Parker, Mrs. Mary, 3 Tudor Place
Parker, Susan, butcher's shop, 47 Hercules Street
Parkhill, George, salesman (in R. Lindsay & Co.'s); res. 62 Carlisle Street
Parkhill, Henry, tailor, 3113 Bradbury Place, Dublin Road
Parkhill, Jane, milliner, 65 Shankhill Road
Parkhill, John, clerk, 20 Nile Street
Parkhill, Mrs., 21 Irwin Street
Parkhill, Thomas, spirit dealer, 10 Fountain Street; keeper of Public News Room, Hercules Place
Parkinson, Agnes, 61 M'Tier Street
Parkinson, John, pawn broker, 65 Union Street
Parkinson, John, painter, 54 Tyrone Street
Parkinson, Mrs., 28 Lagan Street
Parkinson, Mrs., 27 Lonsdale Street
Parland, Miss Margaret, 42 Eliza Street
Partington, Mark, engine driver, 2 Willow Street
Partridge, Wm., ship carpenter, 13 Hill Street North
Pasco, Henry, captain, 4 Brougham Street
Pasco, John, carpenter, Urney Street
Pascoe, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 50 Garmoyle Street
Pascoe, Mrs., 59 Queen Street North
Pasley, S. D., accountant (office of Scottish Widows' Fund, 34 Arthur Street); res. Carrickfergus
Patrick, Geo., ballast master (in Harbour office); res. 10 Ormeau Street
Patrick, Hugh, clerk, 2 Nile Street
Patrick, Joseph, store keeper, 24 Canning Street
Patrick, M. J., slipper warehouse, 85 North Street
Patten, Anne, 4 Wellwood Place, Victoria Street Great
Patten, Captain, assistant harbour master, 94 George Street Great
Patten, George, law writer, 150 Corporation Street
Patten, Hugh F., printer, 18 Ann Street North
Patten, James, butcher, 79 Hercules Street
Patten, John, shoe maker, 178 Lodge Road Old
Patten, Mrs., 162 Falls Road
Paterson, Alex. & Co., muslin manufacturers, 7 Clarence Place
Paterson, A. (of Alex. Paterson & Co.); res. 16 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road
Paterson, David, provision merchant and general grocer, 28 & 30 Corn Market
Patterson, Alexander, shoe maker, Short Strand Street, Ballymacarrett
Patterson, David, grocer, 20 Athol Street
Patterson, David, grocer, 10 Henrietta Street
Patterson, Francis, inspector of gas meters, 10 Coyle Street
Patterson, Gabriel, cabinet maker, 129 Millfield
Patterson, George, tinsmith, 13 Long Lane
Patterson, Giles, tenter, 46 Hutchinson Street
Patterson, H., sewed muslin manufacturer, 14 Frederick Street
Patterson, Harrison, clerk, 22 Athol Street
Patterson, Isaac, stone mason, 40 Moffett Street
Patterson, Isabella, dress maker, 11 Elizabeth Street
Patterson, James, butcher, Old Road, Ballymacarrett
Patterson, James, pork cutter, 52 Tyrone Street
Patterson, James, carpenter, 12 Corporation Street Little
Patterson, James, carter, 198 Shankhill Road
Patterson, James, M.D., 4 Donegall Square East
Patterson, John, stone cutter, 37 McCleery Street
Patterson, John, captain, 6 Economy Place
Patterson, John, bookkeeper and fancy bazaar; also organist in St. Paul's Church; res. 147 York Street
Patterson, John, baker, Mill Street
Patterson, John, blacksmith, 38 Downing Street
Patterson, M. & A., dress and mantle makers, 14 Hughes' Buildings, Falls Road
Patterson, Margaret, grocer, 124 Carrick Hill
Patterson, Miss, 28 Dane Street
Patterson, Mrs. M. A., grocer and spirit dealer, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Patterson, Mrs., 21 Bedeque Street
Patterson, Mrs., 34 Cullingtree Street
Patterson, Mrs., 86 Napoleon Terrace, Donegall Pass
Patterson, Mrs., 128 Richmond Terrace, Victoria Street Great
Patterson, Mrs., 32 Bentinck Street
Patterson, Richard, & Co., wholesale and retail manufacturing and general iron mongers, gas fitters, plumbers, brass founders, bell hangers and Venetian blind manufacturers, 59 & 63 High Street; works in Hamilton's Court
Patterson, R. (of Richard Patterson & Co.); res. Holywood
Patterson, Robert (of Richard Patterson & Co.); res. 6 College Square North
Patterson, Robert, & Sons, wholesale and retail hardware and house furnishing ironmongery warehouse, 40 High Street
Patterson, Wm. H. (of Robert Patterson & Sons); res. Dundela Terrace, Sydenham
Patterson, Samuel W., salesman, 34 Lindsay Street
Patterson, Thomas, overseer in Springfield factory; res. Springfield Road
Patterson, Thomas, grocer, 16 Russell Street
Patterson, Thomas, carpenter, 45 East Street
Patterson, William, seaman, 30 Caroline Street
Patterson, William, carpenter, Duffin Street, Ballymacarrett
Patterson, William, moulder, 23 Milliken Street
Pattison, Matthew, secretary of missions, General Assembly; 20 Arthur Street; res. Fitzroy Avenue, The Plains
Patton, Archibald, grocer and spirit dealer, Patton's Place, Ballymacarrett
Patton, Mrs., 8 Valentine Street
Patton, Robert, ship builder, 36 Welsh Street
Patton, Robert, carpenter, 18 Brunswick Street Little
Patton, Thomas, caretaker of the Orange Hall, 22 College Street
Pauline, William, carpenter, 17 Murphy Street
Paxton, Alexander, sewed muslin manufacturer; res. 15 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road
Paxton, Mrs., 9 Havelock Street
Paxton, William John, power loom dresser, Hurst Street
Payne, Reuben, cloth cutter (in Simpson & Marshall's); res. Alfred terrace, Ballymacarrett
Payne, William (in sewing factory, 19 Donegall Place); res. 13 May Street
Peacock, Mrs., 9 Sussex Place
Peak, William, 2 Athol Terrace
Peake, Jane, spirit dealer, 59 & 61 Lancaster Street
Peake, John, M.D., 4 Ventnor Terrace, Falls Road
Peake, Susanna, spirit dealer, 24 Ann Street
Pearson, W. H., time keeper, 56 M'Tier Street
Pearson, William, glass stainer, painter and embosser, 19 Talbot Street
Peaton, J., shoe maker, 13 Hornby Street, Ballymacarrett
Peden, William, mechanic, 36 Christopher Street
Peebles, Samuel, carpenter, 43 Christopher Street
Peebles, Sarah, 27 Hopeton Street
Peel, Alexander, flour merchant, 241 York Street
Peel, John, shoe maker, 22 Mary's Market
Peel, Mary, 17 Catherine Street North
Peel, The Misses, 8 Charlotte Street
Peel, Rebecca A., grocer, Downing Street
Peel, Robert, grocery and bakery, 144 Shankhill Road
Pelan, Francis, pawn broker, Killymoon Buildings, Falls Road, and 82 Lodge Road Old; Crown and Anchor Tavern, 41 Donegall Quay
Pelan, George (of Pelan, Wright & Co., accountants); res., 8 Kinnaird Terrace, Antrim Road
Pelan, J., painter, 138 Corporation Street
Pelan, Mrs., 37 Welsh Street
Pelan, Richard, lithographic printer, 20 Staunton Street
Pelan, Robert (of Pelan & Rankin); res. 53 Victoria Place, Victoria Street Great
Pelan, Robert, grocer, 4 Lagan Street
Pelan & Rankin, wholesale and retail basket manufacturers and toy merchants, 19 Castle Place
Pelan, Samuel, traveller, 13 Milford Street
Pelan, Thomas, pressman, 19 Grove Street
Pelan, Wright & Co., stock and share brokers, and public accountants, 46 Donegall Street
Pelling, Alfred, provision merchant, 98 North Street
Pelling, Charles, sewed muslin manufacturer, 4 James Street South; res. Bangor
Pelling, Mrs. Ellen, 5 College Street
Pendrie, Samuel, bookkeeper, 72 Joy Street
Pennington, John, solicitor, 7 Ann Street, and Railway Street, Lisburn
Pennefather, Joseph, contractor, 85 Botanic View, University Road
Penton, William, spirit dealer, 83 Cromac Street
Pentland, George, spinning master, 24 College Street West
Pentland, John A., linen and cambric manufacturer, 2 Wellington Place; res. 57 Victoria Place, Victoria Street Great
Pentland, Mrs. Eliza, Wilton Street
Pentland, Mrs., 57 Victoria Place, Victoria Street Great
Pentland, William, horse dealer, 10 Oxford Square, Annette Street
Pepper, Mrs., 3 Hill Street North
Perceval, Henry, 88 Joy Street
Perceval, Mrs., dress maker, 88 Joy Street
Percy, Jane, winder, 4 Frederick Lane
Peris, Charles, seaman, 21 Thomas Street North
Perry, Jonathan, baker, 181 North Street
Perry, Mrs., milliner and bonnet maker, 132 Divis View Buildings, Falls Road
Perry, Mrs., 17 Brougham Street
Perry, William, clerk, 19 Ann Street North
Pescoe, Henry, captain, 3 Norman Street
Petrie, Alexander, foreman moulder, 8 Unity Street
Petrie, Mrs., spirit grocer, Durham Street
Petticrew, Miss Rebecca, 78 Beresford Street
Pettigrew, Alexander, seaman, 21 Lancaster Street
Pettigrew, Annabella, 8 Amelia Street
Pettigrew, Daniel, millwright, 91 Hanover Street
Pettigrew, Hugh, clerk, 23 Eglinton Street
Pettigrew, William, ship carpenter, Church Street, Ballymacarrett
Pettre, David, smith, 46 Boundary Street North
Peyton, James, manager of York Street Bakery, 39 Edward Street
Peyton, John, printer, 22 Woodford Street
Phenix, Joseph, clerk, 16 Athol Street
Phenix, Matthew, sergeant, 12 Harmony Lane, Dublin Road
Phillimore, William, spindle maker, 17 Shankhill Road
Phillips, A., Cumberland and Glasgow Hotel, 21 & 23 Queen's Square
Phillips, Francis, mechanic, 6 Carlow Street
Phillips, George, jun. & Co., wholesale and mercantile stationers, printers, lithographers, paper rulers and book binders, 10 Waring Street
Phillips, G., jun. (of Geo. Phillips, jun. & Co.); res. Sydenham
Phillips, Henry, spirit dealer, 3 & 5 Union Street
Phillips, Henry, brush and bellows manufacturer, 13 Queen's Square
Phillips, James, toy shop, 12 Peter's Hill
Phillips, James (of Phillips & Moore, 101 Victoria Street); res. Cluan Villa, Mountpottinger
Phillips, James, assistant (in Riddel & Co.'s); res. 71 Carlisle Street
Phillips, John, spirit dealer, 15 Henry Street
Phillips, John, brush maker, 10 Union Street
Phillips, John Henry, bookkeeper, 5 Stanley Place
Phillips, John, smith, 66 Carrick Hill
Phillips, John, painter, 19 East Street
Phillips, Miss, 5 Brook Street
Phillips & Moore, ship brokers and commission agents, 101 Victoria Street
Phillips, Samuel C., wholesale and retail ironmonger and saddlers' ironmongery warehouse, 43 Ann Street; res. 5 Kearney's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Phillips & Sons, wholesale stationers, book sellers and publishers, 26 Bridge Street
Phillips, Thomas, lapper, 89 Hanover Street
Phillips, W. H. (of Phillips & Sons, Bridge Street); res. Lemonfield, Holywood
Phillips, William, bellows maker, 7 Union Street
Phillips, William, 65 Hopeton Street
Philpot, Samuel, baker, 47 Divis Street
Phimster, A., cooper, Cranbourne Street
Phimster, John, clerk, 38 Northumberland Street
Piccioni, Felix, painter, Hobson's Row
Piccoli, C., Richmond, Antrim Road
Pile, Francis, engraver, 29 Hamilton Street
Pilkington, George, bookkeeper, 20 Sarah Street
Pillas, Richard, green grocer, Clyde Street Lower, Ballymacarrett
Pim, E. & W., tea dealers, wine importers and general grocers; also agents for the Briton Life Assurance Co., 27 High Street
Pim, Edward (of E. & W. Pim); res. Holywood
Pim, Edward Wakefield (of E. & W. Pim); res. Elmwood Terrace, Lisburn Road
Pim, George C. (of George C. Pim & Co.); res. Evelyn Lodge, Sydenham
Pim, George C., & Co., corn and flour merchants; agents for Black Ball Line of Packets, and marine and life assurance agents, 43 Donegall Quay
Pim, John, & Sons, flour and grain merchants, 18 Tomb Street
Pim, John (of John Pim & Sons); res. 1 Crumlin Terrace, Crumlin Road
Pim, Brothers & Co., Greenmount Spinning Mills; office, 16 Howard Street
Pim, Joshua (of Richardson, Brothers & Co., Donegall Place); res. Lisnagarvey, Lisburn
Pinkerton, Hans, mechanic, 22 Meenan Street
Pinkerton, J. C., ship broker, insurance agent and Italian consul; office, 36 Tomb Street; res. 178 York Street
Pinkerton, John, moulder, Wilton Place, Shankhill Road
Pinkerton, Robert, engineer, 74 Meadow Street
Pinkerton, William, engineer, 55 Thomas Street North
Pinkerton, William W., clerk, 2 Tudor Place
Pirrie, Dr. J. M., surgeon, etc., 5 Fisherwick Place
Pitt, James, hatter, 21 Peter's Hill
Playfair, Alexander, engine driver, 9 Wardlow Street
Playfair, Robert, clerk (in M'Tear's felt works), 34 Spencer Street
Plimmer, Thomas, photographer (the Ulster Photographic Institute), 21 High Street
Plott, James, cabinet maker, Hornby Street, Ballymacarrett
Plunkett, Francis, commission merchant, flax, oil and marine insurance agent; and agent to the Royal Insurance Co. of Liverpool; office, 2 St. Anne's Buildings, Donegall Street; res. Alexandraville, Crumlin Road
Plunkett, William B., manager of Messrs. Mitchell's spinning mill; res. Fortwilliam Park
Pollan, William, currier, 9 Bilton Court
Pollock & Co., commission merchants, 61 Arthur Street Upper
Pollock, Charles, oven builder, 17 Donegall Street Little
Pollock, John, block printer, 16 Haldane Street
Pollock, John, tailor, 8 Orr's Entry
Pollock, Miss, 19 Botanic View, University Road
Pollock, Mrs. Catherine, Cumber Place, Lodge Road Old
Pollock, Robert, shoe maker, 23 Alexander Street
Pollock, Samuel, whip maker, 51 & 53 John Street
Pollock, Sarah, grocer, 114 Sandy Row
Pollock, W. J., brick layer, 13 Sherbrook Street
Pollock, William, baker, 3 Albert Place
Pollock, William, block printer, Cupar Street
Poole, Alexander, chandler, 15 Annette Street
Poole, William John, lithographic printer, 27 Lindsay Street
Poppin, William J., engraver, 8 Dagmar Street
Portadown Linen Co. Ltd.; office, Fountain Street
Porter, Andrew, mechanic, 26 Morpeth Street
Porter, Angus M., M.D., surgeon, 14 College Square East
Porter, George, baker, Firth's Place
Porter, Hugh, provision merchant, Tomb Street; res. 3 Alexandraville, Crumlin Road
Porter, Hugh, assistant manager (in A. & T. Stewart's); res. Wellington Park
Porter, James, bookkeeper, Bellevue Street
Porter, James, car owner, 6 Raphael Street
Porter, John, blacksmith, 15 Thomas Street
Porter, John, beer retailer, 30 Dundee Street
Porter, John, 35 Trafalgar Street
Porter, John (in Charley & Telford's); res. 13 College Square North
Porter, Rev. John, minister of Second Unitarian Church, Rosemary Street; res. Windsor
Porter, Joseph, carpenter, 15 Lincoln Place
Porter, Rev. Josias Leslie, D.D., LL.D., Professor of Sacred Criticism and Interpretation, Presbyterian College; res. College Park, The Plains
Porter, Rev. J. Scott, minister of First Unitarian Church, Rosemary Street; res. 16 College Square East
Porter, Mary Anne, white worker, 26 Bentinck Street
Porter, Mrs., milliner, 45 Divis Street
Porter, Mrs., 24 Joy Street
Porter, Robert, mechanic, 23 Fifth Street
Porter, Robert, managing director of the York Street Flax Spinning Co. Limited; res. Fortwilliam Park
Porter, William, mechanic, 202 Agnes Street
Porter, William, lapper, 5 Denmark Street
Portheim, Morteiz (firm of Lipman & Co., Bedford Street); res. 2 University Square
Potter, James, carpenter, 35 Thomas Street North
Potter, Wm. J., carpenter, 4 Norman Street
Potter, William, station master, Cluan Place, Ballymacarrett
Potts, James, linen presser, 34 Combermere Street
Potts, John, carpenter, 15 Wesley Street
Potts, John, baker & grocer, 195 Lodge Road Old
Potts, John & Robert, iron and tin plate merchants, 31 North Street
Potts, Joseph, clerk, 84 Stanhope Street
Potts, Mrs., nurse tender, 48 Sandy Row
Potts, Robert (of John & Robert Potts, North Street); res. Rosemount, Antrim Road
Potts, Thomas, clog maker, 40 Cavour Street
Potts, Thomas, lapper, 22 Charlotte Street
Potts, Thomas, carpenter, 12 Eldon Street
Powell, Abraham L., commercial traveller, 16 Lonsdale Street
Powell, James, confectioner, 35 Brown Street
Powell, Matthew, spirit grocer, 16 Marquis Street
Powell, Sarah, dress maker, Norfolk Street
Power, R. A., secretary Belfast Discount Co. Ltd.; res. 11 Albion Street
Power, William, linen merchant, 9 James Street South; res. 9 Laburnum Place, Antrim Road
Poyntz, Miss, dress maker, 4 Catherine Street South
Praeger, W. E. (of Preston, Smyth & Co., Donegall Square West); res. Holywood
Prenter, James, grocer, 38 Carrick Hill
Prenter, John, Derby Cottages, Ballymacarrett
Presho, Christopher, draper, 134 Lodge Road Old
Press, James, pattern maker, 37 Wall Street
Press, John, auctioneer, valuator, commission merchant and house and land agent, 18 Rosemary Street; res. 34 Townsend Street Upper
Press, John, carpenter, 16 Leeson Street
Press, John, carpenter, 47 Andrew Street Lower
Press, William, seaman, 43 East Street
Preston, John, millwright, 7 Sevastopol Street
Preston, John, & Co., linen yarn and flax merchants; yarn stores, 37, 39 & 41 Arthur Street; office, 12 Calender Street
Preston, J. (of John Preston & Co., and of Preston, Smyth & Co.); res. Dunmore, Antrim
Preston, Mrs., dress maker, 127 Durham Street
Preston, Smyth, & Co., linen manufacturers and merchants, 1 Donegall Square West
Preston, Thomas, bleacher, 7 Ewart's Row
Price, Alfred, salesman (in Dickson, Farrell & Co.'s); res. Bentinck Street
Price, James, dairy, 41 Boundary Street North
Price, Martha, dress maker, 4 Birch Street
Price, Thomas, notary public, commissioner for taking affidavits and commission agent, 97 Queen Street North
Price, William, butcher, 107 Peter's Hill
Price, William, assistant (in John Arnott & Co.'s); res. 4 Adela Street
Prichard, Mrs. Catherine, 18 Winburne Street
Priestly, Richard, fancy box maker, 47 Boyd Street
Priestly, Robert, brick layer, Urney Street
Priestly, William, grocer, baker and spirit dealer, 61 Sandy Row
Priestly, Wm. J., Boundary Street Spinning Co.; res. 73 Carlisle Street
Pring, R. W. (of Grattan & Co., Corn Market); res. Firmount, Fortwilliam Park
Prichard, Henry, green grocer, 69 Millfield
Prichard, John, mechanic and gasfitter, 41 Bedford Terrace, Sandy Row
Prospect Flax Spinning Mill, Crumlin Road, John Savage & Co.; office, 24 Victoria Street
Pugh, John, carding master, 15 Union Place
Pulman & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 7 Queen's Square
Pulman, Thomas (of Pulman & Co., Queen's Square); res. The Knock
Purcell, Francis, shoe maker, 60 Beresford Street
Purdon, Brothers and Beattie, seed merchants and florists, 22 North Street
Purdon, Dr. Charles D., surgeon, 12 Wellington Place
Purdon, Dr. Henry, surgeon, 5 College Square East
Purdon, Henry Samuel, M.D., L.R.C.S.I., and physician of Dispensary for Skin Diseases, Academy Street; res. 5 College Square East
Purdon, James, 99 Joy Street
Purdon, James, block printer, 9 Woburn Street
Purdon, Miss Eleanor Jane, 35 Queen Street
Purdon, Richard D. (of Timothy Bell & Co., Academy Street); res. 12 Wellington Place
Purdon, Dr. Thomas Henry, surgeon, 5 Wellington Place
Purdue, Charles J., wine and spirit store, 102 North Street
Purdy, Joseph, grocer, 20 & 22 Falls Road
Purkis, J. & Co., hackle pin and gill manufacturers, 5 Marquis Street
Purse, Arthur, plumber and gas fitter, 31 Lancaster Street
Purse, John, carpenter, 104 Boundary Street
Purse, Mary, grocer and spirit dealer, 48 Henry Street
Pursley, Samuel, coach painter, 16 Lime Street
Purvis, Alfred, plasterer, 2 Northumberland Street
Purvis, Alexander, quarryman, Mountjoy Street
Purvis, Robert, plasterer and dealer, 58 Crimea Street
Purvis, William, grocer and beer retailer, 97 Lodge Road New
Pyper, Hugh, grocer, 57 & 59 Lonsdale Street
Pyper, John, principal of Belfast Mercantile Academy, 1 Queen Street North; and editor of Irish Temperance League Journal; res. 23 Canning Street
Pyper, John, watch maker, etc., 41 Rosemary Street
Pyper, Thomas, painter, 10 Riversdale Street
Pyper, Thomas, grocer, 191 North Street; res. 88 Lodge Road Old


Quaill, Miss, 24 Eglinton Street
Quail, William, cabinet maker, 79 Dover Street
Quee, Hamilton, butcher, 116 Sandy Row
Quee, John, butcher, 30 Divis Street
Quee, Patrick, ship carpenter, 52 Thomas Street North
Quee, Robert, painter, Portview, Ballymacarrett
Quee, William, butcher, Durham Street
Queen, Robert, caulker, 24 Earl Lane
Quigley, Andrew, bookkeeper, 9 Stanley Place
Quigley, James, yarn merchant; office and stores, Verner's Lane; res. 18 Hamilton Street
Quigley, James, dairy, 16 Smith Street
Quigley, Mrs. Jane, 5 Verner's Lane
Quigley, Mrs., 14 Edward Street Great
Quigley, Miss Sarah, spirit dealer, 3 Short Street
Quigley, Samuel, flour and grain merchant, 4 Verner's Lane
Quigley, William John, grocer, 33 Harmony Place, Dublin Road
Quin, Bernard, car owner, 21 Lettuce Hill
Quin, Bernard, Queen's Island ferryboats; res. Holywood
Quin, George, teacher Eglinton Street National School; res. 9 Adela Street
Quin, Mrs. Jane, 44 Fleet Street
Quin, John, car owner, 35 Scott Street
Quin, Mrs., 70 Bentinck Street
Quin, Mrs., 5 Adela Place
Quin, Mrs., boarding house, 17 Cherrymount, Crumlin Road
Quin, Patrick, shoe maker, 35 Weaver Street
Quin, Peter, outfitter, waterproof cloth manufacturer, coal merchant and ship owner, 49 Corporation Street
Quin, Robert, lapper, 41 Wesley Street
Quin, Thomas, builder, 37 Byron Street
Quin, Thomas, spirit dealer, 14 Cherrymount, Crumlin Road
Quinn, Alexander, shoe maker, 27 York Street Little
Quinn, Mrs. Ann, spirit dealer and Queen's Square Coffee house; mail car office for Bangor, Banbridge, Newtownards, Greyabbey, Kircubbin and Portaferry, 19 Queen's Square
Quinn, B., mechanic, 128 Conway Street
Quinn Brothers, grocers, wine and spirit merchants, 152 North Street
Quinn, Daniel, bakery manager, 24 Hughes' Buildings, Falls Road
Quinn, Dominick, chandler, 9 California Street Lower
Quinn, George, coach builder, 28 Stanfield Street
Quinn, Henry, blacksmith, 40 Birch Street
Quinn, James, watch maker and jeweller, 82 North Street
Quinn, Jane, dealer, 100 Conway Street
Quinn, John, blacksmith, 14 Raphael Street
Quinn, John, green grocer, 138 Carrick Hill
Quinn, John, clerk, 22 Joy's Entry
Quinn, John, mechanic, 31 Derby Street
Quinn, John, bundler, 28 Cambrai Street
Quinn, John, lapper, 31 Upton Street
Quinn, Michael, mechanic, 14 Peel Street
Quinn, Miss Margaret, 21 Charlotte Street
Quinn, Mrs., 52 Scotch Street
Quinn, Mrs., Glasshouse Place, Ballymacarrett
Quinn, Mrs., 11 Bread Street
Quinn, Mrs., 10 Queen Street Upper
Quinn, Patrick, traveller, 56 Warwick Street
Quinn, Peter, provision store, 21 Catherine Street North
Quinn, Richard, seaman, 6 Norman Street
Quinn, Thomas, grocer, 1 Murphy Street
Quinn, Thomas & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 14 Commercial Court
Quinn, Thomas, ham curing stores, 2 & 4 Murphy's Lane
Quinn, William, 44 Union Street
Quinn, William Henry, photographer, 42 Donegall Street; res. Clyde Terrace, Ballymacarrett
Quinn, William, baker, 131 Millfield
Quinn, William, brick layer, 16 Cargill Street
Quinn, W. H., teacher, 12 Stanfield Street
Quirey, James, jun., manager (Brookfield Linen and Weaving Co. Ltd.); res. Brookfield House, Brookfield
Quirey, James, grocer, 41 Spencer Street
Quirey, Robert, provision store, 5 Hill Street