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1868 Belfast Street Directory

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Taggart & Co., wholesale Manchester and Scotch warehouse, 41 Donegall Street; res. Hibernia Terrace, Holywood
Taggart, David, overlooker, 27 Boundary Street North
Taggart, Henry, carpenter, Abercorn Street
Taggart, John, mechanic, 52 Northumberland Street
Taggart, John, coach builder, 3 Lennon's Lane
Taggart, John, draper, 118 Lodge Road Old
Taggart, M. (of Taggart & Co., 41 Donegall Street); res. 1 Eglinton Street
Taggart, Mrs. Margaret, 19 Hartley Street
Taggart, Samuel, mechanic, 24 Omar Street
Taggart, Wm. Henry, commission agent; office, Donegall Street; res. Malone Cottage
Tainsh, George, draper and haberdasher, 52 and 136 North Street
Talbot, Richard J., commission agent; res. 126 Richmond Terrace, Victoria Street Great
Talbot, Richard, travelling clerk, Thorndyke Street, Ballymacarrett
Tanner, Andrew, stone cutter, 29 Wesley Street
Tanner, David, Wilton Street
Tanner, Mrs. Jane, Shankhill Road
Tanner, John, preparing master, 68 Cambrai Street
Tanner, John, stone cutter, 46 Stanfield Street
Tannihill, James & Co. (Golden Chest), tea merchants and family grocers, 11 High Street
Tannihill, James (of James Tannihill & Co., family grocers, 4 High Street); res. 17 May Street
Tannihill, Mrs., 17 May Street
Tansley, William, district manager of Electric Telegraph Co.; res. 27 Victoria Street Little
Tarleton, Thomas, surveyor of income tax, Ulster Terrace, Lisburn Road
Tasney, James, wood turner, 74 Carrick Hill
Tate, Alexander, surveyor for the County Antrim; offices, 20 Queen Street; res., Queen's Elms, University Road
Tate, George, Wellington Park House, Malone
Tate, George, grocer, 124 Sandy Row
Tate, George, provision store, Stockman's Court
Tate, James, hosier, glover and shirt maker, 5 Bridge Street; res. 20 Wesley Place
Tate, John, shoe maker, 13 Hanover Street
Tate, John, chandler, 1 Palmerston Street
Tate, Moses, 20 Wesley Place
Tate, Miss, teacher Brown Street National School; res. 2 Victoria Street Little
Tate, Mrs., 4 Fleetwood Street
Tate, Mrs. M. A., Urney Street
Tate, S. & R., soap and candle manufacturers, 88 Hercules Street
Tate, William, captain, 5 Laburnum Place, Antrim Road
Tate, William George, carpenter, 15 Townsend Street Upper
Taylor, A. O'D., linen yarn, and general commission merchant, agent for the Standard Life Insurance Co., and for the County Fire Office, 77 Victoria Street; res. Copeland View, Greenisland
Taylor, Alexander, brick layer, 4 Cullingtree Street
Taylor, Ann, dress maker, 53 Brown Street
Taylor, Anne, 41 Sandy Row
Taylor, Arthur, sawyer, 106 Boundary Street
Taylor, Daniel, shoe maker, 61 Cromac Street
Taylor, David (of John Arnott & Co., Bridge Street); res. Bertha House, Windsor
Taylor, David, carpenter, 72 Cambrai Street
Taylor, Elizabeth, 21 Norwood Street
Taylor, Mrs. Elizabeth, 7 Combermere Street
Taylor, George, pastry baker, 5 Hopeton Street
Taylor, Henry, carpenter, Clyde Street Lower, Ballymacarrett
Taylor, Henry, mechanic, 8 Albert Street
Taylor, Hugh, painter and decorator, 43 Chichester Street
Taylor, James, captain, 4 Pilot Place
Taylor, John, stone sawyer, 8 Boundary Street
Taylor, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 27 & 29 Ormeau Road
Taylor, John, fitter, 20 Wilson Street
Taylor, John, house owner, 39 Willow Street
Taylor, John, shopman, 53 Conlon Street
Taylor, John, mechanic, 22 Christopher Street
Taylor, John, grocer and spirit dealer 209 Shankhill Road
Taylor, John, spirit dealer, 60 Sandy Row
Taylor, John A. (of John Arnott & Co.'s, Bridge Street); res., Windsor
Taylor, Joseph, general draper, 85 Bradbury Place, Dublin Road; and spirit store, 2 Wesley Place
Taylor, Mrs., dress maker, 211 Lodge Road Old
Taylor, Mrs. Eliza, 78 Crumlin Street
Taylor, Mrs., Mount Street Lower, Ballymacarrett
Taylor, Mrs., 33 Blenheim Street
Taylor, Mrs., Abercorn Street
Taylor, Richard, Ballynafeigh Road New
Taylor, Robert, sergeant R.I.C., 32 Denmark Street
Taylor, Samuel, bookkeeper in (A. & S. Henry's, Wellington Place); res. 5 Murray's Terrace
Taylor, Thomas, carpenter, 32 Massareene Street
Taylor, Thomas, painter, glazier and decorator, 11 Israel Street
Taylor, Victor (of Atlas Foundry, Townsend Street); res. 9 Lonsdale Street
Taylor, Victor C., Atlas Foundry, 73 Townsend Street
Taylor, W. H., gutta percha shoe maker, William Street
Taylor, William, Scripture reader, 44 Cavour Street
Taylor, William, clerk, Thompson Street, Ballymacarrett
Taylor, William (of E. G. Duffin & Co., Wilson Street Factory); res. 47 Eglinton Street
Taylor, William Henry, photographer, dealer in photographic materials, picture frame maker, importer of picture frame mouldings, grocer and tobacconist, 48 Mill Street
Tedford, James & Co., ship chandlers and sail makers, 7 Donegall Quay
Tedford, J. (of James Tedford & Co., Donegall Quay); res. Kew Cottage, Mountpottinger
Tedford, William, carpenter, Ballyhackamore
Teirney, Mrs., 34 Baker Street
Teirney, Samuel, linen manufacturer, Master Extraordinary in Chancery and commissioner of the Superior Courts and Special Bail; office, 9 Elliott's Court; res. Glenbana, County Down
Telford, George, bottler, 57 Hopewell Street
Telford, James, slater, 32 Fifth Street
Telford, Samuel, Fruit Hill, Falls Road
Telford, William (of Charley, Telford & Co., 12 Howard Street); res., Fruit Hill, Falls Road
Templeton, James, whip maker, 66 Christopher Street
Templeton, James, seaman, 10 Thomas Street North
Templeton, John, shoe maker, 56 Crimea Street
Templeton, John, captain, 12 Wall Street
Templeton, John, shoe maker, 22 Boundary Street
Templeton, John, brick layer, 28 Lodge Road New
Templeton, John, pipe manufacturer, 2 & 4 Coates' Street
Templeton, Mrs. Ellen, grocer, 27 Cumber Place, Lodge Road Old
Templeton, Robert, tenter, 42 Sixth Street
Templeton, Samuel, carpenter, 11 Fleming Street
Templeton, William, shoe maker, 6 Agnes Street
Templetown, David, dock inspector, Rotterdam Street, Ballymacarrett
Templetown, John, manager (for Richardson, Bros. & Co.), Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
Templetown, Mrs. Cranmore, Malone
Tennant, Charles, & Co. (of St. Rollox Chemical Works, Glasgow); office, 42 Donegall Street; stores, 45 John Street
Tennant, Hugh, carpenter, 11 Cumber Place, Lodge Road Old
Tenter, John, tailor, 69 Ewart's Row
Thoburn, Mrs., pawn broker, 1 & 3 Nelson Street
Thomas, Edward, hotel manager, 27 Joy Street
Thomas, Henry, boot maker, 7 Colin Street
Thomas, Henry Felix (of N. A. Campbell & Co., Donegall Place); res. Crumlin Road
Thomas, Jane, provision shop, 2 Arthur Lane
Thomas, Mrs., 46 Eglinton Street
Thomas & Ross, plumbers, gasfitters and bell hangers, 4 University Road, and 2 Arthur Lane
Thompson, Adam, boarding house, 45 Prince's Street
Thompson, Agnes, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Thompson, Alexander, ship carpenter, 20 Grove Street
Thompson, Alexander, carpenter, 63 Andres Street Lower
Thompson, Andrew, plumber and gasfitter, 12 Talbot Street
Thompson, Andrew, 2 Moffatt Street
Thompson, Ann, thread manufacturer, 43 Cromac Street
Thompson, Ann, dressmaker, Townsend Street
Thompson, Benjamin, 2 Donegall Street Place
Thompson, Charles, cook and confectioner, and restaurant, 2 & 4 Donegall Place; res. Alma Cottage, Plains
Thompson & Co., grocers, 67 Mill Street
Thompson, David, sawyer, 27 Rutherford Street
Thompson, David, mechanic, 32 Whitla Street
Thompson, David W., assistant (in Ulster Arcade), 3 Tamworth Place, Lodge Road Old
Thompson, Edmund, moulder, 50 Boundary Street North
Thompson, E. H. (of Richard Bell & Co., Donegall Street); res. Whitehouse
Thompson & Fulton, hat and cap manufacturers, 11 & 13 Commercial Court
Thompson, Geo. (of Thompson & Fulton); res. 6 Queen Street North
Thompson, Gawn, ship carpenter, 70 Henry Street
Thompson, George, clerk, 10 Denmark Street
Thompson, George, inspector of Water Works, Antrim Road
Thompson, H., grocer, Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
Thompson, Henry, rope spinner, Old Road, Ballymacarrett
Thompson, Henry (of W. J. Johnston & Thompson, 78 Ann Street); res. Windsor
Thompson, Henry, grocer, 26 Arnon Street
Thompson, J. G., agent, 67 Donegall Street
Thompson, James, baker and flour merchant, 61 North Street
Thompson, James, cooper, 7 Edward Street
Thompson, James, grocer, 16 Townsend Street
Thompson, James, salesman (in J. Robb & Co.s', Castle Place); res. 20 Amelia Street
Thompson, James, linen merchant, 69 Ormeau Place, Ormeau Road
Thompson, James, bottling stores, 6 York Lane
Thompson, James, seaman, 30 Moffatt Street
Thompson, James, blacksmith, 15 Valentine Street
Thompson, James, painter, 49 Hanover Street
Thompson, James, dyer, 9 Sevastopol Street
Thompson, James, grocer, 38 Verner Street
Thompson, James, linen manufacturer (of Robt. Thompson & Son, Donegall Square East); res. Richmond, Antrim Road
Thompson, James, iron turner, 33 Columbus Street
Thompson, James M., flax and general merchant, district agent for Provincial Insurance Co., and Fire and Life Annuities, Star Life Assurance Society; office, 20 Waring Street; res. Fairview House, Crumlin Road
Thompson, James, builder, Thompson Street, Ballymacarrett
Thompson, John, cabinet maker, 15 Frederick Lane
Thompson, John, builder, Victoria Street Great; res. 7 Amelia Street
Thompson, John, grocer, 29 Dunraven Street
Thompson, John, blacksmith, 24 Beresford Street
Thompson, John, fancy box manufacturer, 44 Queen Street North
Thompson, John, lithographer, 47 California Street
Thompson, John, cashier (in Richardson, Sons & Owden's); res. 126 Aughton Terrace, Donegall Pass
Thompson, John, mechanic, 12 Killarney Street
Thompson, John, carpenter, 43 California Street
Thompson, John, boat builder, Blackman Street, Ballymacarrett
Thompson, John, carpenter, 16 Catherine Street
Thompson, John, assistant draper, 6 Broadbent Street
Thompson, Joseph, lapper, 10 Hutchinson Street
Thompson, Joseph, detective, 21 Everton Street
Thompson, Letitia, 2 Sussex Place
Thompson, Letitia, haberdasher, 34 Edward Street Great
Thompson, Matthew, blacksmith, Lion Street, Ballymacarrett
Thompson, Margaret, 6 Malone Place
Thompson, Mrs. Margaret, 27 McCleery Street
Thompson, Mary, 5 Balaklava Street
Thompson, Miss, 1 Wellington Park
Thompson, Misses E. & A. J., grocers and spirit dealer, 26 Garmoyle Street
Thompson, Mrs. Mary, 12 Hobson's Row
Thompson, Mortimer H., architect, Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society's Buildings, Victoria Street
Thompson & McKelvey, painters and glaziers, 132 Shankhill Road
Thompson, Miss, dress maker, 44 Queen Street North
Thompson, Miss, 45 Bond Street
Thompson, Miss Jane, grocer, 61 Patrick Street Little
Thompson, Miss Julia, Linden Terrace, Falls Road
Thompson, Miss Matilda, 131 Agnes Street
Thompson, The Misses, dress makers and milliners, 42 Eglinton Street
Thompson, Mrs., spirit dealer, 42 Hill Street & 33 Talbot Street
Thompson, Mrs., 5 Catherine Street North
Thompson, Mrs., grocer, 38 & 40 Hill Street
Thompson, Mrs., grocer, 27 Verner Street
Thompson, Mrs., Bradford Street
Thompson, Mrs., 19 Fourth Street
Thompson, Mrs., McAlister's Cottages, Ballymacarrett
Thompson, Mrs., Short Strand Street, Ballymacarrett
Thompson, Mrs. E., spirit dealer, Old Road, Ballymacarrett
Thompson, Mrs., 5 Columbus Street
Thompson, Mrs., 2 Killarney Street
Thompson, Mrs., 58 Cavour Street
Thompson, Mrs., 16 Albany Street
Thompson, Mrs., 2 Nassau Street
Thompson, Mrs., Windsor
Thompson, Mrs. Jane, 18 Wellington Street
Thompson, Mrs. M., 12 Whitla Street
Thompson, R. J., commercial traveller, 2 Rushfield, Oldpark Road
Thompson, R. & Son, linen merchants, agents for Edinburgh Life Assurance; office, 1 Donegall Square East
Thompson, R. W., grocer, 52 Talbot Street
Thompson, Robert, muslin manufacturer, Botanic Avenue, Donegall Pass
Thompson, Robert, spirit dealer, 112 Dublin Road
Thompson, Robert, builder, Thompson Street, Ballymacarrett
Thompson, Robert, lapper, 96 Henry Street
Thompson, Robert, bookkeeper, 41 Eglinton Street
Thompson, Robert & Co., engravers and linen ornament manufacturers, 26 Castle Street
Thompson, Robert, linen warehouseman, 2 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road
Thompson, Robert, mill overlooker, 13 Coates' Street
Thompson, Robert, tailor, 42 Unity Street
Thompson, Robert, engineer, Hobson's Row
Thompson, Samuel, block printer, 35 Balaklava Street
Thompson, Samuel, book binder, 24 Meadow Street
Thompson, Samuel, teacher of St. John's Parochial School; res. Mount Street, Ballymacarrett
Thompson, Samuel, carpenter, 3 Cavour Street
Thompson, Thomas, blacksmith, 4 McCleery Street
Thompson, Thomas, assistant druggist, 31 Dagmar Street
Thompson, Thomas, millwright, 38 Meadow Street
Thompson, Thomas, coach trimmer, 5 King Street
Thompson, Thomas, 68 McCleery Street
Thompson, Thomas, shipwright, 37 Fleet Street
Thompson, Thomas, clerk, 2 Morpeth Street
Thompson, Thomas, hackle pin maker, Morpeth Street
Thompson, Thomas, grocer, 1 & 3 Mansfield Street
Thompson, Thomas H., auctioneer, 45 Victoria Street; res. Regent Street
Thompson, W. J., 78 Meadow Street
Thompson, W. J., mariner, 71 York Street Little
Thompson, Wm. J., miller, 8 Clyde Street Upper, Ballymacarrett
Thompson, William, stone cutter, 18 Isabella Street
Thompson, William, iron turner, 41 Hutchinson Street
Thompson, William, sawyer, 190 Lodge Road Old
Thompson, William, secretary to Harbour Commissioners; res. Garden Hill
Thompson, William, stock broker and accountant, 23 Waring Street
Thompson, William, ship carpenter, 6 Union Place
Thompson, William, carpenter, 28 Keegan Street
Thompson, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 27 & 29 Ardmoulin Street
Thompson, William, seaman, 40 Henry Street
Thompson, William, carpenter, 30 Lindsay Street
Thompson, William, lapper, 3 Bond Street New
Thompson, William John, 8 Beresford Street
Thomson, Andrew, grocer, 3 Isabella Street
Thomson, Charles (of Hamilton, Megaw & Thomson); res. 15 Fountainville Terrace, University Road
Thomsons & Co., iron founders, machine and tool makers and engineers, 22 & 24 Brown Square
Thomson, Edward, 8 Malvern Street
Thomson, Gordon A., gentleman, Bedeque House, Crumlin Road
Thomson, J., manager of new docks, 137 York Street
Thomson, James, Professor Queen's College; res. 17 University Square
Thomson, James, grocer, 49 Wesley Street
Thomson, Jane, 68 Charles Street South
Thomson, John, watch and clock maker and jeweller, 33 Rosemary Street
Thomson, John, director Belfast Bank; res. Lowwood
Thomson, Mrs., Fountainville Cottage, University Road
Thomson, Mrs., 5 Sturgeon Street
Thomson, Captain Robert, Castleton
Thomson, R. L. & Co., merchants, 1 Corporation Street
Thomson, Samuel (of R. L. Thomson & Co., 1 Corporation Street); res. 14 University Square
Thomson, Thomas (of McClinton & Thomson, chandlers, 53 Academy Street); res. 4 Lonsdale Street
Thomson, William, car owner, 11 Kenmare Street
Thomson, William, linen merchant, Fountainville Cottage, University Road
Thornberry, Edward, tailor, 31 Dundee Street
Thornton, Arthur Hill, in Post Office, 39 May Street Little
Thornton, James, block printer, Wilton Street
Thornton, John, C.E., 73 Victoria Place, Victoria Street Great
Thornton, Joseph, Belfast Central Railway contractor; res. Stewart Street
Thornton, Mrs., 9 College Street South
Thorpe, James, brush maker, 38 Boundary Street
Thorpe, Samuel, brick layer, 42 Gardiner Street
Thread Works, Springfield Road
Threlkeld, Alexander, nurseryman and florist, Malone Road
Thristle, Robert, coach maker, Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
Tighe, George, plasterer, 6 McKenna's Row
Tighe, Patrick, brass moulder, 8 Elizabeth Street
Tilleray, John, spinning master, 2 Ireland's Court
Tilley, Hugh, seaman, 30 Hartley Street
Tilley, James, linen merchant, Rugby Terrace, The Plains
Timbey, Robert James, lithographic printer, 15 Hopewell Street
Tinsdale, George, compositor, Bradford Street
Tinsley, Miss Mary, 10 Arkwright Street
Tinsley, Thomas, grocer and draper, 7 Rockview Buildings, Shankhill Road
Titterington, Alexander, watchmaker, 11 Castle Street; res. 1 Annesley Street
Titterington, Thomas, smith, 8 Langford Street
Tittle, James H., solicitor, 106 Ann Street, Belfast, and 33 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin; res. 6 Castlereagh Street, Mountpottinger
Toal, Mrs., 12 Alma Street
Tod, Mrs., College Park, The Plains
Todd, Christopher, sewed muslin, linen collar and handkerchief manufacturer, 71 Academy Street; res. 25 Patrick Street Great
Todd, Hamilton, moulder, 54 Howard Street North
Todd, Henry, pawn broker, 42 Peter's Hill
Todd, Henry, 2 Glentilt Place, Ormeau Road
Todd, James, mechanic, 4 Marine Street
Todd, James, provision merchant, 11 & 13 Henry Street; res. 4 Henry Street
Todd, James, book binder, 3 Annie Court
Todd, Mrs., 90 Napoleon Terrace, Donegall Pass
Todd, Mrs., 22 Canmore Street
Todd, Robert, seaman, 13 Sackville Street
Todd, Samuel, baker, Queen's Bridge Place, Ballymacarrett
Todd, Samuel, carpenter, Ballyhackamore
Todd, Samuel, slater, 74 Hanover Street
Todd, Samuel, grocer and provision dealer, 51 Leeson Street
Todd, Thomas, carpenter, Urney Street
Todd, Thomas, ship carpenter, 18 Whitla Street
Todd, William, hairdresser, 159 North Street
Todd, William, farmer, Newforge, Ulster Canal Road
Todd, William, mechanic, 147 Agnes Street
Todd, William & Co., drapers, 27 King Street
Todd, Wm. B., Shell Fish Tavern, 3 Crown Entry
Todd, Wm. J., plasterer, 19 Riversdale Street
Togle, Mrs. Susan, 11 Ambrose Street
Token, William, boiler maker, 4 Ambrose Street
Tolan, James, harness maker, 50 May Street
Toland, James, painter, 31 West Street
Toland, Niece, mechanic, 31 McMillen's Place
Toman, Sarah, grocer, 44 Ann Street
Tomilty, John, seaman, 9 Murphy Street
Tomlin, Robert K. (manager of James Lindsay & Co.'s, 18 Donegall Place); res. 1 University Square
Tomlinson, Henry, lapper, 2 Rainey Street
Tomlinson, Samuel, iron planer, 1 Falloon's Court
Toner, Bernard, 34 Ross Street
Toner, Hugh, grocer, 120 M'Tier Street
Toner, James, shoe maker, 52 Crumlin Street
Toner, John, cabinet maker, 55 Talbot Street
Toner, Miss, dress maker, 13 Wellington Street
Toner, Patrick, provision merchant, 15 Long Lane; res. 24 Vicinage Park
Tongue, Mrs. Judith, 83 Crimea Street
Toole, John, railway guard, 58 Whitla Street
Toole, Patrick, shoe maker, 36 Union Street
Tooley, Thomas, paper ruler, 83 Charles Street South
Toovey, Ernest S., commission merchant, agent for the City of Glasgow Life Assurance Co., 30 Skipper Street; res., 89 Balmoral Terrace, Victoria Street Great
Topping, A., car owner, 12 Riley's Place
Topping, James, draper, 24 Durham Street
Topping, Thomas B., provision merchant, 28 Tomb Street; res., Ardoyne Cottage
Torbett, Wm. J., carpenter, 18 Arnon Street
Torbitt, James, wine merchant, North Street; res. Lonsdale Terrace, Crumlin Road
Torbitt, Mrs., 17 College Square North
Torrens, James, solicitor, 9 Wellington Place, Belfast, and 63 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin; res. Edenmore, Whiteabbey
Torrens, John, carpenter, 64 York Street Little
Tosh, Henry, furniture broker, 116 Peter's Hill
Totten, Mrs. (of McCullough & Totten, High Street); res. 53 & 55 High Street
Totton, Mrs. Catherine, 9 Stanhope Street
Totton, William John, outfitter, commission and insurance agent, and registry office for births, deaths and marriages, 76 York Street; res. 71 Denmark Street
Towell, George, seaman, 48 Verner Street
Townley, Elizabeth, 6 College Street West
Townley, John, tinsmith, 10 Carrick Hill
Townley, Robert, carpenter, 15 Mayne Street
Toy, Hugh, nailer, 25 Telfair's Entry
Toye, Rev. Thomas, minister of Great George Street Presbyterian Church; res. 13 George Street Great
Toye, Thomas, clerk, Short Strand, Ballymacarrett
Trabucco, Pietro, statuarist and ornamental stone worker, 7 Corporation Street
Tracey, Edward, 48 Bond Street
Tracey, William, lapper, 9 Milford Street
Trail, William, clerk (in Milfort Spinning Co.); res. Springfield Terrace, Falls Road
Trainor, Catherine, spirit dealer, 95 Academy Street
Trainor, Edward, baker, 10 Alexander Street West
Trainor, James, printer, 9 Lodge Place New
Trainor, James, hatter, 9 Lodge Road New
Trainor, John, grocer, 52 Carrick Hill
Trainor, Lendrick, boot and shoe maker, 77 Durham Street
Trainor, Michael, confectioner, 5 Chapel Lane
Trainor, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer, 40 & 42 Falls Road Place
Trainor, Mrs., spirit dealer, 17 Patrick Street Great
Trainor, Mrs., 35 Alexander Street West
Traynor, William, woollen draper and hatter, 20 Bridge Street
Traynor, Mary, grocer, 42 Frederick Street
Trelford, Jane, dress maker, 41 Prince's Street
Trelford, William, Custom House officer, 31 Ship Street
Trelford, William, Prince's Street Bakery, 32 Prince's Street
Trimble, John, cabinet maker, Belvoir Street, Ballymacarrett
Trimble, Samuel, pawn broker, 38 George Street Great
Trimble, William, shoe maker, 37 Church Lane
Tripp, The Misses, day school, 142 Albion Place, Dublin Road
Tripp, Thomas Moore, resident manager Belfast Savings Bank, 29 King Street
Tripp, Wm. John, Custom House officer, 2 University Terrace
Trotter, David, mill manager, 26 Colligan Street
Trotter, James, outfitter, 53 & 55 Corporation Street
Trousdale, David, 9 Annette Street
Trueman, John, bakery and flour stores, Castle Street; res. 14 Queen Street
Truesdale, David, assistant draper, 23 Bedeque Street
Truesdale, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 242 Shankhill Road
Tucker, E., jun., glue, size and manure manufacturer; works, Strandmillis; office, 23 North Street; res. Albion Place, Dublin Road
Tucker, Sarah, grocer, 11 & 13 Sandy Row
Tughon, Samuel, lapper, 15 Elizabeth Street
Tulley, Charles, mechanic, Urney Street
Tully, Edward, butcher, 21 Black's Place
Tully, Elizabeth, 12 Rochford Place
Tully, James, 34 Irwin Street
Tully, Stephen, brush maker, 25 Townsend Street
Tully, William, tailor, 8 Hanover Street
Tumbleson, Mrs., 17 Brunswick Street Little
Tumblty, John, seaman, 21 Edward Street
Tumilty, Hugh, carpenter, 9 Peel Street
Tuney, James, cabinet maker, 4 James Place
Turgeon, James, carpenter, 12 Emily Place
Turnbull, Alexander, manager Gas Company's Office, Castle Street; res. Claremont Terrace, University Road
Turner, Arthur, mechanic, 45 Crimea Street
Turner, Edward, caretaker, 8 McCrory's Row, Ballymacarrett
Turner, James, manager Cave Hill Limestone Railway; res. Mountain Bush
Turner, John, salesman, 58 Lagan Street
Turner, Joseph, managing clerk, 27 Harmony Place, Dublin Road
Turner, Mrs., 51 Shore Street
Turner, Mrs., matron Ulster Institution for the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind, Lisburn Road
Turner, Mrs., Ballynafeigh Road New
Turney, Richard, rent agent, 22 Catherine Street North (Turner?)
Turner, William, engine driver, 5 Weaver Street
Turner, William, iron grinder, 19 Donegall Street Little
Turner, William, tailor, 12 Bentinck Street
Turney, James, commercial traveller, 6 Vicinage Park, Antrim Road
Turtle, John, spirit dealer, Old Road, Ballymacarrett
Turtle, Launcelot & James, tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 82 North Street
Turtle, Wm. John, bookkeeper, 6 Trinity Street
Tutton, Matthew, carpenter, 16 College Street West
Tweed, James, mechanic, Urney Street
Tweed, John, mechanic, Wilton Street
Twigg, Hugh, tailor, 166 Conway Street
Twigg, Mary, 15 Catherine Street North
Twigley, James, 17 Market Street
Twyford, Hans, butcher, 222 Shankhill Road
Twyford, Thomas, butcher, 19 Sandy Row
Tyrral, Matthew, pattern maker, McCleery Street
Tyke, Mrs., 48 Brougham Street


Ulster Banking Company, Waring Street; James Wallace, resident manager
Ulster Spinning Co. Ltd., Falls Road
Ulster Spinning Co., Linfield Road
Ure, James (of Gamble & Ure, 18 Corporation Street); res. 215 York Street
Ure, Margaret, confectioner and news vendor, 54 Queen Street North
Urquhart, Alexander, boot maker, 12 Falls Road
Urquhart, Alexander, coach wheel maker, 2 Raphael Street
Usher, Patrick, grocer, 46 Hardinge Street
Ussher, Miss Jane, servants' registry office, 35 George Street Great


Valency, Bossu de, professor of French, 41 Botanic Terrace, University Road
Valentine, James W. (of Lowry, Valentine & Kirk); res. Fortwilliam Park
Valentine, L. A. (of Bristow, Valentine & Watson, Brunswick Street Factory); res. Alexandraville, Crumlin Road
Valentine, Thomas, managing director Northern Spinning and Weaving Co. Ltd., Falls Road; office, 6 Donegall Square West; res. Moat House, Strandtown
Valentine, William, director Northern Bank; res. Glenavna, Whiteabbey
Valentine, William, clerk, 15 Hartley Street
Valely, J. W., linen merchant, 3 Linenhall Street; res. Holywood
Vance, Gilbert & Son, linen and cotton manufacturers; office, 38 Rosemary Street; weaving factory and mill, York Lane; res., Donegall Street
Vance, Hugh, grocer, Ballymacarrett Road Old
Vance, James, baker, 32 Israel Street
Vance, John, carpenter, 77 Patrick Street Little
Vance, John, tailor, 89 Lodge Road Old
Vance, Mary, 14 College Street West
Vance, Miss, visiting governess, 4 Upper Crescent
Vance, Robert, tailor, 14 Malvern Street
Vance, Robert, clerk, 108 Aughton Terrace, Donegall Pass
Vance, Robert, proprietor of the Belfast Mercantile Journal, and secretary to the Corn Exchange Co., 113 Victoria Street; res. 231 York Street
Vance, Samuel, secretary to Chamber of Commerce and Commercial Buildings; public accountant; and commissioner for taking acknowledgments of deeds by married women; master extraordinary for taking affidavits for High Court of Chancery in Ireland; commissioner for taking affidavits for the superior Courts of common law at Dublin; and insurance agent; office, Commercial Buildings; res. 9 Murray's Terrace
Vance, Samuel, clerk, 6 Dagmar Street
Vandaree, William, seaman, 54 Hanover Street
Varvish, W., photographic artist, 7 College Street South
Veitel, M., linen merchant; res. 153 Botanic Road
Verner, Thomas, Ulster Club
Vernon, Thomas, boiler maker, 64 Ship Street
Victor, Miss, 59 Victoria Place, Victoria Street Great
Viint, George A. S., family grocer, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 93 & 95 York Street
Vint, Jonathan, wine and spirit store, 64 & 66 Donegall Street Little, and chandlery, 26 John Street
Vint, Mrs., Eglinton Place, Crumlin Road
Virgin, Nicholas, Ulster Tavern and posting establishment, 2 & 4 Edward Street Great
Virtue & Co., publishers and booksellers, Art Journal Office; Andrew Armstrong, agent, 4 Athol Terrace
Vivash, William, assistant stationer, 53 Lonsdale Street}
Voxall, Mrs., Derby Cottages, Ballymacarrett


Waddell, James, beer seller, 5 Byron Street
Waddell, Mrs., 16 Boyne Square
Waddle, William, clerk, 37 Tomb Street
Wade, Mrs., 13 Coyle Street
Wadham, A., agent and manufacturer of sewing machines, 35 Arthur Street
Wakelin, James, traveller (in Clonard Print Works); res. 45 Falls Road
Wales, George H., 261 York Street
Wales, George F., M.D., 83 York Street
Wales, Mrs., 261 York Street
Walker, Andrew, spinning master, 37 Ghent Street
Walker, David, confectioner and restaurant, 19 Bridge Street
Walker, David, engine driver, 33 Irwin Street
Walker, Mrs. E., spirit dealer, 116 Corporation Street
Walker, Edward (of Moat & Walker, Talbot Street(; res. 35 Athol Street
Walker, Eliza, 5 M'Tier Street
Walker, George, linen merchant, 32 Carlisle Street
Walker, Mrs. Isabella, 91 Dover Street
Walker, James, provision dealer, 34 Charles Street
Walker, James, lapper, 48 Christopher Street
Walker, James, carpenter, 52 Henry Street
Walker, James, grocer, 5 Eliza Street
Walker, John, confectioner and pastry baker, 1 Academy Street and 61 Donegall Street
Walker, John, 45 Vere Street
Walker, John, shoe maker, 20 Leadbetter Street
Walker, John, grocer, 37 & 39 Union Street
Walker, John, oyster rooms, 3 Winecellar Entry
Walker, John, lapper, 22 Victoria Street Little
Walker, Mrs., Windsor
Walker, Mrs. Margaret, 27 Stanhope Street
Walker, Mrs., 15 Speer's Place
Walker, Mrs., 1 Windsor Terrace, Lisburn Road
Walker, Robert, plasterer, 3 Wesley Street
Walker, Robert, car owner, Shankhill Road
Walker, Robert, carpenter, 13 Holmes Street
Walker, Robert, Kenmare Street
Walker, Samuel, cabinet maker, 54 Howard Street South
Walker, Samuel, carpenter, 70 Charles Street South
Walker, Thomas, grocer, 73 Lodge Road Old
Walker, Thomas R., cashier, 1 Havelock Street
Walker, Thomas, draper's traveller, 143 Queen Street North
Walker, W. R., 87 Balmoral Terrace, Victoria Street Great
Walker, William, lapper, 22 Windsor Street
Walker, William, woollen draper, 10 Hopeton Street
Walker, William, mill furnisher and water proof cloth dealer, 39 York Street; res. 34 Bentinck Street
Walker, William, blacksmith, 14 Vere Street
Walker, William, rent agent, Norwood Street
Walker, William John, Berlin wool house, cook, confectioner and grocer, 87 Bradbury Place, Dublin Road, Belfast, and 11 Main Street, Bangor
Walkington, Mrs., Snugville, Shankhill Road
Walkington & Son, druggists, oil and color merchants, 13 Rosemary Street
Walkington, Thomas R. (of Walkington & Son, Rosemary Street); res. Laurel Lodge, Sydenham
Walkington, D. B., gentleman, 2 Chlorine Place, Malone
Wall, Daniel, feather purifier, 81 Joy Street
Wallace, Alexander, bookkeeper, 128 Aughton Terrace, Donegall Pass
Wallace, Andrew, engine fitter, 6 Kearney's Buildings, Ballymacarrett
Wallace, Blow & Co., bleachers and finishers, Glengormley and Dunadry
Wallace, Boyle, spirit dealer, 30 Thomas Street North
Wallace, Mrs. Eliza, 22 Sidney Street
Wallace, Hugh, smith, 15 Belgrave Street
Wallace, Hugh & Co., solicitors, 79 Victoria Street, Belfast, and 30 North Great George Street, Dublin
Wallace, James, Claremont Place, Ballymacarrett
Wallace, James, sewing machine manufacturer, 15 May Street
Wallace, James, brick fields, North Howard Street and Dover Street; res., Albert Terrace, Falls Road
Wallace, James, carpenter, Frith's Place
Wallace, James, chief cashier, Ulster Banking Co., 29 & 31 Waring Street
Wallace, James, boarding house, 43 Prince's Street
Wallace, Mrs. Jane, 12 Sidney Street
Wallace, John, parcel agent for the Northern Counties, County Down, Bangor and Holywood Railways; office, 2 Donegall Street; res. 98 Donegall Street
Wallace, John, stone cutter, 18 Catherine Street North
Wallace, John, stocking masker, 13 Fourth Street
Wallace, John, shoe maker, 59 Cavour Street
Wallace, John S., commission agent, 31 Lonsdale Street
Wallace, Joseph, homeopathic practitioner, 20 College Square East
Wallace & Magill, bleachers and finishers, Ballymena
Wallace, Martin, brick manufacturer; res. Albertville, Crumlin Road
Wallace, Mrs., 4 Laburnum Place, Antrim Road
Wallace, Robert, spirit dealer, 46 Tomb Street
Wallace, Thomas, broker, 3 Mountcharles
Wallace, William, spirit dealer, 242 Lodge Road Old
Wallace, William J., grocer, Thompson Street, Ballymacarrett
Wallace, William, grocer, 36 Carrick Hill
Wallace, William, tailor, 5 Dagmar Street
Wallace, William, station master at Balmoral; res. Finaghy Lane
Wallace, William N. (of Hugh Wallace & Co., solicitors); res. Waterfoot, Newcastle
Walsh, James, grocer, 96 Carrickhill
Walsh, James, hairdresser, 125 York Street
Walsh, Thomas, Royal mail guard, 99 Queen Street North
Walshe, Joseph, tailor, 42 Arnon Street
Walshe, R. J., clerk, Northern Whig; res. 42 Arnon Street
Walters, Robert, engine driver, 31 Glenalpine Street
Walton, Joseph, engine driver, 17 Athol Street
Wann, Thomas, stock and share broker and insurance agent, 2 & 3 Ulster Chambers; res. 43 Mountview, Crumlin Road
Ward, Arthur, ticket collector (at Grain Market); res. 52 Townsend Street
Ward, Arthur, in Custom House; res. 19 Lindsay Street
Ward, Charles, Bellevue, Strandmillis
Ward, Francis D. (of Marcus Ward & Co., Donegall Place); res. 8 University Square
Ward, Mrs. Eliza, 8 Howard Street North
Ward, Mrs. Eliza, 19 Glentilt Street
Ward, Mrs. Ellen, 14 Alfred Street
Ward & Hodgkinson, hackle pin and gill manufacturers, 17 & 19 Hill Street
Ward, Isaac William, cashier and bookkeeper (with S. G. Fenton & Co.); res. 31 Grosvenor Street
Ward, J. & S., house and land agents, 7 Castle Street
Ward, James, grocer and grain stores; res. 67 Verner Street
Ward, James, painter, 11 Tyrone Street
Ward, James, shoe maker, 4 Eliza Street
Ward, John (of J. & S. Ward, Castle Street); res. 3 Antrim Place, Antrim Road
Ward, John (of Marcus Ward & Co.); res. Hillbrook, Holywood
Ward, John, clerk, 22 Killarney Street
Ward, John, spinning master, 31 Boyne Square
Ward, John, farmer, Ulster Canal Road
Ward, John, spirit dealer, Queen's Quay, Ballymacarrett
Ward, John, mechanic, 34 Scott Street
Ward, Joseph, painter, 14 Broadbent Street
Ward, Joseph, baker, Whitehall Court
Ward, M. J. Barington (of Marcus Ward & Co., Donegall Place); res. 14 Alfred Street
Ward, Marcus, & Co., artists, illuminators and book binders to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, wholesale stationers, manufacturers of account books and high class leather goods, photographers book seller, publishers, and steam printers, Ulster Works, Donegall Place and Fountain Street, Belfast; London, 49 Pall Mall; Dublin, 5 Dawson Street
Ward, The Misses, dress makers, 23 Ship Street
Ward, Mrs., 122 Milford Street
Ward, P. H., teacher, 7 Rutland Terrace, Shankhill Road
Ward, Patrick, hackle pin maker, 1 Gardner's Court
Ward, Philip T., paper merchant, 6 Lime Street
Ward, Robert, pawn broker, 20 Lancaster Street; res. 9 Concord Street
Ward, Robert, spirit dealer, Lisburn Road
Ward, Samuel (of J. & S. Ward, Castle Street); res. Strandmillis
Ward, Thomas, 22 Hutchinson Street
Ward, Thomas & Son, agents for the Norwich Union Fire and Life Insurance Society, 18 Waring Street; res. Cherry Hill, Malone
Ward, Thomas (of Ward & Hodgkinson, Hill Street); res. 6 Fleet Street
Ward, Thomas, grocer, 15 Willow Street
Ward, Wm. A. H. (of Marcus Ward & Co.); res. 14 Alfred Street
Ward, William, 35 Combermere Street
Ward, William, brick layer, 24 Russell Street
Ward, Wm., tenter, 15 Carntall Street, Lodge Road New
Ward, Wm., cork manufacturer, 7 Townsend Street
Ward, Wm., grocer, 14 Patrick Street Little
Warden, J. F., lessee and manager Theatre Royal; res. 23 Gloucester Street
Warden, Robert H., sack and bag manufacturer and warehouse, 44 Waring Street
Wardlow, Hamilton, carpenter, 15 Wesley Place
Wardlow, Hugh, Wardlow House, Lisburn Road
Ware, Richard, foreman, 30 Fleet Street
Waring, C., spirit dealer, 143 & 145 Durham Street
Waring & Duncan, flax and tow spinners, Ligoniel, Mountain Mill
Waring, John, plasterer, 73 Durham Street
Waring, John, grocer, and provision dealer, 118 Henry Street
Waring, John S., mechanic, 14 Norman Street
Waring, Maria, grocer, 9 Kensington Street
Waring, Richard, provision merchant, 151 York Street; res. 153 York Street
Waring, Robert, woollen draper, Donegall Street; res. 18 Queen Street
Waring, Thomas, hackle setter, 57 Sandy Row
Warner, Rev. George, minister of Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, 37 Melbourne Street
Warnock, Henry, carpenter, 5 Victoria Street Little
Warnock, John (of Hugh Wallace & Co., solicitors, Victoria Street); res. Downpatrick and Portaferry
Warnock, Joseph, pawn broker, 24 Robert Street; res. 90 Hanover Street
Warnock, Mary Ann, 95 Stanfield Street
Warnock, Thomas, sawyer, 61 Townsend Street
Warnock, Wallace, 52 Sandy Row
Warren, Henry, 32 Willow Street
Warwick, John, car owner, 7 Christopher Street
Warwick, Susanna, 112 Peter's Hill
Warwick, Wm., M.D., 47 Corporation Street
Wasson, W. J., letterpress printer, 17 California Street
Waterloo Hotel, 275 York Street
Waters, Alfred, clerk Northern Bank; res. 7 Laburnum Place, Antrim Road
Waters, The Misses J. & M., grocery and delf shop, 104 Corporation Street
Watters, John, seaman, 200 Shankhill Road
Waters, Mrs. Mary, 5 Corporation Street
Waters, Mrs. Martha, 124 Kennedy's Place, Shankhill Road
Waters, The Misses, 81 Meadow Street
Waters, William Robert, land surveyor and civil engineer; office, Victoria Street; res. Mountpottinger, Ballymacarrett
Waterhouse, Geo., timber merchant, 61 Earl Street
Waterson, J., chandler, 9 George Street Little
Waterson, Thomas, ship joiner, 13 Pilot Street
Waterson, W., tinsmith, 1 Sarah Street
Waterworth, William John, staff sergeant of Royal Antrim Rifles, 20 Belgrave Street
Watson, Alexander, coachsmith, 45 Charlotte Street
Watson, Arthur, captain, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Watson, Charles, baker, 8 Smith Street
Watson, David C., credit draper, 73 Shankhill Road
Watson, F. (of Bristow, Valentine & Watson, Brunswick Street Factory); res. 120 Richmond Terrace, Great Victoria Street
Watson, James, compositor, 28 Gordon Street
Watson, James, Dublin and Armagh Hotel and spirit store, 4 Victoria Street Great
Watson, James, carpenter, 26 Elizabeth Street
Watson, James, ship carpenter, 126 Peter's Hill
Watson, James, tenter, 6 McGuiness' Row
Watson, Jane, 8 Copeland Place
Watson, John, driller, 20 Finn Street
Watson, John, clerk, New Lodge Road
Watson, John, lapper, 4 Hope Street
Watson, John, carpenter, 7 Everton Street
Watson, Martin, builder, 50 Lagan Street
Watson, Mary Jane, grocer, 63 Sandy Row
Watson, Matthew, carpenter, 94 Charles Street South
Watson, Richard, clerk and house steward of General Hospital, Frederick Street
Watson, Robert, upholsterer's furnisher, etc., 92 Donegall Street
Watson, Robert, shoe maker, 14 Welwynne Street
Watson, Robert, 65 Boundary Street North
Watson, Robert, collector in markets, 29 Upton Street
Watson, Robert, tailor, 5 Napier Place
Watson, Samuel, carpenter, 60 Lagan Street
Watson, Samuel, engine driver, Cluan Place, Ballymacarrett
Watson, Samuel, brick layer, 28 William's Place
Watson, William, carpenter, 83 Market Street
Watt, Cummin, Ballynafeigh Road
Watt, J. & N., grocers and provision merchants, Claremont Street, Ballymacarrett
Watt, J. & N., grocers, 126 Lodge Road Old
Watt, James, grocery, 154 & 156 Peter's Hill, and haberdashery, 152 Peter's Hill
Watt, John, grocery and provision warehouse, 60 Ann Street
Watt, Mrs., 10 Rainey Street
Watt, Thomas, grocery and provisions, 99 North Street; res. 3 Vicinage Park
Watt, William, grocer, flour merchant and provision dealer, Mill Street and Hamill Street
Watt, William, Customs' surveyor, 69 Inkerman Terrace, Dublin Road
Watt, William, wholesale and retail grocer, 85 York Street
Watt, William, master in Union Workhouse, Lisburn Road
Watt, William, grocer, 1 Wesley Place
Watt, William, traveller, 18 Albion Street
Watters, Allan, ship bread baker and grocer, 5 Corporation Square
Watters, Mrs. Alice, 38 Stanhope Street
Watters, John, chandler, 21 Hopewell Street
Watters, Joseph, grocer, 80 M'Tier Street
Watters, Thomas, painter, 50 Stanfield Street
Watterson, Thos., boiler maker, 27 Cullingtree Street
Waugh, Isaac, clerk in mill, 4 Tudor Place
Waugh & Smyth, coach builders, 22 Chichester Street
Waugh, J. (of Waugh & Smyth, coachbuilders); res. 20 Chichester Street
Waugh, John, traveller, Ballymacarrett
Waugh, Margaret, 14 Lancaster Street
Waugh, Mrs. Mary, 14 Courtrai Street
Waugh, Thomas, sewed muslin and handkerchief manufacturer, 13 Church Street; res. 12 Lancaster Street
Weaver, Miss M., 69 Shankhill Road
Weames, George, tinsmith, 6 Wilson Street
Weams, William, tinsmith, 7 Melbourne Court
Webb, Alfred (of Harris & Webb, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett); res. Belvoir Terrace, Ballymacarrett Road Old
Webb, Francis, shoe maker, 8 Lagan Street
Webb, Robert, bellows maker, 30 Peter's Hill
Webb, William, shoe maker, 11 Roy Street
Webster, Benjamin, mechanic, Wilton Street
Webster, Maria, spirit dealer, Mill Street
Weinberg, J. J. (of Moore & Weinberg, Donegall Square North; res. Coolavin, Malone
Weir, James, engineer, Hobson's Row
Weir, James, mechanic, 4 Sturgeon Street
Weir, John, clerk, 8 Sackville Street
Weir, John, clerk, 58 Keegan Street
Weir, Mrs., 31 Cargill Street
Weir, Samuel, stone cutter, 53 M'Tier Street
Weir, William, manager of Springfield Mill; res. Mount Eden, Shankhill Road
Weir, William, stone cutter, 9 Ambrose Street
Weldon, James,  lapper, 7 California Street
Well, Mrs. Margaret, 13 Stephen Street
Wellwood, Joseph, manager (for H. Wallace & Co., solicitors, 79 Victoria Street); res. 6 Eglinton Street
Wellwood, William, 43 Leeson Street
Welsh, Edward, engineer, Getty Street
Welsh, Edward, brick maker, Cupar Street
Welsh, James, baker, 18 Dayton Street
Welsh, John, compositor, 59 Massareene Street
Welsh, John, 12 Black's Place
Welsh, N., saddler, 1 Lennon's Lane
Welsh, William, farmer, 1 Marine Street
Welsh, William, assistant sanitary inspector, 57 Christopher Street
West, David, shoe maker, 14 Green Street
West, James, shoe maker, 17 Finn Street
West, John, grocer, 85 Corporation Street
West, Mrs. Jane, 28 Cargill Street Upper
Wetherhead, Edward, spirit dealer and grocer, 19 & 19 Cromac Street
Wetherington, Thos., shoe maker, 34 Leadbetter Street
Whalley, William, muslin manufacturer, 6 Sandy Row
Wharton, Henry, Royal Scottish Bazaar, toy and fancy warehouse, 14 Bridge Street
Wharton, William, rent agent, 30 Talbot Street
Wheatcroft, William, pressman, 37 May Street Little
Wheeler, C., lime works, 23 Lodge Road Old
Wheeler, Dr. Thomas K., surgeon, 3 Clarendon Place, May Street
Wheeler, Edwin, M.D., 94 Donegall Street
Wheeler, Owen, traveller, 19 Gilford Street
Wheeler & Whitaker, Belfast Apothecaries' Hall, 33 High Street
Wheeler, Walter J. (of Wheeler & Whitaker); res. Clarence Place
Wheeler, William M., lime burner and alabaster and cement manufacturer, 9 & 18 Carrick Hill; res. 15 Fleetwood Street
Wheelan, James, engraver, 11 Malvern Street
Whelan, Mrs., 37 Irwin Street
Wherry, James, lapper, 2 Spamount, Queen Street North
Wherry, Joseph, lapper, 9 Unity Street
Wheslin, Christopher, 32 Dundee Street
Whisker, James, butcher and provision merchant, 33 Hercules Place
Whisker, James, muslin manufacturer, 25 Henry Street
Whisker, John, shoe maker, 144 Boundary Street
Whisker, Thomas, grocer, 142 Agnes Street
Whitaker, Joseph, shoe maker, 27 Corn Market; res. Holywood
Whitaker, Henry, M.D. (of Wheeler & Whitaker, High Street); res. 9 Clarence Place
White, Alexander, band master Antrim Rifles; res. 49 Eglinton Street
White, Catherine, 1 Lincoln Place
White, Elizabeth, 7 Clements Street
White, George, gasfitter, 41 Sherbrook Street
White, Hugh, & Co., wholesale wine and spirit merchants, 7 & 9 Winecellar Entry
White, Hugh (of Hugh White & Co., Winecellar Entry); res. Mountview, Crumlin Road
White, Hugh, baker, 11 Dundee Street
White & Shaw, drapers, 62 May Street
White, J., grocer, Short Strand Street, Ballymacarrett
White, James, harbour master, 184 York Street
White, James, smith, 3 Grace Street
White, James, carpenter, 124 Sandy Row
White, James, tailor, 14 Carnmoney Street
White, James & John, confectioners, 17 Edward Street
White, John, tinsmith, 6 Black's Place
White, John, carpenter, Wellington Court
White, John, spirit dealer, 139 Agnes Street
White, John, wine merchant, 87 & 89 Donegall Street; res. (Mrs. White), 11 Regent Street
White, John, grocer, 24 Park Street
White, John, clerk, 20 Dagmar Street
White, John, plasterer, 14 Woodford Street
White, Rev. John, minister of Independent Church, Donegall Street; res. 17 Lonsdale Street
White, John, match maker, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
White, Joseph, confectioner, 36 Unity Street
White, Mary, 22 Roy Street
White, The Misses, Seaview Place, Antrim Road
White, Mrs., 40 Cullingtree Street
White, Mrs. Eliza, 51 Savage's Row
White, Mrs., 12 East Street
White, Mrs., 15 Springfield
White, Mrs., 157 Agnes Street
White, Mrs., 12 Earl Street
White, Mrs., milliner and bonnet maker, 63 May Street
White, Mrs., Henrietta Street
White, Mrs., pawn broker, 31 George Street Great
White, Mrs., 7 Carlisle Street
White, Mrs., 16 Cullingtree Place
White, Mrs., 1 University Street
White, Mrs., 10 Dickson Street
White, Samuel, buyer (Brown, Reid & Co.'s, Waring Street); res. 18 Vicinage Park, Antrim Road
White, W., plumber and gasfitter, 62 Donegall Street
White, William, wood turner, Hobson's Row
White, William, smith, 15 Murphy Street
White, William, pawn broker, 35 Union Street
White, William, block and pump maker, 77 Shankhill Road
White, William, assistant sanitary inspector, 12 Windsor Street
White, William, mechanic, 55 Brookfield Street
White, William, shoe maker, 33 Hamill Street
White, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 121 & 123 Shankhill Road
White, William, farming implement manufacturer, 17 Church Lane Upper; res. 15 Murphy Street
Whiteford, Isabella, 14 McClerry Street
Whiteley, Alfred, mechanic, Finn Street
Whitely, Joseph, lapper, 9 Unity Street
Whiteside, Andrew, 3 Sussex Place
Whiteside, Isaac, carpenter, 17 Molyneux Street
Whiteside, James, warper, 25 Christopher Street
Whiteside, John, chandler, 2 California Street
Whiteside, John, sail maker, 34 Carrick Hill
Whiteside, Mrs., 5 Conlon Street
Whiteside, Robert, brush maker, 10 Hemsworth Street
Whiteside, Samuel, power loom tenter, 15 Watson Street
Whiteside, Thomas, spirit dealer, 8 Hope Street
Whiteside, William, shoe maker, 18 Curtis Street
Whitfield, Henry, mill manager, 36 Carlisle Street
Whitla, George, 34 Boundary Street North
Whitley, Wm., hackle pin maker, 25 Clements Street
Whittle, Edward, engine driver, 19 Glenalpine Street
Whittle, Miss, Botanic Avenue, Donegall Pass
Whittem, John H. & Co., wholesale tea dealers, 11 North Street; res. 61 Victoria Terrace, Dublin Road
Whitten, Andrew, 20 Hopeton Street
Whitten, John, brick layer, 49 Boyne Square
Whittaker, Mrs. Ellen, 31 Kensington Street
Whittington, J. S., architect, 17 Donegall Place (3rd floor)
Whyte, James, grocer, 67 Peter's Hill
Whyte, John, pawn broker, 38 & 40 John Street
Whyte, William, pawn broker, Wheeler's Place, Ballymacarrett
Wigam, John T., draper, 62 Shankhill Road
Wigglesworth, Alfred, 60 Apsley Place, Donegall Pass
Wigham, Joseph, draper, 101 Donegall Street
Wightman, Henry, grocer, 30 Cromac Street
Wightman, Miss, 20 Queen Street Upper
Wightman, Mrs., 14 Wesley Place
Wightman, Robert, carpenter, 22 Sidney Street
Wightman, Thomas, ship carpenter, 6 Murphy Street
Wightman, William, teacher Duncairn National School; res. Richmond, Antrim Road
Wightman, William A., muslin manufacturer, 17 Church Street; res. 1 Oldpark Terrace, Oldpark Road
Wiley, John, mechanic, 40 Hanover Street
Wiley, John, Mountpleasant, Strandmillis
Wilgar, John, servant, 32 Hastings Street
Wilgar, Mrs., 64 University Road
Wilkie, George, traffic manager Belfast Steamship Co.; res. Fitzroy Place, The Plains
Wilkinson, Hugh, painter, 19 Israel Street
Wilkinson, James, rope spinner, 37 M'Tier Street
Wilkinson, John, engineer, 66 Earl Street
Wilkinson, John, moulder, 20 Beresford Street
Wilkinson, John, tailor, 12 Hamill Street
Wilkinson, John, warehouseman, 68 Donegall Pass
Wilkinson, Margaret, grocer, 3 Hampden Street
Wilkinson, Robert, foreman in grain store, 14 Pilot Street
Wilkinson, Robert, teacher, 6 Beggs Street
Wilkinson, William, car owner, 51 Eagleson Place, Antrim Road
Willdridge, William, painter, 22 Boyne Square
Willdridge, William, painter, 14 Dickson Street
Williams, Mrs. Ann, 24 Victoria Street Little
Williams, Ann, white worker, 2 Sackville Place
Williams, Eliza, 14 Wellwood Place
Williams, Mrs. Elizabeth, proprietress Boyne Bridge Tavern, 4 Sandy Row; res. 9 Hope Street
Williams, John, manager of Boyne Bridge Tavern
Williams, Mrs. Mary, spirit dealer, 74 George Street Great
Williams, Mrs., 63 Ormeau Place
Williams, Samuel, blacksmith, 24 Marine Street
Williams, T., spinning master, 18 Boyne Square
Williamson Brothers, curriers and leather merchants, 84 Hercules Street
Williamson, David, tenter, 6 Sackville Place
Williamson, George, cashier, Hobson's Row
Williamson, Henry, tenter, 24 McCleery Street
Williamson, Hugh, 7 & 9 Canning Street
Williamson, Hugh (of Williamson Brothers); res. 26 Canning Street
Williamson, Isaac, grocer, 156 Lodge Road Old
Williamson, John, flax and tow merchant, 16 Grattan Street
Williamson, John, gentleman, Derby Cottages, Ballymacarrett
Williamson, John, 77 Boundary Street North
Williamson, John, shoe maker, 100 Henry Street
Williamson, John, whitesmith, 10 Kildare Street
Williamson, John, pressman, 24 Dagmar Street
Williamson, Joseph, 6 Dysart Street
Williamson, Joseph, shoe maker, 47 Broadbent Street
Williamson, Mrs. Mary, 14 Eton Street
Williamson, Mrs., 39 East Street
Williamson, Mrs., 34 Vere Street
Williamson, Mrs. Priscilla, 14 Fourth Street
Williamson, Mrs., refreshment rooms, County Down Railway Station, Ballymacarrett
Williamson, Robert, mechanic, 30 Hopeton Street
Williamson, Thomas, coach maker, 10 Durham Street New
Williamson, Thomas, engineer, 32 Earl Street
Williamson, Thomas, moulder, 187 Agnes Street
Williamson, Wm. John (of Williamson Bros.); res. 84 Hercules Street
Williamson, William J., book binder, 30 Arnon Street
Williamson, W. J., painter, 29 Nelson Street
Williamson, Wm. T., iron moulder, 40 Denmark Street
Willis, David, dairy, 33 Scott Street
Willis, John, gilder and picture frame maker and agent for the Ulster Art Union, 51 York Street
Willis, Joshua, tailor, 5 Fairfax Street
Willis, Mrs. Agnes, 29 Welwynne Street
Willis, Robert, brick layer, 39 Hutchinson Street
Willis, William, ship carpenter, 2 Garden Place
Willis, William, carpenter, 9 Francis Street
Willis, William, Clooney Tavern, Falls Road
Wilson, Abraham, sen., sexton of Primitive Methodist Church, Donegall Place; res. 25 Norwood Street
Wilson, Abraham, jun., bookkeeper (in A, Sloan's, Castle Place); res. 25 Norwood Street
Wilson, Alexander, mechanic, 135 Queen Street North
Wilson, Alexander, bookkeeper, 62 Agnes Street
Wilson, Andrew, car owner, 21 Wesley Street
Wilson, Charles, agent for Colquhoun & Balloch, tea merchants, London; office, 20 Waring Street; res. Richmond, Antrim Road
Wilson, Charles, flax buyer, 3 Windsor Street
Wilson, Christopher, seaman, 20 Graham's Entry
Wilson, Rev. Christopher, 209 York Street
Wilson, Cornelius, gasfitter
Wilson, David, Fitzroy Avenue, The Plains
Wilson, David, brick layer, 23 Union Place
Wilson, Eliza, 67 Earl Street
Wilson, Ezekiel, wholesale warehouseman in Bank Buildings; res. 4 Vicinage Park, Antrim Road
Wilson, Mrs. Fanny, Cargill Street Upper
Wilson, G. S., rectifying distiller, 11 Mill Street; res. Victoria Terrace, Holywood
Wilson, George, commercial traveller, 4 Cranston Place, Antrim Road
Wilson, George, chemist, 18 Cromac Street
Wilson, Guy, pattern maker, 14 Garden Street
Wilson, Hans, grocer, 103 Lodge Road New
Wilson, Henry, millinery, 29 Barrack Street
Wilson, Hugh, rigger, 44 Trafalgar Street
Wilson, H., 13 Russell Street
Wilson, Israel, tea dealer, 36 Hopeton Street
Wilson, J. B., agent for manufacturers, 34 College Street
Wilson, J. B., flax merchant, 6 & 8 Commercial Court; res. Ashley House
Wilson, J. K. (of Brown, Wilson & Co., 8 Donegall Street); res. Prospect Terrace, University Road
Wilson, James, 15 Taylor Street
Wilson, James, stone cutter, 24 Boundary Street North
Wilson, James, currier, 38 Boyd Street
Wilson, James, wholesale wine and spirit merchant, 5 Skipper Street; res. 6 Donegall Square East
Wilson, James, engineer, 38 Christopher Street
Wilson, James, clerk, 87 Dover Street
Wilson, James, printer, 5 Huss Street
Wilson, James, bobbin turner, 49 Dundee Street
Wilson, James, bookkeeper, 16 Bond Street New
Wilson, James, watch maker and jeweller, 103 Victoria Street; res. 28 Henry Street
Wilson, James (of Wilson & Co., 6 Donegall Street Place); res. 43 Bentinck Street
Wilson, James, pawn broker, 118 Sandy Row
Wilson, Jeremiah, relieving officer, Old Road, Ballymacarrett
Wilson, John, Old Road, Ballymacarrett
Wilson, John, plasterer, 14 Lindsay Street
Wilson, John, carpenter, 10 Fleming Street
Wilson, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 6 & 8 Peter's Hill
Wilson, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 146 & 148 Falls Road
Wilson, John A., bakery and flour store, 38 Edward Street Great
Wilson, John, bookkeeper, 54 Bentinck Street
Wilson, John, copper and tinsmith, 48 Everton Street
Wilson, John, house painter, 42 Patrick Street Great
Wilson, John, bakery, 75 Carrick Hill
Wilson, John, ship carpenter, 26 Sussex Street
Wilson, John E., clerk, 42 Ship Street
Wilson, Joseph, poor rate collector, 9 Elliott's Court; res. 44 Townsend Street
Wilson, Joseph, car owner, 9 Coyle Street
Wilson, Joseph, foreman of News Letter; res. Limestone Road, Antrim Road
Wilson, Margaret, 19 Charles Street South
Wilson, Miss Mary, 8 Brookfield Street
Wilson, Mrs. Mary, 16 Pound Street
Wilson, Mary Anne, 30 Linfield Road
Wilson, Matthew, clerk, 2 Dickson Street
Wilson, Miss, corset maker, 4 Queen Street Upper
Wilson, Mrs., Foreman Street
Wilson, Mrs., Ruby Cottage, Shankhill Road
Wilson, Mrs., 6 Bow Street
Wilson, Mrs., 16 Harmony Lane
Wilson, Mrs., dress maker, 10 Wesley Place
Wilson, Mrs. Dr., Windsor
Wilson, Robert, clerk, 22 Earl Lane
Wilson, Robert, plumber, 31 Shipbuoy Street
Wilson, Robert, lithographic printer, 12 Hartley Street
Wilson, Robert, painter, 37 Peter's Hill
Wilson, Robert, seaman, 33 Shipbuoy Street
Wilson, Robert, tanner, 39 Alexander Street West
Wilson, Robert Mackie, Thornhill
Wilson, S. & J. B. & Co., sewing machine workers, 20 & 22 Edward Street Great
Wilson, Samuel, carpenter, 66 York Street Little
Wilson, Samuel, grain merchant, 24 Patrick Street Great
Wilson, Samuel, sail maker, Claremont Street, Ballymacarrett
Wilson, Sarah, 54 Warwick Street
Wilson, Mrs. Sarah, 10 Linen Street
Wilson, Stewart, clerk, 47 George Street Little
Wilson, T. H., 35 North Street, agent for County Fire Office (1806), and English and Scottish Law Life Office (1839); res. 6 Tudor Place, Crumlin Road
Wilson, Thomas, carpenter, 26 Vere Street
Wilson, Thomas, cart maker, 32 Carrick Hill; res. 8 Clifton Street
Wilson, Thomas, saddler, Linden Street
Wilson, Thomas & Co., hosiery and trimming warehouse, 32 High Street; res. 54 Pakenham Place, Dublin Road
Wilson, Thomas, relieving officer, and office for registering births, deaths and marriages, 70 Nelson Street
Wilson, Thomas, tinsmith, 22 Brown Street
Wilson, Thomas, mechanic, Ballymacarrett
Wilson, W. G. (of Isaac Arrott & Co., 34 Waring Street); res. Claremont, Holywood
Wilson, Walter, iron ship builder (with Messrs. Harland & Wolff); res. 229 York Street
Wilson, William, draper, 14 M'Tier Street
Wilson, William, grocer, 40 Ship Street
Wilson, William, cutler and surgical instrument maker, 3 Skipper Street
Wilson, William, Ballynafeigh Road New
Wilson, Wm., room paper warehouse, 5 Castle Street
Wilson, William, lapper, 41 Townsend Street
Wilson, William, shoe maker, 63 Mustard Street
Wilson, William, tailor, 38 Israel Street
Wilson, William, tailor, 10 Broadbent Street
Wilson, William, 19 Matlock Street
Wilson, William, tailor, 3 York Street Little
Wilson, William, Malcolm Street, Ballymacarrett
Wilson & Woods, woollen drapers, hatters, and outfitters, 68 High Street
Wilson, William (of Wilson & Woods, High Street); res. Holywood
Wilson & Co., wholesale tea merchants, 6 Donegall Street Place and 209 York Street
Wilson & Co. (Walter Dalgleish), hatters, 6 Bridge Street; res. 30 Eglinton Street
Windrum, David, lapper, 13 Hutchinson Street
Windrum, William, stone cutter, 2 Charlotte Street Little
Winnington, David, plumber, Joy's Court
Winnington, Edward, brush maker, 38 Hope Street
Winnington, John, plumber, brass founder and gasfitter, 8 King Street; res. 14 King Street
Winright, William, rivetter, 13 Lemon's Row, Ballymacarrett
Winters. Henry, shoe maker, 46 Frederick Street; res. 32 Frederick Street
Winters, Richard, stone cutter, 18 Carnmoney Street
Winters, Thomas, stone cutter, 97 York Street Little
Wirtie, John, grocer, 18 Colin Street
Wisnom, Alexander, shoe maker, 23 Wall Street
Wisehart, Mrs., 2 Deesa Place, Ballynafeigh Road New
Wiseman, Alexander, seaman, 6 Caroline Street
Wisham, James, seaman, 18 Union Place
Withers, Henry, shoe maker, 9 Robert Street
Withers, James, grocery and provision store, 16 Barrack Street
Withers, James, bell hanger and gasfitter, 13 Kensington Street
Wolff, Gustavus W. (of Harland & Wolff, Queen's Island); res. Strandtown
Wolfe, William, assistant ironmonger, 5 Florence Place, Crumlin Road
Wolsey, Thomas, 43 Boundary Street
Wondoon, Arthur, plasterer, 14 Howard Street South
Wood, Alfred, picture frame maker and concertina tuner, 57 Hanover Street
Wood, Henry, organist of St. Anne's Church; res. 122 Aughton Terrace, Donegall Pass
Wood, John, carpenter, 11 Finn Street
Wood, Joseph, grocer and tenter, 19 Durham Street
Wood, Nathaniel (the Bazaar), silk, shawl, bonnet and millinery warehouse, 12 Donegall Place
Wood, Thomas, saddler, 73 Hanover Street
Wood, William Charles, 122 Aughton Terrace, Donegall Pass
Wood, William, commercial traveller, 22 Canning Street
Wood, William, commission agent, 22 Gloucester Street
Wood, William, commission agent, 64 Tomb Street
Woods, Adam, clerk of markets, 1 Kensington Place, Albion Street
Woods, Andrew, shoe maker, 5 Garmoyle Street
Woods, Denis, 35 Henry Street
Woods, Elizabeth, grocer, 59 John Street
Woods, Ellen, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett
Woods, Hugh, 18 Holmes Street
Woods, Hugh, clerk, 121 Hertford Place, Dublin Road
Woods, Hugh McC., borough accountant, 52 Lonsdale Street
Woods, Isabella, dress maker, Norfolk Street
Woods, James, shoe maker, 30 Andrew Street New
Woods, James (of Wilson & Woods, 68 High Street); res. 42 College Street South
Woods, James, carpenter, 88 Charles Street South
Woods, James, cabinet maker, 3 Park Street
Woods, James, farmer, Maryburn
Woods, James, sawyer, Ballynafeigh Road New
Woods, John, baker, 103 M'Tier Street
Woods, John, manager linen manufactory, Wellington Park
Woods, John, carpenter, 5 Fleming Street
Woods, John, cart and waggon maker; workshop 31 & 33 Christopher Street; res. 35 Christopher Street
Woods, John, carpenter, 4 Dayton Street
Woods, J., painter, 14 Renwick Place, Sandy Row
Woods, John, painter and paper hanger, 28 Hastings Street
Woods, Michael, jeweller, 25 Spencer Street
Woods, Michael, auctioneer and valuator, and new and second hand furniture warerooms, 59 York Street
Woods, Miss, teacher New Road National School, Ballymacarrett
Woods, Mrs.., 11 Ormeau Street
Woods, Mrs., 36 Hopewell Street
Woods, Mrs., 33 Wesley Place
Woods, Mrs., 29 Carlisle Street
Woods, Robert, tailor, 16 Townsend Place
Woods, Robert, painter, 44 Mill Street
Woods, Robert, shoe maker, Malcolm Street
Woods, Samuel, moulder, 14 Israel Street
Woods, Wm., agent (in Hill Hamilton's office); res. Wood Cottage, Dunmurry
Woods, William, carpenter, 25 Linfield Road
Woodcock, Henry, poulterer, 59 Corporation Street
Woodland, John, seaman, 112 M'Tier Street
Woodside, Alexander, ship carpenter, 30 Corporation Street Little
Woodside, Isaac, captain, Short Strand Street, Ballymacarrett
Woodside, John, plasterer, 2 Faulkner Street
Workman, Rev. R., minister of Newtownbreda Presbyterian Church; res. Ballynafeigh Road
Workman, John, linen manufacturer, Windsor
Workman, Robert, Ceara, Windsor
Workman, William, muslin manufacturer, 6 Lower Crescent
Workman, William (of Carmichael & Workman, 5 Bedford Street); res. Windsor
Worrell, Hallam & Co., mill and railway furnishers, etc., Donegall Street Place
Wright, A. & Co., pawn brokers, 45 Ann Street
Wright, Andrew (of A. Wright & Co., 45 Ann Street); res. Cranston Place, Antrim Road
Wright, Eliza, spirit dealer and dining rooms, 36 Church Lane
Wright, Hannah, 14 Malone Terrace
Wright, Hugh J. (of Pelan, Wright & Co., accountants, 46 Donegall Street); res., 5 Lonsdale Street
Wright, Mrs. Isabella, 26 Sixth Street
Wright, James, 86 Earl Street
Wright, James, coach maker, Norfolk Street
Wright, James, painter, 5 Ireland's Court
Wright, James (of Wright & Killen); res. Fitzroy Avenue, The Plains
Wright, John, grocer, 50 M'Tier Street
Wright, John, coach painter, 10 Seymour Lane
Wright, John, cooper, 32 Institution Place
Wright, John, draper and clothier, 23 Church Lane
Wright, John, 35 Matlock Street
Wright, Joseph, car owner, 22 Riley's Court
Wright, Joseph, lithographic printer, 134 Sandy Row
Wright & Killen, provision merchants, 8 Trafalgar Street and 129 York Street Little
Wright, Mrs., 3 Queen's Elms, University Road
Wright, Philip, coal merchant, Queen's Quay; res. Rutland Terrace, Shankhill Road
Wright, Robert, mechanic, 53 Leadbetter Street
Wright, Samuel, overlooker, 154 Boundary Street
Wright, Samuel, seaman, 8 Jennymount Street
Wright, Thomas, lapper, 6 Combermere Street
Wright, Thomas, coach trimmer, 45 May Street Little
Wright, W. J., brick layer, 40 Upton Street
Wright, William, spirit dealer, 3 & 5 Christopher Street
Wright, Wm. George, overlooker, 37 Leeson Street
Wright, William, coach painter, 9 Russell Street
Wright, William, spirit dealer, Ballysillan
Wrixon, Rev. J., Incumbent of Malone Church; res. Mountpellier, Malone
Wylie, Alex., agent for Bible and Colportage Society; office, 20 Arthur Street; res. 9 Tudor Place, Crumlin Road
Wylie, Hugh, shoe maker, 48 Sherbrook Street
Wylie, James, confectioner, 6 Riversdale Street
Wylie, James, shoe maker, 33 Fifth Street
Wylie, John (of McCleery & Wylie, rent agents, etc., 43 York Street); res. Mountpleasant, Strandmillis
Wylie, John, baker, 22 Malvern Street
Wylie, John, cabinet maker, 5 & 7 Russell Street
Wylie, Miss, 20 Israel Street
Wylie, Richard, clerk, Short Strand Street, Ballymacarrett
Wylie, Samuel, painter, 36 Mill Street; res. 8 King Street
Wynne, Alexander, foreman compositor, 48 Canning Street
Wynne, Nathaniel, tailor, 104 Charles Street South


Yeates, John (of Gallagher & Yeates, Queen's Square); res. Holywood
Yeates, John, seaman, 32 William's Row
Yetts, William, draper and clothier, 16 Upton Street
Yonge, Professor C. D., Queen's College; res. Nottinghill, Malone
York, James, shoe maker, 41 Jennymount Street
York Street Flaxspinning Co. (Limited), flax spinners, linen manufacturers and merchants; office, Henry Street
Yorston, Alex., resident locomotive engineer N.C. Railway
Young, Alexander, mechanic, 13 Hudson Street
Young, Alexander, fitter, 18 Moscow Street
Young, Ann Jane, teacher Brown Street National School; res. 54 Townsend Street
Young, Charles, hairdresser, 44 Cromac Street
Young, David, clerk, Claremont Street, Ballymacarrett
Young, David, plater, 23 Thomas Street North
Young, George, 3 Moore's Place, Sandy Row
Young, Hugh, coach wheeler, 17 Wall Street
Young, Rev. J., minister of Albert Street Presbyterian Church; res. 9 Lower Crescent
Young, James, Circus Tavern, 10 Ann Street
Young, James, carpenter, 39 Andrew Street Lower
Young, James, Tyne Cottages, Ballymacarrett
Young, James, painter, Mount Street Lower, Ballymacarrett
Young, John, wood turner, 102 Conway Street
Young, John, finisher, 3 McKenna's Row
Young, John, painter, 4 Ellen's Court
Young, John, watch maker, 6 Napier Street
Young, Miss, assistant teacher in Fountain Square National School
Young, Miss, dress maker, 165 York Street
Young, Mrs., Getty Street
Young, Mrs., 117 Balmoral Terrace, Victoria Street Great
Young, Mrs., 77 Crumlin Street
Young, Patrick, clerk, 12 Sarah Street
Young, Robert, brick layer, 33 Hopeton Street
Young, Robert, architect and engineer, 16 Calender Street; res. Richmond Place, Antrim Road
Young, Robert, smith, 17 Hamilton Street
Young, Robert, engraver, 34 Elizabeth Street
Young, Samuel, 9 Craig Street
Young, Stewart, pattern maker, 18 Sandy Row
Young, Samuel, merchant (of Day & Bottomley, Calender Street); res. Roseland Cottage, Falls Road
Young, Samuel, 43 Kensington Street
Young, Thomas, leather merchant, 106 & 108 North Street
Young, Thomas, engineer, 82 Meadow Street
Young, Wellington, solicitor, 26 Castle Lane, Belfast; Railway Street, Lisburn; and Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin
Young, William, lapper, 8 Renwick Place, Sandy Row
Young, William Pearson, house painter and decorator, 97 Bradbury Place, Dublin Road
Young, William, brick layer, 14 Hobson's Row
Young, William, Belfast Lead Works, 24 & 26 York Street Little; res. 54 George Street Great
Young, William John, grocer, Brickfield, Ballymacarrett
Young, W. E., (cashier to Harbour Commissioners); res. Antrimville
Young, W. J., steamboat clerk, ?
Young, Wm. J., brick layer and builder, 65 May Street
Young & Anderson, manufacturers and wholesale woollen and Manchester warehouse, 17 & 19 Donegall Street
Younger, John, mechanic, 16 Brunswick Street Little
Yoxall, Henry, assistant resident chemist to Messrs. Grattan & Co., Corn Market
Yuile, Hugh, mechanic, 12 Ship Street
Yuile, Robert, mechanic, 4 Stanhope Street