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1901 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Names - Alphabetically

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Macalister, C., C.E., architect, 79 Royal Avenue
Macardle, Moore, & Co. Ltd., home, export and army brewers and maltsters, Dundalk; O. Rafferty, agent, Lagan Bank Road
Macarthur & Co. Ltd., wholesale stationers, book binders and litho. printers, 3 Wellington Place; stores, 38 Fountain Street
Macartney, G., rivetter, 19 Harper Street
Macartney, H., pork cutter, 3 Cedar Terrace, Connsbrook Avenue (No. 2)
Macartney, John, mechanic, 57 Herbert Street
Macartney, J., joiner, 73 Bray Street
Macartney, J., plater, 198 Bray Street
Macartney, Thos., joiner, 133 Euston Street
Macartney, Wm., insurance agent, 62 Cliftonpark Avenue
Macartney & Carey, merchant tailors, 9 Lombard Street
Macassey, L. L., M.I.C.E., & Sons, civil engineers and surveyors, 7 Chichester Street, (1st floor); res., Holywood
Macaulay, Alex., tailor, 16 Trinity Street
Macaulay, A., carpenter, 35 Roe Street
Macaulay, A. A., solicitor, 146 Dublin Road
Macaulay, J., car owner, 7 Stroud Street
Macaulay, J. H., 26 Mountcharles
Macaulay, Peter, LL.D., solicitor, 142 Royal Avenue; res., Rupert Lodge, Malone Road
Macaulay, Wm., Alma Cottage, Agincourt Avenue
Macauley, Annie, 24 Donegall Pass
Macauley, A., spirit grocer, 187 Newtownards Road
Macauley, C., shoe maker, 10 Alma Street
Macauley, David, linen lapper, 27 Ashburn Street
Macauley, D., checker, 8 Mountcollyer Road
Macauley, D., tailor, 64 Shaftesbury Avenue
Macauley, Ferris, joiner, 155 Snugville Street
Macauley, G., carpenter, 171 Lodge Road New
Macauley, Hugh, Lisaedh, Rosetta Park
Macauley, G., stone cutter, 4 Independent Street
Macauley, H., L.P.S., 169 Donegall Road
Macauley, H., & Sons, linen merchants, 4a Linenhall Street West
Macauley, John, & Co., North Shore Mills, 133 Royal Avenue
Macauley, John, carpenter, 31 Ward Street
Macauley, Jos., J.P., solicitor, 137a Royal Avenue; res., 6 Fortwilliam Terrace, Antrim Road
Macauley, J., bonnet box maker, 18 Joy Street
Macauley, J., fitter, 20 Edenderry Street
Macauley, J. M., fitter, 107 Greenore Street
Macauley, J., fruiterer, 108 Albertbridge Road
Macauley, J., foreman hackler, 6 Eccles Street
Macauley, J., joiner, 85 Queen Street North
Macauley, Mrs., 81 Botanic Avenue
Macauley, Mrs., servants' registry office and equitable governess agency, 2 Fulton Street
Macauley, O., carpenter, 10 Essex Street
Macauley, P., plasterer, 39 Abysinnia Street
Macauley, R., postman, 54 Fairview Street
Macauley, R., blacksmith, 26 Derry Street
Macauley, R. H., agent, 133 Royal Avenue; res., Westbrook, Beechlands
Macauley, R., & Son, 133 Royal Avenue
Macauley, Saml., tailor, 18 Wellwynne Street
Macauley, Saml., plater, 14 Mountcollyer Avenue
Macauley, S., refreshment rooms, 17 Amelia Street
Macauley, T., engine driver, 23 Distillery Street
Macauley, T., & Co. Ltd., manufacturer of aprons and pinafores, Commercial Court and 8 Exchange Place
Macauley, Wm., com. agent, 2 Fulton Street
Macauley, Wm., agent, 40 Avon Street
Macauley, W. H., buyer, 8 Easton Crescent
MacBride, Henry & Sons, printers, book binders and lithographers, 10 Victoria Square
Macbeth, Miss, Annavale, Windsor Avenue North
Macdonald, Robert, M.A., B.Sc., Torwood Villas, Evelyn Gardens
Macdonald, Roderick, 8 Sandhurst Road
Macdonald, the Misses, 21 Cliftonville Avenue
MacColl & Co. Ltd., engineers, boiler makers and shipwrights, Queen's Road; res., Hector MacColl, 2 Kohinoor, Kirkliston Drive
MacCormac, H., com. agent, Queen Street Upper
MacCormac, John, commission and insurance agent, 10 College Square East; res., 11 Malone Avenue
MacCormac, J., M.D., Kenmare House, 31 Great Victoria Street
MacCormac, W. J., income tax collector, 15a Donegall Place; res., 70 Cedar Avenue
MacDermott, Rev. J., Belmont Manse, Church Road, Strandtown
MacDonald, Miss, 3 Marlborough Park Terrace, Lisburn Road
MacDonnell, H., bank official, 1 Hampden Terrace, Rugby Street
MacDougall, 2 Lower Crescent
MacEnany, Miss, fancy goods and draper, 18 Duncairn Street
Macfarlane, A. E., & Co., accountants and house and land agents, 133 Royal Avenue; res., 121 Duncairn Street
Macfarlane, John, commission agent, 3 Bedford Street
Macfarlane, W., grocer, 33 Manor Street
Macfarlane & Co. Ltd., grocers & provision merchants, chief office, 12 Hamilton Place West, 111 & 133 Divis Street, 168 to 172 Newtownards Road, 81 Sandy Row, 220 Grosvenor Street, 172 York Street, 11 Oldpark Road, & 113, 115 Shankill Road
MacGeagh, Wm. John, registrar Land Commission, 101 Fitzroy Avenue
MacGeorge, E. G., J.P., resident secretary Scottish Provident Institution, 10 Donegall Square North; res., Ormidale, Marlborough Park
MacGeagh, Mrs., The Maples, Knock Church Road
MacGeorge, The Misses, 2 Chichester Terrace, Antrim Road
MacGiffin, Mrs., 119 Eglantine Avenue
Macgirr, R., leather cutter, 12 Regent Street
Macgregor, H. A., Liverpool Restaurant, 45 Corporation Street
Machaffy, J. G., Stalheim, Marlborough Park
Machesney, Jas., yarn dresser, 6 Berlin Street
Machin, P., chandler, 82 Leopold Street
MacIlwaine, Mrs., 69 Eglantine Avenue
Macintosh, John, surgeon, 26 Duncairn Gardens
MacIvor Bros., builders, 59 Ponsonby Avenue; res., Thomas MacIvor, 55 Ponsonby Avenue; John MacIvor, 57 Ponsonby Avenue
MacIlwaine, J. H., consulting engineer, 43 Waring Street; res., Mornington park, Bangor
Mack, D., merchant, 55 Eglantine Avenue
Mack, H., & Co., wholesale woollen and Manchester warehouse, 19, 21 Donegall Street
Mack, J., linen measurer, 14 Walnut Street
Mack, Patrick, painter, 17 Palmer Street
Mackay, George, grocer, 2 Rathmore Street
Mackay, Jno., moulder, 14 Newcastle Street
Mackay, J., practical engineer, 22 Queen Victoria Street
Mackay, J., stone cutter, 45 Woodstock Road
Mackay, the Misses, Fortwilliam Villas, Antrim Road
Mackay, Wm., tea dealer, Albert Villas, Lisburn Road
MacKean, Col. Kenneth, Royal Engineers, 1 Chatsworth, Chichester Park
Mackeller, John, Fuinary, North Road
Mackenzie, C. H., shipping agent, Hartington Villas, Earlswood Road
Mackenzie, Hugh, painter, 251 York Street
Mackenzie, John, architect (Young & Mackenzie), 2 Wellington Place; res., Strathavon, Balmoral, Lisburn Road
Mackenzie, John, landscape gardener, Wandsworth Cottage, Wandsworth Road
Mackenzie, J., carpenter, 19 Grampian Street
Mackenzie, J. G., designer, 58 Regent Street
Mackenzie, Wm., book seller and publisher (agent, H. Wylie), 58 Waring Street
Mackenzie, W., F.R.C.S.E., 6 University Square
Mackenzie, W. J., Household Linen Co., 58 Shankill Road
Mackenzie & Co., hardware and delph merchants, 62 Albertbridge Road
Mackenzie & McMullen, General Drapers, 22, 24 High Street; res., Robert McMullen, J.P., 30 Eglantine Avenue, Lisburn Road
Mackeown, John, G.P.O., 70 Cliftonville Road
Mackeown, Miss, Mossbank, 11 Windsor Avenue
Mackeown, S., & Sons, flour and provision merchants, 54 Corporation Street
Mackessy, Thomas, coachman, The Laurels, Greencastle
Mackey, C., shipping agent, 61 Wellesley Avenue
Mackey, F., bread server, 20 Maryville Street
Mackey, H. J., clerk, 65 Shamrock Street
Mackey, James, gardener, Glenmachan Cottages, Holywood Road Old
Mackey, Jas., carpenter, 15 Curzon Street
Mackey, John, tailor, 26 Paxton Street
Mackey, Joseph, carpenter, 2 Woodvale Street
Mackey, J., shoe maker, 79 City Street
Mackey, Mrs., 44 University Avenue
Mackey, Mrs., 1 Plevna Villas, Cyprus Avenue
Mackey, Mrs., 243 Cregagh Street
Mackey, Robt., builder, 58 Rockview Street
Mackey, Saml., carpenter, 60 Charleville Street Upper
Mackey, S., joiner, 15 Alexandrapark Avenue
Mackey, S., brick layer, 50 Rockview Street
Mackey, The Misses, 2 Belgrave Cottages, Knock Road
Mackey, Thomas, carpenter, 43 City Street
Mackey, Thos., shoe maker, 144 Donegall Road
Mackey, Wm., com. agent, 3 Customhouse Square
Mackey, Wm., traveller, 27 Sugarfield Street
Mackey, W., confectioner, 51 Parker Street
Mackey, W., moulder, 29 Sugarfield Street
Mackie, James, & Co. Ltd., Albert Foundry, Springfield Road
Mackie, John, painter, 18 Urney Street Lower
Mackie, T. F., Albert Foundry, 205 Springfield Road
Mackie, Wm., engineer, 65 Joy Street
Mackie, W., carpenter, 74 Marine Street
Mackin, Edward, dealer, 9 William Street
Mackin, Jas., hardware and stationery, 60, 62 Falls Road
Mackin, John, driller, 21 Ballycarry Street
Mackin, Jas., carpenter, 21 Quadrant Street
Mackin, J., carpenter, 8 Currie Street
Mackison, Ebenezer, engraver, 60 Southport Street
Mackintosh, John, surgeon, 26 Duncairn Gardens
Mackintosh, J., com. traveller, 60 Cedar Avenue
Macklin, Hugh, spirit grocer, 107 New Lodge Road
Macklin, Mrs., 125 Agincourt Avenue
Mackrell, Mrs. B., 13 Clifton Street
Mackwood, Miss, Clanbrassil Terrace, 75 Castlereagh Street
Mackwood, Robt., cutter, 112 Turin Street
MacLaine, Alex., J.P., 77 Queen's Elms, University Road
MacLaine, Geo. L., & Co., estate agents, 29 Hill Street
MacLaine, G. L., & Co., solicitors, 57 Upper Arthur Street; res., Geo. L. MacLaine, clerk of the Crown and Peace for Co. Down, Wandsworth House, Upper Newtownards Road; Omar C. Nelson, Doon, Cultra, Co. Down
MacLaughlin, A., Belfast Bank, 2 Gloucester Street
MacLaughlin, D., flour salesman, 34 Rugby Road
Maclean, Alex., boiler maker, 23 Solway Street
Maclean, A., accountant, 26 St. Jude's Avenue
Maclean, S. T., Linen, Yarn & Commission Merchant, 12 Donegall Square South
Maclellan, Geo., & Co., Indiarubber, Asbestos and Waterproof Manufacturers - Agent, Wm. Topping, 3 Albert Square
MacLeod, John, tailor, 76 King Street
MacMillan, Jos., ship carpenter, 14 Mersey Street
MacMurray, Mrs., 108 Malone Avenue
Macnamara, Mrs., 37 Lisburn Road
Macnamara, S., manager, 11 Ulsterville Place
Macnaughton, Alex., druggist, 49, 51 Newtownards Road
Macnaughton, N., cement merchant, 42 Waring Street
Macnaughton, W. S., linen merchant, 5 May Street; res., Roskeen, Ravenhill Road
Macneilly, W. A., builder, 97 Limestone Road
Maconachie, Mrs., 12 Duncairn Street
Maconaghie, Rev. James, of Fortwilliam Presbyterian Church, Dunmore, Taunton Avenue
Maconachie, Rev. J. H., B.A., B.D., Agnes Street Presbyterian Church, 20 Cliftonville Avenue
Macoun, James, 58 Wellington Park
Macoun, John, J.P., Fernville, Sydenham Avenue
Macoun, John R., 1 Alexandra Gardens, Fortwilliam Park
Macoun, Mrs., servants' registry office, 11 May Street
Macoun, S. M., manufacturers' agent, 10 James Street South
Macoun, Wm., manufacturers' agent (cotton), 4 Donegall Square East
Macpherson, Alex., insurance and commission agent, 102 Royal Avenue
Macpherson, D., engineer, 13 Glenallen Street
Macpherson, Miss, St. Oran's, Fortwilliam Park
Macpherson & Co., Coal Importers, 30 Queen's Quay; Town Office, 15 Queen's Arcade; res., Inverary, Donegall Park
Macrae, A., carpenter, 44 May Street Little
Macrae, D., general agent, 1 Carlton Villas, Osborne Park
MacRae, K., sec. North-East Agricultural Association, Inverinate, Lisburn Road
Macrory, Jas., farmer, Willowbrook, Cregagh Road
Macrory, Thos., compositor, 133 Limestone Road
Macrory & Sons, solicitors, Ulster Chambers, Waring Street; res., R. A. Macrory, Coolgrena, 17 Windsor Avenue
Macy, R. H., & Co., manufacturers, 7 May Street
Madden, A., traveller, 33 Malone Avenue
Madden, B., cabinet maker, 46 Barrack Street
Madden, B., spirit grocer, 58 Harper Street
Madden, Charles, 29 Damascus Street
Madden, Chas., plasterer, 35 Scotch Street
Madden, C., painter, 58 Groomsport Street
Madden, David, carpenter, 55 Glenrosa Street
Madden, Edward, 1 Adela Street
Madden, G., gas fitter, 23 Wilson Street
Madden, H., sawyer, 60 Baker Street
Madden, H., confectioner, 16 Barrack Street
Madden, James, fitter, 5 Waterville Street
Madden, Miss, 13 Cromwell Road
Madden, Mrs., publican, 74 Smithfield
Madden, M., sea captain, 61 Glenrosa Street
Madden, Owen, delph and china merchant, 6 Divis Street
Madden, Robt., gasfitter, 8 Agnes Street
Madden, Thos., sailor, 6 Ann Street North
Madden, Thos., teacher, 82 Madrid Street
Madden, Thos., saddler, 25 Oranmore Street
Madden, Thos., carpenter, 40 Clonard Street Lower
Madden, T. Howard, 23 Eglantine Avenue
Madden, T., book binder, 42 Westmoreland Street
Madden, Wm., watchman, 13 Carnmoney Street
Madden, Wm., sawyer, 11 Renfrew Street
Madden, Wm., druggist, 1 Victoria Crescent, Ravenhill Road
Madden, W., compositor, 33 Iris Street
Madders, A., carpenter, 29 Maryville Street
Maddocks, R., plater, 40 Templemore Street
Madill, Miss E., 100 Balfour Avenue
Madill, Thos., sergt. R.I.C., 38 Belmont Avenue
Madill, Thos., clerk, 13 Farnham Street
Madine, Jos., seaman, 23 Andrew Street New
Madine, R., seaman, 52 Chemical Street
Magauren, J., R.I.C., 8 Violet Street
Megeahy, A. R., plumber, 26 Montrose Street
Magee, Agnes, 44 Duncairn Gardens
Magee, Alex., farmer, Whiterock
Magee, Arthur, saddler, 12 Ross Place
Magee, Arthur, blacksmith, 14 Hamill Street
Magee, Bernard, overseer, 9 Milford Street
Magee, Charles, dealer in jewellery, 358 Newtownards Road
Magee, Daniel, hackle maker, 78 Cavendish Street
Magee, David, spinning master, 215 Cupar Street
Magee, David, gardener, 14 Bethany Street
Magee, David, glass beveller, 19 Upton Street
Magee, Denis, fireman, 5 Distillery Street Little
Magee, D., fireman, 22 Blackwater Street
Magee, D., hackle maker, Turf Lodge, Andersonstown
Magee, Edward, broker and dealer, 99 Castlereagh Street
Magee, Edward, carpenter, 5 Frere Street
Magee, Edward, fowl dealer, 22 Scotch Row
Magee, Edward, publican, 51 Welland Street
Magee, Edward, farmer, Fairview, Andersonstown
Magee, Ed., litho. printer, 49 Thompson Street
Magee, E., pork cutter, 33 California Street
Magee, E., carpenter, 10 Crocus Street
Magee, E., shipwright, 7 Canning Street Upper
Magee, E., shoeing forge, 82, 84 Union Street
Magee, E. F., tailor, 57 Westmoreland Street
Magee, F., porter, 7 Mervue Street Upper
Magee, George, car man, 159 Albert Street
Magee, George, fruiterer, 55 Castle Street
Magee, Geo., linen lapper, 7 Linfield Street
Magee, Geo., fruiterer, 105 Albertbridge Road
Magee, Gideon, painter, 21 Rosebank Street
Magee, G., linen business, Melvyne, Malone Park
Magee, Henry, fowl dealer, 39 and 41 Lagan Street
Magee, Henry, tea agent, 27 Victoria Street
Magee, Henry, brick layer, 8 Theodore Street
Magee, Hugh, gardener, Edenview Place, Newtownards Road Upper
Magee, Hugh, butcher, 23 Scotch Street
Magee, Hugh, gardener, 7 Clondara Street
Magee, James, posting establishment, Hawthorn Cottages, Lisburn Road
Magee, James, grocer, 83 Albert Street
Magee, James, fancy paper box manufacturer, 21, 23 Hamilton Street
Magee, James, lithographer, 12 Balfour Avenue
Magee, James, grocer, 43 Linfield Road
Magee, James, clerk, 46 Turin Street
Magee, James, carpenter, 15 Fitzroy Avenue
Magee, James, brewer, Kilmona, Andersonstown
Magee, James, traveller, 70 Chief Street
Magee, James, joiner, 70 Fraser Street
Magee, Jas., tobacconist, 7 Winetavern Street
Magee, Jas., moulder, 166 Lawnbrook Avenue
Magee, Jas., basket maker, 1 Hamilton Place
Magee, Jas., carpenter, 65 Mountview Street
Magee, Jas., dyer, 12 Bromley Street
Magee, Jas., milkman, 23 Thomas Street North
Magee, John, harbour constable, 60 Mervue Street
Magee, John, clerk, 23 Fallswater Street
Magee, John, Altorf, Holywood Road
Magee, John, print seller and stationer, 22 Castle Lane
Magee, John, postman, 8 Crosby Street
Magee, John, collar cutter, 9 Wauchope Street
Magee, John, engineer, 109 Donegall Street
Magee, John, mechanic, 61 Convention Street
Magee, John, driller, 2 Canton Street
Magee, John, shoe maker, 15 Bagot Street
Magee, John, dealer, 72 Divis Street
Magee, John, brick layer, 50 Scotch Street
Magee, John J., solicitor, 71 Donegall Street
Magee, J., coach builder, 52 Richardson Street
Magee, J., designer, 59 Windsor Road
Magee, J., shoe maker, 59 Norfolk Street
Magee, J., print seller and stationer, 10 Woodland Avenue
Magee, J., spirit grocer, 53a Falls Road
Magee, J., fancy box manufacturer, 29 Lavinia Street
Magee, J., grocer, 72 Cullingtree Road
Magee, J., car owner, 93 Joy Street
Magee, J., coal merchant, 43 Bryson Street
Magee, J., shoe maker, 56 North Queen Street
Magee, J., butcher, 36 Dunmore Street
Magee, J., carpenter, 63 Madrid Street
Magee, J., lamp lighter, 25 St. Andrew's Square
Magee, J., compositor, 4, 6 Alexander Street West
Magee, J. R., inquiry agent, 57 Albertbridge Road
Magee, Malcolm, mail guard, 233 Albertbridge Road
Magee, Margaret, grocer, 7 Crosby Street
Magee, Margaret, grocer, 27 Halliday's Road
Magee, Mary, 37 Cawnpore Street
Magee, Mary, publican, 22, 24 Waterford Street
Magee, Miss, 20 Balfour Avenue
Magee, Miss, tobacconist, 273 Duncairn Street
Magee, Mrs., dairy keeper, 82, 84 Old Lodge Road
Magee, Miss, 26 Eglantine Avenue
Magee, Mrs., 59 Richmond Place, Cavehill Road
Magee, Mrs., refreshment rooms, 68 Great Patrick Street
Magee, Mrs., 2 Marlborough Place, Lisburn Road
Magee, Mrs., Brevora, Marlborough Park
Magee, Mrs., refreshments, 27 Millfield
Magee, Mrs., 18 Cavendish Street
Magee, M., spinning master, 36 Linfield Road
Magee, M. M., milliner, Ranfurly Place, Belmont Road
Magee, P., compositor, 3 Sorella Street
Magee, P., rectifier, 40 Durham Street
Magee, P. J., solicitor, 49 Victoria Street; res., 59 South Parade
Magee, Rev. Hamilton, D.D., 1 Eileen Gardens, Windsor Park
Magee, Robert, carding master, 14 Mount Street No. 1
Magee, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 13 Ormeau Road
Magee, Robert, moulder, 19 Clovelly Street
Magee, Robt., clerk, 8 Shaftesbury Avenue
Magee, R., house and land insurance agent, 74 Shankill Road; res., 73 Woodvale Road
Magee, R., publican, Newtownards Road Upper
Magee, Samuel, plumber, 17 Great Northern Street
Magee, Samuel, carrier, 3 Ligoniel Road
Magee, Thos., cutter, 27 Marsden Gardens
Magee, Thos., confectioner, 56 Euston Street
Magee, Thos., mechanic, 109 Falls Road
Magee, Thos., Excise officer, 2 Willowgrove, Newtownards Road Upper
Magee, Thos., land steward, Bayview Terrace, Belmont Road
Magee, T., tailor, 4 Yarrow Street
Magee, T., road inspector, 55 Jerusalem Street
Magee, T. W., clerk, 57 Duncairn Street
Magee, William, publican, 62 New Lodge Road
Magee, Wm., tailor, 51 Avon Street
Magee, Wm., bookkeeper, 42 Cliftonpark Avenue
Magee, Wm., joiner, 29 Copperfield Street
Magee, Wm., seaman, 28 Dock Street New
Magee, Wm., preparing master, 4 Melrose Avenue
Magee, Wm., linen lapper, 12 Broadbent Street
Magee, Wm., bookkeeper, 132 Limestone Road
Magee, Wm., Knock Nursery, Newtownards Road Upper
Magee, Wm., gardener, 3 Belmont Avenue West
Magee, Wm., grocer, 31 Belgrade Street
Magee, Wm., gardener, 2 Marlborough Gardens
Magee, Wm., brewer, 13 Chobham Street
Magee, Wm., grocer, 285 Springfield Road
Magee, Wm., blacksmith, 5 Blayney Street
Magee, Wm., excise officer, 4 Mornington Crescent, Newtownards Road Upper
Magee, W., steam sawmills, Whitla Street
Magee, W., sexton Trinity Church, 30 Unity Street
Magee, W. H., const. B.&C.D.R., 25 Halcombe Street
Magee, W. J., tailor, 35 Ponsonby Avenue
Mageean, P., bar man, 11 Dunmore Street
Mageehan, Mrs., dairy, 1 Oakdale Street
Magennis, James, baker, 5 Grace Street
Magennis, James, jeweller, 2 Napier Street
Magennis, J. K., publican, 123 Divis Street
Magennis, Miss, dealer, 27 Francis Street
Maghan, Wm., boiler maker, Nevis Avenue
Maghey, A., manager, 131 University Avenue
Maghion, H., steward, 83a Hillman Street
Magill, Alex., spinning master, 151 Hillman Street
Magill, Arthur, 38 Cooke Street
Magill, Arthur, grocer, 75 Manor Street
Magill, A., pork cutter, 14 Sidney Street
Magill, B., boot maker, 2 Newtownards Road Upper
Magill, Charles, com. agent, 15a Donegall Place
Magill, C., french polisher, 53 Seaview Street
Magill, C, W., prison warder, 20 Perth Street
Magill, Daniel, slater, 45 Durham Street
Magill, David, moss litter and produce merchant, 37a Donegall Pass
Magill, Edward & William, iron, metal, rag, rope and waste merchants, 81 Great George's Street
Magill, Henry, dresser, 29 Teutonic Street
Magill, Henry, Dunedin, Antrim Road
Magill, Hugh, mechanic, 43 Crosscollyer Street
Magill, Hugh, foreman, 184 Hillman Street
Magill, James, iron, metal, rag, rope and waste merchant, linen, yarn and waste dealer, and machinery broker, 79 Great George's Street
Magill, James, manager linen business, Isleworth, Windsor Park
Magill, James, box maker, 55 Thomas Street North
Magill, James, engineer, 11 Hillman Street
Magill, James, chair maker, 3 Faulkner Street
Magill, James, clerk, 61 Eureka Street
Magill, Jas., holder-up, 5 Church Street East
Magill, John, publican, Holywood Road
Magill, John, linen merchant, Woodvale Road
Magill, John, brick layer, 137 Broadway
Magill, John, baker, 36 Cairo Street
Magill, John, baker, 38 George's Street Little
Magill, John, miller, 54 Earl Street
Magill, John, dairyman, Squire's Hill, Upper Ballysillan
Magill, John, grocer, 71 Hanover Street
Magill, John, clerk, 57 Glenrosa Street
Magill, John, store keeper, 1 Abercorn Street North
Magill, J., shipwright, 38 Hillman Street
Magill, J., machine mechanic, 3 Ratcliffe Street
Magill, J. D., sea captain, 62 Upper Canning Street
Magill, Louie, assistant jeweller, 2 Posnett Street
Magill, Mrs., poultry dealer, 235 New Lodge Road
Magill, Mrs., publican, 137 Lodge Road Old
Magill, P., chain maker, 44 Dunville Street
Magill, P., coal dealer, 34 Glenview Street
Magill, Rev. George, Cliftonville, Presbyterian Church, 2 Easton Terrace, Cliftonville Road
Magill, Richard, rivetter, 11 Garston Street
Magill, Robert, painter, 3 Southport Street
Magill, Robert, rivetter, 28 Greenmount Street
Magill, R., carpenter, 54 Cosgrave Street
Magill, Samuel, bleacher, 22 Bellevue Street
Magill, Samuel, barber, 50 Nelson Street
Magill, Samuel, clerk, 223 Mountpottinger Road
Magill, Thomas, sawyer, 23 Epworth Street
Magill, Thomas, driller, 13 Arkwright Street
Magill, Thos., tailor, 43 Douglas Street
Magill, William, publican, 20 Lagan Street
Magill, Wm., publican, 186 North Queen Street
Magill, Wm., foreman, 69 Richardson Street
Magill, W., plasterer, 5 Diamond Street
Magill, W. J., painter, 4 Sackville Street
Maginn, A., publican, 43 Albert Street
Maginn, Ellen, grocer, 23 Ward Street
Maginn, Francis, missionary, 10b Camden Street
Maginn, John, baker, 111 Albert Street
Maginn, Thos., shopman, 16 Townsend Street
Maginn, Wm., mechanic, 136 Raglan Street
Maginnin, A., painter, 33 Fallswater Street
Maginnis, Alex., brick layer, 39 Windsor Street
Maginnis, Arthur, painter, 60 Lincoln Avenue
Maginnis, A., supt. G.P.O., 5 Camden Street
Maginnis, A., house and land agent, 2a Hartington Street; res., 9 Wellington Park Terrace
Maginnis, C., grocer, 97 Leeson Street
Maginnis, George, Prudential agent, 85 Elizabeth Street
Maginnis, E., clerk, 128 Divis Street
Maginnis, Geo., shoe maker, 110 Divis Street
Maginnis, H., designer, 100 Leopold Street
Maginnis, James, clothier, 4 King Street
Maginnis, James, horse shoer, 124 Dover Street
Maginnis, Jas., gardener, 60 Chief Street
Maginnis, Jas., gardener, 20 Little Patrick Street
Maginnis, John, Limited, skin and wool merchant, 11 Great Edward Street
Maginnis, J., clothier, 28 Springfield Road
Maginnis, L., mechanic, 11 Sussex Street
Maginnis, Owen, bookkeeper, 36 Barrack Street
Maginnis, P., boarding house, 31 Prince's Street
Maginnis, P., designer, 76 Springfield Road
Maginnis, R., hackle maker, 4 Colinwood Street
Maginnis, Thos., carpenter, 60 Chemical Street
Maginnis, T. P., shoe maker, 26 Grosvenor Street
Maginnis, Wm., painter, 6 Wilson Street
Maginnis, W., linen finisher, 33 Cavendish Street
Maginnis, W. R., engineer, 40 Lawther Street
Maglone, Margaret, green grocer, 60 Durham Street
Magner. John, tailor, 27 Wall Street
Magorran, Alex. S., clerk, 19 Orient Gardens
Magouran, John, tailor, 5 Cawnpore Street
Magowan, A., tailor, 59 Portallo Street
Magowan, Henry, carrier, 149 Tate's Avenue
Magowan, James, rope maker, 20 Wallace Row
Magowan, Jas., R.I.C., 9 Violet Street
Magowan, John, miller, 67 Seaforde Street
Magowan, John, seaman, 9 Copperfield Street
Magowan, Jos., dealer, 5 Cavendish Square
Magowan, J., carpenter, 80 Jocelyn Avenue
Magowan, J., yarn dresser, 40 Glenfarne Street Upper
Magowan, J., sail maker, 4 Comber Street
Magowan, J., shoe maker, 19 Raglan Street
Magowan, J., clerk, 16 Moyola Street
Magowan, J., joiner, 12 Greenmount Street
Magowan, J., picture framer, 26, 28 Gresham Street
Magowan, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 30 Walnut Street
Magowan, Miss, 14 Botanic Avenue
Magowan, Mrs., 84 Cromwell Road
Magowan, Mrs. L., 2a Cluan Place
Magowan, P., plasterer, 16 Bantry Street
Magowan, Robt., painter, 128 Donegall Avenue
Magowan, R., machine master, 3 Sidney Street West
Magowan, R., ship carpenter, 121 Madrid Street
Magowan, R. W., clerk, 114 Jonesborough Terrace, Castlereagh Road
Magowan, Saml., joiner, 22 Portallo Street
Magowan, S. J., manager, Provincial Bank, Provincial Bank House, 1 Bank Street
Magowan, T., hair dresser, 78 Dover Street
Magowan, Wm., potato merchant, Beaconsfield Cottage, Newtownards Road Upper
Magowan, W. C., com. traveller, 43 Manor Street
Magown, E., shoe maker, 27 North Boundary Street
Magown, T. F., potato dealer, 69 May Street; res., 7 Weirville Terrace, Newtownards Road Upper
Magrath, Simon, gardener, 20 Mayfield Street
Magrath, W. J., manager, 3 Wolseley Street
Magregor, Mrs., 23 College Square North
Maguiness, J., tea agent, 2 Ulster Street; res., Nestleton, Knock Church Road
Maguinness, Daniel, iron turner, 8 Ward Street
Maguinness, John, Ltd., Hide and Skin Merchants. Public Abbatoir, McAuley Street; Head Office, 11 Great Edward Street
Maguire, A., shoe maker, 46 Hamill Street
Maguire, A., draper, 15 North Street; res., 105 Fitzroy Avenue
Maguire, D., stone cutter, 33 Baker Street
Maguire, E., foreman, 17 Drew Street
Maguire, George, Fox Tavern, 4 Calendar Street and 140 North Street; res., 105 Malone Road
Maguire, Geo., compositor, 35 Ballymoney Street
Maguire, G. F., solicitor, 3 High Street
Maguire, Henry, solicitor, 100 High Street; res., 209 Trevelyan Terrace, Duncairn Gardens
Maguire, Hugh, weaver, 12 Bray Street
Maguire, Hugh, clerk, 167 Woodstock Road
Maguire, Hugh, engineer, 40 Church Street East
Maguire, H., R.I.C., 36 Hardcastle Street
Maguire, H., flax dresser, 18 Dunville Street
Maguire, H., sawyer, 63 Cyprus Street
Maguire, H. K., grocer, 2 Conway Street and 19a Falls Road
Maguire, H., engraver, 13 Carnan Street
Maguire, Isaac, publican and stabling yard, 2, 4 Cromac Street & 53 May Street
Maguire, James, publican, 111 Ormeau Road
Maguire, James, joiner, 8 Altcar Street
Maguire, John, gardener, 1 Ropework Cottages, Ravenhill Road
Maguire, John F., iron turner, 37 Waterford Street
Maguire, John, weaver, Ardoyne Village
Maguire, Joseph, draper, 2 Queensland Street
Maguire, J., publican, 6, 10 Castle Arcade
Maguire, J., roughing master, 5 Alma Street
Maguire, J., carpenter, 89 Albert Street
Maguire, John, blacksmith, 127 Riga Street
Maguire, The Misses, Belmont Ladies' College, Hawthornden Road
Maguire, Michael, tailor, 16 Cape Street
Maguire, Mrs., spirit grocer, 55 Ribble Street
Maguire, Mrs., Wandsworth, Belmont Road
Maguire, Mrs. L., grocer, 1 Dunmore Terrace, Oldpark Road
Maguire, Mrs. M., 156 Corporation Street
Maguire, M., grocer, 15 My Lady's Road
Maguire, M., draper, 155 Queen Street North
Maguire, Patrick, manager, 7 Adela Street
Maguire, Patrick, inland revenue, Renton Villas, Earlswood Road
Maguire, P., caretaker, Iveagh Chambers, 8 North Street
Maguire, Rev. Wm., supt. North Belfast Mission, 1 Woodland Avenue
Maguire, R., upholsterer, 45 Hatfield Street
Maguire, R., cellar man, 16 Perry Street
Maguire, Saml., turncock, 3a Cullingtree Street
Maguire, Saml., boot maker, 68 Coolderry Street
Maguire, Sarah, ladies' nurse, 45 Tyrone Street
Maguire, Susan, grocer, 11, 13 Colligan Street
Maguire, Thos., rigger, 127 Nelson Street
Maguire, Thos., clerk, 32 Southport Street
Maguire, Thos., driver, 94 Leeson Street
Maguire, Thos., engineer, 22 Lodge Road New
Maguire, T., solicitor, 110 Donegall Street
Maguire, T., dairyman and confectioner, 90, 92 Leeson Street
Maguire, Wm., dealer, 80 Boundary Street
Maguire, Wm., hair dresser, 52 Great George's Street
Maguire, Wm., carpenter, 38 Mayo Street
Maguire, Wm., stone mason, 15 Liffey Street
Maguire, W. J., M.B., 6 May Street
Maguire & Edwards Ltd., wholesale and retail bedding manufacturers, cabinet makers and upholsterers, carpet dealers, curtains and general house furnishing warehouse, 54 to 60 Upper Arthur Street
Maguran, J., caretaker of Providence Farm, Fountainville Cottages, Knock Church Road
Mahaffey, Jas., clerk, N.C.R., 46 Brougham Street
Mahaffy, Hugh, coach painter, 5 Adam Street
Mahaffy, D., clerk, 20 Chatsworth Street
Mahaffy, H. & W., solicitors, 22 Calender Street
Mahaffy, Jas., com. agent, 15a Donegall Place
Mahaffy, J., com. agent, 63 Rosemount Gardens
Mahaffy, Matthew, shoe maker, 50 Enfield Street
Mahaffy, Miss Ellen, 170 University Avenue
Mahaffy, Mrs. Sarah Ann, 7 Churchill Street
Mahaffy, P., boot maker, 147, 149 Duncairn Gardens
Mahaffy, S., flax dresser, 67 Wilton Street
Mahaffy, Wm., contractor, 6 Brookmount Street
Mahaffy, W. A., boot warehouse, 121 Dublin Road
Mahair, J. J., iron moulder, 256 Conway Street
Mahair, S., shoe maker, 13 Coates Street
Mahon, John, traveller, 62 Hatfield Street
Mahon, John, plater, 26 Martin Street
Mahon, J. S., solicitor, 5 Corn Market; res., 10 Upper Crescent
Mahon, J. & Co., chemists and druggists, 136 Sandy Row
Mahon, Patrick, painter, 3 Herbert Street
Mahon, Michael, R.I.C., 75 Cavendish Street
Mahon, Mrs., 83 Lisburn Road
Mahon & Co., Veil House, 26 Castle Lane
Mahony, M., sawyer, 7 Riley's Place
Mahood, Jas., carpenter, 31 Newport Street
Mahood, Jas., mechanic, 92 Tennent Street
Mahood, J., joiner, 11 Newport Street
Mahood, Mrs., 3 Crescent Gardens
Mahood, Samuel, publican, 4 Donegall Quay
Mahood, Samuel, street inspector, Rosemount Villa, Andersonstown
Mahood, William, boot maker, 37 Tenth Street
Mahood, Wm., dairyman, 43 Durham Street
Main, John, engineer, 21 Yarrow Street
Main, R. A., Ltd., gas stove manufacturers (F. A. Porter, agent), 13 Queen's Square
Mains, Joseph, R.I.C., 37 Distillery Street
Mains, Mrs., 3 Manor Terrace, Cregagh Road
Mairs, David, draper, 113 Albertbridge Road
Mairs, David, confectioner, 31 Albion Street
Mairs, G., carpenter, 19 Wilson Street
Mairs, James, grocer, 17, 19 Agnes Street
Mairs, J., provision merchant, 1 Strangemore Terrace, Crumlin Road
Mairs, J., grocer, 251, 253 Conway Street
Mairs, J., general grocer, 31 Millfield
Mairs, J. B., grocer and provision merchant, 60 Shankill Road
Mairs, Mary S., grocer, 49 Charleville Street Upper
Mairs, M. S., grocer, 42 Carrick Hill and 65 Peter's Hill
Mairs, Thos., linen lapper, 72 Ruth Street
Mairs, Thos., blacksmith, 29 Ewart's Row
Mairs, W., grocer, 60 Mountcollyer Avenue
Maitland, F. A., draper, 128 Crumlin Road
Maitland, F. A., 109 Donegall Street
Maitland, James, clerk, 32 Woodvale Street
Maitland, James, ram driver, 4 Madeline Street
Maitland, Robert, joiner, 55 Vernon Street
Maitland, Thos., boot and shoe maker, Hillview Avenue
Maitland, Thos., engineer, 1 Newry Street
Majilton, Hugh, seaman, 19 Southwell Street
Major, George, steward, 5 Maryville Terrace, Whiterock Road
Major, Geo. Parker, 2 Wandsworth Road
Major, Hugh, plumber, 90 Glenwood Street
Major, Jas., brick layer, 59 Collyer Street
Major, John, designer, 2 Benburb Street
Major, John, cutter, 12 Derg Street
Major, Mrs., publican, 276 Shankill Road
Major, R., mechanic, 139 Cupar Street
Major, Thos., steward, 1 Dublin Street
Major, Wm., fitter, 301 Cupar Street
Majury, A., publican (Wellington Arms Hotel), 19 Castle Lane
Majury, Wm., dealer, 39 Crosby Street
Malabar, Robert, assistant secretary Belfast Rope Works, Southview Villas, Earlswood Road
Malcolm, A., plater, 13 Mountcollyer Avenue
Malcolm, Bowman, chief locomotive engineer B.N.C.R., 1 Inver, Antrim Road
Malcolm, D., room paper merchants, 18 Victoria Street; res., Lismore, 352 Ormeau Road
Malcolm, H., engineer, 127 Duncairn Gardens
Malcolm, H. M., broker and com. agent, 79 Royal Avenue
Malcolm, James, engineer, 30 Duncairn Gardens
Malcolm, James, agent, 120 Rugby Avenue
Malcolm, John, engineer, 2 Stonyford Street
Malcolm, John, chartered accountant and estate agent, Belfast Bank Chambers, 1, 3 North Street; res., Dungeeha, Knockdene Park
Malcolm, J., tailor, 7 Winchester Street
Malcolm, J., traveller, 71 Emerson Street
Malcolm, Miss, underclothing, 182 Sandy Row
Malcolm, Miss, dress maker, 146 Agnes Street
Malcolm, Mrs., 70 Willowbank Street
Malcolm, Mrs., 21 Hughenden Avenue
Malcolm, Mrs. E. G., 5 Hughenden Avenue
Malcolm, Mrs., draper, 137 Agnes Street
Malcolm, Robert, joiner, 3 Wimbledon Street
Malcolm, Saml., carpenter, 157 Agnes Street
Malcolm, Wm., insurance agent, 47 Dargle Street
Malcolm, Wm., tenter, 38 Thames Street
Malcolm, Wm. & Co., engineers, millwrights and boiler makers, Whitla Street; res., Wm. Malcolm, Kevock House, Knockbreda Road
Malcomson, Alex., J.P., merchant, Fern Villa, Sandown Road
Malcomson, A., insurance agent, Garfield Chambers; res., 41 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Malcomson Bros. Ltd., family grocers and wine merchants, 24, 26 Castle Place
Malcolmson, David, grocer, 157 Upper Meadow Street
Malcolmson, D., newsagent, 74 Old Lodge Road
Malcolmson, Greer, grocer, Mirza Villa, Malone Road
Malcolmson, J. H., rivetter, 66 Queensland Street
Malcolmson, Mrs., 3 Dawson Street
Malcolmson, R., steward, 10 Chadolly Street
Malcolmson, W., coachman, Back lodge, Bladen Park
Malcolmson & Co., wine merchants and distillers, 38, 40, 42 Frederick Street
Mallace, W., com. traveller, 39 South Parade
Mallaghan, P., com. agent, 14 Holywood View Terrace, Shore Road
Mallaghan, M. & P., spirit grocers, 36, 38 Memel Street
Mallaghan, P. & J., publicans, 7 Donegall Quay
Mallan, Charles, dealer, 31 Barrack Street and 43a Divis Street
Mallard, A., painter, 4 Hart Street
Mallard, W., stone cutter, 15 Caroline Street
Mallin, J., joiner, 49 Ross Street
Mallon, Ann, dealer, 51 Durham Street
Mallon, Daniel, publican, 73 Falls Road
Mallon, E., brick layer, 49 California Street
Mallon, E., draper, 27 Queen Street North
Mallon, Henry, delph and china merchant, 43 and 43a Divis Street
Mallon, James, tailor, 139 Mervue Street
Mallon, Jas., collar and cuff cutter, 5 Mulhouse Street
Mallon, John, joiner, 47 Hardinge Street
Mallon, J., compositor, 21 Little Grosvenor Street
Mallon, J., spinning master, 9 Ruth Street
Mallon, Michael, spirit grocer, 81 Cavehill Road
Mallon, Mrs., 35 Posnett Street
Mallon, Patrick, herbalist, 10 Lyle Street
Mallon, Patrick, spirit grocer, 23 Gotha Street
Mallon, Patk., clerk, 64 Boundary Street
Mallon, P., driller, 19 Dunmore Street
Mallon, Sarah, confectioner, 32 Divis Street
Mallon, Thomas, cycle agent, cycle manufacturer and tobacconist, 83, 85 Ann Street; res., 7 Wandsworth Road
Mallon, Wm., baker, 55 Stanhope Street
Mallon, Wm., 107 Cavendish Street
Mallon, W. J., baker, 81 Burnaby Street
Malloy, John, draughtsman, 22 Mossvale Street
Malone, Alfred, director of Forster Green & Co., 2 Cliftonville Avenue
Malone, B., spirit grocer, 49, 51 Bright Street
Malone, C., shoe maker, 138 Lodge Road New
Malone, E., engine driver, 139 Cullingtree Road
Malone, E. M., solicitor, 142 Royal Avenue; res., 18 Newington Street
Malone, F., linen lapper, 94 Albert Street
Malone, F., painter, 1 Neely Street
Malone, F., linen lapper, 91 Cullingtree Road
Malone, Hugh, engine driver, 27 Alexander Street West
Malone, H., clerk, 163 Dunluce Avenue
Malone, John, cooper, 38 Seaforde Street
Malone, John, cooper, 30 Henry Street
Malone, John, tenter, 7 Sorella Street
Malone, John, director Wolfhill Spinning Co. Ltd., Entroya, Fortwilliam Park
Malone, J., cooper, 8 Florence Place
Malone, J., coal dealer, 41 Lincoln Street
Malone, M., engine driver, 17 Dunmore Street
Malone, P., pensioner, R.I.C., 59 Donard Street
Malone, P., cooper, 17 Brookfield Street
Malone, W. B., cashier, 51 Thorndale Avenue
Malough, Jos., fruiterer, 23 Crumlin Road
Maltman, R. H., posting establishment, 387 Ormeau Road
Maltman, T., ship carpenter, 122 Canning Street Upper
Maltman, W. J., waiter, 60, 62 Utility Street
Managh, Robt., plumber, 28 Selby Street
Manderson, A. H., publican, 152, 154 North Street
Manderson, A. H., American flour importer, 1 Skipper Street
Manderson, Jane, grocer, 32, 34 Tasmania Street
Manderson, J., plumber, 30 Ruth Street
Manderson, T., carpenter, 111 Agnes Street
Manderson, Wm., wood carver, 168 Hillman Street
Mandeville, M., french polisher, 16 Stratheden Street
Maneely, Joseph, bookkeeper, 23 Sandymount Street
Manfield & Sons, high class boot and shoe manufacturers, 16, 18 Donegall Place
Manley, Jas., foreman, 31 Mourne Street
Manley, Mrs., 15 Crescent Upper
Manley, Waring, Flush House, Knockbreda Road
Mann, B., bookkeeper, 82 Deramore Avenue
Mann, Captain R., Arendale, Donegall Park
Mann, F., rivetter, Lisnavon Street
Mann, Jas., joiner, 54 Glenallen Street
Mann, John, confectioner, 189 Grosvenor Street
Mann, John, engineer, 97 Meadow Street Upper
Mann, John, seaman, 34 Clandeboye Street
Mann, Joseph, clothier and pawn broker, 1, 3 William Street South
Mann, J., general dealer, 126 Donegall Pass
Mann, Madeline, 195 Duncairn Gardens
Mann, Richard, fruiterer, 142 Shankill Road
Mann, Summers, & Co., wholesale paper merchants, 61 Upper Arthur Street
Mann, S., brick layer, 18 Mountview Street
Mannagh, Wm., coachman, 38 Turin Street
Mannery, John, inspector G.N.R., 2 Stewart Street
Manning, Thos., tenter, 8 Cavendish Street
Manning, Wm., bank official, 89 Roseleigh Street
Manning, Wm., store keeper, 91 Cavendish Street
Mansbridge, John T., sexton, 150a Templemore Street
Mansell, Charles, joiner, 68 Jerusalem Street
Mansell, Fredk., warehouseman, 6 Eblana Street
Manson, Geo., grocer, 57 Mountcollyer Road
Manson, John, clerk, 15 St. James Street
Manson, John, grocer, 228 Shankill Road
Manson, John, carpenter, 21 Armitage Street
Manson, Peter, cooper, 85 Craigmore Street
Mantell, John, proprietor Eglinton and Winton Hotel, 83 High Street
Mantell, Robert, mechanic, 21 Albert Street
Manus, Wm., bench man, 54 Bristol Street
Marcintonia, Peter, ice cream maker, 42 Divis Street
Marcus, Geo., tailor, 32 Paris Street
Marfurt, E., designer, 111 Fitzroy Avenue
Mark, David, M.D., 259 York Street
Mark, E., draper and milliner, 208 Newtownards Road
Mark, John, clerk, 47 Killowen Street
Mark, Saml., draper, 106 Newtownards Road
Mark, Saml., draper, 7 Leitrim Street
Markey, D., stone cutter, 105 Lepper Street
Markey, Frank, boot maker, 42 Cawnpore Street
Markey, Thos., carpenter, 43 My Lady's Road
Markin, John, shop keeper, 21 Donegore Street
Markland, Jas. H., engineer, 6 Virginia Street
Marks, Isaac, caulker, 58 Seaview Street
Marks, James, painter, 27 Fairview Street
Marks, James, salesman, 149 Templemore Street
Marks, John, painter, 12 Stratheden Street
Marks, J., & Co., painters and decorators, 145 Donegall Street
Marks, Mrs., 73 Carmel Street
Marks, Robert, iron turner, 35 Perry Street
Marks, Robert, clerk, 75 Tate's Avenue
Marks, Robt. H., traveller, 22 Bray Street
Marks, R. J., sergt. R.I.C., 665 Lisburn Road
Marks, Sarah, dress maker, 16 Farnham Street
Marks, Wm., painter, 15 Canning Street
Marks, Wm., painter and decorator, Parkview Terrace, 341 Ormeau Road
Marks, Wm., tenter, 69 Tobergill Street
Marlborough, W., ship carpenter, 68 Tower Street
Marley, B., boiler maker, 30 Woodlee Street
Marley, Chas., boiler maker, 56 Harrisburg Street
Marley, Jas., hair dresser, 162 Cromac Street
Marley, J., brick layer, 21 Stanhope Street
Marley, Michael, baker, 37 Raglan Street
Marley, Stephen, & Sons, fish and fruit salesmen, 57, 59 Smithfield, and New Fruit Market; res., 55 King Street
Marlow, Arthur, jeweller, 33 Conduit Street
Marlow, A., salesman, 41 Redcar Street
Marlow, E., boiler maker, 8 Ivan Street
Marlow, F., pawn broker, 11 Divis Street
Marlow, J., shipwright, 59 Seaforde Street
Marmion, J., iron moulder, 27 Wilson Street
Marno, Geo., fireman, 8 Collyer Street
Marno, Mrs., 11 Cambridge Street
Marquees, C., spirit grocer, 55 Falls Road
Marron, Edward, grocer, 106 Falls Road
Marron, John, spirit grocer, 44, 46 Lord Street
Marron, J., boiler maker, 40 Clonard Gardens
Marr, John, horse trainer, 72 Eliza Street
Mars, W., confectioner, 148 Lodge Road Old
Mars, W. V., engineer, 130 Elgin Terrace, Limestone Road
Marsden, John, brass finisher, 37 Bloomfield Avenue
Marsden, J., roller coverer, 14 Forth River Gardens
Marsden, Walter, Wallpaper Merchant and Importer of High Relief Decorations, Private Showrooms, 87 Royal Avenue
March, J. C., architect, 4 Albert Hall, Donegall Street; res., 2 Chichester Gardens, Antrim Road
Marsh, Thos., publican, 118 Lisburn Road
Marsh, W. J., com. traveller, 48 Christopher Street
Marsh & Co. Ltd., cake and biscuit manufacturers, 138, 140 Donegall Street
Marshall, Alex., grocer, 10 Candahar Street
Marshall, Alf. W., ship carpenter, 81 Spamount Street
Marshall, Arthur, carpenter, 35 Madrid Street
Marshall, A., book binder, 44 Westmoreland Street
Marshall, A., pawn broker, 7 Great Patrick Street
Marshall, David, dyer and finisher, 182 Crumlin Road
Marshall, David, tailor, 9 Evelyn Avenue
Marshall, G., blacksmith, 47 Kingscourt Street
Marshall, Hannah, Rosslyn, North Road
Marshall, Henry, draper, 3 Curzon Street
Marshall, H., stone cutter, 77 Vernon Street
Marshall, H. C., teacher, 113 Duncairn Gardens
Marshall, James, 171 Albertbridge Road
Marshall, James, engineer, 22 Warkworth Street
Marshall, James, blacksmith, 95 Townsend Street
Marshall, Jas., iron turner, 12 Dunmore Street
Marshall, Jas., tailor, 24 Shannon Street
Marshall, John, draper, 58 Deramore Avenue
Marshall, John, draper, 37 Lincoln Avenue
Marshall, John, fitter, 54 Solway Street
Marshall, John, mechanic, 4 Southview Cottages
Marshall, John L., J.P. (of Whitewell Printworks), Strathcona, Donegall Park
Marshall, Joseph, engineer, 15 Warkworth Street
Marshall, Joseph, teacher, 140 Balfour Avenue
Marshall, J., coach painter, 2 Ruth Street
Marshall, J., whitesmith, 40 Sandy Row
Marshall, J., grocer, 47 Stanley Street
Marshall, J., gas inspector, 21 Lyle Street
Marshall, J., ticket inspector G.N.R., 33 Edinburgh Street
Marshall, J., tailor, 11 Dock Street
Marshall, J., blacksmith, 51 Crosby Street
Marshall, J., provision merchant, 60 Euston Street
Marshall, Matthew, cycle merchant, 156 Albertbridge Road
Marshall, Miss, 27 Wellesley Avenue
Marshall, Miss, dress maker, 22a Donegall Place
Marshall, Mrs., 17 Atlantic Avenue
Marshall, Mrs., 39 Eglantine Avenue
Marshall, Mrs., 3 Hopefield Avenue
Marshall, Mrs., Marsville, 10 Evelyn Gardens
Marshall, Mrs., Sussex, Rosetta Park
Marshall, M., cycle agent, Knock Church Road
Marshall, Orr, gardener, 2 Hazelbank Cottages, Knock Church Road
Marshall, Robt., stoker, 42 Donegall Avenue
Marshall, Robert, tailor, 68 Oregon Street
Marshall, R., linen lapper, 11 Erin Street
Marshall, R., confectioner, 108 Newtownards Road
Marshall, R., whitesmith, 10 Gloucester Street
Marshall, R., whitesmith, 57 Farnham Street
Marshall, Stewart, com. traveller, Marine Villas, 27 Glandore Avenue
Marshall, Thos., confectioner, 310 Shankill Road
Marshall, Thos., brush maker, 59 Crimea Street
Marshall, Thos., gardener, 6 Lisburn Avenue
Marshall, T., hair dresser, 250 Shankill Road
Marshall, T., grocer, 66, 68, 70 Glenwood Street
Marshall, T., 249a York Street
Marshall, Wm., flour business, 73 Deramore Avenue
Marshall, Wm., confectioner, 40 Agra Street
Marshall, Wm., cabinet maker, 10 Lomond Street
Marshall, Wm., plater, 55 Bloomfield Avenue
Marshall, Wm., cabinet maker, 10 Lomond Avenue
Marshall, Wm., joiner, 9 Ballymena Street
Marshall, W., insurance agent, 63 Manor Street
Marshall, W. E., distillers' agent, 51 Chichester Street
Marshall, W. J., Merchant Tailor, Shirt Maker, Hosier, Glover, Collar and Cuff Maker, 43 High Street; res., 3 Risedale Villas, Derryvolgie Avenue
Marshall, W., & Co., tea dealers, flour and general merchants, 78 Victoria Street and 2, 4 Townhall Street
Martin, Alex., iron turner, 18 Upper Charleville Street
Martin, Alex., painter, 1 Brookland Street
Martin, Alex., seaman, 247 Cregagh Street
Martin, Andrew, painter, 46 Havana Street
Martin, Andrew, carpenter, 106 Templemore Avenue
Martin, Arthur, clerk, 268, 270 Springfield Road
Martin, Austin, painter, 28 Carrick Hill
Martin, Alex., managing director, Jas. Lindsay & Co. Ltd., Dun Alaister, Sandown Road, Knock
Martin, A., grocer, 143 Old Lodge Road
Martin, Captain, refreshment rooms, 2 Smyrl's Buildings, Ballysillan
Martin, Catherine R., 17 College Gardens
Martin, Charles, bundler, 84 Wilton Street
Martin, C., joiner, 50 Mersey Street
Martin, C. B., Standard Life Insurance Co., Waring Street; res., Alexandra House, Marlborough Park
Martin, David, postal clerk, 57 Killowen Street
Martin, David, driller, 70 Oregon Street
Martin, D., brick layer, 91 Mervue Street
Martin, D., dairy man, 12 Postnett Street (Posnett)
Martin, D., clothier, 145 Royal Avenue; res., 3 Duncairn Avenue
Martin, D., school teacher, 30 Orient Gardens
Martin, Ebenezer, manager, 6 Canterbury Street
Martin, Edward, clerk, 70 Howard Street South
Martin, E., blacksmith, 5 Renfrew Street
Martin, E. A., stationer, 153 Cromac Street
Martin, Francis, turner, 28 Newcastle Street
Martin, Fred., house and land agent, 10 Clifton Street
Martin, George, clerk, 24 Mountcollyer Road
Martin, George H., hardware merchant, 75 Sandy Row
Martin, George R., compositor, 16 Woodvale Street
Martin, Geo., green grocer, 49 Durham Street
Martin, Henry, draper, 9 Oldpark Avenue
Martin, Henry, stationer, 41 University Street
Martin, Hugh, superintendent Singer's Manufacturing Co., 17 Elswick Street
Martin, Hugh, clerk, 89 Mervue Street Upper
Martin, Hugh, painter and decorator, 195 Albertbridge Road
Martin, Hugh, butcher, 47 Divis Street
Martin, H., checker, 1 Clementine Street
Martin, H., registry office, 303 Albertbridge Road
Martin, H., clerk, 46 Brookland Street
Martin, H., fancy box maker, 13 Adelaide Street; 28 Wellesley Avenue
Martin, H., harbour constable, 23 Mountview Street
Martin, H., pork cutter, 27 Gertrude Street
Martin, H. Herbert, Haslar, Newtownbreda
Martin, H. L., com. traveller, Glendarragh, Knockdene Park
Martin, H. & J., Ltd., contractors, builders, brick manufacturers and quarry workers, Ulster Works, Ormeau Road, Belfast; and Leinster Works, Dublin; residences, Henry Martin, Lisvarna, Windsor Avenue; John Martin, Galwally, Galwally Park, Newtownbreda
Martin, James, postman, 38 Rosebank Street
Martin, James, shoe maker, 39 Hornidge Street
Martin, James, brick layer, 1b Hilland Street
Martin, James, plumber, 52 London Street
Martin, James, brass finisher, 38 Churchill Street
Martin, James, plumber, 25 Jocelyn Street
Martin, James, packer, 13 Barton Street
Martin, Jas., sawyer, 120 Crimea Street
Martin, Jas., despatch clerk, 55 Jocelyn Avenue
Martin, Jas., coal dealer, 29 Seventh Street
Martin, John, mechanic, 29 Bellevue Street
Martin, John, inspector water commissioners, 63 Willowfield Street
Martin, John, painter, 68 Stanhope Street
Martin, John, pawn broker, 99, 101 Hillview Street and 75 Mountview Street
Martin, John, grocer, 1 Boyne Square
Martin, John, fruiterer and grocer, 68 Peter's Hill
Martin, John, builder and contractor, 30, 32 Dee Street
Martin, John, hay and straw dealer, 43, 47 Victoria Square
Martin, John, carpenter, 31 Thames Street
Martin, John, draper, 156 Manor Street
Martin, John, joiner, 60 Tennent Street
Martin, John, policeman, 6 Brougham Street
Martin, John, driller, 62 Urney Street
Martin, John, paper ruler, 77 Glenalpin Street
Martin, John, wood carver, 6 Brook Street No. 2
Martin, John, 32 Cooke Street
Martin, John, blacksmith, 12 Sancroft Street
Martin, John, sailor, 12 Mary Street
Martin, John, engineer, 87 Redcar Street
Martin, John, stone cutter, 31 Springview Street
Martin, John, seaman, 19 Ardilaun Street
Martin, John M., shipping agent, 24 Oceanic Avenue
Martin, Joseph, clerk, 107 Dunlop Terrace, Limestone Road
Martin, Joseph, reeling master, 12 Mountcollyer Road
Martin, J., insurance agent, 35 Ballycarry Street
Martin, J., linen lapper, 59 Limestone Road
Martin, J., blacksmith, 148 Donegall Road
Martin, J., mechanic, 129 Tennent Street
Martin, J., cabinet maker, 31 Bellevue Street
Martin, J., carpenter, 54 Howard Street South
Martin, J., shoe maker, 175 Donegall Road
Martin, J., fireman, 34 Roslyn Street
Martin, J., builder, 30, 32 Dee Street
Martin, J., picture frame maker, 311 Shankill Road
Martin, J., grocer, 77, 79 Sandy Row
Martin, J. A., clerk, 19 Rosemount Gardens
Martin, J. B., stone engraver, 12 Scotland Street South
Martin, J. H. & Co., picture frame makers, 82 Donegall Pass
Martin, J. J., bookkeeper, 4 Primitive Street
Martin, J. J. C., traveller, 19 Dunluce Street
Martin, J. D. & Co., auctioneers, 63 Chichester Street
Martin, J. R., manufacturers agent, 16 Rosemary Street
Martin, J. T., yarn merchant, Fern Villa, Ravenhill Road
Martin, J. T., warehouseman, 2 Richmond Villas, Lisburn Road
Martin, Lowrie, Burmah Villas, 17 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Martin, Miss, 75 Botanic Avenue
Martin, Mrs. Christian, Ardkeen, Marlborough Park
Martin, Mrs., 6 Cromwell Road
Martin, Mrs., 16 Clanchattan Street
Martin, Mrs., dress maker, 5 Adela Place
Martin, Mrs., 3 Collingwood Avenue
Martin, Mrs., 28 Deramore Avenue
Martin, Mrs., 437 Ormeau Road
Martin, M., bread server, 24 Balaclava Street
Martin, M., & Co., spirit grocer, 49 London Road
Martin, Patrick, dealer, 6 Bathurst Court
Martin, Peter, grocer, 55 Annette Street
Martin, Peter, cabinet maker, 50 Linwood Street
Martin, Rev. J. I., minister Rugby Avenue Congregational Church, 7 Wolseley Street
Martin, Rev. W. Todd, D.D., D.Lit., Professor of Christian Ethics, Assembly's College, College House, College Green
Martin, Robert, clerk, 8 Holywood View Terrace, Shore Road
Martin, Robert, linen business, 26 Lawrence Street
Martin, Robert, cabinet maker, 22 Melbourne Street
Martin, Robert, grocer, 83 Beersbridge Road
Martin, Robert, pawn broker, 27, 40, 145 Oldpark Road
Martin, Robert, linen merchant, Stratheim, Marlborough Park
Martin, Robert, rivetter, 52 Harper Street
Martin, Robert, rivetter, 55 Brown Square
Martin, Robt., driller, 15 Walton Street
Martin, Robt., draper, 28 Mount Street
Martin, Robt., pawn broker, 6 Allworthy Avenue
Martin, Robt., pensioner R.I.C., 58 Crosby Street
Martin, R., sexton, 10 Napier Street
Martin, R., carpenter, 69 Wall Street
Martin, R. M., com. agent, 27a Donegall Place
Martin, R. T., solicitor, 7 Wellington Place; res., 14 College Gardens
Martin, R., & Co., manufacturers and linen merchants, 6 Bedford Street
Martin, Samuel, com. agent, 9 College Street; res., Daylesford, Malone Park
Martin, Saml., 25 Dunluce Avenue
Martin, Saml., grocer, 74 Devonshire Street
Martin, Sarah, 7 Deramore Avenue
Martin, Stephen, fitter, 99 Lepper Street
Martin, S., foreman carpenter, 5 Lisburn Avenue
Martin, S., com. traveller, 30 Botanic Avenue
Martin, S., engine driver, 87 Abingdon Street
Martin, S., handkerchief finisher, 7 May Street
Martin, S. A., fruiterer, 210 Shankill Road
Martin, S. A., grocer, 135 Grosvenor Street
Martin, Thomas, carrier, 16 Shaftesbury Avenue
Martin, Thomas, manager, 28 Pim Street
Martin, Thos., carrier, 10a May Street Little
Martin, Thos., mechanic, 46 Riga Street
Martin, Thos., hosier, 49 Duncairn Gardens
Martin, T. S., com. agent, 4 Waring Street; res., 26 Wellington Park
Martin, T., designer, 259 Ravenhill Avenue
Martin, T. J., grocer, 22 Vicinage Park
Martin, T. S., house, land and insurance agent and secretary Belfast Mutual Building Society, 45 Arthur Street; res., 46 Thorndale Avenue
Martin, T. S., com. agent, 2 Waring Street
Martin, T. S., contractor, 95 Snugville Street
Martin, T. S., 2 Wellesley Avenue
Martin, William, grocer and french polisher, 15, 17 Elm Street
Martin, William, manager, dye works, 87 St. Mary's Terrace, Crumlin Road
Martin, Wm., moulder, 17 Lime Street
Martin, Wm., iron moulder, 28 Percy Street
Martin, Wm., druggist, 80 Shankill Road
Martin, Wm., mechanic, 52 Bellevue Street
Martin, Wm., clerk, 16 Beech Street
Martin, Wm., traveller, 31 Glenmore Street
Martin, Wm., carpenter, 83 Vernon Street
Martin, Wm., carpenter, 30 Springview Street
Martin, Wm., sergeant R.I.C., 25 Avoca Street
Martin, Wm., sen., Sigiely Villa, Lisburn Road
Martin, Wm., druggist, 163 Lodge Road New
Martin, Wm., tenter, 175 Tennent Street
Martin, Wm., bookkeeper, 1 Dargle Street
Martin, Wm., foreman, 33 Avoca Street
Martin, Wm., fitter, 40 Frome Street
Martin, Wm., insurance agent, 46 Ninth Street
Martin, Wm., iron turner, 23 Waterford Street
Martin, Wm., jun., farmer, Lisburn Road
Martin, W., mechanic, 1 Annas Cottages, Haypark Avenue
Martin, Wm., cloth passer, 12 Buckingham Street
Martin, W., chimney sweep, 138 Millfield
Martin, W., ladies' tailor, 25 Shaftesbury Avenue
Martin, W., painter, 63 Townsend Street
Martin, W. J., 199 Albertbridge Road
Martin, W. J., publican, 130, 132 Durham Street
Martin, W. J., grocer, 10 Walnut Street
Martin, W. J., coach builder, 86, 88 Elizabeth Street
Martin & Co., stationers and confectioner, 75 & 77 Cromac Street
Martin & McMurtry, picture framers, gilders, and fine art repository, 10a Ann Street
Martyn, J., draper, Inverarnan, Cyprus Park
Martyn, J. H., stock and share broker, 13 Lombard Street; res., Galwally Park
Mason, D., flax dresser, 53 Bentham Street
Mason, Edward, mason, 48 Israel Street
Mason, E., bread server, 15 Kashmir Street
Mason, Henry, sailor, 64 Broadbent Street
Mason, Jas., draper, 5 Ava Street
Mason, John, linen lapper, 31 Burnaby Street
Mason, John, publican, 45 Louisa Street
Mason, J., baker, 3 Warkworth Street
Mason, Mrs., confectioner, 282 Shankill Road
Mason, Mrs., 15 Channing Street
Mason, Robert, tenter, 41 Fleming Street
Mason, R. H., mechanic, 60 Cumberland Street
Mason, T., painter, 63 Fortingale Street
Mason, Wm., tailor, 79 Newcastle Street
Mason, W. T. J., clerk, 65 Ashmore Street
Massey, A., provision merchant, 15, 17 York Street
Massey, J., grocer, 66 Thistle Street
Massey, Mrs., Edenview Place, Newtownards Road Upper
Massey, Mrs., 153 Crumlin Road
Massey, R., car owner, 25 Marlborough Park Avenue
Massey, S., carpenter, 21 Ninth Street
Massey, Wm., joiner, 25 Haywood Avenue
Master & Co., rectifying distillers and liqueur manufacturers, 10 Howard Street
Masters, Jas. W., carpenter, 62 Epworth Street
Masterton, P., R.I.C., 20 Portallo Street
Masterson, Henry, shipwright, 21 Gertrude Street
Masterson, William & Son, tea and sugar agents, 63 Victoria Street; residences, Wm. Masterson, J.P., Ballymisert House, Strandtown; Wm. Masterson, jun., 2 West Elmwood, 82 Lisburn Road
Matchett, G. A., traveller, 30 Moyola Street
Matchett, James Henry, warehouseman, 81 Fitzroy Avenue
Matchett, Margaret, 24 Chadwick Street
Matchett, Mrs., 8 Westminster Street
Matchett, Robert, plumber and gasfitter, 205 Durham Street
Mateer, Alexander, cabinet maker, 24 Berlin Street
Mateer, C. H., grocer, 1a Susan Street
Mateer, Dr., surgeon, 355 Newtownards Road
Mateer, Geo., bread server, 69 Kimberley Street
Mateer, James, box maker, 20 Willow Street
Mateer, James, winding master, 129 Beersbridge Road
Mateer, Jane, 83 Fraser Street
Mateer, Jas., 1a Ashley Avenue
Mateer, Jas., carpenter, 66 Turin Street
Mateer, Jas. & Co., grocers and provision merchants, 147 Lisburn Road, and 137, 139 Sandy Row
Mateer, John, traveller, 175 Templemore Avenue
Mateer, James, stone cutter, 31 Mountcollyer Avenue
Mateer, John, moulder, 28 Penrith Street
Mateer, John, tobacconist, 41 Vernon Street
Mateer, Jos., box maker, 2 Kenmare Street
Mateer, J., grocer, 28 Gardiner Street
Mateer, J., tobacconist, 2 Ye Bankmore Buildings, Dublin Road and 48 Dublin Road
Mateer, J. M., teacher, 39 Joy Street
Mateer, Mrs., confectioner, 53 Matchett Street
Mateer, Mrs., 37 Prospect Street
Mateer, Sarah, 32 Upper Beersbridge Road
Mateer, William & Co., wholesale woollen warehouse, 7 Donegall Street; res., Wm. Mateer, 8 Eglantine Avenue
Mateer, Wm., french polisher, 38 Fortingale Street
Mateer, Wm., shoe maker, 10 Hopeton Street
Mateer, Wm., moulder, 16 Emerson Street
Mather, James, smith, 47 Moyola Street
Mathers, James, tenter, 28 Elliott' Row Upper
Mathers, John, bookkeeper, 177 Alexandrapark Avenue
Mathers, Jos., clerk, 24 Salisbury Street No. 1
Mathers, Mrs., 49 Damascus Street
Mathers, Mrs., butcher, Belmont Terrace, Belmont Road, Strandtown
Mathers, Wm., clerk, 28 Coolbeg Street
Matherson, J., Rosetta Nursery, Ormeau Road
Matheson, Thos., clerk, 70 Templemore Avenue
Mathews, A., iron turner, 102 Leopold Street
Mathews. A., joiner, 46 Dock Street
Mathews Bros., tea importers and dealers, 19 Mill Street, 137 North Street and 26, 28 Woodstock Road; res., Hugh K. Mathews, Bellevue Park
Mathews, David, grocer, 62 Artillery Street
Mathews, David, grocer, 46 Peter's Hill
Mathews, Geo., painter, 11 Southport Street
Mathews, Jos., painter, 8 Lomond Avenue
Mathews, John, grocer, 118 Butler Street
Mathews, J., rivetter, 3 Susan Street
Mathews, J., cabinet maker, 23 Frome Street
Mathews, J., mechanic, 41 Drew Street
Mathews, J. & Co., linen merchants and manufacturers, 12 James Street South
Mathews, Michael, R.I.C., 10 Moneyrea Street
Mathews, Mrs., 2 Crescent, Kirkliston Drive
Mathews, Mrs., grocer, 53 Cullingtree Road
Mathews, M. A., dealer, 29 Newtownards Road
Mathews, T. W., teacher, 8 Dunluce Avenue
Mathews, William, hair dresser, 13 Great Patrick Street
Mathews, Wm., hair dresser, 3 Gresham Street
Mathews, W. J., cloth passer, 241 Roden Street
Mathewson, G., Rosetta Nursery, 583 Ormeau Road
Mathewson, J., carpenter, 72 Stanhope Street
Mathewson, Mrs., 10 Tate's Avenue
Mathewson, W. J., grocer, 234 Shankill Road
Mathewson, W. J., stevedore, 4 Argyle Street
Mathie, Miss, A.L.C.M., teacher of music, 65 Crumlin Road
Matier, David, shipwright, 65 Fraser Street
Matier, Henry, & Co. Ltd., linen and linen handkerchief manufacturers, 1 May Street; res., A. S. Matier, Lorne, Craigavad
Matier, John, tenter, 31 Mount Street No. 2
Matier, Mrs., 94 Richmond Terrace, Great Victoria Street
Matier, Saml., carpenter, 13 St. Leonard Street
Matier, Wm., carpenter,  39 Spruce Street
Matier, Wm., grocer and fruiterer, 124 Albertbridge Road
Matier, Wm., box maker, 37 Grosvenor Street
Matier, Wm., dealer, 2 Abercorn Street North
Matthews, A., com. traveller, 129 Agincourt Avenue
Matthews Bros., jobbers and plasterers, 169 Mountpottinger Road
Matthews, Denis, shoe maker, 36 Grosvenor Place
Matthews, D. H., nurseryman, 15 Cavehill Road
Matthews, Ernest, warehouseman., Edina, 77 Malone Avenue
Matthews, E., Gloucesterville, 72 Fitzroy Avenue
Matthews, Hugh, painter, 5 Alton Street
Matthews, Isaac, traveller, 10 Twickenham Street
Matthews, Jas., shoe maker, 69 Burnaby Street
Matthews, John, caulker, 4 Mersey Street
Matthews, J., R.I.C., 10 Moneyrea Street
Matthews, Mrs. Martha, 56 Ulsterville Avenue
Matthews, S., bleacher, 54 Mayo Street
Matthews, Thos., sanitary inspector, 3 Knock Road
Matthews, Thos., sawyer, 17 English Street
Matthews, T. H., teacher, 51 Wellesley Avenue
Matthews, Wm., director (Miller, Boyd a& Reid), 64 Botanic Avenue
Matthews, W., dining rooms, 14 Gresham Street
Matthews, W., bank porter, 24 Evolina Street
Matthewson, A., plater, 32 Medway Street
Matthewson, L. L., Ballygrot House, Helen's Bay
Mattison, Chas., electroplater, 29 Jocelyn Avenue
Mattison, C., cab driver, 33 Combermere Street
Maud, Wm., engineer, 53 Enfield Street
Maud, W. J., moulder, 262 Leopold Street
Maule, Mrs. Primrose, 63 South Parade
Maun, J., inspector G.N.R., 32 Shaftesbury Avenue
Maunder, F., H.M. Customs, 17 Roe Street
Maunder, Miss M., dress and mantle maker, 14 College Square North
Mavour, G. F., manufacturers' agent, 4 Waring Street; res., 4 Belgravia Avenue
Mawhinney, A., brick layer, 19 Rosebery Street
Mawhinney, Daniel, joiner, 65 Meadow Street No. 2
Mawhinney, D., grocer, 148 Ravenhill Road
Mawhinney, Geo., bread server, 11 Mountview Street
Mawhinney, Hugh, carpenter, 9 Ravenhill Street
Mawhinney, H., boiler maker, 83 Omeath Street
Mawhinney, Isaac, driller, Park Cottage
Mawhinney, Jas., joiner, 158 Meadow Street Upper
Mawhinney, Jas., painter, 26 Thompson Street
Mawhinney, John, seaman, 14 Clonallon Street
Mawhinney, John, draper, 29 Richmond Crescent, Antrim Road
Mawhinney, Robt., grocer, 142, 144 Crimea Street
Mawhinney, R., horse shoer, 32 Snugville Street
Mawhinney, Sarah, grocer, 224 Woodstock Road
Mawhinney, Wm., master mariner, 3 Adela Place
Mawhinney, W., sail maker, 35 Ballarat Street
Mawhinney, W. A., com. agent, 11 College Street
Mawhinney, W. J., pattern maker, 96 Mayo Street
Mawhinny, Jas., brick layer, 3 Walmer Street
Mawhirk, James, plater, 103 Bloomfield Avenue
Maxhill, John, com. agent, 10 Exchange Place
Maxton, James, consulting engineer, 4 Ulster Street
Maxwell, A., dairyman, 29, 31 Brown Street
Maxwell, B., 54 Toronto Terrace, Lisburn Road
Maxwell, D., tailor, 230 Matilda Street
Maxwell, D., blacksmith, 19 St. Leonard Street
Maxwell, D. A., timber merchant and packing case manufacturer, 24 Great Victoria Street; res., 10 College Gardens
Maxwell, E., pork cutter, 49 Moscow Street
Maxwell, Geo., caulker, 65 Templemore Street
Maxwell, Geo. Alexander, pawn broker, 6, 8 Wilton Street; res., 79 Agnes Street
Maxwell, Geo. (of Linen Hall Library), 32 Lisburn Avenue
Maxwell, Geo., Pheasant Terrace, 41 Fitzroy Avenue
Maxwell, Henry, carpenter, 34 Rutland Street
Maxwell, Henry, manager, 491 Ormeau Road
Maxwell, H., manager timber yard, 9 Deramore Street
Maxwell, H., brick layer, 66 Coolbeg Street
Maxwell, Jas., chemist, 1 Canterbury Street
Maxwell, John, plumber, 30 Matilda Street
Maxwell, John, engineer, 37 Belvoir Street
Maxwell, John, foreman hackler, 32 Bootle Street
Maxwell, Joseph (of York Street Flax Spinning Co.), 29 Lisburn Road
Maxwell, Jos., french polisher, 12 Leitrim Street
Maxwell, J., linen lapper, 2 Craigfernie Terrace, Lisburn Road
Maxwell, J., compositor, 370 Woodstock Road
Maxwell, J., tailor, 13 Hanover Street
Maxwell, J., designer, 11 Hugh Street
Maxwell, J., merchant tailor, 138 Albertbridge Road
Maxwell, J., sea captain, 42 Bryson Street
Maxwell, J., builder, 4 Brookmount Terrace, Cregagh Road
Maxwell, Margaret, 8 Jocelyn Gardens, Woodstock Road
Maxwell, Mary, dealer, 6 Garfield Street
Maxwell, Miss, linen draper, 1a Maryville Avenue
Maxwell, Mrs., 11 Capstone Street
Maxwell, Mrs., 29 Ponsonby Avenue
Maxwell, Mrs., servants' and governess' registry office, 5, 6, 8 Albert Hall, Donegall Street
Maxwell, Mrs., 5 Marlborough Place, Lisburn Road
Maxwell, Mrs. Jane, 21 Atlantic Avenue
Maxwell, Mrs. M., 123 Cullingtree Road
Maxwell, M., blacksmith, 1 Hazelfield Street
Maxwell, Ralph, tenter, 2 Cumberland Street
Maxwell, Robert, boiler maker, 13 Bryson Street
Maxwell, Robert, joiner, 90 Balfour Avenue
Maxwell, Robt., cattle dealer, 69 My Lady's Road
Maxwell, Robt. J., clerk, 3 Glenbrook Avenue
Maxwell, R., salesman, 3 Mineral Street
Maxwell, R., railway guard, 96 Grosvenor Street
Maxwell, R., driller, 34 Ritchie Street
Maxwell, S., carpenter, 15 Euterpe Street
Maxwell, Thomas, harbour constable, 10 Mervue Street
Maxwell, Thos., provision merchant, 31 Sydney Street West
Maxwell, Thos., rivetter, 94 Thorndyke Street
Maxwell, Thos., carpenter, 33 London Road
Maxwell, Thos., brick layer, 39 Legale Street
Maxwell, T., traveller, 31 Rosevale Street
Maxwell, William, secretary City Mission, 38 Lonsdale Street
Maxwell, W. K., bookkeeper and cashier, 9 Albert Hall, Donegall Street
May, Ed., clerk, 6 Marlborough Gardens
May, Henry, hay merchant, 35 Eccles Street
May, Jas., farmer, Printworks Terrace, Oldpark Road
May, John, sculptor, 14 Ethel Street
May, John, mechanic, 16 Jocelyn Street
May, John, butler, 96 Northumberland Street
May, John, sculptor and carver, 2 Haywood Avenue
May, John, card cutter, 154 Broadway
May, Joseph B., grocer, 97 Dublin Road
May, T., druggist, 227 York Street
May, J. H. Sydney, manufacturer, 20 Fitzwilliam Avenue
May, Mrs., dress maker, 199 Donegall Road
May, Mrs., Oakleigh, Osborne Park
May, R., wood carver, 131 Donegall Street; res., 137 Elgin Terrace, Limestone Road
May, Thos., hackle setter, 66 Enfield Street
May & Co., apron and pinafore manufacturers, Glengall Street Factory, Glengall Street
Mayben, William, pawn broker, 60 Brougham Street and 283 York Street
Mayben, W. H., pawn broker, 270 Albertbridge Road
Mayberry, J. T., clerk, 126 Canning Street Upper
Mayberry, Samuel, joiner, 9 Parkmount Street
Mayell, Geo., clerk, 42 Bedeque Street
Mayes, Isabella, milliner, 23 Queen's Arcade
Mayes, Mrs., 6 Myrtle Terrace, Lisburn Road
Mayes, Robert, plumber, 100 Mervue Street
Mayes, R., carpenter, 30 Euston Street
Mayes, S., linen sample maker, 52 Glenalpin Street
Mayes, Wm., chartered accountant, 5 Mountpleasant
Mayes, W. J., artist, 53 Killowen Street
Mayers, David, grocer, 56 Selby Street
Mayne, Edward, porter, 17 Ballymena Street
Mayne, E., blacksmith, 3 Leeson Street
Mayne, E., nurse, 177 Woodstock Road
Mayne, Henry H., 26 Albert Place, Donegall Pass
Mayne, Henry, grocer, 15 Castlereagh Road
Mayne, Matt., linen lapper, 47 Coolbeg Street
Mayne, Mrs. E., 40 Brookvale Avenue
Mayne, Robert, dairyman, 115 Tate's Avenue
Mayne, T., coffee stand keeper, 47 Brown Street
Mayne, R. H., linen machinist, 62 Malone Avenue
Mayne, Thos., shipwright, 14 City Street
Mayne, T., pattern maker, 125 Meadow Street Upper
Mayne, T., 29 Dunluce Avenue
Mayne, Wm., mechanic, 56 Edlingham Street
Mayne, Wm., grocer, 131 Woodstock Road
Mayne, Wm., mechanic, 26 Hogarth Street
Mayne, W. J., grocer, 74 Templemore Street
Mayne, W. Erskine, Book Seller, Lantern and Photo Specialities, 3 Donegall Square West
Mayne & Boyd, stationers and printers, 2 Corporation Street; printing office, 46 Gordon Street; res., J. Boyd, 20 Cypress Gardens, Bloomfield
Mayne & Co., engineers and founders, 25 McTier Street; res., Thos. Mayne, Holmlea, Antrim Road
Maynes, John, carpenter, 15 Ivan Street
Maynes, J., cellar man, 47 Barrack Street
Maynes, M., poulterer, 4 Castle Arcade
Maynes, Robt., manager, 87 Stratheden Street
Maynes & O'Hara, publicans, 119 Millfield
Mayrs, J. C., & Co., Cabinet Makers, Upholsterers and General House Furnishers, 67 to 73 Royal Avenue; Residences, J. C. Mayrs, Bellair, Windsor Avenue; James Robinson, Ratheane, Windsor Park
Maze, A., house and land agent, 10 College Square East; res., Ben Eden Cottage, Lisburn Road
Maze, Henry, litho. printer, 2 Wellington Park Avenue
Maze, James, Hilda, Osborne Park
Maze, Jas. A., warehouseman, 18 Surrey Street
Maze, The Misses, dress makers and milliners, 301 Shankill Road
Mazes, Wm., butcher, 24 Donnybrook Street
Meadows, J., pattern maker, 37 Donard Street
Mealy, Wm., gardener, 34 Ashbourne Street
Meakin, Albert, warehouseman, 54 Spruce Street
Meakin, Bernard, sausage skin maker, 51 Bryson Street
Meakin, C. & B., Sausage Skin Manufacturers, McAuley Street; Works, 16 Ghaham's Place (Graham's) Bridge End; res., 3 Castlereagh Place
Meaney, Saml., joiner, 138 Matilda Street
Meaney, Wm., coach painter, 93 Blythe Street
Meaney, W., brick layer, 54 Clementine Street
Means, Jas., Brompton Cottage, Lisburn Road
Mearns, D., rivetter, 343 North Queen Street
Mearns, Hugh, carpenter, 9 Kathleen Street
Mearns, John, clerk, 52 Paxton Street
Mears, A., ship carpenter, 27 Glasgow Street
Mears, R., engineer, 81 Mountpottinger Road
Mecca, D., ice cream vendor, 36 Bridge End
Mee, Thomas H., rent collector, 13 Pim Street
Medwood, Mrs., 13 Grampian Avenue
Meegan, Peter, publican and grocer, 25, 27 California Street
Meehan, Daniel M., manager, 36 Cooke Street
Meehan, S., shoe maker, 29 Servia Street
Meehan, Thos., plasterer, 48 Trillick Street
Meehan, Wm. J., manager, 44 Twickenham Street
Meek, Alex., insurance agent, 73 Rosevale Street
Meek, A. G., grocer, 156 Grosvenor Street
Meek, David, merchant clothier, 115 Royal Avenue
Meek, James S., clerk, 88 Bellevue Street
Meek, J., flax dresser, 185 Beersbridge Road
Meek, Miss, grocer, 89 Denmark Street and 66 Regent Street
Meek, Mrs., 103 Dunlop Terrace, Limestone Road
Meek, M., com. traveller, 63 Wellesley Avenue
Meek, Richard, carpenter, 33 Landscape Terrace
Meek, Wm., draper, 12 Campbell Park Avenue
Meek, Wm., grocer, 16 Frank Street
Meek, Wm., clothier, 19 Ranfurly Street
Meek, Wm., moulder, 13 Cherryville Street
Meekin, B., electrician, 33 Morpeth Street
Meekin, J., iron turner, 27 Eccles Street
Meekin, Thos., coal merchant, 7 Conlig Street
Meekin & Co., grocers, 2 Sackville Street
Meenagh, J., saddler, 15 Newfoundland Street
Meenan, Alex., J.P., Belfast fish and oyster establishment, poulterer and game dealer, 1 Corn Market; res., Collingwood, Chichester Park
Meenan, Jas., rope spinner, 88 Beersbridge Road
Meenan, John, iron turner, 101 Rathmore Street
Meenan, J., engine driver, 20 Oswald Street
Meenan, Mrs., 33 Crumlin Road
Mees, J. H., spring maker, 161 Durham Street
Megahey, R., butcher, 56 Shankill Road
Magahey, R. J., bookkeeper, 46 Sherwood Street
Megahy, James, baker and confectioner, 25 University Road and Bradbury Place, Dublin Road
Magahy, Miss, fancy pastry baker and confectioner, 37 and 231 Duncairn Street
Megahy, J., confectioner, 107 Dublin Road
Megahy, John, butcher, 166 Woodstock Road
Megahy, Robert, cabinet maker, 46 Bellevue Street
Megannety, Jos., furniture dealer, 149 Albertbridge Road
Megannity, Jas., manager, 2 Tevenore, Glenburn Park
Megearrell, John W., yarn bleacher, Ballysillan, Crumlin Road
Megarrity, Mary, grocer, 79 Falls Road
Megarry, C. (of J. Young & Co.), 110 University Street
Megarry, F., J.P., director Lindsay bros. Ltd., Frankfurt, 12 Adelaide Park
Megarry, Henry, packer, 24 Perth Street
Megarry, Jas., carpenter, 38 Hemsworth Street
Megarry, Jas., carpenter, 56 Dundee Street
Megarry, John, Inland Revenue officer, 229 Springfield Avenue
Megarry, John, butcher, 12 Bombay Street
Megarry, Miss, grocer, 76 Meadow Street Upper
Megarry, Mrs., 20 Virginia Street
Megarry, Wm., shop keeper, 396 Shankill Road
Megarry, Wm., blacksmith, 9 Bathurst Court
Megarry, W. R., postman, 2 Beechnut Street
Megaughey, Wm. H., plumber, 19 Newington Avenue
Megaw, Geo., draper, 23 Southport Street
Megaw, I. J., foreign cor., 100 Malone Avenue
Megaw, John, 30 Wellington Park
Megaw, John, teacher, 82 Bloomfield Avenue
Megaw, John G., bookkeeper, 34 Queen Street
Megaw, J., timber merchant, Sydenham Road
Megaw, J., cooperage and firewood manufacturer, 12a College Street South
Megaw, J., damask tenter, 36 Roden Street
Megaw, Rev. R. T., minister College Square Presbyterian Church, 54 Botanic Avenue
Megaw, R., joiner, 65 Hillman Street
Megaw, Wm., grain merchant, 58 Waring Street; res., The Prairie, Holywood
Megrath, Mrs., 186 Lodge Road New
Megrath, Mrs., dress maker, 27 Windsor Road
Magrath, Thos., butcher, 249 Newtownards Road
Megraw, W., iron moulder, 124 Woodstock Road
Mehaffey, H., time keeper, 5 Carlton Street
Mehaffey, Saml., gas fitter, 59 Abingdon Street
Mehaffey, S., boot maker, 115 Durham Street
Mehaffey, Thos., stoker, 8 Abingdon Street
Mehaffy, John, engineer, 16 Edlingham Street
Mehaffy, J., chief steward, 25 Copperfield Street
Mehaffy, Wm., boot and shoe maker, 4 Lawyer Street
Mehan, Saml., shoe maker, 29 Servia Street
Meharg, Hugh, publican, 109 Grosvenor Street
Meharg, James, blacksmith, 42 Linwood Street
Meharg, James, 123 Agincourt Avenue
Meharg, J., mariner, 7 Ardgowan Street
Meharg, J. D., 16 Ava Avenue
Meharg, Mrs., 1 Ardlussa, Antrim Road
Meharg, R., book binder, 26 Pine Street
Meharry, H., coal dealer, 2, 4 Eliza Street
Meharry, Mrs., 4 Olney Terrace, Whiterock Road
Meharry, Saml., stationer, 41 Donegall Pass
Meharry, S., brick layer, 70 River Terrace
Meharry, Wm., dairyman, 50 Witham Street
Meharry, Wm. J., brick layer, 79 Egmont Street
Meharry, W. J., M.D., 141 Duncairn Gardens
Meighan, P., farmer, Whiterock
Meikle, A., dis. manager, 82 Dover Street
Meikle, J., confectioner, 100 Omeath Street
Meikle, J., compositor, 11 Florence Place
Meissner, A. L., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of Modern Languages and Librarian Queen's College, 7 Rugby Street
Meldrew, Mrs., confectioner, 58 Templemore Avenue
Mellon, James, blacksmith, 11 Wellwood Street
Mellon, Jas., blacksmith, 67 Glenalpin Street
Mellon & Shaw, restaurant, 64 Middlepath Street
Mellor, Wm., tile fixer, 3 Marlborough Gardens
Mellor, W. W., 20 Waring Street
Meldrum, C. W., H.M.C., 2 Alexandra Villas, Victoria Road
Mellon, Catherine, boarding house, 15 Great Patrick Street
Melville, Alex., hair dresser, 57 Cavour Street
Melville, John, brass founder, plumber, gas and steam fitter, 118 Percy Street
Melville, J., brass founder and lead merchant, 39 Divis Street
Melville, O., sergt. R.I.C., 1 Thompson Terrace, Greencastle
Melville, R., ship carpenter, 79 Mervue Street
Melville, Wm., engineer, 39 Lomond Avenue
Melville, Wm., baker, 69 North Boundary Street
Melville, Wm., baker, 100 Beersbridge Road
Melville, W., shipwright, 120 Canning Street Upper
Melville, Wm. B., boiler inspector, 31 Sunnyside Street
Melville & Co. Ltd., posting establishment and funeral furnishers, 15 Chichester Street, 91 Townsend Street and 15, 19 Stormount Street, 2 Cluan Place, 3 Crescent Buildings, Dublin Road, 179 York Street and 187 Grosvenor Street, 221 Shankill Road
Melvin, A., designer, 35 Moyola Street
Menagh, Mrs., 6 Elizabeth Terrace, Crumlin Road
Menagh, Mrs., 55 Castlereagh Road
Menary, John, checker, 20 Roden Street
Menary, Jos., R.I.C., 82 Cliftonville Road
Menary, J., clerk, 19 St. Albans Gardens
Menary, Mrs., hen stitching and finishing (hem) 30 Hamilton Street
Menary, Patk., 68 Carlisle Street
Menary, Samuel, agent, 27 Fitzroy Avenue
Meneely, Lodwick, engineer, 54 Canning Street
Meneely, Mrs., 87 Wellington Park
Menice, R., carpenter, 60 Mackey Street
Meneilly, John, draper, 18 Southport Street
Meneilly, T., tile setter, 154 University Avenue
Meneilly, T., joiner, 29 Foyle Street
Menzies, Mrs., 45 University Road
Mercer, Albert, dentist, 110 Shankill Road
Mercer, A., bookkeeper, 72 Woodvale Road
Mercer, Eliza, grocer, 3 Anderson Street
Mercer, Fras., clerk, 52 Edlingham Street
Mercer, Geo., linen lapper, 31 Legale Street
Mercer, G., winding master, 131 Springfield Avenue
Mercer, G., reeling ,aster, 26 Lawnbrook Avenue
Mercer, Henry, newsagent, 46 Woodvale Avenue
Mercer, H. C., tobacconist, 317 Shankill Road
Mercer, H., saddler, 44 Brookmount Street
Mercer, H., & Son, linen and cotton yarn and cloth agents, 7 May Street; res., Cultra
Mercer, James, bar man, 6 Wilton Street
Mercer, Jas., warehouseman, 15 Ulsterville Gardens
Mercer, Jas., stoker, 91 Bellevue Street
Mercer, John, draper, 8 Battenberg Street No. 2
Mercer, John, warehouseman, 4 Ireton Street
Mercer, Jos., brass finisher, 9 Derwent Street
Mercer, J., litho. artist, 36 St. Ives Gardens
Mercer, Mrs. E., 11 Adela Street
Mercer, M., iron monger, 41 Berlin Street
Mercer, Rice & Co., collar and cuff manufacturers, 20 Mountpottinger Road
Mercer, Robert, baker and flour merchant, 9, 11 Riga Street
Mercer, Robt., bookkeeper, 14 Blackwood Street
Mercer, R., brick layer, 5 Coolderry Street
Mercer, R., jeweller, 148 Newtownards Road
Mercer, R., watch maker, 13 Jocelyn Avenue
Mercer, Saml., painter, 9 Boundary Street
Mercer, S., builder, 53 Adelaide Avenue, Bloomfield
Mercer, S., relieving officer, 3 Richmond Square
Mercer, Wm., butcher, 176 Sandy Row
Mercer, Wm., damask designer, 69 Whiterock Road
Mercer, Wm., clerk, 21 Thorndyke Street
Mercier, C. W., & Co., manufacturers, 36 Great Victoria Street
Mercier, Jas., gilder, 2 Salisbury Street
Mercier, W. & S., Dufferin Mills, meal and flour merchants, Duncrue Street; res., W. T. Mercier, 5 College Gardens; S. T. Mercier, 10 Brookvale Avenue
Meredith, L., boarding house, 48 Prince's Street
Merrick, Alex. S., M.D., 60 Ulsterville Avenue
Mervyn, Rev. G. G., rector of Ballymacarrett, The Vicarage, 225 Albertbridge Road
Mervyn, T., shoe maker, 4 Murdock Street
Metcalf, Alex., grocer, 214a Mayo Street
Metcalfe, A. W., of Grove Mills, Dromantine, Cyprus Gardens
Metcalfe, Thomas, 172 Duncairn Gardens
Mettrick, Jos., carpenter, 101 Oldpark Road
Mettrick, Thos., foreman fitter, 13 Percy Street
Mewha, Hugh, traveller, 16 Chadwick Street
Mewha, Jas., joiner, 75 Willowfield Street
Mewhirter, J., shoe maker, 113 Meadow Street Upper
Mewhort, J., shoe maker, 70 Earl Street
Meyer, Robert, chief clerk Town Clerk's Department of Belfast Corporation; res., 13 University Square
Mezza, D., ice cream shop, 81 Ann Street and 5 Crumlin Road
Middleton, John, tailor, 57 St. Leonard Street
Middlemore, Joseph, accountant, 22 Shaftesbury Avenue
Middleton, A., traveller, 244 Meadow Street Upper
Middleton, Jas., insurance clerk, 34 Marsden Gardens
Middleton, Thos., engineer, Greencastle
Milan, John, butcher, 52 Pine Street
Milan, R., fireman, 43 Bellevue Street
Millagh, W. J., checker, 15 Cavendish Street
Milby, F., tobacconist, 6 Washington Street
Milby, Mrs., 32 California Street
Miles, A., lamp lighter, 20 Devonshire Street
Miles, Mrs. Oriel, ladies' college, 155 Windsor Gardens, Malone Road
Milford, Miss, dress maker and milliner, 34 Thorndale Avenue
Milford, Mrs., 92 Canning Street Upper
Mill, A., compositor, 72 Vernon Street
Mill, Wm., R.I.C., 9 Pim Street
Mill, Wm., clerk, 9 Pacific Avenue
Millar, Agnes, spirit grocer, 17, 19 Sussex Street
Millar, Andw., traveller, 145 My Lady's Road
Millar, A., upholsterer, 214 Duncairn Gardens
Millar, A., fitter, 1 Eccles Street
Millar, A., block maker, 31 Pilot Street
Millar, A., joiner, 23 Christopher Street
Millar, A., engineer, 150 Meadow Street Upper
Millar, A., boot and shoe maker, 27 Albertbridge Road
Millar, A., traveller, 14 Spamount Street
Millar, A., & Co. Ltd., Manufacturers of Confectionery and Preserves, 24, 30 Clifton Street and Ravenhill Avenue
Millar, Boyd, & Reid Ltd., wholesale warehousemen, 5, 11 Calender Street
Millar, Charles, joiner, 26 Stoneyford Street
Millar, Chas., joiner, 16 Chelsea Street
Millar, C., milliner, 89 Grosvenor Street
Millar, David, grocer and provision dealer, 104 Boundary Street
Millar, D., lithographer, 11 Greenville Terrace, Beersbridge Road Upper
Millar, D., grocer, 100 Dover Street
Millar, D., french polisher, 7 Ship Street Little
Millar, D., cook, 68 Mervue Street
Millar, D., grocer, 20 Limestone Road
Millar, George, tailor, 30 Queen Street
Millar, G., boiler maker, 22 Midland Street
Millar, Harris, draper, 45 Annalee Street
Millar, Hugh, tailor, 16 Constance Street
Millar, Hugh, baker, 9 Church Street East
Millar, H., grocer, 69, 71 Glenalpin Street
Millar, H., rivetter, 3 Lomond Avenue
Millar, H., clerk, 254 Hillman Street
Millar, H. V., auditor and accountant, 7 Waring Street
Millar, H. W., store keeper, 29 University Street
Millar, James, publican, 142 Newtownards Road
Millar, James, saddler, 142 Cromac Street
Millar, James, & Co., tea, wine and spirit merchant, 54 Ann Street; res., 12 The Mount
Millar, James, brass founder, 1 Wesley Street
Millar, James, secretary, 107 Eglantine Avenue
Millar, James, joiner, 82 Solway Street
Millar, James, grocer, 46 Rosapenna Street
Millar, Jas., carpenter, Ellsmere, Newtownards Road Upper
Millar, Jas., tailor, 17 Lee Street
Millar, Jas., painter, 17 Annette Street
Millar, Jas., cabinet maker, 20 Marine Street
Millar, Jas., stone cutter, Greencastle
Millar, Jas., grocer, 96, 98 Hillview Street
Millar, Jas., timber merchant, 2 The Glen
Millar, Jas., gardener, 194 Queen Street North
Millar, Jas., rivetter, 46 York Road
Millar, John, clerk, 2 Castlereagh Avenue
Millar, John, flax dresser, 98 Bristol Street
Millar, John, mechanic, 13 Brookmount Street
Millar, Joseph, tea agent, 54 Waring Street
Millar, Jas., boot manager, 41 Rushfield Avenue
Millar, J., dairy man, 77 Dundela Street
Millar, J., designer, 55 Brookvale Street
Millar, J., litho. printer, 15 Dickson Street
Millar, J., painter and decorator, 55 Ormeau Road
Millar, J., cabinet maker, 91 Spamount Street
Millar, J., boiler maker, 26 Rowan Street
Millar, J., accountant, 58 Hopefield Avenue
Millar, J., dairy keeper, 9 Mount Street North
Millar, J., foreman, B.H.C., 106 Mountcollyer Road
Millar, J., book binder, 54 Stanhope Street
Millar, J., tailor, 7 Thompson Street
Millar, J., draper, 53 University Street
Millar, J., plater, 48 York Road
Millar, Margaret, 1 Brookhill Avenue
Millar, Miss, 11 Thorndale Avenue
Millar, Mrs., 106 Eglantine Avenue
Millar, Mrs., 1 Ulsterville Gardens
Millar, Mrs., 31 Carlisle Street
Millar, Mrs., 22 Claremont Street
Millar, Mrs., 74 Charles Street South
Millar, M., 32 Bentinck Street
Millar, Neill, plumber, 4 Bryson Street
Millar, Robert, pastry baker, 6 Marion Street
Millar, Robert, joiner, 63 Parkmount Street
Millar, Robert, grocer, 4 Fortwilliam Place, Shore Road
Millar, Robt., tailor, 32 Clandeboye Street
Millar, Robt., brick layer, 80 Blythe Street
Millar, R., cabinet maker, 197 Tennent Street
Millar, Samuel, painter, 53 Thorndale Avenue
Millar, Samuel, secretary Mountpottinger Y.M.C.A., 8 Campbell Park Avenue
Millar, Samuel, collector, 47 Columbia Street
Millar, S. H., spinning master, 1 Mount Street, Greencastle
Millar, Thos., confectioner, 64 Portallo Street
Millar, Thos., stone cutter, 16 Barrow Street
Millar, Thos., newsagent, 35 Ligoniel Road
Millar, Thos., painter, 12 Pittsburg Street
Millar, Thos., draper, 28 Willowbank Street
Millar, Thos., mechanic, 14 Electric Street
Millar, Thos., painter, 34 Bristol Street
Millar, T., sanitary inspector, 3 Glenbank Terrace, Ballysillan
Millar, Winford, tea merchant, 151 University Street
Millar, Wm., dyer, 3 Oldpark Row, Oldpark Road
Millar, Wm., school teacher, 98 Cliftonpark Avenue
Millar, Wm., linen lapper, 8 Bowness Street
Millar, Wm., iron turner, 13 London Road
Millar, Wm., 14 Elmwood Avenue
Millar, Wm., boiler maker, 53 Thistle Street
Millar, Wm., iron turner, 87 Tower Street
Millar, Wm., rivetter, 105 Church Street East
Millar, Wm., baker, 19 Walnut Street
Millar, W., time keeper, 22 Castlereagh Place
Millar, W. H., commissioner for taking affidavits, 43 Chichester Street; res., 5 Trinity Street
Millar, W. J., grocer, 8 Tennyson Street
Millar, W. J., linen lapper, 40 Northumberland Street
Millar, W. J., baker, 92 Glenwood Street
Millar, W. J., store keeper, 7 St. James Street
Millar & Martin, linen and yarn merchants, 22 Bedford Street
Millard, C. T., sculptor (of Purdy & Millard, Howard Street), 42 Fitzroy Avenue
Millen, Alex., carpenter, Greencastle
Millen, Hugh, blacksmith, 75 Lanark Street
Millen, Jas., warehouseman, 42 Carlisle Street
Millen, John, professor of elocution, 29 Lawrence Street
Millen, John, rivetter, 23 Montrose Street
Millen, Mrs., 43 Atlantic Avenue
Millen, Mrs., 73 Botanic Avenue
Millen, Mrs., Culloden, North Parade
Miller, Alex., 2 Albert Terrace, Malone Road
Miller, Alex., accountant, 36 Cyprus Gardens
Miller, Alex., moulder, 252 Crumlin Road
Miller, A., traveller, 32 Groomsport Street
Miller, B., cabinet maker, 5 Bloomfield Avenue
Miller, C., & Co. Ltd., upholsterers and cabinet makers, 42, 46 High Street; res., C. Miller, Roseneath, Antrim Road
Miller, Geo., clerk, 62 Trillick Street
Miller, Geo., drapery, 17 Pacific Avenue
Miller, James, butcher, 51 Roy Street
Miller, John, 387 Lisburn Road
Miller, Jas., tea broker, 24 Wellesley Avenue
Miller, John, linen lapper, 37 Apsley Street
Miller, John, plumber, 34 Nansen Street
Miller, John, clerk, 71 Madrid Street
Miller, John, warehouseman, 39 Ashley Avenue
Miller, John, sawyer, 14 Mabel Street
Miller, John, cabinet maker, 53 Broadbent Street
Miller, J. C., coppersmith, 20 Solway Street
Miller, J. L., tea agent, 45a Ann Street; res., 7 Chilworth Buildings, Stranmillis Road
Miller, Louis, draper, 39 Annalee Street
Miller, Miss Catherine, Glendevon, Windsor Park
Miller, Mrs., grocer, 40 Lindsay Street
Miller, Mrs., 6 Camberwell Street
Miller, Mrs., 42 Willowbank Street
Miller, Mrs. Olga, 4 Vicinage Park
Miller, M., traveller, 48 Groomsport Street
Miller, M. E., draper, 34 Avonbeg Street
Miller, Robert, foreman stone cutter, 12 Rosewood Street
Miller, Robert, butcher, 152 Old Lodge Road
Miller, R., linen lapper, 111 Stratheden Street
Miller, R. G., locomotive supt. B.C.D.R., Merriott House, Cyprus Avenue
Miller, Samuel, shipwright, 18 Sintonville Avenue
Miller, Saml., traveller, 10 Newport Street
Miller, Son, & Torrance, collar and cuff manufacturers, 8 Maxwell Street
Miller, S., painter, 53 Thorndale Avenue
Miller, Thomas, cutter, 30 Avoca Street
Miller, Thos., linen lapper, 10 Spruce Street
Miller, Thos., joiner, 31 Austin Street
Miller, T. M., wholesale tea merchant, 3 Skipper Street
Miller, Wm., boiler maker, 81 Trafalgar Street
Miller, Wm., grocer, 20 Houston Street
Miller, Wm., car owner, 52 Clara Street
Miller, Wm., caretaker, 101a Cullingtree Road
Miller, W. J., shoe maker, 55 Stratheden Street
Miller, W. J., baker, 15 Vicarage Street
Miller & Co., grocers, 102 Euston Street
Millford, R., car owner, 8 Washington Street
Milligan, Alex., 225 Springfield Road
Milligan, Alex., carpenter, 2 Isoline Street
Milligan, C. J., M.D., Glenside House, private asylum, Ligoniel
Milligan, D., brick layer, 28 Brookmount Street
Milligan, Elizabeth, 32 Chemical Street
Milligan, H., shoe maker, 66 Hardinge Street
Milligan, James, painter, 34 Beverley Street
Milligan, Jas., builder, 26 Connsbrook Avenue (No. 2)
Milligan, Jas., draper, 21 Posnett Street
Milligan, John A., rope manufacturer, 7 Queen's Square; res., Ravenhill Gardens, Ravenhill Road
Milligan, John, Lagan coal yard, Lagan Bank Road
Milligan, John, gardener, 33 Agra Street
Milligan, J., boot maker, 112 Tennent Street
Milligan, J., brick layer, 19 Taylor Street
Milligan, L., dress maker, 275 Beersbridge Road
Milligan, Miss, The drift, Antrim Road
Milligan, Peter, rope and twine manufacturer and hemp merchant, 5 Queen's Square; res., Cragholm, Rosetta Park
Milligan, P., spirit grocer, 51 Sultan Street
Milligan, Robt., draper, 21 Ponsonby Avenue
Milligan, R. G., grocer, 232 Crumlin Road; res., 3 Edenderry Terrace, Woodvale Road
Milligan, Samuel, N.S. teacher, 103 Castlereagh Street
Milligan, Seaton F., managing director of Robertson, Ledlie, Ferguson & Co. Ltd., Bank Buildings; res., Ward Villa, Bangor
Milligan, T., blacksmith, 24 Erin Street
Milligan, T., spirit merchant, 346 Lisburn Road
Milligan, T., gateman, 61 New Dock Street
Milligan, Wm., moulder, 46 Rosebank Street
Milligan, Wm., plumber, 4 Schomberg Street
Milligan, W. H., clerk, 26 Cooke Street
Milligan, W. H., & Co., Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturers, 6 Townhall Street, and Tobacco Bond Warehouse, 89, 91 Academy Street
Milligan & Graham, manufacturers' agents, 42 Arthur Street Upper
Milligan & Robinson, drapers, 2 Crescent Buildings, Dublin Road
Milligen & Co. Ltd., steamship owners, and coal importers, 19 Royal Avenue; depot, Abercorn Basin; res., John Milligen, Lambeg
Milliken, D., hair dresser, 76 Old Lodge Road
Milliken, H., warehouseman, 6 Summer Street
Milliken, James, postman, 4 Ainsworth Street
Milliken, James, clerk, 6 Edenderry Terrace, Woodvale Road
Milliken, John, secretary, Astolat, Knockdeane Park
Milliken, John, Insurance and Commission Agent, Estate Agent and Accountant, 1, 3 Belfast Bank Chambers, North Street; res., Astolat, Knockdeane Park
Milliken, John, carpenter, 65 Brougham Street
Milliken, Joseph J., contracting plumber and wholesale merchant, 25 Church Lane; res., Manoah, Osborne Park
Milliken, J., refreshment and boarding house, 22 Prince's Street
Milliken, J., tailor, 23 Dublin Road
Milliken, J. J., joiner, 5 London Street
Milliken, Miss E., 131 Eglantine Avenue
Milliken, Mrs., stationer and tobacconist, 3 St. Enoch's Place, Clifton Street
Milliken, N., hay dealer, 124 Boundary Street
Milliken, Rev. J., B.A., 2 Glen Eden Villas, Whiterock Road
Milliken, R., fitter, 4 Pitt Place
Milliken, Saml., grocer, 2, 4 Ardilea Street
Milliken, S., dairyman, Greencastle
Milliken, the Misses, Beechville, Knock Church Road
Milliken, Thos., coal merchant, 20, 22 Carlow Street
Milliken, T., spirit grocer, 35 Frank Street
Milliken, T., spirit grocer, 249 Shankill Road
Milliken, Wm., joiner, 72 Bray Street
Milliken, Wm., house and insurance agent, and property broker, 87 Donegall Street
Milliken, W. J., 128 Cliftonpark Avenue
Millin, Adam, 44 Ulsterville Avenue
Millin, Mrs., 44 Ulsterville Avenue
Millin, S. Shannon, B.L., 44 Ulsterville Avenue
Millin & Co. Ltd., mineral water machine manufacturers and engineers, 61 Great Patrick Street; copper works, Sydenham Road
Millin & Rankin, Mineral Water Manufacturers and Bottlers, 51 McAuley Street; res., William Rankin, Woodbury, Derryvolgie Avenue
Milling, J., hardware merchant, 369 Ormeau Road
Milling, Miss, 14 Wellesley Avenue
Milling, Mrs., grocer, 92 Old Lodge Road
Milling, Robert, baker and grocer, 42, 44 King Street
Millington, T. H., wire weaver, 84 Coolbeg Street
Millner, Major J. K., Barnageeha, Fortwilliam Park
Millon, Hugh, carpenter, 11 Harrybrook Street
Millons, John, musician, 1 Jaffa Street
Mills, Andrew, compositor, 14 Holyrood Avenue
Mills, A., lamp lighter, 63 Wigton Street
Mills, A., draper, 50 Sandy Row
Mills, David, tinsmith, 69 Urney Street
Mills, D., plater, Park Avenue
Mills, Edith, dress maker, 25 Grampian Street
Mills, Ed., rivetter, 14 Lackagh Street
Mills, Henry, cabinet maker, 1 Landsend Street
Mills, Hugh, plasterer, 1 Woodlawn Avenue
Mills, Hugh, iron trunk maker, 21 Skipper Street
Mills, Ida, 19 Cheviot Street
Mills, James, butler, 1 Carmel Street
Mills, James, plasterer, 14 Redcar Street
Mills, James, coach builder, 3 Symons Street
Mills, Jas., carpenter, 50 Woodvale Road
Mills, Jas., sawyer, 37 Cultra Street
Mills, Jas., 80 Roslyn Street
Mills, Jas., plasterer, Castlereagh Road
Mills, Jas., sawyer, 11 Rowan Street
Mills, John, cabinet maker, 64 Lepper Street
Mills, John, printer, 52 Farnham Street
Mills, John, fireman, 53 Willow Street
Mills, John, plater, 112 Castlereagh Road
Mills, John, bundler, 88 Cambrai Street
Mills, J., cabinet maker, 9 William Street South
Mills, J., blacksmith, 1 Little George's Street
Mills, J. A., solicitor, 19 High Street; res., 22 St. Jude's Avenue
Mills, Robert J., carter, 25 Damascus Street
Mills, R. J., brush maker, 8 Charleville Street
Mills, Thomas, cooper, 34 Devonshire Street
Mills, Thomas, moulder, 22 Kildare Street
Mills, T., foreman, 22 Farnham Street
Mills, T. C., agent; res., 34 Lomond Avenue, Strandtown
Mills, Wm., dairyman, 1 Essex Street
Mills, Wm., Hollymount, Finaghy Lane
Mills, W., boot and shoe maker, 74 Spamount Street
Mills, W., compositor, 6 Rosebank Street
Mills, W. R., bread server, 50 Redcar Street
Mills, W. J. C., solicitor (of Harper & Mills), 6 Kinnaird Street
Mills, W. J., dairyman, Moss Cottage, Lisburn Road
Mills, W. J., confectioner, 6 Felt Street
Milne, Jas., lithographer, 90 Killowen Street
Milne, John, manufacturers' agent, 39 Chichester Street
Milne, John, warehouseman, 1 Roslin Villas, Rosetta Avenue
Milne, Mrs., 34 Lincoln Avenue
Milne, M., confectioner, 113 Woodstock Road
Milne, Robert, clerk, 10 Ashbourne Street
Milne, Thos., linen lapper, 21 Arundel Street
Milne, T., flax, hemp, jute and tow waste merchant, 130, 132 Corporation Street
Milne, Wm., clerk, 6 Franklin Street
Milner, W. J., postman, 66 Sugarfield Street
Milner's Safe Co. Ltd. - D. Bryce, Local Manager, 22 Wellington Place
Minford, Robt., saddler, 20 Arlington Street
Minford, W., railway porter, 21 Bentinck Street
Minnis, A., boiler maker, 7 Como Terrace, Oldpark Road
Minnis, David, joiner, 134 Donegall Pass
Minnis, E., brass finisher, 15 Mountcollyer Avenue
Minnis, H. C., com. traveller, 30 Newington Street
Minnis, James, tailor, 45 Fourth Street
Minnis, James, shoe maker, 78 Wilton Street
Minnis, Robt., sorter, 51 Brookmount Street
Minnis, Samuel, butler, 33 Witham Street
Minnis, Sarah, confectioner, 93 Royal Avenue
Minnis, Wm., Excise officer, 42 Maymount Street
Minnis, Wm., gardener, back lodge, Norwood Tower, Strandtown
Minnis, Wm., excise officer, 191 Templemore Avenue
Minnis, W., grocer, 71, 73 Shankill Road
Minshall, W. H. E., artist, 24 Harrybrook Street
Minshall, Thos., printer, 17 Dargle Street
Miskelly, H., & Co., merchant tailors, 24 Mount Street
Miskelly, James K., & Son, grocers, 135 Cromac Street
Miskelly, John, tailor, 132 Woodstock Road
Miskelly, J., rope and twine manufacturer, San Stefano, Woodstock Road
Miskelly, J., druggist, 124 Agincourt Avenue
Miskelly, J., boot maker, Rockburren Terrace, Newtownards Road Upper
Miskelly, P., spinning master, 16 Dunlewey Street
Miskelly, R., iron turner, 3 Rusholme Street
Miskelly, Thomas, butcher, 134 Agnes Street
Miskelly, Thomas, bookkeeper, 53 Botanic Avenue
Miskelly, Wm., druggist, 17 Delhi Street
Miskelly, Wm., brick layer, 131 Agnes Street
Miskill, T. F., R.I.C., 15 Bray Street
Miskimmin, James, builder and contractor, 1 Glanworth, Skegoniel Avenue, 24, 26 York Lane, 5 to 9 Donegall Lane; res., 35 Duncairn Gardens
Miskimmin, Wm., builder, 167 Duncairn Gardens; res., 241 Springfield Road
Miskimmon, Robt., 53 Cedar Avenue
Miskimmon, Samuel, 287 Falls Road
Miskmmon, H. W., builder, 7 Edenderry Terrace, Woodvale Road
Miskimmon, S., bookkeeper, 1 Victoria Avenue
Mitchell, Alex., insurance agent, 4 Donegall Square East
Mitchell, Alex., builder, 56 Botanic Avenue
Mitchell, Alex., 75 University Road
Mitchell, Arnott, & Co. Ltd., room paper manufacturers, 79, 81 High Street
Mitchell, A., shipwright, 5 Hanover Street
Mitchell, A., moulder, 256 Springfield Road
Mitchell, A., shop fitter, 111 North Street
Mitchell, A., shipwright, 38 Brookmount Street
Mitchell, A. B., M.D., surgeon, 4 College Square North
Mitchell, A. E., salesman, 12 Holywood View Terrace, Shore Road
Mitchell Bros., & Co., 52 Victoria Street
Mitchell, Chas., stationer, 2 Harcourt Street
Mitchell, C., carpenter, 17 Charleville Street
Mitchell, David, Limited, house furnishing iron monger and jeweller, 6 Castle Street; res., 2 Ardlussa, Antrim Road
Mitchell, D., grocer, 10 Castlereagh Street
Mitchell, E. J., grocer, 65 Market Street
Mitchell, F., bread server, 8 Derby Street
Mitchell, F. G., manager, 6 Rathcoole Street
Mitchell, George, iron turner, 12 Radnor Street
Mitchell, G., linen lapper, 69 Hopeton Street
Mitchell, G. L., joiner, 44 Killowen Street
Mitchell, Holland, & Co. Ltd., House Furnishers, 19 to 25 York Street; res., Andrew Mitchell, 21 Eglantine Avenue
Mitchell, Hugh, detective R.I.C., 261 Hillman Street
Mitchell, Hugh, & Co., grocers, 41 Ship Street
Mitchell, H., engineer, 266 Cupar Street
Mitchell, H., clerk, 45 Upper Meadow Street
Mitchell, H. & Co., grocers, 266 Albertbridge Road
Mitchell, Irvine, mechanic, 51 Seaview Street
Mitchell, I., draper and outfitter, 7a Oldpark Road; res., 3 Strangemore Terrace, Crumlin Road
Mitchell, James, rivetter, 77 Israel Street
Mitchell, James, shirt and underware manufacturer, 91 Donegall Street
Mitchell, Jas., iron moulder, 6 Castlereagh Avenue
Mitchell, Jas., carpenter, 29 Derg Street
Mitchell, Jno., mechanic, 12 Rutland Street
Mitchell, John, painter, 228 Matilda Street
Mitchell, John, shoe maker, 2 Clements Street
Mitchell, John, J.P., Olinda, Craigavad
Mitchell, John, collar cutter, 8 Auburn Street
Mitchell, John, clerk, 19 Mountcollyer Avenue
Mitchell, John, foreman, 37 Witham Street
Mitchell, Joseph, confectioner and fruiterer, 279 York Street
Mitchell, Joseph, salesman, 13 Melrose Street
Mitchell, Joseph, mechanic, 1 Kathleen Terrace, Ballysillan
Mitchell, John, manager, 85 Castlereagh Road
Mitchell, Joseph, grocer and provision merchant, 3 Pirrieville Terrace, Holywood Road
Mitchell, J., book binder, 75 Dover Street
Mitchell, J., gate keeper, 15 Rainey Street
Mitchell, J., pattern maker, 57 Donnybrook Street
Mitchell, J., shirt and collar manufacturer, 61 Wilmont Terrace, Lisburn Road
Mitchell, J., bookkeeper, 15 Sintonville Avenue
Mitchell, J. C., chief clerk, B. & N.C.R., 22 Easton Crescent
Mitchell, J. J., relieving officer, 59a Newtownards Road
Mitchell, Mrs., confectioner, 84 Cromac Street
Mitchell, Mrs., 45 Fitzroy Avenue
Mitchell, Mrs. Mary, 7 Wellington Crescent, Ravenhill Road
Mitchell, Mrs., Marmont, Holywood Road
Mitchell, Mrs., Strathview, Knock Avenue Road
Mitchell, Mrs., 50 Canning Street Upper
Mitchell, M., tea merchant, Carlindean, Windsor Avenue North
Mitchell, Ralph, merchant, 14 Ava Street
Mitchell, Rev. D. K. (of Crumlin Road Presbyterian Church), Wheatfield House, Crumlin Road
Mitchell, Rev. James, B.A., minister of Great George's Presbyterian Church, 13 Great George's Street
Mitchell, Rev. David, 48 Botanic Avenue
Mitchell, Robert, tinsmith, 44 Calvin Street
Mitchell, Robert, tenter, 81 Oldpark Road
Mitchell, Robert, spindle maker, 22 New Street
Mitchell, R., mechanic, 37 Danube Street
Mitchell, R., grocer, 2 Woodstock Road
Mitchell, R., joiner, 11 Cosgrave Street
Mitchell, R. A., Marmont, Holywood Road
Mitchell, Saml., gasfitter, 27 Upper Charleville Street
Mitchell, S., hardware merchant, 13 Donegall Road
Mitchell, S., collar cutter, 33 Ardmoulin Avenue
Mitchell, S., & Co., ship brokers, financial and insurance agents; stores, 76 Patrick Street Little, 20 Donegall Quay
Mitchell, Thos., draper, 243 Tennent Street
Mitchell, Thos., iron dresser, 9 Brussels Street
Mitchell, T., plumber, 142 Durham Street
Mitchell, T. E., com. traveller, 52 Killowen Street
Mitchell, Wm., draper, 48 Rosapenna Street
Mitchell, Wm., clerk, 100 Jocelyn Avenue
Mitchell, Wm., painter, 53 Majestic Street
Mitchell, Wm., shop fitter, 38 Magdala Street
Mitchell, Wm., dredging supt., 4 Garra Terrace, Shore Road
Mitchell, W., shoe maker, 13 Ligoniel Road
Mitchell, W. C., Marmont, Holywood Road
Mitchell & Co., butchers, 91 Manor Street
Mitchell & Co., of Belfast Ltd., Distillers, 33, 84, 86 Tomb Street; Bonded Warehouses, 67, 73 Corporation Street, and Great George's Street, Stack S
Mithers, Thos., printer, 7 Ambrose Street
Moat, Jackson, & Johnston, Ltd., printers, stationers, lithographers, rubber stamp makers, account book manufacturers, paper merchants and paper bag manufacturers, 17, 19 Rosemary Street
Moderate, H., car owner, 42 Victoria Street Little
Modery, H., publican, 6 Regent Street
Modery, H., hair dresser, 13 Donegall Street
Moeran, H. H., cashier, Cheswick, Cavehill Road
Moffat, A. & W., Universal Parcel Express, 27, 29 Waring Street
Moffat, C., commercial traveller, 7 Mountcollyer Gardens
Moffat, John, tinsmith, 21 Baltic Street
Moffatt, David, R.I.C., 227 Spamount Street
Moffatt, G. B., architect, 7 Wellington Place
Moffatt, Jas., card cutter, 83 Montrose Street
Moffatt, John, clerk, 182 Blythe Street
Moffatt, John, grocer, 6 Cromac Square
Moffatt, John, blacksmith, 30 Baltic Street
Moffatt, J., brick layer, 29 Charlotte Street
Moffatt, Miss, teacher, 27 Claremont Street
Moffatt, M., confectioner, 137, 139 Durham Street
Moffatt, Robert, joiner, 77 Meadow Street Upper
Moffatt, Robt., rigger, 24 Baltic Street
Moffatt, R. G., sec. Gresham Life Insurance Society, 74 Royal Avenue; res., Donard, Malone Park
Moffatt, S., joiner, 15 Derg Street
Moffatt, S., mechanic, 6 Hanover Street
Moffatt, Thos., bookkeeper, 34 Lawther Street
Moffatt, T., engineer, 57 Carlisle Street
Moffatt, William, 7 Murray's Terrace
Moffatt, Wm., iron turner, 8 London Road
Moffatt, W., carpenter, 165 Meadow Street Upper
Moffet, Arthur, draughtsman, 1 Rosebank, Victoria Road
Moffett, Geo., weaver, 14 Dewey Street
Moffett, G., seaman, 7 Charlotte Street
Moffett, H. R., manager, 37 Cromwell Road
Moffett, James, barman, 14 Capstone Street
Moffett, James, shipwright, 4 Ann Street North
Moffett, Saml., gardener, 23 Ardilea Street
Moffett, S., hackle and gill maker, 314 Cupar Street
Moffett, Wm., traveller, 2 St. Jude's Avenue
Moffett, Wm., guard, 34 Mountcollyer Avenue
Moffett, W., grocer's assistant, Yew Villa, Upper Beersbridge Road
Moffit, C. C., com. traveller, 13 Cedar Avenue
Moffitt, T. N., pharmaceutical chemist, 103 and 117 Crumlin Road
Mogey, A., stationer's assistant, 81 University Avenue
Mogey, Jos. E., clerk, 17 Spencer Street
Mogey, J., & Son, family grocers, 437 Thomasville Terrace, Lisburn Road
Mogey, R. P., sea captain, 18 Madrid Street
Mogey, W. H., Waterworks, 2 Greenmount Villas, Henderson Avenue
Mohan, George, traveller, 11 Ashley Avenue
Mohan, Jos., traveller, 5 Chestnut Gardens
Mohan, Mary, grocer, 153 New Lodge Road
Mohan, Peter, butcher, 62 North Queen Street
Mohan, Thos. J., butcher, 78 North Queen Street
Moine, Hugh, 2 Ardlin Villas, Glandore Avenue
Moir, James, caterer, Victoria Terrace, Park Avenue
Moir, John, rivetter, 23 New North Queen Street
Mollan, Thomas, constable R.I.C., 1 Deramore Avenue
Mollan, W. L., linen merchant, Home Lyn, Marlborough Park
Mollan, W. S., & Co., linen merchants and manufacturers, 62 Queen Street Upper; res., W. S. Mollan, Hope House, College Park Avenue
Moles, James, moulder, 46 Wilton Street
Moles, John, manager, 13 Wellington Park Terrace
Molloy, Alfred, box maker, 5 Brennan Street
Molloy, Andrew, spirit grocer, 341 Woodstock Road
Molloy, C., packing case maker, 12 Townsend Street
Molloy, G., blacksmith, 124 Sugarfield Street
Molloy, Hugh, teacher, 11 Marsden Gardens
Molloy, Hugh, gardener, 190 Cupar Street
Molloy, John, cabinet maker, 13 Keegan Street
Molloy, J., gardener, 55 Moonstone Street
Molloy, Patk., grocer, 78 Short Strand
Molloy, P., rougher, 4 Balkan Street
Molloy, Susan, grocer, 1 Saunderson Street
Molloy, S., hardware merchant, 80 Short Strand
Molloy, Wm., hackle maker, 21 Loftus Street
Molloy, Wm., compositor, 41 Ravenhill Road
Molloy, Wm., shop keeper, 2 Balkan Street
Molloy, W. J., flax dresser, 295 Queen Street North
Molton, F., R.I.C., 13 Glenvale Street
Mollyneaux, Geo., cutter, 9 Forth River Gardens
Molyneaux, T. B., salesman, 42 Candahar Street
Molyneux, Captain, harbour master Belfast Harbour Commissioners, Rockmount, 12 Antrim Road
Molyneux, Miss, English confectioner, 148 Duncairn Street
Molyneux, R., grocer, 11, 13 Electric Street
Molyneux, Thos., millwright, Oldpark Cottages, Oldpark Road
Molyneux, Wm., grocer, 2 Burnaby Street
Molyneux & Ferguson, starch manufacturers, 7 Wilton Square South
Monaghan, A., joiner, 45 Derwent Street
Monaghan, James, bleacher, 18 Springfield Avenue
Monaghan, John, coach painter, 74 Unity Street
Monaghan, John, baker, 18 Roumania Street
Monaghan, Joseph, baker, 15 Cawnpore Street
Monaghan, J., iron turner, 16 Waterford Street
Monaghan, J., bread server, 83 Cullingtree Road
Monaghan, J., blacksmith, 26 Frome Street
Monaghan, J., caretaker, 85 Tower Street
Monaghan, J., coachman, 16 Carnmoney Street
Monaghan, Miss, confectioner and tobacconist, 155d York Street
Monaghan, Mrs. Mary, 115 Duncairn Street
Monaghan, M., mechanic, 69 Abyssinia Street
Monaghan, Patk., dealer, 49 to 53 Smithfield
Monaghan, Patk., tenter, 38 Clonard Gardens
Monaghan, Patk., hair dresser, 91 Divis Street
Monaghan, P., sailor, 51 Brookfield Street
Monaghan, R., sawyer, 23 Riley's Place
Monaghan, R. J., bottler, 1 Richardson Street
Monaghan, S., driller,15 Armitage Street
Monaghan, T., salesman, 30 Deramore Avenue
Monaghan, W., ship carpenter, 8 Ravenhill Street
Monaghan, W., machine master, 17 Rosebank Street
Monahan, Edward, shipping inspector, port of Belfast, 40 Farnham Street
Moncrieff, James A., insurance agent, 2 Rydalmere, Ravenhill Road
Moncrieff, C. E., insurance agent, 5 Donegall Square South; res., Bangor, Co. Down
Moncrieff, Matthew, moulder, 22 Conduit Street
Moncrieff, Miss, 101 Wellesley Avenue
Moncrieff & Co., insurance brokers, 45 Arthur Street
Moneypenny, H. J., M.B., B.S., physician, 182 Duncairn Street
Moneypenny, Wm., M.B., B.S., 3 Shaf- (missing)
Moneypenny, J. H., Coomassie Villas, Bloomfield
Moneypenny, F. W., cashier to Belfast Corporation Town Hall; res., Coomassie Villa, Upper Newtownards Road; telephone 1562
Moneypenny, H., boiler maker, 82 Thistle Street
Moneypenny, J., moulder, 77 Tower Street
Moneypenny & Watson, linen manufacturers, 10 James Street South
Monroe, David, moulder, 87 Westmoreland Street
Monroe, James, plumber, 37 Edinburgh Street
Monro, Alex., manager, of Wordie & Co., Mavourne Villas, Glandore Avenue
Monro, Jas., cartwright, 102 Mountcollyer Avenue
Monroe, Saml., compositor, 87 Melrose Street
Montague, F., tobacconist, 126 Falls Road
Montague, H., spirit grocer, 121, 123 Hilland Street
Montague, James, foreman, 14 Tate's Avenue
Montague, P., traveller, 296 Albertbridge Road
Monteith, D., boots, 112 Donegall Avenue
Monteith, John, shoe maker, 46 Sandymount Street
Monteith, J., engine driver, 112 Dover Street
Monteith, J., tobacconist and stationer, 167 Duncairn Street
Montgomery, Andrew, draper, 68 Killowen Street
Montgomery, Anna, 113 Fitzroy Avenue
Montgomery, A., clerk, 24 Shandon Street
Montgomery, A., driller, 31 Bisley Street
Montgomery, A., book maker, 3 Ballymoney Street
Montgomery, A., engineer, 15 Eglinton Street
Montgomery, A., d'maker, 246 Meadow Street Upper
Montgomery, A., tenter, 13 Columbia Street
Montgomery, A., draper, 7 Leitrim Street
Montgomery, A. B., of Pratt & Montgomery, Lorna, Donegall Park
Montgomery Bros., Tea Merchants, 66 Victoria Street
Montgomery, B. W. D. (of John Preston & Co.), Montrose, Fortwilliam Park
Montgomery, C. & Co., linen merchants, 10 Linenhall Street; res., 21 Wellington Park
Montgomery, C. &  J., pharmaceutical chemists and aerated water manufacturers, 66, 68 Donegall Street and 147 Royal Avenue
Montgomery, D., carpenter, 21 Seaview Street
Montgomery, D. J., tram inspector, 1 Violet Terrace, Crumlin Road
Montgomery, F., grocer, 7, 9 Cheviot Avenue
Montgomery, F., collector, 25 Enfield Street
Montgomery, F., plater, 17 Hunt Street
Montgomery, F. A., draper and outfitter, 33, 35 King Street
Montgomery, Hugh, engineer, 19 Castlereagh Avenue
Montgomery, Hugh, mechanic, 13 Electric Street
Montgomery, H., school teacher, 4 Jewkesbery Terrace, Skegoniel Avenue (Tewksbury)
Montgomery, H. R., bundler, 163 Bellevue Street
Montgomery, H., cabinet maker, 4 Thompson Street
Montgomery, H. C., insurance agent, 4a Rosemary Street; res., Glenoe, Bangor
Montgomery, H. H., auctioneer and valuator, Sunnybank, Earlswood Road
Montgomery, James, draper, 131 Manor Street
Montgomery, Jas., R.I.C., 84 Roden Street
Montgomery, Jas., brush master, 111 Snugville Street
Montgomery, Jas., yarn dresser, 64 Braemer Street
Montgomery, Jas., store keeper, 55 Thompson Street
Montgomery, Jas., coach painter, 22 Spring Street
Montgomery, Jane, 2 Salisbury Avenue
Montgomery, John, painter, 240 Matilda Street
Montgomery, J., joiner, 75 St. Leonard's Street
Montgomery, J. B. F., 22 Fitzwilliam Street
Montgomery, J., machine master, 131 Mayo Street
Montgomery, John, flax and tow merchant, 15, 17 Louden Street; res., 25 Brookhill Avenue
Montgomery, John, brush maker, 6 Westmoreland Street
Montgomery, John, bird dealer, 126 Peter's Hill
Montgomery, John, coachman, 38 Coolbeg Street
Montgomery, John, joiner, 1 Rosebery Street
Montgomery, John, gardener, East Cottage, Church Road, Knock
Montgomery, Johnston, engineer, 5 Lawnview Street
Montgomery, Jos., druggist, 137 Alexandrapark Avenue
Montgomery, J., mechanic, 3 Thames Street
Montgomery, J., boot fitter, 56 Henry Street
Montgomery, J., carpenter, 6 Jaffa Street
Montgomery, J., coachman, 39 Ballycarry Street
Montgomery, J., gardener, 102 Deramore Avenue
Montgomery, J., bookkeeper, 1 Lavinia Street
Montgomery, J., chemist, Lancetta, Antrim Road
Montgomery, J., moulder, 65 Richardson Street
Montgomery, J., pawn broker, Salem Cottage, Lisburn Road
Montgomery, J., iron turner, 7 Ligoniel Road
Montgomery, J., mechanic, 13 Albert Terrace, Ballysillan
Montgomery, J., shoe maker, 20 Bruce Street
Montgomery, J., sailor, 6 Cavour Street
Montgomery, J., blacksmith, 71 Bloomfield Avenue
Montgomery, J., engineer, 60 Bloomfield Avenue
Montgomery, J., mill manager, 51 Eglantine Avenue
Montgomery, J., fitter, 25 Summer Street
Montgomery, J., sawyer, 77 Jerusalem Street
Montgomery, J. C., draper, 72 Perth Street
Montgomery, J. J., store keeper, 227 Mountpottinger Road
Montgomery, L. T., 23 Wellington Park
Montgomery, Miss, 82 Springfield Road
Montgomery, Miss, 1 Charnwood Terrace
Montgomery, T., 8 Lothair Avenue
Montgomery, Mrs., confectioner, 4 Victoria Street Great
Montgomery, Mrs., 6 India Street
Montgomery, Mrs., grocer, 10 Malvern Place
Montgomery, Mrs., 21 Wellington Park
Montgomery, Mrs., 3 Dunmore Terrace, Oldpark Road
Montgomery, Mrs., 163 Bloomfield Avenue
Montgomery, Mrs., dress and mantle maker, 25 Eglinton Street
Montgomery, Mrs. M., 120 Eglantine Avenue
Montgomery, M., joiner, 29 Wolff Street
Montgomery, M., manager, Daleholme House, Whiterock Road
Montgomery, Rev. H., M.A., minister Albert Street Presbyterian Church, 4 Upper Crescent
Montgomery, Robt., carpenter, 48 Carnan Street
Montgomery, R., coachman, Andersonstown
Montgomery, R., R.I.C., 29 Athol Street
Montgomery, R., mechanic, 24 Foreman Street
Montgomery, R., carpenter, 35 Raleigh Street
Montgomery, R. H., 76 Woodvale Avenue
Montgomery, R., 38 Wellington Park
Montgomery, R., stone cutter, 21 Frank Street
Montgomery, R., saw maker, 16 King Street
Montgomery, R., tailor, 74 Shankill Road
Montgomery, R., stone cutter, 11 Castlereagh Place
Montgomery, R., dairyman, 4 Lawnbrook Avenue
Montgomery, R. B., carpenter, 9 Pottinger Street
Montgomery, Robertson, & Watson, steam and hydraulic engineers and millwrights, 22, 24, 26 Barrack Street
Montgomery, Robt., driver, 27 Beechpark Street
Montgomery, Saml., R.I.C., 5 Buckingham Street
Montgomery, S., mechanic, 13 Ardmoulin Avenue
Montgomery, S., bookkeeper, 22 Frederick Terrace, Posnett Street
Montgomery, S., plumber, 13 Pearl Street
Montgomery, S., iron turner, 62 Bendigo Street
Montgomery, S., beamer, 10 Grove Street
Montgomery, Thomas, J.P., D.L., chairman Board of Directors of the Northern Banking Company Ltd., Ballydrain, Dunmurry
Montgomery, Thomas, carrier, 33, 35 Christopher Street
Montgomery, Thos., traveller, 25 Deramore Avenue
Montgomery, Thos., brick layer, 6 Schomberg Street
Montgomery, Thos., carpenter, 199 Cambrai Street
Montgomery, Thos., traveller, 31 Rossmore Avenue
Montgomery, Thos., gardener, 16 Bethany Street
Montgomery, T., iron moulder, 29 Albert Street
Montgomery, T., flax merchant, 34 Chief Street
Montgomery, T., ship carpenter, 17 Ann Street North
Montgomery, T., carrier, 38 Tomb Street
Montgomery, T. W., agent Belfast Ropework Company Ltd., 40 Rosemary Street
Montgomery, Wm., sanitary inspector, 19 Kimberley Street
Montgomery, Wm., dealer, 72 Great Patrick Street
Montgomery, Wm., brick layer, 234 Woodstock Road
Montgomery, Wm., builder, 132 Tennent Street
Montgomery, Wm., coachman, Tweskard Cottages, Belmont Road
Montgomery, Wm., brick layer, 70 Coolbeg Street
Montgomery, Wm. & Son, Stock and Share Brokers, Auctioneers and Valuators, Real Estate Agents, Fire Loss Assessors and Surveyors, 61 Royal Avenue; 1, 2 Foster Place, Dublin
Montgomery, W., carpenter, 22 Carlton Street
Montgomery, W., cabinet maker, 29 Bisley Street
Montgomery, W., bird dealer, 9 Gresham Street
Montgomery, W., plumber, 62 Springfield Row
Montgomery, W., mechanic, 12 Lawnbrook Avenue
Montgomery, Wm. Jas., mechanic, 85 Beersbridge Road
Montgomery, W. J., cotton spinner, 120 Glenwood Street
Montgomery & Dunwoody, insurance agents, 40 Rosemary Street
Montgomery, Robertson, & Watson, Engineers and Millwrights, 22 to 26 Barrack Street
Moodie, D., yarn merchant; works, Dundee, 4 Donegall Square South, 1st floor
Moodie, D., & Co., Works, Dundee; S. T. Steel, representative, 2 Donegall Square South
Moody, Hugh, land steward, Ballymagarry
Moody, Jas., joiner, 31 Evolina Street
Moody, Joseph, clerk, 15 Kensington Avenue
Moody, J., clerk, 3 St. James Street
Moody, Sarah, 92 Great George's Street
Moody, S., manager, 146 Crumlin Road
Moody, Wm., grocer, 168 Queen Street North
Moon, Wm., traveller, 13 Bandon Street
Mooney, Chas., milkman, 8 George's Street
Mooney, Chas., sawyer, 12 Skegoniel Street
Mooney, Chas., coach builder, 21 Coyle's Place
Mooney, D., mechanic, 31 Benares Street
Mooney, Ed., iron turner, 27 Belgrade Street
Mooney, Hugh, baker, 35 Cyprus Street
Mooney, H., coach builder, 7 Staunton Street
Mooney, James, grocer, 62 Linden Street
Mooney, Jas., R.I.C., 5 Vernon Street
Mooney, Jas. H. (of Belfast Banking Company Ltd.), 1 Avonmore Terrace, Lisburn Road
Mooney, Jas., engine driver, 50 Peveril Street
Mooney, John, pork cutter, 52 Frederick Street
Mooney, John, riddle maker, 7 Francis Street
Mooney, John A., painter, 3 Scotland Street South
Mooney, J., brick layer, 8 Rosapenna Street
Mooney, J., H.M.C., 16 Upper Beersbridge Road
Mooney, J. G. & Co. Ltd., wine and spirit merchants, 1 Arthur Square
Mooney, Margaret, spirit grocer, 4 Dawson Street
Mooney, Michael & Sons, builders, 9 Churchill Street
Mooney, Mrs., 157 Windsor Gardens, Malone Road
Mooney, M., confectioner, 72 North Queen Street
Mooney, P., wood turner, 3 Trainfield Street
Mooney, Richard, cabinet maker, 32 Spruce Street
Mooney, R., weigh master, 48 Middlepath Street
Mooney, Samuel, draper, 26 Duncairn Street
Mooney, Thos., salesman, 30 Lothair Avenue
Mooney, Wm., butler, 12 Virginia Street
Mooney, William, grocer, 2 Primitive Street
Mooney, W. J., wood turner, 104 Spamount Street
Mooney, W. J., dealer, 31 Little Patrick Street
Mooney, W. J., fruiterer, 13 Check Street
Mooney & Bradley, wood turners, 119 Joy Street
Mooney & Ellison, grocers, 119 Woodstock Road
Moore, Agnes, 65 Duncairn Gardens
Moore, Alex., tailor, 86 Ravensdale Street
Moore, Alex., brick layer, 34 Napier Street
Moore, Alex., tailor, 96 Killowen Street
Moore, Alex., delph merchant, 247 North Queen Street
Moore, Andrew, box maker, 53 Ashmore Street
Moore, Andrew, joiner, 27 Woodlee Street
Moore, Annie, 60 Agincourt Avenue
Moore, Ann, publican, 245 Grosvenor Street
Moore, A., joiner, 155 Durham Street
Moore, A., com. agent, 145 University Street
Moore, A., grocer and provision merchant, 225, 227 Donegall Road
Moore, A., dress maker, 7 Lomond Avenue
Moore, A., fitter, 17 Beechland Street
Moore, A. B., wine and spirit merchant (of Cinnamond & Moore, Church Lane), 34 Wellington Park
Moore, A. P. B., M.D., Ashley House, Albertbridge Road
Moore, A., & Co., merchants, 13 Ann Street
Moore, Charles, printer, 9 Riley's Place
Moore, Charlotte, 6 Woodvale Avenue
Moore, Chas., moulder, 1 Lawnbrook Avenue
Moore, Chas., assistant in the accountant's office of Belfast Corporation; res., Sunbeam, Taunton Avenue
Moore, C., engine driver, 20 Chobham Street
Moore, Daniel, rope spinner, 140 Boundary Street
Moore, David, assistant secretary, Belfast Harbour Commissioners, 19 Mountcharles
Moore, David, carpenter, 23 Pitt Street
Moore, David, litho. printer, 18 Leitrim Street
Moore, David, clerk, 5 Damascus Street
Moore, Donald, painter, 42 Baker Street
Moore, D., tailor, 75 Solway Street
Moore, Edward, publican, 139 Malone Road
Moore, Edward, carrier, 120 Donegall Road
Moore, Edward, tailor, 20 New Street
Moore, E., boiler maker, 15 Syringa Street
Moore, E. & H., milliners, 31 Dublin Road
Moore, Francis, clerk, 391 Lisburn Road
Moore, F., publican, 28 Great Edward Street
Moore, F., plasterer, 33 Austin Street
Moore, F. M., Ltd., practical chronometer & watch maker, optician, etc., 102 High Street and at Eden Quay, Dublin
Moore, George L., solicitor, 417 Lisburn Road
Moore, George, com. traveller, 8 Fitzwilliam Street
Moore, George, joiner, 45 Halcombe Street
Moore, George, moulder, 82 Bray Street
Moore, G., iron moulder, 22 Brookmount Street
Moore, Harry, clerk, 55 Damascus Street
Moore, Henry, printer, 46 Walmer Street
Moore, Henry, agent for City of Dublin steamers, 41 Donegall Quay
Moore, Henry, printer, 4 Vernon Street
Moore, Henry, shoe maker, 36 Banbury Street
Moore, Hugh, baker, 8 Montrose Street
Moore, Hugh, carpenter, 204 Spamount Street
Moore, H., Armitage estate agent, 2 Wellington Place
Moore, H., brass finisher, 16 Perth Street
Moore, James, F.R.C.S.E., 11 College Square North
Moore, James, blacksmith, 7 Grampian Street
Moore, James, pork cutter, 62 Spamount Street
Moore, James, plater, 16 Victor Street
Moore, James, Stationer, Account Book Makers, Lithographer and Type Printer, Engraver, Rubber Stamp Maker, etc., Agent for Chubb's Safes, Locks and for Scottish Widows Fund Life Assurance Society, 17, 19 Donegall Place; res., The Finaghy, Finaghy Lane
Moore, James (trading as Thomas Grey), wine merchant and wholesale paper dealer, 35 Donegall Street; res., Jas. Moore, Clough Lodge, Greencastle
Moore, James, architect, Corunna, Ravenhill Road
Moore, James, stevedore, 46 Fleet Street
Moore, James, dairyman, Whiterock
Moore, James, stationers' assistant, 6 Southview Street
Moore, James, Clough Lodge, Greencastle
Moore, James, plater, 29 Avon Street
Moore, James, pensioner, 11 Clanchattan Street
Moore, James, stevedore, 61 Pilot Street
Moore, James, joiner, 80 Canning Street Upper
Moore, James, gas inspector, Rose Cottage, Andersonstown
Moore, James, spirit grocer, 40 Cyprus Street
Moore, James, carpenter, 2 Adam Street
Moore, James, carpenter, 1 Glenside Park
Moore, Jas., rivetter, 10 Gotha Street
Moore, Jas., carpenter, 263 Beersbridge Road
Moore, Jas., insurance agent, 15 Bradford Street
Moore, Jas., joiner, 9 Leitrim Street
Moore, Jas., carpenter, 28 Howe Street
Moore, Jas., commission agent, 61 Brookvale Street; agent for the Security Comp. Ltd., London; Devon Cider Co., and Barnard's Brewery, Edinburgh
Moore, Jas., painter, 50 Rowan Street
Moore, Jas., importer, 78 Clifton Terrace, Duncairn Street
Moore, Jas., publican, 44 North Howard Street
Moore, Jas., & Sons Ltd., Millfield Foundry and engineering works, 102 to 116 Millfield; res., Mooreville, 26 Antrim Road
Moore, Jas., biscuit baker, 2 Blayney Street
Moore, John, agent, 3 Alexandra Terrace, Ashley Avenue
Moore, John, com. agent, 5 Castle Chambers
Moore, John, 17 Ava Avenue
Moore, John, iron turner, 75 Meadow Street Upper
Moore, John, rivetter, 47 Mountcollyer Road
Moore, John, clerk, 38 Moreland's Row
Moore, John, plumber, 3 Coyle's Place
Moore, John W., bookkeeper, 34 Deramore Avenue
Moore, John, plumber, 50 Jerusalem Street
Moore, John, clerk, 10 Willowbank Street
Moore, John, 15 Lower California Street
Moore, John, brass moulder, 106 Beersbridge Road
Moore, John, carpenter, 15 Moorgate Street
Moore, Joseph D., bookkeeper, 157 Rugby Avenue
Moore, Jos., stone cutter, 8 Skipton Street
Moore, J., grocer, 44 to 48 Hillview Street
Moore, J., gardener, 1 Brookland Street
Moore, J., marine engineer, 47 Limestone Road
Moore, J., painter and decorator, 11 Shaftesbury Square
Moore, J., draper, 23 Kimberley Street
Moore, J., litho. printer, 18 Richardson Street
Moore, J., boot maker, 10 Uniondale Street
Moore, J., brush maker, 35 Boundary Street
Moore, J., salesman, 79 Lindsay Street
Moore, J. B., M.D., surgeon, 4 Mountpottinger Road
Moore, J. B., Inland Revenue officer, 34 Castlereagh Avenue
Moore, J. F., 29 Rossmore Avenue
Moore, J. H., seedsman, 13 Edinburgh Street
Moore, J. P., provision merchant, Airevilla, Osborne Park
Moore, J. R., chief mate, 44 Hopefield Avenue
Moore, L., milliner and dress maker, 82 Great George's Street
Moore, Mary, confectioner, 14 Albion Street
Moore, Matilda, 12 Glenville, Alexandra Avenue
Moore, Malcolm, military boot maker, 11 Donegall Street; res., Eden Villa, Alexandra Avenue
Moore, Matthew, printer, 35 Broom Street
Moore, Maxwell, grocer, 62 Beersbridge Road
Moore, Miss, Manhattan, Derryvolgie Avenue
Moore, Miss L., dress maker, 10 Duncairn Street
Moore, Miss, 253 Lisburn Road
Moore, Morris, foreman, 36 Moyola Street
Moore, Mrs., 1a Altmore Terrace, Cregagh Road
Moore, Mrs. L., 51 Dargle Street
Moore, Mrs., 19 Ratcliffe Street
Moore, Mrs., 85 Tate's Avenue
Moore, Mrs., 22 Canterbury Street
Moore, Mrs. R., confectioner, 202 Sandy Row
Moore, Mrs., 70 Agnes Street
Moore, Mrs., 36 Fitzwilliam Street
Moore, Mrs., draper, 144 Old Lodge Road
Moore, Mrs., 30 University Street
Moore, Mrs., 90 University Street
Moore, Mrs., 1 Twickenham Street
Moore, Mrs., 10 Fleetwood Street
Moore, Mrs., 157 Crumlin Road
Moore, Mrs. J. G., 134 Duncairn Street
Moore, Mrs., 50 Wellington Park
Moore, Mrs., confectioner, 382 Newtownards Road
Moore, Mrs., 88 Lisburn Road
Moore, Mrs., 4 Claremont Street
Moore, Mrs., 2 Fitzroy Villas
Moore, Mrs., 35 Carlisle Street
Moore, Mrs., 10 Canterbury Street
Moore, Mrs., 28 Bloomfield Avenue
Moore, Mrs. Elizabeth, 35 Atlantic Avenue
Moore, M., clothes dealer, 82 Sandy Row
Moore, M., spirit grocer, 91 Mervue Street Upper and 45 Halliday's Road
Moore, McKee, & Co., wholesale distillers, 36 Hill Street
Moore, N., tailor, 214 Snugville Street
Moore, Patrick, boiler maker, 8 Foundry Street
Moore, Patrick, 36 Castlereagh Avenue
Moore, Peter, cooper, 20 Queen Street North
Moore, Rachel,  spirit grocer, 31 Sugarfield Street
Moore, Rev. D. R., 1 Risedale Villas, Derryvolgie Avenue
Moore, Rev. Wm., 13 Cliftonville Avenue
Moore, Richard, brick layer, 5 North Boundary Street
Moore, Robt., moulder, 63 Riga Street
Moore, Robert, collar cutter, 21 Wellwood Street
Moore, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 15 Academy Street
Moore, Robert K., provision merchant, 46 Royal Avenue; res., 4 Victoria Crescent, Ravenhill Road
Moore, Robert, brick layer, 10 Clara Street
Moore, Robert, painter, 71 Howard Street South
Moore, Robert, cashier, Fountain Villas, Knock Church Road
Moore, Robt., blacksmith, 30 Turin Street
Moore, Robt., car man, 7 Beechnut Street
Moore, Robt. Knox, provision merchant, 1 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Moore, Robt., fitter, 1 Laganview Street
Moore, Robt., traveller, 2 Yarrow Street
Moore, Robt., engineer, 33 Upper Mervue Street
Moore, Robt., confectioner, 36 Hope Street
Moore, R., linen lapper, 26 Rutland Street
Moore, R., boiler maker, 42 Templemore Avenue
Moore, R., carpenter, 13 Teutonic Street
Moore, R. C., & Co., com. agents and mill furnishers, 31 Queen Street; res., R. C. Moore, Newtownbreda
Moore, R. J., postman, 7 Havana Street
Moore, R. J., joiner, 36 Ruth Street
Moore, R. S., printer, 20 Clara Street
Moore, Samuel, despatch clerk, 18 Twickenham Street
Moore, Samuel, joiner, 8 Seaview Street
Moore, Samuel, iron worker, 33 Broadway
Moore, Samuel, painter, 4 London Road
Moore, Samuel, shoe maker, 4 Upper Charleville Street
Moore, Samuel, ship carpenter, 6 Upper Meadow Street
Moore, Samuel, car owner, 25 Ivanhoe Street
Moore, Samuel, jeweller, 29 Pearl Street
Moore, Samuel, salesman, 35 Cooke Street
Moore, Saml., provision curer, lard refiner, sausage manufacturer and produce importer, 9, 11 Ann Street; res., 485 Ormeau Road
Moore, Saml., brick layer, 9 Harvey Street
Moore, Sarah, grocer, 105 Mountpottinger Road
Moore, Sarah, nurse, 56 Donegall Road
Moore, S., hotel assistant, 56 Beverley Street
Moore, S., plumber, 61 Byron Place
Moore, S., joiner, 49 Brownlow Street
Moore, Thomas, manager, 22 Deramore Avenue
Moore, Thomas, jun., linen merchant, 47 Queen Street
Moore, Thos., mechanic, 50 Beverley Street
Moore, Thos., tailor, 56 Millar Street
Moore, Thos., clerk, 39 Dargle Street
Moore, Thos., carpenter, 125 Euston Street
Moore, Thos., carpenter, 52 Rockview Street
Moore, Thos., gardener, 29 Lisburn Avenue
Moore, Torney & Co., electrical engineers, 6 Waring Street
Moore, T. G., collar cutter, 17 Pim Street
Moore, T. M., carpenter, 107 Broadway Lower
Moore, Wallace, jeweller, 3 Eglantine Place
Moore, Walter, draper, 36 Athol Street
Moore, William, steeple jack, 17 Madeline Street
Moore, William, grocer, 96 Malvern Street Upper
Moore, Wm., tenter, 65 Ruth Street
Moore, Wm., teacher, 9 The Mount
Moore, Wm., delph merchant, 38 Moore Street
Moore, Wm., hardware merchant, 43, 45 Mount Street
Moore, Wm., moulder, 15 Clifford Street
Moore, Wm., tenter, 108 Ewart's Row
Moore, Wm., gardener, 28 Houston Street
Moore, Wm., moulder, 11 Magnetic Street
Moore, Wm., provision merchant, 42 Newport Street
Moore, Wm., rivetter, 59 Grove Street
Moore, Wm., clothes dealer, 12 Turin Street
Moore, Wm., fireman, 20 Earl Lane
Moore, Wm., grocer, 222 Conway Street
Moore, Wm., stone cutter, 88 Beechfield Street
Moore, Wilson, painter, 12 Stroud Street
Moore, Wilson, tailor, 14 Ayr Street
Moore, W., brick layer, 1 Kilronan Street
Moore, W., clerk, 6 Fortwilliam View Terrace, Skegoniel Avenue
Moore, W., french polisher, 6 Sheridan Street
Moore, W., moulder, 142 Sugarfield Street
Moore, W. A. (of Moore Bros.), 39 Marsden Gardens
Moore, W. H., joiner, 56 Donard Street
Moore, W. H., clerk, 34 Cooke Street
Moore, W. H., rivetter, 49 Glenallen Street
Moore, W. H., manager, 4 Plevna Villas, Upper Beersbridge Road
Moore, W. J., tenter, 29 Everton Street
Moore, W. J., tailor, 43 Dunvegan Street
Moore, W. J., clerk, 25 Elswick Street
Moore, W. J., railway guard, 27 Hogarth Street
Moore, W. J., manager Falls Road branch Northern Bank, 138 Cliftonpark Avenue
Moore, W. J., architect, Whitehall Buildings, 13 Ann Street
Moore, W. J., furniture dealer, 108, 109 Smithfield Market
Moore, W. J., druggist, 5 Jocelyn Gardens, Woodstock Road
Moore, W. T., brick layer, 39 Newry Street
Moore & Co., brass founders, etc., 2 Ratcliffe Street
Moore & Jones, butchers, 211 York Street
Moore & Weinberg, linen and yarn merchants, 12 Linenhall Street
Moorecroft, James, bookkeeper, 307 Oldpark Road
Moorecroft, Matthew, porter, 27 Maryville Street
Moorecroft, Samuel, carpenter, 16 Tavanagh Street
Moorecroft, S., builder, 2 Derlett Street
Moorecroft, S., cabinet maker, 8 My Lady's Road
Moorehead, D., captain, 112 Meadow Street Upper
Moorehead, F., spinner, 96 Dundee Street
Moorehead, F., storeman, 45 Springfield Road
Moorehead, Jas., tenter, 8 Waterford Street
Moorehead, Jos., joiner, 34 Tate's Avenue
Moorehead, Mrs., 32 Bloomfield Avenue
Moorehead, Lieut.-Colonel James, A.M.D., 117 Dunelin, Malone Road
Moorehead, Robert, bookkeeper, Moorefield, Knock Church Road
Moorehead, S., joiner, 7 Baltic Avenue
Moorehead, T., hair dresser, 168 Old Lodge Road
Moorhead, D., grocer, 143 Woodstock Road
Moorhead, Edward, plumber, 22 Foxglove Street
Moorhead, George, com. traveller, Bloomfield Lodge, Ravenscroft Avenue
Moorhead, J., bookkeeper, 18 Sandhurst
Moorhead, J. E., Ulster textile linen manufacturer, 26 Fountain Street
Moorhead, Mary Ann, 17 Baltic Avenue
Moorhead, Mrs., 135 Castlereagh Road
Moorhead, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 39, 41 Agnes Street
Moorhead, T. H., joiner, 13 Third Avenue
Moorhead, Wm., bookkeeper, Renton Villas, Earlswood Road
Moorhead & Wood, solicitors, 30 Rosemary Street; res., J. R. Moorhead, Hazel Bank, Knock Church Road; James Wood, Ballynasell House, Dundonald
Moorehouse, A., pattern maker, 2 Belmont Avenue West
Moorhouse, Chas., bookkeeper, Ruby Villa, Larkfield Road
Moran, James, boot maker, 1 Woodstock Road
Moran, J., french polisher, 6 Hartley Street
Moran, Mrs., draper, 11 Falls Road
Moran, Patrick, spirit grocer, 392, 394 Woodstock Street
Moran, S., draper, 142 Divis Street
Moreland, A., inspector, 2 Woodbrook Villas, Whiterock Road
Moreland, A., grocer, 253 York Street
Moreland, David, plater's helper, 91 Lawnbrook Avenue
Moreland, H., boot closer, 100 Snugville Street
Moreland, James, beetler, 10 Millar Street
Moreland, Jas., brick layer, 11 Mayfield Street
Moreland, John, fireman, 40 Glenwood Street
Moreland, Mrs. Harrison, The ferns, Kirkliston Drive
Moreland, R. & W., grocers, 14 Little Patrick Street; stores, 42 Little Patrick Street
Moreland, Saml., 3 Rutherglen, Whiterock Road
Moreland, Thomas, plumber, 30 Bentham Street
Moreland, Thos., brick layer, 60, 62 Vernon Street
Moreland, William, merchant, 90 Antrim Road
Moreland, W., iron dresser, 39 Vicarage Street
Moreland, W., cabinet maker, 91 Hillman Street
Moreland, W., cabinet maker, 7 Singleton Street
Morrell, Andrew, butcher, 4 Catherine Street North
Morrell, H. B., District Inspector R.I.C., 46 University Street
Morrell, Jas., butcher, 19 Whitla Street
Morrell, Jas., Lennoxvale, Malone Road
Morell, Jas., joiner, 59 Bentinck Street
Morell & Johnston, stock and share brokers and insurance agents, 40 Rosemary Street; res., James Morell, Lennoxvale; Philip Johnston, Ardenlee, 10 Cliftonville Road
Morrell, W. L., commission agent, 7 Waring Street
Morgan, A., & Sons, wholesale fruiterers and fish dealers, 27 Cromac Street and 37 Ormeau Road; wholesale department, St. George's Market
Morgan, B., cork cutter, 36 Cyprus Street
Morgan Bros., fruit salesman, 59 North Street and 31 York Street
Morgan, Chas., bookkeeper, 15 Chestnut Gardens
Morgan, Edward, carpenter, 88 Albert Street
Morgan, F., draper's assistant, 27 Sandymount Street
Morgan, Elizabeth, 27 University Square
Morgan, F. J., litho. printer, 73 Donegall Pass
Morgan, H., hair dresser, 329 North Queen Street
Morgan, H., butcher, 13 Crawford Street
Morgan, H., butcher, 12 Stanfield Street
Morgan, James. butcher, 13 Milford Street
Morgan, Jas., Smallwood, Cregagh Road
Morgan, Jas., publican, 147 North Queen Street
Morgan, Jas., joiner, 33 Distillery Street
Morgan, John, gas fitter, 92 Agnes Street
Morgan, John, fruit salesman and auctioneer, New Fruit Market, Oxford Street; res., 7 Annesley Street
Morgan, John, rivetter, 58 Thomas Street North
Morgan, J., spirit grocer, 13 Elm Street
Morgan, J., weaver, 138 Disraeli Street
Morgan, J., tenter, 16 Madras Street
Morgan, J., sawyer, 25 Malt Street
Morgan, J, H., engine driver, 71 Plevna Street
Morgan, Miss, dress maker, 4 Halliday's Road
Morgan, Moses, insurance agent, 111 Alexandrapark Avenue
Morgan, Mrs., 14 Lawrence Street
Morgan, Mrs., 5 Belgravia Avenue
Morgan, Mrs., 48 Evelyn Gardens
Morgan, M., draper, 140 Falls Road
Morgan. M., spirit grocer, 9, 11 Tramway Street
Morgan, M., publican, 53, 55 Millfield
Morgan, M., draper, 167 Sandy Row
Morgan, N. D., Ben Eden Park, Antrim Road
Morgan, Owen, fish and fruit salesman, 46 Mill Street
Morgan, Patrick, grocer, 55 Vernon Street
Morgan, P., marine dealer, 23 and 31 West Street
Morgan, P., moulder, 8 Norfolk Street
Morgan, P., collar cutter, 5 Toronto Street
Morgan, P., publican, 22, 24 Millfield
Morgan, Richard, traveller, 21 Rosewood Street
Morgan, Robert, french polisher, 55 Foundry Street
Morgan, R., french polisher, 21 Stratheden Street
Morgan, Thos., coachman, 31 Damascus Street
Morgan, Thos., engineer, 3 Victoria Avenue
Morgan, Wm., carpenter, 225 Leopold Street
Morgan, Wm. A., clerk, 2 Mountview Street
Morgan, W., bookkeeper, 18 Collingwood Avenue
Morgan & McCausland, horse dealers, 11, 21 Sevastopol Street
Morgan & Sons, fruiterers, 39 Church Lane
Moriarty, T. M., City Commissioner R.I.C., and J.P., Ardnamona, Alexandra Gardens, Fortwilliam Park
Morland, Frank, musician, 16 Powerscourt Street
Morning, Thos., plater, 60 Albert Street, Strandtown
Morris, A., com. traveller, Cloone Villa, Knockbreda Road
Morris, Geo. B., wholesale draper, 2 Everley Villas, Rosetta Avenue
Morris, Geo., hackle maker, 41 Cherryville Street
Morris, Geo., assistant secretary, H. Mateer Ltd., 7 Westminster Street
Morris, Jno., compositor, 48 Elizabeth Street
Morris, J., boot and shoe maker, 52 Hardcastle Street
Morris, J. H., house furnisher, 103 Shankill Road
Morris, J. H., music warehouse, 204 Woodstock Road
Morris, Mrs. A., 2 Croydon Villas, Rosetta Avenue
Morris, Miss, hardware merchant, 47 Old Lodge Road
Morris, Peter, clerk, 62 Cavendish Street
Morris, Thos., brick layer, 27 Tavanagh Street
Morris, Wm., painter, 5 Victoria Road
Morris, Wm., car owner, 23 Raglan Street
Morris & Co., manufacturing and wholesale fancy warehouse, 8 Queen's Buildings, Royal Avenue
Morrisey, H., van man, 8 Charlotte Street
Morrisey, John, publican, 1, 3 York Road
Morrisey, J., publican, 34, 36 Edward Street Great
Morrisey, J., coach builder, 46 Sultan Street
Morrison, Alex., mill furnishers, Cherrydene, Cherryvale Road
Morrison, Alex., carpenter, 43 Vulcan Street
Morrison, Alex., relieving officer, 32 Landscape Terrace
Morrison, Alex., ship carpenter, 26 Seaforth Street
Morrison, Ambrose, baker, 40 Oranmore Street
Morrison, A., moulder, 139 Tennent Street
Morrison, A., horse shoer, 50 Hopewell Street
Morrison, A., naval architect, 25 Parkmount Street
Morrison, A., pawn broker, 183 to 187 Argyle Street
Morrison, A. E., grocer, 247, 249 Woodstock Road
Morrison Bros., trunk and bag makers, 72 North Street
Morrison, B., fowl dealer, 36 East Street
Morrison, C., fowl dealer, 13 Market Street
Morrison, David, carpenter, 29 Wesley Street
Morrison, David, nurseryman, Killeen Road
Morrison, David, baker, 107 Killowen Street
Morrison, D., saddler, 1 Queen Victoria Street
Morrison, D., saddler, 41 Bridge End
Morrison, Edward, 18 Louisville, Alexandra Avenue
Morrison, Eliza, 2 Castlereagh Place
Morrison, Elizabeth, 7 Ardenlee Avenue
Morrison, E., fitter, 58 Brookmount Street
Morrison, E. C., Gloucesterville, 34 Fitzroy Avenue
Morrison, George, joiner, 104 Canning Street Upper
Morrison, Geo., smith, 43 Seaview Street
Morrison, Hanna, refreshment rooms, 28 Garmoyle Street
Morrison, Hugh, linen merchant, Tranmere, Osborn park
Morrison, Hugh, farmer, Whiterock
Morrison, Hugh, clerk, 26 Deramore Avenue
Morrison, H., rivetter, 42 Palmer Street
Morrison, H., flax dresser, 49 Coolfin Street
Morrison, H., com. agent, 1 Cyrene Villas, Cliftonpark Avenue
Morrison, James, painter, 44 Avon Street
Morrison, James, 96 Grosvenor Street
Morrison, Jas., coach builder, 46 Sultan Street
Morrison, Jas., tailor and clothier, 29 Grosvenor Street
Morrison, Jas., joiner, 56 Harper Street
Morrison, Jas., clerk, 50 Hogarth Street
Morrison, Jas., driller, 141 Urney Street
Morrison, Jas., plumber, 72 Westbourne Street
Morrison, Jas., painter, 49 Cable Street
Morrison, Jas., carpenter, 16 Cadogan Street
Morrison, Jas., rivetter, 111 Church Street East
Morrison, John, engineer, 159 Ormeau Road
Morrison, John, carpenter, Greencastle
Morrison, John, tenter, 24 Granville Street
Morrison, John, plasterer, 12 Glenalpin Street
Morrison, John, compositor, 20 Ardmoulin Avenue
Morrison, John, 48 Brougham Street
Morrison, John, joiner, 30 Keatley Street
Morrison, John, engineer, 30 Roundhill Street
Morrison, John, manager, 33 Southport Street
Morrison, Jno., brass founder, 1 Hastings Street
Morrison, Jos., painter, 72 Carnan Street
Morrison, J., joiner, 90 Thistle Street
Morrison, J., engineer, 29 Ardmoulin Avenue
Morrison, J., confectioner, 25 Hamill Street
Morrison, J., grocer, 1 Richmond Crescent, Antrim Road
Morrison, J., M.D., 126 Ellenborough Terrace, Castlereagh Street
Morrison, J., butcher, 10 Bond Street New
Morrison, J. B., Elmgrove, Beersbridge Road
Morrison, Margaret, confectioner, 1 Claremont Lane
Morrison, Miss, 5 Ashville, Skegoniel Avenue
Morrison, Mrs., 251 Woodstock Road
Morrison, Mrs., Rosenfield, Earlswood Road
Morrison, Mrs., Belgrave Villas, Newtownards Road Upper
Morrison, Mrs., grocer, 42 Woodstock Road
Morrison, Mrs., 84 University Street
Morrison, Mrs., 8 India Street
Morrison, Mrs., 47 Cromwell Road
Morrison, Mrs., 18 Sussex Place
Morrison, Mrs. E., 120 Ellenborough Terrace, Castlereagh Street
Morrison, M., boiler maker, 21 Springmount Street
Morrison, M., pawn broker, 69 Shankill Road
Morrison, Neill, jam boiler, 73 Killowen Street
Morrison, Norman, rivetter, 11 Kathleen Street
Morrison, Owen, plasterer, 45 East Street
Morrison, Robert, copper and tin smith, 54 Stratheden Street
Morrison, Robt., shipwright, 64 Bentinck Street
Morrison, Robt., grocer, 44 Rathcoole Street
Morrison, Robt., cutter, 8 Wellington Crescent
Morrison, Robt., ironsmith, 3 Shore Road
Morrison, R., engine driver, 54 Mayflower Street
Morrison, Samuel, clothier, 58 Raby Street
Morrison, Saml., clothier, 2 Whitehall Parade
Morrison, Saml., machine master, 98 Cambrai Street
Morrison, Sarah, grocer, 79 Vulcan Street
Morrison, S., machine master, 8 Britannic Street
Morrison, S., boot and shoe maker, 305, 307 Shankill Road
Morrison, Thomas, "Ulster General Advertiser" and general printing establishment, 4 Donegall Street; res., 84 Great George's Street
Morrison, Thos., draper, St. Clair, 297 Ormeau Road
Morrison, Thos., fireman, 50 City Street
Morrison, Thos., bookkeeper, 11 Pottinger Street
Morrison, T., blacksmith, 8 Fleming Street
Morrison, T. E., spinning master, 98 Clonard Gardens
Morrison's Temperance Hotel - W. Hoey, Proprietor, 10, 12 Gamble Street
Morrison, William, car owner, 21a East Street
Morrison, Wm., teacher, 30 Elms Grove, Grampian Avenue
Morrison, Wm., carpenter, 27 Willow Street
Morrison, Wm., cabinet maker, 23 Parkmount Street
Morrison, Wm., boot maker, 23 Townsend Street Upper
Morrison, Wm., engine driver, 10 Windsor Road
Morrison, Wm., caretaker, 18 College Street South
Morrison, Wm., tinsmith, 29 Crimea Street
Morrison, Wm., hackle maker, 6 Dewey Street
Morrison, Wm., traveller, 2 Tate's Avenue
Morrison, Wm., store keeper, 266 Woodstock Road
Morrison, Wm., hair dresser, 92 Halliday's Road
Morrison, Wm. B., bread server, 1 Lomond Avenue
Morrison, W., manager, 31 Indiana Avenue
Morrison, W., provision merchant, 131 Shankill Road
Morrison, W., hackle setter, 19 Ashley Street
Morrison, W. J., carpenter, 22 Richardson Street
Morrison, W. J., draper, 91 Albert Street
Morrison, W. J., managing director (retail department), Bank Buildings, Woodleigh, Malone Park
Morrison, W. J., engineer, 5 Clara Avenue
Morrow, Alex., plumber, 32 Chadolly Street
Morrow, Alex., flax dresser, 42 Clara Street
Morrow, Alex., watch maker, 6 Jocelyn Street
Morrow, A., 292 Albertbridge Road
Morrow, A., hardware merchant, Jocelyn Cottage, Woodstock Road
Morrow, A., hackle setter, 279 Cupar Street
Morrow, A., linen business, 56 Rugby Avenue
Morrow, Charles, warehouseman, 1 Easton Crescent
Morrow, Christopher, cabinet maker, 12 Seventh Street
Morrow, D., boiler maker, 50 Madrid Street
Morrow, E. J., engineer, 22 Woodstock Street
Morrow, George, clerk, Eden Lodge, Carolan Street
Morrow, George & Son, Painters, Decorators and Bazaar Fitters, 40 Clifton Street
Morrow, George & Sons, Cavehill Nursery, Brunswick House, Cavehill Road
Morrow, G., clerk, 4 Ava Avenue
Morrow, Henry, grocers' asistant, 27 Abbott Street (assistant)
Morrow, H., hackle setter, 3 Glenside Park
Morrow, H. C., artist, 232 Duncairn Gardens
Morrow, Isaac, brass finisher, 45 Kensington Avenue
Morrow, James, leather merchant, Clarence, Knock Church Road
Morrow, James, 95 Rugby Avenue
Morrow, Jas., carpenter, 49 Windsor Road
Morrow, Jas., iron monger, 155 York Street
Morrow, Jas., clerk, 19 Rosemount Gardens
Morrow, Jas., painter, 16 Wilton Square South
Morrow, Jas., painter, 136 Wilton Street
Morrow, Jas., 5 Richmond Square
Morrow, Jas., tram driver, 1 Pandara Street (Pandora)
Morrow, John, joiner, 19 Agincourt Street
Morrow, John, clerk, Eden Lodge, Carolan Street
Morrow, John, draper, 51 Haypark Avenue
Morrow, John (Ayr Steamship Co.), 7 Crescent Upper
Morrow, John, driller, 46 Cuba Street
Morrow, John, rope and twine manufacturer, Castlereagh Road
Morrow, John, 17 Fitzroy Avenue
Morrow, John H., com. traveller, Avondale, Knock Church Road
Morrow, Johnston, grocer, 117 Donegall Pass
Morrow, Joseph, brick layer, 11 Cornwall Street
Morrow, J., grocer, 130 Donegall Pass
Morrow, J., flax dresser, 17 Boundary Street
Morrow, J., grinder, 266 Conway Street
Morrow, J., van man, 19 Dock Street
Morrow, J. J., postman, 26 Churchill Street
Morrow, J. S., M.D., surgeon, 8 Carlisle Terrace, Crumlin Road
Morrow, Miss, 74 Carlisle Street
Morrow, Miss M., 8 Meadowbank Street
Morrow, Miss, Pottinger Cafe, 141 Albertbridge Road
Morrow, Miss, 1 University Avenue
Morrow, Mrs., 79 Royal Avenue
Morrow, Mrs., 34 Willowbank Street
Morrow, Miskelly, Morrison, & Co., rope manufacturers, sail makers and ship chandlers, 89, 93 Corporation Street, 61 Ann Street and 2 Short Strand
Morrow, N., traveller, 3 Pacific Avenue
Morrow, Robert, com. agent, 18 Windsor Buildings, North Street
Morrow, Robt., blacksmith, 4 to 10 Ferndale Street
Morrow, Robt., painter, 18 Chamberlain Street
Morrow, R., M.P.S.I., chemist, 25 Cornmarket
Morrow, R., confectioner, 2 Newton Terrace, Cliftonpark Avenue
Morrow, R., grocer, 68 Henry Street
Morrow, R., dairyman, 56 Brown Street
Morrow, R., carpenter, 30 Carmel Street
Morrow, R., flax dresser, 14 Copperfield Street
Morrow, R., lamp lighter, 34 Bowness Street
Morrow, Samuel, grocer, Charlemont, Ardenlee Avenue
Morrow, Samuel, plater, 3 Wellwood Street
Morrow, Samuel, shipwright, 32 Nevis Avenue
Morrow, Stewart, tailor, 19 Rathmore Street
Morrow, S., grocer, 15 Cromac Street
Morrow, The Misses, 4 Benthamville, Knock Road
Morrow, Thos., engineer, 175 Alexandra park Avenue
Morrow, Thos., over looker, 13 Chief Street
Morrow, Thos., merchant, Doreen, Green Road
Morrow, Thos., stoker, 58 Rainey Street
Morrow, Wm., spinning master, 3 Bellevue Street
Morrow, Wm., bookkeeper, 25 Agincourt Avenue
Morrow, Wm., clerk, 23 Agincourt Street
Morrow, Wm., clerk, 74 Agnes Street
Morrow, W., farmer, Villa de Russe, Knock Church Road
Morrow, W., tailor, 13 Lewis Street
Morrow, W., cloth finisher, 15 Farnham Street
Morrow, W., brick layer, 262 Hillman Street
Morrow, W., machine man, 8 Tamar Street
Morrow, W., grocer, 2 Wesley Street
Morrow, W. J., book binder, 14 Spencer Street
Morrow, W. J., painter, 18 Donnybrook Street
Morrow, W. J., tea blender, 42 Ballarat Street
Morrow, W. S., Hillview, Cyprus Avenue
Morrow, W. S., house, land and insurance agent, 38 Albertbridge Road
Morrow & Co., provision merchants, 21 Ann Street
Morrow & Rutherford, tailors and breeches makers, 18 Chichester Street
Morrow, Wm., master painter, 2 Kansas Avenue
Mortimer, John, clerk, 11 Copperfield Street
Mortimer, J. C., traveller, 2 Rathcool Street
Mortimer, R., umbrella manufacturer and travelling goods emporium, 70 High Street
Mortimer, Thos., moulder, 29 Yarrow Street
Mortimer, Thos., clerk, 54 Burmah Street
Mortimer, Wm., gas collector, 2 Wyncroft, Newtownards Road Upper
Morton, Alex., painter, 60 Albertbridge Road
Morton, A., warehouseman, 36 Ponsonby Avenue
Morton, David, fitter, 2 Primrose Hill, Newtownards Road Upper
Morton, D., plater, 37 Maymount Street
Morton, E., engineer, 51 Kensington Avenue
Morton, F., clerk, 40 Orient Gardens
Morton, F., clerk, 248 Upper Meadow Street
Morton, Geo., machinist, 25 Downing Street
Morton, Henry, grocer, 97 Ewart's Row
Morton, Henry, rent agent, 101 Walton Place
Morton, H., assistant manager, 28 Newington Street
Morton, James, auctioneer, Ingledene , Sans Souci Park
Morton, James, & Son, auctioneers and valuators, 22 Wellington Place; res., James Morton, 75 Fitzroy Avenue
Morton, James, tenter, 42 Hanover Street
Morton, John, accountant, 21 Twickenham Street
Morton, John, 46 Cliftonpark Avenue
Morton, John, tenter, 41 Third Street
Morton, John, dresser, 73 Derwent Street
Morton, John, plater, 3 Newtownards Road Upper
Morton, J., engine driver, 108 Chatham Street
Morton, Miss Kate, 26 Orient Gardens
Morton, Mrs., 53 Duncairn Street
Morton, Mrs., 70 Castlereagh Street
Morton, Patrick, joiner, 108 Meadow Street Upper
Morton, Professor W. R., M.A., Queen's College, Notting Hill, Malone Road
Morton, Rev. J. H., B.A., Eglinton Street Presbyterian Church, 27 Brookhill Terrace, Cliftonville Road
Morton, Robert, designer, 29 Walnut Street
Morton, Robert, iron turner, 4 Wayland Street
Morton, R., R.I.C., 4 Richmond Square
Morton, Samuel, auctioneer, 100 Smithfield Market
Morton, Saml., carpenter, 55 Leopold Street
Morton, Thos., farmer, Crow Glen, Ballygomartin
Morton, T. D., cutler, 11 Union Street
Morton, White, & Co., linen manufacturers, 6 Dublin Road
Morton, William, manufacturers' agent, 26 Fountain Street
Morton, Wm., H.M. Customs, 25 Malone Place
Morton, Wm., assistant manager, 54 Newington Avenue
Morton, Wm., block cutter, 2 Brassey Street
Morton, Wm. E., auctioneer, 22 Wellington Place; res., 2 Stranmillis Gardens
Morton, Wm., manager, 10 Malone Avenue
Morton, Wm., traveller, 7 Rushfield Avenue
Morton, Wm., James, 6 College Park East
Morton, W., secretary, Flax Supply Association and secretary District Council of Plumbers; res., 16 Carlisle Terrace, Crumlin Road
Morton, W. B., Lairton, Annadale
Morton, W. J., Fellow Society of Accountants and Auditors, England, 35 Royal Avenue
Morton & Co., bottlers, Ormeau Avenue
Moss, B., grocer, 43 Queen Street North
Moss, David, mechanic, 38 University Avenue
Moss, John, brick layer, 10 Penrose Street
Moss, M., confectioner, 37 North Queen Street
Moss, Richard, carpenter, 1 Walnut Street
Moss, Wm., wholesale druggist, 144 Cliftonpark Avenue
Motherwell, D., manager, 135 University Street
Motherwell, W., litho. printer, 38 Shaftesbury Avenue
Moulds, Joseph, linen merchant, 35, 37 Bedford Street; res., Innisfail, Malone Park
Moulds, W., fitter, 143 Cupar Street
Moulton, Joseph, R.I.C., 2 Ravenhill Street
Moulton, W. J., manager, 10 London Road
Mount, C., postman, 67 Verner Street
Mount, H., sailor, 83 Hillman Street
Mount, J., clerk, 44 Battenberg Street
Mountstephens, Susan, 21 Calvin Street
Mourne, James, stone cutter, 26 Humber Street
Mowbray, Miss H., 8 Twickenham Street
Mowberry, S., laundress, 43 Barrack Street
Moyes, Wm., designer, 35 Royal Avenue
Moyland, J., ex-teacher, 24 Bray Street
Moynes, E., confectioner, 20 Bridge End
Mozzo, Alphonso, 131 Donegall Street
Muir, A., pastry baker, 25 Jocelyn Avenue
Muir, A. H., chartered accountant, 2 Wellington Place
Muir, D., joiner, 44 Euston Street
Muir, D., photographer, 47 Cumberland Street
Muir, James, fitter, 47 Island Street
Muir, Joseph, publican, 36 Vernon Street
Muir, J., Belfast Window Cleaning Co., 34 Bentinck Street
Muir, Wm., joiner, 13 Cheviot Avenue
Muir, W. S., bookkeeper, 12 Townsend Street Upper
Muirhead, James, painter, 2 Moyola Street
Mulcahey, J., postman, 31 Rutland Street
Muldoon, Bridget, spirit grocer, 24 Cawnpore Street
Muldoon, Hugh, excise officer, H.M.C., 9 Rossmore Avenue
Muldoon, Jno., engineer, 47 Altcar Street
Muldoon, J., grocer, 98, 100 Bread Street
Muldoon, T., mechanic, 34 Milford Street
Mulgrew, Andrew, miller, 11 Short Strand
Mulgrew, James, butcher, 29 Fox's Row
Mulgrew, Jas., painter, 58 McDonnell Street
Mulgrew, J., contractor, 12 Prince's Street
Mulgrew, J., com. agent, 4 Willowbank Terrace, Falls Road and 10 Howard Street
Mulgrew, N., compositor, 5 Broadbent Street
Mulgrew, Patk., clerk, 4 Springvale Cottages, Cavendish Square
Mulgrew, P., draper, 6 Newport Street
Mulhern, Miss, dress maker, 12 Florence Place
Mulhern, Mrs., 229 Crumlin Road
Mulholland, Ambrose, iron turner, 2 Cavendish Square
Mulholland, A., linen lapper, 19 Groomsport Street
Mulholland, B., shoe maker, 32 Ballynure Street
Mulholland, Chas., grocer, 1 Southport Street
Mulholland, C., engine driver, 8 St. Paul's Street
Mulholland, C., confectioner, 48 Mountpottinger Road
Mulholland, C., mechanic, 61 Limestone Road
Mulholland, D., brick layer, 36 Hamilton Street
Mulholland, D., smiths' helper, 37 Dock Street New
Mulholland, Dr., surgeon, Mus.B., R.U.I., 17 College Square North
Mulholland, Ellen, 16 Springfield Road
Mulholland, Ephraim, joiner, 36 Calvin Street
Mulholland, Francis, joiner, 37 Osborne Street
Mulholland, George, joiner, 42 Greenmount Street
Mulholland, G., carpenter, 117 Alexandrapark Avenue
Mulholland, H., painter, 80 Mountcollyer Avenue
Mulholland, H., moulder, 46 Bombay Street
Mulholland, H., rivetter, 73 Thomas Street North
Mulholland, Jas., iron monger, 2 Henderson's Avenue
Mulholland, Jas., joiner, 6 Curzon Street
Mulholland, Jas., railway porter, 3 Burlington Street
Mulholland, John, publican, 39 Gilford Street
Mulholland, John, stationer, 61 Falls Road
Mulholland, John, boot warehouse, 204 Newtownards Road
Mulholland, John, dresser, 7 Leoville Street
Mulholland, John, draper, 168 Falls Road
Mulholland, John, grocer, 112 Leeson Street
Mulholland, John, smith, 4 Mountview Street
Mulholland, Jos., weaver, Ardoyne Village
Mulholland, J., caretaker, 41 Royal Avenue
Mulholland, J., machine man, 48 Derwent Street
Mulholland, J., seaman, 16 Michael Street
Mulholland, J., bookkeeper, 21 Duncairn Street
Mulholland, J., spirit grocer, 37 Milford Street
Mulholland, J., mechanic, 43 Bombay Street
Mulholland, J., box maker, 64 Coolderry Street
Mulholland, J., shoe maker, 73 Charleville Street Upper
Mulholland, J., store keeper, 13 Shamrock Street
Mulholland, J., clerk G.P.O., 41 Meadow Street Upper
Mulholland, J., grocer, 11, 13 Brownlow Street
Mulholland, J. A., sail maker, 86 Mervue Street
Mulholland, Margaret, boarding house, 28, 30 Prince's Street
Mulholland, Miss, 25 Meadowbank Street
Mulholland, Miss E., 5 Newington Avenue
Mulholland, Mrs., 165 Vernon Street
Mulholland, Mrs., 68 Duncairn Street
Mulholland, Mrs., Eleanor Villas, Osborne Park
Mulholland, M., draper, 162 Manor Street
Mulholland, Patrick, 121 Falls Road
Mulholland, Rebecca, 7 Alma Street
Mulholland, R., crane driver, 17 Rotterdam Street
Mulholland, Saml., mariner, 50 Derwent Street
Mulholland, S., moulder, 319 Shankill Road
Mulholland, S., flax dresser, 28 Brookfield Street
Mulholland, Thos., agent, 26 Alloa Street
Mulholland, Thos., mechanic, 18 Lawther Street
Mulholland, Thos., fireman, 39 Cosgrave Street
Mulholland, Thos., mason, 30 Dundee Street
Mulholland, T., printer, 25 Shields Street
Mulholland, Wm., tailor, 317 Albertbridge Road
Mulholland, W., joiner, 34 Ballarat Street
Mulholland, Wm., stone mason, 220 Meadow Street Upper
Mulholland, W., gas fitter, 2 Ashley Street, Ballysillan
Mulholland, W. J., shipwright, 9 Bellevue Street
Mulholland, W. J., cabinet maker, 38 Nansen Street
Mulholland & Co., spirit merchants, 40, 42 Glenpark Street
Mullan, A., foreman, 30 Rutland Street
Mullan, C., upholsterer, 67 Hatfield Street
Mullan, Edward, musician, 111 Argyle Street
Mullan, Francis, baker, 145 North Queen Street
Mullan, Frank, baker, 12 Falls Road
Mullan, F., van man, 20 Crane Street
Mullan, F. & W., wholesale and retail spirit merchants, 97, 99 Donegall Pass
Mullan, George A., & Co., wine merchants, brewers' agents, 44 Gordon Street
Mullan, Henry, blacksmith, 15 Greenmount Street
Mullan, H., general smithwork, 10 Donegall Pass
Mullan, James, saddler, 6 Kilronan Street
Mullan, James, whip maker, 30 Institution Place
Mullan, Jane, dealer, 49 Boyd Street
Mullan, James, 70 Christopher Street
Mullan, James, tailor, 74 Clonard Gardens
Mullan, Jas., dairyman, 103, 105 Chatham Street
Mullan, Jas., whip maker, 9 Gilford Street
Mullan, Jas., baker, 119 Lawnbrook Avenue
Mullan, Jas., carpenter, 11 Madras Street
Mullan, John, brick layer, 29 Milford Street
Mullan, John, engineer, 24 Mountcollyer Avenue
Mullan, John, boot and shoe maker, 57 Brittanic Street
Mullan, John, millwright, 45 Columbia Street
Mullan, John, spirit grocer, 89 Donegall Pass
Mullan, John, tailor, 56 Unity Street
Mullan, Joseph, rivetter, 59 Avon Street
Mullan, Jos., compositor, 24 Unity Street
Mullan, J., painter, 56 Frome Street
Mullan, J., upholsterer, 11 Evolina Street
Mullan, J., flax dresser, 24 Craigavad Street
Mullan, J., pavior, 37 Lagan Street
Mullan, J. A., draper, 1 Ravenhill Gardens, Ravenhill Road
Mullan, Mary J., grocer, 38 Henry Street
Mullan, M., whip maker, 141 Millfield
Mullan, M., iron turner, 43 Copperfield Street
Mullan, R. J., coachman, 175 Bellevue Street
Mullan, S., sea captain, 56 Bentinck Street
Mullan, Thomas, musician, 39 Maryville Street
Mullan, William & Sons, book sellers, 4 Donegall Place
Mullan, Wm. (of Harland & Wolff's), Lindisfarne, Marlborough Park
Mullan, Wm., J.P., Rockmount House
Mullan, Wm., traveller, 10 Cavendish Square
Mullan, W., fitter, 90 Sugarfield Street
Mullan & Co., drapers, 61, 63 Albertbridge Road
Mullarchy, J. E., clerk, 11 Windsor Street
Mullen, Alex., mechanic, 68 Tennent Street
Mullen, red., horse and pig dealer, 61 Albert Street
Mullen, H., draper, 43 Cromac Street
Mullen, H., coach builder, 3 Primitive Street
Mullen, H., slater, 10 Peter's Hill
Mullen, John, 2 St. John's Park, Ormeau Road
Mullen, John, slater, 28 Ardmoulin Street
Mullen, John, brick layer, 47 Disraeli Street
Mullen, Joseph, shipwright, 43, 45 Moorgate Street
Mullen, J., publican, 52 George's Street Little
Mullen, P., hair dresser, 49 High Street; res., 10 Lincoln Avenue
Mullen, Robert, carter, 54 Charleville Street Upper
Mullen, Wm., J.P., Rockmount House, Carnmoney
Mullen, W. J., tailor, 54 James' Street
Mulligan, Anthony, carpenter, 33 Keegan Street
Mulligan Bros., boot makers, 59 Old Lodge Road
Mulligan, B., saddler, 55 Epworth Street
Mulligan, E., boot maker, 251 North Queen Street
Mulligan, Jas., traveller, 7 Oranmore Street
Mulligan, John, rivetter, 35 Excise Street
Mulligan, John, road contractor, 23 Eversleigh Street
Mulligan, J., farmer, 68 Dundela Street
Mulligan, J., brick layer, 5 Tavanagh Street
Mulligan, J. F., solicitor, 27 Victoria Street; res., 52 Elmwood Avenue
Mulligan, J. H., 12 Jubilee Avenue
Mulligan, Miss, Ravensdale, Sydenham Park
Mulligan, M., ex-constable R.I.C., 3 Cranburn Street
Mulligan, Owen, grocer and spirit merchant, 48, 50 Westmoreland Street
Mulligan, P., publican, 8, 10 Frederick Street
Milligan, R., druggist, 43 New North Queen Street (Mulligan?)
Mulligan, Saml., butcher, 105 Woodstock Road
Mulligan, Wm., clerk, 38 Eia Street
Milligan, W. G., 3 Leigh Cottages, Springfield Road (Mulligan?)
Mullin, B., dealer, 68 Smithfield
Mullin, D., plasterer, 218 York Street
Mullin, F., horse and pig dealer, 61 Albert Street
Mullin, H., tenter, 32 Brookmount Street
Mullin, James, butcher, 95 Castlereagh Street
Mullin, J., engineer, 19 Rutland Street
Mullin, M., bread server, 31 Iris Street
Mullin, R., & Co., publishers and advertising contractors, 114 Royal Avenue
Mullin, Samuel J., iron turner, 52 Mossvale Street
Mullin, Wm., collar cutter, 62 Northumberland Street
Mulvenna, H., joiner, 7 Hartwell Street
Mulryne, P., coach builder, 14, 16 North Queen Street; res., 12 Arlington Street
Mulvehill, P., linen lapper, 5 Harper Street
Mulveigh, R., cutter, 110 Turin Street
Mulvenna, J., brick layer, 105 Canning Street Upper
Mulvenny, J., blacksmith, 13 Irwin Street
Mulvenny, Mrs., 90 Great George's Street
Mulvenny, Patk., R.I.C., 7 Bray Street
Mumford, Rev. H. P., Moravian Church, 76 University Street
Munce, Andrew, butcher, 264 Shankill Road
Munce, A., butcher, 15 Corn Market and 264 Newtownards Road
Munce, James, assistant surveyor, County Borough Council of Belfast; res., Holywood
Munce, James, 41 Atlantic Avenue
Munce, James, butcher, 264 Shankill Road
Munce, Joseph, brick layer, 4 Pisa Street
Munce, Jno., grocer, 64, 66 Lodge Road New
Munce, J., butcher, 280 Crumlin Road
Munce, Mrs., butcher, 180 Shankill Road
Munce, Miss, Ballysillan Post Office, 2 Glenview Terrace, Ballysillan
Munce, Miss, dress maker, 2 Glenview Terrace, Ballysillan
Munce, Robert, brick layer, 9 Gosford Street
Munce, Robert, butcher, 29 Castlereagh Road
Munce, Robt., butcher, 120 North Queen Street
Munce, Robt., litho. artist, 28 Ambleside Street
Munce, Robt., butcher, 69 Cumberland Street
Munce, R., butcher, 19 Eton Street
Munce, Samuel, butcher, 154 Grosvenor Street
Munce, Saml., butcher, 5 Shankill Road
Munce, William B., House, Land and Estate Agent, Valuer and Property Broker and Agent for Assurance Societies, 24 Rosemary Street
Munce, Wm., dairyman, 3 Avondale Street
Mundell, Mrs., hardware and fancy warehouse, 78 Duncairn Gardens
Munn, A., shipwright, 30 Evelyn Avenue
Munn, David, blacksmith, 20 Catherine Street North
Munn, James, clerk, 1 Mount Cecil, Newtownards Road Upper
Munn, Margaret, 73 Castlereagh Road
Munn, Miss, dress maker, 3 Craigfernie Terrace, Lisburn Road
Munn, R. J., M.D., 45 Castlereagh Road
Munn, R. J., M.D., 45 Castlereagh Street
Munn, Walter, & Co., grocery and post office, 6 Craigfernie, Lisburn Road
Munn, Wm., carpenter, 3b Portallo Street
Munn, Wm., plater, Tower Villas, Park Avenue
Munro, Ellen, grocer, 27 Alton Street
Munro, Jas., engineer, 50 Jocelyn Street
Munro, J., litho. printer, 13 Hartington Street
Munro, D., joiner, 354 Newtownards Road
Munroe, Samuel, manager, 128 Grosvenor Street
Munroe, Thomas, joiner, 9 Third Avenue
Munroe, T. E., oil merchant, 25 Bloomfield Road
Munroe, Wm., compositor, 9 Willowfield Street
Munster, Alfred M., & Co., Grain and Wood Importers, Brokers and Commission Merchants, Consul in Ireland for Denmark and Vice-Consul for Sweden, Norway and Liberia, 1 Victoria Street; res., A. M. Munster, Holywood
Munster, Simms, & Co., timber brokers, ship brokers and general merchants, 7 Albert Square; res., Edward F. Munster, Loughview, Holywood; W. H. Munster, Hillside, Holywood; Chas. Simms, Plasmerdyn, Holywood
Murchie, Alex., painter, 18 Alexandrapark Avenue
Muchie, John, joiner, 23 Ship Street
Murdoch, George, agent, 3 College Street
Murdoch, Geo., grocer, 15 Leadbetter Street
Murdoch, Geo., boiler maker, 27 Aloa Street
Murdoch, Jas., carpenter, 72 Convention Street
Murdoch, J., linen business, 17 Sunnyside Street
Murdoch, Mary Jane, 42 Magdala Street
Murdoch, Robert, newsagent, 55 Oldpark Road
Murdoch, W. A., bookkeeper, 18 Sandford Avenue
Murdock, Alex., builder, 142 Cullingtree Road; res., 230 Grosvenor Street
Murdock, Alex. (of J. C. Pinkerton & Co.), 99a Linwood Villas, Cavehill Road
Murdock, Alex., engineer, 29 Willowfield Street
Murdock, Alex., clerk, 69 Wellesley Avenue
Murdock, A., shipping agent, Maryville Park
Murdock, A., tram driver, 51 Blythe Street
Murdock, Eliza, 270 Cambrai Street
Murdock, F., engineer and boiler maker, 1, 3 Middlepath Street
Murdock, Jas., clerk, Balmoral Cottages, Lisburn Road
Murdock, John, cork manufacturer, 23, 25 Talbot Street
Murdock, John, engineer, 34 Jocelyn Avenue
Murdock, John, joiner, 4 Jocelyn Avenue
Murdock, John, plumber, 15 Naples Street
Murdock, John, joiner, 51 Mountcollyer Avenue
Murdock, Jos., spirit grocer, 22 York Road
Murdock, J., brick layer, 30 Walmer Street
Murdock, J., tram driver, 40 Roslyn Street
Murdock, J., terracotta maker, 59 Coolderry Street
Murdock, Miss, 68 Fitzwilliam Street
Murdock, Mrs., 25 Twickenham Street
Murdock, Miss, 10 Ratcliffe Street
Murdock, Miss, Ormonde, Osborne Park
Murdock, Patk., dealer, 54 Carrick Hill
Murdock, Robert, gardener, Sandown Road
Murdock, Ross, linen business, 25 Burmah Street
Murdock, R., plater, 95 Glenwood Street
Murdock, Samuel, sailor, 160 Earl Street Upper
Murdock, Saml., grocer, 126 Crimea Street
Murdock, Saml., tailor, 25 Beechpark Street
Murdock, Saml., brick layer, 6 Tilley Street
Murdock, Thos., Beneden Lodge, Antrim Road
Murdock, T., carpenter, 4 Pottinger Street
Murdock, T., publican, 130 Agnes Street
Murdock, Wm., driller, 50 Richmond Street
Murdy, Edward, linen lapper, 169 Dunluce Avenue
Murdough, R., preparing master, 34 Parkmount Street
Murgatroyd, H., litho. artist, 56 Glenbrook Avenue
Murland, James, 11 Chichester Street
Murney, P., joiner, 101 Stratheden Street
Murphy, A., confectioner, 65 Swift Street
Murphy, Bernard, butcher, 32 Lagan Street
Murphy, Bridget, dress maker, 22 Durham Street
Murphy, Charles, telegraph clerk, 48 Cavendish Street
Murphy, Charles, clerk, 51 Hatfield Street
Murphy, C., grocer, 30 Nile Street
Murphy, C., brass finisher, 28 Servia Street
Murphy, C., car owner, 8 Brougham Street
Murphy, Daniel, 5 Salisbury Avenue
Murphy, Dennis, R.I.C., 2 Wellwood Street
Murphy, Dennis, grocer, 6 Dunmore Terrace, Oldpark Road
Murphy, Edward, fitter, 30 Leoville Street
Murphy, E., shipwright, 36 Oranmore Street
Murphy, Henry, bookkeeper, 65 Kimberley Street
Murphy, Hugh, butcher, 84 Lepper Street
Murphy, Hugh, dealer, 25 Kashmir Street
Murphy, H., sergeant R.I.C., 18 Rosewood Street
Murphy, H., compositor, 9 Silvio Street
Murphy, Jas., draper, 49 My Lady's Road
Murphy, Jas., plumber, 19 Eliza Street
Murphy, John, merchant tailor, 65 Edinburgh Street
Murphy, John, cattle shipper, 12 Institution Place
Murphy, John, shoe maker, 19 Milford Street
Murphy, John, shoe maker, 16 Pitt Place
Murphy, John, publican, 27 Queens's Square
Murphy, John, mattress maker, 40 Stanhope Street
Murphy, John, carpenter, 54 Ninth Street
Murphy, John, manager, 55 Cliftonpark Avenue
Murphy, John, inspector N.S.P.C.A., 93 Rugby Avenue
Murphy, John, carpenter, 34 Limestone Road
Murphy, John, butcher, 163 Sandy Row
Murphy, John B., artist, 18 Portallo Street
Murphy, John, bar man, 33 Barrack Street
Murphy, John, shoe maker, 34 Oregon Street
Murphy, John, compositor, 33 Paxton Street
Murphy, John, coach builder, 3 Summerville Gardens, Falls Road
Murphy, Joseph, carpenter, 49 Pine Street
Murphy, Joseph, checker, 3 Iris Street
Murphy, Jos., head spinning master, 122 Percy Street
Murphy, J. A., ship carpenter, 19 Cambridge Street
Murphy, J., painter, 153 Vernon Street
Murphy, J., millwright, 134 Hillman Street
Murphy, John B., artist, 5 Finsbury Street
Murphy, J., dealer, 8 Brown Street
Murphy, J., butcher, 101 Britannic Street
Murphy, J., spirit grocer, 80 London Street
Murphy, J., shoe maker, 52 Irwin Street
Murphy, J., baker, 6 Bread Street
Murphy, J., stone cutter, 53 Christopher Street
Murphy, J. A., manufacturing stationer, letterpress and lithographic printer, 16 Howard Street
Murphy, J. H. B., solicitor, deputy registrar Bankruptcy Court, 1 Custom House Square; res., The Agency, Cultra
Murphy, Margaret, 56 Rorapenna Street (Rosapenna)
Murphy, Mary, 23 Bloomfield Road
Murphy, Miss, 43 Rushfield Avenue
Murphy, Miss, 9 Twickenham Street
Murphy, Miss L., dress maker, 149 Euston Street
Murphy, Mrs. E., 12 Tate's Avenue
Murphy, Mrs., 13 Channing Street
Murphy, Mrs., dress maker, 29 Avoca Street
Murphy, Mrs., 12 Agnes Street
Murphy, M. A., confectioner, 158 Newtownards Road
Murphy, Owen, mechanic, 61 Ross Street
Murphy, Owen, fitter, 44 Foundry Street
Murphy, Patrick, painter, 33 Alton Street
Murphy, Patk., baker, 10 Tralee Street
Murphy, Peter, clerk, 67 Edinburgh Street
Murphy, Peter, carpenter, 5 Kilmood Street
Murphy, Peter, compositor, 1 Cranburn Street
Murphy, P., tobacconist, 5 Edward Street Great
Murphy, P., boarding house, 8 Garmoyle Street
Murphy, P., blacksmith, 45 Seaview Street
Murphy, P. V., publican, 21 and 23 Little Patrick Street
Murphy, P., bottler, 39 Balaclava Street
Murphy, P. W., gardener, 16 Windsor Road
Murphy, Rev. H. Davis, M.A., D.D., rector St. George's, 15 Mountcharles
Murphy, Richard, 84 Dublin Road
Murphy, Robt., coachman, Victoria Parade
Murphy, Robt., shipwright, 26 Fleet Street
Murphy, R., compositor, 78 River Terrace
Murphy, R. J., rivetter, 6 Hillman Street
Murphy, Sarah, 53 Dublin Road
Murphy, Saml., engineer, 59 Thistle Street
Murphy, Simon, publican, 3 Great Patrick Street
Murphy, S., R.I.C., 63 Bray Street
Murphy, S. J., moulder, 1 Beverley Street
Murphy, S. R., 91 Malone Avenue
Murphy, Thomas, proprietor, Ballymurphy Brickworks, Ballymurphy
Murphy, Thomas, & Co., Brick Manufacturers, Springfield Road
Murphy, Thos., confectioner, 332 Newtownards Road
Murphy, Thos., com. traveller, 153 Euston Street
Murphy, Thos., grocer, 30 Park Street
Murphy, Thos., time keeper, 33 Kensington Avenue
Murphy, T., ship carpenter, 41 Beverley Street
Murphy, T., brick maker, 41 Woodvale Road
Murphy, T., flax dresser, 49 Cupar Street
Murphy, T., iron moulder, 43 Brookmount Street
Murphy, T. J., sea captain, 34 Upper Beersbridge Road
Murphy, William, engineer, 34 Crocus Street
Murphy, Wm. John, painter, 17 Prince's Street
Murphy, Wm., clothier, 110 Deramore Avenue
Murphy, Wm., dyer, 25 Clonard Street
Murphy, Wm., pork cutter, 89 Hopewell Street
Murphy, W., warehouseman, 44 Agincourt Avenue
Murphy, W. A., carpenter, 34 Thistle Street
Murphy & Doonan, house furnishers, auctioneers and land valuators, 91 Donegall Street
Murphy & Doonan, 2 Michael Street
Murphy & Co., cycle agents, wholesale and retail dealers in sundries and cycle parts, repairers - Holland, Joseph, manager, 79 Donegall Street
Murphy & McLarnon, shipwrights and shipsmiths, 40 Ship Street
Murphy & Orr, linen and damask merchants, 18 Donegall Street and 59 Donegall Place; res., W. H. Orr, 5 Fortwilliam Terrace; S. McKee, Southview Villas, Strandtown
Murphy & Shields, Linen and Damask Manufacturers, 25 Franklin Street
Murphy & Stevenson Ltd., linen and handkerchief manufacturers, 13 Fountain Street and Ormeau Avenue
Murray, Alex., iron turner, 4 Mervue Street
Murray, Alex., pavior, 35 Lepper Street
Murray, Andrew, brick layer, 11 Churchill Street
Murray, A., mechanic, 45 Denmark Street
Murray, A. D., solicitor, 21 Chichester Street; res., Ardenza, Knock Church Road
Murray, B., Inland Revenue Officer, 119 Fitzroy Avenue
Murray, Charles, joiner, 140 Spamount Street
Murray, Chas., publican, 174, 176 Newtownards Road
Murray, C., publican, 265 Mountpottinger Road
Murray, Daniel, foreman, 8 Keadyville Avenue
Murray, Dan., hotel boots, 23 Eia Street
Murray, Donald, cooper, 74 Greenore Street
Murray, D., clerk, 75 Beverley Street
Murray, D., bottle maker, 19 Ridgeway Street
Murray, D., wire mattress maker, 16 Shields Street
Murray, D., dealer, 9 Brown Street
Murray, D. C., spirit grocer, 109 Oldpark Road
Murray, Edward, ship chandler, 8 St. James' Street
Murray, Edward, baker, 133 Durham Street
Murray, E., carriage painter, 16 Winchester Street
Murray, E. J., & Sons, Sail, Flag and Cover Makers, Bazaar and Gymnasium Outfitters, 7 Corporation Street
Murray, Francis, grocer, 2 Glasgow Street
Murray, Francis, dealer, 140 Millfield
Murray, Francis, dealer, 11 Crozier's Row
Murray, Fras., grocer, 4 Castlereagh Road
Murray, G. H., mechanic, 20 Enfield Street
Murray, Herbert, dairyman, 1 Glenbank Terrace, Ballysillan
Murray, Hugh, hair dresser, 30 Donard Street
Murray, H., ex-sergt. R.I.C., 82 Eliza Street
Murray, H., sanitary inspector, 90 Cavendish Street
Murray, H., traveller, 42 Imperial Street
Murray, H., carpenter, 10 Ormeau Street
Murray, H., publican, 2 Divis Street
Murray, H., hair dresser, 53 Beechfield Street
Murray, H., carter, 80 Turin Street
Murray, H., carpenter, 182 Nelson Street
Murray, H. B., M.D., surgeon, 3 College Square East; res., Avondale, Helen's Bay
Murray, James, painter, 8 Armitage Street
Murray, James, coppersmith, 19 Austin Street
Murray, James, 61 Cavendish Street
Murray, James, pavior, 81 New Lodge Road
Murray, James, City Building and Joinery Works, 20 Kent Street
Murray, James, dairyman, Horse Shoe House, Upper Ballysillan
Murray, James, pavior, 1 Burlington Street
Murray, James, 3 Mornington Crescent, Newtownards Road Upper
Murray, Jas., carpenter, 19 Syringa Street
Murray, Jas., tailor, 25 Woodford Street
Murray, Jas., moulder, 24 Harper Street
Murray, Jas., painter, 5 Crocus Street
Murray, Jas. J., custom house officer, 31 Hopefield Avenue
Murray, Jas., shoe maker, 78 Milford Street
Murray, Jane, 5 Marlborough Park Terrace, Lisburn Road
Murray, John, wholesale bedding manufacturer, 14 College Street
Murray, John, tenter, 106 Leopold Street
Murray, John, engine driver, 25 Naples Street
Murray, John, publican, 60 Rowan Street
Murray, John, pork cutter, 63 Silvergrove Street
Murray, John, engine driver, 6 Wauchope Street
Murray, John, publican, 135 Duncairn Street
Murray, John, publican, 58 York Street
Murray, John, joiner, 6 Keadyville Avenue
Murray, John, pavior, 95 New Lodge Road
Murray, John, engineer, 27 Nevis Avenue
Murray, John, postman, 64 Bray Street
Murray, J., publican, 190 New Lodge Road
Murray, J., engineer, 20 Kingscourt Street
Murray, J., spindle turner, 43 Emerson Street
Murray, J., green grocer, 69 & 71 Durham Street
Murray, J., blacksmith, 23 Kathleen Street
Murray, J., com. agent, 90 Woodvale Avenue
Murray, J., brick layer, 97 Canning Street Upper
Murray, J., traveller, 102 Bishop Street
Murray, J., grocer, 5 Murray's Terrace, Ballysillan
Murray, Louis, engineer, 18 Newport Street
Murray, Malcolm, wire worker, 19 Maryville Avenue
Murray, Margaret, grocer, 34 Kent Street
Murray, Michael, traveller, 32 Garnet Street
Murray, Miss, 2 Kembella Avenue (Kenbella)
Murray, Miss, servants' registry office, 15 Atlantic Avenue
Murray, Miss, grocer, 4 Ormiston Buildings, Holywood Road
Murray, Miss, dress maker, 40 Lomond Avenue
Murray, Miss, 23 Agincourt Avenue
Murray, Miss, dress maker, 1a Dublin Road
Murray, Miss E., dress maker, 325 Ormeau Road
Murray, Mrs., 117 Agincourt Avenue
Murray, Mrs., 23 Vernon Street
Murray, Mrs., marine dealer, 58 Carrick Hill
Murray, Mrs., confectioner, 275 Duncairn Street
Murray, Mrs., 36 Duncairn Street
Murray, Mrs., Anheim Villa, 22 Fitzwilliam Avenue
Murray, Mrs. Mary, 44 Ponsonby Avenue
Murray, M., brick layer, 3 Dunmore Street
Murray, M., moulder, 263 Mountpottinger Road
Murray, M., driller, 56 Patrick Street Little
Murray, N., carpenter, 88 Milford Street
Murray, Patrick, teacher, 10 Distillery Street
Murray, Patrick, furniture dealer, 27 & 39 Albert Street
Murray, P., publican, 48, 50 Foundry Street
Murray, P., furniture broker, 38 King Street
Murray, P., furniture dealer, 168 Divis Street
Murray, P. J., hair dresser, 15 North Queen Street
Murray, P. J., cabinet maker, 143 Euston Street
Murray, Richard, clerk, 5 Trinity Street
Murray, Robert, joiner, 38 Montrose Street
Murray, Robert, joiner, 214 Spamount Street
Murray, Robert, salesman, 12 Brassey Street
Murray, Robt., brick layer, 85 Palmer Street
Murray, R., seaman, 40 Dock Street New
Murray, R., packing case maker, Malone Road
Murray, R. J., M.D., 2 Carlisle Terrace, Crumlin Road
Murray, R. W., J.P., Newcastle, Co. Down
Murray, R., & Co., steam joinery and packing case makers, 37 College Street
Murray, Sons, & Co. Ltd., Tobacco and Snuff Manufacturers, 8 to 14 Calender Street; Dublin Warehouse, 96, 97 Talbot Street; Bonded Warehouses, 89, 91 Academy Street
Murray, S., carpenter, 25 Halliday's Road
Murray, Thos., strapper, 84 Mount Street No. 2
Murray, Thos., plumber, 85 Richardson Street
Murray, Thos., bleacher, 21 Glenwood Street
Murray, Thos., glue and size manufacturer, 149 Castlereagh Road
Murray, Thos., builder, 40 Ava Street
Murray, Thos., slater, 20 Melbourne Street
Murray, Thos., shoe maker, 14 Cyprus Street
Murray, Thos., shoe maker, 68 Ragland Street
Murray, T. (manager McCrea & McFarland), 9 Manor Street
Murray, T. D., missionary, 49 Dargle Street
Murray, T. N., & Co., linen manufacturers, 3 May Street; res., Spencer Villas, Marlboro' Park
Murray, Wm., publican, 68 Beersbridge Road and 205 Mountpottinger Road
Murray, Wm., Customs watchman, 4 Raby Street
Murray, Wm., blacksmith, 2 Skegoniel Avenue
Murray, Wm., brick layer, 21 Rathmore Street
Murray, Wm., waiter, 64 Springfield Road
Murray, Wm., brick layer, 22 Alexandra Street West
Murray, Wm., rivetter, 123 York Street Little
Murray, Wm., 75 Wellesley Avenue
Murray, Wm., driller, 26 Newcastle Street
Murray, Wm., spirit grocer, 128b Castlereagh Road
Murray, Wm., caulker, 33 Banbury Street
Murray, Wm. A., flax buyer, The Glen
Murray, W. G., secretary Dunville & Co. Ltd., 45 Eglantine Avenue
Murray, W. J., seaman, 75 Thomas Street North
Murray & Co., publicans, 2, 4 Clifton Street
Murray & Holland, waste merchants, Hardcastle Street
Murie, John, currier, 35 Grosvenor Street
Murtagh, F. T., 1 Hillside, Andersonstown
Murtagh, J., tram conductor, 37 Windsor Road
Murtagh, J. & J., spirit grocer, 300 Old Lodge Road
Murtagh, Miss, 16 University Street
Murtagh, Mrs., publican, 12 Castle Lane
Murtagh, Mrs., 12 Grenville Terrace, Beersbridge Road Upper
Murtagh, P. J., publican, 110 Crumlin Road
Murtagh, Samuel, smith, 31 Laganview Street
Muscatt, Jos., draper, 10 Regent Street
Muse, Mark, Belfast fire brigade assistant, 116 Henry Street
Musgrave, Edgar, Drumglass House, Lisburn Road
Musgrave, Henry, Drumglass House, Lisburn Road
Musgrave, H. & E., wholesale tea and sugar merchants, 67, 69 Ann Street
Musgrave, J., yarn dresser, 30 Broadway
Musgrave, Mrs., 4 Wellesley Avenue
Musgrave, Sir James, Bart., J.P., D.L., chairman Belfast harbour Commissioners, Drumglass House, Lisburn Road
Musgrave, Wm., tenter, 59 Braemer Street
Musgrave & Co. Ltd., iron founders, manufacturers of the Musgrave patent stable fittings and the Musgrave slow combustion Ulster stove; show rooms, 75 Ann Street, St. Ann's ironworks, 152, 154 Albertbridge Road
Mussen, H. H., solicitor and Australian agent, 75 High Street
Mussen, Joseph, fitter, 74 Woodvale Avenue
Myerowitz, Rev. Saml., Jewish Synagogue, 27 Fleetwood Street
Myers, C., shipsmith, 25 Ship Street
Myers, H., refreshment rooms, 4 Cluan Place
Myers, John, butcher, 89 Woodstock Road
Myers, M., butcher, 196 Old Lodge Road
Myers, P. V., & Co., linen manufacturers, 22 Linenhall Street
Myers, Wm., tobacconists, 175 York Street