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1901 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Names - Alphabetically

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Black, Adam, brick layer, 20 Glentilt Street
Black, Alex, fitter, 17 Arlington Street
Black, Archie, tailor, 11 California Street
Black, Andrew, fitter, 17 Madras Street
Black, Arthur, teacher, Lyndhurst, Upper Beersbridge Road
Black, A., dealer, 25 Oregon Street
Black, A., guard, 3 Pitt Street
Black, B., boot maker, 118 Ravenhill Road
Black, C. & J., solicitors, Donegall Square buildings, Donegall Square North; res., C. W. Black, The Hermitage, North Road, Bloomfield; James Black, Glen Ebor, Strandtown
Black, D., clerk, 62 Mount Street
Black, D., lithographer, 2 Canada Street
Black, D., rivetter, 91 Newcastle Street
Black, D. A., secretary Y.M.C.A.; res., 67 University Road
Black, Edward, warehouseman, 76 Agincourt Avenue
Black, Edward, warehouseman, 20 Deramore Avenue
Black, Edward, mariner, 8 Grace Avenue
Black, Eliza, 37 Kathleen Street (No. 1)
Black, George, manufacturer, 62 Lisburn Road
Black, George, draper, 102 Crumlin Road
Black, George, joiner, 110 Killowen Street
Black, Geo., joiner, 8 Copperfield Street
Black, Henry, linen business, 7 St. John's Park, Knockbreda Road
Black, Henry, sailor, 12 Cultra Street
Black, Hugh, brick layer, 225 Durham Street
Black, Hugh, carpenter, 94 Hanover Street
Black, Hugh, brick layer, 51 Railway Street
Black, H., mechanic, 8 Thames Street
Black, H., confectioner, 144 Sandy Row
Black, H., dealer, 74 Newtownards Road
Black, H. C., iron monger, 44 Carlisle Street
Black, James, commercial traveller, Hartington Villas, Earlswood Road
Black, James, dyer, 30 Snugville Street
Black, James, printer, 111 Oldpark Avenue
Black, James, solicitor, Glen Ebor, Glenmachan Road
Black, James, shoe maker, 87 Falls Road
Black, James, engineer, 36 Humber Street
Black, James, clerk, 15 Landscape Terrace
Black, James, millwright, 5 Parkview, Oldpark Road
Black, Jas., clerk, 34 Burmah Street
Black, Jas., moulder, 2 Annalee Street
Black, Jas., & Co., handkerchief and fancy linen manufacturers, 31, 33 Linen Hall Street West; res., James K. Black, Merchiston, Windsor Park
Black, Jas., inspector of postmen, 42 Castlereagh Place
Black, Jas., linen merchant, Elberon, Malone Road
Black, John, dairyman, 154 Hillman Street
Black, John, gas fitter, 14 Ligoniel Road
Black, John, tailor, 16 York Road
Black, John, mechanic, 35 Cawnpore Street
Black, John, salesman, 12 Ava Street
Black, John, plumber, 24 Clara Street
Black, John, plater, 3 Tandragee Terrace, Parkgate Avenue
Black, John, printer, 76 Fraser Street
Black, John, warehouseman, Belgravia, 105 Lisburn Road
Black, John, laundryman, 6 Elm Street
Black, John, smith, 9 Pitt Place
Black, Joseph, tram conductor, 56 Turin Street
Black, J., basket maker, 13 Penrith Street
Black, J., boot and shoe maker, 393 Ormeau Road
Black, J., basket maker, 27 Cargill Street
Black, J., machinist, 27 Fife Street
Black, J., boot and shoe maker, 78 High Street
Black, J., refreshment rooms, 61 Chichester Street
Black, J., rope spinner, 5 Arran Street
Black, J., boot and shoe maker, 157 Cromac Street
Black, J. A., traveller, 99 Ardenvohr Street
Black, J. W., stationer, 140 Fitzroy Avenue
Black, Matthew, shoe maker, 36 Ardenvohr Street
Black, Margaret, publican, 18 Gaffikin Street
Black, Miss, publican, 268 Ormeau Road
Black, Mrs., 29 College Gardens
Black, M., publican, 26 Skipper Street
Black, M., & Co., merchant tailors, hosiers, glovers and outfitters, 78 Royal Avenue; res., 107 Duncairn Street
Black, Robert, brick layer, 21 Ballycastle Street
Black, Robert, joiner, 42 Berlin Street
Black, Robt., brick layer, 21 Bisley Street
Black, Robt., carpenter, 18 Essex Street
Black, Robt., grocer, 67 Lawnbrook Avenue
Black, Robt., brick layer, 47 Tenth Street
Black, R., R.I.C., 54 Jerusalem Street
Black, R., iron turner, 67 Clementine Street
Black, R., lithographer, 14 Rosebery Road
Black, R., plater, 45 New North Queen Street
Black, R. J., joiner, 33 Orient Gardens
Black, R. J., boot maker, 4 Fleming Street
Black, Sir Samuel, town clerk and solicitor to the County Borough of Belfast; res., Glen Ebor, Strandtown
Black, Samuel, bread server, 8 Annalee Street
Black, Samuel, dentist, 81 Snugville Street
Black, Saml. C., preparing master, 4 Seaview Terrace, Greencastle
Black, S., commission agent, 60 Wilmont Place, Lisburn Road
Black, S., manufacturers' agent (2nd floor), 7 Waring Street; res., 60 Wilmont Place
Black, Thomas, fitter, 30 Belvoir Street
Black, Thos. A., manager, Mersey Steamship Co., 82 Beaconsfield Terrace, Limestone Road
Black, Thos., manager, 1 Fernbank Villas, Henderson Avenue
Black, T., engine driver, 2 Pittsburg Street
Black, T., wood cutter, 47 Conlon Street
Black, Wm., packer, 41 Maryville Street
Black, Wm., painter, 217 Meadow Street Upper
Black, Wm., mechanic, 163 Sydney Street West
Black, Wm., coal merchant, 1 Bloomfield Avenue
Black, Wm., builder, 128 Agincourt Avenue
Black, Wm., plater, 14 Belmore Street
Black, Wm., hair dresser, 117 Grosvenor Street
Black, Wm., boiler maker, 99 Tower Street
Black, Wm., grocer, 63 Duncairn Gardens
Black, Wm., coach maker, 32 Vicinage Park
Black, Wm., baker, 30 Boundary Street North
Black, W., postal clerk, 30 Annadale Street
Black, W., rope spinner, 2? Vulcan Street
Black, W., captain, 26 Ava Street
Black, W. C., house painter, 37 Dunluce Avenue
Black, W. J., plater, 9 Trafalgar Street
Black & Caruth, grocers, 47 Duncairn Street and 144 North Queen Street
Black & Wingate, Limited, handkerchief manufacturers, 8 Linenhall Street
Blackbourne, J., car inspector, 69 Stratheden Street
Blackburn, Henry Alex., clerk, 1 Shore Road
Blackburn, Joseph, spirit grocer, 189 Newtownards Road
Blackburn, J., shoe maker, 43 Susan Street
Blackburn, Miss, matron Rescue Home, 29 and 31 Malone Place
Blackburn, Robert T. (manager and secretary for J. Vint & Co., Great Patrick Street); res., 127 Hampstead, Cavehill Road
Blackburn, Wm., blacksmith, 1 Skegoniel Avenue
Blacker, James, dealer, 158 Argyle Street
Blackhall, Alex. M., managing director John Arnott & Co., of Belfast Ltd., Broomsgrove, Newtownards Road Upper
Blackin, W. J., printer, 3 Oranmore Street
Blackley, Samuel, carpenter, 22 Bentinck Street
Blackstaff Flax Spinning and Weaving Co. Ltd., Flax Spinners and Linen Manufacturers, Springfield Road
Blackstock, D., newsagent, 9 Union Street
Blackstock, Jas., broker, 91 Duncairn Gardens
Blackstock, Thos., mechanic, 6 Epworth Street
Blackstock, Wm., R.I.C., 30 Belmont Avenue West
Blackwood, George, plainer, 16 Scotland Street (planer)
Blackwood, G., grocer, 16, 18 Tilley Street
Blackwood, James T., J.P., managing director Ulster Bank Ltd., 24 University Square
Blackwood, James, joiner, 18 Brook Street (No. 1)
Blackwood, J., bread server, 26 Percy Street
Blackwood, J. K., B.A., Head Master Private School for Boys, Clanrye, Windsor Park
Blackwood, Mrs. M., 69 Malone Avenue
Blackwood, M., manager Ulster Bank, Saxonia, Holywood Road
Blackwood, Ronald, Belavon, Belmont Church Road
Blackwood, R., boiler maker, 41 Bryson Street
Blackwood & Jury, civil engineers and architects, 41 Donegall Place; res., W. B. Blackwood, 25 University Square; P. Moran Jury, 95 Malone Avenue
Blacoe, Wm., printer, 38 Melrose Street
Blades, Robert, coach painter, 20 Pine Street
Blain, Jas., fitter, 28 Ormeau Street
Blain, Jas., dealer, 22 Brown Street
Blain, John, pavior, 16 Cargill Street Upper
Blain, John, bookkeeper, 10 Newcastle Street
Blain, John, ham curer, 73 Westmoreland Street
Blain, J., pork cutter, 41 Northumberland Street
Blain, J. G., stationer, 153 Dunluce Avenue
Blain, Wm., fruit salesman, 94 Snugville Street
Blair, Alex., joiner, 6 Mossvale Street
Blair, Andrew, tailor, 21 Carnalea Street
Blair, Annie, grocer, 33 Nevis Avenue
Blair, A., green grocer, 192 Old Lodge Road
Blair, E. S., bookkeeper, Fernlee, Glenburn Park
Blair, Henry, joiner, 66 Rossvale Street
Blair, Hugh, clerk, 14 Southport Street
Blair, H., draper's assistant, 49 Carlisle Street
Blair, James, plumber, 16 Sherbrook Street
Blair, James, painter, 101 Island Street
Blair, James, time keeper, 33 Shamrock Street
Blair, James, tailor, 82 Duncairn Gardens
Blair, Jos., brass founder, 33 Woodvale Road
Blair, John, engineer, 12 Brougham Street
Blair, John, clerk, 162 Duncairn Gardens
Blair, John, 1 Newington Avenue
Blair, John, painter, 1 Herbert Street
Blair, Joseph, tailor, 188 Oldpark Road
Blair, Jos., Wholesale & Retail Ironmonger, 5 to 13 Church Lane; res., Mount Aventine, Cyprus Avenue
Blair, Jos., brass finisher, 16 Iveagh Street
Blair, J., brass founder, 44a Townsend Street
Blair, J., grocer, 42 Peter's Hill
Blair, J., school teacher, 69 Parkmount Street
Blair, J. H., commission agent, 60 Donegall Street; res., 1 Coomassie Villas, Newtownards Road Upper
Blair, J. H., rent agent, 27a Donegall Place; res., 127 Wellesley Avenue
Blair, Mary, dress maker, 31 Beechfield Street
Blair, Miss, draper, 91 Agnes Street
Blair, Mrs., 23 India Street
Blair, Mrs., 5 Fitzroy Avenue
Blair, Mrs., 14 Carlisle Street
Blair, Mrs., music teacher, 152 Duncairn Gardens
Blair, M., mechanic, 26 Lawyer Street
Blair, Robert, fancy toy merchant and wholesale confectioner, 32 Gresham Street
Blair, Robert, grocer, 54 Mountpottinger Road
Blair, Robert, plumber and gasfitter, 116 Dover Street
Blair, Robert, brick layer, 17 Annadale Street
Blair, Robt., slater, 26 Shandon Street
Blair, R. G., traveller, Florenceheim, Cranmore Park, Lisburn Road
Blair, S., tailor, 47 Broadbent Street
Blair, S., grocer, 54 Copperfield Street
Blair, Thomas, tailor, 57 Leopold Street
Blair, Thos., grocer, 95 Beersbridge Road
Blair, Thos., dresser, 34 Ardmoulin Avenue
Blair, Thomas, engineer, 37 Upper Frank Street
Blair, Wm., manager, 2 Printworks Avenue
Blair, Wm., carpenter, 48 Regent Street
Blair, Wm., sail maker, 11 Shipbuoy Street
Blair, Wm., brass finisher, 179 Vernon Street
Blair, Wm., shoe maker, 26 Bruce Street
Blair, Wm., druggist, 4 Palmerston Road
Blair, Wm., tenter, 183 Spamount Street
Blair, W., warehouseman, 158 Duncairn Gardens
Blake, Edward, joiner, 261 North Queen Street
Blake, Edw., confectioner, 2 Barrack Street
Blake, E., sergt. R.I.C., 3 Elizabeth Terrace, Crumlin Road
Blakeley, Matthew, moulder, 40 Moore Street
Blakeley, W., blacksmith, 56 Collyer Street
Blakely, A. J., butcher, 39 Springfield Road
Blakely, J., boot maker, 60 Beech Street
Blakely, J., warehouseman, 29 Percy Street
Blakely, R. J., commission agent, 79 Royal Avenue
Blakely, Wm., mechanic, 13 Bloomfield Road
Blakely, W., carpenter, 1 Roden Street
Blakley, Alfred, painter, 4 Newton Villa, Parkgate Avenue
Blakley, A., painter, 22 Ninth Street
Blakley, T., hatter, 98 North Street
Blakley, Thos., joiner, 20 Lawrence Street
Blakley, Thos., joiner, 20 Lawther Place
Blanchflower, D., engineer, 40 First Avenue, Strandtown Park
Bland, Major-General Edward, Woodbank, Whiteabbey
Blaney, Alex., stone cutter, 7 Ravenscroft Avenue
Blaney, David, tailor, 96 Urney Street
Blaney, Ellen, confectioner, 69 Falls Road
Blaney, F., stone cutter, 17 Rosebery Street
Blaney, Hugh, fowl dealer, 5 Welsh Street
Blaney, Hugh, tailor, 70 Montrose Street
Blaney, James, sailor, 38 Comber Street
Blaney, James, carpenter, 36 Woodlee Street
Blaney, John, collector, 25 Crocus Street
Blaney, J., sailor, 118 Henry Street
Blaney, Mrs., 36 Atlantic Avenue
Blaney, Thomas, french polisher, 2 Woodlee Street
Blaney, Thos., stone cutter, 12 Laburnum Street
Blaney, Miss, costumier, 2a Botanic Avenue
Blaney, John, sailor, 2 Ballarat Street
Blaney, J., chief engineer, Janeaville, Rosetta Avenue
Bleakley, D., clerk, 38 Penrith Street
Bleakley, John, brick layer, 16 Derlett Street
Bleakley, J., dress buyer, 5 Stalheine, Marlborough Park
Bleakley, R., warehouseman, 557 Ormeau Road
Bleakley, Wm., publican, 63 Peter's Hill
Bleakley, Wm., salesman, 18 Fingal Street
Bleackley, James, joiner, 7 Clanchattin Street (Clanchatten)
Bleakly, Isaac, agent and broker, 8 Corporation Street
Blenkiron, Wm., & Son, collar and cuff manufacturers, Glengall Street
Blessington, James, House and Land Agent, Commissioner for Taking Affidavits, 128 Royal Avenue; res., Berwyn, Marlborough Park
Blevings, R., spinning master, 52 Chief Street
Blevins, Henry, time keeper, 12 Victoria Road
Blevins, John, collar cutter, 86 Roslyn Street
Blevins, J., draughtsman, 32 Bryson Street
Blevins, R., joiner, 92 Ogilvie Street
Bloomfield Bakery Ltd. - Upper Newtownards Road - Hugh McMillen, manager; res., Knockferna, North Road, Bloomfield
Bloomer, Thos., railway porter, 19 Arundel Street
Blount, G. L. W., architect and civil engineer, 28 Waring Street
Blount, Mrs., 3 Wellington Park Avenue
Blow, Jas., commission agent, 10 Linenhall Street; res., 8 Mountpleasant
Blow, John, linen merchant, Lisvarna, Hawthornden Road
Blower, John, fitter, 125 Duncairn Gardens
Blundell, J. E., engraver, 54 Denmark Street
Blyth, John, engineer, 89 Alexandrapark Avenue
Blythe, Fred. W., pattern maker, 76 Greenore Street
Blythe, F. W., engineer, 52 Killowen Street
Blythe, Mrs., 29 Claremont Street
Blythe Street N.S., 24 Blythe Street - Fras. Moore, principal
Blythe, Thos., clerk, 12 Larkstone Street
Blythe, Wm., rigger, 38 Parkmount Street
Boag, Robt. (of Albion Cloth Co.), 12 Upper Crescent
Boag, Wm., sea captain, 13 Indiana Avenue
Boal, C., joiner, 84 Halliday's Road
Boal, Eliza, tobacconist and stationer, 190 Duncairn Gardens
Boal, George, joiner, 30 Bandon Street
Boal, H., iron turner, 155 Wilton Street
Boal, H., spinning master, 13 Wesley Street
Boal, James, brass finisher, 12 Lisbon Street
Boal, James, wood turner, 2 Seaview Terrace, Greencastle
Boal, Jas., tinsmith, 4 Bendigo Street
Boal, Jas. H., boot maker, 7 Roden Street
Boal, John, clerk, 1 Loughview Terrace, Skegoniel Avenue
Boal, John, plater, 76 Spamount Street
Boal, John, carpenter, 8 Lisbon Street
Boal, John, carpenter, 13 Derg Street
Boal, Joseph, smith, 51 Bendigo Street
Boal, Jas. B., seaman, 40 Alexandrapark Avenue
Boal, J., coal merchant, 56 Cumberland Street
Boal, J., boot and shoe maker, 194 Grosvenor Street
Boal, J., head spinning master, 9 York Road
Boal, Margaret, publican, 22 Princess Dock
Boal, Moses, painter, 1 Elswick Street
Boal, Oliver, grocer, 41 Lewis Street
Boal, Robert, joiner, 59 Abbott Street
Boal, R., dairyman, Milltown Row
Boal, Saml., draper, 3 Henley Terrace, Windsor Avenue Lower
Boal, Sarah, grocer, 109 Cambrai Street
Boal, Wm., ship joiner, 57 Dunvegan Street
Boal, Wm., linen draper, 36 Mill Street
Boal, W., carpenter, 25 Warwick Street
Boal, W. H., baker, 223 Spamount Street
Boal, W. J., carpenter, 34 Meadow Street Upper
Boals, H., brick layer, 12 Roumania Street
Boardman, John, grocer, 195 Newtownards Road
Board of Trade Surveyor's Office - Wm. Fair, shipwright and engineer, surveyor; John McKellar, shipwright and engineer, surveyor, W. H. Chantler, J. W. Larcombe, shipwrights, surveyors; J. H. Thomas, clerk; R. A. Kane and Thos. Perry, tape-holders and messengers
Boas, Herman, Bromfield, Windsor Park
Bodel, Chas., carpenter, 5 Edenderry Terrace, Woodvale Road
Bodel, James, clerk, Parkview Cottages, Lisburn Road
Bodel, John, bank clerk, 13 Cranmore Terrace, Lisburn Road
Bodel, Mrs., dress maker, 14 Edlingham Street
Bodel, Mrs., 50 Mourne Street
Bodel, Robert, fitter, 53 Upper Townsend Street
Bodel, Robert, joiner, 1 Mulhouse Street
Bodel, Sam., engineer, 50 Brougham Street
Bodell, J. H., photographer, 107 Vernon Street
Bodell, Miss, dress maker, 19 Glenbank Place
Boden, John, boiler maker, 13 Brandon Terrace
Boden, J., marine engineer, 5 Limestone Road
Boden, Mrs., 97 University Street
Boden, Wm., engineer, 69 Mountcollyer Avenue
Bogan, F. W., chemist, 9 Delhi Street
Bogan, Israel, picture dealer, 30 Gresham Street; res., 14 Eglinton Street
Bogan, John, pawn broker, 168, 210 York Street
Bogie, David, gardener, 37 Lisburn Avenue
Bogle, G., spinning master, 2 Maurice Street
Bogle, James, tailor, 15 Disraeli Street
Boland, W., engine driver, 3 Egeria Street
Bole, Geo., carpenter, 26 Fox Street
Bole, Geo., shipwright, 47 Convention Street
Boles, Wm., spinning master, 2 Seaview Terrace, Greencastle
Bolster, R. G., & Co., glovers and outfitters, 7 and 21 Royal Avenue; res., Richard Bolster, Knock Croom, Ravenhill Road
Bolton, E. D., postman, 8 Legale Street
Bolton, G. & Co., Manufacturers of Boys' Washing Suits and Blouses, Girls' Washing Blouses and Tunics, 170 North Street
Bolton, Margaret, 2 University Street
Bolton, Thomas, mechanic, 123 Riga Street
Bolton, W. J., van driver, 27 Mashona Street
Bonar, Mrs., 19 Frank Street Upper
Bond, Henry, grocer, 35 Prospect Street
Bond & Co., grocers, 47, 49 Auburn Street
Bonded Warehouse Stack Z, Gordon Street (No. 1)
Bone, Wm., engine driver, 38 Alexander Street
Bones, D., carpenter, 38 James Street
Bones, James, 17 Willowbank Street
Bones, Wm., engine driver, 31 Alexander Street
Bonnar, John, 26 Linden Gardens
Bonnar, Robert, teacher, Greencastle
Bonnar, Robt., school teacher, 168 Meadow Street Upper
Boomer, Ed., clerk, 2 Rathlin Street
Boomer, E., fruiterer, 62 Ann Street
Boomer, E., Irene, Osborne Park
Boomer, Geo., traveller, 29 Meadowbank Street
Boomer, Wm., clerk, 115 Stratheden Street
Boomer, Wm., mechanic, 30 Derry Street
Boomer, Wm., clerk, 82 Turin Street
Boon, Samuel, engine driver, 38 Spencer Street
Booth, Alex., manager, 19 Fairview Street
Booth, E., confectioner, 348 Newtownards Road
Booth, George, iron turner, 24 Kensington Street
Booth, H., draughtsman, 88 Stratheden Street
Booth, John, carpenter, 70 Bracken Street
Booth, John, coachman, 21 Crossly Street
Booth, Robert, commission agent, 203 Meadow Street Upper
Booth, Thos., carpenter, 140 Willowbank Street
Booze, Mrs., green grocer, 240 Blythe Street
Boress, J., seaman, 39 Collyer Street
Borland, John, grocer, 43 Drew Street
Bossence, F. G., Customs' officer, 241 Albertbridge Road
Boston, Joseph, fitter, 16 Glenallen Street
Boston, J., auctioneer, 20 and 22 Newtownards Road
Boston, J., publican, 24, 26 Newtownards Road and 11 Castlereagh Street
Boswell, Wm., boiler maker, 16 Empress Street
Bothlom, David, joiner, 7 Ardilaun Street
Bothwell, H., hair dresser, 6 Britannic Street
Bothwell, James, grocer, Edenview Place, Upper Newtownards Road
Bothwell, James, saddler, 80 McTier Street
Bothwell, J., clerk, 59 Canton Street
Bothwell, J. H., traveller, 20 The Mount
Bothwell, Miss, confectioner, Tubberkyle, Newtownards Road Upper
Bothwell, M., dress maker, 6 Kingston Street
Bothwell, R., joiner, 72 Belmont Avenue
Bothwell, Samuel, clerk, 27 My Lady's Road
Bothwell, Samuel, clerk, 21 Donard Street
Bothwell, Thos., linen business, 24 Agra Street
Bothwell, Wm. Hy., linen salesman, 23 Tate's Avenue
Bothwell, Wm. J., clerk, 15 Beverill Street
Bothwell, W., assurance agent, 24 Elm Street
Bottcher, C., hide dresser, 37 Willowfield Street
Bottomley, H. H., Under-Sheriff for the County of the City of Belfast and County Antrim, Notary Public, Commissioner for Oaths, and insurance agent, 28 Waring Street; res., 2 Brookvale Avenue
Boucher, Eliza, 18 Cliftonville Avenue
Boucher, F. A., & Co., apron and pinafore, boys' suits and blouse manufacturers, 6 Devonshire Street; residence, F. A. Boucher, La Vita, Green Road
Boucher, Joseph, & Co., linen merchants, 49 Queen Street; res., Glenarnock, Connsbrook Avenue No. 1
Boucher, J., pastry baker, 137 Beersbridge Road
Boucher, J., foreman, 62 Woodstock Road
Boucher, J. H., linen merchant, 2 Glenarm Terrace, Shore Road
Boucher, Mrs., 51 Botanic Avenue
Bougs, F., pawn broker's assistant, 9 Patrick (Street)
Bourke, Chas. E., draper, 213, 215 and 217 Newtownards Road
Bourke, W. J., clothier, 92 to 94 North Street; res., 247 Duncairn Street
Bourton, James, blacksmith, 37 Lindsay Street
Bovenizer, Rev. M. E., minister Castlereagh Road Methodist Church
Bow, Crawford, iron moulder, 14 Swift Street
Bowell, John, joiner, 27 Ballymena Street
Bowden, D., upholsterer, 28 Ardmoulin Avenue
Bowden, Edwin, surgeon dentist, 69 Lisburn Road
Bowden, Hugh, joiner, 5 McMaster Street
Bowden, James, house agent, 65 Fitzwilliam Street
Bowden, James, carpenter, 225 Hillman Street
Bowden, Jas., baker, 155 Agnes Street
Bowden, Jas., engineer, 73 City Street
Bowden, John, 36 Ballycastle Street
Bowden, John, boiler maker, 17 Glenallen Street
Bowden, J., rivetter, 15 Rotterdam Street
Bowden, Mrs., 13 Castlereagh Place
Bowden, S., mechanic, 14 Christopher Street
Bowden, S., carpenter, 3d Donnybrook Street
Bowden, Thos., plater, 12 Earl Street
Bowden, Wm., dentist, 62 Dublin Road
Bowden, Wm., bookkeeper, 25 Agincourt Street
Bowden, Wm., plasterer, 47 Walmer Street
Bowden, Wm., confectioner, 38 Agra Street
Bowden, W., superintendent Prudential Insurance Co., 4 Oldpark Road
Bowden, W. J., dentist, 2 University Square
Bowen, Daniel, postman, 60 Frederick Street
Bowen, Susan, 67, 68 Smithfield Market, hardware merchant
Bowen, Thos., dealer, 3 Hamill Square
Bower, Robert, engineer, 77 Parkmount Street
Bowers, Frank, shipping clerk, 240 Snugville Street
Bowers, James, barman, 36 Wilton Street
Bowers, Marian, milliner, 127 Rugby Avenue
Bowers, Mrs., 40 Atlantic Avenue
Bowers, Samuel H., stone cutter, 42 Electric Street
Bowers, T., driller, 30 Bowness Street
Bowers, W. J., joiner, 116 Matilda Street
Bowes, Denis, painter, 86 Albert Street
Bowes, Frank, boat builder, 124 Earl Street Upper
Bowes, Mrs. M., 309 Albertbridge Road
Bowes, W. J., barber, 46 Clanmorris Street
Bowie, James, packing case maker, 6 Abingdon Street
Bowie, James, plater, 18 Belmont Avenue, Strandtown
Bowles, Saml., metal merchant, 1 Rutherglen, Whiterock Road
Bowman, Alex., 25 Heather Street
Bowman, Davys, House, Land, Estate and Insurance Agent, 48 Upper Arthur Street; res., Hollyrood, Malone Road
Bowman, Geo., stone cutter, 45 Christopher Street
Bowman, H., butcher, 94 Shankill Road and 17 Duncairn Street
Bowman, Jas., caulker, 77 Mersey Street
Bowman, John, joiner, 16 Mersey Street
Bowman, John, painter, 5 Bethany Street
Bowman, John, joiner, 14 Church Street East
Bowman, John, builder, 71 Fitzroy Avenue
Bowman, J., spirit grocer, 1 Donegall Avenue
Bowman, J., rivetter, 23 Donegore Street
Bowman, J., cork cutter, 3 Donegall Avenue
Bowman, P., blacksmith, 15 Andrew Street New
Bowman, R. J., R.I.C., 21 Bedeque Street
Bowman, R., coal merchant, 45 Lindsay Street
Bowman, Samuel, painter, 7 Bethany Street
Bowman, S., carpenter, 3 Chadolly Street
Bowman, Thomas, joiner, 3 Grace Avenue
Bowman, William, hardware merchant, 56 Templemore Avenue
Bowman, Wm., grocer, 331 Cupar Street
Bowman, Wm. J., coal merchant, 16 Coyle Street and 145 Cromac Street; res., 118 University Street
Bowman & Co., painters, Newtownards Road Upper
Bownes, Alfred, 3 Rugby Parade
Boyce, Alex., tenter, 2 Brunel Street
Boyce, David, joiner, 43 Epworth Street
Boyce, H., fancy tile setter, 33 Blackwood Street
Boyce, John, commission agent, 133 Royal Avenue
Boyce, John, publican, Newtownards Road Upper
Boyce, Joseph, principal Montgomery N.S., 29 India Street
Boyce, J., tailor, 17 Fallswater Street
Boyce, L., tramway inspector, 8 Carlton Street
Boyce, Mrs., grocer, 50 Mervue Street
Boyce, Mrs., publican, 7 Glentilt Place and 252, 254 Old Lodge Road
Boyce, M., confectioner, coffee stand, Ormeau Bridge
Boyce, M., dress maker, 29 Isoline Street
Boyce, M. F. E., 3 Glantane Street
Boyce, Patk., boatman, 76 Balfour Avenue
Boyce, Robert, engineer, 14 Ardenvohr Street
Boyce, Thos., & Son, commission agents, 48 Donegall Street
Boyce, T., Commercial Boxing Club, 9 Commercial Court; res., 74 Rutland Street
Boyce, Wm., smith, 81 Argyle Street
Boyd, Abraham, joiner, 21 Austin Street
Boyd, Adam, Braemar, Lisburn Road
Boyd, Alex., linen lapper, 81 Blythe Street
Boyd, Alex., clerk, 62 Jaffa Street
Boyd, Alex., smith, 25 Denmark Street
Boyd, Alex., gardener, St. Joseph's Terrace, Newtownards Road Upper
Boyd, Alex., weaver, 131 Cambrai Street
Boyd, Andrew, tailor, 53 Leadbetter Street
Boyd, Andrew, hair dresser, 207a Lisburn Road
Boyd, A., traveller, 53 Hopeton Street
Boyd, A., Braemar Terrace, Lisburn Road
Boyd, A., jobbing smith and horse shoer, 91 Cromac Street
Boyd, A., commission agent, 8 Corporation Street
Boyd, A., linen lapper, 24 Lisburn Avenue
Boyd, A., joiner, 13 Townsend Street
Boyd, A., iron turner, 54 Canning Street Upper
Boyd, A. C., moulder, 30 Upper Townsend Street
Boyd Bros., boot and shoe makers and importers, 16 Garfield Street Lower; res., Charlotte Villa, Sydenham
Boyd, Catherine, grocer, 8 Beechlawn Terrace, Ballysillan
Boyd, C., iron turner, 85 Beechfield Street
Boyd, David, engineer, 21 Glenallen Street
Boyd, David, chemist, 2 Endsleigh Gardens, Newtownards Road Upper
Boyd, David, linen stock keeper, 61 Hatfield Street
Boyd, D., grocer, 1 Primitive Street
Boyd, D., city missionary, 46 Osborne Street
Boyd, D., provision merchant, 13 Woodvale Road
Boyd, D. A., tailor, 79 Wellesley Avenue
Boyd, D. M., & Co., linen and glass manufacturers agents, 98 Donegall Street; res., 8 Willowbank Street
Boyd, D., engineer, 53 Mervue Street
Boyd, D., blacksmith, 14 Everton Street
Boyd, Edward, boot maker, 21 Madrid Street
Boyd, E., confectioner, 1 Southpark Villas, Park Road
Boyd, Francis John, tailor, 14 Carlton Street
Boyd, Frederick, contractor, 4 Dundela Drive
Boyd, George, tin and copper smith, Parkview Cottages, Lisburn Road
Boyd, Geo., rigger, 36 Trafalgar Street
Boyd, Geo. A., C.E., assistant city surveyor, 3 Willowbank Street
Boyd, G., boot maker, 62 Newtownards Road
Boyd, Henry, hair dresser, 24 Grosvenor Street
Boyd, Henry, draper's assistant, 2 Victoria Road
Boyd, Hugh, engineer, 2 Connsbrook Villas, Parkgate Avenue
Boyd, Hugh, compositor, 78 Beverley Street
Boyd, Hugh, grocer, 35 Little George's Street
Boyd, Hugh, painter, 88 Great George's Street
Boyd, H., 23 Thorndale Avenue
Boyd, H., Louisville, 24 Alexandra Avenue
Boyd, H., warehouseman, 41 Donnybrook Street
Boyd, H., grocer, 52, 54 Cumberland Street
Boyd, H. H., & Magill, chartered accountants, estate and rent agents, 1 Waring Street; res., J. E. Magill, 1 Easton Terrace, Cliftonville Road
Boyd, James, provision dealer, 17 Cromac Street
Boyd, James, boot maker, Charlotte Villa, Larkfield Road
Boyd, James, beetler, 12 Nansen Street
Boyd, James, manager, 393 Lisburn Road
Boyd, James, printer, 4 Farnham Street
Boyd, James, gardener, Vulcan Terrace, Newtownards Road Upper
Boyd, James, horse shoer, King Street Mews and 5 College Place North
Boyd, James, traveller, 2 Adelaide Avenue
Boyd, James, joiner, 10 Battenberg Street
Boyd, James, ex-sergeant R.I.C., 37 Ardmoulin Avenue
Boyd, James, tenter, 10 Ambleside Street
Boyd, James, accountant, Roseville Terrace, 39 Rosemount Gardens
Boyd, James, electrician, 21 Heatherbell Street
Boyd, James, sanitary inspector, 49 St. Alban's Gardens
Boyd, James, iron moulder, 52 Glenallen Street
Boyd, James, time keeper, 28 Morelands Row
Boyd, Jas., traveller, 1 Grace Avenue
Boyd, Jane, grocer, 67 Adam Street
Boyd, John, carpenter, 55 Woodvale Street
Boyd, John, tenter, 132 Templemore Avenue
Boyd, John, tenter, 67 Roseleigh Street
Boyd, John, merchant, 24 Maymount Street
Boyd, John, file cutter, 46 Tyrone Street
Boyd, John, rivetter, 10 Medway Street
Boyd, John, painter, 8 Beech Street
Boyd, John, rent agent, Garfield Chambers, Royal Avenue; res., 53 Windsor Road
Boyd, John, book seller, 22 Loudon Street
Boyd, John, printer and stationer, 20 Cyprus Gardens
Boyd, John, baker, 22 Israel Street
Boyd, John, gardener, 53 Ivan Street
Boyd, John, baker, 85 Bloomfield Avenue
Boyd, John, boot closer, 56 Crimea Street
Boyd, John, plater, 132 Hillman Street
Boyd, John, carpenter, 6 Norman Street
Boyd, J., engine driver, 27 Wolff Street
Boyd, J., tailor, Sandown Road
Boyd, J., boiler maker, 47 Severn Street
Boyd, J., linen lapper, 30 River Terrace
Boyd, J., engineer, 100 Woodstock Road
Boyd, J., traveller, Ranfurly Place, Belmont Road, Strandtown
Boyd, J., 68 South Parade
Boyd, J., postman, 5 Crosby Street
Boyd, J., carpenter, 82 Tower Street
Boyd, J. G., tinsmith, 4 Haywood Avenue
Boyd, J. St. Clair, M.D., 27 Great Victoria Street
Boyd, J. W., printer, 5 to 11 Academy Street
Boyd, J. & Co., drapers, 186 Sandy Row
Boyd, Miss, boot and shoe warehouse, 200 Ormeau Road
Boyd, Miss, Ohayo, Adelaide Park
Boyd, Miss, refreshment rooms, 19 Station Street
Boyd, Miss, shirt and collar maker, 82 Stanhope Street
Boyd, Miss, confectioner, 37 High Street
Boyd, Miss, 12 Wellesley Avenue
Boyd, Miss, draper, 255 Duncairn Street
Boyd, Miss, Rowandean, Marlborough Park
Boyd, Mrs. Agnes, 45 Brookhill Avenue
Boyd, Mrs. Annie, 20 Fleetwood Street
Boyd, Mrs., 5 Westminster Avenue
Boyd, Mrs., stationer, 204 Old Lodge Road
Boyd, M. C., spirit grocer, Sandymount, Holywood Road
Boyd, Mrs. E., 43 Ulsterville Avenue
Boyd, Mrs., 17 India Street
Boyd, M., traveller, 15 Elizabeth Street
Boyd, M., spinning master, 19 Alexandrapark Avenue
Boyd, N., pork merchant, 13 Henry Street
Boyd, Robert, iron moulder, 122 My Lady's Road
Boyd, Robert, clerk, 14 Chambers Street
Boyd, Robert, cattle dealer, 30 Great Patrick Street
Boyd, Robert, Ohayo, Adelaide Park
Boyd, Robert, & Son, hay and straw merchants, 3, 5 York Street Little
Boyd, Robert, overlooker, 81 Wilton Street
Boyd, Robert, boiler maker, 12 Chatsworth Street
Boyd, Robert, manager, Sulby Villas, Larkfield Road
Boyd, Robert, yarn dresser, 103 Hillman Street
Boyd, Robert, sail maker, 76 Hillman Street
Boyd, Robert, fowl butcher, 54 Clyde Street
Boyd, Robert, storeman, 11 Virginia Street
Boyd, Robt., boiler maker, 57 Bryson Street
Boyd, Robt., iron planer, 265 Conway Street
Boyd, Robt., engineer, 3 Kensington Avenue
Boyd, Robt., pattern maker, 18 Templemore Avenue
Boyd, R., M.D., The Lodge, Albertbridge Road
Boyd, R., iron moulder, 15 Otter Street
Boyd, R., pawn broker, 68 Newtownards Road
Boyd, R., pawn broker, 230, 232 Shankill Road and 306 Conway Street
Boyd, R., railway guard, 7 Garden Street
Boyd, R., house and land agent, 2 Garfield Street; res., 2 Cliftonville Road
Boyd, R., store keeper, 40 Craigmore Street
Boyd, R. A., land surveyor and civil engineer, 2 Garfield Street; res. 1 New Villas, Cyprus Park
Boyd, R. J., gate and railing manufacturer, and general smith works, 34, 36 Henry Street
Boyd, R. J., provision merchant, 11 Mill Street; res., 2 Poplar Villas, Upper Beersbridge Road
Boyd, R. J., baker, 41 Kimberley Street
Boyd, Samuel, grocer, 2 Raby Street
Boyd, Samuel, carpenter, 126 Halliday's Road
Boyd, Samuel, car man, 224 Meadow Street Upper
Boyd, Samuel, traveller, 74 Bray Street
Boyd, Samuel, railway guard, 39 Spencer Street
Boyd, S., provision merchant, Ashfield, Newtownards Road Upper
Boyd, S., tailor, 34 Glenwood Street
Boyd, S., wood turner, 70 Moyola Street
Boyd, S. Wilson, commercial traveller, Claremont House, Ardenlee Avenue
Boyd, S., dining rooms, 10 Cromac Street
Boyd, Taylor, baker, 42 Malcolm Street
Boyd, Thomas J., 10 Rosebank Street
Boyd, Thomas, shoe maker, 20 Hazelnut Street
Boyd, Thomas, grocer, 62 Earl Street
Boyd, Thomas, painter, 74 Trillick Street
Boyd, Thos., clerk, 7 Ceylon Street
Boyd, Thos., blacksmith, 37 Daisyfield Street
Boyd, Thos., shipwright, 45 Kilronan Street
Boyd, Thos., manager, 59 Duncairn Gardens
Boyd, Thos., boot maker, 39 Belmont Avenue
Boyd, Thos., bottler, 18 Blythe Street
Boyd, Thos., clerk, 49 Clementine Street
Boyd, Thos., boiler maker, 50 Memel Street
Boyd, Thos. S., traveller, 46 Rosevale Street
Boyd, Turtle, grocer, 70 Northumberland Street
Boyd, T., engineer, 135 Hillman Street
Boyd, T., collar cutter, 55 Carmel Street
Boyd, T. J., iron turner, 251 Cambrai Street
Boyd, T. W., painter, 13 Lyons Street
Boyd, Wm., potato merchant, 7 Oxford Street
Boyd, Wm., carpenter, 125 Blythe Street
Boyd, Wm., joiner, 17 Copperfield Street
Boyd, Wm., manager Blackstaff Weaving Co.; res., 43 Great Victoria Street
Boyd, Wm., grocer, 95 Woodstock Road
Boyd, Wm., core maker, 47 Glenallen Street
Boyd, Wm., rivetter, 63 Severn Street
Boyd, Wm., Brandon Towers, Sydenham Avenue
Boyd, Wm., mechanic, 6 Bute Street
Boyd, Wm., boiler maker, 8 Hanwood Street
Boyd, Wm., moulder, 61 Hawthorn Street
Boyd, Wm., carpenter, 80 Lilliput Street
Boyd, Wm., brass moulder, 2 Prim Street
Boyd, Wm., rivetter, 4 Mountcollyer Street
Boyd, Wm., book binder, 37 Beverley Street
Boyd, Wm., bread server, 94 Killowen Street
Boyd, Wm. J., book binder, 84 Ravensdale Street
Boyd, W., engine driver, 41 Susan Street
Boyd, W., boiler maker, 9 Elmfield Street
Boyd, W., spirit grocer, 22 Emerson Street
Boyd, W. D., boot maker, 27 Bloomfield Avenue
Boyd, W. G., clerk, 14 Meadowbank Street
Boyd, W. H., provision merchant, 113 York Street and 73 Great Patrick Street
Boyd, W. J., 29 Blythe Street
Boyd, W. J., printer, 3 Mount Easton, Cliftonville Road
Boyd, W. J., foreman, 12 Harleston Street
Boyd, W. S., Ravenscroft House, Upper Bloomfield Avenue
Boyd, W. S., publican, 26 Upper Newtownards Road
Boyd & Harris, bakers, 65 Balfour Avenue
Boyd & O'Hagan, spirit grocers, 77 & 79 Kimberley Street & 14 Vernon Street
Boyes, E., engineer, 86 Mountpottinger Road
Boylan, James, rope spinner, 13 Saul Street
Boylan, Peter, store keeper, 1 Milford Street
Boylan, P., butcher, 110 Mount Street
Boyland, Andrew, tobacco importer, 20a Waring Street
Boyle, Arthur, butcher, 32 Institution Place
Boyle, D., carpenter, 6 Annalee Street
Boyle, Edward, miller, 23 Devonshire Street
Boyle, Edward, R.I.C., 67 Meadow Street Upper
Boyle, E., saddler, 36 Kilmood Street
Boyle, G., wood carver, 18 Great George's Street
Boyle, Henry, shoe maker, 11 Hill Street North
Boyle, H., linen lapper, 156 Albert Street
Boyle, James, J.P., solicitor; res., Ballymacrea, Portrush
Boyle, James, tailor, 99 Leeson Street
Boyle, James, slater, 27 Benares Street
Boyle, James, joiner, 25 Lady Street
Boyle, James, driller, 35 Nevis Avenue
Boyle, John, blacksmith, 32 Ann Street North
Boyle, John, violinist, 19 Springfield Road
Boyle, John, tailor, 1 Haypark Avenue
Boyle, John, boiler maker, 8 Isoline Street
Boyle, John, tea agent, 40 Shaftesbury Avenue
Boyle, Jos., iron turner, 5 Milliken Street
Boyle, J., practical tailor, 367 Ormeau Road
Boyle, J., dealer, 158 Divis Street
Boyle, J., blacksmith, 74 Mount Street
Boyle, J., hair dresser, 34 Newtownards Road
Boyle, J. A., tea agent, 85 Victoria Street
Boyle, L. A., spirit grocer, 39, 41 Seaforde Street
Boyle, Mary, dairy keeper, 1 Oldpark Avenue
Boyle, Mrs., 63 Mountpottinger Road
Boyle, M., hackler, 293 North Queen Street
Boyle, Patrick, butcher, 45 Derby Street
Boyle, P., railway guard, 9 Upper Canning Street
Boyle, Robert, brick layer, 22 Cape Street
Boyle, Robert, joiner, 5 Bedeque Street
Boyle, Robert, tenter, 54 Chatham Street
Boyle, Robt. F., grocer, 52 Balfour Avenue
Boyle, Samuel, shoe maker, 8 Diamond Street
Boyle, Samuel, butler, 17 Paxton Street
Boyle, Samuel, bookkeeper, 6 Grace Avenue
Boyle, Saml., brick layer, 50 Adelaide Avenue, off Grace Avenue
Boyle, Sergeant, R.I.C., 76 Cavendish Street
Boyle, Thomas, miller, 40 Wensley Street
Boyle, Thomas, tailor, 18 McDonnell Street
Boyle, Thos., dealer, 73 Market Street
Boyle, William, driller, 16 Stanley Street
Boyles, Wm., block and pump maker, 34 Clanmorris Street
Boyle, W. J., cooper, 14 Whitehall Parade
Boyle, W. J., traveller, 24 Santiago Street
Boyles, Wm., linen lapper, 17 Thorndyke Street
Boyles, W. J., caulker, 62 Glenfarne Street Upper
Boyne Weaving Co. Ltd., 1 Wellington Place
Brabazon, H. G., master mariner, 35 Newington Avenue
Brabison, Hugh, engineer, 48 Jaffa Street
Bracegirdle, J., engineer, 21 Ship Street
Bracken, Joseph, & Co., flour and provision merchants, 49 Waring Street
Bracken, Miss, 4 Fountainville Avenue
Bracken, Thos., moulder, 11 Beechpark Street
Bracken, W., R.I.C., 114 Hillman Street
Brackenbridge, A., driller, 73 James Street
Brackenbridge, W., bottle blower, 34 Sandhurst Street
Brackenrick, T., mechanic, 129 Bread Street
Brackenridge, F., ship carpenter, 7 Parkmore Street
Brackenridge, J., warehouseman, 33 Elgin Street
Brackenridge, Mrs., 35 Duncairn Gardens
Brackenridge, R., brick layer, 4 Renfrew Street
Brackenridge, W., coach painter, 48 Excise Street
Brackie, J., boiler maker, 149 York Street
Bradburn, Joseph, boiler maker, 3 Albert Terrace, Park Avenue
Bradbury, E., foreman carriage department, Northern Counties Railway, 228 York Street
Bradbury, James, brick manufacturer, Woodvale Park
Bradbury, John, clerk, 22 Ratcliffe Street
Bradbury, Joseph, coach builder, 32 Mountcollyer Avenue
Bradbury & Co. Ltd., Sewing Machine, Bassinette, and Cycle Manufacturers, 83 Victoria Street
Bradbury & Co., Parkview Brick Works, Whiterock Road
Braddell, E., architect, St. Ives, Malone Park
Braddell, Joseph, & Son, Gun, Rifle & Revolver, Fishing Tackle & Golf Club Ball Makers, 21 Castle Place - Charles Playfair, Proprietor; residence, Bon Accord, Adelaide Park
Braddell, Mrs., 1 Eglantine Gardens
Braden, J., mechanic, 25 Kimberley Street
Bradford, Hugh, cutter, 138 Sandy Row
Bradford, J., vitriol maker, 52 Stanhope Street
Bradford, J., driller, 54 Riga Street
Bradford, Mrs., 45 Lisburn Road
Bradford, R., traveller, 41 Snugville Street
Bradford, Samuel, school master, 60 Brookvale Street
Bradford, Samuel, 12 Beechfield Street
Bradford, Samuel, engineer, 33 Fortwilliam Parade
Bradford, Wm., plater, 85 Louisa Street
Bradin, J., electric engineer, 310 Forthriver Terrace, Springfield Road
Bradin, Mrs., dress maker, 10 Arundel Street
Bradley, A., publican, 53 Queen Street North; 4, 6, 8 Library Street, 6 Hill Street and 34 Lancaster Street
Bradley, Albert, draper, 90 Dunluce Avenue
Bradley Bros., publicans, 118, 120 Great George's Street
Bradley, Catherine, dress maker, 299 Hillman Street
Bradley, Charles, tenter, 37 Herbert Street
Bradley, Chas., tenter, 36 Chatham Street
Bradley, Daniel, spirit grocer, 18 Cyprus Street
Bradley, Hugh, publican, 28 Great Patrick Street
Bradley, H., wood turner, 106 Spamount Street
Bradley, H., shoe maker, 4 Hardinge Court
Bradley, James, bookkeeper, 55 Percy Street
Bradley, James, shopman, 15 Palmer Street
Bradley, James, grocer, 2 Palmer Street
Bradley, James, coal dealer, 7, 9 Palmerston Street
Bradley, James, tailor, 53 Coolderry Street
Bradley, John, iron turner, 20 Roslyn Street
Bradley, John, merchant, Haypark, Newtownards Road Upper
Bradley, Joseph, bottler, 13 Anderson Street
Bradley, J., telegraph clerk, 298 Springfield Road
Bradley, J., cabinet maker, 3 Percy Street
Bradley, J. & J., publicans, 37, 39 Cromac Street, and 17, 19 Walnut Place
Bradley, Patrick, brick layer, 4 Aboo Street
Bradley, P. & M., publicans, 81, 83 North Queen Street and 83 George's Street Great
Bradley, Robt., mechanic, 4 Tollard Street
Bradley, Samuel, tailor, 18 Distillery Street
Bradley, S., printer, 11 Conduit Street
Bradley, S., mechanic, 22 Woodvale Avenue
Bradley, Thos., paper cutter, 34 Donnybrook Street
Bradley, Thos., seaman, 79 Glenwood Street
Bradley, W., rent agent, 38 Essex Street
Bradley & Robb, boot and shoe warehouse, 56 Victoria Street
Bradshaw Bros., commission agents, 32 Ann Street
Bradshaw, H., foreman linen lapper, 3 Meadowbank Street
Bradshaw, James J. M., spirit grocer, 302, 304 Crumlin Road
Bradshaw, Jas., hackle setter, 127 Blythe Street
Bradshaw, John, fitter, 15 Sturgeon Street
Bradshaw, Jos., joiner, 70 Rutland Street
Bradshaw, J., yarn dresser, 37 McCandless Street
Bradshaw, J. R., hardware merchant, 68 York Road
Bradshaw, Mrs., 54 Eglinton Street
Bradshaw, Mrs., 83 Kensington Terrace, Great Victoria Street
Bradshaw, Samuel, coach builder, 10 Smith Street
Bradshaw, S., compositor, 31 Agnes Street
Bradshaw, W., grocer, 69, 71 Denmark Street
Bradshaw, W. J., weaver, 24 Bloomfield Street
Brady, Bernard, sailor, 68 Hanna Street
Brady, David, rivetter, 3 Daisyfield Street
Brady, D., butcher, 46 Verner Street
Brady, E. J., stationer, 14 Duncairn Buildings
Brady, Francis, lamp lighter, 32 Coolfin Street
Brady, Francis, baker, 67 Townsend Street
Brady, F., blacksmith, 12 Maryville Street
Brady, F., boot maker, 28 Anderson Street
Brady, F., tenter, 152 Grosvenor Street
Brady, H. B., clerk, 14 Crocus Street
Brady, James, tailor, 26 Crocus Street
Brady, James, grocer, 38 Ross Street
Brady, Jas., cycle agent, Klondyke, Kirkliston Drive
Brady, Jas., joiner, 35 Baskin Street
Brady, John, dealer, 75 Millfield
Brady, John, bookkeeper, 160 Madrid Street
Brady, John, barman, 14 Marine Street
Brady, John, tailor, 29 Mayfair Street
Brady, Joseph, mechanic, 25 Wigton Street
Brady, Jos., billiard marker, 22 Raglan Street
Brady, J., plumber, 139 Albertbridge Road
Brady, J., beamer, 2 Harrybrook Street
Brady, J., spirit grocer, 108 Ormeau Road
Brady, J., spirit grocer, 120 Agincourt Avenue
Brady, M., milliner, 258 Shankill Road
Brady, Owen, grocer, 20 Cyprus Street
Brady, Patrick, clerk, 7 Glenview Street
Brady, Patk., cattle inspector, 44 Clonard Gardens
Brady, Patk., publican, 20 Garmoyle Street
Brady, Wm., card cutter, 7 Ambleside Street
Brady, Wm., plasterer, 14 Jennymount Street
Brady & Co. Ltd., cycle merchants and hardware, 14 Rosemary Street
Braithwaite, David, painter, 60 Denmark Street
Braithwaite, E., engine man, 11 Brighton Street
Braithwaite, John, rigger, 22 Garston Street
Braithwaite, John, rigger, 30 Trafalgar Street
Braithwaite, J., draper, 55 Enfield Street
Braithwaite, J., plumber, 29 Russell Street
Braithwaite, J., & Co., plumbers and gasfitters, 6 Victoria Square
Braithwaite, L., posting establishment, Willowgrove, 2 Newtownards Road Upper
Braithwaite, Mrs., 11 Pacific Avenue
Braithwaite, R., warehouseman, 6 Mount Oriel, Willowbank Street
Braithwaite, R. T., assistant secretary Ulster Banking Co., 42 Royal Terrace, Lisburn Road
Braithwaite, Thos., clerk, 37 Sandymount Street
Braithwaite, W., & Co., cement and alabaster merchants, 5, 9 Gloucester Street; res., 69 Arthur Street
Braithwaite, W. T., publican, 110, 112, 114 Dublin Road, and 2, 4 Moore's Place, res., 12 Botanic Avenue
Braithwaite & McCann, spirit grocers, Garrick Bar, 29 Chichester Street, 1 India Street, 54 Calvin Street, 463 Lisburn Road, 94 Hatfield Terrace, Ormeau Road, and 48 Victoria Street
Branagh, D., butcher, 155 Donegall Street
Branagh, E., boot maker, 118 My Lady's Road
Branagh, E. H. H., damask designer, teacher Belfast Technical School, 73 Wellesley Avenue
Branagh, Jas., grocer, 17 Malvern Street
Branagh, Jas., bread server, 59 Tate's Avenue
Branagh, John H., publican, 1, 3 Stanfield Street
Branagh, J., bread server, 61 Donnybrook Street
Branagh, J. H., publican, 2 Murphy Street
Branagh, Mrs., 110 Wellesley Avenue
Branagh, Mrs., butcher, 162 York Street
Branagh, S., mechanic, 1 Forthbrook Villas, Whiterock Road
Branagh, Thos., confectioner and fruiterer, 69 Mountview Street
Branagh, Thos., tailor, 47 Pound Street
Branagh, Thos., carpenter, 7 Kendal Street
Branagh, T., traveller, 14 Rosewood Street
Branagh, Wm., carter, 9 Nassau Street
Branagh & Co., Butchers, 23 to 27 Lombard Street
Branagh & Co., E., shoe makers, 1 Rosebery Road
Brand, Adam, grocer, 65 Roseleigh Street
Brand, Geo., joiner, 40 Parkmount Street
Brand, John, plasterer, 47 Carmel Street
Brand, J. A., commercial traveller, 22 Florenceville Avenue
Brand, Wm., nurseryman and florist, Donegall Park
Brand & Co., ladies' tailors, 47 Royal Avenue
Brand & Johnstone, wholesale jewellers & hardware merchants, 80a North Street
Brandon, Hugh B., & Co., Public Accountants, 117 Royal Avenue; res., H. B. Brandon, Rosemount House, Antrim Road; R. J. Brandon, 18 Rosemount Gardens
Brandon, Mrs., 18 Rosemount Gardens
Braney, Rose, grocer, 8 Stewart Street
Braniff, Wm., pilot master, 4 Holywood View Terrace, Shore Road
Brankin, Henry, grocer, 4 Barrack Street
Branley, J., hair dresser, 66 Albertbridge Road
Brann, Alex., tram driver, 12 Braemar Street
Brann, W., school master, St. James' terrace, 31 Ravenscroft Avenue
Brannaff, P., carpenter, 5 Kenbaan Street
Brannagh, J., 124 Great George's Street
Brannan, John, sawyer, 45 Fleet Street
Brannan, Thos., miller, 5 Servia Street
Branney, D., carpenter, 92 Eliza Street
Branney, Miss, dress maker, 14 Stewart Street
Branney, Wm., sail maker, Greencastle
Brannigan, B., teacher, 5 Sorella Street
Brannigan, D., fitter, 51 Cupar Street
Brannigan, F., overseer, 18 Waterford Street
Brannigan, H., draper, 235 Tennent Street
Brannigan, Jas., sail maker, 12 Pisa Street
Brannigan, Jas., tailor, 41 Lucknow Street
Brannigan, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 60 Great Victoria Street
Brannigan, N. J., winding master, 55 Waterford Street
Brannon, Wm., hair dresser, 4 Oldpark Road
Bratten, T., manager, 189 Durham Street
Brawn, Mrs., Cromac Park Terrace, 149 Ormeau Road
Bray, Wm., customs, 8 Delaware Street
Braydon, T., shoe maker, 272 Old Lodge Road
Breach, J. F., commission agent, 1 Tubberkyle, Newtownards Road Upper
Breadin, Thos., shoe maker, 3 Glentilt Street
Bready, Mrs., dress maker, 2a Alloa Street
Breakey, F., carpenter, 151 Spamount Street
Brecke, O. M., commission agent, 93 Whitla Street
Bredin, Saml., upholsterer, 26 Fingal Street
Breen, Charles, plasterer, 135 Cavendish Street
Breen, James, coppersmith, 4 St. Alban's Gardens
Breen, J., plasterer, 79 Hawthorn Street
Breen, J., plasterer, 133 Springfield Road
Breen, Margaret, spirit grocer, Upper Riga Street and 1 & 3 Dewey Street
Breen, Thos. J., Inland Revenue, 99 Fitzroy Avenue
Breen, Thos., painter, 14 Cavendish Street
Breen, T., painter, 14 Beech Street
Breen, Wm., fruiterer, 167, 169 Shankill Road
Brennan, ?, joiner, 26 Susan Street
Brennan, Chas., joiner, 2 Lawnmount Street
Brennan, C., publican, 44, 46 Earl Street
Brennan, E., blacksmith, 18 Catherine Street
Brennan, Geo., hackler, 26 Park Street
Brennan, H., fitter, 13 Fallswater Street
Brennan, James, mechanic, 54 Springfield Road
Brennan, Jas., tenter, 2 Dunlewey Street
Brennan, Jas., carpenter, 44 Kashmir Road
Brennan, John, master mariner, 23 Glandore Avenue
Brennan, John, R.I.C., 9 Springfield Road
Brennan, John, boiler maker, 22 Scotland Street
Brennan, John, weaver, 40 Bentham Street
Brennan, Joseph, pork cutter, 40 Alton Street
Brennan, Joseph, 19 Madeline Street
Brennan, J., spindle turner, 258 Leopold Street
Brennan, J., R.I.C., 11 Moneyrea Street
Brennan, J., lamp lighter, 48 Teutonic Street
Brennan, J., watch maker, 54 Moyola Street
Brennan, J. V., architect and surveyor, Belfast Bank Chambers, and 1, 3 North Street
Brennan, Miss, Cabinhill, Malone Park
Brennan, Patrick, joiner, 44 Glenwherry Street
Brennan, Thompson, spirit grocer, 244 Springfield Street
Brennan, T., manager of Soap Works, 12 Mountpottinger Road
Brenton, Bernard, carpenter, 24 Durham Street
Brenton, David, french polisher, 4 Albion Street
Bretland, J. C., County Borough of Belfast surveyor; res., Bramcote, Craigavad
Brett, C. H., solicitor, 1 Gretton Villas, Bladon Park
Brett, John, salesman, 45 Eia Street
Brett, J. H., county surveyor for County Antrim, 3 Alexandra Gardens, Fortwilliam Park
Brett, Rev. Henry R., 8 Chichester Terrace, Antrim Road
Brew, John, R.I.C., 6 Belmont Avenue West
Brew, J., 45 Tate's Avenue
Brewer, Frank, musician, 20 Powerscourt Street
Brewer, Jas. Pyper, inspector Belfast Banking Co. Ltd., 76 Eglantine Avenue
Brewer, J. P., of Belfast Bank, 1? Chilworth Buildings, Stranmillis Road
Brewis, R., cabinet maker, 83 Bright Street
Brewster, John, R.I.C., 23 Enfield Street
Brewster, Wm., insurance agent, 13 Fleetwood Street
Brewster, W., rigger, 30 Saunders Street
Brice, V., traveller, 3 Glantane Villas
Brickley, R. J., engine driver, 188 Leopold Street
Bridge, A. C., pattern maker, 55 Glenallen Street
Bridgett, John, clerk, 33 Abingdon Street
Bridgett, Saml., coach wheeler, 38 Teutonic Street
Bridgett, Wm., banner painter, 56 Great Victoria Street
Brien, Saml., clerk, 46 Limestone Road
Briens, Christopher, commercial traveller, 50 Toronto Terrace, Lisburn Road
Briers, J., boiler maker, 25 Garmoyle Street
Briggs, A., fruiterer, 123 Shankill Road
Briggs, D., spirit grocer, 75 Spamount Street
Briggs, D., & Co., collar and cuff manufacturers, 46, 48 Gloucester Street
Briggs, Henry, 26 Kenbella Avenue
Briggs, Henry, brick layer, 10 Crystal Street
Briggs, James, manager, 140 Bruce Terrace, Lisburn Road
Briggs, James, coachman, 40 Brookland Street
Briggs, John, manager, 249 Grosvenor Street
Briggs, John, carpenter, 40 Elizabeth Street
Briggs, John, boiler maker, 5 Susan Street
Briggs, John, carpenter, 21 Elizabeth Street
Briggs, John, painter, 63 Euston Street
Briggs, J., undertaker's manager, 10 Burke Street
Briggs, J., cabinet maker, 137 York Street
Briggs, J., boiler maker, 62 Belvoir Street
Briggs, Mrs., 9 Lawrence Street
Briggs, Robt., smith, 19 Mervue Street
Briggs, R., blacksmith, 38 Glenbrook Avenue
Briggs, Thos. L., tram conductor, 8 Ashbourne Street
Briggs, T., tram driver, 68 Mount Street No. 2
Briggs, Wm., blacksmith, 137 York Street
Briggs, Wm., linen lapper, 54 Essex Street
Briggs, W., boot maker, 32 Hamilton Street
Briggs, W. J., confectioner, 187 Cupar Street
Briggs, W. J., coachman, 7 Auburn Street
Briggs, W. J., aerated water manufacturer, 23, 25, 27 Pine Street
Bright, Mrs., 14 May Street Little
Bright, Wm., rougher, 40 Grove Street
Bright & Co., ladies' outfitter and costumier, 31b Wellington Place
Brill, E. A., Oakleigh, Cyprus Avenue
Brill, F. J., bank official, Wolverton, Cyprus Avenue
Brinn, M., laundress, 6 Scolland Street (Scotland)
Brindley, J. T., commission agent, 35 Victoria Street; res., 5 Ulsterville Avenue
Brines, Saml., smith, 85 Severn Street
Brisby, D., compositor, 41 Rosebery Road
Brisby, J. M., 20 Belgravia Avenue, pastor of Milltown Baptist Church, Shaw's Bridge, Belfast
Bristow, E. J., Lismore, 49 Windsor Avenue
Bristow, John, solicitor, Cave Cottage, Cavehill Road
Bristow, J., baker, 58 Downing Street
Bristow, J. R., Lismore, 49 Windsor Avenue
Bristow, Rev. John, M.A., Canon; res., The Parsonage, Cliftonville Road
Bristow, Wm., hair dresser, 79 Short Strand
British Law & Fire Insurance Co. Ltd. - W. J. Morton, Manager, 35 Royal Avenue
British Legal Life Assurance Co., 79 Donegall Street - D. Taggart, district manager
British National Premium Provident Association Ltd., 133 Royal Avenue - E. A. McFarland, C.A., manager for Ulster
British Typewriter Exchange Co., 64 Royal Avenue
British Workman and General Assurance Co. Ltd. - John Walsh, district superintendent, 100 Royal Avenue
Brittan, Wm., fitter, 33 Cargill Street
Brittain, Jas. H., driller, 40 Bellevue Street
Brittain, L., missionary, 37 Elgin Street
Brittain, Thomas J. (secretary B. & C. D. Railway), Ormiston Cottage, Hawthornden Road
Britton, Jas., smith, 30 Coolfin Street
Britton, J. C., 103a Cavehill Road
Britton, J., butcher, 200 Shankill Road
Britton, Mrs. E., farmer, Whiterock
Britton, Richard, Victoria Gardens, Andersonstown
Britton, T., baker, 51 Stanfield Street
Brockerton, W., carpenter, 16 London Street
Brocklesley, Robert, shipwright, 7 Kenilworth Street
Brock, John, grocer, 94 Bentham Street
Brock, John, rivetter, 66 Skipton Street
Brock, W. J., printer, 29 Willowbank Street
Broderick, Henry, R.I.C., 38 Hatfield Street
Brodgens, Mrs., 8 Ulsterville Avenue
Brodie, Chas., painter, 1 Ritchie Street
Brodie, Geo., carpenter, 98 Matchett Street
Brodie, Mrs., grocer, Greencastle
Broderick, William, berthing master, Belfast Harbour, 44 Garmoyle Street
Brogan, Felix, baker, 8 Slate Street
Brolly, H., publican, 147 North Queen Street, 2 Alderville, Cavehill Road, 50 Mountcollyer Avenue, 83 Vere Street; residence, Alderville, Cavehill Road
Brolly, J. S., brick layer, 13 Woodstock Place
Brook, Albert, manager of Alhambra, 4 Franklin Street
Brookfield Linen Co. Ltd., flax spinners, powerloom linen manufacturers, bleachers, finishers and merchants, 26, 30 Donegall Street, Crumlin Road and Courtrai Street; factory stores, Mill Street West
Brooke, W., engineer
Brookes, Joseph, foreman, 156 Crumlin Road
Brookes, J., water inspector, 48 Craigavad Street
Brooks, George, caulker, 10 Fife Street
Brooks, John, blacksmith, 29 Bute Street
Brooks, Peter, butcher, 38 Dargle Street
Brooks, Robert, moulder, 78 Westmoreland Street
Brooks, R., reeling master, 23 Lewis Street
Brookes, Wm., glass bottle maker, 11 Ridgeway Street
Broomfield, S., bookkeeper, 123 Ormeau Road
Brothers, W., gunsmith, 97 Greenore Street
Broughton, Charlotte, 185 Duncairn Gardens
Brophy, James, 18 Cranburn Street
Brophy, John, sawyer, 67 Mountcollyer Road
Brown, Abraham, time keeper, 45 London Street
Brown, Albert, moulder, 93 Bray Street
Brown, Albert, car owner, 43 St. Albans Gardens
Brown, Alfred, musician, 3 Bantry Street
Brown, Alfred, fitter, 58 Newport Street
Brown, Alex., moulder, 29 Belvoir Street
Brown, Alex., clerk, 84 Portallo Street
Brown, Alex., baker, 28 Campbell Park Avenue
Brown, Archibald (of Wm. Brown & Sons), 30 St. Jude's Avenue
Brown, Archibald, brush maker, 2 Crystal Terrace, Whiterock Road
Brown, A., chief officer steamer, 22 Oceanic Avenue
Brown, A., land agent, 27 Faranfad, South Parade
Brown, A., rate collector, Belfast Water Commissioners, 43 Brookhill Avenue
Brown, A., mechanic, 143 Mervue Street
Brown, A., cooper, 34 Solway Street
Brown, A., engineer, 5 Neely Street
Brown, A., brass finisher, 58 Hopeton Street
Brown, A., confectioner, 263 Shankill Road
Brown, A., block cutter, 47 Upper Townsend Street
Brown, A. H., Customs officer, 59 Rosemount Gardens
Brown, Colin, joiner, 40 Westbourne Street
Brown, Corbett, & Co., Wholesale Wine and Spirit Merchants and Distillers, 30, 32 Victoria Street; Store 2, 4 Marlborough Street; Bonded Stores, Stack A, 14, 16 Princes Street
Brown, C., cloth passer, 239 Cambrai Street
Brown, C., saleswoman, 7 Scotland Place
Brown, C., blacksmith, 40 Montrose Street
Brown, C. H., hair dresser, 2 Ormiston Buildings, Holywood Road
Brown, David, engine driver, 12 Coyle Street
Brown, David, carpenter, 8 Newport Street
Brown, David, sawyer, 29 Carmel Street
Brown, David, driller, 4 Frome Street
Brown, D., musician, 11 Ulverston Street
Brown, D. C., shoe maker, 84 Riga Street
Brown, Edward J., foreman moulder, 184 Agnes Street
Brown, Edward, carpenter, 79 Upper Canning Street
Brown, Edward, traveller, 35 Hamilton Street
Brown, Edward, gas fitter, 35 Ballycastle Street
Brown, Ellen, boot shop, 27 Castlereagh Road
Brown, E., brass finisher, 60 Hogarth Street
Brown, E., Lieut., R.I.F., Clara Park, Sandown Road
Brown, E., Prudential agent, 85 Edinburgh Street
Brown, E., carpenter, 25 Masserene Street
Brown, E., fitter, 103 Solway Street
Brown, E., tenter, 45 Isoline Street
Brown, E., & Son, house and land agents, 102 Donegall Street; res., Thos. Brown, J.P., Iona, Antrim Road; E. Brown, jun., 74 Eglantine Avenue
Brown, Francis, packer, Ashley Cottage, Ashley Avenue
Brown, F., agent, 8 Royal Avenue
Brown, F., commercial traveller, 163 University Street
Brown, F., house and land agent, 34a Mill Street; res., 20 Cliftonville Road
Brown, F. D., consulting engineer, agent, 2 Princes Street; res., 22 Evelyn Avenue
Brown, F. W., traveller, 65 University Avenue
Brown, George, joiner, 27 Rutland Street
Brown, George, draper, 3 Benwell Street
Brown, George, mechanic, 207 Cupar Street
Brown, George, dealer, 9 Diamond Street
Brown, Geo., tobacconist and confectioner, 125 Woodstock Road
Brown, Geo., manager, 157 Templemore Avenue
Brown, Geo., carpenter, 45 Windsor Road
Brown, Geo., gardener, 34 Somerset Street
Brown, G., car owner, 43 Cussick Street
Brown, Geo. S., butcher & farmer, Whiterock
Brown, G. A., veterinary surgeon, 13 Pine Street
Brown, G. H., J.P., of J. S. Brown & Sons, Tordeeva, Helen's Bay
Brown, G. W., & Co., linen and handkerchief manufacturers, 29 Adelaide Street; res., Finsbury, Cyprus Park
Brown, Harrison, bleacher, New Ashley Street
Brown, Henry, hardware merchant, 41 Duncairn Gardens
Brown, Henry, cabinet maker, 35 Wigton Street
Brown, Henry, carpenter, 16 Combermere Street
Brown, Henry, joiner, 11 Carlisle Street
Brown, Henry, tenter, 53 Cawnpore Street
Brown, Henry, weaver, 56 Greenore Street
Brown, Henry, plumber, 52 Imperial Street
Brown, Hugh, smith, 22 Walnut Place
Brown, Hugh, plumber, 75 McClure Street
Brown, Hugh, brick layer, 14 Matilda Street
Brown, Hugh, seaman, 25 Crosby Street
Brown, Hugh, butcher, 6 Alexander Street
Brown, H., ship rigger, 32 Spencer Street
Brown, H., photo engraver, 47 South Parade
Brown, H., brass finisher, 50 Dover Street
Brown, H., moulder, 322 Newtownards Road
Brown, H., clerk, 45 Donard Street
Brown, H. C., traveller, 6 Evelyn Avenue
Brown, James, litho. writer and designer, 27 Fountain Street
Brown, James, dealer, 2 Luke Street
Brown, James, shoe maker, 141 Riga Street
Brown, James, house furnisher, 46 Mountcharles
Brown, James, foreman, 85 Maryville Street
Brown, James. chemist, etc., 74 Willowbank Street
Brown, James, house and land agent, 43a High Street; res., Alderfield House, Park Avenue
Brown, James, grocer, 223 Grosvenor Street
Brown, James, mechanic, 98 Northumberland Street
Brown, James. joiner, 4 Ravensdale Street
Brown, James, gardener, East Lothian Cottage, Knock Avenue Road
Brown, James, shopman, 17 Khartoum Street
Brown, James H., M.D., 1 Kimberley Gardens, Newtownards Road Upper
Brown, James, baker, 5 Mayo Street
Brown, James, painter, 6 Trinity Street
Brown, James. sawyer, 18 Emerald Street
Brown, James. cabinet maker, 6 Dundela Avenue
Brown, James, driller, 17 Parkmount Street
Brown, James, joiner, 112 Saunders Street
Brown, James, boot finisher, 11 Getty Street
Brown, Jane, newsagent, Rockburren Terrace, Newtownards Road Upper
Brown, Jas., traveller, 2 Athol Street
Brown, Jas., book binder, 2 Sheridan Street
Brown, Jas., book finisher, 23 Aloa Street (Alloa)
Brown, Jas., carpenter, 18 Beechfield Street
Brown, Jas., upholsterer, 2a Bedeque Street
Brown, Jas., engineer, 13 Burlington Street
Brown, Jas. B., rent agent, 15 Cranburn Street
Brown, Jas. R., joiner, 32 Erskine Street
Brown, John, Longhurst, Dunmurry
Brown, John, spinning master, 131 Tennent Street
Brown, John, 18 Posnett Street
Brown, John, dairyman, Whiterock
Brown, John, gardener, Lismechan Cottages, Belmont Road
Brown, John, bookkeeper, 15 Baltic Avenue
Brown, John, moulder, 26 Belmont Avenue West
Brown, John, planer, 84 Sugarfield Street
Brown, John S., & Sons, Damask Manufacturers and Linen Handkerchief Manufacturers, Royal Ulster Works, Dublin Road
Brown, John, mechanic, 41 Distillery Street
Brown, John, weaver, 151 Bedeque Street
Brown, John, blacksmith, 87 Emerson Street
Brown, John, car owner, 30 Wolseley Street
Brown, John, brick layer, 1 Tilley Street
Brown, John, traveller, 90 Raglan Street
Brown, John, driller, 7 Carnan Street
Brown, John, rivetter, 66 Conlig Street
Brown, John, butler, 29 Avonbeg Street
Brown, John, 79 Bloomfield Avenue
Brown, John C., printer, 79 Deramore Avenue
Brown, John, tailor's cutter, 68 Hanover Street
Brown, John, engineer, 9 Glenvale Street
Brown, John, coppersmith, 47 Lendrick Street
Brown, John, tailor, 33 Benares Street
Brown, John, veterinary surgeon, 1 Powerscourt Street
Brown, John R., bookkeeper, 34 Rosebank Street
Brown, Joseph, engineer, 80a Woodstock Road
Brown, Joseph, farmer, 54 Redcar Street
Brown, Joseph, tailor, 114 Servia Street
Brown, Joseph, bottler, 20 Schomberg Street
Brown, Jos., milkman, 46 Clementine Street
Brown, Jos., accountant, 40 Cromwell Road
Brown, Jos., moulder, 16 Tenth Street
Brown, J., spindle turner, 27 Urney Street
Brown, J., car owner, 32 Maryville Street
Brown, J., Globe Laundry, 38 South Parade
Brown, J., painter, 15 Groomsport Street
Brown, J., gardener, 180 Cambrai Street
Brown, J., blacksmith, 115 Hillman Street
Brown, J., print cutter, 133 Hillman Street
Brown, J., seaman, 26 Bute Street
Brown, J., stevedore, 22 Donegall Street Little
Brown, J., R.I.C., 13 Dublin Road
Brown, J., baker, 41 Cumberland Street
Brown, J., linen lapper, 83 Oldpark Road
Brown, J., dealer, 94 North Queen Street
Brown, J., linen lapper, 6 Donnybrook Street
Brown, J., carpenter, 16 Beechfield Street
Brown, J., coach builder, 19 Charleville Street
Brown, J., foreman, 13 Craigmore Street
Brown, J., brass finisher, 7 Altmore Terrace, Cregagh Road
Brown, J., stock keeper, 21 Elm Street
Brown, J., horse shoer, 26 Thomas Street North
Brown, J., warehouseman, 41 Wellington Park
Brown, J., coppersmith, 16 Epworth Street
Brown, J., sea captain, 108 Duncairn Gardens
Brown, J., carpenter, 35 Fleet Street
Brown, J., linen and woollen merchant, 58 Lisburn Road
Brown, J. H., superintendent Gresham Life Assurance Company, 1 Sunbury Avenue
Brown, J. J., butcher, 122 Donegall Road
Brown, J. W., foreman, 46 Castlereagh Street
Brown, J., & Co., house and land agents, 2 Pirneville Terrace, Holywood Road
Brown, Lucas, watch maker, 43 Cooke Street
Brown, Malcolm, secretary Whiteabbey Flax Spinning Co., Kirkhill, Whiteabbey
Brown, Margaret, Beechville, Knockbreda Park
Brown, Mary, 89 Fitzroy Avenue
Brown, Matthew, boot and shoe maker, 2 Bristol Avenue
Brown, Matthew, joiner, 3 Parker Street
Brown Memorial N.S., Euston Street (M. R. Foley, principal)
Brown, Miss, 28 First Avenue, Strandtown Park
Brown, Miss, confectioner, 35 Belmont Avenue, Strandtown
Brown, Mrs., grocer, 57 Mount Street
Brown, Mrs., Ardeen, Adelaide Park
Brown, Mrs. A., Cumberland Temperance Hotel, 2a Dock Street
Brown, Mrs. E., 11 Alexandra Avenue
Brown, Mrs. J. S., Edenderry House, Milltown
Brown, Mrs., confectioner, 376 Newtownards Road
Brown, Mrs., 2 Cyrene Villas, Cliftonpark Avenue
Brown, Mrs., 318 Woodstock Road
Brown, Mrs., 20 Mountcharles
Brown, Mrs. M., 114 Deramore Avenue
Brown, Mrs., 149 Ormeau Road
Brown, Mrs., grocer, 35 Boundary Street
Brown, Mrs., publican, 73, 75 Grosvenor Street
Brown, Mrs., 4 Pacific Avenue
Brown, Mrs., 89 Wellington Park
Brown, Mrs., 12 Deramore Avenue
Brown, Mrs., 88 University Street
Brown, M., leather merchant, 198 Crumlin Road
Brown, M., stone cutter, 10 Hamilton Street
Brown, Richard, joiner, 46 Hazelfield Street
Brown, Robert, car owner, 47 Hornby Street
Brown, Robert, 81 Agincourt Avenue
Brown, Robert, driller, 13 Howe Street
Brown, Robert, engineer, 32 Howe Street
Brown, Robert, Larkfield Cottage, Palmerston Road
Brown, Robert, & Co., linen merchants, 18 Bedford Street
Brown, Robt., manager, 2 Gordon Terrace, Agincourt Avenue
Brown, Robt., joiner, 37 Ruth Street
Brown, Robt., clerk, 24 Ilchester Street
Brown, Robt., carpenter, 40 Agincourt Avenue
Brown, Robt., tailor, 72 Britannia Street
Brown, Robt., brass finisher, 14 Dunvegan Street
Brown, Robt. A., jeweller, 8 Church Lane
Brown, R., ship carpenter, 97 Mountcollyer Road
Brown, R., engine driver, 4 Concord Street
Brown, R., reeling master, 31 Beverley Street
Brown, R., provision merchant, 5 Candahar Street
Brown, R., seaman, 10 Kenilworth Street
Brown, R., posting establishment, Park Lane
Brown, R., collar cutter, 19 Rainey Street
Brown, R., blacksmith, 67 Crimea Street
Brown, R., B.A., teacher, Wingfield Lodge, Newtownards Road Upper
Brown, R., posting establishment, 155 Lisburn Road
Brown, R., joiner, 26 Richardson Street
Brown, R. A., traveller, 9 Orient Gardens
Brown, R. A., watch maker, 16 Newington Avenue
Brown, R. C., joiner, 24 Cambridge Street
Brown, R. G., engine driver, 29 Mashona Street
Brown, R. J., boiler maker, 9 Earl Street
Brown, R. J., bookkeeper, 33 Agincourt Avenue
Brown, R. W., marine engineer, 6 Greenville Terrace, Beersbridge Road Upper
Brown, Samuel, baker, 73 Pine Street
Brown, Samuel, mill manager, 24 Atlantic Avenue
Brown, Samuel, painter, 19 Hartley Street
Brown, Samuel, nursery man, Bonybeg Villas, Irvine Street
Brown, Samuel, fitter, 69 Seaview Street
Brown, Samuel, clerk, 27 Meadow Street Upper
Brown, Saml., gardener, 16 Belmont Avenue West
Brown, Saml., joiner, 18 Cumberland Street
Brown, Saml., provision store, 52 Albertbridge Road
Brown, S., preparing master, 63 Charleville Street Upper
Brown, S., grocer, 227, 229 Woodstock Road
Brown, S., fitter, 29 Lawnbrook Avenue
Brown, S., carpet planner, 34 Twickenham Street
Brown, S., joiner, 26 Saunders Street
Brown, S., lamp lighter, 51 Moonstone Street
Brown, S. S., postal clerk, 2 Oakland Avenue
Brown, S. G., 131 Cavehill Road
Brown, Thomas, joiner, 101 Upper Canning Street
Brown, Thomas, grocer, 2, 4, 6 Friendly Street
Brown, Thomas, merchant tailor, Deramore Park
Brown, Thos., draughtsman, 9 Deramore Avenue
Brown, Thomas, bookkeeper, 8 Lomond Avenue
Brown, Thos., grocer, 47 Matilda Street
Brown, Thos., seaman, 3 Hastings Street
Brown, Thos., clerk, 32 Rosewood Street
Brown, Thos., plater, 87 Short Strand
Brown, Thos., grocer, 334 Woodstock Road
Brown, Thos., mount cutter, 47 Burmah Street
Brown, Thos., confectioner and stationer, 106 Queen Street North
Brown, Thos. H., R.I.C., 18 Belmont Avenue West
Brown, Thos., publican, 7, 9 Dock Street
Brown, Thos., grocer, 14 Welsh Street and 246 Friendly Street
Brown, Thos., art jeweller, working gold and silversmith, dealer in diamonds and precious stones, pearls, etc., 51 Rosemary Street
Brown, Thos., store keeper, 57 Cambrai Street
Brown, T., District Receiver under the Supreme Court of Judicature, Ireland, 102 Donegall Street
Brown, T., plumber, 9 Sydney Street West
Brown, T. W. M., joiner, 59 Redcar Street
Brown, William, printer, Holyrood, Rosetta Park
Brown, William, sailor, 10 Garston Street
Brown, William, broker, 100 Shankill Road
Brown, Wm., 11 Fairview Street
Brown, Wm., printer and stationer, 6 Willowgrove, Upper Newtownards Road
Brown, Wm., fibrous plaster manufacturer, 16 Surrey Street
Brown, Wm., grocer, 2 and 4 Felt Street
Brown, Wm., carpenter, 42 Halcombe Street
Brown, Wm., yarn dresser, 51 St. Kilda Street
Brown, Wm., clerk, 5 Baskin Street
Brown, Wm., lithographer, 43 Beechfield Street
Brown, Wm., yarn dresser, 12 Carnalea Street
Brown, Wm., plater, 106 Dee Street
Brown, Wm., grocer, 27 Fortwilliam Parade
Brown, Wm., carpenter, 68 Montreal Street
Brown, Wm., manager, 43 Percy Street
Brown, Wm., traveller, May Crescent, 281 Oldpark Road
Brown, Wm., syrup maker, 21 Victoria Square
Brown, Wm., mechanic, 1 Westland Street
Brown, Wm., gardener, St. Joseph's Terrace, Newtownards Road Upper
Brown, Wm., caulker, 12 Medway Street
Brown, Wm., dairyman, 1 Craigfernie Terrace, Lisburn Road
Brown, Wm., linen lapper, 50 Altcar Street
Brown, Wm., dealer, 34 Brown Street
Brown, Wm., dealer, 16 Sturgeon Street
Brown, Wm., overlooker, 13 Olive Street
Brown, Wm., painter, 57 Cumberland Street
Brown, Wm., harbour constable, 24 Cooke Street
Brown, Wm., plumber, 37 Columbia Street
Brown, Wm., draper, 202, 204 Shankill Road
Brown, Wm., manufacturer, 6 Montgomery Street
Brown, Wm., butcher, 123 Fortingale Street
Brown, Wm., corn dealer, 12 Rathcoole Street
Brown, Wm., insurance agent, 28 Toronto Street
Brown, Wm., printer, 38 Donnybrook Street
Brown, Wm., grocer, 7 Southport Street
Brown, W., stationer, 125 Shankill Road
Brown, W., secretary Presbyterian Orphan Society, 54 Brookvale Street
Brown, W., boot and shoe warehouse, 114 Peter's Hill; res., 20 Carlisle Street
Brown, W., store keeper, 214 Tennent Street
Brown, W., dealer, 33 Boundary Street
Brown, W. B., insurance agent, 15 Everton Street
Brown, W. J., seaman, 19 Garmoyle Street
Brown, W. J., traveller, 13 Greenville Terrace, Beersbridge Road Upper
Brown, W. J., hair dresser, Rockburren Terrace, Newtownards Road Upper
Brown, W. J., manager Annadale Brick Works, Carolan House, Carolan Street
Brown, W. J., carpenter, 42 Avonbeg Street
Brown, W. J., herbalist, 114 Castlereagh Road
Brown, W. J., traveller, 13 Greenville Terrace, Beersbridge Road Upper
Brown, W. J., time keeper, 94 Templemore Avenue
Brown, W. R., dealer, 83a Duncairn Gardens
Brown, W. T., carpenter, 93 Woodstock Road
Brown, Reid & Co., house furnishers and iron mongers and fancy goods importers, 7 High Street
Brown, W., & Sons, stationers and printers, 30 Chichester Street
Brown & Co., iron founders, 257 Newtownards Road
Brown & Co., chemists, 192 North Street
Brown & Co., Chamberlain Street Foundry, Chamberlain Street
Brown & Co., flax & tow merchants, 10 Hill Street
Brown & Forth, aniline colour and chemical merchants and drysalters, 10 May Street
Browne, A. J., time keeper, 18 Ravenhill Street
Browne, A. V., physician and surgeon, 209 Albertbridge Road
Browne, Edward W., Latharna, Jordanstown
Browne, F., spirit grocer, 182 Meadow Street Upper
Browne, James, plater, 15 Meadow Street No. 2
Browne, James, miller, 23 Euston Street
Browne, John Douglas, linen manufacturer, St. Helen's, Windsor Park
Browne, Jos., upholsterer, 47 Rosebery Street
Browne, J. Walton, M.D., surgeon, 10 College Square North
Browne, J., shipwright, 12 North Queen Street
Browne, Miss, stationer, 9 Duncairn Street
Browne, Mrs., 4 Lisburn Road
Browne, Robert, provision dealer, 45, 47 Great Edward Street
Browne, R., carpenter, 39 Ritchie Street
Browne, Thomas H., J.P., 10 Chichester Street; res., Devonshire Lodge, Antrim Road
Browne, Thos., grocer, 160 Belmont Street
Browne, W. T., manager, 121 Fitzroy Avenue
Browne, W. S., grocer and provision merchant, 44 York Road
Browne & Co., merchant tailors, 106 Royal Avenue
Browning, John, joiner, 5 Madeline Street
Brownlee, James, grocer, 31 Gilford Street
Brownlee, James, plater, 16 Fleet Street
Brownlee, James, driller, 69 St. Leonard Street
Brownlee, Jas., beetler, 222 Mayo Street
Brownlee, J., fitter, 74 Westbourne Street
Brownlee, R., carpenter, 14 Lawnview Street
Brownlee, Wm., brick layer, 5 Springmount Street
Brownlees, Miss, 46 Eglinton Street
Brownlie, James, boot closer, 45 Cheviot Avenue
Brownlie, J., pensioner R.I.C., 5 Distillery Street
Brownlie, J., boot top cutter, 47 Alexander Street West
Brownlie, Mrs., Kensington House, Knock Avenue Road
Brownlie, Mrs., grocer, 33 Wilson Street
Brownlie, Richard, carver, gilder, frame maker, print seller, artists' colourman, and showcard manufacturer, 75, 77 Victoria Street and 66 Royal Avenue; res., Victoria Lodge, Newtownards Road Upper
Brownrigg, Rev. H. W., minister of Mariner's Church, Mariner's Parsonage, 202 Duncairn Street
Bruce, Andrew, mechanic, 127 Hillman Street
Bruce, A., lieut. Army Hospital Corps., 12 Glandore Street
Bruce, Catherine, boarding house, 8 Prince's Street
Bruce, Daniel, calico designer, 211 Dunluce Avenue
Bruce, D., cabinet maker, 12 Crystal Street
Bruce, D., ship model maker, 25 Glasgow Street
Bruce, Geo., carrier, 47 McTier Street
Bruce, James, D.L., J.P., Thorndale, Kinnaird Street
Bruce, James, 83 Myrtle Terrace, Limestone Road
Bruce, James, gardener, Clonavar Lodge, Circular Road
Bruce, James, carpenter, 14 Howe Street
Bruce, James, dealer, 11, 13 Malvern Street
Bruce, John, clerk, 243 Conway Street
Bruce, John, carpenter, 264 Crimea Street
Bruce, Joseph, salesman, 145 Dunluce Avenue
Bruce, J., carpenter, 54 Mountcollyer Avenue
Bruce, Logan, tea blender, 16 Sylvan Street
Bruce, R., block printer, 17 Berlin Street
Bruce, Saml., fitter, 21 Ribble Street
Bruce Street Weaving Co. (Robt. McBride & Co., proprietors), 11, 13, 15 Bruce Street
Bruce, S., mechanic, 81 Dover Street
Bruce, The Misses, The Farm, Kinnaird Street
Bruce, William, house furnisher, 106 and 108 Shankill Road
Bruce, Wm., tailor, Dorothy Villas, Larkfield Road
Bruce, Wm., spinning master, 12 Rosebank Street
Bruce, Wm., plumber, 4 Crimea Street
Bruce, Wm., clerk, Newtownards Road Upper
Bruce, W., distiller, 4 Kohinoor, Kirkliston Drive
Bruce, W., distiller, 18 Sandford Avenue
Bruce, W. W., plumber, Park Avenue
Bruister, J., engineer, 43 Ivan Street
Bruno, C., chef, 9 Botanic Avenue
Brunty, Wm., carpenter, 35 Jennymount Street
Bruntz, Miss, 80 University Street
Brush, Mary Jane, spirit grocer, 81 Louisa Street
Brush, W., grocer, 1b, 3 Glenpark Street
Bryan, Martin, R.I.C., 39 Moneyrea Street
Bryans, Alex., 80 Cromwell Road
Bryans, C., draper, 153 North Queen Street
Bryans, John, Fernhill Lodge, Ballygomartin
Bryans, John, carpenter, 56 Rosebank Street
Bryans, Mrs., grocer, 97 Clementine Street
Bryans, Mrs., costumier, 51 Summer Street
Bryans, Rich., lamp lighter, 39 Britannic Street
Bryans, R., grocer, 3, 5 Antrim Road
Bryans, Samuel, brick layer, 30 Ghent Street
Bryans, Thos., caulker, 52 Upper Canning Street
Bryans, Thos. H., painter, 15 Ainsworth Street
Bryans, T., engine driver, 12 Mervue Street
Bryans, W., dairyman, 31 Ritchie Street
Bryans, W. J., manufacturers' agent, 11 Waring Street (2nd floor)
Bryants, C., publican, 1 Cambridge Street
Bryants, H. J., publican, 47 Meadow Street No 2
Bryants, Wm., plasterer, 162 Matilda Street
Bryars, John, driller, 40 Mountcollyer Road
Bryars, J. S., M.D., surgeon, 239 Mountpottinger Road
Bryars, Wm., mechanic, 7 Woodvale Street
Bryce, Alex. Cross, & Co., seed, manure and agricultural implement merchants, 54 Victoria Street; stores, 60 Bridge End; res., A. Cross Bryce, 71 University Street
Bryce, A., painter, 63 Sheriff Street
Bryce, David, mechanic, 3 McDonnell Street
Bryce, David, salesman, 99 Wellesley Avenue
Bryce, D., local manager Milner's Safe Co. Ltd., 14 Wellington Place; res., 4 Mount Edgcumbe, Stranmillis Road
Bryce, James, fitter, 10 Cheviot Avenue
Bryce, Geo., buyer, 39 Roe Street
Bryce, the Misses, 13 Wellesley Avenue
Brydon, J., shirt cutter, 17 Palestine Street
Brydon & Co., wine and spirit brokers and agents, 48 Waring Street
Brymer, D., grocer, 429 Lisburn Road
Brymmer, Wm., joiner, 17 Ritchie Street
Bryson, John, manager, 28 Raby Street
Bryson, Mrs., 6 Meadowbank Street
Bryson, Mrs., Ardenza, 27 Windsor Park
Bryson, Mrs., 37 University Street
Bryson, Wm., tea, flour and bran merchant, 11 Skipper Street
Bryson, W., yarn dresser, 14 Meadow Street Upper
Buchanan, H. A., confectioner, 101 My Lady's Road
Buchanan, James B., merchant, Sunnyhill, Newtownards Road Upper
Buchanan, James, iron moulder, 98 Emerson Street
Buchanan, James, plumber, 48 Harrisburg Street
Buchanan, Jos., N.S. teacher, 335 Woodstock Road
Buchanan, J., shipwright, 69 Israel Street
Buchanan, J., shoe maker, 227, 229 Shankill Road
Buchanan, J., fireman, 6 Boundary Street North
Buchanan, J., store keeper, 25 Duncairn Gardens
Buchanan, Mrs., 15 Hughenden Avenue
Buchanan, M., confectioner, 78 York Road
Buchanan, Robt., plater, 64 Ruth Street
Buchanan, R., brick layer, 91 Hilland Street
Buchanan, R. J., baker, 25 Isoline Street
Buchanan, T., shoe maker, 31 Britannic Street
Buchanan, Wm., mechanic, 53 Beresford Street
Buchanan, Wm., moulder, 111 Tennent Street
Buchanan & Bateman, dyers & cleaners, 303 Shankill Road
Buchanan & Thompson, tea merchants, 46a Victoria Street
Buchannan, A., draper, 60 Regent Street
Buchannan, David, traveller, 40 Turin Street
Buchannan, Robert, Pine Hill, Newtownards Road Upper
Buchannan, W. G., commission agent, 8 Berry Street
Buckle, Agnes, 10 Fairview Street
Buckle, J. H., accountant Methodist College, Dinanew Terrace, 5 South Parade
Buckle, T., plater, 25 Burlington Street
Buckle, Wm., joiner, 63 Spamount Street
Buckley, C. E., solicitor and insurance agent, 5 Lombard Street; res., Clanbrassil terrace, Marino, County Down
Buckley, E., accountant, 4 Whittingham Villas, Knock Road
Buckley, Wm., H.M.C., 75 Deramore Avenue
Buckley, W., plasterer, 66 Cullingtree Road
Buick, John, block printer, 62 Glentoran Street
Bulla, C., commercial traveller, 85 Wellesley Avenue
Bulla, G., carpenter, 1 Aughrim Street
Bulla, H., agent, 87 Wellesley Avenue
Bull, Jos., compositor, 48 Newport Street
Bulger, R., brass moulder, 20 California Street
Bullick, Miss, grocer, delf and hardware, 11 St. Enoch's Place, Clifton Street
Bullick, Mrs. J., 18 Wolseley Street
Bullick, R. F., worsted manufacturer, 13 Mount Charles
Bullick, W. E., engineers' agent, 137 Royal Avenue; res., 2 Roslin Villas, Rosetta Avenue
Bullimont, George, cutter, 339 Ormeau Road
Bulloch, John, Dunavon, Derryvolgie Avenue
Bulloch & Co., shirt, collar and cuff manufacturers, 8, 9 Donegall Square South
Bulloch, A., manufacturer and Chilian Consul, Eversleigh, 173 Malone Road
Bullock, L., meter inspector, 7 Tyrone Street
Bullock, Samuel, plater, 24 Church Street East
Bullock, T., boot and shoe maker, 2 Spruce Street
Bullock, Wm., caretaker, 62 Henderson Avenue
Bullock, Wm., clerk, Ruby Villa, Larkfield Road
Bumby, Wm., fitter, 51 Harrybrook Street
Bulmer, Mrs., 4 Rosetta Gardens, Rosetta Terrace
Bultitude, J., time keeper, 22 Thompson Place
Bultitude, M., confectioner, 196 Newtownards Road
Bunbury, Mrs., 42 Mountcharles Street
Bunting, Allen, tenter, 288 Springfield Road
Bunting, A., salesrooms, 278 Shankill Road
Bunting, B., carpenter, 86 Hanover Street
Bunting, E., clothier, 97 Shankill Road
Bunting, George, baker, 95 Chief Street
Bunting, James, confectioner, 159 Millfield
Bunting, James E., boiler maker, 24 Edlingham Street
Bunting, Jas., moulder, 23 Brookmount Street
Bunting, J., rivetter, 96 Cullingtree Road
Bunting, J., linen lapper, 21 Magnetic Street
Bunting, Mrs. George, 34 Fitzwilliam Street
Bunting, R., railway guard, 11 Kitchener Street
Bunting, Samuel, painter, 7 Lady Street
Bunting, S., manager, 16 Pacific Avenue
Bunting, S., horse dealer, 4 Eliza Place
Bunting, Thos., plumber, 46 Fortingale Street
Bunting, T., tenter, 14 Derg Street
Bunting, T., linen lapper, 5 Copperfield Street
Bunting, Wm., traveller, 11 Parkmount Street
Bunting, Wm., plater, 16 Thorndyke Street
Bunting, W. H., pawn broker, 34 Albert Street
Bunting, W. H., carpenter, 28 Legale Street
Bunting, W. J., joiner, 183 Crimea Street
Bunyan, E., engineer, 29 Sunnyside Street
Burden, Mrs., milliner, 17 Shaftesbury Square
Burden, Miss E., 169 University Square
Burden, T. A., hardware merchant, 17 Shaftesbury Square
Burch, John, grocer, 48 Donegall Pass
Burch, Thomas, tenter, 27 Bray Street
Burge, David, R.I.C., 58 Jocelyn Avenue
Burgess, H., rope maker, 1 Wauchope Street
Burgess, Miss, dress maker, 17 London Street
Burgess, Mrs., 159 Lisburn Road
Burgess, J., boiler maker, 75 Westbourne Street
Burgess, R., boot maker, 7 Majorca Street
Burgess, Wm., assistant inspector of postmen, Galwally, Castlereagh
Burgoyne, J., plumber, 104 Lindsay Street
Burke, F., butcher, Quadrant Street
Burke, H., wheeler, 12 Irwin Street
Burke, John, & Co., ship owners, shipbrokers and marine insurance brokers, Consulate of Mexico, Uruguay, Austria, Hungary, Portugal, Italy and France, 75 Corporation Street; res., John Burke, J.P., 3 Fortwilliam Terrace, Antrim Road
Burke, Martin J., solicitor, 53 Waring Street and Lisburn
Burke, M., coach builder, 7 Cullingtree Road
Burke, Mrs., newsagent, Edenview Place, Newtownards Road Upper
Burke, P., slipper maker, 18 West Street
Burke, Robt., butcher, 102, 104 Cromac Street
Burke, S., book binder, 33 Dover Street
Burke, Thos., hair dresser, 55 Mill Street
Burke, Wm., fireman, 28 Melbourne Street
Burke, W. J., R.I.C., 43 Upper Glenfarne Street
Burke, W. J., carpenter, 56 Rainey Street
Burke & Donnelly, manufacturers' agents, 16 Rosemary Street
Burkey, J. C., traveller, 3 Fitzwilliam avenue
Burland, H., caulker, 1 Pottinger Street
Burland, J., carpenter, 30 Distillery Street
Burland, R., blacksmith, 59 Hogarth Street
Burleigh, John, cutter, 58 Shaftesbury Square
Burleigh, Robert, 11 Yew Street
Burn, Mrs., chiropodist, 20 Queen Street
Burnaby, Jas., driller, 7 Bilton Place
Burness, James, caretaker, 29 Rosemary Street
Burness, Mrs., 10 Thorndale Avenue
Burnett, A., manager, 4 Stormount Street
Burnett, David, gardener, 21 Evolina Street
Burnett, dentist, 45 Dublin Road, and at 66 George Street, Croydon, London
Burnett, H., pattern maker, 59 Mervue Street
Burnett, Jas., R.I.C., 14 Chief Street
Burnett, John, tenter, 17 Emerson Street
Burnett, John, solicitor's clerk, 15 Sandymount Street
Burnett, J., wood turner, 14 Glenwood Street
Burnett, J. R., merchant, 46 Elmwood Avenue
Burney, Andrew, Rushpark, Carnmoney
Burney, G., tinsmith, 56 Roseleigh Street
Burnison, H., teacher of music, 27 Joy Street
Burns, Alex., mechanic, 64 Plevna Street
Burns, Andrew, sail maker, 56 Mountcollyer Avenue
Burns, A., cattle dealer, 93 Church Street East
Burns, A., horse trainer, 25, 27 Victoria Square
Burns, A., stabling yard, 62 Chichester Street
Burns Bros., stevedores, ship owners, 30 Garmoyle Street
Burns, B., plasterer, 43 Waterford Street
Burns, Charles, dealer, 12 Quadrant Street
Burns, Charles, mill owner, Islington House, Henderson Avenue
Burns, Chas., 52 Brookhill Avenue
Burns, C., furniture dealer, 133, 165 and 172 Smithfield Market
Burns, C., corn miller, 57, 59 Trafalgar Street
Burns, David, traveller, 19 Eccles Street
Burns, D., furniture dealer, 232 York Street
Burns, D. J., professor of music, 63 Duncairn Street
Burns, Edward, commission agent, 97 Divis Street
Burns, Edward, hackle setter, 1 Bread Street
Burns, E., pork cutter, 22 Washington Street
Burns, E., plasterer, 45 Pound Street
Burns, Francis, stevedores, St. Ruan, Fortwilliam Park
Burns, F., pork cutter, 6 Tyrone Street
Burns, F. & D., stevedores, 51 to 55 Dock Street
Burns, F. & D., Spirit Merchants, The Majestic, 34 Garmoyle Street. Branch Houses - 28 & 61 to 65 Divis Street, 2, 4 Townsend Street & 1, 3 Barrack Street
Burns, George, yarn dresser, 3 Ballycastle Street
Burns, Geo., manufacturers' agent, 43a High Street; res., 38 Cyprus Gardens
Burns, Geo., shoe maker, 107 Malvern Street Upper
Burns, Geo. F., bread server, 121 Rugby Avenue
Burns, G., boot maker, 37 Bedeque Street
Burns, G. & J., owners of Glasgow, Greenock, and Ardrossan steamers, Cunard Steamship Co. (A. Gibson, agent), 49 Queen's Square
Burns, Henry, tenter, 107 Matilda Street
Burns, Henry, printer, 10 McAdam Street
Burns, Hugh, moulder, 18 Annette Street
Burns, H., asylum attendant, 55 Theodore Street
Burns, H. E., Conservative agent, 63 Springfield Road
Burns, Isabella, 125 Dunluce Avenue
Burns, James, tailor, 7 Carlisle Street
Burns, James, pork cutter, 9 Masserene Street
Burns, James, rivetter, 100 Bentham Street
Burns, James, boiler maker, 134 Island Street
Burns, Jas., dairyman, 41 Chambers Street
Burns, Jas., carpenter, 37 Frankfort Street
Burns, Jas., grocer, 43 Grosvenor Street
Burns, Jas., tobacconist, 7 Albertbridge Road
Burns, John, nail maker, 52 Kent Street
Burns, John, plasterer, 55 Pound Street
Burns, John, city postman, 54 Tyrone Street
Burns, John, grocer, 10 Arkwright Street
Burns, John, marine dealer, 26 West Street
Burns, John, painter, 7 Mulhouse Street
Burns, John, 2 Whittingham Villas, Knock Road
Burns, John, lamp lighter, 28 Enfield Street
Burns, Joseph, butcher, 36 Milford Street
Burns, Joseph, driller, 92 Hornby Street
Burns, Joseph, driller, 11 Milltown Street
Burns, J., R.I.C., 6 Seaview Terrace, Greencastle
Burns, J., painter, 59 Divis Street
Burns, J., brick layer, 57 Devonshire Street
Burns, J., boot maker, 104 Durham Street
Burns, J., grocer, 12 Loftus Street
Burns, J. B., commercial traveller, 10 Ivanhoe Street
Burns, Mary, grocer, 33 Seaforde Street
Burns, Michael, printer, 77 Cullingtree Road
Burns, Miss, 3 Cliftonville Avenue
Burns, Miss, milliner, 42a New Lodge Road
Burns, Mrs., teacher of piano, 35 Ann Street
Burns, Mrs., green grocer, 19, 21 Nelson Street
Burns, Mrs., 1 Martinez Villas, Beersbridge Road Upper
Burns, M., dress maker, 187 Spamount Street
Burns, M., beetler, 3 Clondara Street
Burns, M., driller, 122 Woodstock Road
Burns, Patk., dealer, Glentoran View, 114 Ravenhill Road
Burns, Peter, fitter, 26 Newry Street
Burns, Peter, carpenter, 56 Scotch Street
Burns, Peter, engineer, 17 York Lane
Burns, P., boiler maker, 55 Short Strand
Burns, P., seed dealer, 6 Cromac Street
Burns, P., teacher, 96 Spamount Street
Burns, P. J., warehouseman, Dansford, Ravenhill Road
Burns, Robert, engineer, 37 Frank Street
Burns, R., brick layer, 12 Donegall Avenue
Burns, R., pork cutter, 51 Dover Street
Burns, R., brass finisher, 76 London Street
Burns, R., carpenter, 4 Glenview Place
Burns, Samuel, boot closer, 56 Malvern Street
Burns, Thomas, carpenter, 11 Empress Street
Burns, Thomas, traveller, 7 Cavendish Square
Burns, Thos., fowl butcher, 56 Kildare Street
Burns, Thos., plasterer, 55 Pound Street
Burns, Thos., linen lapper, 18 Whitehall Parade
Burns, T., sample maker, 14 Beechfield Street
Burns, T. A., chartered accountant, 4 Ravenhill Gardens, Ravenhill Road
Burns, Walter, grocer, 95 McTier Street
Burns, Walter, & Son, pianoforte and harmonium dealers, music sellers and publishers, military repairs, etc., 35 Ann Street; res., 61 Prince Arthur Terrace, Great Victoria Street
Burns, Wm., green grocer, 30 Mountpottinger Road
Burns, Wm., boiler maker, 35 Short Strand
Burns, Wm., plumber and gas fitter, 23 Academy Street
Burns, Wm., grocer, 18 Bristol Street
Burns, Wm., bread server, 34 Flax Street
Burns, Wm., baker, 10 Lovett Street
Burns, Wm., clerk, 47 Wolff Street
Burns, Wm., brick layer, 41 Merrion Street
Burns, W., pork cutter, 9 Hopewell Street
Burns, W., plumber, 29 Derby Street
Burns, W., grocer, 215 Crumlin Road
Burns, W., grocer, 21 Fortingale Street
Burns, W., grocer, 10, 12 Willow Street
Burns, W. H., pianoforte tuner, 35 Ann Street
Burns, W. J., poulterer, 1 Islandbawn Street
Burns, W. J., 5 Bloomfield Avenue
Burns, W. J., bread server, 16 Beersbridge Road Upper
Burns, W. J., traveller, 83 Craigmore Street
Burns, W. J., grocer, 97 Snugville Street
Burns, W. J., baker, Tandragee Terrace, Parkgate Avenue
Burns, W. J., traveller, 11 Sidney Street West
Burnside, Frank, bookkeeper, 25 Woodvale Road
Burnside, I., commercial traveller, 4 Lawrence Street
Burnside, James, beetler, 12 Ainsworth Street
Burnside, John, gas fitter, 2 Twickenham Street
Burnside, J., boot and shoe maker, 194 Ormeau Road
Burnside, J., dentist, 62 Melrose Street
Burnside, J., shoe maker, 78 Durham Street
Burnside, Matthew. beetler, 10 Courtrai Street
Burnside, Miss, fruiterer, 253 Duncairn Street
Burnside, Miss, 12 Carlisle Street
Burnside, Rev. S. D., minister of Carryduff Presbyterian Church, 17 Mountcharles
Burnside, Saml., boot maker, 346 Shankill Road
Burnside, Wm., blacksmith, 91 Brookmount Street
Burnside, Wm., insurance agency inspector, 83 Alexandrapark Avenue
Burnside, Wm., beetler, 1 Crystal Terrace, Whiterock Road
Burrell, Joseph, brush finisher, 38 Bristol Street
Burrell, Wm., glazier, 18 Brunswick Street Little
Burrew, F., insurance agent, 51 Coolfin Street
Burron, B., guard G.N.R., 15 Victoria Street Little
Burrows, Albert, draper, Connsbrook, Parkgate Avenue
Burrows, Alex., painter, 75 Wall Street
Burrows, Alex., brick layer, 60 Paris Street
Burrows, Annie, Ballynafeigh House, Ravenhill Road
Burrows, David, printer, 99 Rugby Avenue
Burrows, David, carpenter, 86 Ogilvie Street
Burrows, D., evangelist, 23 Newington Avenue
Burrows, Jackson, beetler, 9 Crossland Street
Burrows, John, sailor, 19 Donore Street
Burrows, J., manufacturer, 46 My Lady's Road
Burrows, J., rigger, 5 George's Street Little
Burrows, J. B., sub-agent, Bank of Ireland, Bank House, 34 Donegall Place
Burrows, Lizzie, grocer, 143 Castlereagh Road
Burrows, Margaret, 89 Duncairn Gardens
Burrows, Samuel, shoe maker, 67 Convention Street
Burrows, Samuel, shoe maker, 73 Templemore Avenue
Burrows, Wm. J., boot maker, 79 Cumberland Street
Burrows, Wm. R., iron turner, 22 Arkwright Street
Burrows, W. J., fitter, 13 Crossland Street
Burrows & Co., merchant tailors, 98 Short Strand
Burrows & Sayle, stitchers, 1 Coolderry Street
Burton, Charles, fitter, 39 Hogarth Street
Burton, James, assurance agent, 14 Shamrock Street
Burton, J., gas fitter, 83 Sussex Street
Burton, J., warehouseman, 55 Candahar Street
Burton, Mrs., 5 Wellington Park Avenue
Burton, Robert, mechanic, 34 Jameson Street
Burton, Samuel, carpenter, 23 Cherryville Street
Burton, T., sawyer, 77 Bristol Street
Busby, G., pawn broker, 3 Woodstock Road; res., 280 Ormeau Road
Busby, Hugh, carrier, 38 Donegall Quay; res., 33 The Mount
Busby, John, bookkeeper, 13 Eblana Street
Busby, John, clerk, 12 Francis Street
Busby, John, traveller, 6 Campbell's Row
Busby, Miss, teacher of music, 4 Avoca Street
Busby, Mrs., confectioner, 256 Lodge Road Old
Busby, Rev. S. E., LL.D., rector of St. Andrew's, University Square
Busby, Robert, plasterer, 7 Parkmore Street
Busby, S., engine driver, 88 Henry Street
Bush, B., fireman, 87 Maryville Street
Bush, J. H., wire polisher, 14 Watson Street
Bush, R., confectioner and newsagent, 46 Bridge End
Bushell, Geo., rivetter, 5 Fraser Street
Bushell, G. A. (district manager Gandy Belt Co.), 12 Glandore Gardens
Bushmill, J., machine man, 32 North Boundary Street
Bustard, Jas., tenter, 3 Como Terrace, Oldpark Road
Bustard, John, engineer, 61 Sidney Street West
Bustard, Richard, traveller, 96 Deramore Avenue
Bustard, Thos., fitter, 70 Walton Street
Bustard, Victor, Myrtlefield Park
Bustard, Wm., clerk, 41 Rosewood Street
Butler, H., printer, 41 Bristol Street
Butler, H., engineer, 3 Clara Avenue
Butler, H., brick layer, 13 Artillery Street
Butler, H. H., Irish Yeast Co., 7 Cromac Square
Butler, John, painter, 81 Wall Street
Butler, John, iron turner, 21 Waterville Street
Butler, Mrs., dress maker, 13 Virginia Street
Butler, Mrs., grocer, 13 Chatham Street
Butler, Owen, moulder, 100 Leeson Street
Butler, Owen, fitter, 42 Alexander Street West
Butler, Richd., nurseryman, Victoria Nursery, Lisburn Road
Butler, Thos., clerk, 21 Bandon Street
Butler, Wm., brick layer, 69 Lawnbrook Avenue
Butler, Wm., bread server, 35 Butler Street
Butler, W. J., coalman, 162 Disraeli Street
Butter, Alex., provision merchant, 134 Ravenhill Road
Byers, Andrew, grocer, 22 Castlereagh Street
Byers, David, 59 Rugby Road
Byers, Francis, clerk of works to the County Borough of Belfast, 105 Limestone Road
Byers, John, solicitor, 10 Chichester Street; res., 3 Cromwell Road
Byers, Jos., law clerk, Edermine, Earlswood Road
Byers, J. W., M.D., professor of midwifery and of diseases of women and children, Queen's College, Belfast, Dreenagh House, 13 Lower Crescent
Byers, Mrs., principal Victoria College; res., 3 Lower Crescent
Byers, Robt., R.I.C., 62 Newington Avenue
Byers, Thomas, clerk, 13 Fitzroy Avenue
Byers, T., beetler, Newforge Cottages
Byers, W. H., commercial traveller, 24 Castlereagh Place
Bymier, D., butcher, 26 Rathcoole Street
Byrne, A. & D., publicans, 42 Smithfield, 105, 107 Dover Street, 104 Divis Street, 13, 15 Albert Street, and 65 Union Street
Byrne, A. & D., publicans, 57 Pound Street
Byrne, Chas., clerk of works, 4 Dunville Street
Byrne, Charles, publican, 141 Grosvenor Street
Byrne, D., commercial traveller, 170 Manor Street
Byrne, D., publican, 59, 61 Hillview Street
Byrne, E. J., architect and engineer, 4 Waring Street
Byrne, Francis, carpenter, 28 Verner Street
Byrne, Hugh, dairyman, 123 Leeson Street
Byrne, Hugh, builder, 18 Boundary Street
Byrne, H., jun., builder, 183a Divis Street
Byrne, Jas., porter, 24 Theodore Street
Byrne, Jas., architect, 119 Limestone Road
Byrne, John, publican, 25, 27 Mill Street
Byrne, John, clerk, 54 Raby Street
Byrne, John, spirit grocer, 31, 33 Hilland Street
Byrne, Jos., carpenter, 34 Leoville Street
Byrne, J., commercial traveller, 12 Brighton Street
Byrne, J., tobacconist and newsagent, 2a Victoria Street Great
Byrne, J., Star and Garter Hotel, 49 Rosemary Street
Byrne, J., spirit grocer, 111, 113 Saunders Street
Byrne, Mahony, & Co., flour merchants (Hill Charley, representative), 29 Rosemary Street
Byrne, Margaretta, stationer and confectioner, 90 Ann Street
Byrne, Miss, tobacconist, 22 Bridge End
Byrne, Miss M., 103 Duncairn Street
Byrne, Miss, confectioner, 34 Edward Street Great
Byrne, Mrs. A. B., 117a Lisburn Road
Byrne, M., confectioner, 30, 32 Alfred Street
Byrne, Patk., spirit grocer, 5 Ballarat Street
Byrne, Patrick, tobacconist, 255 Mountpottinger Road
Byrne, Peter, commission agent, 4 Rosewood Street
Byrne, P., agent, 14 Marlborough Street
Byrne, P., spirit grocer, 1 St. Kilda Street
Byrne, P. & J. E., tobacconists, 81 Royal Avenue
Byrne, R., publican, 9 Garmoyle Street
Byrne, T., traveller, 40 Jocelyn Avenue
Byrne, Valentine, traveller, Windermere Villa, Holywood Road
Byrne, Valentine, traveller, 48 Glantane Street
Byrne, Wm., carpenter, 28 Alfred Street
Byrne - spirit grocer, 111, 113 Sanders Street
Byrnes, Andrew, joiner, 14 Cheviot Avenue
Byrnes, Edward, 54 Carlisle Street
Byron, Miss D., teacher of dress cutting, 30, 32 Victoria Street Great