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1907 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Click here for the 1910 Belfast Street Directory TOWNS section

I have only listed the names of the occupants in each Town as the other information is pretty much similar to the 1910 above




Agnew, Samuel, farmer
Andrews, Captain, The Anchorage
Annett, Hugh, fowl dealer
Annett, James, Brackney
Annett, Robert, shoemaker
Annett, Wm., publican, Ballymartin
Atkinson, Arthur, farmer, Ballymartin
Atkinson, Maxwell, Mullertown House
Belfast Banking Company Limited - Office open every Tuesday, 12 to 2 p.m.
Bell, R., grocer
Black, T., Waterworks Lodge
Brown, G. Herbert, The Hut
Brown, Mrs., The House
Burden, James, farmer, Glassdrummond
Campbell, Jas., & Sons, tailors
Campbell, John, Glassdrummond
Campbell, J., & Sons, tailors, Ballymartin
Campbell, Marshall, stone mason
Caren, Captain Henry
Caren, James, grocer
Carr, J. J., farmer, Glassdrummond
Carr, Miss H., sewing agent
Caulfield, R., tailor
Carvill, S., nurse
Chambers, Captain William
Connor, John, ship carpenter
Connor, Mrs., Temperance Hotel
Cooper, John, farmer
Cooper, Wm., grocer, Mullertown
Cousins, Francis, grocer, Moneydara
Cousins, Hugh, grocer
Cousins, John, carpenter
Cousins, Robert, house carpenter
Cowden, R., egg merchant, Ballymartin
Croskery, F., farmer
Crothers, Nathaniel, National School teacher
Crutchley, Hugh, coal merchant
Crutchley, William, baker, Ballyvea
Cunningham, Charles, fish merchant
Cunningham, Nicholas, fowl dealer
Dawson, M., Gordon Villa
Devonport, Hamilton, boot and shoe maker
Donnan, Mrs., grocer
Doran, Maggie, grocer
Doran, Wm., Longstone
English and Scottish Law Life and Phoenix Fire Office - Agent, John Gordon, Merchant, Annalong and Kilkeel; William Gibney, Annalong
Fisher, J. M., Seaside House
Flanagan, M., grocer
Gibney, Alexander, 2 Marieville
Gibney, William, publican
Gibney, Wm., 1 Marieville
Gibson, John, farmer, Mullertown
Gordon, Alex., jun., Press Correspondent
Gordon, Alex., stone mason
Gordon, A., Bay View
Gordon, A., jun., reporter
Gordon, Dr., Gordonville
Gordon, James, butcher
Gordon, Mrs. A., grocer
Gordon, Mrs. M. E., refreshments
Gordon, Robert, farmer, Mullertown
Gordon, Robert
Gordon, Samuel, pilot
Gordon, W., general draper and spirit merchant
Gordon, W. J., sexton
Gordon & Co., drapers
Gordon & Son, Alexander, general merchants
Gordon & Son, John, general merchants
Gordon & McBurney, granite merchants
Hadden, Rev. Mr., The Manse
Hamilton, Abraham, general merchant
Hamilton, A., & Son, Annalong Steam Mills
Hamilton, James, stone mason
Hamilton, Robert, O'Rork's Park
Hamilton, Samuel, farmer
Hanna, L., grocer,
Harrington, Wm., C.G. Station officer
Herbert, Edward, pensioner
Hill, Robert, Australian House
Hunter, D., school teacher
Irvine, Edward, farmer, Ballyvea
Jardine, D. A., contractor
Jones, George, monumental works
Jones, Wm., stone mason
Kearney, Captain John
Kelso, James, farmer
Kelly, F. J., spirit merchant, Mullertown
Kertland, Miss F., Benavon Lodge
Kernaghan, Captain John
Ketterson, Captain C. A.
Killen, B., blacksmith
Lenton, John, general merchant
Linton, John, jun., grocer and general merchant
Little, James, farmer
Lot, Smye, pensioner, Annalong
Maginn, John, granite merchant, Glassdrummond
Maginn, J. S., stone merchant, Mullertown
Mayhew, George, boot and shoemaker
Mayhew, L., grocer
Minnis, Nicholas, farmer, Brackney
Moore, D., grocer, Ballymartin
Moore, John, farmer, Ballyvea
Murphy, Rev. J. R., Parochial House, Glassdrummond, Annalong
McBurney, Captain Charles
McBurney, James, Kilhorne
McBurney, John, baker
McBurney, Thomas, farmer
McBurney, William, collector
McCartan, Henry, fowl dealer
McCarten, Henry, shoemaker
McCormack, John, grocer, Ballymartin
McCormick, Robert, posting establishment
McCormick, R., farmer, Moneydarraghmore
McCracken, Hugh, farmer
McCracken, T., farmer, Mullertown
McCrumb, John, school teacher
McCullough, John, sexton
McCullough, Mary, grocer, Moneydara
McDowell, John, farmer
McDowell, Robert, grocer
McGinn, James, saddler
McKay, Rev. G., C.C., Ballymartin
McKee, Mrs., school teacher, Ballyvea
McKibbin, A., Riverside
McKibbin, Henry, butcher
McKibbin, J., monumental works
McKibbin, J., grocer
McKibbin, Mrs., publican, Ballymartin
McKibbin, William, cattle dealer
McKnight, Andrew, posting establishment
McKnight, Andrew, egg merchant
McKnight, Mrs., draper
McKnight, Robert, farmer
McMath, Miss B., confectionery
McMath, William, post office, agent for the "Belfast News-Letter"
McNeilly, H.
McNeilly, Joseph, Glassdrummond House
McVeigh, J., farmer, Glassdrummond
McVeigh, Miss, grocer
Newell & Co., drapers
Newell, John, farmer, Moneydarraghmore
Newell, William, Glassdrummond
Newell, Wm., farmer, Moneydarraghmore
Norris, Allan, carpenter
Nugent, George, grocer, Ballyvea
Nugent, F., hairdresser and cycle agent
Nugent, Samuel, farmer
O'Hara, Patrick, spirit merchant, Mullertown
O'Neill, John, Glassdrummond
Orr, Edward, merchant, Ballyveamore
Orr, John, cattle dealer
Orr, Jos., coal merchant, Ballyvea
Orr, Miss, china and fancy warehouse
Orr, Samuel, grocer, Ballymartin
Orr, W., flesher
Pere, A., grocer, Stoneycroft
Perry, Samuel, farmer, Ballymartin
Phillis, John Gordon, grocer
Pierce, J., farmer
Phoenix Fire Office - Agent, John Gordon, Annalong
Porter, Mrs., grocer, Glassdrummond
Pue, A., farmer
Purdy, James, Ash Farm
Purdy, John, blacksmith
Purdy, Mr. and Mrs., Kilhorne, school teachers
Purdy, W., Roslyn Cottage
Quin, John, Mountain herd
Quin, Rev. J., Kilhorne Rectory
Rice, Hugh, carpenter
Robinson, Alexander, general merchant
Robinson, Andrew, grocer, Mullertown
Robinson, A., Seaview
Robinson, Samuel, Lurgan House
Rodgers, Mrs., grocer, Moneydara
Rogers, Wm., fish buyer, Glassdrummond
Russel, C., grocer
Russell, Mrs., grocer, Mullertown
Russell, R., Clash bridge
Russell, William, farmer
Scott, Alfred, butcher
Scott, Duncan, boat builder
Semple, Miss, teacher, Mullertown Cottage
Skillen, R., grocer, Glassdrummond
Skillen, W., farmer, Ballyvea
Smith, John, farmer, Glassdrummond
Smith, P., Reese Farm
Smith, William, bailiff, Dunnywater
Stewart, James, grocer
Thompson, J., Glassdrummond Cottage
Trainor, Miss, Mullertown, school teacher
Trainor, P., school teacher
Wallace, James, farmer, Glassdrummond
White, James, grocer
Willis, F. W., Glassdrummond, and 50 Thurloe Square, South Kensington, London
Young, Adam, farmer, Ballyvea
Young, J., fish merchant
Young, William, farmer



Adair, Henry, Temperance Hotel, High Street
Adams, Dr. J. J., J.P., Ashville House
Adams, Rev. W. A., B.A., The Manse
Allen, Joseph, Massereene
Alcorn, Robert, R.I.C., Castle Street
Anderson, Robert, grocer, High Street and Market Square

Bain, Mrs., grocer, High Street
Baird, James, publican, Church Street
Barr, Robert, grocer, High Street
Barr & Co., cycle agents, High Street
Barrett, F. G., R.I.C., Massereene
Barton, H. D. M., The Bush
Beattie, Saml., Eden Cottage
Blair, William, cabinetmaker, Fountain Street
Blair & Baird, undertakers, Church Street
Boal, George, carpenter, Church Street
Boal, John, Firmount
Boal, J. & H., linen manufacturers, Riverside
Boal, Mrs., confectioner, Church Street
Boal, Robert, New Lodge, Muckamore
Boyd, Catherine Anne, Oldstone
Boyd, James, boot maker, Church Street
Brankin, Mrs., publican, Church Street
Brennan, Samuel, painter, Market Square
Bryans, James, land steward, The Cottage
Burrows, Charles, general dealer, Church Street

Carson, James, refreshment rooms, Church Street
Carson, James C., coachbuilder, Church Street
Carson, William, Beach Cottage
Chisholm, Thos., Stiles
Christy, H., carpenter, Church Street
Christy, Mrs., grocer, High Street
Christy, Wm., butcher, Railway Street
Clark, John, clerk of union, New Lodge
Clark, John, New Lodge, Muckamore
Clarke, James, estate agent, Massereene
Clarke. George, J.P., The Steeple
Clarke, Miss, grocer, Castle Street
Clarke, Mrs., Fountain Street
Clarke, N. M., auctioneer, Massereene
Coleman, James, coal and timber merchant
Collis, Rev. M. F. H., B.D., The Vicarage
Conway, P., clothier, Market Square
Cooley, Mary, publican, Church Street
Cooper, William, draper, High Street
Craig, William, Railway Street
Craig & McClelland, auctioneers, High Street
Cunningham, Josias, Belmont
Curry, Alexander, shoemaker, Church Street

Dougall, J., plasterer, Railway Street
Dougall, W., tailor, Railway Street
Drummond, William, car owner, Church Street.
Duffin, John, publican, Massereene
Duffy, John, sergt. R.I.C., Castle Street
Duncan, Robert, & Sons, painters, Church Street

Edgar, J., saddler, Market Square
English & Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, Alex. O'Rorke & Son, Solicitors; Hamilton Millar, Church Street; W. J. Moody, Riverside
Entwistle, J. G., Muckamore
Entwistle, Thomas, Muckamore
Erskine, J. C., Fountain Street
Esler, Thomas, publican, High Street

Farquhar, Alexander, Kilbegs
Fegan, Jas., victualler, High Street
Fegan, Terence, Ballycraigy
Ferguson, Thomas, Dunsilly House
Ferguson, Thos., Muckamore
Finlay, John, photographer and agent for Bloomfield Bakery, Market Square
Fleming, Arthur, flesher, Railway Street
Fleming, M., victualler, Market Square
Fletcher, D., Civil Bill Officer, Fountain Street
Frew, John, carpenter, Church Street
Frew, Miss, draper, Church Street
Frew, M. & A. H., general drapery, millinery, dress and mantle making and boot and shoe establishment, High Street

Gainor, Arthur, car owner, Castle Street
Gainor, William, car owner, Church Street
Gardner, John, Fountainville
Gawn, Samuel, M.D., High Street
George, Isaac, Hannahville
Gordon, John, Fountain Street
Gordon, Mrs., grocer, Church Street
Gorman, Miss, refreshment rooms, Church Street
Graham, Dr. Samuel, medical officer County Asylum, Holywell
Graham, James, Newpark
Gray, Nathan, Wilderness Lodge
Greene, W. G., auctioneer, High Street

Hall, Robert J., Commercial Hotel, High Street
Hannan, Mrs., publican, Market Square
Hay, Mrs., and Miss Burns, dress makers, Church Street
Hay, Samuel J., clerk, Church Street
Heaney, Mrs., fish dealer, Church Street
Heatly, J. J., D.I., R.I.C., The Cedars
Heffron, Catherine, publican, Market Square
Henderson, John, Fountain Street
Henderson, Miss, Nursery Villa, Milltown
Henry, James, hair dresser, Riverside
Holmes, L. Jackson, solicitor, Ferrard, Railway Street; offices, High Street
Hood, Samuel, Riverside
Hooke, John, sergeant R.I.C., Fountain Street
Houston Bros., cycle agents, Market Square
Houston, Wm. H., saddler, High Street
Hunt, Mrs., Loughanmore
Hunter, Kennedy, Mount Oriel
Hunter, K., draper, High Street

Irwin, S., station master G.N.R., Railway Street

Jameson, J., publican, Railway Street
Jamison, Mrs., grocer, Church Street
Jamison, Samuel, baker, Fountain Street
Jamison, W. J., grocer, Church Street
Jennings, Mrs., fruiterer, Church Street
Johnston, James, beer dealer, Riverside

King, Matthew, grocer, High Street
Kirk, John, J.P., Antrim House
Kirk, John, grocer and seed merchant, High Street
Kirk, Martin H., solicitor, High Street
Kirk, Miss, stationer, bookseller and newsagent, agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News," High Street.
Kirk, Robert J., Wilderness Lodge

Laughlin, John, Church Street
Laughlin, Mrs., china warehouse, High Street.
Laughlin, Thomas, builder, High Street
Laughlin, William, builder, Castle Street
Lavery, James, tailor, Church Street
Lavery, Thomas, tailor, Fountain Street
Lee-Norman, A. H., J.P., estate agent, Moylena Cottage
Lemon, John, grocer, Church Street
Lindop, Charles, I.S.M., organist and music teacher, Castle Street
Lowry, W. T., watchmaker, insurance, cycle and emigration agent, High Street and Bridge Street

Magee, Patk. Geo., publican, Castle Street
Magill, Daniel, stationer, Bridge Street
Magill, Patrick, publican, Castle Street
Mallaghan, M. J., tailor, Church Street
Malseed, James, manager Belfast Bank, Hugh Street ( High )
Manning, Rev. C. C., The Parsonage, Muckamore
Martin, J. J., grocer, High Street
Martin, Samuel, clerk, Castle Street
Massereene and Ferrard, Viscount, Antrim Castle
Maxwell, J. L., Riverside
Meenan, Bernard A., J.P., Ballycraigy House
Millar, H., & Co., printers, billposters and advertising agents
Millar, J. K., income tax collector, Riverside
Millar & Porter, auctioneers, Riverside
Moles, Isaac, winding master, Fountain Street
Moody, James, Riverside
Moody, John C., Ballyarnott
Moody, Mrs., dress maker, Riverside
Moody, W. J., Massereene
Moore, James, blacksmith, Massereene
Moore, Mrs., grocer, High Street
Morrison, Rev. R. M., Fountain Street
Mullan, Richard, publican, Market Square
Murphy, J., watchmaker, jeweller, engraver, etc., High Class Watches, Clocks, Fine Gold, Diamond and Gem Jewellery, Wedding Rings, Keepers, etc., High Street
Murray, Henry Balfour, J.P., Ardnaveigh
McCabe, Edward, victualler, Church Street
McCabe, John, grocer and fowl dealer, Church Street
McCavana, Henry, carrier, Castle Street
McCavana, Hugh, steam saw mills, Castle Street
McCavana, Patrick, Castle Street
McClurg, Samuel, agent for Wilson & Strain, Ltd., Castle Street
McCready, Thomas J., tenter, Riverside
McCrory, R., agent for Inglis & Co., Ltd., Riverside
McDowell, Miss, Anglerea
McFarland, J. J., head-constable, R.I.C., Market Square
McFerran, Daniel, grocer, Fountain Street
McFerran, E. & A., grocers, Fountain Street
McGuckin, Mrs., publican, Townhead
McIlwaine, William, hairdresser, Bridge Street
McIntosh, Samuel, carter, Castle Street
McKay, A., solicitor's manager and town clerk, Church Street
McKendry, J., Church Street
McKeown, James, publican, Castle Street
McKeown, Mrs., draper, Market Square
McKillop, Andrew, hay exporter and farmer, Townhead
McLister, Daniel, publican, High Street
McManus, James, builder, High Street
McManus, Wm.  D., Oriel Lodge
McManus, W. D., draper; Market Square, agent for the Phoenix Fire Office
McMaster, Thos., land steward, Riverside
McMullan, P., publican, High Street
McNally, James, Massereene Arms Hotel
McQuillan, B., leather cutter, Bridge Street and High Street
McSeveney, James, gasfitter, Bridge Street

Nutt, J., draper, High Street

O'Donnell, Rev. Thomas, P.P., The Presbytery
O'Flaherty, Wm., Bridge Street
O'Neill, Lord, Shane's Castle
O'Rorke, McDonald, & Tweed, solicitors, Church Street

Pender, John, tobacconist, jeweller, and stationer, Church Street
Phoenix Fire Office, W. D. McManus, 42 Market Square; J. Johnston Martin, 29 High Street; John Lowry Maxwell, Belfast Bank; Wm. J. Moody, Riverside

Quinn, Miss M. E., publican, High Street

Rea, David, Railway Street
Rea, John, Castle Street
Rea, S., proprietor of Antrim Steam Saw Mills
Rea, Samuel, jun., Fountain Street
Rea, The Misses, grocers, Castle Street
Reade, G. S., manager York Street Flax Spinning Company, Firgrove, Muckamore
Reford, Alan, Riverside
Reford, Joseph, grocer, Castle Street
Reid, G., tailor, High Street
Reid, G., jun., draper, High Street
Renton's Boot House and Central Hairdressing Saloon, High Street
Rhodes, A., Church Street
Rodgers, John, gardener, Castle Street
Russell, Robert, manager Ulster Bank, Market Square
Russell, Samuel A., Walburn Cottage

Savage, Hugh, Fountain Street
Saunderson, Miss, High Street
Scott, Dr. T. B. Hill, Railway Street
Scott, Mrs., confectioner, High Street
Semple, James, Church Street
Sloan, Stephen, publican, High Street
Sloan, Wm. S., sen., farmer and rate collector, Boghead
Smith, Dr. Walter, Co. Asylum, Holywell
Smith, Fredk. T., medical hall, High Street
Smith, Mrs., confectioner, High Street
Smith, Thomas, mechanic, Fountain Street
Smyrl, Wm., publican, Market Square
Smyth, Rev. W. B. L., B.A., Fountain Street
Solomon, J., fruiterer, High Street
Solomon, Mrs., Church Street
Stewart, William, M.R.C.V.S., Fountain Street
Stirret, The Misses, dress makers, Castle Street
Sun Fire and Life Offices, Kennedy Hunter, agent

Taggart, Campbell M., J.P., Thornhill
Taggart, W. J., M.D., Clonevon
Thompson, James V., hotel proprietor, High Street
Thompson, R., Market Square
Thompson, Robt., J.P., Muckamore Abbey
Thompson, W. S. C. D., R.I.C., Massereene

Vance, E., Riverside
Vance, James R., Castle Street

Walker, John, clerk of County Asylum, Marymount
Wallace, James, car owner, Fountain Street
Wallace, Mrs., dress maker, Fountain Street
West, Rev. Thomas, B.A., The Manse, Riverside
Whiteside, Samuel, grocer and provision merchant, delph, seed and oats merchant, High Street
Wilson, James, boot maker, Church Street
Wilson, Mrs., Ulster Bar, Church Street and Railway Street
Wilson, Mrs., Oriel Lodge
Woods, Robt., stationmaster, Midland Railway Company
Wright, Wm. J., clerk, Fountain Street

York Street Flax Spinning Co. Ltd., Muckamore; G. S. Reade, manager
Young, Joseph, farmer, Church Street
Young, Mrs., grocer, Church Street
Young, Mrs. C., Fountain Street
Young, Robert, weigh master, Market Square



Bettridge, Miss, schoolmistress, Kildare Street.
Bibby, Rev. J. H., Unitarian minister, Ballee
Brown, James, farmer, Ringfad

Carroll, R. H., The Cottage, Green Road
Carroll, W. D., Burford Lodge
Cavan, James, farmer, Ballyhossett
Cavan, Robert, farmer, Ballybranagh
Chism, Angus, outfitter, Bath Street
Clarke, James, farmer, Ardtole
Cleland, Hugh, station master
Clinton, Samuel, farmer, Ardtole
Conn, Wm., grocer, Hill Street
Connelly, H., sergeant, R.I.C., Barracks
Connor, Wm., farmer, Ross

Donnan, Wm., farmer, The Strand
Donnelly, Rev. J. J., P.P.

Elliott, W. P., C.E.
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agent, D. K. Maguire, N.S. teacher

Fleming, Mrs. A., The Crescent

Gaffikin, Wm., King's Castle
Gilchrist, Hugh, J.P., farmer, Ardtole
Gilchrist, Wm., farmer, Ardtole
Gill, Mrs., The Crescent
Gracey, Alex., Lieut-Colonel, J.P., Ballyhossett House

Hannah, Rev. William, The Glebe
Hill, Alexander, farmer, Hillhead
Hill, Mrs. Thomas, farmer, Ballydock
Hosking, Wm., The Crescent
Hughes, John, farmer and spirit dealer, Bath Street
Hunter, Nathaniel, grocer, draper, ironmonger, ship chandler, coal and potato merchant; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Hughes, Mrs. R., school mistress, Kildare Street.
Hughes, Richard, baker, Strangford Road
Hughes, Richard, provision merchant, Kildare Street

Johnston, Francis, farmer, Ringfad
Johnston, The Misses, The Crescent

Kelly, Edward, spirit dealer, Bath Street
King, Thomas, The Crescent
Kinney, Hugh, farmer, Ardtole
Kinney, S., publican, Bath Street

Lilley, Mrs. James, cafe, Kildare Street
Linchey, Patrick, boat owner

Macafee, Rev. Thos., The Manse
Maguire, D., school master
Martin, Mrs. Jas., draper, Bath Street
Martin, The Misses C. & E., grocers and spirit dealers, Bath Street
Megraw, Wm., boat owner, Strangford Road.
Morgan, Miss Mary, spirit dealer, Bath Street
Mulhearn, Mrs. Agnes, grocer and spirit dealer, Kildare Street
Mylins, Carl, St. Alban's Arms
McMahon, James, grocer, High Street
McMahon, J., spirit dealer and farmer, Bath Street
McMaster, Robert, farmer, Ringfad
McMechan, Hugh, farmer, Ballybranagh
McMechan, James, farmer, Ballybranagh
McMechan, Samuel, farmer, Ballybranagh
McPherson, Mrs., Kildare Street

Napier, Alex., farmer, Ballybranagh

Park, James, boat owner and farmer, Hill Street
Porter, Moses, farmer, Ballyhossett

Quinn, James, blacksmith, Bath Street
Quinn, Mrs. H., grocer and fancy shop

Rice, Richard, publican, Bath Street
Rooney, Henry, grocer, Kildare Street

Sampson, John, chief officer coast guards, Kildare Street
Stitt, J. D., farmer, Ballee
Stitt, Mrs. Robert, farmer, Ballyhossett

Watters, John, foreman Board of Works
Wratten, B. C., Kildare Street

Registrar for births, deaths and marriages, Arthur McComiskey, M.B., surgeon Killough



Adams, Frank woollen and hat warehouse, English Street Upper
Adams, Frank, butter, egg and poultry dealer
Aiken, J., & Co., grocers and spirit dealers, Barrack Street
Albin, Hugh, merchant tailor, Barrack Street
Allison & Co., photographers, Scotch Street
Anderson, F. J., solicitor, Russell Street
Anderson, Hugh & Sons, merchant tailors, Abbey Street.
Anderson, L. M., stock and share broker, Barrack Street
Armagh Farm Produce Company, 52 Ogle Street

Baker, Miss, confectioner, Barrack Street.
Ballantine, Mrs., butcher, Scotch Street
Ballantine, Thomas, spirit dealer, English Street
Beacon, C., spirit merchant, Scotch Street
Beggs, Joseph, draper, Market Street
Bell, Matthew, auctioneer and valuator, English Street
Bell, Matthew, seed merchant, miller and auctioneer, English Street
Best, J., & Sons, millers, English Street and Richhill
Best & Best, Solicitors, Armagh and Portadown
Biggart, Wm., watch maker, English Street
Black, W. J., restaurant, Scotch Street
Blacker, J., spirit dealer, Barrack Street
Blacker, J., spirit dealer, Scotch Street
Blacker, James, spirit dealer, Thomas Street
Bloomer, Quinton, spirit merchant, English Street
Bloomer, Wm., greengrocer, Barrack Street
Bloomer & Starritt, grocers, Scotch Street
Bowen, Geo. W., Northern Bank, agent for the English & Scottish Law Life Office
Boyd, Mrs., costumier and milliner, Scotch Street
Boyd & Co., timber & coal merchants, Dobbin Street
Boyle, J. C., Charlemont Place
Bright, Jervais, Scotch Street
Brooks, Thos., auctioneer, Dobbin Street
Byrne, P., draper, Market Street

Campbell, J., lodgings, Ogle Street
Carter, William, grocer, English Street
Cassells, J., tailor, Scotch Street
Chambers, Thos., boot maker, Castle Street
Clarke, John, boot and shoe maker, Cathedral Close
Clarke, R., English Street
Clarke, W. & A., china merchant, Scotch Street.
Cloughley, Jas., spirit merchant, Scotch Street
Cochrane, J., plumber, Scotch Street
Cochrane, Mrs., tinsmith, Market Street
Cooney, Henry, tailor, Thomas Street
Cooper, David, grocer, Thomas Street
Cooper & Co., spirit dealers, Scotch Street
Co-Operative stores, Scotch Street
Corr, Patrick, spirit dealer, Irish Street
Corr, Patrick, tobacconist, English Street
Coulter, Miss, draper, English Street
Coulter, Robert hairdresser, Scotch Street
County Armagh "Guardian" Newspaper and Printing Works, Upper English Street, S. D. Trimble, Proprietor
County Cycle Co., Thomas Street, D. H. McDowell, proprietor; Gilbert Sleator, manager
Couser, William, grocer, English Street
Cowan, E., Travellers' Home, Lower English Street
Craddock, Mrs., servants' registry, Abbey Street

Dawson, W. N., "Gazette" office, Scotch Street
Deschamps, M. S., French teacher, curator Philosophical Society, The Mall
Dodds, Alex., spirit dealer, Scotch Street
Dodds Bros., drapers, Scotch Street
Dolan, T. J., tailor, Thomas Street
Donnelly, James, spirit dealer, English Street
Donnelly, Michael, grocer, English Street
Donnelly & Somerville, plumbers, gasfitters, etc., Barrack Street
Dowds, Samuel, watch maker, Scotch Street
Duff, James, solicitor, College Street
Duff, R. H. L., spirit dealer, Barrack Street
Dugan, T., flax merchant, Irish Street

Edgar, David, victualler, English Street
Edwards, T. &. J., coal and timber merchants
Edwards, Wm., boot maker, Railway Street
Emerson, H. A., grocer & auctioneer, Thomas Street
English, Joseph, hairdresser, Scotch Street
English & Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, G. W. Bowen, manager Northern Bank; James Fanning, 8 Vicar's Hill; J. M. Lynn Reilly, Rokeby Green; Hy. Wilson, Ardrea, Woodview

Farley, P., boot warehouse, Thomas Street.
Farr, Thomas, carpenter and builder, Thomas Street
Ferrar, B. B., M.D., The Mall
Ferris, W. E., general grocer, Market Street
Fullerton, D., draper, Market Street
Fullerton, E., house agent and commissioner for taking affidavits, 2 Melbourne Terrace

Gallagher, Hugh, painter, English Street
Gallagher, The Misses, costumiers, English Street
Gallagher, William, solicitor, English Street
Gardiner, T., boot merchant, English Street
Gillen, John, spirit merchant, Irish Street
Gillespie, A., painter, Dobbin Street
Gillespie, J. & R., grocers and millers, English Street
Gillespie, Robert, spirit merchant, English Street
Gillespie, W. C., solicitor, College Street
Gillespie, W. H., baker, English Street
Gray, John, drug hall, English Street
Gray, William & Co., grocers, Thomas Street
Gray, Wm., & Co., grocers, Thomas Street and Ogle Street
Greer, Arthur, saddler, Thomas Street
Greer, W. H., Saddler, Thomas Street
Greer, W. J., Printer, Stationer, Bookseller and Shipping Agent, the "Armagh Standard" Machine Printing Works, 27 Scotch Street
Gregory, Thomas, poultry dealer, Irish Street
Grimley, Matthew, butcher, Thomas Street

Hamill, Mrs., spirit dealer, English Street
Hamill, P., hairdresser, Thomas Street
Hamill, Wm., cooper, English Street
Hamilton, John, fruiterer, English Street
Hanna, Hugh, flax merchant, Irish Street
Hart, J., delf warehouse, English Street
Haughey, Edwd., spirit merchant, Thomas Street
Hendron, W. J., grocer, Railway Street
Herron, Robert T., M.D., Victoria Street
Hillock, The Misses, milliners, English Street
Hoy, Joseph, boot maker, Thomas Street
Hoy, Matthew, boot maker, Thomas Street
Hughes, Arthur, butcher, Scotch Street
Hughes, P., boot warehouse, Thomas Street

Irwin, James, grocer, Scotch Street.
Irwin, Robert, tailor, Scotch Street

Jenkinson, William, Barrack Street
Johnston Coach Factory, Thomas Street
Johnston, Isaac, carpenter, The Mall
Johnston, Mrs., stationer, etc., Ogle Street

Kearney, John, poulterer
Keegan, Mrs., servants' registry, Dawson Street
Kelly, John, cork cutter, English Street
Kelly, Miss, green grocer, Market Street
Kennedy, Ann, milliner, Thomas Street
Kennedy, E., haberdasher, Thomas Street
Kennedy, John, spirit merchant, Dobbin Street
Kerr, Wm., M.D., Seven Houses
Kimmitt, E. G., painter and decorator, Dobbin Street.
Klondyke Loan Office, Scotch Street

Lavery, Patrick, solicitor, English Street
Lavery, Phillip, J.P., Thomas Street
Lee, James, & Son, pianoforte warehouse, Russell Street and Newry
Leeman, David, tailor, Thomas Street
Leeman, H. G., draper and outfitter, English Street and Market Street
Lennon, F., spirit merchant, Scotch Street
Lennon, James, town clerk, English Street
Lennox, W. J., General Draper; Ladies' and Gent's Tailor and Outfitter, 17, 19 Market Street
Leverrett & Fry, grocers, English Street
Lipton & Co., grocers, etc., English Street
Lynch, Mrs., Linenhall Hotel, Dobbin Street

Magovern, J., draper, Thomas Street
Magrath, Thomas, carpenter, Ogle Street
Maguire, E., lodgings, English Street
Mann, James, Spirit Dealer, Railway Terrace
Mann, Thomas, spirit dealer, English Street
Manney, Thos., confectioner and optician, English Street
Marks, Thomas Osborne, organist, Vicar's hill
Martin, D. P. W., & Co., house, estate and insurance agents, stock and share brokers, commissioners to administer oaths, auctioneers and valuers (trading as Hewton Martin), poor's rate and property income tax collectors, builders and contractors; branch managers for North of Ireland of the County Live Stock Association Ltd. and the Farmers' Fire and Accident Insurance Association Ltd., 3 Seven Houses
Maxwell, James, The City Roompaper Warehouse, Painter, Decorator and Paperhanger, 31 English Street
Medical Hall, English Street - A. C. McBride, manager
Mercer, Mrs., grocer, Barrack Hill
Merriman, W., tailor, Scotch Street
Miller, J., cycle merchant, Thomas Street
Mitchell, Frederick, draper, Scotch Street
Mitchell, A. L., Bon Marche, English Street
Molloy, Mrs., grocer, Charter School Lane
Monroe, S. H., solicitor, Russell Street
Moore, R., spirit dealer, Castle Street
Moore, T. R. R., stationer, English Street
Moore, James, Ulster Bank, agent
Moore & Robinson, grocers, Market Street
Moore, Mrs., wholesale and retail wine and spirit merchant, English street
Morgan Bros., drapers, Scotch Street
Morrow, Thomas, fowl dealer, Barrack Street. Little
Murray, Jas., grocer and seed merchant, Thomas Street.
Mullan, Mrs., grocer, Castle Street
McAleavy, Robert, spirit dealer, Thomas Street
McBride, Hugh, surveyor, College Street
McBride, J. C., surveyor, English Street
McCann, Chas., green grocer, Thomas Street
McCann, Mrs., spirit dealer, Ogle Street
McClelland, J., grocer and spirit dealer, English Street
McClelland, John, stationer and publisher "Ulster Gazette", Scotch Street
McConville, J., spirit dealer, Mill Street
McCrory, J., Railway Hotel
McCullough, H., hair dresser, Thomas Street
McDonald, J., tailor, Scotch Street
McDonald, Miss, milliner, Lower English Street
McDougall, G., saddler, Scotch Street
McDowell, Dan., cycling store, College Street
McGarvey, P. J., Irish Street
McGeough, Francis, posting establishment, Thomas Street.
McKee, E. & M., spirit dealers and grocers, Ogle Street
McKee, W. & J., confectioners, Thomas Street
McKenna, John, grocer, Thomas Street
McKenna, Patrick, spirit dealer, English Street
McKernan, W. J., bookseller, stationer and newsagent, Thomas Street
McLaughlin, Thomas, Cork and Bottle Merchant, Auctioneer, Glass, China and Fancy Goods Warehouse; Picture framing a speciality; Agent for the "Belfast Newsletter" and "Belfast Weekly News", Ogle Street
McMahon, J., Great Northern Hotel, Railway Street
McMahon, P., flax merchant, Edward Street.
McNally, Frank, butcher, Thomas Street
McWatters, R. P., Bookseller, Printer, Publisher of Bowman's Interest Tables and Agent for the "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News" English Street

Newbanks, Henry, blacksmith, Scotch Street
Newton, Thomas J., draper, Market Street

Orr, W. & J., grocers and druggists, English Street
O'Brien, Patrick H., solicitor, Abbey Street
O'Callaghan, P., boot maker, Thomas Street
O'Hagan, Mrs., Plough Inn, Lower English Street
O'Hanlon, J. F., grocer and spirit merchant, Scotch Street, English Street and Barrack Hill
O'Neill, C., pork butcher, Lower English Street
O'Neill, James, butcher, Lower English Street

Palmer, Dr. J. Mansergh, Infirmary House
Parkinson, Henry C., architect, College Street
Patterson, R. J., grocer, Ogle Street
Patterson, Miss, draper, Thomas Street
Peel, Joshua E., & Sons, solicitors, 56 English Street
Peel, Josias, druggist, Thomas Street
Phoenix Fire Office, Agents, Monroe & Anderson, Russell Street; Wilson, Henry, Ardrea, Woodview
Pillow, S., spirit dealer, English Street
Pinkerton, Wm., grocer and provision merchant, Scotch Street
Porter, Hugh, commissioner for affidavits, Abbey Street

Quail, J., hardware & tobacconist, Barrack Street
Quigley, J., sen., flax merchant, Irish Street
Quinn, J., lodgings, Mill Street
Quinn, Peter, boot and shoe maker, Ogle Street

Rea, S., Servants' Registry Office, Abbey Street
Reid, A., chandler and grocer, Lower English Street
Reid, James, grocer and wine merchant, Scotch Street
Reid, Robert, manager Provincial Bank, Bank House
Reid, T. E., sen., insurance and house agent, Dobbin Street
Reid, T. E., jun., assistant secretary, County Council, Courthouse
Rice, Lee, flax merchant, Irish Street
Rigby & Louden, temperance hotel, English Street

School Stores, 27 Scotch Street
Sherry, John, victualler, Lower English Street and English Street
Short, M., Bookseller, Stationer and School Supply Stores; Large and Selected Stock of Religious Objects and Fancy Goods, 28 English Street
Simpson, A. C., Sanitary, Hydraulic and Domestic Engineer, Railway Street
Simpson, John W., solicitor, Scotch Street
Sinclair, Ross, & Co., timber, iron, and coal merchants, Thomas Street
Sinton, Maynard, J.P., Ballyards
Slavin, Jos., billposter, Castle Street
Sling, H., hair dresser, English Street
Sloane, Samuel, watch maker, English Street
Stevenson, Samuel, grocer and spirit merchant, 5 Scotch Street
Stewart, D., poulterer, Palace Row
Stewart, D. W., grocer and china merchant, Scotch Street
Stewart, R., poulterer, George Street
Stringer, Thomas, draper, Scotch Street
Sun Fire and Life Offices, D. P. Martin & Co., Agents, 3 Seven Houses

Tate, George, tailor, Scotch Street
Technical School, Seven Houses
"The Ulster Gazette" Newspaper, Army, Poor-Law and General Printing Office; Agent for the "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Thompson, Mary Ann, spirit merchant, Barrack Street.
Todd, Wm. R., auctioneer, Scotch Street
Townsend, Norman L., R.M.,
Trainor, John, spirit merchant, Barrack Street
Trodden, Peter, grocer, English Street
Trimble, S. D., printer, "Guardian" Offices, English Street
Turner, R., & Co., ironmongers and coal merchants, English Street
Tyler & Sons, boot warehouse, Scotch Street

Vulcan Boiler and General Insurance Co. Ltd., Agent, Herbert E. Fullerton, Tontine Buildings
Vallely, M., lodging house keeper. Market Street
Vogan, Robert, grocer, Scotch Street

Walker, S. L., milliner, English Street
Wallace, Alex., grocer, Scotch Street
Wallace, Alex., hardware, Scotch Street
Walsh, Charles E., D.I., R.I.C., Grantham Villas
Walsh, & Co., wine merchants, Scotch Street
Ward, C., victualler, Ogle Street
Watson, J. A., leather warehouse, Thomas Street
Warmoll, Chas., victualler, English Street
Warmoll, E., cattle dealer, Scotch Street
Warmoll, Jas., victualler, English Street
Webb, Samuel, flax merchant, Irish Street
Webb, John, flax merchant, English Street
Whitsitt Bros., hardware, Market Street.
Wicks, M., spirit merchant, English Street
Wiender, Robert, victualler, Scotch Street
White, Miss, Bookseller and Bookbinder, Stationer and Newsagent. Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News", English Street
Wilde, J., watch maker, Scotch Street
Willis, W. J., Commercial Hotel, Railway Street
Wilson, Mrs., baker, English Street
Woods, James, painter, Dobbin Street
Wright, Samuel, grocer, English Street

Young, Wm., bill poster, The Navan, Armagh
Young, George, walking stick manufacturer, Callan Street

Zwecker, T., hairdresser, English Street



Blair, Wm., grocer and farmer, Clintyfinnan
Breakey, Rev. J. P. R., Rector
Brizell, Mrs.

Campbell, Hill, farmer, Islandraney
Campbell, Mrs., farmer, Moyaver
Carson, Robert, tailor
Clarke, James, farmer, Breene
Colgan, James, implement maker, Capecastle
Connolly Alexander, grocer and builder
Connolly, Henry, farmer, Alterichard
Connolly, James, grocer Drumdollagh
Connolly, John, farmer, Sheans
Costello, James, postman
Craig, Arthur B., farmer
Craig, George, farmer and miller, Cromaghs
Crawford, Rev. A. E., Presbyterian minister
Cusiac, Alexander, farmer, Bunshanecloney

Daly, George, farmer, Carrowlaverty
Devlin, Ellen, farmer, Essan
Devlin, James, farmer, Essan
Devellin, Samuel, farmer, Cleggan
Doey, Mrs., grocer and dress maker
Donnelly, Mrs., publican & hotel proprietor
Donnelly, Hugh, grocer, publican & farmer

Farrel, Robert, farmer and builder, Maizes
Forsythe, John, blacksmith and cycle works
Forsythe, Messrs., blacksmiths
Ferguson, James, farmer, Balleney
Finlay, Wm., farmer and miller, Clintyfinnan
French, Rev. H., Crushane, Mosside
Fulton, Andrew, farmer, Friary
Fulton, Hugh, farmer
Fulton, Hugh, farmer, Skelton
Fulton, John, farmer, Altcrossagh

Gamble, Hugh, farmer
Gault, James, farmer, Summerhill
Gault, John, stationmaster
Gillin, James, publican and shoemaker, New Street
Gillin, James, publican

Hanna, David, postman
Hanna, James, farmer, Moyaver
Hanna, William, postman
Hartin, W. J., farmer, Lagg
Henry, Mrs., farmer, Carrowlaverty
Higgarty, Francis, road contractor
Higgarty, Francis, rug and tow merchant
Huey, James, farmer, Carrowlaverty
Huey, Samuel, grocer, publican and car proprietor, Stranocum Station
Hunter, William, farmer, Chattam

Jameson, Eneas, farmer, Carrowchrin
Jamison, William, farmer, Carrowchrin
Johnston, Patrick, draper and grocer

Knox, William M., farmer, Riverview

Laverty, Daniel, rug and tow merchant
Laverty, James, grocer, Gracehill
Lynd, Samuel, publican and farmer, Carncearn
Lynn, Patrick, butcher
Millar, Miss, teacher, Clintyfinnan N.S.
Moor, James, farmer, Mullaghduff
Morrison, Daniel, draper
Morrison, Patrick, nailer
Mullin, Daniel, postman
Murphy, Rev. William, parish priest
McAuley, James, spirit dealer
McAuley, Mrs. R., farmer, Mullaghduff
McBride, Mrs. R., farmer, Monaclough
McBride, Wm., farmer, Monaclough
McCambridge, Mrs.
McClement, John, farmer, Carrowcashel
McClernon, Alex., farmer, Mullaghduff
McClernon, Robert, farmer, Carrowcashil
McCloy, Mrs., farmer, Ballybreagagh
McConachie, James, farmer, Carrowcashel
McCook, John, farmer, Clintyfinnan
McCurday, John, farmer, Carrowchrun
McDermond, Robert John, farmer, Maizes
McErlane, John, farmer, Cruckahara
McFall, John, N.S. teacher, Armoy
McGowan, John, tailor
McKay, John, blacksmith
McKinley, Denis, shoemaker
McKendery, John, blacksmith
McKennon, Thomas
McLaughlin, James, gardener
McLernon, Patrick, flax dresser
McMullan, Adam, draper
McMullan, George, mason, Ballybregagh
McMullan, James, mason, Ballybregagh
McMullan, Samuel, farmer, Troughdough
McMullan, Saml. F., post master
McMullan, Samuel F., flax and saw mills
McNeill, John, farmer, Carrowcashel
McNeill, Neal, farmer, Bunshanecloney

Neill, George, boot maker and cycle agent

O'Byrne, P., land surveyor, Tullahara

Peacock, Miss

Redmond, Ezekiel, farmer, Monaclough
Redmond, R., carpenter and builder, Capecastle

Scott, Archibald, farmer, Welltowa
Stuart, Alexander, flax dresser
Stuart, Daniel, flax dresser
Stuart, Hugh, farmer, Ballykenver
Smith, James, carpenter
Smith, John, grocer and car proprietor
Smyth, Robert, farmer, Ballybreagagh
Spence, W., mason, Balliney

Taylor, W. J., farmer, Balliney
Todd, William John, farmer, Magheramore
Towland, William, farmer

Watt, Peter, publican
Wilson, Thomas, farmer, Mullaghduff
Wilson, Thomas, grocer, druggist and hardware merchant; agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"



Armstrong, The Misses, grocers and Post Office, Main Street
Anderson, Miss, L., milliner
Anderson, Mrs., draper, Main Street
Anderson, Wm., post cars for hire, Broad Road
Atwell, Thomas, solicitor, and at Cavan

Ballam, Mrs., grocer & hotel, Longford Road
Black, G., draper
Bolger, J., Arva
Brady, Michael, butcher, Main Street
Brady, John, tailor, Main Street
Brady, Thomas, tailor, Main Street
Buchanan, L., M.B., J.P., Main Street

Cahill, Wm., tailor, Pound Street
Calders, John, tailor, Broad Road
Cassidy, John, butcher, Main Street
Christy, J., cashier, Ulster Bank
Clarke, V. S., grocer and publican
Corcoran, P., teacher, No. 1 National School
Cox, H. W., painter and paper hanger, Porter's Row
Cullen, Edward, baker, Main Street
Cully, Mrs., delph dealer, Main Street
Curran, Anthony, lodgings and entertainment, Main Street

Devany, Miss E., milliner, Arva
Donaghy, J., Main Street
Donaghy, J. J.
Donohoe, James, egg dealer, Main Street
Donohoe, P., Arva
Drum, Patrick, baker, Pound Street
Drum, Philip, journalist
Duffy, Laurence, blacksmith, Main Street
Duncan, G., draper

Eccleston, R., contractor
Elliott, George, draper, Main Street
Ellis, Arthur, fruiterer, etc., Pound Street
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agent, Louis H. Grier, J.P.
Fitzpatrick, Patk., licensed grocer and egg dealer
Faucett, Rev. T. V., M.A., The Rectory
Fitzpatrick, Daniel, carpenter, Arva

Gilronan, Miss, refreshments, Pound Street
Gilhooly, Patk., tailor, Main Street

Hamill, Patk., licensed grocer, Imperial Hotel
Harkins, P., grocer and publican
Hearten, John, grocer
Hewitt, R., victualler
Hill, G., draper

Jennett, H., leather merchant, Arva
Jones, H., grocer, Arva

Kemp, Gibson, C.B.O., Main Street
Kennedy, H. B., Arva
Kiernan, Mrs., dress maker, Porter's Row
Kiernan, Peter, licensed grocer, Main Street
Keith, Robert, grocer; Agent for "Belfast Weekly News"
Kinnevey, Mrs., licensed grocer, Main Street
Kirke, J.

Leonard, Terence, licensed grocer, Main Street
Leonard, Thomas, general dealer
Lewis, Saml., R.I.C., pensioner, Main Street
Luby, Henry, boot maker, Main Street

Magovern, Patk., nailor and boot merchant, Main Street
Meehan, Thos., gunsmith, Pound Street
Maguire, Wm., licensed grocer and general merchant, Main Street
Moore, L., leather merchant, Main Street
Moore, William, draper, Main Street
Mulligan, Peter, licensed grocer and boot merchant, Main Street
Mulligan, Denis, saddler, Main Street
Mulligan, Thos., mason, Broad Road
Murray, Patk., boot maker, Pound Street
McBrien, T., joiner
McDonald, Peter, entertainment, Main Street
McGuinness, M., Commercial Hotel, Main Street
McHugh, Denis, Main Street
McNally, Patk., mason, Main Street

Naylor, Miss J. J., boarding house
Nixon, John, saddler, Broad Road

O'Brien, J.
O'Connor, Bernard, D.C., licensed grocer and general merchant
O'Connor, John, General dealer, Pound Street
O'Connor, Peter, General dealer, Pound Street

Prior, Thos., licensed grocer, Main Street
Phoenix Fire Office, Agent, Louis Henry Grier, J.P., Corraneary Lodge

Reid, William, solicitor, and at Cavan
Reilly, Francis, licensed grocer, Main Street
Reilly, Michael, licensed grocer, Broad Road
Reilly, James, butter and egg dealer, Main Street
Reynolds, Bernard, licensed grocer, Main Street
Royal Irish Constabulary, Sergeant Connolly in charge

Sheridan, John, blacksmith
Sheridan, Richard, licensed grocer, Main Street
Smith, Rev. Philip, C.C., Main Street
Smith, Thos., fruiterer and general dealer
Stanton, W., draper, Arva
Stewart, G., manager Ulster Bank, Main Street

Tierney, Patk., boot maker, Pound Street

Walker, R. J., teacher N.S. No. 2
White, T. J. & J., tinsmiths
Winters, John, watch maker, Main Street
Wilson, William, blacksmith


Anderson, Mrs., Brankill
Armstrong, Christopher, Gulladoos
Armstrong, John, Drumyouth
Armstrong, William, Dernawill
Armstrong, Wm., Gulladoos

Black, James, Brankill
Brady, Thomas, Drumshinny
Burns, Edward, Coroneary

Carroll, Thomas, Tycusker
Carruthers, Thos., Corlespratten
Crawford, Arthur, Drumcrow
Corrie, Miss M., milliner, Arva
Courtney, William, Drumberry

Duffy, John, Fihora
Duffy, Patrick & James, Fihora
Duffy, Patrick, Drumhaldry
Dunlop, Isaac, Drumberry
Dunlop, Jeremiah, Dernawill

Elliott, Frank, Brankill
Elliott, F., Brankill
Elliott, John, Corran
Elliott, William, Fihora

Farrelly, James, Drumhaldry
Finlay, Miss, dress maker, Porter's Row, Arva
Fleming, Alexander, Drumyouth
Foster, James, Brankill
Foyle, John, mason, Drumhaldry
Fyfe, George, Brankill

Glennon, Mr. T., Hollybank, Arva
Gormley, Bernard, Gartylough
Graham, Mrs., Dernawill
Greeves, W., Corlespratten
Green, Mrs., Lakeview, Drumcrow
Grier, Charles, Coraneary
Grier, Henry, Coraneary
Grier, L. H., J.P., Coraneary

Harkins, Thos. T., publican
Henderson, John, Drumberry
Hewitt, Richard, Drumhaldry
Humphreys, George, Drumberry

Irwin, John, Drumcrow
Irwin, Thomas, Corlespratten

Jackson, George, Corran
Johnston, Charles, Corlespratten
Johnston, Henry, Drumcrow
Johnston, Miss M., Corlespratten N.S., Arva
Johnston, Mrs., N.T., Corlespratten
Johnston, Thomas Edward, Drumcrow
Johnston, Thomas, Corlespratten
Johnston, M., Gartylough
Johnston, Wm., Coraneary

Kane, Patrick, Fihora
Kerr, Richard, Drumcrow
Keith, Edward, Coronea
Keith, James, Drumcrow

Lang, Thomas, Gartylough
Leary, Michael, contractor, Fihora
Leary, Patrick & James, Fihora
Leddy, Hugh, licensed grocer, Coronea
Lowe, Richard, Gulladoos

Masterson, John, Drumberry
Masterson, Pat., Drumberry
Moore, J., ex-N.S. teacher, Corlespratten
Morrison, George, Corlespratten
Morrison, James, Corlespratten
Monaghan, John, Drumyouth
Marron, Joseph, Gartylough
Morris, James, Drumhaldry
Morris, John, Drumhaldry
Morton, Alex., Edwd., & John, Corran
Morton, John, The Hollow, Corran
Murdy, Stephen, Drumcrow
McCabe, John, Drumhaldry
McGarvey, Robt., Dernawill
McGee, Richard, Corlespratten
McKiernan, Andrew, Drumhaldry
McNamee, John, Drumhaldry

Naylor, James, Corlespratten
Naylor, Mrs. Rachael, Corlespratten
Noble, Miss L., milliner, Arva

Patterson, J., Ulster Bank, Arva
Phillips, Richard, Gulladoos
Phillips, William, Gulladoos
Prunty, Hugh, D.C., Coronea

Reilly, John, Drumshinny
Robinson, J., Drumcrow
Robinson, Thomas, Drumberry
Rogers, George, Corlespratten

Scott, Alexander, Dromyouth
Scott, John, Tycusker
Scott, Robert, Corlespratten
Sheridan, James, Drumhaldry
Sheridan, James, Drumhaldry
Sheridan, Joe, Fihora
Sheridan, P., carpenter, Arva
Smith, Patrick, Drumshinny
Smith, T., J.P., Cortober House
Starr, William, N.T., Dernawill
Stephens, R. R., Drumcrow
Storey, R. J., Dernawill
Story, W., Tycusker

Taylor, J. J., Brankill

Wallace, William, Dernawill
Weir, Robert, Drumberry
Weir, Thomas, Corlespratten
Wilson, John, Dernawill
Wilson, J., Gulladoos
Wilson, Widow, Brankill
Wilson, William, Coroneary
Wilson, W., Brankill
Williams, John, Corlespratten
Woods, Joseph, Drumhaldry



Abraham, James, grocer and newsagent; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Abraham, Joseph, J.P.
Abraham, Walter, mechanic
Akerland, Gustäf, locomotive superintendent, Clogher Valley Railway ( Gustaf )
Anderson, J., creamery manager
Anderson, John, R.I.C.

Baker, Rev. S. H., B.A., rector
Barkley, Samuel, bank manager
Barnes, Robert, shoe maker
Beattie, William, solicitor's clerk
Bennett, John, typist and clerk, Clogher Valley Railway
Best, Lewis, merchant's assistant
Best, Mrs., butter and egg dealer
Best, Thomas, wine and spirit dealer
Betty, Rowland J., J.P., Storm Hill
Booth, Rev. Wm., P.P.
Boyd, Joseph, draper and milliner
Boyd, Robert, draper and milliner
Brady, John, R.I.C.
Burton, Hugh, carpenter

Cadden, Peter, cooper
Camp, Edward, fitter, Clogher Valley Railway Works
Canning, Peter, grocer's assistant
Carberry, Mrs., boot and shoe warehouse
Carberry, Thomas, mechanic, Clogher Valley Railway
Caruth, Thomas J., grocer and spirit dealer
Cave, John, gardener
Colbert, John, carpenter
Cunningham, William, house painter & decorator
Cush, Terence, tailor

Daly, M., & Co., drapers, etc.
Dawson, M., milliner, etc.
Deeny, John, head-constable R.I.C.
Devine, Wm., guard, Clogher Valley Railway

Early, William, solicitor; also 52 Rutland Square West, Dublin; Agent for the General Accident Assurance Corporation, Rock Life Assurance Company, London, Lancashire Fire Insurance Company and Equitable Life Assurance, U.S.A.
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, M. J. Fiddes, J.P., Merchant; George McIlroy, Solicitor and Hugh Wright, Jeweller
Ellison, Stewart, spirit dealer
Ellison, Stuart, law clerk
Ellison, William, saddler
Erskine, James, woollen draper

Fair, John, auctioneer and proprietor Commercial Hotel
Fair, John & Co., grocers and hardware
Fawcett, Miss Emma, milliner
Fiddes, Edward, Hollywood House
Fiddes, John C., secretary School Attendance Committee and rate collector
Fiddes, Simpson & Co., wholesale and retail grocers, wine and spirit merchants
Fiddes, Matthew James, Corn Miller
Forsyth, Geo., stationmaster Clogher Valley Railway
Freil, Saml., clerk, Clogher Valley Railway

Galbraith, Robert, grocer, hardware, wine and spirit merchant
Galloway, Wm., process server
Gaskin, John, butcher
Gaskin, Miss L., confectioner, Ye Older Cafe
Gillard, R. J., R.I.C.
Gillespie, George, carpenter
Gillespie, Moore, carpenter
Gilmore, Andrew, tinsmith
Gilmore, John, tinsmith
Gordon, James Alex., principal Caledon Street N.S.
Gordon, Miss Lizzie, draper's assistant
Gordon, Miss Mary, draper's assistant and milliner
Graham, Thomas I., merchant tailor, draper & emigration agent
Grogan, Michael, sergt. R.I.C.
Graham, Thomas, hardware assistant

Hadden, Thomas J., draper
Hagan, Peter, pig dealer
Halliday, Thomas, R.I.C.
Hamilton, E. V., solicitor, branch from Omagh
Hanse, Samuel, clerk Clogher Valley Railway
Henderson Bros., blacksmiths
Henderson, Marshall, shoe maker
Holmes, Miss Isabella, draper
Hurson, Patrick J., teacher

Irwin, Robert, chief porter Clogher Valley Railway
Irwin, Wm., J.P., manager Clogher Valley Railway
Irwin, Wm., engine driver, Cloghey Valley Railway ( Clogher )

Kelly, Frank, carpenter
Kelly, Patrick, carpenter
Kennedy, Thos., solicitor's clerk
King, John, boiler maker, Clogher Valley Railway
Kough, Wm., rural postman and R.I.C. pensioner

Lamb, David, spirit merchant
Lewis, Hugh, grocer's assistant
Lough, Miss, dress maker
Loughran, John, J.P., M.R.C.V.S.
Lowry, I. Adams, examiner in music to the Tonic Sol-fa College, London
Lowry, I. Adams
Lowry, Mrs. M., stationer and newsagent
Lowry, Miss May, N.S. teacher
Lowry, Robert Adams, law clerk
Loughran, John, M.R.C.V.S.

Maginnis, J., foreman cutter
Maguire, John, guard Clogher Valley Railway
Martin, Hugh, Fort House
Martin, Wm. J., confectioner
Monaghan, Miss, dress maker
Monaghan, Patrick, grocer and shoe maker
Montgomery, Robert J., Garvey House
Montgomery, Robert, J.P., Riversdale
Montgomery, Thomas, saddler
Moore, Alexander
Moore, Joseph, rural postman
Moore, Thomas, shoe maker
Moore, Wm. John, leather merchant
Morrison, Robert, clerk, Ulster Bank
Moses, Isabella, milliner, etc.
Moutray, Anketell, D.L., J.P., Favor Royal
Moutray, Rev. J. M., LL.D., Richmount Glebe
Moutray, Miss, Killybrick
Mullan, John, pig dealer
Mullin, Miss, dress maker
Murphy, Hugh, grocer
Murphy, Jas., porter Clogher Valley Railway
McAree, Thomas, hair dresser
McCann, John, Auctioneer, Provision and Spirit Merchant
McCann, Robert, butter and egg dealer
McCarron, Jas., blacksmith
McCaughey, Patk., grocer and newsagent
McClean, Barnes, miller
McCleery, Robert, grocer and ironmonger
McCreedy, Joseph, grocer and rural postman
McCullagh, Miss M., dress maker
McDaniel Bros., grocers
McDowell, James, town postman
McDowell, John, blacksmith
McDowell, Thomas
McElmeel, Bernard, baker and grocer
McElmeel, Patrick, spirit dealer
McElroy, George, solicitor; Also 18 Nassau Street, Dublin; Solicitor for Clogher District Council; Life Assurance Agent
McGee, Charles, Victualler
McGee, John, posting establishment
McGee, Wm., grain, tea, wine and spirit merchant
McGirr, Peter, Imperial Hotel proprietor
McIlwaine, Johnston, grocery and hardware
McKay, Foster, town surveyor, town clerk, clerk of petty sessions etc.
McKenna, James, spirit dealer
McKenna, Michael, shoe maker
McKenna, Michael, tailor
McKenna, Patrick, tailor
McKigney, William, tailor, etc.
McMeel, John, spirit dealer
McMeel, Owen, baker and grocer
McPeake, Rev. Alexander, C.C.
McQuade, Henry, spirit dealer

O'Neill, James, coachbuilder and spirit dealer
O'Neill, John, house painter and decorator

Patrick, Joseph, draper and milliner
Perrott, Rev. W. R., B.A., curate
Phoenix Fire Office, Agent, William Irwin, J.P., Manager Clogher Valley Tramway Co.
Pringle, Geo. A., M.D., B.S., Dublin, medical officer to R.I.C.

Rafferty, Thos., spirit dealer
Rea Bros., carters
Rea, John James, solicitor; and 37 Molesworth Street, Dublin; Agent for the Edinburgh Life Assurance, Scottish Amicable, Scottish Union and National Insurance Companies
Rea, Thomas, blacksmith
Robinson, Mrs. M., draper and milliner

Sands, Robert, bill poster
Sawyers, Robert, select family grocer
Slavin, Patrick, slater
Sloane,. Horace S., secretary Clogher Valley Railway Co.
Smyth, George, gasworks manager
Smyth, John, hair dresser, etc.
Soraghan, Mrs. M., proprietress Queen's Arms Hotel
Soraghan, Patrick, clerk Clogher Valley Railway
Speer, James, shoe maker
Speer, Joseph, solicitor; and at 44 Kildare Street, Dublin
Speer, Rev. N., C.C.
Speer, William, shoemaker
Stuart, Rev. S. M. E. F., B.A.

Taylor, James, M.P.S.I., Pharmaceutical Chemist, Medical Hall, Aughnacloy
Taylor, Rev. J. Wallace, LL.D., (Dublin), Errigal Glebe
Thompson, Hugh, R.I.C.
Thompson, William, engine driver, Clogher Valley Railway

Verner, Henry, blacksmith
Verner, Joseph, blacksmith

Wickson, J. H., watchmaker
Wilson, John, printer
Woods, James, grocer
Woods, Miss, teacher
Wright, David, J.P.
Wright, George, grocer and spirit dealer
Wright, Hugh, watchmaker
Wright, Thomas, auctioneer

Young, John, law clerk



Alford, Rev. W., The Manse
Anderson, A. & Co., milliners, Market Street
Argue, Thos., Henry Street
Armstrong, J., watch maker

Bartley, Wm., contractor, Market Street
Beattie, John J., grocer
Brady, Michael, grocer, Market Street
Brady, Mrs. Market Square
Broome, Isaac, J.P., draper, Market Street and Tandragee House
Bryson, Mrs., lodging house, Thomas Street
Burns, Owen, provision merchant, Market Street
Burns, Owen, Bexcourt
Burns, Hugh, publican, William Street

Cahill, M., Liscar Arms Hotel, Market Street
Carolan, Peter, publican, Barrack Street
Carroll, Bridget, & Son, publicans and provision merchants, Market Square
Carroll, Mary, publican and hardware merchant, William Street
Carroll, Mrs., dress maker
Cassidy, P., lodging house, William Street
Chambers, Thomas Y., solicitor, The Laurels
Chambers, William, house and land agent, Henry Street
Charleton, Mrs., nurse, Church Street
Clarke, James, labourer, Adelaide Row
Clarke, Mary, publican, Main Street
Clarke, Michael, publican, Market Street
Clarke, M. E., & Co., publicans, Market Street
Clarke, Patrick, publican and provision merchant, Market Square
Clarke, Peter, butcher, William Street
Clarke, P., & Sons, watch makers, Market Street
Cochrane, James, baker, William Street
Cochrane, James, hardware merchant, Market Street and assistant county surveyor
Cooke, Mrs., draper and tailor, Market Street
Cooke, Mrs., delf and china warehouse and publican, Market Square
Cooney, Phillip, harness maker, Market Street.
Coote, Thomas, painter and builder, Market Street
Crossan, Bernard, blacksmith, Market Street.

Daniel, Thomas, publican, Barrack Street
Donnolly, Andrew, farmer, Thomas Street
Donnelly, Thos., lodging house, William Street
Dromgoole, James, draper
Dunne, Bernard, publican, Market Street
Dunne, Phillip, publican, Market Street
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, W. & T. Y. Chambers, land agents; James Coleman, Assistant County surveyor

Farrell, Michael, butcher, William Street
Farrelly, Edward, butcher, William Street
Farrelly, Eliza, publican and hardware merchant, Market Street
Farrelly, Ellen, publican, seed, and hardware merchant, Market Street
Farrelly, Lawrence, publican, Thomas Street
Farrelly, P., Barrister-at-Law, Market Street
Fearon, Robert, wholesale and retail grocer and provision merchant, Market Street
Finnegan, Mrs., draper, Market Street
Fitzsimon, Rev. Patrick, Lisnalee

Gamble, A., & Co., milliners, Market Street
Gamble, J. J., medical hall, Market Street
Gilmore, T. R. G., farmer, Lear
Graham, James, manager Sandymount Flax Mills
Gunn, James, tinsmith, William Street
Graham, Jas. G., temperance hotel and seed merchant and grocer

Hall, T., publican and seed merchant, Market Street
Hall, E. & H., drapers
Hand, M., & Co., drapers
Heerey, P., fruiterer, Barrack Street
Hunter, Mrs., Henry Street

James, Robert, J.P., Market Street
Jones, Samuel, druggist, Main Street

Kenny, J., iron monger, Market Square
Killen, Rev. T. S., B.A., The Manse, Urcher
King, Alex., painter, Church Street
King, Patrick, labourer, William Street
King, Robert G., hardware and leather merchant, Market Street
King, M. M., post office, Market Street

Lawless, Daniel, tailor, William Street
Lawless, Mrs., dress maker, Adelaide Row
Lynch, C., publican, Market Street
Lynch, Patrick, butcher, Market Square
Lynch, Patrick, cattle dealer, Adelaide Row
Lynch, Peter, tailor, Market Street

Magill, Rev. J. A., B.A.
Mahood, Edward, publican, Market Street
Martin, A., & Bros., grocers
Martin, Maria, grocer, Market Street
Martin, Thomas, mason, Market Street
Mathews, James, hotel keeper, Market Street.
Maxwell, J. H., publican, Market Street
Mills, William, delf and tin warehouse
Mitchell, James, cattle dealer, Adelaide Row
Moffatt, Samuel, labourer, Henry Street
Moore, William, Market Street
Moran, Chas., blacksmith, Adelaide Row
Murphy, John, nailer, William Street
Murtha, Patrick, grocer
McBreen, F., solicitor, Broomfield
McCartney, John, publican, Main Street
McClelland, William, draper, Market Street
McConnan, James, car driver
McDermott, P., car driver, Adelaide Row
McElwaine, Robert, M.D.
McElwaine, Henry, leather merchant, Market Street
McElwaine, R., agent for "Belfast Weekly News"
McKeown, James, publican, Market Street
McKinley, Thos., harness maker, Main Street

Parr, Samuel, publican, Market Street
Phoenix Fire Office, Agent, James Coleman, Main Street
Preston, David, labourer, William Street

Ranson, Robert, farmer, Wilton
Reilly, James, publican, Barrack Street
Reilly, Patrick, publican, Main Street
Reilly, Thomas, publican, Barrack Street
Rochford, Patrick, baker, William Street
Rodgers, Edward, painter
Rodgers, Thomas, painter
Rodgers, Owen, tailor, Barrack Street
Rodgers, Michael, blacksmith, Barrack Street
Ryan, Richard, M.D., J.P., The Villa
Ryder, James, farmer, Urcher

Shaffrey, P., publican, Market Street
Simms, Mrs., spirit grocer, Church Street
Skelly, John, lodging house, William Street
Small, Miss, Market Street
Smith, Owen, fruiterer, William Street
Smith, William, boot maker, William Street
Smyth, Charles, grocer, Market Street
Stafford, James, delph and tin warehouse, Market Street
Stanley, Anne, dress maker, Adelaide Row
Sullivan, Lawrence, publican. Market Street

Thompson, Wm., manager Northern Bank
Timmins, Patrick, publican, Market Street

Vance, Richard, agents' clerk

Ward, John, mason, Henry Street
Ward, James, mason, Henry Street
Wauhope, John, auctioneer, Carnalynch
Williamson, J. G., farmer, Beechfield

Young, Thomas, Gartenane



Alleley, G., G.N.R., station agent
Archdale, E. M., D.L., Riverside
Armstrong, Allen, Drumrainey
Armstrong, George, Laragh
Armstrong, Miss Elizabeth, wine merchant
Armstrong, James, bill poster
Armstrong, James, Currin
Armstrong, Samuel, R.D.C., Flowerdale
Armstrong, The Misses, dress makers, The Row
Armstrong, William, boot merchant
Armstrong, William, fancy shop
Armstrong, William, The Cottage, Craghan

Ball, Joseph
Ball, William, Drumcullion
Beatty, Jerry, Flatfield
Beatty, Mrs. M.
Blair, Rev. R., Rectory
Brown, Wm. J.
Burke, H. A., J.P., land agent, Drumkeen

Campbell, John, grocer and baker
Campbell, William
Campbell, William B., fancy shop
Coalter, Andrew, draper
Coalter Bros., grocers
Coalter, George J., N.S.T.
Co-operative Dairy Society, Ltd., Bara Road, John Morrison, manager; Wm. Campbell, assistant manager
Corrigan, John, saddlery establishment
Craig, Joseph, & Sons, saw mills
Creighton, H. T., publican
Creighton, John, carpenter
Creighton, John, publican
Creighton, Robert, Knockmanowl
Crozier, James, Dring
Crozier, R. A., hotel and posting establishment
Crozier, Thomas, Flowerdale
Crozier, Thomas & Son, general merchants and funeral undertakers
Crozier, T. J., Riverside House
Crozier, William, corn and flax mills

Ditty, Miss, Main Street

Edwards, James, farrier
Edwards, Mrs., grocer
Edwards, Robert, boot maker
Elliott, James, Killymitten
Elliott, William, Dunmurry
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, H. A. Burke, J.P., Drumkeen; J. J. West, Crocknacrieve

Fair, William, Drurnkeen
Flood, George, civil bill officer
Flood, George, jun., hawker
Flood, George, senior

Gibson, Hugh, Bara Road
Gill, Edward, ex-sergeant R.I.C., Bara Road.
Gilmore, Mrs., dispensary

Irvine, Geoffrey, land agent, Goblush
Irvine, Hamilton, hotel keeper
Irvine, Major J. C., The Castle, Killadeas

Jennings, Thomas, tinsmith
Johnston, John, Goblusk
Johnston, Wm. L., Currin

Kelly, Mrs., Drumsomies House

Law, Robert, blacksmith
Lendrum, G. C., D.L., Jamestown
Luke, John, land steward, Rosford

May, J., colporteur Church of Ireland
May, W., scripture reader
Megahey, James, watch maker
Megahey, Mrs. Jane, grocer
Moffitt, Herbert
Moffitt, John, publican
McCullough, James, J.P., Bara
McCusker, Andrew, land steward
McLain, Henry, grocer
McMaude, F. V., J.P., Prospect

O'Dogherty, Rev. W., P.P.

Patterson, Susan, fancy shop
Phoenix Fire Office, Agents, Samuel Armstrong, J.P., Flowerdale; John W. Creighton, Drumkeen
Pomeroy, John A., J.P., St. Angelo

Richardson, Colonel, D.L., Rossfad
Robinson, George, Drumcreen
Rollestone, James, jeweller
Rolleston, James A.

Stafford, John, Drumurry
Stewart, James, postman
Strong, William, Killyskerry
Stutt, William

Veitch, William, victualler
Verschoyle, Stuart, Tullycleagh

Watson, Alexander
Watson, James, carpenter
West, J. J., rate collector, Crock-na-Crieve
West, W. H., chief clerk Fermanagh County Council
Woods, Arthur



Boreland, John
Boyd, Archie, blacksmith

Chambers, R. H.

Dickson, Alex., wine and spirit merchant
Dickson, Miss E. J. B.
Doherty, James, saddler
Donaghey, John, sexton
Donegan, Mrs., farmer, The Castle
Donnelly, John, farmer
Donelly, John, post master, emigration and insurance agent and agent for Lloyd's

Gault, Daniel, shoe maker
Gillan, Alexander, fisherman

Jamieson, Mrs., Blackside

Kane, Wm.
Kelly, James, farmer
Kelly, William

Lamont, Rose
Lenigan, Archie

Matchette, Rev. Wm., The Rectory, Mount Druid
Meban, Daniel
Mitchell, Charles, fisherman
Mitchell, Jane, The Demesne
Morgan, D., fisherman
Mullan, P., boat builder
McBride, Mrs.
McCurdy, Daniel, farmer
McKay, Archibald
McKay, Dick, fisherman, The Port
McKay, James, hotel, Miss M. J. McKay, manageress
McKay, James, carpenter, Blackside
McKay, John, The Castle
McKay, John, fisherman
McKay, Nancy, grocer
McKendry, Alex., carpenter and farmer
McLernon, Ellen
McShane, Mrs., The Castle
McMichael, A. J., dress maker, Cragane

Roarke, Bryan, fisherman
Roarke, John, fisherman

White, Ezekiel, farmer


Baird, Robert, Maghernahare
Black, Archie, Maghernahare
Black, Daniel, Lemenagh
Brown, Charles, Cloughcorr
Brown, Eliza, Magheracastle
Brown, Miss, Magheracastle Post Office

Callaghan, Henry, Lemenagh
Campbell, Wm., Craigalappin
Christie, Daniel, Craiganee
Christie, William H., Craiganee
Cunningham, David, Legavar

Donnelly, Alexander, J.P., Cloughcorr House
Donnelly, Mrs., Knocknagarvin
Donnelly, Mrs., grocer, Mayhernahare

Glass, Enos, Lemenagh

Henderson, Dr., J.P., Lemenagh
Hill, David, Templastra
Hill, John, Broughgammon
Hill, Patrick, Broughgammon
Hunter, James, Legavar

Kane, Charles, Craiganee
Kane, John, grocer, Maghernahare
Kane, John, Glenstaghy
Kane, Patrick, Knocknagarvin
Kane, Thomas, Ballinlea

Logan, John, Lemenagh

McAfee, James, Lemenagh
McAfee, John, Ballinastraid
McAuley, Daniel, Knocksoghey
McBride, Hugh, Lisbellnagroagh
McCaughan, Charles, grocer, Kilmahamogue
McCaw, James, Craiganee
McCaw, James, Lemplastra (Templastra )
McConaghy, John, Broughgammon
McConaghy, Robert, Knocknagarvin
McConaghy, Silas, Lemenagh
McConaghy, William, Lemenagh
McCurdy, Alexander, Mount Druid
McCurdy, D. R., Lemenagh
McCurdy, Daniel, Lemenagh
McCurdy, James, Knocknagarvin
McCurdy, John, Lemenagh
McCurdy, Simon, Legavar
McGowan, Alexander, Broughgammon
McGowan, Daniel, Broughgammon
McGugan, John, grocer, Maghernahare
McKay, Archie, Port Bradden
McKay, Charles, Cloughcorr
McKay, James, Clegnagh
McKeown, Daniel, carpenter, Maghernahare
McKendry, Archie & Neil, Craigalappin
McKendry, Robert, Demesne
McKenzie, James, Ballinlea
McKinnon, Thomas, Legavar
McLean, Alex., builder, Magherycastle
McLernon, John, Lemenagh
McMullan, John, Templastra
McMullan, Thomas, Craiganee
McMullan, William James, Ballinastraid

Price, Andrew, Rock Cottage, Craigalappin
Price, Charles, Ballinlea
Price, Robert, grocer, Ballinlea
Purcell, Nathan, Lemenagh

Scally, Thomas, Magheracastle
Sinclair, William, Templastra



Adams, John, Augherlane House, Ballybay
Armstrong, S., watch maker and jeweller

Bartley, William, B.A., M.D., M.Ch., B.A.O.
Biggar, Edward, Crieve, Ballybay
Boyd, Alexander, J.P., Kilcrow
Boyd, Francis, butcher
Boyle, Francis, publican
Brady, P., draper
Brennan, Mrs., grocer
Brown, Samuel, J.P., Drumfaldra House, estate agent
Byrne, P. J., publican

Carlisle, John, Derryvalley
Carlisle, Samuel, Sunnybank
Carney Bros., publicans
Carson, D. J., J.P., Ballybay
Carson, Mrs., Springfield House
Carson, Thomas, Crosskeys
Carson, William Kidd, Harrymount
Carson, W. C., Glenmount
Carson & Sons, grocers and ironmongers
Clarke, James, blacksmith
Clarke, Robert, grocery and boot warehouse
Connolly, Patrick, J.P., Sporthall, Ballybay
Conlon Brothers, grocers
Coogan, Bernard, publican
Corrie, James, Drumhilla, Ballybay
Corrie, James, grocer, Ballybay
Coyle, Patrick, publican
Crawford, Joseph, draper
Crawford, R., L.R.C.S.I., Castleshane and Listror Dispensary
Crawford & Co., drapers
Cuming, Alice, publican
Cunningham, James, delph and fruit

Dignam, Thos., J.P., Crieve Flax Mills
Draffin, David, Corbyfin
Duffy Brothers, grocers
Duffy, James, publican
Duffy, Michael, barber
Duffy, Patrick, watchmaker
Dunn, James, gas manager
Dunwoody, Forster, solicitor, Monaghan
Dunwoody, T., LL.B., solicitor
Dunwoody, W. J., chemist

Eakin Bros., boot warehouse
Elliott, Thomas, baker
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agent, J. J. Boyle, Station Master G.N.R.
English, Thomas, Corbyfin
English, Wm., Thornhill, Ballybay

Fee Bros., druggists and grocers
Fitzpatrick, Mrs., Cormeen House, Aughnamullen

Gosselin, Sir Nicholas, Annaghmullen, Ballybay
Graham, Joseph, Drumhilla
Graham, Mrs., Corvoy Mills
Graham, Rev. J. F., B.A., The Manse
Graham, Thomas, Corbrac
Gray Brothers, drapers and auctioneers
Greer, Joseph, Tullycorbett Glebe, Ballybay

Hanratty, James, publican
Holland, M. & J., tea merchants
Hughes, Mrs. Susan, publican

Jebb Bros., grocers
Jebb, John, builder and contractor

Kavanagh, Patrick, baker
Keelaghan Bros., drapers and publicans
Keelaghan, James, publican
Keenan, Phillip, grocer
King, Isaiah, Drumhilla

Lavelle, James, Rockmullen
Lennon, Miss, draper
Leslie, J. H. E., J.P., Ballybay House
Lockhart, James, Fairview

Maclean, Joseph, Lakeview
Magillcuddy, Mrs., Mill Vale
Miller, Alex., publican
Mills, W., proprietor Leslie Arms Hotel
Moen, Mrs. Elizabeth, butcher
Moffett, Rev. Joseph, Creivagh House
Montgomery, Rev. A., Crieve Castle, Carnareagh
Montgomery, Rev. J. T., B.A., The Manse, Cahans, Dunrymount
Moore, Isaac, Lantaur
Morell, James, B.A., Cumry Lodge
Mullen Brothers, publicans
Mullan, Mrs., publican
Murphy, Mrs. C. O., publican
Murphy, Stephen, J.P., Cornanaugh House
McCabe, Mrs. Anne, publican
McCoy, George, merchant
McCoy, Miss, general drapery, millinery and mantle warehouse
McCullagh, Mrs. E., hardware merchant
McCullagh, Miss, Corfadd, Aughnamullen
McDonnell, James, publican
McDonnell, P. J., publican
McGinn, P., publican
McGlone, Very Rev. Peter, P.P., D.D., Latton
McGeough, Bernard, draper
McGurk, Philip, insurance agent
McIvor, C., merchant tailor
McKean, James, J.P., Laragh Spinning Mills
McKenna, Bernard, publican
McMurray, James, general merchant, Crosskeys
McMurray, Mrs. T. W., Mount Carmel House
McMurray, Robert, spirit merchant and draper
McMurray, Mrs., Mount Carmel House
McNally, M., publican
McParland, Patrick, tailor
McSherry, Richard, bookseller and stationer
McWilliam, Herbert, solicitor

Naylor, Rev. Mr., Crossduff

Phoenix Fire Office, Samuel Brown, J.P., Drumfaldra

Quin, John, baker

Ramsey, Miss, Bowelk House
Ranson, Mrs., postmistress, news and emigration agent, general stationer, fancy goods warehouse, agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Rutherford, M. M., & Son, auctioneers, grocers, hardware, iron and timber merchants, stationery and fancy warehousemen
Rutherford, W. R., assistant county surveyor, auctioneer, house and land agent

Scott, Thomas, rate collector and auctioneer
Smith, Edward, publican
Smith, Solomon, delph and general warehouse
Stokes, George, grocer and provision merchant
Swansey, Miss Rockfield, Clontibret

Tenison, Major, Loughbawn

Waddell, Alexander, Clover Hill
Waddell, Alfred, Lisnavane House
Watson, Rev. T., Clontibret Glebe
Wilson, Mrs. P. McConkey
Wilson, Robt., Aughakist, Aughnamullen
Wright, H. & S., coach builders
Wright, James, grocer


Boyd, Hugh

Carson, John, Monantin
Carson, Wm., Crystal Brook Farm
Conlan, Peter, R.D.C., Anaskew
Connolly, Francis, J.P., Coolmannon

Dickson, John G., Cooragarry, Swans Cross

Eakins, James, Annaneice
Eakins, Samuel, Annaneice

Graham, James
Graham, Thomas

Lyster, Mrs. John, Dundrennan

Moffett, Thomas, Crievagh
McMurray, Wm., Mountpleasant

Ritchie, George, Ednanea
Robb, John, Ednenra
Robinson, Ralph, horse dealer, Caddagh and Ballybay

Sloan, Timothy, Creivagh
Speer, Miss, Cordufflis
Swan, Robert, J.P., Swan's Cross
Swan, William, Swan's Cross

Thomson, William

Waddell, A., Lisnavane House, Dunraymond
Wilson, Alex., flax merchant, Corbrack
Wylie, A., Ballydian
Wylie, T., Drumhillah



Arnold, Robert

Bayer & Co., shirt factory
Bell, J., boot maker
Bell, Thomas
Bonar, Andrew
Boner, William, clothes dealer
Boyle, Joseph, grocer and game dealer
Brooks, W. T.
Brown, James, grocer
Brown, Miss, dress maker
Byrne, Andrew, farmer

Caldwell, Samuel, druggist
Caldwell, David, publican
Chase, Joseph, watch maker and cycle agent
Colum, Joseph, boot and shoe maker
Colum, Thomas, boot maker
Connolly, Jas., grocer & leather merchant
Creighton, J., R.I.C.
Crumlish, Thomas, butcher

Deery, John, dealer
Dorian, Mrs.
Durnin, J., grocer and publican

Edwards, Miss
Elliott, J., solicitor
Elliott, T., solicitor
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agent, W. H. H., Donaldson, J.P., Glenafton, Welchtown
Ewing, Mrs., grocer
Ewing, Robert, railway clerk

Flagherty, A., carpenter

Gallagher, Daniel, tinsmith
Gallagher, H. T., solicitor
Gallagher, John, mason
Gallagher, Mrs., draper
Gallingh, P., carter
Geary, D., whitesmith
Geary, Mrs., general dealer
Glackin, William, green grocer
Gordon, Andrew, butcher
Gordon, Charles, butcher
Gregory, John

Hannigan, James, coal merchant
Hannigan, Mrs., publican and sprigging agent
Hannigan, Patrick, spirit dealer
Harkin, Joseph, tailor
Harnett, Patrick, R.I.C.
Houston, John, boot and shoe maker
Hutchinson, L., carpenter

Kee, Charles, spirit dealer
Kee, Henry, auctioneer, agent and publican
Kee, James, seed and general merchant
Kee, Mrs. M. J., grocer
Kee, Robert, posting establishment
Kee, Thos., J.P., draper and general merchant
Kelly, Charles, fowl merchant
Kelly, Francis, publican
Kelly, Hugh, railway porter
Kelly, James, delph merchant
Kelly, James, grocer and meal merchant
Kennedy, John, grocer and spirit dealer

Lowry, John, boot maker

McBride, The Misses, shirt agents
McCarron, Edward, general dealer and china merchant
McCarron, James, delph and china merchant
McCarron, John, fish dealer
McCarron, Mrs., lodging house
McClanaghan, Mrs., general dealer
McClure & Co., grocers
McCool, Francis
McDermott, P. W., J.P., grocer
McGinty, Michael, draper
McGlinchey, James
McGlinchey, Mrs., Northern Hotel and emigration agent
McGranaghan, P., cattle dealer
McIntyre, Miss
McKelvey, Mrs., grocer, leather dealer and publican
McLaughlin, B., publican
McLaughlin, James, spirit dealer and posting establishment
McMenamin, Edward, cooper
McMenamin, Francis, butcher and publican
McMonagle, Mrs., spirit dealer
McNamee, Mrs., grocer
McNulty, Andrew, engine cleaner
McNulty, Patrick, farmer
McNulty, P., tailor
Magee, Andrew, stamp distributor
Magee, George, hotel and auctioneer
Magee & Co., drapers
Maher, James, station master
Martin, Miss, publican
Martin, Miss, draper
Mechan, Wm., grocer and spirit dealer
Morrow, Samuel, draper
Mount, Miss, dress maker
Mulholland, Roger, green grocer
Mullin, J., saddler
Mulrine, J., saddler
Mulrine, Mrs., publican
Murphy, J. T., general merchant
Murray, Matthew, smith and farrier

O'Donnell, Hugh, watch maker and cycle agent
O'Donnell, Miss, china merchant
O'Loughlin, D., publican

Patterson, Miss, shirt agent
Phoenix Fire Office, Agents, R. A. Cunningham, Northern Bank; Andrew Magee

Quigley, Miss
Quinn, Miss, grocer
Quinn, Mrs., spirit dealer and grocer
Quinn, Mrs., shirt agent
Quinn, Mrs., delph and china merchant
Quinn, Patrick, merchant

Reid, J., tailor
Reilly, James, fowl dealer
Reilly, James, railway porter
Reilly, Robert, fowl dealer
Reilly, Wm., general purveyor
Rodgers, Mrs.

Scarff, A., carpenter
Shields, J., railway audit clerk
Shesgreen, James, pork buyer and merchant
Shesgreen, Michael, publican
Shiels, Mary, embroiderer
Sproule, Miss, draper

Timony, Patrick, tailor
Tinney, A., barber
Toner, J., solicitor

Virtue, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer

Ward, F., mason
Wisely, J., baker
Woods, John, coachbuilder
Woods, Samuel, contractor and timber merchant
Woods, W. J., smith and farrier



Adrain, James, Templecorran House
Allen, James, posting establishment

Bartley, Rev. T., B.A., The Manse
Beggs, Edward, farmer
Beggs, W., carpenter, Bellahill
Bennett, Rev. J. Hamilton, B.A., Kilroot

Campbell, James, smith

Dundee, Charles, M.D.

Egerton, Rev. T., curate, Causeway Villas
Ellis, Alexander, Bank House
English & Scottish Law Life Office, Agent, James A. Colhoun, N.S. teacher
Erskine, James, draper

Hamilton, Jas., publican & grocer
Hamilton, Mrs., grocer
Hawkins, Boyd, shoe maker
Hawkins, John, station master
Hawkins, John, shoemaker; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Hawkins, William, postman

Kennedy, W. H., grocer
King, R. S., Causeway Hotel

Legge, Jas., The Cottage
Leighton, J. A., Springbrook

Marsden, Rev. W. G., The Manse
Millar, Alexander, carpenter
Millar, James, carpenter
Millar, The Misses, drapers and milliners
Millar, Wm., publican
McConnell, Francis, post master
McCully, William, Forthill Limeworks
McFall, P., tailor
McGiffin, Miss, dress maker
McKee, John, farmer
McKee, Mrs., publican and grocer
McMeekin, The Misses, dress makers

Orr, Samuel, master mariner

Porritt, W. F., Redhall

Sturdy, Edward H., grocer and farmer


Alexander, Mrs., Redhall

Banford, Robert, Bellahill
Boyle, Robert H., Lockstown
Burns, Archibald, Burnside

Calwell, Edward, Cairnbrock

Davison, James, Blackhill
Davison, John, South west, Ballycarry
Davison, John, Bellahill

Erskine, John, Blackhill

Glenn, William, Green Cottage

Hamilton, Samuel M., Forthill

Magowan, Wm., Blackhill
McCausland, John, Lockstown
McDade, Patrick, Lockstown
McKee, Samuel, North West, Ballycarry
McKee, Thomas, Oldmill
McKee, Wm., Oldmill

Ridges, James, North West, Ballycarry
Robinson, Thos., Leafield

Steele, Mrs., Leafield
Steele, Robert, Loughside
Stevenson, Robert, Minniebrook

White, Edward, Muttonburn



Anderson, Miss, dress maker
Archibald, Miss, Ardaghmore

Baillie, John, station master
Bakewell, James, refreshments
Barnes, Rev. I. P.
Belford, W. H., secretary Marine Hotel Co. Ltd.
Bell, Robert, sexton
Black, Miss, The Quay
Blair, Mrs., boarding house
Blaney, Neal, carter
Bonner, John, tinsmith
Boyd, Hugh
Boyd, John, fisher man
Boyd, Miss, Manor House
Boyd, Mrs., Brymawr
Boyd, Mrs. Hugh
Boyle, Cornelius, stone mason
Boyle, Bernard, draper
Brande, L. J., South Hill
Brannigan, Charles D., publican
Breakey, Rev. J. P. R., Glebe, Armoy
Brockerton, William, carpenter
Byrne, John, farmer

Callwell, Henry
Callwell, W. J., watch maker
Cameron, George, railway guard
Campbell, James
Campbell, John, fish merchant
Casement, Mrs., Glentaisie
Casement, Roger, J.P., Mogerintemple
Caulfield, Richard, coachman
Clarke, James, cooper
Colgin, Robert, tailor
Conway, James, engine driver
Cox, Rev. Thomas, M.A., Ramoan Rectory
Coyle, Hugh
Coyles, Archibald, butcher
Coyles, James, boatman
Craig, Thomas, Martello
Crawford, Rev. A. E., M.A., Presbyterian minister, Armoy
Cunningham, The Misses
Curry, Mrs., grocer
Curry, William, school teacher

Dallas, James, Norvally, farmer
Dalliott Bros., carpenters and joiners
Delargy, John, pier foreman
Dempsey, Charles, fisherman
Dickson, Miss, Ballintoy
Devlin, Mrs.
Donnelly, Alex., J.P., Cloughcorr, Ballintoy
Donovan, Rose
Douglas, James, carpenter
Douglas, Miss, Glenluce
Dunlop, Dr. J. B., Glenbank
Dunlop, Robert

English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, Arthur Hunter, Estate Office; Sydney J. Lyle, 3 Annahavill
Ewing, Jane

Faloona, Rev. B., P.P.
Fee, Archie
Ferris, Mrs. J. C., Thorn Cottage

Gage, Mrs.
Gage, Miss A.
Gilbert, Mrs.
Gillan, Patrick, butcher
Gilmore, Thomas, grocer
Glass, William, draper and tailor
Glass, James, barber
Graham, Thomas, Glenluce
Greer, T. M., solicitor, Kenmara

Hamill, James, Nanavere
Hanna, Wm. J.
Haughey, George, draper
Hayes, W. G. B., J.P., Drumawillan, farmer
Henry, Andrew, car driver
Henry, David, postman and sexton
Herrigan, Daniel, publican
Hill, James, sandstone quarries
Hipwell, Miss, district nurse
Hopkinson, Captain, R.N.
Humphreys, David, carpenter and builder
Humphreys, Miss
Humphreys, Thomas, carpenter and builder
Hunter, Alex., publican
Hunter, Mrs., Antrim Arms Hotel and posting establishment
Hutchinson, J. S., J.P., Shangarry
Hutchinson, John
Hutchinson, The Misses
Hutchinson, Samuel

Jackson, Rev. John, B.D., The Manse
Jameson, Robert, plumber
Jamieson, William, plumber
Jennings, James
Jolly, Miss, woollen draper and grocer

Kane, Steel, grocer
Kelly, William, carpenter
Kennedy, Hugh, draper
Keown, Mrs.
Kerr, Rev. M., Rathlin Island
Kinney, Gabriel, publican
Kirkpatrick, H. C., manager Northern Bank Limited
Kirkpatrick, Miss, dress maker

Lamont, Daniel, publican
Lawrence, Moore, Gartconey, farmer
Loughran, Hugh, sergeant R.I.C.
Lyle, Mrs., Ardeevin
Lyle, Sydney J., J.P., The Quay

Macartney, J.
Macauley, J., carver
Macouaig, Mrs.
Magee, Hugh
Magill, The Misses, milliners
Matchette, Rev. W., A.B., Ballintoy
Maybank, J., clerk of market
Millar, Miss Marion, Sunnybank
Millar, James, boot maker
Millar, Miss
Miller, Lady, Whitehall
Mitchell, James
Michell, John, shoemaker
Mooney, Cornelius, grocer
Mooney, D., & Sons, boot warehouse
Moore, Mrs., Moyarget Lodge
Moore, Mrs., Whitehall Cottage
Moore, Rev. J. R., Lisvarna
Moore, Robert, grocer
Morrison, Mrs.
McAllister, Alexander, grocer and iron, timber, slate, coal and seed merchant, Distributor of Stamps, Commissioner for taking Affidavits for the Court of Chancery and Court of King's Bench in Ireland
McAllister, H. A., shipping agent, clerk of petty sessions and auctioneer
McAlister, Daniel, farmer
McAuley, Denis publican
McAuley, Hugh, painter
McAuley, Mary, draper
McAuley, Mrs., draper
McAuley, Rachel, dress maker
McAuley, Sarah, publican
McBride, John, postman
McCambridge, E. F., J.P., auctioneer and merchant
McCambridge, Miss
McCambridge, Mrs. Ida M., Boyd Arms Hotel
McCarry, Patrick, J.P., Murlough
McCaughan, Charles
McCaughan, Hugh, Stronebesk, farmer
McCaughan, John, J.P., Duncarbit
McCaughan, Mrs., draper and leather merchant
McCaughan, Mrs., grocer
McCausland, Saml., watch maker
McClure, James, grocer
McCollam, Alex., baker and grocer
McConaghy, John, coach builder
McCormick, Samuel, grocer
McClements, James, spirit grocer
McCurdy, James, grocer
McDermott, Miss, Ardaghmore
McDonnell, Randel, veterinary surgeon, Strandview
McDowell, Samuel, carpenter
McElheran, Robert, draper
McGildowney, Hugh M., J.P., Clare Park
McGill, James, publican
McGrath, Miss, dress maker
McGuigan, J. C., corn mill
McGuigan, John, publican
McGuire, Miss, teacher
McHenry, Rose, boarding house
McHenry, William, spirit dealer
McIlroy, James, M.B., J.P., Ballycastle
McKendry, Patrick, butcher
McKendey, D., delph store
McKinlay, Daniel, registrar of marriages
McKinley, Anthony, grocer
McKinley, Matthew, Ardeevin
McKinley, John, baker
McLaughlin, Denis, workhouse porter
McLaughlin, Neal, spirit dealer
McLean, Alex., painter, glazier and carpenter
McLees, Denis, gardener
McMahon, Miss, Orrville
McMichael, James, school attendance officer
McMichael, Jas., Royal Hotel and contractor
McMichael, Mrs.
McMichael, Mrs., china warehouse
McMullan, Charles, boot and shoe maker
McMullan, G., publican
McMullan, Mrs.
McNally, James, pensioner
McNear, Andrew, gas manager.
McNeile, Mrs., Ivy House
McNeill, James, shoemaker and bill poster
McNeill, Miss, draper

Neeley, Miss Kate, grocer
Nicholl, John, brickyard and sawmill
Nicholl, Alex., sawmill

O'Brien, Richard
O'Connor, Miss, Bayview
O'Connor, Mrs.
O'Hara. John, grocer and farmer
O'Kane, J. P., J.P., draper
O'Neill, John, C.E., Ballypatrick
O'Neill, Patrick, plasterer

Patterson, Samuel, car driver
Phoenix Fire Office, Agents, John Price, Rock Cottage, Maghery Castle; Joseph P. O'Kane, auctioneer; Arthur Hunter, Estate Office; Sydney James Lyle, Annahavill
Pink, John, carter
Pinkerton, Hans, hair dresser

Quigg, Francis
Quigg, Mrs. B.

Ramsey, Robert, chemist
Richardson, Robert, school teacher
Ross Bros., tailors
Russell, William, blacksmith

Scarlett, John, boot and shoe warehouse
Schwind, Miss, manageress Marine Hotel
Scott, John, clerk
Scott, William, grocer
Sharpe, John M., J.P., Moyaret
Sharpe, Andrew, Drumahit, farmer
Sharpe, Miss, Lisvarna
Sharpe & McKinley, grocers, ironmongers, hardware merchants and agents for the sale of agricultural implements
Simpson, Joseph, carpenter
Smith, Hugh, blacksmith
Smith, John, gasfitter
Smith, Moore, J.P., Broughanlea
Smith, Samuel
Smith, William, Gartconey, farmer
Stewart, Miss, teacher, Castle Street
Stewart, Mrs., milliner
Stuart, Miss, teacher, Ann Street
Stuart, Miss, Berea
Stuart, Mrs. J. H.
Stuart, Mrs., Benmore
Stuart, W.  J., civil bill officer
Sun Fire and Life Offices, E. F. McCambridge, J.P., Agent

Taylor, William
Terrace, Walter, plumber
Thompson, Daniel
Thompson, Mrs., The Quay
Thomson, D., saddler
Thorpe, S., saddler
Todd, William

Verdon, Jane, spirit dealer

White, Charles, Hillhead, farmer
White, James, Leland, farmer
White, John, Altananum, farmer
White, Thomas, Carnsampson, farmer
Williamson, James, Stronsbesk, farmer
Wilson, Joseph, sailor
Wilson, Robert, postman
Wise, Mr.
Woodside, Dr. James, coroner
Woodside, Miss, milliner
Woodside, R. P., solicitor, Carnsampson
Wright, Wm., R.N., pensioner



Adrian, John, cattle dealer, Ballynure
Agnew, Andrew, Post Office, Ballyeaston
Alexander, Jas., Ballygallough, road surveyor
Alexander, John, Sizehill
Allison, Rev. Robert, Kilbride
Armstrong, Saml., Railway Terrace, Ballyclare

Bailie, Thomas, teacher
Baird, Francis, spirit dealer
Baird, Robert T. Wilson, Baird's Hotel
Ball, William, day manager North of Ireland Paper Mills
Barber, Robert, Greggville Cottages
Beatty, Miss, Ballynure
Beggs, D. C., solicitor, Ollar Lodge
Beggs, Thomas, conveyancer and Clark of Petty Sessions and Commissioner in Chancery
Beggs, T. & D. C., solicitors
Beggs, Wm. Hugh, builder, Ballyeaston
Bell, Mrs. John, Doagh Road
Berry, James, horse dealer and fruiterer
Bingham, Joseph, grocer
Blair, James, Sycamore House, Whitepark
Boyd, Charles, saddler
Boyd, Miss, dress maker
Boyd, The Misses, grocers
Boyd, T., grocer and shoe maker
Boyd, Thomas, spirit, dealer, Straid
Boyd, W. J., Wilson's Row
Boyle, Rev. T., P.P.
Brown, Miss, L.L.C.M., teacher of music, Craig Dufferin Cottage, Whitepark
Brown, Mrs., Greggville Cottages
Brown, Thomas, teacher of music, Craig Dufferin Cottage, Whitepark

Cameron, David, letterpress printer, bookbinder and stationer
Cameron, Mrs. David, grocer
Cannon, Miss, grocer
Carlin, William J., grocer and postman
Carlisle, James, Greenvale Terrace
Carr, Miss, grocer
Carson, Samuel, grocer
Caruth, John, plasterer
Cashion, Miss, principal teacher Catholic School
Caton, John, Greggville Cottages
Chapman, J. W., manager Northern Bank
Christie, Edward, station master Ballyclare & Larne Railway
Clugston, Samuel
Cole, Charles, nailer
Coleman, T., draper
Connolly, Henry, Glenpark
Corry, Alex., cabinet maker
Corry, Samuel, cabinet maker
Craig, Houston, spirit dealer
Craig, William, Cogry
Creeth, George, plasterer
Creeth, James, agent for sewing machines and sub-sanitary officer
Crooks, James S., veterinary surgeon
Cross, Abel, Victoria Villas, Moss Road
Cunningham, Abraham, boot factor and draper
Cunningham, John, draper, outfitting and cycle agent, Blue House, Ballyclare

Dickey, David, B.A., J.P., commissioner for taking affidavits for the superior courts of common law
Dickey, John, farmer, Dickey's Town, Ballyeaston
Donnavon, Solomon, dispensing druggist

Elliott, Mrs., Market Square
Erskine, Thomas, draper
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, Jas. Gregg, merchant and Hugh Hill, Clerk of Petty Sessions

Ferris, Wm., N.S. teacher, Ballylinney
Fleming, John, painter and house decorator
Forsythe, John, tailor
Fulton, Mrs., Green Road

Galbraith, Alexander, pedlar
Gamble, Robert, cattle dealer, Victoria Villas
Gardner, Alex., Masonic Arms, spirit dealer
Gault, James, Cogry
Gault, Miss, Ballyeaston Road
Gault, Mrs. Wm., Beech Hill, Doagh
Girvan, William, publican, Ballynure
Goorley, William, mechanic
Gordon, W. & J., pork and butter merchants
Graham, John, tailor, North End
Graham, William, The Craigs
Graham, Wm., flesher, North End
Graham, Wm., tinsmith and lamp lighter
Grange, John, spirit dealer
Grange, W. H., spirit dealer
Grant, William, managing director North of Ireland Paper Mills Co. Ltd.
Gregg, James, chemist and druggist, hardware and general merchant; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" & "Belfast Weekly News"
Griffith, M., flesher, Ballyclare

Haggan, Andrew, slater
Hanna, Thomas, farmer, Rashee
Hanley, James, engineer and manufacturer of farming implements, Foundry, Bruslee
Hanley, Wm., cycle builder, Bruce Mills
Havern, B., dog trainer, Gateside
Hackney, Thomas, farmer, Thornditch
Henderson, Alan, postman and grocer
Henderson, John, newsagent and stationer, Ballynure
Henderson. Mrs. James, woollen draper
Henderson, Reid., hay dealer, Ballynure
Heron, Frank, Grahamstown
Hill, Edward, solicitor, Ollar View Cottage
Hill, David, tailor and merchant draper
Hill, Gilmore, Ballynure
Hill, Hugh, C.P.S., Green Road
Hill, James, grocer
Hill, Jas., jeweller and watch maker
Holmes, Hugh, Millvale
Horner, Andrew, carpenter, Avondale Terrace
Houston, John, painter and glazier, Ballyeaston
Hunter, Edward, spirit dealer, Railway Tavern

Jack, William, Glenvale Terrace
Jackson, James, Skilganaban
James, T. Edwin, bank clerk
Jervis, Tom, summons server
Johnston, James H., boot merchant

Kennedy, William, jeweller and watch maker, Ballyclare
Kerr, James, spirit merchant and boot merchant
Kirkpatrick, John J., J.P., The Green
Knox, David, Hillhead

Laird, Edward, farmer, Milltown
Laird, Joseph, land surveyor and farmer, Milltown
Lawson, John, woollen draper
Legate, Rev. E. M.
Lisle, John, farmer, Thornhill
Lisle, William, farmer, Isle of Man
Logan, Andrew, V.S., Clareview
Logan, Dr.
Lorrimer, A., mechanic
Loughran, Wm. John, Victoria Villas
Lowes, Miss
Lyndsay, Isaac, farmer, Lane Ends, Palentine
Lyndsay, Miss, Victoria Villas

Mackey, Samuel, Green Road
Magee, Francis, tailor and draper
Magee, Francis, builder, Rashee Road
Magee, Miss, milliner and draper
Magee, Robert, builder and grocer
Majury, James, agent for Inglis' bread
Mercer, Bertram, Victoria Villas
Mewhirter, Robert, grocer
Millar, David, Millar's Row, Ballyclare
Millar, R. J., blacksmith
Millar, Samuel, manufacturer of farming implements, The Foundry
Milliken, Mrs. James, Green Road
Milliken, Samuel, cattle dealer
Molyneux, John, J.P., Fisherwick
Moore, James, shoe maker
Moore, Mrs., dress maker and milliner
Moore, Thomas, shoe maker
Moore, Wm., boot merchant and shoe maker
Morrison, John, fruiterer
Mullen, John, grocer, Park's Place
McCaw, Hugh, grocer, Park Street
McCaw, Jas., poultry and pig dealer, Ballyeaston
McClean, S., grocer
McClelland, Stewart, grocer
McConnell, Wm. S., spirit dealer and carrier
McConnell, W. Smyth, spirit dealer, carrier
McCracken, Rev. W. J., Ballyeaston
McCrea, Robert, coal merchant
McCrone, Hugh, farmer, Grahamstown
McDonald, Alan, Victoria Villas
McDowell, Wm., coachbuilder, grocer, and Central Hotel
McGranills, George, general dealer
McIlroy, William, grocer
McKeen, Wm., N.S. teacher
McKillen, Wm., mechanical engineer, Green House
McKinstry, Nathaniel, draper
McKinstry, Thomas, draper
McKinstry, T. J., Skilgan
McKinstry, Wm. Jas., farmer, Grahamstown
McKnight, Samuel, grocer
McKnight, Thos., merchant tailor
McMeekin, Adam, manager Cogry Flax Spinning Co.
McQuitty, Alex., blacksmith
McWilliam, Dr. W. A., physician and surgeon and medical officer of Ballynure Dispensary

Nicholson, Wm., agent Prudential Life Assurance Society

Owens, The Misses, Hole stone

Park, Andrew, horse dealer, Ballynure
Park, Mrs. W. J., Ballynure, spirit dealer
Park, Richard Dobbs, Ballynure
Park, Richard, farmer and horse dealer, Ballynure
Percy, Miss, dress maker
Phoenix Fire Office, Agents, Hugh Hill, Clerk of Petty Sessions; Thomas McKnight
Pollock, John, milk server
Price, Mrs., grocer

Robinson, Miss, grocer
Robinson, Sarah, spirit dealer
Ross, Alexander, Fairview

Service, Henry, grocer and spirit dealer
Service, Mrs., grocer
Shannon, Alexander, woollen draper
Shannon, Mrs., Green Road
Simms, Miss, Doagh Road
Smyth, Samuel, Ballyhone
Spence, Mrs., Coronation Terrace
Stalker, Robert, Victoria Villas
Stephenson, A. King, M.D., medical officer of Doagh Dispensary
Stevenson, Alex., butcher
Stevenson, James, farmer, Four Mile Burn, Doagh
Stevenson, Joseph, Palentine
Sun Fire Life Offices, E. Hill, Solicitor

Taylor, Frank, manager Springvale Bleach Green
Taylor, William, Victoria Villas
Tyney, Samuel, Cogry House

Valentine, Miss, boot and fancy warehouse

Wade, Miss, principal female N.S.
Walsh, John, draper
Warwick, David, rural postman and grocer, Green Road
Warwick, James, draper and hay dealer
Warwick, N., grocer and hardware merchant
Whitepark Finishing Co., Whitepark, Mr. Robert Carse, manager
Williams, James, watch maker and jeweller
Wilson, Mrs. T. L., saddler
Wilson, Park, farmer, Knowhead, Ballyeaston
Wilson, R. J., farmer, Knowhead, Ballyeaston
Woodside, Miss, Skilganaban



Abernethy, W. R., M.D., J.P., registrar of births, deaths and marriages
Adderley, Rev. T., A.B., Killeshil
Anderson, D., N.S. teacher
Arthurs, J. & R., butter and egg merchants, Lisdaurt

Bailie, William, Martry Manor
Beattie, William, R.D.C., Tullyvar
Beattie, W. T., M.D.
Bell, Adam, Sandycove Cottage
Best, James, Grange Cottages
Boughan, Edward, civil bill officer
Brown, C., R.I.C.
Brownlee, William, nailor
Buchannan, T., Cess House
Buchannan, William, Annihalla House
Burton, A., Richmont
Busby, Robert, Shrubbery Cottage

Cairns, D., J.P., Lettry House
Cairns, Thomas, mason
Cairns, Thomas, painter and decorator
Campbell, Charles, shipping agent
Carr, J., hotel boots
Carr, J. & B., shoe makers
Carson, W., Anahoe
Cherry, John, miller and grocer, Ballyreagh post office
Clarke, The Misses, milliners & dress makers
Colbert, G., carpenter
Conway F., N.S. teacher
Crosslie, John, solicitor, Anahoe and Belfast
Cullen, acting sergeant R.I.C.
Curren, Wm., Lettery
Curry, Mrs. J., The Mills, Lisdaurt

Dawson, William, Grange Cottages
Devlin, J. F. S., land agent and C.P.S.
Devlin, T., Tullyglush House
Dickey, E., grocer
Dobson, James, Grange
Dobson, Mrs., Grange
Doherty, J., hawker
Donaghey, James, marine merchant
Donaghey, J. & P., cattle dealers, Dromfad
Donnelly, J., upholsterer and registration agent, Grange Cottages
Donnelly, P., process server
Donnelly, Wm., car driver
Dornan, P., dealer
Dorrian, A., fruiterer and newsagent
Dorrian, J., Press correspondent
Droogan, F., C.V.R.
Droogan, T., posting establishment
Duff, Nathaniel, draper, grocer, and timber merchant; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Duff, W. R., Killymorgan

Eardly, M., shop assistant
Early, Edward, road contractor, Errigal
Early, Wm., solicitor, Aughnacloy
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agent, J. F. S. Devlin, Tullyglush House
Ewens, G. & R., blacksmiths
Ewins, A., shoe maker

Fair, J. & M., merchants
Fairbank, Rev. John Foster, A.M., The Parsonage
Fanning, P.
Fitzpatrick, N., Grange and Omagh
Flannigan, Miss, Grange Cottages

Gaskin, John, butcher, Ballygawley and Aughnacloy
Gormley, James, merchant
Gervan, John S., J.P., Grangemount
Gervan, W. S., Stewart Arms Hotel, agent Fire and Life Royal Insurance Co., the Allen Line Steamers, Goulding's Manures, Hornsly's Farming Implements and the Wexford "Star" Iron Works, Salt Mines Syndicate and English Coal; Posting Master and complete Funeral Furnisher
Gormley, James, merchant

Hacket, Thos., baker
Hagan, J., ex-sergt. Highland Light Infantry
Hanna, J., R.D.C.
Henderson, William, saddler
Higgins, Jas., auctioneer and general merchant
Higgins & McDonald, tea merchants
Hopper, William, Tullyvor
Hopper, Wm., Annaloughey
Horan, E., R.I.C.
Hynds, Misses M. & L., dress makers

Irwin, George, Cavey
Irwin, James, spirit merchant

Johnston, Robt., & Co., hardware and general merchants

Kelly, J., & Sons, horse dealers, Killeshil
Kelly, J., horse dealer, Cranlum
Kelly, Mrs., entertainment
Kelly, P., car driver
Kerr, John, refreshment rooms
Kerr, Rev. M., C.C.
Knox, G., shoe maker

Little, Archd., Tullylinton Cottage
Little, A., Tullylinton House
Loughran, F., & Sons, blacksmiths
Loughran, John, veterinary surgeon
Loughran, Joseph, cycle agent
Loughran, Mrs. M., school teacher

MacMahon, the Railway Bar
MacMahon, J. J., cycle,  insurance and brewers' agent
Martin, Mrs., Temperance Hotel, photographer
Molloy, Chas., spirit merchant, Criterion Bar
Moore, Mrs., spirit merchant, Criterion Bar
Moore, R., Richmont
Montague, J., J.P., Garvaghey
Montague, T., R.D.C., Altamaskin
Moutray, A., D.L., J.P., Favor Royal
Mountray, Miss, Killycarnon
Moutray, Miss, Killybrick
Moutray, Rev. J. M., LL.D., The Glebe, Richmount
Mulgrew, Frank, Richmont Road, contractor
Mullan, M., draper and spirit merchant
Mullan, Miss R., Lurgacullon House
Mullan, R., Lurgacullon House
Murphy, A., spirit merchant
Murphy, P., shoe maker
McAdam, Miss M., dress maker
McAleer, J., & Sons, coopers
McCann, Miss, draper
McCauley, George, coachman
McCarron, P., blacksmith
McCaughan, Mrs., Grange
McCollum, P.
McCollum, R., cooper
McCollum, William, horse dealer
McCollum, William, gardener
McComb, James, caretaker, The Manse
McDonald, Mrs., spirit merchant
McDonald, Peter, tea merchant
McDowell, A., tailor
McDowell, E., blacksmith
McDowell, T., labourer
McElkenny, Rev. P., C.C.
McFarland, F., miller
McFarland, Hugh, Grange Cottages
McGee, John, Grange Cottages
McGonnell, D.
McIlroy, Ann, Grange Cottages
McLean, G., R.D.C., Tullyvernon
McMinn, S., spirit grocer, timber and iron merchant
McMullan, J., R.I.C.

O'Neill, Francis, hardware, grocer and spirit merchant
O'Neill, James, leather merchant and grocer
O'Reilly, Miss M.

Patterson, A., bailiff to Sir H. H. Stewart, Bart.
Patterson, J. L., Knockanny
Patterson, M., rate collector, Killymorgan
Patterson. S., Tullyvannon
Phillips, J. T., The Grange
Phillips, Mrs. Catherine, The Grange
Rafferty, J., spirit dealer

Rafferty Patrick, spirit dealer
Rea, J. J., solicitor, Ballygawley and Aughnacloy
Rea Walter, horse dealer, Crewe Hill
Rea, Wm., J.P., R.D.C., Carron Cottage
Robinson, William, Lettry
Royal Fire and Life Insurance, W. S. Gervan, Agent

Simpson, Mrs., Post Office, Lisdourt
Simpson, R., Ballynasaggart
Sloan, Rev. Isaac, Ballyreagh
Stewart, Sir H. H., Bart., D.L., J.P., The Park
Stewart Arms Hotel
Sumerville, J., gamekeeper, The Park

Turner, A., Findrum

Walsh, M., R.I.C.
Watt, Mrs. Lydia, Cavey and Belfast
Wiggam, Robert, Lisgonnell
Williamson, J., marine dealer
Williamson, William, tailor
Williamson, William, process server
Wilson, S., Lisbeg
Wilson, Mrs., Killycarron



Bennett, William, D.C., farmer, Solitude
Boyd, W., farmer, Ballyrush
Boyd, W. A., The Cottage, Ballygowan

Cairns, W., blacksmith
Craigan, John, school master, Magherascouse
Crawford, James, sett maker

Dickson, J. Hill, J.P., Ardmore

Frame, James, publican and coal merchant
Frame, Robert, farmer, Woodhill

Gibson, Jos., post master, agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Gibson, Thomas J., farmer, Carrickmannon
Gibson, William, J.P., farmer, Heathfield House
Gracey, Charles, farmer, Ballyrush

Hogg, Stewart, farmer, Ballybeen
Hunniford, R., station master

Magee, Mrs., publican
Majury, Hugh, farmer, Carrickmannon
McBride, Thomas, carpenter
McConnell, R. W., farmer
McCullagh, John, farmer, Ravara
McEwen, W., grocer and butcher
McLernon, Rev. W. K., B.A., The Manse
McVeigh, Samuel, merchant tailor
Millar, John, overseer, Dufferin Stone Co.
Morrow, James, farmer, Magherascouse
Murray, John, publican, funeral undertaker and general merchant
Murray, James, J.P.
Murray, John, school master, Carrickmannon

Orr, Samuel, D.C., farmer, Ravara

Patterson, Robert, farmer, Ballyrush
Patterson. Samuel, farmer, Ballyrush
Porter, Samuel, farmer, Ballycloughan
Pyper, Samuel, farmer, Moneyrea
Rainey, Alexander, farmer

Ritchie, James, farmer, Ballykeigle
Robinson. John, farmer, Drumhirk

Semple, William, farmer
Simpson, David, D.C., farmer, Ravara



Beere, Rev. F. J., Virginia
Brady, John, publican
Brady, Rev. Hugh, C.C.
Brady, Thomas tailor
Briardy, James, car driver
Brown, J., fowl dealer
Brown, Michael, fowl dealer
Byars, John, labourer

Callahan, Bernard, car driver
Campbell, Thomas, publican
Chapman, John, tailor
Clarke, Maggie, draper
Colwell, Michael, labourer
Conaty, Francis, shoe maker
Conway, James, sheep and pig dealer
Cusack, Bernard, publican
Cusack, J. J., tailor
Cussack, Miss Helen, agent for "Belfast Weekly News"
Cusack, Miss, draper
Cusack, Thomas, provision dealer

Darling, Martha, nurse tender
Dawson, Wm., J.P., draper and farmer
Dolan, Richard, tinsmith

English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agent, James Slowey, Clerk of Loan Fund

Fegan, Michael, mason
Finegan, Bridget, publican
Finegan, Mrs., general merchant and farmer
Fitzpatrick, John
Flood, James, coach builder
Flynn, Patrick, fruit dealer
Ford, Joseph, R.I.C.
Foster, John, labourer

Gaffney, James, spirit grocer
Gallaher, James, restaurant
Gamble, Thomas W., chemist and druggist
Goldrick, M. J., victualler and hotel keeper
Gormley, John, carpenter
Gormley, Thos., carpenter
Gunn, Owen, fowl dealer

Hogg, C. W., & Co., drapers and farmers
Hinds, James, tinsmith

Keelan, Andrew, car driver
Kellett, James, saddler
Kelly, Bernard, C.P.S. and farmer

Latimer, Robert, gunsmith
Lynch, Connor, baker
Lynch, E., publican
Lynch, Francis, County Councillor
Lynch, F., baker and grocer
Lynch, Hugh, cattle dealer
Lynch, John, N.S. teacher
Lynch, Mathew, spirit grocer and farmer
Lynch, Mrs. M., toy shop
Lynch, Patrick, butcher
Lynch, Peter, shoe maker
Lynch, P. F., spirit grocer
Lynch, Thomas J., publican
Lynch, Thos., cattle dealer
Lynch, Wm., cattle dealer

Mackay, John, nailer
Magaharn, Patk., post car proprietor
Morrow, Miss E., draper
Murphy, James, publican and farmer
Murphy, John, farmer
Murray, James, postman
McCabe, Patrick, saddler
McCabe, Rev. F., C.C.
McCormick, Rev. Terence, C.C.
McCormick, Charles, cattle dealer
McCormick, Patrick, cattle dealer
McGivna, James, huntsman
McQuaide, M. J., M.D.

O'Hara, Thomas, restaurant
O'Reilly, Andrew, glazier
O'Reilly, Edward, classical teacher
O'Reilley, Francis, publican
O'Reilly, James, blacksmith
O'Reilly, Joseph, publican and farmer
O'Reilly, Patrick, dealer
O'Reilly, Patrick, publican and farmer
O'Reilly, Thomas, cooper
O'Reilly, Thomas, publican

Parker, Henry, grocer, Pullafree
Phoenix Fire Office, Agent, James Roden
Pratt, Abraham, grocer, hardware, merchant
Picken, Miss, draper

Quinn, Joseph, car driver

Reilly, Connor, dealer

Sheridan, Charles, horse dealer
Sheridan, Philip, publican and farmer
Sheridan, Thomas, cattle dealer
Sheridan, Wm., cattle dealer
Slowey, Catherine, green grocer
Slowey, James, land bailiff
Slowey, Thos., postman
Slowey, Thos., postman
Smyth, Jane, lodging house keeper
Smyth, Philip, fowl dealer
Smyth, P., draper
Smyth, Thomas, house proprietor
Smyth, Thos., grocer and farmer
Soden, Bernard, spirit grocer
Strong, Ida, draper

Tighe, T. F., manager Ulster Bank
Trinnear, Thomas, tailor
Trinnear, Wm., tailor

White, J. J., & Co., drapers
Wilson, Samuel, hotel keeper and farmer


Brady, Charles, Cluggah
Brady, Michael, Killivalley
Brady, Peter, Killkully
Brady, Philip, Lismeen
Brown, George, Crossruel
Brown, Joseph, Aughalohan
Byars, James, Cornagrove
Byars, James, Gartnabraker
Byars, John, Gartnabraker
Byars, John, Cornagrove
Byars, Robert, Aughalohan
Byars, William, Kilmore

Callaghan, Owen, Cornagrove
Callen, James, Claudia
Clalahan, Bernard, Clare (Calahan?)
Coote, James, Killivalley

Falkner, Wm., Gartnabraker
Freeland, George, Claudia

Galligan, Patrick, Claudia

Hawthorne, Johnstone, Claudia
Hawthorne, Thomas, Claudia
Henry, Andrew, Aughalohan
Hogg, John, Carn

Kennedy, Samuel, Springfield

Lynch, Patrick, Claudia

Morrow, John, J.P., Rockville
Morrow, Thomas, The Park
McAuley, Daniel, Kenagh
McBreen, Edward, Cortnabraker
McDonald, Arthur, Derrylurgan

O'Reilly, Andrew, Lismeen
O'Reilly, Bernard, Clare
O'Reilly, Edward, Clare
O'Reilly, John, Claudia
O'Reilly, Luke, Lismeen
O'Reilly, Mrs. R., Kilmore

Porter, Hugh, Claudia
Porter, James, Killafinla
Porterfield, Francis, Clare

Reilley, Henry, Listunish

Sheridan, James, Killafinla
Smyth, Patrick, Fraal
Smyth, Philip, Fraal
Suell, Michael, Aughalohan

Tilson, John, Cornagrove

White, John, Derrylurgan
Whyte, James, Cluggah
Whyte, Robt., Derrylurgan



Acheson, James, Pharmaceutical Chemist, Church Street
Adair, Blayney, Braidview Cottage, Broughshane Road
Adair, Sir Frederick E. S., Bart., The Castle, Ballymena
Adams, David, Registered Plumber and cycle agent, 1 Galgorm Road
Allan, R., & Son, (Established 1856), seed and implement merchants, Church Street
Armstrong, J., merchant tailor and draper, Mill Street
Arthur, Lachlan, J.P., Greenfield, Kells
Austin, Rev. Herbert G., The Rectory

Ballentine, The Misses, Flixton Place
Ballentine, J. & H., Church Street
Barclay & Crawford, woollen drapers, Church Street
Barr, George, butcher, Ballymoney Street
Barr, R. J., butcher, Church Street
Barr, Miss, stationer, The Library, Church Street
Barr, Mrs. L. A., Ballymoney Street
Barr, R. A., grocer and provision merchant, Bridge Street
Bauser, Wm., Prudential Assurance Co., Academy Place
Bell, J. & R., Stationers and Newsagents, School Requisites and Fancy Goods, Central Library, 80 Church Street
Bell, John, hair dresser, Bryan Street
Bell, R. M., saddler, Wellington Street
Bellis, George H., J.P., Brocklamont
Black, G., & Co., woollen drapers, Church Street
Black, John, carpenter and builder, steam sawing, planing and joinery works, Warden Street
Black, R., tobacconist, Wellington Street
Blacker, Rev. Thomas, C.C., The Presbytery
Blair, D., draper, Mill Street
Boal, R., solicitor, High Street
Bolan, Mrs., grocer, Broughshane Street
Bonnar & Henderson Ltd., Wholesale Druggists, Grocers and General Merchants, Wellington Street
Bonugli, Fedele, ice cream merchant, etc., Church Street
Bortrick, W., builder, Waveney Road
Boyd, R., High Street
Bresland, James, Claremont, Galgorm Road
Brownlees, Alexander, spirit dealer, Ballymoney Street
Buchanan, A., Watch maker and Jeweller, Church Street
Buchanan, J., watch maker and jeweller, Wellington Street
Buchanan, Thomas, spirit dealer, Queen Street
Burns, Thomas, Ladies' Bazaar, Church Street

Cairns, A., Garfield Place
Cairns, John, publican, Bridge Street
Calvert, Robert J., Mill Street
Cameron, R., hardware merchant, Wellington Street
Camlin, J., J. Albert Place
Campbell, Mrs., poulterer, Mill Street
Campbell, Mrs., publican, Springwell Street
Carroll, T. A., Royal Hotel, Church Street
Carson, R., Henry Street
Carson J., builder, Harryville
Carson, Henry, merchant tailor and general draper, Church Street
Caruth, A., & Son, solicitors, Wellington Street
Caruth, J. & A., solicitors, Wellington Street
Cathcart, J., spirit dealer, Ballymoney Street
Charters, Mary, spirit dealer, Bridge Street
Charters, S., grocer and marine store dealer, Ballymoney Street
Casement, Miss, Galgorm Road
Chesney, G., saddler, Church Street
Clarke, Mrs., spirit dealer, Ballymoney Street
Clarke, Wm., boot maker, Wellington Street
Clarke, R. A., draper, Mill Street
Cleland & Mann, merchant tailors, 3, 4 Church Street
Clyde, A., Plumber, Smithfield Square
Coleman, James, & Co., timber, iron and coal merchants, Mid-Antrim Saw Mills, Broughshane Street
Collins, John, draper, Church Street
Compton, H., merchant tailor, Church Street
Connon, John, publican, Queen Street
Cooke, H., cycle agent, Mill Street
Cooper, W., grocer, Ballymoney Street
Cosbie, James, & Co., Timber, Slate, Tile, Iron, and Coal Merchants, Steam Saw Mills and Monumental Works, Ballymoney Street
Cowan, John, hardware and produce merchant, Broughshane Street
Cowan, J. J., publican, Mill Street
Craig, Fras., & Son, woollen drapers, Church Street
Crawford, T., & Co., delph and china merchants, Mill Street
Crawford, Robert, pawn broker, High Street
Currie, J. K., solicitor, Linenhall Street
Currie, R., surgeon, Linenhall Street.

Darragh, James, boot and shoe merchant, Linenhall Street
Davidson, Miss, Broughshane Road
Davison, Richard, Beechville
Davidson, Wm. reed maker, William Street
Davison, W. R., M.D., Wellington Street
Deighan, Mrs. Annabella, Horseshoe Bar, Galgorm Street
Dempster, J., fruiterer, Church Street
Denham, Mrs., hardware stores, Church Street
Devlin, J., fruiterer, Bridge Street
Dick, R. & J., boot factors, Church Street
Dilger, D., spirit dealer, Cycle Bar, Church Street
Diamond, J., publican, Wellington Street
Dinsmore, J., J.P., woollen manufacturer, Ballymoney Street
Donaghy, T. J., Albert Street
Dryburgh, Captain J., Gladstone Terrace
Dugdale, John,  Broughshane Road
Dornan, W. & J., provision merchants, Ballymoney Street
Dowling, Archibald, publican, Church Street
Dunlop, Hugh A., Myrtle Cottage=
Dunlop, J., butcher, Springwell Street=
Dunlop, Miss, dress making, William Street
Dunlop & Johnston, provision merchants, Broughshane Street
D'Evelyn, A., M.D., Flixton Place

Eagleson, S., proprietor Adair Arms Hotel
Elder, W., fruiterer, Broughshane Street
Ellis, John, tailor, Henry Street
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, J. Kinnear, produce merchant, Ballee; Mawell Gault, merchant, Harryville; Henry O'Hara, Town Clerk; Mathew Montgomery, jun., Church Street; James Harris, Northern Counties' Committee of Midland Railway; F. J. McCann, C.E.; William Rutherford, Ingleside and J. A. Woodside, Church Street
Erwin, J., hardware merchant, Broughshane Street
Esler, John, grocer and provision merchant, Ballymoney Street

Ferguson, J. P., Kintullagh Terrace
Ferguson, R., grocer, George Street
Ferguson, J., & Co., plumbers and mill furnishers, Linenhall Street
Ferguson, W. M., hairdresser and fancy goods merchant, Henry Street
Flood, William, Wholesale and Retail Tobacconist and Cigar Importer, 40 Church Street
Fullerton, R., publican Linenhall Street

Gardener, James, flax buyer, Bridge Street
Gault Brothers, builders and contractors, Queen Street
Gault, John, coal and timber merchant, Harryville
Getty, Mrs., costumier, Mill Street
Gibson, J. B., publican, Broughshane Street
Gibson, W., publican, Church Street
Gihon, W., J.P., bleacher, Lisnafillan and Ballymena
Gillen, T. B., auctioneer, Wellington Street
Gilmer & Co., chemists, Wellington Street
Gilmore, Rev. W. J., Ballymoney Road
Gilmour, Rev. R. M. McC., Wellington Manse
Graham, George, Hardware, Leather, ironmongery and fancy goods warehouse, The Red House
Graham & Co., spirit grocers, Galgorm Road
Grant, Mrs., publican, Bridge Street
Greer, E., grocer, Broughshane Street
Greer, William, wholesale and retail hardware merchant and emigration agent, 15 & 16 Bridge Street

Hague, R., Wholesale Glass, China, Hardware and Wallpaper Merchant, Ballymoney Street
Hall, J., publican, Bryan Street
Hamill, J. H., hairdresser and wigmaker, Broughshane Street
Hammersley, Samuel, spirit dealer, Salisbury Square, Harryville
Hanna, George B., solicitor, Galgorm Road
Hanna, J. & R., general drapers, Church Street
Hanna, Robert, auctioneer, Church Street
Hanna, S. J., publican, Broughshane Street
Hardy, T., publican, Wellington Street
Hastings, Mrs., Audley Place
Haveron, R., publican, William Street
Hendron, James, publican, William Street
Henry, James, Farmers' Hotel, general posting establishment, Mill Street
Henry, John, Clarence Hotel, Mill Street
Hepple, W. S., merchant tailor, Wellington Street
Hood, S., auctioneer and valuer, Mill Street and Galgorm Street

Italian Ice Cream Company, Bridge Street

Jack, T. B., cycle agent, High Street
Johnston, R. G., Wholesale and Retail Ironmonger, Paints, Oils and General Furnishing Warehouse, Ballymoney Street and Greenvale Street. Tel. No. 21
Johnston, Rev. J. W., Methodist Manse

Kane Bros., iron foundry, Harryville
Keery, James, Academy Place
Keilt, F., publican, Ballymoney Street
Kelly, D., cattle dealer, Fountain Place
Kelly, P., publican, William Street
Kelly, Robert B., Wholesale China, Glass and Hardware Merchant, Mill Street
Kennedy, H., spirit dealer and delph and china merchant, William Street
Kennedy, J. M., solicitor, Wellington Street
Kennedy, T., butcher, Harryville
Kennedy, W., grocer, Church Street
Kernohan, Robt., veterinary surgeon, Broughshane Street
Kernohan, John, V.S., Broughshane Street
Kerr, Robert, veterinary surgeon, Wellington Street
Kerr, Thomas, boot merchant, Church Street
Knowles, W. J., Flixton Place
Kyle, James, auctioneer and valuator, Ballymoney Street

Lancashire, H., Chemist and Mineral Water Manufacturer, Church Street
Laughlin, J., managing editor "Ballymena Weekly Telegraph," Broadway
Lavender, W. J., Henry Street
Lester Bros., tea merchants, wholesale and retail family grocers, Church Street
Logue, Mrs., newsagent, Broughshane Street
Love, W., general outfitter, Ballymoney Street

Madden, John, cabinetmaker and funeral undertaker, Church Street
Mahaffey, W., Petty Sessions, Clerk, Galgorm Road
Malone, J., fruiterer, Mill Street
Martin, Captain A. M., Gladstone Terrace
Mayberry, W., old clothes dealer, Linenhall Street
Metrustry, C., grocer and provision merchant, Henry Street
Millar, R., grocer, Ballymoney Street
Millar, Miss, stationer, news, emigration agent and fancy goods merchant, 52 Mill Street
Millar, T. N., grocer and provision merchant, Broughshane Street
Millar, W., grocer, Henry Street
Milliken, Robert, draper, Church Street
Mitchell. J., grocer, Larne Street
Moffett, Rev. S., Gladstone Terrace
Molyneaux, John, J.P., Benvista, Galgorm Road
Montgomery, Christie, cabinetmaker, High Street
Montgomery, Matthew, Northern Carriage and Eureka Rubber Tire Works, Church Street
Mooney, P., & Sons, Hardware Merchants and Newsagents, Mill Street
Moore, Robert, publican, Ballymoney Street
Moore, W., painter and paper hanger, Mount Street
Moore, W., builder and drum maker, Larne Street
Moore, Wm., J.P., Moorfield, Cullybackey
Moore, Miss, Ballymoney Street
Morton  & Co., merchants and mill owners, Galgorm Road
Morton & Simpson, Grocers, Bakers and Provision Curers, Church Street
Mulholland, Mrs., publican, Springwell Street
Mullan, Andrew, M.D., Wellington Street
Murphy, P., Wine and Spirit Merchant, Mill Street and Linenhall Street
Murray, N., saddler, Church Street

MacMahon, J. A., National School inspector, Broughshane Road
McAllister, A., flesher, Broughshane Street
McAllister, James, & Son, wine and spirit merchants, Bryan Street; bonded stores, Meetinghouse Lane
McAllister, John, flesher, Ballymoney Street
McAuley, B., hairdresser, Castle Street
McAuley, M., cattle dealer, Broughshane Street
McBride, W. J., Watchmaker and Jeweller and Silversmith, 2 Bridge Street
McBride, bookseller, newsagent, stationer, music seller, agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News" 12 Bridge Street
McCallion. B., contractor, Cullybackey Road
McCann, F. J., C.E., architect, Broughshane Road
McCann, H., &. Son, builders and contractors, Broughshane Road
McCann, T., Railway Hotel, Galgorm Road
McCartney, Andrew, tailor, Bryan Street
McCartney, David, & Son, Provision Curers, Ballymoney Street
McCartney, F. J., China, and Earthenware Merchant, Bridge Street
McCaughey, T. C., & Co., solicitors, Wellington Street
McClelland, A. L., solicitor, Wellington Street
McClelland, W., & Son, Grocer, Wine and Spirit Merchants, Fire and Life Assurance and Emigration Agents, 5, 6 Church Street
McCloskey, Mrs., fruiterer and confectioner, Bridge Street
McConnell, C. & M., Wholesale Wine and Spirit Merchants and Bottlers, Church Street
McConnell, Joseph, boot and shoe manufacturer, Mill Street
McConnell, F., spirit merchant, Hill Street
McConnell, Wm., grocer and provision merchant, Hill Street
McConnell, W., boot and shoe manufacturer, Mill Street
McCullough, James, wine and spirit merchant and posting establishment, Broughshane Street
McCullough, John, general draper, etc., Harryville Post Office; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" Henry Street
McCurry, D., fishmonger and game dealer, Church Street
McCutcheon, Gilbert, pawnbroker, Wellington Street
McDonald, A., fowl dealer, Broughshane Street
McDonald, F., fowl dealer, Broughshane street
McDowell, J., Boot and Shoe Maker, Church Street
McGowan, T., B.A., Market Road
McHenry, A., grocer, Broughshane Street
McIlroy, John, boot and shoe establishment, Mill Street
McKay, Samuel, boot and shoe shop, Church Street
McKee, Wm., confectioner, Church Street
McKenna, James, wholesale and retail grocer, tea, wine and spirit merchant, Springwell Street and Ballymoney Street
McKeown, Wilson, solicitor, notary, commissioner of oaths and consular agent for the United States, Pentagon House
McKerville, R, flesher, Linenhall Street
McKerville, Miss, flesher, Mill Street
McKillop, Lambert, Woodvale
McKinley, Wm. & Co., iron monger, Church Street
McKinney, Mrs., publican, Broughshane Street
McMeekin, Rev. David, The Manse, High Street
McMullan, Very Rev. A., P.P., V.F., Parochial House
McMullan, R., publican, Broughshane Street
McNeely, H., hair dresser, Church Street
McNeice, John, cycle agent, registered plumber and sanitary engineer, Factor of Close Ranges, Tiled Grates, etc., 53 Mill Street
McQuillan, H., publican, Springwell Street
McQuitty, G., commercial traveller, Myrtle Cottage
McVeigh, N., temperance hotel, Wellington Street

Neeson, G., grocer and spirit dealer, Bridge Street

Orr, R. & H., solicitors, High Street
Owens, P. M., seed merchant, Broughshane Street
O'Boyle, Miss N., spirit dealer, Broughshane Street
O'Brien, John, saddler, Linenhall Street
O'Gormon & Co., Wholesale Spirit Merchants, Established 1817, Church Street
O'Hara, Daniel, publican, Bridge Street
O'Loan, D., hide merchant, William Street
O'Neill, B., boot maker, Mill Street
O'Neill, C., butcher, Bridge Street
O'Neill, W., watch maker and jeweller, Church Street

Patton, Rev. A., Cloughwater, Carncoagh
Paul, John, Patrick Place
Petticrew, J., auctioneer, Wellington Street
Phoenix Fire Office, Agents, Lambert McKillop, High Street; W. Rutherford, Ingleside; John Robinson, Broughshane and James Harris, station agent
Picken, S., publican, Wellington Street
Pryde, James, Leighinmohr

Quigley, E., architect, Bridge Street
Quinn, B., publican, Henry Street

Rainey, Hugh, provision merchant, Church Street and Rainsford
Ramsey, George, auctioneer, Linenhall Street
Rankin, Charles, registered plumber
Raphael, Andrew, P.S.C., Galgorm Parks Cottage
Raphael, George, Galgorm House
Reid, R. & G., iron mongers, Church Street
Reid, R. C., watch maker and jeweller, Broughshane Street
Richmond, Jas., horse shoer and jobber, Bridge Street
Robinson, John, auctioneer and valuer, Broughshane Street
Robinson, J. & N., merchant tailors, Broadway
Robinson, W., grocer and provision merchant, Broadway
Ross, M., painter, High Street
Rowan, Lieutenant-Colonel John J., J.P., Mount Davys, Cullybackey
Ruddel, S., pawn broker and cycle agent, High Street and Albert Place
Russell, S., fruiterer, Bridge Street
Russell & Harrison, old clothes dealers, Linenhall Street
Rutherford, William, Ingleside

Scott, W., grocer and produce merchant, George Street
Simpson, A., butcher, Ballymoney Street
Simpson, Rev. E. F., West Church Manse
Simpson, Matthew, butcher, Mill Street
Skillen, Joseph, manager, Phoenix Weaving Factory, Gladstone Terrace
Sloan, W., watch maker, Bridge Street
Smith & Co., bakers, tea, provision and seed merchants, Thomas Street
Smyth, G. R., accountant, Woodbine Cottage
Starrs G., hardware dealer, Linenhall Street
Steele, J. A. M., solicitor, 6 Linenhall Street
Steen, Robert, carpenter, Broughshane Street
Sterling, H., saddler, Ballymoney Street
Stevenson, D., provision merchant, Mill Street
Stevenson, J., Wholesale and Retail General Draper, Bridge Street
Stevenson, Wm., Homelea
Stewart, A., grocer and iron monger, Bridge Street
Stewart, Edward John, draper, Albert Terrace
Stewart, Joseph, baker, Bridge Street
Stewart, W. J., solicitor, Wellington Street
Stewart & Montgomery, cycle builders and repairers, The Cyclone Works, 50 Church Street
Sun Fire and Life Offices, Agents, R. J. Calvert, Belfast Bank; Andrew Raphael, Galgorm
Sutters, A., grocer, Queen Street
Swann, J., seed merchant, High Street

Taylor, J., estate agent, Harryville
Taylor, J., publican, Bryan Street
Thompson, A., draper and clothier, Ballymoney Street
Thompson, John, whitesmith, Henry Street
Thompson, Jas., barony surveyor, Corbally Cottage, Galgorm
Thompson, R., Coach builder, High Street
Thompson, W., coach builder, Hill Street
Tinsdale, R., boot and shoe maker, George Street
Tyler Ltd., boot factors, Church Street

Ward, Griffin, boot factory, Broadway
Watt, A., family grocer and baker, Linenhall Street
Watt, A., grocer, Bridge Street
Watson, J., school attendance officer, Greenmount Terrace
Whiteside, A., Albert Temperance Hotel, Wellington Street
Weir, James, journalist, High Street=
Weir, Jarvis, Cullybackey Road
Weir, W., saddler, Wellington Street
Weir, J., Editor "Ballymena Observer" Established 1855, Published Weekly (Friday), Church Street, Ballymena
Wilson, C., grocer, Harryville
Wilson, David, com. traveller, Victoria Place
Wilson, G., Imperial Steam Aerated Water Works, Clonavon
Wilson, James, Ballymena Nursery
Wilson, John, & Son Ltd., Harryville Factory, manufacturers of linens, damasks, sheetings, gentlemen's shirts and collars
Wilson W. O., woollen draper, Church Street
Woodside, J. A., Pharmaceutical Chemist, Church Street
Wolseley, Wm. C., Linen Manufacturer, Lone Ash
Wright, H., pork curer, Fountain Place
Wright, R., Linen Merchant, Gladstone Terrace
Wylie, J., butcher, Ballymoney Street

Young, Right Hon. John, D.L., Galgorm Castle
Young, W. J.P., Fenaghy, Cullybackey
Young, Wm. R., Galgorm Castle


Ballee - W. Allen, J. Bartholomew, A. Carson, William C. Gault, Reps. J. Harding, J. Kinnear, sen. & jun.; John Kinnear; D. Mewhirter, H. Morrow, J. Morrow, M. Orr

Bally - J. McFetridge, J. Smyth, Mrs. L. Steele, Mrs. E. Steele, H. Herbison, T. Wallace

Ballycraigy - H. Carey, S. Darragh, W. J. Haslett, A. Kerr, Mrs. McCallion, J. McMullan, Mrs. O'Hara, J. Robinson

Ballygarvey - J. Beatty, R. & S. Buick, W. Cathcart, R Kenny, D. Kenny, R. Morton, J. H. McHugh, R. McKinley, J. McQuitty, J. Wylie

Ballykeel - J. Armstrong, W. Craig, R. Greer, J. Heggarty, J. McClurkin, T. J. McCaughey, R. Wilson

Ballymarlow - J. Allen, R. Bryson, W. Carson, R. Esler, J. W. Gray, J. Lamont, P. M. Owens, W. Robinson, J. W. Wallace

Ballylesson - S. Boyd, W. Carr, C. Johnston, Reps.  W. Kennedy, A. McQuiston, W. McQuitty, Arthur O'Hara, J. Sloan

Ballyloughan - Mrs. Beaumont, R. Crawford, J. Gordon, A. Herbison, Mrs. Jack, A. Simpson

Bottom - John Boyd, Thomas Cummins, Mrs. Fisher, J. Houston, A. Whiteman

Brocklamount - R. Courtenay, A. Hatton, H. Kernohan, J. McMullan, R. McMullan, H. Mewhirter
Eaton, J. Harbison, D. Ross, J. Ross

Carnlea - R. J. Cherry, D. Clarke, J. Darragh, A. Galbraith, W. Glasgow, W. Johnston, J. Kenny, W. McIlwrath, A. McLaughlin, D. McMullan, H. McMullan, Mrs. Taylor, J. Wallace
McMaster, J. Petticrew, M. & A. Wiley, W. Wallace, P. McKillop

Carniney - F. Coleman, S. McDowell

Clougher - R. Brown, W. Herbison, R. Hutchinson, S. Heaney, J. & D. Kenny, W. McCrory, W. T. McFetridge, R. A. Ross, Mrs. Ross

Clinty - J. Herbison

Craigywarren - E. Aicken, J. Caruth, A. Elliott, J. Gordon, jun.; Thomas Holden, T. McClelland, J. McClure, Mrs. McCreight, T. McCreight, W. McCullough, A. McCullough, Mrs. A. McFetridge, J. McKelvey, H. Smiley, S. S. Wiley

Crebilly - J. Allen, J. Dinsmore, J.P.; W. Fleming, A. Herbison, James Kane, P. McCaughey,  J. Walker

Crumkill - R. Andrews, O. S. Barr, T. Blair, W. Carson, H. Carson, W. Hanna, T. Hanna, S. Johnston, R. Millar, T. Mewhirter, R. McClintock, M. McCartney, C. McDowell, A. M. Nevin, T. Nevin, R. Smyth, F. Turtle, T. Woodburn

Deerfin - Reps. C. Creeland, J. Johnston, A. Laverty, A. Millar, C. McAuley, J. McCormick, C. O'Hara, M. O'Hara, J. Smyth

Drumfin - J. Gaston, A. Herbison, A. Herbison, jun.; J. Herbison, W. J. Logan, H. McKeown, R. Petticrew, R. Simpson, W. Simpson, J. Stewart

Dunnyvadden - S. Allen, J. Barkley, J. Cameron, J. Dinsmore, T. Lyons, D. Mewhirter, R. McCaughey, H. McCausland, A. McCormick, A. McCullough, M. O'Hara. M. A. O'Hara, W. J. Spence, J. Carson

Durneyveagh - J. Ellis, S. McCosh, J. Stewart

Dunfane - R. J. Beatty, J. Beatty, J. Craig, T. Gilliland, G. Lamont

Dunclug - W. Craig, M. Craig, R. J. Lamont, J. H. Maternahan, Reps. T. Montgomery

Dungall - Reps. P. Morton, Mrs. Clelland, J. McCreight, S. McKelvey, G. Rock

Eglish- David Smith, Mrs. McCaughey, S. Thomson

Killyfleugh - S. Herbison, M. Lamont, W. McNeill

Killygore - J. Moffett

Kirkinriola - R. Craig, J. Gardner, E. Kennaway, W. Montgomery

Laymore - R. Esler, Mrs. Fullerton, J. Herbison, A. Herbison, Andrew Herbison, J. Kenny, W. Kenny, R. King, R. McClintock, R. Park, R. Sloan, S. Wylie

Liminary - A. Andrews, J. Barr, J. Black, Reps. J. Blaney, W. J. Compton, H. Dempsey, Reps. D. Foster, C. Gardiner, Mrs. Gordon, R. Marsden, R. Meban, T. Meneely, F. O'Neill, J. Riddell, J. Wiley

Lisnacrogher - J. Adams, D. McCosh, D. McCullough, W. Tafts

Loughmagerry - Mrs. Crabbe, H. McKeown, J. O'Brien, J. Simpson, M. Simpson

Monaghan - R. J. Erwin, S. Glass, M. McCarroll

Slatt - N. Agnew, H. Boal, Mrs. Boal, W. J. Barkley, J. Davison, J. Dempster, S. Foster, W. Gaston, J. Houston, J. Kelly, F. Kennedy, W. Kennedy, J. Kennedy, R. Kennedy, S. McCartney, M. Wallace

Teeshan - G. Gaston, D. Kernohan, James Lamont, Wm. Thompson, W. McCurdy, J. Shaw, J. Warden

Tullygarley - John Boal, Miss Boyd, Mrs. Currie, A. Currie, A Edmondson, R. Fillis, J. Millar, Reps. W. McKane, S. Spencer, John Boal, W. Wilson



Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Ingrim, spirit dealer; J. Cathcart, John Cupples, J. Dalrymple, J. Dalrymple, jun.; Mary Devinney, Bella Dinsmore, Mr. Moody, Mrs. Nicholl, J. Parker, W. Strahan, Thomas Surgenor, John Stephenson, Dr. J. L. Torrens, Mrs. Johnston, W. H. Rea, spirit dealer


Samuel Allen, J. Dalrymple, M. Campbell, Thomas McMeekin, John Montgomery, Mrs. McDowell, T. McDowell, A. McIlwain, W. McKeown, W. Owens, Andrew Kerr, Mrs. Ramsay, spirit dealer; William Wilson, David Kernoghan


Appletee- J. Agnew, J. Holden, N. Kisock, J. Nicholl, W. Cussock

Artnagullion- G. Bell. A. Frew, W. Jackson, J. Loughridge, W. Montgomery, T. McMeekin, G. Wilson

Ballycowan- J. Donnelly, J. C. Angus, S. Hamilton, W. Lake, P. McAuley, S. McDowell

Barnish- J. Allen, J. Bell, sen. and jun; J. Manson, C. Manson, J. Murdock,  Stirling, R. Wilson, sen. and jun.

Ballymacvea- Thomas Brown, S. Allen, S. Allison, Jane Brownlee, J. Cooper, J. Cupples, D. Curry, R. Nimmon, T. Francey, J. Graham, J. Hyndman, J. Ross, jun.; William Brownlee. Matthew Parker

Carnearney- W. Burke, A. Duncan, J. Gawn, J. D. Gawn, D. Mullan, W. J. Montgomery, J. McAlonan, T. O'Neill, J. Warwick

Castlegore- J. Boyd, Mrs. Boyd, D. Bell, G. Gardiner, W. Houston, S. Houston, H. Jackson, W. Kitchen, J. McConnell, J. McConnell, J. McCord, W. W. Wilson, W. Wilson

Carnaughts- Hugh McMurran, Robert C. Ross, J. Adair, J. Bailie, Wm. O'Neill, Joseph Kernoghan, H. Carson, W. B. Curry, T. McWhirter, J. Montgomery

Crevillyvalley- M. Boyd, A. Boyd, R. Curry, W. Cussock, D. Dunlop, S. Hanna, John Nicholl, J. Nicholl

Edenvale- R. Armour, J. Calwell, John Carson, James Fisher, J. Kelly, Robert McCluney, David McNeilly

Forthill- W. J. Barklie, L. Hyndman, W. Hyndman, J. Murdock

Ferniskey- J. Blair, Miss Beggs, R. Brown, J. Brownlees, J. Cooper, A. Knox, Jane McAfee, R. Francey, J. McNeilly, R. McNeilly, R. Campbell, J. Nimmons, J. Cooper

Galanagh- R. Caldwell, Mrs. Hyndham

Gilgad- T. Bell, T. Fry, W. Knox, R. Knox, J. Knox, J. Meban, R. McCullough, W. McDowell, J. Strain, A. White, J. McAuley, J. Morton, R. Black J. Gault, P. Gault, W. Knox, James Strain, jun.

Kells- G. J. Dinsmore, S. Dinsmore, Wm. McKee, J. Nimmon, J. Stevenson, W. R. Rea, J. Cupples, R. Parker, Jas. Strain, jun.

Kildrum- Agnes Adair, W. G. Boyd, J. Hanna, J. B. Hanna, Thomas Hume, J. Ross, J. Thompson

Lisnawhiggle- W. Cairns, W. H. Dempster (rate collector); J. Sloan, R. Smith, W. Strahan, W. G. Smith, Rev. A. Holmes

Lislunan- H. Adair, W. Allen, J. Brown, T. Bell, jun.; D. Graham, J. Kelly, Wm. Kelly, S. Mawhinney, A. Mawhinney, S. McIlveen, D. Warwick

Maxwellswalls- C. Bryson, D. Montgomery, William Montgomery, Hugh Montgomery, A. Murdock, R. McCullough, Mrs. McIlhegga, J. Owens, Miss Owens, Mrs. Percy, J. Steen, publican; J. Stevenson, J. Warwick, J. Wilson

Ross- W. J. Hyndman, Mrs. Hyndman, T. Hyndman, W. Hooke, J. Sterling, J. Wilson

Ross Lodge- R. T. Caldwell

Tannaghmore- W. Barr, J. Madden, J. Redmond, J. Redmond

Tannybrake- Wm. Barr, M. Cathcart, D. Cathcart, A. Close, H. Kirk, J. Murdock, A. Murray, W. J. McMeekin, F. Owens, T. Henderson, W. Parker, M. Sloan, R. S. Todd, Mrs. Wasson, P. Murray, D. Cathcart, M. McCord, J. Thompson, Samuel Wasson, Samuel McMurry

Lower Tannybrake N.S.- D. Blair

Upper Tannybrake N.S.- M. Logan

Tardree- G. Bell, J. Coulter, J. R. Murdock, H. Wilson, R. Wilson, James McMullan

Tullynamullan- D. Agnew, J. Allen, D. Carlisle, T. Cupples, Thomas Hill, W. McKee, T. McNeilly, S. Swann, Bryce Dunlop, John, McIlroy, N.T.; Samuel Allen, Parker Agnew, Fanny Seymour


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