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1907 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Click here for the 1910 Belfast Street Directory TOWNS section

I have only listed the names of the occupants in each Town as the other information is pretty much similar to the 1910 above

Omagh   Pettigo   Pomeroy   Portadown   Portaferry   Portballintrae   Portglenone   Portrush   Portstewart   Poyntzpass



Adams, Robert, Crevenagh, Omagh
Alcorn, N. T., Lakeview, Omagh
Allen, William, builder, Camowen Terrace
Anderson & Co., general drapers and fancy warehousemen, Market Street
Arnold, Edward, miller, Mullaghmore
Auchinleck, Mrs., Crevenagh House, Omagh

Baker, J. V., jeweller, Market Street
Bassett, E., Campsie
Beacon, T. J., sawmills, timber, slate, iron and hardware merchant, George's Street
Beatty, John, butter and egg merchant, Campsie Road
Black & Co., hardware merchants, High Street
Booth, Thomas R., Denamona
Boyce, J., newspaper manager, George's Street
Boyers & Co., drapers, Market Street
Brien, William, Tattykeel House
Brown, G. A., veterinary surgeon, Campsie
Brown, Rev. George, Ballinahatty
Browne, Colonel M.. J.P., Mullaghmore
Buchanan, Colonel L. M., Edenfel
Buchanan, Major L. E., Glencree
Buchanan, H. A., solicitor, High Street
Buchanan, Luke, Tattykeel
Buchanan, Misses, Lisnamallard
Buchanan, Mrs., Killyclogher

Cadden, James, clogger, Castle Street
Calvin, W., baker, Dublin Road
Carre, Dr. G. E., The Asylum
Carson, Mrs., stationer, Market Street
Carson, Robert, grocer, John Street
Carson, R. H., sessional Crown solicitor, Camowen Terrace
Cathcart, Wm., clerk of Union, Strathroy
Charlton, Miss, Dergmoney
Clarke, James, baker and grocer, Castle Street
Clarke, Rev. J. A., James Street
Clements, David A., J.P., butter and egg merchant, Dublin Road
Clements, R. S., J.P., Beragh
Connell & Co., stationers, High Street
Connolly, P., spirit merchant, High Street
Connolly, B., chemist, Market Street
Convery, Rev. P., Killyclogher
Corker, W. J., town clerk
Corker & Son, fleshers, Market Street
Crawford & Wilson, hardware merchants, ironmongers, seedsmen and jewellers, High Street; china, glass and delph, Market Street
Cruickshanks, P., journalist, Campsie
Cue, J., registration agent, Campsie Avenue
Cunningham, Felix, hide merchant, Mountjoy Road

Dale, William, baker and grocer, John Street
Dallinger, P. C, secretary County Agricultural Committee
Daly, H., butcher, John Street
Devlin, James, spirit dealer, Market Street
Devlin, J., & Co., spirit merchants, High Street
Devlin, Michael, linen and woollen draper, George's Street
Dickie, T. C., solicitor, High Street and Clonavon
Doak, Wm., hardware merchant, High Street
Doherty, John, pawn broker, Castle Street
Donegan, Charles, auctioneer and spirit merchant, Market Street
Donnelly, A. E., B.A., solicitor, High Street
Donnelly, P., Ltd., drapers and haberdashers, High Street
Donnelly, Thomas, barber, John Street
Duncan, Dr. A. H. R., Campsie
Dysart, Rev. James, Edenderry

Elkin, Francis, Aughnamoyle
Elliott, James, J.P., commissioner of affidavits, High Street
Elliott, Wm., emigration agent, glass and china warehouse, High Street
Ellis, Lieut.-Col. R. H., J.P., Rash House
Emerson, Miss, head teacher, Model School (F.), Campsie Road
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, M. J. McWatters, Bank of Ireland; J. G. R. Porter, Royal Arms Hotel; F. Shields, Solicitor; Major L. E. Buchanan, Courthouse; C. R. Hill, County Council Office; J. K. McConnell, Solicitor

Fallows, J., & Co., tombstone sculptors, Campsie
Ferguson, A. J., Coneywarren, Omagh
Fitzgerald, J., organist, George's Street
Fleming, Hans B., M.D., Campsie
Fleming, Miss Palisade House
Fletcher, J., Mullaghmore, teacher
Fletcher, W. T., 2 Abbey Place
Fox, John, George's Street
Fullerton, Thos., pearl merchant, Gortmore

Galbraith, J., James Street
Galbraith, Very Rev. Dean, Clonabogan
Ginnane, P. J., journalist, Church Street
Given, Geo., George's Street
Gorman, Mrs., ironmonger and newsagent; agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News," George Street
Gormley, John G., P.L.G., Corenarry
Graham, J., & Son & Wilson, printers, Market Street
Graham, T., draper, High Street
Gray, J., cooper and millinery warehouse, Market Street
Greer, Mrs., Coneywarren, Omagh

Hacket, Joseph, painter and glazier, George Street
Hackett, Daniel, general grocer, baker and provision merchant, High Street
Hamilton, A., Mountjoy
Hamilton, Claude C, sec. County Council
Hamilton, E. V., solicitor, High Street and Mountjoy Road
Hamilton, James, tailor, Campsie
Hamilton, James G., grocer, Campsie
Hamilton, John, tailor, Bridge Street
Harrison, Mrs., Campsie
Harvey, Robert, J.P., Camowen, Omagh
Harvey, W. J., J.P., Lisahoppin
Haughey, C, pawnbroker, George Street
Henderson, J, & Co., draper, High Street
Hill, Joseph, painter, Gortmore Terrace
Holland, R. S., solicitor, Church Street, Omagh
Houston, King, solicitor, Riverdale
Hughes, John, tobacconist, Market Street
Hutchinson Bros., drapers, Market Street

Irvine, Colonel, J.P., sub sheriff, Campsie Road

Johnston Bros., family grocers, booksellers and stationers; agents for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News," High Street
Johnston, J. J. K., solicitor, High Street
Johnston, T., J.P., proprietor "Tyrone Constitution "
Johnston, W. J., draper and haberdasher, High Street
Jordan Bros., cabinet makers, Market Street
Joyce, William, Mountjoy, Omagh

Keenan & Sons, victuallers, Market Street
Kennedy, Mrs. Gilbert, Loughmacrory Lodge
Kerr, Marion, grocer, Market Street
Kirk, Hugh, J.P., Ashdene, Campsie
Kirk & Swan, guttapercha boot and shoe warehouse, High Street
Kirkpatrick, A., plumber, George's Street
Kyle, m., bill poster, Campsie Crescent

Leitch, A., solicitor, John Street
Livingston, Thomas, Campsie
Loughran, John, wholesale and retail wine and spirit merchant, Market Street
Lyle, R. J., bookbinder, Bridge Street
Lynam, F. J., county surveyor, Camowen Terrace
Lynch, M., J.P., Sedan Avenue
Lyons, H. & R., grocers and druggists, High Street

Macafee, Rev. Andrew, manse, Dublin Road
Mackin, Mrs., fancy draper and haberdasher, High Street
Mellor, Colonel, Moorlough
Miller, Major, R.A., Mill Bank
Montgomery, Mrs., stationer, John Street
Moran, John, town surveyor, Campsie
Morris, C., spirit merchant, John Street
Morrow, Rev. H. W., B.A., Camowen Terrace
Mullan, Michael, grocer and spirit dealer, High Street
Mullan, Peter, greengrocer, John Street
Murnaghan, George, J.P., M.P., Lisanelly House
Murnaghan, George, jun., solicitor, John Street
McAdam, R. W., grocer and druggist, High Street
McAdam, T. J., pharmaceutical chemist, High Street
McAleer, B., spirit merchant, Market Street
McAleer, P., spirit merchant, Campsie
McAlinney, Bernard, spirit dealer, High Street
McAlinney, P., butcher, George's Street
McCaul, John, carpenter, Sedan Avenue
McClelland, D., John Street
McClintock, Capt. J. K., J.P., Seskanore House
McClintock, The Misses, milliners and haberdashers, John Street
McCloskey, B. J., spirit merchant, Market Street
McConnell, J. K., solicitor, High Street
McConnell, Wm., butcher, Market Street
McCormack, Major, The Castle
McDonald, J., iron founder, Kevlin Road
McDougal, Robert, saddler, John Street
McElhinny, Bernard, grocer, Gortmore
McFarland, Andrew, J.P., Fecarry
McFarlane, F., tailor, Bridge Street
McFarlane, Wm., photographer, High Street
McGale, Henry, publican, baker and grocer, John Street
McGale, J., baker and grocer, Campsie
McGale, James, baker and grocer, Campsie
McGale, Joseph, spirit dealer, John Street
McGeown Bros., cycle agents, Market Street
McGeown, Miss, spirit merchant, Market Street
McGinn, Miss, baker and confectioner, High Street
McGlinchey, Michael, spirit dealer, Gortmore
McGlinchy, P. J., Gortmore
McKelvey, Robert, J.P., Kelvin, Omagh
McKelvey, Thomas, Drumragh House, Omagh
McKeown, Saml., J.P., Rosnamuck
McKimm, J., jeweller, Market Street
McKnight, Mrs., Campsie
McMillin, J., draper, Bridge Street
McNeill, Hugh, butter and egg merchant, Campsie Road
McSorley, James, grocer and ironmonger, Campsie Road
McSwiggan, Michael, spirit dealer, Market Street

Neely, A., tailor, Campsie
Neely, John, builder, Mullaghmore
Nichol, H., hardware merchant, John Street
North-West of Ireland Printing and Publishing Co. Ltd., John Street
Nugent, Joseph, musician and newsagent, George's Street

Omagh Manufacturing Company, High Street, M. Lynch, managing director
Orr, G., leather merchant, High Street
Orr, Robert, jeweller, High Street
Orr, W. E., solicitor, John Street
O'Connor, F. J., solicitor, John Street
O'Donnell, Elizabeth, fishmonger, John Street
O'Kane, P., spirit merchant, High Street
O'Kane, Rev. James, P.P., Killyclogher Road
O'Kane, T., spirit merchant, John Street
O'Neill, John, & Co., plumbers, gasfitters and bell hangers, George's Street

Parke, Robert J., journalist, Campsie
Phillips, Edward, blacksmith, Castle Street
Phoenix Fire Office, Agents, J. G. R. Porter, J.P., 51, 53 High Street; Shields & Murnaghan, solicitors; J. K. McConnell, Solicitor; Colonel Henry Irvine, Charles R. Hill, County Council Office; J. J. Knox-Johnston, Solicitor
Pollock, J. & R., merchants, High Street
Porter, J. G. R., Park Avenue
Porter, John G. R., J.P., Royal Arms Temperance Hotel, Reform Stores, grocery and provision stores, house, land insurance and shipping agent, High Street
Pollock, S. & Co., drapers, etc., High Street

Quigley, Thomas, coachbuilder, John Street

Ramsay, D. F., painter, Market Street
Reville, R., James Street
Robinson, G. A., chartered accountant, Market Street
Robinson, J., builder, Campsie Avenue
Roche, J., solicitor, High Street
Rosborough & Co., grocers, etc., High Street
Roulston, W. J. G., High Street
Rowantree & Quigley, grocers, Market Street

Scott, W. A., district superintendent G.N.R. Co., Gortmore House
Scott, W. & C, Ltd., meal and flour millers, Omagh Mills, Mountjoy Road
Scott, Rev. Walter H., Clanabogan
Scott, W., solicitor, Dergmony
Shields, Francis, solicitor, John Street and Highfield
Shields & Murnaghan, solicitors, John Street
Sheffield, C. E., jeweller, Dublin Road
Slevin, M., coach builder and smith, George Street
Smith, Geo. Y., J.P., agent, Stradowan, Omagh
Sproule, Andrew, J.P., Brookhill
Sproule, Robert, J.P., Coolnagard
Sproull, A., Provincial Bank
Stack, Rev. T. L. F., Langfield
Starrs, Bernard, blacksmith
Sun Fire and Life Offices, Agents, J. G. R. Porter, High Street; J. & R. Waterson, High Street; and William Thompson & Co., 2 John Street

Taylor, B., sculptor, George's Street
Taylor, Mrs., Carlisle Terrace
Taylor, W. H., inland revenue officer, Post Office
Thompson, Edward C, M.B., M.P., Tyrone Infirmary
Thompson, Misses, drapers, High Street
Thompson, William, Sedan Avenue
Todd, Dr. J. J., J.P., James Street
Tyler & Son, boot and shoe warehouse, Market Street

Wall, Mrs., Camowen Terrace
Wall, M., D.I., R.I.C., Gortmore
Walsh, John, boot and shoe maker, Dublin Road
Waterson, J. & R., flour, timber, slate and coal merchants, High Street
Whaley, James, rate collector, Market Street
White, George & Sons, grocers and hardware merchants, High Street
White, John, fish and tackle manufacturer, Market Street
White & Fyffe, grocers and ironmongers, Market Street
Wilkinson. E., Campsie
Wilson, G. F., draper, High Street
Wilson, James, auctioneer
Wilson, J. D., spirit dealer, Market Street
Windsor, H. J., veterinary surgeon, Church Street

Young, David, tobacconist, Market Street


Adams, Robert, Limehill
Armstrong, William, Bunnynubber
Arnold, Edward
Breen, Hamilton, Ballygowans
Cathcart, William, Strathroy
Conway, John, Mountjoy
Deery, John
Gilmour, J. J., Lisbuoy
Harvey, Robert, J.P., Camowen House
Harvey, William J., J.P., Lisahoppin House
Houston, John, Ballinahatty
Johnston, John, Mountjoy East
Johnston, Robert J., Killybrack
Kerr, John James, Ballinamullin
Kyle, William J., Knockmoyle
Lyons, James, Correnary
Matthews, John, J.P., Ranelly
Matthews, Samuel D., Lisnagh
Murnaghan, Geo., Lisonally House
McFarland, Andrew, P.L.G., Fecarry
McKelvey, James H., Tattynagole
McKelvy, Robert, J.P., Kivlin
McKelvy, Thomas, Drumragh
Nugent, James,. Ballinamullin
Nugent, Patrick, Ballinamullin
Orr, James, Correnary
O'Donnell, Daniel, Glenhordial
Robinson, W. A.
Watson, John, Mullaghmena
White, George, Rylands
White, James, Rylands
Wilson, John, Ranelly
Wilson, R. J.
Wilson, Thomas, Ranelly
Young, James, Tattyreagh
Young, Thomas, Loughmuck
Young, Robert, Tattymulmonagh 




Aiken, Thos., general merchant
Bannon, Mrs.
Duncan, Miss
Elliott, Jas., general merchant
Espey, Miss, school teacher
Flood, D. J., publican
Flood, John, draper
Fogarty, Miss, publican
Gallagher, M., draper
Gorman, Mrs.
Hall, ex-sergeant, R.I.C.
Hawkins, S. P., school teacher
Humphries, J., draper and grocer
Johnston, M., publican
Lewers, Sergeant, R.I.C.
Moreton, R. W., R.I.C.
Morrow, Jas., farmer
Morrow, Geo., butcher
McBrien, Thomas W., merchant
McCrea, Geo., Aghalane
McCorduck, Wm., labourer
McCullagh, Jas., J.P.
McMillan, Mrs.
Read, Mrs. J., druggist
Read, Robert, draper and grocer
Robinson, C., carpenter
Virtue, Wm., farmer
Wilson, Jos., ex-R.I.C.


Alexander, Wm., postman
Collins, J. S., draper
Crozier, William, labourer
Cox, William, butcher
Crichton, George
Deery, Mrs.
Doherty, P. & J., tailors
Elliott, Miss E.
Freeborn, George, carpenter
Gallagher, P., boot maker
Gibson, William, fencer
Gilshin, Miss K.
Gorman, Miss K.
Graham, John, labourer
Graham, J., painter
Graham, William J., plate layer
Hassard, J., army pensioner
Humphries, Thomas, carpenter
Lyttle, Jane, publican
Johnston, Robert, blacksmith
Johnston, Thomas, miller
Johnston, Miss J.
Martin, Mrs.
Mills, John, G.N.R.
Monaghan, B.
McCarter, M., labourer
McColl, L., baker
McCutcheon, Miss
McElrone, C., car driver
McFadden, T., permanent way inspector
McGee, T., labourer
McGrath, B., merchant
McKee, Miss L.
McHugh, John, labourer
McMeel, Rev. P., C.C.
O'Donnel, T., car driver
Quinn, Hugh, shoe maker
Talbot, William, R.I.C.
Travers, Miss C.
Wark, J., labourer
Wark, William, labourer


Archer, J., station master
Begley, Miss
Harvey,. James, signalman, G.N.R.
Jerviss, George
McHugh, A. J., publican
Robinson, H. J., clerk of petty sessions
Robinson, John, printer
Robinson, Mrs. E.
Strong, John, carpenter


Burton, J., blacksmith
Brennan, A., posting establishment
Coulter, Rev. J., Methodist minister
Daly, John, car driver
Flanigan, Mrs. R.
Gaston, Rev. J., Presbyterian minister
Gibson, John, army pensioner
Gilmore, John, merchant
Haughey, E.
McGarrigle, T.
McKenna, James, dealer
Patchell, Mrs., publican
Patton, Dr. J.
Rankin, Mrs. S.
Rankin, William, shoe maker
Starkey, Mrs.
Wray, J., R.I.C., pensioner


Booth, I., painter
Gibson, George, baker
Graham, C., plate layer
Henderson, T., carpenter
McGrath, P., creamery fireman
Read, R., insurance agent


Aiken, Thos., Pettigo
Aiken, Johnston, Aghalane
Allingham, George, Mullinagoad
Allingham, J. H., Boa Island
Anderson, James, Gortacar
Bell, Wm., Gortnessy
Bratton, G., Tullycarne
Bratton, R., Tullycarne
Britton, James, Carrickcrory
Crawford, Isaac, Cullion
Devitt, J., Brookhill
Dudgeon, Wm., Kilmore
Duffy, Hiram, Banagh
Duffy, Mrs., Lowry
Dundas, C. J., Aughavore
Elliott, Wm., Kimmid
Ellis, H., Aughalough
Falls, James, Lowry
Fitzpatrick, Acheson, Aghahanagh
Flood, Francis, Tievemore
Funston, John, Fincashel
Funston, Robert, Fincashel
Funstone, William, Carnatiessy
Fyffe, Alex., Bigwood
Gallagher, J., Carntressy
Graham, William, Tievemore
Henderson, Caldwell, Drumawark
Henderson, Robert, Cloverhill
Irvine, John, Letter
Johnston, Frederick, Cullion
Johnston, R., Lowry
Johnstone, Wm., Cullion
Knox, Miss, The Rookery
Knox, Mrs., Drumawark
Knox, Robert, Tullycarne
Lowry, John, Aghnahoo
Lyttle, John, Aghnahoo
Martin, Ed., Tullycarne
Martin, Hugh, Drumnascue
Martin, Miss, Kimmid
Monaghan, Hugh, Carne
Moore, Adams, Carne
Moore, Charles, Aghnablany
Moore, Wm., Gortnessy
McCrea, George, J.P., merchant
McHugh, Arthur, Middlebrook
McKee, Robert, Killynoogan
Mcmahon, James, Carrickcourtragh
Quinn, Hugh, Rosscranagh
Quinn, John, Stoneforth
Quinn, Samuel, Bigwood
Reade, E., Kimmid
Rowe, Samuel, Rossharbor
Shallow, Michael, Carrickcroy
Spence, James, Banago
Spence, Mrs. R., Clonelly
Swanston, Robt., Pruckless
Wilson Brothers, Lowry



Baird, M., constable R.I.C.
Begley, Peter, labourer
Bigley, Miss Minnie, dress maker and fancy warehouse
Branigan, John, lodging house keeper
Brimage, James
Brogan, Patrick, constable R.I.C.

Caraher, E., teacher
Clancy, James, draper
Cobain, J., mason
Cobain, T., mason
Coil, Hugh, labourer
Compton, Wm., carpenter
Conway, Mrs.
Conway, Patrick, labourer
Corr, Francis, tailor
Corr, Hugh, baker and grocer
Corr, John, letter carrier
Corry, James, watch maker
Curran, James, labourer

Dailey, Peter, labourer
Dailey, John, labourer
Daily, Robert, letter carrier
Daly, Mrs.
Devlin, James, farmer and cattle dealer, Mabuoy
Donnelly, John, dealer
Dundas, Miss, coffee house manager

Ellison, William, sexton

Feely, Bernard, constable R.I.C,.
Ford, Robert, blacksmith and grocer
Ford, Thomas, porter G.N.R.
Foster, James, grocer

Glass, George, labourer
Glass, James, labourer
Glass, Richard, valet
Glenn, Rev. William, incumbent
Grant, James, grocer
Grimes, Mrs., chemist and grocer
Groogan, Margaret

Henry, Wm., farmer
Herron, James, cattle dealer
Hughes, Joseph, grocer and farmer; agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Hughes, Joseph S., agent for Prudential Insurance Company
Hughes, Mrs.

Johnston, Matthew, tailor and outfitter
Johnston, Robert, mason

Kane, Charles, carpenter
Kane, Patrick, shoe maker
Kelly, John, blacksmith
Kelly, Miss, dress maker
Kelly, Mrs.
Kelly, M., grocer
Kelly, Patrick, publican and horse dealer
Kelly, Paul, labourer
Kennedy, John, labourer
Kerr, Edward, nailer
Kerr, Joseph, letter carrier

Lavery, S. A., letter carrier
Lavery, Thomas, letter carrier
Logan, Mrs., draper and grocer
Loughran, James, labourer
Lowry, Lieut.-Colonel R. T. G.

Martin, D. G., letter carrier
Martin, W. J., letter carrier
Mills, Dennis, labourer
Mills, Michael, labourer
Mitchell, Mrs., dress maker
Mitchell, Thomas, labourer
McAleer Bros., coal and timber merchants and undertakers
McAleer, James, Lowry Arms Hotel
McAleer, Peter, farmer and dealer
McBride, N., grocer
McBride, Rev. H., C.C.
McCann, Patrick, saddler
McCourt, John, grocer
McCullagh, James, shoe maker
McCullagh, Peter, grocer and hardware merchant, farmer and grocer
McCullagh, Peter, grocer
McCulagh, Toal, boot maker
McGaughan, B., grocer and spirit dealer
McGaughan, Miss, grocer and draper
McGaughan, Mrs., dress maker
McGeary, Mary, lodging house keeper
McGill & McCaul, publicans and timber merchants
McGorry, John, draper, grocer, publican
McGuone, Alice, publican and grocer
McGuone, James, grocer, draper
McGurk, John, draper and grocer
McGurk, John F., draper and grocer
McGurk, Mrs., draper and grocer
McKernan, John, shoe maker, etc.
McKernan, Mary, milliner
McKittrick, Wm., labourer
McLaughlin, T., lodging house keeper
McPhilips, Jas. W., signalman G.N.R.
McSorley, Miss, draper and milliner

O'Hagan, Miss, dairymaid
O'Neill, Arthur, farmer
O'Neill, Charles, labourer
O'Neill, Isaac, car owner and farmer
O'Neill, Isaac, Bellmore Arms Hotel

Phoenix Fire Office, Agent, Peter McNally

Rafferty, Patrick, butcher and cattle dealer
Rafferty, Peter, night signalman
Ramsey, Annie, dress maker
Reid, Robert, labourer

Quin, Hugh, publican, grocer and farmer
Quin, James, blacksmith
Quin, Joseph, newsagent
Quin, Michael, saddler
Quin, Peter, tailor
Quin, P. F. J., publican, grocer and clerk of markets

Rabbet, Wm., constable R.I.C.
Rainey, Alexander, grocer and farmer
Reid, Mrs., publican

Sampson, William, draper
Shields, Joseph, porter, G.N.R.
Slevin, Rev. P., P.P.
Smyth, Mrs. lodging house keeper
Sun Fire and Life Offices, Agent, James Rafferty, Altmore
Sweeney, Miss

Taylor, Mrs.
Trainor, Patrick, grocer and farmer

Wallace, Wm. J., sexton
Wright, James, gamekeeper, Camlough Lodge

Young, William, farmer and carter


Adams, James, Limehill
Adams, Robert, Limehill
Adams, William, Limehill
Anderson, John, Killay
Anderson, Joseph, blacksmith, Killay
Benison, James, Tanderagee (Tandragee)
Black, James, Killay
Black, William, Killay
Boyd, Robert William, Turnabason
Brown, George, Lurgenadon
Brown, Wm., mill owner, Edenvale
Brimage, Hugh, Killay
Brimage, Richard, Killay
Brimage, Isaac, Killay
Crothers, Mrs., Gortindarragh
Dobson, Robert, Munderado
Donnelly, John, Turnabason
Ellison, James, Gortnagarn
Fox, Peter, Gortnagarn
Fox, John, Gortnagarn
Gillgrist, John, Turnabason
Gillgrist, James, Turnabason
Gillgrist, Robert, Turnabason
Graham, Thomas, lessee of markets
Grimes, Arthur, Gortnagarn
Grimes, John, Gortnagarn
Hayes, Joseph, Tanderagee
Hayes, Robert, Tanderagee
Hayes, Thomas, Tanderagee
Hagan, Bernard, Turnabason
Hagan, Arthur, Turnabason
Hagan, Hugh, Turnabason
Hart, Jos., farmer and cattle dealer, Cavanakeeran
Hart, Patk., farmer and cattle dealer, Gortnagarn
Holland, Henry, Limehill
Holland, William, Limehill
Hopper, David J., Memore
Hughes, Daniel, Tanderagee
Hughes, James, cattle dealer, Lurgenadon
Hughes, James, Lurgenadon
Hughes, James, mason, Lurgenadon
Hughes, Thomas, Tanderagee
Hughes, Samuel, Aughafad
Johnston, Matthew, Aughafad
Jones, Samuel, Aughafad
Kelso, Robert, Moree House
Killpatrick, John, Gortinderragh
Martin, John, Limehill
Moore, Robert (Bawn), Killay
Moor, Samuel, blacksmith, Gortavoy
Murphy, Michl., farmer and cattle dealer, Cavanakeeran
McAdoo, Robert J., Aughafad
McAnally, Patrick, Gortnagarn
McFarland, James, Lurgenadon
McGee, James, Cavanaca
McGough, Peter, Cavanakeeran
McGuone, Terence, Gortnagarn
McKeown, Archibald, farmer and butcher, Turnabason
McMahon, Bernard, Altmore
McNally, Francis, dealer, Craigview Cottage
McIvor, James, Gortavoy
McIvor, Hugh, Gortavoy
Noble, Robert, Killoy
O'Neill, John, blacksmith, Tanderagee
Potter, Samuel, Munderado
Quin, James, Gortnagarn
Quin, Patrick, miller, Killay
Quin, Patrick, Aughafad
Rafferty, Terence, Gortnagarn
Rafferty, Peter, Gortnagarn
Ramsey, James, Cavanakeeran
Reid, Robert, carpenter, Lurgenadon
Reid, James, Lurgenadon
Reid, Richard, road contractor, Killay
Robinson, Robt., coachman
Robinson, Samuel, Cloughban
Shields, Mrs. Patrick, Altmore Lodge
Somerville, William, Altmore
Somerville, Samuel, Altmore
Sinnamon, Benjamin, Killay
Sinnamon, Hamilton, Lurgenadon
Sinnamon, James, Gortnagarn
Sinnamon, Robert, Lurgenadon
Smyth, Archibald, Cavanakeeran
Smyth, William, Cavanakeeran
Trimble, Robert (Bawn), Killay
Tally, John, Gortinderragh
Willis, Joshua, Altmore



Acheson, Wm., J.P., farmer, Brackagh House
Acheson, J. & J., family grocers, chemists and druggists, Market Street
Achesons, Ltd., linen manufacturers, Bann View Factory
Adams, Wm., J.P., farmer, Brackagh House
Aldred, Mrs., spirit dealer, Woodhouse Street
Alexander, Miss, grocer, Woodhouse Street
Allen, Ephraim, J.P., The Grange
Allen, Mrs. E., book seller and stationer, fancy goods warehouse; agent for the "Belfast News-Letter," "Belfast Weekly News" and "Portadown News"
Anderson, Edward, grocer, Church Street
Anderson, The Misses, grocers, Mandeville Street
Anderson & Co., drapers and undertakers, High Street
Andrews, F. W., traffic agent for L. & N. W. Railway, 43 Hanover Street
Annesley, George, pork curer, High Street and West Street
Armstrong, Thomas, J.P., Eden Hall
Atkinson, Edwd. D., & Sons, solicitors, Thomas Street and Tandragee
Atkinson, Joseph, grocer and linen manufacturer, Corcrain
Atkinson, Jos., J.P., Summerisland, Loughgall
Atkinson, Wolsey R., Eden Villa
Atkinson & Quin, hardware merchants, West Street

Banks, Mrs., Edward Street
Barry, P., publican, Mandeville Street
Beatty, A. J. J., professor of music, 2 Edward Street
Bebe, C., & Son, grocers, Laurelvale, agents for the "Portadown News"
Bell, D. F., J.P., commercial traveller, Mandeville Street
Bell, John, saddler, Market Street
Bell, Thos., confectioner, High Street
Best & Best, Solicitors, Portadown and Armagh
Bigley, Wm., J.P., retired D.I., R.I.C., Park Mount
Blacker, Major, Carrickblacker
Boyd, James, Armagh Road
Boyle, James, shipping agent, William Street
Boyle, James, stationer, Bridge Street
Brandon, H. B., & Co., chartered accountants, Commercial Buildings
Brankin, John, publican, Obin Street
Bright Bros., hardware merchants
Bright, J. Sidney, solicitor, Commercial Buildings
Brown, J. J., manufacturer, Church Street
Brown, G. I., principal Duke's Schools and secretary Portadown Agricultural Show, Carleton Street
Bryson, James, Annagh
Bryson, J. B., Rathowen
Birney, W. N., boot factor, High Street
Burnett, A. J., draper, High Street
Burns, Hugh, publican, Woodhouse Street
Byrne, Charles, Avon Ban
Byrne, Gerald, clerk, Thomas Street
Byrne, James, publican, West Street and Edgarstown
Byrne, Rev. L., Adm. R.C. Church

Calvin, John, corn miller, Castle Street
Campbell, James, M.J.I., press correspondent, Hanover Street
Campbell, John, victualler, Church Street
Canavan, J. & J., Druggists, High Street
Carleton, Atkinson, & Sloan, solicitors, Church Street
Carleton, Miss, Church Street, Portadown and Gilford Castle
Carrick, Mrs., jeweller, West Street
Carrick, W. W., Empress Fruit Store, Market Street
Castleisland Weaving Factory
Central Hairdressing Company, High Street
Chapman, Robert, auctioneer, Edward Street
Chapman's Limited, Preserve Manufacturers, Castle Street
Clow, Jas., & Co., Millers and Grain Merchants, Castle Street
Clow, W. M., Feddal House
Clow, W. T., Edenderry
Cochrane, John, plumber and gas fitter, Thomas Street
Cole, T. L., apothecary, High Street
Collen Bros. Ltd., builders, Hanover Street and Castle Street
Collen, Joseph, Ashton Villa
Collen, John, J.P., Killicomain House
Conn Brothers, grocers, West Street
Cooney, John, clothier, West Street
Cooper, Thos., boot top maker, Woodhouse Street
Co-operative Society Limited, grocers and drapers, Mandeville Street
Corbett, Robert, & Sons, boot makers, Woodhouse Street
Corbett, R., & Son, Drapers, Market Street
Corbitt, Jos., M.D., Thomas Street
Corbitt, H. H., & Co., hay factors, Obin Street
Cordner, C., cycle dealers, High Street and Woodhouse Street
Cosgrove, Hugh, produce exporter, William Street
Courtney, Clement, grocer and Italian warehouseman, High Street
Courtney, R. & Co., Stationers, Confectioners, etc. Agents for the "Belfast News-Letter". "Belfast Weekly News" and "Portadown News" Church Street
Courtney, R. & Co., Grocers and Provision Merchants, West Street
Cowdy, Wm., & Son, handkerchief manufacturers, Thomas Street and Edward Street
Cowdy, W. Laird, B.A., Stewart's Avenue
Craig, Miss, Stationery, Fancy Glass and China Warehouse; Daily Papers and Monthly Periodicals kept in Stock. Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," "Belfast Weekly News" and "Portadown News," West End House
Crooks, F. W., house agent, Thomas Street
Crummie, Arthur, publican, Market Street
Cullen, Robert, builder, Armagh Road

Dale, Edward, B.A., Edenderry N.S.
Davidson, J. A., Thomas Street N.S.
Davison Bros., grocers and bakers, High Street and Obin Street
Davison, Isaac, druggist and grocer, High Street
Dawson, Thomas, J.P., Corcrain House
Dempsey, Rev. C., Mullavilley
Derrylard Peat Moss Litter Co.; John Carter, secretary
Dickson, William, saddler, Market Street
Dillon, James, grocer, Bridge Street
Donohoe, Miss, spirit grocer, Market Street
Doogan, Thos., publican, Woodhouse Street
Dougan, George, M.D., J.P., Millicent Terrace
Douglas, Miss, principal Alexandra School
Downing, William, Atkinson's Avenue

Eakin, A. J., boot merchant, High Street
Elliott & Stevenson, drapers, Market Street
Ellis, Isaac, publican, Edenderry
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agent, Samuel Moore Wade, Bank of Ireland
Espie, J. G., B.A., Armagh Road N.S.
Ewart, John, shoe maker, Church Street

Farrell, Arthur T., solicitor, Maudeville Street
Fearon, John, rent, insurance and shipping agent, Church Street
Ferris, Joseph, saddler, Woodhouse Street
Firth, Wm., organist, Hanover Street
Fleming, Mrs., ladies' outfitter, Bridge Street
Forbes, G. R., & Co., drapers, Market Street
Frizell, Henry, Belfast Steamship Co., agent, Portmore Street
Fulton, J. C, J.P., Church Street
Fulton, W. G., Church Street

Gardiner, Thomas, grocer, Edenderry
Gardner, Thos., rate collector, Carleton Street
Gibson, Angus, cycle repairer and mechanic, Hanover Street
Gibson, John, & Co., grocers, Market Street
Gibson, Miss, dress maker, William Street
Gibson, Misses, milliners, High Street
Gibson, T. D., R.M., Edenderry
Gibson, Thomas, grocer, Bridge Street
Gilbey, W. A., & Co., wine merchants, Market Street
Gilpin, Mrs., children's underclothing, Bridge Street
Gilmore, John, farmer, Carrickblacker
Girling, G. P., solicitor and organist of Thomas Street Methodist Church, West Street
Gough, William, auctioneer, house, land, shipping and insurance agent, Woodhouse Street
Graham, Mrs., Ardville
Gray, David, jeweller and cycle agent, West Street
Greaves, O. V., Weaving Factory, Annagh
Green, W. J., commercial traveller, Annagh Terrace
Green, Stuart, Edgarstown N.S.
Gregory, Geo., secretary postman's federation, Atkinson Avenue
Grew, James, J.P., grocer and proprietor of Queen's Hotel
Grew, J., & Co., Grain Merchants, Mary Street
Grimason, R. J., grocer, Thomas Street
Hadden, Robt. E., M.D., Stewart's Avenue
Hadden, W. E., M.D., Magharee
Hall Bros., saleroom, West Street
Hall, S., B.D., Edward Street
Hall, William, dining rooms, Woodhouse Street
Hanna, Richard, Annagh
Harcourt, James, farmer, Ballyworkan
Harper, J., oil factor, Thomas Street
Hart, Gabriel, fruit grower and farmer, Vineycash
Harris, H. J., solicitor, Church Street
Hazelton, Mrs. C., pawnbroker, Woodhouse Street
Hegan & Company, hardware, leather and cycle merchants, Mandeville Street
Henry, Robert, commercial traveller, Charlotteville
Heron, S., M.D., Castle Street
Hewitt, H. M., pawn broker, West Street
Hewitt, W. G., retired merchant, Garvaghy House
Holywood, Joseph, shoe maker, Thomas Street
Hosey, J., J.P., draper, Market Street
Hoy, Joseph, boot merchant, stationer and "Portadown News" agent
Hoy, Thomas, butcher, Bridge Street
Hughes, Charles, cattle dealer, Market Street
Hughes, E., butcher, West Street
Hunter, Wm., librarian and accountant, Bridge Street
Hyde, Joseph, grocer, Bridge Street
Hyde, Robert, veterinary surgeon, Alma Terrace
Hyde, Mrs., baby linen, West Street

Imperial Hotel Ltd., High Street
Irwin, John, passenger station master G.N.R.
Irwin, Wilson, Carne House
Irwin, W. D., grocer, Woodhouse Street and Parkmount

Jackson, J., iron monger, Market Street
Jennings, Rowan, provision dealer, West Street
Jeffers, Mrs. John, Newsagent, Stationer and Tobacconist. Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," "Portadown News" and "Belfast Weekly News," 9 Market Street
Johnston, Charles, J.P., Beechcote
Johnston, George, Armagh Road
Johnston, Miss, milliner, High Street
Johnston & Co., sewing machine and cycle agents, Bridge Street
Johnston, W. J., publican, High Street
Jones, A. E., Carleton Street
Jones, John, butcher and fish monger, Market Street

Kelly, James, publican, High Street
Kennedy, The Misses, ladies' preparatory school, Thomas Street
Kerr, James, butcher, West Street
Kerr, Thos., plumber, Castle Street
Kinney, J., baker and grocer, Woodhouse Street

Lamb, Matthew, carpenter, Bridge Street
Lamb, Miss, dress maker, Bridge Street
Lamb, John, painter, Bridge Street
Lamb, Miss, dress maker, Bridge Street
Lamb, R. H., merchant, Wheatfield
Latimer, M. S., Temperance Hotel, Bridge Street
Laundry Company, Portmore Street
Lennox, W. J., gents' outfitter, High Street
Liddle, G., M.B., surgeon, Market Street
Little, Robert, grocer, West Street
Little, W. J., general dealer, West Street
Livingston Bros., grocers, furniture and china merchants, Bridge Street
Livingstone, David, emigration agent, Bridge Street
Livingstone, M. D., jeweller, West Street
Locke, George A., auctioneer and shipping agent, Woodhouse Street
Locke, George, cycle depot, Woodhouse Street
Locke, George, cycle depot, West Street
Logan, Henry, & Son, rope and twine manufacturers, Edgarstown
Lomas, Walter, telegraph engineer, Thomas Street
Lowry, Mrs., grocer, West Street
Lutton, A. J., & Sons, linen manufacturers, Edenderry
Lutton, Richard, builder, Carleton Street
Lyske, james, confectioner, Bridge Street
Lynn, T. H., assistant superintendent Prudential Assurance Co., Thomas Street

Mackenzie, Mrs., Seagoe House
Maconachie, Miss, baby linen warehouse, Bridge Street
Magee, James, painter, West Street
Magowan, Thos., provision merchant, West Street
Major, W., bill poster, Thomas Street
Malcomson, Mrs., grocer, Bridge Street
Manderson, Mrs., Windsor Terrace
Marley, Miss, Bridge Street
Matchett, Benjamin, farmer, Mullentine
Matthews, A., grocer, West Street
Millar, George, clerk, Edward Street
Moffett & Co., Photographic Artists, Picture Frame Makers, etc., 53 Bridge Street, Portadown; 12 High Street, Belfast; and Windsor Avenue, Lurgan
Moneypenny, D., grocer, Bridge Street
Montgomery, Robert, house agent, Albert Terrace
Montgomery, George, undertaker, West Street
Montgomery, T. J., grocer, High Street
Mortimer, Jos., relieving officer, West Street
Mulholland, John, proprietor of Victoria Temperance Hotel
Mullen Bros., grocers, West Street
Mulligan, Timothy, spirit dealer, High Street
Murphy, Thomas, cycle repairer, Thomas Street
McAleer, J., veterinary surgeon, Church Street
McAlinden, John, car proprietor, Woodhouse Street
McBroom, Isaac, cattle dealer, grocer, delf and seed merchant, High Street
McCammon & Sprott, pork curers, Obin Street
McCann, Bernard, carter, Market Street
McCann, Wm. C., farmer, Derrymacfall
McCaughey, W. M., dress making and millinery by experienced artists, 29 High Street
McClatchey, Matthew, assistant town clerk, Thomas Street
McClatchey, R. H., grocer and picture framer, Castle Street
McClatchy, Mrs., spirit dealer, Edenderry
McClelland, A. H., Thomas Street
McCluskey, J., shoe maker, West Street
McCluskey, John, pork buyer, West Street
McConville, Henry, spirit dealer and grocer, West Street
McConville, Mrs. John, publican, West Street
McCourt, Patrick, jun., poulterer, Obin Street
McCullough, John, grocer, Castle Street
McCullough, Wm., house painter, West Street
McGredy, Samuel, J.P., Parkside
McGredy, S. & Son, nurserymen and florists, Castle Street; seed warehouse, High Street
McIlroy, Wm., boot merchant, West Street
McIlveen, Jas., grocer, High Street
McKell, James, baker and grocer, Market Street
McKerr, Wm., bookkeeper, Bridge Street
McKinney, J., goods station master, G.N.R.
McKinstrey, Wm., & Son, coach builders, Thomas Street
McKittrick, W., insurance agent, Mandeville Street
McKittrick, W., insurance agent, Mandeville Street, Armagh Road
McNally, E., House furnishing and fancy goods, West Street
McQuillan, Alex., grocer, Edgarstown

Neeson, Michael, publican, West Street

O'Hagan, E., solicitor, Bridge Street
O'Hagan, P., tailor, Bridge Street
O'Hanlon, John J., publican, High Street and West Street
O'Neil, Felix, butcher, West Street
O'Neill, W. J., C.E., Hanover Street

Palmer, John, Thomas Street
Paul, David G., Erindale
Paul, John, Annaville Terrace
Paul, Robert, house furnishing ironmonger, High Street
Paul, William, & Son Ltd., drapers, High Street
Pedlow Bros., grocers, Market Street and William Street
Phoenix Fire office, Agent, S. M. Wade, Bank of Ireland
Pickering, James Albert, publican, Clounagh
Portadown Manufacturing Co., Thomas Street
Porter, J., confectioner, Church Street and Bridge Street

Radcliffe, W., barber, West Street
Rafferty, Frank, clothier, Woodhouse Street
Reavy, John, egg and fowl dealer, Jervis Street
Redmond, Johnston, farmer, The Grange
Reid, John, dealer, Castle Avenue
Reid, Joseph, draper, Bridge Street
Reid & Son, linen manufacturers and yarn dealers, Tarson
Reid, William, builder, etc., Edward Street
Retalic, George, sanitary inspector, West Street
Richardson Bros., grocers and druggists, High Street
Richardson, Henry, retired merchant, Burnbrae
Richardson, T., sergeant R.I.C.
Ripley, Thomas A., farmer, Clonnagh
River Plate Meat Company, High Street
Robb, Hamilton, steam power weaving factory
Robb, Seth, farmer and grain factor, Garvaghy Road
Robinson, John, farmer, Druminally
Robinson, John, Ballybay Corn Mills
Robinson, Mrs., Edgarstown N.S.
Robinson, Wm., Ballybreagh, Derryhale
Rountree, John, general grocer, glass and china merchant, High Street
Rowlett, James L., M.D., Dispensary Medical Officer, Carleton Street
Ryder, C. J., postal official, Thomas Street

Sands, Miss, ladies' nurse, Killycomain
Sewell, John, bill poster, 36 Union Street
Shepherd, J., Refuge Insurance Co., superintendent, Bridge Street
Shiel, P. J., grocer and wine merchant, Woodhouse Street
Shemeld, A., Drumcree Cottage
Shillington, Henry, A.B., C.E., Bridge Street
Shillington, T. A., & Son, steam saw mills, iron, coal and timber merchants, Castle Street
Shillington, Thomas, J.P., Alta Villa
Singleton, H. de Lacy, principal Cavendish Collage
Sinnamon, David, car owner, Woodhouse Street
Sinton, Thos., Ltd., linen manufacturers, Market Street and Laurelvale
Sloan, A. G., solicitor, Ballyworkan House
Slowey, P., publican, High Street
Spence, Bryson & Co. Ltd., weaving factory, Portmore Street
Spinning Mill Company Ltd., Castle Street
Stanley, H., grocer, Edgarstown
Stanley Bros., grocers, bakers and fruiterers, High Street
Stanley, Ralph, grocer, Edgartown
Stedmond, John, Derryanville
Stevens, H. W., High Street
Stevenson, R. H., rate collector, Killicomaine Road
Stewart, Thomas R., plumber, William Street
Stewart, Wm., M.D., Millicent Terrace

Tate, John, boot factory, High Street
Tavanagh Weaving Factory
Taylor, Jas., sculptor, Woodhouse Street
Templeton, S., licensed porter, Bridge Street
Thacker, Rev. R. R., St. Saviour, Dobbin
Thompson, A. G., provision dealer, West Street
Thompson, David, grocer, Thomas Street
Thompson, Robt., butter and egg merchant, Church Street
Thompson, W. N., egg exporter, Thomas Street
Thompson & Son, veterinary surgeons, High Street
Thomson, L. W., B.A., Intermediate School, Bridge Street
Thornton, A. & D., Ltd., wholesale grocers, Thomas Street
Thornton, D., grocer, High Street
Thornton, Mrs., Thomas Street
Toilette Rooms, Bridge Street
Topley, R. & J., grocers, West Street
Totton, Stuart, victualler, Market Street
Trimble, W. J., Mourneview Street
Trouton & Son, provision merchants and stationers, Market Street
Tweedie, Wm., butcher, Bridge Street

Vallely, the Misses, confectioners, stationers and agents for the "Portadown News"
Vaughan, James, agent for Castlebellingham Brewery, Ballybeen

Walby, J. W., architect, Edward Street
Walker, John, C.P.S., Church Street
Wallace, Hugh, house furnishing, ironmonger and jeweller, High Street
Wallace, Mrs., Stewart's Avenue
Wallace, Robert, draper and tailor, Bridge Stree
Walsh Bros., grocers, Woodhouse Street
Walsh, James, Drumcree Nursery and High Street
Watson, Armstrong, & Co., power loom weavers, Watson Street
Watson, William J., Bridge Street
Watson & Sandford, grocers, High Street and Bridge Street
Waugh, John, book seller, High Street
Weir, Wm., house agent, Ashgrove
White, Fred. W., grocer, West Street
Whitla, Thos., shoe maker, West Street
Wightman, J., Woodhouse Street
Wilson, Horace, parish church organist, Thomas Street
Wilson, J. Loftus, Church Street, linen manufacturer, works, River Lane
Wilson, J., Sunnyside
Wilson, Jones R., Thomas Street
Wilson, Val., solicitor, Edward Street
Wilson, S., & Co., linen manufacturers, West Street
Woods, John, clothier, Woodhouse Street
Woodhouse, T. A., The Boot Palace, Market Street
Workman, J., house painter, West Street
Wright, James, hog exporter, Woodhouse Street
Wright, James, publican, Obin Street
Wright, John, spirit dealer, High Street
Wright, Miss, stationer and "Portadown News" agent, Woodhouse Street
Wright, Mrs. Joseph, confectioner, Bridge Street
Wright, W. H., solicitor, High Street

Young, J., M.A., printer and stationer, proprietor of the "Portadown News"



Anderson, John, hardware merchant
Anderson, Joseph, grocer

Bailie, John, grocer and carpenter
Baird, Edward, tailor
Baxter, Henry, relieving officer and bailiff for Portaferry Estate
Beck, Hugh, carpenter
Bell & McCartan, Solicitors, Portaferry (Office every Tuesday)
Beringer, Fredk., watch maker, clock maker
Breen, Wm., grocer
Brown, Misses, millinery warehouse
Brown, Mrs. Hugh, grocer
Brown, Wm., grocer and hardware merchant
Brownlow, Chas., J.P., estate agent for Portaferry

Carvill, Jas., butcher
Carvill, John, spirit merchant
Caughey, John, painter and decorator
Caughey, Mrs. James
Cavan, Mrs. William, Kearney
Clarke, Robt., clerk Belfast Bank
Combe, Mrs.
Conkey, Patrick
Cowan, Joseph, proprietor, Rock Angus Hotel
Crangle, Emily, grocer and publican
Crangle, Isabella, publican
Crangle, Patrick, J.P., Ballymarter

Dodds, Alex., cabinet maker & auctioneer
Donaldson Bros., blacksmiths
Donaldson, David, merchant tailor and draper
Donaldson, Mrs. David, draper
Donaldson, Wm., blacksmith

Elliott, Jas., J.P., merchant; agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Elliott, J. R. M., agent for the Royal Fire Insurance Co.
Elliott & Co., grain, coal, potato merchants and posting establishment
Ellison, Henry, saddler
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, J. R. M. Elliott, merchant; J. McDonnell, The White House; Captain W. Mahood, The Villa

Gibson, ?, gardener to Mr. R. J. Glass
Glass, R. J., Wharaparila House
Gracey, Arthur, Tooshilly
Greer, John, J.P.
Greer, Rev. G. S., Ballyphillip Rectory
Gunning, Miss Hester, Church Street

Hannigan, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer
Hastings, Hugh Kearney
Hunter, P., land steward to Colonel Nugent

Ker, Miss, Quinton Castle
Kerr, Hugh, Ballyfindra
Kerr, Mrs., Ballyfindra
Kennell, Mr., manager potato mills, Ballyherley
Kirkpatrick, Alex., Ballytrustan

Lawson, D., & Son, drapers and haberdashers
Lennon, James, Ballynickle
Little, Francis, J.P., Mountross House

Magee, James, grocer
Magee, James, saddle and harness maker
Magee, Mrs., spirit dealer
Mahood, Captain William
Mahood, Thomas, ship carpenter
Manown, John
Mawhinney, Mrs., butcher
Maxwell, Thomas, Corrick
Moorehead,, Wm., ferry boat owner
Moreland, John, Corrick House
Morrison, T., cashier, Belfast Bank
Morrow, William, tailor
McCappin, Thomas, butcher and grocer
McCausland, David, Ballydock
McCausland, J., Ballyhenry Farm
McCausland, Mrs., grocer and iron monger
McComb, John, Ballyquinton
McComb, Misses, Ferry Street
McConvey, James, spirit dealer and grocer
McCormick, Samuel, Ardkeen
McCullen, Miss, Strand
McDonald, Dr. Mark, M.B., Ferry Street
McDonnell, James, The White House
McDonnell, James, & Son, grocers
McDonnell, John, Ballyspurge
McDonnell, Mrs. John, Belleadon
McDowell, Miss, sewed muslin agent
McGee, Charles, spirit dealer, Church Street
McGiffert, W. T., Killydressy
McGrath, Henry, grocer, spirit dealer and auctioneer
McGrath, James, grocer and spirit dealer
McGrattan, Henry, Tara
McMath, Mary, grocer
McMeckan, John, Thomastown House
McMullan, Wm., grain and potato merchant
McNab, John, Kintagh
McNab, Patrick, Parsonhall
McPolin, Daniel, publican and grocer
McVeigh, Andrew, postman
McVeigh, George, shoe maker

Nelson, R. & J., ferryboat proprietors
Norton & Co.'s car service, The Square, A. Dodds, agent

Orr, The Misses
O'Prey, Hugh, shoe maker

Park, Wm., Nugent Arms Hotel
Parkinson, Wm., sexton to the Church of Ireland
Phoenix Fire Office, Agent, J. G. McK. Moreland, High Street
Polly, Alex., lodging house keeper, Square
Pyper, William

Ringland, John, baker
Rogan, James, coal filler and stevedore
Rutherford, Mrs.
Russell, W., & Sons, solicitors (office every Tuesday)
Savage, James, Marlfield
Savage, Mrs. Maria, grocer and spirit dealer
Savage, The Misses, Marlfield
Savage, Wm., high constable, Upper Ards
Shanks, James, Ballyfounder
Smith, Dr. Edward, M.B., Strand
Somerset, Thos., & Co., embroidery warehouse
Stewart, Alexander, solicitor
Stewart, Hugh, Quintonbay House
Stewart, Rev., curate
Sun Fire and Life Offices, Agent, S. F. L. Neely, Petty Sessions Clerk

Tanner, Jonathan
Taylor, Robt., cashier, Belfast Bank
Torney, Jos., & Son, auctioneers and valuators
Torney, Thomas, shoe maker
Trainor, J., grocer and spirit dealer

Wallace, H., & Co., solicitors (office every Tuesday)
Warnock, Miss
Warnock, T. A., J.P.
Warnock, Mrs., Ballywhite House
Wilson, Archibald, Ballyginnton
Wilson, David, Tullyncrew
Wilson, Hugh, Derry
Wilson, John, Ballymacnamee
Wilson, Mrs. Jas., Killydressy
Wilson, Mrs. H., Corrick
Wilson, Hugh, Ballyquinton
Wilson, Samuel, timber merchant & grocer

Young, R.O., J.P., Dunavely House



Atkinson, Miss, Lissanduff
Audain, Miss

Boyd, Miss
Brown, James, gardener
Brown, W.

Carson, James
Christie, John, Percatt
Courvoisier, Madame
Creighton, Miss
Cross, H. C, ex-coastguard
Curry, James, Gortree
Curry, Alex.

Dashwood, Mrs.
Dean, Miss
Douglas, Miss
Douglas, R. M., J.P.
Douglas, R. M., jun., rate collector
Dunlop, Mrs. M.

English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agent, R. W. M. Douglas, J.P.

Fall, John
Fall, Thomas, fisherman

Gardener, Mrs.

Harbison, Andrew
Haughey, William, grocer and beer license
Hunter, Hugh

Johnston, James

Leslie, J. G., D.L., J.P., Seaport
Lloyd, Mrs.
Lockhart, John, C.P.S., Bushmills and Portrush, commissioner for oaths
Loughrey, Edward

Montgomery, Mrs.
Moorehead, R., caretaker of Seaport
McCurdy, Miss
McIlroy, Daniel, Temperance Hotel
McIlroy, Thomas
McKenney, Patrick, grocer
McLaughlin, Hugh
McMullan, George, fisherman

Porter, Miss

Scally, James, fisherman
Smith, E.
Stopford, Reginald, mining engineer

Taylor, Alexander
Taylor, Robert
Traill, W. A., C.E.

Weir, Charles, fisherman
Weir, Neill, fisherman
Weir, Robert, fisherman

Coastguard Station, W. H. Brewer, chief boatman; four assistants


Haughey, George
Thompson, William


Maxwell, Robert
Taylor, Thomas, fisherman



Adams, Mrs.
Adams, Robert, Tyanee
Adams, Samuel, grocer
Adams, Samuel, blacksmith
Adams, Wm. S., grocer
Agnew, Henry, Culbane House
Agnew, John, publican
Aiken, Campbell, grocer and emigration
Aiken, David, Portglenone, cycle agent

Barclay, John, Gortaheron
Barclay, William, carpenter
Bateman, Rev. A. C.
Baxter, Richard, Aughnahoy
Beattie, Rev. A. H., The Manse
Boyd, Wm., Glenone
Brady, James, woollen draper and silk merchant; agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Brady, Mrs.
Brady, W. J. H., druggist

Caslin, Rev. J. C. L., C.C., Greenlough
Chesney, George, Ballynafie
Courtenay, William G., J.P., Glenburn
Crawford, Charteris, grocer, Aughnacloy

Daly, James, publican
Davison, Miss, Rose Cottage, Ballynease
Davison, Robert, Ballynease
Diamond, John, publican
Dick, B. H., Island House
Duffin, John, blacksmith
Duncan, Joseph C, clerk of petty sessions
Duncan, Robert; agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Dysart, A., N.S., Tyanee
Dysart, John, M.D., J.P.
Dysart, Robert, The Hill
Dysart, Mrs., woollen draper

Estler, W. J., grocer, Aughnacloy

Fox, Hugh, posting
Frackleton, Rev. S. S., Glenone Glebe

Glass, William, Gortfadd
Gormley, Rev. J., C.C., Greenlough
Greer, John, whitesmith

Hamilton, Harry, posting
Hamilton, R., hardware, timber merchant
Henry, Rev. S. R.
Henry, T. P., J.P., Tyanee
Higgins, Henry, publican
Hilton, H. J., Farmhill
Hilton, T. J., Mountgawn
Houston, Sam., shoe maker
Hutchinson, Oliver, Tyanee

Kelly, Mrs., Ballynease Cottage
Kenny, Mrs., grocer
Kerr, Andrew, grocer
Kerr, Thomas, tailor
King. J. T., N.S. teacher
Knox, Mrs.
Kyle, T. T., Tyanee

Laverty, Rev. J., P.P.

Macloskie, Misses, milliners, etc.
Marshall, John, Tyanee
Maxwell, John, Aughnahoy
Millar, Robert J.
Millar, Wm., Slavana
Montgomery, D., N.S. teacher
Montgomery, Samuel, Slavana
Moore. Miss, N.S. teacher
McAtamney, Hugh, grocer
McAtamney, Mrs., N.S. teacher
McAteer, Miss, N.S. teacher
McAuley, Arthur, J.P., woollen draper
McCaw, Henry, Mullinsala
McCaw, Hugh D.
McCaw, Mrs., Lisrodden
McCaw, Samuel, carpenter
McCaw, The Misses, milliners
McClelland, Hugh, flax mill, Mullinsala
McConnel, James, butcher
McCullough, George, Ballynease
McCullough, Mrs. Wm., Ballynease
McErlene, Denny, Glenone
McErlene, Samuel, cattle dealer, Glenone
McFadden, Hugh, Gortole House
McFadden, W. J., Thornhill
McIlwrath, Andrew, Mountpleasant
McIlwrath, Hugh, Rock Cottage
McIntyre, John, Glenone
McLarnon, John, shoe maker
McLarnon, Robert, boot and shoe maker
McLaughlin, John, Victoria Hotel, posting establishment and baker
McMannus, J., Innisrush
McMeekin, John, J.P., Churchfield
McMullan, Charles, reed maker
McMullin, James, Garvaghy

Nugent, Thos.

O'Kane, J., publican
O'Kane, Mrs., grocer, Newmills
O'Kane, Patk., Tyanee
O'Kane, Robert, Waterwall

Park, J., grocer, Gortfadd
Paul, Jas., Glenone

Rainey, J., Largy N.S.

Scott, Hugh, fowl dealer
Scullion, Henry, publican
Scullion, Henry, Glenone
Simpson, Hugh, Killycoogan Flax Mill
Smith, Andrew, grocer
Smith, Rev. W. J.
Spence, James, Garvaghy
Spence, Robt., Bann View
Stewart, Dr.
Stewart, Jas., Tyanee
Surgenor, John

Wallace, James, Aughnahoy
Wallace, Wm., Tyanee
Warden, Hugh, N.S.
Warwick, Mrs., Innisrush
Wharton, James, creamery manager
Wilkinson, J., blacksmith
Wilson, Robert, Tyanee
Wright, Mrs., Alba House, Portglenone

Young, Miss, Portglenone House



F. H. Watt, S.S. Melmore
Messrs. D. Fall & Son, The Harbour, Portrush, Laird Line, Portrush


Bamford, T., Main Street
Scott, A. C., Main Street


Bishop, E., Main Street
Fleming, Thomas, Main Street
Fleming, T., & Son, Main Street
Hale, James, Main Street
Pepper, R. F., Main Street


Cameron, Thomas, Church Pass
Davis, T., Main Street
Hughes Bros., Main Street
McCormack, Denis


Cartan & Murphy, Princes Terrace
Christie, D., Causeway Street
Cochrane, R., Causeway Street
Esdale, Wm. J., Lansdowne Crescent
Graham, Alex., Main Street
McAllister, Hugh, Builder and Plasterer, Kerr Street
McAllister, William, Springhill
McKay, Messrs. J., & Co.


Fall, Daniel, and Son, Main Street
Watt, J. R. & Son, Kerr Street


Farquharson, A., Main Street


Bamford, John, & Son, Main Street
Black, H. A. G., Main Street
Burns' Restaurant, Quay Head
Farquharson, A., Main Street
Fleming, James, Bath Street
Lloyd, Mrs., Railway Place and Kerr Street
McAllister, James, Main Street
McCormick, D., Main Street
Hurst, Mrs., Osborne Café, Antrim Place
Simmons, Mrs., Kerr Street
Sturrock, D., Quay Street


Archibald, W. J., Ballyreagh
Browne, H., Ballyreagh
Fleming, John, Portrush
Gaston, Thos., Cloghorr
McLaughlin, S., Cloghorr
McNeill, S. & J., Ballymacilvennon
Rankin, John, Cloghorr
Shiells & Co., Church Street
Small, W., Ballywillan
Stewart, Thomas, Islandmore


Bamford, John, & Son, Main Street
Boggs, Mrs., Main Street
Crowe, Miss, Main Street
Hamilton & Co., White House
McFeeters Brothers, Main Street
Pepper, R. F., Main Street
Scott & McKay, Causeway Street


Boggs, J. G. W., M.D., Medical Hall, Main Street
Scott, Alfred C., Main Street


Auld, Miss, Eglinton Street
Fleming, M. A., Main Street
McCollum, M. J., Church Pass
Shaw, George, Eglinton Terrace
Shiells & Co., Main Street
Smyth, Mrs., Atlantic Avenue


McCulloch, W. L., Main Street
Stewart Bros., Main Street


Rankin, John, Cloughorr
Leek, George, Magilligan and Portrush Hotel
Stewart Bros., Main Street
Golf club maker - John Aitken, Main Street and club house


Bamford, John, & Son, Main Street
Bothwell, D., Bath Street
Bradley, Mrs., Causeway Street
Campbell, Mrs., Causeway Street
Campbell & Chambers, Main Street
Kelly, A., Causeway Street
Lynn, J., Main Street
McCulloch, W. L., Main Street
Sandford, Jos., Main Street and Quay Head
Scott, Alfred C., Main Street
Shaw, Allen, & Son, Main Street
Shiells & Co., City Stores, Main Street
Sneddan, James, Harbour View
Stewart Bros., Main Street provision merchants


McCandless, John, Main Street


Alexandra, 11, 12 Lansdowne Crescent, Mrs. Dunseath and Miss Dobbin
Central Hotel, Messrs. Hamilton & Co.
Dunard, Lansdowne Crescent, Mrs. Davies (Under Scotch Management)
Golf Hotel, Basil McCrea, proprietor
Eglinton Hotel, H. G. Bower, Manager
Hotel Metropole, H. Davison
Lancashire Temperance Hotel, Mrs. Taylor, Causeway Street
Lansdowne Temperance Hotel, Miss Hill
Lloyd's Commercial Temperance Hotel, Kerr Street
Londonderry Hotel, W. Markland, Main Street
Northern Counties, Mr. Cox, manager
Osborne Hotel, Mrs. Hurst
Portrush Hotel, George Leek
Private Hotel, Mrs. Baker, Mark Street
Railway Hotel, P. Bradley
Ramore Hotel, Mr. McNally
Victoria Hotel, Mrs. Gallagher, Kerr Street
Windsor Hotel, Messrs. Hamilton & Co.
York Hotel, Mrs. Watt


Bamford, T., Main Street
Scott, A. C., Main Street
Sheills & Co., Main Street


English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, R. J. Woodrow, Windsor Cottage, Causeway Street; James Southern, tow and sub-sanitary officer
Phoenix Fire Office, Agent, Thomas Bamford, Main Street
Sun Fire and Life Offices, Agent, Wm. J. McMurray, Belfast Bank
Bamford, J., Main Street
Caldwell, J. C. (Marine), Mark Street and Quay
Hetherington, J., Main Street
Scott, A. C., Main Street
Sheills & Co., Main Street


The Earl of Antrim; manager, Robt. Gregg


J. Macrory, Main Street
L. B. Rohdich, Main Street


Adams, Miss, Mark Street
Aitken, Mrs., Main Street
Allely, Mrs., Springhill
Allen, Samuel, Railway Place
Arrot, Miss, Eglinton Terrace
Baker, Mrs., Mark Street
Browne, Mrs., Eglinton Street
Carson, Miss, Bath Terrace
Christie, Mrs., Mark Street
Dixon, Mrs., Mark Street
Dodds, Mrs., Bayview
Charlton, Miss, Main Street
Douglas, R., Princess Terrace
Dripps, Miss, Mark Street
Dykes, Mrs., Alston House, Lansdowne Crescent
Esdale, Mrs., Lansdowne Crescent
Farren, Mrs. M., Kerr Street
Fisher, Mrs., Causeway Street
Fleming, Miss, Lansdowne Crescent
Houston, Miss, Springhill
Jackson, Mrs., Kerr Street
Kelly, James, builder, etc., Springhill
Kelly, R. J., 101 Causeway Street
Kerr, C., Avondale, Springfield
Kerr, The Misses, Mark Street
Lindsay, David, Mount Royal
Logan, Mrs., Kerr Street
Lyons, R., Mark Street
Macbeth, Mrs., Mervue
Magee, Mrs., Bazaar Street
Marine Boarding House, Kerr Street, Miss Lindsay
McConaghy, Miss, Mark Street
McCulloch, Mrs. W. L., Bath Street
McIlree, Mrs., Eglinton Street
McKay, M., Victoria Terrace, Springhill
McKay, Mrs., Chelsea House
Orr, Miss, Victoria Terrace
Rea, Miss, Kerr Street
Scully, Miss, Main Street
Simmons, Miss, Kerr Street
Sloan, Miss, Alexander Terrace
Smith, Miss, Victoria Street
Steele, Miss, Dunluce Villa
Wilson, Miss, Railway Terrace


Charlton, Miss, The Shamrock and Atlantic Avenue
Eason, Charles, & Son Ltd., Railway Station
Sheills, John, & Co., Church Street
Woods, Miss, book seller, stationer, photographer, Main Street


Baxter, J. & D., Eglinton Terrace
Farren, Wm., Main Street
McCandless, Robert, Railway Terrace


Lee & Co., Lansdowne Crescent
Woods, Miss, Main Street


Martin, James, Garden Court
Martin, Thomas, Prince's Terrace


Allen, James, Railway Place
Auld, John, Eglinton Street
Fisher, Joseph, Causeway Street
Hamill, M. J., Causeway Street
Hunter, James, Eglinton Street
McAloney, James, Causeway Street
McCormick, Denis, Main Street
McNeill, Wm., Eglinton Street
Northern Counties Hotel
Peden, John, Dunluce Street
Sandford, Joseph, Main Street
Thompson, James, Causeway Street


Gregg, Robert, Kerr Street
McAlister, Hugh, Main  Street
McAlister, John, Causeway Street
McCloskey, Wm., Kerr Street


Farren, W. J., Main Street
McCandless, John, Main Street


Bradley, Mrs., Causeway Street
Gibson, Percy, The Quay
Gillan, Hugh
Shaw, Allan, Main Street


Hopkins, James, Springhill
Kelly, James, Springhill


Bamford, John, Main Street
Charlton, Miss, The Shamrock
Caskey, J. H., Main Street
Woods, Miss, Main Street


Martin, J. C., M.D., Mark Street
Porter, W., Mervue


Beresford, General J. P. Glenmanus
Boyle, James, J.P., Ballymacrea
Brownrigg, Q. J., J.P., Mark Street
Cox, Miss H.
Crookshank, R., Glenmanus
Dunlop, S. J., J.P., Ballywillan
Hamilton, Dr., Magherabuoy
Hamilton, Miss. Rathmore
Lecky, Harry, Beardiville
Lecky, Hugh, J.P., Beardiville
Leslie, Carter, White Hall
Moody, Alex., Salisbury Terrace
Ritchie, Rev. Wm., Mark Street
Russell, J. M., Coleraine Road
Stewart, Anderson, Glennmanus
Watt, F. H., J.P., Westport
Young, William, J.P., Lisnavarna



Bakers, Andrew McGowan, Alex. McBride

Blacksmith, James McLaughlin, Cappagh

Boot and Shoe Shops, George Kane and Jno. McCurdy

Butchers, David Edminston, S. & W. McGrath

Carpenters and Builders, James McCurdy, Matthew Reid & Sons and John Frizell

Coal Merchants, S. R. Henry and W. A. Frizell

Confectioners ,  Andrew McGowan, A. McBride (Inglis & Co.), Miss Gregg

Coffee & Refreshment Rooms, Miss Gregg, R. Frizell & Sons, A. McBride, A. McGowan and G. Scott

Cycle Agent, James McCurdy

Drapers, Mrs. Brown, S. R. Henry, Mrs. Grey, H. Dixon & Co.

Emigration Agent, S. R. Henry

Dressmakers, The Misses Finlay, Miss Martin, Miss Kane and Miss Boyd

English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agent, H. T. Gaussen

Phoenix Fire Office, Agent, H. T. Gaussen

Fish Merchants, R. Frizell & Sons

Grain and General Merchant, S. R. Henry

Grocers, S. R. Henry, R. Frizell & Sons, Miss Gregg, Hugh Caldwell and John Cubbitt

Hotels, Anchor Hotel, P. Doherty; Montague Arms Hotel, Mrs. Smith; Carric-na-cule, S. R. Henry; Portstewart Hotel, P. McKenna; York Hotel, C. Sheridan

Hairdresser, D. Davidson

House Agents, S. R. Henry, W. A. Frizell

Lessee Salmon Fishery, H. O. H. O'Neill, C.C. and W. A. Frizell

News Agents, R. Frizell & Sons; Agents for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"

Publicans, P. Doherty, Mrs. Smith and P. McKenna

Posting Establishments, Matthew Brown, W. Frizell, John Connor, R. Martin, S. R. Henry, R. McWilliams and P. Doherty

Stationery and Fancy Warehouses, Mrs. Brown, S. R. Henry, R. Frizell & Sons

Tea Rooms and Furnished Apartments,  Mrs. A. McGowan, Main Street


John Frizell
S. R. Henry
Mrs. J. Black
Mrs. Turbitt
John Knox
G. Scott
Miss Norris
F. Boyd
W. A. Frizzell
R. Frizzell & Sons
Mrs. Duff
Captain McCrea
Mrs. N. Black
H. Gaussen
Miss Gregg
Mrs. Brown
Mrs. M. Gray
Miss M. Kennedy
Mr. Johnston
Sewell Hamilton
A. McGowan
W. Frizzell
Mrs. Evans
P. Smith
John Burke
James Darrah
H. Caldwell
James McCurdy
Miss Greer
A. McBride
Mrs. McKay
Miss Chaine
Miss Austin
Miss Nicholson
Mrs. Black
Mrs. S. Moore
Mrs. F. Boyd
Mrs. McIlreavy
Miss Boyd
John Graham
Mrs. Mitchell
Daniel McGrath
John Cubitt


Miss Dobbs
Miss Moore
Wm. Porter
Miss Canning
Miss Ross
Miss Hay
A. G. Crawford
A. Reade
Miss White
A. Morrison
Mrs. Wray
Miss Hay
Mrs. Tomb
Miss Shields
Mrs. McKeague
Mrs. Adams
Mrs. Black
T. McKieraghan
Mrs. Hunter
Miss Finlay
James McCrory
Mrs. Campbell
? Andrews
T. Moriarty
? Garrould
Chas. Beaton
Miss Elder
Mrs. S. Browne
Mrs. Patterson
Mrs. Boggs
Miss Torrens


Mrs. Montgomery
Mrs. Hunter
Miss Fleming
Rev. Blaikie
Miss Rankin
D. Reid
Mrs. Neale
Sam Clarke
Miss McIlreavy
Mrs. Carson
Mrs. Harrison
John Boyd
Jas. Bacon
Mrs. Lyons
Miss Bostock
A. McCracken
William Shaw
Miss Donaldson
R. Bacon, sen.
James Kennedy
Jas. Boyd
Rev. McAteer, C.C.
Mrs. Macaulay
? Holland
Mrs. Baxter
Mrs. Ramsay
Mrs. Archibald
Mrs. Carson
T. McKeown
James Ross
Mrs. McCurry
Tom Millar
John Doherty


Mrs. Archibald
Mrs. McConaghie
H. Dixon
Miss McManus
Miss McCloskey
Mrs. Knox
Miss Conn
Professor Charles
Miss Harbison
Mrs. McLarnon
Miss Barfoot
Mrs. McPherson
Tom McKirgan
Mrs. Kennedy
R. Campbell


John McMillan
Miss Doherty
Mrs. Clarke
Robert McKinney
H. Blackstock
Miss Knox
D. Gowan
Miss Irwin
Mrs. Haslett
Mrs. Birch


P. Doherty
Jas. McLaughlin
George Kane, sen.
A. McVicker
Mrs. A. Frizzell
Miss Keatley
Mrs. McKinney
Mrs. W. J. Gray
John McCurdy
Miss Wallace
D. McMullen
P. McKenna
Miss Graham
D. McCurdy
Miss Starett
John Connor
Jas. Spence
Jas. McNally
Miss Watt
James Lyons
Thomas Henry
G. Kerr
Miss McCahon
Mrs. Prior
R. Hamilton
Wm. Cox, sen.
R. Martin
D. Davis
M. Davis
Mrs. Hemphill
W. J. Wallace
Joe McLean
Dan McGowan
Miss Falconer
Charles Upson
James Anderson
Mrs. McKendry
Mrs. Murphy
Hugh Hunter
James Pitt
Thos. Martin
R. Spence
Wm. Boyd
A. Logan
Mrs. Donnelly
Mrs. Barnes
Chas. Upson
Jas. Kelly
Mrs. Topping


Thos. Martin
Jas. Shaw
Robt. McKinney, sen.
? McAuley
Dan McKinney


James McKirgan
R. McKirgan
Mrs. Gould
James Logan
James Davis
Mrs. R. McKirgan
Miss Jane Doey


James McPeake
Miss Frizzell
Miss Stitt
Mrs. C. Smyth
G. Kane, jun.
R. Bacon. jun.
Mrs. McCutcheon
A. Magill
Thos. Jamieson
R. Hanna
Thos. Gordon


Miss A. Frizzell


Miss Pherson


James Doherty
Dan. McLean
John Logan
Denis O'Neill
John Boyd
? Brown
Robert Millar
Mrs. Wm. Millar


A. Martin
Wm. Gibson
John Bacon
D. McCandless
R. McCaughan
James Coyle


F. Martin
Mrs. Hemphill
Mrs. M. Martin
H. Simpson
Mrs. Ussher
Dr. Kennedy
? Allen
Chas. Sheridan
Hugh Eccles
Rev. D. Aiken, B.A.
Mrs. Eadie



Agnew, R., Deerpark
Alderdice, John, Ballyreagh
Alexander, Lieutenant Colonel, J.P., Acton House
Alexander, David, farmer, Lisraw
Allen, David, grocer
Allen, David, Killysavin House
Allen, Mrs., Brookville
Andrew, Hugh, farmer, Ballinalack

Brown, J., Taniokey N.S.
Burns, Henry, lodgings
Burns, John, shoe maker
Burns, Robert, Prospect Lodge

Canavan, Michael, grocer and publican
Carson, R., lodging house
Carter, George, Glassdrummond
Chambers, Rev. S. W., Crewmore
Clark, Robert, Demoan
Clowney, James, farmer, Acton
Close, Henry S., J.P., Killsodagh ? Kilbodagh ?
Close, Major M. A., J.P., Drumbanagher
Clowney, J., Acton, farmer
Conlon, Alexander, Lisraw
Conlon, Bernard, blacksmith
Conlon, Miss, dress maker
Crothers, Mrs., Lisraw House
Cunningham, Mrs., Killysavin

Fisher, Alex., Tullinacross
Fisher, Thomas, Tullinacross
Fisher, W. J., general merchant, mill owner, funeral undertaker, Ballyreagh
Foy, Patrick

Gibson, Mrs., dress maker
Gibson, Robert, sexton
Gibson, Wm., guard, G.N.R.
Gillow, Alex., Demoan
Gordon, Rev. D. J., Presbyterian minister
Griffith, Edward, grocer and egg merchant
Griffith, John, grocer
Griffith, William, draper

Hanna, W. J., boot maker
Hunter, Alex., Glassdrummond
Hunter, Robert, carpenter and builder
Hunter, William, farmer, Ballyreagh
Hunter, W. J., teacher, Drumbanagher N.S.

Johnson, Rev. W. F., M.A., Acton Glebe
Johnston, Rev. A., M.A., Rectory, Drumbanagher

Kelso, William, grocer, Acton
Kennedy, Wilson M., Ballenon Manse

Laverty, Rev. George, Tyrones Ditches
Lennon, James, cattle dealer
Lennon, Joseph D.
Lennon, Patrick, dealer
Lennon, Thomas, cattle dealer
Little, John James, cattle dealer
Little, David, farmer and grocer
Little, Stewart
Loughlin, Mrs., grocer and publican
Loughlin, Robert, blacksmith
Loughlin, W. J., agent

Madden, Miss
Magenis, Hiber, Iveagh House, auctioneer and commission agent
Maloney, Edw. J., R.I.C.
Mann, Mrs. Agnes, publican
Minnis, James, draper
Monaghan, F. J., publican
Monaghan, James, canal inspector
Moody, James, carpenter
Moody, Wm., lockkeeper and carpenter
Moorcroft, William, Drumbanagher
Murphy, Frank, cattle dealer
Murray, Patrick, grocer
McClean, J. W., Pass View
McClelland, T., R.I.C.
McCombe, Thos., cattle dealer and posting establishment
McCombe, M., Pass View
McCullough, W. J.. Acton
McDonald, Edward, tailor
McDonald, Hugh, farmer
McElvaine, Andrew, land valuer, Union Lodge
McGaw, Thos., Grove Hill
McGill, James, farmer
McGivern, William, Dean Cottage
McKelvey, G. W., grocer and draper, Acton
McKelvey, Robert, Grocer; Agent for the "Belfast News-Letter"
McLaughlin, Patrick, cattle dealer
McLean, John, Ballyreagh
McMurray, John, coach builder
McQuade, Samuel
McShane, Central Hotel
McShane, John, publican, Central Hotel
McSherry, J., blacksmith

O'Brien, Matthew, Q.C.

Phoenix Fire Office, Agent, Falkiner B. Small, Island House

Qua, Samuel, farmer, Tedernagh
Quinn, Patrick, farmer, Ballynalack
Quinn, Patrick, grocer

Reside, Henry, The Agency, Drumbanagher
Reside, John, Killabodagh
Rice, Thomas, publican, Commercial Hotel
Robinson, Adam, rural postman, Rose Cottage
Robinson, Thos., farmer, Demone
Ryan, Thos., shoe maker, Acton
Ryan, W. J., farmer, Acton

Searight, H., Cyclist Bar
Searight, Joseph, Railway Hotel
Searight, Mrs., draper
Savage, Robert, Laurel Hill
Shanks, George, Lisnabrague
Shanks, James, Woodbanks
Shanks, Samuel, Mill Bank
Singer Manufacturing Company
Sloan, Rev. W. H., Presbyterian minister, Nourtouns
Stewart, David, farmer, Dougherty

Taggert, Henry, station master
Templeton, Mrs., The Cottage
Traynor, James, farmer

Waddell, Miss, dress maker
Walsh, Maurice
Ward, Miss, draper
Watson, Edwin, Ianiokey
White, John, farmer, surveyor, Demone
Williamson Joseph, Orange Hill
Williamson, Ralph, farmer
Williamson, Ralph, farmer, Aughantaraghan
Wilson, R., Ballinlack House
Wright, Jackson, Ballyreagh
Wright, James, farmer, Aughantaraghan
Wright, Robert, Ballyreagh
Wylie, James, Elm Hill
Wylie, John, farmer, Acton
Wylie, M. E., grocer, Acton
Wylie, Wm., farmer, Tanyokey


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