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1907 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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I have only listed the names of the occupants in each Town as the other information is pretty much similar to the 1910 above

Keady   Kilkeel   Killeshandra   Killinchy   Killough   Killybegs   Killyleagh   Kilrea   Kingscourt   Kirkcubbin



Adams, John, linen lapper and greengrocer
Allan & Co., grocers and general merchants
Arthurs, James, fancy goods merchant and auctioneer
Arthurs, Mrs., delf merchant

Bailie, John, spirit merchant, grocer and victualler
Beatty, Robert, caretaker, Orange Hall
Blackstock, Thos., boot maker
Blakley, John, shoe maker
Boyd, Robert, boot maker
Boylan, Peter, stone mason
Boylan, Peter, labourer
Burns, Henry, grocer and delph merchant

Callaghan, Thomas, shoe maker
Campbell, John, publican and car owner
Campbell, James, carter
Campbell, John, shoe maker, The Pound
Campbell, John W., spirit merchant
Carberry, Thomas, cattle dealer
Carolan, Bernard, tinsmith
Carvill, Miss, publican and car owner
Cassidy, James, saddler
Cheevers, George, chemist
Cheevers, Mrs. Jane, publican
Clarke, Eliza, spirit merchant
Co-Operative Store, James Bates, manager
Cochrane, Thomas, barber
Collins, Thomas, tea merchant
Connolly, John, baker and grocer
Cornfield, Edward, cattle dealer
Coyne, Rev. Canon
Cummins, Wm., grocer and hardware merchant
Curry, James, contractor

Dobie, George, foreman dyer
Dorman, H., M.D.
Duffy, John, postman
Dunbar, William, nailer

English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, Henry J. Dobbin, C.P.S., Rathcarbry House; W. F. McCormick, Merchant
English, Mrs. Ellen, publican, drapery establishment and hotel keeper
Ewart, Joseph, postman

Fegan, Bernard, draper and outfitter
Fegan, Mrs. F., grocer
Finlay, Luke, watch maker
Fitzpatrick, Patrick, cattle dealer
Fitzpatrick, Thomas, tailor

Gibson, William, coachman
Giles, William, sexton
Golligly, James, tailor
Golligly, John, shoe maker=
Gorman, Patrick, tailor and draper
Graham, Mrs., draper and outfitter
Green, J., barber

Hanlon, Frank, blacksmith
Heanon, Thomas, butcher
Hogg, Rev. M. B., rector of Keady Parish Church
Hollywood, James, van driver
Hughes, John, linen lapper
Hughes, Laurence, carpenter
Hughes, Mary Ann, grocer
Hugheston, James, sexton
Hugheston, Mrs. J., boarding house and grocer
Hugheston, Patrick, labourer
Hugheston, Steven, shoe maker
Huston, William, plasterer

Kirk & Son, linen manufacturers

Lenagh, Mrs. Patk., dress maker
Lenagh & Comisckey, drapers
Lenagh, Patk., stone mason
Leonard, Thomas, pedlar

Mallon, Thomas, victualler
Martin, Rev. Samuel H., Dunlargue House
Menary, William, commercial traveller
Mone, James, tea merchant and grocer
Mone, Patk., blacksmith
Mone, Thomas, spirit merchant
McAleavy, Miss, dress making establishment
McArdle, Mrs., greengrocer
McArdle, Terence, tailor
McBride, George, J.P., grocer and leather merchant
McCann, Edward, tailor
McCoey, John, carpenter
McCoey, Patrick, carpenter
McCone, Patrick, boarding house
McConnell, John, boarding house
McCormick, Wm. F., grocer and hardware merchant
McCullagh, Wm., grocer and provision merchant
McGinney, Michael, hotel keeper
McGrory, James, nailor
McGuire, Michael, billiard marker
McGurk, James, painter
McIlroy, James, boot maker and house agent
McKee, Thomas, butcher
McKee, Wm., carpenter and contractor
McKenna, Mrs., boarding house
McKenny, Mrs. James, spirit merchant
McKnight, Wm., boot maker and grocer
McQuade, Patrick, millwright
McQuade, Peter, millwright
McShane, Lawrence, crane master and grocer
McSorley, Joe., tenter
McWilliams, Hugh, postman

Nicholson, John, grocery and hardware establishment
Nugent, Bernard, cattle dealer
Nugent, John, auctioneer
Nugent, Patrick, carter
Nugent, Wm., carrier

O'Hara, James, cattle dealer
O'Neill, Patrick, barber
O'Neill, Robert, coach builder and cycle agent

Phoenix Fire Office, Agents, W. F. McCormick, Merchant; Henry J. Dobbin, Clerk of Petty Sessions; John McBirney, Medical Hall; Francis Cassidy, Main Street
Pogue, Joseph, stone mason
Price, Samuel, jun., linen lapper

Rainey, James, carpenter
Rainey, Mrs., grocer
Reid, Misses, dress making and milliner
Reilly, W. J., J.P., grocer and hardware merchant
Rice, James, blacksmith
Richardson, William, spirit merchant
Rodgers, Robert, wine and spirit merchant

Shaw, William, grocer and egg buyer
Sheridan, Michael, car driver
Short, Henry, spirit merchant
Small, A. & S., drapers and merchant tailors
Small, Thomas, J.P.
Smyth, Michael, spirit merchant
Steele, William, boot maker

The Christian Brothers
Thompson, Joseph, leather merchant and grocer

Waddell, Wm. W., Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Waddell, W. W., Press correspondent
Walker, Mrs. M., merchant
Watters & Smyth, drapers and outfitters
White, David, tenter, cycle agent
Wilson, Alexander, boot maker
Wilson, John, C.B.O.
Wilson, Thomas, boot maker
Woods, Arthur, grocer
Reps. of the late B. & T. Woods, grocers and spirit merchants (Mrs. Woods)


Adams, Wm. Jas., Tullinamalogue
Anderson, James, Tullyglush
Armstrong, John, Drumderg
Armstrong, William, Mowillian

Baird, George, Clea
Boyd, Andrew, Brackley
Boyd, James, Tullinamalogue
Boyd, Mrs. Mary Ann, Dunlargue
Bradley, Francis L., Tullyglush
Breen, Bernard, Clea
Breen, John, Clea
Breen, Matthew, Clea
Brooks, Robert, Drumhirk
Brown, George, Drumhirk
Brown, Mrs., Killyreavy
Burke, Francis, Rathcarberry
Burke, John, Lower Darkley
Burke, Mrs. John, Rathcarberry

Callaghan, Thomas, Dunlargue
Calvert, James E., J.P., Darkley
Campbell, David, Derryhennett
Campbell, David, Derryhennett
Campbell, John W., Keady
Campbell, Nathaniel, Dunlargue
Cashlea, Arthur, Madden
Cassidy, John, Tullyglush
Coleman, Archibald, Armaghbrague
Conry, Michael, Granemore
Corry, Peter, Knockravin
Coulter, John, Cargaclougher
Craig, James, Knockravin
Cummins, William, Keady
Curran, Thomas, Clea
Curry, James, Cargaclougher
Curry, Robert, Iskeymeadow

Daly, James, Clea
Dalzell, Robert, Carnagh
Devine, James, Cargaclougher
Devlin, Joseph, Drumhirk
Devlin, William, Drumhirk
Dobbin, H. J., Rathcarberry
Donnelly, Francis, Cargaclougher
Dorman, Dr. Henry H. S., Keady
Douglas, Hugh, J.P., Mountain Lodge

Ewart, James A., Drumderg
Ewart, John, Drumderg

Faloon, James, Drumderg
Ferguson, J., Greenvale
Fitzpatrick, Patrick, Keady
Flannigan, William, Crossmore
Fleming, John, Corkley
Fleming, George, Corkley
Foster, John, Mowillian
Frazer, George, Carramoil
Freeland, James, Lagan

Gibson, John
Gibson, Joseph, Dunlargue House
Gibson, Mrs.
Gibson, Richard, Lagan
Gibson, Thos. Allen, Madden
Gibson, Thomas, Dunlargue
Gibson, Thomas J., Tullinamalogue
Giffin, Samuel, Clea
Glasgow, William, Madden
Gordon, Andrew, Dundrum
Gordon, George, Tassagh
Gorman, Mrs., Dunlargue

Hall, James, jun., Mowilliam
Hall, John, Fernalay
Haughey, James, Dunlargue
Hill, John, Dunlargue
Hill, Samuel
Hogg, Nathaniel, Corkley
Hughes, George, Clea
Hughes, Henry, Granemore
Hughes, James, Armaghbreague

Kelly, Adam, Armaghbreague
Kernaghan, Thomas, Armaghbreague

Lawson, William, Lagan
Lawson, Robert, Derryhennett
Lenagh, Arthur, Rathcarberry
Loughlin, Thomas, Clea
Lutton, James, Iskeymeadow

Macklin, Francis, Clea
Macklin, Michael, Clea
Mann, Mrs., Tullinamalogue
Menary, Joseph, Drumhirk
Menary, William, Roan
Merry, James, Clea
Mitchell, Thomas, Crossmore
Montgomery, Mrs., Sheetrim
Moore, Alexander, Tullinamalogue
Moore, Francis, Lower Darkley
Moore, John, Iskeymeadow
Moore, William, Iskeymeadow
Moorecroft, Robert, Corkley
Morgan, James, cattle dealer
Morgan, John, labourer
Morgan, Patrick, butcher
Morrison, Wm., Tullinamalogue
Murphy, R. R., J.P., Lislea
Murray, Joseph, Clea
McAnally, Michael, Clea
McAnally, Terence, Clea
McArdle, Francis, Tullyglush
McArdle, Hugh, Mowillian
McArdle, Peter, Cargaclougher
McBride, Robert, Crossdened
McBride, Wm. J., Tullyglush
McCabe, James, Lower Darkley
McCann, Patrick, Drumderg
McCarten, Thomas, Mowillian
McCarten, Wm., Mowillian
McCoey, Michael, Rathcarberry
McCormick, Mrs., Lower Darkley
McCoy, George, Armaghbreague
McGleenan, Michael, Tullyglush
McGurk, Michael, Lower Darkley
McHaffey, John, Mowillian
McHaffey, Robert, Mowillian
McIlreth, Wm., Drumhirk
McKee, David, Tullyglush
McKenna, John, Crossmore
McKenna, Robert, Keady
McKenna, William, Iskeymeadow
McKnight, William, Keady
McMahon, Felix, Lower Darkley
McShane, Lawrence, New Holland

Nicholson, John, Keady
Nugent, Felix, Lower Darkley
Nugent, John, Keady
Nugent, Patrick, Cargaclougher

Rafferty, Bernard, Lower Darkley
Rafferty, Dan, Lower Darkley
Rafferty, John, Tullyglush
Reilly, William J., Keady
Rennighan, Patrick, Clea
Robinson, William, Iskeymeadow
Rodgers, Robert, Keady
Rodgers, William, Derryhennett
Russell, A., Armaghbreague

Short, Cornelius, Clea
Short, Henry, Keady
Slavin, Francis, Clea
Slavin, Peter, Clea
Sleator, James, Hermitage
Sleator, Miss E., Iskeymeadow
Small, Alexander, Keady
Small, Samuel S., Keady
Smyth, Michael, Keady

Teacey, Andrew, Madden
Teacey, James, Madden
Teacey, John, Madden
Thommny, Thomas, Lower Darkley
Tughan, John, Knockravin
Tughan, Samuel, Tullyglush
Twynam, Thomas, Tullyglush

Waddell, William, Dunlargue
Walker, James, Drumhirk
Walker, Jenkinson, Drumhirk
Walker, Mrs. John, Mowilliam
Walker, William, Mowillian
Wallace, Alexander, J.P., Annavale House
Warnock, David, Armaghbreague
Warnock, James, Armaghbrague
Watson, Alexander, Crossmore
Watson, David, Crossmore
Watson, David, Keady
Watson, Joseph, Crossmore
Watson, Samuel, Crossmore
Watson, William Jas., Crossmore
Williamson, Maxwell, Dunlargue
Williamson, Samuel, Roan
Wilson, Andy, Madden
Woods, B. & T., Keady



Armstrong, Miss, Victoria Villas

Bell & McCartan, Solicitors, Kilkeel (Office every Wednesday)
Berry, Rev. Mr.
Boyd, Robert, Marathon

Carey, A. S., B.A., Boys' School, Mourne Grange
Close, Mrs., Mournewood
Cowser, Robert, Albert Villa
Cuming, Miss, Cumingville

Donaldson, Miss, Princess Villa

Evans, Dr. H. E., Mountpleasant

Fry, H. T., Cranfield House

Gordon, Alexander, J.P., Beulah

Henry, Francis, Mourne Abbey
Henry, John Q., J.P., Mourne Abbey
Henry, the Misses, Mourne Abbey
Hickson, Miss, Cloona Villas

Kilmorey, the Earl of, K.P., Mourne Park

Laing, Rev. J., Albert Villa
Lee, Miss, ladies' school

Matier, H. A., St. Ruans
Montgomery, Miss, Bayview Park
Morton, Miss, Victoria Villas
McBride, Mrs., Bay View Park
McClymont, Gilbert, Thornmount
McMordie, Rev. Wm., Mourne Manse

Orr, Andrew, Cranfield House

Reynolds, Miss, Ranelagh
Reynolds, Mrs., Bay View Park

Shannon, Mrs., Fintimara
Stewart, Miss, Packolet

Taylor, Mrs., Princess Villas

Walmsley, Andrew, Riverside
Walmsley, James, J.P., Ballykeel House
Walmsley, T. Charles
Waring, Holt, Lisnascree House
White, Rev. R., Cromlech House

Newry Street

Annett, Robert, publican and auctioneer
Beck, James
Beck, Miss, dress maker
Chick, Sam, sexton
Crangle, P., publican and egg merchant
Cunningham, Miss
Curran, Daniel, baker and grocer
Donnan, James, lodgings
Donnelly, Patrick, grocer
Greenan, George, shoe maker
Hanna, John, grocer
Kenmuir, Edward, sexton
Marks, J., V.S.
McBirney, John, druggist
McCartan, James, publican and auctioneer
McCartan, Patk., hardware, butter and egg merchant
McGlue, Thomas, lodgings
McKee, Thomas, carter
McKnight, Mrs., draper
McQuillan, Patk., tailor
McVea, Jas., ship owner and coal merchant
Sheals, Mrs., draper
Sloane, R. J., boot and shoe shop
Sloan, R. J., draper
Small, Peter, grocer and shipping agent
Stewart, Mrs., sewed muslin agent

Greencastle Street

Annett, George, draper
Bell, Miss, Glena Cottage (apartments)
Boyd, R., C.P.S. Office
Boyd, James D., fancy goods store
Chambers, John, shoe maker
Cole, Wm., watch maker and jeweller
Crory, Mrs., Kilmorey Arms Hotel
Crutchley, James, leather merchant and draper
Curragh, Charles, draper
Cunningham, Patk., boot and shoe maker
Doran, James, car driver
Fegan, J. J., merchant tailor
Floyd, S. Ferguson, M.D.
Gordon, William, relieving officer
Gordon, W. & A., printers
Graham, John, boot and shoe maker
Graham, Thos., clerk of union
Gray, Thos., shoe maker and caretaker Orange Hall
Hamill, Rev. T., P.P.
Hanna, Robert, grocer
Hardy, Mrs., boarding house and grocer
Haughey, James, grocer and draper
Howard, James H., R.I.C.
Jameson, Mrs., Temperance Hotel
Kenmuir, Alf., & Co., painters
Kenniur, Edward
Lee, Miss, ladies' school
Martin, Matthew, publican
Mathews, L.
Monteith, Wm., principal Kilmorey N.S.
Moore, John, hair dresser
Morgan, M., baker
McAtee, David, hair dresser and cycle repairer
McGurk, Tom, saddler
McKee, Mrs., Temperance Hotel
McMullan, Andrew, tailor
Norton & Co.'s Car Service, Robert Boyd, superintendent; Hugh Russell, agent
Orr, Andrew, Wine and Spirit Merchant, Funeral Undertaker and Newsagent; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
O'Hagan, Francis, publican
Pentland, Herbert, Eastwood
Rooney, Charles, tailor
Roe, R. McDermott, stationer and post office
Sloane, Felix
Sloan, W., baker and grocer

Newcastle Street

Baird, John, tailor
Beck, James, car driver
Berry, Ernest G.
Boyd, Hill
Burns, Edward, saddler
Chambers, Samuel
Chambers, Thos., ship owner
Cousins, Robert, saddler
Delaney, Frank, N.S. teacher, Ballyardle
Doran, Susan, sewed muslin agent
Doyle, J., draper and coal merchant
Doyle, James, jun., draper
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, Thomas O'Neill, N.T.; Frank Delaney, N.T., Ballyardle; John McBirney, Pharmaceutical Chemist
Hamilton, William, mason
Hanna, William, shoe maker
Haugh, Mrs.
Moore Bros., shoeing forge
Moore, W. J., carpenter
McBirney, John, pharmaceutical chemist
McBurney, Robert
McCaul, Miss, dress maker
McConnell, John, fancy china store
McKee, Mrs., lodgings
McVeigh, John, butcher
Newell, C., grocer
Newell, Isabella, sewed muslin agent
Orr Bros., grocers
Orr, Robert, hotel proprietor
Quinn, J., blacksmith
Randall, Thomas George, publican
Rooney, John, Royal Hotel
Russell, Hugh, dealer in fancy goods
Skillen, Mary, dress maker & sewed muslin agent
Sloan, William, baker
Wilson, T., painter

The Square

Annett, Adam, publican
Clark, John, grocer
Devenport, J., shoe maker
Doran, Arthur, car driver
Ferguson, Jocelyn, carpenter
Gordon, Alex., draper
Hanna, Hugh
Moore, Hunter, solicitor
McConville, Daniel, hair dresser
Orr, John, J.P., merchant
O'Hagan, Mrs., lodgings
Randall, John, publican
Ross, Mrs. M. J., publican
Shannon & Co., grocers
Small, Joseph, boot maker

Shore Road

Annett, John, painter and glazier
Glenny, Henry, car driver
Grills, Thomas
Hamilton, Mrs., grocer
Magennis, Henry, refreshment rooms
Morgan, Arthur, grocer
McBride, Henry, sexton
McBride, Mrs., grocer
McIntosh, James, harbour master
McKee, Robert, grocer
McKee, Thomas and James, boat owners
McMurray, William, draper and builder
O'Brien, P., stone cutter
O'Hare, John, butcher
Weadick, Mrs., lodgings

Mountain Road

McConville, Charles, butcher
McConville, John, butcher
Shields, Mrs.


Adair, James, Ballykeel
Annett, Charles, Cranfield
Annett, James, Ballyardle
Annett, John, Ballykeel
Atkinson, Maxwell, Mullartown House

Bartley, Thomas, J.P., Shannon Grove
Bingham, James, Aughnahoorey
Bingham, Thomas, Ballykeel
Boyd, James, Ballykeel

Carvill, Nicholas, Grange
Caulfield, Richard, Corcreighan
Close, Mrs., Morne Wood
Coffey, James, Cranfield
Cumine, Edward, Maghery
Cumine, John, Maghery

Doran, James, Dunaril

Forstyth, Robert, Ballinran (Forsythe)

Grills, George, Ballinhatten
Gordon, Alexander, J.P., Kilkeel
Gordon, Hugh, Grange

Hamilton, Isaac, Cranfield
Harper, Mr., land steward, Mourne Park
Harper, David
Haugh, Thomas, Benagh
Henderson, Thomas, Derryogue
Hanna, Samuel, Cranfield
Hanna, William, Derryague
Harper, David
Henry, John Q., J.P., Morne Abbey
Henry, William, Brackney Hall

Irvine, William, Ballykeel

Kenmare, Thomas, Lisnacree

Lee, Harcourt, Derryogue

Mackin, Nicholas, Lurganreagh
Marmuin, Felix, Larganconery
Miller, John, Derryogue
Minnis, Nicholas, Brackney
Mitchell, Charles, Ballykeel
Moffitt, Thomas, Mourne Park
Moore, William, Ballykeel
McElroy, Henry, Greencastle
McElroy, Peter, Greencastle
McKee, Henry, Derryogue
McKee, John, Derryogue
McNeilly, Joseph, Glassdrummond

Newell, Swan, Drummond
Newell, Thomas, Ballykeel
Newell, Thomas, Ballykeel
Nicholson, Henry, Millbay
Nicholson, James, Moore Lodge
Nicholson, Robert, Millbay
Nicholson, Samuel, Benagh
Nicholson, William, Derryogue Cottage

Orr, Andrew, Cranfield House
Orr, Charles, Greencastle
Orr, Francis, Ballykeel
Orr, James, Benagh
Orr, John, J.P., Kilkeel
Orr, Samuel, Ballymartin
Orr, William, Ballymartin
O'Hare, Michael, Maghereagh

Patterson, Arthur, Cranfield
Peery, Samuel, Derryogue

Quinn, Hugh, Ballykeel
Quinn, Henry, Brackney
Quinn, John, Brackney

Reilly, James, Benagh

Scott, Samuel, Ballinran
Shannon, Mrs., Maghery
Sibbitt, Thomas, Derryogue
Spence, Hugh, Ballykeel
Spence, Robert, Aughnahoorey
Stevenson, Hugh, Aughnahoorey
Stevenson, James, Aughnahooray
Stevenson, James H., Ballykeel
Stevenson, Thomas, Maghereagh
Stevenson, William, Ballykeel
Stewart, Miss, Packolet

Thompson, John, Glassdrummond



Beresford, Edward, Aubawn House
Brady, Thos., hotel
Cassidy, Miss, Royal Hotel
Crawford, D. H., J.P., Croghan House, Killeshandra
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, John Patton, N.T.; James Gannon, creamery manager
Fares, Henry, merchant
Fletcher, J. H., sawmill
Gibson, S. H., sub-postmaster and merchant
Hamilton, Capt. W. J., D.S., Castlehamilton
Hamilton, R. Claud, J.P., Drummomy House, Killeshandra
Johnston, I., butter and egg merchant
Johnston, Robert, grocer
Kenny, Dr. J. B., local registrar for births, marriages and deaths
Kerr, R., merchant
Lough, Thomas, M.P., Drumully House
Martin, Rev. O'D., Killygar
Mee, John J., & Son, draper
McCabe, Thos. F., draper and spirit merchant
North, George, P.S. clerk
North, Robert, merchant
O'Reilly, Peter, grocery and hardware
Phair, John
Phair, Mrs., grocer
Phoenix Fire Office, Agents, John Patton, J. Cannon
Reynolds, Thos., merchant
Story, William, grocer and spirit merchant
Storey, W., merchant
Teevan, Miss, grocer and spirit merchant
White, Arthur, & Sons, saddlers
White Brothers, saddlers



Adams, Hamilton, Ballyminstra
Adams, Samuel, Lisbane
Auld, John, Ballymacreely

Bailie, Thos., The Rock, Killinchy
Barry, S. M., Rose Cottage, Lisbane
Bishop, Mrs. Francis
Bodel, Wm., farmer, The Curragh
Boyd, Samuel, farmer, Killinchy
Brown, John, farmer
Brownlie, Wm., general smith works, Fairview

Cleeland, Mrs., Ballymorn House
Cooper, Robert, farmer, Hill View, Balloo
Coulter, The Misses, Ballyminstra
Crickard, William and John, farmers

Davidson, Mrs. Samuel, Bog View
Davidson, William, Carragullin, farmer
Devinne, Wm., land steward, Florida Manor
Dickson, Mrs., Ashvale
Dines, Wm., Killinchy

Farrel, Wm., auctioneer
Finlay, John, Rock Cottage
Finlay, James, carpenter
Finlay, Wm. James, woollen draper, farmer etc.
Fitchie, Alexander, farmer
Frew, John M., The Terrace, Ballymacreely, farmer

Gabbey, Hugh, farmer, Ballybundon House
Geddes, Henry, Ballydorn
Geddes, Matthew, Killincan
Gourley, James, J.P., Derryboye Cottage
Gourley, W. J., Ballymacreely

Henry, The Misses, Balloo and Comber
Hewitt, James, The Cottage
Hewitt, Miss, school teacher, Killinchy
Hewitt, Mrs. John, posting establishment

Ingram, Daniel, farmer, Fairymount
Ingram, Thos., farmer, Florida View

Jamison, Robt., farmer, Ballybundon
Jelly, Mrs. Samuel

Kelly, Mrs.

Lockhart, Wm., publican, Lisbarnett
Lowry Brothers, Loughhill, farmers
Lowry, John, J.P., Closepark

Martin Thomas, Ballymacreely
Millar, Miss, Ardview
Minnis, Mrs. Alex., farmer
Minnis, Mrs. John, farmer
Minnis, Mrs. Thomas, farmer
Moorhead, John, farmer
Morrison, George, shoe maker
Morrison, John, Ballymacreely, farmer
Morrow, John, Ballymorn, coal merchant
Moore, Henry, Moorhall
McBride, Hugh, farmer and posting establishment, Rock Terrace
McCann, Thomas, The Hill Farm
McCann, H., Grocer and Farmer; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
McConnell, Francis, farmer
McConnell, George, farmer
McConnell, James, spirit merchant
McGowan, William, flax and corn mills
McIlwrath, William, The Hills
McKee, David and Robert, farmers

Nelson, Robert, Ballymacreely

Orr, William Samuel, blacksmith
Osborne, James, farmer, Ballymacreely
Osborne, Mrs. David, Rockmount

Paisley & Co., Masonic Hall, drapers
Parker, John, school teacher, Kilmood
Patterson, Andrew, farmer
Port, Arthur, car owner and posting establishment
Potter, John, Mourne View
Potter, Miss, dress maker
Prentice, John, farmer, Beechbank
Prentice, Samuel, farmer
Prentice, Wm., farmer

Ritchie, James, school teacher, Killinchy School
Ritchie, Robert, Ballyministra
Robinson, Hugh, Ballybundon Flax Mills
Robinson, Jas., Balloo Corn and Flax Mills
Robinson, John, grocer and farmer
Russell Bros., spirit merchants, Ballydorn
Russell, Wm., farmer, "Calhame Brae"

Shaw, Mrs. Frew, Ballybundon
Shaw, William, Lucky Corn and Flax Mills
Stevenson, Mrs. Hugh
Stevenson, Robert, Colenso's Heights, Ballybundon
Stevenson, William, shoe maker
Stewart, Thomas, Craigarisky

Thompson, Robert, farmer

Wallace, Dr., The Kilmood Dispensary, Lisbane
Watson, the Misses, Templebrook Valley
Wilson, James, Spion Kop, The Craigs



Branney, Thos., grocer, farmer and car owner
Breen, J., retired C.G.
Brown, Archibald, land steward
Browne, General A. S. M., St. John's Point
Bryce, Miss, dress maker
Buckley, M., school teacher
Burns, Jane, grocer
Burton, Mrs. C. A., publican
Butler, Mrs. C. A., publican

Connelly, James, car owner
Crangle, John, master mariner
Carson, Matilda, Ballylig, farmer
Cargil, Saml., shoe maker and Prudential Insurance agent
Crawford, W., Rossglass, farmer
Chambers, Thomas, farmer
Craig, Josiah, farmer
Cumine, Dr. S. S. P.
Cumine, Miss Parkinson

Davidson, Mrs. Jane
Davidson, Mrs. Ellen, grocer
Denvir, Mrs. S., The Square
Dougan, R., grocer

English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agent, C. R. Kelly, J.P.

Finlay, Hugh, rent agent, estate bailiff harbour master and deputy registrar of births and deaths
Fitzsimmons, Peter, publican
Flynn, Wm., Hunter & Co., Bungalow
Forsythe, James, Bright, postmaster

Galway, John, station master
Gardiner, E., retired school teacher
Gartland, John, retired A.M.C.
Grew, Mrs., Sea View

Hanna, Mrs. E., grocer
Hawthorn, Chas., farmer
Hawthorn, Edward, farmer
Holloway, M.
Hughes, Wm., farmer and mill owner
Hunter & Co., provision and general merchants; agents for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Hunter, Miss F., The Stores

James, W. J., retired light keeper

Keating, Mrs.
Kelly, C. R., J.P., potato, grain and coal merchant

Lynn, Eliza, grocer

Montgomery, John, postmaster and farmer
Montgomery, Geo., farmer, Ballygilbert
Moore, John, farmer, Ballyligg
Moore, Mrs. John, farmer, Ballyligg
Moore, Mrs. James, farmer, Ballyligg
Moore, Robert, farmer, Ballyligg
Moore, W. H., farmer, The Grange
Murphy, Francis, spirit and general merchant
Murphy, James, grocer and farmer
Mulvenny, Geo., shoe maker
Munce, Alex., farmer
Munce, James, retired supervisor
Munce, Mrs. E., Harbour View
Munce, Mrs. M. A., Sunnyside
McCance, W. J., carpenter
McClure, Wm., blacksmith
McComiskey, A. W. S., B.M., The Square
McComiskey, Mrs. E., The Square
McConvey, Patk., farmer
McCormick, Patk., blacksmith
McCracken, Rev. John Bright, Rectory
McCullough, Wm., farmer
McGlown, Miss, Bangor Arms Hotel
McGonigle, Jane E.
McKittrick, P., Park Hotel
McLean, John, mariner
McLean, Patk., farmer
McMahon, F., farmer
McMahon, Michael, farmer
McMurray, John, flesher and car owner
McMaster, Mrs.

Nelson, Robert, farmer
Nelson, Mrs. M., The Square

O'Brien, John
O'Flaherty, Rev. J., The Glebe
O'Prey, D., lifeboat coxswain

Porter, M. J., farmer, Ballyhossett

Ranaghan, Thomas, farmer
Ranaghan, Nicholas
Robinson, Benjamin, farmer
Ross, John, Seaview House
Ryan, Patrick

Scott, Mrs., Sea Breeze
Seeds, Moses, farmer
Shanks, H. (Hunter & Co.), The Square
Swail, G. M., Shiels Institution
Steele, Mrs. B., Marine Villa
Smith, Wm., farmer
Straney, James, farmer
Straney, Robt., farmer
Spiers, Henry, farmer

Tier, Mrs. G., farmer

Vaughan, Thomas, publican

Williams, Reginald, bookkeeper, The Stores


Agricultural Bank, Secretary, P. A. Mulreany
Agriculturist, W. Cunningham, Fintra House
Auctioneers, Wm. Houston and P. Byrne
Bakers, Rogers & Co., R. Conwell, McLoone
Bank, Ulster Banking Co.; J. Harris, manager; cashier, R. B. Hill
Blacksmiths, Daniel McBreaty & Son, Chas. Mooney
Butter Merchant, Wm. Houston
Boot and Shoe Makers, T. Kenny, F. Boyle, J. Brogan and P. Erskine
Builders, P. McGroarty, J. Brogan, P. Erskine, P. Doherty, B. Mullan, Maguire Brothers
Butchers, J. Dorian, Patrick Dorian, and Joseph McGettigan
Carpenters, Barney Mullan, Edward Erskine, J. Campbell & Sons
Civil Bill Officer, Frank Byrne
Clergy, Rev. H. Deasley, rector; Rev. Canon J. Sweeney, P.P.; Rev. M. Coyle, C.C.
Coal Merchant, C. Rogers
Coastguards, John Gunn, divisional officer; J. Fairs, station officer and five men
Cooper, John Campbell
Dispensary, Dr. J. J. Welsh
Drapers, John McGarrigle, Miss Dudgeon, W. Conwell, Thos. Conwell, Stranley; Jno. Ward & Co., Michael Coane, Miss Campbell, McAndrews & Sheridan
Dressmakers, Mrs. Blain, Miss S. Dudgeon, the Misses Campbell, the Misses McBrearty, Miss Gannon, Mrs. McMullan, Ann Keeny
Emigration Agent, Rogers & Co.
General Commission Agents, Rogers & Co.
Grocers, Myles, Brady, Bridget Conwell, James McIntyre, Owen Cunningham, William Conwell, E. Conwell, Anthony O'Donnell, John Ward & Co., Thomas Conwell, Strathleny; John McGarrigle, Rogers & Co., Edward Gallagher, John Crawford
Hotels, Rogers's and Coane's
Resident Gentry, Captain Crosbie, R.M., Fintra House; Arthur Brooke, J.P.; G. C. Philipps, Commander R.N., J.P., Rockmount; Lancaster Joyce, M.D.; Wm. Houston, J.P., Murray Lodge
Donegal Railway Co., J. Patton, stationmaster; Basil Gammon, clerk
Carpet Manufactory, Alexander Morton & Co., proprietors, of Darvel, Ayrshire; T. H. Struthers, manager, Killybeg
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agent, J. C. Ward, Faidfannan House
Harbour Commissioners, Most Rev. Dr. O'Donnell, Rev. W. S. Green, M.A.; Rev. J. Sweeney, P.P.; D. C. Pearson, John McGarrigle, Wm. Houston, J.P.; Arthur Brooke, J.P., White House; Charles Rogers, J.P., secretary; Patrick Quinn, harbour master
Inland Revenue and Stamp Office, Charles Rogers, stamp distributor
Insurance Agents, Caledonian Insurance Association, Charles Rogers; Commercial Union, William Houston; Sun, C. E. Rogers
Ironmongers, J. McGarrigle, Owen Cunningham and J. Ward & Company
Leather Dealers, J. Kenny, Francis Boyle
Magistrates, Arthur Brooks, Chas. Rogers, T. Hamilton Gorringe, G. G. Phillips, Commander, R.N.; J. Rogers, John Byrne, Hugh O'Donnell. J. Verscychole, Andrew Heekin, William Houston
Newsagents, Rogers & Co. (J. Ward & Co.)
Petty Sessions, Clerk, Henry Judge
Post Office, Telegraph, Money Order and Savings Bank, Charles Rogers, postmaster
R.I. Constabulary, Sergeant Gallagher and seven constables
Schools, Murray National, Mrs. Houston, principal; Nial Mor National, Mr. Mulreany, principal; Mrs. Carr, assistant; St. Columba's Industrial, Rev. J. Boyle, manager; Killybegs, J. C. Ward
Shipbroker, Charles Rogers
Shipwrecked Fishermen & Mariners' Society, Agent, Charles Rogers
Spirit Dealers, Charles Rogers, J. Gatins, Thos. Conwell, Straleny; Myles Brady, Pat. Conwell, B. Coane, James Murrin, P. Quinn, Michael Coane and Francis Boyle
Steamship Coasting (Derry, Sligo, and Killybegs), Agent, Charles Rogers
Tailors, Patrick McIntyre, Michael McKay
Timber and Deal Merchants, Rogers and Co. and John Ward & Co.



Bailie, Mrs., Dufferin Place
Bailie, Mrs., Ringdufferin
Bebe, Charles, manager (T. Sinton & Sons)
Begley, George, manager Shrigley Mill
Brown, Hugh, Tullychin
Brown, William, Tullychin

Carr, Joseph, J.P., Gocean

Davison, Miss, Dunmore
Dufferin and Ava, Marquis of

Gilmore, David, The Strand
Gilmore, J. M., The Course
Gordon, Alexander, Delamont and Florida
Gordon, Alexander H., J.P., Delamont House, agent to the Hamilton estates
Gourley, James, J.P., Derryboy Cottage, Killyleagh

Hamilton, Gawn R., J.P., D.L., Killyleagh
Heron, Francis, Irish Street and Ardigon House
Heron, James, J.P., Tullyveery House

Lindsay, Wm., horticulturist and nursery man
Loughlin, Richard, Dufferin Villas
Lowry, Hugh, Maymore

Maguire, Miss, school teacher, Dufferin Place
Martin, Edward Downs, Shrigley Cottage
Martin, E. D., Shrigley House
Mason, Patrick, bookkeeper, Shrigley Office
Millar, Mrs., draper, etc., Shrigley
Morrow, Charles, postmaster, harbour master and general merchant, Dufferin Road
Murphy, J. H. Burke, agent to the Dufferin and Ava estates
McCleery, Rev. J. R., Riverdale Manse
McCreery, Rev. A., Seaside Manse
McKernan, Miss, Dufferin Place
McKelvey, John, High Street
McKnight, John, Builder, Grocer and General Merchant

Ringland, S. B., J.P., Ballytrim House
Roze, Mrs., Shrigley House

Sinton, Arthur, Dufferin Place

Thomson, Miss, Dufferin Villas

Sproule, R. H., M.D. and surgeon, medical officer of dispensary, Catherine Street
Stevenson, Mrs. William, Annsfield

Wilson, A. M., fruit and confectionery
Wilson, Mrs. David, Grocer, Shrigley, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"

Back Street

Connolly, John, mechanic
Dick, John, carter
Gordon, Arthur, mechanic
King, Susan, dress maker
Magilton, Mrs. R. J., shop keeper
Morrow, Charles, grocer and ship owner and harbour master and postmaster
McCardell, John, haberdasher
McCurry, John, Dufferin Place
Murphy, Miss
Skillen, Robert, seaman
Sullivan, George, mechanic
Sullivan, James
Sullivan, Matthew, tailor

Catherine Street

Caffrey, Captain
Caffrey, Mrs., fancy goods and confectionery, Catherine Street
Calvert, W. J., tailor
Keenan, Walter, grocer
McCaffrey, Mrs., fancy goods and confectionery
McCausland, Mrs. James, Hamilton Arms Hotel
McCausland, John, Merchant, Ship owner and General Business
Sullivan, Wm., mechanic
Tweedie, J. F., carpenter

Churchill Street

Flynn, Robert, shoe maker
Gibson, James, carpenter
Holland, Joseph, coachman
Holland, Mrs. James
McClurg, John, blacksmith

Cross Street

Calvert, Samuel, hardware, plate dealer
Hutton, Mrs., spirit dealer
McKnight, John, carpenter and builder
Ogle, John, carpenter
Ogle, Sarah J., Dress and Costume Maker
Sutherland, Alexander, carpenter

High Street

Cairns, Mrs.
Calvert, Thomas, General Grocer
Carlisle, Robert, grocer
Cleeland, George, inn keeper
Doak, J. L., teacher N.S.
Donnan, Francis, merchant tailor
Dufferin Arms Hotel
Falkner, James, hardware merchant
Furey, James, grocer
Furey, Wm., grocer and smith
Guiney, Miss
Hall, William, saddler
Hamilton, Mrs., draper
Hart, R., draper and car owner
Hastings, Robert, chemist
Heaney, James, hair cutting saloon
Huston, Miss, milliner and dress maker
Kirk, William F., Grocer and General Merchant
Lowry, James, summons server
Martin, James, mechanic and grocer
Martin, Henry J., Grocer and Hardware Merchant, Cycle Agent; Accessories kept in Stock, High Street
Matthews, John, Retreat Restaurant; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
McCartney, Robert, watch maker and jeweller
McGloin, James, haberdasher
McGrady, Joseph
McMillan, Miss, dress maker
McMillan, R. J., haberdasher and draper
McVeigh, Robert, Flesher, High Street
Patterson, David R., Spirit Dealer, Grocer and Hardware Merchant
Patterson, Miss, milliner
Shaw, Mrs., inn keeper
Stothart, Henry, carrier
Steel, John, shop keeper

Irish Street

Anderson, Thomas, blacksmith
Blakely, Thomas, mason
Cochlin, Miss, dress maker
McGaw, Daniel
Heron, Francis
Magill, Samuel
McClurg, Thomas, spinning master
McCurry, Mrs. Robert, grocer
Scott, Miss

Shore Street

Bain, Robert, agent
Bain, James, hair dresser
Bain, Robert, agent Prudential Life Assurance Co.
Bennett, Wm., seaman
Dornan, William, confectioner
Kelly, Wm., flax dresser
Lowry, Hugh, Castle Yard Dairy
Magill, John
Morrow, Mrs., dress maker
McCabe, Robert, flax dresser
McClurg, A., grocer and ship owner
McClurg, Captain Wm., ship owner
McClurg, William James, flesher
McMeekin, Mrs., assistant teacher N.S.
Sturgeon, George, boatman

Plantation Street

Bruce, Mrs. William
Cairns, Samuel, flax dresser
Casement, Samuel, labourer
Kennedy, John, labourer
Kennedy, Wm., labourer
Moorehead, Mrs.
Young, Mrs., sexton


Anderson, Thomas, blacksmith, Toye
Beattie, David, Tullynery
Bingham, John, Corporation
Breeze, Charles, Ballymacgemmell
Brown, Miss, Ballygoskin
Calvert, Wm., Tullyvery
Clarke, Samuel, Tullyvery
Coulter, Mrs. James, Ardigon
Craig, James, Ballytrim
Farrell, William, Ballygoskin
Furey, Samuel, The Hill
Gibson, John, Ringduffen
Gilmore, David, The Strand
Gilmore, John, Cource
Gilmore, Robert, The Fort
Harper, Robert, Maymore House
Hutchinson, Wm., Tullymacknows
Lawther, William
Lowry, Hugh, Maymore
Lyons, John, Woodview
Millar, Wm. John, Marlvilla Cottage
Moore, the Misses, The Terrace, Tullymacknows
Morrison, Robert, Woodland House
Morow, John L., teacher and farmer, Ardigon
McCartan, John, Tullychin
McCartan, M., Toye
McClelland, Alexander, The Fort
McCormick, Samuel, Merview Cottage
McGiffert, John, Rathcunningham
McKee, Alexander, The Strand
Patterson, Isaac, Corporation
Porter, Hugh, Tullyvery
Reid, Alexander, Ardigon
Robinson, John, Lake View
Robinson, Mrs., Ballytrim
Robinson, Thomas, Mullock
Stevenson, Hans, Tullyveery
Stevenson, John, Derrybay
Thompson, Robert, Tullyvery
Wallace, Mrs., Tullyvery
Weaver, James, Ardigon
Weaver, John, Ballytrim
Young, Thomas, Corporation



Adams, A., grocer
Adams, T., grocer
Archibald, Alex., draper and funeral undertaker
Archibald, Mrs., draper
Armstrong, S., carpenter
Atkinson, Mrs. T., grocer and hardware
Atkinson, Mrs. Wm., refreshment rooms, Maghera Street

Bamford, J., drapers, millinery, undertaker and auctioneer
Bloomfield, J., saddler
Bolton, W. J.
Bradley, Benjamin, watchmaker, etc.
Bradley, Mrs. E., grocer

Campbell, James, butcher
Campbell, James, carpenter
Campbell, John, butcher
Clark, Miss, The Villas
Connell Brothers, butchers
Craig, W., grain merchant and miller; District Councillor
Cromie, Samuel & Co., draper, milliner and funeral undertaker and insurance agent

Darragh, The Misses, grocers
Diamond, E., publican
Diamond, J., mason

English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, J. Bamford, The Emporium; George Kidd, Clerk of Loan Fund; A. M. Armstrong, J.P., Estate Office, Culmore House

Fitzpatrick, Thomas

Gardiner, R., draper
Graham, Mrs., publican
Graham, Mrs. George, grocer, agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Graham, Mrs. Smyth

Henderson, H. Y., grocer, baker and hardware merchant
Henry, John, cooper
Henry, J.
Holmes, Robert, shoe maker
Holmes, W., posting establishment
Hunter, Mrs. James, dress maker

Irwin, Joseph H., publican and hotel keeper

Johnston, T., blacksmith and timber merchant

Kane, Patrick, flesher
Kane, Robert, baker
Kane, Robert, publican
Kelso, Stephen, saddler
Kennedy, J., publican and flax merchant
Kerr, Joseph, grocer
Kerr, Samuel, hair dresser
Knipe, J.
Knipe, Miss
Knox, A., blacksmith

Long, R. A., stationer
Long, Mrs. E. C, organist and music teacher

Michael, James, grocer (representatives of)
Millen, Miss, grocer
Mitchell, James, tailor
Mills, S., draper
Mooney, Miss, dress maker and milliner
Moran, P.
Mulholland, Mrs., grocer
McAlister, A., tailor
McAllen, J., shoe maker
McAtamney, E., shoe maker
McCahon, D., grocer
McCahon, John, draper and merchant tailor
McCahon, Miss, milliner
McCahon, W., grocer
McCartney, John, publican
McCloy, J., grocer
McCurdy, Mrs., grocer
McDonald, W., carpenter
McFadden, J., shoe maker
McFadden, R., town postman and hydraulic engineer
McFadden, W., postman
McGonigle, J., grain merchant
McGraw, C., flax merchant
McGraw, P., carpenter
McIlwrath, Wm., The Schools, Lislea
McKeefry, Francis, grocer
McKeefry, Mrs. Margaret, publican
McKeown, T., tailor
McKinley, William, publican
McLoughlin, P., grocer
McMullan, J., painter and publican
McReynolds, Jas., tailor
McRory, T., publican
McShane, A., butcher
McShane, J., butcher

Neely, Mrs., Red House

O'Fee, S., cooper and grocer
O'Kane, F., draper

Patterson, Joseph, shoe maker
Phoenix Fire Office, Agents, Captain A. M. Armstrong, Culmore House; Joseph Banford, The Emporium; William Craig, Kilrea Mills

Rainey, R., Temperance Hotel keeper
Rea, George, watch maker
Reid, Miss, grocer

Savage, J., grocer
Sheills, James, publican
Smyth, John, grocer and seed merchant
Stewart, Geo., grocer
Stewart, M., dealer in clothes

Titherington, W., civil bill officer and cycle agent
Thompson, Samuel, station master
Tiley, Samuel, watch maker, etc.
Torrens, Saml., Lower Tamlaght

Wilson, F., Lake View
Wilson, Mrs., The Schools, Movanagher
Woods, W. W., draper

one and a half miles from Kilrea

Post Office and Inn, James McLaughlin
Doherty, J. J., N.S. teacher
Foster, David, View Park
McLaughlin, James, jun., auctioneer
Neely, Daniel, Keersland House
Smyrell, George



Armstrong, Henry, publican

Bertrum, Thos., baker
Brady, Matthew, cattle dealer
Bruce, Michael, shoe maker
Byrne, Myles, tailor

Callan, Ellen, hotel proprietress
Carney, John, publican
Carolan, John, cattle dealer
Carolan, Luke, victualler
Carolan, Peter, provision merchant
Cooney, James, publican
Cowman, Andrew, egg merchant
Crossan, Wm., cattle dealer

Daniel, John, cattle dealer
Dempsy, P. J., doctor
Downey, Matt., fowl merchant
Drake, Thomas, carpenter
Duff, Nicholas, victualler
Duffy, Miles, publican
Duncan, Robert, music master

Farrelly, Denis, cattle dealer
Farrelly, Patrick, publican
Faulkner, P., rate collector

Gargan, John, cattle dealer
Gargan, Patk., provision dealer
Geoghegan, George, shoe maker
Gogarty, Francis, publican
Gilmour, James, car owner
Gilmour, John, carpenter
Green, Bridget, provision merchant

Hand, Bernard, publican
Howell, J., provision merchant

Irvine, F. E., accountant
Irvine, Miss Eva, hotel keeper
Irwin, William, car owner
Irwin, William, accountant

Kane, Terence, fowl merchant
Kearney, John, publican
Kelly, Rev. Stephen, Roman Catholic curate

Larkin, Patrick, farmer
Lynch, Peter, publican

Maguire, Peter, house painter and carpenter
Martin, Patrick, tailor
Maude, Ceely, land agent
Merryman, Thomas, cattle dealer
Murray, Bernard, cattle dealer
Murtagh, Thomas, farrier
McCabe, Charles, egg buyer
McCabe, J., publican
McConnell, Michael, harness maker
McEntee, Owen, publican
McGuinness, Edward, draper
McGuinity, Mrs. Mary, boot and leather store
McHugh, John, tailor
McKeever, Tom, farrier
McKeown, James, grocer
McMahon Bros., cattle dealers
McMahon, Patk., lodging house
McMurray, Joseph, chemist and grocer

Nicholl, J. H., draper
Nicholl, W. F., agent Rover Cycle Co.

Owens, Michael, coal and provision merchant
O'Brien, James, fowl dealer
O'Brien, Frank, fowl dealer
O'Brien, Mrs. M. A.
O'Brien, James, boot maker
O'Connor, Patk., lodging house keeper
O'Connor, Eliza, provision merchant
O'Reilly, Anthony, general merchant
O'Reilly, Bernard, tailor
O'Reilly, Joseph, publican
O'Reilly, Mary, draper
O'Reilly, Owen, draper

Quinn, Wm., coach builder

Reilly, James, fowl merchant
Reilly, John, fowl merchant
Rorke, Patrick, publican
Roache, James, fowl dealer

Shannon, John, draper
Shannon, John, publican
Shekleton, Joseph, general merchant
Shekleton, Wm., corn merchant
Sloan, R., fowl and rabbit merchant
Smith, Rev. J., Roman Catholic curate
Smith, Solomon, tinsmith
Sullivan, Michael, harness maker

Tinnely, Peter, cattle dealer

Ward, Jas. & Michl., carpenters and painters
Wright, Eliza, hotel proprietress and car owner



Allen, William, Nunsquarter House
Allen, W. P., J.P., Nunsquarter House

Beckett, Rev. E., rector of Ballyhalbert Villa, Glastry
Blakely, Mrs. Anne, publican
Bogan, James, N.S. teacher
Boyd, Hugh, posting establishment
Boyd, James, cycle agent
Boyd, William, posting establishment
Brown, Wm., N.S. teacher

Chambers, Miss, The Villa
Calwell, John, posting establishment
Carrick, W. E., Lakeview
Caughey, Alex., saddler
Connor, Hugh, posting establishment

Donnan, Robert, J.P., Ballycran
Dorrian, Hugh, publican, Ship Hotel
Dorrian, William, spirit merchant

Ennis, Thos. H., publican

Filson, David, blacksmith
Fitzsimmons, N., grocer, etc.
Foster, Rev. George, B.A., The Parsonage

Gibson, Rev. James, Methodist minister, Manse, Glastry
Gilmore, Henry, The Quay
Gilmore, Hugh, & Sons, grain and potato merchants
Gilmore, Mrs. Charles, grocer
Gilmore, Mrs. Susan, Temperance Hotel
Gilmour, Robert, representative for Norton Co.'s car services
Glover, James, N.S. teacher

Hawthorne, Rev. Samuel, The Manse
Houston, Richd. B., Rodden's House

Iliff, J. B., draper and grocer

Kelly, Miss, newsagent

Lynch, P., R.I.C.

Macauley, Matthew, M.D.
Mawhinney, Andrew, butcher
Maxwell, Bros., general merchants
Maxwell, James, M.R.C.V.S.
Maxwell, Thomas, draper and grocer
Mermaid of Mahee Public House Trust Co., David McClement, manager
Millar, William, publican
Moore, Miss, milliner
McCarthur, Doctor, registrar for births and deaths
McCormack, John, carpenter, etc.
McCurdy. A., R.I.C.
McDonnell, Thos., of Russell & McDonnell, auctioneers
Mc Dowell, Andrew, fowl merchant
McGeean, Mrs., dress maker
McGrath, Hugh, blacksmith
McKelvey, Mrs. Margaret, Glastry House

Palmer, Adam
Palmer, Miss, draper, etc.

Quinn, Miss, N.S.T., Blackhall Street

Rankin, James, Rocklands
Raymond, Miss, N.S. teacher, Balligan
Reid, John, C.B.O.
Robinson, James, Kirkcubbin

Shaw, Thomas, & Co. Ltd., Merchants; Agents for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News", John Donnan, manager
Sinclair, Robert, & Son, butchers
Stewart, James, dealer and C.B.O. for Portaferry
Stones, Wm., carpenter

Turney, J. D., & Sons, auctioneers and valuers

Wilson, David, tailor
Wilson, Jas., spirit merchant, Nunsquarter
Workman, Rev. Robert, Rubane House

Young, Samuel, M.P., Innishargie House


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