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1901 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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A market town (formerly a Parliamentary borough), in County Down, ten miles from Belfast, on the road from Dublin to Belfast.  Petty Sessions held on the first Saturday of every month, in the Court-house.  The Parish Church is a very elegant building, consisting of a nave and cross aisles.  The tower, which is upwards of 100 feet high, and the steeple, 100 more, form altogether a beautiful and conspicuous object, and can be seen at a great distance.  There are also two smaller towers at the sides.  A monument by Nollekens, to the memory of Archdeacon Leslie, erected by the fourth Marquis of Downshire, is worthy of notice; as also a monument, erected by the fourth Marquis of Downshire to the memory of Mr. William E. Reilly, a former agent; and there is a very chaste and elegant group of Statuary, erected by the Marchioness of Downshire to the memory of her late husband, the fifth Marquis.  A chancel floor in Irish marble of very beautiful design has been laid by the Right Honourable Lord Arthur W. Hill in memory of his father, the fourth Marquis of Downshire.  The fine old organ, originally built by John Suetzler, has recently been entirely rebuilt and enlarged at the cost of the present Marquis, who has also had the whole interior of the church renovated and improved.  There are also two other handsome churches in the parish, built by the third Marquis, and endowed by him; and there are two Presbyterian churches and a Roman Catholic chapel.  The charitable institutions are - a dispensary and school for both sexes.  The Downshire Boys' and Girls' Schools are conducted on the National system of education, and a Sunday school, patronised by the Downshire family.  The Downshire demesne is contiguous to the town - the mansion, garden and lawn being on the west side of it.  On a hill at the Dromore side of the town is a splendid monument to the memory of the third Marquis of Downshire, erected by public subscription, and in the centre of the town, opposite the church entrance, is a bronze statue of the fourth Marquis, put up by friends and tenants.  Hillsborough Fort, often visited by tourists, was built in the reign of Charles I., and is constituted a Royal Fort, of which the Marquis of Downshire is hereditary Constable.  King William the Third stopped here when passing on to Drogheda, and it was here he signed the Regium Donum grant to Presbyterian ministers.  Hillsborough gives the titles of Earl and Viscount to the Marquis of Downshire.  The Northern Banking Company, Limited, have a branch here. There is close to the town a large linen factory, belonging to the Hillsborough Linen Company, Limited.  The East Downshire Steamship Company, Limited (of which the Right Hon. Lord A. Hill. M.P., is chairman of directors), having its head office at Dundrum, Co. Down, opened a depot for the sale of coals at Newport, on the banks of the Lagan Canal some five years ago.  There is a public newsroom and a lending library, open to the people of the town and vicinity.  The markets are held on Wednesdays; fairs third Wednesday in each month.  Population in 1891, 950

Post Office, Postal Telegraph Office, Money Order Office, Savings Bank - Georgina Mary Mulveny, postmistress
Petty Sessions - James W. Hatch, clerk
Summons Server - William Ferris


Church of Ireland - Rev. Canon Kernan, B.D., Treasurer of Down Cathedral, rector; Rev. Mr. Cox, B.A., curate.  St. John's Church, Kilwarlin - Rev. G. Otway Woodward, B.A., incumbent
All Saints'. Eglantine - Rev. F. W. Hogan, M.A., incumbent
Annahilt Church of Ireland - Rev. ?, Matchett
Drumlough Presbyterian Church - Rev. T. Bill, minister
Presbyterian Church - Rev. W. C. Steele, B.A.
Loughaghery Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. N. Moorehead
Annahilt Presbyterian Church - Rev. Josias Mitchell
The Maze Presbyterian Church - Rev. ?, Dunn
The Society of Friends Meeting House - Jas. Dixon, sexton
The Methodist Church, Zion - Rev. ?, Bell, minister
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Mark McCashin, P.P.; Rev. P. Leatry, C.C.; Rev. P. Mullen, C.C.; rev. P. Rooney, C.C.


Culcavey National Schools - J. Baird, principal
Maze National Schools - J. Matier, teacher
Maze National School (No. 2) - James Atkinson, teacher
Newport National Schools - Francis Devlin, principal
St. James's National School - Thomas G. Ingram, principal
St. John's National School - B. Robinson, principal
Ballykeel, Artfinny, National School - Mrs. Cleland, principal
Hillsborough National School - G. McCready, teacher
Downshire Schools - W. A. Mitchell and Miss Martin, teachers
Reilly's Trench National School - Miss Downey, principal
Dispensary, Lisburn Street - H. J. Boyd, physician
Dispensary, Annahilt - Wm. Thompson, M.D., J.P., surgeon
Gas Works - Wm. Walker, manager
Markets - James Ingram, weigh master
The Northern Banking Company Ltd. - E. Goldsmith, manager
Downshire Corporation Arms Hotel - M. Hall, proprietor
Masonic Hall - Masonic Lodges, No. 66, "Star of Kilwarlin," W. T. Henry, C.E., J.P., secretary; No. 683, "Annahilt True Blues," W. G. Magennis, secretary; Royal Arch Chapter No. 66, R. H. Magoveney, registrar; Robert Magill, tyler
Downshire Clothing Club - Payments received on first Thursday in each month, at Parish Rooms
R.I.C. Barracks - Sergeant O. Wilson, Constables John Lamont, John Lynch, Denis A. Leonard, Robert Boyd
St. Cecilia Musical Society - Practice in the Parish Rooms on Monday evenings from 7-30 till 9 o'clock.  Wm. Harty, L.U., conductor
Public Reading Rooms, The Square - Open on week days from 8 o'clock a.m. till 10 o'clock p.m.  Joseph Beattie, caretaker; George Allen, secretary
Great Northern Railway Station - James VB. Gray, station master; Bertie Morris, head porter
East Downshire Steamship Co. Ltd., coal merchants; Edwin G. Sands, agent
Hillsborough Linen Co. Ltd. - Arthur Pim, secretary; Nevin H. Foster, manager

Downshire Estate Office

Allen, George
Beresford, R. P., receiver
Crane, Sergt. J. H., caretaker
Magoveny, Robert H.
McClintock, Arthur, J.P., agent
Smyth, W. H.
Walker, W. J.
Whiteford, Jas., assoc. I.C.E.I.

Hillsborough Fort

Marquis of Downshire, hereditary constable
Sergt.-Major Jas. H. Crane, drill instructor
Castle Wardens - James Beattie, John Burrows, Hamilton Chambers, Alex. Cunningham, Joseph Deuart, William Ginn, John Green, Henry Johnston, Robert Stanfield. David Law, William McAlister, Joseph McCarthy, Thomas McCarthy, Westley McGarry, William Presha, James Rennyson, Wm. John Roberts, Wm. John Walker, Henry Rennyson, bugler


Allen, George, The Square
Atkinson, Samuel, mason, Inn's Lane

Balmer, Thos., shoe maker, Main Street
Baxter, Thos., car owner, Lisburn Street
Beatty, James, watch maker and jeweller, Main Street
Beattie, Joseph, postman, Main Street
Beattie, Thomas, pork cutter, Lisburn Street
Bell, George, J.P., Lisburn Street
Bell, G. & H., pork dealers and general merchants
Bell, Henry, jun., clerk, Main Street
Bell, H., Lisburn Street
Bell, Misses, Lisburn Street
Beresford, R. P., Cromlyn Lodge
Blackbourne, Nurse
Boyd. Henry J., surgeon, Main Street
Boyd, Mrs., The Square
Bradley, John, Culcavey
Bradshaw, Thomas, The Gardens
Brereton, W., farmer, Kilwarlin
Brown, Robert, trapper, The Park

Campbell, the Misses, drapers, Lisburn Street
Cleland, James M., school master, Main Street
Clendinning & Co., cambric manufacturers, Ballynahinch Street and Lurgan
Crane, James H., Main Street
Crawford, James, pensioner R.I.C., Main Street
Crawley, Richard, carpenter, Park Street
Cunningham, Alex., dealer, Ballynahinch Street
Cunningham, Mrs., grocer, Ballynahinch Street

Davidson, Mrs., Lisburn Street
Davis, Lennox T., Ogle's Grove Nursery
Deuart, Jos., gatekeeper, Downshire Demesne (Dwart in 1907)
Dixon, Wm. John, Inn's Lane
Downshire, Most Hon. the Marquis of, Hillsborough Castle
Dunlop, John, blacksmith, Ballynahinch Street

English and Scottish Law Life Office - Agent, J. W. Hatch, C.P.S.

Fergie, Mrs., Lisburn Street
Fergie, Daniel, Lisburn Street
Ferris, Steven, labourer, Millvale
Foote, Wm., shoe maker, Main Street
Foote, Wm., bailer, Lisburn Road
Foster, Nevin H., Hillsborough

Gibson, Mrs., posting establishment, spirit dealer and grocer, The Square
Gorman, Daniel, saddler, Main Street
Gowdy, Mrs., grocer, Main Street
Grange, Mrs., Park Street
Green, John Orr, farmer, Orrfield
Green, Miss Charlotte, The Square
Green, Miss, Park Gate
Greer, James, farmer, Newport

Hall, Miss Margaret, Corporation Arms Hotel
Hall, Miss Lily, The Square
Hamilton, John, pork cutter, Park Street
Hamilton, Wm., saddler, Main Street
Harrison, Ann, Main Street
Harty, Wm., professor of music, Ballynahinch Street
Healey, Henry, Lisburn Street
Heenan, Mrs., spirit dealer, Main Street
Henderson, George, carrier, Steele's Yard
Henderson, George, boot maker, Lisburn Street
Henderson, Jane, Arthur Street
Hogan, Rev. F. W., Wellington Lodge
Hogg, Francis, carpenter, Main Street
Hughes, Miss, Ballynahinch Street
Hughes, Samuel, labourer, Lisburn Street

Ingram, Jas., boot and shoe maker, Lisburn Street
Ingram, Thomas, G.P.O., Belfast
Ingram, Mrs. Thos., milliner and draper, Main Street, agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"

Jenkins, Edward, painter, Park Street
Johnston, Edward, carpenter, Inn's Lane
Johnston, James, carpenter, Park Street
Johnston, Miss, coffee & refreshment rooms
Johnston, Mrs., widow, Inn's Lane
Johnston, Walter, St. James
Jordan, Philip, farmer, The Mill
Jordan, Wm., farmer, Hillsborough
Jowle, Thomas, mechanic, Millvale

Kane, Mary Ann, Inn's Lane

Lamb, Mrs., widow, Lisburn Street
Lambourne, Mrs., house keeper, Downshire Castle
Lavery, John, labourer, Lisburn Street
Leinster, Robert, gardener, Ballynahinch Street
Little, Joseph, The Park Farm
Liverpool, London and Globe Fire and Life Assurance Co. - R. H. Magoveny, agent
Lockhart, Joseph, solicitor, Main Street and Bow Street, Lisburn
Lunn, Wm., coachman, Lisburn Street

Macalister, Alex., labourer, Ballynahinch Street
Macauley, Mrs., sewing agent, Main Street
Macnamara, Hugh, weaver, Inn's Lane
Magee, Wm., labourer, Inn's Lane
Magennis, Wm. George, solicitor, Ballynahinch Street and Bow Street, Lisburn
Magill, S., grocer and ironmonger, Main Street
Magoveney, John S., lamp lighter, Inn's Lane
Messan, W., game keeper, Old Castle
Moore, Mrs. James, Lisburn Street
Moore, Mrs., Lisburn Street
Moorhead, Rev. J. N., Blackbridge
Moreland, Alexander, Carnbane House
Mulholland, Alexander, Eglantine
Mulvenney, Robt. H., law clerk, Main Street
Murdock, Miss, grocer, Main Street
Murphy, John, barber, Ballynahinch Street

McAlister, Wm., labourer, Lisburn Street
McBride, Frank, gardener, Main Street
McBride, F., Arthur Street
McCandless, Joseph, spirit dealer and farmer, Lisburn Street
McCarthy Bros., embroidery manufacturers, Main Street
McClintock, Misses, Kilwarlin House
McClughan, James, grocer, The Square
McGarry, Wm., Presha, James Rennyson, (?)
McGifford, W. J., Carnreagh House
McKee, Miss, dress maker, Park Street
McKelso, J., farmer, Reilly's Trench
McLeavy, J., farmer, Corcreeny

Nelson, George, farmer, Culcavy

O'Loughlin, H. C., spirit dealer, The Square

Paisley, Robert, labourer, Inn's Lane
Patterson, James, farmer, Ballytintagh Park
Patterson, Misses, Main Street
Payne, Mrs., Ballynahinch Street
Payne, W. H., bank clerk, Ballynahinch Street
Philpot, Miss, Lisburn Street
Phoenix Fire Office - Agent, James W. Hatch, clerk of petty sessions
Presna, Wm., labourer, Ballynahinch Street

Quail, Robert, carter, Main Street

Reid, David, gardener, Monument Hill
Renyson, J., boot and shoe maker, Lisburn Street (Rennyson)
Ritchie, John, publican and posting establishment, Lisburn Street
Robinson, Samuel A., Culcavey
Rogan, R., Rose Cottage
Rogan, R., Lisburn Street

Sands, Edwin G., coal agent, Newport
Sands, James, insurance agent
Sands, Mrs., The Square
Sands, Samuel L., clerk, The Square
Scandrett, T. H., farmer, Lisadian
Shaw, Thomas, grocery clerk, Meeting Street
Silcock, George, tailor, Lisburn Street
Silcock, Thomas, tailor, Lisburn Street
Smiley, Miss, Arthur Street
Smith, Henry, factory manager, Lisburn Street
Stanfield, John, grocer, Ballynahinch Street
Stanfield, William, spirit dealer and posting establishment, Ballynahinch Street
Stevenson, Joseph, Park House
Sun Fire and Life Offices - George Allen, Downshire Estate Office, Agent

Thompson, A., farmer and spirit dealer, Maze
Thompson, James, mason, Park Street
Thompson, Miss, Ballynahinch Street
Thompson, Wm., M.D., Annahilt Dispensary
Thornton. Robert, & Son, grocers, Lisburn Street
Turner, John, gatekeeper, Park Gate

Walker, Ellen, caretaker, Courthouse
Walker, John, farmer, Corceeny
Walker, Wm., butcher, Main Street
Walker, Misses, haberdashers, Lisburn Street
Walker, Wm., butcher, Main Street
Walsh, Robert, spirit dealer, farmer and posting establishment
Watson, James, gardener, Inn's Lane
Watson, Joe, gardener, Lisburn Street
Wilcox, Mrs., The Square
Wilson, E., Main Street
Wilson, James, labourer, Arthur Street
Wilson, Mrs., Arthur Street
Wilkinson, L., cycle maker, Main Street
Woods, James, farmer, St. James



Acheson, Wm., tenter, Shop Row
Adams, Robert, weaver, The Glen
Adams, Samuel, weaver, White Row
Allen, Robert, yarn dryer, The Glen
Andrews, Alex., yarn dryer, Shop Row
Andrews, Wm., yarn dresser, White Row
Andrews, Wm., game dresser, White Row

Berry, James, weaver, White Row

Camack, Joseph, cloth cropper, English Row
Clokey, Wm., farmer, Maze
Cooper, Wm., carpenter, Newport

Davis, Lennox T., Oglis Grove Nursery, Culcavey
Dickson, John, farmer, Culcavey

Emerson, George, dealer, White Row
English, Robert, fireman, Thompson's Row

Fullerton, J., farmer, Maze House

Gardiner, Thomas, farmer, Maze
Greer, James, farmer, Newport
Greer, William, Culcavey Cottage

Hewitt, James, blacksmith, Thompson's Row
Hinds, Richard Henry, farmer, Maze

Irvine, Matthew, gardener, Culcavey
Irvine, Wm., tenter, Puddledock Row

Jamison, Andrew, farmer, Magherageery

Kinnaghan, Wm., farmer, Maze

Loughlin, Anthony, farmer, Maze

Maginnis, James, warper, Smithy Row
Martin, Samuel, weaver, White Row
Mercer, John, warper, English Row
Mercer, John, tenter, Thompson's Row
Mercer, John, dresser, Thompson's Row
Mercer, Joseph, farmer, Magherageavy
Merritt, John, spirit grocer, Maze
Murphy, Henry, weaver, The Glen
Murphy, Wm., tenter, White Row

McBride, Andrew, farmer, Demiville House
McClements, Samuel, farmer, Maze
McTear, Daniel, farmer, Magherageavy

Phoenix, S., coal merchant, Kesh
Porter, Wm., tenter, Shop Row

Shaw, Mrs. Thomas, grocer, Shop Row
Singleton, J. J., farmer and spirit grocer, Maze
Singleton, Jos., watchman, Ogle's Grove
Singleton, Wm., mechanic, Culcavey
Smith, W. J., winding master, Culcavey
Stasfield, Wm., farmer, Arbour Hill
Stockman, Samuel, farmer, Maze

Taggart, James, lighter master, Newport
Taggart, John, lighter master, Newport
Taggart, Samuel, lighter master, Newport

Watson, T. H., grocer, Kesh
Wright, James Henry, tenter, Newport


A village, with a population of 198, in the Parish of Clonduff, barony of Upper Iveagh, County of Down, on the road from Newry to Newcastle, eight miles from the former and ten from the latter.  The nearest railway station is Ballyroney, six miles distant, on the Great Northern Railway.  Lowry's cars run to and from Newry on Thursdays and Saturdays.  It is situated on the north-west verge of the Mourne Mountains, near the River Bann, in which trout abound.  There is a remarkably good hotel, the Downshire Arms, under the able management of Mr. J. and Mrs. Williamson, whose care of and attention to visitors has popularised the hotel.  There is good trout fishing in the River Bann, close by, whilst the bracing air, pretty mountain scenery, and beautiful drives around are attracting an increasing number of visitors.  The name Hilltown is taken from the surname of the Marquis of Downshire, who owns the property, and by whose ancestors the village was built.  There is a weekly market, on Tuesday, for fowl.  A monthly fair, which is usually largely attended, is held on the second Tuesday of every month.  The Marquis of Downshire recently presented to the inhabitants a weighbridge, beam and scales, and a market shed.  The ancient Parish Church, which was ruined in 1641, was situated about a mile and a half east of the village, the roofless walls of which still remain in an old graveyard, and are of interest to antiquarians.  The present Parish Church was built by the Marquis of Downshire in 1765.  It is a neat building with a pinnacled tower, and is a striking object, surrounded by a good wall, and having a fine row of lime trees on the north side, in the centre of the village.

Post Office and Postal Telegraph Station - P. Bradley, postmaster


Church of Ireland - Rev. J. Bingham, M.A., rector
Presbyterian Church - Rev. H. H. Moore, M.A., minister
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. J. Kearns, P.P.; Rev. F. Savage and Rev. J. Crangle, curates
Schools - Hilltown (mixed) National School - Teacher, Mrs. Scanlon
Ballymaghery Male and female National School - Teachers, J. Cullen, W. White and Mrs. Morgan
Downshire Hotel - Proprietor, Mr. J. Williamson


Bailie, Samuel, farmer
Bingham, Rev. J., M.A., rector of Hilltown (Clonduff)
Bradley, Andrew, farmer
Bradley, Patrick, post master and veterinary surgeon; posting establishment
Bradly, Elizabeth, farmer
Brannigan, Dan., labourer

Connelly, James, blacksmith
Crangle, Rev. J., curate, Parochial House
Cullen, Charles, N.S. teacher

Davenport, Robert, labourer
Doyle, Frank, cattle dealer
Doyle, Margaret

Fitzpatrick, Kate, publican

Gallagher, James, constable, R.I.C.
Gallagher, Margaret
Grant, Bernard, postmaster and weigh master
Gribben, James, labourer
Gribben, Harry, butcher

Hanlon, Felix, labourer
Herron, Alexander, carpenter

Kelly, Felix, labourer
Kelly, Hugh, publican
Kelly, Owen, cattle dealer

Logan, B., boarding and lodging house, sextonness of the Presbyterian Church
Lowry, John, publican, grocer, draper and posting establishment

Magill, David, shoe maker
Magill, Mary Anne
Maginnis, Arthur, blacksmith
Malone, James, publican, grocer and draper
Mawn, Maggie
Moore, Rev. H. H., M.A., Presbyterian minister
Morgan, Patrick, publican
Murphy, Andrew, publican and grocer
Murphy, James, labourer
Murray, Joseph, publican

McAlinden, James, publican
McConville, Alice, mill worker
McConville, John, tailor
McCracken, John, hardware merchant
McCullough, James, farmer
McCumiskey, Owen, shoe maker
McEvoy, Catherine
McEvoy, John, tailor
McPolin, Joseph, grocer

O'Gorman, P., sergeant R.I.C.
O'Hagan, John, publican
O'Hare, Ellen, publican

Quinn, John, farmer

Scanlon, John, constable R.I.C.

Tully, Patrick, ex-constable R.I.C.

Williamson, John, proprietor of Downshire Hotel
White, William, N.S. teacher


Adams, Hugh, Ballygorian, farmer
Bradshaw, S., Kinghill House
Brown, John M., V.S., Mountain View, farmer
Campbell, Stewart, farmer, Lisnamulligan
Chambers, James, farmer, Drumnascamph
Davidson, James, grocer and farmer, Ballynagappoge
Davidson, Samuel, farmer, Drumnascamph
Dickson, James, Ballygorian, farmer
Hall, Frank, butcher, Ballymaghery
Hall, James, Ballynanny, farmer
Jennings, James, millwright, Ballycashone
Jennings, Robert, kilnman, Ballymaghery
Jennings, William, carpenter, Ballynanny
Kearns, Rev. J., P.P., Parochial House
Kernaghan, David, Cleomack, farmer
Lindsay, the Misses, Ballyaughian House
Loughlin, Matthew, Lisnamulligan, farmer
Loughlin, Andrew, farmer, Lisnamulligan
Loughlin, James, farmer, Lisnamulligan
Loughlin, Robert, grocer and farmer, Ballynagappoge
Lowry, Edward, J.P., farmer, Ballykeel East
Magill, James, Ballyaughian, farmer
Magill, Mrs., grocer and farmer, Ballyaughian
Magill, Robert, Cleomack, farmer
Magowan, James, farmer, Lisnamulligan
Martin, Hugh, Bannvale, farmer
McCombe, Francis, Ballygorianmore, farmer
McCombe, William, farmer, Ballygorian
McKay, John, Cabra Towers
McKee, John, farmer, Lisnamulligan
McLoughlin, John, J.P., C.C., farmer, Ballycashone
Quinn, Robert, farmer, Mullaghmore
Ronan, James, J.P., cattle dealer and farmer, Kinghill
Savage, David, Ballymaghery, farmer
Savage, John, Limamulligan, farmer
Savage, Rev. F., curate, Parochial House
Shilliday, Thomas, Mullaghmore, farmer
Taylor, Alexander, farmer, Mullaghmore
Thompson, Wm., farmer, The Lodge, Hilltown


Four and a quarter (Irish) miles distant from the Exchange (Commercial Buildings), Belfast, is beautifully situated on the eastern or County Down shore of Belfast Lough, and is backed by an extensive range of hills, which rise with a gentle slope from the water's edge to a height of between 600 and 700 feet.  These hills materially check and moderate the cold and humid south-east and southerly winds, which prevail so largely at certain seasons, before they reach the town; while the north and north-west winds, by having to cross over the large expense of salt water in the bay, are denuded of the keeness peculiar to land winds, and these important influences, combined with the natural attractiveness of the locality at all seasons, make Holywood highly appreciated as an all the year round residence, especially for those of a delicate or susceptible frame.  The public road from Holywood to Belfast leads through Strandtown and Ballymacarrett, passing over Bunker's Hill, from which the renowned "Bunker's Hill" of America is named. There is another road leading through Belmont and Knocknagoney, and by either of these routes a most charming drive is afforded.  Direct railway accommodation to this pleasant seaside town is afforded by the Belfast and County Down Railway, trains running almost every hour (morning and evening trains run every half hour to suit business men) from half-past six o'clock in the morning until eleven at night; the fares are moderate, and special inducements are offered to subscribers.  It is thus one of the most accessible suburbs of Belfast.  Holywood is remarkable as having been a place of note so far back as the seventh century, at which period a church is believed to have been founded in it by St. Laisren, and it is recorded that King John, when journeying from Carrickfergus to Downpatrick on the 29th July, 1210, halted at Holywood - "Apod Sactum Bassum" - the name Sactus Boscus, of Holy Wood, having been given to it as early as the period of the English Invasion; the road traversed by King John was that leading past the Waterworks.  It is also stated that in the year 1217 Jordanus de Saukevill was confirmed in the possession of the lands "de Sancto Bosco" by Henry III.  About the year 1200 a monastery of the Third Order of St. Francis, or Franciscans, was founded.  This monastery was tenanted by about 400 monks, and stood somewhere near the ruins of the present Old Church, and occupied the site of the church believed to have been founded by St. Laisren in the seventh century.  A short distance from the Old Church, in the grounds of Millmoat, is a large ancient rath or funeral ground, supposed to be the tomb of some mighty chief who flourished long prior even to St. Laisren's time.  The monastery was attached to the great monastic establishment at Bangor founded by St. Comgall, and it, together with those at Bangor, Newtownards and Moville, were burned by Sir Thomas Brian MacFelim O'Neill, Lord of Clannaboy, in 1572, in order that Sir Thomas Smith, Secretary to Queen Elizabeth, night not have the opportunity of placing garrisons in them.  In the graveyard which surrounds the Old Church there are gravestones dating from 1630, and quite recently an elaborately carved stone of about six feet in height, which has been proved to be of great antiquity, was discovered embedded at a considerable depth on the north0east side of the old graveyard, and is now preserved in the belfry.  Peculiar interest in connection with the Presbyterian Church attaches to Holywood, inasmuch as we are informed that Robert Cunningham "was the first of the Presbyterian divines to settle not only in Holywood, but in the County Down, and the second one established in Ulster."  He was settled in Holywood in 1615, where he ministered successfully for about twenty years.  The places of worship of all denominations are handsome and commodious edifices.  Sullivan's National Schools, consisting of boys', girls, and infant schools, occupy a very superior and ornamental structure in the principal street, and adjoining it (built at a cost of 2,000) stands one of the best and cheapest endowed Intermediate Schools to be found in Ireland.  According to the scheme of Dr. Sullivan's trustees, as amended by the Master of the Rolls, instruction is given in this important and valuable institution in ancient classics, modern languages, science, English composition, etc., at rates that enable the sons of parents of small incomes to enjoy their benefits.  Dr. Sullivan's munificent bequests for these schools amounted to about 14,000, of which 4,000 are to be applied to the ordinary schools.  the Parochial National Schools (male and female), situated adjacent to the Parish Church, and built by the congregation, are handsome and commodious structures, with a large daily attendance.  There are also several first-class ladies' and boys' boarding and day schools.  The shops in the town are numerous - grocers, bakers, hardware, butchers, millinery establishments - all of which do a flourishing business; besides which the principal traders in Belfast send their vans regularly to take orders and supply their customers.  Fish are caught in the Lough by local fishermen.  The principal hotel, "The Belfast Hotel," in High Street, is an extensive building, with large stabling and carriage accommodation.  The proprietor, Mr. Robert McKelvey, conducts it in the best style, at a reasonable tariff.  The "Kinnegar Hotel," Mr. J. W. Boyd, proprietor, also affords excellent accommodation at moderate rates.  A number of cars are always at the railway station on the arrival of trains, and private cars and landaus are to be had on hire; boats can also be hired by the hour or day during the summer.  The Government have acquired the Kinnegar, and use it as an out military station for drill purposes and ball practice.  Two ranges have been constructed, one fitted with running gear; and companies from the battalions stationed in Belfast, as well as militia regiments, are placed under canvas on the Kinnegar during the summer season.  The Government have also acquired the "Palace" grounds, and here a large military barrack has been built, and is now occupied by upwards of 600 non-commissioned officers and men.  The Ulster Rifle Association, established nearly a quarter of a century, have also their ranges on the Kinnegar, and here some of the most distinguished marksmen of the United Kingdom have been trained.  The Holywood Cricket and Lawn Tennis Club has a large membership, and fine grounds at Spafield, within a few minutes' walk of the railway station.  Holywood is under the Towns Improvement (Ireland) Act, 1854, and is exceedingly well sewered, the sanitary arrangements in every direction having been actively looked after.  The town is well lighted with gas of a superior quality, and moderate price, the mains being laid to Marino, and as far as Craigavad.  The Town Hall, the property of the rate payers, situate in Sullivan Avenue, is a very fine and commodious building, with every accommodation suitable for all classes of meetings.  Here the Urban District Council have their Boardroom for holding their classes of meetings, and in another portion of the building the Petty Sessions Court is held bi-monthly.  The large hall is most comfortable and spacious, capable of seating about five hundred persons with a raised platform, and is used for concerts and lectures.  In connection with the building is a newsroom and public library; also, a most flourishing Chess Club.  There is a volunteer Fire Brigade in Holywood, and that apparatus is kept beside the Town Hall.  The Orange Hall, a plain but substantial buildings, containing lodgerooms and assembly hall, is also in Sullivan Place, in close proximity to the railway station.  The Masonic Hall in Church View is an unpretentious looking building on the outside, but the interior, which includes lodgeroom, ante-room, and supper room, is very neatly and comfortably fitted up.  The Holywood Young Men's Christian Association (1882), with a membership of close upon two hundred, hold weekly meetings during the winter in the Parochial Hall, Church Road.  The public fountain in Church Street is the gift of Baron Trevor, Brynkinalt, North Wales, Lord of the Manor.  It is supplied by a spring which rises in the adjoining field a little below the church, and the water is justly celebrated for its purity and excellence for tea making purposes.  The May Pole, probably the last of the kind in Ireland, stands at the junction of High Street, Shore Street, and Church Street, and is the gift of Captain Harrison, D.L.  It is an immense Norwegian spar, standing about sixty-four feet above ground, and twenty under it.  The ceremony of dressing it with bunting and flowers on May eve is still continued.  Holywood has always been recommended to invalids on account of its superior climate, which is, winter and summer, two degrees warmer than Belfast.  The late eminent Dr. Forsythe was accustomed to make his patients take up their residence there, as he did himself in old age, after amassing a large fortune.  Distinguished Dublin physicians speak in the highest terns of the climate.  The walks along the shore and on the hills are very numerous and most attractive. From the summit of the hills there are, at different standpoints, commanding views of County Down, with its farms, lakes, rivers and mountains stretching away to Slieve Donard; then away to the right, from above Stormount Castle, appears the whole valley of the Lagan, with the spires of Lisburn, Hillsborough and Ballinderry, in the distance.  From the hills above Craigavad, there is afforded a wide sweep of the Scottish mountains, with Ailsa Craig rising up like a vast sugar-loaf in the middle of the deep.  From the hill above Craigantlet there is a grand view of Strangford Lough, and, still looking to the right, the grand, majestic old Cave Hill is to be seen; and in one uninterrupted view the eye can reach the dark and terrible looking Black Head.  A little nearer Holywood is Pottinger's Dog Kennel, where in olden times the father of the celebrated brothers Pottinger of Chinese fame, kept his hounds while he lives at Craigavad House.  There are curious old caves in Cultra Glen, which are well worth exploring; about a mile above the Parish Church is what is called Schomberg's Hill, where it is supposed William's army lay in marching from Groomsport to the Boyne.  The inhabitants get a plentiful supply of pure water from the waterworks, constructed in the glen above the town, at a cost of about 10,000 to the ratepayers.  Mr. L. L. Macassey, C.E., was the engineer for the works as now constructed.  They comprise a storage reservoir of about three acres in extent (capable of holding nine million gallons), two filter basins, and a clear water basin.  Mr. T. L. Corbett, M.P., is the recipient of the honour of Parliamentary member for the North Division of Down.  The proprietor of Holywood is Captain John Harrison, D.L.  The population is 1841 was 1,500; and is now (1901) estimated at 5,000; the town, after several years of depression, has made great progress within the past few years, and many handsome villas are at present in course of erection, and a large number of beautiful residences have been built during the past few years.  The poor law valuation of the township is over 11,000.

Post Office, Church Street - Mrs. Robt. Geddis, postmistress; Mr. Robert Geddis and Miss Chambers, assistants; J. Emerson, A. Muckle, David Malcolm, James McNeilly, and Samuel H. Graham, letter carriers.
R.I. Constabulary Barracks, High Street - Sergeant Samuel Donaldson; Constables Heron, Dinsmore, Dalton, and J. H. Johnston
Coastguard Station, Marino - Edward Jeffers, chief officer.  Commissioned boatmen - Joseph Jury, Robert Bartlett.  Boatmen - Ernest Shaw and George Furmidge.
Station Masters - Holywood, Robert McKee; Marino, Patrick Dowd; Cultra, Wm. Craig


Church of Ireland - Rev. A. J. Moore, M.A., vicar
First Presbyterian Church, Bangor Road - Rev. Henry Halliday, A.M., minister
Second Presbyterian Church, High Street - Rev. Andrew Gilchrist, M.A., minister
First Presbyterian (Non-Subscribing) Church, High Street - Dr. Malone
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel - Rev. R. Phillips, minister
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Jas. O'Laverty, P.P., M.R.I.A.; curate, Rev. O'Flaherty
Christian Brethren, Gospel Hall, High Street
Brethren Mission Hall, Downshire Road
Salvation Army Barracks, Hibernia Street


Holywood Total Abstinence Society (Established 1842 by the late Rev. C. J. McAllister), Vice-President, F. McCammond
Parochial Temperance Society - President, Rev. A. J. Moore, M.A.
Band of Hope - Hon. sec., Gerald Farrington
Band of Hope and Temperance Society, Bangor Road - President, Rev. Henry Halliday, A.M.
Band of Hope and Temperance Society, High Street - President, Rev. Andrew Gilchrist, M.A.


Sullivan Upper (Intermediate) School - Principal, Adam Speers, B.Sc. (London)
Sullivan National Schools - Male School - Principal, Hugh Small; infant school, Miss Scott
Boarding and Day School for Girls - Principals, Miss Russell, B.A., and Mademoiselle Dommel, from Paris
Parochial National Schools - Male school - Principal, Robt. McTighe; Female school, Miss E. Greer
National School (R.C.) - Principal, Felix Rice; assistant, Miss Anne O'Neill
Select Schools, Hibernia Street  - Misses Reid's, Church Road - Miss Bosworthwick and The Misses Robinson.  High Street - Mrs. Hodge


Dispensary, High Street - Shuldam H. Dunlop, M.D., medical officer
Free Gardeners' "May Flower Lodge" - Robt. Calvert, district secretary
Holywood Chess Club - Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, John R. Allan, Kinnegar
Holywood Cricket and Lawn Tennis Club - President, Captain Harrison, D.L.
Holywood Gas Company, Limited - Registered Office, the Gas Works, Kinnegar; directors, Henry Murney, M.D., J.P.; David Johnston, M.D.; Alexander Finlay, J. Mitchell, J.P.; A. M. Munster, Sir Daniel Dixon, D.L.; A. D. Lemon, J.P.; H. J. Neill, and Joseph Mitchell; secretary, Jas. H. Barrett; manager, Thomas Frizelle, Directors meet first Monday in each month
Holywood Tobogganing Club - Grounds, Demesne Road - Captain Richard Patterson, J.P.; hon. secretary, J. H. Barrett; and 26 Field Stewards
Urban District Council - Messrs. John B. Shanks, John R. Allan, James Lennox, Archibald Dunlop, John Smyth, Richard Patterson, J.P.; Edward Gallagher, Anthony V. Browne, Robert Boyd
Holywood Young Men's Christian Association - President, Rev. A. J. Moore, M.A.; honorary secretary, Lynden L. Macassey; hon. treasurer, Walter Smyth
Holywood Rugby Football Club - President, Richard Garratt; vice-presidents, The Bishop of Ossory; Captain J. Harrison, D.L.; hon. treasurer, John Bates
Gymnasium, Shore Street
Medical Hall, High Street - J. C. C. Payne, M.P.S.I., proprietor; Joseph J. Macaulay, manager
Newsroom, Town Hall - President, Captain Harrison, D.L.; hon. secretary, John Birch; hon. treasurer, H. C. Atkinson; hon. librarian, A. Hunter
Northern Banking Company, Ltd., High Street
Orange Institution - Holywood Purple Star L.O.L. 785; Holywood L.O.L. 1687; Holywood Royal Standard L.O.L. 1906
Petty Sessions District of Holywood - James H. Barrett, Riverside, Holywood, clerk of Petty Sessions for Districts of Holywood, Bangor and Newtownbreda
Telephone Exchange - Town Hall; night, No. 2 High Street
Ulster Rifle Association - Range, The Kinnegar.  President, the Most Noble the Marquis of Dufferin and Ava, K.P.; hon. secretary, C. Playfair, 21 Castle Place, Belfast
The Guild - High Street Presbyterian Church - President, Rev. Andrew Gilchrist, B.A.; ex-officio vice-presidents, Members of the Session of High Street Presbyterian Church; elected vice-presidents, Members of the Session of High Street Presbyterian Church; elected vice-presidents, Mrs. Osborne, Mrs. Gilchrist, Mr. John Carson, Mr. Wm. Dunn; hon. secretaries, Gee, Trimble and Miss Robinson; hon. treasurer, R. Finlay
Victoria Masonic Lodge, 254 Masonic Hall, Church View, R. A. Chapter, 254 North Down Preceptory
The "Robert Wallace" Masonic Lodge, 146, Church View, Masonic Hall
Working Men's Reading-room, Church Street - Hon. secretary, Joseph Hodgins; honorary treasurer, John Dunwoody
Estate office (Captain Harrison's), 8 Shore Street


Abraham, Mrs., tobacconist, Church Street
Acheson, Robert, Marino
Adams, John, Downshire Road
Aiken, Robert, grocer, 87 High Street
Alder, Miss, Byron Street
Alexander, Andrew, farmer, Ballygrainey
Allan, John R., Byron Street, seed buyer
Allan, William, Ivy Place
Allen, Francis, land steward, Cultra
Allman, Charles, 37 High Street
Anderson, Alex., clothier, High Street
Anderson, Charles, clothier, 9 Church Street
Anderson, Francis W., 117 High Street
Anderson, James, Ballykeel
Anderson, John, J.P., East Hillbrook
Anderson, John, farmer, Ballykeel
Anderson, John, farmer, Ballymenoch
Anderson, Miss, 5 Shore Street
Anderson, Mrs., 86 High Street
Anderson, Samuel, farmer, Ballymenoch
Anderson, Samuel, tailor, 2 High Street
Anderson, Thomas, 1 Hill Street
Andrews, John, Church View
Angus, John, Craigavad
Armour, John, 4 Riverston Terrace
Armstrong, James, Hill Street
Armstrong, Thomas, Strand Street
Armstrong, Wm., Shore Street
Arnold, Edgar, Marino
Askins, Miss Esther, 76 Churchill Terrace
Atcheson, John, Church View
Atkinson, H. C., The Crescent, teacher

Bain, Mrs., Moffett's Terrace
Ballagh, John, plumber, 81 High Street
Ballagh, William, High Street
Barbour, James, J.P., Ardville, Marino
Barkley, J. M., The Crescent
Barr, David, Ballydavey
Barr, John, grocer, 91 High Street
Barr, Mrs. Mary, dress maker, High Street
Barr, Wm., 19 High Street
Barr, Wm., Hill Street
Barrett, James H., Riverside, Town Clerk, Clerk of Petty Sessions, Holywood, Bangor, and Newtownbreda
Barron, Robert, painter, Downshire Road
Barry, Daniel, blacksmith, 7 Killip's Court
Barry, W. J., jun., blacksmith, 17 Church Street and 41 Church View
Barry, Wm., blacksmith, High Street
Bates, Mrs. R. D., 1 Riverston Terrace
Baxter, Bryce, Knocknagoney
Beale, Henry, Ballygrainey
Beatty, George, town inspector, rate collector, sub-sanitary officer, car inspector, and registrar of cemetery, Church View
Beddow, Mrs. Agnes, Alexandra Park
Beeton, Sarah, lodgings, Hibernia Street
Beggs, Dr., Church Road
Beggs, James, Church Road
Bell, David, law clerk, Roland Place
Bell, Geo., sexton, Church View
Bell, John, Spencer Street
Bell, Mrs., 11 Church Street, grocer
Bennett, Mrs., Ellerslie, Vicarage Park
Berry, Miss, 19 Shore Street
Berry, Mrs. and Miss, 19 Shore Street
Beverland, David, Esplanade, Kinnegar
Beverland, Robt., Alexandra Park
Binney, Mrs., Riverston House
Birch, Richard S., Alexandra Park
Birch, Samuel, Craigavad
Black, James, Knocknagoney
Blackstock, W., Martello Terrace
Blackwell, Robert, Ballycultra
Blair, Hugh A., Kinnegar
Blair, McCrea, Stewart's Place
Blakeley, Mrs., Hibernia Street
Blythe, Wm., gardener, 33 Hill Street
Boal, Robert, Downshire Road
Boileau, H. S., Tudor Park
Bonfield, Chas., Holywood
Bonynge, Wm., 2 Anchor Lodge
Boreland, Miss, milliner, Church Street
Boreland, Hugh, car driver, Ballymenoch
Borthwicke, James, Downshire Road
Bosworthwick, Mrs., Churchill Terrace
Bottomley, Henry H., Clanbrasil, Cultra, sub-sheriff, Co. Antrim
Bowden, James, Hill Street
Bowden, Samuel, Hill Street
Boyce, James, pensioner, Kinnegar
Boyd, J. W.
Boyd, David, carter, Downshire Road
Boyd, James R., The Crescent
Boyd, James, farmer, Holywood
Boyd, James, dairy, Bath Cottage
Boyd, Jane, lodgings, 40 Church Street
Boyd, John, farmer, Holywood
Boyd, John K., Cultra House
Boyd, Robert, grocer, Church View
Boyd, Thomas, farmer, Knocknagoney
Boyd, Wm., 47 Church View
Bradley, Wm. J., Alma House
Brady, John, 5 Sullivan Street
Brady, John, Hill Street
Brennan, Geo., barber, 77 High Street
Bretland, J. C., M.Inst., C.E., surveyor Belfast Corporation, Craigavad
Brett, James R., he Crescent, solicitor and registrar to County Court Judge of Kerry
Brett, Miss, The Crescent
Brown, A. V., Alexandra Park
Brown, James, Church Street
Brown, John, coal merchant, Shore Street
Brown, Miss Mary, 9 Lennox Terrace
Brown, Mrs., Hibernia Street
Brown, Robert, Laurel Bank
Brown, Wm., Church View
Bruce, Mrs., Downshire Road
Bryson, Samuel, Woodbank
Buchanan, W. G., 2 Jubilee Terrace, Shore Street
Buckley, Charles, solicitor, Princess Gardens-on-the-Sea
Buckley, Mrs., Princess Gardens-on-the-Sea
Burke, Mrs. Mary, Victoria Terrace, High Street
Burns, Miss, dress maker, High Street
Burns, Mrs. Ellen, Hibernia Street
Burns, Thos., car owner, Church Street
Burnside, John A., commercial traveller, Seaview
Byers, John, Downshire Road, dairy

Calvert, David, Knocknagoney
Calvert, James, Knocknagoney
Calwell, Thomas, 17 Sullivan Street
Calwell, Walter, Kinnegar
Campbell, David, High Street
Campbell, Miss, Plasmerdyn
Campbell, Miss Ellen, Blaris, Vicarage Park
Canavan, Mary, grocer, Spencer Street
Cardy, Mrs., laundress, Downshire Road
Cardy, Wm., Downshire Road
Carnduff, Joseph A., Ballymenoch
Carson, John, 1 Walmer Terrace
Caswell, John, Alexandra Park
Cathcart, James, sexton Methodist Church, Church View
Catherwood, Mrs., Hill Street
Caughey, James, gardener, 3 Downshire Road
Caughey, Mrs., Downshire Road
Cavan, Robert, 6 Marine Place
Chamberlaine, Mrs., Downshire Road
Chamberlaine, W. Y., Downshire Road
Charley, E. H., 2 Moffett's Terrace
Cinnamond, T., Seapark Terrace
Clements, Miss Hanna, Bellevue
Coakley, Daniel, 107 High Street
Coates, Adam, St. Leonards
Cochrane, Robert, Cornwall Villas
Cochrane, Samuel, Stewart's Place
Coffey, Mrs., Marino
Cole, James, Kinnegar
Coleman, T., Beechcroft
Collins, John, gardener, 13 Downshire Road
Conaty, T. N., Seaside Tavern
Connell, Mrs., 6 Riverston Terrace
Coogan, James, Holywood
Coogan, Martin, 8 Gray's Court
Cooley, James, 33 Church View
Cooley, John, Spencer Street
Cooley, Samuel, gardener, Hill Street
Cooley, Wm. John, carter, Strand Street
Cooper, James R., Seaview Cottage
Cooper, John, Church Avenue
Copeland, Wm. F., Princess Gardens, Marino
Cosgrove, James, car owner, 142 High Street
Costello, Patrick, sexton Roman Catholic Church, Ean Hill
Cotterel, John, High Street
Couser, J., 1 High Street
Courtney, J., assistant barrack master, Belfast, Downshire Road
Cowan, Andrew, Walmer Terrace
Cowan, Robert, Spencer Street
Coyle, Hugh, Ballycultra
Craig, Mrs., Marine Parade
Craig, Mrs., 1 Sunnyside Terrace
Craig, Wm., station master, Cultra
Crawford, T., farmer, Cultra
Crichton, Charles, livery stables, High Street
Crickard, David, Shore Street
Crone, John, 76 High Street
Crooks, Jacob, farmer, Ballykeel
Culbert, Mrs., 15 High Street
Culbert, Thomas, plasterer, 15 High Street
Cully, John, gardener, Stewart's Place
Cumming, Miss, lodging house, 3 Shore Street
Curley, Robt., pawn broker, Sunnyside Terrace
Curran, Mrs., 24 Church Street
Currie, Wm. A., Woodburn

Daly, Mrs., High Street
Darragh, Robert, Hillbrook
Davis, Henry, Fernbank
Davis, Mrs., 23 Church Street
Davis, William, Knocknagoney
Davison, Mrs., Ardmore Terrace
Davison, Miss Margaret, Ardmore Terrace
Devine, Joseph, boot maker, 83 High Street
Dixon, Alexander, 4 Marine Place
Dixon, John M., Hillbrook
Dixon, Sir Daniel, D.L., Ballymenoch
Dobbin, Mrs., Bangor Road
Doggart, James, carpenter, 140 High Street
Doggart, Miss, 138 High Street
Donaldson, tailor, Strand Street
Donnan, Dr. W. D., surgeon, High Street
Donnan, Wm., Ardmore Terrace
Donnelly, James, gardener, Millbrook Street
Donnelly, Robert, Lower Martello
Dooley, Daniel, pensioner, Church View
Dooley, Thomas, gardener, Church View
Doonan, W., watch maker, High Street
Dornan, Henry, cattle dealer, Downshire Road
Douglas, James, Hill Street
Douglas, Mrs., Seapark Cottage
Douglas, Wm., 30 Shore Street
Dowd, Patrick, station master, Marino
Downey, John, 4 Riverside Terrace
Downey, Miss, Kinnegar
Downing, Wm. M., Rollo House, High Street
Drake, Wm., farmer, Holywood
Duff, David, carpenter, Church View
Duffield, Mrs., grocer, High Street
Duffy, Henry, Pierview Terrace
Dugan, W. J., Church Road
Duggan, Professor, Salernum
Dugind, J., marine draughtsman
Dunbar, Robert, gardener, Strand Street
Duncan, David, 4 Downshire Road
Dunlop, Archibald, M.D., J.P., St. Helen's
Dunlop, John, Prospect Terrace
Dunlop, John, 2 Bath Terrace
Dunlop, Shuldham H., M.D., dispensary, High Street
Dunn, Wm., Kinnegar Villa
Dunville, Robert G., D.L., J.P., Redburn and Sion House, Navan, Co. Meath
Dunwoody, James, carpenter, 89 High Street
Dunwoody, John, gardener, Church Street
Dunwoody, Matthew, carpenter, 1 Sullivan Street
Dunwoody, Thos., sen., gardener, 28 Church Street
Dunwoody, Thomas, Priory Park
Dunwoody, Thos., jun., painter, Hibernia Street
Dunwoody, Wm., coal merchant, 27 Shore Street
Dunwoody, W. J., house and insurance agent, 13 Shore Street

Edgar, John, coachman, Strand Street
Edgar, Thomas, Customs officer, Downshire Road
Edmundson, William, Knocknagoney
Elliott, George H., Quinville Terrace
Emery, Mrs., Trevor Street
English and Scottish Law Life Office - Agent, J. H. Barrett, C.P.S.
Erskine, Robert, Donnybrook

Farrington, T. E., Alexandra Park
Fay, John, J.P., coal merchant, house and insurance agent, Marine Parade, Shore Street
Ferguson Bros., provision dealers, High Street
Ferguson, John, farmer, Ballymenoch
Ferguson, Samuel, grocer, 54, 56 High Street
Ferguson, Samuel, High Street
Ferguson, Wm., farmer, Ballymenoch
Ferguson, Wm., 4 Hill Street
Ferguson, Wm., High Street
Ferris, Jas., 110 High Street
Ferris, John, carpenter, Hibernia Street
Ferris, Mrs., 10 Hibernia Street
Ferris, Robt., carpenter and builder, High Street
Finlay, Alexander, Willesden
Fitzsimons, Henry, Hill Street
Flannery, Arthur J., Bellevue
Fleming, Miss, Cultra Cottages
Foreman, Denis, farmer, Ballykeel
Foster, Hugh, Church Street
Fox, Sergeant, Byron Street
Francis, Mrs., tobacconist, Shore Street
Francis, Wm. John, bricklayer, Priory Park
Francis, Wm. Thomas, car owner, Hibernia Street
Frizelle, Thomas, engineer and manager Gas Works, Byron Street, Kinnegar
Futtit, James B., Bagthorpe

Galway, Miss, dress maker, Church View
Galway, Robert, butcher, 39 Church View
Gamble, Mrs. Ellen, grocer, Church View
Gardener, T. Greer, Hill Street
Garratt, Joseph R., Rialto
Garrett, H. L., St. Valentines
Garvin, James, cab owner, 57 High Street
Gaussen, Wm. L., Alexandra Park
Gavin, Peter, brick layer, Strand Street
Geddes, Wm., Sunnyside Terrace
Geddis, James, pensioner, Spencer Street
Geddis, Thomas, carter, 5 Ean Hill
Gibson, Robert, coachman, Ballymenoch
Gilbey, W. & A., High Street
Gilchrist, Andrew, B.A., The Manse, Holywood
Gilles, G. F. L., M.Inst., C.E., Hillsea, Cultra
Gill, Mrs., 22 Church Street
Gillespie, Richard, Ballymenoch
Gilmore, Mrs., 66 Churchill Terrace
Gilpin, George, Bellevue
Gilpin, Mrs. Sarah, coal merchant, 20 Shore Street
Girven, Michael, Knocknagoney
Goodwin, Wm., 54 Church Street
Gorman, James, Kinnegar
Graham, James, sen., farmer, Ballymenoch
Graham, Mrs., farmer, Ballymenoch
Graham, Robert, farmer, Ballymenoch
Graham, Samuel, farmer
Graham, Thomas, Ballykeel
Graham, Thomas, 30 Church Street
Graham, Wm. John, letter carrier, Hill Street
Grainger Bros., contractors, High Street
Grainger, Mrs., Mervue
Grant, Sarah, laundress, High Street
Grattan, Major, Bellview
Gray, Robt. A., farmer and contractor, Knocknagoney
Green, John, Stewart's Place
Greenfield, Charles, Cultra
Greenfield, Dr., High Street
Greenfield, Miss, Shore Street
Greenfield, Mrs., High Street
Greenfield, Thomas K., farmer, Farmhill
Greenfield, Wm. H., Cultra
Greenlees, John, shepherd, Ballymenoch
Greer, E., 134 High Street
Greer, John, coachman, Stewart's Place
Greer, Miss Elizabeth, principal Parochial Female National School, Riverside Terrace
Gribben, Mrs., Cultra
Griffen, Frank, Victoria Road
Griffin, Mrs., Victoria Terrace
Grogan, Jas., Customs officer, Spafield
Gunner, Felix, Hibernia Street

Halliday, Rev. Henry, M.A., The Manse, Victoria Road
Hamilton, John, Church Avenue
Hamilton, Moses, farmer, Ballykeel
Hamilton, Mrs., Shore Street
Hanna, James, Hill Street
Hanna, John, Ballykeel
Hanna, Robert, gardener, 18 Sullivan Street
Hanna, Robert, carpenter, Ballymenoch
Hannigan, Thomas, Railway Hotel
Harkness, John, Victoria Road
Harkness, Miss, Coilmara, Cultra
Harris, James, Knocknagoney
Harris, John P., 32 High Street
Harris, Wm., farmer, Ballykeel
Harrison, Capt. John, D.L., The Bungalow, Shore Street
Harpur, John, clerk, 104 High Street
Hawkins, Elizabeth, Shore Street
Hawkins, Wm., fisherman, Strand Street
Hayes, Samuel, Mooreld, Knocknagoney
Hayes, Wm., farmer, Hill House, Holywood
Hayes, Wm., plasterer, Ross Cottage, Marino
Hazelton, Miss, 7 Church Street
Hazzard, Marcus, Trevor Street
Heaney, Samuel, 6 Hill Street
Henderson, Mrs., Glenard
Henderson, Mrs., Craigtara
Henery, Nathaniel, Cultra
Henning, Miss, High Street
Henninger, Mrs., Shore Street
Herdman, Robt. Ernest, Rosavo, Cultra
Heron, Francis, Adens, The Nest, Cultra
Heron, John, Maryfield
Heron, Robert, 6 Lennox Terrace
Heron, William Cowan, J.P., Maryfield
Herron, Henry, 70 High Street
Herron, Hugh, Strand Street
Herron, John, gardener, Millbrook Street
Herron, John, 5 Killop's Court
Herron, Robert, fruit and vegetable dealer, 22 High Street
Herron, Thomas, Spencer Street
Hewitt, Johnston, com. traveller, High Street
Hickey, Henry, fruiterer, High Street
Hicks, James, High Street
Higginbotham, Miss, 5 Annaville
Hill, Edward, grocer and newsagent, 43 High Street
Hill, Hugh, farmer, Ballykeel
Hill, James, Knocknagoney
Hill, W., Kinnegar
Hodge, John, High Street
Holmes, James, farmer, Ballymenoch
Holmes, Miss, seamstress, Downshire Road
Hope, John, 17 Shore Street
Houston, Hugh, farmer, Holywood
Houston, Robert, 42 Church Street
Houston, Robt., farmer, Ballykeel
Houston, Wm. J., farmer, Ballykeel
Hughes, Edwin, Dalchoolin
Hughes, Miss, tobacconist, Shore Street
Hume, Wm., Ballymenoch Park
Hungerford, Richard, Sunnyside Terrace
Hunter, J., Gloucester Terrace, Kinnegar
Hunter, James, Glenside Place
Hunter, Mrs., Hibernia Street
Hunter, Mrs. Elizabeth, 4 Hibernia Terrace
Hunter, Mrs., Burnleigh
Hunter, Mrs., Crofton Hall
Hutchinson, James, baker, Church Street
Huxley, Alex., Spencer Street
Huxley, Wm., Downshire Road
Hyndman, James, Woodside

Inglis, J., Cultra
Ireland, John, Spencer Street
Ireland, The Misses, Oakley
Irvine, Thomas, farmer, Ballykeel
Irwin, James, Downshire Road
Irwin, Mrs., Downshire Road
Irwin, Robert J., Stewart's Place
Irwin, Thomas, Downshire Road

Jamieson, George, Downshire Road
Jamieson, Miss, Moffett Terrace
Jamieson, Wm., plasterer, Priory Park
Jefferson, Jonathan, publican, High Street
Jefferson, Richard, publican, High Street
Jeffrey, Jacob, Kinnegar
Jeffrey, John, farmer, Ballykeel
Jeffrey, Wm., farmer, Ballykeel
Jenkins, Adam P., Fernbank
Johnson, Alexander, Bangor Road
Johnston, David, M.D., Redclyffe
Johnston, Hugh, commercial traveller, Church View
Johnston, James, mariner, Killip's Court
Johnston, Robert, fruiterer, Shore Street
Johnston, Robert, gardener, Ballymenoch
Johnston, Robert S., 132 High Street
Jones, Albert
Judge, Miss, Downshire Road

Kane, Mrs., 30 Hill Street
Keating, Thomas, Cultra
Keegan, Mrs., Brooklyn
Keenan, Miss Mary, district nurse, High Street
Kelly, Bernard, Pierview Terrace
Kelly, Charles, 5 Alexander Terrace
Kelly, R. J., Tudor Lodge
Kemp, David C., Clanbrassil, Cultra
Kennedy, David, Church View
Kennedy, James, J.P., Richmond Lodge
Kennedy, Miss, tobacconist, High Street
Kennedy, Miss china and delph store, High Street
Kennedy, Mrs. Elizabeth, 4 The Crescent
Kerr, James H., Marine Place
Kerr, Mrs., grocer, Church Street
Kerr, R. Knox, Seapark Terrace
Killips, Wm., 34 Shore Street
King, Alexander, Ardara, Cultra
King, Thomas, butler, Downshire Road
Kinnemont, Balfour, senic artist, Marine Parade (scenic)
Kingsborough, Mrs., Kinnegar
Kyle, Andrew, farmer, Ballykeel
Kyle, Wm., carpenter, Victoria Road

Lackey, James, Marine Parade
Langridge, James, Redburn
Langridge, Wm., farmer, Sand End
Lattimore, Mrs., dress maker, 30 High Street
Lavery, John, 115 High Street
Lawson, Simon S., Marine Parade
Leghorn, Robert, boot maker, Church Street
Lennon, P. J., fruiterer, High Street
Lennox, David, cess collector, 24 High Street
Lennox, James, grocer, 59 High Street
Lennox, James, builder, 30 High Street
Lennox, James, 2 Killip's Court
Lennox, John 30 High Street
Lennon, John, 35 Church View
Lennox, Robert, Ballycultra
Linden, Matthew R., Cornwall Villas
Linden, William, Knocknagoney
Lindsay, Mrs., Downshire Road
Little, James, Ballycultra
Lyttle, A. M., Churchfield
Logan, Henry, farmer, Knocknagoney
Logan, Mrs., Downshire Road
Love, Miss, 122 High Street
Lowry, John, stone cutter, 3 High Street
Lynas, Richard, 4 Alexandra Terrace
Lynn, John, Church Street
Lyons, W. H. H., Tudor Park

Macartney, Wm., Downshire Road
Macaulay, John J., pharmaceutical chemist and dentist, Medical Hall, High Street
Macassey, Luke L., B.L., C.E., Stanley House
Mackin, James, Spencer Street
Macoun, Wm., Downshire Cottage
Magee, Agnes, lodgings, 93 High Street
Magee, David, Confectioner, Billposter and Newsagent, 65 High Street
Magee, James, Alexandra Park
Magee, T., fruit & vegetable dealer, 82 High Street
Magilton, Moses, painter, Sullivan Street
Maginnes, Mrs. E., dress maker, 11a Church Street
Maguire, Edward, Kinnegar
Malcolm, John, gardener, Alma Terrace
Malcolm, Mrs., 42 Shore Street
Malcolm, Robert, gardener, Spencer Street
Malcolm, Wm. H., 2 Riverside Terrace
Malcolm, Wm. J., 20 Hill Street
Malcolmson, Mrs. Harriet, 11 Marine Parade
Malone, Rev. Dr., Beechcroft
Mallon, Mrs., nurse, Downshire Road
Maniece, Mrs., 7 High Street
Marrion, James, Hibernia Street
Marsh, Mrs., Glen Lyon
Marshall, Orr, gardener, Claremont
Marshall, Robert, 2 Gloucester Terrace
Martin, Walter, Cultra
Mawhinney, Arthur, cabinet maker, Spencer Street
Mawhinney, David, mason, Ean Hill
Mawhinney, James, carpenter, 27 High Street
Maxwell, Adam, Knocknagoney
May, George, The Crescent
Maypole Dining Rooms, D. McNeilly, proprietor
Megaw, Robert, J.P., The Priory ( The Prairie in 1907)
Mellor, Major L., Tudor Park
Menagh, Miss M. J., 14 Marine Parade
Mercer, Hugh, Concrete Villa, Cultra
Miller, W., cabinetmaker and builder, 23 High Street
Milligan, R., nurseryman and fruiterer, High Street
Milligen, Joseph, Knocknagoney
Milliken, John, Ballycultra
Milliken, Thos. S., journalist, Byron Street
Mills, Francis, gardener
Mills, James, gardener, 89 High Street
Mills, John, gardener, Clifton
Mitchell, John, J.P., Olinda, Craigavad
Mitchell, Joseph, Olinda, Craigavad
Molloy, Joseph H., 4 Marine Parade
Montgomery, John, gardener, Victoria Road
Montgomery, W., gardener, Victoria Road
Mooney, Patrick, Strand Street
Mooney, Thomas, Strand Street
Moore, Mrs. Eliza, 3 Sullivan Street
Moore, Mrs. Jane, nurse tender, Victoria Road
Moore, Samuel, Downshire Road
Moore, Samuel, family grocer, 40 High Street
Moorehead, Mrs., laundress, Hibernia Street
Morgan, Miss, Jubilee Terrace
Morgan, Thomas, Church View
Morris, Wm. H., engineer, Spafield
Morrison, Mrs., Bellevue
Morrow, George, Cultra
Morrow, Samuel, farmer, Ballymenoch
Mortimer, Robert, Marine Parade
Morton, Wm., Victoria Place
Muckle, Mrs., Downshire Road
Mulholland, John, gardener, Prospect Terrace
Mulholland, Mrs., laundress, Kinnegar
Mulligan, Mrs., 3 Riverston Terrace
Munn, Samuel W., 112 High Street
Munce, James, assistant surveyor, Belfast Corporation, Alexandra park
Munster, Alfred M., Crofton
Munster, Edward F., Loughview
Munster, Wm. H., Woodleigh, Cultra
Murdoch, Samuel, Spencer Street
Murdock, Geo. C, commission agent, High Street
Murdock, John, Byron Street
Murney, Henry, M.D., J.P., Tudor House
Murphy, J. H. Burke, The Agency, Cultra
Murphy, Miss, 5 Staunton Place
Murphy, Felix, Church View
Murray, James, Knocknagoney
Murray, John, Sullivan Place
Murray, Mrs., Ellen, 33 High Street
Mytton, O. J., Moffett's Terrace

McAdam, John V., Villa Nova, Kinnegar
McAdam, Mrs. Margaret, 45 Church View
McAlester, Miss, Beechcroft
McBride, Wm., farmer, Ballymenoch
McCall, Francis, dairyman, Holywood House Lodge
McCall, M., cemetery sexton, Gray's Lane
McCallan, John, coachman, Glen Lyon
McCalmont, Captain J. M., J.P., M.P., Holywood House
McCammon, Lieutenant-Colonel, Thomas A., Woodville
McCammon, Mrs., Woodville
McCammon, Mrs., Ardmore Terrace
McCance, Colonel John, J.P., Knocknagoney
McCann, John, land steward, Redburn
McCann, John, Concrete Villas, Cultra
McCarthy, James, 4 Gloucester Terrace
McCarthy, Mrs., Kinnegar
McCarthy, Mrs., 21 High Street
McCartney, Henry, coachman, Ballymenoch
McCartney, Wm., Yew Place
McCaw, John, groom, Ballymenoch
McChesney, Mrs., 6 Annaville
McCleave, Joseph, gardener, Richmond Lodge
McCleave, Thomas, plumber, Church Street
McClelland, Alexander, Church View
McClelland, Mrs., The Crescent
McClelland, Thomas B., Marino House
McClements, The Misses, Bellevue
McClure, David, Spencer Street
McClurg, James, coachman, Clifton
McClurg, James, Knocknagoney
McComb, Robert, Kinnegar
McComb, Mrs. Elizabeth, Moffet's Terrace
McConkey, Matilda, dress maker, Church View
McConnell, Miss Jane, dress maker, Church View
McConnell, Robt., chimney sweep, 2 Church Street
McCormick, David, farmer, Ballykeel
McCormick, Hugh, Downshire Road
McCormick, Mrs., Downshire Road
McCormick, Stephen, Knocknagoney
McCourt, W., coal merchants, Shore Street
McCourtney, Hugh, 5 Hill Street
McCourtney, Thomas, Cultra
McCreedy, J., confectioner, Church Street
McCullogh, Edward, gardener, Cultra
McCullogh, James, 46 Church Street
McCullogh, Samuel, gardener, Cultra
McCullough, John, Millbrook Street
McCullough, John, High Street
McCullough, J., Church View
McCullough, Mrs. Sarah, 9 Hibernia Street
McCullough, W., The Crescent
McCullough, W., Sunnyside
McCully, Robert, farmer, Holywood
McCully, Robert, Spencer Street
McCutcheon, David, cess collector, Craigavad
McCutcheon, Hugh, Ballykeel
McCutcheon, J., Pier View Terrace
McDermott, Bernard, Millbrook Street
McDonald, Fred., Cyclist Arms Hotel, Shore Street
McDowell, Edward, carpenter, 5 Hibernia Street
McDowell, George, Cultra
McDowell, Jas., Tudor Park
McDowell, Mrs., Quinville Terrace
McDowell, Mrs., 75 High Street
McDowell, Robert, High Street
McDowell, Robert, farmer, Ballydavey
McDowell, Thomas, gardener, Ballymenoch
McErvel, James, Hillbrook
McEvoy, Mrs., Church View
McGee, James, Woodville
McGifford, Richard, Anchor Lodges
McGuigan, Joseph, pensioner, 26 High Street
McHugh, Dennis F., Cultra
McIlmail, John, gardener, Spencer Street
McIlroy, Wilson, Shore Street
McIlwaine, Wm. J., Knocknagoney
McKeag, Edward, brick layer, Church View
McKeag, Robert, painter, 19 Church View
McKeag, Samuel, painter, Church View
McKeag, Wm., brick layer, Church View
McKee, John, Stewart's Place
McKee, Joseph, 33 Church View
McKee, Robert, station master, Holywood
McKelvey, James, Belfast Hotel
McKelvey, Mrs., 3 Staunton Place
McKelvey, Robert, Belfast Hotel
McKenna, James, Church View
McKeown, James, Benown
McKeown, Mrs., Cultra Cottages
McKervey, John, coachman, Church View
McKibbin, Wm., Spencer Street
McKinley & Co., clothiers, High Street
McKinley, George, Cultra
McLean, John, coachman, Stewart's Place
McLean, Mrs., Plasmerdyn
McLean, Mrs., Athelstane
McLean, Robert, water inspector, The Waterworks
McLean, Robert E., solicitor, Craigmore
McManus, H., High Street
McMeekin, William, Richmond Lodge
McMullan, Patrick, Strand Street
McMullan, Patk. J., J.P., Churchfield House
McMurray, Bernard D., car owner, 8 Marine Parade
McMurray, David, Seaview Terrace
McMurray, James, 79 High Street
McMurray, S., High Street
McNeilly, David, car owner, Church Street
McNeilly, John, car owner, 65 High Street
McShane, Michael, Hill Street
McShane, Thomas, Gray's Court
McWilliams, Mrs. Sarah, farmer, Knocknagoney
McWilliams, James, Spencer Street

Neeson, Mrs., Maormor, Cultra
Neeson, Wm., carpenter, Church Street
Neill, D. Sharman, Martello Terrace
Nelson, Omar C., solicitor, Doon, Cultra
Newell, Wm., gardener, 21 High Street
Nicholl, Henry, Seaview Terrace
Nicholson, Mrs., 128 High Street
Nicholson, Wm., Priory Park
Nimick, James, Strand Street
Nimick, Wm., sen., builder and contractor, 31 High Street
Nimick, Wm., jun., Shore Street
Nimick, Wm., brick layer, Strand Street

Olley & Co., newsagents, Railway Station
Orr, David, farmer, Ballymenoch
Orr, Mrs., Downshire Road
Orr, Robert H., solicitor, Tudor Park
Osborne, T. E., Woodleigh, Marino
Oulton, Mrs., 111 High Street
O'Brien, John, coachman, Alexandra Place
O'Laverty, Rev. James, P.P., M.R.I.A.
O'Neill, Miss, Church View
O'Neill, Wm. James, Pierview Terrace
O'Rorke, Howard, solicitor, Dunratho, Craigavad

Park, Robert, Kinnegar
Parke, James, 29 Hill Street
Parr, Wm., Clifton, Bangor Road
Parsons, Mrs., 6 Church View
Patterson, David, Stewart's Place
Patterson, Fanny, 29 High Street
Patterson, George, saddler, High Street
Patterson, Mrs., grocer and tobacconist, High Street
Patterson, Mrs. E., The Cottage, Stewart's Place
Patterson, Mrs. Isabella, lodgings, 25 High Street
Patterson, Richard, J.P., Kilmore
Patterson, Robert Lloyd, J.P., Croft House
Patterson, Susanna, Downshire Road
Patterson, Wm., solicitor, Stewart's Place
Pattison, Samuel J., grocer, High Street
Patton, Wm., sexton Bangor Road Church, Sullivan Street
Patton, Wm., Sullivan Street
Patty, Alexander, poulterer, High Street
Patty, Charles, mariner, Strand Street
Patty, James, flesher, High Street
Patty, John B., flesher, High Street
Payne, George, Marino
Payne, J. C. Chas., J.P., 10 High Street
Payne, Reuben, The Firs
Peacock, Rev. Gerald W., Downshire Road
Peden, Thomas, Holywood
Peel, Mrs. Mary, 20 High Street
Pentland, Valentine, Ballymenoch
Perry, Hugh, Hibernia Street
Perry, James H., farmer, Cultra
Petticrew, Patrick, Stewart's Place
Petticrew, Robt., farmer, Ballymenoch
Pettigrew, James, 12 Lennox Terrace
Phillips, Wm. H., Lemonfield
Phillips, Rev. R., The Manse
Phoenix Fire Office - Agent, J. H. Barrett, Riverside, Church Road
Pirrie, Mrs., Ward's Cottages, Marino
Polland, Edward, watch maker, Walmer Terrace
Pollock, John, Ardeen
Pomeroy, J. H., game and provision dealer, 62 High Street
Ponton, Mrs., 28 Shore Street
Porter, Thomas, Mayfield Cottage, Cultra
Porter, Mrs., Church Street
Power, Wm., Cauron Street
Praeger, Mrs., Cultra
Pratt, Wm. M., Princess Gardens-on-the-Sea
Prenter, George, Ballymenoch
Printer, George, merchant, Ballymenoch
Priestly, Robert, Downshire Road
Purcell, H., coachman, Knocknagoney
Purdon, Edward S., Martello Terrace
Purdy, Hugh, joiner, Church Street
Purdy, Mrs., 4 Hibernia Street

Quee, Robert, Patton's Court
Quigley, Charles, Seapark Terrace
Quin, Mrs., Quinville Terrace
Quinn, Jane, lodgings, 80 High Street

Rea, James, gardener, Spencer Street
Rea, Miss, Croft Cottage
Rea, Miss Sarah, lodgings, 6 Church Street
Rea, Miss, dress maker, Spencer Street
Rea, Mrs., Knocknagoney
Rea, Rev. George T., Walmer Terrace
Reade, Miss, Millmoat
Reid, James, Cultra
Reid, Miss, select school, 3 Hibernia Street
Reid, Mrs., confectioner, High Street
Reid, Samuel, Spencer Street
Reid, T. J., Trevor Street
Rice, Felix, Staunton Place
Rice, J., Pierview Terrace
Richardson, Hamilton, carpenter, High Street
Robertson, J., The Cottage, Marine Parade
Roberts, Miss, Church Street
Robinson, John, Strand Street
Robinson, John, 3 Marine Place
Robinson, Mrs., Woodview
Robinson, Samuel, coachman, Cultra House
Robinson, Sarah, milliner, 4 Shore Street
Robinson, The Misses, select school, Woodville
Robinson, Wm. A., J.P., Culloden, Cultra
Roden Mrs., Cultra
Rodgers, John O., Cultra
Rodgers, Thomas, Ballykeel
Rodman, John, 34 Church Street
Rodman, Wm., Riverside
Rodman, Wm., & Co., stationers, High Street
Rodman & Co., High Street, Holywood
Roe, Miss, Shore Street
Rogan, Arthur, Trevor Street
Rogers, Miss, Belfast Bar, 11 High Street
Roseman, Wm., jun., gardener, Downshire Road
Roseman, William, sen., gardener, Church View
Ross, George H., Coilmara Villas, Cultra
Ross, Wm. A., Craigavad
Russell, James, farmer, Cultra
Russell, John, farmer, Ballymenoch
Russell, Miss, ladies school, Millbank
Russell, Wm., farmer, Cultra
Ryan, John, Sullivan Street
Rynes, Thomas, Bellevue

Samuels, Joseph, 5 Hibernia Street
Savage, James, jun., labourer, Strand Street
Savage, Wm., Ballycultra
Scott, Mrs., Walmer Terrace
Scott, Thomas, caretaker, Orange Hall
Sedgwick, Richard, Church Street
Sefton, James, Marine Parade
Semple, James, farmer, Ballykeel
Shanks, John B., chemist, Church Street
Shanks, Mrs. Elizabeth, general merchant, High Street and Church Street
Shannon, Hugh, mariner, 17 Hibernian Street
Shannon, James, sen., fisherman, Shore Street
Shannon, James, jun., 4 Pierview Terrace
Shannon, John, 7 Pierview Terrace
Shannon, Robt., stationer, Church Street
Shaw, Ernest, Cultra
Shaw, Mrs. Susan, Bellvue
Shaw, Wm., Martello House
Sherry, Miss, dress maker, High Street
Shields, John, painter, Lennox Terrace
Simms, Charles, Plasmerdyn
Simms, Miss, Church Avenue
Simpson, John, Claremont
Skillen, Andrew, gardener, Spencer Street
Skillen, Francis, gardener, Marmion
Skillen, James, 48 Church Street
Sloan, Robert, Knocknagoney
Slowey, James, Knocknagoney
Slowey, Thomas, Hibernia Street
Small, Hugh, principal teacher Sullivan Male National Schools
Smith, George, 52 Church Street
Smith, John, Ballykeel
Smith, John, Church Avenue
Smith, Miss, dress maker, Hibernia Street
Smith, Thomas, Ballycultra
Smith, Wm., plumber, 78 High Street
Smyth, John, Woodview
Smyth, Mrs., Knocknagoney
Smyth, Walter, F.L.S., Solicitor to the Governors Sullivan Schools; residence, Woodview, Holywood; Belfast address, 17 Arthur Street
Speers, Adam, B.Sc. (London), principal Sullivan Upper School, Riversdale
Speers, Hugh, farmer, Ballykeel
Speers, John, Ballycultra
Spence, David, farmer, Knocknagoney
Steel, Mr., confectionery, 8 Church Street
Steele, John, Ivy Place, Kinnegar
Steele, John, Woodleigh, Marino
Steele, Mrs. Sarah, 3 High Street
Stephens, Charles, Cultra
Stephens, M., baker, Bath Terrace
Stephens, Wm. H., Martello Terrace
Stephenson, Hugh, tailor, Alma Terrace
Stevenson, Hugh, Ballymenoch
Stitt, Miss Maria, Hibernia Street
Stokes, Alex. B., Bellvue
Sun Fire and Life Office - W. J. Dunwoody, Church Street, Agent
Swain, Captain, Garden Lodge
Swain, Samuel, farmer, Ballykeel
Swain, Wm., farmer, Ballykeel

Taylor, J., organist and music teacher, Churchill Terrace
Teggart, Daniel, Knocknagoney
Thompson, David, carter, Downshire Road
Thompson, Edward, Cultra
Thompson, James H., 21 Church Street
Thompson, James, Victoria Place
Thompson, James, 31 Church Street
Thompson, James, Knocknagoney
Thompson, Miss, dress maker, Downshire Road
Thompson, Mrs., dairy, Downshire Road
Thompson, Wm., Glencraig, Craigavad
Thorne, Miss, Churchill Terrace
Trainer, Michael, White Star Inn, 66 High Street
Treacy, Constable Samuel, Hibernia Street
Trimble, John Geo., Esplanade, Kinnegar
Trimble, Miss B., Esplanade, Kinnegar
Turtle, Mrs. Agnes, Quinville Terrace

Vance, Miss, 29 High Street
Vinycomb, John, 3 Riverside Terrace

Wallace, James, farmer, Cultra
Wallace, Margaret, Church View
Wallace, Miss, car owner, Downshire Road
Walsh, J., tailor, High Street
Ward, Miss, Lower Martello Terrace
Warden, James, Redburn
Wardlow, Thomas, joiner, High Street
Waters, Austin, 18 Hibernia Street
Watson, George, boot maker, High Street
Watson, G., shoe maker, High Street
Weir, William, clerk
Welland, Right Rev. Thomas J., D.D., Lord Bishop of Down, Connor and Dromore, Culloden
White, James, carter, Ballymenoch
White, Mary, Bellvue
White, Miss, Seaview Cottage
Williams, John, Brook House, Croft
Williames, W. E., 14 Marine Parade
Williamson, Mrs., Church View
Wills, Geo. C, 15 Shore Street
Wilson, Alex. Basil, C.E., Martello Terrace
Wilson, Edwin, Kinnegar
Wilson, James, Auburn Villa
Wilson, Jane, Spencer Street
Wilson, Miss, Marine Parade
Wilson, Mrs., Auburn Place
Wilson, Mrs., Ward's Cottages, Marino
Wilson, Thos. H., Ward's Cottages, Marino
Wilson, William, brick layer, Kinnegar
Wilson, Wm., brick layer, Byron Street
Woods, Edward, Shore Street
Woods, Peter, Downshire Road
Woodside, Alex., farmer, Ballymenoch
Woodside, John, Spencer Street
Woodside, J. T., surgeon, 22 Shore Street, registrar of births and deaths
Woodside, Mrs. Jane, farmer, Ballymenoch
Woodside, Thomas, Spencer Street
Woolrych, Captain, Sea View
Wray, W. J., Churchill Terrace
Wright, John, boot maker, Hibernia Street

Young, Robert, Marmion


Formerly Lowtherstown, is the second largest town in County Fermanagh, situated in the parish of Derryvullen, and barony of Lurg.  There is a good market held every Wednesday, and a fair on the 8th of every month.  The town principally consists of one ling wide street, and at the extremity stands a high square tower of the old church, on which is erected a good town clock.  In the vicinity of the town is Castle Irvine, a beautiful building, the seat of Mr. William D'Arcy Irvine, J.P.  Petty Sessions are held every alternate Friday, and there is a Constabulary Barrack, with six constables and a sergeant.  The Parish Church is a handsome structure in the Gothic style, with a square tower.  It was erected in 1831, at a cost of 2,300.  Several costly additions have been made to it. The Presbyterian Church and Manse, near the railway station, are very neat buildings.  The Methodist Church, at the east end of the town, is a very complete building, and most comfortably seated and finished.  A short distance from the town is a neat Roman Catholic Chapel.  The population of the town in 1891 was 892

Post Office, Church Street - Hugh Clarke, postmaster
Union Workhouse - 18 Electoral Divisions - Board meets on Wednesdays.  William D'Arcy Irvine, Castle Irvine, chairman; S. Armstrong, vice-chairman; Thomas Aiken, clerk of the union; Baptist G. Graham, Medical officer; Robt. Crowe, master; Sarah Graham, matron; Charlotte Crowe, school mistress; Eliza Connolly, fever nurse
Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - Dr. B. G. Graham; assistant and deputy, John R. Megahey


Commercial, Main Street, Edward Johnston, proprietor.  Railway, Mill Street, Joseph Mahon, proprietor


Northern Banking Company - Robt. Macreedy, manager


National School, Church Street - Robt. Wilson, master; Mrs. R. Wilson, mistress
National School, Mill Street - Lawrence Clarke, master; Mary Brady, mistress


Church of Ireland - Rev. J. W. Nicholson, M.A., rector
Presbyterian Church - Rev. A. Beattie, minister
Methodist Church - Rev. J. D. Ritchie, and Rev. Jas. Ritchie
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. P. Maguire, C.C.


Butchers - Edward Cassidy, Joseph McAleer, J. Oliver, Hugh Riley, sen.; Hugh Riley, jun.
Carpenters - John Gormley, Nicholas Goodwin, Hugh McHugh
Coopers - William Allen, Robert Brown, Saml. Brown
Drapers and Haberdashers - Henry Armstrong, Margaret Reid, J. Maguire, Rose O'Gorman, Oliver Emery, W. Lindsay
English and Scottish Law Life and Phoenix Fire Office - Agent, John Maguire, J.P.
Grocers - Hamilton Anderson, Benjamin Bleakley, Jas. Brown, Jas. Creegan, John Elliott, Archie Funston, Robert Flack, John Graham, Peter Gallagher, Eliza Kerr, Anne Magrath, Hugh McDonnell, Thomas McMorris, Thomas McKenna, Eliza Schofield, Wm. McCrea, Irvine Keys, and J. R. Irvine
Hardware Merchants - Benjamin Blakeley, Archie Funston, William McCrea, and Irvine Keys
Insurance Agent - Graham, John, Agent of the "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News" etc.
Leather Merchants - Hamilton Anderson, John Maguire
Publicans - Geo. Chittick, Cassidy & Co. Ltd.; Robt. Flack, Peter Gallagher, John Lee, Jos. Mahon, Thos. McKenna, Hugh McDonnell, Rose O'Gorman, Edwd. Robinson, Catherine Flanagan, Christopher Tumath
Seedsmen - Benjamin Blakeley, John Elliott, Archie Funston, John Graham, Mrs. E. Kerr, Thomas McMorris, Patrick Riley
Shoemakers - John Dalley, Patrick Kelly, Patrick Maguire
Smiths - Hugh McDonnell, Francis Sweeney, Edward Valentine
Tailors - John Beacon, James Leonard, Thomas Leonard, and John Thompson
Watch and Clock Makers - R. J. Maneely, and Robert Orr


Allin, Robert, Moneykee
Allin, William, Moneykee
Armstrong, Allan, Feglish
Armstrong, William, Ballindulagh
Bettie, Guy, Coolaness
Bleakly, Frederick, Garvaughey
Bleakly, Irvine, Scarbray
Crawford, James, Lisnarick
Crawford, Thomas, Knockroe
Crowe, Christopher, Sheephill
Crowe, William, Moneykee
Cullen, Andrew, Coolgarron
Cullen, Robert, Scarbray
Fletcher, William, Drumadravy
Glenn, Robert G., Ballindulagh
Ginn, William, Ballindulagh
Graham, William, Lisnarick
Graham, William, Tullinaquiggy
Irvine, Henry, Lisnagore
Irvine, Thomas, Drumharvey
Johnston, James, Coolaness
Johnston, William, Moneykee
Kennedy, Johnston, Drumbuckin
Keys, Hugh, Drumbuckin
Keys, Irvine, Drumbuckin
Mackey, Henry, Lisnarick
Maynes, James, Moyaghan
Maguire, John, Drumharvey
Martin, Charles, Moneykee
Moffatt, James, Bushhill
Montgomery, Robert, Drumharvey
Potters, John, Drumbuckin
Ramse, Ralph, Boyaghan
Ramsey, Christopher, Boyaghan
Rinchey, James, Drumharvey
Somerville, Christopher, Drumbow
Sproule, Joseph, Coolaness
Swift, George, Drumharvey
Walker, John, Drumbow


Is a peninsula, seven miles long and about one and a half broad, on the eastern coast of the County Antrim, fifteen miles from Belfast.  It is bounded for more than two-thirds of its length on the western side of Larne Lough.  There are two ferries connecting it with Larne and one with Magheramorne, and a station on the Carrickfergus and Larne branch of the Belfast and Northern Counties Railway. There is a fine new road connecting it with Ballycarry Station on the same railway, which is the principal station for Islandmagee, and at which a large number of cars attend.  There is a weekly market on Thursday for the sale of pork, butter, and eggs, at the extensive stores of Mr. Robert McFerran, general merchant, seven minutes' walk from Ballycarry Station.  Islandmagee is yearly becoming more frequented as a health resort, and many Belfast families spend the summer months in it. The population is about 3,000


National Schools - Kilcoan - Dixon Donaldson, principal; Miss E. G. Hunter, assistant.  Mullaghboye - John McIlmoyle, principal; Miss E. Newell, assistant.  Ballymoney - Robert Earls, principal.  Mullaghauth - Jacob Irons, principal; Miss A. Browne, assistant.  Browne's Bay - Thomas Parke, principal
Dispensary - Charles Dundee, M.D., medical attendant
Post Office and Savings Bank - James Scott, postmaster
Coastguard Station (Portmuck) - Charles Barnes, chief officer
St. John's Masonic Lodge 162 - Robert McFerran, W.M.; Jacob Irons, secretary
Orange Lodge 1962 - John Ross, W.M.
Temperance Society (Mariners' Hope) - Wilson McIlwaine, W.C.T.


First Presbyterian Church - Rev. David Steen, B.A.
Second Presbyterian Church - Rev. H. H. Macready
Episcopal Church - Rev. J. H. Bennett, B.A.
Wesleyan Methodist Church - Rev. Richard Cole


Aicken, James, farmer and coal merchant, Carnspindle
Allen, James, Ballykeel
Allen, Samuel, Clonallen
Alexander, Wm., farmer, Ballymoney
Andrew, J. J., surgeon dentist, Roseplace
Arthurs, A. McG., master mariner, The Manse Cottage
Auld, John, master mariner, Port Davey House
Auld, Robert, farmer, Port Davey

Bell, Davis, grocer and publican, Millbay
Bell, John, farmer, Dundressan
Blair, Thomas, farmer, Ballytober
Brennan, Henry, farmer, Gransha
Brennan, Henry, farmer, Ballykeel
Brennan, John, farmer, Forde Cottage
Browne, James, farmer, Baloo
Browne, J. W., farmer, Spring Vale
Browne, Thos., farmer, Loughforde
Browne, Thos., farmer, Mullaghadoo

Cameron, Mrs., Ashgrove
Campbell, Robert, cooper, Ballymuldra
Campbell, Wm., mariner, Mullaghbuoy
Colville, Jas., farmer, Ballymoney

Dick, John, Corner House, Mullaghboye
Dick, Robert, master mariner, Kilcoan
Donaldson, John
Donnan, David, farmer, Cloughfin
Donnan, Wm., farmer, Ballykeel
Dowther Bros., builders
Dowther, John, farmer, Ballycronnan
Duff, Samuel, farmer, Cloughfin

Earls, James, grocer, Ballymoney
English, Robt., farmer, Browne's Bay
Esler, Andrew, farmer, Balloo
Esler, William, farmer, Balloo

Ferguson, Daniel, master mariner, Ballystradder
Ferguson, John, master mariner, Gransha
Flack, James, farmer, Mullaghboye
Fullerton, John, farmer, Kilcoan
Fullerton, S. T., farmer, Mullaghboye

Green, Charles, Newchurch

Hamilton, James, car owner, Kilcoan
Hill, James, farmer, Ballykeel
Hill, John, farmer, Clover Vale
Hill, John, farmer, Hillhead
Hill, Sam., farmer, Mullaghdoo
Hill, Wm. B., farmer, Kilcoan
Holmes, Edward H., farmer, Gobbins
Holmes, John, farmer, Annavale
Houston, James, farmer, Ballystradder
Houston, Sam., farmer, Cloughfenn

Jackson, Geo. A., farmer, The Moat
Jackson, Luke, farmer, Boghead
Jackson, Wm. B., coal merchant, Millbay

Kain, James, farmer, Mullaghboye
Kain, Wm., master mariner, Ballystradder
Kain, Wm., farmer, The Point

Laird, James, farmer, Ballyharry
Limestone Quarries - James Arnott, manager
Long, John, farmer, Ballystradder
Long, John, grocer, Mullaghdoo
Long, Wm., farmer, Gransha

Magill, Jas., farmer, Gransha
Magill, Jas., carpenter, Newchurch
Magill, Jno., farmer, Temple Effin
Mann, Alex., master mariner, Gransha
Mann, David, master mariner, Corner Cottage
Mann, Jno., master mariner, Cloughfinn
Mann, Wm., master mariner, Millbaye
Mateer, Miss, dress maker, Mullaghdoo
Milliken, Thos., J.P., D.C., Lough Head
Milliken, Wm. M., farmer, Ashmore
Mitchell, Sam., blacksmith, Boghall
Montgomery, Wm., farmer, Dundressan

McClelland, Sam., farmer, Portmuck
McFerran, Robt., general merchant, Loughforde
McFerran, Thos., grain merchant, Ballycronnanmore
McIlnooyle, Jno., teacher, Ballymoney
McKay, Wm., sailor, Newchurch
McKee, Jas., farmer, Gransha
McKeen, Hill, J.P., Seaview House
McKeen, John, farmer, Browne's Bay
McKeen, Wm., farmer, Castle Chester

Nelson, Andrew, Gransha
Nitlock, F. W., farmer, Gransha (Niblock in 1907)

Orr, Robt., farmer, Gobbins
Orr, Wm., farmer, Greenoge

Quicat, Hugh, blacksmith, Gransha (Quaite in 1907)
Quicat, Jno., farmer, Gransha (Quaite in 1907)

Rennie, Miss, Erection House
Ross, Andrew, grocer, Mullaghboye
Ross, Jno., butcher, Millbaye
Ross, Robt., ferryman, Millbaye

Smith, Charles, Cragoran

Templeton, Thos., farmer, Portmuck
Tweed, Wm., farmer, Boghead

Wilson, Hugh, farmer, Ballymuldra
Wilson, Jas., carpenter, Gransha
Woodside, Wm., car owner, Kilcoan
Wright, Jas., car owner, Portmuck

Yeates, Thos., boat builder, Ballycronnanmore