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1907 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Click here for the 1910 Belfast Street Directory TOWNS section

I have only listed the names of the occupants in each Town as the other information is pretty much similar to the 1910 above

Coleraine   Comber   Cookstown   Cootehill   Crossgar   Crossmaglen   Crumlin   Cullybackey   Cushendall



Abraham, Wm., & Co., general and hardware merchants, New Row
Acheson, Miss, fancy warehouse, Reid's Terrace
Acheson, Hugh, carpenter and grocer, Reid's Terrace
Alexander, S. T., draper, Bridge Street
Alexander, The Misses, fancy underclothing warehouse, Railway Road
Allen, James, tailor, King's Gate Street
Allison, R., surgeon, etc., King's Gate Street
Anderson, James, greengrocer, Brook Street
Anderson, J. S., & Son, drapers, Church Street and Diamond. Tel. No. 29
Anderson, M., boot and shoe maker, New Row
Anderson & Stewart, wine and spirit merchants, Church Street
Anderson, The Misses, fancy underclothing, New Row
Anderson &: Co., solicitors, Diamond
Arthur, James, grocer, etc., Bridge Street

Bacon, Robert, correspondent to the "Belfast News-Letter," Waverley Terrace
Baird, James, tailor, New Row
Balmer, R., shoe maker, Adam's Place
Bamford, J. M., general merchant, Diamond. Telephone No. 25
Barber, John, smith, Brook Street
Barr, J., pawn broker, Abbey Street
Barrie, Hugh T., hay and straw merchant, Waterside and Diamond. Tel. No. 2
Baxter, J. & D., decorators, glaziers and contractors for house repairs, Diamond. Tel. No. 3
Baxter, Wm. J., drug, oil and grocery warehouse, Church Street
Bazaar, The, fancy goods, stationery, hardware and general goods, Kingsgate Street
Bellas, H. & T., ironmongery warehouse, Church Street. Telephone No. 31
Bethel, James, grocer, Margretta Terrace
Bishop, James, boot and shoe warehouse, Diamond
Black, Hugh A. G., confectioner, Church Street
Black, Robt., car owner and publican, New Market Street
Blair, John, fruiterer, Church Street
Blair, Mrs., grocer, Waterside
Blair, Robert, grocer, Queen Street
Boddie, C. L., County Surveyor for Londonderry, Harbour View
Boone, B. A., watch maker and jeweller, Railway Road
Bradley, Edward, shoe maker, Alma Place
Boyd, R., grocer, etc., Church Street
Boyle, Alex., blacksmith, Cross Lane
Brewster, A. H., grocer, Railway Place
Brown, Corbett, & Co., Killowen Distillery, Captain Street
Brown, Louis, veterinary surgeon, Queen Street
Burnett, Robert, shoe maker, Reid's Terrace
Burns, R., & Co., drapers, Church Street

Caldwell, Thomas, commission agent, Diamond
Caldwell, Jas., & Son, shipmasters, steamboat agents and emigration agents, Bridge Street
Callaghan, Wm., carpenter and builder, Union Street
Calvin, Miss, draper, Waterside
Cameron, Daniel, cooper, Long Commons
Cameron, Thos., butcher, Abbey Street and Church Street
Campbell, Matthew, wellsinker, Arthur Place
Campbell, Miss, dressmaker, Railway Road
Campbell, Thomas, & Co. Ltd., steam saw mills, Railway Place
Campbell & Sons, bakers, Railway Road
Canning, W. J., emigration agent, Abbey Street
Canny, William, publican, New Market Street
Carson, Miss, tea and china warehouse, Church Street
Cashel, Miss, organist, Parish Church, Union Street
Caskey, James, seed and manure merchant, Bridge Street
Charles, Miss, grocer, Railway Road
Christie, Daniel, plumber, gasfitter, marble and monumental works, Diamond
Christie, Miss, dress maker, Alexander Terrace
Clarke, Miss Annie, dress maker, Diamond
Cochrane, Robert, carrier, Society Street
Cochrane, R., draper, Waterside
"Coleraine Constitution" Printing and Publishing Offices, Railway Road Telephone No. 22
Connor, Mrs., lodging house, Stone Row Lower
Coyle, James, saw mills, Railway Road
Coyle, Miss M. L., draper, Railway Road
Craig, Charles, family baker, grocer and ham curer, Model Bakery, New Row
Craig, Mrs., publican, New Market Street
Crawford Bros., leather merchants, Kingsgate Street
Crawford & Co., hardware warehouse, Diamond. Telephone No. 4
Creery, J. Tate, M.D., Riverton
Crookshank, Leech, & Davies, solicitors, New Row. Telephone No. 7
Crowe & Co., drapers, Railway Road
Cullen, Allen, & Co., produce merchants, Railway Place
Cummins, Henry, hay merchant and contractor, Queen Street
Cunning, James, grocer, Upper New Row
Cunning, John, butcher, New Row
Cunningham, Danl., ironmonger and plumber, Bridge Street
Cunningham, W. I., auctioneer, Diamond
Currie, The Misses, dress makers, New Row
Curry, P., fish merchant, Queen Street

Dallas, George, photographer, Railway Road
Daly, James, blacksmith, Stone Row
Darrah, Mrs., milliner, Kingsgate Street
Darrah, Samuel, laundry, North Brook Street
Davis, T. P., butcher, Lower Stone Row and Church Street
Deane, William, hair dresser, Church Street
Dillon's China and Delph Warehouse, Church Street
Dixon & Co., tailors, Railway Road
Doherty, George, hair dresser, Lower Stone Row
Doherty, M.., auctioneer, Captain Street
Doherty, William, grocer and publican, Lower Captain Street
Douglas, William, carpenter and builder, Lodge Road
Dunlop, James, cycle manufacturer, Bridge Street

Eagleson, Sarah, grocer, Killowen Street
Eccles, Hugh, printer, Diamond
Edgar, Miss, dress maker, New Row West
Edgar, Miss, refreshment rooms, Diamond
Edmiston, David, butcher, Church Street
Edmundson, Mrs., dress maker, Railway Place
English and Scottish Law Life Offices, Agents, J. F. Glenn, auctioneer; Daniel MacLaughlin, solicitor; Robert Hunter, solicitor; F. W. Skelly, care of Messrs. Gribbon
Esdale, W., hair dresser, Kingsgate Street

Fall, Daniel, & Sons, steamboat agents, Waterford Place
Finlay, Robert, tailor, Strand Road
Flanagan, Miss, pawnbroker, Abbey Street
Forsythe, Charles, M.D., Church Street
Friel, E., rope spinner, Laurel Hill
Fulton & Co., drapers, Kingsgate Street and Abbey Street

Garvin, J., boot maker, Chapel Square
Gibson, Archibald, tailor, Church Street
Gilloway, George, fruiterer, Railway Road
Gilmore, George, grocer, Waterside
Gilmore, R. H., M.R.C.V.S., Hanover Place
Gilmour, Mrs., watch maker and jeweller, Diamond
Given, W. & M., architects, Diamond. Telephone No. 10
Glenn, J. F., & Co., auctioneers, Bridge Street
Glenn, Miss, spirit dealer, New Market Street
Gough, Samuel, grocer, Killowen Street
Gould, Wm., plasterer and builder, Diamond
Grainger, Mrs., dress maker, Waterford Place
Gray, Daniel, baker, Killowen Street
Gribbon, Edward, & Sons Ltd., weaving factory, Strand Road. Tel. No. 13
Guthrie, Benjamin, grocer, Waterside

Hamill, Charles, saddler and coachbuilder, Waterside and New Market Street
Hamill, Robert, cooper, Long Commons
Hartford, William, carter, Brook Street
Haughey, Thos., publican, Kingsgate Street
Hay, James, P.S.C., Adelaide Terrace
Hay, William, draper, Diamond
Hegarty, William, fishmonger, Abbey Street. Telephone No. 26
Henry, Adam, car owner, Railway Road
Henry, Miss, dress and mantle maker, Alexander Terrace
Henry, Mrs., woollen draper, Bridge Street
Henry, Robert, horse trainer, New Row
Henry, Thomas, commission agent, Captain Street
Herd, Wm. H., M.D., New Road
Hill Brothers, drapers, Church Street
Holley, Miss, fruiterer, Kingsgate Street
Hughes Bros., butchers, Abbey Street
Hughes, Hamilton, solicitor, Diamond
Hughes, Nicholas, grocer and publican, Waterside
Hunter, Mrs., refreshment rooms, Captain Street
Hunter, Miss, restaurateur, Stone Row
Hunter, Robert, solicitor, Queen Street
Hunter, R., coal merchant and carrier, Circular Road
Hutchinson, James, saddler, New Row

Inglis & Co. Ltd., bakers, Railway Place
Innes, Mrs., refreshment rooms, Diamond
Irish Billposting Co., Bridge Street
Irwin, Edward, tobacconist, Kingsgate Street
Irwin, Joseph, corn miller, Railway Road
Irwin, Mrs., butter and egg dealer, Kingsgate Street

Jackson, John, & Sons, tailors, Hanover Place
Jamieson, B., chimney sweep, Bellhouse Lane
Jamieson, George, licensed dealer, Stone Row
Jamison, R., & Son, plumbers, Diamond
Jenkins, Clark, saddler, Queen Street
Jewell, R. W., cork factory, New Row
Johnston, Alex., fishmonger, Kingsgate Street
Johnston, A., draper, etc., Church Street
Johnston, James, car proprietor, Cross Lane

Kane, George, fruiterer, Railway Road
Kane, Edward, boot maker, Hawthorn Terrace
Kane, S., shoe maker, Killowen Street
Keegan, John, publican, Church Street
Kennedy, David, draper, Bridge Street
Kennedy, James, builder, etc.. Ratheane
Kennedy, Mrs., dress maker, Railway Road
Kennedy & Son, foundry, Terrace Row and Beresford Place
King, Andrew, boot maker, Killowen Street
Kydd, G. A., L.D.S., dentist, Lodge Road

Lamont, John, car owner, Olphert Place
Lamont, Miss, dress maker, Hanover Place
Law, W. K., M.D., New Row
Lee & Co., photographers, Railway Road
Leighton, John, carter, car proprietor, Beresford Place
Leslie, J., draper, Waterside
Letson, A., hair dresser, Kingsgate Street
Liken, Miss, music teacher, New Row
Liken & Son, grocers, Upper New Row
Lithgow, Robert, & Co., boot and shoe shop, Bridge Street
Long, William, cabinet maker, Church Street
Lough, James, Clothworkers' Arms Hotel, Waterside
Loughrey & Olpherts, tailors, Abbey Street
Loughridge, Hy., publican, New Market Street
Love, Wm., spirit dealer, New Market Street
Lynn, Miss, music teacher, New Row
Lynn, Robert, coach builder, New Row

Macaulay, Miss, music teacher, Church Street
Macaulay & O'Neill, solicitors for Portrush Urban District Council, New Row Telephone No. 17
Macey, Miss, music teacher, Captain Street
Mack, John, photographer, Railway Road
Mackey, Thomas, wine, coal, manure and timber merchant, New Row
Maclean, James, grocer, Kingsgate Street
Maddison, Misses, music teachers, Union Street
Magee, G., shoe maker, Killowen Street
Magee, Wm., grocer, Killowen Street
Mains, Patrick, & Son, loan office, seed and manure merchants, Hanover Place
Mathers, A. A. C., M.D., Kingsgate Street
Maxwell, Wm., contractor, Brook Street
Miller, John, confectioner, etc., Waterside
Miller, John, saddler, New Row
Miller, John, grocer, etc., Long Commons
Milliken, Mrs., publican, Church Street and Alexander Terrace
Montgomery, W. T., grocer and refreshment rooms, Church Street
Moody, J. J., accountant, Waterford Place
Mooney, Charles, solicitor, Abbey Street
Mooney, Mrs., grocer, Shuttle Hill
Mooney, Philip, spirit merchant, Waterside
Moore, George H., tinsmith, Kingsgate Street
Moore, S. J., chemist, Kingsgate Street
Moore & Moore, grocers, Diamond
Moorhead & Co., drapers, Diamond
Morrison, T. B., cement, fireclay and monumental works, Bridge Street
Mullan, Henry, publican, New Market Street
Mullan, Michael, butcher, Abbey Street
Mullan, Wm., shoe maker and grocer, Captain Street lower and Killowen Street
Murdock, James, plasterer, Strand Road
Murphy, John, publican, Kingsgate Street
Murphy, Stephen, general dealer, Northbrook Street and New Row
Murray, William, car owner, Bellhouse Lane
MacLaughlin, Daniel, solicitor, notary public, Office, Diamond, Coleraine
McAfee, Mrs., Westbrook Temperance Hotel, Railway Place
McAllister, J., sweets, groceries etc., Bridge Street
McAnally, James, publican, Bridge Street
McCandless, David, stationer, Stone Row
McCandless, John, plumber, gasfitter and ironmonger, Church Street Telephone No. 20, and 9, Portrush
McCandless, Robert, housepainter, decorator and paperhanger, Railway Road
McCann, James, fruitdealer, Bellhouse Lane
McCartney, R. F., M.P.S.I., pharmaceutical chemist, Diamond
McClements, Miss, grocer, Upper New Row
McCloskey, Wm., shoe maker and tobacconist, Society Street and Alma Place
McCollum, J., cycle agent, Queen Street
McConologue, John, publican, Abbey Street
McCormick, John, grocer, Kingsgate Street
McCormick, John, publican, Cross Lane
McCormick, J. A., architect, Diamond
McCurdy, Miss, Corporation Arms, Diamond
McDermott, Henry, insurance agent, Upper Captain Street
McDermott, The Misses, fancy goods, Waterside
McDonald, John, tobacconist and fancy goods dealer, Waterside and Church Street
McDowell, R. G., blacksmith, Abbey Street
McElwaine, Alex., & Son, posting establishment, New Row
McFadden, S. J., architect, Queen Street
McFarland, Mrs., grocer, North Brook Street
McFarlane, Thomas, cabinetmaker and undertaker, Church Street
McFeeter Bros., drapers, Bridge Street
McGilligan, P., J.P., produce merchant, New Row
McGowan, John, grocer, Margretta Terrace
McGrath Bros., butchers, Abbey Street and Church Street
McGrath, D., butcher, Church Street
McGrath, H., watch maker, Abbey Street
McGrath, J., grocer, Long Commons
McGrath, James, butcher, Church Street
McGrath, Mrs., butcher, New Row
McGrotty, Wm., painter, New Row
McGrotty, Mrs., servants' registry office, New Row
McKay & Co., fancy goods dealers, Kingsgate Street
McKay, Mrs., spirit dealer, Killowen Street
McKeag, Robert, grocer, Abbey Street
McKenna, Peter, publican, Railway Place
McKenney, W. J., grain and flour merchant, Church Street
McKeown Bros., oyster saloon, Stone Row
McKillop, James H., shoe maker, Cross Lane
McLaughlin, Michael, spirit merchant, North Brook Street and Church Street
McLaughlin, Patrick, spirit merchant, Waterside and Diamond
McLaughlin, Wm., spirit dealer, Church Street
Mclean, James, car owner, Albert Terrace
McLean, John, spirit dealer, Railway Place
McLeese, J. & W., grocers, Church Street
McLeister, Mrs., grocer, Railway Road
McLernon, Mrs., tobacconist, Bridge Street
McMullan, Hugh, builder, Circular Road
McMullan, Mrs., refreshment rooms, Railway Road
McMullan, John, publican, Killowen Street
McMurtry, T., saddler, New Row
McNabb, Henry, butcher, Railway Road
McNeill, D. H., grocer, Alma Place
McNeill, Robert, nailer, Killowen Street
McNeill, Robert, grocer, Killowen Street
McNeill, W. J., saddler, New Row
McNerlen, James, carrier, Killowen Street
McQuillan, James, butcher, Alma Place
McQuillan, Wm., butcher, Railway Road
McReynolds, Miss, music teacher, Adelaide Avenue
McShane, Alex., cattle dealer, Blindgate Street
McShane, H., nurseryman, The Desert
McWilliams, H., car owner, Olphert Place
McWilliams, John, publican, Abbey Street

Neely, R., tailor, Stone Row
Neely, R., jun., tailor, Reid's Terrace
Neill, Alex., carpenter, Union Street
Nelson, William J., grocer, Killowen Street
Nevin, Daniel, car owner, Olphert Place
Nevin, James F., tobacconist, Church Street
Nevin, Mrs., flour and grain dealer, New Row
Nevin, R., baker, Abbey Street
Nevin, Wm., dairy, Reid's Terrace
Nicholl, Mrs., dress maker, Abbey Street
Nicholl, Thomas, carpenter, Abbey Street
Nolan, Mrs., spirit dealer, New Market Street
Norton, Henry, grocer, Abbey Street
Nowery, James, old clothes dealer, Stone Row

Oliver, John, publican and timber dealer, Brook Street
Orr, Matthew, car owner, Circular Road
O'Brien, Edward, grocer, Killowen Street
O'Kane, James, publican, Killowen Street
O'Kane, John, publican, Bridge Street
O'Kane, John, fish monger, Abbey Street
O'Kane, Miss, dress maker, Circular Road
O'Kane, Mrs. J., publican, Long Commons
O'Neill, Richard, hair dresser, Abbey Street

Parker, John, shoe maker, Killowen Street
Paul, James, grocer, New Market Street
Phoenix Fire Office, Agents, Thomas Caldwell, The Diamond; Glenn & Co., Auctioneers, Bridge Street; Danl. McLaughlin, Solicitor; John McCandless, Church Street; and Charles R. Anderson, Solicitor
Pollock & Co., drapers, Bridge Street
Porter & Co., drapers, New Row

Quirey, W. D., & Co., aerated water manufacturers, Brook Street

Reid, Andrew, baker, Waterside Street
Reynolds, James, draper, Church Street
Rodgers, A., horse trainer, Beresford Place
Rodman, John, grocer, Killowen Street
Rogers, H. E., Berlin wool and fancy warehouse, Church Street
Rogers, John, provision merchant, Long Commons
Rogers, Messrs. R. H. & S., Ltd., shirt factory, Beresford Road
Rogers, Samuel, watch maker, Church Street
Roxborough, A., spirit dealer, Limemarket Street

Shannon, T. B., confectioner, Railway Road
Simpson, A., blacksmith, North Brook Street
Simpson, Miss, fancy goods, Railway Road
Simpson, Thomas, grocer, North Brook Street
Smith, W. J., solicitor; Office, Abbey Street
Smyrrell, J., hair dresser, Killowen Street
Smyth, William, monumental works, Margretta Terrace
Stanley Bros., cycle manufacturers and agents, Railway Road
Steedman, Andrew, butter & egg merchant, Waterside
Steenson, Mrs., publican & grocer, Diamond
Stevenson's Steam Laundry, Railway Place
Stewart, James, refreshment rooms, New Row
Stewart, J. B., boot and shoe and leather warehouse, Church Street
Stockman, James, billposter, Killowen Street
Stuart, H. A., draper, Bridge Street
Sun Fire and Life Offices, Agent, J. N. Hezlet, Belfast Bank
Sutherland, A. D., painter, etc., Abbey Street

Taggart, Wm., grocer, New Row
Tannahill, Alexander, draper, Waterside
Taylor & Co., corn merchants, Railway Road. Telephone No. 32
Taylor, R. A., Ltd., distillers, New Market Street; Telephone No. 30
Temperance Cafe, Queen Street
Templeton, John, fish dealer, Commons
Thompson, James, plasterer, Millburn Cottages
Thompson, Robert, pawnbroker, Upper Stone Row
Thompson, W. J., cabinet maker and furniture dealer, Diamond
Todd, Daniel, grocer and poulterer and china warehouse, Waterside, Church Street and Kingsgate Street
Todd, Hamilton, & Co., mineral water manufacturers, Circular Road
Todd & Mark, solicitors, Diamond
Toner, Wm., publican, Brook Street
Tyler & Sons, boot warehouse, Church Street

Walker, Henry, publican, New Market Street
Walker, John, plasterer, Victoria Terrace
Walls, John, butcher, Waterside
Warren, James, grocer, Waterside Street
Watson, H. C., dentist, Railway Road
Watson, Robert J., boot maker, New Row
Watson, Wm., tinsmith, Railway Road
Watt, J. R., & Co., coal merchants; yards, Commons and at Quay
Wefers, G., book seller and stationer, Diamond
White, Mrs., refreshment room, Kingsgate Street
Williamson, Miss, underclothing, etc., Railway Place
Wilson, Joseph, shoe maker, Bridge Street
Wilson & Neill, flour and meal store, Kingsgate Street
Wisener, David, chimney sweep, Laurel Hill
Woodburn, Mrs., flour and grain merchant, Church Street
Woods, Miss, stationer and photographer, Church Street
Woods, M., grocer, Church Street
Workman, Mrs., grocer, New Row
Wray, Samuel, solicitor, 15 New Row
Wray, Thos., barony constable; Offices, Hanover Place

Young, James G., grocer, New Road



Adair, John, J.P., Ballygraffin
Allen, James G., steam roller proprietor
Allen, Mrs., Unicarville
Anderson, The Misses, grocers, glass and
china merchants, Mill Street
Andrews, Arthur, Carnesure House
Andrews, Herbert W., The Old House
Andrews, Mrs. John, Castle Street
Andrews, John M., Maxwell Court, managing director
Andrews, John, & Co., flax spinners
Andrews, Thomas J., J.P., The Square
Andrews, The Right Hon. Thomas, D.L., Ardara, chairman of the Belfast and County Down Railway Company

Berkeley, Mrs. William, Nurseryville
Berkeley, Mrs., Castleavery
Berkeley, Samuel, Castleavery
Blair, John, bookkeeper, High Street
Blakely, Orr, & Sons, Knocknasham Mills
Boyd, William, J.P., Ballywilliam
Brown, Saml., miller, Maxwell Court Mill

Campbell, John, Booten Cottage
Caughey, Alexander, secretary, Distilleries
Chambers, James, school master, High Street
Collins, Edward, wholesale and retail grocer, tea, flour and provision dealer and coal merchant, The Square
Corbitt, James, Brownlow Street
Coulter, Hamilton, Newcomber House
Culverwell, George P., Ashdene

Davidson, Samuel, draper, Castle Street
Drake, Saml., draper, Mill Street
Dugan, Alexander, stone mason
Dunkerley, Rev. Thomas, The Manse, Mill Street
Dunn, John, Mossbank

English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, Samuel Farquhar, T. J. McDonald, Castle street

Ferguson, Mrs. James, Railway Street
Ferguson, Nathaniel, The Moat
Finlay, Frank, engineer, High Street
Fisher, James, Camperdown

Geddis, W. T., merchant tailor
Gibson, Jacob, saddler, Bridge Street
Glover, Alex., posting establishment, Mill Street
Graham, Rev. Dr., The Manse, First Comber Presbyterian congregation
Graham, W. T., accountant, Mill Street
Gunning, John, carpenter, Brownlow Street

Hamilton, David, Trench House
Hedley, Joseph, gas works, Mill Street
Henry, Dr. Robert; dispensary doctor; registrar of births and deaths
Henry, Robert, M.D., High Street
Henderson, William, Cullintra House
Herron, John, Ballyhenry
Herron, Thomas, Ringcreevy
Hope, W. J., grocer, Mill Street
Hunter, J., mill manager
Hunter, D. S., school master
Huxley, Thos., flax mills, Joseph's Bridge

Jeffrey, Mrs., spirit dealer, The Square

Kane, John, blacksmith
Kennedy, W., grocer, Killinchy Street
Kerr, Matthew, printer, stationer, bookseller and publican, Bridge Street and The Square

Lindsay, Hugh, Ballyhenry
Long, The Misses, High Street

Maginn, M., dress maker, Killinchy Street
Marshall, Mrs., refreshment rooms
Mawhinney, Kenneth, Islandhill
Milling, R. & J., grocers, publicans, timber and iron yard and Weighmasters
Moore, Samuel, Islandhill
Munn, David, Ballyaloly House
Munn, David, Cattogs House
Munn, James, High Street
Murdock, Miss, Crescent
Murdoch, W. J., publican, High Street
Murphy, Robert, Railway Street
Murray, John, school master, Brownlow Street
McAlpine, David, Mount Alexander
McBurney, Thomas, The Moat
McBurney, Robert, steam thresher proprietor, Ballyhenry
McCracken, The Misses, Ballyrickard
McCulloch, R., tailor, Bridge Street
McDonald, A., posting establishment, Mill Street
McDonald, A. John, grocer and posting
McDonald, Jas., posting establishment, Mill Street
McDonald, Wm. John, grocer, Mill Street
McDowell, Robert, Cherryvalley House
McIlvene, J., shoe maker, Mill Street
McKeag, John, boot maker, Mill Street
McKeag, S. B., wholesale grocer, The Square
McKee, Messrs., The Hill, Drumkirk
McMillen, Robert, spirit dealer, Mill Street
McMorran, Hugh, Castleavery
McMorran, John, boot maker, Killinchy Street
McRoberts, Thomas, clothes dealer and draper
McRoberts, Francis, V.S., The Square
McWhinney, J., butcher

Nesbitt, David, grocer, Mill Street
Niblock, Mary, grocer and spirit dealer, Bridge Street
Niblock, James, hardware merchant
Niblock, William, druggist, The Square

Oliver, Andrew, cutter and tailor, Mill Street
Orr, W. J., manager Northern Bank Ltd., The Square
Osborne, Mrs., Glenview

Paisley & Co., woollen drapers, dresses, shawls, flannels, blankets, millinery, boot and shoe warehouse, Mill Street and Cross Roads, Killinchy
Patton, Thomas, Railway Inn, Mill Street
Phoenix Fire Office, Agent, T. J. McDonald, Castle Street
Pinnance, William, tailor, draper, outfitter, etc., Castle Street, agent for Mortimer's Dye and Cleaning Works, Plymouth

Quinn, John, stone mason, Mill Street

Reid, Mrs., grocer and leather cutter, Mill Street
Riddle, Miss, High Street
Ritchie, Mrs., Cullintra
Ritchie, John W., wine, spirit, coal, timber and iron merchant, funeral undertaker, agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News" Comber
Robinson, John, The Flow, Cattogs

Semple, Rev. R. J., M.A., The Manse, Killinchy Street
Shaw, Mrs. Wm., Cattogs
Shean, James, J.P., Killinchy Street
Shean, Miss Mary, The Square
Simpson, A., grain merchant and spirit dealer
Simpson, James, bookkeeper, Killinchy Street
Skillen, Hugh, blacksmith, The Square
Smith, James, butcher, Mill Street
Smith, Rev. George, Glebe House
Spence, William, school master, Railway Street
Steele, Dr., The Square
Stevenson, Richard, Bridge Street
Stone, Miss, Barnhill
Stone, Samuel, J.P., Barnhill
Strickland, Hugh, butcher
Strickland, T., butcher, Bridge Street
Sun Fire and Life Offices, Agent, James Milling, The Square

Thompson, John, tailor, Mill Street
Todd, M., Railway Tavern, grocer, etc., Mill Street
Todd, Wm., High Street

Wallace, Dr., Lisbarnet
White, R. J., fancy goods dealer, Mill Street
Wightman, J., shoe maker, High Street
Withers, Mrs. R., grocer, The Square
Woods & Co., drapers, Mill Street
Woods, Samuel, cattle dealer, High Street



Acheson, J., carpenter, Church Street
Acheson, Thomas J, assistant N.S. teacher, Chapel Street
Adair, John (of Thomas Adair & Co.), Tullyard
Adair, Hugh, J.P., (of Thomas Adair & Son, Thomas Adair & Co., etc.), Glenavon
Adair, Mrs., Greenvale House
Adair, Thomas, & Co., flax and tow spinners, Greenvale
Adair, Thomas, & Son, bleachers and finishers, Greenvale
Adrain, A., tailor's cutter, Oldtown Street
Aiken, Rev. J. W., Sandholes
Allen, E. M., & Son, Imperial Hotel, Molesworth Street, auctioneers, publicans, valuators, William Street
Allen, Joseph, grocer and butcher, Millburn and Molesworth Streets 
Anderson, David, & Son, grocers and agricultural seed merchants, William Street
Anderson, George, flax and corn miller, Tullywiggan
Anderson, John, millinery and boot warehouse, William Street
Anderson, Joseph, saddler, James Street
Anderson, J. D. (of D. Anderson & Son), Oldtown Street
Anderson, S. S., farmer, Doorless
Anderson, W., J.P., Grange

Baillie-Gage, Thomas R., secretary G.P.O., Tirniskea House
Ballantine, Wm., Loy Street
Bannigan, J. & J., grocers and publicans, Oldtown Street
Bear, G. R., auctioneer and property salesman, Molesworth Street
Bell, Robert, draper and merchant tailor, Oldtown Street
Berry, Mrs., Orritor Street
Black, Richard, flax miller, Cork Hill
Blair, David, boot and shoe maker, James Street
Boyle, Joseph, painter, Chapel Street
Brennen, A. M., assistant county surveyor, Burn Road
Brennan, Rev. J., C.C., The Presbytery
Browne, Robert, merchant tailor, William Street
Browne, William, Molesworth Road
Bryson, Samuel, station master, Midland Railway, Molesworth Road
Burnett, James, builder and contractor, James Street
Burns, James, Portstewart Bakery, Chapel Street

Campbell, Mrs., The Hill
Campbell, P., confectioner, James Street
Carnaghan, M., pawnbroker and clothes dealer, William Street
Castlestuart, D.L., Right Hon. Earl,  Drum Manor (and Stuart Hall, Stewartstown)
Chamberlain, R., watch maker and jeweller, William Street
Charles, Andrew, practical watch maker, jeweller, photographer and Cycle Agent, 56 James Street
Charles, R., delph, china, boot and shoe merchant and leather dealer, James Street
Cluff, R., J.P., Kildress House
Coffey, Thos., publican, James Street
Conlon, P., saddler, Oldtown Street
Corr, B., grocer and shoe maker, James Street
Corr, M. J., publican, Oldtown Street
Crawford, W. R., farmer and shorthorn breeder, The Priory, Tullyhog
Crawford, T. J., farmer and shorthorn breeder, Lime Park, Tullyhog
Crilly, T., restaurateur and mail car contractor, James Street
Crosset, R., L.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. Edin., Elm Terrace

Dalgarno, Son, & Co., billposters and advertising contractors, Union Street
Devlin, James, & Sons, grocers, wholesale and retail spirit dealers and agricultural seed merchants, William Street
Devlin, Joseph W., publican, Molesworth Street
Devlin, Stewart, J.P. (of S. Devlin & Co.), Union Street
Devlin, R. A., publican, James Street
Devlin, S., & Co., butter, egg, potato dealers and commission agents, Union Street
Dickson, M., woollen draper, Molesworth Street
Dinsmore, The Misses, teachers of music, James Street
Doey, Thos., & Son, boot and shoe makers, William Street
Donaldson, J. G., manager Belfast Bank, James Street
Donnelly, Hugh, butcher, Molesworth Street
Donnelly, James, builder, Molesworth Road
Donnelly, Joseph, poulterer, fish and game merchant, Molesworth Street
Donnelly, S., boot and shoe merchant and hardware dealer, William Street
Doris, John, J.P., farmer, Drumillard Rock
Doris, J., auctioneer and publican, James Street
Drapersfield Weaving Co., linen manufacturers
Dunlop, W., boot and shoe dealer, William Street
Dunseith & Co., merchant tailors, William Street

Eastwood, C., dress maker, boot dealer, coal and hardware merchant, William Street
Ekin, Samuel E., J.P., Soran
Elder, John, coachsmith, Oldtown Street
Elliott, George, carter, Union Street
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, G. R. Bear and John Malone, solicitor
Entrican, Rev. J., B.A., Molesworth Street
Espy, G., & Son, plumbers and gasfitters, Molesworth Street

Ferguson, Miss, Burn Road
Ferguson, W. S., farmer, Teivenagh
Ferguson, R. A., Royal Hotel, Coagh Street
Ferguson, S. A., grocer, Oldtown Street
Field, S., milliner, William Street
Fleming, Miss, Molesworth Road
Fleming, J. W., clerk of petty sessions; clerk of urban counsil; secretary of Gas and Light Company; secretary of Lime Company; office, Oldtown Street; res., James Street
Flood, E. J., Surveyor of Taxes; office, Molesworth Street; res., Fairyburn
Foley, Wm., manager Hibernian Bank

Gardner, W. (Drapersfield Weaving Co.), Drapersfield
Garnett, Rev. C. L., A.M., Ardtrea Rectory
Gaussen, Mrs., Prospect House
Geddes, Joseph, woollen draper and milliner, James Street
Gibson, Thomas, clerk, South End Cottage
Glasgow, H. L. (of J. & H. L. Glasgow), Loy Street
Glasgow, J. & H. L., booksellers, stationers, librarians and seedsmen, The Mid-Ulster Printing Works, William Street; proprietors of the "Mid-Ulster Mail" and of the "Dungannon News and Co. Tyrone Advertiser"; agents for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News" and other newspapers. Telegrams, "Mail". Phone No. 7
Glasgow, J., (of J. & H. L. Glasgow), William Street
Glasgow, Mrs. W. J., postmistress
Glasgow, W. J., rural school attendance officer, rate collector and assistant in office of Clerk of Union, James Street
Glass, Rev. Thomas, B.A., Cookstown
Glenn, Miss, boarding house, Loy Street
Glenn, Mrs., N.S. teacher, Drum Road
Glenn, W. S., commercial traveller, Drum Road
Gourley, James, blacksmith, Burn Road
Gourlay, Miss, Molesworth Road
Graham, A., Chapel Street
Graves, C. H. P. D., M.D., M.Ch., Gortaliagh
Greer, Frederick, J.P., Lissan
Greer, Thomas, J.P., Lissan
Greer, T. MacGregor, J.P., Tullylagan House
Gunning, John, & Sons, linen manufacturers and finishers, Milburn Works

Hamilton, A., watch maker and jeweller, William Street
Hamilton, Henry, timber merchant and carter, Chapel Street
Hamilton, Jos., timber and coal merchant, Chapel Street
Harbison, T. J. S., solicitor, James Street
Harbison, W. J., grocer, baker, publican and agricultural seed merchant, William Street
Harkness, J. J. (manager S. E. Weir & Co.), Oldtown Street
Harris, J. Porter, solicitor; office, James Street; residence, Stewartstown
Hassard, Robert, J.P., Desertcreat
Henderson, Mrs. M. J., linen manufacturer, Rocklodge
Henry, I. H., pharmaceutical chemist and grocer, William Street
Higgerty, Charles, greengrocer, Orritor Street
Hopper, Mrs., Molesworth Street
Hopper, Wm. J., & Bros., woollen drapers, tailors, milliners and dressmakers, James Street and William Street
Houston, The Misses, Ladies' School, Chapel Street
Howard, James, grocer, Loy Street
Hughes, M., boarding house, James Street
Hull, Miss, Molesworth Road
Hull, Wm., tailor's cutter, Park View

Johnston, T., publican, Oldtown Street
Johnston, W. C., grocer, James Street
Johnston, W., grocer, Oldtown Street
Judge, Wm., tea dealer, Loy Street

Kerr, John, grocer, Killymoon Street
Kerr, Nurse, registered midwife, Chapel Street
Knight, W. J. R., M.D., M.Ch., L.M., Oldtown Street
Lamont, W. S., Oldtown Street

Lamont, W. S., M.R.C.V.S., Oldtown Street
Lavery, Geo. R., G.N.R., Molesworth Road
Leeper, W., J.P., (managing director John Gunning & Son Ltd.), and beetling mills, Wellbrook
Lennox, A., draper, William Street
Lewis, A. P., grocer, baker and draper, Millburn Street
Lewis, S. A. (manager John Gunning & Son Ltd.), Oldtown Street
Liddle, Edward, & Son, grocers, hardware, timber and seed merchants and saw mill owners, James Street
Liddle, James C. (of E. Liddle & Son), James Street
Lindsay, H., B.A., principal Cookstown Academy, James Street
Lowry, Captain E. L. B., D.L., Rockdale

Mackenzie, Misses, Chapel Street
Magill, S. Rankin, manager Ulster Bank, William Street
Malone, A., publican, William Street
Malone, B., publican, Loy Street
Malone, C., grocer, hide merchant, baker and publican, William Street
Malone, E, J., solicitor, James Street; res., Church Street
Malone, John, (coroner), solicitor; office, Molesworth Street; res., Loy Hill; agent for Phoenix Office
Mann, H. A., J.P., clerk of poor-law guardians and rural district council and estate agent, Elm Terrace
Mark, John, Oldtown Street
Mason, W. & M., grocers, butter, egg and general commission agents, Molesworth Street
Mayne, John, cabinetmaker and undertaker, Molesworth Street
Meikle, J., M.R.C.V.S., Coffey's Yard, James Street
Mid-Ulster Printing Works, William Street, J. & H. L. Glasgow, proprietors. Telegrams, "Mail." Phone No. 7.
Millar, William, manager gas works, lime works and town surveyor, Union Street
Mills, Charles, painter, Oldtown Street
Mills, Thomas, tinsmith, Oldtown Street
Mills, William, tinsmith, Orritor Street
Millington, Rev. C. A. B., B.A., Lissan Rectory
Moore, J. B. G., J.P., D.L., Coolnafranky
Montgomery, James, Ulster Coach Factory, Coagh Street
Moran, Mrs., Chapel Street
Morgan, Thomas, publican, William Street
Morgan, Wm., tailor, grocer and publican, James Street
Morrison, A., draper, silk mercer and cycle agent, James Street
Moutray, M. S. T., Killymoon
Mullan, James, flax merchant, auctioneer and tobacconist, Stewart Arms Hotel, Molesworth Street and James Street and Railway Hotel, Union Street
Mullan, James, solicitor, Molesworth Street
Munnis, J. W., Greenvale House
Munnis, W. A., Greenvale House
Murray, Thomas, blacksmith, McNaney's Court
MacCormac, Mrs., Molesworth Road
McAdoo, H. W., woollen draper, milliner, dress maker and mechant tailor, William Street
McAlister, D., flax and corn miller, Kildress
McClelland, Sloane, baker grocer, Oldtown Street
McClelland, T., printer, bookseller, stationer, newsagent and librarian; agent for the "Belfast Weekly News", William Street
McCollum, A. J., grocer, baker and agricultural seed merchant, James Street
McConnell, S., boot and shoe maker, William Street
McCook, J., builder, James Street
McCormack, J., grocer, William Street
McCormick, The Misses, The Cottage
McFadden, W. J., saddler, William Street
McGinnity, M., tobacconist, Oldtown Street
McGowan, R. P., J.P., Moree
McGready, I., grocer and baker, Oldtown St
McGuicken, J., publican, Molesworth Street
McGurk, T., hair dresser and photographer, Coagh Street
McKay, Thomas, grocer and agricultural seed merchant, Molesworth Street
McKay, Thomas, jun., Molesworth Street
McKinney, S., pharmaceutical chemist and grocer, Oldtown Street
McMaster, M., grocer, earthenware and china dealer, William Street
McMahon, Joseph, butcher, William Street
McNally, John, J.P., builder and contractor, Molesworth Road
McNally, Michael, mason and grocer, Chapel Street
McNaney, J., boot and shoe maker, William Street
McReynolds, Misses, Ballymaguire
McVeigh, J., grocer, James Street
McVey Bros., grocers and ironmongers, Molesworth Street

Nelson, Alex., boot maker, James Street; residence, Burn Road
Newberry, David, butcher, Oldtown Street
Newell, Joseph, butcher, William Street

Orion Acetylene Gas Light Co., Union Street
Orr, Rev. Fleming, Wesleyan Manse, Loy Street
O'Connell. T., insurance agent, Chapel Street
O'Neill, Mrs., Loy Street

Patteron, Miss, James Street
Phoenix Fire Office, Agents, George R. Lavery, G.N.R.; Richard H. Twigg, solicitor
PoŽ, Col. W. H., C.B., Slaghtfredin Lodge
Porter, William, Molesworth Road
Porter, W. MacDonald, cabinetmaker, undertaker, house furnisher and cycle agent, James Street
Purdy Bros., hardware and general dealers, William Street

Quigley, M. K., woollen draper, etc., William Street
Quin, H., publican, Coagh Street
Quin, Patrick, publican, Oldtown Street
Quinn, John A., Solicitor, James Street, Cookstown; Scotch Street, Dungannon and 41 Lower Sackville Street, Dublin
Quinn, Michael, publican, James Street and Molesworth Street
Quinn, Bernard, J.P., farmer, Broughderg
Quinn, M., stationer, newsagent and tobacconist, Molesworth Street

Ramsey, George, J.P., Claggan House
Ramsey, George, N.S. teacher, Mountain View
Raphael, George J., James Street
Raphael, Henry N., solicitor, James Street
Rice, Very Rev. Canon, P.P., V.G., The Presbytery
Rice, William, N.S. teacher, Loy Street
Richards, Chas. M., Lic., L.M., L.R.C.P. and S.I., James Street
Richardson, A. W., draper, Molesworth Street
Richey, Rev. J., A.M., Ballymully Glebe
Rickard, John, woollen draper, James Street
River Plate Fresh Meat Co., William Street
Ross, James, D.I., R.I.C., Molesworth Street
Rutherford, Wm., J.P., flax miller, Derrycromie

Scott, L., servants' registry office, Oldtown Street
Scott, W. J., plumber, Union Street
Shaw, John, restaurateur, James Street
Shaw, Rev. G. B., Glaggan
Small, Bernard J., grocer and publican, William Street
Smith, Wm., J.P. (of W. & D. Smith), Coagh Street
Smith, W. & D., grocers and seed merchants, William Street
Stanton, Mrs., flax miller, Dunman
Staples, James Head, J.P., D.L., Lissan House
Staples, Lady, Lissan House
Steen, M. J. & M., milliners and drapers, William Street
Stewart, J., grocer and provision dealer, James Street
Stewart, Mrs., Killymoon Street

Taylor, Charles, limestone quarries, Coagh Street
Taylor, Frederick W., grocer, Coagh Street
Taylor, Wm., shoe maker, Coagh Street
The Cafe (Miss Hutchenson and Storey), James Street
Thomson, J., B.A., N.S. teacher, Rock Cottage
Thompson Bros., grocers and provision merchants, James Street
Thompson, Wm., restaurateur and car owner, William Street
Todd, John, ironmonger and hardware merchant, James Street
Tubman, M. M., stationer, tobacconist and newsagent, James Street
Tubman & Co., House furnishing Ironmongers and Hardware Merchants, Paints, Oils, Wallpapers, etc.; Cycle Agents and Ammunition Dealers
Tubman's House Furnishing and Hardware Store, William Street
Turkington, S., grocer and druggist, Molesworth Street
Twigg, J. B. & R. H., solicitors; office, James Street; res., Molesworth Road

Venables, W. J., solicitor; office, Molesworth Street; residence, Church Street

Warnock, Thomas, I.R.O., Oldtown Street
Warnock, Wm. H., painter and decorator, Benview
Weir, Miss (of S. E. Weir Co.), James Street
Weir, S. E., & Co., drapers, silk mercers, merchant tailors, milliners and dress makers, James Street
Wilson, Rev. H. B., D.D., James Street
Windsor, Wm. J., merchant tailor, Orritor Street
Wray, Mrs., Molesworth Road
Wright, Hamilton, N.S. teacher, Drum Road
Wright, Rev. J. J., B.A., Ballygonney

Young, Rev. J. M., A.B., Drumshambo Glebe



Adams, George, farmer, Rathkane
Adams, Wm., Drumelton House
Armstrong, Robert, druggist, Market Street

Berney, E., posting establishment, Bridge Street
Biggs, J. Gordon, L.D.S., F.P.S., Glasg., surgeon dentist, Post Office Buildings, Cootehill
Blood-Smith, A. B., solicitor
Bowden, Joseph, auctioneer and valuator, Cortober
Boyle, A., Riverview
Brady, E., & Co., spirit grocers, Market Street
Brady, John, general labourer, Bridge Street
Brady, Miss, draper, Market Street
Brady, P., rate collector, Old Bridge
Brady, P., & Co., grocer, Market Street
Brady, Terence, draper, Bridge Street
Brown, S., book seller, stationer, general provision dealer, rent collector, insurance and newsagent; agent for the "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Browne, Robert, Rockcorry Mills
Burke, James, carpenter, Bridge Street
Burke, Miss T., dress maker, Bridge Street
Burns, T., hair dresser, Bridge Street

Caldwell, Robert, farmer, Ashfield
Callagan, Owen, saddler, Bridge Street
Campbell, H., seed merchant, Market Street
Campbell, Jos., painter and glazier, Cavan Street
Carney, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, grocer and baker, Market Street
Carney Bros., publicans, Bridge Street
Carney, Mrs., Market Street
Clements, A., druggist, Market Street
Clements, Colonel, Ashfield Lodge
Clements, Mrs. H. T., Ashfield House
Connell, J., saddler, Church Street
Connell, Rev. P., P.P.
Connoly, Thomas, master workhouse
Connolly, W., grocer, baker and newsagent
Connor, J., cart maker, Bridge Street
Coyle, J., bicycle manufacturer, Market Street

Dartrey, Right Hon. Lord, Dartry Castle
Davis, J., manager, Coothill Gas Works
Dawson, W. J., Eveline Terrace
Dean, Charles, farmer, Cootehill
Doherty, Charles, butcher, Market Street
Donohoe, Kate, Bridge Street
Donohue, Miss, music teacher, Church Street
Donohue, O., seed merchant
Drum, Patrick, blacksmith, Chapel Lane

Eakins, Alfred J., hardware and furniture warehouse, watch maker and jeweller, Market Street
Eakins, T. R., booter and clothier, Market Street
Edgerton, Rev. Thomas, curate Church of Ireland
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, Joseph Bowden, J.P., Cortober House; A. B. V. Blood-Smythe, Solicitor; Hy. Shera, Solicitor
Evans, D., booter, Main Street

Fleming, W. J., woollen draper, Market Street
Flood, R. J., Scutch Mills, Killacreeny

Gallagher, John, draper, Main Street
Gard, V., clerk, Provincial Bank
German, J. J., grocer, Church Street
Goss, B., summons server, Church Street
Graham, John, district registrar of Marriages, Bridge Street

Hanna, J. J., petty sessions clerk
Hannigan, Patrick, draper, Market Street
Hennessey, J., relieving officer, Bridge Street
Henry, Rev. W. M., The Manse, Monforde
Horan, P., crane master, New cavan Road

Irwin, Miss, dress maker, Cavan Road

Kavanagh, J., carter, Cavan Street
Kelly, J., publican, Church Street
King, J., confectioner

Lancashire, ?, watch maker, Main Street
Lang, W. O., Moravian parson
Lendrum, Mrs., ladies' nurse, Bridge Street
Lennon, Denis, grocer, Market Street
Levis, G., cashier Provincial Bank, Freamemount House
Livingston, Hugh, shoe maker, Bridge Street
Lynch, T., coachbuilder

Maguire, H., spirit grocer, Church Street
Markey, Miss, grocer and publican, Market Street
Markey, P., grocer and publican, Market Street
Markey, Thomas, woollen draper, Market Street
Martin, W., clog maker, Church Street
Martin, H. W., news correspondent
Masonic Hall, Cavan Street
Masterson, J., town constable, Church Street
Mills, George, tinsmith, Market Street
Moore, James, farmer, Tullmacleduff
Moore, Dr., Rockcorry
Moore, R. W., spirit dealer and grocer, Market Street
Moore, Rev. Rainsford, rector
Moorehead, Dr., Fortwilliam
Morrow, J., butcher, Market Street
Mullen, J., grocer, Market Street
Mullingan, Patrick, fish monger, Cooney's Row
Murphy, C. E., solicitor, Market Street
Murphy, John, Newgrove Mills
Murray, J., publican, White Star
McBreen, John, tailor, Bridge Street
McCabe, J. & P., Main Street
McCabe, Mrs., publican, Bridge Street
McCabe, Mrs., farmer, Ashfield
McCartney, Miss, china and delph warehouse
McCaul, P., baker, Bridge Street
McCudden, J., pork dealer, Market Street
McCullagh, James, butter and egg exporter, New Cavan Road
McCutcheon, Mrs., publican, Bridge Street
McDermott, Messrs., Bellamount Arms Hotel
McDermott, Mr., White Horse Hotel, Market Street
McEniff, Miss, publican, Bridge Street
McEniff, Miss, dress maker, Old Cavan Street
McFadden, Miss, ladies' nurse, Bridge Street
McGough, Mr., school teacher, Darley N.S.
McKay, W., grocer, Main Street
McKeown, J., butcher, hide and skin dealer, Bridge Street
McMahon, F., flax dealer, Bridge Street
McMahon, John, grocer, Main Street
McMinn, Mrs., draper
McMullan, T., butcher, Maint Street
McPhillips, John, butcher, Main Street
McQuaide, Dr., M.D., Market Street

O'Brien, Mrs., draper, Market Street
O'Connor, P., spirit dealer, Market Street
Orr Bros., grocers, Market Street

Phoenix Fire Office, Agents, Joseph Bowden, Cortober House; Wm. Connolly, Market Street; C. P. W. Boyle and Henry Shera, Cootehill Gaslight Co. Ltd.
Porter, T., Market Street

Reilly, Miss, ladies' nurse, Bridge Street
Reilly, M., publican, Bridge Street
Reilly, P., blacksmith, Bridge Street
Reilly, P., tailor, Bridge Street
Rice, J., baker, Market Street
Roe, Colonel, Cabra House
Ronaldson Bros., grocers and hardware merchants, Main Street
Ronaldson, George, farmer, Cootehill
Rorke, T., carpenter
Rountree, John, farmer, Cootehill

Scott, Mr., station master, Cootehill
Sheals, James, Annalee
Shera, J., J.P., New Cavan Road
Shera, J., & Son, ironmongers, grocers and timber merchants, Market Street
Sherdian, J., cooper, Bridge Street
Sheriff Bros., timber merchants
Smith, Andrew, auctioneer and valuator
Smith, Frank, bill poster and stick maker, Church Street
Smith, J., harness maker, Market Street
Smith, Miss, earthenware dealer, Bridge Street.
Smith, Miss, dress maker, Chapel Lane
Smith, Peter, publican, Market Street
Smith, Philip, pork butcher, Church Street
Smith, P., clerk to the Town Commissioners, Market Street
Smith, Rev. J., C.C., Madaghbawn
Smith, Rev. P., P.P., Kill
Smyth, John, publican, Market Street
Smyth, R., builder and contractor, Main Street
Stephenson, Mrs., Temperance Restaurant and Hotel, Market Street
Sun Fire and Life Offices, Agent, A. Blood-Smith, solicitor
Swar, John, boot maker, Bridge Street
Swarbrick, S., blacksmith, Cavan Street
Swarbrigg, J., cycle and motor builder and gasfitter, Cavan Street

Thompson Brothers, grocers and provision merchants
Treacy Bros., timber merchants, Bridge Street.
Treacy, P., labourer, New Cavan Road

Walker, Richard, farmer, Cootehill
Watters, Mrs., green grocer, Bridge Street
Wildridge, Thomas, carpenter, Market Street
Wilson, E., printer, Bridge Street
Woods, James, flax merchant, Church Street
Woods, P., rate collector
Woods, W. H., grocer, Bridge Street



Alexander, Hugh, sexton, Rademon
Alexander, Rev. Thomas, Presbyterian minister, Kilmore Manse, Listooder
Alexander, Robert, Rademon
Alexander, William John, Listooder

Bailie, Hugh, Drumaghlis
Bailie, Thomas, Rademon
Bailie, Wm., Listooder
Barr, Robert, Cluntagh
Barr, William, Cluntagh House
Bell, James, Bridgend
Bell, John, fowl dealer, Downpatrick Street
Bell, William Thomas, fowl merchant
Bennett, James, Creevycarnonan
Bingham, Hugh, Derryboye
Breen, William, blacksmith, Kilmore
Brown, John, grocer and commercial traveller, Rademon
Brownlee, Alexander, Listooder
Brownlee, Samuel, Listooder

Cahill, Thomas, Tyconnett N.S.
Campbell, Hugh, Barnamaghery
Campbell, James, Barnamaghery
Campbell, Wm., Barnamaghery
Carlisle, James, M.D., Cargah House, Annacloy, Lisburn
Chambers, James, Drumaghlis
Clarke, David K., J.P., Rosebank
Cleland, David, J.P., Greenvale
Cleland, James, Ballydian
Cleland, James, Derryboye
Cleland, James, Killinchy Woods
Cleland, James, J.P., Tober Mhuire
Cleland, Miss, Ballywoollen
Cleland, Thomas, publican, Killyleagh Street
Cleland, William, grocer, provision merchant, post office, etc.; agent for the "Belfast Weekly News," Listooder
Cleland, William, publican and grocer, Downpatrick Street
Cleland, William, Drumaghlis
Cleland, W., cycle works, Downpatrick Street
Copeland, Jno., merchant tailor, Killyleagh Street
Copeland, Robert, merchant tailor, Killyleagh Street
Corry, T. & J., publicans, grocers and hardware merchants, Downpatrick Street
Cooper, Mrs., Rademon
Coulter, James, Creevycarnonan
Coulter, Joseph, Killinchy Woods
Coulter, Jos., Loughview House, Ballyalgin
Coulter, Miss, Killinchy Woods
Coulter, Mrs. H., Barnamaghery
Crawford, Colonel R. G. Sharman, D.L., J.P., Rademon House
Creeny, Patrick, land steward, Listooder
Crosby, Henry, Aughnadarragh, Saintfield
Cunningham, T., Ballyalgin

Dalzell, Alexander, Listooder
Dalzell, Hugh, Listooder
Davidson, Miss, Woodside
Davidson, Wm., J.P., Ballywoollen House
Dickson, A., Derryboye
Donaldson, James, Creevycarnonan
Donaldson, William, Creevycarnonan
Dornan, Hans, tailor, Ballywoollen
Dornan, Elizabeth, milliner, Downpatrick Street
Downey, J., tinsmith, Killyleagh Street
Duff, James, Cluntagh
Duff, John, Cluntagh
Duff, Robert, Cluntagh
Dunn, Andrew, postman, Ballydian
Dunn, David, Ballydian

Earney, Walter J., game keeper, Rademon
Edgar, George, Seed Merchant and Posting Car Establishment, Downpatrick Street
Edgar, Miss, Rademon N.S.
Edgar, Thomas, Barnamaghery N.S.
Ellison, James, gate lodge
Ellison, John, Ballyalgin
Ellison, Samuel, correspondent
Ellison, William, grocer, Killyleagh Street

Flynn, J., boot merchant, Killyleagh Street
Furey, John, Drumaghlis

Gabbie, John, Ballywoollen
Gibson, George, relieving officer, Killyleagh Street
Gibson, John, Killinchy Woods
Gibson, Mrs. K., grocer, Killyleagh Street
Gill, Thomas, Raffery
Gourley, James, J.P., Derryboye House
Graham, John, Listooder

Harper, John, Ballywoollen
Harris, Alexander, miller, Lissara
Harris, Henry, flax scutch mill, Listooder
Harris, Robert, Listooder
Hart, Mrs., Rademon
Heanan, Joseph, Crossgar N.S.
Herron, George, Raffery
Herron, James, Raffery
Herron, John, Raffery
Herron, Thomas, Raffery
Hewitt, James, Lissara corn and flax mills
Hogg, Jas., Lissara Corn and Flax Mills
Hogg, James, Cluntagh Cottage
Hogg, William, Raffery
Hughes, Edward, Cranmoney House (Carnmoney?)
Hughes, Thomas, Kilmore
Hutton, James, J.P., Bell's Hill
Hutton, James, Bell's Hill
Hutton, John, Ballywoollen
Hutton, Maria, Downpatrick Street
Hutton, The Misses, Creevycarnonan
Hutton, William, Creevycarnonan

Jackson, A. J., Barnamaghery
Jackson, John, Raffery
Jackson, John, Barnamaghery
Jackson, Mrs. S., Barnamaghery
Jackson, Robert, Barnamaghery
Jackson, S. G., Raffery
Jackson, William, Killinchy Woods
Jackson, W. J., Raffery
Jamison, Joseph, Raffery
Jamison, J. D., Creevycarnonan
Jamison, Rev. Thos., The Rectory, Kilmore
Jeffrey, John. Ballydian
Jeffrey, Joseph, Ballydian
Johnston, Rev. John, Presbyterian minister

Kearney, James, bill poster, Downpatrick Street
Kennedy, John, Rademon
Kennedy, Mrs., Listooder
Kirkpatrick, Hugh, Listooder
Kirkpatrick, James, Listooder

Law, Mrs. M. J., publican, Downpatrick Street
Legate, Rev. J. N. M., B.A., Raffery Manse
Lemon, Mrs., Drumaghlis
Lindsay, Robert, Ballydian
Lindsay, Thomas, Ballydian
Lindsay, Thomas, publican and grocer, Derryboye
Lowry, John, Raffery

Madine, John, Hairdresser, etc., Market Street
Madine, L., grocer, etc., Market Street
Madine, Robert, car driver
Mageean, John, Leggygowan, Saintfield
Magill, Rev. J. J., Rademon Manse (Unitarian minister)
Marshall, James, Derryboye
Martin, Alex., blacksmith, Bridge end
Martin, Johnston, Ballywoollen
Martin, Mrs., Killinchy Woods
Martin, W. J., Barnamaghery
Mason, Patrick, publican and grocer, Kilmore
Mason, Thomas, fowl dealer and exporter
Mateer, Andrew, Lissowen
Matthews, E., cycle works, Raffery
Meharry, Robert, grocer, Killyleagh Street
Millar, Miss M., Killyleagh Street
Minnis, John, Raffery N.S.
Miscampbell, William and James, blacksmiths, Woodside
Miskimmon, John, Raffery
Moffet, William, publican, Killyleagh Street
Montgomery, Andrew, Drumaghlis
Montgomery, John, Drumaughlis
Montgomery, Samuel, postman
Moreland, William John, grocer, Downpatrick Street
Morrow, A., publican, auctioneer and posting establishment, Killyleagh Street
Morrow, F. & R., Ballyalgin
Morrow, Robert, Raffery
Morrison, Mrs., Rademon House
Morrison, Robt., flax scutch mills, Glasswater
Morrison, William, Glasswater
Morrison, William, Woodside
Morrison, Wm., post office, Downpatrick Street, rate collector
Morrison, W., & Son, auctioneers
Murdoch, Richard, Ballytrim (Ballygally N.S.)
Murdock, William, Barnamaghery
Murray, Mrs., publican and sewing agent, Downpatrick Street
McAllister, Mrs., grocer, Downpatrick Street
McArdle, Rev. P., P.P., Downpatrick Street
McBartney, W., grocer, Barnamaghery
McCleery, Gawn, Derryboye
McCleery, James, Ballywoollen
McCleery, John, Ballywoollen
McConnell, John, boot merchant and grocer, Killyleagh Street
McCorriston, W., Rosconnor House, Annacloy, corn and flax scutch mills
McCoubrie, Charles, Rademon
McCoubrie, James, Rademon
McCoubrie, Mrs., Killyleagh Street
McCoubrie, Robert, Listooder
McCoubrie, W. J., Drumaghlis
McCracken, W., Barnamaghery
McCreery, Mrs., Raffery
McCullough, Martin, Listooder
McCullough, Mrs., Clontinaglare
McCullough, William, Listooder
McDonald, John, grocer, Downpatrick Street.
McDowell, T., flesher, grocer and hardware merchant, Downpatrick Street
McDowell, Thos. J., under gamekeeper, Woodstock, Rademon
McDowell, W. Jas., grocer, Raleagh
McGee, Margaret, grocer, Downpatrick Street
McGee, Sarah, grocer, Downpatrick Street
McKibben, John, corn mill, Listooder
McKnight, Hugh, Killyleagh Street
McMordie, David, flax scutch mills, Drumaghlis
McMordie, Francis, Killinchy Woods
McMullan, Mrs., Rademon
McMullan, P., grocer, Downpatrick Street
McMullan, William, Listooder
McMurray, William, Magheracarnmoney
McNeely, David, Raffery
McNeely, Thomas, Raffery
McRobert, Hugh, Drumaghlis
McRobert, James, Rademon Cottage
McRobert, John, Rademon Cottage
McRobert, Mrs., Lissowen, Listooder
McRoberts, John, J.P., Rademon Flour Mills and Listooder Corn and Flax Mills; res., Rademon
McRobert, William, Drumaghlis
McWhirter, Wm., Killinchy Woods N.S.
McVeigh, Hugh, Rademon
McVeigh, James, Listooder
McVeigh, Robert, Listooder

Newell, Thomas, Listooder
Nixon, James, blacksmith, Drumaghlis
Nixon, Mrs., grocer and farmer, Post Office, Kilmore
Nixon, Mrs., Tullynacree, Kilmore
Nixon, W. J., mason and farmer, Listooder
Orr, James, Mondara and Hill House, Cluntagh
Orr, Mrs. M. A., Raffery
Orr, Mrs. Samuel, Raffery
Orr, Thomas, Grovehill, Downpatrick

Patterson, John, sexton, Drumaghlis
Patterson, John, Listooder and Ballydian
Patterson, Matthew, Listooder and Ballydian
Patterson, Mrs., Rademon
Patterson, Robert, Ballydian
Patterson, Thos. A., grocer, Listooder
Patterson, Wm., Ballydian
Patton, Hugh, Listooder
Patton, John, Listooder
Patton, William, Listooder
Porter, D. A., M.D., Killyleagh Street
Pyper, Mrs., grocer, Downpatrick Street

Quin, Ringland, publican, Market Square

Rankin, W., Raffrey N.S.
Rea, D. S., Lissowen
Rea, James, Killinchy Woods
Rea, Martin, Drumaghlis
Ringland, James, school attendance officer, Downpatrick Street
Ringland, William, Rademon
Ritchie, J., publican, Downpatrick Street
Ritchie, Robert, Ballywoollen
Robinson, W. J., Abbeyview, Listooder

Shaw, Thomas, carpenter, Raffery
Silcock, James, J.P., Drummatticonnor Corn and Flax Scutch Mills, Listooder
Smith, J., Station Master
Smyth, Mrs. R., Ballyalgin
Smyth, Mrs. T., grocer, Ballyalgin
Smyth, R. & W., Raffery
Smyth, Wm., draper, grocer and hardware merchant, Killyleagh Street
Spratt, James, Killinchy Woods
Steedman, Alexander, miller, Listooder
Stevenson, Mrs. J., Derryboye
Stewart, Andrew, Carnacally
Stewart, Hugh, Creevycarnonan
Stewart, James, Barnamaghery
Stewart, James, Creevycarnonan
Stewart, Jas., Cluntagh
Stewart, John, land steward, Rademon House
Stewart, Matthew, Creevycarnonan
Stewart, Miss, assistant Drumaghlis N.S.
Stewart, Mrs. James, Creevycarnonan
Stewart, Robert, Creevycarnonan
Stewart, Thomas, farmer, Killinchy Woods

Todd, W. R., (Drumaghlis N.S.), Abbeyview, Listooder

Watson, John, Drumaghlis
Watson, Mrs., grocer, Drumaghlis
Watson, Samuel, Killinchy Woods
Watson, Thomas, Killinchy Woods
Watson, William, Listooder
Webb, Miss, assistant Crossgar N.S.
Whisker, John, Downpatrick Street
Whyte, George, grocer, Killyleagh Street
Whyte, John, Derryboye
Wilson, Samuel, Clontinaglare
Wood, John, draper and clothier, Killyleagh
Woods, Hamilton, Barnamaghery
Woods, Isaac, Derryboye
Woods, John, clog maker, The Square
Woods, William, Ballyalgin



Begley, James, leather dealer
Boyle, James, retired head constable, Monagilla
Boyle, John, draper
Bray, James, greengrocer
Brown, Samuel, court keeper and carpenter

Caraher, Bernard, merchant, Silverbridge
Caraher, Patk., spirit grocer, Annamar
Clerkin, Philip, publican
Connally, James, J.P., Rassan
Corr, Hugh, general merchant
Corr, Wm. R., solicitor, Urker
Coyne, Catherine, draper
Coyne, James, draper
Craig, Richard, publican
Cumiskey, Pat., horse dealer, Tray
Cunningham, Patk., merchant, Culloville
Curran, Patrick, constable

Donaldson, John, farmer, Kiltyban
Donaldson, Mrs. Susan, lace merchant, Urker
Donaldson, Wm., farmer, Clohog
Donnelly, Mrs., lodging house
Drysdale, Rev. R. R., Creggan Manse
Duffy, James, general merchant

Early, Patrick, tailor
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agent, John O'Connor, Solicitor

Fee, Patrick, school teacher, Cregganduff

Gilmore, E., J.P., Lisgalgot House
Grant, James, posting establishment
Green, Patrick, sheriff's bailiff
Griffin, Mrs., Ulster Lodge

Hale, James, farmer, Liseragh
Hale, William, farmer, Liseragh
Hamilton, C. D., bank clerk
Hande, Wm., Annamar
Hanratty, James, J.P., linen draper
Hanratty, Patrick, grocer and publican
Hanratty, Pat, publican
Hanna, Crozier, farmer, Cullyhanna
Hannon, John, newsagent
Hearty, Felix, school master
Hearty, Michael, law clerk
Hughes, Mrs., publican and grocer, Cullyhanna
Hughes, John, egg merchant

Jackson, Sir Thomas, Urker Lodge and London

Kearney, James, publican
Keenan, Mrs. Bridget
Kelly, Hugh, tailor
Kerley, Rev. Peter, P.P., Cullyhanna
Kieran, Patk., grocer

Lennon, Catherine, hotel keeper
Loye, John, fowl dealer

Martin, John, cattle dealer
Martin, Margaret, publican
Martin, Pat, fowl dealer
Morgan, James, blacksmith
Morris, Hugh, merchant
Murphy, Denis, butcher
Murtagh, Luke, publican and grocer
McAlister, Thos., shoe maker
McAllister, James, boot maker
McAllister, John, boot maker
McArdle, Annie, publican
McArdle, Felix, fowl dealer
McArdle, Jane, grocer
McArdle, John, fowl dealer
McArdle, Michael, publican, grocer and auctioneer
McArdle, Philip, fowl dealer
McArdle, Rev. P. J., C.C., Parochial House
McBride, Wm. S., M.D.
McClean, Wm. S., farmer, Clohogue
McConville, Pat, general merchant
McCormick, John, merchant
McEntee, Patrick, butcher
McGeeny, Jas., publican and grocer, Cullyhanna
McGeeney, Patk., cattle dealer, Cornona
McGeeney, Very Rev. Patrick, P.P., Parochial House
McKeown, Mary J., publican, Creggan
McQuillen, Annie, lace merchant
McQuillen, Maggie, lace merchant
McShane, Patrick, school teacher, Courtbaw
McShane, Pat, farmer, Liseragh
McShane, Misses M. & E., drapers

Neill, Mary, dispensary keeper

O'Connor, John, solicitor
O'Connor, Lizzie, school teacher
O'Connor, Miss, school teacher
O'Donnell, James, ex-sergeant R.I.C.
O'Donnell, James, publican

Patton, Wm., school master
Phoenix Fire Office, Agent, John O'Connor, solicitor
Pidgeon, John, butcher

Quigley, Michael, school master
Quinn, Rev. P., C.C., Parochial House

Rocks, Jane, school teacher

Savage, S. B., bank manager
Scott, Rev. Gordon, Creggan Glebe
Short, James, publican and grocer
Speers, Wm., farmer, Cullyanna

Treanor, Owen, publican and auctioneer
Tumelty, Owen

Ward, Owen, publican and bailiff
Watters, James, merchant, Culloville



Adams, J., civil bill officer, Aghnamillan
Adams, Robert, store keeper

Bawn, John
Beattie, George, coachman
Bell, Mrs., farmer
Boyd, Wm., shoe maker
Braver, Miss, nurse

Calwell, Alexander, spirit dealer
Canning, Rev. J. A., Crumlin House
Christy, Robert, farmer
Corken, Phillip, farmer
Cormican, Thomas, saddler and harness maker
Courtney, John, weigh master
Cousins, Isaac, spirit dealer

Davison, James, farmer

Elliott, Joshua, carpenter
Elliot, Wm. J., carpenter and farmer
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agent, James Frazer, merchant
English, Mrs.

Fegan, Wm., butcher and farmer
Finton, Arthur
Fitzgerald, Robert, publican and farmer
Frazer, Jas., grocer

Getty, John, N.S. teacher
Gillan, Henry, Pakenham Arms Hotel
Gordon, John, bread server
Graham, Sam., baker
Gresham, Wm., farmer
Grimson, Saml., baker

Halliday, H. W., boot and shoe maker
Harkness, Mrs., farmer
Hefferon, Mrs. M. C., grocer and spirit dealer
Hunter, Wm., M.D., registrar of births, marriages and deaths

Ingram, James, mason and caretaker Masonic Hall

Johnson, E. J., grocer, haberdasher, baker and farmer; agent for the "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"

Laird, John, J.P., Gobrana House
Lamb, Robert, baker
Little, Rev. J., minister, Dundrod
Logan, J. R., station master

Martin, F. C., National School teacher
Martin, Mrs., nurse
Meiklejohn, John, tuner
Montgarret, Miss, ladies' school
Morrison, Miss A., post mistress
McCaffrey, Joseph, butcher
McCartney, John, farmer
McClintock, Charles E., J.P., Glendarragh
McCluney, James, butcher and farmer
McConnell, John Henry, land com., Cherry Valley
McLenaghan, Thomas, mason
McMartin, Peter, dyer
McPeake, Joseph, cooper
McQuillan, James, boot shop

Neeson, Thomas, shoe maker
Nelson, John, farmer
Nixon, Alex., grocer and hardware merchant; deputy registrar of births, etc.

Pakenham, General Thomas H., D.L., J.P., Langford Lodge
Palmer, The Misses, dress makers and milliners
Park, Abraham, farmer
Park, Andrew, farmer and horse dealer
Park, John, farmer
Park, William, farmer
Patterson, James, bread server
Patterson, James, jun., tailor
Peel, Mrs., Ben Neagh
Phoenix Fire Office, Agent, James Frazer
Pinkerton, Hans
Porter, William, farmer
Porter, Gilbert, blacksmith

Rea, sergeant, R.I.C.
Rea, T., miller and wood turner, Glen End Mills
Rea, T., miller and wood turner, Glen End Mills (twice?)
Ross, Mrs., farmer

Scott, Mrs., Glenoak
Scott, Robert G., managing director
Scott, T. Hill, Glenoak
Sherlock, Joseph, farmer
Sloan, William, boookkeeper
Smith, James, mason
Spence, S., farmer
Steel, Thomas, blacksmith

Templeton, Miss, grocer
Thompson, Miss, N.S. teacher

Watterson, Mrs., grocer
Wilkinson, Mrs., farmer
Williamson, Joe., sawmill owner
Williamson, Matthew, wood turner
Williamson, Robert, miller and flax scutcher
Wilson, Nathaniel, carpenter
Wilson, Robert, tailor
Wright, Samuel, baker

Yare, Rev., incumbent of Gartree



Adgar, Margaret

Barkley, Mary
Barr, Hugh
Beggs, Mrs.
Bullentine, Samuel

Caldwell, Miss
Coleman, Samuel, blacksmith
Compton, Dick
Corkey, Rev. William, M.A.
Craig, James
Crossman, Miss, grocer

Dallas, John
Darragh, John
Davison, Miss Lizzie, dress maker
Davison, Wm., jun., mason
Dick, W. S. R., M.D.
Dobbin, T., boot maker
Douay, Wilson

Eaton, Mrs.
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agent, W. Carson, J.P., The Dreen
Evans, Samuel

Faraghan, George
Finnegan, James
Fleming, Rev. H. M.
Frances, P. A., technical lecturer

Glass, James, shop keeper
Gordon, Hugh
Gordon, Joseph, spirit merchant
Gordon, Mrs., publican
Graham, Mrs., dress maker
Grant, John, senior
Green, John, finisher
Greer, John, shoe maker

Hall, Joseph
Hanna, John
Herbison, Robert, mason
Herbison, Robert, blacksmith and shop keeper
Hillis, William, mason
Holmes, John
Houston, Mrs. David, shop keeper
Houston, John

Jackson, James

Keenan, James, butter and egg merchant
Keenan, William, shop keeper
Kennedy, Alexander
Kennedy, Robert
Kernohan, John
Kernohan, Robert
Kernohan, William
Kilpatrick, Thomas
Knowles, James

Lecky, Wm.
Leetch, Mrs., shop keeper
Leetch, The Misses, Lis-na-rede
Leith, William
Letters, Robert, saddler
Love, Andrew
Love, Bella
Love, Hugh
Lynn, James
Lynn, Miss Mary
Lyons, Rev. T. A., B.A.

Mailey, Hugh
Mailey, John
Mairs, William
Manson, Mrs. Samuel
Marks, Sam, blacksmith
Marshall, David
Marwood, Robert, car poster
Millar, Miss M. J.
Millar, Tom
Montgomery, Jas. G., builder
Moore, Wm., J.P., Moorfield
Murdock, John
McAnally, Miss, publican
McClean, R.
McCloy, George
McClure, Mrs. James
McCollum, Andrew, butcher
McCord, Thos.
McCracken, The Misses, dress makers and drapers
McFadden, Edward
McFall, James, millwright
McGowan, James, dyer
McGuigan, Fred
McGuigan, John, carpenter
McIlrath, King
McIlroy, Mrs. Jane
McIlwrath, Thomas, farmer, Dunnygarron
McKee, David, carpenter
McKee, James, farmer, Dunnygarron
McKelvey, Andrew
McKelvey, Hugh
McKeen, Mrs.
McKendry, Archibald
McKendry, Archy
McKendry, Moses, shop keeper
McKendry, William, shop keeper
McKeown, Mrs. Jane
McKibben, William
McWhirter, Matthew
McWhirter, Robert

Nesbitt, James
Newton, John, jun.
Newton, Wm.

O'Boyle, James
O'Neill, Robert, grocer

Parkinson, Alex.
Paul, Patrick
Peacock, Joseph
Pedan, John
Phoenix Fire Office, Agents, William Keenan, jun.; Robert James Stevely

Raphael, Mrs. E. A.
Robinson, James
Russell, Nathaniel
Russell, James

Sanderson, Samuel
Sands, Miss E.
Simpson, James, M.D.
Simpson, Robert M.
Smith, James, grocer
Smyth, Miss, grocer
Staveley, Hugh
Staveley, Robert
Steed, Mrs.
Stewart, John
Stewart, Thomas
Swann, Mrs. John
Swan, Samuel

Thompson, Joseph
Turtle, Adam, car poster

Wallace, James, bicycle shop
Walker, Robert
Watterson, Robert, station master
Wilkinson, Mrs. William
Wilson, Gregg, farmer, Dunnygarron
Wilson, John
Wilson, Miss Mary
Wilson, Samuel
Wiseman, Robert
Wiseman, Speer
Woodrow, Mrs. Jane
Wylie, Lizzie


Cunningham, Miss, Ardvernis
Frazer, J. W., J.P., Hillmount
Haughton, T. W., Hillmount
Kirkpatrick, George S., Hazelbank
Moore, William, J.P., Moorfield
McNeill, Edmund, J.P., Craigdunn
Newton, John, Hillhead
Patrick, The Misses, Dunminning
Robinson, S. J., Dromona
Rowan, Colonel, J.P., Mount Davys
Townsend, Rev. H.
Young, William, J.P., Fenaghy


Black, Thomas
Boyd, David, butter and egg merchant
Carson, William, J.P.
Cassidy, James
Darragh, Alexander
Dougherty, Joseph, grocer, Ballyclose
Duncan, John, Whitepark
Given, Thomas, Markstown
Harkness, John, shop keeper and farmer, Dreen
Kennedy, Nathaniel, Dreen Mills
Kerr, James, Grouba Mills, Craigs
Kernohan, William, Dreen
Kilpatrick, William, Dreen Mills
Knowles, James, shop keeper and farmer, Fenagh
Logan, Mrs., Markstown
Loughridge, James, Cullybackey
Loughridge, Robert, Cullybackey
Mairs, Alexander
Martin, J., Ballyclose
Millar, Alexander, Cullybackey
McIlroy, James, Dreen
McIlroy, John, Markstown
McIvor, Thomas, Dunnygarron
Neely, Samuel, grocer
Rea, Andrew, Dunnygarron
Reid, Thomas, carpenter, Cullybackey
Shaw, Mrs.
Simpson, Joseph, Dreen
Simpson, Thomas, Cullybackey
Simpson, Thomas, Whitecraig
Swan, Abraham
Thompson, William, Cullybackey
Wilson, Robert



Agnew, Charles, farmer

Blaney, John

Chard, Mrs. Kate, grocer and proprietress

Darragh, John, butcher
Delargy, A., Cushendall Hotel
Delargy, Hugh, restaurant; agent Royal Fire and Life Insurance Co.; auctioneer
Dixon, Right Hon. Sir Daniel, Bart., M.P., D.L., Glenville

Millar, Mrs., Prospect House
Morrison, Misses, drapers
Murphy, John, grocer
Murt, Robert
McAlister, Alexander, Carnahaugh
McAlister, Daniel, coal merchant and hardware dealer
McAlister, Daniel, farmer
McAlister, M., grocer and publican
McAlister, Miss A., publican
McAlister, Miss Margaret, milliner
McAlister, M., grocer and publican
McAlister, Robert, farmer
McAlister, Robert, grocer
McAulay, David, farmer, Ballybrack
McBride, Margaret, draper and grocer
McCambridge, Archibald, grocer
McCollum, Joseph, publican
McCollum, Matilda, dress maker
McCormick, Alex., ironmonger
McCurdy, Denis, grocer
McCurdy, Patrick, Cushendall
McDonnell, Alex., farmer, Ballybrack
McDonnell, Miss, Monavert
McDonnell, Mrs., Tully, Cushendall
McElheran, Alex., farmer, Glenariff
McElheran, James, C.P.S., agent B.N.C.R. Co.
McFetridge, Wm. J., saddler; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
McGonnel, Daniel, butcher
McIlvenna, Chas., grocer
McKay, Patrick, Dromore, publican
McKillop, Captain
McKillop, Mrs. Jane, restaurant
McSparran, James, Innispollan and Cloney

Nichol, Denis, coal merchant

O'Kane, M. J., M.B., dispensary medical officer
O'Loan, Daniel, carpenter
O'Neill, Patrick, Grenaghan

Prescott, Miss, Ballymacdoo

Stevenson, Wm. J., grocer
Silvertop, Mrs., Seaview

Turnly, Miss, The Cottage

Phoenix Fire Office, Agent, James McElheron, C.P.S.


Black, Neil John, Bay Glenariff
Hamilton, Captain Arthur, Layde
Kane, John, Layde
McAuley, Bernard, D.C., Lubetavish
McAulay, Henry, Ballyvooley
McAulay, Hector, Clough
McCambridge, John, D.C., Laney, Cushendall
McCloy, Alexander, D.C., Lubetavish
McCloy, John, Lubetavish
McDonnell, Charles, Falnaglass
McElheran, Donald, Layde
McLarty, Malcolm, poor rate collector, Layde
O'Neill, Patrick, Grenaghan
Quinn, Michael, Muroo


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