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1907 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Click here for the 1910 Belfast Street Directory TOWNS section

I have only listed the names of the occupants in each Town as the other information is pretty much similar to the 1910 above

Enniskillen   Falcarragh   Fintona   Fivemiletown   |   Garvagh   Gilford   Glenarm   Glenavy   Glenties   Gortin   Greyabbey   Groomsport



Adamson & Co., druggists, Darling Street
Atkinson, George A., solicitor and coroner for North Fermanagh, Skea Hall
Armstrong, James, coach builder, Henry Street

Belmore, Earl of, G.C.M.G., Castle Coole
Betty, Dr. M., Darling Street
Betty & Sons, coach builders, &c, Willoughby Place
Blanc, William, victualler
Bleakely, Edward, victualler, Church Street
Bleakely, F., victualler, East Bridge Street
Bleakely, George, victualler, Church Street and Darling Street
Boyd, Wm., hardware and grocery, High Street
Bracken, Christopher, farmer, The Graan
Brady, Mrs., general clothier
Burkitt, Jas. P., county surveyor, Alexandra Terrace
Burns, Alex., grocer, High Street
Byrne, James C, spirit merchant, Townhall Street

Campbell, Thos. F., barber, East Bridge Street
Carson, J. L., Alexandria Terrace and Lakeview
Carson, J. L., & Co., drapers and outfitters, High Street
Cathcart & McDonald, grocers, butter and hardware merchants, High Street
Chambers, James, grocer, East Bridge Street
Clarke & Gordon, solicitors, Townhall Street
Coalter, G., grocer and confectioner, Church Street
Cole, Viscount, Florence Court, Enniskillen
Coll, Miss A. B., proprietress Royal Hotel, Townhall Street
Collum, A. P. T., D.L., Bellevue, Tamlaght
Connor, James, writing clerk, Wellington Place
Cooney, A. C, solicitor, 18 East Bridge Street and 2 Willoughby Place
Cooney, W. R., J.P., Lakeview
Cooper, James, solicitor, Townhall Street
Cooper & Co., grocers, Diamond
Corry, Hon. Cecil Lowry, Castle Coole
Corry, Viscount, J.P., D.L., Castle Coole
Cowan, Joseph, saddler, High Street
Cox Bros., bakers and grocers, Belmore Street
Cox, J. J., pawn broker and clothier, Church Street
Coyle, B., boot and leather merchant, Darling Street
Crawford, Mrs., baker and confectioner, Darling Street
Crowe, Thomas, grocer, High Street and Drumclay
Crumley, P., J.P., victualler, Townhall Street

Davis, W. J., organist Roman Catholic Church, and professor of music, Forthill Street
Dawson, James, M.R.C.V.S., Belmore Street
Dick, J. & R., guttapercha boot shop, Townhall Street
Dickson, N., confectioner, Forthill Street
Dickson, Richard, J.P., Beechmount
Dillon, J. B., grocer & provision merchant, High Street
Doherty, Mrs., publican, Darling Street
Dolan, J. J., deputy clerk of Crown and Peace, Fortlea Terrace
Donnelly & Sons, butchers, High Street
Downes, W. & J., brewery, Anne Street
Drum, Robert, painter, paperhanger, decorator &c, Belmore Street
Duff, John, accountant, Sligo, Leitrim and Northern Company's Railway, Sunnybank

Elliott, Thomas, diocesan architect, borough surveyor, Darling Street
Ely, Marquis of, D.L., Ely Lodge and Brighton
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, C. H. Maude, Lenaghan; W. P. Maguire, solicitor; T. A. Armstrong, 6 Wesley Street; B. Leslie Winslow, solicitor
Enniskillen, Earl of, K.P., D.L., Florence Court

Falls & Pringle, solicitors, Townhall Street
Flanagan Bros., boot merchants, East Bridge Street
Forsythe, A., sewing machine agent, Belmore Street
Forsythe, R., harness maker etc., Belmore Street
Frith, John B., J.P., The Cross
Frith, James M., J.P., Lawnakilla

Gilbert, W., merchant tailor, Commercial house, Townhall Street
Gillen, Mrs., cabinet warehouse, Townhall Street
Gilmore, J., watch maker, Darling Street
Gordon, Thos., & Co., grocers, Church Street
Graham, W. D., solicitor, Belmore Street
Gray, John, resident magistrate, Belmore Street
Griffith & Co., publicans, Church Street

Hall, James, R.D.C., farmer, Drumclay
Hall, Rev. John, Garvary
Hall, William, farmer, Lackaboy
Hallowes, H. Hamilton, organist to Parish Church and professor of music, Belmore Street, East Bridge Street                   
Hanrahan, J. W., Clerk of Crown and Peace, Silver Hill House, Enniskillen
Hamilton, Mrs., children's fancy drapery house
Hamilton, William, Publican, Ann Street
Hare, Thos., jeweller, Townhall Street
Harvey, James, builder, Belmore Street
Henderson & Eadie, tweed manufacturers; warehouse, Church Street
Herbert, Richard, spirit merchant, Church Street
Hume, Jas., Imperial Hotel, Townhall Street
Humphreys, S. B., J.P., manager Sligo, Leitrim and Northern Counties Railway, Fort Lodge

Ingram, T., spirit dealer, Ann Street
Irvine, Charles, E. R. A., Sessional Crown Solicitor, Enniskillen and Drumgoon, Maguiresbridge
Irvine, Wm., boot and shoe shop, Darling Street
Irwin, John A., J.P., Derrygore, Enniskillen

Johnston, A., farmer, Enniskillen
Johnston, James, publican, Market Street
Johnston, Misses K. & H., earthenware merchants, Church Street
Johnston, Mrs., draper, Darling Street
Johnston, Thomas, & Co., merchants, High Street
Johnston, William, barber, Diamond
Jones, Rev. Webb B., B.A., Darling Street
Jones, Wm. F., clerk of petty sessions, Willoughby Place
Jordan, Jeremiah, M.P., J.P., merchant, High Street

Kelly, James, draper, High Street
Kerr & Co., haberdashers, High Street
Kerrigan & Co., publicans, Townhall Street
Kidd, Leonard, M.D., West Bridge House

Latimer, J., grocer, Cross Street
Law, J., grocer and ironmonger, High Street.
Leathley, Rev. J. Forde, Benmore
Lemon, J., & Son, coal and iron merchants, East Bridge Street
Lemon, Robert F., Holyhill
Liddy, J. J., furniture mart, East Bridge Street
Lipton & Co., grocers, etc., Church Street
Little & Campbell, grocers, East Bridge Street

Magee, Henry, Willoughby Place
Magee, Patrick, publican and grocer, Townhall Street and East Bridge Street
Maguire Bros., coach builders, Forthill Street
Maguire, Edward, coach builder, Brook Street
Maguire, Richard, earthenware merchant, Henry Street
Maguire, W. P., solicitor, 16 East Bridge Street
Martin, Mrs., publican, Townhall Street
Martin, Patrick, commercial traveller, Ann Street
Maude, Christopher H., Lenaghan
Maxwell, T., auctioneer, Sedan Terrace
Mayers, John, grocer, Church Street
Mayne, Thomas I., solicitor, East Bridge Street
Megaw, David, spirit dealer, High Street
Mercer, T. A., jeweller, Townhall Street
Mitchel, Rev. S. Cuthbert, The Manse
Mitchell, Edward, horse breeder and farmer, Derryvullen House
Moreton, Mrs., spirit dealer, Church Street
Mulhern, James, cabinet maker and fancy warehouse, Darling Street
Mulhern, James, publican, Belmore Street
McAdam, J., hairdresser, Townhall Street
McDonagh & Co., drapers, High Street
McFarland, Rev. Edwd. W., Derryvullen Parsonage, Tamlaght
McGann, D., agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
McGuire, John A., C.I., R.I.C., Alexandra Terrace
McKeague, T., boot maker, Townhall Street
McManus, J., publican, Belmore Street
McNamee, Peter, Railway Hotel, Forthill Street

Nelson, Thos., painter, East Bridge Street

Oulton, Courtney C, D.I., R.I.C., Raceview
Ovenden, Very Rev. Dean, D.D., rector, Chanterhill
O'Reilly, Mrs., publican, High Street

Parkinson, the Misses, Townhall Street
Parsons, Mrs., Brook Street
Phoenix Fire Office, Agents, Christopher H. Maude, Lenaghan, Enniskillen; Chas. E. R. A. Irvine, solicitor; H. F. Crawford, 14 Willoughby Place; John Duff, Belmore Street
Pierce, Captain R. C., Adjutant 3rd R.I.F., The Graan
Pierce, Henry, contractor, etc., Wellington Place
Plunkett, Thomas, M.R.I.A., grocer and druggist, High Street
Polson, T. R. J., M.R.I.A., insurance and ship agent, Wellington Place
Pratt, Rev. Isaac H., B.A., Rossory Rectory

Quinn, Michael, publican, Queen Street

Reid, Robert, journalist, Erne stationery and fancy warehouse, Belmore Street
Rice, Edward, tobacconist, Darling Street
Ritchie, W., proprietor "Fermanagh Times," Townhall Street
Ritchie & Allengham, solicitors, Townhall Street
Roberts, James J., draper, Diamond
Roche, Miss, publican, Belmore Street
Ross, Robert, saddler, East Bridge Street

Scott, Robert, C.E., Willoughby Place
Scott, William, C.E., Willoughby Place
Scott, William, wood carver, art and music teacher, Church Street
Shaw, Samuel, plumber, Belmore Street
Skeffington, W., grocer and baker, Darling Street
Smith, Wm., butter merchant, Darling Street
Smollen, Very Rev. Monsignor, P.P., Rosaville
Steele, Rev. W. B., Levally
Stewart, C. M., Minnamurra
Sullivan, T., jeweller, Cross Street
Sun Fire and Life Office, Andrew Stuart, Ulster Bank, Agent

Taylor, T., draper, Church Street
Taylor, W. S., L.P.S.I., chemist and druggist, Darling Street
Teele, Wm., J.P., Dunbar House
Ternan, O., apothecary, Townhall Street
The Enniskillen Printing Works, East Bridge Street
The Scottish Co-Operative Stores, Henry Street
The Singer Sewing Machine Depot, 6 East Bridge Street
Tickell, John, plumber, Belmore Street
Towner, Sergeant Major, North of Ireland I.Y., Cheltenham Mount
Trimble, Wm. Copeland, J.P., bookseller, proprietor "Impartial Reporter," East Bridge Street
Tyler & Co., boot and shoe merchants, Townhall Street

Wadsworth, George, grocer, Brook Street
Walker, Mrs., fancy warehouse, Darling Street.
Ward, Griffin & Co., boot and shoe warehouse, Townhall Street
Ward, James, fishmonger, Townhall Street
Weaver, Alfred, stationer, book seller and Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News" Darling Street
Whaley, George, general grocer, High Street
White, Mrs., stationer, Townhall Street
Whittaker, J., boot maker, Belmore Street
Wilson, H. A., draper, High Street
Wilson, John, M.D., Darling Street
Wilson, Rev. J. A., Belnaleck Rectory
Wilson, R. W., auctioneer, East Bridge Street and The Brook, Enniskillen
Wilson, William, Belmore Street
Wilson, William, farmer, cattle depot, Enniskillen
Winslow, Leslie B., solicitor, East Bridge Street
Wray, John F., LL.B., solicitor, East Bridge Street
Wylie, T. A., draper, Henry Street
Wynne, Henry E., J.P., engineer Sligo, Leitrim and Northern Counties and Cavan and Leitrim Railways, Erne Cliff

Young Men's Christian Association Rooms, Townhall Street




Barr, James, ex-R.I.C.
Beckett, Rev. John, rector
Black, John, coastguard
Boyle, Hugh, public carrier
Boyle, James, Clerk of Union
Boyle, John, publican
Brewster, Miss
Brogan, Ann, lodging house keeper
Brown, Andrew, gardener
Browne, Thomas, postmaster and newsagent
Browne, James, posting establishment

Colgan, Michael, publican
Colgan, John, lodging house keeper
Connolly, Frank, baker
Cowell, Rev. E. W.

Doohan, Daniel, laundry

Elliott, Humphrey, boot maker
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, H. Walker, Land Agent; Andrew McLoone, merchant

Forster, John, chief boatman, Coastguard
Friel, Wm., mason

Gallagher, Edward, publican
Galagher, James, shipping agent
Gallagher, Tague, boot maker
Gibson, Miss, dress maker
Gray, Fred, coastguard
Griffin, Wm., tailor and outfitter
Griffith, W. S., rector Killult
Griffith, Wm., J.P.

Hopton, E., Cottage Hotel

Johnston, David, boot maker

Mitchell, Charles, carrier
Mitchell, Wm., posting establishment
Murphy, Cornelius, publican
McBride, John, publican
McBride, Sarah, Temperance Hotel
McCausland, Thomas, whitesmith
McClafferty, Ellen
McClane, John, painter
McClane, Mrs., laundry
McClintock, Thos., poor rate collector
McClintock, John, station master
McDonald, Dr.
McFadden, Charles, publican and grocer
McFadden, Rev. James, P.P.
McFadden, Timothy, boot maker
McGinley, Patk., draper, grocer
McGinley, Grace, Hotel
McGuinness, Miss, dress maker
McIlwaine, Patrick, N.S. teacher
McLoone, Andrew, draper, grocer

O'Donnell, Mrs. Ellen, grocer
Olphert, Sir John, D.L., Ballyconnell House

Phoenix Fire Office, Agent, Andrew McLoone
Purcell, Nicholas, Inland Revenue Officer

Quin, James, lodging house

Sheridan, Rev. Joseph, C.C.
Sweeney, John, publican
Sweeney, Michael, emigration agent
Sweeney, James, & Co., drapers, grocers and spirit dealers

Walker, Henry, rent clerk
Wilkinson, John, Petty Sessions Clerk



Amberson, J., clerk, Ecclesville Estate Office

Baker, Miss, grocer
Baxter, John, proprietor Eccles Arms Hotel
Beattie, Thos. K., pawnbroker and boot and shoe merchant
Beattie, Wm., watch maker and jeweller
Bell, R. J., creamery manager
Boyle, J. J., grocer and delph dealer
Buchanan, A. H. R., mill owner
Buchanan, H. A., solicitor
Buchanan, J. F., grocer and hardware merchant and commissioner for taking affidavits
Bullick, The Misses, dress and mantle makers
Bullick & Co., drapers
Butler, John, clog maker

Campbell, Francis, miller
Carney, James, spirit merchant
Cassidy, James, entertainment
Chambers, James, M.D., J.P., Brookwood
Corrigan, Owen, spirit merchant
Coulter, James, carpenter and builder
Coyle, Joseph, signalman, G.N.R.
Crawford, Miss, spirit merchant
Creagmile, A., grocer, provision, hardware and timber merchant
Culgin, John, D.C., newsagent
Curry, Robert, jun.
Curry, William, jun., tailor

Deane, J., sergt. in charge of R.I.C. station
Devlin, Mrs. Mary, grocer
Doneghey, John, grocer and spirit merchant
Donnelly, E., blacksmith
Donnelly, Joseph, cattle dealer
Donnelly, J., ex-N.T.
Donnelly, J. K., spirit merchant
Donnelly, Miss Jane, spirit merchant
Donnelly, Neal, tailor
Duncan, John, farmer, Cavan
Duncan, Thomas, M.D., J.P., Castle Lodge

English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, John F. Buchanan, merchant; James Anberson, Ecclesville

Forsythe, John, boot and shoe maker
Fox, Constable, R.I.C.

Gavin, Michael, D.C., carpenter
Gibson, Ebenezer, C.B. officer
Gibson, John, farmer and auctioneer, Raneese, Leskinore
Given, John, clothes dealer
Given, Mrs., china and delph store
Gorman, John & Patrick, spade manufacturers, Lacca
Gorman, Neill

Hackett, James, lodgings and entertainment
Hagan, Mrs., entertainment
Hagan, Patrick, pork carrier
Hamilton, Thomas, sen., boot maker
Hamilton, Thos., jun., hairdresser and boot maker
Hannah, Michael, post car owner
Harper, J., farmer, Legatigle
Houston, Archd., retired captain U.S. army
Houston, James, farmer, Ardatinney
Houston, Richard, farmer, Feenan

Irvine, Margaret, lodging house keeper
Irvine, James, pork, poultry and fruit dealer

Johnston, Hugh, farmer, Attaghmore House
Johnston, John, farmer, Sessiagh
Johnston, John, farmer, Attaghmore House
Johnston, J. J. K., solicitor
Johnston, Matthew, M.P.S.I., The Pharmacy
Johnston, Richard, farmer, Killymoonan
Johnston, Robert, farmer, Tonagh
Johnston, W., station master
Jones, Wm., grocer and provision merchant

Keenan, C., dealer
Kelly, M., cattle dealer
Kelly, The Misses, landowners, Rathfragan
Kerr, J., van driver G.N.R.
King, Joseph, ex-constable R.I.C.
King, Richard, sen., farmer, Cumber
Kyle, R. J., J.P., farmer, The Diamond

Lang, Constable, R.I.C.
Lendrum, Andrew, farmer, Railview
Longmore, Mrs., dress maker
Love, W. A., grocer and provision merchant
Lynch, John, constable R.I.C.

Malseed, Henry, constable R.I.C.
Maguire, J., lodgings and entertainment
Martin, John, farmer, Lisnacrieve
Mitchell, J., butcher
Monaghan, Patrick, spirit merchant
Moore, John, grocer and delf merchant
Moore. Robert, hairdresser and postman
Moss, Patrick, grocer, tobacconist and agent for all classes of hand embroidery; Press Representative
Muldoon, Francis, cooper
Muldoon, Michael, cooper
Mulholland, J., head porter G.N.R.
Mulligan. John, shoe maker
Mullin, Patrick, whitesmith
McAleer, Alex., merchant tailor
McAskey, J. farmer, Cumber
McBrine, Wm., ex-constable R.I.C.
McCaffrey, Bernard, dealer
McCaffrey, Mrs., dress and mantle maker
McCaffrey, Patrick, draper
McCann, Arthur, spirit merchant
McCanney, Michael, whitesmith
McCarney, Thomas, spirit merchant, grocer and auctioneer
McCaughey, Bernard, saddler
McCauley, James, gamekeeper, Ecclesville Estate
McCausland, Miss, drapers, etc.
McClelland, W. J., N.T., Lisnacreive N.S.
McClintock, Major John Knox, J.P., D.L., Ecclesville and Seskinore
McCoy, Mrs., entertainment
McCrea, Charles A., grocer
McCrea, R. & S., drapers
McCrystall, James, spirit merchant
McCrystal, James, cattle drover
McCusker, Mrs., lodgings and entertainment
McCusker, M., car driver
McFarland, Misses, dress makers
McGaughey, H., horse dealer
McGuinness, J., clerk, G.N.R.
McKenna, J., spirit merchant
McKinney, J., farmer, Legatigle
McLaren, Joseph, grocer
McLaren, Joseph, boot and shoe warehouse
McMenamin Bros., horse and clothes dealers
McMullan, Miss, grocer
McMullan, T., spirit merchant
McNulty, Daniel, D.C., J.P., grocer and baker
McQuade, Anne, grocer
McWilliams, Patrick, saddler

Neeley, W. E., merchant tailor
Neeson, Henry, greengrocer
Nutt, James, farmer and smith

O'Kane, John, fowl dealer
O'Neill, Miss, N.T., Tattymoyle N.S.
O'Neill & Co., drapers
Owens, John, D.C., J.P., boot and shoe maker

Phoenix Fire Office, John Finlay Buchanan and William E. Neely, Agents
Porter, R., proprietor Commercial Hotel
Perry, Mrs. M., spirit merchant

Quinn, Mrs., draper
Quinn, Patrick, fowl dealer

Reid, Miss, N.T., Tyreenan N.S.
Reid, Sergt. T., superintendent Ordnance survey
Robinson, Henry, postman
Robinson, James
Roger Bros., tea merchants and dealers

Smyth, Andrew, porter G.N.R.
Smyth, Peter, grocer
Smyth, Thomas, signalman, G.N.R.
Sproule, A. H. R., J.P., Denamona House
Steen, A. R., grocer and hardware merchant
Stephenson, John, porter, G.N.R.
Stevenson, James, carpenter
Stewart, George, draper
Stewart, Joseph, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Stewart, Jos., grocer and provision merchant
Stewart, W., grocer

Taylor, Joseph, J.P., auctioneer and valuator
Taylor, Neville, petty sessions clerk
Taylor, Samuel, grocer
Taylor & Co., watchmakers and jewellers
Tubman, Thos., grocer and provision merchant

Vesey, The Misses, estate owners, Derrabard

Walker, J., V.S.
Warnock, James, farmer, Skelga
Warnock, James, farmer, Aughadreenan
Warnock, William, farmer, Fallaghearn
Warwick, Francis, watchmaker and jeweller
Watterson, W., watchmaker and jeweller
Williams, P. R., grocer and provision merchant
Williams, P. R., china and glass dealer
Wilson, Andrew, temperance hotel
Wilson, Andrew, agent "Belfast News-Letter"
Wilson, Mrs. J., land owner, Mullanboy
Wilson, Matthew, farmer, Tonagh
Wilson, Robert, farmer, Rathwarren
Wright, James, shoe maker
Wright, Samuel, licensed general dealer



Abraham, Charles, school teacher, Cavanaleck
Adams, Edward, carpenter
Adams, Thomas, builder
Alexander, Mrs., caretaker newsroom
Armstrong, Andrew, Creive
Armstrong, Frank, auctioneer
Armstrong, Henry, D.C., Artclea
Ashton, Miss, school teacher

Bamford, John, Cavanaleck
Bamford, Robert, Doederney
Bannock, Peter, manager, Fivemiletown Agricultural and Dairy Society
Barnett, John, farmer
Barnett, Thos., J.P., Ballagh
Barber, George, carpenter
Beatty, Jos., egg merchant, Aughater
Beatty, J., Corrylongford
Beatty, George, Cavanaleck
Bell, William, druggist
Benson, Richard, blacksmith
Blakely, Wm. E., surgeon
Boyd, Thomas, railway guard
Branagin, Patrick, engine driver
Bratton, J., Cavanaleck
Breaden, Saml., National School teacher
Breadon, John, car driver
Breadon, Joseph, letter carrier
Bryan, William, Lungs
Burnside, Matthew J., Corcrievy
Busby, Henry, blacksmith

Callaghan, Francis, car driver
Carruth, Robert, carpenter
Carruth, Saml., artist
Carruth, Thos., guard
Caruth, James, butcher
Carson, Joseph, sergeant R.I.C.
Caulfield, Edward, tinsmith
Clement, Mrs., draper
Colgan, Catherine, grocer
Colgan, Morgan, butcher
Condell, Henry, egg merchant
Cooke, W., Cavanaleck
Coulter, Jos., petty sessions clerk and commissioner of oaths
Coulter, M., manager, Northern Bank
Cox, John, cashier, Northern Bank

Dougherty, James, process officer
Denning, Miss, dairy maid
Drogan, Tim, game keeper, Blessingbourne
Dunlop, William, agent Prudential Assurance
Duthie, John, land steward

Early, Robert, draper
Elliott, Alexander, grocer
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, Noble Gillespie, merchant; Joseph Coulter, C.P.S., Rose Cottage, Ballyvadden; J. J. McCrea, Lislane

Ferguson, John, railway clerk
Ferguson, Robt., railway porter
Foster, Thomas, Murly

Gardner, Mrs. Campbell, Holme Cottage
Gillespie, Noble, wine and spirit merchant
Gillespie, T. J., tailor
Gilmore, E., farmer, Cranhill
Graham, David William, solicitor
Graham, Thomas J., draper
Graham, William, corn mills, Coonian
Graham, W. D., agent Royal Insurance Co., Cranbrooke

Hall, Miss, dress maker
Haire, James, farmer, Rosmilland
Halliday, John, land steward, Blessingbourne
Hamilton, Henry, D.C., Creive Hill
Hamilton, John, J.P., Creive Hill
Harper, William, flax and corn mills
Hayes, James, school teacher, Tyreghan
Hazlett, Robert J., spirit merchant
Henderson, John, saddler
Hunter, Maggie, glass and china warehouse

Irwin, William, Murley
Irvine, George M., D.C., Murley
Irvine, Montgomery, station master

Johnston, John W.
Johnston, Joseph, blacksmith
Johnston, Mrs., boarding house
Johnston, Robert, rate collector
Johnston, Thomas, carpenter
Johnston, Wm., stone mason and coffee house
Johnstone, J., Cran
Johnstone, Mrs.
Johnstone, T., Tattyreagh

Keenan, Bernard, rural postman
Keenan, James, civil bill officer
Kennedy, Miss, teacher, Kiltermon
Kidd, T., Corrylongford
Kidney, Robert, egg merchant, Crieve
Kilpatrick, J., Cavanaleck
Kirkpatrick & Allan, drapers
Kyle, Samuel, grocer

Lendram, George, Cleen
Lendrum, A. & E., drapers
Lendrum, John, J.P., Cleen
Lendrum, Miss Cassie, music teacher
Little, Richard, teacher, Kell

Martin, George, builder and timber merchant
Martin, Miss, drapery
Martin, Mrs., post office, Coonian
Mills, John, bailiff
Moan, James, tailor
Moan, Patrick, car owner
Monaghan, Miss, nurse tender
Montgomery, Hugh de Fellenberg, D.L., Blessingbourne
Montgomery, Wm., grocer, Coonian
Moore, David, boot maker
Morrison, Fred, draper
McAlpin, George, D.C., Lossett
McCaffery, Denis, butcher
McCullough, Miss, fancy warehouse
McElroy, Francis, school teacher, Mullagfad
McElroy, Mrs., draper
McGartland, Anne, grocer
McGerry, John, cooper
McGerry, John, grocer, Murley
McGerry, Patrick, thatcher
McGloughlin, Frank, railway carrier
McGloughlin, John, engine driver
McKenna, Catherine, fowl dealer
McMeel, Rev. Hugh, R.C.
McMullan, James, school teacher, Clabby
McNeice, James, engine driver
McNulty, John, teacher, Coonian
McQuaid, Daniel, civil bill officer, Coonian
McSwiggan, James, grocer and egg merchant
McSwiggan, Miss Jennie, telegraph clerk

Nixon, Jacob, Post Office, Clabby
Noble, Richard, egg merchant, Creive

Owens, Hugh, boot maker

Phoenix Fire Office, Agents, Noble Gillespie, Robert Woods, Samuel Breardon
Primrose, James, teacher, Aughavodry

Rafferty, John, publican
Reid, Matthew, artist
Reilly, Robert, sexton, Irish Church
Richey, John W., general merchant and insurance agent
Richey, J. W., & Co., family grocers; agents for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Roach, Patrick, artist
Rooney, T., tailor
Rusk, Robert, farmer

Sands, Patk., school teacher, Aughentaine
Scott, James, letter carrier
Shaw, James, Creive
Shaw, John, egg merchant and auctioneer
Shields, Ann, refreshment rooms
Smith, John, Skeog, land commissioner
Smith, Ellen
Spence, Miss E. G., postmistress
Stewart, Jackson, gentleman farmer, Lislane
Stuart & Co., drapers
Sun Fire Office, Agents, Kirkpatrick, Allen & Ritchie, The London House

Tavener, Jacob, grocer and leather merchant
Thompson, R., Tattyreagh
Thompson, Thomas, Corcrievy Cottage
Thompson, James, Cavanaleck
Tierney Bernard, watch maker
Troughton, Wm., school teacher, Murley

Walker, Joseph, gardener
Walker, William, railway porter
Wallace, John, auctioneer, Clabby
Whitley, Richard, coffee house
Wigham, Thomas, grocer
Williams, Sydney, photographer
Williamson, Wm., letter carrier
Wilson, Cyrus, grocer, Tatnaheglish
Wilson & Son, printer

Young, George, hardware store
Young, George, spirit merchant



Anderson, Mrs. W. J., Ardavon
Andrews, Samuel, carpenter and wheelwright

Blake, Alexander, grocer, fruiterer, &c.
Boylan, Daniel, licensed publican, grocer and wool agent
Bradley, John, carpenter
Bradley, Wm., pump sinker
Bradshaw, Rev. W.
Brown, Mrs. David, grocer and haberdasher
Brown, Miss, sewing agent

Caldwell, Miss, dress maker
Campbell, John F., land surveyor and valuer, Gortacloghan
Canning, Hon. Leopold, Garvagh House
Canning, Mrs. Wm., laundry
Cathcart, Mrs. W., laundry
Cathcart, Wm., blacksmith
Clarke, W., & Sons, bleach works, Moneycarry
Cooke, William
Cox, Robert, builder and contractor
Coyle, James, cooper
Craig, Miss Susan, grocer
Crowe, Wm., fowl dealer
Cunningham, Alex., coach builder and steam sawyer
Cunningham, John, saddler

Dallas, George, watchmaker and jeweller
Dickson, Thos., grocer, grain and provision merchant
Dunlop, John, grocer, grain and meal merchant

Elder, Thomas, butcher and fowl dealer
Ferris, Mrs. J., haberdasher and milliner
Fleming, Samuel, blacksmith
Fleming, William, boot and shoe merchant

Garvagh, The Lady, Hermitage
Getty, R. H., Danesfort
Gilmour, Archibald
Gilmour, Matthew, grocer, egg, grain and provision merchant
Graham, Robert, hair dresser

Henry, Mrs. Mary, lodgings
Henry, William

Johnston, Matthew, tailor and clothier
Johnston, Thomas, butcher

Kearney, Barney, grocer
Kearney, David, Farrentemple
Kerlin, Philip, Garvagh

Lamont, Robert, grocer
Linton, Joseph, grocer; agent Convoy Woollen Company

Macausland, Lieutenant Colonel R. C., Woodbank House
Macausland, The Misses, Woodbank Cottage
Managh, Miss Mary, fancy warehouse
Mann, Alex., watchmaker and jeweller
Marks, John, jun., postman
Milliken, David, tailor and clothier
Molyneux, Miss, embroidery
Moore, Robert, & Co., clothiers, woollen drapers and cycle agents
Morrison, H. R., J.P., Oakfort
Mulholland, Wm., butcher
Mullan, James, cattle dealer
Mullan, Patrick, tailor
McAlister, H., solicitor's clerk and insurance agent
McCloy, Miss Lizzie
McKeeman, Mrs. Wm., woollen draper
McLeod, Albert, saddler
McMaster, Alex., tailor
McMillan, Alex., boot and shoe manufacturer and leather merchant
McMillan, John, Inchaleen, poor rate collector and sub-sanitary officer
McNeary, Wm. J., baker and confectioner
McNichol, James, post cars
McNicholl, Michael, licensed publican and boot and shoe shop
McShane, John, cattle dealer

O'Connell, Charles, cattle dealer
O'Connell, Miss Hessie, licensed publican
O'Connell, Patrick, butcher
O'Connor, Thomas, barber
O'Kane, Echlin, licensed publican and cattle dealer
O'Kane, John, grocer and egg merchant
O'Kane, Joseph, licensed publican and farmer
O'Kane, Mrs. P., dress maker
O'Kane, William, solicitor
O'Kane, Wm., shoe maker
O'Mullan, James, grocer, &c.
O'Neill, John, blacksmith

Phoenix Fire office, Agent, Henry McAllister

Rafferty, Miss, milliner
Rafferty, Mrs. T., grocer
Ranken, Wm., J.P., Newpark
Reid, Miss, dress maker
Robertson, Robt., grocer, hardware, bookseller and general merchant
Robertson, Wm., corn miller and grain merchant
Roxborough, Samuel, grocer

Shaw, Samuel, boot and shoe manufacturer, leather merchant and grocer
Skelly, John, painter, glazier and paper hanger
Smith, Thomas, tinsmith
Smyth, Major Arthur, Ballintemple House
Steele, Miss Mary, grocer and china ware
Stewart, Mrs. Charles, grocer and egg merchant
Stewart, Mrs. Henry, grocer and egg merchant
Sun Fire Office, Agent, T. Rafferty, Main Street

Thompson, Mrs., Ardavon
Turner, Alex., carpenter and woodwright
Turner, William, steam saw mill
Wallace, H. J., J.P., Movenis
Wallace, Mrs. W., Ardavon
Whiteside, Miss, dress maker
Wilson, James, woollen draper


Adams, Robert John, Gortfad
Adams, William James, Gortfad
Armstrong, Robert John, Dullaghy

Boyce, Robert J.
Boylan, Daniel, J.P., Tirkeeran
Brookes, James, Inchaleen

Campbell, John, Gortacloghan
Canning, Robertson, Gortland
Canning, Robertson, Gortfad
Carrick, James, Ballynacally More
Caskey, James, Craigmore
Church, James, Lisachrin
Church, William, Dullaghy
Clarke, Matthew, Ballyagan
Clyde, John, Bellury
Cooke, James, Dullaghy

Dinsmore, William, Culnaman
Dunlop, John, Killyvally

Fleming, Joseph, Belraugh
Fleming, Thomas, Killyvalley
Fullarton, James J., Lisachrin

Gilmore, James, Boghilboy
Gilmore, Thomas, Killyvally
Gilmore, William T., Killyvally
Glass, Robert, Moyletratoy
Glenn, Solomon, Liscall
Governor, John, Craigall

Hagan, Daniel J., Glenkeen
Henry, Edward, Tamneymore
Henry, James, Gortnamoyagh
Henry, John, Bellury
Hezlett, Samuel, Moneydig
Hilton, William James, Dullaghy
Holmes, Robert, Moyletratoy
Houston, Thomas D., Gortacloghan

Johnston, John, Garvagh

Kane, Mark, Laragh
Kennedy, Samuel, Lisnamuck
Kennedy, Samuel, Culnaman
Kerlin, Philip, Garvagh
Kerr, John, Glenkeen

Laughlin, Thomas C., Moyletrakill
Linton, Robert, Cah
Linton, William John, Carballintober
Long, Samuel, Cullyramer

Miller, Mrs. Thomas, Inchaleen
Moore, Robert, Carballintober
Morrison, Hugh R., J.P., Moneydig
Mullan, Daniel, Altduff
Mullan, Hugh, Cuilbane
Mullan, John, Belraugh
Mullan, William, Meavemacknogher
McCahy, Alexander, Ballylame
McCay, Rev. William, Carrowreagh
McClenaghan, Robert, Bellury
McCleland, Thomas, Ballinameen
McCooke, Archibald, Moyletratoy
McCurdy, John, sen., Shanlongford
McCurdy, Robert, P.L.G., Shanlongford
McFetridge, John, Cah
McFetridge, Thomas, Cullyramer
McFetridge, Torrens, P.L.G., Boghilboy
McGrath, John, Inchaleen
McKee, David, Carballintober
McLenaghan, John, Carballintober
McNeary, Thomas A., Garvagh
McPherson, Joseph, Freugh
McShane, Cormac, Altduff

Neely, Robert, Craigavole

O'Connell, James, Drumeen
O'Connell, Patrick, Garvagh and Boleran
O'Kane, Bernard, Maybuoy
O'Kane, Joseph, Glenkeen
O'Mullan, Jeremiah, Ashlanaduff

Robertson, Robert, Crockindollagh
Robinson, Hugh, Cah

Shannon, William, Cuilbane
Smyly, Cunningham, Killyvalley
Stewart, Hugh, Killyvally
Stewart, James, Kurin
Stewart, Joseph L., Lisachrin
Stewart, Robert, Ballynameen

Torrens, Robert, Culnaman
Toye, William, Cullyramer

Walker, John, Mettican
Wallace, Henry John, J.P., Movenis
Wallace, James, Bellury
Wallace, James W., Trienaltenagh
Wallace, William, Trienaltenagh
Warwick, John, Inchaleen
Wells, Thomas K., Ballintemple
Wilson, James A., Ballyagan


Adams, R. J., Gortfad - flax
Boylan, Daniel, J.P., Tirkeeran - corn & flax
Campbell, Alex., The Green - corn
Clarke, W., & Sons, Moneycarry - beetling
Cochrane, J., Shanlongford, Ringsend - corn
Cunningham, Alexander, Garvagh - saw
Hegarty, J. H., Ballynacally, Blackhill - corn and flax
Loughlin, T. C., Moyletrakill - flax
Millen, R. J., Shanlongford, Ringsend - flax
Mullan, Hugh, The Green - flax
McFetridge, Torrens, Boghilbuoy - corn and flax
Robertson, Wm., Garvagh - corn
Turner, Wm., Ballynameen - saw
Wallace, H. J., J.P., Movenis - flax
Wallace, John, Crockindollagh - flax
Wilson, James, Ballyagan - flax
Young, John, Ballynacally - flax



Dunbarton Street

Barr, Miss, dress maker
Bond, Wm., shoe maker
Brennan, Mrs., grocer
Brown, George, bleacher
Cameron, Charles, shoe maker
Charles, S., jeweller
Craig, James
Doak, Joseph, salesman
Eccles, John, hair dresser
Gore, William, flax foreman
Gough, W., dealer
Graham, Arthur, mill operative
Hanna, A. J., shoe maker
Hunter, Miss, post office
Joyce, H., grocer
Joyce, S., confectioner
Kennedy, E. J., draper
Kennedy, Miss, milliner
Kinley, James, victualler
Lappin, A. J., book seller and stationer
Lilburn, Miss, dress maker and draper
Livingstone, G., haberdasher
Livingston, Ross, spirit merchant
Manwell, William, teacher
Martin, Miss
McCluggage, Miss
McConville, B., victualler
McElroy, D., draper
Pentland, Joseph, mason
Phenix, W., posting establishment
Phillips, Alexander, tailor
Ready cash Co., millinery and drapery
Ring, Mrs.
Roberts, John, town clerk and stationer
Smyth, Edward, Greyhound Bar
Sallins, A., carpenter
Turley, Hugh, clerk
Vaughan, Thomas, mill overseer
White, James, coal yard
White, S., grocer

Mill Street

Gibney, Michael, pensioner R.I.C.
Greer, Miss, dress maker
Greer, Wm., mechanic
Hanvey, C., hotel proprietor
Hynds, Miss, confectioner
Kinley, Moses, cattle dealer
Martin, Robert, mechanic
McBrinn, Mrs., milliner
McClinchy, M., mill operative
McConnell, Samuel, spirit merchant
McIlroy, Mrs., grocer
Parkinson, Henry, grocer
Simpson, Nurse (Jubilee)
Smyth, I., grocer
Thompson, Alex., grocer

Castle Hill

Gough, Miss, dress maker
Magennis, John, nailer
Sallins, Edward, baker

Castle Street

Boyle, Wm., N.S. teacher
Johnston, Dr.
Moore, Mrs.
Sayers, Henry, spirit merchant
Stewart, Thomas, carpenter

Bridge Street

Fox, Peter, spirit merchant
Hughes, Mrs., spirit merchant
Martin, Robert, mason
McFall, Miss
McConnell, G. B., merchant

Stramore Road

Cunningham, J., tailor
Douds, Miss, dress maker
Fowler, Wm., car proprietor

Ann Street

Adamson, Thomas, hackle setter
Henderson, Mrs.
Mulholland, William, mill over looker
McBurney, Robert, mechanic


Evans, E. W., mill manager
Irwin, Alexander, manager Co-operative stores
Rogers, T. C., flax manager
Steele, Alexander, engineer
Steenson, Joseph, blacksmith


Adams, Colonel, Tullylish House
Carleton, Miss, The Castle
Cochrane, Rev. John, The Manse
Davies, J. M., Stramore
Edgar, J., Mountpleasant
Moore, Rev. R., Methodist Manse
McMaster, H. D., J.P., Dunbarton House
Pim, Miss, Moyallon House
Purdon, Major, Stramore
Richardson, Mrs., Moyallon House
Richardson, Steven, Drumlin Hill
Richardson, Wakefield, Moyallon
Scott, Rev. Oswald, The Vicarage
Sinton, Arthur, Stramore House
Uprichard, Albert, Banvale
Uprichard, W., Elmfield House



Acheson, George, farmer, Bay
Acheson, William, labourer
Antrim Arms Hotel - Miss Rafferty, proprietress
Antrim, Earl of, Glenarm Castle

Baird, James, carpenter
Baverstock, Charles, coastguard
Black, A., tailor
Black, B., farmer, Tully
Black, Chas., farmer
Black, James, tailor
Black, John, grocer
Black, J., stone mason
Black, Mrs. M. J., grocer
Black, Miss Nancy
Bogue, Bernard, R.I.C.
Boyd, John, fisherman
Boyd, John, sen., seaman
Boyd, John, jun., seaman
Boyd, Miss B.
Boyd, Miss J.
Brown, John, miner
Brown, Miss, nurse
Brown, W., marine store
Bunting, John, labourer
Bunting, S., engineer and plumber
Bunting, W., seaman

Cameron, John, labourer
Cameron, J., gamekeeper
Charles, James, publican
Charles, Joseph
Coombes, C. W., coastguard
Connolly, C, tailor
Coulter, Captain
Coulter, Mrs.
Crawford, James, saddler
Cunningham, James, farmer
Cunningham, Miss, farmer

Darragh, Miss, dress maker and draper
Davis, Joseph, labourer
Dempsey, John, engine driver
Dinsmore, J., shoe maker
Dinsmore, Robert
Dinsmore, Sarah
Donnelly, Arthur, labourer
Dudley, The Misses, Antrim Villa
Duncan, James, carter
Duncan, T., seaman
Dunlop, A., yardman
Dunlop, J., car driver

Finnegan, Mrs., publican
Forsythe, J., gamekeeper
Fry, Robert, car driver

Galbraith, Alex., carter
Galbraith, John, farmer, Tully
Galbraith, John, farmer, Carnave
Galbraith, Mrs., farmer, Carnave
Galvin, A., labourer
Galvin, John, car manager
Gibson, A., farmer, Libbert
Gibson, Thomas I., land steward
Gibson, William, farmer
Gilmer, John, retired bank officer
Glass, Mrs.

Hamill, Alex., labourer
Hamill, Dan, labourer
Harris, S. J., coastguard
Haslett, J., fireman
Haslett, Mrs.
Heggarty, Archibald, road foreman
Heggarty, J., fireman
Hill, Arthur, cemetery caretaker
Hill, Dan, labourer
Hunter, James, farmer, Little Deerpark
Hunter, Thos., stationer and emigration agent; agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Hunter, Wm., shoe maker

Inglis, A., foreman quarryman
Inglis, George, farmer, Carnave
Inglis, John, farmer, Carnave

Johnston, John, labourer

Kane, J., foreman road man
Keaney, Joseph, estate bailiff
Kenneway, Mrs.

Laverty, Alex., labourer
Laverty, E., labourer
Lennon, Nat., draper
Lindsay, G., gardener
Logan, Andrew C, cashier

Magill, Charles, publican
Magill, Dan, carpenter
Magill, J., retired butler
Magill, James, farmer
Magill, Miss, dress maker
Magowan, Samuel M., M.D.
Martin, James, carter
Martin, Mrs. A., grocer
Mitchell, H. W., coastguard
Moffatt, Miss, dress maker
Montgomery, H., farmer, Bay
Montgomery, Mrs., grocer and draper
Morrow, Edward, farmer, Longfield
Morrow, John, painter
Mulvenna, Alex., carpenter
Mulvenna, D., farmer, Gowkstown
Mulvenna, M., farmer, Deerpark
Mulvenna, William, licensed publican
Mundell, D., shepherd
Murphy, Mrs. B.
Murphy, Mrs. H., grocer
Murray, Sam, saddler
Murry, Neil, barber
McAllister, E., lodging house keeper
McAllister, J., blacksmith
McAuley, Alex., pier master
McAuley, Miss, dress maker
McCalmont, A., master mariner
McCalmont, R., weigh master
McCambridge, James, fireman
McCambridge, Mrs.
McCambridge, Patrick, postman
McCambridge,. T., farmer, Tully
McCarroll, Mrs., farmer, Drumcrow
McClelland, Mrs., grocer
McCloy, Samuel, farmer, Munie
McClure, D., shepherd
McDonald, Allan, LL.D., estate agent
McDonald, Alex., J.P., estate agent
McElroy, Mrs., draper
McEvoy, Hugh, auctioneer and spirit grocer
McFerran, George, J.P., Drumnagreagh
McGavock, C, farmer, Deerpark
McGookin, William, retired seaman
McHendry, P., seaman
McIlgorm, J., miner
McKay, Archibald, carpenter
McKay, James, publican and butcher
McKay, N., butcher
McKay, Miss J.
McKay, Robert, seaman
McKay, Wm., carter
McKay, Wm., postman
McKendry, John, seaman
McKendry, P., sen., labourer
McKenty, J., farmer, Deerpark
McKeown, Henry, labourer
McKinlay, J., seaman
McKinley, C., labourer
McLellan, William, coachman
McLoughlin, Dan, labourer
McLoughlin, J., seaman
McMullin Brothers, grocers
McMullin, James
McMullin, Robert, farmer
McNeill, Alex., farmer, Drumnagreagh
McNeill, A., baker and grocer
McNeill, Henry H., Ltd., Seaview Hotel
McNeill, John, publican
McNeill, N., labourer
McNeill, William, seaman
McNeill, Wm., stone mason
McRoberts, Mrs., grocer
McRoberts, Mrs., draper
McTeer, J., butcher
McVicker, Mrs., farmer, Bay
McVicker, James, farmer, Bay
McVicker, R., farmer, Bay

Noble, Thomas, gardener

Oates, P., constable
Orr, James, painter and grocer
O'Boyle, H., publican
O'Hara, J., carter
O'Kane, Daniel, labourer
O'Kane, W., grocer
O'Neill, Dan, Whiting Mill manager

Patterson, Joseph, shoe maker
Petticrew, A., butcher
Petticrew, J., fireman
Petticrew, M., seaman
Price, R., fireman
Pullin, Wm. B., watch maker

Quinn, Ned, seaman

Richmond, J., stableman
Robison, Alex.
Robinson, James, carpenter
Robinson, James, farmer, Minnis
Robinson, John, jun., blacksmith
Robinson, John, blacksmith
Robinson, Joseph, sen., farmer, Foxhall
Robinson, J., carpenter
Robinson, Miss, dress maker and draper

Seery, J. H., R.I.C.
Shaw, Dan, dairyman
Smith, H., stable man
Smith, James, gardener
Stoat, Thomas, coastguard

Thomson, John, manager Eglinton Limestone Co. Ltd.
Todd, John, labourer
Tully, James, labourer
Tuppen & Son, grocers

Wall, J. J., clerk
Wall, Mrs., Courthouse caretaker
Wharry, James, labourer
Wilson, John, farmer, Minnis
Wilson, John, baker
Woodside, Mrs.
Wright, James, carpenter
Wright, John, tailor

Yendall, Isaac, seaman
Yendall, Isaac, sen., civil bill officer



Adams, Johnston, farmer
Armstrong, Andrew, farmer
Armstrong, James, farmer
Armstrong, John, saddler
Armstrong, John, coachman
Armstrong, Joseph, Crew
Armstrong, Mrs. Sarah, publican and farmer
Armstrong, M. P., farmer, Goremount
Armstrong, Robert, farmer
Armstrong, William, porter
Ayre, James, flock worker

Ballance, Henry, farmer, Crewe
Ballance, James, farmer, Ballypitmave
Bell, Allan, farmer, Springfield
Bell, Jonathan, farmer, Bellgrove
Bell, Meredith, millwright
Bell, Robert, car owner and posting establishment
Berry, Peter, labourer
Bickerstaff, Joseph, fisherman
Bingham, John, signalman
Brankin, James, fisherman
Briggs, S. S., Glenconway
Brock, Miss, school teacher

Camp, Arthur G., N.S. teacher
Campbell, Wm., fish merchant and shipper
Cardwell, Robert, Ram's Island caretaker
Clendinning, Thomas
Colburn, Joseph, farmer
Collier, James, farmer, Ballinacoy
Connon, H., framer, Pigeontown (farmer)
Connor, George, farmer, Knockcairn House
Corken, John, farmer, Hollybrook
Crossey, Daniel
Crossey, Patk., basket manufacturer
Crowe, Robert, beetler
Crowe, Sam., beetler
Crowe, William, beetler
Cummins, Edward, farmer
Curry, Samuel, carpenter

Doak, James, Hope Croft
Dogherty, Joseph, farmer
Downer, Miss, Annandale
Downer, Mrs., Annandale

Elwood, James, farmer
Evans, William, Crew Park

Faloon, Henry, carpenter
Ferris, John, publican and farmer
Ferris, Miss, postmistress
Fitzgerald, William, Tunny House

Gibson, James, farmer, Crossvale
Gillen, James, farmer
Glover, Rev. J. B., M.A., The Vicarage
Gordon, Richard, shoe maker
Green, Samuel, farmer

Hannon, Hugh, shoe maker
Harbinson, Wm., sexton Methodist Church
Harris, Rev. E. M., The Curatage
Heaney, Mrs. Jane, grocer
Heaney, William, tailor
Hendron, James, N.S., Kilultagh
Henry, James, blacksmith
Higginson, John, farmer
Higginson, William, carter
Hume, Mrs., laundress

Ingram, Edward, mason
Ingram, John, mason
Ingram, James G., farmer, Ballyvorally
Ingram, Miss E., dress maker
Ingram, William, farmer, Pigeontown
Irvine, Thos., contractor, Glenavy

Johnston, Alex., farmer
Johnson, Edward, farmer, Leap
Johnson, John, farmer, Weir House
Johnston, Miss, Annandale
Johnston, M. L. & S., general merchants; agents for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Johnston, Robert, fowl dealer
Johnston, Samuel, Hopevale
Johnston, Thomas, farmer
Just, Thomas, beetler

Kerr, Thomas, manager Ulster Flock Co.

Laird, John, J.P., Gobrana House
Laird, William, Gobrana House
Lattimer, H., Waterworks, Stoneyford
Lennon, The Misses, dress makers
Lennon, William, blacksmith
Leslie, Henry, smith
Leslie, Miss, dress maker
Leslie, Robert, flock worker
Lochart, Robert, clerk
Lorimer, Andrew, farmer
Lorimer, Archibald, miller
Lorimer, James, Edenvale
Lowry, John, farmer
Lowry, William, farmer
Lynas, T. J., farmer, Elmhill

Macartney, John, gardener
Marsden, Edward, engine driver
Marsden, Jas., railway permanent way
Megahy, John, farmer
Megarry, Henry, fisherman
Megarry, James, J.P., Ballyvorally
Megarry, John, fisherman
Megarry, John, boat builder
Millar, Miss, dress maker
Millar, Miss M., secretary I.O.G.T.
Millar, Mrs. John
Millar, Mrs. Sara
Mockler, Edward, J.P.
Moore, Letitia, farmer
Moore, Richard, carpenter
Moore, Thos., farmer
Morgan, William, beetler
Mulholland, Isaac, publican
Mulholland, Samuel, farmer
Mussen, Arthur, M.D., J.P., coroner, The Cottage
McAllister, Randal, Firs Lodge
McAuley, James, farmer
McClure, John, Landgarve
McCord, Archie, carter
McCorry, Dalway, farmer
McCorry, Miss, grocer
McCorry, W. J., publican
McCotter, Miss, school teacher
McCullagh, Mrs., farmer, Tullynewbank
McDowell, J., carpenter
McKavanagh, Daniel, farmer
McKavanagh, Philip, farmer
McKavanagh, William, farmer
McKeever, W. J., fowl dealer
McKeown, W. J., shop manager, Sunnyside
McKeown, W. J., insurance agent
McMullan, Thompson, farmer
McNeice, James, sexton Parish Church
McVeigh, Charles, farmer and contractor
McVeigh, Dennis, farmer and road contractor

Neill, Joseph, farmer
Nelson, Charles, fish merchant and shipper
Nelson, W. R., Aghanadarragh

O'Brady, Rev. James, C.C., Ballymacricket
O'Malley, Rev. F., P.P., Ballymacricket
O'Neill, Maurice, basket manufacturer

Peel, Arthur, farmer
Phillips, W. J., farmer
Phoenix Fire Office, agent, W. J. McKeown, Sunnyside

Quigley, Charles, sand merchant

Rankin, Wm., Landgarve
Reid, Joseph, farmer, Crew
Rollins, George, farmer, Crew Park
Ross, James, posting establishment
Rush, Andrew, tailor

Sefton, Alfred, Glendona
Sefton, The Misses, Glendona
Sefton, Thomas, Glendona
Sherlock, William, station master
Simpson, John, farmer
Sloane, Alex., carter
Sloane, Jas. R., farmer
Sloane, Samuel, boot maker
Sloane, Sergeant, farmer
Smith, James, farmer, Crew Park
Smith, William, farmer
Steele, David, railway permanent way
Steele, Robert, farmer
Steele, Thomas, farmer
Stewart, Francis, farmer, Crew
Stewart, George, farmer

Thompson, Mrs. S. A., Annandale
Thompson, Rev. G. W., Methodist Manse
Thompson, Thomas, farmer
Turkington, James, N.S. teacher

Waite, Miss, dress maker
Waring, George, M.D., Bellbrook
Waring, Lucas, farmer, Bellbrook
Watson, Joseph, thatcher and jobber
White, Walter, carpenter and contractor
Wilkinson, Elijah, beetler, Alma Cottage
Wilkinson, Thomas, gardener
Wilkinson, W. J., meat merchant and dealer
Wilson, David, farmer, The Laurels
Wilson, Robert, carpenter
Wilson, Robert, farmer, Stationview House

Young, James, watchmaker and jeweller



Anderson, W. H., manager Ulster Bank

Bogle, Joseph, station master
Boyce, Rev. Charles, C.C.
Breslin, James, workhouse master
Buchanan, A., collector of income tax
Byrne, Patrick, merchant tailor

Cannon, Cormick, temperance hotel
Connoghan, James, grocer

Dunleavy, Paul, shoe maker

Early, Dan, carrier
Early, Patrick, blacksmith

Gallagher, Bernard, auctioneer
Gallagher, Neill, Ardlogher
Gallagher, Thady, grocer
Gallagher, Peter, C.P.S., commissioner for affidavits
Gallagher, Tully, spirit dealer
Gallagher, William, J.P., Castlegoland

Hamilton, Lieut.-Colonel W. J. P., J.P., Mossville

Johnston, Major J. H., J.P., Eden

Kearney, John, civil engineer
Kelly, John, M.D., J.P., Leterilly
Kelly, Thomas, grocer
Kennedy, A., tailor
Kennedy, Charles, auctioneer
Kennedy, Charles, Kilraine
Kennedy, Denis, process server
Kennedy, Patrick, law agent

Magill, D., mason
Mulloy, John, hotel keeper and baker
Mulherrin Bros., boot merchants
Mulherrin, D., weaver
McDevitt, Andrew, leather merchant
McDevitt, Andy, shoe maker
McDevitt, Bernard, draper
McDevitt, D. & H., woollen and hose manufacturers
McDevitt, Mrs.
McDonald, Dr., workhouse medical officer
McFadden, Rev. J. Canon, P.P., Parochial House
McHugh, John, spirit dealer
McLoone, Hugh, spirit dealer
McLoone, James, butcher
McLoone, James, N.S. teacher
McLoone, J., carpenter
McLoone, Mrs. James, dress maker
McMullan, Thomas, miller
McNelis, Michael, Clerk of the Union

O'Donnell, John, painter
O'Donnell, Patrick, hotel

Phoenix Fire Office, Agent, John Neill, Ulster Bank Ltd.
Porter, Major J. Nesbitt, J.P., Ballyeriston House

Quinn, John, draper

Rutledge, Patrick, R.O.

Talbot, A., Dauros Hotel

Ward, Frank, builder



Alexander, Colonel H. G. S., agent Beltrim Estate
Anderson, Wm., posting establishment

Bradley, Thomas, tailor

Carlin, Margaret, milliner and draper
Carlin, Rose, dress maker
Clarke, Patrick, egg merchant
Coyle, Jane, lodging house keeper

Devlin, James, engine driver, Beltrim Creamery
Devlin, John, cooper
Devlin, Mary
Dick, Robert, assistant surveyor
Doherty, Catherine, lodging house
Donaghey, Andrew, labourer
Donaghey, Ann
Donnelly, Ellen, charwoman
Duffy, Sarah, charwoman

Eakins, John, sub agent, Beltrim Estate
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, R. C. Loughlin, J.P.; Patrick Teague, Merchant

Fowler, Wm., shoe maker
Fox, Edward, ex constable R.I.C.

Glass, David, gatekeeper, Beltrim
Gormley, B., grocer, hardware, china and provision merchant
Graham, J. H., saddler and harness maker
Gray, James, shoe maker

Hamilton, W. J., steam corn and saw mills
Hamilton, W. J., chemist and druggist
Hamilton, R. E., cycle agent
Harkin, John, butter and egg merchant
Hay, Charles, carpenter
Henry, Joseph, cattle dealer
Henry, Thomas
Houston, Alex., spirit merchant
Houston, James, auctioneer, Plumbridge and Gortin
Hunter, Michael, baker
Hyland, Thomas, posting establishment

Kyle, V. J., petty sessions clerk

Laughlin, R. C., J.P.

Mahon, Daniel, fishmonger
Mahon, Peter
Mahon, Sarah, dress maker
Meenan, Eliza, char woman
Meenan, Letitia, char woman
Montgomery, Wm., boot and shoe maker
Morris, John, letter carrier
Mossy, Hugh, carrier
Mossey, Mrs. H.
Mossy, Wm., spirit merchant
Murphy, John, boot and shoe maker
McAleer, Michael, mason
McAneny, Miss, dress maker
McCrory, Matthew, road contractor
McCullagh, James, spirit merchant
McCullagh, John, civil bill officer
McCullagh, John, grocer and draper
McCullagh, John, tailor
McCullagh, Patk., wine and spirit merchant, Greencastle, Gortin
McFarland, Robert, grocer, hardware and boot merchant
McGillion, Peter, harness maker and saddler
McGuire, Bernard, blacksmith
McKelvey, Joseph, posting establishment
McKenna, Michael, spirit merchant
McKimmon, Mary, haberdasher
McNally, John C., builder and contractor
McNeill, J. & H., butter and egg merchants
McNickle, James, land surveyor, Rouskey
McSorley, John, carpenter
McSorley, Peter, wheelwright
McSwiggan, P., coach builder

Phoenix Fire Office, Agent, Patrick Teague, grocer and provision merchant; cycle and emigration agent

Quigley, Robert, plasterer

Rafferty, J., publican

Scott, Mrs. W. G., dress maker
Scott, Robert, posting establishment
Sheerin, John, publican
Simpson, David, lodging house keeper

Turner, Bernard, butcher and restaurant

Young, M., shirt factory
Young, Thomas, mason


Ballintine, James, Lenamore
Clarke, Charles, D.C., Co.C., Glenmacoffer, Gortin
Devlin, Peter, Garvagh
Knox, John, farmer, Garvagh
Laughlin, R. C., J.P., Gortin
McCullagh, Hugh, D.C., Garvagh
McFarland, John, J.P., Leardin, Gortin
McFarland, Mrs. S., Straree
McFarland, Robert, Gortin
McFarland, Samuel, Minaduff
McKelvey, John H., Dunbunraven
McKelvey, Robert, J.P., Trenamadden
McKimmon, Alex., Trenamadden
McLaughlin, Wm., Bourne
McMullan, John R., D.C., Ryland
McNally, J. C, builder and contractor
Steele, James, D.C., Minaduff


Anderson, Rev. John

Baird, Hugh
Barns, Miss A.
Bell, James
Bell, John
Bell, Thomas
Boyle, Patrick, R.I.C.
Brooks, George, Greyabbey
Bunting, E.
Byers, Thomas

Carlton, Mrs.
Carson, John
Carson, Mrs. Jane
Corry, William, post office; agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"

Davidson, W. J., weaving agent
Dunn, James

English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agent, James Phair, Estate Clerk

Fox, William, R.I.C.

Goldsmith, Rev. Oliver

Haughton, J., constable R.I.C.
Haughton, James W., R.I.C.
Hill, Marshall, school teacher
Hutton, William, Ballygrangee

Macarthur, Dr. P.
Mawhinney, John, rural postman
Miskimmin, Rev. John
Montgomery, Major-General W. E., D.L., Greyabbey House
Morrison, J.
Morrison, R., jun., posting establishment
Morrison, W.
Muckle, Mrs.
Murphy, J.
Murphy, Richard
McCartan, J.
McConkey, Miss
McCullough, Hugh, jun., tailor
McCullough, J., relieving officer
McDermott, Thomas, rural postman
McGivern, Mary Ann
McKeag, David
McKeag, Thomas
McKee, James, Greyabbey

Patterson, E.
Phair, James, agent
Pritchard, John
Purse, Miss E.

Reid, Samuel

Taylor, William

Warnock, Henry
Warnock, Mrs. Ann
Warnock, Mrs. Jane
Warnock, Thomas
White, Elizabeth
Wilson, D. H.
Williamson, Robert C.
Wright, Mrs.


Askin, William, Ballynester
Bailie, J., Ballybogilbow
Baird, Andrew, Blackabbey
Baird, J., Ballynester
Barnes, David, Kilnatierney
Barnes, James, Kilnatierney
Bowden, S., Tullycavey
Brooks, Samuel, Ballybrain
Brown, James, Cardy, Tullycavey
Brown, Joseph, Ballymurphy
Brown, Joseph, Ballygarvin
Brown, Joseph, Tullycavey
Byers, William, Ballyboley
Carlton, Wm., Cardy
Caughey, W. J., Ballybrain
Colville, J., Ballymurphy
Davidson, Andrew, Ballymurphy
Davidson, William, Ballyatwood
Dorrian, Alexander, Ballyboley
Erskine, John, Ballyboghilbow
Finlay, Mrs., Ballyuranullen
Foster, John, Ballyboley
Gibson, Joseph, Blackabbey
Hall, Thomas, Ballybogilbow
Hall, T., Ballybogilbow
Hamilton, John, Ballyboley
Hamilton, W., Ballyboley
Johnston, J., Ballyboley
Johnston, R., Cardy
Kerr, Charles, Ballygarvin
Kerr, J., Ballybrain
Little, George, Killyvolgan
Little, H., Blackabbey
Milling, B., Gordonall
Morrow, A., Cardy
Morrow, Samuel, Cardy
McCance, J., Killynatierney
McCormick, J., Killyvolgan
McCormick, W., Tullycavey
McCullough, Alexander, Ballyboley
Pritchard, John, Ballyatwood
Walker, Joseph, Ballyboghilbow
Walker, Joseph, Blackabbey
Walker, W. J., Tullycavey
White, John, Blackabbey
Woods, W. J., Blackabbey
Wright, A., Ballymurphy
Wright, Francis, Ballyboley



Aird, John, farmer
Andrews, John, farmer
Andrews, Robert
Auld, John, blacksmith

Barnes, David, fisherman
Bell, John, mason
Boag, Robert, Violet lodge
Blackwood, J. W., Ulster Bank, Belfast
Boal, James, lodge keeper

Campbell, Miss, dress maker
Claney, Mrs., grocer
Clifford, John, fisherman
Curragh, Miss, postmistress

Dixon, Sir Daniel, D.L., P.C., M.P., Balloo House
Duthie, John, land steward

Ferguson, Nynman, Belfast
Finlay, James, farmer

Gamble, Robert, farmer
Gardner, Campbell, Main Street
Gardner, R. B., Main Street
Gardner, Mrs. Campbell, Holme Cottage

Harrison, Hugh, farmer
Heyburn, Samuel, fisherman
Holmes, Rev. S. S., M.A., The Rectory
Hunter, David, fisherman
Hunter, George, fisherman

Kennedy, John, gardener
King, Miss, school mistress
Kingan, Saml., D.L., Glenganagh
Kinnaird, Hugh, farmer

Mulligan, Rev. J. A. W., M.A., The Manse
Murdock, Mrs. Ross, dress maker
Murdock, Robert, fisherman
McAfee, Mrs., grocer, draper and general haberdasher; agent for the "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
McClenaghan, James, publican
McCutcheon, Robert, farmer
McDowell, R. W., mill manager
McLarnon, John, sexton

Niblock, William, fisherman

Perceval-Maxwell, The Misses, Groomsport House
Perceval-Maxwell, Mrs. John, The Lodge

Robb, John, warehouseman
Russell, William, land steward

Semple, Robert, carpenter
Smith, Mrs. Heyburn, grocer

Tanner, William, boot maker
Tosh, Ross, fisherman

Waterson, Henry, fisherman
Waterson, Hugh, fisherman
Waterson, James, fisherman
Waterson, John, fisherman
Waterson, Peter, fisherman
Waterson, William, yachtsman


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