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1907 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Click here for the 1910 Belfast Street Directory TOWNS section

I have only listed the names of the occupants in each Town as the other information is pretty much similar to the 1910 above

Ramelton   Randalstown   Raphoe   Rasharkin   Rathfriland   Rathmullan   Richhill   Rostrevor
Saintfield   Scarva   Shercock   Sixmilecross   Stewartstown   Strabane and Lifford   Strangford   Swanlinbar
Tandragee   Toomebridge   Trillick (Co. Tyrone)
Waringstown and Donaghcloney   Warrenpoint   Whitehead



Auctioneers, James Coll, Wm. Speer, A. S. Hunter

Bankers, The Northern Banking Co., D. C. Motherwell, manager; J. Robinson, cashier

Civil Bill Officer, Samuel Cassidy

Collector of Poor Rates, David Malseed

Commissioner for taking Affidavits, Forrest Mitchell

R. I. Constabulary, J. Lewis, sergeant

Dispensary and Fever Hospital, Dr. John Patterson, physician

Petty Sessions Clerk, J. A. Smith

Postmaster, Forrest Mitchell; assistants, Miss M. Davison and Miss J. Ellison

Registrar of Marriages, S. Watters

Robertson's National School, Miss McMonagle, teacher

Ramelton National School, No. 1., Mr. P. M. Ward, Mrs. Stronge and Miss O'Neill, teachers

Ramelton National Male and Female School, No. 2., Mr. Hamilton, principal; Miss Malseed, principal; J. Ellison, monitress

Solicitors, John Mallins, Robert T. Martin, John Mackay, S.C.S.; Wm. Kelly, John Wray, J. J. McConnell

English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, John Mackey, Solicitor; W. A. Low Wilson, School Teacher

Phoenix Fire Office, John Mackey, Solicitor; Matthew Lindsay

Sir. H. Stewart, Bart
E. C. Mansfield
Jas. G. White
James W. Fullerton
M. Corry
J. A. Stewart
G. B. Butler, R.M.
W. D. Hamilton
E. Kelly
A. S. Hunter

Relieving Officer, William Duffy

Ramelton Creamery, James Kelly, manager

Stamp Office, F. Mitchell, Post Office


Bakers, J. Gallagher, Hugh Osborne, Edward Coll, Gallagher Bros.

Barber, Wm. Cathcart

Butter Dealers:-
Mrs. John Davidson
Matthew Corry
M. H. Tynan
H. Osborne
W. Buchanan
Hessie Patton
J. Donaghey

Bookseller and Stationer, P. M. Ward

Boot and Shoe Makers:-
John Hamilton
Geo. Cathcart
John McDermott
James Russell
Robert Cathcart
Matthew Love
J. McFadden

Boot and Shoe Shops:-
A. Gamble & Co.
M. Black
Jas. G. White
John Patterson
W. E. F. Buchanan

Thomas Wilson
John Donnelly
James Murray
Donnelly Bros.

D. McCarron
John McCarron
C. Coll
W. McDaid
T. Payton
M. Payton
P. Strain

Carpenters and Cart Makers:-
Robert Greer
Wm. Duffy
Michael Toy
James Birney
Michael Doherty & Sons
John Thompson
Andrew Lindsay
Andrew Lockhart

China and Glass Dealers:-
David Heron
W. Buchanan
M. O'Rorke

Coal Dealers:-
Jas. G. White
A. Gamble & Co.
Charles Kelly
John Noble
Wm. Russell
M. Corry
Hugh Davidson

Cycle Agent and Repairer, Thos. McElwee

Doctor, John Patterson, M.B.

Emigration Agents:-
F. Mitchell
A. Gamble & Co.
James G. White

Fish Mongers:-
Mrs. Loughhead
S. McTaggart
Mrs. Hilferty
Robert McDaid
J. Hunter
C. Callaghan

Flax Dealers:-
Robert McDaid
J. W. Fullerton
J. Coll

Grain Dealers:-
E. & C. Kelly
W. Russell

D. Heron
Hugh Osborne
James Stewart
Miss H. Patton
Miss M. Patton
M. H. Tynan
B. Crossan
J. Buchanan
Jas. Donaghey
Chas. Boyle
Patrick Crossan

Guano Merchants:-
A. Gamble & Co.
Mrs. John Davidson
W. Buchanan
M. H. Tynan
Matthew Corry

Implement Agents:-
Dill Hunter
A. S. Hunter

Hardware Dealers:-
P. M. Ward
Mrs. John Davidson

Horse Shoers:-
J. Campbell
M. McElwee
Jas. Jacob
David White Jacob
Thomas McElwee

Hotel Keepers:-
Saml. Goodwin, Stewart Arms
Mary Boyle

Leather and Hide Dealers:-
Jas. G. White
Hugh Osborne

Lending Library, Mrs. Smith

Wm. Russell, Ballyare
E. & C. Kelly

Milliners and Dress Makers:-
Miss Pinkerton
A. Gamble & Co.
Mrs. John Patterson
Mrs. O'Rorke
Mrs. Doherty
Mrs. Murray
Miss Hughes
Miss A. Keating
Miss M. Coll
Misses Doherty

Mineral Water Manufacturers:-
C. Mitchell
W. Harrity

A. Gamble & Co.
J. Davidson
F. Mitchell
P. M. Ward

Old Clothes Dealers:-
John Hanlon
Mrs. Tierney

Organist and Music Teacher, R. H. Gibbon

Painters and Glaziers:-
Thomas Milligan
J. Smith
John Doherty

Postcar Establishments:-
Stewart Arms Hotel
Mary Boyle
Jas. Sweeney
John Murray

Public House Keepers:-
Mary Boyle
Michael Keatings
Mrs. B. McQuade
Jas. Swiney
J. Phelan
E. D. Kelly
Jerry McCool

Duggan Bros.
Alex. Porter

Steamboat Office, Geo. Verrent, agent

Summons Server, S. Cassidy, C.B.O.

A. McConnell
John McTeague
Jas. Norry
James McTeague
A. Gamble & Co.

Timber Merchants:-
John Davidson
C. Mitchell

Hugh Davidson
Daniel Gamble

Watch Maker and Jeweller, David Robinson

Whitesmith, W. Herrity

Wine and Spirit Dealer, Chas. Mitchell

Woollen Drapers:-
Moses Black
A. Gamble & Co.
John Patterson

Young Men's Academy, J. Scott, The Mall


Aiken, Samuel, Ards
Black, Andrew, Ballylin
Black, Oliver, Ballylin
Crammond, J., Aughnish
Davison, Samuel, High Cairn
Davidson, David, Ardnaree
Davidson, Samuel, Ardnaree
Dunn, Francis, Ballylinn
Edwards, David, Ballgreen
Floyd, John, The Bog
Floyd, Nathaniel, The Bog
Fullerton, James W., Shelfield
Fullerton, Lieut.-Colonel, Glencairn
Hamilton, John D., Ballyelly
Hamilton, R. A., Ballyelly
Hatrick, J., Castleshanaghan
Hunter, Andrew, New Mill
Speers, Thomas, Castleshanaghan
Sproule, Miss, Carnisk
Sterrit, John, Ballylinn
Sterrit, John, Ballgreen
Stevenson, John, Ballyare
Stevenson, William, Ballyare
Swiney, Colonel W. D., Moyagh
Torrens, M., Glenleary
Watt, James, Claragh
White, James G., Ramelton and Moyle



Agnew, Nathaniel, pharmaceutical chemist
Armstrong, R. T., school teacher

Barclay, Mrs., spirit dealer
Barnett, Mrs., grocer
Booth, Miss, photographer
Booth, Samuel, car owner
Butler, James P., J.P., Ormonde

Campbell, Mrs., grocer
Carson, J. M., woollen draper
Carson, Miss, draper
Connor, M., woollen draper
Connor, Mary, grocer
Corry, R. A., assistant surveyor, Co. Antrim
Craig, Miss, school teacher
Craig, Thomas, surveyor
Craig, Richard T., rate collector and auctioneer

Darragh, Miss, stationer
Doran, Mrs.

Edgar, John, saddler
English and Scottish Law and Life Office, Agent, C. M. Taggart, J.P., Thornhill
Ewing, James, carpenter and builder

Ferguson, Rev. James E., Millbrook
French, Charles, Temperance Hotel

Gilbert, Miss, grocer
Gillespie, John, blacksmith
Gilmore, David, hair dresser
Gunn, John, butcher
Gunn, John, Fahogue Cottage

Hannan, Charles, spirit dealer
Higgins, Bernard, grocer
Holland, Jacob, butcher
Huston, Hugh, school teacher
Hutchinson, Robert, grocer

Johnston, Robert St. G., Laurel Lodge

Kelly, Patrick, saddler

Lewis, S. J., tailor
Lowery, Campbell, watch maker

Mable, Thomas, The Hermitage
Marks, Hugh, grocer and petty sessions clerk
Martin, Rev. Wm., The Manse
Moorehead, James, clerk
Mundell, James, boot maker and leather merchant
Mundell, J., Stationer and Newsagent; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Murphy, Reilly
McAuley, Miss, hotel and posting establishment
McCashin, James, spirit grocer
McFadden Bros., grocers
McFadden, Mrs., grocer
McIlroy, Henry, restaurant
McKee, David, M.D., physician and surgeon, registrar of births, marriages and deaths
McKinstry, Rev. J., The Manse
McKittrick, Mrs., draper
McManus, H., & Sons, steam sawing and joinery mills and builders
McNally, Charles, grocer and spirit dealer
McNally, James, boot maker and leather merchant

Nesbitt, C. V. H., M.D.
Nicholson, Dr.
Nimmons, Henry, draper
Nimmons, Robert, boot maker and leather merchant

O'Kane, Bernard, grocer and spirit dealer
O'Neill, The Right Hon. Lord, Shane's Castle

Pearson, George, grocer and auctioneer
Purce, A. M., draper

Rainey, David, grocer
Rainey, Thomas, blacksmith
Robinson, Miss

Shields, James A., clerk
Sloan, Samuel
Smyth, Robert
Smyth, William, grocer and hardware
Spence, W. J., grocer
Swan, Thomas, grocer and weigh master

Warden, Mrs., grocer
Warwick, James, grocer and auctioneer
Webb, W. H., J.P., The Inns
Webb, Mrs., Knockvarre
Webb, O. B., Barney's Brae
White, James, bookkeeper
Wilson, Samuel, Farmer's Hotel and posting establishment

Young, George L., J.P., agent for Shane's Castle Estate, Millmount


Bell, W. J., Main Mount
Kerr, John, Dunedin
McManus, Hugh, Beechmount
O'Kane, James, Ballygrooby
Pearson, David, Clonboys
Smith, D. & J., Hollybrook
Speedy, Henry, Cloverhill
Winters, James, Lurganwest



Agricultural Implement Maker, T. Cather

Baker, J. C. King

Blacksmiths, James Cather, Wm. McShane and Thomas Cather

Boot and Shoe Merchants, -Matthew Irwin

Boot and Shoe Makers, R. T. White, John MacFeeters

Builders, James Baird and Andrew Thompson

Butchers, Michael Patton, John Duffy and Patrick Duffy

Butter and Egg Merchants, W. F. Bigger, Matthew Irwin, H. Lecky, Thomas Hayes, James Russell, Thomas Hamilton

Cabinet Makers, Matthew Mitchell, Andrew Thompson

Carpenters, James Baird, M. Lindsay, Charles Parker, James Thompson and Thompson, sen.

Carriers or Carmen, B. McElhinney, Jas. McDaid, J. Rodgers & Sons, E. McDaid, James McDaid

Cattle dealers, H. Carlin, Owen O'Hagan, John Hayes, Michael Patton, John Duffy

Cycle Agent, Leo W. Mulhern

Delf, Glass and China Warehouses, Thomas Hamilton and Matthew Irwin

Dressmakers ,  Miss O'Hagan, Mrs. McShane, John Moffatt, Miss Henderson, Mrs. McDevitt, James Duncan and John McGregor

Emigration Agents, Thomas Hamilton, J. G. MacCleary, C. McCormick

English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agent, James Duncan, William Street

Grocers, Thomas Hamilton, J. C. King, Jos. Roulston, Matthew Irwin, J. G. MacCleary, C. McCormic, G. L. Craig, Snodgrass & Co.

Fowl Dealers, John Stevenson, Hugh Stevenson and Samuel Stevenson

Hardware Merchants, Thomas Hamilton, J. C. King

Herring and Dried Fish, Snodgrass & Co.

Hotels, Thos. A. Holmes, Joseph Roulston, Mary Anne Green

Leather Merchants, J. MacFeeters, R. T. White

Loan Fund, Treasurer, D. Wilson, solicitor; clerk, Robert Craig

Meal and Flour Dealers, Thomas Hamilton, J. C. King, Matthew Irwin, Joseph Roulston, J. G. MacCleary, C. McCormick, Geo. L. Craig and Snodgrass & Co.

Milliners, Miss O'Hagan, John Moffatt and James Duncan

Nailor, Miles McPartlin

Newsagents, Matthew Irwin, agent for "Belfast Weekly News;" Thomas Hamilton, John Moffatt, Charles McCormack and Mrs. McLaughlin

Painters and Glaziers, McCosker Bros.

Photographers, McCosker Bros.

Phoenix Fire Office, Agent, James Duncan, William Street

Posting Establishments, T. Hamilton, Joseph Roulston, Wm. Lapslie, O. O'Hagan, Edward Lapslie, James S. Laird, John Craig and Mrs. Green

Process Server, James Turner

Public houses, Owen O'Hagan, C. McCormick, James Laird, John Craig, Mrs. C. McLoughlin, P. F. McGlinchy, J. Cather, John Devine & Co. and Mrs. Baird

Registration Agent, John Woods, Castlefin

Saddlers, Wm. Russell, Alex. Baxter

Seedsmen, J. C. King and Joseph Roulston

Solicitors, David Wilson, W. P. Moody, James Toner and Edward Clarke

Stationers, Thos. Hamilton, Matthew Irwin, J. G. MacCleary

Sun Fire and Life Offices, Agent, David Wilson, Solicitor

Tailors, T. Hamilton, John McGeehan

Timber and Iron Merchants, Thomas Hamilton, J. C. King

Traction Engine, John Rodgers & Sons

Watchmaker and Jeweller, Fred. Rodgers, Strabane and Raphoe

Woollen drapers, Miss Porter, John McGregor, J. Moffatt, J. Duncan and Miss O'Hagan


Blackburn, William, Burnside, Raphoe
Blair, James, Broadlea, Raphoe
Brooks, Mr., Codoun, Raphoe
Colhoun, Josias, Scottstown, Raphoe
Craig, Robert A., Ballyholey, Raphoe
Craig, Samuel, Broadlea, Raphoe
Dickey, John, J.P., Carnone, Raphoe
Douglas, John, Ardvarnock, Raphoe
Hamilton, Thomas, Coolaghey, Raphoe
Harper, Cochrane, Greenhill, Raphoe
Holmes, James, Braehead, Raphoe
Holmes, Robert, Creggan, Raphoe
Holmes, Samuel, Creggan, Raphoe
Irwin, George, Carnone, Raphoe
Laird, David, Burnside, Raphoe
Laird, Francis, Braehead, Raphoe
Laird, John, Shanagh, Raphoe
Laird, Wm., Lismontigley, Raphoe
Lowry, Andrew, Coolaghey, Raphoe
Lowry, Andrew, Argrey, Raphoe
Lowry, William A., Argrey, Raphoe
Miller, William, Burnside, Raphoe
McClintock, Wm., Magherahee, Raphoe
Porter, Robert, Tops, Raphoe
Roulston, James, Tops, Raphoe
Roulston, Joseph, Gortaquigley, Raphoe
Russell, Richard, Damback, Raphoe
Russell, William. Braehead, Raphoe
Scott, T., Argrey, Raphoe
Sheldon, Robert, Magherasolis, Raphoe
Sheldon, W. A., Magherasolis, Raphoe
Smith, Wm., Argrey, Raphoe
Stoney, T. B., J.P., Oakfield, Raphoe
Wilson, James, The Tops, Raphoe
Witherow, Wm. J., Ardvarnock, Raphoe
Wray, James H., Ballyholey, Raphoe



Adams, Richard, cattle dealer

Beverland, Samuel, Civil Bill Officer
Bigley, Rev. Wm. M.A., The Rectory

Cairns, Thomas, labourer
Cairns, Samuel J., labourer
Carson, James, N.S. teacher
Connolly, John, Road contractor
Crawford. Samuel, labourer

Dickey, Andrew, farmer
Doherty, Joseph, labourer
Dunlop, John, flax mill owner

Gamble. Robert, labourer
Glass, Robert, blacksmith
Gormley, Henry
Graham, Margaret
Grievan, Rev., C.C.

Harvey, Irwin, farmer
Hayes, Alexander, builder and contractor
Hayes, Robert, carpenter and contractor
Hunter, John, blacksmith

Jamison, Rev. William J., B.A., The Leap

Kearney, Mrs.
Keers, Dr., J.P., Donovan House
Kilpatrick, Wm. J., farmer
Kirkwood, John, publican
Kyle, James, labourer

Madden, John, labourer
Madden, Robert, labourer
Martin, Joseph, cycle store
Molloy, Charles, publican and grocer
Muldoon, Mrs.
Mulholland, Wm., boot maker
MacConachie, Alex., tailor
McAfee, Daniel, publican and grocer
McAleese, Joseph, boot maker
McAleese, Peter, builder and contractor
McAlery, Joseph, boot maker
McAllister, Rev. John, P.P., Parochial House
McAtamney, Patrick, labourer
McAteer, Samuel, carpenter
McAuley, John G. C, traveller
McAuley, Mrs., publican and grocer
McCart, Daniel, labourer
McErlaine, John
McGarry, Patrick, teacher
McIlmoyle, William, labourer
McIntyre, John, carpenter
McKay, Wm., weaver
McKinney, James, stone mason
McLean, James, Road contractor

O'Neill, Mrs.

Patterson, James, publican and posting establishment

Shaw, Thomas G., publican and grocer
Shields, James, pensioner
Simpson, Robert, flax mill owner
Smith, John, farmer and secretary of creamery
Smith, Misses, drapery and grocery establishment
Steele, Edward, labourer

Wallace, Daniel, farmer
Wallace, John, farmer
Wallace, Wm. J., farmer and general merchant

Young, Mrs.


Bellingham, Thomas, Culmore
Crawford, George, farmer, Drumack
Dysart, James, Granagh
Dysart, Robert, farmer, Granagh
Dysart, Thomas, Granagh
Elder, James, Ballydonly
Ewart, James, labourer
Forbes, Robert, Churchtumlaght
Foster, David, farmer, Ballymaconly
Fullerton, Samuel, farmer, Culmore
Harvey, J. T., R.D.C., farmer, Moneyleck
Holmes, John, farmer. Slavney
Lynn, W., retired school master, Gortahare
Lynn, William, jun., Press correspondent, Gortahare
Magennis, General, The Lodge, Finvoy
Marks, George, farmer, Ballydonly
Mays, John, farmer, Culmore
McCaughern, Robert, farmer, Lisnagaver
McHenry, Samuel, R.D.C., Moneyleck
McLaughlin, James, ( McLaughlin's Corner ) publican
McLaughlin, James, jun., auctioneer and valuator
O'Fee, Daniel, Dreen
O'Hale, Felix, R. D. C., Tehorney
Rea, George, farmer, Chrushybracken
Ross, Thomas, mill owner
Scott, Robert J., Granagh
Smith, Robert J., farmer, Rosepark
Smyrell, George, farmer Ballymaconly
Wallace, John, teacher, Lisnagava
Wallace, Samuel R., Culmore
Wilson, R. J., Gortahare
Wilson, Samuel, R.D.C., farmer, Drumcon
Wilson, Thomas, Gortahare



Adams, D., hardware, grocer and provision merchant
Anderson, William, farmer, Aughnavallog
Annett & Son, drapers

Bell, David, grocer
Bell, David, farmer, Lurgancahone
Bell, John, grocer
Bell, J., barber
Bell, Robert, farmer, Kiltariff
Bell, R., painter
Bell, William, tailor and draper
Bell, W., emigration agent and publican
Bell, W. Y., painter and decorator
Benagh, S., seed merchant
Bennet, John, fruiterer
Bingham, John, Tullyquilly
Bingham, J., publican
Bingham, R., shoemaker and leather store
Brady, H. G., draper
Brady, Robt., Kiltariff
Brooks Bros., publicans
Bruce, William, brick maker and brick layer
Bullock, Isaac, blacksmith

Campbell, S., delph merchant
Cantley, David, builder
Cantley, George, shoe maker
Cantley, Samuel, farmer, Aughnavallog
Carson, Thomas, farmer and cow keeper, Tullyquilly House
Carter, Jos., publican
Casey, Samuel, team owner
Cassidy, J., draper
Conor, P., flax and seed merchant
Copeland, Mrs., Newry Street
Corbett, R., J.P., mill owner and grain merchant
Cowan, S. E., grocer
Cromie, A., mill owner
Cromie, James, farmer, Drumdrinagh
Cromie, John M., farmer, Drumdrinagh
Cromie, Samuel, farmer, Drumgreenan
Cromie, Samuel, farmer, Aughnavallog
Cromie, T., saddler
Crooks, R., grocer
Cupples, W., tailor and draper

Dalzell, Mrs., Temperance Hotel
Dalzell, Hugh, farmer, Aughnavallog
Dalzell, Robert, carpenter
Davidson, Joseph, poor law officer
Davison, David, mill owner, Drumnascamph
Davison, Samuel, farmer, Drumnascamph
Depoe, R., car owner
Dickson, Mrs., Newry Street
Dickson, James, farmer, Ballygorianmore
Dodds Brothers, drapers
Douay, J., coach builder and publican
Downey, A., butcher
Downey, D., publican
Downey, F., butcher
Downey, Lawrence, publican
Downey, L., general dealer and butcher
Doyle, James, J.P., Closkelt
Dunleavey & Co., drapers

Edgar, William, tailor
Elliott, Dr., dispensary medical officer
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, Jas. Watson, draper; Samuel Annett, draper; Hubert Murphy, Main Street
Ervine, John, Ballymagna

Fegan, Felix, draper
Fegan, John, Kiltariff Hall
Fegan, William, P.S.C.
Fitzpatrick, P., grocer and publican
Foster, Joseph, leather merchant
Fryar & McSpadden, solicitors

Gartlan, A., Cabra House
Gilchrist, S., insurance agent
Graham, Alex., farmer, Drumlough
Graham, Mrs., draper
Grant, E., draper

Hall, R. H., boot and shoe merchant
Hanna Alex., grocer and provision merchant
Hanna, David, grocer and provision merchant
Harbinson, John, farmer, Grallagh
Harbinson, Joseph, farmer, Grallagh
Harbinson, Robert, farmer, Grallagh
Harbinson, W., farmer, Tullyquilly
Harbinson, W., farmer, Granshaw
Hardy, Miss, publican
Hart, Miss, dress maker
Hart, William, farmer, Cavan
Hart, William, farmer, Tierfergus
Harvey, William, farmer, Aughnavallog
Haslett, Mrs.
Henning, James, grocer, Cavan
Henning, T., grocer
Heron, Dr., J.P., coroner
Heron, Richard, farmer, Tierfergus
Heron, R., grocer
Heron, James, car owner, Ballyroney
Heslip, J., watch maker
Heslip, Mrs., leather store
Heslip, W., hardware merchant
Heslop, S., insurance agent
Hillis, Robert, farmer, Tieragorey
Hudson, R. J., newsagent, stationer and cycle agent, auctioneer and valuator; agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Hutchinson, R., seed merchant

Ingram, John, grocer
Ingram, Samuel, farmer, Tierkelly
Ingram, Samuel, farmer, Ballyroney
Irwin, J., coal merchant and grocer

Johnston, J. B., auctioneer and hotel proprietor
Johnston, Miss, dress maker
Johnston, R., hotel proprietor
Johnstone, James, draper
Johnstone, R., clerk of markets
Johnstone, William, grocer

Kerr, Mrs., farmer, Hinchago
Kirk, A., emigration agent and publican
Kirk, Andrew, jun.
Kirk, Francis, farmer, Aughnavallog
Kirk, J.
Kirk, Marmaduke, Aughnavallog
Knox, R., farmer, Tierkelly
Knox, Stewart, farmer, Tierkelly

Lawson, Mrs., grocer
Lawson, R., carpenter
Lawson, S., grocer, Ardarragh
Logan, Rev. J., Lessize House
Lowry, Edward, J.P.
Lutton, R., grocer
Lyons, Alexander, farmer, Tullyquilly
Lyons, John, farmer, Tullyquilly
Lyons, Samuel, farmer, Ballycashone

Maginn, James, publican
Maginn, P., general dealer, publican and team owner
Malcomson Bros., contractors
May, Dr., J.P.
Minnis, D.
Mitchell, John, farmer, Grallagh
Moffett, J., seed merchant
Moore, E., leather merchant
Morgan, Mrs.
Morrison, J., provision merchant
Morrow, Rev. W., Drumdrinagh
Mulligan, Alex., J.P., Katesbridge
Murnin, B., publican
Murphy, Alexander, tailor
Murphy, D., grocer and provision dealer
Murphy, Hubert
Murphy, John, process server
Murphy, John L.
McAleavey, J., R.D.C., publican and grocer
McAlinden, J., butcher
McAnuff, J., tailor
McArdle, M., fruiterer and green grocer
McAuley, John, overseer for Inglis
McAuley, Miss, dress maker
McAvoy, J., emigration agent and publican
McAvoy, P., mill owner
McCandless, Dr. R., M.D.
McCann, P., grocer
McCaughey, P., publican and grocer
McCauley, David, grocer and hemstitching agent, Drumadonald
McClenehan, J. M., C.C., J.P.
McComb, Francis, farmer, Ballygorian
McConville, P., publican
McCready, John, farmer, Drumnascamph
McCreight, Mrs., publican
McCrum, S., farmer, Lessize
McDowell, Robert, J.P., Knock House
McDowell, Robert James, Edengarry House
McGloughlin, J. T., J.P., mill owner
McGrath, Mary, grocer
McIlroy, Michael, publican
McIlroy, Mrs., grocer and hemstitching agent, Katesbridge
McIlroy, William, Lessize
McKay, John, J.P., Cabra Towers, Cabra, Newry
McKee, David, farmer, Drumnascamph
McKnight, Robert, school teacher
McNeill, Mrs., grocer
McNeilly, Miss, grocer, Banfield
McPolin, J., tinsmith
McPolin, P., publican

Nelson, Mrs., Castle Hill
Nesbitt, Joseph, car owner

O'Hagan, Miss, publican
O'Hare & O'Hagan, solicitors
Orr, William, estate bailiff
Osborne, J., grocer and hemstitching office

Park, John, jun., grocer and hardware merchant
Park, J., sen., coal, hardware and seed merchant
Peters, Samuel, publican
Phoenix Fire Office, Agent, J. C. Wray, Belfast Bank
Price, John, cattle dealer

Rea, Samuel, farmer, Drumdrinagh
Rea, S. W. J., Lessize
Reavey, P., blacksmith and car owner
Riley, Miss, dress maker
Ronan, Wm., J.P., Kinghill
Ross, Alexander, farmer, Aughnavallog
Ross, John, painter
Ross, Joseph, farmer, Rosconnor
Rowan, Alex., sewing agent
Rowan, Hugh, grocer
Rowan, Thomas, grocer
Ryan, A., fruiterer

Shannon, Thos. M., chemist and druggist
Sheppard, Rev. W., Ballyroney
Shieran, Mrs., publican
Shilliday, James, farmer, Cavan
Shilliday, Wm., farmer, Cavan
Sloan, James, watchmaker
Smith, James, carter
Smith, P., hairdresser
Spiers, Andw., grocer, Clanmaghery
Spiers, Moses, hardware merchant and grocer
Spiers, Samuel J., farmer, Clanmaghery
Stevenson, R., engineer and motor car expert
Stewart, Alex., J.P., Reuhan Bridge
Stewart Bros., cattle dealers, Reuhan Bridge
Stewart, F., grocer
Stewart, John, farmer, Seafin
Stewart, Joseph, farmer, Ballyroney
Stewart, R., sen., saddler
Stewart, Robt., jun., saddler
Sun Fire and Life Offices, Agent, W. G. McSpadden, Solicitor
Swan, Miss, Grallagh House

Thompson, J., draper
Thomson, S., grocer
Toman, John, J.P., auctioneer, agent for Great Northern Railway (Ireland)
Toman, S., publican and grocer
Torney, H.
Trimble, John, plasterer and slater
Trimble, John, farmer, Shinn
Trimble, Joseph, plasterer and slater
Trimble, Miss, dress maker

Walsh, William, grocer, Lenish
Watson, James, grocer
Webb, E., watchmaker
Weir, James, farmer, Cross
Weir. John, restaurant keeper
Weir, J., grocer
Weir, W., implement works, Ballyroney
Wilson, F., postmaster
Wilson, Wm., agent for Lipton
Wright, James, farmer, Drumnascamph
Wright, Mrs., dressmaker
Wright, William, farmer, Aughnavallog
Wylie, Andw., coal and hardware merchant
Wylie, J., seed merchant, The Grove

Young, Robert, Ballyroney
Young & Co., drapers



R. I. Constabulary, Head Constable, J. Dusting, Sergeants Macnamara and Ballentine
Schools, Robertson N.S., D. Kelly, principal; Roman Catholic N.S., Male, P. O'Donnell, principal; female, Miss A. McGinty

Anderson, Mrs., newsagent

Batt, Charles L., C.P.S.
Batt, Colonel T. E., J.P., Rathmullan House
Batt, Miss Mary, Pier Road
Begley, John, car owner
Brock, Mrs., grocer

Callaghan, Patrick, spirit dealer
Coll, Wm., spirit merchant and car owner

Davies, Mrs., Pier House
Deeny, Edward, contractor
Doyne, Colonel
Duthie, Mrs., Priory, Castle Place

Edwards, Peter, Hollymount
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agent, Charles H. Hartt, General Merchant

Ferry, Patrick, boat builder

Gallagher, Rev. J. J., P.P.
Gallagher, Thomas, draper

Hartt, C. H., grocer
Henderson, William, postmaster

Irvine, Commander J. D'Arcy, Caraleena

Kerr, George, coastguard officer

Lennon, W. S., D.I. R.I.C.
Lloyd, Rev. W. B., A.M.
Long, Mrs., Seaview
Loughnan, Dr. M.

McCall, J., Drumhalla House
McFarland, Rev. John, P.M.
McGarvey, Samuel, grocer and car owner
McGrory, Daniel, publican and newsagent
McMackin Bros., car owners
McMenamin, M., Arms Hotel

Patton, John, butcher

Sheridan, John, contractor and builder
Sheridan, T., carpenter
Stewart, Robert, grocer

Todd, S., blacksmith
Toye, Bernard, pilot

Ward, John, spirit dealer and coal merchant
Wyatt, Lieutenant, R.N., Castle Place



Benson, Thos., furniture manufacturer
Berry, Major, The Castle, Richhill

Callaghan, John, boot merchant
Callaghan, Samuel, grocer, Stone Bridge, Richhill

Dodds, Henry, postman and shoe maker

Falloon, John, grocer, Ballyleaney

Griffiths, Dr., Richhill

Halligan, Wm., grocer, Richhill
Hardy, Martha, tanner, Richhill
Hoy, Mrs., grocer and publican

Jackson, Cranston, teacher, Mulladry, N.S., Richhill
Jackson, John, grocer and hardware merchant
Jones, Dromard, Richhill

Kane, D. W., grocer, funeral undertaker, iron and coal stores
Kennedy, George, publican

Lamb Bros., jam manufacturers, Fruitfield, Richhill
Lamb, Richard, grocer, egg and poultry dealer, Wheatfield, Portadown
Lavery, J., station master
Loney, Morrison, furniture manufacturer

Mallon, David, publican
McDonagh, Thomas, blacksmith
McDonagh & Fleet, furniture manufacturers
McMahon, John, school attendance officer
McMahon, Wm., teacher, Ballinahinch N.S., Richhill
McNally, Edward, cattle dealer
McNally, George, cattle dealer

Nesbitt, George, marine stores

Owlds, J., station master, Hamilton's Bawn, Richhill

Patterson, R., grocer, Kilmore

Rountree, Wm. John, furniture manufacturer
Ruddock, E., N.S. teacher, Kilmore

Towell, Joseph, wholesale furniture manufacturer
Troughton, F., grocer, Ballinahinch

Wilson, Charles, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Wilson, Charles, watch and clock repairer and agent for State Fire Insurance Co.


Albin, James, Rockmacraney
Albin, John, Rockmacraney, Richhill
Albin, Robert, Rockmacraney
Anderson, John W., farmer and road contractor, Drumorgan, Richhill
Atkinson, Henry, cess collector, Greenmount, Richhill

Bains, Isaac, farmer, Druman
Best, F. J., Richhill
Best, Jacob B., Richhill
Best, William, Richhill
Blakley, Wm., Rockmacraney
Boyce, Elisha, Corcreevy
Boyce, R. G., Sandyvale, Richhill
Bradshaw, Wm., farmer, Druman

Callaghan, Samuel, Stonebridge, Richhill
Chapman, Absolam, Drumnahuncheon
Chapman, Absolam, Drumnahuncheon, Richhill
Chapman, John, Mulladry, Richhill
Clinton, Robert, Mullaghdry, Richhill
Connor, Joseph, Liskyboro, Richhill

Davidson, William, Cloughan, Richhill
Doyle, Thos., egg dealer, Richhill

Finnegan, G., Drumnahuncheon, Richhill
Finigan, Geo., road contractor, Drumnahuncheon, Richhill

Hall, Richard, Ballinahinch
Halligan Bros., Annarea, Richhill
Hardcastle, Henry, manager, Fruitfield, Richhill
Hardy, Thomas H., Richhill
Heatley, Wm., farmer, Druman
Hewitt, Mark, Kilmore, Richhill
Hewitt, S. J., Crewcat, Richhill
Hewitt, W. J., Ballyleaney, Richhill
Hill, David, farmer, Druman
Hitchinsin, John, Liskyboro, Richhill
Hobson, James, Kilmore, Richhill
Hutchinson, John, Cloughan, Richhill
Hutchinson, John, Cloughan, Richhill

Irwin, Johnston, Shewis, Richhill

Jackson, David, Mulladry, Richhill
Jackson, Steenson, Mulladry, Richhill
Jenkinson, Abraham, Cloughan, Richhill
Johnston, George, Kilmore, Richhill
Johnston, Irwin, Shewis, Richhill
Johnston, John, Rockmacraney
Johnston, Joseph, McCantrim, Richhill
Johnston, Rev. Richard, Kilmore, Richhill
Johnston, William, Corcreevy, Richhill

Kane, D. W., Richhill

Lamb, C. B., Sandymount, Richhill
Lamb, John, Mullaletra, Richhill scythe-stone quarries
Lamb, Richard, farmer, poultry, and egg dealer, Wheatfield, Portadown
Linton, John, farmer and miller, Druman
Loney, James, Corcreevy
Loney, John, farmer, Liskyborough, Richhill
Loney, Thomas, Crewcat, Richhill
Loney, William, fruit dealer, Likaborough, Richhill

Magowan, R., Richhill
Meares, George, Cloughan
McAllister, George, Cavan, Richhill
McAllister, James, Cavan, Richhill
McCallister, William, Cavan, Richhill
McMahon, Mary, Kilmore, Richhill
McNally, John, farmer and cattle dealer, Course Lodge, Richhill

Nelson, John, farmer, Mulaletragh
Nesbitt, Jackson, mail car driver, Anarea

Pearson, Edwin, farmer, Drumard Jones

Redmond, A. W., Moss Park House, Richhill
Riddall, Walter, Richhill
Rountree, Robt., Mulladry, Richhill
Running, Wm., Woodview, Armagh
Rutherford, Wm., farmer and sexton, Kilmore Church, Richhill

Singleton, Major, Liskyboro
Singleton, Wilson, Mullalelish, Richhill
Sinton, John, farmer and miller, Druman
Sintons, The Misses, Greenmount, Richhill
Spence, Thomas, farmer, Anarea
Stothers, Wilson, Cavan, Richhill

Timmins, Francis, grocer, Cavan, Richhill
Troughton, John, Mullalelish, Richhill
Troughton, Thomas, Drumard Jones, Richhill
Troughton, Thos., Drumardjones, Richhill

Walker, James, Mulladry, Richhill
Walker, Samuel, farmer and tailor, Ballyleaney, Richhill
Wilson, Edward, Richhill
Wilson, J., Hockly Lodge
Wilson, Wm., Annahill, Richhill
Wright, James, Mulladry, Richhill
Wright, Robert, Hockly, Armagh



Bannister, J., Ballymoney
Barker, Rev. W. C., Rosina
Bell, R., bar man
Bell, Wm., Synite Place
Beggs, Mrs., Church Street
Boyd, Miss, Oakwood House
Brady, T. H., Studley
Burns, T. P., school teacher

Campbell, Mrs. A., Rosetta
Canning, Hon. A. S. G., The Lodge
Cole, John, coal merchant
Coulter, Constable, Synite Place
Crawford, Mrs., spirit dealer and hardware establishment
Crawley, J., Forrest Brook Linen Company
Cull, Miss, Killowen Terrace
Cunningham, J., Roxboro Terrace
Cunningham, Miss, Bayview House

Donnolly, P., Rose Cottage
Douglas, Mrs., Bellevue, Killowen
Drury, Rev. T. E., The Vicarage
Dunn, Bernard, refreshment rooms, The Quay
Dunn, Bernard, auctioneer and draper
Dunn, D., farmer
Dunlop, Rev., Methodist Manse
D'Arcy, Miss, Killowen Terrace

Emerson, Miss, Southview
English and Scottish Law Life Office, W. J. Watson, J.P., Bellevenue

Fearon, J. A., spirit dealer
Ford, Miss, Lisna-arran

Gilcriest, Mrs., Glenmore Terrace
Goodwin, Mrs., posting establishment
Graham, Hugh, mill manager
Grant, Mrs., West View
Grills, Thos., carpenter, Synite Place
Gwynne, Jas. D., farmer, Drumreagh
Gwynne, R., Bridge Street
Gwynne, Wm. J., farmer, Drumreagh

Hall, Mrs. F., Moygannon
Halligan, Miss, Southview
Hanley, Mrs., Cloughmore Terrace
Hay-of-Park, Lady, Roland Terrace
Hillis, Miss, Church Street
Horner, Francis, J.P., Strathmore
Houston, Mrs., May Cottage
Hughes, Arthur, Central Hotel
Hughes, Thomas, Roland Terrace

Innes, Miss, The Anchorage
Irwin, James, grocer

Kilmorey, Earl of, Mourne Park, Kilkeel

Laye, Mrs., Baymount
Leslie, C. E. T., Killowen
Lightbody, N., builder
Little, M., New Villa
Livingstone, Miss, Windermere

Mahood, Samuel, painter and house agent
Malcolm, Miss, milliner, Bridge Street
Martin, R. & D., Bleach Green
Matthews, Andrew, farmer, Killowen
Moffat, Hugh, farmer, Killowen
Morgan, M., postman, Church Street
Morgan, Rev. Thomas, The Manse
Murray, Miss, Belmont Villas
McAnulty, Mrs., Fair View
McBrien, P., Killowen Terrace
McBride, Avoca Terrace
McCain, Mrs., Glenview Terrace
McCartney, J., grocer, Synite Place
McCullough, David, grocer, hotel
McFarland, Mrs., Seapoint
McKinley, Wm., Bridge Street
McNamara, Sergeant R.I.C.
McNeilly, Mrs., Rock Cottage
McNeilly, Robert, Roxburgh Place

Norton, A., Clooneavin
Nugent, Major, Ballyedmond Castle, Killowen

Orme, Mrs., Ranfurly
O'Learey, Mrs., Glenmore Hotel

Phoenix Fire Office, Agents, William Shaw, W. J. Watson, Bellevenue
Purdy, J., school teacher

Radford, Bros., The Craig
Rainey, General, Drumboe
Ramadge, Miss, Woodhouse
Reilly, Miss, Killowen Terrace
Reilly, tram conductor
Richards, E., Arnos Vale
Rolston, T., organist, Mary Street
Ross-of-Bladensberg, Col. E., Fairy Hill
Ross of Bladensburg, Sir John, Rostrevor House

Shaw, William, Mary Street; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Sinton, D. C., family grocer
Sinton, R., Mountain View
Smith, Mrs., draper
Stewart, Miss, lady superintendent Queen Victoria Home of Rest
Synott, The Misses, Ghann

Taylor, Mrs., Roland Terrace
Thomson, Edward, The Woodhouse
Turritin, A., farmer, Newtown

Vandeleur, Miss, Old Hall
Vesey, T. A., M.D., Knapton
Von Stieglitz, Mrs.

Wade, Mrs., BonaVista
Warburton, J. W., Carpenham
Watson, Wm. Jas., architect, Benvenue
Weir, Mrs., Roseleigh
Whitaker, Edward, Glenview Terrace
Whittaker, Miss, Avoca Terrace
White, M., butcher
Wilson, Gardner, St. Bruno's

Woodburn, Rev. J. B., Killowen Terrace



Adams, David, National school teacher
Anderson, David, farmer, Ballyaugherty
Anderson, George, grocer
Anderson, James, farmer, Carsontown
Anderson, Joseph, carpenter, Ballyaugherty
Anderson, Matthew, Lisdoonan
Anderson, The Misses, Fairview
Anderson, William, Woodside
Arbuckle, Miss Bella, N.S. teacher
Auld, Robert, labourer

Bailie, W. M., grocer
Bailie, Wm., farmer, Ballymacramery
Batten, Alexander, grocer
Beattie, D., farmer, Tonaghmore
Beattie, Mrs., Tonaghmore
Beattie, Samuel, farmer, Drumnaconnell
Beattie, Wm. H., Cahard
Bennett, Abraham, farmer, Ballyaugherty
Bennett, Andrew, farmer, Maysford
Bennett, Francis, farmer, Lessans
Bennett, Wm., farmer, Lessans
Blain, James, carrier
Boucher, Samuel, farmer, Ballynockan
Boyle, Henry, car owner
Brown, David, Carricknaveigh
Brown, Robert, Killeny
Burton, Joseph, blacksmith

Cardwell, John, Deen's Place
Cardwell, Samuel, Tonaghmore
Carlisle, H. H., M.R.C.V.S., Main Street
Carlisle, Miss, dress maker
Carson, W. J., retired farmer
Clarke, Mrs., dress maker; Ladies' Tailoring a Speciality
Coffey, Hgh, Mill View
Collins, S., carter
Collins, Wm., farmer, Ballycloughan
Connolly, Wm. James, farmer, Ballycloughan
Coulter, Samuel, Carricknaveigh
Craig, Mrs., Main Street
Craig, William James, farmer, Carsontown
Crawford, S., Belfast Bar, Main Street
Crawford, Thomas, spirit dealer
Creen, Henry, painter
Crosby, Ellen
Crosby, Henry and James, farmers, Aughnaderragh
Crosbey, Mrs., farmer, Carsonstown
Currough & Co., mill owners

Dales, Mrs. William, Fairview Cottage
Davidson, W. J., boot and shoe warehouse
Davison, John, Jennyvale
Davison, Samuel, marine store
Davison, Samuel, Lessans
Dobbin, Rev. Alex., Boardmills
Dobbin, Rev. J. Wilson, Boardmills
Dodds, Samuel, farmer, Carricknacessan
Donnan, Hugh, Cahard
Donnan, Thomas, farmer, Cahard
Dunlop, Hugh, National School teacher
Dunn, J., Boardmills

Edgar, Joseph J., Carricknaveigh
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agent, W. O. Martin, Belfast Bank

Ferguson, Samuel and William, farmers, Tonaghmore
Flack, Marguerite, N.S. teacher

Gamble, Robert, farmer, Aughley
Garrett, Mrs., farmer, Ballynockan
Garrett, W. J., farmer, Ballynockan
Gill, John, J.P., Lisbane
Gill, John, Killeny
Gillespie, Robert, Carricknaveigh
Girvin, Robert, carpenter
Gordon, Miss Annie, The Terrace
Gordon, The Misses, Fair View
Graham, Mrs.
Grant, James, plasterer

Hambleton, Frederick, station master
Hamilton, Robert, saddler, Main Street
Hamilton, F., railway porter
Hamilton, Wm., farmer
Hanvey, J., Gate Lodge, Saintfield Demesne
Harper, Mrs., bonnet maker
Harris, Robert and Hugh, farmers, Aughley
Hayes, Jane, refreshment rooms
Hegan, Mrs., Temple, Carricknaveigh
Hewitt, John, jun., railway man
Hewitt, John, grocer and corn dealer
Hewitt, Samuel, shoe maker
Hewitt, William, refreshment rooms
Hynds, George, merchant tailor
Hynds, Wm., The Lodge, Lisdalgin

Ireland, James, farmer, Lessans
Ireland, Wm., farmer, Leggygowan

Johnston, James, Leggygowan
Johnston, John, farmer, Leggygowan
Johnston, Samuel, farmer, Leggygowan
Jordan, James, farmer, Lisdalgan
Jordan, Samuel, shoemaker

Kelly, James, quarryman
Kennedy, Mrs., lodging house
Kerr, John
Kinghan, Alfred, tailor
Kinghan, Samuel H., National teacher, Tully West
Kirk, Francis, grocer
Kirkpatrick, David, Boardmills
Kirkpatrick, John, Drumnaconnell

Lily, George, grocer
Lindsay, Alexander, carpenter
Lowry, Miss
Lowry, William, carpenter
Lynd, J.
Lyons, Joseph, butcher
Lyttle, James, Carricknaveigh

Macartney, George, Tonaghmiere House
Macartney, R. J., Tonaghneivgh
Mageean, Jas., farmer, Leggygown
Malcolm, John, Drumalig
Marshall, James, woollen draper
Marshall, John, farmer, Drumnaconnell
Martin, Robert, Lisbane
Massey, Jas. W., farmer, Carricknacessan
Mason, William, weigh master
Matchett, R. J., No. 1 National school teacher
Maxwell, John, farmer, Lessans
Maxwell, T. B., merchant tailor, Main Street
Minnis Brothers, grocers and hardware merchants, Main Street
Minnis, J. W., Ballynockan
Model Farm
Monaghan, T., No. 2 National School teacher
Moody, Andrew Todd, Woollen draper
Moody, Rev. J., Boardmills
Moody, Robert, woollen draper
Moore, Armytage H., Rowallen
Moore, Samuel, farmer, Lisdalgin
Moore, Thomas, spirit dealer
Morrow, Daniel, Lisbane
Morrow, J. Rae, Lisbane
Morrow, Robert, Lisbane
Morrow, Robert, Lisbane
Morrow, Thomas B., Tullywest
Murdock, Arthur, farmer, Ballyaugherty
Murray, Daniel, spirit dealer
Murray, Thomas, cattle dealer
McBrier, James A., farmer, Carsontown
McBurney, W. M., mill owner
McCandless, Rev. J. L., Boardmills
McCarthy, Mrs., dress maker
McCartney, Wm., farmer, Leggygowan
McCaughtry, Andrew, farmer, Aughley
McClenaghan, David, car owner
McClenaghan, William, carpenter
McConnell, William, jun., carrier
McCreary, Robert, Millhill
McCullough, Mrs., Carricknacessan
McCullough, William, Lisdoonan
McEwen, James, farmer
McIlwain, Miss, Drumnaconnell
McIlwaine, James, grocer and provision dealer; agent for Richardson Manures
McKee, David, family grocer, provision dealer and seed merchant
McKee, David, family grocer, provision dealer and seed merchant, Main Street
McKee, James, farmer, Aughley
McKee, Samuel
McKibbin, James, labourer
McKibbin, James, jun., labourer
McMinn, Richard, farmer, Ravarra
McRobert, James, Price's Arms Hotel, Main Street
McRobert, John, blacksmith
McRoberts, Andrew, Leggygowan
McVeigh, Martin, tailor

Neill, James, shoe maker
Nelson, Joseph, shoe maker
Newell, John, cattle dealer
Newell, Robert, Car owner, Grocery, Provisions and Refreshments, Main Street

O'Neill, James, carpenter
O'Rourke, John, police constable
Orr, David, Carsontown Mill Farm
Orr, David, farmer, Ballycloughan
Orr, John, Saintfield Cottage
Orr, Wm., Leggygowan

Patterson, Alfred, farmer, Fortview House, Tonaghmore
Patterson, James, farmer, Tonaghmore
Paterson, John, farmer, School Hill, Tonaghmore
Patterson, Robert, Drumalig
Patterson, William H., farmer, Tonaghmore
Peak, James, spirit dealer
Perry, Martin, woollen draper, Main Street
Perry, Nathaniel, draper
Phoenix Fire Office, Agent, William C. Martin, Belfast Bank
Pollock, John, letter carrier
Prentice, James, Carricknaveigh
Prentice, Wm., Carricknaveigh
Price, Major M. Blackwood, J.P., Saintfield House

Rea, David, Carson Dam House
Rea, Hugh, petty sessions clerk
Rea, James, Lisdalgin
Rea, James, Lisbane
Rea, Miss, Saintfield
Rea, Mrs. J., grocer
Rea, William, farmer, Lessans
Reid, Alex., farmer, Ballynockan
Reid, Mrs., Tonaghmore
Ritchie, Mrs., refreshment rooms
Robinson, Mrs., farmer, Ballynockan
Roy, W. J., engineer, mechanic, etc., Main Street

Scott, F. H., M.D., dispensary doctor
Scott, James, grocer
Scott, Jas., farmer, Lisdalgin
Scott, John, farmer
Scott, Samuel, farmer, Creevy
Shanks, Mrs., farmer
Shaw, J., farmer, Carricknacessan
Shaw, Wm. J., farmer, Carricknacessan
Shepherd, John, farmer, Glassdrummond
Sheppherd, Francis, farmer, Glassdrummond
Sheppherd, Henry, farmer, Ballycloughan
Sheppherd, John, jun., Glassdrummond
Simpson, David, farmer, Ravarra
Simpson, Robt., spirit dealer
Simpson, Wm., farmer, Ballycloughan
Skelly, Alexander M., tailor
Skelly, Hugh, boot, shoe and general drapery merchant, The Corner House
Stranahan, Robt., leather merchant, boot shop and newsagent. Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Smyth, James, blacksmith
Smyth, J. F., Carsontown
Sun Fire and Life Offices, Agent, F. W. Minnis

Thompson, Jas., Lisowen Cottage
Thompson, Wm., Mill owner, Boardmills

Williamson, W. J.
Withers, R., civil bill officer
Woods, Miss, dress maker
Wright, John, shoe maker

Yeates, James & Thomas, farmers, Augley
Yeates, Mrs., grocer and boarding house
Young, Robert, carpenter



Adamson, James, grocer, Crown House
Anderson, Thomas, Terryhoogan House

Bailie, Hugh, farmer
Bailie, W., monitor
Barr, Hugh, ex-sergeant
Bingham, H., farmer
Bingham, Wm., farmer
Black, John, farmer, Auglish

Chambers Bros., farmers and flax mill owners
Chambers, Saml., mill owner
Clarke, Adam, organist mission hall
Clarke, Andrew, Island House
Clarke, John, station master, Railway Bridge House
Clarke, Wm., carpenter and band master
Cochrane, Alex., carpenter
Cole, Andrew, farmer
Cole, David, farmer
Convery, P., farmer
Cousins, Moses, farmer
Crothers, Samuel, weaver
Crozier, Mrs., Monclone

English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agent, A. McElvaine, Union Lodge
Ewart, Thos., weaver

Fair, Mrs. M. E., shop keeper
Fleck, John, rural postman
Fleming, John
Freeburn, Miss E., school assistant and organist of parish church
Fulton, Wm., pensioner

Gavan, Michael, signalman
Gillespie, Wm., farmer
Gracey, John, farmer, Druminargle House
Greenaway, Elizabeth, weaver
Greenaway, Thomas, weaver

Hamilton, James, weaver
Hanna, Jacob, boot and shoe maker
Hanna, The Misses, haberdashers
Hawthorne, Jas., sexton Presbyterian Church
Hawthorne, James, grocer
Heak, Edw., signalman
Holland, R., egg merchant

Jones, Mrs. Hugh, coal merchant
Jones, Robert, weaver

Maguire, J. P., wine and spirit merchant
Martin, James, mason
Mathers, John, farmer
Minnis, Samuel, carpenter and postman
Moffatt, John, farmer
Moore, Robert, station master
McBrien, John, railway inspector
McCombe, Joseph, carpenter
McConville, John, cattle dealer
McCullagh, Alex., navvy
McCullough, George, grocer and coal merchant
McDowell, Joseph, weaver
McKee, Joseph
McMahon, Alex., navvy
McMurray, John, posting establishment
McMurray, Moses, rural postman
McParland, Andrew, blacksmith

Napier, Henry, sexton Church of Ireland

Patton, John, grocer
Patton, Thomas, farmer
Phoenix Fire Office, Agent, Andrew McElvaine, Union Lodge
Purdy, Jane, weaver
Purdy, Miss C., school assistant and organist of parish church

Reid, Dymock, farmer, Diamond Lodge
Rice, Thomas, farmer
Robinson, Mrs., farmer
Ruddock, Robert, farmer

Shanks, S. & J., linen manufacturers, table linens, diapers and sheetings
Sterrit, Samuel, thatcher

Taggart, John, farmer
Taggart, Samuel, contractor
Taylor, M. A., Temperance Hotel, Grocery and Hardware, Postmistress, News and Shipping Agent; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Thomson, Henry, D.L., J.P., Scarva House
Toale, James, pig killer
Tuft, James, farmer
Tully, Moses, farmer

Warwick, James A., farmer, Lakeview
Whitten, Charles, farmer
Whitten, John, farmer
Williams, Henry, wine and spirit merchant
Woods, S., general draper



Adams, C. J. S., Shinan House

Bourke, G. J., M.D., coroner
Brennan, M., boot and leather warehouse

Cassidy, James, cattle dealer
Cassidy, P., boot and shoe warehouse and publican
Clisdell, John W.
Coyle, Owen, publican
Craig, Rev. John, B.A., Glassleck Manse

Dermott, Alice

Fidgeon, F., harness maker
Finningan, M., tailor ( Finnigan )

Halpin, Miss A., grocer

Keelan, James, victualler

Leavy, L., spirit grocer

MacCamas, S., grocer
MacElroy, E., grocer
MacMahon, M., grocer
Marron, Thomas, farmer, grocer, timber, spirit and hardware merchant, Corbeagh
Mullen, Miss A., grocer
McCaghey, Joseph, grocer
McCollum, Joseph, farmer
McCullagh, Wm., farmer and mill owner, Glassleck
McEntee, B.
McEntee, Francis, hardware and grocery
McEntee, P., grocer and spirit dealer
McGahey, S., coach builder
McGee, M., car driver
McGruddy, James
McKenna, O. E., auctioneer and hotel keeper
McPhillips, Thos., carpenter

Nelson, James, grocer
Nelson, Joseph, carpenter

O'Reilly Bros., publicans
O'Reilly, Patrick, J.P., P.L.G., chairman R.D.C., farmer, Croaklusty
O'Reilly, T., draper

Parker, W., grocer, timber and hardware merchant and auctioneer

Sankey, Mrs.
Sloan, Isaac, grocer and spirit dealer
Sloan, Thomas, draper
Sloane, M., grocer and spirit dealer
Smith, S., tinsmith

Traynor, F. W., grocer and publican
Traynor, J., draper
Traynor, Thos., farmer
Wright, J., draper and milliner and Temperance Hotel


Argue, John, Tullabrick
Clarke, James, Milltown
Coyle, Owen, Lecks
Cumming, J. W., Kilmacaran
Daly, Owen, Lecks
Daly, Patrick, Corbeagh
Daniel, Edward, Corravilla
Dermott, John, Darkley
Eakins, Thomas R., Northlands
Eakins, Wm., Derry
Fox, Thomas, Killcrossduff
Gray, Robert W., Derry
Harpur, Thomas, Drumhilla
Johnston, George, Derry
Johnston, James, Lisnadarra
Leavy, Patrick, Crolia
Lee, Charles, Darkley
Lindsay, Thomas R., Killcrossbeg
Molloy, Patrick, Corracharra N.S.
Murray, James, Drumhilla
Myles, Thomas, Darkley
McCamas, Wm., Carrickacreeny
McDermott, Mrs., Lecks
McDermott, Patrick, Annaherin
McElroy, Edward, Corgreagh
McEnaney, Peter, Corgreagh
McEntee, Patrick, publican
McGuinnes, Thomas, Lisnadarra
McLoughlin, Wm., Kilmacran
Nulty, James, Annafarney
O'Connor, James, Glassleck
O'Reilly, Patrick, Glassleck
Reburn, James, Lisnadarra
Reilly, Michael, Darkly Mills
Reilly, Michael, Mullabrack
Smith, Thomas, Tullabrick
Traynor, F. W., Island House
Traynor, J., Dromod
Wallace, Ben, Carrickacreeny



Anderson, James, farmer
Anderson, J., contractor
Anderson, R. D. A., merchant
Anderson, R. H., J.P., Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Anderson, W. S., farmer
Anderson, William, grocer
Armstrong, J., merchant

Baxter, William, grocer
Brown, Robert, cattle dealer

Clarke, Miss M., dress maker
Colhoune, William, publican

Devlin, John, publican and posting
Dixon, Misses, dress makers
Dixon, William, tailor
Donaghey, Andrew, boot maker
Donaghey, John, boot and shoe dealer and leather cutter
Donaghy, Hugh, blacksmith
Donaghey, John, leather merchant

English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agent, R. H. Anderson, J.P.
Finegan, D., station master
Fox, John, boot maker

Houston, Robert, boot maker
Houston, Miss, dress maker

Johnston, R., builder
Junk, J. B., clerk of P.S.C.

Kelly, George, J.P.
Kelly, Mrs., grocer
Kelly, Peter, publican
Kerr, J., carpenter

Maguire, P. J., publican
Maguire, Thomas, letter carrier
Marshall, C., teacher
Mulholland, Joseph, cattle dealer
McAleer, H. K., publican
McFarland, J., draper and emigration agent
McGirr, Francis, boot maker
McGowan, J., postman
McKee, Miss E., N.S. teacher
McLearn, Thomas, grocer and posting
McLoughlin, J. H., grocer, druggist and printer
McNamee, Patrick, blacksmith

Overend, Mrs.

Phoenix Fire Office, Agent, R. H. Anderson, J.P.

Rafferty, Patrick, publican
Rafferty, Rose, merchant
Rogers, Patrick, grocer and spirit store

Scott, Robert, tailor
Stuart, Rev. S. D.
Swyton, R. J., smith

Ward, Miss M., N.S. teacher
Williams, Rev. C. R.



Anderson, Charles, land steward, Stuart Hall and Eary House
Anderson, William, Ballymaguire
Auterson, Mrs., Gortnaskea

Begley, John, cart maker
Boyd, John, Ross
Brown, Andrew, egg merchant
Brown, Miss, news agent
Brown, Robt., grocer and hardware and leather merchant
Burrows, H. S., spirit dealer and posting establishment

Castlestuart, the Earl of, Stuart Hall
Chambers, John, Ballymaguire
Charlemont, Viscount, C.B., D.L., Drumcarne
Chestnutt, Rev. Osborne, Ballyclog Rectory
Creaney, Thos., painter, etc.
Cunningham, Rev. H. H., Ardboe Rectory

Davison, Robert, J.P., The Cottage
Devlin, James, saddler
Donnelly, John, spirit dealer
Doris, John, grocer and spirit merchant
Drummond, J. J., station master, G.N.R.
Dudgeon, S. C., & Co., grocers, hardware, leather and timber merchants
Dunn, Robert, lime merchant, Gortatray

Ekin, Samuel E., J.P., Soarn
Ellison, John, tailor
Ellison, Margaret, milliner and fancy warehouse
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, Andrew Johnston, The Square; R. J. Stevenson, C.P.S.

Ferguson, Frederick, Shankey
Forde, Miss, teacher, Shankey N.S.

Garnett, Rev. Charles L., Ardtrea Rectory
Griffeth, M. J., Weir's Hotel

Hamilton, William
Harris, J. Porter, solicitor
Harris, The Misses, Prospect House
Henderson, Robert, builder and contractor
Henderson, Stewart, saddler
Henderson, Thomas J., The Rocks
Henderson, W. Henry, Annie Hill
Hogg, Thomas, Tullyconnell

Ingram, Mrs., coffee rooms

Johnston, Andrew, surveyor and valuer
Johnston, William, Curglasson

Kelly, F., draper
Kelly, Mrs., draper, boot and shoe merchant
Kelly, Robert, carpenter
Kennedy, Mrs., Mullantean

Lee, Alexander N., Coole
Logan, Charles. J.P., hardware and grocer, emigration, insurance and news agent, stationer and journalist
Lowe, William, Ballywhollan

Magill, S. R., J.P., Mullantean
Martin, J. & R., blacksmiths, Aughlargue
Megaw, J., farmer, Linneyglass
Megaw, Miss, Stewartstown
Megaw, The Misses, Killoon
Megaw, William J., Legmurn
Monck, Rev. J. S., Clonoe Rectory
Morgan, Robert, boot and shoe maker
Morrison, John, flesher
Mulholland, Mrs., Imperial Hotel
McCord, Mrs., dress maker
McCord, W.
McIntyre, William, blacksmith, Ballyclog
McKenna, Thomas, Railway Hotel
McKiver, James, grocer, delf merchant
McReynolds, Misses, Ballymaguire
McReynolds, T. A., Kingsmills

Newell, Alex., Stewartstown
Newell, William, Lisaclare

O'Rourke, Chas., egg and fowl dealer

Park, Francis, grocer and mail carrier
Park, James, cooper
Park, Samuel, grocer and lessee of markets
Patterson, Alex., blacksmith
Phoenix Fire Office, Agents, Andrew Johnston, The Square; R. J. Stevenson

Quigley, Mrs., draper
Quin, Mrs. Francis, grocer
Quinn, Christopher, J.P.

Rainey, Samuel B., Eary
Reid, John H., Donaghendry Cottage
Robinson, W. G., F.S.I., Roughan Park

Shuter, James C, J.P., Barnhill
Simpson, Joseph, saddler
Simpson, Miss, dress maker
Sinclair, Wm., flax miller, Spamount
Spencer, Robert, Lydia Villa
Stevenson, Miss, milliner and draper
Stevenson, Richard, boot and shoe maker
Stevenson, Robert, grocer, provision and hardware merchant
Stevenson, R. J., clerk of petty sessions and commissioner for oaths
Stewart, H. K., Drumcairne
Stewart, Robert J., Ballywholen
Stewart, William, Templereagh Mills

Tohal, Hugh, flesher, etc.
Torrens, Rev. William, Albany Manse
Turtle, Thomas, Drumgormal

Vance, Joseph, Inevall

Wallace, William, letter carrier
Wilson, Robert, shoe maker
Woods, Mrs., grocer, baker, hardware, seeds, Newsagent; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Woodside, Dr.



Abercorn, The Duke of, Barons Court
Aikin, A. W., saddler, Castle Street
Anderson, John, merchant, Main Street
Anderson, John, cycle agent, Castle Street

Baillie, Major, J.P., Melmount
Bannagan, James, nurseryman, Chapel Street
Bates, R., & Co., merchants, Abercorn Square
Baxter, H., saddler, Bridge Street
Blair, R. J., printer, bookseller, stationer, newsagent and toy dealer, Main Street; agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Boyd, John, M.D. and surgeon, Donegal County Infirmary
Britton, J., J.P., M.D., L.R.C.S., Hazelwood
Browne, Charles, wine merchant
Bruce, E. & M., drapers, Main Street
Buchanan, John, cycle agent, Railway Road
Burns, Thomas, pawn broker, Back Street
Burroughs, J., photographer, Railway Road

Casey, T., grocer and publican, Castle Place
Clarke, James, Porthall
Clarke, P., wine and provision stores, Lifford
Clarke, Rev. Edward
Clarke & Co., wholesale wine and spirit merchants, Main Street
Cochrane, Hugh, solicitor, Church Street
Colhoun, John, grocer, Main Street
Connor, Mrs., milliner
Conroy, Michael, draper, Main Street
Craig & Ferguson, grocers, Main Street

Davison, J., plumber and gasfitter, Newtown Street
Delap, Rev. A. H., incumbent
Dillon, James, butcher, Bridg end
Dillon, Messrs., & Sons, butchers, Castle Place
Divine & Co., tea merchants, Main Street
Doherty, Mrs. R., publican, Main Street
Donnell, J., coal and timber merchant
Donnell, S., & Co., general merchants
Donnelly, J., butcher, Markethouse Street
Doran, P.. baker, Main Street
Dougherty, Wm., cooper, Townsend Street
Dowd, Ellen, Ulster Hotel
Dunne, James, publican, Main Street

Elliott, John, Castle House
Elliott & Sons, The Castle
English and Scottish Law Life, Agents, Alexander Weir, J.P., Abercorn Square; W. P. Moody, Solicitor, Abercorn Road; John Perry, Market Street
Ewing, John, jeweller, Castle Street

Feely, R., painter, Main Street
Feely, Thomas B., Tulagh-na-greine
Fulton, Wm., Edymore
Fury, T., publican, Patrick Street

Gailey, J., grocer, Main Street
Gallagher, Edward, J.P., merchant, Main Street
Gallagher, John, publican, Markethouse
Gallagher, J., merchant tailor, Main Street
Gallagher, P., solicitor, Bowling green
Gallagher, R., photographer, Main Street
Gormley, Mrs., publican, Patrick Street
Gormley, R., publican, Lifford Street
Gormley & Browne, merchants, Abercorn Square
Gosselin, Captain, R.M., Melmont, Strabane
Gray, John, & Co., boot and shoe maker, Main Street
Grey, E., printer, bookseller and stationer, Main Street
Griffin, W., fruiterer, Railway Street

Hamilton, Andrew, ironmonger, emigration agent and funeral undertaker, Main Street
Hamilton, R., grocer, Abercorn Square
Harpur & Sons, merchants, Main Street
Harte, A. J., watch maker, Castle Street
Harte, W., publican, Lifford
Herdman, Captain J. C, Camus
Herdman, E. C, Carricklee House
Herdman, E. T., D.L., Sion Mills
Herdman & Co., flax and tow spinners, Sion Mills
Hill, James, & Co., Castle Street
Honeyford & Co., butter and egg merchants, Castle Street
Howie, J. J., stationer and newsagent
Humphreys, T. W. D., J.P., Donoughmore
Hunter, Miss, Derry Road
Hunter, Rev. A., Croghan House, Lifford

Jarvis, John, delph and china merchant, Main Street

Keatly, William, Bowling green
Kelly, P., publican, Main Street
Kennedy, Mrs., Mourne Hotel
Kennedy, James, merchant, Main Street
Kilgrove, J., grocer, Meetinghouse Street
King Bros., merchants, Castle Street
Knox, Captain Wm. Knox, J.P., D.L., Clonleigh House

Law, Mrs., plumber and gasfitter, Abercorn Square
Leggat, G., grocer and spirit merchant, Lifford
Lowry, A. & J., grocers, Main Street
Lowry, James, J.P., Milltown Cottage, Strabane

Mackay, J. A., auctioneer and valuator
Magee, Miss Ruby, Telephone Call Office, Railway Street
Maguire, Hugh, auctioneer, New Street
Mahaffy & Co., merchants, Abercorn Square
Marshall, Messrs., chemists, Main Street
Mellon, John, wholesale and retail draper and boot merchant, Butcher Street
Millar, J. W., boot and shoe merchant, Main Street
McAnaw, D., baker
McAraw, J., baker, Castle Street
McAnaw, D., merchant
McCafferty, Daniel, builder, contractor, etc., Market House Street and Lifford Street
McClay, James, builder, Bridge end
McColgan, John, spirit and boot merchant, Main Street
McCosker, J. & G., painters, Main Street
McCrorey, William, press correspondent, Patrick Street
McCrossan, J., merchant tailor, Townhall Street
McDevitt:, Miss, publican, Railway Road
McDevitt, Wm., publican, Church Street
McElhenny, T., baker and confectioner, Main Street
McElwaine, C. J., Commercial Hotel
McElwaine, J. J., Farmers' Inn, Castle Street
McFadden, Bernard, secretary of the Donegal County Council, Lifford
McGifford, J. J., pawn broker, Back Street
McIvor, James, wholesale wine merchant
McKee, P., draper, Main Street
McKenna, John, grocer and fruiterer, Railway Street
McLay, E.B., M.R.C.V.S., Main Street
McMenamin, C, spirit dealer and posting establishment, Castle Street
McMenamin, John, Meetinghouse Street
McMenamin, P., J.P., Castle Street
McWilliams, R. & N., hardware merchants, Town Hall Street

Northern Steam Laundry, Railway Road

O'Callaghan, P. J., Castle Street
O'Connor, E., coach builder, Bridgend Street
O'Donnell, H., wine and spirit stores, Lifford
O'Flaherty, John, J.P., The Grove, Urney
Orr, J. L., M.R.C.V.S., Main Street

Perry, John, Market Street
Phoenix Fire Office, Agents, Alex. Weir, Abercorn Square; William P. Moody, Solicitor, Strabane; Andrew Gallagher, Main Street; David Hamilton, c/o. W. Wilson, Solicitor

Quigley, John, spirit merchant, Abercorn Square
Quigley, P., butcher, Main Street
Quigley, Thomas, butcher, Abercorn Square
Quigley, Thos., sen., wine merchant, Railway Road
Quinn Bros., harness makers, Abercorn Square

Rae, D., fruiterer and confectioner, Leeper's Brae
Reilly, John, J.P., Ballycolman
Reid, J., Erin Arms Hotel, Lifford
Rennison, Rev. Wm., Leckpatrick
Rodgers, F. J., jeweller, Main Street
Russell, J. W., steam baker and manufacturing confectioner, Church Street
Russell, W., draper, Manchester House

Sayers & Co., drapers, Main Street
Simms, J. F. A., solicitor
Simms, James, Abercorn Arms Hotel and posting establishment
Smith, Robert J., merchant, Main Street
Smyth, Robert, J.P., merchant, Canal Basin
Snodgrass, A., grocer, Main Street
Stapley & Smith, shirt factory, Barrack Street
Stevenson, Oliver, draper, Main Street
Stevenson, Robert, Main Street
Stewart, Captain A. M., Killendarragh, Lifford
Stewart, James, J.P., Liskey, Strabane
Stewart, McDonnell & Co., shirt factory, Derry Road
Sun Fire and Life Offices, Agents, Thomas Elliott, Main Street; William King, Main Street; James Toner, Railway Road
Taylor, John, J.B., iron and brass foundry
Taylor, Wm. J., draper, Main Street
Thompson, C, commission agent
Thompson, Miss, Victoria Temperance Hotel, Main Street
Toner, James, solicitor, Railway Road
Trimble, Dr. John M., Newtown House
Tynan, J., grocer, Bridge End

Walls, William, merchant, Main Street
Weir, Alex., J.P., auctioneer, Abercorn Square
White, James, hardware merchant, Main Street
White & Co., cabinetmakers, upholsterers and undertakers, Railway Street
Wilson, Wm., solicitor, Bowling green
Wright, A., draper, Main Street
Wisheart, J., boot merchant, Main Street



Armstrong, Mrs. S., Strangford House
Armstrong, Savage, Strangford House

Bangor, The Right Hon. Viscount, D.L., J.P., Castleward
Bangor, Viscountess, Castleward
Beatty, Rev. R. Allen, LL.B., The Manse
Braniff, W., Old Court Estate Office

Coulter, John, farmer, Kilclief
Capsey, Rev. G. W., rectory
Crichton, J., land steward to Lord de Ros
Crichton, William, steward, Castleward

De Ros, Lieutenant General, the Right Hon. Lord, J.P., D.L., Oldcourt

English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agent, David Johnston, estate office

Farrow, Richard, yachtman
Fitzsimons, Patrick, farmer, Carnessey

Hanna, Robert, J.P., Kilclief
Head, Major, The Lodge, Ferryquarter
Hinds, Catherine, spirit dealer
Hughes, Bernard, farmer, Ballyculter

Irwin, Miss, Strangford

Johnston, James, farmer, Cloughy
Johnston, John, farmer, Cloughy

Kallaway, Robert, joiner, Strangford
Keaghey, Mrs., Ballyculter
Keaghey, Robert A., Ballycutter Mills
Kennedy, Robert, Strangford

Lawson, John, farmer, Tullyratty

Murnan, James, boat builder, Cloughy
Murnan, Thos., farmer, Upper Strangford
Murphy, Miss Catherine, publican and grocer
Murphy, Thomas, potato agent, Strangford
McDowell, Wm., boatman
McFall, A., grocer, Temperance Hotel
McKibben, Mrs., farmer, Cloughy
McLaughlin, F. Pearl, M.B., J.P.

Newell, Mrs., farmer, Cloughy
Nunan, T. George, head master, National School

Orr, William, farmer, Ballyculter

Phoenix Fire Office, Agent, David Johnston
Pittt, Thomas, yachtsman
Polly, Robert, farmer, Ballylenagh
Porter, Adam, farmer, Churchtown
Porter, Hugh, farmer, Ballycutter
Price, Miss

Quaile, Francis, Posting Establishment, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter," family grocer and provision merchant
Quayle, Herbert Francis, Hotel
Quayle, Colonel W. A., Blackcauseway Ho.
Quayle, W., farmer, Ballycutler

Savage, Rowland, master mariner
Seed, Miss, farmer, Ballylenagh
Seed, Samuel, Ballyculter
Sharvin, John, grocer, posting establishment and spirit dealer
Skillen, Jas., coachman
Swail, George, pilot, Strangford
Sweetman, M. A., draper

Thetford, William W., M.D.

Wallis, Edward, farmer, Upper Strangford



Ambrose, Dr., Riversdale House
Armstrong, W. J., national school teacher

Beacon, Bernard, carpenter
Beacon, Christopher, miller
Brady, Edward, cooper
Brady, Edward, jun., carpenter, etc.
Brady, Miss M., hotel keeper
Breen, Patrick, spirit dealer and grocer
Brown, James, spirit dealer and draper
Burns, Mrs., grocer, etc.

Carberry, J., blacksmith
Clarke, Patrick, publican and draper
Corr, ?, constable, Main Street
Coyle, Hugh, poultry merchant
Curry, Arthur, commercial traveller, Gortoral House
Curry, Mrs. E., Gortoral House

Dobbin, Robt., whitesmith, nailer
Dolan, James, stoker
Dolan, P., spirit dealer

English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agent, George Scales, C.P.S., Furnaceland

Fee, Bernard, bakery
Fee, Margaret, grocer
Fitzgerald, J., D.I., R.I.C.
Fogarty, Andrew, pensioner

Gallagher, James, cooper and farmer
Gilheaney, Anne, grocer
Gilheaney, M. A., grocer and entertainment
Gilleece, James, J.P., Springtown
Good, Richard, Furnaceland

Hewitt, Rev. D. B., Methodist Manse
Howe, Richard, family grocer, hardware
Hutton, R., Tircahan Lodge

Kearns, Michael, fowl dealer
Kearns, Patrick, fowl dealer
Kerr, James, spirit dealer
Kerr, Jas., jun., commission agent
Kerr, John, Furnaceland
Kerr, The Misses, spirit dealers
Killingley, Rev. E. A., The Rectory

Montgomery, W. R., Woodview House
McBarron, Francis, spirit dealer and grocer
McBrien, Miss, spirit dealer
McCaffery, J., J.P., Benview
McCaffrey, Michael, tailor
McCauley, Thomas, spirit dealer and grocer
McDermott, P., carpenter, Chapel Street
McDonald, Bernard, postman
McGaughran, Terence, house painter
McGoldrick, Miss, dress maker
McGovern, Bernard, Hawkswood, postman
McGovern, Mrs. A., draper
McGovern, Philip, boot and shoemaker
McGrath, Peter, telegraph messenger
McHugh, F., spirit dealer
McHugh, Mrs., dress maker
McHugh, P., creamery manager
McManus, Hugh, tailor
McManus, J., boot and shoe maker
McSteen, Mrs., hotel keeper and draper
McTiernan, Rev. M., C.C.

Nolan, John, grocer

O'Reilly, Rev. Patrick, P.P.
Owens, Mrs. Anne, spirit dealer

Phoenix Fire Office, Agent, Patk. Clarke
Pollock, Thos., Furnaceland
Prior, Mrs., spirit dealer and draper

Reilly, Peter, spirit dealer
Reynolds, W. R., Borim Cottage
Ross, John, post master, Drumcask
Ryan, Patrick, school teacher

Sommerville, Wm., boot and shoe maker
Storey, Timothy, china and earthenware merchant
Sweeney, Francis, Spa Hotel

Trimble, Mrs., draper and grocer

Veitch, Andrew, hotel keeper

Wallace, John, farmer
Weir, Owen, postman
Whiteside, T., Glan Lodge
Willis, Mrs., Trivia House



Adair, Allan, farmer, Mullintur
Adair, Thomas, shuttle maker
Agnew & Connell, Misses, haberdashers, Market Street
Albany, ?, Ballylisk House
Anderson, John, grocer, flax and grass seed merchant, Market Street
Anderson, Joe, provision merchant
Annell, T., farmer, Ballylisk
Annett, Archibald, sexton of church and summons server, Market Street
Annett, James S., manufacturer, Ballylisk
Annett, William, farmer, Mullahead
Atkinson, Mrs., Church Street
Atkinson, William Henry, solicitor, coroner and agent to Duke of Manchester, Parkview

Babe, Charles, linen cloth agent, Laurel Vale
Babe, Victor, manager, spinning mill
Babe, William, farmer, Mullahead
Bain, William, Cabra School
Barr, Samuel John, grocer and hardware merchant, Market Street
Barr, Mrs., haberdasher, Market Street
Baxter, Robert, earthenware dealer and tinsmith, Market Street
Bebe, Mrs., grocer and confectioner, Tandragee
Bebe, J., farmer, Ballylisk
Bissett, James, school inspector and civil bill officer
Bissett, Miss, dress maker, Market Street
Black, David, Church Street
Blackley, Nicholas, Athol Cottage
Bosomworth, John W., game keeper, The Lodge
Bradley, John, horse breaker, Church Street
Brown, Robert, Violet Hill
Byrne, Patrick, publican, Market Street

Callaghen, Sergeant, R.I.C.
Cassidy, John, dealer, Market Street
Cassidy, Patrick, Market Street
Clarke, William, saddler, Market Square, Tandragee
Clayton, Wm. John, carrier, Market Street
Coburn, Boyd, draper, Main Street
Coburn, John, Market Square
Coburn, J. & J., flour millers, Modoge
Coburn, Miss, haberdasher, Market Street
Coburn, Mrs. B., school teacher, Market Street
Collen, Mrs. T., woollen draper and haberdasher, Market Street
Collen, Thomas, contractor, Ballynock
Crothers, George, woollen draper, Market Street
Cullen, Constable

Davison, George, newsagent, Market Street; agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Davison, G., Temperance Hotel and posting establishment
Davison, Wm. Henry, farmer, Mullahead
Dempsey, Rev. Clement, Vicarage, Mullavilly
Dickson, George, grocer, seed and provision merchant, Market Street
Dinsmore, Miss D., Mandeville Arms Hotel, Market Street
Doleghan, Miss Ellen, spirit dealer, Gilford Street

Ellis, Isaac, publican, Market Street
Emerson, Robert, clerk of Petty Sessions, Market Street
Emerson, R., grocer and provision merchant and undertaker, Market Street
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, S. Greer, Montague Street and Jacob A. Finch, Sunnyside
Ewing, Robert, farmer, Cargans

Fearon, John, insurance and shipping agent
Fearon, Mrs., organist
Finch, Jacob A., accountant, Sunny Side
Finnegan, John
Finnigan, Owen, teacher, Market Street
Flanagan, P., blacksmith, Market Street
Foy, Rev. A., Presbyterian minister, The Manse

Gamble, J., carrier, Market Street
Gamble, W., blacksmith
Gamble, R., butcher, Market Street
Gardner, Mrs., Drumart House
Gardner, Francis, Hospital Row
Gillis, Robert, Mill Street
Gordon, James, carrier, Market Street
Gracey, John, farmer, Mullahead
Gracey, Thomas, farmer, Ballymore
Greenaway, J., painter and glazier
Greer, Samuel, land surveyor, assistant county surveyor, Montague Street
Greer, Thomas, saddler and harness maker, Market Street
Gregg, William, tea and provision merchant, Market Street
Grimason, Mary, dealer, Market Street

Hagan, Wm., hair dresser, Market Street
Hall, Edward, Madden Inn, Railway Station
Hampden, Thomas, postman
Hanna, Robert, lodgings, Market Street
Harden, Richard Jas., D.L., J.P., Harrybrook
Hardy, Miss M., Montagu Street
Hare Brothers, shoe makers, Ballylisk
Harvey, Jeremiah, farmer, Tullyhue
Harvey, Thomas, leather and shoe merchant, Market Street
Harvey, Thomas, spirit dealer, Market Street
Heake, James, farmer, Cargans
Heake, Thomas, farmer, Cargans
Henderson, Jas., farmer, Ballylisk
Henry, Robert, shoe maker, Market Street
Hughes, Mrs., grocer and book seller, Mill Street

Irwin, Edward
Irwin, Mrs. Margaret, farmer, Ballymore

Jackson, Mr., commercial traveller, Market Street
Jelly, Henry, carrier, Market Street
Jelly, John, coachman, The Castle
Johnston, Mrs., farmer, Mullahead
Johnston, Samuel, carpenter, Cargans

Kilpatrick, Wm., manufacturer, Cabra Grove

Lamb, Wm., carpenter
Ligget, Samuel, farmer, Tullyhue
Loughran, Edward John, grocer and spirit dealer, Market Street
Loughran, Rev. Michael, P.P., Mullavilly

Mackintosh, Constable
Maginnis, John, farmer, Mullahead
Maginnis, Annie, grocer and provision dealer, Market Square
Maginnis, John E., woollen draper, Market Street
Maginnis, Margaret
Manchester, His Grace the Duke of, Tanderagee Castle
Martin, Mrs. Jessie, postmistress and stamp distributor, Market Street
Mathers, Edward, farmer, Ballymore
Mathers, Henry, farmer, Ballymore
Mathers, Seth, farmer, Mullahead
Mayes, Samuel, plumber and gasfitter, Mill Street
Medical Hall
Meredith, Miss, grocer
Meredith, William John, farmer, Springfield
Molony, Miss, Market Square
Morrison, Robert, farmer, Sandy Hill
Morrison, Mary, shoe maker, Market Street
Morrison, M., Laurel Vale
McCann, Hugh, dealer, Market Street
McCann, Miss, teacher
McClelland, James, farmer, Modoge
McClelland, Robert, farmer, Modoge
McClelland, William, miller, Clare
McCreight, William, farmer, Derryallen
McCudden, Mick, carpenter, Mill Street
McCudden, Mrs., book seller and grocer
McCullough, Robert Wm., tailor, Market Street
McCune, Robert, Market Street
McDonald, Mrs. David, Market Street
McDonald, Edward, farmer, Mullahead
McDonald, The Misses, Mullahead
McEndoo, Rev. Wm., B.D., rector of parish
McGuinness, A., grocer, Tandragee
McHenry, Ellen, confectioner, Market Street
McHenry, Margaret, dress maker, Market Street
McKelvey, Mary, dress maker, Market Street
McKeown, H., R.I.C.
McLoughlin, Francis, baker, Market Square
McMurray, James, mason and contractor, Market Square
McMurray, John, grocer and stone mason, Market Square
McWhinney, Miss, Post Office

Neil, James, grocer, Market Street
Newman, W. J., cycle repairer, Church Street

Overend, John, farmer, Mullahead
Overend, Mrs., farmer, Tullyhue
O'Hanlon, James, dealer
O'Hare, John, baker and grocer, Market Square

Parker, William, boot maker
Phoenix Fire Office, Agent, Samuel Greer, Montague Street; Wm. J. Meredith and J. A. Finch, Sunnyside
Pratt, Miss Elizabeth, school teacher, Drumnaleg
Purdy, Robert, dairyman, Market Street

Quinn, Michael, spirit dealer, Church Street

Rea, James, gardener, Church Street
Reid, John, dairyman, Market Street
Rice, Mrs. Letitia, Market Street
Robinson, Wm., Market Street
Rodden, Edward, grocer, spirit dealer, woollen draper, Market Street
Ross, Robert, school teacher, Market Street
Ryan, Catherine, grocer, Market Street

Sinton, Alfred, Laurel Vale
Sinton, Arthur, Stramore House, Gilford
Sinton, Frederick, Banford House, Gilford
Sinton, Maynard, J.P., Ballyards, Armagh
Sinton, Thomas G., J.P., Laurel Vale
Sinton, Thomas & Sons, linen manufacturers, Laurel Vale
Sinton, William Henry, farmer, Tamnamore
Snodden, Thomas, Montague Street
Sonerville, Thos., bookkeeper, Tandragee
Speers, John, carrier, Mill Street
Stephenson, Constable
Sterling, Samuel, bookkeeper, town clerk
Stirling, Robert, watch maker, Church Street
Strain, Thomas, farmer, Ballymore

Taylor, James, J.P., physician and surgeon
Taylor, Geo., night railway post messenger, Market Street
Taylor, Rev. J., Baptist minister, Market Street
Thompson, Thomas, Market Street
Turtle, Wm. J., linen manufacturer, Mullavilly House
Trotter, Robert, jun., mason, Mill Street

Wallace, James, spirit dealer, timber and iron merchant, Market Street
Wallace, J. H., physician and surgeon, Market Street
Wardell, Frederick, manager weaving factory, Laurel Vale
West, J., manager, Belfast Bank
Whan, Rev. Robert J., The Manse, Clare
White, Alex., Church Street
White, Thos. H., jun., J.P., Ballymore House
White, Thomas Henry, J.P., Orange Hill
White, Thos. H. & Co., flour and corn millers
Whiteside, J., grocer, grain and grass seed and coal merchant, Market Street
Whiteside, Saml., commissioner for oaths, Market Street
Whitten, Jas., mason, Tandragee
Whitten, Mrs., haberdasher, Tandragee
Whitten, William, postman
Whittley, J., cashier Belfast Bank, Church Street
Williamson, David, grocer, Market Street
Wilson, John, farmer, Ballylisk Cottage
Wright, H., farmer, Ballylisk
Wright, James, farmer, Mullavilly
Wright, Mrs., Market Square



Barton, Robert, coal merchant
Bell, Alex., egg merchant
Bell, John, farmer
Berry, Henry, farmer
Bruce, Colonel S. A. M., J.P., The Lodge

Campbell, Mrs. E., grocer and newsagent
Catherwood, Henry, grocer and general merchant, Creagh
Corr, Arron, fish merchant
Corr, Mrs., draper
Cranna, Hugh, farmer

Dale, John, poultry breeder
Devlin, Patk., farmer and fish merchant, Brecart
Dolge, Samuel, Midland Railway, P. way
Doyle, James, fish merchant
Doyle, Samuel, Midland Rly. P. way
Duffy, Patk., spirit merchant, Killyfast

Ellis, Henry, water bailiff
Ellis, Wm., postmaster and C.P.S.
Erwin, Robert, farmer
Essler, H. & R., egg merchants

Fahy, Rev. Martin, The Rectory
Foy, Henry, constable R.I.C.

Gamble, Frank, fish merchant
Grant, Francis, M.C.C., proprietor Tourist and O'Neill Arms Hotels
Grant, James, J.P., Toome House
Green, James, Union Lodge
Gribben, Hugh, druggist

Jones, Mrs. K. H., Moneyglass House

King, Andw., inspector of fisheries

Laverty, John, farmer

Mallon, Michael, publican, Cargin
Mitchell, Jess, Ballydugan House
Mitchell, Samuel, Ballydugan House
Mulholland, John, N.S. teacher
Mulholland, Mrs., draper
McCormick, Mrs., proprietor, Commercial Hotel
McCourt, Bernard, R.D.C.
McKeever, Arthur, poultry merchant
McKeever, Daniel, Ivybrook
McManus, Chris., publican, Duneane
McMillen, Mrs., hardware merchant; agent "Belfast News-Letter"
McQuaid, William, car owner

Steele, Robert, general supply stores
Stewart, Francis, grocer and general merchant

Wilson, Thomas, farmer



Alexander, James Browne, J.P., Shanmullagh House
Alexander, Robt., Shanmullagh
Armstrong, Mrs., dispensary
Armstrong, Robert, Corlea
Aylmer, Miss, Main Street

Bird, Jas., Barrister-at-Law, Keenogue House
Bradley, Mrs., Main Street
Brady, Mrs., Main Street
Brannon, Hugh, Main Street
Brien, James, J.P., Dernagilly House
Brien, John, Glengeen Lodge
Brien, William, Glengeen Lodge
Brown, James, Press Correspondent, Main Street
Brown, Joseph, Scotia Cottage
Brown, William, Main Street
Brunt, James, Main Street

Campbell, Francis, J.P., Shanmullagh
Campbell, John, Main Street
Cluff, John W., Main Street
Connolly, James, telegraph clerk
Coulter, Charles, Main Street
Coulter, Robert, Skeogue
Crozier, Wm., Drumash
Cummiskey, Michael, Main Street

Dixon, Miss H.

Eaton, Miss, Main Street
Edgar, Anthony, Girgadis
Everton, Fred., Red Letter Kennel, Main Street

Flanagan, John, R.I.C.
Fleming, Rev. W. E., Kilskeery Rectory

Gallagher, James, Main Street
Gilliland & Sons, Mr. Wilkin, manager
Gould, C. H., & Co., Main Street

Hamilton, Major R. S., J.P., Lakemount
Henderson, Mrs., Main Street
Henderson, William, Shanmullagh
Hilliard, Jane, Main Street
Hilliard, John, Main Street

Jervis, John, Main Street
Jervis, Mrs.
Jervis, William, Main Street
Johnston, Wm., Trillick station master

Keegan, Constable, Main Street
Keenan, Francis, Main Street
Kerr, Robert, The Commons

Law, Richard, Main Street
Lendrum, George Cosby, J.P., D.L., Corkil
Leonard, E., postman
Logan, Thomas, Main Street

Morrison, James, Main Street
Morrow, Daniel, Main Street
McBrine, John, Main Street
McCann, Henry, postman
McCaughey, Daniel, Main Street
McCaughey, Hugh, Main Street
McGee, C, post master
McGrath, James, R.I.C., Main Street
McSorley, D., R.D.C., Main Street
McSorley, Daniel, Main Street
McSorley, James, Main Street

Nixon, Robert, Skeogue
Nixon, Thomas & R., Grannon

O'Hagan, Bernard, Main Street

Porter, W. H., Main Street
Prentice, Christopher, Main Street
Pursley, Thomas, Main Street

Saunders, Mrs., Main Street
Scott, J., Main Street
Smith, Miss, Main Street
Sproul, Mrs., Daisyhill
Stafford, Robert, Ballyard
Stafford, Thomas W., R.D.C., Ivy Cottage
Stafford, Mrs.
Stone, Mrs., Keenogue House
Story, Evelyn, J.P., Errington Lodge

Thompson, George, Main Street
Tully, T., Imperial Hotel

Warnock, Dr.
Watson, Robert, The Harp
Whitestone, J. R., Springhill
Whitestone, Percy, Springhill
Wilson, Mrs.


Artificial Manure Agents, Cornelius Magee, D. McSorley, W. H. Porter, Harp Exchange
Auctioneers and Valuers, Joseph Brown, Jas. McSorley
Blacksmiths, Richard Law, John Nevin, James Irvine, B. O'Hagan
Boot and Shoe Warehouse, D. McSorley, C. H. Gold, J. Scott and Harp Exchange
Bundoran Junction, Stationmaster, J. Bell
Butcher, Hugh Toney
Butter Merchant, John Campbell
Carpenters, T. Logan & Sons, T. Pursley
China and Delph, Mrs. Magee, J. Scott and Harp Exchange
Contractor, Thomas W. Stafford
Cooper, Thomas McCann
Corn Mills, A. Ervine, J. Blakely, J. Murphy
Drapers, Daniel McSorley, C. H. Gould and W. H. Porter
Dressmakers, Miss Bradley and Mrs. Law
Drugs, Oils, and Paints, C. McGee, Harp Exchange, W. H. Porter, Jas. McSorley
Emigration Agents, Cornelius Magee, Jos. Brown, W. H. Porter, Jas. McSorley
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, James Brown, N.T. and Joseph Brown, auctioneer, Scotia Cottages
Midwife, Mrs. Horner
Egg Merchants, Owen and Patrick McGirr, George McLaughlin, John Campbell, Harp Exchange Co.
Farm Implement and Machine Agent, Robert Coulter, Skeogue
Grocers and Provision Merchants, Cornelius Magee, J. McSorley, Frederick Everton, Noble Brady, W. H. Porter, T. Tully, G. K. Gilliland, J. Scott
Hardware Merchants, C. Magee, W. H. Porter, G. K. Gilliland, C. McGee
Harp Dairy, D. Beggs, manager
Imperial and Commercial Hotel, T. Tully, proprietor
Leather Merchants, D. McSorley and C. H. Gould
Marine Dealer, C. Keenan
Newsagents, C. Magee, agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News;" James McSorley, D. McSorley, J.P., J. Scott, G. K. Gilliland, W. H Porter
Patent Medicines, C. McGee
Posting Establishments, C. McGee, T. Tully, R. Kerr
Retailers of Bread, C. Magee, G. K. Gilliland, J. McSorley, Frederick Everton, Noble Brady and T. Tully
Railway Station, Stationmaster, William Johnston
Retailers of Fresh Butter, C. Magee, J. McSorley, N. Brady, W. H. Porter, J. Scott
Seed Merchants, C. McGee, G. K. Gilliland, W. H. Porter and Harp Exchange
Stone Masons, Jas. Thompson, John Corry and Charles Thompson
Stationery, C. McGee, W. H. Porter
Tailors, Henry McCann, Paul McCann and J. McGrade
Wine and Spirit Merchants, C. McGee, F. Everton, Jas. McSorley, Noble Brady, D. Morrow, T. Tully, G. K. Gilliland
Timber Merchants, C. McGee, G. K. Gilliland and Harp Exchange
Wool Agents, Convoy Mills, C. McGee, Dinsmore Mills; J. Brown, Currie, McDougal & Scott's Mills


Rev. W. E. Fleming, M.A., resides in the Rectory, close by


Auctioneer, J. McAnespy
Beatty, Crozier, farmer
Beatty, Charles, farmer
Brunt, Thomas, farmer
Carpenters, Geo. Armstrong, W. Armstrong
Clingen, George, farmer
Dress Maker, Miss Masterson
Grocer, etc., William Strong
Oat Merchant, John McAnespy
Posting, Wm. Strong
Postmaster, George Armstrong
Saw Mills, George Lendrum, D.L., proprietor
National School, Miss Hutchins, teacher



Adamson, H., farmer, Banoge, Waringstown
Adamson, John, civil bill officer, Waringstown
Atkinson, Abraham, farmer and linen merchant, Magherana
Atkinson, Ven. E. D., The Rectory, Waringstown
Atkinson, W., General Merchant, Waringstown; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"

Baillie, George, D.C., Annaghanson
Baillie, John, farmer, Hermitage, Waringstown
Baillie, Samuel, farmer, Tullyherron, Waringstown
Baillie, Thomas, farmer, Annaghanoon
Baxter, Francis, Donaghcloney N.S.
Beattie, Robert, farmer, Donaghcloney
Beatty, Samuel J., baker, Waringstown
Bowen, Miss, farmer, Tiersogue, Waringstown
Browne, T. B., The Hall, Donaghcloney

Cairns, James, grocer, Donaghcloney
Cairns, John, farmer, Lamb's Island, Waringstown
Calder, G., carpenter and wheelwright, Corcreaney
Calder, Robert, carpenter, Clare
Campbell, Samuel, The Beeches, Waringstown, deputy registrar births, marriages and deaths
Combe, A., Donaghcloney
Combe, S. B., The Bungalow, Donaghcloney
Cosbey, Henry, farmer, Banoge, Donaghcloney

Davies, C. M., manager Walpole Bros.
Dewart, R., farmer, Tullyheron, Waringstown

English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agent, W. J. Hunter, Poplar Cottage

Ferguson, Miss, spirit and general grocer, Donaghcloney
Frier, W., M.D., the dispensary, Waringstown; registrar of births, marriages and deaths

Gillespie, J., school master and farmer, Corcreaney
Gillespie, Rev. A. J., The Manse, Waringstown
Graham, Mrs., school mistress
Graham, Mrs., Waringstown

Hale, Francis, The Meadows, Waringstown
Hamilton, Lewis, farmer, Ballinabragget
Hamilton, Wm., farmer, Ballinabragget
Harwood, W. J., postmaster, Waringstown
Hilary, George, farmer, Waringstown
Hilliard, Thomas M., Winona, Donaghcloney
Hunter, John, Waringstown .
Hunter, Wm. J., school teacher, Waringstown

Irwin, John, Waringstown

Kennedy, John, blacksmith, Waringstown

Liddell, Robert M., J.P., Banoge House, Donaghcloney
Liddell, Wm., & Co. Ltd., powerloom manufacturers, Donaghcloney
Lyness, T. W., spirit merchant and grocer, Waringstown

Magowan, John, farmer, Corcreaney
Maguire, Robert, painter, Waringstown
Mahon, Joseph, school attendance inspector, Waringstown
Martin, John, farmer, Clare, Waringstown
Miller, Rev. Alex., curate, Waringstown
Montgomery, W. J., Milltown
Morrison, Robt., spirit merchant, Waringstown
McCartan, W., farmer, Corcreaney, Waringstown
McCaw, Miss, The Bridge, Waringstown
McClimond, Robert, farmer, Banoge
McCollum, John, tailor, Waringstown
McKenzie, James, Tullyherron, Waringstown

Page, R. B., factory manager, Donaghcloney
Page, Wm. John, card cutter, Waringstown
Pennington, Jas., Murray House, Waringstown
Pennington, Samuel, & Son, damask manufacturers, Waringstown

Rodgers, George, J.P., farmer, The Demesne, Waringstown
Ruddock, R., farmer, Waringstown

Scott, William, damask manufacturer, Waringstown
Shepard, W. J., Diaper Hill, Waringstown

Walpole Bros. Ltd., linen manufacturers, Waringstown
Waring, Holt, J.P., Waringstown
Watson, James, farmer, Corcreaney
Whaley, Mrs., Knockboy House, Waringstown
Whaley, Wm., Knockboy House, Waringstown



Aikin, C., boot maker
Allen, Miss, Victoria Terrace
Ansonio, James, Marine Parade
Atkinson, Wm. M.

Bates, The Misses, Saville Place
Bell, Ellen, The Square
Bell, Theodore, M.D.
Berry, Mrs.
Bettridge, Abrose, painter ( Ambrose )
Bond, Thos., Duke Street
Bond, Miss, Sea View
Boyle, Michael
Bradley, John, Donaghaguy
Bradley, A., Thomas Street
Bradley, Dr., Tamnaharry House
Bradley, Edward, Thomas Street
Brown-Lecky, C. W. L., Fintimara
Burns, Edw., Ballydeslared
Burns, J., Newry Street
Burns, R., hairdresser, perfumer, etc.
Byrne, Michael, Aghavilla
Byrne, Miss, milliner
Byrne, Wm., Burren

Campbell, H., farrier
Campbell, Mrs., Rosetta
Campbell, A. F., J.P., Dromore Lodge
Carey, Mrs., St. Leonards-on-Sea
Carroll, Joseph, solicitor, Osborne Terrace
Cattell, Colonel, Sea View
Caulfield, Ewd.
Caulfield, John, Ballyrussell
Caulfield, J., grocer
Caulfield, Thomas H., tailor
Cherry, Mrs., Havelock Place
Clarke, Mrs., Newry Street
Coburn, J., painter
Collins, Annie, Marine Parade
Connolly, David, Newry Street
Connolly, James, Burren
Connolly, James, P.L.G., Church Street
Connolly, Michael, Burren
Connolly, Mrs., spirit store
Connolly, Mrs., Clonallon Glebe
Connor, Margaret, Seaview Terrace
Cookey, John, U.D.C., Great George's Street
Corkey, Eliza Anne, Savilla Place
Coulter, John, Donaghaguy
Couser, Mrs., The Terrace
Cowan, Miss
Crawford, Eliza, East Street
Crawford, James, Clonallon
Crawford, J., merchant
Crawford, Margaret, The Square
Crawford, Patrick J., town inspector
Crawford, The Misses, boarding house
Cunningham Bros., hardware and plumbers
Cunningham, John, plumber, Church Street
Cunningham, J., Burren
Cunningham, Mary, East Street
Cunningham, Mrs., Bay Hotel
Cunningham, Mrs., spirit dealer
Cunningham, P., Church Street
Curlett & Sons, coal merchants
Curran, Ann, grocer
Curran, J., boot maker

Dale, John, Crown Hotel
Doherty, R. H., Sea View
Donnan, John, contractor, East Street
Doran, Anne, Charlotte Street
Doran, Mrs., The Square
Dougan, Miss, St. Leonards
Douglas, John
Dowdall, Miss, Charlotte Street

Eakin, Christopher
Edgar, Richard, Post Office Street
Elliott, John F., Sea View
Elliott, Misses, Mansion House
Elliott, Mr., Marina
Ellison, H.
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agent, B. McKernan, Town Clerk
Erwin, Joseph, Ballydesland

Fegan, Patrick, Duke Street
Ferris, David
Flynn, Denis
Foster, J., Cloughmore Terrace
Forster, Miss Rhoda L., 5 Seaview
Foster & Co., drapers

Glenny, Dr. William
Glenny, Rev. R. E., Clonallon Glebe
Glenny, The Misses, Mereham Terrace
Gorman, Mary
Gough, John, Newry Street
Grandy, J., painter
Greene, J. J. F., J.P.
Gribben, Bridget, Charlotte Street

Halfpenny, Margaret
Halbeck, Mrs., publican
Hall, Capt. R. D. L., Narrow Water
Harcourt, Mrs., Temperance Hotel
Henry, Marianne, Havelock Place
Henry, The Misses, Sea View
Hickey, John
Higginbotham, Miss, Springfield Terrace
Hillen, Anne, Post Office Street
Hillen, Miss, Church Street
Hollywood, Thomas
Hourican, M., publican, Duke Street
Hourican, W. James, Marine Parade
Hughes, P., butcher, Church Street

Ingram, J., Church Street
Irvine, Mrs., East Street

Jameson, W. O'Neill, school master
Johnston, W., solicitor
Jones, R. A., chemist and druggist, etc.
Jones, W., painter

Keenan, F., spirit dealer
Kelly, John, Church Street
Kelly, John, Newry Street
Kelly, Mrs., The Promenade
Keown, Hamilton, Charlotte Street
Keown, W., painter
Kerr, Eliza, Charlotte Street
Kinkead, The Misses, Church Street
Kinney, Bridget, Newry Street
Kyle, Miss, Bella Vista, Seaview

Langton, Minnie, Savilla Place
Lawson, Isabella, Seaview Terrace
Lennon, P., Back Seaview
Lewis, J., watch maker and jeweller
Linden, George, Ballymaconaghy
Lindsay, Miss
Lindsay, William, Church Street
Little, J., Victoria Place
Logan, Constable, Summerhill
Loughran, Edith, Victoria Street
Lyons, Mrs., Queen Street, Best Row
Lynch, Edward, South Quay

Magee, P. F., Burren
Magill, Edward, car owner, Newry Street
Maginnis, John, Carrogs
Mahood, David, Mereham Terrace
Mallagh, Joseph, Best Row
Malcolmson, Miss, Osborne Terrace
Mansergh, Colonel A. W., Mansion House
Marshall, Margaret, Havelock Place
Marshall, Sarah, Seaview Terrace
Mayne, Joseph, J.P., Warrenpoint
Mayne, Wm., M.D.
Mee, Miss, East Street
Meede, David
Miller, W., grocer
Millone, Rev. W. E., The Hermitage
Moffit, S., grocer
Morgan, Isabella, Thomas Street
Morgan, P., dealer
Morgan, S., boot maker
Morgan, Susan, Post Office Street
Mullen, James, Best Row
Murdock, James, refreshment rooms
Murland, Sarah, Charlotte Street
Murphy, Betty, Charlotte Street
Murphy, T., Globe Hotel
McAllister, Rev. J., C.C.
McAnulty, Mrs., car owner
McAteer, Mary, Duke Street
McBlain, Mrs., Linten Lodge
McCamley, J.
McCartan, Mrs., Aughaville
McClean, Fanney, Victoria Street
McClean, Miss, Victoria Place
McClelland, J. T., coach builder
McCleland, Mrs., Queen Street
McComb, Miss, Sea View
McCombe, Matilda, Seaview Terrace
McComish, Wm. John, Downey Terrace
McComisky, Mary, Post Office Street
McCormack, Susan, Best's Row
McDonald. Hugh, spirit grocer
McElroy, Miss, Charlotte Street
McGiveran, P., cooper
McGuffin, H., drapers, etc.
McGuffin, Letitia, East Street
McGuffin & Son, boot makers
McHugh, J., saddler
McIvor, William, Great George's Street
McKenna, Alice, The Square
McKeown, Miss, Summerhill
McKeown, T., East Street
McKeown, ?, East Street
McKernan, B., Summer hill
McKernan & Co., coal merchants, Church Street
McKevitt, Hugh, bill poster
McMahon, C, Dromore Cottage
McMahon, Margaret, The Square
McMullen, Thos. H., Downey Terrace
McMurray, Mrs.
McMurry, Miss, Athelby Terrace
McNulty, B., saddler
McVeigh, Daniel, Duke Street

Neville, Margaret, Victoria Street
Newell Bros., drapery establishment
Norton & Co., car service, The Square
Nugent, Robert, Donaghaguy

Oakes, Mary, fruiterer
O'Brien, Rose, Duke Street
O'Brien, T., Post Office Street
O'Hagan, Bridget, Church Lane
O'Hagan, P., Church Street
O'Hare, Elizabeth, Thomas Street
O'Hare, Felix, builder, Duke Street
O'Hare, Peter, Mayo Bridge
O'Hare, Thomas S.
O'Hare & Son, hotel proprietors
O'Neill, P., grocer

Palmer, J.. Belmont
Pedlow Bros., grocers; Agents for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Pedlow, E., grocer and boot merchant
Petitt, T., school master
Phoenix Fire Office, Agent, Bernard McKernan, Town Clerk
Plunkett, Miss, Sea View
Purdy, John, painter, East Street

Ratcliff, Miss, Havelock Place
Reed, The Misses, Downey Terrace
Reid, Anne, Church Street
Reid, James, publican, Church Street
Reilly, Bernard, manager Warrenpoint and Rostrevor Tramway Co.
Rice, L., publican, Marine Parade
Richardson, Anne, Post Office Street
Richmond, Ellen, Victoria Place
Robinson, Sarah, Queen Street, Best Row
Robinson & Co., grocers
Rogers, John C., N.S. Inspector
Rolston, R., organist, Bella Vista, Seaview
Rooney Bros., boot merchants
Ruddell, Mary
Ruddy, Bridget, Post Office Street
Russell, John H., solicitor

Saunders, Thomas, Church Street
Savage, James, Cloughmore Terrace
Sheeky, Sarah, Post Office Street
Sherman, William
Sims & Co., grocers, etc.
Sloan, Henrietta, Savilla Place
Small, Edward, Donaghaguy
Smith, Catherine, Havelock Place
Smith, Francis, Charlotte Street
Smith, Thomas, Fern Hill
Sproule, The Misses, Springfield Terrace
Stanley, H. R., refreshment rooms
Steenson, Thomas, Church Street
Sturgeon, Thomas, publican
Sturgeon, W. J., Downey Terrace
Swan, Mrs., Church Street

Thompson, C. C., East Street
Thompson, Eliza, Church Street
Toombs, J., lodging house, Post Office Street
Toombs, R., lodging house, Post Office Street
Trainor, Stephen

Walmsly, M., Aughavilla
Ward, Daniel, butcher, The Square
Ward, Mrs., Duke Street
Ward, W., butcher, The Square
Warrenpoint and Rostrevor Tramway Co.
Watson, William Jas., J.P., Benvenue, Rostrevor
Weir, Thomas, Havelock Place
Whiteside, J., Ballinnaghy
Willis, Thomas P.
Wilson, B., Donaghguy
Wilson, J., carpenter
Wilson, J., 7 Downey Terrace
Wilson, Miss, Sea View
Wilson, Mrs., The Square
Winn, Mary, Bay View

Young, Sarah, Sea View



Adair, R., Boot Maker, Shaftesbury Square
Adams, Alfred, oil and colour merchant, Chlorine, Cable Road
Adams, Mrs., Annadale
Adamson, T. S., 4 Alexandra Terrace, Cable Road
Addy, John J., 2 Laurine
Aikin, Hugh, estate and rent agent, Oakbank
Aitken, James, warehouseman, 1 Mount Prospect
Alexander, Mrs., 2 Prince's Gardens
Allen, George, B.A., solicitor, 2 Mafeking Villas
Anderson, F. W., cashier, 1 Belair Villas
Anderson, Miss C, 2 Victoria Terrace
Anderson, W. S., 1 Collyer Villas
Archibald, Mrs., 1 Rosemount Villas
Armstrong, J., Windsor Avenue
Armstrong, J., boot and shoe maker, King's Road
Armstrong, Thomas, 7 Barton's Terrace
Auld, Mrs. A., Donnan's Farm, Cable Road

Barbour, Mrs., 2 Rosemount Villas
Bashford, J., artist, 2 Ebenezer Villas
Bashford, Mrs., draper, etc., The Chester House
Battersby, Miss, 1 Mount Randal
Beatty, Henry, retired seaman, 1 Kathleen Villas
Beatty, William, ex-deputy Harbour Master, Port Arthur
Bell, J. R., 1 Pretoria Terrace
Bell, Thomas, grocer, 2 Willowbrook
Bennett, A. A., 1 Rath-Cimbaeith
Birch, Mrs., 1 Alexandra Terrace
Black, James, Private Hotel, Beach House
Blackburn, Henry, of Midland Railway (N.C.C.), 2 Ashley Gardens
Blackburn, Wm., of Belfast City Hall, 4 Adelaide Gardens
Blackburn, W., Belfast Gas Office, Riverside
Blair, Robert, 1 Mereham Terrace
Blakley, R. J., J.P., commission agent, Braeside
Bolton, Samuel R., St. Elmo
Bowman, Miss, 2 Hunterville
Boyd, John, house, land and insurance agent, income tax collector, Balmoral Avenue
Boyd, S. W., Lilybank
Boyd, T. Blair, accountant, Bencran
Boyd, Thomas, 4 Athelbye Terrace
Brabazon, Mrs., Barton's Lodge
Broadbent, S. A., linen merchant, 1 Willowbrook
Brown, Mrs., Ormsdale
Brown, S., Castlechester
Burns, Robert, traveller, Innisfail
Bury, Mrs. Jane, 6 Mereham Terrace
Bushell, George A., of Gandy Belt Manufacturing Company, Lucerna
Butler, Capt. R. J. T., retired army officer, Helenville

Cain, Mrs., 2 Dalmeny Terrace
Calvert, Miss M., 7 Mereham Terrace
Campbell, N., plumber and sanitary engineer, Windsor Avenue
Chisholm, J., solicitor, 1 Craig-Ailsa Terrace
Clendinning, Mrs., Pretoria House, King's Road
Coade, Mrs., 1 Roynan Villas
Cochrane, J., agent for McFarlane, Lang & Co., 3 Barton's Terrace
Cole, Rev. Richard, Methodist minister, 2 Kimberley Villas
Collier, Archd., builder, 1 Ashley Gardens
Collins, Miss, matron Railway Home of Rest, 2 Mervue
Connell, Alex., shipwright, Glenfinnan
Connor, W. H., 4 Balmoral Terrace
Cooke, F. G., Family Grocer and Provision Merchant, Corner King's Road and Cable Road
Cooper, C. W., stone merchant, 2 Chichester Villas
Cooper, Wm., grocer, Ingleside
Courtney, T., plumber and sanitary engineer, 1 Ballymurphy Terrace

Dagwell, Charles, sea captain, Maryville
Dagwell, Hugh, sea captain, 1 Chichester Villas
Darragh, William, flour and bran factor, 1 Ardmore Villas
Davidson, Mrs. M., 11 Mereham Terrace
Dennison, R. J., hardware merchant, Fan-Vista
Dickson, Thos. H., fruiterer and florist, Victoria Avenue
Dobson, Adam, consulting engineer, 1 Mafeking Villas
Donnan, John, J.P., farmer, Cable Road
Dowther Brothers, builders and contractors, Balfour Avenue
Dowther, Samuel, builder, Iona
Dowther, Wm., builder, 1 Dalmeny Terrace
Duff, Mrs., 1 Barton's Terrace
Duffield, Robert, 3 Craig-Ailsa Terrace
Duffy, Francis, family grocer and china merchant, Coronation House
Dunlop, Thomas H., grocer, 1 Inversnaid

Earls, Mrs., 2 Barton's Square
Edgar, James, shipping clerk, 1 Lissa Villas
Elliott, James, draper, Ravensdale
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, Alex. Fleming, Merchant; John Boyd, Balmoral Avenue; J. W. Nethery, Northern Bank; A. H. McKibbin, 2 York Villas
Erskine, William, 2 Alexandra Terrace

Ferguson, A., house and land agent, auctioneer, 1 Balmoral Terrace
Ferguson, S. H., ex-teacher, 2 Kathleen Villas
Ferguson, Mrs., 2 Bonavista
Fishbourne, Mrs., Abbotsford, Cable Road
Fleming, Alex., provision merchant, Chester Avenue
Fleming, A., & Co., Grocers, Provision, Coal, Hardware and Fancy Goods Merchants, Chester Avenue
Fleming, John, B.A., teacher, Chester Avenue
Forbes, Miss, Castlechester

Galway, Misses, Castlechester
Gamble, James G., clerk of works City Hall, Regmont
Garrett, Mrs., 2 Florenceville
Gault, Dr., 1 Rokeby Villas
Gillespie & Co., Waverley Drug and Grocery Stores, Balmoral Avenue
Gordon, Mrs., 1 Kimberley Villas
Gourley, William, 9 Shaftesbury Square
Graham, Captain, St. Lawrence
Gray-Jones, Miss, 2 Erin View, Edward Road
Greer, Mrs. E. H., Callon
Greer, W. B., iron worker, 2 Clifton Villas
Greenfield, Mrs., 6 Barton's Terrace
Guiliani, L., confectioner, etc., Shaftesbury Square

Hall, James, coal merchant, 1 Fairfield, Cable Road
Hamill, William, painter, 13 Mereham Terrace
Hamilton, George, registered druggist, 120 Bloomfield Avenue, Belfast; Branch at Whitehead
Hamilton, R. J., warehouseman, Ingfield
Harding, Archd., posting establishment, Windsor Avenue
Hawthorne, Mrs., 1 Bonavista
Hawthorne, Mrs., Mount Hawthorne
Hay, James, Jubilee Villa
Hay, John, General Assembly cash office, Studley
Hay, Mrs., 2 Windsor Terrace
Hefferon, Wm., 1 Windsor Terrace
Henderson, Thomas, 1 Egremont, Cable Road
Henry, Most Rev. Dr., Roman Catholic Bishop of Down and Connor, Eirene
Holland, Mrs., Arlington
Houston, John, 2 Greenfield Terrace
Hughes, A. E., 6 Windsor Terrace
Hughey, Charles, draper, 4 Marine Villas
Hunter, Misses M. & E., fancy goods, millinery, etc., King's Road
Hunter, Mrs., King's Road

Irvine, John, 3 Windsor Terrace

Jackson, J., outfitter, 5 Balmoral Terrace
Jackson, Mrs., 1 Erinview, Edward Road
Johnson, Robert, undertaker, etc., Seaview

Keine, Richard, 5 Mereham Terrace
Kennedy, Mrs., confectioner, etc., Castlechester Cafe
Kennedy, James, Castlechester
Kerns, Mrs. C, 8 Mereham Terrace
Kerr, James, ex-head-constable R.I.C., 2 Donard Villas
Kirker, V., bookkeeper, Acreback, Ballycarry
Knox, W. Moore, chartered accountant, Knocklayde
Knox, Rev. D. B., Presbyterian minister, Mount Oriel

Lanigan, Daniel, St. Alban's
Lapsley, Mrs., 2 Inversnaid
Larmour, Miss, 3 Greenfield Terrace
Larmour, Mrs. C, Marine Hotel, Promenade
Lilley, Mrs. M., Islandvale, Chester Avenue
Lyle, Mrs., 4 Mereham Terrace
Lyttle, John, 1 Barton Square

Macartney, C., 7 Shaftesbury Square
Macartney, Wm., 1 Laurine
Macartney & Mackay, Temperance Hotel and cafe, Balmoral Avenue
Macready, Mrs., 1 Mount Randal
MacEwan, Miss, Girls' Boarding School, Mount Oregan
Magee, T. S., Corona
Magill, John E., chartered accountant, estate and rent agent, 1 Eastbourne Villas
Malseed, Miss, 1 Hunter's Terrace, King's Road
Manderson, Franklin, retired merchant, Mount Royal
Martin, Mrs., Scottdale, Victoria Avenue
Martin, Wm., M.B., D.Ph., J.P., 3 Royal Terrace
Martin, W. H., teacher, 2 Mount Prospect
May, Thomas, grocer and druggist, Sunnyside
Mayben, George, railway surfaceman and sexton Presbyterian Church, 3 Crown Cottages
Mayben, Robert, 3 Athelbye Terrace
Michelbacher, F., foreign correspondent Mount Albano
Miller, D., Jubilee Villas
Milligan, Mrs., 1 Prince's Gardens
Milligen, Mrs., Marine Hotel Buildings
Mitchell, Mrs., private hotel, Earlswood House
Mitchell, Hugh, 16 Mereham Terrace
Montgomery, Joseph, station master Midland Railway (N.C.C.)
Montgomery, J. C, Post Office; Agent for the "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Moody, Rev. A., Presbyterian minister, 1 Royal Terrace
Moore, Mrs. A., 2 Balmoral Terrace
Moore, A. A., teacher, 2 Pretoria Terrace
Morrow, John, Ayr Steamship Co., Ardbawn
Morton, Mrs., 2 Belair Villas
Morton, W. T., 2 Craig-Ailsa Terrace
McAlery, John M., merchant tailor, Marino
McAloney, William, 1 Barton's Terrace
McCaffrey, C. H., sea captain, 1 Hope Villas
McCaw, Mrs., 1 Athelbye Terrace
McClelland, William, 6 Barton's Terrace
McClurken, S. McKee, practical carpenter, joiner, undertaker and cabinet maker, Balmoral Avenue
McCorkell, Mrs., 1 Adelaide Gardens
McCoull, Mrs., Dunesk, Cable Road
McDonald, William, painter and decorator, Roselle
McDowell, J., house painter, etc., Windsor Avenue
McDowell, Miss, Ucal Villa, Cable Road
McEwan, Mrs., 2 Gardner Villas
McFerran, Mrs., Castlechester
McFerran, Mrs., 1 Gardner Villas
McGahey, Misses, 2 Ardmore Villas
McGivney, Mrs., Newsagent, Confectioner and Fancy Goods Store, Shaftesbury Square; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
McGladdery, Mrs., Erindale
McGladdery, J., Stalheim, Balfour Avenue
McIlroy, Mrs., 1 Marine Villas
McIlroy, Mrs., 2 Royal Terrace
McKean, William, farmer, Castlechester
McKernan, F., wine and spirit merchant, 2 Adelaide Gardens
McKibbin, Alfred H., printer, 1 York Villas
McKibbin, James, clerk, 1 York Villas
McKinty, J., head porter, The Cottages, Promenade
McLarnon, John, shipsmith, 2 Hope Villas
McLarnon, Mrs., 2 Egremont, Cable Road
McShane, J. J., Riversdale
McVea, John, merchant, 2 Eastbourne Villas
McVickers, ?,, 2 Mount Randal

Neill, F., tea merchant, Chesterfield
Nethery, J. W., manager Northern Bank, Bank House
Nugent, J., Castlechester

Orr, Miss, private hotel, The Granville
Orr, Misses, lending library and art repository, The Cottages, Promenade

Patterson & Co., grocers and provision merchants, Victoria Avenue
Phillips, Henry, 1 Victoria Terrace
Phillips, John, Strand Grocery and Refreshment Rooms, Victoria Avenue
Phillips, Mrs., 1 Ebenezer Villas
Phoenix Fire Office, Agents, Alfred H. McKibbin, 2 York Villas; George Vance, Station Road
Poag, J., boot and shoe maker, Alexandra Avenue
Poag, William, posting establishment, Windsor Avenue
Polland, Charles, butcher, Marine Hotel Buildings
Pollock, James A., photographic dealer, stationer and artists' colourman, Coolavin

Rappaport, Mrs., draper, etc., Whitehead Arcade
Reid, Wm., marine engineer, 1 Clifton Villas
Rennison, William, agent Vacuum Oil Co., Fairfield
Robinson, George, 4 Greenfield Terrace
Robinson, Miss, Brookville Cafe
Robinson, Miss, Islandview, Cable Road
Robinson, Miss M., 3 Marine Villas
Robinson, Mrs., Cable Road
Robinson, Mrs., 5 Barton's Terrace
Robinson, R. J., warehouseman, Marine Avenue
Ross, John, butcher, Shaftesbury Square
Rutherford, Mrs., 1 Florenceville

Scott, David R., 2 Crown Villas
Semple, Archd. B., Kenbaan, Cable Road
Shaw, J. Carlisle, harbour official, 8 Shaftesbury Square
Shaw, W. H., bookkeeper, Orlington
Shiels, Rev. Wm., Roman Catholic curate, Eirene
Simpson, Richard, sexton Methodist Church
Sinclair, Robt., harbour official, 3 Belevue Cottages
Sinclair, H., & Co., drapers, tobacconists and confectioners, Marine Avenue
Skelton, William, 2 Collyer Villas
Sloane, T., of McGladdery & Son Limited, Belfast, Seabank
Smiley, Mrs., Belair
Smiley, Mrs., Owenmohr, Cable Road
Smyth, Miss J. N., 2 Marine Villas
Smyth, Robert, Castlechester
Stephenson, John, grocer, 3 Adelaide Gardens
Stevenson, Robert, of G. Heyn & Sons, Belfast, 1 Crown Villas
Stevenson, Mrs., Balmoral Cottage
Stormount, Miss, Dublin trained nurse, 1 Bellevue Cottages

Taggart, W. D. R., architect and civil engineer, 3 Victoria Terrace
Thomas, J. H., Board of Trade, 1 Donard Villas
Thompson, James C., Ednaville
Thompson, R., 1 Mervue
Thompson, Mrs. V., 1 Ladysmith Villas
Thornton, S. W., cashier, 2 Ladysmith Villas
Trail, Mrs., 2 Lissa Villas
Turtle, W. J., bookkeeper, Innisfallen
Tweed, Miss, 2 Hunter's Terrace

Vance, Geo., Tobacconist, Confectioner and Insurance agent, Victoria Avenue
Vance, James, manager, Redlands

Wagg, G. R., canvasser Midland Railway (N.C.C.), Castlechester
Wallace, Mrs., 2 Rath-Cimbaeith
Waterson, James, marine engineer, etc., Ardnagrena
Watt, Edward, Chester Avenue
Watt, Wm., Whitehead Hotel, Chester Avenue
Whiting, W. T., shipping agent, Ravenstone
Wiesener, Mrs., Mayfield
Williamson, A. E., commission agent, Rathmore
Wilson, Captain, Bankmore
Wilson, Archibald, mill manager, Craigmore
Wilson, John, 9 Mereham Terrace
Wilson, Mrs., tobacconist and confectioner, The Towers
Wilson, Mrs., 1 Hunterville
Wisnom, Mrs., grocer, Rathlin House
Woods, David, painter and decorator, Waterloo House
Wylie, James, Victoria Cafe, Whitehead and Sunshine House, Blackhead
Wylie, John, B.A., demonstrator Queen's College, Belfast, 5 Greenfield Terrace
Wylie, Mrs., Montana, Balfour Avenue


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