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1918 Belfast Street Directory

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Maghera, which is the most progressive market town in South Derry, stands in the townlands of Craigadeck, Craigmore, Largantogher, Moneymore, and Tannymullan, in the District Electoral Division and County Council Division of Maghera.  It consists of one long and spacious street, from which others branch off, and contains several fine buildings.  The market days are Tuesdays and Fridays - the former for pork, butter, eggs, hay, straw, fowl, and farm produce, and the latter for corn and grass-seed.  A horse and cattle fair is held on the last Tuesday of each month.  The population in 1911 was 872

Post Office, Hall Street - S. D. Lytle, sub-postmaster.  Telegraphist, Miss Norris; assistant, Miss J. Norris.  Letter carrier, Peter Clerkin; rural letter carriers, G. Stockman, James Gallagher, T. Hazlett, John Gallagher, John Mason, Dick Paul, James Campbell
Petty Sessions are held second Saturday of each month.  Magistrates - Col. J. Jackson Clark, D.L., J.P. (chairman); Messrs. A. W. Clark, J.P.; James Shivers, J.P.; Thos. Graham, J.P.; John McEldowney, J.P.; Robert Johnston, J.P.; T. J. Anderson, J.P.; Robert Bolton, J.P.; Geo. Mullan, J.P.; D. O'Loughlin, J.P.; E. J. Hassan, J.P.; H. J. Clark, J.P.; Chas. O'Hara, J.P.  James A. Harbison, clerk of Petty Sessions
Constabulary Barracks - Sergeant Anderson in charge; Constables McCarvill, McBarron, Rudden, Hall, and McKenzie
Stamp Office - S. D. Lytle, distributor
Commissioner for Taking Affidavits - R. Crawford
Registrar for Births, Marriages, and Deaths - Dr. Wm. McGowan
County Councillors - Colonel Clark, D.L., J.P., Larantogher House; J. E. O'Neill, J.P., Maghera
Dispensary Medical Officer - Dr. McGowan
Derry Central Rly. - J. Moore, station master
Market Committee - S. D. Lytle and J. E. O'Neill, hon. secs.
Assistant Surveyor - P. McNulty


Church of Ireland - Rev. A. H. Martin.  Presbyterian Church - Rev. Dr. Marshall.  Roman Catholic Chapel - Right Rev. Monsignor McGurk, V.G., P.P.; Rev. Joseph Convery, Rev. H. Boyle, C.C.


Maghera National Schools - J. Murray and Miss Kearney, principals; Miss Barry and Miss Kane, assistant teachers, Hall Street National Schools - D. Wilson, male; Miss Marks, assistant.  Church of Ireland National School - Mrs. Martin, teacher.  Tirkane National School - M. Millon and Miss Trollan, teachers.  Fallagloon National School - James Quigley, teacher.  Biagh National School - S. Shier and Mrs. Shier, principal and assistant
Bank - Ulster Bank Limited - Wm. Steele, manager; J. Wright, cashier; J. McDermott, clerk
Insurance Agents - James E. O'Neill, J.P., and W. Steele
Shipping Agents - S. D. Lytle, J. E. O'Neill, J.P.; T. A. Lytle
Inland Revenue Station - W. S. Nevin, officer



Agnew, P. J., solicitor
Barkley, Alexander, spirit merchant and auctioneer
Bradley, Alex., shoe maker
Bradley, Catherine, spirit dealer, Farmers' Inn
Bradley, James, shoe maker
Bradley, John, saddler
Bradley, James
Brannin, A., grocer
Burns, Jos., draper
Burns, Miss, dress maker
Campbell, John, marine store
Campbell, John, shoe maker
Campbell, Mrs. Mary
Canning, W. J., pork buyer, etc.
Clarke, Barbara, shirt agent
Connor, David, carpenter
Connor, Margaret
Costello, A., shoe maker
Craig, J., farmer
Crawford & Co., grocers and hardware merchants
Crawford, Robert, auctioneer
Crilley, Barkley, carter
Crilly, Bernard, grocer's assistant
Cushnahan, Daniel, spirit merchant
Cuskern, The Misses, dress makers and shirt agents
Devlin, Bernard, cooper and old clothes dealer
Devlin, Jno., jun., cooper
Fields, Richard, caretaker
Fowler, Wm., carpenter, electric lighting station
Gallagher, Mrs., grocer
Gallagher, Wm., dealer
Gallinagh, John, grocer's assistant
Gallinagh, Mrs., millinery and fancy goods
Graham, Thos., grocer
Hamilton, M., cycle agent and watch maker
Havern, Patrick, cycle agent, etc.
Havern, Wm., blacksmith
Hazlett, John L., draper
Hazlett, The Misses, dress makers
Johnston, Miss, delph warehouse, etc.
Kane, Hugh
Kane, J., publican
Keenan, Miss, lodging house keeper
Kennedy, James, tailor
Kennedy, Wm., tailor
Lytle, James, grocer, seed and general merchant, Victoria Warehouse
Lytle, T. A., grocer and hardware merchant
Lytle, The Misses, dress makers
Martin, George, dealer
Martin, John, draper
Martin, John, saddler
Millar, John, carpenter and steam saw mill owner
Moore, John, butcher
Moran, Mrs., stationer and fancy goods
Morton, Mrs. W. J.
McCosker, P., publican's assistant
McDonald, Geo., poor-rate collector and auctioneer
McDonald,. Samuel, grocer and egg merchant
McGowan, Wm., M.D.
McIldowney, Miss, dress maker and milliner
McKee, Bros., butchers
McKeefry, Alex., wine and spirit merchant
McKeefery, Mrs. Eliza, lodging house keeper
McKenna, Berd., wine and spirit merchant
McKenna, Charles, porter
McKenna, D., lodging house
McKenna, Daniel, shoe maker
McKenna, Daniel, painter
McKenna, John, dealer
McKenna, Mrs. A., publican
McKenna, P., spirit merchant
McKenna, Thos., boot and shoe shop
McKenna, Thos., coachman
McKinney, J. C, grocer and general merchant; agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
McKinney, W. J., grocer
McLoughlin, Archibald, dealer
McMaster, John, publican
McNamee, Patrick, publican
McPeak, William, tailor
O'Hara, Charles, publican, market proprietor
O'Hara, Bernard, draper
O'Neill, James E., woollen draper, cycle and commission agent
O'Neill & Co., wholesale and retail grocers, druggists and general merchants
Picken, Robert, boot manufacturer and saddler
Reilly, Patrick, veterinary surgeon
Scott, A., grocer and hardware merchant
Simpson, John, druggist's assistant
Smyth, Joseph, carpenter
Steele, William, Bank House
Stockman, Robert, mason
Stockman, Thos., grocer
Thompson, Charles, grocer
Tohill, John, butcher
Trollan, John, grocer's assistant
Walsh, Mary
Walshe, John, druggist and hardware merchant
Wilson, D., teacher
Wilson, R., grocer and draper
Woods, W. W., draper


Averal, Robert
Hunter, John, carpenter
Winton, Samuel
Woods, F., pedlar


Brownlow, Hugh, labourer


Bradley, Bernard, blacksmith
Bradley, H. J., law clerk and Press correspondent
Campbell, John, barber
Campbell, R., lodging house
Carlin, James, publican's assistant
Carr, Cecil, C.B.O., and summons server
Convery, Francis, lodging house
Convery, James, blacksmith
Convery, Miss, grocer
Conway, Thomas, blacksmith
Diamond, P., Fairview Cottage
Hamilton, James, labourer
Hazlett, Mrs., draper
Henry, M., boot maker
Henry, P. J., solicitor's office
Hutchinson, Jas., mill owner
Letcher, Wm., factory manager
Martin, George, shoe maker
McBride, Owen, carter
McDonald, Charles, tailor
McGinty, Philip
McKenna, Michael, painter
McLaughlin, James, porter
McNamee, Joseph, carter
McNicholl, James, Commercial Hotel
O'Neill, Patrick, egg and general dealer
Suttleham, Laurence, agent
Taylor, George, tailor


Anderson, Miss, The Cottage
Bradley, Jas., shoemaker
Bradley, The Misses, refreshment rooms and Boarding house
Crockett, James, car driver
Houston, Miss, music teacher
Houston, Thos., retired grocer
Loan, James, shoe maker
McNamee, John, dealer
Nelson, M. J.
O'Neill, James, mason and farmer
O'Neill, Joseph, carpenter
O'Neill, The Misses, dress makers


Bolton, Robert, grocer and egg dealer
Close, Bernard, Tamnymullan
Kelly, John, labourer
Kelso, Dr.
O'Neill, William, labourer


Anderson, Samuel, Folgotravey
Bradley, Jos., road contractor, Fallagloon
Cailly, Patrick, contractor, Mullagh
Carleton, Major P., Mullagh House
Clark, Colonel J. J., Largantogher
Clark, A. W., Upperlands
Clark, H. J., Upperlands
Convery, Mrs., Killelagh Lodge
Conway, James, grocer, etc., Fallagloon
Diamond, Neal, Ballyrock
Dunlop, James, Tullyherron
Fisher, Rev. T., Knockcloughren
Glass, Matthew, Brackagh House
Groogan Bros., road contractors
Hagan, James, carter
Henry, Patrick, Craigmore
Higgins, John, Ballyrock Corn and Flax Scutch Mills
Johnston, Robt., J.P., Barley Hill
Kearney, Miss, Woodbine Cottage
Kerr, Daniel, cattle dealer, Ballyrahone
Lagan, Mrs. P., grocer, Lisnamuck P.O.
Morrison, James, Terroney
Morrison, John, Craigmore
McCay, Charles, flax scutching mills
McCloskey, Patk., Rockfield Flax Mills
McCloy, Danl., Tamnymullan
McCusker, Michael, Tullyhenon
McKenna, Mrs., Silverhill
McNamee, Joseph, Tamnymullan
O'Loughlin, Daniel, Gortinure
O'Kane, Francis, Gortinure House
Patterson, Thomas, Biagh
Paul, William, Mullagh
Phillips, Wm., Ballyrahone
Phillips, W. J., Mullagh
Shevers, Henry, Moneymore House
Shields, Thomas, Crew
Shiels, Robert, Moneymore
Shiels, Samuel, Mullough
Shiels, Thomas, Knocknakeith
Sweetnam, Rev. T., The Rectory, Gortinure
Wilson, Miss, embroidery agent, Crew


Is a flourishing market town in the barony of Loughinshulin in County of Londonderry, 35 miles N.N.W. from Belfast, and 114 miles from Dublin, and 38 miles from Londonderry.  The town, which consists of a square, from which the principal streets branch, was formerly the property of the Salters' Company, but on the company selling out their estate under the Land Purchase Act the inhabitants bought out their houses.  The Parish Church (St. Smithin's) is a fine edifice.  The ground for erecting this church as well as the other churches - First and Second Presbyterian, and the Roman Catholic Chapel - was given gratuitously by the Salters' Company.  The Intermediate School, known as "Rainey's Foundation." was rebuilt a few years ago by the Salters' Company, and is now under Governors appointed by the Educational Endowments Commission.  Markets are held every Thursday and fairs every second and last Thursday of each month.  The shops' half-holiday is on Friday.  The population in 1911 was 1,233

Post Office, Diamond - Mrs. McMaster, postmistress  Miss A. A. Montieth and Miss K. Kelly, assistants.  Town postman - I. Stanley.  Rural postmen - J. McKenna, Magherafelt and Ballyronan; G. Gilmore, Ballymaguigan to Woods Rectory; J. Farrell, Magherafelt & Coolshinney; P. Fullan, Magherafelt to Aughagaskin; Samuel Purvis, Magherafelt to Carmean.  Telegraph messenger - H. Hepburn
Stamp Office, Diamond - Mrs. McMaster, Distributor
Petty Sessions held every second and last Wednesday of the month - Clerk, J. A. Harbison, Magherafelt
Courthouse - Mrs. Monteith, keeper
Excise Office - S. McCulley, Magherafelt
Midland Railway, Derry Central, and Draperstown Railways - B. Boyle, stationmaster; T. Carson, ticket clerk; T. Bell, goods clerk; permanent way inspector, C. H. Simpson
Marriage Registry Office - W. H. Maitland, registrar; J. Taylor, deputy registrar
Royal Irish Constabulary - H. Connor, district inspector; head constable, T. Wynes
Coroner - Wm. McIvor, M.D., Moneymore
Commissioners for taking Affidavits - Wm. Adamson, Northern Bank, and J. A. Harbison, C.P.S.
Gas Company - W. Ewing, resident manager
Markets - Grain, Monday; general market, Thursday - James H. Walker, manager; W. J. McLernon, weighmaster


Church of Ireland - Rev;. G. W. Lindsay, M.A., rector
Presbyterian Churches - First - Rev. George Gillespie, M.A.  Second - Rev. W. J. Hanson
Methodist Church - Rev. W. T. Brownlee and Rev. J. Woods
Moravian Church (Gracefield) - Rev. R. J. Adamson, M.A.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Very Rev. Canon Quinn, P.P.; Rev. P. J. Moore and Rev. J. Caraher, curates


Banks - Belfast Banking Co. - M. B. Redmond, manager; Northern Banking Co. - Wm. Adamson, manager
Ramey's (Rainey's) Endowed School - J. A. Calvin, B.A., LL.B., principal; Miss Harvey, Miss Martin, Miss McMillan, and Miss Pinkerton, assistants
Church Street N.S. - Teachers, Miss Barber and Miss Maitland
King Street (male) - J. Hughes, teacher; P. Carrigan, assistant; do. (female), taught by nuns of convent
Market Street (male) - John Stewart, teacher; (female) - Mrs. Stewart, teacher
Magherafelt Technical School - Wm. Adamson, chairman; W. D. Cousins, principal and secretary
School Attendance Committee - Rev. Geo. Gillespie, M.A. (chairman); Rev. W. Mercer, Rev. R. Kirkpatrick, J. Kilroe, J.P.; Charles O'Hara, J.P.; John Harbison, Robt. Cousley, John Keenan, J.P.; Thos. Graham, J.P.; Louis Smyth.  Secretary, W. H. Maitland, 11 Garden Street, Magherafelt.  School Attendance officers - Francis McGurk, Gulladuff, Knockcloughrim; George Dorrity, Moneysharvin, Maghera
Board of Guardians - Chairman, J. E. O'Neill, J.P.; vice-chairman, W. J. Hanna; deputy vice-chairman, F. J. Malone, J.P.; clerk, J. A. Higgins; assistant clerk, W. H. Maitland; master, J. Taylor; matron, Miss M. J. H. Allen.  Relieving officers, Francis Convery and W. Oliphant; nurse, fever hospital, Arabella Reid; infirmary nurses, M. Tohill (charge nurse), E. Chambers (night nurse), E. M. Boyle, M. Macdonald, ward mistress; male ward attendant, George Nicholl.  Porter C. McClosker.
Rural District Council - Chairman, C. O'Hara, J.P.; vice-chairman, Rowley Elliott, J.P.; clerk, J. A. Higgins; assistant clerk, W. H. Maitland; sub-sanitary officer, Francis Convery.  Collectors - Messrs. Warren Mann and George McDonald


Masonic Lodge No. 211 - Charles Glenn, W.M.; Wilson Gamble, treasurer; S. S. Badger, secretary
Orange Institution - O'Hara Purple Guards L.O.L. No. 310 - John P. Magill, W.M.; Joseph Picken, D.M.; S. B. Caldwell, sec.; William Hutchinson, treasurer
The Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation Limited, London and Lancashire Fire and Gresham Life Assurance Co. - Brice Galway & Sons and W. H. Maitland, agents



Adamson, Wm., bank manager and commissioner for taking affidavits
Brown, James, solicitor
Cromie, John, shoe maker
Fullan, P., caretaker Town Hall and letter carrier
Dickson Bros. & Co., grocers, hardware merchants, etc.
Galway, B., & Sons, watch makers, jewellers, stationers and newsagents; Agents for the "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Glover & McGuckin, solicitors
Harbison, John, solicitor
Hepburn, Mrs.
Keatley, John, J.P., woollen draper
Kerlin, Dr. J. P.
Lindsay, Rev. G. W., M.A., The Rectory
Morrison, Alex., butter and egg merchant
McGuckin, Vincent, solicitor
O'Kane, P. J., publican
Porter, S. H., merchant and commissioner for taking Affidavits
Shiels, John, J.P., woollen draper, printer and emigration agent
Walsh, Wm., M.R.C.V.S.
Walshe, John, hotel proprietor and posting establishment


Boden, John, J.P., woollen draper
Burns, John, saddler
Burnside, Robert K., watch maker
Charles, A., watch maker and jeweller, etc.
Ferran, Felix, J.P., woollen draper
Greer, Wm., watch maker, jeweller, etc.
Harbison, Mrs. James
Hastings, L. R., solicitor
Houston, Wm. K., boot and shoe merchant
Johnston, John, grocer, wine and spirit merchant
Kelly, John, fancy warehouse
Kelly, Mrs. John, wine and spirit merchant
Mackerell, Jas., woollen draper
McCausland, Wm. J., motor and cycle works
McConway, John, carpenter and newsagent
McCullough, George, saddler
McErlane, Joseph, labourer
McGuckin, John, labourer
McGurk, J. & co., grocers, etc.
McMaster, Mrs., postmistress
Picken, Joseph, saddler, boot and shoe merchant
Regan, Mathew, grocer and spirit merchant
Rutledge, John, draper
Semple, William, boot merchant
Smyth, Arthur, woollen draper
Stewart, James C, grocer and provision merchant
Stewart, Robert
Stewart, William James, solicitor (branch office)
Wilson, Mrs. D., millinery establishment


Campbell, Michael, dealer
Chesney, David, grocer
Clements, Sarah
Collins, T., labourer
Donnelly, John
Gallagher, James, dealer
Gillespie, J., baker
Gillespie, Mrs.
Hagan, John, flesher
Hagan, Patrick, fowl dealer
Houston, Isaac L.
Hughes, George
Kilroe, James, J.P., merchant
Mellon, Susan
Mooney, John, dealer
Moran, Kate
Morrison, Alex., merchant
McCart, Wm. J., farmer and sexton
McGlade, John, labourer
McGlone, Thos., publican
McLernon, F. J., grocer
McNabb, Joseph, labourer
McSwiggan, M., seamstress
Orr, John, dealer
Smith, Miss Bridget, publican
Smyth, Harry, tinsmith
Taylor, William, shoe maker
Teany, William, labourer
Thompson, Hugh, grocer and baker
Tohill, John, labourer
Toughill, James, butcher
Toughill, Peter, butcher


Badger, S. S., chemist
Barbour & Co., shirt manufacturers
Belfast Banking Co.'s branch
Bradley, George, merchant
Brown, John, clothier and boot merchant
Calvin, J., B.A., LL.B., Rainey Endowed School
Cudden, Hugh, publican
Diamond, John, car driver
Diamond, Thomas, baker
Donnelly, Richard, painter
Fleming, David, sweep
Gamble, Wilson, grocer, publican and posting establishment
Gribben, Mrs., chemist and druggist
Gribben, J., publican
Hagan, Hugh, commission agent
Hagan, T., publican
Higgins, Lawrence, grocer and hardware merchant
Larkin, Thomas, auctioneer, publican and commissioner for taking affidavits
Laverty, Robert, hairdresser, etc.
Magill, James, gardener
Milligan, Joseph, shoe maker
Moran, Mrs., provision merchant
Morgan, Miss Mary, woollen draper
Munroe, A., tailor, grocer and toy merchant
McCandless, T., grocer and publican
McCay, Mary, refreshment rooms
McCleery, Robert, grocer
McCleery, Mrs., draper
McConway, Michael, clothier
McGlade, Mrs.
McGuckin, Mrs.
McKee, Mrs., grocer
McLernon, Wm. J., draper
McMenamin, Thos. J., publican and posting establishment
McSwiggan, Thomas, shirt cutter
O'Kane, Mrs. Sarah, publican
O'Neill, Denis J., carpenter
O'Neill, J., clothier
O'Neill, Mrs.
Paul, Mrs., laundress
Picken, Joseph, jun., saddler
Richmond, T., merchant
Ritchie. Robert, carpenter
Semple, John, clothier
Sweeny, Mrs., lodging house
Tohill, Henry, sen., flesher
Walker, James H., manager of markets
Walker, John,
Watson, Wm., tinsmith


Caldwell, Miss.
Caldwell, Mrs.
Caldwell, Samuel B., law clerk
Campbell, Samuel, car owner
Christie, Robert, printer
Cowan, Joseph, blacksmith
Evans, R., brick layer
Frizelle, F., R.I.C.
Hutchinson, Mrs.
Maitland, Wm. H., assistant clerk of Union and Press correspondent
Monteith, Mrs.
McKernan, J., teacher
McNally, H. J., auctioneer and law clerk
O'Sullivan, Wm., sheriff's officer
Quigley, Wm., car owner
Rankin, Alex., plumber
Ritchie, Thomas, motor and cycle agent
Ritchie, William, photographer
Woods, W. J.


Anderson, Thomas, mason
Averell, Robert, smith
Barclay, Miss
Galway, Mrs.
George, John, M.R.C.V.S.
Evans, Matthew, contractor
Harrison, George
Hastings, Mrs., Rose Lodge
Hegarty, A., M.D., J.P., registrar of births, marriages and deaths
Henry, P. J., solicitor (branch office)
Hurl, Daniel, carpenter and caretaker, Masonic Hall
Monteith, Mrs., Courthouse keeper
Murray, Patrick, publican
McCracken, W. J., law clerk
McFarland, John, assistant county surveyor
Porter, John
Quinn, J., blacksmith
Stewart, James C.
Stewart, J., shoe maker
Sweeny, Annie, seamstress
Wylie, J., railway jacker


Agnew, P. J., solicitor (branch office)
Auterson, Miss
Barber, Miss, N.S. teacher and organist
Bell, Walter, grocer, seed and wine merchant, artificial manure merchant and cycle agent
Brownlee, Rev. W. T.
Carey, Mrs., grocer and carrier
Crilly, Mrs.
Crilly, T., tailor
Devlin, The Misses, dress makers
Diamond, H., merchant
Garrity, B., restaurateur and confectioner
Greer, Joseph, whitesmith
Greer, Miss, dress maker
Hegarty, A., M.D., registrar of births and deaths
Henry, Bernard, boot maker
Hunter, M., M.D.
Hutchinson, Wm., painter
Johnston, James, solicitor
Johnston, Wm., labourer
Kane, Robert, labourer
Kearney, Mary, dispensary caretaker
Keenan, Patrick, flesher and publican
Keilt, John, grocer
Logan, J., & Co., merchants
Mulgrew, Patrick, butler
McBride, Patrick, publican
McCallister, Mrs., lodging house
McIvor, Alex., draper
McKeown, Matilda, charwoman
McMullan, Miss, dress maker
McMullan, Mrs.
McNicholl, R., general dealer
O'Neill, Matthew J., retired school teacher
O'Neill, Mrs., stationer, etc.
Ramsay, Margaret, delph merchant
Taylor, J., guard
Timoney, Mrs.
Tohill, Henry, cattle dealer
Tohill, Peter, butcher


Brimley, John, shoe maker
Brown, Miss
Burns, The Misses, dress makers
Caraher, Rev. J., C.C.
Cromie, James, bread server
Daly, Mrs.
Devlin, John, shoe maker and insurance agent
Gillespie, Rev. George, The Manse
Gregg, W., blacksmith
Greer, William, whitesmith
Hutchinson, George, general labourer
Kelly, James, pensioner
Leslie, David, grocer
Louden, Patrick, butcher
Martin, Mary, grocer
McGill, George, tailor
McGone, R., carter
McGrath, George, shoe maker
McKenna, Richard, hair dresser
McKenna, Robert, billposter and fishmonger
McPeake, Mrs.
O'Connor, Mrs., refreshment rooms
Pollock, Wm., law clerk and insurance agent
Quinn, Rev. Canon, P.P., Parochial House
Wallace, Mrs., grocer
Walls, P.
Walls, Mrs., restaurateur
Walls, R., coachman and gardener


Adams, Henry, labourer
Berry, David, dealer
Diamond, Joseph, dealer
Doherty, Philip, grocer
Donnelly, Mrs.
Farrell, John, postman
Hagan, James, fowl dealer
Henry, Felix, labourer
Hyndman, John, smith
Keenan, Mrs.
Martin, John, horse trainer
McCormack, Samuel, hawker
McGee, J., constable R.I.C.
McKee, Michael, fowl dealer
McKenna, Joseph, traveller
Niblock, Hugh, painter
O'Neill, Con, publican and coach builder
Robinson, J. J.
Smyth, Louis, publican
Teany, Mrs.
Walls, J., shirt factor
Watterson, John, shoe maker


Boyle, B., station master
Fields, Hugh, law clerk
Fields, Mrs., dress maker
Gillespie, J. T.
Stimpson, C. H., permanent way inspector Midland Railway
Ternon, J., constable R.I.C.


Cassidi, Miss, Glenbrook
Gamble, Wilson, Bellevue
McGuckin, R., Millbrook


Aiken, Jas., Ballymuldergbeg
Anderson, James, Ballymoghanbeg
Armstrong, John, Ballyronanmore
Atkinson, Hugh, Coolshinney
Atkinson, Jas., Ballymuckleheaney
Atkinson, Joseph, Tullylinisay
Atkinson, T., Ballymuckleheaney
Badger, Jas., Dunarnon
Barclay, Samuel, jun., Megargy
Barnett, Robt., Ballymoghanmore
Bell, James, Ballymulderg
Bell, Wm. J., Carlaoon
Berry, Robert, Killyfaddy
Berryman, James, Leckagh
Berryman, John, Bellagherty
Berryman, John, Ballinderry
Black, Samuel, Ballymoghanbeg
Boden, James, Leckagh
Bowman, James, Aughagaskin
Bradley, James, Mullaghboy
Bradley, James, Ballymuldergbeg
Breen, James, Bellagherty
Brown, Henry, Tullylinkisay
Brown, John, Ballynagarve
Brown, John, Tullylinkisay
Brown, Robert, Tullylinkisay
Brown, Samuel, Dunamoney
Brown, W. (Margaret), Tullylinkisay
Burnett, John, Ballynagarve
Burnett, Wm., Ballynagarve
Campbell, W. J., Ballymoghanmore
Caulfield, Robert, Ballymoghanbeg
Clarke, George, Lisnamorrow
Clarke, James, Ballyronan
Clarke, John, Lisnamorrow
Clarke, Wm., Ballymulderg
Clarke, Wm. James, Ballymulderg
Corbett, James, Drumrainey
Corbett, Thomas, Tullylinkisay
Corr, Thomas, Ballynocker
Costello, James, Ballyronanbeg
Cowan, Alex., Ballymuldergmore
Cowan, Wm. James, Lisnamorrow
Crooks, Samuel, Ballymoghanbeg
Crossett, James, Megargy
Crossett, Joseph, Ballyronanbeg
Crossett, Wm., Coolshinney
Crossett, Wm., Killyfaddy
Dale, Henry, Caraloon
Davison, Robert, Lisalbanagh
Devlin, Bernard, Ballyronan
Devlin, Patrick, Drumenagh
Ditty, Andrew, Megargy
Ditty, John, Megargy
Ditty, Wm., Ballymuldergbeg
Ditty, Robert J., Killyfaddy
Ditty, Wm., Megargy
Dobbin, Wm., Killyfaddy
Donaghy, Jas., jun., Caraloon
Donaghy, John, Caraloon
Dorren, Edward, Drumenagh
Duncan, Jas., Killyfaddy
Duncan, John, jun., Killyfaddy
Duncan, Thomas, Killyfaddy
Duncan, Wm., Coolshinney
Duncan, Wm. John, Killynease
Durnan, Charles, Coolshinney
Eakin, Robt., jun., Ballymoghanmore
Eakin, Robert, sen., Ballymoghanmore
Eakin, Thomas, Killyfaddy
Ferguson, James, jun., Ballynagarve
Ferguson, John, Ballyronanmore
Ferguson, Samuel, Tullylinkisay
Foster, John, Killyfaddy
Foster, Obadiah, Ballymuldergbeg
Foster, Thos., Ballymuldergbeg
Foster, Wm., Killyfaddy
Fulton, John, Aughrim
Garvin, James, Ballynocker
Garvin, Stephen, Ballynocker
Garvin, Wm., Ballynocker
Gilmore, Richard, Luney
Given, James, Ballymuldergbeg
Harbison, Francis, Ballyheifer
Halland, Fras., Caraloon
Halland, John, Ballymuldergmore
Haw, John, Drumrainey
Hogg, Alex., Ballymoghanmore
Holland, Fredk., Caraloon
Houston, Thos., Aughagaskin
Hueston, John, Aughagaskin
Hurl, R. J., Caraloon
Hutchinson, Andrew, Aughrim
Jamison, Thomas, Caraloon
Johnston, Andrew, Aughagaskin
Johnston, James, Dunarnon
Johnston, Jas., Ballymulderg
Johnston, John, Drumrainey
Johnston, Robert, Drumrainey
Johnston, Woodside, Killyfaddy
Kane, Andrew, Ballymuldergmore
Kane, Wm., Megargy
Keatley, John, Ballyronanmore
Keatley, Samuel, Aughagaskin
Keatley, Thomas, Ballyronanmore
Keenan, Bernard, Ballyheifer
Keenan, James, Aughagaskin
Keenan, Joseph, Ballycomlargy
Larkin, John, J.P., Bellagherty
Lawrance, Alex., Lisalbanagh
Lawrence, James, Lisalbanagh
Lennox, Frederick, Aughagaskin
Lennox, George, Drumenagh
Lennox, Jas., Aughagaskin
Lennox, John, Aughagaskin
Lennox, Thomas, Killyboggan
Lennox, Thos., jun., Tullylinisay (Tullylinkisay)
Lennox, Wm. George, Aughrim
Lindsay, Wm., Ballyronanmore
Loughlin, Wm. Geo., Dunarnon
Love, Henry, Dunamoney
Love, Samuel, Ballymaguiggan
Love, Thomas, Dunamoney
Marks, Robert, Ballymulderg
Martin, Hugh, Ballynagarve
Martin, Wm., Aughagaskin
Maynes, Patrick, Ballyronanbeg
Mellon, Joseph, Ballynagarve
Mellon, Patrick, Ballynagarve
Millar, Benjamin, Megargy
Milliken, Robert, Ballymulderg
Milliken, Samuel, John, Ballymuldergbeg
Morgan, John, Ballynagarve
Morton, Solomon, Ballynocker
Mulholland, Wm., Ballyheifer
Murphy, Edward, Drumenagh
Murphy, James, Drumenagh
McAlister, James, Kirley
McCartney, R., Ballyronanbeg
McClean, Robert, Lisnamorrow
McCleery, John, jun., Aughrim
McCleery, Wm. James, Aughrim
McGuckin, Hugh, Ballyronan
McGuckin, Thomas Jas., Bellagherty
McGuckin, Wm. John, Ballyronan
McGuigan, Francis, Tullylinisay
McGuigan, James, Drumard
McGuigan, James, Caraloon
McGurk, John, Drumrainey
McIntyre, John, Ardagh
McKee, John, Bellagherty
McKee, Thomas, Bellagherty
McKenna, Patrick, Aughagaskin
McKenny, John, Ballymuldergbeg
McKenny, Joseph, Ballymuldergbeg
McKeown, James, Ballymuldergbeg
McKnight, Hugh, Tullylinkisay
McKnight, John, Tullylinkisay
McMaster, Hugh, Ballydonnell
McMaster, Robert, Toberhead
McMaster, Samuel, Ballydonnell
McMaster, William, Tullylinkisay
McNicholl, H., Ballymuldergmore
Nodwell, Matthew, Coolshinney
O'Neill, Cornelius, Ballyneilbeg
Orr, John, Ballynagarve
Orr, Robert, Lisnamorrow
Orr, Thomas, Ballyronanmore
Palmer, James, Drumenagh
Palmer, Henry, Killyboggan
Park, John, J.P., Grange
Patterson, H. F., Ballyronanmore
Patterson, John, Lisnamorrow
Patterson, Robt. W., Killyfaddy
Port, William, Ballymultrea
Porter, Henry, Killyboggan
Porter, Samuel, Killyboggan
Purvis, John, Ballymaltrea
Purvis, William, Ballyronanmore
Quigley, Ben., Ballymuldergbeg
Quigley, Isaac, Ballymoghanbeg
Quigley, James, Ballymoghanbeg
Quinn, John, Ballyronanbeg
Ramsay, John, Ballyheifer
Raw, James, Knockoneill
Rice, John, Ballyronanmore
Rice, William, Ballyronanmore
Richardson, James, Ballynagarve
Ritchie, Joseph, Ballyeglish
Ritchie, Saml., Ballymoghanmore
Robinson, Ferguson, Ballymuldergbeg
Rodgers, Geo., Ballyronanmore
Rodgers, John, Ballynagarve
Rodgers, John, J.P., Ballynagowan
Sampson, James, Ballymulderg
Scott, Alexander, Drumenagh
Scott, Andrew, Leckagh
Scott, Ben., jun., Drumenagh
Scott, George, jun., Ballynagarve
Scott, Isaac, Drumenagh
Scott, Isaac, jun., Drumenagh
Scott, James Alex., Bellagherty
Scott, John, Bellagherty
Scott, John, Drumenagh
Scott, John, Ballymulderg
Scott, Johnston, Drumenagh
Scott, Robert, Drumenagh
Scott, Samuel, Ballyronanmore
Scott, Thomas, Drumenagh
Scott, William, Drumenagh
Shannon, Thomas, Killyfaddy
Sheppard, Richard, Ballydonnell
Simpson, Robert, Megargy
Smyth, Charles, Ballymulderg
Smyth, Francis, Ballymulderg
Smyth, Henry, Drunascullion
Smyth, Robert, Ballymoghanbeg
Smyth, Stewart, Ballynocker
Speer, Andrew, Ballynocker
Speer, Joseph, Ballynocker
Speer, Samuel, Ballynocker
Steele, David, Killyfaddy
Steele, Robert, Killyfaddy
Steele, William, Ballymoghanmore
Stewart, Andrew, Lisalbanagh
Stewart, Henry, Tullylinkisay
Stewart, Henry, Killyboggan
Stewart, James, Killyboggan
Stinton, Joseph, Drumrainey
Stinton, Robert, Aughrim
Stitt, John, Coolshinney
Streahorn, David, Caraloon
Streahorn, George, Caraloon
Streahorn, Joseph, Ballyronanmore
Swenarton, Joseph, Lisnamorrow
Treanor, John, Killyfaddy
Vance, William, Megarry
Walls, Hy. (Black), Ballymaguiggan
Walls, James, Ballymaguiggan
Walls, John, Ballymuldergmore
Walls, Thomas, Ballymaguiggan
Watterson, George, Lisnamorrow
Watterson, Jos., jun., Lisnamorrow
Watterson, J. (Rock), Lisnamorrow
Watterson, Leonard, Ballynagarve
Watterson, Robt. J., Ballymuldergbeg
Watterson, Wm. T., Ballymuldergmore
Weir, Robert, jun., Ballynocker
White, James, Bellagherty
White, John, Ballymultrea
Wilson, Frederick, Ballymulderg
Winchester, William, Ballynocker
Woods, John, Bellagherty
Wright, John, Bellagherty
Wright, Samuel, Ballygillenbeg
Wright, Samuel, Ballymuldergbeg
Young, William J., Ballymaguiggan


The chief beauty of this place, which has about 800 inhabitants, is the Cooneen River, which rises near Fivemiletown, flows through the town, and empties itself into Lough Erne. The width of the river at the bridge is 140 feet; and in the summer and autumn it is suitable for fishing.  In the town are a Church of Ireland, a Presbyterian Church, a Wesleyan Church, and a Roman Catholic Chapel; also two National schools.  The Great Northern Railway Terminus is the neatest and best accommodated on the line from Enniskillen to Dundalk.  There is also the Central Station for the Clogher Valley Tramway Company, in conjunction with the Great Northern Line.

Post Office - R. Hamilton, postmaster
Postal Telegraph Office - Maguiresbridge Railway Station


Church of Ireland - Rev. T. Troughton, M.A.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. I. Stoops
Methodist Church - George Kell, evangelist
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. P. McQuaid, C.C.
Littlemount National School - Mr. Collins and Mrs. Collins, teachers
National School, No. 1 - D. G. Irvine & Miss Doyle, teachers; No. 2 - William Moore, teacher; Miss Hogg, assistant teacher
Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths - Dr. J. A. Thompson
Royal Irish Constabulary - sergeant Hughes; Constables Moran, Lee and Lavelle


Allan, Thomas, farmer, Boghill
Armstrong, Hy., sexton Church of Ireland

Black, James, farmer, Drumeer
Bogue, J., farmer, Congo
Boles, J. A., D.C., Tully
Boyde, H., farmer, Drumbrouches
Boyle, John, lamp lighter
Boyle, John, rural postman
Bredin, Mrs., Gledstown Terrace
Brown, F. R., F.A.S.I., auctioneer & valuator, Abbey Lodge
Bullock, F., farmer, Lisadeney
Bustard, John, farmer, Tully

Cathcart, Wm., farmer, Drumbrouches
Caulfield, M., tinsmith
Coalter, Mrs., lace worker, Leobally
Collins, W. L., teacher, Littlemount N.S.
Copeland, Thomas, Derryoree

Dalton, James, farmer, Oldtown
Delmon, Wm., boot and shoe maker
Doran, Charles, farmer, Corfannon
Doyle, Miss, school teacher

Flanigan, John, farmer, Drumliff
Finlay, Christopher, farmer, Killycluoghey
Ford, Miss, Gledstown Terrace
Ford, W., farmer, Limagole

Gardiner, Henry, farmer, Corrard
Gavin, John, farmer, Carahoney
Gavin, Patrick, farmer, Mulmakervey
Gavin, Tom, farmer, Aughanure
Gormley, John, fowl merchant
Gormley, John, Lonsdale Arms Hotel
Graham, Arthur, cattle dealer
Graham, James, railway man
Graham, John, farmer, Killycloghey
Graham, Mrs., draper
Graham, Mrs. John, dress maker
Graham, R., farmer, Drumgowna
Graham, William, grocer and draper
Graham, Wm., cattle dealer, Gledstown
Great Northern Railway - Mr. Johnston, station master; Miss Johnston, clerk; J. Smith, head porter

Hall, Thomas, farmer, Dresogue
Hall, Francis, farmer, Killycramph
Hamilton, Robert, grocer, shipping agent and newsagent; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Hamilton, G., farmer, Tattinderry
Hazlett, G., corn and flax mill, Boghill
Hazlett, Sam, Bayhill
Henderson, W. G., J.P., Coolcrannell
Hoey, John A., farmer, Derryree
Howe, J., posting establishment and Railway Hotel
Hunter, Hamilton, farmer, Lislea
Hunter, William, farmer, Lislea
Hunter, William, farmer, Tully

Irvine, C. E. R., solicitor, Drumgoon Manor
Irvine, Robert, clerk of union
Irvine, William, D.C., insurance agent, Drumgoon
Irwin, Thomas, farmer, Gledstown

Johnston, James, farmer, Aughnacloy

Keenan, John, Clogher Valley Railway
Kerr, W., farmer, Corfannon

Latimer, A., farmer, Aughnacloy
Law, Miss, Gledstown Cottage
Law, Mrs., Gledstown Terrace
Little, Mary E., grocer and delf ware
Lunny, James, farmer, Garavohill
Lynch, James, farmer, Carrahoney
Lynch, John, farmer, Corranewey
Lynch, Michael, hardware and spirit merchant

Maguire, Mrs. T., lace worker
Maguire, Thomas, scutcher, Maguiresbridge
Martin, Mrs., Gledstown Terrace
Martin, Sam, scutcher, Gledstown
Martin, Thomas, farmer, Gledstown
Matthews, Mrs., Holymount House
Moffitt, Andrew, farmer, Gledstown
Moore, William, farmer, Drumbadbeg
Moore, Wm. N., farmer, Couranghanall
Monaghan, John, Railway Cottage
Monaghan, Joseph, farmer, Drumgoon
Monaghan, Michael, farmer, Corryann
Morrison, James, farmer and flax mills, Tully
Morrison, William, farmer, Coolane
Mulligan, John, carpenter and farmer
McAdam, Miss M. A., lace worker
McAlear, Mrs., lodgings
McClintock, Joseph, farmer, Kilmore
McClintock, Miss Annie, farmer, Leobaly
McCourt, Jas., farmer, Corryann
McCoy, J., farmer, Drumagarve
McCullough, John, hardware and draper
McDonagh, John, farmer, Drumboughlin
McElroy, Thomas, farmer, Killycloghy
McGarrighan, Miss, district nurse
McGlaughlin, John, publican
McGolrick, Wm., farmer, Derryoree
McKeaney, John, dealer, Maguiresbridge

Noble, Mark, farmer, Killycramph

Orr & Co., grocers
O'Keefe, P. J., publican
O'Reilly, Mrs., spirit grocer

Parkinson, John, Tully
Parkinson, Mrs., Gledstown Terrace
Perry, Mark, farmer, Lisnagole

Rainbird, Wm., caretaker of parochial Hall
Rambird, Wm., carpenter
Robinson, John, farmer, Whitepark
Russell, Henry, farmer, Drumbad

Sandles, John, dealer
Shannon, John, farmer, Drumbaughlin
Shaw, James, farmer, Toolin
Shaw, William, farmer, Lisaderney
Shiels, The Misses, Gledstown
Simpson, Richard, farmer, Gledstown
Swindle, John, farmer, Tully

Thompson, J. A., M.D.
Todd, A. H. S., M.D., Hollymount
Tubman, John, grocer

Watson, Mrs., Riverside House
Wilkinson, Richd., ex-R.I.C., Gledstown
Wilson, Edward, farmer and assistant road surveyor, Coolcrannell
Wilson, John, cattle dealer
Woods, William, farmer, Aughnascue
Wylie, Mrs., Drumgoon Mill


Is a small post town, parish of Mullabrack, in the County Armagh, 8 miles English south-east from Armagh by rail, and 5 miles Irish by road.  A general market is held every Friday, and a fair the third Friday of each month.  The land of the surrounding district is good, and in a high state of cultivation.  Potatoes, oats, flax, turnips, and wheat are the chief crops raised.  The Earl of Gosford is the owner of Markethill and vicinity; his castle, which is situated about a mile from the village, stands in the centre of a richly planted demesne of 645 acres.  The building was begun in 1820, and was not finished for twenty years.  It is built in the Norman style, with granite from the Mullaglass quarries.  There are several Danish forts within the demesne, and a place known as Drapier's Hill was the favourite resort of Dean Swift during the time of his memorable visits to Sir Arthur Acheson in 1729.  The population in 1911 was 752

Post Office - Wm. J. Edwards, postmaster
Magistrates who preside at petty sessions - Wm. Small, S. Byers, Wm. Byers, J. H. Gray, Earl of Gosford, G. Marshall, M.D.; John J. O'Hanlon
Clerk of Petty Sessions - Wm. H. Edwards


Chapel of Ease, Markethill, and Parish Church, Mullabrack - Rev. James Wilson Auchmuty, A.M., rector
First Presbyterian Church - Rev. H. H. Moore, M.A.
Second Presbyterian Church - Rev. Wm. James McConnell, B.A.
Methodist Church - Armagh Circuit minister
Reformed Presbyterian Church, Ballylane - Rev. N. Lyons
Roman Catholic Chapel, Mullabrack - Rev. James Lennon, C.C.


National Schools - Male, Robert Paul, principal; John Armstrong, assistant.  Female, Miss Clements, principal, and Miss Quate, assistant.  Mullabrack, Mrs. Greer; Cross Roads, John Johnston, principal; Miss Murdock, assistant; Mullabrack (R.C.), Mr. Cotter, principal; Mrs. Cotter, assistant
Dispensary, Markethill - Gilbert Marshall, M.D., J.P., medical officer; registrar of births, marriages, and deaths
Great Northern Railway - Edward Mates, station master; Geo. Bittles, head porter
Belfast Bank open every Friday



Adams, Joseph, carpenter
Armstrong, George, draper
Aston, Samuel, saddler
Aughmuty, Rev. J. W., M.A.

Benn, Catherine
Bowen, J., Imperial Hotel

Clements, Miss, teacher
Corkey, Wm., grocer; agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Cotter, Mrs., Mullabrack Chapel School, teacher
Cotter, Jas., principal Chapel School
Cully, Martha, lodging house
Cuming, Miss
Cuming, Mrs.

Dixon, Eliza, mill worker
Doyle, Robert, grocer
Dougan, George, grocer

Edwards, John, grocer
Edwards, Miss
Edwards, Wm. H., clerk petty sessions and land agent
Edwards, Wm. J., post office
English, Samuel, milesman

Glassey, James, lodging house
Goggins, Sergeant, R.I.C. Barracks

Hampton, Robert, steamship agent, Victoria Hotel
Hutton, Mrs., dispensary nurse
Hydes, David

Kerr. Miss, dress maker

Lemon, Thomas, chemist and publican
Lennon, Rev. James, C.C.
Lockhart, William, signalman

Mallagh, Joseph, grocer
Mallon, Mrs., lodging house
Marshall, Gilbert, M.D., J.P.
Mawhirter, John T.
Moore, Rev. H. H., M.A., The Manse
Morgan, John, butcher and publican
McClellan, George, tailor
McCloskie, Thomas
McConnell, Rev. W. J., B.A., Fort Manse
McDowell, William, grocer
McGaughey, William, draper
McNally, Edwin, butcher
McParland, Miss, delf merchant
McPhilips, Miss

Reaney, John, boot and shoe maker
Robinson, Saml., merchant, posting, undertaking establishment and publican
Robinson, Mrs., publican and agent for agricultural implements

Sampson, Miss, china and delph merchant
Sinton, Mrs. David, Paxton House
Sinton, Wm., coal merchant
Small, Robert, draper
Smith, Joseph, publican
Stewart, David

Taylor, Mrs., publican
Taylor, Mrs. Geo., Chestnut Cottage
Taylor, Mrs. William, draper
Topley, Thomas, mechanic
Torrens, David, jun., carpenter
Torrens, David, sen., hardware merchant
Torrens, William, carpenter

Wilson, Thomas


Adair, James, dairy keeper
Boyce, Samuel, bicycle repairer
Brady, James, fowl dealer
Brady, Richard, fowl dealer
Cleeland, Wm., shoe maker
Connelly, Owen, blacksmith
Cordner, Patrick, delf merchant
Ferguson, Mrs. John
Hamilton, William, fowl dealer
Holmes, John W., labourer
Leonard, Felix, fowl dealer
Luke, Mrs., grocer
Mills, Mrs., dress maker
McGrath, John, fowl dealer
McGrath, John, bicycle repairer
McMullan, Wm., grocer
Patterson, Samuel, blacksmith
Thompson, Jno., horse dealer
Traynor, Patrick, horse dealer
Wallace, Thomas, carpenter


Adams, Mrs.
Blackburn, Margaret
Cordner, Wm., mason
Corr, Mary, lodging house
Gibson, Samuel, bread server
Johnston, William, labourer
Leonard, Mrs.
Lindon, George, carpenter
Murphy, Tom, cattle dealer
O'Connor, Ann, lodging house


Muldrew, Wm., milesman
McKenna, S., fowl dealer
Trainor, Patk., fowl dealer
Toner, Patrick, blacksmith


Freeburn, Thomas
Morrow, Mrs.
Rocks, John


Brown, Mrs.
Giffin, Mrs.
Hughes, Robert
Irwin, W.
Leeman, Albert
Morgan, James, mill worker, C.B.O.
Magann, Jacob
Rowland, John
Russell, W.
Stewart, William
Trimble, J.
Warnock, Robert
White, Alexander
Wilson, Samuel


Acheson, John, Killycairn
Acheson, Wm., Lurgaboy
Agnew, Mrs., Kilbracks
Agnew, Mrs. Francis, Lisnagat
Agnew, George, Kilbracks
Aikens, John, Tullyherron, Mountnorris
Aikens, W., Tullyherron, Mountnorris
Albin, Hugh, Tullyherron, Mountnorris
Albin, Samuel, Tullyherron, Mountnorris
Alexander, J. H., Kirnavanaghan, Collone, Armagh
Allen, John, Drumbeecross, Collone, Armagh
Allen, Samuel, Retarnet
Anderson, Charles, Monturg
Anderson, Geo., Manordougherty
Anderson, Henry, Manordougherty
Anderson, J. W., Drumman, Hamiltonsbawn
Anderson, Mrs., Cornacrew
Armstrong, F., Edenknappa
Armstrong, Hugh, Edenknappa, Collone
Armstrong, James, Drumgane
Armstrong, Thomas, Drumgane
Aston, John, Manordougherty

Bain, Isaac, Drumman, Hamiltonsbawn
Beattie, George, Tanaghmore
Beattie, Hugh, Hamiltonsbawn
Beattie, Mrs., Mullabane, Hamiltonsbawn
Beck, Alex., publican, Hamiltonsbawn
Beck, James, Drumennis, Hamiltonsbawn
Bell, Isaac, Derryraine, Hamiltonsbawn
Bell, J. T., Drumorgan, Hamiltonsbawn
Bell, Mrs. A., Drumachee, Armagh
Bell, Thomas, Derryraine, Hamiltonsbawn
Bell, William, Cavanagrove
Bingham, John, Bryandrum
Bittles, David, Carran, Poyntzpass
Black, James, Enagh
Black, Joseph, Collone, Armagh
Black, Margaret, Lurganboy, Drumahee, Armagh
Black, Robert, Enagh
Black, Robert, Edenkennedy
Black, Samuel, Ballylane
Black, William, grocer, Enagh
Boyle, Edward, Lisnalee, Mountnorris
Boyle, James, Mowhan
Boyle, Patrick, Maytone, Glenanne
Bradshaw, James, Drumennis, Hamiltonsbawn
Bradshaw, Wm., Drumman, Hamiltonsbawn
Brown, James, Derrynaught, Hamiltonsbawn
Brown, Robert, Carran, Payntzpass
Brown, Robert, Lattery
Brown, Thomas, Carrowmoney, Hamiltonsbawn
Brown, Wm. J., Rocks, Hamiltonsbawn
Browne, Wm., Carran, Poyntzpass
Buchanan, James, Lurgyross
Burke, Robt. J., Macantrim
Burns, John, Brackley
Byers, Samuel, J.P., Mowhan
Byers, Wm., J.P., C.C., Mowhan

Caldwell, Thomas, Curry, Hamiltonsbawn
Callaghan, Mrs., Groobany, Hamiltonsbawn
Callen, Miss, Shanecracken
Campbell, Mrs. John, Coolmalish
Carlisle, Alex., Ballylane, Glenanne
Carlisle, Robert, Seboughan
Carlisle, R. J., Ballylane, Glenanne
Carson, Henry, Ballygroobany, Hamiltonsbawn
Carson, Thos., Ballygroobany, Hamiltonsbawn
Cassidy, John, Coolmalish
Cherry, John, Tanaghmore
Christy, Robert, Drumachee
Clark, Andrew, Brackley
Clark, James, carpenter, Brackley
Clark, John, grocer, Brackley
Clark, Mrs., Steeple Hill, Mountnorris
Clark, Samuel, Brackley
Clark, Wm., Brackley
Clayton, Thos., grocer, Mullabrack
Clelland, Eliza Ann, Drumatee
Cleeland, Robert, Drumatee
Cloughley, Annie, Curry, Hamiltonsbawn
Cloughley, Wm. Jas., Shanecrackenmore
Clugston, James, Moyrourkan, Tandragee
Cochrane, Robt., Drumnamather, Tandragee
Cochrane, Wm., Moyrourkan, Tandragee
Cole, Acheson, Carran, Poyntzpass
Collins, John, Mountnorris
Compston, Robert, Retarnet
Conlan, D., Carnavanaghan, Collone, Armagh
Conlan, Robert, Carnavanaghan, Collone, Armagh
Conlon, James, Drumahee, Armagh
Conlon, John, Drumahee
Cooper, Lizzie, Drumorgan, Hamiltonsbawn
Cordner, James, Cavanagrove, Drumahee, Armagh
Cordner, S. J., Killyrudden, Hamiltonsbawn
Cordner, William, Ballylane
Cordner, Wm. J., tailor, Cavanagrove, Armagh
Corkey, Alex., Ballylane, Glenanne
Corkey, John, publican, Glenanne
Corkey, Robert, Ballylane, Glenanne
Corkey, William, R.D.C., Ballylane, Gelnane (Glenanne)
Corr, Francis, Brackley
Cosgrove, Mrs. John, Cladybeg
Coulter, Mrs., grocer, Cladymore
Cowan, Arthur, Creunagh, Glenanne
Cowan, James, Moyrourkan, Tandragee
Craig, Alex., Coolmalish
Craig, Mrs., Coolmalish
Cromie, David, Kilbracks
Cromie, W. J., Drumalargh
Crossan, P., Drumnamather, Tandragee
Crothers, Harriet, Brackley
Crozier, Mrs. David, Segahan, Tassagh, Armagh
Crozier, James, Edenknappa, Collone, Armagh
Crozier, Mrs., Segahan, Tassagh, Armagh
Crozier, Wm. John, Collone, Armagh
Cully, David, Manordougherty
Cummins, William, Drumalara

Dalzell, Mrs. Geo., Maghnaverry
Dalzell, Mrs. Henry, Lisnagat
Dermott, Daniel, Mullinarry, Tandragee
Dickson, George, Druminnis, Hamiltonsbawn
Dickson, Henry, Drumorgan, Hamiltonsbawn
Dixon, Eliza, Edenkennedy
Dixon, John, Lenalea, Hamiltonsbawn
Dobbin, Miss, Drumlack
Dobbin, F. W., Lenalea
Donaldson, James, Cavanagrove, Drumahee, Armagh
Donnelly, Henry, Drumbeemore, Collone, Armagh
Dorey, John, Derryraine, Hamiltonsbawn
Dougan, Alex., horse dealer, Cavanagrove, Collone, Armagh
Dougan, David, Drumgane
Dougan, George, horse dealer, Killymachugh
Dougan, George, Ballymacauly, Drumahee, Armagh
Dougan, John, Damoily
Dougan, Mrs. E., Ballymacauly, Drumahee, Armagh
Dougan, Mrs., Damoily
Dougan, Samuel, Carricklane
Dougan, Wm., Segahan, Tassagh, Armagh
Douglas, Alex., Kilbracks
Douglas, Wm., manager, Enagh Creamery
Douglas, William, Ballylane, Glenanne
Douglass, Mrs. Agnes, Kilbracks
Duggan, John, Mullaghbane, Hamiltonsbawn

Edwards, J. T., Monlurg
Elliot, John, Drumminnis, Hamiltonsbawn
Elliott, John, Drumlara
Elliott, William, Kilbracks
Evans, Mrs., Glasdrummond
Ewart, John, Ballindarragh

Fagan, Peter, Manordougherty
Farrell, Robert, Corhamock
Feenan, Francis, Port Hill, Mountnorris
Feenan, Hugh, Maytone, Glenanne
Fergus, James, grocer, Hamiltonsbawn
Ferguson, R., Kilcopple, Collone, Armagh
Ferguson, Wm. James, Lenalea, Hamiltonsbawn
Ferguson, Wm., Brackley
Ferris, James, fowl dealer, Ballylane
Ferris, Mrs. E., Drumorgan, Hamiltonsbawn
Ferris, Thomas, Mowhan
Finn, John, Edenknappagh, Collone, Armagh
Fivey, David, Dinahora
Flack, Hugh, Brackagh, Poyntzpass
Flack, William, Maghnavery
Forbes, John, Cladymore
Frazer, Mrs. L., Collone, Armagh
Fullerton, Alex., Tannaghmore
Fullerton, Margt., Lattery
Fullerton, Samuel, Tannaghmore
Fullerton, Thos., Killyrudden, Hamiltonsbawn
Fullerton, Wm., Cavanagrove, Drumahee, Armagh
Fullerton, Wm., Derrynaught, Hamiltonsbawn
Fulton, Mrs., Ballymacauly, Drumahee, Armagh

Gass, John, Cladymore
Gass, John, Darlett
Gass, Mrs., Tullyallen, Glenanne
Gass, Mrs. E., Killymachugh
Gass, Wm., Ballylane
Gass, Robert, Tullyallen
Gass, Samuel, grocer and post office, Mowhan
Gibson, Matthew, Corhamock
Giffen, John, Lenalea, Collone, Armagh
Gillyland, Robert, Drumman, Hamiltonsbawn
Gilmore, John, Ballylane
Gilmore, Robt., Edenknappagh, Collone, Armagh
Gilmore, Sandy, Kilbracks
Gilmore, Wm., Kilbracks
Golloghy, Henry, Cladybeg
Golloghy, Patk., Garvagh, Hamiltonsbawn
Golloghy, Terence, Cladybeg
Gordan, John, manager, Derrycughan, Skimmery
Gormley, Hugh, Drumfergus
Gowdy, James, Ballygroobany, Hamiltonsbawn
Graham, John, Johnstown, Hamiltonsbawn
Graham, Wm., stone mason, Derryaughan
Gray, James, Hamiltonsbawn
Gray, James, D.C., Enagh
Gray, John (2), Ballylane
Gray, J. H., J.P., Maytone, Glenanne
Gray, Miss, Ballymacaulay, Drumahee, Armagh
Gray, Mrs. Gordan, Killymachugh
Gray, Mrs. S., Drumman, Hamiltonsbawn
Gray, Mrs. W. G., Bryandrum
Gray, Thos. H., Segahan, Tassagh, Armagh
Gray, Wm., Killycopple, Collone, Armagh
Greenlea, Wm., Ballynewry, Richhill
Greer, Alex., Hamiltonsbawn
Greer, David, Mullabrack
Greer, H., Hamiltonsbawn
Greer, Mrs., teacher, Mullabrack
Greer, Robt. J., Mullaghbane, Hamiltonsbawn
Hadden, Hugh, Cladybeg
Haddon, John, grocer, Ballylane, Glenanne
Hadden, John, Crankey, Loughgilly
Haire, Joseph, Cornagrally, Loughgilly
Haire, Thomas, 11 Lane Ends, Loughgilly
Hale, Francis, land steward, Gosford
Halliday, John, Lisnalee, Mountnorris
Hamilton, Mrs. Alex., Derrynaught, Hamiltonsbawn
Hamilton, John, Derrynaught
Hamilton, John, Drumahee, Armagh
Hamilton, J., Drumsavage, Hamiltonsbawn
Hamilton, Rev., Mountnorris Manse
Hamilton, W., Killycopple, Collone, Armagh
Hanna, Mrs., Ballymacauley, Drumahee, Armagh
Hanna, Mrs., Maghnavery
Hanratty, John, carpenter, Coolmalish
Hanratty, Peter, farmer, Coolmalish
Hare, Mrs., Glassdrummond
Harris, Henry, Lisnalee, Mountnorris
Hawthorne, John, Maytone, Glenanne
Hazley, Richard, Mecantrim, Hamiltonsbawn
Heatley, James, Ballynewry, Richhill
Heatley, Wm., Drumman, Hamiltonsbawn
Henning, George, Killeen, Armagh
Henry, John, Drumsavage, Hamiltonsbawn
Herron, Arch., Tullyherron, Mountnorris
Hill, David, Drumman, Hamiltonsbawn
Hill, George, Maghravary
Hill, John, Corry, Hamiltonsbawn
Hill, Mrs. John, Drumalara
Hill, Thomas, Ballygroobany, Hamiltonsbawn
Holmes, John, Ballindarragh
Holmes, Mrs., Glassdrummond
Holmes, Thomas, Lisnagat
Holmes, William, Glassdrummond
Hooke, Wm. Gey, R.N.R., Glenanne
Hooks, J. & T., Drumbeecross, Collone
Hunter, Charles, Lisnagat
Hutchenson, John, Drumman, Hamiltonsbawn
Hutchenson, Mrs., Mountnorris
Hutchenson, Mrs. J., Collone, Armagh
Hutchinson, James, Maghnavery
Hutchinson, John, Maghnavery
Hutchinson, Samuel Jas., Maghnavery
Hutton, James, Drumahee, Armagh
Hutton, Wm., Ballylane

Ingram, Thomas, Keadymore, Mountnorris
Irvine, G. M., M.D., Mountnorris
Irvine, Rev. A., Cladymore Manse
Irwin, George, Keadymore, Mountnorris
Irwin, Wm., Maytone, Glenanne
Irwin, William, Seaboughan

Jackson, Joseph, Curry, Hamiltonsbawn
Jackson, Joseph, Killyrudden, Hamiltonsbawn
Jackson, Mrs. Wm., Corhamock
Jackson, Thomas, Corhamock
Jackson, Thomas, Mowhan
Jackson, Wm., Curry, Hamiltonsbawn
Jameson, Alex., Drumsavage, Hamiltonsbawn
Jamison, John, Drumsavage, Hamiltonsbawn
Jeffers, James, Drumorgan, Hamiltonsbawn
Jeffers, Saml., Ballynewry, Richhill
Johnston, Joseph, Mecantrim
Johnston, John, Tanaghmore
Johnston, John, Corhamock
Johnston, Thos., Carricklean
Johnston, Wm., Drumman, Hamiltonsbawn

Kelly, Adam, Brackley
Keily, Daniel, Drumagloy, Hamiltonsbawn
Kemp, Samuel, Brackley
Kennedy, Mrs., Cavanagrove, Drumahee, Armagh
Kenny, Peter, Mullinarry, Tandragee
Kenny, Michael, Mullinarry, Tandragee
Kenny, Patrick, Druminnis, Hamiltonsbawn
Kilpatrick, James, Collone, Armagh
Kilpatrick, Mrs., Cladybeg
Kilpatrick, Robert, Derrynaught, Hamiltonsbawn
Kilpatrick, Samuel, Derrynaught, Hamiltonsbawn
Kilpatrick, Saml., Lurgyross, Glenanne
Kilpatrick, Thomas, Ballylane, Mowhan
Kilpatrick, Wm., Ballygroobany, Hamiltonsbawn
Killypatrick, John A., Lurgyross, Glenanne
King, John, Hamiltonsbawn
King, Samuel, Killycopple, Collone, Armagh
Kirkland, George, Tanaghmore

Lamph, Hugh, Drumlack
Lamph, Thomas, Ballindarragh
Leathem, Robert, Drumachee
Lennon, John, Cladymore
Lennon, Patk., spirit grocer, Cladymore
Linster, Rev. E. C., Tullyallen Manse
Littlewood, Robt., Drumorgan, Hamiltonsbawn
Livingston, John T., Carricklean
Livingston, Robert, Carricklean
Lockhart, Wm., Lisnalee, Mountnorris
Lockhart, John, Lurgaboy
Louden, Samuel, Dennismullan
Loughlin, James, horse dealer, Edenkennedy
Loughlin, John, Coohamock
Loughran, Francis, Cladymore
Loughran, Patrick, Ballindarragh
Loughran, Peter, Cladymore
Love, James, mason, Damoily
Love, William, horse dealer, Damoily
Lowe, Stephen, Lisnalee, Mountnorris
Lyons, Robert, D.C. and C.C., Drumgane

Mackey, J. N., post master, Cladymilltown
Maclean, Thos., Crunaught
Maclean, William, Darlett
Magill, John, Killycopple, Collone, Armagh
Magowan, W. H., Mountnorris
Mallaghan, Owen, Cladymore
Mallan, Thomas, Corry, Hamiltonsbawn
Malone, Thos., Mullaghbane, Hamiltonsbawn
Mann, Tom, Cladybeg
Marshall, Mrs. James, Lisnagat Poultry Yards
Marshall, Mrs., Cladybeg
Marshall, Mrs., Lattery
Martin, James, Ballylane
Martin, John (2), Ballylane
Martin, Samuel W. (2), Ballylane
Megarity, George, Killeen, Armagh
Menary, Robert, Damoily
Millar, Wm. G., land surveyor, Maghnavery
Milligan, Robert, Mecantrim, Hamiltonsbawn
Mitchell, George, Killycopple, Collone, Armagh
Mitchell, Robert, Killycopple
Mitchell, Samuel, Killycairn
Moffatt, Samuel, Drumahee
Moore, Jos., Derrynaught, Hamiltonsbawn
Morgan, William, Ballindara
Morgan, William, Lisnagat
Morrison, Hugh, Mountnorris
Morrison, Thos., Drumorgan, Hamiltonsbawn
Mulligan, Bernard, Drumfergus
Mulligan, John, Retarnet, Hamiltonsbawn
Mulligan, Peter, Ballynewry, Richhill
Mulligan, Robt., Retarnet, Hamiltonsbawn
Murphy, Michael, Cladybeg

McAdams, Wm., cycle dealer, Lattery
McArdle, John, Cladymore
McCammon, David, Damoily
McCammon, James, Damoily
McCammon, S. James, Ballymacally
McCairn, Hugh, Cladybeg
McCall, Mrs., Drumbeecross, Collone
McCall, R. W., Kirnavanaghan, Collone
McCall, Samuel, Segahan, Tassagh, Armagh
McCartney, David, Drumsavage, Hamiltonsbawn
McCartney, William, Kirnavanaghan, Collone, Armagh
McCartney, Wm., Derryraine, Hamiltonsbawn
McClean, Joseph, Drumashallen
McClean, Robert, Drumlack
McClean, Robert, Drumashallen
McClenaghan, James, Cladybeg
McClenaghan, Wm., Cladybeg
McClinchie, Matthew, Manordougherty
McClure, James, Cladymore
McClure, James, Derlett
McClure, John, Derrynaught, Hamiltonsbawn
McClure, Samuel, Damoily
McClure, Samuel, carpenter, Enagh
McComb, W. J., Lisdrumchor, Glenanne
McCome, Mrs. James
McConnell, Clark, blacksmith, Cavanagrove
McConnell, Dan, Kilbracks
McConnell, James, grocer and publican, Hamiltonsbawn
McConnell, John, Seboughan
McCoy, Bernard, Lurgyross
McCreery, John, Maymacullen, Tandragee
McCreery, Miss, Maymacullen, Tandragee
McCullagh, John, Brackley
McCullagh, Wm., jun., Cladymore
McCullagh, William, Cladymore
McCullough, Robert, Dinnahorra
McCune, Henry, grocer, Kilbracks
McCune, James, Ballindarragh
McDowell, John, Derlett
McDowell, Robt., grocer, Lurgyross, Glenanne
McElroy, James, Kilbracks
McElroy, J. A., Lisdrumchor, Glenanne
McFadden, William, Shanecracken
McGarity, Robert, Drumsavage, Hamiltonsbawn
McGaughey, Jas., carpenter, Ballylane
McGaughey, James, carpenter, Ballylane
McGaughey, James, Damoily
McGaughey, Robert, Enagh
McHugh, Samuel, road contractor, Hamiltonsbawn
McHugh, William, Retarnet, Hamiltonsbawn
McKenna, Thomas, Ballylane, Glenanne
McLaughlin, Rev. David, Drummins Manse, Armagh
McLoughlin, Dick, Derrynaught, Hamiltonsbawn
McLoughlin, J. G., Killyrudden, Hamiltonsbawn
McLoughlin, Mrs. A. J., Carramoney, Hamiltonsbawn
McMahon, George, Collone, Armagh
McMahon, Hugh, Manordougherty
McMahon, James, Mullinarry, Tandragee
McMahon, Mrs. George, Mullintarry, Tandragee
McMahon, Mrs. S., Mavemacullen, Tandragee
McMullen, John, Lurgaboy, Drumahee, Armagh
McMullin, D., Cladybeg
McMullin, John, Cladybeg
McMullin, John, Damoily
McMurray, Wm., Mullabrack
McParland, Bernard, Drumachee, Armagh
McParland, E., Drumachee, Armagh
McParland, Frank, Drumsavage, Hamiltonsbawn
McParland, Frank, Coolmalish
McParland, James Johnston, horse dealer, Hamiltonsbawn
McParland, John, jun., Lisdrumchor, Glenanne
McParland, John, Lisdrumchor, Glenanne
McParland, Terence, Coolmalish
McRobert, James, Mullabane, Hamiltonsbawn
McSherry, Patrick, Lisdrumchor, Glenanne
McSherry, Peter, Lisdrumchor, Glenanne
McWhirter, Robert, Tullyallen, Glenanne

Neill, Robert, head gardener, Gosford Gardens
Nougher, George, pensioner, Kilbracks
Nugent, Patrick, Cladybeg

O'Neill, Felix, Corhamock

Parke, Geo., Ballygroobany, Hamiltonsbawn
Parkes, James, Ballygroobany, Hamiltonsbawn
Parks, J. R., Ballygroobany, Hamiltonsbawn
Parks, John, Lurgyross, Glenanne
Parr, William, Corhamock
Parkes, M. W., Ballygroobany, Hamiltonsbawn
Pearson, Jacob, Druminnis, Hamiltonsbawn
Peebles, Wm., Lenalea, Hamiltonsbawn
Phoenix, Wm., Edenknappa, Collone, Armagh
Pillow, Jackson, Drumachee, Armagh
Porter, Alex., Cladybeg
Porter, Alex., jun., Cladybeg
Porter, Hugh, Cladybeg
Porter, Hugh, Carricklane
Porter, James, Edenknappa, Collone, Armagh
Porter, Wm., Lurgaboy, Drumahee, Armagh
Pringle, James, Magherydogherty

Quilty, Mrs., Derlett
Quinn, John, Drumennis, Hamiltonsbawn
Quinn, John, Rathdrumgan, Richhill
Quinn, J. R., Killyrudden, Hamiltonsbawn
Quinn, Robert, Manordougherty
Quinn, Thomas, Drumeniss, Hamiltonsbawn
Quinn, Wm., Ballynewry

Rafferty, James, Cladymore
Rafferty, Patrick (2), Cladymore
Rafferty, Terence, Cladymore
Rainey, Robt., Lurgaboy, Drumachee, Armagh
Rainey, Wm. Moffett, Lurganboy
Rea, Joseph, Mullaghmore
Rice, James, horse dealer, Drumatee, Markethill
Rolston, James, Druminnis, Hamiltonsbawn
Roundtree, Wm., Drumsavage, Hamiltonsbawn
Rowney, William, Glen View, Ballymacauley
Russell, Charles, Mountnorris
Russell, Christopher, Mountnorris
Rutherford, Jas., Druminnis, Hamiltonsbawn

Sanford, John, Ballynewry, Richhill
Scarr, Wm. J., tailor, Killicarn
Scott, Adam, Derryraine, Hamiltonsbawn
Scott, John, Keadymore, Mountnorris
Scott, John, Lurgaboy
Semple, Robert, Killycopple, Collone, Armagh
Shaw, Alex., Lisdrumchor, Glenanne
Shaw, Wm., Carron, Poyntzpass
Shepherd, John, Shanecracken
Shepherd, Wm., Lurgaboy, Markethill
Shields, Samuel, Carricklane
Shields, Thomas, Brackagh, Tandragee
Shields, Thomas, Glassdrummond
Shields, Wm. Thomas, Glassdrummond
Shillington, Edward, Killycopple, Collone, Armagh
Simpson, James, Collone, Armagh
Simpson, John, Cavanagrove, Drumahee, Armagh
Simpson, Mrs., Armagh Road, Armagh
Singleton, Henry, Drumatee
Singleton, Samuel, Drumlack
Sinton, John, Drumorgan, Hamiltonsbawn
Sinton, John T., Drumorgan, Hamiltonsbawn
Slaven, Mrs., Maymacullen, Tandragee
Sleeth, Thos., Tullyherron, Mountnorris
Slieth, Alex., Enagh
Slieth, John, Damoily
Small, Hugh, Gosford, clerk of works
Small, Wm., J.P., Lattery, assistant commissioner
Smyth, E., Glenanne
Smyth, Joseph, Donnahorra
Somerville, Wm., Ballynewry
Speers, Mrs., Cavanagrove, Drumahee
Steel, David, Carron, Poyntzpass
Steele, Charles, horse dealer, Glassdrummond
Steele, John, Brackagh, Tandragee
Stevenson, Joseph, Ballylane
Stewart, Hugh W., Lisdrumchor
Steward, Wm. J., Lisdrumchor
Swan, James, Mecantrim, Hamiltonsbawn

Taylor, George, Cladymore, rate collector
Taylor, Mrs. John, Collone, Armagh
Taylor, Mrs., Cladymore
Taylor, Robert, Ballylane
Taylor, Robert, Lurgyross
Taylor, Thomas, Lurgyross
Taylor, Thomas, Cladymore
Tate, James, Killycopple, Collone, Armagh
Tate, John, Collone
Tate, Thos., Killycopple, Collone, Armagh
Thompson, David, Manordougherty
Thompson, Jas., Lisnalee, Mountnorris
Thompson, John, Lisnalee, Mountnorris
Thompson, Thomas, Kilbracks
Todd, Jas., Drumorgan, Hamiltonsbawn
Toner, Frank, Drumilt
Toner, Hugh, Ballylane
Toner, John, Maytone, Glenanne
Toner, John, Brackagh, Tandragee
Toner, Patrick, Maytone, Glenanne
Torrens, Robert, Bryandrum
Traynor, Thomas, Enagh
Tweedie, Samuel, Coolmalish

Vallely, John, grocer, Cladymore
Vallely, Mrs. C., Cladymore
Vallely, Mrs. Mary, Cladybeg

Walker, Sandy, Crunagh
Walker, Mrs., Crunagh
Walker, Leonard, Drumgain
Walker, Robert, Mountnorris
Walker, Samuel, Tannaghmore
Walker, Wm. J., Mountnorris
Wallace, Miss, Cladymore
Wallace, Misses, Cladymore
Wallace, Thos., Corry, Hamiltonsbawn
Wallace, Thos., carpenter, Bryandrum
Waugh, Mrs. Jane, Drumahee, Armagh
Whiteside, Jas., Killycopple, Collone, Armagh
Whiteside, Richard, Shanecracken
Whiteside, Robert, Shanecracken
Whiteside, Thos., stone mason, Kilbracks
Williamson, John, Shanecracken
Williamson, Walter, Cornacrew
Williamson, Wm., Drumman, Hamiltonsbawn
Williamson, Wm. T., Segahan, Tassagh
Wilson, Daniel, Denismullen
Wilson, David, Cavanagrove
Wilson, James, grocer, Ballymacally
Wilson, James, butcher, Lurgaboy
Wilson, James, Edenkennedy
Wilson, Jas., Drumbeecross, Collone, Armagh
Wilson, John, Killyrudden, Hamiltonsbawn
Wilson, Robert, Ballymacauly, Drumahee, Armagh
Wilson, Robert, Kilbracks
Wilson, Robert, Denismullen
Wilson, Thomas, Macantrim, Hamiltonsbawn
Wilson, T., Cavanagrove, Drumahee, Armagh
Wilson, Wm., Cavanagrove, Drumahee, Armagh


Is a thriving village in the parish of Tullyfern, County Donegal, with a population of between 400 and 500.  It is situated one mile from the head of Mulroy Bay (which is navigable for vessels of 250 tons burthen), three miles from Ramelton, nine from Letterkenny, and within easy communication of Londonderry, via Lough Swilly Railway and Rathmullen ferry.  It is most picturesquely situated on rising ground, surrounded by plantations, hills, and lakes, and the latter are most attractive on account of their trout and salmon fisheries.  Fairs are held on the 23rd of every month, which are the best cattle markets in County Donegal, and are largely attended.  There is also a market for fowls every Monday, and one for grain, potatoes, etc., every Friday

Postal Telegraph Office - R. McCausland, postmaster
Magistrates who preside at Petty Sessions - W. H. C. Clarke, J.P.; Wm. Buchanan, J.P.; Hugh McDevitt, J.P.; M. A. McCreadie, J.P.; Patk. McGettigan, J.P.; and James Campbell
Clerk of Petty Sessions - Samuel A. Baxter
Insurance Agents - R. McCausland and Jas. Campbell


Church of Ireland - Rev. A. Noblett, B.A.
Presbyterian - Rev. W. J. Young, B.A.
Reformed Presbyterian Church - Rev. D. Blair
Roman Catholic - Rev. M. McMullan, C.C.


Male and Female National School - T. O'Sullivan, principal; assistant, Miss Ward
National Schools (Mixed) - Wm. Crawford, principal; assistant, Miss Jackson
Dispensary - W. H. C. Clarke, M.D., medical officer
Workhouse - J. Blayney, master
Fever Hospital - Miss Mackey, nurse
Northern Banking Co. - Manager, Mr. Eccles


Alcorn, James, blacksmith
Alcorn, William, cooper

Baxter, S. A., Hotel
Baxter, S. A., agent
Blackwood, The Misses, Lakeview
Blaney, J., workhouse master
Buchanan, James
Buchanan, Wm., grocer

Clarke, W. H. C, M.B., Lake View
Conaghan, P., saddler
Coyle, Hugh, car owner
Cullen, Bernd., jun., boot and shoe maker
Cullen, James, road contractor

Diamond, Jas. A., wine and spirit merchant
Dickson, Baptist, painter

Gallagher, John, boot and shoe maker
Gallagher, Philip, tailor
Gallagher, Patrick, civil bill officer
Glenn, Francis, wine and spirit merchant

Harkins, Mrs., dress maker
Hazlett, Mrs., dress maker
Hazlett, Robert, carpenter
Hegarty, Robert, poultry dealer

Kincaid, William, publican

Lewes, J. C., pensions and excise officer

Maguire, Mrs., china merchant
Mooney, William, carpenter and contractor
Moore, William, blacksmith

McCafferty, Patrick, water inspector
McCausland, R., general merchant
McCoach, Miss, dress maker
McConnell, T., sergeant
McCreadie, Manus A., posting establishment
McCreadie, M. A., hotel keeper
McDermott, Patrick, carpenter
McDevitt, Hugh, Hotel
McDowell, Henry, Motor garage
McElhinney, Miss, china merchant
McElwee, Anton, draper
McGettigan, Patrick, butcher
McGinley, D., publican
McMahon, Jas., miller
McMahon, Samuel, carpenter

Osborne, John Allen, solicitor

Rainey & Co., drapers
Russell, James, grain merchant

Scott, Joseph, grocer
Stephens, Richard, bailiff
Strain, Jerry, postman
Strain, John, butcher
Sweeney, John, draper
Sweeney, John, shoe maker
Sweeney, Mrs. J., dress maker
Sweeney, Patrick, sanitary sub-officer

Tease, Thomas, saddler
Toye, Edward, tailor

Watters, J. M., auctioneer
Watters, Samuel, clerk of Union
Watters, Samuel, registrar of births, marriages, and deaths
Whoriskey, J., butcher and poultry dealer

Young, W. J., B.A., Presbyterian minister


Allen, William, Farquhar
Campbell, James, Cratlagh House
Cheatley, John, Lagg
Dickson, Charles, Gortmacall
Gamble, James, Cratlagh
Hamilton, Charles, Tyrhomen
Hunter, John, Carnmoney
Hunter, John, Rossgarrow
Johnston, Mrs., Gortnavern
Johnston, Samuel, Tyrhomen
Matson, Mrs., Glassnant
Morrow, Thomas, Farquhar
McConnell, Robert, Lagg
McIlwaine, Robert, Gortmacall
McNutt, James, Gortmacall
McNutt, Robert, Aughanurson
McNutt, Samuel, Tyrehomen
Patterson, Colin, Glenkeen
Patterson, Matthew, Urbleshinney
Sproule, Mrs., Fern Hill
Stevenson, Scott, Ballygay
Stewart, Andrew, Loughnakey
Watters, J. M., Farquhar
Young, Samuel, Gortmacall


Anciently called Moirath, is a post town in the County Down, situated ob the road from Belfast to Armagh, within half a mile of the Great Northern Railway Station.  The town, though small, is clean, and consists of one long, spacious street, containing a handsome Courthouse.  Petty Sessions are held on the last Wednesday of each month.  The Church was erected at the joint expense of Sir John Rawdon and the Earl of Hillsborough.  It is a large Gothic edifice, with a square tower, surmounted by a spire, and, from its situation above the town forms a conspicuous and picturesque object in this well-planted district.  Lord Deramore is now the owner of the Moira estate.  Fairs are held on the first Thursday in February, May, August and November

Petty Sessions held last Wednesday in every month. Magistrates - Messrs. Jas. L. Douie, A. E. Brush, John Carvill, J.P.; T. H. Brownrigg, M.D.; Alfred Waddell, James McCullough, Mr. Hatch, clerk of petty sessions

Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths - Brownrigg, T. H., M.D., J.P.
R.I. Constabulary - Sergeant Swindell
Barony Cess Collector - John Taylor


Church of Ireland - Aghalee, Rev. Douglas Scott; St. John's, Rev. W. E. Hunt
Presbyterian Church - Rev. R. G. McFarland
Methodist Church - Rev. W. J. Wilson
Unitarian Church - Rev. Wm. Wetherall


Agnew, Wm. John, farmer
Allen, Jas., farmer, Gortnamoney House
Archer, Wm., teacher Megaberry N.S.
Armstrong, James, fowl dealer

Bateman, Henry, farmer, Edenmore
Bateman, Isaac, farmer, The Forest
Bateman, John, spirit dealer
Bateman, Swift, farmer, Edenmore
Beattie, Thomas, farmer, Beattie's Quay
Beattie, William, farmer, Grove Hill
Beckitt, Matthew, farmer, Gortnamoney
Beckitt, Wm., farmer, The Glen
Berwick, Mrs.
Best, Wm., Broom Mount
Boal, Robert
Boyce, Mrs. Robert, farmer, Megaberry
Boyce, Wm., farmer, Megaberry
Boyle, Arthur, farmer
Boyle, T., coal merchant and farmer, Ladybridge
Brown. James, farmer, Tullaleoob
Brownlie, A., farmer, Bottear
Brownrigg, T. H., M.D., dispensary officer, Fairmount House
Bunting, John
Bunting, J. H., N.S. teacher
Bunting, Mrs. F. E., N.S. teacher
Bunting, Robert, farmer, Bottear
Burns, Charles, farmer, Gortnamoney
Byrne, Miss, teacher, Maramesk N.S.

Callaghan, Miss
Carlisle, Mrs., Railway Tavern
Catney, James, farmer, Lurganville
Clarke, Miss W., teacher Bottear N.S.
Clarke, Wm., publican
Corbett, John, farmer
Corbitt, George, farmer, Edenmore
Culbert, Jacob, Primrose Hill, Megaberry

Davison, J., farmer, Yew-tree Hill, Megaberry
Dobbin, Thos., farmer, Boyle's Bridge
Douglass, John, farmer

Erwin, George, farmer, Fortwilliam
Erwin, John, dairyman
Erwin, Joseph H., grocer

Farley, Mrs., publican, etc., Thorn Brook
Fletcher, James, farmer, Avenue Foot
Fletcher, Mrs., farmer, Avenue Foot

Gamble, N., boot and shoe maker
Grant, John, coachman
Grant, Miss B. and N., agent for white work
Green, S., Agent for the "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News," Aghalee
Green, Thomas, farmer and cattle dealer
Greer, James B., Drumbane, farmer
Greer, Robert, farmer, Bottear House

Hammond, James, farmer, Lagan View
Heaney, John, farmer, Laney
Heaney, Mrs., dairy
Hendry, Miss, draper
Hercules, Jordan, farmer, Drumbane
Heron, Thos., Carman's Inn
Hewitt, Alfred, carpenter
Hewitt, Mrs., farmer, Legmore
Hull, J. E., carpenter, Kiln View Cottage
Hull, Robert, lime burner, Megaberry
Hull, Samuel, boot and shoe maker
Hull, W. J., farmer, Lisnabellaw

Irwin, Gardner, farmer, Turmra House

Johnston, John, farmer, Legmore

Kearney, Edward, farmer, Bottear
Kerr, George, farmer, Darginstown

Lavery, Charles Bann, weaving and white work, Avenue Foot, Moira
Lavery, James, weaver
Law, James, tailor
Law, Thomas, farmer, Laney
Logan, Isaac, farmer, Ballymagarahan
Logan, Jas., farmer, Church Hill
Logan, Mrs. Isaac, farmer, Ballymagarahan
Luttleham, ?, Lurganville N.S.
Lynass, John, farmer, Tullyard

Magee, Anthony, farmer
Martin, J. G., farmer, Feney
Moore, William, farmer, Trumery
Morgan, Henry, labourer
Mulholland, Mrs., farmer, Eden Hill
Murphy, Joseph John, farmer, Flatfield
McCartney, James, butcher
McCaw, Fredk., & Co., Moira Hemstitching Co.
McCaw, John, precentor United Presbyterian Church
McClean, James, tailor
McClelland, Alexander, shop keeper
McConnell, Arthur, farmer
McConnell, Fred., estate bailiff
McCorry, Wm., surface man
McCullough, James, J.P., farmer, Hunter's Hall
McCullough, Thomas, farmer
McDowell, R., agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
McGeown, Miss
McSpadden, Wm., sexton Presbyterian Church

North, John, school attendance officer and recruiting agent
North, R. W., grocer

Palmer, Job, grocer
Patterson, Robt., farmer, Legmore
Poots, Miss, dress maker

Reynolds, George, tailor
Ruddell, Miss, grocer, Deramore Arms Hotel
Ruddell. Thos., egg merchant and grocer, Moira
Russell, William, farmer, Megaberry

Scott, Sergeant-Major
Spence, Henry, farmer, Megaberry
Spence, Joseph, farmer, Trumery
Stewart, Mrs., N.S. teacher
Stewart, T. E., Bottear N.S.
Swain, Edward, farmer, Moira
Swain, James, farmer, New Orchard

Titterington, John, farmer, Trumery
Turkington, Charles, smith and plough maker
Turkington, Mrs., draper and agent
Turkington, Robert, letter carrier
Turkington, Thomas, carter and farmer
Turner, James, farmer

Upritchard, Wm., entertainment and lodging

Waddel, Alfred, J.P., lime burner, whiting works
Watson, W. J., farmer, Bay-tree Hill
Weir, Miss Annie, sexton of Methodist Chapel
Wells, James, farmer, Legmore
Wilson, Mrs. Sarah, Berkwick Hall


Is an important market town, and the Assize town for the county, forty-three miles S.W. by W. from Belfast.  The town consists of one principal square, and several streets diverging from it.  The County Courthouse is a handsome building.  The old prison has been converted into an excellent infirmary for the county, which was opened in 1896 by Lord Cadogan, who was then Lord Lieutenant.  The Fever Hospital at Latlurcan has been converted into a County Sanatorium under the National Insurance scheme, and the disused Union Fever Hospital at Kilnacloy has been converted into a County Fever Hospital.  The principal trade is the exchange of general merchandise and agricultural produce in the surrounding county.  The Belfast, Ulster, Provincial, and Hibernian Banks have branches here; there is also a Savings Bank.  The market days are Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday - the first two for the usual articles of consumption, and the latter for corn and grass seed.  In the summer months a pork market is held on the third Friday of each month, and weekly during the winter.  The fair is held on the first Monday of every month.  The shops' half-holiday is on Thursday.  The population in 1911 was 4,272

Post Office, Mill Street - Chas. McNally, postmaster
Constabulary Station, Glasslough Street - County Inspector, C. A. Welsh; district inspector, J. E. H. Richardson; head constable, A. Manning
Courthouse, Church Square - J. Moore, caretaker


Church of Ireland, Parish Church, Church Square - Ven. Archdeacon McManaway, M.A., rector; Rev. J. M. Gibson, B.A., curate; J. Bowes, sexton
Methodist Church, Market Street and Dawson Street - Rev. F. H. Scott Maguire
Presbyterian Church - First Monaghan (vacant); Wm. Jebb, sexton.  Ballyalbany - Rev. J. A. Cargin, B.A., Manse; John Walker, sexton
Roman Catholic Cathedral - Most Rev. Dr. McKenna, Lord Bishop of Clogher; administrator, Rev. John Tierney; curates, Revs. J. J. McNamee and P. Mulligan


Dispensary, Mill Street - Dr. James Henry
Fever Hospital - Secretary, William Martin; surgeon, J. C. Hall, M.B.; apothecary, Dr. M. R. Whitla, J.P.
Banks - Belfast Banking Co. Ltd., Dublin Street; T. F. Moody, manager; Thomas Myles, cashier.  Provincial Bank of Ireland, North Road - E. Meyrick, manager; T. C. Exshaw, cashier.  Ulster Banking Co. Ltd. - E. W. Stevenson, manager; J. McCully, cashier.  Hibernian Banking Co. - E. W. Smith, manager; J. McLean, cashier.  Savings Bank, Hill Street - H. Rogers, manager
Town Clerk - Peter McGeough
Clerk of Union - Patrick Toal
Clerk of the Crown and Peace - William McWilliam
Clerk of Petty Sessions - Francis McCarvill
Fire Brigade - The hoses and engine are stored in the Fire Brigade Station, North Road.  The brigade is under the charge of Captain Russell McWilliam
Temperance Cafe - Manager, Jas. Barnes
Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths - William Swan
District Lunatic Asylum - Resident physician, Dr. Conlan, J.P.; assistant physician, Dr. K. P. Neary
Gas Works - Manager, John K. Harrison
Great Northern Railway - Walter Johnston, station master
Infirmary - Surgeon, J. C. Hall, M.B.; assistant surgeon, Dr. Whitla
Union Workhouse, Kinacloy - Master Thos. Whelan; matron, Miss McNally
Monaghan Model School - Headmaster, J. B. A. Eagleson; assistant, Wm. Forgrave, Headmistress, Mrs. Forgrave; assistant, Miss Latimer
Infant School - Headmistress, Miss Dunwoody
Rossmore Estate Office - William Martin
Orange Hall, North Road - Caretaker, Edw. Armstrong
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agents, Thomas Miles, Belfast Bank; John Gillespie, Solicitor; W. F. Dunwoody, Tanderagerabrack
Resident Magistrate - Alex. Irwin, LL.D.


Westenra Arms (Mrs. Greacen); Temperance (Mrs. Greacen); Diamond (Mrs. Jos. Henry); Stag (J. Sherry & Son)


Anderson, Sir Robert, Bart., J.P., Mullaghmore
Agnew Bros., dentists, Diamond

Barber, J., hairdresser, North Road
Benson, S., plumber, Dublin Street
Black, W., J.P., Ballyleck House
Boyle, Maxwell T., J.P., Anketell Grove
Bratton, John, creamery manager
Breakey, H. J., auctioneer and valuator, Glasslough Street; res., The Hill
Brown, D., commercial traveller, The Diamond
Brydon, Miss, music teacher, Stanley Terrace

Campbell, Michael, painter and glazier, Market Street
Campbell, J., newsagent, Market Street
Cargin, Rev. J. A., Ballyalbany
Carson, John, carpenter, Glasslough Street
Caulfield, Wm., Glasslough Street
Coffey, William, Coolshannagh
Coffey, The Misses, boot warehouse, Market Street
Condell, Mrs. Geo., Klondyke House
Conlan, T. P., J.P., medical superintendent County Asylum
Cooney, Ml., excise officer, North Road
Connolly, James, The Shambles
Connolly, Owen, County Council accountant, The Hill
Corr, Bros., cattle merchants and butchers, Church Square
Crawford, Dr., Castleshane
Crawford, Samuel, butcher and farmer, Dublin Street
Crawford, Wm. J., J.P., grocer, Diamond
Creighan, James, sewing machine agent, Dublin Street

Doherty, A., Westenra Terrace
Doogan, R., Printer, Agent "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News," North Road and The Hill
Drum, David, painter, Diamond
Duffey, F., saddler, Glasslough Street
Duffy, Andw., publican, Diamond Bar
Duffy, P. & J., drapers, Church Square
Duffy, P., painter, Market Street
Dunwoody, F., J.P., Mill Street
Dunwoody, J. F., solicitor, North Road
Dunwoody, Thos. R., The Glen

Eakins & Lyons, boot warehouse, Church Square
Elliott, Chas., draper, Market Street
Emerson, J., manual instructor, Stanley Terrace
Evans, Francis, painter, Dublin Street

Fiddes, J., Clenamully

Gallagher, Edward, agricultural instructor, Stanley Terrace
Gallagher, Owen, land surveyor, Roslea
Gallagher, Thos., Westenra Terrace
Gillanders, Harry, butcher, Diamond
Gillespie, John, solicitor, Mill Street
Gillespie, Miss, Church Square
Given, H. S., motor engineer, Davison Street
Gordon, Saml., R.D.C., farmer, Raconnell
Gracey & Co., drapers, Diamond
Graham, E., & Co., wholesale butter and egg merchants, Dublin Street
Graham, T., solicitor's clerk, North Road
Greacen, Mrs., proprietor Westenra Arms Hotel, Diamond and Temperance Hotel, Mill Street
Greene, Ernest, B.L., Cappa Lodge
Gunn, M., cattle dealer, Park Street

Hall, J. C, M.D., J.P., D.L., Rowantree Terrace
Halpenny, M., M.D., Tuberculosis Officer, Tirkeenan House
Hamill, Harry, printer, Dublin Street
Hamilton, Mrs., Cornacassa House
Hannigan, J. J., County Surveyor
Harper, John, draper, Diamond
Harrison, John K., gas manager, Gasworks
Harrison, Joseph, cutter, North Road
Harrison, Miss, Market Street
Henry, Dr. James, Swan Park
Henry, Mrs., chemist, The Diamond
Holland Bros., publicans and grocers, Market Street
Holland, W., saddler, Dublin Street
Houston, R., watch maker, Dublin Street
Hughes, J. Francis and Louisa, Dublin Street
Hynes, Thos., school teacher, The Hill

Irwin, Captain Murray, J.P., D.L., Beech Hill
Irwin, David, publican, Market Street
Irwin, Mrs. Fitzjohn, Beech Hill

Jackson, Matthew, Lamb's Lake
Jenkins, Mrs., stationer and fancy warehouse, The Diamond and Church Square

Kane, W., National School inspector, Glasslough Street
Kane, W. de V., D.L., J.P., Drumreaske
Keenan, Daniel X., solicitor, Glasslough Street
Keenan, John J., solicitor, Glasslough Street
Kelly Bros., motor garage, North Road
Kelly, Peter, spirit dealer, Mill Street
Kennedy, Ross, publican, Market Street
Keown, F., grocer, Dublin Street
Keown, Thomas, chemist, Mill Street
Kerr, James, photographer, North Road
Kernaghan, Miss, Stanley Terrace
Kieran, P., J.P., Ulster Arms
Kirkpatrick Bros., drapers, Church Square

Lardner, J. C. R., M.P., B.L., Swan Park
Lardner, M. G. R., B.A., solicitor, Church Square; res., Swan Park
Lee, Hugh, publican, Threemilehouse
Leeman, H. G., woollen draper, Diamond
Leech, J., tailor, Dawson Street
Loughran, T. E., veterinary surgeon, Mill Street
Lowry & Co., drapers, Park Street
Lucas-Scudamore, Mrs., Castleshane Castle

MacGeough, P., Mall Road
MacManaway, Ven. Archdeacon, The Rectory
Maguinness, F., Market Street
Maguinness, P., publican
Mallen, Michael, J.P., general merchant, Dublin Street
Marley, M., fish monger, Market Street
Martin, William, solicitor, Mill Street and Hilden
Martin, W. H., land agent, Castleshane
Masonic Hall (Young Memorial) - E. Ferris, caretaker
Meyrick, E., North Road
Miles, Thos., cashier, Belfast Bank
Mills, R. H., Swan Park
Mitchell, Charles, Glaslough Street
Mitchell, Harry, Rosefield
Mitchell, J., carpenter, Latlurcan
Mitchell, Mrs., Carahor, Scotstown
Moffett, R., draper, Diamond
Monaghan Co-operative Creamery - J. Bratton, manager
Montgomery, G. H., The Wood
Moody, T. F., manager Belfast Banking Co. Ltd., Knockroe House
Moore, James, commissioner of affidavits
Morrow, William, shoe maker, Glasslough Street
Mullan, Mrs., hotel proprietress, Diamond
Mullen, Peter, J.P., spirit dealer, Park Street
Murphy, A. & D., publicans and cycle agents, Glasslough Street
Murray, E., boot warehouse, Market Street

MacConkey, The Misses, dress makers, Market Street
McAleese, Mrs., Lake View
McArdle, J., grocer and baker, Dublin Street
McCabe, Thos., merchant tailor, Park Street
McCaldin, J. & J., Church Square
McCaldin, W. A., baker, grocer and general merchant, Diamond; res., Glenview
McCann, Messrs., fruiterers, North Road
McCarron, Wm., publican, The Shambles
McCarville, Fras., clerk of Petty Sessions
McClelland, Robt., gunsmith, Old Cross Square
McConkey, J., plumber, Dawson Street
McConnell, A. E., V.S., Swan Park
McDermott Bros., coach builders, Dublin Street
McElmeel, E., grocer, Glasslough Street
McElnea, Thomas, carpenter, Market Street
McEntee, P., publican, Park Street
McFadden, Francis, butcher, Dublin Street
McFadden, James, butcher, Dublin Street
McGowan, Mrs., grocer, Glasslough Street
McKenna, Joseph, fish monger, Dublin Street
McKenna, Mrs., draper, Glasslough Street
McKenna, Patrick, tea merchant, Market Street
McKenna, Patk., D.D., Roman Catholic Bishop of Clogher, The Palace
McMahon, J., P.L.G., Market Street
McMahon, Robert, clerk, Gallina
McMeehan, H., law clerk, Westenra Terrace
McNally, Charles, J.P., Hill Terrace
McPhillips Bros., grocers, Market Street
McWilliam, R., solicitor, Holly Lodge, Hill Street
McWilliam, Wm., Clerk of Crown and Peace, Corlatt House

Nelson, Mrs., farmer and road contractor, Cormeen
Nixon, Samuel, farmer, Raconnell
Nolan, Mrs., Newsagent, etc.; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News," Dublin Street
Nolan, P., J.P., contractor, Hill Street

Owens, John, rate collector and auctioneer, Tanderagee
O'Brien, Hugh, merchant, Old Cross Square
O'Neill, F. J., spirit merchant, Round House
O'Neill, F. J., publican, Church Square
O'Neill, Patrick, C.E., Tirkeenan

Patton, David, grocer and ironmonger, Market Street
Patton, Jas., farmer, Coolkill
Peacock, R., boot maker, Belmount
Pollock, James, Coolmain House

Quinn, M., Dawson Street

Redfern, A., watch maker, Dublin Street
Richardson, J. E. H., District Inspector R.I.C., Villa Nova
Richardson, Major E. J., D.L., J.P., Poplar Vale
Ritchie, J., watch maker, The Diamond
Rogers, Harry, J.P., estate agent, The Hill
Rogers, George, solicitor, The Hill
Ronaghan, M., boot merchant, Dublin Street
Ronaghan, S., school master, Belmont Terrace
Ross, Sharman C., Liscarney
Rossmore, Lord, D.L., Rossmore Park
Rountree, James, solicitor, Mill Street
Rushe, D. C, B.A., secretary of Monaghan County Council

Schofield, J., farmer, Latlurkin
Sharpe, W. R., R.D.C., farmer, Aughnaseda
Sherry, Edward, Westenra Terrace
Sherry, Mrs. Maggie, spirit dealer and grocer, Dublin Street
Sherry, Miss, ladies nurse, Stanley Terrace
Sherry, P., & Son, publicans, leather and provision stores, Stag Hotel, Dublin Street
Shields, P., blacksmith, Dawson Street
Simmons, The Misses, drapers, Diamond
Skelton, Harry, C.E., Market Street
Sloey, James, baker, Market Street
Smith, William, grocer, Market Street
Smith, Mrs., publican, Market Street
Spence, J., bakery manager, Coolshanagh
Stevenson, E. W., Ulster Bank
Stewart, Mrs., dress maker
Storey, Lieut. J. W., B.A., recruiting officer, Dawson Street
Swan, W. H., sub-sheriff, Tullyherm and Diamond
Swift, James, boot maker, Glasslough Street
Swinnerton, W. L., M.P.S.I., Diamond

Taylor, H. M., watch maker, Dublin Street
Taylor, Mrs., Bessmount
Tierney, Francis, publican, Dublin Street
Todd Bros., tobacconists, Church Square
Toner, John G., horticultural instructor, Westenra Terrace
Treanor, James, publican, Market Street
Treanor, J., publican, Dublin Street
Treanor, Owen, publican, Market Street
Treanor, Thomas, hairdresser, Market Street
Tucker, Wm., law clerk, Mill Street
Tyacke, E. P., Coolshannagh

Ward, C. H., tailor, Dawson Street
Webster, Charles, publican, Glasslough Street
Whelan, J., publican, Glasslough Street
Whelan, Patrick, J.P., coroner, Lake View
Whitla, M. R., M.D., apothecary, Diamond; res., The Laurels
Wilkinson, Joseph, contractor, North Road
Wilson, J. H. M., surveyor
Wilson, John, smith, Dublin Street
Wilson, Robert, relieving officer, Glasslough Street
Wilson, Thos., surveyor's assistant, Newgrove
Woods, Chas., publican, Dublin Street
Woods, J., butter merchant, Lakeview
Woods, Mrs., Mill Street
Woods, Peter, Park Street
Wright, Mrs., Kilnacloy House


Is in the County Derry, 32 Irish miles W.N.W. from Belfast.  The Worshipful Drapers' Company of London, who formerly owned the town and a large tract of the adjacent country (county?), have now disposed of a large part of their property to the tenants.  The remainder has been kindly handed over to a local committee, called "The Manor of Drapers Charity," who manager it for the benefit of the community.  The town is the centre of an extensive fruit growing district, which has been selected by the Department of Agriculture as one of three centres for experimenting upon.  The population in 1911 was 514

Post Office - Mrs. E. Harris, postmistress; Miss S. M. Elder, assistant
Magistrates - Col. W. A. Lenox-Conyngham, James Leeper, Wellbrook; Thomas Meeke, Springvale; G. Ramsay, Clagan; W. Ekin, Rock Spring; T. Crilly, Lissan; Henry Byrne, Moneymore; Patrick Devlin, Moneymore; James McGarvey, Dirnan; William Rutherford, Derrycrammy; Andrew Brown, Ballyeglish; Hugh Devlin, Dunronan; Edith Rowley, Coagh
Petty Sessions Clerk - Thomas Pattleton
Drapers' Charity Office - J. L. Cooney, clerk
R.I.C. - Sergeant Boyd and four constables


Church of Ireland - Rev. J. R. McKim, M.A., rector; Ballyeglish, Rev. W. Hogarth, rector; Ballinderry, Rev. J. Nash; rector; Lissan, Rev. C. A. B. Millington, rector; Tamlaght, Rev. Mr. Cooper, rector
First Presbyterian Church - Rev. W. Reid; Second Presbyterian Church, Rev. J. W. Sharpe; Ballygoney, Rev. Mr. Wilson; Lecumpher, Rev. R. McCammon; Saltersland, Rev. Thos. McCandless
Methodist Church - Minister, various
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. O. McEleavy, P.P.; Rev. Donnelly, C.C.; Coagh and Drummullen, Rev. Donnelly, P.P.; Ballinderry, Rev. McWilliams, P.P.


Belfast Bank Limited (Cookstown branch) - T. A. Ekin, manager; open on Fridays and fair days


Moneymore Co-operative Agricultural and Dairy Society Ltd. - President, Samuel Hunter; manageress, Miss Burnett; with auxiliaries at Castledawson, Desertmartin, and Lissan
Coagh Loan and Monetary Co. Ltd. - Thompson Bell, manager


St. Patrick's N.S. - Hugh Toal, teacher
National Male School - Wm. Porter, master
National Female School - Miss Orr, teacher; Miss Forrest, assistant


Medical Profession - Wm. McIver, M.D., coroner attendant at Drapers' and Union Dispensary, and registrar of births, deaths, and marriages; Dr. Burgess, Dispensary, Coagh, registrar of births, deaths, etc.


Agnew, Alexander, painter, Coltrim
Agnew, James, painter
Alexander, David, farmer, Larrycormick
Andrew, W. J., farmer, Dunronan

Badger, Samuel, grocer and egg merchant, Gortagilly
Banks, Miss M., dress maker
Barr, Mrs.
Bell, George, shipping agent, grocer and hardware merchant and general draper
Bell, G. & R., farmers, Moneyhaw
Bell, John, farmer, Lurnaface
Bell, Richardson, farmer, Doneybraggy
Bell, Thomas, farmer, Boherbuoy Cottage
Ben, William, farmer, Moneyhaw
Berkley, the Misses, Ballindrum
Bigger, T., farmer, Maghadore
Blaney, Thomas, grocer and general merchant
Boyce, T., blacksmith, Carradarragh
Bradford, Ernest, farmer, Carradarragh
Brennan, Miss B.
Brooks, James, merchant tailor and farmer, Gortagilly
Brown, Andrew, Co.C., farmer, Ballyeglish
Brown, John, farmer, Ballynenagh
Brown, Joseph, farmer, Ballyeglish
Brown, Joseph, Midland Railway employee
Brown, J., & Sons, Ballygurk Mills
Brown, William J., postman and cycle mechanic and motor agent
Brown, William J., farmer, Moneyhaw
Burnett, Miss, head dairymaid and manageress
Burns, D., grocer, Cranny
Burns, M., spirit merchant
Byrne, Henry, J.P., farmer, Moneymore and Ballindrum

Carleton, John, farmer
Carmichael, Jas., farmer, Gortanewry
Chambers, James, farmer and mill owner, Larrycormick
Clarke, J., postman
Clarke, Mrs. John
Corey, James, farmer, Maghadone
Corey, J., grocer, Maghadone
Corey, Patrick, farmer, Gortagilly
Costello, Miss, spirit merchant
Cousley, J. W., lime works, Gortagilly
Cousley, Robert, farmer and auctioneer, Moymulmurray
Cousley, Robert, farmer, Gortagilly
Cousley, William, farmer, Gortagilly
Cowan, Jas. H., farmer, Annahavill
Crooks, Mrs., Ashvale
Crooks, Miss E.
Crooks, R., postman
Crooks, T. J., grocer, Letteran
Crossan, J.

Davidson, Andrew, The Cottage, Springhill
Devlin, Edward, farmer, Dunronan
Devlin, Hugh, farmer. Dunronan
Devlin, James, draper and publican
Devlin, John, farmer, Dunronan
Devlin, Mrs., Drapers' Arms Hotel
Devlin, Mrs. M., publican
Devlin, Patrick, J.P., grocer, provision, coal and lime merchant
Diamond, James, tailor
Duff, James, farmer, Desertlynn
Duff, John, farmer, Churchhill
Duff, Mrs., Circular Road
Duff, Thos., farmer and mill owner, Churchill
Duffy, James, labourer
Dunn, James, grocer

Egan, T., R.I.C.
Ekin, Wm., J.P., Rockspring

Farley, James, farmer, Tamnadoey
Faulkner, Thomas, watch maker
Ferguson, Mrs.
Ferguson, William, railway porter
Fields, Alex., civil bill officer
Fields, Robert, Stonard Street
Fleming, Charles, Ballinderry N.S.
Forrest, Miss, assistant, Girls' N.S.
Forsythe, Hugh, farmer, Tullybuoy
Forsythe, John, farmer, Coltrim
Forsythe, J., farmer, Coltrim
Forsythe, Mrs.

Garvin, G. R., farmer, Tamnodoey
George, Charles, farmer, Ballindrum
George, M., farmer, Carradarragh
Glover, J. & G., farmers, Tamnadoey
Gordon, Henry, labourer
Graham, Henry, horse shoer
Graham, R., postman and hairdresser
Greer, Henry, water bailiff
Greer, Miss, Ballygoney N.S.
Greer & Sons, painters and decorators
Grey, W. J., Bigbridge, Ballenahone
Gunning, Major J. E., J.P., Manor House

Hanna, Misses, Circular Road
Hanna, Thomas, tailor and draper
Harbison, Henry, spirit merchant
Harris, David, farmer, Moymulmurray
Harris, E., postmistress
Harris, Robert, M.R.C.V.S.
Harris & Co., agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News", also grocers and stationers
Hartley, Samuel, farmer, Coltrim
Henderson, E., farmer, Moneyhaw
Henry, Miss, teacher, Carradarragh
Higginson, Robert, farmer, Gortagilly
Hill, Miss, Churchill National School
Hogg, Alexander, farmer, Ballyeglish
Hogg, James, merchant
Hogg, James, Ashvale
Hogg, Joseph, farmer, Maghadone
Huey, George, postman
Hughes, John, labourer
Hunter, M. S., farmer, Turnaface
Hunter, Samuel, farmer, Coltrim
Hunter, Samuel, farmer, Doneybraggy
Hunter, William, farmer, Turnaface
Hutchinson, James, farmer, Coltrim
Hutchinson, John, farmer, Ballygurk
Hutchinson, Mrs., dress maker and draper
Hutchinson, T. J., farmer, Ballygurk
Hutchison, William, millwright and carpenter

Johnston, E., farmer, Ballindrum
Johnston, James, labourer
Johnston, J., postman

Kane, Miss, teacher, Cairndaisy
Keane, A. H., farmer, Drumrott
Kearney, E., R.I.C.
Kerrigan, P., Ballynenagh N.S.
Kingston, Mrs.

Lawrence, John, farmer, Moneyhaw
Lawrence, Robert, farmer, Quilly
Lee, William
Lenox-Conyngham, Col. W. A., Springhill
Lindsay, Rev. S., Circular Road
Lindsay, R. J., farmer, Gortagilly
Loughrey, Mrs. J.
Lowry, M. A., Cranny N.S.
Lynn, M., farmer, Ballylifford

Malone, Miss, dress maker
Marshall, James, farmer, Gortagilly
Marshall, John, farmer, Ballynenagh
Marshall, Robert, farmer, Larrycormick
Mears, James, farmer, Moymulmurry
Megaw, James, farmer, Tulnagee
Megaw, Mrs.
Megaw, Robert, farmer and mill owner
Millar, S. J., B.A., solicitor, Circular Road
Millar, J., farmer, Tamnadoey
Miller, Robt., farmer, Drumeen
Minnis, Mrs., Trainview House
Mitchell, David, carpenter
Mitchell, J., farmer, Quilly
Mitchell, Robt., farmer, Larrycormick
Mitchell, Thomas, farmer, Quilly
Mitchell, Wm., farmer, Larrycormick
Molloy, Samuel, scutcher
Monaghan, Chas., teacher Loop N.S.
Montgomery, John
Moore, John, postman
Mulholland, A., refreshment rooms
Mulholland, B., grocer
Mulholland, James, butcher
Murphy, John, farmer, Carndaisy
Murphy, S., farmer, Carradarragh

McCullough, George, farmer
McDowell, James (Inglis & Co.)
McFadden, J., Gortagilly N.S.
McFadden, Mrs., music teacher
McGuiggan, Joseph, grocer
McGuiggan, Mrs.
McIntyre, R., blacksmith
McIver, G. D., M.B.
McIver, Wm., M.D. and coroner
McKee, H. & T., farmers, Moneymore
McKinley, P., R.I.C.
McLaughlin, Miss, ex-teacher
McLernon, P., station master
McNally, S. J., postman
McOscar, ?, Ballinderry N.S.
McWilliams, W., railway employee

Nerrie, Robert, corn mills, Little Bridge

Orr, Miss, principal, Girls' N.S.
Orr, Miss, dress maker
Orr, Miss, assistant dairymaid

Palmer, John, farmer, Moneyhaw
Pattleton, Thomas, C.P.S.
Pierce, Mrs. J., farmer, Doluskey
Pierce, Robert, farmer, Ballygrooby
Pierce, William, farmer, Ballygrooby
Porter, Wm., principal, Boys' N.S.

Rankin, John, grocer and fowl dealer
Reid, Samuel, grocer and farmer

Sandford, Mrs., Circular Road
Sargent, E., posting establishment
Scott, Mrs.
Scullan, F., spirit grocer, Loop
Scullan, William J., grocer and sub-postmaster, Loop
Shaw, J., R.I.C.
Shaw, Robert, carpenter
Simpson, James, farmer, Ballymully
Simpson, Mary
Sloan, William G., grocer, Annahavil, agent for "Belfast Weekly News"
Souter, David
Stewart, C, posting establishment
Stewart, Jackson, shoe maker
Stewart, Joseph, tailor
Stewart, Miss

Taylor, John
Taylor, Mrs., laundry
Thompson, Hugh, farmer, Ballindrum
Toal, Hugh, teacher St. Patrick's N.S.
Turkington, Mrs.

Vincent, Sarah

Weir, Alexander, farmer, Crossimea
White, John, farmer, Desertlyn
White, Robert, posting establishment
Woods, Robert, poulterer
Wylie, Catherine
Wylie, John, scutcher
Wylie, Sampson, farmer, Ballygrooly


A small village close to Moneymore. A Co-operative creamery is now working in the village. Petty Sessions are held the second Tuesday of each month.  Mr. Thomas Pattleton, C.P.S., Moneymore and Coagh, attends every Monday

Royal Irish Constabulary - Sergeant Hayes and five constables

Bell, Mrs., grocer
Bell, R. W., farmer, Windmill
Bell, T. W., farmer
Blackstock, W. J., farmer, Ballygoney
Bradley, Alexander, carpenter
Burgess, R., M.D., J.P.
Carson, Joseph, farmer, Ballydawley
Charlton, William, postman
Connolly, Felix, farmer
Cooke, Michael, sergt. R.I.C.
Cooper, Rev., Tamlaght Rectory
Creighton, Samuel, motor and cycle mechanic
Darragh, Mrs., spirit merchant, Ballinderry Bridge
Devlin, E., spirit merchant, Kinrush
Dickson, Hugh, farmer, Lower Coagh
Doherty, John, farmer
Donnelly, P., P.P.
Drummond, P., hotel
Duff Bros., spinners and corn mill
Duff, Hugh, J.P.
Duff, R. J., mail car driver
Duff, William, inspector fisheries
Duff, Wm., spirit merchant, Drumaney and Newport Trench
Ekin, W. & J., farmers, Ultimo House
Elliott, J. R., J.P.
Elliott, J. R., & Son, Grocers, Agents for the "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Elliott, Rowey, J.P., postmaster
Ewing, Charles, grocer, Bellagherty
Farrell, Robert, rate collector, Arboe
Farrell, James, farmer, Tamnavalley
Ferguson, Thomas, farmer, Silverhill
Fields, James, postman
Flack, Hugh, spirit merchant, grocer and farmer
Fleming, T. J., Tamlaght N.S.
Forbes, John, shoe maker
Gibson, John, carpenter
Gibson, William, carpenter
Gillien, Miss, teacher, Arboe N.S.
Greer, Mr., Coagh N.S.
Hagan, Miss, posting establishment
Hagan, Robert, posting establishment
Hagan, Samuel, posting establishment
Hagan, Thomas, posting establishment
Hancock, Thomas, shoe maker
Howe, Mrs.
Hughes, James, baker
Kielty, Hugh, posting establishment
Kielty, Miss
Kielty, Samuel, postman
Lapsley, James, farmer, Tamnavalley
Lavery, F., spirit merchant, Ardain
Leaney, Francis, spirit grocer
Maynes, James, postman
McClelland, Rev.
McCorkell, W., water bailiff
McCormick, Andrew, farmer, Brookend
McCormick, Mrs., farmer, Brookend
McGovern, Miss, dairy maid
McIntyre, John, spirit merchant and sub-postmaster, Ballinderry Bridge
McKee, Mrs. A., publican, Ballylifford
McKee, Lancelot, implement agent, Ballydawley
McKiver, Robert, shoe maker
McKiver, Thomas, tailor
McKnight, T., blacksmith
McMullen, Rev. P., P.P.
McVey, Patrick, hardware and spirit grocer
Neeson, F., school master
O'Neill, Ambrose, grocer, Arboe
O'Neill, Miss A., clerk
Peters, ?, manager Coagh Dairy
Phelan, Miss
Spiers, J., draper
Stewart, H. R., draper and shipping agent
Whann, Miss M., clerk
Young, W. T., draper


Beattie, Henry, farmer, Ballydawley
Bell, Mrs. A., farmer, Drumads
Blackstock, John, farmer, Ballygoney
Ekin, W. & J., farmers, Ultimo House
Ferguson, John, farmer, Ballymoile
George, R. and T., farmers, Ruskey
Gray, Robert, farmer, Ballynargin
Henderson, William, farmer, Ballydawley
Hamilton, Thomas, farmer, Drumada
Keilty, John, farmer, Coagh
Lavery, F., spirit merchant, Adain
Quinn, T., hardware and spirit grocer
Sloan, R. K., farmer, Crosspatrick
Sloan, W. J., farmer, Ballydawley


An inland town in North Antrim, situate on the main road mid-way between Ballycastle and Ballymoney, three miles north of Stranocum Station on the Ballycastle line.  It stands in the centre of a fertile, prosperous, and well-cultivated agricultural district.  Two flax scutching mills and one corn mill stands in close proximity.  The two hiring fairs, the most ancient on record, are held on 21st May and 21st November.  Employers and those seeking employment for miles distant meet at these fairs, where engagements are entered into for the succeeding six months.  Cattle fairs are also held on 13th February and 21st July.

Post office - James Steele, postmaster


Church of Ireland, Drumtullagh - Rev. T. W. Willis, M.A.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Thos. Heaney, B.A.


National Schools - Presbyterian, Miss Irwin, principal; Miss Gillespie, assistant.  Church of Ireland, Drumtullagh, J. Glass, principal; Miss McConachie, assistant
Northern Bank Agency - Manager, Mr. T. C. Henderson
Registrar of Births and Deaths - Dr. J. Dunlop, Straidkillen House, Bushmills
Registrar of Marriages - Mr. D. McKinley, Ballycastle


Black, Louis, Moycraig
Black, Mrs., Moycraig
Blair, Quinton, corn miller
Boyd, Patrick, butcher
Campbell, Robert, farmer, Islandcorr
Chesnut, James, boot maker
Chestnut, Joseph, flax dresser
Coyles, Daniel
Creath, Nathaniel, J.P., R.D.C., Carnmore
Dunlop, Dr. J., J.P., registrar of births and death
Elleson, Daniel, blacksmith
Feeney, David, flax dresser
Gillen, Elizabeth
Glass, Andrew. grocer and farmer
Glass, Wm. A., farmer
Hutchinson, Hugh W., labourer
Jamison, Daniel, publican
Kelly, David, surface man
Kelly, George
Kyle, Wm. J., farmer
Linnegan, James, flax dresser
Lyons, Andrew, labourer
Lyons, James D., flax dresser and labourer
Lyons, Hannah
Mogey, Edward, soldier
Munnis, Daniel, farmer and cattle dealer
McAlister, Samuel, farmer, Moycraig
McFadden, John, labourer
McIntyre, Mrs.
McLean, James, boot maker
McConaghy, Robt., farmer, Moycraig
McCormick, Wm. C., boot maker
McCrellis, James, soldier
McCurdy, Mrs., farmer, Newbuildings
McKay, Alfred, farmer and cattle dealer, Knockmore
McKay, Daniel, mill owner and cattle dealer
McKeeman, Mrs., draper
McKenney, Robert, grocer
McMullan, Mrs., Lisnagat
McMullan, John, butcher
McNaul, William
McNaul, William, labourer
McNeill, Adam, J.P., Gardenvale
McVicker, Hugh, farmer
McVicker, James, farmer, Lisnagat
Pollock, David, farmer, Newbuildings
Ranix, Henry
Simpson, John, flax dresser
Simpson, John, farmer, Clegnagh
Steele, James, farmer, Moycraig
Steele, James, publican
Steele, Robert, farmer, Islandcorr
Taggart, James, tailor
Taggart, Mrs. John, dress maker
Taggart, Thomas, farmer, Moycraig
Thompson, George, mill owner
White, Thos., farmer, Newbuildings


Is a market and post town in the Barony of Innishowen, County Donegal, pleasantly situated on the shores of Lough Foyle, distant twenty English miles from Londonderry, and is a favourite resort of the inhabitants of that city during the summer months, as well as of visitors from adjacent towns and England and Scotland.  There are the remains of an old abbey at Cooley, about a mile or so from the town - said to have been founded by St. Finian - and other objects of interest to the archaeologist in the immediate neighbourhood.  There is a weekly market on Thursdays for general farming produce, and a monthly fair is held on the last Thursday of each month for the sale of cattle, horses, and other stock.  Population in 1911, 1,016

Post Office - Mrs. E. A. McLaughlin, postmistress
Bank - Belfast Banking Co. Ltd. - P. Irvine, manager
Dispensary - Thomas Harkin, M.B.
Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths - Thomas Harkin, M.B.
Commissioner for Taking Affidavits - Danl. H. McDowell
Clerk of Petty Sessions - Danl. H. McDowell
Coastguard Station - Lieutenant F. W. R. Hewitt, R.N., inspecting officer for the district
R.I. Constabulary - Wm. Parke, Head-Constable in charge
Church of Ireland - St. Columb's Church; Rev. Ernest H. Nunns, rector
Presbyterian - Rev. Joseph MacCorkell
Methodist - Rev. J. Spence
Roman Catholic - Rev. Michael Sheerin, P.P.; Rev. W. O'Doherty, C.C.; and Rev. J. McLaughlin, C.C.
Moville Steamship Co. Ltd. - David O'Donnell, secretary
Fire Brigade Station - In charge of William Kelly, Joseph McLaughlin, Wm. McDaid, Colonel Montgomery, John McConnell, Michael McDaid, E. Harold, R. McDonald, and P. Smith
Officer of Customs and Excise - John McLaughlin


Anderson, John, Gulladuff House
Anderson, Mrs., Gulladuff House

Baird, Andrew, grocer and auctioneer
Baird, Mrs. Matilda
Baird, Mrs. Thomas, & Son, grocer, hardware and shoe merchant, Malin Road and Bath Terrace
Baird, William T., J.P., merchant and auctioneer, Main Street
Barr, Mrs., Malin Road
Beattie, Thos., & Sons, boat builders, River Row
Beatty, Mrs., Prospect Hotel, James Street
Begley, Hugh, sea captain, Bath Terrace
Bonner, James, carpenter, Malin Road
Bourke, Kate M., milliner, Malin Road
Bradley, John, J.P., merchant

Carey, Mrs., Church Road
Carlin, Hugh, boot, shoe and coal merchant
Carlin, William, River Row
Cook, Samuel, grocer, Bath Terrace
Corrigan, W. J., publican, The Square
Crumlish, John, butcher, Market Square

Devlin, J., Limefield
Doherty, Charles, carpenter, Main Street
Doherty, Daniel, baker, Malin Road
Doherty, Hannah, draper, Malin Road
Doherty, John, baker, Main Street
Doherty, Wm., draper, Malin Road
Duffy, Miss Susie, publican, Market Square
Duggan, William, butcher, Main Street
Dysart, The Misses, St. Columb's Terrace

Elkin, John, civil bill officer, Market Square
Evans, Major H. F., J.P., Cairngariff

Foster, Polly, dress maker

Gallagher, James, & Sons, builders, Quay Street
Gallagher, John, tinsmith, Malin Road
Gillen, Bridget, dress maker, Bath Terrace
Gillen, Denis, publican, Main Street
Glacken, John D., draper and clothier, Malin Road
Gracie, D., Customs officer

Hamilton, John A., solicitor, The Square
Hamilton, Stewart, teacher, Greencastle
Hannan, Patrick, coach builder
Harkin, Patrick, Malin Road
Harkin, Thomas, M.B., Main Street
Harold, Bernard, grocer, Quay Street
Harold, Edward, fish merchant, Quay Street
Haslett, Colonel P., Carrownaff House
Hemphill, James, blacksmith
Hewitt, Lieut. F. W. R., R.N., Admiralty House
Higgins, Miss Margaret, Main Street

Irvine, Mrs., Bank House

Jameson, W., N.S. Teacher

Kane, John, coal merchant, Montgomery Terrace
Kavanagh, The Misses, publicans, Main Street
Kelly, Jos., painter, Bath Terrace
Kelly, Wm., auctioneer, Malin Road
Kennedy, David, steamboat captain, River Row

Lee, John, postman
Little, Miss E. A., The Fort, Greencastle
Loughrey, John, publican, Main Street

Major, Miss, Montgomery Terrace
MacCorkell, Rev. Joseph, The Manse
Mercer, Francis, grocer, Market Square.; agent for Lipton, Ltd.
Montgomery, Colonel J. L., St. Columb's
Montgomery, Mrs., St. Columb's
Montgomery, Rev. H. H., D.D., Newpark
Mulhern, James, sexton St. Columb's Ch., River Row
Muller, Mrs., Church Terrace

McCauley, Denis, saddler
McCauley, Harry, barber, Main Street
McCausland, J., cashier, Belfast Bank
McConnell, John, hotel keeper
McCorriston, Patrick, publican, The Square
McCreery, Miss, Church Terrace
McCurry, Samuel, posting establishment, River Row
McDaid, John, blacksmith, Malin Road
McDaid, Michael, mason, Malin Road
McDaid, Patrick, mason and greengrocer, James Street
McDaid, Teresa, grocer and fancy depot, newsagency, Main Street
McDermott, Bernard, carpenter
McDonald, James, & Sons, boat builders
McDonald, James, boat builder, James Street
McDowell, Bertha, wine and spirit merchant, James Street
McDowell, Daniel H., clerk of petty sessions, Malin Road
McDowell, D. H., grain merchant, Malin Road
McDowell, P., & Co., drapers, Malin Road
McFadden, Miss, confectioner and grocer, Bath Terrace
McGroarty, Patrick, car driver
McGroarty, Patrick, postman, Malin Road
McKeague, William, fisherman, River Row
McKinney, Elizabeth, baker and publican, Malin Road
McKinney, Patrick, Anchor Tavern
McLaughlin, A., & Co., drapers, Bath Terrace
McLaughlin, Chas., grocer, Bath Terrace
McLaughlin, James, J.P., draper, Malin Road
McLaughlin, Jas., grocer, Malin Road
McLaughlin, John, James Street
McLaughlin, M., carpenter, Main Street
McLaughlin, Mrs. A., post office, James Street

Newell, Edwin G., M.D., The Wilderness
Norris, William, grocer, Malin Road
Nunns, Rev. E. H., St. Columb's Rectory

O'Donnell, David, clerk, Foyle Street
O'Reilly, Charles, M.D., Main Street

Parke, Mrs. Thomas, Private Hotel, Rosebank
Peoples, George, grocer, Main Street
Peoples, Wm. J., grocer, Bath Terrace

Quigg, Edward, painter

Rawdon, James, publican, Malin Road
Robert, Wm., Bath Terrace, Moulle

Sheerin, Rev. Michael, P.P., Parochial House
Smith, John, grocer and publican, Malin Road
Sproule, Mrs. Esther, Superioress Convent
Sweeney, Bryan, Montgomery Terrace
Sweeney, Charles, N.S. teacher, Montgomery Terrace
Sweeney, James, N.S. teacher, Montgomery Terrace

Taylor, James, tailor, Malin Road
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Ltd. - Agents, J. Elkin, P. Irvine, Belfast Bank
Toy, Miss Ellen, Montgomery Terrace
Treacy, Mrs. Mary, Alexandra Hotel, Foyle Street


Anderson, John, Gulladuff
Baird, John, Ballyrattan
Barr, Charles, Glencrow
Barr, Patrick, tea merchant, Glencrow
Bonner, Michael, Cooley
Bonner, Mrs. A., Glencrow
Burns, George, Greencastle
Burns, Robert, Greencastle
Burns, Thomas, Greencastle
Butler, Alexander, Claggan
Butler, John, Listaragan
Carmichael, Mrs. M. E., Ballylawn
Cavanagh, John, Greencastle
Cochrane, Major Richard, Redcastle
Craig, Robert, Carrownaffe
Crosbie, Mrs., Castle House, Greencastle
Doherty, Charles, publican, Greencastle
Doherty, John, Terryrone
Doherty, Patrick, rate collector, Glencrow
Doherty, Michael, Terryrone
Donaghey, Samuel, Seaview
Douglas, William, Ballyrattan
Elkin, Isaac, J.P., Leitrim House
Elkin, James, Lekemay House
Elkin, James, Termone
Faulkiner, John, farmer, Cooley
Gillin, James, Ballyneely
Gourley, Alex., contractor, Whitecastle
Gurney, Hugh, Drung
Havlin, James, Clare
Hemphill, Mrs. Annie, Carrownaffe
Henderson, Ralph, Kindroyhead
Howard, Ellen, postmistress, Greencastle
Hughes, William, Ballyrattan
Kelly, Cornelius, Mossyglen
Kirkland, Richard, Cooley
Lafferty, Charles, Moneydarragh
Lafferty, P., farmer, Moneydarragh
Lepper, Robert, J.P., Foyle View, Redcastle
Little, Miss, Little Hotel, The Fort, Greencastle
Lloyd, Frederick, captain, Kilmoyle, Greencastle
Lynch, Daniel, Glencrow
Meredith, Rev. Ralph, Moulle Rectory
Morrison, James, Drumaweir
Murphy, Philip, Clare
McCormick, John, Tardrum
McClellan, Miss, Manor House, Greencastle
McFarlane, Mrs., The Lodge, Ballynelly, Morrlle
McGlinchy, Miss Mary, Redford
McGowan, John, Carrickmaquigley
McGowan, James, Cullinean
McGowan, John, Carrickinaquigley
McGowan, John, Ballybrack
McIvor, James, Quigley's Point
McKeague, Robert, Culldaff
McLaughlin, Patrick, Moneydarragh
McLaughlin, The Misses, Brooklyn House, Greencastle
McMullan, Pat., J.P., Mosseyglen
McNeece, Colonel, Castlecary
McSheffrey, James, jun., Clare
Nolan, Foster, Greencastle
Norris, Samuel, Termone
Parke, Thomas, J.P., Ballynelly
Press, Miss, Greencastle
Rawdon, Michael, Ballybrack
Smith, James, Drumaweir
Stevenson, Mrs. L. F., Drumaweir Hotel, Greencastle
Thompson, James, Gulladuff
Warnock, Joseph, Gulladuff


Moy is a small market town in County Tyrone, 49 miles S.W. from Belfast, situated on the River Blackwater, on the road from Armagh to Dungannon.  It was designed in the year 1764 by the Hon. Earl of Charlemont, the proprietor, after the plan of Marengo in Italy.  On the first Friday of every month is held one of the best attended horse fairs in the North of Ireland. Population 471.  The shops' half-holiday is on Wednesday

Charlemont, a market town in County Armagh, divided from Moy by the Blackwater River, over which is a neat stone bridge of three arches, built about 1706, and rebuilt in 1859 by the two counties - Tyrone and Armagh.  It is a perfect model in style and architecture, and adds considerably to the town it unites together, as well as the magnificent entrance to the residence of the Earl of Charlemont, adjoining.  The castle was built in 1602.  The town participates with Moy in the linen business.  The population in 1911 was 166

Post Office, Charlemont Square, Moy - John A. Cairns, postmaster
Dispensary - Dr. Theodore Browne
Constabulary Station, Charlemont Square, Moy - Sergeants Williams and Tighe


Church of Ireland, Moy - Rev. Chas. F. Archer, M.A., rector.  Charlemont - Rev. J. Watson, incumbent.  Killyman - Rev. E. F. Campbell
Presbyterian Church, Moy - Rev. R. J. M. Park
Methodist Church, Moy - Ministers, various
Roman Catholic Chapel, Moy - Rev. Patrick Quinn, P.P.; Rev. P. Collins, C.C.


Church National Schools - Moy, R. Johnston, and Mrs. Johnston, teachers;  Charlemont, James Glendinning, teacher
Roman Catholic National School - P. McMenamy and Mrs. Byrne, teachers


Aird, Mrs., Charlemont
Allen, Isaac, land steward, The Argory
Allen, Rev. S., Methodist Manse
Atkinson, Henry, auctioneer, Anamoy, Blackwatertown

Barcrofts Ltd., Redford Mills, Moy
Beattie, Mrs., Cloverhill Cottage, Moy
Bell, Henry, grocer, Blackwaterstown
Bond, Walter M., The Argory
Bonis, Jas., ex-D.I., R.I.C., Fairlawn, Moy
Browne, James, postman, Charlemont Street
Browne, Theodore, M.D., registrar births, marriages and deaths, Benburb
Browne, Mrs., Dungannon Street
Browning, Mrs., Redford House, Moy
Burr, James, land steward, The Argory
Burton, Samuel, school attendance officer, Tullygoney
Byrne, Jas., teacher, Blackwatertown
Byrne, Mrs., teacher, The Square

Cairns, John A., Grocer and Postmaster, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News," The Square
Campbell, Patrick, postman, The Square
Campbell, Rev. E. F., Killyman
Campbell, Thos., carrier, Dungannon Street
Carbery, John, fowl dealer, Clonmore, Moy
Casey, Francis, tarpaulin manufacturer, Charlemont
Casey, Jas., spirit dealer, Benburb
Cassidy, Patrick, carter, Killyman Street
Clancy, J., spirit dealer, Charlemont
Clayton, David, tailor, The Square
Clements, Rev. W., Benburb
Clements, Thos., game keeper, Rexboro, Moy
Coleman, Bernard, Moy Square
Corr, Mrs., hotel proprietor, Maghery, Moy
Cotton, Mrs. R., post office and grocer, Derrylee
Cowdy, Anthony, & Sons, linen manufacturers, Greenhall, Loughgall
Crawford, John, Roxboro' Cottages, Moy
Cromie, E., butcher, Charlemont Street
Crothers, John, Blackwatertown
Cullen, John, postman, Roxboro' Cottages
Curran, John, coach builder, Charlemont

Daly, Sarah, spirit dealer, Charlemont
Dawson, Robert, spirit dealer, Charlemont Street
Deasy, J., spirit dealer, Charlemont
Devlin, Lawrence, publican, Charlemont Street
Dickson, Wm., farmer, Charlemont
Dilworth, Mrs., grocer and tin warehouse, undertaker, Killyman Street
Dilworth, Mrs. Anna, spirit dealer, Killyman Street
Dobson, Mrs. grocer, Gorestown, Moy
Doherty, John, tinsmith, Charlemont
Duke, William, shoe maker, Charlemont

Erskine, Jackson, J.P., The Firs, Tamnamore

Farmer, James H., builder and contractor, Culrevog, Moy
Farr, W. J., Moy
Farrel, Mrs., teacher, Killyman
Fergus, S., M.D., registrar births, marriages, and deaths, Blackwatertown
Ferguson, Andrew, saddler, Moy Square
Finn, Miss, post office, Blackwatertown
Fox, David, Churchill, Moy
Fox, Felix, grocer, etc., Blackwatertown
Fox, Thomas, spirit dealer, Killyman Street
Frazer, W. J., grocer and coal merchant, Battleford Bridge, Moy
Frizelle, Dilworth, shoe maker, Laghey, Moy

Gallagher, Wm., G.P.O. letter carrier, Charlemont Street
Gallagher, W. J., butcher, Killyman Street, Moy
Gardiner, George, Charlemont Street
Gault, John, grocer, Lahey, Moy
Glendinning, James, teacher, Charlemont
Graham, James, peat works, Derrylee
Greer, George, J.P., Rhone Hill, Moy
Greer, Miss, Grange Park, Moy
Greeves, J. G., grocer, farmer, Grange, Moy
Grimason, Thomas, tailor, Moy Square

Hagan, Thomas, publican, Moy
Hamill, George, farmer, Charlemont
Hamill, Thomas, summon server, Moy
Harper, Mrs. S., publican, Moy
Haydock, Joseph, grocer, ironmonger and ship owner, Charlemont Street
Hazelton, Jas., horse dealer, Seyloran, Moy
Hegan, James, hardware merchant, Moy
Henderson, Mrs., dress maker, Dungannon Street
Henry, Mrs., Dungannon Street
Henry, Robt. A., Temperance Hotel, Dungannon Street
Henry, S. J., creamery manager, Killyman, Moy
Hobson, George, Killyman Street
Hobson, Susan H., haberdasher, Killyman Street
Hobson, W. F., farmer, Killyman Street
Holmes, Joseph, Killyman Street
Hughes, Alex., tailor, Killyman Street
Hughes, Doran, J.P., Aughanlig, Moy
Hughes, James, spirit dealer, Killyman Street

Igoe, Wm., horse trainer, Dungannon Street
Irwin, Andrew, farmer, Stilloga
Irwin, Johnston, farmer, Carrowbeg
Irwin, W. J., solicitor, The Square

Jackson, John, teacher, Tullyroan
Jamison, Thos., post carrier, Dungannon Street
Jenkinson, H., postman and sexton, The Square
Jenkinson, Thomas, Moy Square
Jones, Wm., carpenter, Moy Square
Johnston, John, process server, Keenaghan
Johnstone, R., school teacher, Dungannon Street

Kelly, Felix, spirit dealer, grocer, Charlemont
Kelly, John, spirit merchant, The Square
Kelly, M. J., J.P., Glebe Cottage, Moy
Kennedy, James, Listanlet, Moy
Kidd, Isaac, farmer, Culkeeran, Moy
Killyman Co-operative Agricultural and Dairy Society Limited, Killyman
Kilpatrick, Mrs., Dungannon Street

Laverty, Bernard, horse dealer, The square
Laverty, Robert, horse dealer, Dungannon Street
Lawther, W. J., station master, Trew
Lennon, Henry, J.P., Derryoughill, Moy
Leslie, William, postman, Dungannon Road
Lloyd, Misses, Dree House, Moy
Locke, Wm., tailor, The Square
Lutton, Mrs., farmer

Mearing, T. E., ex-R.N., Killyman Street
Menagh, Alex., Chapel Street
Miles, George, farmer, Charlemont
Miles, James, farmer, Charlemont
Millar, Robt., spirit dealer, Callan, Moy
Moore, James, Charlemont Street
Moore, James, motor and cycle agent and repairer, The Square, Moy
Moore, James, gardener, Roxboro', Moy
Morrison, J., petty sessions clerk, Moy Square
Mooney, Hugh, shoe maker, Killyman Street
Mooney, James, Charlemont Fort
Mossman, J. M., spirit dealer, grocer, Tullyrone
Mulgrew, John, horse shoer, Dungannon Street
Muren, Constable, Dungannon Street
Murray, Wm., grocer and draper, Killyman Street
Murray, David, posting establishment, funeral undertaker, Dungannon Street, Moy

McAnallen, M., Hotel, Moy Square
McCaul, Thomas, Post Office, Tullyvoane
McGarry, Felix, fowl dealer, Aughanlig, Moy
McGerr, Mrs., hotel, Rungannon (Dungannon) Street, Moy
McGurk, P., blacksmith, Charlemont
McHugh, Joseph, joiner, Dungannon Street
McKean, R. & H., linen manufacturers, Benburb
McKearney, Thos., butcher, Listamlet, Moy
McKearney, Thos., blacksmith, The Square
McKell, Miss J., grocer and newsagent, Charlemont Street; Agent for "Belfast Weekly news"
McKenzie, James, farmer, Tullygoney House, Moy
McKeown, Joseph, farmer, Dungannon Street
McKinney, Mrs., general dealer, Charlemont
McMenamy, P., teacher, Moy
McMullen, James, Charlemont Street
McMullen, Robert, seed merchant
McNeice, Thomas, Listamnet
McVey, Mrs., Killyman Street

Nicholson, H. J., J.P Cranagael, Loughgall
Noble, Miss, draper, etc., Charlemont Street

Orr, Miss M. E., auctioneer, valuator, etc., The Square, Moy
Orr, W. J., J.P., Lisnacroy, Benburb
O'Doherty, John, teacher, Maghery, Moy
O'Hanlon, F., publican, Charlemont

Park, Rev. R. J. M., The Manse
Patterson, George, farmer, Grange, Moy
Patterson, John, Post Office, Grange, Moy
Patterson, John, farmer, Drumgold, Moy
Patterson, Robert, grocer, Moy
Pinkerton, Robert, grocer, Charlemont
Proctor, Mrs., Tullydoey House, Moy
Proctor, Rev., Methodist minister, Derrylee

Redford Linen Company, Redford, Moy
Rea, Joseph, farmer, Culkeran, Moy
Rea, Rev. J. T., Trewmount
Richardson, Capt. John, J.P., Trew Cottage
Richardson, C., farmer, Cohanon House, Moy
Robinson, Alex., J.P., D.L., Dartrey Lodge, Moy
Robinson, George, painter, Dungannon Street
Rodgers, Charles, Dungannon Street
Rose-Cleland, H. S., factory manager, Redford

Sharpe, Mrs., Dungannon Street
Siggins, Geo. M. K., Grange House, Moy
Skelton, Jonathan, spirit dealer, Benburb
Skelton, W. J. E., Maydown, Benburb
Smart, Miss, Charlemont
Stevenson, Wm., Grange, Moy
Stewart, James, College Hall, Moy

Teague, Henry, Killyman Street
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agent, J. A. Cairns, Post Office
Thompson, James, Dungannon Road
Thompson, Robert, fruit and egg merchant, Copney, Moy
Tohall, Henry, J.P., grocer and hardware merchant, agent for Gilbey & Co., Charlemont Street
Todd, W. R., auctioneer and valuator, Moyard, Moy
Tomney, Owen, Hotel, Killyman Street
Tottenham, L., ex-D.I., R.I.C., The Grange

Watson, Rev. J., Charlemont
Watson, Wm., land steward, Roxboro'
Whitley, Eugene, caretaker Courthouse
Whitley, James, refreshment rooms, Charlemont Street
Whittle, W., carpenter, The Square
Wiley, Joseph, The Square
Wilson, Robt., J.P., Broughadowey House, Moy
Wilson, The Misses, The Square
Wright, Dr. F., surgeon, The Square


The quiet and picturesque village of Moyallen is situated on the road from Gilford to Portadown, about a mile distant from the former town, in the midst of a beautifully wooded district.  Moyallon is in the parish of Tullylish, formerly part of the property of the powerful family of Maginnis, Lords of Iveagh.  It was forfeited in consequence of the part taken by the head of this family in the rebellion and massacre of Protestants in the year 1641


National School - Principal, W. Walmington; assistant, Miss England
Orphanage - Principal, Miss Fuegard
Post Office - James Lynas, postmaster
Superintendent Registrar for Births, Marriages, and Deaths - Edward Wyly, Workhouse, Banbridge


Adair, carpenter, Moyallon
Adamson, T. L., J.P., Ballydougan, Lurgan
Atkinson, W. H., Coroner for North Armagh, Gleneyre, Portadown
Atkinson, Bunbury, Gleneyre, Portadown

Cairns, Samuel, Coachmaw, Moyallon
Campbell, Arthur, land steward, Moyallon
Campbell, Joseph, caretaker, Friends' Meeting House, Moyallon
Chambers, James, Laundry proprietor, Knocknamuckley
Cooke, Matthew, confectioner, Drumlyn Hill

Davies, Wm., J.P., Drumlyn Hill, Moyallon
Davies, Octavies, Drumlyn Hill, Moyallon

England, Jonathan, farmer, Ballynagarrick, Gilford

Fuegard, Sarah, Moyallon

Gordon, James, Spamore, Gilford

Heaney, Joseph M., Willow Cottage, Moyallon
Hogg, Robert, carpenter, Moyallon

Irwin, Rev. James, M.A., Presbyterian minister, Newmills, Gilford

Kelly, Samuel, coal merchant and importer, Moyallon

Lynas, James, postmaster, Moyallon

Maginnis, Edward, farmer, Mullahead, Tandragee
Moore, Mrs., newsagent, Moyallon
Morrow, Thomas, Spamore, Gilford

McCardle, John, farmer and road contractor, Ballynagarrick, Gilford
McConville, Henry, farmer, Ballynagarrick, Gilford
McConville, Wm., farmer, Ballynagarrick, Gilford
McDonald, Edward, farmer, Mullahead, Tandragee

Neill, David, land steward, Stramore, Gilford
Nelson, James, gardener, Stramore, Gilford

Parnell, Miss, lady evangelist, Moyallon
Pim, Miss, Moyallon

Quinn, gardener, Drumlyn Hill, Moyallon

Reid, Thomas, Spamore, Gilford
Richardson, H. S., Drumlyn House, Moyallon
Richardson, Thos. W., J.P., Moyallon House

Spence, T. H., J.P., Riverside Orchards, Moyallon
Sprott, David, caretaker, Riverside Orchards, Moyallon
Stevenson, J., merchant, The Grange
Strain, James, farmer, Woodbank

Uprichard, W. F., J.P., Elmfield Castle, Gilford

Walker, draper's assistant, Drumlyn Hill, Moyallon
West, George, butler, Moyallon


A thriving little village situated 16 miles from Belfast by road, and 20 miles by rail on the Midland Railway, where a very extensive business is carried on in the bleaching, dyeing, and finishing of linens, cottons, and yarns by the York Street Flax Spinning Co. Ltd.  It is situated on the banks of the Sixmilewater, and is noted for its splendid scenery and its walks.  Part of the remains of the old Muckamore Abbey is still to be seen


Adair, Thos., farmer, Ballycraigey, Muckamore
Adams, Henry, Raceview
Alexander, Thomas, farmer, Summerhill
Allen, Hugh, Ballyrobin
Allen, William, Oldstone
Armstrong, Mary, Abbeyview

Bamber, J., stationmaster, Islandbawn
Bannor, Rev. F. J., M.A., The Rectory, Muckamore
Barbour, James, Boghead
Barr, John, Boghead
Barr, Patrick, Boghead
Barry, Daniel, Boghead
Baxter, Thomas, Muckamore
Beattie, Edward, farmer, Ballyrobin
Beattie, George, Muckamore
Beattie, Thos., Oldstone
Beattie, Thomas, Ballyrobin
Bigger, Wm., Abbeyview
Bingham, Miss, Islandbawn
Blackley, Daniel, Abbeyview
Boomer, John, Abbeyview
Boomer, Wm., finisher, Islandbawn
Booth, Joseph, foreman lapper, Abbeyview
Boyd, Miss, Oldstone, Muckamore
Boyd, W. K. M., Lisnataylor
Brown, John, assistant bleacher, Muckamore
Brown, John, singnalman (signalman), Islandbawn
Brown, Mrs. John, Oldstone
Brown, Thomas, Oldstone
Brownlees, Wm., Summerhill
Bryson, Jas., farmer, Ballyrobin, Muckamore

Campbell, Erskine, Oldstone
Canavan, Daniel, Islandreagh
Carlisle, Wm., farmer, Ballyrobin, Muckamore
Carson, Samuel, Summerhill
Caton, John, bleacher, Islandbawn
Charters, Daniel, Islandbawn
Charters, Thomas, Islandbawn
Christie, W. H., Muckamore
Clarke, Alex., farmer, Ballyharvey
Clarke, Alex., Abbeyview
Clarke, Henry, farmer, Island Lodge
Clarke, John, Abbeyview
Clarke, Robert, farmer, Killead
Clarke, Samuel, New Lodge
Clarke, Wm., Summerhill
Close, Chas., Abbeyview
Clyde, Wm., farmer, Ballyrobin
Coleman, Samuel, Ballytweedy
Coleman, Thos., The Rookery, Muckamore
Coleman, Wm., Ballytweedy
Connor, Mrs., Islandbawn
Cooper, Mrs. R., The Crossing, Muckamore
Coulter, Thomas, yarn bleacher, Islandbawn
Coulter, Thomas, jun., assistant yarn bleacher, Abbeyview
Craig, Hugh, school master, Ballyrobin
Craig, John, Islandbawn
Craig, Thomas, Summerhill
Craig, Wm., The banks
Crawford, Edwd., The Croft, Muckamore
Crawford, John A., Tirgracey, Muckamore
Crooks, John, Abbeyview
Crook, Wm., finisher, Abbeyview
Cummings, Robert, Summerhill
Cunningham, J., farmer, Ballyrobin

Davidson, Agnes, publican, Killead
Dickie, W. P., J.P., farmer, Ballysculty
Dogherty, George, Muckamore
Doherty, Frank, Muckamore
Donaldson, James, Muckamore
Doole, Robert, Islandbawn
Downey, Robert, farmer, Oldstone
Drummond, Samuel, farmer, Ballyarnott

Ensley, Robt., farmer, Boghead, Muckamore
Entwistle, John, hon. secretary Muckamore Cricket and Lawn Tennis Club
Entwistle, John G., school master, Muckamore
Erskine, Herbert, farmer, Seacash House, Muckamore
Erwine, John, Abbeyview

Ferguson, Dr. J., Muckamore
Ferguson, Mrs. A., farmer, Muckamore
Ferguson, Mrs. T., farmer, Muckamore
Finlay, James, Muckamore
Fisher, Hugh, farmer, Islandbawn
Fletcher, Hugh, Islandbawn
Foster, Mrs., dairy keeper, Muckamore
Francy, David, Abbeyview
French, George, Ballyrobin

Galbraith, Thos., Summerseat, Muckamore
Gamble, Wm., Raceview
Gaston, Jas., assistant engineer, Raceview
Gaston. Mrs., The Banks
Gawn, Miss, Ballytweedy
Geddis, Alex., Abbeyview
Gibson, John, publican, Muckamore
Gillan, Wm., Ballyrobin
Gilliland, Scott, farmer, Ballyrobin, Muckamore
Gilliland, Wm., farmer, Ballyrobin, Muckamore
Glover, Matthew, Turgracey
Gordon, Thomas, farmer, Ballyrobin, Muckamore
Gowdy, Robt., sub-postmaster, Loanends
Graham, David, farmer, Oldstone, Muckamore
Graham, Samuel, Summerhill
Graham, Wm., blacksmith, Killead
Grainger, John, Summerhill
Greer, A., The Rookery, Muckamore
Greer, John, Muckamore
Grey, James, farmer, Muckamore
Griffin, Thos., farmer, Ballyarnott
Griffin, W. C., farmer, Ballyarnott
Groves, Joseph, Abbeyview

Hamill, Hugh, Ballyrobin, Muckamore
Hamill, Hugh, The Green
Hamill, John, Raceview
Hanna, John, The Croft
Hannon, John, Greyabbey
Harkness, Thomas, Boghead
Harper, Robert, farmer, Carmavey
Harper, Robert, farmer, Lisnataylor
Harvey, Mrs. J.
Hawthorne, J., Raceview
Henderson, Robert, raceview
Higgins, David, Islandbawn
Hill, Robert, Tirgracey
Houston, Alex., Raceview
Houston, John, Moylena
Hutchinson, R. J., Summerhill
Irwin, Rev. Dr. J. A. H., The Manse, Killead

Jackson, George, The Green
Jamison, Alfred, Summerhill
Jinkins, J., school master, Killead
Johnston, Alex., farmer, Muckamore
Johnston, Alex., Oldstone
Johnston, Edmund, Raceview
Johnston, John, The Green
Johnston, Mrs. A., Oldstone
Johnston, Robert, Abbeyview
Johnston, Thomas J., Abbeyview
Johnston, Wm., The Rookery, Muckamore
judge, Joseph, Muckamore
Judge, Owen, Abbeyview

Kane, Robert, Abbeyview
Kelly, Thomas, Abbeyview
Kilpatrick, Samuel, mason and contractor, Muckamore
King, Samuel, Oldstone, Muckamore
King, W. J., Raceview
Kirk, Thomas, linen bleacher, The Green
Kirkwood, J. E., engineer, The Green
Kissack, George, Islandbawn

Larmour, Hugh, farmer, Ballyharvey
Lennox, Wm., Greenmount
Lewis, Thomas, farmer, Ballyrobin, Muckamore
Lilley, Richard, Abbeyview
Logan, James, The Green
Logan, Mrs. John, Abbeyview
Lyle, Samuel, farmer, Ballyrobin, Muckamore
Lynn, Thos., farmer, Ballyrobin, Muckamore

Mackey, Samuel, farmer, Killealey
Magee, John, Crookedstone
Magee, John, finisher, Abbeyview
Magill, Henry, Summerhill
Magill, Richard, Abbeyview
Mailey, Hugh, Greenmount
Mailey, James, Islandbawn
Mailey, John, Summerhill
Mairs, James, Islandbawn
Mairs, John, Raceview
Mairs, William, Abbeyview
Marchbank, J., principal Model farm, Greenmount, Muckamore
Marcus, John, farmer, Oldstone
Marquis, Frank, Tirgracey
Meenan, L. A., solicitor, Ballycraigy House, Muckamore
Meenan, Patrick, Ballycraigey House, Muckamore
Millar, Robert, Raceview
Millar, Robert, farmer, Killealey
Millar, Sarah, Islandbawn
Millar, Wm. John, farmer, Ballyharvey
Milligan, Alex., Ballyrobin
Milligan, Thos., farmer, Ballytweedy, Muckamore
Milligan, Wm., farmer, Muckamore
Minford, John, farmer, Ballyarnott
Minford, Robert, farmer, Ballyarnott
Montgomery, John, Abbeyview
Montgomery, Robert, New Lodge
Montgomery, Wm., farmer, Ballytweedy, Muckamore
Montgomery, W. B., New Lodge
Moody, James, farmer, Ballyharvey
Moody, John C., farmer, Ballyharvey
Moore, Thos. K., J.P., farmer and auctioneer, Crookedstone
Morrison, Jas., J.P., farmer, Crookedstone
Morrow, Chas., Boghead
Mullan, Hugh, Ballycraigy, Muckamore
Mullan, John, Abbeyview
Mulholland, Edwd., Greyabbey
Mussen, Mrs., Donore House
Murdock, John, Abbeyview

McAdam, John, Muckamore
McAdam, Wm., farmer, Ballyrobin, Muckamore
McAfee, Adam, The Banks
McAteer, James, Summerhill
McAteer, Kennedy, Summerhill
McAteer, Mrs., Oldstone, Muckamore
McBride, John, Muckamore
McCammond, J., Summerhill
McClintock, John, Greenmount
McClintock, John, Summerhill
McClintock, Mrs. Jane, Greenmount
McCluney, Thomas, farmer, Oldstone
McClung, David, farmer, Ballytweedy
McClure, John, Muckamore
McClure, Mrs., Raceview
McClurken, John, Abbeyview
McComb, Henry, farmer, Carmavey
McComb, Robert, Summerhill
McCormack, John, Raceview
McCraith, Norman, assistant dyer
McCreight, Robert, Muckamore
McCurdey, John, farmer, Tully
McDowell, Geo., Tirgracey, Muckamore
McDowell, T. P., Firmount, Muckamore
McElroy, Samuel, farmer, Carmavey
McErlane, Mrs., The Rookery, Muckamore
McFadden, James, The Banks
McGivern, Thomas, Greenmount
McGrath, David, Abbeyview
McGrath, James, Boghead
McGrath, James, Abbeyview
McIlveen, Robert, Abbeyview
McKean, Mrs. C., Firgrove
McKean, Thomas, Islandbawn
McKelvey, Wm., Boghead
McKeown, William
McLaughlin, T., school master, Loanends
McLughan, Joseph, farmer, Ballyarnott
McMaster, John, The Green
McMath, Jas., Boghead
McMeekin, Wm., Summerhill
McMeekin, W. J., Abbeyview
McMullan, James, Raceview
McNally, Mrs. James, The Crossing, Muckamore
McNeill, David, The Green
McPherson, David, farmer, Killealey
McPherson, Joseph, farmer, Killealey
McQuillan, John, Islandbawn

Neeson, Thomas, farmer, Ballyrobin
Nicholl, James, sen., Muckamore
Nicholl, James, jun., Muckamore
Norrell, Wm., Raceview

O'Neill, John, farmer, Oldstone

Palmer, Wm. John, Ballyrobin
Parker, Thos., Islandbawn
Parkes, G. A., dyeworks manager, Roycroft, Islandbawn
Patton, Robert, Muckamore
Picken, George, farmer, Ballyrobin
Preston, W., Islandbawn

Quinn, James, Muckamore
Quinn, James, jun., Abbeyview
Quirey, Edward, The Banks
Quirey, John, Boghead

Rainey, James, Abbeyview
Rainey, J. W., grocer, hardware merchant, etc., Islandbawn
Rainey, Mrs. A., Sub-postmistress, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Rainey, W. J., Muckamore
Rankin, Samuel, Islandbawn
Rea, Robert, Ballyrobin
Rea, Thomas J., Ballyrobin
Reade, George S., J.P., managing director York Street Flax Spinning Co. Ltd., Fingrove
Reid, Frank, publican, Killealey
Reid, James, Islandbawn
Reid, James, The Rookery
Reid, Mrs. R., The Rookery, Muckamore
Reid, Wm. John, Abbeyview, Muckamore
Richardson, John, Abbeyview
Ringland, William, Moylena
Robb, John, farmer, Carmavey House
Roberts, Samuel, Raceview
Robinson, Adam, Abbeyview
Robinson, James, farmer, Ballytweedy
Ross, D., & Sons, grocers, etc., Rossville, Islandbawn

Salmond, Rev. Wm., The Manse, Loanends
Scott, James, farmer, Carmavey
Scott, Robert, Summerhill
Scott, Robert, farmer, Ballyrobin
Seasor, Hugh, farmer, Ballyrobin
Sempey, James, Boghead
Simpson, James, Islandbawn
Smyth, W. J., Islandbawn
Spence, H., Moylena
Spiers, J., Eleanor House, Islandbawn
Staritt, John, Summerhill
Staritt, W. J., Summerhill
Steele, Alex., farmer, Ballyrobin
Steele, Thomas, Muckamore
Stevenson, Alex., farmer, Ballyrobin
Stewart, James, Islandbawn
Stewart, James, farmer, Killealy
Stewart, James, Boghead
Stewart, Miss, Islandbawn
Stewart, Wm., farmer, Killealey
Stirling, James, The Banks
Stirling, Lizzie, Muckamore
Stirling, Samuel, Oldstone
Stoupes, John, Islandbawn

Taylor, Thomas, Summerhill
Thompson, Capt. Robert, J.P., Muckamore Abbey, Muckamore
Thompson, John, gardener, Oldstone
Thompson, Mrs., The Grange, Muckamore
Thompson, Mrs., Rose Cottage, Muckamore
Thompson, Robert, Muckamore Abbey
Thompson, Robert, Raceview
Thompson, Wm., publican, Ballyrobin
Thursby, Thomas, Moylena
Torrens, Major J. A., D.L., Moylena Cottage
Totton, James, Oldstone
Tuff, Henry, Raceview
Tuff, James, Raceview

Universal Boiler Fluid Co., Islandbawn

Wade, Mrs., Oldstone
Walker, Wm., farmer, Ballytweedy
Wallace, John, Ballyrobin
Wallace, Robt., farmer, Ballyrobin
Wallace, Thomas, publican, Carmavey
Warwick, Mrs., Clonee House, Muckamore
Watson, James, Boghead
White, A., farmer, Ballysculty
White, James, farmer, Tully
Wilson, John, Greenmount
Wilson, J. C., Shamrock Lodge, Islandbawn
Wilson, Wm., Ballyrobin, Muckamore
Witherspoon, Charles, Raceview
Witherspoon, W. J., Abbeyview
Wright, John, farmer, Muckamore

Yar, Colonel, Dromore House
Young, Wm. Jas., Islandbawn