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1918 Belfast Street Directory

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A market town (formerly a Parliamentary borough) in County Down, on the road from Dublin to Belfast, and twelve miles distant from the latter.  Petty Sessions are held on the first Saturday of every month in the Courthouse.  Hillsborough Fort, often visited by tourists, was built in the region of Charles I. as a depot for arms when the country was in a disturbed state.  It was made a Royal Fort by Charles II., who constituted Colonel Arthur Hill (the ancestor of the Marquis of Downshire) and his heirs, Hereditary Constables, with power to enrol Castle Warders.  King William the Third stopped here when passing on to Drogheda, and it was here he signed the Regium Donum grant to Presbyterian Ministers, and the yearly grant of King's Plate and incorporation of the Down Royal Corporation of Horse breeders.  Hillsborough gives the titles of Lord and Viscount to the Marquis of Downshire.  The Maze racecourse, an historic venue founded by the Down Royal Corporation of Horse breeders, has been long associated with Hillsborough, the Governor being the Marquis of Downshire.  There is a large linen factory, belonging to the Hillsborough Linen Company Ltd., in the town.  The shops' half-holiday is on Thursday.  Population 544

Post Office, Postal Telegraph Office, Money Order Office, Savings Bank, and Telephone Office - Mary crane, postmistress


Church of Ireland - Rev. Fras. Matchett, B.D., rector; Rev. ? Morrison, curate
St. John's, Kilwarlin - Rev. C. W. Harkness, M.A., vicar
Annahilt - Rev. McCracken
All Saints', Eglantine - Rev. Mr. Mitchell, vicar
Annahilt Presbyterian Church - Rev. Josias Mitchell, B.A.
Drumlough Presbyterian Church - Rev. T. Bill, B.A., minister
Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. H. Orr, B.A.
Loughaghery Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. N. Moorehead
The Maze Presbyterian Church - Rev. Thos. Dunn
Methodist Church, Zion - Rev. Crawford
The Society of Friends Meeting House
Moravian Chapel - Rev. Satchwell, minister
Roman Catholic Chapel - Very Rev. Mark McCashin, P.P.; Rev. Chas. O'Loan, C.C.


Maze National Schools - Mr. Jackson
Maze National School (No. 2) - Mr. Watson, teacher
Newport National Schools - M. Boyd and Miss Beattie, teachers
St. James's National School - Thomas G. Ingram, principal; Miss Moore
St. John's National School - Thomas K. Robinson, principal
Ballykeel, Artifinny, National School - Miss J. Cunningham
Hillsborough National School - George G. McGreedy and Mrs. McGreedy, teachers
Downshire Schools - E. Kirkwood, Miss Bradshaw, Miss Moore, and Miss Heenan, teachers
Reilly's Trench National School - Miss Downey, principal
Dispensary, Lisburn Street - H. J. Boyd, J.P., physician
Dispensary, Annahilt - R. McCandless, M.D., surgeon
Markets - Thos. Balmer, weighmaster
Northern Banking Company Ltd. - S. H. Goldsmith, manager
Masonic Hall - Masonic Lodges, No. 683, Annahilt True Blues, R. McCaherty, sec.; N. 66, Star of Kilwarlin; Royal Arch Chapter, No. 66, Wm. G. Maginess, sec.; Moses Rogan, tyler
R.I.C. Barracks - Sergeant J. Walker; Constables Howard, Rulton, and Sullivan
Public Reading Rooms, The Square - Joseph Beattie, caretaker; George Allen, secy.
East Downshire Steamship Co. Ltd., coal merchants; Edwin G. Sands, agent
Hillsborough Linen Co. Ltd. - Manager, Mr. Todd
District Nursing Society - Nurse Walker, Lisburn Street

Hillsborough Fort

Marquis of Downshire, hereditary constable
Sergt.-Major Jas. H. Crane, drill instructor
Castle Wardens, James Beattie, John Burrows, Hamilton Chambers, William Ginn, John Green, H. Johnston, David Law, Joseph McCarthy, Thomas McCarthy, Westley McGarry, William Presha, James Rennyson, H. Rennyson, Wm. John Roberts, Wm. John Walker, John Atkinson, bugler

Downshire Estate Office

Officials - Edward Sclater, J.P., agent; Geo. Allen, sub-agent and receiver; J. A. Wark, C.E., engineer; W. H. Smyth, chief clerk and accountant; H. McNulty, clerk


Allan, George, J.P., The Square
Atkinson, Samuel, mason, Inn's Lane

Balmer, Thos., shoe maker, Main Street
Baxter, Thos., grocer and car owner, Lisburn Street
Beattie, James, carter, Lisburn Street
Beattie, John J., pork cutter, Ballynahinch Street
Beattie, Joseph, postman, Main Street
Beattie, Wm., grocer, Main Street
Bell, G. & H., ham curers & egg merchants, and family grocers
Bell, Henry, jun., The Lawn
Bell, H., Edenfells
Bell, Robert, Main Street
Berry, Mrs., grocer, Lisburn Street
Berry, T., postman, Main Street
Biller, J., The Square
Borland, Fred., Lisadeen
Borland, Trevor, Lisburn Street
Boyd. Henry J., M.D., J.P., surgeon, Park House
Bradshaw, Thomas, The Gardens
Brookes, J., labourer, Lisburn Street
Brown, William, Plough Hotel, Main Street
Burrows, Jas., van man, Lisburn Street

Cairns, John, labourer, Arthur Street
Campbell, Miss, draper, Lisburn Street
Clarke, Joseph, railway porter, Inn's Lane
Corbett, Robert S., Cromelyn Lodge
Crane, Wm., farmer and dairy keeper, Main Street
Crawley, Richard, carpenter, Main Street
Cunningham, J., labourer, Ballynahinch Street

Dagg, Mrs., The Square
Davison, D., retired farmer, Main Street
Dewart, Mrs., gatekeeper, Downshire Demesne
Dewart, W. J., pork cutter, Lisburn Street
Dixon, Wm. John, Inn's Lane
Donaldson, W., gardener, Park Street
Dunlop, John, Ednacullo

Fergy, Mrs., Lisburn Street
Foote, John Richard, farmer, Culcavey
Foster, Nevin H., Main Street

Gardner, Miss, dress maker, Lisburn Street
Gibson, Mrs., spirit dealer and grocer, The Square
Gibson, Mrs. S., Main Street
Ginn, S., Large Park
Goldsmith, Sidney J., Northern Bank House
Gordon, John, blacksmith, Ballynahinch Street
Gorman, John, Main Street
Green, Thomas, farmer, Orrfield

Hamilton, James, shop assistant, Lisburn Street
Hamilton, John, Park Street
Harkness, Rev. Charles W., M.A., St. John's Vicarage
Harty, Wm., professor of music, Ballynahinch Street
Hatch, J. W., Petty Sessions Clerk, Lisburn Street
Heenan, James, spirit dealer, Main Street
Henderson, George, boot maker, Lisburn Street
Henderson, John, hair dresser, Lisburn Street
Hughes, Samuel, labourer, Lisburn Street

Jamison, Humphrey, farmer, Fruithill
Jefferson, Hugh S., agent for Phoenix Assurance Co. Ltd., Main Street
Jenkins, Edward, painter, Park Street
Johnston, A., cycle agent, Ballynahinch Street
Johnston, A., gatekeeper, Large Park
Johnston, Edward, carpenter, Inn's Lane
Johnston, Mrs., coffee and refreshment rooms
Johnston, Mrs. S., Millinery, Mantle, Dressmaking, and Boot Dealer; Agent for the "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Johnston, Wm., labourer, Arthur Street
Jordan, Philip, farmer, Aghandunvarran

Law, Arthur, farmer and dairyman, Lisburn Street
Lillie, Wm. R., carpenter and coach builder, Main Street
Lillie, S., labourer, Inn's Lane
Liverpool, London and Globe Insurance Co. - Agent, H. Bell

Macauley, Miss, sewing agent, Main Street
Macoun, Charles D., C.E., The Square
Magee, S., carrier, Lisburn Street
Magee, nurseryman, Ogles Grove
Magill, James, merchant, Main Street
Magill, J., & Sons, general grocers, ironmongers, and oil merchants, Lisburn Street
Mitchell, Rev., All Saints' vicarage, Eglantine
Moore, Mrs., Lisburn Street
Moore, Mrs., Main Street
Moorhead, Rev. J. N., Blackbridge
Morrow, J. G., egg, grocer, and hardware merchant, Main Street
Murphy, John, barber, Lisburn Street
Murray, W., game keeper,. Old Castle, Hillsborough

McAdam, J., labourer, Iron's Lane
McAllister, W. J., sexton, Main Street
McBride, F., Arthur Street
McBride, Samuel, Culcavey House
McBride, William, gardener, Main Street
McCagherty, Robert, Main Street
McCarthy, H. B., Park Street
McCracken, Rev. Francis, B.D., Annahilt Vicarage
McCready, George S., N.S. teacher, The Square
McDonald, The Misses, dress makers, Lisburn Street
McGifford, Galbraith, Carnreagh Cottage
McGifford, James C., solicitor, Bow Street, Lisburn
McGifford, William J., Carnreagh
McIlwaine, R., saddler, Main Street
McMahon, James, railway porter, Millvale
McNulty, H., clerk, The Square

Nelson, Hubert, farmer, Culcavy

Orr, Rev. J. H., B.A., The Manse

Paisley, J., game keeper, The Park
Paisley, R., labourer, Park Street
Palfryman, J., chauffeur, Lisburn Street
Patterson, John, farmer, Ballytintagh Park
Patterson, Miss, Main Street
Payne, Henry W., bank clerk, Ballynahinch Street
Pedlow, C., Carnbane House
Pentland, Mrs., Lisburn Street
Pim, J. Nicholson R., Ogle's Grove
Presha, John, pork cutter, Ballynahinch Street
Presha, Wm., labourer, Ballynahinch Street

Reid, David, gardener, Monument Hill
Reid, John, land steward, Culcavey
Rennyson, J., boot and shoe maker, Lisburn Street
Reynolds, F., tailor, Main Street
Ritchie, John, publican and posting establishment, Lisburn Street
Robinson, H., railway station
Rogan, D., Lisburn Street
Rogan, R., Rose Cottage

Sands, Edwin G., coal agent, Newport
Scandrett, T., farmer, Lisadian
Sclater, Edward, J.P., Kilwarlin House
Silcock, George, tailor and clothier, Lisburn Street
Silcock, Thomas, tailor, Lisburn Street
Silcock, V., tailor, Main Street
Smith, J., mason, Lisburn Street
Smyth, Henry, factory manager, Lisburn Street
Spence, R., spirit dealer, Lisburn Street
Stanfield, William, spirit dealer, Ballynahinch Street
Staple, Sydney J., Park Farm
Stewart, S. R., C.E., Roselea

Thompson, R., farmer, Maze
Thompson, James, mason, Park Street
Turner, Mrs., gatekeeper, Park Gate

Walker, Nurse, Main Street
Walker, Samuel, gardener, Main Street
Walker, Sergeant, R.I.C.
Walker, Thomas, farmer, Corceeny
Walker, Wm., butcher, Main Street
Walsh, Jane, spirit dealer, Ballynahinch Street
Watson, Joe, gardener, Lisburn Street
Weir, William, labourer, Lisburn Street
Woods, James, farmer, St. James



Acheson, Wm. G., tenter, Shop Row
Alexander, D., labourer
Adams, Samuel, weaver, White Row

Beattie, David, farmer, Ballyworphy
Briggs, J., labourer

Camack, Joseph, cloth cropper, English Row
Chapman, Wm., labourer
Crossey, Wm., labourer
Cunningham, C., labourer

Davis, W. A., farmer, Priest Hill
Devlin, J., labourer
Devlin, Thomas, labourer

Emerson, R. J., grocer, White Row

Flynn, Wm., accountant
Foots, J. R., farmer
Friel, Wm., labourer
Fullerton, J., farmer, Maze House

Gillespie, Saml., farmer, Newport, Culcavey
Gorman, J., labourer
Graham, S., labourer
Green, H., farmer
Green, Wm., farmer, Magherageery, Culcavey

Hewitt, James, blacksmith
Hewitt, S., carter, Newport
Hewitt, Wm., farmer
Hinds, E., shoe maker
Hinds, Richard Henry, farmer, Maze
Hull, Wm., labourer

Irvin, H., labourer

Jamieson, A., farmer, Ogle's Grove
Johnston, S., labourer

Kennedy, R., farmer
Kirk, S., farmer

Larmour, J., farmer
Lecky, J., farmer
Lee, G., labourer
Lowry, Arthur, Lower Maze

Martin, F., labourer
Martin, Samuel, weaver, White Row
Matchett, James, labourer
Mercer, John, dresser, Thompson's Row
Montgomery, Mrs.
Morrison, James, labourer

McAdam, J., labourer
McAdam, R., labourer
McAdam, Wm., labourer
McAtamney, Mrs., White Row
McBride, Andrew, farmer, Demiville House
McBride, S., Culcavey House
McCandless, J., farmer
McCarthy, T., labourer
McCoy, Mrs., farmer
McDuggan, D., time keeper
McHenry, P., farmer & coal merchant, Kesh
McKibbin, Jos., Maze
McKibbin, S., farmer, Newport, Culcavey

Nelson, George, J.P., farmer and dairy proprietor, Culcavey House
Nelson, Jas., labourer

Palmer, C. W., Lower Maze
Pedlow, D., farmer
Pentland, J., blacksmith
Porter, E., labourer
Porter, W. R., labourer

Rorke, P., labourer
Ruddich, J., farmer

Smith, J., labourer
Smith, W., labourer
Smith, W. J., winding master, Culcavey
Spence, S., labourer

Thompson, Thomas, labourer
Thompson, Wm., labourer

Watson, T. H., Kesh
Wilson, James, labourer
Wilson, John, weaver
Wright, R.


A village with a population of 220, in the Parish of Clonduff, Barony of Upper Iveagh, County of Down, on the road from Newry to Newcastle, eight miles from the former and ten from the latter.  The nearest railway station is Ballyroney, six miles distant, on the Great Northern Railway.  It is situated on the north-west verge of the Mourne Mountains, near the River Bann, where there is excellent trout fishing.  There is a remarkable good hotel.  The bracing air, the pretty mountain scenery, and beautiful drives, which may be enjoyed by visitors through the surrounding district are attracting an increasing number of visitors each year.

Post Office and Postal Telephone Station - P. Bradley, D.C., postmaster


Church of Ireland - Rev. J. Gordon, M.A., rector
Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. McIlroy, minister
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. J. Kearns, D.D., P.P.; Rev. E. McGivern, C.C., and Rev. G. McCorry, C.C.


Hilltown (mixed) National School - Teacher, Mrs. Scanlon and Miss Scanlon
Ballymagherry Male and Female National School - Teachers, C. Cullen, D. Trainor, Miss Grant, Mrs. White, and Miss Wayle
Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths - Thomas Laverty, M.D., Downpatrick Street, Rathfriland, and Hilltown


Bailie, Samuel, farmer
Blackburn, John
Bradley, Andrew, V.S., etc., farmer
Bradley, Patrick, D.C., post master,  farmer, posting establishment, horse repository, and funeral undertaker
Bree, Thomas, sergeant R.I.C.

Creanor, Constable, R.I.C.

Doyle, Henry, farmer, Leitrim
Doyle, Frank, cattle dealer
Duke, John, constable R.I.C.

Fitzpatrick, Mrs., Hilltown

Goodman, James, D.C., Leitrim
Gordon, Rev. J., M.A., rector
Grant, T., farmer
Gribben, Harry, butcher

Hall, Jas., farmer, Ballymany
Hamill, Peter, farmer

Kelly, Owen

Leod, Hugh Kelly
Lowry, David, publican, grocer, draper and posting establishment

Maginn, Miss, St. Anne's, Leitrim
Malone, Jas., farmer, Daisy Hill
Malone, Maggie, publican, grocer and draper
Mooney, Daniel, farmer
Moore, A.
Morgan, Bernard, Mullaghmore
Morgan, Mary, publican and grocer
Morgan, Patrick, publican
Mulligan, Constable
Murphy, Owen, carpenter
Murphy, Pat., Mullaghmore

McCorry, Rev. G., C.C.
McCracken, John, hardware merchant
McCullough, Mrs. Jas., dairy
McCumiskey, Owen, shoe maker
McEvoy, John, tailor
McGeough, Patrick, stone mason and farmer
McIlroy, Rev. J., Presbyterian minister
McPolin, Joseph, school attendance officer

O'Hagan, John, Hiltown
O'Hagan, John, publican
O'Hare, P., farmer, Leva
O'Kare, Hugh, Hilltown
O'Neill, Laurence, publican and grocer

Quinn, Mrs., refreshments, Hilltown

Watterson, Jas., farmer
White, William, N.S. teacher


Adams, Hugh, Ballygorian, farmer

Bradley, P., vice-president Clonduff Co-operative Society Ltd.
Bradley, P. C., secretary, Hilltown
Brady, Maurice, farmer and auctioneer, Leitrim
Brown, Jas., J.P., Lisnamulligan
Brown, John, farmer, Ballygorian
Brown, John M., V.S., Mountain View, farmer
Burns, P., secretary Clonduff Co-operative Society Ltd., Hilltown

Campbell, Stewart, farmer, Lisnamulligan
Chambers, James, farmer, Drumnascamph
Colgan, W. T., Ballygorian
Cullen, Charles, N.S. teacher
Cunningham, Felix, Carcullion

Davidson, James, grocer and farmer, Ballynagappoge
Davidson, Samuel, farmer, Drumnascamph
Dickson, James, Ballygorian, farmer
Duffy, James, Leitrim

Greenan, Berd., Stang
Greenan, John, Ballyaughian

Hall, Frank, butcher, Ballymaghery
Hall, Jas., Ballynuny
Hamill, P., Leitrim

Kernaghan, David, Cleomack, farmer
Kearns, Rev. J., D.D., P.P., Parochial House
Killen, Patrick, farmer, Ballygorian

Lamond, Mrs., Mullaghmore, farmer
Lindsay, the Misses, Ballyaughian House
Loughlin, James, farmer, Lisnamulligan
Loughlin, Matthew, Lisnamulligan, farmer
Loughlin, Robert, grocer and farmer, Ballynagappoge

Magill, Robert, Cleomack, farmer
Magill, Robert, president Clonduff Co-operative Society Ltd.
Magill, Thomas, Ballyaughian, farmer
Martin, Hugh, Bannvale, farmer
Morgan, J., merchant, Gawood
Murphy, H. J., Goward

McCombe, William, farmer, Ballygorian
McCorry, Rev. G., C.C., parochial house
McCracken, Francis, farmer, The Lodge
McGivern, Rev. E., C.C., Hilltown
McKay, John, J.P., Cabra Towers
McKee, John, farmer, Lisnamulligan
McLaughlin, Cornelius, Ballycashone House, Hilltown
McLoughlin, C., farmer and mill owner, Ballycashone
McLoughlin, J. T., J.P., farmer and mill owner, Ballycashone

O'Hagan, Denis, blacksmith
O'Hagan, William

Ronan, A., Ballyaughian
Ronan, Daniel, cattle dealer and farmer, Kinghill

Savage, Thomas, Ballymaghery, farmer

Taylor, Robert, farmer, Cleomack


Four and a quarter (Irish) miles distant from the Exchange (Commercial Buildings), Belfast, is beautifully situated on the eastern or County Down shore of Belfast Lough, and is backed by an extensive range of hills, which rise with a gentle slope from the water's edge to a height of between 600 and 700 feet.  The town has been a place of note since the seventh century, at which period a church is believed to have been founded in it by St. Laisren, and it is recorded that King John, when journeying from Carrickfergus to Downpatrick on the 29th July, 1210, halted at Holywood.  The town is one of the chief military stations in Ireland, and about a mile outside it are to be seen the Palace Barracks, tastefully laid out amidst charming rural scenery.  The War Office have also acquired the Kinnegar for drill purposes and rifle practice; and it is also used by several Belfast rifle clubs.  Holywood contains a May Pole, probably the last of its kind in Ireland, standing at the junction of High Street, Shore Street, and Church Street, and is the gift of Mr. Henry Harrison.  The population in 1911 was 4,035, and the poor-law valuation  of the township was 14,556 7s 0d

Urban District Council - Messrs. David A. Fee, chairman; E. H. Charley, T. G. Orr, Jonathan Jefferson, David Beverland, Adam Coates, Walter Calwell, Capt. W. E. Maginnis, and Andrew McCowatt; town clerk, David Bell; Wm. D. Donnan, M.D., medical officer of Health, Jas. A. Hanna, C.E., town surveyor; George Gilpin, town inspector; Wm. Green, caretaker of Waterworks and sanitary sub-officer; James Savage, pun., caretaker of cemetery
School Attendance Committee - Rev. Canon Moore, M.A., chairman; Rev. H. D. Maconochie, B.A., B.D.; Francis A. Heron, Edwd. Gallagher, Wm. J. Dunwoody, George E. Murdock, Rev. J. B. Woodburn, M.A.; Rev. Wm. S. Carey; secretary, David Bell, Town Hall
Technical Instruction Committee - P. Mullan, J.P.; Adam Coates, Wm. Robinson, T. C. Orr, Edward H. Charley, David Beverland, David A. Fee, Capt. W. E. Maginnis, and Arthur Hunter; principal and hon. secretary, W. A. Mitchell, B.A., B.Sc.
Fire Brigade Station, Town Hall - Captain Charles Gavin, Spencer Street; Lieutenant Wm. Savage, 11 The Strand
Post Office, Church Street - Mrs. M. D. Geddis, postmistress; Mr. Robert Geddis, Miss Ladder, and Mrs. Heppy, assistants; J. Emerson, A. Muckle, D. Malcolm, J. McNeilly, F. Boyle, J. McShane, J. J. Carolan, J. Heron, & T. Collins, postmen
R.I. Constabulary Barracks, High Street - Sergeant Donaghy; Constables O'Neill, Herron, Gallagher, and Eedy
Petty Sessions District of Holywood - Court held in King Edward Memorial Hall second and fourth Mondays in each month. Jas. H. Barrett, clerk, Rathfarnham Road, Bangor.  Town Court held at same place and on same dates prior to sitting of Petty Sessions.  David Bell, clerk, Town Hall
Telephone Exchange, 2 High Street
Estate Office - 8 Shore Street
Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths - W. D. Donnan, M.D.


Dispensary, High Street - W. D. Donnan, M.D., medical officer
Northern Banking Company Ltd., High Street - F. W. Smith, manager
Holywood Gas Company Limited - Registered office, Gas Works, Kinnegar.  Secretary, Wm. H. Weir; engineer and manager, Thomas Frizelle
Holywood Golf Club - President, Henry Harrison; vice-presidents, John Dunville, D.L.; Thos. Barbour, J.P.; Lieut.-Col. Jas. Craig, M.P.; E. Hughes, J.P., D.L.; Col. McCance, J.P.; trustees, T. Barbour, J.P., and H. L. Garrett; captain, James M. Small; hon. secretary, Walter Smyth, Faunmore, Holywood; hon. treas., H. L. Garrett.  Ladies' - Captain, Mrs. Jas. Craig; President, Mrs. McCance, hon. sec. and treas., Mr. F. Bruce
Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club, Cultra - Commodore, John Workman, J.P.; hon. treasurer, Charles McCullough, Kingscourt; hon. sec., Robt. E. Workman, 6 Dublin Road, Belfast.  Telephone No. 219. Club Telephone No. 15, Holywood
Holywood Cricket and Lawn Tennis Club - President, Henry Harrison; captain, R. M. Erskine; honorary secretary, James Beverland, Alexandra Park; hon. treasurer, C. Anderson, High Street; hon. secretary 2nd XI., H. Dunwoody, Marine Parade
Holywood Young Men's Christian Association - Patron, the Right Rev. The Lord Bishop of Down and Connor and Dromore; president, Rev. Canon Moore, M.A., vice-president, Rev. J. T. Armstrong, M.A.; hon. secretary, Walter Y. Heasley; hon. treasurer, James Beverland
The Guild - High Street Presbyterian Church - President, Rev. D. H. Macononchie, B.A., B.D.; hon. secretary, James A. Munce; hon. treasurer, S. R. Anderson
Holywood Sailing Club - Commodore, Thomas Barbour, J.P.; hon. secretary, T. Brennan, Pierview Terrace, Kinnegar
Ulster Rifle Association - Range, The Kinnegar.  President, the Marquis of Dufferin and Ava; hon. sec., George Crombie, 22 Donegall Place, Belfast
Holywood News Room, Town Hall - Robert Geddes, hon. secretary; Richard Waddell, hon. treasurer; R. S. Birch, hon. librarian
Holywood Working Men's Club, Sullivan Place - President, Thomas Barbour, J.P.; trustees, G. F. Trimble, W. E. Praeger, and T. K. Greenfield, M.D.; Thomas Barbour and W. H. N. Nelson; hon. secretary, W. P. Shannon, 5 Woodvale Terrace; hon. treasurer, Robt. Magill, Barronville, Downshire Road
1st Holywood Troop B.P. Boy Scouts (Sir Robert Kennedy's Own) - Scoutmaster, R. Patterson, F.L.S.; assistant scoutmaster, Walter V. Heasley; honorary treasurer, Robert Geddes; headquarters, Ean Hill


Church of Ireland - Rev. Chancellor Moore, M.A., vicar; Rev. J. T. Armstrong, M.A., curate; John Dunwoody, Church Street, sexton
Bangor Road Presbyterian Church - Minister, Rev. J. B. Woodburn, M.A.; sexton, Wm. Patton, Church View
Second Presbyterian Church, High Street - Minister, Rev. D. H. Maconochie, B.A., B.D.; sexton, Robt. McCall, 16 Church View
First Presbyterian (Non-Subscribing) Church, High Street - Rev. G. L. Phelps; sexton, John Wright, 15 Shore Street
Methodist Church - Rev. Wm. S. Carey, minister; sexton, John Thompson, Church View
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Mr. Haslett, P.P.
Christian Brethren, Gospel Hall, High Street


Sullivan Upper (Intermediate) School - Principal, W. A. Mitchell, M.A., B.Sc.
Sullivan National Schools - Male School - Principal, John Condy, B.A.; female school, Miss Gardner, principal; infant school, Miss Scott, principal
Parochial National Schools - Male School - Principal, W. N. Gibson; Female School, Miss E. Greer, principal
National School (R.C.) - Principal, Charles Sweeney; assistant, Miss Anne O'Neill
Select Schools, Church Road - Miss Bosworthwick, The Misses Robinson, Woodview, Church Road; Mrs. Hodge, 1 The Crescent


Abraham, Elizabeth, tobacconist, Church Street
Abraham, F. W., Demesne Road
Acheson, R. H., Priory Park
Adair, Jane, Hibernia Street
Adair, Samuel, 7 High Street
Adams, Albert, Sullivan Street
Adams, David, Crofton Lodge
Adams, Mrs., 4 High Street
Adams, Samuel, 31 Trevor Street
Addis, W. H., Trevor Street
Agar, A., 7 Ardmore Terrace
Aiken, Robert, grocer, 87 High Street
Alexander, Mrs., Roland Place
Allan, F. A., 3 Ivy Place, the Kinnegar
Allen, Captain, My Lady's Mile
Allen, Mrs., 1 Seapark Terrace
Anderson, Alex., clothier, High Street
Anderson, Charles, Barronville
Anderson, Henry, Ardlee Terrace
Anderson, Hugh, Ballydavey Diary, 81 High Street
Anderson, James, Park Road, Kinnegar
Anderson, John, Shore Street
Anderson, Margaret, High Street
Anderson, Mrs., 4 Crescent
Anderson, Mrs. Annie, 130 High Street
Anderson, Samuel, Church Street
Anderson, Thomas, Lindisfarne
Anderson, Thos., Sullivan Street
Anderson, Wm., 39 Trevor Street
Ardis, R., 6 Marine Parade
Arnold, Wm. G., 79 High Street
Armstrong, F. W., 3 Antrim View, Kinnegar
Armstrong, Wm., 10 Church View

Bailie, Henry, 4 Seapark Terrace
Bain, Dora, Church Avenue
Bain, Margaret, Shore Street
Ball, Thos., Villa Nova, Kinnegar
Ballagh, John, plumber, 64 High Street
Barbour, Thos., J.P., Brooklyn
Barr, John, grocer, 91 High Street
Barr, J. C., Craigside, Alexandra Park
Barry, Daniel, Hill Street
Barry, William, Hill Street
Barron, Robt. A., painter, Downshire Road
Barnett, Miss, Ardmore Terrace
Bates, Richard D., solicitor, East Woodville
Beggs, James, Church Road
Bell, David, town clerk, Daisybank
Bell, Mrs., 11 Church Street, grocer
Bell, Mrs. Jane, Hill Street
Bell, Mrs. Kate, The Strand
Bentley, H. H., Plasmerdan
Beverland, David, Erneville
Beverland, James, Alexandra Park
Bigger, W. J., 3 Anchor Lodge, Kinnegar
Bingham, John, Downshire Road
Bingham, Joseph, grocer, Church View
Bingham, Thomas, 4 Prospect Terrace, Kinnegar
Birch, Richard S., Woodside
Birch, Wm., Clearstream
Black, A., Lindesfarne
Black, George, Hill Street
Black, James, Redburn Lodge
Blakely, Samuel, 71 Trevor Street
Blythe, Wm., gardener, 33 Hill Street
Boal, Robert, Ardlee Avenue
Boal, Robert, Moffett's Terrace
Bogues. Patrick, Benown
Bonfield, Charles, Trevor Street
Bonfield, Samuel, 37 Trevor Street
Bonnand, F. M., Pierview Terrace
Bonynge, Wm., Esplanade
Bosworthwick, Miss, Churchill Terrace
Boyce, Fred, Trevor Street
Boyd, Hugh, 7 Sunnyside Terrace
Boyd, Jas., carrier, Ean Hill
Boyd, Robert, grocer, Church View
Boyd, Thornton, Marmian
Bradley, Mrs., Church View
Bradley, Saml., Spencer Street
Brady. Chas., 4 Sullivan Street
Brady, James, J.P., Oakdene, Holywood
Brady, Jas. H., Shore Street
Brennan, Thos., Pierview Terrace, Kinnegar
Brett, The Misses, Crescent
Briggs, Annie, Downshire Road
Briggs, Mrs. J. M., Glenside
Briggs, Thos. R., Bellvue
Broderick, Mrs., confectioner, High Street
Brown, Ernest F., Salernum
Brown, E. Godfrey, Fernbank
Brown, Fred, 3 The Strand
Brown, H. E., Belvue
Brown, James, Woodvale Terrace
Brown, John, Laurel Bank
Brown, Mrs., 5 Crescent
Brown, Thos., Spencer Street
Brown, Timothy L., 8 Churchill Terrace
Brown, Wm., The Strand
Brownrigg, Miss, Garden Lodge
Bruce, Florence E., Thornley
Bruce, Robt., grocer, High Street
Bruce, Wm., Spencer Street
Bryson, Mrs. Mary, Woodbank
Burke, John, Victoria Terrace
Burke, Robert, Victoria Terrace
Burke, Wm., Mervue, High Street
Burns, James, Downshire Road
Burnside, John A., commercial traveller, Richmond, Ardlee Avenue
Butler, Jane, The Crescent
Byers, John, Downshire Road

Calvert, James, Spencer Street
Calvert, John, 5 Walmer Terrace
Calwell, Walter, Spafield
Cameron, James, Braydun
Campbell, David, 3 Pierview Terrace, Kinnegar
Campbell, John, Ardeen
Campbell, Miss, 1 Riverston Terrace
Cardy, A., 8 Trevor Street
Cardy, John, Paton's Court
Carey, Mrs. Catherine, Trevor Street
Carey, Rev. Wm. S., The Manse, Churchill
Carolan, John, 23 Trevor Street
Carmichael, James, 22 Church Street
Carpenter, C., 1 Yew Place, Downshire Road
Carroll, James, 12 Trevor Street
Carser, James, Church View
Carson, David, 35 High Street
Catherwood, Robert, Hill Street
Caughey, James, gardener, 3 Downshire Road
Chamberlain, Mrs., Riverston Terrace
Chamberlain, W. Y., Riverston Terrace
Charley, E. H., Craiglea
Charlton, S. W., Church Avenue
Clarke, Charles, 13 Hibernia Street
Clarke, Daniel, Star and Garter Hotel
Clarke, G. E., Artullugh
Clements, Mrs. R., 7 Churchill Terrace
Clugston, John, Seaview Terrace
Coates, Adam, St. Leonard's
Cochran, John, Lismoyne
Cochran, W. T., Demesne Road
Cole, F. T., Priory Park
Coleman, Wm. W., Beechcroft
Collins, John, 1 Trevor Street
Conaty, T. N., Seaside Tavern, Stewart's Place
Conlon, Mrs. Charlotte, 57 Trevor Street
Cooley, Samuel, gardener, Hill Street
Cooley, Wm. John, carter, Strand Street
Cooper, Miss Annie, Liskeen, Ardlee Avenue
Copeland, W. J., grocer, High Street
Cornet, A., High Street
Costello, Edward, Spencer Street
Costello, Joseph, Church View
Cotterel, John, High Street
Coulter, James, grocer, High Street
Cowan, Charles, Spencer Street
Cowan, Francis J., High Street
Cowan, Robert, Spencer Street
Cowan, S. Paxton, J.P., Tudor Park
Craig, Hugh, Windsor Gardens, Kinnegar
Craig, Mrs., Hillbrook
Crichton, Charles, jun., High Street
Crichton, Thomas, Hibernia Street
Crickard, David, Shore Street
Crohn, John, Tyrone Villa, Downshire Road
Cromie, Henry, Church View
Crooks, Wm., Thornleigh, Priory Park
Crothers, Miss, Church View
Culbert, Mrs., 15 High Street
Culbert, Wm., Strand Street
Cully, John, gardener, Stewart's Place
Cully, Samuel, Stewart's Place
Cummings, Eliza, Brook Street
Cupples, R., 17 Strand
Curley, Mrs., 4 Sunnyside Terrace
Curran, E., Loughview Terrace, Shore Street
Currie, W. A., Woodburn Croft Road

Dale, Hugh, 2 Marine Place, Kinnegar
Danglas, Wm., Woodville Terace (Terrace)
Davidge, Mrs. Martha, 2 Moffatt Terrace
Davidson, Samuel, Byron Street, Kinnegar
Davis, Mrs., Abingdon
Dawson, Robert A., Bagthorpe
Denning, G., 63 Trevor Street
Dennison, Geo., Downshire Road
Denny, Alex., 3 Bridge Terrace
Devine, Robert, High Street
Devlin, Benjamin, 1 Marine Parade
Diamond, Henry, Hill Street
Diamond, Mrs., Downshire Road
Doaley, Thomas, Spencer Street
Doggart, Miss, Downshire Road
Doggart, Miss H., Church View
Donaghy, Hugh, 17 Shore Street
Donaldson, Henry, tailor, Shore Street
Donnan, W. D., M.D., surgeon, High Street
Donnelly, Andrew (of Hollywood & Donnelly Ltd., Belfast)
Donnelly, Robert, Lower Martello
Donovan, Wm., M.D., Spafield
Dooley, Thomas, gardener, Church View
Doran, Henry, cattle dealer, Ean Hill
Douglas, Elizabeth, Hibernia Street
Douglas, Mrs., Seapark Cottage
Douglas, Thos., 2 Seapark Terrace
Douglass, Wm., Woodville Terrace
Downey, John, Riverside
Downing, William M., Rollo House, High Street
Drew, Fred, Redburn
Duff, David, carpenter, Church View
Dugan, James, Glenlyan Cottage
Duncan, David, 4 Downshire Road
Duncan, Miss, Shore Street
Duncan, Samuel, Alexandra Place
Dunlop, Edward, Bath Terrace
Dunlop, Mrs. B., St. Helen's
Dunlop, Mrs., 2 Bath Terrace
Dunn, Wm., Kinnegar Villa
Dunville, John, D.L., Redburn
Dunwoody, Andrew, Downshire Road
Dunwoody, James, carpenter, Church Street
Dunwoody, James, Victoria Road
Dunwoody, John, Church Street
Dunwoody, John, jun., High Street
Dunwoody, Thomas, Priory Park
Dunwoody, Thos., coal merchant, 27 Shore Street
Duthie, Jane, woollen draper, Church Street

Eakin, William, 11 Trevor Street
Eason & Co., newsagents, Railway Station
Eaves, C. W., Innisfallen, Church Road
Eedy. Charles, 35 Trevor Street
Elliott, Joshua, Sullivan Street
Ellis, Jas., Hibernia Street
Ellis, Mary, spirit merchant, Hibernia Street
Ellison, Geo., gardener, 17 Church Street
Emerson, James, 2 Park Road, Kinnegar
Emerson, Samuel, Byron Street
Erskine, Hugh, Claremont
Erskine, Mrs. Matilda A., 10a High Street
Erskine, R. M., Donnybrook
Erskine, Sydney C. B., Mossaphir
Escott, W., Ballymenoch gate lodge
Ewing, Wm., Highfernly, Alexandra Park

Fahy, Mrs., tobacconist, High Street
Farrell, Michael, Sullivan Street
Fee, David A., C.E., Stanley House
Fee, Thomas, Pebble Lodge
Ferguson, Alfred, 3 Churchill Terrace
Ferguson, Mrs. Annie, 4 High Street
Ferguson, Samuel, grocer, 54, 56 High Street and Church View
Ferris, Robert, carpenter, Hibernia Street
Finlay, Alexander, Willesden
Fisher, Joseph, Redcot, Downshire Road
Fleming, H., 1 Marine Place, Kinnegar
Forsythe, John, Plasmerdyn
Foster, James, grocer, Church Street
Francis, Hugh, Stewart's Place
Francis, Jonathan, Church Street
Francis, Mrs., Church Street
Francis, Thomas, Downshire Road
Fraser, Wm. P., painter, Church View
Frizelle, R. E., Downshire Cottage
Frizelle, Thos., engineer and manager Gas Works, Byron Street, Kinnegar
Fry, W. A., High Street
Fuller, William, Byron Street, Kinnegar
Futtit, James B., Bagthorpe

Gage, Thomas, Strand
Gallagher, Daniel, 33 Trevor Street
Gallaher, E., Downshire Road
Gallaher, Wm., Church Street
Galway, Ellen, Church View
Galway, Mrs., 39 Church View
Galway, Wm., Ean Hill
Gardner, Campbell, Thelma
Gardner, Emily, Sullivan Place
Gardiner, Mrs. Annette W., Tudor House
Garratt, Richard, Rialto
Garrett, H. L., St. Valentines
Garvin, Mrs., High Street
Gavin, Charles, jun., Alexandra Place
Gavin, Chas., Spencer Street
Gavin, Mrs. Mary J., Stewart's Place
Geddis, Francis, Downshire Road
Geddis, Robt., Church Street
Gibson, Matthew, 4 Marine Parade
Gibson, William N., High Street
Gilbey, W. & A., Ltd., High Street
Gillen, Mary J., Ardlee Terrace
Gillespie, Mrs., Auburn Terrace
Gillespie, William, Victoria Road
Gilliland, W. J., C.E., Ardmore Terrace
Gilpin, George, Shore Street
Gilpin, Mary, confectioner, High Street
Gilpin, Thos. M., High Street
Goodman, Thos., Downshire Road
Gracey, Charles F., 4 Walmer Terrace
Graham, Fredk., Spencer Street
Graham, Henry, Spencer Street
Graham, James, Spencer Street
Graham, John, Byron Street, Kinnegar
Graham, John Kyle, 28 Shore Street
Graham, Miss Mary J., Hill Street
Graham, Robert, Lindesfarne
Graham, Samuel, 29 Trevor Street
Graham, Samuel, 20 Spencer Street
Graham, Samuel, 15 Spencer Street
Graham, Wm. K., Auburn Terrace
Grainger Bros., contractors, High Street
Grainger, Robert, The Beeches
Grainger, Wm., Ballykeel House
Grant, Hannah, laundress, High Street
Gray, Nelson, 4 Moffat's Terrace
Greaves, Frank, 4 Esplanade
Greenfield, John, Victoria Road
Greenfield, Margaret, Sullivan Street
Greenfield, T. K., M.D., surgeon, High Street
Greenhalgh, Joseph, 5 Churchill Terrace
Greer, Elizabeth, 3 Riverston Terrace
Greer, Joseph, Ballymenoch Terrace
Greer, Thomas, Laburnum Cottage
Gregory, George F., High Street
Grieve, John, Hibernia Street
Griffen, Frank, Sunnyside Terrace

Hall, James, Byron Street, Kinnegar
Hambleton, Fred., station master
Hamilton, Francis, 78 High Street
Hamilton, John, Church Avenue
Hanna, James, Spencer Street
Hanna, James A., civil engineer, Cuillaire
Hanna, John, 75 High Street
Hanna, Robert, gardener, Hill Street
Hanna, W. J., Upper Spencer Street
Hanniarty, Thomas, Church View
Hansard, Mrs. Emma, Auburn Place
Harper, Mary, High Street
Harpur, John, clerk, 104 High Street
Harsh, Fred., butcher, 71, 73 High Street
Harvey, Wm. J., Downshire Road
Haslett, Robert, 26 Trevor Street
Hassett, Rev. Edmund, High Street
Haveron, James, Spencer Street
Hawthorne, Henry, Sullivan Street
Hawthorne, John, house and insurance agent, auctioneer and property broker, Lower Martello, Victoria Road
Hayes, John, 16 Trevor Street
Hayes, Rose Ann, Hill Street
Heasley, Walter V., 3 Windsor Gardens, Kinnegar
Heckett, Patrick, Church View
Hedley, Robert H., Prospect Terrace
Hellawell, Berry, Belfast Hotel, High Street
Henderson, Mrs., Craigtara, Alexandra Park
Henninger, Mrs., laundry, Kinnegar
Heron, Francis A., Maryfield
Heron, Jane, Brook Street
Heron, Robert, Hibernia Street
Herriott, Mrs., Woodvale Terrace
Herron, James, Spencer Street
Herron, John, brick layer, Brook Street
Herron, Robert, Downshire Road
Herron, Robert, fruit dealer, 22 High Street
Herron, Robert, Hill Street
Higginson, A. J., 24 Shore Street
Hill, Edward, grocer and newsagent, agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Hill, James C., 2 Windsor Gardens, Kinnegar
Hill, Jane, Glenside
Hinde, W. E., The Cottage, Downshire Road
Hodge, John, 1 Crescent
Hodgins, Joseph, Church View
Hogrett, Miss, 90 High Street
Holdcroft, Miss J., 5 High Street
Holmes, Miss, seamstress, Downshire Road
Holmes, William, Milton Street
Holloway, Fred. W., Hill View
Holloway, Mrs. Emily, High Street
Hollywood, Mrs. Sarah, 31 Church Street
Hope, Joseph, Stewart's Place
Houston, Robert, 42 Church Street
Hubbard, Wm., Pierview Cottage
Hughes, Bernard, Hill Street
Hughes, Hugh, 14 Trevor Street
Hughes, Wm., boot maker, 39 High Street
Hume, Hugh, Lindesfarne
Hunter, Arthur, 3 Hibernia Terrace
Hunter, Mrs. Elizabeth, Hibernia Street
Hunter, Mrs., Marine Parade
Hunter, Wm. Jas., Byron Street
Hutchinson, James, Strand
Huxley, Alex., Trevor Street

Ingram, Wm., Ardmore Cottage
Ireland, Wm., Spencer Street
Irwin, Mrs., Braemar, Downshire Road
Irwin, Miss, Esplanade, Kinnegar
Irwin, T. M., The Esplanade, and Gracehill, Stranocum, Co. Antrim

Jack, Harold, Kinnegar
Jackson, George, Downshire Road
Jamieson, Andrew, 3 Ardmore Terrace
Jamison, John, Woodvale Terrace
Jefferson, John, Stewart Place
Jefferson, J., U.D.C., publican, High Street
Jefferson, Richard, High Street
Jeffrey, Jacob, Sullivan Street
Jeffrey, Miss, Hill Street
Johnston, H., Riverside
Johnston, J. K. (of Greenhill & Craig), Riverside
Johnston, Miss, Ean Hill
Johnston, Robert, Alexandra Place
Johnston, Thomas, Church View
Johnston, Wm., Ean Hill
Johnston, Wm., jun., Ean Hill

Kamcke, Mrs., 33 High Street
Kane, William, Orange Hall
Keating, Thomas, Downshire Road
Keavney, John, Ean Hill
Kelly, Chas., 7 Trevor Street
Kelly, Patrick, Shore Street
Kemp, R. L., Hillbrok (Hillbrook)
Kennedy, W. M., chemist, Church Street
Kerr, George, Strand Street
Kerrigan, A., Mus.L.C.M., Bath Cottage
Kiernan, Thomas, Spencer Street
Kinghan, Saml., coal merchant, 86 High Street
Kinghan, Capt. S. M., Plasmrdyn
Kingsborough, Kate, Esplanade
Kirkpatrick, Mrs., Estate Office, Shore Street
Kirkpatrick, Wm., Esplanade, Kinnegar
Knox, W. E. C., 2 Antrim View, Kinnegar

Lavery, John, 115 High Street
Lawrie, Thomas, Walmer Terrace
Lawson, James, 12 Marine Parade
Leatham, Chas. W., Tudor Park
Lee, John J., High Street
Lee, W. E., 10 High Street
Legate, Mrs., Spafield
Lennox, Alex., grocer, 59 High Street
Lennox, George, Spencer Street
Lennox, James, Hill Street
Lennox, John, Church View
Lennox, John, 9 Sullivan Street
Lennox, Mrs. Annie, Killop's Place
Lennox, Patrick, 13 Hill Street
Lettice, Samuel, Ean Hill
Linden, Mrs., Cornwall Villas
Longridge, Robert, Brook Street
Lomax, James, Hibernia Street
Longworth, J. H., Bellevue
Lough, Alex., Holywood House
Love, Robert A., Inniskeen
Lowry, Annie, Spencer Street
Lowry, John, stone cutter, High Street
Lowry, Miss, dress maker, High Street
Lucy, W. R., Esplanade
Lynch, Thomas, Church Avenue
Lynn, John, High Street
Lyons, Henry C., 2 Sunnyside Terrace

Macartney, Mrs. George, 1 Roland Place
Mackenzie, W. J., Park Avenue
Mackey, John, 5 Pierview Terrace
Mackie, John, 16 High Street
Mackin, Mrs., Spencer Street
Macarthur, Donald, Hibernia Street
Maconochie, Rev. H. D., B.A., B.D., The Manse
Magee, Miss, Shore Street
Magee, William, Downshire Road
Maginnis, Captain, High Street
Maginnis, Mrs., High Street
Maginnis, Mrs. T. P., High Street
Magill, Miss A., 67 High Street
Magill, Robert C., Barronville
Magilton, Mrs., Sullivan Street
Magown, Mrs., dairy, Church Street
Maguire, Robert, 15 Hibernia Street
Maguire, Thomas, Tudor Park
Mahony, Owen, Jubilee Terrace, Shore Street
Major, George Parker, Ulai
Major, Miss, Fernbank
Malcolm, D., Trevor Street
Malcolm, John, gardener, Hibernia Street
Malcolm, Mrs. Jane, 1 High Street
Malcolm, Saml., Spencer Street
Malcolm, Wm. J., Hill Street
Malcolmson, Herbert, Riverside
Malone, Arthur, Spencer Street
Malone, John, Hill Street
Marron, Miss Annie, 11 Hibernia Street
Marsh, Mrs., Glen Lyon
Marshall, A. C., Glendale
Marshall, Mary Ann, Strand
Martin, Adam W., High Street
Martin, Margaret D., Windsor Gardens
Martin, R. M., The Croft
Matchett, Wm., Downshire Road
Mathews, Wm., Shore Street
Mawhinney, Arthur, cabinet maker, Spencer Street
Mawhinney, James, Spencer Street
Mawhinney, Jas., carpenter, 4 Stewart's Place
Mawhinney, John, Boot Maker, Shore Street
Mawhinney, Robert, 78 High Street
Maxwell, H. G., The Highlands
Maxwell, Mary Jane, Victoria Road
Maxwell, M., 3 High Street
Megaw, David, Strand
Meneely, James, Downshire Road
Meneely, John, car owner, High Street
Meneely, Mary, High Street
Mercer, T. K., 88 High Street
Millar, John, Killop's Place
Miller, Chas., 18 Shore Street
Miller, Thomas, High Street
Miller, William, jun., High Street
Miller, W., cabinet maker and builder, 23 High Street
Milligan, R., nurseryman and fruiterer, High Street
Milliken, Edmund B., Church View
Mills, Francis, gardener, Stewart's Place
Mitchell, Rev. Wm., M.A., 3 Riverside
Mitchell, W. A., M.A., B.Sc., principal Technical School
Moffatt, Wm., Downshire Road
Monaghan, Michael, Spencer Street
Monie, Hugh, Thornleigh, Bangor Road
Montgomery, Mrs., 2 Marine Parade
Moore, John, 27 High Street
Moore, Rev. Canon, M.A., The Vicarage
Moorehead, Miss, Hibernia Street
Morgan, Mary, Spencer Street
Morgan, Patrick, Hill Street
Morgan, Thomas, Church View
Morgan, T., 117 High Street
Morrison, John E., Erneville
Morrison, R., Church Street
Morton, T., 14 Shore Street
Morton, Wm., High Street
Muckle, Andrew, Spencer Street
Muckle, Henry, Trevor Street
Muckle, Mrs., Downshire Road
Mulholland, J. S., Alexandra Park
Mulholland, Mrs., 4 Trevor Street
Mulligan, Montague B., Martello Terrace
Munce, James S., 7 Alexandra Park
Munce, Mrs., 4 Trevor Street
Munn, Mrs. S. W., 30 Trevor Street
Munster, John R. de B., Innisfallen, Church Road
Munster, Miss E., Crofton
Munster, Wm. H., Drumadillar
Murdoch, Geo. E., High Street
Murdock, Mrs. Mary, Spencer Street
Murphy, A., 3 Sullivan Street
Murphy, Hugh, 25 Trevor Street
Murphy, Robert, Strand Street
Murphy, Wm., Byron Street, Kinnegar
Murray, Alex., Spencer Street
Murray, David, 7 Strand Street
Murray, Mrs., Martha, Sullivan Street
Musgrave, J., Shore Street
Mytton, O. J., Demesne Road

McAdam, Mrs. J. V., Villa Nova, Kinnegar
McAlinden, Patrick, Hill Street
McAlister, Charles M., High Street
McAlister, Miss, Beechcroft
McAvoy, Catherine, Hill Street
McBriar, David, & Son, boot makers, 2 Church Street
McBride, James, Spencer Street
McBride, Robert, Hibernia Street
McBride, Samuel, Hibernia Street
McCadden, Alfred, Rathmullen, Kinnegar
McCall, John, Trevor Street
McCall, Joseph, Trevor Street
McCall, Robert, sexton High Street Presbyterian Church, Church View
McCall, Robert, Hibernia Street
McCall, Thomas, brick layer, Hibernia Street
McCall, Wm., Downshire Road
McCallum, John, Downshire Road
McCallum, R. J., builder, Downshire Road
McCammon, Mrs. T. V. P., Woodville
McCammon, ?, Croft Road
McCaw, Miss, 2 Walmer Terrace
McChesney, Mrs., Moffatt's Terrace
McClea, John, 2 Park Avenue
McCleave, Thomas, plumber, Church Street
McClelland, Alexander, Church View
McClelland, Samuel, Hibernia Street
McCluggage, W. J., 1 Riverside
McComb, Miss M., 3 Moffat's Terrace
McConnell, Anna, Esplanade
McConnell, James, 15 High Street
McConnell, W. J., 26 Church Street
McCormick, Hugh, Downshire Road
McCourt, Frank, High Street
McCourt, Henry, Strand Street
McCowatt, Andrew, Alexandra Park
McCrea, R., butcher, High Street
McCreedy, J., confectioner, High Street
McCullough, Agnes, Hill Street
McCullough, Jas., Victoria Road
McCullough, John, Spencer Street
McCullough, Mrs., Church Street
McCullough, P. J., 4 Quinville Terrace
McCully, Robert, The Cottage, Stewart's Place
McCurry, Miss, confectioner, 44 High Street
McCutcheon, James A., 1 Churchill Terrace
McDonald, Mrs., Church View
McDonald, Neil, 5 Marine Place, Kinnegar
McDowell, Edward, carpenter, 5 Hibernia Street
McDowell, Geo., dairy, Downshire Road
McDowell, Samuel, 5 Trevor Street
McEwan, Robt., 3 Park Road, Kinnegar
McFall, David, Hillcrest
McGee, Miss, High Street
McGiffen, John, 2 Crescent
McGifford, John, 4 Park Avenue
McGrillen, Hugh A., 3 Quinville Terrace
McGuigan, Mrs., grocer, 26 High Street
McHugh, Michael, Quinville Terrace
McIlmail, Mrs., Spencer Street
McIlroy, Wm. H. H., 9 Park Avenue
McIlroy, Wilson, Shore Street
McKeag, Robert, painter, 19 Church View
McKeag, Samuel, painter, Church View
McKeag, Wm., sen., Trevor Street
McKeag, Wm., jun., Trevor Street
McKeen, Wm., 1 Seaview Terrace
McKee, John, Stewart's Place
McKee, Mrs., Archville, Shore Street
McKee, Mrs., 49 Trevor Street
McKee, Robert, Church View
McKelvey, James, cycle agent, Shore Street
McKenna, Ellen, Church View
McKenna, Frank, Spencer Street
McKenna, John, tobacconist, 19 High Street
McKerr, Mrs. Elizabeth, Church Avenue
McKervey, R., Strand
McKibber, Mrs. Isabella, Spencer Street
McKimm, Samuel, Spencer Street
McLarnon, John, Byron Street, Kinnegar
McLaverty, Rev. P. J., C.C., 2 Quinville
McLean, John, Church View
McLean, Miss M. E., Plasmerdyn
McLean, Major R. E., R.I.R., Mertoun Hall
McLean, William, water inspector, Waterworks
McMaster, Wm., Hillview Terrace, Downshire Road
McMullan, Charles, Tign-na-Strew
McMullan, Patrick J., J.P., Churchfield
McMurray, Alex., Church View
McMurray, David, 5 Bath Terrace
McMurray, David, Ardlee Terrace
McMurray, John, car owner, 8 Marine Parade
McNair, Wm., Stewart's Place
McNeill, Francis, Neville, Hibernia Street
McQuillan, Isabella, Hill Street
McRoberts, A., Seaview
McShane, Michael, 6 Trevor Street
McWilliams, James, 9 Trevor Street

Nash, Wm., Soldier's home
Neill, Edward, 12 Shore Street
Neill, J., 5 Bridge Terrace
Neill, Thomas, Downshire Road
Neeson, Arthur, O'Neill's Place
Neeson, Daniel, Sullivan Street
Neeson, Mrs., 55 Trevor Street
Nelson, Hugh, 1 Bridge Terrace
Nelson, Mrs., Stewart's Place
Nesbitt, Joseph F., Church Street
Nevin, John, Croft Road
Nimick, Elizabeth, Shore Street
Northern Banking Co. Ltd., High Street
Norwood, Joseph, 15 Trevor Street

Oates, Miss Mary Crosby, Woodview
Oliver, Hamilton, 1 Mount Pleasant
Ormsby, Mrs., Tudor Park
Orr, Alex., Iona, Downshire Road
Orr, T. C., Tudor Park
Osborne, Thos. E., 11 Marine Parade
Osborough, Andrew, High Street
Overend, Arthur, brick layer, Spencer Street
Owens, Henry T., Stewart's Place
Owens, Thomas, Church Street
O'Brien, Miss, Parochial Hall
O'Flagherty, Patrick, Spencer Street
O'Neill, Anna Mary, Walmer Terrace
O'Neill, Edward, Trevor Street

Palmer, James, Woodvale Terrace
Park, Bessie J., Seaview Terrace
Parker, Mrs., Church Street
Parkhill, James, The Crescent
Parkhill, Thomas, master mariner, My Lady's Mile
Parsons, Mrs., 6 Church View
Patterson, Alfred, 2 Prospect Terrace, Kinnegar
Patterson, David C., Glenard
Patterson, James, Duncairn
Patterson, Joseph, Spencer Street
Patterson, Lady, Croft House
Patterson, Mrs. Clara, Kilmore
Patterson, Robert, Glenbank
Patterson, Wm., Downshire Road
Patterson, Wm., solicitor, 32 High Street
Pattison, Samuel G.
Patton, Wm., sexton Bangor Road Church, Church View
Patty, Alexander, Hibernia Street
Patty, Charles, Patton's Court
Patty, John, Sullivan Street
Patty, Mrs. Margaret, Lower Martello
Patty, Wm., Old Priory Inn, High Street
Payne, Frederick, The Firs
Payne, Miss, Riverston Terrace
Perry, Hugh, Netherton, Demesne Road
Perry, H. L., 7 Park Avenue
Petticrew, Patrick, Hill Street
Phelps, Rev. G. L., The Manse, Beechcroft
Phillips, Wm. H., Lemonfield
Pink, Edward, Kinnegar
Pink, Elizabeth, Church View
Pinkerton, Mrs., Marine Parade
Priestly, Mrs., Downshire Road
Purdon, Edward S., Cornwall Villa

Quee, John H., Hill Street
Quee, Robert, Hill Street

Rainey, Mrs., 21 High Street
Rea, Daniel, Downshire Road
Rea, James, gardener, Spencer Street
Rea, Miss Annie G., Jubilee Terrace
Rea, Robert, gardener, Spencer Street
Rea, Samuel, grocer, 17 High Street
Reid, James, grocer, 140 High Street
Reid, Jane, Dispensary, High Street
Reid, Miss, 3 Hibernia Street
Reid, Wm., 45 Trevor Street
Reilly, John, Downshire Road
Rice, J., Pierview Terrace
Richardson, Hamilton, Church Street
Richardson, Samuel, Shore Street
Roberts, Mrs., Ardlinn, Church Avenue
Robin, Mrs., Golf Villa, Kinnegar
Robinson, Alex., Church Avenue
Robinson, Francis A., Anchor Lodge
Robinson, James, 22 Trevor Street
Robinson, John, 103 High Street
Robinson, Mrs., Woodview, Church Street
Robinson, The Misses, ladies' school, Woodview
Rodgers, Thomas, Church View
Rodman, Wm., Riverside
Roe, Robert B., Delgany, Croft Road
Rogan, Samuel, 51 Downshire Road
Rolson, Mrs., dress maker, 21 Church Street
Rule, Mrs. Thomas, The Moat
Russell, Isaac, Church View
Russell, Mrs., 4 Anchor Lodges
Russell, Thomas J., Claremont
Russell, Wm. H., Millbank
Rush, Samuel, Shore Street
Rutherford, John T., Priory Park Cottage
Rutherford, Rev. Thos., 4 Seaview

Sanfield, John, Downshire Road
Savage, James, caretaker of cemetery, Strand Street
Savage, James, 11 High Street
Savage, James, jun., Ballymenoch Dairy, 31 High Street
Savage, John, Downshire Road
Savage, Wm., 21 Strand
Scott, Elizabeth, Church View
Scully, Andrew, 70 High Street
Sefton, Robert, The Firs, Gate Lodge
Seggie, Thomas, Seaview Cottage
Semple, Joseph, Sullivan Place
Shanks, Mrs. Elizabeth, Shore Street
Shanno, George, Marine Parade
Shannon, Hugh, mariner, Anchor Lodge
Shannon, James, Erneville, Kinnegar
Shannon, James, Dunowen, Kinnegar
Shannon, Wm. P., Woodvale Terrace
Shaw, James, 5 Seapark Terrace
Shaw, Wm., J.P., Martello House
Shearan, S., Loughview House
Shearer, Robert, Church Street
Shekleton, R. A., M.D., High Street
Sherry, Miss, dress maker, High Street
Simms, James, Paton's Court
Simpson, William, Loughview Terrace, Shore Street
Skillen, Wm., Downshire Road
Skillen, Wm., 5 Shore Street
Sloan, Mrs., Ellerslie, Demense Road
Smith, Bertram E., Priory Park
Smith, George, Loughview Terrace
Smith, Henry, Downshire Road
Smith, Joseph, Church View
Smyth, Walter, F.R.H.S., Solicitor to the Governors Sullivan Schools, Commissioner for Oaths, Faunmore, Holywood
Soper, J. E., 14 Church View
South, Charles E., 2 Hibernia Terrace
Speers, Adam, B.Sc. (London), J.P., Riversdale
Speers, Wm., Downshire Road
Spence, Mrs., 51 Trevor Street
Spence, Thos., Downshire Road
Steele, John H., Ivy Place, Kinnegar
Steele, W. S., Marine Parade
Steen, Alex., publican, Kinnegar
Stephens, Edward R., Hillside
Stephens, Wm. H., Ardshane
Stephenson, Richard, High Street
Stevenson, R. J., Grinan, Downshire Road
Stevenson, Wm., 17 Trevor Street
Stewart, Joseph, Byron Street, Kinnegar
Stewart, Rev. James, 3 Park Avenue
Stewart, R., 3 Sunnyside Terrace
Storey, F., Fernbank
Stout, Robert, Park Avenue
Stronge, Jane, Church View
Swaine, Samuel, Tudor Lodge
Swaine, Samuel, Church Street
Swaine, Thomas, 95 High Street
Sweeny, Chas., M.P.S.I., chemist, 52 High Street
Sweeney, Chas., 2 Roland Place, Downshire Road
Sweet, Richard, 18 High Street
Symmonds, R., 3 Marine Place, Kinnegar

Tait, James F., Bellevue
Tate, Samuel, 3 Prospect Terrace
Taylor, Samuel C., Beneder
Templeton, Geo., Trevor Street
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agent, David Bell, Town Hall
Thomas, George, Stewart's Place
Thompson, Alex., Lennox's Place
Thompson, Alex., 29 Church Street
Thompson, Andrew, 4 Bath Terrace
Thompson, David, Priory Park Villa
Thompson, David, Spence Street
Thompson, David, Downshire Road
Thompson, D., Trevor Street
Thompson, Jas., Spencer Street
Thompson, John, sexton Methodist Church, Church View
Thompson, Joseph, Spencer Street
Thompson, Joseph, 28 Church Street
Thompson, Miss, Auburn Place
Thompson, R. L., Craigs
Thompson, T., 20 Church View
Thompson, Wm., 24 Church View
Torney, Wm., Glenside Place
Trainor, M., White Star Inn, 66 High Street
Trimble, George F., Church Hill
Trotter, Mrs., 126 High Street
Troughton, Fred., 6 Churchill Terrace
Tully, Frank J., 4 Marine Place, Kinnegar
Turner, W. G., fruiterer, High Street

Veighey, T., Church Street

Wales, Wm. E., Ardmore Terrace
Walker, Jas., Stewart's Place
Walker, Mrs., Burnleagh
Walker, Mrs., 9 Churchill Terrace
Walker, Wm., 2 Trevor Street
Wallace, James, Strand Square
Wallace, James, Spencer Street
Walsh, James, Trevor Street
Walsh, Samuel, provision merchant, 62 High Street
Waonacott, Fredk. J., Park Avenue
Wardlow, Mrs., 20 Church Street
Waterman, Thomas, Hill Street
Waters, Harriett, 18 Hibernia Street
Watts, Frank, Alexandra Place
Webb, Mrs. Nancy, Spencer Street
Webster, Jane, High Street
Webster, Samuel, Trevor Street
Webster, Wilmot, High Street
Weir, John, tailor, Marine Place
Weir, Wm. H., secretary Holywood Gas Co. Ltd., 13 Marine Parade
White, Alex., tailor, High Street
White, Alex., 16 Church Street
White, James, Bankmore House
White, James, jun., Strand Street
White, Mrs. W., Rusheen, Downshire Road
White, Mrs. Helen, 24 Church Street
White, R. J., Lennox Place
White, Stewart, 12 Trevor Street
White, Wm., 85 High Street
Whitley, Miss Sarah, High Street
Whitley, Miss Sarah, Stewart's Place
Whitely, John, Stewart's Place
Whitten, Mrs., 34 Church Street
Wilkins, Mary Jane, Church Street
Wills, Chas. J., 1 Seapark Terrace
Wilson, Fergus S., Crofto Hall (?)
Wilson, Hugh, Church View
Wilson, Hugh, plumber, Downshire Road
Wilson, James, Church View
Wilson, James, Killop's Place
Wilson, John, Sullivan Street
Wilson, Miss, Alexandra Park
Wilson, Wm., gardener, Downshire Road
Winter, James E., St. Leonard's, Kinnegar
Woods, Adam, Downshire Road
Woods, John, Churchfield
Woods, Thomas, Churchill Terrace
Woods, Wm., 4 Pierview Terrace
Woodside, John, Hill Street
Wright, John, 15 Shore Street
Wright, Robert, Killop's Place
Wylie, J. O., East Hillrook
Wylie, Rev. J. B., Glenburn

Young, Arthur F., Ardagh
Young, E. A., 7 Church Street
Young, Hugh, Ardnagreena
Young, William, Hill Street


Formerly Lowtherstown, is the second largest town in County Fermanagh, situated in the parish of Derryvullen, and barony of Lurg.  There is a good market held every Wednesday and a fair on the 8th of every month.  The town principally consists of one long wide street, and at the extremity stands a high square tower of the old church, on which is erected a good town clock.  The town has recently been bought out from the landlord, each tenant owning his own house, and only paying a small annuity for ground occupied to the Irish Land Commission.  The population in 1911 was 785

Post Office, Church Street - Hugh Clarke, postmaster
Union Workhouse - 18 Electoral Divisions - Joseph Brown, chairman; Mrs. S. A. Aiken, clerk of the union; Acheson Aiken, M.D., medical officer; Robt. Crowe, master; Sarah Graham, matron; Miss Fulton, infirmary nurse; Mrs. Telan, midwife
Local Magistrates - Major C. C. D'Arcy Irvine, Castle Irvine; John Maguire and Ben Bleakley, Irvinestown; John O'Brien, Drumbane
R.I.C. Barracks - Sergeant Ruddock, Inspector of weights and measures
Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - Dr. A. Aiken; assistant and deputy, Robt. Crowe
Courthouse (Petty Sessions), Church Street - John Perry, C.P.S.


Commercial, Main Street (Edward Johnston); Mahon's Hotel, Railway Hotel (John Lee)


Northern Banking Co. Ltd. - W. F. S. Wilkinson, manager; David Tomb, cashier; S. McElroy, accountant


National School, Church Street - Robt. Wilson, master; Mrs. R. Wilson, mistress
National School, Miss Street - Lawrence Clarke, master; Mrs. McGreal, mistress
New Victoria School - Thos. Clarke, master; Miss Clarke, mistress


Church of Ireland - Rev. Canon Nicholson, M.A., rector
Presbyterian Church - Rev. M. Duff
Methodist Church - Rev. William Caldwell
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. W. C. O'Dogherty, P.P., Eglinton Lodge, Irvinstown


Armstrong, John, station master, G.N.R.
Clarke, Laurence, school master
Craig, James, miller


Aiken, John
Lafferty, Mrs., dress maker
McGreal, Constable R.I.C.
McNeil, J., teacher


Aiken, John, cycle and motor agent
Lee, John, publican
Mahon, Joseph, publican
Reid, Harry, railway porter
Valentine, Edward, blacksmith


Anderson, Hamilton, cycle agent and leather merchant
Armstrong Brothers, drapers
Armstrong, Geo., watch maker
Bleakley, Ben., J.P., general merchant
Boyle, J. J., draper
Brown, James, grocer
Campbell, Patrick, grocer
Carson, J. & J., drapers
Cassidy's meat store
Chittick, Geo., publican
Clarke, Hugh, postmaster
Collins, Thos., publican
Creegan, Jas., fish and salt importer
Doherty Bros., horse dealers
Duncan, Wm., auctioneer and insurance agent
Elliott, Mrs. John, grocer
Emery, Oliver, draper
Fenton, William, saddler
Flack, Robt., & Co., publicans and grocers
Gallagher, Francis, dealer
Gallagher, Peter, publican
Gallagher, R., publican and draper
Gillespie, W. J., grocer, etc.
Gilligan, Mrs., fowl dealer
Guy, J. P., grocer
Johnston, Edwd., hotel proprietor and funeral undertaker
Kane, J., fowl dealer
Kane & Co., publicans - Frank Magee, manager
Kearns, H., pension officer
Kerr, W. J., grocer and victualler
Keys, Mrs., grocer and hardware
Lindsay, J. W., insurance agent
Maguire, John, J.P., draper
Maguire, W. P., solicitor
Meneely, Mrs., boarding house
Millar, J., L.P.S.I., chemist and grocer
McGarrity, Edward, fruit and cattle dealer
McGuigan, Nicholas, contractor
McCrea & Co. (Agents "Belfast News-Letter"), General Merchants
McCrossan, Patrick, saddler
McCulgan's, posting establishment
McGarrity, Edward, fruit and cattle dealer
McKenna, Thos., publican and grocer
McMorris, Thomas, grocer
McManus, Thomas, publican
O'Brien, Denis, tailor
Oliver, John, butcher
Perry, John, C.P.S., glass and china warehouse
Ramsey, Fras., grocer
Reid, Miss, draper
Reilly, Hugh, jun., butcher
Reilly, Mary, lodging house
Thompson, J., publican
Tumath, Christy, publican and shipping agent


Allen, Christy, cooper and farmer
Allen, William, farmer
Magee, John, coach builder
McGrath, James, egg buyer
Reilly, Mrs.


Crowe, Robert
Emery, J.
Gilligan, T., fowl and pig dealer
Graham, Miss L.
Hudson, W.
Irwin, W. R., creamery manager
McLear, A., tailor
Nicholson, Rev. W. J., M.A., rector
Ramsey, F., postman
Ramsey, H., cattle dealer
Wilson, Robert, N.T.


Cassidy, Daniel, cattle dealer
Love, Mrs.
McAran, James, builder
McManus, Thos., game dealer and grocer
Sweeney, F., & Sons, coach builders and smiths


Blakley, B., general merchant
Clarke, Thos., school master
Daly, John, boot maker
Irvinestown Co-operative Dairy Society Ltd. - W. R. Irwin, manager
McBride, H., grocer
McBrierty, Mrs., green grocer
O'Flanagan, Mrs., publican
Sweeny, F., blacksmith
Thielan, Mrs., midwife
Wilson, Robert, carpenter


Doherty, B., horse dealer
Doherty, Patrick, horse dealer
Gormley, John, tailor
McSorley, C., tailor


Is a peninsula, seven miles long and about one and a half broad, on the eastern coast of County Antrim, fifteen miles north of Belfast.  It is bounded by Larne Lough on the western side, for more than two thirds of its length.  There are ferries connecting it with Larne Harbour, and one with Magheramorne.  There is a fine new road connecting it with Ballylumsford, is well worth a visit, as also is the rocking stone at Skernaghan Point.  This stone, which is supposed to weigh upwards of ten tons, is said to rock at the approach of criminals.  The object of greatest interest is the Gobbins, which form the eastern boundary of the ancient territory of the Magees, now part of the estates remaining in the possession of the Marquis of Donegal


Post Office, Telegraph, and Savings Bank - Miss A. Dick, postmistress
National Schools - Kilcoan - Dixon Donaldson, principal; Miss Curley, assistant.  Mullaghaduon - Thos. Douther, principal; Mrs. Douther, assistant.  Mullaghboy - John McIlmoyle, principal; Miss E. Kerr, assistant.  Brown's Bay - Miss Nelson, principal.  Ballymoney - J. Irvine, principal
School Attendance Officer - H. Dick, Ballymoney House
Dispensary - Charles Dundee, M.D., J.P., medical officer
Coastguard Station (Portmuck) - John Buckley, chief officer
St. John's Masonic Lodge No. 162 - Bro. Robert Dick, W.M.; Br. Robert Adair, secretary
Royal Black Chapter (Islandmagee), No. 324 - Meets in Islandmagee Orange Hall, Thursday after full moon each month - Sir Knights Robert Blair, R.W.M.; John Greenfield, registrar
Orange Lodge No. 19632 - Alexander McCosh, W.M.; Alexander McIlwaine, secretary
East Antrim Women's Unionist Association (Islandmagee Branch) - President, Mrs. McCalmont; treasurer, Miss Orr; secretary, Mrs. Hunter
Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths - Charles Dundee, M.D., J.P., Red hall, Ballycarry


Church of Ireland - Rev. Richardson, rector, Kilroot House; Rev. ? Stone, curate
First Presbyterian Church, Kilcoan - Rev, D. Steen, B.A.  Second Presbyterian Church, Mullaghboy - Rev. H. H. Macready, D.A.
Chester Avenue Presbyterian Puritan Church, in connection with 2nd Islandmagee - Minister, Rev. Mr. Rea, Cable Road, Whitehead
Methodist Church - Rev. T. C. Elliott, The Gobbins


Adair, Robert, Kilcoanbeg
Adam, James, Gransha
Adrain, Jane, Balloo
Agnew, Mrs. Mary J., Woodbine Cottage
Agnew, Samuel, mariner, Temple Effin
Aicken, James, coal merchant, Millbay
Aiken, Robert, sailor, Temple Effin
Alexander, Jas., Drumagarland
Alexander, John, Carnspindle
Alexander, Mrs., Mullaghdubh House
Alexander, William, Ballydown
Alexander, Wm., Ballymoney
Allen, James, Langdale
Allen, Joseph, Cloughfin
Anderson, Joseph, Ballycroanbeg
Armour, James, Kilcoanmore
Armour, Samuel, Kilcoanmore
Arthur, A. McG., master mariner, Mullaghboy
Arthur, Jas., master mariner, Langdale House
Arthurs, James, publican, Millbay
Arthurs, Jane, Ballytober
Arthurs, Robert, Ballytober
Arthurs, S. J., master mariner, St. John's Cottage
Auld, Margaret, Port Davey. Telephone No. Whitehead 25

Baird, Emily H., Gobbins Lodge, Cloughfin
Baird, William, Cloughfin
Barlow, John J., Ballylumford
Blades, Henry B., Ballymoney
Blair, James, Ballypriormore
Blair, Samuel T., Carnspindle
Blair, Thomas, farmer, Ballytober
Bell, John, farmer, Dundressan
Bell, John, farmer, Dundressan
Bell, Mrs. Mary S., Millbay
Bell, R. D., Gransha; res., Prince's Street, Belfast
Bowen, George, Cloughfin
Bowen, Thomas, Cloughfin
Boyd, James, Gransha
Boyd, J., Erection
Boyd, Margaret, Balloo
Boyd, Robert, Mullaghdubh
Boyd, Samuel, Spring Cottage
Boyd, William, Ballymoney
Boyle, Mitchell, Ballylumford
Braiden, Wm. J., Drumagurland
Brennan, Henry, farmer, Gransha
Brennan, John, Forde Cottage, Ballystrudder
Brennan, Mrs. Isabella, Gransha
Brennan, Mrs. Sarah, Gransha
Brennan, Robert, farmer, Gransha
Brennan, W. K., Gransha
Brown, Arthur, sailor, Sunnyside
Brown, Thomas Hill, Gobbins, Balloo
Browne, Mary, Ballypriorbeg
Browne, Miss E., Spring Vale
Browne, Mrs., Balloo
Browne, Mrs., Bayview, Mullaghduhh (Mullaghdubh)
Browne, Robert, Ballyharry
Browne, Sara, Castletown
Browne, W. T., farmer, Mullaghdubh
Browne, William, farmer, Loughford
Buckley, John, Portmuck
Burns, Jennie, Ballytober
Burns, Thomas, Ballytober
Burton, John, Ballyharry
Busby, James, Kilcoanmore
Busby, John, postman, Kilcoan
Busby, Thomas, Brayhead, Mullaghdubh
Busby, Wm. J., sailor, Gransha
Butler, William, Ballylumford

Caldwell, Samuel, Ballykeel
Cameron, James, Cloughfin
Cameron, James, jun., Cloughfin
Cameron, John, Temple Effin
Cameron, John, sen., Temple Effin
Cameron, Miss, dress maker, Mulaghdubh (Mullaghdubh)
Cameron, Robert, Cloughfin
Cameron, Thomas, Longford
Cameron, William, Castletown
Campbell, Alexander, dealer, Dundressan
Campbell, Andrew, Ballymuldrough
Campbell, John C., tailor, Carnspindle
Campbell, Margaret, Dundressan
Campbell, Robert, Ballymuldrough
Campbell, R. J., Ballymuldrough
Campbell, Thomas, Mullaghboy
Campbell, William, Ballymoney
Campbell, Wm., master mariner, Mullaghboy
Chisholm, Wm., master mariner, Balticville, Cloughfin
Clarke, Joseph, Kilcoanmore
Coburn, Andrew, Gransha
Coburn, Thomas, Ballydown
Colville, James, Ballymoney
Colville, John, Ballymuldrough
Connelly, Daniel, Cloughfin
Connor, Saml., Temple Effin
Coyle, John, Ballymuldrough
Craig, Ellen, Ballyharry
Craig, John, Drumnagurland
Craig, Mary, Cloughfin
Crawford, Fredk., Cloughfin; res., Belfast
Crawford, John C., Ballylumford
Crawford, Saml., Ballylumford; res., Larne
Crooks, Wm., Castletown
Cuthbert, Walter, Gransha

Davidson, John, Ballykeel
Davidson, Susan, Ballykeel
Dawson, John, Carnspindle
Dick, Francis, Mullaghboy
Dick, Hugh, Ballymoney House
Dick, James, Mullaghboy
Dick, Jane, Mullaghboy
Dick, John, D.C., Mount Pleasant, Port Muck
Dick, John, Loughford
Dick, John, joiner, Erection Cottage, Gransha
Dick, Mary, Kilcoan
Dick, Robert, Mullaghboy
Dick, R., ferryman, Ballylumford
Dick, Robert, builder, Cloughfin
Dick, Robert, master mariner, Kilcoanbeg
Dick, Thomas, Mullaghboy
Dick, Thomas, Ballylumford
Donald, Edward, Kilcoanbeg
Donald, Robert H., Mullaghboy
Donaldson, Dixon, Gransha
Donaldson, John, jun., Ballycronanmore
Donaldson, Jane, Ballycronanmore
Donaldson, Mrs., Ballycronanmore
Donnell, Patrick, Temple Effin
Donnelly, Thomas, Carnspindle
Donovan, James, Portmuck
Dowther Bros., builders and contractors
Douther, James, Ballytober
Douther, John, Ballycronanmore
Douther, Mrs. Jane, Hollow Farm, Brown's Bay
Duff, James, Ballykeel
Duff, John A., Downshire Cottages, Ballystrudder
Duff, John A., Loughford, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News." Res., Causeway Villas, Ballycarry. Telephone No. Whitehead 27
Duff, Samuel, sailor, Ballymuldrough
Duff, Samuel, Cloughfin
Duffy, Jane, Ballymuldrough
Dundee, Charles, M.D., J.P., Red Hall, Ballycarry
Dunleavy, George, Ballylumford

Earls, Isabella, Gransha
Earls, James, D.C., Gransha
Earls, Miss Letitia, grocer, Mullaghboy
Ellison, Wm., Mullaghboy
English, Alexander, Fairview, Castletown; res., Bentra, Ballycarry
English, John A., Ballycronanbeg
English, Margaret, Ballycronanbeg
English, Mrs., Ballylumford
English, Robert, Ballydown
Esler, Mrs., Balloo
Esler, William, Balloo
Esler, Wm. J., Ballymoney

Faulkner, Mrs., Mullaghboy
Ferguson, Daniel, master mariner, Rose Lawn, Ballystrudder
Ferguson, Mrs. Jane, nurse, Ballykeel
Ferguson, Wm., master mariner, Downshire
Ferris, Robert Thos., Ballylumford
Flack, Isabella, Ballymoney
Fleck, James, Mullaghboy
Fleck, John, Ballydown
Forbes, Arthur, Ballymuldrough
Forbes, Jane, Castletown
Forde, Arch., Kilcoan
Forsythe, Alex., Ballycronanmore
Forsythe, Mrs. Samuel, Cloughfin
Forsythe, Samuel, Mullaghboy
Forsythe, Wm., Mullaghboy
Forsythe, ?, manager, Kilcoan Lime Quarries
Fullerton, John, farmer, Kilcoanmore
Fullerton, Robert, Kilcoanmore

George, Archibald, Ballytober
Gettinby, James, Kilcoan
Gettinby, John, mariner, Kilcoan
Gibson, Wm., Ballyharry
Gillespie, Mary, Carnspindle
Gillespie, Nancy, Ballylumford
Grant, Robert, Mullaghdubh
Gray, Wm., Carnspindle
Greenfield, Mrs. E., Loughford
Greer, Wm., Lower Temple Effin
Grey, Susan, Mullaghboy

Hagan, Daniel Gransha
Hagan, Mrs., Castleton
Hagan, Thomas, Oak Cottage, Ballystrudder
Hagan, W. S., sailor, Ballystrudder House
Hamilton, Alex., Ballyharry
Hamilton, A., master mariner, Ballytober
Hamilton, Geo., sailor, Ballyharry
Hamilton, Gilbert, car owner, Kilcoan
Hamilton, Jas., master mariner, Ballytober
Hamilton, Thos., sailor, Carnspindle
Hanvey, Mrs., Kilcoan
Hanvey, Richard, Ballymuldrough
Hanvey, Wm., Ballyharry
Haveron, Mrs. Jane, Loughforde
Hawkines, Wm. Jas., grocer, Ballystrudder
Hawthorne, James, Balloo
Hawthorne, James, Temple Effin
Hawthorne, Jane, Ballymuldrough
Hawthorne, John, Acre House, Mullaghdubh
Hawthorne, Mary, Ballymuldrough
Hawthorne, Thomas, Ballymoney
Hawthorne, Thos., Mullaghdubh
Hawthorne, William, Balloo
Hay, Jane, Castletown
Hayter, Herbert, Portmuck
Hazelton, Rev. Edwd., Sunbrae, Drumgurland; res., The Mount, Belfast
Heddles, Daniel, Ballymoney
Heddles, Mrs. Susan, Isle House, Cloughfin
Heddles, Mrs., Gransha
Haddles, Robert, Balloo
Heggan, Wm., Gransha
Henderson, Isabella, Cloughfin
Henderson, Robert, Cloughfin
Higginson, William, Dundressan
Hill, Annie, Mullaghdubh
Hill, Arthur, Kilcoanmore
Hill, James, farmer, Ballykeel
Hill, John, Portmuck
Hill, John, Hill's Port, Ballykeel
Hill, John, farmer, Carnspindle
Hill, M. H., farmer, Drumagurland
Hill, Robert John, Cloughfin
Hill, Robert, farmer, Clover Vale, Ballypriorbeg
Hill, Thomas, Ballykeel
Hill, Thomas, farmer, Gransha
Hill, Thomas, farmer, Ballykeel
Hill, Thomas Drumagurland
Hill, Thomas B., Kilcoanmore
Hill, William, Portmuck
Holmes, Agnes, Ballycronanmore
Holmes, David, farmer, Ballycronanmore
Holmes, E. H., The Gobbins, Balloo
Holmes, Isabel E., Ballytober; res., Belfast
Holmes, Mariott, Balloo
Hopkins, Elizabeth, Ballycronanmore
Houston, Elizabeth J., Mona View
Houston, Fred., carrier, Ballystrudder
Houston, Robert, farmer, Cloughfin
Houston, Samuel, Ballykeel
Huggan, Mary, Drumgarland
Hunter, Annie, Castletown
Hunter, Nathaniel, New Church, Ballyharry

Irvine, H. J., teacher, Ballymoney
Irvine, Robert, Mount Pleasant
Irvine, William, Ballytober
Irvine, Wm., Boghall

Jackson, Andrew, Drumagurland
Jackson, George A., Ballydown
Jackson, James, sailor, Ballyprior
Jackson, Lizzie, Kilcoanbeg
Jackson, Luke, Jackson Vale, Ballypriormore
Jackson, Mrs. Mary, Gransha
Jackson, Thomas, Millbay, Carnspindle
Johnston, Agnes, nurse, Ballykeel
Johnston, James, Ballykeel
Johnston, Mrs. Agnes, Ballykeel
Johnston, M. J., grocer, Loughford, Ballystrudder
Johnston, Robert, sen, Ballykeel
Johnston, Robert, jun., sailor, Ballykeel
Johnston, Samuel, Temple Effin
Johnston, Wm. Jas., Clonallen; res., Knocknagulliagh
Jones, Andrew, Ballymoney
Jones, Edward, Mullaghdubh
Jones, Jas. J., Mullaghboy
Jones, John, van man, Cloughfin
Jones, John A., Mullaghboy

Kain, George, sailor, Mullaghdoo
Kain, Sarah J., Mullaghboy
Kain, Sarah, Gransha
Kane, Andrew, Mullaghdubh
Kane, Daniel, Kilcoanbeg
Kane, Eliza, Mullaghdoo
Kane, James, Ballytober
Kane, James, Ballykeel
Kane, James, jun., Mullaghboy
Kane, Jane, Ballystrudder
Kane, John, sailor, Millbay, Carnspindle
Kane, John, Mullaghboy
Kane, John, sailor, Mullaghdubh
Kane, Robt. J., Gransha
Kane, Thos., Mullaghboy
Kane, Thos., farmer, Ballytober
Kane, Wm., farmer, Barney's Point
Kane, Wm., Ballykeel
Kelly, Jane, Rose Place
Kennedy, James, Castletown
Kennedy, Wm., Castletown
Kerr, Alex., Mullaghboy
Kerr, David, Mullaghboy
Kerr, George, Drumgurland
Kerr, Hugh, Ballydown
Kerr, James, Carnspindle
Kerr, John, grocer, Mullaghboy
Kerr, Thos., Drumagurland

Laird, James, farmer, Ballyharry
Lavelle, Peter, Castletown
Laverty, William, Ballykeel
Legge, Oscar, Gransha
Lewis, Ellen, Ballykeel
Long, Bessie, Mrs., Ballymuldrough
Long, Henry, Gransha
Long, John, tailor, Ballykeel
Long, Margaret, Mullaghdubh
Long, Robert, farmer, Ballystrudder
Long, Wm., farmer, Gransha
Lusk, James, master mariner, Drumgurland

Magill, Agnes, Millbay
Magill, James, farmer, Gransha
Magill, Patrick, Ballyharry
Magowan, Ellen, Ballylumford
Mann, David, sailor, Ballydown
Mann, Isabella, Cloughfin
Mann, Joseph, sailor, Cloughfin
Mann, Martha, Ballytober
Mann, Mary, Gransha
Mann, Mrs. Agnes, Cloughfin
Mann, Mary, Millbay, Carnspindle
Mann, Mrs. Eliza Mary, Corner House
Mann, Mrs. Ellen
Mann, William, farmer, Cloughfin
Mann, Wm., master mariner, Millbay
Martin, Mrs., music teacher, Rose Place
Martin, R., 2 Rose Place
Matier, Mary, dress maker, Mullaghdubh
Mawhinney, Mrs., Bogside House, Ballymoney
Mawhinney, Wm., farmer, Ballypriormore
Millar, Wm. S., Laurel Place, Gransha
Milliken, Alex., Ballymoney
Milliken, James, Millbay
Milliken, Jane, Temple Effin
Milliken, Mary, Loughlands, Upper Gransha
Milliken, Saml., master mariner, Temple Effin
Milliken, Sarah, Ballymoney
Milliken, T., J.P., Loughhead
Milliken, W. M., Ashmore
Mitchell, Hamilton, Boghall
Mitchell, R. H., blacksmith, Boghall
Montgomery, Hugh, Ballycronanbeg
Montgomery, Hugh, Drumgurland
Montgomery, Hugh, Ballyharry
Montgomery, James, Drumagurland
Montgomery, John, Drumagurland
Montgomery, Martha, Carnspindle
Montgomery, Mary, Drumagurland
Montgomery, Thomas, Ballydown
Montgomery, Thomas, Ballycronanbeg
Moody, William, Ballyharry
Moore, Martha, Ballytober
Moore, William, Castletown
Morrow, Andrew, Kilcoanmore
Morrow, William, Carnspindle
Murphy, Alex., Ballyharry

McAlister, Edward, Hollow House, Ballycronanmore
McAlister, Nathaniel, blacksmith, Portmuck
McCafferty, James, Kilcoanmore
McCafferty, John, Ballydown
McCafferty, Thomas, Kilcoanmore
McCallion, John, Thornhill, Lempleeffin (Temple Effin)
McCalmont, Alex., Portmuck
McCalmont, Alex., Dundressan
McCalmont, Andrew, Dundressan
McCalmont, Hugh, Mullaghboy
McCalmont, James, Ballymoney
McCalmont, James, Portmuck
McCalmont, James, Mullaghboy
McCalmont, Jane, Gransha
McCalmont, John, Drumgurland
McCalmont, Robert, Mullaghboy
McCalmont, Wm., Ballydown
McCauley, Robert, mariner, Thornhill House
McCauley, Samuel, Mullaghdoo
McCauley, Sarah, Thornhill House
McClelland, James, Portmuck
McClelland, Margaret, Ballycronanbeg
McClelland, Margaret, Ballydown
McClelland, S., farmer, Portmuck
McClenaghan, James, Ballypriorbeg
McClenaghan, R., carpenter, Ballykeel
McCrea, Mrs. Jenny, Cloughfin
McCready, Maggie, Ballylumford
McCready, Rev. Henry H., The Manse
McDonald, John, Mullaghboy
McFerran, Margaret, Castletown
McFerran, Mrs., Clan-Ferran
McGarrell, Samuel, Temple Effin
McGladdery, David, Ashdale, Upper Gransha
McGowan, Annie, Cloughfin
McGowan, Arthur, Cloughfin
McGowan, James, Castletown
McGowan, Mrs. C., Ballykeel
McGowan, Robert, Balloo
McGrady, James, Cloughfin
McIlgoram, Samuel, Ballycronanmore
McIlmoyle, John, Ballypriormore
McIlroy, John, Dundressan
McIlwain, Andrew, Kilcoanbeg
McIlwain, A., sailor, Erection Villas
McIlwaine, Andrew, postman, New Church, Kilcoanmore
McIlwaine, Hugh, Carnspindle
McIlwaine, Hugh, Castletown
McIlwaine, James, Mullaghboy
McIlwaine, James, master mariner, Carnspindle
McIlwaine, John, Carnspindle
McIlwaine, Margaret, Kilcoanmore
McKay, Hugh, Carnspindle
McKay, James D., Ballycronanmore
McKay, John, New Church
McKay, Mrs. M. J., Ballyharry
McKay, Robert, Kilcoanmore
McKay, William, Ballycronanbeg
McKay, Wm., New Church
McKean, Charles L., Ballydown; res., Larne
McKean, Mrs., Sea View House
McKean, Thomas, Ballycronanbeg
McKean, Wm., Ballycronanbeg
McKee, James, farmer, Gransha
McKinstry, James, postman, Ballylumford
McKinstry, John, jun., Ballylumford
McKinstary, Wm., Ballylumford
McMaster, Arthur, Mullaghdubh
McMaster, Eliza, Drumagurland
McMaster, W. J., farmer, Cloughfin
McMaster, W., master mariner, Gransha
McMaw, Robert, farmer, Dundressan
McMaw, Robert, jun., Ballylumford
McMeekin, Mrs., Loughford
McMurtry, Eliza, Mullaghboy
McMurtry, Hugh, Castletown
McMurtry, James, Kilcoanbeg
McMurtry, Mrs., Ballydown
McMurtry, Robt., Strathmore Cottage
McMurtry, Samuel, Ballycronanmore
McMurtry, William, Gransha
McNeilly, Annie, Mullaghboy
McNeilly, Andrew, Mullaghboy
McNeilly, John, Mullaghboy
McVeigh, Wm., Carnspindle
McWilliams, Fullerton, Hunterstown, Ballycronabeg; res., Larne

Napier, John, Ballylumford
Napier, Lizzie, Ballydown
Nelson, Andrew, Gransha
Nelson, John, Ballyharry
Nelson, Robert W., Gransha
Niblock, Alex., Mullaghdubh
Niblock, Alex., jun., Acre House
Niblock, Andrew, Mullaghdubh
Niblock, Jas., sailor, Hillcrest, Mullaghdubh
Niblock, John, sailor, Ballykeel
Niblock, F. W., farmer, Gransha
Niblock, Miss Annie, Mullaghdubh
Niblock, William, Auldersyde, Cloughfin
Nicholl, James, Kilcoanmore
Nicholl, James, Kilcoanmore
Nicholson, John, Gransha
Noble, James, Portmuck
North, Ebenezer G., Portmuck
Noteman, W., farmer, Ballyharry
Nugent, Wm. S., Castletown

Orr, Ellen Jane, Ballymoney
Orr, Ephraim, Ballymuldrough
Orr, Miss, Oak Cottage, Ballystrudder
Orr, R. James, J.P., farmer, Greenoge, Ballykeel

Parke, Thomas, Ballylumford
Patterson, Patrick, master tailor, Ballystrudder
Picken, Alex., Loughford, Ballystrudder
Pollin, Nathan, blacksmith, Mullaghboy
Purdy, John, Kilcoan

Quaite, Hugh, blacksmith, Gransha
Quaite, John, farmer, Gransha

Rea, Mrs. Jennie, Ballykeel
Ross, Elizabeth, The Park, Ballymoney
Ross, James, Ballymoney
Ross, Jane, Mullaghboy
Ross, Jennie, Mullaghdubh
Ross, John, jun., Carnspindle
Ross, John, sen., butcher, Mullaghboy
Ross, John A., Ballymourey (Ballymoney?)
Ross, Mary, Mullaghboy
Ross, Mary, Temple Effin
Ross, Matthew, Ballyharry
Ross, Mrs., Ballykeel
Ross, Robert, Ballydown
Ross, Robert, ferryman, Millbay
Ross, Robt., farmer, Ballymoney
Ross, Samuel, Ballydown
Ross, Thomas, grocer, Gransha
Ross, Thos., Mullaghdubh
Russell, B., Clonallon

Scarlett, J., Loughford
Shanks, Samuel, van man, Loughford
Shaw, Mrs., Fern Cottage
Smiley, Alex., The Gobbins; res., Ivybank, Tower Road, Larne
Smiley, Hugh H., Ballylumford; res., Dromain, Larne
Smith, Jane, Gransha
Smyth, Andrew, Mullaghboy
Smyth, Charles B., farmer, Cragoran, Ballypriorbeg
Smyth, Edward C., Ballypriorbeg
Smyth, Mary, nurse, Kilcoan
Smyth, Robert J., Drumgurland
Smyth, Sarah, Ballyprior
Smyth, Thomas, Castletown
Snoddy, Robert, Cloughfin
Sparkes, Edward, Temple Effin
Steele, Miss, Mount Pleasant, Mullaghdubh
Steen, Rev. D., The Manse, Ballyharry
Steenson, John, Ballypriorbeg
Stewart, George, Mullaghdubh
Stewart, Jane, Millbay
Stewart, Mrs., Maxwellsknow
Stewart, Sarah, Millbay, Carnspindle
Stewart, William, Carnspindle
Strahan, Agnes, Gransha
Strahan, Robt., grocer, Ballyharry

Teer, James, Ballycronanmore
Templeton, David, Portmuck
Templeton, Ellen Jane, Mullaghboy
Templeton, Hugh, Mullaghboy
Templeton, James, Mullaghboy
Templeton, James, Mullaghboy
Templeton, Jane. Ballymoney
Templeton, John, Ballycronanmore
Templeton, John, Mullaghboy
Templeton, Mary, Mullaghboy
Templeton, Mary A., Portmuck
Templeton, Robert, Dundressan
Templeton, Robert, Ballycronanmore
Templeton, Samuel, Drumagurland
Templeton, William, Portmuck
Thompson, Annie, Gransha
Thompson, Mary, Gransha
Thompson, Mrs., Cloughfin
Toal, Martha Ann, Mullaghdoo
Treeby, John J., Ballylumford
Tweed, Wm., Boghead, Ballypriormore

Walsh, David, Gransha
White, Henry, Balloo
Wilson, Alfred, postman, Loughford
Wilson, Andrew, farmer, Gransha
Wilson, Ellen, Ballykeel
Wilson, Hugh, Ballymuldrough
Wilson, John, Ballyharry
Wilson, Margaret, Ballymuldrough
Wilson, Mary, Mullaghdubh
Wilson, Matilda, Ballykeel
Wilson, Mrs., Temple Effin
Wilson, Robert, Carnspindle
Wisnom, R. J., Clan-Ferran
Woods, Mitchell, Castletown
Woods, Philip, Ballylumford
Woodside, Isaac, Ballykeel
Wright, Andrew, Mullaghboy
Wright, James, Mullaghboy
Wright, James, car owner, Drumgurland
Wright, James, sen., Mullaghboy
Wright, Thomas, master mariner, Tearooms, Gransha
Wylie, James, Castletown