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1918 Belfast Street Directory

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Londonderry   Loughbrickland   Loughgall   Lurgan


Is a maritime city and parliamentary borough in County Londonderry, ninety-three miles N.W. by W. from Belfast, comprising an area of about 600 acres within its municipal boundary.  The city is situated on a hill 119 feet above high water, projecting into the western side of the River Foyle, and is surrounded by an ancient rampart, a mile in circumference, with seven gates.  As a business and a manufacturing city and seaport, it is of much importance.  The original name, Daire Calgaic, or place of Oaks, was first Anglicised Derry, and the prefix of London was added by charter of James I., 1613, on the incorporation of the Irish Society, who colonised the district.  In 1689 it successfully sustained a desperate siege, protracted for 105 days, by the army of James II.  The guns used on this memorable occasion are preserved, and the principal one, "Roaring Meg," 11 feet long, 4 feet 6 inches in circumference, and others, are still to be seen on the walls, which remain almost as perfect as when built, more than two centuries ago.  The public buildings, the ecclesiastical edifices, the Walker Monument, and the situation of the city, being a "city on a hill," give Londonderry a most effectively picturesque appearance.  In the Royal Bastion there is a tall Doric column supporting a statue, erected in memory of the Rev. George Walker, Governor of the city during the siege of 1688-9.  A statue of Sir Robert Ferguson, who represented the city in Parliament for many years, stands in the Diamond, at the head of Shipquay Street.  Fairs are held on the first Wednesday in each month, the 17th June, the 4th September, and 17th October.  Markets are held every weekday for butchers' meat, fish, pork, vegetables, eggs, poultry, fruit, butter, meal, potatoes, and flax.  The principal market days are Wednesdays and Saturdays.  The market accommodation in the city is excellent.  The Bank of Ireland, the Provincial, Belfast, Ulster, Northern, and Hibernian Banks have branches here.  The Savings Bank was established in 1813.  An extensive emigration takes place through this port from all parts of Ireland, chiefly to the United States and Canada.  The population at the last census was 40,779. an increase of 2.3 per cent. on the number in 1901.  The shops' half-holiday is on Thursday, except for hardware merchants, which is on Saturday


St. Columb Cathedral, founded by the London Corporation, 1628 - The Right Rev. Jos. Irvine Peacock, Lord Bishop of Derry and Raphoe; Very Rev. Richard Hayes, B.D., Dean of Derry and Rector of the Parish of Templemore; Rev. Richd. Scandrett, B.A., and Rev. David H. Chillingworth, B.A., curates.  Parish Clerk and Apparitor of Bishop's Court - W. H. Campbell, Abercorn Terrace
St. Augustine's Church (entrance on Mall Wall) - Rev. Thos. Baird, B.D., incumbent
Christ Church, Great James' Street - Rev. Canon J. W. McQuaide, B.A., incumbent; curates, Rev. Robert Watson, B.A., and Rev. J. A. Davidson, M.A.
All Saints' Church, Waterside - Rev. W. F. H. Garstin, M.A.; curate, Rev. J. Jennings, B.A.
Glendermott Parish Church - Rev. T. A. H. Moriarty, M.A.
First Presbyterian Church, Meeting-house Row - Rev. Jas. McGranahan, D.D.; Second, Strand - Rev. J. Carson Greer, M.A.  Third, Great James's Street - Rev. Jas. Thompson, D.D.  Fourth - Carlisle Road, Rev. J. Huey, M.A., B.D.  Claremont - Rev. G. D. Millar.  Clooney - Rev. John Stuart, LL.D.  Ebrington - Rev. Leslie Rankin
Reformed Presbyterian Church, Clarendon Street - Dev. (Rev.) David Calderwood, B.A.
Congregational Church, Great James Street - Rev. David Dale
Methodist Church, Carlisle Road - Rev. W. W. Hutchinson
Methodist City Mission - Rev. Herbert H. Cornish
St. Eugene's Roman Catholic Cathedral - Most Rev. Charles McHugh, D.D., Bishop; Rev. Laurence Hegarty, adm.; Rev. H. McGlynn, Rev. John McGettigan, C.C., and Rev. John O'Doherty, C.C.
Roman catholic Chapel, Longtown - William O'Neill, adm.; Rev. Walter J. O'Neill, C.C.; Rev. Michael Smyth, and Rev. Charles H. Kerlin
Waterside Roman Catholic Chapel - Right Rev. W. B. McFeely, D.D., adm.; Rev. Patrick Devlin, C.C.; rev. P. Kelly, C.C.; and Rev. P. Maben, C.C.
Salvation Army Hall, Carlisle Road and Spencer Road


Deputy-Lieutenants - The Right Honourable The Earl of Leitrim, H.M.L., Mulroy, Co. Donegal; Guy Perceval Morrish, Shantallard, Londonderry; John R. Hastings, D.L., Foyle Street, Londonderry; Sir. Wm. McLean, Buncrana; and Charles O'Neill, Ardowen, Northland Road, Londonderry
Member of Parliament - Sir James B. Dougherty, Ratheigh, Killiney, Co. Dublin
High Sheriff - Hugh T. Barrie, M.P.
Under Sheriff - Alwyn S. Craig, Shipquay Street, Londonderry
Mayor of the City - Alderman, Robert N. Anderson, Victoria Park, Londonderry
Recorder of the City - His Hon. Andrew Todd, K.C., LL.D.
Resident Magistrate - William Johnston McKnight Hardy, Deanfield, Londonderry
City Magistrates - Wm. Austin, Foyle Street; T. G. Bible, London Street, and Templemore Park; Patrick Breslin, Ferryquay Street; John Brown, Clarendon Street; D. C. Campbell, North Quay; John Coyle, Dublin; James Craig, M.D., Carlisle Road; W. Donnell, Foyle Street; J. R. Hastings, D.L., Foyle Street; M. C. Hime, LL.D., Buncrana; Sir J. B. Johnston, Great James Street; Geo. B. McCaul, M.B., Clarendon Street; Alexander McCay, Ferryquay Street; Thomas McCallion, Bishop Street; Neil McColgan, Marlborough Street; Sir J. Acheson MacCullagh, M.D., Lisgorm, Galway; Thomas McCully, Victoria Road; Michael McDevitt, Spencer Road; Sir John McFarland, Bart., Aberfoyle, Strand Road; Fras. McLaughlin, M.D., Carlisle Road; Sir Wm. McLearn, D.L., Buncrana; J. H. Pollock, Ferryquay Street; Ferryquay Street; Michael O'Kane, M.B., Clarendon Street; Patk. O'Kane, Foyle Street; William Phillips, Deanfield; Robert Roulston, Strand Road; Blair Smith, Lawrence Street; Dr. H. E. Taaffe, Great James Street; John Patk. Thompson, Ferryquay Street; Hugh Walsh, The Diamond; Thos. White, Castle Street; Robt. Wilson, Clooney terrace; Alexr. Maclean, Carlisle Road; W. McGahey, Fountain Street; Henry Keown, Castle Street; Dr. Mullan, Carlisle Road; Andrew Johnston, Northland Road; Patrick Shiel, Foyle Street; Evan Richards, William Street; George J. Scott, The Demesne; Hugh Barr, Great James Street; John Logue, Spencer Road; J. D. McCafferty, Magazine Street; Neal McCarron, Bishop Street; Dr. J. F. McMonagle, Clarendon Street; Jas. Anderson, Aberfoyle Terrace
Port and Harbour Commissioners - Chairman, Robt. Watson, J.P.; secretary, Robt. S. Cripps; harbour master, Wm. Hamilton, Harbour Office
Bridge Commissioners - Secretary and superintendent, W. H. Chadwick
Customs and Excise, Custom-House, Prince's Quay - H. Morphy (Murphy), collector; surveyors, A. Spencer and J. Adams
City Fire Brigade - Station, Hawkins Street - Superintendent, James Trimble; firemen, Wm. Walker and Robert H. Smith; engineer, H. McClay; auxiliary firemen, Wm. Morrison, Wm. Beattie, David Archibald, John Molloy, Wm. Jarvis, John Rollo, James Allen, and Richard Williams
County Infirmary (head of Great James Street) - J. G. Cooke, house surgeon; W. H. Chadwick, secretary
General Post Office, Customhouse Street - R. W. Keogh, postmaster
Union Workhouse, Waterside - Chairman, Dr. Thos. McLaughlin; vice-chairman, A. J. Irwin, B.A.; deputy vice-chairman, Jas. Hatrick, J.P.; deputy vice-chairman, Miss O'Neill; clerk and returning officer, A. W. Perry.  Medical Officer - D. J. Browne, M.D.  Chaplains - Rev. W. F. H. Garstin, M.A., Church of Ireland; rev. W. A. Park, B.D., Presbyterian; Rev. W. B. McFeely, D.D., Adm., Roman Catholic Treasurer - Belfast Banking Co. Ltd.  Master - Saml. McCurdy.  Matron - Miss McCay.  School Master - Hugh O'Donnell.  School Mistress - M. McCurdy.  Relieving Officer - J. Foster
City of Derry Dispensary, William Street - Medical officers - No. 1 district, H. W. Cuningham, M.D.; No. 2 district, James Craig, M.D.
Glendermott Dispensary, Waterside - Medical officer - Dr. A. Malseed
Lunatic Asylum, Strand Road and Gransha - Charles E. Hetherington, M.D., M.Ch., A.B., T.C.D., physician, superintendent; assistant medical officer, John Watson, M.B., Ch.B.; temporary assistants, Drs. Henry R. Peyton and William C. Thompson; Miss Margaret Caughey, matron; Samuel Haire, clerk; chaplains, Rev. Canon J. W. McQuaide, M.A., and Rev. W. F. H. Garstin, M.A., Church of Ireland; Rev. Samuel Semple and Rev. G. D. Millar, Presbyterian; Rev. Laurence Hegarty, Adm., Roman Catholic.  Gransha - Church of Ireland - Rev. W. F. H. Garstin.  Presbyterian - Rev. Samuel Semple.  Roman catholic - Rev. W. B. McFeely, Adm.
H.M. Prison, Bishop Street (without) - W. Morton, governor - J. J. Clare, chief warder; M. H. Monteith, clerk.  Chaplains - Very Rev. Richard Hayes, Dean of Derry, Church of Ireland; Rev. Samuel Patton, Presbyterian; Rev. Wm. O'Neill, Adm., Roman Catholic
Londonderry Cemetery, Lone Moor - Superintendent and registrar of Burials - William Lindsay
Savings Bank, Bank Place - Belfast Banking Co. Ltd., treasurers; James A. Williams, secretary and actuary; R. G. Morrison, accountant
Bank of Ireland - J. A. Chestnut, manager
Belfast Banking Co. - John McClatchie, manager
Northern Banking Co. - T. J. Gilchrist, manager
Provincial Bank - Alex. Erskine, manager
Ulster Banking Co. - C. H. Hunter, manager


Agent for Lloyd's and for the Liverpool Association of Underwriters - T. H. Corbett, Shipquay Street
Agent for Hon. the Irish Society - E. M. F. G. Boyle, Limavady and St. Columb's Court, Londonderry
City and County Analyst - Professor Leebody, M.A., D.Sc., F.I.C., Magee College
Collectors of City Rates - Hardress E. Waller, and W. S. McDermott, Castle Street
Commissioners for taking Affidavits for His Majesty's High Court of Justice in Ireland - W. J. Donnell, Castle Street; George J. Scott, Guildhall; R. J. Aiken, Shipquay Street; Joseph Alexander, LL.D., Castle Street; James O'Doherty, 26 Shipquay Street; M. McDaid, Windsor Terrace
Consuls - France - Michael J. Macdevette, Foyle Street.  Russia and Greece - Alexander Noble, Prince's Quay.  Spain - Patrick O'Kane, J.P., Foyle Street, vice-consul.  Denmark - T. H. Corbett, Shipquay Street.  Netherlands - Marshall Donnell, Foyle Street.  Sweden - A. W. Dunn, Waterloo Place, vice-consul.  Norway - Wm. McDonnell, J.P., Foyle Street, vice-consul.  United States of America - Philip O'Hagan, Strand Road
Coroners - Dr. Michael O'Kane, J.P., Clarendon Street, Dr. Thos. MacLaughlin, Shipquay Street
Constabulary - County Inspector, Edward G. Cary.  District Inspector, J. F. Ryan; Head constables, Cornelius O'Donohue & W. A. Ballantine, Strand Road; sergeants (Waterside), John Quinlivan, Thomas Bennett.  Victoria Barrack, Sergeant Flannery.  Rosemount, Sergeants J. J. Grimshaw and Bannon.  Bishop Street - Sergeant R. J. Browne.  Lecky Road - Sergeants Patrick Sherlock and J. Higgins.  Sergeant in charge of lock-up - A. H. Macartney
District Registry of the Probate and Matrimonial Division of the High Court of Justice, Bishop Street - District Registrar, Howard A. Nelson, J.P.
District Registrars of Births and Deaths - No. 1, H. W. Cunningham, M.D.; office, Dispensary, William Street; deputy, John Foster.  No. 2, Dr. J. Craig, Carlisle Road; deputy, John Foster, William Street; Waterside - Dr. Alfred Malseed; deputy, Mrs. Perry; office, Waterside Dispensary
Distributor of Stamps - Derry District, H. Morphy, collector of  Inland Revenue. Custom House, Princess Quay.  Waterside District, Robert McFarland, sub-distributor
Gas Company, Offices and Works, Lecky Road and Mill Street, Waterside; secretary and manager, R. J. Skinner
Government Emigration Officer and Board of Trade Surveyor - Thos. Kendall, Customhouse, Prince's Quay.  Medical inspector of Emigrants - Dr. Francis McLaughlin, J.P., Carlisle Road
Portal Veterinary Inspectors (under the Department of Agriculture) - John B. Moore, V.S., Bayview Terrace and A. E. Anderson, Clarendon Street; Ship Inspectors, John Connolly, A. H. Mullally, C. Connolly, and James Gillespie
Poor Rate Collectors for the City and Liberties - Hardress E. Waller, and W. S. McDermott, Castle Street
Inspectors of National Schools - Senior inspector, J. Ross, M.A., Shantallow; district inspector, Wm. MacMillan, B.A., Victoria Park.  Senior inspector for Co. Donegal, J. H. Tibbs, B.A., Northland Road
Income Tax Collectors - W. S. McDermott, Castle Street; H. E. Waller, Castle Street
Inspectors of Weights and Measures - F. J. Ryan, D.I., for the borough and rural district; Sergeant F. Quinn, ex-officio; office, Butter Market
Notaries Public - Philip O'Hagan, Strand Road; R. J. Aiken, Shipquay Street
Petty Sessions and Mayor's Clerk - H. E. Scott; office, petty sessions, City Police Court, Queen's Quay
Assistant Secretary for Diocese of Derry and Raphoe - Rev. John McAdams.  Diocesan office, Synod Hall, Artillery Street
Surveyor for City - M. A. Robinson, office, Guildhall, Shipquay Place
Walker's Pillar - Caretaker, David H. Norrie, Society Street
Apprentice Boys' Society - Memorial Hall, Society Street and Magazine Street. Governor, Marshall McKay; chaplain, Rev. Thos. Baird, D.D.; secretary, D. H. Norrie; treasurer, Matthew Kerr
City of Derry Boating Club - Captain, J. R. Lynn, LL.B.; secretary, Bertie Thompson
City of Derry Building Society (Mutual and Permanent) - Offices, 3 London Street. Secretaries, Bible and Simmons
City of Derry Presbyterian Working Men's Institute - Secretary, Robert Logue, jun.
Londonderry Provident Building Society (permanent and Mutual0 - Offices, Castle Street, J. Gilbert Magee, secretary
Unionist Registration Society - Office, Magazine Street; secretary, William Walker
The City Club, Shipquay Street - Hon. Sec., J. H. Pollock
Londonderry Church of Ireland Working Men's Club, Pump Street - Secretary, James Osborne
Northern Counties Club, Bishop Street - Hume Babington, solicitor, and H. Crawford McCay, solicitor, joint hon. secs.
Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - Londonderry Branch - Secretary, Oliver Bond, Castle Street.  Inspector, Robert Morrow
National Society for the Prevention of cruelty to Children - Derry Branch - Secretary, Charles W. Gordon, Strand Road.  Inspector, J. Wedlock, St. Columb's Court
Young Men's Christian Association, East Wall - President, R. N. Anderson (Mayor); secretary, Thomas H. Thompson


News Rooms and Libraries - Young Men's Christian Association, East Wall; Presbyterian Working Men's Institute, Diamond; Church of Ireland Working Men's Club, Pump Street.  Lending Libraries - James Hempton, Shipquay Street; S. E. Caldwell, The Diamond; M. Burns, Foyle Street; and Samuel Bogle, Carlisle Road


McCrea Magee College, which was affiliated by T.C.D., in the University of Dublin, in 1909, having been deprived of its status by the Irish University Act, 1908 - Office-bearers of faculty - President - Prof. Leebody; vice-president, Prof. McMaster; secretary, Professor Paul; curator of library and museum, Professor McMaster.  Professors - Mental and moral philosophy, Rev. George Woodburn, M.A. (Dill? Professor); Latin and Greek, J. MacMaster, M.A., D.Litt.; English and history, Rev. Prof. Robt. J. Semple, M.A.; Mathematics, J. R. Leebody, M.A., D.Sc., F.I.C. (Irish Society's Professor); Hebrew and Criticism. Rev. James Strahan, M.A., D.D.  Church History and Pastoral Theology - Rev. F. J. Paul, M.A., B.D. (London).  Theology - Rev. David Smith, M.A., D.D. (Dill Professor).  Natural Philosophy - Alex. Larmour, M.A., late Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge (McCrea Professor).  Lecturers - Modern languages - Cyril C. Stronge, M.A., senr. Mod. T.C.D.  Elocution - Mr. Wm. Knox (Coleraine).  Music - J. T. Frankland, A.R.C.O.
St. Columbkille's College, Londonderry - President, Very Rev. B. O'Kane, B.A., D.D.
Foyle College and Londonderry Academical Institution, amalgamated - Head Master, Robert Foster Dill, M.A.; assistant masters, John Samuels, M.A.; Walter Bland, M.A.; A. R. Foster, B.A.; J. Galbraith, B.A., James Davidson, B.A., T.C.D.; W. J. Threlfall, R. E. Vance, B.A.; Alphonse Mercier.  Mistress of Preparatory School, Miss Jane Wright
Gwyn and Young Endowments - Founded for the education, clothing, and maintenance of orphans of the humbler classes.  Henry J. Cooke, secretary; David Caldwell, superintendent of boys; Mrs. McAllister, superintendent of girls
Municipal Science, Art, and Technical School - Chairman, Sir William McLearn, D.L.; Principal, G. E. Armstrong, M.Sc.; secretary, J. A. Williams
Northlands School of Housewifery, Crawford Square, Londonderry - Established 1908 for residential and extern pupils by the Department of Agriculture and Technical Instructions, under the Misses MacKillip, principals of Victoria High School, Londonderry
Bennett Street National School (Male and Female) - Teacher, Mrs. McCaughey; assistants, Miss Annie Boggs, Miss Minnie Craig, and Miss McCaughey
Christian Brothers' School, Brow-of-the-hill - Br. Curley, superior
Waterside Collegiate (Boarding and Day) School - Principal, Miss Sides, B.A.
Bishop Street Cathedral School - Teacher, Miss Moore, assistant, Miss Allen
Convent Schools, Pump Street and Artillery Street - Teachers, the Sisters of Mercy
St. Lurach's College, Northland Road - Miss Kyle, M.A., T.C.D.
Derry Cathedral National School, Pump Street - Teacher, Henry Purdy; assistant, Wm. Anketell
National Female School (St. Eugene's), Middle Road - Teachers, Sisters of Mercy, with monitresses
National School, R.C. Chapel, Long Tower - Teachers, George Conaghan and Miss McCloskey, with assistants
Victoria High School, Crawford Square - Principals - The Misses MacKillip
Clooney National School - David Caldwell, principal; Mrs. Haire, T. A. Haire, B.A., L.C.P.; Miss Annett, Miss Patterson, Paul Harper, and Mrs. Scott.  First Derry National School, Mall Wall. David Bayne, B.A., master and assistants; Strand (male and female), R. Gray, teacher; Mrs. Gray, mistress; Model Schools, Northland Road, Male School, S. Barber, M.A., headmaster, with assistants; female, Miss Hay, mistress, with assistants; Rosemount (male and female), John J. Harpur, teacher.  St. Eugene's Boys' and St. Eugene's Girls' Schools (Creggan) - Mr. McNamara and Miss Devine, teachers, with assistants.  Waterside (male and female) - Teachers, male, George Deehan, principal; female, Miss E. F. Heaney, mistress
St. Columb's Hall Male School - Teacher, W. J. McCafferty
St. Columb's Boys' and St. Columb's Girls' Schools - Principals, George Conaghan and Miss Anna F. McCloskey
Rossdowney National School, Waterside - Teacher, John Eagleson; female assistants, Mrs. Eagleson, Miss Lowry, and Miss Cheshire, Miss Gransden; male assistant, Edward R. Scott
Carlisle Road Male and Female - S. Wilson and assistants
Craig Memorial Hall National School - Teacher, Robert McIlroy, B.A.; assistants, Miss Elizabeth A. Price and James Gillespie
Hughes's Civil Service Academy, Baltic Buildings, Foyle Street; principal, M. Hughes
Skerry's College, local branch, 4 Bayview Terrace - Principal, A. Halliday, B.A.


Church of Ireland - Baird, Rev. Thos., B.D., St. Augustine's Rectory, Northland Road; Garstin, Rev. W. F. H., M.A.; rector, Rev. J. Jennings, B.A.  All Saints, Clooney, Chapel Road, Waterside; Derry Cathedral, Hayes, Very Rev. Richard, Dean of Derry, Bishop Street; Chillingworth, Rev. D. H., B.A.; Scandrett, Rev. R., B.A., Hawkin Street; MacQuaid, Rev. Canon J. W., M.A., Christ Church Rectory, Crawford Square; Davidson, Rev. J. A., Beechwood Avenue, and Watson, Rev. Robt., B.A., curates Christ Church; Moriarty, Rev. T. A. H., M.A., Glendermott
Presbyterian Church - Ferguson, Rev. Saml., B.A., Reformed Church, Duniris Manse, Limavady Road; Greer, Rev. J. C., M.A., Strand Church, Northland Road; Huey, Rev. John, M.A., B.D., Carlisle Road Church, Victoria Park; Millar, Rev. D. G., Claremont Church, Northland Road; McGranahan, Rev. James, D.D., First Derry Church, Crawford Square; Rankin, Rev. Samuel, Ebrington Church; Patton, Rev. Samuel (retired), Bond's Hill; Stuart, Rev. John, D.D., Waterside Church, Chapel Road; Thompson, Rev. Jas., D.D., Great James Street Church, Crawford Square; Park, Rev. W. A., B.D., Glendermott Congregational Church; Dale, Rev. David, Great James' Street; Calderwood, Rev. David, B.A., Reformed Presbyterian Church, Clarendon Street
Roman Catholic Church - Connolly, Rev. J., C.C., Parochial House, Waterside; Hegarty, Rev. Laurence, Adm., St. Eugene's Cathedral, Parochial House, Creggan Street; Kerlin, Rev. Chas., C.C., The Presbytery, Victoria Place; McFeely, Rev. W. B., Adm., Parochial House, Waterside; McGettigan, J. L., C.C., Parochial House, Creggan Street; McHugh, Most Rev. Chas., D.D., Bishop of Derry, St. Columb's College; McGlynn, Rev. H., C.C., St. Eugene's Cathedral, Parochial House, Creggan Street; O'Doherty, Rev. John, C.C., Parochial House, Creggan Street; O'Neill, William, Adm., The Presbytery, Victoria Place; O'Neill, Walter J., C.C., The Presbytery, Victoria Place; Quigley, Denis, C.C., Parochial House, Waterside; Smyth, Michael, C.C., The Presbytery, Victoria Place
Methodist Church - Cornish, Rev. Herbert H. (City Mission), Bond's Hill; Hutchinson, Rev. W. W., Carlisle Road
Baptist Church - Andrews, Rev. J. S., Lawrence Hill


Abercorn Hosiery Co., Foyle Street
Aiken, R. J., solicitor, Shipquay Street
Alexander, Jos., LL.D., solicitor, Castle Street
Anderson, James, J.P., insurance agent, Strand Road
Anderson, Robt. Newtown (Mayor of Derry), Victoria Park and Abercorn Road
Anderson & Co., hosiery manufacturers, Abercorn Road
Anderson, Thomas, auctioneer, Castle Street
Austin, A. E., dentist, Clarendon Street
Austin, W., & Co., flour merchants, Foyle Street
Austin & Co., drapers, Diamond

Babington, Hume, solicitor, Castle Street
Babington, Hume, J.P., Creevagh
Babington, Humphrey, & Miller, solicitors, Shipquay Street
Ballantine, Jos., Ltd., builders and contractors, Strand Road
Ballantine, M. & J., grain merchants, Ardlough
Bayer, Charles, & Co., shirt manufacturers, Foyle Road
Bell, A., & Sons, Ltd. (Paisley), Ferryquay Streeet (Street)
Bible, Thos. G., J.P., London Street, Londonderry
Bible & Simmons, accountants and house agents, London Street
Biggars Ltd., provision merchants, Foyle Street
Black, R. J., & Co., seed merchants, Foyle Street
Blair, S., & Co., leather merchants, Butcher Street
Bond, Oliver, accountant, Castle Street
Bond, Thos. A., & Co., auctioneers, Castle Street
Boylan, R. J., Hibernian Bank, Shipquay Street
Boyle, Denis, J.P., Ulster Hotel, Guildhall Street
Boyle, Edward M. F. G., agent for Hon. Irish Society, St. Columb's Court, and Limavady
Brandon, H. B., & Co., accountants, Shipquay Street
Breslin, Patrick, J.P., Clarendon Street
Brewster, John, J.P., St. Maura's, Fahan and James Street, Derry
Brown, A., & Sons, boiler makers and implement manufacturers, Foyle Street
Brown, John, J.P., Clarendon Street, Derry
Browne, Dr. David J., Pump Street
Buchanan Bros., provision merchants, Foyle Street
Buchanan, R. E., & Co., architects, Castle Street
Buck, R. R., & Co., shirt factors, Bishop Street

Campbell Bros., seed and grain merchants, Foyle treet (Street)
Campbell, D. C., J.P., Templemore Park, Derry
Carton, J. J., & Co., shirt manufacturers, Rossville Street
Chadwick, W. H., accountant, Shipquay Street
Chambers, Sir R. Newman, J.P., Greencastle, County Donegal and Northern Counties Club, Londonderry
Chestnutt, J. A., Bank of Ireland, Shipquay Street
Christy, John, & Co., millers, Foyle Street
Colhoun, Jas., "Sentinel" office, Pump Street
Colquhoun, I. Trew, solicitor, Ship Quay Street
Conaghan, T. E., solicitor, Market Street
Cooke, Thos. F., D.L., Caw, Londonderry
Cooke, J. & J., general merchants, Strand
Cosgrove & Co., drapers, Bishop Street
Craig, Alwyn S., Under-Sheriff of Derry, Shipquay Street
Craig, A. & G., general engineers, Queen's Quay
Craig, David, dentist, Queen Street
Craig, Frederick, M.D., Clarendon Street
Craig, James, M.D., J.P., Carlisle Terrace
Craig & Wellwood (late McCaul & Co.), chemists, Ferryquay Street
Cunningham, H. W., M.D., Clarendon Street
Cunningham, R. A., furrier, etc., Shipquay Place
Cunningham Bros., leather merchants, William Street

Davidson, J. A. (Robinson & Davidson), architect, Richmond Street
Deane & Co. Ltd., Shipquay Street
Devine, D., & Sons, fruit merchants, Clarendon Street
Doherty, Bernard (reps.of), Strand Road
Doherty, Edward, shirt manufacturer, Abercorn Road
Donaldson, H., accountant, Shipquay Street
Donaldson, Wm., coal and grain merchant, Abercorn Quay
Donnell, James, accountant, Castle Street
Donnell, S. & W. J., accountants, Castle Street
Donnell, William, J.P., Victoria Park and Foyle Street

Elliott, P. H., C.E., architect, Strand Road
Elliott, W. H., M.D., Ebrington Terrace, Waterside
Erskine, A., manager Provincial Bank, Shipquay Street

Feeney, M. C, solicitor, Castle Street
Fleming, John, & Co., seed merchants, Strand Road
Flynn & Co., drapers, Butcher Street
Foster, Wm., solicitor, Richmond Street
Foster, W. H., confectioner, Strand Road
Foster & Co., drapers, Bishop Street
Foyle Ropeworks Co., Foyle Street
Frizell, W. A., & Co., chemists, Waterloo Place

Galbraith, J., auctioneer, Magazine Street
Gallagher, Jas., & sons, builders & contractors, Strand Road
Gibson, Thos., shirt manufacturer, Rossville Street
Gilchrist, T. J., Northern Bank, Shipquay Place
Gildea, Edward, J.P., John Street and Bishop Street
Gillies, J. B., dentist, Clarendon Street
Gilliland, S., & Son, millers and flour merchants, Rock Mills, Strand
Glendinning, John C., "Standard" Office, Shipquay Street
Gordon, C. W., china and delph warehouse, Strand Road
Gordon & Co., drapers, Carlisle Road
Grant, James (Canadian Pacific and Allan Line office, Foyle Street)
Grant, Sommerville, & Co., shirt manufacturers, Prince Arthur Street

Hamilton, H. S., & Co. Ltd., merchants, Foyle Street
Hamilton, James, shirt manufacturers, John Street
Harkin, F. H., house and insurance agent, Castle Street
Harkin, J. A., grocer, Castle Gate
Harvey, J. G. M., & Sons, house, land, & insurance agents, Northern Bank Buildings
Hastings, John R., D.L., Foyle Street
Hayes, Very Rev. Richard, B.D., Dean of Derry and rector of Templemore, The Deanery, Bishop Street
Hayes, Rev. Wm., M.A., Bishop Street, Derry
Henderson Bros., steamship owners (Anchor Line), Foyle Street
Hetherington, C. E., M.D., Asylum House
Hime, Maurice C, LL.D., J.P., Buncrana
Hogg, Robert Lee, J.P., Magherabuoy House, Portrush
Hogg & Mitchell, shirt manufacturers, James' Street
Holmes & Mullen Ltd., merchants, Waterloo Place
Horner, William, solicitor, Shipquay Street
Howaston, G., & Co., coal and grain merchants, Abercorn Quay
Hunter, Chas. H., Ulster Bank, Waterloo Place
Hunter, Hugh, Grocer, Spencer Road
Hunter, William, M.D., Hawkins Street
Huxley & Postlethwaite, Ltd., hide merchants, Lecky Road

Irvine, David, printer, Waterloo Street
Irvine & Co., drapers, Ferryquay Street

Jackson, A., & Son, agricultural implement manufacturers, Little James Street
Johnston, Andrew, J.P., Northland Road
Johnston, Sir John B., J.P., Strand Road and Crawford Square
Johnston, T., architect, 11 East Wall
Johnstone, James V., C.E., Shipquay Street

Kennedy, Marshall, dentist, Great James' Street
Kennedy & Co., shirt manufacturers, Great James' Street
Keogh, R. W., postmaster, Customhouse Street
Kerr, Lang & Jackson, seed merchants, Strand
Keys, R., & Co., timber merchants, Strand Road
King, William, solicitor, Shipquay Street
Kinnear, Robert, merchant tailor, Strand Road
Kinnear, J., & Co., house furnishers, Duke Street
Knox, J. M. C., architect, East Wall

Lane, Henry, & Co., coal merchants, Shipquay and Waterside
Leebody, John R., D.Lit., Professor Magee College, College Avenue
Lloyd, Attre & Smith, shirt manufacturers, Great James' Street
Loughery, Jos., solicitor, Shipquay Street, Derry
Lowry & Porter, shirt manufacturers, Bishop Street
Lynn, James R., B.A., LL.B., solicitor (Morrison & Lynn), East Wall
Lyons, James, & Co., flour merchant, Prince's Quay

Maclean & Co., clothing manufacturers, Carlisle Road
Macneary, Thos. A., & Co., house and land agents, Bishop Street
Macrory, A. V., City Electrical Engineer, Strand Road
Magee, J. Gilbert, J.P., accountant, house, land, & insurance agent, Castle Street
Malseed, Dr. A., Bond's Hill
Malseed, R. C., & Co., hardware merchants
Mark, John M., solicitor, Shipquay Street
Mark, Roulston & McLaughlin, provision merchants, Foyle Street
Maxwell, John (Prior & Co.'s), Ferryquay Street
Maxwell, Wm., Optical Institute, Ferryquay Street
May, T., electrical engineer, Great James' Street
Mee, W. H., Foyle Street
Miller, J. Ewing, M.B., J.P., Pump Street
Miller, Julian E. T., (Miller & Babington), solicitor, Shipquay Street
Miller, Sir Henry, Town Clerk and city solicitor, Guildhall, Shipquay Place
Millar & Beatty Ltd., house furnishers, Bishop Street
Mills, Alexr., shirt manufacturer, Strand Road
Minniece, T., dentist, Pump Street
Mitchell, W. G., & Co., chemists, William Street
Montgomery, Alexander, Ltd., coal merchants
Montgomery, J. R., Ltd., carriers, Foyle Street, Strand Road
Mooney, D. A., shirt manufacturers, Foyle Street
Moore, Austin, shirt manufacturers, Strand Road
Morrison, Saml., & Co., coal merchants, Prince's Quay, Duke Street and Strand Road
Muirhead, J. C., shirt manufacturer, Orchard Street
Mulholland, M., & Co. Ltd., drapers, Bishop Street
Mullan, Jos. Edmund, J.P., L.R.C.P. and S.Ed., 41 Carlisle Road
Munn, Alfred Moore, Clerk of the Crown and Peace, Myrtle Terrace
Munn, Ector, solicitor, Shipquay Street

McCallion, Thos., J.P., Bishop Street
McCarter, W., & Sons, manure manufacturers, Duke Street, Waterside
McCaul, Dr. George Barton, J.P., Clarendon Street
McCay, Alex., & Co. Ltd., general merchants, Ferryquay Street
McCay, Alexander, J.P., Northland Road
McCay, Henry C., solicitor Shipquay Street
McClatchie, John, manager Belfast Bank
McClellan, Smyth, & Co., millers, Drumahoe and Duke Street
McColgan, Neil, J.P., Marlborough Street
McCorkell, W., & Co., general merchants, Strand
McCormick, Hugh, dentist, Clarendon Street
McCrea & McFarland Ltd., carriers, Foyle Street
McCully, Thos., & Co., J.P., Victoria Road
McCurdy, D. A., M.D., Pump Street
McDermott, W. S., solicitor, Shipquay Street
McDermott, W. S., rate collector, Castle Street
McDevette & Donnell, coal merchants, Foyle Street and Quay
McDevitt, Joseph, draper, Shipquay Street
McDevitt, M., & Co., drapers, Duke Street
McDowell & Co., butter and egg merchants, Strand Road
McElhinney, Thos., boiler maker, Queen's Quay
McFarland, G., & Co., grain merchants, Quay
McFarland, Sir John, Bt., J.P., Aberfoyle
McGahey, Wm., J.P., Fountain Street
McGrath, J. P., architect, Castle Street
McIntyre, Hogg, Marsh, & Co., shirt manufacturers, Queen Street
McKeown, Henry, J.P., Waterloo Street
McLaughlin, Francis, M.D., J.P., Carlisle Road
McLaughlin, James, J.P., William Street
McLaughlin, J. N., M.D., Queen Street
McLaughlin, Leonard, & Co., house furnishers, William Street
McLaughlin, Thomas, M.D., Shipquay Street
McLaughlin & Allen, chemists, Waterloo Place
McLearn, Sir Wm., D.L., Buncrana House
McMaster, James, Professor Magee College
McMonagle, John, publican, Butcher Street
McMonagle, J. F., M.D., Clarendon Street

Nimmon, R., & Co. Ltd., shirt manufacturers, Strand Road
Nolan, R. H., B.E., Carlisle Road and Myrtle Terrace, Northland Road
North of Ireland Shipbuilding Company Ltd., Foyle Shipyard, Londonderry - Manager, J. W. Wiles

Osborne, John, & Son, flour merchants, Foyle Street
Osborne & Patton Ltd., merchants, Shipquay Street
O'Brien, C. G., solicitor, Carlisle Road
O'Doherty, Hugh C, solicitor, Shipquay Street
O'Doherty, H. C., jun., solicitor, Shipquay Street
O'Doherty, James, house and estate agent, Shipquay Street
O'Doherty, James, solicitor, Shipquay Street
O'Doherty, J. E., solicitor, East Wall
O'Doherty, Philip, M.P., solicitor, East Wall
O'Donnell, J. E., solicitor, East Wall
O'Hagan, Philip, solicitor, and American Consul, Strand Road
O'Kane, Joseph G., solicitor, Foyle Street
O'Kane, Michael, M.B., Lond., J.P., Clarendon Street
O'Kane, Patrick, J.P., Foyle Street, Derry, and Buncrana
O'Neill, Charles, D.L., Ardowen, Northland Road

Parkhill & Co., drapers, Ferryquay Street
Parkinson & Co., drapers, Shipquay Street
Patton, Rev. S., Waterside
Phillips, Wm., J.P., Deanfield
Pollock, John Herbert, J.P., Ferryquay Street
Potter, J. J., & Co., drapers and house furnishers, Ferryquay Street
Porter & Co., shirt manufacturers, Carlisle Road
Prior & Co., chemists, Ferryquay Street

Reid, J. Kelso, solicitor, Linenhall Street
Richards, E., & Co., shirt manufacturers, William Street
Robinson, H. S., solicitor, Castle Street
Robinson, J. M. C., C.E., Strand Road
Robinson, M. A., C.E., M.R.I.A.I., City Surveyor, Guildhall, Shipquay Place
Robinson & Davidson, architects, Richmond Street
Rosborough & Co., merchants, Ferryquay Street
Ross, J., antique dealer, Waterloo Street
Ross, Stuart C, B.A., solicitor, Bishop Street
Roulstone, J. & R., flour merchants, Foyle Street
Roulston, Robt., J.P., Strand Road

Scott, George J., J.P., The Demesne
Scott, G. Douglas, solicitor, Foyle Street
Scott, H. E., Petty Sessions Office, Queen's Quay
Scott, M. & M., house furnishers, Diamond and Bishop Street
Sharpe, Perrim, & Co., clothing manufacturers, Horace Street
Shields Ltd., shirt manufacturers, Society Street
Simmons, A. E., insurance agent, 9 Richmond Street
Singer Sewing Machine Co., Carlisle Road
Smith, Blair, J.P., Lawrence Street
Smith & Co., clothing ,manufacturers, Shipquay Street
Smyth, James, & Co., grocers, Bishop Street
Spillers & Bakers Ltd., flour merchants, East Mall
Stevenson, R. J., accountant, Magazine Street
Stewart, A. McC, C.E., architect, Strand Road
Stewart, George E., stock broker, 25 Shipquay Street
Stewart, Jas., & Co., stock brokers, Shipquay Street
Stewart, Saml., flour merchant, Prince's Quay
Strahan, Rev. James, M.A., D.D., professor Macrea Magee College
Stuart, R. & J., builders and contractors, Dungiven Road
Swan, W. J., & Co., ship chandlers, Waterloo Street

Taaffe. H. E., M.D., J.P., Great James' Street
Thompson, John, painter, Queen Street
Thompson, John P., J.P., draper and outfitter, Ferryquay Street
Thompson, W., & Co., seed merchants, Shipquay Street and Prince Arthur Street
Tillie & Henderson, shirt manufacturers, Foyle Road
Todd, R. H., LL.D., Crown Solicitor, Shipquay Street
Tomb, James, accountant, Waterloo Buildings, Waterloo Street
Tomb, James, & Son, dealers in antiques, Waterloo Place
Toye, Edward J., architect, Strand Row
Tracy, John, solicitor, Northern Bank Buildings, Shipquay Place

Ulster Manure Company, Foyle Street

Victoria Milling Company, flour merchants, Duke Street and Foyle Street

Walker, Wm., accountant, Magazine Street
Waller, H. E., & Co., house, land, and insurance agents, Castle Street
Walsh, Hugh, J.P., draper, The Diamond
Watson, A., & Co., shirt manufacturers, North Edward Street
Watson, J. & R., grain merchants, Foyle Street
Watt, A. A., D.L., Thornhill, and Black Castle, Navan
Watt, David, & Co. Ltd., Abbey Street and waterside
Welch, Margetson, & Co., shirt manufacturers, Carlisle Road
White, Thomas, J.P., accountant, Castle Street
Williams, Herbert, dentist, Shipquay Street
Williams, James A., actuary Savings Bank, Shipquay Place
Wilson, A., & Co., general merchants, Lorne Street
Wilson, David, solicitor, Shipquay Street
Wilson, Robt., J.P., Clooney Terrace
Wilson, Saml., shirt manufacturer, John Street
Woodburn, Rev. George, Professor Magee College
Wordie & Co., carriers, Foyle Street
Wylie, Thomas C, solicitor, Castle Street

Young & Rochester, shirt manufacturers, Waterside



Bible & Simmons, London Street
Bond, Oliver, Castle Street
Brandon, H. B., & Co., Shipquay Street Buildings, Shipquay Street
Chadwick, W. H., Shipquay Street
Donaldson, H., Shipquay Street
Donnell, James, Castle Street
Donnell, S. & W. J., Castle Street
Magee, J. Gilbert, J.P., Castle Street
Mahan, P., New Market Street
MacNeary, Thos., Bishop Street
Ree, Robt., Court House, Bishop Street
Stevenson, R. J., Magazine Street
Stewart, G. E., 25 Shipquay Street
Tomb, James, Waterloo Buildings, Waterloo Street
Walker, William, Magazine Street
White, Thos., Castle Street
Williams, Jas. A., Bank Place


Best, David, Sackville Street
Garmany, Wm., William Street
Jackson, J., & Son, Little James Street
Johnston, Sir J. B., Great James Street
Kerr, Lang & Jackson, Strand Road
Thompson, Wm., & Co., Shipquay Street and Prince Arthur Street


Brown, A., & Sons Ltd., Foyle and Wellington Foundries, Foyle Street
Craig, A. & G., Queen's Quay
Garmany, W., William Street
Jackson, J., & Son, Little James Street
McElhinney, Thos., Queen's Quay


Austin, Richard A., Diamond and Strand Road
Craig & Wellwood (late of McCaul & Co.), Ferryquay Street
Dale, S., Ebrington Terrace
Frizell, W. A., & Co., Waterloo Place
Glendinning, Jas., Strand Road
Hegarty, James H., Diamond
Maxwell, Greer, & Co., Foyle Street
Mitchell, W. G., & Co., William Street
Mortimer & Co., William Street and Foyle Street
McCully, T., jun., Victoria Road
McLaughlin & Allen, Waterloo Place
Prior & Co., Ferryquay Street
Stewart, D., Duke Street
Sweeney, Hubert, Strand Road
Young, H. E., Strand Road


Coghlan, Fras., (reps. of), 31 Carlisle Road
Glass, James, Carlisle Road
Harris, Ernest G., Bishop Street
Kerr, Miss, Carlisle Road
Lyttle, R., Great James Street
Thompson, J. A., Carlisle Road


Buchanan, R. Eccles, C.E., & Co., Castle Street
Davidson, J. A., Richmond Street (Robinson & Davidson)
Doherty, W. J., Castle Street
Elliott, P. H., Strand Road
Johnston, J. V., Shipquay Street
Johnston, T., 11 East Wall
Knox, J. M. C., East Wall
McGrath, J. P., Castle Street
Nolan, R. H., B.E., Carlisle Road
Robinson, John M., Strand Road
Robinson, J. M. C., (Robinson & Davidson), Richmond Street
Robinson, M. A., M.R.I.A.I., City Surveyor, Guildhall, Shipquay Place
Stewart, Abraham McC, Strand Road
Toye, Edward J., Strand Road


Anderson, Thos., Castle Street
Bond, Thos. A., & Co., Castle Street
Galbraith, J., Magazine Street
Harkin, Michael H., Castle Street
Lyons, Robt., Shipquay Street
O'Sullivan, Florence, The Diamond
Semple, J. J., Foyle Street


Frew, Mrs., Victoria Hotel, Ferryquay Gate
Gibson, Mrs., Northern Counties Hotel
Macdonald, M. C., City Hotel, Foyle Street


Anderson, Geo., Carlisle Road
Brewster Limited, James Street
Chambers, Jos., Abercorn Road
Doherty, Jno., & Son, Bishop Street
Eaton & Co., Ltd., Waterside
Fleming, Wm. J., Rossville Street
Foster, M. A., Waterloo Place
McElroy & Morris, Bishop Street
Porter & Roulstone, William Street
Rock Bread & Biscuit Co., Pennyburn
Stevenson, H., & Co., William Street and Waterloo Place
Thompson, Henry, Ferryquay Street


Boylan, R. J., Hibernian Bank, Shipquay Street
Chestnutt, J. A., Bank of Ireland, Shipquay Street
Erskine, A., Provincial Bank, Shipquay Street
Gilchrist, T. J., Northern, Shipquay Place
Hunter, Chas. H., Ulster Bank, Waterloo Place
McClatchie, J. J., Belfast, Shipquay Street
Williams, James A., Savings Bank, Bank Place


Burns, Geo., Sackville Street
Doherty, James, John Street
Donaghy, J., Waterloo Place
Morrison, Wm., Fountain Street
McClean, James, James Street
McDaid, James, Bishop Street
McMahon, Hugh, London Street
Rooney, J., Waterloo Place


Brown & Sons, Foyle and Wellington Foundries, Foyle Street
Craig's Engineering Works, Queen's Quay
McElhinney, Thos., Queen's Quay


Cargill, Thomas, Linenhall Street
Irvine, David, Waterloo Street
"Sentinel" Pump Street
"Standard" Shipquay Street


Adams, Robert, Fountain Place
Barber, J., Sackville Street
Barr, Wm., Lower Fountain Hill
Blair, Saml. & Co., Butcher Street and Strand Road
Boyd, Wm., Park Avenue
Burke, Patrick, Dungiven Road
Crooks, Thos., Spencer Road
Douglas, Wm., Spencer Road and Duke Street
Douglas, Wm., Spencer Road
Durnin, Miss James Street
Gillespie, Daniel, Richmond Street
Harper, James, Ltd., Duke Street
Morrison, Jas., Foyle Street and Waterloo Street
McCutcheon, John, Butcher Street
McGinn, Mrs., William Street
McKeown & Co., Waterloo Street, Ferryquay Street and William Street
McLaughlin, John, Waterloo Street
Pollock, John A., Carlisle Road and Strand Road
Pollock, Wm., Bennett Street
Rutledge & Co., Carlisle Road
Selfridge, Alex., Bishop Street
Thompson, R., Strand Road
Tyler & Sons, Ferryquay Street and Foyle Street
Walker, James, Bond Street
West & McCay, Ferryquay Street
Whan & Co., Sackville Street
White, John, Spencer Road
Wilson & Co., Ferryquay Street


Ballentine, J., Ltd., Strand Road
Davin, George, Aubrey Street
Hyland, J. & F., Clarendon Street Lower


Grebb, John, Culmore
McLoone, N., & Co., Linenhall Street


Ballintine, Jos., Ltd., Strand Road
Boyd, Hugh, John Street
Boyd, W. J., Upper Violet Street
Cabena, W. J., London Street
Colhoun, Robert, Strand Road
Cooke, Wm., Bishop Street
Ferguson, John, Foyle Road
Fulton, Jas. A., Deanfield
Gallagher, James, & Sons, Strand Road
Heatley, Saml., Society Street
Hughes, Edward, Orchard Street
Logue, Robt., Bishop Street
Pollock, Wm., Ebrington Terrace
Reid, Jas., Great James Street
Shannon & Rutledge, Fountain Street
Smyth, John, Duke Street
Stuart, R. & J., Duke Street
Sweeney, M., Strand Road


Alexander, P. M., Spencer Road
Alexander, Jas., Bishop Street
Carson, J., Park Avenue
Cassidy, Susan, William Street
Cassidy & Smith, William Street
Corlin, James, Bishop's Gate
Doherty, James, Foyle Street
Doherty, Jas., Rossville Street
Doherty, Patrick, Rossville Street
Finlay, R. J., Strand Road
Graham, Alex., Great James Street
Graham, Mrs. Thos. D., Butcher Street
Langan, Wm., Waterloo Street
Martin, Patk., Workhouse Road
McDaid, Richard, Bishop Street
McDevitt, Neal, Northland Avenue
O'Doherty, Ml., Sackville Street
Patterson, Jos., Strand Road. Spencer Road and John Street
Quigley, Miss, Bishop Street
Quigley, William, Duke Street
Risk, Mrs., Spencer Road
Scott, J., Lecky Road


Armour & Co., Patrick Street
Biggers Limited, Foyle Street
Brown, J. (reps. of), Strand
Buchanan Bros., Foyle Street
Logue, John, Spencer Road
Mark, Roulston & McLaughlin, Foyle Street
McDowell & Co., Strand Road
McLaughlin, Thos., Walker's Place, Waterside
Russell, Jas., Lorne Street
Wylie & Co., Strand


Finlay, Robert, Linenhall Street
Kerr, Robt., Strand Road
Millar & Beatty, Bishop Street
Murray, F. A., New Market Street
McLaughlin, Michael, Bishop Street
Pollock, J. J., & Co., Ferryquay Street
Sherrard, Saml., William Street
Sheppard, W. J., Orchard Street


Boyd, Henry, Fountain Hill
Reid, James, Great James Street
Snodgrass, Thos., Spencer Road


Chambers, Wm., & Son, Pump Street
Gordon, E., Empire Frame Works, Market Street
Jordan, Wm., Great James Street
McCloskey, W., Stanley's Walk
McCool, George, Waterloo Place
Shannon, Andw., Pump Street
Thompson, J., Queen Street


Hughes, John, & Co., Orchard Street


Ferris (Reps. of) Wm., Foyle Street
McCay, Alex., & Co. Ltd., Ferryquay Street
McCullagh, W. J., Waterloo Place
Osborne & Patton, Ltd., Shipquay Street
Rosborough & Co., Ferryquay Street and Waterloo Street


Creggan, Michael, Duke Street
Gordon, T., & Son, Diamond
McColgan, Mrs., Bishop Street
McGeady, John, William Street
Sawers & Co., Strand Road


Bradley, Hugh, Spencer Road
Doherty, John, Little James Street
Ferguson, Thos., Magazine Street
Williamson Joseph, & Co., Strand Road


Howatson, G., & Co., Abercorn Quay
Lane, Henry, & Co., Shipquay and Waterside
Montgomery, Alex., Ltd., Strand Road
Morrison, Samuel, & Co., Prince's Quay, Duke Street and Strand Road
MacDevette & Donnell, Foyle Street and Quay
McCurry, Joseph, Strand Road
Pinkerton & Co., Middle Quay


Campbell, C., Duke Street
City Cafe, Shipquay Street
Criterion Restaurant, Foyle Street
Foster, M. A., Waterloo Place
Madill, Mrs., Ferryquay Street
McClean, Jas., William Street
Peacock, W., Carlisle Road
Stevenson, Hugh & Co., Waterloo Place
Temperance Council Restaurant, Water Street
Thompson, Henry, Ferryquay Street


Anderson, G., Carlisle Road
Brewster Ltd., Sackville Street
Eaton & Co., Ltd., Waterside
Fleming, W. J., Rossville Street
Foster, M. A., Waterloo Place
Inglis & Co., Waterloo Place
Kelly, Wm., Criterion Hotel, Foyle Street
McElroy & Morris, Bishop Street
O'Kane, John, Waterloo Street
Thompson, Henry, Ferryquay Street


Ballintine Ltd., Strand Road
Boner, Edward, Waterloo Street
Lynn, J. F., Spencer Road
McCarron, Daniel, Waterloo Street
Orr, Robert, Fountain Street


Alexander Motor Co. Ltd., Great James Street
Christie, John, Great James Street
Harrison & Cochrane, John Street
Price, H., & Co., Shipquay Place
Quigley, Wm., & Co., Victoria Road
Rudge-Whitworth Co. Ltd., Great James Street
Taggart, Saml., John Street


Austin, A. E. S., Clarendon Street
Craig, David, Queen Street
Gillies, J. B., Clarendon Street
Kennedy, Marshall, Great James Street
Minniece, T., Pump Street
McCormick, H., Clarendon Street
Williams, Herbert, Shipquay Street


Cordiner, R. K., Abercorn Road
Fleming, W. A., Spencer Road
Frew, A. H., Ferryquay Gate
McGuinness, Samuel J., Abercorn Road
Patterson, Wm., Great James Street
Robinson, J. W., Ferryquay Street
Shepherd, G. F., Bond's Hill


Watt, David, & Co., (Limited), Abbey Street and Waterside


Armstrong & Crowe, Sackville Street
Austin & Co., Diamond
Bailey & Parke, Market Buildings, Strand Road
Barr & McClements, Carlisle Road
Boal, Miss, Abercorn Road
Byrne, A., Butcher Road
Byrne, Mrs. A., Abercorn Road
Campbell, Miss, Diamond
Cassidy, Miss, Carlisle Road
Cassidy, Mrs., Hawkins Street
Cattley, Mrs., Bishop Street
Connor, P., Butcher Street
Cooper, J. D., Ferryquay Street
Cooper, Miss, Abercorn Road
Cooper, Mrs., Diamond
Cosgrove & Co., Bishop Street
Craig, D. G. (reps. of), William Street
Creaney, Miss, Shipquay Street
Crook, Geo. F., Waterloo Place
Doherty, Daniel, Butcher Street
Foster & Co., Bishop Street
Flynn & Co., Butcher Street
Gordon & Co., Carlisle Road
Henderson, D., & Co., Sackville Street
Henry, E. R., Diamond
Hipps Ltd., Strand Road
Hyndman, Saml., Ferryquay Street
Irwin, Robert, Duke Street
Irvine & Co., Ferryquay Street
Johnston, Fredk., The Diamond
King, The Misses, Society Street
Lamb & Co., Spencer Road
Millar, Miss, Sackville Street
Mills, Mrs., Great James Street
Mills, The Misses, Abercorn Road
Moore & Co., William Street and Creggan Road
Morrison, James, Duke Street
Mulholland, M., & Co. Ltd., Bishop Street
McCay, James, Duke Street
McClelland & Graham, Carlisle Road
McCloskey, Patrick, Duke Street
McCullough & Co., Strand Road
McDevitt, M., & Co., Duke Street
McKinlay & Co., The Diamond
McVeigh, John, Strand Road and Ferryquay Street
Neill, Robt., Shipquay Street
Parkhill & Co., Ferryquay Street
Parkinson & Co., Shipquay Street
Pettipice, Miss, Carlisle Road
Pollock, J. J., & Co., Ferryquay Street
Reid & Co., Carlisle Road
Sherrard, Mrs., Great James Street
Simmons, R. P., Carlisle Road
Smith & Co., Shipquay Street
Stevenson, John, Duke Street
Thompson, John P., Ferryquay Street
Thompson, R., Strand Road
Walsh, Hugh, Diamond
Wright, Miss, Mountjoy Street


Bell, A., & Son, Paisley - office, Ferryquay Street
Campbell, W., Bishop Street
Johnson Bros., Ferryquay Street


Cattley, Mrs., Bishop Street
Cooper, Miss, London Street
Hegarty, Mrs., Carlisle Road
Hill & Co., Spencer Road
Miller, Miss, Carlisle Road


Galbraith, J., Magazine Street
Grant, James A., Canadian Pacific & Allan Line officer, Foyle Street
Henderson Brothers (Anchor Line), Foyle Street
Montgomery, J. R., Foyle Street
Pinkerton & Co., Middle Quay
Tomb, James, & Son, Waterloo Buildings, Waterloo Place


Barnhill, J. J. S., A.M.Inst, C.E., Foyle Street
Brown, A., & Sons, Wellington Foundry, Foyle Street
Craig, A. & G., Queen's Quay
Craig & Patton (electrical), Butcher Street
Doherty, Jas., & co., John Street
Garmany, Wm., & Son, William Street
May, T., B.A., A.M.I.E.E., Great James Street (electrical)
McElhinney, Thos., Queen's Quay
Macrory, R. V., A.I.E.E. (electrical), Central Station, Strand Road
Shannon, J., & Co. (electrical), New Market Street
Taggart, Samuel, John Street


"Sentinel" Office, Pump Street (litho.)
"Standard" Office, Shipquay Street (litho.)
Irvine, David, Waterloo Street (litho.)
Taylor, W., Shipquay Street


Ballantine, Joseph, Strand Road
Colhoun, Robert, Strand Road
Keys, Robert, & Co., Waterloo Place and Strand Road


Ferguson, William, Foyle Street
Great Northern Railway Co., John Street and Foyle Street
Great Northern of England, Waterloo Place
London & North-Western Railway. District agent, Hugh Henderson
Montgomery, J. R., Ltd., Foyle Street
McCrea & McFarland Ltd., Foyle Street


Fleming & Moore, Waterloo Place and Duke Street
Miller, Mrs., Linenhall Street
Sidebottom Bros., Carlisle Road
Sweeney, P., William Street


Ferris, William, (reps. of), Foyle Street
McCay, Alex., & Co. Ltd., Ferryquay Street
Knox & Co., Foyle Street
Rosborough & Co., Ferryquay Street
Watson, J. & R., Foyle Street


Austin, Wm., & Co., Foyle Street
Christie, John, Ltd., Foyle Street
Cooke, Robert, Butcher Street
Gilliland, S., & Son, Rock Mills, Strand
Lyons, Jas., & Co., Prince's Quay
Mee, W. H., Foyle Street
Mitchell, Wm., Foyle Street
Osborne, John, & Son, Foyle Street
Roulstone, J. & R., Foyle Street
Smyth, Robert, Shipquay
Spillers & Bakers Ltd., East Wall
Stewart, Samuel, Prince's Quay
Victoria Milling Co., Duke Street and Foyle Street
Wilson, A., & Co., Lorne Street


Cregan, Michael, Duke Street and Linenhall Street
Devine, D., & Sons, Clarendon Street
Mitchell, Jos., Duke Street and Spencer Road
McCoach, W., & Co., Shipquay Place
McCorkell & Co., Waterloo Place
Sweeney, P., William Street
Thompson, Wm., Duke Street
Walls, J., William Street and Foyle Street


Best, David, Sackville Street
Devine, D., & Sons, Clarendon Street
McCay, A., & Co. Ltd., Ferryquay Street
McCullagh, W. J., Waterloo Place
Osborne & Patton, Shipquay Street
Rosborough & Co., Ferryquay Street
Roulston & Smyth, Strand Road
Smyth, James, Bishop Street


Finlay, Robert, Linenhall Street
Kerr, Robt., Strand Road
Kinnear, J., & Co., Duke Street
Millar & Beatty Ltd., Bishop Street
Miller, John, Richmond Street and Strand Road
McLaughlin, Leonard, & Co., William Street
Pollock, J. J., & Co., Ferryquay Street
Ross, J., Waterloo Street
Scott, M. & M., Diamond and Bishop Street
Sheppard, W. J., Orchard Street
Shiel, D. J., Bishop Street
Tomb, Jas., & Son, Waterloo Street


Ferris, Wm., (reps. of), Foyle Street
Fleming & Moore, Waterloo Place and Duke Street
Lynch & Co., Sackville Street
McCulloch, W. L., Sackville Street
McKinney, Mrs., Patrick Street
Rosborough & Co., Ferryquay Street


Blair, James, Glendermott Road
Burns, Geo,. Sackville Street
Doherty, Jas., & Co., John Street
Donaghy, J., Waterloo Place
McDaid, James, Bishop Street
McLaughlin, Wm., William Street
McMahon, Hugh, London Street
Morrison, Wm., Fountain Street
McClean, Jas., James Street
Rooney, James, Waterloo Place
Stewart, Wm., John Street


Cooke, J. & J., Strand
Howatson, G. & Co., Abercorn Quay
McCorkell, W. & Co., Strand
Wilson, A. & Co., Lorne Street


Austin, Wm., & Co., Foyle Street
Ballantine, M. & J., Ardlough
Campbell Bros., North Quay
Howatson, G., & Co., Abercorn Quay
Mitchell, Wm., Foyle Street
McCorkell, Wm., & Co., Strand
McCormick & King, William Street
McFarland, G., & Co., Quay
Smith, G. H., William Street
Smyth, Robert, Prince's Quay
Stewart, Saml., Prince's Quay
Watson, J. & R., Foyle Street
Wilson, A., & Co., Lorne Street


Arthur, Wm., Barrack Street
Best, David, Sackville Street
Best, John, Argyle Terrace
Black, Robert J., & Co., Foyle Street
Boggs, John, Hawkins Street
Borland, M., & Co., Great James Street
Bovaird, Wm., William Street
Bradley, John, Rossville Street
Bryson, Patk., Bishop Street
Callaghan, Patk., Rossville Street
Carlin, James, Carlin Street
Carlin, Joseph, Cross Street
Chambers, Matthew, Bishop Street
Colhoun, Mrs., Dungiven Road
Cooke, Robert, Butcher Street
Creswell, Anna Maria, Duke Street
Crockett, E., & Co., William Street
Crooks, Thos., Spencer Road
Crossan, Neal, Bishop Street and Rossville Street
Curry, William, Foyle Road
Doherty, Jas., Great James Street
Dunlop, Wm., Marlborough Terrace
Elder, Robert, Duke Street
Ferris, Mrs., Foyle Street
Fleming, John, & Co., Strand
Gallivan, Daniel, Bishop Street
Glenn & Hay, Richmond Street
Grant, Patrick, Bishop Street
Hamilton, H. S., & Co. Ltd., Foyle Street
Hamilton, T., Bishop Street
Hamilton, Wm., & Co., William Street
Harkin, J. A., Castle Gate
Harkin, Michael, Park Avenue
Hastings, J. R., Ltd., Foyle Street
Hayes, W. J., Spencer Road
Henderson, John, Sackville Street
Hetherington, J. J., Spencer Road
Home & Colonial Stores, Ferryquay Street
Hunter, Hugh, Spencer Road
Jackson, Mrs., Glasgow Street
King, R. A., Bishop Street
Leslie, John, Clooney Terrace
Leslie, Marshall, Duke Street
Lipton Limited, Bishop Street
Longwell, David, Duke Street
Lynch, James, Waterloo Street and James Street
Lynch, Joseph Orr, Duke Street
MacCullough, J. H., Ebrington Terrace
Malseed, Robert C, Waterside
Moore, Wm., & Co., Waterloo Place
McCallion, Patrick, Bishop Street
McCay, A., & Co. Ltd., Ferryquay Street
McCleary, Thos., William Street
McCullagh, W. J., Waterloo Place
McCully, Thomas, Spencer Road
McFarland, Robert, Waterside
McGinness, Edward, Bishop Street
McGinness, Wm., Duke Street
Nicell, Patk., Rosemount
Nicell, Thos., Park Avenue
Osborne & Patton Ltd., Shipquay Street
O'Doherty, W. G., Bishop Street and Strand Road
O'Neill & McHenry, Guildhall Street
Porter Bros., Sackville Street and Rossville Street
Porter & Roulstone, William Street
Rankin, Knox, & Co., Foyle Street
Rodgers H., Great James Street
Rosborough & Co., Ferryquay Street
Roulston & Smyth, William Street, Strand Road and Lecky Road
Smyth, Jas. & Co., Bishop Street
Smyth, Wm., Lecky Road
Thompson, Alex., Duke Street
Tinney, Edward, Strand Road
Walker, Andrew, & Co., Duke Street
Watson, John Jas., Bridge Street and Oxford Street
Wray, David, Academy Road


McCarter, Wm., & Son, Duke Street, Waterside
North-West of Ireland Bone Manure Co., Campbell Bros., Foyle Street
Ulster Manure Co., Works, Lisahally; offices, Baltic Buildings, Foyle Street


Best, David, Sackville Street
Black, R. J. & Co., Foyle Street
Campbell Bros., Foyle Street
Fleming, John, & Co., Strand Road
Hamilton, H. S., & Co. Ltd., Foyle Street
Henderson, John, Sackville Street
Holmes & Mullin Ltd., Waterloo Place
Johnston, John B., Great James Street
Kerr, Lang & Jackson, Strand Road
Malseed, R. C., Waterside
McCully, Thomas, Waterside
Rosborough & Co., Ferryquay Street
Smyth, James, Bishop Street
Thompson, Alex., Duke Street
Thompson, Wm., & Co., Shipquay Street and Prince Arthur Street


Austin, M., Carlisle Road
Bradley, Jas., Duke Street
Bradley, J. P., Bridge Street
Bradley, Wm., Bishop Street
Brady, Hugh, Waterloo Street
Clifford, H., Bridge Street
Corr, T., Richmond Street
Doherty, J., Bishop Street
Early, C., Little James Street
Harding, John, Abbey Street
Hegarty, W. H., Rossville Street
Hunter, R. B., Spencer Road
Lynn, Denis, Spencer Road
Mailey, Wm., Duke Street
Moore, Richd., William Street
Mullin, John, Foyle Street
McCloskey, M., Spencer Road
McGrory, James, Castle Street
McLaughlin, B., High Street
McLaughlin, Wm., Bishop Street
Nelis, P., Lecky Road
O'Doherty, Patk., Spencer Road
Quigley, Chas., Creggan Road
Rooney, Hugh, Strand Road
Scott, Samuel, Duke Street
Watson, Thos., Shipquay Place
Williams, John, William Street
Willmann, R., Strand Road
Wilson, Edw., Rossville Street


Cooke, John, & Co., Waterloo Place
Crockett & Guy, Waterloo Place
Edmiston & Co., Shipquay Street
Elder, Robert, Duke Street
Longwell, David, Duke Street
Malseed, R. C, Duke Street
Mooney, Wm., C., & Co., Strand Road
McConnell Brothers & Co., William Street
McCully, Thos., Spencer Road
McLaughlin, Leonard, & Co., William Street
Price, H., & Co., Shipquay Place
Scott, M. & M., Bishop Street and Diamond
Smiley, T. & J., Strand Road
Swann, W. J., & Co., Waterloo Street
Thompson, Alex., Duke Street


Adair & Son, Bishop Street
McGinniss, Wm., Waterside
Neely, Robert, jun., Magazine Street


Dunleavy, Samuel, Spencer Road
Elliott, Jas., Fountain Hill
Gilfillan, W. J., Rossville Street
Henderson, Wm., Chamberlain Street
Kilpatrick, Robt., Prince Arthur Street
O'Donnell, Daniel, William Street
Torrens, T., Little James Street
Wilson, Wm., Waterside


Abercorn Hosiery Co., Foyle Street
Anderson & Co., Abercorn Road
Gordon & Co., Carlisle Road


Diamond Temperance Hotel - Mr. Buchanan
Dunn, Mrs., Tremont, Strand Road
Caldwell, Mrs. (Private), Victoria Road
Crampsey, Mrs., Provincial, Foyle Street
Ellis, Mrs., Anchor, Carlisle Road
Frew, Mrs., Victoria, Ferryquay Gate
Gallagher, Annie (private), Magazine Street
Gibson, Mrs., The Northern Counties, Waterloo Place
Hamill, Mrs., Central Temperance, Linenhall Street
Hegarty, E., Mourne, Foyle Street
Kelly, Miss M. J., The Ulster, Guildhall and Post Office Streets
Kelly, William, Criterion, Foyle Street
Leslie, Marshall, International, Market Street
Macdonald, Miss, City, Foyle Street - P. O'Kane, manager
Melville, Foyle Street
Mills, Mrs., Temperance, Carlisle Road
Mullan, Miss, North Western, Foyle Street
MacMahon, Mrs., Private, East Wall
McLaughlin, Mrs., Rock Temperance
O'Doherty, Mrs., Lorne, Richmond Street
Platt, Mrs., "Bonds," Carlisle Road
Shiel, Mrs., Metropole, Foyle Street and Eglinton, Richmond Street
Sweeney, P., Atlantic, Foyle
Thompson, Mrs., Temperance, Strand Road
Waugh, Mrs. I. J., Canadian, Bridge Street


The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agents, J. G. Magee, Castle Street; J. McClatchie, Belfast Bank; W. H. B. McCandless, 61 Clarendon Street; Alexander McCay, Ferryquay Street; J. A. Hamilton, Solicitor; J. E. Elkin, Inspector, 7 Castle Street
Accident (Norwich and London), J. G. Magee
Alliance Fire and Life, T. J. Gilchrist, Northern Bank
Atlas Fire and Life, Thomas White, Castle Street; Bible & Simmons, London Street; and William Walker, Magazine Street
Boiler Insurance and Steam Power Co. Limited, J. J. McClatchie, Belfast Bank
Britannia Assurance Co. Ltd., Charles Devine, Strand Road, district supt.
British Legal, J. Kernahan, Castle Street
Caledonian, J. Kelso Reid, Linenhall Street and J. J. McClatchie, Belfast Bank
Central Insurance Co. Ltd., Fire and Plate Glass, Joseph Sherrard, Great James Street
Commercial Union - J. McClatchie, Belfast Bank; R. Waller & Co., Castle Street; James Stewart & Co., Shipquay Street
English and Scottish Law Life - Miller & Co., Shipquay Street; R. H. Todd, Shipquay Street; Robert J. Aiken, Shipquay Street; J. G. M. Harvey & Son, Shipquay Place; H. S. Robinson, Castle Street
General Accident, Fire, and Life - C. H. Hunter, Ulster Bank; Pinkerton & Co., Queen's Quay; Thos. White, Castle Street; H. S. Robinson, Castle Street
Guardian Assurance Co. Ltd. - C. H. Hunter, Ulster Bank
Guardian Plate Glass, S. & W. J. Donnell, Castle Street; C. H. Hunter, Ulster Bank
Hibernian Fire and General Insurance Co. - James O'Doherty, Shipquay Street; P. Meehan, New Market Street; F. J. Harkin, Castle Street; W. Dalway, Great James Street
Imperial Fire, Osborne & Patton, Shipquay Street
Life Association of Scotland, F. Knox, Foyle Street; J. J. Edmiston, Maybrooke
Lloyd's Underwriters (Marine) T. H. Corbett, Shipquay Street and Pinkerton & Co., Queen's Quay
London and Lancashire (Fire and Accident) - Jos. Sherrard, Great James Street; Bible & Simmons, London Street; J. McClatchie, Belfast Bank
Manchester Fire Insurance, Bible & Simmons, London Street
Marine Insurance, J. G. Magee, Castle Street; Jas. Stewart & Co., Shipquay Street
National Guarantee and Suretyship Association, Agents, H. E. Scott, petty sessions office, Queen's Quay
National Provident Assurance Company, A. McCay, Ferryquay Street
National Cycle and Motor Car Insurance Company, A. E. Simmons, Richmond Street
Northern, R. & A. McVicker, Shipquay Street; Tillie, McDermot & Mun, Shipquay Street, R. J. Aiken, Ship Quay Street
North British and Mercantile Fire and Life, Robert J. Stevenson, Magazine Street; S. & W. J. Donnell, Castle Street; R. J. Boylan, Hibernian Bank; J. G. Magee, Castle Street
Ocean, Bible & Simmons, London Street; R. J. McClatchie, Belfast Bank, Shipquay Street
Palatine Fire and Accident Insurance Co. Ltd., H. S. Robinson, solicitor, Castle Street; Jas. Stewart & Co., Shipquay Street; and Pinkerton & Co., Middle Quay
Patriotic Fire and Life Assurance Co., (amalgamated with the Sun), H. A. Nelson, B.L. J.P., Probate Office, Bishop Street; Geo. E. Stewart, Shipquay Street
Plate Glass Insurance, H. E. Scott, petty sessions office, Queen's Quay; J. G. Magee, Castle Street; Bible & Simmons, London Street
Prudential Assurance Society, James Anderson, J.P., superintendent, Aberfoyle Terrace, Strand Road
Railway Passengers' Insurance, T. H. Corbett, Shipquay Street
Refuge Assurance Company, C. Davey, district superintendent, Baltic Buildings, Foyle Street
Royal Exchange, James Stewart & co., Shipquay Street; Knox, Gilliland & Babington, Castle Street; G. D. Scott, Foyle Street; H. E. Scott, Petty Sessions Office, Queen's Quay
Royal Insurance, H. E. Scott, petty sessions office, Queen's Quay
Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society, F. Dickson, solicitor, Shipquay Street; Williams & Morrison, Bank Place; H. S. Robinson, Castle Street
Scottish Provident, J. G. Magee, 7 Castle Street; T. H. Corbett, Shipquay Street
Scottish Equitable Life, S. C. Ross, solicitor, Bishop Street; A. McCay, Ferryquay Street; T. J. Gilchrist, Northern Bank; Harry E. Scott, Queen's Quay
Scottish Imperial Insurance Co., Bible & Simmons, London Street
Scottish Union, Wm. Phillips, steamboat agent, Shipquay Street
Scottish Widows' Fund, J. McClatchie, Belfast Bank
Sun, Tillie, McDermott, & Munn, Shipquay Street; S. & W. J. Donnell, Castle Street; Geo. E. Stewart, Shipquay Street
The Sun Fire and Life Offices, Messrs. Tillie & McDermott, solicitors, 37 Shipquay Street; S. & W. J. Donnell, Exchange Buildings; John McClatchie, Belfast Bank; Geo. E. Stewart, Shipquay Street
Ulster Marine Insurance Company, S. & W. J. Donnell, Castle Street; Campbell Bros., Foyle Street
Union Assurance Fire, Life and Annuities, J. K. Reid, Linenhall Street
United Kingdom Temperance and General Provident Institution, Bible & Simmons, London Street


Brown, A., & Sons, Ltd., Foyle Street
Craig, A. & G., Queen's Quay
McElhinney, Thos., Queen's


Anderson & Co., Butcher Street and Abercorn Road
Cattley, Mrs., Bishop Street
Cooke, Robert, Butcher Street
Gordon & Co., Carlisle Road
Henderson, John, Sackville Street
Hegarty, Mrs. D. M.. Carlisle Road
Rutherford, Robert, Aubrey Street


Bible & Simmons, 3 London Street
Chadwick, W. H., Shipquay Street
Dalway, Mrs., Great James Street
Donaldson, H., Shipquay Street
Donnell, S. & W. J., Castle Street
Downey, Mitchell, East Wall
Harkin, F. J., Castle Street
Harvey, J. G. M., & Son, Northern Bank Buildings
MacNeary, Thos. A., & Co., Bishop Street
Magee, J. G., Castle Street
Mills, Ralph, Carlisle Road
O'Doherty, Jas., Shipquay Street
Pinkerton, John, Middle Quay
Scott, J. G., The Demesne
Stevenson, R. J., Magazine Street
Stewart, Geo. E., 25 Shipquay Street
Tomb, James, Waterloo Buildings, Waterloo Street
Waller, H. E., & Co., Castle Street
White, Thomas, Castle Street


Burns, Wm.,  & Co., Foyle Road
City Steam Laundry, Diamond
Hogg & Mitchell, Great James Street
Jones & Lowther, Bishop Street
Kennedy, S. M., Magazine Street
Model Laundry, Magazine Street and Society Street
McCloskey, A., & Co., William
McDermott, R., & Co., Strand Road
McIntyre, Hogg, Marsh & Co. Queen Street
McNeary & Wiley, Bishop Street
Shannon, Wm., jun., Magazine Street
Tillie & Henderson, Abercorn Road
Victoria Laundry, Duke Street
Welch, Margetson, & Co., Carlisle Place and Lover's Glen
Young & Rochester, Bond's Field


Blair, S., & Co., Butcher Street
Cunningham Brothers, William Street
Harper James, Ltd., Duke Street
Huxley & Postlethwaite, Lecky Road
McCutcheon, John, Butcher Street


Canning, Wm., Bluebell Hill Terrace, Lecky Road
Colhoun, James, "Sentinel" Office, Pump Street
Glendinning, John C., "Standard" Office, Shipquay Street
Irvine, David, Waterloo Street


Barr, James, 43 Nailor's Row
Corrigan, Thos., 13 Lower Road
Doherty, James, 47 Fahan Street
Gallagher, M., 10 Fahan Street
Greer, Mary, 28 Fahan Street
Harrigan, John, 86 Foyle Street
Miller, George, 57 Bridge Street
McGinley, Patk., 103 Foyle Street
McNamee, Margt., 88 Foyle Street
O'Donnell, Catherine, 107 Foyle Street
Partridge, Daniel, 10 Long Tower Street
Ramsay, John, 15 Walker's Place
Reilly, Edward, 56 Bridge Street


Haslett Bros., Abercorn Road
Shiels, John, Strand Road
Ward. Vincent, & Son, John Street and Foyle Road


Breslin & Son, Thomas Street
Doherty, John, Boating Club Lane
Morgan, Jas., & Co., Lecky Road
Murphy, Thos., & Co., Foyle Street
McCafferty, A., Magazine Street
McGeady, John, Chamberlain Street
O'Donnell, Jos., Linenhall Street


Ballantine, M. A., Waterside and Ardlough
Christy, John, & Co., Foyle Street
Gilliland, S., & Sons, Rock Mills, Strand
McClellan, Smyth, & Co., Drumahoe and Duke Street
McFarland, George, & Co., Quay
Victoria Milling Co., Duke Street
Watt, David, & Co., Abbey Street
Wilson, A., & Co., Lorne Street


Brown Alex., & Sons, Foyle Street
Craig, A. & G., Queen's Quay
Garmany, Wm., William Street
McElhinney, Thos., Queen's Quay


Anderson, G., Carlisle Road
Coleman, F. H., F.R.C.O., organist, St. Columb's Cathedral, Hawkin Street
Conaghan, Edward, organist, Long Tower chapel, Orchard Street
Craig, Mrs., Marlborough Street
Dixon, H. P., organist, Christ Church, Stewart's Terrace
Ferguson, J., 33 Carlisle Road
Floyd, R. A., 7 Pump Street
Hamil, M., Linenhall Street
Kennedy, Robt., Bennett Street
Logier, Joseph, Harding Street, organist St. Augustine's Church
Macdonald, Miss, Crawford Square
McConnell, J. J., Linenhall Street
McLaughlin, W. G., Stanley's Walk
O'Brien, Jos., organist St. Eugene's Cathedral, Pump Street
Tomlinson, Miss, L.R.A.M., Marlborough Street

                                                                                           continued >>>



Floyd, R. R. A., 7 Pump Street
Forrester, J., Strand Road
Gailey, Wm., Waterloo Place
Hempton, James, Shipquay Street
Madden Brothers, Waterloo Place
Phillips, H. B., Beethoven Buildings, Shipquay Street


"Journal," Shipquay Street, Monday, Wednesday and Friday; P. L. Malone, editor
"Sentinel," Pump Street, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday; Jas. Colhoun, proprietor; J. Charles Orr, editor
"Standard," Shipquay Street, Monday, Wednesday and Friday; Wm. Glendinning & Co., proprietors; Wm. Parke, editor


Bates, Mrs., Fountain Street.
Bogle, Samuel, Carlisle Road. ("Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News")
Cresswell, John, (Reps. of), Duke Street ("Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News")
Crossan, Neal, Bishop Street
Eason & Son Ltd., Midland Railway Terminus, Waterside; Great Northern Railway Terminus, Foyle Road;  Agents, "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Forrester, John, Strand Road ("Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News")
Gailey, Wm., Waterloo Place ("Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News")
Madden Bros., Waterloo Place ("Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News")
McCleary, Mrs., William Street
McKeever, F., Strand Road
Nicell, Thos., Park Avenue
Nutt, Mrs., Duke Street ("Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News")
Spence, Miss, Rosemount Avenue
Thompson, Mrs., Duke Street
Watson, Miss, Foyle Road


Anglo-American Oil Co., Strand Road
British Petroleum Co., Mill Street
Craig & Wellwood, Ferryquay Street
Foyle Ropework Co., Foyle Street
Frizell, W. A., & Co., Waterloo Place
Mortimer, J., & Co., William Street and Foyle Street
McCully, Thomas, jun., Victoria Road
McLaughlin & Allen, Waterloo Place
McMichael Bros., Sackville Street
Smyth, Jas., & Co., Bishop Street
Smyth, R., & Co., Foyle Street
Stewart, Donald, Duke Street
Swann, W. J., & Co., Waterloo Street
Thompson, Wm., & Co., Shipquay Street


Baird, John, Linenhall Street
Cassidy, Jos., Spencer Road
Chambers, Wm., & Son, Pump Street
Collins, P. & J., Wellington Street
Jordan, Wm., Great James Street
Kerr, William M., Waterloo Place
Maguire, P., Spencer Road
Malley, Patrick, Great James Street
McCloskey, Wm., & Co., Stanley's Walk
McCool, George, Shipquay Place
Nelson, Wm., Great James Street
Rooney, Patk., Patrick Street
Shannon, Andrew, Pump Street
Thompson, Jno., Queen Street
Thompson, Wm., Duke Street


Barr, William, Rossville Street
Canning, Mrs. (reps. of), Long Tower
Crossan, Mrs., Rossville Street
McCready, Thos., & Son, William Street
McGonagle, Daniel, William Street and Clooney Terrace


Floyd, R. R. A., 7 Pump Street
Macdonald, T., Crawford Square
Phillips, H. B., Beethoven House, Shipquay Street
Tomb, Jas., & Son, Waterloo Street                                         


Fairman, James, Waterloo Street
Kincaid, James, Fountain Street
Logue, Edward, Bishop Street
McCauley, J., Lower Road
McClafferty, Jas., Rossville Street
McClafferty, John, Rossville Street
McClelland, W., Waterside
Reeves, Joseph, Fountain Street


Biggers Ltd., Foyle Street
Buchanan Bros., Foyle Street
Campbell Bros., Foyle Street
Gallagher, Wm., Bishop Street

Mark, Roulston & McLaughlin, Foyle Street
Mitchell, James, Foyle Road and John Street
Smyth, Jas., & Co., Bishop Street


Adair, Wm., & Son, Bishop Street
Dougherty, James, Bishop Street
Macdonald, Miss, City Hotel, Foyle Street
Moorehead, Alexr., Bond's Hill
McGinnis, Wm., Duke Street
Neely, Robert, jun., Magazine Street
Whiteside, John, Princes Street

(See also Lithographic and Copperplate printers and newspapers)

Chambers, Joseph, Newmarket Street
Colhoun, James, "Sentinel," Pump Street
"Derry Journal," Shipquay Street
Emery, Mrs., Carlisle Road
Gailey, Wm., Waterloo Place
Glendinning, John C., "Standard," Shipquay Street
Irvine, David, Waterloo Street
Kerr, Matthew, Foyle Street
Starrett, Samuel, Duke Street


Adams, Jane, Shipquay Street
Ash, Ellen, Francis Street
Barr, Hugh, Great James Street and Chamberlain Street
Barr, James, Spencer Road
Bonner, Margaret, Bishop Street
Boyle, Mary, 27 Bishop Street
Bradley, Constantine, William Street
Bradley, Denis, Bond's Hill and Spencer Road
Bradley, J., Stanley's Walk
Breslin, John, Lecky Road
Breslin, P., Foyle Street
Brolly, John, Fountain Hill
Brown, James, William Street
Callaghan, Rose Ann, Lecky Road
Campbell, Margery, Fountain Street
Campbell, Owen, Fountain Street
Carlin, Joseph, Cross Street
Carlin, Margt., Miller Street
Clinton, Grace, Waterloo Street
Cole, Andrew, The Rock
Colhoun, Kate, Dungiven Road and Spencer Road
Collins, Anthony, William Street
Conlan, Jane, Foyle Street
Connor, Mary, Strand Road
Conwell, Patk., Abbey Street
Crampsey, Mary, Foyle Street
Cranley, Edward, Bishop Street
Cresswell, Anna Maria (S.G.), Duke Street
Crossan, Neal (S.G.), Bishop Street and Rossville Street
Daly, Philip, Orchard Street
Dalton, James, Bishop Street
Deehan, Elizabeth, William Street
Deehan, Michael, Dungiven Road
Devine, Michael, Lecky Road
Dinsmore, Wm., London Street
Diven, Wm., Nailor's Row
Doherty, David, Long Tower, Bishop Street and Lecky Road Street?
Doherty, John, Hogg's Folly
Donnelly, Margaret, Foyle Road and John Street
Dorrian, Maurice, Strand Road and Victoria Road
English, Catherine, The Rock
Ferris, Mrs., Foyle Street
Frew, Alexander, Ferryquay Gate
Friel, Daniel, Abercorn Road
Fullerton, John, Foyle Street
Gallagher, Bridget, Rossville Street
Gallagher, Hugh, Lecky Road
Gallagher, Michl., Butcher Street
Gallavin, Daniel, 65 Bishop Street, Glendermott Road and Workhouse Road (4)
Gibson, John, Fahan Street
Gibson, Mary, Hotel, Waterloo Place
Gildea, Patk., Lecky Road
Gillespie, Margt., Linenhall Street
Glass, Hannah, Waterloo Street
Grant, Edward, Foyle Street
Grieve, Wm., Bishop Street
Hargan, Mary Jane, Fountain Street
Harron, Catherine, Lecky Road
Hegarty, Eliza, Foyle Street
Houston, Robt., Shipquay Street
Kelly, James J., Foyle Road
Kelly, Mary J., Hotel, Guildhall Street
Kelly, William, Foyle Street
Kennedy, Mary, Duke Street
Kerlin, Patk., Rossville Street
Laughrey, Edwd., Elmwood Terrace
Leslie, John, Clooney Terrace
Leslie, Marshall, Duke Street and Market Street
Logue, Bernard, Bishop Street
Logue, Charles, Fountain Street
Loughlin, Robt., Shipquay Street
Macdonald, Maria C., City Hotel, Foyle Street
MacMillan, Alex., Strand Road, Market Street, Shipquay Street & Foyle Street
Magee, Terence, Magazine Street
Maginnis, James, Dungiven Road
Magirr, Mary J., Bridge Street
Maguire, Rosetta, Spencer Road
Martin, Denis, Bridge Street and Wellington Street (2)
Midland Railway Company (N.C.C.), Refreshment Rooms, Waterside Station
Moore, Margaret, Rossville Street
Morgan, Griffith B., G.N.R., Foyle Road
Morren, Andrew, Strand Road
Morris, Margt., Strand Road
Mullan, Bernard, Bishop Street
Murray, Charles, Brandywell Road and Bishop Street
Murray, Wm., Waterloo Street (2)
McAnaney, Thos. H., Foyle Road
McClafferty, Catherine, Foyle Road
McCallion, Patrick, Bishop Street
McCartney, Catherine, Bishop Street
McCloskey, John, Fahan Street
McCloskey, John, Hogg's Folly
McCloskey, Wm., Foyle Street
McConnelogue, Denis, Francis Street
McConnelogue, Thos., Creggan Street
McCool, Wm. F., William Street and Strand Road
McCorry, Charles, Alma Place
McDevitt, James, Rossville Street
McDevitt, Wm., Bishop Street
McGee, Daniel, William Street
McGill, P. J., Great James Street
McGinley, D., Waterloo Street
McGinley, Hugh, Rossville Street
McGinley, Patk., Foyle Street and William Street
McGinn, Hugh, Bishop Street
McGinnis, Charles, Duke Street
McGinnis, Edwd., Bishop Street
McGinnis, Cassie, Bridge Street
McGinnis, Susan, Dungiven Road
McGinnis, Wm., Duke Street
McGlynn, Catherine, Wellington Street
McGrory, Joseph, Bishop Street
McGrory, Mary Anne, Strand Road (2)
McIlhargy, John, Waterloo Street
McInroe, Bridget, Duke Street
McIntyre, Bernard, Bridge Street and Ferguson Street
McIvor, John, Duke Street
McKnight, Susan, Argyle Street
McKelvey, Annie, Rossville Street
McKinley, Emily, Strand Road (2)
McKinley, Emily, Society Street (3)
McKinney, Bridget, Duke Street
McLaughlin, Ellen, Hawkins Street
McLaughlin, John, Bridge Street
McLaughlin, John, Joseph Street
McLaughlin, Sarah, Foyle Street
McLaughlin, Wm., Fahan Street
McLaughlin, Wm., Lecky Road
McLean, James, Rossville Street
McLoone, N., & Co., Ebrington Terrace and Linenhall Street
McMenamin, Michael, Bishop Street
McMonagle, John, Butcher Street (2)
McMullan, Bernard, Bishop Street and Long Bog (2)
McNally, C., S.G., Argyll Street
McNulty, Daniel, Strand Road
McReynolds, D., Duke Street
McShane, Patk., Spencer Road
Nicell, Patk., Creggan Road
Nicell, Thos., Park Avenue
Orr, Patrick, Duke Street
O'Connor, James, Lone Moor Road and Creggan Road
O'Doherty, Bridget, Richmond Street
O'Doherty, Edward H., Bishop Street and Strand Road
O'Donnell, Michael, Rossville Street
O'Kane, Daniel, Fahan Street
O'Kane, John, John Street
O'Kane, Kathleen, Foyle Street
O'Kane, Patk., Lewis Street
O'Kane, Patrick, William Street
O'Kane, Patk. & Co., Foyle Street
O'Neill, Chas., Guildhall Street
Phillips, Elizabeth, Rossville Street
Quigley, Bernard, William Street
Quigley, Michael, Rossville Street
Roddy, Sarah, Long Tower Street
Rooney, Rose, Rossville Street
Salvo, Elizabeth, Duke Street
Sharkey, Hugh, Dungiven Road and Duke Street
Shiel, Ellen, Foyle Street (2) and Richmond Street
Stewart, Elizabeth, Duke Street
Sweeney, Margt., Waterloo Street
Sweeney, Michael, Market Street
Sweeney, Patrick, Foyle Street
Todd, Mary F., Rossville Street
Toland, Robt., Bishop Street
Toye, James, Waterloo Street
Tracey, Michael, William Street
Wadsworth, Wm., Duke Street
Wafer, Lloyd S., Fountain Street
Wallace, Jeannie, Magazine Street
Watson, John J., Bridge Street and Orchard Street


Ferris, Mrs., Foyle Street
Glass, Chas., & Co., Waterloo Street
McGill, Patrick, Great James Street
McGinnis, Wm., Duke Street
McLoone, N., & Co., Linenhall Street
McMonagle, P., Butcher Street
Osborne & Patton, Shipquay Street
O'Doherty, Mrs., Bishop Street
O'Kane, P., & Co., Foyle Street
O'Neill, Chas., Guildhall Street
Watson, John J., Bridge Street and Orchard Street
Watt, A. A., & Co., Shipquay Street


Bonnor, T., Clooney Terrace, Waterside
Fleming & Moore, Waterloo Place
McCullagh, W. J., Waterloo Place
McDonald, John, Foyle Road
McKinney, Mrs., Great James Street and Patrick Street
McLaughlin, D., Spencer Road
Rosborough & Co., Ferryquay Street


Foyle Ropeworks Co., Foyle Street
McMichael Bros., Sackville Street
Swann, W. J., & Co., Waterloo Street


Adams, John, Duke Street
Craig, W. J., Magazine Street
Hegarty, T., Foyle Street
Kennedy, Andrew D., Foyle Street
McLaughlin, John, Waterloo Street
Ward, Francis, Spencer Road


Kerr, Lang & Jackson, Strand Road
McCoach, W., & Co., Shipquay Place
McCorkell & Co., Waterloo Place
Sweeney, Patk., William Street and Foyle Street
Thompson, W., & Co., Shipquay Street


Cattley, Mrs., Bishop Street
Cooper, Mrs., London Street
Corrigan, Mrs., London Street
Feeny, Mrs., Abercorn Road
Galbraith, Mrs., Great James Street
Miller, Miss, Carlisle Road
McCaughey, Miss, Carlisle Road
Spence, Mrs., Duke Street
Wylie, Mrs., St. Columb's Court


Farren, Mrs., High Street
Singer Manufacturing Company, Carlisle Road


Foyle Ropeworks Co., Foyle Street
McMichael Bros., Sackville Street
Swann, W. J., & Co., Waterloo Street


North of Ireland Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., ship, engine and boiler builders and repairers, Foyle Shipyard, Londonderry; J. W. Wills, manager; T. Clarke, managing director; A. E. Fletcher


Bayer, Charles & Co., Foyle Road
Buck, R. R., & Co., Bishop Street
Carton, J. J., & Co., Rossville Street
Doherty, Edward, Abercorn Road
Grant, Somerville, & Co., Prince Arthur Street
Gibson, Thos., Rossville Street
Hamilton, Jas., John Street
Hoare & Co., John Street
Hogg & Mitchell, James Street
Jamison, Wm., & Co., Bishop Street
Kennedy & Co., Great James Street
Lawry & Porter, Bishop Street
Lloyd, Attre & Smith, Great James Street
Mills, Alexr., Strand Road
Mooney, D. A., Foyle Street
Moore, Austin, Strand Road and Great James Street
Muirhead, J. C, Orchard Street
McIntyre, Hogg, Marsh, & Co., Queen Street
McIvor & Co. (reps. of), Clarendon Street
Neely, R., & Co., North Edward Street
Nimmon, R., & Co. Ltd., Strand Road
Porter & Acheson, Carlisle Road
Richards, E., & Co., William Street
Shields Ltd., Society Street
Tillie & Henderson, Foyle Road
Watson, A., & Co., North Edward Street
Welch, Margetson, & Co., Carlisle Road
Wilson, Saml., John Street
Young & Rochester, Waterside


Brown, A., & Sons, Ltd., Foyle and Wellington Foundries, Foyle Street
Craig, A. & G., Queen's Quay
Elliott, James, Waterside
Friel, Henry, Edward Street
Gilfillan, W. J., Rossville Street
McElhinney, Thos., Queen's Quay
Smalls, John, Lecky Road


Bogle, Saml., Carlisle Road
Burns, M., Foyle Street
Cordner, M., Spencer Road
Emery, Mrs., Carlisle Road
Forrester, John, Strand Road
Fulton, Robt., Bishop Street
Gailey, Mrs., Waterloo Place
Hempton, Jas., Shipquay Street
Irvine, David, Waterloo Street
Madden Brothers, Waterloo Place
McCaughey, Miss, Carlisle Road
Nutt, Mrs., Duke Street
Williamson, Jas., Richmond Street


Henderson Bros., 30 Foyle Street
McDevette & Donnell, Shipquay and Foyle Streets
Pinkerton & Co., Queen's Quay


Belfast Steamship Co. (Liverpool), Steamboat Quay, George Campbell
Canadian Pacific and Allan Lines, 50 Foyle Street
G. & J. Burns, Steamboat Quay
Henderson Brothers (Anchor Line), Foyle Street; W. J. Hamilton, agent
Laird, A. A., & Co., William Phillips, agent
Moville Steamship Company
Pinkerton & Co., Middle Quay
Tomb, James (Beaver Line), Waterloo Street


Ballantine, J., Ltd., Strand Road
Colhoun, John, Strand
Cooke, J. & J., Strand Road
Keys, R., & Co., Strand Road


Armstrong & Crowe, Sackville Street
Austin & Co., Diamond
Barr & McClements, Ferryquay Gate
Brownlow, J., & Co., Carlisle Road
Caldwell, Wm., Shipquay Street
Connor, P., Butcher Street
Coyle, Daniel, Orchard Street
Crook, George F., Waterloo Place
Francis, John, Strand Road
Gillen, Jas., William Street
Hall, J. B., Great James Street
Harrison, Wm., Spencer Road
Hill, J., & Co., Spencer Road, Waterside
Hipps, Ltd., Strand Road
Hyndman, Samuel, Ferryquay Street
Irvine & Co., Ferryquay Street
Kinnear, Robt., Strand Roda (Road)
Moore, J., & Co., William Street
Mulholland & Co., Bishop Street
McCauley, J. L., Spencer Road
McCauley, Daniel, Castle Street
McCauley & McGuigan, Spencer Road
McCullough, S., & Co., Strand Road
McDevitt, M., & Co., Duke Street
McVeigh, John, & Co., Strand Road and Ferryquay Street
McVicker, R. & A., Shipquay Street
Pollock, J. J., & Co., Ferryquay Street
Thompson, J. P., Ferryquay Street
Walsh, Hugh, Diamond


Ballantine, J., Ltd., Strand Road
Colhoun, Robt., Strand Road
Cooke, J. & J., Strand Road
Keys, R. & Co., Strand Road


Austin, M., Carlisle Road
Bogle, Samuel, Carlisle Road
Breslin, Patk., Clarendon
Baldrick, John, & Co., Foyle Street and Diamond
Campbell, C., Duke Street
Crilly, V., Spencer Road
Doherty, Bernard, (reps. of), Strand Road
Fulton, R., Bishop Street
Glenn & Hay, Richmond Street
Hegarty, P., 33 Foyle Street
Kelly, Wm., Foyle Street
Madden Bros., & Co., Foyle Street and Strand Road
Mitchell & Co., Duke Street
Price, A., Shipquay Street


Cattley, Mrs., Bishop Street
Cooke, J., & Co., Waterloo Place
Farren, Michael, Well Street Terrace and Bishop Street
Gailey Mrs., Waterloo Place
Household Bazaar Co., Ferryquay Street
Marks, E., & Co. Ltd., Bishop Street
Mooney, W. C., & Co., Strand
McCaughey, Miss, Carlisle Road
McConnell Brothers, William Street
McLaughlin, Leonard, & Co., William Street
McLaughlin, Mrs., Bishop Street
Nutt, Mrs., Duke Street
Price, Hugh, & Son, Shipquay Place
Scott, M. & M., Diamond
Smiley, T. & J., Strand Road
Williamson, Jas., Richmond Street


Ballantine, J., Ltd., Strand Road
Colhoun, Robert, Strand Road
Cooke, J. & J., Strand Road
Miller & Beatty, Bishop Street


Bayer, Chas., & Co., Star Factory, Foyle Road
Gibson, Thomas, Rossville Street
Gordon & Co., Carlisle Road
Maclean & Co., Carlisle Road
Moore & Co., William Street
Muirhead, J. C, Orchard Street
Neill, Robt., Shipquay Street
Parkinson & Co., Shipquay Street
Sharpe, Perrin, & Co., Horace Street
Smith & Co., Shipquay Street
Tillie & Henderson, Foyle Road


Cooke, John, & Co., Waterloo Place
Deane & Co., Shipquay Street
Faller, William, Strand Road
Logue, Richard, Strand Road
Miller, M., Spencer Road
McLaughlin, Leonard, & Co., William Street
McLaughlin, Mrs., Bishop Street
Nelis, John, & Co., Ferryquay Street
Pickett & Co., (James Conn), Diamond
Scott, M. & M., Diamond
Smiley, T. & J., Strand Road
Smith, Thos., Duke Street
Wightman, A., Shipquay Street


Pooley, Henry, & Son, Ltd., Foyle Street Market


Ferris, Mrs., Foyle Street
Glenn & Hay, Richmond Street
Hamilton, H. S., & Co. Ltd., Foyle Street
Hastings, John R., Ltd., Foyle Street
Holmes & Mullin Ltd., Waterloo Place
Hyndman & Smith, Bank Place
Knox & Co., Foyle Street
Longwell, David, Duke Street
Malseed, R. C., Duke Street
McCay, A., & Co., Ltd., Ferryquay Street
McConnell & Co., Foyle Street
Osborne & Patton, Shipquay Street
O'Doherty, W. G., Bishop Street
O'Neill, Charles, Guildhall Street
Rosborough & Co., Ferryquay Street
Roulston & Smyth, Strand Road, William Street
Smyth, James, Bishop Street


Black, Alex., & Co., Strand
Ferris, Mrs.,, Foyle Street
Gilbey, W. & A., Shipquay Street
Glass C., & Co., Waterloo Street
Houston, Robt., Shipquay Street
McCool, Wm., Magazine Street, William Street
McGinnis, Wm., Duke Street
McLoone, N., & Co., Ebrington Terrace
O'Doherty, W. G., Bishop Street
O'Kane, P., Foyle Street
O'Neill, Chas., Guildhall Street
Osborne & Patton, Shipquay Street
Watt, A. A., & Co., Shipquay Street


Armstrong & Crowe, Sackville Street
Austin & Co., Ferryquay Street and Diamond
Barr & McClements, Ferryquay Gate
Brownlow, J., & Co., Carlisle Road
Byrne, A., Butcher Street
Caldwell, Wm., Shipquay Street
Connor, P., Butcher Street
Cooper, J. D., Ferryquay Street
Cooper, Mrs., Diamond
Cosgrove & Co., Bishop Street
Crook, G. F., Waterloo Place
Doherty, Daniel, Butcher Street
Flynn & Co., Butcher Street
Foster & Co., Bishop Street
Hipps, Ltd., Strand Road
Hyndman, S., Ferryquay Street
Irvine & Co., Ferryquay Street
Johnston, F., The Diamond
Kinnear, Robt., Strand Road
Mulholland & Co., Bishop Street
McCay, James, Duke Street
McClelland & Graham, Carlisle Road
McCloskey, P., Duke Street
McCullough, S., & Co., Strand Road
McDevitt, Joseph, Shipquay Street
McDevitt, M., & Co., Duke Street
McVeigh, John, Strand Road and Ferryquay Street
McVicker, R. & A., Shipquay Street
Neill, Robert, Shipquay Street
Parkhill & Co., Ferryquay Street
Parkinson & Co., Shipquay Street
Pollock, J. J., & Co., Ferryquay Street
Thompson, John P., Ferryquay Street


Is an ancient small town or village on the main road from Belfast to Dublin, which owes its rise to Sir Marmaduke Whitechurch, to whom Queen Elizabeth, in 1585, granted the adjacent lands.  This nobleman is said to have resided in a castle that had been built by one of the Maginnis family on the shore of the lough, and to have erected the church and a mill.  The name was formerly Lough Bricrenn, the Lake of Bricrenn, an Ulster chief of the first century, whose name is well known in Irish romance.  It is situate in the parish of Aghaderg, two miles south of Banbridge, and the same distance from Scarva, eight miles north of Newry, in an agricultural district, but is not at present of any commercial importance.

Post Office - Miss E. J. Ross, postmistress


Church of Ireland, Aghaderg - Rev. Canon H. W. Lett, M.A., rector
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Thomas Shaw Reid, B.A.
Reformed Presbyterian Church
Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths - Dr. Lusk
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. M. McPolin, Rev. Father Murney


Glebe National School - Miss Thompson, teacher
No. 1 National School - John Byrne, teacher
No. 2 National school - David Hawthorn, teacher


Browne, Robert, draper
Bryson, Andrew
Byrne, John, school teacher

Campbell, David
Campbell, Patrick, well sinker

Davidson, John
Devlin, James, jun.
Devlin, James

Evans, Margaret J.

Fleming, Joseph, farmer

Hawthorn, Eliza Jane, sexton of R. P. Church
Hudson, Mrs.

Kearney, Henry
Kinney, John

Lett, Rev. Canon H. W., M.A., M.R.I.A.
Lusk, Dr. S. Finlay, medical officer
Lyster, Henry, dealer

Maguire, Eugene, spirit dealer
Maguire, Eugene, jun., Lake Hotel
Mahaffy, James, jun.
Moorehead, Margaret
McAvoy, Arthur
McAvoy James, dairyman
McBride, Edward
McBride, George, sexton of Parish Church
McClean, C, blacksmith
McClory, Wm., fowl and seed merchant
McKeenan, Wm., manager of Creamery
McKnight, Alexander
McMeekan, William
McMeekin, Samuel
McPolin, Rev. M., P.P.
McRoberts, Wm., grocer

Reid, Rev. Thos. Shaw, B.A., Presbyterian Church
Ross, Charles
Ross, James, Masonic Hall
Ross, John, postman
Ross, Miss E. J., Postmistress. Draper, etc., Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Ruddock, John, boot maker

Sands, Bernard, draper and fowl dealer
Sands, Joseph, fowl dealer
Shiels, Henry
Shiels, James, posting establishment

Thompson, Miss J. M., school teacher

Welsh, sergeant R.I.C.
Whyte, George


Anderson, William, Caskum
Barclay, Nathaniel, Derrydrummuck
Beck, Miss, Cascum
Boggs, Hans, Creevy
Brown, Samuel, Colenacran
Brown, Stewart, Drumnahar
Bryson, Arthur, Carrick House
Bulla, Samuel, Derrydrummuck
Campbell, R. J., Drumnahar
Carrick, Alfred
Carswell, Joseph, Shankill
Carswell, Joseph, Rockmount
Carswell, Kerr
Carswell, Robert Henry
Craney, Patrick, J.P., Lisnatierney
Cupples, Samuel C., J.P., Bovenett
Ewing, Francis H'C., Creevy
Geoghegan, John, Legananny
Geoghegan, Miss, Legananny
Grattan, Hugh, Caskum
Harvey, Hugh, Drumnahar
Harvey, Scott, Drumnahar
Hill, George, Colenacran
Ingram, Joseph, Colenacran
Kidd, James, Derrydrummuck
Ledlie, Wm., Ballintaggart
Little, George, Shankhill
Mahaffy, James, Drumsallagh
Maxwell, David, Derrydrummuck
Moorhead, James, Shankill
Moorhead, Robert, Shankill
Morrison, Miss, Loughbrickland
McClimons, George, Loughend
McKain, Archibald
McKean, James, Lisnagonnell
McKnight, George, Caskum
McKnight, Robert, Drumnahar
McRoberts, J. A., grocer, Ballintaggart
Porter, Alexander, Drumnahare
Rogers, James H., Fort View
Shannon, James, Shankill
Shannon, Robert, Shankhill
Small, Joseph, Legananny
Spiers, Wm., Shankhill
Strain, William, Creevy
Taggart, J., Edenderry
Taggart, Samuel
Taggart, W., Lisnagade
Thompson, Andrew, Grinan
Thomson, Hugh, Drumnahare
Todd, John, Glasker
Todd, Joseph, Shankhill


Is a village with a population of 180 in the County of Armagh, situated five miles from Armagh, seven miles from Portadown, and two and a half from Richhill Station.  The farmers in the neighbourhood devote most of their time to the cultivation of fruit and to the rearing of live stock.  About two miles from the village is the Diamond Hill, the scene of a fight between Roman Catholics and Protestants in 1795, after which the Protestants assembled in Loughgall, and formed the first Orange lodge in a house now owned by Mr. George Jackson.  New schools were erected in the village by the late Mrs. Cope, Manor House

Post Office - Mr. George Jackson, postmaster


Church of Ireland - Rev. Alfred Daniel, the rectory
Presbyterian Church - Rev. A. McFarland
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. J. Dunn, P.P.

Dispensary - C. C. Deane, M.D.
Petty Sessions held on third Wednesday in month - W. H. Ewing, Petty Sessions Clerk
Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - C. C. Deane, M.D.
Police Barracks - J. Coyles, sergeant


Cope National School - Mr. R. Callaghan, principal; Miss Corker, assistant; Miss Callaghan, monitor
Ternagreevagh N.S. - Mr. R. Lindsay, principal; Mrs. Lindsay, assistant
Clonmain N.S. - Mr. Frizell, principal; Miss Frizell, junior assistant
Ballywilly N.S. - Mr. James Lee, principal; Miss Lee, assistant
Blundel's Grange N.S. - Mr. McMenamey, principal
Grange National School - Mr. Robt. Ebbitt, principal; Miss Mills, privileged assistant; Mrs. Ebbitt, jun., assistant mistress


Eccles, James, painter and decorator
Halligan, James, manager coffee tavern
Jackson, George, grocer and post master
Jackson, George, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Jackson, Miss, draper
Livingstone, Richard, grocer


Allen, Abram, Drumherriff
Allen, Arthur, Clonallon
Allen, Isaac, C.C., Loughgall
Allen, J. G., M.D., The Retreat
Atkinson, Joseph, D.L., Crowhill, Portadown

Babington, Hume, estate office
Bates, George, Ardrea
Bates, Thomas, Beechville
Beggs, George, Drumilly
Boulding, James, coachman

Clarke, W. J., The Glebe
Conn, John, gardener
Cope, J. G., D.L., Drumilly House
Corker, Mrs., Loughall
Cowdy, Edward, Greenhall Mills

Davidson, James, Ardress
Dunlop, J. J. W., Rosemount

Elliott, William, R.D.C.
Ensor, Mrs., Ardress House

Foster, Frank, Drumherriff

Hall, Joseph, Eden Hall
Halligan, C., sexton
Halligan, John, Drumart
Hogg, T. W., poultry expert, Egralougher

Jackson, G. W., medical student
Jackson, Joseph, R.D.C., Coragh

Maguire, Alfred, painter
Marshall, George, carpenter
Moore, J., land steward
McCann, H., Ballyhagan
McClelland, George, Cloveneden
McDowell, Wilson, The Rocks

Nicholson, H. P., Cranagael, Annaghmore, Co. Armagh
Nicholson, Mrs., Taulbridge

Orr, Joseph, & Sons, Cranagill
Orr, Mrs., Ballymagerney

Preston, Alex., Ternagreevagh
Proctor, Thomas, Ballytyrone

Reid, Geo. S., Roscorry
Richardson, Mrs., district nurse
Ruddock, Robt., Drumherriff House

Shepherd, Alfred, Drumilly
Small, Alex., Laurel Hill
Sowter, Mrs., Manor House
Sowter, Rev. Canon, Manor House, and The Close, Salisbury
Spence, Robt., Lisneany
Spencer, W. R., gardener

Walker, Thomas, Ballytyrone
Williamson, Henry, Kincon
Williamson, William, Kincon
Wilson, D. O., Ardress
Wilson, Joseph, Ardress
Wright, Thomas, R.D.C.


Is a linen and cambric manufacturing town in the north-east of County Armagh. It is situated twenty miles S.W. from the City of Belfast, on the line of the Great Northern Railway, and a mile and a half south from Lough Neagh.  The population of Lurgan at last census was 12,553, an increase of 783, or 7.0 per cent. over previous census.  The annual value of rateable property amounts to 29,340 18s, and the township is annually increasing.  Brownlow House and terrace grounds, formerly the seat of Lord Lurgan, were purchased by the Orangemen of Lurgan and district some years ago, while the demesne (some 500 ocres (acres) in extent), which was formerly in the hands of the Lurgan Real Property Company, has now been practically all disposed of, with the exception of a few acres in Windsor Avenue retained for building ground.  The Town Council five years ago acquired 73 acres of the choicest part of the demesne immediately adjacent to the town and opposite Brownlow House, for the purpose of a public park for the town.  This has been laid out at very considerable expense, and was formerly opened by the then Lord Lieutenant on the 31st of July, 1909.  The Council has also secured the 63 acres of ornamental lake bordering on the park, and this is used for fishing and similar purposes, while some three years ago the Council purchased a further three acres of land bordering on the lake for the purpose of providing a carriage drive.  Lurgan may be said to be the cradle of the Irish linen cambric industry, and to the success and skill of its inhabitants and those of the surrounding villages in the fine linen and damask manufacturer, and in later years the handkerchief hemstitching and finishing business, is to be attributed the progress of the town


Church of Ireland, Parish Church, Church Place - Very Rev. R. S. O'Loughlin, D.D., Dean of Dromore, rector; Rev. F. H. Wilkinson, M.A.; Rev. V. A. Smyth, B.A., curates; Sydney P. B. Smyth, A.R.C.O., organist
Presbyterian Church - First - High Street - Rev. W. B. Sproule, B.A.  Second, Hill Street - Rev. Andrew Gibson, B.A., B.D. (now with Ulster Division at the front)
Methodist Church, High Street - Rev. Jas. Cathcart and Rev. John McCaffrey.  Queen Street - Rev. R. H. Gallagher, B.A.
Baptist Chapel, Windsor Avenue - Pastor A. T. Patterson
Friends' Meeting-house, Queen Street
Roman Catholic Chapel, North Street - Very Rev. M. B. McConville, P.P., V.G.; Revs. A. Lowry, C.C.; P. McAvoy, C.C.; Henry Doran, C.C.; P. Lennon, C.C.
Salvation Army, Union Street


Postmaster - Mr. J. H. Baird, B.A., Hill Street
Registrar of Marriages - Mr. James Calvert, Clerk of Union
Registrar of Births and Deaths - Dr. S. Agnew, Dispensary, Union Street; assistant, Miss A. Agnew
Lurgan College - Headmaster, Mr. James Cowan, M.A.
Model School - Head Master, Mr. Joseph Harrison; assistants, Mr. A. S. P. Lightbody and Mr. A. Smith; head mistress (girls' school), Miss Kennedy; assistant, Miss Mitchell; head mistress (infants' school), Miss Greer; assistant, Miss McConkey
Municipal Fire Brigade Station, Union Street - Superintendent, Robert Burns
National School, North Street - Principals, John Smith and Miss Evans; assistants, Miss Livingston and Miss Sholdis
National Schools, Windsor Avenue - Patron, Rev. W. B. Sproule, B.A.; principal (boys), John Savage; principal (girls), Mrs. Smith; assistants, Miss Shields, Mrs. Kyle, Miss Sooter, and Mr. Alex. Shields
George's Street National School - Patron, Rev. Andrew Gibson; principal, W. Brown, LL.B.; assistants, Mrs. Brown and Miss S. Shields
National School, John Street - Patron, Very Rev. Dr. O'Loughlin; principal, Francis Sloan, B.A.; teachers, Geo. Knox, Miss Murphy, Miss Dickson, Miss Haire, Miss Baird, and Miss Gracey
Sr. Peter's National School, North Street - Patron, Very Rev. M. B. McConville, P.P.; principal, T. P. Keville; assistants, Thos. Kelly, Thos. Armstrong, and P. M. Breen
National School, Victoria Street - Patron, Very Rev. the Dean of Dromore; principal, D. J. Kyle; assistants, Mrs. Kyle, Miss Liggett, and Mr. Gracey
National School, Queen Street - Principal, Wm. McConkey; assistants, Miss Deeves and Miss Livingstone
National (Methodist) School, Queen Place - Teachers, Jas. McCann, Miss Mullen, and Miss Wells
School Attendance Committee - Very Rev. Dr. O'Loughlin, chairman; officer, Robert McGeown; secretary, John W. Pollock
Lurgan Technical School, Union Street - Principleship, H. O. Armstrong; assistant secretary, J. W. Pollock
Convent National School, Edward Street
Convent Technical School
Banks - Belfast, High Street - J. H. W. Hamilton, manager.  Northern, Market Street - G. A. Allister, manager.  Ulster, Market Street - J. Simpson, manager
Gas Works, William Street - W. Tallentine, manager, and Fred. W. Pollock, secretary
Railway Station, William Street - J. Rodgers, station master
Mechanics' Institute, Market Street - President, Thomas Watson, Co. C.; chairman of Committee, Dr. S. Agnew, M.A.; hon. secretary, Herbert C. Malcolm; hon. treasurer, C. Johnson; librarian, John B. Anketell
Free Library - Charles McGuigan, librarian
Shankill Buildings - Parochial Hall and Refreshment Rooms, Church Place
Lurgan Catholic Young Men's Association, Church Place - Chairman of committee, R. Kennedy; hon. secretary, John Kennedy
Lurgan Agricultural Association - Chairman of Committee, Nicholson Best; hon. secretary, C. W. Neill; secretary, H. B. Vint
Constabulary Stations - District-Inspector Joseph Ryan and thirty men
Courthouse, William Street
Union Workhouse - Clerk, James Calvert; master, John H. O'Neile; matron, Mrs. O'Neile; rate-collectors, Robt. Jones, John Taylor, W. H. Stevenson; medical officer, Dr. Darling.  Board of Guardians meet every Thursday at eleven o'clock; W. G. Hewitt, chairman
Petty Sessions Office, Courthouse - Thomas Moffett, clerk
Rural District Councils - There are three Rural District Councils in this union, viz; - Lurgan, Moira, and Aghalee.  Lurgan and Moira Councils hold their monthly meetings in Lurgan, and Aghalee Council meet at Aghalee.  Their respective chairmen are - G. Robinson, J.P., Portadown; Geo. Baillie, J.P., Annaghanoon; and Wm. Fitzgerald, J.P., The Tunny.  Clerk of Lurgan and Moira Councils, W. J. Corner; Clerk of Aghalee Council, Wm. Sinclair, Lisburn
Urban District Council - Chairman, Mr. H. G. MacGeagh, D.L.; clerk and registrar of stock, F. W. Pollock; assistant clerk, J. W. Pollock; medical officer of health, Saml. Agnew, M.A., M.D.; sub-sanitary officer, R. Elliott; rate collector, Robert Jones; weighmaster, W. J. Gibson; water inspector, H. Dunbar
Pensions Committee - All the members of the council
Y.M.C.A., Windsor Avenue - President, W. Ross; hon. secretary, James Menary; hon. treasurer, J. Talbot
Y.W.C.A., High Street - President, Mrs. Bell; hon. treasurer, Mrs. Alister; hon. secretary, Miss Ross; lady superintendent, Miss M. Hamilton


Brownlow Arms - Miss Lucy Eyre
Great Northern - Mr. Edward Berwick
Commercial - Mr. John McGrath
Grand Central - Mr. P. Doyle
Star (Temperance) - Mr. R. H. Pentland
William Street Temperance - Miss Clendinning


Agnew, Samuel, M.D., High Street
Alexander, James, grocer, Brownlow Terrace
Allen, Edward, cycle agent, Union Street
Allen, Major Wm. James, M.P., manufacturer, Linwinny House
Allen Wm., yarn merchant, High Street
Allister, G. A., bank manager, Market Street
Anderson, George, seedsman, Windsor Avenue
Anderson, G. A., stationer and tobacconist, agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News," 8 High Street
Anderson, Samuel, clerk, Union Street
Archer, Thomas, shoe maker, James Street
Armour & Co. Ltd., produce merchants, William Street
Armstrong, Miss, William Street
Armstrong, H. O., principal Technical School, Hill Street

Baird, Charles, carpenter, Union Street
Baird, John H., postmaster, Hill Street
Baird, Thomas, carpenter, Avenue Road
Baird W. F. B., manufacturer, Hill Street
Baird W. F. B., & Co. Ltd., manufacturers, Union Street Road
Ballance, Miss, drapery warehouse, High Street
Ballentine, Wm., tailor, Union Street
Baxter, Thomas, clerk, William Street
Bell, Alfred, publican, William Street
Bell, G. A., Solitude
Bell, Henry L., factory manager, Windsor Avenue
Bell, Samuel, J.P., Bellevue
Bell, S. A., & Co., manufacturers, Bellevue
Belshaw, William, Avenue Road
Berwick, Edward, Great Northern Hotel, William Street
Berwick, James, publican, Queen Street
Best, Wm. Robert, fancy box maker and handkerchief finisher, Queen Street
Bingham, Clem., boot maker, Church Place
Black, John, chemist, Church Place
Black, Robert, car owner, Hill Street
Black, Thomas, Church Place
Black, William, Castle Lane
Bleakley, J. T., cycle agent, High Street
Booth, Norman, & Co., chartered accountants, Mechanics' Institute, Market Street
Boston, Francis, pawnbroker, High Street
Boyce, Wm. H., machine maker, Union Street
Bracken, George, M.B., High Street
Bratty, W. J., manufacturers' agent, Windsor Avenue
Briggs, Geo., Windsor Avenue
Breen, Peter, grocer, North Street
Brown, James, clerk, Avenue Road
Brown, Thomas, Garland Avenue
Brown, W. H. E., manufacturer, The Limes
Brown, Wm., saddler, William Street
Brownlee, W. H. M., clerk, Avenue Road
Buckley, T. J., car owner, High Street
Bullick & Douglas, coach builders, Queen Street
Bullick, Mrs., High Street
Bunting, Anthony, manufacturer, Annadale
Bunting, Francis, Garland Avenue
Bunting, Wilfred, manufacturer, Sunnyside
Burnison, Sam., tenter, Brownlow Terrace
Burns, Arthur, butcher, Edward Street
Burns, Wm., carpenter, George's Street
Byrne, Mrs., tobacconist, Edward Street

Cafolla, Jos., confectioner, Church Place
Callaghan, Head-Constable R.I.C., Church Place
Callaghan, Wm., contractor, Hoop Hill
Calvert, David, draper, Market Street
Calvert, Henry, seedsman, Brownlow House
Calvert, James, Clerk of Union, Avenue Road
Campbell, Andrew, solicitor, William Street
Campbell Bros., merchants, Market Street
Campbell, George, Factory Lane
Campbell, Hugh, merchant, North Street
Campbell, Wm. H., tailor & clothier, Church Place

Cargin, Hugh, draper, Market Street
Carrick, John S., merchant, High Street
Carson, Isaac, Avenue Road
Carson, James, merchant, Market Street
Carson, Wm. J., painter, etc., Queen Street
Casey, Hugh, victualler, Church Place
Cassells, Richard, plumber, Lough Road
Cassidy, James, grocer, Victoria Street
Castles, Wesley, butcher, North Street
Cathcart, Rev. James, Hill Street
Chambers, Thos., insurance agent, Hill Street
Clarke, Walter, High Street
Clendinning, James, & Sons, manufacturers, High Street
Clendinning, Jas., handkerchief printer, Market Street
Clendinning, Margaret, Temperance Hotel, William Street
Clendinning, Miss, High Street
Cochrane, Mrs., grocer, Queen Street
Cole, Thos. L., surgeon dentist, Market Street
Collins, Mrs., dress and mantle maker, Hill Street
Combe, J. C., traveller, Windsor Avenue
Connelly, Wm., manager, Queen Street
Cordner, Wm., poulterer, William Street
Corner, W. J., clerk of Rural Councils, Windsor Avenue
Cowan, James, M.A., Lurgan College
Cranston, Samuel, manager, Queen Street
Crawford, W. H., & Co., bottling works, William Street
Creaney, Misses, Hill Street
Crothers, Fred W., mineral water manufacturer, William Street
Culbert, Benjamin, shoe maker, Edward Street
Culbert, Benjamin, jun., clerk, Edward Street
Cullenan, Bernard, & Co., drapers, Castle Lane
Cummins, Joseph, carpenter, Union Street

Daly & Sons, ham and bacon curers, North Street
Daniel, Henry, car owner, Hill Street
Darling, John S., M.D., High Street
Davis, Miss, Brownlow Terrace
Deeny, Michael, M.B., J.P., physician, Church Place
Deeves, Samuel, retired head-constable, Union Street
Dewart, Mrs., confectioner, Market Street
Dobbin, Owen, fishmonger, Edward Street
Dobson, Messrs., publicans, Queen Street
Donnelly, Andrew, Co.C., Church Place
Donnelly, Leo, J.P., Church Place
Donnelly & O'Neill, publicans and grocers, Church Place
Doran, Daniel, hairdresser, newsagent, and tobacconist, Edward Street
Doran, Rev. Henry, C.C., Parochial House
Douglas, Henry, manufacturer, Avenue Road
Douglas, Jas., blacksmith, Queen Street
Douglas, John, manufacturer, High Street
Douglas, Mat., blacksmith, Castle Lane
Douglas, Misses, milliners, Queen Street
Douglas, Wm., manufacturer, High Street
Douie, John, carpenter, Lough Road
Doyle, Patrick, publican, Market Street
Drysdale, Robt., grocer, John Street
Duffy, John, painter, Union Street
Duke, Joseph, manufacturer, Union Street
Duke, Robt., farmer, Union Street
Duke, Thomas, manufacturer, Union Street
Dunbar, Henry, water inspector, Wellington Street
Dunwoody, Misses, Union Street

Elliott, John, mechanic, Garland Avenue
Elliott, Richard, town inspector, Union Street
English, James, J.P., manufacturer, Oakley
English, Thomas, grocer, Edward Street
Esdale, Mrs., publican, Market Street
Evans, Miss, teacher, William Street
Ewart, Mrs., Town Hall caretaker, Union Street
Ewart, Samuel, clerk and house agent, Windsor Avenue
Eyre, Miss, Brownlow Arms Hotel, Market Street

Fairley, Thos., clerk, Windsor Avenue
Faloon, Thomas, J.P., Beech Lee
Ferguson, F. A., M.P.S.I., High Street
Ferguson, G., insurance agent, Union Street
Ferguson, Mrs. E., boot merchant, Church Place
Ferguson, Saml., William Street
Filbin Bros., bakers, Lurgantarry and Edward Street
Fitzsimons, Jas., clerk, Avenue Road
Fitzsimmons & Co., drapers, Market Square
Fleming, Geo., clerk, Union Street
Fleming, W. J., B.A., solicitor and estate agent, Market Street
Forsyth, R. H., publican, Market Street
Foster, Alex., boot warehouse and picture house proprietor, Market Street
Foye, S., watch maker, Church Place
Frazer, David, dentist, North Street
Frazer, Miss, ladies' school, Church Place

Gullery, John, solicitor, Church Place
Gallery, Miss, newsagent, stationer, and fancy goods, William Street
Gamble, Miss, pawn broker, William Street
Gardiner, James, draper, Market Street
Gardner, John, Edward Street
Gaskin, Wm., Sunnyside
Geddis, Alex., boot maker, High Street
Geddis, J., confectioner, High Street
Gibson, Mrs., The Manse, Old Portadown Road
Gibson, W. J., weigh master, Union Street
Gilbert, Simpson, William Street
Gilchrist, John, & Sons Ltd., drapers, Market Street
Gilchrist, Samuel, Market Street
Gilchrist, Thomas, Windsor Avenue
Gilchrist, William, Knocknashane
Gilpin, Thos., boot merchant, Market Street
Girvan, Isaac, handkerchief printer, Hill Street
Girvin, A. M., jeweller, Market Street
Glenn, James, merchant tailor, Church Place
Gracey, Daniel, grocer, Edward Street
Gracey, Thomas, carpenter, North Street
Gracey, Wm., manager, Hill Street
Graham, Robt., auctioneer, Market Street
Green, Ernest, coal merchant, Silverwood
Green, W. J., coal merchant, Kinnego
Greer, Major G. W.
Greer, Mrs. C., Woodville

Halfpenny, Wm., tinsmith, Castle Lane
Hall, Alex., factory manager, Avenue Road
Hall, James L., grocer, Market Street
Hall, John J., baker, Avenue Road
Halliday, James, boot maker, Church Walk
Hamilton, A. K., bank cashier, Windsor Avenue
Hamilton, James, clerk, Avenue Road
Hamilton, J. H. W., manager, Belfast Bank
Hanna, Wm., confectioner, William Street
Hare, W. H., grocer, Hill Street
Harrison, Joseph, teacher, Model School
Harte, Daniel, clothier, Church Place
Harvey, John, grocer, Queen Street
Hayes, Hugh, solicitor, High Street
Hazelton, Robert, Market Street
Henry, Thomas, Windsor Avenue
Herbert, Abraham, draper, North Street
Herbert, James, fruiterer, High Street
Herbert, Joseph, draper and furnisher, North Street
Herbert, Leo, draper, North Street
Hewitt Bros., coal merchants & pawnbrokers, William Street & Edward Street
Hewitt, Samuel, picture house proprietor, Church Place
Higgins, James, spirit grocer, Queen Street
Higgins, John, spirit grocer, Queen Street
Hill, Wm., & Co., manufacturers, William Street
Hobbs, James, cattle dealer, Queen Street
Holmes, Jeremiah, mineral water manufacturer, William Street
Holland, Jos., carpenter, Union Street
Hopps, John, provision merchant, Hill Street
Houston, Robert, boot maker, North Street
Howard & Co., photographers, Windsor Avenue
Hughes, John, grocer, North Street
Hull, Garfield, High Street

Irwin, Geo., baker and confectioned, (confectioner) High Street
Irwin, James, boot merchant, Market Street
Irwin, Robert, pawnbroker, Edward Street
Irwin, Wm., seed merchant, Union Street

Jennings, Edward, reed maker, William Street
Johnston, Albert, clerk, Avenue Road
Johnston, Allen & Co., manufacturers, Woodville Factory, Victoria Street
Johnston, C, solicitor, High Street
Johnston, David E., sub-sanitary officer, Wellington Street
Johnston, John, manufacturer, Fallowfield
Johnston, Samuel, saddler, High Street
Johnston, T. B., manufacturer, The Demesne
Johnston, Wm., ironmonger, etc., High Street
Johnston, Wm., High Street
Jones, Robert, rate collector, Church Place and Hill Street
Jordan, James, J.P., manufacturer, Edward Street
Jordan, Jos., manufacturer, North Street
Jordan, T., & Son, manufacturers, Edward Street
Jordan, Wm. H., insurance superintendent, Queen Street
Jordan, Wm. J., manufacturer, Edward Street

Kane, John, publican, Edward Street
Kelly, Henry, grocer, North Street
Kelly, James, civil bill officer, Edward Street
Kelly, John H., clerk, Union Street
Kelly, P., fruit and fish store, William Street and Church Place
Kennedy Bros., bakers and grocers, High Street
Kennedy, Charles, Edward Street
Kennedy, Richard, J.P., grocer, Edward Street
Kerr, T. J., merchant tailor, High Street
Keville, T. P., school teacher, Church Place
Kincaid, Thos., manufacturer, Florence Villas
Knox, Andrew, grocer, Edward Street
Kyle, D. J., teacher, Windsor Avenue

Lavery, David, draper, Market Street
Lavery, Jos., victualler, Market Street
Leathem, Joseph, factory manager, Garland Avenue
Lennon, Rev. P., C.C., Parochial House
Lightbody, A. S. P., teacher, Hill Street
Lindsay, Mrs., ex-postmistress, William Street
Lindsay, William, painter, Queen Street
Lipton Ltd., Church Place
Livingston, Hamilton, clerk, High Street
Livingston, Richard, saddler, Hill Street
Livingston, R. H., factory manager, Hill Street
Livingston, Thomas, shoe maker, Union Street
Livingston, W., linen manufacturer, High Street
Livingston & Co., drapers, Market Street
London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Co. - Agent, F. W. Pollock, Town Hall
Lowry, Rev. Andrew, C.C., Parochial House
Lunn, Edward, shoe maker, Hill Street
Lurgan Motor and Cycle Works, William Street
Lurgan Weaving Co. Ltd., manufacturers, Ulster Street
Lyle, John, boot merchant, High Street
Lynn, R., architect, High Street
Lynn, Samuel, plumber, High Street

Magahan, Frederick W., secretary Lough Neagh Drainage Trustees and Lurgan Gas Works, Church Place
Magee, Misses, publicans, Union Street
Magill, Edward, Newsagent, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News," 23 William Street
Magill, Ed., tobacconist and phonograph agent, 23 William Street
Magowan, Samuel, clothier, Union Street
Magurran, James, hardware store, Market Street
Maguire Bros., painters, High Street
Mahaffy, Henry, school attendance officer, Lough Road
Mahaffy, John, income tax collector, Church Place
Mahaffy, James, rent agent, Church Place
Malcolm, Herbert C., manufacturer, Bengal Place
Malcolm, S., grocer, Victoria Street and Church Place
Malcomson, Albert G., merchant, Church Place
Malcomson, James, merchant, Windsor Avenue
Malcolmson, John, undertaker, Market Street
Malcomson & Co., auctioneers, Market Street
Mann, Alfred W., chemist, Market Street
Martin, Robt. J., clerk, Avenue Road
Martin, Thomas, carpenter, William Street
Mathers & Bunting, manufacturers, Mary Street
Matier, Henry, & Co., linen manufacturers, High Street
Matthews & Co., drapers, Union Street
Megarry, Henry, insurance agent, Hill Street
Menary Bros., drapers, Market Street
Menary, James, Market Street
Menary, Thomas, Hill Street
Menary, T. G., solicitor, Church Place
Mercer, Charles, law clerk, Garland Avenue
Mercer & Brown, sewing factory, Union Street
Metcalf, John, warper, Windsor Avenue
Metcalf, Samuel, dresser, Castle Gardens
Metcalf, Samuel, car owner, Union Street
Millar, Wm., farmer, Garland Avenue
Moffett, Brown, grocer, William Street
Moffett, E. R., law clerk, Windsor Avenue
Moffett, Thos., clerk of petty sessions, Windsor Avenue
Moffett & Co., grocers, Queen Street
Mohon, Rose, fruiterer, Church Place
Monroe, Samuel, carpenter, Edward Street
Monroe, Wm., carpenter, Edward Street
Moore & Johnston, solicitors, High Street
Morrow, John G., clerk, Hill Street
Mullen, Miss Louisa, teacher, Windsor Avenue
Mullen, Thos., poulterer, Avenue Road
Murphy, James, Avenue Road
Murphy, L. J., J.P., ironmonger, Church Place
Murphy & Stevenson, manufacturers, High Street
Murray, A., painter and glazier, William Street
Murtagh, Henry, publican, Castle Lane

McAllister, Andw., factory manager, High Street
McCabe, Stephen, tailor, William Street
McCann, Felix, carpenter, Charles Street
McCann, James, teacher, Hill Street
McCann, John H., manager, William Street
McCarter, James, draper, Market Street
McCauley, Wm. R., mechanic, Queen Street
McClure, Saml., manager, Avenue Road
McConkey, Wm., teacher, Queen Street
McConnell, David, grocer, William Street
McConnell, Miss, North Street
McConville, Patrick, draper, North Street
McConville. Very rev. M. B., P.P., North Street
McCrory, Miss, confectioner, High Street
McCullough, John, poulterer, Avenue Road
McCullough, Thos., poulterer, Avenue Road
McCusker, Mrs., victualler, Church Place
McDowell, James, clerk, Sunnyside
McEntee, Michael, publican, Church Place and William Street
McEvoy, Rev. Peter, C.C., Parochial House
MacGeagh, H. G., D.L., managing director of Lurgan Weaving Co. Ltd., High Street
McGeown, James, hairdresser, William Street
McGeown, Mrs., publican, Church Place
McGeown, Robert, school attendance officer, William Street
McGhee, Richard, M.P., North Street
McGibbon, David, plasterer, Ulster Street
McGibbon, Wm., contractor, Parkview Street
McGibbon, Wm., plasterer, North Street
McGranaghan, Patrick, publican, Church Place
McGranaghan, W. J., Brooklyn House
McGrath, J., Commercial Hotel, Church Place
McGreevy, Hugh, tinsmith, Castle Lane
McGuigan, Chas., librarian, Church Place
McGuigan, Hugh, butcher, Edward Street
McIlhargey, Miss, confectioners', stationer, and newsagent, Edward Street
McIlhatton, Miss, confectioner, William Street
McIlwaine, James, hairdresser, Windsor Avenue
McIlwaine, S., linen manufacturer, Dollingtsown (Dollingstown)
McIlwaine, W., hair dresser, Windsor Avenue
McIntyre Bros., painters, Edward Street
McKeown, Frank, grocer, Union Street
McKeown, Mrs., News Agent and Fancy Goods, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News," Church Place
McKerr, Richard, pawn broker, High Street
McMenamy, Thos., grocer, North Street
McNally, Austin, J.P., Avenue Road
McVeigh, James, publican, Edward Street

Neill, Charles, boot maker, Edward Street
Neill, C. W., solicitor, Heddington House
Neill, Jas., Post Office official, Frederick Place
Neill, Thos., law clerk, William Street

Ogle, James, boot maker, Union Street
Orr, James, boot maker, Charles Street
Osborne, Meredith, Avenue Road
O'Connor, Catherine, victualler, Church Place
O'Hagan, Arthur, Edward Street
O'Hara, James, publican, Edward Street
O'Hara, Jas., tinsmith, Castle Lane
O'Loughlin, Very Rev. R. S., D.D., Dean of Dromore, The Rectory
O'Neill, Charles, publican, Church Place
O'Neill, Edmund, Church Place
O'Neill, Paul, Wellington Street
O'Neill, the Misses, publicans, Church Place
O'Reilly, John C., solicitor, North Street

Page, Robt., dairyman, Queen Street
Parks, David, carter, Wellington Street
Patterson, Pastor A. T., Hill Street
Patton, Wm., boot warehouse, Market Street
Pedlow, David, Spirit Merchant & Motor Agent, Church Place. Telephone No. 71
Pedlow, Thos. B., M.B., surgeon, Market Street
Pedlow, Wm., manager, Alexander Terrace
Pentland, Robert H., Star Hotel, William Street
Plenderleith, Peter, Beech Hill house
Plenderleith, Thomas, factory manager, Beech Hill House
Pollock, F. W., town clerk, Florence Villas
Pollock, J. W., assistant town clerk, Queen Street

Ramsay, Thos., draper, Market Street
Rea, Thos., postal official, Hill Street
Reeves, Horatio N., poultry manager, Hill Street
Reid, Jas., publican, Edward Street
Reid, Miss, draper, Market Street
Reilly, Andrew, factory manager, Windsor Avenue
Richardson, John H., mechanic, Avenue Road
Richardson, Louis, printer and proprietor "Lurgan Mail," High Street
Ripley, John, photographer, William Street
Robinson, Francis, painter, Union Street
Robinson, James, clerk, William Street
Robinson, Samuel, clerk, William Street
Rocks, Bernard, tailor, Edward Street
Rocks, Michael, tailor, Edward Street
Rogers, John, station master, Frederick Place
Ross, Charles, manufacturer, High Street
Ross, Hugh, yarn merchant, High Street
Ross, John, & Co., hemstitch factory, High Street
Ross, Thos., manufacturer, High Street
Ross, Wm. R., manufacturer, High Street
Ruddell, George, victualler, Church Place
Rusk, Thos., clerk, Hill Street
Rusk, Wm., clerk, Hill Street
Russell, George, grocer, Church Place
Ryan, Joseph, D.I., R.I.C., Church Place

Scott, Thomas J., grocer, Queen Street
Seawright, Douglas, & Co., finishers, Avenue Road
Seawright, W. J., manufacturer, Windsor Avenue
Shaw, Miss, dress maker, William Street
Shillington, Henry, C.E., town surveyor, Hill Street
Simpson, J., bank manager, Market Street
Sloan, Francis, B.A., teacher, Windsor Avenue
Smith, John, teacher, William Street
Smith, Sydney, P.B., organist, High Street
Smyth, Rev. V. A., High Street
Soye, J., property owner, Victoria Street
Soye, Richard, The Home Farm
Soye, W. J., factory manager, Union Street
Speers, James, car owner, Market Street
Sproule, Rev. W. B., B.A., The Manse, Avenue Road
Stevenson, Richard, clerk, Gilford Road
Stevenson, T. C., clerk, High Street
Stewart, James, Queen Street
Stothers, Jackson, confectioner, Windsor Avenue
Sullivan, Edwd., confectioner, hardware and fancy goods merchant, Queen Street
Sweeney, Jos., builder and contractor, Edward Street
Symington, Robert, hairdresser, William Street

Talbot, John, grocer, Sunnyside
Tallentire, W., manager gas works, William Street
Taylor, Miss, Church Place
Temperance Hotel, William Street
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agents, Thomas Fahoon, Victoria Street; Robt. H. Pentland, 48 William Street
Thompson, C. G., M.R.C.V.S., Church Place
Thompson, Maxwell, clothier, William Street
Thompson, R., & son, auctioneers, William Street
Thompson, W. J., reed maker, Church Place
Thornton, Jas., pork merchant, Church Place
Thornton, John, car owner, Church Place
Turkington, Mrs., baker, Church Place
Turner's Fruit Stores, Church Place

Uprichard, Jervis, draper, Market Street
Uprichard, John, grocer, High Street
Uprichard, Robert, manufacturer, Union Street
Uprichard, Thos., manufacturer, William Street

Vint, H. B., Press correspondent and secretary Lurgan Agricultural Association, Windsor Avenue

Waddell, Thomas, Avenue Road
Waddell, W. J., pawnbroker's assistant, Avenue Road
Waite, Wm., handkerchief printer, Mark Street and Derry Lodge
Warren, Miss, music teacher, Hill Street
Watson, Fred., cabinet maker, Avenue Road
Watson, Robert, & Sons, manufacturers, Flush Works
Watson & Neill, solicitors, William Street
Wells, Samuel, clerk, Avenue Road
Whelehan, Misses, musicians, William Street
Wilkinson, Rev. F. H., M.A., Church Place
Wilson, Crozier, draper, Market Street
Wilson, Henry, tailor, Market Street
Woods, John, plasterer, William Street
Woods, Thomas, mechanic, Avenue Road


Abraham, Henry, Ardmore
Adamson, T. L., J.P., Ballydugan
Allen, R. J., Maralin
Atkinson, Ven. Archdeacon, LL.B., Waringstown
Bailie, George, J.P., Annaghanoon
Berry, John H., Maralin
Best, F. Gorman, Broommount, Aghalee
Best, Nicholson, The Cairn, Aghalee
Blane, James, Ballydugan
Blaney, James, Ballinamoney
Brownrigg, Dr., T. H., J.P., Moira
Boucher, C. J., M.B., Donacloney
Bunting, Thomas, Fairview, Aghalee
Cairnes, James, Ballynamoney
Calder, James, Corcreaney
Calder, Robert, Corcreaney
Christy-Miller, Mrs., Kircassock
Clarendon, Rev. Canon, B.D., Maralin
Clarke, Thomas, farmer, Springfield
Cubbage, Miss, Silverwood
Cummins, John, Moyraverty
Cummins, Wm., Tullygally
Dennison, J. S., manufacturer, Springhill
Dobson, Geo., Gaskin's Grove, Bleary
Douie, James L., J.P., Moira
Duff, Dr. W. W., Aghalee
Eccles, W. R. P., LL.D., Turmoyra
Elliott, Thos., Kilmore
Ellis, George, Kilmore
Ellis, James A., Tullydegan House
Ellis, Robert, Kilmore
Ellis, Thomas, Aghagallon
Ellis, Wm., Tullydegan House
Ellis, Wm. John, Drumaleet House
Ferguson, Miss, publican and grocer, Donacloney
Ferris, Joseph, Beechpark
Ferris, Thos. Wm., Beechgrove, Aghagallon
Fforde, F. C., Raughlan
Fforde, Miss, Tanaghmore Lodge
Fforde, The Misses, Raughlan
Fitzgerald, Wm., J.P., The Tunny
Frier, Douglas, linen manufacturer, Waringstown
Frier, Dr. William, Waringstown
Gamble, John, Ballyleney
Gaskin, W. J., Kilvergan
Geary, Ed., The Clare, Waringstown
Gilbert, Isaac, Ryefield, Aghagallon
Gilbert, James, Aghagallon
Gilbert, Stephen, Aghagallon
Gillespie, Rev. A. J., Waringstown
Gilpin, Thomas, Clanroll
Gordon, Daniel, Boconnell
Gracey, John, Legahorry
Green, S., Aghalee
Greer, Major G. W.
Greer, H. O'Brien, J.P., Woodville
Greer, Mrs. C., Woodville
Harrison, James, Corcreaney
Hayes, Hugh, Moorfield
Hewitt, Joseph, Knockramer
Hewitt, Ralph, Tegnavin
Hewitt, Samuel, Tegnavin
Holmes, John, Kilycomain
Holmes, Robert, Clanrolla
Hopps, Wm., Legahorry
Humphries, John A., Derryadd
Hurst, Rev. W. G., M.A., rector, Moira
Hylands, George, poulterer, Tullyheron
Johnston, David, K.P., Grace Hall
Johnson, F. M., Knockmenagh
Kennedy, Abram, Milltown
Kennedy, Thos., auctioneer, Laurel Hill
Kerr, John, Tullygally
Kerr, Wm. G., Kilminogue
Knox, Geo., Kilmore
Lavery, Henry, Kilvergan
Lavery, John, Kilvergan
Lennon, Thomas, Derryadd
Liddell, Mrs., Winona, Donacloney
Liddell, Sir R. M., D.L., Banogue House, Donacloney
Livingston, John, Magerana, Waringstown
Lynass, Robert, Carn
Lyness, Archibald, Aghagallon
Lyness, Joseph, Kilfullert
Lyness, Thomas W., publican and grocer, Waringstown
Macoun, Wm., Kilmore
Magenniss, James, Ballymacrandle
Magowan, John, Corcreaney
Mairs, David, Gawley's Gate
Martin, Frank, Kilvergan
Martin, John, Clare, Waringstown
Martin, Robt. T., Lilyvale, Ballinderry
Maxwell, Alexander, Bleary
Morrison, Jas., publican & grocer, Waringstown
Mulholland, John, Waringstown
Murphy, Robert, Derryadd
Murray, Joseph, Ballynary
Murtagh, Henry, Ballynamoney
McConville, Jas., Ballynamoney
McCorry, Francis, Whitehall
McCullough, Robert, Cornrainy
McEvoy, Patrick, Tanaghmore South
McFarland, Rev. R. G., B.A., Moira
McGeown, John, Drumnagoon
McGown, Joseph, Kilmore
McKay, Arthur, Kilmore
McKinstry, J., Tullygally
McNabb, Charles, Drumgor
McStravick, Henry, Kilmore
Patterson, Hugh, Drumnakerne
Patterson, James, Banoge
Pennington, Jas., damask manufacturer, Waringstown
Reid, Dr. Hugh, Derryadd
Rennix, Jervis, Drumgask
Robinson, Robert, Ardmore
Rodgers, Geo., J.P., Waringstown
Ruddell, Nelson, Aghacommon
Scott, Samuel D., Toberhuney
Scott, Wm., manufacturer, Waringstown
Seawright, Alex., Harrymount
Sheppard, W. G., Draper Hill, Waringstown
Smith, J. W., Clanrolla
Smith, Rev. J., B.A., Ardmore
Spence, George, Corcreaney
Spence, Lewis, Drumnagoon
Stevenson, C, Derrytrasna
Stevenson, John, Corcreaney
Stevenson, Joseph, Derrytrasna
Stevenson, Joseph, Sandbank, Derrytrasna
Stevenson, Thos., Ballyleney, Maralin
Stevenson, Wm. Henry, Derryadd
Stewart, Valentine, Corcreaney
Tallon, Daniel, Ballycairn, Aghalee
Taylor, Wm., Clougher, Ballyleney
Taylor, William, Kilfullert
Todd, Wm. John, Woodlands
Turtle, Augustus, J.P., Aghalee
Turtle, W. T., Kilmore
Turkington, Stevenson, Derryadd
Uprichard, James H., Tanaghmore West
Uprichard. James, Corcreaney
Waddell, Alfred, J.P., Maralin
Walkington, H., Oatlands, Ballinderry
Waring, Major Holt, D.L., Waringstown
Watson, H. P., Beechpark
Watson, Joseph, Lakeview
Watson, Mrs. H., Beechpark
Watson, Thomas, Co.C., Lakeview
Weir, Edward, Ballymacteer
Wells, Charles, Bleary
Wells, James, Bleary
Wells, John, Corcreaney
White, Robert, Bocombra
Wilson, James, Derryinver
Wright, James, Corcreaney