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1918 Belfast Street Directory

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Ballymoney, a market town with a population of 3,100 and an urban area of 518 acres, is situated in the Parish of Ballymoney and Barony of Upper Dunluce.  It is the capital of the North Antrim Division of the County (46 miles by road and 53 by rail from Belfast).  The Braidwater Spinning Company have extensive spinning mills at Balnamore, two miles distant.  Branches of the Belfast Bank and of the Ulster Bank, and an agency of the Bank of Ireland are established here.  The markets are extensive, flax, pork, oats, butter and eggs being the principal commodities.  The flax market is one of the largest in Ulster.  There is also an extensive cattle market twice each month, which is patronised by buyers throughout the province.  Fairs - May 5th, July 10th, and October 6th, and a horse fair every third Thursday of the month.  A Town Hall was built by public subscription in 1868.  Shops' half holiday, Tuesday

Post Office, Main Street - Postmistress, Miss McElderry
Magistrates - Captain Armstrong, Culmore House; S. Allen, Lisconnan; the Earl of Antrim, Glenarm; J. G. Leslie, Leslie Hill; Captain Lyle, Ballycastle; R. D. Pinkerton, Ballaghmore, Ballymoney; James E. Moore, Ballydevitty, John McElderry, Ballymoney; Alexander McNeill, Gardenvale; John S. Hutchinson, Shangarry, Ballycastle; John I. Dempsey, Ivy Lodge, Ballynagarvey; D. J. McMaster, Topp; A. Keers, Finvoy; F. H. Watt, Portrush; P. McGilligan, Coleraine; R. Cramsie, B.L.; J. S. Cochrane, Breezemount; John Baxter, C.C., Osmond House; A. Keers, R.D.C., Knockans House; J. Peacock, A. B. Craig, P. Henry, J. G. Best, Dr. Wallace, F. Boyle, M.R.C.V.S.; S. McHenry, Rasharkin; Jas. Thompson, Conagher; D. McNeill, Bushmills; J. L. Taggart, Montalto, Bushmills; Captain Cramsie, O'Harabrook; A. Donnelly, Armoy; Thos. Macafee, Currysisken, Armoy; J. Macafee, Ballybrake; W. T. McClements, Loughguile; W. D. Hamilton, Tober; R. Gregg, Kilraughts; Jas. Young, Balnamore; Clarke Murphy, Ballymoney; J. Carson, Artiferral
Clerk of Petty Sessions - John Knox, Charlotte Street
Guardians for the Urban District of Ballymoney - Messrs. James McCoubrey, Mrs. Bradshaw.  Portrush - Mrs. Moncrieff, Miss Hamilton, Miss Watt.  Clerk and returning officer, T. B. Hamilton; medical officer of workhouse, Dr. J. R. Thomson; master, M. Gilmour; matron, Miss Chestnut
Union Workhouse (County Antrim).  Board meets each Thursday.  Miss Hamilton, president; Mr. W. M. Knox, vice-president; Lady Macnaghten, D.V.P.
Rural District Council (20 electoral divisions, 3 co-opted members) - W. McKeague, chairman; J. Thompson, J.P. (vice-chairman), W. Scally, John McAllister, Robt. A. McFall, Robert Moore, William Colvin, J. G. Leslie, D.L.; R. Gregg, W. J. McQuiston, R. M. Kirkpatrick, James Casey, P. McAleese, T. N. Camac, A. W. McClure, H. Gray, A. Keers, J.P.; J. Sawyers, S. W. Steen, A. Turner, R. Patterson, S. McHenry, J.P.; J. S. Brown, R. Simpson, J. McCreedy, J. L. Taggart, J.P.; T. McAfee, T. Lyle, Samuel Galt, John Stewart, S. F. Stewart, R. Moore, W. M. Torrens, A. Dooey, W. M. Knox, A. B. Craig, J.P.; A. Hayes Montgomery, John Cunningham, Lady Macnaughten.  Clerk, T. B. Hamilton; solicitors, Messrs. Greer & Hamilton; dispensary medical officers, Dr. Boyd, Ballymoney; Dr. Wallace, Castlequarter; Dr. Millar, Dervock; Dr. Keers, J.P., Dirraw; Dr. Porter, Portrush; Dr. Huey, Bushmills
Urban District Council (12 members) - W. J. Megaw, chairman; A. Donaghy, vice-chairman; N. McKay, George Cochrane, John McMaster, Dr. Nevin, H. McKervill, R. Patterson, jun., W. Stewart, J. Hanna, C. Murphy, R. H. D. Hanna, John Knox, clerk
Solicitors - Greer & Hamilton, R. C. Martin, P. & J. Boyle, T. Taggart, S. W. Pinkerton
Physicians - S. B. Boyd, M.D.; James L. Nevin, M.D.; and James R. Thompson, M.D.
Veterinary Surgeons - F. G. Boyle, M.R.C.V.S.; J. A. Gault, M.R.C.V.S.


Church of Ireland, Church Street - Ven. Archdeacon Benson, rector; Rev. W. Jamison, B.A., curate
First Presbyterian Church - Meetinghouse Street - Rev. A. H. Dill, M.A., minister
Trinity Presbyterian Church, Rodenfoot - Rev. Jas. B. Armour, M.A., minister
St. James's Presbyterian Church, Townhead Street - Rev. R. H. Wilson, B.A.
Methodist Church - Rev. Mr. Nelson
Covenanters' Meetinghouse, Charlotte Street - Rev. J. Ramsay, LL.B., minister
Unitarian Meetinghouse, Charles Street - Rev. F. Holt, B.A., minister
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. P. Macnamara


Belfast Banking Co. Ltd. (branch), High Street - Manager, H. C. Wilson; cashier, F. Stuart
Ulster Bank Ltd. (Branch), Church Street - Manager, Alex. McGugan; cashier, J. Wilson
Technical School - Principal, J. Petticrew, B.Sc., B.A.
Insurance Offices - Standard, Greer & Hamilton; Commercial Union and Standard, A. McGuigan; Scottish Widows' Fund, H. Wilson; Scottish Amicable, H. McC. Hamilton & Sons; Guardian and Imperial (Accident and Live Stock), W. H. Adair; Imperial and Crown Life, D. Dempsey; Life Association, John Gordon; Northern Fire and Life, Robert C. Martin; English and Scottish Law Life Office, P. Boyle; Phoenix Fire Office, D. Dempsey
Intermediate Schools - Prin., Miss McNeill
Model National School - Wm. Marshall; principal; Mr. Ellison, assistant
Infant School - Miss Ritchie, principal; Miss Stirling and Miss Steen, assistants
Girls' School - Miss Connolly, principal; Miss Ogle and Miss Leith, assistants
Church Street National School - R. Norris, principal; Miss brown and Miss Hozac, assistants
Castle Street National School - Boys - Mr. McQuillan.  Girls - Miss Corroran.  Infants - Miss McDevit
Dispensary, Queen Street - Saml. B. Boyd, M.D.
Constabulary Barrack, Charlotte Street - District Inspector, T. J. Oates
Newspapers - "North Antrim Standard," A. R. Stirling, publisher - every Thursday.  "Ballymoney Free Press," Mrs. McElroy, publisher - every Thursday
Fire Brigade - Hon. Supt., R. B. Thomson; captain, D. McLelland; station in Town Hall
Registrar of Marriages - John Tweed, Queen Street
Route Protestant Teachers' Union - President, J. Carson; vice-president, Miss Blackwood; secretary and treasurer, W. H. Adair
Route Presbytery - Rev. A. E. Crawford, M.A. (Moderator); Revs. W. Magill, S. Wallace, B.A. (clerk), J. B. Armour, M.A.; J. S. Maers, J. Jackson, B.D.; T. Caldwell, A. Crothers, A. H. Dill, M.A.; Rev. S. Johnston, W. H. Craig, J. Tynan, B.A.; J. H. Maxwell, B.A.; R. Anderson, B.A.; C. H. Barbour, B.A., J. L. Corkey, B.D.; Rev. T. Heaney, H. B. Henderson, together with a representative elder from each congregation
Northern Presbytery of the Reformed Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. A. Lyons, B.A. (Moderator); Rev. R. J. McIlmoyle (clerk), Rev. S. H. Kennedy, D.D.; Rev. W. McCullough, B.A.; Rev. J. Ramsey, LL.B.; Rev. A. Gilmour, M.A.; Rev. A. Holmes, Rev. J. McC. Cromie, B.D.; and an elder from each session
North Antrim N.T.A. - President, Mr. Richardson; vice-president, Miss Costello; secretary and treasurer, J. Bradley
School Attendance Committee - Rural - Rev. J. B. Armour, M.A. (chairman); W. B. B. Keers (vice-chairman), Rev. S. E. Barnhill, Rev. S. Wallace, B.A.; Messrs. J. Thompson, D. J. McMaster, J.P.; W. D. Hamilton, J. Connolly; sec., T. B. Hamilton.  Urban - W. J. Megaw (chairman), Venerable Archdeacon Benson, J. Boyle, J. McMaster, H. McKervill, Dr. Nevin, J. S. Cochrane, J.P.; J. Bradshaw, W. Stuart, Rev. J. A. Boyle, P.P.; secretary, T. B. Hamilton
Ballymoney Pension Sub-Committee - Chairman, W. J. Megaw; clerk, T. B. Hamilton
North Antrim Agricultural Association - Hon. secretaries, H. C. Wilson and J. Petticrew, B.Sc.; hon. treasurer, R. B. Thompson
North Antrim Horticultural and Poultry Association - President, J. G. Leslie, D.L.; secretary and treasurer, R. A. McElderry
North Antrim Farmers' Association - Secretary, J. Petticrew, B.Sc.
North Antrim Beekeeper' Association - President, Dr. J. L. Nevin; treasurer, J. W. Pinkerton
Ballymoney Covenanters Association - President, Rev. J. Ramsey, LL.B.; vice-president, J. F. Taylor; secretary, R. Holmes; treasurer, A. Mogey
Public Library - Librarian, John Pollock
Route Temperance Establishment Ltd. - hon. secretary, Rev. J. B. Armour; manageress, Miss Lyle
North Antrim Unionist Association - President, Captain A. M. Armstrong, J.P., Culmore House, Kilrea; secretary, Mr. J. S. Cochrane, Ballymoney; treasurer, Major John A. Montgomery, Benvarden
Ballymoney Unionist Club - R. C. Martin, president; J. B. Hamilton, secretary
Shanaghy Unionist Club - W. Moore, K.C., D.L., M.P., President; J. Ellis, secretary
North Antrim Liberal Association - President, J. Baxter, J.P.; secretary, T. Taggart, LL.D.
Ballymoney Branch of the Women's Health Association - President, Mrs. Leslie; vice-president, Mrs. Macartney; treasurer, Mrs. Megaw; secretary, Mrs. Bradshaw
Ballymoney Grocers' Association - President, Mr. Baxter, J.P., secretary, W. J. Pollock
Egg Supplies Ltd. - Managing director, R. K. McIlderry
Markets Company Ltd. - Secretary and manager, R. K. McElderry
Ballymoney Hospitals Supply Depot - President, Mrs. Leslie; secretary, Mrs. J. B. Hamilton, Ashleigh
Ballymoney Protestant Total Abstinence Union - President, J. A. McElderry, J.P.; secretary, Rev. A. H. Dill, M.A.
Ballymoney Angling Club - President, Mr. J. Healey; secretary, Mr. H. Colgan; treasurer, Mr. J. Hanna
Dalriada Historical Society - Secretary, W. H. Adair
Gas Company Ltd. - Secretary, J. S. Gordon; manager, G. Cummins
Musical Society - President, Mr. Robert Cramsie, B.L.; hon. sec., Mr. J. B. Hamilton; hon. treas., Mr. R. Stirling; conductor, Mr. W. De Pauley; hon. librarian, Mr. J. Hanna
Y.M.C.A. - President, Thomas M. Greer; secretary, B. McKeague
Y.M.C.A. - President, Mrs. Leslie; secretary, Mrs. McElderry
Ballymoney Bowling Club - President, Mr. S. Lamont; secretary, Mr. Todd; treasurer, Mr. Taylor
Schools in Vicinity - Culduff, Miss Ellison; Balnamore Upper, Mr. McWhirter; Infant, Miss Anderson; Balligan, R. McFarland; Eden, J. Templeton; Vow, J. Savage; Cabra, W. H. Adair; Garryduff, W. Carton; Carrowreagh, J. Gordon; Landhead, Miss Gregg; Secon, Miss Stuart; Kirkhills, Mr. Holmes; Kilraughts, Miss Finlay; Finvoy, Miss McKay; Knocknahollet, Miss McBride; Deffrick, Miss Huey; Derrykeighan, Miss McCaughan; Pollentamney, Mrs. Taggart; Upper Dervock, J. Mitchell; Tullybane, Miss Biggart
Ballymoney Markets - Grain market, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; general market, every Thursday; cattle market, first and third Thursday of each month
Ballymoney Nursing Association - President, Lady Antrim; vice-president, Mrs. Leslie; secretary, Mrs. Greer
Route Sabbath School Union - Secretaries and treasurers, Rev. J. Corkey, B.D., and Mr. R. A. McIlderry


Adams, Robert, jeweller, Church Street
Agnew, S., grocer, High Street
Anderson, James, fruiterer and grocer, Main Street
Armour, Rev. J. B., M.A., Trinity Church Manse

Barrie, H. T., Ltd., produce merchants
Baxter, John, J.P., Osmond House
Baxter Ltd., grocers, Church Street
Beattie, W. J., secretary, Dunvaron
Beare, R. M. McC., grocer, Main Street
Benson, Venerable Archdeacon, rector, Glebe
Beverland, Wm., grocer, Roddenfoot Street
Bishop, R., shoe merchant, High Street
Blair, David, tailor, Charles Street
Boyd, James, woollen draper, Church Street
Boyd, S., M.D., Victoria Street
Boylan, Elizabeth, publican, Main Street and Church Street
Boyle, Ann, publican, Main Street
Boyle, F. G., M.R.C.V.S., Main Street
Boyle, P. & J., solicitors, Victoria Street
Bradshaw, George, locomotive superintendent, Union Street
Brennan, Margaret, publican, High Street
Brown, Samuel, labourer, Townhead Street
Butler, P., publican, High Street

Calderwood, John, produce merchant, Union Street
Campbell, M. B., confectioner, Main Street
Campbell, Wm., grocer. High Street
Clarke, The Misses, dress makers, Union Street
Cochrane, E., & Son, wholesale and retail drapers, The Arcade
Cochrane, G., jeweller, Main Street
Cochrane, Mrs. George, dress maker, Main Street
Colgan, Mrs., boarding house, Union Street
Connolly, Miss, N.S. teacher, Charles Street
Corroran, Miss, Imperial Hotel, Main Street
Corroran, Misses, drapers, Main Street
Cramsie, Robt., Barrister-at-Law, High Street
Cramsie, W., boot  and shoe maker, Eden Terrace
Cromie, S. J., draper, High Street
Cullen & Allen, produce merchants, Meetinghouse Street
Cummings, G., gas manager, Meetinghouse Street
Cunningham, Matthew, grocer, Main Street

Daillett, Charles, carpenter, Castle Street
Daillett, Michael, carpenter, Townhead Street.
Darcus, Mrs., farmer, Milltown
Dempsey, Daniel, publican and grocer, Main Street
Dill, Rev. A. H., Parkhill Manse
Dillon, Patrick, cattle dealer, Main Street
Doherty, Miss, dress maker, Townsend Street
Donaghy, Alex., plough maker, Ozone Avenue
Donaghy, Mrs., grocer, Church Street
Dunlop, Alexander, publican, Charles Street

Ellison, Mrs., dress maker, Union Street
Ellison, Wm., car driver, Union Street

Ferguson & Co., printers, Queen Street
Fines, Thos., pork buyer, Meetinghouse Street
Fisehr, R., druggist, Albany Villa
Forbes, Joseph, flesher, High Street
Forsythe, Miss, music teacher, Charlotte Street
Foster, James C., Draper & Cycle Manufacturer & Repairer, Church Street
French, C. H., dentist, Queen Street
Frizzell, J., tobacconist and confectioner, Church Street
Frizzell, W., baker, Union Street

Gamble, Wm. John, glazier and painter, Townhead Street
Gardiner, Miss, Main Street
Gault, Catherine, grocer and publican, Main Street
Gillan, John, hide buyer, Castle Street
Gordon, Joseph, & Sons, watch makers, jeweller, and opticians; fire and life assurance agents, Main Street
Gray, J. & Co., boot and shoe makers, Main Street
Green, Wm., car proprietor, Meetinghouse Street
Greer, Thomas M., county solicitor, High Street and Weston Crofts

Hamill, Hugh, watch maker, High Street
Hamilton, H. McC. & Sons, woollen drapers etc., Church Street
Hamilton, James B., solicitor, Ashleigh
Hamilton, H., Townparks
Hamilton, T. B., clerk of union, Charlotte Street
Hammond, T., sawyer, Townhead Street
Hanna, James, iron monger, Linenhall Street
Hanna, John, relieving officer, Linenhall Street
Hanna, John, ironmonger and timber merchant, Main Street
Hanna, J., dentist, Main Street
Hargey, Francis, & sons, painters, Union Street
Hattie, S., cycle maker, Church Street
Henderson, Thos., tailor, High Street
Henry, John, street contractor, Church Street
Henry, John, contractor, Union Street
Henry, Thos., pork cutter, Queen Street
Hill, A., seedsman and implement dealer, Charlotte Street
Hill, W. F., harness maker, Church Street
Holmes, Robt., commercial traveller, Dunvaron

Jamison, Robert, & Sons, plumbers, High Street

Kane, Hugh, ex-postman, Union Street
Kane, Robert, Press correspondent, Union Street
Kane, William, Charlotte Street
Kearney, D., flesher, Castle Street and Linenhall Street
Kelly, Wm., saddler, Main Street
Kennedy, Robert, pork cutter, Union Street
Killen, Mrs., Union Street
Kilpatrick, W. J., grocer, Union Street
Knox, John, town clerk, Charlotte Street
Knox, Mrs., woollen draper, High Street

Lamont, Daniel, carter, Rodden Foot
Lamont, Saml., & Sons, linen merchants, Charlotte Street
Lees, T., artisan, Henry Street
Leith, Andrew, grocer, Main Street
Leslie, J. G., D.L., Leslie Hill
Luke, Miss, draper, Linenhall Street
Lusk, H., tailor, Union Street
Lyle, Miss, cafe manager, Market Street
Lyons, Anne, High Street

Macaulay, Lindsay, hair dresser, Main Street
Macauley, Wm., & Sons, bill posters, Church Street
Maconaghie, James, draper, High Street
Malone, R. J., photographer, Linenhall Street
Marshall, William, school master, Queen Street
Martin, Robert C., solicitor, Church Street and Victoria Street
Megaw, Wm. J., grocer and seed merchant, Main Street
Michael, John, carpenter, Charlotte Street
Milford, J., saddler, Main Street
Moffett, Wm., hardware merchant, Main Street
Mogey & Co., ironmongers, Main Street
Moore, S., draper, Church Street
Mullan, George, cattle dealer, Castle Street
Murphy, Archibald, painter, Meetinghouse Street
Murphy, Clarke, cooper, Main Street
Murphy, P., publican, Main Street
Murray, C., publican, Church Street

McAfee, Mrs., Charlotte Street
McAfee, W. H., hardware merchant, Church Street
McAllen, Hamilton, manager Ballycastle Railway Company, Townparks
McAlister, D., tearooms, Main Street
McBride, John, publican, Market Street
McCartney, James, stone worker, Union Street
McCaughern, A. B., bookkeeper, Castle Street
McClement, Miss, tea-rooms, Main Street
McCloskey, Miss, dress maker, Charlotte Street
McCloskey, F., fowl merchant, Union Street
McClure, R. J., grocer, Charlotte Street
McClure, Wallace, grocer, Linenhall Street
McColgan, Bridget, publican, Meetinghouse Street
McCormick, Alex., publican, Linenhall Street
McCormick, Mrs., publican, Linenhall Street
McCormick, Chas., publican, Linenhall Street
McCotter, Miss, grocer, Main Street
McCoubrey, James, Manor Hotel, Main Street
McCoubrey, John, house painter, Church Street
McCurdy, Miss, dress maker, Victoria Street
McCracken, John, provision store manager, Union Street
McDevitt, Miss, N.S. teacher, Main Street
McDowell, Mrs., Charlotte Street
McElderry, John, J.P., seed merchant, Linenhall Street
McElderry, Miss, postmistress, Main Street
McElderry & Pollock, mill owners, Milltown
McElroy, Mrs., stationer, Main Street
McErlain, P., fowl dealer, Castle Street
McErlain, W., publican, Market Street
McFarland, John, carpenter, Charles Street
McGowan, J., publican, Main Street
McGuckian, James, carter and grocer, Main Street
McGuckian, Thos., carter, Townhead Street
McGugan, Alex., bank manager, Church Street
McIlroy. Robert, boot and shoe merchant, Main Street and Albany Villas
McIntyre, T., water inspector, Castle Street
McKay, Michael, blacksmith, Roddenfoot
McKay, Miss, dress maker, Union Street
McKay, Neal, tailor, Castle Street
McKeague, Bernard, law clerk, Townparks
McKeague, John, Charlotte Street
McKeague, Miss S., restaurant, Cameron Place
McKenna, F., cattle dealer, Meetinghouse Street
McKenna, John, butcher, Church Street
McKenna, Patrick, butcher, Main Street
McKenna, Mrs., dress maker, Union Street
McKerville, A., flesher, Church Street
McKerville, Hugh, flesher, Main Street
McLaughlin, Daniel, publican, Main Street
McLaughlin, Mrs., publican, Church Street
McLelland, F., painter, Union Street
McMaster, Albert, contractor and surveyor, Victoria Street
McMaster, J., carter & grocer, Meetinghouse Street
McMaster, James, & Son, grocers, Castle Street
McVicker, Mrs., Charles Street
McWilliams, publican, Church Street

Nesbitt, Geo., iron monger and grocer, Victoria Street
Nevin, Jas. L., M.D., surgeon, Main Street
Norris, Robt., school master, Queen Street

Olphert, Patk., baker, Union Street
O'Brien, J., baker, Union Street
O'Friell, J. P., Stationer, Newsagent, Lending Library, Main Street; Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
O'Kane, Bros, publicans and auctioneers, Main Street and High Street

Parker, Miss, dress maker, Union Street
Patterson, Jane, grocer, High Street
Patterson, Mrs., egg merchant, Market Street and Albany Villas
Patterson, Robt., jun., grocer, Charles Street
Patterson, Robert, grocer, Victoria Street
Peden Bros., saddlers and carters, Main Street
Petticrew, J., B.Sc., principal Technical School, Queen Street
Pollock, James, grocer, Castle Street
Pollock, Wm. C., mill owner, Ishlan
Pollock, Wm. John, traveller, Main Street
Porter & Stewart, coach builders, John Street
Purce, James, station master, Railway Place

Redpath, Wm., druggist, Church Street
Rennison, Wm., grocer, egg and fowl merchant, Seymour Place
Richards, Hugh, car owner, High Street
Richardson, Mrs., Castle Street
Robinson, H., The Glebe
Robinson, Wm., Victoria Hotel, Victoria Street

Scott, Thomas, Charlotte Street
Sheils, George, emigration agent, Church Street
Shiells, Mrs., grocer, Main Street
Shiells, Miss, dress maker, Charles Street
Smith, Alex., cycle maker, Main Street
Smith, Wm., implement maker, Main Street
Smith, Wm., cycle maker, Main Street
Stevenson & Co. Ltd., provision merchants, Townhead Street
Stewart, C., publican, Church Street
Stewart, David, carpenter, Union Street
Stewart, Wm., grocer, Queen Street
Stinson, A., boot maker, Union Street
Stinson, J., & Sons, shoe makers, Main Street
Stirling, A. R., auctioneer and grocer, house agent, High Street

Taggart, S., railway mechanic, Ozone Avenue
Taggart, T., LL.D., solicitor, High Street
Taylor, J. F., woollen draper, High Street
Taylor, Miss, confectioner, Main Street
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agents, H. C. Wilson, Belfast Bank; Thomas Taggart, Solicitor
Thompson, James, grocer, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News" Linenhall Street
Thomson, R. B., leather and boot merchant, Victoria Street
Thomson, James R., surgeon, Victoria Street
Todd, Samuel, grocer and baker, Main Street
Torrens, Miss, Union Street
Tweed, James, Queen Street
Tweed, John, Union Street
Tweed, Miss, grocer, Charles Street

Wales, James, driver, Union Street
Walker, Mrs., dress maker, John Street
Walker, Wm., blacksmith, Queen Street
Wallace, John, Main Street
Wallace, Rev. Samuel, Charlotte Street
Warwick, M., Seymour Street
White, W. M., grocer, Church Street
Wilson, Rev. R. H., B.A., St. James's Manse
Wreath, Jas., stationer, Victoria Street
Wreath, J., jun., auctioneer, Laurel Lodge

Young, Miss, grocer, Church Street
Young, R., builder and iron monger, Market Street
Young, W., baker, Union Street


Abernethy, Mrs., farmer, Bravallen
Adair, W. H., teacher, farmer, and assurance agent, Cedar Lodge, Bendooragh
Adams, Mrs.., farmer, Balnamoney
Allen, Samuel, Lisconnan
Armour, John, farmer, Ballyweaney
Armour, Wm., farmer, Crostagherty
Armour, Mrs., farmer, Bendooragh
Atkinson, Hugh, farmer, Bendooragh

Barr, Andrew, mechanic, Oak Terrace, Balnamore
Beare, Mrs., farmer, Cross Cottage
Beatty, Bryce, farmer, Craigs
Beckett, Robert, farmer, Bootown
Biggart, James, farmer, Druckendult
Biggart, John, farmer, Bendooragh
Biggart, Robert, farmer, Gladhill House
Blair, David, farmer, Rock, Shanaghy
Blair, Mrs., publican, Killans
Blair, Robert, farmer, Glengad
Boreland, Paul, farmer, Kilraughts
Boreland, Wm., farmer, Landhead
Boyd, Alex., farmer, Ballywindland
Boyd, Andrew, carpenter and farmer, Bendooragh
Boyd, John, farmer, Ballywindland House
Boyd, John, farmer, Conagher
Boyd, John, farmer, Duckendult
Boyd, John, Dungorbery
Boyd, John C., mill owner, Killyramer
Boyd, Mrs., farmer, Forttown
Boyd, Robert, farmer, Drumskea
Boyd, S., farmer, Rushyhill
Brown, John, farmer, Ballinaloob
Brown, Samuel, farmer, Leitrim
Burnside, John, farmer, Seacon

Calderwell, Wm. Jas., farmer, Cabra
Caldwell, Rev. T., Bushbank, Stranocum
Camac, Peter, Derrykeighan
Camac, Robert, farmer, Garry
Campbell, H., Craigs
Campbell, John, farmer, Killymaddy
Campbell, Mrs., Glengad
Campbell, Robert, farmer, Vow and Eden
Campbell, Thomas, farmer, Killymaddy
Campbell, Wm., farmer, Killymaddy
Campbell, Wm., farmer, Tatesfort
Carson, Matthew, farmer, Crosstagherty
Carson, Robert, farmer, Artiferral
Carson, Robert, farmer, Conagher
Cochrane, John, farmer, Drumart
Connolly, Miss, farmer, Ladeside, Moneycannon
Connor, Charles, farmer, Drumahiskey
Cooper, Robert, carpenter and farmer, Leaney
Cooper, W. J., farmer, Rosebank House, Bendooragh
Craig, Rev. W. H., Finvoy Manse
Cramsie, Captain A., J.P., O'Harabrook
Crawford, Mrs., grocer, Bendooragh
Crothers, Rev. A., Roseyards
Cunningham, Henry, farmer, Maddykeel
Cunningham, John, farmer, Killymaddy
Cunningham, John, farmer, Maddykeel
Cunningham, Matt., farmer, New Lodge, Killymaddy
Cupples, James, farmer, Killyramer

Diamond, James, farmer and grocer, Bendooragh
Dickie, Jas., farmer, Cabra
Dickie, T., Armoy
Donaghy, Hugh, farmer, Moneygobbin
Douglas, James, farmer, Drumaquerin
Dunlop, A., farmer, Bendooragh
Dunlop, David John, farmer, Drumlee
Dunlop, Hugh, farmer, Ballybrakes and Drumreagh
Dunlop, Mrs., Esmond House, Drumlee
Dunlop, Robert, farmer, Kirkhills
Dunlop, William, farmer, Carrowreagh

Elliott, Carson, farmer, Smallquarter
Elliott, James, farmer, Smallquarter
Esdale, John, Balnamore

Falconer, James, farmer, Carrowreagh
Falconer, Thomas, farmer, Craigs
Finlay, James, farmer, Crostagherty
Finlay, Mrs., farmer, Eden
Finlay, Wm., senior, farmer, Ballytaggart
Finlay, Wm., jun., farmer, Ballytaggart
Fleming, Andrew, farmer, Drumlee House
Fleming, Andrew, farmer, Glenstal
Fleming, Matthew, farmer, Cuffymon, Moneycannon
Forsythe, W. B., farmer, Forttown
Fulton, W., farmer, Balnacree House

Gamble, J. P., farmer, Carrowreagh
Gamble, Robert, farmer, Carrowreagh
Getty, Mrs., Heagles
Gilmour, James, farmer, Killymaddy House
Glass, W. A., farmer, Cabra
Gordon, J., teacher, Carrowreagh
Graham, Alex., farmer, Cloint Hill
Graham, John, farmer, Claughey
Gray, Peter, farmer, Dirraw
Gregg, Richard, farmer, Toberbilly
Gwynn, J., land owner, Rosnashane

Hackett, James, farmer, Drumaheglis
Halliday, John, farmer, Drumskea House
Hamill, John, farmer, Dunaverney
Hamill, W. J., car owner, Balnagarvey
Hamilton, John, farmer, Drumahiskey
Hamilton, John, farmer, Glenstal
Hart, James, farmer, Vow
Hart, Robert, farmer, Vow
Hart, Robert, farmer, Culderry
Hay, Mrs., farmer, Mullans
Hayes, John, farmer, Newbuildings North
Henry, James, farmer, Drumahiskey
Huey, Robert, farmer, Shamrock Villa, Drumlee
Hunter, Hugh, farmer, Enagh
Hunter, Mrs., Ballywattick
Hunter, Robert, farmer, Pleasure Step
Hutchinson, Mrs., farmer, Cross

Jameson, Samuel, farmer, Drumart
Jameson, Mrs., farmer, Drumreagh
Jameson, Thomas, farmer, Tullycapple
Johnston, Robt. Wm., farmer and rate collector, Newhill House and Drumart

Keers, Andrew, farmer, Knockans House
Keers, W. B. B., farmer, Lunahan House, Knockans
Kelly, R., farmer, Kelly House, Cross
Kennedy, S. G., farmer, Desertderrin
Kennedy, Wm. John, farmer, Cross House
Kerr, Wm., farmer, Carnaney
Kirkpatrick, R., mason, Eden
Kirkpatrick, R. M., farmer, Ballynagashel
Kirkpatrick, R., farmer, Turnagrove
Knox, John, farmer, Seacon
Knox, Mrs. Nancy, farmer, Moneygobbin
Knox, S. B., farmer, Seacon
Knock, W. J., farmer, Ballywattick

Lamont, Samuel, linen manufacturer, Eden House
Lamont, T., farmer, Cabra House
Laverty, Chas., farmer, Cloint, Eden
Laverty, S. K., farmer, Eden
Lees, Wm., Balnamoney
Leitch, Joseph, farmer, Artiferral
Lilley, J., farmer, Cuppidale
Loughridge, Mrs., farmer, Craigs
Loudon, F., farmer, Newbuildings North
Lyle, Samuel, farmer, Topp
Lyle, T., auctioneer, Topp

Mabin, W. J., farmer, Sharon Lodge, Vow
Macafee, James, J.P., farmer, Ballybrakes
Macafee, Thos., J.P., farmer, Corrysisken House
Macaleese, R., farmer, Drumahiskey
Macartney, C. G., J.P., Lissanoure
Macaulay, Alexander, farmer, Eden
Macaulay, Jas., farmer, Eden
Macaulay, J. & S., farmers, Moneycannon
Macilmoyle, David, farmer, Brookside Cottage, Drumahiskey
Mackeague, S., insurance agent, Tullaghans
Macmaster, D. J., J.P., farmer, Topp House
Madden, John, farmer, Killymaddy
Martin, D. C., farmer, Moneycannon and Inchna
Martin, Margaret, farmer, Ballinamoney
Mearns, J. B., farmer, Enagh Cottage
Megaw, Mrs., farmer, Ballyboyland
Montgomery, Major John A., D.L., Benvarden
Moore, David, farmer, Ballyboyland
Moore, Harry, Ballydivity
Moore, J. S., D.L., Ballydivity
Moore, Stewart, farmer, Crosstagherty
Moore, Thomas, farmer, Greenshields
Morrison, Adam, farmer, Cabra
Morrison, S., farmer, Drumreagh
Mulholland, H., farmer, Oak Lodge, Balnamore

McAfee, John, farmer, Drumahiskey
McAlexander, John, basket maker, Balnagarvey
McCammon, Rev. John, Kilraughts
McClean, Samuel, farmer, Ballywattick
McClean, Wm. J., farmer, Ballywattick
McClure, Adam, farmer, Model Farm, Ballymoney
McClure, Thomas, farmer, Lisboy
McClure, Wm., farmer, Smallquarter
McConaghy, Daniel, farmer, Glenylough
McCool, J., farmer, Primrose Cottage, Eden
McCurdy, William, farmer, Vow
McDermott, Miss, Cullermoney
McGarry, John, farmer, Carnageeragh
McIlhatton, Alex., farmer, Kilmoyangey
McIlhatton, Robert, farmer, Artiferral
McKane, Hugh, farmer, Roseyards
McKane, Robert, farmer, Roseyards
McKay, John, farmer, Seacon
McKay, Wm., farmer, Bellisle
McKeague, William, farmer, Ballywindland
McKinlay, J., grocer, Balnamore
McKinney, A., farmer, Bendooragh
McKinney, John, farmer, Druckendult
McLelland, J., farmer, Pine Lodge, Killymaddy
McMaster, Mrs., farmer, Cabra
McMullan, Alex., farmer, Bootown

Owens, David, farmer, Drumahiskey
O'Neill, Robert, farmer, Carnageeragh

Park, Wm., farmer, Knockahollet
Patton, Hamilton, farmer, Cuppidale
Patton, Thomas, farmer, Roseyards
Patton, W., farmer, Bannview House, Balnagarvey
Peden, Mrs., Myrtle Cottage, Moneycannon
Pinkerton, Alexander, Maddykeel House
Pinkerton, J. S., farmer, Maddykeel
Pinkerton, Mrs., farmer, Seacon
Pinkerton R. D., J.P., Ballaghmore
Pinkerton, R., farmer and coach builder, Moor Villas, Claughey
Pinkerton, Samuel, jun., farmer, Seacon
Pinkerton, Samuel, sen., farmer, Seacon
Pinkerton, Sheriff, farmer, Forttown
Pinkerton, Wm., farmer, Dunaverney
Pinkerton, W. J., farmer, Claughey
Pollock, John, Drumreagh

Rainey, John, farmer, Cabra
Ramsay, Mrs., farmer, Cullermoney
Ramsay, Rev. John, Enagh House
Richard, Alex., farmer, Ballyrobin
Richmond, Nancy, farmer, Carnageeragh
Robinson, Daniel, farmer, Newbuildings South
Robinson, Henry, farmer, Newbuildings South
Robinson, Robert, farmer, Artiferral
Robinson, Wm., farmer, Newbuildings South
Rosborough, Thomas, farmer, Millview House, Balnamore

Savage, James, teacher and farmer, Alcuin Lodge, Newbuildings
Scott, J. H., farmer, Riverfort House, Maddykeel
Shirley, Samuel, farmer, Cross
Sinclair, James, farmer, Druckendult
Small, James, farmer, Kirkhills
Small, Nathaniel, farmer, Ballywattick
Small, Robert, farmer, Kilmoyle
Smith, James, farmer, Roseyards
Smith, S., farmer, Drumlee
Speers, James, farmer, Turnagrove
Steen, Wm., farmer, Inchinagh House
Stevenson, Thomas, farmer, Knockans
Stewart, Henry, farmer, Newbuildings South
Stewart, John, farmer, Loughabin
Stewart, Moore, farmer, Carnaney
Stewart, Thomas, farmer, Landhead
Stewart, S., Larchfield, Kilraughts
Stewart, T., farmer, Newbuildings
Stuart, W., Eastborne

Taggart, James A., Coolbreene
Taggart, J., farmer, Newbuildings
Taggart, Wm., farmer, Newbuildings North
Tate, J., farmer, Secon
Taylor, Alexander, farmer, Carneatly
Taylor, Hugh, farmer, Carneatly
Taylor, James, farmer, Bendooragh
Taylor, John, farmer, Carneatly
Taylor, William, farmer, Leck
Thompson, James, farmer, Conagher
Thompson, J., farmer, Claughey
Thompson, W., farmer, Eden
Thompson, Wm., farmer, Inchinagh
Tomlinson, Mrs., postmistress, Bendooragh
Torrens, W. M., farmer, Bann Lodge, Maddykeel
Tweed, James, farmer, Ballymacwilliam
Tweed, Mrs., farmer, Newbuildings
Tweed, William, farmer, Mullan
Tweed, William, farmer, Eden

Wallace, James, farmer, Leitrim
Wallace, James, Lavin House
Wallace, John, farmer, Anticur
Wallace, J., farmer, Kirkhills
Wallace, Wm., farmer, Kilraughts
Warnock, Samuel, farmer, Drumreagh Cottage
Watson, L., Moorefont
White, Mrs., farmer, Cabra
White, W., farmer, Woodvale House, Cabra
White, Marshal, farmer, Macfin
White, Wm., farmer, Ballywindland
Williamson, Joseph, farmer, Drumlee
Williamson, Thomas, farmer, Moneycannon
Willis, James, farmer and mill owner, Claughey
Wilson, A., farmer, Hillhead House, Bendooragh
Wilson, Mrs., farmer, Artigoran
Workman, Hugh, farmer, Culduff
Wright, Jas., contractor, Drumaheglis

Young, John, farmer, Cuppidale
Young, J., managing director, Balnamore House
Young, Mrs., farmer, Vow House


Ballynahinch is a small market town in the County Down, 13 miles from Belfast, and property of Captain R. W. B. Ker, D.L.  The town was founded by the Right Honourable Sir George Rawdon, Bart., in the reign of King Charles II.  The Spa is about two miles south-west of the town, and is a most popular summer resort.  The building known as the ballroom has been turned into a restaurant, and in the same structure there is a large assembly room, suitable for concerts, lectures, etc.  The grounds and puzzling walks, and also the wells noted for their sulphur and iron springs are under the same management.  There are also hot and cold sulphur baths, which are largely patronised.  Excellent golf links have been provided, and a flourishing club has been organised.  Shops' half holiday, Friday.  The population at the last census was 1,667

Post Office - Miss Maguire, postmistress
Court House - Petty Sessions, Walter Gordon Duff, R.M.; Hugh Rea, clerk of petty sessions
Local Magistrates - W. J. Hurst, J. McRobert, H. A. Campbell, James Silcock, John Gill, R. S. Hanna, M. Perry, G. E. Minnis, H. McAlister, Peter McMullan, John Orr, and Francis E. Murray
County Down Railway Station - M. Scott, station master
Constabulary - Sergeant Maxwell
Commissioner for taking Affidavits - R. F. Walker


Church of Ireland - Rev. T. McCreight, rector
First Presbyterian Church - Rev. Noble Huston, B.A.
Second Presbyterian Church - Rev. S. H. Moore
Third Presbyterian Church - Rev. E. English, B.A.
Spa Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. McAdam, B.A.
Methodist Church - Rev. F. Moran, M.A.
Independent Church - Rev. W. J. Todd
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. John Doyle, P.P.; Rev. H. F. Gallagher, C.C.


National School (Rev. J. Doyle, P.P.) - H. Graham, B.A.; Miss M. Ryder, Miss E. Crangle, Miss N. Crangle, and Miss M. Lee, teachers
National School (Rev. S. H. Moore) - John Mathers, F.T.S.C., principal; Miss Gemmell
National School (Rev. Thos. McCreight) - Mr. G. T. Kiely, principal; Miss Wolfenden, assistant
National School (Rev. S. English) - Mr. Thomas H. Ferguson, principal; Miss Bell, Miss S. Bell, Mrs. Wallace, and Miss Kinghan, assistants
County Down Staghounds - R. S. Corbett, secretary, Thomas Taylor, huntsman
Northern Banking Company - J. H. Morell, manager; R. H. Flack, cashier; J. Mercier, accountant
Ulster Bank Ltd. - W. Thompson, manager
Bank of Ireland Agency
Ballynahinch Gas Company - Wm. Hutchinson, manager; E. C. McIlroy, secretary
Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - George Browne, M.D.
Dispensary and Sanitary Officer - George Browne, M.D.
Public Weighbridge - Matthew Crail
Court House, Market Square
East Downshire Steamship Co. Ltd.
Hemstitching Factory - Mrs. Lemon
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agent, Patrick McCaulay


Arnold, Miss, Belfield, Spa

Bell & Co., Solicitors; and at Downpatrick, Portaferry, Castlewellan, and Kilkeel

Clanwilliam, Earl of, Montalto
Coulter, Rev. J. H., Magherahamlet
Craig, James, Mill Hill

Dunlop, Robert, The Moor, Ballynahinch

English, Rev. S., B.A.
Evans, R. A. E., solicitor

Feneran, Mrs.
Fishbourne, H., Mount Donard, Spa
Flack, R. H., Tullymount Cottage

Gallagher, J. P., Excise Officer, 2 Beechwood Terrace

Herron, Miss, Park View
Houston, Rev. John S., The Rectory, Magherahamlet
Hunter, David, auctioneer, Woodside
Hurst, James, The Hill, Drumaness
Hurst, W. J., J.P., Drumaness
Hursts Ltd., Drumaness Mills
Huston, Rev. Noble, B.A.

Kerr, Miss, Tara Cottage

Mathers, John, Edna Vadie
Mooney, Miss, 1 Beechwood Terrace
Moore, Rev. S. H.
Moran, Rev. F.

McAdam, Rev. J., B.A., The Spa Manse, hon. secretary Golf Club
McCarthy, Andrew, Harryville
McNamara, Wm., Tullymount Cottage

Newell, Mrs., Myrtle Cottage

Walker, R. F., 3 Beechwood Terrace
Wallace, H., & Co., Solicitors

CHURCH STREET - Ballynahinch

Cranney, Mrs. P., draper

Davey, Bernard, mason
Davey, Mrs., confectioner
Davey, Richard, confectioner
Davidson, James, grocer, spirit merchant and posting establishment and cycle works
Dougherty, Miss L., dress maker

Earls, John, saddler

Fitzpatrick, Bernard, boot maker

Graham, H., teacher
Green, Mrs. T., temperance restaurant

Hamilton, Thomas, Church Road
Hamilton, Thomas W., boot and shoe warehouse
Herron, Jas., solicitor

Madine, James, labourer
Mullan, The Misses, millinery and dress making

McClements, Miss
McCullough, George, sewed muslin agent
McGrillen, Denis, hair dresser

Orr, Mrs., confectioner
O'Donnell, Mrs., publican

Rogan, John, publican
Rogan, Mrs.

Scoon, Fergus

Walker, George, publican and auctioneer


Armstrong, Miss, grocer

Bell, William, tailor
Boyd, Samuel, publican
Brannan, John, grocer
Branny, John, car driver

Carson, Thomas, bread server
Charles, J. A., grocers, hardware and china merchant
Coulter, John, butcher and cattle dealer
Craig, Miss Mary
Cry, Miss

Hamilton, A. R., M.D.
Hamilton, Thomas, labourer
Hanna, Acheson, grocer and seed merchant
Henderson, E., grocer
Heron, John, grocer

Irvine, James, painter

Johnston, Wm., car driver

Kearney, Joseph, labourer
Kirk, James, butcher

Law, T. J., mechanic
Lawson, Jas., saddler and upholsterer
Leaghey, R. J., publican
Linton, The Misses, dress makers

Mack, Miss
Martin, Miss, Anaghvale
Maxwell, Robert, grocer

McAlea, Mrs., publican
McCoubrey, John
McDowell, James, painter
McGaghey, Samuel, mason
McGibbney, Joseph, blacksmith
McGrillen, Patrick, postman
McGrillen, Patrick, labourer
McKelvey, Thomas, builder and carpenter

Noad, Thomas, car driver
Noad, Wm. J., postman

Orr, Frank M., draper

Patterson,  Miss, dress maker
Pennel, Robert, constable R.I.C.

Rainey, James
Reid, Mrs., publican
Russell, Francis, V.S.
Russell, Miss, millinery and dress making

Scott, Mrs.
Scott, Robert, shoe maker

Tate, John, provision buyer
Tippin, J., tailor

Vage, William

Weir, Thomas, grocer, coal and hardware merchant
Whan, Joseph, shoe maker


Bailie, R. B., watch and clock maker, grocer, hardware merchant, news and shipping agent, Dealer in Antiques; agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Barr, James, boot and shoe warehouse
Bell & McCartan, solicitors, High Street
Barr, Wm. Jas., boot and shoe warehouse
Bradford, M. & E., milliners, etc.

Croskery, John, hardware

Dickson, Robert, merchant tailor
Dougherty, Mrs.

Evans, R. A. E., solicitor

Graham, James, painter and decorator
Graham, Martin, refreshments
Graham, T. J., refreshments

Hanna, Mrs.
Harper & Sons, merchant tailors
Heanan, Arthur, merchant tailor

Kernaghan, J. W., hardware merchant

Lamont, Charles, watch maker and jeweller
Lilley, Miss, dress maker
Lilley, Wm., chandler

Maguire, Miss, draper
Maguire, Miss, Post Office
Morrison, James, watch maker and jeweller
Murray, James, & Co., wholesale and retail woollen drapers

McAlister, H., draper
McCartan, Miss, draper
McClean, James, cattle dealer
McConnell, Hamilton, leather merchant and grocer
McKelvey, James, saddler
McLeigh, Hugh, Walker's Hotel and posting establishment
McMullan, Ralph, grocer
McMurray Bros., drapers
McNeill, Robert, lodging house

Newell, Wm., fruiterer

Owens, Miss
Owens, J., refreshments

Patterson, Hugh, grocer and provision merchant
Poole, W., publican

Reid, David, boot and shoe warehouse
Rodgers, Wm. J., refreshments
Rogan, Patrick, publican
Rogan and McNulty, milliners

Smiley, James, leather cutter

Thompson, A. M., grocer

Walker, James, pharmaceutical chemist
Wallace & Co., grocers and hardware merchants


Carlisle, Jas., publican and farmer

Davis, Miss
Duffield, William, blacksmith

Kinghan, John, tailor

Milligan, H. A., publican and auctioneer
Morrow, Samuel, grocer

McCardell & Co., tailors
McConnell, Robt., blacksmith

Rogan, P., flesher

Scott. Mrs., refreshments


Bailie, Hugh R., carter
Blakely, James, labourer
Blakely, Miss
Blakeley, William

Crail, Miss

Davey, Patrick, fowl dealer
Dowry, Wm., labourer
Duffield, Thomas, carter
Duffield, Wm., grocer

Ferguson, Samuel
Ferguson, Wm., carter

Gelston, Mrs.
Gourley, James, labourer
Graham, Mrs. A.
Graham, S., bread server
Gray, James, labourer

Hesley, Thomas, labourer

Irvine, Jas., painter
Irvine, Robert, painter

Kinghan, Lena
Kinghan, Mathew, carpenter
Knox, Robert, labourer

Morrison, John
Murray, John, confectioner

McAllister, John, labourer
McConnell, Misses H. & S., milliners
McIlroy, John E., coal & timber merchant, East Downshire Co.'s agent
McKeown, James, carpenter
McKeown, Nurse, dispensary

Pollin, George, grocer and seed merchant and posting establishment

Reid, John, carrier

Savage, Thomas, boot maker
Smylie, H. H., publican and horse dealer
Stafford, John, shoe maker
Sweeney, Wm., horse trainer

Woodman, Mrs., publican


Anderson, Samuel, Montalto Cycle Works, Railway Street
Armstrong, E. P. B., woollen draper and shoe warehouse

Barr, Matthew, draper
Barr, Thomas, grocer
Browne, George, M.D.

Colgan, A. L., dental surgery
Craig, James W., auction mart
Crail, M., rate collector and weigh master
Cry, James, agent

Dalzell, Jas., car driver and publican
Duffield, James, publican

Edgar, John, blacksmith and publican
Esler, Mrs., Railway Cafe

Gordon, Henry, hairdresser
Gordon, Thomas, grocer
Greer, James, painter

Hanna, John, shoe warehouse
Hanna, Mrs., refreshments
Heanen, Joseph, B.A., teacher
Heanen, Wm., teacher
Herron, Samuel, & Sons, painters

Jackson, Miss
Johnston, A. B.
Johnston, Mrs., temperance hotel

Mahon, John, R.I.C.
Maxwell, W. S., tailor
Moffett, Mrs. John, sewed muslin agent
Moorhead & Wood, solicitors
Murphy, Mrs.

McDowell, Mrs. H., sewing and embroidery agent
McNamara, Robert, confectioner and insurance agent

Neill, John, mechanic
Nesbitt, John, hardware merchant

O'Neill, Bernard, publican

Patterson, James A., publican
Peden, J. H., solicitor

Rice, Elizabeth ,publican
Robinson, Samuel, leather merchant, hardware

Scott, M., station master
Sommerville, Miss, millinery

Tate, Miss, milliner and draper
Thompson, Mrs. J., grocer

Unsworth, Jonathan, photographer
Unsworth, Thomas, druggist


Beattie, Hugh
Bell, Mrs. E.

Campbell, Miss
Carvill, James, Caster
Carvill, Miss, mantle maker

Dick, Samuel, mason
Dickson, James, builder, Crossgar Road
Dickson, Robt., tailor, Crossgar Road
Donnan, Miss
Duffield, John, carter
Duffield, Thomas, painter

Earls, Mrs.
Ellis, Miss

Ferguson, Thos. H., teacher
Fulton, Henry, labourer

Galway, Mrs., Crossgar Road
Glover, Robert, coach builder, Crossgar Road
Graham, James, laundry van
Graham, W. J., bread server, Crossgar Road

Hamilton, George, grocer
Hanna, Patrick
Hanvey, John, mechanic
Harrison, James, bread server

Kerr, Mrs.
Kinghan, David, painter, Crossgar Road
Kinghan, Hugh W.
Kinghan, James, tailor

Long, Hugh, builder

Martin, Andrew, grocer
Martin, Johnston, bread server
Martin, Miss A., dress maker
Martin, Mrs.
Maxwell, P., postman
Morrow, Mrs. James

McBride, James, grocer
McCallister, Mrs.
McCauley, James and Patrick, flax buyers and mill owners
McClements, Robert, labourer
McClurg, James, grocer and masn ?
McCormick, Mrs. J., marine store
McCormick, Wm. J., flax scutch mills
McCoubrey, Matt., railway porter
McDowell, Hamilton, plumber
McIlwrath, B., chauffeur, Crossgar Road
McKinney, John, pork buyer and dealer
McNeilly, T., printing establishment
McVeigh, John, tailor

Patterson, James, railway guard
Patterson, Dobbin, fowl dealer
Patterson, Mrs.
Pollock, Miss

Reid, Geo., railway guard
Rice, Arthur, cattle dealer
Rice, John, cattle dealer and auctioneer
Robinson, J., labourer, Crossgar Road
Roy, John, labourer
Russell, Mrs., Cottage

Scott, John, tailor
Scott, Joseph, shoe maker
Shanks, Mrs.
Skelly, Moody, Ellenvale
Smith, Mrs.
Smith, Robert, shoe maker

Tate, Wm., mechanic
Taylor, T. J.
Todd, Rev. W. J.

Vage, Joseph
Vance, Thomas, engine driver

Watson, Robert


Bailie, Robert, labourer
Baxter, T., tinsmith
Bell, Hugh
Black, John, carpenter
Brown, Cauley, carpenter
Burns, P., jun., car driver

Cleland, John, tailor and cutter
Cowan, Mrs.
Craig, Mrs.

Fitzsimmons, Miss
Flannagan, John, cattle dealer
Flannagan, Michael, hair dresser

Glover, Robert, coach builder
Gordon, Mrs., dress maker
Grant, Wm. J., labourer
Greer, John, blacksmith

Hart, Mrs., refreshments

Lynn, James, labourer

Morrison, Frank, drover and grocer
Murray, David, tailor

McAlea, Hugh, publican
McGrillen, William
McKeown, A., mason

Owens, Hugh, mason
O'Hare, James, labourer

Rogan, Daniel, publican

Scott, James, shoe maker
Shanks, John, grocer
Smith, Mrs.

Thompson, Miss

Walsh, John, labourer
Watson, A., hem maker
Watson, James, car driver


Bailie, Robert, car driver
Madine, Patrick, labourer
Mooney, James, car driver
McDonald, Mrs.
Watson, John, insurance agent


Barr, John, Ballykine
Barr, William, Ballykine
Bell, John, Ballynahinch Townland
Brown, James, Ballymacarn
Burns, Hugh, Ballylone
Burrows, Thomas, Ballynahinch Townland

Campbell, Mrs., Ballymacarn
Clarke, A. T., J.P., Lakeview, Ballynahinch
Coulter, Hamilton, Clintagooland
Coulter, Jas., Raleagh
Coulter, Robert, Clintagooland
Cromie, Richard H., Ballymacarn
Cromie, Thomas J., Ballymacarn
Currie, Hugh, Drumaness
Curry, Edward, Comber House

Davis, John, Ballymaglave
Davis, Thomas, Ballylone
Dick, John, Raleagh
Dickson, John, Ballykine
Douglas, R. A., Glassdrummond
Dunwoody, Andrew, Ballynahinch Townland

Ervine, Wm., Begney

Flynn, James, Ballylone

Gordon, William James, farmer and auctioneer, Magheratimpany

Hanna, Robert S., J.P., Drumaness Mills, Drumaness
Harpur, John, Ballylone
Harpur, John, Ballymacarn North
Harpur, W. T., Clintagooland
Harrison, Wm., Ballylone
Heron, John P., Ballykine

Johnston, Mrs., Cumber
Johnston, William, Magheradroll

Long, Samuel, Ballymaglave

Martin, Hans, Ballymaglave
Martin, Samuel, Ballylone
Martin, William, Ballylone
Martin, Wm., horse dealer and farmer, Ballykine
Meharry, William, Ballymacarn
Murdock, Hugh, Ballymacarn

McAlea, Jas., Magheradroll
McCance, Henry, Ballymaglave
McCarthy, William, Ballymacarn
McCauley, James, Ballymacarn
McCauley, William, Ballymaglave
McCormick, W. J., Flax Scutch Mill, Ballynahinch Townland
McCoubrie, Louden, Ballymacarn
McCoubrie, James, Ballymacarn
McCoubrey, James, Ballymaglave
McCullough, Thomas W., Ballylone
McEwen, James, Raleagh
McKenny, Patrick, Ballymacarn
McNamara, Thomas, Glassdrummond
McRobert, Hugh, Raleagh

Neill, Samuel, Ballymaglave House
Nelson, Alex., grocer and farmer, Drumaness
Nelson, Thomas, Drumaness

Orr, John, J.P., grocer and farmer, Magheralone

Paterson, George, Ballynahinch Townland
Patterson, John, Raleagh
Patterson, Samuel, Magheradroll
Peak, James, Ballymacarn
Poole, Mrs. A., grocer and farmer, Munnibane
Poole, Thomas J., Munnibane

Rainey, Robert, Ballymacarn
Robinson, James, Ballylone
Robinson, Miss, Raleagh
Rodgers, T. J., Clintagooland
Russell, Samuel, Raleagh

Scott, Martin, Ballylone
Scott, William, Ballynahinch Townland
Smith David, Magheratimpany
Smylie, John, Glassdrummond
Smylie, Thomas, Glassdrummond
Smyth, William, Ballylone

Walker, Samuel, Begney

Younge, Jas., Magheradroll


Anderson, John, The Lodge, estate agent
Arnold, Miss, Bellfield

Bell, R. G., teacher, The Barn

Campbell, T., Ballymaglave
Cooper, John, Echo Hall Boarding House

Hanna, Miss Eva, Victoria Cottage

Johnston, Mrs., Mount Caper

Kelly, Miss Anna, Labyrinth View

Meharry, William. Broom Hall
Moore, Miss, Elmwood
Moore, Miss, Rose Cottage, Spa

McCoubrey, James, Prospect Cottage
McCoubrey, Mrs. Louden, South View
McCoubrey, Mrs. S., Mount Caper

Owens, B., Adelaide Cottage

Palmer, John, Labyrinth Cottage
Palmer, Thomas, Dobbinstown
Patterson, John, Labyrinth Cottage

Stead, Miss, Spring Hill
Stewart, W. J., Albert Cottage


A Seaport, fair, market, and post town, formerly a Parliamentary Borough, situated in the Parishes of Kilbarron and Innismacsaint, Barony of Tyrhugh, and County of Donegal; 47 Irish miles by road from Derry, and 102 Irish miles from Dublin.  Ballyshannon is the terminus of the Donegal Railway Company, and the Great Northern Railway have also a station.  Markets are held each Thursday for pork and butter, and each Saturday for grain, etc.  Fairs are held on the second day of each month, and 16th September in each year (harvest fair).  The Population is 2,170

Town Commissioners - The town is under the control of Town Commissioners, elected under the Towns' Improvement (Ireland) Act, 1854.  The names are as follow :- Edward Stephens (chairman), J. Campbell, Michael Gillen, A. N. Anderson, Jas. McGonigle, Michael Gavigan, W. McMeramin, P. McGurn, J. J. Dowd, Patrick Daly, J. Sweeney
Harbour Commissioners - Henry Stubbs, D.L., Danby, Ballyshannon, chairman; Michael Maguire, Ballyshannon; Sproule Myles, J.P.; Wm. Neely, Edward Stephen, and J. Swan; sec., Edwd. Lynch
R.I.C. Barracks - District Inspector, G. Tyndall
Local Magistrates - Thomas J. Atkinson, D.L., Cavangarden; C. J. Tredennick, Fortwilliam; Ed. Kelly, Ballyshannon; T. Gorman, sen., Bundoran; H. Stubbs, D.L., Danby; W. A. Hamilton, Coxtown House; S. Myles, Ballyshannon; M. Cassidy, Erne View; W. McVitty, Bundoran; P. Conlan, Bundoran; Thomas McIntyre, Major White, Dr. J. Gordon, Ballyshannon; John Conlan, Bundoran; James Gavigan, Ballyshannon; Thos. Gorman, jun., Bundoran
Public Officers - Commissioners for taking Affidavits in the Superior Courts of Common Law, and High Court of Chancery in Ireland - R. A. Hamilton, Robert Myles, Dr. Mathews, Ralph H. Reid, solicitor.  Coroner - Mr. Boyle, solicitor, Ballybofey.  Petty Sessions Clerk - Robert Myles.  Sub-Stamp Distributor - Hugh Mitchell, post-master
Urban Council, Bundoran (constituted 1st April 1915) - Chairman, T. Gorman, J.P., jun.; T. Gorman, J.P., sen.; P. Meehan, H. Kelly, J. Corrall, J. Carty, J. Conlan; town clerk, E. Daly
Ballyshannon Union - Chairman, P. J. Fergus; clerk and returning officer, C. McGowan; medical officer, Dr. J. C. McMullin; poor-rate collectors, J. Gillespie, M. Mulhern, J. Gavigan, P. McGonigle; master, D. Flannagan; matron, Sister M. Dympna; relieving officers, John Higgins, Patk. Grayson, and A. McSherry
Rural District Council - Thomas Gorman, J.P., chairman; Messrs. T. Welsh, M. Gavigan, J. Gown, Jas. Cleary, Michael Cassidy, J.P.; J. Quin, T. J. McCafferty, P. McNulty, Thomas Gorman, jun.; Edwd. Mulhern, Jas. Monahan, Owen McGowan, James Gavigan (vice chairman)
Post Office - Wm. Gillmour
Fire Brigade Station, College Street, Ballyshannon - Man in charge, Fras. Tuthill
Reading Rooms, The Mall, and College Street, College Street reading room, treasurer; H. Allingham, Mall reading room
Clergy - Church of Ireland, Rev. E. Tarleton, LL.D., cannon of St. Patrick's; Presbyterian, Rev. J. Wilson; Methodist, Rev. T. Cullen; Roman Catholic, Very Rev. B. Kelly, P.P., V.F.; Rev. C. Tierney.  Rev. J. McDade, and Rev. Joseph F. Rodgers, C.C.
Auctioneers - Robert Lipsett & Co., Main Street; Messrs. Anderson & Anderson, P. Conlan, Bundoran; J. Sweeny, Ballyshannon
Bakers - George White, The Barrack; Robt. Anderson & Co., Dan McNulty, Christopher Nelson.  Miss McGowan, P. McDermott
Boot and Shoe Shops - E. Stephens, James Moohan, Patrick Daly, Robert Sweeny, Mrs. Munday, James McGonigle, John McGonigle, M. Flanagan
Bank Agents - Belfast, Ernest Pentland; Provincial, E. B. Johnston
Builders and Carpenters - J. Monahan, jun.; Michael McIntyre, Wm. & David Coleman, John Kelly, Peter McIntyre, Brown Bros., A. McMullan, J. McBride, Michael Gallagher, J. McBride, Patrick Daly
Butchers - Michael Cassidy, Campbell & Co., John Anderson and John Gallagher
Butter and Egg Merchants - Michael Gavigan, M. Moohan, Edwd. Johnston, John Osborne, Samuel Hanna
Car and Cart Makers - J. McCafferty, Galbraith & Co., J. Anderson, M. Gallagher
Chemists and Dentists - J. McClelland, Main Street; Maguire's Medical Hall, East Port
China and Glass Warehouses - P. B. Stephens, Castle Street; D. V. Stephens, Main Street
Coal Merchants - J. Myles, W. Neely, E. Stephens, J. McBride
Drapers - Robert Sweeny, Edwd. Stephens, Michael Flanagan, Patk. Daly, J. Stephens, J. Moohan, J. McGonigle, Mrs. Munday, James McGonigle
Emigration Agents - R. Lipsett & Co., M. Flanagan
Grocers and Provision Dealers - Daniel McNulty, Michael Gavigan, Miss McGowan, F. Gallagher, Mrs. James Lipsett, J. Myles & Co., C. Nelson, Mrs. Lyttle, W. Ward, Anderson Bros., Robert Anderson & Co., Geo. White, Kelly & Co., McGowan Bros., T. Croal, E. Mulhern, T. McShea
Fishing Tackle Maker - James Rogan
Hardware Merchants - J. Myles & Co., P. B. Stephens, W. Neely
Hotels - Commercial, J. Sweeny; Railway, P. McGloin; Temperance, F. Graham, Main Street; Royal, Henderson & Co.; McGurran's, Market Street; Imperial, Mrs. Evans, Main Street
House Painters and Decorators - Edward Reynolds, G. Keenan, J. & A. McDougall, James Gillespie, P. Ward
Hide Dealers and Marine Store Keepers - P. McGloin, John Anderson, Campbell & Co.
Leather Cutters - R. Donohue, P. Daly
Manures and Seeds - Robt. Anderson & Co., J. Myles & Co., Anderson Bros., David Vaughan, T. McShea
Masons - Peter Keon, Patrick Keon, P. Daly, M. Mulhern
Millers - Campbell Bros., Abbey Mills; William Neely, Erne Mill
Newsagents - David Vaughan, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News;" Misses McQuade, Miss McCreadie, P. Connolly
Newspaper - "The Vindicator," John McAdam, proprietor, published weekly
Pawnbroker - B. Daly
Physicians and Surgeons - R. F. Flood, Bundoran Lodge; J. Gordon, M.B., F.R.C.S.I.; J. C. McMullen
Posting Establishments - John Sweeney, Commercial Hotel; P. McGloin, Railway Hotel; Hugh Barron, W. J. Henderson, F. Melly, P. Conolly, P. Lally, T. Munday, B. Laughlin, J. Sheerin
Printers - John McAdam.  "Vindicator" Office, The Port; John Kane, East Port Street
Publicans - Patrick McGloin, John Kerrigan, Michael Cassidy, Charles McGloin, Mrs. McGinley, P. Mulrine, Miss McKeown, Kelly & Co., J. McCarville, P. McGurran, E. Mulhern, John Sweeney, Mrs. Breslin, J. Rodgers, J. McMenamin, East Port; J. McKeown, Patrick Kerrigan, Miss M. A. Ward, J. J. Woods
Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths - Ballyshannon, John Higgins; Ballintra, Patrick Walsh; Belleek, Dr. George Kelly; Churchhill, John Wilson; Kinlough, Dr. Walsh
Saddlers - T. Mullan and J. Gillen
Smiths - John McShee, P. Lyons
Solicitors - Michael Maguire, R. H. Reid, Main Street; Alfred Stubbs, LL.B., The Mall, Lipsett & Ramage, Main Street; P. Rodgers, The Mall, Ballyshannon
Stationers - P. B. Stephens, Miss Johnston, Miss McCreadie
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agent, W. J. Henderson, Royal Hotel
Timber Dealers - J. Myles, William Neely
Tailors - E. Kelly, John Higgins, J. Duggan, J. Cleary, M. Connolly
Undertakers - R. Lipsett & Co., Edward Stephens
Watchmakers - Charles Kelly, Main Street; C. Gallogley, West Port


A remarkably clean and thriving seaport on the County Down Coast, six miles south of Donaghadee, eight from Newtownards, and sixteen from Belfast, with telegraphic communication.  The population at last census was 575.  It is remarkable for its beautiful strand - one of the finest on the coast - for the salubrity of its air, and the orderly and peaceable character of its inhabitants.  It has neither doctor nor policeman, and within the bounds of the whole parish there is only one house licensed for the sale of drink.  The town and adjoining lands are the property of Lord Dunleath and the Rev. H. Hamill Stewart.

Church of Ireland - Rev. G. R. Bell
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Henry MacBride, B.A., First Congregation; Rev. G. Heron, Second Congregation
Post Office - Miss Glover, postmistress
Teachers - National Board - Principal, Wm. Crowthers, assistants, Miss Glover and Miss Allison.  Infant School, Miss Brown; assistant, Miss L. Bailie


Adair, Robert
Alexander, Isaac, farmer
Alexander, Mrs., nurse
Anderson, W. L., school teacher, Dunover
Askin, W. J., farmer

Bell, J., coast watch
Bell, Rev. G. R., vicar
Bennett, T., hotel keeper
Betts, J., coast watcher
Blain, Mrs. E.
Boyd, Joseph
Boyle, John, farmer, Whitechurch
Brian, Mrs., dress maker, Springvale
Brown, Samuel, grocer
Burrows, H., Dunleath Arms
Burrows, Mrs., manageress, Dunleath Arms

Calvert, R., chauffeur
Carson, James, carpenter
Clarke, Samuel, farmer
Clint, Joseph, shoe maker
Cooper, Miss A.

Dunleath, Lord, Ballywalter Park

Eccles, James, postman
Eccles, Robert, carpenter
Eccles, S., laundry

Filson, Wm., smith and implement maker

Garrett, R., contractor
Gibson, Ewart, Ballywalter
Gibson, Wm., & Sons, general merchants; agents for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Glover, Andrew, estate bailiff
Glover, J. B., merchant and harbour master
Glover, Miss, postmistress
Gunning, Miss A., grocer

Heron, Rev. George

Jeffrey, Andrew

Keenan, C., grocer
King, William, gardener

Little, George, farmer, Killyvolgan
Little, R., grocer and posting establishment
Low, George, land steward

MacBride, Rev. Henry, B.A., The Manse
Mackenzie, Robert
Mawhinney, John, smith and implement maker
Mawhinney, Samuel, butcher
Morrison, James, Whitechurch
Morrison, J. B., Kilowna House
Morrison, Mrs., dress maker
Murphy, Andrew, carter
Murphy, C.
Murphy, W. J., pilot

McCappin, Thomas
McCloy, John, saddler
McCormick, Jas., farmer, Killyvolgan
McCormick, John, mason
McCracken, David, farmer
McCutcheon, Miss
McCullough, S., temperance restaurant and draper
McDowell, Jos., sewed muslin agent
McDowell, Miss, dress maker
McFerran, John, Westview
McIlroy, George, stud groom, The Park
McKee, Miss, Purseville

O'Neill, James, coast watcher

Packham, A. J., butler

Ridgers, A., electrician (Rodgers maybe?)

Skillen, John, butcher

Wallace, John, farmer, Ballyferris
Warnock, Hugh, farmer, Whitechurch
Warnock, Mrs. R. J., Easboro House
Warnock, Wm., farmer, Ballyferris
Watson, Miss, grocer
Williams, John, officer in charge of coastguards
Wise, W., game keeper


A flourishing market town in the County Down, twenty miles S.S.W. from Belfast lying on the old coach road from Belfast to Dublin, and on both banks of the Bann.  There is a considerable market held every Monday for the sale of flax, pork, butter, and grass seed; and a market for the sale of grain, hay, straw, and pork every Tuesday and Friday.  The principal industry is the manufacture of linen, there being four flourishing weaving factories in the town, employing hundreds of operatives, and a very large spinning mill at Seapatrick, a short distance from Banbridge.  There are a number of bleach greens lying around Banbridge, as the Bann water is specially suited for this purpose.  The market days are Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, and fairs are held on January 12th, June 9th, and August 26th.  Banbridge, which has recently obtained a new water supply from the River Shimna at Newcastle, has been progressing steadily during the last few years.  Many new and handsome buildings have been erected, amongst them two new banks, the Ulster and the Northern, both very handsome and chaste structures, which add greatly to the appearance of the main street.  The population is 5,101.

Post Office, Newry Street - J. McGeown, postmaster, also distributor of stamps, Post Office.  Supervisor, A. Laverty
Clerk of Petty Sessions - Joseph R. Dunwoodie, Victoria Street
Downshire Estate Office - Edward Sclater, J.P., agent
Excise Officer - Robert G. Murray


Church of Ireland - Rev. J. W. Kerr, B.D.; Rev. J. Wallace, curate
Presbyterian Churches - Scarva Street, Rev. Thos. Boyd.  Bannside - Rev. Jas. Scott
Methodist Church, Downshire Road - Rev. R. J. J. Teasey
Baptist Church, Newry Street - Pastor, E. J. Carlton
First Unitarian Church - Downshire Road - Rev. Glynn Davies
Roman Catholic Chapel - Dromore Road - Rev. John Rooney, P.P.; Rev. M. McClorey and Rev. P. Greenan, curates


Banbridge Cricket Club - President, C. H. McCall, J.P.; secretary, G. S. Farrell; treasurer, A. McCammon
Banbridge Farming Society - President, Howard Ferguson, J.P.; vice-president, Holt Waring, J.P.; hon. treasurer, G. W. Waddell; hon. secretary, John Alexander; assistant secretary, Aubrey Lewis
Banbridge Free Library - Joseph McConkey, librarian.  Committee - C. Halliday, chairman; H. McShane, vice-chairman; T. Stanage, S. Fryar, B.A.; S. Cunningham, Howard-Ferguson, J.P.; Wm. McCormac, George F. Power, T. Larmor, C.E.; R. J. Hale, J. Murphy, J.P.; N. D. Ferguson, S. Gillespie, R. W. Glass, John Flanigan, J.P.; R. Shooter, J. Walker, J. Buchanan, David Hanlon
Banbridge Golf Club - President, W. J. MacGeagh MacCaw, M.P.; trustees, W. Lindsay, J.P.; C. H. McCall, J.P.; T. S. Ferguson, E. F. Smyth; captain, J. Alexander; hon. secretary, R. G. Murray; hon. treasurer, A. McCammon
Banbridge Hockey Club - President, D. W. Smyth; captain, H. H. Simms; hon. secretary, J. Coburn; hon. treasurer, A. McCammon
Banbridge Horticultural Society - President, Norman D. Ferguson; hon. secretary, J. Gordon; secretary, J. Bradford; hon. treasurer, J. Alexander
Banbridge Joint Burial Board - Robert Davidson, chairman; George F. Power, vice-chairman. Caretaker of cemetery, Wm. Best
Banbridge Nursing Society - President, Mrs. Whyte; hon. secretary, Miss M. H. Davies; hon. treasurer, Mrs. T. S. Ferguson; nurse, Miss Brown
Banbridge Technical School - Headmaster and secretary, W. R. Johnston, A.R.C.S.c.I. Committee - Norman D. Ferguson, chairman; S. Fryar, B.A.; Samuel Cunningham, John G. Coburn, John Flanigan, J.P.; George F. Power, H. McShane, J. Murphy, J.P.; R. W. Glass, F. C. Cowdy, D. W. Smyth
Banbridge Urban District Council - Meetings held in Boardroom, Town Hall, first Monday in each month - Chairman, R. J. Hale; vice-chairman, John Walsh; medical officer of health, Robert Martin, M.D.; surveyor, W. W. Larmour, C.E.; sanitary sub-officer, J. Woods; solicitor, R. W. Glass
Banbridge Woman's Total Abstinence Union - President, Mrs. W. Smyth; secretary, Mrs. E. Wallace
Clerk of Markets - James Harvey
Bann Reservoir Company - Directors - Walter Lindsay, J.P.; H. A. Uprichard, W. F. Uprichard, R. A. Macrory, John Lindsay
Banbridge Total Abstinence Union - President, N. D. Ferguson; treasurer, J. Murphy; secretary, J. Harvey
Banbridge Women's Health Association - President, Mrs. Whyte; vice-president, Mrs. W. Smyth; treasurer, Mrs. J. P. Parke; secretary, Mrs. N. D. Ferguson
West Down Unionist Association - President, T. C. Rogers, J.P.; hon. secretary, H. Hayes; secretary Banbridge Polling District, S. Fryar
Commissioners of Affidavits - Wm. MacCormac, clerk of petty sessions; J. S. Farrell, solicitor
Constabulary Barracks, Church Square - R. Sheredan, D.I.; W. Hyland, head constable
Fire Brigade Station, Linenhall Street - Captain - Robert Shooter; firemen - William Wright, William Finlay, William Wilson, Thomas Haughey, Thomas Dunwoody, Samuel Adamson, A. Harper, John Napier, Thomas English
Gas Works, Reilly Street - Alexander McNeight, secretary; Wm. Mearns, manager
Great Northern Railway Company (Ireland) - William Gordon, station master
Intermediate Schools - Banbridge Academical Institution - Principals, Bryce Moore, M.A., LL.B., and W. J. Warren; assistant, Miss Maxwell
Market Place in Victoria Street, with yard and store attached, under the supervision of James Harvey, weigh master
Masonic Hall, Church Square - No. 119 Royal Blue Lodge, No. 336, Union Band Lodge, No. 296 Victoria Unity Lodge, Royal Arch Chapter No. 124.  Caretaker - Wm. Whyte
National Schools - Church Schools, Church Street - Thos. Stanage, Mrs. McClean, Miss Culbert, and Miss Davis, teachers.  Scarva Street - Samuel Gillespie and Miss Gardiner, teachers.  Church Street - Miss Phoenix, teacher. Gospel In. - J. McClean, teacher; assistant, Miss Dennison.  Roman Catholic, Dromore Road - H. McShane and Miss McMahon, teachers.  Fryars Place - Principal, Wm. Simmons; assistant, Miss Mercier.  Dunbar Memorial - Mr. Hutton, Miss Frazer, and Miss Jordan, teachers.  Seapatrick - R. W. Connor, assistant, Miss Leathem.  Ballydown - Mr. Hill
Belfast Banking Co., Bridge Street - J. C. Wray, manager; W. Sloan, cashier
Northern Bank, Bridge Street - Geo. Waddell, manager; Hugh Campbell, cashier
Provincial Bank, Bridge Street - Arthur Haire, manager; W. Mussen, cashier
Orange Lodge - Banbridge District No. 7 - D.M., S. J. Fenton, J.P.; treasurer, J. Craig
Physicians and Surgeons - Wm. McWilliam, ? Russell, Robert Martin, Wm. Boyde, J. McKee
Preparatory School, Mount Royal - Miss Grace Nesbitt, M.A., principal
Registrar of Births and Deaths - Robt. Martin, M.D.; deputy registrar, R. J. Hamilton
Registrar of Marriages - Wm. MacCormac, Newry Road; deputy registrar, G. F. Power
Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children, President, Mrs. Whyte; vice-president, Mrs. Dickson; hon. district correspondent, W. J. Baines; inspector, H. Fry
Solicitors - J. S. Farrell, S. Cunningham, T. B. Wallace, R. S. Herron, Fryar & Gordon, F. G. McWilliam, R. Wallace, B. Campbell (visiting), Belfast
Ulster Bank, Bridge Street - John Alexander, manager; Andrew McCammond, cashier
Union Workhouse (Counties of Down and Armagh) - Seventy-three Electoral Divisions, four of which are in the Co. Armagh.  Chairman - Robert Fryar; vice chairman, D. J. Macrory; medical officer of workhouse, W. Chancellor; Edward Wyly, clerk and returning officer; master of workhouse, Thomas Sneddon; matron, Mrs. Sneddon
Rural Council meet in the Boardroom monthly and Courthouse half-yearly.  Chairman, Thomas Lockhart, J.P.; vice-chairman, James Herron


Downshire Arms Hotel - Mrs. H. L. Chambers
Imperial Hotel - James Chambers
Central Hotel - Thomas Hagan
Railway Hotel - Felix O'Hanlon


Crossgar - Dr. Herron
Ballyward - Dr. Hillyard (temporary)
Banbridge - Dr. Martin
Dromore - W. J. Cowden, M.D.
Loughbrickland - Dr. Wm. Boyd (temporary)
Tandragee - James Taylor, M.D., J.P.
Superintendent Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - J. Hynes, acting clerk


Adams, Miss, dress maker, Newry Street
Adamson, Hugh, insurance agent, Dromore Street
Adamson, James, horse dealer, Dromore Street
Agnew, James, grocer, Bridge Street
Allen, Wm. J., insurance agent, Kenlis Street
Anderson, Alex., factory manager, Scarva Road
Anderson, T., Roselawn
Andrews, A., & Co., grocers and druggists, Bridge Street
Ardery, S., Eden Vale

Bambrick, Wm., saddler and harness maker, Newry Street
Bann Cycle and Motor Co., Bridge Street
Beatty, J., boot and shoe maker, Newry Street
Bell, James, shoe maker, Newry Street
Bell, Thomas, Newry Street
Bell, William, Church Square Post Office
Bell, Wm., spirit dealer and funeral undertaker, Newry Street
Bell, W. J., hemstitcher, Lenaderg
Bennett, R., Windsor Terrace
Black, Wm., boot and shoe merchant, Newry Street
Bowman, Mrs. J., Edenderry Terrace
Boyd, Rev. Thomas, Presbyterian minister, Scarva Street
Boyd, R., dentist, Newry Street
Boyde, Wm., M.D., Newry Street
Boyle, Frank, gent's outfitter, Bridge Street
Boyle, Miss G., tobacconist, Newry Street
Brookfield Weaving Factory
Brown, Miss, dress maker, Reilly Street
Brown, Miss, district nurse, 12 Windsor Terrace
Browne, Bateman A., seed merchant, Dromore Road
Brown, Mrs., confectioner, Newry Street
Browne, James, spirit dealer, Newry Street and Bridge Street
Brycen, J., shoe maker, Scarva Street
Buchanan, John, grocer, Rathfriland Street
Bunting, Jas., mechanic, 3 Windsor Terrace
Burnett, The Misses, Laundry, Newry Street
Burnett, Thomas, grocer and baker, Newry Street

Canaway, J., cycle agent, Newry Street
Carlton, Rev. G. J., Baptist Manse
Carson, J., cooper, Newry Street
Chambers, H. L., M.R.C.V.S., Downshire Arms Hotel
Chambers, James, Imperial Hotel, Bridge Street
Cherry, W., printer, Rathfriland Street
Clark, Mrs., Mountain View, Newry Road
Close, Mrs., 6 Ashley Street
Clyde, John, Rathfriland Road
Coburn, G., Fountainville, Newry Road
Coburn & Son, seed merchants, Newry Street
Coll, Patrick, publican, Rathfriland Street
Connor, Robert, principal of Seapatrick School, Mountain View
Cowdy, Charles, Edenderry Lodge
Craig, Mrs., Mourne View Terrace
Crawford, J. C., cycle agent, Bridge Street
Crawford, Mrs., Ballievey House
Crawford, Mrs., confectioner, Bridge Street
Creighton, James, blacksmith, Newry Street
Crory, James, watch maker and jeweller, Bridge Street
Cross, William, mechanic, Brookfield
Crothers, Mrs., bottling works, Dromore Street
Crothers, S., Banview House
Crothers, T., Donard View
Crozier, James, victualler, Church Square
Crozier, Wm., Railway Street
Culbert, Miss, Scarva Street
Cull, Thomas, 9 Windsor Terrace
Cunningham, Samuel, solicitor, Bridge Street
Cupples, David, tailor, Newry Street

Dale Bros., plumbers and gasfitters, Newry Street
Dale, Miss, dress maker and milliner, Newry Street
Davidson, Robert, Church Street
Davies, A. C., Lenaderg House
Davies, Crosby, manager of Milltown Bleach Works, Lenaderg House
Davies, Miss, Lenaderg House
Davidson, John, tailor, Bridge Street
Derby, Miss, Dromore Street
Derby, Mrs., 7 Windsor Terrace
Derby, Robert, hair dresser, Newry Street
Diamond, W., carpenter, Newry Street
Dickson Bros., drapers, Bridge Street
Dickson, David, Mount Royal
Dobbin, J., fishmonger, Newry Street
Dodds, Miss, superintendent of Banbridge Union Hospital
Dornan, John, painter and glazier, Bridge Street
Douglas, Miss, fruiterer, Castlewellan Road

Elliott, William, 1 Prospect Terrace
Emerson, Arthur W., proprietor of the "Banbridge Chronicle and Downshire Standard", Bridge Street
Emerson, David, mechanic, 3 Church Street
Ervine, J., Reilly Street
Ervine, Robert, tailor, Rathfriland Street
Ewart, Thomas, spirit dealer, Church Square

Farrell, John S., solicitor, Newry Street
Farry, Mrs., milliner and ladies' outfitter, Newry Street
Fenton, S., J.P., Seapatrick House
Ferguson, Howard, J.P., Edenderry House
Ferguson, John, tailor, Newry Street
Ferguson, Norman, Clonaslees, Lurgan Road
Ferguson, Thomas, Iveagh House
Ferris, James, caretaker Orange Hall, Victoria Street
Finlay, Alexander, grocer, Newry Street
Finney, Mrs., Ulsterville
Finney, Samuel, timber merchant, Newry Street
Flannigan, John, spirit dealer, Church Square
Fleming Bros., jewellers, Bridge Street
Forbes, Mrs., milliner, Kenlis Street
Forsythe, M., confectioner, Church Square
Fryar, Mrs., Primrose Villa, Banbridge
Fryar, Robert, Greystones, Newry Road
Fryer, Samuel, solicitor, Bridge Street
Fullerton, Misses, drapers, Bridge Street
Fullerton & Co., dentists, Dromore Street

Gallagher, Wm., barber, Rathfriland Street
Gault, Mrs., caretaker Town Hall, Scarva Street
Geoghegan, The Misses, Loughbrickland
Gill, Mrs., Mourne Terrace
Gill, John, clog maker, Bridge Street
Gilmore & Co., provision merchants, Bridge Street
Gilmore, Mrs., fancy goods warehouse, Bridge Street
Gilmore, Wm., bicycle repairer, Bridge Street
Gordon, W., Bellfield Lodge
Grant, Henry, victualler, Church Square
Greenfield, W. J., 1 Ashley Street
Gribbon, Miss, Newry Street

Hagan, Mrs., Central Hotel, Bridge Street
Haire, Arthur, manager Provincial Bank
Hale, James, Lenaderg
Hale, R., victualler, Bridge Street
Halton, Mrs. W., Mourne Terrace
Halliday Bros., ironmongers, Bridge Street
Hamilton, R., Scarva Street
Hamilton, S. A., grocer and spirit dealer, Bridge Street
Hanlon, Thomas, confectioner, Bridge H. (House?)
Harper, Andrew, summons server, 2 Windsor Terrace
Harper, Mrs., dress maker, 2 Windsor Terrace
Harvey, A., Scarva Road
Harvey, James, weigh master, Victoria Street
Harvey, John, egg importer, Newry Street
Haughey, T., plumber and gasfitter, Bridge Street
Hayes, John, Belmont Terrace
Hayes, R., carter, and coal merchant, Newry Street
Henry, Howard, Edenderry Terrace
Henry, Mrs. W. T. M., publican, Scarva Street
Henry, W. T. M., dentist, Scarva Street
Herd, Mrs., Dromore Street
Heron, R. S., solicitor, Bridge Street
Heslip, Samuel, leather cutter
Hill, Mrs., Solitude House
Hughes, Patrick, Scarva Street
Hughes, The Misses, dress makers, Newry Street
Hutchinson, James & Sons, house furnishers, Bridge Street
Hutton, Wm., school teacher, Beechvale
Hynes, J., acting clerk to Banbridge Union, Dromore Street

Irvine, J., tailor, Newry Street

Jackson, John, carpenter, Bridge Street
Jardine, Joseph, hairdresser, Dromore Street
Johnston, A., Mourne View Terrace
Johnston, A., & Co., drapery and boot shop, 11 Bridge Street
Johnston, J., bookkeeper
Johnston, Wm., principal of technical School, Mountain View Terrace

Kennedy, Joseph, Lenaderg
Kennedy, Mrs., Mount Royal
Kennedy, Wm., Keonan, Donacloney
Kernaghan, Wm., spirit dealer Newry Street
Kerr, Constable, Church Street
Kerr, Rev. W. S., B.D., The Rectory, Seapatrick
Kinney, Mrs., restaurant, Newry Street
Kirker, H., Seapatrick

Larmour, Thomas, painter, Dromore Street
Larmour, W. W., surveyor and architect, Bridge Street
Legate, Alexander, Scarva Street
Lindsay, Walter, J.P., Ballydown
Logan, George, roper, Newry Street
Lovatt, John, hair dresser, Bridge Street
Lyons, Joseph, tailor, Newry Street
Lyons, Mrs., Stramore Terrace

MacCormac, Wm., Town Clerk
Martin, Mrs., dress maker, Bridge Street
Martin, Robert, builder, Bridge Street
Mercier, Miss E., school teacher, Victoria Street
Mills, Ed. S., organist and choir master, Parish Church, Church Street
Monaghan, Daniel, carpenter, Scarva Street
Mooney, Mrs., Ballymoney Hill
Mooney, William, tobacconist, Newry Street
Moore, Bryce, LL.D., principal Academical Institution, Church Street
Moore, J., hair dresser, Newry Street
Moore, Mrs., Church Street
Moorehead, Rev. H., Annaclone Manse
Morrow, Miss, Bann Terrace
Morton, Joseph, provision and seed merchant, Castlewellan Road
Morton, Jos., & Sons, seed merchants, Scarva Street
Morton, The Misses, Newry Street
Mullan, Miss, Temperance Hotel, Bridge Street
Mulligan, Miss, Reilly Street
Mulligan, Miss, confectioner, Dromore Street
Mulligan, Wm., Mourne Terrace
Murphy, J., coal merchant, Bridge Street
Murray, Hugh, publican, Dromore Street
Murray, Hugh, car owner, Dromore Street
Murray, Robt. G., Excise Officer, Riverview
Mussen, Wm., cashier, Riverview

McAleavey, John, spirit dealer, Scarva Street
McAleavey, Miss, draper, Scarva Street
McAleavy, W., The Cottage, Banbridge
McAllister, Mrs., maternity nurse, Newry Street
McAleevy, P., shoe maker, Scarva Street
McAteer, Miss, draper, Bridge Street
McCabe Bros., grocers, Newry Street
McCagherty, Albert, agent for Inglis & Co. Ltd., Belmont Terrace
McCaldin, Alexander, draper and emigration agent, Bridge Street
McCaldin, Saml., boot maker, Scarva Street
McCaldin, Wm., horse dealer, Victoria House
McCall, Chas., mill manager, Lurgan Road
McCammon, Andrew, Riverview Terrace
McCandless, Robert, 4 Prospect Terrace
McCarthy, J., Dromore Street
McCaw, J. R., linen merchant, Ballykelly
McCaw, Mrs., fancy goods shop, Bridge Street
McClean, John, Church Street
McClean, Marcus, general draper, Bridge Street
McClelland, Andw., grain and seed merchant, Workhouse Road
McClelland, Andrew, solicitor, Bridge Street
McClelland, Miss, The Cottage, Scarva Road
McConkey, Joseph, librarian, Dromore Street
McConkey, Samuel, Bannville
McConville, H., farmer and spirit dealer, Newry Street and Scarva Street
McCormac, Wm., hardware and ironmonger, Newry Road
McCormick, James, grocer, Scarva Street
McCourt, Henry, dealer, Dromore Street
McCourt, Mrs., confectioner, Dromore Street
McCourt, P., butcher, Dromore Street
McCullough, Miss S., pawn broker, Newry Street
McCullough, Mrs., Rockville
McDowell, Alexander, billposter, Rathfriland Street
McFadden, James, Reilly Street
McGivern, Bernard, spirit dealer and grocer, Newry Street
McGrath Brothers, provision merchants, Bridge Street
McGrath, J., grocer, Scarva Street
McIlroy, John, grocer, Rathfriland Street
McIlroy, Mrs., Sunnyside, Lurgan Road
McIlroy, Samuel, merchant tailor and clothier, Bridge Street
McKee, John, draper, Newry Street
McKee, Miss, Albert Hotel, Newry Street
McKee, Robert, publican and implement merchant, 20 Newry Street
McKivergan, H., publican, Scarva Street
McKnight, Alex., Reilly Street
McMahon, James, seed merchant, Bridge Street
McMahon, James, hair dresser, Scarva Street
McMahon, Miss, servants' registry office, newsagent, and stationer, Bridge Street
McMeechin, Mrs., Dromore Street
McMordie, George, Dromore Road
McMullan, Mrs., Newry Street
McMullen, Mrs. W., Dromore Street
McMullen, Wm., coach builder, Dromore Street
McShane, H., schoolteacher, Dromore Street
McWilliam, Miss, Lenaderg Cottage
McWilliam, Wm. N., M.D., Newry Street

Napier, John, painter, Newry Road
Nelson, Charles, Milltown
Nesbitt, Miss Grace, M.A., Mount Royal Preparatory School

O'Callaghan, Daniel, spirit dealer, Bridge Street
O'Driscoll, R. A., spirit dealer, Church Square
O'Hanlon, Felix, Railway Hotel, Reilly Street
O'Hanlon, P., baker and grocer, Church Square
O'Hare, Mrs., publican, Scarva Street

Parke, J. P., chemist, Bridge Street
Patterson, David, motor and cycle agent, Newry Street
Patterson, David, 2 Stramore Terrace
Patterson, Mrs., confectioner, Church Square
Phoenix, Miss, principal Lurgan Road N.S.
Potts, W. A., M.R.C.V.S., surgeon, Newry Street
Power, George, clothier, Bridge Street
Preston, John, fruiterer, Newry Street
Proctor, Thomas, & Sons, cabinet makers, Newry Street

Quaile, A., butcher, Newry Street

Radcliffe, Samuel A., 2 Santiago Villas
Reid, Rev. T. S., Presbyterian Minister, Loughbrickland
Robinson, J., postman, 6 Windsor Terrace
Robinson & Cleaver Ltd., Weaving Factory
Rowney, Rev. John, P.P., Parochial House
Ruddick, Mrs., dress maker, Scarva Street
Russel, Dr., Solitude
Russell, Miss, boot and shoe shop
Rusten, William, manager of Ballydown Bleach Works

Savage, Joseph, 5 Prospect Terrace
Scott, Hugh, plasterer, Newry Street
Scott, Jas., grocer, Bridge Street
Scott, Rev. J., Presbyterian minister, Ballyvally
Shannon, Mrs., Stramore Terrace
Shaw, Mrs., boarding house, Eden Terrace
Shooter, Robert, auctioneer, Rathfriland Street
Simms, David, Moorelands
Simms, Jas., druggist and grocer, Bridge Street
Sloan, cycle repairer, Church Square
Smith, John, & Co., bleachers, Milltown
Smith, Miss, draper, Newry Street
Smyth, John, Mount Royal, Newry Road
Smyth, John, Milltown, Lenaderg
Smyth, Mrs., 6 Prospect Terrace
Smyth, Mrs., Brookfield
Smyth, Thomas, publican, Bridge Street
Smyth, Wilson, Huntley
Smyth, William A., Belmont
Smyth, W., & Co. Ltd., bleachers
Sneddon, Jas., Courthouse keeper, Victoria Street
Sneddon, Wm., master of Workhouse
Stanage, T., teacher, Newry Road
Stevenson, Mrs., Church Square
Stevenson, Wm., mechanic, Belmont Terrace
Stewart, S., school teacher, Dromore Street

Teasey, Rev. R. J. J., Methodist Manse
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Ltd. - Agent, J. C. Wray, Belfast Bank
Thompson, Robt., carpenter, Rathfriland Road
Thomson & Co., stationery and fancy warehouse; Agents for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News" 3, 5 Bridge Street

Walker, Jos., linen merchant, Reilly Street
Walker, Wm., Newry Street
Wallace, Robert, Mountain View
Wallace, Thomas B., solicitor to the Banbridge Board of Guardians and Rural District Council, Bridge Street
Wallace, T. & A., grocers, hardware and seed merchants, Bridge Street
Walsh Bros., ironmongers, etc., Newry Street
Walsh, David, grocer & druggist, Newry Street
Warren, W. J., Newry Road
Wasson, Mrs., Reilly Street
Watt, Mrs., grocer, Dromore Street
Weir, F., agent Temperance Hall, Dromore Street
Weir, Miss, Dromore Street
White, J., Loughbrickland
Willis Bros., spirit grocers, Newry Street
Willis, George, blacksmith, Scarva Street
Willis, Mrs. W., Ardmore
Wilson, Mrs., confectioner, Newry Street
Wilson, Robert, plumber, Belmont Terrace
Wright, James, painter, Rathfriland Street
Wright Bros., grocers and Post Office
Wyly, E., Creggmore, Newry Road

Young, Thomas, draper, Bridge Street


Adams, John, Ballynanny
Adamson, William, Loughadian, Scarva
Agnew, James, Tullyraine
Allen, John, Ballinafoy, Annaclone
Anderson, Michael, Drumsallagh, Loughbrickland
Anderson, T., Tullyear
Andrews, David, Ballinafern
Andrews, John, Ballyward
Annett, Robt., Ardlerin, Banbridge
Archer, Samuel, Tullintanvalley, Annaclore
Ardery, E., Dollyvalley

Bailey, James, Knockgorm, Corbet
Barclay, Nathaniel, Ballinaskea
Beck, James, Dromorebrague, Loughbrickland
Bell, David, Turdel, Ballynaskeagh
Bell, Isaac, Parkmount
Bell, John, Drumadonnell, Lacker
Bell, John, jun., Moneyslane, Ballyward
Bingham, George, Lisnabrague, Scarva
Bingham, James, Drumlee, Ballyward
Bingham, Joseph, Drumnahare, Loughbrickland
Black, Samuel, Ballymackilreiney, Ballyward
Blakley, John, Ballybrick, Hay's Corner
Boggs, Hans, Creevy
Boggs, William, Derrydrummack, Loughbrickland
Boyd, Wm. Andrew, Ballyoolymore, Katesbridge
Bradford, Hugh, Shanaghan, Katesbridge
Brown, Archibald, Clay
Brown, Joseph, Clay
Brown, R. Stewart, Drumnahare, Loughbrickland
Brown, Samuel, Coolnacran, Loughbrickland
Bryson, Arthur, Carrickdrumman, Loughbrickland
Buller, Saml. McClean, Breckland, Loughbrickland

Caldwell, William, Ballyreskeagh, Loughbrickland
Cardwell, William, Ballyrafern, Annaclone
Campbell, Bernard, Tullyorcir, Banbridge
Cardwell, Frank, Ballinafern
Carson, William, Ballyward, Banbridge
Carswell, James, Rockmount
Carswell, Joseph, Carrickdrumman, Loughbrickland
Carswell, Robert Henry, Drumsallagh, Loughbrickland
Chambers, Hugh, M.R.C.V.S., Drumsallagh, Loughbrickland
Chambers, James, Meenan, Loughbrickland
Chambers, Samuel, Scarva, Loughbrickland
Clugston, John, Lisnafiffy, Lenaderg
Clugston, J., Ballinafoy
Coburn, James, Ballyoolymore, Katesbridge
Cope, David J., Brickland, Loughbrickland
Copeland, Richard, Kilmacrew
Corden, William, Mullafernaghan, Edinordinary
Cowan, David, Derrydrumeek, Ballyraskeagh
Cowan, Thomas, Tullycar, Banbridge
Cowan, W. J., Cappagh
Craney, Luke, Lisnatiernagh
Craney, Patrick, J.P., Loughbrickland
Crawford, Mrs., Balbery
Cromie, Robert, Tullyear
Cromie, Thomas, Tullyear
Crothers, M., Betchwood, Gilford
Crothers, Samuel, Bannview
Crowthers, James, Derrylough
Cunningham, Fredk., Ballygowan

Dale, James, Brickland, Loughbrickland
Dickson, John, Ballycrott, Banbridge
Dickson, Samuel J., Magherally, Banbridge
Dickson, W. J., Legananny
Dinsmore, John, Loughadian, Scarve

Ewing, F., Creevy, Loughbrickland

Fagan, John, Ballyranny, Banbridge
Fagan, John, Ballynanny
Fenton, Samuel, Kilpike
Ferguson, Alex., Doughery, Banbridge
Fleming, David, Drumsallagh, Loughbrickland
Fleming, John, Doughery
Fleming, Joseph, Drumnahase, Loughbrickland
Forsythe, John M., Tullyraine, Banbridge
Foy, John, Tullyraine, Banbridge
Frazer, Joseph, Edenagarry, Banbridge

Gamble, Henry, Lenaderg, Banbridge
Geoghan, John, Legananny, Banbridge
Gibney, R. H., Ballynanny
Gillespie, George, Shanrod, Katesbridge
Ginneff, James, Ballyvarley, Banbridge
Gordon, Hugh, Brickland, Loughbrickland
Gordon, James, Doughery
Gracey, A. R., Magherally
Gracey, James, Tullycar (Tullyear), Banbridge
Graham, John, Tullyraine
Graham, Robert, Tullyglush
Gratton, Thomas, Meenan, Banbridge

Halliday, William, Ballinafoy, Annaclone
Hamilton, James, Shanagan
Hamilton, James, Doughery, Banbridge
Hanna, James, Shankill, Banbridge
Harshaw, A., Ballinafarn
Harvey, Hugh, Drumnahare, Banbridge
Haughey, John, Meenan, Loughbrickland
Henry, James, Corbet
Henry, James, Ballinafoy
Henry, Joseph, Lisnasliggan
Herron, James, Drumsallagh
Herron, James, Drumnagally
Herron, James, Lacken, Ballyroney
Hershaw, John, Ballyrafern, Banbridge
Heslip, Joseph, Caspur, Loughbrickland
Hillen, Edward, Tullyorier
Hutcheson, Robert, Ballinagrass
Hutcheson, William, Ballinafern

Ingram, Joseph, Drumnahare, Loughbrickland
Ingram, Samuel, Ballyroney, Banbridge
Irvine, George, Ballymoney, Banbridge
Irvine, James, Magherally, Banbridge

Jackson, Samuel, Emdale
Jackson, Samuel, Imdel, Loughbrickland
Jardine, J. A., Doughery, Banbridge
Jelly, Robert, Annaclone, Banbridge
Jennings, H. J., Ballyrafern, Banbridge
Johnston, John, J.P., Edenordinary, Banbridge
Jones, John, Tullyraine, Banbridge

Kidd, James, Derrydrummuck
King, Alex., Castlevennon, Banbridge
Knox, James F., Tullyhinan, Banbridge

Ledlie, William, Lakeview
Logan, John, Ardbrin
Lusk, Rev., Glascar
Lyons, James, Ardbrin, Banbridge

Mackey, George, Edenordinary, Banbridge
Maguire, John F., Loughbrickland, Banbridge
Martin, Andrew, Drumneath, Banbridge
Gordon, Martin, Ballydown, Banbridge ??????
Martin, Rev. J. D., Kilmacrew
Martin, William, Ballievy, Banbridge
Mathers, Thomas, Ballydown
Maxwell, Samuel, Kilmacrew, Corbet
Montgomery, John, Killaney, Banbridge
Morrison, Samuel, Tullyraine
Mulligan, Dr., Tullyconnaught
Mulligan, James, Ballynanny
Mulligan, James, Cappagh
Mulligan, Miss E., Ballievy
Mulligan, Robert, Lisnasliggan
Mulligan, William, Monteith
Murphy, Thomas, Ballycross

McAreavy, Thomas, Edenderry
McBride, James, Bellyragron, Banbridge (Ballyragron)
McBride, John, Lisnavleggan, Banbridge
McCabe, Isaiah, Kilkinamurry, Banbridge
McCammon, James, Moygannon
McCartan, T. E., Ballinfoy (Ballinafoy)
McCaughey, Robert, Tullyraine
McCauley, David, Tullylish, Banbridge
McClelland, A. J., Tullyraine, Banbridge
McClelland, James, Ballygowan
McClelland, J., Ballygowan
McClelland, Robert, Tullyraine
McClements, George, Brickland, Banbridge
McCrorey, R. A., Drumneath
McGivern, Pat, Ballynanny
McIlrath, James, Ballooley
McKain, Archibald, Shankill, Loughbrickland
McKay, James, Ballyrafern, Banbridge
McKee, Joseph, Shanaghan, Katesbridge
McKnight, Samuel, Ballyvally, Banbridge
McMahon, David, Ballerafoy, Banbridge
McMahon, William, Ballycross, Banbridge
McMaster, James, Shanaghan, Katesbridge
McMordie, Hans, Edenordinary, Banbridge
McMurray, Samuel, Cappagh
McNeight, R., Hillside
McRoberts, Wm., Loughbrickland
McSpadden, Samuel, Ballinafoy

Nelson, Hugh, Corbally, Katesbridge
Nelson, Thomas, Ballycross
Nelson, William, Knockgoom, Garvaghy

Osborne, Robert, Kilkinamurray, Banbridge
O'Hare, James, Ballybrick, Banbridge
O'Hare, John, Lisnasleggan, Annaclore

Forten, John, Drumnahare, Banbridge (Porten)
Potter, Andrew, Doughery, Banbridge
Potts, James, Cappagh, Banbridge

Redmond, S. A., Kilkinamurray, Banbridge
Reid, J. H., Ednego
Robinson, William, Balhevy, Banbridge
Rodgers, Samuel C., Tullyraine, Banbridge
Rogers, Miss, Fortview
Russell, Abraham, Ballinafern, Banbridge

Sands, Joseph, Ballycross, Banbridge
Shankill, Samuel, Shankill, Ballynaskeagh
Shannon, James, Shankill, Loughbrickland
Sharkey, Hugh, Ballykelly
Shepherd, Malcolm, Dallykelly, Banbridge
Sheppard, Samuel, Clay
Shepperd, David, Drumavaddy
Skelton, Robert, Mullafernaghan, Banbridge
Smith, Andrew, Ballinafoy
Smith, Samuel, Ballinafoy
Smith, William, Drumsallagh
Smith, W. T., Ballinafoy
Smyth, Samuel, Ballnafoy, Annaclore
Spratt, Henry, Tullyraine, Banbridge
Stephens, William, Ballydown
Stewart, John, Ballinafoy

Teggart, James, Lisnagade
Teggart, John, Edenderry, Scarva
Teggart, Samuel, Legaranny, Loughbrickland
Teggart, William, Lisnagade, Scarva
Thompson, Henry, D.L., Scarvagh House
Thompson, Ross, Lisnafiffy
Thompson, Mrs. James, butcher, Newry Street
Todd, J., Glascar
Turley, John, Dechomet

Urey, William, Ardlesin, Annaclore

Wallace, George, Corbett, Banbridge
Warwick, James, Scarva
Watt, R., Mullafernaghan
Waugh, George, Scion Hill, Waringsford
Waugh, William, Ballymoney, Banbridge
West, James, Crewy, Loughbrickland
Whyte, J., Loughbrickland
Williamson, Charles, Ballykelly, Banbridge
Wilson, John Robert, Kilpike, Banbridge
Wray, J. C., manager, Belfast Bank, Bridge Street
Wright, James H., Kilpike
Wright, John, Tonaghmore


A prettily situated seaport town in the County of Down, and about ten miles distant from Belfast.  It is more popularly known as the Brighton of Ulster, and has attained a wide reputation as a health resort.  The town, which is very ancient, is said to have been the first seat of learning in Ireland, an abbey and ecclesiastical colony having been founded early in the sixth century by St. Comgall.  There is a good harbour, and a promenade pier constructed by the late Mr. Ward, of Bangor Castle, at a cost of 25,000.  There is excellent bathing accommodation, and the bay is one of the finest for yachting and acquatic (aquatic) sports in the North of Ireland.  There is also am eighteen-hole golf course.  The far-famed Helen's Tower, and the home residence of the Marquis of Dufferin and Ava, are within two miles of the town.  A court of petty sessions is held by the magistrates of County Down on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, ay 10-45 a.m.  The Masonic fraternity possesses a magnificent hall, principally through the exertions of the late Lord Clanmorris.  The Dufferin Memorial Hall is a magnificent building, which cost 3,600.  The population of the town is 7,776, and the valuation 37,369.


Urban District Council - Castle Ward - John McMeekin, J.P. (chairman); W. C. Seyers, Thos. Gray.  Clifton Ward - Jas. McMurray, jun.; Jas. McMurray, sen.;  Jas. H. Savage.  Ballymagee Ward - Patk. Campbell, J. F. Brice, James McNeill.  Princetown Ward - Jas. Stanley, W. J. McMillan.  Dufferin Ward - Thomas Wilson, Thomas Bailie, Robert Fegan.  Town Clerk, James Milliken; assistants, John J. Blair and E. I. Neill.  Surveyor, Mr. Fleming; assistant, G. G. O'Neill.  Rate Collector, James McKee.  Sanitary Inspector, S. T. Coulter.  Town Inspector, T. Blakely, Gas Manager, Barker Mitchell; assistant, W. Scotland.  Gas Office, chief clerk, A. Skimin; assistant, C. McNeill.  Carnegie Library - Librarian, John Pyper, M.A.  Municipal Technical School - Principal, John Pyper, M.A.; office assistant, Miss J. Henry.  Caretaker, George Reynolds, Hamilton Road
School Attendance Committee - Rev. J. Lenaghen, Rev. R. J. Morrell, Rev. Parkhill; Messrs. Michael Shiels, J.P.; Thos. Wilson, Patk. Campbell, J. Newell, T. B. Gorman, R. Fegan.  Sec., Thos. Morgan; school attendance officer, J. McCready
Joint Burial Board - Messrs. William Henderson, R. Fegan (chairman), J. McMeekan (vice-chairman_, W. C. Seyers, John Aird, Thos. Wilson, Thos. H. Gray, D. E. Alexander, John McMeekan, J.P.; A. C. Finlay, P. Campbell, H. Montgomery, James McMurray; secy., Thos. Morgan.
Royal Ulster Yacht Club - Commodore, Earl of Shaftesbury, K.P.; vice-commodore, Colonel R. G. Sharman-Crawford, D.L.; rere-commodore, Sir Thos. Lipton, Bart., K.C.V.O.; hon. secretary, H. L. Garrett; Herbert Brown, hon. treasurer; steward, F. Davis
Conlig National School - Principal Mr. W. S. Clugston
Ballyholme Sailing Club - Commodore, Thos. Wilson; vice-commodore, R. L. Moore, M.D.; rere-commodore, J. Campbell; captain, Captain Brown.  Hon. Secretary, R. H. Smith
Ward National Schools - Manager, Rev. J. A. Carey; principal, Mr. W. Mitchell; assistants, Mr. W. Ferguson, Miss J. Wilson, Mr. A. J. Pollock; principal female school, Miss E. Brice.  Teaching staff - Miss Anderson, E. Gorman, and L. Stewart
First Presbyterian Church Schools - Principals - Mr. David Orr and Miss McMaster; assistants, Mr. R. McDonald, Miss Smiley, Miss Meta Thompson, Miss Baxter, Miss Reilly, Miss Rea
Roman Catholic Schools, Brunswick Road - Principals, W. V. Docherty, Mrs. Dunne, B.A.; manager, Rev. P. Scally
Trinity Presbyterian Church Schools, Main Street - Manager, Rev. R. J. Morell, 5 Windsor Avenue; principal, James Millen; principals, girls, Miss H. Anderson; assistant, Miss Aicken
Post Office, Main Street - Joseph Breen, postmaster.
Belfast Banking Company's Branch incorporated with the London City and Midland Bank Ltd. - R. Logan, manager; A. N. Wilson, accountant; R. Nicholas, cashier; Alexander Ward, Miss Mona Orr, A. Wall, and D. C. McNeill, assistants
Ulster Bank Ltd. - Jas. McCauley, manager; Robert G. Bleakley, cashier
Dispensary (under Medical Charities' Act), Southwell Road - Dr. J. F. Mitchell; Nurse Patton, 16 Hamilton Road
Bangor Endowed School - Principal, James McFeeters, B.A.; assistant, W. McBride, B.A.
Boarding and Day School, Duniris, Princetown Road - Prin. - Miss Annie Patton, B.A.
Ladies Collegiate School, "Bella Vista," Gray's Hill; Principals, the Misses Weir
Ladies' Day School (Glenlola) - Principals, The Misses Harte
Constabulary Station, Victoria Road - Sergeant Johnstone
Fire Brigade - Saml. T. Coulter, chief officer, 64 Southwell Road; second officer, Samuel McCready; turncock, Thomas Blakely; John Ferguson, Samuel Lunas, John Agnew, and Wm. Legge, fireman.  Station, Town Hall yard
Masonic Hall, Hamilton Road - James McNeill, P.M., secretary.  Harmony Masonic Lodge 286, Century Masonic Lodge 284, Bangor Union Masonic Lodge 746
Cleland's Royal Standard L.O.L. 769 - Br. James Pollock, W.M.; George Brattan, D.M.; G. Kerr, secretary; J. Martin, treasurer; Rev. J. A. Carey, chaplain
Bangor Knights of Malta Encampment No. 3 - Aaron's Chosen Few - Sir Kt. Robert Houston, commander; recorder, Sir Kt. Thomas Edys, D.M.; Thos. Ball, treas.; W. Martin, secretary
Bangor Purple Star L.O.L. 677 - Br. Thos. Rowley, W.M.; Br. S. McBurney, D.M.; Br. Thomas Dunn, secretary; Br. Thomas Boal, treasurer; Rev. J. R. McDonald, chaplain
Bangor District L.O.L. No. 18 - W.M., Br. J. C. Stewart, L.O.L. 447; Br. J. Ferguson, D.M.; chaplains, Rev. J. A. Carey, M.A.; Rev. McDonald, B.A.; Rev. G. B. Sullivan, M.A.; Rev. Wm. Campbell, M.A.; secretary, Walter McCallister, 677; treasurer, J. Camlin, L.O.L. 447.
Bangor Commercial Temperance L.O.L. 447 - Br. R. D. Montgomery, W.M.; Br. Thomas Nichols, D.M.; Br. W. G. Forsythe, secretary
Dufferin Memorial Total Abstinence L.O.L. 933 - Officers - Br. W. Little, W.M.; Br. James McBride, secretary; treasurer, Alex. Conway
Perceval Maxwell Temperance L.O.L. 1038 - W.M., Br. Hugh Watterson; D.M., Br. G. Conroy; secretary, W. Savage; treasurer, Wm. Watterson
Bangor Golf Club (entrance at Hamilton Road) - President, Herbert Brown; captain, J. W. Shepperd; hon. treasurer, J. Hurst; hon. secretary, T. Dunn
Royal Belfast Golf Club - Captain, W. M. Potterton; secretary, G. McIldowie; treasurer, C. McCullough; green convenor, C. H. Bowen
Petty Sessions Court in Good Templar Hall - Clerk - J. H. Barrett, Seaview, Farnham Road
Bangor Harmonic Society - Hon. secretary, H. Jones; treasurer, R. Logan; conductor, R. Jones
Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths - Dr. J. F. Mitchell; assistant and deputy, D. Orr
Bangor Parish Literary Society - Rev. J. A. Carey, president


Church of Ireland - Rev. J. A. Carey, rector; Rev. R. McDonald. B.A., curate; J. H. Barrett, secretary; Robt. Kane, treasurer; R. Jones, organist
First Presbyterian Church - Rev. R. J. Currie
Second Presbyterian Church - Rev. R. J. Morrell, pastor; organist, S. Pierce
Hamilton Road Presbyterian Church - Minister, Rev. W. A. Hill, B.A.; organist, J. G. Laughlan
Salvation Army Hall, Albert Street
Roman Catholic Chapel, Brunswick Road - Rev. P. Scally
Baptist Church, Orange Hall - Pastor Rev. W. Campbell
Plymouth Brethren - Holborn Hall, Holborn Avenue


Abernethy, Wm., photographer, 2 Gray's Hill
Absolom, G., Killiney Villa, Bryansburn Road
Acheson, Miss, Kincora, 7 Central Avenue
Adair, Harry, Carlton Cafe, 22 Queen's Parade
Adair, John. 49 Clifton Road
Adair, Selina E., 16 Beatrice Road
Adams, Mrs., 119 Ballymagee Street
Adorien, Mrs. J., 25 Crosby Street
Agnew, Alice, Rathlyn, Farnham Road
Agnew, John, 54 Ballymagee Street
Agnew, John, joiner, 72 Abbey Street
Agnew, John, joiner, 24, 26 Victoria Road
Agnew, Lizzie, 66 Seacliffe Road
Agnew, Margaret L., 48 Seacliffe Road
Agnew, Margt., 49 Dufferin Avenue
Agnew, Miss Margaret, 49 Victoria Gardens
Agnew, Mrs., 20 Southwell Road
Agnew, Mrs. Ellen, 2 Broadway
Agnew, Robt., 44 Church Street
Agnew, R. J., 8 Brunswick Road
Agnew, W. G., 35 King Street
Aicken, Jane, Sunnyside, Groomsport Road
Aicken, John, Coolavin, Ballyholme Road
Aird, The Misses, 128 Ballymagee Street
Albin, Mrs., 17 Ward Avenue
Alcorn, Samuel, 3 Springfield Avenue
Alexander, D. E., "Spectator" Office, 124, 126 Main Street
Alexander, Geo., 28 Springfield Road
Alexander, Mrs., 25 Springfield Road
Alexander, Mrs., 46 Holborn Avenue
Allen, Jas., 39 Church Street
Allen, Miss Jane, 34 Southwell Road
Allen, Mrs., 49 Holborn Avenue
Allen, Mrs., 1 Somerset Terrace, Princetown Road
Allen, Mrs., 1 Princetown Road
Allen, Mrs. Selina J., Willowfield, Waverley Drive
Allison, Mrs., 77 Dufferin Avenue
Anderson, Alexander, merchant tailor, 17 Farnham Road
Anderson, Chas. R., Cloneen, Ballyholme Road
Anderson, Ellen, 30 Ward Avenue
Anderson, George, 42 Albert Street
Anderson, James, commission agent, 8 Mount Pleasant
Anderson, James, 9 Prospect Road
Anderson, Jas., 136 Seacliffe Road
Anderson, Margt., 176 Seacliffe Road
Anderson, Miss Harriett, school teacher, 32 Princetown Road
Anderson, Miss Jane, 8 Victoria Road
Anderson, S., 12 Hillman Terrace
Anderson, The Misses, 51 Ballymagee Street
Anderson, Wm. J., 39 Albert Street
Anderson, W., 84 Southwell Road
Andrew, Annie, 9 Tennyson Avenue
Andrews, Mrs., 56 Springfield Road
Andrews, M., boot warehouse, 30 Ballymagee Street
Andrews, Robt., 61 Railwayview Street
Andrews, Thomas, 38 Holborn Avenue
Appleby, Henry, traveller, St. Ruan, Queen's Parade
Appleby, Miss J., shop keeper, 10 Queen's Parade
Apperson, Francis, 3 Seabreeze, Ballyholme
Arbuckle, John W., architect and civil engineer, Daisyville, Bryansburn Road
Arlow, Harriett, 23 Hamilton Road
Armour, Robert, 75 Dufferin Avenue
Armstrong, Geo., Hillcrest, Seaforth Road
Armstrong, Mrs., 18 Croft Street
Armstrong, Mrs., 48 Southwell Road
Arneill, Wm. C., 49 Brunswick Road
Arnold, Annie, 90 Ballymagee Street
Arnold, Miss, 22 Princetown Road
Arnott, Peter A., The beeches, Downshire Road
Atkinson, Francis, 76 Southwell Road
Atkinson, Geo., Ballyholme Cottage, Sheridan Drive
Atkinson, Mrs., 3 Carrisbrooke Terrace
Auld, Andrew, 5 Victoria Road
Austin, Wm., master mariner, Craigmore, College Avenue
Ava Hotel, 132 Main Street - Bernard McDonald, proprietor
Avery, G. H., traveller, 98 Dufferin Avenue

Bailey, Clifford, 13 Belfast Road
Bailey, Mrs. R., costumier, 142 Seacliffe Road
Bailie, Mrs. Maggie, Ballyholme Terrace, Ballyholme
Bailie, Robert, 28 Church Street
Bailie, Thos., cabinet maker, 50 Dufferin Avenue
Bailie, W., & Co., furniture warehouse, 51 Main Street
Baird, John, 67 Church Street
Baird, Mrs. A., 2 Castle Square
Baird, Robert, tea agent, 15 Farnham Park
Baird, Sarah, 17 Park Avenue
Balance, Archibald, 10 Primrose Street
Ball, Lucius W., 5 Springfield Road
Ball, Thos., carpenter, 15 Alfred Street
Ballingal, Mrs., 39 Prospect Road
Balmer, G. H., 32 Prospect Road
Balmer, James S., Ltd., pharmaceutical chemists, 95 Main Street
Bangor Cash Stores and Cash Bakery, 93 Main Street
Bangor Endowed School, College Avenue, Ballyholme Road
Barber, William, car owner, 13 King Street
Barbour, Caroline, 33 Ballyholme Road
Barbour, Miss Elizabeth, 58 Beatrice Road
Barbour, Mrs., 117 Ballymagee Street
Barkley, Mrs. L., 1 Lorelei
Barnes, James, church officer, 49 Railwayview Street
Barnes, Mrs., 35 Railway View Street
Barnes, Robert, postman, 63 Victoria Road
Barr, Mrs., 76 Ballymagee Street
Barr, Samuel, 30 Donaghadee Road
Barr, The Misses, dress makers, Bryansburn Road
Barr, Wm., 65 Castle Street
Barrett, J. H., Petty Sessions clerk, Seaview, Farnham Road
Barry, Margaret, 11 Tennyson Avenue
Barry, Miss, 24 Seacliffe Road
Batten, George, 17 Beatrice Road
Baxter, Henry, 15 Ward Avenue
Baxter, Isaac, 20 Prospect Road
Baxter, John, designer, 5 Gray's Hill
Baxter, John, 19 Southwell Road
Beattie, Chas., 68 Castle Square
Beattie, David, 96 Ballymagee Street
Beattie, Ellen, 19 Bingham Street
Beattie, Joseph, 64 Castle Square
Beattie, Mrs., 98 Ballymagee Street
Beattie, Mrs. Agnes, 24 Castle Square
Beattie, Mrs. Jane, 18 Castle Square
Beattie, Richard, coal dealer, 8 Holborn Avenue
Beattie, Wm. J., green grocer, 50 Ballymagee Street
Beck, Annie, 79 Ballymagee Street
Begley, R. G., 102 Seacliffe Road
Belfast Co-operative Society Ltd., Gray's Hill
Bell, A. M., & Co., drapery and fancy warehouse, 90, 92 Main Street
Bell, C. H., surveyor, 8 Farnham Road
Bell, Francis, designer, Glenfaba, College Avenue
Bell, Fras., 70 Southwell Road
Bell, Henry, M.D., Ranfurly Avenue
Bell, Miss E., 16 Seacliffe Road
Bell, Miss Mary A., 66 Bryansburn Road
Bell, Mrs., Pickie Hotel
Bell, Mrs. Clara, 7 Railway View Street
Bell, Mrs. Martha, 55 Railwayview Street
Bell, Rev. Wm., 52 Springfield Road
Bell, Thomas, 45 Holborn Street
Bell, Thomas, 6 Seacliffe Road
Bell, William, Ardlussa, Princetown Road
Bell, Wm., 9 Waverley Drive
Bennett, Ruthven, Railwayview Street
Bennett, Thomas, M.D., 9 Gray's Hill
Bennett, Wm., 48 Victoria Road
Beresford Boarding House, Mrs. A. Wright, proprietress, 35, 36 Queen's Parade
Bickerstaff, Wm., 17 Brunswick Road
Biggar, David, 104 Dufferin Avenue
Bingham, John, 20 Beatrice Road
Birch, Geo. B., 104 Seacliffe Road
Birney, Margt. J., 28 Ballyholme Road
Birney, Mrs. Fred, Rathkean, 16 Farnham Road
Bishop, W. H., F.R.C.O., organist First Presbyterian Church, 14 Hamilton Road
Black, Jas., 38 Bryansburn Road
Black, Mrs. Mary, 10 Southwell Road
Blakely, Edward, Roslyn, Ballyholme Road
Blakely, Mrs. Mary J., 14 Queen's Parade
Blakely, Thomas, town inspector, 2 Springfield Road
Blow, Miss Annie, Granville Terrace, Princetown Road
Boal, James, 99 Ballymagee Street
Boal, John, 29 Springfield Road
Boal, R., Lorne Villa, Clifton Road
Bolton, Mrs. Rachel, 15 Tennyson Avenue
Boon, Ernest R., Downshire Road
Bothwell, Robert A., 22 May Avenue
Bothwell, Wm. H., 7 Ward Avenue
Bowen, C. H., Barnrath, Raglan Road
Bowden, Mrs. C. A., 30 Beatrice Road
Bowman,. Henry, 31 Main Street
Bowman, James H., 27 Main Street
Bowman, Mrs., 36 Hamilton Road
Bowman, Robert, Osborne Drive
Boyd, Minnie H., Belfast Terrace, Ballyholme
Boyd, Miss K., 21 Queen's Parade
Boyd, Mrs., 57 Central Avenue
Boyd, Mrs. Andrew, ?? Vennell
Boyd, Mrs. Mary, 23 Princetown Road
Boyd, Mrs. M., 67 Castlemount
Boyd, Robt., Bel-Aria, Ballyholme
Boyd, Robert A., 18 Clifton Road
Boyd, Wm. G., Glendarnel, Farnham Park
Boyd, W. J., 97 Ballymagee Street
Boydell-Wright, Mrs. E. M., Laurel Lodge, Maxwell Road
Boyle, Miss Sarah, Tiev Tara, Donaghadee Road
Bradley, Mrs., Maymount, Ballyholme Road
Bradley, Walter L., Innisvaar, Maxwell Road
Bradshaw, Henry, 74 Princetown Road
Branagh, Simon, 68 Bryansburn Road
Brand, Thomas, The Bungalow, Ballyholme
Breach, Mrs., Darina, Waverley Drive
Breen, Joseph, post master, Main Street
Breeze, Sarah R., 33 Hamilton Road
Brennan, Hugh, gardener, 19 Springfield Road
Brewer, Mrs., Sheridan Villas, Groomsport Road
Brice, Fred, Waverley Drive, Ballyholme
Brice, James F., coal merchant, Main Street; res., Farnham Park
Brice, James T., Shandon Drive
Brice, J. T., & Son, house and land agents, auctioneers & valuers, 118 Main Street
Brierley, Benjamin, 42a Princetown Road
Briggs, Mrs. Sarah, 1 Bayparks, Ballyholme
Brittain, Thos. J., 2 Ward Avenue
Brown, A. Crawford, Mornington Park, Princetown Road
Brown, David, 3 Railwayview Street
Brown, David, publican, 35 Ballymagee Street
Brown, Elizabeth, 262 Seacliffe Road
Brown, G. H., Ardaraccan House, Clifton Road
Brown, James, 66, 68 Ballymagee Street
Brown, James, master mariner, Ballyholme Terrace
Brown, John, embroidery agent, 28 Primrose Street
Brown, John, sailor, 46 Albert Street
Brown, Joseph, 86 Hamilton Road
Brown, Jos., car owner, 16 Albert Street
Brown, Margaret P., 51 Prospect Road
Brown, Miss Florence, 40 Queen's Parade
Brown, Mrs., 23 Ruby Street
Brown, Mrs., 27 Church Street
Brown, Mrs., 86 Southwell Road
Brown, Mrs. Agnes, 6 Prospect Road
Brown, Mrs. Eliza, 22 Church Street
Brown, Mrs. Ellen, music teacher, 88 Ballymagee Street
Brown, Mrs. Margaret J., 51 Prospect Road
Brown, Mrs. M. A., Dalmeny House, Downshire Road
Brown, Thomas, 38 Castle Square
Brown, Thomas, 19 Castle Street
Brown, Wm., 17 Ruby Street
Brownfield, Walter, Yachtsman Hotel, Main Street
Bruce, William, 18 Beatrice Road
Bryan, Patrick, linesman, 2 Seaview, Ballyholme
Burgess, Miss, 18 Princetown Road
Burke, John, D.L., Kerrsland Terrace, 30 Seacliff Road
Burke, Thomas, 83 Southwell Road
Burns, Edwin, Waverley Drive, Ballyholme
Burns, James M., 23 Park Avenue
Burns, Patrick, drapery buyer, Helen's Tower Villas, Bryansburn Road
Burns, Thos., master mariner, 34 Gray's Hill
Burns, Thomas R., Minavon, 104 Princetown Road
Burrows, Wm., clothier, 18 Prospect Road
Burrows, 1 Auburn Terrace, Groomsport Road
Byam, Martin, 5 Railwayview Street
Byrne, John, Bayview Terrace, Ballyholme

Cairns, Mrs. M., 78 Bryansburn Road
Calderwood, Mrs. M., 78 Bryansburn Road
Caldwell, Mrs. Margaret E., 4 Prospect Road
Caldwell, Saml., Laurington, Bryansburn Road
Callan, Mrs., 4 Hillman Terrace
Callender, Thos., insurance agent, 24 Springfield Road
Calvert, Mrs., 54 Victoria Road
Camlin, J., & Co., general drapers, hosiers, and outfitters, 5, 7 Ballymagee Street
Campbell, Agnes, 109 Main Street
Campbell, B., 5 Dufferin Avenue
Campbell, Frederick, draper, 58, 60 Main Street
Campbell, Geo. F., M.D., 37 Hamilton Road
Campbell, James, boot maker, 54, 56 Abbey Street
Campbell, James, 5 Southwell Road
Campbell, Jas., jun., boot maker, 38 Gray's Hill
Campbell, Jas., butcher, Main Street
Campbell, Miss, 56 Seacliff Road
Campbell, Mrs., 38 Hamilton Road
Campbell, Mrs., 46 Princetown Road
Campbell, Mrs., 16 Bingham Street
Campbell, Mrs. M., 3 Downshire Park
Campbell, P., 1 Dufferin Avenue
Campbell, S., & Co., drapers, 36, 38 Main Street
Campbell, W. J., Claremont, Princetown Road
Canning, The Misses, 59 Ballyholme Road
Canavan, Miss, Strathclyde, Farnham Road
Caproni, Enrico, Confectioner, Queen's Parade, Lower Clifton and Main Street
Cardy, John, 12 Castle Square
Cardy, Mrs. Catherine, 40 Castle Square
Cardy, Mrs. Mary, 41 Gray's Hill
Carey, Rev. J. A., rector Parish Church, The Rectory, Abbey Street
Cargill, Florence, 8 Donaghadee Road
Carleton, David, gardener, 31 Church Street
Carlisle, David W., 140 Seacliffe Road
Carlisle, Mrs. Mary, Arravanagh, 76 Donaghadee Road
Carlisle, Richard, 39 Queen's Parade
Carmichael, Ellen, 8 Seacliffe Road
Carpenter, Mrs., 51 Brunswick Street
Carse, Miss Marion, 69 Dufferin Avenue
Carson, Alex., 92 Castle Street
Carson, F. W., 27 Donaghadee Road
Carson, George, 28 Prospect Road
Carson, Miss Agnes, 34 Seacliffe Road
Carson, Mrs. Jane, 41 Crosby Street
Carson, M., wall paper merchant, Lancedean, Farnham Road
Carson, The Misses, 5 Prospect Road
Carson, William, 3 Castle Cottages, Castle Street
Carrothers, Percy, Eureka Terrace, Prospect Road
Carter, James, coal merchant, Rathmoyle, Maxwell Road
Carter, Mrs. Mary, 5 Belfast Road
Carters, Jas., motorman, 42 Beatrice Road
Cashin, Mrs. Mary, 5 Kerrsland Terrace, Seacliffe Road
Cassidy, Patrick J., 42 Hamilton Road
Castle, Avery, Needwood House, Seacliffe Road
Caswell, John, 24 Clifton Road
Caswell, J., Bay House, Ballyholme
Caswell, Miss, 65 & 67 Ballymagee Street
Cathy, John, 3 Mayfield, Princetown Road
Caughey, Hamilton, 7 Beatrice Road
Caughey, Mrs., 7 Beatrice Avenue
Caughey, Wm., commercial traveller, Avondale, Princetown Road
Caulfield, Robert, contractor, 28 Albert Street
Cawley, Miss M., 4 Tennyson Avenue
Chambers, Alban, 4 Belfast Terrace, Ballyholme
Chambers, Jas., 57 Holborn Avenue
Chambers, Joseph, 45 Gray's Hill
Chandler, Joseph, 7 Ruby Street
Charles, M., Carleyville, Farnham Park
Charley, Mrs., Clifton Terrace, 112 Seacliffe Road
Charters, Mary C., 62 Abbey Street
Chatfield, James, boot and shoe maker, 62 Ballymagee Street
Cheyne, H. H., Roseneath, 51 Ballyholme Road
Cheyne, S. Donald, Kenmore, Downshire Road
Childe, R. P., Chieveley, Raglan Road
Children's Emporium, 104d Main Street
Christie, The Misses, 31 Princetown Road
Christie, Wm. J., King Street
Christie, Wm., 27 Ballymagee Street
Claney, Miss, 70 Ballymagee Street
Claney, Mrs., 80 Ballymagee Street
Claney, Mrs. Jane, 61 Ballymagee Street
Clanmorris, Lady, Bangor Castle
Clarke, Annie, Sheridan Drive, Ballyholme
Clarke, Miss, 41 Dufferin Avenue
Clarke, Mrs. Isa, Thornbrook, Princetown Road
Clarke, Percy A. J., Agincourt, Farnham Road
Clarke, Robt., 60 Castle Street, shoe maker
Clawson, Fred., 5 Hamilton Road
Cleland, The Misses, Rathgael
Cleland, Wm. H., Mervue, Ballyholme
Clements, John, 26 Somerset Avenue
Cliburn, Mrs. W., 3 Bingham Street
Clifford, Wm. J., Dunbeg, College Avenue
Clisdale, Mrs. C., 36 Princetown Road
Clotworthy, Alex., 10 Gray's Hill
Clyde, Isaac, 46 Hamilton Road
Coates, Arthur H., secretary Antrim County Council, Seacliffe Road
Coey, Wm., 35 Victoria Road
Coey, Wm., jun., 25 Victoria Road
Coffin, Mrs. Jane, 30 Gray's Hill
Coffin, Philip, 36 Gray's Hill
Collier, Miss, 108 Seacliffe Road
Collier, W. F., Windsor Villas, Hamilton Road
Colquhoun, James, Milltown Terrace, 12 Donaghadee Road
Colville, John A., Oakleigh, Waverley Drive, Ballyholme
Colvin, Mrs., restaurant, 6 Queen's Parade
Combe, F., 23 Southwell Road
Connolly, Frank, Liscarney, Bryansburn Road
Connolly, James, stationer and fancy goods depot, 56 Main Street
Connor, Lucy, milliner, 5 Main Street
Connor, Miss Emily, Raglan Lodge, Raglan Road
Connor, Mrs., Brunswick Terrace
Conway, Alex., tailor, 124 Ballymagee Street
Conway, John, 48 Castle Square
Conway, Miss Mary, 5 Brunswick Road
Conway, Mrs. Mary, 17 King Street
Conway, Samuel, 28 Castle Square
Cooke, Mary, 3 Ruby Street
Cooke, Mrs., 15 Springfield Avenue
Cooper, Jas., boat builder, 21 Victoria Road
Cooper, Patrick, 73 Dufferin Avenue
Cooper, Thomas, 14 May Avenue
Corbett, Catherine, 6 May Avenue
Corbett, Hugh, 113 Ballymagee Street
Corbett, Samuel, Limebrooke Cottages, Bingham Street
Corbett, Thos. H., Ardencliffe, Victoria Road
Cornwall, John, 66 Southwell Road
Corrigan, Miss Mary, 11 Ruby Street
Corrigan, Mrs., 93 Victoria Road
Corry, Ernest, mineral water manufacturer, Fairfield, Ranfurly Avenue
Corry, Misses, Rostellan, Princetown Road
Corry, R. J., Sheridan Drive
Corry, Thos. H., linen merchant, Beulah, Bryansburn Road
Cosgrove, Henry, 49 Ballyholme Road
Costello, J. H. S., Darina, Waverley Drive
Costello, Miss, Ellongown, Waverley Drive, Ballyholme
Costello, Mrs., Orlock, Ward Avenue
Cotter, Mrs. Minnie, 3 Belfast Road
Coulter, Mrs., 1 Mayfield, Princetown Road
Coulter, Samuel T., M.R.S.I., sanitary inspector, 64 Southwell Road
Coulter, Thomas, 7 Springfield Road
Courtnay, Alex., 27 Ruby Street
Courtney, Wm., 41 Queen's Parade
Courtney, Wm., 4 Bingham Street
Couser, James, 7 Belfast Terrace, Ballyholme
Couser, Mrs., 29 Dufferin Avenue
Cousins, Henry, 37 Holborn Avenue
Cowan, James, 39 Crosby Street
Craig, Alex., Craiglea, Groomsport Road
Craig, John, M.D., 23 Queen's Parade
Craig, John, 5 King Street
Craig, George, Seacliffe Terrace, Seacliffe Road
Craig, Mrs., 6 Brunswick Road
Craig, Mrs. Maria, 5 Princetown Terrace
Craig, Mrs. Mary, 58 Gray's Hill
Crawford, A., Ward Villa, Upper Clifton
Crawford, Carlisle, 3 castle Street
Crawford, Cath., Kinedar, 17 Southwell Road
Crawford, Harper, Aurora, Ballyholme
Crawford, Henry M., 3 Hamilton Road
Crawford, Mrs., 36 Seacliffe Road
Crawford, Mrs. Grace, 20 Alfred Street
Crawford, Robert, 24 Prospect Road
Cree, Geo., Vennel, off King Street
Cree, Hugh, 8 King Street
Cree, Jas., 29 King Street
Cree, James, sen., King Street
Cree, Robert, 14 castle Street
Cree, Thomas, 26 Abbey Street
Cree, Thos., 4 Castle Square
Cree, Thos., jun., 38 Abbey Street
Cresswell, W. H., postman, 59 Church Street
Crookes, Alfred, 22 Prospect Road
Crosbie, James, Winton, Farnham Park
Crosbie, Mrs. Martha, 55 Dufferin Avenue
Crosby, Mrs. Annie, 49 Queen's Parade
Crothers, Wm., 45 Crosby Street
Crouch, W., Ashburton, Brunswick Road
Crowe, Thomas H., Benvue, Ballyholme
Crozier, William, 4 Castle Cottages
Cullen, Catherine, 17 Southwell Road
Cumming, A., fruiterer, 16, 18 Ballymagee Street
Cumming, Saml., 27 Springfield Road
Cummings, Mrs., 29 Alfred Street
Cunningham, Mrs. Agnes, 2 Bayparks, Ballyholme
Cunningham, Mrs. Sarah, 2 Windsor Avenue
Cupples, Rev. W. H., 17 Dufferin Avenue
Cupples, William M., The Bungalow, Ward Avenue
Cush, Mrs., Ivy Hill Farm, Ballymacormack, Bangor
Cush, Patrick, draper, 1 Chagwurra, Brunswick Road
Cuthbertson, Fredk. W., 40 Holborn Avenue

Dailey, Thomas, chauffeur, 40 Primrose Street
Dalzell, John, 86 Seacliffe Road
Dane, Miss, Homes of Rest
Danskin, George, 27 Holborn Avenue
Darnell, C. K., M.D., 30 Hamilton Road
Dartry Dye Works, 124 Main Street
Davidson, Alexander, plumber, 1 Bingham Street
Davidson, Mrs., grocer, 37, 39 Victoria Road
Davidson, Robt., plumber, 86 Ballymagee Street
Davidson, S. C., (of Davidson & Co. Ltd., Sirocco Engineering Works, Belfast), Seacourt, Princetown Road
Davies, Miss A., 46 Dufferin Avenue
Davis, Dalzell, Manse Road
Davison, Mr., 3 Auburn Terrace, Groomsport Road
Dawson, David, Belvoir Terrace, 68 Dufferin Avenue
Dawson, Miss Sarah E., 19 Clifton Road
Dawson, Mr., 5 Auburn Terrace, Groomsport Road
Denby, Miss Alice, 5 Princetown Road
Despard, V. D., Kilbrogan, Farnham Road
Dewes, Mrs. Alice, 18 Donaghadee Road
Diamond, Mrs., 18 Alfred Street
Diamond, E. & T., boot and shoe warehouse
Dick, Wm., 4 Bayview Terrace, Ballyholme
Dickey, Joseph, Risdale, Donaghadee Road
Dickey, The Misses, 53 Ballymagee Street
Dickson, Jos., traveller, 53 Holborn Avenue
Dickson, Miss, seed warehouse, 40 Main Street
Dickson, Richard, St. Heliers, Ballyholme
Dickson, Robt., bread server, 28 Beatrice Road
Dickson, Thos., 27 King Street
Dill, Hugh, carpenter, 6 Holborn Avenue
Dill, Miss, 9 Mount Pleasant
Divito, Nardini, confectioner, 29 Queen's Parade
Dixon, James, process server, Town Hall, Main Street
Dixon, Jane, 9 Alfred Street
Dixon, T., 166 Seacliffe Road
Dobbin, Mrs., Plainfield, 20 Donaghadee Road
Dodds, Mrs., 44 Castle Street
Dodds, Mrs. Mary, Plainfield, 24 Donaghadee Road
Doey, Joseph C., 17 Victoria Road
Doherty, Mrs., 22 Southwell Road
Doherty, W. V., principal Roman Catholic Schools
Donaghy, Mrs. Alice, 24 Southwell Road
Donaldson, Mrs., 3 Primrose Street
Donnelly, Mrs., 38 Seacliff Road
Donning, Miss Mary, dress maker, 72 Dufferin Avenue
Doonan, Miss L. M., bakery, 25 Main Street
Douglas, James, 13 Railwayview Street
Douglas, Joseph, 46 Seacliffe Road
Doohan, W. P., pharmaceutical chemist, 3? Main Street [Scotty's (Star Trek) parents]
Doran, J. A., J.P., D'Oranville, Seacliff Road
Douthie, John, 59 Railwayview Street
Dowdall, E. J., accountant, 4 Granville Terrace, Princetown Road
Downie, S., confectioner and tobacconist, 5, 7 Bridge Street
Drysdale, Mrs., 16 Springfield Road
Dudgeon, Mr., St. Ruan Cottage
Dudgeon, Mrs. Sarah, 16 Ward Avenue
Duff, Benjamin, 71 Ballymagee Street
Duff, David, 109 Ballymagee Street
Duff, Mrs., 30 Primrose Street
Dufferin and Ava, Marquis of, Clandeboye
Dufferin and Ava, The Dowager Marchioness of, Clandeboye
Duncan, Miss Eleanor, 17 Dufferin Avenue
Dunlop, Mrs., 26 Croft Street
Dunlop, Rev. S., Kingscourt, Ballyholme Road
Dunn, John, boot and show warehouse, 35 Main Street
Dunn, Miss Maggie, 53 Dufferin Avenue
Dunn, Mr., 13 Farnham Park
Dunn, Mrs. Annie, Downshire Road
Dunn, Nurse, 121 Victoria Road
Dunn, Wm., Novelty Warehouse, 26, 28, 30 Main Street
Dunseath, David, J.P., Seacliffe Road
Dunseath, James, Ardmore, Ward Avenue
Dunseith, Lillie, 130 Seacliffe Road
Dunseith, Mrs. Alice, 21 Southwell Road
Dwyer, Miss, 18 Seacliffe Road
Dyson, Mrs. Sarah, publican, 41 Ballymagee Street

Eaton, Miss, 44 Princetown Road
Eddis, Annie, 21 Bingham Street
Eddis, Mrs. 69 Ballymagee Street
Edmondson, Jas., Abbey Street
Edmondson, Louis, 118 Ballymagee Street
Edmondson, Robert, 47 Victoria Road
Edmunson, Mrs., 14 Donaghadee Road
Ekins, Mrs. Minnie, 23 Clifton Road
Elliott, Nelson, publican, 22, 24 Main Street
Elliott, R. J., 9 Springfield Road
Elliott, Thos., 46 Church Street
Ellis, Edward, 19 Gray's Hill
Ellis, William Princetown House
Ellis, Mrs., 34 Hamilton Road
Emerson, Mrs., 76 Dufferin Avenue
Ennis, Mrs., 19 May Avenue
Ennis, Wm., 11 Bingham Street
Erskine, Miss, milliner, 37, 39 Main Street
Erwin, Miss Caroline, 48 Springfield Cottages
Espinasse, Mrs. Margaret, 15 Gray's Hill
Evans, C. H., Meridan, Groomsport Road
Evans, Henry, 41 Beatrice Road
Evans, Mrs. Sadini, 35 Ballyholme Road
Eves, J. V., linen merchant, Thalassa, Downshire Road
Ewart, Lavens M., Tara, 72 Clifton Road
Ewing, Mrs., 28 Croft Street
Express Motor Works, 73 Main Street - Jacob O'Neill, proprietor

Fagen, Robert, manufacturers' agent, 5 Downshire Road
Faren, Hy. J., 35 Princetown Road
Faren, Miss J., Girls' Home of Rest
Farrow, George H., traveller, 16 Donaghadee Road
Featherston, S., 96 Seacliffe Road
Ferguson, Alex., Beth Shalom, Ward Avenue
Ferguson, Hugh, J.P., Royal Terrace, Clifton
Ferguson, John, 17 Queen's Parade
Ferguson, John, 8 Ward Avenue
Ferguson, John, 31 Hamilton Road
Ferguson, John, jun., 17 Queen's Parade
Ferguson, Thomas, carpenter, 27 Bingham Street
Ferrie, Miss Jane, 29 Farnham Road
Ferris, John, 70 Castle Street
Featherstonhaugh, Mrs., 2 Glenoe, Brunswick Road
Finlay, R. H., auctioneer and estate agent, 104c Main Street; res., Braemar, Shandon Drive
Finlay, Wm. J., 66 Castle Square
Fisher, Misses, Clonsilla, Bryansburn Road
Fitzgerald, Sinclair, Tunny, Clifton Road
Fitzpatrick, Edward, Castle Cottages
Fitzpatrick, Patrick, 58 Victoria Road
Flack, Mrs., 7 Holborn Avenue
Flaherty, Daniel, 33 Holborn Avenue
Fleming, Arthur, 31 Castle Street
Fleming, Miss Mary, 12 Seacliffe Road
Fleming, Mrs. M. P., 59 Central Avenue
Fletcher, James, builder, funeral undertaker and posting establishment, 32 to 36 Ballymagee Street
Flinn, Miss, 104 Main Street
Flinn, Robert, 16 Main Street
Forrester, Mrs. Barbara, Belgravia, 180 Seacliffe Road
Forster, Miss, 2 Springfield Avenue
Forsythe, George, 13 Springfield Avenue
Forsythe, Wm. J., Fairview Nurseries, 21 Donaghadee Road
Foster, James, 10 Beatrice Road
Foster, John, Rathdown, 23 Ward Avenue
Fowler, Mrs., 65 Dufferin Avenue
Fox, Terence, butcher, 22 Albert Street South
Frackelton, John, Carrisbrooke Terrace, Upper Clifton
Frackelton, Mrs. Sarah, 8 Prospect Road
Francey, Mrs., 43, 45 Ballymagee Street
Francis, Andrew, carpenter, 3 Victoria Road
Freeman, Mrs., 8 Springfield Road
French, Wm. H., 9 Ballyholme Terrace
Frew, Stewart H., Ingleside, Ballyholme Road
Friars, Miss Jemima, 75 Ballymagee Street
Fulton, Alex., carpenter, 27 Victoria Road
Fulton, A., cycle agent, 105 Main Street
Fulton, John, carpenter, 35 Castle Street
Furey, Charles, 110 Seacliffe Road
Furey, Hugh, Ltd., grocer, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 62, 64, 66 Main Street
Furey, H., draper, Main Street
Furey, Walter, Artona, Bryansburn Road

Gaffiken, Geo., 44 Princetown Road
Gallon, Robert, 111 Ballymagee Street
Gallway, Wm. H., Ranfurly Avenue
Galway, Mrs. A., Shielavon, Ranfurly Avenue
Galway, Robt., 11 Victoria Road
Gamble, Mrs., 74 Dufferin Avenue
Gardner, Robert, Aurora, Ballyholme
Gardiner, Robert B., Rochdale, Mornington Park
Gault, Mrs. Sarah, 7 Springfield Avenue
Gavin, Margaret, 80 Princetown Road
Gaw, James, 48 Ballymagee Street
Gaw, John, bread server, 10 Prospect Road
Gaw, Mrs. Susanna, 9 Victoria Road
Gaw, Stephen B., coal merchant, 6 Quay Street
Gaw, Wm., dairyman, 5 Central Avenue
Gaw, Wm., 121 Ballymagee Street
Geddis, Mrs., 30 Springfield Road
George, James, boot maker, 14 Dufferin Avenue
Gibson, Alex., carpenter, 35 Crosby Street
Gibson, David, 62 Castle Street
Gibson, John, 33 Castle Street
Gibson, Mrs., 125 Victoria Road
Gibson, Mrs., 49 Victoria Road
Gibson, M., draper, 102 Main Street
Gibson, Robt., 40 Castle Street
Gibson, Wm., car owner, 34 Castle Square
Gibson, Wm., caretaker's house, Railway Station
Gibson, W. J., 1 Seacliffe Terrace
Gilbey, W. & A., Limited, Main Street
Gildea, Peter, 32 Victoria Road
Gill, Mrs., 146 Seacliff Road
Gill, Samuel, 3 Limebrook Terrace, Bingham Street
Gilliland, Mrs., 1 Balfour Terrace, Ballyholme
Gilliland, Wm. A., 110 Ballymagee Street
Gilliland, Wm., 3 Mornington Park
Gilmore, Andrew, 50 Castle Street
Gilmore, A., 46 Castle Street
Gilmore, John, 43 Crosby Street
Gilmore, Mrs. Elizabeth, Bryansburn
Gilmore, Mrs., linen draper, 16 Main Street
Gilmore, Wm., evangelist, 75 Gray's Hill
Gillis, Jas., Ranfurly Avenue
Girvan, Mrs. Helena, Artole, Ward Avenue
Glasgow, Mrs., 106 Dufferin Avenue
Glover, Mrs., 23 Dufferin Avenue
Goodall, G., Osborne Drive
Gordon, John, coal merchant, Castle Square
Gordon, Mrs., 23 Bingham Street
Gordon, Mrs. Ellen, Broadway
Gordon, W., 23 Croft Street
Gorman, Alex., 64 Castle Street
Gorman, Jas., 54 Castle Street
Gorman, Margaret, grocer, 3 King Street
Gorman, Miss, 30 Albert Street
Gorman, Miss Mary, 4 Loreeli (Lorelei)
Gorman, Mrs., 9 Hamilton Road
Gorman, Thomas B., chemist and druggist, The Esplanade, Bangor
Gorman, Mrs., 43 Dufferin Avenue
Goudie, Miss Mary, 94 Ballymagee Street
Graham, Geo., 53 Bryansburn Road
Graham, James, 72 Church Street
Graham, John, 95 Ballymagee Street
Graham, John, 52 Abbey Street
Graham, Samuel, 23 May Avenue
Grant, Arthur, 44 Springfield Road
Gray, Alex., Railwayview Street
Gray, James, 3 Railwayview Street
Gray, John, 16 Church Street
Gray, Thomas H., Hillcrest, Manse Road
Green, J. K., 50 Princetown Road
Green, Miss, Ava Terrace, Hamilton Road
Green, Miss Lizzie, 19 Dufferin Avenue
Green, Robert, West Place
Greenacre, A. H., pensions officer, Customs and Excise, 5 Ballyholme Terrace
Greenaway, Fred. W., 12 Bayview Terrace, Ballyholme
Greer, Maggie, 21 Castle Street
Greer, Mrs. Christina, 43 Maryville Crescent
Greeves, Mrs., Kensington, Princetown Road
Greeves, Thomas M., Rathverde, Downshire Road
Greeves, Thomas J., Maxwell Road
Gregg, Edward, Ballyholme Road
Gregg, H., 4 Downshire Park
Gribben, Wm., Primrose Street
Griffin, Miss, boarding house, 128 Seacliffe Road
Griffiths, Miss Ethel, 8 Bayview Terrace, Ballyholme
Gunning, David, carpenter, 16 Alfred Street
Guy, Mrs., 3 Princetown Road

Bangor continued...

Haig, Mrs., 4 Balfour Terrace, Ballyholme
Haines, Miss Margaret, 1 Springfield Avenue
Haines, The Misses, & Waddell, 1 Riverside Terrace
Haldane, David, 12 Prospect Road
Hall, Conway, 44 Dufferin Avenue
Hall, Jas., fruiterer, 3 Queen's Parade
Hall, Thompson, Clifton Road
Hall, Wm., 42 Sprinfield Road (Springfield)
Halliday, Geo., 30 Dufferin Avenue
Halliday, John, 24 Church Street
Halliday, Robt., shoe maker, 55 Church Street
Halliday, Thos. G., 22 Church Street
Halliday, Wm. J., dairyman, 16 Dufferin Avenue
Halliday, Robt., 55 Church Street
Hamilton, Captain W., 77 Ballymagee Street
Hamilton, Hugh, dairyman, 13, 15 Bingham Street
Hamilton, James, 92 Hamilton Road
Hamilton, Jas., 39 Ballymagee Street
Hamilton, John, The Farm, Ballyholme
Hamilton, Miss, music teacher, Hamilton Road
Hamilton, Miss Annie, 47 Dufferin Avenue
Hamilton, Miss, 49 Princetown Road
Hamilton, Miss, 21 Hamilton Road
Hamilton, Mrs., 4 Mount Oriel
Hamilton, Mrs., 6 Springfield Road
Mrs. Hamilton, 9 Croft Street
Hamilton, T., The Mount, Shandon Drive
Hamilton, W. J., 48 Princetown Road
Hanna, George, 72 Princetown Road
Hanna, James, 46 Queen's Parade
Hanna, John, Victoria Terrace, Ballyholme
Hanna, Mrs., 46 Queen's Parade
Hanna, Mrs., Dalbrook Cottage, Ballyholme
Hanna, Mrs., 20 Somerset Avenue
Hanna, Mrs., 8 Ballyholme Terrace
Hanna, Robt., 23 Victoria Road
Hanna, Thomas, painter and decorator, Irene Terrace, 116 Ballymagee Street
Hanna, W., J.P., chemist, 14, 16 Main Street
Hanna & Co., drapers and outfitters, 10 Main Street
Hannay, Herbert, 37 Prospect Road
Hardy, Mrs. Jane, Castlemount
Hardy, Mrs. Jane, 55 Castle Street
Hardy, Richard, Bryansburn
Hardy, Wm. J., dairyman, 98 Castle Street
Harkins, John, Mill Row
Harper, Wm., 6 Farnham Road
Harris, Rev. E. M., The Rectory, Groomsport
Harris, John, 27 Alfred Street
Harrison, Agnes, 14 Bryansburn Road
Harrison, Jas., 31 Albert Street
Hart, James, 47 King Street
Harte, The Misses, 14 Clifton Road
Harvey, Hugh, 1 Broadway
Harvey, Hugh, 2 Belfast Road
Harvey, Mrs. Agnes, 19 Holborn Avenue
Harvey, Mrs. Margaret, 9 King Street
Harvey, M., 6 Broadway
Harvey, N., jun., 7 Broadway
Harvey, Wm., 8 Croft Street
Hassan, Alex., 1 Brunswick Road
Hassan, Wm. H., West Place
Hawkins, John, Albert Street
Hay, William, 124 Victoria Road
Hayes, Alex., confectioner and tobacconist, 17, 19 Ballymagee Street
Hayes, Hugh, 49 King Street
Hayes, Mrs. J., 67 Dufferin Avenue
Healy, Henry, Ardmara, Upper Clifton
Heazley, Wm., linen merchant, 52 Bryansburn Road
Henderson, A. M., surgeon dentist, 12 Hamilton Road
Henderson, Irene, 5 Pickie Terrace
Henderson, John, 92 Hamilton Road
Henderson, W., Northleigh, Downshire Road
Henessay, Thos., Ivy Lodge, Ballyholme Road
Heney, Wm., 95b Princetown Road
Henry, Edward, rate collector Belfast Water Commissioners, 80 Southwell Road
Henry, Mrs., 2 Broadway
Heron, Miss Eliza, 51 Queen's Parade
Heron, Miss, dress maker, 12 Gray's Hill
Heslip, Mrs. Mary A., 17 Springfield Avenue
Hewitt, Captain R., Eureka Terrace, Prospect
Hewitt, J. H., manager Workshops for the Blind, Altamount, Downshire Road
Hewitt, Miss Annie, costumier, 86 Abbey Street
Hewitt, Mrs. Ellen, 24 Dufferin Avenue
Hewitt, Thomas, 32 Beatrice Road
Heyburn, James, 9 Beatrice Avenue
Heyburn, Robt., 39 Church Street
Hicks, L., 73 Railwayview Street
Higgins, Archibald, 3 Beatrice Avenue
Higgins, David, 15 Belfast Road
Higgins, Thomas A., J.P., 40 Seacliffe Road
Hill, George J., 3 Bayview Terrace
Hill, Rev. W. A., B.A., 82 Ward Avenue
Hilton, Harold, tobacconist and confectioner, 72 Main Street
Hogg, James A., 109 Hamilton Road
Hogg, Mrs. J., The Bungalow, Strickland's Glen
Hogg, Thomas, Huntly, Tennyson Avenue
Holden, Chas., 7 Belfast Road
Holdsworth, Robert, 62 Victoria Road
Holmes, Arthur, J.P., Hazlebrook, Ballyholme
Holmes, Charles, 4 Bryansburn Road
Holmes, Lizzie A., Ballyholme
Holywood, G., Bayswater, 79 Princetown Road
Hood, Miss Sarah, 13 Beatrice Road
Hooke, J. T., 33 Springfield Road
Hooke, Mrs., 123 Victoria Road
Hopley, Mrs., servants' registry office, 44 Gray's Hill
Horner, Francis, Ballyholme
Houston, Alexander, 7 Church Street
Houston, James, 61 Castle Street
Houston, Robert, 32 Albert Street
Houston, Thomas, 37 Bryansburn Road
Houston, Wm., coachman, 26 Holborn Avenue
Houston, Wm. McN., Crawfordsburn Road
Hudson, Fred., 59 Victoria Road
Hughes, Hugh, Victoria Terrace, Ballyholme
Hughes, James, Drayton, Ranfurly Avenue
Hughes, John, 18 Church Street
Hughes, Miss Jane, 106 Seacliffe Road
Hughes, Wm. E., Knockmore Park
Hull, M. J., 14 Bingham Street
Hume, Joseph, Waverley House, Ballyholme
Hunter, A. S., 9 Croft Street
Hunter F., Glandwyr, 102 Princetown Road
Hunter James, 7 Ballyholme Road
Hunter, Jas., hairdresser, 8 Dufferin Avenue
Hunter, Mrs., 45 Bryansburn Road
Hunter Samuel C., Norcroft, Ballyholme
Hunter, Sinclair, Mossley, Railwayview Street
Hunter, William, gun maker, Inch Bony, Manse Road
Hurst, Joseph, agent, 22 Farnham Park
Hutchinson, David, West View, Downshire Road
Hutchinson, Jas., plasterer, Brunswick Road
Hynes, Rev. Martin, 10 Hamilton Road

Imperial Hotel, 82 Main Street - Mrs. Morgan, proprietress
Imrie, James, 1 Glenore, Brunswick Road
Ingold, Edwin G., Inspector of National Schools, 100 Donaghadee Road
Ingram, Mrs. A. M., 23 Farnham Road
Ingram, Wm., 111 Hamilton Road
Ireland, David, 45 Victoria Road
Irvine, Miss Jemima, 7 Bayview Terrace, Ballyholme
Irvine, Mrs., 87 Main Street
Irvine, Mrs., 48 Springfield Road
Irvine, Mrs., Ward Avenue
Irvine, Samuel, brick layer, 20 Castle Street
Irvine, W. J., Redhall, Ballyholme
Irving, Lester, builder and contractor, 25 Bingham Street
Irwin, Thos., chauffeur, 15 Ruby Street
Irwin, William, secretary, 42 Hamilton Road
Irwin, Wm., 43 Southwell Road

Jackson, Jas., 48 Castle Street
Jackson, John, carman, 36 Castle Square
Jackson, Mary E., 2 Groomsport Road
Jackson, Miss Annie, 59 Dufferin Avenue
Jackson, Mrs., 19 Prospect Road
Jackson, Robt., 51 Church Street
Jamison, Alex., painter and decorator, 5 Beatrice Avenue
Jamison, John, painter and decorator, 53 Ballymagee Street
Jamison, Miss, Tiev Tara, Donaghadee Road
Jamison, Mrs. Agnes F., Eastcourt, Ward Avenue
Jamison, Mrs. Mary, 48 Queen's Parade
Jamison, Wm. H., accountant Belfast Harbour Office, Mount Oriel, Princetown Road
Jamison, W., painter and decorator, 30 Prospect Road
Jellett, Mrs., Morningside, Seacliffe Road
Johnson, Alex., 15 Holborn Street
Johnson, Robert C., commercial traveller, 52 Dufferin Avenue
Johnson, R. P., 21 Park Avenue
Johnston Bros., dyers and cleaners, 112 Main Street
Johnston, Catherine, 9 Castle Street
Johnston, Edward, saddler, 16 King Street
Johnston, Herbert, Martello, Princetown Road
Johnston, Hope, Sunnyside Villa, Raglan Road
Johnston, James, 10 Castle Square
Johnston, John, 69 Railwayview Street
Johnston, Mary A., 53 Princetown Road
Johnston, Miss Maria, 6 Ballyholme Terrace
Johnston, Mr., 2 Auburn Terrace, Groomsport Road
Johnston, Mrs., 31 Bingham Street
Johnston, Mrs., 17 Belfast Road
Johnston, Mrs. Jane, 16 Beatrice Avenue
Johnston, Mrs. Minnie, 64 Victoria Road
Johnston, Mrs. M. E., 3 Mount Royal
Johnston, Mrs. Sara, Westerton, Bryansburn Road
Johnston, Rev. Irvine, Chelsea, Donaghadee Road
Johnston, Samuel, Golf View Dairy, Donaghadee Road
Johnston, Wm. M., Bryansburn Road
Jones, Herbert, 1 Belfast Road
Jones, John, 42 Castle Square
Jones, Miss Bella, 15 Railwayview Street
Jones, Mrs. Maud E., Olgamount, Bryansburn Road
Jones, Richard, sand merchant, 10 Farnham Park
Jones, R., Professor of music, 29 Hamilton Road
Jordan, Mrs. Ellen, Crushane, Bryansburn Road
Jordan, Robt., 39 Beatrice Road

Kane, Mrs. Margaret, 16 Farnham Road
Kay, William H., Burnside, Bryansburn Road
Keenan, John, engine driver, 19a Church Street
Keenan, Mrs. G. B., Rockview Hotel, 8 Quay Street
Keenan, Samuel, estate bailiff, Tower House, Quay Street
Keightley, Mrs., Emerald Terrace, Railwayview Street
Keir, Wm., 40 Beatrice Road
Keith, J., Maidavale, Princetown Road
Keith, Richard, 43 Princetown Road
Kell, George, 6 Somerset Avenue
Kelly, Elizabeth, 10 Bayview Terrace, Ballyholme
Kelly, James A., grocer and spirit merchant, 20, 22 Ballymagee Street
Kelly, John Ernest, Elsinore
Kelly, J., 49 Central Avenue
Kelly, Michael, 23 Railwayview Street
Kelly, Mrs. Susannah, Rockville, Princetown Road
Kelly, M. J., J.P., Ardcrena, Ward Avenue
Kelly, Samuel, coal merchant, Bryansfield, Maxwell Road
Kelly, Samuel, 5 Alfred Street
Kelly, Thos., 60 Donaghadee Road
Kelly, Wm., 34 Victoria Road
Kelly, W., 10 Bayview Terrace, Ballyholme
Kennedy, Miss A. E., 4 Pickie Terrace
Kennedy, Mr., 7 Park Avenue
Keown, Joseph, 20 Bryansburn Road
Kerr, George, 39 Castle Street
Kerr, Mrs. Eliza, Landour, Bryansburn Road
Kerr, M., restaurant, 12 Quay Street
Kidd, William, Hawthornden, Ballyholme Road
Killips, Mrs. Ursula, 9 Dufferin Avenue
Kincaid, Jas., 3 Alfred Street
Kingan, Wm. S., Glenganagh, Groomsport
Kingan, T. D., Glenganagh, Groomsport
Kinnaird, Alex., 5 Royston, Southwell Road
Kinnaird, A., 17 Tennyson Avenue
Kinsley, Miss Eliza, 3 Mount Pleasant
Kirk, Wm., Ashville, Ward Avenue
Kirker, Mrs., Bangor Dairy Depot, 87 Main Street
Kirkland, Margaret, 6 Tennyson Avenue
Kirkpatrick, Ephriam R., (Ephraim) Closeburn, Princetown Road
Kirkpatrick, Mrs., 12 Albert Street
Kirkwood, Mrs., 10 Hillman Terrace
Knox, Annie W., 7 Tennyson Avenue
Knox, Mrs. M. J., Roxburgh, Ranfurly Avenue
Kyle, Alexander, 12 Church Street
Kyle, Alex., 15 Hamilton Road
Kyle, Alex., dairyman, 18 Albert Street
Kyle, Hugh, chemist, 75 Main Street
Kyle, Miss Sarah, 115 Ballymagee Street
Kyle, Mrs. Mary, 45 Queen's Parade
Kyle, W. G., Rosearden, Clifton Road

Laird, Mrs. Maggie, Eastlake, Manse Road
Lamb, Fredk., 42 Brookmount Terrace
Lamb, James, 42 Primrose Street
Lance, George, 10 Beatrice Avenue
Lance, James, 11 Alfred Street
Larmour, Edward, 105 Ballymagee Street
Larmour, Hugh, 31 Holborn Avenue
Larmour, John, 37 Albert Street
Larmour, Mrs., 126 Victoria Road
Larmour, Mrs., 41 Holborn Avenue
Larmour, Wm., 101 Ballymagee Street
Lauchlin, J. G., music teacher, 33 Clifton Road
Lavery, Henry, Brunswick Road
Lawley, Leonard H., 9 Princetown Road
Lawson, John, 9 Southwell Road
Lawson, Wm., 41 Belfast Road
Lecky, Henry, 53-55 Prospect Road
Ledgerwood, Miss Annie, dress maker, 76 Ballymagee Street
Lee, James, 79 Dufferin Avenue
Legate, Rev. J. N. M., The Manse, Groomsport
Legg, Alex., Telephone Call Office, 7 Southwell Road
Legg, Mrs., 43 Railwayview Street
Legge, Henry, 12 Central Avenue
Legge, Robt., brick layer, 14 Beatrice Road
Legge, Wm., caretaker Bangor Park Masonic Hall, Hamilton Road
Lenaghan, James, boat builder, 36 Southwell Road
Lennon, John, 23 Church Street
Lennon, Miss, Farnham Villas, 11 Farnham Road
Lennon, Miss Margaret, 42 Queen's Parade
Lennon, Mrs., 24 Springfield Road
Lepper, Charles W., Lakeview
Lepper, John C. H., Ballylangley
Lester, Mrs., Rosemount, Crawfordsburn Road
Letcher, Harold, 99 Mornington Park, Princetown Road
Lewers, Mrs. Mary, 47 Queen's Parade
Lewis, Mrs., Thornbrook, Princetown Road
Lewis, Mrs., 115 Hamilton Road
Lightbody, James, 11 Castle Street
Lightbody, Jas., dairyman, 8 Bingham Street
Lightbody, John, 57 Church Street
Lightbody, John, family grocer and provision curer, Main Street
Lightbody, Mrs. Agnes, 11 Beatrice Avenue
Lightbody, Wm. H., 3 Springfield Road
Lightbody, Wm. J., 87 Ballymagee Street
Liken, Miss, 21 May Avenue
Lilley, James, 33 Railwayview Street
Linden, W. J., 99 Victoria Road
Lindsay, David, 123, 125 Ballymagee Street
Lindsay, David, brick layer, 23 Alfred Street
Lindsay, Edwd., painter, 35 Holborn Avenue
Lindsay, Hugh, 6 Beatrice Avenue
Lindsay, H., & Co., drapers, Main Street
Lindsay, Jas., 8 Beatrice Road
Lindsay, Mrs., 47, 49 Ballymagee Street
Lindsay, Mrs., 10 Donaghadee Road
Lindsay, Robt., carpenter, 10 Donaghadee Road
Lindsay, Robt., carpenter, 55 Gray's Hill
Lindsay, William, hardware merchant, 41 Main Street
Lindsay, Wm., 6 Church Street
Linehan, Rev. J., The Manse, Upper Clifton
Little, Joseph, Glencairn, Ward Avenue
Little, Mrs., Wilmount Villas, Manse Road
Long, Mrs., Borton, Windsor Avenue
Lovett, J., Farnham Road
Lovett, W. J., Kulm, Farnham Road
Lowden, George, Irish Novelty Stores, 19, 21 Main Street
Lowden, Henry, confectioner and stationer, 76 Main Street
Lowry, J., blacksmith, Main Street
Lowry, Miss H., 7 Clifton Road
Lowry, Miss Mary, Knocktarna, Groomsport Road
Lowry, Mrs., 12 Ava Terrace, Hamilton Road
Lowry, Mrs. Sarah, 2 Washington Villas, Clifton Road
Lowry, William, 17 Bingham Street
Lunneback, Miss Alice, 46 Springfield Road
Lunny, Mrs., confectioner, Main Street
Lunney, Mrs., boarding house, 8 Queen's Parade
Lynas, Wm., Victoria Terrace, Ballyholme
Lynass, Mrs., 44 Abbey Street
Lynass, Samuel, 77 Main Street
Lynass, Wm. J., 34 Abbey Street
Lynch, J., Marine Hotel, Quay Street
Lynch, Mrs., 90 Dufferin Avenue
Lyons, Mrs., Beechcroft, Primrose Avenue
Lyons, Robert, 1 Springfield Road
Lyttle, David, Lauriston, 65 Ballyholme Road
Lyttle, Mrs., Epworth Crescent, Hamilton Road
Lyttle, Roland, servants' registry, 126 Ballymagee Street
Lyttle, Mrs. Letitia, 18 Manse Road
Lyttle, Wm., 56 Seacliff Road
Lytle & Co., The Bangor Cafe and Bakery, Queen's Parade

Macartney, Mrs., Ballymagee Street
Macaulay, D. N., 45 Princetown Road, Telephone No. 139 Bangor 2486 Belfast
MacDonnagh, Wm., principal Ward N.S., 1 Ruby Street
Madden, Thomas H., Ardkeen, Downshire Road
Magee, David, 16 Bryansburn Road
Magee, Miss Jane, 24 Princetown Road
Magill, Mrs. Mary, 24 Holborn Avenue
Magowan, James, carpenter, Bingham Street
Magowan, Mrs. Jane, 49 Gray's Hill
Magowan, Wm., carpenter, 81 Railwayview Street
Magowan, Wm., sexton Parish Church, 9 Ruby Street
Magowan, Wm., painter, 49 Church Street
Maguire, Mrs. Mary, 40 Victoria Road
MaGuire, Frederick G., Glenbank, Princetown Road
Mahaffy, Miss Henrietta, 1 Carrisbrook Terrace
Mahaffy, W. Irwin, solicitor, Ward Villas
Mahood, Captain, Waihi, Ward Avenue
Major, James, 51 Railwayview Street
Major, Thomas, 80 Castle Street
Major, William, 29 May Avenue
Major, W. J., brick maker, 60 Abbey Street
Malcolm, Walter, 306 Seacliffe Road
Mann, James, clerk, 65 Railwayview Street
Mann, Mrs., 10 Princetown Road
Mann, Wm. A. R., Cotswold, 16 Ballyholme Road
Manning, Mrs. D., Carnew, Windsor Avenue
Manning, M., 61 Ballyholme Road
Mansell, Fred, Ardeen, Princetown Road
Mansfield, J. E., Hamilton Villas, Ballyholme
Manson, D., dairyman, 10 Church Street
Mantell, Mrs., 17 Princetown Road
Marks, John, 9 Princetown Avenue
Marley, Thomas, 74 Southwell Road
Marsh, Nicholas, 40 Springfield Road
Marsh, Thomas, publican, Ballymagee Street
Marshall, Aaron, builder, 2 Somerset Avenue
Marshall, H. C., teacher, 8 Bryansburn Road
Marshall, Miss Jane, 61 Dufferin Avenue
Marshall, Mrs., Clonallan, Princetown Road
Marshall, William, flour and tea merchant, 66 Princetown Road
Martin, David H., carman, 25 Ruby Street
Martin, Henry, 65 Church Street
Martin, John, 1 Castle Cottages, Castle Street
Martin, John, 92 Seacliffe Road
Martin, Miss M., grocer, 88 Castle Street
Martin, Mrs., 23 Gray's Hill
Martin, Mrs., 1 Rosebank, Southwell Road
Martin, Robert, 92 Abbey Street
Martin, Samuel, West Place
Martin, Thos., Castlemount
Martin, W., 110 Main Street, car owner
Martin, Wm., 20 Central Avenue
Martin, Wm., 3 Broadway
Mathers, Wm., 36 Springfield Road
Matthews, Arthur, St. Heliers, Ballyholme
Matthews, F. W., 21 Ward Avenue
Mathews, George, 34 Queen's Parade
Matthews, Mrs., Clifton Villas
Maude, Lady Clanmorris, Bangor Castle
Mawhinney, Hugh, caretaker Orange Hall, 54 Castle Square
Mawhinney, James, 44 Castle Square
Mawhirt, E., 9 Beatrice Road
Mawhirt, Thos., 11 Beatrice Avenue
Maxwell, Jas., 10 Abbey Street
Maxwell, Michael H., 12 Abbey Street
Maxwell, Mrs., 4 Springfield Road
Meharg, Annie, 71 Gray's Hill
Meharg, J. M., draper, 88 Main Street
Meharg, Wm., 15 King Street
Meek, Mrs. Anna, 71 Clifton Road
Mellor, Wm. H., Lindow, Ballyholme Road
Mercer, E., 5 Mountroyal, Princetown Road
Mercer, Henry J., manufacturer, 96 Donaghadee Road
Mercer, Miss Sarah, 23 Springfield Road
Mercer, Mrs. Agnes, 22 Donaghadee Road
Merideth, Professor H. O., 55 Bryansburn Road
Mellor, H. E., Lindow, Ballyholme Road
Millar, James, tailor, 23 Crosby Street
Millar, Robt., plumber, 2 Castle Street
Millar, Samuel, plumber, 115 Main Street
Millard, C. T., Breezemount, Bryansburn Road
Miller, Alex., accountant, 95c Princetown Road
Miller, John, 2 Prospect Road
Miller, John, chimney sweep, 29, 31 Victoria Road
Miller, Miss, 27 Mount Edward, Dufferin Avenue
Miller, Samuel, painter, decorator, glazier and paperhanger, 111 Main Street
Milliken, James, draper, 42 Dufferin Avenue
Milliken, James, town clerk, Casaeldono, Bryansburn Road
Milliken, Miss S. J. K., Penrhyn, 5 Ballyholme Road
Mills, Archibald, 100 Abbey Street
Mills, John, grocer, 35, 37 Springfield Road
Mills, Mrs., 39 Southwell Road
Millsopp, Abraham, grocer, 47 Main Street
Milne, George, 25 Beatrice Road
Milroy, Mrs., hair dresser, Main Street
Mincarelli, A., confectioner, 2 Ballymagee Street
Miskelly, David, 26 Castle Square
Mitchell, Barker, manager gasworks, Walsden, Shandon Drive
Mitchell, Joseph, agent, 84 Ballymagee Street
Mitchell, J. F., M.D., Queen's Parade
Model Dairy, 80 Main Street - Alex. Spence, proprietor
Moffatt, Geo., 24 Hamilton Road
Moffett, Thomas, plumber, 12 Ballymagee Street
Monaghan, Marcus, 47 Church Street
Montgomery, Henry, auctioneers, 56 Main Street; and 8 High Street, Newtownards
Montgomery, Mrs. Mary, 1a Railwayview Street
Montgomery, R. D., proprietor "North Down Herald," Main Street
Montgomery, S. G., & Co. Ltd., merchant tailors, 101, 103 Main Street
Montgomery, Wm., tailor, 47 Prospect Road
Montgomery & Heron, motor engineers, Albert Street
Montgomery, ?. Castle Arms, Castle Street
Moon, Mrs. W., 7 King Street
Moore, James, manufacturers' agent, 16 Farnham Park
Moore, John B., 20 Princetown Road
Moore, J., 16 Sheridan Drive
Moore, Mrs. Catherine, 30 Abbey Street
Moore, Mrs. T., Waverley Drive, Ballyholme
Moore, Patrick, Toir-ma-Croide, 62 Princetown Road
Moore, R. L., M.D., Redcliffe, Seacliffe Road
Moore, Wm., coach builder, Prospect House
Moore, Wm., 80 Seacliffe Road
Moorhead, Thomas, 49 Princetown Road
Moreland, Andrew, 26 Seacliffe Road
Moreland, Mrs., 23 Prospect Road
Morgan, Jas., 52 Gray's Hill
Morgan, Mrs. Maggie, 3a Railwayview Street
Morgan, Thomas, cycle depot, tobacconist and confectioner, 61, 63 Main Street
Morrell, Rev. R. J., Trinity Presbyterian Church, Windsor Avenue
Morrison, Miss A., Prospect Cottage, Prospect Road
Morrison, Mrs. Olivia, 25 Dufferin Avenue
Morrison, Wm. J., Ardlin, Ballyholme Road
Morrow, Hugh, posting establishment, 2, 4 Dufferin Avenue
Morrow, John, 86 Castle Street
Morrow, Mrs., 50 Holborn Avenue
Morrow, Mrs. D., 42 Church Street
Morrow, M., Bangor motor service, 20 Queen's Parade
Morrow, Robert E., 49 Prospect Road
Morrow, R., 40 Dufferin Avenue
Morrow, ?, 14 Railway Cottages, Belfast Road
Morton Bros., fruiterers, 74 Main Street
Mountgarrell, Miss S. J., 13 Clifton Road
Moyes, Wm., designer, 5 Princetown Avenue
Muir, Mrs., 107 Main Street
Mulholland, Miss, boarding house, 5 and 6 Loreli, Marine Gardens
Mulholland, John Gardiner, 3 Brunswick Road
Mulholland, John, 44 Ballymagee Street
Munn, Mrs. Margaret, 81 Dufferin Avenue
Munroe, Margaret, 20 Somerset Avenue
Murdoch, Edward A., 21 Clifton Road
Murdock, Miss Mary, 15 Dufferin Avenue
Murdock, Thomas, Ashbrook, Prospect Road
Murphy, Mrs. Mary, Temperance Hotel, 135, 137 Main Street
Murphy, Robert, 8 Abbey Street
Murphy, Robert, jun., Argyle Cottage
Murphy, The Misses, Carnalea
Murray, D., Athole, Bryansburn Road
Murray, Mrs. Mary, 78 Seacliffe Road
Mussen, Miss I., Kerrsland Terrace, Seacliffe Road

McAfee, George, 23 Donaghadee Road
McAnally, Samuel, 91 Ballymagee Street
McAskie, Mrs. Elizabeth, 37 Princetown Road
McAuley, Frances J., Drumcree, Windsor Avenue
McBlain, David, shoe maker, 41 Victoria Road
McBlain, Miss Sarah, 6 Hamilton Road
McBratney, Mrs., 1 Hamilton Road
McBride, Christopher, 61 Brunswick Road
McBride, James, 25 Alfred Street
McBride, Miss M., 8 Windsor Avenue
McBride, Thomas, teacher, 6 Mount Pleasant
McBride, W., shoe maker, 48 Abbey Street
McBride, W., B.A., 6 Mount Pleasant
McBride, W., grocer, 94, 96 Dufferin Avenue
McBride, W., 53 Brunswick Road
McBurney, John, dairyman, 8 Alfred Street
McBurney, Mrs., 29 Clifton Road
McBurney, Mrs. Sarah, 23 Holborn Avenue
McBurney, Samuel, 45 Beatrice Road
McBurney, S., 31 Railwayview Street
McCabe, Thomas, 13 Crosby Street
McCaig, James, Seaview Cottage, Donaghadee Road
McCall, Mrs. M., Kensington Villa, Marine Gardens
McCall, Wm. John, rate-collector, 11 Farnham Park
McCallister, Mrs., 6 Hillman Terrace
McCallister, Mrs., 33 Gray's Hill
McCamley, Jas., 64 Ballymagee Street
McCance, James, 8 May Avenue
McCance, Thos. J., painter, Railwayview Street
McCance, William J., 34 Dufferin Avenue
McCann, Laurence, fruiterer, Bridge Street
McCann, Lawrence, 51 Gray's Hill
McCarroll, Miss, 22 Dunedin Terrace
McCart, Mrs., 7 The Vennell
McCartney, Miss, ladies' emporium, Bridge Street
McCartney, Miss Isabella, Ballymagee Street
McCartney, Miss A., 28 Queen's Parade
McCauley, Jas., 64 Ballymagee Street
McCauley, Mrs. Mary, 13 Castle Street
McCavana, James, spirit merchant, Central Hotel
McCavanagh, Jeremiah, 1 Queen's Parade
McCaw, Jas., 7 Hanover Terrace, Belfast Road
McChesney, Hugh, 32 King Street
McClatchey, Wm., flour importer, The Tower, Clifton Road
McClay, Robert, stationer, 13 Bryansburn Road
McCleary, T. J., 13 Ballyholme Road
McCleave, Samuel, 21 Beatrice Road
McCleery, Geo., 1 Beatrice Avenue
McCleery, Hannah, 4 Beatrice Avenue
McCleery, Mrs., 47 Gray's Hill
McCleery, S. A., 111a Hamilton Road
McCleery, Thos. G., 13 Ballyholme Road
McClelland, Fred. W., bookkeeper, 30 Southwell Road
McClelland, Miss J., 2 Mount Royal
McClelland, Robt., 5 Somerset Avenue
McClements, Robt., school teacher, 19 Victoria Road
McClements, Thos., 20 Abbey Street
McClune, John, 25 Castle Street
McClune, Mrs., 4 Princetown Road
McClune, Mrs., 4 Princetown Terrace
McClure, James, Albert Street
McClure, John, 60 Dufferin Avenue
McClure, John, 53 Castle Mount
McClure, John, 7 Mayfield, Princetown Road
McClure, Melville, 100 Seacliffe Road
McClure, Mrs., grocer, 34 Church Street
McClure, Mrs., 32 Holborn Avenue
McClure, Mrs. Maggie, 28, 30 Holborn Avenue
McClure, Robt., Seacliff Villa, Seacliff Road
McClure, Samuel, 7 Gray's Hill
McConaghie, Mrs., 102 West End Terrace
McConaghy, Wm. James, dairyman, 102 Abbey Street
McConkey, Frank, 63 Ballymagee Street
McConnell, Maria, 104 Princetown Road
McCord, Miss, Glandore, Ward Avenue
McCord, Mrs. Mary F., 47 Railwayview Street
McCormack, Mrs. J., Somerset Avenue
McCormick, Caroline, Battersea, 38 Queen's Parade
McCormick, Chesney, builder and contractor, Main Street
McCormick, James, tailor, 7, 9 Central Avenue
McCormick, J., 10 Somerset Avenue
McCormick, Mrs., 104a Main Street
McCormick, Thos., 20 May Avenue
McCormick, ?, 10 Somerset Avenue
McCracken, Geo., solicitor, 80 Bryansburn Road
McCracken, Mrs., 11 Railwayview Street
McCrea, Mrs. Annie, 5 Princess Gardens
McCready, Albert, 17 Alfred Street
McCready, John, 37 Beatrice Road
McCready, John, school attendance officer, 19 Ruby Street
McCready, Mrs. Jane, 11 Springfield Road
McCready, N., 98 Donaghadee Road
McCready, Saml., brick layer, 20 Bingham Street
McCreight, Mrs., 54 Springfield Road
McCullagh, Jas., 11 Ballyholme Road
McCullogh, Hugh, Aleste, Godfrey Avenue
McCullough, Edwd., 120 Victoria Road
McCullough, Ellen, Beatrice Avenue
McCullough, H., confectioner, 57 Ballymagee Street
McCullough, Jas., Estevan, Bryansburn Road
McCullough, Wm., Miramar, Godfrey Avenue
McCully, David, butcher, 4 King Street
McCutcheon, Mrs., 72 Castle Street
McCutcheon, Samuel, Ulster Dairy, 47 Beatrice Road
McDermott, Arthur, 31 Clifton Road
McDermott, Captain, 20 Croft Street
McDermott, The Misses, boarding house, Holborn House, Holborn Avenue
McDonald, Archibald, Mount Charley Vale, 18 Bingham Street
McDonald, Rev. J. R., Arumah, Princetown Road
McDonald, Robt., 14 Prospect Road
McDonnell, B., Ava Hotel, Main Street
McDowell, Agnes, 25 Gray's Hill
McDowell, Jas., 72 Ballymagee Street
McDowell, Jas., spirit grocer, Victoria Road
McDowell, J., 51 Holborn Avenue
McDowell, Margt., 11 Sheridan Drive
McDowell, Miss, 19 Brunswick Road
McDowell, Miss A. M., 25 Gray's Hill
McDowell, Mrs., 5 Tennyson Avenue, Princetown Road
McDowell, Mrs., 5 Mount Pleasant
McDowell, Mrs. Eliza, Orange Hall
McDowell, R. L., Alderfield, Farnham Park
McDowell, Saml., 82 Castle Street
McDowell, Samuel, 32 Castle Square
McDowell, Thomas, brick layer, 40 Abbey Street
McDowell, W. J., agent, 10 Ballymagee Street
McErvel, Miss I., 2 Victoria Terrace, Clifton Road
McEnaney, The Misses, 3 Gray's Hill
McEwan, Mrs., 28 Croft Street
McFeeters, James, B.A., principal Grammar School, Crosby House, College Avenue
McFerran, R., 1 Victoria Road
McFerran, The Misses, 6 Mayfield, Princetown Road
McGahey, Mrs., 123 Victoria Road
McGifford, Mrs. E., Washington Villas, Clifton Road
McGilton, Mrs. Sarah, 69 Railwayview Street
McGimpsey, R., cycle agent, 118a Main Street
McGimpsey, R., 2 Hillman Street
McGimpsey, Thos., carpenter, Sunnyside, Groomsport Road
McGonigal, Mrs. Eliza, 14 King Street
McGowan, D., carpenter, 49 Gray's Hill
McGowan, Jas., carpenter, 37 Bingham Street
McGowan, Miss Agnes, 2 Church Street
McGowan, Wm., painter, 49 Church Street
McGowan, Wm., sexton, Ruby Street
McGowan, Wm., 81 Railwayview Street
McGrane, Miss Lizzie, 29 Railwayview Street
McGrath, W., hairdresser, B9 & 11 Ballymagee Street
MaGuire, Miss, Ardmara, Upper Clifton
McIlree, Jas., 47 Brunswick Road
McIlroy, Mrs., 51 Brunswick Road
McIlroy, Mrs. S., 37 Southwell Road
McIlroy, Robt., 34 Springfield Road
McIlveen, Hugh, linen merchant, Glenside, 74 Bryansburn Road
McIlwaine, Mrs., Encliffe, Raglan Road
McIntosh, Jas., 49 Beatrice Road
McKay, Alex., car driver, 20 Dufferin Avenue
McKay, Miss J. E., 36 Dufferin Avenue
McKee, Alfred J., 182 Belgravia, Seacliffe Road
McKee, David, 2 Bingham Street
McKee, Edmund J., Corona, Princetown Road
McKee, Henry, grocer, 98, 100 Main Street
McKee, Jas., rate collector, 44 Hamilton Road
McKee, Jas., 13 Springfield Road
McKee, James R., 116 Seacliffe Road
McKee, John, solicitor, Bryansburn House
McKee, Joseph, 8 Beatrice Avenue
McKee, Margaret, 4 Somerset Avenue
McKee, Miss Mary Ann, poulterer, 21 Bridge Street
McKee, Mrs., 12 Beatrice Avenue
McKee, Miss Anna, 1 Bryansburn Road
McKee, Mrs. Mary, grocer, 27, 29 Gray's Hill
McKee, Mrs., 26 Gray's Hill
McKee, Mrs., 79 Railwayview Street
McKee, Robert, Hamilton Road
McKee, Robt., gardener, 18 Victoria Road
McKee, S., 118 Victoria Road
McKee, Wm., master mariner, St. Ronan's, Bryansburn Road
McKee, W. B., Avonmore, Maxwell Road
McKee, W. S., Mossvale, Seacliffe Road
McKenna, Miss M. A., Brookvale Cottage, Ballyholme
McKendry, Miss, 2 Seacliffe Road
McKenzie, D., embroidery agent, 8 Southwell Road
McKenzie, D., 2 May Avenue
McKenzie, Mrs. A. S., 72 Victoria Road
McKeown, James, Seaview, Ballyholme
McKeown, J., fish merchant, 14 Ballymagee Street
McKeown, J., Salvation Army, 13 Gray's Hill
McKeown, Martha, 5 Springfield Avenue
McKeown, Miss Jane, 4 Church Street
McKeown, R. M., 28 Southwell Road
McKerral, Clarke, 22 Beatrice Road
McKilner, Mrs., 2 Bayview, Seacliffe Road
McKinlay, Jas., engineer, 48 Main Street
McKinlay, Hamilton, 12 Victoria Road
McKinley, David A., 91 Southwell Road
McKinney, John, 27 Railwayview Street
McKinney, J., 12 Beatrice Road
McKissack, Mrs. J., 66 Church Street
McKissack, Wm., Back Chapel School, Brunswick Road
McKittrick, Miss, matron, New Bangor Hospital
McLaughlin, Mrs. A. V., 39 Dufferin Avenue
McLetchie, Wm. J., The Tower, Clifton Road
McLorinan, Chas., LL.D., Inishmore, Ballyholme
McMahon, Frank, 10 Holborn Avenue
McMahon, Hugh, 19 Beatrice Road
McMahon, John, 25 Holborn Street
McMahon, John, 51 Victoria Road
McMahon, Thomas, chimney sweep, 2 Primrose Street
McMahon, W., fisherman, 33 Victoria Road
McMaster, Miss, principal Main Street National Schools (girls), 13 Tennyson Avenue
McMaster, Miss Martha, Bayview, Seacliffe Road
McMaster, Mrs. Jane, Arbutus, 25 Farnham Road
McMaster, R., tea merchant, Rydalmount, Bryansburn Road
McMechan, Margt., 6 Sheridan Drive
McMechan, Mrs. Mary G., Elmsthorpe, 39 Ballyholme Road
McMeekan, John, J.P., Farnham Park
McMeekan, Robt., 102 Donaghadee Road
McMeekin, Mrs. Jane, 38 Albert Street North
McMillan, G., brick layer, 59 Gray's Hill
McMillan, Mrs., 46 Ballymagee Street
McMillan, Wm., solicitor, Dunloe, Maxwell Road
McMullan, J., 16 Railway Cottages, Belfast Road
McMullan, The Misses, 32 Hamilton Road
McMullan, Thomas, merchant, Stoneleigh, Princetown Road
McMullen, James, ironmonger, 106, 108 Main Street
McMillen, Steele, 12 Sheridan Drive (McMullen)
McMullen, Mrs., 31 Belfast Road
McMurray, George, Ruskin Villa, Ballyholme
McMurray, James, Bangor Steam Laundry and Handkerchief Works, Glenlola, Clifton Road
McMurray, Mrs., 4 Columbia Terrace, Dufferin Avenue
McMurray, Mrs., 14 Farnham Park
McMurray, Mrs., 21 Dufferin Avenue
McMurray, The Misses, 71 Dufferin Avenue
McMurray, Thos., 5 Belfast Terrace, Ballyholme
McMurray, Wm., 28 Dufferin Avenue
McMurtry, Mrs., 9 Belfast Terrace, Ballyholme
McMurtry, Wm. J., 168 Seacliffe Road
McNab, Miss Ellen, 18 Castle Street
McNeill, A. B., Groomsport Road
McNeill, James, Avoniel, Springfield Avenue
McNeill, Mrs. Ellen, 11 Church Street
McNeill, Wm. C., wallpaper merchant, 47 Central Avenue
McNeilly, George, The Croft, Church Street
McNeilly, H., contractor, 82 Hamilton Road
McNeilly, John, carpenter, 51 Beatrice Road
McNeilly, J., builder, 20 Victoria Road
McNeilly, Samuel, 51 Castle Street
McNeilly, Wm., 28a Holborn Avenue
McNiece, Wm., Glenburn, Bryansburn Road
McPherson, Joseph, 16 Central Avenue
McQuitty, J., Ardlussa, Princetown Road
McQuoid, James, 18 Croft Street
McQuoid, Robt., 74 Castle Street
McRoberts, Mrs., 13 Croft Street
McSpittle, Henry S., 17 Springfield Road
McVea, Mrs. Alice, 23 Beatrice Road
McVey, Patk., coachman, 53 Railwayview Street
McWatters, Mrs., 16 Southwell Road
McWilliams, John, Seacliffe Cottage, Seacliffe Road
McWilliams, J., 55 Holborn Avenue

Napier, Nathaniel F., Kinvarra Villas, Bryansburn Road
Nash, Mrs., 39 Southwell Road
Neill, Charles, coal merchant, 2 Quay Place and Railway Station, Newtownards
Neill, Charles, 6 Victoria Road
Neill, Dr. Harriette, 26 Princetown Road
Neill, F., coal merchant, Runnymead, Donaghadee Road
Neill, James, 7 Queen's Parade
Neill, Miss, 6 Croft Street
Neill, Mrs., Elsinore Terrace, Southwell Road
Neill, Mrs., Quay Place
Neill, Robert & Sons, Ltd., ship owners, coal merchants and lime burners, Queen's Parade and Neill's Pier
Neill, The Misses, 11 Clifton Road
Nelson, Agnes, dress maker, 89 Ballymagee Street
Nelson, Edward, manager, Halliday Cottage, Central Avenue
Nelson, Mrs., 58 Castle Square
Nelson, Samuel, hardware merchant and ironmonger, 65, 67 Main Street
Nelson, W., insurance agent, 102 Ballymagee Street
Nesbitt, Miss Jeannie, Arumah, Princetown Road
Nesbitt, W., manufacturer, Farnham, Farnham Road
Newell, Hugh, grocer, 6 Castle Square
Newell, James, 28 Hamilton Road
Niblock, Wm., 15 Croft Street
Nichol, Robert, 1 Princetown Avenue
Nicholls, Thos., 4 Albert Street
Nicholson, J., master mariner, Ellenville, Princetown Road
Nicholson, Mrs., Ballyholme
Nicholson, Mrs., Balloo House
Nixon, John, Somerset Cottage, Bryansburn Road
"North Down Herald" offices, Main Street - R. D. Montgomery, proprietor
Nutter, Miss, 3 Hibernia Terrace, Seacliffe Road

Ogle, Eleanor, 76 Seacliffe Road
Oliver, Geo., 1 Seaview, Ballyholme
Oliver, Hugh, 13 Holborn Avenue
Oliver, John, saddler, 10 King Street
Oliver, Mary A., 100 Ballymagee Street
Oliver, Mrs. Margaret, 43 Church Street
Ormeau Arms, 35 Ballymagee Street - D. Brown, proprietor
Orr, Andrew, 37 Church Street
Orr, David, principal Main Street School (boys), Sherwood, Ward Avenue
Orr,, George, 41 & 43 Clifton Road
Orr, Henry, 29 Belfast Road
Orr, John, 37 Castle Street
Orr, Miss Isabella, 17 Gray's Hill
Orr, Mrs., 39 Belfast Road
Orr, Mrs. Jeanie, Elmsthorpe, Ballyholme Road
Orr, Wm., 5 Church Street
Orr, W. S., Victoria Terrace, Upper Clifton
Owens, Miss, 13 Clifton Road
Owens, Samuel, Grovehill Gardens, Donaghadee Road
O'Brien, Jas., 33 Springfield Road
O'Brien, John, 26 Dufferin Avenue
O'Brien, Mrs. Clara, 30 Princetown Road
O'Hara, Mary C., 74 Seacliffe Road
O'Hara, Wm. P., The Royal Hotel, 26, 28 Quay Street
O'Mally, Hugh, 56 Church Street
O'Neill, Jacob, St. Malo, Ward Avenue
O'Neill, G. G., architect, Shane's Castle, Ward Avenue
O'Neill, G. T., manufacturers' agent, Florenceville, Princetown Road
O'Neill, Jos., 10 Victoria Road
O'Neill, J., 4 Railway Cottages, Belfast Road
O'Neill, Kate, confectioner, 128 Main Street
O'Neill, W. J., Windsor Hotel, 24 Quay Street
O'Reilly, Felix, Loughview, Brunswick Road
O'Riordon, C., Central View

Paisley, James, 13 Hamilton Road
Paisley, Mary E., 11 Hamilton Road
Palfrey, Henry, pier master, 42 Victoria Road
Palmer, J., seaman, 19 Holborn Street
Park, J. B., 18 Sheridan Drive
Parker, Mrs., 87 Princetown Road
Parkes, Harold, 9 Clifton Road
Parks, Mrs., 14 Springfield Road
Patterson, David, 56 Gray's Hill
Patterson, Edward F., Clifton House, Clifton Road
Patterson, Jas., clerk, 29 Bingham Street
Patterson, Mrs., Clifton House
Patterson, Mrs., Roslyn, Clifton Road
Patterson, Mrs., Colingrove, Downshire Road
Patterson, Mrs., 17 Croft Street
Patterson, The Misses, 30 Queen's Parade
Patterson, The Misses, Dunedin, Upper Clifton
Patterson, Thos., 16 Croft Street
Patterson, T. K., Bakery, 94, 96 Main Street; res., 75 Hamilton Road
Paton, John, Ardmore, Seaforth Road
Patton, Miss B. A., ladies' school and kindergarten, 4 Downshire Road
Patton, Mrs., Duniris, Princetown Road
Patton, The Misses, confectioners, 15 Main Street
Paul, G., Westlawn, Ballyholme Road
Paul, Mrs., 6 Springfield Avenue
Pearson, John, Casaeldona, Bryansburn Road
Peat, Mrs., 11 Bayview Terrace, Ballyholme
Peden, Wm., Park Avenue
Pedlow, Thomas, National school teacher, 104 Donaghadee Road
Pegg, Thomas, 5 Mount Royal
Pender, Miss, Seacliff Terrace
Pepper, Ed., 20 Hamilton Road
Pierce, S. S., 12 Princetown Road
Pim, E. & W., family grocers and wine merchants, Quay House
Plunkett, Francis, Farnham Park
Pollock, James, painter, Castle Street
Pollock, John, 3 Irene Terrace, Ballymagee Street
Pollock, Miss, 37 Ballymagee Street
Pollock, Miss M., 16 Hamilton Road
Pollock, Mrs., Seacove, Seaforth Road
Pollock, R. O., builder and contractor, Seaforth, Seacliffe Road
Pollock, Wm., jeweller, 114 Main Street; res., Haslemere, Bryansburn Road
Pollock, Wm., builder, 34 Donaghadee Road
Polly, Mrs., 75 Clifton Road
Polson, John, commercial traveller, 68 Southwell Road
Porter, Eliza, 11 Springfield Avenue
Porter, Miss M., dress maker, 4 Hamilton Road
Porter, S. R., Central Avenue
Poskitt, Mrs., 45 Central Avenue
Potterton, W. M., Ranfurly Avenue
Preece, Mrs., 2 Shatwarra, Brunswick Road
Priestley, Mrs., Mayfield, 8 Princetown Road
Primrose, ?, Verdun, Ward Avenue
Pringle, Geo., 8 Springfield Avenue
Purvis, Robert, 16 Queen's Parade
Pyper, John, M.A., principal Technical Institute, 13 Windsor Avenue

Quinn, John, 95 Victoria Road
Quinn, John, 68 Victoria Road
Quinn, Miss, dress maker, 11 Prospect Road
Quinn, Thomas, 46 Victoria Road

Ralph, Robt., 42 Bingham Street
Rankin, Miss E., boarding house, 2 Victoria Road
Ramsey, Mrs. Annie, 82 Southwell Road
Rapaport, Mrs. M. L., linen draper, 42 Main Street
Rea, David, 5 Broadway
Rea, Mrs., hardware and fancy goods, Ballymagee Street
Rea, James, grocer, 96a Dufferin Avenue
Rea, J. C. W., solicitor, 20 Farnham Park
Rea, Thomas, boot and shoe merchant, 89 Main Street
Reddington, The Misses, 37 Victoria Gardens
Redpath, Robert, 37 Crosby Street
Reid, James, 33 Dufferin Avenue
Reid, Mrs., 12 Somerset Avenue
Reis, Mrs. M., 107 Ballymagee Street
Reid, Samuel, 13 Alfred Street
Reid, Wm., Windsor Avenue
Reilly, The Misses, Medora, Princetown Road
Reynolds, George, caretaker Technical School, 86 Hamilton Road
Reynolds, Mrs. Ellen, fruiterer, 22 King Street
Rice, Edward, Coolbawn, Ballyholme
Richards, Mrs., Croom Villas, 74 Clifton Road
Richardson, Mrs., Edenville, Seacliffe Road
Ridge, Mrs. R., Bryson Cottage, The Vennell
Riordan, Cornelius, 2 Primrose Avenue
Ritchie, Geo., 33 Crosby Street
Ritchie, H. A., 6 Victoria Terrace, Clifton Road
Ritchie, Henry, butcher, 25 Railwayview Street
Ritchie, James, Victoria Terrace, Clifton Road
Ritchie, Jas. D., 14 Princetown Road
Ritchie, John, 19 Crosby Street
Ritchie, John, painter, 19 Railwayview Street
Ritchie, Malcolm, Ardeen, Princetown Road
Ritchie, Miss Letitia, 74a Castle Street
Ritchie, Mrs. Eliza, 4 Victoria Terrace, Clifton Road
Ritchie, Mrs., 19 Crosbie Street (Crosby)
Ritchie, Robt. J., Breezemount
Ritchie, The Misses, Alexandraville, Ward Avenue
Ritchie, The Misses, 13 Croft Street
Ritchie, Wm., 11 Crosby Street
Robb, Catherine, 83 Hamilton Road
Robb, John, Dufferin Villas, Ballyholme
Robb, John, traveller, Haslemere, Bryansburn Road
Robb, Mrs., Ewanfield, Ballyholme Road
Robertson, David, cattle dealer, 59 Brunswick Road
Robertson, David C., 31 Springfield Road
Robertson, Mrs., 21 Alfred Street
Robertson, The Misses, 45 Clifton Road
Robinson, Alexander, upholsterer, 18 Somerset Avenue
Robinson, David, 1 Windsor Avenue
Robinson, Ellen, 22 Ballyholme Road
Robinson, James, 113 Hamilton Road
Robinson, J., boot maker, 66 Ballymagee Street
Robinson, Margaret, 79 Hamilton Road
Robinson, Mrs. M., 64 Dufferin Avenue
Robinson, the Misses, 2 Princess Gardens
Robinson, T., butcher, 78 Main Street
Robinson, Wm., 63 Ballyholme Road
Robinson, W., 35 Prospect Road
Robson, Mrs., Glenoe, Princetown Road
Rodgers, Geo., 18 Ward Avenue
Rodgers, J., manager, 12 Queen's Parade
Rodgers, Mrs. S. J., 11 Hamilton Road
Rogers, Jane, 20 Central Avenue
Rogers, Mrs., 11 Hamilton Road
Rogers, Mrs. J. O., Princetown Road
Rogers, Mrs., Innisfail, Princetown Road
Rogers, Richard A., Shandon, Farnham Road
Rohn, Edward, 45 Dufferin Avenue
Roden, John, Glendaro, Maxwell Road
Rooney, Mrs. Mary, 11 Princetown Road
Ross Bros., 43, 45 Main Street
Ross, Jas., 16 Prospect Road
Ross, James, professional, Bangor Golf Club
Ross, Mrs., 52 Ballyholme Road
Ross, Mary, servants' registry, 28 Somerset Avenue
Rowley, Agnes, West Place
Rowley, Miss Ellen, 80 Castle Street
Rowley, Wm., 10 Central Avenue
Roy, Mrs. M., 23 Belfast Road
Ruddick, W., 8 Castle Street
Russell, Mrs., 43 Central Avenue
Russell, Saml., 14 Beatrice Avenue
Russell, S., 19 King Street
Russell, William, The Vennell
Russell, ?, Dunkirk, Ward Avenue
Rush, Mrs. Sarah, 41 Railwayview Street
Rutherford, Mrs. Annie, 39 Holborn Avenue
Ryan, Stephen, 13 Dufferin Avenue

Salter, Mrs., 6 Pickie Terrace
Savage, Alex., 17 Crosby Street
Savage, David, 16 Castle Square
Savage, Jas. H., J.P., builder, Mount Herald, Ballymagee Street
Savage, J., 2 Railway Cottages, Belfast Road
Sayers, W. C., carrier, Abbey Street
Scotland, Thomas, cafe, Esplanade
Scott, C., 63 Holborn Avenue
Scott, C., 28 Victoria Road
Scott, James, gardener, 35 Beatrice Road
Scott, James M., Wanstell, Bryansburn Road
Scott, John, 21 Crosby Street
Scott, Mrs. Jeanie, Glendalough, Ballyholme Road
Scott, Mrs., Sunbeam Cottage, Seacliffe Road
Scott, Mrs., 1 Alfred Street
Scott, Mrs., 24 Beatrice Road
Scott, Mrs. J., 2 Vennell
Scott, Robt., fisherman, 83 Victoria Road
Scott, The Misses, 88 Seacliffe Road
Scott, The Misses, Lisnagarvey Cafe, 13 Queen's Parade
Scott, William, fish merchant and game dealer, 54 Main Street
Scott, Wm., builder, 5 Bingham Street
Scott, Wm., 57a Gray's Hill
Scott, W., 37 Railway Street
Scullion, Mrs., 11 Croft Street
Sefton, G. H., Stationer and Newsagent, Agent "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News" 120, 122 Main Street
Semple, Jane, grocer, 12 Crosby Street
Seyers, C., jun., 96 Abbey Street
Seyers, James, 68 Abbey Street
Shanks, Mrs. Sarah, publican, Ballymagee Street
Shaw, Joseph, Loretto, Ward Avenue
Shaw, Nora, 26 Ballyholme Road
Sheals, Michael, J.P., Springhill
Shearer, Mrs. Agnes, 56 Ballymagee Street
Sheldon, Chas. E., merchant, 7 Farnham Park
Sheppard, Mrs. L., 67 Railwayview Street
Shepperd, Hudson, Clanmore, 31 Ballyholme Road
Shepperd, W. H., director, 7 Raglan Road
Shepherd's Dairies, 103 Main Street
Sheriff, Thos. C., Soutra, Ward Avenue
Sherlock, Jas., insurance agent, 50 Gray's Hill
Shippcott, Mrs., 12 May Avenue
Shone, Rev. Joseph, Olga Mount, Bryansburn Road
Simpson, David J. H., librarian, 26 Southwell Road
Simpson, Geo. E., 3 Windsor Avenue
Simpson, Wm. R., Walmer, 47 Ballyholme Road
Singleton, Mrs. Rose, 32 Dufferin Avenue
Skelly, Isaac S., house agent, Fernbrook, Tennyson Avenue
Skelton, Louisa, Alberta, Windsor Avenue
Skillen, Hugh, Coolreagh, Clifton Road
Skillen, Hugh, 68 Castle Street
Skimin, Mrs., 9 Brunswick Road
Skimmin, Arthur, clerk, 9 Brunswick Road
Skimmin, Captain Geo., 48 Holborn Avenue
Skinner, Thomas, master mariner, 19 Queen's Parade
Sloan, Hamilton, house painter, 27 May Avenue
Sloan, Mrs. Sophia, 39 Albert Street
Sloan, Mrs. W., 38 Abbey Street
Sloss, F. A., LL.B., 5 Albert Street
Sloss, F. J., solicitor, 5 Alebrt Street (Albert)
Small, Mrs. H., 11 Dufferin Avenue
Smiley, Arch., blacksmith, 29 Beatrice Road
Smiley, William, dairyman, Ruthville, Albert Street
Smith, Hugh, 45 Railwayview Street
Smith, Jas., Ormsary, Knockmore Park
Smith, John, 16 Victoria Road
Smith, John, general merchant, 18 Farnham Park
Smith, J. H., 87 Southwell Road
Smith, J. K., Casaeldono, Bryansburn Road
Smith, Miss J. G., 32 Seacliffe Road
Smith, Mrs., 40 Gray's Hill
Smith, Mrs. Lizzie, 94 Hamilton Road
Smith, Mrs. Jane, 15 Beatrice Road
Smith, Rev. Stuart, 22 Hamilton Road
Smith, Wm., 44 Holborn Avenue
Smyth, Mrs., grocer, tea and provision merchant, Donaghadee Road and Prospect Road
Smyth & McClure, grocers, 70 Main Street
Somerset, Thos., 49 Bryansburn Road
"Spectator" offices, Main Street - D. E. Alexander, proprietor
Speers, John, 37 Clifton Road
Spence, Mrs., 5 Holborn Avenue
Spittle, H. S., 19 Springfield Road
Sprat, Mrs. W., servants' registry, 56 Dufferin Avenue
Spurrier, H. C., 40 Manse Road
Stanbury, Wm. J., 33 Brunswick Road
Stanfield, Joseph, 26 Springfield Road
Stanley, Albert, 37 Queen's Parade
Stanley, Jas., commercial traveller, 15 Farnham Road
Stenson, J., 4 Croft Street
Stephens, Stratford W., 5 Carrisbrooke Terrace, Upper Clifton
Stephenson, Hugh, 47 Bryansburn Road
Stephenson, Jas., Groomsport Road
Stephenson, Wm., Primrose Dene, Groomsport Road
Stevenson, Charles, 6 Beatrice Road
Stevenson, Henry, 14 Castle Square
Stewart, Archibald C., 108 Ballymagee Street
Stewart, Edmund, 42 Church Street
Stewart, John, 35 Church Street
Stewart, Kennedy, accountant, Danehurst, Farnham Road
Stewart, Mrs. Dora, 63 Church Street
Stewart, Mrs. Margt., Baymount, Ward Avenue
Stewart, Robert, 29 Church Street
Stewart, Thos., gardener, 16 Church Street
Stewart, W., 58 Castle Street
Stitt, Robert, 4 Alfred Street
Stitt, R., 5 Beatrice Road
Stitt, Thos., 81 Southwell Road
Stone, George R., Fairholme, Bryansburn Road
Stone, ?, 7 Albert Street
Stormount, Mrs. Margaret, 60 Church Street
Stoyle, Chas. H., chief officer, H.M. Coastguards, Holborn Avenue
Strahan, Thomas C., surgeon dentist, 17 Hamilton Road
Strain, Mrs., 11 Brunswick Road
Strain, Mrs., 41 Alfred Street
Strain, William, bread server, 5 Ruby Street
Strong, Miss, boarding house, 3 Loreli, Marine Gardens
Sturgeon, James, Benvue, Ward Avenue
Sulwan, Rev. Geo. B., 102 Dufferin Avenue
Swan, Mrs., Ambleside, Ward Avenue
Swann, Mrs., 4 Farnham Road
Swearas, Mrs., 14 Sheridan Drive
Swindle, Henry, coal dealer, 62 Castle Square
Swindle, John, 30 Church Street
Swindle, Mrs. Annie, 31 Crosby Street
Symington, Joseph, 6 Carrsbrook Terrace Upper Clifton

Taggart, Mrs., 30 King Street
Tate, Mrs., 2 Waverley Cottages, Ballyholme
Taylor, David L., Locksley, Farnham Road
Taylor, George, insurance manager, Enfield, Manse Road
Taylor, Miss Sarah, 46 Gray's Hill
Taylor, Mary F., teacher of music, 27 Queen's Parade
Taylor, Mrs., 4 Victoria Terrace, Ballyholme
Taylor, Mrs. Rose, Bayview House, Ballyholme
Taylor, Mrs. Mary. 92 Dufferin Avenue
Teasey & Griffiths, The Misses, 128 Seacliffe Road
Templeton, James, traveller, Linwood, Farnham Park
Thomas, Jos. L., Downshire Road
Thompson Bros., dyers and cleaners, 104 Main Street
Thompson, D., draper, 10 Ballymagee Street
Thompson, H. B., Downshire Road
Thompson, John, mill owner, Downshire House, Maxwell Road
Thompson, Joseph H., 107 Hamilton Road
Thompson, Mrs., 10 Dufferin Avenue
Thompson, Mrs., Millview Cottage, Ballyholme
Thompson, Mrs., 43 Queen's Parade
Thompson, Mrs., 81 Hamilton Road
Thompson, Mrs. Isabella, Glen Cottage, Bryansburn Road
Thompson, Patk., fish monger, 27 Belfast Road
Thompson, Wm., 10 Alfred Street
Thompson, Wm., 33 King Street
Thompson, Wm., 52 Abbey Street
Thompson, Wm., Marathon, Ballyholme
Thompson, W., 81 Princetown Road
Thomson, Archd., shipping agent, Altmont, Downshire Road
Thomson, James, J.P., Altamont, Downshire Road
Tilson, R., 7 Ava Terrace, Hamilton Road
Tinsley, Miss E., 13 May Avenue
Todd, Mrs. E., 7a Railwayview Street
Toland, W. H., traveller, 11 Princetown Avenue
Toner, Miss Alice, 90 Hamilton Road
Tonner, Mrs. Jane, 66 Castle Street
Totten, A., & Son, boot makers, 130 Main Street
Totten, Mrs. Emily, 12 Southwell Road
Totten, Mrs., 12 Southwell Road
Totten, ?, 8 Hillman Terrace
Tracey, Mrs., 4 Loreli
Trimble, A. N., 22 Springfield Road
Trimble, Miss Emily, gate lodge, Abbey Street
Trimble, Mrs., 1 Royal Terrace
Tughan, Mrs., Oakleigh, 24 Ballyholme Road
Tuke, Mrs., 23 Ballymagee Street
Tully, J., 8 Railway Cottages, Belfast Road
Turkington, Miss, 57 Gray's Hill
Turnbull, Mrs. Annie, 70 Victoria Road
Turnbull, Wm., Central Avenue
Turner, J., Margretta Villas, Bryansburn Road
Turner, William G., fruiterer, 20 Main Street
Turtle, Mrs. Agnes, 13 Farnham Road
Tyndall, Margt. J., 24 Somerset Avenue
Tyrrell, John, J.P., The cairn, Ballyholme
Tyrrell, Mrs. Harriett, 4 Windsor Avenue

Valentine, J., 14 Seacliffe Road
Vance, Martha, nurse, 1 May Avenue
Vance, Miss M., Highland View, Seacliffe Road
Vance, Mrs. A. W., Mornington Park
Vannucci, Peter, ice cream merchant, Main Street and Castle Street
Venables, Mrs., 68 Princetown Road
Vincent, Mrs. T. J., 54 Dufferin Avenue

Waddell, Mrs., 78 Ballymagee Street
Waldron, Mrs., 92 Princetown Road
Walker, H., 83 Hamilton Road
Walker, Isaac, 10 Springfield Avenue
Walker, Miss, 88 Dufferin Avenue
Walker, Miss L., Cripples' Home
Walker, Mrs. Minnie, 91 Victoria Road
Walker, Wm., silk merchant, 16 Farnham Road
Wallace, James, 14 Holborn Avenue
Wallace, Wm., 39 Railwayview Street
Wallace, Wm. Alex., 7 Princetown Avenue
Walls, Wm., hair dresser, 6, 8 Main Street
Walmsley, Mrs., 26 Hamilton Road
Walmsley, Mrs. J., 45 Prospect Road
Walsh, John, station master, railway station
Walsh, Mrs. Ellen, 2 Sunnyside, Ballyholme
Walsh, W., Bookseller and Agent, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News," 21a Main Street
Walton, Miss, 14 Donaghadee Road
Warburton, H., Garmoyle, Raglan Road
Ward, Alex., 32 Springfield Road
Ward, Charles H., Tyneholme, Raglan Road
Ward, Daniel, 25 Princetown Road
Ward, Miss E., 8 Somerset Avenue
Ward, Wm., 45 Castle Street
Warden, David, newsagent and stationer, 79 & 81 Main Street; agent for the "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News."
Warnock, Mrs., Edenville, Seacliffe Road
Warnock, Mrs. A., 1 Princetown Terrace
Watson, Arthur Gardiner, 53 Beatrice Road
Watson, Hugh, 43 Beatrice Road
Watson, Mrs. Judith, 7 Victoria Terrace
Watson, Mrs., 4 Mount Royal
Watt, T., 99 Princetown Road
Watters, Mrs. A., 14 Southwell Road
Watterson, John, Castle Square
Weir, Mrs., ladies' school, Bellavista
Welch, James, commercial traveller, 7 Bryansburn Road
West, J., Croom Villas, Upper Clifton
White, Fred W., solicitor, Bryansburn
White, John, The Banks, Ballyholme
White, Mrs. Eliza, Bryansburn
Whitehead, Henry, College Avenue, Ballyholme
Whitehead, Mrs., Park View, Hamilton Road
Whiteside, Mrs., 144 Seacliffe Road
Wightman, James, saddler, 4 Castle Street
Wightman, T., sculptor, 50 Queen's Parade
Williams, Fred J., Tennyson Avenue
Williams, Mrs., 7 Farnham Road
Williams, The Misses, teachers, Maryville Crescent
Williamson, Alfred, 63 Castle Street
Williamson, David, 5 Farnham Road
Willis, Agnes, costumier, 22 Somerset Avenue
Wilson, Annie, 8 Donaghadee Road
Wilson, Eliza, grocer, 80 Abbey Street
Wilson, F. H. G., solicitor, The Creenan, Groomsport Road
Wilson, John, 92 Ballymagee Street
Wilson, John, 61 Victoria Road
Wilson, Miss Grace, 118 Seacliffe Road
Wilson, Mrs., Strathmona, Manse Road
Wilson, Mrs., 34 Princetown Road
Wilson, Mrs. C., 57 Victoria Road
Wilson, Mrs. G., Osborne Drive
Wilson, Mrs. Annie, 190 Seacliffe Road
Wilson, Neill, joiner, 84 Abbey Street
Wilson, The Misses, Ardbraccan terrace, Clifton
Wilson, Thomas, ship broker, Holly Lodge, Farnham Road
Wilson, Thos. H., plumber, 16 Abbey Street
Wilson, Wm., 16 Holborn Avenue
Wilson, Wm., 21 King Street
Windrim, Mrs., tearooms, 5 Queen's Parade
Withers, Miss Mary J., 1 Seabreeze, Ballyholme
Wood, Alexr., tea-rooms, Seacliffe Road
Woodburn, M., 7 Brunswick Road
Woodhouse, Mrs., 3 Dufferin Avenue
Woods, Alexr., Abbey Street
Woods, Ernest L., surveyor, Maxwell Road
Woods, Isabella, 71 Hamilton Road
Woods, Martin, Hamilton Road
Woods, Mrs., Woodburn, Springfield Road
Woods, Mrs. Minnie, 40 Albert Street
Woods, Mrs. R., Downshire Hotel, Main Street
Woods, R. J., designer, Princetown Lodge, Princetown Road
Wright, James, 34 Primrose Street
Wright, Mrs., 44 Queen's Parade
Wright, Mrs. S., 3 Ballyholme Terrace
Wright, Mrs. Lizzie, grocer, Abbey Street
Wright, Thos., Fintimara, Ward Avenue
Wright, T. D., painter and decorator, 18 Main Street
Wylie, Joseph, Clifton Cafe, Seacliffe Road
Wynne, Mrs., Manse Road

Yarr, R., Nelsonville, Manse Road
Young, Joseph, 4 Broadway
Young, Miss Ella, 1 Ballyholme Terrace, Ballyholme


Agnew, Robert, Balloo
Adams, Samuel, Drumawhey
Aird, John, Orlock
Anderson, William, Granshaw
Andrews, John, Balloo
Andrews, William, Ballycrochan
Bailie, W. J., Cottown House
Baxter, William, Granshaw
Bell, John, Ballymagee
Boal, James, Ballyrea
Boal, John, Ballyrea
Campbell, John, Furzefield, Cottown
Campbell, Wm., Cottown House
Colville, J., Upper Balloo
Currell, W., Upper Balloo
Dodds, Mrs., Cottown
Dunn, Thomas, Granshaw
Dunn, William, Rathgael
Finlay, James, Balloo
Fletcher, Wm. H., Granshaw
Frizell, J., Ballycrochan
Gamble, Robert, Ballyminetra
Gamble, Thos., Ballyminetra
Gray, Wm. John, Ballyvernott
Hanna, Thomas, Cottown
Henderson, David, Forthill
Kennedy, John, Ballygrainey
Kinnaird, Alex., Ballymaconnell
Lowry, Thos., Ballymaconnell
Lowry, James, Ballymaconnell
Mayne, Nathaniel, Cottown
Miskelly, Henry, Ecklin Grove
Moag, J., Rathgael
Moore, George, Bangor demesne
Moore, Hugh, Ballygrainey
Moore, Mrs. Sophia, Bangor demesne
McCullough, James, Granshaw
McCutcheon, Robert, Balloo
McKee, Robert, Rathgael
Quirey, John, Granshaw
Shanks, John, Cottown
Shaw, J., Ballywooley
Stewart, John, Cottown
Warden, John, Cottown
Warden, Robert, Summerhill, Granshaw
Woods, J. W., The Quarries, Granshaw
Williamson, John, Ballymagee
White, William, Drumhirk


Stands in the townland of Drumanee Upper, Mullaboy, and Oldtown, parish of Ballyscullion, union, petty sessions, and quarter sessions district of Magherafelt, barony of Loghinsholin, and parliamentary district of South Derry.  A cattle fair is held on the first Monday of each month.  The village is three miles from Castledawson Railway Station, and has an area of 34 acres.


Ballyscullion Parish Church - Rev. Wm. Kelly, B.A., rector
Bellaghy Presbyterian Church - Rev. Thos. McCrea, minister
Methodist Church - Supplied from Magherafelt
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. P. McNamee, P.P.; Rev. B. McNamee, C.C.


No. 1 Male and Female (R.C.) - J. McQuillan, teacher; Mrs. McQuillan, assistant
Bellaghy Senior - James Marshall, teacher; Mrs. Morton, assistant
Bellaghy Infant - Mrs. Leonard, teacher; Miss Jeannie Arrall, assistant
Ballynease - Mr. and Mrs. Kielt, teachers
Glenvale Male and Female (Presbyterian) - Miss Kerr, teacher
Creagh Male (R.C.) - J. Murphy, teacher


Dispensary Medical Officer and Registrar of Births and Deaths - Geo. M. Thompson, M.D., M.Ch., M.A.O.
Royal Irish Constabulary - J. Gray, sergeant
Post Office - Telegraph, Money Order Office, and Savings Bank - Mrs. McErlean, postmistress
Bellaghy Estate Office - S. J. Lyle, J.P., agent; John Lenard, clerk; John Overend and Isaac Overend, bailiffs


Andrews, Jack, manager Diatomite Works

Barbour, A., grocer and shirt manufacturer
Bell, Isaac, farmer
Blair, Gideon, farmer
Brown, Alexander, carpenter
Brown, M., publican
Brown, William, carpenter
Bruce, Colonel S. A. M., J.P., Ballyscullion House

Carson, John, butter and egg merchant
Casey, Patrick publican
Cassidy, Michael
Catherwood, James, scutcher
Charters, David, stone mason
Chesney, M. & S., dress makers
Cudden, Wm., cattle dealer

Davidson, Robert, carpenter
Davidson, Thomas, carpenter
Davison, Joseph, shirt manufacturer
Davison, M. & Co., dress makers and embroiderers
Dawson, John, carpenter
Diamond, John, road contractor
Dick, Doctor
Dickey, Mrs.

Evans, Henry, carpenter
Evans, James, mason
Evans, Mrs., dress maker
Evans, William, mason

Faith, M. A., draper
Frew, Thomas, poulterer

Gibson, Alfred, engineer
Gillespie, James, baker
Gray, J., sergeant R.I.C.
Gray, Samuel, letter carrier
Gregg, Alex., carpenter
Gregg, Thomas, blacksmith and steam sawmill owner
Gribben, M., publican

Hamilton, S. H., publican and scutch mill owner
Hanna, W., N.S. teacher
Hill, Michael, boot and shoe maker
Hogg, Wm., road contractor

Johnston, James, coachman
Johnston, James, grocer

Kearney, James, blacksmith
Keenan, John, J.P., farmer, Leitrim
Kelly, James, farmer
Kelly, Rev. Wm., B.A.
Kennedy, D., farmer
Kennedy, James, sexton
Kennedy, Thos., chauffeur
Kennedy, Thomas, cattle dealer and shirt manufacturer
Kerr, Robt., carpenter

Leonard, John, sub-agent
Leonard, Mrs., N.S. teacher
Leslie, Robert, grocer and druggist; agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News."
Lorimer, Robert, baker
Lynd, C., laundress and restaurateur
Lynam, Frank, N.S. teacher

Mann, H. C. Warren, rate collector
Marshall, James, N.S. teacher
Martin, Wm., shoe maker
Mawhinney, Matthew, farmer
Mooney, C., confectioner
Mooney, John, hair dresser
Mooney, M., grocer
Morton, M., N.S. teacher

McCann, R., linen draper and farmer
McCloskey, E. J., shirt maker
McConnell, R., milliner
McConomy, John, carpenter
McCrea, Rev. Thomas
McErlean, R., postmistress
McGall, James, grocer
McGoldrick, M., iron monger
McIldownie, P., publican
McKenna, Patk., publican
McKenzie, J., dress maker
McLaughlin, J., N.S. teacher
McLaughlin, Stephen, scutcher
McMullan, M., grocer and dress maker
McNamee, Rev. P., P.P.
McNeill, John, farmer
McNeill, M., sempstress
McQuillan, Bernard, publican
McQuillan, James, N.S. teacher

Norwell, Hugh, grocer and egg merchant
Norwell, Saml., farm produce exporter

O'Neill, B., grocer and china dealer
O'Neill, Charles, weaver
Overend, Silas, cattle dealer and farmer
Overend, Silas, jun., butcher
Overend, V., dress maker
Overend, Wm., poulterer
Overend, Wm., butcher

Pimley, John, tailor

Ramsay, Wm., car driver

Scullion, Hugh, cattle dealer and farmer
Scullion, Patrick, cattle dealer and farmer
Scullion, Peter, labourer
Scullion, William, labourer
Smith, H., tinsmith
Spence, J., draper
Stafford, Francis, sawmill owner and motor garage
Stanton, David, Rosegift
Stanton, William, Rosegift
Steele, James, commission agent
Steele, John, grocer and mail car owner
Stinton, M., dress maker

Tomb, Samuel, mechanic

Vance & Co., grocers, embroidery and shipping agents

Wilson, James, grocer, chemist, and druggist
Wylie, Edward, stationer


Townland of Oldtown, Deerpark- M. McKeefry, John Irwin, M. Diamond, Hugh Diamond, Hugh O'Neill, P. Keenan, J. McIlroy.
Drumanee- Mark Davison, Francis Stafford, Wm. Lee, John Godfrey, Jack Scullion, T. Berry, James Nugent, John Frew, Joseph Davidson, R.D.C., Joseph Johnston. Fras. Milliken, John Frew, Allen Arrell, A. J. Lee
Ballymacombs- R. Junkin, E. Godfrey. T. Mulholland, William Steele, Hudson Steele, William Davison, A. Sturgeon, John Junkin, Joseph Junkin, R. Burnside, H. Norwood, H. Nugent, Hugh Jenkin, Wm. J. McCulloch, R. Simpson, David McIntyre, Robert Chesney, John Junkin, John Bruce
Tamladuff- H. Scullion, J. Scullion, D. Cullen, P. Cullen, S. McIntyre, Wm. McIntyre, R. McIntyre, J. Johnston, Sgt. Dickson, John Thompson, J. McIlree, William Dickson
Mullaghboy- J. Pimley, C. Pimley, P. Vaughan, R. Blair, J. Bruce, Wm. Bruce, P. McMurray, H. McErlean, Thos. Frew, Robert Leslie, H. Glacken, Robt. J. Mawhinney, Wm. Pinley, John Pinley, James Pinley
Cavan- J. Scullion, M. Scullion, E. Scullion, J. Scullion, H. McElhatton, N. McCloy, D. McCloy, J. Lynn, C. Agnew, T. Mulholland
Killyberry- Wm. Stanton, A. McNeill, Sergeant Lynam, Wm. McClelland,  J. Rosborough. T. Scullion, J. Diamond, Wm. Strathern, William Kearney, James Kearney, John Kearney, George Mullan, Daniel Convery, J.P.; Matthew Ewing, J. Ferguson, Matthew Boyle
Drumlamph- J. Henderson, John Bruce, Whiteside Bruce, Hugh Bruce, J. Speer, R. Speer, Wm. McCracken, Wm. Charters, T. Frew, Wm. Donnelly, John Lindsay, Thos. Morrison, R. J. Speer, Wm. Speer
Oldtown- John Leonard, A. Tombe, D. Kennedy, Wm. J. Kennedy, T. Kennedy, Wm. Duncan, M. Hefferin.
Ballyscullion - J. Armstrong, Thos. Campbell, James McKelvey, John Gourlay, Patrick McErlean, Thos. Berry


In the County of Fermanagh, on the border of County Donegal, and within three miles of Ballyshannon, is an improving town, which has obtained a far-fames reputation on account of the lovely Parian and other ware manufactured there at the only Porcelain Factory in Ireland.  It is charmingly situated in the midst of delightful scenery, which attracts many visitors, and in it is to be found sluice gates erected for the purpose of regulating the waters of Upper and Lower Lough Erne.  A monthly fair is held on the 17th of each month, and the June fair on the 19th.  The population is 212.

Church of Ireland - Rev. W. B. Naylor, The Rectory, Magheramena
Methodist Church - Rev. E. Benett
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. George McMeel, Pettigo, and Rev. P. Keenan, C.C., Belleek
Post Office - Mrs. M. A. Gormley, postmistress
Registrar of Deaths - Dr. Geo. Kelly
Belfast Banking Co. Ltd.
Provincial Bank of Ireland Ltd.


Adair, John, Callaheen
Armstrong. Christopher Farncassidy

Ballantine, J. H., sergeant R.I.C.
Barron, James, Derryhillew
Beacom, John
Beacom, Thomas, merchant
Blain, Edward, Garrison sub-paymaster
Boyle, James, Derryhillew
Boyle, John, Ednagor
Boyle, T., Ednagor
Brock, William George, Killymore
Brock, Wm., Killymore
Bruen, Thomas, Cliff, fishery inspector

Campbell, John, Carrinmore
Campbell, John, J.P., Curry
Campbell, J., sen., Carrinmore
Clarke, James, Drumbad
Clarke, Myles, Drumbad
Cleary, Edward, Pottery
Cleary, James, J.P., publican
Cleary, John, Clyhore
Cleary, Patrick, Clyhore
Cunnion, O., Roscor

Daly, Denis, Ednagor
Daly, Edward, merchant, Belleek
Daly, Thomas, Commercial Hotel, Belleek
Dermott, James, Brallagh
Dermott, Terence, Poor-rate collector, Brallagh
Dick, J. H., N.S.T., Cornahiltra
Doherty, Edward, postman, Belleek
Doherty, Hamilton, Moniendorge
Dolan, Francis, Commons
Dolan, James, Brallagh
Dolan, John, boot and shoe maker
Dolan, John, potter
Dolan, Mary, Drumanillar
Dolan, Michael, Brallagh
Dolan, M. J., Belleek
Dolan, Patrick, boot and shoe maker
Dolan, Thomas, Brallagh
Dolan, William, Bonahill
Donaghee, Peter, Clyhore
Donagher, James, Corlea
Donagher, P., Corlea
Donagher, Patrick, Derryhillew
Donaldson, Alex., J.P., Erne View, Belleek
Donaldson, Robert, merchant
Doogan, James, Curry
Doogan, John, Dernacross
Duffy, Charles, Finner
Duffy, Charles, Finner
Duffy, Denis, Callagheen
Duffy, Francis, Drumbad
Duffy, James, Largan
Duffy, Michael, Dernacross
Duffy, Mrs. J., Ballanadoughy
Duffy, P., Carrowkeel
Duffy, Thomas, Corkeel
Dundas, Edward, Drumgrow
Dundas, Noah, Bolustia
Dundas, Robert W., Roscor House
Dundas, Robert, Carrenbeg

Earls, Edward, Slavin, Belleek
Earls, James, Slavin
Earls, John, Gartnalee
Earls, Thos., Carigola
Earls, W. J., egg and poultry merchant, Gartnalee
Elliott, George, Aughamuldoney
Elliott, John, Carrenbeg
Elliott, John, Manger
Elliott, John, Aughamuldoney
Elliott, Sarah, general drapery, millinery and fancy warehouse; wine and spirit store

Flagherty, Francis, Aughamuldoney
Flanagan, F., Lower Ardees

Gallagher, James, Monienduoge
Gallagher, James, publican, Belleek
Gallagher, Patrick, Ednagor
Gallagher, Patrick, Commons
Gallagher, Sarah, Beleek (Belleek)
Gallagher, Thomas, Keenaghan
Gallagher, William, publican
Gallagher, Wm., Bolustia
Gilfedder, Michael, Laughel
Gilfedder, Patrick, Laughel
Gilmartin, L., J.P., Frevagh, Killyclogher
Gonigle, James (Bawn), Corlea
Gonigle, James, pensioner, Corlea
Gonigle, John (Gettins), Corlea
Gonigle, John (Oge), Corlea
Gonigle, J. J., barber
Gonigle, Patrick (Road), Corlea
Gonigle, Terence, Corlea
Gormley, James, Knockashannon
Gormley, Mrs. M. A., postmistress
Gormley, Patrick, merchant
Graham, John, Drumgrow
Graham, Robert, Manger
Greyson, J. P., Finner

Higgins, James, Clyhore

Johnston, Christopher, Aughamuldoney
Johnston, Edward, Tierenagher
Johnston, Edward, butter and egg merchant, Aughamuldoney
Johnston, James, Drumanillar
Johnston, Mrs., hotel proprietress, Belleek
Johnston, Porteous, Laughel
Johnston, Robert, Aughamuldoney
Johnston, R. J., Fassagh
Johnston, Thos., Tierenagher
Johnston, W., Commons
Jorens, Thomas, Gartnalee

Keegan, T., N.S.T., Knocknashannon
Keenan, Rev. P., C.C., Belleek
Keenan, Thos., Brallagh
Kelm, William, Commons
Kelly, George, M.D., Belleek
Keon, John, Cornahiltra
Keon, Phil, Drumattofin
Kerr, Edward, J.P., Drumbad House, Belleek
Kerr, Thomas, porter, Belleek
Keon, Edward, Largan
Kilfedder, Daniel, Drumanillar, Magheramena
Kilpatrick. Fen., Rockfield
Knox, Edward, agent for "Belfast Weekly News" and "Belfast News-Letter"
Knox, Richard, Clyhore, Belleek
Knox, Wm., Clyhore

Laughlin, Wm., Lisahully
Loughlin, Michael, Drumanillar
Lunny, Patrick, sub-postmaster, Magheramena

Magee, James, Bonahill
Magee, Bridget, Bonahill
Magovern, Thomas, N.S. teacher
Maguire, Francis, Cornahiltra
Maguire, Peter, Aughamuldoney
Meehan, John, Moniedouge, Belleek
Melly, O., Manger
Monaghan, Bernard, Carrenbeg
Montgomery, James, Drumanillar
Montgomery, John
Montgomery, Patrick, kilnman
Moohan, Stephen, spirit merchant
Moohan, Thomas P., baker
Moore, Joseph, Rowantreehill
Moore, Mrs. M. E. M., Cliff
Morrow, Isaac, Carrenbeg
Morrow, Robert, Bolustia
Mulhern, M., secretary, Pottery, Belleek
Mulhern, Patk., Keenaghan
Mulhern, P., Bonahill
Mulhern, P., Lisahully

McBride, John, station master
McBrien, Edward L., Ardees
McBrien, George, Callagheen, Belleek
McBrien, John, Roscor
McBrien, John, Lower Ardees
McBrien, Joseph, Carrenbeg
McBrien, Maxwell, Belleek
McBrien, Mrs. C., Callagheen, Belleek
McBrien, Saml., Belleek
McBrien, Thomas James, Ardees
McBrien, William, Drumgrow
McCann, P., Fassagh
McCann, Patrick, Corlea
McCann, William, Bonahill
McCleery, Rev., Garrison
McCormick, John, butcher
McCowley, John, Corlea
McCowley, Mrs., Commons
McCowley, Patrick, Bonahill
McCowley, Patrick, Corlea
McCowley, Thomas, Commons
McCowley, Wm., Commons
McDermott, Owen, Manger
McDermott, Patk., Laughel
McGarrigle, Cormick, Callagheen
McGarrigle, John, Drumdatoffin
McGarrigle, Patk., Keenaghan
McGarrigle, Terence, Fassagh
McGee, William, Devnamew
McGinney, Francis, Clyhore
McGloin, Wm., Fassagh
McGourty, Patk., Fassagh
McGovern, M., hotel proprietor, Garrison
McManus, John, Moniendouge
McManus, Thos., Aughamuldoney
McMeel, Rev. George, P.P., Pettigo
McNulty, Patk., Callagheen
McSharry, Bernard, Cornahiltra

Naylor, Rev. W. B., Glebe, Magheramena

Ovens, John, Drumbadmeen, Roscor
Ovens, Thos. J., Gartnalee
Ovens, William, Curry
Ovens, Wm., Gartnalee
O'Keefe, Rev. G. C., Rectory, Garrison
O'Reilly, W., sen., Corkeel
O'Reilly, James, Corkeel, Belleek
O'Reilly, William, jun., Corkeel, Roscor

Scott, Thomas, Garrison
Shannon, F., Drumanillar
Shea, Daniel, Drumanillar
Slater, Frederick, designer, Belleek Pottery
Slevin, Hugh, Drumanillar
Slevin, James, Corlea
Slevin, John, Clyhore
Slevin, John, Drumanillar
Slevin, Luke, Corlea
Somerville, Earls, Drumbadmeen, Roscor
Somerville, Gabriel, Bolustia
Somerville, John, Fassagh

Teevan, Andrew, Slavan
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agent, Thomas McGovern
Teevan, James, Slavan
Thompson, Wm., Belleek
Timoney, James, J.P., manager Belleek Co-operative Dairy Society, Tieranagher
Timoney, Mrs., Garrison
Tracey, P., N.S. teacher, Garrison
Travers, Edward, Corlea
Tredennick, Charles, J.P., Fortwilliam
Tredennick, T. G., Camlin Castle

Vaughan, John, Clyhore

Ward, James, Corlea
Ward, William, Corlea
Whitten, J. J., Callaheen

Young, Mrs., Clyhore, Belleek


A thriving market and fair town in the County Cavan, situated on the River Erne, which is crossed by a bridge of three arches.  The town is about four miles from Upper Lough Erne, and when the water is high steamers and barges sail up to it from the lake.  There are a large military barrack, a Church of Ireland, a Roman Catholic Chapel, a Methodist Chapel, and Presbyterian Church, several schools, and three hotels.  Large butter, corn, hay, and pork markets are held weekly.  The Town is lighted by electricity.  There are some mills in the neighbourhood of the town, in the vicinity of which there is some fine wooded scenery, while there are also the remains of an ancient ecclesiastical building and an old fort.  The population in 1911 was 1,371, and the valuation 3,830

Post Office, Main Street - S. K. Keith, postmaster.


Church of Ireland, Church Street - Rev. B. F. Good, M.A., rector; Rev. Loughead, curate, B.A.
Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. A. McElfatrick, B.A., The Manse, Holborn Hill
Methodist Church, The Lawn - Rev. D. B. Armstrong
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. J. Brady, P.P.; Rev. Father McGlaughlin, C.C.


Registrar for Births, Deaths, and Marriages, J. Stuart, M.B., Belturbet; assistant registrar, vacant
Town Clerk - E. Reilly
Urban District Council - Patk. Reilly, chairman; H. Leonard, vice-chairman; J. Seagrave, H. Leonard, O. Sullivan, J. Small, P. Small, P. Carney, E. Reilly, town clerk; P. J. Brady, C.E., J.P., town surveyor
Rate Collector - Thomas Jones
The Court of Petty Sessions - Magistrates who attend - Messrs. P. Fay, J.P.; Jas. Reilly, J.P.; P. J. Brady, J.P.; Captain S. Saunderson, D.L.; J. W. Johnston, J.P.; J. Mahaffy, J.P.; J. Yaw, J.P.; General Clifford, J.P.; Wm. McClintock, J.P.; Fane Vernon, D.L., J.P.; T. Hamilton, J.P.; P. Gilvoy, J.P.; John McGowan, J.P.; Joseph O'Reilly, J.P.; E. O'Reilly, J.P., Oaklands; David Griffith, J.P., Tompkin Road, Belturbet, T. McManard, J.P., Belturbet; Clerk, Thomas F. Berry
Orange Hall, Deanery Street - Thos. Bowles, caretaker
Convent of Mercy - Superioress, Rev. Mother Magdalene
Masonic Hall, Church Street - J. Warner, caretaker
Medical Officer of Health - Dr. J. Stuart
School Attendance Officer - E. Reilly
Bank of Ireland - Mr. Foxall, agent
Ulster Bank (branch) - Mr. Wilson, manager
National School No. 1 - J. M. Clarke, teacher
National School No. 2 - Wm. W. Armstrong, teacher; assistant, Miss Brown
National School, Staghall - Miss Nulty
Dispensary, Church Street - J. Stuart, M.D.
R.I. Constabulary Station - Mr. Taylor, D.I., Sergeant Smith, and seven constables
Coroner - Jas. Magauran, J.P., Swanlinbar


Anderson, ?, Bridge Street
Armstrong, W. J., teacher, Fair Green School

Barham Bros., Sawmills
Bell, Mary J., publican, Bridge Street
Berry, T. F., C.P.S,, Riversdale, commissioner for the taking of affidavits
Black, Constable, The Lawn
Brady, Rev. P., P.P., Drumlane. Belturbet
Brown, ?, Ashgrove
Bullock, Samuel, Killynick House
Bullock, W., chairman of Creamery Co-operative Company, Aghalane
Bullock, W., Aghalane House
Burnett, W., draper, The Diamond

Carney, P., publican, Barrack Hill
Carroll, T. J., M.R.C.V.S., The Lawn
Cawden, Miss, Lower Bridge Street
Central Hotel, The
Christie, Miss, The Lawn
Clarke & Fitzpatrick, drapers, The Diamond
Clemenger, A., Drumcole, Kilconney
Clifford, General R. C. B., C.B., J.P., Carn Cottage
Cocking, Chas., proprietor Central Hotel
Cocking, F. C. D., Central Hotel
Cockings, C., merchant, Butler Street; agent for the "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Connelly, J., saddler and harness maker, Upper Bridge Street
Coyle, A., publican
Crawford, Mrs., Drumacon, Kilconney
Cullen, J., publican

Dale, James, Deanery Street
Donaldson, Alfred, tailor
Donaldson, T. R., watch maker, Butler Street
Donaldson, W. J., tailor, Holborn Hill
Donohoe, Margaret, Lower Bridge Street
Dorling, J. C., sub-agent Bank of Ireland
Douglas, J., fishery caretaker, The Lawn
Duffy, Mrs., The Lawn Hotel

Ebbitt, Mrs. N. T., Kilcorley
Edwards, ?, station master, Cavan & Leitrim Railway
Elliott, Miss, Fair View Cottage
Evans, David, Central Hotel

Faulkner, Thos., farmer, Naughan
Fegan, W. J., solicitor, The Lawn and Central Hotel
Fenner, J., farmer, Naughan
Fitzgerald, M., M.D., Newtownbutler
Fitzpatrick, John, Holborn Hill
Fitzpatrick, John, victualler, The Diamond
Fitzpatrick, Peter, merchant, Butler Street
Fitzsimmons, James, grocer and boarding house, Butler Street
Flanagan, P., painter, Holborn Hill
Flood, J., grocer and baker, Bridge Street
Forster, Jas., merchant, Ballyconnell
Frazer, Ebenezer, coach builder, Butler Street

Gamble, Rev. W., B.A., Killoughter Rectory, Redhills
Gilesnan, Thos., solicitor, Sugar Loaf
Gillick, Mrs., grocer and wine merchant, The Diamond
Gillsese, J., publican, Butler Street
Gleeson, J. J., U.D.C., Holborn Hill
Good, Rev. B. F., Belturbet Rectory
Graham Bros., butter and egg merchants, Lower Bridge Street
Graham, H., Railway Hotel
Greenan, Wm., blacksmith, Water Lane, Belturbet
Griffith, David, J.P., Central Hotel
Griffith, D., auctioneer, Central Hotel, Tomken Road
Grimson & Co., butter and egg merchants, Lower Bridge Street
Guy, Thomas, Holborn Hill

Hall, Margaret, Lower Bridge Street
Hamilton, Terence, J.P., Munea, Miltown
Harkins, P., newsagent and grocer
Harman, Wm., painter, Kinaghmore
Harris, M., cycle agent, Bridge Street and Main Street
Harris, W., farmer, Naughan
Hays, G., Flora Villa
Horgan, J., egg merchant
Hueston, P., postman and car proprietor

Jackson, Robert, farmer, Naughan
Jermyn, F., butter and egg merchant, Kilconny
Jermyn, Miss, Dernalash, Belturbet
Jermyn, Mrs., Belturbet
Johnston, Geo., draper, Bridge Street
Johnston, J. W., J.P., merchant, Newtownbutler
Johnston, Mrs., Mill Hill House
Jones, H., civil bill officer, Belturbet

Kennedy, P., The Lawn
Kerr, William, Ardlougher
Kerwin Bros., boot and shoe makers and leather merchants, Upper Bridge Street
Kelly, ?, publican, Holborn Hill
King, Rev. A. E., B.D., Kildallen Rectory
Knight, W. M., solicitor, Belturbet and Lisnaskea
Knipe, F., Deanery Street

Lanesborough, The Right Hon. The Earl of, Lanesborough Lodge
Leonard, H., publican, Bridge Street
Lipton Ltd., butter and egg merchants, Lower Bridge Street
Ludlow, Mrs., Corne, Belturbet
Lunn, John, marine dealer, Holborn Hill

MacDougall, Rev. W. A., M.A., Drumlane Rectory
Macnamara, P., J.P., Erne Vale
Maginnis, T. C., & L. L. R., Holborn Hill
Martin, C. A., commission agent, Central Hotel
Matthews, J., Bungalow Cottage
Maxwell, Mrs. H. A., draper, grocer and hardware merchant, Butler Street
Maynes, J. W., cart maker, Kilcunny
Mee, H. & J., publicans
Mee, William, farmer, Kilconny
Moore, John, Kilconny
Moran, James, Straheglin
Morton, Henry, & Co., manufacturers, Glen Erne, Kilconney
Morton, The Misses, Holborn Hill
Morton, Jeffrey, land agent, The Lawn
Morton, Mrs. W. H., Deanery Street
Murphy, J., publican, Butler Street
McAdoo, W. H., manager Cavan & Leitrim Railway
McCauseland, ?, engine driver, Holborn Hill
McCrory, M., M.R.C.V.S., The Lawn and Ballyconnell
McElfatrick, Rev. J. A., B.A., The Manse
McGovern, H., publican, Lower Bridge Street
McGovern, J., publican, Butler Street
McGovern, J., draper, Butler Street
McGovern, P., draper, The Diamond
McGrath, P., newsagent, etc., The Diamond
McGrath, H., Chapel Road
McGuigan, Patrick, pork merchant, Holborn Hill
McKnight, Rev. J., Callowhill, Derrylin
McManus, J., publican, Butler Street
McNaughton, A., druggist, Bridge Street

O'Flanagan, P., cashier, Ulster Bank, Erne Vale
O'Martin, Rev. R. D., Rectory, Killeshandra
O'Reilly, E., J.P., Oatlands
O'Reilly, E., publican, Castle Hill
O'Rourke, Wm., M.B., Greenville, Belturbet

Phillips, Mrs., Deanery Street
Pogue, James, Corleggy
Pratt, Joseph, carpenter, Holborn Hill
Purdon, Major, Cloverhill

Quinn Bros., drapers, Main Street
Quinn, V., blacksmith, Kilcunny

Reburn, George, grocer, Diamond
Reilly, James, publican, Kilcunny
Reilly, John, crane master
Reilly, Owen, publican, The Diamond
Reilly, P., creamery manager, Kilconny
Richards, Mrs. W., Chapel Road
Robson, J., chemists, Butler Street
Rogers, Mrs., Flora Villa, Belturbet

Saunderson, Captain Somerset, D.L., J.P., Castle Saunderson
Scott, R. J., merchant, Cloverhill
Seagrave, J., publican, Kilconney
Shaw, Miss M. E., ladies' school, The Lawn
Shields, Mrs., grocer, Holborn Hill
Smith, L. C. P., solicitor, The Lawn
Smith, Mrs., Bridge Street
Smith, Phil, barber, Holborn Hill
Stevens, J., station master, G.N.R.
Stewart & Richmond, merchants, The Lawn and Bridge Street
Stewart, ?, The Lawn, manager Belturbet Electric Light Company
Storey, David, Kilconney
Sullivan, O., cooper, Bridge Street

Thompson, J., butter and egg merchant, Lower Bridge Street
Treacy, J., carpenter, Castle Saunderson

Vasey, M., publican
Vernon, Fane, D.L., Erne Hill, Belturbet and 1 Wilton Place, Dublin

Watson, J., tinsmith, Barrack Hill
Watson, T., tinsmith, Barrack Hill
Whyte, Alex., tinsmith, Deanery Street
Wilson, Miss, Miltown
Winslow, W., The Cottage, Kilconney
Woodhouse Bros., merchants, Lower Bridge Street

Yaw, John, J.P., Kilconny


Stands in the townland of same name, parish of Clonfeacle, union, petty sessions, quarter sessions, and county court district of Dungannon, and parliamentary constituency of South Tyrone.  It has an estimated area of 19 acres.  The nearest railway stations are Armagh and Trew and Moy, each about six miles distant.

Post Office and Telegraph Office - F. T. Rolestone, postmaster; Miss Magee, assistant; Wm. Richardson, clerk; Joseph Richardson and A. Kyle, postmen
Royal Irish Constabulary - J. Johnston, sergeant


Clonfeacle Parish Church - Rev. W. B. Allman, M.A., rector
Presbyterian Church, Benburb - Rev. W. Clements, minister


National School (Male) - Francis Devlin
National School (Female) - Mrs. Devlin
Dispensary Medical Officer - Theodore D. Browne, L.R.C.S.I., L.M.


Allman, Rev. W. B., M.A., Clonfeacle Rectory

Bloomer, William, coachman
Boyd, Alex., egg merchant
Bramnell, Miss, organist
Briars, M., dress maker
Browne, Theodore, D., L.R.C.S.I., L.M., L.M.
Brown, Charles, land steward

Casey, John, farmer
Creggan, Thomas, miller

Devlin, Mrs., organist

Erwin, John, head finisher

Gilliland, Thomas, shop keeper, Curran
Gray, Thomas, farmer

Haldane, William, gardener
Hay, James, gardener
Hughes, Miss S., dress maker, Drumhugh

Irwin, Wm., under gamekeeper

Johnston, Frank

Kerr, W. J., carpenter
Kidd, Miss, nurse
Kilpatrick, Joseph, mason

Lawson, John, mechanic
Lennon, W. J., miller

Major, John, coachman
Malcolm, John, gardener
Miller, Samuel, land steward
Mills, John, estate clerk
Moore, William, mechanic
Murdock, James, spirit dealer

McGuigan, Thomas, farmer
McKean, Henry, J.P., factory owner
McKean, R., J.P., factory owner
McKeown, John, dyer
McQuaid, Patrick, car owner
McVey, Laurence, stone mason

Neill, William, coachman

Orr, W. J., merchant

Patterson, John, factory manager

Richardson, Joseph, farmer
Richardson, Joseph, postman
Reid, Alexander, Derryfubble
Reid, James, shoemaker, Sessiah
Rolestone, F. T., grocer, coal merchant and post master
Runnet, John, car owner
Runnett, Wm., farmer and car owner, Sessiah

Shillidary, James, beetler
Shillidary, William, beetler
Skelton, J. H., hotel
Smith, William, land steward
Stewart, Miss, laundress

Todd, R. W., auctioneer and farmer, Moyard

Walker, Andrew, farmer, Derrycreevy
Wilson, Joseph, flax mill owner, Drumrusk
Wilson, Robert, blacksmith


This town, a station on the Great Northern Railway, is situated about seven miles from Omagh, seven from Fintona, ten from Clogher, the population 420, and it contains some good business houses for the size of the town.  It is on the estate of the Right Honourable the Earl of Belmore, one of the best of Irish landlords. The market for the sale of agricultural produce is held every Wednesday.

Post Office - Alfred Clarke, postmistress; Miss Carson, telegraph clerk.
Magistrates - Matthew Rodgers, Beragh; Joseph Roulston, Gortaceare, Beragh; Robert S. Clements, Kiladrory, Beragh; William McDowell, Beragh; Joseph Clements, Kiladrory, Beragh


Church of Ireland - Parish Church, Clogherney - Rev. J. A. Hunter, A.B., rector, Clogherney, Beragh
Presbyterian Church, Clogherney, Beragh - Rev. J. M. Patterson, B.A.
Methodist Church - Rev. T. W. Findlow
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Jas. McArdle, P.P., and Rev. P. McNellise, C.C.


National Schools - Johnstone Memorial School - Miss Jennie Hutton, John Hutton, B.A., teacher; John McGrath, teacher; Mrs. McGrath
Northern Bank - Manager, W. T. McMurry; cashiers, Mr. Forbes and Mr. McLaughlin
R.I. Constabulary - Sergeant Kelly


Anderson, Robert D., draper

Beragh Co-Operative Dairy Society Ltd., President, R. Cochrane; secretary, John Hutton, B.A.; treasurers, R. D. Kidd and R. McFarland; S. Crighton, creamery manager
Armstrong, Jos., publican

Booth, Ann, grocer
Boyle, John, car driver
Brown, R., station master

Cannavon, Myles, car driver
Cannawon, James, G.N.R.
Carson, Andw., postman
Cassidy, Mr., Commercial Hotel
Clarke, Alfred, grocer
Clarke, Robert, cycle and motor agent
Cleary, Thomas, newsagent
Clements, John, spirit dealer
Clements, Robert, farmer, Derour
Clements, Thomas
Cochrane, Robert, farmer, Dervaghroy
Conway, Philip, draper
Coyle, Mrs., green grocer
Coyle, P., G.N.R.
Crawford, James, farmer, Osnagh
Crawford, Mrs.
Creigmiles, Mrs., dress maker

Doherty, M., nurse
Donnelly, J., cattle drover

Fowler, William, G.N.R.

Johnston, John, farmer

Kelly, John, creamery assistant
Kelly, Joseph, land steward
Kerr, Joseph, spirit dealer
Kerr, Joseph, bread server
Kidd & Co., grocers and seed merchants; Agents for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"

Leitch, W. J., M.D., Registrar Births and Deaths
Lynn, Jane, grocer

Marshall, Robert James, farmer
Marshall, Robert, blacksmith
Meehan, Wm., land steward
Montague, Jos., publican
Mulligan, Mrs., draper
Mullin, Owen, farmer
Murry, James, farmer

McAlister, Samuel, mill owner
McCann, Michael, carpenter
McCrory, P., tailor
McCutcheon, James, butcher
McDowell, Hamilton, druggist and grocer
McEntyre, Thomas, labourer
McFarland, A. W., draper and farmer
McFarland, Wm., Kilcam
McGarrity, Charles, butcher
McIntyre, Wm., letter carrier
McKinney, John, tailor
McNamee, James, bread server

Owens, Dr. H., Beragh
Owens, Mrs., grocer

Rafferty, F., van driver
Robinson, Miss M.
Rodgers, Francis, hardware merchant and farmer
Rodgers, Matthew, J.P., farmer
Rodgers, Sarah, lodge house keeper

Sharkey, Miss, creamery maid
Smyth, David, mason
Smyth, James, letter carrier
Sweeney, M., insurance agent

White, John, signalman, G.N.R. Co.
White, M., G.N.R.


Anderson, M., R.D.C., Donaghadee
Arnold, Peirce, Coolesker

Barr, Charles, Raw
Barr, James, Beragh
Beggs, R. J., Benchrane, Beragh
Bell, James, Donaghanie
Booth, Danl., Deroar
Booth, Wm., Deroar
Brown, Bob, Cooley
Brown, James, Kilcam
Brown, James, Gortaclare

Caldwell, John, Beragh
Caldwell, Tom, Beragh
Cathers, James, Redergan
Cathers, W. A., Redergan
Clarke, Robert, Carr
Clarke, Thos., Redergan
Clements, Andrew, Dervaghroy
Clements, Joseph, J.P., Killadroy
Clements, Robert, Deroar
Clements, Samuel, Beragh
Clements, W. J., Killadroy
Cochrane, John, Donaghanie
Cochrane, Robert, Donaghanie
Cochrane, W. J., Donaghanie
Colhoun, Joseph, Redergan
Conway, John, Beragh
Crawford, John, Osnagh
Crawford, Wm., Redergan
Cunningham, Alexander, Beragh

Fenton, William, Beragh
Fenton, Wm. A., Dervaghroy

Gallon, J., Osnagh
Gibson, James, Redergan
Gormley, Bernard, Kilcam

Hall, John, Coolesker
Hasty, William, Benchrane

Irwin, John, Killadroy

Johnston, James, Donaghanie
Johnston, Joseph, Tattykeeran
Johnston, Walter, Donaghanie

Kerr, Francis, Deroar
Kerr, Wm. G., Donaghanie
Kidd, R. D., Cooley
Kilpatrick, Robert, Curr

Love, Samuel, Curr
Lyons, James, Legacurry
Lyons, Wm., Donaghanie

Marshall, Joseph, R.D.C., Larugh
Marshall, Thos., Beragh
Moore, Alexander, Eskermore
Moore, John, Laragh
Moore, Saml., Redargan

McCormack, David, Benchrane
McCormack, Joseph, Benchrane
McDowell, Hamilton, Dervaghroy
McDowell, Wm., Curr
McFarland, Armour, Coolesker
McFarland, Duncan, Redargan
McFarland, J. J., Coolesker
McFarland, Robt., Redergan
McKelvey, James, Deroar
McLarin, Joseph, Osnagh

Owens, Patrick, Deroar

Rodgers, Francis, Beragh

Smyth, George, Redergan

Todd, Joseph, Laragh

Watson, John, Dervaghroy
Wilson, James, Dervaghroy


With a population of 2,888, Bessbrook is situated in a beautiful and well-watered valley, convenient to the Camlough mountains, and about 2 miles from Newry, but about three miles by electric tramway.  The scenery, with the effect of hill, vale, and wood, is very attractive.  The town has certain peculiarities - it is without public-house or pawnshop, and it is remarkable for its yarn and linen manufacturers, the process of manufacture being carried on in it from the growth of flax to the finished article, everything made of linen being obtainable.  The Bessbrook Spinning Co. employ over 3,000 people in the production of these various articles, and their huckabacks, towelling, fronting linens, drills, diapers, and damasks are known the wide world over.  The damasks made at Bessbrook by machinery are equal in fineness to those made by handlooms.


Church of Ireland - Rev. Henry Todd
Methodist Church - Mr. Glass
Presbyterian Church -
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Canon Quinn, P.P.; F. Quinn and J. Quinn, curates


Convent of Mercy
Temperance Hotel - Miss Darker
Institute, Town Hall, and Reading Room - Reading-room and lending library in connection with same - Mrs. Davidson
National School Teachers - Male School, Mr. Lowry, principal; Mrs. Galbraith, assistant; Girls' School, Miss Mayne, principal; Miss Douglas, assistant; Infants' School, Miss McLachlan, Miss Jowle, Miss Wasson; Craigmore School, Miss Kinghan; Maghernahely, Mr. Mulligan
Public Baths - Miss King
Newry and Bessbrook Tramway - M. Hamilton, manager
Bessbrook Spinning Co. Ltd.
Post Office - Mrs. O'Neill, postmistress
General Stores - A. Rolston
Orange Hall Reading Room - Wm. Grey, caretaker
Registrar for Births, Marriages, and Deaths - B. A. Palmer, M.D., Millvale
Roman Catholic Reading Room - Secretary, John McShane; treasurer, John Mooney
Royal Irish Constabulary - Ewing Gilfillan, D.I.; Head-Constable Groves; Sergeant Conroy; Constables Orr, Graham, J.P. Smith, William Lyness, P. A. Lonergan, J. J. Griffin
R.I.C., Camlough - Sergeant Jas. Verdon; Constables M. Lennon, S. Todd, N. J. Kearney, Darkin, and McClaskey


Adams, S., assistant manager
Adams, T., designer
Arnott, Martin, designer
Auld, ?, bookkeeper
Auterson, George, farmer, Maytown

Baillie, Thos., & Sons, engineers and millwrights
Barr, Wm., draper
Beck, ?, foreman spinner
Black, William, gas fitter
Blair, John, rent agent
Bowes, J., secretary
Burke, John, mechanic

Campbell, C. K., T.C., cashier
Cinnamon Bros., grocers
Collins, Wm., & Sons, victuallers
Couser, William, tenter

Dale, Alfred, grocer
Dale, ?, manager
Dickson, Thomas, grocer
Dowall, H., engineer
Downey, W. J., preparing master
Downey, J. A., clerk

Ellis, ?, land steward
Entwistle, Samuel, butler

Faulkner, S. G., weaving manager
Finlay, John, coachman
Fisher, Robert, yarn dresser
Frame, William, clerk

Gibson, Miss, typist
Grey, Thomas, foreman
Griffith, W. J., draper and posting

Hagan, John, carrier
Hare, W. J., winding master
Harland, J., J.P.
Healey, Mrs., nurse
Hill, Miss, Derramore
Honeyford, James, painter

Jackson Bros., grocers
Jackson, John, foreman mason
Jackson, Joseph, spinning master
Jackson, William, mason
Jomphrey, David, foreman
Jowle, Miss, stationer, newsagent and fancy goods dealer; agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"

Love, John, mechanic

Magarell, W. J., bleacher
Magowan, Wm., carpenter
Martin, Thomas, tenter
Mathers, William, tinsmith
Meeke, Adam, carpenter
Mooney, M. A., shop keeper
Moorhead, Robt., shoe maker
Morton, Thos., painter

McClenaghan, John, farmer, Bessbrook
McClelland, Ed., millwright
McCourt, H., foreman
McCullough, James, cloth passer
McCullough, Miss, confectioner
McCulla, W. J., manager
McElheron, John, mechanic
McKee, John, turner
McKee, R. G., pay clerk
McMurray, William, insurance agent

O'Hare, D., grocer and coal merchant
O'Hare, Michael, J.P., grocer and draper

Palmer, B. A., M.D., Millvale
Paul, Samuel, farmer
Pearson, Mrs., draper
Preston, William J., tenter

Richardson, James N., Mountcaulfield

Scott, S. J., M.B., Bellevue
Shimmons, E., grocer
Smith, John, foreman tenter
Smith, Wm., gardener
Sterrit, John, mechanic
Sterrit, William, watchman

Thompson, George, turner
Thompson, William
Tonner, R., tailor
Trimble, Joseph, preparing master

Vaughan, J., foreman

Wallace, Joseph
Wallace, Samuel, clerk
White, John, blacksmith
Wilgar, Samuel, foreman
Williams, George, The Woodhouse
Williamson, Miss, typist
Wilson, Joshua, grocer
Wright, Miss, Derramore


Brown, J., farmer
Campbell, Mrs., Knockdonagh
Cartmill, Thomas, farmer
Dillon, William, farmer
Ledlie, Joseph, farmer
Ledlie, William, farmer
Livingston, A., farmer
Munce, William, surveyor


Is a village in Co. Antrim, in the barony of Lower Antrim, and parish of Rocavan, Ballymena union, and in the diocese of Connor.  It is pleasantly situated on the River Braid and on the Carnlough and Glenarm roads, and is 3 miles north-east by east from Ballymena junction station on the Midland Railway (N.C.C.).  Whitehall is the ancestral home of the late Field-Marshall Sir George White. Population in 1911, 502

Post Office (and Telephone Call Office) - Margaret Megaw, postmistress
Dispensary District of Broughshane - Jas. McMaster, M.D., medical officer and registrar
Constabulary Station - Sergeant Mack and four constables
Church of Ireland - Skerry and Rocavan, Rev. Thomas Dowzer, M.A.
Presbyterian Church - First, Rev. David Russell Mitchell; second, Rev. Andrew Watson


Tullymore - Miss Hunter, mistress
Broughshane (Male) - Robt. G. Peden, master; assistant, Miss Maria McBride
Broughshane (Female) - Miss Eleanor Fullerton, mistress; Miss Bessie Kerr, assistant
Lisnamurrican N.S. - Joseph Gardner, principal; Miss Acheson, assistant
Catholic School - Principal, Mrs. McGinley


Acheson, Robert, Knockboy House
Acheson, Samuel, Dunaird
Armstrong, William, Bushyfield

Bell, William, blacksmith, Tullymore
Braid District Farmers' Co-Operative and Dairy Society - Manager, H. K. Davidson; secretary, John Patrick

Dickson, Miss Jane, grocer
Dowzer, Rev. Thomas, M.A., St. Patrick's Rectory

Fleck, David, saddler

Gilliland, Thos., shoe maker
Graham, John, spirit dealer
Graham, Josias, spirit dealer
Gregg, R., Lower Broughshane House

Hamilton, Alex., blacksmith
Houston, Wm., R.D.C., linen finisher
Hoy, Matthew, grocer

Johnston, Miss

Leckey, John
Logan, George, cycle and motor works
Lynn, David, blacksmith

Megaw, Margaret, postmistress
Mitchell, Rev. David Russell
Montford, Robt., Lisnamurrican
Montgomery, James, carpenter

MacAuley, Chas., farmer, Caugherty
McBride, M. P., rate collector
McCaughey, William, grocer
McCaughey, Wm., farmer and mill owner
McClure, David, carpenter
McGinley, John, grocer
McGinley, Mrs., national school teacher
McMaster, James, M.D., dispensary medical officer

O'Neill, Mrs. Anne, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"

Raceview Woollen Mills Ltd., woollen manufacturers and yarn spinners
Ramsey, James

Stirling, Samuel, boot maker

Thompson, Robert
Thompson, Thomas, tailor

Watson, Rev. A., The Manse
Weir, William, grocer
White, James T., scutch mill proprietor, Kenbilly
White. Miss, Whitehall
Wilson, Guy L., Knockboy
Wilson, John K., Raceview House
Wilson, Robert P., Ballygarvey
Wilson, Thomas, Caugherty


Adams, Wm. M., Blackstown House
Cathcart, Robert, Glencairn
Esler, Samuel, Lisnamurrican
Gibson, Samuel, Loughloughan
Houston, William, Broughshane
Jamieson, Samuel, Loughconnolly
Martin, John, farmer and mill owner
Magill, David, Kenbilly
McCullough, Robert, Ballylig
McCully, James, Caugherty
Owens, Patrick M.
Patrick, John, J.P., Dunaird
Thompson, Andrew, Eglish
White, James, Carncairn


Anderson, Jas., wool sorting department, Raceview
Anderson, John, farmer
Armstrong, James, Coreen, principal Killygore National School

Baird, Samuel, finishing dept., Raceview

Cameron, James, Ballycloughan
Cameron, Joseph, Ballycloughan

Frew, Charles, farmer, Caugherty

Graham, Frank, milling department, Raceview

Hutchinson, Richard, Eglish

Kelly, Henry, R.D.C., Tamybuck
Kirkpatrick, Thomas, school teacher

Logan, David, Knowhead

Montgomery, A., bookkeeper, Raceview

McBride, Andrew S., cashier, Raceview
McBride, Samuel, Eglish
McQuitty, Alex., carding master, Raceview
McNeill, James, Raceview
McTurk, Robert, Lisnamurrican

O'Neill, Hon. Anne, Tullymore Lodge

Robinson, Samuel, Carncairn
Robertson, John, spinning foreman, Raceview

Scott, Robert, yarn store foreman, Raceview

Thompson, Andrew, Eglish
Thompson, John, Eglish
Thompson, Samuel, Ballycloughan
Todd, Alex., dye house foreman, Raceview

Warwick, W. K., foreman, Raceview


A fashionable watering-place and market and fair town in the Parish of Lower Fahan, Barony of Innishowen and County Donegal, eleven Irish (fourteen statute) miles N.N.W. from Londonderry, and containing 1,848 inhabitants.  The town is beautifully situated on the eastern slope of Lough Swilly, which here expands into an arm of the sea, bounded by mountains and rocks of a majestic character, and forming a capacious haven of easy access with anchorage for the largest vessels in the British Navy.  The market days are Tuesday and Friday, besides monthly fairs.  Quarter Sessions for civil bills are held twice a year.  In connection with the fishing industry Buncrana is well known as an export station, and over 200 Scotch boats are usually found occupying the beautiful harbour and Lake of Shadows, but has temporarily ceased owing to the Admiralty having commandeered the pier.  The town is a splendid centre for anglers, and there are two fine natural golf courses, one for ladies and one for gentlemen.


Church of Ireland, Parish Church of Lower Fahan, Rev. Thos. C. Knox, M.A., rector; curate, J. Haddock
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Geo. Moody, M.A.
Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. Wm. Doherty, P.P.; Rev. John O'Kane, C.C.; and Rev. Thomas Agnes, C.C.

Constabulary - District Inspector, T. F. Loundes; head constable, J. C. Tronson
Coroner - S. O'Callaghan, M.B., Carndonagh
Deputy Surveyor - Edward O'Callaghan
Dispensary - Dr. James McCormick
Belfast Banking Company - C. E. Taylor, manager; cashier, J. McNally
Hibernian Bank - Office open on Tuesday
Inland Revenue Officer - E. Thomas
Supervisor of Inland Revenue - T. Murphy
Garrison Commander - Colonel Chamier; Staff Captain, Major Ward
Officer in Command of the 4th Inniskilling Fusiliers, Ludden Camp - Colonel Beals; Staff Officer, Major Mathews. Accommodation for 1,500 men
Postmaster - Robert Cole
Registrar of Births and Deaths - Dr. James McCormick and Wm. Doherty
Royal Engineers - Lieutenant Craig
Stamp Distributor - Robert Cole
Relieving Officer - Denis Doherty
Urban Council - Chairman, I. J. Trew Colquhoun, solicitor; vice-chairman, Michael McGinchy, J.P.  Councillors - John McLaughlin, J.P.; John McConnell, Joseph Doherty, Patrick Cox, Wm. Kavanagh, Michael McDaid, John Doherty (Roe), William Doherty, J.P.; Humphry Campbell, John Farren
Town Clerk - Charles Callaghan
Chairman of Pier Committee - J. Brice Mullin, J.P., D.L., Millfield; secretary, Thos. Swan, J.P.


Auctioneers - William Doherty, J.P.
Bakers - Buncrana Steam Bakery - William Lynch, proprietor
Boot Merchants - John McLaughlin, P. McGrory, Desertegney, P. McNaught, Thos. Lee, Joseph McLaughlin, John Barr, and Peter McLaughlin
Butchers - Wm. Longwell, J. Longwell, J. Doherty (Roe)
Butter Exporters - M. McGlinchey, R. S. Park, Denis Brennan
Carpenters - Wm. Gill, Frank McGlinchey, Daniel McKenna, Edward Doherty, and Joseph Crawford
Carriers and Dray Owners - H. McGonagle, J. Porter, Joseph Doherty, and Logan & Co.
Chemists - Wm. Kelly, M.P.S.I., Main Street, and J. F. O'Donnell, M.P.S.I., Main Street
China and Glass Dealers - Wm. Doherty, J. Kane
Commission Agent - R. Forsythe
Commissioner for taking Affidavits - T. Swan
Coal Merchants - Wm. Doherty, J.P., Joseph Doherty, Michael McGlinchey, J.P., and Logan & Co.
Fish Dealers - Letty Moran, James Lynch, Bernard Lynch, Wm. Moore
Grain Dealers - Thomas Swan & Co., Michael McGlinchy
Grocers (Those marked thus (s) are spirit dealers also) - Mrs. Kate Farren (s), Patk. Porter (s), M. Callaghan (s), Daniel Doherty (s), D. Gallagher (s), W. J. O'Donnell, J.P. (s), James Doherty (s), D. Grant (s), Wm. Doherty, Dan. Doherty (s), Mrs. M. Mullaly (s). Letty Moran, J. Kavanagh, M. McGlinchey, R. Duncan, R. S. Park, J.P., W. J. O'Donnell, J.P. (s), J. Gibbons, Denis Brennan, Patrick Campbell, and Dan. McLaughlin
Guano and Seed Merchants - Wm. Doherty, Michael McGlinchey, M. Callaghan
Hardware Dealers - Wm. Doherty, Michael McGlinchey, Denis Brennan
Horseshoers - Danl. Lynch, John O'Donnell, Daniel Gill
McFetridge, Wm., R.D.C., Crevamoy
Hotel Keepers - Commercial, John McConnell, James Hutton, K. Farren, Edward Barr, Central, Lough Swilly Hotel Co. Ltd., and Derry Cafe and Temperance Hotel (H. P. McGrath, proprietor)
House and Land Agents - I. J. Trew Colquhoun
Leather and Hide Dealers - Tom. Lee and P. McNutt
Lighthouse Keeper - R. H. Logan
Markets - James Doherty, clerk
Millers - Thos. Swan & Co., Electric Supply Company
Milliners and Dressmakers - M. Carleton & Co., Miss MacDevette, J. McLaughlin & Co., Misses Doherty, Misses Porter
Motor Cars for Hire - Wm. Kavanagh, Patk. Doherty (Owens), Michael McLaughlin and John Farren
Newsagents - Eason & Son, R. Duncan, R. Cole, and Mrs. Farren
Painters and Glaziers - Wm. Gill and H. Campbell
Petty Sessions - H. P. Swan, clerk; John Maguire, summons-server
Plasterers - Murphy Bros.
Private Hotels - F. McGlinchy, Main Street, Jas. Hutton, Main Street; Mrs. Campbell, Lake of Shadows Hotel, Derry Cafe and Temperance Hotel (M. P. McGrath, proprietor), and Mrs. B. Farren
Publicans (Those marked thus (g) are also grocers) - John McConnell, Michael Callaghan (g), J. O'Donnell (g), Mrs. Farren (g), Mary A. Mullally (g), John Doherty (g), ? Grant (g), P. Porter (g), Patrick Campbell (g), James Doherty, Watt & Co., Fanny McLaughlin, Daniel Doherty, Michael McGlinchey (g), Daniel Gallagher (g), James Hutton, and Wm. Harkin
Posting Establishments - K. Farren, M. McCarron, J. Doherty, W. Kavanagh, M. McLaughlin, E. Lynch, Bernard Boner
Refreshment Rooms - Lough Swilly Railway, A. A. Watt, Temperance Hotel, K. Farren, Fras. McGlinchey, Edward McKinley, Jas. Hutton, The Central Hotel, Miss Donaghy, and Derry Cafe and Temperance Hotel
Saddlers - E. Fullerton
Schools - Lower Fahan National, J. Sheppard, teacher; Buncrana National, Mr. Lyttle, teacher; Ballymacarry National, R. McGinity, teacher; Miss J. O'Hare, assistant; Cockhill National, male teacher, H. Donaghy; female teacher, Mrs. Fleming; Buncrana Infant National, Miss Friel and Miss Doherty
Solicitors - I. J. Trew Colquhoun, J. James O'Donnell, and J. E. O'Doherty
Station Master - J. Stutt
Tailors - John McLaughlin, J.P.; J. Barr, and Patrick McGrory
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agents, Wm. Moore; Charles Taylor, Belfast Bank
Timber Dealers - Wm. Doherty, Michael McGlinchey
Whitesmith - Daniel Lynch
Wholesale Grocers - J. B. Mullin, D.L. (of Holmes & Mullin, Ulster Buildings, Londonderry)
Woollen Drapers - Miss Mary Doherty, John McLaughlin, J. Porter, M. Carleton & Co., Miss MacDevette


A fashionable watering-place in County Donegal, 4 miles south-west from Ballyshannon, on the south shore of Donegal Bay, and on the road leading from Ballyshannon to Sligo.  The Great Northern Railway Company has a terminal station here.  The town consists chiefly of two long rows of dwellings detached and scattered over a considerable space.  It is visited in the summer season by many families, for whose accommodation there are several good hotels and a number of lodging houses.  The Great Northern Railway Company has an hotel here, built in 1894, with a billiard room and refreshment rooms, adjoining the station, and there are also hotels with baths, and golf links of 18 holes.  The population in 1911 was about 1,700.  Summer population about 4,500.

Post Office - Postmistress, M. Browne
Constabulary Station - M. Fallon, sergeant
Church of Ireland - Rev. Chancellor E. F. Naylor, B.D., rural dean, and surrogate
Presbyterian Church - Rev. Jackson Wright, Ballyshannon
Methodist Church, Rev. James Dickson, Ballyshannon
Roman Catholic - Very Rev. Canon McConnell, P.P.; Rev. J. Brennan, C.C.
Convent of St. Louis - Mother Angela, lady superioress
Convent (female), Magheracar, Sisters of St. Louis, teachers
National Schools - Bundoran, T. V. Hardy, master.  Finner, Miss Long, mistress
Railway Station - James Duff, station master
Belfast Bank - E. Pentland, manager
Provincial Bank - G. A. Sparrow, manager
Registrar for Births, Marriages and Deaths, ? Higgins, Ballyshannon
Town Commissioners - Messrs. T. Gorman (chairman), Thos. O'Gorman, ? Cusack, ? Carty, John Doherty, ? O'Doherty, ? Ward, ? Daly, J. Conlan, ? Kelly, P. Meehan, J. Carroll, E. Daley.  Town Clerk, E. Daly


Great Northern Hotel, owned by Great Northern Railway Co. - Lessee, G. B. Morgan, J.P.
Hamilton's Hotel - Proprietor, C. G. Hamilton
Central Hotel (Commercial) - Manager, T. Gorman
Atlantic Hotel - Proprietor, Patrick Meehan
Marine Hotel - Proprietor, J. Mallon
O'Gorman Hotel - Proprietor, T. O'Gorman


Anderson, Miss, boarding house, Holyrood House
Archdale Memorial Home, boarding house - Miss Luckham, manageress
Atkinson, Mrs., Marathon

Ball, Miss, apartments, Woodville House
Barness, P. D., pension and Excise officer, Lilybank
Beacom, A. J., apartments, Bank House
Blacker, Douglas, M.V., Bundrowe Lodge
Brew, Mrs., apartments, Erne House
Briscoe, Rev. ?, Drumachrin House
Browne, Mrs., Bayview Terrace, apartments
Bundoran Medical Hall Co. Ltd., Summerhill

Cairns, James, butcher, Main Street
Campbell, Denis, posting establishment, Main Street
Carroll, Hugh, posting establishment
Carroll, James, grocer and spirit merchant
Carroll, Michael, draper
Carty, Patrick, apartments
Cassidy, Michael, butcher
Chapman, David, merchant
Clancy, Peter, butcher
Cleary, Patrick, publican
Conlan, J. J., J.P.
Conlan, Patrick, & Co., hardware, timber, iron, coal, house furnishing, grocers, wine merchants, and bakers
Cormaughton, John, Tranquilla
Crowder, G., photographer and confectioner
Cunningham, Miss, apartments, Doreen Cottage
Curnyn, Mrs., apartments
Cusack, Jos., apartments

Daly, Catherine, apartments, grocer
Daly, Mrs. E., boarding house and confectioner
Daly, Patrick, apartments
Doherty, John, publican
Doherty, Kate
Doherty, Mary, apartments
Doherty, Owen, apartments
Doherty, Patrick, apartments
Doherty, William, apartments
Dolan, Miss, confectioner and apartments
Donaldson, Mrs., Ulster House, apartments
Duff, James, station master and apartments, 7 Bayview Terrace

Eason & Sons, stationers
Ellis, Mrs. Henry
Ellis, Margaret, publican
Emerson, Miss, Donegal House East, apartments

Fanston, Mrs. A., 5 Hall Place, apartments
Feely, Miss B., apartments
Feely, Mrs., apartments, Strand View West
Fiely, John, carpenter
Flood, R. F., M.D.
Foster, J., hair dresser

Gallagher, James, butcher
Gallagher, Patrick, butcher
Gallen, M., tailor, Brighton Terrace and Station Road
Garland, Robert, baths proprietor
Gilbride, John, cycle agent
Gordon, W. D. O., Myrtle Cottage
Gorman, James, draper
Gorman, John, posting establishment
Gorman, Thomas, Central Hotel
Grant, Mrs., apartments, Brighton Terrace
Great Northern Railway Refreshment and Tea Rooms - Mrs. Duff, manageress

Hamilton, Christopher George, J.P., Terrace Hotel
Hamilton, Henry, apartments
Hamilton, Irvine, draper
Hamilton, James, publican
Hamilton, John, merchant tailor
Hamilton, Mrs., Seaview House
Hamilton, Richard, secretary Fishery, Ballyshannon, and notary public
Hart Bros., leather and boot merchants
Heggarty, Misses, Prospect Lodge, apartments
Holland, Miss, Bay View Terrace, apartments
Huey, Mrs. E., apartments, Bayview
Hunter, Francis, grocer and apartments

Irwin, Miss, apartments

Johnston, Mary, Summerhill Villa, apartments
Johnston, Miss Maggie, Bay View Terrace, apartments
Johnston, Miss Mary, apartments
Johnston, Thomas, baker and lodgings
Johnston, William, houses and apartments
Jordan, Mrs., apartments, Antrim House

Keane, Patrick, merchant tailor
Keenan, R., apartments, Rosewood Cottage
Kelly, H. J., grocer and spirit dealer
Kerrigan, Miss, grocer
Kilbride, John, blacksmith
Kilbride, James, spirit dealer, apartments
Kinlough Creamery Depot, Station Road; Thomas Hamilton, proprietor

Loughran, J., electrician and apartments, Hill House
Lynch, Mrs., apartments, Billow View

Maguire, George, boarding house
Maguire, Mrs., boarding house
Mallon, M. J., hotel proprietor
Meehan, Charles, grocer and spirit dealer
Meehan, Patk., grocer and hotel keeper
Melly, James, posting establishment
Melly, Michael, fish dealer
Melly, Patrick, posting establishment
Moffatt, George, apartments
Moffatt, Robert, grocer and posting
Moohan, James, grocer and apartments
Morell, Miss, Rochfort Lodge
Mulcahy, Mrs., apartments, Summerhill
Mulhern, Miss, draper and apartments
Mulhorn, Michael, apartments
Mullin, J., garage and motors, West End
Murphy, John, mason

McBride, Mrs., apartments, 8 Hamilton Terrace
McBride, ?, cycle agent
McDonald, Mrs., apartments
McDonald, P., draper and apartments
McDonnell, ?
McDonnell, P., grocer
McGill, John, grocer
McGinity, Mrs., apartments, Hamilton Terrace
McGorran, M. A., apartments
McGovern, Mr., Enniskillen Hotel
McGrisken, Mrs., apartments, Brighton Terrace
McGuire, Mrs., apartments, Ocean View
McHugh, Mrs., apartments
McHugh, Mrs., apartments, White House
McHugh, Mrs., apartments, Brieffin House
McHugh, P., china shop
McLaughlin, Miss, apartments, 1 Bay View Avenue
McLoughlin, J., photographer
McNulty, Miss A. G., confectioner and boarding house
McPhillips, Edward, jeweller
McRory, Miss R., apartments, Bayview Terrace
McVitty, A. J., apartments
McVitty, William, J.P.
McVitty, Wm., & Co., drapers

Naylor, Rev. Canon Elias Francis, B.D., The Rectory
Naughton, Thomas, spirit dealer

O'Brien, Miss, apartments, Fermanagh House
O'Gorman, Mrs., apartments and drapery
O'Gorman, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, dancing hall and apartments
O'Gorman & McMullin, motor garage
O'Kane, John, contractor and builder
O'Kane, Mrs., Bay View Terrace, apartments

Phillips, Miss, draper and apartments
Phillips, Mrs., Hall Place, apartments
Potter, Mrs., apartments

Rafferty, Mrs., furnished apartments, West End
Rafferty, Mrs., apartments, 2 Bay View Avenue
Reavy, P. D., veterinary surgeon
Rennison, R., Grocer, Agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News"
Rodgers, Fred., blacksmith, apartments
Ruddell, T. B., builder and house agent, 3 Cliff Terrace

Scott, Martha, Sea View House, apartments
Smyth, Mrs., apartments, Moyra House
St. George, Miss, Melvin House, apartments
Stephens, D. V., Belleek Pottery Depot
Stewart, Miss, apartments, 3 Brighton Terrace
Storey, ?, apartments, 4 Hamilton Terrace
Sweeney, Mary, spirit dealer, apartments
Sweeny, Mrs., spirit dealer, Royal Hotel
Sweeney, Mrs., Strand Temperance Hotel

The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agent, James Duff, Station Master
Timoney, Mrs., Casa-del-mont
Tynte, Mrs., Tynte Lodge

Ward, James, spirit dealer and apartments
Williamson, ?, apartments
Wilson, Miss, 1 Hamilton Terrace
Wilson, Miss, 6 Bay View Terrace


Is a small market town  in the County Antrim, about eight miles N.E. by N. from Coleraine, on the road to the Giant's Causeway.  It is also connected with the Portrush and Giant's Causeway Electric Tramway.  The town, which is pleasantly situated near the mouth of the River Bush, from which it derives its name, is neatly built, and is visited by tourists en route to the Giant's Causeway.  The Parish Church of Dunluce, a large structure, is situated in the town, and there are four schools under the National Board.  The Presbyterian Church is a splendid edifice, and in connection with this body one of the handsomest halls in the district has been lately erected, and named the "Hamill Memorial Hall." The Methodist denomination has also buildings.  The markets are held on Tuesday and Friday, and fairs on the 15th of each month.  A Petty Sessions Court is held on the first Wednesday of each month.  The population in 1911 was 970.

Post Office - Mrs. McCurdy, postmistress; Miss Kerr and Miss Carson, Miss Tubman, assistants.
Belfast Bank Limited - Frank Smith, manager; Mr. R. J. Reid, cahier (cashier)
Courts Petty Sessions - Charles Forbes, C.P.S.
R.I. Constabulary - Sergeant, S. Mackey; constables, Kettle, Hickson, Maguire, and Doherty
Magistrates appointed for the district or who attend sessions are - Daniel McNeill, J.P.; James Boyle, Ballymacrea; J. L. Taggart, J.P., Montallo, (Montalto) Bushmills; James Roche, R.M., Ballymena; David Huey, M.D.; Joseph Dunlop, M.D., Straidkillen; Dr. Henderson, Whitepark, Ballintoy; Allan Mill, Portmoon; A. Donnelly, Magherinahair, 100 ( I don't know why it says 100 ~ Mary) Bushmills; J.P.'s jointly appointed - John Kennedy, Lisgolman, Dervock; James McKay, Clegnagh, Ballintoy.  Commissioner for Oaths - Charles Forbes
Masonic Hall - Saml. Dean, caretaker
Orange Hall - Caretaker, William Halliday
Kane's Royal Hotel, Giant's Causeway (F. A. Kane)
Causeway Hotel - George Sinclair Kane
Commercial Hotel - A. Gray
Church of Ireland - Rev. F. Medcalf
Presbyterian Church (Dunluce) - Rev. John Bell, Bushmills
Presbyterian Church (Bushmills) - Rev. J. F. Anderson
Methodist Church - Rev. H. J. Ritchie
Reformed Presbyterian Church - Vacant
Men's Club - President, Mr. Dan. McNeill, J.P. (also chairman of committee); vice-president, Rev. John Bell; caretaker, Wm. Clarke
Boy Scouts' Club Room - Miss Steen, Lady Scout Master
Cottage Hospital - President, Sir Henry Machnaghten; (Macnaghten) treasurer, Mrs. Huey; nurse, Miss M. Barron
Conservators of Fisheries, No. 16, Ballycastle District - Hon. Malcolm Macnaghten (chairman), A. Mill, J.P.; D. Huey, M.D., J.P.; R. P. Woodside, J.P.; Capt. S. T. Lyle, J.P.; Capt. J. D. F. F. Neston, Capt. H. de La. C. Crommelin, James Stewart; ex-officio, the Hon. F. F. Macnaghten.  Secretary, C. Forbes, Treasurer, Belfast Bank Ltd.


Adair, James, flax dresser

Black, Joseph, first-class Excise Officer
Boyle, James, J.P., Ballymacrae (postal address, Portrush)
Boyle, Misses, dress makers
Brown, Charles, Ballylikan
Brown, William, Ballytober East

Callaghan, Messrs. J. & D., spirit merchants
Callaghan, Miss, grocer and dress maker
Campbell, Mrs., dress maker
Carson, W., ex-sergeant R.I.C., caretaker Giant's Causeway Syndicate
Carson, Mrs., manageress Giants' Causeway Refreshment Room
Clarke, Mrs. Wm., restaurant
Clarke, Wm., clerk of markets
Cochrane, Mr., N.S. teacher, Castlecatt
Crawford, Valentine, manager, Messrs. Anderson and Stewart's Commercial Hotel
Currie, T., spirit merchant

Davidson, William, publican
Dean, Samuel, builder
Dinsmore, A. H., spirit merchant
Doherty, Samuel, fishing tackle maker
Douglas, The Misses, grocer
Dunlop, Joseph, M.D., J.P., Straidkillen

Esdale, John, grocer
Esdale, Patrick, telegraph messenger

Forgie, Samuel, Ballyhemlin
Forsythe, Samuel, watch maker
Fulton, R., grocer

Gamble's boot and shoe warehouse
Gaw, R. J., draper
Glass, William, cycle manufacturer
Glendinning, John, land steward, Dunderave

Halliday, Mrs., spirit merchant
Hamill, James Curry, corn and scutch mill owner, Bushmills and Magh-n-tenderg
Harbison, Wm., boot and shoe warehouse
Houston, James, & Son, saddlers & farriers
Huey, David, M.D., J.P., registrar of births, deaths, and marriages; J. Sinclair, assistant registrar
Hughes, Rev. C. W., Dunseverick Rectory
Hunter, Mrs., car proprietor

Jamieson, Danl., rural postman

Kane, William, assistant blacksmith
Kennedy, James, grocer and draper
Kennedy, Mrs., boot shop
Kennedy, Samuel, general drapery store
Kilpatrick, W., N.S. teacher
King, Wm., manager

Laverty, Miss, grocer
Liken, S., posting establishment, poulterer

Macnaghten, The Misses, Runkerry
Macnaghten, Sir Henry, Bart., Dunderave
Magee, Thomas, agent for the "Belfast News-Letter" and general newsagents
Maxwell, Robert, electric station driver
Medcalf, Rev. F.
Morrow, Rev. R. M., rector Billy Church (now Army Chaplain), rector (pro tem), Rev. Cecil Murray Massy; Dr. Thompson, now rector of Learmont, Co. Derry
Moore, J. S., J.P., D.L., Ballydivitty
Moore, Robert, R.D.C., Priestland

McBride, Wm., carter and coal merchant
McCallum, Samson, marine store dealer and fish merchant
McConaghy, D. G., N.S. teacher, Giants' Causeway
McCurdy, C., tailor and draper
McCurdy, Robert, station master
McCurdy, Wm., manager Electric Tramway
McEchrane, P., distiller
McFall, John, grocer
McIlreavy, Mrs. D., dress maker
McLaughlin, D., saddler
McLaughlin, H. R., grocer
McMichael, Jackson, butcher
McNeill, Daniel, J.P., grocer and auctioneer
McNeill, Hill, spirit merchant and emigration agent
McNeill, Mrs. M. J., grocer

Rankin, Samuel, miller
Rice, Mrs. W., N.S. teacher, Dunluce Parish Schools; Miss Henly, assistant teacher
Rice, W. & J., steam saw mills and joinery

Scott, Robt., electric tram conductor
Shaw, Miss, grocer
Simpson, Mrs., draper
Sinclair, James, retired school teacher
Sloan, James, bicycle manufacturer
Steel & Co., drapers

Taggart, John, J.P., corn miller, merchant and auctioneer
Taggart, L., Ltd., grocers, chemists, ironmongers
Taggart, Mrs. M., grocer
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agent, Frank Smith, Belfast Bank
Thornburry, W., N.S. teacher, Lisnagunagh
Torrens, James, draper and tailor
Torrens, William, flesher
Traill, Major Wm., R.E., Ballylough
Traill, M. A., C.E., Portballintrae, managing director and engineer of the Giants' Causeway and Portrush Electric Tramway
Tumelty, Peter, grocer
Tweed, Mary, green grocer and china warehouse

Watters, James, caretaker Presbyterian Church and Hamill Memorial Hall
Wilkinson, James, grocer, ironmonger
Wood, Hugh R. S., J.P., R.D.C.
Workman, R., grain, butter & seed merchant


Black, William
Blair, Messrs., Farmers Aird
Boreland, John R., Lisnagunah

Chestnutt, James, Carronreagh
Christie, Stewart, Leake
Cochrane, John A., Revallagh South
Cochrane, Samuel, Ballyclough South
Craig, John, Carnkirk
Craig, Mrs., Castlecath

Dallas, Messrs., Carnside
Dunlop, James, Ballyness
Dunlop, John, Ballyness
Dunlop, Samuel, Ballyness

Forgie, John, Mallindober
Fullerton, James, Ballyness
Fullerton, Mrs., Ballyness

Gilmour, S. J., B.A., head master Ballycastle Intermediate School
Givin, B., Cavanmore
Givin, James, Cavanmore
Glass, Martha, Bushfoot

Hatty, Hugh, Feigh
Hatty, William, Clougher
Hill, John D., Croaghbegg

Irwin, John, Calhame

Johnston, John, Castleagree

Mill, A., Ballylough
Mill, A., J.P., Portmoon
Mitchell, Edmund Charles, Stranalane
Mogey, D., postmaster, Straid
Moore, James, Cairn Billy
Moore, Robert, Cozies
Moore, Robert, Ballyallaught

McAlister, corn and flax mills, Dunseverick
McAllister, Alexander, Gortnacapple
McBride, Hugh, farmer, Lisnagunagh and Lisbellnagroagh
McBride, John, farmer and spirit merchant
McBride, John, R.D.C., Lisnagunagh
McCaughan, Alexander, Craig
McCaughan, Archd., Currysheskin
McCaughan, William, Craig
McConaghy, Miss, posting establishment, Giants' Causeway
McConaghy, Mr. Wm., N.S. teacher, Croaghbeg
McCurdy, Alexander, Billyliney
McCurdy, Daniel, Feigh
McCurdy, Matthew, Billy
McCurdy, Mrs., Billy
McCurdy, Samuel, Desert
McGowan, John R., Leeke
McGugan, R., Rock
McKillop, P., blacksmith, Drumnagesson
McKendry, James, Ballynarry Lower
McKenzie, David, Ballylough
McKinlay, William, Ballymoy
McLaughlin, John, postmaster, Dunseverick
McLean, John, East Park
McMullan, Andrew, farmer and grocer, Drumnagesson
McNeill, James, R.D.C., New Buildings
McQuigg, John, Islandcarragh
McQuigg, Samuel, Islandcarragh

Patterson, Matthew, joiner, Ballylough
Pollock, W. J., Clougher

Quigg, James, Carrowreagh

Reynolds, Mrs., Billy
Richmond, Mrs., Ballylough

Smith, Thomas, Ballyallaught
Steele, John, Ballytober
Steele, Samuel, Ballyclough
Steele, William, Glentask
Sterling, John B., Ballytober
Stewart, Alexander, Ballynarry
Stewart, Mrs., Eagry

Taggart, J. L., J.P., Craigaboney (Montalto)
Thompson, William, Gortinacapple
Todd, James, Carnside
Todd, John, Ballyness
Twaddle, Hugh, general carrier, Bushmills

Wallace, William, Castlecatt
Wilson, Hugh, Craigaboney