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1908 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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(Cab - Cas)  (Carn - Cham)  (Cham - Clan)  (Clar - Colle)  (Colle - Cosg) 
(Coun - Cypr)

(Dag - Donegall Ave.)  (Donegall Lane - Donegore)  (Donny - Dys)E  -  F  -  G  -  H  -  (I J K)

(Lab - Lim)  (Lin - Lyons)  -  (Mab - May)  (Mea - Myr)  -   ( N O P)  -  (Q R)  -  (S St)  -  (T U V)  -  (W Y Z)

Donegall Lane
Donegall Street to York Lane

   1. Sweetmeat Automatic Delivery Co. Ltd., C. Bell, district manager
   3. McKee, John, & Co., wireworkers
5 to 9. Miskimmin, J., & Sons, builders and contractors, shop and office fitters
 11. Gillen & Mackin, stores
 13. Stores

Donegall Park
off Antrim Road

        Bristow, John, Sub-Sheriff for County Antrim
        Sloss, Mrs.
        Morrow, Chas., warehouseman
                             Donore Lodge
        Brown, Captain, F. Tatton

Donegall Park Avenue
off Antrim Road

                             {right hand side}
        Irwin, David, warehouseman
        Wilson, John G. H., solicitor
        Williams, Wm., H.M., Inspector of Factories
        Colville, Alexander, secretary Irish Flax Spinning Co.
        Harper, Wm., gentlemen's outfitter
        Mann, Mrs. Elizabeth
        McCormick, Mrs. Isabella
                               The Laurels
        Alexander, William, solicitor

                            {left hand side}
        Marshall, Mrs. Margaret E.
        Barker, L. B., bank official and insurance agent
                              The Towers
    1. Dickson, Saml., flour merchant
    2. Elliott, E. J., linen merchant

        Brand, Wm., Nurseryman & Florist, Donegall Park Nursery

Donegall Pass
Dublin Road to Ormeau Road

                            {right hand side}
    5. McCusker, Matt., family grocer and wine merchant
    7. Donegall Pass R.I.C. Barracks - Head Constable McGuigan in charge
    9. Greer, Wm., tobacconist and stationer
...........Ratcliffe Street intersects
  13. Graham Bros., butchers; Tel. No. 48X
  15. Pyper, W., general draper
  17. Dixon, Jas., evangelist
                       Carnarvon Terrace
  19. Singer Sewing Machine Co. (Branch)
19a. Reynolds & Beattie, costumiers
  21. Rennie, Mrs., milliner and dress maker
...........Chambers Street intersects
                         Clonmel Terrace
  23. Busby, Margaret
  25. Douglass, Annie
  27. Corrigan, Eliza Jane
  29. McCabe, Wm. H., traveller
  31. Harper, Wm., traveller
...........Posnett Street intersects
  33. Batchelor, David, tailor
  35. Molloy, Mrs. Martha
  37. Reid, Wm., plumber
37a. Lemon & Co., cycle agents; Tel. No. 366Y
  39. Dickey, E., butcher
...........Conduit Street intersects
        Montgomery N.S. - J. Boyce, principal; res., 29 India Street; Miss J. Jordan, principal, infant; res., 30 University Avenue
  41. Meharry, Wm. J., stationer
  43. Gillespie, Mrs. M., confectioner
45, 47. Haines, Mrs., and the Misses Haines, Professors of Dancing
  49. Vacant
...........Virginia Street intersects
                          Apsley Terrace
  51. The Richardson Co., chemists, druggists & grocers; Tel. No. 2762
  53. Harrison, John
  55. Vacant
  57. Blakely, Sydney H. G., medical doctor
  59. Thompson, Miss Margaret
  61. McCauly, Mrs. Jane
  63. Vacant
63. Turnbull, Mrs. S. (Apsley House)
  65. Anderson, R., assistant superintendent G.P.O.
  67. Best, James, milkman
  69. Patterson, Miss Margaret
............Oak Street intersects
                           Stamford Terrace
  71. Smyth, James, butcher
  73. Morgan, Mrs., draper
  75. Smith, Alex., & Sons, Designers and Embroiderers; Tel. No. 02479
  77. Colville, John, architect
  79. Vacant
  81. Camlin, G., pawn broker
  83. Gardner, Jackson, saddler
  85. Latham, Charles William, organist
  87. Wardrobe Rooms
  89. Magee, Arthur, spirit grocer
        Allen, David, & Sons, bill posting station
...........Pine Street intersects
97, 99. Barr, M., publican
101. Chambers, Wm. John, cycle maker
103. McVeigh, D., tailor and clothier
105, 107. McGurk, John, publican
...........Walnut Street intersects
109. Station Cab Company, Posting Master and Forwarding Merchants; Telephone Nos. 593 and 1327
        Currie Girls' N.S. (No. 2) - Wright, Mrs., principal; res., 36 Agincourt Avenue
        Currie Boys' N.S. (No. 2) - W. J. Nicholson, principal; res., 36 Jamieson Street
        Donegall Pass Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. Dewar, minister; res., 100 University Street
113. Dennison Bros., hardware, china, delph and glass merchants
115. Graham Bros., butchers
117. Morrow, Robert, grocer

                            {left hand side}
    2. Chapman, Jos., hair dresser
    "   Irwin, Robert H., ex-head constable R.I.C.
    4. Stores, E. & W. Pim.
    6. Johnston, James, plumber and gasfitter
    8. Belfast Star Motor & Cycle Co. (McDowell & Hamilton)
  10. Young, Wm., horse shoer
  12. Vacant
        Girls' Friendly Society Lodge - Parsons, Miss Sarah, lady superintendent
                               Albert Place
  30. Vacant
  32. Armour, Jas., of Messrs. Thomas & Co., Chichester Street
  34. Foster, Robert, mechanic
  36. Skinner, Mary
...........Pakenham Street intersects
                         Elizabeth Terrace
  38. Crean, Mrs. Margaret, grocer and dress maker
  40. McMillan, Miss, dress maker
    3. Vacant
    4. McCorkell, Jas., mechanic
    5. Comley, Albert H., photographer
    6. Smyth, Mrs., dress maker
    7. Caldwell, Eliza
    8. Cosgrave, G., engine driver
  42. Totton, Alex., store keeper
  44. Williamson, Thos., carpenter
  46. Henderson, Miss, draper & confectioner
...........Maryville Street intersects
  48. Burch, John, grocer
  50. Burns, Miss M., dress maker
  52. Matchett, Robt., sexton of St. Mary Magdalene Church
        St. Mary Magdalene, Church of Ireland - Rev. Walter Riddall, D.D., Dean of Connor; res., 65 Eglantine Avenue. Curate - Rev. William Higgins, B.A.; res., 32 Fitzwilliam Street
        Magdalene Asylum Laundry - Matron, Mrs. Annie Williams
                              Apsley Place
  56. Alderdice, Mrs. Elizabeth
  58. Kerr, Francis, engineer
  60. McCann, Jane
  62. Harrison, Jas., linen merchant
  64. Anderson, R., provision merchant
  66. Johnston, Robt., waiter
  68. McCormack, Robt. James, printer
  70. Jones, Samuel
  72. Vacant
  74. Walker, Johnston, butcher
  76. Vacant
  78. Vacant
...........Apsley Street intersects
                          Dalriada Terrace
  80. Cooke & Co., general drapers
  82. Vacant
  84. Gamble, Malcolm, boot & shoe maker
  86. Vacant
  88. Nelson, John R., joiner
  90. Ogle, Margt., newsagent
  92. Seaton, Wm., Shaftesbury Laundry
  94. Morgan, Richd. & Co., drapers
                       Napoleon Terrace
  96. Grant, J., assistant superintendent G.P.O.
  98. Smyth, Mary
100. Brown, John, stock keeper
102. Hart, W., O.K. Laundry
104. McGeean, Annie
106. McWilliams, R., fancy box maker
108. McCormick, Mrs., confectioner
110. McKeag, L., dealer in fancy goods
112. Camlin, G., pawn broker
114. Kelly, Rachel, confectioner
116. Louch, J. H., family grocer
...........Charlotte Street intersects
124. Duncan, Norman, & Co., overall and blouse manufacturers. Telegraphic address, Spool, Belfast; Tel. No. 257Y
126, 128. Jones Brothers & Henderson Ltd., Fireclay Goods, Tile, Cement & Sanitary Ware Merchants. Telegraphic address, "Fireclay" Belfast; Tel. No. 1435
130. Crozier, Thos. E., decorative painter
132. Bradley, A. J., traveller
134. Minnis, David, joiner
136. Jordan, Robt., carpenter
138. Bloxsom, Harriet
140. McKay, Neill, saddler
142. McKay, Wm., harness maker
144. Kevin, C., M.D., surgeon; Tel. No. 02535
146. Gray, Mrs. M. J., servants' agency; Tel. No. 104Y2
148. Donegall Pass Post Office - Miss Kane, sub-postmistress
150. Thompson, R., M.B., surgeon; Tel. No. 1216

Donegall Place
Castle Place to Donegall Square North

                             {right hand side}
       Postal Pillar Box here
1, 3, 5. Anderson & McAuley, Limited, Silk Mercers and General Drapers. Telegraphic address, "Success," Belfast; Telephone No. 553; private address, Sir. Robt. Anderson, J.P., Parkmount, Belfast
  7a. Lancashire & Yorkshire & London and North Western Railway Coys. - John A. Ferris, district traffic agent. Telegraphic address, "Rails, Belfast"; Tel. Nos. 1005 and 2028
   7. Lindsay Bros., Ltd., linen and woollen merchants and manufacturers. Telegraphic address "Oregon, Belfast"; Tel. Nos. 52 and 53
   9. Abbott, F. & G., Ltd., Saxone and Sarosis boots & shoes; Tele. No. 2249
11, 13. Kyle, G. W. & Co., Manufacturers and Outfitters
                               First Floor
15a. Caledonian Railway Company, General Carriers - Peter Galloway, Irish Traffic Agent
  "     McCamphill, Gerald S., stock broker; Telegraphic address, "McCamphill," Belfast; Tel. Nos. 25 and 26
  "     Boyd Brothers, boot and shoe merchants
  "     Hembry, H. R., Photographer
                            Second Floor
  "     Clement, G., Teacher of French
  "     Fry, J. S., & Sons Ltd., F. Vawer Williams, Representative
  15. McKenna, John & Sons, Family grocers, Tea, Wine & Spirit Merchants; Established 1825. Telegraphic address, "Importers," Belfast; Tel. No. 282
.............Fountain Lane intersects
17, 19. Moore, Jas., Stationer, Account Book Maker, Lithographic and Type Printer, Engraver, Rubber Stamp Maker, etc.
 21. Brand & Co., ladies' tailors, costumiers, milliners and furriers
                             First Floor
 23. Robinson, L. H., dental surgeon
                            Second Floor
  "    Alexander, J., solicitor
  "    Rock Life Assurance Co. (Estd. 1806) - Life Assurance, Annuities, and Accident Policies of every description. Telegraphic address, "Stability," Belfast; T. H. Keown, Resident Secretary. Tel No. 1261
  "    Scottish Boiler and Engine Inspection Co. Ltd. Boiler and Engine Insurance; Telegrams, ""Stability," Belfast; Tel. No. 1261 - T. H. Keown, District Agent
  "    Marshall, M. C., Costumier & Court dress maker
25, 27. Lowry & Co., Silk Mercers, Costumiers, Mantle makers, Manufacturing Furriers, etc.; Tel. No. 663; private address, Oakley, Belmont Church Road
                  Queen's Arcade Chambers
                              First Floor
27a. Johnston's Luncheon and Tea Rooms
  "    Cahoon Bros.' Workshops
                             Second Floor
  "    Watson, D., commission agent
  "    Watson, W. G.
  "    Hull, Miss, dressmaker
  "    Gibson, F., commission agent
  "    Office vacant
  "    Neill, J. F., agent
  "    Neill, J. H., commission agent
  "    Davison, Jas., military, clerical and merchant tailor
  "    Dill, R., agent
  "    Cox, G. T., engraver
  "    Thompson, E. & C., sculptors
  "    Sands, Jas., agent
  "    Campbell, J. L., commission agent
  "    Adair, Thos., income tax collector
  "    Blair, J. H., income tax collector
  "    Hart, Wm., manufacturers' agent
  "    Vacant
 29. Dickson, William & Co., manufacturers of walking sticks and umbrellas
 31. Queen's Arcade
 33. Cahoon Bros., Watchmakers, Jewellers and Silversmiths
 35. Johnston, Henry, Umbrella, Sunshade and Walking Stick Manufacturer, Blackthorn House - Telegraphic address, "Umbrella," Belfast; Tel. No. 729A
 37. Ulster Bank Ltd., Branch - D. Strain, manager; John Carr, pro-manager
 37. Potter, Thos., bank porter
                              First Floor
  "    Life Association of Scotland - Alfred Tipping, Resident Secretary; private res., Hazelville, Bloomfield
                           Second Floor
  "    Two offices vacant
  "    Pinkerton, Hugh Porter, cashier, Donegall Place, Branch of Ulster Bank Ltd.
 39. The Colliwog Toy Shop & Fancy Goods Store
 41. Rodman, William & Co. Ltd., stationers and fine art dealers
                              First Floor
  "    Elliott, E. & M., milliners
                            Second Floor
  "    Blackwood & Jury, civil engineers and architects; res., W. B. Blackwood, M.R.I.A.I., 30 Elmwood Avenue; P. Morgan Jury, M.R.I.A.I., The Green, Dunmurry
 43. Nicholl, Samuel C., & Co., Donegall Place Medical Hall
                              First Floor
 45. Kinney, Miss, millinery salon
                            Second Floor
  "    Phillips, John, photographer
 47. Pollock, James A., fine art and photographic dealer
47a. Rice, Saml., hair dresser
 49. Riddels Ltd., Wholesale & retail Hardware Merchants, House Furnishing and Manufacturing Ironmongers
 51. Reis, C. L., & Co., watch and clock importers, jewellers, and fancy goods
                               First Floor
 53. Myddleton's Ltd., dental surgeons
  "    Craig, Gardner & Co., auditors and accountants; share and transfer offices of Anderson & McAuley Ltd.; Inglis & Co. Ltd.; Martin Estate Co. Ltd.; Warden Ltd.
  "    The Western Trust Co. Ltd; J. Wilson & Sons (Belfast) Ltd.
  "    Buckley, Edward, A.S.A.A.
  "    Steen & Milliken, stock and share brokers
55a. St. George, E. H., & Co., warehousemen
  "    St. George, Miss, costumier
 55. Ansell, Alf., watch maker, jeweller & optician
 57. Langtry Ltd., glovers, hosiers & outfitters, blouse specialists
  "    Vacant
  "    McCullough, S. L., ladies' tailor, habit maker, court dress maker
 59. Murphy & Orr, damask & linen warehouse - branch from 18 Donegall Street
 61. Singer Sewing Machine Co. Ltd. - Jas. Marshall, agent

                             {left hand side}
   2. Gibson & Co. Ltd., Watch Manufacturers, Goldsmiths, Silversmiths & Opticians. Telephone No. 459. Telegraphic Address, "Gibson, Goldsmith, Belfast"
  "    Walk Over Shoe Company
   4. Mullan, W. & Sons, Booksellers
   6. Union Club - Charles W. Henderson, hon. sec.; T. W. Scott, hon. treasurer
 8a. Lafayette Ltd., Photographers
   8. Cooper, Thos., Naval, Military & Civilian Hatter
 10. Crozier & Co., fashionable furriers, ladies' tailors and silk merchants. Telegraphic address, "Costumiers," Belfast; Tel. No. 908
 12. The Savoy, Confectioners Tel. No. 1359
 14. Thompson & Son, Confectioners & Restaurateurs
..........Castle Lane intersects
 16. Manfield & Sons, boot and shoe manufacturers
       Imperial Hotel - Martin Geller, Managing Director
 18. Vacant
18a. Leahy, Kelly & Leahy Ltd., tobacconists
18b. Harvey, T. W., merchant tailor
 20. Sterling, Tom., confectioner
 22. Neill, Ltd., Sharman D., Jewellers, Opticians, Silversmiths, Watch and Clock Makers,
22a. Carr, A. H. R., & Co., stock and share brokers, notary public and agent for Standard Life Assurance Co.
  "    MacIlwaine, A. D., stock broker
  "    Craig, V., F.R.I.B.A., architect
  "    Culbert, Jas. A., solicitor
  "    Given, Bryce, caretaker
24, 26. Thornton & Co. Ltd., India Rubber and Waterproof Manufacturers
 28. Lindsay, J., & Co. Ltd., The Ulster Arcade, general drapers
 30. Richardson Bros. & Co., yarn commission house
30, 32. The Shaftesbury Tea Rooms - Tom Sterling, proprietor
 34. Burrows, J. B., sub-agent Bank of Ireland, Bank House
 34. Bank of Ireland - J. P. Whelan, agent
36 to 42. Robinson & Cleaver Ltd., Royal Irish Linen Warehouse, linen manufacturers and general drapers

Donegall Quay
Queen's Bridge to Corporation Square

                            {left hand side}
1, 2, 3. Allsopp, S., and Sons, Ltd., publicans (side door) (The Cellars)
    4. Lyons, Wm., publican
    5. Tedford, J., & Co., ship chandler and sail maker. Telegraphic address, Tedford, Belfast; Tel. No. 863
6, 7, 8. Mallaghan, P. & J., publicans (The Anchor)
    9. (Stores) - John Smyth, and Wilson & Reid
  10.  Hanvey, A., carpenter, joiner and property repairer
11, 12. Wilson & Reid, ship brokers, ship chandlers, sail makers and riggers. Telegraphic address, Cable, Belfast; Tel. Nos. 1517 and 1590.
        Reid, W., marine surveyor and ship broker
  13. Victoria Temperance Hotel - Mrs. S. J. Marmion, proprietress
...........Marlborough Street intersects
  14. Corbett, D., proprietor of stack A Customs bonded warehouse
15, 17. Williames, W. E., coal merchant & shipping agent
  18. McKaig, Thos., general carrier
   "    Burns, G. & J. (side door)
  19. Rew, Fred. W., general agent
............Queen's Square intersects
        Irish Temperance League Coffee Stand
............Albert Square intersects
  20. Lancashire, Yorkshire, London, North Western Railway, Belfast and Fleetwood Steamers - Arthur T. Cotton, agent
............Gamble Street intersects
  30. Ayr Steamship Co. Ltd., John Morrow, agent
   "    McKnight, Dickson & Co., Bonded Warehouse, Stack F.
  31. Anderson, Jas., iron works agent and ship furnisher. Telegraphic address, Metal; Tel. No. 2339
  32. Granger, W. A., ship owner
  33. Irish Temperance League Refreshment Rooms
34 to 36. Vacant
37, 38. Vacant
  39. Chadburn's (Ship) Telegraph Co. Ltd., Manager, Thos. C. Machray
  40. Vacant
  41. Moore, H., agent for City of Dublin Steamers
42, 43. Belfast Steamship Co. Ltd. - John Pim, secretary; James McDowell, manager
  44. Crealy, John, publican
  46. Belfast Steamship Co. & Belfast and Manchester Steamship Co. Ltd.
  47. McGuigan, Thomas, publican

Donegall Road
from Dublin Road to Falls Road

                            {right hand side}
  1a. Skillender, John, hair dresser
1, 3. Reid, John, grocer
    5. Kane, Patk., fruiterer
    7. McMurray, Jas., registered plumber and gasfitter

...........Kensington Street intersects
    9. Porter, Henry, butcher
  11. McKeown, John, school officer
  13. Warwick, J., hardware, etc.
  15. Gibson & Co., grocers
...........Wesley Street intersects
  17. Bailie, Miss, draper and dress maker
  19. Kirk, John, butcher
  21. McKenzie, D., grocer
  23. Stewart, Mrs. Mary J., confectioner
...........Combermere Street intersects
25, 27. Arnold, Robt., pawn broker and clothier
  29. Irvine, John, grocer
  31. McBride, Robt., flesher
33, 35. Patchell, M., publican
...........Sandy Row intersects
37, 39. Dickson, Robt., publican
  41. Higginson, James, carter
  43. Coulter, Saml. T., tailor
45, 47. Bolton, Miss Annie, milliner and draper
...........Primitive Street intersects
        Primitive Methodist Church - Rev. G. B. Richardson; res., 11 University Road; sexton, Joseph Davis; res., 19 Rockview Street
  49. Dunn, Mrs. Eliza
  51. Wilson, Wm., iron turner
...........Matilda Street intersects
53, 55. Scott, D., grocer
57, 59. Irish Dairy Co.
  61. Harper, Mrs.
  63. Woods, Joseph, joiner
  65. Beattie, Wm. J., box maker
  67. Napier, Chas., labourer
  69. Boyce, Mrs. Sarah
  71. Tipping, Margaret Anna
  73. Laundrum, Mrs. Charlotte, laundry
  75. Kirk, Wm., labourer
  77. Power, Geo., labourer
  79. McKeown, John, blacksmith
  81. Holmes, Sarah
  83. Milligan, Geo., sample cutter
  85. Gill, John, gardener
  87. Elwood, Jas., labourer
  89. Porter, Wm. T., labourer
  91. Bain, Alex., labourer
  93. Davidson, Mrs. Diana
  95. Dornan, James, labourer
  97. Kerr, Joseph, labourer
  99. Lowry, Henry, labourer
101, 103. Wilson, W., grocer
............Tierney Street intersects
105. Brownlee, J. J., baker
107. Dowds, D., pig dealer
109. Gardiner, Thos., hair dresser
111. Floyd, Mrs.
113. Scott, Mrs. Essie
115. McCutchen, Robt., labourer
117. Cook, James, fireman
119. Floyd, Mrs.
        Free Public Library - Carnegie Branch
...........Roseland Place intersects
...........Utility Street intersects
151. Hull, Robert, boot maker
153. Darragh, R., coach maker
155. Bailie, Thos., yarn dresser
157. Saunderson, Jas., labourer
159. Greer, Saml., glazier
161. Campbell, Martha
163. Porter, Hy., butcher
165. Stevenson, Isaac, checker
167. Castles, Elizabeth, confectioner
169. Macauley, H., L.P.S.
...........Abingdon Street intersects
171. Cassells, Joseph, grocer
173. Young, Joseph, labourer
175. Boreland, Robt., labourer
177. Cleland, Esther
179. Mercier, Mrs.
181. Brady, Miss
183. Scully, Henry, baker
185. McCourt, David, sawyer
187. Watkins, D., time keeper
189. Grigg, Alfred Walter, coffee stand attendant
191. Lavery, Alex., plater
193. McFadden, Mrs. Margt.
195. Nicholl, Wm., checker
197. Marshall, Mrs.
199. Mallon, J. H., labourer
201. Parker, Isaac, labourer
203. Livingston, J., labourer
...........Dorchester Street intersects
205. Donegall Road Post Office - Agnes Dorrity, sub-postmistress
207. White, Mrs.
209. Shaw, W. J., painter
211. Patterson, Saml., rivetter
213. Foster, John, labourer
215. Lavery, Miss
...........Colchester Street intersects
217. Stewart, R., hair dresser
219. Dockery, Mrs. Mary
221. Mercer, Mrs.
223. Rodgers, W., yarn dresser
225, 227. Moffett, Jos., druggist
............Barrington Street intersects
229. Moore, A., grocer
231. Nesbitt, D., labourer
233. Robinson, Ellen
235. Mackey, Edmd., boot maker
237. Young, John, green grocer
239. Belshaw, Wm., labourer
241. Abbott, W., dairyman
243. Lough, Mrs.
245. Freeman, Jas., fitter
247. White, Jane F., dress maker
249. McCracken, W., apron cutter
251. Johnston, A., fitter
253. McKee, John, draper
255. Cahoon, Robt., dairyman
257. Herron, James, carrier
259. Elliott, Wm., brick layer
261. McLaughlin, T., shoe maker
263. Brown, Jos., dairyman
        Union Cottage - Kelly, M., land steward to Belfast Union
        Vacant ground
............Roden Street intersects
309. Whittley, J., spirit grocer
311. Moffett, Joseph, draper
313. Delaney, M., hair dresser
323. McVernon, John, engine driver
325.  Campbell, Wm., baker
327. Boomer, Henry
329. Ward, Annie
331. Gardiner, Saml., van driver
333. Armstrong, H., sample maker
335. Uprichard, John
                           Richview House
        Walsh, John T., wholesale bottler
        Vacant ground
353. Smith, Thomas, clerk
355. Wilson, Joseph, tenter
357. Fletcher, T., engine driver
359. Stewart, Jas., bread server
361. Wallace, Agnes
363. Boyd, Alex., trades union official
        Donegall Road Gospel Hall
............Rydalmere Street intersects
391. McBurney, Miss Minnie
393. Corry, Richard, shunter
395. Lisk, Thomas, engine driver
397. Megaw, Wm., engine driver
399. Morrow, J., motor man
401. Stewart, R., packing case maker
403. Dougal, Wm., iron turner
        Vacant ground
        Donegall Road N.S. - J. Abraham, principal
417. Lee, Elizabeth, grocer
419. Cunningham, Wm., gardener
421. Marks, James, painter
423. Patterson, Samuel
425. McKelvie, Wm. Thomas, linen lapper
............Rockview Street Lower intersects
489. Heasley, T., postman
491. Courtney, John, labourer
493. McCormick, Wm., bread server
495. Cargin, Robt., book binder
497. Adamson, Robert, weaver
499. McClelland, Isabella, grocer
        Vacant ground
        The Monarch Laundry
        Brittain's Dye Works
        Vacant ground
............Broadway intersects
549. Smith, Jas., traveller
551. Mann, John, confectioner (Meran, John, confectioner in 1907)
553. Scott, Wm., labourer
555. Campbell, R., labourer
557. McGrath, Alex., van man
559. Chambers, Mrs. Mary
561. Wallace, R. J., brick layer
563. Moore, Robert
565. Morgan, May Jane
567. Campbell, Jas., yarn dresser
569. Nelson, Mrs.
571. Reid, Jos., grave digger
573. Snoddy, Fras., brick layer
575. Irvine, Wm., gardener
577. Matthews, Miss Charlotte
        Vacant ground
597. Scott, Wm., damask tenter
599. Chittick, John, iron turner
601, 603. Gilliland, John, dairyman
605. Morrow, Thos., beetler
607. Weir, John, joiner
609. Foster, William
        Celtic Football and Athletic Club Ltd.
..........St. James Park intersects
       Cochrane, Saml., cycle agent
       Hollamby, Wm., engineer
       Gordon, W. F., accountant
       Potter, Arthur G., organist
..........St. James Avenue intersects
       Hamilton, Jos., engineer
       Laird, Andrew, engineer
       Gladstone, Geo. M., manager
       McShane, Charles, clerk

                           (left hand side}
    2. Hunter, M., publican
    4. Ross, J., watch maker
    6. Connelly, H., rent agent
    8. Heasley, Sarah, bonnet maker
  10. Gordon, Mrs. Mary
  12. Stewart, James, of Sandy Row Foundry
  14. Patterson, A., lithographer
...........Wesley Court intersects
  16. Robinson, W., china merchant
  18. Armstrong, J., furniture dealer
...........Bradbury Court intersects
  20. Corrigan, Wm., furniture dealer
  22. Hewitt, Alex., shoe maker
...........Macfarlane's Court intersects
  24. Tate, Samuel
  26. Gateway
  28. Woods, John, painter
30a. Davis, A. E., druggist & chemist
32a. Hunter, E. S., grocer (side door)
............Sandy Row intersects
  30. Bethel Mission Hall - A. W. Vance, superintendent
  30. People's Palace Boot Repairing Co. - Boyle, Saml., manager
  32. Close, John, labourer
  34. Gregg, John, fireman
  36. Robinson, J., brass moulder
  38. Clelland, Wm. J., railway porter
  40. Gamble, Samuel, boot maker
42. McCullough, Jas., fish and chip saloon
42, 44. Potter, A., farrier
...........Moore's Place intersects
46, 48. King, Thomas, spirit grocer
  50. Bailey, Francis, dairy
  52. Bratten, Wm., mechanic
  54. Crone, John, fireman
  56. Elliott, David, labourer
  58. Kernaghan, Jas., labourer
  60. Hill, Wm., labourer
  62. Adley, Mrs. Eliza
  64. Campbell, R., fireman
  66. Elliott, James, labourer
  68. Petticrew, Mrs. Sarah
  70. Lendrum, Geo., stereotyper
  72. Greer, Isaiah, labourer
  74. Spence, Jas., linen packer
  76. Johnston, Mrs.
  78. Robinson, Jas., van driver
  80. Courtney, Malcolm, labourer
  82. Porter, Thos., labourer
  84. Beattie, Mrs. Mary
  86. Fox, Wm., labourer
  88. Rice, Wm., butcher
90, 92. Rafferty, O., spirit grocer
  94. Vacant
  96. Grant, F., shoe maker
  98. Burland, Mrs. Jane
100. Rea, William, labourer
102. McMullen, Abraham
104. Scott, Mrs. M., grocer
        Donegall Road National School - D. J. Carmichael, principal
...........Innis Place intersects
106. Campbell, Mrs. Elizabeth
108. Ferguson, Jas., labourer
110. Cabrey, Samuel, labourer
112. Moore, Mrs. Ellen
114. Hewitt, T., drum-maker
116. McMullen, Mrs. Elizabeth
118. Moreland, S., weaver
120. Campbell, Jas., labourer
        Donegall Road Mission Hall
............Coolbeg Street intersects
122. Brown, J. J., butcher
124. Boyd, Robt., labourer
126. Collins, Geo., carpenter
128. Cox, George, labourer
130. Burnison, R., motor man
132. Ternaghan, Samuel, van driver
134. McIlveney, Saml., joiner
............Coolderry Street intersects
136. Dawson, W. J., grocer
138. Gregg, Thos., brick layer
140. Leinster, Fannie
142. Scott, Jemima
144. Martin, Jos., labourer
146. Simpson, Wm., confectioner
148. Martin, John, smith
...........Coolfin Street intersects
150. Lambe, P., spirit grocer
152. Bonar, John, labourer
154. Edmondson, Jane
156. Gourley, David, carpenter
158. Strong, J., yarn dresser
...........Fortuna Street intersects
160. Mark, David, time keeper
162, 164. Napier, John A., spirit grocer
166. McConnell, James, baker
168. Barclay, A. J., storeman
170. Mackey, Wm., brick layer
172. McDade, Andw., electrician
............Egeria Street intersects
174. Graham, Mrs. Susan
176. McWilliams, W., millwright
178. Hunter, John, grocer's assistant
180. Ritchie, Alexander, block printer
182. Coote, John, bookkeeper
...........Daphne Street intersects
184. McKee, Margaret
186. Elliott, Wm. John, iron moulder
188. Graham, R., engine driver
190. Dawson, George, bread server
192. McDowell, Wm., bread server
194. Agnew, Wm. H., grocer & provision merchant
..........Pandora Street intersects
196. McKinless, Mrs. Harriet
198. Boyd, Jas., labourer
200. Duncan, Jas., inspector, Belfast City Tramways
202. Rainey, James, dresser
204. Boyd, Saml., gardener
206. McKelvey, W., labourer
............Euterpe Street intersects
208. Sloan, John, joiner
210. Neill, Francis, bread server
212. McLean, R., spinning master
214. McLean, Mrs. Eliza Ann
216. McLean, William, printer
218. Adams, J., foreman hackler
220. Lambe, P., grocer
240. Trimble, J., dairyman
242. Elliot, John, boot maker
244. Allen, John, butcher
............Donegall Avenue intersects
        Donegall Road Presbyterian Church - Rev. J. M. McIlrath, B.A., min.; res., 31 Ulsterville Avenue
248. Lindsay, Thos., carpenter
250. Bruce, Robt., engine driver
252. Aston, W. H., traveller
254. Rea, Frank, foreman
256. Dunbar, Jas., carpenter
258. McAree, Alex., coal merchant
260. Fair, Henry, clerk
262. McNeilly, D., mechanic
264. Miller, G., cabinet maker
266. Martin, James, engine driver
268. Fitzpatrick, J. H., spirit grocer
        Vacant ground
............Kitchener Street intersects
............Soudan Street intersects
282. McCarthy, Thos., mason
284. Spratt, Geo., yarn dresser
286. Johnston, Andw., insurance agent
288. McClatchey, Hy., yarn dresser
290. Fee, Thomas
292. McCormick, Wm., linen lapper
294. Floyd, Russell, carter
296. Maguire, Ellen
............Nupia Street intersects
336. Wylie, Elizabeth
338. Smith, Archie, bleacher
340. Potter, Jas., lamp inspector
............Kilburn Street intersects
        Vacant ground
............Rockview Street intersects
352. Vacant
354. McCune, James, tenter
356. Dawson, Henry, plumber
358. McGifford, W., brick layer
............Tavanagh Street intersects
360. Moffat, John, van man
362. McVey, Robt., joiner
364. Shaw, Mrs. Eliza
366.  Johnston, J. H., boot maker
368. Beggs, Wm., plasterer
370. Wells, James, grocer
.............Benburb Street intersects
        Vacant ground
.............Lecale Street intersects
        Vacant ground
.............Broadway Lower interacts
        Vacant ground
        Donegall Road Weaving Factory - William Adams & Co., proprietors
        Vacant ground
        Johnston, William

Donegall Square East
Chichester Street to Clarence Place

1, 2. Ocean Buildings - The Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation Ltd., and Safe Deposit - North of Ireland Offices - Thos. A. Polson, Manager
 1a. Rutherford & Co., tailors and breeches makers
 2b.                      Ocean Buildings
                                 First Floor
1, 2. Jefferson, Charles G. & Harold, solicitors; res., Roslea House, Cliftonville Road
   3. Milliken, John, District Agent for Guardian Assurance Co. Ltd.
   4. Vacant
   5. Reynolds, Charles, commission merchant
   "   Murland, James, Ltd.
   6. McRobert, John, J.P., insurance agent
7 to 9. Lynas, Martin E., & Co., chartered accountants Telegrams, "Detect." Phones, 431, 2552
   "   Belfast Hippodrome Ltd. (Registered Offices)
                            Second Floor
10, 11. United Kingdom Temperance and General Provident Institution - A. M. Kerr, District Manager
 12. Dunn, E. S., type writer copying office
 13. Hartley, W., & Co., public accountants and estate agents
 14. Edwards, Kendrick, civil engineers
15, 16. Hume, Walter, & Co., fire loss assessors
 18. Vacant
                              Third Floor
19 to 21. Vint & Whyte, solicitors
 22. Equitable Life Assurance Society of U.S.A. - J. Desmond, secretary
 23. Kennedy, R. N., Insurance Broker; res., 7 Belgravia. Phone 1036
   "   The Avenue Loan and Discount Co. Ltd. - R. N. Kennedy, managing director
 24. Graham, T. Saunders, & Co., chartered accountants and auditors
 25. Thompson, J. B., agent
 26. Henry, T. W., architect
 27. Vacant
                             Fourth Floor
28, 29. Belfast Charity Organisation Society - Robert Drysdale, secretary
 30. Hanna, James A., civil engineer and architect
 31. Scott, James, B.E., civil engineer and architect
32, 33. Woodside, J., A.M.I.E.E., consulting engineer
 34. Macafee, W., B.L. (Barrister-at-Law)
   "   Porter, S. C., B.L.
 35. Vacant
 36. McNeill, John, builders' provider
       Simpson, James, agent; telegrams, "Anglis"; phone 2189. Private address, 35 Ulsterville Gardens
       Dann, Jonathan, caretaker of Ocean Buildings
   3. Cunningham, Josias, & Co., stockbrokers and assurance agents. Telegraphic Address, "Cunningham, Belfast"
...........Patterson's Place intersects
   3. Linen Hall Hotel - P. Dempsey, proprietor; res., Brookvale House, Cliftonville Avenue
                             First Floor
   4. Macoun, W., manufacturing agent
   "   The Irish Linen Stores, Linenhall House, damask table linens, bed linens and handkerchiefs
      Wesleyan Methodist Church - Rev. James Alley; res., 20 Mount Charles; sexton, T. McKnight; res., 20 Hardcastle Street
   6. Glass, Henry, & Co.
   "   Hawthorne, H. C., agent. Telegrams, "Sterling, Belfast." Phone 1737
   7. Smith, H. C., publisher "Irish Textile Journal and Linen Market," accountant, etc.
   7. Thomson, Alfred, linen and cotton yarn and continental sheeting; res., 1 College Park East
   8. Walker, John, manufacturers' agent
   9. Y.W.C.A. - Miss Turner, lady superintendent
 10. Church of Ireland Y.M.S. - John W. Storey, B.A., general secretary; Henry King, caretaker
..........Clarence Place intersects

Donegall Square Mews
Adelaide Street to Linenhall Street


Donegall Square North

                              {left hand side}
      The New City Hall
      Town Clerk - Sir Samuel Black
      Chief Clerk - Robert Meyer
      Cemetery and Parks Department - H. O. McCormick, Registrar
      City Surveyor's Department - H. A. Cutler, M.Inst. C.E.; J. Munce, A.M.I.C.E., Assistant Surveyor
      City Cashier's Department - F. W. Moneypenny, M.V.O.
      City Rate Office - Municipal Rate Collectors, Robert McBride, Jas. B. Hamilton, Joseph S. Wright, Stoupe Maginnis & William Porter
      Poor Rate Collectors - J. J. Ellison, R. A. Russell, Andrew Alexander, John Johnstone, Albert Ervine, J. S. Wright, James B. Hamilton, and William Porter
      Public Health Department - H. W. Bailie, M.D., D.P.H., Medical Officer of Health; George Ward, M.R.S.I., Executive Sanitary Officer
      City Accountant's Department - C. E. Dyer, F.S.A.A., Wm. Blackburn, assistant      
      Works Department - H. F. Gullan, A.M.I.C.E., Superintendent of Works; J. G. Zachary, Assistant Superintendent; Street Inspector, Saml. Mahood
      House Cleansing Department - R. McBride, Superintendent
  Law Department, John Archer, Managing Clerk
      Gas Department - D. Creighton, Collector and Cashier

Donegall Square North
Chichester Street to Wellington Place

       Postal Pillar Box here
   1. Richardson, J. N., Sons & Owden Ltd., Linen Manufacturers, Merchants & Bleachers
       Robinson & Cleaver Ltd., side entrance
.........Donegall Place intersects
       Singer Manufacturing Co.
                       Linen Hall Chambers
                               First Floor
   4. York Street Spinning Co., (city yarn office)
   "   Reade, J. T. & Son, flax and yarn merchants, insurance agents
                             Second Floor
   "   Walker, John, income tax collector
   "   Brown, W. F., agent
   "   Jones, Edward S., solicitor
   5. Jordan, J., tobacco and cigar importer
   6. Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Co., Mutual Life Assurance. Tel. No. 1656. J. Hope Johnston, District Secretary; res., Edgebank, Deramore Park South
   7. Boyd, D. & Co., pharmaceutical chemists
   8. Carson, M. & M., London and Paris Bakery
   9. The Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society - H. Robertson, res. secretary; Tel. No. 1058
 10. Camrass, S., & Sons, clothing manufacturers, Leeds - J. Stanley, Local Representative
      The Belfast Banking Company (central branch) - J. G. I. Vance, manager
 12. Patriotic Assurance Co. - Charles Hill, District Manager
                    Donegall Square Buildings
 13. Allison, Wm. L., photographers, and at 14 Queen's Arcade
  "    Black, C. & J., solicitors
  "    Smylie, Hugh & Co., auditors and chartered accountants
  "    Stephens, W. H. & Sons, surveyors
  "    Close, S. P., architect
  "    Walsh, Halliday, caretaker
 14. Lyle & Kinahan Ltd., Wine and Spirit Merchants, Extra Stout and Ale Bottlers, Aerated Water Manufacturers
 15. Commercial Union Assurance Co. Ltd. - A. S. Fraser, District Manager. Telegraphic Address, "Cuaco," Tel. No. 1173
 16. McClure, Wm., tailor and outfitter
 17. Linen Hall Library - Librarian, Frank J. P. Burgoyne; caretaker, Chas. Brill
 18. Milligen, John & Co. Ltd., coal importers and steamship owners. Telephone Nos. 14 and 1414. Telegraphic Address, "Coal, Belfast"

Donegall Square South
Adelaide Place to Bedford Street

1, 2, 3. Gunning, John & Son Ltd., linen and damask manufacturers
   4. Vacant
                               Second Floor
   "   (2nd Floor) Erin Household Linen Co.
   "   (3rd Floor) Hilton, D., commission agent
   "   Rutherford & Co., tailors' workrooms
   5. Vacant
   "   Branch Postal and Telegraph Office - Miss Littleboy, clerk in charge
   "   Herdmans Limited, flax spinners. Works - Sion Mills
   "   Roche, W. J., manufacturer of linen & cambric handkerchiefs
   "   Desmond Bros.
   "   McCarthy Bros., linen merchants
   "   Keary, J., caretaker
   6. Pim, John & Son, insurance agents, Pim, R. B., manager
                                First Floor
   "   Dempster, R., flax and yarn agent
                              Second Floor
   "   Watson, R. & Sons, handkerchief manufacturers
                                Third Floor
   "   Patterson & Co., linen and handkerchief manufacturers
   "   Mitchell, S. H., linen and handkerchief manufacturer
   "   Moodie, D., & Co., bleachers and yarn merchants; Works, Dundee, S. T. Steele, representative
   7. Union Hotel - Miss A. Owens, proprietress
8, 9. Bulloch & Co., shirt, collar, cuff & fancy linen manufacturers
   "   Chilian Consulate - Alex. Bulloch, consul
   "   Belfast Weaving and Sewing Co., manufacturers
...........Linenhall Street intersects
 10. Jaffe Bros., merchants - Sir Otto Jaffe, J.P., German Consul; and A. M. Ferrar, D.L.
   "   Wetherall & Johnston, linen merchants
   "   (3rd Floor) Vacant
   "   (4th Floor) Robinson, Wm., designer
 11. Bell, Richard & Co., linen yarn merchants
 15. Law Accident Insurance Society Ltd.; R. G. Moffet, manager
   "   Ewing, Son & Co., Linen Merchants
 16.            Scottish Temperance Buildings
       The Scottish Temperance Life (And Accident) Assurance Co. Ltd. - J. T. McDonald
                                First Floor
      Fine Art & General Insurance Co. Ltd., fire, burglary and accident insurance
      The Law Guarantee Trust Society Ltd. - Stewart Blacker Quinn & Co., C.A., District Agents
      Johnston, J. G., chartered accountant and auditor
      The Hollins Mill Co., cotton spinners, Manchester - S. Lee, manager
      Elliott, Fisher, & Co., manufacturers of book type writers, billing and adding machines
                              Second Floor
      Dempster, Edwin, Agent for Underwood Typewriter. Tel. No. 2969
      Johnstone & Walkington, solicitors & insurance agents
      Smyth, Samuel, & Co., chartered accountants. Phone 1793; res., Laurento, Chichester Park
      Calwell, R. I., civil engineer and architect
      Wilson, S. G., coal importer. Phone 2060
                               Third Floor
      Wood, J. H., mill furnishings
      W.E.F. Flat Roofing Co.
      Phillips, J. St., B.E., A.R.I.B.A., architect
      The Eastern Tea Plantations Co. - George MacElwee, manager
      Gray & Co. Ltd. Glasgow - Agent, William Wallace
                             Fourth Floor
      Seaver, H., B.E., M.R.I.A.I., civil engineer and architect
      MacGeagh, Louis R., manufacturers' agent
      Miller, Wilson, & Pegg, consulting engineers. Telegrams, "Kinctic"; Phone 2898
      Totton, Harold, analytical chemists
                             Fifth Floor
      New Masonic Rooms Co. Ltd. - D. B. Walkington, secretary. Caretaker, Mrs. Knott
      The Smith Premier Typewriter Co., Typewriter Supplies for all Machines; Typewriter Copying Executed - R. T. Currie, Manager
      Ledgerwood & Co., linen, yarn, flax and hemp agents. Telegrams, "Kingdom." Phone 2537; res., 23 Wellesley Avenue
      Maxwell, Robert, caretaker of Scottish Temperance Buildings

Donegall Square West
Wellington Place to Howard Street

        Postal Pillar Box here
    1. Scottish Provident Institution for Mutual Life Assurance - E. G. MacGeorge, J.P., Local Secretary
    2. McGee & Co. Ltd., Tailors
    3. Mayne, W. Erskine, Bookseller, Cinematograph, Lantern and Photo Requisities, etc., lending library
    4. Osborne, T. Edens, cycle phonographic and general merchant
    5. Smyth & Co., ladies' costumiers
    6. Vacant
    7.            Scottish Provident Buildings:-
53, 54. Esdale's Tutorial College, Banks, Civil Service and University Exams
55, 56. Cuthbert, A., & Sons, South African shippers
57, 58. Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co. - W. F. Daniels, Manager
   "        The Central Insurance Co. - Inspector, Henry T. Cary
59 to 65. Johnston, George, chartered accountant
   "     "     Laganvale Brick & Terra Cotta Works Ltd.
   "     "     Suffolk Estate Co. Ltd.
   "     "     Vulcanite Ltd.
   "     "     Crawford Ltd.
66 to 68. Vacant
  71. Young & Mackenzie, architects and civil engineers. Tel. No. 1491
                             Second Floor
72, 73. Esdale's Tutorial College Classrooms
  74. Milners' Safe Co. Ltd. - J. Proctor Clarke, local representative
75, 76. Vacant
  77. Barton, Mr., estate office
78 to 85. Brandon, H. B., & Co., chartered accountants
86, 87. Vacant
88 to 90. Vacant
                               Third Floor
91 to 94. Vacant
95, 96. Wark, J. A., Civil Engineer. Tel. No. 306Y
97, 98. Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping - R. J. Beveridge, engineer and ship surveyor; E. J. Milton, ship surveyor
99 to 103. Galway & Boas, solicitors
104. Vacant
105, 106. Hanna, Robert J. & Co., chartered accountants
107. Edwards, John E. S., solicitor
108, 109. Thompson, Falconer & Co., accountants and auditors
                               Fourth Floor
110. Belfast Art Society - Miss Penelope Andrews, honorary secretary
111. Vacant
112. Shaw, Wm. J., commission and insurance agent
113. Osborne, T. Edens, reception rooms
114, 115. Lamb, Robert, & Co., linen merchants
116. Ulster Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - Robert Boag, W. H. Patterson, hon. secretaries
117. Best, James, agent for linens and linen yarns
   "    Fitzpatrick, H. D., chartered patent agent
118. County Antrim Sheriff's Office - John Bristow, under Sheriff
119. Kingan, T. D., Barrister-at-Law
120, 121. Hobart & Heron, architects
122. McCracken, Robert, & Co., auditors and accountants
123. Vacant
124. McCarthy & Brookes, quantity surveyors
125. Vacant
126. Lamont, Miss, artist
127. Seeds, John, architect
128. Qua Iboe Mission Office - R. L. McKeown, sec.
                                Fifth Floor
   "    Art Studio - W. G. Mackenzie, artist
129. Vacant
130. Lee, Miss, studio
131. Vacant
132. Reformed Presbyterian Church Synod - Committee Room
140. May, George, manufacturers' agent
141. The Warden Publishing Co. - Rev. W. H. Moran, general editor
        Devlin, Thomas, caretaker

    8. Clarke, John, & Co. Ltd., Surgical Instrument Makers and Pharmaceutical Chemists; Tel. address, "Clarke," Belfast; Tel. No. 1053 
    9. Park, George, Ladies' and Gentlemen's Tailors
  10. Hogg, R., & Co. Ltd., china and glass merchants
  11. Vacant
...........Wellington Street intersects
  12. Watson, Armstrong & Co., linen and damask manufacturers and bleachers
   "    Lawther & Garrett, estate agents and coal merchants
   "    Garrett, W. & E. J., accountants and auditors
  14. Donegall Square Branch of Northern Banking Co. Ltd. - J. L. Downey, J.P., manager
  14. London & Paris Exchange Ltd., General Bankers
   "    Thompson & McCammon, stock and share brokers
   "    Office Vacant
   "    Johnston, John, caretaker
  15. Kirk, W. M., & Partners Ltd., Flax spinners, Linen Manufacturers, Bleachers, Dyers and Finishers

Donegall Street

                             Overland House                         
    1. Mullan, P., & Sons, hair dressers, wig makers, etc.
                                 First Floor
    3. Osborne, Joseph, chartered accountant
                              Second Floor
    "   Johnston, S. A., commission agent
    "   Johnston, Edward, Printer, Bookbinder and Stationer
    5. Savage, A. E., & Co., house and land agents
    7. Coulter, Wm., hair dresser
    9. McIlwrath, Hugh, hosier, glover and outfitter
  11. Moore, Malcolm, military boot maker
  13. The Empire Typewriter Co. Ltd., Despard, G. F., Manager Tel. No. 1914
  15. Thompson, McVea & Bannister, warehousemen
  17. Eason & Son Ltd., Wholesale and Retail Booksellers, Newsagents, Stationers & Librarians. Telegraphic address, Eason, Belfast; Tel. No. 2136
                               First Floor
   "    Kennedy, E. & L., solicitors
19, 21. Mack, Hugh, & Co. Ltd., Manchester warehousemen
  23. Young & Anderson, wholesale woollen and Manchester warehouse and general drapers
  25. Robinson Bros., manufacturing stationers
...........Exchange Place intersects
27a. Cunningham, Wm., merchant tailor (entrance by Exchange Place)
  27. Independent Newspapers Ltd. (branch office) - W. P. Dolan, manager
                             First Floor
  29. Cunningham & Dickey, solicitors
                          Second Floor
   "   Alexander, T. Erskine, solicitor
   "   Erskine, James, solicitor
  29. Johnstone, C. J., & Sons, Stock Brokers and Insurance Agents
  31. Vacant
............Commercial Court intersects
  33. Cramsie, John, auctioneer, valuer and agent
                              First Floor
   "   Palmer, Wm., merchant tailor
  35. Clarke, Ben., & Son, wholesale chemists, druggists and surgical appliance dealers
  37. Oulton, John, & Co., flax and tow merchants
  39. Brown, James, House, Land and Insurance Agent and Property Broker
  41. Kelly, Robert, & Son, solicitors
   "    Northern Shipowners Co. Ltd., registered office; caretaker, J. Whalley
  43. White, Jos., confectioner
45, 47. Vacant
............Donegall Street Place intersects
49a. O'Kelly, Arthur (entrance Donegall Street Place)
  49. Bingham, T. M., & Co., manufacturing cutlers
  51. Shankill Cycle Co. - J. Pedley & Son, proprietors ( love it :o] )
  53. Ulster Motor Works - motor engineers. Proprietor - S. P. Corry. Telegraphic address, Motors; Tel. No. 1006. Manager - T. Ireland; res., 3 Hibernia Place, Holywood
                              First Floor
  55. Tughan, Nathaniel, solicitor
55 to 59. "Belfast Newsletter" and "Belfast Weekly News" Offices and General Steam Printing and Publishing House - Henderson & Company, Proprietors
  61. Alexander, James, solicitor; Telegraphic address, Bankruptcy
  61. Purdon Bros., Seedsmen, Florists and Bulb Merchants
  63. Christy, S., laundry machy agent
  63. Graham, John, cycle agent
                               First Floor
  65. Bowes, A., agent
  65. Wallace, H., tailor
65, 67. Rusk, J. K., Leather Merchant and Boot Top Factor; Tel. No. 441X
............Talbot Street intersects
  69. Rusk, A., merchant tailor and breeches maker; Tel. No. 441Y
                               First Floor
  71. Taylor, Thos., financier
                            Second Floor
   "    Adams, J. W., draper
   "    Magee, John J., solicitor and commissioner for oaths; res., 59 Cavehill Road
   "    Gray, W. E., house, land and insurance agent; Tel. No. 108X; res., Inglenook, Downshire Park
                            Second Floor
   "    Johnston, T. H., commission agent
   "    Hahn, Rudolf, commission agent, importer of German goods
        The Belfast Cathedral - Very Reverend John Joseph Robinson, M.A., Dean of St. Anne's; residence, 6 College Park East
  73. Carr & Maguire, (Maguire & George F.), solicitors; Tel. No. 726; res., Geo. F. Maguire, Alberta, Malone Road
                               First Floor
   "    MacErlean, Brian P., solicitor
  75. De Winter, W., Merchant and Ladies' Tailor; res., St. Abb's, Oldpark
                          Ashley Chambers
..........Academy Street intersects
  77. "Coventry House" Samuel Osborne & Co., Wholesale Factors of Bicycle Accessories, Motor and Bicycle Tyres, etc.
                              First Floor
  79. Stewart, James, salicitor (solicitor)
                             Second Floor
   "    Moles, James F., solicitor
   "    British Legal Life Assurance Co. - D. Taggart, insurance agent; res., 76 Willowbank Street
   "    McCormick, William J., merchant and clerical tailor
  81. Bell, C., watch maker and jeweller
  83. Bell, James E., restaurateur
  85. Smyth & Co., Talking Machine Dealers, Gramaphones, Phonographs, etc.; Tel. No. 1939 - Robert Gordon Smyth, commercial traveller, 55 Crumlin Terrace
                              First Floor
  87. Sheals & McLorinan, solicitors
   "    McLorinan, Charles L., M.A., LL.D., J.P., solicitor and commissioner for oaths
   "    McLorinan, C., & Co., house, land and insurance agents
   "    Barron, H. E., & Co., house and land agents
                            Second Floor
   "    Thompson, James, glass agent and importer
  89. Pakenham, R. J., stationer & fancy goods dealer
  91. Alexander, W. H., Cycle Merchant, Auctioneer and Insurance Agent. Tele. address, "Cycles"; Tel. No. 974; res., Craigatten, Cavehill Road
                              First Floor
   "    Rea, Jos., hair dresser
                            Second Floor
   "    Wright, Alex., commission agent
   "    British Finance Company, financiers
  93. The International Restaurant bars and billiard hall; R. & D. McAlister, proprietors; P. McAleese, manager
.............York Street intersects
  95. Grand Metropole Cafe
                              First Floor
  97. Ferguson & Co., general debt recoverers and enquiry agents
  97. Thompson, Jas., solicitor
                            Second Floor
   "    Central School of Shorthand - Principal, D. Henderson, F.I.P.S.
   "    Curran Bros., electrical engineers and contractors
97a. Universal Furnishing Co. - Marcus Gibson, Proprietor
  99. Thompson, J., & Co. Ltd., Booksellers, Book and Tract Depository, Stationers, Letterpress Printers, Bookbinders, Newsagents, Lending Library; Military Books and Stationery a Speciality; School and College Requisities (Requisites)
   "    Donegall Street Post Office - A. Taylor, sub-postmaster
101. Wright, Fitzsimons, & Mayes, chartered accountants
        Donegall Street Independent Church - Rev. Alex. Pollock, M.A.; res., 18 Kansas Avenue
103. Royal Liver Friendly Society - Samuel Rainey, district manager
105. Ramsey, Thomas, The Ulster Safe and Cycle Depot
107 -                    First Floor
    1. Whyte, James M., chemists' agent
    2. 7th Starr-Bowkett Building Society
    3. Todd, Henry, house agent
    4. Marsh, J. C., architect
    "   Ulster Tin Company - J. C. Marsh, proprietor
                              Second Floor
5, 6. Maxwell, Mrs., servants' and governess registry; res., res., Atlantic House, Limestone Road
    7. Appleman, Philip, draper
                                  Third Floor
    "   Maxwell, Wm. K.
109. Simpson, W. R., shop fitter and manufacturer of beams, scales and weighing machines
                                  First Floor
 1a. McIlwaine, T. S., & Co., Ulster debt recovery, inquiry and com. agents
1, 2, 3. Union Loan and Discount Bank. Tel. No. 564
    4. McMaster, J. C., solicitor
    5. Vacant
6, 7. Taylor, S. G., commission agent
    8. Star Bowkett Building Societies, 4, 5, 6 - A. Hamilton, secretary
    9. Belfast Drapery Co., drapers & house furnishers
                                Second Floor
10 to 12. Vacant
  13. Morris, M., general draper and outfitter
  14. Mahood, Mrs., ladies' and children's outfitter
  15. Donegall Clothing Co. - A. J. Cohen, proprietor
  16. Gettingby, M., draper
                                 Third Floor
  17. Vacant
  18. Clarion Fellowship Society
   "    National Amalgamated Union of Shop Assistants, Warehousemen & Clerks. Branch meets 1st & 3rd Mondays of each month
19 to 21. Vacant
111. Vacant
113. McKibbin, Fred., house, land & insurance agent
115, 117. The "Irish News and Belfast Morning News," the "Irish Weekly and Ulster Examiner" - T. Whyte, manager
119. Savage, J. C., merchant tailor and clothier
121. Vacant
123. Palmer, Richard, plumber and gas fitter. Tel. No. 569X
125. Vacant
127. Duffy, W. J., hair dresser
129. Campion, Patk., newsagent
   "    Donegall Billiard Hall - John Kearney & Son, proprietors
131. Forte, P., ice cream manufacturer
                               First Floor
   "    May, R., carver & modeller
   "    The X.L. Clothing Co.
131a. Vacant
133. Vacant
                                First Floor
   "    Henderson, Alex., tailor
   "    Agnew, S. R., House, Land and Insurance Agent & Property Broker
   "    Belfast Mercantile Mutual Building Society - S. R. Agnew, Secretary
   "    Wilkinson, James F., Medical Printer, Pendleton, Manchester - S. R. Agnew, Jun., Irish Representative
                              Second Floor
   "    Dempsey, Joseph, Designer, Illuminator, & Lithographer
                              Ground Floor
135. Taylor, W. R., & Co., hosiery manufacturers, expert workers and valuers of hosiery machinery
                                First Floor
   "    Kennedy, John, tailor
                              Second Floor
   "    Savage, J. C., tailors' workroom
                               Third Floor
   "    Loughran, Mrs., caretaker
135a. Grey, J. A., music dealer
137. McKee, John, & Co., Wire Workers, Window Blind Manufacturers & Revolving Shutter Makers; Sunshades for Shops, Collapsible Iron Gates, etc.
                              First Floor
        Irish Loan Company
                            Second Floor
137. Ross, Samuel, tailor
...........Donegall Lane intersects
        St. Patrick's National School - P. G. Smith, principal
        St. Patrick's Christian Bros' Schools
        St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Chapel - Rev. J. McKinley, Adm.; Rev. John O'Brien, C.C.; Rev. Jas. Small, C.C.; Rev. John O'Neill, C.C.; Rev. John McLaverty, C.C.
139. St. Patrick's Presbytery
141. Gingles, Mrs., servants' registry office
143. Carvill, J., Roman Catholic repository
145. Marks, J., painter
147. Globe Loan Co., Financial Agents, Mrs. Joseph Freeman, Manageress
149. Wilson, F. Coe, manufacturers' agent
151. McGinn, P., B.A., solicitor
153. Perry-Smith, John, dentist
155. Vacant

                             {left hand side}
        Belfast Bank House - E. A. Brill, bank official; S. Carson, resident porter
    4. Vacant
                                First Floor
   4a. Monro, Samuel, general printer
6, 8. Wilson, J. K., & Co. Ltd., wholesale merchants and manufacturers
  10. McGonigal, David, solicitor. Tel. No. 1159
   "   McGonigal, Daniel, solicitor
  10. Wallis, John, & Sons, railway agents, furniture removers, general carriers and warehousemen; new warehouses, Great George's Street
  12. Lowry & Officer, Merchant Tailors, Hosiers and Outfitters
  14. Stewart, E. M., House and Land Agent, Auctioneer, Valuer, and Insurance Agent
   "   O'Rorke, Daniel & Son, solicitors
  16. McGonigal & Sons, wholesale warehousemen
  18. Murphy & Orr, linen, damask and lace merchants; res., W. H. Orr, 5 Fortwilliam Terrace; S. McKee, Parkville, Cyprus Park, Bloomfield
                       St. Anne's Buildings
22, 24. Douglas & Green Ltd., manufacturers and bleachers of linens, linen cambric and cotton handkerchiefs, embroideries and fancy linens
26 to 30. Brookfield Linen Co. Ltd., flax spinners, powerloom linen manufacturers, bleachers, finishers and merchants
32, 34. Johnston, Jas., & Co., flax & tow merchants
  36. Bell & Mayrs Ltd., Complete House Furnishers. Tel. No. 1958
  38. Aston Bros. Ltd., electrical engineers and merchants
                              First Floor
  40. Graham, John, solicitor. Tel. Mo. 2897
   "    Aston Bros. Ltd., electrical and general engineers showroom
   "    Malone, B. M., commission agent
   "    Christadelphian Hall
                             Second Floor
   "    Bigger, David, commission agent; res., Linden, Myrtlefield Park
   "    The Gandy Belt Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (removing to 48 Church Lane) - Manager, G. A. Bushell, Oakleigh, Cardigan Drive. Telegraphic address, "Gandy"; Tel. No. 1626
  42. (1st Floor) McMechan, J., house, land and insurance agent
   "    Wilson, Fred., commission agent
  42. Irish Methodist Publishing Company Ltd., Proprietors of the Christian Advocate - James E. Robinson, Manager
  42. Bradley, A. J.
  44. Vacant
   "    Andrews, John, shop fitter and joinery works
  46. Northern Counties Loan and Discount Bank
   "    (1st Floor) Diamond, Robt., solicitor
  48. Dunn, Henry B., house, land, insurance agent, property broker, auctioneer
                               First Floor
   "    Hughes, Francis L., solicitor
                             Second Floor
   "    The B.C. Clothing Co. - R. Myers, proprietor
   "    Norris, Miss, servants' registry and apartments agency
  50. Gunning, H., & Co., merchant tailors
............Church Street intersects
52, 54, 56. Watson, John, & Co., wholesale druggists, oil and general merchants
  58. Vacant
 58a. Allen, John, importer of art wallpapers and decorative materials
                     The Cathedral Buildings
                              Ground Floor
        Lepper, J. C. H., wholesale tea merchant (stores)
                               First Floor
        Donnelly, Joseph, solicitor
        Pearl Life Assurance Co. Ltd. - J. Stewart and S. O. Hewitt, district superintendents; J. T. Hopkins, general supt.
        The Irish Linen Mesh Co.
                             Second Floor
        Ross, Jas., woollen merchant
        Blackburne, Henry, solicitor
                              Third Floor
        Lepper, J. C. H., wholesale tea merchant (offices)
        Gilliland, A. T., fancy linen and handkerchief manufacturer. Tel. No. 339Y
        Stuart, John, & Co., linen merchants and handkerchief manufacturers
                               Top Floor
        Sweeney, D., caretaker
  58. Tughan, Wm., solicitor
        Gray, Dunn, & Co., Biscuit Manufacturers, Glasgow - John Ekin, Agent
        Ekin, John, commission agent; Tel. Nos. 880 & 1496; res., Clarnico, Ashley Gardens
        Clarke, Nickolls, & Coombs, Confectioners, London - John Ekin, Agent
  60. Milliken, Wm., House, Land and Estate Agent, Property and Mortgage Broker and Valuator
                               First Floor
  60. Purdon, J. & D., hatters (stores)
   "    Flinn, Robt., commission agent
   "    Shaw, D. S. K., commission agent
   "    Diamond, S. J., LL.B., solicitor
   "    Sinclair, James, manufacturers' agent
                             Second Floor
   "    Dickson, Hugh, caretaker
  62. Gaussen, W. L., commission agent
   "    Lovette, Wm. Tel. No. 437X
  64. Peden, John H., solicitor
   "    Wotherspoon, Miss, dress maker and costumier
   "    Rankin, Miss, costumier
66, 68. Montgomery, C. & J., pharmaceutical chemists, also at 147 Royal Avenue
............Royal Avenue intersects
  80. Ashley Cafe - Irish Temperance League Proprietors
  82. Robinson's  Temperance Hotel - H. Robinson, proprietor. Tel. No. 2141
  84. Harper, Wm., & Co., solicitors; res., Wm. Harper, Chichester House
  86. Grainger, Richard S., official assignee of Belfast Local Bankruptcy Court
   "    Ewart, A. T., & Co., merchant tailors and clothiers; res., Sterling Villas, Bloomfield
  88. McKeown, C. G. (of J. & R. O'Kane)
90, 92, 94. Watson, Robert, & Co., of Belfast Limited, Cabinet Makers, Bedding and Wire Mattress Manufacturers, General House Furnishers, Carpet, Linoleum and Oilcloth Factors. Tel. No. 679
  96. "The Arcade" Luncheon Bar and Billiard Hall; P. & F. McGlade, proprietors
                               First Floor
  98. Boyd, D. M., linen merchant and commission agent
98a. Magee, Thomas, & Sons, tailors & breeches makers
100. Watson & Son, clothiers
100. Daly, Thos., merchant tailor
                         Ground Floor
102. Brown, Ephraim & Son, House and Land Agents; Res., Thomas Brown, J.P., Iona, Antrim Road
                           First Floor
   "    Downer & Co., Agents & Representatives
                         Second Floor
   "    Kirkwood, Duncan, district secretary Independent Order of Rechabites
                            Third Floor
   "    Cromie, Samuel, caretaker
.............Union Street intersects
106. Rogers, Michael, publican
108. Grant, L., tobacconist
                             First Floor
110. Curran, T., merchant tailor
110a. Curran, W., plumber and gasfitter
112. The Hamman Turkish Baths - Jno. North, Proprietor
114. Smith, Miss, newsagent
116, 118. O'Kane, Hugh & Co. Ltd., Funeral Furnishers and Posting Establishment; Branch Office, 168 Divis Street
120. McBride, M., millinery mantle and dress making
122. McDonald, M., M.P.S.I., pharmaceutical chemist
124.                  Marsh's Buildings
                             First Floor
    1. Abstainers' and General Insurance Co. Ltd. - William Gibson, District Manager
 1a. Smiley, Sir Hugh H., Bart. - J. Coey, agent
3, 4. Vacant
5, 6. Carlisle, Thomas E., valuator & estate agent; res., 437 Antrim Road
    7. Commissionaires Office - Officers, Major T. W. Reynolds; Sergt.-Major A. Cree.
    8. Vacant
                             Second Floor
    9. Dobbin, Jas. G., agent for Commercial Union Assurance Co. Ltd.
  10. Gregory & Hall, architects and surveyors
11 to 13. Office of H.M. Inspector of Factories - W. Williams (District Inspector), H. E. Brothers, W. J. McCaghey; H.M. Inspector's assistant, G. F. Smith
  14. Cosgrave, John, accountant
                              Third Floor
  15. Gibson, Wm.
126. Arnold, J. & R., hosiers and outfitters
128. Eclipse Tailoring Company
130. Patterson, S., military and family boot maker
132. Vacant
134, 136. Sterling, T., wholesale and retail confectioner
138, 140. Marsh & Co. Ltd., biscuit manufacturers

Donegall Street Little
Royal Avenue to Library Street Upper

1 to 13. "Evening Telegraph" Works, despatch office
15 to 29. Watson, R., & Co., showrooms
 31. Curran Bros., electrical engineers
 33. The Social Club
 35. Vacant
..........Union Street intersects
41, 43. Ferguson, J. B., & Co., motor works
 45. Stores and hall vacant
47 to 51. Vacant
 53. O'Kane, H., back entrance
 55. The Globe Manufacturing Co., mill furnishers & manufacturers
 57. Back entrance to Messrs. Marsh & Co. Ltd.

   2. Watson, R., & Co., cabinet and bedding factory
..........Union Street intersects
 16. King, Fredk., & Co. Ltd., goods entrance
 18. Morgan, Mary Ann
20, 22. Pinkey, Thos., plumber and gasfitter
24, 26. Stewart, H. & J., oil & size manufacturers. Tel. No. 312x
............Stephen Street intersects
       Corporation stone yard

Donegall Street Place
off Donegall Street

1, 3, 5. Henderson, Walter, & Co., wholesale confectioners
   7. Connell, J. H., house furnishers' agent
   9. Globe Furnishing Co., warehouses; shop, 40 High Street

   2. O'Kelly, Arthur
4, 6. Vacant
   8. Rowan, W. J., & Co., apron & pinafore manufacturers

Donegore Street
off Memel Street

   1. McIlroy, R., stevedore
   3. Sayers, Joseph, labourer
   5. Vacant
   7. Martin, Francis, labourer
   9. Vacant
 11. McIntyre, Archibald, labourer
 13. Kirk, John, driller
 15. Fitzpatrick, Mrs. E.
 17. Summerville, John, blacksmith
 19. Hoffey, Geo., labourer
...........Memel Street intersects
 21. Scott, Wm., Central Wood Turning Works
23, 25. Vacant
 27. Ulster Cooperage Co. - Savage, Joseph, proprietor
 29. Woodside, Isaac, labourer
 31. McMillen, Robert, labourer
 33. McGrath, Richard, labourer
35 to 39. Vacant
 41. McMillan, W., labourer
43, 45. Vacant

   4. McIlveen, John, labourer
   6. Ginn, Robert, labourer
   8. Vacant
 10. Marcantoni, John, confectioner
..........Memel Street intersects
 12. Wilson, Emily
 14. Fortune, W. F., wood turner
16 to 18. Vacant
 20. Holland, Wright, apprentice blacksmith
 22. Vacant
 24. Steed, John, labourer
 26. Murphy, Wm. J., painter
 28. Stewart, Wm., labourer
 30. Vacant
 32. Clark, Geo., fireman
 34. Johnston, John, labourer
 36. McConkey, Wm., labourer