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1880 Belfast / Ulster Street Directory

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Historical Description and Statistics




Queen's College Belfast,
University Road

Queen's College is one of the three Colleges, the aggregation of which constitutes the Queen's University of Ireland, the other two constituents being those of Cork and Galway. The Queen's University was founded and incorporated by Royal Charter, dated 3rd September, 1850, in which her Majesty "wills and declares that Queen's College, Belfast, Queen's College, Cork and queen's College, Galway, should be colleges of the said University, and that the said University should possess and exercise the full power of granting all such degrees as are granted by other Universities or Colleges in the several faculties of Arts, Medicine, and Law to Students who have completed in one or other of the Colleges of the said University the courses of education prescribed and directed for the several degrees in the manner, and by authority, in the aforesaid Charter described." The Chancellor of the University is his Grace the Duke of Leinster, the Vice Chancellor, Sir Dominic J. Corrigan, Bart., M.D., and the Secretary, G. Johnstone Stoney, M.A., F.R.S., etc. Dublin Castle. The general legislation, government and administration of the University under the Charter, and in cases not provided for by it, are vested in the University Senate. This body consists of about twenty members, representing literature and science and different public interests. It includes, as ex-officio members, the Presidents of the three Colleges for the time being. The Senate meets at stated periods in Dublin Castle. Besides the Exhibitions open to those students of the Queen's Colleges who take honours on graduation, several valuable prizes have been founded in connection with the University. by public subscription. Queen's College, Belfast, is a corporation founded by Royal Charter, under an Act of Parliament passed in the 8th and 9th years of the reign of her present Majesty, entitled "An Act to enable her Majesty to endow new Colleges for the advancement of learning in Ireland." The general government and administration of the College are vested in the President and Council. The College was inaugurated by the Rev. Dr. Henry, D.D., M.R.I.A., (late President), in 1849. The number of students who have entered and pursued their studies in the different departments of arts, Medicine, Law, and Civil Engineering up to July, 1879, is 3,324. Numbers of Students attending Lectures in Queen's College, Belfast, in each Session from its opening :-

1849 - 50
1850 - 51
1851 - 52
1852 - 53
1853 - 54
1854 - 55
1855 - 56
1856 - 57
1857 - 58
1858 - 59


Average of first 10 years                189.1

1859 - 60
1860 - 61
1861 - 62
1862 - 63
1863 - 64
1864 - 65
1865 - 66
1866 - 67
1867 - 68
1868 - 69


Average of second 10 years         368.2

1869 - 70
1870 - 71
1871 - 72
1872 - 73
1873 - 74
1874 - 75
1875 - 76
1876 - 77
1877 - 78
1878 - 79


Average of third 10 years              400.3

Forty six junior and eight senior scholarships have been founded in the College by Government. The sum of £100 is awarded in prizes at the end of each session. The subjects of the matriculation or entrance examination for students in the Faculties of Arts, Medicines and Law are English Grammar and Composition, the Greek and Latin Languages, Arithmetic, Fractions, vulgar and decimal, Practice Proportion, Interest, Discount, and the Square root, Algebra, to the end of Simple Equations, Euclid's Elements, the first two books, Outlines of English History, Outlines of Roman History, to the death of Nero, Outlines of Ancient and Modern Geography. The entrance course for Engineering students is the same as the preceding, with the exclusion of the Greek and Latin Languages, and History. Of the junior scholarships, thirty of the value of £24 each are appropriated to students for the degree of B. A., eight of the value of £25 each to students for the degree of M. D., two in each year, three of the value of £20 each to the law students for the degree of LL.B., five of the value of 320 each to students for the diploma of Civil Engineering. These scholarships are awarded annually by examination, and are tenable for one year only, but the scholars of each year are not disqualified from being candidates for scholarships the succeeding years. The examinations for junior scholarships of the first year take place immediately after the matriculation or entrance examination. The subjects for examination for the junior scholarships are published annually in the Belfast Queen's College Calendar. Of the thirty junior scholarships to students for the degree of B.A., fifteen are awarded for proficiency in Literature - viz., five to students commencing the first year of their course, five to each of those commencing the second and third years, fifteen for proficiency in science - viz., five scholarships each to students of the first, second and third years respectively. The scholars of the second year retain their scholarships in the third year without any further scholarship examination. Eight senior scholarships of £40 each are awarded to the most distinguished students who have proceeded to the degree of Bachelor of Arts - one for proficiency in each of the following departments :- Greek, Latin and Ancient History, Modern Languages and History, Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Metaphysics and Economical Science, Chemistry, Natural History, and one of the students who have completed the course of legal studies prescribed for candidates for the degree of Bachelors of Law. The student first on the list of candidates - both in the Literary and Science divisions - at the examination for junior scholarships in Arts, shall be entitled to a scholarship in each division, but in no other case are two scholarships to be held by the same student. Several valuable exhibitions have of late years been founded by private beneficence in connection with the College, among these may be mentioned the Pakenham Scholarships, the Sullivan Scholarship, the Porter Scholarship, the Dunville Studentship, and the exhibitions attached to the Royal Academical Institution and the Methodist College. The College session commences on the third Tuesday in October, and ends on the second Saturday in June. It is divided into three terms. The first term ends at the Christmas recess, and the second at the Easter recess.
President : Rev. Josias Leslie Porter, D.D., LL.D.  Professors : Faculty of Art - Literary Division. Greek Language - Hastings Crossley, M.A., M.R.A.S. Chemistry - Vacant. Latin Language - William Nesbitt, M.A. History and English Literature - Charles Duke Yonge, M.A., Modern Languages - A. L. Meissner, Ph.D.
Scientific Division : Mathematics - John Purser, M.A., M.R.I.A. Natural Philosophy - Joseph D. Everett, M.A., D.C.L., F.R.S. Natural History and Geology - R. O. Cunningham, M. D., F.L.S. Logic and Metaphysics - John Park, M.A. Civil Engineering - George Fuller, C.E. Agriculture - John F. Hodges, M.D., F.C.S.
Faculty of Medicine : Anatomy and Physiology - Peter Redfern, M.D., F.R.C.S. Practice of Medicine - James Cuming, M.A., M.D., F.K.Q.C.P. Practice of Surgery - Alexander Gordon, M.D. Materia Medics - Jas. Seaton Reid, M.D. Midwifery - Robert F. Dill, M.D.
Faculty of Law : English Law - John McKane, M.A., Jurisprudence and Political Economy - T. E. C. Leslie, LL.D.
Office Bearers - Curator of Museum - The Professor of Mineralogy and Geology. Registrar - John Purser, M.A. Librarian - Rev. George Hill. Bursar - John Wylie.
Deans of Residence - Church of Ireland - Rev. S. E. Busby, LL.D. General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland - Rev. Thomas Hamilton, M.A. Irish Association of Non Subscribing Presbyterians - Rev. John Scott Porter. Wesleyan Methodists - Rev. Robinson Scott, D.D.
Queen's College Library contains about 30,000 volumes. It is particularly rich in scientific works, and in works of general interest. The library is open on every week day during the College terms, from 10am. till 3pm., except on Saturdays, when it closes at noon. It is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10am. till 2 pm. during the Christmas and Easter recesses and the long vacation, except during the month of August, when it is entirely closed. The Government Grant for the library, museum, and for philosophical apparatus in the different departments, amounts to £1,500 per annum. Librarian - Rev. George Hill.

General Assembly's College
College Park, Botanic Avenue.

Opened 5th December, 1853. The classes in this College open on the 1st Tuesday of November, and close on the 1st Thursday of April. President of Faculty - Rev. W. D. Killen, D.D. Vice President - Rev. J. G. Murphy, LL.D. Secretary of Faculty - Rev. Robert Watts, D.D. Professors - Systematic Theology - Rev. Robt. Watts, D.D. Biblical Criticism - Rev. Matthew Leitch, M.A. Ecclesiastical History and Pastoral Theology - Rev. W. D. Killen, D.D. Hebrew - Rev. Jas. G. Murphy, LL.D. Christian Ethics - Rev. Henry Wallace. Sacred Rhetoric and Catechetic - Rev. John Rogers, D.D. Living Oriental Languages - Rev. J. Glasgow, D.D.

Methodist College
(Founded 1865)

This College was erected by the Wesleyan Church in Ireland, largely aided by English and American Methodism. The design of the Institution is two fold :- first, to be a college for the training of candidates for the Wesleyan ministry, and for the reception of students, other than theological, who are studying for a degree in the Queen's University, and, secondly, to be a public school of the first class, open to pupils of all denominations. The buildings occupy an elevated and a beautiful site, with grounds about eleven acres in extent, in the suburbs of the town, immediately adjoining the Botanic Gardens and the Queen's College. The College contains accommodation for about eighty boarders, each having a separate cubicle, and for nearly thirty students, each occupying a separate room. The cost of the building and outfit has been about £37,000, and for the effectual working of the establishment an additional sum of £20,000 has been invested as an endowment. Exhibitions and prizes, to the value of £250 per annum, are presented for competition in the several departments. In addition to the Students' and Boys' Departments, a separate portion of the building has been set apart for the accommodation of Ladies' Classes and a Girls' School, under the management of the general staff of the College. These classes are largely attended, and are in full working order.
President and Treasurer - Rev. Robinson Scott, D.D. Theological Tutor - Rev. W. Applebe, LL.D., T.C.D.  Head Master - Henry R. Parker, Ll.D., Ex Scholar, Senior Classical Moderator and Gold Medallist,  First Hebrew Prizeman, etc T.C.D.  Mathematical Masters - Jas. A. McNeill, First Science Scholar etc, Q.C.B., T. R. Collier, A.B., Senior Science Scholar, Q.C.B. Classical Masters - Jas. G. Meyer, A.M., Ex Scholar and Moderator, T.C.D.,  T. B. Oliver, A.B., Senior Classical Scholar, Q.C.B., John Montgomery, First Classical Scholar, Q.C.B.,  W. P. Holmes, Classical Scholar, Q.C.B. First Resident and English Master - H. A. Davison, London University. Writing and Commercial Master - J. D. Stuart, Professor of French - Isaac Bradshaw. Teacher of German - Miss Reid. Professor of Elocution - Samuel Browne. Professors of Music and Singing - B, H. Carroll, Miss Moore. Assistant English, Classical, and Mathematical Masters - A. G. Roddie, J. A. Macdonald, Andrew McAfee, John Fannen, T.C.D. Ladies in charge of Girls' School and Kinder Garten - Miss Moore, Miss McKee, Miss McKee. Drill - Sergeant Galbraith. Visiting Physician - Thos. K. Wheeler, M.D. Consulting Physician - Professor Seaton Reid, M.D.

St. Malachy's Diocesan College

The object of this Establishment (under the patronage and superintendence of the Most Rev. Dr. Dorrian), is to prepare young gentlemen for professional and mercantile pursuits. The course of studies comprises Latin, Greek, French, Mathematics, History, Music, and Drawing, with the various branches of a first class English and mercantile education. Special attention is paid to Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, English Composition, Bookkeeping, and Mensuration. President - Rev. H. Henry. Dean - Rev. J. Conway. Professors of Classics, Mathematics, French and History - Rev. H. Henry, Rev. J. Conway, Rev. H. Laverty, Rev. J. Tohill, and Rev. H. Macauley. English and Mercantile Department - Head Master, W. J. McCormick, first assistant, H. W. Graham, second assistant, J. O'Brien, third assistant, J. Harbinson, Professor of Dancing and Deportment, J. Gordon, drill master, Sergeant Prendergast, medical attendant, J. Fagan, M.D., Drawing Master, D. Burns.

Belfast Academy

The Belfast Academy was founded by public subscription in December, 1785, and opened for the purposes of teaching in January, 1786. All subscribers of Ten Guineas and upwards were constituted "patrons" and all the masters were appointed by them. The first principal was the Rev. Dr. Crombie. The seminary was intended to combine a public school with a college on the model of the Scotch universities, but the college department was never fully carried out. Dr. Crombie lived, a very short time, and was succeeded by the Rev. Dr. Bruce, at whose accession a change was made in the constitution, placing the appointment of the masters in the hands of the principal. In 1822 Dr. Bruce resigned, and was succeeded by the Rev. James Gray, who accepted a chaplaincy under the East India Company in 1826, and was succeeded by the Rev. Dr. Bryce, who retired from the work of teaching in 1865, but still holds the office of principal and the power of superintendence, but without remuneration. In 1834 a new subscription was opened for re-building the Academy, but difficulties arose regarding the title to the property. These were removed in 1864 by a decree of the Court of Chancery, which also settled a new scheme for the future government of the seminary. It was subsequently found necessary to go again to Chancery for the amendment of the scheme on account of some defects in it, which hampered the governing body in their efforts to go on with the building. The required amendments having been sanctioned by a decree of the Lord Chancellor in May, 1876 a suitable site was taken at Cliftonville, in the angle between the Antrim Road and the New Lodge Road, where a beautiful and commodious building is being erected. It will be finished about the beginning of May, 1880, and it will contain five large school rooms, several smaller class rooms, a museum, library, spacious common hall etc. There is a Board of Directors, chosen by and from the Patrons, and a Board of Masters consisting of the principal and the head masters of the four schools above mentioned. These Boards united form a council for the general management of the Academy, and has besides separate duties and powers of its own. Trustees - Wm. Ewart, M.P., Thos. Sinclair, J.P., Rev. J. Bryce, LL.D. Secretary - Rev. J. A. Chancellor. Principal - Rev. R. J. Bryce.

Belfast Ladies' Collegiate School
The Crescent, University Road

Founded 1859, by Mrs. Byers. The School buildings in the Crescent, with residence for Principal adjoining, were erected in 1874, and contain class rooms calculated to accommodate 300 day pupils, together with cubicles, dormitories etc, for the accommodation of 40 resident pupils. The system pursued is by means of an ample staff of teachers of undoubted attainments to provide for girls an education adapted to their wants, as thorough as that which is afforded to boys in schools of the highest order. The classes are carefully graduated in such a way that a girl may commence with the rudiments of learning, and rise gradually by test examinations through each department until she reaches the Advanced Class. The School consists of the Preparatory and Intermediate Departments, and the Advanced Collegiate Classes. In the Preparatory School pupils from four to ten years of age are received. They are taught reading, writing , elementary arithmetic, Scripture, singing, and drawing, and the kinder garten system of Frobel as far as it is found practicable and expedient. In the intermediate division the pupils are encouraged to take advantage of the examinations under the Intermediate Education (Ireland) Act. There are several exhibitions and prizes in the School, and in the collegiate classes the courses of study are regulated by the standard afforded by the Queen's University Examinations for Women (Senior Grade) and those of Trinity, Cambridge, and the London Universities. When lady students obtain certificates in these examinations, official recognition is given of the education in the Collegiate School.

Royal Academical Institution
College Square East

Incorporated by Act of Parliament, 1810, for the purpose of affording a sound education to all classes of the community, without distinction of sect or party. There are several valuable exhibitions and prizes connected with the institution, particulars of which, as well as a full prospectus of the course of education, can be obtained on application to any of the masters. There are four vice presidents, twenty managers, and eight visitors elected by the proprietors, and thirteen ex-officio visitors appointed by Act of Parliament. One vice president, five managers and two visitors retire annually. President - The Marquis of Donegall. Sec. - Adam Duffin. Treasurer - Henry J. McCance. Board of Masters- Robert Steen, Ph.D.- Classics. Randal C. J. Nixon, A.M., Cantab. - Mathematical and Mercantile. John Carlisle, M.A. - English. Robert Dods, B.A. - Modern Languages. H. Burden, M.D. - Natural Science. John H. Howell - Writing.

Belfast National District Model School
Divis Street

This School, opened in May, 1857, was built by the Commissioners of National Education, at an expense of £14,000, and is exclusively under their control. The average attendance of pupils has been 1,300. There are four departments - the Evening, Male, Female, and Infant Schools. Boys' School - Head Master, Mr. G. L. Moore. Girls' School - Head Mistress, Miss Cleery. Infant School - Miss Heritage. Chaplains to the children of their respective denominations - Irish Church, Rev. W. S. Darley. Presbyterian, Rev. Dr. Murphy and Rev. John Greenlees. Methodist, Rev. Richard Butler. Unitarian, Rev. Mr. Orr.

Belfast Government School of Art
College Square North
(With Branch Classes at Ladies' Collegiate School and Methodist College.)

The school was re-established in October, 1870, after a lapse of seventeen years, since which time considerable progress has been made in developing a taste among all classes for drawing, painting and design. There are evening classes for artisans and day classes for ladies, gentlemen, school boys, and girls, at which most excellent work is done, and workmen and apprentices from the various firms in town steadily acquire, under able teachers, knowledge and skill in artistic, architectural, and mechanical Drawing, as well as designing and modeling - fitting them to compete with the same professions elsewhere, employers in many cases pay the fees of their apprentices. Frequent applications are made to the school for draughtsmen and designers, showing the evident desire on the part of employers to keep pace with the times in employing thoroughly trained and skilled assistants. In the eight national competitions since the opening of the school in October, 1870, the total number of prizes gained from the Department of Science and Art have been :- 1 gold medal, 2 silver medals, 13 bronze medals, 36 national book prizes, 197 third grade prizes, 22 free studentships, and 6 national scholarships, entitling to a course of training at South Kensington and £52 a year for three years. The first prize of eight guineas, offered by the Plasterers' Company of London, was gained by one of the Belfast students. The board of management also annually distribute a large sum in local prizes to the pupils, which is subscribed by merchants and manufacturers of the neighbourhood. The head master, T. M. Lindsay, Esq., has been awarded a bonus each year for the efficient state of the school, which now ranks among the most successful in the country. There are two sketching clubs among the students, and a monthly illustration club. An interesting exhibition of the pupils' works is held at the beginning of each year. Board of Managers - Sir Charles Lanyon, J.P., R.H.A., chairman ; Robert Young, C.E. ; Henry R. Parker, LL.D. ;  James Musgrave, J.P. ; Alex. Tate, C.E., vice chairmen. W. H. Patterson, M.R.I.A. ; J. W. Byers, M.A., M.D. ; James Thompson, J.P. ; John S. Brown, J. Vineycomb, F. F. D. Ward, John Ward, F.R.G.S. ; D. W. Johnston, C. H. Brett, John Carlisle, M.A. ; Charles C. Connor, William Dobbin, Lavens M. Ewart, Vere Foster, James Henry, J.P. ; Sir John Preston, J.P. ; William Gray, M.R.I.A. ; E. J. Harland, J.P. ; Jas. Alex. Henderson, J.P. ; Professor Nesbitt, W. H. Lynn, R.H.A. ; James Moore, M.D., R.H.A., M.R.I.A. ; Alex. Moore, Robert Thompson, J.P., LL.D., F.R.S. Edinburgh ; John Vineycomb, John Carlisle, M.A.  Treasurer - William Valentine, J.P. ; Hon. Secretary - John Carlisle, M.A. Assistant Sec. - Hugh Robinson. Head Master - T. M. Lindsay. Second Master - John Summer. Assistants - Jno. Donaldson, W. H. Minshull.

Brown Street Sunday and Daily Schools
Brown Street

Established in 1810, for the purpose of supplying the children of the working classes with Scriptural and literary education. In 1862 it was placed under the National Board of Education. About 540 children are taught in the Sunday Schools, and in the daily and evening schools there are 1,557 on the rolls, while 614 (in average attendance) receive instruction. According to the last report (that for 1878), there were on the rolls of the Sunday and day schools 2,536, the actual average daily attendance 977.7, and the total teaching staff at work 79.  Treasurer, Wm. McNeill. Secretaries - Rev. Dr. Johnston and Mr. Joseph Lytle. Boys' School - Mr. Donaldson, master. Girls' School - Miss Trimble, mistress. Infant School - Miss Young, mistress. Evening School - Mr. Donaldson, master.

Northern Sunday School Association
Offices - 33, Donegall Street

Established May, 1839, for the purpose of supplying Sunday Schools with Bible, Testaments, and other books and requisites. The committee meet at their Depositor, 33 Donegall Street, on the first Wednesday of every month, at Two o'clock.

St. Ann's Parochial Schools
Academy Street

These Schools, since the appointment of the present Vicar of Belfast - the Rev. Dr. Hannay - have been placed in connection with the Down and Connor and Dromore Church Education Society. The schools are now in a very efficient state. All the children in attendance receive instruction daily in the Holy Scriptures in addition to a good secular education. On the roll of the daily and Sunday schools there are now upwards of 500 children. Teachers - Richard Pearson, Miss Pender, Miss Braithwate (Braithwaite), Miss Constance Pender.

Drew Memorial School
Grosvenor Street

For girls and infants under the Church Education Society. Teacher - Miss Jacob. Assistant - Miss S. M. Jacob.

Christ Church Sunday and Daily Schools
Durham Street
(Opened November, 1836)

Infant and Female School - Number on roll, 200, with an average attendance of 160. Teachers - Miss Frances M. Morrow, Mr. Wm. Gibson, Miss Agar.
The Sunday schools, male and female, are held in Christ Church school rooms at ten am. and four pm. average attendance 450, and 50 teachers. Total on the books of Sunday schools, 1,000. Adult schools, 50. Library containing upwards of 500 volumes for the use of the children and teachers attending these schools.


Provincial Grand Masonic Lodge of Antrim

Meets in the Masonic Hall, Belfast, on the second Monday in February and August, at 7 o'clock pm., second Monday in May, and the second Wednesday in November at 2 o'clock pm., also for District business at Ballymena, on the second Wednesday in April, at 11.30 o'clock am., and at Ballymoney, on the second Wednesday in October, at 12 o'clock noon.  Offices for 1880 :-

The Marquis of Donegall
Sir Charles Lanyon
Alexander Tate
William J. Rainey
R. McCalmont
Charles Stewart
Deacon - James A. McNeill
Deacon - Charles J. Kinahan
Sup. of Works - Robert Watt
Dir. of Cer. - John G. Moore
Sword Bearer - Robert McComb
Organist - John Patterson
Inner Guard - John Milliken
Assistant P.G. Secretary

Lodge Instructors

P.G. Chaplains

Thomas Nesbitt

Henry James Hill & Wm. Redfern Kelly

W. Rev. S. S. Frackleton
W. Rev. W. C. McCullagh
W. Rev. J. W. Murray, LL.D.
W. Rev. T. J. Welland, A.M.

The Province or District consists of the County of Antrim, with the town of Magherafelt.  Lodges in Belfast, with the place and time of meeting in each month :-

    * 7,
  * 40,
  * 51,
  * 54,
  * 59,
  + 88,
   * 97,
+ 106,
* 109,
 * 111,
 * 154,
* 272,
* 609,
* 659,

"Acacia," Ulster Hall, third Thursday, 4 o'clock.
"Ark" Alfred Street, second Thursday, 4 o'clock
"Truth" Masonic Hall, second Tuesday, 7.30 o'clock
"Massereene" Masonic Hall, second Friday, 7.30 o'clock
"Duke of Abercorn's" Murray's Terrace, first Thursday
"Concord" Arthur Street, first and third Wednesday, 7 o'clock
"Temple" Masonic Hall, first Wednesday, 7.30 o'clock
"Ballymacarrett True Blues" Masonic Hall, third Monday, 7.30 o'clock
"Alfred's" Masonic Hall, first Tuesday, 7.30 o'clock
"St. John's" Masonic Hall, third Wednesday, 8 o'clock
"Donegall True Blues" Masonic Hall, fourth Friday, 7.30 o'clock
"Hiram's" Masonic Hall, first Friday, 7.30 o'clock
Masonic Hall, third Thursday, 7.30 o'clock
"Hiram's Band" Masonic Hall, fourth Wednesday, 7.30 o'clock
"Union" Masonic Hall, first Monday, 7.30 o'clock
"Excelsior" Masonic Hall, second Thursday, 7.30 o'clock
"Harmony" Masonic Hall, first Thursday, 7.30 o'clock
Ballymacarrett, Belfast, third Friday, 7.30 o'clock
Masonic Hall, third Tuesday, 7.30 o'clock
"Prince of Wales" Arthur Street, first Tuesday, 7 o'clock
"St. Patrick's" Masonic Hall, fourth Tuesday, 7.30 o'clock
"Fall's" Masonic hall, fourth Thursday, 7.30 o'clock
Ballymacarrett, Belfast, first Tuesday, 7.30 o'clock
"True Blues" Masonic Hall, third Friday, 7.30 o'clock
"Hill's Gillhall" Protestant Hall, Albert Bridge Road, third Wednesday, 8 o'clock
"Friendly Brothers" Masonic Hall, last Monday, 7.30 o'clock
"The Union True Blues" Masonic Hall, second Wednesday, 7.30 o'clock

Those marked (*) have R.A. Chapters attached.
Those marked (+) have Preceptories and R.A. Chapters attached.


Founded in Belfast 1840, registered in Ireland, 1855. Place of meeting, Oddfellows' Hall, Academy Street. Its objects are - Relief in sickness, burial of its members and members' wives, and assistance of widows and orphans and members in distress. Sir Stafford Northcote, M.P., stated that the Manchester Society of Oddfellows was the best organised and best managed Friendly Society in existence. On 1st January, 1879, it numbered 531,560 members, with a capital of £4,325,584. "Ulster" Lodge (2,468) meets every alternate Wednesday - John Clarke, Surgeon. Medical Officer, William Spiers, Permanent Secretary. "Marquis of Donegall" Lodge (2,957) meets every alternate Tuesday - William Scott Core, M.D., Medical Officer, William Crawford, Permanent Secretary. "Belfast" Lodge (3,907) meets every alternate Wednesday - David Johnston, M.D., Medical Officer, John Downing, Permanent Secretary. "City of Carrickfergus" Lodge (3,783) meets every alternate Thursday in the Parochial Schoolroom, Carrickfergus, J. W. Patrick, M.D., Medical Officer, Henry Lynn, Permanent Secretary. John Woods Beck, M.D., etc., District Treasurer, John Downing, Corresponding Secretary, 68 Eglinton Street. District Trustees - Samuel Rushton, Samuel Clifford, and Samuel Acheson.


Founded in Belfast, 1846. Registered under the Friendly Societies Acts. Place of meeting, Oddfellows Hall, 65 Academy Street, Belfast. Principles - Total Abstinence. Objects - Relief to members in sickness, burial of its members, members' wives and widows. District Officers for 1879 - Chief Ruler, John Johnstone, 45 Townsend Street, Deputy Ruler, Isaac Clarke, 39 Dock Street, Past Chief Ruler, Hugh McKibben, 4 Percy Street, Treasurer, Alex. Crawford, 13 Arthur Street, Secretary, Thomas Brennian (Brennan), Chambers Street. Trustees - Duncan MacMillan, Mountpottinger, William Malcolm, 36 Thames Street, W. J. Dougall, 29 Donegall Quay.
Tents In The District :-












"Olive Branch" meets every alternate Thursday in Oddfellows' Hall, at 8 o'clock. Medical Officer - Dr. David Johnston, Clifton Street, Belfast. Secretary, Alexander Crawford, 13 Arthur Street.

"Star of the North" meets every alternate Tuesday evening in Oddfellows Hall, at 8 o'clock. Medical Officer - De. James Graham, M.D. 150 Donegall Pass. Secretary - Andrew Smyth, 79 Wall Street.

"Excelsior" meets every alternate Monday evening in Oddfellows' Hall, at 8 o'clock. Medical Officer - Dr. A. H. H. McMurtry, M.D., 11 Eglinton Place, Crumlin Road. Secretary - Samuel Acheson, 111 Victoria Street.

"Prince Albert" meets every alternate Monday evening in Oddfellows' Hall at 8 o'clock. Medical Officer - Dr. A. H. H. McMurtry, M.D., 11 Eglinton Place. Secretary - Robert Moreland, 22 Broadbent Street.

"Alexandra" meets every alternate Thursday evening in Clifton Street Lecture Hall, at 8 o'clock. Medical Officer - Dr. A. H. H. McMurtry, M.D., 11 Eglinton Place. Secretary - Hudson Shepperd, 62 Regent Street.

"Path of Peace" meets every alternate Thursday evening in Kenlis Street, Banbridge, at 7 o'clock. Medical Officer - Dr. Morton, Newry Street. Secretary - James Mahood, Pound Street, Banbridge.

"Lagan Lifeboat" meets every alternate Wednesday evening in Abercorn Rooms, at eight o'clock. Medical Officer - Dr. A. H. H. McMurtry, M.D., 11 Eglinton Place. Secretary - Duncan Kirkwood, 5 Turin Street.

"Derry's First" meets every alternate Monday evening. Medical Officer - Dr. G. B. McCaul, M.D., 31 Clarendon Street. Secretary - Mr. W Barker, 14 London Street, Londonderry.

"Newry Excelsior" meets every alternate Tuesday in Ebenezer Schoolroom, Trevor Hill, at 8 o'clock. Medical Officer - Dr. B. S. Brooke, M.D. Secretary - R. J. Irwin, 6 Arthur Street, Newry.

"The Old Rock"

"The Rescue" meets every alternate Thursday evening in Magdalene Schoolroom, Great Victoria Street, at eight o'clock. Medical Officer - Dr. Wm. G. Mackenzie. Secretary - Joseph Robinson, 4 Oban Street.

The "Olive Branch Juvenile" Tent , for boys, from 8 to 18 years of age, meets every alternate Friday evening in Oddfellows' Hall. Medical Officer - Dr. Brice Smith. Superintendents - Mr. James McConnel, 42 Cavour Street, Mr. A. McConnel, Denmark Street, Mr. H. Wallace, Schomberg Terrace. Secretary - Mr. W. J. Dougal, 4 Benwell Terrace.

Juvenile "Alexandra Tent", meets in Clifton Street Lecture Hall. Superintendent - Henry J. A. McAlery, and L. S. Fleming.

Christ Church School Room

Instituted 1839. Meetings held last Monday of every month. Office Bearers - President, John Hamil, Secretary, James McConnell.


Working Men's Institute and Temperance Hall.
Castle Street and Queen Street

The Institute is designed to supply the artizan and mechanic with a public place where they can meet their friends, spend an hour or two in social intercourse, read the papers of the day, etc., and hear lectures, at a moderate charge. The building was erected at a cost of nearly £9,000, and contains a news room, supplied with all the local and the leading English, Scotch, and Irish newspapers, periodicals, and reviews, a chemical laboratory, lecture and class rooms, amusement room supplied with billiard and bagatelle tables, chess, draughts etc., a library, in which there are a large number (nearly 3,000 volumes) of carefully selected books, and which is being constantly increased. Trustees - Sir T. McClure, Bart., M.P., V.L., M. L. Dalway, M.P., Thomas Valentine, J.P., Thomas Greer, J.P., Edward Hughes, J. G. Richardson, Thomas Gaffikin, T.C., Dr. Samuel Browne, R.N., J.P., W. M. Scott. Robert L. Hamilton, J.P., Alexander Johns, J.P.  Committee - President - Geo. Morrow. Vice President - James McCreery, John McCalmont. Treasurer - John Henderson. Financial Sec. - James Murdoch. Jas. Andrews, Wm. Johnston, Edwd. Bingham, Henry Connolly, Saml. Gordon, John S. Lytle, James Serridge, C. J. Glen, W. J. Carmichael, H. S. Gamble, John McKenzie, James Chambers, Joseph D. Moore, David Craig, William Marks, John Barbour, R. C. Barrett. Hon. Sec. - Robt. Barklie. Assistant Hon. Sec. - Samuel Boyle. Science Committee - Chairman - Dr. Samuel Browne, R.N., J.P.  Jas. Alex. Henderson, J.P., James P. Corry, M.P., Thomas Valentine, J.P., Finlay McCance, J.P., Thomas Greer, J.P., Sir Thomas McClure, Bart., M.P., V.L., Professor Everett, M.A., D.C.L., Edward P. Cowan, J.P., Thos. H. Browne, T.C., Thomas Gaffikin, T.C., Robert Thompson, J.P., Wm. Moffatt, Henry Burden, M.A., M.D., Robert L. Hamilton, J.P., William Q. Ewart, T.C., A. M. Ferrar, James McCreery, John Henderson, John McKenzie, H. McCaffrey, R. C. Barrett, R. J. Walshe, H. S. Gamble, Geo. Moore, John Barbour, Wm. Marks, John McCalmont. Hon. Sec. - T. Gaffikin, jun. Classes for the study of the English language, shorthand, French, and bookkeeping are held during the winter, all of which are conducted by thoroughly efficient and competent teachers. Special prizes (for the most part contributed by the merchants and gentry of the town) are given annually for proficience in the following subjects :- Mathematics, Acoustics, Light and Heat, and Magnetism and Electricity, Chemistry (Inorganic, Organic and Practical), Chemistry and Botany, Agriculture, and any four of the allied subjects, Chemistry, Botany, Geology, Physiology, and Physiography.  Queen's prizes of the value of 7s. 6d. and upwards are also awarded to all students who pass their examinations in the first class. All students attending the classes in the Institute may qualify themselves to compete for the Whitworth Scholarships, the Royal Exhibitions, and Science Studentships. A room in the Institute has been specially fitted up as a Laboratory, and is furnished with all the apparatus necessary for both qualitative and quantitative analyses. The classes in Chemistry and Botany will be found specially adapted for those preparing for either the preliminary or final examination of the Pharmaceutical Society. Certificates from the school are recognised by the Council as qualifying for their diplomas. These classes have, since their opening, proved the most successful in Ireland, both as regards the number in attendance and the scholarships, medals, prizes, and certificates gained at the May examinations, no fewer than 9 students' 2 Queen's medals, 453 Queen's prizes and first class certificates, and 574 second class certificates having been secured. Upwards of £400 (of which £100 was presented by the Committee of the Belfast Meeting of the British Association in recognition of the importance of the Institute as a School of Science) have been spent in the purchase of apparatus for illustrating the lectures experimentally. Educational classes in connection with the Science and Art Department in Mathematics, Mechanics, Acoustics, Light and Heat, Magnetism and Electricity, Chemistry (Inorganic, Organic and Practical)  Geology, Botany, Animal Physiology, Agriculture, Physiography etc., are held and conducted by Robert Barklie, F.C.S.,  R. T. Collier, B.A., Sen. Scholar, Q.C.B., and Samuel Boyle. Every information regarding the classes may be obtained from the Manager, at the Institute, or Mr. Barklie, who attends every evening to enroll students.

Rooms - Clarence Place Hall

Containing library, reading rooms, lecture hall, news room and offices. This Society was established in the month of January, 1850, for the spiritual, moral and intellectual improvement of its members, and for the purpose of aiding missions at home and abroad. The library, containing about 1,800 volumes, religious and moral, history, biography and travel, magazines, poetry and fiction, miscellaneous, books of reference etc., is connected with it, and suitable lectures are delivered, at stated periods, by eminent men, and by the members of the society weekly, during the sessions. A committee of fifteen conducts the business of this society. Patron - His Grace the Duke of Abercorn. His Grace the Lord Primate, His Grace the Duke of Manchester, Right Hon. Sir Joseph Napier, Bart., the Lord Bishop of Down and Connor and Dromore, the Lord Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross. President - The Right Hon. and Rev, Lord O'Neill. Vice Presidents - Right Hon. Lord Cairns, Colonel William B. Forde, J.P., D.L., William Johnston, Sir Thomas McClure, Bart., M.P., Sir Charles Lanyon, Knt., J.P., Sir W. G. Johnson, Knt., J.P., D.L., Henry H. McNeile, J.P., Conway R. Dobbs, J.P., D.L., William Ewart, M.P., Sir Joshua Prestor, Knt., J.P., Thomas Valentine, J.P., John Mulholland, M.P., Joseph J. Murphy, Isaac J. Murphy, Frederick Kinahan, Thos. Henry Purdon, M.D., Charles D. Purdon, M.D., Henry Ferguson, M.D., W. J. Johnston, J.P., J. T. Abbot, Alexander Lockhart, James B. Owens, James Alexander, J.P., James Neill, the Vicar of Belfast, Revs. Theophilus Campbell, D.D., E. J. Harttrick, A.M., Thomas W. Roe, LL.D., James Marshall, A.M., William Cotter, D.D., George Hamilton, I. H. Deacon, A.M., Richard Irvine, A.M., C. H. H. Wright, D.D., Ph.D., G. A. Chadwick, D.D., Samuel Moore, A.M., S. E. Busby, LL.D., Thomas J. Welland, A.M., J. G. Hopkins, A.M., Walter Riddall, A.M., G. R. Wynne, A.B., W. Stewart Ross, N. E. Smith, Thomas R. Hamilton, A.M. Committee - Charles Foy, Henry Harris, Thos. Brittain, Robert Walsh, B. T. Hewitt, John Smyth, William Irwin, Richard J. Orr, John Garrett, M. B. Thompson, W. R. Patterson, James Taylor, H. A. Matier, James Stewart, Charles Gausen. Treasurer - Robert Thompson, J.P. Corresponding Secretary - Robert L. Hamilton, J.P. Hon. Secretaries - J. G. Johnston, W. J. Jackson. Librarian - John Wylie. General Secretary - H. McKnight. Library and Reading Rooms open every day (Sunday excepted) from 8 am. till 10 pm. Saturdays till 9 pm. Meeting and classes every week during the winter session.


Instituted in 1801, meets once in each month, on Monday evening, from October till May inclusive, in the houses of members. It has for its object literature, science and the arts, and solicits information respecting the history, antiquities, and present state of Ireland. A paper, confined to the subjects announced, is read every night of meeting by the members in succession. Hon. Secretary - Henry Burden, M.A., M.D., College Square North.

Rooms - Lombard Street.

Established 1850. The objects of this Association is the spiritual, moral, and mental improvement of young men, by the efforts of the members in the sphere of their daily calling, by devotional meetings, biblical instruction, and mutual improvement classes, the delivery of lectures, the diffusion of Christian literature, or by any other means that are in accordance with the Scriptures. There are a reading room and library in connection with this society. President - Sir Thomas McClure, Bart., V.L., M.P. Vice President - John Browne, Mayor Alex. Bulloch, James Carlisle, J.P., Sir E. Coey, J.P., D.L., J. P. Corry, M.P., Rev. I. H. Deacon, A.M., Wm. Ewart, M.P., W. Quartus Ewart, William L. Finlay, James Glass, Thos Greer, J.P., P. Johnston, J.P., Rev. Robert Knox, D.D., Sir Charles Lanyon, J.P., A. D. Lemon, T. G. Lindsay, J.P., John Moore, M.D., Wm. Mullan, J.P., Rev. Jas. Robertson, Rev. Chas. Seaver, M.A., C. Wolfe Shaw, Wm. Shaw, T. Sinclair, J.P., David Taylor, J.P., Charles Thompson, Rev. John White, Rev. H. M. Williamson, John Workman. Treasurer - W. L. Finlay, jun. Hon. Secretary - Mr. W. S. Mollan. Committee - Robert Anderson, Lawson A. Browne, Joseph H. Cooke, John Fisher, William Greenhill, David Jones, Harry Jones, J. K. Mitchell, Henry Montgomery, Henry McClelland, John Pim, William Shaw, jun., John Wilkinson, B. D. Wise. Hon. Librarian - George W. Blair, and N. Patterson. General Secretary - Alfred H. Pettit.

Rooms - Queen's College

This Society, founded February, 1850, was established for the purpose of affording to its members an opportunity of improving themselves by writing papers on literary and scientific subjects. Members are permitted to offer criticisms on the papers. There are now upwards of 150 members. It is managed by the members themselves, under the care and with the sanction of the College authorities. It usually meets every alternate Friday during the College terms, and the public are admitted to the meetings. Annual subscription 2s. 6d, Patrons - The President of the Queen's College, Belfast, and the Right Hon. the Earl of Dufferin and Clandeboye, K.P. Vice Patrons - The Professors of the Queen's College, Belfast.  Office Bearers for 1878 - 80 - President - J. A. Lindsay, M.A. Vice Presidents - J. B. Sayers, B.A., J. A. Strahan, M.A. Secretaries - James Barron, B.A., M.D., J. D. Osborne, B.A. Treasurers - G. L. Moore, B.A., J. H. Montgomery. Council Members - S. Hamill, B.A., S. Black, W. P. Steen, B.A., J. H. Rainey, W. Byers.

Rooms - Linen Hall, Donegall Square North

This Society was instituted in 1788, and meets in the centre building of the Linen Hall, under the direction of a president, vice president, and committee, elected annually. It now possesses upwards of 15,000 volumes on history, biography, voyages, travels, political economy, encyclopedias, French and English, with books on natural philosophy, chemistry etc., dictionaries, maps, charts, reviews, magazines, philosophical journals, and a selection of the most popular light literature of the day. The library contains an almost complete file of the Belfast News Letter from 1737 to the present date. A register of the weather is kept by the librarian - viz, barometer, thermometer, and quantity of rain. The Committee meet the first and third Thursday of every month, at eleven o'clock am. There are three classes of subscribers - Proprietors - Who pay two guineas entrance, and one guinea per annum. Members - Who pay one guinea entrance, and one guinea per annum. Annual Subscribers - Who pay no entrance, but merely one guinea per annum subscription. Office Bearers - President - Joseph J. Murphy, F.G.S. Vice President - Arthur C. Weir. Hon. Treasurer - Thos. Montgomery. Hon. Sec. - J. Anderson, J.P., F.G.S. Committee - W. Ed. Crothers, F.R.G.S., John S. Drennan, M.D., W. D. Henderson, John F. Hodges, M.D., Robert MacAdam, Rev. W. C. McCullagh, William H. Patterson, M.R.I.A., Henry Reid, William A. Robinson, William Simms, John Workman, J.P. Librarian - F. A. Maitland. Assistant - F. W. Knox.

Waring Street and Donegall Street

Build by a Joint Stock Company, which has been brought under the protection of an Act of Parliament. The building, etc., cost about £20,000, which is divided into 200 shares. The business is managed by a committee, chosen on the second Thursday in every January, from among the proprietors, The public apartments consists of a spacious subscription News Room, liberally supplied with the principal daily and other periodical publications, and also daily telegraphic intelligence, and furnished with a valuable assortment of books and maps. 'Change is held in the buildings on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The facade, fronting Donegall Street, is of the Ionic order of classical proportions, substantially erected of granite, and forms one of the principal architectural features of Belfast.
Committee - Richard Bell, Charles Duffin, M. Oakman, J. G. Biggar, Dr. Murney, Sir James Hamilton, John Suffern, Jas. F. McCaw, W. W. Godfrey, William Carson, James Kennedy, and James Campbell. Secretary - Samuel Vance.

Reading Rooms - 12 Donegall Street

This Institute was founded in 1845, and since then lectures have been delivered under its auspices by several eminent gentlemen. The money raised by all lectures delivered in connection with the Institute is used in improving and extending the libraries. The News room, opened 22nd June, 1846, is supplied regularly with all the leading newspapers and periodicals. It is open daily from 8 am. till 10 pm. Terms to both news room and library, 3s. per quarter. Visitors admitted at the charge of one penny. The Circulating Library, opened 8th July, 1847, consists of about four thousand volumes. Educational classes, in connection with the Society of Arts, London, are conducted every winter, which are free to members of the institute. The institute is now amalgamated with the Working Men's Institute.

Frederick Street

Established in 1863. Removed to the present building specially erected for the purpose, at a cost of £900, in 1869. The Institute comprises a reading room, library, etc., and is open free to ladies and gentlemen members of the Society of Friends, the expenses being defrayed by voluntary subscriptions. Lectures on literary, scientific and miscellaneous subjects, are delivered during the winter season. President - Joshua Pim. Committee - Wm. T. Harvey, William J. Boucher, William W. Lamb, Joseph C. Marsh, E. Wakefield Pim, Edwin Squire, Louis F. O'Brien, William J. Gilmore. Treasurer - Elias H. Thompson. Librarians - Fred. W. Lockwood, James Creeth. Hon. Sec. - H. Charles Knight. Resident Caretaker - John Ferguson.

Rooms - 63 Upper Arthur Street

Instituted in 1845, for the dissemination of practical knowledge on the connection of chemistry with agriculture, and for the analysis of soils and manures etc. Meets the first Friday of every month in the rooms of the society. Patron - The Duke of Marlborough, Lord Lieutenant. President - Viscount Templetown. Vice Presidents - The Marquis of Londonderry, Marquis of Donegall, Earl of Dufferin, Earl of Antrim, Lord Clermont, Lord Lurgan, Viscount Newry, Lord E. Hill-Trevor, M.P., Sir Richard Wallace, Bart., M.P., Sir Thomas Bateson, Bart., M.P., Belvoir Park, Lord Bishop of Down, Right Rev. Dr. Dorrian, Sir Thomas McClure, Bart., John Sharman Crawford, D.L., the Mayor of Belfast, R. F. Gordon, D.L., A. J. R. Stewart, D.L., Ards, Hon. Somerset Ward, J.P., T. Gregg, J.P., John Mulholland, D.L., M.P., Thomas Andrews, M.D., F.R.S. Honorary Members - M. Boussingault, Paris, M. Chereal, F.R.S., Professor Voelcker, F.R.S., J. B. Lawes, F.R.S., D. J. H. Gilbert, F.R.S. Council - James Andrews, J.P., Comber,  W. J. C. Allen, J.P., Fanoran, John Borthwick, J.P., Prospect, Carrickfergus, J. Barr, Royal Distillery, Lisburn, Washington Charters, Wakefield, H. Dickson, Belfast, Wm. Gray, M.R.I.A., Belfast, William Boyd, Comber, Rev. J. Bradshaw, J.P., Milecross, Newtownards, Henry Burden, M.D., Belfast, Professor Cuming, M.D., Belfast, Ynyr Burgess, J.P., Parkanaur, Dungannon, J. A. Henderson, J.P., Belfast, D. Delacherois, D.L., Donaghadee, W. C. Heron, J.P., High Sheriff, Co. Down, J. Torrens, J.P., Belfast, W. Charley, J.P., Seymour Hill, Dunmurry, F. Filgate, J.P., Castleshane, Lieut. General Smythe, R.A., Whiteabbey, Robert H. Bland, J.P., Lisburn, R. Gordon, Falls Road, Belfast, Andrew Cowan, J.P., Groomsport, Bangor, Robt. Ireland, Falls, Belfast, J. Hancock, J.P., Lurgan, Rev. J. Jellie, Carrickfergus, W. J. Hurst, Drumaness, Geo. S. Kirkpatrick, Craigs, Cullybacky, Peter Quinn, J.P., The Agency, Newry, F. A. Heron, Craigavad, R. Morrow, Lisburn, J. McCormic, Newtownbreda, L. Turtle, Aghalee, Robert McCalmont, F.C.S., Belfast, Joseph Perry, Grove Hill, Downpatrick, S. McCausland, Belfast, J. Chambers, Tullynaskeagh, Rev. Geo. Smythe, Carnmoney, S. Shannon, Carrickfergus, M. Thompson, J.P., Killyleagh, T. Lindsay, Derryboy, Killyleagh, Thomas Valentine, J.P., The Moat, W. Davidson, Rademon, J. Davidson, Brookfield, Moira, H. Young, J.P., Fenaghy. Treasurer - Wm. Simms, Linen Hall, Belfast. Honorary Secretary - W. B. Ritchie, J.P., The Grove, Belfast. Chemical Director - Professor Hodges, M.D., F.C.S, Assistant Chemist - F. Hodges, F.J.C., Mem. Chem. Soc., Berlin. The Society publishes a monthly "Journal of Agriculture and Industry" which is circulated free to members.

Office - The Ulster Buildings

This Association consists of two classes of members - amateurs and farmers. Its operations, as far as regards the Farmers' Class, are confined to the province of Ulster. The Amateur Class is open to the United Kingdom. Funds are raised by donations and annual subscriptions. The first Show was held in Belfast, August 1855. President - General Viscount Templetown, K.C.B. Vice Presidents - (Down) Marquis of Londonderry, K.P., Earl of Dufferin, K.P., Viscount Bangor, Sir Thomas McClure, Bart., V.L., M.P. (Antrim) - Marquis of Donegall, K.P. Viscount Massereene and Ferrard, Lord O'Neill, Sir Richard Wallace, Bart., M.P. (Armagh) - Earl of Charlemont, K.P., Lord Clermont, Sir J. M. Stronge, Bart., Maxwell C. Close, M.P. (Monaghan) - Marquis of Headfort, Earl of Dartrey, K.P., Lieut.- Colonel Lloyd, J.P., Rev. A. N. Haire-Foster, J.P. Trustees - Fitzherbert Filgate, J.P., J. Hancock, J.P., W. B. Glenny, J.P.  Secretary - G. Gerald Bingham, office, The Ulster Buildings. Treasurer - The Northern Banking Company.

Office - 10 Donegall Square West

Established for the improvement of the culture of flax in Ireland, and the dissemination of information relative to the production and supply of flax. President - William Ewart, M.P. Vice Presidents - J. G. Richardson and John Mulholland, D.L., M.P. Council - Thomas Andrews, John D. Barbour, Charles Bowles, John Campbell, James Carlisle, William Charley, Foster Connor, James Dickson, William Quartus Ewart, William J. Finlayson, William L. Finlay, David Graham, Robert Gordon, Robert L. Hamilton, James Hind, W. J. Hurst, Philip Johnston, William M. Kirk, John Love, Robert MacGeagh, William S. Mitchell, William H. Moreland, Charles Murland, John Marshall (Leeds),  H. D. McMaster, A. J. McCullough, Robert Porter, Sir. John Preston, J. N. Richardson, jun., James Taylor Reid, Thomas Valentine, John Vogan, John Young. Treasurer - William Valentine. Secretary - Michael Andrews. Bankers - Northern Banking Company.

Band Room, Ulster Hall

Instituted 1876, for the cultivation of classical choral music. Practices are held weekly during the musical season, on Thursday evenings, in the Band Room, Ulster Hall, Linenhall Street, commencing at eight o'clock. All information can be obtained from the conductor, 5 Atlantic Avenue. President - Viscount Castlereagh, M.P. Organist - Joseph S. Firth.  Conductor - Fred. C. Smythe, Mus. Bac., T.C.D.

Assembly's Hall, May Street

This Society was established in 1874 by Mr. Walter Newport, for the cultivation and promotion principally of unaccompanied part singing, as well as the performance of the works by the great masters. The society has succeeded beyond anticipation, not only in their own work but also in developing a great desire for music among the middle classes. Three concerts are given by the society in the Ulster Hall during each season, which are always largely attended. The society meets for rehearsal in the Practice Rooms, Assembly's Hall, May Street, every Thursday evening at eight, during the season. President - His Worship the Mayor of Belfast (for the time being). Hon Treasurer - G. Ord. Hon. Secretary - Richard Howell. Conductor - W. J. Kempton, St. Mark's, Sydenham, late Professor, Ely College.


(In which are Incorporated the Classical Harmonists' and Belfast Musical Societies). This Society was founded in 1874 for the practice and public performance of choral and instrumental works. The members meet weekly during the season, in the Ulster Hall, for rehearsal, and there are usually four or five concerts each season. Subscriptions - One Guinea, two guineas, and 9vice presidents) five guineas, entitling the subscriber, for each guinea paid, to one free ticket for each concert. Members - Half a guinea each, with the same privileges as a subscriber of one guinea. President - Robert Edwd. Ward, D.L. Hon. Secretaries - James Alexander and Hugh Hyndman. Hon. Organist - John Shillington. Conductor - Sir. R. P. Stewart, Mus. D. Assistant Secretary - M. H. Harris, Office of the Society, 15 Donegall Place.

Museum - College Square North

This Society was formed in 1821, for the cultivation of natural History, and the investigation of the topography, statistics and antiquities of Ireland. Subsequently the range of subjects became much more extensive, it being agreed to receive communications on all branches of physical science and their applications. The meetings (private and public) for reading of papers are held during the winter months, at the Museum, College Square North. The Belfast Museum is the first Museum erected in Ireland solely by private subscriptions. It was opened in 1831 -32. The internal arrangements are under the care of the Council for the time being. Officers for 1879 - 1880 :- President - Professor Purser. Vice Presidents - Dr. Andrews, Joseph John Murphy, R. MacAdam, and R. Lloyd Patterson. Treasurer - John Anderson. Librarian - Thomas Workman. Secretary - A. O'D. Taylor. Shareholders - One share in the Museum costs £7, two do., £14, three do., £21. The proprietor of one share pays 10s. per annum, the proprietor of two shares pays 5s. per annum, and the proprietor of three shares or more shares stands exempt from further payment. Shareholders only are eligible for election on the council of management. Privileges - Each Shareholder and Member has the right of personal attendance at all meetings of the Society, and of admitting a friend thereto, also of access to the Museum for himself and family, with the privilege of granting admission orders for inspecting collections to any friends not resident in Belfast. Any further information can be obtained by application to either of the Secretaries. It is requested that all accounts due by the society be sent to the Treasurer. The Museum, College Square North, is open daily from 12 till 4 o'clock. Admission for strangers, 6d. each. The Curator is in constant attendance, and will take charge of any donation kindly left for the Museum or Library. The society publishes its proceedings annually.

Rooms - Museum, College Square North.

This Society was established in March, 1863, for the practical study of natural science in all its branches, and archaeology, by holding field meetings during the summer months, and the reading of papers during the winter months - the papers so read to treat, so far as possible, of the natural history and antiquities of the district. The annual subscription is 5s., payable in advance. Prizes are offered for the best collection of scientific objects made by the members. The Club publishes annual proceedings, with occasional appendices, referring to the geology, natural history, and antiquities of the Province of Ulster.  President - Wm. Gray, M.R.I.A., Mountcharles.  Vice President - Prof. J. F. Hodges, M.D., Derryvolgie. Committee - John Browne, M.R.I.A., W. S. Firth, Dr. James Moore, M.R.I.A., H.R.H.A., Rev. Canon MacIlwaine, D.D., M.R.I.A., Geo. O'Brien, F. W. Lockwood, S. A. Stewart, F.B.S.E., Joseph Wright, F.G.S., F.R.G.S.I., Isaac W. Ward, Thomas Workman. Treasurer - Greer Malcolmson, Castle Place. secretaries - Hugh Robinson, Donegall Street, William Swanston, F.G.S., King Street.

Rooms - Royal Hospital, Frederick Street

The Ulster Medical Society, formed in 1862 by the union of the Belfast Medical Society and the Clinico-Pathological Society, has for its objects to afford its members increased facilities of consulting the best medical works and periodicals by means of the library, of deriving mutual instruction on medical subjects by means of its discussions and its pathological museum, and, as a collective body, protecting the interests of the medical profession. The meetings are held in the rooms of the society, at the Royal Hospital, at eight o'clock, on each alternate Tuesday, from 1st November, till 30th April. President - Dr. Dill. Ex-President - Dr. Harkin. Vice Presidents -  Drs. J. W. Browne, and Fagan. Council - Drs. Wales, Moore, McConnell, McKeown, Dempsey, and Clements. Treasurer - Dr. Esler. Hon. Secretary - Dr. Whitla, 41 Great Victoria Street. Librarians - Drs. Cole and Clarke. Pathological Secretary - Dr. Workman.


This Society is in connection with the Assembly's College. Public and private meetings are held alternately during each month of the College session. At these meetings papers are read by members of the Society, but although the Society bears the name Theological, the readers are not restricted to theological subjects. The Society has a flourishing news room. Office Bearers - President - H. Waterworth, M.A. Vice Presidents - W. Martin, M.A., Geo. Jackson, M.A. Secretaries - John Irwin, M.A., W. L. Berkeley, M.A. Treasurer - J. D. Osborne, B.A. Council Members - Pepe Pauley, R. T. Bailey, R.A., R. Reid, B.A., H. Moore, B.A., George Harrison, B.A.

1 Donegall Square East, & 11 College Square East

Established 1815, under the management of a committee of different religious orthodox denominations, for the sale of Bibles, Prayer Books, Psalm Books, Tracts, and religious publications generally. Proprietor and Manager - W. Erskine Mayne.

Depository - 33 Donegall Street

The aim of the Society is the promotion of genuine Christianity, and the vindication of the right of free inquiry. With this view, a choice and extensive selection of books and tracts is kept at the depository, which are sold at cost price to the public, and lectures and other works of a missionary character take place under its auspices. The committee meet on the last Wednesday of every month, at three o'clock pm. Office Bearers - Hon. Treasurer - Hugh Hyndman, LL.B.  Hon. Secretaries - Robert McCalmont, F.C.S., John F. Mulligan. Executive Committee - James M. Darbishire, Chairman, William A. Adamson, Henry Ferguson, George Fisher, E. A. Fuhr, T. McClelland, D. McMaster, James McWilliam, D. W. Moore, John R. Neill, Rev. John Orr, William Rankin, John Ritchie, Rev. J. C. Street, and Rev. David Thompson.

Belfast Branch

For the relief of unemployed travelling printers, and to aid in the adoption of beneficial trade regulations in the town and neighbourhood, and throughout the United Kingdom. There is also a Sick and Funeral Fund in connection with this Society. The Society is regulated by a President, Secretary, and Treasurer, and a Committee of nine. The Society meets first Saturday in each month. Office of the Society - Oddfellows' Hall, Academy Street.

Linen Hall, Belfast

This association has for its object the regulation and protection of the trade, the settlement of disputes by arbitration, the bringing before Parliament Bills tending to further the interests of the linen business, and the carrying out of all projects likely to promote the advancement and prosperity of the staple manufacture. A meeting of the Council is held regularly in the Linen Hall on the last Tuesday of every month, at half past eleven o'clock, when such subjects as affect the interests of the trade are discussed. Ex-Presidents - William Ewart, J.P., M.P., (Messrs. William Ewart & Son) ; Robert Thompson, J.P., (Messrs. Richardson, Sons & Owden Ltd.), J. M. Calder, (Messrs. J. M. Calder & Co.) Henry Smith (Messrs. County Down Flax Spinning and Weaving Co. Ltd), R. H. Reade (Messrs. York Street Flax Spinning Co. Ltd_, James Glass (Messrs. James Glass & Co.), John Jaffé (Messrs. Jaffé Brothers). President - Henry Matier (Messrs. Henry Matier & Co._ Vice President - Charles C. Connor (Messrs. Fenton, Connor & Co.) Council - Messrs. Brookfield Linen Co. Ltd., George Betzoid & Co., J. M. Calder & Co., County Down Flax Spinning & Weaving Co. Ltd., Dicksons, Ferguson & Co., Wm. Ewart & Son, John Elliott & Co., Ewing, Son & Co., Fenton, Connor & Co., Greenmount Spinning Co., L. H. Guynet & Co. Ltd., Malcolm & Pentland, Henry Matier & Co., Moore & Weinberg, Northern Spinning & Weaving Co. Ltd., Richardson, Sons & Owden Ltd., R. Thompson, Son & Co., James & Robert Young. Treasurer - Lavens M. Ewart (Messrs. Wm. Ewart & Son.) Secretary 0 William H. Ward, (Ulster Damask and Linen Co.)

Offices of Society - 24 North Street

The object of this society is to foster a taste for an improved breed of dogs in the North, by holding an annual exhibition. Chairman - Marcus Gage, J.P. Committee - Capt. H. G. S. Alexander, G. H. Adams, A. Crawford, F. W. Hayes, Wm. Graham, William Laird, W. H. Hunter, S. T. Mercier, Marcus McC. Gage, J.P., Robert Bryson, J. Thompson, W. H. Lawler, John A. Pryde, A. Galloway, R. Mullan, K. MacRea. Hon. Treasurer - W. A. Parke. Secretary and manager - Robt. Erskine, 24 North Street, Belfast. Hon. Vet. Surgeon - James King, V.S. Rules and regulations may be obtained of the secretary.

Secretary's Office - 21 Castle Place, Belfast
Range and Clubhouse - Kinnegar, Holywood

This association was founded in 1861, in continuance of the Belfast Rifle Club, which dates as far back as 1829. It has been most successful in promoting long range shooting of the scientific description, but several of its members have acquired great reputation in the older art of "off shoulder practice." The association is indebted to Captain Harrison, J.P., of Holywood House, for the free use of one of the finest ranges in the kingdom, extending to 1,200 yards in length. The annual rifle meeting has been held since 1867, at Clandeboye, by special invitation of the noble president, and it attracts rifle shots from all parts of the country. Subscription, One Guinea per annum, in advance. Members of the army and navy and R.I. Constabulary, half subscription. President - The Right Hon. the Earl of Dufferin, K.P., K.C.B. Vice Presidents - The Right Hon. Viscount Massereene and Ferrard, the Right Hon. Lieut.-Gen. Viscount Templetown, Sir Thomas McClure, Bart., M.P., the Mayor of Belfast, the Chairman of Harbour Commissioners, the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Sir Charles Lanyon, D.L., J.P., Thos. Cordukes, Esq.  Chairman - Capt. John Harrison, J.P.  Vice Chairman - T. R. Walkington, Esq.  Committee - John McKenna, John G. McGee, John Robinson, J. T. Barrett, James S. Lee, Dr. Barnett, Henry Fulton, S. O. Wylie, J. A. Teggart, Thos. McArthur, Henry Ferguson, Alex. McCann. Armourers - Joseph Braddell & Son.  Hon. Treasurer - T. R. Walkington, Waring Street.  Hon. Secretary - James Wilson, jun., 20 Skipper Street.


Offices - 32, Donegall Place

Managing Directors - Wm. Harrison Moreland, John Harrison Moreland. Sec. - J. E. Mansfield.

Secretary's Office - 18, Tomb Street

Established 1852. Incorporated as a Limited Company 1872. Managed by a Board of Directors, Steamers ply daily between Belfast and Liverpool, and twice a week between Londonderry and :Liverpool. The following steamers constitute the Company's fleet - Voltaic, Galvanic, Magnetic, Electric, Semaphore, Italia, Glenocum. Chairman - Wm. Valentine, J.P. Sec. - John Pim. Shipping Offices - 42, Donegall Quay, Belfast, and Quay, Londonderry.

21, Donegall Quay. Secretary - H. H. Kingsmill.

Offices - 1a, Railway Street,
Managing Directors - John K. Boyd, William Boyd. Secretary - William Boyd.

Offices - Donegall Street,
Managing Directors - Jas. Carlisle, J.P., chairman, W. R. Patterson. W. B. Morton, secretary.

Directors - Robert Ferguson, George Lord, Dr. J. Walton Browne. Manager - Robert Reid. Secretary - William James Anderson.

Offices - 16, Calender Street,
Directors - R. G. Dunville, J. Bruce, J. Craig, John McConnell, D. R. Lappin,, and J. Barr.

Offices - 4, North Howard Street.
Managing Director - John R. Garratt. Sec. - John B. Aickin.

28, Donegall Place.
Directors - James Lindsay, Thos. G. Lindsay. James C. Lindsay. Secretary - Thomas S. Oliver.

Offices and Foundry - York Street.
Directors - A. B. Wilson, chairman, William Dobbin, vice chairman, Edward Reilly, Edward Porter Cowan, R. H. Orr, O'Donnell Grimshaw. Secretary - James A. Armstrong, 150, York Street.

11 Donegall Place. Directors - James Lindsay, Thos. G. Lindsay, James C. Lindsay. Managing Directors - Wm. J. Davison, David J. Lindsay. Sec. - H. Porter.

Linen Manufacturers and Merchants
42 & 44, Upper Queen Street
Managing Directors - F. W. Pim, Dublin, H. J. Nicholson, Ardsallagh, Derryvolgie avenue. Secretary - R. L. Ferguson, Avonmore Terrace, Balmoral.

Jennymount Mills, Shore Road.

Directors - Philip Johnston, J.P., Dalriada, John D. Barbour, J.P., Lisburn,  William J. Johnston, J.P., Dunesk, David W. Johnston, Dalriada, Samuel A. Johnston, Belfast, Wm. Walker, Banbridge. Managing Directors - S. A. Johnston, Richmond Crescent, Henry McCance, Wellington Park. Secretary - Thomas Gardner.

Garden and Co.'s Office - University Road.

Secretary's Office - 7, Donegall Square East. The Gardens are open every day to subscribers, who are privileged to give admission orders to strangers, non residents in Belfast, under certain restrictions. During the summer months a band attends once a week. Shareholders and subscribers, 6d. There are two entrances - one by University Road and one by Botanic Avenue. Strangers and those living more than six miles from Belfast are admissible to the Gardens (except on fete days) at 6d. each; children 3d. Directors - A. J. Macrory, Duncairn, W. J. Johnston, J.P., Charles Thomson, William Simms, W. H. Dixon, T. R. Walkington, A. D. Lemon, Charles Kinahan, Thomas Gaffikin, A. M. Ferrar, David Taylor, J.P., James Thompson, J.P., E. H. Clarke, William Gray, and H. H. Bottomley. Solicitors - Messrs. Macrory & Co. Treasurers - Northern Banking Co. Secretary - F. W. Smith, 7, Donegall Square East. Head Gardiner - Charles McKimm.

Offices - Smithfield, Managing Directors - F. S. Herdman, A. J. A. Lepper. Secretary - T. Blair Boyd.

Crumlin Road. Managing Director - John Beck. Secretary - John T. Abbott.

Mill & Offices - Rosebank, Crumlin Road.

Capital, £75,000, in 7,500 shares of £10 each. This Company has been formed to purchase the mill and factory of Messrs. Mitchell Brothers, with the fixed and moveable machinery therein, and the water rights attached thereto, at the price of £2 per spindle and £25 per loom, subject to the ground rent of £250. Directors - John Young, Galgorm Castle Co., Antrim, Chairman, Sir John Preston, Dunmore, Belfast, Herbert O. Lanyon, Lismara, Belfast, with power to add to their number if found desirable. Managing Directors - William S. Mitchell, Olinda, Craigavad, J. L. Marshall, Belmont. Bankers - The Bank of Ireland. Solicitors - L'Estrange & Brett.

Offices - 5, Conway Street. Managing Director - John Vogan. Secretary - A. McD. Calwell.

Offices - Falls Road & 1 Wellington Place. Managing Director - Thos. Valentine. Sec. - William Savage.

Office - Ulster Hall, Bedford Street.

This Company possesses a spacious hall in Bedford Street, with the necessary minor apartments, affording accommodation for between two and three thousand persons, and suitable for concerts, exhibitions of art, balls, dinners, and all other public purposes to which such buildings are generally applied. Chairman of Directors - Sir John Preston, J.P. Secretary - F. W. Smith, 7, Donegall Square East and Ulster Hall. Bankers - Belfast Banking Co.

Offices - Bedford Street. Managing Directors - Finlay McCance, J.P., Larchfield, Lisburn, Chairman, R. H. Reade, Wilmount, Robert Porter, Fortwilliam Park. Secretary - William Moffatt, 3 Lower Crescent.



President - The Duke of Abercorn, K.G. Vice President - A. Chenevix-Trench. Secretary - William Crawford, jun., Rosemary Street. Treasurer - H. Herdman.

Green - Cromac Park

The first Green of the Belfast Bowling Club was made in Nelson Street in the year 1843. The ground which it occupied having been taken for building a second Green was made in York Street in the year 1846, on ground now occupied by the York Street Spinning Company. The third Green was made on ground lying immediately behind the Belfast Charitable Institution, and is now built over. The beautiful Green now belonging to the Club was made in Cromac Park in the year 1873. "Bowls" was at one time a very popular game, and frequent mention of it is made in old documents. A game of "billiards on Nature's billiard-board" is one of the most delightful and healthiest of exercises, and is altogether free from risks attending some other out door games. It is adapted alike to the young, the middle aged, and the old. The membership of the Belfast Bowling Club is elective. Secretary - D. Laurie, Queen's Quay.

Green - Belmont Park

The Belmont Bowling Club has been recently named for the purpose of extending the practice of this and other kindred games to that pleasant and popular suburb. Its success is already assured by the active co-operation of a few of the gentlemen of the neighbourhood, and the site chosen, which is admirably central, will make it a convenient and agreeable resort for those who love a pleasant chat or friendly game. The property is vested in trustees, and is managed by a committee of the shareholders. The membership is elective. Hon. Secretary - R. Jamieson, Belmont Park.

Ormeau Road, Belfast.

Established 1859. Patrons - His Grace the Duke of Abercorn, the Most Noble the Marquis of Donegall. President - Viscount Massereene and Ferrard. Trustees - Viscount Massereene and Ferrard, J. B. Houston, D.L., J.P., P. Ewing, E. P. Cowan, J.P., C. K. Cordner, J.P., A. Duffin. Hon. Secretary - F. L. Heyn, Ulster Chambers. Hon. Treasurer - R. Watson, Donegall Square West. Committee - Lord Massereene, J. B. Houston, D.L., E. P. Cowan, J.P., E. K. Cordner, J.P., W. H. Moreland, Adam Duffin, J. R. Bristow, J. G. Fennell, C. E. Stelfox, J. T. Reade, H. H. Bottomley, P. Ewing, F. R. Lepper, W. Vint, W. Ewing, F. M. Harris, Dr. Ferguson, J. Stelfox, jun., R. H. Orr, P. H. Ewing, R. Watson, E. Hughes, E. H. Watson, F. L. Heyn. The ground, situated on Ormeau Road, about one mile from Great Northern Railway Terminus, is seven acres in extent, all levelled and laid down, and is considered one of the finest in the United Kingdom. At the north-west corner stands a magnificent pavillion, erected at a cost of upwards of £1,000. The club numbers 381 members, consisting of life, ordinary, and temporary members.

Bangor - Co. Down.

Commodore - The Earl of Dufferin, K.P. Vice Commodore - J. Mulholland, M.P. Rear Commodore - H. Murney, M.D. Hon. Sec. and Treasurer - Arthur Jill Coates, Bangor, County Down.

Castle Place

Trustees - Lord Lurgan, W. T. B. Lyons, J. Blakiston Houston. Hon. Secretary - Arthur Sharman Crawford. Bankers - The Northern Banking Company. Steward - J. M. Beazley.

Castle Buildings - Donegall Place

Committee - Robert Patterson, J. D. Smyth, f. Connor, William Riddel, John R. Musgrave, W. C. Mercer, Wm. Moreland. Hon. Secretary - G. K. Smith. Treasurer - Samuel Vance.


Within the Municipal Boundary


St. Anne's (Parish Ch.) *
St. George's    "    "
Ballymacarrett    "    "
Christ Church    "    "
Magdalene Church    "    "
Trinity Church    "    "
St. Paul's    "    "
St. John's    "    "
St. Luke's    "    "
Mariner's Church    "    "
St. Mary's    "    "
St. Stephen's    "    "
St. Andrew's    "    "
St. Thomas's    "    "
St. James's    "    "
St. Matthew's    "    "
Drew Memorial    "    "
Willowfield    "    "
St. Jude's    "    "
Military Chapel    "    "




Donegall Street
High Street
College Square North
Donegall Pass
Trinity Street
York Street
St. John's Place
Northumberland Street
Corporation Street
Crumlin Road
Hope Street
Lisburn Road
Antrim Road
Shankhill Road
Grosvenor Street
The Barracks


R. Hannay, D.D., Vicar
Canon MacIlwaine, D.D.
Thos. W. Roe, LL.D.
W. Stewart Ross
E. J. Hartrick, A.M.
I. Henry Deacon, A.B.
Chas. Scott, A.M.
Chas. Seaver, A.M.
Wm. Cotter, D.D.
John Spence, A.B.
C. H. H. Wright, B.D.
Richard Irvine, A.M.
S. E. Busby, LL.D.
T. J. Welland, A.M.
John Bristow, A.M.
George Hamilton
N. E. Smith
J. G. Hopkins, A.M.
A. J. Moore, A.B.
Robert Hannay, D.D.


J. B. Crozier, A.M., & M. Beattie
H. Davis Murphy, A.B.
Alex. Crone, A.B.
H. M. Reade, A.B.
T. J. Corr, A.M.

B. N. White, A.M.

W. Beatty, A.B.
R. E. Briscoe, A.M.
T. W. Clarendon, A.B.
John S. Moore, A.B.

Hours of Divine Service
11.30 & 7.0
11.0 & 5.45

Without the Mutual Boundary

St. John's    "    "
St. John's    "    "
St. Mark's    "    "
St. John Baptist, Up. Falls
St. Mark's (Dundela)
Knockbreda    "    "



J. E. Costello, A.M.
Walter Riddall, A.M.
James Marshall, A.M.
Saml. Anderson, A.B.
Thos. Hamilton, A.M.
H. W. Stewart, A.M.

James Reade

H. G. Moore, B.D.

11.30 & 6.0
11.30 & 7.0

* The original Parish Church stood in the Churchyard of Shankhill. That edifice having become a ruin, and unfit for divine service about A.D. 1621, an ancient parochial Chapel, then known as "The Chapel of the Ford," and afterwards, on being restored or rebuilt A.D. 1645, known as "The Old Corporation Church," situated near the spot where St. George's Church now stand, became the Parish Church of Shankhill. "The Old Corporation Church" was pulled down A.D. 1774, and the present Parish Church of St. Anne's was erected in Donegall Street by the Earl of Donegall, at his own cost, and consecrated A.D. 1778.





Sunday Service

Eighteenth (Sinclair Seamen's)
Twentieth (St. Enoch's)
Twenty First
Twenty Second
Twenty Third
Twenty Fourth
Twenty Fifth
Twenty Sixth (Eakenhead)
Twenty Seventh
Twenty Eighth
Twenty Ninth
Thirty First
Thirty Second
Donegall Street
Linenhall Street
Fitzroy Avenue
Fisherwick Place
May Street
Townsend Street
Berry Street
York Street
College Square
Great George's Street
Eglinton Street
Albert Street
Corporation Street
Great Victoria Street
Carlisle Circus
Argyle Place
Clifton Street
North Queen Street
Sandy Row
Crumlin Road
Donegall Pass
Agnes Street
John Macnaughtan, A.M., & W. Park, M.A.
Isaac Nelson
Robert Knox, D.D.
George Shaw, A.B.
H. M. Williamson
J. S. MacIntosh, A.B.
William Johnston, D.D.
Joseph Mackenzie
John Meneely, D.D.
William C. McCullagh
R. J. Lynd, B.A.
Thomas Hamilton, A.M.
Alexander Gray, LL.D.
J. B. Wylie
Robert Workman
James Martin
James Young
Robert Crawford
Robert Montgomery
H. Hanna
T. Y. Killen
John Moran
J. H. Moore
Lamont Hutchinson
John Mecredy
John Greenlees
Hans Woods
D. K. Mitchell
James Dewar
David Hunter
John Waddell
Samuel McComb

11.30 & 7.0
12.0 & 6.0
11.30 & 7.0
11.30 & 5.0
11.30 & 7.0
12.0 & 6.0
11.30 & 7.0
11.30 & 6.0
11.30 & 7.0





Sunday Services

First Presbyterian Church
Second Congregation
York St. Non Subscribing Church
Domestic Mission Church
Unitarian Missionary Church
Mountpottinger Church
Rosemary Street
York Street
Stanhope Street
Hopeton Street
Castlereagh Street
J. Scott Porter and Alex. Gordon, M.A.
J. C. Street
R. J. Orr, M.A.
Joseph Pollard
D. Thompson
J. J. Wright

11.30 & 7.0
11.30 & 7.0 (W)
12.0 & 7.0
11.0 & 7.0





Sunday Service

New Connexion
Donegall Square East
Donegall Place
Carlisle Circus
Crumlin Road
Frederick Street
University Road & Hurst Street
Falls Road
Agnes Street
Ormeau Road
Ballymacarrett 1st
Do. 2nd
York Street
Melbourne Street
Blackstaff Road
Shankhill Road
James Robertson
George Alley
William Gorman
John Bowden
John Wilson
Joseph W. McKay, & Wm. Lumley
Richard Butler
Thomas Moran
John Henning
John E. Green
W. P. Applebe, LL.D.
Samuel T. Boyd
Andrew Armstrong
Wilson J. Storey
J. W. Williams
R. W. Burnett
J. Taylor
D. Neilson

11.0 & 7.0





Sunday Service

St. Mary's
St. Patrick's
St. Malachy's
St. Peter's
St. Joseph's
St. Matthews's
Holy Cross
Chapel Lane
Donegall Street
Alfred Street
Derby Street
Prince's Dock
J. P. Greene, Adm.
James Hamill, Adm.
Geoffrey Brennan, Adm.
Andrew Macaulay, Adm.
P. Convery, Adm.
Patrick Farrelly, Adm.
Father Norbert, Superintendent

7, 8, 9, 10, 11 am.
12 noon, 7 pm
Holidays, 5, 7, 8.
9, 10, 11 am.
8, 9, 10.30, 12 & 7
8, 10, 12 & 7
8, 9, 10, 12 & 7





Sunday Service

United Presbyterian
Reformed Presbyterian
Secession Presbyterian Church
Evangelical Union
Friends' Meeting House
Do. (Seventh Day)
Jewish Synagogue
Plymouth Brethren

York Street
Botanic Avenue
College Street South
Botanic Avenue
Wellington Place
Donegall Street
Albert Bridge
Clifton Park
Frederick Street
Great Victoria Street
Regent Street
40 Corporation Street
Abercorn Rooms
Great Victoria Street
Fountain Street Hall
Victoria Hall
King Street
R. J. Bryce, LL.D., & John McLay
Samuel B. Stevenson
J. A. Chancellor
Geo. McMahon, M.A.
George Cron
R. Patterson
John White
A. M. Morrison
Richard Partner
S. A. Swaine
G. W. Cross
Isaac Hampton & Ang. Chisim, Deacons
W. Osborne Lang
Dr. Chotzner

11.30 & 7.0
11.0 & 7.0
11.0 & 2.30
Thursday 10.30
11.0 & 7.0
Saturday 12 & 4 pm.
1.30 & 7. & 5
Feast Days 10 & 6
11.30 & 7.0
11.30 & 7.0
11.30 & 7.0


Diocesan Synod of Down and Connor and Dromore - President - the Right Rev, the Lord Bishop. Chancellor - (Vacant). Trustees - The Lord Bishop, Right Hon. Lord O'Neill, Sir Charles Lanyon, J.P., R. P. Maxwell, D.L., J.P., Colonel Waring, J.P., Diocesan Nominators - Diocese of Down - The Very Rev. the Dean of Down, D.D., Rev. T. Blackwood Price, Colonel Forde, D.L., J.P.  Diocese of Connor - Rev. J. W. Murray, LL.D., Rev. Robert Hannay, D.D., and Sir W. G. Johnson, D.L. J.P. Diocese of Dromore - Rev. Theophilus Campbell, D.D., The Very Rev. the Dean of Dromore, and Colonel Waring, J.P. Hon. Secretaries - Rev. Theophilus Campbell, D.D., Rev. Robert Hannay, D.D., Joseph John Murphy Esq., John Hind Esq., J.P.  Assistant Secretary - Mr. David Morrow.
United Diocesan Court - The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop, the Chancellor of the Diocese, the Very Rev. the Dean of Down, D.D., Rev. George C. Smythe, the Very Rev. the Dean of Dromore, J. Blakiston Houston, Esq., D.L., J.P., William Ewart, Esq., M.P., and Colonel Waring, J.P.  Registrar - J. McC. Higginson, Esq., J.P., N.P., Belfast.
Diocesan Council of down and Connor and Dromore - President - The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop.  Hon. Secretaries - Rev. Theophilus Campbell, D.D., Rev. Robert Hannay, D.D., Joseph John Murphy, Esq., John Hind, Esq., J.P.  Assistant Secretary - Mr. David Morrow. Bankers - The Belfast Banking Company. Office - 6 Clarence Place, Belfast. The Diocesan Council meets on the first Wednesday in each month, at twelve o'clock.
Down and Connor and Dromore Church Education Society - Hon. Secretaries - Rev. E. J. Hartrick, A.M., and Rev. Robert Hannay, D.D. Hon. Treasurer - Robert Joy, Esq. Diocesan Inspector - Rev. E. P. Roe, Gartree Glebe, Crumlin. Assistant Secretary - Mr. David Morrow. Bankers - The Belfast Banking Company. Office - 6 Clarence Place, Belfast. The Committee meet on the second Wednesday in each month, at one o'clock.
Diocesan Board of Religious Education - President - The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop. Hon. Secretaries - Rev. H. W. Stewart, Rev. T. J. Welland, and Rev. G. R. Wynne. Treasurer - Alex. Johns, Esq., Belfast Bank. Trustees - J. Blakiston Houston, Esq., D.L., J.P., William Ewart, Esq., M.P., and Colonel Waring, J.P. Diocesan Inspector - Rev. W. S. Darley, 8, Upper Crescent, Belfast.
Diocesan Temperance Society - President - The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop. Hon. Secretaries - For Down - Rev. Arthur J. Moore., Ballynafeigh, Belfast, for Connor - Rev. J. B. Crozier, Belfast, for Dromore - Rev. Canon Harding, Gilford. General Secretary - Rev. Charles Seaver, Belfast. Hon. Treasurer - B. T. Hewitt, Esq., Belfast.
Diocesan Committee for Home Missionary Work - President - The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop. Convener - The Rev. Charles Seaver, Belfast.
Down and Connor and Dromore Pastoral Aid Society - For providing additional curates, and for assisting clergymen who, through age or infirmity, are unable to continue the performance of their duties. Hon. Secretaries - Rev. Robert Hannay, D.D., and B. T. Hewitt, Esq.
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts - Hon. Secretaries - Rev. Geo. C. Smythe, Coole Glebe, Carnmoney, Rev.H. W. Stewart, Knockbreda Rectory, Belfast, Rev. S. F. Dudley-Janns, Glenarm. Hon. Treasurer - rev. C. B. Knox, Dromore.
Church Missionary Society - Hon. Secretaries - Rev. Charles Seaver, Botanic Avenue, Belfast, and Rev. T. J. Welland, St. Thomas' Parsonage, Belfast. Hon. Treasurer - Robert Thompson, Esq., J.P.
Jews' Society - Hon. Secretary and Treasurer - Rev. T. J. Welland, St. Thomas' Parsonage, Belfast.
Irish Society - Diocesan Hon. Secretary - Rev. E. J. Hartrick, The Parsonage, Donegall Pass, Belfast. Local Hon. Secretary - Rev. Richard Irvine, Hampton, Windsor, Belfast.
Irish Church Mission - Hon. Secretary and Treasurer - Rev. I. H. deacon, Antrim Road, Belfast.
South American Missionary Society - Hon. Sec. - Rev. G. R. Wynne, Holywood. Hon. Treas. - B. T. Hewitt, Esq., Lombard Street, Belfast.
Protestant Orphan Society for the Counties of Antrim and Down - President - The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop. Hon. Secretaries - Rev. Robert Hannay, D.D., Sir W. G. Johnson, D.L., J.P. Treasurer - E. H. Clarke, Esq., Belfast Bank. Assistant Secretary - Mr. Francis J. Kennedy. Office - 4, Clarence Place, Belfast. The object of the Society is to provide diet, lodging, clothing, and Scriptural education for destitute orphans, one or both of whose parents is or may have been Protestant, and to apprentice them to Protestant masters or mistresses of approved religious principles and conduct, or otherwise put them forward in life as the Committee of the Society may determine.
Sunday School Society for Ireland - Depository - 6, Clarence Place, Belfast.
Christian Knowledge Society, London - Hon. Secretary - Rev. T. P. Morgan, Larne, Hon. Treas. - John Armour, Esq., Ulster Chambers, Belfast. Agent for sale of publications - Mr. J. Magill, Donegall Place, Belfast.
Association for Discountenancing Vice and Promoting the Knowledge and Practice of the Christian Religion - Agent for sale of publications - Mr. W. E. Maybe, Donegall Square East, Belfast.
Connor Clergy Widows' Fund - (Established 1853) - President - The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop. Vice President - The Ven. the Archdeacon of Connor. Hon. Secretary - Rev. Charles Lett, Ashley Avenue, Belfast. Hon. Treas. - Rev. James Marshall, Ligoniel, Belfast.
Marriage Licenses - Licensing Officer for the District of Belfast and Diocese at large - J. M. Higginson, Esq., J.P., N.P. Deputy Licensing Officer - Mr. David Morrow, to whom application is to be made, at the Marriage License Office, 6, Clarence Place, Belfast. Fee, for ordinary license, six shillings, including one shilling for notice. The fee for a Special License, which dispenses with any notice or length of residence, is £10. 10s.

inside the municipal boundary, according to the Census of 1871 :-


Church Population



S. Schools



Avg. Population to each Church


Avg Population to each church

No. Schools

Children of School Age

St. Anne's
St. George's

















+ Divine Service is also held in the Mission Rooms of Cromac Street, and in Kent Street, in the parochial districts of St. John's and Trinity Churches.

Office - 12, May Street

Church Extension - Rev. Dr. Kirkpatrick, Dublin, convener, Rev. George Bellis, secretary.
Irish Mission - Rev. John Macnaughtan, convener, Rev. George Bellis, secretary, Rev. Hamilton Magee, Dublin, assistant secretary.
Foreign Mission - Rev. W. F. Stevenson, Dublin, convener, Rev. George Bellis, secretary.
Jewish Mission - Rev. John Rogers, D.D., Belfast, convener, Rev. George Bellis, secretary.
Colonial Mission - Rev. Dr. Wilson, Limerick, convener, Rev. George Bellis, secretary.
Continental Mission - Rev. J. S. MacIntosh, Convener, Rev. George Bellis, Secretary.
Soldiers and Sailors and Weak Congregations - Rev. R. Black, Dundalk, convener, Rev. George Bellis, secretary.
Missionaries to India - Rev. Robert Montgomery, Belfast, Rev. W. W. Brown, Borsud, Rev. J. V. S. Taylor, Ahmedabad, Rev. William Beatty, Ahmedabad, Rev. George T. Rea, Gogo, Bombay, Rev. R. Gillespie, Ahmedabad, Rev. J. Shilliday, Arrund, Rev. George P. Taylor, Surat, Bombay.
Missionaries to China - Rev. James Carson, J. M. Hunter, M.D.
Missionaries to the Jews - Rev. William Graham, Bonn, Germany, Rev. John C. Aston, Hamburg, Rev. T. C. Gilmour, Hamburg, Rev. J. D. Pirrie, Vienna, Rev. John G. Phillips, Damascus, Rev. John Crawford, Damascus.
Missionaries to Belgium - Rev. T. Alexander. Treasurer of Missions - Northern Banking Co. Sustentation Fund - Rev. L. E. Berkeley, convener, Belfast, A. Eakin, secretary.
Church and Manse, School, and Debt Extinction Fund - This Fund, derived from private subscriptions and congregational collections, is for the purpose of assisting congregations to erect churches, manses, schools, and to remove debt from their ecclesiastical buildings. Rev. L. E. Berkeley, Belfast, convener of committee. Treasurers - Northern Banking Company.
Sabbath School Society for Ireland in connection with the Presbyterian Church - Office - 12, May Street - Rev. Wm. Johnston, D.D., Rev. George Shaw, hon. secs., R. Magill, secretary, R. McHinch, assistant secretary, H. H. Boyd, treasurer, H. Aikin, travelling agent. Committee meet on second Monday in each month. Treasurer of Assembly's Incidental Fund - Northern Banking Company. Assembly's Law Adviser - Jas. Gibson, Q.C., Mountjoy Square, Dublin.


An Association of Free Congregations for mutual aid and sympathy, and for the promotion of Sunday Schools and Missions. The executive body consists of the minister and five lay members of each affiliated congregation. Quarterly conferences are held at each church in rotation. President - John R. Neill, Belfast. Secretary - Rev. Harold Rylett, Moneyrea. Treasurer - J. R. Neill, Belfast.


Missionary Stations - Hopeton Street, and Joymount Church, Carrickfergus. The objects of this Association are :- (a) To diffuse in Belfast and elsewhere a knowledge of Unitarian principles. (b) To circulate literature in promotion of religious inquiry and personal holiness. (c) To establish, or aid in establishing new congregations. (d) To aid existing congregations in the renewal of their life, and the enlargement of their freedom. (e) To promote any efforts for the extension of the Kingdom of God in the hearts of mankind. Office Bearers - President - Wm. B. Ritchie, J.P., M.D. Vice Presidents - Henry Burden, M.D., Robert W. Gordon, J.P., William G. Mulligan, Wm. Dobbin, John Hoy, John Miller, J.P., Comber, William Robertson. Executive Committee - W. A. Adamson, Miss J. G. Bruce, Miss Coleman, J. M. Darbishire, Mrs. Herbert Darbishire, Geo. Fisher, Ernest A. Fisher, Mrs. H. Hyndman, Robert McCalmont, D. W. Moore, John R. Neill, and John Ritchie. Treasurer - Thos. McClelland. Secretary - Rev. J. C. Street. Auditors - John Greenfield and W. P. Jennings.


Depository - 29, Rosemary Street. The objects of this Association are :- (1) To maintain the Sufficiency of the Holy Scriptures as a Rule of Faith. (2) To diffuse a knowledge of the Christian Revelation, based on the Son, Deity of God the Father, and the Divine Mission and Authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. (3) To defend the right of Private Judgement, the sacredness of Religious Liberty, and the supreme importance of the Christian Life. (4) To promote the Religious Education of the young, especially through the instrumentality of the Sunday School. Office Bearers - Treasurer - J. Rogers. Hon. Secretary - Rev. C. J. McAlester. Committee - Rev. J. Scott Porter, Rev. John A. Crozier, Rev. William Napier, Rev. T. H. M. Scott, Rev. Alex. Gordon, Richard Patterson, Gawn Orr, M.D., Alfred M. Munster, James McFadden, Alexander Hunter, Nicholas Oakman, and Lenox Drennan.


Office - 13, Calender Street. Established in 1859, for the purpose of engaging female agency in missionary work in Belfast. The missionaries are directed not to proselytise, but to seek to raise the fallen, and bring the ignorant to a knowledge of the Saviour. "Go ye into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come." Committee - Mrs. Carson, Miss Crawford, Mrs. Deacon, Miss Davidson, Mrs. Greig, Mrs. Hamilton, Mrs. Hanson, Mrs. Hartrick, Mrs. W. J. Johnston, Mrs. W. Johnston, Mrs. R. Knox, Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. R. Lindsay, Mrs. J. Lindsay, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Nelson, Miss Norton, Mrs. Charles Purdon, Mrs. s. R. Ross, Miss E. Reilly, Mrs. Seaver, Mrs. N. E. Smith, Mrs. Robert Steen, Mrs. William Thompson, Miss Thompson, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. W. Stewart Ross, Mrs. John Workman, Mrs. Wyse, Mrs. W. Ewart, jun. Glenmachan, treasurer, Mrs. Workman, Ceara, and Mrs. R. M. Carson, Ulsterville, hon. secretaries. The committee meet at twelve o'clock on the first Friday of every month, at 13, Calender Street, to hear the reports read of the several visitors, and to consider the best methods of advancing the interests of the mission.


Rescue House - 27 & 29 Malone Place. It is the glory of Christianity that it passes no sinner, and no classes of sinners, by. None are too low or too degraded to be laid hold of, and brought home to God. It is a happy thought that through the exertions of the agent of this Mission, aided by some devoted Christian friends, there is not a poor fallen woman in Belfast, who can possibly be reached, who is not kindly dealt with from time to time, offered an opportunity of return, and pointed to the Lamb of God who taketh away the sin of the world. The Executive Committee meets on the last Wednesday of each month, at twelve o'clock, at the Rescue House. Those thus marked (*) form the Executive Committee. Trustees - *Forster Green, *John Coates, Rev. John Kinghan, Hon. Physicians - Dr. Arnold, Dr. John Moore. Treasurer - *Mrs. Kinghan. Secretary - Thomas Clokey, Landscape Avenue. Agent - Mrs. Hanna. Committee - Mrs. J. A. Arnold, Mrs. Black, Mrs. Berkeley, *Mrs. Byers, Mrs. Jacob, *Mrs. Knox, Mrs. Lindsay, Sans Souci, *Mrs. McCance, Mrs. McCamley, Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Calder, *Mrs. Ewart, *Annie Gardner, Rev. Dr. Hannay, *Mrs. Herron, Archd. Kent, Mrs. J. H. Moore, Rev. R. Montgomery, *Mrs. Montgomery, Mrs. Mulligan, Rev. W. Park, *Mrs. Patterson, Mrs. Potts, *Mrs. H. Reid, *Mrs. Ross, Rev. Charles Seaver, *Rev. J. Spence, Mrs. Stavely, Dr. Steen,, Mrs. Watts, *Mrs. Williamson, Mrs. R. Workman.

The Home - Tudor Lodge, Crumlin Road. This Mission was founded in 1877, and is intended to provide a home and opportunity of reformation for women discharged daily from the County Prison. Treasurer - Sir John Preston. Treasurer of Ladies' Committee - Mrs. Potts. Hon. Sec. - Rev. Dr. Knox. Hon. Sec. of ladies' Committee - Mrs. Irving.


President - Sir Thomas McClure, Bart., M.P. Treasurer - J. P. Corry, Esq., M.P. Hon. Secretaries - Rev. Dr. Knox, and J. Workman, Esq., J.P. This mission was established in 1843, for the purpose of bringing the Gospel to the poor and non church going population of Belfast. It has divided the town into districts, and employs sixteen missionaries. It is supported by voluntary contributions, and has an income of nearly £1,000 a year.


This Association was formed in 1871, for the purpose of erecting churches wherever it might be considered necessary in the town and suburbs of Belfast. President - J. P. Corry, M.P. Vice Presidents - Sir. T. McClure, Bart., M.P., and Sir E. Coey, D.L. Treasurer - Robert McMullen. Hon. Sec. - Rev. Dr. Knox



The committee of this Society meets on the first Wednesday of each month, at two o'clock, in Clarence Place. Office Bearers - President - The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Down. Chairman of Committee - The Ven. Archdeacon of Dromore. Hon. Secs. - Rev. C. Seaver, M.A., Ulsterville Avenue, Rev. Canon Harding, M.A., Gilford, Rev. A. J. Moore, B.A., Ballynafeigh. Treasurer - B. T. Hewitt, Wellington Park


Band of Hope Union, and Permissive Bill Association. Offices - 18 Lombard Street. Established 1858. Its objects are - The suppression of drunkenness by moral suasion, legislative prohibition, and all other lawful means. Organ - The Irish Temperance League Journal, which has been permanently enlarged, and is the oldest, largest, and best Temperance paper in Ireland. Monthly, 1d. 1/- per annum entitles an abstainer to membership, and 5/- a year to a free copy of the Journal monthly. There are a large number of societies and Good Templar and United Temperance Association Lodges connected by a fee of 10/- and £1 per annum, which entitles them to visits from the agents, special lectures, honorary deputations etc. The income from subscriptions etc., for the year was £1,735, In addition to its general temperance organisation, the League has on its premises a first class Café for ladies and gentlemen, which is daily crowded with visitors, both from town and country, and has instituted a successful movement for supplying the working classes with coffee at cheap rates, in seven commodious stands, in the most public thoroughfare in Belfast. It has also a special Band of Hope Agency, and vigorously advocates the Irish Sunday Closing, Saturday early Closing, and Permissive Bills. The influence of the League has been very powerfully exerted in influencing the Irish, and especially the Ulster M.P.'s. In the last division on the Sunday Closing Bill, the Ulster members voted unanimously in favour, and in the division on the Local Option Resolution, on 11th March, 1879, the Irish vote was 28 for the Resolution, and 17 against, of which the Ulster vote was 16 for and 5 against. The Office Bearers of the League are - President - M. R. Dalway, D.L., M.P., Carrickfergus. Chairman of Executive - H. C. Knight. Treasurer - L. A. Browne. Secretary - J. Speers Orr. Agents and Lecturers - Rev. A. McKinley, W. D. Stewart, B. T. Herring. Special Lecturers - Gentlemen from England, from time to time.


President - Mrs. Workman, Ceara, Windsor. Vice Presidents - Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Potts, and Mrs. Knox. Treasurers - Mrs. R. M. Corry, and Miss Shaw. Secretaries - Mrs. Workman and Mrs. Byers.  This Association has its central committee in Belfast, with branches throughout Ulster. It was organised in 1874. Its membership is restricted to those who agree, on the grounds of Christian expediency, to abstain from all intoxicating drinks as beverages, and who use their influence to discountenance the drinking customs of society. A main object of the Association is "to banish intoxicating drinks as beverages from the household."


The purpose of this Society is to unite all the Ladies of Belfast who are Total Abstainers in one body, in order to use their combined efforts for the prevention and suppression of drunkenness and its attendant evils, by visiting the homes of the poor and degraded, by urging young and old to abstain from the use of intoxicating drinks, by the distribution of temperance literature, by encouraging the formation of Bands of Hope, and other Temperance Societies, and by all other means that may from time to time be deemed advisable. Librarian - Miss Pollard, Magdala Street. Treasurer - Mrs. H. J. Wright, 101 Donegall Street. Secretaries - Mrs. A. C. Capper, 14 University Street, Mrs. Montgomery, Melrose Terrace.


Grand Lodge Offices - 1, Lombard Street. Executive for 1879 -80 :- W. P. Holmes, G.W.C.T., Belfast, J. L. Robertson, G.W.C., Cork, J. J. Gowdy, G.S.J.T., Drumaness, J. Goligher, G.W.V., Derry, J. S. Lytle, G.W.S., Belfast, J. Nevin, G.W.T., Coleraine, Rev. J. H. Ashby, G.W.Ch., Richhill, J. D. McDowell, G.W.M., Drumaness, C. Hendrick, P.G.W.C.T., Belfast. This is an advanced temperance organisation, whose object is not only the prevention and care of drunkenness through total abstinence and prohibition, but also the utter annihilation of the drink traffic both in its sale and manufacture. The Order, which was introduced into Ireland in the Autumn of 1870, rapidly increased, and lodges are now spread all over the country. The membership is upwards of 5000. The subordinate lodges meet weekly, and are superintended by district lodges, which meet quarterly, all being under the government of the grand lodge, which meets annually. There is also a considerable number of juvenile lodges, composed of children under sixteen years of age, who are pledged against the use of tobacco as well as alcohol is drinks. The headquarters of the Order are Belfast, Lisburn, Ballymena, Carrickfergus, Larne, Newtownards, Ballynahinch, Banbridge, Newry, Portadown, Lurgan, Londonderry, Coleraine, Cork, Armagh, Limerick, Queenstown, and Bandon. The Good Templars of Ireland hold annually 5,200 temperance meetings.

in connection with the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.

Secretary - Rev. I. N. Harkness, Stewartstown. Treasurer - Rev. Dr. Knox, Belfast. Principles of the Association :- "1. We believe it to be expedient to abstain from things in themselves lawful, when thereby we can more effectually promote our neighbour's welfare. 2. As the use of intoxication liquors, so fearfully prevalent, is one of the chief occasions of crime, poverty disease, and degradation, impedes the progress of the Gospel, and arises in a great measure from the genial observance of drinking customs, we believe that the circumstances are such at the present time, as, on the ground of Christian expediency already stated, to demand abstinence from all intoxicating drinks." Nearly one half of the members of the General Assembly are members of this Association. The annual meeting is held during the sittings of the Assembly. Its operations are carried on by its clerical members, who give their services gratuitously. The Association is making rapid progress.



Chancery Division - Lord Chancellor - Right Hon. John Thomas Ball. Master of the Rolls - Right Hon. Edwd. Sullivan. Vice Chancellor - Right Hon. Hedges E. Chatterton. Registrars - William D. Ferguson and William B. Drury. Court of Appeal - Lords Justices of Appeal - Richard Deasy, Right Hon. Gerald Fitzgibbon, the Lord Chancellor, Right Hon. the Lord Chief Justice, Chief Justice Morris, the Lord Chief Baron, and the Master of the Rolls. Queen's Bench Division - Lord Chief Justice of Ireland - Right Hon. G. C. A. May. Judges - Hon. James O'Brien, Right Hon. John David Fitzgerald, Right Hon. Charles Robert Barry. Common Please Division - Lord Chief Justice - Right Hon. Michael Morris. Judges - Right Hon. James Anthony Lawson and Hon. Judge Harrison. Exchequer Division - Lord Chief Baron - Right Hon. Christopher Palles. Barons - Hon. Francis Alexander Fitzgerald, Right Hon. Richard Dowse. Probate & Matrimonial Division - Judge - Right Hon. Robert Richard Warren, LL.D. Registrars - Maurice Keatinge and Henry Pilkington, Q.C. High Court of Admiralty - Judge - Hon. John Fitzhenry Townsend, LL.D. Queen's Advocate - Walter Boyd, Ll.D., Q.C. Court of Bankruptcy - Judges - Hon. Stearne Ball Miller and Hon. Frederick Walsh. Official Assignees - Charles H. James and Lucius H. Deering. Land Court - Judges - Right Hon. Stephen Woulfe Flannagan and Right Hon. Henry Ormsby. Registrars - Stanislaus J. Lynch.

District Registry at Belfast for Counties Antrim and Down
Office - 52 Waring Street

The Court of Probate has the exclusive jurisdiction to grant probates of wills and letters of administration for all Ireland. Grants made in the Belfast Office extend to all property whatever, and to any amount, no matter where situate, funded or otherwise. To constitute jurisdiction, it is alone necessary that the deceased party, had, at the time of death, a fixed place of abode in either the Counties of Antrim or Down. Office Hours from 10 to 4 o'clock, closes at 2 o'clock on Saturday. District Registrars - John M. Higginson, J.P., residence, Carnalea House, Crawfordsburn, Co. Down. Clerks - Archibald McAfee, Henry Ferguson, Thos. J. Reid, Robert Coburn, James Clarke. Caretaker and messenger - James Hackett.

Father - James Gibson, Esq., Q.C.

Adair, John
Allen, Saml., LL.B.
Andrews, James T.
Andrews, William Drennan, LL.D., Q.C.
Bates, A. H.
Black, W.
Bell, Thomas W.
Boyd, Walter, LL.D.
Bruce, William R.
Campbell, J. H.
Cronheim, E. W.
Cuming, E.
Craig, J. Walker
Cross, William P.
Dodd, William H.
Donnell, Robert
Eiffe, Luke S.
Faloon, William H.
Fitzgerald, David
Fitzgibbon, Henry Q.C.
Frazer, John
Gartland, Geo. H.
Gaussen, Campbell
Geoghegan, Jacob
Gordon, J.
Greer, George
Hancock, Wm. N. LL.D.
Henderson, Acheson, Q.C.
Henderson, James
Hitchcock, H. E.
Huband, Wm. G.
Jackson, A. S. Q.C.
Johnston, H. A.
Kaye, Wm. S. B. LL.D.
Killen, Jas. B., A.M.
Kisbey, Wm. H., A.M.
Lentaigne, Jos. H. N.
Long, W. E.
Longworth-Dames, Robert S.
McBlaine, Fredk. W., LL.D.
McCammon, Thos. A.
McDonnell, Wm. D.
McHugh, J. B.
McKane, John
McLean, John
McMahon, John, Q.C.
Monroe, John, Q.C.
Murray, R. D.
Murray, S. W.
O'Brien, A.
Orr, James
Overend, T. G.
Oulton, George N.
Pentland, G. H.
Porter, A. M. Q.C.
Ross, David, LL.B.
Seeds, Robt., LL.D.
Stanley, John, LL.B.
Staveley, J.
Shaw, J. J.
Smylie, A., LL.D.
Smyth, E. H.
Swifte, Earnest, G.
Tarleton, Fredk. F.
Tracy, Henry
Twigg, John J.
Weir, Isaac
Wilson, Jas., LL.B.

Father - John Richardson, Esq., Q.C., LL.D.

Brady, C. W. R.
Carson, Robt., Q.C.
Cooke, J.
Colquhoun, David
Collum, Rupert F.
Dane, R. N.
Drummond, M.
French, W. M.
Greer, Samuel M.
Hart, Geo. W., LL.B.
Ingham, R. P. M.
Keys, George
Kyle, W.
Lane, Alex, LL.B.
Lane, H. D.
Leech, B.
Leslie, W. M.
McConchy, Andw., LL.B.
McCorkell, David B. LL.B.
McCrossan, H.
McDevitt, D. O.
MacIvor, Jas., A.B.
Irvine, William
Johnstone, S. Yates
McGusty, A. D.
McLaughlin, Wm., Q.C.
Moutray, Whitney
Newton, Andw. W., A.M.
Olphert, R. F. A.B.
Parkinson, Henry
Peebles, Wm. Edwd.
Walsh, John E.
Vernon, Fane, A.B.
Wylie, Jas. O., M.A., LL.D.


Held in the County Court House, Crumlin Road, four times each year. Chairman - John Hastings Otway, Q.C., assisted by the magistrates (for list of whom see part 2) in all criminal cases. Clerk of the Peace for the County - George A. H. Chichester, Deputy and Acting Clerk of the Peace - Thomas Cunningham, solicitor - Offices, 31, Donegall Street, Sessional Crown Prosecutor - James McLean, Arthur Street, Belfast.


Held in the Court House, Municipal Buildings. six times in each year. Recorder - John Hastings Otway, Q.C. Recorder is not assisted by any magistrates. Clerk of the Peace for the Borough - R. Dawson Bates, solicitor - Office, 4, Donegall Place. Sessional Crown Prosecutor - Jas. McLean, Arthur Street, Belfast.


This Society consists of solicitors residing or practicing in the Province of Ulster, admitted by ballot. Its object is to watch proposed changes affecting the practice, privilege, and emoluments of the profession, to oppose or promote them, with a view to sustain the rights and respectability of the profession, to prevent or adjust professional differences, and promote good feeling and harmonious action among its members, and generally to undertake or assist in objects conducive to their or its interests. The society receives the Commissioners of Patents' bi-weekly journal and Indices of Patents Applied for and Granted for the inspection of the public. Committee for the year 1879 - 80. - Thomas McClelland (president), Thomas Carey, George C. Cochrane, Edward Gardner, LL.B., Hunt W. Leech, James McLean, S.C.S., Alex. O'Rorke, Thomas Scott, and James Ussher (vice presidents), William Baxter, LL.D., Samuel Black, Alexander Caruth, E. O'R. Dickey, John Dinnen, James Morton, Hans McMordie, M.A., Daniel O'Rorke, Robert H. Orr, John G. Shaw, B.A., John C. White, William Seeds (treasurer), and Hugh Hyndman, LL.B. (hon. secretary).


Two Courts are held in the Municipal Buildings daily, at ten o'clock. J. C. O'Donnell, Esq., and C. D. Clifford-Lloyd, Esq., Resident Magistrates, and the Borough Magistrates, Chief Clerk - Robert McHenry. Assistant Clerks - James Fleming, Wm. McHenry, William G. Morrison, and George McNeice. summons servers - George Duncan and Francis Waters.

Crumlin Road

Stands in am elevated and healthy situation, on an area of ten acres, and was designed after the great Model Prison of Pentonville, London. There is accommodation for upwards of 500 prisoners, every convenience for the carry out of the separate system. Cots are used in the cells, which are suitably furnished also with Bibles and Prayer Books, combs, brushed and towels to each, with tools and working materials, and a bell in each cell to call the warden when required. It consists of four wings - A. B. C. D. Visiting Committee (meet first Friday each month) - George J. Clarke, J.P., D.L., Steeple, Antrim, Henry H. McNeile, J.P., Portadown, Belfast, John Young, J.P., D.L., Galgorm Castle, Ballymena, Sir Charles Lanyon, J.P., The Abbey, Whiteabbey, William T. B. Lyons, J.P., D.L., Brookhill, Lisburn, James Owens, J.P., Holestone, Doagh, Hon. Edward O'Neill, J.P., D.L., M.P., Tullamore Lodge, Ballymena, General Viscount Templetown, K.C.B., D.L., Castle Upton, Templepatrick, Captain Robert C. Thompson, J.P., Castleton, Belfast, Samuel Thompson, J.P., Muckamore Abbey, Antrim, John Hind, J.P., The Lodge, Cliftonville, David Taylor, J.P., Bertha House, Windsor, Governor - J. Leslie Beers, Esq., J.P.  Deputy Governor - Mr. Robert Auld.  Matron - Mrs. Sarah C. Bramble. Church of Ireland Chaplain - Rev. John Spence, B.A. Roman Catholic Chaplain - Rev. John Conway. Presbyterian Chaplain - Alexander Gray, Ll.D. Medical Officer - John Moore, M.D., M.R.C.S.E. Apothecary - Henry Murray, L.A., Dub. Chief Clerk and Register - Mr. Robert Dick.

Crumlin Road

First opened at the Summer Assizes of 1850. This noble structure, which is admitted to be the most elegant and commodious building of its kind in Ireland, stands opposite the Prison, on the Crumlin Road. In addition to the Crown and Record Courts, and a superb common hall for the use of the public, and for the holding of Parliamentary elections for the county, it contains ample accommodation for the Grand Jury and county officers. It is in the Roman Corinthian order of architecture, with a spacious portico, and a pediment, supported by eight columns. The Assizes are held in it in the months of March and July in each year. The following offices are open in the Court House every day, save Sunday, Good Friday, and Christmas Day - Clerk of the Crown, Secretary to the Grand Jury, and Treasurer.

royal Irish constabulary

Town Inspector - James Lutterell Bailey, J.P., 14, Queen Street.

Eastern District
Southern District
Northern District
Western District

David Harrel
J. C. Gardiner
N. L. Townsend
M. J. Roughan


Police Office, Chichester Street
"         "      Botanic Road
"         "   Donegall Street
"         "   Albert Crescent



Head or other Constable in Charge

Officers' Clerks and Inspectors of Weights and Measures

Southern District
Queen Street
Botanic Road
Bond Street
Boyne Bridge
Renwick Place
Eastern District
Glengall Street
Hercules Street
Queen Street No. 2
Great George's Street
Dock Street
York Road
Northern District
Donegall Street
Crumlin Road No. 1
Crumlin Road No. 2
Shankhill Road
North Queen Street
Western District
Albert Crescent
Peter's Hill
Divis Street No. 1
Divis Street No. 2
Falls Road
Cupar Street

Thomas Magee, Constable
Robert Irwin, Head-Constable
Andrew Collins, Head-Constable
Thomas Baile, Constable
Henry Tilson, Constable
James Grey, Head-Constable
John Greer, Constable

Joshua Gardner, Head-Constable
Andrew Gallagher, Head-Constable
Bernard Mullan, Constable
Bernard Bruce, Constable
William Ballard, Constable
John Clerken, Constable

Abraham Goff, Head-Constable
James Howe, Head-Constable
William Mohan, Constable
John Bailie, Constable
Robert Drought, Constable

Mathew Nugent, Head-Constable
Samuel T. Barker, Head-Constable
Robert Lynch, Head-Constable
Richard Britain, Head-Constable (Briton) *
John Leith, Head-Constable
Michael McMahon, Head-Constable

Police Office, Chichester Street
Superintendent Head-Constables - Robert Irwin and James Furey.

Officers' Clerks
Town Inspector's Clerk - Robert B. Hatch, Constable

Assistant Clerk - William Finlay, Acting-Constable

Sub-Inspector Harrel's Clerk - James Wade, Sub-Constable

Sub-Inspector Gardiner's Clerk - Wm. A. Smith, Sub-Constable

Sub-Inspector Townsend's Clerk - James Thompson, Sub-Constable

Sub-Inspector Roughan's Clerk - Wm. Stafford, Acting-Constable

Ex-Officio Inspectors of Weights and Measures for Borough
Thomas Magee
John Abercrombie
Thomas Irwin
Richard Briton (Britain) *
William Ballard



The amalgamation of the Northern Railway Company (Ireland) and the Ulster Railway Company took effect on the 1st day of April, 1876. Since that date the Directors of the united companies have worked them as one undertaking. Directors - James W. Murland, Chairman - James Gray, Deputy Chairman - John Brady, James C. Colvill, Robert Cully, Colonel Francis Ellis, the Earl of Erne, J. W. Greer, Lucius O. Hutton, William D  La Touche, Right Hon. Hugh Law, A. J. Macrory, L. J. McDonnell, J. F. Meade, George Pim, W. Robson, C. A. W. Stewart, W. Thompson, E. H. Thompson, P. Verdon, H. T. Vickers, J. G. Winder.

Terminus and Office - York Street

Opened 11th April, 1848, capital, in shares and loans, £1,613,832, Act of Incorporation passed 21st July, 1845. The total capital of the company is now - Shares and Stock, £1,574,000, loans, etc., £478,832, of which £557,900 in ordinary shares, £248,000 in 4 per cent, £444,600 on 4 1/2 per cent. preference shares at 30th June, 1878, and stock and loans, £438,506, have been raised. The Carrickfergus and Larne Railway, is worked under agreement by the Northern Counties Company. Directors - Chairman, George J. Clarke, The Steeple, Antrim, deputy-chairman, Sir Charles Lanyon, The Abbey, Belfast, John Young, Galgorm Castle, Ballymena, Henry Hugh McNeile, Parkmount, Belfast, Edmund McNeill, Cullybackey, William Valentine, Belfast, George Cuther, Carrickhue, Co. Derry, J. B. Gunning-Moore, Cookstown, Thomas M. Hamilton-Jones, Moneyglass, Toomebridge, Lieut-Gen. Viscount Templetown, Templepatrick. Solicitor - James Torrens, 9 Wellington Place. Offices - General Manager, Edward J. Cotton, secretary, Charles Stewart, resident engineer, R. Collins, locomotive superintendent, B. Malcolm, accountant, F. J. Hopkirk.

Office - Larne Harbour

Issue of 11,000 Shares of £10 each (portion of the entire Share Capital of 3136,000), payable £1 per Share on application, and £1 per Share on allotment. Directors - James Chaine, M.P., Ballycraigie, Muckamore, Co. Antrim, Wm. Eccles, Larne, O. B. Graham, J.P., Larchfield, Lisburn (Chairman of the York Street Spinning Company Limited, Belfast), Robert McCalmont, 76 Eaton Square, London, Nathaniel Morton (Messrs. Morton & Simpson), Ballymena. Solicitors - Messrs. L'Estrange & Brett, Belfast. Consulting Engineer - R. F. Fairlie, C.E., Palace Chambers, Victoria Street, Westminster, S.W. Engineer - William Lewis, C.E., Dame Street, Dublin. Bankers - Messrs. Glyn, Mills, Currie, & Co., 67 Lombard Street, London, E.C., the Northern Banking Company. Secretary - Fred. W. Rew.

Terminus and Offices - Queen's Quay

Incorporated by Act 10th Vic., cap. 87 (26th June, 1846). The line is from Belfast to Downpatrick, with branches to Donaghadee and Ballynahinch - in all, 44 1/4 miles. This Company has an agreement with the Downpatrick, Dundrum, and Newcastle Railway Company, to work their line from Downpatrick to Newcastle. Directors - R. W. Kelly, chairman, 13 & 14 Cope Street, Dublin, Elias H. Thompson, J.P., deputy-chairman, Slieve-na-Filthe, Whiteabbey, James Andrews, J.P., Comber, J. A. Henderson, J.P., Norwood Tower, Belfast, John Patterson, 9 Inverness Terrace, Hyde Park, London, W. Jos. Richardson, Springfield, Lisburn, John Miller, J.P., Comber, W. J. Pirrie, Queen's Island Works, Belfast. Secretary - J. Milliken. Accountant - Jas. Cumming. General Manager - James Barber. Engineer - Berkeley D. Wise. Town Parcels Office - 8 Donegall Street - McCrea & McFarland, agents.

Terminus and Offices - Queen's Quay

Directors - Sir Charles Lanyon, chairman, The Abbey, Whiteabbey, William Valentine, J.P., Glenavna, Whiteabbey, James Alexander, J.P., St. Clair, Holywood, W. N. Wallace, Downpatrick, W. A. Robinson, 67 High Street, Belfast. Secretary and General Manager - Vacant. Solicitor - M. Buckley, Lombard Street, Belfast.


Incorporated by Act of 25th July, 1864 - which authorised the company to make and maintain railways for connecting the several railways in the town of Belfast and a central station therein. By act, 1865, the company was authorised to make and maintain another railway and tramway, and to abandon part of the railway No. 1, authorised by the act of 1864. By act, 1868, the company was authorised to make other railways and tramways, and a central station, in substitution for parts of their then authorised undertaking, and to make certain other works. By act, 1872, the Company was authorised to construct new lines and trams, to abandon portions of the lines previously authorised, also, to re-arrange the capital. By act, 1877, the company was authorised to construct a railway in the town of Belfast for connecting their railway with the railway of the Harbour Commissioners in Donegall Quay. By act, 1879, further powers were conferred on the company, and further provision made for regulating their affairs. Directors - Alexander Young, chairman, 41 Coleman Street E.C., Sir Thomas Dakin, 3 Creechurch Lane, Leadenhall Street, E.C., Sir Leopold George Heath, K.C.B., Anstie Grange, Holmwood, Surrey, Sir. H. M. Jackson, Bart., 61 Portland Place, W., William McAndrew, South Hill, Bromley, Kent, William Tipping, Brashed Park, Sevenoaks, Edward Tyrrell, Berkin Manor, Horton, Bucks. Officers - Secretary - James Ray. Manager - J. Bucknall Cooper.  Engineer - Telford MacNeill.  Auditors - H. Bishop and Edward Bellamy.  Solicitors - R. Dawson Bates, Belfast, and Geo. D. Morgan & Co., 83 Coleman Street, London, E.C.


Workshops and Saleroom - 6 Howard Street
Branch Depot - 30, Castle Place

Established in 1871, to provide the industrious and educated blind with the opportunity of practicing trades, and to provide them with work in the manufacture of baskets, brushes, matting, mattresses etc. A large and useful stock of goods kept on hand for sale. The institution not being entirely self supporting, is maintained by voluntary contributions, and is non secretarian in its constitution and working. Patron and Patroness - Duke and Duchess of Marlborough. President - Lord O'Neill. Vice-Presidents - Viscount Templetown, D.L., the Lord Bishop of Down and Connor, Lord Clermont, D.L., Sir T. McClure, Bart, M.P., Sir Edward Coey, D.L., Sir Charles Lanyon, J.P., Rev. Dr. Henry, late President of the Queen's College. Committee - J. P. Corry, M.P., J.P., William Ewart, M.P., J.P., Rev. J. B. Crozier, M.A., Rev. Robert Hannay, D.D., Rev. W. Johnston, D.D., Rev. Thomas Welland, M.A., Rev. John Kinghan, Rev. H. M. Williamson, Col. Audain, S. Browne, M.D., R.N., J.P., Jas. Carlisle, J.P., Thomas Greer, J.P., Robert L. Hamilton, J.P., Thos. Sinclair, J.P., David Taylor, J.P., Robt. Thompson, J.P., Thomas Valentine, J.P., E. N. Banks, C.E., H. S. Ferguson, M.D., E. H. Clarke, Forster Green, John Jaffé, Jas. Johnston, Robert Joy, William McNeill, William Shaw, D. B, Walkington. Hon. Surgeon - J. W. Browne, M.D. Hon. Solicitors - William Baxter, LL.B. Treasurer - Alexander Johns, J.P. Hon. Secs. - A. D. Lemon, J.P., and L. M. Ewart. General Manager - James H. Hewitt.

Offices - Queen Street and Ormeau Road

The charge for gas is 3s. 6d. per 1000 cubic feet, subject to the following discounts, on a quarterly consumption :-

Of Above


cub. ft.

not exceed


cub. ft.

2 1/2

per cent.

Provided the account be paid at their office, 29, Queen Street, on or before the 26th day of January, April, July, and October, in each year. No charge for meter rent. James Stelfox, Engineer and Manager, Gasfield House, Ormeau Road. Alexander Turnbull, Cashier and Collector.


This Society meets in the Schoolroom of the E. U. Church, Wellington Place, on the third Thursday of each month. Office Bearers - President - Rev. A. M. Morrison, Mountpottinger. Treasurer - W. J. Pettigrew, 16 Ann Street. Secretary - T. Brennian, 15 Chambers Street. Assistant Secretary - Robt. Strain, 40 Cooke Street.


President - W. A. P. Montgomery. Committee - John Frame, H. M. Charley, jun., John Pyper, David Shaw, John Robson, jun., A. G. Shaw, Alex. Crawford. Hon. Treasurer - Frank Robertson. Hon. Secretary - John Waters, 20 Victoria Street, Belfast.

Chichester Street

The Fire Brigade consists of the following :- George Reilly, superintendent, J. C. Moorhead, deputy-superintendent. The strength of the Brigade is now 34 men, 6 engines, 2 fire escapes, and 1 tender. There are three manual engines for 34 men, 7-inch pumps, 2 manual engines, for 50 men, 9-inch pumps, 1 powerful medium sized steam fire engine, with 2 double acting horizontal pumps, capable of throwing 600 gallons of water per minute. Information of fires to be given to officer in charge of Police Office, Chichester Street.


Persons requiring any of the following Halls can obtain all information regarding them on application to the persons names, viz :-
Museum, College Square North - William Darragh.
Music Hall, May Street - Thomas Fisher, 38 Arthur Street
Philharmonic Room (Victoria Hall) - Lindsay Brothers, Donegall Place.
Sailors' Institute, 18 Dock Street - Wm. Dawson
Ulster Hall and Ulster Minor Hall, Belford Street - F. W. Smith, Secretary of the Company, Ulster Hall, Belfast
Victoria Hall, Victoria Street - Lindsay Bros., Donegall Place
Oddfellows' Hall, Academy Street - W. J. Meharg, Academy Street
Working Men's Institute, Queen Street - John Thompson, 1 Queen Street
St. Mary's Hall, Bank Street - John O'Connor


May's Market (May Street and Lower Chichester Street) - Grain and meal, including wheat, barley, rye, oats, beans, peas, vetches, tares, wheatmeal, oatmeal, ryemeal, barleymeal, meshlinmeal, beanmeal, peameal, also flaxseed, flaxseed bolis, grass seed, oatmeal seeds, and oat chaff, daily.
George's Market (May Street) - Butchers' meat, poultry, fresh butter, cheese and eggs, Friday.
Grass Market (Victoria Square) - Grass bogwood, and turf, osier rods, and print butter, daily.
Flax and Fruit Market (Oxford Street) - Fruit, daily, flax, Friday.
Cattle Market (Oxford Street) - Veal calves, Monday, fat cattle, Tuesday, cattle, pigs, sheep, calves and goats, Friday.
Pork Market (Oxford Street) - Pork, daily.
Butter Market (Great Patrick Street) - Butter, in firkins, crocks, lumps, and prints, poultry, potatoes, carrots, turnips, and vegetables, eggs and cheese, fleshmeat, grass, and chaff, daily.
Smithfield Market - Hides, pedlars' goods, furniture (old and new), old iron and old clothes, stores, bogwood, turf, nursery produce, garden plants, green feeding for live stock, etc.
Potato and Vegetable Market (May Street) - Wholesale and retail, daily.
Castle Market (Castle Lane) - Fruit, potatoes, vegetables, butchers' meat and fish, by retail, daily.
Brown Linen Hall (Donegall Street0 - Brown linen, 4-4th cloth and coarse sacking, Friday.
Belfast Monthly Fair - Fair at the Cattle Market on the first Wednesday of every month, for the sale of black cattle, sheep, pigs, and goats, That for the sale of horses is held in the Pork Market, Oxford Street.
Hay and Straw Market (Turnley Street) - For sale of hay, straw and grass, daily.
Fish Market (Townhall Street) - Wholesale, daily.


Antrim Road, Cavehill, Whitewell, and Glengormley (Burney & Co.) - Starting from Bank Buildings. Fares - To or from Cavehill, 3d., Whitewell and Glengormley, 4d., Hyde Park, 6d. Belfast to Glengormley (Moore & Co.) - Starting from Bank Buildings. Fares - From Glengormley and Whitewell to Belfast, 4d. Mountpottinger, Sydenham, Wandsworth Villas, and Belmont Branch (Watters) - Starting from Bank Buildings. Fares - Belmont, 4d., Sydenham & Connswater, 3d., Mountpottinger, 2d. Newtownbreda (Armstrong) - Starting from Bank Buildings. Fares - Ormeau Road Park, 2d., Newtownbreda, 3d. Sydenham, Belmont, Greenwood, and Knock ("Express Omnibus Co.") - Starting from Bank Buildings. Lisburn Road and Windsor (Armstrong) - Starting from Bank Buildings. Fare 2d. Miltown Cemetery (Watters) - Starting from Bank Buildings. Fares - To Springfield Road, 2d., Mr. Riddell's gate, 3d, Cemetery, 4d.

G. Reilly, Chief Car Inspector
T. Caruthers and D. Duff, Assistant Car Inspectors.

Fares :-
By Distance - (One-horse Carriage, with two wheels) - One or Two Passengers, per mile, 6d, every additional half-mile, 3d. Every additional passenger, 2d. per mile. By Time - (Within the Borough) - One or Two Passengers, per hour, 1s., every additional half hour, 6d. Every additional passenger 4d. per hour. If detained more than fifteen minutes, 3d. for every hour or fractional part thereof for a two-wheeled machine, and 4d. for a four wheeled machine. By The Day - (Inside or Outside the Borough) - One or Two passengers per day, 10s., three or four passengers per day, 12s. 6d., five or six passengers per day, 15s. By Distance - (One-horse Carriage, with four wheels) - One or two passengers, per mile, 8d., every additional half-mile, 4d. Every additional passenger, 2d. per mile. By Time - (One-horse Carriage with four wheels - Within the Borough) - One or two passengers per hour, 1s. 4d., every additional half hour, 8d. Every additional passenger, 4d. per hour. By the Day - (Within the Borough - One-horse Carriage with four wheels) - One or two passengers, by the day, 12s. 6d., three or more passengers, by the day, 15s. By Time, Outside the Borough - (One-horse Carriage, with two wheels) - Four passengers, or any less number, per hour, 2s., every additional half-hour, 1s. Every additional passenger, 4d. per hour. (One-horse Carriage, with four wheels) - Four passengers, or any less number, per hour, 2s. 6., every additional half-hour, 1s. 3d. Every additional passenger, 6d. per hour. Luggage - 112 lbs. free of charge, every additional 28lbs. or fractional part of 28lbs., 1d.  Extra Fare - From 12 o'clock at night till 7 o'clock morning, the extra fare is one-half fare in addition to the ordinary fare. Provided that for every fare, or so much thereof as may be performed between twelve o'clock at night and seven o'clock in the morning, the addition of one-half the ordinary fare shall be allowed and paid on account of such extraordinary time, provided that the owner or driver shall give notice, on being hired, that he intends to charge such extra fare, or if twelve o'clock arrives while he is driving, he shall then give notice that the time is arrived from which he is entitled to such extra fare. That in all such cases it shall be at the option of the person hiring to pay by time, provided he shall make such option at the time of hiring, if the hirer do not make his election the driver shall charge by distance, with allowances for detention. Two wheeled carriages, 3d. for every half-hour, or fractional part thereof, four wheeled carriages, 4d. for every half-hour or fractional part thereof. Provided that within the lamps no fare shall exceed the prescribed fare for two miles, although the distance driven may exceed two miles. Licensed conveyances in Belfast - Cabs, 100, Outside Cars, 650, Total 750. There are no Covered Cars.


Fares - Inside and Outside, 2d. (Special Cars excepted). Botanic Gardens and Richmond - From Botanic Gardens every 15 minutes, from 8.30 am. to 8.30 pm., every 30 minutes from 8.30 pm. till 10 pm. Late Car from Gardens to Richmond every Friday night, leaving Gardens at 10.20 pm. and Richmond at 11 pm. Fares by this Car - Inside, 3d., outside, 2d. Botanic Gardens and Northern Counties Railway - From Gardens - 8.37 am. and every 15 minutes untill 7.7 pm, last Car leaves Gardens for N. C. Railway at 8.5 pm. From N. C. Railway to Gardens - 8.30 am. and every 15 minutes until 7.30 pm., last Car from Railway to Gardens, 8.25 p,. York Street and N. C. Railway - Every 10 minutes, each way, from 9 am. till 7.30 pm.. Fare, 1d. Car leaves Donegall Street 10 minutes before the departure of each train. Ormeau Park, High Street, and Water Works - Every 15 minutes, each way, from 8.30 am. until 7.30 pm., Fare 2d. Cars for Richmond, red curtains and red lights. Cars for N. C. Railway, blue curtains and blue light. Cars will stop at the crossings to pick up and set down passengers. Manager - W. T. Totton.

110, 112 and 114 Donegall Street

These Baths are upon the principle of the old Turkish or Roman baths, and were erected and opened in Belfast during the year 1860. They are situated in Donegall Street, and extend back to Little Donegall Street - the entrance to the first-class baths being in the former street, and to the second-class in the latter. The project of constructing these baths in this town was first mooted by philanthropic individuals, chiefly influential members of the Society of Friends. Dr. Barter, Blarney, County Cork, proprietor. Thomas Coakley, manager. Open Daily (Sundays excepted) from 6 am. till 8 pm.

District Registrars and Offices

No. 1 District - Dr. Clements, registrar, office, 64, Nelson Street. Days of attendance - Every day except Thursday, from 9 to 10, Thursday, from 12 to 1, Saturday evenings, from 6 to 7.
No. 2 District - Dr. Wadsworth, registrar, office, 36, North Queen Street. Days of attendance - Every day from 12 to 1, Saturday evenings, from 7 to 8.
No. 3 District - Dr. Spedding, registrar, office, 180, Old Lodge Road, and 4, Donegall Street, daily. Days of attendance - Mondays and Thursdays from 12 to 1, and Saturday evenings, from 7 to 8.
No. 4 District - Dr. Coates, registrar, office, 112, Durham Street. Days of attendance - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, from 12 to 1, Tuesdays, from 9 to 10, and Saturday evenings, from 6 to 7.
No. 5 District - Dr. Torrens, registrar, office, 53, Townsend Street. Days of attendance - Wednesdays and Fridays, from 12 to 1, Saturday evenings, from 8 to 9.
No. 6 District - Dr. J. Martin, registrar, office, 13, Joy Street. Days of attendance - Mondays and Thursdays, from 12 to 1, Saturday evenings, from 6 to 7.
Births - Notices of all births must be given to the Registrar of the District within 21 days next after the birth. All persons required by this Act failing to give notice of any birth within 21 days will be liable to a penalty of 20/-. The name given in baptism may be registered within six calendar months after registration of the birth. A fee of 1/- is payable to the clergyman or other person from whom the certificate is produced, and a fee of 1/- to the registrar or superintendent registrar for registering the name of the child. After the expiration of six months following the birth of any child, no registrar is authorised to register the birth of a child.
Deaths - On and after the first day of Jan., 1864, information as to every death which shall take place in Ireland is required to be given to the registrar of the district in which the death has occurred. Notice of the death must be delivered to the registrar within 7 days next after its occurrence, under a penalty of 20/- in case of failure to give such notice. Every duly qualified medical practitioner is required to forward to the registrar, within 7 days after the death of the person whom he shall have attended in his last illness, a certificate setting forth the cause of death.
Registration of Marriages Celebrated in Ireland by Roman Catholic Clergymen - Any person whose marriage is to be celebrated by a Roman Catholic clergyman is required to procure from the registrar of the district, and to produce to the clergyman by whom the marriage may be solemnized, a certificate, which he shall fill up as directed therein. Every person whose marriage has been celebrated by a Roman Catholic clergyman, must, within 3 days after his or her marriage, deliver, or send by post the certificate containing the necessary particulars to the registrar of the district wherein the marriage was solemnized. In case of failure to deliver or send such certificate to the registrar, the husband shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding £10.
Compulsory Vaccination - Each registrar of births and deaths is required to register every case of successful vaccination occurring within his district. If, after notice from the registrar, the father, mother, or person having the care of a child shall not cause it to be vaccinated, the party offending shall forfeit a sum not exceeding 10/-. 
No burial or friendly society can pay an money on the death of any of its members except upon the production of a properly certified copy of the entry in the Register of Deaths. No friendly or burial society can pay a larger sum upon the death of a child under five years than £6, or under ten than £10.


This school, certified under the Industrial Schools Act for sixty children, receives homeless and destitute or unprotected children on being duly committed under warrant of detention by a magistrate, but is not open for any convicted of crime. Managers - Miss E. M. Woodroffe, Miss E. L. Cheales, Rev. H. W. Stewart, Rev. H. M. Williamson, H. H. McNeile, Esq., J.P., B. T. Hewitt, Esq., John Coates, Esq. Committee - Rev. Dr. Hannay, Rev. Dr. Johnston, Rev. J. Mackenzie, W. T, B. Lyons, Esq., J.P., D.L., H. S. Ferguson, Esq., M.D., R. L. Hamilton, Esq., J.P., W. Q. Ewart, Esq.  Thomas Montgomery, Esq., Northern Bank, Hon. Treasurer.  Rev. Walter Riddall and John Coates, Esq., Hon. Secretaries. Lady Superintendent - Miss Kate Thorpe.

Branch - Belfast and Groomsport

Patroness - Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen.  Presidents - The Marquis of Donegall, the Earl of Dufferin, K.P., and Major Maxwell. Hon. Secretary at Groomsport - Rev. A. H. McCausland. General Hon. Secretary and Treasurer - Arthur Hill Coates, Bangor, Co. Down. Bankers - The Northern Banking Company.


Founded in Belfast in 1863, and duly registered under the Friendly Societies Act in Ireland. Its objects are to dispense relief to members in sickness, burial of its members, and members' wives, and to assist members when in search of employment. In connection with the Society there are three courts, and meetings are held under the auspices of each every alternate week for the transaction of business, and a district court is also held every quarter. There are three courts in Belfast connected with the Dublin district, having the same objects as above.


Queen's Square,
Postmaster - Henry Jemmett Shepperd, Esq. Chief Clerk - Benjamin Lindsay

The Chief Office is open daily from 7 am. until 9 pm., except on Sundays, Christmas Day, and Good Friday, when the Office is open from 8 till 10 am. only. The Telegraph Department is open always. Postage Stamps of all descriptions, and Stamped Envelopes, are sold at the Chief Office, and at all the suburban Post Offices and Receiving Offices throughout the town, and also by the rural messengers. Postage Stamps are purchased from the public at the Chief Office (Money Order Department), at a reduction of 2 1/2d. per cent. Postage Stamps are of the respective values of 1/2d., 1d, 1 1/2d, 2d, 2 1/2d, 3d, 4d, 6d, 8d, 1s, 2s, and 5s. The embossed postage envelopes are of four sizes, viz., 4 3/4 ins. x 3 11-16 ins. (square shape, white), 4 3/4 ins. 2 3/4 ins. (white), 5 1/4 ins. x 3 ins. (white), and 5 1/4 ins. x 3 3/8 ins. (blue), and are sold at the following prices :-

Size, 4 3/4 ins. by 3 11-16 ins.
(Square shape, white.)


1 1/4 d.
2 1/2 d.
3 1/2 d.
4 3/4 d.


0s.  7d.
0s. 9 1/2d.
1s.  2d.
2s.  4d.

Other Sizes


1 1/4d.
2 1/4d.
3 1/4 d.
4 1/2d.


0s. 6 1/2d.
0s. 8 3/4d.
1s.  1d.
2s.  2d.

Registered Letter Envelopes, bearing a two-penny stamp embossed on the flap for the payment of the registration fee, are of five sizes, and are sold at the following prices :-
5 1/4 ins. x 3 1/4 ins.
6 ins x 3 3/4 ins.

8 ins. x 5 ins.

10 ins. x 7 1/5 ins.
11 1/2 ins. x 6 ins.
2 1/4d each or
2s 2 1/2d per packet of 12

2 3/4d each or
2s. 7d. per packet of 12

3d. each, or
2s. 10d. per packet of 12
Newspaper Wrappers are sold at the following prices :-

Bearing Halfpenny Stamp


1 1/4d.
1 3/4d.
2 1/4d.


3 1/2d.
4 1/2d.

£1 2s. 6d. per parcel of 480
Bearing Penny Stamp


1 1/4d
2 1/4d
3 1/4d
4 1/4d


5 1/4d
6 1/2d
7 1/2d
8 1/2d

£1 1s. 3d. per parcel of 240
Inland Post Cards are sold at the following prices :-
Stout Cards


1 1/2d


2 3/4d
3 1/2d

13s. 4d. per parcel of 240
Thin Cards


1 1/4d
1 3/4d


2 1/2d
3 1/2d

Foreign Post Cards are sold at the rate of 1d. and 1 1/2d. each

Registered Letters - Letters, Book Packets, etc., can be registered for a fee of twopence, at any time between 7 am. and 9 pm., up till half-an-hour before the closing of the ordinary letter-box for the Mail by which such letters are intended to be forwarded, and afterwards until the box is closed if an additional (late) fee of fourpence be paid. Letters can be registered on Sundays, Christmas Day, and Good Friday, between the hours of Eight and Ten am. only. Letters, etc., dropped into the letter-box, marked "registered" are chargeable with a registration fee of eightpence, besides the ordinary postage to which they are liable. The same rule applies to letters containing coin, watches, or jewellery, though not marked for registration by the writers. Letters can also be registered at all the Suburban Offices and Town Receiving Offices, and by Rural Letter Carriers. No letter containing coin, jewellery, or watches, can be sent, even if registered to a foreign country.
The Money Order Office is open daily (Sundays excepted) from 9 am. until 5 pm., and on Saturdays till 4pm. No Money Order business is transacted on Sundays, Christmas Day, or Good Friday.
The Post Office Savings Bank is open for the transaction of business on the same days and at the same hours during which the Money Order Office is open. The Regulations are posted in the Hall, and a copy can be obtained at the Office, gratis, on application.
Money Order and Savings Bank business is transacted at the Branch and Receiving Offices in town, from 9 am. till 6 pm.
Government Insurance and Annuities - Insurance and Annuity business is transacted in the Money Order Office daily during the hours for Money Order business. A pamphlet, entitled "Plain rules for guidance of persons desiring to insure their lives or to purchase Government Annuities", may also be obtained gratis on application.
Delivery by Letter Carriers - there are three deliveries by Letter Carriers daily - the first commencing at 7 am., second at 12.20 pm., and third at 8 pm. There is no delivery by Letter Carriers on Sunday or Good Friday, but Letters are delivered to persons applying for them at the Office, between the hours of 8 and 10 am.
Town Letters posted at or reaching the Chief Office before 6.30 am., are included in the first delivery from private boxes, and, by Letter Carriers, before 11.25 am. in the second delivery, and before 7.15 pm. in the third delivery.
Private Boxes and Bags - There are five deliveries from private boxes daily - viz., at 7 am., 12.20 pm., 1.30 pm., 3.30 and 7.35 pm. On Sundays, Christmas Day and Good Friday Letters are delivered between the hours of 8 and 10 am. only. The charge for a private box is Two Guineas per annum, payable in advance, and for an additional Guinea per annum a locked private bag may be kept by a box holder.

Town Receiving Offices and Pillar Boxes

Ballymacarrett, W.B.
Ballymacarrett, R.O.
Ballynafeigh, W.B.
Ballyoran, W.B.
Balmoral, W.B.
Bedford Street, P.B.
Botanic Gardens, P.B.
Carlisle Circus, R.O.
Cave Hill, W.B.
Cliftonville, R.O.
Commercial Buildings, P.B.
Co. Down Railway, letter-box
Court House, P.B.
Cromac Street, P.B.
Docks, Great George Street, P.B.
Donegall Pass, P.B.
Donegall Place, P.B.
Donegall Square, R.O.
Edenderry, Crumlin Road, R.O.
Elmwood Avenue, P.B.
Everton Terrace, P.B.
Falls Road, R.O.
Fitzroy Avenue, P.B.
Fortwilliam, W.B.
Greencastle, W.B.
Great Northern Railway, P.B.
Grosvenor Street, P.B.
Holywood Road, W.B.
Lagan Village, W.B.
Lisburn Road, P.B.
Malone Road, R.O.
Mountpottinger, R.O.
Municipal Buildings, P.B.
Northern Counties Rail, P.B.
North Queen Street, P.B.
Peter's Hill, P.B.
Richmond, P.B.
Shankhill Road, R.O.
Templemore Park, W.B.
Townsend Street, P.B.
Waring Street, R.O.
Windsor, P.B.
York Street, P.B.
York Street, R.O.

The First Collection reaches the Chief Office in time for Delivery from Private Boxes, and by Carriers, at 7 am., and for Despatch by Banbridge, Bangor, Derry, Larne, Portaferry, Armagh, Portadown, Dundalk, Dublin, and Newry Morning Mails and Rural Messengers. The Second for Delivery from Private Boxes and by Letter Carriers, at 12.20 pm., also by Rural Messengers. The Third for Despatch by Dublin, and English and Derry Day Mails, and Delivery from Private Boxes at 3.30 pm. The Fourth for Despatch "via Fleetwood." The Fifth for Delivery at 8.0 pm., and Despatch by Scotch Mails. The Sixth for Despatch by English, Dublin, Derry, Enniskillen, etc., Night Mails.

Chief Office

Post-Office, Queen's Square. Attendance - Open day and night (Sundays included). Superintendent - Thos. Eason. Assistant Superintendent - James McMullan, Patrick McGuigan, and John Byrne.
Branch Offices (Open on Week-days only) No. 5, Donegall Square North. Attendance form 9.0 am. to 6.0 pm. (Dublin Time) Clerk in Charge - Miss Emma Littleboy. No. 6, Waring Street. Attendance from 9.0 am. to 6.0 pm. (Dublin Time) Clerk in Charge - Miss Mary Anderson. Ulster Railway Terminus. Attendance form 9.0 am. till 7.0. (Dublin Time). Northern Counties Railway Terminus. Attendance from 9.0 am. till 7.0 pm. (Dublin Time)

Tables Showing The Despatch And Receipt Of Mails At Belfast                                                                                          Delivery Com.
Mails Despatched

Box Closes at

With 1d Additional

With 2d Additional

Mails Received

Mail Arrives

Private Boxes


Rural Posts
Dublin & Belfast Town Delivery
Rural Posts and Belfast Town Delivery
Holywood & Strandtown
Dublin & English Day (Lim.) a
England (parts) via Stranraer, b
Scotland (parts) via Stranraer, b
Barrow-in-Furness, c
England, via Fleetwood, d
Scotland (by Greenock Packet
Local Letters for Town Delivery)
Dublin, South & West of Ireland, England, Foreign Countries, Colonies, Lisburn, Banbridge, Lurgan, Portadown, Newry, Dundalk, Drogheda, Dungannon, Omagh, Strabane, Derry, Armagh, Monaghan, Clones, Enniskillen.
Scotland by Greenock Packet (2nd Service)

6.50 am
5.50 am
5.0 am
5.0 am
6.0 am
6.30 am
9.20 am
11.25 am
12.50 pm
1.5 pm
2.50 pm
2.30 pm
2.30 pm
3.30 pm

3.50 pm
7.15 pm
7.15 pm
7.15 pm
7.15 pm

8.35 pm

8.35 pm

7.0 am.
6.0 am.
5.45 am.
5.45 am.
6.5 am
6.35 am.
9.30 am
11.35 am
1.0 pm
1.10 pm
3.5 pm
2.45 pm
2.45 pm
3.40 pm

7.20 pm
7.25 pm
7.35 pm
7.35 pm

9.0 pm

9.0 pm

7.10 am
6.10 am
5.50 am
5.50 am
6.10 am
6.40 am
9.40 am
11.40 am
1.5 pm
1.15 pm
3.10 pm

3.45 pm
7.30 pm
7.45 pm

9.10 pm

9.10 pm

Dublin and English, Night
Scotch, by Greenock Packet, & Pillar Boxes
Rural Posts, Pillar Boxes & Receiving Offices
Dublin & English, Day (Lim.)*
Holywood and Bangor
England & Scotland, part of
Rural Posts, Pillar Boxes, & Receiving Offices
Down & Dungannon etc.
Fleetwood +

* When the English Mail fails to arrive in time for the Limited Day, a special Delivery is made, generally at 1.30 pm.

+ When Fleetwood or Barrow Packets fail to arrive in time for the first delivery, the correspondence is delivered on arrival to callers, and by first subsequent delivery

3.50 am
5.10 am
11.45 am
10.45 am
11.45 am
11.30 am
11.55 am
1.25 pm
6.55 pm
6.55 pm
6.55 pm
6.55 pm
2.25 pm
7.30 pm
8.30 pm
2.40 pm
4.40 pm


7.0 am
7.0 am
12.20 pm
12.20 pm
12.20 pm
12.20 pm
12.20 pm
8.0 pm
8.0 pm
8.0 pm
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7.0 am
3.0 pm
8.0 pm

7.0 am
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7.0 am
7.0 am
12.20 pm
12.20 pm
12.20 pm
12.20 pm
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7.0 am
7.0 am

a - Letters can be posted at the Ulster Railway Pillar Letter Box till 3.0 pm, for late fee of 1p.
b - Correspondence only for special towns in England and Scotland are forwarded by this route.
c - Between the 1st October and the 31st of March the box is closed at 7.15 pm.
d - Letters intended to be sent by this route must be specially so addressed.


Canada (Dominion of)
Marquesas Islands
Persia, via Black Sea or Caspian Sea
Portugal (including Azores and Madeira)
St. Pierre-et-Miquelon
United States
Argentine Confederation
British Guiana
British Honduras
Danish Colonies, viz. - Greenland, St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas.
Falkland Islands
French Colonies, viz - Martinique, Guadaloupe and dependencies, French Guiana (Cayenne), Senegal and dependencies, Gaboon, Reunion, Mayotte and dependencies, St. Mary (Madagascar), New Caledonia and dependencies, the French portion of the Low Archipelago, and the French Establishments in India (Pondicherry, Chandernagor, Karikal, Mahe, and Yanaon) and in Cochin China
Gold Coast
Honduras (Republic of)
Hong Kong
Mauritius and dependencies
Netherland Colonies, viz. - Dutch Guiana (Surinam), Curacoa and dependencies, viz. - Bonaire, Aruba, the Netherland portion of St. Martin, St. Eustache, Saba, Java, Madura, Sumatra, Celebes, Borneo (except North west part), Billiton, archipelago of Banca, Archipelago of Riouw, Sunda Islands (Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Floris, and the south west part of Timor), the Archipelago of the Moluccas, and the North west part of New Guinea (Papua)
Persia, via the Persian Gulf
Portuguese Colonies, viz. - Goa and its dependencies, (Damao and Diu), Macao, Timor, Cape de Verd and dependencies (Bissau and Cacheu), Islands of St. Thomas and Prince (in Africa), with the Establishment of Ajuda, Mozambique, and Angola.
St. Kitts
Sierra Leone
Spanish Colonies, viz. - Cuba, Porto Rico, Fernando Po, Annobon and dependencies, Philppine Islands, and Marian Islands.
Straits Settlements

Reigning Sovereigns of Europe

States Sovereign

Date of Birth


Great Britain
Francis Joseph I
Louis II
Leopold II
Christian IX
M. F. P. J. Grevy (President)
George I
William III
Louis I
William I
Alexander II
John I
Alphonso XII
Oscar II
Abdul Hamid II
Charles I

May 24, 1819
Aug. 18, 1830
Aug. 25, 1845
April 9, 1835
April 8, 1818

Dec. 24, 1845
Mar. 14, 1844
Feb. 19, 1817
Oct. 31, 1838
Mar. 22, 1797
April 29, 1818
Dec. 12, 1801
Nov. 28, 1857
 Jan.,       1829
Sept. 22, 1842
    Mar. 6, 1823




First Lord of Treasury
Lord Chancellor
Lord Pres. of Council
Lord Privy Seal
Chan. of Exchequer
First Lord of Admiralty
Foreign Secretary
Secretary of War
Earl Beaconsfield
Earl Cairns
Duke of Richmond and Gordon
Duke of Northumberland
Sir Stafford H. Northcote
William H. Smith
Marquis of Salisbury
Frederick A. Stanley
Secretary for India
Secretary for Colonies
Sec. Home Department
Pres. Board of Trade
Pres. Local Gov. Board
Postmaster General
Secretary for Ireland
Viscount Cranbrook
Sir Michael H. Beach, Bart.
Richard Assheton Cross
Viscount Sandon
G. Sclater-Booth
Lord John J. R. Manners
James Lowther

Not in the Cabinet

Lord Lieut. Ireland
Lord Ch. of Ireland
Chan. Duchy L'caster
Secy. of Admiralty
Attorney General
Solicitor General
Att. Gen. for Ireland
Sol. Gen. for Ireland
Lord Advocate
Judge Advocate General
Vice Pres. Education
Jun. Lord of Treasury
Under Sec. for War
Duke of Marlborough
J. T. Ball, LL.D.
Col. Thomas E. Taylor
A. F. Egerton
Sir J. Holker, Q.C.
Sir H. S. Giffard
Edward Gibson, Q.C.
Hugh Holmes, Q.C.
William Watson, Q.C.
G. A. Cavendish Bentinck
Duke of Richmond
Sir J. D. Elphinstone, Bart.
Viscount Bury
Under Sec. Home Dept.
Do. Foreign Affairs
Do. for India
Do. for Colonies
Sec. Board of Trade
3rd Lord of Treasury
Secretary of Treasury
Lord Steward
Lord Chamberlain
Chief Com. of Works
Master of the Horse
Master of Buckhounds
Mistress of the Robes
Sir M. W. Ridley
Hon. Robert Bourke
Hon. Edward Stanhope
Earl of Cadogan
J. G Talbot
Viscount Crichton
Sir W. Hart Dyke, Bart.
Earl Beauchamp
Earl of Mount Edgecumbe
Gerald J. Noel
Earl of Bradford
Earl of Hardwicke
Duchess of Wellington

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